American Idol 2011 Top 11 Perform Tonight

American Idol 2011 continues tonight when the Top 11 singers break out their Motown mojo and sing some classics. After last week’s elimination of Karen we’ll have to see if Naima and Haley can finally pick themselves up off the Idol floor and avoid the Bottom 3 to insure their safety for this week.

We’re still coming up dry on song spoilers, but I’ll keep an eye out for a few leaks like we saw last week. Of course, those were controlled leaks from production, but I guess we’ll take what we can get since they’d rather us not know them all. At least you can check out Branden’s song recommendations from the Motown collection.

Which guy and girl are you most looking forward to hearing perform tonight?

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  1. OH, im all looking forward to hear my faves Stefano, Jacob and Pia sing their Motown pieces with their best. Stefano is incredible love this handsome and cute guy. Go Stefano.

  2. Go go go Stefano…. i like also Casey and Lauren…. hope they all make it to the top.

  3. @ Matt. Thank you for the update. Looking forward to some "Motown Mojo" as well…some great artists and songs came to us from that era…AND…really looking forward to hear what James, Pia and Stefano bring out tonight….obviously my favorites to win. Sending hugs and a smile 🙂 to Phyllis G., Angela, and Sherry K. for a gentle day. Pumped up for tonight. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

    • Hi there, Rose, how you doing? Who are you looking forward to this evening? Shout out to Phyllis G and Sherry K and Francisco C as well.

      I am hoping Haley can pull through tonight, I would hate to see her go so soon because I know she is capable. Excited to see what Casey is going to do tonight, as well as James, Stefano and Scotty. So much talent taking the stage tonight, I root for them all 🙂 And yes, even little Paul McDonald, curious to hear what he will sing this fine evening.

      Who are you all most looking forward to?

      • T…..I'm really anxious to hear these 11 idols sing Motown but of course I'm rooting for James, Pia and Stefano…

        Curious to hear Scotty pull off Motown. Anxious to see if Thia can upbeat her song. Tonight should be very interesting….Enjoy the show tonight…

      • Me, too, Phyllis. We already know Stefano will be right at home. I predict Thia and Pia will both sing yet another ballad because last week they both said they were not, but apparently they do not know anything but ballads…yet to hear anything upbeat from these girls. Thia, you are 15 not 30 — and being in my 40s, I can say this 🙂 — try something young and fun.

        At least the guys will change it up, right? I am going to check out Branden's song recommendations (even though no one did any of his last week's recommendations, but I think Motown might be easier to predict than the year they were born…we'll see).

        Thanks, Matt, for the update!

      • @ T. Big shout out to you as well. 🙂

        I am anxiously awaiting to hear James, Pia and Stefano tonight. I am hoping they will "rock" the house. It will be interesting to hear what Scotty will do and also Lauren and Haley. Whoo Hoo~!! 🙂

  4. can't wait to hear thia megia do a motown classic. it's gonna be something different. and to the judges, please enough with your biases =)

  5. i'm just excited to find out if thia will really prove that she's not just a ballad singer. perfect time to shine girl!

  6. love thia… fell in love with her the first time i heard her voice. can't wait to see her every time. a friend say it's kinda eerie of me to even feel this way for thia, lol. crazy fool! just like her personality and her voice… it's sooo soothing. is she gonna do an album already or a song compilation of some sort?

    • matthew, that's ok, I'm the same way…and I bet I'm a bit older than you! lol. But whatever…we're fans. And there's just so much to love about Thia. Just don't tell your friends! lol.

      • All my friends and me like Scotty, he has not to sing with improve is already good. Scotty is the best

      • @jeffry

        you said it! Scotty is awesome and will continue to be awesome through the big career waiting on him 🙂

  7. im rooting for thia! can't wait to see her perfomance tonight 🙂 best of luck girl!

  8. I look forward to seeing Naima and Casey each week, they are the most interesting of the bunch. Pia and James are always incredible though. It's hard to pick for sure, because this is an awesome bunch of individuals this year.

  9. I hope to see THIA, PIA and Stefano in the final. Thia has a unique voice, Pia is marketable and Stef is amiable though his voice is so common.

    • Stefano, common voice? thats baloney, he is star material and will be the next american idol.

    • Pia might make the finals, but not Thia and Stefano. All of the numbers are pointing toward Scotty.

      • if thia improves, she'd be top 5 material at most. honestly and realistically, you're right. i maybe a fan but i don't think she'll be able to go all the way. i love to be proven wrong though. 🙂

  10. i'd love to see what thia is going to do. but why do i have this nagging feeling that it's not going to be what i was expecting to see? i hope she surprises rather than disappoint this time around. she's been very predictable and safe the past weeks that she makes it real hard to keep on rooting for her. anyway, here's to nothing: THIA FIGHTING!!!!

  11. i love thia! hope she sings something upbeat this time so the judges cud see how versatile she is..ive heard the studio version of their past performances and thia's versions are simply soothing to hear..go thia megia!

  12. I cant wait to hear Haley Reinhart. I think she has a very unique voice. After reviewing her videos, I cant understand why Randy keeps saying she needs to "find herself". Dont you want an Idol who can perform ALL types of music? She's not a screamer like the rest of them, and the notes she hits are unbelieveable!!!!!

    And Stefano – Your totally Cool!!!

    • I agree. I think this is her niche. Would like to hear her tackle some Supremes, something like Keep Me Hanging On or Someday We'll Be Together. Something sultry to bring out that voice. I think it is her night to shine.

    • Right on Shelley regards Hailey and the hypocritical judges. Are they fools? Her looks and her talent, not to mention her elegant princess-like poise, makes her 100% All-American Idol material!!

      And I do like Stefano also simply for his control of his amazing voice and he's not gimmicky like Casey and James (though I do admire them also).

      Oh, and a shout out to the Thia lovers. She's good, just not as polished as Hailey.

      • With you on rooting for Haley, my favorite!!! I so hope she nails this one and the judges cut her a break!!!!

  13. wow,.. it seems that there are so many Thiafanatics here…

    wohoo the heat is on tonight…

      • another big question is, are they all in America? Coz I sure am not.. XD..nevertheless,hope she does well and continues to live the dream after the idol experience..:D

      • i think she will… could be a strategy to keep it safe for now, you'll never know what's she is up to?

  14. I'm looking forward to Casey and Haley and I would not be able to stop smiling if Scotty served up some Barry White. He's young to do it but has the voice.

  15. GO Scotty!

    In the final, it should be between James, Scotty and either Casey or Pia 🙂

    Ireland is behind Scotty to WIN!

  16. Could we PLEASE send Paul back to Nashville this week? God! That way, it will be five girls and five guys. The MOST interesting and sexiest girl, Naima, gets to stay. Because it would be boring as shiggety without her on tour. She'll absolutely SHINE tonight with Motown in the spotlight! 🙂

    • Aha! I finally get it. Thanks Trish. The judges are carrying the American vote for Naima just to get her dancing energy on the later tour! At least she'll leave by next week then, because it's getting really awkward sitting through 2 minutes of Ear Hell, followed by 1 minute of suspending reality during the judges "band-aiding" her performance. OUCH!!

      • Oh, and I think Paul would be more at home in San Francisco–What? He's really 'out to sea' if he thinks his loose scoots across the stage are cool.

      • yes, gabriella I'm a guy (why else would I be so hot for Haley). But lest you doubt my motives too much (or my judge of talent, I've posted other remarks regards the high esteem I held Adam Lambert in–he should have won, would love to hear him sing for Queen, etc.) I just don't like Paul and his moves, sorry. But, I can see how the tween girls think he's "the perfect boyfriend", and older women reliving teen years (as middleaged guys admire the young girls!)

  17. Excited to hear and see Thia's performance,of the pack her voice stands out, no shouting could ever parallel it! Sorry for those LOVE their IDOLS to wail instead of singing songs,why dont they just shout the entire one and half minute of their performance!!!

  18. My picks on whose best singer varies from week to week. As I am one of those rare people who vote how they performed each week, as opposed to who my favorite is. For me, the show would be boring if I already knew who I was going to vote for, before the show even started. That is just the way I roll. Based on last weeks show, my top performers are:

    1- Jacob Lusk

    2- Scotty McCreery

    3- Stephano Langone

    4- James Durbin

    The ones that did the worst (in my viewpoint) are:

    1- Paul McDonald – I know he had a cold … But man, that song and his dance moves were painful to watch.

    2- Casey Abrams – This guy is a poster child for screaming a song, in a painfully bad way.

    3- Naima Adedapo – Good dance moves, but VERY mediocre singing.

    All the performers I did not mention, have all had their quality moments. But they were not at the top of their game, last week.

    • at first Jacob was very good but only with certain songs, when the songs are finished, he can't sing anymore, pitchy.

      Scotty have Charisma and will get american's heart

    • i think the six guys are safe til top 10..and maybe the top 8 since there are only 2 girls who are strong and popular enough with the american public to pull through..

  19. I am dying to see Paul (the best, most unique and soft voice this year) tonight. He might be playing his guitar. GO PAUL!!!

  20. I am not looking forward to hearing anyone tonight.

    I hate Motown.

    Paul and Casey wuill no doubt overcome this huge burden.

  21. Thanks,Trish #23,,for the new word which I have added to my vocabulary. Shiggety. hmmm… expressive.

  22. Glad to see so many Thia fans checking in! This is why she will continue to shine despite the judges' partiality to other contestants. Last week we saw JLo try to push for the less talented Karen, all while getting on Thia about her vibrato. What??? But the voters responded by telling JLo she was wrong and didn't even have Thia in the bottom three, despite the judges harsh remarks. We all know talent, and that's all that matters.

    • right. for all we know, she could be the vonzell solomon of this season. someone who everyone knew was really good yet was always almost under the radar from the start and just spent her time then slowly progressed well into the finals.

      • This is my first season watching, so I don't know about Vonzell. But I really think Thia has the brightest music career ahead of her among all the contestants. Not only is she talented with a great voice, she seems to have a natural ability to write music. Lets face it, when Idol is over no one is going to buy an album of an American Idol just doing cover songs because they are unable to write their own music.

  23. I'll be very satisfied if Thia will make it to the Top 10 at least for AI tour. But if she can do better and become the youngest American Idol, why not? 😀

  24. IMO, as it stands right now, the front runners are pia and scotty. james and lauren are the other options while stefano and casey are the dark horses. the others are still buying their time to mark and breakout good.

  25. I'm looking forward to Naimi's performance. I think she deserves a better chance. Her story is a great one. I am also looking forward to seeing how Scotty does…lol

  26. I'm looking forward to Haley because of the importance of making the tour. If she doesn't perform well you can chalk it up to laziness and therefore doesn't deserve the top 10! Other than that Pia is the only other one that really interests me.

  27. Do not get all yelling at me, but I think Thia and or Jacob can go home anytime. I love Thia's voice but I fear she may not have what it takes to be a 'Pop Star' and Jacob well he just makes my ears bleed, although he does have a wonderful voice except for that horrific high pitched incoherent yelling that seems to be written into every single song he has chosen.

    • a thia fan here but i feel the same way..if tonight's performance would be any indication, i hope it's the contrary.

      as for jacob, as "good" as he is, i don't think he's very marketable.

    • Well, if it's a "pop" star that has to come out of this, then that would also weed out some of the front runners like Scotty, who only does country. If people want to consider Thia as only a ballad singer (which I disagree with) and therefore shouldn't be there, then you can say the same thing about Scotty, who is only a country singer. Or Pia who…let's just face reality…has only done ballads so far as well.

  28. I think American Idol has a great bunch of singers this year, I believe the best so far…I think Scotty, James, Pia, Jacob will be in the top finals. I am really pleased with the judges this year, they have made the show much more interesting without all the negativity that has gone on over the past years. I find it very relaxing.

  29. Please bring back Crystal Bowersox for a song before the end of this season.

    Please. Please.


    • Yeah, she should have beaten whathisname for Idol same as Adam Lambert should have beaten his whathisname! What I wouldn't give to hear Adam become lead singer for a rejuvenated Queen! But, no doubt, Crystal was cheated.

      • coondog…..If Adam took the lead for Queen, he would make my day, forget that, he'd make my year!!!!!!! No one was ever robbed of the title like Adam Lambert in Season 8…Sorry all you anti-Adam people but its soooo true……He never had a bad performance the entire Season….

      • @Phyllis G., and coondog, you got the right one baby!! Adam Lambert would put his signature on any performance at anytime!! He is and will always be, a Touch Of Class!!!

  30. I believe that this year, by far, are the most talented group of young people. That I never cared for Steven Tyler,seeing his manner around the kids change my thinking completely!!"Cudos Steven" You are a great role model for them. And it's refreshing to see that young people can have fun and build relationships without cursing,sexual expressions,& evil overtones.Keep a good thing going –American Idol–

    • Steven has been fabulous for the show. I was not excited when I heard he was a judge, but my OPINION has done a 360 degrees turn. I LOVE HIM!!

  31. I think this is by far the best year for talent. I am hoping Jacob will fly high tonight.

  32. I'm looking forward to seeing James and Scotty tonight because, while they're near the top now, they'll have to pull a rabbit out of the hat to make a Motown song work for their respective voices.

    I'm also looking forward to Jacob and Thia because they both sort of need a big week and Motown should have some great songs to fit them.

    • And for what it's worth James is promising…

      "I'm gonna make sure tonight's performance is 100x better than last weeks!"

      …on his Twitter page. Hold on to your seats boys and girls!

  33. Pia Toscanois the best out out there, so of course I'm most anxious to hear her. She just seems to know what to sing for the occasion. Trust me, when we get these eleven wittled down more, she'll still be included.

  34. Lauren, Scotty and Pia. I just may Tivo to avoid the others. Sorry but Durbin and Paul make me cringe. I also am not a Nirvana fan.

  35. I look forward to Pia and James. Really not sure what everyone seems to see in Scotty? I also really like the guy with the beard!

  36. Thia has a pure and beautiful tone to her voice, but her song selection has been rather predictable and boring. Her persona needs to be defined as she's very timid and shy. Naimi's singing is just not matching the key of the songs.

  37. I as a rule don't listen to country western songs, but I sure could listen to Scotty sing for hours. He certainly has the most unique voice for someone so young. It is also a voice that is rare in males. It is a voice that could be used in many different types of music other than country if he wanted to. I hope he wins but if he doesn't he still could become world renown. I would like to say good luck Scotty but I don't think that he needs it because he is a real winner.

    • I also didn't like Country Music as a rule but Scotty is ABSOLUTELY amazing. I watch the show just for him.

  38. Matt…As always…thanks for the update….I'm totally ready for Motown tonight….Just hope my favs are ready too….James, Pia and Stefano…..Anxious to hear how the rest will sing Motown……Should be very interesting. At least I'll recognize the songs…LOL…..

    Hugs to Rose A, Angela and Sherry K, plus T and all my idol friends….

  39. Scotty?


    He will not go far,there is nothing (so) special about his voice.In terms of Country songs, he is excellent,but when it comes to other genres like Motown, Rock,etc..

    he will not be able to shine,even if the judges praised him (as usual).He does not know how to connect with the audience.there is two contestant in my mind,one of them will show a lot of confidence and strong attitude,despite her flawless voice,that will be THIA.The other would be Scotty,I am 100% sure that he will disappoint the audience rather than his fans(when I remember his journey,I can not stop thinking about his performance in Hollywood round)that showed his limited talent.I am not trying to make a comparison between them,.Any way, you will all comprehend what iam saying tonight.

  40. wow… i like so much the pia´s performance. stefano, u are a very handsome guy… good luck everybody….

  41. Garner is cheering for Scotty!! Scotty has a trained voice and will rise to the Motown challenge nicely! Go Scotty go!

  42. There is plenty of chaff that can be cast off for the next couple of weeks, with no loss of quality. Naima, Paul, and at least 3 more are ready for the door. James, Pia, and that growling country guy are really the standouts, IMO. I like the crazy black guy, but if he doesn't get his performing skills together right quick, I'm going to have to admit he's not quite ready, yet. I do love his shamelessly flaming quality, though. He'd have a career that would be a lot of fun to follow over time.

  43. i am so excited tonight for Thia…. its like a suspense thriller movie waiting to reveal what is the next scene to come.

    It is the choice of – to kill or to be killed. Whatever, still I love to hear Thia's voice.

    • It shouldn't have even come down to it being like this for Thia. She has done two ballads and one upbeat jazzy song (yes people, please ego back and listen to her rendition of "Smile"). Pia has done three ballads. Yet the judges are on Thia's case, telling her she needs to do something different. And so because of that, everyone is acting like tonight is make or break for her. I think she is far from elimination, no matter what she does.

      • Not only do the judges get on Thia for singing ballads while Pia gets praise, they get on her for just "standing there" while Pia barely moves as she screams her high notes.

  44. I'm hoping I can jump on the Scotty bandwagon tonight. You see, I like rock and country both, but I've always wished country could get more play on Idol–and they've actually seemed to encourage it more this year with Scotty and some of the girls. I just haven't cheered Scotty because I feel you have to do at least 2 or maybe 3 genres to deserve Idol status. So, I'm hoping he would actually try to "rock" a song, but he's already said he won't stray from 'who he is'. I really hope some mentor can convince him to take some risks. If it don't work, he can skulk back into country shell 'cause America would cover him for a week!

    • Coondog, I have always thought country should have more play on Idol also. Country music is huge to have been slighted so much in the past. I will be cheering Scotty and Lauren on tonight and I know they will bring it.

  45. I'm looking forward to hearing Casey – so far he's my favorite guy singer. He is soooo talented…

    As for the girls, Pia and Lauren are my pick. My fingers are crossed that they rock the place out tonight…

    • I can not understand how Casey can be anyone's favorite. If he would scream a little less and stop trying to be like James, maybe I would like him more. As for the girls, Pia, Thia, and Lauren are my favorite girls. (In that order) Good luck to all tonight and please listen with open ears. Music should sound pleasant to the ears.

  46. I'm curious if the latest news about Stefano changes anyone's mind as to whether or not they will vote for him again.

      • I'm not sure what the etiquette is on this blog for posting stuff like this, but if you do an Internet search on him, you will surely see news about his incident in Seattle. I think it broke last week, but is circulating again on the Internet today, which is the first time I saw it.

      • Never mind. Just googled it. He was arrested for a DUI. Uh, though not laudatory, IMO, certainly not a reason for someone not to vote for him as a singer.

      • My previous post is still "awaiting moderation." But yeh, you summed it up right. To me, I think this thing turns the stomach of a lot of people, especially since he told his story of being a victim in a previous incident, gaining sympathy from America. The news broke last week and didn't seem to affect him. But it seems to be circulating again today, probably because it's a show day.

      • Well, it's my opinion that DUIs are forgivable if they happen once–and dependent upon the level of alcohol detected. (Stefano's level wasn't that high.) If it happened more than once, then I would conclude that the person had a problem–and I would definitely have a problem with the individual, Idol contestant or no.

      • I think there is a difference if a person got a ticket for driving under the influence or if they injured someone because of a their irresposibily act.

      • That might be a better point HP, a person should be given a second chance.

      • Sure…I agree with you there. Anything (well almost anything) is forgivable once. And I'm not saying he doesn't deserve a chance to make something of himself. God knows there are many great and successful artists who have had problems. I guess the problem I have is that this is an extremely high profile contest, with elite competition, and thus should have a certain code of conduct, even if the incident is past history. Many high profile contests and pageants have rules about this kind of thing, and so should Idol. I think the biggest problem I have with Stefano is that he used his story of being a victim of such an incident to win sympathy, all while keeping his own incident silent.

      • KL,

        Well, how do you know that was Stefano's motivation? It could have been that the producers TOLD him to tell that story and not tell the other one. If it had been me, I might have told that story, too, but not to gain sympathy–but rather to relate how life can be so unpredictable . . . you never know what the next day might bring. Someone who experiences something like that is apt to be more thankful about having the chance to live and savor each moment. I think (hope) I would have been upfront about the mistake, though. Good teaching moment, and heck, we all know if you are in the public eye, nothing is private anymore. I guess Stefano is just learning that lesson.

        I also think you are making a little too much about what the "American Idol" actually means. I don't share your opinion that these folks need be squeaky clean.

      • That's fine. I have a different opinion of what it should be. But I'm not a successful Hollywood producer. Personally, if I had that history, I don't care what any producer might have said…I still would not be able to tell one story without the other. I would have at least, at a minimum, added that I learned to empathize with the driver who hit me because I myself had a similar issue. But that's me. And maybe it has something to do with me being a lot older and wiser than a him.

      • @HP, I agree with you, there are young people who will never know, or who will ever find out what it means to get a second chance!! Stefano, you are one of the lucky ones do not mess up, and I am not just talking about with AI!!!

      • No matter what stefano is the one im voting also Pia and Lauren. What happened in the past has nothing to do with this competition lmao. AI is looking for singers and not drivers lol. Charlie Sheen became so famous of his notoriety why single out stefano? Go guy you are my bet as American Idol.

      • Haley Reinhart gets a rock star howl out of Steven w/"You've Really Got a Hold On Me." Her best performance yet, when she needed it most.whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Love you gurl.

    • Stefano doing Hello by Lionel Richie and i hope he will sing this out perfect like David Cook last time.

      • Good choice of song, you made me believe a lot on your awesome talent stefano. Good Job! Hello!!!!!!!!!

    • I also think that Scotty sings really well. Country music should get more respect. Lauren has a nice voice too. I can't wait to see the show tonight. I enjoy hearing Motown favorites, so I hope the Idols sing really well known songs.

    • Lauren sang You keep me Hangin on and we were hanging on to her every word lol. Good choice.

    • Lauren did pretty darn good too. She is so Bubbly; and Cute as a button; Needs MORE Assertiveness;

      "DON'T LET ANYONE Get U Down Lauren!!! Just listen to Your Inner Peace; Pray; Meditate. All will go Smoothly.

  47. I have a few favories. Pia, Lauren, Scotty, Stefano, Jacob, and James. I really think those will be the top 6.

    I think the bottom two are Naima and Haley.

    Casey, Thia, and Paul are all good, but I don't really know about them yet. I can't grasp ahold of there performances.

    I really would like to see Naima go home because I want to see Haley perform in the top 10 summer idol tour this year.

    • I think Stefano will stop getting America's votes after his recent news circulates. I don't know how all the politics on the show work, but I wouldn't vote for him (not that I would anyway) after reading about his recent news. I think the news broke last week and didn't affect him on the show then, but it seems to be circulating on the Internet again today, which is the first time I saw it.

    • Why will america stop voting stefano becuz of that malicious rumor? americans are not narrow minded people and this kind of news wont damage stefano's chance. well, thats the prize of being popular, people have crab mentality and they will pull a good guy down just to make their bets go on top. but karma is forthcoming for them too.

      Go go go Stefano.

      • Where have U been Living? Under a ROCK?! It more than likely WILL effect his votes; When America Found out that Lambert from Season 8 was GAY….They DID NOT VOTE for him. Man! America as Much as I Love America; They/We R an Confused; TERRIFIED; Homophobic; Bunch of People.

        its really REALLY SAD. But it is the Truth.

  48. I actually think this is going to be a stellar night for ALL of the contestants. This evening's show is going to be one not to miss!

    • I hope so HP. I'm just not sure if Motown is the type of music to bring that out in everyone. I guess we'll soon see.

      • Hahahaha! Got it. I really like Thia and hope she makes magic tonight; also rooting for my #1 choice right now–I think you know that is Haley.

      • Well, I'm sure I'm going to once again have all kinds of problems with the judges. So expect to see more of my little skits tomorrow morning. lol.

  49. Predictions for top 3 performances:

    1. Paul McDonald

    2. Scotty McCreery

    3. Casey Abrams

    Predictions for bottom 3 performances:

    1. Naima

    2. Thia

    3. Haley or Stefano (undecided)

    Going home: Naima.

    • Wrong, wrong, wrong! We are going to see blow-your-mind performances from everyone, and it will be hard to pick out the worst!!! I really think I am right about this. (Guess I'll be either popping my buttons or slipping sideways 'round the corner after tonight!)

      • We haven't heard any of them so is tough to know if someone is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, or RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT. Those were my predictions based on tonight's theme and their vocals.

    • Gabriela, im sorry dear but you failed even in JUST your PLAIN eerie PREDICTIONS. bye now! 😛

    • I dont think stefano will go home, not yet lol…. also Naima, judges are favoring her heavily.

  50. Paul McDonald have to go he's not Idol material, his Macy Gray voice is just annoying. I hope he go home next. Pia is good but she is just there in the middle, she is not moving back or forward, @ this point is when you have to bring your best to leave behind the competition , she is predictable she doesn't seems to challenge her self trying to get apart of the bunch.

      • Nonsense, Paul is one of the best voices EVER of the show. Unique, awesome performer and his connection with the audience is outstanding. Plus… he is SO HOT!!!

      • You mean you're not sick of that quirky dance yet? Personally, I'm getting kind of sick of it. He has a unique voice that reminds me of Rod Stewart. But nothing as good as someone like Thia.

      • Paul…….He's okay. Unique yes; Cute Yes; But This isn't an "WHOSE THE MOST GOODLOOKING CONTESTANT" Show!!!! I wish People would STOP Voting just because someone is Cute; or Way Good Looking!!! He'll prob. get picked up by an producer out there in hollywood land if he goes home.

  51. hope those mentor/producers go home they are not giving good advice to the contestants, especially that of the blue cap and glasses I hate im.

  52. Will someone please help me to understand Pia's appeal other than she is "hot?" She doesn't move, she doesn't make eye contact. She throws her head way back and screams her on pitch (yep! Not pitchy) high notes. She would make a great big band singer of the '40s if she could tone it down a bit. Otherwise…..? Please, soneone, tell me why everyone is so enamored of her. Yes, she does wear clothes well and she is moderately pretty.

      • I don't think she's "hot" at all. She's attractive, true, but not "hot!" And a "stellar body," Ron? Uh, she's just slender. Nothing stellar there.

    • Lets see…she's not a bad singer and her body is steller! I do think the work is out and she's going to have to step it up but I don't see anything, right now, that is going to keep her out of the top 3.

      • No. I swear she looks 10 years older than her age–maybe it's her homogeneity. And her voice is not extraordinary–just middle of the road. Nothing stands out about her at all.

    • i agree with u, every time she scream it really scares me she might miss it. If u say talent for girls, speak of Thia and Lauren.. they are!

    • just plain BIAS and INCONSISTENCY from the judges – this pretty much sum up all the adoration for pia when in fact, she's been sticking out to her ballad songs week after week (same with scotty). i've listened to the studio version of every song rendered last week and i think i like listening to pia more than watching her. thia on the other hand has this special attraction that when you listen to her studio version, you'd love to see her pretty face again and see how much she connects with you and the song."that is what hot singing is all about"…

      • TOTALLY AGREE jordin! i guess its about time that the judges stop bashing thia's performance and once again focus on the QUALITY of her voice. com'on guys, give the girl a break!!

      • Couldn't agree more. We'll see this week what direction the judges take. Personally, I sense that J-vibrato-Lo has stopped liking Thia and will not do flips for her the way she does for her favorites…regardless of how awesome Thia is.

      • couldnt agree more.. Thia has this unique voice. I am listening to her recordings and found myself singing with her. it's like, she put a spell on me. 😛

        JLo wanted the less talented ones. Remember she "dont care about pitch?" WTFH is wrong with her as a Judge? and doesnt care about the pitch. This is singing contest not dancing. nor shouting and screeching and screaming and hush! whatever!

    • Oh my God Jan, you are so RIGHT!!! I just cannot understand the fuzz around her. Ugh!

      • Me, i cant understand the fuzz around Thia, she's not even extra ordinary lmao. Go Pia and Lauren also Stefano.

  53. There is THIA, There is Haley… and there are the rest… i forgot their names.. I can only memorize talented ones. 🙂

  54. Well, all of you on the east coast enjoy the show. I am going to try hard to not make the same mistake I made last week of coming on here to read about it before I could watch it out here on the west coast. I'm sure you'll see a gazillion posts from me when you tune in tomorrow morning. lol.

    • love to hear from you KL. We wave for the same talent. and when i say talent, pure and awesome one. 🙂

  55. Paul is my man – he must remember our summer together the way I do – HEAVEN.

  56. 🙁 Karen shouldnt have left, she was good.

    I think Top 5 :





    Casey 🙂

  57. this season by FAR is one of my favorites….I have NEVER missed one show in all 10 seasons!! LOVE LOVE steven tyler and Jennifer Lopez….and I have NEVER seen this much talent in one season…EVER

  58. i thimk top 5 is

    1. Scotty McCreery ( my favories I love)

    2. Casey Abrams

    3. stefano

    4. james

    5. paul

  59. thia is an extraordinary singer…her clean crisp voice resonates very well…full of emotions. i adore such difference in this great season of american idol

  60. Ok Naima is trying to gain our sympathy by referencing her song to the 60's movement??.. Is she playing the race card?? I hope this contest is about the quality of a performers voice and not about making everone equal. I'm all for equal treatment for equall talent… but she shouldn't move forward.. she'll still make 1 million this yr so I'm ahppy for her success..

    • That is ignorant. I grew up in the 60s and that was NOT a racist comment–or one made to garner "sympathy." Sympathy? What for?

  61. I know there will be a new thread for best and worst tonight, but here goes, can't wait for it–from best to worst:

    1. Lauren (I am so shocked to say this–not because I didn't think she had talent; but she was superb tonight!)

    2. Stefano (Perfect song choice for him; he amazed me! Yes, he closed his eyes again, but he was terrific tonight!)

    3. Haley (Love her and loved her performance! Class act!) And she has legs!!

    4. James (He was a delight to watch; I didn't think his vocals were his best; but I really enjoyed it; what a song choice, too. He was just too soprano for me for that song)

    5. Naima (She was not pitchy at all tonight; she did a really good job! Fun performance, too.)

    6. Thia (She did a great job, just not a blowaway job–which she really needed to do. I think she is safe. Hope so.)

    7. Scotty (he's had some lessons in making moves hasn't he? So cute to see him do those! He was pretty darn good; just not as into him as the others. He is safe.)

    8. Paul (His performance was interesting and fun, but not the best of the singers tonight. Glad he laid off the dancing. Wonder if he was reading these posts. He is a niche singer, I think. I like him, but I know a lot of others don't. Love his style and character.)

    9. Jacob (Don't get the reaction. I thought this was highly overrated. He overperformed his song once again)

    10. Casey (Now he can sing–I actually like his chops; it's just that his singing tonight seemed very forced and was not particularly fun to watch or listen to.)

    11. Pia (Just dead last and should be out. She was so very, very, very, very boring! She'll be safe, though. Voters will stupidly pick on Paul, Naima, Casey or Haley instead.

    • HP—I never agree with ANY comments I read and I tend to bore easily reading endless lists in order of preference as to who should win. I surprisingly DO seem to share your opinions with the exception of Lauren. Felt there was not much

      "WOW" in her factor. Paul—well, you just can't NOT watch him. He's like the accident at the side of the road. You gotta look!! Scotty DID have more professional moves. Hayley brought a lot more to the party than previously. And I just don't care–Naima can sing and is unexpected and FUN to watch.

  62. WOW!! The talent this year is fantastic. Every week it will be more difficult to vote someone off. The new judges are excellent. Simon who? Tonight I feel Scotty, James, Pia and Jacob were fabulous. Casey and Stephano were also extremely good. I feel the guys outshine the girls this season. Good luck to all.

    • I agree The guys are so great! Scotty, James, Casey,Jacob,Stephano, I also like Paul, The Girls Lauren..ok But I wish them all the best<3

  63. James & Pia all the way..Scotty has a good deep voice but honestly I'm not sold on him.

  64. Naima is a cry baby if you ask me .Scotty is my choice all the way He cant do any wrong.I love him

  65. As a Baby Boomer and a lover of the Motown Sound I found that the artist I have heard thus far tonight pale in comparison to the Artists and genre of Motown. I find that the judges are very con descending. I miss Simon Cowell who I feel kept it real.

    Very respectfully,


  66. I think they all did great. Thia did awesome, so glad she sang an upbeat song. She's talented (all the top 11 are talented!)but what stands out is her classy style which I love. In the "realm of American Idol" some may think classy is safe or boring, I surely dont! Guess it all depends on the person. Way to go Thia!!!! 😀

  67. I especially liked Pia and Stefano they were really good tonight. Scotty and Thia were as well very good.

  68. Pia is the whole package.They all have great voices but she is perfect in every way.I hope she kicks butt next week and shows everyone what she is made of.

  69. My favorite is Scotty, love that deep voice. For the ladies, it is Thia and Pia. Could listen to these 3 young people all day long.

    • WE WISH It was 'Going Home Namai'!!!! bottom 3 were Astounding 4 me!! Am still wondering HOW in this WORLD is Naiami sp? NOT getting any VOTES OFF yet?? I think she knows she is flat; pitchy; this is why perhaps She had the African Drummers all OVER the stage and Audience areas when she sang……her motown song. She can Dance; She has some flair; She dresses cool; But the GAL can't SING. I'm sorry to affend sp? anyone; It is driving me NUTS that folks are either feeling sorry for her; or what ever?! Its NOT FAIR to the Others WHO CAN Carry a NOTE and Many Notes at that.

  70. I find Naima laborous to listen too and I can't stand to watch her either, Pia bores me, Thia is okay, but not very interesting to listen to, Lauren is, well, obnoxious. Steffano, is boy band cute but rings no bells here, James is shrieky and a little goes a long way. Jacob is very good, facial contortions are disturbing though. Paul is cute, quirky and nice to listen to. Scotty is adorable, and even though I am not nuts about country music, this boy makes me smile…that is a good thing, I would love to hear him do Elvis. He is marketable for sure. I think Casey is GOOD, interesting to watch and talented men are SEXY,I would buy his music. Last but not least Haley. She is amazing to listen to, has a nice stage presence and has incredible voice quality. This is my evaluation, it is all a matter of taste. I mean no disrespect to anyone.

  71. Pia and Jacob are my true favorites, I can't wait to see the votes tonight and the performances next week!

  72. I hope Stephano does not get let go on American Idol tonight. He got a lot of criticism from the judges last night and I thought the "Hello" song was very passionate and done well. I hope Naima does not go either, her performance is leaps and bounds above the other women.

    • That was heartwarming, wasn't it? He really does have talent; it's just the last two weeks he was way off. Jennifer was right on the button, and I LOVED that they stopped the audition midstream. That was magnificent! Brought tears to my eyes.

      • Remember He's been in the Hospital too. But all but 1 performances of his I have LOVED. He lookd shocked to be saved!!! I THANK GOD HE WAS!!! Oh, and the Judges!!!

  73. AWESOME; KILLER SHOW 2 Night!!! Thank GOD For the 'SAVES CARD'!!

    Cassy is Pretty Damn GOOD!! I'm SO Surprised he was the one Stupid Americans Voted err TRIED 2 Vote Off tonight!!? If anyone was to go HOME if should've been Namai sp? Too Many 'Tweens/Teenie Boppers/Grandmothers wanting to KEEP The Ones They Believe to be Their FANTASY MAN or WOMAN!!!! This AINT an 'BEAUTY CONTEST' FOLKS!!! I have no clue as to HOW Namai sp? Keeps getting SAVED? Something Funny about that…..Something not Right; Something RIGGED? Not by the Show.

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