American Idol 2011: Top 12 Choose Cheesy Ballads That Don’t Work

To say I’m disappointed with last night’s performances of the Top 12 for American Idol 2011 is an understatement.  The song choices didn’t work for the majority of the contestants and the mixes they put together for them didn’t sound good.  They had the vocals higher than the music and it came across way more karaoke than necessary.  And turn the gosh dang reverb down!!!LOL  They use it way too much and way too thick.  This is not the singers fault.  I’m bashing the producers here.

Way too many ballads!  Please don’t sing Tina Turner, Whitney Houston or even Kurt Cobain unless you plan on nailing it and sounding even better than the original.  I will say that Pia Toscano did well even though I didn’t care for her song choice at all and James Durbin could have picked a much better song than “I’ll be there for you” but he is still one of my favs this season. 

I’ve tried to like Paul McDonald but each week he drives me further away.  I’ll concede he was better than last week but singing Elton John didn’t do him any favors.  I thought Jacob Lusk started out a little pitchy but then he got to the chorus and he was doing great until he went up an octave.  He doesn’t need to do that with every song.  I know that’s going to be his “thing” but he could have done so much better had he just stuck to holding it down a notch. 

Casey Abrams was awful.  When I heard he was singing Nirvana with the electric bass I got kind of excited.  I thought he could pull it off but I was so wrong.  Kurt Cobain is one of the best all time alternative rock singers and I’m sure that performance last night had him turning in his grave.  Don’t take on a legend if you can’t pull it off!  Kurt had raw natural talent and he was a tormented soul so it works for him.  Casey tried way too hard and came off as screechy.  And why were there horns in the song? 

Stefano Langone gets my praise for best of the night.  He has a great attitude and he sang his butt off.  He was our shining star of the night even though I didn’t like his song choice, he still nailed it.  He needs to connect with us and not keep his eyes closed during the song.  A future Glee cast member perhaps? LOL

I have no idea who is going home tonight but my guess would be Karen Rodriguez or Hailey Reinhart.  Neither one has impressed me since the show began.  What were your thoughts on last nights episode?




  1. Casey Was arrogant doing that song

    Haley Not bad for having the flu

    Jacob Strangely very good

    James Good

    Karen zzzzzzzzzz AGAIN

    Lauren Good for being sick

    Naima Terrible but interesting

    Paul Sick too I think. Good song choice

    Pia Very good

    Scotty If I don’t look it is great!

    Stefano Great job

    Thia Disney sound track

    And now for my vote off: bye bye Naima

    • Durban, Casey,and Mcdonald ready for the road. Durbans wife even didnt like it. It is tobad he is not as cute as he thinks he is. Casey is not a good example for anything. Scotty good but needs a little more up and attam songs. All in all not a good nite that includes the judges

    • If these contested don't find some style, originality, creativity if won't make a diffence if they win. It was incredibily boring. Judges need to be a little more critical. They can sing but you need a little more than that.

    • casey just cam out of the hospitable! though he shod shave his beard…

      pia great agen

      nd james 2

  2. I think the two most likely to go will be Naima & Karen. I agree there are too many ballads, but we really don't know what songs they have to choose from. I happen to think Haley has potential and I think she handled the lipstick massacre very well.

    • Haley not bad as a singer but she doesn’t have stage performance to go with it,she looks the some every week so far.Potential maybe but stage potential she has none sorry.

      • She has more stage potential than all of the other girls and most of the guys. she actually moves around the stage and does her thing. Randy and Jennifer are totally hating on her and trying to influence the voting for some reason.

      • I agree with stacey0128 that Haley does have stage presence, although, as with all of them, it could use improvement. And what she really has, which is lacking in most of the others, is pitch. I haven't heard her hit a bad note, and my ears are really hurting with some of them (Naima, Jacob, Karen, Paul, etc.) The judges criticize Thea for singing the same thing every week and urge her to branch out; but, when Haley nails totally different genres, she is accused of not knowing who she is as a singer. What is that all about?? Obviously the producers (and hence the judges) want Haley gone, but I'll take that beautiful voice over "stage presence" (hello, does anyone remember Lee Dewyze early on??) any day! You go Haley!

    • What I have noticed this season is that they included the "producers" to help the contestants – but these producers are making things worse… The arrangements in the songs are not working… These people will cause great singers to be eliminated from the show – very sad…

      • I agree with you 100%. Jimmy Iovine and Co are not doing them any favors. I wish they would go back to the guest mentors format like when they had, like Harry Connick Jr. Can you imagine what he could do with Casey and Haley? I think it would be awesome!

      • Definately agree. Not a big fan of there work. They are butchering the songs and the contestants voices with their "method"

      • I totally agree!!! I loved the guest star mentors. They were so much better than this jimmy guy who is giving them crappy advice

      • marta, you are right. The producers are not helping the contestants and are making things worse! It's all their fault. Why not leave it like it used to be with a mentor to mentor them instead???

  3. I think Casey was absolutely terrible. My teens were horrified that he "butchered" a classic Nirvana song.(their words) I like Naima but didn't like her performance. She won't last long.

    Who do I hope leaves? Karen, Haley or Casey.

      • Naima, Casey, Paul, and Karen

        should be the next in line to go hom

        unless they really improve

    • To be honest out of the 3 I'd keep Casey,yes maybe the song choice for him last night wasn't the greatest but over all he pulled it off.Haley not bad as a singer but she doesn't have stage performance to go with it,she looks the some every week so far.Naima she has again the voice but needs more help on how to use it,over all it was not her best.

      • To be honest I didn't care for any of the song choices, way too many ballad songs, playing it safe. Casey is still my favorite even though he should of kept with his blues/jazz…but he took a risk unlike the other contestants. Naimi sounded the worst.

      • are you kidding me!!! thia and pia are exactly the same every week. they haven't moved ten feet all together on that stage since the season started. they just move their hands up and down and smile more. Haley is out performing them every time!!! I hope that next week she comes with a strong ballad and show's everyone that she is just as good and better than the other contestants

  4. My favorites: Scotty, Stefano, Pia, and Lauren.

    I like Haley but her voice is still very young!

    I have always listened to american idol once it gets to the top 12. Main reason is that I will hear them on the radio and very rarely see them preform on tv. So my favorites are people I didnt want to turn the station from.

    • What is with the judging?? Hayley is trying to show her versatility and getting dumped on by Randy at every opportunity… Lauren – they keep telling her to mix it up and not put herself in a box… Can somebody please tell me how the contestants are supposed to know what they are supposed to do – other than sing?

      • I totally agree Ken!!! They (except for Tyler) is totally praising everyone for their versatality and then says to Haley that he doesn't get her. She has been consistant with her style since the beginning. She always sing the song her style and not a copy cat act. someone please slap Randy and Jennifer for being haters!!!

  5. Still loving Paul. In fact I downloaded his song from I Tunes and am listening to it as we speak …. for the fourth time this morning! (One reviewer called him an 'acquired taste.') I don't expect him to win, but he's still my favorite. While the live performances maybe didn't work as well as they could have last night, the recorded songs are very fun. Besides Paul, I ordered Pia, Scotty, Stefano and Thia from last night – definitely no James or Casey, but I did download their songs from last week along with those from the above mentioned. I'm pretty sure this 12 song compilation is going to be a favorite playlist. I suggest you check out the studio versions before making a final judgement. (Remember, download proceeds are contributed to help the people of Japan.)

    • Paul is the wosrt! Don't think anyone has had time to acquire him! The judges did a terrible job picking contestants this year! Not overly impressed with any of them!

      • I totaly agree…..Paul has a gimmick just like senjia remember him…yeah most of us will because he could not sing but had the gimmick. Hope we all learn with Taylor Hicks gimmicks this year. And vote for the best singer and not gimmicks or funny dance moves. as for the judges????? I have message for Simon….HELLLPPPPPP! If I hear anymore of the smae nicey nice form those judges I will screammmmmm

      • Paul is getting annoying with his smile and dance. It is very painful to watch.

    • Naima won't go home yet. She has judge support. And if voted off, she just might trigger the save, which I for one would not like to see.

    • I think it highly unlikely they will save her again. She had her second chance with the wildcard entry. A third time would be crazy. I for one really wishes they would give it to her,(since I sadly agree with the majority that she is going home), but again, I'm not gonna hold my breath over it.

    • I totally agree – I like Haley's voice, but she needs to do something to connect. Niama definitely needs to go even before Karen. I liked Niama's story and hoped she'd be good….I'm very dissapointed. Her voice is all over the place and she seems to be trying too hard.

  6. "in my own opinion"

    my early top 6 : lol 😀







    the rest will be going home lol 😀 😀 😀

    • I mostly agree with this list, though I'll pick Stefano over Lauren… Actually, its hard to pick the top 6 for me…. I like actually like Lauren. 🙂

  7. Casey – Why??

    Haley – was ok

    Jacob – Needs to stick with gospel

    James – Love him

    Karen – sounds good in English or Spanish but seriously needs to pick one and stick with it. Even last night she said she wants people to see she can sing in English and of course changed over to Spanish.

    Lauren – 50/50 with her last night

    Naima – still not sure how she made it on the show

    Paul – like the raspy voice but ummm no

    Pia – great talent for a little girl

    Scotty – love the country boy!

    Stefano – not only is he absolutely gorgeous, but he has what it takes. I'll pick him up any day.

    Thia – Did a good job too.

    So for me I would say the bottom 3 are:

    Casey, Naima and Karen

    As for who goes home tonight, I hope it is Karen or Naima and neither one deserve the save.

  8. This is a singing competition and the best vocals are being put out by Thia and Pia(sorry for the rhyme)

    Everyone else' vocals are sub-par, IMO. It just depends upon their song choices and ability to "grow".

    Thia and Pia both need to stop singing ballads.

    • tongsil, you're right. Both Thia and Pia need to stop singing ballads. The only difference is that the judges always overpraise and overrate Pia and underpraise Thia. And..Pia screams and Thia sings.

      • @anonymously yours… i pretty like your comment…i wonder why judges always overpraise pia and underpraise thia.. pia screams while thia sings… LOL. both girls undeniably have very good vocals though.

  9. I know that Casey has a good voice, but I am too distracted by the idea that he may indeed be Will Farrel punking Americal Idol. The Nirvana song was terrible.

    • Haha! Too funny. And I agree-his rendition of Teen Spirit was one of the worst performances I have ever seen.

      • Not only did I not know the song but the back ground noise was to much it is just so sad that he has been so sick like the rest of the American Idol constants.

  10. Casey Was arrogant doing that song – did not like it at all – although I really like him

    Haley Not her best for sure

    Jacob not good at all

    James Good – not his best, but he worked it – love the personality

    Karen zzzzzzzzzz AGAIN – pretty boring

    Lauren Good for being sick

    Naima Terrible

    Paul Sick I am trying to like him – I am still trying

    Pia Very good

    Scotty If I don’t look it is great! – I agree – that crooked neck shot all the time makes me hurt

    Stefano Great job – the absolute best of the evening – watch out everyine – he is in it to win it and it shows

    Thia good – but good isn't good enough anymore – she needs to take it up a notch, and I think she can

    And now for my vote off: bye bye Karen

    • @ P. Post I agree 🙂 Overall…not a good night to showcase talent. Based on performances, James, Stefano, Pia, Scotty and Lauren should be safe. Paul, Casey, Thia, Haley really need to step it up…especially Thia…too sleepy ( I would not buy her CD…I would fall asleep while driving~!!)

      Probably in the bottom 3: Karen, Naima, Jacob…who knows…anything can and usually does happen~!! 🙂

      • agree the top three have to step it up and make us want to buy the CD or they won't go to far..even with help..:)

  11. Stefano should have closed out the show..he was far and above the best of the night. Pia was not too far behind…the others were not in the same ball park.

    I really miss Simon..there is no way he would have let a number of those performances go without some serious comments. These judges need to really be honest with these guys. Casey was out of control and no one told him so.

    • I totally agree about the whole thing especially the part about the the judges and Casey!

    • I agree 100%, I think the one of the judges needs to be voted off the show and bring back Simon for accurate judging of singing talent. Randy cannot articulate a complete sentence even if Steven held Jennifer to his head. The vocals are coming from Thia and Pia, they need to get rid of Jimmy, go back to the vocal mentors.

      • Boyet, I agreed with you, except on the vocals…Thia, yes and Pia, no.

        They should get rid of Jimmy and go back to vocal mentors. These kids do better without Jimmy.

  12. Was I the only one who felt like Jacob was screaming thoughout his song. Thia has great voice but is boring. Bye bye Karen and Naima needs to go too. Not sure why she got saved. Love her energy and she puts on a show but is concictently "pitchy" dawg. Like Casey but not last night and someone show Scotty what he looks like when he sings. Love Pia but want to see her do more upbeat. Did not like Haley last night. Lauren has great voice but seemds VERY imature during conversation. I feel like they are talking to a twelve year old girl.

  13. Stefano has the energy and talent. But look what happened the last time. He did not win the popular vote.

  14. I lovedddddddddd haley! She is one of my most favorite. and she handled the smeared lipstick on her face incident very gracefully. <3 her!

  15. I love music, and music for me is not screechy nor shouting nor screaming…or whatever…i really appreciate those who have and can sing high pitch, but not to do it every week…it disturb me…I like Jacob the first time i heard him because it was really good, but this time, i knew that i will see him every week with the way he sings and he annoys me now… always screaming = not music…tonight's performance, i like estefano, pia and thia…the best for me…that's my opinion…

  16. and to the judges…be nice but not toooooo nice that you forget to judge them by music….miss Simon Cowell, he's not a singer but he knows what music is…

  17. I agree with most people. Naima, Karen and Casey should be the bottom three. Thia is a bore snore.

    Who should go home?? Naima and no save please.

    The best: Stefano and Pia are by far the best I have seen in a long time.

    Jacob should also go home; he is not that good a singer; he's a screamer. Don't like him at all.

  18. Well I am not that impressed with any of them except Scotty who has a great voice and the only one with control, though he needs to step it up a bit. Pia has a great voice also but I do not care for her. Lusk just screams and Casey is just strange. BUT….. what I am most unhappy and angry about is the fact that Steven Tyler stated he would sing with Durbin…this give Durbin quite an unfair advantage because America will vote for him just to see Steven Tyler sing with him. very inappropriate and unfair to the other contestants!!!! Shame on American Idol.

    • Well I believe James Durbin doesn't need help from anyone but maybe the music producers. James rocks on his own,Steven Tyler has talent and knows it when he hears and see it. Now as for the people that vote if they vote for James it because they to see and hear him not because of what Steven Tyler said.kudos to everyone

    • i agree Steven Tyler should not have said that, I do like James, but the Judges are not judging they are sugar coating I miss SIMON he gave really comments,

      • the 2 new judges are all learning there role on Live T.V. I agree they could be a bit more critical, but time will tell we are only into the first few weeks the tough part is about to be among us…I believe…

    • agree 100% with you about what Steven Tyler said – as soon as I heard it I thought it would give James an advantage

  19. I like Karen. I don't think she'll go far but I do like her and look forward to hearing what she's going to sing. And I like the way that she sticks with her culture and finds ways to encorporate it into her songs. That's a sign of a great artist. Even if she gets kicked off tonight, I still hope she goes far with her career.

    Naima . . . needs to go. Hailey or Lauren could go too and I wouldn't miss either of them.

    I felt like Casey screamed the whole song last night. I mean, I was excited about the song choice and the electric bass . . . but he actually came off quite angry during his song. I guess he was channelling his inner Kurt Cobain.

    James is still awesome, I don't think that guy can do wrong.

    And I am sorry, but Paul looks like Bradley Cooper when he smiles. And this "Kudos" is a lady and his smile alone has me sold on him. He could get up on stage and quack like a duck and I would watch in fascination. Keep him there, he's good eye candy.

    Pia is fantastic. She's an early frontrunner in my opinion. I could see her in the finale easily.

    Thia can go tonight, I wouldn't miss her.

    Scotty is good if you like country, which I don't. But for some reason he doesn't really bother me.

    And Jacob. My musician friend that watches the show thinks that Jacob thinks he's a woman. OK, maybe kind of harsh, but the song choice last night was – interesting. I love Heart but it was strange hearing a man sing it.

    Who'd I miss? Oh yeah, Stefano. I can never remember him. Hopefully other people can because he actually wasn't bad last night.

    Thanks for sticking through my novel of a comment. I tend to do that.

    • please clearly state "Paul looks like the character of Bradley Cooper in Hangover when he smiles"…he looks like a drunk on stage!

      • Hahahahaha, almost everybody on this blog is pissed off at Paul's hotness!!! He is ALSO an amazing singer, great voice, ORIGINAL, UNIQUE… not cookie-cutter stereotype like some of the favorite contestants of this blog. Whatever, even with a cold and a sore throat he owned that stage like nobody!!! GO PAUL, GO!!!!!!!!!!

      • I agree Paul looks uncoordinated and sloppy and unprofessional. and so what if he has a nice smile, it wont sell CD's. he has to go

        so does Naima and Casey and Karen,

    • Who knows–maybe he IS drunk! Steven looks like he found his happy pills. He should give a few to Naima-she's always crying! Karen could use an anti-depressant. Well, you get the picture.

  20. My bottom three goes a little something like this:

    Naima, Naima, and hmmm Naima ….She was horrible…

    • Well, you might like Paul for being your "eye candy", but thinking back on his "sissy skipping" I just have a feeling he wouldn't be interested in you, if you know what I mean. 😉

      • Don't judge a book, Doug. He might not be gay. Sissy skipping isn't a tell-all characteristic.

      • he might not be gay and it makes no difference if he was, but he looks like an idiot on stage and if I paid money to see someone entertain like that, I'd be mad and want my money back. or go to a comedy club

      • If you don't get Paul, go to Youtube and check out some Bob Dylan videos – choose those age relevant. That's why Steven Tyler finds him intriguing. He has his own style, unlike anyone else. I like him too. I have the Grand Magnolia album – love it! He won't last long. Not enough of us old-timers around to appreciate him, probably. Plus he is so non-Idol.

  21. I am enjoying seeing contestants take chances – so, even though Casey's rendition of Nirvana last night was a bit much, I still like him for his risk taking, unusual twist he puts to the music. Also love James Durbin. I think the top 3 are Casey, James and Pia. I find Thia totally boring…so young and such old and sleepy songs! Karen seems to bite off more than she can chew and I see her hanging on simply because she's the only one who competed via internet and has a Hispanic background. At least Naima is shaking things up a bit, but doesn't quite cut it. Paul??? Too funny. I can't see him ever winning. I thought last night's performance was painful. Who's going home tonight? Probably Naima, but if Karen or Thia go, I won't be complaining.

    • What i dont like is Randy asked Haley, (I think) what kind of singer do you want to be, because she has changed it up. but Casey changes it up and they praise him. Something about Casey i dont like, he has to go. And the judges need to be consistent

  22. I normally don't get involved with posts, but last night irritated me so. Not so much the performers, but the judges! Why or why are they praising the awful performances (i.e.- Casey, Paul)and slamming the good ones (i.e. Thia and Hailey). JeLo is definetly favoring the guys, Steven goes with whatever JeLo says and Randy- well I don't know what he is listening to. I like James and the whole overcoming his disability-but I did not think his performance was all that great last night. If it weren't for the background singers drowning him out in parts- he would have completely tanked. I don't know about you- but I feel that the judges already have their Top 5 picked and are shaping their comments and criticism to make sure that happens.I kinda miss Simon right now. So frustrating! Don't listen to them America- this is our competition to decide.

    • Outstanding post Red! I agree with you 100%.

      I just don't understand the inconsistency of the judges, just like you said.

      And yes, it does seem like they are "steering" the votes to certain ones by overly criticizing some who are doing well, like Thia and Haley. I just really don't appreciate the hypocrisy–saying "America, this is your show", etc., then trying to "fix" the outcome.

      • I just commented on the unfairness of the judges, they ask Haley what kind of singer she wants to be because she changes it up but casey changes it up and they praise him they are not consistent or fair. I appreciate the changing it up, they are new to building a carrer and are learning and should not have to decide yet. Plus I read JLo and Steven and not coming back next year. so its like they cant take it being judges.

    • Does anyone still believe that a billion dollar enterprize like Idol is going to leave the results up to the viewers? The show is a business,hence the name, SHOWBUSINESS. It's a business of ratings sellability,marketability and,oh yeah, money.Are you sure they are giving voters lisence to run their business? Watch for what it's worth–an opportunity to see some great entertainment and don't get so obsessed with results.

  23. Am I the only one that thought James was being a bit arrogant last night?? I mean that statement about "saving Aerosmith song until the finale" ?? Who's says he's going to be there for the finale?? Don't be so arrogant!!

    My favorite is Paul — he is gorgeous and will be AWESOME when he is able to sing his own songs. LOVE his voice!

    • James is very confident, and that's a REAL Rock & Roll attitude! He's not a fake rocker like contestants from other years.I love him!

    • I agree with lenell. Paul probably won't win, but he is my favorite. Love his look, love his voice and I'm looking forward to him singing his own songs.

    • They have to believe in themselves to make it to the end. He might have been trying to get Steven to perform in the finale!

    • Paul could possibly be the worst singer ever in Idol top 12. I just don't get it. It's not the raspy part that is bad, heck Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, etc., have that but they can carry a tune. He cannot. Let's hear him sing a ballad and that will be a true test of his vocal ability.

      • You want to listen to Paul sing a ballad? Look on youtube for Beatles week, his duet with Kendra. I think if he signs a ballad he will knock the judges socks off, like he did in Las Vegas.

  24. Totally agree with you! Very bad song choices, and it's really sad because even the worst one is very talented.

    About Casey, wow he offended me with that rendition it was like a mockery, he has to do something extraordinary next week to get back on good graces. You mentioned the Horns, fricking horns in a Nirvana song, that was insulting!!! I do not understand the need to add horns to every song, for me it spoils any song.

    The best was Stefano, he's been the most consistent contestant, also love James, he's got the whole package, he's so Rock & Roll, he's got the attitude and the talent.

    • Now the constants had to sing from what i have read something from the year they were born…right so let all take a back seat and see what happens to night and hope they all get to sing a song they want to next week and as for the Judges they too need a break..I would not what to be in there shoes for anything…Agree Simon was good but SImon is not on the show this year…so lets give them a chance and yes we the American people will get to choose the next American Idol they have had their chance now it is ours…Everyone have a great day and lets see what we American people thought of last nights talent.

  25. Last night some of the performance where a bit off but over all everyone tryed so kudos to the idols.My choice out of the girl are Pia,Lauren and Thia,the guys hold there own pretty much but my choice are Scotty,James,Jacob and Stefano last night was great.Watching Paul makes me laugh he has more of a Rod Stewart style and voice but does Elton Johns song what up with that Paul? He always has the some stage act every week so come on Paul let lose dog lol. over all love his voice.

  26. ..OMG..Stefano Stefano.. I think I fell in love with him tonite. He was not my favourite, but hearing him sing tonite??? change my mind. But my top choice is still Scotty. Who goes out, yea like last week it would still be either Naima, Karen or Haley.

  27. I dont think Casey has the stomach for this industry. I think he did it on purpose cause it was that awful. This season is so boring since they picked half of these kids that can not sing, zero personality or stage performance.

    My top to bottom picks.

    James – will rock every week

    Lauren – is great and she doesnt even know it yet

    Scott – is a STAR

    Pia – Good but forgettable

    Stefano – Big lil Man

    Thia – Wake me up please

    Casey – Shocker

    Haley – needs to sing Alicia Keys

    Karen – Would rather watch a commercial

    Paul – OMG how did he even make it on this show

    Naima – Won the Cry card but enuff already

    Jacob – Give me a break nasal singer and screamer Just GO already..

    • If a girl or boy can SING, stage performance matters nil. Do we need another American Idol ala' Taylor Hicks? Jumping around, all stage performance and no pipes? I saw Elton John live, if he won't sit at the piano he just stands there and "delivers", and that's that.

    • I agree with your analysis – there were better singers than Naima and Karen – I do not understand how they make it through… I do not get Jacob at all – I switched channels every time he sings – very bad… The songs are killing the performances – I am not sure who fault it is – the contestants or the producers – most likely the latter… oh well….

  28. Did anybody notice the judges turning down the perfect rendition of Thia tonight? First Randy, then Jennifer and even Steven Tyler. Now I am really angry. Others were really pitchy, all over the place, bad song choices and then some … but they hit ONLY on little Thia. Her song was nearly perfectly sang, you might like her ballads or not, but for Jennifer to talk about Thia's perfect Vibrato, asking if she's scared while beautifully blending unlike ANY of the others went too far for me. It's all SETUP and FAKE for me from now on! The winners are set. Thia has no winning chance, no matter what she does on stage. And let's face it, this young lady has simply the best voice among all of them. Last time I've checked, it's a SINGING competition. check out her rendition of "Halleluja" on Youtube.

    • You are absolutely right on that comment. She is fantastic and that song choice was perfect for her. I would like to see her try something uptempo but she can definitely sing. So can Stefano and Pia.

      • Welcome to the Thia club….we absolutely LOVE this young lady…class, pure, role-model…and absolutely the best voice in the competition…recognize the "rigs" will push for the stuff that works for driving home after a sleepy day, or exercising/dancing…but for pure listening enjoyment and pure perfection…it's THIA…go Thia go!!!!!

    • Yah,agreed! maybe this is not a singing competition anymore,this is a screaming competition!lol

      • yeah, right. It should be called Scream Idol instead. People who kept saying that Thia is sleepy, don't know the true meaning of beautiful music. They just want noise. Guess they are deaftone and have no feelings.

    • Totally agree that this is a singing competition and Thia's voice is just perfect. Angelic to say the least. I just wish that people who get to vote would take that into consideration and really vote for people who deserve to be there and not the others who simply scream and shout just to be popular.

    • Alfred Lagmay, I know what you are saying. The judges are throwing negative stuffs at Thia instead of praising her perfect pitch. Makes me sick too. Just because they don't want to hear a ballad song, they'll give her bad criticisms? I thought this was a singing competition, not a song selection competition. Unbelievable. I know. Maybe the competition is fixed. Thia has the best vocal and voice in the group and the judges just like breaking their dreams.

      • Meanwhile Pia does the same ballads herself and screams and shouts. Yet, the judges praise her instead. She is very pitchy, could even hear the screeches. Ughh. Oh brother!

    • It's obvious the judges are fixated on Pia or Stefano, but if we keep voting for Thia, maybe the three judges will eventually get it. It's a long shot. I can only hope there is a real producer out there watching and listening to Thia's talented voice.

      • Boyet, yup, obviously, the judges want Pia or Stefano to win. That is

        why they kept prasing them no matter what, whether they sang it terribly or pitchy.So, that is why I voted for Thia and only Thia the whole time, until the voting line is closed. Boy, am I exhausted, but I really want Thia to be on top because her voice deserves to win.

    • #29,Alfred Lagmay, great comment! I am with you 100%. While Thia sang the song perfectly, the judges criticize her for her song choice? There was not a single problem with Thia's singing so they find something else to criticize? Man, are they so wrong! They should be evicted. What about Pia? She was singing ballads herself. Her voice was all over the place with pitchiness and screams, and she gets the applaud? I am angry with you. That is so favorism! Just because they don't like the song choice, they criticize badly? Why don't they judge the contestants based on their singing, for God's sake! If this show should be called Scream Idol, then Thia doesn't belong there because her voice is tooooo good for them.

  29. Paul reminds me of a screechy alcoholic who's vibe is strangely sexy. I LOVE it!


    less favorite – Naima

    second place less favorite – Karen

    third place less favorite – Jacob

  31. I really enjoyed the show last night. I though most everyone did better than they have the weeks before.

    I'll do my reviews individually.

    Naima Adedapo – "What's Love Got To Do With It," I did not like this performance very much. It's one of those where I'm glad they got it over with in the beginning. I think she will be going home tonight.

    Paul McDonald – "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues," I enjoyed his performance, although I think a lot of people think his dance moves are ridiculous and wish he'd just stand still on stage, I love it. I think he's unique and putting his own spin on things.

    This Megia – "Colors Of The Wind," I love this song because it instantly took me back to my child hood, Thia did good, just not as well as I'd hoped and as much as I love the song, I wanted her to do something up beat, I think by continuing to sing ballads every week she's pushing herself further down the totem poll.

    James Durbin – "I'll Be There For You," I actually enjoyed his rendition of this a lot. I could tell he was having fun on stage and he interacted with the fans a lot. He did really well, it's the first week I really loved his performance.

    Haley Reinhart – "I'm Your Baby Tonight," I didn't think this was a great song choice. I wish she'd find exactly who she wants to be as an artist because going back and forth between three different genre's isn't helping her case. Bottom three this week.

    Stefano Langone – "If You Don't Know Me By Now," He absolutely rocked this song. Honestly, I was starting to doubt Stefano, he did SO good. I was very pleased, if he continues to do as well as he did last night, he might find himself to be a front runner really soon.

    Pia Toscano – "Where Do Broken Hearts Go," Pia is in the lead in my opinion. She has been very consistent. She did exactly what I wanted her to do this week which is speed it up, show that she can be up beat. I think what she needs to do next is take a song and make it completely her own.

    Scotty McCreery – "Can I Trust You With My Heart," This young boy is so good. He was born to sing Country music. I don't care what anyone says he needs to stick to this genre. He is a front runner along with Pia. He's honestly my favorite.

    Karen Rodriguez – "Love Will Lead You Back," I thought she did alright, and alright needs to be taken lightly. She's had very rough pitch problems. She did do better this week, but I think she will be in the bottom three along with Haley and Naima.

    Casey Abrams – "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Casey went a dangerous route last night. Man, oh, man… I was scared at first. But, he didn't completely murder the song, he actually did well. A lot of people seem to think it was a bad choice, but I think majority thinks he did really well, do I think he could get away with being that dangerous again? Hm, I don't know.

    Lauren Alaina – "I'm The Only One," This girl had the flu and she still did really good. I enjoyed her performance a lot. I think she did 100% better than last week. She is most definitely safe, and I think if she continues to do songs she can rock, she'll be safe for a while.

    Jacob Lusk – "Alone," Wow. Best performance of the night. It was pitchy, but I don't even care. He did really well. I don't know if anyone will agree with that, but he was good!

    This week, my favorites are: Scotty (will be til the end.) Pia, Jacob and Lauren.

    Bottom three: Naima (I think she'll be going home.) Karen, and Haley.

  32. I lovveee Pia!! she has AMAZING talent!! I thibk its time for Niama to go!!

  33. I do not get Paul at all. I think he may be the worst singer in Idol top 12 ever. Much worse than Sanjaya Malakar from a few years ago. Stefano was the best last night with Pia and James also doing well. Casey is good but he screamed way too much on that song. jacob is also very good but to me he sounded way out of his element on "Alone" and he should stick to R&B ballads. I would love to hear Scotty do something besides country. He is great at it but does he have anything else?

  34. I am such a Kurt Cobain fan and found Casey's performance insulting. He tried to act crazy. American Idol and Nirvana do not mix and he was overconfident for thinking he could overcome that. Kurt would be horrified with the performance. I was excited before the performance began because I thought he might just be able to pull it off. But he didn't despite what the judges all said.

    I think they continue to be way too harsh on Thia. I liked her song choice given what's going on in the world today just like she said. I like how softly she sings and how understated she is. The song was a good choice, in my opinion, given that the proceeds are going to charity to help the tsunami victims in Japan. In contrast, I hated Jacob Lusk's performance of Heart's Alone. I was excited at the beginning but he oversang it and it deserved a different mix of music to suit his voice better. I always like Pia – I like her style, her personality, her poise, her grace, her voice. Stefano is really going for it and is starting to stand out more. Lauren is back on track. Karen doesn't do anything for me. Haley confuses me and her vocals weren't good. I wish Paul would have chosen a different song. Naima's vocals weren't good at all. My predictions for the bottom three? Naima, Haley and either Casey, Paul or Karen. Of these, I would like Paul to stick around the most. I really want to see him do some James Blunt. Would like Jacob to sing a Luther song. James Durbin was smart when saying he would save a aerosmith song for the finale. This put in people's minds that he will be there and he is talented enough to make it to the finale.

    Casey's talented but I found his performance offensive and I'm sure other Nirvana fans will as well. Just for that performance, he should go home but my guess is that another girl will go home: Naima or Haley.

  35. #29…….You said it best!….For pure voice control, relaxed in their skill..ease of delivery…Thia & Scotty can go into the recording sessions right now…Thia selling easy listening to mid-row music…Scotty hitting the big country stage (NOW!). The more off-key & loud(er) performers gets the judge's panties in a wad…leaving them to criticize the likes of Thia..

    Guess Elvis wouldn't have made it with "love me tender". Wow!…what a thought!

    • Don, #36, you've said it sooo well, I applaud you! I'm both an easy listening music lover and country music fan. I could listen to their singing over and over and over again. I can't wait to even buy their cds. Talk about sleepy slow songs, then the judges should criticize Elvis too. Geez.

      You are so right!

  36. I'd love to know what the voting would have been like if the judges didn't thrash Haley, for no reason, again. It's ludicrous.

  37. Ashli Rae….We are definitely on the same page last night……but I must admit…J. Lo. was the only one that gave constructive criticism last night. FINALLY!

  38. Am I the only one who is annoyed by Pia? She has no performance skills, she just stands up there in like the evening gown and talent portion of a beauty pageant.. she does nothing to shake it up or showcase any ability to put on anything but a snoozer kind of show. She may have the best voice (or one of them) this season- but she's a stick in the mud. No personality at all!

    I like how James commands the stage but his vocals were not good last night.

    I think Casey would have done better without the base last night.. alas, it wasn't to be. I am looking forward to his next performance though.

    How ANYONE can like that thing they call Paul I will never understand. The judges just love all over him, WHY? He can't sing. He sucks. Seriously people, his imitation of Rod Stewart is pathetic at best. Ug!

    Naima- I like her but don't think he voice is trained well. She needs a year or two of intense voice training and I think she'll be awesome. It's her time to go, I think.

    James- not sure why everyone loves him either- I'm just not getting it.

    Thia- love her. She needs to shake things up though.

    Lauren- so adorable! I thought she did good last night being sick and all..

    I like Stephano but I think he needs to get a few lessons to work on control and pitch too. He's still great though..

    • i TOTALLY agree about Pia !! no personality at all.

      agreed about Lauren too.

      Argh i love Naima,dont want her to go coz she has a brilliant personality but would have to also agree about her voice -maybe a couple more weeksyet coz there are weaker ppl in the comp like haley,karen,paul and possibly jacob !!!

      loved stefano,james, thia and scotty top 4 of the night defo. Ireally like Casey too,just think he was given wrong song(for him anyway)

      rank in order:


      2)Casey ( quite possible bottom 3 ) 🙁




      6)Stefano(dark horse though)




      10)Haley ( bottom 3)


      12)karen ( out – hopefully)

      please feel free and comment would like to see if anyone agrees 🙂 or disagrees 🙂

      • Nope, mjmoon,#39, I am annoyed with Pia and couldn't stand her either. All she does is stand there, opens her mouth and scream! On top of that you are right she does look like she is in the beauty pageant. Most of all, the only thing she knows also, is moving her arm. Talk about Thia. Man! I am so sick of Pia! I adore Naima although her singing is ok, because I really like her personality.

        Casey and Paul are getting on my nerves!


    in a singing competition you need tone,pitch,control,voice ,poise and charm.

    Thia's got it all.

    she is very consistent.


    AMERICA LOVES YOU even if the judges are wishy washy and are tone deaf.

    GO THIA our votes are for you.

  40. The best singers should be able to sing and "own" any particular song they are given. These young ones are just starting out and getting to know themselves and what songs they can sing. Honestly, American Idol needs to get that producer/arranger out and get a better person to get them on track. The arrangements for all the songs since top 13 are HORRIBLE! They don't match the singer's style and voices. I don't even know why they glorify whatshisname… arranger/producer… he sucks at his arrangements, and the top 12 finalists suffer for it.

  41. I suspect Jacob was trying to out-do Casey and James,and made the mistake of going over the top.I thought that Thia actually sang pretty well,but that the cymbals/drums were played too loud during her performance which spoiled it.

  42. i would say that there were quite a few shocking perfomances tonight(uk aired – 17th )

    There are a few to mension James, lauren,Thia and Scotty have a certain something about them which makes me want to want more.(final 4 ??? – would like to add Casey and Naima into this mix but after tonight i don't know now,hope so coz i really like them both,they can sing,they have personality and command the stage very well)

    There were a few dissapointments tonight such as Casey, Jacob, Naima and Haley I love all of you's but just felt something was missing in performance.

    Pia, really good singer but thats it-nothing more,no command or anything.(safe for few more weeks)

    Stefano was top dog for me tonight(didn't think i'd be sayin that anyway) He was brilliant – well done !(here to stay for a while )

    Paul – is just alright,safe for couple weeks maybe.

    At risk – Karen, Haley, Casey(sorry), Naima(sorry also) and Paul and possibly

  43. Scotty McCreery…. He can sing rockn roll too. I am waiting he sings Elvis' songs. Elvis's theme will belong to him.

  44. James was the best performer. If you go to see someone in concert you want to see a performance.

    I believe James would really entertain the audience.

    Even if you can sing, but can't perform on stage, how will you ever sell concert tickets?

    • Pat…..You said a mouthful…..He would be awesome in Concert…..and worth the money…..

      GO JAMES!!!!!!

  45. If the contestants can't hear themselves properly,then that explains why,for example, Naima is having pitch problems,but was singing well during the auditions.Scotty probably sings the way he does naturally,which is why it hasn't affected him.

  46. i love scottie tooooooooo… much from the biginning.i want to see him in final. but i think that will not be possible. i really agree with mamadona. i think jacob just screaming, screaming and screaming.thia was boring. pia was good. stefano was very good.james is good.he is a good performer and confident.paul is little bit disgusting.cassie should go even though he was sick (sorry).lauren not bad. haley,naima,karen was not good. i think karen or haley will go.

  47. It was all very boring this week none of them was any good. Even Black Eye Peas was horrible.

  48. whew! never knew how popular thia is in this thread. well, she really has a great voice. sadly, the judges kept bashing her with unfair criticisms and with them pushing her down the drain, thia will definitely have a hard time pulling it through. but with what i've been reading here, she's already a STAR (even without the IDOL-title). just keep on going thia. you have my family's votes, my friends' votes… and the friends of my friends votes… i hope this will be enough to push you a little. LOL

  49. Paul was great this week. Thia was mediocre. I didn't like Casey's song choice. Naima was better. hailey is irritating. Scottie took a chance and did a great job.I miss Simon. It's getting too syrupy. Steven Tyler is too nice. Pia should do something upbeat next week. She is getting boring.

  50. I love Paul, Casey, James, Pia, Thia and Scotty, Lauren needs to find the right song.

    The rest can go home any time.

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