American Idol 2011 Top 9 Weekend Update

What a week on American Idol! After a night of Elton John hits we witnessed Naima, not so surprising, and Thia, kinda surprising, eliminated from the competition while Paul survived the Bottom 3. So far we’ve seen 5 singers eliminated from the Top 13 with 1, Casey, pulled back from the brink. Those 4 singers sent home? All female. Could this season be destined to yet another male American Idol winner? Looks to me like we could be heading that way.

Good news for ratings. The numbers were up this week over last with a peak at 24 million viewers for the second half of the show. So anyone still nervous that this could be the last season of Idol, stop worrying! FOX will keep this show going as long as it continues to dominate every night that it’s on.

Coming up this week on American Idol 2011, the remaining nine singers will be performing tracks from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame which covers pretty a huge range of songs including music which has influenced rock ‘n roll. So yeah, Scotty will still find something to fit in to Country and Jacob will get to overdo a hit.

Thursday night’s results show will feature both the return of season four’s Constantine Maroulis while guitar legend Jeff Beck will be on Wednesday night’s show, which drops to just 90 minutes this week, to support the Top 9’s theme.

Let’s start hearing some rock ‘n roll suggestions for our American Idol Top 9!




  1. Don't you just hate it when you turn up to work, and some other person's wearing the same clothes? Casey and James, I feel for ya guys.

    • I would prefered that all contenders (12) get a album contract. They all good!!.I have not favorite,I like them all, they can sing there asses. lololo but is only one to be pick and I need to wait untill at lease down to 4.

      • Go Stefano~!!!! I don't understand how in the world anyone can think Paul can sing.

      • I Like stefano a lot, hope he will reach the Final Four.

        BTW to all Thia Megia haters here, Thia just guested at The Jay Leno show and she also performed a medley with the Live Band. Its there that i heard some facts about Thia, she said she is the poorest among the Idol contestants. OMG, i was so mean to her before, now i fully sympathize with her. She and stefano i like a lot. Go go go Thia….you are awesome.

      • Nihao….. i like stefano and wish he will sing Jailhouse Rock. I bet he will nail this song easily.

    • I think Maria hit it right the first time. Ha ha that's great!!! Grate–as in he really grates on my nerves! A freudian slip but it works for me!!

    • James should sing Queen's song.

      By singing "We are the Champion", he can implicitly declare that he will become the AI winner.

  2. i miss Thia 🙁

    now Im rooting for no one haha!

    by the way , i love you Stefano 😉

    • I feel bad for thia too. I think she is really great but she is lacking of showmanship. I'm gonna root for scotty.

      • I agee Thia had a beautiful voice she is young though and really needs to find her stage presence. She could be hired now by Disney to be the voice of some new princess character.

    • Stefano is great but if this is the week's theme, i cant think of a song for him haha… oldies ' and cant remember any… Hope they change this to later years like the time of Guns and Roses, Bon Jovi or Stone Temple Pilots oh yeah!!!!:)

      • An Elvis song or The Eagles great song for Stefano like The Heat is on…. its the best tempo for him.

      • Im outdated when it comes to oldies…. besides i like more Rock per se, not Rock N Roll…. Classic rock, alternative rock, hard rock… Its hard to choose a song for my bets…. Jacob could try Queen and Sefano The Beatles song….Come Together…. nice song.

      • I suggest also here that stefano will sing a song done by Nazareth…Where are you now…Its a very nice and sweet song.

      • I too have a limited stock knowledge of R n R Hall of Famers and their songs, Only Beatles and some Elvis music i remember. Stefano can try Hotel California by The Eagles.

    • You could have watched her at The Jay Leno show and she was so cool, i like her and will miss her too. Stefano Rocks….

      • I saw her at J Leno. She was so good & looked very comfortable.. couldn't believe she got eleminated this early.

    • You wish!! He might not be your cup of tea (and neither is James Durbin mine). But people who really, really, know music (like Randy, Jennifer and Steven) and not the bubble gum package version that is so prevelent today all know in their heart of hearts that Jacob and Pia are the real singers.

    • Scotty can really put a song over. He has a demeaner about him,his attitude and presentation does not need screaming or screeching, running all over stage or making faces into a camera, which James follows all the time. Yes James has major medical problems but does not make him an Idol winner. James is a show off, has a very Boy am I great attitude, which grows old fast

  3. Scotty doing Jerry Lee Lewis "Whole Lota Shaking"

    James doing anything he'll be awesome

    Casey maybe "Beth" by Kiss….maybe "Dream Weaver"

    Lauren…….Stevie Nicks "Silver Springs" "Dreams"

    Paul……Tom Petty "Stop Draggin' MY Heart Around"

    Stephano……Tom Jones

    • Have you watched the show? Elvis is Scotty's hero. Why would he do anyone but Elvis?

      • In this case, everyone will know who's the better singer…& the answer is obvious!

      • Scotty its his turn to go home…. Country singer…. he cant do rock and roll haha….Bohemian Rhapsody for Scotty i bet he wont be able to sing this haha….Mama wohohooooo

      • I saw the footage where Scotty impersonated Elvis and also sang pieces of Elvis's "Blue Suede Shoes". He will possibly sing that song this week.

    • mhm. He'll either be doing an Elvis song or Johnny Cash. -if he does choose to do a Johnny Cash song i'm hoping for ring of fire.

      • I would rather Scotty do an Elvis song … JC's Ring of Fire, to me, is cliche…too easy. James will rock out with anything he chooses…my man…

        @ Matt…thank you for the weekend update. Always enjoy reading what is going on and of course, adding my 2 cents…for what it's worth. Big shout out to Phyllis G, Angela, Sherry K, (where r u girl?), and T. and of course all the other James Durbin fans..Whoo Hoo ~!!! 🙂

    • Casey cant do beth by kiss because kiss is not in the rock & roll hall of fame witch is weird

  4. Scotty needs to sing a Keith Whitley song

    Don't Close Your Eyes or

    When You Say Nothing At All

    He is amazing…Nashville will grab him up

      • He will be at the CMA's in a few years for best new recording artist…He and Aaron Kelly. Not my favorite to win..2nd..perhaps, but Scotty will do just fine in the years to come. Go James~!!! 🙂

      • Agree. Scotty will most likely do an Elvis song…He would do really well with In the Ghetto..although I believe someone sand this last year and from what I remember…really rocked it..think it was Big Mike. 🙂

  5. I think Lauren should do an Aerosmith or Janis Joplin song. I can't imagine what Jacob would do! I sooo want him to go home.

    • Jacob could do Little Richard, Aretha, Smokey Robinson, Howlin Wolf or anything else he pleased. He may have more choices than any of the others.

      • Jacob can also try Simon & Garfunkel's "Bridge over Troubled Water" with a Choir, following the footsteps of Clay Aiken who did it succesfully in the finale of Season 2.

      • If its not Rock and Roll week, i will suggest Hailey sing I remain by Alanis Morissette, this would be so great for her doing some gyrating of hips like Shakira.

    • There are people worse than him to leave nextweek. I don't that judges would let that happen anyway.

    • Why dont' we suggest Lauren to sing ABBA's song : "Knowing Me Knowing You", "SOS", "Bang a Boomerang", etc ? Most of ABBA's are upbeat, it's time to sing upbeat again for Lauren.

  6. All female singers have been eliminated from the AI. Come on America…the male singers aint that great…Pia, Lauren and Hailey are better than the rest of the guys such as: Paul (bleh chicken feet and chicken voice), Jacob (overdo the song), Stefano (oh please the dude closes his eyes when he sings…but I bet that is what turn Jennifer on so much…that was why he chose Stefano over Rob Rosen or Tim Halperin, and Casey (overrated), James (he is alright..I respect the dude…but sometime he can be a little cocky)

    Scotty (he is the most decent dude among the male contestants…he does not need AI to be famous…he can start recording his debut album anytime he wants …but yet he deserves to win AI)

    Pia (she always does ballad but hey she is the whole package)

    Lauren (a combination of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood…a talent)

    Hailey (Thia Megia should have been on her place)

    America open your eyes and your ears! Please, for the future sake of America music industry. Do not let the judges overshadow your judgement.

    • Pia picked a stinker of a song "River Deep, Mountain High" which sounds like crap even when Celine or Tina sing it. Bad idea. even worse when it has to be cut to one minute and forty seconds.

      • I agree. Unless she has some dynamite stage effects…I can see this being a bomb for her..I hope not.

      • I love Pia and I could not care less if she just stands there, but her song selection is just not good.

      • Why is it that Pia's song choice was announced while the rest has not been announced?

      • Because she slipped up and blurted it out in her backstage post performance statement.

    • I can not stand Hailey. Everytime she comes on she looks and acts like…..can I say whore. It's like she doesn't have enough confidence in her voice so she is trying to sell what she thinks is sexyness. I'm suprised she hasn't tried to stradle Stephen Tyler during a preformance lol. Jacob yeah he needs to go too.

      • I cannot agree enough! I cannot STAND Hailey!! You better believe she'll be throwing out the low growly raspy thing left and right b/c that is all she knows how to do… please oh PLEASE send her home next!!

      • Oh my, a singer selling sexiness? Come on man, that's been going on since at least Elvis (actually way before but I'm grasping for a name you might recognize).

      • Haley is a bluesy singer. If Haley was a lounge singer she would not be still on American Idol.

      • that's pretty rude to say of Haley. I think she can be sexy but she keeps it classy, not like a whore. I like her voice but that is my opinion and I can see where some people wouldn't like her voice.. but to say she is like a whore is just mean.

    • They should have let Casey go when he was voted off… without begging america to vote for him.

    • Funny comments but people are voting otherwise.Go stefano…. you are amazing…. crooned by steven tyler.

  7. This is Scotty's chance to do Elvis and the choices are mind boggling. He'll nail it!

    • Kentucky Rain by Elvis would be perfect, not so well know that Scotty could make it his own.

    • Scotty should sing Bohemian Rhapsody if he is truly versatile singer haha…. no more countryish style Mama wohohohooooooo…. i just wanna die 🙂

      • I do agree to let Scotty sing Bohemian Rhapsody like what Adam Lambert did when he auditioned. Country singer to rock music….

  8. Why do many people like Scotty and how come I don't like him? He seems boring to me. He doesn't "wow" me enough. Please enlighten my mind and maybe I'll change the way I look at him because I really want to like him but I simply can't. 🙁

    BTW, Go Lauren and Casey! (And for Karen too!) 🙂

    • It may be that you don't care for country music. All I know is that Scotty's voice leaves many people wanting more. And that translates into $$$$.

      • but how come I love country music? maybe all I need is to see scotty work that stage and shake and sing to an upbeat song. I am looking forward to a great rock and roll week.

    • Scotty is sweet and I see charisma. He is the next generation of country, bringing back the original country sound with his deep voice. It is exciting to me because he reminds me of a young Randy Travis or Alan Jackson. 17 and singing like he is now WOW.

      • I'm right there with you Donna. There is a need for someone Scotty's age to fill the gap left by Randy Travis and other aging country stars. Josh Turner and Chris Young are there now, but they are more than 10 years Scotty's senior.

    • I think people like Scotty because of the personality he has shown in this contest. He seems like a very genuine, sincere person who cares deeply about those around him. I think his charisma and charm is what is keeping him around, not to mention he was one of the better voices in the contest. He is consistant and his voice is such a natural insturment for him – it is hard to not really enjoy his songs… I have to tell you that he really made me a believer when he sang "Long Black Train" that is the best performance in this entire competition and if he continues to perform like that – he'll go far… I think he slipped a little bit last week and I think he is not a mover and shaker type.. he is the type that needs to work the crowd in a relaxed strut kind of way – don't make him dance! Not sure if that makes you a believer but go back and watch Long Black Train… he's good!

      • You have got the right answer. He has "something" that someday he will possibly relieve it to the public. And… I hope he will sing "Long Black Train" again whenever possible to deliver the Lord's message within that song.

    • I feel the same way !!! God, I hope James is in the finale , it will be boring, boring, boring, without him. James , for the win !

      • Anything can happen at American Idol. Your bet might be next to go. This all depends on the votes that are counted in.

      • I think James would pull off Garth Brook's Friends in Low Places. I'd be interested in seeing his take on it.

      • Paul or Jacob should go home this week. Paul was fun at first but everysong sounds the same and UGH the drama from Jacob is so forced.

    • Another girl going home this week that's my guess…. teeny boppers like guys…. scotty its your turn. Come home to Mama!:)

  9. I am with you girls—I am a huge Scotty fan. Every song he sings and i play it over and over, the more I love it. Looking forward to him winning and Laura 1st runner up.

    goodbye Jacob I hope.

      • Agree!! He is so bad I think the only reason he is still there is because he has a nice smile. Voters need to vote for talent not looks.

      • Paul has a winning smile, no doubt about that. soon he will be in a toothpaste ad.

      • Before he goes home, I would like to hear him singing Simon & Garfunkel's "El Condor Paza" this week.

  10. It's time for the boys to go home..

    The last 3 girls are strong..

    PIA should sing Until you come back to me, or Proud mary, or Chain of Fools.. (All upbeat)

    Stefano, could do Elvis Presley's Can't help falling inlove or Stand by me..

    That's all. 🙂

    • I wish the guys will do these songs:

      Pia- Yesterday by The Beatles

      Jacob- Jailhouse Rock

      Haley- I Wanna Be Free

      Stefano- Proud Mary

      Scotty- Are you Lonesome ) he will be lonesome when he gets home)

      James- Strawberry Field Forever or Lucy in the Sky of Diamonds

      Paul- I who have Nothing

      Casey- My Sweet Lord.

      • I love Strawberry Fields and think James would do well with it, maybe he can borrow Paul's flower jacket while he sings it. (kidding- sort of)

    • My suggestion :

      1. Pia picks any of ABBA's song she will be comfortable with : "Ring Ring", "Chiquitita","Knowing Me Knowing You", etc.

      2. Stefano sings Queen's song : "Save Me" or "La Palabras de Amor". "Save Me" begins with sweet slow, but is followed by powerful high notes in the refrain. I think Stefano will be able to nail this song, so that people will simply "save him" by giving high amounts of votes.

      • If stefano sing Palabras de Amor without any translation, surely he will be voted off like karen r. americans are not multi linguist and only a few understands and speaks spanish, latin or chinese languages for that matter.

      • Ifhe choose ABBA song, it would be better to sing I have a Dream…. nice song and within his vocal range.

      • Moonlight Madness.. Stefano should find song which he can deliver fantastically or spectacularly, because this week is tougher. I think "I have a dream" is rather simple for him.

        I begin to doubt whether his vocal is sufficient to sing Queen's song well.

  11. its hard to explain coz i'm a big fan of big "wow" voices like adam lambert and jennifer hudson but somehow, when i replay the previous shows, i find myself listening and watching more of paul's performances. he's actually not "pitchy" as randy keeps saying. and his movement, although a little bit awkward is in sync with the beat and is fun to watch. you'd almost want to dance with him..

    i don't know if i'm the only one honest enough to admit that this awkward guy is actually very good!

    • He's pitchy, he needs to go home..

      You think he could win? It's impossible..

      We don't need another Rod Stewart, and It feels like every song he's singing is the same. it sounds the same!

      • Just wondering if any non singer really knows wha t"pitchy" means. Everyone is too free with that word. Some people wouldn't know pitchy if it hit them in the face.

    • Paul's movements are a bit awkward? When he doesn't have his guitar he's like Pinocchio manned by a demented puppeteer.

    • Yes, Paul is very good,,,people don't get it that's why they don't like him. And if we don't need another Rod Stewart, then we don't need another Randy Travis (Scotty)

      • I agree, scotty is boring when he sings but some people bash Pia as boring when she sings ballads and Pia is a lot better than scotty. Over hyped.

    • I agree with Beryl Paul is actually really good. I love to watch hes peformances every week and I think he will go far in the competetion

  12. oh my..i am so agree that jacob should go home next week. he likes to overdo and it really sucks. hell yeah, why does all the eliminated are females? they were great too. and casey, arrghh, he should just go home. hope pia can make it big next stage. if not, people are going to lose hope on her.

  13. I can't believe Paul didn't go home last night! Ridiculous!! I am tired of his 'cartoon' voice as I call it! I think he won because of his smile however, c'mon, Niama & Thia are better than him! That's one thing I hate – when people stay around because of their looks! It's ridiculous!! Lets vote for talent – not looks!! After all, talent is what this show is about!!

    Btw, LOVED the duet by Lauren & Scotty last night!!

    • You're obviously biased towards Paul's voice which is one of the most unique voices in the music world..and the fact that you don't know what Paul McDonald can actually do is just an insult to his talents.. Naima and Thia better than Paul? Please.what talent does Naima even have in terms of singing..and Thia's 16 for goodness sakes, Paul has way more experience and success. Think carefully before you bash someone

      • Paul should have gone home last week.. How do you measure talent with Age? lol! we don't vote for his personal success.. He looked arrogant & surprised when he was announced bottom 3..

      • Its not Paul's fault that he got into the Top 13. why do you bash him and his age? Im not a fan of Paul but sometimes people are merciless when they make fun of the contestants they dont like esp. Paul, Jacob and Stefano. Its kinda annoying now.

      • No, I am not biased towards Paul. Not at all & I did think carefully bfore commenting about Paul. Paul IS talented, there is no doubt about that however, I still believe there is a lot more talent there than Paul. I know Thia is only 16 & she has a ways to go before she is ready. Maybe next year. She still has an awesome powerful voice though! As for Naima, I just loved her energy & she's very entertaining. I really like her voice too. It's obviously a matter of personal taste. Some like one particular voice, others don't. That's just the way it is…

    • I have to agree on Paul's voice. Comparisons to Rod Stewart? Really? I think people need to buy some Rod Stewart CDs and have a listen. Paul has the stage presence and the swagger but he's got zero vocal power and his vocal uniqueness seems to be more of a limitation than a strength.

  14. I'd like Lauren to sing the Linda Ronstadt version of "Blue Bayou". I'd like James to do "Vincent' [Starry Starry Night], Paul should do Springsteen's "I'm On Fire", and Casey should do "Walkin To New Orleans". Don't have any thoughts for the others except, of course Scotty will do an Elvis song.

    • No Scotty will do Bohemian Rhapsody to test his versatility haha…. Mama wohohoho…. with matching emotions crying…. haha 🙂

      • My friend, you are so corny. (joke)…. anyway, these guys has their choices and busy practising. I read in James Tweet that he and Chris Jericho had a grand time together discussing Rock and wrestling. Lol…. Finally…. The Rock has come home to wrestlemania. Ill watch this on April 4, Snooki of Jersey Shore will wrestle also togehter with my favorite wrestler John Morrison.

      • Moonlight Madness.. You are right. What Cathy suggested for Scotty is the same as suggesting Michael Phelps to do wrestling against Steve "Stone Cold" Austin…lol.

        Btw my favorite wrestler is Bill Goldberg. I also like Sting, Kurt Angle, Brett Hart.

        Can You smelllllll…. what Scotty is cooking….lol.

      • Moonlight Madness… Do you the name of Chris Jericho new finisher ? That move is very exciting.

      • Moonlight Madness… Correction :

        Do you know the name of Chris Jericho new finisher ? That move is very exciting.

      • Maybe Cathy is just kidding…. I like wrestling too, am a fan of John Cena , Triple H, Randy Orton and Kane. I even named my dog after Kane lol and another dog as Batista, they are cross breds, looking like Bulldogs, ugly looking but so sweet. Ill wath tonight Wrestlemania on PPV, it will be an awesome game , John Cena against The Miz.

    • The girls Pia, Lauren and Haley choose ABBA's song. Jacob Lusk sings Simon & Garfunkel's "Bridge over Troubled Water".

      For Stefano, I am always trying to emphasize my suggestion for him : try singing Queen's "Save Me" or "Las Palabras de Amor".

      • Scotty should sing a Queen Song, Radio Gaga or Bohemian Rhapsody …. this will test his versatility also.

      • James and Stefano are the right persons to sing Queen's songs. May be James Lusk as well.

      • It just came to my mind that I am quite sure Pia Toscano also has the vocal to sing Queen's. I would like to hear her singing "Save Me" or "Life is real" or "Las Palabras de Amor".

      • Jacob should sing Bohemian Rhapsody while Scotty sings Radio GA Ga….should be fun to watch. lol!

    • Who ? Well.. yeah here is my suggestion :

      1. James sings "We are the Champion"

      2. Stefano sings "Save Me" or "Las Palabras de Amor". Come on, Stefano's fans… force him to sing this song.

      3. Will Casey be able to handle "Jealousy" ?

      • Thats a Spanish song and it will again make stefano lost votes like what happened to Karen R.

      • Giovanna Kruppa … If you are worried about that, OK, then just switch to the former choice.

  15. My suggestions for the Hall of Fame songs are Spirit in the Sky, Hi-ho silver Lining, anything by Tina Turner or Cher, Bon-Jovi, Beach Boys,John Lennon, ………

  16. I see James Durbin doing an Aerosmith song.

    Casey – Ray Charles

    Pia – Leonard Cohen – although she said uptempo

    Scotty – Johnny Cash

    Lauren – Bonnie Raitt

    Haley – Janis Joplin

    Jacob – How Can U Mend a Broken Heart

    Stefano – Michael Jackson

    Paul – Rod stewart?

    • would like to see Pia move around than standing in one place.. She has a lot of potential.

    • Pia will be comfortable to sing ABBA's song. She can simply choose "Chiquitita" or more upbeat song such as "Waterloo", "SOS", etc.

    • Pia should sing Lady Ga Ga's Paparazzi…it's better than Lady Ga Ga's version….it's on youtube!!

  17. James is definitely a Bon Jovi or Aerosmith kind of guy, but then how about giving him U2 ?

  18. james please do guns n` roses sweet child of mine would love to hear that from him has the perfect voice for it go james!!

    • That would be great for James…or even Every Rose Has a Thorn…he would also do a really awesome job with Brett Michael's Poison…Give Me Something to Believe In. I hope he does not do an Aerosdmith song…it would create the groundwork for a lot of controversy after the interchange between he and Steven T. a few weeks back. Like I said earlier…anything James sings will be awesome. 🙂

      • One more time…. Poison, Bon Jovi, Guns n Roses etc. are NOT in the Hall of Fame. The contestants must choose songs by artists who HAVE been inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

      • Templar… I think we have to tell readers here to go to Wikipedia or official web site of RR HOF in order to find the list of who are already inducted in the HOF, before they give any suggestion.

      • SoftDev… You're probably right. It's like trying to explain string theory to a yoyo.

    • yep, I would love to hear James sang G n R. I am at the point I just wait for him to perform.

  19. Really would like to see Paul try the song Dream Weaver by Gary Wright!! Think it would be a good song for him. Haley I would like to see her do Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes think that would be a good one for her. Lauren can sing anything and it sound good. Scotty the same.

  20. I would like, Scotty sing Jerry Lee Lewis – Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On (1957) something different…

    or End of the Road …

    More agresive , Great Balls Of Fire, WWAAOOO

    • Lauren: "Rhiannon" (Fleetwood Mac)

      Haley: "I'll Take You There" (Staple Singers)

      Paul: "Bell Bottom Blues" (Clapton)

      James: "Foot Stompin' Music" (Grand Funk Railroad)

      Stephano: "Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard" or "The Boxer" (Simon & Garfunkel)

      Pia: "Chain of Foold" (Aretha Franklin)

      Scotty: "(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear" (Elvis)

      Jacob: "I'm so Tired of Being Alone" (Al Green)

      • Bohemian Rhapsody for Scotty and i bet he wont reach high notes. Jacob will nail this song 100% but not scoty with one dimensional kind of voice.

  21. To Maria and anita, neither Bon Jovi nor Guns N Roses have been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, so their music is not eligible for this week's theme.

    • We have to tell those readers to search in Wikipedia or official web site of RR HOF in order to find the list of artists that are already inducted in the HOF, before they give any suggestion.

  22. When Haley sang Blue she got my vote,very sexy and vocals were outstanding she looked and sounding like a

    pro already.Pia is great Scotty will do well but Haley

    she does it all good luck Haley we,re with you 100%

  23. James.- (Leon Russell) or Roy Orbison

    Pia .- Aretha Franklin

    Stefano.- America (Neil Diamond)

    Halley.- Janis Joplin

    Scotty.- Elvis definitely

    Lauren.- Emotions (Brenda Lee)

    Casey.- Creedence or B.B. King will be great

    Paul.- Let it be (Beatles)

    Jacobe.-Curtis Mayfield

    • I wish Stefano would sing Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond and Jacob will sing The Story of my Life also by Neil D.

      • I like Sweet Caroline song also. Good choicxe for sefano langone…. like Italian Pizza with Carbonara sauce.

  24. I have been around music all my life and love it. My parents were classically trained at the College Conservatory of Music (better known as CCM) in Cincinnati, Ohio and one of the best college music programs in this country. My mom was an Opera Singer who once sang next to Placido Domingo. The class of this American Idol competition is Pia Toscano. She is a beautiful person inside and out with an amazing voice and she is just learning how good she is because one of her idols is Whitney Houston, but she is better than Whitney. If she does not win American Idol, she will go on to be one of the best American Idol had that did not win (i.e. Chris Daughtery is one person that comes to mind at the moment). Get it right America…forget everything else…and just close your eyes and listen to the voices…Pia is #1…Jacob is #2…forget the rest.

    • Was that a comment or a resume'? Pia is a stiff, unengaging singer. She has a good voice but zero personality to back it up. Not remotely commercial, and $$$ is the end goal.

    • Michael I believe you are right(at least 50%)

      Pia Has the most beautiful voice I have heard

      since Carrie Underwood. She could sing any-

      thing and I would love it. I believe that Jacob is good, but he oversings most of his songs.Paul should go home this week. Casey is very overated. He screams and yells too much.In my opinion, the save should have been used towards the last 4 weeks of competition. Lauren has a very nice voice. Thia should have been saved because her voice is beautiful. She should not have gone home. Hailey growls too much. She is not as good as some people think. Scotty has a really good voice. Stephano shouldn't be in the competition. Robbie Rosen had a beautiful voice. Too bad the judges didn't save him instead of Stephano. Now we come to James, somewhere in the top 5 this year, but not the winner. Top 3-Pia, James, Scotty Good luck to all!

      • That's your opinion but stefano prevailed. Your opinion is immaterial now. Go stefano.

      • they couldnt use the save in the last 4 weeks of competetion because the safe is only there untill the top 5

  25. I think something from Credence Clearwater would be great for James Durbin.Scotty would do great wiyh Elvis.

  26. This message is for Paul…

    Your voice would be so great doing a little like Kenny Loggins…"Danger Zone" and Rod Stewart…"Maggie May" Even some Huey Lewis…"Power of Love" Any of these would bring the house down. I really like your unique style, but I am afraid if you don't pick it up and kick it into gear…the end is soon. Please consider this…we need to see the preformer and the voice rockin it out!

  27. Scotty is the most overrated guy on the show. He can only sing country and only has one good (low) note. He'll do good in Nashville but he shouldn't even come close to winning. This is a singing competition for God's sake! There must be at least 100 cowboys in Montana who can sing as well as he does. IMHO, best is James, second is Pia if she can shake it up a bit. Jacob's awesome but he does overdo it.

    • I agree !!!!!! vote, vote,vote for James. dial idol had him in the middle, might have been wrong, so vote the whole 2 hours every wednesday night. He is the whole package.

  28. Paul should sing some John Fogherty, or more Rod Stewart

    Hailey should sing some Japlin or Bonnie Rait

    James should sing something a little softer and stop screaming

    Jacob and Scotty should just not sing at all, although Scotty would probably do Elvis

    Tired of Pia and Stefano is very forgettable, as well a Lauren

    • Wow, and Casey and Scotty not forgetable? you are just mean to stefano. He is there cuz he got voted by the viewers. I wish he reach the finals.

    • Pia and Lauren will be in top 5 along with Scotty, James and most probably Casey..

  29. My ultimate favorite songs for Paul are Free Falling by Tom Petty and Have you ever seen the Rain by John Fogherty. And who ever likes Scotty should give their heads a shake. How many times are we going to have a one hit wonder country singer go down the drain!!!!

    • How would Paul "whisper" Tom Petty's "Free Falling"? Fogarty would be even more of a disaster. John Fogarty has a strong, clear voice, completely the opposite of Paul's. Paul might… might.. get away with James Taylor's "Fire & Rain".

      • He obviously not going to sing them the same, but i think they are songs that suit him and give him a chance to show that he could do it

  30. I would love to hear Scotty do some Elvis and if not Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty or some Alan Jackson would certainly do. I think " It's Only Make Believe" by Conway would best compliment his voice.

  31. Lauren –> The House of the Rising Sun or I Heard it through the Grapevine (she just has to change the lyrics, but she's good at that)

    Haley–> Sexual Healing or I Love Rock & Roll

    Pia –> River Deep, Mountain High

    Stefano –> Bohemian Rhapsody

    Paul –> Yesterday

    James –> Sunday Bloody Sunday or Dream on

    Casey –> A Whiter Shade of Pale or Bridge over Troubled Water

    Scotty –> Suspicious Minds

    Jacob –> The Twist or Girls just Wanna Have Fun (LOL)

    • ROFL! Stefano – Bohemian Rhapsody. Oh lord, that made me laugh! Why not something by Meat Loaf? Hahahahah! Stefano is vocally, physically and maturely weak. He could never pull off a Queen song.

      • ROFL …. what about Scotty? Can he sing that song by Queen? Obviously not, he has one dimensional type of voice not versatile hahahahahaha. Gawd. what a shame!

      • Yes. Scotty would do a great job on "Crazy Little Thing Called Love' because Freddie Mercury was imitating Elvis when he recorded it.

      • Scotty sings Queen's "Crazy Little.." ? That's exactly what I thought for Queen's theme days ago.

    • My song choice for Jacob Lusk : Jimmy Cliff’s “Wonderful World Beautiful People”.

      That would be nice to watch him doing dancing with that song.

  32. I have a feeling that scotty will do elvis. I think that this week james and scotty will be the best this week. I am really hoping that lauren and scotty get to do another duet on thursdays elimation show. They sound the best together and the only ones that got a standing ovation. I kinda want them to go out because tey would like good together. I want to see scotty and lauren in the finale! Jacob, stefano, pia need to ASAP!

  33. i have to say i really wish we could break new song ground…i dont think the singers should sing a song already done on idol, or should i say, overdone,,,how mny aint no mountain high enufs do we have to hear?

    scotty…just a thought.. Zeppelin's "stairway to heaven".or cash's folsom prison blues

    i would like to hear stefano sing "cant live" (not sure if that is the correct title) by neilson-neilson,though not sure if they are in the r/r hall of fame, i just love the song and i think he can handle it…havent heard this song on idol before so dont think it can be compared to anyone else's performance

    paul-queen" crazy little thing called love"

    pia – heart's barracuda or aerosmiths 'dream on"

    haley -ronstadt" when will i be loved"

    jacob- righteous brothers to sing ebb tide

    casey- joplin "take another little peice of my heart

    lauren – beatles "long and winding road"

    james- MUST DO AEROSMITH, i suugest train kept rolling

    • stefano …. my wish is for him to sing Unchained melody by the righteous brothers….Go and get the gold.

  34. I would love to hear Scotty do some Elvis and if not Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty or some Alan Jackson would certainly do. I think ” It’s Only Make Believe” by Conway would best compliment his voice and it has a strong finish where he can up his game.

    I would like to see AI have a country night and see how some of the other contestants hold up getting out of their comfort zone.

  35. Here's a suggestion for Scotty. Evlis Presley's Crying in the Chapel. For Jacob, pretty much anything from Nat King Cole.

  36. In Order of my favoriates to least favoriates

    Scotty- Amazing country vocals that you Just can't find these days plus If he sings elvis preferably " Blue Suade Shoes" he will show he can sing music that is not country.

    James Durban- One of the greatest vocalest on american idol ever he can sing any song great , and for those who do not like him it is because you know you can't sing as perfectly as James

    Pia- Sounds good but must stop the ballad's, plus is seems to me that she has become arrogent and cockey.

    Casey_ He was not a favoriate of mine but he blew the world away with his singing of your song which was better than the origional, he needs to continue doing better.

    Lauren, Paul – Both equaly good, and need to step up their game paul has a unique voice he just needs to not pick the wrong song choice to portray his vocals to the world, Lauren sounded better together with scotty.

    Stephano- Not a front runner but does give chills on occasion

    Hailey-Has a unique youdle voice she showed the world last week but still not the best

    Jocob Lusk-mr. overdo

    • People! Do your homework! Poison is NOT in the HOF, so they can't use their songs!

      • Im a lazy one here so i dont do research now. i dont even do them for my work….. well we are just suggesting. i dont even know who are in the RnR Hall of Fame. This could have been eliminated the songs are so dragging….

      • Then Ill suggest the song Let it be me to stefano as sung by The Everly Brothers or House of the Rising sun by the animals.

      • Calleigh H.. Don't suggest Everly Brother's song for Stefano. That song is sleepy, altough I like the duet. I don't like the song by The Animals.

  37. Paul – Bob Dylan – Mr. Tambourine man or The band – The weight

    James – The beatles – Get back (The hair bands are the obvious choice for james, but i think hed do an awesome rendition of this song.) Or bohemian rhapsody to show off that amazing range of his

    Casey – Bruce springstein, The doors, or the ramones if he wants to take a real risk

    Lauren – Fleetwood mac – Landslide

    Pia – Shes either going to do something really boring, or really overdone on idol. I think she should do janis joplin

    Scotty – ELVIS! But jhonny cash is more likely

    Haley – I wouldnt put it past her to do brucespringstein, but i think janis joplin aswell.

    Stefano – I dont know. I dont care. I dont enjoy his performances at all.

    Jacob – Also dont know, Maybe some stevie wonder?

    • I dont care also if you do not like stefano. who bothers about your opinion anyway. your bet will go home soon lol….overhyped but cant sing high notes im referring to scotty.

      • @so: what's this baloney? manila is calling monster? why? this is ridiculous.

      • I bet Stefano will give his best again this week and nail the song he will choose to perform. I will Just wish my Good Luck to this awesum guy.

      • Giovanna Kruppa.. Manila is the capital city of Philipines. I just don't remember whether it is in the Luzon island or Mindanao island.

      • @So… Why didn't you said : "Manny Pacquiao is calling you", instead ?

        But I am very sure, Manny would call Floyd Mayweather, instead…lol

      • Yep.. Stefano is Italian.. Can't you remember AI promoted his mom's Italian dishes:)

    • I dont care also about what you wrote here. So mean of you against stefano, Get a life…

    • James has done the bohemian rhapsody. The vid we saw of him doing it — TWO THUMBS UP!

    • @tanner… never mind if you dont like stefano's performances. its immaterial anyway. Go stefano you ROCK!~!!! <3

  38. Paul…how about some Bryan Adams like "Everything I do, I do for you?"

    Good Luck

    • Bryan Adams is not already inducteed in the R&R Hall of Fame. See the list of who are in the Hall of Fame in Wikipedia or official site.

  39. How about some classic for the guys, 3 dog night, Uriah Heep, and some Joni Mitchell for the girls, it takes real talent to pull of those vocal performances. James doing Liar, paul with Shambala, Haley with Coyote

    • Really, are you sure or its Paul and Haley's turn to go home? you alwsys pick on stefano.

      • Haley will spike a bit this week due to B B B Benny, and the cougars will be panicked by Paul being bottom 3. So I'm pretty well convinced that Stefano will be bottom 3 for sure with a good chance of going home.

      • What if scotty will be at the bottom 3 also? will you be happy? hahaha. you are so mean to stefano. stop quoting him.

      • Monster: Yes it would be ok if Scotty went home because his future in Nashville is a done deal. He will have a contract as soon as the tour is over.

      • Duhhhhhhhhhhh as always wishful thinking.He aint that popular globally. country music is for the american people only but dont sell much abroad. Thats a fact. Only Taylor swift is popular cuz she is young and pretty.

    • I hear Scotty singing Mama wowowowooooo, Mama Mia let me gooooo!!! Guess, scotty will bungle Bohemian Rhapsody and off he goes home to his country home.

      • You must be 10 years old. Your posts are so childish. Well, at least your parents gave you the right name.

      • Lol, teenagers are going gaga for handsome guys. I bet stefano has lots of teen girls adoring him. He has that Killer smile. Jlo was infatuated with him lol..

      • Just an opinion, maybe Monster is a nickname. He or she got that in this coming movie soon to hit theatres….no parent will give his or her child that kind of name. But for riders of motorbikes they have this LOGO Monster, i dont know what it means anyway.

      • I agree why not let Scotty sing Bohemian Rhapsody for a change from Country songs?

      • Yes, I'm sure 'Monster' is just his interwebz tough guy name. Haley is pretty solid right now. She might be in the bottom three again, but I don't see her actually going home for another week or two. I hope she picks a good song, I'm a bit worried for her, ;x.

      • Awwwwww, am i so naughty and childish here? Its just my style but im not a teen anymore bwahahaha. I love to make hassles but im not really a warfreak…. BTW, i got my Username Monster from Big Bike Riders who named their group Monster. Its catchy…. and i love it. Anyway, to Templar, dont get mad, you will get many wrinkles hahahaha…. be cool dude! I love stefano…. but i begin to like James, he is also a fan of Triple HHH and we both liked the themesong of Triple H, Metallica growling like a Monster hahaha…. Go James and Stefano.

    • Why not let Scotty sing an uptempo song? or he is also bound for the bottom 3, he is kinda boring too.

    • Rock and Roll….. it must be an interesting week with all the remaining contestants trying to outdo each other in their gimmicks. I wish stefano will sing Radio Gaga by Queen.

      • I think Stefano would do alright with Radio Gaga, but there's an awful lot of chorus in it that would be mostly the backup singers, so I'm not sure how that would work in 1 minute and 40 seconds.

  40. How about: James Durbin- TNT, or Pour Some Sugar On Me, Haley singing Barracuda, and Daryl's suggestion for Paul, Everything I do, I do it for you with that soft Rod Stewart voice.

  41. hello to all fns of thia megia pls. vote stefano….pls..hes very nice to thia…i think he was upset to randy that they eliminated to thia..i see the elimination of thia..pls…thia fans all over the world…..!!!! keep watching AI ..PLS


    • Hello, thats cute of you to say positive about stefano. Yeah he and thia can be more than friends they look good ogether and they can sing a duet also. someday they can form a duet like America. Please vote for stefano my Filipino friends….

      • That's so good to hear…Yeah I agree that Thia and Stefano looks good together….may God Bless both of them…I believe stefano will still stay on the competition..

      • Why should Filipino people vote for Stefano? If you are Filipino does that mean you have to like him. I like Stefano, but this whole 'I'm voting for so and so because I'm Filipino' thing is pretty ridiculous.

      • David P, you are right on brother. Stupid people are not voting on the best. They have some kind of agenda that defies logic.

    • I don't buy you! anyway there are plenty of teen american girls voting for Stefano already.. don't worry!

      you don't have to pretend filipino..

    • Vote for Stefano because he was nice to Thia???? That's why this show has become a joke.

      • What do you mean by that statement? anyhow, i like stefano and he will nail his song piece this week again.

      • Go stefano…. you are bound to go up in this competition. Give yor very best man! you and jacob and Pia are the real singers and i like you all.

      • Your right Frank . But I think there is a bigger problem with the voting.

        Just use phone voting and keep the calls limited per incoming numbers.

        That should relieve the nonsense pretty boy and cutie girl votes.

        And it is time for the kid country singer to go.

      • shana…. its very simple thing to solve. dont vote for him . enough discussion. Stefano wont mind anyway if you wont vote for him. He wont have a heart attack hahahaha. He is rich anyway .

      • Moonlight Madness, what I mean by my statement is that you vote for the person with the most talent, not because of some other personal agenda.

        It's not that hard to understand.

      • OMG, why are we debating abou this goddamn issue about stefano and thia? eversince i didnt liked thia at all, Naima was one of my bets with jacob and thia. If these are my choices, why do i have to listen to people who say otherwise? Each to her own. Go stefano you rock.

      • Erratum: Jascob, stefano, Pia and Naima…. not Thia. i never liked her. Her fans are so annoying too.

    • Well well well…. stefano and Thia…. the newest loveteam in american idol…. Scotty and Lauren next, Hailey and Casey, their names rhyme….just joking here.

    • In that case I will vote for Lauren & Scotty. They were same age, went to school together and were close friends.

    • @David.P, Don't get confused..these Stefano Fans misusing Thia to promote Stefano. Bunch of teenagers I guess!

      • You are so assuming dude. Who is using Thia? she is a LOSER!!!! Stefano doesnt need her. Think hard before you post comments here. you are annoying woman.

  42. Hi guys you go James Durbin and Casey Abrams and Paul Mcdonald and and Stefano Langanoe and Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart and Jacob Lusk and Pia Toscano and Karen Rodriguez and Ashthon Jones and Naima Adedapo and Thia Megia

    • I think CASEY should of went the first time,,,,The wrong ones always get eliminated,,,thats just my opinion…..

      • Casey drama… we don't care & we don't like giving too much attention to one contestant, a contestant who got voted off??? Its a disrepect to voters!



      • Stefano is a lovable guy, not pretentious and showy. He seems so nice but people has different opinions and maybe they like casey with all the hair on his face or scotty who sings with his mouth sideways like smirking …..:)

        Majority of Thia fans are living outside USA so it doesnt matter if they wont vote for stefano which they cannot do also.

      • Stefano you have my votes this coming week. stay on this competition.God bless you!

    • Who are you to tell me that? Im just replying to the post by another one, why stop me? Go away or close your eyes. dont read…. you are not funny likewise. Damn…

      BTW you Thia haters, she guested at Jay Leno's show and sang a Medley with a Live Band. Go Thiafano….

      • If that is the case Thia fans should vote Lauren Alaina.. Lauren is Thia's best friend..

      • I dont also care if thia fans wont like stefano lol…. go and sour grape somewhere else.

      • If Thia is way better than stefano why was she eliminated? dont answer anymore, its redundant lol….

      • I also saw that performance of Thia at The Jay Leno Show. Well…. she sang nicely but just unlucky to be voted off. Her fans should have keep on voting for her instead of yakking her.

      • So what, majority of you here hyping for Thia are not living inside USA. go Yakkiy yakk elsewhere. Thia is out…. stefano is in lmao….. <3<3<3

      • Btw, that is wishful thinking…. stefano will stay. scotty will be out next. he is so boring….Jacob is a lot better than him.

      • How do you know I'm out of USA? sounds like a teenager day dreaming for STefano…:))

      • None of your business dude…. go hype elsewhere. i dont need your opinion anyway. it doesnt matter anyhow…. Finally, The Rock says, If you smelllll what stefano is cookin'!!!

      • Yes Thia deserve the best. Saw her house featured at The Jay Leno show, not spectacular, she admitted they are Poor. Maybe Jay Leno will give her a gist of one of his sports cars? lmao…. she needed some help but thats all in the past now. some backing from Jay Leno or Oprah Winfrey will help her.

      • Good for her, she needed that kind of exposure.She should also guyest at Conan's show and Jimmy Kimmel show.

      • Jacob is a very good singer and he and stefano are bound for the finals…. Pia is also a good singer.

    • Why are you talking about money & wealth repeatedly Erica? Are you going to take them with you once you die?

      I don't think Thia needs anybody's money.

      • Dont be sarcastic gurl…. just repect their opinions. It wont get you anywhere if you keep on debating here. Thia has obsessive fans, same with stefano. dont make cat fights here. Peace <3

      • Oh really? if she don need money why did she joined American Idol? Am i wrong in my interpretation? She told Jay Leno, of all the contestants, she is the Poor one…. please explain this.

      • Why are you pointing only at me GK? Because other ones are Stefano fans like you?

        that is not sarcasm.. that is reallity.. Does your star know that you guys even exist?..:) PEACE

      • Baloney…. arrogance to the max…. Thia doesn't need money? and she admiited to Jay Leno she is the poorest among the IDOL contestants? She live in a community with other asians okay? its no wrong to be poor but sometimes fans like you are making mountains out of molehills. anyway, stefano ROCKS bigtime.

    • just to clear the air thia Megia is rooting for her best friend Lauren Alaina. So if thia's fans want to follow her that's the news.[you can search the web if you want proof]

      • But Lauren Alaina is white and you can't falsely assume she's Filipino like they are with Stefano.

      • i am a huge thia fan, but i will vote for lauren not because she's thia's best friend, but because she has the talent… chill!

      • @krisallen, Yes I think Lauren is so much talented..Hope she would prove it with right song choices..

      • He's from Washington, his heritage is 'most likely' Italian. Is he Italian enough to join Sonny Black's gang, who knows. What I was saying is the Thia fans aren't going to vote for Lauren because they can't pretend she's Filipino like they are with Stefano.

      • David,Stefano fans are just trying to use Thia to get votes for Stefano. Childish!

      • So what then? Thia is gone from the competition though she will join The Tour with Naima, but still Stefano has an edge over her cuz he is still with in the competition. Bunch of Losers….

    • Zamba, stop it already! Nice to your idol is why people should vote for Stefano. Don't you understand what this competition is all about? Damn, this is getting sickening.

    • I would vote for him because he is good, not because he is nice to your idol. Get real Zamba. Quit being an idiot.

      • Thats the point im also trying to emphasize here, its not becuz stefano is nice to thia so filipinos will vote for him. what im trying to say is, they should vote stefano cuz he have good vocals and has qualities of an IDOL…. what the heck… im getting insane here.

    • another thiafano fan. I think Scotty is more close to Thia than Stefano, and when you watch the elimination night again you will see that Scotty hugged Thia so tight. And they're both high schoolers

  44. It would be great if Paul did Leonard Cohen's "Everybody Knows'. Perfect for his raspy voice.

  45. I think this year's finalists are all very talented singers in their own way. Not sure who is going to win. Tough choice. Jacob has a great voice and I love to hear him sing. However, I don't like to watch him sing with all the facial expressions. But then again, I like to hear Celine Dion sing but I don't like to watch her sing. I guess some singers have to make the expressions to get the song to come out great. Pia is very beautiful to look at and has a good 'set of pipes' as Randay says and she will do good in the music business. Probably easy listening. I don't see her doing anything else. But she is not the total package. So far she's only been good at one kind of music. She's not a good all around entertainer. She just moves her arms and bends her knees and sings. Scotty and Lauren are both good singers and very entertaining. Scotty is all country and Lauren can sing anything. That's what makes her a great entertainer. Both will go far. As for Haley, Paul, Stephano, James and Casey they are all good in what they sing if you like their type music. I don't know who will get eliminated next week; but, none of them should feel bad or sad, including Thia and Niama. All will be going on tour and getting great music exposure. It doesn't matter if they win Idol or not, they're all winners. It's up to them how far they will go in the music industry. I wish them all luck.

    • Country music only goes as far as…within America. So I don't see Scotty will be famous internationally like Lambert! Even Carrie Underwood is not singing 100% counrty music!

      • So true, country music has a limited market, only Taylor Swift has held a successful concert abroad. Rap artist and Pop singers are more famous like adam lambert whose european sojourn was a big sell out.

      • Partly true. Country music is not as popular overseas except in the english speaking countries [canada, Australia], but in the US it outsells rock 4 to 1.

      • Not true. I have very good friends in Cumbria, Brits born and bred. When we visit them we go to their pub and their friends there love country music and half of what is on their jukeboxes is country.

      • That's what I called "minority" when compared with big city like London where I've been living there for the past 15 years! They don't even have a country chart like US!

      • My distant relatives are from England and still residing at Wales. An Uncle's neighbor is Tom Jones and according to him Country Music is not popular there. Brits are more into classical songs and Pop….

    • Even though it's a shame to eliminate the whole block of songs by The Beatles, I think the contestants should stay away from them since there was already a Beatles show. I also think, in most case, an up-tempo song is de rigor. And, please, no overdone songs or those many people might deem "corny", such as: "Time in a Bottle, How Deep Is Your Love, If You Really Love A Woman, We Are The Champions, and Fernando, Bridge Over Troubled Waters; and Celine song, or Proud Mary."

      Love, love, love the suggestions of "Dream On" or Whole Lotta Love" for James.

      • Oops, I meant "ANY" Celine song (post above). Please excuse the other typos, too. Saw them too late.

  46. Here are my suggestions:

    James – Aerosmith – DREAM ON

    Scotty – Johnny Cash – I WALK THE LINE

    Pia – Creedence Clearwater Revival – PROUD MARY – showing up her legs and showing up she can do something different than ballads

    Lauren – Cyndi Lauper, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”

    Scotty – Elvis Presley, “Love Me Tender”

    Jacob – Queen, “Bohemian Rhapsody”

    Stefano – Simon and Garfunkel, “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

    Hailey – Louis Armstrong, “West End Blues”

    • OOps, I forgot Paul – he can actually sing whatever as he is going home this week – don´t understand what he is doing there…

    • Nahhhhh Give that song Bohemian Rhapsody to Scoty so he will drawl.

      Jacob should sing Proud Mary instead.

      Stefano should sing The Heat is on by the eagles.

      • Okay this song is also good for him and upbeat. he will be able to deliver this and nail .Just dont forget to connect with your audience stefano and dont forget to dance with the beat. Just dont overdo it like what Naima had done.

      • Are you the writer, EJ? I'm just curious as it's hard for me to picture Erica as an AI fan. Though, who knows?!? I watch so little television and not many people know I watch AI. I don't watch it every week. Steven brought me back when I was drifting away because no one else in our home has been interested in watching AI for the last few years (and it had NOTHING to do with Simon, Theodore or Alvin…)

      • I dont understand your post, im a bit dumb lmao? why say im the writer of this post?

      • I think she is referring to the author of "Fear of Flying," a book by the author with the same name as yours, Erica Jong.

    • Since ABBA is already inducteed in the R&R Hall of Fame, I think Pia should better choose ABBA song, instead. There are a lot of ABBA's songs she can pick, slow or upbeat : "Chiquitita","Fernando","Ring Ring","Mamma Mia","Knowing Me Knowing You", "Bang a Boomerang". Lauren and Haley can try those ABBA's as well.

      I don't see Cindy Lauper in the list of the Hall of Fame.

      I think, Simon & Garfunkel's BOTW fits to Jacob Lusk.

      • For Pia i suggest another ballad by Abba: Fernando and she will nail this one. Hailey should sing Dancing Queen by Abba also. Stefano should do an upbeat song like The Heat is On – Eagles…. very nice song and he could try dancing on the stage as well.

      • Pia already said she is singing "River Deep Mountain High" it's an old Tina Turner song that Celine did more recently.

      • If Pia sings River Deep Mountain High – she is going home… this is the type of song that only works for Tina – just saw Celine on youtube with this song, didn´t work for me…

      • Marta, I completely agree with you. Even Tina's version isn't that good. I'm at a loss to understand what Pia is thinking with her song choices.

    • James and Stefano can try Queen's song. James sings "We are the Champion" or "Save Me". Stefano sings "Save Me", "Las Palabras de Amor" or "Jealousy". That would be terrific.

      • James can sing We are the champions and maybe stefano can try Radio Gaga by Queen.

    • I don't think it would be cool for a contestant to sing a song a legend like Steve Tyler made famous. He said so much himself on a talk show when he mentioned some of people trying out sang some of his songs during the auditions. They could never do it better, so what's the point? … To show how close they could come to doing what Steven made into a legend? I can't see that working out, but I'd like to know what Steven would say.

      • Nahhhh, that will be disastrous to Pia…. Majority of American voters are not multi lingual yet. Perhaps Fernando or I have a Dream , soft songs will be nice for Pia.

      • Moonlight Madness.. Ok, that Queen' song is too risky indeed, so I turn back to my previous choice for her : ABBA's song, which should be obvious.

    • yes great song for james dream on an lets have steven on stage this week to show them how to do rock

    • Please, I hope James doesn't ruin that song. Also Michael Johns nailed that song a few seasons ago and James is like a small flea compared to him. Bohemian Rhapsody, imho, is not really a song for AI. It would be like them singing The Wall. Super long songs condensed into a minute and a half lose a lot of their value.

  47. I think the final four will be Scotty, James, Lauren and Pia. After that I think it will be down to Scotty and James and basically it will be the country votes against the rock votes. Country kicked butt Thursday as Scotty and Lauren stole the show with their duet. James seemed a little contained singing in a group.

    I would like to see Lauren sing Madonnas "Like a Virgin"

    • One has to remember James has Asperger's and Tourette's, both disorders causes one to be awkward in a group setting or social setting. To have BOTH disorders and do all that James has done on Idol is AMAZING! Not only he has to deal with both disorders, he also has to deal with the pressure of Idol. It really shows the strength and determination that man has. Admirable.

      • ITA. James is amazing and I hope he wins. I'll be perfectly content for Scotty to make top 5 because Nashville is already on his trail.

      • Could not agree more. I can't vote (outside the USA) but I would love to see him in the top 2. Scotty will get a recording contract from Nashville win or loose. Lauren will too. I would love to see James win. He has a passion and a stage presence that most others don't.

      • While I agree that it's admirable that he is overcoming things that make it extremely hard for him to do this, I don't think it's fair to the other contestants to say that he's better (when he's really not that good) because he's 'overcome so much' Riding his story to the top 13 is fine, but everyone that is there deserves to be there not just James because he has Aspergers and Tourettes.

    • I love "Like A Virgin" but I think it is a little risky to do on AI. I mean, look at all the backlash as it is with any girl showing her "siren" side.

  48. Let's see what you Pia non believers have to say after this Wed. As far as Scotty goes, he's no entertainer. I don't see him running around the stage and every song he sings is country, country, country. He sits or stands lik a bump on a log.

    I say it's Lauren and Pia in the finals with Pia winning. Did everyone listen carefully to all the music producers? Pia all the way.

    • Have you ever seen superstar Alan Jackson in concert? For as little as he moves, he may as well be a cigar store indian. But he's had a multi hit, mega millions career all the same. See, if you have the voice for country music, you don't need to jump around.

      • Very true. George Strait doesn't move around much either. Some people just don't get country!

    • Yes, that is true. I do not think country singers like Johnny Cash danced around the stage either… and I think country is missing its roots – it has become pop country now, it is not as pure as it used to be. Scotty has that pure country vibe that there is a niche for it. As to Pia, I love her voice but she is kinda passé… very 80´s… there is really no real market for her except for singing in events… cannot see her with a hit on the radio…

      • Excellent observation. Pia IS dated–caught in the 80s. (I have said she seems 10 years older than her actual age.) Wonder what a short hair style and a little more sass would do for her?

      • Yes, Lauren the Cowboy Barbie. She's 16 and this is a family show, no reason to be showing off as much as she does.

  49. Love all the interest and therefore debating about this year's debating about the top 11. First, I look at talent…ability to sing. Pia has it hands down over everyone. She's a pro already. BUT, she must start moving around the stage and not sing a ballad (although Scotty always sings country). James is very when you hear him rock but also hear his voice. I have NO idea why Paul's still there. No depth to his voice or performance but could do ads for Brite Smile. We'll see, won't we?

    • Here's the thing. Pia does have a beautiful voice, but 5 minutes after she sings I couldn't tell you what she sang. And I never want her to sing a second song right away. That won't sell CDs.

      • It depends on the type of music you like to listen to. If she doesn't sing your type of music, then you won't like it. Just like Scotty, he has a great country voice, but that's about it. He can't sing anything else. I could maybe listen to one country song… but that's it.

    • Pia is adorable but not current or fresh. She probably already had a career prior to American Idol singing in events – weddings, gratuations, sports events etc – and will probably continue to do so. Might even get c record deal, but it will not make it to the billboard. Former AI contestants also have the same career – Big Mike from last season sings at New Years parties and other events all over Florida and people love him… he is very popular – so they will always do what they love in the end, it will be just a matter of scale…

      • Wrong! Pia can sing something current…only if you check the youtube where she sang a better version of paparazzi than Lady Gaga!

        Big Mike didn't make into top 5… "2" seasons ago & thus got no record deal & therefore, a party singer. Adam Lambert in the other hand is popular internationally with singles at chart worldwide!

  50. Motown week could have been so much better… I was bummed at what was done with that on AI by the various artists on stage considering how the Stones (and consequently so many other artists) grew out of what was the Motown movement. I guess the singers were too young to get it. I think it would be interesting to ask each contestant to go back to the origins of what they believe to be their particular genre. They could each have a chance to do something they do understand. (For example, Rock and Roll roots contestants could find their inspirational singers and find a song the judges agree to be appropriate as being a leader from that genre. I saw a huge lack of use of the Motown week songs, as if the contestants had no idea of the history and evolution of their own music. Yet, Steven is featured in a film at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland! Let the contestants be aware of the history and allow the rest of America have a clue too! Thanks.

    • This is a reality show not a college course. You want to give them a syllabus? They barely can keep up with their school work, learn new songs and rehearse. You are so off base, you're out of the ballpark.

      • Yes, some of these songs keep getting repeated in the show… there are 500 songs on the hall of fame – why do contestants always seem to choose the wrong songs… this mountain high song is one of the worst songs, only works with Tina, Celine sucks singing it… ahhhh…

    • That is true – this mountain high song is NOT in the rock and roll hall of fame – PROUND MARY by Tina Turner is, and would be a more fun song for Pia..;

      • Do you people understand the rules? It's the artist that has to be in the Hall Of Fame, not any song. For example, take any song you like even if it's been recorded by 30 different artists. If one of those artists is in the HOF it's eligible.

      • True story. The list of Rock and Rolls most influential songs (500 of them) is not necessarily related to who is actually in the Hall of Fame.

      • Actually…River Deep, Mountain High is on the list of 500 Songs that influenced Rock and Roll. It was originally sung by Ike and Tina Turner.

  51. How about a huge change for PIA (who makes me sick by the way) Enough ballads! Let's see if she can do REDNECK WOMAN. Let's see if the Diva (that she thinks she is) can come across as a redneck. Give me a hell yea for barbie dolls like me!

  52. Song suggestions:

    1. Casey: "Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood," by The Animals; "Slip Sliding Away," by Paul Simon; or "Judy Blue Eyes," by Crosby Stills & Nash. I think it would be good if he did something much lighter than he has done so far.

    2. Haley: "White Rabbit," by Jefferson Airplane, "He's A Rebel" by Darlene Love; or "Piece of My Heart" by Janis Joplin. I'd like to hear the first!

    3. Jacob: "Tears in Heaven," by Eric Clapton; "Summer in the City," by The Lovin' Spoonful; or "Crying" by Roy Orbison.

    4. James: "Keep on Rockin' In the Free World," by Neil Young; "Layla" by Eric Clapton; or "Satisfaction" by The Rolling Stones.

    5. Lauren: "Sweet Virginia," by The Rolling Stones; "Walking in the Rain," by the Ronettes; or "Me & Bobby McGee" by Janis Joplin.

    6. Paul: "Lola," by The Kinks; "Jack and Diane" by John Mellencamp; or "Dead Flowers" by The Rolling Stones.

    7. Pia: "Chelsea Morning," by Joni Mitchell; "Back in the Chain Gang," by The Pretenders; or "Teach Your Children Well" by Crosby Stills Nash & Young.

    8. Scotty: "House of the Rising Sun," The Animals; "Hit The Road Jack," by Ray Charles; or "Don't Be Cruel," by Elvis Presley.

    9. Stefano: "Heart of Gold," by Neil Young; "There Goes My Baby," by The Drifters; or "This Could Be The Last Time," by The Rolling Stones.

    • yeah!!!! i agree that james should sing Satisfaction. that was also sang by adam last season 8 and that was outstanding 😀

      • Just because Adam did an amazing job with it doesn't mean James will. James =/= Adam, not by a long shot. Also, it's not really a good idea for them to do songs that have been done by popular idol contestants in recent years.

    • I think CSN's "Teach Your Children Well" is too simple for Thia. It fits to Paul or Casey.

      Do you think Paul can sing "Wasted on the Way" by CSN ?

      • Besides, CSN's song is difficult to sing by just one person; it must involve at least 2 persons, 3 or 4 the better.

  53. Pia should sing Evanescence' Bring me to life

    Lauren – Love is a rose (Linda Ronstadt)

    Hailey – Pearl's a singer (Ellkie Brooks)

    James – I love Rock & Roll

    Jacob – One day I'll fly away (Randy Crawford)

    Paul – Do Ya think I'm sexy…no gyration, pls! lol

    Stefano – Honesty (Billy Joel)

    Scotty – Anything but country!

    Casey – Against all odds (Phil Collins)

    • I don't think all of those songs are by people inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

      • Thanks for the reminder…in this case,

        Pia – Sunday girl (Blondie)

        Haley – The look of love (Dusty Springfield)

        Paul – 50 ways to leasve your lovers (Paul Simon)

        Casey – Bob Dylan's

        Jacob Stayin' alive (lol!)

    • I like this suggested song for stefano, but im not sure if Billy Joel is a hall of famer too.

      • Speaking of Billy Joel, maybe Paul could do Billy's "Scene From An Italian Restaurant" i can imagine him singing "bottle of white, bottle of red".

  54. I want to see different thing from PIA. i think the best song for her is SUMMERTIME!!!!! haha. I think if she can do it the people will love her and she will make it to the finAls BUT once she can't do it,it is the end of her journey. SUmmertime was the best performance(for me)EVER in american idol.i know it is tough but if she really can sing,she should do it.

    For casey,the best song is Cryin by aerosmith. hahahA. just try diffrent thing.

    Hailey- i (who have nothing)

    Lauren- Cry baby which is sang by allison iraheta in season 8.

    Scotty- hemorrhage(in my hands)

    Jacob-a song for you



    Paul- satisfaction( idk what is best for him)

    James- should sing Feeling good by Michael Buble that was sang by Adam lambert last season 8. Let us see if James can sing it well. Or just sing MAD WORLD!!! hahaha. i think its hard but let's see. 😀 😀


    • Stefano should better sing Crazy by Aerosmith lol…. or The Heat is on by The Eagles.

      • Stefano should better sing a Beatles song like Jealous Guy. he can nail this one.

  55. i think the best performance last night is James Durbin. his performance is like a finale show and he has a confidence everytime he performs.

    For me the worst performance is Paul. it is very boring and he is not entertaining to watch.

    Pia,Haley and Scotty are also good last night.

    I’m so glad about HAley’s performance. just keep it up.

    Jacob,THia and Naima- just …OK performance? average.

    Lauren,Casey are legendary and they are very phenomenal.

    Stefano is also ok .Sometimes very good but smetimes not.

    For me, their overall performances:

    Paul – 80%

    Naima- 82%

    THia- 85%

    Stefano- 87%

    Jacob- 85%







    Naima and Thia are eliminated this week

    Paul should go next. 😀

  56. For a female, perhaps Pia the song from Laura Branagan "Gloria" would be a suggestion…..

    • Or maybe some songs from Heart. If she picked barracuda she would be forced to move on the stage. She needs a song that will get the glue off the bottom of her feet. Move, move , move!! lol

  57. sorry, my faves are (1) james (2) stefano. thats because now thia is elemanated!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay, now i can vote for james durbin and stefano!!!!!!!!!! cheers….

  58. Looking forward to hearing some Queen and or Heart

    Pia is so hot..Definitely top 2

  59. Just thought these were some different choices.. I love Paul so let's start with him

    *Paul-Sweet Melissa-Allman Brothers, Wish You Were Here-Pink Floyd, or Must be Somebody's Baby-Jackson Brown- A few songs by singers that are unique, different, and could play to his unique voice

    *Casey- What a Wonderful World-Louis Armstrong, Badmoon Rising-CCR–would love to hear his spin

    *Scotty- Folsom Prison Blues-Johnny Cash or really anything from Johnny Cash

    *Stefano- How Deep is Your Love-Bee Gees-Just think he can pull this off

    *Pia- Dancing Queen-Abba–she needs upbeat and fun

    *Lauren-Don't Be Cruel-Elvis–great fun upbeat song for her youthful side

    James-Back in Black-AC/DC–think it would rock

    *Jacob- Change is Gonna come–don't care what he sings he is my least favorite next to Haley

    *Haley- One Way or Another-Blondie–because she can Growl all she wants and not ruin anything Janis sang

    • If you suggest a Beegees song for stefano, he might as well sing Dont Forget to Remember its a much better and higher song, he can nail this easily.

      • Or Words done by Beegees but Boyzone tempo…. i will love this….stefano will nail this surely.

      • Give that song to me, because I used to sing it when I was young, and I still can sing it… lol.

        Well.. I think Stefano should sing other than Bee Gees.

  60. This season is the most competitive in terms of talents, but the worst in terms of judging.. Simon is the best judge in AI because he is very objective and constructive with his comments and criticisms.. These three new judges obviously plays favoritism, and even the producers are playing along with them.. But I still would watch it, TO SEE WHO GETS ELIMINATED NEXT!

  61. I think the Scotty haters basically don't like country music. Scotty is probably better than 90% of today's country performers and for the record most country super stars do not jump around. I don't care for most rock these days but I will give James credit for being the best in that category. Pia has a great voice and can hit all those notes but she has become a little boring. Lauren has stepped up her game and a force to be reckoned with and she definitely has a bright future. I agree with most that Paul could be the next eliminated. The rest of the performers are very talented but they just don't do it for me. I am hoping to hear Scotty do some Elvis and if not Johnny Cash.

    Off subject but I have been loving Gweneth Paltrow performing on Glee with "Do you Wanna Touch Me" and "Forget you".

  62. Must be the best Idol Show ever ,The contestants are of very high standard ,Love JLO .From South Africa,Bloemfontein, Regards.

  63. This idol is amazing!!! Casey should sing a Led Zeppeling's song, like "dazed and confused".. It would be amazing on his voice!! And Paul should stay with a Rod Steward or something like that!!

    From Curitiba, Brazil. Regards!!

  64. Well – don't know if he will do it now or later…but I've been waiting for James to pull the plug on While My Guitar Gently Weeps by George Harrison. This week might as well be as good as any to do especially since it's R&R Hall of Fame week – it's one of the greatest Beatles songs, we'll see.

  65. I think would be amazing if he sang Turn The Page by Bob Seger,his voice seems to fit perfectly for it. James I could easily see him singing a Zeppelin song. James to sing Stairway to Heaven? I think it would work.

  66. Ok – I've heard James sing Zeppelin "Whole Lotta Love" and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" by George Harrison, they were both amazing. Honestly – he could probably sing just about anything including Old McDonald and make it sound fantastic. But with Jeff Beck on stage this week – I would put my money on either Whole Lotta Love or While My Guitar Gently Weeps (definitely would make sense).

    • Now that I think about it, Templar is probably right – since both are already on you tube, James may not do either live on AI. But then again – it really doesn't matter, this is right up his & Paul's alley. He can pretty much take his pick from any of the top 50 rock songs.

  67. OMG, I think I have the perfect song for Paul:

    "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin. What a wow song for him!!!!

    • He definitely could pull it off with Jeff Beck on stage playing guitar – can't wait to hear which song he does end up picking.

  68. This week I would love to see them perform;

    Pia; should be challenged this week because of doing another ballad. Would love to hear her sing "I hate myself for loving you" By Joan Jett

    James; Can't wait for him to sing an Aerosmith song but until then let's hear "You shook me all night long" by ACDC or "Pour some sugar on Me" by Def Leppard. Or "Love Hurts" by Nazareth to slow it down a bit.

    Scotty; since he loves country. "My Maria" B.W.Stevenson/ Brooks and Dunn

    Lauren; "Before He Cheats" – Carrie Underwood

    Jacob; needs to be challenges with something different, "Billy Jean" by Michael Jackson

    Stefono ; "Faith" – George Michael

    Hailey – "Edge of Seventeen" – Stevie Nicks

    Casey; "Honky Tonk Woman" Rolling Stones

    Paul; "Time in a Bottle" Jim Croce or "Hot Legs" or "Forever Young" by Rod Stewart.

    • i really hate that pia said her song choice on the show last week.

      also, seriously, great minds think alike. we posted at the same time and i love your suggestions for james 😉

      i would love lauren to do before he cheats! it's one of my favorites. unfortunately it's not rock 'n' roll hall of fame 🙁

      billy jean could be really interesting for jacob. agreed

      i've been wanting stefano do to Faith all season!

      ooh, that's a really good suggestion for hailey and an amazing song. i hear a lot of stevie in her all the time.

      ha! you picked the stones for casey too! 🙂

      forever young is super solid for paul.

      overall- you have quite the list, carmelita!

    • Why not Careless Whisper for Stefano and let him gyrate on stage like George Michael? That would be soooo good to watch lmao…. so sexy dancer.

  69. James- I always want to see him rock out some more and harder and harder each time, but he needs to slow it down and pull the 180 he's been hinting at at some point: Rock out songs- AC/DC- Shook me All Night Long or Metallica's Enter Sandman or any hard arena rock song ever. Pulling the 180- Imagine, Strawberry Fields Forever, Coldplay's Yellow. I want to see him sing everything… (yay Durbin Nation!!! )

    Haley- Janis! Piece of My Heart, please! or Son of a Preacher Man. or I Love Rock 'n' Roll. She would 'slay' any of those.

    Stefano- In Your Eyes- Peter Gabriel or anything by U2.

    Scotty -any song by Johnny Cash on the list. or Elvis. or Big Mama Thornton's Hound Dog 🙂

    Paul- Jack & Diane would be solid. But the Velvet Underground's Sweet Jane would be perfect for his super unique voice.

    Lauren- She'd totally nail the Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams.

    Pia- River Deep Mountain High, sigh, I guess. Proud Mary would be better, even if overdone. Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac would be amazing. Kick it up, girl!

    Jacob- Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay. Also My Girl- Temptations. Great fit for his voice, and it would be a killer performance if he doesn't overdo it.

    Casey- Rolling Stones' Sympathy for the Devil! He could also light up the stage with Great Balls of Fire, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, or Please Don't Let me be Misunderstood.

  70. I would love to hear Scotty perform an Elvis Presley song…he has an amazing voice for it.

  71. Scotty-Chat Atkins


    Casey- Van Morrison

    Paul- Rod Stewart

    Jacob-Percy Sledge

    Stefano- Ritchie Valens

    Pia-Billie Holliday

    Haley- Janis Joplin

    Lauren- Brenda Lee

    • I guess you mean Chet Atkins for Scotty which was guitarist and record producer and never cut a record singing to my knowledge. Maybe that was supposed to be a joke? Brenda Lee for Lauren would be good.

      • Not everyone in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was inducted because of a hit song. Chet Atkins was inducted under the 'Sideman' category most likely for the work he did in the R&R industry.

        I agree with Lauren doing Brenda Lee. If Haley could get a good rendition of The Blues are Brewin that would be fantastic. Janis Joplin is kind of a sacred cow in the Rock and Roll world, might be too much for Haley to chew.

  72. Scotty- Suspicious mind by Elvis Presley

    Pia- I Am Women Helen Reddy

    Haley- Barracuda by Heart

    Lauren- When Will I Be Loved by Linda Rondstadt

    James- Dream On by Aerosmith

    Paul- Lola by The Kinks

    Stefano- There Goes My Baby by The Drifters

    Jacob- My Girl by The Temptations

    Casey- Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis

  73. Hope to hear something from the King Elvis!!! Scotty should sing in the Ghetto. what a hit for Elvis.

  74. Stephano: Bobbie Darin Mack The Knife

    James: Bill Haley or Jerry Lee Lewis, Great Balls of Fire

    Lauren: Anything by Brenda Lee

    Scotty: Jonnie Cash for sure

    Pia: Nat King Cole, Too Young

    Haley: Dusty Springfield Son of a Preacher Man or Ma Rainey (who was the Mother of the Blues…& an incredible voice!)

    Casey: Bono or anything by Bob Dylan

    Paul: (who can probably sing anything…and make it his own) David Bowie, or John Cougar Mellencamp-Jack & Diane)

    Jacob: Isaac Hayes-Shaft or Aretha-R.E.S.P.E.C.T

    • stefano not stephano…. i hope he will have a good performance again this week.:)

      • If only this week's contest wouldn't be Rock & Roll , i would suggest Hailey to sing Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus, Stefano to sing Hey Soul Sister by Train, James to sing Vasoline by Stone Temple Pilots and Paul to sing I Love Rock and Roll and Scotty to sing Only God Knows Why by Kid Rock.

  75. Stefano – Stand By Me (Ben King)

    Casey – Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)

    Scotty – Walk The Line/Ring Of Fire (Johnny Cash)

    Lauren – Landslide (Stevie Nicks)

    Paul – I Wanna Hold Your Hand (Beatles)

    Jacob – Dr. Feelgood (Aretha Franklin)

    Pia – The Way You Make Me Feel (Michael Jackson)

    Haley – Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis)

    James – Dream On (Aerosmith)

    • Scotty does not have the suitable voice for that kind of song. What show are you watching?

      • I think he could pull off Johnny Cash. Ring of Fire might not be such a great choice considering Adam Lambert's fantastic performance in season 8.

  76. Stefano – Fire Brigade (The Move)

    Casey – Highway to Hell (ACDC)

    Scotty – Suspicious Minds (Elvis)

    Lauren – The Night the Lights went out in Georgia (Vicki Lawrence)

    Paul -Come Together (The Beatles)

    Jacob- Purple Rain (Prince)

    Pia – Walk on By (Dionne Warwick)

    Haley – Fire and Rain (James Taylor)

    James – The House of the Rising Sun(The Animals)

    • I really hope they leave Pink Floyd alone. I don't see any of them pulling it off. It might be some big shoes to fill, but At Last by Etta James would be a great song for Haley.

      • Haley CANNOT pull off any Etta James song…..she had better steer clear of anything that she would have to actually sing.

      • Actually, Jacob would do a better job on "At Last" than Haley. He has a much clearer and more powerful voice, and the lyrics are androgynous. I'm serious.

  77. What the TOP 9 should do for “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”

    Last week, Naima and Thia were eliminated from American Idol leaving us with only 9 contestants, but what will they do to last until the finale?

    This week, their theme would be “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” where every year, different artists are added. Elton John is one of the artists in this industry included in the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” and Elton John was their theme last week. This theme of course is all about the artists who made beautiful Rock and Roll Music. It also has a wide variation of songs from the 80’s up to the 90’s.

    Here are the songs I suggest the contestants should sing…

    1. Jacob Lusk – Jacob is one of the strongest contestants in the competition who has a unique way of hitting his notes. The best song for him would be “Proud Mary” by the Creedence Clearwater Revival. He could also do the following songs:

    • “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon and Garfunkel

    • “We Are The Champion” by Queen

    2. Paul McDonald – this week would be great for him, and definitely, he wouldn’t be in the Bottom Three if he does “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac, he could use his soft voice in singing the chorus, and I think, if this wouldn’t be the theme for this week, Paul would be the next one to leave.

    3. Lauren Alaina – this girl has a country accent, and is best for country songs, but she could also be awesome in Rock songs. She could do “When Will I Be Loved” by the Everly Brothers. She could also do “Think” by Aretha Franklin or “Let It Be” by The Beatles. “Me and Bobby McGee” by Janis Joplin would also be fine.

    4. Stefano Langone – he’s one of the people who have to give their best this week, first his voice is not for Rock and Roll, and second, he could be forgotten if he performs first. He could do “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Michael Jackson or “I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith, he could even impress Steven Tyler if he would do well with the song.

    5. Haley Reinhart – it’s her week this week, too. “Papa Don’t Preach” by Madonna or “Trouble” by Elvis Presley. If she will not do well this week, she would also be put in the threat of Elimination, but she really did a great job the past two weeks. Addititon to that, “Play With Fire” could also be awesome for her.

    6. Casey Abrams – enough with the Nirvana song, he will be safe. My song suggestion for him would just be “Get Ready”, “Papa was a Rollin’ Stone”, or “My Girl” by The Temptations. “Hallelujah” by Simon and Garfunkel would also be one of the best songs that he could sing this week. Just that simple, he would survive anyway.

    7. Pia Toscano – since she promised an Up-Tempo song this week, she could do a song “Come Together” by The Beatles, “Stayin’ Alive” by Bee Gees, or “Honky Tonk Woman” by The Temptations.

    8. Scotty McCreery – this one would really have a hard time picking a song for himself, however he could still do songs by Country Rock artists who are inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame like Bob Dylan. “Blowin’ in the Wind” would be great for him. “Blue Yodel No.1” by The Everly Brothers or “I Put a Spell on You” by Creedence Clearwater Revival could also save him in the competition.

    9. James Durbin – the man of the night. Here are the best songs that he could sing this week:

    • “A Little Less Conversation” by Elvis Presley

    • “Paint It, Black” by The Rolling Stones

    • “Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones

    • “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen

    • “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC

    • “Dream On” by Aerosmith

    • “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper


    • I feel that the songs you choose are the expected ones for each of the contestants, but they are too safe and predictable. Also, some of the songs have already been played before on AI and are too kareoke. The thing is that everyone of them needs desesperately to take some risks and show that not only they are great singers but also great musicians, just like Haley did it last week. In that sense, it would be great if they pick less familiar or expected songs.

    • Renz, I think you picked out some fabulous songs for James to sing.EVERYONE of the songs you picked for James should be a knock out if he sings any one of them. Rock on James! I would like to hear Pia sing Staying alive by the GREAT Bee Gees. That Falsetto Barry has would be very hard for anyone to sing!Sherry K. 🙂

  78. This is going to be a big challenge for all of them. Who are they to perform in place of such greats like Janis or the Beatles. But, giving that this is what we have to work with, I wish them all the best. (These aren't in any particular order other than ladies first).

    1. Pia – Funnel of Love (Wanda Jackson) I know their sound is totally different, but I think it's in Pia's range and it's not slow but still 'cool' if ya know what I'm sayin.

    2. Lauren – Always On My Mind (Brenda Lee) Slower than what she normally does, but I think she could pull it off nicely.

    3. Haley – At Last (Etta James) Not only would she have to pay respects to the great Etta James, but she'd have to do well enough not to be overshadowed by Christina and Beyonce. The judges always like to compare. But if she can get it together it would be fantastic.

    4. Casey – House of the Rising Sun (Lead Belly) He could totally rock this (pardon the pun) and make it his own. I'm excited for whatever Casey picks.

    5. Stefano – Nature Boy (Nat King Cole) A chance for him to connect to the audience, show off his vocals. Might need a more exciting song to stay safe, though.

    6. James – Great Balls of Fire (Jerry Lee Lewis) If he doesn't choose this song I'll be disappointed, it's such an obvious choice.

    7. Jacob – Song For you (Ray Charles) A good song, lots of range for him to play with but not so much he's tempted to go all crazy and maybe he'll lose the gospel choir.

    8. Paul – Who'll Stop the Rain (Creedence Clearwater Revival) I think his sound could do them justice.

    9. Scotty – Hurt (Johnny Cash) He's too young to understand the emotion that Johnny Cash put into this song but showing an emotional side of himself will do him wonders. Also it gives him a chance to show us he can sing a note longer than 2 beats.

    • Read the tweets of James, all about Wrestlemania 287, so great show wooohooo…. I love the Game, so awesome. James you can wrestle at WWE if you wont be the AI. Ill be your fan. But for now, i root for stefano and Jacob and Pia….awwwwwwwwwwwww

      • sorry wrestlemania 27…. and James and I both loved the music background of Triple HHH, Metallica growling hahaha…. if james could only sing like Metallica, i might switch some votes for him hahaha.

      • If James attempts a Metallica song I will weep for the death of Rock and Roll.

      • You guys need to chill out on hating James unless any of you can sing as good as he does. You guys are just jealous. You know he has what it takes to win and even if he does not win he will be getting calls soon. jacob needs to stop making the crying face all the time and Pia needs to step out of the quick sand. Please! lol

    • Interesting choices and I can see where you’re coming from David. Some of them would be perfect for them, but Great balls of Fire as obvious for James? I would be disappointed for that, and I’m surprised you think it is obvious. I think he could sing it very well, but it’s not his style at all.. he has an upper octave that would do Robert Plant justice, why waste it on that song? He absolutely has to go big rock song. Funnel of Love, 80-90% of the people out there don’t even know that song. Some of the other slower songs, yes, all would be good songs for them, but on the boring side personally.. this week, has to be about more FUN and upbeat, known popular songs, twisted in each idol’s own style/way. (my humble opinion) I do agree with your Paul and Casey ones, I picked different ones, but I feel you there, completely.

      • James should sing Unforgiven by Metallica one of these days, it will be an awesome i swear… , I love this song….Stefano can try U2s Fields of Gold.

  79. Somebody needs to sing something different for a change Metallica, Pink Floyd, Blondie. every season its the same old stuff. Come on Kill Hannah, H.I.M, Fuel, Offspring, The Vanished, Blink 182, Angels and Airwaves, 30 Seconds To Mars………Something with some GRIT and Emotion. Celine Dion can sing but she sure can't sing DEF LEPPARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I think you missed the 'theme' this week, most of the bands you've listed are not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I'm glad Metallica and Pink Floyd are left alone, some things are too big for the American Idol stage.

    • Your point is moot since the things you want them to sing are not available. But there are plenty of songs to choose from with 'grit and emotion' and I, too, hope they stray a bit out of the box.

      • R and R hall of fame songs are too old lmao…. why not change them to rock songs that would suit the taste of the younger generation?

      • Between Rap and Hip Hop the younger generation barely knows what real music is, apart from country which still uses real musicians, real singers and does without auto tune.

      • Awwwwww….. Those songs of yesteryears are really great but mostly sentimental ones. I also am not fond of listening to them. I like Train's Hey Soul Sister, maybe Stefano can sing this one of this days. Jacob can sing any song by Usher and Paul also, song by KidRock…

  80. It will be, most likely, the night of James Durbin The Rocker – whatever he sings. Others depend on song choice. It might be very hard for Scotty to sing a rock song.Between those two extremes it will depend on the proper song choice- rhytm and energy.

    Lauren and Lusk might do well. Good luck to all!

    • Hard for Scotty to do Rock? He has already stated he grew up doing Elvis. It does not get any better than that!

      • Not only Elvis. Queen's Crazy Little Thing Called Love, anything Johnny Cash, Lynnard Skynnrd, Buffalo Springfield {"For What It's Worth"], Youngbloods. Scotty's choices are many and varied. I think he'll do Elvis.

  81. it will be more exciting this week, i hope everyone will do their best. i'm so excited too , that james will show again more amazing tricks but cool.keep it up boy. goodluck..

    • Go stefano, sing that song The heat is on by The Eagles and dance around. you will surely nail it.

      • Yeah i like that song also by The Eagles…. its appealing and he can move around the stage.Jacob can sing any Beatles song like Hey Jude. He will nail it.

  82. Haley you have the huskiest voice, I think you should sing a pat benater or Kate Bush song !!! Also for future weeks, if you get the opportunity to sing Rolling in the Deep by Adele or I go to sleep by SIA. You will nail it .

  83. Dont under-estimate Scotty for his country music, a talented singer can switch to many genres & sing in his own style. So far, he sang without much flaw nor criticisms from judges. Surprised that Simon Cowell commented and claimed that he only watched AI once and the only outstanding contestant is Scotty -"the unforgetable". You bet, if no takers on Scotty, Simon will nab and groom Scotty like he did with "Il Divo".

      • Absolutely, Scotty is the unforgetable one. he is the only one that i would buy a recording of. I cannot even remember the others the next day after a performance. Go Scotty!!!

  84. Cry me a river! Stop it already with this racism garbage. If she got more votes than 2 others, she would still be there. Damn, I am sick of everyone crying racism when something doesn't go in their favor. Quit your belly aching.

    • thats the truth, frankenstein! i agree with wendy. thia was better than anyone on the show. AI have lost asian votes. remember how many asians r there in the us. u will see for yourself that next week the total votes will decrease drastically. then u will cry yourself the mississippi river, son!

    • Firstly, I wouldn't even say Filipinos are 'Asian'. The languages and culture are much more closely related to Polynesian cultures like Samoa and Tonga. Second, if so many Asians were voting and voted for Thia she would still be on the show.

    • geographically and anthropologically speaking, filipinos are definitely asians.race shouldnt matter in this competition anyway.its the talent that must count and thats what the voters needs to consider.

      • I read in my international History before, Philippines was colonized by the Spaniards for centuries and next the Americans colonized them too. Maybe Pilipinos are mixed descendants too. I think they are culturally mixed, i dont know how.

    • Maybe I misstated. My point is while Filipino may be Asians, a very small percent of Asians are Filipino. I agree, though. I don't understand why this is such a huge issue.

    • @WendySqe you are the one with terrible grammar and spelling and you have the audacity to ask if I graduated from high school? I'm the ignorant one because I feel that this 'America is racist because Thia was voted off' argument is a bunch of BS? Every comment you make reeks of ignorance, stupidity and racism. I guess I can add hyporcrasy to that as well. Go back to your hole, no one wants to read your crap.

  85. stefano – italian

    casey – jewish

    pia – italian

    jacob – african american

    scotty – 1/4 puertorican

    paul, james, lauren and hailey – european descent not sure james has slanted eyes

    • Merci…. Stefano is italiano but born and grow up in USA. whats the big deal about racism?

      • But, I think a buch of Thia's supporters were transferring their allegiance to Stefano under the mistaken impression that he was a member of a minority.

      • Nahhhhhhhhh why did this racism factor over hyped here? this is disgusting. stefano is italian, so is Pia, whats the big deal now? good singers too.

    • Really? And what makes any of them more american than any other? Also, Guess what! Italians are European. Casey, perhaps he's jewish, is obviously of European descent as well. I don't even understand why it matters. Please stop making fun of James. I don't like him, he's my least favorite contestant, but to make fun of him because of his facial expressions is down right rude.

      • Monster is becoming popularly notorious here… hahaha , i think Monster is from Chicago she mentioned that before in one of her comments not really sure…. anyway, just have fun here guys.

      • Did you guys ever hear of the word Security? Why would MONSTER ANNOUNCE HER LOCATION? She is not a celebrity just a Monstrous kid lol…..

      • I guess Monster is Half German or Dutch…. wild guess only cuz she is wild hehehe.

  86. THose in the show are so dumb that they dont know who has the best voice this season.

    Damn you American Idol people.

    • The most garbage comment ever posted here hahahaha…. Thia is gone, you are a bunch of losers. pathetic people.

      • Why so many angry people?It's the best year ever.Best judges,best contestants.What does ethnisticity have to do with anything?Who will be the best vocal with the best stage presence?So much talent,no matter what race,religion,hair color,outfit style,sexual identity,its 2011.Come on.

  87. Thats water under the bridge. Be happy Thia guested at Jay Leno show and she sang a medley…. why hype about racism? karen r. was booted early than thia and the spanish people didnt howl that americans are racist…. Go stefano you rock!!!

    • If Thia was a white girl none of this would have been brought up indicating the inherent racism in this conversation is coming from the side opposite the judges.

  88. This is not about race! This did not perform she was boring & Pia has the same issues. Yes AI starts out as a singing contest, but the contestants must move forward, show their artistic sides & perform to advance.

    As for songs for this week:

    Scotty – anything Johnny Cash

    Paul – Rod Stewart – First Cut is the Deepest

    Lauren – Fleetwood Mac (Stevie Nix) Sarah

    Pia – Try out for America's next top model

    Haley – Janis Joplin

    Stephano – I think he could do some BeeGees, Eagles

    Jacob – Anything with a gospel, rock twist

    James – He can do anything well

    Casey – undecided

  89. James should show a softer side by singing a ballad. Would love to see him perform "I Don't Want to Miss A Thing" by Arrowsmith. In my opinion, Haley & Lauren have a chance and the others are too predictable & BORING!!!!

    • Predictable and Boring???? That is according to you. You are Myopic…

      Jacob, Pia, stefano are good singers with nice vocals.

      • It's ok, myopic or not all you hear from Jacob & Casey is yelling. Good vocals or not, Scotty, Pia & Stefano do not take risks – Pia knows as soon as she's out of her element, she'll be in bottom 3. As far as Stefano goes, good voice, nice kid but not good enough to be crowned American Idol. Scotty depends if America is looking for a male version of Carrie Underwood. Whereas Haley, Lauren & James can sing any genre of music, i.e. pop, rock, R&B.

      • Bella, I'm no fan of Stefano, but on the basis of Lee DeWyze I wouldn't say Stefano couldn't win.

      • The ball is still rolling and we can't predict who will be the ultimate AI. Maybe Bella has some early favorites but who knows her faves may not earn enough votes to crown him while our bets might nail the competition. Good luck to all. Stefano, Jacob, Pia and Paul for me. Underdogs…

      • I am glad someone besides me knows that Pia is stayin' in her little safe bubble! They need to push her to take risks, just like the other contestants. Then they will see her in the bottom 3.

      • Templar, I sort of agree with you however there's more talent this year. Also it's not to say that Lee DeWyze is not a good singer but I wonder if maturity has anything to do with it. Last year my favorite was Crystal Bowersox from the beginning and who better than those two to be standing until the end!!!

      • Bella: Let's see, for starters Crystal & Casey James. And even Siobhan Magnus who was my favorite. Lee didn't win on talent, Lee won because he was a young, straight, blue-eyed guy.

  90. I really like the AI this year alot if talent.I agree with some of the comments about our singers: Scotty- i agree with a johnny cash song

    Paul- definitly rod stewart with his own little twist

    lauren- i think she should do arosmith like she did in the audition

    Pia- she really needs to WOW the audience this week we all know she has a voice but can she perform?

    Holly- janis joplin agree

    stephano- he really needs to connect again this week

    James-WOW WOW

    Casey- Something he is comfortable with and not alot of growling

    But i do believe if paul and stephano dont get the song right this week one will be voted off.

    • Naima and Stefano should have been voted off last week…the truth is Stefano sounds like millions other amateur singers…no "wow" factors…The ones I like Thia, Paul and Scotty and James…Pia and Haley sounds very normal..really..Jacob too gospel..Casey shouts too much..

      • James shouts as much, if not more, than Casey. Casey is a great musician even if his vocal skills aren't the best. Haley has a very unique sound. If you heard her on the radio you'd be able to tell it's her without being told, same with Paul and to some extent Lauren.

      • Lmao, are they shouting? I think ito shout the song is one way of attacking high notes. Did you ever listen to Rock singers? Most of them shout haha. What will stefano and jacob do when singing high notes? whisper them? this comment is so funny.

  91. Scotty to sing Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll".

    No need for him to growl or imitate a hyperactive rock singer. As others have said, Scotty is a throwback to and old style of country singing. Even though he is young, he will be able to capture the spirit of the song- which is nostalgia for the music of a previous generation – if he performs it as laid back, mellow country rock. He will need to get the tempo just upbeat enough!

  92. This week should be very interesting…..I would love to hear Haley sing "Me & Bobby McGee", Pia…."At Last" ( I know they want her to speed it up but she could sure belt out a ballad and thats going to be her bread & butter) JAMES (My Man) should sing anything Queen….Bohemian Rhapsody or We are the Champions….

    Glad the show is going to 90 minutes and with all the BS I should be able to see it in 60 minutes or less…LOL… Looking forward to seeing Constantine on Thursday…

    • Hi Phyllis G.! Glad to see a familiar name and a reasonable post amidst all the craziness on this board. James would do well with a Queen song, but Bohemian R is so long and has so much chorus it's tough to do in a minute forty. And I'd like him to do some less overdone Queen song. Maybe "The Show Must Go On" or "Too Much Love Will Kill You". Those he could make his own.

  93. hey i guess everyone knows that a year ago pia done a official recorded single "sweet love" not fair to other contestants

    • Nonsense! A lot of contestants made record before AI…Lambert even made a whole album before he joined AI at season 8 & so were many others too!

      • I know others have. I just feel that this sow should not let anyone be on it that has recorded one song or one album. It should be only to give people a chance that would not have a chance without idol.

  94. OK, here is my list of songs for the Idols I’d like to see, and I gave 2 to choose from. Take a look, and don’t think about the original, think about them singing it. Tell me what ya think!

    Using the top500 that changed music in the R&RHOF and a couple of note of things I hope, (hey it’s my list – My rules!:-)

    No Aerosmith (disqualification due to Tyler as host – just because)

    Nothing that could fall into Motown-ish (due to 2 weeks ago)

    Rap songs – Eventho I love the songs, I can’t picture any of them pulling it off

    Elton’s out (obviously!)

    Hold on Elvis – because there should be a whole night probably coming

    Pia – Barracuda by Heart (She could slay this with her vocals)

    Or Purple Rain by Prince (yeah it’s ballad like, so why not again, she’s got the vocals! lol)

    James – More than a feeling by Boston (Controlled lead front man vocals)

    Or Any true rock song really, like Welcome to the Jungle by G&R, tempted to see Whole Lotta Love by Lead Zep, or Enter the Sandman Metallica. (I came up with 15 songs for James actually, so many to choose from)

    Lauren – Little Red Corvette by Prince

    Or maybe – Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper

    (She’s hard to pick this week, I want to see a fun song tho)

    Scotty – Light my Fire by Doors

    Or Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd in a country twang – lol

    (His low register would be interesting with these two)

    Casey – Rock this Town by Stray Cats (Bass returns!)

    Or Night Moves by Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band

    Paul – Losing My Religion by REM

    Or People are People by Depeche Mode

    (I really think he could pull the REM song off in a fantastic way)

    Stefano – In your Eyes by Peter Gabriel

    Or Pink Houses by John Cougar Mellencamp

    Haley – I love Rock & Rock by Joan Jett

    Or You Oughta Know by Alanis Morrisette

    (I would have liked to see Love is a battlefield or Heartbreaker from Pat Benatar, but she wasn’t listed)

    Jacob – Crazy by Gnarls Barkley

    Or Fly like an Eagle by Steve Miller Band

  95. Isn´t it racist if you follow AI only if there is an Asian contestant? Anyway, I think this discussion here is ridiculous. In my opinion, Thia was voted out simply because she was boring. I´m not American, I´m Finnish – and we don´t have our representative on AI either.. and I don´t think that Pia or Stefano should stay in the competition only because they might have european roots … I think Pia is good but I would say goodbye to Stefano anytime

  96. So far, so good. All is as it should be; the right people are being eliminated. I'm probably in agreement with the general consensus on the remaining contestants….except for Haley. Don't like her, never have. Why is it that the judges tell Casey he doesn't have to "growl" but her they seem to encourage. She uses that rasp all the time, even when it is totally inappropriate for the song. I doubt she will go home next, but I wish she would.

  97. There is so much talent this year, but my absolutely favorite performance was Scotty and Lauren. It was just beautiful and I've been hearing it in my head ever since. I think they should sing that duet on Scotty's first album.

    • I listened to it on youtube about 20 times. Their contrast was great as they complimented each other. Definitely the best performance of the night and they picked up a standing ovation from the judges.

      Carrie Underwood and Steven singing on the ACM awards last night…WoW!

  98. Dan #27 has great ideas for songs. I need to hear Pia do something, I have not been able to listen to her once all the way through, mute. Would like to hear James & Scotty make a complete turn around with a song instead of singing what they are comfortable with.

    Anything that Lauren & Haley sing I love so far.

    • If your talking about my list above, well thank you very much!! Just was thinking what I'd like to hear from each singer.. Besides James, being in the rock lane, I thought those songs would all challenge each in different ways.. Agree with Pia, she has great vocals on the ballads, but time to change it up.. I think she is going with what works right now to get thru, and will start to step it up. (I hope) Exactly on James and Scotty, agree with you.. Overall I just wish they would get more recognizable song choices and make them fun, exicting and different..

      • Problem is Pia has picked a really lousy song for this week. River Deep Mountain high was barely passable when Celine or Tina T did it.

      • Pia had better change it up some, or she won't be able to sing it. She doesn't have the right flair to do it the way Tina did.

  99. I was just saying the other day to my mom that i would love to hear Scotty and Laurn do a duet on the show and then the Wednesday night show OMG. they did and it was so amazing they were so good. I think they should make a single togeter. I would buy it. and Im so happy that Paul didn't go home he is my fav. I love his voice and im glad he still gets to stay there are so many good people this year. but i only have 4 favorits. Scotty Laurn, James, and Paul i want all them to be big one day and ill buy anything they put out there to the public weather they win or not they will be someone one day and I think American's and Canadian's agree with me.

  100. I'm in love with this season!

    Here are my picks:

    -I think Paul should do "The Boxer" by Simon and Garfunkel. I think his raspy voice would work well with this song and make it interesting…plus its in his range. Maybe "Layla" would be an interesting choice too…hm..Grateful Dead would be fun too! this should be a good week for Paul if he picks a good song!

    -I agree with whoever commented saying Pia should do "Barracuda" by Heart. She needs to step out of her comfort zone, but still shine!

    -I think Haley should do "Landslide" or "Me and My Bobby McGee" however, i think Lauren could really kill "Landslide" too…

    -Lauren: should NOT do Aerosmith, she's milked it for too long. I suggest "Landslide"

    -Stefano: "So it goes" by Billy Joel, I'd say "Imagine", but David Archuleta killed it that year so it's basically off limits, plus not much can be done to make that song stray from the original, perhaps "Let it Be"?

    -Scotty: Aerosmith!..:) only joking..for Scotty I'd say Johnny Cash, "Walk the Line" might be good? I don't have a good choice for him

    -Casey: Queen! "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Somebody to Love", etc. Any would be fun for him to do and experiment with!

    -Jacob: i saw someone suggest "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" and that might be cool..doesn't show off his incredible range, but i think he needs to store some power up and stop choosing songs that build up to him belting the final notes…kinda predictable at this point. Not confident on my choice for him either.

    -James: "Paint it Black", Aerosmith, etc. This could be an excellent week for him as well!

    All in all, i hope Paul picks a song to show off his incredible voice so that he can stick around for awhile! Should be a fun week:)

  101. Whatever they do…don't get Steven and Carrie to "guest perform"….there's never been a performance like they put on for CMA last evening! Now that Thia's gone…volume is all that counts!

  102. Paul-Rod Stewart..maybe just to keep hangin on. haha.

    Haley- Janis Joplin but she says her dream song to perform is At Last by Etta James so maybe she will pick that.

    Scotty- Johnny Cash! Ring of Fire is what I'm hoping for.

    and someone should do an Aerosmith song.. I don't care who. but maybe then Steven can actually give some constructive criticism instead of just praising everyone!

  103. las posiciones del top 9 son asi.1:jacob lusk es el mejor de la temporada lo hace con el corazon y no deben de discriminar su sexualidad ya que todos somos seres humanos y nos merecemos un respeto. 2:Pia toscano tiene una voz muy buena y es la mejor de las chicas que hay en la competencia. 3:james el rock es su fuerte y quiere parecer a adam de la 8 temporada.4:stefano tiene un estilo unico me gusta su tono de voz y sabe manejarse en la tarima.5:casey tiene talento pero como que tiene q tomarse las cosas en serio,no en juego ni relajo y saber que la carrera de ser cantante es mas que una cancion bien cantada.6:haley tiene la intencion de mejorar cada vez que canta,pero no define bien su estilo como cantante. 7:scotty se puede decir que canta bien en los tonos graves pero no con eso va a llegar lejos,puede ser el favorito de todo USA ¿pero lo sera para todo el mundo? le deseo mucho exitos pero no seria el indicado para ganar American Idol.8:lauren tiene una linda voz pero como que se le nota todavia lo muy ingenua y inocente para una carrera de canto tiene q tener los pies sobre la tierra y demostrar sobre todo la humildad. NO llorar cada vez que le dan los resultados parece mas bien un chantaje de su parte y como es la preferida del jurado pues le conviene ¿no? jaja para mi no debe ganar le falta mucho. y por ultimo 9: paul de verdad no se puede opinar sobre el cada vez que lo veo cantar me aburre para mi es el mas debil de todo el grupo en general debio ser el primero n irse a casa, debieron eliminarlo a el y no a thi Megia pues esto opino de todos los participantes y creo que ha sido la mejor temporada y que de verdad elijan a un verdadero ganador. y el jurado esta muy bien con sus criticas los felicito =) bye

  104. monster…ehem!!!wer u came from..? re nt u an italiano..i dont care if u dont like thia….if u hate her…maybe to go…u know i like stefano…i like there team up…it must going bettter in turturious process is that we support each other… i think u dont know how to sing..are nt u? i read all ur comment here was grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!….i hate to see stefano out…but how ..if u dont like thia..? how could other vote to him…pls if u dnt know wat to do…shut up ur poise mouth or else i punch u w/ an icecbes..hehehe do u like punching?…go stefano!!!! go thia and stefano…fan from canada!!!

    • Hola Gracia muchacha lmao…. excuse me of my tidbits of Spanish, im living here in the hinterlands of New York to be exact Manhattan okay. Im not a pure American but my parents are here as immigrants from Great Britain but they are not pure British, mixed with some Irish blood. Maybe they are he descendants of IRA whatever. Im a Monster kid, that's my Mom would say like Dennis The Menace hahaha… I like messing people it gives me ultimate happiness.

      Okay muchacha…. or querida mia, i am happy you like stefano with Thia, just hope that they will sing a duet together this Tour. I will flood all sites to hype about their duo. who knows record producers will hire them to do a song. Besitos para ti hahaha…. gracias…. like your name muchas gracias….:))

  105. I think Scotty is great,but he can't do any genre.He has an amazing voice,not question.But,he makes everything country,and needs to show he can do more.Carrie Underwood is country now,but on the show,she was able to show other styles.Scotty WILL be successful,but doesn't need this show.If he moved to Nashville,he'd be a major country star.I think Haley,Pia and Lauren are amazing.Haley is always great,and great stage presence.Lauren has amazing vocals.She works the crowd every time.Pia has a great voice,but a little cocky.After she repeatedly told judges she has much more to offer,and will switch it up,she sang another ballad.James is outstanding in every way(hugh talent,and works the whole stage always).Paul has such a unique quality,and would recognize on the radio immediately.Casey is great,but no more scary faces.Jacob,great,but oversings sometimes.My opinion.What is yours???

  106. I'd like to see Casey, Paul, and Stefano with instruments this week. I want Pia, Scotty & Stefano to work on being interesting. I want to see Jacob, James & Lauren to trust the music itself a little more and step off the showmanship just a little (but not a lot). Casey, Haley, and Paul need to keep doing what they did last week. I want to see everybody try something just a little out of their zones but no complete departures. My picks:

    Casey – Graceland (Paul Simon) or Sultans of Swing (Dire Straits)

    James – Dazed & Confused (Zeppelin) or Welcome to the Jungle (Guns & Roses)

    Haley – Dreams (Fleetwood Mac) or Something to Talk About (Bonnie Raitt) Paul – Night Moves (Bob Seger) or Pride and Joy (Steve Ray Vaughan)

    Jacob – Little Red Corvette (Prince) or In the Midnight Hour (Wilson Pickett)

    Scotty – Ramblin' Man (Allman Bros.) or Chantilly Lace (Big Bopper)

    Pia – Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics) or Help Me (Joni Mitchell)

    Lauren – Desperado (Eagles) or Papa Was a Rolling Stone (Temptations)

    Stefano – Dancing in the Dark (Springsteen) or Sunshine of Your Love (Cream)

    • Great suggestion, Casey , Paul and stefano to sing together again…. These three are so good to form a band lol…. i really liked them with their instruments…. Good musicians. Very talented.

  107. Come on Stefano, luv ya performance….do take on Stand By Me or Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel and Pia can do Diana Ross Chain Reaction or Madonna's Ray Of Light or Open Your Heart…NICE 🙂

  108. I've been waiting for years for someone to do Roy Orbison's "Crying". It is a definate crowd pleaser and has some very big notes in it. Perfect for Idol.

    • I think you're out of luck with this year's crop of contestants. None of the guys has Orbison's range or timbre. And of the girls, only Pia has the power and she sucks. Better luck next year.

  109. I'd like to hear Pia do her own version of "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" by Whitney Houston. I know she can blow away all of the judges speculation of her playing it safe in the ballads. Lay it to rest and then fly your way to May 25.

  110. Casey Abrams should consider "Moondance" by Van Morrison. Perfect for the base and his jazzy/ R&B style.

  111. All Pia fans should boycott American Idol it's unbelievable that she has been voted out. Yes I agree Simon, the judges used the save way too early. The save is meant to be used for a potential winner of the singing contest not a hair contest. If American Idon is based on singing Casey Adams compared to the other contestants is not considered a potential winner by far. Hello judges!!!! This was the week to have used the save not on Casey

  112. American Idol is based on viewer's choice. I guess the viewer's have chosen. I was very disappointed with the judges expressions, especially Jennifer and Randy, as it was obvious that they would have preferred that Stephano be eliminated. It certainly made light of his going forward to the next week.

    If the judges want their favourite to advance then maybe the whole concept of the show should be changed. Maybe to "Judge's Idol".

    It's a contest and someone has to win.

  113. You need to change the voting procedure limiting the number of times you can vote from one line, to perhaps one less than the number of contestants each week. Last night was a good example of "voter overload" more than likely from young voters that had nothing better to do than dial a phone for two hours. All the contestants this year are excellent, and Pia was one of the best.

  114. I was not surprised that Pia was voted off, just not so soon. I am pleased that Jacob will not continue. Several weeks ago Randy made a comment that it is great that the viewing audience has embraced those with unique talent–a more eclectic group of singers. Well—this is what is happening. True, Pia is beautiful and can sing, however, I feel that she lacks something that the other contestants possess. Diversity? personality? That star quality? I don't know, but I have been feeling it for some time now and maybe others are, as well. It has been so difficult voting for the group, for three weeks in a row, I have voted for three different contestants because they are all great. I thought that Stefano would be voted out, as he has a beautiful voice and is improving his emotional connection to the audience, but perhaps he is too young and just hasn't experienced enough to be able to intergrate emotions into his performance. I think the american audience needs something different as an Idol winner and we certainly have many unique entertainers to choose from this season. Pia's gone—maybe she wasn't different enough. I can't wait to see who makes it to # 1.

  115. why Ryan didn't announce how many votes AI received…. lol… because the rating of AI was go down…. when naima and thia was eliminated the show got almost 55 million votes… pia was eliminated how many votes AI received?????????

  116. I think Stefano should've gone tonight. But I also think Pia would eventually be voted off, seeing as she seems like a one trick pony sometimes. She also lacks that connection with the audience.

    • What a lot of baloney, Pia a one trick pony, and lacks connection with the audience. Absolute rubbish. Pia is a very passionate vocalist with a huge future. She has already been signed up with a recording studio. I can't wait for her CD to come out. She will be the first AI contestant that I have wanted to buy her CD. The last 8 will be one trick ponies. Not fussed about any of them.

  117. Rilie, have you ever heard of Celine Dion?? Are vocal artist suppose to be vocal jugglers? She's another Celine Dion and will rack in millions $$$$$!! It just so happenes that American Idol is a show based on fan participation…. whomever comprises the bulk of their viewership It has very little to do with real talent. This just happened to be one of the years that this was as evident more than ever. I KNOW a lot of people that were watching HER progress on the show.

  118. still sick over the elimination of Pia absolutely

    disgusting.She was without the best Am Idol had to offer this year Something terribly wrong with your voting system.I,ve lost all interest in even watching

    this season please fix the mess or shut it down

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