American Idol 2011 Top 11 Performances & Phone Numbers

American Idol 2011 keeps moving tonight with the live competition where the remaining Top 11 singers step on stage and give it their all to earn your votes. Naima and Haley were in the most danger of elimination again last week so this could be their last chance to save themselves.

Join us in our Idol Chat room while we review tonight’s show and then and see what other Idol fans are saying right now on our Idol Facebook page.

American Idol Top 11 Performances:

  • Casey Abrams – I Heard It Through the Grapevine – 1-866-436-5701
  • Thia Megia – Heat Wave – 1-866-436-5702
  • Jacob Lusk – You’re All I Need to Get By – 1-866-436-5703
  • Lauren Alaina – You Keep Me Hanging On – 1-866-436-5704
  • Stefano Langone – Hello – 1-866-436-5705
  • Haley Reinhart – You’ve Really Got a Hold On Me – 1-866-436-5706
  • Scotty McCreery – For Once in My Life – 1-866-436-5707
  • Pia Toscano – All in Love Is Fair – 1-866-436-5708
  • Paul McDonald – Tracks of My Tears – 1-866-436-5709
  • Naima Adedapo – Dancing In the Street – 1-866-436-5710
  • James Durbin – Living for the City – 1-866-436-5711

Did you know you could download 10 of these original performances tonight for free just for testing out Real’s SuperPass free trial? It’s 100% legal and safe.

Tomorrow night we’ll find out who got the least votes and that singer will be sent home so vote wisely and be sure to cast your unofficial vote in our Idol poll below!




  1. Even he is not my very fav I loved Casey tonight πŸ™‚ still 10 to go but he raised the bar high!

  2. After his performance, I would guess that Casey will be in the top 10. I am waiting to see what Thia will be doing.

  3. i hink scotty will win cuz i think he is the next george strait,his voice sounds good and a nice sounding country style of it

    • Yup but he is not singing yet, I really wander how he is singing motown

      The product is already okey so no problem actually. Go Scotty, I know you can

      • yeah scottie does have a great country vocals.. but i thought they should choose someone who sounds new and is a complete package.. because, really, he does sound to me like that old country music star i heard on the AM radio when I was still young..

  4. I loved Thia's performance. I hope she performs like this in coming weeks, she's going to be in the top 10 for sure.

  5. i like casey and thia i like the songs they pick i also like forget you i dont know who did that.


    Cece Jones

    • I agree that Jacob is veeerryyy good !!!!!!!!!

      although i think that Hayley is not going to be in the top 10 .

    • Yessss ii would love to see Jacob And Fantasia sing together to..They would straight kill it together lol

  6. That was HOT Thia! Proving yourself is really easy for you coz you got it! Proud Fan. πŸ™‚

    I hope Haley will do fab too. πŸ™‚

  7. I miss Simon… OMG!!! Mediocre performances are all GREAT according to J.Lo and Steven Tyler.

    • I know simon did rock i love him he is so cool i hate ……………. om stevem tiler one of the judjes

      • i know, it looks like the judges got high before the preformences. I all i hear is , awesome, i loved it, it was beautiful. even though it totatly sucked

  8. Jacob was the best hands down. He has the strongest, most emotional voice. I hope he wins AI13

  9. another ackward moment created by the sexually ambivalent secrest…lining up the front row of girls to hug jacob. good singers this year but i am bored with them. scotty will be the most successful. country people will like him.

  10. Great performance by Jacob. Though getting the front row to hug him was a little much, but I can't blame Jacob for that. Lauren brought it tonight. I think they will both be in the top 10.

    • i knock that was funny everyone in the front row comw up and give jacop a hug ya jacop i love lauren good luck shes goin on right now good luck she is cute im on a tv show ive met everyone on amarican idol every week i go there im there right now

  11. I love Stefano and I really hope he makes it, he has such a pure voice. He was very worried about his "eyes opened" tho.

    • I love the way stefano close his eyes feeling the beauty of that song Hello.But critics dont like him closing his eyes and he feels uncomfortable lol…. Thumbs up for you Stefano, Jlo say it stefan…o! love it.

    • Randy coins a term for Scotty McCreery's lowest register: "the young lady killer note."

      Scotty is surefire going to the top. also stefano and lauren.

      • she can sing…i just did not like that performance. this is a year when all the top 11 can sing well. i bet the judges will like it less when they replay it. i am afraid she is going home..unless someone else blows it..but no one has blown it yet.

  12. Hailey was alright, don't know if she'll be in the bottom 3 again or not. Scotty's next I want to see if he can put a country spin on a Motown song. He's one of my favs.

  13. jacob rocked a little disappointed in stefano but he's in the top thia was great too

  14. LOL Scotty made me smile he is so very cute! and he did good tonight considering πŸ™‚ of course there is no doubt he is on the Top 10

  15. Very original Pia… another ballad… leaning your head to the back and hitting a high note at the end… OMG!

  16. Pia was awesome but I have to say I dont like how she moves her hands all the time, instead she should walk or dance or something

  17. I'm a big fan of Scotty but I think the closer he gets towards the top the less percentage of vote he will get. He's going to take the country fans hands down but will other voters go with him? Probably not, I'm thinking Pia is going to end up winning in the end, I feel it will be Pia and Scotty as the last two standing.

    • Randy coins a term for Scotty McCreery's lowest register: "the young lady killer note."

      Scotty, Pia, Jacob and stefano will get my votes……

    • Paul McDonald is singing the Miracles' "Tracks of My Tears" & says, "I can't sing it like Smokey." Or like Adam Lambert, either.

      Glamberts HUrray!!! Adam, the best for that song really. He nailed it perfectly.

      • TOTALLY AGREE! I thought Paul was good but the whole time I was thinking "Adam was so much better".

  18. I hear a lot of people giving praises to Thia and Jacob. Thia is a good young singer but not really my style. Jacob seems like a great guy and I hope the best for him but his voice sounds very nasily and I have a hard time understanding him when he sings.

    • it all comes down to our own taste when it comes to music and performers, really…

    • i agree with you michael… atleast, the name Thia is not boring. unlike Stella. haha. i dont wanna be in a gradeschool with a name of stella and everybody will look at me as if i am in my 50's just because of my name. bwahaha

      • The most hateful, rude and immature comments come from Thia's fans… who would've guess???

      • Gabriela, go look at yourself in the mirror first when you ask who makes the rude comments. And it's "guessed", not "guess".

      • i dont need your no-brainy opinion gabriella. get a life. you may include your name in the most boring names list. LOL

  19. I am not a Paul fan but I thought he had a solid performance, he'll be in the top 10.

  20. I liked Paul tonight he was not all over the place jumping πŸ™‚ for sure he will be in the Top 10

    • The judges have yet to go negative on Paul McDonald, instead focusing on his "Rod Stewarty, sorta kinda" vibe. He's so lucky.


      • He is not lucky, he is talented and has great charisma. Loooooove seeing him playing his guitar. Awesome job!

  21. Paul McDonald is singing the Miracles’ “Tracks of My Tears” & says, “I can’t sing it like Smokey.” Or like Adam Lambert, either.

    Glamberts HUrray!!! Adam, the best for that song really. He nailed it perfectly.

    Anyway, good luck Paul.

  22. i think they will not let jacob go home before the top five, if they have not already used their option by then. haley is going home..thia and stefano next in either order..after that not sure. but i think scotty, lauren and james might be the top three.

  23. I know that Scott McCreery will be the next top country singer as there are many out there.but with the voice he has he will win 2011 American Idol.Keep up the good work Scott you have my vote 100%.


    • yeah, its really about having a great and distinct tone, versatile singing, and great performances..

  24. Scotty!!!!

    I know he makes it with Motown theme.

    It's hard for him to sing country songs all the time in this contest. But he can try “countrifying” songs. It's best if he stays with his roots

  25. Naima surprised me she did great tonight!!! I was scared for her but after tonight I am sure she will be in top 10 so my prediction is Haley is out.

  26. whoever says Thia is boring, look at your name and blame your mom for giving you a boring one. right, stella estevez? what a shame your name is. LOL

  27. I'm looking forward to the next song with James, he rocks and sings with great passion! Not sure how he'll do with Motown though.

  28. Scotty McCreery has the look and the voice as a future Grammy Award winner no mater if he wins American Idol or not. But I belive and my vote is for him to be winner of American Idol 2011.

  29. Naima redeemed herself from her horrible performance last week. I actually was enjoying it and wasn't repulsed by it. I think she'll be moving onto the top 10.

  30. I know some kids are going to hate my comment, but Naima's performance kicked Thia's little performance butt HUGE TIME!!! I am so surprised, nicely done Naima! I see Hailey and Thia in jeopardy. Wow… I am still in shock, I never saw that coming! Woo hoo!!!

      • Well, the "duck" kicked little Thia's butt tonight, BIG TIME! So yes, she's a duck that can sing AND PERFORM better than boring Thia.

    • So much going on in Naima's performance of "Dancing in the Street." Could've easily been a hot mess, but she pulled it off.

      I agree with your post. Love Naima, surefire winner.

      • Thank you Moonlight Madness… Naima rocked tonight and Thia's performance was sooooo forgettable, what is going on people hahahaha!

      • If the buzz about Thia is her freaking age, just give her a barbie doll and that's it. A lot of young people, even younger than her have powerful voices, way better than hers. I am still trying to understand what people hear when she sings, she is so average. My goodness!!!

      • Naima did it all tonight. She's got charisma and multiple ways to relate to an audience. She stole the show for me tonight.

      • I hate to say this but every time naima performs, i got sick. Maybe i have problem with the antiques. Thia rocks my world.

      • Naima was awesome tonight, she pulled it off. That was the entire package of an entertainer.

    • Lots of ppl telling me Thia's in trouble…Check in a bit for my pick to go home. Nite everyone! -@lapuravida #idol ( editor)

      • nice try moonlight… I am sure nobody listens to what you and gabriela says about thia… you're both so obvious..

      • @michael: why not check the twitter page of the editor of surely this organization is a big one and also credible. Yes it obvious that we dont like Thia aside from her being asian-pilipino lol…. Naima is my bet, also stefano, Paul, Lauren and Pia.

      • GAbriela and Moonlight whatever ur names…..lets put it this way let naima and thia sing ballads…even same song….and you go judge for urself…..who is pitchy or not?get my point you two fools….American Idol is a singing competition….didn't you hear naima singing almost 4 times in a row how horrible she sounded?P i t c h y is the word according to Randy….get it?

      • I couldn't judge, I'll fall asleep listening to Thia. I am (as any normal person) judging based on tonight's performance. And TONIGHT Naima was praised by the judges, TONIGHT she wasn't pitchy and TONIGHT THIA SUCKED!

      • because the song naima sung did not make her pitchy voice obvious that why u liked it gabriela……

    • While I like the song Dancing in the street I did not like her singing or her perfomance. I thought it was too wild.

      • Based on tonight's performances, if America gets it right, Thia should be at the bottom 3, but I don't think she will go home.

    • you hate thia so much. it's not healthy anymore. you're just making her more popular. Good luck to all contestants.

      • I don't hate anybody on the show, and I don't love anybody on the show, I don't know them. But I can judge their performances, and tonight THIA SUCKED!

    • Gabriela, I agree completely. I was in shock that she could pull together her terrible vocals and make it sound amazing.

    • I agree…never saw that coming. I never have liked Naima, and I actually really liked her tonight… I thought she should have went long ago, but if she continues like this, I think she may keep on moving in this competition…

  31. Thia you are great.

    you look so charming and omg what a performance.

    you are really showing them how really good you are!!!!

    and the best is yet to come.

    Keep it going you can win this!!!

    Lets go do it.

    • Being charming wont get you popular. Bad guys always hugged the limelight like charlie sheen, lindasy lohan and chris brown. she better repackage herself if she want to stay in this competition. Go naima, stefano, paul and pia.

      • don't like thia that much but, really the only thing those 3 people you mentioned have right now is publicity and no jobs..

      • Charlie sheen no job but his coming shows has sold out tickets in 18 minutes when put online for sale lmao. and thats 7 million worth. anyways, comments from billboard editor is worth analyzing. will Thia go home with her so so performance?

      • I have to say his voice is country 100% and he will win 2011 American Idol anyone who thinks i'm right reply

      • I agree Scotty is great and has the good old boy country voice and will go far. I would also like to say tha James is doing great as well james has hit every song great. Scotty will be in there till the end also. Good luck to all.

    • OMG I love Scott! His voice is amazing. He was born to sing country! He very well maybe in the bottom two. That's how strong I feel about him.

      • You are right, Scotty will be in the bottom two! I'm sure you meant top two, but the truth spilled out of you anyway.

      • Scott can only sing country, tonight his Motown was not good at all. Pia can sing also but only ballads she needs to be versatile.

  32. pia is a winner. she is a all rounded singer, she could sing anything.she has the entire package.she is a singer,a true singer, she is a natural.

    • I love Scott, Pia and finally James. The only thing that is wrong with James is that he it to artogant about himself. Other than that he is great!

      • just out of curiosity, but how is james arrogant?.. he nails his songs every week and has never been in the bottom 3.. if you're talking about his facial expressions, it's b/c he has tourette's.. arrogant?.. no!.. confident?.. yes!..

      • James is on top of his game and is not afraid to try anything. He has been great every week and will be there to the end.

      • James, is so far from being arrogant! whoever said that is confused! He is so humble, from his beginnings to now! Being from Santa Cruz also, and watching him grow from a young kid, who loved to sing anywhere he could, even at our local flee market, singing karaoke, to now being invited to sing in the white album ensemble with famous musicians from various bands, he will always be the small town boy, who will be the next IDOL~

    • James is going all the way, or close to it…and I think that there are a lot of producers out there that are going to snatch him up…they probably will fight over him because he is going to make somebody big bucks including himself!!

  33. So much going on in Naima's performance of "Dancing in the Street." Could've easily been a hot mess, but she pulled it off.

    Bring it on Naima woot woot woot!!!

    • @jlo:got goose bumps from Niemas dancing in the street song? It was just the air conditioning girl.

      Woot woot, made dancin in the street back to popularity again.

      • I don't understand the whole Naima thing. She is the worst one every week. I hope she gets cut tonight. Look and listen to the other female contestants. Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Better!!!

    • I have to agree she did excellent! She isn't my favorite but I think she will be safe

  34. I liked Thia Megia not because she is a powerhouse like Pia or because she has a solid voting block like Scott, but she is the only one in Season 10 who has the voice quality that we have'nt heard for a long time in American Idol.Unique and emotional tone of voice especially for her age and for that reason alone she earns my vote and I hope the American public can see that….

      • I like Thia too.

        But isn't Scotty's voice is unique? When did we ever heard that mature voice from a 17-year-old boy?

      • @ Chris – We have to do our part to make her win and support her all the way in this competition.

        @ melp – Agree with you that Scotty's voice is special in his own way.

      • Lots of ppl telling me Thia's in trouble…Check in a bit for my pick to go home. Nite everyone! -@lapuravida #idol

    • I personally think that Heat Wave was Thia's big break she blew the competition away.

      • Yes Thia is in danger here. I think her followers should start accepting this fact.

    • Agree with you!

      Thia is far the best singer with the best recording voice,the tone of her voice is exceptionally beautiful!

      She's got a great future ahead of her.

      She is natural singer, she doesn't need to over do it as some of them:Jakob, Pia, Casey!

    • Jacob Lusk is going home in the next few weeks. His act is tired and boring. He will make a good Gospel singer, but he is not star material at all.

  35. Just saying, someone needs to tell Jennifer to stop interrupting Randy every time he speaks. She constantly butts in on him to the point of distraction. We love her, but when it's randy turn, he should be respected.

    • I agree Jule, Jennifer is amazing but so is Randy he should be allowed to speak as well without getting interrupted

      • OMG – I couldn't agree more. Tell Jen to shut up when it is no longer her turn. Let Randy have has say.

  36. James is one hell of a performer he is awesome and of course he will be in Top 10 without a doubt.

  37. you have the most energey out of all of the other cantestents you are so awesome i loved your dance and i loved the song you are now my favourit song you are so cool thank you for paforming and i hope you stay till the end!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Haley was sooo amazing tonight!! Best she has done so far! I love youu Haley! GREAT JOBB!

    • i love Haley too. she is just a talented girl with a unique voice just like Thia. without any pitch problem like Naima The Duck. πŸ˜›

      • Thia may have hit a wall as far as how exciting she's going to get. Idol forum… Jacob lusk made Jlo beg for those notes. That's classical.

      • Hahahaha, I don't know what Thia fans will do after she's eliminated… They'll probably say it was a terrorist attack. Accept the fact that she's average, that's it!

      • J.Lo said it, Hailey has the most soulful voice of the girls. I also think she has the most unique voice, no cookie-cutter karaoke type. But who knows, not all voters are musicians nor have a great understanding of music. So…

  39. My top tonight





    My bottom 3 πŸ™




    Going home: Haley

    • Voters have different favorites and i bet stefano got many teen votes with his looks and nice cool voice. Naima will change minds of those who saw her dancin in the street, paul will add more voyes with his rod sewart version of tracks of my tears…. to sum it up, all are awesome…. good luck anyways.

    • I agree besides for lauren in the bottom 3 i think it would be too obvious she wouldnt go home this early

      • Lauren Alaina and Thia Megia gave sort of interchangeable up-tempo performances earlier in the evening, both looking glamorous as they strutted around the judges' table and into the audience. Lauren sang "You Keep Me Hangin' On" and Thia did "Heat Wave."

        But while Lauren's voice enhanced the Supremes classic, Thia may have hit a wall as far as how exciting she's going to get.

        Idol blog…. need i say more?

      • it is going to be so close between James, Scotty and Pia! I think they will be the top 3…possibly james and scotty, the final 2!

    • I wouldn't know about Jacob's performance. I have to leave the room whenever he is on camera.

      • Me too! All he does is screetch. Pia is beautiful and has a great voice, but her song choice and standing in one spot is boooooorrrrriiiinng!!!

  40. Based on tonight's performances, the less memorable ones are:

    1. Thia

    2. Stefano

    3. Lauren

    The more memorable are:

    1. Paul

    2. Naima

    3. James

    Sorry Thia lovers, it was like watching a girl singing Karaoke. Good voice but not outstanding at all.

    • I agree, Thia is not really that outstanding in her performance. like randy said, Boring. sorry to her fans.

      • I think she'll be bottom 3, but I don't think she'll be sent home. I don't know who will though πŸ™

    • i think the reason that most people see thia as a weak performer is because of the way she sings. her voice is soft, mellow and pretty and that comes off as something weak in a pool of singers were everybody just wants to be loud.

      • yeah i think they idolized Jlo….Lets get loud….hahahahahaha……they just want to sing anything and how they wanted it without knowing if they are in tone or in pitch…..makes me question what kind of an artist or singer Jlo is….Can we make her sing ballads?just a thought….hmmmmmm….

      • She is good but, not as good as five or six others, so if she doesn't go home tonight it will be soon.

    • you two really hates Thia, do you? I am so sorry for you because you'll hear a lot from this very talented young lady… that's all I can say..

      • Awww, you got one of them right. But instead of Naima it was Casey, and instead of "Gabriela"… IT WAS THIA!!! Hahahahahahaha.

  41. i think jacob lusk did an awesome job today. give him some credit people! he has a really powerful voice!

      • Agree, wonderful soulful voice. I think, against any prediction I've seen, Lauren could be in trouble this week. Sigh!

    • Jacob Lusk is phenominal. What a voice!! And of course James.

      Hopefully they will be in the top 5.

  42. Motown was a great choice of music genres. A lot of ppl grew up listening and grooving to this classic, awesome music, which will never die. I really enjoyed the performances and each performers take on their particular song. What a great competition!

      • Totally disagree, Melinda Doolittle had a "powerful" voice, Thia's voice is sweet, soft, nice; but nothing extraordinary.

      • Hey.Are you one of those very few Thia Megia haters..Wake up Gabriela..She got it all and her fan base is the strongest among AI finalist..You can never put her down..Sorry Gabriela and co.Wake up and accept the fact that she is already a winner no matter what!

      • Hahahahaha, have you heard of a page called Twitter? Way more popular than this and used officially by AI contestants? Have you? Check the followers for each contestant and then we'll talk about strong fan base. Have a great night!

      • @marcus actually, she ranks sixth in the most followed ai finalists. however, most of her followers are asians in asia – most of them, filipinos. they can't really vote. it is only after idol that they might be able to really lend her their support.

  43. Love Haley, Scotty, Thia and Stefano and Casey. They're all amazing. Everyone is great but I hope they all continue on.

  44. So much soul and power in Haley Reihnart's voice, I can't believe she's been in low 3. She is outstanding and she has my vote!

  45. WOW Naima did a great job tonite. I was quite surprised. She sang well and her dancing was great. I really enjoyed her performance. Most memorable of the night.

  46. thia will definitely NOT be in the bottom three after this performance… at least she showed a different side of her. that's versatility. it may be forgettable but each one in the competition has their own forgettable moments. i love thia's performance tonight and that unique voice of her will puu her through. GO THIA!! GO THIA!! GO THIA!! eat your hearts out HATERS!! lol!

  47. thia did fine. it was interesting because she tried being a little loose. however, looking at twitter, most americans want to see her go after tonight. they said she was still boring and very forgettable. my guess is she'll be gracing the bottom three. hopefully, she won't go this week. at least, she makes it to the tour.


  49. I thought that all were great… this is the best group that has ever been on the show… i would buy all their music each has something different to offer, love them all…hard time voting for just one,

    let me know when each of you come out with your first album……

  50. Because of Scottie's deep voice, I wish he would've chosen a Barry White song "Right on, Right on". I believe it would have been a better selection. Loved Jacob, James and Haley. Keep up the good work.


    • her dance moves were very entertaining, but the last time i heard, AI is a singing competition… or is it america's best dance crew (where are the other members)… now, i'm confused.. LOL

  52. Haley is my favorite. She definetly looks and sounds like an Idol. They keep saying they are looking for that Janis thing. The growl. I think they got it all wrong. She has a sultry sexy voice that would sell millions of records. I can't believe she went to the bottom 3 twice. If she ends up there again and doesn't get the save I'm through watching American idol.

  53. Lauren is WAY stronger than Thia. it would be shame if she was in the bottom 3.

    my bottom 3:

    haley, thia, stephano

    And I cannot TOLERATE Scotty – even though he has a decent voice and seems nice enough.

  54. I agree with you Lisa. Scotty would a Barry White song would have really been perfect for Scotty. I like him.

    My favorites tonight:

    Jacob are Haley.

  55. θ‡ͺη”±δΈ­ε›½εŸΊη£ζ•™εͺ’体,θ‡ͺη”±δΈ­ε›½εŸΊη£ζ•™εͺ’ε›½εŸΊη£ζ•™εͺ’ε›½εŸΊη£ζ•™εͺ’ε›½εŸΊη£ζ•™εͺ’ε›½εŸΊη£ζ•™εͺ’θ‡ͺη”±δΈ­ε›½εŸΊη£ζ•™εͺ’体. Hahahaha!

    • I pity you gabriela…… sad for you…….any ways there are other websites wherein you can let your anger out…..hahahahahaha…….anger management 101….thats for you…google it i think u need it…..hahahahahahahahahahaha…….

      • Hahahahahaha, and I feel so sorry for you my dear! I've laugh tonight more than I have in years, just by reading your reactive comments hahahahaha. So mediocre, just like Thia's performance hahahahahahahaha! Oh well, I will miss this fun after Thia is gone, but I made a great use of it. Good night and sleep tight! Xoxoxoxoxo

      • This is the translation of what Gabriela wrote:Free Chinese Christian media, free media, the Chinese Christian Country Christian Country Christian media media media State Christian Christian Country Christian media, media freedom in China. Does it make any sense?

    • I think this girl has a serious lunatic case. doesnt get much attention at home and just seeking appreciation here. I am very sorry for your parents who dont give a F giving you an advice. poor girl.

      • I think Thia is older than all her followers on this page, I've never seen this much immaturity together. Who's the one looking for attention? I don't ask you to read my comments, so… you call me lunatic and still are paying attention to everything I write… believe me, you are the one with the problem.

    • Sorry all Thia haters…No amount of words can put her down..Wake up Gabriela and Co.

      • Be careful and don't have a heart attack tomorrow when she's at the bottom 3, I am just saying. If you can't accept the fact that tonight she was not strong, then YOU need to wake up! Sorry!

      • Lauren Alaina and Thia Megia gave sort of interchangeable up-tempo performances earlier in the evening, both looking glamorous as they strutted around the judges' table and into the audience. Lauren sang "You Keep Me Hangin' On" and Thia did "Heat Wave."

        But while Lauren's voice enhanced the Supremes classic, Thia may have hit a wall as far as how exciting she's going to get.

        Need i add more? This is going out. sorry for her millions of fans living outside USA and cannot vote hahaha.

      • The more you said something bad about Thia, the more people would love and vote for her…..keep on saying bad comments..We love to hear more from you to keep her on top…..hahahahahaha!

      • On top of the bottom 3 you mean. Check other websites, open your eyes. Every single poll puts her on the bottom 3 or 4 performances of the night. Gosh, I understand you like her but when someone has a bad performance night the less you can do is accept it!

      • Paul is pretty clear regarded as one of the weakest links in the top 11 pool and could end up in the Bottom 3. Check

      • @Alberta- I don't think is reliable because last week Karen R. has the most number of votes as a favorite performer but then she was sent home.

        @Gabriela- I don't think poll sites are reliable as well. I believe that american people are wise enough to vote who they think deserves to win. ciao.

  56. Naima is the best. She is so entertaining. She deserves to win! We love Naima! Chicago loves her too!

  57. Durbin as usual was excellent easily number 1 tonight.

    Lusk was second.

    Bottom 3




      • I think Paul will go home first.

        Paul is pretty clear as one of the weakest links in the top 11 pool and could end up in the Bottom 3. Check

  58. i'm from S.Korea and watching American Idol every week. Me and my friend all Scotty's BIG fan! He's doing better and better during the season. Hope He wins! good luck Scotty!

  59. why does people judge base on their race? That is so rediculous. Asian, American, Latino etc.. they are also human beings like everyone else. If you don't like the other person then no need to criticized them. Seriously, no need to be Jealous and hateful. I'm sure all of you have some kind of clause. Lets just all watch and see.

      • why do Americans hate Thia? is it really because she sang boring, as they said? or because she is Filipino-American?…

      • I dislike her singing style and her performances. I think race has (and should have) NOTHING to do with that. We are all equals, but for goodness sake, people can have their own opinions. I just don't like her compared to others on American Idol this season. That is all!!!

  60. Paul is pretty clear as one of the weakest links in the top 11 pool and could end up in the Bottom 3. Check

      • It amazes me that Paul is even part of the finalists on this show. I am worried that he might actually think he has talent, because that will screw him up for the rest of his life.

      • :'( i dont want paul to go home i didnt watch the show tonight who sucked and who was good?

    • You must be young amazingJLo. I think Paul is so much like Rod Stewart when he was young. Very unique. He will be in the competion at least untill top 6.

  61. I love Stefano. He has a wonderful voice and is the whole PACKAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Agree with you!

    Thia is far the best singer with the best recording voice,the tone of her voice is exceptionally beautiful!

    She’s got a great future ahead of her.

    She is natural singer, she doesn’t need to over do it as some of them:Jakob, Pia, Casey!

  63. hey guys! don't you understand? this is not the first time that everybody thought (including the biased judges) thia had a bad night, but she was never in the bottom 3. she may not make it to the top 2 but com'on, no matter how hard you HATE thia, she'll continue to haunt you. know why?? because she's gonna be in the top 10!!! that's a hard fact that haters have to accept. TOUR baby!! LOL

    • i agree.. being in the top 10 is already a big accomplishment for a 16-year old like thia. and i can foresee, with or without the Idol title, she's gonna be a successful and great recording artists… HATERS eat your hearts out!! lol…

  64. go THIA!!! i'm sure those who have been saying negative comments about your voice/performance cannot even carry a tune. you got my votes, my familys', my friends', friends of my friends'…. it will surely pull you through…. we won't stop voting!!! VOTE! VOTE!! VOTE!!! for THIA!!!

  65. let's imagine that all AI contenders will just sit still and sing acapella.. who's voice do you think will stand out???

  66. I am nominated for bottom 3??? Yay!!! What's my number, I want to call for me and see if I can save me, OMG… I won't be able to sleep tonight. What could I do? Warm milk? Sleeping pills? Oh!!! I GOT IT! I will just reply Thia's performances on youtube!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (done)

  67. Pia is the one & only idol.i love her,her performences & everything Bout her.gooooooo Pia.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz vote for her!plzzzzzz!

    • You said a mouthful Soooooo! Scotty sang his heart out!Scotty makes me melt! You've got my vote Scotty, every week!

      Keep the "FAIT"! You're gonna win! Hugs, & God bless ya!

      P.S. Loved the hoop shot! Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. How preditable. the 40 yr looking old casey will be voted off but will be saved by judges.

  69. I voted for Casey, Paul, and Lauren. What was up with that Naima? I can't look or listen to her for weeks. I wish she would get cut tonight. Every one else did a good job. I am a huge Steven Tyler fan and would watch him on any show.

  70. Good afternoon my dear fellow critics!!! I was just reviewing some other sites (to get an open minded idea) and these are the results I found.

    According to the bottom 3 are:




    According to the bottom 3 are:




    According to the bottom 3 are:




    According to the bottom 3 are:




    According to the bottom 3 are:




    Ok so… I added the sources just because I always like to be fair. I didn’t create those polls, nor I invented the data and yet… there is one contestant that seem to be placed at the bottom 3 on every single one of them. I guess Branden’s rating was not off at all. I knew America knows better. Can’t wait for tonight’s show. πŸ˜€

    • do u have a problem with Thia? ur taking it personally and the girl doesnt even know u.. bo!

    • it's okay if Thia will be booted out, she will have a career still bcoz she is talented and American Idol will be a part of her experience and a great achievement of hers. and how about u? hahahahahaha!

    • This girl Gabriela was just one of the very few Thia haters and wants her down..But she will never succeed……THIAMANIA rules!!!!!11

      • Hahahahaha, and you crazy people are just the few ones that vote for her because… guess what??? SHE WAS AT THE BOTTOM 3!!! Just like I predicted!!! Hahahahahaha. Learn to accept the truth and you'll be less frustrated next week when she's gone. Watch out for heart attacks people!

      • Agree, we have to realistic and accept the condition. Thia is good but only 11 people and she was in the bottom 3, come on how can she stay with still 6 persons?

  71. Most had good performances, but Scotty was HILARIOUS! OMG that was bad. Completely butchered the song. And his 80's gangsta signs? What was up with that?

    I think Hailey, Thia and Naima will be bottom three. Naima will go home. But really, any one of them could go home.

    About Jacob, I thought he did well. Some people think he did horrible. Very strange how people either like him or hate him (his performances that is).

    • Don't underestimate Scotty McCreery, If you do, you might just get fooled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      This young man can sing, not hollar! He's confident, humble, unique, a "GREAT" singer, & has the look of a clean cut young man who lives next door! You must be a head banger, & hate country! That's pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      There are alot of great singers this year! Good luck to each one. May the best man, or woman win! God bless Scotty McCreery!!!!!!!

  72. guys, i know that u chose ur bottom 3 bcoz u dont like them. i can relate into that.

    my bottom 3:




    • Wrong, wrong, wrong. It was Casey, Stefano and… AND………… THIA!!! Hahahaha!

      • like what i said only one will domain in the contest. and everybody knows that. and guess Thia after the AI will have a career. and how about u poor ass Gabriela? the name is so angelic.. but ur a demonic angel! bwahahahahahha!

  73. My bottom 3-Haley, Casey, Stefano. I hope One of the good idols doesn't go home tonight.

  74. Gabriel!!! peace! so happy casey was saved! i want the 3 of them to stay too! i was so pretty sure that the judges will use the save..

  75. I would like to comment on the voting on wednesday nite. My mom had voted 3 or 4 times for Casey, before noticing that the voice on vote line after voting said, "thank you for voting for contestant 3." Well Casey wasn't 3. So, i think something was amiss on the voting numbers to dial. Anyone else get that?

  76. Something must have been screwed up because there is no way Casey should have gotten "the boot". Anyway, the judges took care of that, as I thought they might. It's too bad they had to use their "save" so early in the game.

  77. * Haley Reinhart : not good, please go home.

    * should be keep (Casey Abrams).

    * Top 10 :



  78. What is with all the praise on screaming,our household can't take it anymore. When this years two screamers come on to perform we change the channel, quit ruining a good performance by sounding like your hair is on fire at the end

  79. Matt/branden, I want to remove my name in this board. How and what do I need to do?

    • Matt/Branden,due to nasty and unbelievable and uncalled for comments, I want to remove my name. I don't want to contribute anything here. How do I remove my name from this board? Thank you.

  80. I see that some of u defend Casey a lot but face reality hes going home. And to those Thia fans im not a hater i actually liked Thia's voice alot in her addition but lets face it Thia was in THE BOTTOM THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. GO Thia! you can make it! just prove that you can do it! just move out of your comfort zone.. and for sure! america will love you! GO Thia!

  82. Personally coming from a musical back ground and a host of a show i have to say that all the ten that was chosen is exactley who i would of picked. As for those putting thia down i have to say look at kelly clarksin young age amazing voice. And once learning how to breathe and use vocals no stopping her well i feel the same will be for Thia. But she needs to not doubt herself and find a song she and the audience can connect with. I personnelly was very happy not to hear J-lo's comment when cbs got the feed for i really felt they wasted the save. Casey is a good singer but this is idol you have to be strong in everything and bring it. I hope our stronger contestants dont go home for it will be a shame if james, pia or jacob go home. These are the power houses. And dont count out Thia she just needs the confidence and she will fly! Very intresting idol this year! For those who love your idol VOTE VOTE VOTE because a safe was used to early in the game i guess the judges forget that this is American idol and the didnt like americas vote lol. I will be watching closely and commenting on my radio show.

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