American Idol 2011 Top 12 Performances & Phone Numbers

American Idol 2011 continues tonight with its first live competition when the remaining Top 12 singers step in to the spotlight and give it all in hopes of earning your votes. While Karen and Haley were previously in the most danger of elimination, this will be their chance to reclaim what brought them this far.

Join us in our Idol Chat room while we dissect tonight’s show and then and see what other Idol fans are saying right now on our Idol Facebook page.

American Idol Top 12 Performances:

  • Naima Adedapo – What’s Love Got to Do With It – 1-866-436-5701
  • Paul McDonald – I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues – 1-866-436-5702
  • Thia Megia – Colors of the Wind – 1-866-436-5703
  • James Durbin – I’ll Be There for You – 1-866-436-5704
  • Haley Reinhart – I’m Your Baby Tonight – 1-866-436-5705
  • Stefano Langone – If You Don’t Know Me By Now – 1-866-436-5706
  • Pia Toscano – Where Do Broken Hearts Go – 1-866-436-5707
  • Scotty McCreery – Can I Trust You With My Heart – 1-866-436-5708
  • Karen Rodriguez – Love Will Lead You Back – 1-866-436-5709
  • Casey Abrams – Smells Like Teen Spirit – 1-866-436-5710
  • Lauren Alaina – I’m the Only One – 1-866-436-5711
  • Jacob Lusk – Alone – 1-866-436-5712

Did you know you could download 10 of these original performances tonight for free just for testing out Real’s SuperPass free trial? It’s 100% legal and safe.

Tomorrow night we’ll find out who got the least votes and that singer will be sent home so vote wisely and be sure to cast your unofficial vote in our Idol poll below!




  1. Hello everybody πŸ™‚

    First 3 contestants:

    Naima all over the place πŸ™ she did not have a good night.

    Paul, for me was weak and his dancing is starting to bother me but I love his smile.

    Thia was boring, even she has a huge voice she doesnt take chances and that will put her in danger.

    • Second trio:

      James a pleasure to listen and a pleasure to watch perform.

      Haley really needs to do something even she has a beautiful voice is not enough.

      Stefano nailed it!!! what a great perfomance and for me he will slowly and steady go to the final.

      • I know what you mean about Haley, but she sings really well. I don't know what keeps going wrong for her. I hope she makes it another week. And what was up with the lipstick thing!!!!

      • Oh I love Haley´s voice is just she has not found her style yet, I agree with ST and she has to try blues I think that is her strenght. The lipstick lol very 1920´s πŸ™‚

    • I am one of Naimas BIGGEST fans!!!! I think shes our next AMERICAN IDOL, shes the best singer up on that stage!!!!!

  2. i love scotty but haley is good and lauran these are going to be the last 3 standing!!!!!!!!11

  3. Idol if anyone is monitoring this is there something wrong with the sound system tonight all singers have been off key thus far tonight it sounds as if the mics are over powering the music.

      • I agree too about the beginning….I hope that this doesn't mess them up in the judging. Thia and Paul should have another chance. Wasn't crazy about Niaima. She just doesn't sing well to me. She is a good performer though.

  4. I have to remember to not click these links after 8pm eastern. It's only 5pm out here on the west coast, and I still have three more hours until it starts!

    • I kinda hate that everyone 3,000 miles away from me gets to see this live and three hours earlier than I do, even though the competition happens just up the street from me! But I have to wait three hours to watch a replay of it. They should show it live on the west coast too.

  5. i love american idol me and my friend tallie love your show we talk about at school who we don't like and like like lauran

  6. Thia has a very nice voice! I hope she can show America her versatility next time. I think she can pull it through. I think an R & B tune would also suit her voice.

    • I'm pulling for Thia too. She is really appealing. I think she will make it another week. I think Randy was too harsh.

      • are you filipinos? if you are then i see why you're pulling for her. in spite of her huge potential, i don't think she's doing enough to last long in the show. nevertheless, if she does make it after the show, i'll support her but not now. she's always safe and never wants to push her limits prolly coz she's young. she should take risks every now and then though. she's starting to bore me. her first was beautiful, her second nice, her third i'm not so sure anymore.

      • What kind of the BS racist remark is that? No I'm not Phillipino but I like Thia. Nationality not withstanding. She has some work to do but at the moment she has as good a chance as any other contestant of winning and a natural talent that is not overblown. She needs to grow and I think given the opportunity she will. It has to be daunting getting on that stage in front of millions of people and cameras and having to perform. This is AOK in my book. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her.

      • I agree…what a stupid racist remark. I'm just some middle-aged, conservative, professional, white guy who loves music and appreciates good singers and musicians. And I think Thia is awesome every which way.

      • that's indeed a racist remark james. I am not a filipino (i am an African) but I love her because she has a lovely voice. Sometimes you people in the "ist world" have superiority complex. you just don't know what you're talking about.

      • james, I agree with others here, what kind of a bs racist remark is that?

        I'm not Phillipino and I'm a fan of Thia! I'm just one of those educated americans who appreciates good singers! I love Thia because of her uniqueness and beautiful voice. She is charming and one of a kind with a remarkable big talent! She has the whole package. She is the only one who blows me away because of her powerful voice!

  7. I love all the singers there all good thats why they made it this far. No affence to everyone else but my favorite is James Durban he is a great singer and with autism and trets he has to work twice as hard and he is still great

    • He doesn't have autism, he has Tourette syndrome which is characterized by multiple physical tics. That is all!

      • He has Tourette syndrome, but also has Asperger's syndrome according to his audition… Asperger's is high functioning autism…

      • Doesn't matter what people have… if they could do the job and get it done then they should have as good of chance as anyone… and deserve to be treated the same… I have three favorite singers and James is one of them and i will continue to hope he keeps performing as good as he has!!! πŸ™‚

  8. I thought Pia was good tonite. I have to agree with Marta, Niaima was all over the place! I WANT to support her, but it's tough. She's just not bringing it. She has the moves but not the vocal chops, to me. Stefano was AMAZING. OMG! I loving this guy more and more. Everytime he performs, he surprises me in a new way and I like him even more. It's good that I didn't have high expectations from the beginning so he doesn't peak too soon. Pia and James were good. Once Pia relaxes, I can envision her being another Carrie Underwoood, career wise. I think she has a future. And Scotty was good but I'm just not into the country thing like that. Oh almost forgot Paul!! He was good but not outstanding. I hope he continues, I like watching him and I when he sings on key he is amazing. I don't think he should be sent home just yet, even though he wasn;t the most stellar performance.

    • Yes i love her, but show America that you can really sing different songs and tempo Thia. Challenge yourself. Good luck!

    • One post saying Thia was bad. Another saying Randy was harsh on Thia and hopefully she will be back. And now another saying Thia was great. I can't wait until 8pm my time so I can see how my favorite (Thia) actually performed.

      • She was good. She sang beautifully…BUT it was a little boring. We need to see her personality. Randy was rough but some of what he said was true. I don't want to mix her up with a Glee contestant. She needs to step it up. She has all the tools that she needs to do it.

      • So far, according to the people voting here, only three contestants were better than Thia. Not bad if Randy had harsh words for her. Again, I can't wait to see it for myself. Though I already know what my opinion will be. Same as last week. I hope she didn't take it as hard as she did last week.

      • Thia is good but her choice of song was quite boring and didn't push her to the limits..More powerful song Please and not those boring ballad song..Go Thia, Make us all jump to our feet with a helluva and Sparkling Performance..But whatever happens don't worry our votes still goes for you!

      • I'm always excited and happy to see Thia performed! It is because of Thia, I am enjoying the show ! It is because of Thia, I am tuning in to watch AI. Her songs and singing are her personality. I am always touched by her singing.

  9. Third trio

    Pia amazing vocals she really delivers every time.

    Scotty so likeable and such a good performer. Everybody loves him.

    Karen I love her voice and I hope she gets a good chance to stay still in the competition.

    • Last trio:

      Casey hmmmmmmm was not my type of music at all but he is good there is no doubt about it. I am concerned, he lost weight and his lips were pail πŸ™ but he will stay for long hopefully.

      Lauren was great tonight, finally I am looking what the judges saw in her. She must continue in this line.

      Jacob I love the guy, he is one of my strongest horses and he makes me feel the songs I truly love him.

      All and all the night for me was for Stefano without a doubt.

    • She was off key once and her pitch was wrong at least two times, and the song wasn't really all that different. She shouted twice which I don't like at all. The judges are high on her but she, too, needs to mix it up more. Thia was better and her voice is pure without shouting. I don't get it really the judges once said Scotty should stick with country music because that is what he does best, but let Thia sing what she does best and they slam her.

      • i noticed that one too. The judges seems bias to Thia. i don't know why. Thia did justice to the song. If they could let Scotty to stick to his kind of music, then they should commend Thia for doing what she thinks is best for her too.

      • I agree IHorn! they seems to ignore Thia's performance. No matter what she do it is not best for her.. i notice that JLO has a negative comment. She did not do anything but sing it beautifully and safe. I just hope that thia will take this criticism and use it to give her best.

      • So true, so true. I agree! And Thia is the only one with a perfect pitch!

        What's up with that? At least they could do is praise her for singing so good and just tell her want they want from her the next time. Where is the encouragement? Oh man.

    • #13,Pia just sings loudly, and doesn't delivers every time. I hear her pitches and screams every time. Ouch.

  10. Stefano is amazing. Quite the dark horse. I really surprised me with his talent. All the group brings something to the table, but he really makes his renditions current and relevant. I am a fan. If he keeps it up, I think he could go all the way. He is one to watch!!!

  11. I'm listening to Casey as I write. I don't like rock but I love this guy!!! He is super talented and he always takes his performances to the next level. I don't "get" the rock thing but I think he rocked it, anyway.

  12. OMG The performance of Case Abrams was horrible. In my opinion tonight wasn't the best night for American Idol contestants. I liked James Durbin, Pia and Stefano. Lest see What L Alaina is going to sing tonight.

    • I didn't like Casey's performance tonight either. I guess they can now use instruments if they want to.

  13. Karen is by far my favourite. I don't know why, but there is something about her that makes me want her to win. Although I know she has a .2% chance on winning, I want her to stay as long as possible. Go Karen!!!<33

  14. Something is wrong with the singers, not just tonight, but last week as well. It seems as though their vocals went down two octaves, and/or they were coached to sing waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy toooooooooooo softly. Also, alot of pitchiness from them that is not normal. I'm starting to think that the coaching may be off, 'cause they sounded waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy better during tryouts. Casey was the best so far. Loved his performance.

      • Scotty is one of the very few that know what they can do and not over step their bounderies…. he's my #1, He just keeps it real and keeps getting more confindent and better…. GO SCOTTY GO!!! You can win this! πŸ™‚

  15. I know Lauren Alaina had a cold and all but she just didn't do it for me. The judges didn't cut any shorts for the others that were sick so I'm sorry but she's not getting any slack from me. I just wasn't feeling the vocals. I thought she was "pitchy". She must be the one the judges are pushing for because they give her all kinds of leeway, it seems.

    • Amen!! I didn't watch. I was listening as I wrote this and it sucked from the other room. Interested to see what the judges will say.

  16. I like Jacob but tonite was not a good performance for him. I just wasn't working for me. I hope he stays.

  17. Naima going home I think. She had a very poor performance tonight. Best performances are James, Stefano, Scotty, Pia, and Lauren.

  18. I think jennier Lopez could have tole that girl she had lipslick on her chin…she handled that pretty badly! Pia was off the chain!

  19. Scotty needs to come off that country music…he needs to come out of his confort zone. Besides its getting old.

    • Well Scotty does well with country and is good at doing it… that's some of the others problem is that they try different and don't do well… sssooo hats off to SCOTTY!!!.. if he stays in his ball park and keeps going for the songs he knows but turns them up in his own way… He's going to go far. πŸ™‚

      • The others are told to "mix it up" but not Scotty, he was told to stick with what he knows best. I like him but it is unfair to the others. The judges don't say much about Pia either.

      • Melissa, I understand that he is a somewhat good country and western singer, by far not the best of course. I mean anyone can sing about a lost puppy or a broke down chevy truck on brokeback mountain, but lets be real here. If the others have to sing other types of songs, what makes this singer be different than anyone else. Comfort is only a good zone if you step out of it from time to time.

  20. Ok, this show got off to a shaky start. Here are my personal grades for the performances:

    Naima Adedapo D

    Paul McDonald C

    Thia Megia B

    James Durbin B+

    Haley Reinhart C+

    Stefano Langone C+

    Pia Toscano B-

    Scotty McCreery A-

    Karen Rodriguez C+

    Casey Abrams B-

    Lauren Alaina B

    Jacob Lusk D+

    My bottom 3 are as follows:




    • Well, you obviously like the country!!! (so do I) I think he did the best then all the rest. I still like Paul M.!! Jacob is the kinda guy that follows his own path. To bad folks judge him for that path.

    • Thank you for giving Stefano a C+ and not raving about him like many others. I think's he's awful, and his expressions are so over the top, it's almost impossible to watch him.

  21. favorite singers- scotty, pia, and stefano!! LOVE EM!!!! hope they go all the way to the finales!!! =) <3

    • I love scott mcdonald!!! My mom loves him and we watch him every time on American Idol! I hope that he wins! Good luck!

    • I agree…..GO SCOTTY GO! Very nice mannered young man with an awesome voice,,,,,, he is gonna take it to the top!

      • Please…try something new! Where is the range or can he do another genre? I mean everybody else is. With that deep voice why not try some Barry White? Let's see where that lands him. I'd like to see him try a rock song…LOL, or even a pop song if you will. I mean, this isn't the CMA, it's American Idol for goodness sakes!

  22. I know this is a stupid question but how do I vote just text the number but what do i text them?

  23. I like Paul, his dancing is a part of what he does. His voice his soothing, and unique. I know, I'm alone out here in cyber-space!

      • Finally someone agrees that Karen is amazing!!!<3 No one else seems to like her, and that disappoints me. The most we can do is vote, vote, vote!

    • Your not alone. I like him too for just those reasons. Personality and style. I just hope he steps his singing up, so he can stay around for a while. I don't think he will win the competition, unless as a strategy he's holding back is going to totally blow my mind with his singing abilities later on. Which is kinda what I'm hoping. To be surprised by him because based on his first performance, I think he can do it. However, he was "pitchy" last nite and cute and charming is only going to get him so far in a singing competition.

  24. This was a great show an all the contestents should be proud of what they done it is alittle hard to choose just one because four of them impressedme tonight but the one who get's my vote is jacob because he shows he wants it and is bring it every show and even when he came out of his comfort zone he made me pay attention and trew chills over my body. keep striving jacob your a winner.

    • Yes i agree… Jacob definitly suprises me everytime too… If Scotty or James don't win i definitly want Jacob to win… he's got a voice that i have never heard before… and agree that he can turn anysong into his own and has a voice that can send chills over anyones body and sings from the heart!!! πŸ™‚

  25. I have to judge on type and I think Scotty is the best of his type. He is probably better than most country singers today and is only 17! Imagine how much he can grow. I'd love to see him sing an Elvis song.

    • Wow Sidney… you couldn't have said it better…He's 17 and he only has that room to grow and if giving the chance he would definitly rock the country world!!! πŸ™‚

  26. I love Thia's voice. I think she should sing an upbeat-modern-catchy song like "PRICE TAG" by Jessie J. I bet she can pull that song with no problem! πŸ˜€

  27. scotty ?????always the same……………E.

    james***A+ always very,very good…… he is the one..

  28. J-lo realy embarressed herself by commenting on Haley's beauty & NOT saying anything about the lipstick all over her face. Instead she giggles like a catty female with no self esteem of her own. I was a J-lo fan untill I saw just how truly damaged she must be to take a cheap shot at a brave beginner in the same industry she once struggled in. I have a whole new view on her song… "I'm REAL!" We all know she can't sing anyway…if it wasn't for Puffy she would just be a GROUNDED Fly Girl with a big butt.

    • Ha ha. I can't wait to see this. I used to love JLo because she used to be hot when she was in those romantic comedies and she was always great on Letterman. But seeing her on AI (even though this is my first year watching), I've really lost a lot of admiration for her. And you're right…she can't sing. But she's a really good actress when she does those sappy romantic comedies.

    • Wow you hit that right on the chin (LOL). She could have said something….but no, she let that poor girl stand there with no idea she had lipstick out of place. I like the "I'm Real" comment.

    • The stupid makeup department didn't use non-smearing lipstick. After Haley was back-stage I saw the makeup person trying to repair her makeup. It was mean or at least neglectful of JLo to let Haley go on talking when all anyone was paying attention to was her chin and cheek smeared with lipstick. It is a mean business and they all are in for many shocks. I think Namia will go home and the judges won't use the save on her. I see JLo as more of a performer than a singer. I don't like her singing at all. She is okay as a judge though.

      • It's funny how everyone is commenting on how Jlo didn't "save the girl" why is it her responsibility why didn't any of the other judges help her? J Lo is an awesome judge, real and although not the best singer, she is very talented.

    • Damn. You guys are harsh!!! Is it J-Lo's fault that the woman had makeup all over her face now. J-Lo is always seems flustered when she can't tell someone that they are wonderful. I didn't get that she was deliberately trying to clown Karen by letting her stand there with a facefull of lipstick. If anything, Ryan made the situation worse my cleaning her face o n national TV – like a supermom. WTH! It wasn't that bad. If they had just left it alone – like J-Lo, instead of dragging over the mircroscope, she could have cleaned up in private. We all knew what happened. Why make a big deal out of it. And STOP HATING ON J-LO. God you guys. If not being able to sing makes you a superstar and millionaire, then why bother trying to WIN AI? She is successful and talented in her own right. Deal with it!!!

  29. i thought all the contestants were off tonight. they all sound very tired, i think this competition is taking a toll on them. i hope things pick up tomorrow night. i'm looking for better from Jacob, he can sing a lot better than he did tonight. i actually like the rocker guy, he has a nice voice. i really wish naima could get her tone together, she is an awesome performer.

    • Jacob is a talented singer! He gave it his all! Yes, he was nervous, out of his zone. Dude is wired for bigger and better!! The people that have a beef towards him??? why? He sings his heart out! He is on his own path.

      • Yes i agree i think they r all are alittle tired but no matter what the reason is Jacob comes out with his big powerful voice and gives it his all with his heart and soul and gives me chills everytime he sings… He really makes AI worth watching… He's always full of suprises!!! πŸ™‚

  30. Scotty will win this thing. However, keep the rockers alive and rolling. Abrams and Durbin really kick it! Also we gotta see Tyler join Durbin. he promised !

  31. Casey is my favorite! He's a goof and an amazing singer! Put a spell on you was my favorite. I think casey, scotty, lauren, james, (stephano or pia) will make it to the top 5. Although I loved paul's version of maggie may, he's gotta bring it up a notch to stay in. Would have liked him to sing bryan adams. He's got a unique style. James was not one of my favorites during tryouts, but you gotta love the guy. Amazing! My least favorites are haley, niamia, n thia. This is a beautiful singer but she's gotta get out of her confort zone. She can do a lot more than she's showing us. I'll give it too haley, she can yodle! At times I like her performances and others not so much. Niamia can dance and has great stage presence. I think she will stay a few more rounds. Jacob and karen are those singers that you have to like their genre to get em. Grant it they can sing. I like them but not sure how far they will go. Jacob gives me chills when he sings tho. He's amazing at what he sings. I'm excited to see next weeks performances! πŸ™‚

  32. Scotty and Pia were the very best tonight,And I have to say I am pulling for our North Carolina Boy Scotty.

  33. I don't know, this competition might be too much for Casey. He has bleeding ulcers and has been in the hospital twice the bleeding was so bad. He is just 18 or 19 and shouldn't be in such bad shape. He needs to learn how to chill out instead of stress out. I suspect they will all be sick since everyone used the same microphone and all nearly put it in their mouths without it even being cleaned with germ killing wipes between singers.

    • Thanks for clarifying what was wrong with him. That's too bad about the ulcers, but somehow I can't really see it being from the show. He is amazing. A natural artist and performer. He really doesn't have anything to worry about. Even if he doesn't win, the exposure he is getting from this show, should set his career off in a major way.

  34. My husband and I are in our 70's. We love American Idol. Our favorites are Scotty and Pia, they will definetly be in the finals.




  36. I love me some Jacob and Stefano. Karen is my favorite girl. Casey Abrams is great too. Haley just needs better songs. Her voice isn't really made for R&B. Pia and Thea have great voices but they don't shine. My favorite four have the voice and the ability to give great performances and they will be signed with someone even if they don't win. I think P. Diddy is gonna pick up Stefano for Bad Boys…he needs new talent for sure~!!! That would be a smart move for Diddy cause the man can blow:)

    • r u kidding me….karen was not good tonite…she will be bottom 3 for sure. pitchy. she doesn't bring anything new to the table…singing in spanish is not edgy. her voice really just aint as strong and great as the others. naima was prob the worst girl tonite than karen

  37. There are some real stars on this show — Scotty, Casey and James. Lauren also has some strong potential. Pia is a package, but her voice has the Jennifer Hudson quality — turn the volume button down several notches. I wish the judges would not overrate quantity (volume).

    • Why do you think James Durbin is a star? Because he's good at replicating other singers voices? I don't understand.

      That cover of Bon Jovi's "I'll Be There For You" was just a cover and nothing more. He even went as far as to copy Bon Jovi's singing style except his voice wasn't as polished and it wavered in and out of pitch the entire performance.

      He takes songs and performs them almost the exact same way they were written. Of course, he adds his signature sloppy, predictable scream at the end. Making absolutely zero effort to be original. This dude is a joke.

  38. Love and remember 80's music. Kickin', but not tonite. Guess you had to be there…Beatles nite the best!!!! They all seemed to catch the spirit. Best tonite? Stefano–surprised me. Love Casey; hope he wins. Music just seems to be in his dna, it's just so natural. I'd love to see him win; he's been steadily performing well. That's one of the main objectives I think. We don't like all of the songs our professional favorites perform, and that's how I felt about Casey's song–couldn't ever relate to Nervana.

    Good luck, Casey. We all love you at my house.

    Love, Gram

  39. American Idol !!! What are they doing to these very talented contestants? 1st week – band over powered the contestants; 2nd week – weird arrangements and the band too weak; and whoever these guys are directing the contestants with their vocal performances needs to go. This year is going down the tube unless they get the right leadership in place for these contestants. FIX THE SOUND!!!!! You're loosing your fans!!

    • Kim, I couldn't agree with you more. Not too mention the back up vocals are also too loud!! The levels on just about everything is way off! The mics also have no dynamics and the end result is a dead sound. The music almost sounds like they are playing have live and half sequenced! I have been a vocalist locally here in Cleveland for almost 30 years so I guess I am more critical, and I really feel that a vocalist should have a great foundation of musicians. These musicians sound like a bunch of amateurs! Ricky Minor needs to come and mentor them!!

  40. Stefano WOW JUST WOW! Caseys also great and I like jacob. However I want stefano to win overall! πŸ˜€

  41. I dont think Karen should be allowed to go any farther in the competition….The show is AMERICAN IDOL and i dod't think she should be singing in Spanish. Isn't English the recognized language in the United States? I just feel like the songs should have to be done in English. Do the contestants have to be legal citizens?

    • Geez Louise!!! What's up with you people. "Spanish Americans" can express their heritage and individuality as they see fit. If you don't want to vote for her then don't. But SERIOUSLY. If they are NOT Aryan White, do they have to be vetted to compete in the competition or if they dare draw attention to thier nationalities. You sound racist. You need to STOP.

  42. I don't think any one of the contestants had the wow factor last night. Lauren is still my favorite and Stefano was impressive. I say get rid of Naima. I was glad she was first last night, just to get her turn out of the way! Bottom three tonight will be Naima, Haley, and Jacob. His screaming gets on my nerves.

    • I agree with you mostly. Not a lot of WOW. But many of thing did credible jobs. I imagine the pressure is starting to build up for them now. Naima was really bad. She has to improve her singing. Or stand still and just concentrate on singing. Jacob was disappointing too. I like him and think he could have done a lot better. I thought that performance was a hot mess, but I'd still like to see what else he can do with diffrent material. I really like Haley. I thought she did OK. Not sure why the judges were so critical. And Karen just isn't one of my favorites. I think the bottom four is going to be:





      Hopefully Haley will get another chance to prove to America what she can do. I think she has gotten a raw deal so far.

  43. I do agree that Jacob is overpowering when he sings some of his songs. He needs to stop yelling.

    Naima needs to go home, then Casey and Paul. Casey was awful last night. He has started yelling and screaming all his songs. This has happened for the last couple of weeks. Whoever is directing these idols is only hurting their chances. They were singing better during Hollywood week. Leave these kids alone and let them sing, the way they were born to. I hope the wrong person does not go home tonight.It would be very sad to see someone who deserves to stay to the end get pushed off because they were helped too much.Some of them could have done better on their own. Good luck to all!

  44. karen rodriguez should to stop kissing jennifer lopez ass all the time, it is too obvious that she does it to win their sympathy. I hate that, in the interview she mentioned she does not want to be known as the girl who always sings in Spanish. then she did not lose the opportunity to do it again in Spanish, I think if that's going to happen all the time she should close her mouth, because for Me she loose all credivility.

  45. I do not understand why people praise Paul Mcdonald, everyone says he is very good and unique, in my opinion he does not have a great voice, sounds like Macy Gray, but that's my opinion, Pia Toscano has very good voice but problem is that she is so good singer, but lost in the middle of the group, because everyone focuses on the singers who bring something new to the table, Casey Abrams, Scotty, and James. Jacob Lusk sings very well but the problem with him is that he does not know how to control his voice. he sings too exaggerated, if you are assigned the song twinkle twinkle little star please do not add more than just singing as it is, just because you have the voice does not mean that everything will be great.

  46. I think Scotty McCreery, could sing Turn the page by Bob Seger, Scotty has the voice for that song.

  47. serouisly how st**id can milwaukee be. Naima Adedapo sucks they need to get rid of her she is a disgrace to milwaukee. steven is just passing her through because he likes her. i think she is retarded. she sucks and cant represent milwaukee. ughhh get rid of her already.

  48. I love Stefano and Jacob. Jacob is a natural talent,but he needs to let if flow and not try to out do himself. He will reach the finals, i am sure. Go get them Stefano and Jacob!

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