American Idol 2011: Top 11 Week Performance Rankings

Here are the latest weekly updates for the American Idol 2011’s Top 11 performance rankings. Last week brought in more than fifty-three thousand votes in our “who was the best?” poll but somehow managed to only correctly identify one of this week’s bottom three. Could our results be that far off or could the show have been manipulated for maximum drama? I’ll let you decide on that one.

The big climber for this week was James Durbin who took the top spot with an eight point increase. Right behind him was Jacob Lusk with an impressive seven point climb to fourth place while Scotty and Pia filled the top ranks gap.

Not everyone had a great week though, especially not Stefano Lagone who corrected course and returned to his previous 3% rank after a brief stint at 15%.

Check out the rankings below and see how your favorite fared.

American Idol 2011 Top 11 Week Performance Poll Rankings

  1. James Durbin – 19% (up from 11% previous week)
  2. Scotty McCreery – 16% (down from 18% previous week)
  3. Pia Toscano – 14% (down from 17% previous week)
  4. Jacob Lusk – 13% (up from 6% previous week)
  5. Thia Megia – 9% (no change from previous week)
  6. Casey Abrams – 6% (down from 7% previous week)
  7. Paul McDonald – 5% (up from 3% previous week)
  8. Lauren Alaina – 4% (down from 5% previous week)
  9. Stefano Langone – 3% (down from 15% previous week)
  10. Haley Reinhart – 3% (up from 1% previous week)
  11. Naima Adedapo – 3% (up from 1% previous week)

How is your favorite singer doing in the polls? Better keep voting!

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      • I agree Baba, she's missing that spark of passion. She always looks so sleepy, even during her interviews. And lest you think I'm knocking her Asian eyes, I'm half Filipino myself. It's not that, she just LOOKS tired. Beautiful voice though.

      • I agree Babs, she's missing that spark of passion. She always looks so sleepy, even during her interviews. And lest you think I'm knocking her Asian eyes, I'm half Filipino myself. It's not that, she just LOOKS tired. Beautiful voice though.

  1. Casey has such fantastic qualities, but he needs to do something to his hair and beard. We would love to see a more modern version of him!

    • I doubt Casey will last much longer… maybe b/c of health issues. I read that he was in the hospital again on Thursday before the show and needed assistance after the show as well… that's too bad

      • I'm on the same page with all 3 of your choices, AI Fanatic! Sadly, it seems like America isn't…Viva NAIMA ! ! !

      • My BOTTOM 3 are Naima, Stephano and Casey. Still do not understand all the hoopla about Casey being in the bottom 3 last week. He has been in my personal bottom 3 each and every performance since they started showing the top 13. Along with Naima.

      • Shelly, is it American Idol that you're watching?

        I'll quote what you said:

        "the worst 3, Naima, Paul and Casey

        cant sing dance or perform"

        -hello? Naima, Paul and Casey can't sing? are kidding us? lol.

        and Naima? can't dance? you must really be kidding us.

        NAIMA and PAUL are GREAT and Casey too.:) stop hatin' please. 🙂

      • @american idol fever, it could be that she's hating on Naima, because she has no rhythm and Naima does.

      • Wow fanatic, you just called her out. It's true tho, I was thinking the same thing. All of her points were invalid. Which leaves us with limited conclusions on why such misdirected negativity was said in the first place…hmmm…

      • Im afraid you THiafanatics will be dis appointed too cuz stefano will stay till the finals. i predict two girls will go Thia and Naima….They will still join the Tour this summer though.

        Stefano good luck you are awesome guy.

    • Really? this is how we vote? Hair?

      I love Casey. He's one of the few with real talent. Thia's got to go.

  2. James Durbin….all the way. Looking forward to hearing all the contestants make Sir Elton John proud with their performances. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

    @ Matt…as always, thank you for your updates. PS Still not receiving any response replys to my in box… Thanks

    • Sadly, I had to disable the email updates on comments. I received notice from our webhost that the site was sending out over 1500 emails an hour which was putting us on spam watchlists.

      I'll have to look around for alternative options.

      • @ Matt. Thank you for your response. I appreciate you taking the time to check into this. Have a good one and as always, thank you for all the updates. ~!!! 🙂

        Go James…U Rock. 🙂

      • Matt….Thanks so much for letting us know….I had a feeling there were too many comments. On Friday when I opened up Branden's blog he already had over 600 comments…..I figured that was the problem…….but thanks for the updates…I love em!!!!

    • James Drubin….I want him to sing a ballad song. all i can see that he pick is just rock song….

  3. Casey aka 'Grizzly Adams' needs to have a reality check and deal with some 'Consumer Reality'. Its American Idol, not 'Mountain Man Idol'. Shave the beard, get a haircut and sing a song tennie boppers will relate to. Casey aka Grizzly will have a lot of time to contemplate his desire for personal expression and his dream of being 'the Idol we have never seen before' (and we never will) as he will simply be off the show. Save your dreams and noble thoughts for personal expression until after you have won the show. Grizzly come down from the Mountain… please!

    • i like his beard. and hey, it is only hair. besides the audience should be judging on voice alone and not the appearance of the contestants.

    • Yeah, he and Paul shld cut those beards, its distracting esp. Paul who always don those tight fitting trousers and dance like a kangaroo.

  4. James deservrs to win…has overcome a lot of adversety…has a great voice…can sing anything…has the special "IT" factor that Simon and Paula used to comment on.He can rerally ROCK!!!

    • Ugh, I disagree. He's pretty terrible. He did REALLY good the top 13 week when he lost the tail and somebody actually made his fohawk look decent. I thought to myself, if he continues to improve this much I might actually like him. But no, he's progressively gotten worse each week since then. I don't understand why Naima gets nailed for her 'pitch' when James is by far the 'pitchiest' of the contestants. I hate that word, btw. Freaking Randy can't tell if something is sharp or flat so he says pitchy.

  5. James will win….he has the same star quality that Adam Lambert had..James will win like Adam should have….GO JAMES!!!

      • Stephanie, please tell me what channel American Idol is on in the Philippines. I am going there soon and the thought of not seeing my favorite show is bumming me out. You would be a lifesaver if you told me.

      • Scotty is awesome, but he is going to have a country carierr (cant spell) anyway, someone will grab him up. I cant wait to by a CD of his go scotty

      • @Steve Fox, Performance Night is shown every Thursday at 6:00 PM with replays at 10:00PM. Results Show is every Friday, same time. Replays are at 10:00 PM, too. It's being shown over QTV Channel 11. Channels vary according to where you're located and on whether you're on cable. But QTV Channel 11 is the generic station. Hope this helps.

      • @Steve Fox – Hi! American Idol is being shown in the Philippines through a cable channel w/c is Star World and we can watch it like 8 hours after the live show.

    • yeah.. maybe james may win but i don't like his facial mannerism, it's very disturding…

      • Oh Please…get over yourself~!!! Tasteless comment. James is the real deal…~!!! 🙂

      • Are you serious? He has Tourettes which will not stop him from making it to star quality or even the winner. You need a little education!!!

      • So because he has tourettes we should all vote for him? And he's nothing like Adam Lambert. Adam Lambert was freaking amazing, there's absolutely NO comparison. James is a wannabe at best. He's like a coyote, the closest he'll get to the moon is the reflection on the water.

      • I dont like James, he looks cocky…. i dont think his affliction causes that.

        Stefano and jacob are my bets to land the finals esp. stefano he is the underdog but i love him.

    • James may act like Adam…. but can He sing balled like Adam did on a song, he didn't just sing on rock songs but on other songs which are not rock. I hope that he chose a balled song to prove him that he's a good singer.

    • Yeah! America, please see how exciting and different she is…we don't know what to expect, but I'm sure it'll be creative and unique. Naima for the WIN!

      • yeah! NAIMA for the WIN!

        her Contralto vocal range is so rare.

        I'm super excited to hear her Elton John song. I wonder what she'll sing.. but whatever it is, I believe she'll nail it. 🙂

    • I agree with both of you!! Naima, has had vocal problems, but her performances have been very creative, and she is not afraid to take a risk. Now she have to be careful with her song choices, last week her song choice was the right one for her vocally!!

      • since she's a great performer and dancer, maybe naima is better in SYTYCD than in AI. peace

      • you PERFORM in order to last in the music industry..

        as I can see, it's NAIMA who's giving justice to the meaning of PERFORMANCE every week.

        go NAIMA! many people believe in you. 🙂

    • I don't mind her dance..It was entertaining.. but she doesn't have the pipes..Afterall this is a singing competition.

      • Interestingly though, the judges have yet to complain about her adding dance to her singing performance. In their words "a complete package"

      • I dont think Naima will go far cuz her vocals is not that exquisite. Pia and Lauren are much better than her.

        I also root for stefano langone. He and jacob and lauren will go to the top of this competition.

  6. James Durbin, American Idol Season 10 🙂

    Scotty as the runner up,

    PS: Step up,Pia! not another ballad,please..

  7. Paul Mc deserves to win he's the sweetest guy and I love when he smile, his tone it's different and he has style, doesn't he? he's hot

      • How many famous artists are actually good singers? Some of the greats have had pretty terrible voices but gave a good show. And Paul sings great, he just has a very unique style which is more than you can say about half the other contestants (Here's lookin at you Pia, Thia, Stefano, Lauren and James).

    • Paul dances like a froggie on stage, leaping and yelling and i dont know what music is he singing…. im distracted of his clothes and beard too…. not an american idol material.

      i like stefano….he is winning!

  8. I like James…

    As for the themes, I just don't it. They seem… limiting. Elton John? Is Pia really gonna change her singing with that? Also, if Haley picked an Elton John song for a previous song, I can already hear Randy saying "I don't know who you are…"

  9. oh yeah ♥

    i love Casey and Jacob.

    very happy cuz Jacob has more vote this week ♥

    and hope casey will return on top !

  10. I like Naima. she's actually a total package and very original. her voice is so rare. i'd definitely go anywhere she performs. 🙂

      • me too! I'd go anywhere NAIMA performs. she is unique and unpredictable in a great way, and very humble. I love her. more powers to Naima Adedapo.

      • She's talented, unique and something special. Not another cookie cutter type. Everyone of these people are great and talented but Naima and a couple others stand out because of their uniqueness. No matter what happens I hope her talents are recognized… she truly has an artist heart !

      • So true! I think she can really do something unique and different, maybe even shake up the industry a little with her constantly doing something fresh! I hope she goes far, NAIMA fan to the end! Viva NAIMA ! ! !

  11. I'd like to see Lauren knock one out of the park. I think she's better than she's shown.

    • You are so right Bill! She is young, but think back to her original audition when she sang the Aeorsmith song. She could go all the way!

    • @ Bill & Kim…In some respects I agree…but I feel she just needs to mature some…and not vocally…I know she is just a teenager but so is Thia and Scotty and they don't act immature…with the Peaches deal and the masks….just sing and show us that talent you had at the beginning~!!! 🙂

    • I agree Bill. I still believe in Lauren's God given natural talent. I think her voice blends well with the music. She just needs one standing O performance and the rest will be history 🙂

  12. It never crossed my mind that the producers could have manipulated the show. I was shocked that my favorite singer lost the vote. I don't understand why the other people voting don't see what I see and that is pure talent. One who can multi task also.I hope you are wrong about any type of manipulation, I wish to believe, silly as it may be in todays world, that they call it as it is.

    • I doubt very much that the producers lied about the vote — it is much more likely that because Casey is a top favorite with many of us that we fell into the trap of assuming someone else would stay up and vote. I think that those who are now saying the show was manipulated for ratings are the same people who boo-hoo'd when Randy stopped Casey's song — they are people who just don't like Casey and they keep throwing mud trying to make something sticks!

  13. Naima should be the one that gets booted off next..she really is not that good..I would like to see Scotty win….

    • I think Naima is great. Exciting, unique and creative. Sadly, I still think you're right. America can't seem to see her true potential.


      • Potential singer?… hhmmm dunno, maybe a potential dancer. anyway I like her, she's pretty. she has a potential to be a stand-up comedian, you want entertainment right?…

      • That's because it seems as if her true potential is exactly what she puts out with every performance..

        and its good.. but not as great

      • When she controls her breathing her singing is fantastic. Is she an opera singer? No. Is she Celine/Mariah/Christina? No. Then again, NONE of them are (not even Pia). She can put on a good show, she's unique, has her own style which is a huge step in winning this competition. All the other contestants can learn a thing or two from Naima Adedapo.

    • I think Naima is great too. She's original and interesting. talk about performance, that's what she's showcasing every week. So, I hope she stays. she deserves to be in the top 9. good vibes. 🙂

      • I think she is a joke. The least talented of the group. She will go this week!!!

      • Yes ,Naima is the best in this group. She has a lot talent . She going to be in the top 5 .

        cansey and Pia need to go home this week.

      • TALENT = NAIMA

        no hatin' please. we have a great season, and let's not ruin it by judging those who have edge.

        TEAM NAIMA 🙂

    • I agree with you Cathy! Naima goes this week. Scotty, Lauren, and Casey are the most entertaining!

      • sit back and watch.

        NAIMA is not going anywhere.

        Our girl will stay in the competition.

        I am confident.

      • Naima has to go, she is more entertaining if she joins Paula Abduls reality show Live to Dance. That's her place… dancing and her vocal chords, she goes off key as well.

    • Naima is doing exactly what the judges are asking ALL the contestants to do…be different and make it your own. She brings a new and refreshing twist to AI and it's about time. When she's up there, she owns the stage! She has a very vibrant presence!

  14. I have not yet voted because I think this year they are ALL good, much better than last year's contestants, most of whom I don't even remember. And I thought last Wednesday's show was the best ever. I am disappointed to think the producers have manipulated things though.

    • they really are mush better than last year. this season has the best contestants ever. they are all talented in their own way. 🙂

      • I agree, last year was a complete joke. The worst this year would have won last year. Best season is definitely 7, though this one is pretty close.

    • I voted for stefano, jacob and lauren…. they are my bets and i will do everything to land them to the finals. keep on voting <3

  15. Really rooting for Stefano Langone…overall, I believe he has the most talent as well as soul. He even has a heart…he seems genuine in his care for the other competitors…

      • why tho? what does he bring to the table, that 100 billion others havent. His voice? Amazing–but frankly in comparison to the other male contestants, imo, is one of the weakest.

        he's 4 feet tall and looks like BRUNO MARS!

        he ainnnnt winnin'

    • Tinks: just hype for your bet but do not bash stefano. Its our right to say praises for our idol and so far, stefano has the best voice and good looks. is being short in height a negative factor for an american idol? just asking….

      • stefano is a lot handsome than Bruno Mars but Bruno Mars is also a good singer and very popular…. teens scream for him and they love his songs…. Billionaire is a big hit… whats wrong if stefano looks like him? BTW Bruno Mars is not his real name. It was taken by his father from a great wrestler named Bruno Samartino and i read somewhere he is also Half Pilipino. Thats incredible feat considering he has landed on top of Billboard twice too.

  16. Top 5: james, casey, paul, scotty & Jacob. Pia is good but same old stuff, boring. If I can take a guess right now, I think American Idol should be James.

    • Maybe AI should get 12 finalist with Adam Lambert style of singing like james durbin next year. haha

      • Why do people compare James to Adam?!!! Adam = awesome amazingness James = puking scratch on the chalkboard.

      • OMG pls dont compare Adam with James, totally different. Adam is a class of his own.

  17. Scotty and Paul are my very favorites…but I believe that James is going to do very very well…though he does not sing my kind of music I respect his talent and think he is a very nice person. This is the best year for Idol !! The judges are fantasic, very sincere with the group and give good advice without the negitive remarks of a former judge. They really seem to be enjoying their roles as a judge !! Good Luck everyone…you are all awesome!!

  18. It seems not everybody that votes on this site has the opportunity to vote. Thia Megia rates way high on that poll and she was above the three lowest scores. Casey also was above Lauren and Paul and he was the one sent home last week, yes the judges overruled America's wishes by using the safe but that doesn't change the fact that he was the one picked to leave the competition. For God knows why Thia rates really high on this site, but not on others. I think the loved ones by America are Scotty, James, Paul, Lauren and Pia. I don't understand why! Naima has a great voice, and Haley has so much soul. Those two are better than Lauren, but for some reason Lauren is a favorite.

    • I think Thia has a lot of fans from the Philippines. Fans that have access to the Internet, but can not vote. I hope see does well this like, as she seems like such a nice, young girl.

      • why don't I proof read before I push the post button? Even I can't understand what I wrote.

      • Funny but I understood what you wrote. That makes perfect sense, they can chat from there but they cannot vote unless they call and my guess is that is too expensive. I don't like Thia and I hate her fans in here. They are so aggressive. People call Jacob a queer they call Paul a Stewart wannabe, they call Pia a stiff barbie lifting one arm and everybody is okay with it but if someone says Thia is boring maaaaaaaaaaaan that person will get insulted like there's no 2morrow.

      • Haha…so true Paula! But hey, rabid fans are still fans, too! At least you know they won't ditch you no matter what.

      • @Steven Fox – You are right, we can only vote Thia through several poll sites because our country is block from online voting (as well as other Asian countries. I don't know if we are also allowed to call to 1-866-number but if we are allowed it will be very expensive (Paula is right).

        Well not all Thia fans are rabid, some maybe are offended with what other fans tell about her that there is that tendency to be defensive.

        For us Filipinos, it is rare that we have a fellow Filipino in such prestigious competition (although Thia grew up in the US,an American citizen, and I don't even know if she can speak Filipino)that there is this massive support that is coming from us notwithstanding the fact that she has a slim chance in taking the title.

        We are just all fans.

      • I am American. Half Hawaiian, half Filipino. But I vote by talent, style, and EDGE! And for me, there are other contestants that are more vibrant and interesting in comparison. ALL of the contestants get criticism, constructive and otherwise, Thia is not alone in this. I have my favorites, and believe me, they get DRILLED by haters, but hey it's all part of this crazy competition we all can't get enough of. No need to take it all to personal! Just sit back and enjoy! Viva NAIMA ! ! !

      • Hi Maria…did you ever hear Nelly Furtado's version of "Crocodile Rock" on YouTube??? It's upbeat and fun…I really think if Thia was to do this version it could really grab everyone's attention! I could see her having fun and being energetic. I dunno, let me know what you think.

    • I think more people vote here bacause this is the most popular and reliable site..(american idol net right?) and it has given most accurate predictions so far compared to other sites… Keep up the good work AIN!

      • Disagree, Branden has been spot on on his predictions on this site but not the fans. I am talking about the polls, not Branden's predictions. He's almost always right, but the polls are way off!

    • I worked overtime last week that's why I didn't vote. But I saved some money for Thia this week to triple my text vote! 🙂

  19. James Durbin very well could win this season. But, for some reason I do NOT see him having a even remotely lucrative career after idol. First, there is nothing that unique about his performance, compared to other, already established performers. Add the squinty eye disorder he has to the mix and I see him selling as many albums as that "Soul Patrol" guy did (sorry, I forget his name). Now Scotty on the other hand has a very unique voice, that I can definitely see being a top rated country singer one day soon. I guarantee, he will have the most successful career, of ANYBODY, no matter who wins. Probably up there with Carrie Underwood, or better. Which would make him the most successful American Idol performer of all time. I wish I could place a wager on that at Vegas. It would be the easiest money I ever made.

      • Nothing…..sorry to say I disagree with you…..Adam Lambert is in a world of his own granted but James is not a replica,he just happens to sing in the same genre as Adam…….there is room for more than one……

      • Eew, no way. James purposefully tries to sing like Adam. He's not even a replica, it's like bad fanart.

      • Tinks, i dont understand your logic here. stefano is not a copy cat of bruno mars haha. Just becuz he sang the song of Bruno, will make him a wannabe? thats preposterous, get a life….

        stefano has a different personality, he has no tattoo while bruno mars has. and stefano's singing is versatile, he can sing any type of song.

    • Steve Fox……I think your wrong…..James has a lot of potential……Now Scotty, who I really like, will definitely make it in country music but better than Carrie Underwood?…..I don't think so…..Carrie was well rounded….Scotty is only country……..JMHO

      • If only Vegas layed odds on who becomes the most suessfull. As a gambeling man, I think I'd win that bet Phyillis G.

      • @ Phyllis…I agree. Scotty could sign a contract right now and make it big in country…perhaps he is not as versatile asd Carrie but still good. I see James going all the way and being very successful. He is no Adam.( no one is) but he is a star in the making on his own merit…always room for another good "Rocker". 🙂

  20. My favorites are Haley and Paul… Sorry, I know that everybody love Pia, James or Scotty…

      • Yes! Haley is so awesome, she just needs to work on her stage presence a bit. I hope Naima and Paul pick something that will rock the haters this week.

    • Lauren and Pia, these two girls are knock outs in singing, not hayley and Naima….

      Jacob and stefano i like for the guys….height and color of the skin doesnt matter to me as long as they got good pipes.

  21. Wow! Love the talent! Not just the talent but the diversity is awesome. Love the judges too !

  22. It's surprising to me how much the ratings fluctuate from week to week. It's as if no one is sticking with a favorite, and going for the one they like the best that particular week. I think that's a good thing !!

    • yeah. I think that's a good thing too, fair. the competition is really tough. all of them are GREAT in their own unique ways. This season 10 is rocking my world, rocking America's world. I love them all.

      well, my favorite is NAIMA ADEDAPO. 🙂

      • She's entertaining and exciting. I'll go to the opera if I want to hear a great singer who just stands there and doesn't engage the audience. J-Lo… a top performer herself calls her exciting. That's not an amateur's opinion!

    • Personally, I NEVER vote for anyone, just because they are my favorite. Maybe it's just me, But I think this show would be incredibly boring if I already knew who I was going to vote for BEFORE the show started. If you want to vote for someone regardless as to how they or the other performers do on that night … More power to you. But, I will stick with who is the best on that given night.

      • Ironically, Thia is my favorite performer … But, I never once voted for her. If that is not considered unbiased, I don't know what is.

  23. my favorite is paul and it will be,he is the best. go do it paul you can out beat them all.

  24. so strange they used the safe on casey it should of never happen now there will be two of them leaving on thursday it might jsut be you favorite wont be mine.

    • I think 2 leaving in 1 show is what they were going for, althought I only speak for myself and cannot say that with full confidence. Casey's staying was sweet. But 2 leaving, seems perfect, considering there's just too many left!

  25. The talent this season is a great, great watch. However, Stefano needs to go. Naimia needs to follow him.

    Those 2 are my least favorite and sadly, if Stefano wins, it will be a disspointing day for me.

    He has no charisma. He's cute, yes.. if you're 12 years old, he seems to fit the profile.

    Also, i said this before.. but i thought bruno mars was already famous? Was he not???

    Naima IS talented, and she does have that "never-changing" quality about her.. which is great.. but not so great for AMerica Idol.

    Frankly, (and i know many will disagree) I think artists need to be able to conform, like contortionists.

    Naima is NOT very presentable, imho.

    She's not very easy on the eyes.

    She's beautiful, but not easy on the eyes..oxymoron?

    get the picture?

    • it's her style.

      I find it interesting.

      Naima is a great performer with great personality too.

      She won't be going just yet.

      • and the American Idol 2011 is…


        you know, wishfl thinking. she has huge potentials.

      • Tinks that is your personal opinion and in no way will it influence the minds of the voters. It seems your hatred against stefano is very obvious? why? what criminal act did stefano made to you personally that warranted such venom spewn all over against stefano?

        nevertheless, you can never put a good kid down with your sarcasm. GET A LIFE!!! you will never be a BILLIONAIRE with this kind of atitude but stefano might hahahaha….<3<3

    • I agree Naima is not AI compatible, but I consider that a compliment. Considering her lack of experience I admire her bravery and ability for arranging a full performance. I see her leading a band more than a solo artist. I find her voice getting stronger each week. I wold love to hear her sing something that would push her further as a power singer. Four Non Blonds,"What's Going On" for instance. She needs to conform as you said. I think she is still trying to dial in who she really is. Visually? I think she's exotically hot.

      • I've thought the same thing that maybe AI isn't the right venue for Naima. I love her, I would buy her cd's and go to her concerts. If she doesn't win AI, though, i'm not worried because she's that frikken amazing!

    • Naima has a style and uniqueness that AI is lacking. Look at Crystal Bowersox she didn't conform and she was a refreshing change just as is Naima. That's what AI needs and good kick in the axx for change. James doing Judas Priest was one such pleasant change as well.

      • Eew at Crystal Bowersox. We should all pretend last season never happened because it was just that bad. Naima >>>>>>>>>> Crystal.

    • Naima never changing? Seriously? Look back at all of her performances posted so far…all the way to her audition, that girl has not only changed her singing style, from slow, and melodious to upbeat, reggae african dance, but has also changed her dress style, from vibrant youthful to flowing gowns to hip rockstar and classy beauty this past Thursday!

      And the best part?? She's changed it all while STILL staying true to herself and her inner vibe. Their is no faking with Naima. That girl can change. She WILL change the industry.

      Viva NAIMA ! ! !

    • Tinks, the way you conceptualize stefano, you think like an oldie lmao….. whats wrong with him? are you BITTER that you singled him out? No way will stefano go, maybe your bet will…. and thats bad luck cuz you are so sarcastic with stefano…. very obvious.

  26. james durbin is not only an amazing singer…i find him very attractive and HOT…JAMES, the next american idol.

    • He's a terrible singer, an ok performer. If he got rid of the fugly tail maybe I'd consider watching him.


    After tweeting that next week was 80′s week, Nigel tweeted it was Elton John week. The Elton John tweet was deleted. The 80′s tweet remains so who know what it really is.

    • I also read tweet from american idol website that Paul will do a song by Right Said Fred and he will show his catwalk style. dont know if this is true.

  28. Matt…Thanks for the update. I totally agree with your statement…..This was definitely a dramatic elimination……My feelings are that no way was Casey in the bottom…….He was never in the bottom three before last week. Come on..he is a crowd favorite……something is fishy in the sea!!!!!!!

      • Absolutely, Pia and Paul. I can hear Randy saying: The winner of American Idol iiiiiiiiiiis Pppppppppppppppaul!!! Wishful thinking you know 😀

      • I will be happy with that, Naima is so underrated, I wish she goes far. Other singers are way overrated. I hope America gives Naima the chance!!!

      • Naima and Haley!!! (I know, wishful thinking, but two gorgeous ladies that know how to jazz it up would be perfect).

      • Well, things might change you know. Hailey did way better last week, so did Naima. None of them were bottom 3, that counts for something right? And the more people gone, the more voters change their votes to someone else I think. Who knows, right? 😀

  29. Hello from Finland:)

    I was a huge fan of Adam..I still am.. I thought that this competition would not interest me any more Adam not being there with his magical performances.

    But this year's competitors have really impressed me, all of them could be winners!! Great artists in their own special unique ways. Hope they will all have good carriers after the competion.

    I like Casey a lot.. I guess in Europe he would be more appreciated than there. I do hope he will come to Europe to perform. We would love his brilliant rough talent.

    I like James a lot, too. But perhaps he is too much like Adam, too soon:)))

  30. Well no one really talks about Lauren, she is my favorite, and she will make a good country CD and people will love hearing her who like country. Then Scotty, awesome, and James and Haley and Stefano. Pia is boring, zzzzzzzz, Jacob is ??? drag queenie, Thia is good but needs to step up, Naima is icky, Paul is double non talent icky, Casey is disqusting to watch and listen to ick

      • Both Steven Tyler and J-Lo have been excited about her since the beginning. These are top professionals who are VERY familiar with the industry and what it takes to make it and to be somebody in it. Their opinions shouldn't be taken lightly. The saw something in her early on and so far I don't think she has let them down. She may have hit a couple of bumps in the road but so has every contestant to some degree. Most importantly she is a unique and exciting performer…that sells records and concert tickets!

      • @SLH Spot on! Naima will do great things no matter how far she gets in this competition.

    • Naima is nice in dancing but Idol competition is about singing. Its a wrong venue for her.

      Stefano, Lauren and Jacob for me…. They have good pipes.

    • I like Stefano, Hayley, Pia and Jacob, they are underrated, true….but stefano will rise… like the Lycans hahaha…

  31. Everything points to Scotty. Like last year everything pointed to Crystal. I was rooting for Casey James, but I knew Crystal would win. Of course, Crystal lost to the rather common Lee because he was male. Now Pia is not as talented as Crystal, so she doesn't have a chance. All the current real numbers point to Scotty, and those numbers will get even better as lesser talent votes roll up in his column. Durbin is depending on a rather narrow ROCK base, while Scotty is supported by a much wider base of older adults, teenage girls that love him, all of the country folks, and all the easy listening folks.

    • I dont like country songs so scotty is definitely out of my list. ill vote for stefano and jacob. 🙂

  32. nice theme this week, if it's Elthon John, hopefully Thia will bring it! 😀 I like Lauren too and Stefano.. Good thing though that everyone will be joining the AI tour.

  33. my favorite, is her the best singer, and is Naima, she is divine , and has a nice voice….. i love you Naima!!!………

      • I agree. Naima is amazing. there's something about her that's very interesting. you'll keep begging for more. She would make a BIG name in the music industry.

      • I do believe with the right guidance and open doors there is place for her in the industry and she could be somebody in a very short time!

    • I LOVE reading all of these positive comments on my favorite NAIMA!!! I'm so excited to see where she goes next, not just this week on American Idol, but also with her future career in music. Viva NAIMA ! ! !

  34. I love, love, love Casey. Hope he goes back to the cool vibe he did during Hollywood week. I really like James, Jacob and Scotty too.

  35. My favorite singer is Paul. He is the best. I love him. He has a diferent voice….he is cute….i see the show, here in Brasil. I like Scotty McCreery too….his voice is like no other….sorry for mistakes…Congratulation…say hello to us in Brasil. Kisses

  36. Pia is the one to beat. She has the best voice by far though she needs to move a little more on stage. James,Jacob, Scotty(though I hate country) and Lauren should be your top Five. Only James has a shot to beat Pia, but it is a longshot at best.

  37. Here are my song suggestions:

    Naima -Candle in the Wind

    Jacob -Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

    James -Rocket Man

    Thia -Someone Saved My Life Tonight

    Pia -Take Me To The Pilot

    Stefano -Tiny Dancer

    Paul -Your Song

    Casey -Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

    Haley -Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

    Lauren -Sad Songs (or Daniel)

    Scotty -Crocodile Rock (or Skyline Pigeon)

    Thia should probably sing uptempo with Don't Go Breaking My Heart and Jacob too with I'm Still Standing.

    • Don't understand people picking "Yellow Brick Road" for Casey — there is no linkage between than and "Doctor" or "Georgia" or "Friends". Elton John is not a jazz writer but "Honky Cat" at least could be played on a bass! "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" fits the drama, but probably not Casey as a singer.

    • I don like this choice song for stefano. i wish he will sing Skyline Pigeon and its a very nice song…. he will nail it. Go stefano, you ROCK<3

      • Yeah, Skyline Pigeon is one good song and its the best one for stefano. Good luck Stefano, you look cute and handsome! :))

      • MONSTER: i have Nothing against stefano. but his "style," what he sings, how he sings it, what he wears and his stage presence resembles a current pop singer, in this case being Bruno Mars.

        Never did i say he looks like him, or how many tattoos either of them have. stop it.

        all im saying is that IMO i dont think stefano brings anything THAT great to the table…

        and what is all this mess about bruno mars' real name. Dont add irrelevant little tidbits for the sake of your argument.

        Judging by your posts in this particular thread, you're a stefano-lover.

        and im a stefano-completely indifference.

        ps. use spell check next time and lay off the little useless facts

        what, his cute face?

        There are a billion people in the world with cute faces.

    • i stand corrected.

      completely indifferent**

      & the last 2 lines are in reference to What he brings/(or doesnt bring) to the table

  38. J.Lusk,S.Langone and J.Durbin are the guys that aproach better their bodies to breath and sing with all forces…. and the girls who do this are P.Toscano and H.Reinhart. with this they can sing any song acorded to their tone of voice in a perfect way. And S. McCreery and P.McDonald have particular voices like Scotty could sing perfect and shine with Stranger in my house of Ronnie Milsap (he could win with that song). And Paul could sing songs of singers like Rod Stewart (but he must use all his body and concentration in singing and not to much in dancing… you know cause that rests potential to his voice you know? … : STEVEN AND JENNIFER you know that this is it?……

    Thanks again and congratulations for the best nivel of artists of all years in AMERICAN IDOL!!!!

    • I would like to thank jennifer, randy and steven for bringing scotty in, am now obssesed with american idol b`coz of this guy, am sure your rating also zoom up…

      • Scotty is the one talent from the whole bunch He is natural, clean, and does not need to screech, dance around or showw off for the cameras James, Paul and Casey think they are so great. Not so

    • This is a nice analysis. Stefano and Jacob really sing good and i know they will reach the finals…. Good luck guys.

  39. i really like scotty…

    i love you scotty! rock on.

    he sings from the heart and thats 1 of the things i love about him

    (there is alot more) 😉

    • rock on. scotty is nopt only sexy but he can freakin sing!! down right country boy right ther. hm hm hm… gotta love them country boys. 🙂

  40. These are my picks — tried to give Pia & Thia a beat. I'm sure Naima could make it Island Guy. A shame if they don't let someone sing The Bitch is Back!

    Naima – Island Girl or The Bitch is Back

    Jacob – Philadelphia Freedom or Take Me To The Pilot

    James – Saturday NIght or Where to Now St Peter

    Thia – Don't Go Breaking my Heart

    Pia – I'm Still Standing or Your Song

    Stefano – Nikita or Daniel

    Paul – I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues or Rocket Man

    Casey – Honky Cat or Border Song

    Haley – Sad Songs

    Lauren – Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word

    Scotty -Blue Eyes

    • Ayshford: Good selections. I'm anxious for next Wednesday and see how they do and what they sing

    • Ayshford: Good selections: I'm anxious for next Wednesday and see how they do and what they sing

      • I wish stefano will sing Skyline Pigeon, its a sentimental song and he can nail this. <3 stefano<3

  41. My pick is for #1 Scotty he is the best and he does excellent in Country singing that's where he belongs. Love you Scotty.

  42. This is not a "singing competition" where "only the notes matter". That was what one now-gone judge started to claim about it when the ratings started to tank. To the show's creator and the producers and 2 of the 3 present judges (J-lo and Tyler are charismatic performers more than pure vocalists) – its about the performer you like best – who can get your vote on singing or other factors at play.

    For that reason, I like the performers who show they have not just singing, but attributes past singing that make for "a package" of entertainment allures.

    Give me Jason Castro, Brooke White, Chris Daughtery, Siobhan Magnus, Lambert, and Naima Adedapo anytime…all are more than "just the singing".

    • I'm so stoked that more and more people are sharing their positive feelings on Naima. It seemed like so few spoke up at first, like there were more Naima haters. But thank you for sharing that Chris, it really encourages others to see the vibrant, creative and energetic artist she is. I feel like she is so diverse and exciting, I have no idea what to expect from her this week, but I'm so looking forward to seeing yet another side of her creativity. Viva NAIMA ! ! !

      • The Mystery says:

        "vibrant, creative and energetic artist she is. I feel like she is so diverse and exciting, I have no idea what to expect from her this week"

        That's Naima and what is so special about her

      • I've defended Naima on these forums since top 13, I'm very relieved that people are starting to like her. Now to sway everyones opinion about Haley. Vote for Haley! (and Naima!).

      • Stefano and Jacob will be on top. They got the best voices in this competition. I love the two guys, they are great and will shine in this competition.

  43. I am still not sure but up to now I may buy if those artist relese their album.

    James Durbin

    Jacob Lusk

  44. Scotty and Lauren are my favorites and I'm not even a big country music fan. I'd love to see both of them in the finale.

  45. my favos are james,pia,naima,scotty and jacob it's a tough competition between those 5 amazing performers

    • oh. I agree with you, he just needs to open his eyes and connect. I feel Naima's passion whenever she sings. yeah, Go STEFANO and NAIMA!!!

      • Yes, she truly puts her heart in to it and unlike some of the others, I don't feel left out. I feel like she is including me(audience)in the journey of the song.

      • SLH I LOVE the way describe that! As if you are included, that's so true. She just seems so open, down to earth and REAL.

    • I do love stefano langone, jacob lusk and lauren. the best in this batch.

      Stefano is such a Passionate singer….

      • Me too, I love stefano, so damn cute and with a very good voice too. he is fit to be the next Idol.

  46. Its kind of obvious who the top 5 are, since singing & personality go hand in hand to be successful as a star. Jacob, Pia, James, Scotty & Casey. Image plays a big part in all of this. If I had any suggestion, Id suggest Casey trim/shave the beard to appeal to younger voters. Id also suggest Jacob loosen up his look- too much Jacket & Tie as if (always) going to/coming from church. Pia- also has to loosen up on stage & own her performance, the monotonous hand movement & standing still is getting a bit boring. Im not surprised Thia has a lot of support, shes young & effortlessly appeal to the young voters. Congrats to Top 11, best Idol Top 11 ever!! I like the judges constructive criticsm, even helping finalists with ear pieces & audio was excellent. Id still like to see more realistic comments, not every thing is "great" or "wonderful"!! So far, only Randy is being honest all the time.

    • 100% agree with your suggestion.your top 5 is the same as mine. haha great choice..

      my top 5:

      1. JAMES

      2. PIA

      3. SCOTTY


      5. JACOB

  47. Scotty, Lauren and Jacob are my favorites… I'd like to hear Scotty singing something of Barry White or Lou Rawl.., and Lauren singing something of Olivia Newton John or Barbra Streisand.. and why not Jacob performing something of Dramatics or Smokey Robinson… he he!! Good luck for all three !!!

  48. bueno pues yo creo que el mejor de todos es jacobo por que tiene una magnifica voz y un sentimiento muy especial al interpretar las canciones y si tuviera que elegir a un ganador seria el….. ciao

  49. Last week, contestants sang hits from motown and they have a great choices of songs. It is really hard to judge them in their performance and it was a shocking news wen casey is in the bottom 3 and going home. but thanks because he is safe..

    Last performances:

    casey- he sang I Heard it Through The Grapevine and that is better than his last performance. It was painful to watch and he need to control in being angry when he sing but it is natural ad good. He is a legend and and like a PRO.. 😀

    Thia- she sang heat wave. Randy said from her past few performance that she was boring. and it is true. you know, she has a voice but she is not thinking of an idea that is a WOW factor. she nweed to do different this week if she want to stay.

    Jacob- his last performance is amazing. it is better than the past performance. it is much better. He just need to train his voice when hitting high notes.this week, i think he need to pick a song that fit or him. NoT HIGH,not LOW just control it and it will become perfect.

    Laurem -she is really impressive BUT she needs to do a thing that the people will be surprised. i kow he can sing and she is exciting to watch.

    Stefano- we know that stefano is a great singer. we saw that last last week his performance was a breathtaking performance. you know, if he will choose a song that fit for his voice,he will be a favorite.JUST USE YOUR HEAD there are lot of ways that you can do because you are awesome.

    Haley- haley has a voice.dont know why the past few weeks she is always in the bottom 3. i lked her voice. she just need to use her voice in a diffrent thing.

    Scotty- he is always good and phenomenal. last week,it is not a good song choice but it is justfine. many people liked himv and think his journey isa very long road.:D

    Pia- she is fantastic. but if next week she will sing another ballad, i thin she will became like thia. she need to try diffrent if she want to win because she is has a 90% chance of being an idol.

    Paul- i don’t lke him,just being true(dont be mad). it was irritating when he dance. he should use his talent in writing songs. dont waste time in singing. but he is good.

    Naima- i want her performance everytime it is an upbeat. she is exciting and entertaining to watch. Some time it is Pitch. haha right it is pitchy but her voice is good and the only exception is the controlling.

    JAMES- he is my favorite among the rest. although some people was irritated everytime he scream but i always like his performance. he ca sing everything. many people compare him to ADAm but they are lot different. adam is an stage actor since he was a child and he is a PRO and James is just a simple man and just starting his journey. Now, he just starting, he can sing well what if he will be trained. HE has a very nice vocal range and i know he can make it to the top.

    That is just my opinion so if you have comments just say it properly. 🙂 🙂 dont get mad if i say something wrong coz it is just an opinion 😀

    • I fully agreew with your post. Yah, stefano is awesome singer and has a nice personality. I love this guy lol….. go and nail he competition this week, God Bless.

      • Can someone please side on Thia? I know she’s 16 but check the quality of her voice, man… She has an amazing talent…

        I know you guys think she’s boring and I dunno what’s wrong with your ears… Thia’s voice is angelic… It’s relaxing unlike your bets who are all irritating…


    go THIaNO!!! my new favorited loveteam…i hope u still go in bottom 3 again coz i want to see u together…but always safe…till final 2…

    i cant wait ur movies…GO THIANO!!!

  51. Naima




    I don't really care about any of the others or really which order these guys are in. <3 <3 <3 <3

  52. last week during thia and stefano in bottom 3 i see dem sooo good looking togteher..holding gosh!!!!! like a loveteam!!!!! i wish they still in bottom 3 but fae..iwanted to see dem/// looking gud together..GO THIAFANO OR thiano!!! if not win its ok.. ur my favorited loveteam now…could u duet together??? haaaaayyy!!

  53. The issue is, who can really sing??? Is this a singing contest or what? Must the American Idol be a singer, a musician, or both???

  54. My favourites!

    1. Stefano – Love his voice. Adorable. The judges are crazy, I see emotion in his performances!

    2. Casey – I love watching his performances. Personally, I like the growl and rasp in his voice.

    3. James – Great performer and good personality, I like him.

    4. Paul – LOVE his stage presence! Such a breathy, unique voice. I adore this guy!

    5. Haley – Favorite girl! Sweet and very talented.

    6. Scotty – Great country singer, I'd say one of the best, if not the best, AI has ever had.

    7. Naima – With the right songs I think she'll do very well.

    8. Thia – Beautiful voice.. Sadly she seems to show no personality.

    9. Pia – Amazing vocals, but I cannot sit through any of her performances. I think she's boring and repetitive.

    10. Jacob Lusk – Overdoes almost everything..

    11. Lauren – I think she's kind of annoying…

    • I agree with you other then Paul isn't my favorite but other then that..agree with you…Have to admit…they all are talented! Great show this year.

    • Amen…. all said here, good observations….

      Stefano is my best here. hope he will not land at the bottom 3 again, heaven forbid.

    • this isnt about being annoying its about if you can sing or not and lauren can sing she is good all i see on here is how thia is only 16 well so is lauren and she is much better than thia

  55. Thia fanatics, pls support Thia all the way.

    Make her reach the Top 5.

    Go, go, go Thia and the peeps.

  56. Guys, Thia just turned 16 years old! Being in the top 10 is an achievement itself. Let her shine in her own way.

    Go, Go Thia!

  57. Happy Birthday Thia! Everyone is wonderful and im so glad they saved Casey and that the top 11 goes on tour. This season has bundles of talent and I enjoy watching everyone preform. Do I have a favorite? Yea I have to say its Scotty McCreery, but I like to call him Scooty! SO yea, Scotty is my fav so far and will stay that way, but I also love everyone else. Good luck everyone and wish y'all luck!


    yayyyyyyyyy <3 Scotty <3

  58. I think that Pia has a good chance of being the winner she has realy improved and has a good singing voice.

      • Pia has good vocals but her performance lately is not improving….

        stefano <3 so good and to look a, i dont tire wtaching his wholesome face….

      • Stefano go go go, Rock them on this week's competition. you are my bet!

      • I agree with stefanobaby. Pia blows the judges away with her high notes and vocal variety, but her stage presence, charism, and involvement in her performance is low. In short, she is very boring, IMO.

  59. i think thia is the best she really had a good voice and i think that Thia has a good chance of being the winner she has realy improved and has a good singing voice.

  60. I think Naima is my favorite, i love watching her sign, love her eyes, and everything about her. Go Naima show them.

  61. Naima is cool and I like her. My issue is she looses controll of her voice and the African dancing is starting to get annoying. Karen got voted off because of the I'm Spanish trying to kiss up to J LO nonsense every week, people got tired of it and the same thing is going to happen to Naima if she continues to go down the spastic dancing road. Pia has a great voice she needs to learn how to shake her butt and loosen up little and she could be a slam dunk, she has the look and voice to go far. Jacob is too much, over done, over the top flamboyance. trouble is if he doesn't sing like that he can't sing. It's getting old. Casey was voted off before he even made the top 10 nuff said there. Thia sings like an angel, needs more seasoning but the voice is spot on, she's not going to win this season. Scotty and James always good either one stands a good shot, I'm not a fan of country music but good is good. I know a lot of people like Paul, I liked him last week but he's up and down, I think he'd be great in a band. Haley needs better advice, they're killing her. The rest are middle of the pack filler good one week not so good the next. If the producers let these kids sing what they like I think they would do much better and make for a better compatition, but that's just my opinion.

  62. They all need to step out of their safe zone to perfect Elton's music. Will be fun to watch.

  63. Stefano and Casey were in the bottom three last week and I expect them to both be going home after this weeks show. Stefano has been awful and Casey should have not been saved. Go PIA!

    • I dis agree, my predictions for this week's eliminations will be two girls….

      I am sure stefano wont get back to bottom 3. Good luck stefano. <3stefano<3

    • I agree with you. They are the most talented. They do not scream, they sing. Casey shouldn't even be in this competition. His only talent is playing musical instruments, but this is a singing event. Hope he is voted out this week.

  64. I want to see Scotty do an Elvis song….. Maybe they will have a Rock N Roll week. I'd love to see him come out in a leather jacket and jeans to perform. I think it would bring down the house…especially since he said he got the moves and the lip thing going. Cant wait!

  65. GO SCOTTY GO!!! HOPE YOU WILL WIN… WE ARE ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU SCOTTY!!! And Im ur biggest fan!!! hey is it true about scotty and thia dating!??!?!? AND SCOTTY U GOT EVERYTHING.. U GOT THE LOOKS U GOT THE VOICE!! YOUR AWSOME!! SCOTTY THE HOTTY!! <3

  66. Ohmygod. DO people think that Naima can seriously sing? Are you insane she cannot sing, this is not freakin so you think you can dance.

    Good people are gonna get voted off this week such as probably Stefano and Thia

    And i swear to god i will be livid.

    She can't sing, its a singing competition


    • What Naima(sp?) did was dance. That was all. She sang too! Her small mistake, took on too much, in one performance. She was not used to that. She can SING! She is a beautimous vocalist! So, my small minded child, be livid. Knock your self OUT! (please)

    • Nah, stefano wont be voted out… he is a good singer and a material…. Just keep on voting for stefano. this guy will go places.

    • NAIMA can sing, very well. she's a total performer, and that's what America Idol is about.

      she is a contralto, that's rare.

      oh, Naima is great.

      I just love her.

  67. My favorite is Stefano, he is one of the best singers–I hope he works on "connecting" with the audience like Jennifer Lopez requested! PLEASE, stay in the competition Stefano, and choose the right songs!

  68. As an Englishman and living in a country that has no love of country I think Scotty is great, and even if he doesn't win (which he will) I will buy his first album,

  69. James is amazing. Pia's voice is amazing – she just has to step it up with some dance moves…

    James and Pia – they are my favorites

    • I agree with you , Pia has to step it up with some dancing. As far as James goes he is so good it's crazy. He will go far even if he does not win American Idol.

  70. pia is the winner,an all rounded singer.she could sing annthing.she is the package.she caries herself

    very well every week.she is perfect.she is a one of a kind singer

    • she is just that..a one of a kind singer..and the one of a kind is ballads. I think people want to see her do something entirely different. She is Mariah and Celine, but we already have Mariah and Celine. Iwant to see her get out of the comfort zone of ballads just once..please!

    • She IS the total package. An A&R man's dream come true. Don't kid yourself. There are producers fighting over her right now (just as they did with Kari Underwood). Her career's already set. As for being a one dimensional singer… Just wait. She's smart! She's been going with what got her this far. Next week she'll begin to uncork a whole other side of herself which will be even more devistaing to her competition. Beside,… what's wrong with Ballad singer? Some of the MOST successful singers in history have been inceredibly talented ballad singers.

      • we had our own bets on who will win. but as of now, we can easily pinpoint who has the highest number of fans.. i believe, i dont want to name names… its not the singing that sometime matters. its ur genre. mariah is no longer salable this day.. its lady gaga's music whos in this day..

  71. Casey is the only one that can be a pop star. Scotty is a good country singer..but is only limited to be a country singer.She should go to Nashville and get a contract. The rest they need lots yet !

    • I would pay money in a flash to see Haley perform. She relates to the audience. I want to see her the next American Idol. But I also really like Scotty, Paul and Casey….this is very difficult.

  72. This has been the best American Idol Show since it ever started and the Talent has been unbelievable, but I still Love Scotty's voice the best. Reminds me of Randy Travis.Go Scotty Go

      • I agree with you both. Pia..please get out of the ballads. We know you can sing ballads, but is that all? She said last week that if she wasn't voted off she would get away from ballads. And then she went ahead and did another ballad! Now she said she will get away from ballads again..but will she? I am getting bored!

      • Can't agree. Anyone who's a music fan can recognize the fact that Pia's voice is so great, she's capable of singing ANYTHING. Admittedly, she's been sticking with what got her here. But, watch her from here on. There's no doubt she's about to step up her game and blow the others off the stage.

      • got the points from above. but the question is that where is more bigger market? ballad genre or pop area? ballads as of this day are hard to sell.. this not just plain singing contest. this is a market, a business.

  73. James will go all the way .Scotty Naima and Stefano should be the bottom three. Naima and Stefano go home.

  74. This season is very very exiting,very competitive,it is hard to predict,but in my own humble opinion Haley Reinhart is the most beautiful singer with.She has at all:look,voice,talent.

    • I agree. Lauren has shown us that she can sing ballads, rock, and change her voice completely. She can do it all..and country too if she wanted to. That is talent!

  75. When you hear Scotty sing, you know exactly where he belongs. Some other artist are lost and its hard to place them in a category of music where they fit in.

    TOP 5






  76. Casey, James and Lauren are my favorites. They all take risks and show their voices and stage talent off. Casey is a true musician. I am so glad the judges used the save for him. Sometimes America gets it wrong. Pia and Thia are fabulous singers,both very pretty, but singing only ballads is boring.Rock on Idol.

    • I was so pleasantly surprised by Naimi last nite! She made that song her own. At first I wanted her eliminated, but I see a great talent there that is not common out there right now. She has her own style. She could hit the music scene with her own style much like Alanis Morriset did when she came out. No body had her style and voice. Naimi is unique

  77. I love to hear Scotty sing.Pia is good too.I look forward to hear Scotty voice each week..He is the best this year.Nice guy too.

  78. I have not seen alot of comments on here about lauren and she by far is the best between the women. Scotty is the best for the men and I dont even like country music but they have my votes!!!

  79. thia megia is my favorite idol this season. i love listening to her soft & lovely voice. she's like an angel singing in my dreams.

    • James is an increibly talented guy with stratospheric range. But, he belongs fronting a rock band, not a stand-alone artist. Casey has a niche. But unfortunately,the typical American Idol voting in the past has proven to NOT lean in his particular direction. He'll have a nice career, but not as a superstar.

  80. todays my 13th b day! Scotty if you reaad this i luv you and i hope u know im ur biggest fan ever!

  81. Scotty and James ROCK!!!!!!!! I am from Johannesburg South Africa and I am routing for Scotty and James – JUST LOVE THEM

  82. Casey and Haily killed it last night. They were off the chain. Wow, the little girl thea or what ever has a nice voice but no cigar as well as the niema girl and the rod stewrt wanna be dude. I think all of them have talent yet are not big enough for this deal.

    • Can't agree. Haily changed it up (much to her advantage last night). But, Casey was far less impressive. The arragnement of that song did absolutely nothing to showcase his voice. He was a decided disappointment.

  83. American Idol only shows on a Sunday from 4pm to 7pm but I tell you, then my household comes to a standstill. BRILLIANT talent, well done judges I cannot wait for a Sunday

    • We finally got to hear that raspy voice the judges were talking about. She has definitely moved way up there in my vote! Stefano has lost his luster. I'm bored with Lauren and Thia.

  84. Scotty and probably Pia are the only ones that know where they belong and are sticking with it. No need to experiment with what might not work. Not this late in the game.

    • Scvotty… Hmmm! PURE country and very remenicent of past country male artists. His first single will likely go straight to the top of the country charts.

      • scotty sounds just like josh turner. tht tells u something right there. he should win. he is down right amazing. go scotty!!!!!!!!

  85. I think Stefano will be eliminated tonite for sure. I was very impressed with Haley! I love Pia's voice, but i'm tired of the ballads. If she doesn't change it up she will be eliminated. We know she can sing like Celine and Mariah, but we already have Celine and Mariah! I think Stefano and Lauren will be emliminated tonite.

  86. PIA again proved she is the one to beat. Sick of Jacob crying on every song, give us a break.

    • Jacob needs to tailor his voice to a song that is more for him. The songs he has sang so far do not work with his voice. Sorry! I do think he is a good singer, just singing the wrong songs!

  87. James, Pia, Scotty, & Haley should be the top 4 contestants. Thia & Naima should get the boot to-nite. Both of their performances were boring. Jacob & Stefano won't be around much longer since their style of singing doesn't connect with the audience. Paul & Casey are all-right but not great & Alaina never seems comfortable on stage. So, we'll see what happens to-nite.

  88. I'm for sure those people who doesn't like Thia at all are black and white people. As we all know the judges are mixed with black and white. This competition is not all about gospel singing contest! Jacob is belong to the church choir likewise Fantasia. What will happen to them without Randy? Thia is the only Asian mixed on this season and Thia is the youngest but she shouldn't be kicked out because of her age, race and personality. I honestly don't see this American idol competition is for Asian people. Thia has a brilliant voice not like other contestant they scream, shout.

  89. Pia, far and away has the greatest potential to make it as a pop vocalist. She possesses all the tools… Looks, presentation, and over-all marketability. She's ready now to join the ranks of famous pop divas such as Mariah Carey,Dion,and Houston. She's every bit the promising star that Kari Underwood was. Even James Durbin (with all the flash and voice) can't stand up to her vocally. She's as pure vocal and consistant talent as it gets.

    • Gary i do agree pia is pretty good but she really needs to move more on the stage. It's starting to get boring. She could probably do better, and for her to compete with all these other stars she is gonna have to get dancing too.

  90. i am from indonesia. i am big fans of STEFANO AND HALEY. GO….GO…..GO….. STEFANO AND HALEY…

    I am sure you are a star, i always vote you…..

    you are very cool and your voice is very nice…


  91. james will be the winner this year.. or even if he dont get to be the AI winner this year, he'll outdo in real arena the winner. Look at adam lambert? look at jennifer hudson.. she was earning higher than those present and past Idol winner.. check forbes..

  92. i absolutely love scotty!! he makes me tremble when i hear his voice. i get cold chills every time i hear him sing. i honestly think he will be the next american idol!! my vote it to scotty!!! whooo. 🙂

  93. I agree with the comment that Lauren never looks comfortable on stage; I wish she could bring back the confidence she had at her audition. I love Scotty and think he may be in the top 2! Pia is a great singer and is beautiful but is lacking something for me…perhaps a performance unlike all her others.

  94. 1. Scotty

    2. Paul

    3. Haley

    4. James

    5. Pia

    6. Lauren

    7. Casey

    8. Jacob

    9. Stephano

  95. Scotty, James, Pia and Laren should be in the finale four. So people vote for Scotty

  96. CASEY <3

    i personally think that casey definatly could be a superstar. he has an amazing talent and i am SO looking forward to seeing him climb high!

    go Casey GO GO GO 🙂

    Casey and Paul are my favourites BY FAR!

  97. Scotty is well placed as first voted, but he only sings country without variations. And it seems he is not interested to get out of his style. Everything he sings has a Country way, whether it is country, ballad, pop or else. On the other hand Pia has the best voice, poise, elegance and looks to be a real star. If she just sings a well selected pop song next week she will jump to first place, having the quality to become the winner of American Idol 2011.

  98. My personal favorite is Pia. I think she has a beautiful voice with such control. She is a pretty girl and should go far, if not voted the american idol she will still do well for herself. with her talent you have to go far if you want it bad enough. There are many great singers out there, but you gotta want it.

  99. Scotty is my #1 fan he is exceptional at what he does in country singing and should stay right there in country as he has the voice. Go Scotty Go. Luv ya.

  100. to me , Naima is my favorite AI, I few sad, because now, I am just going to see people hoding the microphone, no perfomace..

    But the botton 3: Going to be : Pia, casey and James.

    Judjes please no favorites.

    Now I want to see Scotty to win this competition.

  101. Scotty is so gunna win

    and than James than Pia

    come on Stefano you can do it….

  102. my vote ? Casey Casey Casey .. omg .. I want your cd ! Thank you for your wonderful version of Georgia, i just love it, i cannot get enough of it, i am hooked. Rotterdam/Holland

  103. Paul has to go next then Jacob then Haley and then Stefano. After that they are all good.

  104. With the exception of last year, I always pick the winner. This year I am totally believing Scotty will prove my point. He is so unique. As I have said before, there is more talent this year than ever. I am just as confident the choice of judges ranks #1 also.

  105. Can't believe that Paul is still around…This was certainly better…

    Paul is certainly the weakest performer, and should be next to be eliminated…Pia is clearly the best voice. No contest

      • Paul is the best of all your dreams and even if he is off it means NOTHING as long as he made it to the finals (which he did) and all it truely means is that a bunch of dumb people (I said dumb because i love steven tyler and jennifer lopez) don't like his voice and I bet you that a-lot of people who are scared to speak up LOVE paul! soooo… POO YOU!!!!!!

  106. Realmente este es el mejor de todos los AI. que excelentes todos. Mi voto y duro es po James Durbin, fabuloso. No quisiera que gane Pia, el mejor de los mejores James. VIVA EL ROCK

  107. paul mcdonald is clearly the best all around performer next to haley ….stefano jacob pia need to go i hope the finale is paul and scotty

  108. glad to see Scotty still there, can't believe they wasted the save, Casey needs to go, and Paul, Jacob wow he is becoming anoying with that high scream,

    • Scotty has talent without using come ons used by many other contestants. No screaming, screeching, no funny facial expressions, no open mouth,look of "Wow am I good or what" He is a natural.

  109. I really love the following contestants:

    Pia Toscano

    Lauren Alaina

    James Durbin

    Casey Abrams

    For the last two performance I think Lauren did best.

  110. Realmente yo creo que uno de las mejores voces es Pia, James y Jacob! Mi favorito es Jacob porque me gustan las personas que pueden sostener una nota alta, tipo de película y para los que le guste el rock pues amaran a James, Pia es más clasica y Jacob igual, tiene una voz unica aunque se que no ganará, tal vez pueda tener una hermosa carrera musical 😀

  111. Mi favorito es Paul porque es diferente, tiene un timbre de voz y estilo de cantar o interpretar la música únicos. Goza cuando canta y los que nos identificamos con él nos hace vibrar. ¿Será el próximo idol? Espero que sí.

  112. my favourites are pia , lauren , hailey, casey and scotty . scotty is born 2 sing country

  113. you know I wonder if James can sing a slow song or a ballad song, cause all i can see that he only pick rock song….if he can sing ballad too ..that's a big challenge for him

    • what maybe im amazed isnt a good power balad song? and he slayed it. at least hes tried more than 1 style. ps youtube while my guitar gently weeps by durbin before you say he cant sing slow

      • Ony two contestants could potentially sing any style (country, rock, jazz, etc..) and completely pull it off. James Durbin (see the You tube video mentioned above) and Lauren Alaina. Several other contestants are gifted in their comfort zone, but are limited in styles.

  114. I would like to know who was voted off this week.there are 2 people I did not get answer from the first email

  115. Sharon, Thia and Nihema (not sure how to spell her name) were voted off. Paul was in bottom three with them.

  116. I LOVE PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is the best and I miss Thia SOOOOOOOOOOOO much! I'm scared paul is next!

    • Casey is to much of an attention wanter- Wonder what he'll come up with tonite to want attention


  118. In response to Susan (Apr 4) the judges tell all the AI contestants that they are good because they ARE. What better judges than people who sing and have made it to the top?? It's been very hard for me to vote for my favorite ONE, because I think they all are great performers (in their own ways). As for my opinion of the judges selcted for this year's AI, I love them! I am glad Simon jumped out. YUCK…I hope he does not return to AI as a judge EVER.

  119. I always watch American Idol every year!! Love it, but Ryan Seacrest has really been Rude and annoying this year! He was really was an embarrasment to Georgia when he made fun of Stephano's mother's cooking! I think she should have sued Ryan for declamasham of character! It's not just me, everyone is saying if Ryan is on there next year we are not going to watch the show!!!! Honesty is the best policy, so if you want good ratings next year get John Stamos to host the show!! Thanks!!

  120. honestly, i don't like scotty the way he sings cause i don't understand the words he says, it's not clear.

    so boring cause it's one style only.

    I like james the way he performs . GO JAMES DURBIN MAKE YOUR NIGHT OUT..GOODLUUCK BOY and have FAITH….

    KEEP COOL…..

    • honestly- youre weird- GOOO SCOTTY

      get use to it I cant believe u are saying u cant understand words that he sings and u are praising james-DUHHHHH

  121. Scotty is my winner. Cannot wait for his CD to hit South Africa! Everytime that boy starts singing, he gives me goosebumps! He sings from the heart and soul…THATS wat music's all about!

  122. Scotty has got a lovely voice… and also charisma on stage. I wish he could win…

  123. I would like for Jacob to sing Brandy stella award winner sing,he raelly need to get back into the competition,more of him.Thank u

  124. My two favorites are pia and was thia, it was a mistake for her to be voted off. pual is good but thia should have stayed

  125. Hi, Scotty and the Alaina chick is our favourites. Hope one of them can win the competition this year.

    Also, we can't wait to buy their cd's in Australia

  126. Paul MacDonald, I think it's a different singer and trot out so do not worry if you leave the competition because I'm sure you enter a label as soon as possible

  127. I love Casey. I think he is so creative and have such a powerful voice. Everytime i see him singing makes me feel very happy because is rare to see someone with such energy and corauge to do new things and to try new performances.

    I see American Idol just because of him. Keep rocking Casey

  128. Okay here's the deal say what you want about James but the first time I heard him I said this guy is the one to watch. He's going to surprise everyone. Nobody has the ability to make you really feel the emotion that he's also feeling. He's got it, that thing that makes you just stop, look, and listen, whether you like him or not. He's different and he's real. So you just hide and watch!

  129. James is my favorite for so many reasons. His vocal range and stage presence are amazing. After him, I like Scotty & Lauren.

  130. Pia is doing so awesome ~ she is my #1 pick to win it all. Love Scotty also and my husband loves Stefano! Good luck to them all! Would like James better if he wasn't a screamer. Quit watching last year every time Adam Lambert started the screaming. Just not my style.

  131. My favorite is Stefano –my hope is that he will kill it tomorrow night and move himself up!

  132. i hope scotty macareedy win this american idol im voting for him .i just love the way he sings i belive he can be a great country keep up the good work .n ill keep voting for u.

  133. Scotty, Pia, and James are my favorites. Pia's voice keeps reminding me of Streisand. She's great; that type of singer doesn't come along every day!

  134. so when they gonna make scotty try to sing something different? i mean come on they push everyone else why not scotty cause they want him to win and he cant sing anything but country. motown week what a joke i hear motown i think pop blues soul and i hear another country song. the first time they make him go outside his comfort zone (like they ask everyone else to do) he would bomb.

  135. I am very excited to hearing Scotty sing rock and roll. Knowing that he is a fellow Elvis fan makes me love him even more. I am so excited. Go Scotty!

  136. Absolutely LOVE listening to Scotty, Lauren and Pia in that order. Pia does have to kick it up a notch getting tired of the ballards, she needs some variety. Scotty just keep it up you're doing great, Lauren believe in yourself as much as we believe in you, fantastic show.

  137. Lauren,Scotty,Pia,and James are my favorites.

    … please send Jacob, Paul, and Stefano home already!

  138. I have loved Haley from the begining and I am so glad she is doing better in the polls. Good luck to every one, this is the best season so far!

  139. All due respect for scotty but I can't see him winning. Or I would never say he should win. All he sings is country and there can't only be country. He definitely has a unique tone, but as far as I've seen he cannot adapt his tone to every style.

    Pia's voice is amazing, she can hit very high notes but, again, she always does the same stuff. I can't picture her for uptempo songs and you can't always play the same songs…….

    Haley, however can adapt her beautiful voce to any style and she can do whatever she wants with it. High, low, rock, ballad, you name, she'll do it.

    So… i say GO HALEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  140. I really like Casey and hope he is the winner. I really sorry to see Thia go she is also very good in my books .

    • Yes, CASEY can be winner. I also so sad to see NAIMA. I wished she can climb to second last round but ………….

  141. Casey is my favorite this year, I'm so glad the judges used their save, this is the first year that I will choose to go to see their tour. Casey Rocks!!

  142. pia is #1 she is perfect in every way. she has the

    perfect voice.who ever is telling her what songs to sing,should be telling her to sing up beat songs.she could sing anything.she is a winner from

    day one.she has the perfect package 100 %.

    • That upbest song is what hurt her! And personally, I think they messed up somewhere, Pia should have not gone home, Stefano

  143. They are all exceptionally good but I only see one idol in the bunch and that is James Durbin. Go James.

  144. James from the first time I saw you sing in the auditions until tonight I knew you had it. I absolutely love your voice. Tonight's performance was what it is all about! Passion, intensity and love from your heart. I am with you all the way. Yeah! James! The next "American Idol".

  145. I really think that Pia will be the winner. She has the whole package and has what it takes to be the winner. GO PIA…..

    • i think that 2 for me paul its the only unique voice on this season 10.

      i can hear a full cd from hem and never get tired.

      james all i can hear its hem screaming!!!

      Pia no personality.


  146. Scotty is in my books the winner. His natural ability is stardom. Tonight's performance was like listening to Elvis as he was in his day. You are the pride of the American dream

  147. I don't really like Pia she doesn't have personality at all. like tonight i know vocal was ok. but she sings there just like a robot there was no feelings. no showmanship and i still hear that ballad tone of her voice. specially that vibrato tone of her voice was so annoying.

    • I agree, huge Pia fan but tonite she stunk! Have not been a huge Haley fan but girl rocked the house. She is in the game now.

  148. I am so torn. This is the best group of talented artists ever ! I just love Haley and could watch her do a whole show. I love Scotty for that great country sound and deep voice. I also like Pia, Paul, Jacob and Casey.. Although I liked their performances, Stefano and Lauren and James are my lowest three.

    • My Bottom three would be Stefano, Lauren and Jacob. Wow HALEY ROCKED! Pia little boring better step it up girlfriend.

  149. hey whats wrong with you scotty is the best and he will win just you wait and see that boy can sing anything

  150. hey whats wrong with you scotty is the best and he will win he can sing anything he is so good

  151. I just love scotty, he is so good and adorable. If he doesn't make it as American Idol, i know he will make it as a country singer. I watched country awards the other night and know that soon we will hear scotty on there. Love you

  152. I think Scootty can not switch his country voice but I like him.

    I prefer JCOBB.

  153. Scooty can not switch his country voice but I like him.

    I more prefer JACOB and CASEY.

    • No, sorry! I would have to say James, Scotty and Hailey. We have seen Lauren before, she is just like Kelly Clarkson,,,,,She will make it big…

  154. i think casey should go he playing his hospital stay to the limit. if he was sick we like to know what happen no one knows but he did to pretty good last night but scotty still is the winner in my eyes james he was ok but i can not get into all the screaming he does pia was great laura was also but i wish them all good luck in the furture they have and on the show

  155. Stage performace is also key. Sound is what keeps you interested. So combining the 2, Stefano,Paul, and Casey are in the bottom 3. Who is in the final 2 will be Haley and Scotty.

  156. scotty is the only worthy contestant to win am idol title for 2011. consistently on top, totally original. there will never be another singer like him. can't say that regarding any other singer. he is an all american kinda guy as well. he will be truly successful and country and rock are strongly coming together with hollywood included in the mix.

  157. Haley cannot sing and thinks she is all that. Her attitude acting like her sh** dont stink makes me hate her. Love you James and Casey!!!!

  158. Haley thinks she is all that and she is terrible!!!!! Love you Scotty, James, and Casey!!!!

  159. Pia out??? I am done with American IDOL. I am no longer watching this show. Stefano should have gone home or Jacob. PIA was the best singer on this show.

  160. I Love Scotty and always Scotty, because he have great voice ever, keep singing country…

    <3 U Scotty…

  161. My read on the finals is as follows—Scotty will edge
    out Lauren it will come down to Scotty and Haley and I,m praying for Haley to win it all.Shes sexy has a very good voice and her delivery is soo nice to the eyes and ears.I think she is a shoe-in.But I thought Pia was gonna do it all.All I can do is hope Tom H

  162. My favorite is Paul! He has a style of his own and honestly, his style is what we need more of! tired of hearing about getting out of comfort zone.. Scotty has never once sang a song that is Rock, nor hip hop, etc. ITs all folk, so why isn't anyone telling him to get out of his comfort zone??

  163. I agree, I love Scotty, but I do not understand why they tell some artist they want to see something different, they want them to push themselves, they want them to find who they are when they are singing the same stuff and others, they say we love that you know who you are. I really just do not think Jennifer and Steve are very good as judges, in the beginning I liked them, now they are a joke, they just tell everyone how great they are.

  164. Cause if u watched the very first show he told them straight up he was going to stay himself–GOOOOOSCOTTTY

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