American Idol 2011 Top 13 Performances & Phone Numbers

American Idol 2011 breaks in to the real competition tonight when the new season’s Top 13 singers hit the stage and compete for your votes. It’s time to see if the judges’ Wild Card picks can fight their way back in to the mix after effectively already being voted out once by America last week.

Join us in our Idol Chat room while we dissect tonight’s show and then and see what other Idol fans are saying right now on our Idol Facebook page.

American Idol Top 13 Performances:

  • Lauren Alaina – Any Man of Mine – 1-866-436-5701
  • Casey Abrams – With a Little Help From My Friends – 1-866-436-5702
  • Ashton Jones – When You Tell Me That You Love Me – 1-866-436-5703
  • Paul McDonald – Come Pick Me Up – 1-866-436-5704
  • Pia Toscano – All By Myself – 1-866-436-5705
  • James Durbin – Maybe I’m Amazed – 1-866-436-5706
  • Haley Reinhart – Blue – 1-866-436-5707
  • Jacob Lusk – I Believe I Can Fly – 1-866-436-5708
  • Thia Megia – Smile – 1-866-436-5709
  • Stefano Langone – Lately – 1-866-436-5710
  • Karen Rodriguez – I Could Fall In Love – 1-866-436-5711
  • Scotty McCreery – The River – 1-866-436-5712
  • Naima Adedapo – Umbrella – 1-866-436-5736

Did you know you could download 10 of these original performances tonight for free just for testing out Real’s SuperPass free trial? It’s 100% legal and safe.

Tomorrow night we’ll find out who got the least votes and that singer will be sent home so vote wisely and be sure to cast your unofficial vote in our Idol poll below!




  1. come on man scotty is the bomb when it comes to singing so i recommend to vote for him:)

    • Agree, this kid have a new one, something fresh and they just found him like a diamond. He should win even I doubt due to country music fan much less than pop or rock fan

    • i agree scotty is awesome i really dont like country music but he is a awesome country singer!! Scotty is awesome anyone agree

      • He's the best of all of them. He's already a star. He's going to give everyone a run for the end.

  2. Hello everybody 🙂 here we go!!!

    I am so excited to see what will happen tonight!!

    Good luck to all.

    1. Lauren she sings so well but I agree with the judges that song did not make her justice on her.

    Lets see what happens next

      • 3. Ashton not hot not cold just good. I think she can do much better but doubt she will have a chance, even I like her a lot

    • yes but still she will be in the competition, she is too good to let her go so early and she is not one of my favs 🙂

  3. I love Paul he is so different! I dont think his song choice was the best but he rocks! and his smile!! he lights the stage.

    OMG!! Pia WOW WOW what an amazing girl she has it all! I love her really! so far Pia and Casey lets wait for the rest 🙂

  4. James can sing anything he is so talented! I really like his versatility he did great tonight.

    Haley has an amazing voice and did just ok for me, I just didnt connect with her and I agree with Randy was kind of boring.

  5. JAMES DURBIN is really amazing! WOw! i think he would be the next american idol! 🙂 Vote for him!!

    • I have loved James Durbin ever since the auditions. He is the next American Idol, mark my words in 13 weeks !! I don't like Karen Rodriguez, Naima, Stefano or Ashton. None of them have what it takes. James kicks all their butts !! 🙂

      • James, keep it up. The world is voting for you. I also love Pia. Can I vote more than one.

  6. JACOB!!!! no words really!!! left me speachless WOW that is all I can say WOW WOW

  7. Thia is a doll really and she has a beautiful voice, I think most of all she is safe, has so much to show us yet.

    • Wait till you heard Scotty sing, if only Casey, Pia, Jacob make you speechless then Scotty can make you speechless for a week wkwkwk

      • maybe lol lets see 🙂 I like Scotty a lot and as I said I really dont know who to pick tonight they all are so good!

      • Beside, good vocal, Scotty also bring male attitude in the condition of many male sing like a female. Scotty sing really like a man

  8. What a night!! my GOD I just dont know who to pick lol

    Stephano is sooooooooo sweet!! what a voice! I love him!!!

  9. Well for me Karen is good and I love her voice, I really hope people will vote for her in spite of judges comments.

  10. I don't think Karen Rodriguez performance was bad, the sound of the stage didn't help at all, you guys must use the sound equal for all the artists, don't pick favorite. "Say something Jennifer Lopez"

    • It wasn't the stage sound, she really couldn't hit those lower notes, and they weren't even 'that' low. The song was out of her range.

  11. Team Thia Team Thia she is the best if only people would notice that for her gae what a powerfull voice she has !!!!

    • I agree, her voice is the most pure of them all, and she deserves to be the next American Idol…I am voting for her everytime, she is not fake…

      • Thank You Arlene. I'll try to vote online for her. A talented girl with a pure heart. She doesnt need to shout just to prove she can sing, unlike others.

      • i totally agree. she's still young. she is a great package. good voice, a pop star and hottie. God bless thia.

  12. Pia won the night so far. I like Karen Rodriguez too she just had a bad night. Thia is sweet but she might be in trouble.

  13. What's up guys !!!!! Pia is just an average singer, brings nothing different! Where's the edge, I guess people just want to settle for an average boring singer!

    • couldnt agree more. the tone that everyone is lacking… the vocals that is pretty rare. very PURE talent. 🙂

  14. hey guys i just have 2 persons but i cant vote for both Scotty and Jacob both are good help me here

  15. we all know who is the best, scotty is. i never listen to country music befor but scotty makes me know it and i like it.

  16. i loooooooooved that naima showed her rasta, even though it wasn't her best. she's a rastafarian… and she finally showed that on AI. to me… the people who will win (not my favs)

    1. casey

    2. scotty

    3. pia

    my actual favs:

    1. casey



      • James still has a long way to go. A hair cut and losing the tail were huge improvements, the coaches did well in helping him hold back that horrible nail on chalk board screeching. Today was the first time I heard him and not an self-admitted Adam Lambert wannabe. He performs well, but as far as interpreting what he is singing he isn't on par with any of the other contestants.

  17. Pia has great pitch and she,s beautiful easy on the eyes. I like her.

    Though I am not a country fan, Scotty may just win and make me listen to country a little more often.

  18. For me there is only 1 contestant "Scotty" means the winner of American idol 10 already announce tonight

  19. Scotty is the showman. Great performances from the beginning. Naima is hard on the eyes and really can't sing. I've seen my husband pull fishing hooks out of better looking mouths. Ewww..she's hard to look at.

      • I think she tried to bite off more than she can chew tonight with the whole dancing AND singing. I loved how she brought her own vibe to it and showed a great performance. But she was out of breath. She has an amazing voice and she's a great musician. And I agree, she's gorgeous.

  20. Scotty was simply amazing, i voted him cause he choose alot of great songs and what a performance!! WTG SCOTTY!!

  21. Everyone at this level has really good talent—but with the variety, it's always comes down to personal preferences and the demographics. For me I'm liking Pia,Thia and Naima. And impressed with Haley's vocal technique on blue. I've obstained the last couple of years but strong talent this year! Go AI!

  22. Right now Pia & Jacob are the two stand outs for me but James is great and none of them are bad. Tough to pick a winner out of all winners isn't it??

  23. I think Scotty is one of the best country singers I have ever heard, and I am a long standing country music fan. He is not a phony. You can feel it in the way he sings his songs.

  24. Scotty did a good job! I love his voice OMG! I can't believe he has that kind of voice at his age..

  25. naima all the way!!!!,luv her eccentric look and swag.she really has a great potential.all the best girl!!

  26. well the poll results are leaning with who i think is going out… Ashton. I'd bet $500 that she's the one leaving the show. And everyone has their favorites, but I think it's unanimous – Ashton is the one goin' home tomorrow. Prove me wrong?

    • Dude, Stephano is great I agree but your comment will be deleted according to the rules if it is posted in all caps. You may want to resubmit it. Just saying

  27. I'm through the looking glass here. The babylockthemdoors kid is winning by a mile?! He sang an easy song off-pitch, ffs.

    • remember, its prepubescent girls who do 90% of the voting… what do you expect XD

    • Totally disagree. did you listen to the original garth brooks' ?

      It's not a easy song. it has a good lyrics but it's not az funny and pitchy as other contestant's song (listen to the man of mine Shania twain). Scotty hits it again and he deserve his votes

      • Scotty nailed garth brooks song his voice is very hard to find that kind of quailty,tone and depth how many people you know besides josh turner that can sing like Scotty he is 17 year old young man and when he sings it just comes natural to him you do not see that often he is going to get better as the show continues as some others also will do also

      • I think that scotty is the best singer in the whole compition but the other girls whole back. they all just need to show us what they are REALLY made of.

    • There are only two country, where are the country fans to go? He is the obvious, he is bad at all. The song is not that easy! Pia will win-out!

  28. scotty is awesome n ilove his voice its so amazzing if he leaves ill but i think if he does he shld go to Nashville n get a record bc he sounds like a good country singer

  29. I think Scotty is the best. No matter what he sings it is great! For only 17, I think he has a great future in country music and will win this and be the next American Idol! GOOOOOOO SCOTTY!!! 🙂

    • I sure hope Scottie wins he is good. the last couple of years have put loosers in the top, last year Crystal should of won but what do teenagers know about music?? Justin beeber???? come on fimd some one with class for a change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  30. OK, so I love country music. I have all my life, and I know it well, and my daughter is a country songwriter. And I like Scotty, and I hope and think that he'll go far. (And Garner is a little burb of Raleigh, NC, where I'm from, and my mom and her siblings were born in Garner and graduated from Garner HS! No kidding!)

    But anyway, that doesn't matter, LOL, so back to the point I wanted to make: Everybody here is fawning all over Scotty tonight, and I do think he'll do very well — great voice for one so young, etc., etc. — but I must be the only one who didn't think he did a great job with his Garth song. It's an easy song to sing, really, no vocal gymnastics required, and yet I thought Scotty's voice was weak much of the song and he seemed nervous and kind of stiff.

    But obviously I'm about the only one on the planet who thinks so, judging by the judges and the comments here!

    The kid will get a recording contract, I'm sure, and he may even win this competition, but I want to hear some power in his voice and a song with a greater range of notes in his future attempts.

    • "But obviously I’m about the only one on the planet who thinks so, judging by the judges and the comments here!"

      It's telling that the judges' comments to Scotty always consist of "good, you're still singing country music! Keep doing that, it's what you should do!"

      That's true, but it doesn't cut it anymore. This is the final weeks of American Idol. It's not enough to sing your niche genre; you need to sing it well. And there's really no disputing that, in terms of singing quality, McCreery is in the lower half of this group.

      • OK.

        Mr. josh teurner please sing a little rock to shoe you are good singer.

        He is good at what he does. he has voice for country and he sig country.good choice for him.

        please tell me about the singing quality of other top13s?

      • If you can't hear the singing quality of the other ones then your ears are plugged. Scotty has yet to show us he can actually sing a note, that he's not just parroting everything that comes out of his mouth. He is a great performer, but I want to see him stretch his vocals a bit. I don't mind him doing the country thing cuz he'd sound pretty silly not doing it, but he's gotta really put it all out there, and I don't think he did tonight.

      • Dear David,

        I Don't mind if you are not a Scotty fan.(I don't know why people are Scotty fans or Scotty enemy)

        Pia and James are good singers.I mean:

        if Scotty' singing quality is questionable,we must cut (At least) 9 from top13 and continue with top4.

        Please respect other' opinion.

    • I'm a country fan too.

      You wrote right things here. did you hear josh turner 'black long train" Scotty did it before?

      He has power in his voice an he uses it in right time and for right song. he did good work to not mess with song to show his vocal gymnastics. i don't want compare the song with Garth original but I think he was much better than others and if he win AI, he deserve it.

  31. After a long thought I gave my vote in this pool for Jacob he blue me away but that doesnt mean I have another favs Pia, Casey, James and Stephano were amazing tonight.

    This seaon is going to be a hard pick for a winner lol

  32. Pia is the best..she's the whole package…beautiful and fantastic singer.

    Haley should go home…she brings nothing to the performances. Thia belongs there before Haley. Thia has a beautiful voice.

    Jacob sounds the same with every song…very boring

    • Haley has a very mature interpretation of music that obviously goes beyond your ability to comprehend. The two that should go home this week, based on performances, are Ashthon and Karen.

      I agree, Thia did well, but she took the judges criticism extremely hard when it really wasn't a big deal. They liked the song, they liked the performance, they just didn't love the whole thing. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  33. I love Scotty McCrerry! He is gonna win American Idol! i think that Scotty is an amazing country singer.. if for some reason (lets hope not) if he does home then he needs to go get noticed and get a record deal.. (:

  34. well. well. well. all i have to say about scotty mcreery is that he he AMAZING and my IDOL. He is TRULY amazing & his voice, well thats just one thing i love about him. He's only 17 years old and he has a voice like that! all i have to say about that is, ..gorgeous!!!!! <3 ..he should beable to record a record label at this very moment. he's fantastic and a total babe! ..I will be his fan forever, wether or not he doesnt be the next american idol. he will always be my idol no matter what happens 🙂 .. i looooooove you scotty mcreery!!! *kisses*

  35. Pia is my favorite. She has an awsome voice and connects with the listeners. She is the whole package-awesome voice, beautiful and entertaining!!!!

  36. OMG I just love Jacob, like I said Jacob I am from Mississippi and I want you to promise me you are going to sing in my daughter wedding. You are the best. Don't forget this promise when you become American Idol 2011,OMG

  37. SCOTTY, you should sing Bob Marley's "ain't no sunshine when she's gone" every time I hear your voice I remember this song for some reason.

      • Singing songs that previous Idol winners have already sung is risky. I know Kris Allen isn't everyone's favorite, but his performance of that song was pretty much amazing and contributed to his success in the finale.

      • Hey Bernice, thanks for giving props to Bill Withers for writing the song. I always cringe when the contestants don't give credit to the people who WROTE the song! I'm old school though, I was taught differently. Although Joe Cocker had a huge hit with A Little Help From My Friends, Lennon & McCartney penned it. Just one of my little peeves.

      • haha of course! i only say that because bill withers – aint no sunshine when shes gone is pretty much my fav tune of all time

  38. Scotty's good yes,but,Lauren Alaina's got it if they're looking for country.Sorry boy's.

    • What the hell!are you thinking?

      Lauren sing country better than Scotty?

      Go to ENT right now!!

      • Ash, You don't insult me at all.I just noticed your reply to David telling him to respect another persons opinion.It's been a long evening,i thought you might have forgotten your own advice.No Ash, Your not bad.

  39. If they're looking for country, Lauren Alaina, has got it made.She'll prove it in the next competition.

    She always leaves them wanting more:)

  40. Scotty all the way!!! He is sweet and has a beautiful voice no matter what he sings, Team Scotty in this house, Then a toss up between James and Pia, then Lauren and Casey. Everyone in the top 10 are very talented and I wish them the best of luck. This is the best season yet! really loving the new Judges.

  41. Yes, I think I'm agreeing with most when I say I think that Ashthon and Karen were the bottom 2 tonight.

    But overall, a pretty strong and diverse group.

  42. I agree with Cathy,the new judges are great.

    It's nice to see judges with more heart and less ego.

    "More kindness Less Ego" yeah!

  43. OMGosh did Heaven drop an angel named Casey Abrams into American Idol. I lost interest about 2 years ago but now I am an avid fan of Casey Abrams, Great soulful, raspy voice. This year has better performers. I would like to see Casey sing another Joe Cocker song or even Janis Joplin song.

  44. Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul

    end of story.

    <3 <3 <3 <3

  45. BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scotty his country songs are really getting annoying.I am a supporter of Washington so……. GO!!!! Stefano!!!!!!!!!

  46. Stefano….I was so hoping you were going to sing Stevie Wonder's "I just called to say I love you". 🙁 I think you would have connected more with the audience because it's a better known song & fun!! My dad & I use to sing this song together when I was a little girl & we danced to it at our wedding. We're in Port Orchard, WA & cheering you on!!! You are our favorite!!! Good Luck!!!

  47. Hi! I am a Filipina but i dislike Thia Megia. Filipinas in my opinion are naturally talented singers. I thought she is boring, no charisma and very safe. Her high notes are mostly flat. Hope that Filipinos in America will vote their idols fairly.

  48. Pia, pita or piana……Good job done Girl! But.. There is always a but…Maybe try doing something alittle different next week, try moving around or maybe a more upbeat song? I bet you could get the crowd moving girl,….put your dancing shoes on girlfriend!!

  49. I thought i would not watch AI again, but Season 10 is one of the best & i will watch.Nigel did a great job,brought the best out of all the contestants. Hope my season 10 Idol will win & i love country so vote for Scott, the country boy. Good luck to Scott. Your talent is country music.Love it.

    • I agree I love scott and james both they are so diffrent from each other and that makes it appealing each week to see wht they come up with and I like 3 others as well but not like scott and james it is going to be very close at the end may God bless them all

  50. All but two of the performances were cool to watch

    BOTTOM 2 SHOULD BE PAUL & HALEY w/ HALEY sent packin as they play DAVID COOK's cover of Simple Minds DONT YOU FORGET ABOUT ME.

    Haley was horrible and should not be in the top 13 when she performs she reminds me of a drunk chick doing kareokee. Her stage presence makes me wish i was blind cuz she is too hard to watch.

    As far as Paul… is look reminds me of ummm something worn back in the day by an old country singer on heehaw. All the judges said I get it but I hope America gets it… why not say I AM THE PROFESSIONAL WHEN IT COMES TO MUSIC i just hope america is as smart as me. I will say you do got NICE TEETH buddy.

    OK so gotta comment of the judges next for the past few weeks been thinkin wow I am kinda diggin Steven & Jennifer and sayin retire already Randy. Then last night it hit me Steven & Jennifer are TOO NICE even when they dont like someones performance they sugarcoat it by sayin somethin like I STILL LOVE YOU Randy is gettin a lot of looks and boos for being a little rough of the contestants but actually season 1 randy was doin the same thing lookin at Simon like hey dont be so harsh…. Dont go back to that Randy stick with what u learned from Simon… In the long run these contestants will appreciate it. Especially the two young ones Lauren & Thia cuz both I can see going somewhere. JUDGES you have so much talent and EXPERIENCE to gives these guys that extra push. Cuz let me tell you love all 3 of you and LOVE AMERICAN IDOL but just a heads up once Simon is back with his show i seem doom for AI if you dont kick it up.

    Ok so back to the 13

    Ashthon has been my fav since Hollywood week but gotta say the past two week hasnt had my BEST vote. I love her though so easy to look at she has that STAR QUALITY with her attire and stage presence. Song choice the two weeks has been NOT SO GOOD but i really think she will be ok this week although this poll shows otherwise???? LOL

    I really want to see a girl win this season but last night my best goes to two guys. the roomies

    James Durbin & Stefano Langone

    Both great choice of songs that showed their love for music and their ability to make those song theirs. I can actually see James win this even though his music probably wont be something i favor but if he can do what David Cook did which was sing songs by Michael Jackson & Mariah Carey and make those songs his own he could fly to the top and win it. I mean he as a good grip now but I think that would even make him stronger. Stefano's voice is awesome he is enjoying this and thats important to see is someone that is having fun & we can see it.

    All the others did good quick critigues for them

    Lauren AMAZING judges are right you have more in you Also accept even the worst from the judges with a smile and even if it hurts or you dont agree just smile and say thanks dont let that fear show cuz it really isnt gonna always get the sympathy vote and in fact history shows that gets you sent home.

    Casey Abrams- vocally GREAT job but seriously dont rely on ur sloppy lazy look yes its gettin votes and very entertaining but UGH personaly i dont like it

    Ashthon- BRING IT BABY you got that crown already as the next American Idol dont be afraid to wear it SONG CHOICE

    Paul- Dude you looked like you were on somethin that was legal too jerky in ur body movements yeah it shows u love what ur doin but NO

    Pia- AMAZING ugh im gonna say it you remind me of that girl from glee look and ATTITUDE but your voice makes up for that gotta give you props best performance from the girls last night

    Haley- Like Simon would say PACK YOUR BAGS the yodelin was makin me cringe my ears were strugglin almost got to the point where i hit mute or believe it or not almost made me change the channel to survivor WHICH BTW I HATE THAT YOU ARE ON THE SAME TIME… lol

    James- AMAZING stage presence, style, and vocals

    Jacob… YIKES we know you can sing but dude tone it down you dont have to do that all the time. too much dude TOO MUCH

    Thia… not your best but your ok this week. Same as i said about with Lauren YOU ARE AN AMAZING SINGER you WILL go far. You are young and dont let the constructive criticism get you down. I know this is your dream you have that passion but SMILE AND SAY THANK YOU cuz they just wanna help. CAN YOU IMAGINE IF SIMON WAS THERE sayin somethin like that was Michaels chimp tryin to do Michael I hope you laughed cuz that was just an example not what i thought cuz yeah wasnt ur best but not the worst of the 13 of you. you will be fine

    Stephano… AMAZING your stage presence is great. Love how you made a slow song more pop danceable. KEEP IT UP

    Karen… ur safe judges were indeed right but take the feedback and comeback next week STRONG and like last week be my favorite performance of the night.

    Scotty- I like country music but dont LOVE IT with that said you WILL be on the country charts regardless one personal observation WHERES THE HAT BUDDY… that would complete the look. EXCELLENT VOCALS

    NAIMA- A RIHANNA SONG- right now choosing a song from her is RISKY but HELL YA LOVED IT Vocals werent the best but OVERALL APPEARANCE/UNIQUE STYLE/STAGE PRESENCE you went from wild card to watch out for the DARK HORSE FANTASTIC!

    OK ONE MORE THING… RYAN??? you are the host yeah i know you make so much money with other things but Watch the time you have and without cutting of Steven so rudely control the show you are the host LOL US GUYS STILL LOVE YA! BTW hows Julianna? =0)

    My Rankins of the performances last night are as followed

    1. James Durbin

    2. Stefano Langone

    3. Pia Toscano

    4. Naima Adedapo

    5. Ashthon Jones

    6. Lauren Alaina

    7. Scotty McCreery

    8. Thia Magia

    9. Karen Rodriquez

    10. Casey Abrams

    11. Jacob Lusk

    12. Paul McDonald

    13. Haley Reinhart

    AMAZING SHOW… cant wait til tonight!

    • Paul McDonald should have been first on your list, not 12th. He is so unique and love his smile and all the moves. He is already a pro and ready for stage. Loved his performance. The most talent I've seen in competition. Ratings on Idol should bust the charts this year.

  51. Pia, James and Lauren will be in the top 3. Sorry to say Ashton, you need to go home. You don’t have what it takes just yet.

  52. Only three singers shone last night: James (#1) and Casey (#2) and Haley (#3). Amazing skills and performances!

    The rest were either okay, boring, or terrible.

    I think Karen will be going home. She was the worst. I would rate Jacob's as bad, too.

    Hoping Paul's next performance is better (I think he will be safe). I love him and hate to say it, but I did not love him last night. It was bad.

  53. Pia looks great. She's gorgeous, sounds great, too but the best thing about her that puts her ahead from others in a way, is that she is very smart. She knows what can really make America vote for her. Hope the next round of performance, she could perform an upbeat but powerful performance. I bet she can dance well. Duh, she's hot!

    But I thought Lauren will be the next Idol if and only if she shows more of what she really has. Its about time that she stops pulling it back. She can really sing and just effortless. Hope she sings LISTEN by BEYONCE.

  54. I had to leave before the show was over, but figured since Naima was #13, the telephone number would end with 13. But I thought wrong. Now I know it should have been 39 – but it's too late. What about my vote, and any others who were in the same situation as I? Will our votes be counted (even though they actually went to a sex-phone service that advertised "hot" conversations for $4.99 a minute!!

  55. Wow, I guess that poll was on the button. If the contestants had seen that, it likely really scared them. Poor Ashthon, with 0% (I am sure that does not mean no votes, but just not enough to register in the poll)! I thought she performed better the last time than any other time. I don't get it, except I admit I only voted for my top favorites. I suppose that is what everyone did. I wish Ashthon luck and hope she perseveres.

  56. thia is the next michael jackson. the arrangement wasn't that good. but overall i think she will be in top 12. Keep it up thia. show them what you've got.

    and for naima, you're not that good. this is not a dance contest, you better join paula abdul's show. you might win there. sorry. this is just an opinion.

    "all opinions are correct"

    God bless everyone! vote wisely people.

  57. I'm a huge fan of thia. She's great I mean, in every execution, it was very clear, soothing and relaxing. I know thia can make it. Just face every criticism with open arms at the same time, focus on ur weak points esp.the movements. It'll bring u more glamour on stage. Two thumbs up for THIA MEGIA…..!!!

  58. The bottom three were our predictions with Ashton being the one we liked least. Pia and most of the guys could win it. Jacob(spelling) Should tone down the screaming, the beginning of his song was really nice and showed of his voice but what the heck is it with Americans and this 'screaming' and 'yodelling' ???????????

  59. James Durbin is so awesome. I love him. He can sing anything and ROCK IT! Rock on James, you're gonna win!

  60. 1. James

    2. Lauren

    3. Pia

    4. Thia

    5. Scotty

    6. Paul

    7. Stefano

    8. Jacob

    9. Niama

    10. Karen

    11. Ashton

    12. Casey

  61. Scotty McCreery You Have My Votes….I'm So Glad You Are Sticking To Country….You A Blessing To Us In The Country Community….Can You Please Do One Patriotic Country Song As My Brother Is Serving In The United States Army

  62. Naima is an amazing performer. There are many great voices this year but I know that she will get a recording contract whether she wins or not. Phenomenal!!!!

  63. I really think more than one contestant should be eliminated for a few weeks. It is dragging on too long. I really do not see the attraction to Jacob Lusk. He isas week as Haley. Most of the performances last night were very good.

  64. I think American Idol is a great show,

    Scotty McCreery is the best singer on American

    Idol, He has true star quality, I have been listening to country music since I was a small child and today I am 65 yrs.old,

    Keep up the good work American Idol,



    Ontario Canada,

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