American Idol 2011 Top 12 Elimination Results Tonight

Are you ready to eliminate another singer and bring forward your American Idol 2011 Top 11? Well you better be because here come the vote tallies from all your furious clicks on Facebook, auto-dialers by phone, and merciless texting!

Check out Branden’s and Ashli Rae’s rundown of last night’s Top 12 performances.

We’ll be treated to the return of Lee DeWyze, last season’s winner, but I haven’t yet heard what song he’ll be performing during his visit. The other performer this week will be The Black Eyed Peas, so make of that what you will. I’ll be making a nice break to fix a drink or a snack during those intermissions.

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While we wait to see who got the least votes before sure to share your American Idol predictions on who is going home and then vote in this week’s poll below.

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  1. My predictions for the bottom three




    Haley is safe and so does karen

    Naima will be sent home…..

    then, i think they won't be giving the chance to naima to stay in AI…..they would still reserve it…..there are many other more deserving to get that chance if ever they were eliminated 🙂 love your blog

    • WAKE-UP CALL! Listen up you naive sheep that are doing the blog vote above. The general public America will not be led by the nose by the hypocritical judges regards Haley–She is American Idol material! Period!

    • i think only one is safe from the botton three! and two of them went home! SO BIG DEAL ! and my fave in the top

      10 or 12 is


  2. my top 5 will be scotty(love the boys voice man hes got his own little fan group here in northern wisconsin) pia, james stefano,and lauren and paul tied.

      • Scotty will be around for most of this competition if not the winner He is honestly the best singer in the whole bunch. Even if u dont like country music face it-he is really honestly the best of them all. Some really good ones and some really awful ones that shouldnt even still be in this tghing but SCOTTY is ther best and I do not pick country as my best tyoe music so NO this is not why I am just being homest The boy has a voice and it is fantastic great super farout the best whatever you want to call it-MAGIC!!

      • I agree. He sings the same stuff every week, and his voice is so monotone. All the other contestants can sing just about anything if they chose to (wish they would!) Can you see Scotty singing Heart or Bon Jovi?

      • @Lisa Yes. I can imagine Scotty singing anything from Bon Jovi's Blaze Of Glory CD.

      • YEAH I can really see SCotty out doing a lot of them on there singing against them in other tunes-JEALOUSY killed the cat Scotty is BY FAR the best be real people. SCOTTY MAY WIN THIS THING AND HOPE HE DOES At least he dont get up there and act all stupid

      • i agree i feel like if he doesnt mix it up someway…. eventually by the 8th or tenth week he will just sound same same week week in week out and it will be boring… particularly if the other contestants really up the ante and step it up a notch and really push the boundaries….

    • Atta girl, JUDYWELLS!! Get rid of the whole mess of 'em. Judges, too! Send them home, too. No, wait–send Steven to MY home first. And that Seacrest dude. He's starting to get on my nerves, too. Let's have a new theme song while we're at it.I say we start all over.

  3. Is it just me or does Jacob just scream high notes that aren't even close to sounding right on. Why do they think he can sing. I can get up there and scream also.

    • I agree I don't like Jacob cause of it and James was just as bad along with Casey last night….It is Ok once in a while to do a scream at the end, but when it is every song you just get tired of it. Scotty won't make it cause there are a lot of people out there who are not country fans and will vote against him just cause of that….

      • Adam returns? I was sick of that scream, although unique, that I did not even watch season 9 at all!

    • Totally agree with the screams. However, I think he sings better when he doesn't screem. He really just looks and sounds like another Adam Lambert, just a worse version of him.

    • They are my best picks too! I love Scotty’s voice.. I love Stefano’s choice of songs and the way he sings.. I love how Thia plays with her voice.. and I just love how Lauren rocks the stage every time she’s on.. Oh.. Great people.. Great music.. <3

      • Those are my picks too. I love the golden voice of Thia…Im sure she will be a dark horse…

  4. I don't know this show well enough yet to know what kind of influence the judges have on the public. I hope not a lot. After all, Steven tried to convince us that Naima was great (no offense…I really love Naima as a person). But interestingly, that Web site that shows phone call busy percentages showed Casey at the bottom. Not sure how accurate it is though. I think America is still into Casey, even if he had a bad performance. Besides, if he were voted out, the judges would save him. But as long as Thia is safe, then I'm happy.

  5. By the way, what does Matt have against the Black Eyed Peas? They are so hot and energetic right now and will certainly wake up an otherwise very sleepy show.


    WOW1 He blew the other constants out of the ball park. What an exciting preformance.

    WAY TO GO Stefano !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Totally agree! He did things with that song that sounded so professional. He deserved the wild card pick!

  7. Naima, Jacob and Haley will be in the bottom three but I think Naima is going home.

  8. My top four are: Casey, James, Paul and Jacob. Though I have to admit that Stefano did a very good job last night. I hope all of them get a record deal. I think Naima, Karen and Haley will be in the bottom three.

  9. Paul is my favorite. I love his voice and can listen to it without getting annoyed. He doesn't try to scream, try to hit crazy notes…he is just himself.

    • Oh boy it is a singing contest not who can be the most different contest. I think Paul can not sing he is a gimmick act! Not saying he is a bad guy. But didn't we learn a lesson when Taylor Hicks WON!!!!! We all will never forget Sinjaya because of the gimmicks. Enough with the gimmick performers! Let's see some real singing win on this show!

  10. This year's talent is amazing! My favorite is Scotty but Stefano comes a close second. I could do without Naima (?.

  11. For that Haley fan who said I should do one of these for Haley (I did one like this for Thia last night after getting annoyed with the judges):

    JLo: Hey baby.

    Haley: Hey baby.

    JLo: Baby, you look so beautiful tonight.

    Haley: {Batting her eyes) Thank you.

    JLo: I mean, Stefano is cute. But you. MmHmm.

    Haley: Uhm. You know I like boys, right?

    JLo: Baby, you seemed kind of stiff up there.

    Haley: Maybe it's because these pants they gave me are a size too small.

    JLo: Maybe. But I think you need to not think when you move.

    Haley: Huh?

    JLo: You know, don't think. Just flail around in any random manner. You know what I mean?

    Ryan Interrupts: One second. Haley, I'm sorry but revenues were down this quarter and we had to use that cheap lipstick on you. Let me wipe it off.

    Haley: Did you really just lick my face?

    Ryan: Well you've got it all over you. Here, let me just wipe…

    Randy Interrupts: Ryan, we're not on the radio. People are watching. It's live TV.

    Randy Continues: Yo. Dude. Here's what I'm saying. You keep doing different styles and different genres. I need you to pick one and stick with it.

    Haley: But didn't you just tell Thia to do the exact opposite?

    Randy: Who's Thia?

    Steven Interrupts: Hey, you know? Sometimes the music falls a certain way that the moon can't comprehend. And that's what you have to feel.

    Haley: Huh?

    Steven: I'm just saying, I want to hear you sing like Janis Joplin.

    Haley: Janis who? Dude, I'm 20 years old.

    Steven: Ok, but come out here and sing some blues for me.

    Haley. But I'm not a blues singer.

    Steven: I don't care. I want to hear some blues.

    Haley: Ok guys. Thanks for nothing.

    • Thanks. This is the one I had posted for Thia (I love Thia):

      JLo: Thia, are you nervous? Because I sense issues with your vibrato.

      Thia: Vib-what?

      JLo: Vibrato.

      Thia: What does that mean?

      JLo: I don’t know. I heard Mark use that word.

      Thia: I vibrate my voice when I sing. I thought that was the mark of a classy, high quality singer.

      JLo: Why would you do that? I can’t do that.

      Thia: Because that’s my style. I’ve been compared to Adele and Michael Jackson because of it.

      JLo: Well, lose it when you come out next week.

      Steven Interrupts: Yeh, that would be really special.

      Thia: What is your problem?

      JLo: I don’t have a problem. I’m just saying, you should sing more like Stefano.

      Thia: Why would I want to do that? He sucks.

      JLo: Well he’s cute.

      Thia: Well I’ve been writing music since I was 6.

      JLo: Seriously? You write your own music? Who does that?

      Randy Interrupts: Yo, dog.

      Thia: What did you call me?

      Randy: We’re just saying. Show more variety…like Pia and Scotty do.

      Thia: But you just trashed me last week for jazzing it up. You said you liked the beginning best when it was softer.

      Randy: Uuuhhhhhh. Steven What did you think?

      Steven: I thought it was special. You and I are going to do a duet during the finale.

      Thia: You guys are idiots. I’m outa here. Thank you Ryan.

    • ROTFL!!!! This is great…just great. Keep it've got them down pat! Hilarious.

    • KL….I felt that J. Lo gave very constructive criticism last night…I don't know what happened to Steven (whats in the coke that they are drinking?) Randy… Randy as usual…

      • These may have been unintentionally skewed towards JLo because those were the things that jumped out at me. I wasn't trying to focus on her. It's really just satire about all of the judges based on what I saw.

    • Thanks KL, I was that fan that requested the Haley edition! Well done again! Let me know what you think of my "Cheerleading Echoes" I'm posting on this blog further down (probably number 50 plus or minus depending on time delay here). I'm confident you could make some witty additions to my protester rant genre! (your satire genre inspired me).

      • Oh my god, you do not want to hear me sing. Though I don't mind doing my Bono impression in the car.

      • Ok, I'll watch Karen again later and post something. I'm on the west coast, so I am trying to avoid these sites until I get a chance to watch the results. Stay tuned…

      • Illume, sorry your idol didn't make it through. But I posted your skit with her anyway. It's under the latest blog (the summary of the results show).

      • You know what? Here's a better copy of it here (I tweaked it a little from the other page):

        Randy: Yo! You were kind of rough in the beginning. But you came around. I liked how you pulled it together. I mean, I wasn’t doing jumping jacks or back flips or whatever. You know, I wasn’t high-fiving you the way I like to do when contestants walk by me singing. In fact, I was pretty much asleep. But welcome back.

        Karen: {Smiles} Thank you.

        Steven: I love it when you’re seduce-a-licious. You know…when you break into your ethnic-what-it-is-ness.

        Randy: Steven, what on earth are you talking about?

        Steven: I don’t know, man. Just work with me. Hola. Agradable. Como se? Donde esta el tarro de galletas?

        Karen: I speak English you know.

        JLo: I’m so glad you fought your nervousness like that.

        Karen: I wasn’t nervous. I was kind of having fun.

        JLo: No. You were nervous baby.

        Karen: No. I was just trying to add some sex appeal to it.

        JLo: I like the way you fought that nervousness off. {Darts head around} You were like Uhm! Ahh! Ooof! Ruff! And that’s why I loved you.

        Karen: While you’re doing that, can I give a shout out to Nick?

        JLo: Listen baby. When you’re feeling all scared like you just were, you don’t even have to sing.

        Karen: I wasn’t scared.

        JLo: Just do what you want to do with the notes. It doesn’t matter. You can sing it however you want. Professionals don’t sing those notes if they’re not able to.

        Karen: Ok. Are you sure? Because I thought this was a singing competition.

        JLo: No baby. Just throw us some attitude and that’s all you need to do.

        Karen: Ok thanks. And Ryan, don’t forget to hook my sister up with Nick.

  12. 1. James

    2. Casey

    3. Stephano

    4. Scotty

    5. Lusk

    6 Pia

    7. Lauren

    Haley will be going home tonight..not because of the lipstick malfunction, just because she is boring and has not progressed.

    Definitely a boy winner this year…all the boys rock…

    • i agree with haley about randy's comments. "Randy make up your mind!! what do you really want! please be consistent on your comments!"

      • They want to see different things in the contestants and when some one does, its like I think you really don't know who you are. What???

      • yah…Randy you must be consistent with your always say consistency with the contestants, you must be consistent as well…OMG

  13. Haley and thia will have to be the next two that leave, Haley is very boring and Thia good but still has alot to learn alittle boring as well

  14. She may be hot no one is saying her look arent good, just that she just doesnt have it to be the next american idol. so process of elimination my bet is on Haley and Thia

  15. 1) Pia

    2) Lauren

    3) Scotty

    4) Thia

    5) James

    6) Paul

    Going home tonight should be Naima, but it might be Haley. I think Haley really can sing, she just needs to find that right song, and she could blow us all away. The same with Thia. I wish Lauren could of done Alone last night instead of Jacob. That was horrible.

    Base off of last night the bottom three to me should be:

    1) Naima (should go home)

    2) Jacob

    3) Haley

  16. SCOTTYY! is the sh*t, the boy is fine and has a great voice and can sing country…good luck and i hope you stayy! xoxo

      • I personally know Scotty-You are gona have to eat those words when you hear him sing other types of songs hey-he can sing many others besides Country-Theres gona be some talkin on here bout it when he does-The Boy can sing!!!!! I'll be the first on here to choke ur words be ready Ur gona flip out hes gona win this thing

    • meagain

      I agree!! I personally don't know him but my sister in law does and he has the most talent. His voice is in perfect control and pitch, never do you hear any imperfections. and he is truly a good person and is not fake at all. I completely agree. I thought he did GREAT with the beatles song. I do not really listen to country much but I would buy his CD any day. He may turn me to country. His voice is incredible. I can't wait to see what else this guy can do.

  17. You know I was thinking that the Top Ten get to go on tour for one year. Looking at the final 12 you could see how great it will be for the top ten tours this year. Having said that, I think and hope that:

    1. James and Pia

    2. Scotty or Stephano

    3. Paul

    Make it to the final three

  18. Matt…..I totally agree with your predictions….As usual I loved James (my Fav), Stefano really stepped up to the plate last night…….I think we are the only two that didn't like Casey….but I thought he was over he top with that song and did not do it any justice……If Paul of Karen go tonight I would not be sad…..

  19. WOuld Like big favor A very close friend birthday is the 22nd of March could Casey Please tell her happy birthday tonight it would make her birthday very special her name is Shawna just mention from Ray and she will know it's her thank you very much

    • You know what? Naima is totally way behind THIA's voice…are you out of your mind?Why should she be send home?This show needs voice of THIA to actually say that this is a really singing competition.

  20. Karen



    Those are my bottom three and i think Karen should leave. Naima, i recommend to be among the top 10.

  21. I think that Paul will manage to stay out of the bottom three, I do think however that Naima will be going home for sure. I also think that Naima should go and apologize to Tina Turner for butchering one of her greatest songs.

  22. Very funny and spot on comment from this site: "Mcdonald the leprecon". I laughed and I laughed!

  23. What is wrong with Paul?? I just hate the**DANCING**

    lol, it just looks very ridiculous when he moves like that, he looks like he's drunk or something!

    i dont mind his voice but he really needs to stop doing those moves, very "PEACHY" lol

    this contest is between




    for me those are the final 3

    good luck to all!!

  24. Agree, Casey wasn't very good last night stick to what people liked about him in first place, becareful some risks aren't worth taking.

    one wants to hear screetchingp

  25. I think it will come down to Pia, Stephano, Scotty,Lauren, James. Hailey show your stuff pick more up beat songs, listen to what judges are telling you

    • Got it, I think. Haley should listen to judges that criticize her ability to sing various genres, but pay no attention to them telling Thia to branch out and take risks?!

      C'MON PEOPLE!!

      I think I get it. JLo and the girls (and hypnotized male judges) want Haley off because though they can accept her beauty and poise and politeness, they can't accept that she's also very talented–they wouldn't be able to 'compensate' in comparing against her. Guy haters of Haley?–Man up, if you can!

  26. Please look at the big picture….Scotty

    don't know what country singer he wants to be, Pia Miss USA,Haley,Naima ,Karen and Thia are clicking their heels, they want to go home. Stephano you never know what you going to get. Lauren can't take the heat, James and Jacob can sing but they need to tone it down because they can sing. The othere oops who ?

    • Sorry kiddo- Like him or not The Country boy can sing GO SCOTTY So Good!!!! Love Ya to death and cant wait to hear you sing each nite-Cant please everyone-rite??

  27. Scotty rocks so much talent for 17 years of age.

    I think he will be your next idol,hey Carrie how about doing a song together.

  28. CHEERLEADING ECHOES–otherwise known as the Naima Ballad:

    I think the other judges were so shocked by Stephen's Naima comment that they doubted themselves a bit and so eased up on their dissing of Naima. I’m hoping that today’s comments will prod the judges to give more discerning critiques next week, and may even give them the courage to fire some warning shots at the contestants during tonight’s Results show. I can hear the echoes already:

    “Naima’s got to go! Hey, hey. Ho, ho!

    Yay says Steve, but we say Leave! Hey, hey! Ho, ho!

    She’s got to go, we won't take no! Hey, hey. Ho, ho!”

    “Paul you’re lame, Get off the stage! Hey, hey! Ho, ho!”

    “Randy, JLo, Stephen too! Judge them right or we will Boo! Hey, hey! Ho, ho!

    Jacob blows and he must go! Hey, hey! Ho, ho!”


  29. OMGosh the best by far was Stefano he kind of reminds slightly of Elliot Yamin in season 5 I think it was. He does that Steve Wonder thing with he voice that just kills me every time I've loved him ever since he sang Smokey Norful's I need you know. Jacob Lusk I thought did quite well to be honest, it wasn't his best and he did fall off at one point but he brought his own R&B gospel flavour to the song. I don't about you guys but I feel his passion every time he sings he's kind of the male version Fantasia and she won the season she was in. Pia's performance was solid but not as good a song choice as previous weeks but with vocals like that I don't think any1 really cares. Lauren Alaina hmmm seriously from when she audition I thought she would be slaying everyone , we get it she's country but if she's gonna do country she needs to bring it like Carrie brought it in season 4. I think she needs to step her game up soonish! James's perfomances was solid. Casey risky but it was ok. Scotty nice as per usual. Every1 else I don't remember didn't like I guess coz I don't remember them.

  30. Very disapointed this year. With talent and judges. Theret is no competition going on. Pia and Scotty are the only ones that can even compete. If Haley gets a little more blues going on she might be able to contend. The rest can go home. No competition there!

  31. I like Paul and Casey. They have nice little glints in their eyes and they know exactly who they are. I also just love the fact that Casey's parents are in their 60's and as cool as you can get. I think it explains Casey's wonderful personality. He's self assured but humble,I think. Most important,though,he knows how to pick a good song!

    …of course,I am biased,being 60 myself.

    I do know who Kurt Cobain is,though.

  32. I think bottom 3 will be: Naima, Haley and Karen. Honestly I think Naima or Karen should go. Haley didn't sign so well but I still like her voice. I hope she sticks around. She needs some performance training.

    My favorites are:

    1. Steffano (hard worker. love his voice and singing style)

    2. James (such a great performer)

    3. Paul (looooove his voice!!!!)

    4. KC (like his multi-talent and fearlessness)

    5. Scottie (love his voice)

    6. Thia (love her voice)

    7. Pia (drop-dead gorgeous, voice ok)

    8. Lauren/Haley/Jacob

    9. Karen (getting old with singing Eng/Latino all the time)

    10. Naima (just too much the way she wears – just not my style)

    in that order.

  33. Why does everyone like screaming instead of singing? Singing is listening to beautiful music, being able to sing along. Screaming hurts your ears, with not any melody, just noise…… Some of the finalist have beautiful voices, but the judges seem to put them down, if they can understand them.

  34. I LOVE Paul's voice, I like Scotty too. I am just TIRED to listed to cookie-cutter type singers (AKA PIA!!!!!!!!!!) And I think tonight will be the end of the journey for either Haley or Naima.

  35. Its so unfortunate no one else sees Hailey's talent. I get that sometimes she's all over the place and she needs to learn control but damn, her voice is so natural and raspy it's almost effortless. You can tell she has a great range and a unique tone to her voice. I hope she makes it through and show us what she's got!! I think she has GREAT potential!

  36. I'm sorry but I can't stand watching Stefano perform. I have to close my eyes. His facial expressions are unbearable to watch. It's like he's trying too hard and it's unattractive. He's got an ok voice, which I'm hoping will only last a week or two. I hope he goes home. I bet even Simon would make a comment. Doesn't anyone out there feel the same way?

  37. Naima was the one that was saposed to go home…. She got the least amount of votes… It's on the web…

      • That was merely an online vote for those of us who read these blogs and decide to vote on that poll. It's not the real tally. However, I agree that Naima should have been the one sent home. Karen actually sang better this round.

    • Naima's performance was poor, but she is very charming and entertaining. Karen's stage performance leaves a lot to be desired and her space outfit and hair were just strange.

      • Dre, I agree with you. I think it was Karen's outfit and hair that distracted her singing. They were awful. I would rather keep Naima although her singing is not as good as others, than Pia because Naima has a sweet personality that shows. Pia has no personality and thinks she is in the beauty pageant.

    • Doesn't anyone realize America doesn't really vote,it is all about ratings, right now they will keep the consestants that are different and will boost ratings. Yes it is a reality show however, in TV there is no reality it is a business and they will do what gets ratings no matter what. I agree that Naima should have gone home but she is flashy and outgoing so she stayed and they chose to send home Karen because she is a bit too sleepy. It is all fixed (especially in the beginning). They said that they all (the judges) did not agree that some wanted to save her, but really, they were not going to waste the save on her, they will use that much later and it is all for show.

  38. I think that casey and paul and naima need to go home the rest of them can sing excellent.Karen should have not went home. James is the Best singer on there and Scotty is the Best singer on there too.

    Stefano and pia is really Good too Keep them.

  39. Wow..the judged did not Save Karen…so that tells me they already know who they plan on saving.

    Thanks Jennifer…not even you could save Karen….how funny…(sarcastic)

      • you think so that the judges planned it??to save naima? it was the people who chose karen to be vote out thats why she got doesn't do with the judges

    • yeah.. Naima was terrible! Even Casey too.. But he had a pretty good performances previously..

      • All Casey's performances seem to be the same, with the same facial expressions:looks angry.

        I used to like him but nothing special anymore.

  40. My favorites are Pia and Scotty…but Karen was one of my favorites as it was nice to have a latin american (hispana) reppin'

  41. Karen should not have gone home….and the judges did not give her the SAVE because they already have their favorite….AS ALWAYS.

  42. What! Karen was sent home over Naima! OMG! I haven't even watched tonight's show as I am P.S.T.

    Steven Tylor has a thing for her, that is the only reason she is still in the game. Way off key and pitchy; I am not a musician but could tell you that much. Karen has it going for her, maybe not as the next idol but so much better than Naima and that Lust fellow. He gives me the heebie-jeevies.

    • I agree Steven has a soft spot for Naima and thats why she is still on the show. Karen sings better than Maima !!!

      Lust turns me off with his expressions !!!

  43. Scotty is the next big country singer. Not that I am a Country fan, but that boy can sing! Some of the male Country singers are "getting old" my thirteen-year-old says, Country needs a "new man." I believe that Scotty is the Man, (even if he is a look-alike for the "Mad" magazines cover boy-Alfred E. Neuman. Take a look at their magazine and you will be amazed!

    • I love Paul too. He has a unique voice and is good for Aerican Idol..cos thats what their looking for…someone speacial and unique….Lusk sings well but turns me off with his expressions.

  44. Crazy stuff tonight!!! Karen should not have went home!! Dont know what america is thinking but Naimia sux!! send her home and keep the ppl that deserve to be there!!!AHHHH Pooorr karen!!! she was awesome!

    • Pia is fabulous……she's definitely got my vote I agree Naimia should have went home tonight – not Karen.

  45. I love the judges! As much as I thought I was going to miss Simon – I really don't. Steven, Jennifer & Randy are fabulous together. I just love Steven……he's so cool – and so entertaining. Jennifer is intelligent and beautiful……. and Randy – a wise man – and a kind one too. He can get his point across without being nasty.

    What a wonderful season of American Idol. Judges and performers are fabulous 🙂

  46. Karen step it up or you'll go home. I want you to stay your great, so lets see it. Jacob you rock.

  47. I really find it very difficult to believe that Karen had the list vote. i was expecting Naima to go home today.

      • Karen gave a good impression on me the first time and I still luv her. why did she go home, not Naima or Paul. thats unfair. she has a beautiful voice although not perfect, right? the rest of my fave is Thia, james and pia(not really). luv thia so much!

    • I think her mom waving the Mexican flag distracted the voters.. And Spanish on each every time??? Everybody doesn't speak Spanish here.

  48. i think thia did well but yes, her performance is getting boring because she's been doing the same thing. I hope she'll have the chance to read this. I think it's good if she'll try singing songs of Christina Aguilera or Lady gaga. Fits her voice. right?

  49. My fave is Thia, there is something in her voice that is so amazing! and there's more that she can show..I like the batch of the american idol 2011, they are all good! many of them are deserving!

  50. go!go!go! thia megia ill always wacth your performances…we here to pray for you..

  51. I will still have to wait to pass judgement but i do agree with all you all that naima was the one to go based on wot i learn 17 march 2011 tnx for the update anyway

  52. My favorite is Scotty Mcreery, i like his deep voice SO MUCH and i want him to win!!!

    I vote for Scotty Mcreery

  53. Wanted to say something about Lee. I voted for him last season, and I was really glad he won. Maybe I just need to hear it again, but I didn't care for his song on Thursday's Elimination Show. It seemed to me to be "over-instrumentalized" if you follow. Lee's distinctive raspy sound (that I love) seem buried.

  54. I am so disappointed that Naima Adedapo didn't go off 'Idol' last night. The people got it wrong again. I wish they would judge the contestants on their singing. Naima is the worst singer of all the contestants. My favorites are, Pia Toscano, Scotty McCreery, and Stefano Langone. Much to my surprise, American Idol has some great talent this season. I like all the judges, and don't mind a little interaction with Jennifer Lopez and the contestants. She calls Casey Abrams "so sexy," and I don't see anything wrong with that. I think Jennifer is doing a great job judging the contestants this season. Steven is great.

  55. Thia you know sometimes it feels good if you explore don't just stay in your comfort zone =).. show really what you've got kid!

  56. Thia is really a breath of fresh air! She represents innocence and vocals. Please show them judges that you got it.

  57. karen's outfit is too way off from the song she sang the other night.

    I wanna see James sing a ballad next week. and scotty also needds to sing a different type of music other than country. he looks cute though.

  58. i love thia because she has good voice and very sweet girl..but one thing i hate about her is she always sang ballad. i agree with randy that she became boring to watch but really she had a good voice..i wish she could sing a little bit of R&B next week perfromance..good luck thia..

  59. Ok, so I went online and looked up Janice Joplin… Steven, wants Haley to sing like that?????? What???? I was young when she was alive, but I think you would need to be "medicated" to like that noise. I'm just sayin… Haley, disregard that advise. You sing beautifuly, and I am shocked every time you are in the bottom 3. There is a lot of diverse talent and it is very hard to say which one will be the winner. I just wish the music choices were better. I would not listen to much of it regularly.

  60. idol has always and will always be a popularity contest not a singing contest unless they change voting system. lots of teenage girls vote for the guys always a slim chance for a female winner.

    Haley Naima Thia this 3 will go in the next 3 weeks.

    • i lyk him 2 sing Lady Gaga or Britney Song hahahaha. dat wud make him relevan. Lol

  61. Scotty is the best… he was born to sing country music… today a listen at fm fenix 100.3 from buenos aires argentina, Scotti singing letters from home….. at cowboys en fm….., amazing this boy deserve to win the contest…. is natural, fresh… and authentic… a real country boy…..

  62. Scotty is so boring an overrated… I'm already sick of it. Haley is a breath of fresh air and a ray of sunshine on this show. Now all she needs to do is pick the right song. She could have her shining moment. Especially with motown being the theme.

    • Thats exactly wat i think… All he sings is country country country and you have better underated talents like stefano and Jacob

  63. i like thia megia…natural voice…quite unique and deserve yo win…be a good competeter thia….love you..

  64. i like Pia’s performance this week, Naima wasnt too comfy she just there. I luv the end part of the performance Jacob nailed it…wow

  65. Can so bod please tell tyler and j-lo they are not there to hand out cookies and tuck them in at night. If the performance was not good step up to the plate and say so. Better yet let Randy speak as he is the only one keeping it real.

    • yeah! With no screaming out loud!lol! i like nice music that dosen't scream! Keep it real!

    • OMG If she does not find something else to sing exept ballads, I will shut her off. With a voice as good as hers, she needs to get a personality….she is getting to be soooooo boring… I used to love her, but every week, she sounds the same, and every week, her song sounds just like the one she did last week. She has no personality. And its a shame..she is gorgeous, and extremely talented, but come on…how many ballads can she sing before she puts herself to sleep???

  66. SCOTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks to Scotty i like me some country tunes now!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. If anybody is wondering what happened to Paula Abdul, she never left American Idol. She never left. She changed her name to Steven and is still throwing out those insightful critiques. Thankfully there is enough talent that we can judge for ourselves and don't have to listen to an empty suit.

    • You have got to be kidding….Steven is the best judge there is..he really feels for these kids, and shows it….he loves music and is very encouraging. Without Steven Tyler, this year would be boring..Randy is the same over and over again, and JLO says the same thing all the time, too. Steve puts his personality in the whole experience. Steven is the whole show this year. So glad he came on board. Without him, I would not be watching this year, nor would a lot of my friends and family.

      • it's American idol,' not a counseling session for wayward teens. Anybody can bake them cookies, pat them on the head and tuck them in at night. If your a judge be honest and offer something worthwhile, this is not the StevenTyler show.

  68. Well it must have been a boring night for tyler last night' he didn't get a chance to run up on stage and kiss one of the performers. Please, can this guy offer anything insightful. I think not but then again he is really just a character as opposed to a performer.

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