American Idol 2011 Top 9 Performance Rankings

Update:   Nigel tweeted that Will.I.Am will be helping the top 9 contestants choose their songs for this week’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame theme!  Let’s hope he was able to help the singers choose songs that are right for their voices and make the judges happy.

Here are the latest weekly updates for the American Idol 2011’s Top 9 performance rankings. Last week brought in more than forty-five thousand votes in our “who was the best?” poll. While most of the singers held steady in their averages we still had a few numbers shoot up like a rocket while others fell like a rock.

The big climber for this week was Haley Reinhart who apparently did something right that I missed because she went from 3% of the vote way up to 13%! The week’s big loser was Jacob Lusk who fell to his lowest point with 4% after last week’s peak at 13%.

Going in to the American Idol Top 9 we’ve got a Top 3 singers rounded out with Scotty McCreery back in the first place seat followed by a tie between Pia Toscano and James Durbin for second place. While James has had his ups and downs, Scotty has maintained a solid top spot. For now, this contest is lead by Scotty and Pia and I won’t be surprised by a finale featuring those two. If Pia gets knocked out then it’ll be James standing next to the country crooner.

The less enviable position, Bottom 3, is filled by Jacob Lusk, Stefano Langone, and Paul McDonald. Jacob has managed to escape the lowest ranks before so maybe he could do it again, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he stands next to these other two guys come Thursday night.

Check out the rankings below and see how your favorite is holding up.

American Idol 2011 Top 9 Performance Poll Rankings

  1. Scotty McCreery – 15% (down from 16% previous week)
  2. Pia Toscano – 14% (no change previous week)
  3. James Durbin – 14% (down from 19% previous week)
  4. Haley Reinhart – 13% (up from 3% previous week)
  5. Casey Abrams – 12% (up from 6% previous week)
  6. Lauren Alaina – 8% (up from 4% previous week)
  7. Jacob Lusk – 4% (down from 13% previous week)
  8. Stefano Langone – 3% (no change from previous week)
  9. Paul McDonald – 2% (down from 5% previous week)

How is your favorite singer doing in the polls? Better keep voting!

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  1. Aparts from Scotty, James & Pia, all others will be at the risk of being the bottom 3….which quite depends on their performance of this coming Wednesday night!

    • Me and Hailey's fans are so proud of her and we're sooo voting for her so she's gonna be so safe next week. I feel that next's week's bottom 3 would be: Jacob, Paul and Scotty.. with Paul going home!

    • Scotty bottom 3 no way, he is going to win it. His country voice is right up there with the top country singers.

  2. James, Scotty, Pia in that order…Excited to hear what the contestants will sing this week. As an aside…Steven T. ROCKED last night in his duet with Carrie Underwood at the Academy of American Music Awards…whoo hoo…he's still got it. 🙂

    • Excuse me…it was the Academy of Country Music Awards…sorry. Steven still rocked it. ~!!! 🙂

      The top 3 contestants are pretty neck and neck. I can hear Scotty doing an Elvis song. I would like for everyone to rock it and have James do a ballad…he really does have a great voice. 🙂

      • He has the worst voice in the whole competition. Let him stick to the antics and blind people with fancy lighting and pyrotechnics so they don't see how bad it is. A ballad for James is a bad idea (maybe good depending on how you look at it).

      • Right James cannot sing a note you can understand. Thats why he needs to ham it up with every performance.

      • I know! James is so overrated. He doesn't even have a good voice. He just loves to scream like Jacob. I hope James won't reach the top 5. He's sooo boring me.

      • Please don't underestimate James. he is good. ALL of the top 13 are good. you know, there are millions and thousands of peple who auditioned AI and they are very lucky that they made it to the top 13. James is good as steven and randy said,he can sing anything. 😀

      • totally agree…james, in my opinion, cannot sing. he screams a lot though and resorts to gimmickry to camouflage that fact. he's trying to do an adam lambert. the BIG difference is: adam can really sing! while james, well….

      • James has a truly great voice but lacks the proper training and polish to really make it shine.

        I believe that James' voice has better potential than Adam Lambert's but Adam was 26 with 10yrs of vocal training from age 10 and a few years of professional polishing, which make a huge different.

        Just look at different between Pia at 21 with training and Thia with little at 15 but many vocal trainers focus only on 1 or 2 styles, like opera or broadway, which can be blessing and curse.

        I look forward to hearing these singers late in the AI summer tour, it could shock many at the change. Carrie Underwood seems to get even better ever time I hear her sing but was rocking early in AI.

      • well I'm glad to see you James haters

        proved wrong tonight, He's the best….he can sing anything and make it his own!

    • Lots of things will still happen. Lsts wait for the result of their performances this week. I will go for Jacob, Haley and stefano…. they matters most to me.

      • Funny the variety of opinions on whose good and whose bad. That's what makes the world go round.

        My top 4 are:

        Casey, Jacob, Paul & Haley

      • I wish stefano will sing any song by The Eagles and he will nail it again this week. I feel awful here, jacob and stefano at the bottom of the rankings. I might also quit watching IDOL.. ill watch HBO movies instead.

      • I hope these two guys, Jacob and stefano will be safe this week, Bendiciones :))

      • Oh, its my wish also that stefano and jacob along with paul will be safe this week.

    • On the contrary Lee… James CAN sing. He just prefers to actually perform, unlike the rest of the singing statues in the competition. If James just stood there and banged out a ballad without running around and putting on a good show, he would blow his doubters away and have one of those MOMENTS that could seal the deal for him. He is by far the most well-rounded performer in this thing period!

      • Tim329…..I totally agree with you. James puts on the best performance week after week. The rest of the competition are pretty much boring….Scotty is COUNTRY only…..After the last two season, you would think AI would get it right….The winners were BORING…..

        Adam is selling out concerts because he is a performer…..

        It looks like the teeny-bopper votes will now go to Scotty….UNFORTUNATELY….

        I really think he is good but I'm not running to see his concerts anytime soon.

        GO JAMES….He Rocks…..

      • @ Tim329…Yes, Yes, Yes. I agree 100%. James has what it takes. Personality, good voice, stage presence and willing to go over the top in a good way. Whoo Hoo "-)

      • Well, i suggest James sing GOOG by Better tha Ezra, he will sing this good. and dont light another piano for heaven's sake… just jump around and split on the air, that would be more exciting to watch. Scotty can sing Vasoline by Stone Temple Pilots for a change lol…. bnot this week of course.

      • Haley pls. sing California Girls by Katy Perry, this is a good one for you. not this week okay.

      • DUH, James doesn't have a good voice that's why he's hiding behind the special effects and all. I dare him to sing a ballad song in the next performances..I'm sure we'll all vomit!

    • what are you James haters talking about? He is not screaming – he is hitting high notes with a full voice, no different than Pia except he can get higher. He can scream as was shown in JUdas Priest song though. So, all 3 judges and the producers rave about how great of a singer he is but you mere amatuers dismiss that because you don't like it? If you don't like it then that's one thing but to say he cannot sing is disinginuous. Just like the Hailey haters – she hits the falsetto on the high notes so she can't sing either and hate how she growls yet all 3 judges talk about how greta it is when she does it correctly. James has full voice on high notes so he can't sing and Hailey hits high notes with falsetto and she can't either? Give it up – you just have your opinions on whom you like and that's the bottom line. I have mine too but I'm not disinginuous by saying the ones I don't like can't sing – they can ALL sing.

      • Love James voice.He has sang soft,and carries a perfect tune.He had alot of obstacles through life.On stage with confidence he hadn't had before.Besides standing on his own with talent,stop the meanness.Haley is great too.

  3. *Paul McDonald – 2% (down from 2% previous week)*

    Hi, I'm pretty sure it's "down from 5% previous week"

    *James Durbin – 14% (down from 14% previous week)*

    I think it's "down from 19% previous week"


    That aside, it's pretty neck and neck. This season of Idol is a pretty good season.

  4. duh 🙁

    Go Lauren,

    Scotty & Casey!

    since you three left

    are my fave after Thia's gone.

    but I guess James will

    win the whole thing. 😀

  5. My Top 5

    1 Brett

    2 Clint

    3 Jacee

    4 Kendra

    5 Colton

    They could've been

    the REAL Top 5.

    LMFAO! 😀 😀 😀

  6. I dont know if i will be excited to watch AI this week since my favorites are at the Bottom. Gee whiz……. i might skip watching this show…. it doesnt excite me anymore.

    • I think you're right Brooklyn, I might skip watching AI also. Season 7 is the best season of AI!

    • This will be a critical week. I hope stefano will nail this week's elimination night. Huggies to stefano…:)

      • Yes i agree and im also hoping that stefano will be safe until the finals. I wont also watch AI if hets voted out.

  7. I like Scotty's voice. I think he's the best one out of all the others. I know for a fact he's gonna win. I also think he's very Handsome…….<3 and no im not obessesed with him….. But if he gets voted off (which I dout) then I'll quit watching it. I also like Stefano….

    • I also feel good about scotty but my likes are all in the Bottom 3, stefano, jacob and Paul. I like his pearly white teeths, stefano has a gorgeous smile and jacob, he is the male beyonce which is one of my fave singers.

      • LOL, lets recommend Paul to model Pearlie White toothpaste, his teeth really looks good while mine not.. ugh! i envy paul, i still have my braces…..

        stefano and jacob, i wish you luck, you are my favorites, underdogs but very good singers.

    • Oh sorry to say this but you might quit watching AI soon because Scotty is soooo going home probably next week or the following week.

      • Duhhhhhhhhhhh, Haley look like a Lounge singer capitalizing on her sexiness. AI is not lookling for a sex siren lol…. but a singer who is versatile.

      • excuse me? it's not her fault that she's so sexy and beautiful. total they say. well i don't care, she has a great voice and is sooo winning AI

    • Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! He's just as ordinary looking as those pimpled face kids bullying around on the street to me….lol!

      • And Hailey's eyes are too close together… not cute – not cute at all… now Thia is a beautiful girl… but guess looks aren't everything now are they?!?!

  8. yup…i will miss the classy voice of thia…so i think i will pass watching ai this season…bye ai…

    • …yeah,we will miss Thia. the excitement was gone….also the free spirited Naima…..only Hailey now is the one to watch, on what can she give more.

      • Did someone just put the word excitement in the same sentence with the name Thia? Inconceivable!

      • hey you "Oh No " as if Thia is the only "perceived" non excitement ….read the remaining comments here for the remaining bottom 10…no I didnt hear much of that about them last week but now all of a sudden such and such what her or his name is boring, boring, no personality, the bottom 3 of this botttom 10 is suddenly at the top without doing anything !!

      • "only Hailey now is the one to watch, on what can she give more."

        I know!!! Haley is simply the best!

      • yeah thia is great… she has a cool, lovely and angelic voice… which is extremely opposite with Pia…Pia's voice is really bad….

  9. I'm so happy that Thia left which help me not to swift to another channel while watching AI. Her performance is boring

    • Why do they always say Thia's performance is boring as if the other girls are doing anything "wow"…Thia's style may not be for everyone for every age group but she well do well as singer and maybe not in a rock concert..but as a recording artist for the older, maturer, mellow, rich and sophisticated crowd !

  10. Lauren is my favorite! I like Paul, next time they get to choose, he should sing Mike Posner Bow Chica Wow Wow. He sounds so much like him!

  11. Will.I.Am? Noooo, please. Don't let him anywhere near them. What the heck can he offer them except how to use a vocoder.

    Will.I.Am – "Hey guys. Just sing into this and you only have to get slightly close to the pitch. I have mine tuned chromatically, y'see. Less notes to hit."

    Idols – "You can't sing at all, can you?"

    Will.I.Am – "……no." 🙁

    • I really don't care about this Will. One thing for sure though, Haley is gonna rock next week!

      • She better sing good and not just GYRATE on the stage. she looks like a cheap Bar entertainer. Cheap Trick.

  12. Will I Am choosing songs??? Good grief, has the show gotten this desperate to invite a circus act as some sort of mentor?

  13. Has anyone else noticed just how bad ALL the acts booked for the results shows this season have been. Must make the contestants feel good about their chances, knowing these other bums are actually MAKING IT in the business. And Will.I.AM was one of the worst and… He's a mentor? God help us!

    • I agree. Other than Adam…all the guests were horrible..and will i am…oh please, NO. At least have the good sense to bring back Harry Connick Jr…at least he actually spent time with the contestants and helped them. 🙂

  14. Scotty and James are the best!! Casey is still getting sympathy votes. Pia needs to be more entertaining. she just stands there, boring.

      • Casey cant sing or perform and no one is going to buy his CD's or pay to see him perform, He is bad…

    • How many sympathy votes do you think Casey got? 5 million? 8 million? Wow, that sure is a lot of sympathy.

      • yeah…after beging & beging & sending reminder notes to everybody Casey must have got a few millions of vote..agree on the number!

  15. I have been a faithful viewer of Idol since day 1. If this season turns out to be another boring winner I think AI will lose a lot of viewers….plus a lot of money on the sales of the new Idol's CD……Enough is enough……At least with these 11 idols they should do well on the Concert Tour…….

  16. This season is one of the lamest I have ever seen. Start with the Judges, they are terrible, rediculous, cant even judge or comment. I miss Simon and Paula days. The contestants for the most part are terrible, cant sing and cant move around the stage, bad real bad. I look at the past seasons, Carrie Underwood, David Cook, Bo Bice, Chris Daughtry, Adam lambert, Kelli Pickler, Clay Aiken, Jordan Sparks even, Taylor Hicks may not be doing much now, but he was talented performer and fun to watch, way better shows than what is happening this season. its sooooo bad.

    There is a new show coming soon, One voice, or something , I think I shall give up IDOL for that, so disappointed in the judging and the talent. On another note, Scotty and Lauren will have good country carrers, I like to hear them sing and perform. James is good and fun to watch. the others no, Pia, is boring, Stefano can sing, but is boring, Jacob, well is Jacob, Paul and Casey cant sing, dance or anythin and who is actually going to buy a CD of theirs and a ticket to see them badly sing and perform, no one, not many. Oh well just my opinion, Really bad really bad, judges and talent and the overall show is way rediculous.

    • With the way you critic the hopefuls no one is perfect for you. I am hoiping jacob and stefano can stay in this competition. They are my faves, great singers. Stefano is boring for you cuz he dont show any antics like james did last week… i still like stefano no matter how you look at him.

    • In terms of overall quality throughout, I think it's one of the strongest seasons. The show misses Simon, of course, but Paula Abdul!? Are you crazy? Her insane ramblings were annoying and her sycophantic judging was nauseating.

      • Best season and best judges.Usually several fair singers.This year,the only average ones are gone now.The judges know what they are talking about .They have been very successful in the exact area they are criticing.(Randy just has good knowledge from long time on show.)Best season by far.So many stand out performances,and voices.

  17. Thia Megia appeared @ Regis and Kelly today. she sang chasing pavements (Adele)…it was great!

    • Admin didn't post my link for Thia Megia& Naima @ J Leno… I don't know why. maybe because there was a revelation of AI mansion being haunted. watch it in youtube guys…

      • They should hire Sam and Dean Winchester of Supernatural series to eliminate the ghosts lmao… i love the winchesters.

    • See I told you Thia can sing. I told you Thia can blow Lauren, Haley and Pia off the AI platform…she posed a problem to the remaining girls so she was actually voted off for that it seems…not American enough ??? Thia seems to have looked 5 years older since I started seeing her on AI at the beginning..cant help it if Asian look much younger than their real age ! that's the way it is !

  18. But if James does not win anyway, he will have a great career in the music industry. Not all winners have a career in music, just look back and see that they are just a few. Adam Lambert for example took second place.

    Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia They were exposed together in Season 3 and they two were in the bottom 3 together and Jannifer was eliminated.

    So, Who has the talent and determination is going to be great.

    BTW: Love Fantasia and I'm fan of Jannifer Hudson

      • JAmes will make it to the top 2 with PIA or SCOTTY.. 😛 and if he will not win, i agree that he will have a good career just like adam lambert!!!!

  19. Hoping for some sensational singing on Wed night. (I keep thinking it is still Tuesday nights!) I am rooting for my girl, Haley!!

      • She looked like a Cheap Lounge singer lol. Its disgusting to look at. AI doesnt need sexy singers but people who can really sing.

        Go jacob, stefano and paul, Bottom 3 but they might pull a surprize.

  20. I would love to hear scotty sing some of the late jim reeves songs, especially adios amigo. He was my favorite country singer and scotty has the voice to sing his songs. Please Please scotty sing for me. I am voting for you.

  21. Scotty is my favorite. i would like to hear him sing some of the late jim reeves songs, especially adios amigo. he has the voice to sing those songs. i am voting for Scotty.

  22. Haley,Scotty,Stefano are my favorites soo far I mean next wekk some other could be mine but for now these are my top three oh and I forgot to put in……Lauren!!!!!!!

  23. I wish that lauren might try singing some non country song I mean she needs to challenge her self in this?!?!?!?!?!

  24. It seems to me that for Stefano to get his momentum up this week needs to avoid singing any song about romance. A perfect peppy song with nicely appropriate lyrics would be Billy Joel's "It's My Life". Not the similarly titled but completely different Bon Jovi song. Joel's lyrics "I don't need you to worry for me cause I'm alright, I don't want you to tell me it's time to come home." Stefano would absolutely have his moment with that song.

  25. Ohhhh, if its not Rock and Roll, i will suggest Stefano should sing Hey Soul Sister by Train and Jacob could try Fall For You by Second Hand Serenade, cool songs….Paul " I love Rock and Roll by New Found Glory…. for a change.

    • That's great and the show will be WINNING…. every contestant will drink Charlie's Tigerblood. i luv it. Charlie is Number one.

      • I know Charlie will be brutally frank to the contestants and no holds barred. that would be great, no more sweet talking to them, a spade is a spade.

  26. I miss Karen Rodriguez she was my 2nd favorite girl. I'm happy because Paul is still there. I love him. He is great!!

      • Okay, just logged in, this is what I read?? Seriously??? (sezmnaick) Look, you have no brain to wash your hands in. I know, i know, but, i just logged in! come on, get rid of it!

  27. Surprisingly, after these couple of weeks, Haley grows on me and she becomes my most favourite because she's soulful and the way she sings is fun to watch and hear.

    That aside, I don't think she'll win the whole thing. A lot of people don't realize that she's actually good. So…. just do your best Haley!! I hope she can do well outside Idol ^^

    I have other favourites though : Pia, James, Scotty and Lauren. Among those four the winner candidates might be Pia, James and Scotty.

    Anyway, good luck to all. I'll just enjoy the ride XD

    • Oh Haley is really soulful and she has the most beautiful voice! I actually think that she's soo gonna win!

  28. I think this coming Thursday, it should be either Paul McDonald, Jacob Lusk or Stefano Langone will go home. Most probably Stefano or Paul!

      • yeah is it because stefano cuter than paul? if that is the case then it is very sad…

      • Not really. Paul is just boring. and let's face it…most AI voters and teenagers who just love cute faces like Haley and Stefano. they'll be on top!

      • lol yes thats the fact…AI is watched by the majority of teenagers and usually young girls…so the cute ones will win…surprisingly AI season 3 winner was Fantasia Barrino, that was a true talent.

      • Nahhhhhhhhh, stefano has a better voice than paul but i do like paul also…. but ai is looking for one winner only, so sad.

      • @monster, how come you like both Paul & Stefano? two different people…

        Stefano is awesome and Paul is awful..

  29. we all know whos gonna win…its going to be scotty mccreery dont get me wrong he is a decent guy and seems very nice as well from the outside…

    he is one of those popular guys in high school who plays baseball and maybe football and get chicks like slurping tequila if you know what i mean.

    loser like casey is not going to win…face it casey this still a popularity contest…i feel sorry for you, man.

    • sorry, but I don't think Scotty being an american idol material. if there's country idol, maybe he can try that.

      • yes he doesnt need the show to record a debut album…he has already got the signature talent…all he needs now is just a good producer. he can be like elvis presley or johnny cash.

  30. im so glad that Haley is being recognized by a lot of people already. ive been a fan of her from the start. try to watch her AI auditions and the hollywood week round. she's just so great. im stunned by her performances, i hope she becomes the next american idol.

  31. jacob what do they see in jacob oh you all judges?? please someone tell me…he screams oh dear…he is a drag queen, so terribly sadddd

      • whew, this is pretty "raunchy" You all are calling these people names? All you are doing is being the "new idiots of the internet" Jacob is talented!! So is Haley. ( i guess)

  32. hey scooper… i totally agree with you…i dont get it either…judges please tell us

  33. lol yes thats the fact…AI is watched by the majority of teenagers and usually young girls…so the cute ones will win…surprisingly AI season 3 winner was Fantasia Barrino, that was a true talent.

  34. paul if you read this…go back home

    jacob if you read this and i hope you do…please please adios!

  35. How could Thia eliminated??

    Her vote was a little bit High….

    Naima 1%…..Paul 2%…..Jacob 4%…… Thia 8%…..

    How come?

  36. I really miss thia singing in AI, shes the only reason why i watched AI.. i didnt miss any of the episode of AI because I was so excited to hear Thia's voice and what else can she sings. She has an angelic voice, a simple girl which added to her personality. But since Thia's voted out.. the whole thing is boring for me…. I hated to see Pia Tuscano sing…. I dont like much of her voice she just like an ordinary karaoke singer…. trying hard.., there are lot of singers who could do better than you Pia.. I dont know why people are still voting for you…. And Paul, not a good singer…. anybody could sing like paul…My other favorite is Stefano, Jacod Lusk, Haley and James… Good luck guys especially stefano….

  37. Well, here we go again, and there is absolutely no reason anybody should have an off night due to song selection. I mean, have you taken the time to see how many great artists are in the R&R Hall of Fame!! From Queen to Roy Orbison, from Led Zeppelin to Dusty Springfield, from Neil Diamond to Nat King Cole. Not to mention Johnny Cash, Elvis, The Eagles, Bonnie Raitt, Paul Simon, Neil Young,and Hank Williams, and many, many more.

    With that said, I think, generally speaking,James, Jacob, Lauren, Haley,and Stefano,all must present a ballad of some kind that shows off their lower register tone, voice control, and emotional connectivity with, not only the song, but more importantly the audience. The next three weeks are going to be critical.

    Pia, though very pretty and pitch perfect, lacks diversity of singing style, and tone in her high vocal notes. If she is to stay, she is going to have to break it up and pick up th beat, and like Stefano connect more.

    Then there's Scotty, everybody just loves Scotty, and I believe, like Thia, or even Niama, Scotty actually has potential, but he's not the best our country has to offer in regards to singing range, stage presence, diversely unique style. Hear me,his tone is good and I'm not saying he's bad, what I am saying is that he's not great, and that's exactly what american idol IS all about.Not just good, but great, with the potential for marketability to the mass public for millions.

    Since they're looking for the next Carrie Underwood, or Clarkson, or Daughtry, shouldn't we should be as well.

    I think the bottom three this week may be Stefano, Casey, and Paul, with Paul going home this week. However the public may have had enough of Pia if she sings another ballad, or Jacob is he continues these, "over-the-top" drama stops. I mean, the kid can sing the pants off the homeless, no question about that,but can he win me with my cloths on? Can he kill me softly with his song or must it always be so darn tragic? At this point though, this season is his to lose.

    James really needs to settle down. I get it, you can scream like Rob Halford from Judas Priest, and burn the house down like Elton John,Kiss, and Areosmith, yeah I get it, but even those artists sang slow songs and won their audiences with sweet emotion.

    Casey and Haley, both are a remarkable talent, and both display great range in tone, texture, musical style and delivery. Granted, it doesn't always work, but I give them credit for experimenting with songs out side the box. But they both need to lay off the growling as a single way of delivering the song and only use it to punctuate it. Any tool you use often will eventually lose its sharpness and dull the listeners ear.

    Haley, in my opinion, is not only the most diverse vocally, but can sing soft ballads like "Blue" or aggressive grabbers like "Benny and the Jets" without effort and equally as well. From Alicia Keys to Corrine Bailey Ray, Haley is really the most marketable in this competition.She is truly a "triple-threat"

    Lauren, has great potential, actually more than she knows, but she is not mature enough to know it. Shes a child behind the wheel of a car trying to race the Indy 500. One week shes great, the next….what happened?? She has power, but lacks ballad control, she has "stage presence" but is unsure of who her target audience should be because shes insecure. This doesn't make her a bad singer or a bad person, simply one who needs to come back next year.

    Personally, I hope she matures quickly and gives Haley a run for her money because musically, marketability, Haley is the one to beat!

    I'm just say n'

  38. oh yeah,if u still wondering just how talented he is,watch this too

    Why Don't You Do Right – Top 24 [Full Version]

    • That was definitely his top performance and I LOVED it. I just can't figure out what's happened since.

      • have u heard the studio version of his elton john rendition of your song? That gives me the chills 🙂

      • i think he will show to us just like he did with Georgia on Mind n Why Dont U Do Right soon. Im sure people who doubted him will blown away LOLOL 🙂

  39. honestly i don't like scotty the way he sings 'coz i don't understand what he says, it's one style and so boring……

    I LIKE JAMES DURBIN the way he sings, 'coz it's clear and fantastic. GO JAMES DURBIN MAKE YOUR NIGHT OUT and have FAITH…KEEP COOL AND AMAZING…

    GOOD LUCK boy!!!!!

  40. So this week being rock and roll hall of fame week, What the hell does Jacob sing??? This is Pauls bag, so all of you thinking he will go home this week are wrong. It will be one of his better performances.

    It'll be interesting to see Pia try to sing rock n roll, but she will undoubtedly be safe cus she'll hit her signature safety net high note during the song.

    Stefano doesnt do anything for me and I think he'll have trouble finding a song he can really deliver a "ROCK" performance. Like Steven tyler said, he sounds broadway.

    Although not a fan, Scotty will be safe again this week.

    Haley is a coin flip but may stay afloat from her last weeks success.

    Lauren and James will of course steal the show this week. Casey will do okay but Im not a fan of his either. He's not pleasant too look at and his constant self deprecation makes matters worse, but if I close my eyes, he's not that bad a singer. He'll be safe this week as well.

    In my opinion, I think the bottom 3 will be Stefano, Jacob, and Haley- Not sure who will go home though. Im interested to hear your thoughts.

    • paul will surely go home this week. pia doing rock n roll.. no freaking way!

      scotty the man!

      james and lauren – the 2 should get married lol

      i agree with u, stefano, jacob and hailey might go home this week

    • It doesnt matter, i dont agree to some of your opinion. stefano, and jacob have the best voices. it depends on the listener and it happen that i like the two of them.

  41. no no stefano are not final to go in bottom 3 again..maybe nextwik or aftr decade… looking forward to all fans of thia..pls help him….til final 4..ok?i love these 2…i hope they do duet in AI…FAN FROM CANADA.

  42. hi gracia! me too..its me rieta…im laso apppreciated w/ them u know…they look gud together..i cant wait there movies or album….im keep watching AI…AI IS THE BEST SHOW HERE IN australia!!!bye gracia..i will not watching ai…but i cant wait the final and im still here to suport AI…maybe did my last message here coz thia more there..but i still love AI.specailly thia and stefano…godbless u all.

    • Really…. i wish you can cast your votes for Stefano so he will be safe this week. Huggies.

  43. ahhh ok? thnx for supporting them..i hope they do duet…like u say…they so much look gud together…..tnx u rieta….

  44. i love scotty but i just hate it when he sings that low key at the end of each song….

  45. In my opinion top 9 must be in this order:










    How much do u agree?

  46. Love James!!! He is exciting and loves to entertain people. His enthusiasm for what he is doing is contagious and I look forward to his performances every week.

  47. I don't feel like those rankings represent how the contestants really stand, although it probably is close. I think people are not sticking with who they want to win, instead voting for their favorite THAT WEEK. I could be wrong but that's the only reason for the ups and downs, which in my opinion shouldn't happen.

    So if we're going by these rankings(for the sake of the argument we will say that's how America is voting), then the position of everyone should remain the same. And Scotty vs Pia should be the finale. But people are stupid and will stop voting for Scotty just because they like Pia better this week, hypothetically speaking.

  48. when it gets to the top 10 you first vote for your favorite so they don't get voted off. (Dougherty!! remember what happened to him) then you vote for who did good that week. If you have more then 1 favorite make sure you place your vote, never assume they will be there next week.

    SCOTTY <3 love his voice!!! Country Fan all the way!!!

  49. Listen to the songs on Itunes or youtube, they will blow you away, sounds so much better then watching them on TV. I was shocked.

    Go Scotty!!!!!

  50. If I read the chart correctly, I don't understand why Thia is off. She was not in the bottom.

  51. Ony two contestants could potentially sing any style (country, rock, jazz, etc..) and completely pull it off. James Durbin (see the You tube video "My Guitar Gently Weeps") and Lauren Alaina. Several other contestants are gifted in their comfort zone, but are limited in styles. A few are strong enough with their styles that they will likely go on to be successful to various degrees. Let's face it, Scotty's sounds exceptional if you love country. Plus, he's just 17 and will only get better. However, there are also two singers left that will likely never be successful beyond their immediate family….and even they're a little non-committal.

    • I agree with the James portion of your comment. However, Lauren maybe be good, but as she stated last night she is trying to regain her confidence. At this stage of the competition she has to have that confidence now or she will not make it though to the finals. She knows that from the looks that she gives once she is finished with her performances. I think that instead of Lauren it will be Hailey that will surprise us.

  52. its rock and roll week so that means i wanna hear rock not pick a country song by a crossover artist who made it into the rock and roll hall of fame. sing the rock songs that put them there.example if your gonna sing elvis pick an elvis rock song not a country elvis song.

      • Come on its a competition every one is in it to win it, why go for an Elvis rock song yet you can place safe with an elvis country song?

  53. Now, perhaps everyone understands what I said earlier in the contest, that the judges should not voice their opinions while the contestants are still in the contest.Last night was a Total Disgrace upon the judges actions. They broke the biggest rule in the American Idol rule books.Once Mr.Abrams was told he was out of the running,he should have stayed out. But because the audience "hoood and Hawdd", Judge Jackson thought this was to much to take, then the other judges (of course) had to agree with him and so Mr abrams was told that he was back in the race. That was extremely unfair to the other contestants who had been thrown off previously this year. Right is right , Wrong is wrong, fair is fair…But that was just downright Unfair.I really hope the other contestants who missed out on having another chance will contact Jackson and the other 2 judges and tell them just how unfair that was on the show last night Wednesday 6th.of April 2011. And the same thing should not really happen again, But, we all know that it will happen perhaps many more within the next few weeks.That was sooooo unfair.

  54. To the young man who signed his name sicnarf Yobmaj, some days ago. We have all figured it out now that the name you signed with is only your real name spelled backwards, and your real name is Francis Jamboy, that was not very nice, you naughty little racist you. The reason I call you a little racist is that you referred to Mr.Jacob Lusk as "that black thing" in your comment.

  55. Am I the only one who see's a problem with the judges comments this year..Come on..Say what is really on your mind, instead of sugar coating everything..Steven acts like he will not be liked if he says what really is on his mind..Simon was dead on, he didn't care if the audenince liked what he had to say or not, and thats what pushed the contesants before. As far as JLO, she will not even let Randy speak his mind, without enterupting his ever word. It's obvious she is stuck on Stephano, who is becoming so boreing.I wish they would ask JLO's husband what his take was on last night. Unless AI does something to stop all the little girl multi votes, every year will have the same outcome. Girls do not have a chance…I wish we could have one vote per call, then maybe some justice would be served…I'm just very annoyed. I have been watching American Idol since season 1 and now it's becoming a joke..I just have to say did anyone notice the look on Haley's face when JLO said she would be in it for a minute…Whats up with that..Haley has given them everything they asked for and thats all they could say. Thankgoodness Randy tries..and I commend him..Keep it up Randy..we need you. If Randy would tell JLO to shut up, ratings would blast up..Its obvious Steven isn't going to man up..Somethings got to give..

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