American Idol 2011 Top 11 Round 2 Perform Tonight

Tonight on American Idol it’s last week all over again, except a little less Motown and a little more Elton John, then this season’s Top 11 performers take to the stage for your votes. Let’s hope this week is as surprisingly entertaining as last week.

This will be Casey’s big chance at redemption after the judges used the Save and kept him around for at least one more week. Keep in mind that this week we’ll see two singers eliminated to make up for last week’s excitement.

We’ve already seen Branden’s list of what each singer should perform and many of you have shared your recommendations but I’m sure we’ll see a few ill-advised selections. Either way we’ll have two full hours of American Idol 2011 starting tonight at 8PM, but until then join us and other fans on Facebook.

Which singer are you most excited to hear perform some Elton John?

Check out this week’s caricature of Casey Abrams courtesy of artist Dan D’Addario. You can visit Dan’s website to see more of his great work.




    • I hope it's not "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" hehe. But I actually don't care if she loves to sing Disney songs. Come on, give her a break! She's so young and Disney songs match her beautiful voice.

      I wonder what Hailey Reinhart will sing later..oh well, I'm sure she'll capture our hearts again and I'll definitely vote for her! Let's all vote for Hailey, she's so great!!!

  1. Goodluck to my best bet stefano langone. May our Lord guide you till you reach the finals.<3

  2. Im having jitters for stefano….. how exciting to watch him perform at Idol stage. God bless you stefano.

    • Great week with the songs of the Great Elton John. I hope stefano could render his song with finesse and be able to connect with his audience.

    • Im always excited to see stefano performing. I cant understand why JLo always say to him to connect…. connect to what? holy cow, im really perplexed of this connect. Passionate singer this stefano is and yet he failed to connect? Baloney!

  3. @ Matt. Thank you for the update. So excited for tonight. I hope all the contestants do justice to the one and only Sir Elton John. I am sure My man James will hit it out of the Ball Park…Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂 Hello tp Phyllis G., Angela, Sgerry K. and T. Go James. 🙂

    • @ Rose A. James did hit it out of the park tonight Rose. My husband and I do this each year. He picks 2 and I pick two when it gets this close. So we both have James Durbin. LOL! My husband cheats.Then he took Pia for his second choice. And I took Casey.I told him her looks and being kind of a diva didn't help him choose her.DUH Really I hate to say anything bad about a person. The girl is good looking. But,She knows it!!! YNWIMEAN. Hi to my lovely friend Phyllis G. I have not spoken to you in awhile Phyllis!How are you girl ? Our son's little dog died 8 days ago.He was 14 years old. But like one of the family. And we are still in shock. Hugs to you and Rose A both! Sherry K 🙂

  4. Even though Lauren & Scotty are my favorites, I am most looking forward to hearing/seeing Paul sing an Elton John song.

      • Scotty has a beautiful voice. And it doesn't matter if he wins or not! Country will sign him

        up!! That young man can cut a country CD right now and be a star. Think Josh Turner with that great big sound. Go Scotty. Sherry K

      • Sorry, But isn't that one of my favorite bands song ( The Who) I have seen them in concert and they were great! CSI Who are you? Who, who,Who are you? I really wanna know? Sherry K.

  5. Thia needs to go home. She can sing however, she is really lacking in the performing department. Pia & This are both very boring in my opinion.

      • but she can't perform. no emotion at all

        🙁 her and Pia:( Pia has even better voice but boring boring boring…

    • In your opinion, Thia is lacking in the perfomance & thus needs to go home. Scotty is as boring but over the top performance can stay?? guess only women (or gays) would say yes!

      • We can`t blame women and gays if they appreciate scotty, but am sorry to say there are lots of straight men who also like scotty.

      • Leave Scotty alone. He is a nice young man. Pia has only sang ballads through out this whole season. She is boring! Some of us like country. Carrie Underwood. Sweet girl. And Keith Urban. Hot & sweaty. Sherry K

    • Totally agree, with Thia in the show is like having an intermission while she sings… BORING!

  6. I'm excited to see how casey handles the pressure and uses the save this week maybe performing "Tiny Dancer" or something

    • No more save for Casey this time. I hope stefano will go up and soar like a skyline pigeon. go go go <3.

      • Stefano should learn lessons from last week's result and give his very best at his performance this time. Give your best and nail it.

      • my prediction is…

        The bottom 3 will be

        1. Stefano

        2. Naima

        3. Haley

        Ryan will dramaticly say: "The person who will be continuing on in the competition is…… Stefano

        Then cries from Naima and Haley me laughing and dancing that my two least favorites are finally gone! 😀

      • I will be very happy when Naima isnt in the bottom 3!!! Naima can , shall and will perform well! I believe in her!

  7. I love this cute guy stefano. I hope and pray he will give his best tonight.

      • IMHO Stefano needs to stop over emoting. he has a fine voice, but he sabotages himself by being too dramatic.

      • I think he is just totally wrapped up in his delivery. No over-emoting registering on my meter!!

    • I do like Stefano as well, but I agree with Jlo, he needs to connect (keep his eyes open). I would love to see him perform "I'm Still Standing". I'm surprised that no one has picked that song for him. I want to hear/see Paul perform "Your Song".

      • BTW how can people outside of USA vote online for Thia? That's impossible cuz last week Thia landed at Bottom 3? Meaning she has less votes too.Besides, she cant never be a major winner of Idol…. she lack personality.

  8. I'm sorry, but this Elton John week seems like a sad way to try to save Casey. I don't think he is that great of a singer at all. He should have went home last week.

    I feel or Scotty this week, having to sing Elton John, he's totally country and I would be very sad if he left because of singing something other than what his heart belongs too. I'm sure Scotty will do very well.

    See ya Casey!

    • I thought the same thing about Scotty, but you should listen to Porch Swing in Tupelo (as suggested by Branden). I think it is a good match.

      • Porch Swing in Tupelo is a great pick for Scotty, but "Blue Eyes" would be great for him as well. That is the wonderful thing about Elton John, he has always been a very versatile artist.

  9. why is Thia so popular? I can't understand. she has a nice voice but common all of them have a nice voice! some of them even have a great voice! and she and Pia have the list personality among these kids… I'm pretty sure 90% of Thia's votes are not from states but from Philippines! she's 16, beautiful, sweet and have a nice voice but she's lucking something maybe because her age? I don't know…

    • Yes i think she has fans from the Philippines but cannot vote likewise.

      Go stefano langone and jacob lusk…. Great singers.

      • I think so too. Fans outside of USA and have access with Internet are flooding all sites to root for Thia. Unluckily the cant vote also.

    • are you even thinking? people outside the us cant vote…

      sometimes,try using logic with your posts

      i wonder how old you are

  10. I can't wait to be surprised by Naima's performance once again.

    Blessed love NAIMA.

    • Yes, go Naima!!! I can't wait to see and hear what all of the contestants do, but I especially desire to see and hear what Naima comes up with!!! You Go Girl!!!

    • Good Luck NAIMA.

      You're my American Idol.

      Bring the stage on "fiyah"!

      Blessed Love.

    • Yeah….I love that you love Naima. I cant vote coz im outside USA but i love watching her and i cant wait to see her too..She is always with some surprises…she is a natural, real and wholesome entertainer! and yes….a real genuine one too..she sings from her soul….WOW!

  11. My guess to go home –Thia and Stefano. Thia because she is boring as hell despite the fact she has probably the best voice. Stefano because he is the epitome of karaoke lounge singer. Notice they dropped "karaoke" since Simon left? And those obnoxious facial expressions – yikes. You can tell he doesn't feel what he's singing and the expressions don't fit.

    • I guess its Thia and Naima… or Haley and Naima esp. Naima, she sings Off key and pitchy….

      Stefano will stay lmao…..:)

    • I love Stefano but I think he'll be joining Naima in going home tomorrow. awww so sad.

      Anyway, I'm still glad for Hailey because she's getting more fans!!!

      • how is she even remotly getting more fans? she stinks really bad and WILL be going home this week along with Naima.

  12. I am excited to hear Casey. I was shocked that he was the one with the least votes last week. He is so very talented. It has prompted me to vote for him to be sure it doesn't happen again. I usually do not make the effort to vote. Being just a fan of the show, I don't usually care who stays or goes for the most part. But,I was so moved by his reaction to being saved, and especially his love for his mom, that I am a fan for life!

  13. gogo thia, to all detractors of thia, thank you guys for making her more and more and more popular. the more you give negative comments on her, the more number of people curious to like her. let's vote for thia, the best american idol. yehey

    • so that explains why she was #3 trending in yahoo usa the day after…hoope she make it tonight!!!

      • I saw her no.1 in yahoo most of the time last Thus…more negative comments please… :))

  14. @eli…you are asking why THIA is popular big lol…you insecure ha ha ha… f…k u eli ha ha ha

  15. Naima and Hailey will go home whether you like it or not. Im sorry to the fans. LOL 😀

    • Duh! Hailey Reinhart will not go home because she's so sexy, beautiful and she has the most beautiful voice among the girls. Casey/Stefano/Jacob/Naima/Paul/Lauren will mostly likely go home first before they even give up Hailey. I'm soooo voting for Hailey!!

  16. The best in this competion ( my opinion ) is Jacob. Then Scotty and James…

    I love the show !

      • James the only thing he can able to do is just yellingggg instead of singing. I dont like him.Show off

      • @ Lisa….This is not a secondary school & this is not a question either…lol!!

      • i agree @tigi. i don't like him either. he just annoys me. all i find myself doing is comparing him with Adam Lambert… and there is definitely no comparison there.

        all in all. Scotty is my number one Idol.

        I love a country boy. (:

      • I just love Scotty! But will somebody get him a western hat? Maybe during country week?

  17. my best wishes for Thia….just be yourself and for sure America will realize that you are really worthy of their votes!

  18. Scotty has my heart. I can picture him turning around Elton John pretty well.

    Naima.. needs to go. She has a wonderful story, but her voice just doesn't compare to the rest of the talent on stage.

  19. In my personal opinion, Thia has a beautiful voice. She has good technique but she's boring! She's like Ramielle Malubay (from Season 7), good voice, bad song choices. Honestly! Hopefully she would pick a good Elton John song =) And she should loosen up. She's 15 or 16 she should at least try to enjoy the idol stage since its much different from America's Got Talent.

    Looking forward how Casey will redeem himself this round. I miss seeing him with his stand up bass or melodica 🙂 I wonder what his performance will be like if he plays the piano? 🙂 Casey is musically talented and I like him for that. Also looking forward to hear James Durbin 🙂

    Hope Pia will sing other genre aside from Ballad. I'm not impressed with her anymore.

    • Thia seems almost geisha like in her lack of spirit. She must have had inordinately strict parents.

      • yes, she is branded as being "boring" but that can be overcome easily. she definitely have that quality voice… i hope thia is taking all our constructive criticisms into consideration.

        @templar, you call that "good breeding"

    • I see him nailing "Honky Cat." It suits him so well! But I also think he could easily do "Rocket Man," "Crocodile Rock," "Circle of Life," and "This Train Doesn't Stop There Anymore."

  20. Something I've always wondered about is which contestant gets first dibs on the songbook for any given week. Is it based on the vote tally from the previous week or what? Suppose that Paul wants to sing, say, Tiny Dancer, but James wants it too. How is that decided?

  21. IMO Thia is not boring. Why? listening alone to her song makes me move. I watched her heatwave performance and makes me move. Fight Thia show them what you've got. I am so excited to hear again from you.

  22. No doubt, all contestants have talent. They have all improved from this experience too. However, there are a few that are clearly more well-rounded than others. Thia, Hailey, Lauren, Naima and Stefano will get there some day but have less chances of winning this year. I am anxious to hear James tone down to one of Elton John's more serious songs and to hear how Scotty will sing one of Elton's songs with a country twist. Paul is a shoe-in for this week's theme.

  23. Naima and Haley will go home Stefano will be in the bottom 3 but who knows…. maybe the performances will shock us. What do you guys think?

  24. Paul, I think he will do a great job with Elton John's songs and so will James and Casey.

    • Boo! You will be surprised this round.

      I predict she is going to sing, "Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That" and that both the judges and the audience will give her a standing ovation. 🙂

  25. I am excited to hear ALL contestants EXCEPT for Paul McDonald. His voice is like nails to a chalk board…IKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  26. i think that I am ready to here them all sing some Elton John it would be nice to see which ones they sing

  27. I would like to hear Thia do an Elton John song. Her voice is best suited for this type of music.

  28. I'm most to hear Jacob "Baby Luther" Lusk!! I want to see him keep the momentum going…. The music of Sir Elton John has many great choices for him…. It would be great to hear him sing "Your Song", "Levon", or "Take me to the Pilot"…. Can't wait!!!!

  29. I cant wait till tonight! Im looking forward to seeing casey and james perform! reply if you agree with me!

    • KC……Looking forward to seeing and hearing my man James……HE ROCKS>>>>

      Matt: Thanks for the updates…..Any word on the alternative for us getting our emails?

      Thanks Matt…Great job…..Love your blog….and your writers….

      • Sadly, I still haven't found a good replacement. There are just so many comments that outbound messages would flood our mailserver. It's a good problem to have (lots of great comments!), but still a problem to figure out.

        Glad you're enjoying the site. Thanks for being a reader!

      • @ Phyllis G. There you are girl. I have been missing you & Rose.:-) James knocked it out of the park tonight!! He reminds me of our man ADAM. Only not near as good looking!! 🙂

  30. jacob and scotty…please go home, getting tired of watching you guys on the screen. more power though to james, pia, thia and paul.

    • Jacob yes, but Scotty noooo! He has such a cute presence on stage and the low tones do melt my heart. I think Scotty has a genuine quality (values)in his personality too.

      • Scotty is more marketable than most, and Pia is extremely marketable….. The rest may as well go home.

        It is more of a matter than just what you like or don't like…. it is what will sell records.

      • Scotty reminds me of the MAD Magazine's mascot – Alfred E. Neuman. Google "MAD mascot Alfred E. Neuman" and you'll find out. However, I like his voice too – except that he needs to have a variation to his performances – not sing just country!

      • Pia is marketable to who, exactly? We have enough Celines and Mariahs and at least they can sing upbeat music. She needs to go home because she refuses to listen to the judges. If you can't take constructive criticism, then you can't take being in the business.

    • GO SCOTTY! i think scotty should stay, but Jacob can go all i care, but i agree with Suzanne, Scotty melts my heart and every time he sings in his sweet voice i fall for him harder than the first. He is an inspiration, he is sweet, cute(in a non weird way), hot, and down right AWESOME, if you want Scotty to lose then somethings wrong with you. I know people like Pia but, is she fun, spunky, or interesting? She stands and sing, dose not move around, or have fun. So all in all i think scotty should win. he is the only reason i watch this show so GO SCOTTY!


      Jacob lusk is phenomenal beyond believe HATERS!!!!!!!!!

      • I think it would be awesome if Scotty sang Levon and Jacob sand Philidelphia Freedom, just sayin :P.

  31. I cant stand jacob. He is the worst finalist on idol in the 10 seasons it has been on. I know Randy expects him to win but seriously, be realistic.

    • I agree, I don't like Jacob either. I can't see his music being played on the radio. He might have a job somewhere as a gospel singer but he is not an American Idol" type. The same with Scott, sure maybe country will want another one note deep voice singer but not me.

      I'm just not as interested in this years singers. I think David cook and Adam Lambert set the bar for expectations way to high. Nothing compares to them. So far, not one this year has done something interesting with their songs. The way David and Adam made the songs their own and really "owned" it was mesmerizing.

      They kicked way to many off to soon. Should of let America decided, I don't like all the judges choices.

      • Yes Jacob is good, but not someone that I'd listen to on a regular basis. I think the American Idol needs to have the repeat button factor. You know, when you hear a song and you just keep hitting repeat over and over …

      • I agree about David Cook and Adam Lambert…no one has come close to those two ever..tough shoes to fill. We do have some very talented finalists, but nothing like David Cook and Adam Lambert. Best two seasons of AI is when those two were on, although I am really enjoying this years also. Love the new judges.

      • you sound stupid Jacob Lusk is the best singer EVER to be on Idol Stage you people are racist pathetic and gisgusting

      • What the heck is a gossip singer? I believe the word you are looking for is "Gospel" singer.

    • Hmmm…….you are either music deff are you don't know what singing really is about! Stop the hating you racists! And what's your problem with a gospel singer! You devil worshipers! Y' all will burn in hell! Jesus is coming for you!

      • um excuse me you might burn i hell for saying that… Its just peoples opinions Gosh man… no one is racist for not liking jacob he isnt one of my favorites, but it does not mean i am raciest or hate God. i just like people with more spunk or fun in them. Like scotty. Scotty is great but just because i like a "white" singer dosent mean i am raciest. I would like jacob just the same no matter what his color!

      • You go, JC. I'm with you, even though I do like Jacob, but there is no need for nastiness.

        Some folks get WAY too fired up about this. There is a lot of hateful talk, especially coming from the Thia fanbase. That is why I now hope she goes home, because we have people on this site not even in America commenting. Hello, it's AMERICAN Idol, you all have your own Idol shows in whatever countries. And someone is not a racist just because they do not like a particular singer. Everyone has different tastes in music, which is why there are so many radio stations. No one is better or worse than anyone, it's just preferences and tastes. It's okay to get passionate about what you like, but there's no need to get mean and nasty about it.

        Geez, it's a TV show, for crying out loud. Get over it. I couldn't believe people wishing evil on other people over a stinking singing competition. But, to each their own, I guess.

      • Yeah right? He said he will use his soft voice more this week, and I think Daniel can allow him to do that. I can't think of any other Elton John's song he can sing softly with his style. And I don't think he'll make the mistake of singing "That's why they call it the blues" again. 😀

      • Daniel would be perfect for Paul, I'm not sure if any of them could pull off Nikita, =/.

    • I don't care what Paul sings as long as he stops hopping around on stage like a cockatoo treading on a hot tin roof! I think he'll do pretty well singing Beegees' songs – but without jumping about!

    • Ooh, Daniel would be a great one for Paul as well. I still see him singing Your Song, though. I think whatever he sings, he will def make it his own.

    • I dissagree. The american idol audience love him. Did you see the uproar when he got voted off. I think its Haley and Naimas turn to go. how bout you guys?

      • Casey is a class by himself. However, I think the viewers are getting tired of seeing this "homeless looking person groomed like a hobo, clad in vagabond fashion, making intimidating faces while mixing growling with his singing". He needs to clean himself up, look better groomed and sing a little less menacingly – and then we have a winner! He's a highly talented musician – and has a great potential in winning this competition if he "raises the bar" a little in his appearance!

      • I think its Pia's, Naima's, Thia's Jacob's and Haley's turns to leave i like Scotty and paul, scotty more but still. It scould be between SCOTTY and Paul. all the others and the names unmentioned thanks butt its time to go home 🙂

      • No way! Thia and Stefano should go (even though I kind of like Stefano). I still have hope for Naima and Haley.

      • I hope Thia goes home over Naima and Haley. I think Haley has a great voice and personality, but she is trying to hard. If she reels it in a little bit, I think she could really nail it. She was excellent in auditions, then I think the judges confused her about what type of artist she wants to be.

      • I think, Casey's not really at the bottom last week. They just wanted him to do better, being more serious to his singing.

      • yeah, pia's gorgeous, but boring. fans like her cus shes pretty and has a great voice. but without ANY personality.

        same goes for THia, in my opinion.

        im a thia-lover but she is just so young and boring. She needs more social skills (understandable cause shes 15..) so my advice to her, go home and finish school, gurrrl.

        Naima is a joke

        and Haley has a very amazing voice

        but she does not come off likable.

        an american idol, imo, should.

        when i first saw her audition + all episodes following, i LOVED her voice,

        different, sexy, even.

        But she looks like some hottie-tottie biatch from around the way.

        she lacks anything likable about her.

        i think the real american idol GIRL is lauren. she's sweet and cute and funny and not a robot (thia & pia) she also doesnt give off the impression to AMERICA "im better then you." like haley

      • I think Lauren. While cute has a common voice. Pia on the other hand has a powerful, controlled voice that brings down the house. There is nothing boring about ballads. Look at Celeine D.

        Pia will make it big in the industry because she is the complete package.

        I agree totally with Mark Anthony is eating the singers pick their songs that complement their voice, not some genre that they would not use. Go Pia…..

      • @Tinks I totally disagree with you about Haley. If anyone dresses like a skank it's Lauren. She's only 16 and already trying to get votes by spillin out all over the place. I don't see Haley having a 'better than you' personality at all. She does need to work on her stage presence quite a bit and be a little more mature in her reaction to judges comments. But in that category the worst are Thia and Lauren. They can't take criticism without thinking they did terrible.

    • Pia is loseing fans fast because she is not fun or spunky like scotty…

      GO SCOTTY! I LOVE YOU! <3 🙂

  32. I have never been a huge Elton John fan. I do wish sometime there could be a Bob Dylan song night.

    Anyway I think Paul will be awesome! I can hear him singing in my head already 😉

    As far as the Casey caricature … think Dan D’Addario did a great job. I also think Casey would make cute bobble-head dolls.

    And does anyone else think that Scotty reminds them of Alfred E. Newman without the missing tooth?

      • What's up, G? Love ya, girl (I can say that, I'm a girl, too 😀 ). Yeah, I can't believe I forgot about Daniel, one of my all-time fave EJ songs. I think Daniel or Your Song.

        Would love to hear someone do Nikita as well, great song. Who has the chops to pull it off?

        Really wish Casey could sing The Bitch is Back. He should do I'm Still Standing or Who Wears These Shoes? or even Grow Some Funk of Your Own or Someone Saved My Life Tonight…something that alludes to his save last week would be utterly awesome!

      • I agree with Gabs, I'm terrified who's going to sing 'Your Song' and totally screw it up.

      • Sorry, I tried to do a heart shape and obviously couldn't hehe. It's all good. Hello David P!!! 😀

    • You don't have to SING Bob Dylan's songs – you just have to mutter the words under your breadth as though you were undergoing some kind of torture. The only one in the current American Idol season 10 who will be able to perform Bob Dylan perfectly is be Paul.

    • I was wondering for a long time since watching Scotty, where else I had seen this bloke – or someone who looks like him – on TV; and then it struck me – Alfred E. Neuman of MAD magazines. I won't be surprised if they are related!

      • Good one, Linda. Except he doesn't do the wink wink thing Clay always did at the camera, but def the smirking. Yeah, that was what I kept thinking last night watching him.

        But he is an amazing talent. I think he has a huge future in country music ahead of him. I am blown away that he is only 17. Just think, if his voice hasn't already changed, it's just going to get deeper 🙂

  33. Can't wait to see Casey perform again! I have auditioned many singers/dancers in my day, and I know I don't need to pray for a strong performance or good technique (he has consistently demonstrated his extraordinary musical abilities and his extremely dynamic voice above and beyond any of the others).

      • I know, right? Those boys got it going on. Used to feel that about Stefano but last week, he lost me with his soft version of Hello.

        David Cook rocked that song and made it his own. Stefano's version was more boring than the original Lionel Richie — which actually touched your heart. There was no feeling when Stefano sang it, no connection with the song or the audience. Was very disappointed in that performance.

      • I would try to avoid singing anything that somebody else has singed before on Idol and killed it. Is like trying to sing anything that Fantasia sang. Randy will say: "Well, we heard Fantasia killed that song before on the show and your version was just not as good."

      • I totally agree, G. When David Cook sang "Hello" in Season 7, he killed it, made it his own…did the impossible, made Hello a rock song and it was AMAZING! So when Stefano last week sang it, it was very weak to me. You def cannot sing a song that a previous contestant hit out of the park, not unless you can do it better. But you better know you can bring it because if you don't bring it, you're only going to remind folks how great that song was when the other person sang it :S

        P.S. Love ya right back, Gabs!

      • I could handle James going home, no problem. Is it going to happen, most likely not.

  34. I am disapointed in the whole Elton John week. He only sings about 3 songs that I like. I bet we are bored to tears tonight with ballads by Jacob, Pia, and Thia. I like Motown week and Rock and Roll week. Even country is better than an Elton John week. Yuck!!!

    • I am surprised you haven't heard more of Elton John's songs! Here's a few of his numerous popular songs :

      -Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

      -Bennie and the Jets


      -Crocodile Rock

      -Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds (Edit)

      -Philadelphia Freedom

      -Island Girl

      -Don't Go Breaking My Heart

      -Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word


      -Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me

      -Can You Feel the Love Tonight

      -Your Song

      -Tiny Dancer

      -Rocket Man

      -Candle In the Wind

      -Saturday Night's Alright

      • I'd add Sad Songs [say so much] which I believe Stefano would do well, even though I don't care for him.

    • I disagree with making the theme week in narrowing it down to just one artist. I've always liked Sir Elton but honestly I like a little variety. It was supposed to be '80's week, and there was plenty of music out in the 80's that the contestants could choose from, but by narrowing it down to just one artist it doesn't offer much variety.

      • The producers were probably scared at what Casey would choose so they toned it down a bit. I'm not sure I trust a lot of them with Elton songs, though. I'm scared at what's going to happen tonight.

      • I'll bet they will do 80s later on. i believe the switch to Elton was because of his birthday this week.

    • Elton John and Bernie Taupin (who he writes the majority of his music with) are responsible for some of the greatest songs in the history of music. Just as John Lennon and Paul McCartney, a couple of little known blokes from Liverpool, are also responsible for many of the greatest songs ever written. Even my mom was surprised by songs she had no idea were written by the Beatles, she learned the same about Elton John.

    • Elton John is an icon to the music industry. Through his music he has been a voice of reason, rebellion, & many other emotions for many, many years. Elton John has never been afraid to stand up & say what is on his mind as well as the minds of the people. You my friend must be very, very young. Younger than Lauren even, because she at least knew the story behind the song she performed last night. Google Elton John & please obtain an education about him.

  35. We need some one to make us rush home to turn the T.V. on. I couldn't wait untill American Idol came on when Adam Lambert was on. This year I look forward to seeing Steven Tyler.

    • Hey, what is with Steven Tyler the last couple shows? He has not said much and kinda looks pissed off. But I love me some Steven Tyler and love when he really gets into it, just curious what's up the last two weeks seems not so happy camper.

    • Ah, yes, my other favorite band from across the pond. Rolling Stones night would rock. I thought they did that before and yes, they have done Rolling Stones night last year as a matter of fact, so they will likely do it again this year, right?

      • Carole King or Joni Mitchell week would be excellent. Okay, admit I had to look up Diane Warren because I only know her from Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing. Yes, she would be a good night as well.

  36. I Love Paul XXX. He is so unique and has his own style. The air waves are waiting for him regardless. I would like to hear him sing tonite Benny and the Jets by Elton John. I think he should give it a shot. Was that song even requested.

  37. I'll look forward in hearing Pia, Jacob, Stefano and Naima. If the one's mentioned above really put themselves to singing from the heart and on key they should fare out well singing Elton John's songs. It's going to be interesting to watch, so I really look forward in hearing the one's mentioned above.

      • Naima, while not the best singer in this singing competition, is highly entertaining. And she did step it up vocally last week, was pleasantly surprised.

  38. I think Pia will win it all however the genres should disappear. You don't see Willie Nelson doing Steve Tyler songs and vice versatile. Elton John is a great singer however it's not fair to the females. How about Stephano doing Celeine D. – never happen right.

    I'm in 100% agreement with Mark Anthony. All the contestants shoould sing what they want, not what is forced on them.

    There really isn't an Elton J. Song that can complement Pia's great vocals. I own all of Elton's records and ????

    I wish everyone the best but Pia's my favorite. Gives me goosebumps when she sings. Go Pia……

    • I think Scotty's low baritone voice comes from somewhere below the heart – right from his belly or even lower. He is certainly funny – keeps reminding me of Alfred E. Neuman of the MAD magazine.

    • i love scotty i agree with cc and DEVONECO . SCOTTY IS my AMERICAN IDOL even if he loses (witch he shouldn't)

      • I don't think Scotty should win either, and he's my favorite. He'd be better off in second or third place and escape 19's grip.

  39. One thing I'd like to remind everyone to do is to vote. That way we won't have a travesty of a situation like we had last week. It's time to keep the good ones and get rid of the horrible ones. There's nothing the judges can do anymore, it's up to the public now. I'm not going to judge any performances until after I've seen them so I am not going to say who I think should go home this week yet.

    • Def will be voting, Shawn. Cannot let last week's near travesty of justice happen again. My heart sank when I heard Casey was even in the bottom 3. And I blame myself because that was the first week I did not vote because I would have voted for 9 of the 11 contestants! They were all so amazing. The only two performances I did not care for were Stefano's and Pia's (and I say that because I did not bother to listen to Pia because she refuses to listen to the judges).

      And because Stefano did not connect with the song or the audience — and he was one that I had liked previously.

  40. I want to see James, Paul, Casey or Scotty win! I really would like to see Hailey and Thia leave tomorrow!

    • I don't understand how everyone keeps mixing up James and Naima. Naima is awesome and James is terrible.

      • I don't, but I don't see James there either. James is there because people feel sorry for him, Naima is there because she's amazing.

      • Seconded your positive comment on Naima but i kinda like James too and whether he is there becoz people pity him or not, he sounds awesome just like Naima who is showing tremendous improvement each week!

      • They are all talented but I feel few have overall wow factor that Naima has. She is a complete performer…not a one trick pony that is afraid to take risk. Again, I think they are ALL talented but I will root for Naima until the very end. And then I will watch for her future endeavors. I'm sure she has a future in this business.

      • Naima's personality is good but, sorry to say, she can never be American Idol. However, there're many fields for her, 'cause she's unique and sincere.

  41. Casey's my least favorite as he was so over-the-top last week in how he responded to being saved. I was embarassed for him. Think he has got to go and I do think it will be this week along with Naima. Better not be Thia or Stefano.

  42. Would prefer a rock n roll night instead of an Elton John night. It will be hard to beat last week. I'm a Jersey Girl and would love to see a BonJovi night or even a Springsteen night. They could be fun and wild. Are they doing mentors this year if they're the theme?

  43. I love Haley and am hoping she can get her come-uppance this week by showing the judges she can nail an Elton John song. But I am rooting for several people, for what I think they each bring:

    2. Scotty–I think he would do great with "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road," "Your Song," or "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues." I know his voice could handle any one of these well.

    3. James—because I am really hoping he sings "Pinball Wizard." I think he would be astonishing. "Electricity" would also be phenomenal.

    4. Paul–because I'm a fan and I know he can handle a number of EJ songs. I am hoping he sings "Honky Cat"

    5. Casey–because I have heard him sing great (though not lately) and I know he is talented and I think he can handle EJ easily, too. "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" or "Madman Across The Water."

    6. Stefano–because I am a fan. I hope he sings "Daniel," "Original Sin," or "Your Song." He could do "Blue Eyes" beautifully, but I think he should steer clear from that kind of song this week.

    7. Thia–because I am rooting for her and like her!! I hope she nails "Tiny Dancer." And I hope she brings the house down!!

    8. Naima–because I would like to hear her nail "Sacrifice."

    9. Jacob–NOT a fan. But I know he could blow everyone away with "Candle in the Wind." I would like to hear him sing that.

    10-11. Then that leaves those who are at the bottom of my list (along with Jacob): Lauren, Pia.

  44. Jacob – Philidelphia Freedom

    Naima – Indian Sunset

    Haley – They Call Her the Cat

    Pia – Tiny Dancer

    Paul – Daniel

    Casey – Madman Across the Water

    Stefano – Rocketman

    Scotty – Levon

    James – Burn Down the Mission

    Lauren – Honky Cat

    Thia – Are You Ready for Love

    Just my thoughts 🙂

    • LOVE the choice for scotty! I never thought of that…. I guess we will find out in less than 3 hours!

      • I'm so glad we can agree on something, I think that is definitely the best for Scotty. I'm actually really nervous about tonight, I'm terrified they are all going to butcher it.

      • I will say that casey could make top 5 if he pulls it together. for him i would choose "tiny dancer."

      • C'mon, Casey is a Madman and Pia needs something to sing (I think it will be a hard week for her). I hope he learns form his mistakes, he was one of my favorites since his audition.

      • yea… He got a wakeup call though when he got the save last week. No more 2nd chances. You are at the mercy of america.

  45. This forum is getting a little out of hand. Rooting for your favorites is a good thing and telling us why you think they should stay is fine. But when you criticize the others, it's really not necessary to drop to the level of grade school name-calling.

    That said, here's my comments on tonight:

    Top 5: Pia, Paul, Jacob, Haley, James (not in that order)

    Next: Casey, Scotty, Stefano, Thia

    I like Naima very much, but I don't think she is a pop star, which is what American Idol is looking for. She can sing, but her vocals aren't consistently strong. And I'm not going by what the judges like or dislike. There's a certain breathiness to her style and I think the trouble is in this competition everyone cheers for loud and the power vocals where I think she does better at subtler vocalizations. Paul is the same, but he's developed more of a personal style and he's got a better handle on it, but he also strays once in a while.

    Thia has a very mature voice – it's going to be tricky this week because some of the best songs are ballads, which she can sing no problem. But the judges may give her a hard time about upbeat. "Don't go breaking my Heart" but it was written as a duet…???

    Same problem for Pia. Although if she sings "Levon", it's slightly uptempo and will allow her to show the power of her voice. James should tone down the scream (which is great btw) but he needs to milk it a little more. Jacob has a few choices, because Elton definitely has a little gospel in his rock n roll, but he does need to work on his stage presence. He's not extremely graceful and the bashing he's been getting online about his gestures is really disheartening. He needs some pointers there, but his voice is great.

    I've gone on longer than I intended to, but one last thing:

    I think you should vote for the best performance tonight AND for the most consistently good singers (IMHO). The contestants have all managed to get along and become a small family, rooting for each other. Their fans should take notes. The top 11 all have talent – I think the world has room for them all.

    • Good points there!

      I'm one who likes to route for the underdogs and I love it when they improve and transform for the better each week! . I see Haley singing better each week.I like that she is moving forward and that she's very daring. As for Thia, I really like and miss the confidence and attitude she brought at the audition when she sang "chasing pavements". Very talented kid and I would like to see her sing with motivation, attitude, and assertiveness again.

  46. I'm hoping for a fantastic performances from everyone tonight and hope Lauren , Pia and Thia will not bore me to death! All the best to all the contestants especially i have a fervent hope Naima continues with her effervescent showmanship!

  47. I think Pia is the best singer in the competition. She's going to prove it tonight. No way should she be in the bottom three.

  48. Ok guys here's the scoop. KC will be burning up the phone lines voting for Haley and maybe throw a vote or two for Jacob. They both will be safe.

  49. After reading the Scotty love fest here, I felt a voice of reason needed to be heard! (LOL) One thing I can guarantee we'll see from Scotty, again and again, is his same old tired act of turning the mic sideways, curling his lip, and looking at the camera out the corner of his eye. And he'll proceed to do that for the entire song, and then his next song, and the one after that. My point is… The kid's a one trick pony and the rest of America will catch on soon enough. In contrast, James is very versatile… can sing anything and blow the roof off the joint doing it and that's why he'll win this thing hands down.

    • All of your objections to Scotty will mean nothing when his songs are played on country music stations all over America, Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand etc.

      • He'd actually have to be able to sing something that's relevent to HIS generation for that to happen… In case you haven't noticed, country music is getting a little more upbeat these days… He hasn't proven to me that he could keep up with modern country stars yet… My grandmother seems to like though! (LOL)

      • ITA. None of that shows on the radio. And have you looked at some of the fugly country music stars? For every gorgeous [Blake Shelton] guy there's a hideous [Kenny Chesney] creepy guy.

  50. this is the order of who does the best to the least in my opinion.

    1 scotty 4 casy 7 thia 10 hailey

    2 james 5 paul 8 stefono 11 niana

    3 pia 6 jacob 9 lauren

    i don't like

    • Me too, but not because of his talent. I don't think his health can take what a life in show business requires.

  51. I am very excited to hear Paul. I thing he is sexy and love his voice. It 's different from the usual that we hear but I would not call it 'unique'. Rod Stewart comes to mind, doesn't him?

  52. I wonder if haley and casey are really datingg?? kinda cute but one or not both of them are going home this week.

  53. Scotty should win. His voice is unique, and like no

    other. We need something different this time, around.

    Hope he stays on the top list.


    • Scotty is my idol and he should win he is really talented and cute (in that non weird wya) lov you SCOTTY!

  54. this is a singing contest…not a personality contest….James has the best voice….others must be wearing ear plugs………

    he is as good as or better than Adam L..

    we will see in a few weeks…….

  55. I think James will do the best..he has proven over and over that he can perform any song that is thrown his way…

  56. Thia Megia is the most unique of them all. She deserve to be the new American Idol.. 🙂 Expect more from her, you'll see , she can rock your world^^ go Thia:-)

  57. WE LOVE THEM ALL GREAT YOUNG PERFOMERS .But lets not get rid of Casey he needs to be there till the end . that young man is going to be famous .

  58. Casey Abrams,by far! He's such a strong,powerful voice! I think he can go far!

  59. My Haley girl did it!! I just knew it! I am so thrilled for her!!!! She was just blow-away fantastic! I would pay to see her perform. Truly. I am so relieved the judges concurred that she was amazing. Thank goodness, and at long last, d—it!

    I should admit I really liked Pia this evening. (First time all season for me.) Can't believe she ignored what the judges said about singing another ballad, but she was right about choosing it. She did a wonderful job!

    And Lauren Alaina was simply outstanding. She sang beautifully for the second week in a row!!! What a rich voice she has! So she is safe, thank goodness!

    James was on point, and I loved it. He never disappoints. Sometimes I wonder if it is the performance over the singing, though. Still would have liked to have heard him sing "Pinball Wizard." I think that would have been made him even more solid with fans.

    In contrast, I absolutely hate what the judges said about Naima's rendering of her EJ song. I thought it was inspired, and I LOVED how she sang it. I really loved it! She is going to get votes tonight from me, along with Haley, for sure.

    Jacob was not good. He should definitely be out.

    Then, well, I guess it's a matter of preference. The weakest of the remaining were Casey, Paul and Thia. I hate to say this, as I like all 3, and I liked their performances, just not as much as the others.

  60. james durbin…be still my heart…the guy's got it "goin" on!!! I find his performances exciting and if I were to see him live; possibly in Vegas….let it front seat action. 2011 ai picks!!

  61. have not drunk and probably will never drink the Casey kool-aid…America had it right last week…James is tops thus far from the guys and Pia's voice simply blows away the competition…would love to see her open up the throttle…and would love to hear Jacob sing some Marvin…Scotty's got a career path in Country no matter how this turns out…

    • If that question was aimed at me, mrfatboytwo, then here are my reasons:

      1. Although he has an incredible range, he is too often over the top with emotion. The song then becomes a melodrama rather than a song. He "over-sings" the song, if you follow. It's difficult to both watch and hear.

      2. He is not AI material. I think he would be top-notch on Broadway instead. And that's nothing to sneeze at.

  62. Thia is great! I hope the US audience can appreciate her brilliance! She's just 16 anyway! Plkease give her another chance to shine. The judges should not have saved Casey and I agree that Jacob should be out! TNX!

    • I admired Thia's talent, proud to be a Filipino. She's only 16 years old, given a chance she will shine and become a great singer.

  63. i believe in this season we have most exciting top 13…they have their own uniqueness and individual personalities.

    i'd love to hear more from Scotty, he has surprised me up till now in all his performances.

  64. I am getting so sick of the judges, they are a JOKE, give me Simom back and I never liked the guy. Come on, I found things wrong with performances and they just praised everyone. They are supposed to have balance, these people are amatures, say something more than "amazing" for every singer. And calling Haley the best of the night, she was the worst, tired of her growling, not singing, she should have never been in the top 12.

  65. Once again Pia & Thia were very boring! Pia has lost all credibility with me. SHE IS A LIER! She told America last week that if she was given the chance for another week that she would give us something different. And so again last night she stated something to the same. Are we suppose to believe that? Both Pia & Thia can sing, no doubt, but they are not performers & now Pia is a lier.

    • I refused again to listen to her because again she refused to listen to the judges. I could tell, watching with the TV muted, that she sang yet another ballad. I do not think she is capable of singing anything else. I will take an intermission from the concert when she comes out to sing so I don't fall asleep at the show. She needs to go home already. This is not a Miss America pageant (sp?), it's American Idol.

      • YES! I agree! James Durbin is the best because he can sing ANYTHING! Isn't that what the American Idol is supposed to do – Pia is getting on my last nerve!

  66. Looking forward to Lauren Alaina as usual.. that girl is awesome. I'm already counting to when I'll get to see her in concert … she has an amazing voice, and like the judges say. she can do just about anything!! keep it up girlee. / peace ya'll

  67. I think Jacob is great. I don't understand why we

    only have 1 black left in this competition. we are

    very talented people. I just don't believe that you

    go all over the United States and can't find more

    blacks for American Idol.

    • maybe they aren't trying out for American Idol? I don't think there's anything 'racially charged' going on. They even saved an african american girl right off.

  68. I love this season. I don't think I have ever seen 'Billy Joel' featured. I would love to hear them sing some Billy Joel.

  69. I hope that people vote for talent and not just good looks or popularity.

    I love James ans Scotty, they have each a different style and a great voice.

  70. I have never liked Haley. she should be the next one to go home.
    Scotty will win this competition and be the be the next American Idol

  71. its nice show i watched always may the best singer win i really like jlo performance its stunning i wish i could meet her personally she is my idol

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