American Idol 2011 Finale Top 2 Performances & Phone Numbers

Here we go! It’s the final round of performances for American Idol 2011 so the pressure is on tonight. Either Scotty McCreery or Lauren Alaina will emerge victorious and it will all be up to you.

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American Idol 2011 Top 2 Performances – Singer’s Favorite:

  • Scotty McCreery – Gone – 1-866-436-5701 & 5703 & 5705 & 5707
  • Lauren Alaina – Flat On The Floor – 1-866-436-5702 & 5704 & 5706 & 5708

Not a word from any of the judges so far tonight. I guess they’re racing to finish and don’t have time.

American Idol 2011 Top 2 Performances – Country Star’s Pick:

  • Scotty McCreery – Check Yes or No – 1-866-436-5701 & 5703 & 5705 & 5707
  • Lauren Alaina – Maybe It Was Memphis – 1-866-436-5702 & 5704 & 5706 & 5708

The judges finally speak though Randy’s suit really speaks for itself. Randy gives Round 1 to Scotty and Round 2 to Lauren. Jennifer agrees with Randy. Steven gives both rounds to Lauren, but as he says, “only because she’s prettier.” Randy reminds us that they’re both, wait for it, “in it to win it!”

We also get the introduction of this season’s coronation song performed by Taio Cruz and lots and lots of Auto-Tune help.

American Idol 2011 Top 2 Performances – To-Be-Released Song:

  • Scotty McCreery – I Love You This Big – 1-866-436-5701 & 5703 & 5705 & 5707
  • Lauren Alaina – Like My Mother Does – 1-866-436-5702 & 5704 & 5706 & 5708

Randy gives Round 3 to Lauren with a slight edge. JLo gives Round 3 to Lauren and then backtracks to say it’s a close race. Steven says Lauren got Round 3 “hands down.”

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Tomorrow night we’ll find out which singer earned the most votes and will be crowned the next American Idol. Be sure to cast your unofficial vote in our Idol poll below (poll to be posted after the ET broadcast so no complaining about the votes!) and then share your opinion on tonight’s performances!




  1. I think scotty sounds like two country singers and its possibly the only reason that he should win the american idol.

      • I thought it was a terrible song. Too slow and too boring. I thought Jimmy Iovine handed the Idol prize to Lauren with his song choice for her.

  2. So many Haley Rinehardt fans… where were they when it was time to vote? Unless… her fans DID vote! And the numbers were right when polls showed James with an average of 1-2 points behind leader Scotty McCreery. And, if those statistics are even close to accurate, could it be that they where also correct when they showed Lauren in the bottom for the last three consecutive weeks? Haley, for the last two weeks, was showing a 2.1 lead over Lauren when all polls were averaged. Hmmm, maybe… just maybe, we are seeing that the network has determined that votes are NOT as important as ratings. I’ll have to think about it… have the networks ever manipulated facts to increase ratings before? Oh well, fix some popcorn… sit back and enjoy the “Show” tonight.

      • I think it is not the popularity of the contestant but who was doing the voting. If everyone had one vote we would likely see a different result. Scotty and Lauren have a lot of young fans who can spend 2 hours straight voting on their cell phones as well as online. I really don’t think the producers manipulate the results.

  3. Great job Scotty.
    Kinda worried about Lauren with the voice problem the doctor talked about.

    • this is so bogus, laurens voice is fine just trying to get her sympathy votes.

    • I haven’t noticed anything bad about her sound tonight. Maybe she is hammering something to numb it. But she is doing great.

  4. I cannot believe I missed Scotty’s first performance! When has this show ever started with singing right off the bat?!!!

  5. Scotty is definitely bringing his A game tonight. Just wish he would have performed like this all season.

    • Hey…he got there…so he is just showing what he’s got! I adore him’

  6. I’m pretty sure Lauren can do better than THAT! Long as her voice holds out.

  7. It is very interesting that on this final the judges are not commenting… is the first time that this is happening, I wonder… maybe they don´t want to lead the public one way or another?
    But I noticed JLo gave a standing ovation to Lauren on round one tho

      • She gave her the standing ovation because she was clearly in pain and still pushed through it. There was one point she looked like she’d rather burst into tears than keep singing.

  8. Holy crap the sound guys need to be fired. Did anyone else catch the volume in the mic dropped out completely for a few seconds

  9. BORING SHOW! How can you love that. It is boring as hell. Both of Lauren and Scotty didn’t deserve to be in finals. Stupid voting system. It makes no freaking sens to see these little teenagers compete for such a big award. Disappointed in America, like always

  10. I think Lauren win round two while Scotty round 1. Sucks for Lauren that she pushed her voice to the limits I hope she pulls through her 3rd song.

  11. We keep getting interrupted for weather alerts. Big storms moving in with one tornado down right outside of the metroplex. I imagine it will be hit or miss with watching Idol for this viewing area tonight.

    I song songs #1 and #2. They did well, but I miss those spine-tingling days of Clay, Elliot, David Cook, Daughtery, and Siobhan belting those songs out to a mesmorized and breathless audience!

  12. I wish scotty had a better single ffs that was kind of annoying. He said this big like 50 times

    • I like the song. I think its just the way they have to edit it for the show.
      I didn’t like the George Straight song. It was a boring choice. Wonder why Josh Turner didn’t pick Scotty a song?

      • Lynn, Scotty said at the beginning of the season that his bigest Idol was Elvis, & second was George Strait. Elvis is dead, so…

  13. WOOOOOOOHOUUU!!!!!!!!!!
    Ya Scotty !
    HE ROCKED IT !!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry people , just sooo happy about scotty s’
    sucsess !

    VOTE SCOTTY !!!!! (sorry,again)

      • Then you OBVIOUSLY don’t know what music sounds like. Don’t post another comment if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • She made me cry too! I’m still going for Scotty he is just Great!! but Lauren did sing a great song.

  14. Wow Lauren’s song was waay better than Scotty’s. I think Lauren will probably win because of the song.

  15. lauren just give me the skeeves she’ll definitely win round 1-3 all to lauren!!!

    • I agree, but I don’t think Scotty had a fair shot at the second and third rounds. His last two songs were laaaame.

  16. The judges are biased toward Lauren– it sickens me. I want Scotty to win.
    Her last mother song was sooo cheesy!! I didn’t feel anything from her. I am from Canada so cant vote, but everyone vote for Scotty please!

    • Your comment sickens me because you are obviously biased upwards Scotty so think before commenting think carefully about what your typing.

      • The show started off bias…trying to get Lauren the sympathy vote!! It is clear the producers want a girl…I voted for Scotty but Lauren will win…because the producers say so!

      • The judges were extremely biased.. Scotty’s mother was crying as well.. but they didn’t even comment on that. I think it was a draw, but because of the judges Lauren will win

    • Scotty got thrown under the bus tonight. First with the “doctor’s visit” so we’d all feel sympathy for Lauren. Then with Ryan escorting Lauren to her mom. Don’t get me wrong, Lauren is a very talented young lady — they all are talented this season. But clearly they want a girl to win this year, Lauren in particular.

    • Susan: ITA How manipulative was that to bring out a doctor to verify Lauren’s latest crisis? And then give her a tearjerker song to sing to her mother. She was still dropping the last syllable of nearly every line of the songs. But Scotty’s future is assured, so whatever.

    • They arent biased, lauren is just better. Do you even know what the word bias means???????? hahahaha

  17. I don’t like this “who won the round” business. How does that help??? I guess they always do this at the finale though.

    • I remember Simon always doing it at this time. I do think they should stay quiet during this last one and let America listen and judge.

    • I was sooo hoping the judges would just not say anything. At this stage of the game, we already know who we are voting for.

  18. Lauren…hit that outta the park. She was the winner tonight no matter what America says. Good to see Tyler state his real opinion!
    Round 1 Scotty
    Round 2 Lauren
    Round3 Lauren by a country mile

  19. I think Lauren just won with that last song. But with 4 hours of voting there is no telling.

  20. The judges should never say (especially in the last week) who was the best. That is unfair.

    • Why? Because it wasn’t your pick? I remember reading in this very blog when they were bashing Haley that the judges are just doing their jobs!

      • I could be wrong but I think it just creates bad blood. I’m a Lauren fan and I still didn’t like them choosing.

    • The producers have wanted Lauren to win from the beginning. That is why she got to the finale, even though she never gets any votes, except from her home town.

      • No that is completely wrong so Many more people other than her hometown votes for her. Do you even know what your talking about?

      • Would they really want her to win if nobody votes for her? that would be kind of silly.

    • Susan: Since you are not American, what on Earth makes you think than anyone in America cares what you think?

  21. Who in the HECK picked that last song for Scotty?? I did not like it at all. There were so many other songs that he could have done!

  22. LAUREN bettet when! She kiled it tonight! Round One I am going to be honest and say scotty did great. Round Two Lauren by a slight edge and round three Lauren by a country mile! She made me cry

  23. Laurin….Your “GREAT” What a beautiful song tribute to your mom. I love your voice. You are the winner!!!!

  24. I think Scotty will go all the way .. But on the other hand i think Lauren takes it all.. But scotty will make lots of cd’s He is like another young Josh Turner .. I love you guys Good Luck i loved all of the songs you guys tonight .. I will be watching tomorrow night .. Good Luck

  25. i think that scotty and lauren both did an awsome job,and i am from canada and cant vote but i have had a favorite strait through and that has been scotty so i hope he wins.

  26. What a letdown this finale was. It was a giant snoozerfest and bore as far as I was concerned, and the judges commments were useless and lame. Didn’t really like either of the two original tunes.But the singers had no choice there. Scotty’s was the worst of the two for sure, and the comments about how good his range was ridiculous. He was having trouble all throughout the song with some pitch issues, and his lack of range really showed in that last song. I only tuned into see what was going to happen with Lauren and her voice. Shouldn’t have bothered

    • Totally agree with you! The judges this year haven’t been doing their job right! I’m pretty sure that next year AI’s rating will go down if they still keep this voting system and these judges!

  27. I hate that they said Lauren was sick or whatever that probably gave her tons of extra votes.. So stupid

    • Been going on all season. The show is entertainment; it isn’t, and can’t be, a fair contest. No real judging, clear bias, audience manipulation. For the first time, it turned against Scotty — and his fans got to experience it. Lauren was production’s pick from day one.

  28. The judges seem to be very biased towards Lauren…but whatever. They have wonderful voices and will both go far but personally I think Scotty is going to win. Scotty has many fans, especially girls, but he totally deserves it. He’s truly amazing. SCOTTY MCCREERY, AM. IDOL 2011 <3

    • Scotty, you are great, so classy. Really hope you win this thing, you deserve it.

    • I’ve been a fan of Scotty’s from his first audition. His voice is the best!! Scotty to win it ALL!!!

  29. Tonight was a close call and I truely love Scotty! He has been such a great performer through-out the entire season!!!! I gotta stay true to my heart and go with him…all the way!! Scotty is in it to win it!!!!!

      • I’ve been a fan of Scotty’s from his audition. His voice is the best!! Scotty to win it ALL!!! Go Scotty!!!! Your our next “American Idol” …

  30. Scotty you have an amazing voice. I WILL DEFINATELY buy your music..Awsome singing..Go Scotty Go..You have it hands down in my eyes!!

  31. Based on tonight ONLY: Lauren should win. Based on the entire season overall, Scotty should win! Dilemma, dilemma.

  32. Scotty needs to ask Lauren as soon as the poles r in for Lauren to marry him .if he looses the idol position he needs to win her hart. or if he wins he needs to tell her he cant go on with out her will she marry him?this will be the best idol ever if this happens

  33. this is the worst top 2 in American Idol history I refuse to vote these two both deserve to get voted off

    • Nope not the worst top 2, but the worst song choices except for Lauren’s last song.

      • Definitely the worst top 2 compared to previous seasons….Scotty and Lauren are not the best contestants out of top 13. Just plain and forgetable.

  34. Lauren…. Fabricated vocal illness to drum up votes. Toddlers n tiaras outfit. Lip syncing. I am not a Scotty fan but I’m voting for him. He did well and if this is what we are choosing from.. Scotty wins!

    • Veronica…..that is terrible, someone needs to grow up and it is NOT Lauren.
      They are both winners we all can vote our preference it AMERICA, free to choose

    • I didn’t see it. What’s this about her making up an illness? That doesn’t suprise me. I don’t think Lauren had anything to do w/ it, but she’s basically a puppet for the producers.

      I actually feel for that kid. I like her. I wish her well in life. I just wonder if her winning something like this might in the long run be a bad thing.

      • Yes, she will probably go on to lose a ton of weight if she wins, and I dont think she can handly all the pressure.

      • Danny, Ryan started by saying that Lauren had a vocal cord problem during rehersal. Lauren said to Ryan “Don’t worry about it. I’m here and ready to sing”. She looked sort of imbarrassed by the whole conversation.

        Susan: You are a Canadian Bitch!

    • I agree, there were better permormers than lauren this season; judges are in love with her that´s why the always stand by her

  35. Scotty! As a mother of an 8y/o son and 2 1/2 y/o daughter, Scotty’s last song made me cry! Lauren is a beautiful, very talented young lady but for me, I’m not sure if I heard her singing on the radio that I’d know it was her but if I heard Scotty, I’d know his voice immediately. God bless you both….but…SCOTTY FOR THE WIN!!!

  36. I had Lauren every round. Scotty just didn’t deliver, particularly the last song when I thought he could have killed it.

  37. Lauren has a beautiful voice but the music industry is full of voices like hers..Scotty deserves to win..

  38. It’s a popularity contest. Scotty will win because all the female teenie-boppers think he’s cute. Nothing to do with talent.

    Let Scotty win, then he will disappear like the last three year’s winners.

    I do have to say that this year was just full of talent, they all are very good! Hard to pick a legit winner.

    • Lauren only made it because of teeny boppers as well they are so terrible they should add 5 more weeks and kick those tools (Lauren and Scotty) off and put back on 5 of the deserving idols (James, Haley, Casey, Stefano and Pia)

    • David Cook has not disappeared but the last two winners have. Adam Lambert has been #2 behind David from the last 3 seasons in terms of revenues from records and tours.

  39. …wow. Lauren was not happy with how she sang that song. Look at her face – she’s not smiling, she has a weird reaction to the judges’ praise, she’s shaking her head.

    I think…I think I like her *more* for that. She wasn’t buying what the judges were selling. And strangely, this is the first time I’ve felt she really had what it takes to make her own career – like she’s starting to mature into an artist. It wasn’t her song, it was her reaction.

    This is the first time I’ve wanted Lauren to win.

  40. I was all Haley because all country is kind of boring and I love Haley growl and all. However, my second from auditions to now has to be Lauren. Scotty has never made me rewind and go “wow that was amazing”. Lauren wins on her last two songs. Only others that I was wowed by throughout were Casey, Haley and James. I felt Casey went when he should have even though I liked him, Haley and James I felt could have made it to the finals. They both consistently made you go wow, or did they really just do that. Lauren is a better singer IMO but Scotty may have the tween vote. Lauren should have stolen the mom vote tonight, well played BTW Jimmy well played.

  41. I don’t think we had the best two singers in the finals but of the two, Lauren won tonight in my opinion. Scotty had a chance with the last song but, for me, he just didn’t deliver.

  42. Tonight’s show was the worst ever. I am so sorry I wasted an hour on these boring country singers. The best part of the whole show was David Cook!!!

  43. i dont know who is going to win….both of them are good…….I just want one of them to win…i dont care who wins because they both are good….i love yu guys

  44. Lauren deserves to win this , but either way she will be a star. She will have a record deal the second she walks out that door, you can count on that!!

  45. I’m a Mom and although I liked Lauren’s song, my vote will still go to Scotty. I think he was robbed with the song choices – his was not a good one. The judges are pulling for Lauren all the way and Steven has been the whole season. I also think they should have kept quiet about the vocal problems with Lauren so as not looking they are trying to drum up the sympathy vote.

    • Boy I sure see this differently than you Sharon. All season long they have been boosting Scotty’s ego. Lauren was always being told to do this or that and numerous comments about her lack of confidence.

      I’m proud of Lauren for not taking the opportunity to tell what happened to her vocal chord. She certainly wasn’t playing up to the sympathy vote. Classy young girl with a great talent and tremendous potential.

      • LOL Lauren did not have to tke the opportunity to tell what happened to her vocal chord……. they trotted out the good doctor. Totally unnecessary. I agree she has talent and potential, but so does Scotty. The only thing I am upet with Scotty about it winning the toss and deferring to Lauren. He let her have the last moment.

      • I dont think that it was inappropriate to tell everyone about her vocal problems because i believe that that would be unfair, I mean it wasn’t her fault she got like that. if anything it shows she was trying hard because she was pushing her voice and ended up spraining her vocal chords..

      • Jordan you are so right. Why do people blame the young lady when it is the fault of the show.

        People are so strange.

      • I am a Lauren fan, however I do not agree with AI manipulation in any way for anyone. That being said… I do believe that Lauren was very uncomfortable with her vocal cord issue being brought up at all.

      • I’m a Mom too and that doesn’t deter me from knowing who had the best night. Nothing to do with the subject of the song which was “Mom”.

      • i am a mother and a grandmother and will not fall for either of these antics to try and make lauren the winner. idol should be ashamed of themselves. all of my votes went to scotty.

      • Sherry: I see, you now punish the performer because of how American Idol likes to “shock” the audience.

        Shame on you for punishing the victim and not the perpetrator.

      • Scotty is great YEA Scotty
        can you do as good
        I think not

    • TO me there is not doubt that this years top 12 was talented. I haven’t seen that in a while. My favorite, however, was Scotty. I am happy that the two young country kids did it. Idol has always reminded me of rock and so I was very surprised they made it at all much less to the top two. Anyway I am a Mother and Grandmother, too, but the song did not change my mind I voted for Scotty. Seems like idol producers as said in so many articles wanted a female this time. I think they pushed it.

      • I agree with you. It’s crazy the tricks they play for more votes. They want that hugh Scotty fan base to vote even harder so their votes are the highest in idol history. I can not think of any other reason for those games. Both Lauren and Scotty are good .Scotty gets my votes

      • I am a mom and grandmother and I loved Scotty’s song – I always said I love you this big to my kids – he sang it beautifully – I have voted for Scotty from the first voting night.

      • I also voted for Scotty. I think Scotty sang his debute song from the heart. Lauren’s song had already been sung by a previous contestant. I will buy Scotty’s debute single. Scotty for the win!!!

  46. Both were good tonight but neither is at pro level yet. It was smart to have Lauren use her soft voice on much of that last song since it records far better. Scotty could have picked a better last song and seem to be fighting it a bit to keep in pitch, willing mostly.

      • Il Volo who sang O Sole Mio last Thursday are teens.

        The guy with the glasses is 17 and the other two are both 16.

      • Seems like Jimmy had too much influence on the entire season. There were a number of times this year I thought he was not “in it to win it” for the contestants but to show how much he thought he knew. Some of his choices IMO actually hurt the performers. And, Pepsi should be jumping and clapping for joy at the song that was chosen for Coke. It has no “fizzle” and was as flat as a bottle that sat around open for a day but once tasted was poured down the drain.

    • Scotty did not pick the last song, Jimmy Lovine did. He did an excellent job singing it.

  47. Lauren only made it because of teeny boppers as well they are so terrible they should add 5 more weeks and kick those kids (Lauren and Scotty) off and put back on 5 of the deserving idols (James, Haley, Casey, Stefano and Pia)

    • not only teeny boppers vote for lauren and scotty…. though teeny boppers are responsible for scotty having so many votes because they couldnt care less for their music. They just want to see cute scotty perform.

    • Yes that’s so true. Especially since most women and younger individuals watch AI, all the girls vote for Scotty and so do their moms. AI was a joke this year. If Scotty wins, that would be hilarious. Taylor Hicks all over again. wow

      • Oh I do agree with you insouciant_dreams. My husband is a professional musician of 35 years and still can’t understand why Scotty is still there. Unreal!!!!

        Yes, Taylor Hicks all over again.
        Considering the talent that has been dumped and he is still there. He is so darn boring it is sinful.

      • Scotty will be a successful singer. I know many people who say they are going to buy his CDs.

      • Agree!!!! The 12yr old girls must have their fingers wrapped in bandges from banging their lap tops out all night and tapping the cell phones. Whatever!! lol

    • You talk as if those 5 did not have a chance…. hey, Casey and Stefano each had two chances. It is time to quit whining about who did not made it and move on or quit watching the show.

  48. This was the worst ever. Sooooooo boring!! What a waste of an hour. The best part of the show was David Cook!!! He rocks!!!!

    • Jody, if you didn’t see the David Cook episode where he gets named the winner, you should look it up on YouTube. He blows the top off of the finale song (even with confetti coming down everywhere and tears streaming down his face). I can watch that moment many times…but it is a tear jerker. Now that was a good finale song!

    • To gen:
      Absolutely NOT better than Lauren. She blew him out of the water tonight.

      • no she didn’t. if lauren wins it will be on account of all the sympathy votes she gets. they should not have had the doctor say that stuff on camera . idol is just trying to manipulate the votes to get their girl winner. come on scotty fans vote.

      • Sherry oh Sherry. Are you insinuating that the American public is so lead by the nose that they would vote on sympathy. YES, Lauren blew your beloved Scotty away tonight and if you think differently I seriously think you need to have your hearing checked.

        Sounds like you’re lining up your excuses should Scotty lose. He will probably win. Why? Because bad habits are addictive.

      • No one blew anyone out of the water tonight. It all comes down to personal preference. I will not be voting for Lauren, but I don’t begrudge anyone who does.

      • I think both Scotty and Lauren did an excellent job tonight. However, I think Scotty won the night. Scotty got all my votes.

    • what the heck are you smoking? Seriously, of the final 10, Scotty was the worst. He should have been off long ago. He’s okay at country singing, but that’s all he can do. I change the channel every time he sings. If Simon was there, there’s no way Scotty would even make it in the top 10. The judges were finally honest tonight when they said that Lauren was better. I’m not even a huge Lauren fan, I thought there were other singers who were better than her. But of those two, Lauren is much better than him. He’s not AI material. Maybe playing at some local southern bar, that’s about it. He should not be on idol.

      • That is your opinion. You can not say for sure what would have happened if Simon would have been a judge this year. I for one think Scotty deserved to be in the finale and deserves to win.

      • Simon would have sent away Casey and Paul
        for sure
        but he would have seen the talent and money with Scotty and Lauren
        get real person. 16 and growing and learning and becoming a hugh sucess.

  49. They both were extreamly good,but I have been voting for Scotty the whole sesion and he has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard in my life. I really like lauren, she has a wonderful heart and she has a beautiful voice also, but Scotty is definatly the best I have ever heard. I have no dought he will win.

    • Katie. I mean no disrespect when I say I am totally shocked that you think Scotty has the best voice you have ever heard. Certainly you aren’t comparing him to the “greats” in country music are you? Or did you mean to other contestants of this season?

      • Sydney. For his sake I hope his voice doesn’t change again back to Tenor.

        They are both very young and will improve with time.

  50. Judges want a girl to win, as it has been awhile. Totally unfair bringing the doctor out, was for sympathy votes. Also, Steven’s comments were prejudiced. No need to influence voters by stating who was best, we as viewers know who was best. I hope Scotty wins, Lauren is too immature.

    • The Doctor was brought out in case Lauren’s voice gave out and she re-damaged the vocal chord. If that were to happen then it would have been easier for folks to understand why Hayley would have taken the stage to compete with Scotty for the win.

      Lauren absolutely was the best tonight. They are both very talented but anyone could hear who sang the best tonight.

      Vote for best vocals, NOT out of habit.

      • You are exactly right….If they weren’t trying to sway the votes towards Lauren, they could have waited to bring out the doctor, in this scrubs, and tell us all about it tomorrow during the results show.

      • If Lauren’s vocal chords really were strained the doctor would not have let her sing. Period. Having a doctor waiting in the wings would do nothing if she hurt her voice. It’s not there’s an emergency quick fix to vocal injuries.

  51. Love both of’ em.. they’re young, talented n good lookin’.. but America has to pick one winner.. so good luck America!

  52. True, the program pushed to win Lauren is sad, if not win Scotty, Scotty was the strongest of the season, the only thing that pleased me is that he will be a great singer.
    GO SCOTTY!!!

    • Lucia they have been praising Scotty for week after week after week. Despite the fact that he too is an amateur and there is always room for improvement.

      Sorry to disagree Lucia but it is Scotty who has been pushed to win. Over and over for weeks.

      Lauren is blossoming. Give credit where credit is due.

      • Support, Lucia, everything is prepared for the cute little girl Lauren, obviously, Haley must have been there …

  53. Kat McPhee(S5) lost her voice during the finals and had to have a steroid shot to keep her going through the finals and the finale and then was put on total voice rest for over a month missing half of the tour because of it.

  54. this is only my 2 cents.. Scotty has had the most consistent fan base which includes more than just teens. I do not think they will let him down. I for one am voting and I am not a teen. Go scotty!!!!

    • Sometimes I wonder how many are not voting on the weekly performances but are voting for the same people out of habit or where they are from or whether they think the person is cute or not or what genre of music they like.

      If tonights voting is based on performance only it should be Lauren’s night. If the votes go Scotty’s way based on tonight then I would have to seriously doubt what his voters are really voting for. He did not shine tonight that is for sure.

      • Sorry Sherry. You are voting out of habit. Not out of performance. Funny how many females here vote for Scotty. Yes, it is my opinion and it has remained unchanged.
        First and second time I thought this kid is interesting.
        Interest quickly changed to he is boring.
        Yes, I do like country so don’t go there.

      • He didn’t have much chance to shine. The songs they picked for him were laaame.

        I voted for Haley all season, so tonight I had to vote for the voice, not out of habit. And I voted for Scotty. But that’s my opinion. You can have yours too.

    • Sydney… I have been voting for Scotty since day one. And I AM WAY PAST MY TEEN YEARS LOL. I love country. He is so grounded for his age and his love for the Lord is wonderful

    • I am not a teenager either, and I voted for Scotty. Hope he wins as he CAN sing, is polite, nice clean cut looking, and a gentleman. He will be a great Country/Western singer.

      • hmm so you have capitalized that Scotty can sing, but one can’t help but wonder if Scotty was not polite, and had facial hair if you’d still be voting for him. I think Scotty for one has a lot of support from younger female teenagers and women in general, since that is predominantly AI viewers. For men who watch it they are not likely to be bothered to go as far as voting, I’m sure just watching it is bad enough. I think he also gets a lot of support from religious individuals and people in the south who are just biased to liking country music in general.

    • The winner of American Idol should be the contestant that has proven him/her self over the course of the competition. I do agree that Lauren had a very good night, but i also agree she was staged to have a good night. Over the course of the competition she has had her issues. Scotty on the otherhand has been very consistant and has only gotten better. Yes i am daughter, mom, and grandmother and I have voted for Scotty. Can’t wait to go to one of his concerts.

      • Lauren has improved steadily.
        Yes, Scotty has been very consistent. Never changing, always the same. Same ole boring stuff week after week. Yes, that is very consistent.

      • Scotty did not need to “change” he is very good – Randy J kept telling him “if it is not broken dont’ fix it”

  55. At last The judges and producers show their favorites for Lauren. I know about Steven interest for Lauren but randy and JLo?
    WTF!! Round two and three for lauren? kidding me?
    I think we finally see why James, Haley and Jacob,… eliminated.

    • No, no kidding. She was better. Hands down better.

      About time they said something really good about Lauren. For weeks they have heaped praise on Scotty even when his performance was not good or ever so boring.

    • James was extremely great, Jacob was blah and could not sing or perform, and Haley loved her, but she was always one dimentional. and sassy and smart mouthed

    • You should have told him “Go Scotty” before tonights performance. He needed a pick me up. It was a totally lack luster performance by him other than the first song. What was with the ugly purple t-shirt.

  56. Tonight’s farce reminds me why I stopped watching Idol several seasons ago. The whole thing was so stacked for Lauren! Why didn’t they just announce at the beginning that they had already decided to give it to the “girl” and not insult our intelligence by pretending to have a vote. I’ve only watched the last couple of shows because it has been so refreshing to see a clean-cut young person like Scottie. I do commend Fox for giving America’s youth a glimpse of a positive role model.

  57. I’m a grandmother and I hope all of my grandsons exhibit the kind of character Scotty has shown this season. Grace under pressure and performance when it counts. ALL MY VOTES go to Scotty!

  58. Is anyone else getting constant “all circuits are busy” messages when trying to vote for Lauren?

  59. Those long Lauren dresses have to go! I thought she would trip tonight going down the stairs to go to her mother.

    • No Susan, I think maybe you were hoping she would trip. Because you are a very hateful person who should just stay in Canada & mind your own business!

      • Bunny, how do you know I am a hateful person? You don’t sound too great yourself if you could call me hateful.

      • Just to think that I was hoping she would trip and calling me a bitch on here shows your terrible character, Bunny.

  60. I think George and Jimmy really screwed Scotty with their song choices. It really wasn’t an even match in that respect. Now that Haley’s gone I’m on Team Scotty!

  61. i have been with scotty all the way, bc im from rossville ga and most ppl are just voting for lauren bc theyve went to school with her or are going to school with her. i dont think thats a way to kiss someones butt. shes great but ive always leaned towards scotty. and not bc hes cute and hes a guy and im a girl, hes country and laidback, most of the songs he sings the actual ppl who wrote these songs have competition with him bc no offense but on some songs he sings alot better than the actual singer. but it was a great season of american idol and yes whoever comes in second is still gonna get a record deal with someone. bc look at what happened with chris daughtry he still got a record deal and he was in second place. either way they are both great singers and theyll both make it as a singer!!!

  62. I sincerely hope that your poll is an accurate indicator of the real vote. I’d love for Scotty to win with 65% of the vote. However, Lauren has a very strong fan base and I’m sure many of them will vote constantly for the whole four hours.

    Bless you moms who liked Lauren’s song, but are voting for Scotty.

    • can all the polls be wrong? Scotty seems to be winning. Am I missing something about the voting. If it were a political race with the numbers it would be a landslide. What am I missing??

      • I would be surprised at nothing. Seems James was @1 for 4-5 weeks when he was ousted. Then Haley (as it turns out) was #1 during the week when she was ousted. And now Scotty is showing as #1. That MUST mean he is the loser! Make sense? No. True? Most likely, esp after all the pimping tonight. (Although I agree that Lauren did better than Scotty tonight.) Could the judges be MORE lame in their critiques? Could the producers be more slimy in their manipulation of the voting public?

      • Yes it seems rather obvious that Scotty will win. Based on statistics, the number of people voting on this site is quite large and seems to represent a sample size of the American ppl. It is pretty weird though that the polls on here don’t seem to match the results on Tv. Haley had a much higher vote rate than Lauren next week yet she was voted out. I’m a bit skeptical here.I guess people who vote are not visiting this site, or there’s just a few ppl out there who are voting hundreds of times for one person

    • No the polls will not show the winner of the night. If that were true James and Pia would both still be here! The polls are a joke big time!!

  63. Look at Scotty’s face in that photo. Could he look more out of it? I wonder what in the world went on behind the scenes . . .

    • Something was definitely wrong with him tonight. He wasn’t happy, fun-loving, and smiling as usual. Maybe he felt doomed when they said that a doctor was going to tell everyone about Lauren’s vocal cords. Or maybe he felt doomed because he was given a 3rd song that was totally blah compared to other finale songs in the past.

    • Scotty did seem down. I also noticed Lauren gave a “thumbs up” to someone in the audience after she sang. I think Lauren thinks she has won. That could be why she was laughing and giddy. Scotty was a gentleman and offered to let Lauren choose when she would sing,(first or last) and she chose to sing last.(Which is supposed to be better as the song would be remembered longer) Scottie was not his usual self. He is always smiling, but tonight, he was serious. He may have known that Idol was letting Lauren win.

      • Thumbs up was to say she was okay…because of the problem she was having with her voice not that she thinks she won..

    • Pup: I really thought they both seemed out of sorts last night. I’m thinking that maybe it was just bitter sweet for them. They both seem to be such good friends, who have come along way together. So IMO they were happy to be in the finale, but sad to see it come to an end.

      • i think so to, neither one are conceeded enought to think they won, they are appreciative of where they are now and what they have done, and the friendships and the end of the show, its pretty sad. but they have the touring together, which should be fun for them all, then they can concentrate on carerrs. (sp) yea for Scotty and Lauren, and for James and Haley also.

    • Pup, Let’s see:
      Scotty looks like someone just farted on his Wheaties & Lauren looks tickled pink.

      Could they have just been informed backstage who will win the contest? Just a thought.

  64. I don’t think they should have said anything about Lauren having problems with her vocal chords. We did not need that information. It does not change my vote though! Go Scotty!!

  65. Why would the judges tell Lauren that she was the winner? She and Scotty were both great but Scotty was far ahead until Lauren’s last song about her Mother! Fixed!! I love both of them and really would have not been upset with whoever won. However, make sure that the judges are fair….not one sided. Don’t think I will watch next year if judges are not changed.

    • I think judges are really not fair. They should let the voters do their job at this point. Scotty is way better than the girl.

    • They do it EVERY Season at the end of the show. There is nothing new in the judges saying who they think will win and nothing sinister about it.

      I remember Simon saying David Archuleta would win but when he came back the next night for the results night, he said he had watched the performances over again and had done an injustice to David Cook.

      They all thought Adam Lambert would win and were leaning toward Crystak Bowersox last year.

      Happens every year so, obviously, there are a lot of new viewers on this site otherwise you would know that.

    • Since it’s 13 hours difference and tv just showed the AI finale, I just watched it. Apart from I am Scotty’s fan, it’s kinda obvious that it was likely set up for lauren. The doctor show, the last song which continuously showed off Lauren’s mother crying I think it was ridiculuous.She’s even lost her breath in 2nd round. Though being treated unfairly, Scotty’s just smile and nodded.Can’t believe what through the judges mind since they have to be fair.
      I am sending all my heart and prayer for Scotty. For me, he’s already won and won my heart too. God bless u Scotty!

    • Fran, Same here. Getting what we call here,”emotional invested” in your favorites & seeing what occurred this year is just not worth it for me.
      Until they straighten out the voting system or get some REAL judges, it’s just too painful… particularly knowing we can”t do ANYTHING about it as it is.

    • Randy told James a few episodes ago, that looks like you just won American Idol
      Judges IDOL judges are lame and worthless

  66. I loved the show tonight, they were great, both of them. Loved the last songs each of them sang. I wish they could both win, both are so talented, and both really deserve to win.

  67. Why do you all have to argue and blast each other? Everyone has a right to their own opinion. My opinion is that Scotty is better but whether he wins or not, he will have an amazing career in country music. I’m not even a fan of country music but this young man is amazing!!

  68. I just have one question, Lauren sounded great tonight for someone with a blown vocal cord. But, a few times i thought she may be lip syncing….did anyone eles see that?

    • Glad you noticed that. Could be she was lip syncing if she really and truly did blow out her vocal cord. I just do not think she could sing if she had done that. I think it was all for sympathy.

      • I couldnt agree more!! The thing with the Dr. just seemed too far fetched, if it were true sorry, but I felt it was a setup!!

    • Another conspiracy theory – keep ’em coming folks because this year must have set a record for them!

      • stupid… oh or maybe there were strings attached to her and they were doing the moving around for her too… for people that don’t wanna watch this “stupid show” anymore, you sure are watching closely and looking for the stupidist stuff I have ever heard…

    • I definitely thought she lip-synced the 2nd song. It could have been the broadcast, but I saw lip movements without sound matching.

  69. it’s america’s night to pick their IDOL!!!! it wasn’t fare for the judges to say who!!!! it will be. I think they put Lauren out front about her voice they didn’t have to tell that ,why did they ? I think America can see !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCOTTY is our IDOL . AMERICA WILL HAVE THEIR VOICE!!! SCOTTY IS WORTHY!!!!

    • The judges want to see Lauren winning it instead of Scotty. If the fans do not agree with the judges then Scotty be the winner but if the fans agree with the judges then Lauren be the winner. It all depends on who have the most fans vote to be the winner of American Idol 2011.

  70. If Lauren wins it shows that the fans agree with the judges. If Scotty wins it shows that the fans do not agree with the judges.

    • Nope; I disagree. I believe nothing that comes from AI anymore about voting. NOTHING.

      • Well that is your opinion but what I’m talking about is about the votes by the fans and that is the fact. If it is not about voting then how can Lauren and Scotty be in final 2? It shows that the fans have the power to vote for who they want to see winning. The fans have to vote for their favourite to be the winner and the more fans vote the more chances for their favourite to win.

      • @ ukn: Well, the only thing I can say is that you evidently have not been reading here about the voting mess. And it IS a mess.

        First, AI never reveals the vote tallies.

        Secondly, AI reserves the right to toss out votes. They never say whether that is done uniformly for all contestants.

        Third, they unapologetically state that because this is a “reality” show, they will promote some contestants over others (with more air time, more videos so you get to identify with them, etc.) That influences voting.

        Fourth, the judges are obviously told what to say, criticizing some and glossing over others’ imperfections, in an attempt to influences the voting viewers. And anyone can see from posts here (Well, Randy said this; and JLo said that, and they ought to know) that they have been able to do just that.

        Fifth, the allowance for power voting tactics causes skewed results. The whole voting scheme is crafted so that AI can attract more advertisers (that’s why they state how many votes were cast), not so it is fair and representative (such as a 1 person-1 vote approach would be).

        I probably could go on and list other things, but I think this should suffice.

      • I agree with Pup. I think the whole thing is rigged and I feel Scotty was told something negative before the show, don’t know what but something. I felt the same thing when James was eliminated. He just seemed sad when talking to his family on the web cam. Just a feeling,however; there is no way with Scotty’s talent and considerable fan base could he lose. We will see???

      • Not that I have not been reading about the vote mess here but what I’m talking about is that no matter what happens the people still have to vote. Let say Scotty not winning it are you saying it is
        because of the vote mess by AI or is it the fans not voting enough for Scotty to win?

      • Bottom Line: Regardless of judges’ comments, individual viewing time or whatever, the viewing audience has their favorite. The ones most passionate about the winner will power vote. So What! Everyone has the same prerogative. Get over it! People will vote for the contestant they like best and that is the way it should be. I have been voting for Scotty the whole time but last night was very hard for me. I love them both. I will be happy with whoever wins.

      • Scotty win or not he will have a good career. Lauren will have a good career too even if she win or not. I like Hailey, Pia, Casey & James too cause they have great vocal and I wish all of them the best. Great to see Hailey, Pia, Casey & James again tonight on the big stage.

  71. scotty all the way..lauren just wants the judges on her side and the mother just likes to be on tv..

    • Where do you people come up with these ideas, like her mother wants to be on TV. Of course Lauren wants the judges on her side, why would she not? I didn’t hear anyone say the Haley’s dad just wanted everyone to see him when he accompanied her on stage. Get real!!!

      • Well said Dack! I mean, if you don’t want to watch the show then don’t. America obviously voted for these people and everyone complaining on this page, probably not a single one votes all the time. You see the parents of Scottie just as much as Lauren’s or any of the other top finalists. And Haley’s dad was all up on the stage and in the Camera and talking about his little rock and roll baby and how fun it was on the stage… I guess since her dad has been playing for years and never got famous, let’s talk about how he will be riding Her coat tails to fame… gees people… rediculous.

  72. look as the votes. it shows Scotty is abt to win… i know he’s american idol…

  73. Lauren was wonderful tonight. I was very unhappy just before the show when I read on TMZ that Lauren might have to drop out of the competition. They said that Haley might have to be reinstated to compete with Scotty. TMZ said that Lauren had been ordered not to talk or sing. I’m sure glad that she was able to sing and she did an excellent job.I still think that Scotty will win, but Lauren sounded better and I hope she will win American Idol this season. Good luck to the both of them!

  74. Lauren blew Scotty out of the water last night!!! But i’m sure all the 13yr old little girls were picking up all the phones in the house and banging out all their computers all night long for Scotty. I guess they might get their wish tonight. lol

  75. I think Lauren’s songs were better picks than Scotty’s and it made it easy for her to out peform him, but, he is the better artist. Lauren is good as well, but, it will be Scotty all of the way.

  76. lauren is a little good but scotty is the best even here in the philipines lots and lots of people are voting for scotty….

  77. I too noticed that Scotty did not seem happy. I do wish he had changed his look up a little just to add something different for his fan’s, but, I also believe in being who you are and I think he stuck with that. I wish them both the best, but, Scotty has been my favorite since the group round and he expressed disappointment with the way he did not step up and help the young boy that was booted from the group. That is character and good to see today.

  78. scotty will win if its base on the talent and if not we know the votes or rigged like what happen with lee and crystal and i know nobody can forget kris and adam.

  79. Scotty was so amazing! He’s so down to earth and the best thing is that he is a good Christian. He will go very far. I hope that Scotty will open up for Josh Turner.

    • This was the WORST finale in American Idol history. Despite having the most talented field in history Teen voters reduced the Finale to a boring depressing episode of Hee Haw. Thanks children for destroying something that could have been good.

      • Finally, someone with some intelligence! JAMES; PIA; CASEY & HAILEY RULE! Simon would have sent that beauty pageant queen and dorky country dufus home WEEKS AGO! Am I the only one that noticed Lauren’s COMPLETE personality change since her audition? The show has become a joke! Wake up America, no originality, I am sorry, Lauren was not not hitting the notes, and if you READ, the country music stations WILL NOT play Scotty McCreery’s music, they have already stated that, his facial expressions and hoaky personality will get him nowhere. Pathetic! The show had such promise when it started with AMAZING talented artists that all got booted off. Really sad, and typical for another season of IDOL… May the worst Idol take the crown…

      • It was not boring, They are a couple of talented kids who will do very well. The show itself was pushed along at a fast boring pace. but the kids were great

      • Casey was not good, and he will not sell
        CD’s, and book shows, Pia was boring. James is great, and Haley is good. but so are Scotty and Lauren, and yes you will hear them on country radio

    • The final was lacklustre and its ratings were lower than last years one between Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox, which makes it the lowest they have had for a final. The last 3 winners have all been males and bombed as far as album sales are concerned.

      The whole production last night lacked any spark and there were a few gaffes along the way that should never have happened, including a mike fade out during Lauren’s 2nd song – I think.

      Ryan Seacrest seemed rushed and was going through the motions. The “judges” were their usual predictable selves.

      Randy with his standard 8 clichés we have heard over and over again for 10-years – not to mention awful dress sense.

      JLo with her “you know I love you Scotty but …. oh! it’s too close to call” usual BS non-commital blah, blah, blah comments.

      Steven with his lecherous eyes wishing he was 27 again so he could have a young teen girl to play with. Before you comment on that, check his bio.

      Neither picked the best song they had sung in the competition but Scotty did sing “Gone” better than he had before and Lauren was just ok with her Carrie song.

      Scotty added nothing to the George Strait song and looked awkward with his guitar, which he only strums anyway and has looked awkward each time he uses it. Maybe he thinks that plus his check shirt makes him look Country.

      Lauren did put a bit more umph into the song Carrie Underwood chose for her but those dresses she wore. We have a 5 yr old granddaughter who likes to dress up in her Princess clothes and I think Lauren must have missed those days and is making up for them on Idol. Either that or she hasn’t left them behind.

      At this point, I agreed with the judges that it was tied one round each.

      Side Note: Did anyone notice after Ryan had them out following the 2nd songs to listen to the judges, when they were going off stage, Lauren ran after Scotty and grabbed him as they were just exiting the stage?

      I have heard comments that Scotty’s last song was unfair for him. What was unfair about it? Listen to the lyrics. It is about a guy telling a girl how much he loves her and Scotty just did not sell it. When he sang “I Love You This Big” he put his arms out and looked at the ground.

      He did not sell the song so don’t blame the song, blame the singer for not putting any emotion into it. Maybe he doesn’t feel the girl love thing – who knows?

      Lauren’s last song was one that Kristy Lee Cook (Season 7) recorded on her debut album “Why Wait” and I didn’t have an issue with her going to her mum. That is the message of the song and it was a sweet moment.

      What is amusing me the most today as I read through the various comments on this and Brandens blog is the same people (Scotty fans primarily) who mocked the Pia, James and Haley fans are full of their own conspiracy theories about Lauren and the results haven’t been announced yet.

      1. Scotty was the one who said Lauren could go 2nd so if she took advantage of it, good for her. What was she supposed to do, lay down and kiss his feet for letting her go last??

      2. The judges ALWAYS comment during the final and say who they think will win. It has happened every year so nothing different happened last night. No conspiracy against Scotty, just SOP for the final show.

      3. Lauren was not given an original song to sing but Scotty was and that is usually a sign that they expect him to win because Lauren’s is a cover of an artist who was on Idol just 3 years ago and it was the stand out song on Kristy Lee Cook’s album.

      4. There is no consistency to which songs the finalists sing as their possible
      “Coronation Song.” Neither is there a consistency as to the gender of the finalists as you can see from the list below with M for Male Finalist and F for Female with the gender of the winner mentioned first.

      Season 1. Same song by FM
      Season 2. Different songs by MM
      Season 3. Same song by FF
      Season 4. Same song by FM
      Season 5. Different songs by MF
      Season 6. Same song by FM
      Season 7. Different songs by MM
      Season 8. Same song by MM
      Season 9. Different songs by MF
      Season 10. Different songs by TBD

      It is tied 5-5 whether they sing the same song or a different one.

      However, there is ONE trend. When they sing the same song, the Female has won 4-1 and, so far when they sing different songs, it has always been a Male winner (2 of the 4 were all male finals).

      So, no conspiracy because there is no consistency but the trend statistically favors a Scotty win.

    • A good Christian has nothing, nothing, nothing to do with this. Very biased of you in that it totally denigrates other religions and those who prefer to keep these matters private, as they should.

  80. LAUREN ALL THE WAY!!!!! She is unbeliveable. I have been watching her from day one, she has the looks, the grace,the pose and most of all she has heart and a lot of it.!!!!!!She is barely 16 yrs old and look at the voice God gave her.WOW AMAZING, AWESOME, GREAT, ECELLENT, FANTASTIC SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!!

  81. Scotty shows mature presentation style. I dislike anyone stamping their foot, on stage, or anywhere. It’s childish and shows obstinance and rebelliousness. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you act like Alaina, the child, you are not attractive or interesting. I choose Scotty!

    • I guess that makes most star singers, including lots of Country stars obstinate and rebellious.

      Have you watched Carrie Underwood or Jennifer Nettles lately doing up tempo songs? Even Reba or Sara Evans when they are doing up tempo songs have them there legs a stompin’ and stampin’ and they encourage the audience to join in.

      Some of them good ol’ Country Rock Boys can stomp up a storm when they get goin’ because it is what the beat of the song does.

  82. I think Lauren should win, because she can sing other than country, unlike scotty.

    • I am a Haley fan (still!), but I thought Lauren was the better of the two. However, I am fine with Scotty winning. He’s a terrific young man. And I am rather astonished to learn that he and Lauren are a couple (Wiki). So I am sure both are just fine with coming in #1 and #2 for the season. How sweet is that?

  83. i think scotty should win the american idol tonight because he can sing and he will have a number one hit on country music

  84. I am so very happy for Scotty and he is the winner of American Idol 2011. My predictions was right Scotty is the winner.

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