American Idol 2011: What the Top 11 (redux) should and shouldn’t do

It’s that time of the week again. Where the “American Idol” Top 11 (again) have to sing for our votes (or not if it’s anything like last week). This week, we think the theme is Elton John songs. And not 80s songs as first stated. I thought they weren’t going to do specific themes this year? Anyway, I have some suggestions as to what the Top 11 should sing and some other things they should consider.

This week I’m posting them in random order:

*Casey Abrams – “Take Me To The Pilot.” This is just the right kind of song for Casey to show his soul and that angry singing I still don’t understand.

*Pia Toscano – “Island Girl.” She promised last week to sing something upbeat. We’ll see if she does so. I think “Island Girl” would be perfect for her. It’s a fast fun song that always makes me want to dance. Or drive fast if its on in the car.

*Scotty McCreery – “Porch Swing in Tupelo.” If Scotty doesn’t sing this then there’s something wrong with him. It’s almost a country song. And it’s a tribute to Elvis Presley, who was one of Scotty’s childhood heroes. This group is bad at picking songs, so I won’t hold my breath.

*Paul McDonald – “Your Song.” Again, another clear choice here. “Your Song” is right in Paul’s zone. Perhaps an acoustic version with the guitar? Yes please.

*Jacob Lusk – “Rocket Man” or “Something About the Way You Look Tonight.” The former is pretty predictable, but the latter could be nice for Jacob. He could put that annoying gospel spin on it he loves so much. I hope he puts on some Elton-inspired clothing. He should embrace his flamboyance like Elton does. That would be pretty awesome.

*James Durbin – “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” seems predictable for James, but it’s his kind of song that he does well. I haven’t really seen James get out of his comfort zone yet. So maybe something slower would be better. But what that should be I’m not sure. Here’s a non-song suggestion though: LESS showboating please. People are starting to think he’s a cocky tool.

*Stefano Langone – “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me.” Don’t forget to connect with the audience Stefano. Get out of that bottom. You’ve got one of the best male voices in the game.

*Lauren Alaina – “Tiny Dancer.” It would be nice to hear her version of this song. She could put a nice youthful spin on it.

*Haley Reinhart – “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues.” I just thought of Haley when I thought of this song. She could add her soulful spin and twang to it. Just less growling this week, please.

*Naima Adedapo – “Crocodile Rock.” I’m going with this because she’s apparently never going to do a slow song and her fans are confusing this show with “So You Can Think You Can Dance.” If it were up to me I’d force her to sing “Daniel.” I want to hear her sing something soft.

*Thia Megia – “Circle of Life.” I’d rather hear her sing “Rocket Man” or something unpredictable, but I’m just going to go ahead and pick “Circle of Life” because you know she’ll sing that. I think she has a deal with Disney we don’t know about.

What do you want to hear your favorite sing on Wednesday night’s Idol show?




  1. As suggested earlier by another poster, I too think Naima should sing "Sorry Seems to be The Hardest Word"

  2. Nice choices Branden but I think your song choices for Casey, Pia and Scotty might be a bit risky since they aren't too familiar with the public as the others are. I just hope no one chooses 'I'm still standing' since it most likely will backfire just for principle of it.:)

    • Branden: thanks for your song suggested for stefano. I am sure he will get this nailed.

    • Branden sometimes select songs that are difficult for some hopefuls to perform. But thats the essence of American Idol. Anyway, i am sure stefano will make Elton John proud of his interpretation.

    • Branden, thanks as always for the update and recommendations. Although I have to say, my cousin and I both see James Durbin rocking Bennie and the Jets. He has to sing that song. He could hit those awesome high notes, but it's also a fun and whacky song.

      I had also picked "Our Song" for Paul.

      For Casey, I think a great slap in the face would be for him to sing The Bitch is Back, but because it's a family program, I am wondering if they would allow that song or not.

      I would love to see Jacob embrace his flamboyance also.

      And since Paul already sang I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues on the year they were born theme, I would not recommend anyone else singing it again this season, it was just done two weeks ago.

      Your recommendations are what I use to take notes on when I watch them perform, so I am always anxious to see what they are.

      Shout out to Rose A., Phyllis G., Gabriela, and Sherry K.

      • T, good point. "I Guess That's Why The Call it The Blues" should be avoided. In that case, I don't know what Haley should sing. Maybe Honky Cat as long as its not considered too "redneck"

      • Yes, Honky Cat is a great suggestion for Haley. I could definitely see Casey rocking Take Me to the Pilot, he would wail on that song.

        All your suggestions are great, I only wish they would listen to you, Branden. Maybe this time they will 😀

        That's funny what you said about Thia, because you know she will. 🙂

      • T……I thought immediately when I heard that it was Elton John music….Bennie & the Jets for James…..He would slow it down just enough to please his fans….For me, he can sing anything….I'm buying his CD as soon as it comes out….

      • Hi there, Phyllis G. Yes, I will def buy James Durbin's CD. I am excited because when I get home tonight, Adam's CD will be waiting for me 🙂 That will have to tie me over until James' comes out.

        I think I am going to see them this year when they come to Sac.

  3. Hi Branden, good suggestions there. Just wanna touch on what you said about James – "I haven’t really seen James get out of his comfort zone yet. So maybe something slower would be better."

    Hmmm did you miss James's performance of Maybe I'm Amazed??? He nailed that brilliantly.

    • Regards from Finland .. I love James´s version of Maybe I´m Amazed, hope he will perform another slow song .. and I also like his way to perform, rather his way than Pia´s or Thia´s

    • When did he sing that? Hollywood week? And It's ok for me to make one suggestion for James, I've praised him week after week.

      • You're kidding, right? It's the best he's done yet, Week 2? (darn, those senior moments) The week right after the Judas Preist song.

      • I know why I didn't remember! I was thinking of that terrible country song that has a similar name but everyone always calls it "Maybe I'm amazed." No wonder I was confused.

  4. Hailey Reinhart is definitely my pick for this season. That song choice is perfect for her! With her amazing soulful voice, I'm sure more and more people will appreciate and vote for her.

  5. Who knows? there is a possibility that NAIMA would pick a SOULFUL song.. Remember her version of "For All We Know"? she slayed it! amazing! Well, I'd love to hear NAIMA sing "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" or "The One".

    • I like the song choice for stefano. This is very good song for him to sing. GO stefano… you are the One!!!

      • Its a good choice for stefano but i still wish he wing Skyline Pigeon and soar high above the sky…. i love his handsome pic above.

      • Great song choices for my favorites Jacob and stefano. Go and nail them guys…:))

      • Jacob has a great vocals…. he can bring the house down with his interpretation.

        Still i hope stefano will be able to connect with the audience as adviced by JLo. I dont know why they want stefano to open his eyes always when many singers do close their eyes when performing…. maybe if the song is upbeat tempo its okay to open one's eyes lol.

      • Naima will have a difficulty with this song… something more upbeat will do her good.

      • hello sexybabe! remember Naima's version of "For All We Know"? she did great on that.. very touching and sincere, I felt it. She could do the same with "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word"

        Naima is very flexible. I'm sure she'll wing it.

    • I was thinking about Naima doing "The One" also, I think she could really nail it! Either way, I'm excited to see her performance.

  6. My pick for my favorite is Goodbye Yellow Brick Road for Paul..It is a cool song with cool lyrics and he is a cool guy.

    • I also think that Levon might be a great song choice for Casey..Also to throw out there..Mona Lisas and Madhatters could be a great song pick for Paul. If I was scotty I would take Tiny Dancer because Tim McGraw had a cool country version of that song

  7. Two favorite of mine for this season:

    Jacob lusk

    stefano Langone

    Jacob has a great voice, i hope he will tone down his screaming…. i know he will land at the top of this competition.

  8. James should do Rocketman! My boy Chris Daughtry covers it and the song rocks when you do Rock and ROll style!!!!

  9. These are my picks — tried to give Pia & Thia a beat. I’m sure Naima could make it Island Guy. A shame if they don’t let someone sing The Bitch is Back!

    Naima – Island Girl or The Bitch is Back

    Jacob – Philadelphia Freedom or Take Me To The Pilot

    James – Saturday NIght or Where to Now St Peter

    Thia – Don’t Go Breaking my Heart

    Pia – I’m Still Standing or Your Song

    Stefano – Nikita or Daniel

    Paul – I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues or Rocket Man

    Casey – Honky Cat or Border Song

    Haley – Sad Songs

    Lauren – Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word

    Scotty -Blue Eyes

    • Thia will not sing "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" That song is a duet. Elton sang it with Kiki Dee. And given the first name of Ms. Dee, that would not be a good song for a young Pinay girl to sing. My Pilipino friends will understand 😉

  10. I think casey should do "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John. Branden, did you even see his performance of "A Little Help from my Friends?" I didnt hear anger at all. Not insulting, just asking.

      • Really, Branden? You did not like Casey's Joe Cocker-esque take on With a Little Help from My Friends? We will have to agree to disagree. Just like with Paul. I like Paul, even his crazy-quirky dance moves. He just gets into the moment and I like that and I honestly think he sounds better than Rod Stewart.

      • Since he was saved last week, he should maybe go with "I'm Still Standing." Or Who Wears These Shoes might be good as well. I hate guessing though because they rarely choose what we suggest and that's frustrating…

      • I saw it and im still trying to figure out how growling and screaming is singing.(thought this was a vocal comp.?)He falls 5% in ranks and they have to fix a show to bump him back up with a discracefull scene….Are u kidding!

  11. i've been watching American Idol since season 1 and I believe that this season is phenomenal. the contestants are all great in their own unique way.

    I like Naima, to me, she's the most interesting.. and a total performer. that's what American Idol is about.

    let's all support her.

    • I dont really like Naima, because she is consistantly pitchy and last week was no exception.She also has no chance of winning because her fan base isnt big enough. her rating on American idol blog is 5%.

      • we have different preferences KC.

        I like her, and besides, American Idol blog rating is not the basis for choosing the winner. It's America's VOTES. Naima is great. I support her all the way.

      • AI fanatic, I am with you. I like Naima's quirkiness and her dancing adds a lot. Think about that, folks, when Pia is putting you to sleep at the concert. I watch Idol for the unique voices, the quirky contestants. Those are always my favorites. And this year, so many to choose from. I agree, one of the best seasons ever.

      • Finally… i see some Naima's supporters. That gal is something special. I can imagine if i compare Naima with Pia/Thia/Lauren and Haley performing in a concert,Naima's performance will be different and entertaining unlike the other gal's ~ you will be dead with frustration by their dull performances!!Naima…YOU GO GAL…I KNOW YOU WILL KEEP GOING!!!

      • Well said Rd, even thought Naima is not my top favorite (mine is Paul), I think she is interesting, versatile, fun to watch and she DOES have a good voice. All she needs to do is to have more control over it and maintain her tunes while she moves. But Thia, Pia and Lauren have nothing special. I do think Haley has a great blues-like voice but she needs to educate it even more. A huge mistake this season was to let Thia and Haley through instead of sending them to get more mature (artistically speaking) and inviting them to come back to try again for another season. When Haley hits the notes right is AMAZING, but she doesn't do that all the time, she is very inconsistent and she looks awkward on stage (she can't control her movements right and she looks very uncomfortable – like planning as she sings: ok, I will walk over here, then I will go close to the audience, now I am going to turn, very unnatural.) I am not saying there is no talent there, but she needs to mature as an artist. Naima is the most unique one, I have no idea why she is so unpopular. Same way I have no clue as to why Thia is so popular online (obviously not among voters since she was bottom 3 last time :D)

    • I like Naima, to me, she’s the most interesting.. and a total performer. And for those that give her a hard time about dancing…she really doesn't dance that much…it's part of the performance. And I've yet to her the judges complain about it. In fact they are challenging the other contestants to be more engaging on stage…do something, don't just stand there.

      No matter what happen for Naima and AI, she is getting valuable exposure and that will increase with the summer tour! AI doesn't make a successful performer just because someone wins. She will do fine in the business now that she is being seen by ppl that matter in the business.

      • I disagree with you Chris about the judges. They might not be a Simon but I think Simon was a bit too much.

      • Yes…AI doesnt make a succesful performer just because someone wins. Just see Sanjaya Malakar.He did not win AI but he hasnt stopped being involved in many entertainment business ventures. Those other IA contestants who did not win went on to become famous and they still are like Lambert, Hudson, Archuleta etc but the one who won like Sparks, Dewayze , Allen , Studdard etc etc …i didnt hear at all/much after their win!!So what happen…did their sparks died after winning??? So it is true AI doesnt make a successful performer just because someone wins!!!

  12. I really hope Casey listened to Randy last week, after the save, when he was told we know who you are, there is no need to growl any longer. I think the public is tired of it too.. hence his low voting results.

    • Randy stopped him in the middle of the song and said they were keeping him. Jennifer was the one who said to stop growling. Behind the growling is an amazing voice that if he tries hard enough, could win. He and James are my favorites this season.

    • From the previous experience, the 'save' one would be leaving in 2/3 rounds later!

  13. Im sure by this time they are already starting their rehearsals, I wish they can post what the contestants would be singing.

    • Scotty McCreery isnt going anywhere he will most likely win- hes the best honestly Just because alot of the poeple dont like country they say Scotty is not good- PLEZZZZZ The guy can sing

      • I love country music and scotty is really good but the only reason hes still here is because he has the teenage girl votes

      • I still don't think Scotty has shown us he can actually sing. That being said, his performances are fun I don't like his sneer, though. It's almost as bad as James fugly tail and fail fohawk.

      • ossstit u said it all,if he cant sing why is it everywhere i look at blogs and comments u have several people say they ont like country music but this kid is turning me????…becuase he is that good!!

  14. "This is my Song" . Candle in the wind" for Scotty

    Why not have American Idol next year have categories like Country, etc so we do not listen to a Country singer doing Motown. I was around when Motown was big. but enjoy all the current music.

    • LOL, I think whoever sings "Candle in the Wind" will be going home, no "ifs" or "buts" about it. But you know either Jacob, Pia, or Thia will try it anyway.

    • In my opinion let thwm sing what they sing,u cant go on someones talent by makeing a country singer sing motown,,what a joke!i mean like a country singer is ever going to do that as a career!

  15. i hope thia will sing Skyline Pigeon, copy Lani Misalusha's version, soooooo amazing

  16. Ummm, the misspelling of "sun" on your choice for Stefano gives it a completely different meaning that I don't know you intended:

    "Don’t Let the Son Go Down On Me" Son?????

  17. @ Branden….good list. Sir Elton John's songs definitely have a unique and difficulty factor. All the contestants really need to get on board and make the one and only Elton proud. 🙂

  18. Casey – Honky Cat

    Jakob – Levon

    James – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

    Paul – Michelle's Song

    Stefano – We All Fall In Love Sometimes

    Scotty – Sweet Painted Lady

    Naima – Crocodile Rock

    Pia – I'm Still Standing

    Thia – Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

    Haley – The Bitch Is Back

    Lauren – Nikita

  19. I would like to hear Lauren sing "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me", or "I Don't wanna go on with you like that", or "Written in the Stars". Those 3 songs she could do well with.

  20. Now that the save is gone…I'm hoping that cocky James will end up in the bottom 2. I don't necessarily agree or disagree with using the save on Casey. He is talented, but he has not been performing up to par.

    I'm still pulling for Haley to keep getting better, because she has so much potential and sings with more ease than any of the other contestants. I'm still hoping Lauren wins! She has great potential, and like the judges said, she doesn't even know how great she is.

  21. I think Thia should take a Disney Song…so that if ever she got eliminated this week, I' sure there's a place for her in Disney… Miley is from Disney (though not comparing their voice) but look how big time she is now…

  22. For all you Thia fans, I hope she does something upbeat and fun this week! Nelly Furtado did a fun cover of "Crocodile Rock", I think Thia would do great and have fun covering it. Look it up on youtube let me know what you Thiafanatics think!

  23. It's thrilling to see these very positive NAIMA comments! She will again come on strongly this week – her confidence is now soaring! Another song choice that would be good for her: "Come Down in Time" from Tumbleweed Connection 🙂 If she allows herself to linger over notes and gets sexy, she'll knock anybody else outta the park! There is no one who is more interesting than her. Or exciting. James is the male equivalent – but even Naima has a certain something that even he doesn't have. And I do champion him because my son is diagnosed with Asperger's, too!

    • She is one of the most confident of all while she's onstage…and off for that matter. Both her and James are exciting performers. However, I feel what she does is more unique than James. But James is a first (Judas Priest on AI)

    • Yeah….im happy to read positive comments on Naima. What i see in her?…there is a fire burning in her…it ignited on the night she won the wild card, it is slowly growing and with that her confidence is growing too and she is not gonna quit that easily!That's for sure…..

  24. My slightly tongue in cheek picks:

    Someone Saved my Life Tonight – Casey

    Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting – James

    Roy Rogers- Scotty

    Philadelphia Freedom – Jacob

    The Club at the End of the Street- Stefano

    Tiny Dancer – Paul

    The Bitch is Back – Lauren

    I'm Still Standing- Haley

    The Last Song – Thea

    Island Girl-Naima

    Ballad of the Boy in the Red Shoes- Pia

  25. I think Scotty should sing what he want to sing. American Idol has it fix so the one they want to win does. This has happen year after year and bring Casey back so they are doing it agin this year. The top four people should be Scotty, James , Pioe and Larirn and than let the american people vote for who they think are best, but the judge are already prometing certain one like jacbo or casey and they both should go home

    • I think the bottom three should be James, Casey and Jacob. Why,because all 3 are screamers or screechers … very annoying to listen to… I need earplugs.. Pia, Thia and Naima should be top three. they are so much easier on the ears.

      • Agree completly,after seeing last weeks show i am convinced it is fixed,anyone that thinks that wasnt rehearsed is fooling thierselves,what a discracefull scene,the show and the judges promoteing the ones they like is wrong.refering to the jacob lusk hugs on stage and the pity publicity stunt for casey was TERRIABLE!!Makes me think very hard about this show…

  26. Has anyone suggesting Island Girl for one of the contestants ever actually listened to the lyrics of the song?There is a reason why no one sang it when they had Elton John week in season 3,it's just too raunchy and un-pc for a family show.

  27. Casey and Jacob should be in the top 2; but alas this is in fact a "popularity contest" and therefore neither will ultimately win. It will probably wind up being James or Pia. 🙁

    • Dont know friend ,,their,,the show and judges r pushing for them alfully hard with thier exploits!

  28. Actually most of ELtons songs are not that good. I believe it to be a very boring Wed. nite on Idol.

    • How cool would it be to have a hip hop artist on there and make the Idols sing one of theirs Maybe Vanilla Ice. That would be a show to watch-huh??

  29. PLEASE, NOBODY SING CROCIDILE ROCK!!!!! I would love to hear Naimi sing Don't Let the Sun Go Down". That would be perfect. It would also be good for Jacob.

  30. Candle in the wind. I think that is the title of the song he wrote for Princess Diana when she was killed in the auto accident.

  31. Quit picking on James Durbin! He has Tourette's Syndrome and is doing very well to be in the competition. He may have made some mistakes in the past, but let the past be gone! He is trying hard to change his life, and I for one want him to do very well in this competition. Just as Casey Abrams has health problems, so does James. More power to this Santa Cruz boy!

    • beth……I wish people would realize that James has an impairment….Tourettes …..He is thoroughly enjoying himself on stage that doesn't make him cocky…..Give the guy a break people…….

      • I don't think we should vote for him just because he has an impairment. He shouldn't win because he has Tourrets and Aspergers and that will be the only reason he makes it to the top 2 is because people like his story which is COMPLETELY unfair to the other contestants.

  32. Branden….Thanks again for your comments. I really enjoy your column…..don't necessarily agree…but I still enjoy it….

  33. I think Casey will do well this week because he is going to push himself for the votes. The only thing he needs to do is stop growling and he could go for the win. Him, James or Pia.

  34. This is what i think:

    James- Bennie and the Jets

    Pia- Crocodile Rock

    Thia- Daniel

    Haley- idk just dont growl or whine

    Casey- Tiny Dancer

    Stefano- Your Song

    Paul- Rocket man

    Lauren- Im still standing

    Scotty- Levon

    Jacob- Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

      • Well for one thing JLo told him to go back to what they loved him for and beyond that "Tiny Dancer" is a high, thin, wistful kind of song and Casey does not seem to be that kind of singer. Similarly other songs I've seen suggested for Casey "Goodby Yellow Brick Road" & "Empty Garden" are equally not Casey.

  35. Well said Branden. I do hope Paul sings a slow song and make a great use of his unique soft voice. I agree with your suggestions, but I was thinking Paul will be great singing "Daniel" or even "Nikita", considering the harmony of those songs and his voice quality. He'll do great with "Your song" as well. I guess we'll wait and see. As far as the other ones, here is what I think:

    – Pia: She needs to not only sing an upbeat song but to stop the lifting one arm/leaning the head backwards every time she hits a high note. For what I've read, people don't like that.

    -Casey: Stop screaming and pay a little more attention to the image. I know this is a singing competition, but voters care about that. That way he'll be able to target a more diverse audience, and he'll have more votes.

    -Lauren: Keep her energy, keep getting the notes right but dial down the "I'm a little girl, please don't criticize me" attitude. She'll be fine.

    -Naima: Maybe she shouldn't do a dramatic dance number and show America what her voice can do. People need to see that is not only about the dancing.

    -Scotty: He shouldn't change much, he is doing great with America and the judges. Just keep it up!

    -Jacob: Rely less, MUCH LESS on high pith notes that can easily be confused with screams. Pay a little attention to his image as well.

    -Stefano: Pick the right song for his voice is the key. He has the passion and charisma.

    -Hailey: Work on stage presence and connect more with the audience. Make a good use of her versatile voice and sing something with her blues spin on it. She needs to make the song she sings HER OWN.

    -James: I think he needs to show more of his vocal abilities besides the dramatic end of a scream-like note. He has the ability, he has the voice, and we need to see that. People tend to compare him to Adam Lambert, and one thing Adam did was to show all his abilities (slow songs, rock songs, voice tenderness, voice power, etc.)

    -Thia: I have absolutely nothing to say about this kid. I think is time for her to go.

    • I agree with you with everything except thia. She is very talented. With naima, come on america! Stop falling for her periods of seizures and start seeing her terrible voice!

    • I agree that Naima needs to stop dancing. In fact she just needs to stop period! And the fact that her face looks like a giant toilet brush isn't helping things any.

      • JC & KC I'm sorry that you two must not be able to see, that is a very sad thing. I say this because Naima is one of the most beautiful women. I guess you have missed other people comparing her face to Vanessa Williams. Wish you could see what you're missing!

      • She is really pretty, and her baby picture was adorable. Yes, her front teeth are a bit "out there" but she is not an ugly woman. I think she needs to look a little more polished but that is it.

      • I think Naima is gorgeous! She may not have 'the best' voice in the history of idol, but she is an amazing performer. I wouldn't be surprised, even if she does go home earlier in the season, that she is the most successful of this group post-idol.

      • All you Naima supporters….i 100% agree with your positive comments about her. She is georgeous and she will be the most successful one post idol.Mark my words!!!

      • I guess you are a Thia fan. I don't like her, I will never like her and I will write my opinion, which is that she bores the heck out of me. Deal with it!

      • I'm not referring to anything you said Gabriela. I think Thea has a fantastic voice…probably one of the best along with Pia. Having said that I'm a Naima fan and I was referring to the childish comments about her. I would feel the same about someone picking at James for something he was born with and can't help.

      • Oh, my bad. I guess I am too used to get insulted every time I say something bad about Thia's performances. I like Naima too and making fun of anyone because of a decease is just unacceptable to me. Sorry for the misunderstanding, but a lot of people hate me on this page because I don't like Thia so… I thought you were referring to me. My apologies. 😀

      • Your assessments are honest and how you feel. Nothing wrong with that. I said Thia and Pia have two of the best female voices so far. However, they don't move me or excite me…it's old news and nothing unique.

    • @ Gabriella, thanks for accepting you hate Thia in public.. A long posting and you have nothing for Thia? It's a shame to see people even commenting on this posting..

      Who cares for your recommendations!

      • Go away "Nan", if you don't care about my recommendations, don't read them and more importantly don't reply to them. Let the other "shameful" people reply to me, and limit yourself to read posts made by Thia lovers only; since you are not capable of accepting not everyone thinks like you.

    • personally, i think it will be either James and Casey or James and pia. We all know James is going to win though.

      • I don't know that. I really don't know who will win. I have my hopes but I don't know anything for sure. I really don't think anybody knows actually. This show is well known for the big shocking surprises. So, who knows!!! But if James wins, I won't be disappointed, he is really talented and the win will be well deserved.

      • How cute would that be??? Scotty rocks, and he has so much charisma. Young people like him, old people like him… he is just likable!!! So sweet. Like I said, I don't know who will go to the finale, but I have the feeling that will be two guys.

      • this is my prediction for the moment. Things can change with time. Pia may surprise us. But people like Stefano and Paul will never make to.

      • Disagree about Paul, but agree about Stefano. Paul has one of the strongest fan base and he is definitely talented and great looking. He has the whole package and he is already a star. But again, voters will decide so… Who knows!

      • I disgaree.. The fanbase changes every week with somebody leaving. I don't see Paul in the finale.. Even at the moment he's not doing that well in any of the polls. I don't see his no's going up drastically.

      • Please check all the polls, twitter, etc. According to this poll Thia did great, yet she was bottom 3. Enough said!

      • It seems like you are a big Paul fan..:)) I'm not taking anybody's side. You can have any number of fans but if they don't vote for you on the performance day night you don't get through. Casey had the largest twitter account but he was almost voted off right? Thia has a big(loyal) fan base here & abroad but she hasn't given her best peformance yet and get the votes. They must be participating in the polls. That's a unique case.

    • It's hard to say right now. This could turn out to be a Jordin Sparks year… I think James will be in the finale for sure. Maybe James and Scotty. But if Scotty gets cut around Top 5 or so, my money for the other spot is on Lauren or Pia. I know Lauren isn't doing well in polls and votes, but still … And before you guys get crazy, think about my Jordin comment. Did ANYONE think she'd go all the way by the Top 11/Top 10?

  36. Frankly, I enjoy reading YOUR comments, you've got some interesting things

    to say, keep it coming!


    • he is my favorite but he has mentioned winning or being in the finale, "a million trillion times" as randy would say.

    • The only issue with James is his fohawk and tail and his bad singing. I've personally disliked James since Hollywood group week when he, almost purposefully, stole the performance from his group. And not just that, but he was not very nice to the group of kids that were singing the same song as his group, and they totally knocked it out of the park. Also, when they showed everyone's 'profession' when their names came up his was 'unemployed' If he was serious about changing his life he'd find a way to hold a job. If he can handle AI he can handle a job. Or at least be a 'dad' or something instead of 'omgvoteforemecuzimabum.' I really have no respect for people that don't try to make things better and work with what they have. If James wasn't doing AI he'd still be an unemployed bum because that's who he is. And NO this has nothing to do with him having Aspergers and Tourrets. I think it's somewhat admirable that he has 'overcome' his issues or w/e but I don't think he should be able to ride that all the way to the top.

    • Nope! Lauren is an idiot! And a brat. But…mostly just an idiot! Every time she comes on, I have this sudden urge to assist the TV out the nearest window. 🙂 I can even tolerate Haley longer than her. And that's pretty damn sad.

    • Agree, but I think is just immaturity. You read my post, what I meant about her “I’m a little girl, please don’t criticize me” is exactly what can come across as a spoiled brat attitude. She even makes baby faces, with the lower lip and all. But I think is just immaturity and nervousness. Who knows? I might be wrong and he is just a brat! 😀

    • I totally agree. Did you see her face when the judges critizized her a couple weeks ago? it was almost like, "how dare you?"

      • That is the "face" I was referring too. And the voice as well. I hope she changes that, for her own sake.

      • Maybe thats her real attitude but i think she is not a brat. I like Lauren too but im voting stefano.

    • like prima donna in the making if she wins this season, which of course she won't, thank goodness.

    • When I see her, for some reason; I feel she is kind of cold and fake. But that is just my perception, she might be the sweetest thing ever but she looks like she is made of plastic (attitude wise.) Or maybe is just me… I don't know 🙁

      • I think pia is really sweet and kind and the story with her grandpa almost brought a tear to my eye.

      • Oh well, of course… that was sad to see :'(

        Anyhow, I did laugh a little when she showed her dog, because the cute little dog does what Pia does with her head when she sings… Watch out America for the next America's dog idol!!! 😀

    • I cant stand Pia she is nothing special neither is Lauren they both have fake personality's

      • I think both girls are just nice, Normally not everyone can please all but i wish the best for my bet stefano, handsome and with good pipes.

    • She isn't, I know her for many years- she truly is sweet, shy, and still nervous on stage. Sometime shyness is confused with aloofness when you don't know somebody- but she truly is a sweetheart.

      • I luv to see Pia, Stefano, Paul & Thia..would luv to see either one of them or 2 going to final..

  37. I hate Haley, Naima, Jacob, and kind of Lauren. I love James, Casey, Pia, and Paul. The rest i dont mind

    • I love Naima, Casey , James , Paul , Scotty and Jacob. I wont say hate but dont fancy Lauren, Pia and Thia at all. The rest i dont mind.

  38. I don't Lauren is playing the brat. She is 16 years old..give her a break! Look at Carrie Underwood..she played the "innocent, hometown girl" and it won her American Idol. Not to mention, she had the chops for it..just sayin'.

    • but the differance is, carries attitude was sweet and gentle. Laurens is different. and by the way, just because she is young doesnt mean we should vote for her because we want to pinch her cheeks

      • KC – I totally agree. I wish (and hope) that people realize this is a competition, they are all equal and playing the age card is just ridiculous. Jordin Sparks won AI when she was 17 and she carried herself just fine throughout the competition. There are others who are young, but mature. Maturity as an artist is something that has nothing to do with age. Heck, that little girl Connie Talbot (6 years old) from Britain got talent was more mature on stage that some of the kids on AI this year.

  39. Wow! Listening to some of yall's are too harsh on these kids!! Keep in mind, that's what they are..normal kids, still doing homework. I am not a huge fan of Scottie or Thia, by my goodness..they are young! And Pia..who cares if she is shy..I would be too if I had 20+ million watching me. And you know what, all 11 of them could sing better than 99.99% of Americans, so lay off!! Go Pia, Lauren, Casey, and Scottie:)

    • I love pia and thia. the age has nothing to do with it though. That gives them an advantage over say, paul mcdonald and that is just wrong. I do like casey though.

      • Age has nothing to do with it…look at Taylor Hicks! He won American Idol..and so could Paul.

      • Lee won because he chose the right song at the right time..and he peaked at the right time. Same with Kris..and Heartless (still love his version). Anyway, they both peaked at a perfect time, and it came down to what the overall general public preferred…someone who looked liked the girl/boy next over night story..someone they could relate to…that's why I love AI:)

      • Lee only won because of the season he competed in. There's not another season he would have made the top 10. Casey is only 19/20 years old and his interpretation of music is very mature for his age, so is Haley's. Kris Allen's version of Heartless is pretty much amazing, just saying.

  40. About Carrie Underwood. I am from about 10 minutes away from Checotah, where she is from, and let me tell you, she is NOT the sweet and innocent girl she portrays to be. In fact, she is quite the brat. Yes, I have bought all of her CDs and been to see her a few times in concert and LOVE her, but she too is a BIG SPOILED BRAT!!

      • I didn't know her personally. I work for NSU..the college she graduated from. Plus, she lives 10 minutes from me here in Oklahoma. I have many friends who went to school with her and grew up with her, and yes, she was and is a brat. She is Christian, so I applaud her for that. And yes, it's not that hard here in NE Oklahoma to find someone who knew Carrie..she grew up in a small town 10 minutes from my small town.

      • I am a huge fan, so i am quite aware she grew up in Checotah Oklahoma on a farm with her dad, mom, and 2 sisters Stephanie and Shanna.

      • no, but she is my second favorite singer behind only rascal flatts. I am a sucker for country music.

    • Well, Carrie may have been (still is) a brat, but for some reason Lauren just appears to be a bigger (and much better one) at that!

  41. I love Carrie, and she is by far the best American Idol ever! I don't agree that she got shafted at the ACM's on Sunday. I cannot stand Taylor Swift…how she is nominated for Entertainer of the Year boggles my mind. Ugh, go Miranda Lambert of Brad Paisley:)

    • I hate taylor swift too. Miranda lambert and carrie underwood are my favorite female artists.

      • I love stefano and jacob, Pia and lauren, the others i dont mind also.

        Stefano <3 Go go go…..

    • my vote is for Brad Paisley. But i wish Kenny Chesney was in that category. He'll always be #1 in my books. (:

  42. I hope American FINALLY sends toilet-brush horse faced Naima (pronounced: Nayyyyy eeeeema… no pun on the Nay) home!!

    • WOW! That's pretty harsh. I am by no means a Naima fan and I think the judges made a mistake by keeping her instead of Lauren Turner, but I think you are being a "brat" yourself. I hope you are young an just don't know any better. But just think about if you were on stage on TV I'm sure your looks are perfect, right? Just terrible that one has to be so hateful over a stupid TV show.

      • I feel the same way about Lauren Turner. She had one of the best voices. Naima's voice is all over pitchy. I would never buy a cd from her.

    • Psh, it will be Stefano and Thia. The least versatile, least developed two in the group.

      • @David.. Stefano and Thia the least versatile and developed r u kidding? maybe ur deaf?? for me Naima is the worst singer 2nd to ashton. Most of the time her note are flat.. she's pitchy OMG.. Naima & casey should go home this week.. Casey screaming every week is very irritating.. he is good but stop screaming, accept it casey has difficulty reaching a note

      • unfortunatly no, because thia and lauren have all the adult votes because we want to pinch their cheeks so bad. SHEESH!!!! gimme a break already!

      • I'm rooting for Lauren, Haley or Thia to go home. No creativity and boring are the words! Sorry, this is what i have perceived so far. Judges have been stressing that good performances must come as a whole package not just showcasing singing talents but other talents as well like what others are doing!!!

  43. Why do I hear Stefano doing "Taking it to the Streets"??? That guy has an impecable sense of rhythm, anyone that can sing Stevie Wonder like it was mary had a little lamb.

  44. Couldn't Taylor Swifts attention be fanned by that stupid thing that stupid singer did last year at the awards show…wht was his name…..will never forget that stupid Jesus picture of him on Rolling Stone….but his name…..he is easy to forget… about a brat….

      • Awww, poor thing. He can't control it. That is because he has Tourettes syndrome. Nothing he can do about that 🙁

      • When I saw "Captain Flappy Eyes" I assumed you meant Jacob because he's always batting his eyes. James is my least favorite of them all, really can't stand him. Mostly because he's a bum. If he can handle this competition he can handle keeping a job.

      • @JC again with your hateful comments. James can't help that he "flaps" his eyes. Do some research…find out why he can't help it. Earlier you called Lauren Alaina an idiot, I think you are the idiot here. For all of you who thought that flappy eyes comment was funny, you are losers. But I guess those of you who are the most critical and mean must hate yourselves the most.

  45. Maybe they are saving Naima like a wild card. But then she came back so strong last week. Oh well, Simon where are you……

    My favorite old performance was Adam with that white chair, where he looked like he was sitting on air….

      • you're a ignorant idiot. the kid has a disease and here you are making fun of it. Would you be making fun of someone who has cancer because they're bald? no, because that's ignorant. this is the same for someone like James who has a disease he cannot help but have. grow up.

      • Stefano as an underdog will make a big surprize this week. Go and nail it stefano. Good vocals and handsome guy, you are Idol material.

  46. A girl is not going to win this year. I know there is a lot of talent and the guys are awesome but for a change I wanted to see a girl standing as the new AI.

    The voters are mostly teen age girls and they stick like glue on the phone voting thousand times for those they think are cute and handsome. They dont care about talent.

    • yes i think so…the sweet girls will vote for those that are cute….i can see scottie or stefano up there….i like paul..he has a unique voice…i listen to his song without looking at the t.v and it was awesome…

  47. I am so hoping there is a time where Lauren can sing "Traveling Soldier" by the Dixie Chicks. I think she would BLOW it out of the park

  48. Updated Twitter information:

    Name: # of followers

    Scotty: 49,571

    Casey: 48,298

    Paul: 40,830

    Lauren: 34,783

    Pia: 34,269

    James: 33,409

    Thia: 33,017

    Stefano: 30,560

    Jacob: 19,957

    Haley: 19,194

    Naima: 15,619

    Those numbers kind of make sense to me, besides Casey. He seems so popular yet he was sent home by the votes (and rescued by the judges.) Looking at this, all last week's show drama seems more and more rehearsed to me. I don't know!!!

    • Well, we have to consider that anyone in the world can follow them on Twitter, but if you are outside the USA the only way you can vote is by calling, and that is very expensive.

      • Yes, you can call but if you try to vote online, it will say that the voting system is not available in your area. I was in Venezuela for business during the first week, tried to vote online through the AI website and that is the message I got. But then I called from my cousin's office (local Venezuelan land line) and got the thank you for voting message from AT&T. So yes, people can vote from overseas by calling, but its not likely they will be calling too many times considering the cost of an international call.

    • Naima has only been in the bottom 3 once out of 3 weeks and Casey was mysteriously with the lowest votes last week (I still think they switched Casey and Haley for drama) so I'm not sure how accurate the twitter followers are. Thia has a lot of Filipino fans that inflates her numbers. If you compare the judges twitter followers JLo has over a million and Randy and Steven only have like 100,000 lol.

      • That's because JLo's twitter has been having lots of followers even before she became an AI judge.

    • I don't think it has anything to influence the results of ranking because Casey's got a lot of followers on twitter yet he was at the bottom last week. I think KL has a good point, whoever goes performing first gets some kind of disadvantage. First, opening the show and giving a great performance is really tough.. it shows your nerves.. Second, the contestants themselves will want to outdo everybody else of course and, third, sometimes viewers aren't able to catch up on the opening performers because they turn on the channel a little late..

    • the reason casey was at bottom in my opinion is it was fixed,,theres now way he went from top 3 yo bottom in one week,it was a publicity,pity exploit for him,and it worked,his views on youtube skyrocketed after that herindous scene,it was discracefull at the least….go scotty,but it doesnt matter he will already blow them all away at a carreer in singing,,no contest!

      • How do you know Casey was ever in the top 3? They don't tell you anything other than the bottom 3. For all we know, he's been one person away from the bottom 3 the entire time.

    • I dont know why everyone likes scotty. well at first his voice was amazing but week after week he sounds the same and it seems so boring. even his style, the way he present his self….he's always in sideview and his looks while singing is awful. i dont know for me he needs to step way up.

    • The number of followers at Twitter does no represent the voting populace. Mostly those who follow Casey are outside of USA and cant vote also.

    • yes jacob lusk can sing,but the promoteing by the judges has to stop,reffering to the steve tyler hug and letting people come on stage to hug him???i mean comeon guys just let them sing!!!

  49. Branden, Branden, Branden….I just read your ummm thoughts on last weeks result show. You crack me up.

    Nobody will pick it I'm sure but I'd like to hear, "Candle In The Wind", love that song.

    I know she won't win, but I like Naima and her spunk. Doesn't the "full package" count for something? She can sing, yes she can, else the judges wouldn't have put her in the top 24. She just hasn't reached her stride yet. Seems to me on all previous seasons, some singers started out slow and got better. So there, nyah, for all yee naysayers! (and yes I'm way too old to be going nyah!)

      • Yay, Naima should rather join Nigel Lythgoe's So you think you can dance….she sings off key at times.

    • I totally agree with your comments on Naima, Mary. That girl is really something or else the judges would not have chosen her to be in the Top 24. Even Chris Medina did not make it and JLo cried. Naima is improving every week and im sure she will go onto rock some more!!!

    • In my opinion after his third transfusion since the live shows,and him passing out,and the stomach bleeds ,he mite want to reconsider this for his health which is way more important!

  50. It's pretty obvious that this week's bottom three will be the most critical because we get two eliminations and no saves. So only one person can walk away without elimination. The way I see it, the bottom three is wide open this week to all performers except the usual top core (James, Pia, Scotty, Paul, Lauren, and Casey). I guess this really doesn't leave a whole lot: Jacob, Naima, Stefano, Haley, and my favorite Thia. I'll start with one bold prediction. If any of these five have the misfortune of singing first, then they will not only be in the bottom three…they will be eliminated. While surfing the Web, I saw a statistic that said 36% of eliminations are the performer who sings first (think Casey last week). I have no idea of the validity behind this number or what this number is based on, and obviously when fewer contestants remain the odds of the first performer being eliminated increases. But for the sake of those at risk, I hope James goes first since he's already pretty solid…and besides, last week he had the advantage of going last. And I can only hope that this week Thia goes last! Since I will be traveling, with only my handy Droid available to me, I guess I will tune in to Matt and Branden's postings Wednesday night to see how my favorite fares.

  51. If Thia sings "Circle of Life" or "Can You Feel the Love Tonight", I am gonna barf!! She has a great voice, but so underuses it. It's like she has no power behind the voice. Never once have I heard her belt out a song. Sad because she is good.

    • I kind of agree, even though Thia is my absolute favorite. I think most people have her pegged for doing a Disney-like song. I think for Elton John she has to do a ballad. I just hope it is a powerful ballad and that she moves around and gets closer to the audience instead of standing in one general spot. "Don't Let the Sun…" could be powerful, but someone had commented that this song historically doesn't do well for contestants. I would like to see her do "The One," though she may have a tough time selling it since she is only 16 years old and would have to act the part really well (of someone claiming to have met "the one"). Whatever she does, I look forward to another awesome studio version from here…she has been phenomenal in the studio.

      • @jc- that's so rude. But anyway, i hope you sing very well than her to say those words. I am not one of thia's fans. However, she's far better than paul, naima, hailey. If stefano or thia or lauren will go first, in any order, then, that's absolutely a better judgement. I know why Thia is kinda popular in here.

      • @jc, get with the program dude, it's sir elton's songs not your favorite songs. he.he.he.

    • I'm not sure what those songs have to do with not using her voice. Besides the list isn't going to be full of Disney songs, especially if the original theme was stated to be 80's stuff.

  52. This American Idol on Wednesday and Thursday is driving me crazy!! I liked it on Tuesday and Wednesday…I don't like to wait!

    • i'm in australia.i don't get to vote and i have to wait till thursday to see the show.

      • @lynda Don't worry, I live in Mexico I'm closer than you, but here the program is two weeks late. So I catch up myself through American Idol Net and see in the chat what is going on just when they are performing on stage.

        And then an hour later I see on youtube the perfomans of the kids.

      • @Maria, I have a link to watch the show live on the internet. That is how I watched it when I was in Venezuela. Interested?

  53. Let me try this again. For some reason my last post seems stuck in awaiting moderation. Not sure what my content has that may have triggered a flag…

    It’s pretty obvious that this week’s bottom three will be the most critical because we get two eliminations and no saves. So only one person can walk away without elimination. The way I see it, the bottom three is wide open this week to all performers except the usual top core (James, Pia, Scotty, Paul, Lauren, and Casey). I guess this really doesn’t leave a whole lot: Jacob, Naima, Stefano, Haley, and my favorite Thia. I’ll start with one bold prediction. If any of these five have the misfortune of singing first, then they will not only be in the bottom three…they will be eliminated. While surfing the Web, I saw a statistic that said 36% of eliminations are the performer who sings first (think Casey last week). I have no idea of the validity behind this number or what this number is based on, and obviously when fewer contestants remain the odds of the first performer being eliminated increases. But for the sake of those at risk, I hope James goes first since he’s already pretty solid…and besides, last week he had the advantage of going last. And I can only hope that this week Thia goes last! Since I will be traveling, with only my handy Droid available to me, I guess I will tune in to Matt and Branden’s postings Wednesday night to see how my favorite fares.

  54. To everyone:

    1) Who do you think will go to the finale?

    2) Who do you think will be the two contestants eliminated this week?

      • Ima Littleteapot and Stefano are going home. It's Casey, Jacob and Flappy-Eyes all the way to the top 3!

      • Scotty and Thia will have better careers if they get eliminated before the top 3.. Think hudson and daughtry.. The rest are reincarnations of previous finalists.. Winning AI is just singing the right song at the right time.. Pia can outsing Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Rihanna and even Madonna in that competition anytime, but that's as far as she can go.. Most successful artists are discovered when they're younger than 20 because of the X factor not just pure talent or general likability..

    • Who I think it will be.

      Scottie and Pia

      Thia and Stefano

      Who I want it to be.

      Haley and Casey

      Thia and Stefano

      • Well its just my opinion. Who knows the total number of votes right? Pia for me is boring especially when she sang All in Love is Fair. Paul is like the male version of Megan Joy. But I think Pia will be in the Top 5. Not sure of Paul though.

      • "So called Nan" I like your new name by the way, still writing the same lame comments though.

    • FOR JAMES: Johnny B. Goode

      FOR THIA: I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself (no seriously..please do)

      FOR CASEY: Are You Ready For Love? (cause I use some after being rejected by Ryan)

      FOR SCOTTY: Goodbye (no seriously, I mean it)

      FOR PIA: The Bitch is Still Here!

      FOR STEFANO: Daniel (only because I think that would be funnier than hell)

      • I guess most crocodiles would welcome Jacob & thus he should sing…crocodile rock…once they have a mouthful of him!!

  55. James has apergers, so anyone who knows anything about people on the spectrum,knows he is not cocky, he is just enjoying the moment. People on the spectrum have a hard time picking up on social cues.

  56. Thia is perfect for Written In The Stars with her playing the piano and accompanied by the choir. If she delivered it well, it would be a Standing Ovation from the judges.

  57. I am definitely not a fan of disney movies and songs, but how many disney songs have Thia sang in AI that's enough for people to label her "disney girl"? I wonder..

    • She only sang one, Colors of the Wind. I doubt she new it was even originally Disney, like she thought "Smile" was an original Michael Jackson song.

      It's also a sad day when a lot of people think of Elton John and automatically think Disney. Such a shame.

      • Yeah I am curious why they labeled Thia as a Disney Girl.She only sang 1 song from Disney. Perhaps Lauren is the one who watches the Disney Princesses till now. Scotty and Thia is properly mature than Lauren.

      • The problem with Paul is his song shoice is gonna be so small with that voice,,he has no range at all..

      • No one has actually heard Paul sing yet. Do you really think that is his natural singing voice? Of course not, it's his own unique style he puts on his songs. Remember David Cook and everyone thought he was going to totally bomb Broadway? It turned out to be one of his best weeks because he actually has a very well trained singing voice, it just wasn't part of his performances. I think Paul has a stage voice that he uses very well, same with Casey, Haley, and to some extent Naima.

    • Wow! I didn't know paul is a "she"? when & how did you find out? from the way she dances??

  58. Comment on this if you vote for stefano!!

    I just want to see who votes for him.

    even if you give him like one vote every once in awhile comment

    Thanks in Advancee

    • I voted for him the week after he was 'wildcarded' in. That performance was so freaking fantastic. He hasn't showed that to us since then so I haven't voted for him again.

      • Hiya….. I am all the way for stefano and jacob. But i want stefano to nail this Idol contest. Go and Rock them stefano <3<3<3.

  59. I really want stefano to do something about the way you look tonight i would probably melt- and get goosebumps all over! 🙂

    • Yeah thats a nice song for stefano….. connect connect connect judges say, cant understand why?

  60. My favorites were: Thia and Scotty (ThiaCotty) 😀

    The least of my favoritess we're: Casey, Naima, and Stefano. ( I mean Naima seriously, please go home :[ )

  61. Y'all should watch the contestants new videos "in 60 seconds". 60 seconds of each contestant, they are all pretty chill people.

  62. Can someone please tell me what the TOUR is all about? What's it's purpose, does it air, does it last all summer, do we have to wait till fall to continue eliminations? Sorry, but I'm clueless. Anyone?????????

    • Normally the top 10 contestants would do a tour (go to major cities in the united states to perform). Basically put on a ton of concerts all throughout the summer. I went to Season 7 tour in Las Vegas, it was pretty much amazing.


    THEY MY FAVORITE dis singing competition…

    • Okay, they looked good together, in fact stefano is my earlier fave but thia is im beginning to like…. ill think about it yet since the two ladies i like most are Lauren and Pia…. Thiafano good luck. keep cruisin!!!!

  64. I want Thia and James on the finals. or Thia and Scotty. They really sing not shouting.

  65. Who do you think will perform first and last? I'm thinking maybe Pia or James for the first slot and Casey or Thia at the last spot.

    • I guess Paul will be the first to perform lmao…. Goodluck stefano dont forget to connect connect connect <3

  66. I hope they will consider songs of Barbra Streisand in the future. A lot of great songs, I'm sure they can relate to her songs.

  67. Lauren actually might just win actually. She isn't a brat nor spoiled. She truly loves singing and wears her heart on her sleeve. It has taken her a lot of courage and quick learning to know how to approach all the negative comments she is not use to such rudeness. She just loves to have fun. She always sang for her cousin. You'll see her in the audiance. Lauren gets nervous not braty. She truly does not know how good she is. A little hometown country girl but watch her go! In her cowgirl boots. Nothing fake nor flucy about that. Pia is a good well great singer BUT she is only good singer other then that I fall sleep she's boring. Stand there sing and show me her chin. NahHhh I like Lauren she puts dance attitude and soul in her music. Top 3 James Lauren and maybe Scotty

    • The only Lauren problem I encounter is that she is not the same Lauren that I've seen in the auditions rocking Tyler. Before the Top 13 starts I thought she will be like a better version of Allison Iraheta but she isn't right now. But I'm still hoping for a girl winner this season. For me Thia or Lauren have the talent to win it.

    • Rae, I totally agree with you about Lauren. She is the real deal and will go far. I like: Scotty, Lauren, Paul, and James in that order. Least like: Jacob, Thea, Stefano in that order. Most likely to win: Scotty or Pia. Most likely to obtain recording contracts: James, Scotty, Lauren and Paul. Scotty is my favorite. He is a legand in the making.

  68. Hi, i am in the UK and i absolutely love JACOB. He should definitely win. He is amazing !!!!!!!!

  69. there's no need for thia to shout. she has the most beautiful voice among the contestants. she's the best!

  70. I would like Stefano sing Skyline Pigeon. He could provide a good arrangement with that. Thia would sing Your Song. I know she would deliver the goods in that song…

    • Skyline Pigeon is one of the best songs done by Elton John. I am sure that Stefano will be able to deliver this with gusto. dont forget to connect connect connect stefano lol….:)

  71. Thia has a loveley voice and most of the contestants are decent singers. Pia is fantastic but JACOB is in a different league.None of the others come even close to that amazing range and emotion in every word. Jacob to win !!!!

    • Jacob is WAY overrated. Every song he sings sound like gospel. On top of that, his "warbling" is SO annoying and tired.

      • I agree that Jacob has as a great voice w/ great range but I could not see myself buying a CD that sounds like gospel music the whole time!

  72. I also like this song skyline pigeon for stefano. and im pretty sure he will be able to connect with his audience this time.

    • I just want someone to go up to Stefano and shake him so hard and say LISTEN to what the judges have said to you about "OPEN YOUR EYES AND CONNECT WITH THE AUDIENCE"

  73. hahaha. looks like braden has this super dislike with Thia.☺ What a good advice!!! (sarcastic) But I hope she would not listen and choose her song wisely.

  74. i love american idol, my favorites for this season are Jacob Lusk and Naima Adedapo.

    Central de Minas, MG- BRAZIL

  75. After reading the messages, as well as the commenting rules… JC should be banned.

    @JC – You should be the one "going home" tonight for your misguided comments. How would you like to be James, Lauren or Thia and be reading your comments? Shame on you.

  76. Stefano!! Please check out X Factor winner 2009, Joe Mcelderry on you tube, "dance with my father", don't let the sun go down on me". she's out of my life". He brought great emotion and connection to the audience and won over 65% of the UK vote. Your voice is outstanding. Joe won over the UK audience with his "connection" Perhaps this may help you find your way. Best of luck to you!

  77. Tonight we get to see who is in it to win it all, or who just wanted to make the top to go on tour.

    Now that they all know they are on tour, you will see some tonight that will relax and perform mediocre, while others will knock their singing out of the park.

    You will see professionals vs. amateurs. Maybe we will be shocked this week to see who gets voted off.

    I'm biased. I want Stefano to go to the top, like his mom said after his audition. This family has been through a lot, but also has a chance for its music legacy to be passed down to the next generation.

  78. Great night for Jacob, James and Pia! Elton John will help save soe of the others for another week. Too bad the judges saved Casey. Two go home this week, what a waste.

    • YOU SUCK!! Pia will win it all, and Eventhough I'm a Filipino, I know that Thia won't win because she's always safe and her song choices are not for a competition.

      • i agree Thia plays it safe to much,she is losing voters, Pia is way above her vocal and stage appearance.

      • The fact is that Pia misses notes at times but this is ignored by the judges, and she hollars at times. She is pretty and is a favorite of the judges but I think there are others who would out sell her with ease. Ballads are going to restrict much performance on stage. I am sure there are three (3) who would easily outsell her, and it is all about the money and sales. I thought Fantasia was her werid and horrible self. And Jamie Fox grabbed his crotch two times. There is no need to have guests each week, let the contestants singer more since they never get to perform a full song. Casey needs to go I am sick of him, as I am Jacob the over hyped freak.


    1. THIA

    2. CASEY

    3. SCOTTY

    4. JAMES

    5. HALEY

    6. NAIMA

    7. STEFANO

    8. LAUREN

    9. PAUL

    10. JACOB

    11. PIA

    • How can you put Pia at the bottom? Naima needs to go home! I can't even stand to watch her anymore. Pia will be in it til the end.

  80. I would prefer not hearing Naima at all; but that would be mean. I am predicting that Naima and Stefano go home this week. Lauren is my favorite and Haley will have a great career. Thia doesn't have much longer either.The other guys, I am very fond of.

      • Welcome to the real world CJ. The American people vote for the ones they want to win. Idol has nothing to do with it. Thia appears to be a very sweet girl and she has a good voice but she stands very little chance of winning. Others are much better.

      • Mandy is right…I like Thia, don't get me wrong, but she isn't bringing anything new to the table. This week was another good but boring performance. Top 3 will be James, Scotty and Pia….hopefully Pia will stop singing ballads or she will soon drop too.

      • Its not a race thing with who the winner is or what Amercian idol wants, its who will sell the music for them. A person race dosen't matter, its the voice.

    • Naima and Haley will go home and i will beam and laugh and be happy that they (ecspecially Haley and her legs) are gone

  81. My suggestions….there could be some real messes tonight; Elton John is

    difficult to cover.

    Pia – Sad Songs (Say So Much)

    James – Rocket Man

    Scotty – Dixie Lily OR Country Comfort

    Lauren – Daniel (Wilson Phillips style)

    Paul – Crocodile Rock

    Jacob – Border song

    Casey – I'm still standing OR Levon OR Someone saved my life tonight OR

    (risky) B**** is back

    Thia – Can you feel the love tonight

    Stefano – don't know/don't care/surprise me/good luck

    Naima – don't know/don't care/surprise me/good luck

    Haley – I guess that's why they call it the blues

    • I think it's patheic that haley's family is not there to support her, when everyone else's family is always there.

  82. I'm looking forward to hearing James tonight. I'm sure he'll pull through again and blow the place apart. At least I hope he does unless he's read some of the coments here and lost his self confidence. Thia seems to have a lot of fans. I'm looking forward to the show. They're all soooo good in their own ways this year.

  83. I had never heard Porch Swing in Tupelo, but I just listened to it on You Tube song by Elton…OMG Scotty has to sing that.

  84. I would love to hear Jacob singing: Wildflower… PLEASE!!!! 😉 good luck to everbody ! ,



      • u need to stop bashing HALEY who is the best looking ever girl to be on american idol fools!

  85. The country singer (forget his name) should do Burn Down the Mission, awesome song from the Tumbleweed Connection album

  86. I would love to here Scotty sing Tim McGraw " Don't Take the Girl" and Haley to sing Janis Joplin " Me and Bobbie Magee"

    • First year voter and I didn't realize the phone numbers changed. Dumb and dumber is me. Can anyone help – Please!!

    • I agree with Nancy. Dylan has written more songs than Elton & they're of much greater quality. I never thought Elton was that great & there's no comparison to the great Bob Dylan

  87. I think Scotty should do Saturday night, nobody should do Your song, it`s worn thin through overuse

  88. I can't wait for NAIMA TO GO HOME!!! SHE'S NOT WORTHY IN that position, she's not even worthy to pass the audition.. PIA AND LAUREN in the FINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    11. Naima

    10. Paul

    9. Scotty

    8. Thia

    7. Haley

    6. Casey


    4. Stefano

    3. James

    2. Lauren

    1. Pia

  89. Thia should have sang "CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT"

    Estefano "Sky like Pegion"

    It would be perfect for them…

  90. Thia should have sang "CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT"

    Estefano "Sky like Pigeon"

    It would be perfect for them…

  91. I think Haley should sing No One by Alicia keys and I think Lauren should sing The Climb by Miley Cyrus they would be great preformances i can hear it already

  92. last night I still could not stand to hear jacob's screaming! again when he actually sang a melody, it was all over the place….vibrato…trying to cover the fact that he can't keep pitch!!!!! I have no idea

    while this guy is still around let alone in the finals


    • but frankly my dear the judges love him…dont know why 🙁 this show is getting ridiculous.

  93. The voice coaches for the Idols said that there was only 20 Elton John songs to choose from for all 11 of the contestants. So it's just wrong to criticize their song choices. They don't have much of a choice at all.

  94. Naima & Thia got voted off AI this week. I called it before the show & next week I believe Paul or Stefano will be eliminated. Lauren looks very uncomfortable up there except for to-nite when she sang a duet with Scotty. This was the best she ever looked.

  95. Idol will only be truly fair when each person can have only one vote. Too many young girls voting for cute boys, and occasionally boys voting for hot girls (though I'm sure many more girls watch Idol than boys). It's just not natural for a competition to allow an infinite number of votes from everyone.

    • yeah if this keeps continuing well then scotty or james or paul will win or even stefano 🙁

  96. america pls vote for talent not for look. all the young girls out there, pls. i am a musician myself and i know how it feels when no one appreciates your great voice.

    • casey was in the bottom 3 just because he is not one of your football or baseball dudes in your high school.

  97. anything that pulls HALEY up 2 spots to the very top of the ARTIST LIST all by herself!

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