American Idol 2011: Top 11 results show recap – Now that was a good show

For those of you who have gotten to know me though my recaps, brace yourselves. I liked tonight’s episode of “American Idol.” A lot. And not because Paul McDonald survives another week. But because it was genuinely a good episode (except for Am’s horrible auto-tuning).

The only thing that could’ve made it better would’ve been Jacob Lusk going home puppies tap dancing.

I was a huge format of tonight’s results. I loved the duets and smaller group performances. I’ve always disliked the sound of 5 or more people singing together, so that’s one of the reasons I was always so hard on the group numbers on results tonight. I hope they keep doing it this way.

On to the recap (this is a chronological recap).

Right away, Ryan Seacrest tells us they’re shaking things up. “Oh wonderful,” I thought. Then he tells us Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery are going to duet. That’s great news. I’ve secretly wanted them to make it to the Top 4 to hear them duet and now I don’t have to wait that long.

Scotty and Lauren perform an amazing version of “I Told You So.” Lauren’s really growing on me. Her performance tonight was another A+ one (if I were grading). And Scotty was smooth and nice as always. And we didn’t have to see Scotty try to dance. Avoiding awkward is always nice.

After the song, Ryan pulls them to center stage and tells them they’re safe.

The Ford video follows the break and even that was entertaining. Seeing the Idols as superheroes was fun. The song sucked (remember I hated groups of people singing together), but who cares, right?

Naima Adedapo and Jacob Lusk are called up to sing a duet together. And that’s all I’m going to say about that .

Following their performance of “Solid,” Ryan tells Jacob he’s safe and that Naima is in the Bottom 3.

Fantasia gives an enjoyable performance then we get a so-so version of “Teenage Dream” from Haley Reinhart, Thia Megia and Pia Toscano. But I don’t blame the girls. That’s pretty much a non-song anyway. Katy Perry isn’t exactly a powerhouse singer and that was written for her, so I let Thia, Pia and Haley off the hook.

After their number, Ryan tells them Thia is in the bottom and the other two are safe. So far I’m 2 for 2 in my Bottom 3 predictions from last night.

I knew it was too good to be true. Just when I thought I was going to like the entire episode, they give us a bunch of filler including yet another repeat of Casey’s overly-dramatic save last week. Zzzzzzzzz.

Next up is Paul McDonald, James Durbin, Casey Abrams and Stefano Langone. Their foursome performs “Band on the Run” and again, I had fun. I really like this format. Have I mentioned that?

After they’re done, Ryan informs them they’re all safe except for Paul. That makes my Bottom 3 predictions 3 for 3.
After and Jamie Foxx’s garbage auto-tune performance, it’s time to get down to the task at hand.

Paul is sent to safety and that means Thia and Naima are going home. I’ve never been more happy to get my who is going home prediction wrong.




  1. I am not sure that I have the heart to finish watching this season, because NAIMA has gone..

    • same here. i like Naima especially when she rapped in the song umbrella[though i didn't liek the song,just the rap]

      so saaad*

      • Awww, come on….you have to know that Naima just wasen't right for this gig in the first place…nice girl, but certainly not an "American Idol".

      • Why does this boob every week alway have something to say negative about Naima, and Jacob, the song they sung together was good, they rocked Solid as a rock. Can he hold a tune. You know what he is a racist, and you can't tell otherwise.

      • Other than Scotty and Lauren singing together, the rest of the singing was AWFUL!! Fantasia (and I luv my girl), I couldn't understand a word she said and Jamie and were just as bad and tuneless. I want to blame it on the mikes or the sound system. The duet with Jacob and Naima was just bad, bad, bad. I'm glad that we did not have to vote on last night's singing to determine the winners or there would have been just two standing — Lauren and Scotty.

    • AGREE wholeheartedly….not sure I'm interested in seeing it through now that Naima is gone. She is the spice that the show needs. People couldn't see through her wonderful ethnic flavor to the incredible talent. What a voice & what a heart.

      She cried at every elimination of others, but stood tall last night.

      Bless you Naima. I'm heading to iTunes to buy your songs that still ring in my head! Will look forward to seeing you again no doubt!!!

      • @Beth You said it perfectly

        "She cried at every elimination of others, but stood tall last night."

        I noticed that myself, how much emotion and connection she had with the others, and when it was her turn to go, she was graceful and beautiful about it.

        Naima: I've downloaded all of your studio song versions, and I cant stop listening to all of them. I will wait for your record release.

        Viva NAIMA ! ! !

    • @KATE, You and I have been on the same page about Naima for a while now. I feel like you, I'm not sure if I still have enough interest to tune in every week, now that we will no longer see her style, energy and CRAZY cool vibe! Naima, thanks for the inspiration, I'm waiting to hear more from you!

      • Hello THE MYSTERY. I'm sure, for both us, anywhere we look at it, Naima is amazing.You're right, she's an inspiration. And,by the way, are you following her on twitter? if not yet, I think you should. She keeps on tweeting positive vibes. 🙂

    • Hey KATE! I just read this article as to why Naima took such a huge risk…it made me love her strength even more…

      Quote: “I can’t say I was really surprised by the outcome,” she said to EW backstage at CBS Television City after Thursday’s results show. “Because I did take a huge risk putting the reggae song out there. Sometimes people don’t feel the reggae vibe.” So why did she decide to take the risk on such a high-stakes week? “Because reggae is a part of me,” she replies matter-of-factly. “It’s a part of who I am and a part of my culture. For me, it would’ve been tragic to do an Elton John song just like Elton John and then get cut, versus showing who I am creatively as an artist and getting cut happy about the choice that I made.”

      • THE MYSTERY. Oh yeah.. I've read that too. gosh! she's fearless and true. I've also read that she'll produce an album, which I am fanatically excited about. let's keep supporting her. blessed love. 🙂

  2. I'm so grateful for Whoever invented VCR or DVD recorder as it's like it invented purposely for this show! So that I can easily fastforward to those trash performance & advets… It's so time consuming!! lol!

    • Absolutely, being able to fast forward through some of that garbage is a major time saver.

      • Yeah, record the shows, watch them later and zap all the crud. We like to do that and cut about one hour or more from the performance shows.

    • Gosh Branden, if you really like Paul, then why are you glad that he has to keep revealing how bad his voice is getting. I agree that he knows his music, but somewhere along the line he's busted his voice and the fact that he is very talented allows him to cover that up week to week, much like Naima fooled lots of voters by lots of dancing and singing Reggae style to cover up her tonal deficiencies. Now, poor Paul has to continue to try not to embarrass himself by pretending he's "connecting with the audience" through raspy singing and trying to hold a note that turns into a whisper. I feel bad for him, and it would be merciful to let him go.

      First Paul, then Jacob and Stephano need to leave. Make that Jacob leave first!

      • Dont include stefano in your list, this guy has lots of potentials.

        I like his performances too.<3

      • Please include James. He is so boring and embarrasing with his *I am so wonderful* attitude

      • We kept the best girls, now its time for the worst boys to start going home, Casey and James stay as your top two, the rest can leave in any order! later guys

      • I agree with LEE! Can we say ARROGANT, when James made the comment of, " I get A LOT of fan mail."

        Yeah, well they all get a lot of fan mail. He is so full of himself the more I see and hear him the more I really dislike him. The rest are very humble and James is just a showman, the others have true talent and don't hide behind the flash.

      • I agree with Lee as well. They are all very talented this year but James just rubs me the wrong way.

      • James is in Hot seat now with that Pepsi Comment. The Jackson Family were irked cuz he seem to refer that Pepsi remark to the late MJ.

    • If we can combine both Paul & Jacob as one would be perfected….as one is over-sing while the other has no voice….lol!

    • @5 – i didn't particularly pay attention to that detail. OMG! you are so right! jacob – you better watch your back.. any moment from now, you are going to be subjected to "whatever-you-call-it" criticisms from the judges… next would be stefano, as i know, he's half italian(?)… this ia all clear to me now!

      • Whats wrong with Stefano

        's being half Italian? American voters are not stupid hahahah. I liked the four boys singing Band on the Ran, stefano so good with the Keyboard and thethree were also good with their guitars. BRAVO!

      • This is crazy, what is the connection of stefano's half italian roots to his singing with American Idol. Forget those favoritism and racism factors…. THey are not elemental to this contest.

  3. It was nice to see Pia finally sing something upbeat. I hated to see Thia leave. Loved Haley's performance Wednesday. Faves: Haley, Scotty, James.

  4. I'm in agreement with you as far as Jacob going home. I don't know what it is about him, but he's not a good fit. I'd also like to see Pia go. Great voice, but she seems so stiff and rehearsed. The entertainment tonight was awful. Will-i-am and Jamie were terrible! Fantasia sounds like Chris Tucker in "The Fifth Element". Just listening to her made me laugh! Go James, go Casey, go Haley, go Scotty, go Lauren! They are so awesome!

    • OMG When Lauren and Scotty was up there together it was like being at thier show had so much feeling just had to sing with them even had a tear in my eye AWESOME!!!!!!!

    • This is my first season watching AI and, honestly, watching Fantasia perform made me wonder how she ever won Season 3? …unless the contestants were just not that good in seasons past. I've read this season is probably the most talented pool and maybe that's why the ratings have been so good.. and 55 MILLION VOTES!! I'm being thoroughly entertained.

      Agree, Jamie Foxx and Will-i-am were awful, but props for having the courage to perform, I guess. I'd be a nervous wreck having to sing in a singing contest and worrying that I'd sound worse than the contestants! Goes to show you there's more to success than just being a good singer lol.

      I vote for Jacob to go next, I find his overly dramatic style far worse to endure than Paul's weak singing. I cringe on his facial expressions and when I close my eyes, his singing is a little pitchy too. How they can compare him to Luther Vandross (other than having a pudgy face), I'll never know.

      • I'm with you on Jacob going next week – I'm sooo tired of watching his dramatics and his tongue hanging out the whole time he is singing !!! Yuk!

      • I started watching the show – on and off – a couple of seasons ago and for sure this season has the best talents. Last season was terrible – pitch problems all over… My only concern is that I have a feeling these contestants do not come from real auditions, I think they are kind of arranged to appear in the auditions for the show – like, they were especially invited. For some reason, I have a feeling that this season producers kinda have headhunters in town or in nearby towns hunting for talents and bars and local events, then made them show up for the auditions… I have a feeling some of these guys were CHOSEN to be on the show… It is not totally crooked as I think there were many more chosen ones, so there has been an honest screening process through auditions. But my gut feeling tells me that these folks did not stay in line for days or went through those crowded stadiums… you know what I mean? By the way, the format of this season is different because the executive producer is the same as – so you think you can dance – we can see a lot of similarities between the shows in dealing with the contestants – especially in NOT making them sing after the are sent home – it was extremely uncomfortable to put the contestants through that, since they were very sad and emotional about leaving the show… Kudos to the new producer then…

      • I don't know where you heard that this season has "probably the most talented pool" of singers. I totally disagree, and have watched every year. I think they are an average lot… (the NFL would call it "parity") with a few slightly-above-average performers… No true "stars" in the bunch. I think Paul, Jacob, and Stefano are nothing special; once they are gone, that takes you to six left, and nobody here seems able to agree that ANY of those six are "can't miss" superstars.

      • Marta, well said, regards headhunters putting good acts into the auditions. That's how I've thought about the auditions also–Makes it a lot easier to get those videotapes of "the chosen ones" ready to include in the audition shows.

        I've also said that's why the judges seem to "favor" certain acts or "save" the Naimas when it's obvious that other contestants have out performed them. As you say, the show can't be rigged as they have to comply with strict Game Show Rules (there are actual Regulators that check for compliance with Official Rules–all from Legislation from the 1960s game show scandals). But the producers are very good at "tweaking" the system by virtue of "chosen ones" and hints to the judges of who to give extra praise to and such.

    • I'm in a agreement. it was a terrible show. Jamie Fox and Will-I-Am stunk. Fantasia, come on really. Who could listen to a whole album of that. Scotty and Lauren proved what they are good country singers. I mean is every song they sing going to have that twang on it? And finally Paul. Quirky? yes, musically inclined? yes. Singer? no. How long do we have to hear Hailey's growl through every song or Jacob's weird facial expressions. Casey come on folks really. I wanted to puke when they brought him back. The top four should have been boring Pia and Thia, great voices with no stage presence and James and Stevano

      • James and stefano…. yeah with Pia and Haley now that Thia is gone… Top Four.

      • Professional singers live in the show sunk – always — Miley Cyrus last season singing live was embarassing… I could not even watch last night performance – very weak and also embarassing – these folks only sing in studios with mixers and other hi tech stuff to fix they pitching problems…

      • Right on Boomer. Foxx and will i am stunk. Thank goodness for the ensemble that at least gave you something to look at while their lackluster aural tones ground your eardrums into kindling.

        Fantasia? What happened Girl? She's been eating Way too much Cornbread and Collard Greens, so why pay homage to that with an out-of-place (song?)?!

        And why so much confidence for belting out such ridiculous drivel?

  5. will i am and jamie awkwardly enough would have never made it through on idol. talk about horrible

  6. Boring now Naima is gone. AI is like High School Musical. All wannabe's with no star quality or originality. Casey now SUCKS, and refuses to change his old seadog uncool looks. Scotty and Lauren can bugger off to Nashville and score really well. Pia and and Jacob….. booooooring, YAWN. Haley is sexy and cool If she sticks to her bluesy vocals. James needs to step up to a new level and get his own band. Stefano and Paul are weak and will go soon. Naima's originality and exotic looks were too wierd for the public – yeah she was not perfect but she was taking chances, learning and growing. Guess the public will get what they want… a hetrosexual, commercial, pop cut out – nice and safe. No super stars or idols in this bunch. Shame. It started out so promising…..

    • How do you describe the singing of others? why do you say Stefano and Paul's singing as weak? Are you a music guru? Just hink that they were not eliminated means they are going to stay and who knows they will reach the Finals. God speed Stefano my idol <3<3<3

      • Stefano is blessed, he hurdled this week's elimination. God bless you my Fave idol….:)

    • last time i check nashville was part of AMERICA, why should scotty have to go some where else? he is amazing sing and deserves to be right where he is on AMERICAN IDOL

    • I agree almost completely, sydney. Naima is gone, because she is "different" and took risks. Scotty stays and hasn't varied his performances one inch in weeks. Scotty and Lauren will both stay deep into the competition, becuse the Deep South votes like crazy (can we say "Kelly, Taylor, Ruben, Carrie, and Fantasia?").

      I think you're spot on correct when you say "no superstars or Idols in this bunch." I said the same thing up there (points up).

    • Hahaha, playing favorites? I think not cuz they are just performing their duties as judges. Simon is more cruel but i love his cynical criticism before.

    • bumpy, who do you think Randy and Steven favor?? My knock on ALL the judges is that they are FAR too nice and don't have the stones to say "that stunk" when it did. I don't see ANY judge playing favorites; I think they are ridiculously polite.

      I really miss Simon, who had no problem telling people when they were in over their heads…

  7. Naima sent home is a big loss for the American Idol..

    Thia sent home is not a loss.. i sure hope stefano, casey and pia remains..

    james durbin and jacob luska are kinda annoying…

    • "Naima being sent home is a big lose for American Idol". That is some funny talk there Valerie.

    • Welcome to the club another stefanatic whooaaaaa….. stefano for me also Pia and Jacob.

    • Naima being sent home is not a big loss for AI. But it is a relief to bleeding ear drums.

      • Bleeding eardrums i got when Fantasia sang that weird song. Cant stand her screaming. sooooo awful….

      • Moment…I agree, she is awful how did she win??? does anyone remember Chris Tucker's character in the movie, "The Fifth element" with Bruce Willis…if you closed your eyes that is what i saw was Chris Tucker's character singing..we were laughing so hard.

      • I agree with you Moment–see my comments on 8 above. Fantasia been eatin too much of what she sings about (cornbread and collard greens).

  8. Steven Tyler was more sad to see Lauren crying and did comfort her after the show. He didn't care or bothered to comfort the 2 ladies. That shows how this season shows favoritism at its finest.

    • At this point it's a popularity contest. Now that the judges have little input. At the end it seems thats what its all about. Ugh

      • Agreed CJ. The judges DID have input… when it was Simon. Too bad he's gone, cos right now? People are locked into their "faves" and will vote 600 times a night for them even if they screech like a tire. Simon was brutally honest, and usually right… he forced people to see flaws and probably impacted voting. None of these other "sweet-as-sugar" judges can… or will

    • really… poor ladies – naima and thia… anyway they are out but that doesn't mean that their career is end.. wish all the best to thia

    • Judges have their favourites…as well as the producer. don't forget this is a show not exactly a competition.. they want to keep people that they can play around to make money.

  9. We are an Australian family living in Bali and love watching American Idol. Our Fav was Thia and we are sad to see her go, but we know she will make it, even if it is with Disney (she will be in good company, Brittany, Justin, Christina, Miley etc). My gripe is are the judges and the American audience sexist? The only save was for a male and now we have only 3 females left. I don't know if race is an issue as well, but it seems that gender most certainly is.

    • well they did not gave thia a line in teenage dream.. and they're more critical wid the girls performances!

      • Yes I agree, Thia certainly had the best voice, I am confused about the judges comments and maybe they should re package the promo's and not say that they are looking for America's best voice/talent, but Americas best all round performer, whose voice can be digitally reworked for Cd's but just don't go and pay money to see them live, because they will be out of key.

      • @ Kez: I think that none of the remaining contestants is out of key .. they just are different kind of performers than Thia

      • yeah what's up with that?! Thia's got a great voice and they could have split the lyrics to include her on that song, so sad to see one of the strongest singers go. But she just never looked confident on that stage. She shoulda' waited till she was older and more experienced as a performer to try out for AI.

      • I totally agree, Thia's got a great voice and it's a pity she's not appreciated by the voting public simply because her style of singing is "safe". Well, she cant change who she is. She's laid-back but she sings from the heart and has real talent. For me, this is the best season for American Idol- almost everyone's so good where unlike before only one or two stands out. I go for Thia, Casey, Scotty, Haley and Pia- they have great voices. *Wishing Thia all the best!(this might not be her time yet) 🙂

      • @moment valid reason for cutting off just one contestent?? I hope & prey they have one.. lol!

    • i knew it!! i wasn't the only one who noticed how discriminated thia was in the prod number. even in the photo op, when everybody got good words and praises from the director(?), thia got nothing! or was it intentionally removed by the AI prod from the clip! i'm felt so bad for thia.

  10. Ashton = Black American Eliminated

    Karen = Latina Eliminated

    Naima = African Eliminated

    Thia = Filipino Eliminated

    Stefano? Jacob? Next in line?

    Actually, they're all American.

    You left out Casey who was eliminated by the voting public, but I guess that doesn't support your accusations.

    While you scream racism you're missing the real trend. Look at that list again. Aside from Casey, they're all female. – Admin

      • I guess Scotty is next since he is Latino… The male/female trend actually makes sense to me as I found the males more interesting to watch from the beginning.

      • STOP the ridiculous griping about racism/sexism! America voted them off b/c they were not the strongest competitors- period.

        Females make up about half of past AI winners (4 of 9) and no one cried racism when Ruben WON…or when Fantasia WON…or win Jordin WON…

    • Lol, no way stefano will be eliminated thats insane…. stefano gave his very best and still kicking..asses wow… how i love his performance, Tiny Dancer was a difficult song.

      • Im so happy my fave stefano is still with the competition. I was also excited when i saw him doing the keyboard and singing at the same time. What a talented guy….

    • let me guess… you and Kez are not caucasian? so you have to read "racism" into the results of 55 MILLION votes – do you think only white people vote? All of those eliminated deserved it in one way or another. Casey deserved it too, so I guess the judges were racist for saving the white guy. Gimme a break.

      • I don't think this is racist or sexist, per se. I think it's more geographical. I would love to know what percentage of votes comes from below the Mason-Dixon line. I think the South votes heavy and hard, always has. How else can you explain Ruben over Clay, and Taylor over Catherine? Or Fantasia at all. Kelly and Carrie were deserving winners, but the first five winners were Southern. Coincidence? Possible that Naima and Thia just don't play well in Birmingham and Raleigh? I'm NOT accusing, just pointing out that the music "liked" by many apparent voters… swings toward Scotty and Lauren… and not toward Naima. Just an observation, and NOT one centered in race or gender.

      • Lopsided logic. Clay is from NC as is Fantasia. Ruben is from Alabama as is Taylor. Carrie is from Ok and Kelly from Tx. Jordin / Az, David Cook /Mo, Kris A /Ark. Lee is the only winner from a northern state.

      • How is the logic lopsided? You're making my case for me. Did you even read what I wrote?? Winners (and runners up) from Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, see a theme here? (Are there no talented contestants from the Northeast?). America's major population centers are between Boston and Washington, DC and in Chicago/Illinois and Los Angeles/California. Yet MOST of the winners/finalists come from Southern venues. So (stay with me here) it would appear that (as I speculated) the South is voting disproportionately to its population. Or geographic preference trumps any racism/sexism. But hey, thanks for the help…

      • The south is also auditioning disproportionately. People in the northeast are mostly better off financially so less inclined to put their lives on hold to chase a dream. Also, music is much more a part of life away from the urban centers which lean more toward rap or hip hop.

    • i'm gonna bet, it's going to be stefano that the judges will pull down the next time. and jacob, don't be fool by the judges' praises… they can break you anytime.

      • whatever,i dont doubt the judges, its their work….stefano will be at Top Four.

      • Im not sure of this. stefano is an american citizen why single him out in this racism context? Stefano will rise and be a part of the Final Four.

    • I thought Fantasia is AI winner.. and she is black american. So these comments are way out of line.

      • OH lets not forget the BIg Teddy Bear of recent Idl–The one that beat Clay Aiken What a joke that was!! I cant even rememebr his name thats how great he is!!! gezzzz

      • No, it wasn't you. Fantasia sounded AWFUL!!! I want to blame the sound system because other the first two singers they all were bad — contestants and celebrities.

    • Ya'll PLease Get over it–This is not racist- Stop with the immaturity!!
      Go protest somewhere else or get off this talk. We're over it already!!!

    • Thia is Filipina?

      Well,it's not the whole "racism" thing,you know? It all depends on their fans,and who vote for them. These contestants who just got eliminated just don't have enough fans.

    • It's about TALENT! Back when there were 24 (12 girls/12 guys) all 12 girls could have been dropped. The strongest contenders this time just happen to be guys — of various ethnic backgrounds. Stop talking gender or race when you should be talking TALENT.

    • I dont buy this racism element. They were booted out cuz they got fewer votes. The judges has nothing to do with the voting public.

      • Every time a person with a different race gets eliminated, people blame it on racism. Well here is what i say…….. GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey, That's what I said the issue may not be race related, but gender bias. I would love to know the break down of who votes males or females. Gosh you could almost write a thesis on this subject. Any takers?

    • Admimistration, I am wondering if I am watching the same show? I personally have not seen any racism? Just my opinion. Where is the racism they are talking about? Ashton had too big of an opinion of her self. Naimi,just was not right to be the AI winner this year.Thia was sweet. But not ready to be AI winner yet either.And yes that is true that all of the above named are female. But there were a lot of guys kicked off earlier! I don't think anyone is getting the boot because of race, or feminism. It seems to me like they are getting kiced off because of weak performances. But that's just my opinion again. Sherry K.

  11. This season I have seen a very diverse set of talents, but none of them has that WOW factor. I would have to agree that the favoritism is just too obvious. I'd love to see Simon back on the panel.

  12. So sad that Thia was voted off too early. She has one of the best vocals among the bunch. 🙁

    Lauren supporters, you can now count me in. 🙂

    • you still watch AI after thia was eliminated? i better suggest you swift to dancing with the stars, i guarantee you, it's a total entertainment. please wait for simon's X factor. that will instantly kill AI

      • Yep I still am going to watch AI (though not as eager as I used to be). There are still few good ones to root for.

    • I think Laren has a very good shot at this only if she stop being little too childish.. love her voice!

  13. this is what the american voting viewers want and they can't help but play favorites. after all not all of them has an ear for great voices and therefore tend to be emotional in their choices. which is why the contestants have to inject gimmicks on their acts and leave raw and "safe" but strong vocals like thia's behind.

    • Why blame the other contestants? Thats the game, one has to think of gimmicks to stay. sad for Thia, no one coached her to do the same hahaha… she was so plain and boring. being young is not a justification. Small kids can even outdo her …. No IT factor really. Naima is good in dancing but her singing is not damn good, pitchy as Randy would describe her….

    • Piolo, AI is a popularity contest..that's why most of the american idols disappear faster than they appeared!

    • Thia has a very good voice…clear vocals…but i agree her personality is boring…and i am sure she will lose anyway…AI is all about singing AND PERSONALITY…it has to be a total package…and i can see Scotty or Lauren but wait Haley is improving… and so does Stefano…after a while Pia and Jacob is great but going to boring…Casey is screaming and Paul seems to be whinning and James seems to be in a world all his own…have i missed anyone?

    • Goodbye Yellow Brick road lol…..

      stefano keep going, Love you Man… said Randy!

      • I can't stand Fantasia's singing, It almost broke my eardrums. It was so bad like that alien singing at Fifth Element. ughhhhhhhh….

      • LOL, why is it that people blackmailing AI just becuz their bets were booted out? Be rational Guys… This is a competition…. It doesnt matter if you wont watch anymore.

  14. i loved how they had lots of small group performances for this results show. they should keep it up. loved Scotty's and Lauren's song.

    • I like so much the boys singing Band on the Run, all great singing a fast one…. so exciting really. Go guys….

  15. Scotty every week country country country etc.

    Pia – ballad ballad ballad ballad lalalalal what ever

    Paul – sing like a drunk Serson

    Stefano – trying hard jay sean!

    the rest are full of crap!

    • So you are a musical genius huh?

      stefano is not a copy cat of anybody, he has a personality of his own and has good pipes.

      • He is an american citizen, his lineage is Italian but that doesnt diminsh his chances. I dont go for this racist factor. I still believe american voters are mature and not stupid. black people are still americans, also mexicans and other nationalities who has acquired american citizenship.

      • "Paul – sing like a drunk Serson"

        Serson? Erland, were you drunk when you wrote this?

    • Scotty every week country country country etc.

      Uhmmmm… He's a country singer,you know.

      Have you heard artists like Black Eyed Peas sings baroque music?

      Katy Perry doing reggae? Kenny G playing bass guitar?

      • Flautto1980…Well said, he is a country singer and a very good one at that. He has true talent and does not hide behind flashy showmanship, he is just talented, which is what AI should be about.

      • Great, flautto… except those artists are established now and not on a life-changing show with a seven figure payout, that has stressed musical diversity in their winners from Day One. Hey, once Scotty goes out on his own, he can twang like Twitty all he wants. But right here, when we get to "see what he's got" he shouldn't be taking Motown and making it RebaTown. All that does is show how limited he is, in a competition where showing varied skills has always matter. I'm just sayin…

      • By your logic Thia should have done a bit of hip hop, james should do a Gregorian chant and Paul Rudolfo's solo from La Boheme. You're an idiot.

    • I personally do not see what people see in Casey. But, I do admit he was better this past week, now that he toned down the irritating growling act.

      • AGree Casey will not make it to much further Thank Goodness Watch Out!! he may faint and need the Doctor he loves attention

    • And the screecher James. He needs to take a boat backto where he came from and dont forget his wifr

  16. Don't think Randy and Jennifer were fair to Naima, they told her they like the Reggae touch on one sound see did and then knocked her for the Elton John song. Funny I haven't seen the Country singer change his tone in any song he has sang, same clothes peg sound, the reggae tone was excellent.

    • I dont think they should change any tione at all in a song–Give me a break Leave the song like its suppose to be and sing the damn thing–Go Scotty Sing that Country every song till the end Let em all grip about something Cant please everyone

    • Comments by the judges does not influence the voting public. People watching AIU are not stupid and they have minds of their own. Teens has favorites and they comprise the big bulk of the voters, they keep on voting when it start and wont stop till it end. Thats why, the majority of these voters comprise the younger generation, they are very persistent.

      • I agree with you. The judges don't sway me one way or the other. I don't agree with them most of the time anyway.

      • I agree, I will go online and vote for my favorites and that's it. I don't want to sit up all night clicking the vote button.

  17. Scotty and Lauren “I tol you so” is amazing. the best duet on AI. they sang the song effortless, lovely and beautiful.

      • I like the four guys singing Band on the Ran, great song and great performance….. the four guys are really exciting they got out of their comfort zone and had a fast music…. scotty always country style…. why not try singing other genre?

      • Sorry it should be Band on the Run lol…. Great song….Stefano handling the keyboard and singing with GUSTO, i love that.

      • I like the four guys doing that upbeat tempo of Band on the Run…. so nice collaboration even steven tyler was impressed. Good idea to let the singers do their thing in groups. new innovation but its amazing.

    • Scotty and Lauren definately the best of the night. I got goose bumps. To the person that says Scotty only sings country and he needs to switch-He said it on the very first show—HE IS STAYING WITHIN HIMSELF!! Thats him and that who he wants to be-I think that is how they should ALL be themselevs not singing a tune that they dont want to be– Good for you Scotty.One of the best no dought!!!!!

      • Totally agree. Scotty is a COUNTRY singer, that is who he is. Why change? He's not pretending to be something else.

      • I am not a big country fan, but I love Scotty. He is young, but he seems so mature for his age.

      • I will agree that Scotty will go along ways singing Country Music outside of American Idol, however, he wont be top three in this competition, sorry! Just keeping it real

      • I agree!!! He has so much talent and he is capable of more, hopefully he will show us that.

      • Btw I 4got to mention I take Lauren over Pia any day any time anywhere! That young girl CAN SING ANYTHING!

      • perfectly put lnaw! <3 scotty myself as well, and i love that he is being true to himself and america!

        he is trying new things with his voice and taking the judges tips, but with a voice that deep (and i mean sexy and amazing) everything he sings will sound country to someone. which i have ZERO PROBLEMS WITH 🙂

      • "HE IS STAYING WITHIN HIMSELF!!" Then he should lose. If he does not grow, mature, push himself, and evolve A LITTLE as a singer, then history of this show tells us he is not a deserving winner. Period.

      • And if you think I am a country music hater, I'm not. Carrie Underwood is a genuine star, who did what was required while on AI. And won. Lauren, another "all country, all the time" contestant is FAR more talented than Scotty. Scotty will make a fortune singing old-time Nashville, but he is not an American Idol. Sorry.

      • Now that Thia is gone I would be voting for Scotty and Lauren (if I happen to watch AI)

      • Yea, I don't quite understand all the critism for Scotty always singing country is…. James also sings a rock song and is always screaming… Jacobs sings a lot of slow songs, pia–slow songs… what is the big diff anyways… let them sing what they are good at. And if you are going to set a standard with no one can sing all in one genre, than don't have a double standard about Scotty being the only person sticking in one "lane" as the judges called it.

      • In reference to SOMEONE….well said. Scotty is great, has great talent, along with Pia. Steven Tyler is rock and Jennifer Lopez is Pop they stick with their genre. So this citisism about Scotty is riducilous. All the contestants have their favorite genre and that is what they love. I agree about James and Jacob…too much screaming!!

      • Can Scotty hold a note for more than 5 seconds like Pia, James, Lauren (and even Jacob) can? How would we know? Can he hit that sick note at the end of a song like Casey did? Who knows? Jeez people, he's a pleasant kid with a unique and intriguing voice but saying he is a GREAT singer and worthy of winning this competition is a HUGE REACH. More to the point: James could pleasantly sing Scotty's songs. Could Scotty get even CLOSE to what James, Lauren, and Pia do? Absolutely not. Lauren totally overshadowed him in that (very nice) duet. She's ten times the singer he is. You Scotty people have got to be kidding me.

      • Scotty is country…..Period…..and he will secure a Nashville contract. Just let him be……He will be gone eventually too!!!!!

    • Well, you're free to go and stop watching AI. For me, i wont mind if my bet will be eliminated, this is a competition and no one is a favorite here. This all depends on the votes from the voting public. Sorry, Naima and Thia has to go.

    • @ Phyllis G. Hi Phyllis! Seems like I always miss you and Rose too! Too many boards jumping all over the place!! I am so glad you stand up Phyllis and say what you think! I have always liked that about you and Rose both! I am with you 100% about Scotty. He will get signed to do a country CD even if he doesn't win. What a wonderful deep voice! I love his voice for Country.I am not sure why some like to pick on him? My husband doesn't like country at all and he said Scotty sure has a good country voice. I was wavering when they had the 2 girls and Paul up there. I thought for sure it was going to be one girl and Paul. I don't think Paul will last too much longer! Hi Rose A, sweet ladie! I am having fun this year! I didn't think I would. But so much talent! And Steven Tyler has helped. J-Lo is ok. I like it when Tyler wears the far out stuff I am used to. The last night he wore that funny looking shirt you could see thru. And some striped pants I have seen before too. But didn't Jennifer look stunning in that smoking hot black dress! I think the part of the show I liked the best was the duet by Scotty and Lauren. I have been busy and haven't looked up who sings " I told you so." I know who it is. Just can't think who right now. Lets have some more fun next week. Are they going to sing ROCK? I would like to hear Pia sing a hard rock song.No ballad in it!!! Have a great week end! Hugs to you and Rose both!

      Sherry K.

      • If Haily goes home next week, it will be a shame. As I agree with Judge Randy … Haily gave the best performance of EVERYONE this week, with her verion of "Benny and the Jets". And I was not much of a Haily fan, until now.

      • Paul is the best artist on the show. He has the most interesting voice and charm…the cowboy is good too everyone else is boring.

      • Sorry, But actually her name is spelled "HALEY". And I think she is a very good singer and performer.

  18. I have been reading all the comment's on last night's show. some of you are very childless about rascism, Pia is a great singer but does not show any personality. James is a rocker and very good at it. but a little crazy. Casey should never been saved because of the judges save he got a lot of the votes. his song this week was boring. Lauren and Scotty sang "I told You So" WHAT a great moment. Scotty is true to him self plus has all the teen girl votes mine also. as for the other's they will go one by one.

    • thia sings w/ emotion w/c captivated every pipols heart… i am shocked when she is voted out… i think randy jackson is the reason why she is voted off because randy dont want thia on the competion.. because he want those contestant w/c murder the song by screaming!!!! the judges didnt appreciate what thia have.. she is a ballad and jazzy type of singer dont u understand it??? why did u try to scotty to sing upbeat song and rock type.. he always sang country song wc is very sleepy.. AI sucks!

      • I don't like country music either but this is about Talent and Scotty can sing whether you like the type of music or not. A lot of people are missing the point of this show it is about TALENT and who can really sing with pure control (whatever type music). It is not about popularity and showboating and screaming the tunes which is what it is turning into.

      • It IS about talent, JT3594… and Scotty is very limited in that regard. He has ONE dimension and is very good at it. But it can't be enough to win a show that revels in proving week-to-week how you handle change. He doesn't. BTW, Lauren is also "all country, all the time" and is FAR more talented than Scotty. She almost embarrassed him in that duet, showing up his limitations…

      • He doesn't need to win. Just make top 5. There's a Nashville contract waiting for him.

    • Crazy comments…. Get a life, Sore bunch of Losers. Makig a big deal cuz Thia is booted out of the contest. She has nothing special, her voice is ordinary lmao…. She holds her singing afraid to hit high notes or she will kill it,no she cant be an american idol…. not in any way. stop dreaming Thianatics, you are making ridiculous remarks about her.

    • well atleast Lauren has Steven tyler and stefano has JLo to back up their career in case they fall

  19. I actually will miss Naima. She did have her own unique style and either you liked her or you didn't. I guess the majority of voters didn't (tear). Okay, Paul McDonald, I mean…really? I actually like his voice but he's not meant to give a live performance. Imagine him winning and going out on tour. Where's my No-Doz?

    • I diagree, Paul is very comfortable in front of an audience. He is an honest showman and does his own thing. Not like James who has seen a rock concert or two in his life and copies what has been done since the 70's. I will mis Naima as well I loved her differnt attitude. She has had her fame and will do with as she choses. I doubt she will starve.

  20. As with most decisions, numerous factors play a part in our choice. It doesn’t make us right with the world, only with our self. 55 million voters with diverse backgrounds chose to vote and unfortunately the vast majority is like me, no signing talent and a poor judge of skill in others. However, I do know what I like and I can vote on that basis. Image the implication if all 55 million votes were for the same contestant. If your favorite did not win it simply means that he/she was not everyone’s favorite. Appreciate the performance they gave while respecting the opinion of others.

    Let’s drop the “favoritism and racist” remarks. I grew up in the hills of Kentucky listening to country music. I enjoy listening to Scotty and will cast my vote for him if I like his performance. Does this make me a racist? I think not!

    • Well said BobD. Especially about "no singing talent and a poor judge of skills," but I know what I like and that how I voted. I loved the performance given by Pia, Stefano, Casey, Thia, Haley, Scotty, Jacob (yes, I said Jacob).

    • Bobd, I think you are very correct! I totally agree with what you said! I too am tired of the "favoritism and racist remarks". I guess I am not watching the same show? Or is it just grown ups not screaming about racist and favoritism.? Everyone just smile and chill out. It all works out in the long run!! Like you said people vote for who they like!! I like Scotty too and will vote for him. I don't think he will win. But he will get signed up to do a country CD anyway.

      Sherry K. 🙂

  21. Last night was a good show for the most part. Fantasia would have been booted off for her performance by this season's standards. I liked the duets and the "band on the run". Beautiful and talented Thia will be missed but it will be better for her in the long run because of her age that she did not win. She will have many opportunities anyway not to mention being on tour this summer. I always wonder what kind of contract they have with AI and if it limits them signing on with another producer. Anyway, everyone should be happy Naima is gone but you watch…she too will have a future in the industry and has a name we will not soon forget. We are running out of girls so I think next time a guy should go and it will probably be Paul and he can take his flowered suit with him! Also, don't you wonder when Casey will ditch the work pants and brown hoodie? Surely they must pay these guys a wardrobe allowance!

  22. How sad that Thia is voted off early in this season.. I never expected this.. Sad for us Filipinos 🙁 On the other hand James survives.. Go Go Go! James Fever!

    • Yes, it is too bad that Thia is gone. The girl has a beautiful voice and is cute as can be. . But, on the bright side, she's young and will be going on tour. It's a perfect opportunity for her to hone her stage presence and enliven her performances. She's a little wooden, but she'll improve, I'm sure. I think we'll hear from her again.

      • Flooding comments for Thia here wont generate the judges nod and he people's votes. Too late to HOWL!!! Get a life Thianatics….Bye anyway since you will stop watching AI. Adios!!!

      • your'e obviously not a "Thianatics" (as u say), but you could respect people's opinion re their favorites. You get a life as well- seems u truly need it anyway.

    • Not a single person left to watch and listen to for me anymore, after the best vocalist (Thia) was voted out. Can't wait for Simon's X-Factor starting soon on FOX. AI is over, the judges killed it week by week, favoritism so BLUNT on display. horrible … Bye Bye. Signing off!

    • yup.. I'd love to see her having a concert here in the Phils.. There is always a room for improvment and she got the talent to reach the fame.. And regarding to racial discrimination it's nothing.. It's not for Thia this time.. Everyone has a chance and it's not for her.. Maybe in the future she might receive her Grammy award.. No one knows.. Just like Jennifer Hudson.. She was voted off early during her season but she was recognized world wild because of her great talent.. Wish you Thia a goodluck for your carrer..

  23. Just please give me answer why Thia has not solo in group performance while pia and haley had their solo????? just wondering.. Hope to receive a logic and concrete answer

    • Mary, Thia did not have a solo because she was scared (intimidated by Haley and Pia) or could not pull off one they gave her in rehearsal, so they chose not to embarrass her by keeping it in the live show. Don't get me wrong, I loved her Daniel and other songs and was sad to see her leave before Paul, Jacob, and Stefano.

      • coondog…who sings and who don't is the director of the show's shot…he knows Thia will be going home…and it will make the people wonder why such a great voice will be going home so they keep her silent…just join the fun but don't have fun…lol…anyway she has a boring personality..i love her voice…but that's just it…

  24. Just please give me answer why Thia does not have solo in group performance while pia and haley had their solo????? just wondering.. Hope to receive a logic and concrete answer.. thanks

    • Here is your answer: The production including the judges were AGAINST Thia, it was obvious from the first broadcast in competition, why? Because after Thia landmarked her voice with "On my own", she became an immortal threat to the judges favorites (Pia, James Lauren and Paul) which stank week by week. Even in the studio with Rick she was almost "scolded" rather than helped, remembering her almost crying face the last time in the studio. There was no fun for Thia, Thia had to GO. If she sang a song without ANY orchestra that would have shown the world what that girl has. A VOICE!

      • that's not fair for thia.. common guys, you have million viewers so please be fair in judgement.. it was so obvious that she has no solo performance.. her voice is really amzing.

      • They were really unfair. I really hate the show tonight! I agree to what you said,UGH. WHat I just said, just watching the prod what the f. what the f.. and when thia got eliminated I was like, uhhh I know this.. it was so obvious!

        I get you that when she sang on my own, it became a threat.. the judges didnt even helped Thia gain votes by saying she's just singing ballads and ballads which the genre really suits her voice. Its unfair! Anyway, Pia will win no matter what.. even she sing ballad in the whole show she will still be WOWED by the judges!

      • quote Jimmy Iovine’s comment on Daniel “if the people wont feel her performance… she will be going home.”

  25. pia has been singing ballads all the time anh has never received such a boring comment while judges have been complaining thia signging ballad songs.. i have nothing against pia because she sings well but please let's be fair…

    • I also noticed that and thought that it was very odd. American Idol does promote certain contestants that has been VERY obvious. They have been creating so much more attention to a few of the other contestants which is completely unfair. If you notice James is always put in the limelight just like the wrestling thing with Hulk Hogan even though McDonald was up there with him the focus was on James and the belt last night and the fan mail. None of the other contestants get pulled out or have their celebrity idols come on the show for them. I would like to see all the contestant getting promoted EQUALLY!!! Thia was given a poor image, created by American Idol.

  26. America got it right….The best singers of the night go on..The best of the best!! There should be no failed nights..Thats a true star..Haley, you were absolutly great!! America knows what they want to listen to, and spend their money on..Saying this is a racist thing is absurd!!!

  27. Thia shouldnt leave! UGH Will not watch American Idol anymore. It will just be the same, the favorites will remain… Same comments, same voices, and same faces from judges, praising their favorites like God. WOAH! Hate this

      • "WE" are sour because of the "way" she was gone… Regardless what this young Lady would have done on that stage, her fate was predetermined. I have no second thoughts about Thia's future, she will make her own carreer, hopefully earns lots of cash while the other, OH SO GREAT SINGERS, are still competing. Thia will pull something like Jennifer Hudson did, she's got the voice. The finals are clear to me, thats why I stop watching. Its Pia and James. And keeping Mr. Toothpaste, squeaking like Donald Duck (fighting an everlasting cold) and having Thia off the show? Oh Man …..

      • Sorry, didn't mean to be rude to Paul at all, if some would ask me to describe the vibe of his voice, its just what came to mind. He can't SING, he can't DANCE but he can SMILE. Did that help? 😉

      • Mary, see my answer in #35 above. btw I was sad to see Thia leave before 2 lousy guys (paul and Jacob)

    • Yup.. get over it.. Me either doesn't want her leave.. But I love the show so much.. And as a filipino it's a big lost.. Filipinos wanted Thia to win to bring pride to her fellow Filipinos.. We can't do anything about it..

  28. Last week Casey was voted off, this week he received the most votes………SOMETHING SMELLS !!!!

      • They said you would be surprised the number of votes Casey received (or something like that, not the most. But I agree that something smells, like I said before, the whole thing with Casey was for drama, I am not a fan of his but with all the polls out there Casey was in the middle he was not the bottom three so how he got the least votes and was voted off was for DRAMA for the show. They control who really stays and who goes. It is a business and for ratings!

      • i got the busy signal with him last night. Just because u are not a fan doesnt mean you need to be rude.

      • will get a busy signal with everybody that means nothing…as far as me being rude, there was nothing rude toward Casey or you in anything I wrote…so relax a bit. We all have our own opinions and favorites, but if you re-read what I wrote I was actually defending Casey even though I am not a fan and pointing the finger at American Idol for needlessly putting him through that last week. Don't be so quick to jump.

      • i don't know about what you guys saying but AI is trying their best to Keep Casey..

  29. Well she didnt get my votes, which were for casey who, as i correctly predicted, got a lot of votes.

    • After giving him so much attention and camera time he has to get the most number of votes of the night!

  30. I think they should have kept Niama and Thia and sent Will-I-am and Jamie Foxx home

  31. Naima has an image & genuine to the bone persona we will not easily forget. She has a bright future in this industry, a selfless heart for others above herself, & an individuality & flair that the music industry desperately needs. You go girl…. despite the comments from those that couldn't quite yet see. Your fans will be waiting!

    • I am rooting for thia to have a good career along with james pia scotty lauren paul and casey

    • No girl is going to win this year because the guys this season are just better singers. The only girl that has a shot is Pia.

    • It's going to be someone we don't expect like Jacob or Pia. Because it seems like whenever someone is in the bottom everyone gets behind them the next week and saves them. So I see Paul being safe next week and everyone not voting for people they usually vote for.

    • I wont be too excited for PIA! she'll be singing ballads for sure till she realizes she can sing other songs! hahaha

      And Scotty? OMG. why don't he just sing with the cows on their farm!

      I'm rooting for LAUREN all the way!!

      • Pia is another fantasia who will not make it anyway not unless she gains weight!

        James is another glambert wholl be famous for just few years!

        Scotty will just like be Kris Allen or Lee Dewyze!

        All of them Sucks

    • James will be loosing in the end . He's showboating too much. america will get tired of him at the end.

      Pia & Casey can't compete with Scotty's popularity.

    • Agreed KC. James, Pia, and Casey are probably the most talented and will be the last three standing. Although the massive Southern voting bloc will keep Scotty and Lauren in play right til the end.

  32. Bottom 3 next are :




    will go home :


    and so on and so on ,

    Jacob , Stefano , Hayley

    will be going home.

    The rest would be the top 5/finale.

    Casey – 4th

    Pia – 3rd

    Lauren – 2nd

    Scotty – 1st

    James – WINNER

    I can be wrong but that's what i thought! 😉

      • I'm all for Lauren. She really proved herself last night. She was amazing. Scotty complimented her, but she really outsung him.

      • Kris, anyone left in the competition… will "outsing" Scotty in a duet with him. He has very limited range, and has not shown ANY vocal strength. He will someday make a fortune crooning country, but should not make the top five here. (Top five should be: Pia, James, Haley, Lauren, and Casey)

      • I love how people have "next week's bottom three" all figured out. Hey, don't you think we should let them sing first?

        That's what sucks about this show. You're going to vote for your favorite, even if they take the stage Wednesday and sound like cats fighting. Ridiculous.

    • Claire, by "1st", I presume you mean "2nd"? What kind of top 5 list has the bottom person in 4th?

    • Branden, thank you for the excellent recap! Now I feel bad I did not watch, only saw who was going home and decided I did not need to hear or see more filler. I will have to watch Scotty and Lauren's duet on you tube or something. Great predictions. I am happy it worked out the way it did. I never worry too much about them at this stage though, I think they will pretty much have good careers once they have made it this far. Not positive about Naima, but maybe we will see her on So You Think You Can Dance.

    • I was hoping that thia will win this competition because she is really good she. Thia will be a great song writer/singer in the near future 'cause she has a song entitled "as I do" on youtube. Just for the record thia sing upbeat songs too.

      Did anyone notice that scotty hug thia so tight after announcing the results. Its so cute, everyone should see it.

      • Thia has a great voice. She is going to be great some day. She just needs to mature in her own self. I prefer her singing to Pia. Pia to me just hits the high notes, but there is no emotion in her whatsoever. I don't understand who gets goosebumps from her singing. It does not touch me at all.

      • She had the best voice but she was too shy. Hope she would grow up to that confident person and go far.

      • yeah it's sad they voted out someone with real talent. But performance is important too. She shoulda' waited till she was a little older and more confident on the stage. Now Pia is gonna be voted off for being too boring if she doesn't bring it next show. I don't get why she's one of the judges favorites either. So similar to Thia in ballad song choices – Thia's the better singer but Pia is more confident & prettier.

      • actually Paul will go before Pia, she might have 3 weeks left to go, but depends on the song choices and performances of everyone. What a great season!

      • Thia’s great, amazing… she’d just not fit to win… she’ll get a good career though… i’m hopeful

      • Stefano will be the next American Idol. He is damn cute with an excellent pipes….

      • @Erica Jong… That's quite possible because he has excellent vocal, but still, depends on how many votes he receives from his supporters. I hope he will always be able to pick the right song at the right time in order to get new supporter for him.

      • excuse me… what? my eyes and ears are just recovering from his horrible performance the other night…

    • well…i think this year is a screaming competition … so for me… for you … the winner will be the best screamer quality wise… that would be Pia… so scotty,paul,lauren, you gotta start screaming next week… the rest, james,jacob,stefano,haley already screaming.

      goodluck yo'all.

      • Screaming? That's singing with Higher notes which an ordinary person couldn't do. Try singing songs by Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Christina A. all with seven octaves, dont you think they are not screaming? But songs by Lady Gaga, Kathy Perry and the others has tunes that dont require great singing skills, and im impressed Pia Toscano, Jacob, Stefano and Haley are doing them. Great pipes really….

      • I have to agree with @Erica Jong. But I don't like Haley's voice. The other three are the ones who can hit super high notes. The battle between them, including James, will also depend on the song choice. So far, only Pia and James that are consistently good in their song choices.

    • @ Claire…I agree…James will definitely be the winner…Paul will most likely be the next to go home. So many choices for next week…don't even want to contemplate what the contestants will be singing for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Can't wait to see what James will do…it may be that everyone else rocks out and James will do a ballad…I would love for him to sing..While My Guitar Gently Weeps, originally done by George Harrison of the Beatles…and done again and again by some many other artists…Eric Clapton, Santana to just name a few. Rock On James~!!!

      • That all depends on the votes for James but right now everything is not predictable.

        Still i hope Stefano will sing Jealous Guy by John Lennon or Strawberry Fields Forever…. great song and he can nail this.

      • Scotty tends to sing Elvis's "Blue Suede Shoes".

        I prefer Stefano to sing Queen's song, instead, such as "Jealousy", "Las Palabras de Amor", "Save Me".

        Casey can sing "Jealousy" too.

        And James… he can try "We are the Champion".

      • I just read from Wikipedia. There, I found that Simon & Garfunkel was also inducted in The R&R Hall of Fame at 1990. So, if Pia is "smart" enough, she could pick "Bridge Over Troubled Water". That song was succesfully sung by Clay Aiken at Season 2. Yeah… ballad again.

      • And… ABBA was also inducted at 2010. It am looking forward to watching Pia Toscano singing ABBA's song such as "Ring Ring", "Mamma Mia", "Bang a Boomerang", though she will possibly sing "Chiquitita".

      • Hi Rose A. These boards are jumping around so much I can't hardly keep up with where you are! Did you like Lauren and Scotty's " I told you so"? I thought it was very pretty.And James knocked it out of the ball park like you thought he would!! What are your thoughts on who the top 3 might be? You and Phyllis are usually right on with your picks. I am excited to see what happens next week! I will just have to jump around this board to try to find you Rose. And Phyllis is usually on the same page as you! If not the next page. Hugs to both of you. I am enjoying this years show. I would like to see the judges be a bit harder! Not such softies. Sherry K. 🙂

  33. last night's show wasn't so pleasant. There's no way we could change the result of America's votes, no questions asked about that but you guys should've at least given Thia a chance to sing solo in that number with Pia and Haley. I really wonder what the reason is behind that. I think AI needs to give an explanation on that next week…

    • agree, AI should give explanation on that.. why thia has not given solo in that number..

      • I also agree on that. I'm waiting for her to sing her part for that song. Eventhough she's at home now, that's still a question.

      • right Dan…just wanted to know why that happened. i'm sure if one of the idols you happen to follow had the same case, your curiosity won't stop you from asking i bet 🙂

      • Dan Correct on this one…Yes, she is gone. They have told her over and over to step up.. Yes she has the Disney Cruseline appeal in a voice, however boring to watch.

      • Oops. I meant I totally agree with you, Java. I didn't like that Thia didn't have her opportunity to shine in that song.

    • Obviously, she's not they're fav. She's the underdog when it comes to exposure. They knew that she could sing. That's why, they were hard on her. She was a threat. She was not given the chance to prove herself. I wish there is a transparency on how many votes each contestant gets every week. That would eliminate the suspicion that AI show is scripted.

      • Jhezfer, it's totally true that she's not one of their favorites, she really wasn't given the proper exposure like the others had unfortunately. But regardless, I still believe Thia has the finest voice among them!

      • i did realize that Thia is only shown in small parts of the commercials, music videos and even last nights song. It upset me. I mean she was a waiter in the music Video Kryptonyte! A waiter!

      • because she's asian…that's my guess…lol…i wanted her to do a solo…talk about descrimination..

      • because she's asian? or because she's boring? geez, everything is because of discrimination if non-whites aren't allowed to shine? Naima was shining in that Ford commercial cuz she's fun to watch. I loved the eyes, so funny and fun.

      • shame on this SoftDev…i guess you need a QA to look at your reply. man, you sure are very dependent on QA to be able to deliver an even "acceptable" software…lol!

    • I know his image is the good, all American boy but I would love to hear him sing Garth Brooks' Friends in Low Places. His voice would be awesome for that song. I know this will never happen because the song is intended for an older man but wow, he could tear it up.

      • Agree…Scotty will definitely be signed up..if he isn't already. James is my favorite to win. It will be interesting to see what he will do for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next week. Hello to T, Phyllis G, Angela and Sherry K. Go James~!!! 🙂

    • Really bummed iTunes doesn't have the performances from last night for download. Would like Scotty and Lauren singing I Told You So and Paul, Casey, James and Stefano singing Band on the Run. It works better when they split them in smaller groups singing rather than the entire group because not all voices complement each other.

      • The four guys doing Band on the Run is one of my favorite part of the show, they looked excellent doing their musical ack up with guitars and keyboard. I love them…. Muy Tambien.

      • -lol- Can't wait to see Scotty sing Rock and Roll classics. Conway Twitty meets Staurway to Heaven. Hank Williams does Free Bird. *LOL*

        And Lauren? Boring? Rock and Roll HOF is a MASSIVE collection and the type of music this competition revolves around. What should we be singing instead?

      • Once again you embarrass yourself. Scotty's hero is ELVIS! Of course, he'll do an Elvis song and bring down the house.

  34. This whole season is terrible, from the judges, to the producers, down to the contestants.

      • This season is great…and no, I do not miss Simon. This season all of the contestants are really talented. James is my favorite to win… 🙂

    • Are you kidding me? This is the best group of talent that AI has ever had on…Best year ever…not feeling steven tyler anymore..dont know if the network squelched him or what, but he has nothing but nice things to say. There is such a thing as constructive criticism. We should hear more of that from Steven. JLo is great.

      • Kathy, you really think there is a shred of "star quality" in any of the remaining nine contestants? Enlighten me, cos I don't see a Jennifer Hudson or a Kelly Clarkson or a Chris Daughtry out there anywhere. I see a bunch of Kris Allens and Kellie Picklers… *grin*

      • @ Kathy…I agree. This will definitely be an Idol Tour that I will go to…not much chance of cancellations this year as there were last year due to low ticket sales. Very diverse and really good talent.

      • Rose A. — Hi and hugs. Yes, I will def go this year. The only Idol tour I have been to was Adam's season and it rocked. Loved Matt Giraud and Scotty on dueling pianos. Was a great show. Cannot wait to see James, Casey, and Scotty in concert. Woo-hoo!

  35. What the hell is it then?it's not just a show for sissy girls to vote for some hot guys of theirs!

      • That's what it has become. Last season and the season before. Flat out Adam should have beaten Chris and Crystal should have beaten What's His name. Hands down.

    • I agree the last couple years have been disapointments for winners and i agree alot of the votes have to do with looks and its annoying me so people have got to stop voting for looks and start voting based on there performances

      • unfortunately, it's not going to happen. that's why we see 'non-winners' doing a lot better than the actual winner. case in point are adam and crystal who are doing great while cris' and can't remember his name' careers are almost non-existent.

      • Not going to happen when you have tweeners voting. I blew up the phone voting for Adam…so did everyone else I know, and for what? Kris still won. No offense, Kris Allen is talented too, but he is no Adam Lambert. Still, I think they fair better to not win because I remember when Kelly Clarkson won and her big gripe was the percentage Idol takes from them is outrageous. So I think they end up making more money without having to give a HUGE chunk of change to Idol. I do not know if that has changed or anything about their contracts, only what I read in articles regarding that.

        And I think Crystal Bowersox threw it in towards the end last season because of her health and her kid. Mind you, this is pure speculation, but she had health issues going on while on Idol and maybe she was worried about all the Idol commitments if she won.

    • Stefano ROCKS and that's the Bottomline cuz Stone Cold said so …… hahahaha

    • Thats the scenario, teen girls will vote for good looking guys and these are the people who stay online always at the internet hyping about their favorites.

  36. I think alot of you are reading James all wrong and are mistaking confidence for arrogance. The guy simply knows how to perform and entertain. He's the most versitile contestant on the show too and could never be accused of being a one trick pony if you will. Why would anyone ever want to listen to a statue sing, even if they sing well. People go to concerts to be entertained. If you just want hear someone sing, throw on a record already… lol – James is having a lot of fun and everybody around him has alot of fun. He knows he's the best on the show, and I frankly see nothing wrong with that. Keep showing these amatures how it's done James, Rock On!

      • He just is confident in himself. I admire that. It takes GUTS to get in front of millions of people and be confident.

      • i don't like james attitude… he's arrogant sometimes… but judging his performance, man!! he's a total performer… i say he could be on the top 5…

      • James can be the next Adam Lambert where we can see his album on a "BuyOne-TakeOne" status on holidays.

      • I really don't want to say this.. but James been married kind of take away the votes of crazy teen girls.

      • Agreed KC. I see this as James, Casey, and Pia. I have no prob at all with James strutting his stuff. He can see that he's not in danger of losing (yet) and he's having fun. Haley did the same last night, waiting for the results. Standing there with Naima and Thia, she looked like she didn't have a care in the world. (Go watch the show again; she nailed her song and KNEW she was safe). Nothing wrong with well-earned confidence.

      • nan — Kris Allen is married and was married when he was on the show. How do you think he beat Adam Lambert? Teenage girls don't care. He's cute, that gets votes. Stupid, yes. But we were all teenage girls once, right?

      • @T, I know., Kris Allen was married but he kept it quiet. He didn't wear his wedding ring until he sang"man in the mirror", but James have his family pic on his twitter account.

    • This isn't about going to concerts it is about true talent, not screaming and showboating.

      • If that were the case Thia wouldn't have been eliminated last night… Nobody could deny that girl could sing… But she had zero personality as if her parents had her locked in a closet her whole life… Almost a mirror image of Pia, except Pia is legal with "eye candy" type assets that could take her a long way… Talent & looks, now if she could figure out how to have fun and enterain more, show a little more personality… She would be what they call the "total package"… Maybe even compete with James in the finally… But if not, she's top five at best… So, yes, showmanship IS a bigger element to being an "idol" than talent (Clarkson and Underwood come to mind)…

    • I totaly think james will make it to the top 3 he knows how to put on an amazing show i never get tired of hes peformances

      • BTW james is in trouble with his Pepsi comments lol…. Ryan Seacrest was worried it will trigger a Cola war.

    • I knocked James after Wednesday's performance because that performance was really crazy. I am just saying how he was in the audience, all over the stage, all in the audience again, all up on stage again, all in, what, 90 seconds? It was manic.

      But I am a James fan. I just wasn't a fan this week. And confidence is a good thing and let's face it, if James got kicked off next week, the man has a career for life and a way to support is son. I just don't want to watch him run around like a maniac for the rest of the season. Just use his pipes, hit those awesome high notes and rock it out.

    • Agreed Geri…& about buy one, get one free means buy adam's CD, get James' free?? lol!

    • I totally agree. James is so entertaining. Pia is so boring to watch…if I spend money on a concert, I want to be entertained. If not, I throw on a cd and just listen. James is amazing.

    • @Rockin' – That WAS my point exactly. Kelly and Carrie are excellent performers thus the reason for their sucess. Concerts promote albums. Showmanship is a bigger element than singing talent in the music business. Atleast half of today's top 40 are there due to showmanship. Now those that have singing talent AND showmanship become music icons (rare and special) R&R Hall of Famers if you will.

    • Totally agree, Tim329 — I can see James winning this. When he did Maybe I'm Amazed, he proved what control he has over his voice.

      • Yes he can really control screaming and screeching and he must shop at any Good Will available. He is the complete package of nothing

    • His voice is annoying. It doesn't sounds like he is singing. He is actually screaming. if he would try to sing a ballad just for once, I might like him. We'll see.

      • Jhezfer — Maybe I'm Amazed is a ballad and he did prove he can sing a ballad. He just prefers to rock it, stay true to the performer he is. I was starting to worry he was only going to be a rocker, but he proved he is so much more.

    • Totally agree…James has what it takes.

      @ T. Yes, I agree with your summation of Crystal last year…we may be seeing the same with Casey and his chronic health issues. I believe that James will win this…Scotty will be 2nd; Casey or Pia 3rd and Lauren 4th. Paul will most likely go home next week. JMO

      • Hi, Rose A. Hugs to you! I actually completely agree with your order there. Yes, I think Paul will be one of the next to go unless he picks the right song. It's all a matter of song choice now, and that always has me biting my nails because every year I have watched, song choice is their biggest downfall. I wish they had someone better guiding them with song choice. I thought Jimmy Iovinne (sp?) was going to help with that, but instead he seems helping more with the song arrangement and technical stuff.

        They need BRANDEN to pick their songs! Right, B? I usually agree with the songs you pick, but they never pick the songs you put on here. Argh! Frustrating!

    • James is in HOT water caused by that Pepsi Comment it might trigger another COla war…. The family of MJ likewise reacted to this…..

      • If it's true..I wonder how Scotty presents this?? country style rock & roll? lol!

      • Scotty's album is hardly going to be dancehall, funk, reggae or even rock is it? It's going to be wall to wall country music, so why the hell shouldn't he sing country every week. It makes no sense for him to show versatility just for the 'sake' of it.

      • There are a hundred songs once considered Rock and Roll that are now country a little group called the Eagles comes to mind Scotty will have no trouble finding a rock song to sing as a country song. I just wonder want James will sing.

      • Johnny Cash is in the Rock N roll hall of fame. So. Plus Elvis since Scotty loves him.

      • Would love to hear Scotty sing In the Ghetto. I don't know if it was originally done by Elvis though because Elvis did not write his songs, he adapted from other songs or sung other people's songs. Oh, just looked it up. Mac Davis wrote it and he is in the RnR Hall of Fame.

      • Well meemee how many red necks do you know? You should not put your relatives done like that. did you see the movie Deliverance? Everyone saw you

  37. i think thia just lacked personality, but apart from it, she's so much great… her voice is the best of all contestants… c'mon, she's just 16… great opportunities are on the road…

    anyway, may i just predict that the next bottom three will be jacob, paul and stefano..

    i hope haley moves to the top cause i think she could win this thing… i say haley, pia, scotty and casey for top 4…. i hope i got it right…

      • what?! o c'mon, she doesn't growl or whine… it's some kinda her style… i love that rockin' husky voice… that makes her different from everyone…

      • But she's really very pretty and down to earth…unlike let's say hmmm, James?

      • I agree with kc its a talent show and her rapey thing she dose is really anoying would love to see her go

      • KC, you must be a girl. That growling and yearning yodel is very sexy and appealing to guys (I'm worried about you Ray!). But girls should like her too because she's a model to them for what appeals to guys, all in the same model as girls loving Elvis' sex appeal and so guys like Elvis to as a model for them to be.

      • I'm a guy and moved to the edge of my seat when Haley got all raspy and flirty on Bennie and the Jets. She's cute, hot, and (for that one night) fun… and if she keeps THAT up, she seriously could contend.

      • alobar — I agree. I have been pulling for Haley because she was so good in auditions…but then has been trying too hard on some of the performances, almost painful to watch. I was very happy with her performance of Bennie and the Jets though I would have preferred James or Casey singing that song, but she made it work. The kid has great legs, too, and shows them off without coming across as sleazy or skanky.

      • kc- enough of all of your lame arguments…. haley is sexy.. and that’s it….

    • I think Lauren will come out strongly in the next few weeks. I was so impressed with her on the results night [not the part she cried her eyes off for Thia…:)]

    • Thia's voice is good.. However, she kept singing slow, boring songs. If it's boring, at least make it modern. It's hard to tell how she would do with a different song type.

    • Haley will be one of the next to go.. I don't know what the judges were listening to this past week. She just wasn't that good!

    • Everyone can predict but yours wont matter cuz stefano will stay and reach the Finals….. The Rocks says…. If you smell what the Rock is cookin' and he Loves stefano cuz he is also an Italian bwahahaha….

      • I do admire stefano and his singing ability. Rock on stefano and nail again this coming week eliminations night.

      • Thank you christina. I could care less how attractive people are. I just vote for who is the best.

      • I really didn't understand why Ryan had to explain about grooming Casey to the American public..:)

      • KC, it's ALWAYS a beauty pageant AND a singing thing too. Did Crystal sing any better after they whitened her teeth 40 shades? Elliott was a dorky Amish-looking guy and they worked HARD at packaging him better as he got to the final three. Look at how different Lee DeWyze looked from start to finish last year. It's nice to be altruistic and think it's all about talent, but when all things are equal, Americans will go with the more attractive package, and if you think that isn't true, you're kidding yourself.

      • alobar — LOL so true. What about Clay Aiken and how they glammed him up? That was godawful.

  38. This show was, indeed, much better. I called the bottom 3 right also. So glad to see Thia finally leave. Naima really screwed up with reggae for a choice. I thought Jacob was scared to death he was going home, and he will soon. He is definately not a dance-around-the-stage singer and the duet with Naima was horrible. I liked the boy band except that it showed how much weaker Paul is than the other three. Nice to see Stephano on the keyboard. I agree that Paul will be the next to go unless someone royalty messes up.

      • I don't think Jacob would go home next week.. He might get some of Naima's votes also.. Paul is the one to go. He was in bottom 3 this week & he's not getting anybody's votes(of those who got eleminated)

      • I'd like to see Scotty go. He always sounds the same..and the judges criticize Pia for singing the same style??? Puhleeze! At least she's got a voice. Scotty sounds like a drunk and he's bleeding that deep voice for all it'd worth. Everyone else has to change it up…how come he gets a pass. Lauren may have a good voice but she's way too trashy. If Casey has to shave, Lauren has to lose wait and stop acting cheap.

      • OMG KC, I've never seen you so succinct–and I agree about His Slobberness (Jacob)! Unfortunately, like Casey, his dramatics will win him sympathy votes, so we'll have to be content with losing Paul first.

    • jacob is over-exaggerating everything… more often than not, he is an eyesore… sorry for his fans… i'm just saying the truth…. no racism issue here…. but i say, his voice range is terrific!

      • But we all know that when he gets eliminated everyone on here is going to whine and say it was racism. Just like they did with thia.

      • @KC, judges love him.. Especially Steven.. so he'll be around for another week or two

    • Yeah, stefano doing the keyboards, he looked damn good , it was a swell performance done by the four guys…. i really liked them, steven tyler was not looking bored that time lol….

  39. Jacob,paul,casey & stefano have to goo

    My top 5:






      • I guess i just dont appreciate her voice, like some dont appreciate caseys or pauls.

      • Casey is definitely going to stay longer than Paul.. Heley is little unpredictable for me at the moment. She might stay longer than we think

      • Paul, Jacob, and Stefano… in that order… are the next three to go. Just my opinion.

    • Nice call Jill. I have the same top 5, except with Haley on top and everyone else down a notch (Haley has an Elvis-like sex appeal to guys and yes it IS the wonderful, throaty Growls!) .

  40. I meant to say royally in the last post. I forgot to mention that the "entertainment", especially Wil-i-am, was awful. I don't like Hailey's growling either. She's the one who seems arrogant to me.

    • Great point… this entertainment was not good.. My wife said to me all 11 idols this year were better then the 2 guest singing acts, I had to agree.. thank god for DVR.. Fast forward! Learned that in the Paula years! "You are like a fresh rainbow.." ugh.. fast forward!

      • Boy, ain't that the truth. The 2 guest singing acts sucked. You would think AI could do better than that.

      • @ Dan. I agree. The only guest they have had on so far that was any good was Adam~!! All the others were horrible. Must be on a strict budget…getting mostly B and C-listers on. Top 5…James, Scotty, Pia, Lauren and Casey. And…Yes, Jacob does look like a scared puppy every time on results night. After Paul, Jacob will be going ( I have a feeling that Pia and Jacob will end up getting the votes for those who voted for Naima and Thia. Who knows. 🙂

    • Susan and KC, see my comments in #14 above regards the "growls". Don't Hater her–Embrace her, like guys had to do with Elvis.

      • Haley will never be the female Elvis. Haley put on a good performance this week, but her growls & screaming are not good. Hard to listen to at times.

      • what????? again, that was not a growl… it some kinda vocal technique of her… and i just thought that it is fantastic… it is indeed sexy…. truly an elvis girl…

  41. I think all the right decisions have been made to date. I think it was the RIGHT choice to save Casey. I also think it was time for Thia and Naima to go and I think it's time for Paul to go next. After that, it's the best of the best every week.

      • girls(teen girls who vote 90%)are starting to like Stefano..hmm. He might stay longer than Jacob. who knows?

      • Teenage girls are most likly voting for him because of he good looks. To be honest he should of been the one voted off last week not casey

      • Your wish about stefano is immaterial. He will last this competition. JLo is already enamored of stefano's pupply looking eyes haha. Go stefano <3

  42. Sigh* Ok, I have been watching this show since the first season. In all honesty, this show has not changed a bit. After season one, it all went downhil…the show started to be based on popularity instead of talent, hence America votes. Last night results, my guess for the bottom 3 were on point, Naima, Thia and Paul. Out of the 3, This did a better job during the Elton John night. What shocked me was Thia was one of those going home. She may be 15/16, but she does have a great voice…although I know she can bring out the powerful note like she did during her first audition and the song she sang on the first live show (on my own, i think). She should have given another chance…but no more saves. As for Naima, if she continues to sing the way she did last night without the reggae swag….i am sure she will go far…America can only hear so much of her reggae swag. Needs to change it up more. As for Paul, he has a unique voice, but sometimes hes weird about it lol I dont think he sang too well Wednesday. Granted all 3 singers have great voices. But Thia should have stayed. Did I vote? Yes I did. but one person's vote is not enough. This show has always been about popularity. What can we do?? I just hope that America will pick the right winner. Good luck to the rest of the contestants.

      • i highly disagree… fantasia is great! i think she's one of those most remarkable contestants of AI.. o c'mon, listen to her "summertime" rendition— that was great, unbelievably great! i do think that it is still the best single performance in AI…

      • yes she's a great singer but she cant even sell her album. Im starting to think Rebecca Black outruns her with her career!

      • Fantasia only has to speak, let alone sing, and I start going on 'self-harm' forums. Funnily enough, a lot of you guys are on here too.

        She's got spirit, but by god she's got an annoying shrill tone.

      • I agree.. I think it's the shrill in Fantasia's voice that makes my ears want to bleed!

      • Fantasia was the reason I stopped watching Idol altogether until recently. I find her just flat out, downright, awful. There are very few people in this world that can get under my skin the way she can.

    • KC, you're so harsh! I didn't like her voice last night, but I will never forget her "Summertime." Never. (I wish she would take better care of herself. That extra weight is not helping her career, I'm sure.) I could see how polished she was as an entertainer, though. I wish her nothing but the best.

      • She aded the weight for a movie but she still can not sing. I really do not know what people se in her.

      • her voice sounded like that alien at The movie Fifth element, i got my eardrums broken listening to her shrill singing. so awful. and her name is Fantasia?

    • Naima is not a good singer, so I doubt she will go to far.

      I too would have kept Thia and let Jacob go.

  43. done with the hell exam for certification.. I wonder why I accepted the offer to be shifted into other account wherein once again I will face the challenge of being accepted in the group. (sigh) however I guess I did great.. But clueless for the result..

    With Thia she's great and always will. Go shine!

    • Yes.. She will. I'm looking forward to that.

      She was so confident in her audition and the early stages.. We really don't know what happened to her to loose that confident.

      She deserves the best!

      • The judges were too picky with her and messed with her mind. The judges have a powerful influence on the contestants' ego.

      • The judges seemed to be very hard on her and that seemed to shoot her confidence down which I thought was a bit mean to do. she has a great voice and is talented, but again I will say it, AI is not about true talent, which I wish it was. So unfortunately for Thia she had to learn the hard way. She is young and has a very bright future.

    • i agree, thia will have a great career ahead of her… her voice is just so great…. that's definitely once in a million… maybe AI is not just for her…. but who knows?, she might get more famous than the winner…

      • She should work on her personality.. She's still 16. She'll have great singing career… I hope to see amazing performances from her in future

    • I agree KC, I think she auditioned a little to early. If she could have waited till she was about 20 she would have rocked the house.

      • Thanks GG35. I really liked her but she made wrong song choices. I didnt agree with pia picking a ballad AGAIN!

      • I agree! Thia's "Daniel" performance was too slow-paced which may be the vocal coach's musical arrangement but she could have insisted to sing the song a little bit faster. The judges already advised her to do away with ballads but did not listen – the song "Don't let the sun go down on me" would have been a perfect song for Thia! Well, it's too late but Thia is still a baby and I am sure her star will shine going forward. As Thia said, she's only 16 and proud of herself being in the AI top 11. Best of luck to you Thia – I know that your dream will come true sooner or later!!

    • Totally agree!!! The mentor/producer who have been with them during rehearsals and the judges, especially Mr. Tyler were so hard on her…And mean in way, especially when he comments about thia's performances… He acts/comments like he's just NOT INTERESTED of her… Well, what can thia do, she's not as SEXY and not as beautiful as LAUREN, HALEY or even PIA…

      • She has to be stronger than that to survive in this field.. She lacks life experiences.

      • No one coached her to resort to gimmicks like what stefano is doing with Jlo, perhaps Pia could have touched steven tylers hair while singing Daniel hahaha…. Steven wont get bored with her.

  44. I think everyone of the female singers are better singers/entertainers than than the males with the exceptions of Scotty and James. I was saddened by last night's results. Scotty and Thia are the only two whose music I will purchase. It appears that girls are just voting for their favorite hottie and the female singers will come out the losers for it.

      • Casey is a nice guy. I like him.

        I don't like how AI is trying hard to push Casey up… I really don't understand!

      • Nan…it seems like they only promote certain contestants hard. Which I do not agree with.

      • KC. Yes, Casey is good and I do not understand them (the judges) "pimping" him up like that. I do think, however, that his health is going to play a big factor in his winning AI. We shall see. He is in my top five; but as y'all know…James is my favorite to win this year. 🙂

      • Rose A. {{Hugs}} — Yes, Casey is a great performer, but I do not see him winning either. Top 5, yes, but not winning.

        James, Scotty and I can even see Pia winning though she is like watching a statue sing. But you never know. I can never predict this show. If I were right, Adam would have won.

  45. i say jacob has the worst music record in itunes… he can never be a recording superstar.. that's why he deserve to be in the bottom group…

    anyway, haley , paul, and pia were consistently great with their recordings… thia, as well, has a great record there… i hope the voting public should listen also to these records before they vote…

      • I was surprised as could be that Jacob managed to contain himself in that duet with Naima–where she shone like a star. Wow, she has poise. Wow, she can dance. Wow, she was just miles beyond!

  46. Can we just change the title of the show to "The Search for the Next Justin Bieber" cause i think only gradeschool girls are voting!

    • You be right Lauren. Are the advertisers aware of that phenomenon? Smart for Coke, but stupid for Ford as those tween girls ain't gonna by no car–or influence Mom or Dad to buy one either.

  47. I think it should go back to the judges voting and picking the winner, like it used to be. Too many of us voters do/don't vote for the wrong reason(s).

      • I agree, something different should be done to really get the right choice instead of the cutest choice.

      • Oh, perleease. As soon as the line-up was announced for the finals, it was obvious the boys would dominate. Their category was way stronger than the girls.

        There's only Stefano that's a hit with the ladies, and has the best male voice anyway. So all this 'They're looking for a Justin Bieber' crap is codswallop.

      • see my comments on #22. Coke makes money, not Ford–ha,ha. but they both pay the producers. smart for coke, stupid for Ford. (tween girl voters)

  48. Kudos Branden for being right on in your predictions of the bottom three! I'm already looking forward to next week's show. I'm going to guess that the bottom three will be: Hayley, Stefano and Jacob with Hayley going home.

      • I started out loving Jacob but he has started falling away from me and Haley has started moving in. I still like Paul and Casey and now pulling for Haley. But I think they all are great singers and will do well.

      • but I didn't understand Brandan saying Stefano is safe in one article and saying he would go home in the other one.

      • @ Branden…I agree. Also agree with an earlier comment that you should be the one to pick out the songs for the contestants….u would definitely do better than what has been chosen for most of them. PS Love your re-caps. James for the win. Whoo Hoo~!!! @ T…big hugs right back at you~!! 🙂

    • I dont think you prediction about stefano landing at the bottom 3 again is affecting the voting public. Many things will sill happen. I wish he will be at the Final 4….

  49. Its rediculous. if you loved thia and naima so much, why didnt they make it through. Ecspecially thia.

  50. I have to say this, last night when James soloed during the Band On The Run song, I really loved the way he sang it. He is very talented, I just do not like his performances of the hard core rock stuff. I love my classic Rock but it's like he's trying to be a wanna be Rock star and not a true one. Even KISS had some awesome ballards.

    • @ GG35. Check out some of James' videos on U-Tube…you will be pleasantly suprised at the versatility and range of his voice. He is an amazing singer. And, yes, confident. For a young man that has faced his disabilities head on…he has every right to be confident. Kudos to you James. ~!!! 🙂

    • Not only James shone i n that Band on the Run performance, Stefano sang SOLO also, as well as Casey and Paul Ironically Paul didnt let go… he was outshined by Stefano, James and Casey. Over all performance was great. Love stefano making magic with the keyboards and steven tyler was alerted lol….

    • Yes, where is Mr. Cowell? I'm starting to miss his MORE INTELLIGENT/RATIONAL critiques!!!

  51. As I think many did, I thought that the bottom three would be Naima, Thia and Paul. I also thought N & T would be going home, so that made me bat 1.000 for the second week.

    Unless he steps it up bigtime next week, I think Paul will be gone next.

    I have really schizophrenic thoughts about this season. On the one hand, I think that it's both the most talented group OVERALL we've ever had at this point, AND the most diverse in singing and performing styles. On the other hand, none of these performers really, really grabs me the way that (for me) Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry, David Cook, Melinda Doolittle and Jennifer Hudson did. (There are probably others, but those come to mind most immediately.)

    (And most of those were not the "winners" of the actual competition, though they've had much post-AI recording success.)

    So while I like this GROUP, no individual is blowing me away.

    But oddly to most people here, I think that the one who impresses me the most with both vocal ability, range, and note accuracy is HALEY — I'm not kidding; she hasn't hit a wrong note yet, and her control — to slip in and out of low notes, high notes, yodel-y sounds, gravelly sounds (a bit too much at times) is amazing. I love her SINGING. Lauren ranks up there, too, with me, for some of the same reasons: Great vocal range and accuracy, and she seems more comfortable performing than Haley.

    So many people are fawning all over Scotty, and he is pretty good, but nothing about him seems very original to me. And I think he's trying too hard to be TOO country, wallowing around on every single word in every single song. And that smirk … ugh.

    Jacob? I was so, so impressed with his power in the tryout process, but the more I hear him (and SEE him), the more he grates on me. He tries to stay at his upper range far too long in every song, and then his voice starts straining, and it is no longer fun to listen to. And I find him painful to watch. A real drama queen.

    Pia is beautiful, and has a beautiful voice, but she really has been off-key more that the judges have noted. Casey is interesting, likable, and — like Paul — has an endearing quirkiness. But he has a better voice than Paul. Stefano I can't decide about — he also strains at times. When he stays in his range, he's a "sweet" singer (a la David Archuleta, perhaps?), but since he doesn't really stand out, he'll probably be gone soon, too.

    The top two, when all is said and done? James Durbin and …. SOMEBODY. Could be Pia, could be Scotty, could be Lauren. James is a good rocker, screamer, performer and his vocal range is amazing. Not as good as Daughtry, Cook, and probably even Lambert, but good. And I think that his fan base is solid.

    I just hope that this doesn't devolve into a cuteness and popularity contest among the preponderance of 12-year-old female voters, because Haley and Lauren will suffer at the expense of worse singers.

    Sorry for the rambling analysis … !

    • Yeah, I think that comment was way too long, regardless of content. Can someone condense it into a practical, forum-friendly, summary? I can't be arsed reading any of it.


      • After reading all of your summary,I disagree with you on one point. Scotty will make more of his talent then any of all the others.

      • I dis agree on your opinion cuz for me stefano, jacob and pia are the stand outs with good pipes to speak of.

    • "I just hope that this doesn’t devolve into a cuteness and popularity contest among the preponderance of 12-year-old female voters, because Haley and Lauren will suffer at the expense of worse singers."

      This,I wholeheartedly agree. 🙂

      • Well, you cant do anything about if if teens will vote for stefano, scotty and james. girls love handsome and cute guys…. besides, they are not worse singers…. they have excellent vocals also.

    • Yes, here ya go – basically, Haley is more talented vocally, Jacob isn't, others are middle of the road and won't last long, James and maybe Pia as final two..

      There summarized..

    • The summary of this essay should be, according to him: James Durbin and … SOMEBODY.

    • I repeat…Scotty sounds like a drunk trying to find his way home…and he ALWAYS sounds the same.

      • Of course Scotty sounds the same He is a "Country singer" why does everyone want him to change. He is what he is stop trying to change him. Country is good music maybe some of you should tune into xm the highroad and listen for a change.

      • I agree 100% with Cathy!

        James always tries and sing a rock song, Pia always ballads, Jacob. Well Jacob is Jacob. and people are still on about Scotty only singing country? What would you want him to try and sing? An RnB song? yeah. that's really going to play out well for him.

    • yeah was a little long…i agree with most of your comments…and i really agree…nobody is really grabbing me either. scotty and perhaps lauren will be country successes to some degree, but we will probably never hear of the others again.

    • Not2old4ridol, I agree with you analysis for the most part. Haley and Lauren are amazing singers. Haley is really the best singer in the competition. After listening to them all again, I came to this conclusion. She was the best performer in a very sweet, subtle SEXY way. Ladies, wouldn,t we all love to have those legs. Lauren is one of the best female singers I have ever heard and will become a big star. I strongly disagree with you about Scotty. His beautiful, classic country voice is phenomenal. I predict that he will win this contest and will go on to be one of the most successful Idol winners ever. I also love James. I think he will be successful. The others are are just so so for me. I hope Jacob goes home next.

      BRANDON, loved your post. Couldn't agree with you more about the show. I loved it. I would like to see more shows like this with the Idol duets, etc. Hated the "Will I Am"/Jamie Fox show. Always like to see former Idols come back to sing. I thought Lauren and Scotty's duet was fabulous.

      • Branden, the author of this blog or Brandonxxxx?? You seems confused with them….lol!

    • Well said regards the Haley appeal. I've compared her appeal as being in the form of the wide range of songs Elvis could do, and also in his sex appeal doing it.

      • American Idol is looking for a singer par excellance and not a sexy singer …. Haley's drawl is irritating and i dont find it exciting. she can emulate Lady Gaga if she want but not as American Idol Versatility? Nada.

    • @ not2old4rIdol…pretty much agree with your statement…I feel Jacob had his moment during Hollywood week and has steadily gone downhill…I liked Naima'a spunk and independence and perhaps was not coached as well as she should have been. The good thing is that all of them are going on the road this summer with the Idol Tour…I do not think there are any losers…all the contestants have something to offer in their own unique style and performance…so that makes them all winners. It all comes down to my bottom line…who would I pay my hard earned money to go and see in a concert…my answer to that would be James… 🙂

  52. I miss simon i think these judges are too easy on these contestants. I like the way simon push the contestant on doing a better the next week I like randy and jennifer but do not like steven i think they have could have found someone better. but the contestant are all talented, but i would like to see one of the girls win this year

  53. Stefano should have gone by now.He is one of the worst singer in this competition.Until now I'm still questioning about the decision judges made weeks ago by giving him wild card instead of other talented ones…Seriously,he is not THAT good! 🙁

    • Really? i dont buy your opinion cuz he is still in the competition and got many teen votes. Worst singer for you? what about Paul and casey's singing? Bull…..Stefano is damn GOOD.

  54. Here is my own quick summary,

    Thia/Naima gone for a reason. Boring/Ridiculous in that order. Good luck to you both, I’m personally happy about his. Jacob – what happened? He has turn to a poor singer; go back to singing Luther, otherwise gone

    Paul/Casey/Stefano – all have only one style of singing, not with range, better step up, other wise, gone

    Scotty – need to finish this up and go start a country record, about a step better then the three above. DO NOT DO COUNTRY DURING ROCK WEEK, just sing it ROCK, no twang on the end of the words Scotty. .let loose!

    Haley – I think I am down with her, she’s getting better, needs to pull out Joan Jett or Pat Benatar, THAT is her style.

    Pia is damn solid, I mean lovely, vocally awesome, even in the Katy song, she blew away the others, I hope she tries to sing something different.

    James – ok, people, he is really really good.. he is the full package. Easy on the dramatic stuff and I’m good. He will rock out this week, and I bet he pulls out a slow song after that.

    Wonder how many of these have a “game plan”?

    • a pretty good analysis dan. i just don't agree about haley…i have never thought she was that good, but a lot of people disagree with me i am sure.

    • Let me retort! Haley isn't my favorite; she is middle of the pack, she jumps around too much in style for my liking, however, she is growing on me. I give her credit; she can sing all different types of songs, effortlessly. I personally don’t think the gruff style vocals (like a Joan Jett) matched with a Christina Aguilera style look is working but hey, again growing. When she does the gruff and growl, she’s smiling! Doesn’t add up for me! I want to see a rocker attitude with that vocal! I just want to her to sing a song that is her style, not overly growled. Sing it girl, she does have great range also. Let’s see what happens on rock week, she could surprise. Just to say it – my 3 favs are James, Pia, Lauren vocally at this point, as I feel they have IT over the others.

    • @ Dan…Agree. Paul, Stefano,and Scotty do need to step it up a notch.. Haley proved herself last week and I can see her doing a Pat Benetar or Joan Jett…I can see her doing Joplin and Ethridge as well…she has that paspiness to pull it off. And while Pia does have a remarable voice…she needs to step outside of the box.. If anyone is interested go on U-Tube and type in James Durbin…there are some awesome vidoes of him singing The Star Spangled Banner, While My Guitar Gently Weeps (originally done by George Harrison – Beatles-)…although James does sing it slower than George Harrison did. And these video's were made 2-3 years ago. His voice and style has matured considerably. James will blow everyone away. JMO 🙂

  55. Branden….Great review today…..except I thought Fantasia was awful last night….Where is that "Summertime" girl gone!!!!!!!

    Also I bought the 10th Anniversary CD….Not impressed. I can't believe some of the Idols that were chosen over the years……Some Great, some just OK…….

    Happy about the eliminations last night….Wish it was Paul and not Naima but eventually they will all be going…..Next up should be Paul, Jacob and Stefano…….JMHO……

    • I liked your humble Fantasia was bad. I did not like Naima though so I did not care if she was cut this week or next week as long as she was gone. I hope your right about Paul don't like him either.

    • Phyllis – so argee! Fantasia – OK.. Here was my wife comment almost verbatim “ Whoa, what is that voice, … pause.. ugh.. I can’t listen to her, it’s screechy. Did she actually go on Idol, She won? How did that happen? Does she know her dress doesn’t fit her, she must not own a mirror or her close people are awful liars. Just fast forward, this is horrible” I think that sums it up! lol

    • @ Phyllis…I agree with you dear friend. I believe Paul will be going home this week, shorly followed by Jacob and Stefano. The only entertainment since the season began that was any good was the performance by Adam. So disapointed in Black Eyed Peas, Fantasia, Lee and even Diddy…really bad. James to win. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

  56. I cannot believe that Naimi was voted off over Jacob and Paul!!! OMG What is this fan base thinking. And yet another week of leaving the room while they sing. Even Casey is getting on my nerves! His ability is more than lacking. Naimi was way more talented than the 3 of them. They all have to go at some point I guess. I also believe top will be James, Pia, Lauren, Scotty and Haley. CASEY IS GONE – hopefully sooner than later.

  57. Does anyone know why the duet between Scotty and Lauren isn'ton Itunes to download? I thought the duet was just great. I was glad Paul didn't go home yet, I like his Rod Stewart voice. This is a hard season to watch everyone is very good. But I have my top 5 favorites:

    1. Scotty

    2. Lauren

    3. James

    4. Pia

    5. Casey or Stefano

  58. I Loved last nights show…I love the small group numbers, the duets, it was awesome. Lets stop all the guests from performing and let the contestants do the entertaining for the results show. They all seemed to be having so much fun and it gives them a chance to perform without having to be judged. I loved it and I hope AI keeps it up. I never usually watch the results show, just the last few minutes to see who was voted off, but last night, I happened to hear Ryan say it was going to be different. I am so glad I stayed and watched the difference. It was awesome. Did not like I am or whatever it was…keep the contestants as the entertainment. I loved it and so did they.

    • Kathy from PA, I totally agree with you. Can't wait to see Scotty rock out country style.

    • Kathy from PA. I agree. I liked the duets, small group idea. It was entertaining…and get rid of the guests unless it is Adam again…LOL 🙂

      • Rose A. Totally agree,,,,,The entertainment stinks so far this season except for Adam…..What is going on with this????? Last night was great. I liked the idols doing duets and group singing….Not total group singing…LOL

        Hugs to you…Angela, T. and all the James fans out there….Sherry K…where are you?????

        Have a great weekend everyone…..

  59. for me, I think thia was voted off because of the judges. I mean their opinion affected the votes of america. If randy didn't say that thia should do upbeat songs, I think people wont think that she is boring. The judges really affects the opinion of others.

  60. Okay so next week theme is Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame so im really hoping Scotty will do Elvis since he loved him as a kid

    • Rock and Roll theme? why let the kids sing them when they are too old songs? why not Alternative Rock or Hard Core rock and let them head bang, that would be more exciting to watch.

      James singing Lips of an Angel by Hinder

      Stefano singing The Reason by Hoobastank

      Paul singing One by Greenday

      Scotty= Crwalin by Linkin Park

      Jacob= The World I know by Collective Soul

      Pia= Losing my Religion by REM

      Haley= Lightning Crashes by Live

      Lauren= Zombie by Cranberries

      The guys will surely Rock the house….

  61. Glad to see Haley get her moment to shine ("Whatchu doin' on that piano, sexy girl?!"). I've called her the female version of Elvis. Super sexy with all the things she can do with her voice–growls, yodels, sweet pitch changes, and belting-it-out ability (aka the anti-Paul talent). Just like Elvis made girls swoon and make guys want to emulate him, so should the opposite be with Haley–guys salivate, and girls emulate and admire her!

  62. Of course, the two most culturally different singers get the boot. Says so much about America and its continued ethnocentrism.

      • I really don't think it had anything to do with culture. Some people will find racism in everything and anything. Naima is talented but not to the extent of the others. Thia is just very young and needs to grow a bit but she will be back and will have a career.

      • I think it's less about culture and racism than it is about geography. Face it, the deep South appears to vote a LOT in this competition (hey, the first FIVE Idols were ALL from south of the Mason-Dixon line… coincidence?). I just think that Naima and Thia's looks and style don't play as well in Mississippi and Georgia as they might in California and New York, and Southern state voters seem to be very energetic with their phones. It's a question of what people "like" and this bodes well for Scotty and Lauren, since their "country" roots seem better in tune with the AI voting masses.

      • They had to get voted off at some point, as by far they weren't the best singers. It's episode 22, what's your angle? Why would you even bring this pathetic point up?

        So you're saying that ethnicity should allow for extra leniency when judging the performances? That's just as bad as what you're implying DID happen.

    • I still feel Thia was treated unfair by American Idol. Naima at least go her camera time.

    • Well Rob. Maybe people just voted for who they liked. This is not a Cultural contest.

    • Do any of you know what I am referring to? the point is that Thia perhaps as an Asian female may not be permitted culturally to be flashy with her performance but the judges kept dogging her for her choices. Naima followed her cultural roots in the production of her song choices and obviously could not get enough votes because it does not follow America's cookie cutter musical production. Their choices of production which are due to their culture cannot be justifiably marketed by the AI label. This is speculation and my opinion but anyone that follows news can see what happens in Arizona and spreads like wildfire all over this country. Ethnocentrism.

      • I dont think so cuz this Charice whats her surname? performed with John Groban, Celine Dion and others and she was all over the stage and can sing high notes with Celine Dion. She had a song titled Pyramid with Iyaz and it sold reaching Platinum. Thia was simply timid.

    • NAIMA. As much as I was rooting for her, had some very bad nights. But so did some others, and they are still in contention. I do think the majority of voters dislike anything that varies from middle of the road, apple pie kind of singers. So, in the end, I agree with you, Rob.

      I cannot believe the contestants' practices happen in a vacuum. Otherwise, how do they always select who is going to be in the pimp spot at the end of the show?

      I am saying that I will bet anything that the judges hear what is going on with the practice sessions–whether by reports or actual tapes. And the mentors must know if a singer's choice is going to strike a sour chord with the judges.

      Why is that important? Let's admit it, the judges' expressed opinions grossly skew the public's opinion. I mean, I see the judges quoted all the time by posters here (as if the thoughts were their own), even if the criticism is silly. Shouldn't Naima's mentor have shared an assessment of risk with her? So, I wonder what kind of guidance she got about her decision to go reggae with "I'm Still Standing." I think the judges' reaction is what killed her chances, and nothing else. And even if posters here tell me otherwise, I won't believe it.

      THIA. As someone else here said (and others have said before), the judges were way too harsh with Thia. Their criticism did not bring out the best in her, for sure. Who was working with her to steer her better, anyone?? Did her mentor REALLY work with her on the "connection" issues that they harangued Stefano about? Obviously that was an issue for her, but unless I am mistaken, that was never really addressed with her. She is full of grace, and I wish her much success in the future.

  63. Naima and Thia deserved to go based on their overall performances during the competition. Good luck to them though in their further endeavors.

    Next week is Rock & Roll Hall of Fame week. Here's my song suggestions.

    Pia- "River Deep, Mountain High" She's already said as much.

    James- He needs to get the Led out. So I'll say "Imigrant Song" Wow, that'd rock.

    Jacob- "Let's Stay Together" Al Green

    Lauren- "Something To Talk About" Bonnie Raitt

    Haley- "Piece of my Heart" Janis Joplin…She takes the judges advice but I don't hear Janis in her voice so could be a down week.

    Scotty- "Ain't No Grave" Johnny Cash…everyone is saying Elvis but if Scotty did this he would propel himself to the top possibly.

    Paul- "All Along The Watchtower" Bob Dylan…time for Paul to get serious if he wants to stick around.

    Stefano- "At Last" Etta James…It would suit his voice and allow him to show off his vocal range.

    Casey- "Born on the Bayou" Creedence Clearwater Revival…John Fogerty fits Casey like a glove.

    • Scotty simply must sing Elvis. I would love to hear the sweet and sexy Haley sing Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves by Cher. Don't have a clue if it is in this category but maybe at some point in time. I would be great.

      • Oh yeah Mandy regards Haley singing GT&T! Have u seen my comments in #40 above?

    • The reason everyone thinks he should do Elvis is because he loved Elvis as a kid he would even dress up as him Scotty has most likely sang hes songs all the time so it would be a really good advantage for him

    • I like stefano to sing Are you Lonesome tonight by Elvis or Hey Jude by The Beatles.

  64. BLAST! i passed the certification.. I can now start taking calls on Monday! I need to celebrate..

  65. My top five favorites:

    1. James

    2. Pia

    3. Scotty

    4. Haley

    5. Casey

    Supposedly it's Thia my number 3..

  66. Paul really needs to go next week. He can't sing-did you hear him in the foursome? Awful. It was actually embarrassing. The other three kept up their part. I will agree that Paul has a unique voice, but Yo, it's not doing anything for me! I just don't get it. I think Scotty has a super deep country voice-it's nice to hear that for a change. The next American Idol needs to be someone different…not another rocker, not another pop singer-Haley is amazing-I love Laura and Pia-amazing. This is a good year for talent, and I love the judges. Simon was getting to be too abrasive and nasty. You can critique, but it doesn't have to be so raw. No one is entertained by that. I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying this new season of Idol. It's a great change!

  67. Top 3




    I think Lauren sells…and country fans are faithful…that is how a country artist stays in the biz for so long…

    But scotty will sell most records in his career…..No way to James…sorry but Adam Lambert has left the building…we don't need another one….

    Jacob Lusk….boring…..seriously….just stop with the tears…I feel like he wants to cry during each performance…

  68. Not saying much but have to say this. Branden, you and your commentators are all hating on Jacob but no-one has stated a valid reason why. Seriously it is okay to dislike someone's performance but all I see is I "HATE" Jacob-the person!!!

    Leaves a dark cloud of speculation that these comments are racist based. Very unfortunate. I will stop reading your blog.

    • I’m not Branden but…. Ask and you shall receive, Jacob range is actually outstanding, that is true.. very highs to deep lows, however he tends to over extend the highs for the length of time required to make pleasant. It comes off “screechy” when he over does that, and I think that is why people are turning away from his singing. He technical skills vocally with guidance could be very good but he doesn’t seem to have the ability to stay in a melody, and throttle back when needed, and then push when needed. He just over-pushes the notes. The last few weeks he has added some control, and I think he is now over-feeling the singing and tying to show a connection to the lyrics that simply isn’t there and it coming of a disingenuous. He has a Luther V style abilities, with serious gospel tones, but his song choices have been getting worse week to week. I think he is more talented then a few of them left, however.. he needs to pull it all together otherwise he will not last long. Remember he is top 9, that is really good for the talent this year regardless.

    • there goes the racial argument again lol. Some people are hating on James too, what's the reason for that? @Dan you said it well. But anyway, all the 55 MILLION American viewing public can't be just caucasians and can't be all racist against the Black guy. If he goes next time, it'll be the American vote, in all our diversified glory. Jacob is in the Top 9, that's a pretty darn good accomplishment. If he gets voted out, that's all the voters speaking, not just White America.

      • @ eve. I agree. I guess it is easier for people just to play their racist card and stir up junk….must make them feel better. I agree…"Hate" is a strong word and I would prefer not to use it. And, like you, I seriously doubt that the 55 million voters are all White Anglo Saxon Protestants, either. My choice this season happens to be James. I have heard a lot of negative comments about him, which I just disregard as I do all the racist statements…this is American Idol, and I for one am darn proud to be able to cast my vote for whomever I choose. We have men and women fighting for that freedom…deal with it and stop the whining about race.

  69. From original "Mary", I'll have to think up another name for me later. Thought your recap was spot on Branden, even about the duets, etc. Except that I remember when "Band on the Run" came out and the guys rendition could've been better. I also hope they keep that format. The Idols performing before the results should make it easier on them to sing, as opposed to being told "your off the show… now sing"!

    Disliked ALOT Jamie Foxx and's duet. What the heck was that?

    I'm sorry Naima went home. I know I'm in the minority liking her, but I looked forward every week to see what she came up with. Guess I'll have to switch my allegiance to Lauren and/or James, "she says with heavy heart".

    …..and that's all she wrote… until next week Branden!

    • Mary, you are not in the minority liking Naima. But, practically speaking, she isn't a great singer and only her voice would be on a CD. She's a vibrant and colorful entertainer, but one needs to watch her to be entertained.

  70. Randy said and the other judges agreed that

    Jacob's version of God Bless The Child was one of the best

    • …and as I recall…Jacob performed that during Hollywood Week…What happened?? My favorites…James, Pia, Scotty, Casey…and Lauren or Haley. Go James~!!! 🙂

  71. My favs

    1. Casey

    2. Scotty

    3. Paul

    4. Hailey

    5. Lauren

    I can't stand Stefano. He's only still here because of his good looks. And in my opinion, he's still ugly.

    • I think he is funny looking, something about his eyes and he needs to shave, I think he dresses gangster when he is not on stage.

      • I think if you are going to go by talent Casey has that hands down. James has a lot of presence and can rock a song, very exciting to watch him. Pia, and Lauren are both very good and I enjoy listening to them know matter what they are singing. I do like Scotty too he is a great country singer and his future is extremey bright, but I don’t think he will win. The rest can leave wouldn’t bother me at all.

    • So what if you cant stand stefano.maybe its your type men who are looking like cavemen or hillybillys haha. Look at yourself before you criticize stefano. at least he is there at the AI stage and being watched by millions all over the world while you are there confined inside your small abode… stefano rocks!!!

      • Amen!!!! I agree!!!! 😉

        Stephano has a great voice… and that's what it is about!!! ISN"T????

      • No Stefano does not have a great voice, it is just alright. More importantly he has a lousy stage presence.

      • @juanita with no name : Lol, sad to say you are just bitter cuz stefano overshadowed your bet.Stefano is cute and a good singer…. perhaps a lot good looking than you.

      • @juanita: stefano is lousy per your opinion cuz he dont burn a piano while singing? duhhhhh, its better just singing with minimal kicks like what naima is doing. great singers like josh groban, michael buble and michael bolton dont do much movement on stage. and they are brilliant singers. stefano is a good singer and his vocals is really astounding.

      • Yes i agree, good singers like josh groban are not showy when performing, they feel the song and you can also feel the emotions overflowing. stefano is not very showy but i like him. also Thia but she was eliminated. She got a good voice also.

      • I think Stefano is more for theater – like, musicals… I think the singers that have that American Idol look are Lauren and James – one of these two will win, they are marketable and will make lots of money for the Simon – remember, he is not a judge anymore, but he is still cashing in from everything!

      • I love Stephano – he will be the AI 10 winner – hopefully – ya with prayers for him. His voice is so unique. I guess people have different favorite idol – I cannot stand Paul – one Rod Steward is already too much & with Paul around it will be too crowded. Then I love Scotty too. The are a few I cannot digest & others like it so may the popular & with real talent win – Scotty or Stephano hahahahaha – Casey when he is there he can sing – Pia another Celine & I didn't say she is not good, she is but not my cup of tea. Haley have an off days too many times, nice voice sexy voice – sometimes. May be this time is my 2nd time wrong in the past 9 AIs only once I was wrong when David Archuletta was beaten by David Cook – otherwise I always get to guess the winner correctly – Scotty or Stephano, but if I am worng so be it after all I am human, am I? I hope I am not offending anybody- have a nice Sunday

    • Stefano has privileged vocals. I don´t know why some people is not able to see that. The problem with Stefano is that is very bad at choosing songs. I think that choosing "Hello" at the Motown episode is the worst choice so far in the entire season. And yes, he is not good looking. Unfortunately for him, a lot of people misunderstand the spirit of being an "Idol", and think that Paul should be one because of his great smile and Stefano should be out by now regardless his talent. Being an Idol should be primarily a matter of talent, maybe talent is not the only thing to take into account, but it is, by far, the most important

      • Its your opinion about stefano and it doesn't matter to me cuz i like stefano to be the next idol. he is blessed with good pipes and good looks, wonder why people say he is ugly and casey is handsome.

      • Right!!! and now that you mentioned Casey… seriously… tell me… Is he sexy??? because I cann't find where??? but, I admite he is unique and good, but… sexy??? it's a joke! 🙂

      • It seems to me you are pushing for Stefano due to ethnicity. You are aware that he is Italian, right?

      • Well I'm surprised that Stefano is still there – must be the teey-boppers that are still hooked on his looks!!! But his time is due and soon he will be gone! He has a nice voice nothing special but he is shallow – hasn't gotten down to real life yet and it shows in his songs and the way he sings them – pls teach him some stage presence!

      • stefano is hot sometimes… sometimes he's dull.. i don't like his voice… it's just an ok voice , a mediocre type but i must admit, he has a wide vocal range… but his voice is somewhat common.. nothing spectacular… one thing that makes him so goodlooking is his good posture… but that's all

    • You are so mean,he is not ugly, Stefano looks good. And what you will say with the face of Jacob if Stefano is ugly,is it super ugly or monseter?.Stefano even looks good compare to Paul,Casey and Scotty.Open your eyes my dear.Stefano has a perfect face , look how big is the face of Casey and Scotty. Look how Scotty sings, his mouth always goes to the left side of his face like what Jacob is doin. But im not saying they are ugly for the record.

      • Duhhhhhh, stefano is the best looking male contestant along with James, Paul, Casey and Jacob with Scotty look good but not real handsome guys. I cant also understand why people are so mean and vicious in their comments against stefano. He is not perfect but still very lucky to remain standing there. and his performance with the other guys singing while playing the keyboards was simply great. All the three with guitars are also good. In fact i was so excited just watching them happily performing Band on the Run, Marvelous!!!

      • If you read the comment carefully, he is not saying he is ugly! he stated that he is only there because of his good looks, but he is still ugly! All of you that commented about this, read the original comment more carefully! A lot of wasted energy based on misinterpretation!

    • You are so RUDE. You cant stand looking at stefano? then shut off your TV set when he is on stage. what a CRAP comment.

      • Hey look, if stefano is ugly what about casey? you find him handsome? thats preposterous…. Get a life. just say your thoughts and dont bash or malign other contestants here…. you are hurting other people's choice….

      • Yeah this one is very RUDE, just a LOSER! Picking on stefano wont give you millions but he has the possibilities.

      • Poor stefano, seems like people here are fond of making malicious comments . this is a competition and may the best win. go stefano you sang better than james…. his performance was more on running around and burning as piano than hitting high notes. adam lambert wannabe.

    • I observe that Stefano is getting more supporters here. He, indeed, needs more supports, because other contestants such as Scotty and Lauren have already got a solid fan base.

      I am a Scotty's fan; but I have to admitt that Stefano's voice is excellent. He reminds me of Elliot Yamin and David Archuletta. I don't care his look, all I care about him is his terrific voice and singing capability.

      Cheers to Stefano's fan from one of Scotty's fan.

      • Fans are not automatically born overnight, some are simply observing before they cast their votes. Surely stefano will be able to gather solid fans as the competition rolls on. Stefano is swell guy and i like his clean cut look. 🙂

      • He has similarity with enrique iglesias…. stefano is a nice kind of guy, not very showy thats why i admire him.

    • To all Stefano's fans, you have to find ways how to gather more votes for him. Stefano surely can compete with the other contestants, but his fans is not already sufficient to beat theirs.

      I am not Stefano's fan, so I assume this responsibility to you… lol. Moreover, I just cannot vote for him, neither for Scotty, due to some restrictions.

      • This competition requires votes from the viewers that are fans of American Idol. But fan base, i dont see it necessary to create one since its still ongoing. People vote the contestants based on their performances. Thats why Thia and Naima were eliminated becuz they paled in comparison with the other guys.

    • I think if you are going to go by talent Casey has that hands down. James has a lot of presence and can rock a song, very exciting to watch him. Pia, and Lauren are both very good and I enjoy listening to them know matter what they are singing. I do like Scotty too he is a great country singer and his future is extremey bright, but I don't think he will win. The rest can leave wouldn't bother me at all.

      • Of course, same case with me, i wont remember others when they are gone too. I will just remember stefano lol.

      • It has been said time and time again…this is not a beauty contest…Let's concentrate on the talent. I have a feeling that if Casey does win…he will be another Lee Dewyze…will continue to plug along but not do a whole lot. He does indeed have versatile talent but not an American Idol. James, Pia and Scotty and perhaps Lauren and maybe Haley may make a name for themselves. Especially James. Not only is he the whole package but I believe he has incredible sustainability in the music business. There are a lot of rocker fans out there as well as Celine Dion fans and Country fans. James, Pia and Scotty fall into this category…where are the Ruben's, Crystal's, Kris Allen's today…certainly not on the top 40 billboards. JMO 🙂

    • Your comment about stefano is reeking with bitterness. You liked casey who look like those big bike riders complete with beards and long hairs and look so untidy? that is seemingly full of horseshit….:D

      • Hahahahah! Sorry, but your post made me picture Casey with the Hell's Angels on a cross country rampage and I totally lost it.

      • I will compare Haeley to Syesha!… Haley Should be in the top 3…

        She's the only bet i have for the girls..

        and for the Boys: Stefano and Casey!…

        the rest….. IDK!.. hehe

  72. I think Thia should have stayed in paul should have went home Thia is better then paul.

    • Paul wasn't at his best, but no way is Thia better than Paul..Yes she's talented but she's 16, Paul is 26 and has had success..that's just an insult to say she's better

      • paul is older – yes. success? what's he doing in AI then?

        AI is for rising stars, not oldies trying to salvage a non-existent career. It's like sending a 35yr old gymnastics teacher to the olympics to compete.

      • thia is obviously better…. look, considering the age gap and ability, thia is so much better….. i think america got it wrong….

    • OMG, thank goodness someone finally said something else and not fighting about Stefano or Casey. Gosh. Thia should have never joined this competition until she's older and when she gained more maturity I believe she would have at least gotten to top 5 of the competition.

  73. To be honest, I'm glad it was Naima and Thia who went home. Next off the list – JACOB.. He can take Lauren and snooze Pia with him as well.

    • Agree! I think Thia is good, but she is not a performer. And she always have this sad look on her face, can't help but think she is not getting along well with everyone in the group. Naima can pull off in her dances but not quite with her voice. It wouldn't be fair to keep her on.

      • Thia gets along pretty well with the group. That's how I see it according to the girls' tweets. She is closer to Lauren though. No wonder Lauren really cried after hearing that Thia's unsafe. I also saw how tight Scotty hugged Thia that night. 🙂

    • The elimination night was a thrilling one. I thought Paul would be gone lol…. Its good to see him saved. Bye to Naima and Thia. I must admit i liked Naima before, she got spunk and versatility.

    • Wow you really voted off all of the people who actually can sing. The rest left are not singers, maybe songwriters but not singers. And I get really tired of James screaming. I really do not think he is earning the rave reviews.

  74. Pia will never sing an upbeat song. She don't know how. The next one to go should be Jimmy whatshisname with the baseball cap on music producer/ arranger. His helping the idols is not needed.

    • that's what i think too…seems like he is helping them drown and what about Pia? she sings the same thing every week and so does jacob lost..oh lusk? okay i am getting tired hearing them sing every week with the same one please….

      • And James sing what? All of that screaming is getting on my nerve. And Scotty's different choices are (though he can sing but it is the same)? Bring on singers. This is a singing competition.

    • I do agree to some extent. When I first read that jimmy Lovine was going to be involved I was excited…however…not so much anymore. I have, although, during the clips they show…he will ask the contestant..Are you sure this is the song you want to sing…are you sure you want to do it that way…so he is in some respect prodding them along… I remember him asking Naima…was she sure she wanted to put a raggae swag on the song…and Thia…is this really the song you want to sing and even James…if you do this…make sure your timing is right down to the second or it isn't going to work..and then he is hoping for the best. Bottom line…it is the contestants choice of song and how they perform it that is the ultimate factor in voting…or should be. JMO

  75. I think next to go should be Steven and Jennifer! So dissapointed in them, they need to judge and stop being cheerleaders. I just don't see where this is the best season of singers, I think that came and went with Adam Lambert's season. Pia – boring, great voice but no show, Jacob sings like a girl, I was starting to like Naomi, oh well, she needed to go. Thia, try again, you are amazing for a 15 year old. I feel sorry for Casey, if it was not bad enough that he fell apart when they saved him, they had to show America that it was worse than we knew. Stephano, I just don't see him winning, Paul will be another Chris Daughtry, he will make it big but he won't win. Scotty, I LOVE HIM! and I hate country music, I think he will make me a fan. Lauren, pretty girl, really coming around, she sounds incredible lately. James is good, I see him compared to Adam, he is not as good. I think it will come down to James and Scotty in the end. BTW, Haley, just do not like her voice, her looks, she is toooo young to mimic a lounge act.

    • Have to add my 0.02$. I don't understand what is so wonderful about Casey that he had to be saved before he even finished his song but I was hoping that he would be gone this week. As for the judging where is Simon when we need him? Everything I hear from Randy and J Lo is to make the song your own – then when Naima puts her mark on "I'm Still Standing" (which I thought was great) she gets crap from the judges who never have a bad word for anyone! I wish the format was that you could vote for the worst performer -my picks in order would be Ryan Seachrist, Randy Jackoff, and Casey Crybaby!

    • Your first line made me giggle Susan, so I have to reply. Is it just me or is Steven repeating himself all the time? Early on, he gave constructive feedback, but now he seems to say the same thing to each contestant. He appears appathetic about the whole process. The only thing that excites him is Hayley. And JLo appears just as ga-ga over Stefano. It's gross! Yo, I think Randy is the only doing his job. 😉

      • Stefano is lovable and i cant blame JLo if she has a spot spot for Stefano…. Abrazos stefano…. Muy Tambien!

      • Why are there some false replicas of persons here, such as @moment for the "true" Moment, etc ? Those will cause some confusion and possibly raise unexpected problems. But, I can differ with @moment and Moment by the way the write and/or the contents of their comments.

      • @moment is supposed to be a reply to Moment. From all of these comments I think the Filipinos have adopted Stefano. Poor Stefano.

      • Filipino fans of Thia doesn't like stefano….they will switch votes to Haley i guess.

      • @moment: well i guess he is italian by his name. but he is a us citizen by now… does it matter? i think american voters are not racist also…

      • David P., on the contrary, Filipinos think Stefano gets vote only because he is cute. No way we will adopt him.

      • It doesnt matter if Filipinos will not vote for stefano, anyway majority of them are living out of USA. go stefano…. you are lovable and handsome, JLo likes you a lot….

    • the way you critic the contestants you are one track of mind fellow, nobody is worth standing there eh? are you a music genius? Who cares about your opinions, i will vote for stefano and jacob, i dont care about the others, they are my likes. Stefano and Jacob will reach the Finals.

      • I think Stefano came from an Italian Family but he was born and raised in USA. Nevertheless, he could understand maybe a bit of Spanish lol. Merci and Ciao….

      • Hmmmmmmmmm, seems Stefano is again the subject of ire here. Hello, people dont seem to like the way JLO show her partiality over him. Its understandable too…. stefano is handsome and he sings good… some say he lacks stage presence, well, thats better than lighting a piano lol… and screaming!

      • If one is popular or getting popular, detractors will start pulling him down like the case of stefano…. he is now a threat to the popular ones and over hyped. Jacob and stefano for me.

    • That is interesting… There is something abou Hailey that is not likable – we do not know what it is, we just do not feel like voting for her… she does not have that glow or vibe of a star… just like Pia – have the energy of wedding or graduation singers…

    • Omg so funny! All the crying that Jacob does. And for Pia this is not a beauty contest. lol

    • Pia should see this contest for what it is. She should not be acting like this is the talent portion of a beauty contest.

  76. ~ Sad to see these two leave but I guess it's part of the process in finding the American Idol. Am secretly hoping that Stefano and Hayley are going to pull a 'Secretariat' on us and come galloping in from behind. The talent and show is crazy good (ty Steven :)…..can't wait to see how things transpire over the next few weeks. Cheers ~

    • Apparently you don't actually watch the show! Ryan clearly stated last week that the top 11 would go on tour!

  77. I can't beleive they let go Naima go home,she was good and had a different style.They should of sent paul home and kept her.He can't sing.Naima can sing better them him.What a dissapointment last night.Should be interesting next week.

    • Love Naima.

      But the voters have a very pedestrian preference for clean cut all American pop Muzak.

      AI is bogus. The true talent never makes the final cut. AI just maintains a diverse demographic to keep viewers coming back.

      • Sounds like a cvontradiction to me. The voters prefer a pedestrian preference for clean-cut "Muzak" but AI is bogus because it maintains a deverse demographic. Then…prehaps it is not AI that is bogus…but the voters…because they vote "clean-cut Muzak?????…even though they are offered a diverse demographic. I think this season's Idol is one of the most diverse talent pools they have had in a long time…perhaps voters do not want diverse??? JMO

    • Both Naima and Thia made the same mistakes several contestants made before – they were insecure, let the other influence them in choosing the wrong songs. Naima should go for fast-paced and fun songs – but keep them closer to the original – not adding ethnic flare – if the original song is already ethnic fine, otherwise, do not reinvent the wheel… Same thing with Thia – it looked like he did not have her family exposing her to several types of music, her choices were too obvious and common songs, nothing that could come across as new… That is what gets people out of the show – bad judgement…

  78. Would have preferred Paul go home than Thia. Next on the list for me, Paul and Jacob. After that, think anyone has a shot at going all the way. I can't even pick the top 4. Someone help me out there. I'd probably bet money Pia and James are there.

    • Paul is better than Thia riight? he got more votes and Thia had less votes. No more hype about who was sent home. The verdict was rendered and finally, The Rock Has come home to ….. Wrestlemania lol.

      • No way stefano will go home, not yet…. bye Thia, so good to see no more crappy messages about her and whining mostly why she lost. send emails to steven, jlo and randy and gang them up with your sentiments lmao. LOSERS!

      • Enough post about Thia. She was eliminated and you can no more do anything to bring her back. Just vote for your favorites. Stefano got my thousand votes last elimination round.

      • If James Durbin wins this competition, Vince McMahon would possibly include James in Wrestlemania tour, because he can wrestle just like a professional wrestler… lol.

      • If you smell what stefano … cookin'!!! Finally, The Rock has come back to Wrestlemania 27. But certainly James wont be invited by Vince Mcmahon cuz he has no muscles, pure fat only… and he can't wrestle , John Cena will Just smack him down haha…. James is not my cup either. He is flamboyant and showy like that piano/pepsi incident.

      • I cant help but laugh, stefano adopted by Filipinos? from the comments posted in previous blogs, the thianatics switched their bets to Scotty after Thia lost. They dont like stefano , thats funny. But i do admire his singing skill, along with Pia and James.

    • paul should've gone home instead of thia, his last performance sucks! i used to like him but the last performance was a pain in my ears!!!

  79. i have no real fav this year…nobody excites me. i think it will come down to james, scotty and lauren…i was a casey james fan..and it looks like he is making some money like i thought…if i had to guess…scotty will be making money next year no matter what..james might land a gig…but the rest we will struggle to remember.

    • @ chichi…Casey James is the opening act for Sugarland…..who actually performed as guests a few weeks ago. And…James will land a gig…starting off with being the American Idol this season ~!!! 🙂

    • Jacob is needed to fill a void in singers who have all passed with his outstanding ability. He too, if he continues to work and adjust his vocals will stand the test of time.

  80. I was pleased with the results last night although I feel sorry for Thia. She has a very good voice but no stage presence whatsoever. Once she matures a bit she could go places!

    As for the remaining 9 – as Randy often says, this is a singing competition, so why are the judges so ga-ga over Paul? He can't sing! His voice sounds like he's got a broken nose and he has no breath control to speak of! He should have been gone long ago! I feel the same way about Jacob. That tone in his voice might work for gospel but it doesn't do anything for me on pop music. That duet with Naima was gawd-awful! The rest of the voices are pretty good to great and it will be interesting to see how things shake down over the next 2 months!

    • i think the judges are trying to select a unique voice…the past few winners have not been very i think they are looking for a new formula. i think paul is unique and kind of cute..but i doubt i would buy one of his cd's. i think idol may have run its course. they need a new format. i wish there was a female idol and a male idol. if it was purely a singing competition, you could do it on radio….the appearance and image does count…but thats true in all entertainers. they don't have to be sex symbols, just appealing on some level. we are not really looking for an idol, just a person who runs this goofy gauntlet.

    • Speaking of not singing, I don't know why the judges are Gaga over James. At his best he is worse than Paul at his worst.

  81. THia should stay but it was a bad choice of song that makes her eliminated.Everyone is waiting for her best performance , not a ballad . The song like what Hailey sang would be best for her because Thia's voice fits that kind of song. " Daniel" ,sad to say is not a good song for her and boring , thats why Randy didnt like it much.Thia will be missed , my heart was broken .

    • Thia could have sung an off beat tempo and gyrate around the stage and jump like Naima, Randy and steven wont look bored haha.

      • what's wrong with sticking to a ballad, if that's what you're good at??

        in the end, they won't be recording songs of all genre's anyway. did barbara streisand ever do a motown song??

        and what's with this 'make it your own song' thing?? it's becoming over-rated! david' cook's rendition of billy jean, for me, started all this hoopla. its good to change the song once in a while but to require it of every performance??????

      • Thia suffers from the same problem as David Archuletta. An overambitious stage parent.

      • @IMHO.. There is a huge difference between them. Archie reached the finale and just almost became the winner; all judges, incl. Simon Cowell are for him, whereas Thia… I think, we have already known…

      • Except David Archuletta is freaking amazing and Thia, while an good singer, is only an ok performer.

  82. wata!! when can you say this contestant are singing SAFE, randy always says, thia she's sing SAFE.. is it because she's so good when she sing ballad? then what can he say to pia(all she sing is ballad) or scotty(country) or james(and this guy love to scream).. no offense to them but the judging was just too bias.. come on randy! that girl(thia) has a signature voice not like the others.. and to J.lo wata wata STEFANO? she's not fit to be judge, (got favorite) oooooh stefano touches my hand, and now he connects with people, wahaha, bulllll..

    • Hahahaha, you are so Damn BITTER against Stefano, right? You could have coached Thia Megia to do the same gimmick to Steven so maybe she would be a favorite of Steven. Stefano has appeal and Jlo was just enamored with his cuteness. Dont blame Jlo…. she is just an ordinary person and her heart and ego was touched with stefano looking like with his Puppy eyes to her and she melted hahahahahaha……

      • Its so obvious too, looking at the way the judges show their biases to their favorites. But on the other hand, JLo is just reacting (maybe for ratings sake) like holding stefano's hand and noticed also how she dismissed randy's hand who touched stefano first. i was smiling….. very showbiz really…. yeah, Thia could have made her own gimick , she is one good singer but she is lackluster…. like a wood when she sing onstage. Charice another Filipina i saw her youtube vid with Iyaz, she is a good singer and stage performer and she look young also.

      • JLO is a self centered egotist. She is not well liked in the entertainment community because of her bitchiness. I use to think she was cute and sexy, now I just see an old pain in the ass!

        She should be booted next season. Again, a waste of 12 million dollars.

      • In my opinion, JLo is just following some script for Rating purposes…. AI has a huge budget to make the show Going, so they are injecting some DRAMA to make the viewing public's curiosity rise to ahigher level. Did you hear what Ryan S. said> Ratings of AI has reached high level to the tune of 6.4, and that's amazing. Jlo is a superb judge, she dont bash or criticize them, always saying nice and kind words.

      • I agree with your observation. I like Jennifer, she is a soft hearted woman and has a penchant for the underdogs like stefano perhaps. just my thoughts.

    • jasi, your grammar is funny but i have to admit, i agree with your comment the most!!! the judges are trying too hard to push for their own personal favorites. simon also did this for adam and david archuleta but not this obvious and distasteful.

      • sorry for the grammar, the bitterness in me are overflowing (kidding :)) and my mind cant process it all.. haha..

        and yeah i agree with you, there should be a 3rd party/regulatory bodies for the checking of votes.. is there?

    • Stefano is fave of JLo? Maybe not only stefano but James and Scotty also…Waka waka Africa for Naima…. she should have sang this one, off beat song by Shakira.

  83. are there 3rd party or regulatory bodies who actually check if the actual voting results are the ones announced by the Idol management?

    im getting a feeling that AI is becoming more like WWE.

    • Better watch Wrestlemania April 4…. The Rock and Stone Cold will be there…. Snooki will wrestle there too with John Morrison hehe. Speaking of AI, They should rather hire back Paula Abdul, I like her a lot, she is funny too.

  84. The girls:

    Pia is Diva material. She has a powerful voice, great control and tone and really sounds professional. Oh, and she's also stark-raving beautiful from head to toe. If she can change gears and sing an upbeat pop song she can win. If she only does ballads, that might hurt her chances to win or diminish a shot at a singing career.

    Lauren is America's country Sweetheart. No Diva looks, but shy, humble and sweet. She's fun to watch because she is just so lovely and has that little country twang at the end of every other lyric.

    Haley has sexy down in spades. Her voice is sexy, her hair – perfect teeth and that big big smile. She is amazing in that she is so very sexy without a hint of sleazy. She should be doing Allanah Myles, Bonnie Raitt (something to talk about or I can't make you love me) or anything where the singer has that rasp to their voice. BUT… her vocal style and musical inclinations are going to be a tough sell for AI's largely teeny-bobby audience. Being older, I find her bluesy-jazzy style to be getting almost… infectious.

    The Men?

    James: Rocks. And boy he's fun to watch. And genuine too. And he doesn't really "scream" per se, but has really good control for those high-power rock-n-roll high notes.

    Stefano: Great vocals. Not so great stage presence and audience participation. He'd be right at home in the studio. His Elton night performance was better though.

    Casey: Comedian at first – but after Elton night? This guy comes right from the heart: he's genuine, real and no "pretty boy" either. Maybe he is like Seth Logan – perfectly imperfect.

    Paul: Sheesh. Can't love the voice. I think he's gone. If you took Stefano's voice and Paul's stage presence though, you'd have an AI winner!

    Scotty: Country fans might make him the winner. He's good and he seems like the "wholesome country boy from the small farm town". And he loves his Grandma. And sings low notes. The teen girls must be squeeling with delight. Thank God there are no teen girls in my house.

    Jacob: He's lovable and genuine but he's also genuinely over-dramatic and – dare I say – too effeminate? I don't care if he's gay okay? – I just think he's too emotive and dramatic in his singing. He needs some professional training to harness his emotions and polish his act. Not every song needs to look and feel like desperate appeal to an indifferent or disgruntled lover… or a eulogy for that matter.

    But Wow. I am sure enjoying AI-10 and so is my wife. The talent is varied and pretty good overall. I think Scotty or Lauren CAN be a country star and Pia can be a Dion-esque Diva, and James can even be a modern day rocker. Casey? I think anything can happen with Casey. He has this strange unpredictability factor about him. I'm really glad he made a full recovery from the save!

    I think it's between Scotty, Pia and maybe James. At this stage, one stinker song choice can change the whole game – just as one "where have you been judge-slayer" of a performance. If Pia can't break her mold, this could be rocker-boy versus country-boy. And that would be one heck of a showdown!


    Northern Guy

      • Perhaps :

        Fatigued. Rattled. Annoyed. Tired.

        All the things one feels after reading the forum's equivalent of 'War and Peace'.

      • Aha F.R.A.T…. Bitter? Thats his opinion and skip it if you dont like his post.

      • FRAT means " f… reading all that" meaning the poster runs on too long to bother reading.

      • AKA tl;dr (too long;didn't read). But really, it wasn't that long, had an easily understood format with few, if any, grammatical errors. And I have to give props to people that see how awesome Haley is.

      • S.I.E.Y.A.S.

        Sorry I Exceeded Your Attention Span :o)

        I write to relieve tension. And I'm a pretty tense guy lately…

        If the mods wanted to, they could set a character count limit, but that would cause people to stop right in the mi

    • Branden, can you change the commenting rules so that people who ramble on for chuffing ages get cut off? I always thought forum's were supposed to be like conversations where people could exchange opinions.

      Would anyone really listen to a guy yapping for god knows how long? I'd have left and got a coffee across the street by paragraph 3.

      • What's the problem with a long post? It was thoughtful and well written, had it not been I would have skipped it like I did several of the shorter but poorly written posts before it).

    • Stefano has really got excellent pipes and its fun to watch him. i got melted when he sang with the other guys " Band on the Run"…. Yeah, Thia and Stefano could sing a duet someday, they are so cute together why AI producers didnt think about this too.

      • yeah I agree they could've paired Stefano and Thia…other AI contestants just screams to hit the notes they don't actually have voice quality making them sound screachy…

    • NG, I just wanted to say Bravo. You hit the nail on the head with your post, it was long yeah, but it pretty much hit my views on all the contestants to a "T".

      Also, hearing people talk about James "screaming" obviously don't know the difference between powerfully hitting a high note and screaming. Most rockers go for those notes and go to their falsetto, but James actually hits the note and nails it. This is the first year I have actually really watched through AI and James, Scotty, and Pia are 3 of the main reasons for it.

      • James hasn't hit any of his 'high notes', he IS, in fact, screaming them and it's a terrible thing to listen to.

      • James is obviously a fan or WWE, so proud to show his belt. why not try wrestling incase you wouldnt win the IDOL…. Seek the techniques from Edge or Wade Barrett lol….or The Miz.

    • Thank God it's f.r.a.t. instead of f.a.r.t…& hopefully not an "old" one…lol!

    • F.R.A.T. Maybe you suggest this to Oxford dicionary to be added to OMG….NG is not a lazy person like me, i just type a few words always.

    • I agree with you Northern Guy…I see the top 3 being James, Scotty and Pia…in that order…but Lauren or Haley (and I also like her raspy quality) and perhaps Casey may sneak in there if Pia doesn't start doing something a lottle different. I am a rocker at heart and James has had my vote from day 1. Looking forward to seeing how it all plays out. 🙂

    • I enjoyed reading your post Northern Guy. Also glad you wrote an informative post without slamming the other contestant's. Somewhat short in supply these days. Good on ya.

    • I enjoyed reading your post Northern Guy. Also glad you wrote an informative post without slamming the other contestant’s. Somewhat short in supply these days. Good on ya.

  85. I never liked Country… but, when I heard Scotty, I started a fan of his music! I like the unique style of Paul… but, dont want he wins… I really like Haley's voice! Let's see what happens… cuz it is getting very umpredictable! I'm so sorry for Naima… she is good! hope somebody can put her in the UP place she deserves!

  86. Continuing the common theme from the last 3 years on idol, first 4 top 12 (13) eliminations=4 minorities eliminated. The audience has clearly become dominantly white and the results reflect that. Granted, what 75% of the U. S. population is caucasian, so the results reflect society. Just saying, definitely more than a trend. It took until season 5 to have a white male winner, now there's been 4 in 5. First 4 years? 2 white females, and a black male and female.

    • I don't think voters are intentionally racist. I'm a white guy from Idaho and I voted for Naima more than any other contestant. People that still think race is a big issue for white americans are living in the past. The large majority of us really don't care.

    • You and others need to quit playing that racist card. It is getting a bit tiring. First off, Naima was horrible, that is what it is.

      I thought others should have been voted off before Thia, but I can see how most people wouldn't like her style. She is better than a few others that are still left standing though.

      • Jason, while yours is an interesting theory, I respectfully contend to the contrary.

        The competition is called "American Idol." It is held in the United States and presents every willing American talent with an equitable opportunity to join regardless of race, alienage or ethnic origin; likewise, the voting process is participated in by the American public who, despite its varying demographic and ethnic group representations, is still the American public. While others continue to insist upon racial trends, the fact is that American viewers vote for American contestants and there is simply no theorizing that.

        Thanks for your post.

    • My apologies…..I meant to post my reply to Jason's initial comment, but it somehow attached to Frank's. 🙂

  87. HELO THIA..NO VALLEY ,NO MOUNTAIN ,NO TIME ,NO SPACE,NO HEARTBREAK..lalala..they can stop from believing that my love will pull me througth thanks to u…THANKS TO YOU….u and stefano are my favorited lovetam..could u duet together..? u both looking gud together .and sweet ….

  88. Casey









    Everyone seems to be having trouble spelling the contestants names correctly, so I'm providing this easy-to-use, alphabetized list for reference.

    Instructions: Copy and paste into a notepad file, and save it to your desktop. Give it to a loved one, maybe, I dunno.

    • Please, people do not care about spelling. (these days), with that said, Paul is an amazing young man! Jacob, has a path of his own. The young man has a voice! The two ladies that were voted off, they have a future so bright, they will have to shades! Casey will eventually be voted off. James, was, is, will always be a rocker!! That dude has a voice!

      • Spelling peoples' names correctly shows a little bit of respect for those people. Also James is terrible, always and forever.

      • Spelling is important…i.e. f.r.a.t. is not equal to f.a.r.t..get it?? lol

    • Randy gave Haley the best performance but she is just like a Lounge Singer. Nothing spectacular with her singing, growling and distinctive drawl…. I like Pia a lot than her.

  89. Regarding Northern Guys comments (No.15) I agree with pretty much everything you say. And say all you want, if people don't want to read it all, they don't have to. I would like James to do a slower song – I agree with you that he has good control over his voice and he sang the "band on the run" song well. I like him, Lauren is growing on me, Stefano and Haley too, Paul does go off key a bit, I do think Casey is genuine and talented, Pia has a lovely voice but it is getting boring, Jacob was more likeable in the early days, he needs to tone it down a bit, and Scotty has a good voice but I don't much like country.

    Thanks for listening!

  90. Also, well done Bryan with the spelling of the names – I think I got them all correct!

  91. i like Scotty for the men…next for the women is Haley…i don't like Pia who keep on singing the same thing…and so does Jacob..the judges should be sent home next for not being true…Steven looks bored and J-Lo acts as if she is in love with the guys and Randy?? does he knows what he is talking? he keeps telling other contestant they keep singing the same thing and yet..can they hear Pia and Jacob? hello? hello? hello?

    • JLo is in love with stefano lol….sshe is starstruck with him…. Randy loves Pia and Steven like Haley…

    • I dont see the logic of this scenario. Its alright for Scotty to sing country songs but Pia is bashed for singing ballads always. Is there a favoritism here?

  92. So sorry for Thia, she didn't deserve to go home. My ears can't help bleeding listening to Jacob and Paul. I was so hoping that Paul gone but reality failed to oblige. Hope he will be going home next week. Pia is getting more and more boring. Haley has good rasp to her voice but I don't know where she will go with that voice.

    My favorites :

    1. Lauren – She is sweet, humble and adorable. I can't take my eyes off her everytime she performs. Her voice is great. Hope she can make it to the finale.

    2. Scotty – I'm not really into country music but he made me a fan. I'm begging for that deep voice. But he should make a change to be more interesting and gain more votes. Defitnitely top 3.

    3. James Durbin – he reminds me so much of Adam Lambert but not as good. I think Adam's voice is more emotional. But all of James' performances were great. Top 3 !

    • I agree with your three best choices. One thing that Simon Cowell mentioned once was that the show has not come up with a true country singer – which should be the obvious popular choice. Some winners ended up singing country, but it was not necessarily their specialty. So, it might be a Scotty year, who knows…

  93. Well, at all Pia sings lovely. She has a brain, beauty and talent she sings high. And I guess the one that will live is Pia and James.

  94. Hi!!! again the song of Haley is "BLUE" I hate that song because when she sang that she sings like a wolf in the night and for me "JAMES" is much better than "ADAM LAMBERT" why because "JAMES" voice is higher than "ADAM LAMBERT" but the problem of James he sings higher but it's short and sometimes it's long just like Adam Lambert… 🙂 <3

    • whut????? haley did a great rendition of blue…. shut up, deaf! adam and james are two different persona…. though they're the same rockers, they're both great… enough of your comparison and lame arguments!

  95. Can I ask you all??? my question is that is "JACOB" a "GAY" or a "BOY" and you know what,,, I loved the song that "JACOB" sang is "I BELIEVE I CAN FLY" because Jacob's voice on that song is high and really wonderful!!! And "FANTASIA'S" voice last night is really really beautiful because I know that Fantasia's voice get's in the stomach that's why Fantasia's voice is beautiful and just see the difference of "JACOB" and "FANTASIA"….. ……..

    • I cannot enjoy Fantasia's voice, less powerful compared to Jacob's. But, I didn't like when Jacob sang that song (Aaron Kelly's version is better) and "Alone". However, his performance on singing Elton John's song was great. Jacob's problem is on the song choice; he must overcome this, because the forthcoming weeks will be tougher.

    • I really don't like Fantasia's voice, Jennifer Hudson should have won that season hands down. I don't know what you mean about Jacob being a 'gay' or a 'boy'. Can't he be both? Pretty sure most are 😛 Anyway, I don't think it matters even a little bit if he is or he isn't.

  96. My favorite bet is Thia because she is a "(FILIPINA)" and you know she has an amazing voice and I do not know why if they take off Thia and they are all KJ, FC, and KFC.. .. …

    • Her voice is only so-so. The reason why America voted her off is clearly obvious.

      I am not American, I am from Asia too, but I think I should be objective in giving opinion.

      • I disagree with you softdev. Thia has a extraordinary voice but the sad thing is that she lacks of stage presence.:(

      • i disagree, Thia has a unique voice, you should hear her belting out but she didn't in AI. she has only shown partial of herself. she only lacks the energy and stage presence but it doesn't matter, i just want to listen to her voice!

  97. How I wish it would turn out.

    1. Casey

    2. Haley

    3. Scotty

    4. Pia

    5. Lauren

    6. Paul

    7. Stefano

    8. Jacob

    9. James

    How I think it will turn out.

    1. Scotty

    2. Pia

    3. James

    4. Lauren

    5. Casey

    6. Haley

    7. Jacob

    8. Stefano

    9. Paul

    • Many things will happen yet and predictions are not perfect too. This will all depend on the Voters.

    • i agree with you , but it depends about the performance´cause maybe the next one it can be the worst for someone or the best! and well i hope scotty win this year !

    • Your right but i think James is more talented than Pia. Ballad Ballad Ballad! Blaa blaaa blaaa . I think i'll take a nap lol

  98. so sad that naima was out, i guess she is performing well than paul. naima can make their own creativeness of singing and dancing. i missed her.she's great.

    i like james performed last night , he's really amazing! MORE POWER TO YOU JAMES…and have faith and TRUST in GOD.goodluck to you boy…

  99. Fav :

    1. Pia (yes, she had been rather predictable for the last couple of weeks but I love her, her voice is incredible — she could possibly play a part in Glee lol)

    2. James (again, predictable, but I really respect that he has tourette's and still able to control his voice and ticks so well)

    3. Hayley (I find that her voice is just so unusual and it's magnetic)

    4. Lauren (she has a wonderful voice and so incredibly adorable)

    5. Thia (young but so able, sorry she got eliminated)

    I hope Pia wins and somehow I felt that she and James will definitely be in top 4 together with Scotty and Casey :).

  100. Thia was the best, better then the one trick pony Pia. America aint ready for a pinoy singing sensation yet.

      • I don't even know who Charice is. People get after me for saying things about Filipino people, but it's posts like the one above by CJ that prove my point.

      • Can't really compare Thia and Charice. They're both good but are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Charice has more power in her voice while Thia has softer and pleasant tones…just like comparing pop with ballads.

        Hated to see Thia go but I can't blame the voters since I really did not see her coming in there as strong as her auditions. I am pretty sure she'll make it in the industry one way or another.

  101. I agree with one of the bloggers. Us Stephano fans need to figure out hot to get more votes.. Vote people vote

  102. I like the judges as people,, but as judges they are so-so at times … but I think perhaps the producers decided to make the show less harshly critical, as when Simon was on, and leave it more up to the voting public to decide. Not sure if that was intentional but seems to be outcome of less critical judging this year. Which in some ways is nice.

  103. Scotty and Lauren's duet was truly amazing. I forgot I was watching 16, 17 yrs old kids. Hands down.

    This season is packed with talent. It's anybody's ball game. But, I have to say Pia and Jacob are favorites, but they don't bring anything exciting to the table like all others remaining. Yes, high notes, dynamics, emotions, but we've seen tons of those before. sorry, just an opinion.

    Love Casey, Scotty, Lauren, Paul and James

  104. This is truly the best season ever! with Steven Tyler and his sayings! I love him he makes the show- Now J-Lo wao! amazing she cares so much for everybody and she knows what it is to be in those kids shoes…and Randy Jackson is funny and real, is a great team…I sure don't miss Simon, he was too mean…If American Idol stays like this people are always going to have fun watching it. I sure know I will be looking forward to next season of Idol…Oh! Ryan Seacrest is really funny and caring. I LOVE AMERICAN IDOL!!! 🙂

  105. Lately I've seen alot of comments about Steven's lack of judging. I'm disappointed as well. But, I believe that the producer's must have given him alot of grief over his colorful comments, remember his "bleep" paddle? He has to curtail his words so much I don't think he's having fun anymore. Too bad….I liked his colorful comments. At least he was honest!

  106. Branden, I'm beginning to think you're either prescient or clairvoyant, haha! Most of your predictions are beginning to sound more like prophecies – rarely to my dismay. 🙂 I think the contestants should seriously ruminate on your weekly song suggestions. Thanks for the engaging read, per usual. 🙂

  107. my favorites:

    1. Scotty

    2. james

    3. pia

    4. casey

    5. stefano

    6. paul

    7. jacob

    8. lauren

    9. haley

  108. Scotty or Lauren! They're the best. Sad to hear Thia was eliminated. I sure am she'll a career though! 🙂

  109. Scotty or Lauren! They’re the best. Sad to hear Thia was eliminated. I sure am she’ll have a singing career though! 🙂

  110. Just a thought from a logical Brit……… If the object of the show is to vote somebody off each week until you are left with a winner, wouldnt it make more sense for the public to vote for the person they least liked each week and not the person that they liked?

    • Sorry John, but that won't work. If people voted for the contestant they wanted sent home, all of the teen girls would figure out who was their favorite's biggest competition and vote like mad to get them knocked off. The only way to make it fair is to limit the voting per phone number or text account. The producers refuse to do that so they can exclaim "55 million votes!".

  111. I think Thia's better than Paul during the Elton John theme! She shouldn't been eliminated!

    Listen to Paul's rendition, it was painful really!

    My top 5 now are: Casey, Lauren, James, Scotty, Pia

  112. Oh btw, i don't get it why Thia wasn't given a chance to do a solo part when she sang Teenage Dream with Haley and Pia? Will she outshine the other 2? Something fishy hmmm…

      • sorry guys but i think the result of the show is NOT CREDIBLE at all. i juz cant believe Thia is in the bottom three maybe paul would go first before she goes home ..just saying ….

  113. fue injusto que eliminaran a thia Megia ella tenia un mejor apoyo que paul..que pasa con eso ah? tienen q ser fieles a los votos que de USA.¬¬!!

    • Es verdad que tenia mas votos que Paul pero tampoco era la mejor. Todabia le falta mucho como cantante. Paul y Haley deben ser los proximos.

  114. How Come Thia Megia is in The Bottom three and been eliminated? I saw that Her vote was 8%…… Naima is 1%… Paul is 2%… and…… Stefano is 3%….. How come that Thia is eliminated??? ………….

  115. Oh BTW…. Look at the votings I saw…

    Casey Abrams


    Haley Reinhart


    Jacob Lusk


    James Durbin


    Lauren Alaina


    Naima Adedapo


    Paul McDonald


    Pia Toscano


    Scotty McCreery


    Stefano Langone


    Thia Megia


    see?? Thia's Vote is High…

  116. The show is racist. Look at the way the contestants were promoted or not promoted!!!… U got so many sms is because of the contestants not that the show is so good. Bring Simon back !!!! at least he gives solid comments

  117. Thia was horrible, it was time for her to go home. The same with Paul and Haley, i hope they are next. But not Naima!!

  118. Hey!, Thia Should stay longer than Paul and Haley!… She was great when she sang Daniel!.. Randy says it was safe?!!!… WTH?.. and it was Boring when she sang Colors of the wind!… How 'bout James and Pia!… James always sing ROCK and Pia always SHOUTING!!!!.. It's unfair when Randy judge Thia!.

  119. We love James Durbin. I have an autistic son and watching James just fills me with so much pride. It makes me so happy to see him doing so great.He is the BEST OF THE BEST.I know how hard it is for him because I see in him what I see in my own son. I love watching him. Thanks James for giving us hope!

  120. Well another night of that shows these three judges have ruined the show. Each contestant "knocked it out of the park". Not one contestant was pitchy or off key? Really? Well let's get to the obvious Paul doing Johnny Cash, wow how bad was that. Good performer, no voice, never should have made it this far. Scotty and Lauren ok but once again their songs were more country than true rock. Pia's about as comfortable moving around the stage as a cigar store indian. Moving and singing are not her forte. Somewhere Crystal Boweresox is puking over Hailey's rendition of Janis Joplin. It was awful. Casey proved he should have been gone two weeks ago. Jacob and Stefano had ok nights . James was head and shoulders above the rest tonight. Was out of his comfort zone and " yo yo dawg, knocked it out of the park".

  121. sorry guys but i think the result of the show is NOT CREDIBLE at all. i juz cant believe Thia is in the bottom three maybe paul would go first before she goes home ..just saying ….based on popularity in their websites

  122. Thia is NOT boring at all. She is just a bit reserved, humble and polite. When she sings i feel the emotional connection but some of you don't. Some of you may question her smile. But i believe that she is fighting back her tears, deep inside she is emotional and some can experience the hurt from her voice. Also she is certainly not robotic. When she sang heatwave her movements were very natural and she seemed to be enjoying herself!

  123. i was shocked when thia was eliminated! im just curious bout the voting system.the dear judges should be the one to choose the bottom 3 based on their performance and let the audience to eliminate one…i am sad that thia was evicted, she should be part of the top 3 together with jacob and scotty..thanks

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