American Idol 2011: Top 13 results show recap – All fluff and filler

What did we just watch? What kind of Bottom 3 construction was that? That’s not how “American Idol” does it. Why did we get an hour of Ford and Fox fluff and pointless guest performances? And no suspenseful Bottom 3 stuff?

I know the Bottom 3 and the outcome were very predictable. So much so, that my predictions in my recap last night were 100 percent accurate (gloat).Β  But still. Make us wonder. Stretch it out. Don’t give it all away at once.

Early in the episode Ryan “Peaches” Seacrest assumes we noticed Casey Abrams was missing from the Top 13. I didn’t notice until he pointed it out. That’s saying something. Peaches then says Casey is in the hospital and gives us no further information. Gee, thanks a lot. It turns out that Casey is in the hospital for a stress-induced bleeding ulcer (according to Joe’s Place Blog).

Then the Top 13, minus Casey, take to the stage for a Michael Jackson medley. And boy was that awful. It was mash-up pre-recorded vocal tracks, some bad live singing, really bad dance moves and terrible lip syncing. You can’t get 12 people do do a successful production number. Ever.

Ford video is next. And that’s when I get up to grab some water.

Finally, it’s time to build the Bottom 3. Ryan pulls Jacob Lusk, Karen Rodriguez and Stefano Langone to the center of the stage.

*Jacob. He admits that he didn’t do well last night. So to all the people who hated my bad review of Jacob last night, take that! Even he hated his own performance. Regardless, he’s sent to safety. No surprise there.

*Stefano. From eliminated contestant to wildcard to complete safety. Go Stefano. You earned it.

*Karen. She got my worst review last night and America seemed to agree. Bottom 3.

Commercial. Adam Lambert. Filler.

Ryan asks Kieran to dim the lights and he pulls Lauren Alaina, Ashthon Jones and Haley Reinhart to the stage.

*Lauren. Like Jacob, she realizes she “sucked” last night. Hey, those are her words not mine. Ryan messes with her a little before he sends her to safety. As if she was ever in danger.

*Ashthon. Bottom 3. Duh.

*Haley. Nope, she’s not safe. In a surprise twist (time crunch), Ryan tells her she too is in the Bottom. And everyone else on the couch is safe. So we only get to hear from six of the 13 contestants tonight. Thanks, Idol! Because we don’t watch for the current contestants, we watch to see filler, fluff, Diddy and Lambert. Gah.

Commercial. Diddy. Filler.

The end results come fast as Ryan sends Karen to safety. Then he reveals that Ashthon got the least amount of votes. Haley is safe and Ashthon gets a chance to sing for the judge’s save. As nice as they’re being this season, I was afraid they’d actually use it. But even though her performance tonight was better than last night’s, they decide to save it for Casey Abrams in a week or two. Ashthon Jones was officially eliminated tonight.

What were your thoughts? Did you hate or love the show format tonight?




  1. I doubt your assessment of Abrams is correct. Reported he got the third most votes tonight sooooooooo the save probably will be used on someone else. Realize when you see talent and stop basing it on looks.

      • Casey Abrams is talented but I believe his talent and expertise lie with his bass guitar and jazz playing. He's a decent singer (like everyone else) but he spends half of his performance time growling and making bear noises. He's got a lot of soul but in order to be an American Idol, I think you need the heart, the chops and the ability to twist a song into a way which we've never heard it done before.

        Oh wait, I forgot Kris Allen was America's Idol one year.

        Maybe you don't need those qualities to win.

    • A girl has to win this year. defiantly has to win its been way to long idk who in their right mind would want another guy to win that sucks anyway..Where is david cook? where is chris allen? where is that other guy? they sucked

      • well actually instead of Allen u should ask for Lambert,and well,we all know wassup with his career!SUCCESS not SUCKNESS!

      • Pia is the only girl who should be in the top 5 with Jacob, Casey, Scotty and either Stefano or James.

    • Umm, I think the writer was just using Casey as an example, because he's an early fave and the judges expect a lot from him. I don't think anyone based anything on 'looks'

    • Jeremy, where did you get that report? LOL. I don’t believe anything involved with American Idol (rumors, spoilers, previews, etc) until AFTER it happens.

      I used Casey as an example meaning he’s the kind of person they’d use it on. Don’t take everything so literally.

      • So, they are going to use it to bail out someone with a lot of talent that America was not smart enough to give sufficient votes? That would be different. They have given it to lousy performers who they need to keep for p.c. reasons.

    • Jeremy, do you spend 24/7 at your job? These folks do. (almost) Do not believe everything you read on YOUR internet. These folks have this gig for a reason. It is their educated opinion. They do a great job at it! I doubt your opinion is soooooo relevant. (man, tough crowd tonight)

      • @ Tishe & Branden. I agree. Just love how people speculate the reasons why things happen….just a guess…but sometimes I don't think even the AI producers know what is going to happen until the last minute…lol. I also agree that last night was a whole lot of filler. I did however, enjoy Adam Lambert. Not a Diddy fan but like Skylar Grey (whose piano performance at the intro and throughout Diddy's performance was very good.

        Not too sorry to see Ashton go…sort of expected that. Also sorry to hear Casey is in the hospital again…that does not bode well..not my choice to win….but great talent. Looking forward to seeing what this week has to offer…I am sure we will be hearing a lot of the late 80's and early 90's stuff~!!! Geeesh…I was getting old when these kids were born… Whoo Hoo~!!! πŸ™‚ Go James Durbin~!!!!

    • Base it on his looks if you like…..I think he's sexy as hell when he's performing. Super intense. And really connecting with the audience and the music. I feels like he transports himself when he performs. Great to watch and to hear.

  2. Well, I admit I was surprised at the format, and the quick "reveal" format. It did seem anticlimactic, didn't it?

    Instead of making the contestants endure an agonizing evening of torture (a horrendous format, I've always thought), AI instead scheduled time for a former Idol singer (nothing new in doing that) to perform. There are tons of Lambert fans out there! I liked his new song a lot, and I was interested in seeing him perform! He was definitely is a more polished, controlled performer in this showcase.

    Not a big fan of (how do we keep up with the name changes?) of Diddy Dirty Money, but I have to admit I liked it, too! I also liked that it was personal and seemed to be a "rebirth" of sorts for him. (Guess I'll have to read up on what's going on with him.) The music was very nice– and his performance made it all believable.

    So, the focus was scattered, I have to admit, but it seemed more humane than the previous approach.

    • I like Sean Combs. He seems like a pretty good guy. I even like Adam Lambert's talent. However, I guess their music is just not my cup of tea. I thought they were both awful. I liked Ashton's performance better and agreed that she should go and not be saved.

  3. Congrats Branden on picking the bottom three and Ashton as the exiting contestant. I was semi surprised to see Haley there, but her song choice was really terrible. No question she has a better voice than at least half the top 13, but she needs to stay away from obscure country songs.

    I still think Paul and Naima earned bottom three status, but it seems those were the VFTW picks so they sailed through. I think Branden must have been peeking at the VFTW site when he made his bottom three predictions. πŸ™‚

    Still one of those most worthy of departure was eliminated, so there is some justice in the world.

    I agree with you Branden. The format was horrible. Adam Lambert gave a dumbed down snoozer of a version of his new release and I went for a snack and read some e-mails during Diddy. I thought this was supposed to be the results show, not the Diddy tour promotion show. So much for the drama of the reactions of the contestants when they learn they are safe. After the announcement of mass safety, it seems the only reaction we got was a confused look on everyone's faces.

    Bottom line, the show format was a travesty.

    • Gee Primo, thanks for the vote of confidence. LOL. But I've learned two things in my years of watching Idol: Don't trust VFTW or DialIdol.

    • Primo, I totally agree with you. Am surprise why Naima is not in the bottom 3. Her singing was bad the other night. I also did not understand why Steven picked her instead of Robbie Rosen as judges choice.

      • Her singing sucked, true…but I think with that creative and stylish performance she still managed to grab everyones attention enough to keep her out of the bottom 3. imo

      • I think mystery is right. I am somewhat of a purist in believing that in a singing competition, people should to be able to sing to advance. Unfortunately, for the voting public, it is all about the WOW factor, nice outfit, good dancing, likeable personality, crying a lot (one of Naima's strengths). This is one of the reasons for example that Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee finished ahead of Chris Daughtry. We all know how that turned out. The show is famous for ousting superior singers and retaining the tone deaf with intangible appeal.

      • Leeane, I am in total agreement with you. Robbie should have been in the top 13 over Naima. I do not get Naima at all.

      • Primo, there s nothing intangible about Ms. McPhee's appeal unless one includes stunning beauty as an intangible. Her voice is not bad, but she clearly got through on the visual appeal.

    • Oh and Primo, not that I have anything to prove, but I just checked and my blog and predictions posted one whole hour before VFTW’s. LOL. Hey, just trying to keep people from bashing my credibility.

      • Branden, my apologies for doubting your prescience. Do you have any stock picks or horses I should bet on? πŸ˜‰

    • Primo, if you think that the song Haley chose was obscure, then you really need an edcuation in country music (assuming you want to know anything about the genre). Further, it is a good song for talent contests because it provides an opportunity to show off a different talen. Haley's problem with the song, in my HO, was in the low notes. She either could not get down there, or sang them so softly that they could not be heard.

  4. Branden saved that piece of info for the end of his piece. (You must have skimmed his post.) Perhaps he should have listed the name of the contestant going home at the top of his story, instead.

    • Thanks for the lesson in journalism, but the blog post JUST before mine revealed who went home, so that wasn't my post's focus.

      • just to provide a dissenting opinion to HP's… i actually really appreciated the way your post was written. i prefer not to watch the results shows and love just finding a post like this that gives a good, brief recount where i can follow along and get the final results at the end… so thanks!

    • Thanks, anti. I don't like putting the results at the top because of spoiler purposes, too. If someone on the West Coast stumbles onto my blog post I want them to have time to stop reading before I ruin their night.

  5. Branden I think they just had 1 hour air time and probably they wanted to rush the results. But in a way I liked it, even the suspense is gone I always thought that bad news the faster said the better.

    I also disliked the pre-recorded performance tonight, sounded fake to me.

    I love JLO really!!! she is so genuine! When she had to say to Ashton they wont safe her she started to cry! she cares a lot for those guys! she is a true sweet woman.

    I also noticed Steven is sort of silent but he looks tired too, maybe he´s told to close his mouth from the bad words he says but that is his enchanting personality, I just love him.

    • Marta, I'm really curious about Steven. I wonder if he has been told to dial it down or if he's just bored already. He was way more energetic during the auditions. But then again, maybe he just knows his place. He judged when he had to and now he's leaving it up to America? Maybe, right?

      • Probably you are right I didnt think about that one but if so makes me sad!!! I love the way he is! how he talks! the energy and the comments! to see him so passive is NOT what i expected. Even if America is voting I want his energy back is the salt and pepper of the program!

      • I also noticed that Steven has mellowed out…..but I still think he is great. Very impressed with him…..This trio is the best in a very, very long time…..Don't get me wrong, back in the day Paula, Simon & Randy were awesome and then they all got big heads and things changed…..

    • As far as Steven goes, I think he's just getting used to his new position. While picking contestants he needs to be more agressive. I say give him another week and things might heat up some, but for ME personally, I listen to the judges comments but I prefer to make my own opinions. Maybe now that the voting is in the publics hands, he's trying to allow us to make our own choices. Got to remember, he is an ICON who is loved by so many people…….sadly his opinion could really sway someone to vote judging solely on his words…..just saying! πŸ™‚

    • I love J. Lopez too. She feels the pain when the contestants get eliminated.Lately, Steven's been holding up his strength to give his comments, he's laying low. Randy is becoming half-Simon in judging, well I like it. The contestants are all good. Different kind of music appeals to me. I love country music because it tells a story. Patsy Cline, I'm crazy for you. The Beatles' songs are like country songs, they tell a story. And Celine Dion, her songs soar in the sky, love it. James Durbin reminds me of " The Boss" Bruce Springsteen. That young man can sing. Pia is good too, but loosen up , sweetie. Thia looks like an angel. Lauren is so relaxed when she sings. She reminds me of Kelly Clarkson. Good luck to all.

  6. How does this elimiation work?

    What is the bottom 3?

    What is 'SAFE'?

    how long does the process take?

    Loving Scott but missed the voting ,sorry Scott.

    New Fan Rich

    • Hey Rich, I hope this is a legit question and not some joke. LOL. But I’m glad to explain it to you.

      The Bottom 3 is the three contestants who received the least votes from America (at least that’s what we’re to believe). Safe just means they didn’t get the absolute least amount of votes. The voting starts on performance night, lasts a couple hours then the results are delivered to us the following tonight. Like tonight. Normally it takes longer to find out the entire bottom 3. Tonight things went faster than normal.

      • Hi Branden..why american idol not reveal the percentage of votes of all the contestants? how do we get to know who is the highest vote so far?

      • Sparazza, this is just my opinion. If we knew who the top vote getters were it would sway the votes. Just my opinion.

  7. I don't know if i am happy seeing Karen in a singing competition again. she was in the Spanish version of American idol "Objectivo Fama" , she had her chance back then to make it. Even though is true Ashthon song selection was wrong and her singing was a little boring she did better than Karen. It was not fair seeing her go.

      • same here i like karen's voice better than ashton but ashton can do some moves on stage.

        the basis of the performance is the night itself, not in the past or future so ashton should've chosen the right song. unfortunately, america and the judges didn't like her singing when you tell me you love me.

    • Whoa, Karen did a beautimous job! So she has another chance?! She has a very pretty voice.(wow)

    • I thought Karen didn't sing well and had predicted her in bottom 3. But when you hear the voice/song without seeing the recap video, I like hearing her voice, she can sing really well. American vote correctly by ousting Ashton.

  8. Paul McDonald is an incredible singer and performer. It takes a lot of courage and self-assurance to sing a song by someone very few people know. This is an artist that is true to himself. Maybe some people don’t get it but many others do!

    • are you out of your mind its been 3 years since a girl has won the guys have sucked for the past 4 years a girl should have won a long time ago

      • well have u seen the past 3 guy idols since they have won? I havent so lets just skip that step of having another guy winning that no one hears of after and just get rid of all of them

      • There' s Kelly Clarkson, Jordan and Carrie Underwood (forgot her married name) .Those women are the three that I remember. that's all folks !!!'

  9. This season has much improved since we last saw Adam Lambert as a contestant. He was beautiful tonight and made the rest of the program tolerable. The idea of elimination always creates tension and the musical professionals show these newbies some style and possibilities. I wasn't surprised at the outcome, just because you clean up well does not a artist make. Go Casey and James

    • is lambert gay? not to hurt anyone's feelings here but there's something, i can feel it but i admire lambert, he's a good artist.

      • OH NO! Please don't start with the Adam Lambert gay thing again. It has beens years ago. And everyone knows Adams sexual preference. SO WHAT? A lot of us are Adam Lambert fans. WE LOVE OUR ADAM! Does it matter about his sexuality? NO! Not at all . He has a great deal of talent! He is signed to RCA records and doing great! Love you ADAM. You were great on AI Last week. Keep rocking dude! Hi to my friends Phyllis G. And Rose A.

    • Lambert Gay or what, I just love him. I still remember last year there was one song he belt out, it made me cry. He is so beautiful…

      • We all voted for Adam Lambert. We were shocked, when he did not win. We were so excited, when he guested on the show. We love to see Kelly Clarkson again. Our nation, on the other side of the globe adores the American Idol show, especially now, you have J. Lo in it. Love it !! Ryan Seacrest, we love you too,

      • Adam Lambert was the REAL winner on AI the year Kris allen won. To be truthful Adam should have won AI that year. But in all actuality if you look at the whole big picture ADAM did win!! Hi Rose A. and Phyllis G. Sherry K. πŸ™‚

      • Adam Lambert is the best…loved the song he sang and especially the words…I am glad that he is using his status and fame to make a statement to people about acceptance and embracing their individuality….Rock on Adam…I was curious why he did not get a chance to talk to the remaining contestants and Diddy did…( not too fond of Diddy's music) ah well…Hello to sweet Phyllis G., Sherry K. and Angela. I am so ready for this week's AI. Whoo Hoo~!!! πŸ™‚

  10. Wow, what a letdown tonight. I watch American Idol for the current contestants, not for the guests. Seeing a former contestant is tolerable, though still not desirable, but Dirty Diddy, what has he to do with American Idol? I muted my tv when Lambert and Diddy were on. I just want to see the current contestants without the filler. Missed the build up tonight. It was disappointing and boring.

      • I am surprised by these comments though, the results show has always had former Idols performing and guests that have absolutely nothing to do with the show other than promote their own tours.

        The best way to watch the results show is with a DVR and fast forward through everything. I swear, the show only lasts 5 minutes. But Branden, I am surprised by your article saying filler and fluff — like that's surprising to you. I have been watching for years, and the results shows have ALWAYS been filler and fluff with only 5 minutes of real relevance. This was actually the first time I actually enjoyed the guest performances though. Always good to see Adam Lambert perform and Diddy-Dirty Money's Coming Home is a good jam.

  11. no suspense at all. very boring tonite. the bottom 3 girls were no surprise.the other 2 will be gone very soon. it looks to me Randy is in charge of making the decision of saving or going home.

  12. Who cares about the format tonight. I believe the ratings will go through the roof because adam was on (AND NAILED IT AS ALWAYS)That's the only reason I was watching. Wish it could of been a whole hour of just Adam (that's ENTERTAINMENT) wHY WAS DIDEDID WHOEVER ON,WHO'S HE? (THAT'S WAS BORING)

    • @lb? Adam was on the show because (maybe, that was his only gig?) The gentleman you were speaking of, DIDEDID, is a writer of songs. A talent of people. Geez, the ratings will not go thru the roof. Were you multi-tasking while you were watching?

      • @lb bravo for someone finally acknowlegding the great performance that Adam did! I also like to watch the results show to see the performances by past idols or whomever.

        @tishe do you seriously think that was Adam's only gig? I think personally that this was the only show he would be able to perform at season, so thats why he was there so early in the season! He's been on tour for over a year…check his schedule!

      • Julie…..except for ADAM the show was boring….I zoomed thru the Ford commercial and Red riding Hood, really who cares…..I wish that Adam sang another song instead of the BS…..

        Tishe….Know your facts…Julie is totally correct…Adam has been touring the world, excuse me but where is Kris Allen???? If Adam hadn't been on Idol that season then Kris would have been my choice but there was no comparisons….Just ask Kris!!!!!!He was in shock….

  13. Ashton is better than any girl. She chose the wrong song. Im pissed to see her go why not some guy. A girl has to win this year. Its been 3 years and for the past 3 years we havent heard anything of the guys that have won because all the guys always arent good? We need another girl to win already the guys are gone people should no that why wouldnt they want a girl to win..haley is really good why is she in the bottom and asthon she chose a wrong so song shes llike the judges favorite girl if you have heard any of the input about her from them. Seriously

    • Ashthon is better than which girl? No. She never should have been made it through to the top 13. I figured the whole time that she was on only to make the first elimination an easy one. Karen was bad, too, and maybe she couldn't hear herself (hope so), because she had no place singing Selena like that. Ashton was worse, though, and I don't think she waa going to get any better. It seemed like she actually though she did a good job (ego).

      • She did not do good ino but during hollywood week she was great and the judges loved her it's just a bad song choice. can you sing better. Seriously she will make it somewhere. What do you mean never make it I new she was going to get top 13 she was the best out of all hollywood week in my opinion. She picked the wrong songs in the last two performances who do you want to win amber?

      • WOWA. . .are you serious?? Sure Ashton is a good singer….they ALL are or they wouldn't be there, right? I thought the song was B-O-R-I-N-G and yes, I actually yawned. You need more than just a good/pretty voice. There has to be some kind of wow factor…would I pay to see her or buy her CD's…..NO, NO AND NO!

    • Phyllis G. Kris Allen is being played here in Little Rock,AR at 98.5 on the radio. They play a lot of mixes music. Other then that he did a charity show here. And I don't know what else he is doing! I am kind of on pins and needles this year due to the huge amount of talent. I loved Adams song. It was nice to hear him sing something soft for a change! I want to hear the version Ryan Seacrest is talking about though! Aren't we having fun!!! Hi sweet Rose A. Sherry K πŸ™‚

      • Sherry K…..We always have fun…..we're bonded by ADAM…..As much as I love James, Adam is the man……

      • You are so right Phyllis G. ADAM is the man! I just love to listen to ADAM anytime anywhere! You and I and Rose have been buddies ever since ADAM!

        I am looking forward to this week! Oh Steven Tyler is not used to just sitting down and lsitening when he is working. He looks tired to me! I think the whole emotional thing is tiring too! Hi Rose! Hugs to Phyllis and Rose! Sherry K πŸ™‚

  14. I am thankful for this Web Site. Personally, being on the West Coast,and with 30 minutes still left on my AI broadcast, I was bored to death. I usually never check the web to see the results in advance of my time zone, but I just wanted to get it over with. I have mixed emotions on this season. I hate to admit that I miss Simon. I never thought I would say that. JLo is awesome. Randy is Randy. I loved Steven at the beginning of the Season, but he's kind of faded into the background. I hope Casey comes back. I would love to see more of him.

  15. Branden,

    I agree that the whole "bottom 3" format was horrible at the end. When Haley tried to console Ashton Ryan said like 'Haley you're in the bottom three as well'. Then he said somethink like, 'the rest of you are all safe. Boom! Just like that! Did you see Ryan looking over at the stunned contestants on the bleachers? He wanted them to cheer loudly and celebrate that they were 'safe' and moving on, but they could not muster the enthusiasm. They probably could not believe what they had just witnessed. And how could they cheer when their friends had just been treated like crap?


    • It is called ratings. This is nothing new. Not unbelievable, just another AI. IMHO, Haley will not be on the show much longer.

    • Can we vote off PEACHES (aka Ryan Seacrest)? He has never been my kind of host/MC, but with this new format, new judges, new producers prepping the contestants…he's insufferable, arrogant, inauthentic, and just not good ("F")….lol!


      By the way, I agreed with Branden's bottom three and that Ashley's performance would send her home. (Although, despite starting flat again, she gave a better performance tonight than last night.) I think that some contestants are starting to feel the stress and pressure of having to perform a song they may or may not like with "choices" that they may or may not agree with on a daunting stage. It is very different to compete in Hollywood week vs. performing what a producer, vocal coach, choreographer, judges, dp, director expects you to do with your song and performance….you know?

      I really like Stefano's passion, heart, humility, talent, and skills. He wants it really bad. And he's being guided to make strong vocal and song choices. Regardless, if he wins or not, he will cut an album within a year and a half and join a tv cast.

      I think that I understand why you like Casey. And I agree he's talented, but stylistically he's not one of my favorites. I don't get the Paul thing, even though I thought it was ballsy to pick and to perform his song choice. He seemed like he was having a stroke on stage. And listen to his vocals….he was also flat(as many contestants were on performance night.)He seems ordinary…to me …in my opinion.

      I like some of the other younger contestants too- Lauren, Scotty, Thia- but I wonder if it would be better for them not to win and get signed and produce an album in their respective genres….you know?

      I like how they guided James to pull it in…we got a cleaner performance and sound out of him…but he wants it soooo bad that if he doesn't get it…i'm afraid that talented guy that reminds me of a ticking time-bomb might go off…

      Pia is good and might just win. I really like her lower register. She sings with confidence and can hit some amazing higher notes. She's turning in consistent performances. And Jacob—I like him—but he was way off the other night-nerves/stress/bad arrangement…

      Same with Naima and Karen—I like them—but they were off the other night-nerves/stress/ somewhat flat/low energy(Karen)…we haven't seen their best yet…and depending on their ability to get it together…we may or may not…

      Stefano Langone

      Pia Toscano

      Jacob Lusk

      Naima Adedapo

      Lauren Alaina

      Scotty McCreery

      James Durbin

      Casey Abrams

      Karen Rodriguez

      Thia Megia

      Paul McDonald

      Haley Reinhart

      • Stefano Stefano Stephano! He will become VERY popular with the young girls and he can sing his heart out on stage. I loved his rendition of Stevie Wonder's "Lately". His charisma reminds me of "Ace" a few years back. Love this boy and really think he could become the next Idol. Hope he continues to perform well. I am really a fan and look forward to hearing him. I loved Elliott yamin and my taste tends to be more "jazz/contemporary" so I have never picked the winner but loved Siobhan, Elliott and STEPHANO.

  16. It seemed that about 98 percent of people who posted on any of the several AI threads thought that Ashthon and Karen were two of the bottom three, as did I. There was variance about who the third one was, but the vast majority had A & K at the bottom.

    So …. We (including Branden) were right on target.

    I didn't think that Haley was bottom-three material at all (but honestly, I'm not sure who else I would've put there, myself — I wussed out and predicted only a final two! I think that the talent level and variety of singing styles is that good this year so far.)

    And I was glad to see that Naima and Stefano validated the judges' saving of them, even if Ashthon didn't. They totally earned the right to stay.

    I agree with Branden's and most others' assessments of the show's structure as pretty lame.

  17. Considering AI had only 1 hour to give the results for 13 contestants, I thought they did a very good job.

    To Nancy Miller: How can you question Diddy being on AI when you muted the sound? You missed the advise he gave to the contestants – and THAT was the reason for him being on the show (besides him being good entertainment). These contestants are so much better as singers and performers than many of the contestants from the last 2 seasons, I think every song they sing from this point on is SO critical! One bad song is enough to make a difference for ANY contestant.

    • @TCExperts, I absolutely agree with you! I also feel that Adam Lambert could have been given the chance to speak to the contestants as well, since he was in that position a couple of years ago himself.

      • Angela, I totally agree with you! Adam should have been allowed to speak to the kids too! I mean after all he was a contestant and knew what it is like. Diddy is a big shot! So I guess AI decided to go with Diddy. He did say one thing I like though! He said something about keeping God with you! This week should be fun! Hi to my friends Rose A. & Phyllis G. Sherry K πŸ™‚

  18. Being a fan of Idol downunder(yours is way better than ours) would have to say that I don't think a female will win this year unless Lauren or Pia pull something extraordinary out of the bag…as for me they are the only 2 girls I really see getting a music career out of this. The guys, well where do you start. Scotty will be huge, win or not, Casey will be huge, win or not and James will be huge, win or not. My faves for the top 4 will be a combination of those 5. Best performance of the night was by far James! Luv that guy.

    • Hey, I agree with ur pick for the top 5 but still think Pia have the chance to win. Her voice is absolutely better than the rest. If she gets some couching along the way, and with that kind of voice, she can win.

    • I liked your post. The best singers don't become singing sensations. Entertainers do.

      I think the field is a little better than you do. I think Pia and Thia are great singers but won't be stars. Thia just isn't mature enough to do well in this competition yet. Neither has the personality. I don't see Lauren making it as a professional singer. I think the darkhorse is actually Naima. If she can hang around for a few weeks, she is the type of artist who could successfully leverage American Idol exposure. She's got a lot of hate here though so it may not happen.

      I thought the other Lauren (T.) – also apparently a janitor – was the best potential female star in the field.

      On the men's side Paul and Jacob are both likely to have a small loyal audience out of this for their fringe singing efforts. Casey may not be serious minded enough to leverage the success properly. He could do a lot with it, but could also not. Scotty McCreery could be a B or C level star out of this. He has a nice voice for country and might get a nice song handed to him. He needs a ton of work if he ever goes on tour. He may do the best out of the lot. James Durbin could be the best of the lot. People are overlooking just how good of a singer he really is. Probably the best control and range on the show. He really should be fronting a big popular rock band. Any top bands looking for a replacement singer?

      (I also though the kid from California who didn't make the cut to 24 looked like a future superstar lead singer for a rock band.)

  19. Do you remember when Ryan was telling the remaining group that they were safe and that they should be getting more excited? I really think they didn't understand what was going on, that's how bad it was. I was even confused. No one, including the contestants, expected them to get out of it without some kind of drama.

      • (Philippines) Branden, thanks for your comments & predictions of which I mostly agree. You are great. May I ask if there's a way we can see the votes tally? Thank you.

  20. I was wondering were was Casey? Why was he not on the show?

    I think it was great that we didn't have to hear Ryan Talk for an hour just to find out who was kicked off!

  21. I miss Simon! Most of the performances last night were at best mediocre. I found myself doing a bad British accent and offering Simon's take, "Honestly, Jacob, you're a nice guy and that will probably get you the vote, but I just don't think you're relevant." or "Look, Scotty, you seem like a good kid, but I just don't get the whole Country thing. You can't keep coming on every week doing the same song in the same tone. You've got to show some diversity." or, my fav, "Ashton, the whole performance was just odd. You looked like a little girl pretending to be Diana Ross in the mirror at home. The hair flip thing was just weird. It was like you were trying to imitate her rather than being yourself. Like a weird cross-gender tribute concert or something. It was just awful. I'm not trying to be mean, but really." sigh. I miss Simon. The voice of Reason.

      • I'm beginning to miss Simon too… I would bet on Pia, Thia and Lauren for the girls. James, Paul and Jacob for the boys. I wish these six all the best and hopefully they can pull those strings and treat every performance as their last and the best ever…. Chill and Relax… We;ve got a competition going on…

      • Gally ur pick for the girls same as mine, but the guys, I prefer scoty, then only James n Jacob.

    • Dee. You've got guts to say what you've said – and I agree wholeheartedly with you. Ashton looks great but her voice is kind of "corrosive" in a matter of speaking. I'm not too sure what she was even doing in the last 24. Scotty needs to have some variation – maybe he should have done Johnny this week and perhaps take a gamble and do something different hereafter – just to show us viewers he can do much more than sound a "Fog-horn". Lusk needs to slow down ion his "whining and yodeling" and McDonald needs to stop acting as though he was Rod Stewart's offspring! After this week's performances, my top 5 are : Pia, Durbin, Thia, Stefano and Casey.

    • Spot on Dee with Simonesque comments. I love Scotty's country voice also, but what will he do when they do the different music genres? Also, Paul was at my bottom below Ashton last outing. Though I loved his previous Rod Stewart song, his Tuesday outing of "swishy" dancing will not appeal to most voters. Not trying to be a gay basher (I loved Adam Lambert), but Paul will be a serial bottom-3 unless he "mans up" his on stage persona.

    • Thanks for the laugh, Dee – that was so funny and true!

      I do miss the constructive critiques (but not the meanness).

      The new judges have real experience to share but are trying too hard to just be nice. Can they figure out how to be nice but also give good suggestions and true feedback? (I almost thing if they don't start giving constructive crits, they will not be there next year either.)

      This is the most talented top 12 we've ever seen, so I'm looking forward to the entire season. I think the girls and guys are equally talented.

  22. i think the momentum for early fav's have shifted slightly. i think lauren alaina was an obvious early fav for alot … but the cutesy and crybaby thing (yes i know shes super young)…can be bit annoying. same with thia. they have good voices but i think it just goes to show sure it's great and fabulous to open it up to the younger ones – but it also proves that to be idol requires not just talent but the a good head on their shoulders to handle the pressure of criticism and knocks. this really just comes with bit of age. i think they would be classic eg where a couple more years would have truly given them more of a solid platform and maturity to cop it on the chin and use the critique to your advantage to better yourself.

    do we know what next weeks theme is next week?

  23. Jacob Lusk or the JANITOR or karen have to go next week,…why must be a girl to win when they cannot sing to win just because it three years since…that is a bad judgement as it's a singning competion and not a gender competition… i am going to vote and vote for my favourite who can sing and not a Janitor or a screaming Jabob (SCREAM QUEEN)who is so so "SUCKS"

    • couldnt agree more on the janitor. she needs to tidy up herself first and foremost coz she's utterly a mess! and the way she did umbrella was just super disgusting. its so not idol. she's soooo not idol material.

  24. I would love someone to fill me in about wardrobe protocols.

    Okay, so they're in a mansion and have free room and board and free haircuts. It appears, though, that wardrobe is something they must supply. Is that right? If so, why is that?

    I recall Naima saying something about designing the dress she wore. I hated Ashthon's silver "Diana Ross" dress the other night. (It did not fit her well. She has a great figure and it did nothing for her.) Lauren's clothing consistently makes her look frumpy, and most of the guys' choices are nondescript.

  25. Karen Rodriguez and Jacob Lusk have the best voices

    Pia Toscano is the most consistent and professional. Lauren Alaina and Casey Abrams are the best natural,charismatic and original performers. If Lauren will calm down and forget all the stressful compliments, she could sing a lot better.

  26. For a while I thought I was watching the Red Riding Hood show, not Idol. Why all the hype for that movie? I doubt that they’ll do the elimination the same each week. They always used variations other years. I remember Melinda Doolittle sat on the floor in protest when they divided the group into two sides and wanted her to say which side had the best singers. Hope Casey is feeling better soon.

    • Giselle,I hate when they put a contetant in the middle of the floor between the contestants. As far as I know since I have been watchuing idol the one that has been put in the middle has always very objective in what they say.

  27. AI did not produce any real big star/singer in the league of Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, et. al. Only Fox and the producers (Free Mantle?) become "big stars" each season. The new surprises like less suspense on the Bottom 3 is just for the ratings game.Pia? Just like another belter-who will be a copy cat of Celine. She will not last and fade away. Thia? Disney should hire her right now and pull her out of AI. Casey? Just like the rest (David Cook, Adam Lambert) who either get lost or remain in the D-list. Scotty? We have a lot of country song superstars, he may remain on the B-list who sounds like a country singer-BUT can he write like most of those in that league? Paul is in a league of his own.The typical AI voters will not make him win but I would love to watch his concert. All the rest, they are just like previous conntestants. No distinguishing marks that set them apart. AI is just like any of the Reality Shows. We watch it every season for the drama.No superstar like Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga- and even Bruno Mars will ever come from AI

    • so very true.

      the track record of AI is that it does not produce MEGA SUPERSTARS. by this i mean huge international recognition and domination… RESPECTED artists.not just a hit record here and there.

      idol's been running for ten years. not sure it will be happening with this new crop. that's why simon and randy harper on about being relevant and current….in today's day and age do we want to see celine v2 or just another rock pop or country singer that sounds pretty much like the rest? boooring.. they really gotta bring something different to the table. i suppose gaga is prime example of this (tho i am not a fan personally)…she proves to be very successful worldwide and she certainly stands out.

      good voice is not enough, u need a real je. ne sais quo. the world is moving/developing so fast and u gotta be one step ahead to beat all the others at the same game..

      i had a look at the List of best-selling music artists in world…….(300 million or more records)

      in order:

      beatles, elvis, micahel jackson, abba, madonna, led zeppelin, queen.

      like them or loathe them they have garnered enormous success, but above all their music have had longevity, survived because they were not only good singers but different in their day.

      think it's time for a modern day superstar legend…

      can't blame kids on idol for giving it a go though! it's just a stepping stone for them…kudos for following their dreams

    • I don't know Lady Ga Ga. But I watched Michael Jackson grow up from a little kid. God gave Michael a whole lot of natural talent. And Michael studied all day at dance moves and singing. Big stars like that & Elvis only come around like ever 50 years! Sad they had to die so young! Sherry K

  28. Personally, I tune in the last 15 minutes to see who goes home. Can't stand the elimination show drama or the poor entertainment.

    I agree Ashton was a good choice for the cut.

    These one's need to go next:

    Paul McDonald

    Karen Rodriguez

    Naima Adedapo

    Good but don't know if they have popularity factor.

    Jacob Lusk

    Stefano Langone

    Pia Toscano

    Haley Reinhardt

    Most memorable performers in terms of personality and voice

    Lauren Alaina-country & cute

    Scotty McCreery-country and humble add a cowboy hat and he'll soar.

    James Durbin-rocker with a voice but weird

    Casey Abrams-so talented but will voters get him??

    Thia Megia- talented and young

  29. Excellent talent this 10th season..the best 13 ever to grace this stage at one time!. The voters seem to be on target.. actually judging on the "Talent" of the competitors and not sob stories or non-talent criteria or biases.

    Now, if Jennifer Lopez can maintain her objectivity, and not become another Abdul and stop cutting down and interrupting Randy when he offers his turn at critique of the singers. And hopefully Seacrest won't renew his sarcasm, combative, and provoking attitude ( he had with Simon) and start it with Randy (which seemed to appear last show)

    The 3 judges are excellent so far, but only if they can remain objective, fair, impartial and professional. Jennifer seems to be getting a little big headed/know it all attitude and needs to return to her previous weeks demeaner.

  30. I totally do not agree with what you thought about the group performance! I actually loved it…and I do not usually like those kind of things…showed us a different side of a lot of the singers that we haven't seen yet… does anyone know the theme for next Wednesday's songs???

  31. Not disappointed one bit about Ashton going home.

    And I think Karen deserved to be in the bottom 3, but not Haley. Actually I wanted Jacob taking one of those seats.

    As far as wild card ?? Well, the way it is going, the one I love the most I can almost bet will get the wild card, Stephano ! .. He is way better then some of them who got in the top 10, and I have a feeling somewhere along the line he will be in jeopardy again. I want Naima gone next week. Sorry , I apologize to the Naima lovers, but I just don't like her. So disappointed in how they ran things last night, no suspense… just a bunch of garbage except for Adam Lambert, I love him, he shld hv been an Idol winner… Hands down !!

    • I think Naima needs a strong performance this week as she is being pigeonholed as one of the "lacking talent" candidates who go out in the 8-12 range.

      Hopefully she stays away from current popular back songs and sings something that requires more singing ability than possessed by your average cheerleader. She needs a song that gives her a chance to showcase her talent. Something old & well known that she can put a stamp on and rock out.

  32. Casey, sorry you ended up in hospital & I hope you get better soon…. but I don't miss you one bit !! lol

  33. We all know its a singing competition, but looks, personality and their "story" play a part too. AI loves the drama factor. I have always wondered if the voting is "fixed" somehow. People should only be allowed to vote once from any one number…thats the only fair way to do it.

  34. I really miss Simon telling the contestants they're horrible. Because they really were.

    • I disagree. I believe Stephen Tyler and Jennifer are great, the best year of judges. However, I personally don't agree on every finalists pick, but then again, I'm not a star. I just enjoy watching the contestants grow. I've been watching the Idol for the last 5 yrs and believe this is the strongest finalists yet. Way to go judges.

      • I think they'd profit by adding a critic, not a judge. Make that person's job to give a harsh critique to every singer after the judges get through, but don't let the critic vote. That keeps the positive voice of the judges and the good realtionship that has been very good this year, but kicks the candidates on things like "is your stuff commercially viable" and "do you beleive in what you are singing"…much of the Simon angle.

        American Idol since I've watched it has seemed to serve two masters. On one hand they say "its a singing contest", but on the other hand it has been about what is sellable —delivering a marketable winner.

        I think that second part is getting a little lost this year and ultimately that is the grab of American Idol. We all want to see stars before they become stars, not just a singing contest.

  35. Ryan Seacrest did his worst last night-what the heck was that-he carries it on and on for 6 people and then the rest of you are saved-that is so so not right-I like Casey-scottie-James-Jacob and Pia-they are my favorites right now-but things can change as the weeks roll by-America got it right to send Ashton home-love american idol-love the new judges and don't miss Simon

    • I agree with you Rose. Ryan was really bad. It was painful to watch him!

      Can we vote off PEACHES (aka Ryan Seacrest)? He has never been my kind of host/MC, but with this new format, new judges, new producers prepping the contestants…he’s insufferable, arrogant, inauthentic, and just not good (“F”)….lol!


  36. I agree, Casey is not going anywhere anytime soon. Would like to even see him win this thing.

    Would have liked to see Karen Rodriguez or Jacob go over Ashton last night, but I still think she would have eventually gone home in the next couple weeks anyway. And I enjoyed the stripped down version of Adam's Aftermath and Diddy-Dirty Money's performance — actually did not fast forward through these as I usually do. The results show, face it, could be a 5-minute show. The show has ALWAY been filler and fluff though, don't act so surprised like Branden's never seen the show before or what?

    • Sup T,

      We are all entitled to our opinions. And I agree Casey has talent, but everyone is saying he is a "true talent," "a great artist," "the real thing…" Let me introduce AI fans to how an artist performs this song and what he sounds like….

      The X Factor UK 2009: 27-year-old teacher Danyl has a passion for singing and manages to completely own the stage in an incredible first audition! See more at

      ps….filler and fluff or not, i liked adam and diddy's performances too. and adam lambert and danyl johnston are talking about working on each other's albums…..i would like to hear that combination of talent.

      • Thanks for the info, Francisco C. It would not let me play that link in my area, but I did look up Danyl Johnson on youtube and watched his performance of Feelin' Good and I agree, he is a fantastic performer. Would love to hear him and Adam collaborate.

        But we have to focus on what talent we have in this competition.

        That is exactly my problem with some on this particular performance. You only get one shot at this stage so you need to always be your best. That said, many did not give their best performances. Heck, I feel for these guys, I sure could not do it — be happy I will never audition, would not want to put anyone's ears through that!

        When Lauren took the stage, I was excited because she seems geared toward country and thought she would rock the socks off Shania Twain — couldn't pull it off.

        Casey, on the other hand, owned the stage when he performed. That's how you do it.

        While I get what Paul is doing and the type of performer he is, he will be swallowed in this competition by the big voices. So, I do not see him lasting long, but we will see. This show always surprises me (like by how many times everyone I know voted for Adam and Kris still managed to win — whatever).

        Very happy James Durbin reeled in that big voice of his to give a more melodic take on Maybe on Amazed…and I was, thank you very much. James was just starting to get on my nerves with the screaming on every song. Very good call on his part, hope he keeps it up.

        Did not understand what the Dawg's (Randy's) problem was with Hayley's performance of Blue. Did not get his criticism, I thought she sounded better than LeAnne Rimes with a better personality to boot. But then, I am not getting paid millions of dollars to judge and they hear them differently than we do as well.

        Karen Rodriguez was god awful, and to perform that bad in front of J. Lo who played Selena in the movie, REALLY bad call. I thought she should have gone home. Even over Ashton, because at least Ashton has stage presence.

        Jacob has the same problem with the screaming. We can hear you, dude, and we can also hear your pitchiness. I could not stand his performance of I Believe I Can Fly — he was all over the place.

        Naima has a terrific stage presence, but needs to work on her pitch problems as well…although she covers it well, and she has a great look about her, very charismatic.

        And Stefano…I just love this guy. He has something amazing there, and I think he is definitely one to watch.

        Pia has the singing chops, but I agree with the person (forgive me, but cannot look up name while typing this) who said she acts more like she is going for the Miss America pageant and is full of herself. Yes, and that makes me not like her at all. And the fact every song is a ballad. Same thing for Thia. Thia has an amazing voice, but that is eclipsed by her complete lack of stage presence.

        I hate this every year when every song is ballad after ballad after ballad…this isn't America's Favorite Lullabye, people. It just puts me to sleep. And when you hit a bad note on a ballad, there is no taking it back or covering it up.

        Sorry to go off on a rant. Here are my favorites so far:





        Naima and Hayley

        and kinda Scotty

        Maybe we should have kept the other Lauren.

        And I am sure I will hear flack from everyone on that, but I like who I like.

  37. If we want to talk about lack of talent, why wasn't the dancing clown in the bottom 3. I'm talking about Paul Mc Donald. He's getting by because of his smile and the girls are swooning over him. He has no power in his voice so he's limited. And stop moving around like a fool! And Ashton why would you sing again a song that landed you in the bottom 3 to begin with, hello!

    • Right on Sue regards Paul. But why are the girls swooning over him? Is it that curious thing girls have for craving that which they can't change–vis a vis "swishy" songster George Michaels (Fox?) of Wham fame? Admittedly, I was fooled though by his Rod Stewart song previously.

  38. If we want to talk about lack of talent, why wasn't the dancing clown in the bottom 3. I'm talking about Paul Mc Donald. He's getting by because of his smile and the girls are swooning over him. He has no power in his voice so he's limited. And stop moving around like a fool! And Ashton why would you sing again a song that landed you in the bottom 3 to begin with, hello!NO I HAVEN'T SAID THIS BEFORE THIS IS MY FIRST POST THIS SEASON!!!

  39. I Love SteFano Langone…Hes So Cute And I love when hes singing the song of Bruno Mars….It's Sjo CUte & Lovely…..

    • Hey Cheye_Girl, I get what you like about Stefano…he's got a great likability…but I think he's got more assets than what you said "CUte & Lovely…"

      I really like Stefano’s passion, heart, humility, talent, and skills. He wants it really bad. And he’s being guided to make strong vocal and song choices. He might have a chance to be the next AI 2011.

      But regardless, if he wins or not, he will cut an album within a year and a half and join a tv cast…in my opinion.

  40. Top Two: James and Pia–powerful performances and good looking

    Terrible Two: Paul–swishy" WHAM dancing hard to stomach. Ashton–Diana Ross persona and confidence is appealing, but singing is not sharp. Since she's now gone, let's add

    Jacob–to this category for being a boring balladeer: great vocals, but "Uncle Fester" emoting is wearing thin.

    Likable but Ordinary: Hailee, Karen, Thia, Niema and (sorry) Scotty

    Potential Threats to Top Two: Lauren, Casey and Stephano

  41. The only thing I loved last night was Adam Lambert..what a great humble…he is fabulous. I hated the way Ryan did the results. There was nothing to keep us watching. The Ford video was ridiculous, the group number was terrible and the second band, Dirty something was terrible, too. I guess I am just too old for that kind of music. Ryan, bring the excitement back into the results show. To tell everyone on the couch that they made it, was so lame…the contestants did not even realize what you were saying. Keep the last of the bottom three for the last group..give us something to keep watching the results show for. I hope next week it will not be so bad..but again, ADAM you rock!!! Was not surprised Ashton was voted off…not very many girls I think will make the top five. Even Pia needs to change it up a bit…all her songs sound the same, she is a beautiful singer, but they are all the same. I am also very sorry about Casey—such talent. I hope he is able to continue in the competition. Good luck Casey…with both your health and your career.

    • Hey Kathy from PA,

      I was also impressed with Adam's commitment to social justice. "Aftermath," recently released as a dance remix; to help the Trevor Project,(part of the proceeds from download sales of "Aftermath" will benefit the organization that helps kids.) I thought you and other AI fans might like the Aftermath lyrics below:

      Aftermath – Adam Lambert

      Have you lost your way?

      Livin' in the shadow of the messes that you made

      And so it goes

      Everything inside your circle starts to overflow

      Take a step before you leap

      Into the colors that you seek

      You give back what you give away

      So don't look back on yesterday

      Wanna scream out, no more hiding

      Don't be afraid of what's inside

      Gonna tell ya you'll be alright

      In the aftermath

      Anytime anybody pulls you down

      Anytime anybody says you're not allowed

      Just remember you are not alone

      In the aftermath

      You feel the weight

      Of lies and contradictions that you live with every day

      No, it's not too late

      Think of what could be if you rewrite the role you play

      Take a step before you leap

      Into the colors that you seek

      You give back what you give away

      So don't look back on yesterday

      Wanna scream out, no more hiding

      Don't be afraid of what's inside

      Gonna tell ya you'll be alright

      In the aftermath

      Anytime anybody pulls you down

      Anytime anybody says you're not allowed

      Just remember you are not alone

      In the aftermath

      Before you break you have to change your armor

      Take a trip and fall into the pit

      Tell a stranger that their beautiful

      So all you feel is love, love

      All you feel is love, love

      Anytime anybody pulls you down

      Anytime anybody says you're not allowed

      Just remember you are not alone

      In the aftermath

      • Francisco. Thank-You! Beautiful Lyrics in Adams song! I wondered what the story was he told! Sherry K. πŸ™‚

      • Hey Sherry,

        You are welcome.

        In my opinion, whether people like Adam or his choices…what is not in question is his talent and his relevance. That song he co-wrote is impacting and influencing kids in crisis positively and those monies donated to the Trevor Project from "Aftermath" are changing US kids lives.

        That is what I think AI can give these contestants … a platform and an emerging voice for change.

        Adam is pretty impressive…regardless of his sexuality! I wish more young heterosexual artists would follow his socially conscious lead and find ways to give back to many of the communities they may or may not have come from themselves…in my book that is the way a great artist emerges and becomes relevant.

      • Francisco c…..Thank you so much for the lyrics. For such a young man, he's got it together…..I've seen him in person, on TV and radio shows….He seems like a very kind human being, who appreciates where he is and how he got there…..

        I just wish that people could just see people for who they are and nothing else…..Sad World!!!!!!

      • Hey Phyllis G.(Las Vegas),

        I'm glad you enjoyed the lyrics. And I agree that Adam lives his life on purpose and utilizes his emerging voice for change.

        What an amazingly diverse and hopeful world that we live in–right Sherry K, T, Gem Araneta, Conner, Cheye_Girl, Kathy from PA, Rose, Dee, etc– because we get to express some of our divergent and similar opinions…

      • Francisco c…..I hear you and thats why I love this site so much. Different strokes, different folks thats what makes this world go round…..I've make some great Idol Friends on this site and now I'll have to add you to the list. Any fan of Adam is a friend of mine…

      • Thank you, Francisco c. Awesome lyrics. Love that Adam is using his "fame" to make a social conscious statement…good for him. Also loved his performance last week. He is definitely one of my all time favorites. So far…the top 5 for me would be James, Scotty, Pia, Casey and either Lasuren or Stefano. Loves James Durbin…Looking forward to this week. Whoo Hoo~!!! Hi to my sweet friends…Phyllis G., Sherry K. and Angela. πŸ™‚

      • Thanks Phyllis G.(Las Vegas) and Rose A. …those are inclusive and generous words… you make me feel a part of your online group of AIers.

        "contestants will have to sing a song from the year they were born…" thxs Rose A. –80's can go either way and 90's might be really fun…lol

        Can we still eliminate Seacrest?

        VOTE OFF PEACHES! lol

      • Then consider me a friend as well, Phyllis G, because Adam rocks! I cannot wait for his new album.

      • T…..His new CD is coming out on March 22nd. Any fan of Adams is a friend of mine…..You are now officially on my list…..Enjoy the show tonight.

  42. I don't understand why Idol would invite a rapper on the show when that is not a category that benefits the contestants in any way. I feel that there are enough entertainers that sing for a living that should be invited on Idol. Leave the rappers to the clothing industry or come up with a American Idol for rappers.

    • Dee,

      I'm not sure people are going to get your jokes about the rap industry, but i'm really curious about how you think Peaches benefits the contestants?

      I mean can you find a way for AI or the fans to eliminate PEACHES (aka Ryan Seacrest) from the show?

      He doesn't seem to serve the contestants in any way. And he has never been my kind of host/MC, but with this new format, new judges, new producers prepping the contestants…he’s seems useless (GRADE: “F”)…lol!

      Can we leave Peaches for E entertainment or come up with a host for this new rebooted AI that supports the talent on the show?

      • Ryan Seacrest I believe is the real deal in American Idol. I cannot imagine someone else doing the show as brilliant and witty as he does. And he has helped quite a lot most especially the ones who've been hurt and those that did good but didn't receive good feedback from the judges.

  43. Brandon, thx a lot for the review.. Glad to hear some one realized that Lusk had his worst performance so far. Not only him – Karen, Ashthon, Paul, Lauren, Thia – most of the contestants were awful that night. They're much much better on the top 24 show. Casey, James, and Pia are the strongest contestans so far, I think.. I really wish that this year's winner is better than the last season.

  44. First off, I agree with everything Branden said about the "results show."

    That being said…

    This show is a boring joke. It's nothing like the previous American Idol seasons and the only reason the ratings are so high is because viewers are curious to see what the show is like without Simon Cowell. That and Steven Tyler. I'm betting that by next season, they'll drop tremendously.

    The singers are decent but none of them are great. And this is supposed to be American Idol? It honestly sounds like a bunch of adequate singers happened upon a stage and are just doing covers of their favorite artists. Nothing new, nothing unique. Just cover songs on television. And judging by the judges critiques, the decent singers will continue to stay static because what do they have to improve on?

    Every night, the judges only say things like "wow you're great" "this man can sing" "you're so good, i can't even judge you" and boring monotonous lines over and over. Occasionally they'll say things like "i just wish it were more kickass" "you're great but i wasn't feeling the song choice" or "it was a little pitchy but dude you nailed it." How are the singers ever going to progress and become something great if they already think they're great? This show needs judges that aren't afraid to hurt somebody's feelings but instead what we have are 3 Paulas. They don't realize that their constant ass-kissing to the audience and the contestants is actually doing very little to help these "artists" grow.

    At least Simon Cowell, though a little harsh at times, gave insightful and relevant criticisms. Maybe it hurt the contestants feelings? But big freaking deal. Get over it and try to make yourself a better performer.

    It's funny how much people actually eat this up though.

    Actually it's not funny at all.

    Ryan Seacrest sucks.

    • You're too emotional Connor. I disagree with you and Branden. This show has the same basic format with 13 good singers who are trying to become the American Idol. I actually liked the elimination format because I don't want them wasting MY time by going through every single contestant – let's get to the ones that were questionable ASAP and spend more time on the performances. The Ford video is just amateurs trying to make a commercial and a good time for us to take a break (unless you like commercials). I agree with you that the judges have to be more critical of these singers, but that's all I agree with. Ryan Seacrest is just an announcer and he does his job well – what do you want him to do? I watch the show for the musical performances and the contestants' and their familys' reactions and responses to questions by Ryan, comments by the judges, and voting by the audience. This IS a "reality show" (a well-produced one at that) and the stars are ordinary people that want to make it big. People "eat this up" (as you say) because they imagine themselves or someone they may know being one of those 13 on the stage. Keep on giving excuses for the high votes, but I believe it IS because the individual performances this season are so much better than the last few seasons. I remember in the past where some even forgot the words to the songs. I bet this season will have more viewers than any other season.

      • I doubt emotion has anything to do with my perception of this show as I am not drawn to or attached to any of the contestants of this year's season.

        You're right, the show does have the same basic format, structure, composition, whatever you want to call it. But the qualities are very much not the same. With the absence of some very strong judges, which I feel are a crucial part of this show, I believe the "talent" that gets through suffers and it shows. There's just too much leniency in this show now. It's almost laughable.

        It's like comparing great songs with terrible songs. Anyone can create the same structure used in most popular tunes. Example: Intro, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus. A common, standard song structure. But it's the qualities and characteristics of the song as whole along with the structure that make it a great song. You can't just throw things together in the same order with little to no thought and expect it to turnout great.

        Maybe I was a little dramatic about Ryan Seacrest. He's such a unimportant asset to the show that I almost forget he's even there sometimes so I guess it really doesn't matter what he does.

        Either way, neither of us can prove the other wrong because it's all a matter of opinion. We just view the show differently and that's fine with me. I respect your opinion.

      • Connor this was great reply and made me laugh. We all have opinions…some of us may agree and some of us may disagree…that's real!

        Your best opinion, "Ryan Seacrest sucks," you retracted…no….lol.

        I'm wondering if we can find a way for AI or some of the fans that are watching the same show that I'm watching to eliminate PEACHES (aka Ryan Seacrest) from the show…lol. What do you think?

        If anyone agrees, use it as a tagline in your posts. VOTE OFF PEACHES!

      • What is your problem with Ryan? We aren't really watching the show to see Ryan are we? He's not a judge. He doesn't sing or perform…. Please clue us in!

    • Yeah I agree with the part about you being wrong.

      In my opinion, Elvis was an innovator among many innovators of his time who revolutionized the way rock and roll was played and perceived. He was an originator of rockabilly music, had a very distinct voice and a unique/tasteful style of singing.

      James Durbin, again in my opinion, is a sloppy clone of Adam Lambert who uses the dynamics of his voice in all the wrong places and does very little to reinvent anything in his song interpretations during his performances. Thank god the producers of this show have people that can advise these singers and point them in a direction a little more pleasing to the ear. Otherwise, I doubt James Durbin would still be in this competition with all that constant, random screaming he just threw into songs just to show that he could sort of do it.

      I honestly don't understand how he made it through after that awful rendition of "A Change is Gonna Come". Clearly ripping off Adam Lambert's version.

      Oh well. Go American Idol.

      • I also disagree that James Durbin should not be compared to Elvis Presley because there's really nothing to compare.

        But I disagree with you that his rendition of A Change is Gonna Come was awful. It was in fact great but without bias I would say that I like Adam's interpretation during the finals so much better.

        Deep in my heart I am an Adam Lambert fan. And when I saw James for the first time during Hollywood, I cannot help but compare the two. Both are towering, handsome with very incredible voice range. I also believe that James has (surprisingly) a higher pitch than my Adam except that Adam knows how to control everything.

        I do believe that James Durbin is the current frontrunner of the show — definitely not Pia nor Casey. The only ones that can give him a threat for a title are Scotty (he's so young that it's unimaginable for him to have that very pleasant deep voice plus who won't love anyone singing country in America?), Thia (not only because the Asians will support her but she has the most distinct and beautiful voice amongst the ladies), Laurent (she may be young but she practically sing the phone book) and Stefano (his honesty, charm and heartfelt voice will definitely his defense).

        As for the rest, they all can sing but I know that I would be forgetting them soon. Perhaps, not Casey's comedic antics nor Jacob's amazing gospel voice.

      • Gem A. I totally agree with you…People should stop comparing James to Adam….There are similarities but they are two individuals trying to make it in a very tough venue. ADAM is doing great, lets give JAMES a chance. He is going to make it with or without the Idol crown, just like Adam did….

        Connor….relax and enjoy the show. Its the best 24 singers this show has had in a very, very long time, if ever. We can thank the judges for that……Simon was getting very bitter towards the end….It was good that he stepped down when he did. We can all watch him on the X-Factor next season…

  45. True talent is not just about singing well, but knowing who you are as a artist. It is not enough to sing very well. There should be a passion there and a sense of ones self as a artist. Some of the singers are pretty young and yet they are singing songs that feel way too old for their age or that are just so dated.

    I would love to see the younger artists sing more cool and relevant songs.

    • Hey K-Girl,

      I think that's fair criticism. And I would like to see the contestant sing more relevant songs too.

      In my opinion, Adam Lambert is a good example of what you mean by relevant. He co-wrote "Aftermath," which is impacting and influencing kids in crisis positively and those monies donated to the Trevor Project from his song are changing US kids lives.

      That is what I think AI can give these contestants … a platform and an emerging voice for change.

  46. I'll be gald when this joke is over, thus ending this painful display. This is starting to prove to be the worst season ever. Bring on The X Factor!

  47. I like Lauren but i think she's starting to be over confident of herself. Hope she could try songs that show what gift she has. She really can sing but lacks drive. If the audience see that she's at her best and strives to impress in every performance, she is really on her way to the finals. I wanted her to sing LISTEN by Beyonce.

  48. Thanks for the reply, T. I caught my mistake, but this commenting post wouldn’t let me upload the correct link for US viewers. It was Danyl Johnson’s very first audition of “With a little help from my friends,” which I believe Casey performed last week….??????

    If you look it up online: The X Factor: The X Factor 2009 – Danyl Johnson – Auditions 1 ( this will give my previous comment context.

    The level of talent and preparation was different, as well as how the show(X-Factor UK 2009) groomed its performers. But, I agree that Danyl Johnson is not in this year’s AI’s top 13. And we should probably reign in our comments to focus on this year’s emerging winner on American Idol 2011.

    I also agree the most talented does not always win…Adam Lambert, Chris Daltry, Clay Aiken, that quirky girl last year….etc…let’s be honest…it has been a popularity contest for quite a few years…so, here’s my opinion….

    I really like Stefano…as the winner! Stefano seems to have passion, heart, humility, talent, and skills. He wants it really bad. And he’s being guided to make strong vocal and song choices. Regardless, if he wins or not, he will cut an album within a year and a half and join a tv cast.

    But Pia, James, Casey, Naima, Jacob, Scotty and Karen should be watched with an empathetic eye, because we haven’t seen their best yet…and depending on their ability to get it together…we may or may not…

    As for the judges, it seems that Steven and J’lo’s focus is on the performer…build a performer and a performance(which was possible in Hollywood week, but not as much for performance week…Randy has become the new Simon without the English charm or sensibility and Ryan’s lack of talent has become clearly apparent….the selected music producers working with the remaining contestants need to make great choices on the selected songs that include who the performer is and the capacities that they have right now….because they are being judged and voted off each week… it should be an interesting season.

    • Thanks, Francisco, will check out his performance tomorrow.

      I like Stefano as well, he just has that "It" factor and he is very likable. Any guy who can pull off Bruno Mars like that has my heart πŸ™‚

      Yes, he's cute, too.

      Maybe that is why I am so fascinated by Casey because he pulled off the impossible: I cannot stand guys with beards, and he is very likable personality-wise. So, bravo, Casey!

      Cannot wait to see what they do tomorrow night. Francisco, or anyone for that matter, do you know what the theme is for Wednesday night?

      • @ T. I believe the contestants will have to sing a song from the year they were born. So, that would mean mainly late 80's and early 90's songs. πŸ™‚

      • Thanks, Rose. Very excited for tonight! See, I don't start watching until half-hour before it's over, and I still catch up to live TV πŸ™‚ That way gives me enough time to catch all performances and vote, but I fast forward through all of Ryan's chit-chat (more filler).

        Francisco, my man, I must warn you, you are fighting a losing battle with the "Get rid of Peaches" campaign, as his contract extends even further than Randy's from the info I read last year when they were all inking their new contracts. Ryan, I'm afraid, is safe for several years to come, like it or not (honestly, I could take him or leave him…don't usually listen to him anyway).

        Y'all ready to vote? Can't wait to see what they are going to do tonight.

  49. Fact is American Idol is still the Number One Most Watched TV Reality Series in the US and and also has quite a number of viewers outside of the US. It may have some drops in rating but it will remain on top for as long as there are viewers that are supporting the ambitions of those that are lucky to be in the show.

    However, the producers should always maintain a good set of judges because it is them that selects the Top 12 (13 again this year).

    Last year was a kind of flop (but was still number one) because there were too many guest judges then. A 3-man panel is always effective but they should have one that can practically clone Simon. They should kick one out of the two new judges because they practically sound the same… like a broken record. Randy can stay as long as he doesn't make it obvious as to who he is actually rooting for.

    • I would think that viewers would be much more interested in the quality of performances and who is going to win, rather than who the judges are or what they say or think… OR what Ryan does or does not do. Simon was good because he challenged the contestants. Ultimately, the judges AND the audience don't know who will be the real winner (example: Adam Lambert lost last year AND Jennifer Hudson only made it half way through the final 12 on AI). I personally enjoy the memory of knowing a contestant was exceptional – BEFORE they became popular. AI provides the opportunity for us to do this without leaving the home.

      • TC..You just said it!!! We are in season 10.(I Think)

        Adam Lambert was great and is great but lets focus on this season and the performers. Ryan Secrest has been around as long as I have been watching it and does a great job. We would still have to have an MC if he was not there. Let's focus on what we have now instead of criticizing. Just my opinion!!

      • @ Donna….well said. Yes, Adam definitely got robbed and I loved hearing him perform last week…but this is Season 10 and I, for one would like to focus on this year's contestants. With the exception of a few ( not my style of music ) there is a very diverse and talented group of contestants. It is amazing watching them develop and grow into stardom. Looking forward to tonight. Whoo Hoo~!!! πŸ™‚

    • This lot of judges are sickly, over the top with there opinions. I watch the show, but I don't like this line up of judges at all. Simon surely is needed.

  50. @ T. Whoo Hoo~!!! πŸ™‚ As Phyllis G and Sherry K have stated…we love Adam. He is awesome. Also James Durbin this year. He definitely rocks. Love the excitement and passion he brings to the stage. Enjoy tonight. I will. πŸ™‚

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