American Idol 2011 Top 13 Elimination Results

Update: As you’ve probably noticed, Casey Abrams is not on the Idol stage tonight. Early in the episode, Ryan said he is in the hospital again but didn’t elaborate. According to Joe’s Place Blog, Casey might have a stress-induced bleeding ulcer. He seems to be doing fine, but something like that needs close monitoring.

We’re about to find out who will be eliminated from the Top 13 tonight on American Idol 2011 and who will move on to the season’s Top 12.

Based on your votes in our Top 13 performance poll I’m seeing the trailing contenders for tonight’s elimination: Ashthon and Karen. My prediction? We’ll see Ashthon hit the road when she gets voted out for the second time in a row.

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American Idol 2011 Top 13 Elimination Results’ Bottom 3:

  • #1 – Karen Rodriguez
  • #2 – Ashthon Jones
  • #3 – Haley Reinhart

American Idol 2011 Top 13 Elimination Results:

  • Eliminated: Ashthon Jones

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Did America get the vote right this week? Share your opinion!




  1. Hello everybody 🙂

    Anybody know what is happening with Casey? Why is he rushed to the hospital again? I really hope he will be fine, worries me that such a young man is not healthy 🙁

    Good luck to all

      • Reports are saying Casey has a bleeding ulcer. So under stress, his stomach bleeds. I'm not sure how someone with a bleeding ulcer can go through an entire competitive reality show…

      • I cant understand it either as must be in such a horrible pain 🙁 lets pray for him to be good and strong! this is the moment of his life 🙁 will be so so sad if he cannot finish 🙁 even he is not my first fav he is one of them

    • gooo thai megia…your the pride of the philippines…you can do it..

      god bless you and ur family there..

    • Thia is my favourite. U can hear how deeply she feel when she sings out, she sing from her heart, so sweet.

      • i love the color of her voice! the velvety texture of her voice is so soothing. makes you wanna zoom in into her nuances. Others try to blow people away, she makes us settle and listen intently.

  2. I hope they send the scarecrow home tonight.I don't know how she stayed in last week-a miracle I guess. send her home!!1

    • I dont think is nice at all to call names to anybody. These people have a dream and might be or not your cup of tea but each one of them has a name, dont be disrespectful.

      • Marta, I agree with you. I think she meants Naima. She is giving all she has, and should appreciate she reached where she is.

  3. I think the 3 saves shouldn't have been saved they weren't good. Others of the top 24 would've been much better!!!

  4. I don't understand at all the format of tonight. It is as though the program is all about the entertainment and not about the contestants. What has happened? You're suppose to give the results for all of the contestants. Please go back to the regular format of telling each of the contestants whether or not they will be staying or leaving. In trying to change and increase ratings, you may be in jeopardy of loosing ratings.

    • what! are you kidding ashton and hayley were my favorites haleys performance was great. Ashton is the best singer out of idol this year she will be the next jeniffer hudson why would u guys want another guy to win seriously

      • what! are you kidding, Assthon is not that great of a singer, she is just confident and if I may add, she is over confident.

  5. Hey. you can NOT watch american idol on real super pass free trial. the show isn't even on there. do not sign up unless you like to watch big bother. anyone know where you can watch the full episode for free?

  6. I have watched Idol since the beginning. Randy, Jennifer and Steve the candidates you picked this year are phenominal. Individual and group performances are fantastic. I could listen to them all 24-7. Thank you

  7. Sure American got it right. It could have been one of 3 or 4 including Ashthon. It's a breath of fresh air to see Stephen and Jennifer this year. Jennifer seems real and truly caring about the contestants.

  8. It was quite obvious that america does not like ashton as much: she was supposed to be voted off last week, but lucky for her, the judges saved her. It was a no brainer that the judges weren't going to save her again, especially after being voted off twice in a row.

    She seemed like a sweet girl though, too bad. I wish her the best of luck!

  9. I just want to say this is the best American idol ever. The judges are WONDERFUL!!!. I have watched this show every year, have never missed a season. I always thought Simon was so rude but truthful.

    The new judges with Randy are just incredible. It is so nice to see their compassion. The Contestants are so talented. It is a great season!!

    Thank you to the judges for being so nice.


  10. Unfortunately, every week someone has to be eliminated as there can only be one winner. Thus it is always painful for whoever is sent home. Ashton is a huge talent, and hopefully one of the great music producers out there will recognize that here is an opportunity to give new legs to the MOTOWN sound. She was born to sing this way! Ashton can be another Jennifer Hudson success story – she has only to believe in herself,– keep GOD first place in her life, and her journey will be amazing!

  11. Ashthon was probably the closest that I was going to get to R&B this year 🙁 ohh well, looks like I'm rooting for Jacob and Lauren.

  12. What's up with Steven Tyler he has been so quite the last 3 shows? He has added so much he cracks me up and keeps the show really moving. Noticed last week the change in attitude.

      • I agree! I think Steven Tyler just looks tired! He is not bored, or anything. Just about worn out ai think! I love his witty comments. Steven baby look up! It will be over before too long! J Lo stay funny and sweet. Think about it! Tyler is a rock star. Don't you think he gets tired just sitting there so long? Keep rocking Tyler.Have Loved your music from day one! Sherry K. 🙂

    • I've been wondering about Steven too. It seems like he's already tired of the gig. I don't expect him to stick around another season to be honest.

  13. YES!! the girl that thought she was all that with her additude is gone!! she would of last if she would of changed her additude..she thought she was untouchable….YES..SHE IS GONE!!

  14. I agree 100% with Clara. The judges are incredible this year. No real bickering or other nonsense will happen this year with the judging. It's going to be a great year!

  15. As much as I love Casey, I think he should think about his health first. American Idol might be way too stressing for him. It's really sad.

    I'm glad Ashton went home. She bores me to tears. I love Haley's voice though, it's rather unique. Stefano bores me to tears as well so not a fan of him.

  16. I watch Idol from Australia and love it! A bit cruel to contestants to cut 11 after just 1 song-didn't give them time to find their feet. I agree with Ashton going – good voice but with attitude which didn't sit well with audience. James Durbin is great – reminds me of Adam Lambert(my fave) without makeup!

  17. If another boring white guy with a guitar and a boring voice wins, I'm done with this show. The last 3 american idols have all been busts. You never hear about them, and their albums don't sell good. As far as I'm concerned we haven't had a decent american Idol since Jordin Sparks.

    • Who’s white? Who’s boring? Geez, dude, there is talent here. Some of us forgot to look at the pigmentation of the skin. Go some where else and start your issues.

  18. I knew Ashton was gone tonight, hope Casey can get better, but wouldnt be suprised if he wont have to drop out, bleeding ulcers do not go away overnight.

  19. To Ashton —

    Don't quit!! Keep your faith! God will bring about His plan for you – keep your eyes on Him.

  20. I am glad that Ashton is gone. Of course if there is only one save per season, the judges aren't going to waste it on someone who they gave a wild card spot to the previous week. In all honesty I wouldn't have given Ashton the wild card last week. There were other contestants in the top 24 that deserved a second chance more than she did.

    • I feel a lot of hate here. Ashton keep your head up there are always haters out here.

      • I don't think it's all hate here. She was just clearly the one who had to go, or should have gone home the week before. Laurene Turner and Robbie were far better choices than her.

  21. I agree; she shouldn't have gotten the wild card; sorry Randy you backed the wrong horse. You should have given Lauren Turner your vote, after all you gave her a better review than Ashton last week.

    • Agree. I also think that it should've been Lauren Turner who was "saved," not Ashthon. But anyway …. The voters spoke (twice), and they're the ones who will determine who is AI-worthy, because they are the same ones, presumably, who will be buying the music, and Ashthon didn't do it for them (twice).

  22. Yes they got it right and they got it right the first time too!! Judges should've put Kendra through on the wild card instead! Ashton is good, it's just that she doesn't compare to the others.

  23. It's too early to predict, but I see stars here. Scoty, Pia, James, and hope Thia can hold on. Kudos to the new judges, they are great they have chosen so wisely.

    • Yeah, I DO NOT MISS SIMON at all!!!Go Scotty, James & Pia. I also like Haley, Idon't think she sederved bottom 3

      • I know I'm in the minority but Haley's last two performances, I felt, have been captivating. She didn't make any errors Wed night and that "yodel" was wonderful! She's very sexy to!

  24. I think the best contestant has been voted off tonight there is no reason for me to watch anymore.

  25. I think Thia has the best pure singing voice in the competition, if she grows and learns how to use it, she could become a contender, but right now James and Pia are on top.

  26. As long as Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina (especially Scotty) thats all that matters to me.

    In my oppion Scotty is # 1

  27. Did not like the way Ryan handled the results tonight…I thought it was cruel…allowing contestants to think they made it and then be eliminated…is this be done for ratings…I think it's just plain mean! I also didn't like the group being declared safe.

    • He has always done that. It is just plain mean to get these people ready for their future? These people will have to grow thick skins and fast. Reality!!

      • I think it is very unproffessinal for a singer to do the "huh" thing or "yeah,come on" And I totally dislike the way they are all screaming at the end of thier performances this year.

  28. Ashthon is gone and rightly so. That "huh" sound she makes in the middle of songs turned me off. And Pia's high notes? She hits them but they're harsh. Not sure why the judges raved about her.

    • I agree… being able to hit the notes doesnt mean lingering much on those notes… i think Pia's performance was self indulgent… she kept on hitting the notes but not hitting the heart…

      • I definitely don't agree… Pia hit those notes like nobody else could without being Celine Dion herself!!!

      • Jennifer Hudson won an academy award.In Dream Girls. I think that was the name of the movie. And she is the one whose Mother, Brother and the Little boy were killed! I like Jennifer Hudson!! She has to have a strong faith in God to over come the deaths of her close relatives. And she has lost

        a lot of weight. Keep going Jennifer. You deserve it Girl! Sherry K. 🙂

  29. I am so glad Ashton got kicked off. She definitely did not deserve the save last week. I think all three that sang did a better job than she did. I am having such a hard time choosing a favorite…they are all so great! I hope Lauren Elaina finally opens up next week. I honestly liked her original audition more than her performances in the past couple weeks.

    • Ashton dug her own grave by her claim to be a diva. If that is what she thinks now, so early in the competition, America was afraid of the nightmare she would become when she was famous. This proves that being humble goes a long way. There is a difference between being confident and being conceited. She definitely came off as spoiled an full of herself. America doesn't like that.

      • It's the curse of the Beyonce influence–on the pop music scene-this is what someone Ashton's age has been shown to be the model for success-but a true student of singers would know about the multitude of r&b girl groups that talent wise were far better than Destinys child.

  30. I really like the new judges a lot, but I also miss the honesty about the singing that Simon provided. America got it right voting off Ashton. I don't know why the judges were so easy on her when her singing was so off. I wish Kendra and Robbie were still in it. It's a voice contest and those two had really good voices. For now my fav's are Pia, James, Lauren, Casey, Thia, and Stefano. I don't get the Paul guy at all. Cute, but not much of a singer…

  31. Since the first time I heard Scotty at audition I have loved him I love that deep baritone bass voice.He is pure traditional country and thats exactly what country music has been needing.

    Keep your eye and faith in the LORD!

    LOve You

    • i do love his vocal quality as well BUT the danger with him is this…can he sing other songs other than country? He might have a very limited song choice. Im sure he'll make a very good country singer but country music category is just one of the many categories to overcome for him to be the AI winner…

  32. Did anyone notice Steven Tyler's reaction to Adam Lambert tonight? The camera panned to him several times, and it was not good. After Adam's performance, Steven clapped very slowly with a disgusted look on his face. Then while Ryan was interviewing Adam, Steven once again had a grumpy look on his face. I think it is obvious that he is not an Adam fan!

      • No, It is not a sign of the occult! It is GLAM which is in style in California with the glam and glitz scene. Get a Vanity Fair magazine, or Vogue and take a look at how people out there dress!

        Sherry K.

  33. Hayley did really good. Ashton is the best singer on the show this year just hasnt chosen the right songs. Why would anybody want a guy to win again it's been 4 years seriously now that pisses me off. The guys have always sucked where are the last three that have won? Havent heard about them in years, shows us how good they really were. WOW mabye if a girl won we would be hearing there songs

  34. I always thought James had a good voice, you could hear it right during his audition. My only worry esp.during Hollywood week was his overdoing the screaming. Glad he seems to have it in control. I hope he can keep it up. Pia has done very well the last two episodes, but I do hope she will give a different facet of herself as a singer. Lauren is very talented, but she does not seem to be putting in enough effort. Either Steve's comment after her audition got to her head, or she's just too young to understand what she needs to do to win. I have a lot of respect for Jacob's voice, but he's overdoing things right now. Thia has a really beautiful voice, but I agree that she has to do something different from what she's done so far. Show versatility, and youthfulness. I like Scotty a lot, and he will really make a very good country singer, but I don't think this would be enough to win Idol. I still think Casey is the most talented of this year's batch, but his kind of music may not appeal to a majority of those who actually vote. I hope health issues will not force him to quit this contest. I like Naima's spirit, and she's good with some songs, but she really was pitchy last night, and in a singing contest, that's something you don't ignore.

  35. it doesn't matter what happens because Thia Megia is going to win the WHOLE thing…we love Thia!!!! do your thing!!!!!!!!

  36. I don't think she was the last one, but it is ok for her to leave, becaue she was not going to be the American Idol anyways… She is a very good singer, nice everything, but not enough for this group. Good lock Girl!

  37. You got it right. Miss Ashton never should have been given a wild card. The only thing she has is confidence. Robbie Rosen was overlooked. His voice is beautiful and he has sweet charm!

    • I agree with Sloan. She never should have been there in the 1st place. If I had to hear her say "Hey!" one more time! She was over confident which can sometime be just as bad as not enough and in her case, she was too much! Glad to see her go!

    • I agree with Sloane's comment too. I don't know what Ashton was doing even in the last 24 in the first place. No offense meant – she's great looking – but that voice sounded rather "corrosive" in a matter of speaking! Yes, Robbie Rosen should have been included in the 13. Lusk and McDonald were two of my favorites until they sang last Wednesday – and unless Lusk slows down on his "whining and yodeling" and McDonald stops acting like he's Rad Stewart's offspring, they should both soon see themselves eliminated. So far, it was Pia and Durbin who impressed the most. I sincerely hope the judges would act more professionally rather than emotionally. They are trying to be "softies" and "nicies" rather than be "realities". With no constructive criticism coming from them (with the occasional exception from Randy), the contestants are not getting honest feedback about their performances – and the audience and viewers will continue to be frustrated by poor entertainment.

  38. I knew for sure that Ashthon would be sent home after yesterday's performance. The problem is not her voice or talent. The problem is certainly not her highly professional demeanor or confidence on the stage. The problem is that we are in 2011 and she brings back Diana Ross 1950's. For the audience, it feels like something we have seen and heard before. It is not modern or new. All the actual contestants, Ashthon included, have the talent to be a star. But she does not bring something that is different and original. Until she does that, she will not be able to become a star. She will only be able to have a good carreer as a chorist in recording studios. Problem is, contestants are young. They may not have discovered yet what it is that is different or special about them. They may have not discovered what makes them unique as a singer/artist. That is the problem that is now happening to Lauren. She has no idea of what her talent truly is or what is or can be special about her as a singer. She is too young to know so she is just singing whatever comes to mind…unaware of what she needs to showcase to present herself as someone special. Why not sing Janis Joplin or even Aerosmith's Don't want to miss a thing? That would be way better than what she has been doing the past 2 weeks. Lauren may miss the boat for being too young and not knowing herself or where she belongs as an artist yet. Sad. She is coming up with cute songs at uncle Jay Sunday afternoon BBQ. Hope that changes, quick! Pia has been wise. Coming up with highly emotional love songs that are well loved…best way to entice the general public and play it safe at the moment. But despite her actual buzz she has not shown that she has what it takes to win American Idol. No originality with her yet except a great strategy to please the public. When to comes to unbelievable singing talent, Jacob Lusk has it the most. But he too may be suffering from the Ashthon syndrome. Unless he comes up every week with a transcendent performance like "God bless the child", he will not win American Idol. I was happy that Naima tried to change everything. It felt like: You did not like me in the "Summertimer" song and my long dress? I'll show you something else. I'll wear jeans, dance & do a popular actual song. This girl is still searching for herself, where she fits in and belongs…That is to me the sign of a true artist. I wish she stays…

    • I totally agree about Lauren and it's sad. The producer who are accepting the disaster songs she is picking should be honest enough with her to say hey – try this song….are the producers allowed to do that?

  39. And after reading many comments, mine was quite civil about Ashton. What were the judges thinking! She's so full of herself she's uncomfortable to watch and has a mediocre voice. They let highly talented people get away. What a shame they can't bring someone else back!

    • I couldn't agree more, Lauren Turner or Kendra should have gotten that wild cars slot.

    • Girl, you are hitting the nail on the head. She was nauseating to watch. Her cockiness was quite a turnoff. I guess I maybe taking it a little to personal, but I just could not stomach her singing. The "Heys!" were awful! Every song does not require a "Hey!" and especially the softer songs. She made her songs to R&B. "Hey!" is Neo's signature and she copped his style. So glad she is gone!

    • I agree with u but i would have not put Lauren T into the wildcards but i would have put Kendra in top 13 instead of Ashthon

  40. America got it right with the bottom three tonight. Although they all have pretty voices, they all lacked emotion and passion in their delivery. Hayley’s performance was mediocre nothing too thrilling. Karen, I get it loves Selena, but she lacks Selena’s passion. Ashton just didn’t connect, as a matter of fact none of them connected with the audience. Contestants to be a singer takes more than a great voice. Listen to the greats like Luther, Whitney, Patty, Sir Elton, they don’t just sing songs, they tell stories that captivate. Pia vocally was great, but again a story wasn’t told. Pia you could go far in the competition but you need to bring us in more, show more emotion, feel the song your singing and make us at home feel it too.

  41. no surprise.. I like Ashton but compared to the other 12 she's average at best, none of her performances had been that good.. I think the reason they include her on the top 13 is solely because they want a "diva" type of singer in the contest, Tatynisa wasn't good enough and they just had to pick Ashton. Haley and Karen needs to work on something new.

    • Ashton has the look and maybe the voice to be a diva but needs far more vocal training to sing at this level. A common problem many young singers have is they can not keep in pitch when they can not hear their own voice well on stage but sing great in the studio.

  42. i agree that Ashton is eliminated..she sang Diana Ros song badly..sorry Asthon..whelp this season would be male contestants’ season…James you rock..he’s a truly a rock star and i am sure that he will make it to the final 🙂

      • If a guy deserves to win this year, then he should win. Same for the girls. Shouldn't the most deserving win in a contest, regardless of gender?

      • defiantly agree i wouldnt mind seeing scotty win but you no i like the girls better defianlty and i think its getting to my head about a girl winning

  43. There is no problem whether you chose an old song or not for as long as you sing it technically right with good voice quality, stage presence, and how you give life to the music. When Ashton sang When You Tell Me That You Love Me (which is a beautiful song), I think she did not hit the notes well. She murdered Diana Ross' song. Also, I agree that she should not be given a chance during wild card because there were more good than her.

    • Yes. Ashto was flat a couple of times. I love the song but she did not gave justice with the song.

  44. I was not agree with the elimination. The one should be out was Kaley…her attitude is not one of the best for a contestant……especially on TV. No matter how devastated …the show must be go on!!!!

    • Haley has my favorite voice but is far from best singer and has a bit of attitude and poor song selection.

      Casey may have the worst voice but is great entertainer who makes the best with what he has, his future maybe best by arranging and producing others.

      Lauren, Lusk, Scot and Pia are the best singers but song selection will be critical to winning and could hurt Lauren and Scot due to their young ages.

      • It's agree, some are too young to be making strategic song moves…I hope they learn real quick – I would not want to see some of the best get cut for ridiculous reasons….time will tell and unfortunately not all can win…….if it were only that simple 🙂

  45. I Say GOOD Riddance to Ashton,as she thought she was going to win it all at the end. She was trying to act like something she wasn't. Great decision by the Judges. HOORAY she is gone. Attitude means more than Ashton realizes.

  46. Yes, America got it right, so glad that she is gone, she should n't given a chance for wild card, her attitude sucks.

  47. Thia….has a great voice,she;still young and she'll get better in time.Just a matter of a good song selection.Go Thia!

  48. I liked Ashton, I don't understand why she was voted off. their are lots of girls that are worse than her!!!

    The guys are amazing!! They are so talented this year. The girls don't even have a chance.

    I am so sad to hear about Casey, I hope he gets better soon!!! He has an amazing voice!!!

  49. No Ashton was not that good, but you guys need to lay off, if it was you, how would you feel? I guess I am and old softy.

  50. Ashton tried, and when she watches and hears herself with others she will understand why she was let go. Surprised she was a wild card. America is looking for a new sound. I vote for who I would buy their music. Not all the Idol winners can keep their record lables due to nothing different to hear

  51. Excellent talent this season, the best 13 ever to grace this stage at one time. The voters seem to be on target..actually judging for talent of the competitors and not sob stories or non-talent based criteria.

    Now, if Jennifer Lopez can maintain her objectivity, and not become another Abdul, and stop cutting down and interrupting Randy when it is his turn to offer comments/critizisms. Also, hopefully Seacrest won't renew his sarcasm, combative and provoking attitude (like with Simon) and start it with Randy (which seemed to begin last show)

    The 3 judges are excellent so far, but only if they can remain objective, fair, impartial and professional. Jennifer seems to e getting a big head/know it all attitude and needs to return to her previous weeks demeaner.

  52. I think America got it right. Ashton wasn't all that special. Still too early to see a break out singer yet. (Jacob excepted). He has a great voice but for me he is too effeminate when he dances. The guys this year seem to be great again. Can't decide who my favorite is yet. simply my opinion.

  53. Yep, America got it right. I used to write for a reality Website when I lived in California, and I do know my music and pop culture tastes. I was a musician myself. The judges were right in not using the save too; this gal was just too weak to save. I did not like the format of the show; it was unfair that only six got to talk to Ryan – it was not the usual AI flair. I bet you Nigel Lithgoe had something to do with this format – most of the time he calls it right, but really bad decision this time!

  54. No surprises last night….The bottom three are going eventually anyway…..Did not like the way Ryan did the eliminations….Whats up with that?????? I guess he was pressed for time…..Those poor idols didn't know what to do with themselves when Ryan announced that they were all safe…..!!!!!!! Could hardly hear David Cook's goodbye song thru all the talking. I'm sure he will be back to perform it.

    • Hi Phyllis G. And sweet Rose A. I thought the whole show was disoriented!! Except for ADAMS performance. Adam even seemed a bit confused which is not something natural for him! I hope David Cook comes back to perform. I like David. And I like Daughtry too. Love the song September! Hugs to you and Rose both.I am off to youtube to see ADAM sing aftermath there! Luv you two! Sherry K.


      • Sherry K. I love "September" too….Except for Kelly & Carrie to me the other Idols did very well….I saw Jordan Sparks in person and she is very good too…..I just love Idol….Period….Especially my Idol Friends and this blog…..Great fun….

        Love and hugs to you and all my Idol friends…..Phyllis G.

  55. Since season one i believe the whole idea of allowing the public to vote in the final stage of the competition is wrong.My reason is that,which i believe is fair,is that in some cases the contestants are at a disadvantage when it comes to voting.One example is that some states are more populated than some and when it comes to voting,a better singer who belongs to a lesser populated state can be easily voted out.The voting and rating in the final stage should be left up to the judges.This way voting and judging can be done more constructively and more fairly.

  56. My husband and I loved Haley Reinhart's performance!

    Are there not others out there who also loved it?

    But Ashton should have never been in the top 24. She got in so they could have a good cross section of contestants. Karen is not up to this year's standard either.

    • Unfortunatly I think were in the minority. Haley's last two performances, I felt, have been captivating. She didn't make any errors Wed night and that "yodel" was wonderful! She's very sexy to!

    • Haley is the only female that I voted for. I LOVE her voice and the many things she does with it. I think it is wonderful how she is so diverse. I was shocked that she was in the bottom 3…shocked!

      • …Haley has been my fave from the moment she opened her mouth…from the beautiful husky notes to way she slides, pitch perfect, to upper voice…I don't think I've heard a bum note, and being an ex-singer, it stands out like a dog's doovers…

  57. America got it right! Ashton was ready to go home.

    She will not get any better and someone had to go.

    The problem is that Robbie Rosen should have been

    the wild card pick. He has a beautiful voice and looked like an American Idol. Sad that the judges

    had their favorites, Naima being one of them. I think she did much better on Wednesday night, but still has a long way to go. Good luck to all!

  58. America voted right!! Ashton's personality and everything else was not spot on especially her voice…well she just didn't have enough…she couldn't go as low or as high as she should. She just was not good enough.

    Pia was amazing though however she is not so convincing with her songs. She has the voice and all but she just needs to feel it more and through that she can convince the audience

    Jacob…jacob's perormances are powerful and can move the auudience in contrast to Pia, nevertheless these two could be the last two fighting if America vote right…

    Good luck 🙂

  59. Ashthon got a second chance to shine, she should have sung a Diana song that was familiar and gave it a twist with her style. The contestants should be true to their own style and flavor. Do what you do best! My favorites: Paul, Pia and Stefano. Jacob and Casey rock too!

  60. Yes, America got it right, so far. The show isn't over.

    As for the idiot who wrote up about last night and who thinks their word is gosperl. I watched last night's show mainly to see Adam Lambert So, you bet last night's numbers were up, as they included Adam's fans.

    There is a lot of talent this year, but I've a feeling that the one who really should win, won't.

    That's if we depend on America to get it right.

  61. America did the right vote this week. However, Kendra Chantelle is more deserving to be on the top 13.

  62. I think the judge's “save vote” is a cruel addition to the program going back to when it was first started. Isn't it bad enough for a contestant to be rejected by the American public? Adding insult to injury by being rejected by the judges, too, is just wrong! I would like the "save vote" to be eliminated as it is just plain mean.

  63. What do you mean, why do you thing it's the electorial vote that elects our President instead of the popular vote….stupidity. American Idol has learn through the years that, even Pia, could have been voted off last week, therefore the judges save comes into play.

    • I see your point, Ron, but it still strikes me as cruel. I say, let America do the voting and let the chips fall where they may.

      • I might agree with you if Idol would only allow one (1) voter per viewer.

    • I think the 'save vote' is important as the American public votes on their bias's whereas the judge's see the talent and can save someone. America does not always get it right …look at last year's final

      • America didn't get it right the year Kris Allen won! It should have been ADAM! The judges should have had a save there. And another round between the two of them! Hi Phyllis G. And Hi to Sweet Rose too! Sherry K 🙂

  64. Ashton shouldn't be in the top 13 at all ! It's 100% right she's eliminated.

    Miss Simon a lot, and, "Paula, I love you !". Happy that we still have Randy there. The other two judges are nice, but too lenient.

    Luckily, we'd Adam last night !!! He's always the best !!! (However, he's been busy for over a year, I hope he can have a holiday.)

  65. I think adhton was better than Haley!! she has an awsome voice 🙁 Haley isn't sure who she wants to be…

  66. wondering if anyone would like to comment on the way the eliminations were handled…found them to be cruel…making it sound as if someone was safe and then telling them were not…did not like it at all and hope it doesn't happen again

      • I agree, what kind of cruel idea was that??? I've never watched this show before so was not sure what was done in the past, but my whole family watched and was really unimpressed with that procedure. I hope they get a better presentation for the new shows. I would also like to mention, if anyone is not aware…you can buy the songs you like on I tunes! We went in and bought all of our favorites, and have been enjoying them all day!

  67. I agree with elimination. I didn't agree with the judges when they put Ashton through to top 13. I thought Robbie was much better than her. He deserved the spot. I also thought Tim was good as well. They chose the wrong girl! I think it has a lot has to do with J.Lo. She probably put her through based on the look and stage present (she is a performer also, right?).

    My next prediction is Karen. The girls this year are not that good. guys are much more talented. I think guys are going to win this year.

  68. Karen!!! If you want to stay in the competition, please shut up already about being Latina. Think about it. Most of the people that vote are not Latino/Latina and the ones that do already know your Latina. Since songs that more of your viewers can relate to. Yes, I am Latina too, but zip it already. FYI, I voted to keep you last time, but you need more than my vote.

    • I think lauren is beginning to crumble, and shd be gone by wk 5. she cannot handle criticism but she's only 15.

      • she's having a really difficult time. It pains me because she was my favorite in the beginning — but I am not liking what I'm seeing. I hope she can pull through……..fingers crossed.

  69. I wasn't sure what was happening,I rewound to see if I had missed some elimanations.Then Ryan said all the contestants on the couch would be back next week.

    YEAH! I'm rooting for Scotty from the beginning.

  70. I think Ashton has a future career. She's beautiful, has a pleasant and friendly attitude, has a hot bod and can sing great! Her problem is her choice of song. And when she was given a second chance to save herself she chose the same song. But, that isn't the last we will see of her…at least I hope not. She has great potential!

  71. I personally think Jacob Lusk will win it all. His voice is stellar! I like Casey, Stefano, and Pia next.

  72. Well, I was glad to see Ashton leave. She is talented, but her sassy attitude were more a turn-off than cute. I love Hailee though, with her growls and her great voice. Karen is so talented, but more out of touch with current music. Jacob Lusk is the most talented singer up there, but he is not current with his song choices. To be more commercial, he has to get current. I do miss Robbie Rosen, Adorable. Casey is great and Scotty's got a rich as honey country voice. Reminds me of a young Randy Travis. THis is a great group.

  73. Naima is a fave. She's a true entertainer, not just a singer. Bad song choice tonight. Hope she survives and thrives. Joseph Lusk belts 'em out. LOVE him, too…as well as Pia, the bass-playing guy (he's massivley cool), and the guy who sang "You should know me by now." Haley is very talented and can do incredible things with her voice…but playing too much like a sexy kitten. Hope she'll stay focused and SING her heart out!

      • I agree with those you love. I'd rather see Lea go — sweet, sweet girl with a lovely voice, but doesn't seem to be ready. Maima is a songstressa and entertainer…but she does need to work on the pitch problems. If she survives this round, I think she'll BRING IT from now on!!!

  74. Para mi los Mejores son Jacb Lusk y Thia Megia estos jovenes nacieron con ese don que solo lo tienen los grandes cantantes mucha suerte para los dos gracias

  75. Karen did it to her self with the latin idol statement.It's American Idol & Americans do the voting

    • Vernon, This is true! They are not going to get to stay on because Jennifer is Hispanic. Sherry K

  76. Love you Scotty! I think you sound good on everything you sing! Country or not. Still good! Sherry K 🙂

  77. HelloIt is really a very good post. I am having a problem of error message “”jquery” is not defined” . i have followed all the way but the caption text is not showing. thanks

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