American Idol 2011 Top 13 Song Spoilers

Are you ready for the return of your favorite American Idol 2011 performers? The Top 13 performance show will be airing on Wednesday night, but, as Branden noted earlier, it was pre-recorded again this week. Nigel swears there’s nothing underhanded going on there (and if you think otherwise then Nigel says you’re a “moron”, seriously) and things will get back to their normal live performance self starting next week. Meanwhile, that means we get some pretty solid spoilers for what songs each singer will belt out in hopes of capturing your votes.

If you’d rather keep Wednesday’s performance show a surprise, then read no further. Otherwise, we’ve got the Top 13 Song Spoilers ahead for your review.

Bonus Update: If you want to see a live results show then here’s your chance. Two VIP Idol tickets are being auctioned off for the “Minorities in Broadcasting” charity. Details here. Hurry though, because the auction ends mid-day on Wednesday!

American Idol 2011 Top 13 Song Spoilers:

  • Lauren Alaina – Any Man of Mine (Shania Twain)
  • Casey Abrams – With A Little Help From My Friends (Joe Cocker)
  • Ashton Jones – When You Tell Me That You Love Me (Diana Ross)
  • Paul McDonald – Come Pick Me Up (Ryan Adams)
  • Pia Toscano – All By Myself (Celine Dion)
  • James Durbin – Maybe I’m Amazed (Paul McCartney)
  • Haley Reinhart – Blue (LeAnn Rimes)
  • Jacob Lusk – I Believe I Can Fly (R. Kelly)
  • Thia Megia – Smile (Michael Jackson)
  • Stefano Langone – Lately (Stevie Wonder)
  • Karen Rodriguez – I Could Fall In Love (Selena)
  • Scotty McCreery – The River (Garth Brooks)
  • Naima Adedapo – Umbrella (Rihanna)

Wow, good for Naima. She went from being voted out by America last week to getting the pimp spot in this week’s show. She must have been impressing Production during practices to get that closer position.

What do you think about the song selections? Did you favorite make a smart pick?





  1. They sound like pretty good song choices. I think all the Idols will do well with these choices, with the exception of James Durbin. I can not stand the way he screams, when he sings!

    • James truly showed his range as a performer tonight. I understand the sentiment Shelley but I'm afraid the guy proved you wrong. He knocked it way out of the park. One of the best of the night.

      • i had goose bumps watching james durbin last night

        what an amazing singer.very, very american idol material. bet yah…this season it's either james or pia who will be the american idol.

  2. yay! im so glad naima got the pimp spot. love her so much! im very interested to see what she does with umbrella.

  3. whoah ! Pia will sing ALL by myself ?

    excited to see her perform 🙂

    & also to Thia would do an MJ song !

  4. i bet this will season will be a show for poprockers james durbin vs lauren alaina.. though when it comes to marketability, is lauren alaina for me. She sounds like clarkson and underwood but with a higher range than the two..

    • James is going to surprise everyone. I'm glad to see you know talent when you hear it.

  5. wow thats a great song by Pia and Lauren too. Hope both of you will do your very best.. keep fighting till the end.

  6. probably not the right place to post this but I've just found a Youtube video of James Durbin singing While My Guitar Gently Weeps and CAN'T stop listening to it – there are several recorded at different times, but the best is at the Rio Theater (best quality is one uploaded by briannejulietphoto which you can easily find by including 'stephen' in search). This is the best thing I've heard in ages. Wish I could vote for him but I'm in UK (so can't), and 62 (so probably shouldn't be voting in Idol anyway!!)

    • Yes Awesome. Someone at the taping said he absolutely gave a wow moment with Maybe I'm Amazed and just killed it and the judges loved it.

      Here is the Youtube of My Guitar Gently Weeps:

      • @ Janet and Hawk…I HEAR you…I have it bookmarked…LOL He is just an amazing talent and young man…what a vocal range. Go James. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

      • I should have thought of giving the link – thanks Hawk. But personally I think the quality is better on

    • Your right Janet, he is good. I never like him, I thought he was an adam lambert wannabe..but on this video he isgood. Might just be changing my mind.

      Kind of a weird song choice for Paul, don't know how it will fit his voice. He is one of my favorites.

    • Yes, that is a great video. He also sings some Zeppelin really good. Maybe he should do a Zeppelin song. But McCartney is a great choice too, plus I love that song.

  7. wow! what a song choice… they are very good at picking song that would make them a stand out!

  8. OMG!! I love all the choices this week! Can't wait to see Lauren, Pia, Ashton and Naima!

    I loved Naima's voice from the beggining and I was so glad she got a 2nd chance… I'm AMAZINGLY surprised that she picked a RIHANNA song! that was what she was supposed to do and I hope she'll do GREAT 😀

  9. GREAT song choice by Durbin, can not believe of all the Diana Ross songs that Ashthon would pick that one. Not excited by any of the other songs either.

  10. I'm not yet a hardcore fan of his, but i LOVE Paul's song choice. Lovely vibe, cruuuuise tune, and perfect for his voice. If he pulls this one off with enough energy I might consider jumping on his side!

    (PS I'm a little nervous about Naima's choice…fingers crossed and hope for the best, she's my favorite!)

    • @the mystery, I'm with you about Naima's choice. I am a little nervous as well, but this song in my opinion fits her voice, and I think she will nail it!!

  11. Shelley,

    It is called a Falsetto, and there isn't a true rocker alive who doens't have one!

    Just give the kid a chance and he will blow you away…I promise!!

    And it has to be better that Lauren Alaina bringing Shaina Twain to the table…she wasn't even born when that song was sung 🙂

    • i think that it's great song for her…she has kinda the rock/pop/country voice, similar to Shaina Twain's style. I wasn't born when most of her songs were written but i still love them! 🙂

    • Smile is actually by Charlie Chaplin.

      It was just Michael Jackson's favorite song or something like that, but it's not his.

  12. i believe that the girls have nothing on the guys this year… they sound to similar to each other…where the guys are all different range and style. i like that, an idol, should have a different sound. really do we want another pop princess?

    i am a huge fan of scotty and jacob…both have very classic voices, scotty in the way of some of our greatest country stars and jacob in the way of some our greatest legends of music

    • Couldn't agree with you more, although I like Casey the best but all the guys are very unique in style and all the girls sound the same to me, they need to find the artist in themselves.

  13. Looks like the american idol building will need another roof. Once Pia and Jabob sing the roof will just plain blow off into the heavens above!!!!!!! Love Jacob and Pia!

  14. Can't wait to hear Ashton and Lauren singing, I love these two gals, they really know their onions,,, Good luck gals

  15. I must say that I am not at all suprised by Ashton's choice of song at all…talk about "playing up to the judges" who (for the life of me I can't figure out why…actually compared her to a young Diana Ross (mea culpa to Ms. Ross)

    @ Matt…thank you for the great update. I am sorry you are all getting a lot of flack from some of these "commentators". 🙁

    So looking forward to tonight and again tomorrow night to hear the one and only Adam Lambert.

    Whoo Hoo~!!! Hello to Phyllis G., Angela and Sherry K. Enjoy the show tonight. Will be watching with the little Precious one…what a joy. 🙂

  16. Can't wait for tonight. Most interesting to me are song choice for Casey, James and Thia. The others seem a little boring. Hope they spice it up!

  17. Can't wait to hear James try the Paul McCartney, something different for him. THis will show whether or not he is able to switch genres.

    • I AGREE WITH YOU !!!!! I hope everyone gives James a chance, in my opinion, he is the best singer.

  18. The shows are probably not live because that guy has terrets and they don't want him cussing on stage. You can see his ticks start to act up when he get nervous.

    • Cruel comment…and not true, he has a great talent and has over come many road blocks to get here. Let be kind, everyone is fighting something

      • I agree. A good friend of mine's father has terrets and he does not have the steeotypical terrets- just the facial twitching. I am impressed by James and hope he does well.

      • Actually only a small percentage of ppl with tourettes have the "cursing issue" most have facial ticks whick is what james has- its nothing to joke about or be cruel about.james's facial ticks disappear when he sings btw- and he's amazing. The reason they are pretaping at the moment I suspect is stephen tyler's cursing not james'

    • Very unnecessary comment AND wrong spelling of Tourette's. Please excuse yourself to another page with that foolishness!

      James is great!

    • Ah…Gheesh…get over yourself, girl. James is an amazing singer with a wide vocal range. The tourette's has nothing to do with his talent. Please educate yourself before spewing off comments that make no sense.

  19. People here in North Carolina are really pulling for Scotty. He is a basebakll player and a fine young gentleman.

  20. looking forward on naima's, thia's,casey's and paul's performances.

    also, on how ashthon and pia especially, how or if she'll be able to pull off a celine dion,much more, an all by myself song! she cant even sustain the i'll stand by you song last week. hope she doesnt faint by singing this

    • agreed… i don't like pia's singing either.. she just got lucky by singing last..

  21. …it doesn't air until tonight (Thurs) Down Under…song choices for the 12 appear interesting but Naima, I fear, will find that umbrella has a nasty big hole in it…

    • unfortunately i have to agree with you. altho i happen to be a fan of hers, that is one song that can go very very wrong

  22. Wow if Thia sings like Donna Summer's version, this suits her voice! I'm excited to hear Naima singing Umbrella too!

  23. I think Celine Dion is a horrible choice. It will date whomever sings it! Don't like the one-vibe choices Pia is making.

    Also, I guess Ashthon and Thia are paying attention to the comparisons, but I think it is a bad move, myself, for both.

    For Ashthon, I'm thinking it will lead everyone to think of her as a one-trick pony–and a copy at that. Not a fan of Ashthon's, but I will be interested in how this whole thing plays out.

    For me, Michael Jackson anything (despite the fact that I admit his singing prowess) is a complete turnoff. Personally, I wouldn't associate myself in any way with his memory. Good luck, though, Thia; I am a fan of yours!

    I guess the same goes for Jacob's choice of song. It was good when it was new; I think it is now so well-known that it is boring. The choice of an R Kelly song turns me off for the same reasons as I mentioned with MJ. Bad move, IMO. Although, with Jacob's range and skills, he will nail it, I'm sure. Just won't win me over.

    Despite what sounds like negative, negative, negative, I am really excited to watch the show tonight. I have my fingers crossed especially for Paul, Thia, Hailey and Naima.

  24. How could I forget Casey? I am rooting for him, as well. Love him!! He will do a stupendous job with that song. It really suits him.

  25. i agree with you and I am so excited to see something else from these girls. but for this week's selection, i wasn't not really impressed. pia could have chosen other song that will showcase her vocals, or another celine dion's song, maybe.. i don't know… for thia, that girl is really likable that even if she doesn't do extremely well on stage, you will still love her…also not a good song choice for thia…. there are tons of MJ songs that she could choose from. and com'on thia, not because randy j. said your voice reminded him of the late great MJ, you will be pressured to sing one of MJ's… i know you have the ability to pick a song that will show your talent. go for it girl.

  26. Thia followed the judges advice as well as Ashton.

    I hope they can produce.

    Jacob Lusk–not really sure.

    James Durbin–I am afraid

    Casey Abrams–I hold out hope

    Naima–the choice of Umbrella make knock her out of contention. It just does not fit her voice or style in my opinion.

    • I agree with you about Naima bad song choice

      but I want something to knock her out of the competition, don't like to watch her she creeps me out..

    • actually, i like her. but i agree. i just don't think the song fits. i'm praying she kills it (good way) otherwise i'm sure she's gone

  27. It will be hard to figure out the 13 competitors tonite, what with them singing all their favorite songs which keeps them in their comfort zone..It when they are asked to sing something different that will be the test of their singing ability. I am looking forward to watching them all minus one, I shall walk away from hers (Naima) no). to see how they will stage perform. Always loved IDOL and singing. good luck all….

    • Great point about their comfort zone. Later on it gets difficult for them to pick a good song for them.

  28. wow THIA is the best she has my vote

    Voice poise and charm will win it

    go Thia!!!!!

  29. pia picked a great song. can't wait to hear her sing. james also picked a great song. rocker

  30. James picked a great song! If you actually listen to the paul mccartney version you will see its right up james' alley- and everyone asked that he do a ballad- well we got a ballad- I can't wait!!!!

  31. jacob's picked a great song im going too vote for him with that song theres no way he's going home can't wait too see him next week.

  32. I think the guys outsang the gals tonight. Particularly impressed by James, Casey, Scotty and Jacob. And Paul – truly amazing! On the girls' side, Pia did fine and Thia's beautiful voice came through, at least in the first part of her song. Contrary to most, I also enjoyed Naima's performance although I'm not a fan of Rihanna. My vote for best of the night went to James. So far, he's my idol for Season 10.

  33. Ashton once again showed that she was a poor choice by the judges to go into this top 13. I'll be surprised if she survives this first week, but there are always shockers. I would still have loved to have a more lively voice in the competition like that of Lauren Turner.

  34. My favorites after tonight's performances, in sequence:

    1. James (who I had thought was only a screamer!) Wow! He was brilliant!

    2. Casey (So, so good! No surprise there! My only complaint is that I think he sang this song previously. (Maybe it was tryouts.) Am I right? Didn't like hearing a song from him twice. Thought it was a little lazy of him. Though the performance was, admittedly, amazing!

    3. Hailey (I say the girl has mad talent and can sing anything–she proved that tonight)

    Faulty performances–didn't like their songs tonight:

    1. Jacob: What happened, Dude? Not good. Uh,

    2. Karen: No strength/power in her voice

    3. Paul –And he was my favorite til tonight 🙁 Terrible song. Weird delivery (and I don't mean your moves; I actually like those)

    4. Thia–What happened, Sweetie? You are better than your performance tonight. (Liked the arrangement; it was the notes you failed to hit)

    5. Scotty: (Just a preachy, corny song. Did nothing for me.)

    6. Naima: I didn't like the song choice, the arrangement, or her voice tonight. And she was a favorite of mine, too!)

    7. Pia: Dated song. Poor choice–makes her appear old fashioned.

    Good but not great:

    1. Stefano: Didn't like the song or delivery too much. And I was rooting for him, too. 🙁 I think he was just a shade off tonight.

    2. Lauren Alaina: Good, solid voice. Corny song. No interest for me.

    3. Ashthon. Much, much better tonight. Thought she did well. (I liked the register of her voice so much better in the alto range!

  35. Sorry Lauren not your song, could of been but that's a no from New hampshire!!

  36. lauren u are a gud singer soo them more then wat you did ur one of ma best singers on here

  37. I didn't think the majority of artists pick that the 13 sang, were the best songs to showcase their vocals. Was very dissapointed in most of last nights contestants performances overall. However, I think lauren was the best!

    • I agree — She has been my #1 since the beginning the minute she sang with Steven Tyler…She does however need better choices that shows the range of her voice. She was still excellent.

  38. I would like to know why three people who cannot sing including Lopez are acting as judges.

    It takes a singer to know a singer.

  39. I would have bet anything that it would be Karen, because she did so poorly. (She does have a nice voice, but totally botched it.)

    I am disturbed that Haley was in the bottom 3. I realize, though, that most people didn't GET Haley's yodeling. Even if you're not a fan of that country or yodeling, anyone could see she has mad skills to be able to do that. And she showed that every week. I love her voice and hope she does better next week. I think JL's advice to her tonight was good–better stick with rock.

    Ashthon sang far better than Karen this round. I never liked Ashthon before last night . . . her performance changed my mind about her. But I admit I didn't vote for her. I was actually surprised the judges didn't save her. I thought they just might.

    The girls, in general, looked very despondent tonight (Haley, Lauren and Thia, in particular). I have no reason to know for sure, but I thought some of the "sorrow" displayed on Lauren's face while consoling Ashthon in that group hug seemed quite ingenuous.

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