American Idol 2011: Top 12 performance show recap – Worst song choices ever

Tonight’s “American Idol” was one weird episode. From some of the worst song choices in Idol history to all of the contestants’ parents singing during their interviews, I was ready to shut the TV off, unplug it, take it outside to burn it, and never watch TV again.

The contestants had to sing songs from the years they were born. And since contestants are getting younger and younger, this theme is no longer a  great one. Who wants to hear songs from 1989?

Oh, and did I mention that Ryan Seacrest licked Haley Reinhart’s face? Anyway, on to the recap. As always, I’ll review each performance and give them the letter grade I (me personally) believes they deserve.

In order of performance

*Naima Adedapo, “What’s Love Got To Do With It” (1984). She got off to a bad start then stayed flat during most of the song. I don’t even know what key she was trying to sing in. Tina Turner is a powerhouse singer and Naima did nothing to even come close to that greatness. She didn’t even sing the chorus. She probably put herself back in the bottom after redeeming herself last week. F-

*Paul McDonald, “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues” (1984). I think Paul could’ve chosen a better song. When I think of Paul I don’t think of Elton John. But Paul did what Paul does. He sang in his unique voice, did his wacky dance moves and smiled that crazy-perfect smile. Love him or hate him, he’s got people talking and he’s got star written all over him. I like Paul, but tonight, I thought his performance was just OK. B-

*Thia Megia, “Colors of The Wind” (1995). I was ready to hurl when I heard she chose this song. But Thia made me really listen to this song for the first time. And I liked what I heard. I’ve not been a Thia fan before tonight. But tonight, she wasn’t only an effortless singer with a super smooth voice, she actually sang to me (and by me, I mean us). I felt it for the first time. I do hope she steps it up next week. I’m tried of all the sleepy songs! A

*James Durbin, “I’ll Be There For You” (1989). I thought the arrangement was terrible. But James is such a performer, I quickly got over that. He made me want to sing along. But if you really get down to it, it’s really about the singing right now. So based on just the singing, I’d give it a B+. But James did something I haven’t seen in a long time. He’s planted himself in the finale. He even got Steven Tyler to agree to sing with him AT the finale. That was brilliant. He’ll have people voting for him for that reason alone. So I think James is a smart one. So I’m raising his grade based on an overall package. A+

*Haley Reinhart, “I’m Your Baby Tonight” (1990). This just wasn’t the right song for her voice. And I agree with Randy. Who is she? Who does she want to be? I’m so confused by her. I still like the blues vibe we hear, but song choice is her downfall right now. She had some B+ moments but moments aren’t good enough. C-

*Stefano Langone, “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” (1989). Again, another not-so-great song choice. But who cares. His performance was absolutely flawless. Great vocals. Believability. He owned it. A

*Pia Toscano, “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” (1988). I love Pia. I think I’ve even let it slip that she’s my current favorite, but I wasn’t into her performance tonight. I want her to take some risks. While she may have fooled the judges and some of you with that arrangement, she didn’t fool me. If you stripped away the kind-of upbeat music, she sang yet another ballad. And that’s all she seems to be able to do. Step it up! Please! But her talent is still undeniable. A-

*Scotty McCreery, “Can I Trust You With My Heart” (1993). I got physically angry when I heard Scotty was once again singing a country song. I know he sings country and shouldn’t stop, but I want him to take a rock song and put a country spin on it. I was so mad! And I wanted to hate his performance, but I couldn’t. He has this weird power over me. I can’t not like his performance or that voice. A

*Karen Rodriguez, “Love Will Lead You Back” (1989). Another snoozer. Bad song choices tonight! Didn’t I already mention that 12 times? Her vocals were decent, but I don’t think she did enough to recover from her bad performance last week. She brought nothing new or exciting to the song and she’s probably in big trouble. And it was so forgettable. I’ve almost forgotten her performance now as I write this. Oh, and did anyone else wonder what Steven wanted to say during his critique since Jennifer interrupted him? C

*Casey Abrams, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (1991). Monday, I made a controversial statement when I ranked Casey as my second-to-last favorite contestant. So when I heard what he was singing tonight, I expected to love it and be able to please those of you I disappointed. I was ready to join Team Casey. But then he started SCREAMING one of the most loved and ground-breaking songs of my time. Kurt Cobain super fans are probably irate right about now. I thought it was awful. I normally praise Casey’s technical skills despite not being a fan, but I can’t even do that tonight. Like Jennifer said, Cobain had this mad intensity when he sang that song, but he didn’t scream it. He still had us wanting to listen. But Casey didn’t channel that. I even think my neighbor was pounding on the wall for me to turn the TV down. I’m not kidding. I’m sorry. But you guys love him, so he’ll be safe. Maybe I’ll like him next week. D-

*Lauren Alaina, “I’m The Only One” (1994). First of all, I have to ask: can she really not say “hell”? Did she really change the lyric from “burning hell” to “burning flame”? I HATE when this show changes lyrics. That’s like touching up a Monet painting. So disrespectful. But I can’t judge her on that. Her performance was fantastic. She completely redeemed herself from last week’s not-so-good performance. And she’s sick. That’s star quality right there. A

*Jacob Lusk, “Alone” (1987). Like Casey, I really wanted to like Jacob’s performance. I hate not liking the same people week after week, but I can’t help it. First of all, I think “Alone” should be banned from Idol. And I love Heart. But it’s just been done every single season. It’s time to retire it. I thought it was kind of weird that he was singing it anyway. Not that I have a problem with a man singing a woman’s song or vice versa. I just thought it was weird for him. All that aside, I thought the performance was once again terrible. He completely blew out his pitch at one point that even made Jennifer make a funny face. Then he jumped all over the place just like last week. He needs to hold back a little bit. I respect the power in his voice but he just can’t keep in under control. D-

And now I weigh in on who I think will and will not be safe tomorrow night.

100 Percent Safe: Scotty McCreery, Pia Toscano, Casey Abrams, Lauren Alaina, James Durbin

Most Likely Safe: Thia Megia, Paul McDonald, Stefano Langone, Jacob Lusk

Probably the Bottom Three: Karen Rodriguez, Haley Reinhart, Naima Adedapo

Probably Going Home: Karen Rodriguez

I’m not as confident with those predictions as I was with last week’s. I think Haley could just as easily go home. I also think there’s a slight possibility Jacob, Paul or Stefano could fall into the Bottom 3 (hey, it was a weird night… anything can happen tomorrow).

What are your thoughts? Who was great, who wasn’t and who is going home?




  1. Weird night indeed. No one had their best performance to date, and there were only a couple of performances that could honestly be rated as "good" ones. Pia and Scotty were both good, but not at their best. It's the kind of lackluster night that could mess with the competition and get a surprise in the voting.

    • I had Niama, Karen, and Thia as the 3 weakest performances. But Brandon is probably right on who the voting will put in the bottom 3. I don't know why people don,t like Haley I think she is great and has done awesome each time.

      I think Niama or Karen will most likely go home.

  2. After seeing all the posts from the earlier board, I was almost scared to watch it tonight (I'm on the west coast, I see it later) because I love Thia, and it sounded like things didn't go well. But now I'm psyched to see it. Thanks for the article!

    • 13.Ashton Jones

      12.Karen Rodriguez

      11.Jacob Lusk

      10.Scotty McCreery

      9.Naima Adedapo

      8.Haley Reinhart

      7.Casey Abrams

      6.Lauren Alaina

      5.Pia Toscano

      4.James Durbin

      3. Paul McDonald

      whoever wins between Stefano Langone or Thia Megia deserves it…

  3. The other day I posted a message saying that AI and iTunes should show some class and donate the proceeds from the studio songs tonight to Japanese relief. I'm glad to see they are doing so. Way to step up. Everyone should buy all of the songs tonight!!

    • yah absolutely Thia is gonna be the next american idol…AI needs Thia so that voice quality at last be with this show

      • If thats is so, can some here explain to me why all 3 judges nothing but criticized Thia tonight? Especially Jennifer? I mean, none of the other 11 contestants got beaten up like Thia. Why is that so?

      • Probably so, but she sure is interesting to look at.Certainly a unique style.

      • well i have to disagree on not being able to pick three good ones my 3 that i choose is pia an james an scotty those three are running a very close race in my books i dont care what anyone says thry did an awsome job tonight

      • I'm right there with you tenisaddict, except I can probably come up with more than just 5. Lots of "so what?" tonight. Hoping next week brings at least one "KNOCK-YOUR-SOX-OFF" performance. I plan on wearing shoes just in case!!!

    • It was definitely not her best, but I still think it was an interesting arrangement. And she has stage presence. Barely hanging on, but I guess I still love me some Naima. Viva NAIMA ! ! !

      • Im with you. Its something about her that keeps you wanting her to be there. But I don't know, after last night she might be headed home.

  4. Oh also, some of the song choices were ok, but the arrangements were really bad. Played too fast, and I think that affected many of the performers, and cause them to be pitchy and all over the place

    • The word 'pitchy' is so vague and used by Randy because he really can't tell if something is sharp or flat or even off key. They throw this word around like it actually means anything, but it doesn't.

    • Yeah, I can't stand PITCHY either. Tired already of YO-DAWG,BABYand OFF-THE-CHART.Lose the cry-babies and call the Dr. Half the contestants are unhealthy. Love to watch though. It's like the accident at the side of the road—you have to look!!!

  5. Pia, Lauren and Scotty are all just so boring. None of them bring a personal sound or unique interpretation to their songs. Scotty may have a "perfect" country voice but it is perfectly boring. Give me Casey, James and Paul — they are all making it their own — even if the weekly "assignment" doesn't happen to work out perfectly for them — I truly hope they all go on to major careers after Idol.

    • I think Paul, Casey and Jacob definitely will. They're all remarkably talented and unique. It'll suit them better to not win this restricting contest.

      • And the worst is vote night — the only upside to Casey's illness last week is that he did not have to participate in the embarrassing and pointless vote night "sketches". There has to be a better way than performances that remind one of "Up with People" and that awful:

        you might be in the bottom three — sit here —

        no, you're safe — sit there —

        no, you're out — melodrama.

      • Dancing with the Stars has a pretty good way of doing the results show. They just call different people one by one throughout the show. The further it goes, the more people have to sweat it out. But none of that sit here, sit there, all of you be happy because you're all safe.

    • That's definitely a good point Ayshford. I like Casey, James and Paul for their creativity and the excitement they bring, but they just didn't sing nearly their best tonight. Be unique and interesting, but to an extent it's still about the singing. But ultimately it's whatever voters like. Heaven knows that America often doesn't vote for the most talented.

      • Everyone has their own opinion of what is great and who is talented. That is what makes the world go around. Isn't it wonderful! I disagree with Ayshford that Pia, Scotty and Lauren are boring. I think they are wonderful. I could listen to them forever. However Ayshford, I respect your opinion. I vote Karen, Jacob, and Naima in the bottom three with a big "goodbye" to Karen. To me they are boring.

      • mandy typed this:

        "I vote Karen, Jacob, and Naima in the bottom three with a big “goodbye” to Karen. To me they are boring."

        Seriously mandy??? How peculiar that the three u think are in the bottom and boring are all minorities!!! Hmmm! Wonder why??? Jacob boring??? If he is a boring singer to you then u must be DEAD!!!!!!!!

  6. I haven't watched American Idol yet, but after reading these articles, I'm excited to watch it. Especially because there seems to be some funny stuff going on with Steven Tyler, haha!

  7. @ Branden….thank you as always for the recap. And yes, I agree…the song choices were terrible. I felt that James, Stefano, Lauren and Scotty had the best performances overall. Did not care for Pia's song tonight…but, yes…a great voice. Who should probably go home based on performance … Jacob Lusk…but like Casey, people seem to like him. I agree that Karen Rodriquez, Naima and Haley will wind up in the bottom 3. I like Haley but she really seems to be struggling and looks uncomfortable up on stage. I don't recall a theme being mentioned for next week…but I do hope the song choices will be better. 🙂

      • Rose A. – What's happening? Yes, I completely agree.

        And Branden, great review. I agree, except for Pia. Yes, she sang great, but ANOTHER depressing song?! If she was going to do Whitney, should have been I'm Gonna Dance with Somebody Who Loves Me or something way more upbeat than Where Do Broken Hearts Go? She bored me, yet again.

        Liked Thia much better last night, even though, yes, ANOTHER BALLAD, argh!

        Niama was all over the place and very pitchy.

        I actually enjoyed Paul's performance of I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues because of his lilting voice, made it his own.

        Enjoyed James' performance very much, as usual. Jon Bon Jovi should be proud 🙂

        Haley…Haley…Haley, terrible song choice, not the right key for you, you were reaching and I am soooo disappointed. Haley, you need to stick with the blues your voice can nail those bluesy and R&B songs…just not Whitney.

        Stefano…by far, my favorite of the night. I see him going far in this competition, if not all the way. He made me proud last night. And, yes, he got my vote — as did James and Lauren. Those were the 3 I voted for.

        Pia, already covered her, not saying anymore.

        Scotty, great voice but you're a one-trick pony.

        Karen…one of the worst of the night, again! This isn't Taylor Dayne karaoke. That is exactly what she reminded me of last night, bad 80s karaoke. I see her going home.

        Casey, definitely not your best, but Branden, remember, Casey was sick as well. Still, no excuse, not thrilled with this performance at all. But I bet you are still safe.

        Lauren made me proud singing I'm the Only One. There were a couple minor pitch problems in the chorus, but otherwise, terrific job. Way to step it up.

        Jacob…too shouty. I want to like you so bad, but the last couple weeks, I have not been impressed. You did good in the beginning, but then it got shouty again.

        Quick shout out to Francisco C and Phyllis G (Las Vegas)! How did you guys like last night's show?

        Hey Branden, what kind of filler do we have to fast forward through…I mean, sit through tonight? 😛

    • Branden, also agree with your bottom 3. That's my bottom 3 as well. If I were to pick a guy in the bottom 3, it would have to be Casey, but off one bad performance, I can't do it. So, guess it would be Jacob.

      • @ T. Not one of James' best performances…but still, it would make Bon Jovi proud. I just love the guy…Yea…a lot of talk about the bottom 3 being girls…I would also choose Jacob…just not that into him…I am also curious about what type of "fillers" they will have tonight. Have not heard of any guest performances…So, I guess we will have to listen to Ryan's ame old inane questions…How do you think you did?, What could you have done differently? Did you agree with what the judges said?…and on and on. Really do not think there will be any kind of a save tonight…too early in the season. I would just like to "fast forward" to next week to see if the song choices improve any. 🙂 Hello to Phyllis G., Sherry K. and Angela. Thanks to Phyllis for sending me Adam L.'s newsletter…Love it, love it… 🙂

      • Rose can you, or Phyllis G. tell me how to get ADAM'S news letter? I would LOVE to have it too?

        Sherry K. 🙂

    • Hi Rose A, You sweet Lady. Remember when Simon was there and either he , or Randy KEPT saying BAD SONG CHOICE! ??? Have you heard that maybe one or two times this year. I did not like any of the song choices! And some of these kids are young! So they need to be told~Hey dude you are picking bad song choices!!! Hi Phyllis G. Sherry K.:-)

      • Rose, PS. How about Bon Jovi's "Wanted dead or alive " for James Durbin? I didn't like his song choice. Hugs, Sherry K 🙂

  8. I like Casey. To this point, we have been exposed to his musical skills and I find him most entertaining. Tonight, I got it. I liked his performance. True, I might like him better with the string bass singing something like "When Sunny Gets Blue"; but, like a great pitcher, he got me to swing at his change-up. BTW, I just got a hearing aid today . . . take that into consideration 😉

  9. Is it just me, or is this the most boring season ever? Even the best of these (Casey, Pia, Scotty, James and Thia) can't hold a candle to other seasons' finalists. I say send everyone home and get a whole new batch of contestants. And judges.

    • It is likely just you . . . from my perspective, it is middle of the pack. Usually, I only like a couple of the finalists . . . this year there are 5 or 6 that I have come to enjoy. Most of those I know who watch the show seem to feel the same way. Keep watching, someone may grow on you. Yours in music, Melloblue

      • Lies, very few people from season 9 finals would be able to compete with the top 24 of this season. I still can't believe someone as crappy as Lee DeWyze actually won, but I guess if you look at his competition it makes sense. Is it Season 7, not really, but at least they can sing this year (for the most part).

    • Are you on crack buddy? This is the best season yet, are you losing your hearing?????

      • Have to say this is EASILY the most engaging and interesting season in a very long time.

      • Agree with you both. Last season sucked so bad. And the stuff with the judges was terrible. I think all the judges were tone deaf last year.

        I was thankful I finally went to a top 10 concert the year before, when Adam won (yeah, I said it, because Adam was the REAL winner of season 8).

      • Nope, not on crack and not losing my hearing. I was a voice major and have quite a good ear. That aside, there are only 2 contestants this season who have consistently sung on pitch every week. As for last season, if you think Crystal Bowersox was not more talented than any one of these singers, you have no ear at all. She never ONCE sang off pitch. And yes, Adam Lambert was one of Idol's best ever. The best talent rarely wins on this show. As for the judges, they are not judging or critiquing. They are coddling and patronizing, which is not helpful in the least for the growth of the artist.

      • I think I like you duey! Except, I think James, with the right song choice, could hold that candle.

  10. Branden, I'm pretty much on board with your critiques this week except Paul McDonald whose scratchy nasal voice makes feral cats horny. He is awful, but you keep sending him love every week. Man crush maybe? Or perhaps it is the Crest White strips? He sucks, but he'll be safe because he is odd and once again VFTW's top pick.

    You nailed Jacob Lusk. Overly stylistic soulful singer who can't carry a tune. People will vote for him though because idol voters love style over substance.

    Thia may as well sing lullabies, she is so sleepy every week, but what a lovely way to be put to bed. Beautiful voice. I was a little less enchanted with Lauren than you were, kind of wandering from the notes, but still better than last week.

    The battle of the top two went to Scotty this week. I thought Pia was off her game slightly but still looked hot doing it. These two were still 5 lengths ahead of the rest of the pack though.

    Most improved contestant went to Stefano, who lifted his game and gave his best performance.

    I think Paul and Jacob both deserve bottom three, but they won't be there. I like your three of Karen, Haley and Naima, but I think Naima will get the fickle finger of fate.

      • Primo, spot on regards bottom 3–especially Paul. Even though he got the hint and minimized his foolish (swishy) dancing, his vocals are weak. Granted, he had a scratchy voice–but I state boldly now his voice will be virtually the same for whatever weeks he has left. Are you reading this Brandon? Though you (Brandon) are correct regards Naima's F-, and she won't get any better. She seems tone deaf! (I admire her confidence though–as misplaced as it is). I agree with both of you though regards Jacob–He's got pipes, but he can't control it consistently.

        And why are the judges and you all so critical of Hailey and Thia? They have beautiful voices and personas that America loves! (though I simply place them in the middle). And speaking of America, as talented as Casey is, he'd better learn that America will not keep voting for Grunge songs.

  11. I went to the live performance of this episode, so I can say for certain that Karen sounded Great. Naima and Casey sounded HORRIBLE, and so did Paul. Scotty, Thia, Karen, Pia, Lauren, James, and Stefano. Naima is probably going home due the fact that she's not very popular, and American Idol is basically a popularity contest, but Casey will stay because all of the girls went WACKO for him.

  12. I think THia has a great voice but she has to choose upbeat songs next time. it tends to bore the audience. anyways still great job!!!

  13. Are you kidding me, Stefano was great and Paul and Casey are so unique, Pia is very consistent and good, it is going to be hard to name a winner this year but the ones names plus maybe Haley and Jason and James but there can only be one winner and I hope it gets down to Casey and Paul but that Stefano is a dynamo.

    By the way I loved the parents singing they are all so proud.

  14. Personally, I loved the baby pics, the parents singing and talking. Sometimes you show your youth, Branden. We moms and dads love that stuff! Each was pretty short, so not so hard to endure for anyone who hates that kind of thing.

    I don't like contrived themes, be it "pick a song from your birth year" or whatever. I'd rather they picked ANY song they thought would let them show their skills. Isn't that what an artist would do who would like to make it in the music business–market him/herself in the best possible light?

    Top tonight for me: Haley.

    1. Haley. I just don't get the criticism from the judges and from you, Branden, about Haley. I thought she was classy and outstanding tonight. I loved everything about her performance and was stunned by the judges' lackluster critiques. Personally, I thought she was best tonight! I sincerely mean that. And after listening to her parents, I can see where she got her musical interest and tremendous talent.

    I was really disappointed in these 3 tonight:

    2. Naima. She was pitchy tonight(I think I finally get that term) but I didn't know what was wrong until the judges talked. Interesting mother!

    3. James.

    4. Casey (what WAS he thinking?) I liked his parents, too.

    Didn't care for, but wasn't surprised at:

    5. Jacob (where is the voice we first heard; why all this emoting? It's a real turn-off). His songs don't come off natural like breathing, as they should. Instead, it feels like you're witnessing a nervous breakdown with each song. I got a kick out of his mom and his reaction when he was nervous about her singing.

    I was really happy for:

    6. Stefano (very strong and so likable; I think he could win this on his niceness–let alone how cute he is) The judges are loving him. I really, really liked his parents, too.

    7. Lauren (she did a very good job!) And the judges were good to her tonight.

    And these contestants did well, just not over the top:

    8. Thia (exquisite voice, but I agreed with the judges; she was my #1 pick in the tryouts; I LOVED her tryout song and attitude–haven't seen it since, though) She needs to be more contemporary. She can do it! I got a kick out of her mother. I take it her dad is not a big talker. 🙂

    9. Karen (much to my surprise, she was good; I still think she lacks power) And I still don't count her as one of my favorites. Sweet mother!

    10. Scotty (yawn . . . song didn't do it for me) Country is not my thing, but I do think he can sing. Obviously he has great parents; he's a good kid.

    11. Paul (who moved to my #1 pick shortly after the real competition began) Since then, he has been losing me, little by little. He did well (even considering he was having throat/voice issues tonight) because I DID like it. It was just not in the outstanding range. Terrific parents, too.

    11. Pia (yawn) I admit she can sing, but I'd never buy any of her music. Something missing in her for me. Loved the story about her and her grandfather, though. Sweet mother.

    Who I think is in danger:

    * Naima (I think she will be the one out this time.)

    * Probably Haley, too, though I will be kicking and screaming if that happens. Makes no sense.

    * Jacob. Though he didn't scream this time, I think the past is going to catch up with him.

    • I'm with you on Haley. She's got it all … great voice, great versatility, great looks, great style, great attitude, great presence. I don't get why people don't like her either. I thought she was the best. She shines in pop, R&B, country, and she'll be great at everything else. She's dazzling and I hope people realize her for the jewel she is. There are a few other really good ones, too, but she needs some recognition! She's got it from me!

    • Pitchy – It means black or covered in pitch. Really, thats it. If you are a fan of a certain reality TV show in the good old US of A, you may think it is some cool insider term of the music biz that means something like "singing off key".

      But not really. It is a made up word coined by a couple of doofuses that couldn't think of a more professional-sounding way to say, "You didn't sound particularly good to me when you sang that song."

      Yo dog…blah blah blah…not my favorite song selection…blah blah blah…kinda pitchy, but it was a'right. – Urban Dictionary

      • lol. This is funny. If you look at Merriam-Webster, they don't even have a music definition for it.

      • Randy nees to explain what he means when he says "pitchy". He should tell them where they are too flat or too sharp give them some guidance they can learn from.He is the music producer, and America is tired of hearing "pitchy"

      • Pitchy just means varying the pitch unintentionally and wandering from the actual notes intended, either sharp or flat, in ways that are discordant to the ear. Perfect pitch means hitting the notes and is one of the things that distinguishes a good singer from a bad one. Pia, Scotty and Thia probably have the best and most consistent pitch.

        If someone is very pitchy, it essentially means they can't carry a tune. It may not be in Webster's Dictionary, but it is an excellent way to to say that musically, the person didn't control their voice and it sounded bad.

        Good pitch is the foundation upon which you build good singing, but is not everything. However, without good pitch as the foundation, all the style and phrasing in the world won't carry it as Paul, Jacob and Naima keep proving.

      • In other words, it's just a nicer way of saying you can't carry a tune? That's kinda what I thought it was.

    • Naima wil be going home because America does'nt like her, she is different, and they are not used to seeing dreads. This year has the best talent ever so it's hard to pick a winner, the producers handle that not our votes.Pia played it safe again but the judges said it was different?

      • Um, excuse me but it's not her dread locks,it's her dreadful voice. Flat, no overtones, sometimes off key. She's still IN it because she is different. Colorful and cute… but that's not what this contest is about (mostly).

    • Good comments HP, especially regards Haley (see my end comments to Primo above). She's so adorable and talented–she gets criticized for her variety when usually they tell others to "branch out", yet the judges fault her for "not knowing who she is"? Glad to see others–sharon below–getting it also.

      What else; Jacob don't like, but I'm a Paul hater also.

  15. Don't agree with everything but I have to say the 5 people you have in your "100% safe" category are right on and in fact,even though I'm not a fan of all of them,I believe they'll end up being the top 5.

  16. Bookmark this post, because you heard it here first. This is the week that Thia breaks out of that shell and starts pushing the envelope. Those of you who saw what I did tonight know exactly what I mean. After taking what I thought was unfair criticism (especially after Steven praised Naima's disaster and JLo was giddy with Paul despite his ridiculous performance), Thia seemed so confident in how she answered the judges. And then when they got on the "vocal coach from hell," Thia stood up for her and mentioned the nice things the camera never caught. She showed some confidence I hadn't seen before. Thia gets it. She knows she's not only a ballad singer, and I'm willing to bet she comes back with something amazing and powerful next week. But I still have a huge problem with the judges. I like that they are trying to coach Thia to push the envelope. But I hate the way they take their personal favorites (Naima and Paul) and make them something they are not. Go Thia…it's all yours for the taking.

    • OK, now I just watched James. I like this guy (my 2nd favorite), but he was just awful tonight. Sure he got everyone into it. But his voice was awful. In week 1, while Randy was praising Thia's voice, he said "This is a singing competition." If that's true, then why is he all of a sudden criticizing Thia after what an awesome vocal performance, and singing praises for James after an awful singing performance. And why is Steven making promises to sing with James in the finale? There is something seriously wrong with them. Or maybe I just don't understand this show (my first year watching it). Time to go watch more performances. I'm sure I'll have more to complain about later.

      • I agree with you KL…I just cant simply understand what the judges wants…or do they really know what they want to see? I love Thia…everything about her…

      • The judges are starting to confuse everyone again just like last year.Haley stepped out of her comfort zone after they told her to, then they criticized her for doing so, while Pia tricked them into believing she was doing something different.

      • About Thia and the judges …dead on man. dead on target. She has not a chance to win this with these biased judges. What a SHAME! When Thia sings, I have goosebumps man. No other contestant generates that. Am talking VOICE, if appearance would matter, I would become biased too, she's most beautiful.

    • I'm back. So now Randy tells Haley that she is all over the place with her genres and needs to hone in on one. All while having just told Thia that she only has one and needs to show others. Make up your mind.

      • I totally agree! He's so all over the place with his critiques, he needs to be more consistent with what he expects from contestants.

      • Yes…Totally agree…He seems acting as a devils advocate here…playing the bad guy….I just hope Thia will not buy into it…I know Thia is a great threat to others and that is their way of trying to pull her down…

    • Pia just sang the same song for the third time. My eardrums hurt again from her screaming. The judges thought she was great, despite having just told someone else that they needed to come out of their comfort zone.

    • Karen just sang. I didn't understand a thing Steven Tyler just said. I can't watch this anymore (good thing for DVRs). It's 10:00pm anyway. Time to dial the number for Thia 500 times again. I'm glad it's toll free.

      Everyone don't forget. Buy all the songs on iTunes tonight, even if it means buying your least favorite singer (I'll even buy Pia's). The money is going to a good cause.

    • exactly. for a reason thia was now singing in front of the audience and really trying to connect. 🙂

      not really a fan of stefano. he sings his hearts out true. but no, not gonna buy his cd ._.

      also disappointed with casey 🙁 im a big fan of nirvana.

      and hats off to you branden for giving out plausible predictions as usual.

  17. I agree on most of it, and I'm a pretty big Naima and Haley fan. Haley, poor girl had lipstick all over her chin, she needs to step it up if she makes it through to next week. I am a huge Naima fan, and have been since her first audition. She had her chance, though, to prove she deserved her wildcard spot, and she hasn't done that (though her studio version of Umbrella is pretty much amazing). The night goes to Thia and Stefano. I still don't understand everyone's obsession with James. He did pretty good last week, made HUGE improvements and I thought if he'd continue doing that I'd learn to like him. He took a bagillion steps back tonight. Back to terrible singing, awful hair, and wtftail. I agree with the bottom 3, I hope Haley makes it through, but she needs to definitely bring her a-game. This isn't jazz night at the local cantina.

  18. Casey needs to sing some Otis Redding, Scotty might have a chance if he breaks into a little George Jones He stopped loving her today and I mean he should tear it up. Paul is so unique but reminds me a little of Rod Stewart Haley has a great sound but she should blow them out with a little Etta James. Jacob is always blasting it out. James is starting to win me over a bit. Stephano needs to sing Motown and update it for today he would slay the rest in the competition.

    • great suggestions….I really like (what I'm imagining) is your musical flavor and roots.

    • Jumpin Jax Flats — Yes, Francisco said the same thing last week as well, Casey would kill some Otis Redding. Paul is like Rod in a way, but I think I like his lilt better than even Rod Stewart. Yes, you also nailed it with Haley and Etta James. That is also the direction I would like her to go, not Whitney. Whitney's music lacks the soul of blues.

  19. The judges were pretty hard on Naima tonight, and rightfully so. They pretty much said she was terrible w/out actually saying it. Thia did very well, I agree they didn't give credit where credit was due.

  20. I'm still so pissed the judges didn't keep Kendra that I can't vote for any of the girls. The best female performer of the season is watching from her couch in Nashville. Insane. Go Casey.

  21. I completely agree with your predictions!

    My favorites of the night were Scotty, Paul, and Jacob.

    Scotty’s choice was perfect for him, arguably the best one he has done thus far, because it wasn’t too slow, and it showed his range. You can watch it over again at

    I really wish Jacob would decide to stick with the type of song he did tonight. His Gospel songs are becoming a little boring, and I was in complete awe after his performance tonight!

    I have always been a fan of Haley, but she didn’t make my list tonight because I worry, like Randy, that she hasn’t yet found who she wants to be. When you’re this far in the competition…that’s more than just a little problem.

    I love how Paul is so quirky, but I would really like to see him do a more recent song. If he did, I think it would get him a new set of voters. I find myself voting for him just because I want to wait and see if he’ll pick things up!

  22. pia was'nt good tonight at all branden was right she fooled the judges and some audience.besides she's always boring i don't like her style at all. if you close your eyes without looking at her while shes's singing you will find out how bad she is. people like s her just because of her looks .Thia was better than her i can listen to her voice all day long. so mellowed very cozy. and looks very descent also.

  23. Overall, Stefano did quite well but I must repeat my mantra again. For me, if you have the voice it trumps all else. The voice among this group of 12 belongs to Thia. If she sang, "Mary Had A Little Lamb", I would probably feel the same. Maybe someone will whisper "Grenade" in her ear.

  24. I agree with most of what you said except for Thia, she has a beautiful voice but some of the words that she sand were not pronounced well; eagle was eel and wolf was woof, just to name a few. She has an amazing talent and hope next week she picks it up a bit. This is such a talented group but some really need to step it up. Can't wait till next week, to see what they do.

    • I think what makes it weird is her unusual phrasing of words… just think of Alanis Morissette..

      • Very true. She's cute and can really sing but probably not my favorite. I love Paul, Casey, and James. My favorite girl is probably Pia, but that seems to change week to week.

  25. I think I'm the only one watching this contest with some of the comments made. Haley Reinhart sucks! She really does, her voice is horrible. Every week I listen to her and she wears something very nice that I love looking at, than she open her mouth, and I'm like ugh she sucks.

    • I think you're way off with Haley. How can you possibly think her voice is terrible? How old are you and are you male or female?

      • Haley is brilliant, it's sad that people can't see it. She's too sophisticated for a lot of people I guess.

  26. It's very obvious the favortism that Jennifer shows to Karen, but I'm going to be honest she suck there were better girls than her. She does horrible every week, but constantly make it to the next round.

  27. All the contestants sing better than I do – although I can't sing I can still hear! With that aside – this is my first season watching Idol. I'm thinking American Idol is not just about singing – it's the whole "package" we call a performer. So the person must not only sing well, but also grab the audience and connect with the audience on an emotional level. One of the best ways to connect with the audience is to be true to yourself when you sing. So there is a technical side to singing and an emotional side.

    Haley, Alaina, Thia (and even Pia with certain songs) – they just don't "grab" be at all. I don't feel an emotional connection when they sing.

    Naima is technically awful – and this blurs the ability to develop an emotional connection with her audience.

    Stefano, Casey, the gospel singing dude, and even Paul and James – they aren't technically perfect – but they can make an emotional connection with the audience. They "perform" in addition to just singing notes. The gospel dude is on the "edge" with me – I think he has amazing talent, but he hasn't learned to control his voice and he screams too much. If he learned to reign it in a bit more he could go places. Plus, I don't know if he wants to sing mainstream music (as opposed to gospel) so in some ways he is constantly reminding me that he doesn't want to be an American Idol – he wants to be a gospel Idol.

    The Spanish chick – she sings well – but again, there's something missing where I just don't "feel" it.

    The way I see it – you have to get the technical aspects of singing a song downpat (no pitchiness or out of key). Then, you have to select songs that are within your technical range and that allow you to show off your talent. Then, you have to perform that song with the utmost inner emotion. Then, you have to move, sway, smile, swagger – and do something emotionally and physically to connect with your audience.

    • Wendifer,

      The "gospel singing dude" his name is Jacob Lusk, and the "spanish chick" her name is Karen Rodriguez. You are entitled to your opinion but be respectful and not rude.

      • Cool your jets PM. There's nothing rude about "Spanish chick" or "gospel singing dude". That's plain talk. Are you sending in daily comments to Randy Jackson saying "Dog", "dude". When any of the judges make fun or "racy" comments or use slang language–are they really being rude, or is it called free speech without having to be so politically correct. I don't think you meant to be rude yourself, but you weren't being "gracious" to a fellow blogger–especially a new one trying to join in on the conversation! (BTW, can you tell I'm new at this also–oversensitive, too long replies, etc.?)

  28. Thia should do upbeat next time, she has the voice and the appeal to pull through this competition

  29. I'm I the only one that think paul gets drunk before he come out to perform just food for thought.

    • He's hoping we'll keep talking about his "moves" and ignore his vocal cords–that though they're pleasant when healthy–that normally only sing 3 songs at church each week or in the shower (almost everyone can sound good doing that as long as they're not putting their v-cords through hours of practice–which an AI competition requires!).

  30. I like stefano performance I didn't think his vocal ability was good enough for the song, but you compare them to actual singers this is a contest. Tia is awesome she have my vote, and I can see her going on to be a great artist as well as Naima. I know she take a lot of criticism in this contest, but as a artist her vocie is better than probably all of the contestants. She just haven't been able do her.

  31. I do not understand why some of the contestants don't s-i-n-g. I thought Paul was goofing around, Casey and James were speeding, and Jacob was screaming. Naima was so off key all throughout. I did not like any of their performances. I listen to the show for the singing, so I loved Thia, Pia, Lauren, Scotty, and Stefano. I also liked Haley and Karen. Mostly, I want to be moved by the song, the singing, and the singer. If someone is going to scream at me or jump around, forget it.

  32. i love thia! she has a great singing voice and never goes out of tune.

    i don't like karen. i feel that she's only in the top 13 because of j lo.

    pia has a great voice, too. but she bores me. she does not look fresh and natural to me with all the make up on.

  33. If it wasn't for Stefanos and Pia….I wouldn't be watching the American Idol. Jacob Lusk, I can appreciate your pipes but one of most important parts of being a singer is not to contort your face like you're in pain while singing! Scott, got to get versatile and not hold you head to one side all the time (annoying)..Lauren, you paled in comparison to Melissa Etheridge…she is a soulful singer…you were just "singing" the song. Please, every week is painful!

  34. I believe that Naima does not have the means to make it through season 10's compettion. Even with last week, I did not believe she kept the song in grace with Alicia Keys. I must give Paul credit. for the past couple of weeks he was boring me, but tonight, I felt a little more of his passion. I belive Thia is not ready for season 10 either. I could not hear her two weeks ago, and last week, I fell asleep. She is retreating to ballad songs. I believe she will be a good candidate for Disney songs. Even though Casey was off pitch a few times, I loved his energy and his positive aspect to take risky songs. When he sang the Nirvana song, I could not stop head banging. Scotty and Lauren did outstanding with their country songs tonight. I give them thumbs up. Scotty's deep voice is very soothing, and Lauren was able to get her A game back from last week. James, Pia, and Jacob were outstanding. My guess for the bottom three will be Naima, Thia, and Hailey. It is a toss up between Naima and Thia for which one will be voted off.

  35. Karen did good tonight. Most song choices today were bad but she did alright. I agree she needs to step it up a bit but she was better than Pia tonight IMO.

  36. I can’t agree with you on everything tonight Branden, like I did last week, so here are my thoughts:

    I don’t understand. I thought when the top 24 performed that this was going to be a very good season. I personally don’t think the theme was that bad of an idea, in theory it could’ve been fun. But Good Golly Miss Molly, what the heck happened? There had to be much better choices for songs…..even in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s!! And the judges should be more honest with themselves, to put it politely. Anyhow…….

    The Boys: Stefano did great, James as well. I think/hope James will go far. As you say he was smart tonight. Scotty proved he has more range than originally thought. Paul should stick to more Rod Stewart or Ringo Starr like songs. Casey could’ve sung Nirvana better but he certainly couldn’t have finished it any worse. Now Jacob. The absolute worst of the night. Idol certainly needed Simon tonight for some perspective. I was cringing and Randy was praising. I don’t get it!

    The Girls: I liked Lauren a lot. Pia was good. Thia has a clear voice, like a bell, but picks boring songs. I like Haley and wish I could place her higher but it wasn’t her best. I am very, very sad to have to place Naima low tonight. If she’s as pitchy as the judges say then I think the song producers should bloody well be telling her when she’s rehearsing. She’s good, she’s amazing and she didn’t make it on to the show being “pitchy”. I hope the voters realize this and give her at least one more chance to prove she’s the great entertainer I’m sure she can be. Karen, I'm sorry, I find her forgettable (and I did, I had to look up her name).

      • Hi Brandon, hi Mary. I'm making my reply to Mary via Brandon sort of because maybe he has inside knowledge on these blog things. Totally agree with Mary's comment that we could really use Simon's perspective or piercing, truthful criticism. We could solve 75% of our perplexions regards this year's judge comments.

        On that note Brandon, couldn't you get word to Simon to put up some sort of blog site like yours to offer up that perspective for all of us. And this isn't a diss on your comments at all. I love the way you summarize and critique–though I don't agree on 25% say (with Simon I'd disagree on 50%). But, I'd love to hear him put some of the awful performances in their place, and not say they're great the way Stephen Tyler does because he's afraid the audience will boo him. And I do really like Stephen though.

    • PS: In retrospect, not one of them sang like they should've. They should've put their heart and soul into their song choice and sang like it was their last night. For one of course, it was.

  37. for all the Paul critics, give him a freaking break for goodness sakes, he was having a damn cold or something and didnt have his full voice.stop bashing talented unique individuals. its not like he was in the Naima bracket where she was absolutely horrible.

  38. I am Thia's #1 fan. Is this what just happened tonight?

    JLo: Thia, are you nervous? Because I sense issues with your vibrato.

    Thia: Vib-what?

    JLo: Vibrato.

    Thia: What does that mean?

    JLo: I don't know. I heard Mark use that word.

    Thia: I vibrate my voice when I sing. I thought that was the mark of a classy, high quality singer.

    JLo: Why would you do that? I can't do that.

    Thia: Because that's my style. I've been compared to Adele and Michael Jackson because of it.

    JLo: Well, lose it when you come out next week.

    Steven Interrupts: Yeh, that would be really special.

    Thia: What is your problem?

    JLo: I don't have a problem. I'm just saying, you should sing more like Stefano.

    Thia: Why would I want to do that? He sucks.

    JLo: Well he's cute.

    Thia: Well I've been writing music since I was 6.

    JLo: Seriously? You write your own music? Who does that?

    Randy Interrupts: Yo, dog.

    Thia: What did you call me?

    Randy: We're just saying. Show more variety…like Pia and Scotty do.

    Thia: But you just trashed me last week for jazzing it up. You said you liked the beginning best when it was softer.

    Randy: Uuuhhhhhh. Steven What did you think?

    Steven: I thought it was special. You and I are going to do a duet during the finale.

    Thia: You guys are idiots. I'm outa here. Thank you Ryan.

    • You wish. Thia was Boring. Pia is gonna win it and maybe some day when the little girl had matured she can win it.

      • I don't know…maybe Pia can win it. If her voice holds up. I don't know how much screaming one can do without losing your voice at some point.

    • Very nice KL! You could do the same satire with how they treat Haley also. I like the way you "hear" between the lines!

      • Thanks. I'm the first to admit I'm all about Thia. I love her and always will. But I'm not a judge on the show. These judges need to learn to be consistent across the board instead of just picking their favorites and praising them through thick and thin.

      • Coondog, I just posted this under a different article. Hopefully they will let me copy it here to:

        JLo: Hey baby.

        Haley: Hey baby.

        JLo: Baby, you look so beautiful tonight.

        Haley: {Batting her eyes) Thank you.

        JLo: I mean, Stefano is cute. But you. MmHmm.

        Haley: Uhm. You know I like boys, right?

        JLo: Baby, you seemed kind of stiff up there.

        Haley: Maybe it's because these pants they gave me are a size too small.

        JLo: Maybe. But I think you need to not think when you move.

        Haley: Huh?

        JLo: You know, don't think. Just flail around in any random manner. You know what I mean?

        Ryan Interrupts: One second. Haley, I'm sorry but revenues were down this quarter and we had to use that cheap lipstick on you. Let me wipe it off.

        Haley: Did you really just lick my face?

        Ryan: Well you've got it all over you. Here, let me just wipe…

        Randy Interrupts: Ryan, we're not on the radio. People are watching. It's live TV.

        Randy Continues: Yo. Dude. Here's what I'm saying. You keep doing different styles and different genres. I need you to pick one and stick with it.

        Haley: But didn't you just tell Thia to do the exact opposite?

        Randy: Who's Thia?

        Steven Interrupts: Hey, you know? Sometimes the music falls a certain way that the moon can't comprehend. And that's what you have to feel.

        Haley: Huh?

        Steven: I'm just saying, I want to hear you sing like Janis Joplin.

        Haley: Janis who? Dude, I'm 20 years old.

        Steven: Ok, but come out here and sing some blues for me.

        Haley: But I'm not a blues singer.

        Steven: I don't care. I want to hear some blues.

        Haley: Ok guys. Thanks for nothing.

    • KL you should apply here. or start your own AI blog. ^^ hopefully, you'll write about other contestants too 😀

      • Thanks. That's a nice compliment. I actually am a professional writer…but I write things like software manuals and professional content. I don't know enough about AI to try to write about it for real (though I'm finding the judges are starting to give plenty of material for satire!). I just started watching it this year because I noticed Thia and am in awe of her. But I have to admit…the judges annoyed me so much last night, that this morning I actually thought of launching a new blog that is pure satire about them. And I also have to admit that I'm enjoying posting to this Web site more than I ever thought I would. I love the banter that goes on here and how everyone defends their favorite to the bitter end.

      • Ha,ha to KL (sorry Rose, apparently the Reply chain has only a couple rounds or so. Thanks KL for giving us the "Haley Routine" per my request. Especially enjoyed how you portrayed her perplexion of JLo (jealous?!), and of Stephen's mumblings from nowhere but he acts like he just said something genius!

        And yes, we'd enjoy your satirical blog. (I'd try it, but I can just barely figure out how to blog here!)

  39. Why aren't the professionals helping with the song picks and creating better arrangment? It looks like they are but the blame goes to the idoletts. The professionals are really the ones to blame for the worst song picks ever.

    I think Karens going home tomorrow.

    • Yeh, I read this too. It's a competition. Why are professionals directing them and telling them how to win? Let their own talent stand for itself. But I do like that they get all of that studio experience. Especially for the young ones…it's great experience for them.

  40. I just twitted Nigel Lythgoe that i think that the show's problem is the mentor-producer Lovine. with all due respect he appears un-enthusiastic,non-inspiring,detached and kind of depressed.the song choices are bad.the singers start losing confidence.

    I suggested to Nigel to bring over, urgently, a singer-mentor like: Jamie Foxx, JLo,Alicia Keys.Lovine might be great producer but his approach is hugely different from those singers mentioned. the show is turning into season 9 because

    of lack of proper mentor. also that "coach from hell" is scaring and bashing much more than Simom Cowell on his worst day. coach, please go far far away. enroll to the marines…

    • I totally agree……I dont know if his input were correct they just let the singer do what…..he is killing the contestants that have the talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. This season is so crazy! I think this is the one time they have had a variety of unique contestants. I hope they all can make it big in the genres they belong. Casey would be an amazing singer to revive the contemporary jazz genre. Lauren has such a great voice I would love it no matter what she sang. Jacob could do some awesome choir-like performances, not sure what genre would fit him though. The descriptions go on and on! They are all great in their own way, despite their ups and downs, and I can see them all becoming something great… It's so hard to choose! I've switched favorites about 9 times.

    • Whoa! Take it easy on the happy-juice cstorm1! You're sounding like Stephen Tyler after another "wonderful" Naima spectacle! Ha, ha–just teasing, don't block me; I think we can all take a little kidding–even me, try me! (or any of your fellow blogger "protectors"?)

  42. American Idol Producers and Judges should know that the show went for 10 seasons because they use to be true to want the show is all about…Idol fans are not stupid…..We are smart audience…..So they better give mentors that can teach this contestants and put on a great performance each week…..I am about to sign off from watching AI its disappointing…………..

    • I'll never sign off!

      I think Randy is doing a good job playing the role of Simon. Jennifer and Steven at times might be a little too easy on the contestants but I like the way they're keeping it in perspective.

    • this is the first year you can not point to 3 or 4 who are very talented. You might not like them personally – but they had talent. This year you can literally not stand to listen to any of them. why the producers don't pick the songs is crazy. How many years have they said the same thing over and over – bad song choice…duh

    • You got it right – these season 10 judges are so dishonest with their judgements and opinions. They just don't like to criticize a poor performance because they worry the viewers and fans will hold it against them – and they don't want to be unpopular. But what it is doing for the show is that the contestants take it for granted they were good and continue their poor performances – thereby the quality of the show keeps on deteriorating. Why can't they be honest – and be like Simon Cowell – who although was very critical at times, his comments ensured improved performances from the contestants each time. Steven is just a "Nice Guy" who is more interested in how great the contestants look; Jay-Lo is fast becoming the next Paula Abdul although Randy is by far the only judge who criticizes a little constructively. Unfortunately the show seem to be nosediving toward a free-for-all beach party!

      • I agree – I miss Simon even though he was blunt and to the point, it was the truth and what everyone was really thinking. It doesn't help these contestants to sugar coat every critique…..they're going into the music industry for heavens sake….they better develop a thick skin or they won't make it. If the judges are ready this – Please, Please be completely honest. It doesn't help anyone with their growth if they think they're growing when they're not.

  43. Agreed with most of your assessment…except Thia. I actually like her, and I liked her performance last week a lot, which the judges didn't seem to appreciate much. This week, I agreed with Randy that she sounded kind of beauty pageanty. Beautiful voice, but maybe just lacking a little in maturity.

    My hands down favorite is James. I was/am a huge Adam Lambert fan; just couldn't watch AI last year because it was SO – BORING. James is putting the excitment back in…I LOVE it when a performer is as much fun to watch as they are to listen to!

    And I am so so glad I'm not the only one that just doesn't get Jacob. His vibrato makes his voice sound sharp throughout the whole song, and it's just not aesthetically pleasing to me.

    Lauren is my favorite gal, hands down. Pia has a beautiful voice, but I oh-so-agree with you that she seems to do the same thing week after week.

    Great commentary, I really enjoyed your take on things.

    • Oh, and yes, the song choices were AWFUL. I guess if you had your formative years in the 80s and early 90s, like me, listening to those songs that were so overplayed back then is just hard to do!

      • Oh, and one more thing…I agree with your bottom three, but I think Naima is going home. But I'd be okay with any one of the three going home. I think they're all gone in succession in the next three weeks, anyway.

  44. Do not know what happened tonight with all the contestants. For me the best of the show James, Stephen and Lauren.

    I use to like Pie but last night a little disappoint me

  45. I COMPLETELY disagree. I though songs choices were great and very different. Everybody has unique style. Did we watch the same show?!! I could skip Pia choice (boring…so predictible) but she does have a good voice. Mix of country and Nirvana and everything else… I really like this season.

    • I have to disagree Sandy! I think most all the song choices were bad… Stefano was about the only one that got it right for me!

  46. is anyone with me that the girls need to do older

    songs like The Great Big Gig In The Sky by Pink Floyd I have always loved that song. in that song you can hear the raw emotion in her voice that

    she couldnt sing a wrong note, and you could listen

    to her for hours. the biggest thing I dont like about this season is it feels more like karioke than actual talant. there are a few that have what im talking about like Haley and also Thia. Its like

    playing an instrument sure you can play fast or hit every right note but if you dont put any feeling into it it just sounds like going through the motions. I just wanted to get that out there good luck everybody

  47. I think thia should really sing the song of ADELE…..Rolling in the deep……this will fit her…..

  48. Jacob probably have the best voice… I don’t really like him, but he can sing… But at the same time he trys to show it off everytime.. I like Naima she can sing her butt off. It shows that she can’t really be herself on the show. She more of a R&B singer and the show try to get artist more pop more mainstream. So I think she never had a chance.

  49. My TOP three for tonight would be: #1 Stefano, #2 Lauren, #3 James.
    James missed a lot of notes tonight and gets to #3 because of his performance. He was almost as pitchy as Naima.
    In fact, I believe that Naima will be the one to leave. Her performance was dreadful.
    I still cannot believe Paul is on the show. He always comes out whispering and “sissy-stepping” across the stage. Get outta here!
    What is with the judges?? Criticizing Haley for singing a variety of songs and THEN criticizing Thia for singing the same stuff!
    And yet they always love Scotty and he sings the same kind of songs EVERY week!! And can you BELIEVE that Stephen Thought that Naima was GOOD?!! He said, “I loved it”!!
    I think that for some reason they just don’t like Haley. I thought she did very well tonight. Her niche is rock music. Haley is a rocker and she needs to go back next week and blow ’em out!
    Thia’s voice is perfection. There is NEVER a missed note, her timing is great and she is a doll baby. However, I do not think she is the winner though. I believe the winner of AI should have some versatility in their song choices. Thia should be able to sing up tempo and maybe rock a little bit, while James should be able to sing a love song for example.
    Lauren Alaina has shown her ability to sing a little of everything and has the stage presence and personality to have a great career after Idol. Right now Lauren is my favorite to win it all.
    But everybody has an opinion, so naturally we shall see. Meanwhile, I am still perplexed by these judges.

    • I agree with you about Thia… She has a good voice but she's not smrat enough to choose the right song…

      • I am sure James will sing a love-song: like "Lick my love pump" For reference see Spinal Tap…

    • Totally agree about the judges' contradictory critiques regarding "same old song" and "just who are you, anyway?"! Why can't a singer show how versatile she is?! That's just what is so great about Haley! She can sing anything! Right now, I would buy an album of all the songs she's sung so far! So there, judges!!

    • Doug, good perceptive comments, especially regards Paul's "sissy stepping". It's not about whether he's gay or what (I loved Adam Lambert and thought he should have won); Paul's swishy dancing does not appeal to America–and he has weak vocal cords. I've already put folks on notice that Paul's "cold" will not improve and he'll be forced to pick limited-range songs here on out. Hey, the guy is a good singer but his vocal cords have the strength of a "WWI mustard gas survivor", and he simply needs more recovery time than AI weekly schedule allows.

      And you're right about the judges' hypocritical pessimism towards Haley. Just think how even greater she could perform with even a few of the laurels they lavish on Lauren. I'm not as perplexed as you by it though; Ready for a conspiracy theory? The judges view her (and Thia) as possible threats to Pia and Lauren by a fickle America, so they diminish her voting potential by their lukewarm comments. In the same vein, I can explain their praise of Scotty. Though I like him and I like country music, he's being propped up as a "token" country singer to more easily throw him overboard later to ensure the advancement of James.

      With all of that in mind, none of it applies to Stephano–he'll continue to advance on talent and humbleness, and Naima will hopefully be put out of her misery by embarrassing her parents each week. I'd give her another week though just to get rid of Paul. Sorry Brandon! I know you're viewing this, but since you love Paul you won't acknowledge my credibility (or at least that it makes interesting reading?!).

    • I like Haley also, although last nights performance was her best the two previous performances show that she still deserves to be in the show, she has her issues that's certain, but her talent is still better than 3 or 4 others.

      Like I said earlier all I want is for her to make the tour.

  50. So totally disappointing. What started out with the potential to be one of the best Idol seasons yet, continues to disappoint with terrible song choices (I agree with the blog post!)

    Firstly, Jacob and Casey, who I feel are two of the most talented overall singers on the show in ages, continue to make awful song choices and then follow it up with over-singing. Looking back at Hollywood week and Jacob's "God Bless the Child" and Casey's "Georgia", I can't imagine what went through their minds as Casey decided to come out and butcher Nirvana with eardrum shattering screams. Jacob's was only slighty better, but still a ridiculous song choice and oversung. I expect better from my two favorites.

    I loved Thea. She has one of the most beautiful vocal "tones" in the competition — I just really like the quality of her voice. The song was a bit slow, but I enjoyed it. She's my dark horse and I think she's building a nice underground following.

    Oh James, man, I wish you'd knocked it out of the park. When he said he was doing Bon Jovi, I nearly jumped out of my skin — I was hoping someone would finally do justice to a Bon Jovi tune on Idol (I've still yet to hear it, though Daughtry came close). It was "ok" but he has more than enough talent to have done something spectacular, and it was just "very good".

    Stefano is easily the #1 most annoying contestant on the show ever, except of course for David Archuleta (who is the most annoying person on the planet). I can't believe that anyone can stand watching this kid, let alone listening to him. His facially expressions are so over the top, they're laughable. The only thing worse than his expression is his voice. I want to tear my eardrums out with a pair of plyers.

    On the other end of the spectrum (of contestants who are in my opinion completely over-praised), is Pia, who is almost as annoying by sheer fact that she's got the personality of a Macy's mannequin, and a voice to match. Bleh. I can't understand why the judges love her so much.

    That leads me to Haley, who I think the judges unjustifiably have it in for. I can't figure out why they don't like her. I think she's great, a nice voice, loads of personality and a little quirkiness, and yet the judges put her down week after week. I just don't get it. I thought she did really well last night.

    Speaking of quirkiness, there's Paul. Y'know, he's a likeable enough guy, and I generally don't mind him. Though I'm a little over the "I've-had-too-much-to-drink" stumble-walk. He reminds of someone you see walking home from the bar after a long night out, who's happily singing to himself while stumbling home. I think with the right song choice, he could be entertaining. Elton was not the way to go.

    I actually liked Karen. It wasn't amazing or anything, but I thought she did enough to hang in there for another week.

    Naima — I really like her personality and there is talent in there which you see glimpes of on occassion. Unfortunately, last night was not one of those occassions. I think she may be going home.

    Scotty — as usual, great, wonderful performance, incredible voice, boring as watching paint dry. I'm looking forward to him singing something non-country. It's time.

    Lauren — I thought she did well. Probably my favorite song choice (most appropriate for the voice), and a good job. I think she'll stick around.

      • Who do you think has the best quality of voice? Without screeming, just plain quality that you would listen because it is so soothing?

    • 🙂 Thank you! I actually expected to wake up this morning to 20 comments blasting my opinion.

      @ Ana: Hmmmm… best overall voice and soothing… I'd have to give it to Thea. If I was a producer, I think I'd choose her because of the quality of her voice… I feel like she can be molded into something really special.

    • I feel the same about Naima. I want to like her but vocally she has some maturing to do. Loads of natural talent, just needs to simmer a little longer.

  51. wassup with you guys… french canadian from canada and im crazy over casey. his song was hard to do and he nailed it like all his other songs. he brings never before seen originality to the show. next james durbin…..does he deserve to win or what. he wants it so badly. hes awesome.the rest well….no gals for me this year. they are all to plain and predictable. scotty is good but can he do other things than country. jacob gets on my nerves. paul i use to like but…..his elton john song….duh. CASEY FOR THE WIN

    • Pete, I don's agree with you on all your comments but I totally agree with you about Haley. The judges have never given her a break when she so deserves it. I think she has the quality to be a star but the judges continue to blast her. I think it is because she out shines JLo who is the focus on Americam Idol this season. Love Scotty, Lauren and James. Goodbye Karen.

    • Rick, I'm with you…..Casey is the ONE person with something different to offer, and he definitely has talent, intensity, sings on pitch every time and is exciting to listen to. I am an old fogey retired music teacher but he gets my vote everytime. Jacob and Scottie are interesting too, but the others are a dead bore for me.

  52. thia is my favorite! she sang "Colors of the Wind" since she grew with that song! she's young but have the best vocals.,.

    James was like lambert!he rocks!!!!

  53. I'm watching Idol right now in Australia. The one thing you failed to mention was the band. Every song thus far, the band has been too loud, and it has drowned out the vocals to the point it was hard to understand them. I have to agree about song choices, mostly aweful

    • I'm glad you mentioned this, I thought something was wrong with my TV. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't hear them very well. Also, I thought Casey sounded great, but now I think I just couldn't hear him well.

      I wasn't a fan of James in the begining, I just didn;t like his screeching, but wow has he ever made a fan of me now… too bad I can't vote 🙁

  54. Lots of good observations on here among the diverse opinions. I think that Karen and Naima will be the lowest two vote-getters, which seems to be pretty consistent with the main line of thought here, and I think that Pia and James and Scotty are the most consistently high-performing (although among that threesome, I think that only James challenges himself. Pia and Scotty play it totally safe and predictable. Still, they’re good and consistent.)

    But the “middle of the pack” is all over the place, week to week. I foresaw top 3 for Jacob from the first time I heard him perform in the auditions, but the more I hear and see him, the less I’m liking him. I thought his singing (his S-I-N-G-I-N-G) tonight was terrible — off-key, and his voice was so strained it gave ME a sore throat, and yet the judges drooled all over him, so who knows?

    I totally agree with Branden and many others that the song choices were mostly bizarre.

    The biggest surprise, in a good way: Stefano. The biggest surprise, in a bad way: For me, it was Casey. He was awful; he was totally off-key. I want to like Casey and Paul, too, for their uniqueness. But what started out as quirky/unique is starting to wear thin with me now. Paul’s consistently scratchy vocal makes it sound as if he has a perpetual sore throat.

    Thia? Flawless vocals, but boring tonight, singing an easy, unchallenging song. Haley? I like her; beautiful voice. She can be tender or gravelly, and she stays on pitch no matter what. Beautiful voice modulation. The judges clearly don’t like her, though, and seem determined to knock her down. They criticize her variety of singing styles, saying she “doesn’t know who she is.” Since when was variety a bad thing? She does seem a little contrived with her movements, but her SINGING is excellent.

    I think that she is going to be in trouble with the voters week-to-week, though, because the judges seem determined to put her there.

    Of the top 24, Kendra and Lauren Turner and Robbie Rosen would all have been better choices than Naima and Karen to have gotten this far. That’s a moot point, of course, but I would like to see what they would have done at this point.

    As long as it’s Naima or Karen who goes, I’ll continue to be happy with the survivors for another week.

    Oh, and there’s Lauren; I almost forgot! Again, a good vocal, good stage presence. An especially nice job considering she was sick. I just hope the voters don’t forget her. She deserves to stay in.

  55. I'm watching Idol in Australia too. The band is too loud and the volume keeps changing. I'm sorry all the girls sound the same. Maybe Pia has an alright voice. I like James. He's a great singer and entertainer. Can hit all the notes. I don't see what Stephano has got. He sounds like all the modern boy singers. Scotty's great too, even though I'm into rock and not country. Agree about the song choices.

    • Have to agree with you AussieJan, we were watching it here in Oz as well and commenting that it is hard to hear the gals. Sick of Pia not changing it up, Lauren is the best of the girls 2nite by far. I am a BIG James fan all the way and he rocked it 2nite. I still don't get what anybody sees in Casey, he murdered Nirvana and poor Kurt would be turning in his grave. Scotty stepped up a little and I look forward to seeing more from him. Stephano, I am sorry, I HATE that song and had to leave the room, so can't really comment but my OH said it was only just OK and he kept pulling his funny faces and looked like he was in pain. Cannot watch Jacob, he just isn't my cuppa tea! but he didn't sound that wonderful. Bottom 3 will be Naima, Karen & Haley but could probably add a few more for bad song choices!

  56. in terms of consistent vocal power, i guess thia has the strongest. it just got a li'l boring for the judges because she has been doing ballads for the past few weeks. thia, you gotta let them taste a different "carte du jour"… they can't have “steak” every meal. come out of your shell girl! we know you can do it! the judges believe you have something more to give. why don’t you show ‘em who thia is and what thia megia can do? do it before it's too late. you have a very strong fan base, but you can't rely on that alone, honey! you gotta be "in it to win it"! make yourself a stand-out on the idol stage… com'on!! being 16 is not an excuse not to outshine the other idol hopefuls because you have the willpower to do it. you’ve fought hard (like an experienced 30-year old) to be in the spot where you are now… and there's no turning back! give them a good fight, so when you look back, there won’t be any regrets… forget all that has happened in the past weeks (the praises and criticisms)… and focus your eyes on the goal above your head… there’s no such words as “unable, impossible, unworkable”….you owe it to yourself and to your talent that the next round will be “the best performance of your life”.

  57. Just an observation, James Durbin is a great performer hands down but he has too cut down that cocky attitude. I perceived it wrong when he said he's reserving an Aerosmith song for the finale. Just an advise dude, concentrate for the next week not the finale. I know you have good intention to give the bestest answer for Steve Tyler but choose the words you use, America might perceive your words wrong. But anyway, your defo on top of the foodchain, so carry-on.

    Bottom 3 – Casey, Karen, Naima

    Casey – looks like she will be safe

    Karen – the only person on the show who is not vocally up to the others' standards in my opinion will be safe again.

    Naima – by virtue of singing first, your out. Although i would love you to stay and Karen goes. I wish Karen sang first.

      • yes aussigaz agree, I LOVE James, but he needs to pull it back a bit and take it one week at a time like Scotty. If he gets too ahead of himself he might find himself on the outer with the public.

        He will still be in the top 3 for sure but he needs to tread lightly for awhile.

  58. Thia you have the best voice!!

    you have my vote!!!

    The others are trying so hard that they almost sound SO FAKE>

    you have the right tools voice ,tone ,pitch,personality,beauty,poise,charm.



    • who?! Thia?! are you insane?!!

      so so boring singer,such the inane singer with that kind of song chosen…i don't think that she can make it very smooth for other theme week such as rock or r&b..she totally fake singer and suck.

      • I also think Thia was great – but needs to get out of that box and do something different. She's got one of the best voices this season. I am not too sure who these people Suri and Sari are – but I feel their remarks are pretty racist. Just to let them know, anyone is better than that Sanjay.

    • Thia? Personality? Charm? Are we talking about the same girl here?

      She's a good singer, but not a performer or an artist, that's what makes a real Idol.

      I think she should have waited to go into the competition, to more experience, to define herself and to get some personality and charm.

  59. Of course Scotty was grand. No complaints- hes country singer so of course if they give them a choice hes gona sing country-Anyone would, lets be real– he never misses a beat. His time is coming to where he will have to sing something other than his country tunes and I have no dought he'll get those tunes also without a hitch-He is very very talented and will go far in this competition. Good Job Scotty-

      • What???? His annoying leaning from one side then to the other and just the way he holds the mic annoys the hell out of me. If I close my eyes, his voice isn't bad but he needs to lose the bad habits.

    • I agree with you about Scotty. He is a great singer. I vote for him every night! Way to go Scotty!!!!

  60. So I started out just wanting to show Haley some love but ended up writing my opinion on each contestant. Sorry for the long read!


    -I used to love Casey but the screaming is getting to be a bit much. He has such a nice personality but why does he sound so angry when he sings? Less is more!

    -Jacob was another favorite of mine but I agree with what people have been saying tonight in that he needs to learn to control his beautiful voice just a bit more. Maybe the competitive atmosphere is to blame for both Jacob and Casey. You don't have to belt it out to come across as an amazing singer… give America more credit than that!

    -Stefano is sweet but something about his voice seems strained… as if his body is fighting it. Simply put, he has the emotions and performance down but to me, his voice doesn't project well.

    -Scotty and country definitely are one in the same and I love both but I wish he would use that and take it further. He has the talent to put a more contemporary spin to country. The judges are letting him stay a bit boring.

    -I wasn't always a Durbin fan but last week really did it for me. I wish he would come out with softer songs; although, he obviously likes to rock it out. This week, he was off key at times but he's coming to be quite the performer.

    -Paul definitely has weak vocals but I love the uniqueness of it. I think it's his potential to create songs with character (which at the moment we seem to be lacking–what is up with this repetitive club music craze?!) that drives America to vote for him again and again.


    -I absolutely love Haley. She really is brilliant and I don't understand why the judges can't see that. I wish she would throw them a pity song and sing a blatant* "jazz/blues" number just to make them happy and win AI.

    *I say blatant bc if you listen carefully, though she may have done a R&B Alicia Keys song one week, a country LeAnn Rimes song another, and THEN an 80's/90's Houston song, she constantly puts her own jazz/blues spin on it. I love what she can do with her voice and she really needs to come out with an album already.

    -I think people are automatically drawn to performers like Pia because she sticks with the ballads and being able to sing a strong ballad has been, in history, the mark of a talented female singer (ie. Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion). That been said… I'm not impressed by Pia. True, she did well the first ballad she came up with but… ehhhh.

    -Thia, I love… but I wish she would challenge herself a little more with maybe some higher notes and more personality.

    -Karen is again a ballad girl. She doesn't pull off the ballads like Pia can though… and yeah, not really impressed with Pia so….

    -I think Lauren did better in her previous weeks. True, her song choice might have been better this week but she was off key at times. I do love her voice and style though.

    -Naima's pitch was off but I think she was worse last week. Although apparently that doesn't make or break a contestant. What does matter though is that even though I like that she is different, she needs to sell it like there's no tomorrow. If you're going to be different, do it well. Her being off key all the time just tells America that being different isn't good.

    Anyway, everyone is very talented and I hope they all get at least a taste of success 🙂

    • I want to comment on Melody's writing.

      First of all, if your real name is really Melody, it really reflects your personality and is of course good base also for writing about music.

      And having said that, I add, that I wished the judges were like you. Many people miss Simon, but they have forgotten, that he really was kind of mean also sometimes. I think, that you Melody write about thecontestants truthfully – or trulu how you have experienced them – and yet your approach is very kind-hearted and constructive. I really love your attitude.

      It reminds also of Kendra Chantelle's approach (she did not make it to top13), which is, that she has never said a single bad word about her fellow contestants or about the show, after having not been picked up. In her FaceBook site there is by the way quite juicy interview link made of her.

      What comes to AI, somehow the level of it has come down now although there is a lot of talent, and I wonder why and hope that it is temporary. In my case, it can have to do with the facts, that two favorites of mine, kendra and Lauren Turner, did not make it to top13, but that is not the whole truth. I still thought, that there is so much talent, that we will see many out-of-this-world performances, and like Melody, I like them all also as persons.

      None of the performances of yesterday spoke to me. I have wished, that all the contestants would get theit best out, and yesterday unfortunately gave me the following thoughts: Is it so, that f. ex Karen and naima cannot develope, although I have believed it to happen, Karen breaking out of her "egg" (is it really so, that she has not any power in her voice? When her person has a certain flavour, can't she bring it to her singing?), Naima getting her singing tohether (when she is otherwise heck of the mover and dancer)?

      I also do not understand critism towards Haley. I think she could win the whole thing. She is so talented. One person said, that she has such amount of diversity and versality compared to other singers, and that is true.

      This person also said, that when he listens music, he wants to feel refreshed, relaxed, easy with soothed soul, and that is what he experiences with Haley at her best (her God Bless the Child), whereas although Pia is good, there is some kind of tension there, not so relaxed, even sometimes fragile atmosphere.

      Stefano is great, but I agree with Melody that he seems to have some limitations.

      Scotty is playing too safe a game, he is like a good boy from small community, but he should aim to be good boy or man from the ocean, not small place.

      I think Thia is having trouble, because she is possibly rootless and not old enough. She just sings – although relly beautifully – but where is the soul, can a 15-year-old have soul? She didn't know Chaplin, which I am not mocking at all, but that tells, she is culturally quite lost and possibly her parents have not stayed long yet in west. It may be, that her problem is, that she does not have any kind of cultural heritage and what is more, that she is not aware of it. And can 15-yar-old be aware of those kind of things? I really wished she would find a clue from somewhere being so talented and I think, also sweet person (I think she spoke nicely about her vocal coach).

      Lauren Alaina's music is mostly indifferent to me and so I have unconsciously tried not to like her, but you know, she had me with that radio song, she definately has star quality.

      Jacob and Casey are both really outstanding personalities, which may be their problem also. james has peaked out, but I hope he does not get too proud.

      I think Paul is down-to-earth honest guy. I liked it, when she did not recognized "some famous actress", who came to tell him, how amazinf she felt Paul is. But he should CONCENTRATE EACH TIME a lot before picking song and performing it to try to make the song available to other people.

      Of the contestants left, I think that haley is my favorite.

      • Thanks so much for that Mikko. This is the first season I've been THIS into AI so it means a lot. And no my real name is not Melody. Like you said, I thought it would be a witty pen name when commenting on music. 🙂

        I agree with you about Kendra and Lauren Turner. They definitely should have had more time to showcase what they're made of. I also would have liked to see more of Tim Halperin as well but I have to admit, his last performance was disappointing =

        About Thia, I think she may be more rooted and experienced than you give her credit for. True, one can question how much a 15 year old can have experienced but sometimes I think there are a lot of 15 yr olds out there that know more about life than I do (I'm close to 25–not too old but def older than 15). BUT yes, I think you're right in that perhaps it doesn't translate enough in her performances. She gives glimpses and not all of America notices.

        AND of course, i'm glad you are a Haley fan 🙂

  61. The producer issue brought up by jsolan and zephyr78 is a big question mark to me too. Branden can you help? On the one hand we are told that the producers are a big factor and yet when a contestant is critiqued for poor song choice, pitch, song/dance ratio, or anything else the producers are never brought up again. It would be good to know what the input of the producers actually is. Are there boundaries? For example in the the recap no contestant has ever said "you're right, the producers told me not to sing that song".

  62. Karen Rodriguez is a natural beauty and they contiune to OVER-DRESS her. She is no Jennifer Lopez so stop with the over done clothes and assessories and lets just let us HEAR her instead of SEE Karen.

  63. Very disappointed in tonights show. The music is too loud and drowning out the Singers.Stefano was just on and the judges a raving. Of course they should, he's the only one to be heard so far. Randy needs to back off Haley,they tell her to be different, then get confused when she does.

  64. There is a market for all types of singers whether country, rock, or ballad. So I can't really get Randy when he said: "singing ballad is boring." That's preference, not an accurate measure of ones quality of voice nor pitch. Randy needs to be more circumspect. A better take on Thia would have been, to have a bit more creativity and bolder performance. But these qualities require deep experiences in life to draw from,and take time to achieve. One thing is clear though, she has good quality voice. An American Idol is also America's greatest export to the music world. Why settle for anything less than the likes of Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and other great voices? Please no more excuses for not being on tone and on pitch!

  65. my ranking!

    #1.Stefano(he was number 5 on my list last week.)

    #2.James(he was number 1 on my list last week.)

    #3.Scotty(he was number 9 on my list last week.)

    #4.Lauren(she was number 7 on my list last week.)

    #5.Pia(she was number 2 on my list last week.)

    #6.Thia(she was number 8 on my list last week.)

    #7.Paul(he was number 11 on my list last week.)

    #8.Casey(he was number 3 on my list last week.)

    #9.Haley(she was number 4 on my list last week.)

    #10.Jacob(he was number 10 on my list last week.)

    #11.Karen(he was number 13 on my list last week.)

    #12.Naima(he was number 6 on my list last week.)

  66. I thought Stefano, Pia and James were the top 3 of the night. These three will be there to the end.

  67. I did not see the show as yet and appreciate the comments makes me look forward to it on sunday 20 march 2011 tnx guys

  68. I would hate to see Naima leave! She adds some spunk to some of those boring girls and she is at least entertaining! Her voice is not horrible. Thia puts me to sleep every week and Karen does the same. I love Casey and James! Some one needs to give Casey some guidance as his screaming ruined the song last night. It could have been great but he will move on to the top 10 for sure. James is a nice kid and he seems to love the spotlight. I do not think he is cocky as another viewer stated. Paul seems like a nice guy but his whole stage presence is bizarre as is his voice. The judges keep raving about his uniqueness and I just don't get it! Overall it's probably Naima, Karen and Haley in the bottom 3 and I hope Karen goes!

  69. If this singing contest were purely objective and counted only singing, i.e., voice quality, power, pitch- the winner would be Thia hands down. But American Idol is more a popularity contest than a singing contest, so Thia cannot rely on singing alone. Lucky for her, what she can rely also on are whst she was born with. Not only is her voice the most beautiful of all with perfect pitch, she is very intelligent, very mature for her age, and very pretty. Unlike comments made by others about her lacking emotions, I find her quite charismatic on stage. Her performance of "The Climb" (notice I didn't say "singing" but Performance") strongly belies those who say she lacks emotions. That performance is hard to beat. Thia is in a class of her won.

    • I have noticed several comments about Thia, Naima and Karen which in my opinion, seem to be racist motivated. On last night's performances those qualifying for elimination are definitely Hayley and Paul. I like Paul for his personality, but his performances remind me of a circus character. Guess!

  70. Overall I thought the show was great! I really did! Stefano rocked the house. I loved Casey, Paul, Jacob, James and Lauren. Tired of the slow ballads although some of them can really sing. Some of them just have what we call "Old Souls."

  71. The judges are starting to bother me a little bit when it comes to Thia, I think ballads showcase her beautiful voice. Do you think anybody ever told Celine Dion to stop singing ballads, no because she has a beautiful voice and they fit her best. So keep singing what you feel best suits Thia, you have the best singing voice, you dont need backup singers to make you sound good like the others, you dont need these long runs (sceaming) like the others, your voice is beautiful, just like you, stick to who you are and you will get the votes.

  72. I think that You should be an idol judge… You are spot on with your critques!! The judges ( even Randy) is giving way too many praises instead of being honest. J Lo is trying to be critical but comes off being too sweet. I like your recaps… they are honest and straight forward… James & Pia in the finals… everyone else is going, going, gone.

  73. I thought the song choices could have been a lot better, especially with several contestants born in the 80s…. was it just me or did anyone else feel super old when they heard the song choices and could remember when they were played on the radio?? I'm only 28 but geez!! Anyway, I agree completely with Branden's assestment of the bottom three, though I think Niama is going home. She's been consistantly inconsistant.

    I think Haley really needs to take randy's advice and go bluesy or with Janice Joplin or even Stevie Nicks. Yesterday on my way home from work I heard Landslide on the radio and I think that would be a PERFECT song choice for her, its got the lower tones but she could make it her own. I think Haley has a voice to stay in this competition but until she discovers herself and shows it to America she's destined to go home.

    I think Karen needs to just pack her bags and head back to Mexico and look for a gig there with how week after week she changes lyrics to spanish. I think she does this because its easier for her to sing in spanish or because it allows her mom to understand her. It seemed rather clear her mom didn't speak very good english in the interview.

    I completely agree with Branden that Pia did another ballad under an up beat background band.

    I was surprised to hear Casey pick Nirvanna and though this is an over played song I was excited to hear his spin on it. I think the bass part was played well, no sure how technical it was as I'm not a bassist, but I agreed with what J-Lo said. Kurt Cobain was a great lead man and I think Casey could have pulled this off better, but got caught up in the moment on stage. I'm hoping this doesn't set him back.

    Thia, what can I say about her? I dont like her, and haven't since Hollywood week. Maybe my tv speakers are broken I think she sings soo weak and I think Simon would have cut her for that alone in Hollywood. I think she choose a good song, but needs to pick something strong and more upbeat for next week.

    Paul could have choosen a better song. Being one of the oldest contestants I expected more. But even being sick he did well.

    James also could have choosen better, there were several hair bands still around in his birth year that he could have picked. Though, he still did well, and I completely agree his move to secure his spot to the finale was very clever!

    I was surprised by Lauren's song choice and I loved the country spin she put on it even with being sick. Definally redeemed herself!

    I'm also not a big preacher boy fan of Jacob. I think he belongs a choir in a great big church, he's got an amazing voice but not what idol represents.

    I know I've missed a few performances, but I don't really have anything to add about them that hasn't already said. Their performances were mediocre and not memorable to say the least.

    Over all, I think Karen and Niama need to have their bags packed in preperation for tonight.

    • Cristlelee, I think your comment about Karen going back to Mexico is so not needed. First, to assume that because she is Latina/hispanic, she must be from Mexico is wrong in many levels. Karen is half Dominican and half peruvian, born and raised in New York. Neither of those are Mexico. In addition, so what if she switches from english to spanish and vice versa while singing. To be able to do that, in my opinion is impressive, there are a lot of singers who cannot do that, including J.Lo. Yes, she might do it because she is comfortable doing it, but i disagree with you in that it is the only reason. Part of being in AI is to showcase your skills and talents as a singer and performer, all Karen is doing is showing us what she can do. If Durbin can do those crazy notes, borderline copying Lambert, and if Lusk can show us the gospel and r&b in him, week after week, Karen can sing in Spanish and English as well. Its all the same, showing us what talents they bring to the table.

    • Umm Cristlelee…you're little rant about Karen totally disgusted me. Who gives if her mom speaks with an accent. what does that have to with singing. I'm personally not a fan of Karen's, but you need to keep you're narrow minded views around your own private dinner table and spare us the old fashioned bigotry.

    • Some funnier American Idol moments last night

      J. Lo got caught a couple of times, when she thought the camera wasn't on her- filing her nails and/or making horrified faces when an American Idol hopeful was bombing.

      Pia Toscano, “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” (1988)

      I love Pia’s family. Her mom was hilarious. For a second, I felt like I was watching The Sopranos instead of American Idol. The back story about her grandfather’s support was extremely touching.

      I got to hand it to Pia. She has gone from American Idol dark horse to American Idol potential champion. Who else has the guts to take on not only Miriah, not only Celine but Whitney too. There's a trail of American Idol carnage of girls who have tried in the past and failed.

      Pia is laying down the gauntlet.

      Solid…solid…solid. The American Idol studio and judges love her. The camera loves her. So here’s the million dollar question….

      Why is the American Idol wardrobe department trying to sabotage her career? From that bizarre Star Trek cape that they threw over her shoulders last week to this week’s ABBA retro white pantsuit this week!

      By the way, I know the judges don’t want to hear Pia doing another ballad but she does them well, so who cares? I personally would have like to have heard the ballad version of Where Do Broken Hearts Go as opposed to the American Idol shack- a- lack-a machine cheesy disco version.

      Karen Rodriguez, “Love Will Lead You Back” (1989)

      I think Karen is the American Idol casualty this week. It was a pretty karaoke-ish performance and I constantly found myself distracted by the sofa cushion pinned to the back of Karen’s head. Once again, I think the American Idol wardrobe department has their own agenda!

      Casey Abrams, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (1991)

      Casey ( aka Yukon Cornelius from Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer) has been solid throughout the competition but I think this week’s song choice, was a bit of a shout-fest.

      Casey’s yelling (with the yellow lit back drop) almost looked demonic. Yes, I’d love to see a softer, gentler make-over. Lose the beard!


    • Very well said!!!! I so agree with you on Paul…he can't sing and that prancing around stage looking like he's stumbling drunk is pathetic. The judges are disguisting for praising him too! Where is Simon when needed???? I miss him SOOO much!

      Remember Taylor Hicks pranced around stage like that and lured everyone in and where is he today???? He sings in casino's!!!!!

      Sick of this show…and these judges!

      • Amen. this is ABSOLUTELY the worst year ever. Not one single one of them (except thia, who is boring as hell) have any true, exceptional talent). I mean geez…compare them to fantasia, adam, crystal, kelly. I can sing better, trust me.

      • Agree with Judy and Marnie 100%. Paul has a great personality – and when he speaks, his voice is deceiving – and you expect him to deliver a great performance as well. But all he does is hop around as though he was dancing on a hot tin roof without shoes on with some unseen hands strangling hard on his vocal chords. All that's missing on him is that Round Red Nose!!!!!

  75. Lauren was great even with being sick. Pia was good too and I'm tired of everyone picking on her style…Scotty sounds the SAME in every song and nothing is said about that! He's so one-dimensional that it's ridiculous.

    I can't stand Casey and his screeching..he's scary looking too when he sings..he's overrated as is Jacob. He did terrible with the Heart song…go back and listen to Carrie Underwood sing it and a couple of years ago, Alison did it beautifully on AI. He killed it and he sounds the same every week as well!!!

    Paul doesn't impress me b/c he prances around the stage…that's what Taylor Hicks did and where is he today??? He sings in casinos!!

    Bottom 3 SHOULD be (but won't b/c of popularity which is what's wrong with this show): Casey, Paul and Haley. Sick of Jennifer covering up for Haley by talking about her so-called beauty..uggh!! She's horrible singing especially when growling. Would anyone pay concert ticket prices to hear that??????

  76. i still dont get why the judges are over praising pia..and when i say over praise, as in OVER…same as with jacob lusk…it's pretty obvious who they already want for the finals…jacob's performance of alone was so flat.

    the only decent performances imo are paul's, alaina's, scott, thia(though i find the song kinda boring),stefano (i swear, everytime i hear him hit the hight notes, it's like he's gonna faint or something, plus, there's no emotions when he sings)

  77. Ok, what is with the Scotty cult. I am a country musice fan and I am sorry but he is not "all that"

    Not strong, very often pitchy and my gosh will someone please tell him he'll get a kink in his neck if he doesn't straighten it up!Don't like the judging this year either they hear pitchy when they want to and ignore it when they want.

    • I completely agree. They need to work with him to lose the bad mic holding and leaning habits. He's annoying to watch but the little girls love him and if they have cell phones, he'll be there a while.

  78. My TOP 12 rankings

    1. Stefano – nailed simply red song. applause!

    2. Lauren – didnt even sound like sick / great

    3. James – cocky / cheeky / but good performance

    4. Pia – impressive as usual

    5. Thia – great vocal quality wrong song choice

    6. Jacob – too much / over the top / can't handle

    7. Scotty – good but i dunno / he don't connect

    8. Paul – beginning to disconnect / not good at all

    9. Casey – triple killed Kurt Cobain / bad bad nite

    10. Haley – can improve with a good song choice

    11. Karen – hope this gal goes home / vocally weak

    12. Naima – 1st performer so mite go home plus negative review from judges / hope stays and Karen goes home.

    Who's your top 3 and bottom 3?

    • After last nights performances, my ratings for this week are :

      1. Stefano

      2. Pia

      3. Thia

      4. Scotty

      5. Casey

      6. Karen

      7. Durbin

      8. Lauren

      9. Lusk




    • Like your ranking.

      My top 3: Stafano, James & Pia.

      My bottom 3: Thia, Naima and Karen.

      I'm not putting Casey in the bottom but I was almost offended by his rendition, hope he make's up for it next week.

    • Stefano's 'If you don't know me by now' was a Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes hit back in 1972.

    • I think Naima is out. I really wish she would stay and Karen goes home, but I don't think it'll go that way. Saddd…Viva NAIMA ! ! !

  79. Thia for me is the best.

    Her voice alone is unbeatable. I love her perfect tone. What a voice!

    I dont care about randy and the other judges say.

    America will vote for Thia, all the way!!!

      • Sound a little racist, but I got your point. Like her voice, very beautiful, but she's boring and I often heard her sounded 'pitchy' when she sang high notes. She will move on because of her big asian fan base. I'm asian too btw.

      • Definitely racist remark. Thia was one of the top 5 last night. Like to ask Suri who do you think voted for Sanjay when he competed? It was America.

      • Parvita Suri – are you a racist?, I don't think Thia will survive if only Filipino Americans will vote for her? America loves her since AGT. admit it, she has a nice quality vocals, unlike others. 😛

      • Parvita Suri…riiiiight. It's interesting where the many faces of racism emerges today. I'm not a Thia fan. But thumbs WAY down for that ugly statement.

      • sorry but what do you mean by "pinoy"? oh, is that another term for filipina? i think you're a bit racist, but i can sense you're asian too because you seem to know a lot about one. i'm not a "pinoy" but i'm supporing thia, so i think your comment is out of line.

  80. My top 3 picks for tonight's performance:

    1. Stefano >> I don't know how people don't like/care about him, he's one of the most consistent contestants this season, and he sings on key. He's just under the radar, people don't recognize him.

    2. James >> I don't like him at all, but to be honest he did great on this competition.

    3. Haley >> I just like the unique tone of her voice.

    The other contestants seemed a little boring tonight, but most of them will be safe because America likes them (Lauren, Scotty, Paul, Thia, Casey), even Jacob and Pia, who I used to like from the previous performances, dragged me to sleep instantly.

    My bottom 3 picks:

    1. Naima >> Never like her, wildcard spot should be given to Kendra instead of her.

    2. Karen >> just one word with capital letters: BORING

    3. Haley >> America just don't get her….


      • Haha… DEVONECO, I mean I like Haley so much, but seems like America don't like her. The bottom 3 is my prediction about what will happen tomorrow, the Top 3 is my real pick… I hope you get it… Peaceeee….

      • Hey donpunk, you been taking wishy-washy lessons from Sen John Kerry? You can't have it both ways ("I was for the war before I was against it!"). Funny thing is, I actually get what you're saying, ha ha–but the folks here wouldn't let me get away with it either. It really shows how frustrating the judges are being this year. We can only hope that the real America votes like us and not be led around by the spaced-out judges.

  81. Last night's performances were forgettable – except for Stefano's and Pia's. Thia also sang well – she needs to move OUT OF THE BOX if she wants to excel in this competition. What the heck did Casey do – he's my top favorite – but he was disappointing. As for Lusk – who also was one of my top favorites – he will go soon because of his continued yodeling and whining. Paul – poor guy – seems like he's dancing on a hot tin roof without his shoes on. And his voice – he's just trying to imitate Rod Stewart – and so badly. I am sure if he sings as himself, he'll do well. He needs to sing though his vocal chords – and not through a "strangled windpipe"! Durbin was unfortunate – I think he was trying hard to cover up a flu or something – but his voice gave it away. He too is one of my top favorites though. As for others, no comments.

  82. The current judges did not make me miss Simon much. Simon was a great and that I though there is no one who can replace him. But…I was wrong the current judges are all so interesting. I'd like to request Jennifer, though, to stop interrupting. Let the other two speak up and then if you don't agree to what they were saying, wait, and after their through, interject what you disagree about. I think, whoever is interrpted seem to get lost in his trend of thought. The spontaneity of the judging is gone.

    • There is only one judge and two other "ordinary people" who love music sitting at the Judges' table. And the only judge is Randy.

  83. Thia is a bore snore; no movement, no expression; she just stands there. Very good voice and she would be terrific at Disney as the next Hanna Montana, but definetely not an American Idol. Jacob's screams are driving me crazy; please let him go home.

    However, bottom three should be Casey, Naima and Karen. Who goes home: Naima with no save.

    Best last night: Stefano, James and Pia. Great performances from all three. They deserve to go all the way.

  84. I began this season expecting the new judges to fail miserably and watch as viewers left in droves. Instead, Tyler and Lopez (with Randy) actually came up with, in my opinion, the best top 13 in all of the seasons. Each singer was strong, diverse and possessed star quality. The last few shows have actually been pretty good.

    What the FLAME has happened? Last night was probably the worst episode of AI I'd ever seen in all (10/ 11??) seasons and the previous amazing talent was missing- as was ANY sense of reality in the judging of these terrible performances. I cannot even imagine who or what has intereferred with the process to create this "the king has no clothes"situation. The judges loved pretty much everything (with the few ubiquitous "pitch" references) and the talent seemed to think they did fairly well. (Lauren was the only true great performance last night- from a singing perspective)

    If judges dont get back to judging critically and thoruoghly and the new "producers" dont stop self- promoting and overproducing every song and the talent doesnt start performing interesting choices- then this show may wind up fulfilling my original expectations before the season started.

    Last night was a mess. For the very first time this season I wished Simon had been sitting back in his old seat to put things into some sort of balance! It was too bizarre.

    • I don't think the judges came up with the "deserving" 13. They decided to leave out Robbie Rosen and Lauren Turner – who, in my opinion, should have been in the top 13 instead of Paul McDonald and Ashthon Jones. I thought Paul would be great judging from his performances in the preliminary rounds – but he's just trying to imitate Rod Stewart and doing it badly.

  85. I agree with your bottom three..but I think Naima's going home. Didn't really like her from the start and she sounded terrible! Really off-key!

    My top 1: Stefano- I love you!!!perfect song choice! perfect pitch! And you remind me of David Archuleta.

    Going home for sure: Naima

    • I don't agree with you, Pinky. I think Stefano is waaaaaayyyyy much better than David Archuleta. He has those soul-ish style with that vocals acrobatics that Archuleta don't have and can't do.

      But I have same opinion about Naima, she will be sent home tomorrow for sure….

  86. Just an old lady from Canada, reliving her youth via American Idol! Song choices this week not great. I prefer the judges to choose the songs, as I feel producers do not know what type of music fits each contestant and do not offer any alternatives when contestant picks wrong song for their voice. Don't have a favourite yet, but Casey is downright scary and Karen needs to find a Latino contest as she sings better in Spanish. Good luck to all – I admire your courage and tenacity! Wish I could vote, especially since death of Canadian Idol.

  87. I think that Haley's talent is marvelous! She's versatile, her pitch is excellent, and she has personality. I cannot understand her being in the bottom 3 last week. Obviously everybody has different tastes – that's what makes the world go 'round. For the guys, Casey is also extremely talented and versatile.

  88. James Durbin has everyone fooled w/ the high notes…his entire performance was horrible including his trademark high note at the end of the was off key…Yuck.

    Naima Adedapo was horrible.

    Thia was not good at all tonight.

    Stefano Langone was good if you don't compare him to the original recording. The last note made the dogs howl.

    Pia Toscano was very good

    Scotty McCreery was McCreepy…I just don't like country music so I'm biased.

    Karen Rodriguez was ok…I see most thought she was bad.

    Casey Abrams was good to me as usual.

    Lauren Alaina was good.

    Jacob Lusk was good..couple of bad notes. His voice overpowers most songs.

    I wish Scotty would get voted off, but I doubt it. I think Naima will be gone though.

    • From best to last…











      Thats what I say, And I don't think Scotty, Lauren, or Pia should be voted off!

      • my opinion from best to worst













        with either Naima or Haley voted off!

    • Scotty is not going home..not tonight anyway, he's way to good, I just pray that when he can't do a country song, he can make it through! Can someone please stop Naima from making her own clothes…please, some of that stuff is just a mess! Other than that I'm thinking Hailey will be leaving us tonight, I don't think the latin community is ready to let Karen go just yet, Pia did alright her voice is nice and I like the way she changed the song up a bit. I think Lauren is just a bit immature for this, I mean you can't laugh and joke your way through everything, this is serious buisness, this could be the rest of your life, I think she needs grow up a little bit more, it's a big world out there, would hate to see her get ate up by the big dogs!

  89. You're right on the money, I agree with you 100%, those are my picks as well, but I'm not that confident either. I feel there might be a guy in the bottom 3 may Jacob. But Karen is definitely getting the "boot" and "no save".

  90. As the weeks go on and after a slow start on her part, I am increasingly impressed with Jennifer's critiques of each singer's performance. Randy is ok too of course. Unfortunately Steven doesn't add anything to the panel of judges and doesn't seem to have any opinion – except he likes everything.

    • The judging is too much of a love fest. At least half of the performances last night were quite lacking; pitch all over the place, screeching high notes, little enthusiasm, and my guess is someone wasn't that sick, but needed the pity vote. Casey's performance was highly overrated by the panel, as were most of the performances, especially Jacob. Mia still runs the show.

    • Rosie, I am also taken aback by the sudden very concrete, excellent advice from JLo for MOST of the contestants. (Exception: Haley. I think she was dead wrong about her.) I have to hand it to her–she has really provided something the contestants can actually do to help themselves.

      I agree that Steven has not held up his end, lately. Not sure what is going on with him.

      Randy sometimes makes sense to me but many times does not. I do think he is trying to be honest, which I can't say of Steven right now.

  91. Does MAJORITY of posters here just recently watched AI? Some of the season winners who were great in the beginning of the shows tend to sing lightly in the middle of the season (maybe the management advised them to go light for the others who need to appeal the voters, commerce here?) Anyway, expect Thia to pull the string, Im not saying she will win all the way, but she'll show us some real good music, believe me after watching all the AI seasons. All are IMHO

    • With THIA you are right on the money my friend ….! Jennifer criticizing Thia's vibrato is ridiculous …maybe she's jealous about it? Thia has the best singing voice of ALL the contestants. Period

      • You are right. When I hear Thia sing, the first note even, it is "WOW". I can't say the same for any others. Although they are all good, or even REALLY good, but none can match Thia's voice.

      • youre all right…i dont get the point of miss lopez criticizing Thias vibrato…THIAs voice is such wonderful compared to other contestants and compared to miss lopez, i dont get it…

  92. Casey performance was horrible and i couldn't think of a worse performance ever. The girls were dead except for thia who captivated me since the beginning. But of course, scotty rocks!

    • Right on!!! Call the mortician, the girls need a gurney!! Thia's great but brings nothing to the party.Casey's my fav, but guess I expected more.

  93. Pia sings like a robot! Nice voice, good looking, but automaton. Jacob was absolutely horrendous, off key, voice was wobbly. Just don't like any of the rest. Love James & Casey, Scotty's my third.

    • To me, Pia seems much older than her years, for some reason. She seems more like 33 than 23.

  94. Casey must be saved. He still has a lot to offer. i was so disappointed with the girls especial Lauren who's been my favorite. SCotty never fail me and one of the reason to watch. Thia is consistently amazing. The rest are absolutely nothin.. and ohhw.. james is good too!

  95. That ridiculous. Casey's song choice was great, and he did AMAZING. The low grade on Jacob Lusk is just plain wrong. He did practically the BEST of the night next to Stephano Langone! And wtf, Paul McDonald was AWFUL. My ears were bleeding to his screeching version of Elton John. Totally butchered the song! Same with Haley Reinhart. She tried wayyyyy to hard to make Mariah Carey's song her own, and it failed. Other than these, I pretty much agree with the rest of the grades.

    I think the top 3 for elimination are: Haley Reinhart, Paul McDonald & Naima Adedapo.

    • Actually, the song that Haley sang was by Whitney Houston, not Mariah Carey. But I agree with you, I think she was trying too hard and she needs to make up her mind what kind of music she wants to sing. On another post, it was recommended she sing "Nothing Compares 2 U" by Sinead O'Connor. I think she would've done a good job with that. The only thing I could think of is that they didn't give AI permission to use the song.

  96. to DEVONECO: thank's for your coment. i am not motivated by racism but only by singing.Karen Rodriguez as i mentioned in one of my former posts and Jacob Lusk have the best voices in the season 10 competition. Naima is original and Thia is charming. I hope that they will choose the right songs.

  97. The Goods: Pia, James & Stefano

    The bads: Naima, Casey & Jacob (Jacob moves so gay during this performance!)

    & the one to go home: Naima (my choice!)or Hayley!!


    • I think some of you people are very critical and maybe even just a little jealous that you don't look like Pia Toscano. She is beautiful, talented and has class which is lacking in many of the contestants.

      • Latin means more than just Latin America. The language of Latin comes from Italy so using Latin to describe Pia is not necessarily wrong.

      • Latin is the language. Latino or Latina is one of the words that can be used to identify someone who is of Latin American descent and resides in the United States.

    • I agree with Susa. I'm sorry, the judges, particularly Randy, aren't hearing what I'm hearing. Pia is average, Karen and Naemi are just not that good. Lauren Alaina is overmatched. Haley is the most talented of the girls, but she's trying so hard to find her niche, it's costing her votes. Thia is the sleeper. She sings the same types of songs that Pia does, and she does them better.

      • I love Haley, too! I disagree, however, that she is clueless about her niche. I simply think she was trying to show her versatility. Why should she have to stick to one genre? That criticism from the judges was so, so wrong, IMO.

  99. I have loved Casey and his talent from the moment he first opened his mouth to sing in the auditions, and I still think he has the most talent, but tonight just wasn't good. Pia sings well, but the love she gets from the judges is over much. I would love for Thia to do something different and kill it just to silence her detractors. Scotty's good with country music but some of his antics on stage are getting to be annoying. Until now I can't understand the judges' loving Paul's voice. Lauren can be very very good, but she annoys me with her antics. Jacob may have a really beautiful voice but he just doesn't know how to use it properly and well. James seems to be getting cocky. I hope he regains control.

    • Iurqual, I agree with you regards Lauren. I like her, but she's being too juvenile with the "Peaches" routine and the silly face masks. Thanks to Ryan for quickly dissing it. She's trying to be too cutesy, but she needs to drop 50 lbs to pull off the "little girl" act! Hey, just being real here and voicing how America sees it. Act your weight! (and age), and then America will view you as a healthy, throaty young star!

      On another advice note, James would be well served to get a bottom 3 notice this week so that he can contritely apologize to America for trying to manipulate his way to the final with the Aerosmith comment. Not totally his fault, as Stephen led him to it. And don't try so hard to sell us on your super range; just pick cool, popular rock songs and you'll get the votes for being good.

  100. This is my first year watching AI. I stumbled upon the auditions during the first week while channel surfing and was absolutely blown away by the incredible talent, originality, and energy. I was hooked.

    However, I've seen a dramatic drop in quantity and quality of performances ever since the "professionals" started lending their "expert" advice and getting involved the individual arrangements. Some (especially Haley, Naima, Jacob, and Lauren) have made the most dramatic drop in "wow" factor for me.

    I am beginning to wonder if all the mentoring and advice by the so-called "experts" is doing nothing but shaving off the contestants true personalities and talents. Every once in awhile there is a standout performance but nothing like the consistency in the overall group as the earlier weeks. Or maybe the competition is merely wearing on the contestants? I don't know.

    Also, I loved the differences in style in the beginning but each week the songs are mostly ballad-type or songs arranged into what sounds like a ballad. Thank goodness, James spiced his rock ballad up a bit last night or it would've put me to sleep too. (even tho I love Bon Jovi) Again, I'm curious how much the producers are influencing the song selection.

    Sadly, what started off so promising is slowly starting to become rather hum-drum (as a whole).

  101. the judges are not consistent, they just want to say what they really want. they're funny. this is a singing competition. they should really know who sings best. judges are there to use their singing expertise but why are they telleing on thing different from another contestant? are they joking? hahaha. i hope the judges really do their job.

  102. I'm going to have to disagree with most people here and say I actually thought last night's show was great. Except for the first 3. Naima was alright. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it and I don't think it stood out. I normally like Paul's performances, but this was was just a little weird and annoying for me. Pia sang her song good, but I agree with what Randy said. She doesn't stand out. She's soft. I love Colors of the Wind, but I think Pocahontas sang it better than Thia did last night.

    So after that rough start I was really nervous about the show, but then everyone else kicked it into high gear. I think the best 4 in the competition are still Pia, Casey, James, and Jacob. All four of those did great and I think those were my favorite four performances. Now Pia and James didn't do as good as last week, but I think Jacob and Casey were better. And by the way, I may be going against the grain here, by I loved Casey's performance tonight. He sang angry, got our attention, and with the lighting they had it was incredibly genius. Loved it! This group would be my 100% safe group.

    Now as far as the middle group goes. Personally I don't like country, but for some reason I still love Scotty. He's entertaining and I enjoyed this performance. And if I did like country, I could see how he would be my favorite. But I don't, so while I want Scotty to do good, I'd be mad if he won the competition and I don't think he will. Lauren was much better this week and if that was her singing sick, I am impressed. Haley has been all over the board as far as her song choices each week, so I will agree with Randy there, but personally I really enjoyed her performance this week and I think that she should stick with this style from this week. I was almost embarrassed at what Ryan did. That was weird. Stephano and Karen I think both did good, but I don't think that they really stand out in this group when you look at it from the bigger picture. The judges seem to think Stephano is going to win the competition, but I don't think they are thinking too straight with that.

    So overall, there were 3 average performances and 9 good performances and since the 3 average performances were right at the beginning of the show, I think America forgets (or forgot, I guess) them and (surprising several people) Paul, Thia, and Naima end up in the bottom 3. Naima will be the one booted off the show tonight.

    And please, lets do a better job at the results tonight. Last week we spent all the time focusing on Adam Lambert and Diddy Dirty Money and spent like 5 minutes on the results. Ryan talked to less than half of the contestants when he normally talks to all of them and gave no anticipation when he announced Ashton was going home. That was an epic fail. I enjoy a quick performance from someone, but I think the results show should stick to a half hour and spend most of the time giving results. The only shows that I want to see with a bunch of performances from everyone is the finale results show and Idol Gives Back.

    And while I'm on the subject of format, last nights introductions made angry. I like the brief talk with the contestant with the vocal coach people and the introduction to the song they are singing, but the whole talking to the parents and telling us about their childhood and how they were when they were young and what happened during the year they were born was bad and boring. I felt I was watching a documentary on the lives of the contestants when I was wanting to see a singing competition. Come on. Cut the show to an hour or hour and a half and lets just see the singing portion of the show. None of this lame filler crap.

  103. Everyone was really so-so last night. The only ones that stood out were Stefano,Thia, and Pia….and Jacob when he hit the notes he was supposed to hit. The rest were really not good.

    Does anyone else wonder why we never see the cousin or whoever it was that encouraged Lauren to try out for the show?? I thought that was her reason for being on the show and the reason that she tried out, because Holly was sick and told her she should. I'd hate to think she used a ploy to get herself onto the show rather than using her talent. She annoys me to no end. I really don't see what they think is so wonderful about her.

    I think Karen will go tonight.

  104. Casey Abrams has to go. Remember, no one loves Casey more then Casey. That fake smile while gritting his teeth, has to go.

    • Casey is not your run-of-the-mill performer, but in my opinion, he has the widest range of talent in this year's group. He can do blues, rock, ballads, pop; I would bet he could even do an old standard country song some justice! He may not win, but I believe his future is set.

    • Toly,

      I really think you are wrong about Casey. He is an intelligent young man, and I think his musical prowess is incredible. Now, I HATED his performance last night, but I am still a huge fan.

      I don't get it that you think he loves himself so much and that his smiles are fake. Hearing his parents speak revealed a lot about him, I think. It's obvious they are not the type for self-aggrandizement. Nor is Casey. (The bleeding ulcer issue shows he is affected by stress; someone who loves himself as much as you say would not be affected by stress!)

  105. thia is the best of them all!w/that kind of voice truly she is a natural born singer…surely she is the big winner for this season.go thia were proud of you..

  106. I did not like using songs from the year they were born. They should require the contestants to sing something not in their strenth. I do think Scotty has it made in his country singing. Great country voice unless someone messes him up. His parents were great.

  107. 1. Naima – has to go; mediocre at best…

    2. Paul – unique, but forgettable…

    3. Thia – the hair stood up on my arms, just beautiful…best performance of the night, but I fear she will buckle under the pressure of being asked to "up it"…I hope not, as she doesn't need to screech her way to fame…

    4. James – never liked him from day one; just another so so wannabe rocker…

    5. Haley – great voice, technically superb, but song choice will be her downfall…

    6. Stefano – again, technically spot on, but needs to give some more variation…could get boring…

    7. Pia – bad arrangement of a song that's supposed to be a ballad; her voice will get her through…

    8. Scotty – he does what he does, and well…he'll just get better…

    9. Karen – much improved from last week; hope she gets another chance…

    10. Casey – great artist, but this genre for him fell flat…

    11. Lauren – not bad, but needs to set herself apart with a bit more individuality…

    12. Jacob – probably the best voice here, but raw and inexperienced…hope he gets some advice, and reigns it in…

    • I basically agree with you Carolyn! Only I am not sure about Jacob! His voice is so big and dramatic, but I thought he was off tune in places and I found I was bored by the same over the top performance! I like the overall positive attitudes of both the judges and the idols this year!

    • I agree with everything you said. I thought Naima should have been in the bottom three last week and she would be my pick to go home tonight.

      I recently got into Country music, and although it's not everyone's favorite, I think Scotty has the natural talent to go really far.

      Jacob's voice and power is so big it's almost difficult for him to find a song big enough to handle it!

      I like Haley. There is something about her bluesy style and quirky twist that makes her unique. Contrary to what the judges say, I think she knows who she is. She needs to find a better song to showcase it if she makes it through. If it comes down to her and Karen, I think Karen would be the one to go since there is nothing that great about her vocals. I do like the way she blends Spanish into the songs, but that may get old.

    • I couldnt agree more… Voice quality or screech and scream quality. hmm…

      voice quality over smiling quality or perfect teeth quality.

      America should CLEAN their ears BIG TIME!

    • I couldnt agree more… Voice quality or screech and scream quality. hmm…

      voice quality over smiling quality or perfect teeth quality.

      America should CLEAN their ears BIG TIME!

  108. Naimi,bless her soul, she can not carry a tune, even if you put it in a bucket ! Time out! Stop making a spectacle of this child, I feel embarrassed for her, maybe acting, comedy, whatever

    not singing Naimi…please…please…STOP

    • I soo agree with you Kerri! I made an earlier comment yesterday that she needs to stop simply to shield her parents from the embarassment–as she seems to have no clue herself what she sounds like!

      C'mon America–get rid of THE HOLY BUCKET (Naimi's multi-punctured tune carrier)ha,ha. Then we can jettison MR BO JANGLES (Paul–"he'll da-ance for you!").

      Anybody else care to offer up their "Terrible Twos"?!(or even your Wonderful One)

      • Why can't everybody say her name right? It's NAIMA, not NAIMI or NIAMA… But it doesn't matter since I find her very boring and she doesn't have the vocal range to compete with other contestants…

  109. Branden….I just love your reviews….You definitely have a way with words…….If it wasn't for James and Stefano, Ok and Pia it would have been a wash last night…..They need some Mentors for song choices….Last night the song choices were awful..

    Karen or Haley might be going home unless there is an upset…….Anything can happen!!!!!

  110. Didn't see all of last night, but of the ones I saw- Jacob and his song didn't work, except for the very last line-which made the neck hair stand. Scotty, reasonably good, but predictable. I respect Casey's talent, but couldn't enjoy it with a song that makes me want to hurl. Karen- charming-but strained somehow. Hoping for better next week.

  111. I've been watching Idol since the second season and it always use to tick me off when the judges said a singer was "pitchy." Well last night I finally understood what pitchy meant — it means you are off key and Naima was that in spades!! Then JLo said Haley was "beautiful." Usually when a judge tells a contestant she is beautiful it is the kiss of death BIG TIME! Casey sang like he tired of dealing with his health issues and wants to go home. So my picks for the bottom three are Casey (which would be awful because he is on my list of the top three to finish), Naima, and Haley. Naima is going home tonight! She basically wrote herself off with her singing and plus she said that her babies were too young to be without her.

    • @ Pat…I was actually thinking the same thing about Casey….it was as if he were trying to be intentionally bad…and the judges still complimented him (somewhat) He really did not bring anything to the stage last night. I was very dissapointed. I do like Scotty and would like for him to do an Elvis #. I think he would do well. My favorite to win, however, is James Durbin. Not only is he an incredible young man facing challenges and adversity…I feel he has a remarkable voice…granted…last night was not his best but I feel it was better than what a lot of the other contestants offered. JMHO This is such a great site…although a lot more negativity and biases coming out this year than in years past. Sad… We shall see about who will be going home tonight. 🙂

      • You know, Rose, I thought the same thing about Casey's choice of song and performance. I actually do think Randy was right for a change, though . . . that he cares more about art than commerce. It may have been that the docs advised Casey to do what made him happy and to let the chips fall where they may. It was obvious he had a good time performing that song, even if it made 99% of us cringe.

  112. Why does everybody think this James Durbin guy is any good? Give me a break-the guy can scream, but it's never in pitch. In fact, him AND Jacob Lusk have pitch issues, badly. They always miss their notes and bend up or down to them. I wonder what the judges are listening to.

    And if I see one more phony Durbin "Devil Horns up, I'm a rocker dude" pose I just might hurl. Give up the devil horns unless you're Ronnie James Dio reborn, dude.

    I really liked Casey Abrams, but his debacle last night was just plain awful. Absolute garbage.

    Pia was terrific.

    Scotty was good, although I have no idea why he isn't doing a take on a Trace Atkins song.

    Haley has to do more bluesy stuff-she's got a really great, gravely voice. I wish she'd use it more.

    Jacob oversings everything. "House is not a Home" was really good last week, but his act is getting very tiring for me.

    I do dig Paul. Don't think he'll win, but he'll sell quite a few records.

    Stefano was really good, but listening to him is like staring at a loaf of Wonder Bread. He's just there, plain, doesn't do much for me. Forgettable.

    Everybody else is just a throwaway to me, including Alaina. She's another contestant that is just way too overhyped. I actually think she's kind of creepy.

    • @ Greg. I respectfully disagree. I think James is very good. Maybe I'm Amazed last week was wonderful and he did not do too bad last night with Bon Jovi…better than most contestants.

      I do agree with you on Haley…she has a sultry, husky voice that I like…I believe she would do justice to Melissa Ethridge or even Joplin if given the opportunity. I also did like Pia.

      I have a feeling that either Namia or Karen will be going home tonight…I really do hope Haley will survive and have a decent song choice…ALL of the contestants need better songs…the choices last night were horrible. JMO 🙂

      • @Rosa A-True, "Maybe I'm Amazed" was very good, and I really wanted to hate it…but I didn't. Gotta give the credit where it's due.

        The entire "Faux Rocker" thing just drives me insane-I can't help it. I thought he butchered "You've got Another Thing Comin'" (give it a good listen and you hear how the producers used both Autotune AND heavy reverb to put his scream in tune-and they did the same thing last night)

        Who's Karen again? That should tell you everything I need to know about her! LOL!

        As far as Haley-yeah, there is an entire catalog of great singers she could nail, IMO. Ethridge, Bonnie Tyler, Patti Smyth…Heck, I bet she could pull off an amazing version of some old Sammy Hagar.

        I think the biggest problem with all of these contestants isn't so much the ability to sing, it's knowing the kind of singer they SHOULD be, in contrast to who they WANT to be. That's what separates the pros from the lounge singers in this industry. Sure, Jacob Lusk can sing, but he's not R. Kelly-never will be. And so on…

        That's why a good producer is so valuable. Sometimes they know what you should be better than you do. Look how many of these singers over the years have done well on television and have amounted to nothing in there pro career…ah, but I digress. 😉

      • I'm with you, Greg. I don't think James Durbin is good… Not at all… Yes, He can reach those high notes, the one that we called screaming. There's a different between singing in high notes and screaming. To me, what James does is only screaming. And yes, he seems like trying so hard to be a so-called-rocker. Sorry, that's only my opinion. Maybe it's different from another person's point of view.

  113. loved lauren we need a fresh young american idol for a change.lauren is beautiful and 16.she'snot married or got kids to hold her downn.not to mention her voice is fresh and beautiful.i vote for her every week.

      • I liked Jordan Sparks! But I get your point, Shundreya. Lauren is not terrible, but I am just not a big fan.

      • @ Shundreya, you're sooo right. Lauren reminds me of Jordin Sparks too. Until now I still can't believe how Jordin can be the winner of AI. The same thing will happen to Lauren, I think. People and the judges overpraised her. I don't think she's that talented. Last night I heard her sang off pitch often.

  114. Naima Adedapo has to go, she should have never been brought back. Jacob, your voice is becoming annoying(hollering) and your gay moves makes Adam Lambert look straight

    • Yeah, but Naima has a lot of spit and I enjoy her confident uniqueness. We just need to find her an outlet. I KNOW! She could be the quirky neighbor next door on a sit-com. I'd watch! As for Jacob and his gay moves a lot of people are remarking on—guess I've been listening more than watching. Seem to have missed the "moovage". He can sing, but he's not Idol stuff. We need a special place for him as well. Maybe on Naima's sit-com as a bitter former reality contestant. He could be gay,too if it would help the show. Any additional ideas?????

      • @ Debbie's two cents : Naima has a lot of spit? I didn't see that last night…

  115. The judging was terribe!!! Hearing from them…they were all great. Only Stephano, Pia, Thia stood out in my mind. We have a Competition? Boy do I miss Simons honest reviews!

  116. Am I the only one that actually heard that Jacob over sang that song last night? And that Casey although I usually like him was really bad? The judges really need to get real and not worry about whether the crowd is going to boo them or not. I guess the judges are most disappointing to me. Contestants will have bad nights. Help them by being honest with them. They all have talent!

    • You hit the nail on the head TG–especially regards the judges. It's during these early "separating the chaff from the wheat" times that America will realize that we miss Simon Cowell not just for his funny, biting remarks; but for his brutal honesty that guided contestants toward serious introspection (are you reading this Naima, Paul, and Jacob) and that he more properly guided the American voters to legitimate voting.

  117. Casey was awful!!! I don't know how the judges or fans get away with giving any ounce of credibility to his awful and embarassing rendition of such a classic, Teen Spirit. I would boot him tonight for that performance alone. Also, Curt looked grundgy and dirty but was still cute. What is Casey's excuse for looking like that?!

  118. So I am older…….. Paul reminds me of bad version of "Donovan" from the 70's Just waiting for him to sing "Mellow Yellow" perfect song for him but know one can replace "Donovan" so he is out!

    Pia looks and sing beautiful…but like a million others. Reminds me of Katherine McFee but not as good. She will be in for awhile!

    Stefano can sing and is likable dak horse here and I would like to see him win but don't think he will.

    James is the another version of Adam Lambert to bad as he has a great voice! Won't win

    Jacob is my pick…. He has the gay and black vote and can really sing. He is just trying toooo hard if he tones it down he has the best chance.

    The rest will just go home eventually in what order really dosn't matter to us just to them for exposure!

  119. I must point out one thing about James' "prediction" (as some are calling it)about performing an Aerosmith song w/Stephen at the finale – hello people – the entire Top 10 (at least) get to perform during the finale so for him to say that does not automatically mean he's going to be one of the final 2. Just saying …

  120. I personally thought last night's show was god awful. everyone was absolutely terrible!!! even my fave jacob was not that good. the only ones that stood out for me were scotty, pia, and stefano

    • and also what was up with casey???? he's usally always so good. he was really bad last night.

      • Yeah, 'ol Casey sure wasn't true to form but he also said he was going to go out on a limb.Don't know if anyone else noticed something I did. He was so "into" the song that he seemed to almost "became" it. I don't know how else to discribe it, but I could see something change in his eyes. He wasn't performing the song—he was IT. Maybe that's what people saw that made them say he was scarey? Maybe that's why people didn't seem to like him as well this time.

    • Couldn't agree more Dan. The talent pool this season doesn't appear to be nearly as rich as we thought. Hopefully they will improve dramatically as they get more accustomed to the live performances. It is on-the-job training for them after all. They're all very fortunate to be there.

      I STILL think Lauren Turner would have performed quite a bit better than several of these final 13. At least she had some life to her voice.

  121. Some general comments: The judging has been getting as many reviews as the actual contestants–and for good reason! You would think that the AI producers would've used their own wisdom (finally letting our beloved Paula Abdul go because she couldn't refrain from double dosing on the happy pills), and cautioned Stephen Tyler from going down that track. I love his empathetic humanity and insights, but it's becoming obvious that he's in some sort of ambien haze (ala Tiger Woods gradual descent)–Was anyone else astounded by his GLOWING review of the terrible tones of Naima? (or is he simply giving payback for some underground activity there as he seems infatuated by her; remember he brought her back from Top 24 oblivion!)

    At least JLo is sober. But some gentle producer needs to firmly TELL her that "less is more". She's often insightful and encouraging, but her interruptions of other judges is becoming distracting.

    Kudos to Randy for trying to be a guiding force and trying to keep up the excitement. I'd advise him be more the hard critiquer and guiding force to JLo and let her and Stephen enthuse the audience. Like my advice to JLo, for Randy fewer excitement outbursts will mean more if it's done more rarely for really special moments.

    Agree or Disagree?

  122. I like Casey, but hes sort of creepy…Thia can sing, but it seems like she has no personality.. I love Jacob! Lauryn can sing but when she does, it kinda boring. Naima did horrible but she can do much better… I love Karen, but her last couple of performances have been wack. I cant stand Scotty, why do people love him so much??? (and i do like ocuntry music) Pia may win this thing. Stefano is one of my favories and his performances since that wild card thig have been great!! Haley did good to me last night…

  123. Oh yeah, who's worse–The Holy Bucket or Mr. Bo Jangles? I vote for Naima who can't carry a tune even with a bucket because it's perforated with holes. But the Foolish Dancer otherwise known as Prancing Paul (and his catgut vocal cords) should follow her down the Laundry Chute of Shame!

  124. @ Greg…That I do agree with. A good producer does make a world of difference. Yes, Jacob Lusk will never be an R Kelly nor will he ever be a Luther Vandross (as he has been mistakenly compared to) If I am going to hear a scream I will happy to listen to James than a caterwauling ear piercing schreech from Jacob.

    I have also read…several AI's ago that there are only certain songs that the contestants are allowed to choose from due to the originasl artist's copyright infringements, etc. This may be why the pickings are very slim…and due to this, it is the producers and mentors job to take whatever song is available…make it their own and perform it as if it is the only song out there. 🙂

  125. WTH happened to PIA??? what a frustration! scotty, lauren and thia are sure safe and the rest should go home now. they're kinda annoying already.

  126. I thinks:

    Lauren Alaina should sing; Sin Wagon by Dixie Chicks.

    Jacob Lusk should sing; Hallelujah, Celine Dion style.

    Scotty McCreery should sing; Let Me Down Easy by Billy Currington.

  127. I agree with you coondog Steven has killed way to many brain cells to be a good judge, his praise of Naima just shocked me, what was he listening to. Dont get me wrong I love Areosmith, and tyler but years of drugs and alcohol will alter your senses.

    • Thanks for backing me up on that Jim. I do think Stephen is pretty smart–he showed his insights during the early gos. He just needs to back off the "happy juice" a bit.

      I think the other judges were so shocked by his Naima comment that they doubted themselves a bit and so eased up on their dissing of Naima. I'm hoping that today's comments will prod the judges to give more discerning critiques next week, and may even give them the courage to fire some warning shots at the contestants during tonight's Results show. I can hear the echoes already:

      "Naima's got to go! Hey, hey. Ho, ho!

      Yay says Steve, but we say Leave! Hey, hey! Ho, ho!

      She's got to go, and we won't take no! Hey, hey. Ho, ho!"

      "Paul you're lame, Get off the stage! Hey, hey! Ho, ho!"

      "Randy, JLo, Stephen too! Judge them right or we will Boo! Hey, hey! Ho, ho!

      Jacob blows and he must go! Hey, hey! Ho, ho!"


  128. and also… sorry I forgot about Paul McDonald, I would like to see him sing Born Free by Kid Rock… just because I would love to see him perform this, I love his moves… 🙂

  129. Steven Tiredler = the newer, amazingly sappier little model of Paula Abdull , only he's bored and she was sorta perky. Everybody's GREAT… hire them all to contracts! Whee!

    Man, do I ever miss Simon's critical ear and honesty even more than I thought I would. Why keep on peeing on our shoes while you're telling us it's a beautiful rain?

    Admittedly, and surprisingly, Jennifer is getting better as a judge all the time. Last night she was really stepping up with the constructive criticism. Maybe it was just a matter of her getting more comfortable with that role.

  130. American Idol needs to get a better music producer/ arranger. Glorified whatshisname Mr. Producer has not done anything good for the finalists since top 13. Arrangements and song choices were HORRIBLE! They don't know how to take care of these kids.

  131. I've had some more time to think about last night's show. I'm starting to think that the contestants must be getting bad/wrong advice. The final 12 did not make it to the Big Stage by being "pitchy" or whatever else is being said about them. They got there by being talented.

    A) I think that the song producers must be messing with the contestants too much or not enough. I just don't understand. I've heard a contestant or two mention on his/her video blurb that the song producer was doing things he/she would never have thought of. Better or worse?? Who knows. Just a thought.

    B) The vocal coach mustn't be doing his/her job (helping the contestants?). Hopefully. Come on, if a contestant is pitchy/schreechy/screaming/etc. shouldn't he/she be telling the contestant? I dunno.

    C) What happened to the judges that were judging before and during Hollywood Week? Where the frell did they go? 'Cause they sure haven't been there since the "live" show began. Somebody's gotta start being honest, please.

    Just my opinion.

    • I totally agree! They should stop messing with the finalists song choices and arrangements. I downloaded the studio versions from itunes and guess what… I thought my speakers conked out on me. The background music sound like they came out of an old can of sardines! They better get a new music producer or else America will vote for the wrong idol again.

  132. AMERICA, this is a singing contest not an attitude, personality or smiling one. Make-up your mind. WHO HAS THE VOICE?? You dont need to screech just to be commended and show that you CAN sing. Remember what happened to Season 3 and 6. Where are the winners? and where is Katharine McPhee and Jennifer Hudson. Once again, VFTW is back because of you! Another failure is going to happen if you dont get it right. Use your ears not your eyes.

  133. Stefano sang beautifully.

    Naima, sorry to say, should be sent home. There was no improvement over last week. Casey did not have a great performance. Wherever Kurt Cobain is resting, he must have been plugging his ears. Screaming is not singing. Someone please tell Karen that she is not Selena or JLo. She needs to get her own look. On another note, Karen sang better this week. Pia was blah last night. Also, MC Hammer tweeted that he wants his pants back. Scotty is so boring. His voice is so rich and beautiful. You've convinced the viewers and audience you can sing country, now do something different. Paul was OK. A Ray Montagne song would be cool. Haley is almost there. As others have mentioned, she needs the right song. Thia has come a long way. Her singing expressed some emotion. Vibrato issues…afraid not Ms.

    Lopez. Lauren is a strong contestant. I agree with Jennifer López that a song by Adele would be a good choice for Lauren to sing. Jacob's talent is deteriorating because whoever picks his songs plays it safe and this is a disservice to him. It's blatant he can hit high notes. Give him some heavy metal song or something by Lenny Kravitz or Jimmy Hendrix. Heart? Great song but there was plenty of rock from

    which to choose. James' scarf was gone a couple of weeks ago. Why is it back? Last night was his weakest performance. It was okay. There were no surprises. I still like him a lot. Steven Tyler told him not to turn pop, or whatever. I disagree. He also needs to keep singing different genres.

  134. okay first of all Haley is one of the strongest vocalist. Her singing is very unique and beautiful. I love her voice so much. Another favorite is Karen this girl can sing but I feel that she makes the wrong song choices some times. Casey wows me he is really fearless and that voice gives me chills.

    In order from best to worst













    overall I am very pleased with this years contestants they all have amazing and their own unique voice.

      • Haley is dazzling! I'm old, been around a long time, have children and grandchildren who keep me current. Haley is the whole package; she can do it all. Wake up America! She's so versatile, doesn't need to be pigeon-holed into a category. Maybe she isn't gonna be the winner but she sure deserves more credit than she gets. But she's full of personality and spunk, so I'm not worried about her. Thia sounds real nice, lovely voice, but still needs to be polished. Casey, James, Lauren, Pia, Stefano are all stand-outs to me. Jacob, pleeeze, he's just too much. Not my kind of style anyhow. Scotty will probably never sound much different than we've already heard him. Naima, great style, but AI is out of her league. Paul is someone special and out of the ordinary. I want to see all of them do the 40s stuff and something outside each of their specialties. Then we can really judge them. As for the judges: they are improving and getting more real most of the time. Just don't like JLo; she's loud and tries to take center stage too much. And, in my opinion, the girl can't sing. She seems to have more knowledge about music than she has talent. She's good looking and well-marketed, but not a strong, clear, nice-sounding voice. Steven Tyler just seems to be in awe of these kids and Randy is trying to hold it all together. I, too, am in awe of all of them. I give them all props for standing up in front of the crowd and performing for millions of people. That makes them all awesome to me. I don't care where they're from, straight or gay, fat or skinny, pretty or not, I just want America to get it right this time. Let's pick someone who can really sing, with flair and good tone, nice melody and presence, but most of all very pleasing to the ear … like Haley!

    • ok Haley is good but not the best. i deff. agree Naima sucks she should have went home last night. heres my order best to worst:












      • My order best to worst












    • Love Haley, I hope she's not discouraged by Randy's constant unjustified (find you genre) remarks. They beat Katie Stevens over the head with it last year. I haven't seen last night results show yet but is it true she didn't wait for Ryan to tell her to go sit down. It's not good, even if expected, to anticipate results.

  135. Thia for me brings the hotness of voice this year.Very very natural.No need to scream to prove the power of the voice, her voice says it all.Ms. Lopez and Mr. Jackson youre very mean with that girl, you shouldve have listen to what you are saying…god bless you…hahahaha

    • jlo just cant take the fact that thia is better than her. give jlo the songs that thia is singing and well see.

      • JLO in concert was pretty damn good. Gotta give her more credit than that. Thia is boring, Boring, Boring. Haley is figgin Awesome and Lauren is very good but as dumb as a box of rocks!!! The Judges are very biased in their remarks because there is no way that Naima, Paul, Jacob, or stephano are better than her. Go back and check out the itunes! She blows them away with originality, style and most important for AI…vocals!!! Pia is great but just stands there on stage. Once again..go back and check out previous winners. They all moved around more than 10 feet on the stage and performed with energy.

  136. What! Karen was sent home over Naima! OMG! I haven’t even watched tonight’s show as I am P.S.T.

    Steven Tylor has a thing for her, that is the only reason she is still in the game. Way off key and pitchy; I am not a musician but could tell you that much. Karen has it going for her, maybe not as the next idol but so much better than Naima and that Lust fellow. He gives me the heebie-jeevies.

    • hey slm.717, I thought it's supposed to be the heebie jeeBies. Or is the lustY fellow that Creepy Crawly to you. Prancing Paul is the one that makes me go "Ngahh!"

    • Naima should have been the one of the 3 girls that went home last night! Every song she sings is pitchy!! Pitchy. And every song she sings the judges have told her it was pitchy!!!I mean how many chances do you get when you sing off key and it is pitchy? I do not agree with the judges this week. Naima should have went home before the Karen, or the other girl ,period! I know that they were not unanimous about sending Karen home!( I do agree Karen is better than Naimi.) Because Jennifer wanted to keep her! She does seem to stick up for the hispanics more. I have been watching her through out this whole thing and if you watch her when a hispanic is supposed to go you will see what I am talking about! This is a competition contest. Not an ethnic competition. And yes, Steven Tyler has a thing for Naimi. But she still should have went home over the two other girls!!! Hi Rose A. And Hi to Phyllis Goo! Sherry K 🙂

    • definately agree…who in the heck is voting for these people? Paul seems like he was time warped into our time from years past and Jacob has to control the song and not let it run away from him out of control.

  137. Scotty is the next big country singer. Not that I am a Country fan, but that boy can sing! Some of the male Country singers are “getting old” my thirteen-year-old says, Country needs a “new man.” I believe that Scotty is the Man, (even if he is a look-alike for the “Mad” magazines cover boy-Alfred E. Neuman. Take a look at their magazine and you will be amazed!

    • I thought the same thing about Alfred E. Newman (sp?) but didn't know if there was anybody out there who still remembered him! Not trying to be mean though, but there's a definite resemblance.

      • Thought the same thing…magic voice with a Mad Magazine face. But he is very young and maturity and a minor makeover can do wonders. Maybe grow the hair out a little…work the dimples…I have been around the block a bit and have seen many a duckling turn into a swan. He’s definitely got a shot at Country Hunk. Time will tell!

    • Why is there so much Jesus advertising on this forum? Scotty with his annoying cross hanging around his neck, contestants and judges thanking "God"….is American Idol owned by a religious organisation? Do all concerned have to pay public hommage? Is there something we don't know, or is America that myopic?

      The whole thing is weird to non Americans.

  138. Has anyone else noticed when it comes time for the judges and their opinouns that Randy always has to toot his own horn? He always has to tell everyone who he knows and who he has worked with, I think he has a case of trying to be self important. Steven kind of gives me the creeps because of the comments he has made earlier in the rehersals about the girls (and we are talking about teenagers) he sounds kind of like a lech. Jennifer trys to give advice from her own way of singing style but that doesnt always work for everyone, especially when she's always telling the contestants to "make the songs they sing their own.

    • Yes, Randy obviously needs to feel like he's somebody. JLo is a lucky dog. Sort of like Madonna, someone who has marketed themselves very well with limited talent. I wonder how far they'd get on American Idol if judged only on their singing? Steven needs to be careful; you're right, some of those girls are very young. He's one of those men will be men types. Too many of them out there.

    • LOL….we were all saying the same thing…we need to tally everytime Randy mentions who he worked with or what he does!!! Too Funny!!!

  139. I was really hoping either Paul or Jacob would go. Watching Paul is like watching a water snake try to get off dry land and his voice is nasty. As for Jacob he has a nice voice but the continual screaming instead of singing gets old.

    • agree – Paul is horrible – no range, no power. Steve/JLo – if they don't step it up I am out of here. They have nothing of interest to say. They praise singers who even those of us who are not in the busines find off key and boring. I miss Simon

      • missing simon agreed Barbara. not only was his biting remarks funny (and true), but his judgment served as a better guidepoint to both the contestants and voters. If Randy would believe in himself a bit more and take the hounding of the audience, he could actually fill at least one of simon's shoes.

        And to Fred–"water snake to dry land attempt–hilarious! I compare Paul's vocal cords having the strength of old-school kite string that's been rained on, then dried up by the sun–as those broken cords leave the kite (Paul) dangling in the wind beneath the power lines! ha, ha.

      • @ Barbara, Paul is an excellent singer. Why don't you tell that to Steve and Jennifer to their faces? I just love couch critics. (not) Miss Simon? Go find him. Then, get and become, bored all over again.

  140. I think Thia would make it far.. I love her so much.. We'll not one of the strongest vocals but I believe that she's the unique one.

    Way to go Thia Megia!!

  141. Very intriguing contest. A talented and diverse group. I try to ask myself when choosing my own favorites, "Who would I want to both listen to and watch…plus not wonder if they will have an 'off' or 'on' night? And for whom would I pay $100+ a ticket?" So far, maybe Pia and James…Stefano is growing on me, too. I am drawn to Jacob, but it was a little weird that last round. The change in judges is a welcome one for me…Steven Tyler has his kinks and bleeps(both a plus),yet is surprisingly & conversely engaging and articulate. I think the current judges are all "a bit too soft" at times, but maybe that is simply karmic compensation for Simon.

    • LCWB? hmmm, I'm from a Best in Blue myself. I'm a little nervous that you're drawn to Jacob, but based upon your moniker I have to think you're no fan of Prancing Paul?

      • Innocent mistake…a SNAFU (I do know how that translates!)…Just googled the acronym "LCWB" and I can see why the confusion. Ironically, those really are my initials. Only blue I have ever worn is my jeans and probably a garter at my wedding. Thanks for the laugh. Hope you enjoy the rest of Idol.

  142. I was asking myself why the audience had to give a stand ovation during the singing. I understand if the performer is really presenting something amazing that everyone is standing up and sing along or claps for them. But lately its almost like a mandatory…after a few second the music started then everyone stood up???

    James, Scotty and Phia are the true contenders…I hope they will go all the way…

  143. @ elsewhere77 & Greg….now you two are "stomping all over my heart"…I love James Durbin….he is the real deal. JMHO. Also like Pia, Scotty, Casey, Stefano, Haley and Lauren….but my favorite to win has got to be James…He rocks. 🙂

    • @ Rose … Haha I don't blame you for liking him. He's a great singer actually, if only he stop screaming and start singing. It's just not my cup of tea. I like soulful singer more, like Stefano. Hey, everybody has different tastes and styles of music, we're all different. That's what make us, human, unique… If you like him, then support him, vote for him. I still think he's great but I just don't like him.

      • @ elsewhere77…u r so nice…and u r right…everyone has different tastes. May the best man or woman win AI…and I will say that if by some reason James does not win…he will be successful in whatever comes his way. He is remarkable young man… 🙂

      • Elsewhere77…..As a big James supporter I just love the way you answered Rose A. Its so nice to see that kind of class on this blog….Unfortunately not everyone has it. I love that you agree to disagree. Like I always say, Different strokes for different folks….makes the world go round. Imagine how boring it would be if we all loved the same contestant….BORING!!!!!!

        Love you Rose A………and James, of course….

      • Phyllis G. (Las Vegas)… I always think that the differences always a positive thing. It will be boring if you watched AI when all the contestants sounded the same. You will get sick of it by just one show. Wish all the best to all contestants, may the best man/woman wins, and you guys are lucky to be able to decide, because I'm living in a different side of the world. I wish I could vote for Stefano… Haha…

      • Hey, there, Phyllis G. I got you covered, voted for Stefano quite a bit the other night. I thought you were in Vegas?

        Happy Karen went home, well not happy, but she had her chances…never happy about someone going home, having their dreams crushed, but at this point, their names and faces are out there and they usually go on to do more, so wish her luck.

      • T….I am in Vegas…I thought you lived out of the country and thats why you couldn't vote!!!!

      • Elsewhere77…..I’ll vote for Stefano for you…..I like him too but its James for the win…hahaha

      • Phyllis G. — LOL, got your comments confused with elsewhere77. My mistake. Nah, I am in NorCal. Stefano is my little underdog. I like his style 🙂

    • James Durbin Rocks Rose A. He does need to pick better song choices…And yes he is the real deal. I like Pia, but sometimes she seems to be screaming. I LOVE Scotty. He could record a country album right now!….My favorite has to be James also. Country will sign up Scotty anyway. Hugs to you Rose. And a great big Hi!I don't think he is screaming! But there are a few moments he could tone it down just a tiny bit! What did you think about my song selection for James? " Wanted Dead, or alive by Bon Jovi "? Hugs to you Rose and to To Phyllis G.too.

      Sherry K 🙂

      • @ Sherry K. Awww…I agree. I think James would do a great job with Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi…I would like for him to sing something by Poison…Every Rose Has a Thorn or Give me Something to Believe In…he will do justice to anything he sings..I agree about Scotty…he could be signed right now by a country label and do really well..Can't wait to see what happens next week. I do hope the song choices are better. Big hugs to you and Phyllis G and Angela as well. Good thoughts for a gentle day~!! Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

      • Sherry K. I would love to hear James sing Bon Jovi, Wanted Dead or Alive. He could sing any of Bon Jovi songs and I would love it…..

        Sherry to get Adam's newsletter just go to and it will tell you how to sign up for it…..

        Hugs right back at ya…..

    • T….This site is starting to get confusing. LOL Either way I do like Stefano…..He is my 2nd choice if James doesn't win……but hopefully he will………

      • Oh Phyllis G. Thank-You so much for showing me how I can see ADAMS news letter. I have a feeling that Stefano might win too if James doesn't win. Stefano has a very pretty voice. And he defintely does not scream. I really don't think James is screaming. But when he hits those real high notes he needs to watch it that it doesn' sound like a scream.Hugs to you and Rose. We shall see what happens next week. If they just keep kicking one person off at a time I am going to get bored! Lets see, are there 11 left? One a week would be almost three months. I don't think I can stand it that long!! Take care both of you! Phyllis G. And Rose A. Hugs to both of you! Sherry K. 🙂

      • @ sweet Phyllis G & @ T. I hear you. It does get confusing. I like Stefano as well…I was kind of rooting for Pia as a 2nd choice…(James is still my # 1 favorite). But if Pia does not bring in some more stage presence and oooph…, I would definitely like to see Stefano up there. Have to admit…his performance the other night WAS solid. 🙂

      • Sherry K. If for any reason James doesn't win it all Stefano is my next choice…….but I'm in it for JAMES…

        then again my track record hasn't been good……except for Carrie Underwood. I literally broke my fingers voting for Adam and he didn't win (of course we know why)…….Have a wonderful weekend…Hugs to you…..

      • Rose A., Phyllis G. & Sherry K. — Did you pre-order Adam's new CD yet? You can pre-order through Amazon and if the price goes down before it comes out, they will give you the lowest price. Ordered mine yesterday.

        Phyllis G. — I agree, getting confusing, so many people, so many comments, what's an Idol fan to do? 🙂

        Rose A. — Thanks for clarifying why everyone is all up in arms about the Steven Tyler-James Durbin handshake heard 'round the world. Geez. Gimme a break. Would love to see James make it, though. This is a rough year, so many favorites for so many different reasons, so many different singing styles. Have not been this excited about Idol since Adam's season, which really wasn't all that long ago, but seems an eternity after last season's debacle.

        Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend!

        Shout out to Francisco C, wherever you may be, Stefano all the way. Wow, Stefano, James, Casey…Lauren, so much talent.

      • P.S. Rose A. — Yes, I think when Steven Tyler said "Don't be too poppy" he was referring to "pop" music, because some Bon Jovi can feel a bit on the "Pop"-py side. I get what he's saying. Sorry to reply to that comment on this thread, but I'm at work and can't scroll through all the threads 😛

      • T…..Thanks for the reminder but I ordered mine on Monday along with the 10th anniversary of AI CD……I'm at work too and it does get very confusing because not only Matt, but Branden and Ashli Rae all blog and of course I follow all of them…..and try to work too..

        …LOL…..Have a wonderful weekend, T, Rose A., Sherry K, Angela and all my idol friends….

        P.S. I do like Pia too but Stefano has been stepping up to the plate, now I'm waiting for Pia to do the same…

      • Phyllis G. and Rose A. — My main problem with Pia is similar to the problem I have with Thia: Ballad after ballad after ballad and I hit SNOOZE. And then Pia acted like she was going to step it up, but instead sang Where Do Broken Hearts Go? One of the most depressing songs ever…and I don't care what you do with that song, it will be a ballad no matter how (excuse me for borrowing from Steven Tyler) "Poppy" you try to make it sound. And Thia singing Colors of the Wind…first time I noticed her trying to actually connect with the audience, but another snoozer. To borrow from Rose A. — JMHO 🙂

        You guys are awesome, love sharing comments with y'all.

        P.S. Phyllis, wish I could just get certain songs, did not want all the top 10 because I did not like all the performances, but I guess I will be buying that as well. 😀

  144. I can't believe the fuss over James, when I first heard him audition I was excited about him but, in my opinion he hasn’t delivered yet. Some of what he has sung has been ok but that last performance, although exciting and enthusiastic, was vocally horrible. I know I'm in the minority here but I gotta express my thoughts. I think he'll make a good lead singer in a Metal Band and I hope he succeeds, he has had a horrible life growing up but I have a sense as the season progresses your tone about James is going to change.

    • Ron (Santa Barbara)……Its been a while…

      I do agree that James was not the best on Tuesday night but he definitely has stage presence……..I've heard him sing a ballad on U-tube and he was great……I think he gets too excited sometimes but if it wasn't for James I would probably sleep thru AI….They all are talented, no doubt about that, but too many ballads this season….

      I know you like Haley but she can't seem to find her niche yet…..I hope she does soon or else she may be leaving next week.

  145. The two things we can all agree on is this is the most talented group probably since Taylor Hicks and Chris Dautre along with the rest of that great group. The song choices have been very dissappointing to say the least. The biggest surprise is Jacob's terriable song choices! Hey, Randy said Jacobs "god bless the child" was the best song ever on idol, and when he amazed us all with his great rendition of Luther Vandross's "a house is not a home" he raised the bar so high. The most amazing thing about that performance was not just how much the judges loved it, but the look on his competors faces as he finished. From Casey who was totally blown away to Robbie Rosen who's face basically said"were all singing for second place after that performance! So why isnt someone guiding him to sing songs better suited to his talent? I mean the last two weeks were really dissappointing for not only jacob, but pretty much every one. I sure hope they do alot better next week because its becoming a snooze fest!

    • Ronbo19, I totally agree. I think Jacob's voice is AMAZING!!. His last song choices have been poor, though I think that will change come Motown week. Jacob should work on elimininating the "churchy-ness" from his songs. You can tell he is/was a gospel singer and that's great – but he has to learn to tone that down when he's singing non-gospel songs. He has a beautiful, beautiful voice – and whether or not he wins AI, I think he has a great singing future ahead of him. I also love Pia Haley, James and Stefano …. but Paul – nooooo!!!!! Very disappointed that Karen was voted off instead of Naima – not sure how Naima made it this far.

  146. @ T. …and the word for the day class, is "Poppy"…too funny. 🙂 My point of reference to voting for a contestant on AI usually comes down to 2 things…would I buy their CD and would I pay my hard earned good money to go and see them in concert. I would probably buy a CD from Stefano and perhaps Thia or Pia ( if I wanted something soothing to put my grand daughters to sleep or even unwind after a stressful day ). Would I pay to go and see Thia and Pia in concert…NO. Would I buy a CD from James Durbin and/or pay money to see him in concert…Oh Yeah…without a doubt. When I go to a concert, I want to be entertained and rock out ( so I'm a grandma of 4…life is short)…I do not want to listen to someone who just stands there and sings slow and depressing songs. Just saying. Looking forward to next week. I hear it is Motown week….now come on contestants…it's Motown…. MOVE. 🙂

    PS I love this site as well. Always make a new friend or two every year…it is wonderful. 🙂

    • she's definitely one of the best. constestants that those judges love the most for this seaons are constestants comparable from the previous seasons. nothing really unique.

  147. The world needs a reggae queen and I think Naima is it. She could really make it big and have a large and loyal global following. AI is for inanimate and monotonous fly-by-nighters with dubious talent and limited appeal where Americans tend to vote by race. Whites will vote for Scotty and Paul no matter what. In fact, Scotty was the only one wearing an earpiece so there must be huge concerns about the foldbacks/stage monitors. As a musician I know how important it is to hear oneself and the balance of each input on a large stage.

  148. I have to say that Paul sounds like he's imitating a drag queen. Too funny. I can't see him selling many records

  149. Scotty can only sing country and western where almost-talking in a monotone is the acceptable norm. He will do well in that genre but unlike Justin Bieber his groupies will all be great grandmothers.

  150. i think if A1 is looking for someone who is deffrent from the previous winners then it mut be thia i guess.

  151. well ill have to say its a hard pick this year, thier all so talented this year, they all have there flaws as we all can see! I just dont see what so unique about scotty he sings country i can name a dozen people off the top of my head that arent famous and can blow you away with some county music, i see american idol as if they are looking for something different and unique, when i think of a famous singer i see an artist that is able to sing anything comfortable or not, to be able to blow a hole in it even if its not there prefrence now that a singer, that can sing a variety of music. As for naima she aint been bringing it we know she has it in her but its like she is either getting to over confident or relaxed that she just screws it all up, i got faith in her but she needs to change it up quit tryna fit in with whats going on today and be her and only her and thats whats going to do it for her. As for Paul he has that perfect smile and stands out from everyone else yeah he's all over the stage but he's real and he's being his self so im def. root'n for him. Another one that needs to bring it is lil miss lauren shes got what it takes shes going to make it a ways she has a beautiful voice she looks like she can be real playful but quick to be all about her so, james is going all the way im sure hes not the best but i wish them all the luck and i agree about the elimination show they need to pre record there songs and let them lip sing cus sometimes i can hear them or there off note reallllllllllly BBBBBAAAADDDDDDDDDDDD! Good luck to all the contestants

  152. I have been reading your comments and cracking up at some of the things you people have said about AI. I don't know why everyone hates the ballads so much, Thia dedicated her song to the people in Japan. I think this years contestants are all kind of wierd, but in a good way, very diversified. I am not real fond of Haley because she trys to act too sexy, I mean who is watching the show, very few men. Please James don't cry anymore and Paul what is your brand of tooth whitener?

    • Haley is absolutely beautiful and she knows it.If I looked like her with that talent I would pout my lips and bat my eyes as well…besides…if you haven't notice sexy sells..just ask JLO, Brittney, Jessica S, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie…the list goes on and on and on. If you got it flaunt it:)

  153. So I was on vacation and taped the show and made sure not to read anything abt it and I just finished watching the performance show…here's my take on a few of them…..I didnt like Paul AT ALL….I think he did good when he did Rod Stewart, but he's lost me after that. Casey scared me with his performance lol……nobody can sing Kurt Cobain……I LOVED Stephano……he was just abt perfect…..thought James did a great job and also Pia!…..I totally disagreed with the judges all liking Lauren's performance of Melissa Etheridge (but I have always been a huge fan of Melissa so I might be prejudice when anyone attempts her)…..I liked Jacobs version of Heart…I dont think I have ever heard a male perform that song…..and what the heck with all the parents singing too LOLOLOL…I guess thats the Adult version of American Idol 🙂

  154. It would be James Durbin and Pia Toscano in the final… in my prediction,unless and until song choices are bad this will change to Stefano,Scotty and Casey

  155. It's time the judges learn to distinguish between unique and unique crap. Casey gave one of the worst performances that may easily been seen as a mockery of Kurt Cobain and the judges, who are not familiar with grunge scene (not even hard-rock Tyler) were clearly confused. Randy went as far as calling Casey 'representing Radiohead, Muse'. This is the worst critique since the post-Paula era. Had Simon been around, he would have brought a sense of reality and professionalism. Also, Paul McDonald who is mediocre, is "dancing around" to distract people away from his mediocrity, giving the judges the impression that he is unique, which in fact he is not and is many times inferior to Rod Steward.

  156. I know there will ailments that affected several vocals, but most had an 'off' night except James Durbin, Scotty McCreery and Stephano. Scotty will make a great country artist but would love to hear an Elvis or rock-and-roll song from him and would love to hear James Durbin do a softer song just for variation to feature their true talent. Stephano is good but I tend to get bored with his same ballads each week as well as Pia's.

  157. My prediction:


    1.Pia Toscano

    2.Scotty Mc Creery

    3.Stefano Langone

    4.James Durbin

    5.Lauren Alaina

    6.Casey Abrams

    7.Thia Megia

    8. Jacob Lusk

    9.Paul Mc Donalds

    10.Hailey Reinhart

    11. Naima Adepapo

  158. Paul can't sing and he is not a performer like the others. First, he is so pitchy everytime he sings. He dances around like a freak on the stage. I really do not get it. It looks like he is making fun of himself. He should be a comedian, really.

    Casey was trying so hard to be Cobain. He only screams and screams when he tries to sing a song. Luckily, on the previous episodes it paid off, Casey but just watch people will realize soon enough that you can not really sing. We will get bored at it.

    • America vote off Paul, he only dances around on the stage and everytime he dances he looks like someone who haev just lost his left or right leg.

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