American Idol 2011 Top 13 Perform Tonight

The competition breaks wide open tonight on American Idol with the arrival of our Top 13 performers. Six guys and seven girls will face off in the first co-ed competition round of the season where only twelve will survive.

FOX says this week’s performances will be the choice of the singers. What’s that? Could we be getting away from themes finally? Probably not. I’m sure we’ll still have themes before too long, but I’ll take it while we can get it.

If you can’t wait for the live show tonight and want to know more right now, then check out our Top 13 song spoilers listing out which song each of the performers selected. Looks like this could be a great show tonight!

Which guy and girl are you most looking forward to hearing perform tonight?

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  1. Great song choices, but mostly looking forward to Paul singing "come pick me up". Bet this is gonna be a great night.

  2. I want to see Naima and Ashthon SHINE tonight – and put the so-called expert on this board to shame – for wanting to see the only African-American females gone. Let's have some objectivity here, please. Let's lay off James, too. It's TALENT we're talking here. Try to rid your mind of the racism and the hostility toward those who may be different than YOU. It's beyond annoying!

    • Trish…..You said a mouthful…..Totally agree..This is a talent show. PERIOD….

    • I hope that Ashthon and Naima shine tonight, cause if they don`t one of them will probably go home. It has nothing to do with what skin color they have. It comes down to the contestants voices, and these two really haven`t been that strong so far.

  3. I don't know that Paul could top Maggie but Ryan Adams is a fave of this 70 year old grandma so let er rip Paul…should be fun…

  4. i really have a big expectation with naima ashton and jacob..althouh there are so many bad comments about them, i have a big sur that they will shine at this competition..good luck naima,ashton and jacob 😀

    • Stephanie…These are my two favorites too. I am so looking forward to hearing Pia sing Celine.

      • Phyllis G. Hi! My husband has been watching. He said last night " There is a lot of talent theis year!" I thought Pia sang Celine very good!She did Celine proud! I also thought Haley Reinharts rendition of Blue was sang very good. I am not sure what Randys problem with it was? I compared her to LeeAnn Rhimes when she first sang it. I thought it was very beautiful. Well tonight Phyllis we get to see Adam! I can't wait to see him. And like you I have my favorites too. I also agree this year has some of the BEST talent since Adam! Hi Rose!

  5. This season the talent is so deep that I look forward to each idol tonight to see how they will handle their performance…..I do have my favorites but its really a matter of who is going to shine…..

    Each performance is going to be big in order to stay in the competition…….Except for Adam, Season 8, this is the best Season (talent wise) We've had great singers in all the seasons but this one has a ton of talent…..So looking forward to tonight and especially tomorrow night….ENJOY AI FANS!!!!!

  6. Great choice selection. Can't wait to see Scotty McCreery w/The River. He has such a great voice. Also interested in Paul & Lauren sining their choice.

  7. I look foward to hearing Pia T. tonight. She I believe will be the next American Idol!


  9. i am looking forward for scotty <3 he has the best voice anyone could ever ask for 😀

  10. Watching Paul McDonald and The Grand Magnolias perform in Altanta at Piedmont Park was standing

    room only. The voice, the way they work the crowd

    is incredibly professional. Rock on, Paul, and we are all counting on you to bring it home.


  11. Best season of singers yet! tough decision. I am having difficulty in selecting any one person.

  12. Most looking forward to Casey Abrams. Hes a natural, unique talent. I get so excited when its his turn! He blows me away every time!Hes a artist! just amazing! Can't wait to buy his cd's he will be most played in my house. Oh' and girls although they are all talented I don't get moved like with boys. I'm sorry:-( I wish them all well but besides Casey,Scotty is a star as well in my book.Can't wait to watch tonight cause of those two. Love Casey and Scotty

  13. Lot of great talent in this group with a high diversity of style. I am pulling for James Durbin he rocks and I would by his music today. Jacob, Scotty and Lauren also have it going on.

  14. Most looking forward to Naima & Stefano. After facing elimination last round, i'm sure they'll want to prove themselves. Then there's Thia & Scotty… Amazing talents on show…

  15. Lauren Alaina for the females, and James, Scotty, Casey, Paul, and Jacob for the males.

  16. I really like Paul and Scotty they are true originals. As for the girls, Lauren is fun and bubbly. I lover her personality.

    • I am also in hopes of Paul making the top 10. My favs are Paul, Scotty, Jacob, Stefano, Pia and James. I am a little worried about Paul's choice. It is kind of bland but I hope he makes it his own and kills it!

  17. NAIMA!!!!! She has so much talent and is so beautiful. She just needs to go BIG! I wanna see her shine. I feel like she has a lot more to offer, we just need to give her the chance!

  18. the problem with Niama, she doesn't have the balls to bring om so,ething new. `she has a great voice, but she needs to chose the wrong songs. `she needs songs that are current in which the audience can relate to. That would br a graetshoe//////


  19. I am rooting for these 9, in this order:

    1. Paul

    2. Casey

    3. Naima

    4. Hailey

    5. Thia

    6. Stefano

    7. Lauren

    8. James

    9. Scotty

    • Oops. I meant Jacob, not James. I hope James surprises me, though. I WANT to like him as a singer!

      • i have the same top 3. although not really in any particular order, love them all the same! i like your choices.

    • Paul The first?

      acoording to last night only his big fan club will save him from elimination.

      1 James

      2 Pia

      3 Casey

      4 Scotty

      5 Lauren

    • Your on the same page as me. I am worried about Paul's song choice. It is kind of bland but I hope he makes it his own. I want him in the top 10. I don't like Casey at all. He reminds me of a lumberjack.

  20. Looking forward to hear Casey, Scotty, Paul, Pia, Thia and Lauren 🙂 I also like Naima and I believe she has an interesting song choice tonight. From the old SUmmertime to current pop sensation of RIhanna…want to see how she will tackle the song 🙂

  21. Excited to hear Scotty's sexy voice go country

    Excited to hear and see Pia's pretty face.

    Good Luck to both

  22. Paul and Pia. Or Scotty! They are my fav two guys. Pia is the only girl I like.

  23. Oh…I'm watching and Lauren didn't bring it 🙁

    She needs to do more and she is resting on her laurels…hopefully she will be good enough to get through and do better next week – like when she sang with Steven………..sigh*

    • Don't get me wrong — I adore Lauren – I have watched her videos many times – she's electric……'s just what the judges said — I love when she sings Don't wanna miss a thing…….

      Lauren alaina lover… you are mistaken….

      • I am a Garth Brooks fan. And the River is one of my favorite songs! I know Garth would like Scotty's rendition of the song! He sang it with emotion,passion and good vocals all through the song. No messed up vocals at all.He sounds just like Josh Turner! Sherry K.

  24. i love lauren alaina especailly cause my names lauren and my BFFL is alaina i vote for her every week team lauren all the way

  25. OMG! I can't believe I missed the WHOLE SEASON! This group is SPECTACULAR! So far I'm feeling PIA!

  26. Pia has a delightful voice and a real joy to watch.I wish her the very best. I know the business well my sister was a casting agent, and I know talent when I see it!

  27. i know pia is the bestest singer out of all of the other ones oh and dont get me wrong

  28. Looking forward to Jacob and Pia…also love James,Casey and Stephano.

    Seriously think that Jacob should do a duet with Patti Labelle.

  29. am not a country song fun but after i see SCOTTY wow am in love with coutry song go scotty

  30. PAUL MCDONALD & LAUREN ALAINA! end of story. <3

    All the friggin way.

    I'm obsessed and in love.

    Paul's smile and Lauren's personality = L0VE!

    • I think everyone is great this year. I however was disappointed not in Pauls choice of song, but choice of clothing. I and many other people I know didn't appreciate him trying to rock the United States Marine Corps Dress Blues jacket. I understand many people think it is supporting the troops or it looks cool or whatever the thought may be. To those of us that are associated with the marine corps, it isn't appreciated. Many men have lost limbs and lives trying to earn the right to wear that uniform and wear it properly. Leave it to the ones who deserve it. If you want to be patriotic or support the troops, wear red, white and blue or a yellow ribbon or something other than a piece of a uniform. Thanks.

      • I was equally disgusted. This happens every season on these types of shows. It shows an utter disrespect for those of us who earned the right to wear the uniform. No civilian has a right to wear a Marine Corps uniform much less wear it disgracefully on national television. American Idol, when will you get it? Just like the dance instructor on Dancing with the Stars a couple years ago, this kid has crossed a forbidden line!!

      • Please excuse me if I am incorrect!! The theme of clothing all this last year and even still in to this year has been Miltary! I like the Military look clothes. I don't think it was meant to be disrespectful at all. It is just a fashion style current. I love each and everyone of our soldiers! I pray for them every night to stay safe. For God to bless them and to please bring them home! Sherry K

  31. Pia is a beautiful singer as is Thia, and Scotty you are already a professional Paul is very unique and The Maybe I am amazed song would have been great for him. As of tonight I think Pia and Scotty are the top winners,

  32. I was just looking at the poles, and Karen only has 1% but really I think she should have more. I also want to say that everybody did great and worked hard.

  33. I love Scotty's voice and even though he's "pure country", I think he could really do some Leonard Cohen. I can hear him doing "I'm your man" or Alleluia". Everyone else is expected to diversify and he can too.

    How can I get this suggestion through to someone who would consider this.

  34. Casey, Paul, Haley, James & Scotty!

    Hard to pick my favorite, I like Thia also!

    Casey is so cute and talented, love Paul's quirky voice and Haley's throaty voice…she was great tonight!

  35. i like scotty to me he sounds just like Randy Travis who is one of my favorites

  36. Great field of talented singers this year. Scotty is the one I was most looking forward to hearing tonight. And he was wonderful. His parents must be bursting with joy. Great Show tonight. And, to the judges, I like the respect you extend to the contestants, and the three of you know your stuff! By far the best three judges ever on the show.

  37. I have to vote foe Scotty all the way,His voice is sent from Heaven,I love you bunches,Scotty !!!

  38. I love Jacob L. and Stefano, they are a true artists

    and I like Thia too, Like her I'm big fan of Mr. Michael Jackson. The King of ALL music.


  39. I am loving the guys this year, they are blowing the girls out of the competition, I have two favorites right now, Casey Abram and James Durbin!!! Both of these guys were born for this, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them, I would definately buy their music…also lovin Scotty McCreery, what a cutie!!! He has a unique voice…

  40. I would love to here Sotty again he was so awesome he sings just like Josh Turner. Love Ya! Scotty

    your friend, Kaitlin Autry

  41. I hope Scotty or Lauren stay to the end. Kids need some positive role models and these two seem to be really down to earth.

  42. There is so much talent this year, it is unbelievable. I could not be a judge. I can see at least 4 of these singers getting record deals. Remember there are top recording artist who didnt win #1 and have gone on to win a grammy

  43. Wow in the picture of the contestants their hair is growing at a really fast pace lol (cough-hair extensions)

  44. I think James is the best-all around star. Some can't hit a high note, some just want to hit all high notes and leave out the substance of being a entertainer, James can do it all he really pulls you in to his song from start to finish. So Awesome!! And he wasn't my favorite in the beginning but he has sure changed my mind., I would pay to see him at a concert.

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