American Idol 2011 Top 11 Round 2 Elimination Results

Tonight on American Idol, we’ll learn which two singers will be sent home as part of this week’s exciting double elimination episode. Nigel Lythgoe announced earlier that there were over 55 million votes cast which is a new season record for so many votes this early on in the competition.

Based on your votes in our Top 11 Round 2 performance poll I’m seeing the trailing contenders for tonight’s elimination are Naima and Paul, both tied at 2%, with Stefano not far behind at 3%. My prediction? Naima has amazing staying power, so she might survive again. This could be the end for Paul and Stefano.

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American Idol 2011 Top 11 Round 2 Elimination Results’ Bottom 3:

  • #1 – Naima Adedapo
  • #2 – Thia Megia
  • #3 – Paul McDonald – Ryan reveals Paul is safe!

American Idol 2011 Top 11 Round 2 Elimination Results:

  • Eliminated #1: Naima Adedapo
  • Eliminated #2: Thia Megia

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  1. I think a lot of people are going to be surprised at the end of tonight… I think all 11 last night were pretty darn good, and I think it just depends on who has the most fans who are going to keep voting and voting over and over again to keep their fav going! There were a few issues last night, but as a whole, these are talented people in this top 11 and it is going to be interesting to see what happens even a year from now with these guys!!

    • hi i think that have of your predichion right soo keep it up… im glad that scooct mecleaney or whatever made it was perct

    • nope. i think the girls are safe… you must rate on good to hear voice not because you didn't like them…

      • Yes, those girls did an awesome job yesterday. I love ballads so I have no problems with people singing ballad. My predicition about who will gonna be in bottom 3 is:

        – Naima (she will be out)

        – Paul (I think people starting to get tired oh his weird voice)

        – Thia (sorry Thia)

      • thia was the only one didn't get a solo…because they were eliminating her this night and it's a shame for Idol because she has the most beautiful voiceο»Ώ among the three of them.

      • Thia with the most beautiful voice among the three? Sorry, I'm a Thia fan as well but Hailey Reinhart has the most beautiful voice among the girls. Next is either Pia or Lauren.

    • Matt: you listed Paul as Number 3 in the Bottom 3 of the list but in your discussion you mentioned again Stefano. Im so curious why you really want to eliminate stefano when he has performed so well also…. he has an amazing voice.

  2. All of them deserve to stay… They all did their best last night… Btw, it'll be rewarding if Thia Megia will stay, so my votes will not be put into waste… ♥♥♥ Thia all the way! ^_^

    • i (& my friends) love Thia. we love her magical voice & her great talent in her young age…

      Sorry but, damn… she not taking an all-out-performance. randy was right, it's all safe!

      we expected everyweek for her to come up a challenge but we're getting tired of it. it's all the same thing every week. is there anybody who can help her choose the best song for her or maybe tonight will be TOO LATE?!

  3. Over 55 million votes, I guess people learned from last week travesty. I am glad both Lauren and Scotty are safe. Lauren is my favorite of the girls, and Scotty is one of my favorite guys. They both sounded good together with duet.

  4. My bottom three Naima, Thia, and Paul. With Naima leaving for sure, and I am not sure if Thia or Paul will go with her. If it were totally up to me I'd send Paul home with Naima and let Thia stay. I know there are some that don't like her, but she gave a good performance last night.

  5. last night's performances were pretty good in general. did not like jacob, paul, naima much though. loved casey's rendition of your song. whoo!

    • Jacob was also able to sing That song Sorry is the hardest word, so difficult song but he nailed it. Its like he felt the emotions coupled with that song, he almost shed tears, it was so nice ….

      • Jacob actually murdered the song! My gosh that’s like my favorite Elton John Song and Jacob just ruined it! catastrophic!

      • how could he not have felt it? his face was about to spontaneously burst into flames like always when he sings.

  6. I really don't understand why there are some people who hate Thia Megia… She's young, sweet and adorable… At least, during elimination days, no bad and bitter bread on her… Unlike others who has "attitude"…. Said my piece…

    • No one hates Thia. Most of us think she has a lovely voice but hasn’t had time to round out a personality to go with it.

      • I diagree with templar, Ryan stated on the closing the girl that has the most poised to have been in American Idol, that is personality I think.

  7. I just saw the Ford commercial where Nimia drives the car away. She'll be driving herself home tonight!!!!!!!!!! bye bye baby…..

  8. Naima in the bottom 3, big surprise there. Seems like one of everybody's predictions is coming true.

  9. No solo for Thia?? No that's unfair!!! I guess AI people doesn't like her at all. πŸ™

    • I agree… I really don't know why they are treating Thia like that… I always observe that they give best exposure to their favorites but they deprive any opportunity to her… tsk, tsk, tsk!

    • WTF!!!!!! it is so damn obvious! no solo piece for thia! poor thia! i guess she'll be better off leaving this show. is america getting racist now!!!! com'on!!

    • did Naima perform? if she didn't then I guess there's no reason to do a solo since the save is been use..i

    • No worry Jay, even Thia did not have a solo, she will be OK. Hoping the Beiber and Thia can sing together in the future. It will rock the house. This is the pair that we are waiting for.

  10. naima i agree should be bottom there. thia had her best week, but she has been lagging in votes.

    • Thia should have had a solo in the trio number. It was really obvious. It seems that many are disappointed that she is leaving. It is hard to see someone you think deserves to win get sent home. I am still upset about Melinda Doolittle's not winning in season 6. I hope all the people who are saying that Thia should have stayed voted for her. If everyone who is disappointed voted for her, you did all you could. That, at least, is a little bit of consolation. Thia has talent. People who can do something for her career have seen her perform. This is not the end for her.

  11. Thia has the less exposure among the contestants actually. Even in the Ford commercials and now during the elimination prformance? wow!! What a bummer!

      • They got rid of her and she has been treated unfairly, but know what, they will all go and one by one and only one will be saved to record a song and if it does not go well, drop by the music producer and career ended. So let us just wait for X Factor. It is a sure 5M.

  12. I knew that Thia would end up in the bottom 3, but I hope she's the one to stay. So far my own personal predictions for the bottom three have come true. My third prediction would be for Paul. I am sure that Naima will be going home I am not sure if it will be Thia or Paul who will go.

    • even if thia is safe this week, that doesn't do her any good!! she'll gonna be subjected to another week of discrimination!!! can't you at least be discreet with your biases! AI PRODUCTION IS NOT BEING FAIR TO THIA!!!! i am sooo disappointment! if i am thia's mom, i'd pull her out of this agony!!!

  13. Wow I can't believe I was spot on for my predictions for the bottom 3. I hope it's Thia who stays. I know people are hard on her, but she's the most talented of the 3.

    • i agree. she has a lot of potential, and she has a great voice! she just needs to be a lot more bubbly for me.

    • even if thia is safe this week, that doesn’t do her any good!! she’ll gonna be subjected to another week of discrimination!!! can’t you at least be discreet with your biases! AI PRODUCTION IS NOT BEING FAIR TO THIA!!!! i am sooo disappointment! if i am thia’s mom, i’d pull her out of this agony!!!

  14. Hello guys, I am keeping my fingers crossed for stefano that he will be safe this elimination round. He has improved greatly and reviews about his performances has also been so good. go go go stefano, be there at the TOP <3….

  15. This year seems to be staged with the judges influencing the voters. Casy was not that great yet the judges stated what are the people watching. Lots of other finalist will suffer!!!!!!!!!!

    • Agree… They are playing favorites… I hope this will be brought to their attention…

  16. @theartofxin

    yes you can but you can only kick 2 ass just for tonight don't be too excited okay?

  17. I'm a THIA MEGIA FAN! but I have a feeling that Naima and Thia are going home tonight… :(( I'm really sad for THIA.. but I'm still hoping, she has talent, voice, star qualities.. I really hope she stays… πŸ™

    • will you or anybody try to tell or help her take an all-out-performance the next time she sings. i can't blame the votes by she's not taking a higher challenge…

      we love her & belive in her talen…

      or maybe it will be too late?

  18. Naima and Paul, the two's cool, but the two gotta go home now. They've pushed themselves to the limits. Naima has high potentials, tho.

    PS: Ya niggas kicked me out. :))

  19. My three bottom pics were right on..I think naima and paul will go home…I think Thia will have one more chance to impress….My favorites are Scotty(from my home state)and lauren…They were really great tonight.

    • I have to agree with you Tweetie about Thia staying. I picked the Bottom Three as well. However… my faves are Casey and Haley. I love Haley's voice!

      • It's a pitch correcter. If you're really pitchy it puts your vocal in-tune, however makes your voice sound electronic. Jamie Foxx and use it extensively.

    • well, thia and naima are out of AI. now i can go back to my work without distraction. lol… this will be the last AI show that i'll watch for the season! looking forward to season 11. see yah all guys!

  20. I think it's going to be Thia and Naima going home (although I can be wrong that'll it be both of them. For the same reasons I mentioned last night. Thia (because I don’t think she’s reaching her target audience, teens) and Naima (because I think singing in a Jamaican accent did her in). Although I personally like both of them (Thia's unique voice and the way Naima works the stage, she's a performer!).

    • ha,ha. I'm with you on that one. And that was one terrible performance. Yeah, the ensemble gave us something to look at, but imagine their routine without the ensemble–very amateurish like they were last minute standins for an Elton John cancellation, or they just didn't rehearse. and Grady (will i am) kept looking at his co-singer like he was told to follow his moves.

  21. As long as Scotty and James are safe, I'm good, but I like Paul, here's hoping…..

  22. [m sorry but the guest acts were just horrible tonight and wheres the surorise in the bottom 3 at the beginning they said you wont believe whos going home tonight right on as i see it

  23. Wow. Naima and Thia. Tough year for the girls so far. No guys have been eliminated yet this year.

  24. i wish paul stays… good thing about him is his so cool, he doesnt need to belt it out just to get everyone's attention, dont get me wrong, i like durbin too… everyone is so good this season…

  25. i would rather it have been haley and naima…but haley has a fan club…she is pretty but her performances are average. thia and naima

    • No, Thia went home because most people (like me) think she is boring every time and it gets old. Haley is way more energetic and fun and to me, her voice is more interesting.

  26. if i look at the bottom three…i'm not so a fan of naima..Thia is soo cute,she can get another shot..i love paul..his style is popular at the moment,thats a plus..

  27. Well didn't see that one coming, but i guess it is o.k. We will see what happens next week….

  28. UUGGGHH, Paul was the one I wanted to definitely go. People just vote for him cuz he's pretty -_-

    • I disagree i think Paul is really talented and i do not think he looks creepy the music industry could use more artists like him

      • lol, He looks great, and obviously that's a plus for the competition, but it's his voice that sounds a bit creepsterful. I think plenty of people only voted for him for his looks. Other people have been saying he can't carry a tune, but I haven't necessarily heard that. His voice is just icky. and weak.

  29. Naima has great performer qualities but that reggae remix of Elton John put the nail in the coffin for her and although Thia has a nice voice, the competition is just too tuff this year. Haley was the best perfomance of last night hands down

    • i think naima is all bout pitchy….no pitch quality control.. she can dance nicer than when shes singin hehe

    • Paul is in! I've never been more happy to be wrong on my predictions! Readers, stay tuned for my recap of tonight's episode. It'll post 3 AM est.

      • Why happy Branden? If you like Paul, you should be sad, because now–like Naima–he's going to further embarrass himself and so lose any career stock, because his voice is getting weaker. I feel for him because though his talent makes it obvious he knows how to sing, he's just oversung in the past couple of years and ruined his voice cord stamina. Sorry!

  30. My season of watching American Idol is over. Thia was always given a difficult review. Never understood this, maybe it is different live than on television. Regardless she was one of the top 3 and to lose her so early seems as if it is rigged.

  31. glad, glad, glad! But unless Paul can pull something out of his perfect teeth, he will be next.

  32. There you go, Thia's going home.. Congratulations to all Thia-haters out there.. you just won.

    But then, I know and people know her music career will flourish beyond AI. Her voice is far greater than this show. She will have all the opportunity in the world to really showcase her musical talent, something that American Idol failed to do. Good Luck Thia, you can make it!

  33. For the first time I liked Lauren. I'm a sucker for duets anyway, but that was great!

  34. Next comes Haley or Jacob or Paul! Watch your back! I think thia deserved to stay but so did paul!

  35. Thia and naima success in withe ure further career..i want to hear more from u guys,u guys are amazing..but i will enjoy the top 11 on tour…love u guys..XOXO

  36. Naima should had stay. She is the 100% original artists how out of the cookie cut performers coming out.

    • I think you're right. Originality is rare today. I think she can take that shining quality and use it to her advantage, though. Naima, we're looking forwatd to seeing more from you. Viva NAIMA ! ! !

  37. Are you kidding….Thia voted off! Jacob should have been voted off along with Jeremiah Johnson (Casey Abrams). Country crooner Scotty also has limited range with that cowboy voice!

  38. well my only fave was gone. its quite obvious of the favoritism that's been going on. when pia or scotty stick to their genre it's all praises but when it is Thia, you know what will be the comment next. Thia is far more better than the other contestants in that show. but hey we don't own judges' mind. its all set. quite obvious.

      • Agree with Tin, It was all because of their BIAS comments… They praise their favorites even it wasnt good at all but when it comes to Thia, they are so strict… All I can say, America listens to the judges BIAS comments…

      • To be honest, I heard the same thing that the judges heard. IMO, she had a beautiful voice, but from the beginning there was something lacking. Some, life, soul, depth, emotion, presence, connection…whatever you wanna call it. Sadly, it wasn't until the ending of last nights song "Daniel" that I actually felt some kind of an emotional connection to the song pulling through from her, but it seems it was too late. And even when not singing, she looked tired, and barely reacted to anything else the other contestants were going through. I truly think it is her age, so with more experience, she has a big future ahead of her. Just give her some time, and stay loyal to her as fans! For me, I am a NAIMA fan to the end, and I know there will be from her!

      • I should clarify: My above statement is about Thia Megia…I was simply declaring my fan loyalty to NAIMA in the end πŸ˜‰

      • Yeah, if people can't form their own opinions and just follow the judges, then why are they voting? Even if the judges were unfair, America still did it.

      • Thia always looked like she took a Valium to keep her nerves in check. Her face dropped and she always looked sad. She's so young. She's very lovely with a lovely voice but it wasn't enough. She has absolutely no pizazz!

  39. It's about time Naima got the boot. She never should have made the final judge's cut in the first place.

  40. Without a doubt this is the lamest joke. Stefano has zero talent and is only good for porn, the judges clearly want to save him and that other idiot with the beard and the one that sings country has all the teen girls voting for him. This is the worst season yet with the judges sqirming when they are i nthe camera pan, but when it comes time to comment, they give nothing but praise! Can I have a job asa judge? millions of dollars paid to these has beens for doing nothing!

    Vulgar, vulgar, vulgar!

      • im a filipino, and alot on our community voted for her, why are you saying that asians doesnt have a chance…

      • I guess it was one of the reasons why Judges were strict and hard on her… She's young but she definitely has the talent! Even the Manager of Justine Bieber noticed it…

      • @ Karen. Thia has no talent??? wake up girl. You don't know what you're saying.

    • I agree 100 % Paul is horrible always pitchy and always under sings voice to not strong and the music always drowns him out. America needs to stop voting for looks and start voting on talent.

    • keep on repeating,, wrong judging… sorry R—- i think you influence the audience to vote out Thia… You'd say that she has a good quality voice…sorry to tell you AI will go so boring and boring….

    • I agree with you guys.. Paul should instead of Thia, he is pitchy,from the very start i dont like PAUL and JAcob

      • James Pepsi Moment in Bad Taste?

        When "American Idol" rocker James Durbin mentioned Pepsi–the arch nemesis of longtime "Idol" advertiser Coca-Cola, and sponsor of rival program "The X Factor"–on "Idol's" live broadcast Wednesday night, he was probably most concerned that he'd inadvertently started a cola war (as sponsor-wary host Ryan Seacrest has to divert attention to this.

      • Karen, I don't understand why you say trash. I don't think so. They are all pretty talented. I guess depending on the type of music you like, as to who you favor.I didn't like the Idol winner last year, with all his screaming but obviously he was the winner. More young people watch the show. Just because they become AMerican Idl doesn't really mean they were the best.

      • haha Trash? Yeah.. 11 out of 50 million is Trash.. I guess to a remote, butt scratcher.. that really doesn't mean anything.. but anyone who knows about competition.. that's hardly trash. I think Pia squatting like she's on the Toilet singing, and Jacob over screaming, and Scotty.. well.. I usually have someone wake me up when he's done isn't the best and quite boring.. but in no way will i say it's TRASH!

  41. Thia should have stayed, she is great! Paul, Stefano and Haley should be going home soon. Remember, eventually, they will all be gone–only one winner!

    • Agree… God has a purpose to her career… All things work together for good… I hope the Manager of Justine Bierber will get her to have a proj with him…

      • yeah.. what's up with Justin Bieber's manager tweeting about Thia..something brewing here?

  42. Paul is the worst ever! Now that he is still in I hope America keep voting for hime and he wins! Ha Ha Ha What a loser.

    • now that naima and thia are out of idol, you think AI viewership will go down?? just asking! =)

      • of course, lots are excited for the X factor. and lots will change channel and go to dancing with the stars.

      • Bye, it doesnt matter if you wont watch AI. Thia is gone and i wont be missing her.

    • I hadn't thought of that. it would be proper punishment for Paul. Can you imagine if he had to sing twice like they do on the last shows? Good thing he didn't have to sing for his life before the "Save", he would have whispered it–no, he might have got lucky like Casey and they would have stopped him!

  43. well, thia is out of AI. now i can go back to my routine without distraction. lol… i think, it's best for thia to go, to save her from another week of discrimination. RACE IS SO DAMN IMPORTANT TO AI PRODUCTION AND THIS IS SO DISAPPOINTING. this will be the last AI show that i’ll watch for the season! looking forward to season 11. see yah all guys!

    • hi gwen, me too. i will only watch AI next season, i'm hoping the three judges will be replaced by another set of judges who are not racists, who dont exercise favoritism. for thia, your time has yet to come, dont worry you have a long way to go. to all thia supporters, let's change our focus to dancing with the stars. ban AI until the end.

      • Enough with the racism, I am so sick of hearing that every time someone disagrees with a person. Maybe Thia lost because she is only 15 and not ready. Paul is very unique, people like the mellow quality of his voice and it is refreshing to hear someone who sounds different. They all ,but one have to go but I am sure many will have wonderful careers to look forward to especially Thia….

      • Bye LOSERS!!! hahahaha…. you want you bet to win? you should have spent your thousands of dollars to vote for her instead of yakking here.

    • Get real, guys. The judges didn't eliminate her. The public DID. And it is not about race. I would have loved for Thia to stay over Paul. And,gwen, if you were watching AI just as a distraction??? I am happy for you that you can go back to whatever….PROMISE you won't watch again?? I bet you WILL.

      • i agree, they are so racists… i don't wanna watch AI.. They have to put back simon. I wish the program will last…

      • to cat, the judges are the greatest influence to america. they are the ones brainwashing the minds of the people. whatever negative comments, these are the main basis of voting since not all of the voters know about music. it's very obvious that the three judges exercise favoritism and that they manage to influence america so that their favorites will stay and eventually land to top spots

      • I agree with you auauo the judges can say anything that will influence the vote of the viewers..

    • I am sure its not about race. Its more of favoritism.. favoritism is not racism.. If the competition this season was not these stiff, I'm sure she'll make it at least on the top three.. she can even win it. But it's really hard to choose between these finalists.. so favoritism got the better of everything.

    • For crying out loud….grow up! This has nothing to do with the judges…it you, the people who vote, right or wrong that is the way it is…maybe throwing yourself on the floor kicking and screaming could have saved them….but in truth neither of them are great, just ok. There is by far better talent there than these two (and a few more). If that is the depth of your substance that you don't accept what the votes say, then see ya!

      • Agreed, favoritism, Randy is a music producer and seem to have lost his ability to pick who can sing and who can't. I am going back to watching Survivor, done with American Idol.

      • how do you explain the fact that she was not given a solo piece in the prod number? why is the comment of the director(?) during the photo op about thia not included in the clip??? on the second thought, i'm happy that thia is out already… but the fact that she's still part of the tour makes her open to more discrimination… this is sooo sad!!! but its happening!

      • @CONNIE – totally DONE with american idol. i'm blogging my butt out as this will be my last one.. lol!! officially signing off after this one.

  44. AI has rigged this show so bad! No wonder Simon Cowell got fed up and left this show. Yo dude…Randy Jackson, why the harsh criticism for Thia? I guess she doesn't fit the profile of previous AI winners! Thia has the greatest upside of any AI contestant this year! Only 16 and in a few years that voice will be making millions!

    • I dont think thats why he left. They dont rig the show. America decided they liked thia the least. I predicted this btw

  45. I think it was right, was so pleased with the outcome, its gonna get harder each week,so the contestants have to bring it each week. They all have talent!

  46. So glad Casey has come back down to Earth. I am sure many people would agree when I say he could win this competition; he just seemed to get distracted for a couple of weeks. Such a handsom young man, who is tallented, creative and has a beautifully musical mind. Go casey go! You can do it. Just stay centered and keep hold of your ego. No need to over try as the beauty is in your nature…

  47. NOt watching AI anymore. Good job Thia!! Keep on going!! It's not the end of your journey. It just started. A stepping stone for you to do bigger things with your big voice!! Good luck with all your AI favorites too! I'm singning off AI. I'll watch again next season!! Bye!

      • I only watch it because of Thia. I just adore her voice! Good luck with your idol! She is my only idol!

      • yeah, they'll get over their sour grapes and I guarantee they will watch next week. What is ridiculous is that there are 9 left, and just because one was voted off, they think the show isn't worth watching anymore.If they think the show was all about ONE contestant this early in the show, they should go back to watching cartoons.

      • I agree cat. They wont be able to stay away. Everybody will tune in to see how the others do. Btw…. You guys only like thia because of her age… Rediculous.

    • Jay, there are other very talented finalists whose joyful to watch.. I am sure you'll miss it. I am also sad for Thia, but yeah,AI is just a stepping stone for her.

    • To cat… jay trying to say is he adore Thia thats why he is watching AI its like watching movies bcoz ur fav Actor is there so simple

  48. GOOGLE Thia, she has not succeded twice on National television, American Idol and Americas Got Talent, she needs to mature and grow into the profession. Her making it that far was great, but you cant throw her into an industry that is a meat grinder. She will get her chance but she seems a little too ambitious for this industry AT THIS TIME. She sounds great but very few make it at that age. Just My opinion on it.

    • well, yeah I do agree. Anyway, time is on her side.. I am sure she'll be successful someday.

  49. I think Paul should have been one to go. I liked his first Idol song but since then they all sound the same. I honesty liked them all last night. I feel sad that one has to be voted off. Pia is great and I love Haley too. Thia has such a pure voice but she doesn't have the stage presence as the others. I hope they will all get a career .

  50. @ Matt. Thank you for the recap. I had a feeling it would be Naima and Thia. All the "fluff and filler" was ok…not a big Fantasia fan or Will.I.AM Thursdays should be cut down to a half hour πŸ™‚

  51. Naima, you will go far. I think you are the most all around talented of the group, as well as the best performer. Keep your head up and keep moving forward with your singing career!

    • Agreed. I believe no matter what happens from here on, Naima will have a real shot at doing something great with her talent. Looking forward to seeing more from you, Naima!

    • I completely agree…she has a solid future ahead of her. Looking forward to what she does in the future

  52. I cant believe that America is sending Niami home. She was one of the best. Will she and thia still get to travel? If not, there will not be ten on the traveling team. I think Lauren should have been sent home.

  53. Thia is wonderful, have a golden voice. I say Thia, you must be very proud, The Filipino Folks are mighty proud of you, Mahal ka namin lalu na dito sa Pinas.

    • Comments flooding here seems to be posted by one or two persons , perhaps Thia's relatives. Get a life…. bunch of LOSERS. enough Crappy comments. she is goner and you cant anything about it.

      • @Monster why were you so affected. If we don't want to watch anymore let it be. Like you we have our favorite and she was eliminated, let it be. Bye AI. Can't even endure seeing these so called singer wannabes. Bye Monster.

  54. Thia is wonderful, have a golden voice. I say Thia, you must be very proud, The Filipino Folks are mighty proud of you, We Love you Ate.

      • I must agree. Not quite sure what he is still doing there. I find him quite awkward to look at and listen to. Perhaps its fair representation of the genre to which he belongs that has kept him in. I just remember the strength in depth of competitors this year that has left me cold as to why he of all people should be in the last few shows!

  55. I accept the fact that America doesn't like Thia anymore…but who cares? Thia still sing even without AI….Offers are still waiting! PROUD TO BE PINOY!

    • Good attitude. It really doesn't matter, because if she sticks to it, she can succeed. I never was a huge Thia fan, but I think its good to stay positive and loyal to your favorites so that they can have every chance to make a name for themselves in the industry.

      • Thia is a beautiful young woman and hope she will have a wonderful singing future. However I can't help but feel that tonight her performance was a bit sleepy. As someone else has commented tonight, she is young and has time on her side. What a beautiful voice…

  56. ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We should not stop watching because of a stupid decision!!!!!! You did it not AI!!!!! Golly people! geez

    • are you one of the AI stockholders? you cant force people to watch if they dont want to anymore….LOL

    • hey! that's their opinion. if they feel, they don't want to watch the show anymore, you have to respect that. the same manner that they respected every decision of AI PRODUCTION to discriminate thia in every way. isn't that very obvious?

      • Maybe you sit in Randy's chair instead of yakking here. Thia and Naima gone. what more could you do about it? this forum is becoming boring, reading crappy comments full of sour grapers. VOTE instead of complaining.

  57. America is such a racist country. Why the hate against the minority contestants? I guess Jacob needs to watch his back being the last real minority left on AI!

    • So many comments about racism in American Idol results. Where is it coming from? Thia is a beautiful young girl with a beautiful voice but was voted off. Niama (spelling) would probably still be there but her choice to do an Elton John song in reggae was a poor choice.

    • So sad. I hate you guys feel that way. I don't believe race had anything whatsoever to do with it. I too liked Thia, I think she was an ANGEL. Its not about us anyway, its about them. Good luck Thia I hope you go on to a very prosperous career!!!!!!

  58. What is wrong with the voters? Paul is TERRIBLE…he can't carry a tune and his voice has no volume or strength. Both eliminated girls are 100 times better than Paul! I may stop watching the show!

  59. Too bad they didn't CUT Paul. Oh well, maybe next week. His performance with the three other guys tonight should show America that he CAN NOT sing at the level of the others.

  60. Oh I wanted thia to sing for the last time. I wanted her to sing chasing pavements just to let them see she was a miss…i just thought that thia has been doing bad because their theme are for older people. come on! ask a 15 year old to sing an elton john song?

  61. Just saw that Paul is safe and Thia and Niama have been sent home. Such a shame! In my mind Paul should have gone as the two girls are so much more tallented than he. I guess the order in which they leave matters but were either of them going to win? Go Casey go…

  62. If racism had anything to do with the outcome of this show, Fantasia would never have won and Jennifer Hudson wouldn't have gotten as far as she did. Not to mention Jacob is still in it. I think the people who left tonight were completely based on people's votes, so for those of you who are bitter, you can stop placing blame on racism.

  63. Thank you America for saving Paul! I want to hear Paul sing some Rod Stewart SONGS!!!!!! PLEASE!

  64. What bothers me is the fact that ehy did not even give Thia a chance to have a solo in the group numbers!!! GRRRR……

    • because they are discriminating thia… did you notice, the photo op when the director had something to say about each contestant… the clip for thia was cut, or maybe they didn't even bother to ask him what he thought about thia. and the fact that she was not given a solo piece on that production number VALIDATED everything. i'm just sad that thia will continue to work with the production as she is part of the TOUR. MORE DISCRIMINATION TO FOLLOW!!!!

  65. The result was just okey. Thia lacks stage acting capability like others. She needs to shed tears as if she is concern of others, laugh when a contestant is saved, hug other contestants if they are announced as safe. She seems to be lifeless like the common AI contestants. She is not a full blooded American but a normal American Asian with a big voice. Hope there will be an American Asian Idol or African American Idol. Just hoping. . .

    • Yeah Sorry Roland im an ass but that is too far and people like you make it hard for people like me to live. and yes I am full blooded AMERICAN family line all the way back to the Mayflower. So please ST%U.

    • Not a full blooded American?? That is so IGNORANT. Tell me, what is your definition of a full blooded American? Please Roland, enlighten us.

  66. Darren…I was thinking the same thing. His lack of talent was glaring while singing with the other guys!

  67. It's sad to see Thia leave – she has a great set of pipes but her age and naivete has played against her. Haley has found her inner sexy which adds to her stage presence.

    I am disappointed in the judges for using their one safe on a wolfman Jack wannabe – the shaggy hair and beard and all that growling just gets old.

    Keep a guitar in Pauls hands – it keeps him from doing that drunken sailor walk that is just annoying and disturbing.

    lauren and Scotts duet was the best performance to date – they are stars.

  68. The talent this year is outstanding!, however,as it does every year it becomes a popularity contest.

    What I'd like to know is what happens to everyone after the tour? Would be nice to hear feedback.

  69. Thia's out? No way! Thia deserves more than some of those who stayed. Thia! Thia! Thia!

  70. So sad that my favorite contestant, Thia, is gone! I will not look forward to AI as much as I used to. πŸ™

    After Lauren and Hayley are out, I shall stop watching AI.

  71. well Bye Bye to those of you who are not watching anymore because you feel so strong about the results, I guess you could be nice and give Thia a ride home since she is leaving too.

    • Hahaha, Borrow Jason Statham's Audi car and deliver Thia to her California home and ride a Lear jet courtesy of Floyd Mayweather hahaha.

  72. OK, people should not play the RACE card. I know that we can be tempted to draw it out out of anger or disappointment, but you should respect other contestants in the race too.

    I applaud Naima for taking risks and doing something different and Thia for attempting to go out of her comfort zone. Good luck to both of them!

    • I'm a Naima fan and I don't think race had anything to do with it. Mainly just differences is musical taste.

      I hope the best for both of them. They should do well if they are true to themselves and live and learn from this valuable experience.

      • I am not a Naima Fan but i salute her fans for being sport. Naima is also a good performer and singer…. but thats a reality show. someone has to go.

  73. Wow Paul should of gone home not Thia, well there is always next week. Who will it be Paul or Paul, come on America he is horrible there is more talent in Thia at 16 then Paul will ever have! WAKE UP AND SMELL HIS UGLY COAT!!!!! Idol is not famous for putting the right people to #1. Look at Daughtry Well America get it right this time or it will probably be the last season, and it should be.

    • Dont be so RUDE to Paul. Its not his fault if he wasnt eliminated. You Thia fans are a bunch of LOSERS!

  74. will not watch american idol anymore since thia is out..really frustrated coz people dont know how great she is..=(

    • Me too. I'm sure she'll be successful on what ever career she pursues. Shes sweet, mature, classy and smart. She has a a nice singing voice but AI is about pimping the people who they think will bring more money to the network. It's all about business. Unfortunately, she wears the wrong skin color. But arent you glad now that Thia is gone, we don't have to listen to all this nasty comments about her. Now it's our turn to make fun of the remaining untalented singer wannabes.

  75. thia youre always be my number one your and we love you ………..dont be sad your the best.

  76. I know I predicted this week bottom 3 but people!

    There is only one American Idol guys there were 11 and soon will be only 2 fighting so no need to be upset, soon all of our favorites will go one by one, that is the name of the game and we have to support those left! Stop being angry lol there is no point to that.

    Good luck to the remaining contestants.

    • My prayers for Stefano, I wish he will stay till the Finals…. He is a star material with good pipes. I was so nervous watching this elimination night….i was so thankful he wasnt called by Ryan Seacrest, same with Jacob.

  77. Just remember folks some of the best in the music business got voted out early….Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson and they all have great International careers. Thia won't, yet….she has no stage presence. Top 3 in my mind, James, Lauren and Scotty. Each of those will have careers, International ones….

    • Yes, Lauren & Scotty singing "I Told You So" tonight was awesome…Best thing about tonight's show.

    • International carrer? Thia has the most international appeal among of them…asia love her and we from northern europe wants to hear her angelic voice…so stop commenting that way

  78. The lifeblood of American Idol is the voting audience. So, given the $ at stake, I would assume that AI does enormous research on who comprises that audience. Is any of that analysis available – eg anything significant in re age, gender, education, nationality, ethnicity, or whatever?

  79. Well the travesty of last week has been undone. I was spot on for my predictions for the bottom 3. I was sure Naima would be leaving(and about time too), but wasn't sure who the second person leaving would be. I was hoping it would be Paul who would be leaving, that's because I believe that unlike Paul that Thia can sing. But all in all I am not disappointed in the results. I am glad that America finally wised up and voted Naima off.

    • I am so glad that Stefano was not voted out of this weeks' eliminations. But i think the voters decided against Thia and Naima. Anyway, they got consolation of being part of the TOUR. Goodluck, who knows Thia might be tapped by Disney or Nicklelodeon to be their star. she has great singing voice. as for Naima, she could try her luck with Live to Dance of Paula Abdul.

    • Can't agree with you about Naima – she is creative, and has full stage presence – much more than Thia! Agree that "Standing" wasn't her best bet, but her Rianna pipes along with some modern Jazz Plus her performance level would be a great package! Hope she does well on the Tour and has an amazing future after that!


      • Its really hurting you if its your bet who will go, but move on, there is only one idol to be chosen…BTW, is this you Gabriela?

  81. Whoo, I am glad that Thia got out because she was just a kid, she was not that good compared to everyone else, she has time to get popular and I'm sure someone else will pick her. Err but I am disappointed about Naomi. She was just unique but she'll do okay πŸ™‚ and Paul is amazing!!

    • I agre with Quel and SLH, we're gonna see more from Naima, her creativity and energy is infectious. Viva NAIMA ! ! !

      • To me of all the contestants Naima would be the one that would light up a room when she walked in. It's just something about her.

      • I agree. I liked to watch Naima because she was different and entertaining not boring. Hope she does well.

    • Quel, are you nutsss! whose naomi, naomi campbell, hahahahaha, WTF…by the way, for the record…thia has the most beautiful tone ever on idol history…sad to say shes out, but shes an angel so i know shell have a great carrerr outside US…Asia awaits for you…

  82. American Idol seems to be a lot easier for the male contestants.

    Just look at Paul: he cannot sing at all yet he has not been in the bottom three until this week, and even today he managed not to be eliminated.

    Other notable examples are Aaron Kelly and Tim Urban in season 9. No explanation needed.

      • Yeah he might be unique among the contestants now, but seriously, there are so many people out there like him. Mike Posner, for example, has basically the same voice but with more range. That flat raspy voice can only go so far.

      • mike posner has more of a justin timberlake voice, not quite as raspy as paul's. I am a mike posner fan and also a paul fan and even if they do have some similarities, there style is way different. there isn't really anyone out there with a voice like paul who has the same type of style.

  83. Lauren and Scotty performed the best duet of the night and they are both so young. I'm not a big country fan, but their duet brought tears to my eyes. James, Paul, Stefano and Casey were also great! Kudos to Steven Tyler for saying they could open for ArrowSmith!! This 2011 group of Idol contestants appear to be having so much fun together–it is so refreshing to see the comradeship among these young adults.

  84. The audience can only vote for the contestants that were chosen by the judges. Scotty, the One Trick Pony, should never have made it to Hollywood. He is the 2011 Sanjaya or Norman.

    It is unfair to the very talented contestants like Thia, Naima, and many other contentants who are expected to flawlessly sing many genres of music each week while Scotty sucks at singing the only genre he can sing.

    • You have no idea what you are talking about. America got the vote right tonight. Scotty is awesome and deserves the very best. Yes, he turns everything country, but he does a damn good job of it.

      • I generally thin Scotty is ok, but the note he landed on last night was sooooooo bad. I can't believe nobody brought it up. It would have been awesome if he brought it back up or went a little further to fit the chord, but it was so off.

  85. The result was okay after all I don't believed that Thia will make it to the finale though it's really an untimely exit for her and too early. Guys hailey stayed I believed she's really great.

    • Sorry, but Haley has personality but she is not good. I do not understand why the judges cannot hear how she really sing. Not good and very pitchy. Sorry Haley, pretty girl but not good.

      • Pitchy is a word only used by people that don't know what they are talking about like you. Everything Haley does with her voice is on purpose, and she stays within her chords very well. As a jazz musician I can appreciate everything Haley does, maybe you need to expand your horizons a bit.

  86. I blame al-Qai'da for tonights results. Paul should not have been in the bottom 3…lol

      • Again with the Filipino card, she is AMERICAN 1st generation as a matter of fact. Her parents moved here not her she was born in California. That would make her AMERICAN. Her Heritage is from the Philippines which is cool. BUT SHE IS AMERICAN>>> pretty neat how that works.

  87. If viewers don't vote for who should go home based on poor performance, than the judges should not be able to overrule. Casey's save hurt the public's vote for who should have made up the top 10 to tour. In my opinion Paul has the weakest voice in the group. There is no room for another Rod Stewart.

  88. One is right Naima, however, for Thia not right. She can really sing and has a nice voice and vocal. Oh,well she is young anyway. They will go one by one anyway. Good luck to the rest of the finalist. I think next week, it will be Paul and Haley.

  89. since 2 people were voted out tonight what 10 people are going on tour. Last week when Casey was saved does that mean is is on tour and someone else is not

    • No all 11 are going on tour, even two were eliminated tonight. They stated last week that all 11 are going on tour.

    • They are not boring, they can really sing. Can you? Give them credit to be able to reach top 11.

      • You don't know what Simon would or would not have said. Most likely Simon wouldn't have let her in the top 24, just sayin.

      • No David, Simon would have let her in the top five. In the end, only one will be saved, they all go. So cheers.

    • Clearly Haley is not boring after last night's performance. Thia and Pia are really the only boring ones. Naima obviously wasn't boring either.

      • Wrong Kristen, Thia sang from the heart. It was not boring Randy was hard on Thia. Well, they will go one by one anyway. Back to watching Survivor, my favorite has been eliminated.

  90. I believe Scotty will win. His voice is a gift. He may not be beautiful, but his voice will overpower everyone else. Simon said at about this point in the elimination that Carrie Underwood would win and earn more than anyone ever had in this competition. Perhaps none of the judges is allowed to say this again, but I predict the same for Scotty.

    • Are you kidding? He can only sing one genre, country. It's not country idol, this is American Idol. I'm bored of him already. Also bored with James and Pia too… They did the same thing week after week….

      • I'm not a country fan but Scotty has great voice for country, think of Randy Travis or Charlie Pride. That said, he is the same old same old etc… He brings nothing new to the table. He will do fine though.

      • @donpunk, I totally agree, except James. I'll put Jacob's name instead. Scott?, OMG he creep me out!! How old is he? 85?!

      • Scotty is not really versatile cuz he sticks o one genre of music. He shows spunk when he sings country and hard to deliver ballad or pop songs…. Nah he cant be an american idol…just popular for now.

      • American Idol isnt just about hip hop and pop music its about all types of music even country Scotty is a country singer and he is awsome at it i think he will win

    • Scotty is my favorite but even I don't think he will win. I think he will be in the top 3 though. I do think he will become really big and successful though!

      • He's my favorite and I hope he doesn't win. Anyplace in the top 5 will do. Then he's off to Nashville without obligation to 19E.

      • hey kristen, i agree with you! scotty's my fave too but i don't think he'll win. but for sure, he'll be a great country star!

  91. I agree with the elimination choices tonight! Paul is amazing! I will be sad to see him go!!!! πŸ™ 

  92. Naima, love you honey, but last night's song is not strong enought for a competition.

    Thia, love you too, but you are "playing safe" …in the end its not safe for you dear !

    Paul, love your unique vocal, lucky that you are safe….but please "wake up"….America is getting fed-up with your laid-back attitude, this is a competition, get serious Paul.

  93. hi …..oh my gosh thia out……!!!! why they didnt give a chance like what did to casey.,…she the greatest… for this compitition.. i love her she out…. why?

    1.bcoz shes a filipino..? bcoz shed not a white..?

    3.shame america…the judge ..thia not favorited

    4.bcoz boring..?yap boring…but shes filipina i found them not materialistic….

    5.i realized america are insecure to the filipino people ..bcoz of different talent have.

    6.america are racist..yes these are true…bcoz they are being socialized than the other. laugth ..that now know america people doesnt know how to sing…very insecure to the filipinos..

    8. i hope to all the people of the philippine were'nt support america anymore…

    9.bcoz she asians..

    10…america people are not the same other asian…

    11.america people are very insecure…that filipino have talent.

    11.they hate boring bcoz there being independent…doesnt know to care there husband…soo materialistic..!!

    12.gudluck !!! to judged…for vote off thia..

    -ull see nextime wat will happpen in ur rating… so ashame-

    • I think you're the racist, please do not accused people racist just because they don't vote for Thia… I'm asian too, but I think Thia isn't ready for this competition yet… Yes, she has beautiful voice, but she's kinda boring, according to my opinion.

    • Umm it has nothing to do with race or anything other than the fact that she was just boring to watch. And obviously America agrees and that is why she got voted off. You seem like you hate Americans. chill out.

    • I agree with you, american people are very much insecure with filipino artist/singer. there's a lot of talented filipino who shine in america not through with talent search american idol. If given a chance to expose Thia, hopefully she'll shine without american idol. i'll stop watching american idol coz thia was eleminated. Goodluck to you young lady, anyway you're only 15, maybe you'll be like charice pempengco and other filipino singers.

      • I am with you, that is it for me. I will go back watching Survivor. Bye American Idol,no more fun here.

      • We are mighty proud of Thia here in the Philippines and I think all Filipinos for the matter. Thia should be proud of herself , coz she have the best singing voice. The others are just screeching and shouting, my ears bled. We love you Thia, keep up the wonderful voice.

      • I *really* don't think anyone cares that Thia is Filipino.

        And it's silly to not watch it anymore. Everyone has different opinions. Everyone in the entire competition is being bashed by *someone* out there. And everyone is getting praise. What happens, happens, and they all get tons of exposure and could become stars through some route other than American Idol. So – chillax guys…

      • Dont generalize, cuz That Filipino guy, frontman of Journey is a good singer and has some hit songs. His version of Dont stop believin' is the musical background of GLEE. Americans appreciate people with talents regardless of race. Thia is a weak factor she was voted out. you cant complain on this result.

    • Really. Learn to spell. Get over racism! Get Better! That means, sing, dance, entertain otherwise, do what you want to get paid to do!

      • James Durbin in HOT water due to that Pepsi comment he made…. The family of Michael Jackson are reacting…. he has stirred a hornet's nest.

    • What you are posting here is simply ridiculous. Wake up retard, this is a competition and being A FILIPINO does not discriminate Thia. Its only that her performances were lacking spunk and optimism, she sang like a deadwood. get it?

    • haha THIA will surely soar up just like CHARICE PEMPENGCO too.. πŸ˜€ i laughed at what you said, i think their ratings will now be low when thia voted-off.. since thia is out, no more american idol to watch haha just a joke..

    • although i do agree that you're a tad racist. i'm asian btw and a filipino at that. this is way overboard.

    • LOOL, Do you really think if ALL, 100%, of Filipinos stopped watching American Idol it would even dent their ratings? That's just too funny. You only liked Thia because she's Filipino, that's it! And she's not even Filipno, she's American. If she was white, or african american, or native american, or hispanic american or w/e you wouldn't have even noticed her even if she was the same person with the same voice. You all are closed minded bigots, you hateful Filipino people.

      • Is there fire coming out of your ears and nose?…take it easy, man, relax, this is just a tv show…lol!

      • David P. Filipino people are not hateful, do not categorize Filipino people. I like Thia not because she is Filipino, I like country singer,very good, James, Pia, Casey. They are not Filipino get it.

      • Yes David, not because she is Filipino that we watched only her. I have been watching American Idol and have voted best singer in that contest regardless of race. There is no denying that she was not given the opportunity given to the other finalist. Not even a solo on her last night. Come on, you seem very smart and I know that you have noticed this too.

  94. oohhh Thia is out!!! I guess I won't watch American Idol anymore..I'm wishing for Scotty, Paul, Casey and James to take AI.. buh-bye Thia..I'll always be a fan <3

      • I don't think I would classify Stefano as 'Latino', maybe Italiano would be proper for him… Haha…

      • Bitter against stefano? why are you so obsessed on bashing him? this guy can sing and has better pipes than your bets. sorry they were already gone and i am not missing them.

      • If anything Stefano is Italian American. I hope you Filipinos don't mistake him for something else and fall head over heals for someone that isn't like you guys.

  95. Thia deserves to stay.. she performed very well done last march 30 and she sang it with all her heart.. i felt her singing and i can really internalize what she is singing and that is ART by the way.. it would be better if PAUL eliminated.. and one thing more RANDY is bias in judging.

    • Agreed, Randy was really hard on Thia. Speaking of pitchy, she was not. She has a very nice tone and voice. I just wish she could have stayed a little longer as it is so nice to hear real song and voice. I noticed that Randy's critique last night are not fair. Jennifer got it right also Tyler.

      • thanks for agreeing with me connie, i think RANDY dont like BALLAD songs isn't it? well ballad is a one type of SONG and a song is a MUSIC.. but he is trying to say that singing ballad is boring. it seems that he is not that to good in music industry, singing high notes does not only the factor that matters.. its the stage presence and singing it with the message of the song. and THIA just did it

      • Yes Alex, let us hope that Bieber manager would pair her with Bieber, OMG it will rock the house. These two will be very marketable, both young and cute and can really sing.

  96. Byebye boring Thia and Naima! TOODLES! They are incredibly boring, so its time for some of the real competition to start now that they are out of the way! I think once Jacob and Stefano leave then it'll be great!

    Not a fan of Paul but I'd rather hear him than boring sleepy Thia or wannabe Naima. So glad they are gone! Totally got it right this time America, thaaank you. I doubt either of those will make best selling records or sell out stadiums. I'm counting on the others that are still there to make it happen. Not everyone who leaves Idol early makes it. Most are forgotten. I'll probably forget both of them in due time.

  97. Hey, nice job! Shall we just declare Casey the winner and skip the formalities. "You have to sing for your life, except you, Casey. You're too good for that. Sure, you came in 11th out of 11 contestants but that's not important. We'll just 'persuade' the voters that you are so talented that it's stupid to have you sing again."

    Great going judges. Fair and balanced.

    • I agree with Mark. Casey should have had to sing the whole song before we heard what the judges had already decided beforehand. That was unfair to any contestant who had to sing for his or her life or even just sing at the end of the show before the save was introduced. Can't believe the judges were so transparent, and it changed how I think about Casey now which is not fair to him. Also, can the person who would have been #11 try out again in the future?

      • Ok, the judges would have used the save at some point, right? Probably? Idk, I haven't watched this show since Season 5! I don' even know if this is a new thing lol

        What's the issue? That it was too early? I was glad they saved him. He is very musically talented and his voice (*preferably* with less screaming) is great. Plus he seems very likeable.

        I think America is stupid with their votes a lot of the time – and so does almost everyone else! Even if they want someone else to win.

    • haha agree. it's funny that all of a sudden 20 million more votes jump up. can we say, pity votes for Casey? I wouldn't be surprised if the Judges themselves called their friends to vote for Casey too. haha!

  98. @riensasa

    lol..your comments made me laugh but I somewhat agree.. hahha I'm asian btw…IMHO Asians will never win American Idol..

  99. Just getting home from my meeting and can't wait to watch how the show unfolded tonight! Kudos to Brendan for being right on the money on the bottom 3!

    I'm surprised that America didn't let Thia continue. She seemed to redeem herself last night. But I'm glad it was her and not Paul that went home. While Paul didn't sing his best last night, he has consistently been better than Thia.

    No surprise that Naima went home.

    The shows are just going to get more exciting from here on out! Off to catch the highlights!

  100. I was glad to see stefano not being in the bottom three. I think he deserved to go on. πŸ™‚

  101. Affirmative…Thia and Naima are the weakest so far among the group. Thia has not proven much about her singing so far and Naima has pitchy problems all these while

    • Wishful thinking and Bitter? Sad to say Stefano is still on the competition. Eat your heart out. Loser!

  102. This time I do believe that AI is just a popularity contest. The singing skill is just an upfront for this show. It is sad to know that people who had real talent got booted out. Look at those past winners, few of them did really good. And for the judges, it is so obvious that they're playing favoritism. When it's their fav contestant they would make good comments even if it sucks. Somehow, it has an impact on the viewers. All of them are good but somehow they should know which one has a real talent. For Thia, you're young. Don't waste your talent in this kind of popularity contest. It's not the end of your journey. It is not the only way to fulfill your dreams.

  103. Well if paul does not make it on American Idol , one thing for sure he will have a colgate commercial.

  104. Bummer to Naima and Thia! They will be missed. I hope American Idol Tour will visit Vegas so I can see them!!! πŸ˜€

  105. WTF! Scotty one note still on the show?

    How come he plays the American as baseball, grandma, oh he hasn't done the apple pie and Chevrolet yet to prove how all-american he is…?

    All the other singers except for whispering Paul can sing circles around the effected country phony.

    James Durbin rules the stage and the show.

      • Yep … country music is the biggest selling in the USA. I don't buy it but apparently lots of others do. Check it out. Scotty's voice is one dimensional. There's nothing else he can sing but country. The voice will never translate to anything else. Doesn't make him bad, just country! Nothing wrong with having a country voice as our American Idol but it's nice to hear some variation, don't you think? Even Lauren steps out sometimes.

  106. Yes, however, it would have been nice if Thia would have stayed a little longer. It is nice to hear real song and real voice. She is young anyway. It was not boring, she sang from the heart, Simon would have had a different critique. Good luck to the rest of the remaining finalist.

    • Why does everyone think Simon would have loved Thia? I guarantee if you looked back and found which judge said the words 'boring, sleepy, lackluster, etc' the most it would be Simon.

      • Surely Simon could have said more sarcastic words to Thia and Naima aside from Boring and Corny hahaha.

      • American idol is great this time around, because there isn't a Simon. It's really why i started watching it this year. It's funny how people thought in order to be an American Idol, A British guy had to like you. hahaha! At least this time we see two people who have done it and are living it. and as far as Steven, well.. I can pretty much say SIMON would of NOT liked his voice and would have tried to crush his dreams. Sorry Simon, not what America is about. and Forget your X factor, the X factor in that show will be no ratings. haha

      • I agree, Simon Cowell was out of control, I started to watch the show after he left,,, but stopped again after I realized that Randy is worse… Randy was unknown for many before this show. I still don't know his qualifcations to be a judge. When they introduced JLo and Steve they could quantify their success in millions. It was sad they could not do the same with Randy. HE MUST GO. Next year fire Randy and bring Oprah. Randy is absolutely ludicrus… and his English is not for this show… I am sorry.

      • Oprah knows about eveything, and has a genious IQ by the way… Oprah is the most suceesfull woman in the world… and probably the most sucessfull person also…

      • She is very successful, but she's also extremely closed minded. If she was on the show only low income minority girls would make it to the top 40.

      • How did you know she is low income girl, she is only fifteen and still going to school. David P. how old are you?

      • Why do you assume I was talking about Thia? My comment had nothing to do with her.

      • How do you define success? I strongly disagree that OPprah is the most successful person, even woman. I believe success is measured in how you help people, build people up. Though she has done this, there are MANY others who have done much better. Back to the topic at hand, she would have no place on Idol, she has shown NO musical talent whatsoever.

      • Look the judges are 100% better than the last 10 years! Who remembers them???? Steven has done it all – he is funny and I hope he performs this season on IDOL – now he will show all what a great song writer, singer and rocker he really is! J-Lo is terrific – smart, great sense of what a great song-sing is all about – love her looks – great style and most of all – her views! Randy is a stepped up Randy – didn't know he had a view in him – at least in public, but this year he has opinions – good stuff! The show is back to electricity – how about 55,000,000! Has it ever been this big?

      • Great comments…I think AI Is the best this year. The judges are great and the talent is the best! They have all been good. I personally think that Paul is really good. He is entertaining and fun to watch. I believe he will last a little longer. Some of the others may sing better but they are not entertaining. I think you need both qualities…singing and entertaining. If they can cause you to have fun, want to join in, and just be moved emotionally…I believe they will make it in the entertainment industry.

      • Just because *you* don't know Randy's qualifications does not make him unfit to be a judge on this show – he has been in this business long before J.Lo and is a very successful producer. Look it up.

        He is the only one that gives comments that could potentially be helpful to the contestants….beyond "you look so beautiful tonight" and "I am honored to be in your presence".

        And what exactly qualifies Oprah????

      • pia sings ballad always, scotty sings country always, james is always screaming, jacob is overacting, then why is itο»Ώ thia always criticized this big fat dog?

      • I totally agree, Thia sang beautifully last night in fact every night she was on stage. But I feel Randy's comments made sure she was in the bottom three. if you watch each week, after the judges make their comments you know who is going home. I hate it when judges influence the public to keep there favourites in.

      • I totally agree with you. Most of the time the judges influence America's vote. That is why I am totally freaked out when they respond negatively to my favorites, especially if I do not disagree. But this year I have been agreeing with the judges alot, so it is all good. I love the judges so much more than the past judges.

      • Well Rick, just to clue you in … Randy is a twenty-year music industry veteran and Grammy Award-winning producer Randy Jackson began playing bass guitar at age 13.

      • Randy played base with Journey, has produced albums for Mariah Carey and Travis Tritt among others, is an accomplished musician and arranger.

      • will see! 5 million is the grand prize winner that is five times than the prize in idol. x factor will instantly kill american idol, i bet.

      • I think I agree with auauo, I will watch X factor. Five million just win it and you have it. American idol, if you win and your records do not do good, the music company drops you right away. X factor is a sure thing. Can't wait to watch that show.

      • Yes, and I'm sure Simon would have used those adjectives to describe pia, Haley and Scotty. Didnt Simon say hes not a fan of country music? He would also say beauty pageant like to pia, horrible karoake performance to Haley and hi ho silver to Scotty …hehehe!

      • Hey David P, because Simon listen to the singer and could hear the real singing, The shouting & growling sounds, will not be Simon choices.

      • Simon is a talent genius, He can spot one easily. He is brutally frank but i like his opinions…. no playing favorites. He created Blue and Westlife and Susan Boyle. Certainly this Englishman is a talent genius.

    • Thia shes still young.. And she will not stop singing and she will grow more as an artist. In AI for now she doesnt hav that vocal range and power to match some of the remaining idol hopefuls.

      • dont wory about Thia.. Coz she wil hav a recording contract very soon bcoz Justin Bierber's manager is interested on her talent bein that young.. Im proud of u Thia i love you.

      • Yes I agree, there is life after AI and all of these things happened for a good reason.

        She may not win AI but Thia will always shine and will fulfill her dreams….

        Goodluck and God Bless you Thia Megia… from your avid fan in Daly City!

        I'll wait for your concert soon….

        On the other hand, now I can give my 100% vote to my boy James! Durbin Rocks!

      • i'm quite relieved to know that many people supports my idol. I'm totally in pain with Thia's elimination. I really love her performances. I dont even see any boring or bland things from her. It was rhard to accept that she cannot compete no more in AI. But I do believe she will have a great career ahead. I will wait for your albums Thia…PROMISE!!

      • I agree 100%…Thia will have a contract maybe in a few years. But she has a tone in her voice that nobody comes even close too. I think she came into the competition too young….Naima needs self confidence….Still too early to judge who will take this thing though. It will have to be someone who has a special moment….Last year Crystal was a favorite even though she was not really that good…One thing for sure is that America proves to be an unpredictable place to get anywhere.

    • i agree, Thia could have stayed a little longer. It should have been Stefano and Niama. Thia was saved last week but after she sung Daniel she was let go from there, never had any chance to sing after that…dont understand that one, she sang that beautifully, you cant expect her to sing it exactly like Elton John or exactly like a famous artist of course and she cant be expected to be dancing around with that song either but she sang it with her style of voice…there was no flaw in that one, she sang it beautifully as Jennifer Lopez and Tyler had said ! But Randy for some reason didn't know what to make of it (??????).. baffling..baffling..baffling..hopefully Jacob is next to go…sounds too gospel…why dont he try to sing country like Scotty just so he "takes a chance" out of the "safe zone" Randy says

  107. will not watch anymore. judes blew went they saved the guy last week. thia is one the better singers and to see her leave is a travesty. pia is overrated and to keep scotty. idol has gone from a singing contest to a popularity contest

  108. aww,thia!she was the only one who could sing right,the others are just stage freaks!eff u AI!no wonder the AI doesnt produce quality singers anymore~ hope thia would rise up just like jennifer hudson and chris daughtry!and to the judges,thank you for your crappy critics and randy,please you've been in the show for so long and you still cant criticise?wish the old judges pannel was there to kick these stupid ones asses!hatin' randy πŸ™‚

    • PLEASE don't put Paul up there with Scotty. No, Scotty isn't my favorite, but he can outsing Paul by the MILLIONS.

      • Yea, he should be called "two note Scotty". LOL. And how can Marbel say Paul is talented. Can you hear him?? No one else can. Look, they should just cut to the chase and let Pia and Lauren duke it out for the next nine weeks and save us the agony of listening to the rest of them any more. That WILL BE your finale and Pia wins on talent despite Lauren's better personality and popularity. And that is the way it should be.

      • I'm with you 100%. Pia and Lauren are the 2 best out of the bunch. I downloaded Pia's songs to my IPod and played it back through a stero system and they are all awesome.

        I hope Pia can pick a song like River Deep / Mountain High by Celein. She will bring the house down again and shut those pinheads up about complaining about too many ballads.

        Go Pia

      • I would buy Scotty's records. He is hot and I love his style. He is so brilliant at working it too; a natural singer, looker and performer. I hope he does good from this. He is the next Garth Brooks

      • I agree. I love to listen to Scotty and I'm not necessarily a country music fan. He has natural appeal.

      • I really don't care for country, but Scotty can sing, he has great vocals. But Paul sounds like someone is squeezing the heck out of his throat. Paul is out next week.

      • to mike: well i wouldn't. i can just play a key on the piano and i'd get the same thing: one tone. who would waste money just to buy a monotone sound?

      • I would love to hear Scotty sing Trace Atkin's song Arlington. It would be very interesting to hear what he would do with that. Maybe even some of Trace Atkins more up-beat songs. Please somebody get him a cowboy hat!

      • No one this season can compare to Crystal Bowersox. They can sure get it wrong…..

      • Never liked country music till Scotty, he is making me a fan!!!! Absolutely LOVE him.

      • are you deaf? Paul has more talent compared to scotty who was very stiff, he is very corny and absolutely very very awkward seeing him on stage…scotty shouldnt be on the top 13…eeeewwwww, what a show, very disappointing

    • scotty?? lol he is a country singer, and a great one he does not sing pop or anything like that. so yeah he does always sound the same …. country… and he is damn good at his genre.. sorry honey but i think scotty will be around for a little while.

    • I agree. The judges keep giving Scotty a pass. They give conflicting advice, like telling Thia or Pia they need to get change up and stop doing the same old thing every week, but have never said a word to Scotty about making everything country, even Motown and Elton John. What good is having different themes to show diversity if they only hold some people to it. Scotty is a pretty good country singer, but he is copying a very common country style with his drops back and forth from low to mid=range notes, and sounds like a dozen other country singers. Paul definitely needs to go, as does the Luther wannabe and the Joe Cocker wannabe. Then judge all the rest without being so biased in their comments and it should be a good competition from here on out.

  109. Oh…Thia went home.:((

    People can't see how great she is. I wish Paul went home instead. I'm for Lauren now and if she leaves, no more AI for me.I'm that depressed.

  110. Naima IS GONE!I am so glad that she is gone. Hailey should be gone instead of Thai as Thai could stay for another two to three weeks. I guess the next will be Paul, casey, Hailey, Jacob with the three guys and two guys fighting it out for the final spot. Horray the Janitor has gone back to do her washing again as she cannot sing and the judges tend to be ery bias…..that wild card should never be given to her.

  111. To say that race doesn't play a part in people's voting preferences is probably being a little unrealistic. (It seems that whenever the word comes up people want to sweep it under the rug)

    Funny thing is though, the outcomes may be unpredictable when race is a factor. With Karen people took issue with the Latino factor–but while Rueben and Fantasia were AI winners, Jennifer Hudson's success far exceeds theirs due in part to tremendous marketing and agent work in her particular genre.

    I think Pia will be the winner and the steering by the judges may not be as necessary or prevalent as it has been with previous winners because the real question is how much mainstream success will a Pia have after Idol—the Katy Perry angle may offer a glimpse, she has the hot factor and can sing as well. Good luck and stay grounded because like Fantasia said the business can eat you up. Look at the Whitneys and Britneys of the world.

    • the top 11 will go on the tour. when they decided to save casey, ai production decided to include them all in the tour. so sad, i hope thia is not part of the tour, so she will not experience more discrimination…

  112. DONT PUNK!!! thank u…ull see she boring ..u want to voted out thia…u r not the people..just think first of her she sing … not bcoz she boring..shes have a chance 2 stay..u know..?dont speak from the mouth ..coz im speak from the heart….if u have the right to commment ..hahahaha…gud for u…she deserve to stay..than the other…not bcoz she boring…i ll see her personality ..that she know how to deliver the line…and give an emotion for us..bcoz the song …not bcoz she boring and only 16…gudluck!!! to other constant…smile!

  113. its ok Thia being at the top 11 is a GREAT achievement…theres always a next season my love

  114. the votes reflect the level of taste of the audience. sad to say they are not that good;based on past winners. poor taste; successful commercialism.

  115. I hope they would ask James to sing a ballad next time. It's so annoying to hear him screaming all the time.

      • Yes, I also feel the same. It's boring to see him screaming over and over again every week. Time to show his versatility by doing a ballad. Last time he calmed down a bit when he sang Beatles song, but still there was screaming part that annoyed me so bad.

    • I can't believe my eyes. Everyone is saying this and it would be so awesome. Take away all the flare give him a stool, a piano accompaniment, some low lights, and a mic and you will see what a sham he is. It's perfect!

  116. I was constantly calling to vote for Mia..( contestant #7 ) The phone would ring and ring then all of the sudden-go Busy! This went on during the full voting time! I believe there was a horrible mistake as was there with Clay Aiken. I believe you people ought to look into this- She , due to an error, telephone wise, was voted off wrongly!!

  117. It saddened me to know that Thia was eliminated. I just felt that she should belong to the top 5. I've lost interest in wathching this show. I think that it has detereorated.

  118. The choices were okay = Lusk should go;

    Thia was better, but only for a week or two.

    Paul is so cute – lead singer for the band type cute.

    Pia is a great singer, but… idol??

  119. I think right now Gabriela is really busy throwing a huge party knowing that Thia Megia is voted-off American Idol….

    • i know right,but lets just wait till her fav gets voted off!then itll be our time to party and hers to sob and die >:]

    • Oh Gabs, she's great ain't she? She's feeding off the Thia tears. I hope you Thia fans learn a lesson from how she very maturely took the news. And besides, your 'fandom' is hollow. If she wasn't Filipino none of you would have voted for her.

    • Oh Thia it's a sad day for us in the Bay area….

      On the contrary, it's a good day for Gabriela! πŸ™‚

  120. lets hope that the votes next week will drop from 55 million to half a million, thia was MY AMERICAN IDOL! >:[

  121. Sorry, I was too upset and spelled her name wrong…I meant "Thia" The phone did Not let a vote be counted for her, at least from KCMO. It kept ringing and then went "busy". This was all wrong- You know people that something went wrong…just like with Clay Aiken!!! I personally feel that there was a huge technical error and she paid for it-and this is not right!

      • Well, u better vote 5 million times more next week or he will b leaving soon too. Your idol does not have a big fan base compared to the other singers. You better exercise ur fingers and spend the entire Wednesday night voting…. What a wacko!

        Cant believe a talent is being judged by few people voting a million times. There is something wrong with this system.

      • Agreed levelheaded, X Factor is on the way, it is a sure 5million contest, I am done with American Idol this season. I do not like the way they are judging and eliminating the finalist and will pass watching this season and go back to Survivor.

  122. I'm glad Thia went home. She needs to learn to sing so people can understand the words. Her voice was pretty good, but the words all sound like mush coming out of her mouth. Paul's choice of songs wasn't the best for him, but he has a unique voice that I love.

    • You did not understand her words? Did you have your ear checked. She has the most real beautiful sound and tone.

      • What do you see in Paul? He sounds like Rod Stewart with laryngitis! I'm trying to understand why he is even on the show at all! Maybe he could play Rod Stewart in Vegas.

      • Agreed, Sweetkimy, just base on talents, hate to criticize these finalist because they all tried but really Paul singing is not good. It is like he is struggling, running out of breath. Sorry Paul.

    • Wishbone, are you deaf that you did not understand her words. The girl can speak and sing in English. She has the most beautiful tone and voice. Your criticism on this 15 years old is so out of line. Get real.

  123. I expected Paul and Naima to go this week, but certainly NOT Thia. I have voted for her since the beginning. She has the most beautiful voice. I agree with so many others that AI have not treated her like they have their other favorites. Just like tonight, no solo. I think she is adorable and so very poised for her age. I wish her the very best. She WILL go places and I will buy her music. Best to you Thia, I love you!

  124. I agree with Hop… Paul is sooooo cute; gay votes will help… Haley and Lusk should be next.

    • Paul is so cute? Thought AI was a singing competition? My mistake…seems to be turning to a "good looking" contest. lol

      • Yay and stefano will win this contest for good looking and cute guys lmao….. but i voted thousands of cotes for stefano. he is my idol <3stefano<3

      • What? Gay votes will help? Are you seriously suggesting that someone vote according to their sexual preference? How old are you anyway????

  125. Thia is out! πŸ™ hope my scotty will make it FTW! i will miss Thia on stage. I want to see her see more of her in the next weeks. Anyway, she's young and has to learn a lot. Im sure when she gonna come its for the win also!

    • I liked Thia too. She has a wonderful, crystal clear voice. I console myself with the thought that she has learned from this experience. I really hope that she will be back next year!

      • Thia is wonderful singer but she lack that stage presnce and performance to make people vote for her. she is still young, she will have more chances to become an international celebrity.

  126. No one on this thread is talking about the talent of Jacob Lusk. But when you go on youtube you will find that his video views are off the charts. None of the contestants did much justice to Elton John's songs. Motown songs last week everyone did very well except Casey. The opposite was true this week with Elton John's music.

    • Lusk is a good singer but sometimes he's too dramatic very irritating he wants to be a diva not an idol…. Thia is one of my favorite bcoz her voice is big compare to lusk heheh just kidding… I'm sad very sad

  127. thia….thank for singing all the song…there brigther future ahead for u….pls an album… coz i reallly love ur voice… we have the same voice..hehehe…i missed u..thank so much…for entertain us…… we love u.. i wish i ll see u in person…

  128. "Did America get the vote right.."? No. Paul should have been sent packing instead of Thia.

    • My sentiments EXACTLY!!!!! Thanks Cat. Glad someone else out there has an ear for someone who obviously CAN'T carry a tune.

      • agree with you Cat. I even wanted Paul off below Naima! that's how bad he is! And even though I get weary of the Thia Fanatics, I liked Thia and thought she was in the top 4 group with Haley, Lauren, and James–maybe top 3. Sad to see you leave Thia; and Thia Fanatics–don't vote for Paul just to get even with America!

      • I think it was not America that voted her off, it was American idol itself. Judges & producer decided this contest. They always do, have you not noticed how they support and push for votes on the way they criticize the contestant? That is why I am done with American Idol. Clay Aiken why he did not win? He was the best during that season. Winners are the ones that they like to win.

  129. Thia, a única participante que realmente sabe cantar foi eliminada. America não sabe votar. Se somar o resto do grupo não servem pra nada.

  130. NO AMERICA DID NOT GET IT RIGHT THIS WEEK. I think Haley Reinhart should have been #1 and Stephano or Thia should have been eliminated. They need to bring Naima back she is better than Haley. MY OPINION and it counts. Thanks

    • my goodness, please talk a little sense here, Haley was the best of the night and has been good for 2 weeks straight. You obviously has something against her

      • Sorry, but Haley is not good. That growling covers her inability to carry high note. Pretty, but not good, Randy should have had his ear checked.

      • I also think Haley was the best last night. She can reach high notes, but she should reduce her growling a little bit. It sounds sexy, but people will get sick of it if she shows that everytime. Same thing with James' screaming. I'm soooo sick of hearing that every week.

    • America had spoken so reserve your comment for stefano lol. he was not eliminated so sorry for your prediction or wishes. stefano is a good singer.

  131. No, tonight's vote was not right. Naima is awesome and way better than Paul!! She has a beautiful voice, full of spirit and knows how to put on a show. Not to mention, she is beautiful, inside and out. She was the most original talent on the show, so I just don't understand it at all, I am really going to miss her. I pray that what happened to Jennifer Hudson is something that could happen to Naima, she has "IT". So sad to see her go tonight, just heartbroken! I hope she gets to read this so she knows there are a lot of viewers that really appreciated her talent. Sincerely, Tracie

    • I dare say that many of the big stars today would not be idol winners in my opinion like a Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys and many others so Naima should capitalize on this and see what she can do in the biz and definitely move forward in her genre.

    • Summer, I am with you. I think it's so sad that most of America couldn't see what we saw. But like you said, I'm sure there is more for her out there. We'll stay loyal and supportive, and like J-Hud, Naima is gonna get her name out there! Go NAIMA !!!

      • "We’ll stay loyal and supportive"

        You bet we will. I hope can keep her fan base from AI updated.

      • Yes! All of us Naima loving people knew, deep down, that she wasn't going to last long in the competition because people are so biased and hard to please. It's just not the right place for her, she has much, much better things to be doing. I wish her the best.

      • I would have like Naima to have won this contest. I saw how she works hard

        cleaning that stadium and has a child. She will be taken care of hard work never goes unnoticed.

    • It is sad but I have a feeling that with her high spirit and energy level she will be fine emotionally. And as it has been said in this thread she has "IT" and I'm certain she has been noticed by the right people.

    • I agree, Naima is great, is Casey that should have gones, I dont like him, he is weird

    • i'm in tears right now. seeing NAIMA go is the worst part for me..

      But knowing NAIMA as a person, and as a performer, I'm sure she'll make it big in the biz.

      Blessed LOVE to our exotic flower.

      we'll keep supporting her.

  132. I think Thia would do really good on that new show The Voice with Christina Agulaira because they only judge on how you sound, not on your stage performance or anything and I think that's what got Thia… so maybe she should try to be on that.

  133. The voting was right this week. We'll miss Thia, but she wasn't able to keep up with the other heavy-hitters this year. Naima's performances were too hit and miss, too.

    Please consider putting Lauren and Scotty's duet from tonight (3/31) on iTunes as well as the regular performances … they should have a #1 hit with that one. THAT was the best moment of tonight's show.

    Best season of Idol ever this year!

    • You do know the original of that song, right? Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis did it and it was better than the one tonight. Check it out if you don't know it.

  134. i hate america people now…they are racist!!!i salute ur frawn commment to her…now u were happpy she voted off..bcoz ull guy are insecure!..go europe and asian…booo america…america doesnt have the heart…they r are alll materialistic and socialized people..!!!! i wonder that thia is not favorited of the 3 judged….to thia or lost..u still deserve as our idol…

    • If you hate American people; which Thia is, then you shouldn't be watching our shows! Thia is an amazing singer and the vote is from the American people! American Idol is a popluarity contest and Thia didn't make it! Period! This doesn't mean she won't have a career!!!

    • lol chillax.. it's done and let's all move on..we can't re-do the undoable…

      go thia!!

      • Yes, you should calm down a little bit and stop calling people racist. You don't have to worry, next week one by one will get voted-off too. Just wait for their turn. If American people is racist, Thia wouldn't be in the Top 13. That's my opinion.

    • You are the one that is racist. You only liked Thia because she is Filipino…actually wait, she's AMERICAN. Wow, how about that, she's not Filipino. So please, she's moving ahead and if she really has what it takes she will find a way back into the spotlight.

    • riensasa, i am a filipino and I will bash you for that! You are not a kind that represents us. Shame on you..


  136. I agree with the eliminstion of Thia but NOT Naima – Naima is different – and very tslented!

    • They just can't recognize her creative talent and overall, she is the most creative of them all. She still gets to go on tour and hone her chops and get more exposure. This is a great opportunity for her. Now she just needs embrace it and run with it !

      • Yes, she's creative and not boring, but what she's lacking is the ability to sing compared to other contestants. I think the wild card spot should goes to Kendra Chantelle instead of Naima.

      • No way, Naima was the right choice for that spot. If they didn't pick her, definitely Tim Halperin, he was awesome.

  137. woah, cant believe it! i voted her hundred times! do they tally the votes properly? AI sucks! it'll get not going to vote anymore.. Thia is waay more better than Stefano and Paul!

    • I agree that Naima go.. but Thia no way.. We love Thia she's one of our favorite as well as Alaina, she's not oversinging ( Jacob Lusk), not screaming (Casey), she listened to the judges unlike Pia who always sang ballad, Scotty (country) and James durbin(copy cat of adam lambert)… Hailey is good too she try every genre.. she has the veriety

  138. Yes America got the vote right this time. The bottom 3 were who they should have been.

  139. Yes you did at least Naima got voted off. You have done the best so far but Thia should have stayed. Naima couldnt carry a tune at all.

      • You mean one of the best!! Naima was leagues beyond Thia. If only one had gone tonight it would have been Thia. I can't believe how shallow Filipino people are, seriously. I've lost so much respect in the last two weeks just seeing all of these hateful comments from you people.

      • David,Filipinos are not shallow. That person who is speaking of racism is just probably expressing his opinions however I do not approve either. I have lot of Filipino friends and definitely not shallow. They work hard especially Filipino nurses.

  140. If there is this much craziness going on about Thia then I bet the server crashes if James or Scotty go home before the top 3…

  141. I feel like tonight's decision is right on the button. The one I wonder about the most is why Jacob is still around. He bellows the words out and you can not understand half of the words he is hollering out. He needs to go next. The competition is very tough this year for sure. Lots of talent!!!

  142. I just read all the other posts and am shocked!!! Thia was the weakest, worst one on the show!!! Naima was 100% better than her!!! Thia had no personality, did not have the "it" factor and was so boring!! Naima was the complete opposite! Not to mention she deserves to be there over Paul and I can assure you that if it came down to that save for Naima she would have gotten it if she was in Paul's place last week. Furthermore, how old is Paul?? Its just a singing show and he had a complete melt down, worse than a woman…. I can understand shock and excitement, but get a grip dude.

    • are you sure that thia dont possess the word "personality"? for your information, each individual possess personality!! and do you really know what personality is all about?

      • This is for Summer, This ia only 15 years old, did you not hear Ryan stated the most poised girl that have been in American idol. Is that not personality? This girl can sing, nice tone and voice. No need to cut her down so much or the other finalist. They will all go one at a time and in the end only one is saved. Easy on the 15 yrs old. How old are you?

  143. I just submitted my comment stating I did not agree with the elimination of Naima – she is different and talented – Thia should have been eliminated – NOT Naima!

      • Couldn't agree more with you… But sadly he will be in the final, screaming all the way to the final, cos America love him…

      • No no no, his fanboys want him to sing a ballad! Hah! Yyyeessss, it will be utterly terrible and then he will leave.

  144. Lusk should go. He's a typical over singing drama queen with a real emphasis on the "QUEEN" part. James

    won't win the competition but will likely have a great career. I figure some up and coming rock band will pick him up as a high screaming front man. Scotty looks too much like Alfred E. Newman! Naima needed to go. Thia probably should have stayed around another week or two. Paul should have gone based on his performance but this show is less about performance and more about popularity.

  145. I was just curious to know. What was wrong with Tia's performance? She was my favorite singer. Thanks for your "honesty," you American Idiots!!! I'm watching Simons new show. At least he's honest, not ignorant and prejudice. BooooooooUuuuuuSssssssAaaaaaaaa!

    • You only liked her because of her race, if she was a white american girl like Lauren you wouldn't even know her name. It will be awesome that all these people won't be here to flood this forum with garbage anymore.

      • People are just expressing their opinions some I do not agree,however, you are always using these people or Filipinos flooding this forum with garbage is not nice. I do not see your comments on other people other than Filipinos to have been expressed the same and may have commented garbage as you have put it.


  147. Great job America!!!! Glad we finally got those two out of the way, they were terrible! I think it is ridiculous that because of the fact neither of them are white people play the racism card. if it would have been your favorite and they were whiite no one would ever say "they got elimanated because of race" wake up people race has no decision factor in the majority of the population. They got voted off because they can't sing well…i've seen people that were completly wasted sing better than them.

  148. Have found the most amazing respect for Steve Tylor. He is so cool, intelligent, caring and funny, I love him. Randy Jackson is wicked, raw and honest whilst Jennifer is actually quite real and sensitive. Let's hope the finalists deliver and succeed as a result of thier efforts too…

  149. I think Haley should have been out in round 1

    Yes, Thia has next year, but she should have made it much farther.

  150. Thia shouldn't of been voted off. It should of been Paul. I am going to miss Thia. Casey should of gone, Randy, Jennifer and Steve shouldn't of used that save. Jacob is nothing appeared to Scotty. Scotty is the best of all of them. I don't like Pia, she shouldn't of tried out for AI. Haley should of gone instead of Naimi. Jovanny and Lauren is good. But this is hopeless, it is like Rueben and Clay (season 2) all over again.

    • Who the heck is Jovanny? And it's should have, shouldn't have NOT should of, shouldn't of. And Jovanny and Lauaren ARE good, not IS good. Forget about American Idol; just do some American studying!

  151. dont ever dare to vote-out my idol scotty and stefano or else no one will watch your show anymore. bye thia we love you.

  152. i think the best performance last night is James Durbin. his performance is like a finale show and he has a confidence everytime he performs.

    For me the worst performance is Paul. it is very boring and he is not entertaining to watch.

    Pia,Haley and Scotty are also good last night.

    I’m so glad about HAley’s performance. just keep it up.

    Jacob,THia and Naima- just …OK performance? average.

    Lauren,Casey are legendary and they are very phenomenal.

    Stefano is also ok .Sometimes very good but smetimes not.

    For me, their overall performances:

    Paul – 80%

    Naima- 82%

    THia- 85%

    Stefano- 87%

    Jacob- 85%







    Naima and Thia are eliminated this week

    Paul should go next. πŸ˜€

  153. Forgot James Durban. I agree he is annoying and should of gone by now. He is a try hard.

    • I think Stefano has improved with each show. Hope he stays around for awhile.

      America send the over-acting… too-dramatic..Jacob home!

  154. Not sure America got it right. Thia is young and definitely needs more experience for her to truly shine. However, she has the vocal talent and should have stayed on that basis alone. I admire Naima for being adventurous – she's not the strongest vocally, but I think she knows that, which is why she tries to put on more of a show.

    Paul was dull and James needs to stop with all the screaming (it's a singing competition, not a screaming & piano burning comp).

    Weakest of the night, Paul and Stefano.

    Strongest, Pia by a country mile and Casey with a redeeming performance.

    Can I also just predict that Stephen Tyler won't be around as a judge next year. From where I sit, he looks totally disinterested and his critiques add nothing & lack constructive criticism. J Lo has surprised me, I like her commentary. Randy is still the bomb and most accurate in his critique.

    • I agree in your predictions about Steven Tyler.. he looks bored watching the contestants sing..

    • Your opinion doesnt count cuz stefano stayed lmao…. and i can laugh to his haters. stefano has excellent pipes and he will be around till the finals.

      • So does Thia but she was voted off, so your opinion is somehwta flawes. I'm afraid to say Madness (how appropriate by the way) but unfortunately the vocal ability isn't always the determining factor in who wins. As Randy would say, FOR ME Stefano's performance wasn't as strong as the others. But hey, he's cute and all the teenage girls and some gay boys will continue voting for him.

    • I'm also a Thia fan and it breaks my heart that she won't stay anymore in this competition. Unfortunately, I don't think she showed how great her voice is in her last 3 performances. I watched her last 3 AI performances and I was like…where's the Thia Megia I fell in love with since the AI Audition? Too bad…she could have been one of the contenders.

      Anyway, isn't it obvious that I'm a Hailey fan? I know right!! Great to see her improve so much that her votes are just increasing exponentially! OMG she's no serious, I can feel that! Unlike Thia, I'm beginning to see the Hailey that everyone loved since her AI Audition. Oh I sooo love Hailey!

      • The problem of Thia is she kept on holding on her emotion. She didn't listen the judges comments. She is definitely great but we are looking for the greatest and that AI showcases so much exponential and amazing talents and she was just out staged by the rest of the other contestants.

    • In defense of Steven Tyler…I think he is trying to not influence the voters by his "bored" look. Instead of raving & drooling over a contestant like the other 2 do. Mostly,tho, I think all of their critiques are fair.

      Thai is only 15–don't worry–she'll make it in time. The tour will give her experience & confidence.

    • Oh please do honey..We still have Hailey Reinhart! haha here's the americanidolnet poll results so far:

      1. Scotty 15%

      2. James 14%

      3. Hailey 13%

      4. Pia 13%

      5. Casey 12%

      6. Lauren 8%

      7. Jacob 4%

      8. Stefano 3%

      9. Paul 2%

      Hailey is in 3rd!!! OMG can you imagine that, she was a bottom 3 queen just few weeks ago!

      • will not watch AI too…
        we need simon on AI for that contructive criticisms…
        Boring judges….have their own picks…

  155. So next week's theme is the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, so no Bon Jovi for James, but he'll have lots to choose from.

    • I want someone to sing Sweet Child O'Mine by Guns and Roses!!! James should pick this song..

      • James would probably pick Paradise City before Sweet Child, but that point is moot because Guns & Roses isn't in the R&R Hall of Fame. They only become eligible this year. I'd be happy if he did Sprinsteen's Born To Run. And I'd love for Scotty to do one of John Mellencamp's faster pieces, Pink Houses or Hurt So Good.

      • Was just cruising another blog and they say that next week is going to be the 80's theme that they scrapped this week in favor of Elton. So that's kind of good news because it opens up all of the hair bands, Prince, Mellencamp, Bon Jovi etc. I hope the other blog is right.

    • I wish stefano will sing Bon Jovi's song Its my Life…. go stefano this Rock n Roll week….<3

      • I might have to change my choice for James, He might dare to do Aerosmith. Early in the season Steven Tyler told him if he sang Aerosmith he would come up and sing with him….Im not refering to the comment he made about the little group opening for Aerosmith.

      • Thank you Donpunk & DavidP! I was beginning to think "everybody" thinks James is good.

        I thank the remote manufacturers for the mute button. My eardrums love the snooze they get when he performs!

      • Scotty is fine Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Elvis and Lynyrd Skynyrd are in the R&R Hall of Fame.

      • Scotty is a great country singer….can't wait to see him , Pia and Jacob do some rock-in-roll.

        Don't get me wrong….I love Pia…but Rock-in-roll?

        Surely Jacob will hit the highway after this!

  156. I find Randy's criticisms to be a little pitchy! At least he's expanded his vocabulary beyond "dawg" though. That was getting tired. Just one observer among millions.

  157. Can Pia sing anything other than ballads? One more and she should be voted off. Talk about singing 'safe'. She'll be successful with 'easy listening' but not as our AI.

  158. What Thia is going. Not right I agree she was ROBBED. Scotty is no Garth Brooks, he is much better than Garth.

    For me, their overall performances:

    Paul – 60%

    Naima- 70%

    THia- 80%

    Stefano- 90%

    Jacob- 40%







    • Oh please, Hailey with 10%? Duh, she has the 3rd highest votes. She has the greatest voice and America is beginning to love her!

    • No. Its haley on top!!!I am not a Jacob Lusk fan. That big box and screaming voice I don't really like it. He is good but so destructing to listen. Not just the type of voice I will dive into. Paul is very unique and he can stay up to the final six or five. Well its Pia, Lauren, James & Scotty for the final 4. I am not sure about haley, paul, casey, stefano for they have so much inconsistencies in terms of song choices and that is their problem. I want Jacob Lusk to be voted off next.

      • Doesnt matter what opinions are posted here, so long as stefano is still standing there haha…. Go stefano and Rock them!

      • Are you referring to Paul instead of Hailey? Hailey is super!!! She will be the American Idol

    • I think this person ranked the contestants isn't based on singing skill, but based on the person that she/he likes the most.

    • I am a Scotty's fan. However, based on performances last night, my grade is as follows :

      Scotty : 60 .. I was just disappointed with his song choice. I'd prefer him singing "Nikita" or "Candle in the Wind"

      Paul : 70

      Naima : 55

      Lauren : 85

      Thia : 65 .. She slowed down my favorite Elton's song, making it a bit sleepy.

      Stefano : 95

      Pia : 90

      Jacob : 90

      James : 99.99

      Casey : 80

      Haley : 80

  159. If only judges can be voted out, Randy Jackson should be one.

    He's got unreasonable and conflicting comments about some of the finalists.. He wants Scottie to stick out to his lane and yet he criticized Thia and Pia for singing ballads..

    He was being tough on Thia most of the time but he can't say a single bad comment towards Pia..

    The way he emphasize on how Thia is going to have trouble getting the votes by playing it safe when most of the finalists did the same.. that alone can brainwash the minds of those who votes.

    And for Gods sake, its Elton John Theme! what does he expect? For Thia to rock on or dance with "Daniel"? so unreasonable of him..

    Its also getting sick how he looked like a salesman trying to sell to American public to vote for his, the other two judges, and American Idol's favorites.

    Randy needs to take a rest!

    • Judges decision is FINAL and no one can revert it. Thats why they are paid MIllions of Dollars. He is just doing his job and following the Script so the show will earn high ratings lol.

    • Even if Randy would always give Thia a negative feedback, she remained polite and sweet. I remembered David Cook, few years ago, when he answered back to Simon's mean criticism. I'm glad i'm not one of the contestants, or else I would have done the same thing.

  160. Apparently the American public that voted last night doesn't know squat regarding singing ability or talent. The one person with the weakest voice did not get voted off. What a joke!

  161. I hated to see Naima go. Even though I don't think she is the best, she is an entertainer, different, and fun to watch. She doesn't just stand there and sing as Thia and Pia do. I was OK with Thia going. I hope Jacob is next, I don't like to watch him sing.

    • YEs, I think Naima is the most overall rounded contestant and constantly step out out the box just as the judges had asked several to do. The never had to ask her that.

      I hated to see her go but I feel she will be ok with all of this exposure.

      • That's what I hope too, that she got far enough in the competition and with the exposure, her career will take off.

      • Lol, you're right, they would have had to ask my girl to step back in the box if anything. Stay up Naima!

      • Naima you have a fan base, and you will go far you are a great entertainer good luck girl.

      • Henriette, first of all 'a fungi' doesn't even make sense. Second it's not a very effective insult. It just lets us know that you are probably 10 years old. Also, Henriette has to be the most hermaphroditic name I've ever seen.

  162. Paul you are amazing and your smile is so smiley i cant believe you were in the bottom 3 i was so sad cause you got called there i hope you win and never get put in that place again

      • My guess is haley' s turn to go home next week. American Idol is about singing talent and not looking for a sexy singer cuz Britney is there also Lady Gaga

      • @ Monster: Haley's sexy and definitely can sing. Britney's sexy and sing through her nose. Lady Gaga isn't sexy. She's too weird and creepy.

    • The producers and the judges made it sure that Thia’s out before she becomes a threat to everyone.

      • Agree! Too bad Thia has to go tonight. I know she has lack of experience but always think she has the best vocal and tone quality. Keep going Thia, you will have a successful singing career!

      • No, she was voted out because the producers realized that Filipinos are starting to find a way to vote for Thia from the Philippines (thru proxy or whatever they call it).

      • This seems to be the perfect place to mention that Stefano is NOT Latino or Filipino. He is Italian American. So if you were going to switch your votes to him, don't.

      • I know! So Thia and Namia fans, just switch your votes to Hailey. She's Thia's and Lauren's bestfriend. I know right! haha

  163. sad to see thia gone….most beautifully controlled voice of the female contestants. my opinion is this….the following will definitely see stardom in their future….thia…jacob….scotty…james

  164. Why does anybody like Paul??? He can't carry a tune and he sounds like Rod Stewart with laryngitis!! (And I love Rod Stewart.) He would be okay if he sang Rod Stewart, maybe even Stevie Nicks. I don't get him. What is the attraction when he can't even stay on key? Please help me understand…

  165. I predicted correctly. America got it right. Next week will be more tricky to predict.

  166. for me, my grade for march 30 performance would be:

    Paul – 87%

    Naima- 88%

    THia- 93%

    Stefano- 87%

    Jacob- 85%

    Casey- 89%

    Pia- 95%

    Scotty- 88%

    James- 87%

    Haley- 90%

    Lauren- 91%


    scotty- no change at all, why not try rock song too?

    james- why not try a ballad song?

    pia- try a rock song too!

    there must be VERSATILITY among the top9 to be called AMERICAN IDOL!

    but then, this is just a matter of POPULARITY Contest hahaha..

    • Exactly! American Idol has become a big popularity contest where the person who looks the hottest or the one that the judges seem to like stays in the competition!

      • YES you got it dude!! πŸ˜€ its just a matter of FACE not the TALENT!! that's proven.. but then, there are still great contenders left.. I go for PIA then πŸ™‚

    • He's not going to try a ballad, the producers won't let him do a ballad because it will be revealed how terrible he is when he can't hide behind all the flamboyant stage acts.

      • haha yeah.. but they must TEST the contenders WHO can really do or perform any TYPE OF SONG. Isn't it?

      • I know! he, too, is not getting out of his comfort zone. and the JUDGES haven't realized that! if they ask other contestants to try going out of the box, then ask James to try singing a ballad song!

      • i do very much agree, because of that blindness of the judges (sorry for the word) there is really FAVORITISM and not enough fairness.. just like the case of scotty and james.. but I REALLY APPRECIATE JLO for criticizing the contenders, she has really a GREAT Artist and she knows exactly what she is saying.. πŸ™‚

      • Agree with HaileyFan, they shouldn't attack on Pia only. The should tell Durbin to sing ballad and McCreery to sing rock without country element in it to show their versatility….

  167. Scotty can sing, but not versetile, he can only sings country. Hope America vote wisely, and really hope that it will not be the same year as America vote Taylor Hicks for their idol.

    • Oh I feel relieved. I thought I'm the only one who doesn't like Scotty. He's boring me..I mean, I liked him before but he's just losing his spark right now specially with other contestants stepping up. and one of them is Hailey!!!

      • For me it's not that Scotty is boring. I think he does ok, but his performances are very immature, almost awkward. He has a long way to go. Did you see the way he looked at Lauren while they were singing? Yeah, he still has his v-card.

      • That could also mean that he finds Lauren unappealing. She has made herself ridiculous fawning over the older men. Scotty seems pretty straight arrow and might veer away for that reason.

      • Excuse me, I don't wear panties…so old fashioned! Paul, bye bye! Get ready to pack your bags and go home with your creepy flowery jacket.

      • Okay Haileyfan, don't get your bloomers in a bunch! But I digress, I agree that Paul must go.

    • Randy's so fake. Approached Thia on the stage when his negative feedback was the reason that poor girl got eliminated. There should be transparency on how many votes each contestant gets every week. I bet, it's not 55 million.

  168. obviously the show is fixed….randy needs to go…casey needs acting lessons…last week confirms it

  169. Paul shouldn't be here. I mean he's not that good, Thia should be in. :[

    • i think so too… so america believes that paul is way better than thia… i think his "how're yah doing tonight" before he performed was an after thought after randy made good comment on scotty's "i love you grandma" line in between the song! whew!

  170. Goodbye American Idol.

    Hope this is your last season.

    Goodbye Randy. You sucks.

    We will support the X Factor from now on.

  171. I am sad to see Thia go…You were an awesome singer.

    Naima had to go. I just didn't see her being the next big thing. Better luck next time.

  172. i hate to see thia go…paul should go rather than her…she can really sing well than anybody else in that competition.

    • i'm confused too. paul was voted by america despite his weak performances (and was always praised by randy) and that is a guage of their musicality or apparent lack of it.

  173. im so sad tha AI is a bit scripted…they selling scotty and lauren coz they see people will watch them. they keep casey to stir up the crowd. so sad for thia, she don't have a moment on ther trio (with haley and pia) judges are consistent with praises for scotty. remember judges was so lauren critique with lauren? after the vote casts all her performances is good even if she has pitchy moments!

  174. Naima going home is fine, she is a good singer but frankly I don't think she is anything special. As for Thia Megia this was a mistake. Thia is a lot better singer than Scotty or even some of the other guys. What is with the love affair with the guys this year. Not one of them has gone home yet and frankly I can name half of them who deserve to be gone. Scotty is a good Country singer but doesn't have much else, I am sorry he just isn't good enough for American Idol. If he wants to do Nashville Stars or something I am all for it, but not American Idol. Casey is also mediocre at best but America and the judges have this love affair going on with him for some reason. This is exactly the reason I don't watch American Idol very long, the good singers never actually win.

      • Agree, look at Jennifer Hudson now, a vendicated AI finalist who was robbed of AI title , a Very succesfull singer and actress with Oscar nomination.So its not the end of the world for Thia. She could have a career in the music industry waiting ahead.

    • I somehow agree with the love affair with the guys/gays. Let's name those who deserve to be gone:

      Paul – boring to death

      Jacob – screams all the time and it doesn't sound good anymore

      Scotty – boring but too bad coz he has a huge fan base

      Stefano – cute but he lacks the IT factor

  175. I think Pual is terrible, he could have starred in Alvin & the chipmunks… I cant stand to watch his lack of talent and musicality

  176. i just wonder what would simon say about this season's finalists,especially watching too many try hard performances this season, i cant help but comment that the judges are too kind this season… and too bias.

    • It doesn't matter what Simon would say, guys! He's GONE! and he's gonna stay gone! He got tired of the show after so long & went on his way. It's as foolish to wonder what he'd say as it would be to wonder what Kara would say, or what Ellen would say. It doesn't matter! Get into the real world!

  177. Pleased have casey shave his beard! Very talented but can't see beyond the facial hair.

    • I don't mean to insult Casey, but I think he better keeps the beard. He will look like a comedian without it.

  178. Did America get it right, well there is only going to be one winner. so someone is going to have to go every week. Do I like it? no, because it's hard, and they are all so good,but someone has to leave. I think they used the save card, too soon.

  179. Am I the only one who thinks that Lauren Alaina, James, and Scotty are all boring? I love Haley's voice anyway…

    • Me too me too! Haley is my favorite. I won't have to split my voting time between her and Naima anymore (Naima is awesome, love her, she will go on to do great things). James is my least favorite ever!

      • Dont u worry, Haley will go home next week, then you don't have to vote at all…hehehe!

    • Well Hailey is great whatever song she sings. I agree with the other 2 but I think Lauren Alaina is like saving her best performances for the next few weeks. I can feel that she has more to show us..look at her when she sings, she’s like sooo natural and effortless. I know that she can still hit higher notes but she’s just playing it safe for now.

  180. My prediction was right! – Thea and Naima as the two who will be booted out tonight.

  181. i'm sooo bummed with Thia Megia being eliminated. Since I'm a filipina too, we hope that she would succeed, but not. soo bummed. Fine for me that Naima is eliminated, but Thia, ugh.

    • Claire! Do you realize how predjudiced your note was? Thia is good because she IS good. NOT because she is Filipino! Voting should be based on talent, not on ethnics. Shame onnya!

  182. I think America had it right tonight though i was hoping Thia would make it to the top 6 she has been playing it safe for weeks and hasn't challenged her shelf but she dose have an amazing voice witch will bring her far in her career and with Naima she had a pitchy problems. Now for Paul I think he has amazing talent and can see him making he top 5. We could use more artists like Paul in the music industry.

    MY TOP 5

    5th place Paul

    4th place Lauren

    3rd place James

    2nd place Casey

    1st place Scotty

    • Seriously? Whispering flat zero talent Paul and boring monotone Scotty is in your top 5? Oh no wonder. You're a girl.

      • I dont know what being a woman has to do with my opinion but they are in my top 5 because i know they have real talent and will go far in the music industry. the other contestants that arnt in my top 5 i dont see going that far in the music industy and to be honest im getting sick of people thinking just because Scotty is a country singer means he shouldnt be american idol. American idol isnt about the kind of music you sing.

    • Yes, Thia sings really good, I watched her performances in America's got talent and she can really sings. The producers were not biased. She was not even given a solo on the last performance, very cruel on the American idol to treat her like that. I am done with American Idol and will not watch it again.

  183. I hate James and his obnoxiousness. I know they need to have confidence, but that dude's just way over the top. I hope he gets booted off. And oh, I hope he stops screaming. It has become annoying, to be quite honest.

    • It's all I can do to watch James…..the screaming and play-acting Adam Lambert. is getting to be too much.

      Never been a favorite of mine.

  184. casey is a great singer and should not have been in last week's elimination scare. However, he needs a lot more grooming on his personality. Can the make up team first give him a decent clean shave. He looks ugly in that beard and for him to get the votes, he needs a new look. Otherwise, with his singing he can whack the top prize. Am not surprised with the eliminations of the two girls. I dont see any strong girl contender, except for Pia and to a little extent Lauren.


  185. poor Naima-i think she was the most creative in the group-she performed each time she took the stage, sad to see her go.

  186. Good result. Paul's performance was shaky last night, but his unique voice and charisma (that smile!) definitely make him a keeper. Casey was brave to take on "Your Song," and he nailed it. Everyone in the country was pulling for him. Since the first week, I've been predicting that Pia and Scottie will be the top two, even though Casey is the best all-around singer/musician. This season has the best talent ever. I didn't plan on watching this year, but I'm hooked!

  187. I totally agree with Andrew (Oz). Thia is young and this was obvious with song choice and I think, her pre-idol training of singing certain types of songs. She shouldn't have gone home this as I think that she would have really benefitted from the training in the weeks to come. She will a lucrative career in the years to come with the right training and management. Naima was okay but her flamboyance will be missed. America got that part right. I have mixed feelings regarding the country folks but Paul should have gone home.

    • Duhhhhhhh whatever… believe it cuz he is still there. stefano is much better than your bet.

    • Stephanos performance was good this week better then they have been but i would like to see him go home next

      • Stepfano might not be THE best, but he seems to be able to sing a variety of genres with much greater ease than some (James & Scotty for example) Just sayin'

  188. So now I wonder who you Thia fans will be voting for?? Go ahead and lets get it over with everyone vote for James, Scotty, Pia now add in a wild card and we can drag it out for another 3 weeks.

  189. Randy is becoming the next Simon Cowell, with his negative critique on Thia. Anyway, she's still very young and opportunities will pour-in her way! I'm also proud of you Thia and I think your version of Daniel is excellent! Let the judges pick their favorite, who can sing only one type of songs! America made a boo-boo on this one!

      • Since she got booted from America's Got Talent at around 28th or so, and out of Idol at 11, it may be time that you accept that something is missing there. I'm confident she'll try for The Voice or XFactor, but she's just too placid to capture our interest.

  190. i think after tonight's results, viewership will considerably go down. and if america doesn't get it right, AI is doomed

    • absolutely agree with you…so sad such wonderful talent (Thia) was out, scotty was the weakest, he should be voted out…what a shame for AI…and randy for me must go out of the idol as well

      • Scotty doesn't have Thia's range, but he's got way more personality and that attracts people. If you put the two of them performing 10 songs in venues right across the street from eachother, Scotty would double the attendance Thia gets.

        End of line.

      • Scottys performance was not the weekest i thought it was one of the best of the night i just think people didnt like it because it wasnt a really known song

    • so strange. for example, in this poll, Thia has fans much more than Stefano & Paul. but why was she the one who eliminated??

      • I said this before. I am fairly certian it is because a sizable majority of Thia's fans are from the Philippines. ANd they can not vote, but they can get on the internet to do polls.

      • It's not about fans it's about about fate, Thia and Naima is destined to be eliminated, and one more thing, it's not Thia's talent that kept her there, let's consider she has talent but no character being a Filipino did help her. period.

      • I'm not a Filipino, and I'm not in the Philippines. however, a good judge must be fair! a young girl like Thia must be directed. why nobody seems want to direct her to the right way? even the music director.

    • Just to reply in general, this site seems to be in love with Thia. Why is that? She was not that good. Also if everyone is that upset that she got voted off you should have voted for her more.

      • Thia 'is' a 'very' good singer, needs more personality and diversity of feelings doing it. However she is like a cardboard cutout, doesn't move and even when she does her face doesn't move. Very weird expressionless face.

  191. Randy Jackson, please look at yourself in the mirror. You have been accusing Thia of boring performances and not taking chances but you are all praise with Scotty's all country style!

    I think this could have been the best time the the Judges' Save be used for Thia but sad, they've misused it for the Casey Bear!

    • we were very very disappointed with what happened to Thia…this could be the downfall for AI, randy sucks!!!

      • who wrote the review? that guy is a genius, except for the casey comments…

        initially i thought casey would win this competition hands down with lauren as runner up, now its anyones guess who will win!

        Reading everyones comments its actually clear who wins…if Pia sings an up beat song and nails it, she will win AI as everyone says she only does ballads.

        and whats the fuss about scotty and james ??? common guys -they are seriously boring, james is forever shouting and screaming and singing rock songs and scotty country! the most versatile singers left in this competition is ( no order) casey, hayley. They can sing and nail ANYTHING

    • John you're right!

      The judges' comments in some other way will influence some of the viewers' votes.

      In the end, the judges' favorite artists will win…

      Hey Thia! not artists MUST BE belters…and not all winners of American Idol made it…too bad you're not bassist!

      You have your own identity…

    • I find it funny as well, because Randy was saying the same thing to Pia! Does she really have to belt out at the end of every song just to show she can?

      I think the only person worth calling an American Idol this season is James.

      • It must be obvious to even the worst dullard that most of the praise for Thia is coming from people who do not have English as their first language. Most are filipinos, whether in the US or elsewhere. So america got it right regardless.

  192. Maybe the producers don't "decide" who wins, but they definately determine the top 6! They look at each contestant and evaluate their marketability and the potential revenue each will generate. Anyone who honestly thinks this is a "vocal competition", hasn't watched the show over the years. Every season has at least 3 examples of superior vocalists being voted off in favor of someone less talented, but with a more sellable image.

    • And exactly which contestant voted off is one of the three examples of superior vocalists? Hint, the answer is "None".

      • I don't think Thia was ready for the show, but she's a better "technical" vocalist than Paul. Not as marketable perhaps, but a better vocalist!

  193. I know for sure America didn't get it right this time, at least not at this stage. To me, Niama is more of a all around performer then Scotty, Pia and Jacob.. however, she was being judged off the basis of not being able to catch her breath during the middle of the song.. the only problem is.. she was PERFORMING.. when she just stood there and sung in her first Elimination song she sung her ass off.. but standing there and singing, and performing while singing are TWO very different animals.. and to me, she at least tried.. If you look at any professional performer (girl) when they move around and everything they have a back up CD playing in the background.. because this show had so many great singers, to me, the boring pia, scotty, Jacob and everyone else who wouldn't move if there was an earthquake, seems like an extended try out.. its like.. um.. dudes.. you're already going to be picked up by someone.. America knows that.. so at least EARN your spot and give a show of it!! Props to Niama.

    • Naima's got great personality and knows how to entertain, but she was the worst vocalist left… she should be one of JLo's backround dancers

      • Agreed Bernie. Too many off notes for Naima, and she too was a one pony band; raeggae. Arms and legs flailing around, I seriously thought she was 12 years old mentality. Great choice of songs and good stage movement and presence, however her singing made her sound like a british accent singer, very weird.

      • The key point is that, entertaining as Naima was, she would not sell CDs. You can't listen to her dance, or hear her colorful costumes.

      • Some of her studio recordings are pretty good. I'd listen to her cover of Umbrella over Rihanna's any time.

  194. There is only one American Idol guys there were 11 and soon will be only 2 fighting so no need to be upset, soon all of our favorites will go one by one, that is the name of the game and we have to support those left! Stop being angry lol there is no point to that.
    Good luck to the remaining contestants.

    • MARTA, well said great post. Unbelievable that you are considered racist if you don't personally like their favorite. I liked Thia and Naima and hated to see them go. But one by one they will all go until we get to the finale. Most all of us will be disappointed, but I can promise you I will not call the people racist that votes my two favorites off.

    • Good point. There will only be one winner. However social issues cannot be dismissed as the media already has so much cultural and ideological power. Things always need to be questioned. It's not just a game show but then again it is! Quite the paradox it would seem. I only hope all of the contestants do well off the back of this experience. After all we might spit our dummies out over the results but at the end of the day they are all being exploited. My goodness how heavy? I love the show and seeing people try to fulfill thier dreams. Music is wonderful and allows us all to feel. Bring it on…

  195. I think they are all very talented; the voting has been difficult & I truly believe that all of them will go on to, at the very least, reasonably successful careers in music; some of them will find major success. But, at this point I guess I'd vote off Paul (great performer, seems at ease w/ audience) & Stefano (very likeable, voice not as strong as others) for the next two (really like those guys but the competition is so stiff), followed by Haley (she is great but not as consistent as others; seems to be having a little trouble finding her own voice). Lauren is still a little "unseasoned" (talent & appealing personality could take her far in AI, though), Casey is multi-talented but may not appeal on a broader scale, Pia is amazing but has performed a limited range of music, Jacob has incredible pipes and emotional connection but lacks control at times, Scotty & James are both very talented and perform like seasoned musicians, which may give them a leg up in the end. Really, any of them could win this. Good luck to all of them. My final vote is still open.

  196. wtf was this?! paul should have went home and thia should have stayed. i loved her and she was amazing singing “Daniel”. I blame Casey.

      • The judges need to exert some kind of control over what is going on. Casey was too good to go even if he did wobble badly. It's a shame to see the two lovely young women go but that's the nature of the beast. The whole competition is a contradiction of itself anyway. If the tallented ones get exposure they will be fine. Remember Jennifer Hudson? Voted off at seventh place and now with an Oscar and fantastic latest single…

    • I agree paul should have gone though. He Sings worse than me and that is a load of crap!

      • @ fans of James Durbin: James Durbin in HOT water due to that Pepsi comment he made…. The family of Michael Jackson are reacting…. he has stirred a hornet’s nest.

      • I didn't understand the Pepsi comment, maybe I should go look it up. I do hope he's in trouble and has to forfeit or something.

      • Ooh, I get it. If the Jackson's really are freaking out about this I might have to side with James in spite of how much I dislike him. James can not really help what he says and to be all offended because he lacks a filter is pretty sad. That being said, I think he's over rated and a really bad singer. Props for overcoming all his issues, but enough is enough.

    • no they didn't get it right. I noticed that I enjoyed hearing Thia sing MUCH better than Paul. Paul should have been sent packing. He is SO not a singer. And Jacob…he is NASTY. YUK. So my hope for next bottom 3: Jacob, Paul, Casey. A guy will depart next.

      • I agree with you, Cat. I hope that's the bottom 3 next week, but, unfortunately, only one will go instead of 2

  197. Here's my opinion:

    Based on singing, you should vote for:

    – Haley

    – Stefano

    – Pia

    Based on popularity, you should for:

    – Scotty

    – Lauren

    Based on screaming, you should vote for:

    – James

    Based on Weird Facial Expression, you should vote for:

    – Jacob

    Based on weird sound, you should vote for:

    – Paul

    – Casey

    • Lauren's a better singer than Haley or Stefano- you mistake Stefano's power for total vocal appeal. Lauren's got more range and control and a lot more melody to her voice.

      Pia's the Top vocalist, but she's boring.

      • The reality is that Scotty & Lauren are the most marketable of the remaining contestants. And they will both get the job done. Pia needs to rein in her pagent arm & take up modeling. I bet she could score a spot on America's Next Top Model.

    • at first i hated haley, but when i heard her "unclear throat" sound i loved her =) she really do have a distinctive voice.

  198. Well, props to Branden again for nailing the bottom 3, and I agreed w/ that as well. I also called the two going home. All of you 'jilted lovers' out there in outrage are just grasping at straws in your emotional dissapointment. Paul deserved bottom 3, he had a rough night. Thia and Naima have consistently been lower end. Haley might have been there but she had a stellar night last night. You have to learn to look at the competition for what it is… I'll call my shot for next week now: Jacob will have his first trip to the bottom 3, Haley will be back there unless she has another great night, Stefano will likely be there as well. Pia needs to change it up or she could be in trouble. 100% Safe barring catastrophic performance are Casey, James, Scotty, and Lauren.

    You Scotty haters are nuts. He's not gonna win or even make Top 3, but you can pencil him in for a long country career already, which is more than I can say for the two eliminated tonight.

    End of line.

    • You must be a trailer trash red neck country music loving loser! There so many of you here in America that's why your idols gets to stay in. AI is not a talent show, it is a popularity contest. With my idols gone, at least I can get my life back very Wednesday and Thursday night. Maybe I'll see you all again next year…bye!

      • Listen dipstick, of course it's a popularity contest. That's why they sing "popular" music. And if that disturbs you go elsewhere. People buy CDs put out by performers they like, hence the popularity. What are you not getting?

    • I have to agree with bernie those two did deserve to go home and Scotty is amazing at what he dose I have been a fan of scotties since hes auddition and when i saw hes final hollywood performance i was amazed. When he performed it sounded like hes has been performing for years and he just keeps getting better each week he will win

  199. What a blunder… How could Thia have been eliminated.I believe American does not know how to appreciate music and Casey, Paul & Jacob should not have been there. Its a sad day for American Idol and I hope such programe should be terminated. No more standard left, what is flop.

  200. Scotty has a great voice, he is NOT a great singer! There's a huge difference. He's young and someday he may be a great singer but he's not there yet! He know it, that's why he staying in his safe zone. Don't get me wrong, he has tremendous appeal, he may even win, but he's not a great singer!

    • I'll bet you TONS right now Scotty stays in it next week, and the one after that. He'll outlast Paul, Jacob, Stefano, and Haley. After that it's anyone's game.

      End of line.

      • Scotty may or may not win this seasons Idol. (my guess top 3). But, am willing to bet any one, any amount of money he has MUCH MORE lucretive carreer than any one else from this season.

    • I dont think so Scotty will stay he is so talented and if you saw last week he was able to take a song non-country sing and turn it into country and he did amazing at it he is to talented to go home

  201. Paul Mc Donald should not be even on the top 24… It is like listening to Mickey Mouse singing… Jovany Barreto, Karen Rodriguez, Thia Megia, Nahima Adedapo, Jacey Badeux, and even Victoria Higgings have better voice… and are more pleasant

  202. I knew this gonna happen (see my comment on Branden' recap for the bottom 3) So now I'm waiting for Gaycob to go home.. C'mon he's not an Idol we're looking for,I always turn my channel in his turns..

    JAMES all the way to finale (don't u want to see Steven sing on the stage with him,as he promised)

  203. my line up!

    – Casey

    – Stefano

    – James

    – Haley

    – Paul

    – Scotty

    – Lauren

    – Pia

    – Jacob

  204. Thia is not boring,i love listening to her voice, very soothing…she doesn't need to scream and when she belts out you might be in awe! She hasn't shown much of her. Look for her in youtube and see what a great talent she is.

  205. i saw the pole result but kind of confuse to see it as i see the result of pole as naima and paul has 2% is supose to be top 3 down but then why thia as she has 8% on her pole is bottom 3? isn't steffano supoose to be down also as he has 3% on his pole? kind of funny isn't it?

  206. I read that Steffano has a DWI conviction, by the rules of the show if this is true, shouldn't he be the one going home?

    • Not true. He was stopped for weaving, charged with DUI and after further investigation the charge was changed to negligent driving.

  207. American idol is bein d whole package right? audience appeal, style and talent..being a well-rounded performer. not just about being high-pitched. sorry pia no offense. but id give my vote to scotty or jacob or james. I love Ai 2011!

    • Really? Wait until your idols are in line for elimination. Let's see how peaceful you all uncultured fans are gonna be. You are gonna devour each other just to make sure your idol stays…hehehe!

      • Lol…I'd never take this thing too serious…although my fav. one always a winner or runner up in the past! Whoever wins won't affect me in real life..It's just a show to me!haha!

      • Regarding culture, your post is a case of the troll calling the dwarf ugly. Since culture is important to you, perhaps you should devote more of your time to improving your command of english.

  208. Good choice ! Paul much better than those 2 girls. I dont think Paul will win AI since he is not a typical mainstream poppy type (and i hope he will not win because AI will doom him into the contract and terrible song:(. Paul is unique, distinctive singer and hopefully just like Chris Dogherty; finish at the top 5 will be good enough to boost his popularity ; now Paul can go with his band and get his record deal with more suitable funky songs to his crispy beautiful voice! Thia for me just so immature; she has good voice but thats not enough. Just like a teenager singing in the contest! She doesnt have personality to shine enough. She needs more time to grow. Naima? well okay she is funky…but voice ? not even suitable for american idol finalist.

  209. No!No!No!

    They got it all wrong. Not that I wasn't expecting it. My girl Thia was the most talented of the lot, but I never heard any "buzz" in her direction.

    Dumb Randy kept attacking her because she's a crooner and he wanted her to be something else. Why, direct her away from what she does best?

    It's OK. She's just a baby and I know she'll have a successful career because she sings like an angel and has a great deal of heart for one so young.

    Don't get discouraged, sweetheart. These people know nothing about talent.

    • Randy has worked in the music industry almost his entire life and you say he doesn't know anything about talent? I'd understand if you said he's tone deaf and can't tell if a not is sharp or flat (hence the term pitchy) but he knows what talent is…at least I always think so until he starts praising James awful performances.

      • James awful? What show are you watching? Are you another one of the Adam Lambert worshipers that's dejected because James has similar sound/style? Look, Adam he is NOT, but talented he definitely IS. He's got range, power, flair, and fun. There's better singers in this comp, there's better musicians, and there's people who are fun, but nobody who's any more of a total package than him. He's not even my favorite (Lauren, Casey, and Pia), but I'm objective in my assessmant that he's a great performer.

      • His performances are only entertaining because the producers let him have fancy pyrotechnics and lighting. Musically, technically he is the WORST contestant in the top 13. He's so bad he should be with all of them from last year. He doesn't just have the same 'sound' as Adam, he purposefully tries to be Adam and doesn't even come close, that's why a lot of Adam fans do not like him.

    • You're nuts… Pia and Lauren blow Thia away in talent (I won't compare her with the guys…not fair). Judges got it dead on. She's a great talent and will land on her feet, but she's not Idol material… she needs more personality and pinache. I think if she had a pedometer on during her performances she took 20 steps in 3 weeks.

  210. Well I was just thinking this morning about what the elimination results would be and for the first time I realized Thia would probably go. She's got talent but I think it's true that she doesn't possess much range. Also her obvious influence from Miley Cyrus doesn't help. I'm sad to see Naima go; I really liked what she brought to the show. I loved watching her perform and listening to her sing…so hopefully we will see her around in the future anyway! As for Paul…whew I am so glad he's safe!! He converted me with 'Tracks of My Tears'. I'm not sure how far he can make it as he's not much of a solo or 'Idol' man if you ask me, but I love his music so much.

    It's probably true that the producers decide who stays in the top 5.

  211. I definitely think Naima should remain on the show. Perhaps there are more girls voting, so Paul was favored, but Naima is outstanding.

    I really like the judges this year and that is why I am watching this season… did not like Simon's mean-ness. Randy seems to be improving due to the influence of Jennifer and Steven — they are kind, nourishing and inspiring… all the contestants now are spectacular! Thank you!

  212. Why do I feel that the Filipinos are going to put a hit out on Randy? Thia leaving has nothing to do with Randy anyway. Haley has gotten nothing but crap from Randy until this week and she's still there. Find someone else to blame you crazies.

    • Thia's downfall came when Randy isntructed Thia to veer away from what she does best. And then he kept criticizing her and praising others who were worse than her.

  213. Well, Branden was right on again, and so was I. All of you 'jilted lovers' who are emotionally disappointed right now aren't thinking straight. Naima's been in the bottom since the cut to 13 with the exception of last week. Thia's been weak most of the time- we were impressed by her for her age, but it's wearing off…she should move on to Glee (or come back to Idol in a year or two).

    Some of you guys clearly don't watch the competition objectively, particularly with comments about Idol losing viewership or in some way going down the toilet. This is arguably the most talented total Top 10 in the history of the show, and their the #1 show in America… you think losing the weakest singer in the comp, and the least exciting personality in the comp is gonna do damage?

    Well anyway, here's a lesson for some of you- if you pay attention it's easy to peg this thing. I'll go ahead and call my shots for next week: barring a catastrophic bad performance, the following will be 100% safe next week: Lauren, Casey, James, Scotty

    Jacob will make his first appearance in the bottom 3, Paul could be there again as well. Stefano and Haley definitely need very strong performances to stay out of the bottom 3. Pia needs to change it up and show some pinace or she could be approaching that dreaded 3 despite being the best pure singer of the comp.

    I say this in confidence a week in advance, 'cause I actually watch this competition objectively.

    Bet Branden agrees…

  214. America is clearly voting based on a person and not based on voice…that's for sure!

    Just look at Thia..she sounded great but boring performance…result she got eliminated…

    Naima she did not sound great but entertaining performance…result she got eliminated as well!

    Do you think the next one would be either Paul , Stefano or Jacob or Pia?

  215. This is not about personality's a damn singing contest and a person with the great voice got voted off..

      • The reason I watched AI is only because of this young girl Thia Megia. Now that she's eliminated I don't have to endure these so called singer wannabes. Glad that Major League Baseball is now open.

  216. Naima just could not hit the notes but I liked her style on stage, just not enough to makeup for bad tones.

    Thia has a sweet voice but lacked power, range and stage presence.

    Paul is the most polished and experienced, so unlikely to get any better with his limited vocal range.

    Haley should have been gone last week but was best all around last night, with Pia best vocal and James best stage presence.

    Jacob has powerful voice but need to get about 2 notes lower and stay in key at times.

    Stefano is lowly getting better but lack of stage presence and trouble hitting a few notes likely to do him in before he gets to the level needed.

    Casey has style and hits the right notes but not the greatest voice and too much growling at times.

    The other four are good enough that anyone of them could win with alittle luck.

    Scotty and Pia have truly great voices but stuck in their styles, while Lauren can sing anything well but need to grow up and listen to others. James needs some more vocal training yet but with the right band he could go far.

  217. I'd like to believe that American Idol are scripted.

    It is based on who are their favorites. and who they want out.

  218. I'd like to believe that American Idol is scripted.

    They play favorites and they know whom they will vote out.

  219. yey,thia is eliminated!im a fan of her but i'm more relieved that she's out of the show because i can't stand the way they treated her…really no solo part for thia when they performed teenage dream..come on,why dont you give her her moment considering the fact that she will be eliminated..

    • Yes. its very obvious that they dont like Thia stay in the competition.

      Hello, AI people, Thia has the best voice this season.

  220. Sad that Thia was voted off.

    It's ok Thia, opportunities will come along the way being voted off in AI is not the end of the world.

    A lot of singers got famous and successful even without joining AI. Continue to hone your talent.

  221. We understand your decision of voting out both Naema and Thia but some people believe that american idol is a competition for singing.Thia she has a great voice.Can u provide us the basic reason for eliminating Thia??

    • She can't perform. Standing in one place waving your pagent arm is not a performance. And that my friend is why she is no longer with us. Pia will be next.

      • It's not American Singer, it's American Idol. People don't vote for singing mannequins.

  222. Sooo bummed that Thia Megia is eliminated. She did her best though. I’m a filipina too, so I’m sad that she will not be competing anymore. It’s ok with me that Naima Adedapo is eliminated. But with Thia gone, ouch and ugh…

  223. yes, this time America got it right. I love Naima, but she was ready to move on. She is a talented performer but needs to focus on honing her vocal skills. I love her originality, but it may not be 'mainstream' enough for the American audience! (which is what i love about her). Thia bored me to tears, though what a sweet girl. too young. Not enough life experience to express emotional depth. Next I'd say good bye to Paul, because he just isn't giving it enough juice and the smile is not enough to coast on. I mean, Stefano gives it 100%, though has kind of a not so special voice. He puts his all into it. Jacob doesn't over dramatize actually. He FEELS the song into his soul and it moves him. Afterward he slowly gets back into his body! I mean he really feels it! I loved Hailey's performance and she's got a voice i love. Pia has star quality, but i can't feel her so clearly. Her voice is perfect, her looks perfect, her smile, etc. She does have that barrier to overcome, so to show us true emotion. She has potential, just need to feel it. James Durbin is a riot, just great fun and has a range he doesnt always explore. I like his spunk. Casey has potential, let's hear him really let it out. He's hiding in there, believe it or not. that's it for now…

  224. I am so sorry to see Thea gone what a beautiful voice
    It really should have been Casey.I hope he does not last to much longer,they really give him a lot of attention this week didn’t they.

    • i dont know whats with casey that really astonished the judges…i dont get it…what a disappointment, i think the judges were very happy that THIA was out, randy should be out now..I think AI doesnt need him…very disappointing night indeed