American Idol 2011: Wednesday Top 13 performance show will be pre-taped again

Last week’s “American Idol” Top 24 performance was pre-taped and everyone thought this week’s would be live, but that’s not so. Multiple sources, including Nigel Lythgoe himself, via Twitter, have confirmed it. It even sounds like Nigel is a little irritated with all the speculation the pre-taping is creating. Nigel tweeted:

“There is a load of crap being discussed all the contestants sing ‘live.’ The show has always been recorded to the West Coast. We are pre-taping for 2 weeks as we have a new Director & new judges. It has nothing to do with manipulation you morons.”

So there you have it. Sounds like the live performance show will be back next week. It doesn’t really matter to me if its pre-taped or not. As long as they don’t allow contestants to fix any flubs during their performances.

The Wednesday show (8-10 pm) will showcase the contestants favorite artists, so it sounds like song choice will be as broad as last week. Great. Wonderful. Zzzz.

Who do you think will go home this week? One of the wild cards? Or will America see something in them they didn’t see last week? I’m thinking it will be Ashton or Naima.




  1. I think Ashton will go home this week.

    I so hope that Paul chooses a good song. I think he can win this thing.

    • Ashton and Naomi are both extremely talented and deserve to stay. The music business is a tough field,- you need self confidence as well as a unique and exceptional talent to survive. These ladies have that, as well as being attractive overall – give them a chance to blossom and you will see how much they have to offer. The only other unique talent is the country singer. All the contestants are talented, but not everyone has something that's a bit different to offer. Let's not get it wrong America!

      Love the new judges! JLo is a huge personality and she and Steven are the perfect addition to the team – good choice.

      Fox: anyone ever noticed you were competing with Dancing with the Stars at times – so of course this would also contribute to your ratings drop? People around the world want "family type" clean entertainment, we're sick of the gory and bloody type shows, it is simply programming intelligently instead of competing for the same time slot.

      • Def not Ashton…she has the right attitude but voice is just ok. Not start quality so she will be voted off next…just sayin'

      • Jacob has a unique talent. He really is all music. He just seems to feel it so deeply. The sounds that come out of his mouth…he is GOOD!

      • The judges this year are the best they've had since I've been watching. They give honest and professional comments on the singing while treating the contestants with respect. I never could stand Simon's approach. I'd like to see Randy and Steve share the lead too. It's been a real treat getting to know JLo. What a compassionate person. These judges are all great!

  2. i agree that ashthon or naima will go home this week. *fingers crossed*

    altho, if i could vote who to send home, it would be jacob. that kid annoys the hell out of me.

  3. I like Ashton – she has a great voice and brings some attitude. Idol needs this after so many sleepy ballads. I think Haley will go home. I think Pia, Thia and Lauren are the stand-outs this year. Good to see the girls more competitive after guys have ruled this for a while. (1 finalist out of the last 3 finals)

      • i agree with Mark cuz Ashthon had more control with her vocals then Haley from their last performance. Ashthon will not go home this week but not sure if she would make top 10 though.

    • Let's not forget about Karen. I was absolutely amazed with her singing last week. She just had not been on my radar til then. She gave me goose bumps it was so beautiful!

  4. My FAV is: Lauren, but I like country, who knows she may not be a country singer. I hope Ashton and Naima go home soon, real soon. Then Karen. Of the guys i like Stephano, but I dont see him winning it, I just like to see him and hear him. and James will be entertaining like Adam was.

      • I agree – Lauren has a very strong voice and I think she will be able to sing anything – we'll have to see!!

      • I think Karen has a good voice but she should remember that she is on American Idol, not "Mexican Idol." And I think her mom was holding a Mexican flag while Karen is singing. It is almost a slap in the face. She can come to America to get this opportunity to sing and wants to bring her Mexican roots into the picture.

  5. Niami or Ashthyn, probably. They weren't voted through by America because they both act like "divas" already..who needs that attitude at this early stage of the game? James Durbin is my pick to win & it will be something long overdue since Lambert came in second two seasons ago!

  6. I think it will be ashton,hailey or karen going home this week….I like James,Jacob and Paul….Casey too….Thia will be great if she picks great songs….hope she wont be another ramielle – only one great performance…she should step up and dress well – like owning the moment given to her….I dont like the wildcard picks….they dont deserve to be there…..Wild card pick should be tim or colton – one not choosen in the top 24….Fingers Crossed…..Have a great performance guys….Be watching…..

  7. What's up with the hype about lauren a?….it should be lauren turner there…..I just cant get it..

  8. Been watching the recaps of previous idol seasons…hope the contestants will be as great and innovative as david cook and adam lambert….one great performance after another….just keeps blowing our minds every week…..hopefully someone in the top 13

  9. i think country singers will rock the season..i like scotty's voice….and i like the freshness of the youth that thia and lauren brings…jacob is good but i don't know..i don't like him personally..oh and i like james…i think this will be a rock and country season..!!!

    • Love Scotty. His personality is adorable. So genuinely nice and true country voice. Hopefully there are enough country music fans out there to keep him in for the long haul. He deserved it.

      • thiink scotty's going to make it all the way. he has an amazing voice. along with pia

  10. I don't think Ashton deserves to be there, Kendra blew her off the stage. Jacob has mad talent but he needs to change it up or America will get bored with him. James is great he and Casey will keep it entertaining. I pick James and Lauren as the final two.

  11. they all are already have a strong fans to support(i mean top 10)so we left the 3 contestants stefano,ashton and naima….

    stefano will be ok because he song good and look cute…so he will be ok….

    so i think is between ashton and naima…go home

    by thw way the wild card pick is confuse me….

    girl pick is surpise me becuase Lauren Turner didnt made it ?!?!(basic of the top 24 performance)

    guy~Jovany Baretto can in between Tim and Clint?

    Clint did well

    Tim just sing a wrong song only…..

  12. Hard to say, this season the contestants are really good! but I have to agree with the majority, probably Ashton will be the first to go. I dont consider Naima like a diva, she has been very consistent in her performances and she has tons of talent, I like her very much. So for this week as hard as it looks Ashton is the one.

    Anyway I wish them all lots of good luck!

  13. I like the variety that Naima brings to the show. Most of the 24 were young because it is the tweens who vote hence the drop in age. Bieber fever dominates. I don't see why they don't have Teen Idol for the Tweenies and American Idol for the odler voters. It seems a bit unfair to pit 15 year olds against 28 year olds. Perhaps there is a bit of a need to do some demographic research. By the way – Steven Tyler: good decision! Entertaining, insightful and intelligent.

    • @jazzstaz, there was a show several years ago, like the one you mentioned. It was called Junior Idol, and I think it was canceled because the young contestants, could not handle rejection very well.

      Although I must say, there were some truly amazing talented young contestants!

    • I agree, I like her too. The song she performed last time wasn't popular but I still find her voice very strong.

  14. I was SO happy that Naima was chosen as one of the wild cards. She is such a beautiful girl with one of the best voices I've ever heard. I hope she stays in the competition for weeks just so I can see more of her performances. I wish her luck as she really deserves her place.

    • Same here I still want to see her. Hope she'll try other songs that will catch the audience.

  15. I picked all the finalists except Jacob Lusk. We all want to know WHY NOT CLINT. His voice rocked, alot better than Casey, Paul or Jacob. Jacob is strictly gospel. He's definitely off. My favorite is James but we already have David Cook, Adam Lambert, Chris Daughtry. Paul sounds to much like Chris Allen which was a total flop! I like Ashton's attitude and Naomi's style AND story. Enough with the silver spoons – they will make it. Let vote for the under dog that is worth voting for!

    • I agree Clint is also good. Maybe bec. of the Jaycee thing that's why he didn't make it.

    • I think Casey is better than Clint – amazing voice, good attitude, entertaining and SEXY.

      Go Casey

  16. I think Karen will go home this week. Her voice is not that strong compared to the other contestants.

  17. Karen, Ashton, Jacob or Haley will go home this week.

    I still want to see Casey, James, Thia, Pia, Lauren, Stefano, Scoty and Paul to perform.

  18. I hope Naima goes home this week. She sings well, but she does not fit the American Idol image. She is Broadway bound. Someone will pick her up right away I am sure.

  19. I think we've missed seeing a special, unique talent evolve from AI, as regards Lauren Turner, but have no doubt she'll shine in her own time…as for the rest, it's all about song choice, but personally I'll snore through Naima, James & the other Lauren…there's millions of their type out there…

  20. Karen better be the one to go home. Although a nice girl, she is just not strong enough.

  21. A little disappointed that is not live but in reality it doesn't matter at all. The voting will be live.

    I agree that the top 10 were voted in and probably one of the wild cards will be sent home but if they really perform well it could be a different story…..We all remember CLAY AIKENS, he was a wild card…..

    I really feel that performances should matter for the voters, not looks, race, color or creed. JMHO.

    Branden….Thanks for the update and Nigel's response on tweeter…..I can not possible keep up with all these venues. This site is more than enough for me…..LOL

    • @ Phyllis…I agree…you never know with these wild cards. Do not even want to attempt to speculate who will be eliminated. Just looking forward to being entertained. PS…I listened to a ballad that James sang on You-Tube called "Guitar Weeping"…it was awesome…such a great range in his vocals. I would like for him to do something from Metallica, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Poison and/or even Bruce Springield…he would do all of these artists justice. He is the Man… so excited about this week and especially Thursday with Adam performing. WHOO HOO ~!!!! πŸ™‚

      • I'm going to check James out on You-Tube. Thanks for the info……I am sooo excited about Thursday too!!!!!

      • oops~!! I meant Bruce Springsteen~so sorry. "Oldtimers" creeping up on me…lol Can't wait for this weeks AI. @ Phyllis G., Angela and Sherry K…Whoo Hoo~!!! my dear friends. πŸ™‚

      • @ Phyllis. I sent you the link…hope you got it…It is a Beatles song and the whole title is (While My Guitar Gently Weeps) He recorded that in 2008 – 3 years ago. Awesome then and even more awesome now. Talk about vocal range. Enjoy~!!! πŸ™‚

      • Rose A. I loved it. Wait till America hears this kid sing a ballad…..It was awesome…….Thanks Again Rose…your the best!!!!

      • Hi Rose A and Phyllis G. I need to check out James on you-tube too. I would love to hear him sing a ballad! And I cannot believe my eyes Rose!! Are you kidding me? Is ADAM really going to perform Thursday? OMG! I definitely need to see that! I cannot wait! Bye for now sweet ladies! Sherry K.


    • ok, he's not calling us 'morons', unless you think they're pre-taping the show for manipulation purposes.

    • Nigel is Nigel. He is a Judge on " So you think you can dance." And he can be quite rude! But he is also fair minded! You just have to go along with Nygil. It all works out in the long run!

      Sherry K.

  22. This is one of the few years that there Aren't any terrible choices. Right now, all of the contestants are solid and could go all the way.

    They all can sing, seem to be creative, and are pleasing to the eye. No real weirdos or outcasts in the group.

    Right now, I don't feel I can be disappointed.

  23. I'm enjoying it too much to care particularly who goes home at this point.

    But PLEASE spell Ashthon's name right.

    • Paul James…..No one is forcing you to be here!!!! I think you need to get a life….

      • Whats wrong with him Phyllis G.?(Paul James) If he doesn't like it here he can leave! Hi sweet Rose! Tonight was GREAT! Good night! Sherry K. πŸ™‚

  24. I actually think the guys are much better, very unique they stand out among the girls for sure this year. The girls imo execpt maybe 1 or 2 just seem like another Jordan Sparks, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, or Whitney Housten wannabe. None of them come even close to Crystal Bowersox last season who was my only favorite girl on idol. Could be I am just not into that bubblegum pop music anymore. I like Casey the best, but James, Paul, and Scotty all stand out and can't wait to hear more of them.

  25. I have already said who I like and dont like, but to be fair I have to wait to see them all perform on Wed. nite. and see how they all do. Dont know if they will have a certain type of song to do and songs from acertain era or person. So I really have to wait and see who shines and who doesn't. Good luck to all of them. I imagine it must be hard and stressful (and fun) so Good Luck :):):)

  26. Karen's song was rather boring and had absolutely no 'wow' factor in how she sang it. Ashthon's persona really irks me and how she comes across to the audience with the over dramatizing. I think either one of them will be eliminated the first round.

  27. I hope Haley goes home. I have a hard time understanding her words when she sings.

  28. It will be Hailey or Jacob. The two dont get much attention. Kendra is better than Hailey. Brett is better than Jacob. I guess, we all have to deal with it. too bad. T_T

  29. u r ryt haleys style in singing is annoying…although she has a nice voice…so heads up haley drop the annoying style and just sing…jacob also should drop the look as if its very hard and the nostrils are showing off…make it effortless please…drop d act man that will annoy us…karen sooooo usual please kendra and lauren turner deserves it more than u…lauren a I don't know what's the hype about her there's nothing there…so james,paul,casey,pia and thia make a great performance please pick a good song…paul sing songs like the blackbird it suits u…james any song as long as it will make our jaws drop just like david cook and adam did…casey and pia still have to figure u out..thia just pick a great song that is not that common yet it won't make u older than ur age…that's all…

  30. Here are the negatives to all the contestants, reply to defend ur favs!!!!!

    Ashthon thinks being a diva is good…it isnt,

    Casey needs to cut down on the dramatizing performances cuz America will soon get tired of it,

    Haley needs more practice, she isnt completely ready yet,

    Jacob makes the show seem like it is a choir, he needs to expand his range in song choice,

    James is awesome, he got REAL control over is notes and can win this whole thing (Adam Lambert Is Back!),

    Karen is okay but she wont go far cuz she doesnt have the star power within her,

    Lauren is amazing!!!! james n her can be final 2 in anyones eyes.

    Naima needs to get into modern day songs, cuz if she keeps up with the type of her song choice, she wont make top 10,

    Paul is really good as well, if he keeps up the right genre, he will go far!!!

    Pia, the only problem with Pia is after that outstanding performance last week, it will be pretty hard to raise the bar after that performance,

    Scotty, low low voice can only take u so far, so if Scotty sees this comment, i would recommend to stay with country but try a little of country, pop.

    Stefano, the vocals, song choice is all there but sadly there are so many good idols this year that i dont see a spot for him in top 5, srry,

    Thia needs to coordinate her voice with the song, if she can master that, she can master anything!!!

    • @ Alex….definitely agree about James. Too early to speculate but I do see James, Pia, Scotty, Lauren A and Paul as the front-runners this season. Best of luck to all of them. Whoo Hoo~!!! πŸ™‚

    • Alex……totally agree with you about James….and ADAM is the all time best Idol to me….Check out James singing a ballet on You-Tube. I was worried about that but no worries now…..Enjoy the show tonight…..

      • Phyllis G. And Rose A. There is another Sherry on ! So don't forget I am Sherry K. Tonight was a great night! Lots of talent! Can't wait to see ADAM tomorrow! Hugs to two sweet gals! Sherry K.


      • Sherry K….I can never forget you….We've been on this site together for so long…:-) Hugs right back at ya!!!

  31. Naima is a very talented girl who has the voice for american idol. i like ashton too she has a very big voice πŸ™‚

  32. why are you guys hAtEing on naima and ashton like that????????????? They are not that bad they are good actually.!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  33. Ok judges whats up? you guys totally ditched Clint. It appeared his performance was clear perfection in YOUR EYES, and you didn't even ask him to sing for the WILD CARD? Perhaps you felt he lost the American voters, but he definitely deserved to be in the TOP 13! SHAME ON YOU JUDGES!

  34. [Regarding Nigel's insulting comment about Idol Fans who prefer live vs. pre-taped performances] Nigel Lythgoe: We feed you… you moron! Hello?! Contacting friends now via fb…

  35. I like Naima,but I think she should go or Scotty,just because I don't believe either one of them will be the "ONE" to be picked in the end as far as the whole pkg. of excessive talent that Idol is searching for.I like them both,however I think Kendra blew Naima away the week she was chosen.In the end I believe it's gonna come down to James & Lauren.Everybody needs to broaden their song choices & try something new to show America they're capable of more & that there's so much more to them than what we've seen thus far!

    • I like Naima a lot. She's a very talented singer and extremely artistic. Didn't she say that most of the clothes she wears during her performances are her creation? They're very unique and look great on stage. I think she has a lot of talent and just has not had a lucky break.

  36. Thanks for calling us morons Nigel. Maybe I am so much of a moron that I won't watch your show anymore.

    • okay everyone, the dude wasn't calling all of us who like live shows morons….he was clearly referring to people accusing American Idol of manipulation. So let's all just stay calm and enjoy the joy.

      • the mystery…..I agree with you. I wish people would read the whole statement before getting in a frizzy……The show is live, the show is taped….who cares…we're seeing it for the first time and I'm totally excited about it…especially Thursday night….Adam is going to rock the house!!!!

  37. Naima should go home this week. Sorry, but I don't feel she belongs on AI. I wish our new judges would have given Robbie, her chance at the Wild Card.

  38. Personally I LOOOOOV Naima! I don't think she'll go far tho, America just can't see her inner beauty, but I think she's amazing and has a future in music ahead of her regardless.

  39. What is up with ppl hoping and keeping fingers crossed for contestants to get VOTED OFF the show??? Weird thought process IMO.

    My prime concern is for my favorites to STAY ON the show. That said, my top 5 guys were the 5 that were voted onto the show. On the girls' side I was sad to see Lauren Turner go. I'm not much into the Céline/Xtina/Whitney ballads, so I am more into Lauren A. and Thia (she auditioned with "Chasing Pavement", so she is awesome in my book, anyway).

  40. As much as i think that Jacob won't go too far, i don't think that he deserves to go now. And the fact that he is annoying, should not judge against him, he is like that. As for Ashton, I think u got it wrong to think that she should go. In fact u make me wonder why you pickin on these two names and Naima.

  41. Love love love James!hope he wins this whole thing or at least makes it into the top 2-casey is good too but james is my favorite- he can sing the phone book and still rock it! Lol m/

  42. well it used to be may the best man win. It doesn't work that way anymore I guess. If you like someone then vote don't just wish and if you're gonna complain don't watch it. Everyone enjoy lets talk tomorrow or complain tomorrow!

  43. Like many, I have watched all season of AI … I do LOVE the new judges … they are great people / personalities … BUT … to nice … This season seems to be the season of children … with lowering the minimum age and selecting mainly the youngest … There is very little for the 40+ crowd to relate too. They voted off the rocker … I loved her. And where is the variety ??? Its either country or R & B … If it wasn't for my children … I wouldn't watch the rest of this season … I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't was one the seasons where no one remebers the "winner".

    • I agree. I love Jennifer & Steven, but they are all way to nice & lovey dovey with all the contestants. Simon was mean at times, but at least he spoke the truth and gave them good advice to actually help them. This is a bunch of crap.

  44. Like many, I have watched all season of AI … I do LOVE the new judges … they are great people / personalities … BUT … to nice … This season seems to be the season of children … with lowering the minimum age and selecting mainly the youngest … There is very little for the 40+ crowd to relate too. They voted off the rocker … I loved her. And where is the variety ??? Its either country or R & B … If it wasn't for my children … I wouldn't watch the rest of this season … I wouldn't be surprised if this was was one the seasons where no one remembers the "winner". This season kind of reminds me of "Star Search" with popular judges.

  45. @ Phyllis G and sweet Rose! I think we have more talent this year than since ADAM was on! Did you see Scotty's " Garth Brooks The River"? It gave me goose bumps! Young or old there is a LOT of talent this year. And I love the new judges totally! I was getting tired of Simon frowning all of the time! And looking like he was a sleep! I like Tyler, J.Lo and Randy too! But I disagree with Randy about Haley singing LeAnn Rhimes Blue! I thought it was quite beautiful. Steven Tyler doesn't miss a thing! He said " Wasn't that the song wrote for Patsy Cline?" He tickles me! And the baby boomer comes out when he puts his glasses on! I can't wait to see ADAM tomorrow night! See you later! Sherry K πŸ™‚

    • They are all being way to nice. Sometimes they need to know when they do wrong. It is a singing competition not a fashion show. It is not okay if you are missing notes & are to pitchy or whatever. I do agree Simon was a jerk at times, but he also gave good advice and honestly told his opionion. These judges LOVE everybody.

      • Simon was a jerk just about all the time. He was overly hurtful and nasty to contestants. I think these judges appear to love everybody because these 13 are just that good. I think they give a professional and honest opinion.

    • I thought the same thing about Steve needing those reading glasses. Ha ha. I met him a looong time ago. 1979. I was 19. Aerosmith was Hot at that time. He was really nice. Took time to give me his autograph, a hug, and brief chat. He wasn't trying to take advantage of his fans and he understood how much we wanted that autograph! Really nice guy. He still seems nice.

    • Sherry K……I agree, this year the show is the best…Its just loaded with talent…..Where were all these people last year??????

      Tonight, to me, belonged to James, Pia, Scotty and Stefano…..I thing its the end of the road for Karen (if based on last night's performances.

      Sherry we are going to see our man Adam tonight..YEAH!!! Can't wait.. Talk to you. soon…

      • @ Phyllis G. ADAM almost brought me to tears Phyllis! He is just so talented! He looked nice. Love the sound of his voice! I just LOVE our ADAM!

        Hi sweet Rose too! did you enjoy tonight? Hugs to Phyllis and Rose! Sherry K πŸ™‚

      • Sherry K. Adam is the man….He can sing anything….He was soft and sweet last night…..In concert he is awesome….You can't stop dancing…..AWESOME….One day Sherry I hope you get to see him….You will love him……Hugs right back at you…..


    • They HAVE TO!!! We're all expecting to see them perform. I really liked seeing JLos music video a few weeks back. Would love to hear her sing on stage for us too.

  47. I enjoy the addition of Steven Tyler. I heard Simon's Mom called when she found out Simon was not on the show. She also said that when she was watching this season she noticed that PAULA (Steven Tyler)looked horrible……….The show is becoming what I knew it would when Simon left. A stupid joke…..AI is becoming way to lame. It's like going to a middle school Christmas special. The only thing missing is some performer picking their nose while being distracted. Thia is the biggest waste, she looks like a troubled teen who was probably very diciplined at home, and maybe Bi-polar. Thanks for screwing us FOX πŸ™‚

    • It sounds like you need to see blood drawn. So yeah – that was Simon. He was mean and condescending. You don't need to crush people to get your point across. If that's the kind of entertainment you need, then you're right. AI is probably not for you this season. I am glad to finally see a group of judges who seem to enjoy the position they are in and who do make the right assessments. Simon was only kept on that long for the ratings. People got tired of him.

    • Don't watch it if you don't like it! I think Fox made a good move! Quite frankly I was as bored with Simon as he was bored with the singing last year! And think of the good part!!! You can watch Simon on the X-Factor soon!!! I LIKE the two new Judges.And Randy is still the same dawg he always was! Sherry K

  48. I LOVE the judges this year.

    They are not arguing but giving the singers more good advice on where they should improve. For the most part they are all pretty good singers. I do agree that maybe there should be an age set like maybe 18 or older however, the younger girls like Lauren and Thia do have good voices. I think they will take the age into consideration when picking the ultimate winner. I think they should pick some songs for them and see how they do. Maybe that is next..who knows! I am enjoying it!

  49. I am pretty sure the blond guy ? McDonald or Naima will be voted off tonight. The others still have a chance.

  50. The problem is this is a competition, not a LOVERS fest. Hyena needs to go, she is just jumping all over the stage and wasting our time. I hope she get's back to her toilets soon. I bet they are very dirty without her. Kinda sick of the Country boy too, I mean really man, country? Baby lock them doors and never let that freak out again. Maybe hyena shoulod get lip stick all over her back tattoo. Maybe the judges can help because they seem to be kissing all the contestants butts. Stephano be thankful that hoochie coochie coo lopez likes you, otherwise your gone for sure. Thanks again for screwing us FOX and for the previous comments, yeah I can stop watching it, like you can stop reading this…….Booooyah

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  52. I am a white 63 years old woman and I have never done this – to comment.Β  I have watched American Idol since the beginning.Β  I am SO SO disappointed that Jermain Jones did not make it, he clearly deserved it, he has love and soul in his music that I haven’t heard in a long long time.Β  I hope and prayΒ  you will bring him back as you did one year with another singer that you almost passed over and you simply had 25 rather than 24, with a double out with the first public vote. Please do this again.Β  Jermain is so good and with his disappointment he may give up and not try again and America would really miss out.Β  Please consider this.Β  Thank you, Mary Veronica

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