American Idol 2011 Top 11 Round 2 Performances & Phone Numbers

American Idol returns to its Top 11 tonight with the live competition where the same group of singers will be singing Elton John songs. After last week’s elimination and subsequent save of Casey Abrams there will be two singers eliminated on Thursday’s Idol results show, so choose your votes carefully!

Join us in our Idol Chat room while we review tonight’s show and then and see what other Idol fans are saying right now on our Idol Facebook page.

American Idol Top 11 Round 2 Performances:

  • Scotty McCreery – Country Comfort – 1-866-436-5701
  • Naima Adedapo – I’m Still Standing – 1-866-436-5702
  • Paul McDonald – Rocket Man – 1-866-436-5703
  • Pia Toscano – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me – 1-866-436-5704
  • Stefano Langone – Tiny Dancer – 1-866-436-5705
  • Lauren Alaina – Candle In the Wind – 1-866-436-5706
  • James Durbin – Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting – 1-866-436-5707
  • Thia Megia – Daniel – 1-866-436-5708
  • Casey Abrams – Your Song – 1-866-436-5709
  • Jacob Lusk – Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word – 1-866-436-5710
  • Haley Reinhart – Bennie and the Jets – 1-866-436-5711

Did you know you could download 10 of these original performances tonight for free just for testing out Real’s SuperPass free trial? It’s 100% legal and safe.

Tomorrow night we’ll find out which two contenders earned the least votes and those singers will be sent home so vote wisely and be sure to cast your unofficial vote in our Idol poll below and then share your opinion on tonight’s performances!




  1. Just remember everybody to vote tonight. We don't want to have a travesty like last week happen again. If you can't get through on the phone lines then vote online. Just go to and click on vote, and you'll have to log into your facebook account to vote, but a page will show up on who to vote for so please vote tonight.

    • March 31, 2011 at 9:52 AM

      After March 30, 2011 Performance:

      Bottom three:

      1. Jennifer

      2. Steven – go home useless judge

      3. RANDY – go home fix yourself find a career

      Judges' comments are not anymore needed by contestants… Not even a guide to voters.

  2. So people vote for who was best tonight even before that person sings? Quite objective ah!

    • Oh, I wasn't directing my comment to you 😀 I just noticed that some singers have high scores and haven't even performed. See?

  3. I liked Scotty's performance he once again puts a country twist on a song that is not country.

      • I also agree Shawn, Scotty is very very good and his song was great, however Naima's was so not and Paul did okay but I expected more from him this week.

    • Stefano- He had some problems in rehearsal with "Tiny Dancer," but Sweet Stefano sounding smooth onstage. #idol wow, what a nice observation for stefano…<3

  4. Naima if America votes right will be going home tomorrow. Paul could have done better, but I think he'll be safe. That's of course if America votes right.

    • well except naima but i did not like it. i am not sure doing a jamaican accent was necessary to do that reggae. she should use her own accent. it was more of an act.

      • @ chichi

        That's exactly what I was thinking. I think it was the jamaican accent that did her in. So unnecessary.

  5. Wow Pia, another ballad, like seriously? We get it, you can sing. Some of us want something more uptempo.

  6. Another ballad by Pia, but she sang it well. I think she'll be around next week, and hopefully will be doing something uptempo.

    • nah. she was told last week to do something else, perhaps not a ballad, yet she did another ballad. she probably can only do ballads.

  7. I almost want to KILL Paul. How he could pick that song? He could have killed some many other EJ's songs! Goodness!!!

    • Judges liked it, but I thought they sold Stefano's performance short a bit. Tough song, and he nailed it. Well-played, sir. #idol Tiny Dancer was sang by stefano and he sounded so good. go go go stefano.

      • Yes, Tiny Dancer is a very difficult song to sing. I think he will be safe this week and that would be well deserved. As far as now, I am concerned about Naima. But I just don't get the judges this year, James performance was over the top but his voice was off a lot, yet the LOVED it. Pia said she'll listen to the judges and do something upbeat and yet… another ballad and the judges praised her like there's no tomorrow. I don't know anymore.

    • I agree. I think he did a very good job. But I agree with Randy in that, although his eyes were open a little more, I think it's a little difficult for him to perform with them open all the time. It's like, that's his thing. Whatever, I think he sounded really good.

    • Yea!! I cant wait to watch Stefano. I hope he will get a lot of votes. He has a great voice. I have no idea how Paul even made the top 11. He cant sing!

      • I got goosebumps while watching stefano singing on stage. my God, this guy is so incredible. he has the best voice so far. Again connect connect connect but what the hell…. he is really damn good.

    • Stefano will say until the finals…. he is so good. To think that he wasnt really good during their rehearsals but now he sang Tiny Dancer so beautifully.

  8. Just a comment from an old fogy who still watches idol … it's probably just youth, but Naima's comment the she was bringing something fresh to Elton John's work by doing some reggae is stupid, uninformed and pompous. Of course, she is too young to remember that Elton injected a prominent reggae section into his 1974 recording of the Beatles' "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." I really don't react well to Naima in general because, well, I don't react well to people who like themselves too much, and she obviously does. I'm just sayin' …

  9. is Pis stupid…they asked for a faster song…wow, doesnt even listen to the judges…

  10. I hope you all realize that your vote on this site is not a official vote. You must go to the official site for American idol to do that.

    • Did the judges have good things to say about Stefano?? I live in Washington and it is only 6:00 here.

      • Judges liked it, but I thought they sold Stefano's performance short a bit. Tough song, and he nailed it. Well-played, sir. #idol Tiny Dancer was a tough one but stefano got it right.

      • He had some problems in rehearsal with "Tiny Dancer," but Sweet Stefano sounding smooth onstage. I saw this and repost here but im so happy that stefano gave his very best this performance night. Hello stefano, you are awesome <3 stefano <3

    • Sorry, just realized I called her by her last name. I meant to say Lauren. What a goof! LOL! 🙂

  11. please Vote for THIA MEGIA i wanna be thia is there in the competition!!!!!! PLEASE VOTE

  12. Nice performance by Lauren. She showed a bit of a softer side to herself with that song.

  13. Agree with Lana……Pia needs to step out of her comfort zone and try something other than a ballot. None of us really know if she can sing anything other than that type of song. Then again, maybe she can win and put out an album of love songs. :0) HA!

  14. james did what i it just me or has idol lost its shine. i am not excited about anyone.

  15. thia really shows a great voice in this song. very nice mature tone. i liked it. ya know…her mother can sing too, if you saw that clip.

  16. He had some problems in rehearsal with "Tiny Dancer," but Sweet Stefano sounding smooth onstage. I sooooo like this comments. Stefano ROCKS!!!<3

  17. ok…i have naima on the in danger list…but don't have a second yet. my least favorite have been casey and haley…and they are next.

    • Feel like its getting to a pt. on Idol where unmemorable performances can't cut it. I liked Naima, but did she LIGHT A PIANO ON FIRE? #idol

      Naima in danger zone…. who's next?

    • I really hope you're wrong. I love Naima's style, and I loved her performance tonight. I grew up on reggae though, so it all sounds hot to me. But I'm not so sure if America is ready for that, or even gets it how hot that was. Ah well…I'm still behind her for the long run…Viva NAIMA ! ! !

  18. About the Stevens comments on Thia, translation: You be going home.

    I think it sounded pretty and she has a very unique and nice voice but, it's like she sings these songs that are too old for her or something. Or maybe it's that her voice is just too big for her (if what I said makes any sense). It's kinda like Christina A. She was this petite little thing with this big ole voice. But even she sang about a "genie in a bottle" before she was able to belt out being "beautiful", know what I mean?

    • well in her defense any song tonight would be old for her…but i agree she seems to be out of touch with today's music. i really did like her performance tonight. her voice was perfect. her connection to the audience was great. she did a great job. she should be safe and i had her peg in the bottom a couple of weeks ago.

      • True, you made a valid point. I'm just afraid that she's going to end up in the bottom because I don't think her target audience (teens) "get" her voice and her song choices. Which is a shame because she did do a good job tonight.

    • You mean Randy's comments? I think, for what I've seen so far; the two going home will be Thia and Naima. Let's wait for Haley to perform to see what happens.

      • Haley sang so good two and she has won the judges' nods…. good performance also stefano, james and lauren.

    • Isn't motown and Elton john songs too old for any teenage girls these days? That's what the theme is, so there is nothing they can do about it but to sing really well and make it their own..

  19. thia is great… but there are more great singers than her… its just mice to know that she's a Filipino

    • Arnel Pineda of Journey is also Filipino and that guy is so damn good. I liked his version of Faithfully and Dont Stop Believin'…

    • Naima is that your best??Thia sung it well.. Love it!!.. Pia ballad AGAIN?? James Rocked!!!!

  20. A nice softer side to Casey. I think only Naima is on the danger list so far. Paul's performance wasn't all that great, but I don't think he's in any danger.

  21. Thia showed emotion and that was great….Namia showed her creativity…which I thought was absolutely brilliant…She took and Elton John song to a new level where it can be and now has overcome her pitchiness much like Eric Clapton did with "I shot the Sherriff" only in reverse……Pia and Scotty are becoming very predictable….But Pia can rise above it all and Scotty can't. He is painting himself into a corner he cannot and will never leave….Casey will be corny fake as usual…..he just doesn't get it…when he is riding high he says something stupid and ruins it….I say Stephano, Casey, and Paul, and maybe even Scotty will be in bottom three this week. The girls all played it safe.

    • I dis agree with your comments. Stefano and Casey sang so good and they cant be going home as you said. I think it's all girls who will be eliminatesd. Naima and Thia…. are my predicted two who will go home this week.

      • I agree to you Cathy…. Thia and Naima are the two who gave he worst performances this night of Elton John…. Naima so ridiculous in her stunts.

      • I really enjoyed Naima's performance tonight. I thought it was very unique and fresh, which is why I liked her in the first place. Sadly, It seems America isn't ready for it yet. But I'm still a fan…VIVA NAIMA ! ! !

    • i'm a james fan too, but i think casey sang just as well if not better than elton john tonight.

    • Gonna be hard to send not 1 but 2 contestants home from this group. Any premature guesses before tomorrow's show? #idol

  22. America usually votes conservatively, and they dont vote for the unusual or one-off artist. Thats why Adam Lambert and Chrystal Bowersox never won. Pia is safe as is Lauren and Scotty. However if they win they wont sell records. Casey is great but apparently America wants more Barbra Streisand.

    • Casey played it very safe this week, and after being saved last week he needed to do something special, I think hes in trouble again.

  23. Casey was incredible. He gets my vote for the night. James was also amazing. And I actually really enjoyed Lauren.

    Worst of the night. Jacob. I still can't understand WHY he is in the top 11. But he'll be safe, because…well I'm not even sure why. Naima and Thia should go home.

    • I bet its two girls who will be sent home. I do agree Thia and Naima will say bye bye this time.

    • I hope Naima stays. I love her style, and I thought her performance tonight was great! I love reggae already, grew up listening to it, and I hope she can bring it back…

  24. Jacob Lusk has such a powerful voice. I do not think there is any other contestant on the show that can reach his range.

  25. thank you gabriela for the the comment for thia. 100% sure many will vote for her, you really make thia the most popular ever.

    • And you make ME the most popular ever ever! Stop talking to me and about me, I NEVER talk about you! Just GO AWAY!

  26. thank you haley…so the bottom two for me…naima and haley. of course casey might be there due to his being there last week…but haley needs to go. pretty but silly voice.

  27. Pia is such a liar. She lies to everyone, the judges & us about singing something other than a ballad. The Ike & tina song she is singing next week is just another song she will turn into a ballad! I am sick of her and her badly sung ballads. She needs to be booted off. I don't like blatant liars!!!!

    • Yeah, it was kind of strange. Did she promise no ballads? Or to work the stage? Either way, it felt like we were cheated. 🙁

  28. I thought Jacob did good. My bottom three would have to be Naima, Paul, and Thia with Naima and Thia going home.

      • Are you kidding? Haley has the best performance of the night?are the judges deaf? I thought the vocal was bad and she can't even dance. She looks stupid doing the hop. I can't watch that crap!

    • After March 30, 2011 Performance:

      Bottom three:

      1. Jennifer

      2. Steven – go home useless judge

      3. RANDY – go home fix yourself find a career

      Judges’ comments are neither needed by contestants nor even a voters guide.

  29. Casey really brought it tonight! He gave me goosebumps! Didn't know he had it in him.

      • I cant understand why scotty got many votes here when he was not exemplary in his performance? Its kinda boring now, that distinctive drawl coming from a young guy with a voice like an old gentleman. it doesnt suit me at all.

    • I second that! Casey has got such a strong voice. Hes just got the ability to go big written all over him!! Go Casey!

  30. The show is coming to a close so everybody please vote and make sure that we aren't treated to another travesty. If you can't get through on the phone lines then vote online go to and click on vote and then they ask you to log into your facebook account and then they will let you do the voting.

    • would love to go online and vote for facebook is down for maintenance!!!! WTH!!! it has been down for several hours

  31. For me…the top performers tonight were Lauren Alaina, Casey, and Haley. Elton is difficult for everyone except Elton.

  32. I think Scotty was good, he is one of my favorites, but i think the bottom 3 will be Paul, Naima, and Thia

    People didn't think Carrie underwood would make it or even win but she did…

    • James was great, I thought he tied with Jacob for the best performance of the night. Sure wish they hadn't wasted the save on Casey.

  33. ok i voted at the top of the page for james. based solely on tonight's performance. my second would go to thia, third to scotty…but we don't get a second and third. my bottom two, haley and naima. the judges are smoking something.

  34. Wow! Great performances. Lauren Alaina was terrific, Casey Abrams was awesome, Haley was fantastic and James was a great performer tonight! Hard to pick just one!

  35. i don't know why they said haley was the best of the night. scotty was. i voted for scotty one million times!!! he is the best one on the show…i think so anyways.

  36. To me Thia had one of the better performances (not the best), but the judges clearly didn't seem to like it. 🙁

    I hope the audience doesn't vote according to the judges.

  37. Casey had the best performance tonight for me. Thia and Paul need to go. Gosh it's going to get difficult if they keep this up…so good!

  38. James rules and why oh why are the judges giving boring one trick pony Scotty a free pass? He seems like a nice kid but compared to James, Jacob, Pia or Casey he's got no excitement or depth of talent. My dog can sing country…

    • Don't say that Donny, you don't like Scotty himself fine but country music a lot of people in the world like it, the way you are telling us like you are the dog

    • James may have 'excitement' but he's also one of those one trick ponies. He does the same thing every week just like Thia, Pia, Lauren, Jacob, Paul and Scotty.

  39. Thia's "Daniel" brought me to tears!! a song with full of emotions. I think Thia will be safe this time.

  40. Thia was boring tonight and did not bring anything new. Scotty is a good country singer, but should be on a different venue. Paul has got to go; he sounds horrific and his dancing and stage presence is ridiculous. Naimi seems all rattled and all over the place. Elimination should be Naimi, Thia, or Paul.

      • Me too. How come the judges never suggest he try something different as they do constantly to Pia and Haley? Those two did really well tonight. I was very surprised to see Haley "perform" and have fun, I didn't see her potential until tonight.

      • I've been on the Haleywagon since her audition. I'm hope she did well enough tonight to keep going.

    • Good observations those afore mentioned didnt improved at all. thia, naima or paul has to go home this time.

    • I so agree…too much twang in his country.. i like james he always brings a good performance

      • yap.. some people say.."Thia was boring"

        so how about with scotty?

        country country country country country…

        I'm tired of his country song!

      • How come he keeps getting the high vote on this site??? Forget what the judges are smoking!!!

    • I agree. Don't let the country singer win. Just get him to 3rd. place. The Nashville can scoop him up and he won't be tied to a 19E contract. Go Scotty!

  41. I think the two that would be going home is Thia (because I don't think she's reaching her target audience, teens) and Naima (because I think singing in a Jamaican accent did her in). Just my opinion…

    • yeah thats my observaion too. sorry for thia and naima fans but they got to go home.

  42. all very good but there is a difference between good and great. and hands down pia is great.

  43. ummm helooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! definatley scotty (: he's hot and he gives me tha shiverss ! i hope he wins ;D

  44. I thought Haley was the Bomb tonite…..James rocked the house…..a nice gentler side of Casey….Pia is always flawless……I have to agree with Tweetie about the

    bottom 3…..Thia, Paul, and Naima.

  45. I think time is up for Naima and Paul.

    Pia needs to show she has something besides good pipes

  46. Scotty is awesome. I definitely agree…Thia's "Daniel" was very emotional and pulled tears from my eyes.

    Top 4: Scotty, James, Thia, and Lauren

    Bottom 2: Naima and Paul

  47. Casey is terrible…they got it right last week…can't hold a candle (in the wind) to any of the others

      • No not kidding…the only joke is Casey's limited voice and safe song selection week after week

      • Casey was a great save and he proved it tonight. Those who think otherwise haven't a clue.

    • It was a staged save…he cannot sing (or act)…Steven Tyler knows it but he's following the script (and choking on his words of praise)

  48. I truly do not understand what people see in Lauren. She is a mediocre singer, very immature [presumably that can be outgrown] and has no star quality. What is the attraction?

    • Nahhhhhhhhh, stefano is so good and the judges agreed he was able to connect with the audience. Go go go stefano, you ROCK!!!

  49. First I want to say that I am enjoying American Idol more this year than any other season. I always thought that Simon really went out of his way to be cruel and I don't think that was called for. There is more talent this season than any other. I was a little disappointed tonight when Randy said that Haley's performance was the best of the night. I like Haley but tonight I felt that she was screaming not singing. There were so many others that were better. I am a big fan of James and I am hoping that he takes this right to the end. I think he deserves to win.

  50. First and for-most,I Love You Steven Tyler…I have beed waiting to say that for many,many years…Now vote people !!!I know it's hard because there are so many great Singers this year, but don't complain if you didn't vore and that person is voted off…NO MORE WILD CARDS!!!!SO VOTE!!!!!!!!!

  51. I think that naima,thia and paul belong in the bottom 3 tomorrow night and with that naima and thia should be sent home tomorrow night. Naima should have been gone from the beginning the fact that she is still here is a joke.

      • Lay off on the life issues, OK? Call me when you've had it bad, then you can talk s–t.

      • I think NAIMA has great style! She's vibrant and mixes up her performances, keeps it lively. To each his own, but for me, I'm a fan.

      • Naima is an excellent performer. Her previous occupations shows she has a hard work ethic and will do what she needs to in order to provide for her family. You can't say the same about James, who seems to be the Naimahaters favorite.

    • Bobby, Thanks for selecting Pia,James and Thia. I am also voting for the first time. WE have the same choice.

  52. My favorites were Haley, Naima and Thia. I am a fan of Jacobs, but something is missing. I have no problem with gospel but I think he needs to appeal to more of us. Naima is such an entertainer, her performance makes me feel good. Haley's the best tonight and Thia did great, brought tears to my eyes. The others were good but I will dedicate my voting to the first three I mentioned.

      • seriously naima is terrible she needs to go she should have never been saved from the beginning. she needs to go back where she came from

      • Well said andrea. A job is a job. She should be happy she has one at all, cleaning toilets or not.

      • I'm a Naima fan and I wasn't wild about it but Naima is brave and fearless. She is creative and one of the few who consistently takes risks and doesn't play it safe.

      • "Ewwww" and "blech"??? Way to be constructive KC…

        Like SLH I'm a Naima fan. And actually I liked her performance tonight. But I love reggae, so its right up my alley. Is America ready for that? Probably not. But I'm behind her no matter what. NAIMA for the WIN!!!

  53. first I love you Steven Tyler..I have waited many, many years to say that..Now come on people Vote!!! you can't complain if your favorite person is in the bottom 11 if you don't Vote!!!!

  54. Can someone tell me how to vote online???? it's my first time voting. and it keeps saying to sign into ur facebook but i dont got a facebook?

  55. I don't know why most of the people here are complaining about the judges comment for Thia.. I didn't like it neither! No emotion (I wonder where you saw that) Casey was outstanding, James amazing, Lauran was great, Paul was good, Pia was boring as always, Jacob was great too, Haley very good, Stefano was ok, Scotty honestly suprised me and Naima no comment.

    Who's going home?

    1 – Naima

    2 – Stefano (even though I think he is better than Thia)

    • Maybe you are deaf and blind, how can you say that against stefano? be open minded…. stefano sang beautifully and nailed Tiny Dancer…. Get a life. Thia and Naima or Paul will go home.

      • You say he is closed minded because he didn't like Stefano but you don't like Paul and Naima because why? Because you are closed minded and have a preconditioned idea that they are bad. Thia and Stefano will go before Naima and Paul.

  56. I believe the show is orchestrated and certain performers get the BIG songs.

    After weeks of telling Thia she is playing it too safe, she chooses "DANIEL" a slllllllllllowwwwwwwwwwwwww song.

    I thought she sang it incredibly well………..but it's not an "IMPACT" song…Like YOUR SONG.

    Randy says Thia was pitchy but CASEY wasn't pitchy??? C'mon. They need to defend their SAVE.

    Jacob LUSK ruined that song………..Candle In The Wind was hard to listen to, but they loved it.

    Steven Tyler has become USELESS as a judge…….everyone is WONDERFUL TO HIM.

    Bad singing is GOOD to him, so he says…

    Durbin is clearly trying to copy ADAM LAMBERT but denies it………Attempts to do his SCREAMS and lies on his back like ADAM does………..Tyler speaks of DURBIN like ADAM LAMBERT doesn't even exist as does IOVINE when he says he didn't know anyone out there could sing like that.

    They are trying to sell the show to us like USED CAR SALESMEN.

    • hahahahahaha…… stefano is good also lauren and haley…. i love them a lot but my thousand votes is for stefano.

    • Yah, steven tyler is holding back harsh comments unlike simon cowell and i love simon he was so bitchy but frank,

  57. There is a wide variety of artists this season. But my picks are James, Lauren, and Pia. Casey and Jacob need to GO this week.

  58. My BEST PERFORMANCES were JACOB, HALEY and STEFANO. I love many of the contestants this season so I feel I will see someone I love go home tomorrow, which is really hard to bare. I think PAUL SHOULD HAVE GONE HOME weeks and weeks ago and I think THEA should GO HOME because she is just plain boring. But I fear very much for Stefano. I don't think people get him even though I feel he has a beautiful voice. And I think Niama may go home tomorrow. BUT PLEASE PLEASE LET PAUL AND THEA GO HOME!!!!!!!!

    • hahahahahaha. who are you to say that?

      Jabob will not win because he is so loud and ugly. He's a screaming faggot.

      haley is just so-so. nothing special. all she could do is just to yoddle.

      • I am somebody with an opinion. Who are you to be so insulting? I'm curious to know who you thought was the best tonight?

      • Wow bumpy, you need to settle down, and so so is not Haley, I would say they all have an amazing talent but only one can win, if it happens to not be your pick, don't be so mean!

      • I agree David P. Even if some fans beg everyone to vote for Thia on this site, that is not going to do it.

    • Bottom three:

      1. Jennifer

      2. Steven – go home useless judge

      3. RANDY – go home fix yourself find a career

      Now Judges’ comments are neither needed by contestants nor voters.

  59. Haley was awesome and just overall AMAZING!!!! James is taking it WAAAY to far with the fire the screaming… it all just scares me! Pia, as always did AMAZING! I really want Paul to LEAVE!!!

  60. Pia I have to say "That You were extremely amazing tonight singing elton song, I just loved it. You are fabulous no one come's close as You do!

    Hoping You make it through I'm here voting for You tne times over.

    • But Paul and Naima are awesome and Thia is…uh…not so much? Americans are just too closed minded to appreciate them I guess :(.

      • Come on! America knows better. Paul wasn't even on the bottom when he had a sore throat and missed a lot of notes. Both Thia and Naima have been down the bottom, and sadly for Naima, I thing those are the two that will leave the competition. BUT… anything can happen!

      • Well, i thimk she's Asian American that's why some people here did not want her at all. Not just how she sings. lol

        Poor, Thia… It was not even a fair judgement. You can sing but your boring… (to them) Paul cant sing as well but he's good to their eyes and ears… Aww!!

  61. why when i call for my favorite idol sometimes it says the Wrong number!!! but i know its right one cuz i have it on speed dial….

  62. hello-o-o

    naima needs to go home….she belongs in an adult night club, looks like that was where she was singing before she tried for idol.

    Pia,Scotty,and Haley are great…they look like idols!

      • You guys are nuts..I'm guessing your the ones who vote for thia and pia…BLAHHH. BORING! BRING IT! They have nothing to BRING! Okay they can sing…but really?

      • I'm with ya BETS…they can sing but not perform (Thia & Pia). Why won't they listen to the judges?

      • Yes, they need to listen to the judges. Haley and Naima have for sure. Even james got rid of his tail (I still thought he was terrible) and Pia can't sing anything different, it all sounds the same every week.

  63. People need to vote for the contestants with the better voice, not because they like them!

    • Finally, someone smart on this site. I'm tired of "I love….and even though he didn't do very well night, I'm still voting for him a thousand times because I love him!" Must be why it's called "Idol". C'mon people, get a clue!

      • If this was an actual singing competition they would be singing scales and arpeggios and showing technical ability. Casey, Haley, and Paul and amazing MUSICIANS not just singers. Also there are many very famous artists that couldn't sing very good at all (Janis Joplin, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday to name a few).

    • Not necessarily, The "voices" I enjoyed tonight were Pia, Haley, and James. I would not buy anything they produced. Don't do ballads, Joplin, or screaming rock. But I did enjoy listening to them tonight and felt they did great for the music they had to sing-don't do Elton John either.

  64. Scotty's my favorite. Love the voice, the smile and those beautiful eyes. He took the song and made it his own. My vote's for you, Scotty.

  65. i think scotty has alot of talent to become big no joke…… every week he just make my night for being soo talented at his age i hope he keeeps on doin great i love him GO SCOTTY!!!

    • Absolutely. I could happily sit through a Scotty concert. Maybe sit through a James concert. And possibly Jacob if he was an opening act and therefore on for a shorter time. The rest of this pack… to quote Bob Seeger "5 minutes, I'd be late for the door.".

      • I don't think I could handle a James concert, in fact I might not see the tour because it means I'd have to sit through a James performance.

  66. My very least favorite are Jacob and Pia. Jacob hurts my ears and eyes, I have to turn away when he comes on. They won't be voted off though. I'm hoping Thea and Naimi are voted off.

    • There is such outstanding talent this season that every single person brings magic to the stage….Pia has an excellent well trained voice and really can belt out a performance that is captivating, jacob has adepth and breath to his voice and it too is well trained and intoxicating…he can reach unbelievable ranges….there are voices and performers..and most of these people are excellent at both and a few will get better at performing if given a chance…i would not knock anyone…it was truly an honor for me to enjoy these singer and to become an addicted fan…bravo to all involved this is a masterpiece and i have really been entertained….

  67. I've been a fan favorite of most of the performers. BUT…. there needs to be a bit of tweeking here despite the exceptional voices this season.

    – James should have done an Elton ballad as he has been doing non-stop rocker stuff and it's getting a bit tiring.

    – Pia needs to up her tempo somewhat. Maybe James and Pia should trade genres for one week. The worst that can happen is they keep themselves in the running.

    – Scotty – has been blessed with a voice that calms people down. He consistently sounds smooth. I'm not a great lover of country but Scotty can be the exception to the rule and continue doing only country for the rest of the season as I enjoy watching my blood pressure drop while he sings.

    – Jacob – sorry people, I'm not a Luther fan and he definitely has the Luther sound. I don't think Jacob is capable of doing anything else so he should continue with what he's good at.

    – Haley – blew me out of the waters tonight. What a great song, sound and stage presense. Good for her.

    In trouble: I think Naima may be on her way out. Perhaps Casey too as I don't think he was as great as the judges made him out to be. He held back from over-raspiness but I just didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped to.

      • James is my fav 'cause I love rockers but I wish he would sing a soft love song once. I would like to hear Scotty sing an Elvis song or see him get 'excited' to perform.

    • In regard to Jacob. . .I'm a Luther fan and Jacob doesn't even come close. He seems to have no sense of the songs he sings or how to build on their emotion.

  68. I love Lusk, but when I call his number it came up as disconnected,another company, or #4. Why?!!! I hope he doesn't get cut because of it. I just wanted to let everyone know. Good Luck J. Lusk.

  69. Pia is just way into her self as far as beauty goes. yes she is a beautiful, but i think it's best we think it a little more than her. not just her but anyone. but yes her voice is gorgious!!

      • So do a lot of today's young people. You know why? Because, years ago, people put bonnets on babies and their ears stayed close to their skulls. Mothers today don't do that and as a result we have millions of kids with ears that make them look like cars with both doors open.

  70. well thats a bummer shell, i hope not either, that has happened to me in the past years before

  71. NO ONE this year other than THIA has that SPECIAL TONE in their voice.

    Not PIA, not Durbin (Adam Lambert wannabe)

    The TONE of a GREAT SINGER like Lara Fabian, or Celine Dion or Elton John.

    Jacob Lusk has a certain Tone but he just ruins songs.

    This season needs some doses of ADAM LAMBERT.

    I do agree that Thia's performance's are not exciting enough, as much as I love her voice.

    I've seen her BELT out songs on AMERICA'S GOT TALENT.

    with Jennifer Holiday's "I AM CHANGING" to a standing ovation.

    On the DAVID FOSTER TALENT SHOW with Michael Jackson's "Who's Loving You" to a cheering crowd.

    I think certain people are getting the bigger songs.

    Why would Thia take "DANIEL" when they have been criticizing her for being too safe?

    I think that is what was given to her.

    Why would Randy Jackson say she was pitchy but not tell Casey he was pitchy?

    • Why would he tell Thia that she played it safe and not casey, because he doesnt want to look stupid for saving casey. I think Naimi and Casey were the worst tonight.

      • I didn't like Naima's REggae choice, but her voice is really good if you just listen to it.

      • We all have our own opinion but you all seen to be really mean!

        I personally think Casey is awesome and wow is Haley, I just started watching and no one and I mean no one has exceeded their sound. Every one of these kids have great talent period and most of them will have a place in the music industry so stop being so mean!

      • Yes I too like Naima voice, style and creativity. However, her choice tonite was not a good one. Nonehteless, I'm still a fan and she can hone her skills on the tour this summer. I look forward to whatever she does in the future.

  72. I think Haley did amazing tonight!!! Really bored with the soft tempo songs!! American Idol people, spice it up and sing….QUIT being so safe~Thia!! Naima is annoying with her Reggae and Dread locks….Jacob sings way to much Opera/Gospel…My two choices to leave are Naima and Jacob!

      • I was in the other room and ran to see who was singing when it was Haley and Casey but didn't move to see the others so I did close my eyes

      • Lauren, Naima & Haley are performers while Pia & Thia only sing. Both told the judges they would do something different but it was the same boring performance. I don't think they have it in them.

    • Jacob isn't singing opera. Have ever even heard opera? Seriously, that's just a dumb comment. Naima is full of culture so she's annoying? Everyone should be blonde hair blue eyed yelling Hail Hitler huh?

  73. i haven't listened to country for a long time but i think he's a sweetie! but i'm a grandma too, so there ya go. !! but for country he's good

    • No way. Naima possibly only because there are so many haters that won't stop and listen to her. Stefano and Thia are more likely to go than Casey and Paul for sure.

  74. CASEY THE IDOL!!!!! THE WINNER!! I think that CASEY is unique very original extremely talented, HE DOESN’T IMITATE ANYONE, plays many instruments, HE IS A REAL IDOL WHO DESERVES TO WIN AND GET THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE A BIG STAR.

      • he was amazing! unique! NOT BORING! unlike thia pia jacob and stefano. go paul james haley scotty and CASEY! jacob..cant stand the awful noices that come out of his mouth..and his awful expressions.

  75. Haley, once again totally surprised me as my favorite singer this week "even before the judges positive comments". 3 or 4 weeks ago I thought she was in great danger of going home, but not so much now… Beware who you think should go home, they might just be an Idol in the making!

  76. I love Pia and I don't care that she chooses ballads. I do care that she chooses bad ballads though. I think 2 of her last 4 choices, including tonight, were bad ballads.

    Haley, on the other hand, was absolutely fantastic. I hope something has finally clicked for her and she can bring this every week.

    I'm tired of the judges pimping Casey. He ain't all that.

  77. Stefano chose my fav Elton song and sang it beautifully. He's definitely the most soulful.

    • That's my favorite Elton song too. I was hoping someone would sing it tonight. Stefano did a great job with it I though but the judges seem intent on finding flaws.

  78. This season is so hard….such great talent. But thia and niami should have been gone along time ago seriously!!

  79. Randy??? how much I despise him>

    pitchy …He wants THIA out of the the race but his jacob …

    I do think he is a racist , coz white people are not the only one who should be accused

      • Neither was google, but it is now. Language evolves, try to follow the breadcrumbs.

      • It's still not a word, it's something Randy says because he can't tell if a note is sharp or flat or he doesn't really know exactly what was wrong with a performance. That's why he uses it so inconsistently.

  80. I think Thia has the best voice among the contestants. She just has wrong choices of songs and she's not as confident as the others. Also, she has to sing in a more exciting manner with all those moves, which she can do much, much better. If I have to listen to a CD, I want to listen to Thia's voice.

    • I don't understand why the mentor or whoever manage the performance seems do not want to and do not reveal Thia?!

      • I'm not sure – I like James, but I think Jacob has a great voice. For the girls, Pia's voice is great but I like what Haley can do with her voice. Who do you like?

      • You close your eyes and think James sounds good? James' only redeeming quality is his lack of boundaries when he performs. His actual singing voice is awful. But I agree about Haley, her interpretations are amazing and very mature for how young she is.

  81. You send GOOSE BUMPS through my entire body, with your voice.WOW!!! I really make it all the way

  82. thia is good…she has a great tone of voice…paul and naima should be out in the competetion….to the judges please stop overacting comments to you're favoritzm which is not truely good performance………

    • Ew..can not stand Jacob…his awful noices and faces. Hes got to go..right along with bo-ring thia and pia. Go Casey Haley James and Paul.

  83. All these shrieking, screaming, power vocal singing will not come close to a perfect quality voice as that of Thia. Thia has to get the right balance of belting out songs with her usual natural voice, and couple it with a performance that will use up the stage and excite the audience and viewers in a way she has not done before. Thia, take heed if you want to be a successful singer-performer as opposed to a recording artist.

  84. Naima's gotta go. Her rendition of "I'm Still Standing" was awful. The same holds for Paul. Scotty has not sung anything but country. He needs to mix it up. Haley was fantastic this evening. I didn't care about her growling. Thia…meh.

  85. If James and Casey were top 2, who would win? Although Casey is humble, adorable, and a good singer… James would win! However, watch out for the gals this year.

  86. Scotty is the best at what he is. I mean Scotty has a great chance at signing with a country label and becoming a star more so than James signing with a rock label or pia signing with a ballad label. Just my opinion

  87. I am blown away by the performances this season and feel honored to be able to see the birth of these new stars….they have entertained me and evoked an enthusiasm for the show that I never had before..Pia, Jacob ,Casey ,laura alaina, Haley, and frankly there was not one bad performance. Thea has an incredible voice but need to become more striking and sensational on the stage which given the chance is sure to develop….I can not consider anyone boring as i was moved by each and every one…thank you….what a pleasure this was for me to see and hear

  88. My choices to leave, Jacob, I would never buy his music, and I cringe when he is coming on, I can't watch him sing. Thia has no spark, she can sing, but doesn't have that star spark.

    Haley did awesome tonight! Pia did great, I love her voice but need to see something more. James is a natural on the stage and if you look him up on utube he was singing like that years ago, before Adam, so he is not a Adam wanna be. Love Lauren, beautiful voice and seems to be able to sing anything and a natural on stage. Paul, I don't know he can't seem to pick good songs and keep holding onto the guitar, I cring when you dance. Stefano, boring to me, I feel bad for him, he tries hard. Naima, I enjoy seeing what she is going to do every week. She is a entertainer but her vocals are week. Casey did better tonight, I hated the last two weeks he sang, but way better tonight. Scotty does great every week, and he is starting to feel more comfortable on the stage, it shows.

  89. Picking ONE out of this group is cruel.What does one do with James Durbin,Jacob Lusk,Naima Adedapo, Scotty McCreery and Haley Reinhart? Like Jennifer,I go by my goose-bumps. Maybe I should stop watching "Idol" from now on and pretend they all win!!! The judges have done an outstanding job! I would have been a wreck.

    • After March 30, 2011 Performance:

      Bottom three:

      1. Jennifer

      2. Steven – go home useless judge

      3. RANDY – go home fix yourself find a career

  90. There is no possible way to cringe when jacob belts out a song using a depth and range in his vocals that most voices can never attain…his appearance is less captivating but the magic in his voice overcomes any obstacle…the exterior can always be vamped up…look at how jennifer hudson looks now.. her magical voice is still magical and now she has the rest to go with it…the voice is g d given and that can never b taken away from pia, jacob, thea, haley ,casey, stefano,james,laura alaina…it is there and this is only the geginning of their careers…bravo to all of them each and every one…sandy

  91. There are so many good voices this year. It's hard to choose who is best and who needs to go. I don't like Naima and Paul as well as I like all the others.

    • thia sang daniel so amazing. her vocal quality is superb and no one can match that. period. thia, the next american idol.

    • she was teary-eyed on the last line of the song. why do they keep on accusing that thia sings with no emotion. i don't get it. a few weeks ago, steven was talking about thia's "perfect-pitch" and randy was praising the quality of her voice to high heavens. and tonight, randy was having pitch issues with thia. com'on!

  92. Haily n Casy did great but Y they keep tellin Jacob not to give it his best? they no that boy going to shut down the show lol…..

  93. Well, I TRULY believe that "we the people" already said "goodbye" to Casey. So being that this country is supposedly a "free" country Whatever. I can think of 4 who are the best. And the 4 worst. The ones who should GO: Paul, Casey, Jacob. GOODBYE

  94. James Durbin: definitely the best

    Scooty: sing well but not entertaining

    Pia sang spectacular but she don't moved me at all

    Lusk song as always very well but not fun

    Lauren: She looks like a copy of Carry Anderwood

    Casy A. I like him,I like him he was entertaining and fun

    Thia: Bored SSSSSSSS

    Paul: well

    Haley: She did not sing bad, I liked the arrangement they did to the song.

    Stefano: regular

    Naima: I leave her last because I want to make special comment on her, I was pleasantly surprised! Very, very entertaining and well sung

  95. And Naima dont care about the haten she has her own flavor n shes not afraid to shair it with the world. Paul too:)

    • She is confident, fearless and not afraid to take risks…even at the risk of losing it all. Can't really say that about the others.

    • Yes I agree! Naima is very talented! She knows who she is. She is Very Very attractive. She looks nice in everything she wears. She represents her culture very well. She has a terrific smile. her Attire is exciting and she looks great in them. She has worked very hard to get this far! I hope she wins!

  96. Extremely unpredictable now…because each artist is an island unto themselves…and its like comparing Elvis with the Beatles….with the Rolling Stones….which is sad because we are asked to make a choice….and this is not about who is unpopular it is about votes or so we are told…..IDOL will do whatever it takes to keep ratings up….All the votes are sealed….but it sure makes it interesting.

    • It's actually simple. Just review the choices and figure out which singer you would actually shell out $100. to see in concert. If you wouldn't pay to see them, why would you vote for them?

      • I wouldn't shell out $100 to see ANY of them right now…

        Pia and James appear to be the class of the field… but barely. She needs to rock out a bit to convince me, and he needs to reel in the screech and prove he can sing.

        Scotty and Lauren need to be on a Nashville version of this show. They are too one-dimensional for Idol, especially Scotty. If asked to sing "Stairway to Heaven" I shudder to think what they would do to it. Diversity is KING here; you need to show many facets, not just re-tool every song to make it another boring Conway Twitty ditty.

        Naima has more guts than anyone in the field and deserves credit for that.

        Haley was the best performer last night, by far. She actually shocked me.

        The rest?? Are bland and average and Simon would carve them up and make them cry. And he'd be right.

        Personally, I think the bottom three should be Scotty, Thia, and Paul and wouldn't mind seeing any two of them leave. Nah, let's keep Thia…

  97. I admit that everyone in the competition to this point is really good. Casey won my respect and admiration early in the season, he is so talented in every musical genre. Scotty…well, you just gotta love that low bass voice. But I have also started to anticipate James' performances each week. He rocks it out. Sorry, but Thia, Stefano, Jacob, and Haley should be the next four to go.

  98. jennifer lopez, pls pls. you hardly express what you want to say and so repetitive. please do hire english teachers to hone your english grammar. you are trying very hard.

    • Jennifer lopez is magnificent ,articulate.and a pleasure to watch…..eye candy that is beyond description…she has a heart bigger than she and it is truly refreshing to see her as a lady.. a real compassionate person who can feel as well as sense real talent…she brings true magic to the show ….bravo … u r lucky to have her….

      • articulate? in what sense? oh, articulate in saying words which she doesnt think if these words are appropriate to the finalists. baby baby baby. u mean black magic? oh yes baby

      • I think you are the one with bad grammar and the inability to 'articulate' what you mean. Bad troll is bad.

      • @ @David P. You are the one attacking everyone because they don't agree with you about Thia. If we don't agree we don't know what we are talking about, amirite?

      • Jennifer Lopez doesn't have the balls to tell most of the performers they are karaoke, at best. She is trying to be nice to them when she should tell them to fall back on Plan B for their careers.

      • Here is my problem with Jennifer: She "coaches" the contestants, tells them what they should improve on or change, and never gives her OPINION, which is what she is paid to do right? OPINION. Then she interrupts Randy while he is saying what really needs to be said. It's like Steven is the Ellen DeGeneres (everyone is wuuuunderful and nailed it), Jennifer is a slightly more articulate Paula Abdul and just wants to coach, and Randy is the only one worth listening to. And listen closely; he knows what he is talking about. Oh…..and they should all three be banned from using the word "beautiful" ever again.

  99. My favorites tonight!

    1. Casey – My favorite Elton song, I'm glad it was him who sang it

    2. Haley – YES! I almost wish she would actually sing a bit, though. We heard little glimpses of it tonight.

    3. Paul – Jammin' with Paul. Always feel good style.

    4. Scotty – I was kind of nervous for him, but it went over ok. I still think he should have sung Levon.

    5. Naima – That was interesting, not something you should do to an Elton John song, but it was entertaining.

    6. Pia – Again with the balads. Sure she sang it well, but she did not perform well.

    7. Jacob – One of his best performances, but he still hasn't topped his God Bless the Child in Hollywood week. I still think Philadelphia Freedom would have been the best one for him.

    8. Lauren – This was ok, she really doesn't do much for me.

    9. Thia – She looks tired, I'm sure all the negative comments are getting her down. Someone get her some prozac quick

    10. Stefano – I think it's time to go for our little bud. He sang great his wildcard week, but really hasn't brought that back.

    11. James – Terrible as always, but at least he lost the tail.

    Bottom 3 – Naima, Stefano, Thia.

    Going home – Stefano, Thia.

      • Not this week, it is bye bye Stefano and Thia. Maybe Naima and Paul, but I stand by my first guess.

      • Hey, pass me that crack pipe, auauo. Casey and Haley have a better chance of being the last two left, than the two going home tonight… There is NO chance that EITHER leaves tonight. Period

    • I agree about Naima's rendition of this song. Only Bob Marley could possibly get away with doing it. I still love all that she does anyway. She truly is a unique and fearless talent!

      • The thing about Naima is she really puts it out there. She wants people to see who she really is and she's not scared of it. I lover her, but I do not think she will get very far. I don't know if AI is the right venue for her as there are a lot of people that can't seem to appreciate that.

      • You're right, many people can't get see beyond the norm and aren't always open to new, different and exciting things such as what Naima has to offer. I'm still sure that in time she will be fine can live out her dream to some extent.

      • Who should go,

        auauo, Jeff F, edmonton

        Now as for the show, I like what is said here about these talented people and it will be hard to pick the best. Just my opinion but I think that Naima, and Stefano will go but that's a hard call. The last two weeks have been the best for watching for me.

        Thought that Hailey and Lauren were really on and Casey fought back well.

        I have no favorites for now but will keep on watching for entertainment value. I'll read this just to see how the people that read the commenting rules do for entertainment.

  100. All contestants struggled with Elton's songs but Haley's attempt was one of the worst, as was Naima's as usual, and why the judges raved Haley on her performance can only suggest that there's more than Coca-Cola in those cups.

    • I agree. I thought haley's performance was bad. Randy said it was the best of the night. Is he deaf? He needs to listen to it again. I did and I can't find anything even remotely good about it… And the hopping and swaying of the hands up, she looks stupid doing it… She's so unsophisticated.

      • the three judges are inconsistent of throwing comments. can AI change a new set of judges nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww? please

      • By the last performance of the night the rum in those Cokes has kicked in and it's all unicorns and rainbows.

  101. guys, com'on… you're saying that pia and thia are always singing ballads and should go home. and is scotty (some people's supposed frontrunner) not ALWAYS singing country? pfff. be realistic guys.

      • You are confusing style [country / pop] with type [ballad / up tempo]. Scotty has done ballads and up tempo songs, but always in a country style.

    • Scotty is the single most one-dimensional finalist I have ever seen on this show. It's not about genre. There IS new, exciting, and upscale country music. Scotty can't even reach that. He sounds old and tiresome and I can't figure out what he's doing here. That said, I think he will have a great career singing country music, but he's not an American Idol without diversity and a personality. Just my $.02.

  102. Best: in order Worst: in order

    Haley Jacob–worst

    Thia Stefano–worse

    James Naima–3rd from bottom

    Thia Paul–can sing, weak weak vocals

  103. I'm really enjoying this year's American Idol. The talent this year is just amazing! I look forward to every wednesday to see what they will all sing next! I also think that Jennifer, Stephen & Randy are doing an outstanding job! Love you guys!

    • The judges are throwing softball criticisms and should be ashamed of themselves. They need to tell most performers to figure out another career for themselves because they will never make it in the music industry.

      The judges are lame and all 3 should be voted off!!!

      • the best comment from jeff. the 3 judges will be out next year, ba bye randy, jlo and tyler.

  104. I totally disagree with you. Thia sing out her soul and she absolutely deserve to stay a couple of weeks. Maybe Americans like somebody outgoing and be fun to watch but many other countries' voters will love her so much (if it's possible to vote for her….) C'mon Thia !!! Luv u much

    • Not to play the ugly american, but to quote Ryan Seacrest "This is AMERICAN Idol. Doesn't matter what people in other countries think.

      • NOTHING Steve Tyler says ever makes sense! Think about it. At first blush it seems as if he is really saying something, but when you actually think about it, it's unintelligible.

  105. Why is Paul allowed to continue on this show? Buh Bye. Thia induces forty winks whenever she "performs". Buh Bye. Jacob Lusk? Please, the weekly garbage pickup sounds better than him! Buh Bye. Same for Naima – she was saved once, which was a mistake, and she needs to go. Buh Bye.

  106. Thia is the best. Wonder why the performance advisors and the judges did not support her !?!

    • seriously? :O thia has a very powerful, pure, and angelic voice. she's one of the best. scotty on the other hand only has one tone. he's boring and it seems like he sings the same thing every night.

      • Yes Thia can sing, but she has no fire, spunk. No stage presence. Scotty is entertaining to listen to and watch.

    • "Scotty mcreery Rocks most is thia GO!"

      I have no clue what you are trying to say. What language is this? Wish people would read what they have typed before they hit "submit"

  107. What's wrong with AI judges???? So pathetic you don't give credibility to the show anymore!!! You 3 are obviously biased and shows on the comments which are pretty much rehearsed and practised no matter how good the performance of Thia they bring her down through their nega comments. Well,i just hope this kind of dirty politics do not rule on AI. If you have already pre-picked your winner for a particular season..better end this f***n show.WHAT A SHAME!!!!!!!!!!You just fooling the AI fanatics.

  108. Randy just hate ballad (not including big-song ballad)…

    Voters open your eyes and not just listen to the judges. Thia's put her heart into this song!

  109. Seriously yo, Randy is hatin….I don't understand his criticism. First he tells you to pick a song that suits your voice and strength and when you do, he tells you you're playing it safe.

    • Carl, you are absolutely right, I am with you. I don't understand why its very difficult for the judges specially Randy to throw vivid appreciations to Thia, where she has voice-quality even best than anyone else in the competition and now Randy is saying "SAFE AGAIN", come on, this is why contestants are here for to be safe and be saved each week.

  110. I actually do not trust randy's comments most of the time. A lot of times has his comments been in complete opposite to simon's. Thia's performance was a WOW and I just don't get him hating/not liking Thia.

  111. I am 67 years old and votedIesha 600 times each time for Adam Lambert. I love James but Scotty, Pia, Paul and Lorene are so good that I canot make up my mikd this year. I think Iesha, Jacob, Thea Haley, Stephano and Casey are all good but they should go.

    • I like Adam, But i think James need to go home this week.. He pray save every week. Like Pia and Casey.

  112. If Casey makes it to the point where the judges pick a song for him would love to hear him sing

    bridge over troubled water by simon and garfunkel.

    • b. Kaufman –

      You want Casey to sing Bridge Over Troubled Water? Are you serious?

      If there's one thing these contestants should know is, NEVER attempt to sing a song that was brilliantly done by a former contestant. People do remember some of the top performances over the years. Casey is very talented, but if the judges pick that song for him, AI fans will compare it to Clay's version. Clay totally owns that song. It might be better if he sang a song that was not made memorable by a previous finalist.

  113. Gooooooooooooo Scotty and James you both are very good I love Scotty's sexy low voice and I love James's entergy

  114. Ok…..I have to say this about Naima.Her performance last night was the most horrible ever on the show. IF it was reggae week, it would have been mediocre at best. But they are given a genre to sing within each week for a reason: so that we can see how they perform IN THAT GENRE!! She took the lyrics of an Elton John song and sang them in a reggae song. There was no resemblance at all to the actual song. Based on that her performance should not even count. She should be given a "zero" as if she did not even show up. She leaves tonight along with, unfortunately, Thia.

    • Disagree completely. They were not given a "genre" this week, they were given an ARTIST and asked to interpret one of his songs. Naima took a risk and interpreted "I'm Still Standing" as a reggae song. Totally legit. Last week, it WAS a GENRE week (Motown)… and Scotty made R&B into "country" like he does with EVERY song. That's FAR more offensive (AND he proved he has NO ability to sing Motown). HE was told to sing Motown and failed. SHE was told to sing Elton John and succeeded, singing Elton with a reggae flair. You should try to understand what "genre" means.

  115. Wow, really enjoy all the comments here. Some way more than others. Its funny how so many see things through their eyes as the final verdict, and everybody else just don't have a clue. I do agree the judges need to step it up way more than any contestant. That being said I do like them all, but its time to help them and not just prop them up. I do think that Stephano and Naima will go home. I hate it for her, I kinda like her. Keep the comments coming. I LOVE TO READ ALL THE DIFFERENT VIEWS!!!


    James was the best. I don't see how any of you find that hairy bear, Casey, better than him! James wins or looses, is still my idol!

    • Nice. You have incorrectly tabbed the likely TOP THREE as the bottom three. Wake up and smell the music. Obviously, you're "rooting" for one of the also-rans and would be happy to see the stronger players gone. As Steven Tyler would say, "dream on"

  117. I believe the performances last night was done to best of their abilities. I believe the ones who are going home will be Thia, Naima or Jacob…

    Thia is boring and Jacob is annoying…

    this is all fine but we need some spunk and lately i just walk away from the screen when they sing…

    Naima was good at first but what the heck happen! the moment she performed Rihanna song Umbrella is when she was suppose to go home!

  118. OMG!! Haly was great!! Benny & the Jets she needs to record this! Best so far

  119. First of all, let me just say to the people commenting on this website…as you know, or should know if you are adults, that everyone has a different taste in music, and different people hear and like different things. That is what makes us unique. To criticize someone's choice of who they liked or did not like, is so childish and does not belong on this website. If you are that young that you cannot agree to disagree in a nice way, then you should not be on this website.

    Secondly, the best tonight was James and who I think will be going home? Jacob and Naima or Thia.

    And please, no ridiculous comments about my taste. It is what it is….

    • James is so cheesy…really? ok I think the judges got it right.Haley was the best

  120. Agree that Casey s save shouldn't have happened. He can sing but he doesn't please the general audience. Didn't like his version of 'My Song', only personalized it at the end and with a couple words in the melody. Pia??? Boring! Can't imagine her in a pair of jeans bouncing around the stage but she's going to need to do that to go much farther. James is great although I'm not into rockers. Think Scotty, Stefano and Lauren are safe for awhile but Naima and Paul need to go with Casey too soon to follow. I don't think that save is going to keep him there very long!

  121. I just want to know who this Ashlie Rae is? Why do you think your opinion matters? Dogging Haley again…saying she might go home. Haley is and was awesome especially last night. Who are you? You are exactly why I hate american idol. Scotty and Haley both right now could be putting out records, and they would sell well. I can't say that for anyone else.

  122. Time to say goodbye to AI! No more wasting time watching a bunch of discriminating, too monotonous comments, shallow judges. At least, Simon knows what he is saying. AI needs Simon to make the show more interesting to watch.

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