American Idol 2011 Finale Results Show Tonight and Winner Predictions

Update: USA Today says 122 million votes last night. 6+ avg. votes per viewer.

We’re just hours away from finding out who won American Idol 2011. While we wait lets take a run through the winner predictions and see where we all stand.

Last night the judges called it for Lauren after giving her seven of the nine “Round votes.” Randy and JLo each gave Scotty one Round vote while Steven Tyler put all of his support behind Lauren.

Branden noted that while he preferred Scotty it was looking like all the show’s manipulation to push voters to Lauren would probably work. That’s another vote for Lauren Alaina to win this season of Idol.

All season long your votes in our polls have kept Scotty well ahead of Lauren. Sure, our unofficial polls were wrong with James, Pia, and Haley’s eliminations despite out-ranking Lauren but I’ve got faith in you all. This week’s results, see below, show nearly a 2:1 lead for Scotty McCreery.

Don’t forget Dial Idol which took a hit this year with the introduction of online voting via Facebook, but based on their testing methods they’re calling it for Scotty by roughly a 3:2 margin.

I can’t help but feel overwhelmed by productions pushing and shoving of Lauren!-Lauren!-Lauren! down our throats, but I’m standing strong against it. With three straight years of a guy winning this competition I’m not convinced Lauren can overcome the odds. My prediction goes to Scotty McCreery for the win.

We’ll know soon enough, but in the meantime be sure to vote in our poll and share your thoughts on who will win and why.




  1. I think Scotty knew the song written for him was no where near as good as Lauren’s, and the song George Strait picked for him was awful….right up there with Swingin. He looked defeated all night, sure hope the votes can salvage the win for him, but not sure they will be accurately counted. I can’t help but feel that there has been a lot of vote manipulation going on this year, with Pia, James and others. Let’s just hope the one with the most votes actually wins.

    • speculations! I was voting for Lauren and a big fan. but I know it’s very very hard to beat Scotty in votes at this moment!

      • I think Scotty should win. I think Lauren is kind of like Jordan Sparks if you think about it. She ends up on Disney channel guest staring in some shows and making music videos. Sure Lauren is a good singer, but this time i think Scotty should win. I have a feeling like America might vote for Lauren just because the judges are giving her the round wins. I dont even think they should have a “winner” for the round. And all Lauren fans please don’t go around saying Scotty is horrible. Scotty and Lauren both have a future ahead of them, but if i were to vote i think Scotty should win. GOOD LUCK TO BOTH!!

    • I agree, TOTALLY!!! I know that they didn’t do a very good job in picking Scotty’s songs, besides Gone he did awesome on that, and I thought that they took a lot more time on Lauren’s song, just by the way it sounded so put together. Scotty’s song seemed just slapped together and he just sand it. I hope Scotty wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I agree…Ithought Scotty did a good job with bad choices. It almost seemed like a joke. I felt as though he looked confused…like what was going on. The time was apparantly put into Lauren…songs, hair, clothes, etc….she was given it all, even the last spot to sing and that by Scotty. I was appalled by the judges not critiquing the missed noted…and Lauren actually leaving the stage to sing to her mother…that is a wedding song, not an AI finale song…but it did was it was to do…bring sympathy…from the beginning with the doctor…isn’t there always an issue with Lauren…to the end…and more tears. It was a little sickening. Of course…this made me use two phones and two hours to vote for Scotty. I will keep my fingers crossed if he wins this thing…like he should.

    • Lauren & Scotty both looked out of sorts last night. I think it was just a bitter sweet moment for both of them. Both happy to be in the finale. Both sad to see it end. Both wanting to win & both feeling like the other was better.

      • @ Bunny: I replied to you and was reminded to sign in, and when I did, my comment wound up on page 6. So see it there, if you are so inclined. πŸ™‚

      • I love how you put it that way. For me i love it when Scotty sings those hip hop/country song i think it really brings out the fun awesome and talented Scotty

    • Lauren’s song was NOT written for her. It was on Kristy Lee Cook’s post idol album from Season 7 called “Why Wait” and is the stand out song on the album.

  2. LOL!! you people are ridiculous scotty got good comments and criticism all season long! now when scotty finally gets what he deserves alot of people are pissed?? how do you guys think haley felt when the judges singled her out? scotty deserves every disadvantage possible! he got an easy ride to the final 2 he could go up on stage and fart and he’d still be safe! what goes around comes around twice as harder! I hope scotty loses.. Lauren deserves it

    • And you deserve what?
      When you say you love haley we think you know music but after that lauren?
      She barely Knows music and I don’t think she ever use an instrument.She only have voice and tears.

      • What instruments do Carrie Underwood, Sara Evans, Martina McBride, Miranda Lambert, LeAnn Rimes, Lee Ann Womack or Reba McIntyre and others play?

        Come to that, what does Scotty McCreery play? All he does is strum, which is about the most basic thing to do on a guitar.

    • You know it’s funny you say that, because Scotty has gotten WAY more criticism than Lauren EVER has! And how does Lauren ‘deserve’ it??? Scotty deserves it just as much as Lauren, who needs a reality check that not everyone is going to like her like the judges who have nothing but niceness and praise to say to her! She really needs something that’s not totally sugar coated, because without a little criticism, she won’t get very far in her career. Go Scotty!!!!!!!

      • scottyismycowboy5: Please be specific about the times ” Scotty has gotten WAY more criticism than Lauren EVER has”! Because I’m having true difficulty remembering those times?

    • No, sorry but Scotty deserves it, he has been the most consistent all year!!!!!!!!!!

      • I agree. Lauren and Scotty are both great singers though. I can’t say that either of them are horrible. But i hope Scotty wins. GOOD LUCK TO BOTH LAUREN AND SCOTTY!!!

  3. I hope Lauren will win; she has the best tone to her voice and i feel she will sell more records. I think mostly teenage girls have been voting for their “heartthrobs”; and this puts the girls on idol at a very unfair disadvantage! They should have the judges votes count for 10% as they do on dancing with the stars, would seem more like a talent show and less a popularity or “crush” show.

    • The only reason the judges are so in love with Lauren, is because she’s like the only girl that could win in the past few seasons! I understand that teenage girls are like that alot, but I don’t like how everyone’s always saying: Oh he’ll get it from the girls. Newsflash: girls look at talent too. Believe it or not, some teenage girls actually know that Scotty is better and can handle the pressure better than Lauren can.

    • actually i think that if jennifer had not made her plea for not voting off any more girls weeks ago, we would have had all guys in the final three.

      • The judges tried to influence us with James Pia and looked where it got them. The American public knows who they like and they dont like anyone telling them who they should like and they shouldnt. Scotty has been the most consistent and has shown the most growth over the season. Lauren on the other hand has lacked confidence in her abilities and that will hurt her future carreer. Scotty will record millions and will be marked in the future as one of the all time country western greats.

  4. Scotty got messed around bad last night. he was great on his pick but really down on the other 2. really bad pick for his single. can’t blame him. the whole things been rigged for lauren all season.

    • lauren has no range and her tone is only good in her comfort zone. that’s why she blew her vocal cords.

    • I love Scotty’s new song, ‘I Love You This Big’, I think they have kept Scotty humble all through AI, even though he’s never been in the bottom two they placed him at the bottom a couple of times. That night he was standing with Casy I was scared myself. Scotty has the voice that when I first heard him I stopped what I was doing to really listen too him. I love his voice

  5. I am hopeful that for the first time in 2 years, the best talent will win, i.e., Lauren. I disagree that Lauren has been shoved down our throats – in fact, I think the reverse is true. I have enjoyed listening to Scotty and think he is a real talent, but he has basically played it safe and sung the same song with the same limited vocal range now for the entire contest (15 weeks or more of the same ol’, same ol’). Laren is clearly more talented than Scotty. CLEARLY! If Scotty wins, this will be three straight years of the lesser talent winning, and three straight years of the judges voting fot the person who ended up in second place. Unlike the last two years, where the winners have all but disappeared, I DO think Scotty will have a great career. But, talent wise, he cannot shine Lauren’s shoes!

    • I honestly don’t think Lauren pushes her range either. Last night I just wasn’t feeling it. People will blame it on the vocal chords thing, but if it had really been as serious as he had said, would she have sung as awesome as she had on the last song???? I love them both, but I’m scotty all the way(;

      • No, sorry Scotty will win, he is truly the best….and if he doesn’t win, his career will go farther, just wait and see……..

  6. I have to say, this year started amazing then kind of fizzeled for me. First with Pia going home, seriously! She was a good ballad singer, but I didn’t feel she had stage presence. Then James leaving, he was by far the best. The whole Haley thing, completely turned me off. I don’t and won’t understand that at all. She wasn’t consistent at all and to have her make it to the top three after continually being in the bottom three and two, WTH??? Scotty has been consistent, has stange presence and the voice. Lauren, she is nervous and in my opinion, not there just yet.

    That all being said, since there hasn’t been a female winner in a couple years. I believe that the voting will be swayed, not counted correctly or mis guided and they will give it to Lauren. When in fact of the two Scotty clearly deserves it.

    Those are my opinions, take them for what they are worth. I was excited about this season, and then with all the “shockers”, I completely lost faith, hope, confidence and interest. I know the American People vote. But, I can’t help but wonder who is actually tallying those votes and determines the “winners” vs. the “losers”. Remember, Nigel praised and all that to Haley and James went home. When he was never in the bottom two or three.

    • DITTO!!! Very disappointing season. First they pulled in Steven Tyler’s reigns. He was great during the prelims.
      Then after shocker after shocker after shocker we get Lauren in the final 2? Give me a break. Granted she has a good voice, but she is so nervous and immature, the music industry will eat her alive.
      There were 5 this year better than Lauren.
      The final 2 should have been any two of the following: James, Pia, Casey, Haley, and Scotty.
      And Scotty got screwed with the 2 songs selected for him last night.

      • I agree. Scotty got the short end of the stick in songs last night. Not nearly as bad as the “Haley siutation” (Alanis and Stevie Nicks songs??? Puhlease…) Scotty held his own but Lauren really gained some ground. I think this was done just to make the finale more interesting because many thought it was going to be anticlimactic, aka BORING.

      • “reins”, I think you mean. (like on a horse)

        reigns (king reigns over the land)

    • Amen! Can we really be the same person? you took my toughts and wrote them down!!

      I believe scotty will win BUT I think lauren needs an idol win in order to make it in country music

    • My explanation for Haley finally rising to the top is that people finally STOPPED listening to all the negative, unwarranted and hypercritical critiques for Haley’s performances. Fan momentum for her finally called on like a tidal wave. And I find the results the night she was cut suspect, to say the least. That was manipulated by AI.

      To this day, when I listen to her songs on YouTube, I do not understand how in the world the judges said the things they did to her. She was just sensational.

      So no, Mom2be, I don’t agree with you about your feelings with regard to Haley rise to the top.

  7. I think both are deserving to win. I think Scotty will do great without the win. I would hope weren’t trying to stack the odds in her favor. If she wins it, it should on her talent and talent alone.

  8. the judges should not praise one person as they have been doing all season, especially steven tyler. scotty has done the best and deserves to win, i am pulling for him.

    • They’re not praising one person, they’re just giving their honest opinions!

      Lauren’s gonna WIN!!!!

    • Steven has thought & said everyone of the contestants were beautiful at one point or another. Remember when he hugged Jacob on stage?

  9. I think scotty deserves it hands down…he is true country, doesnt fake it to make it….he didnt have to use an emotional song to get to america or get their votes! He has gotten their votes because he is good! But I gues we will see tonight…..

  10. What a night, I love both Lauren N Scotty. Dosn’t matter much who wins, but prefer Scotty and he has been constantly on top.

    • they were trying to give the edge to Lauren because they don’t want to see her far behind in votes!

      • They’re trying to make it look like a closer race, to keep things interesting perhaps?

  11. as much as i want a girl to win this year, it’s very obvious that scotty takes home the bacon… since the very first live shows, i think scotty hooked up millions of loyal tweens, twinks, and ugly girl followers…

    but for me, haley is still the best!

    • Haley was a smartass and couldn’t take critisism. You noticed how she LAUGHED everytime someone was voted off, relieved it wasn’t her? And her not taking any critisism will hurt her in the music industry. If you are critisized and can’t take it, you might as well quit being in the music industry cause you’ll get a lot of that.

  12. hey guys dont be over confident! DONT JUST SAY HE WOULD WIN! VOTE FOR HIM AND MAKE HIM WIN!! VOTE FOR SCOTTY MCREERY! BTW DID U GUYS SEE THE PICS OF THIA AND SCOTTY? they look so cute together <333

  13. Months ago I picked Scotty, James, Haley, and Lauren to be the top 4, with a duel off between Scotty and James. I was wrong about James making the finals and not to take anything away from Lauren but Scotty will win this hands down and will be become a Country Star.

  14. It is a no brainer….Scotty all the way. Laurans voice cracks a lot. He should win hands down.

  15. Wow Poor losers is all I can say, Shut up already.Enough of your bad mouthing those kids.
    You AW’s do not know YAFAH,so why should you be so nasty. They are kids for pete sakes,just admit you are jealious and can not sing any place but the shower for fear of being beaten with an ugly stick. I wiah they both could win,but I am just greatful they both are in the top spot….

  16. What started as a very promising batch of American Idol hopefuls, is ending up with the Finale with the 2 most boring finalists. I don’t understand the tastes and preferences of American texters/voters. They got rid of those who are really the better ones and the best, and left those 2 boring ones. Oh my!What’s happening to American Idol?

    • Unfortunately, American Idol has become a “idol” show based on teenage crushes and not on talent. The last Idol series that actually chose the best singer was when Carrie Underwood was selected. Since that time, it really hasn’t produced the better talents and has basically been boring. I do think this season had some of the best talent ever (i.e Pia), but unfortunately they fell through the cracks because of teen crushes.

    • Yep…agreed 200%. Couldnt understand how American voters could have chosen these 2 for the finale. Despite the boring performances , i guess both has 50:50 chances and one of them will win based on his/her looks department!!!

      • You could have put a girl monkey in a dress and a boy monkey in a suit and cowboy hats on both monkeys and they would have been in the final together.

  17. I agree that they were pushing Lauren on us. After Jennifer Lopez made that comment about lauren, I could tell she felt bad and should not have said it. if Lauren wins, Scotty will be fine and ok with it. Everything happens for a reason.

  18. Well here’s what I think with last night. I voted for Scotty straight until I went to bed. Fist off because I think he’s the better of the two and is more ready for this type of thing than what Lauren is. I like Lauren, but I just don’t think she’s mature enough at the moment to be able to handle all the fame. Maybe in a couple of years she will be.

    I didn’t like the judges constantly pimping Lauren. Steven saying he prefers Lauren because she’s “prettier” come on this is a singing competition not a beauty pageant!

    Lauren almost had me with the “mom” song as it made me think of my mother who has been a rock for me and stood by me and supported me in every decision I have made in my life, but honestly I saw that and the “trouble” that Lauren had with her voice as a ploy to sway it in her favor. I voted hard for Scotty last night and so I hope he wins, but even if he doesn’t he will have a huge career in country music so best of luck to Lauren and Scotty both has they advance their careers. I will also be keeping an eye on James’ career because he was my pick to win this thing, and I think he should be there in the finale.

    • Shawn, I totally agree! I too voted straight scotty until I couldn’t anymore. I hated how the judges fawned over Lauren. She was good but NOT better than scotty. but he is such an amazing young man and just took it all in stride. this is why he will win. he is centered and can handle the fame better. plus that boy can SANG!

    • 100% agree I voted for a straight 1.5 hr woke up voted until they closed it at 1am. Stop the pimping it only backfires.

    • @ Shawn:

      1. Steven was joshing. Surely you know that.

      2. Lauren didn’t pick the song. You should have voted on her performance, not the song. (Though she did do much better than Scotty.) Just don’t use that as your argument. Lacks logic.

  19. lauren sings well but scotty is way better.. this is the first time i put my comment on line.. scotty is consistent while lauren’s performances have ups and downs.. i’m voting for scotty..he has charisma..his voice has character..he is a well balanced teenager (not that lauren isn’t).. his performance has more texture and you can feel the emotions thta he is able to put in each performance.. go scotty..

    • Lauren’s consistent! I don’t remember one performance the judges said they didn’t like.

      • Name a performance that wasn’t Haley’s in the last 2 months that got negative feedback from these judges. I find the panel to be entertaining in some ways, but they lack the ability to say something negative about the contestants this year.

        It simply allowed people to pick a favorite early on and never hear a negative word about them (again, not true if your favorite was Haley). Like him or not, Simon would have had some negative things to say about a slew of performances over the last month.

      • The judges may not have pointed out her flaws, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t there. Let’s be real, the judges were total softies this year. Lauren is an excellent singer, but she has had her ups and downs for sure.

      • I remember that night Lauren sang that song in that blue gown I can’t even remember the name of the song but when she finished all the judges said was that was lovely nothing more nothing less. That was a sure sign she messed up. The girl ended up in the bottom two with Jacob.

      • Scotty has ups and downs also. He had pitch issues on a LOT of his songs. Real critiques would have actually helped these singers. In comparison… I love The Voice and really enjoyed the mentoring by the judges. AI needs to focus more on that. As far as last night. I give it to Lauren but I do acknowledge that she was given a much stronger set of songs to sing. Scotty’s performance during his coronation song was ridiculous. Whoever encouraged him to do those hand motions should be run out of town on a rail.

      • nooooooooooo! you are dead wrong! Scotty is definately 110% better than Lauren! open your ears and really listen to these two and i`m almost positive that you would agree!

  20. I vote for Scotty because he is a well-rounded young man! A Cutie Pie and can sing any country song out there. Lauren doesn’t seem to be mature enough. How well would she do anyway with Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift, Sugarland and Sara Evans?? There’s no way Lauren will ever be as good as they are.

  21. I think that both of them are good, but still I have been voting for Lauren. It doesn’t matter who wins because they are both going to go far and they are both good.

    • u r a disgusting pig!! She’s a young girl and shouldn’t be even spoken about like that. get a life!!!

    • who ever said that steven is a pervert needs to quite startinq stuff juss stay out of his buisness and she is only 16 years old its not even like that with them ok understand that it is just buisness and that is really discustinq that yuh think like that so jus go away and dont make comments that dont make sence and that are jus lies!!

    • I understand that you don’t like Lauren or Steven but this is a bit much isn’t it?

    • I understand what you’re saying, but you don’t know either of them, so I would keep that little rant to yourself. Sure, we all know that Steven Tyler likes Lauren a little too much, but he’s flirted and checked out about every hot girl this season, hasn’t he? His love for Lauren isn’t much of a surprise to me…and he’s never really liked Scotty. Anyways, I don’t think Lauren would do the things you say she would, but then again it’s your opinion. My advice would be to keep little rants like that to yourself…

      • Steven Tyler has never liked Scotty. I noticed that at the very beginning and it never changed.

    • Ihstesteventyler’s comments about Lauren should have been censored. It was evil, dirty, and uncalled for

    • That was a very rude and nasty comment. why would you say such horrible things like that?

  22. I have loved Scotty since his audition. He reminds me of my son. He is humble, talented, and just an absolutely lovely person. Good luck to you Scotty!

  23. I believe that the judges decided in favor of Lauren before the start of the finale and tried to steer votes her way. Their obvious bias is a disgrace. I will not watch American Idol next season as a result of their lack of objectivity. I believe that the judges’ prejudice will impact others as it has me and lower the viewership next season.

    • Aren’t “judges” supposed to give their opinion of who they think is best? I believe that’s the way it’s worked for 10 years of American Idol.

      You don’t have to agree with them. You have a vote(s) and they don’t.

      • I thi9nk they are speaking on behave of Steven Tyler (the freak) as we call him. From day one he kept saying she was goign to win this UH You dont say that on day one How can you predict someone on first day– hes a freak anyway She sings his songs and said during tryouts her mom loved him to and brought her mom in to meet him–Thats the real deal why he likes Lauren so much

      • The first time I heard Lauren on auditions, I also said she’d win because she was awesome that day. BUT she hasn’t been that good at all since auditions. Its like she’s been holding back the whole time or something. And its not just Steven Tyler showing favoritism its all of the judges. She’s good, but they are pushing her big time.

      • Do you remember when Jennifer tried to get voters to support women contestants? That’s plain wrong. That’s not their role as judges.Jennifer wanted a woman to win! I am not at all against a woman winning, but I expect it to be based on her merits and not a gender-based vote encouraged by a judge’s plea.

        Psychologically, the judges were trying to pump Lauren up and had little unbridled encouragement for Scotty which I think did impact him somewhat.I believe their enthusiasm for Lauren had more to do with her sweet 16 Southern belle persona than her actual performance.

        Furthermore, all season Scotty has outperformed Lauren. Yet the judges appeared to be trying hard to influence the voters to base their vote on the final performance night alone. Hopefully voters took into consideration the performance of the finalists throughout the season-though I think Scotty still performed as well or better than Lauren in the finale.

    • My vote went to scotty also. While Lauren is good also Scotty is just better. His stage prformances have always been so great. His voice is just wondeful to listen to. The judges went for Lauren on the last song which totally floored me. After hearing them both I even told my hubby–“Scotty got this round” I mean his singing of “Love you this Big” was absolutely fantastic and it even brought tears to my eyes while he was singing. I couldnt believe it when they said Lauren was better at the Mama song. Absolutely wrong. Scotty I hope wins this Idol and whatever the outcome he will definately have a career of singing big records afterwards. I have enjoyed so much listening to him this season and just hate for it to end. Love You Scotty.

      • I kind of agree….but then I disagree. I think Lauren did a little better on the last round, just because I don’t think that song was best for Scotty. What I hated though, was how they totally pushed for Lauren, and nobody but Randi really even liked Scotty that much. I think all of his performances are excellent unlike Laurens. I hated that they gave Lauren this totally kick-butt song, and then Scotty’s was just all-right. So, yeah, I hope Scotty gets it all, but I think Lauren did a little better in the last round. Only because of her song.

      • I totally agree with you! I loved his last song, l kept replaying it. His song moved me a lot more than Lauren’s. They both seem to be really good kids with amazing talent, but I am hoping Scotty wins.

  24. Go Scotty, so much better than the rest all season. Don’t think America will be fooled by the very obvious attempt by the producers to sway the vote, it was so obvious they should have just put up a sign. Anyway still think Scotty will win, if not to bad idol is choosing who wins and not the voting public. Not that I don’t like Lauren as well, but she is not ready.

    • As far ahead as Scotty is in votes over Lauren and he has never been in the bottom three or two…and Lauren wins the contest…you can count on it being staged for Lauren to win….and it is not the kids faults

  25. Scotty McCreery all the way on every song. He is the Best American Idol ever. What a sweetheart this country singer is. I love you this big.

  26. The last time the judges made someone feel badly (Haley) she ended up staying and James went home….so you never know!! I love Scotty AND Lauren but would love to see Scotty win. Maybe he’ll get the sympathy vote from America after the judges downed him the way that they did.

    Here’s hoping anyway!!!!!

    • Going for my HOMETOWN boy—-Go Scotty You were fantastic last night. We are praying here in Garner,NC you are winner but in our eyes you already are and will be. You did great this season and can’t wait to see you come home. WIN OR LOSE!!!!

      • To all in Garner NC This is the first season I have watched from beginning to end because of your boy Scotty. Was blown away when I first heard his voice The country singer came to mind Josh Turner when I hear him sing . I have voted for him ever since and the fact that he never put on any acts or gimmicks and was just himself throughout the show was and is a very nice tribute to him and his family and his hometown .I am so hoping that he is the winner And from watching him if he does win He is going to be one of those people that is gong to be very humble (but a very excited Guy ) and will not let it go to his head and forget his roots and where he came from. Oh and one more thing my 8yr old niece said to me a couple of shows ago said to me Uncie when I grow up Scotty is going to be the man I marry well that was just precious to me And I can say I would be one proud Uncle if she does grow up and find someone as nice as your Scotty
        So Go Scotty !!!! from and old country boy himself here in Maine

  27. go go gO Scotty. i can’t wait for him to be crowned the next American Idol. I bet you he is going to win and he deserves it.Love you Scotty!!!

  28. I think scotty is more mature and can handle himself very well. lauren is
    too insecure of herself and will have a hard time handling all the fame and
    if she does concert she will not be able to handle it either. She is a good singer
    but scotty was consistent with his singing and has grown to be able to also
    be a good showman.

    • maybe idol wants lauren to win because she is more likely to be mallable. scotty stuck to his guns about what he sings.

  29. Am a huge fan of American Idol and every year I am disappointed in the final voting. Lets hope that America get it right this year, Scotty is a clear winner. Besides that, James should have been in the finale with Scotty, Haley should have come in 3rd. Lauren is too similar to previous idol winners and is too immature to take the title. From, Janice, Pretoria, Republic of South Africa

  30. I voted this year , I never voted before it has been Scotty all the way . he is the one to be a country star . Good luck Scotty

  31. Both of them are winners to me. I enjoy listening to Scotty the most! He is such a gentlemen. Lauren is precious.

  32. Stopped watching ” Country Idol ” a few weeks ago. Moved on to ‘ The Voice “. Hoping they have a better and a far more fair way to vote than Idol does

    • Scotty is amazing! I love his voice! I voted a ton for him last night! Sadly I have to work so I won’t get to see the finale live but I’ll be praying for Scotty! My parents like lauren but like I told them, Scotty has all the young girls routing for him, they are all gunho about him winning so they will vote, Lauren I feel has a lit of people voting for her but not literally voting for her. Scotty has the excited little teenagers who just sit and vote just to watch him win, yes I’m one of these teens πŸ™‚ GO SCOTTY McCREERY!

    • to me the voice is ok. but their performers don’t really seem to be ameteurs.

      • The singers aren’t supposed to be amateurs on The Voice. They’re allowed to be professionals. The difference often shows.

  33. I didn’t vote last night but I did see how Lauren’s performances kinda outweighed Scotty. I still Like Scotty over Lauren only because I like his voice a lot better. Not to say she doesn’t have a nice song voice just that I prefer Scotty’s over Laurens. Scotty has been ahead and has never fallen to the bottom. I’m going to say Scotty wins this one. In the end they are all winners and it only comes down to who stayed up late last night sending multiple votes to their fav.

    • hi i also hope scotty mccreery win as he have a very deep voice… his mom must feel prove of him…let pray for him to win and please…………….vote for him

    • Honestly Lauren is better than Scotty. Lauren is gonna win American Idol tonight

      • if lauren wins it will be because america fell for the ploys that idol hyped to get her votes. don’t get me wrong i like lauren and was hoping for a scotty lauren finale, but last night was not fair.

      • I agree that Lauren should win; she can hit the high notes while Scotty has sung songs with very few hight notes. That’s why the Judges selected a song for Scotty with high notes. All in all they’re both excellent and all the 11 contestants were excellent.

      • Totally agree Sherry…last night was a farce…Scottys percentage rate is twice as high as Laurens…JMO Scotty didnt look happy last nite..he is a real Gentleman and it would not be a surprise if they told him who was going to win before finals started

      • DITTO SHERRY!!! And yes they gave Scotty a song with high notes but he hit every damn one of them now didn’t he!!! I was happy enough the week Haley finally got kicked off. But tonight I will be even happier if Scotty takes the win because although I like both Lauren and Scotty, I do feel that the show definately pulled anything stunt they could last night to sway in Lauren’s direction! Bad move AI!

      • Sherry, I agree, last night was not fair. I also did not like the video being played during their performances, it was distracting. The last songs, I thought, were suppose to be originals written just for them for the finale but Lauren’s song was done before by two different artists. NOT FAIR GO SCOTTY, I LOVE YOU

      • sherry: If Scotty wins tonight it will be because Apeople like you fell for the reverse psycholgy manipulation ploy set for you. Oh how weak the mind can be.

    • I love them both, but Scotty is the best and has been the most consistent the whole season. Lauren has grown a lot, but is very lucky she even made it to the final two. Scotty is a North Carolina boy, has the talent and most of all loves Jesus and I am so proud of him!!

      • I agree that the judges were too pushy for Lauren last night, she was good, but no better than Scotty.

      • I think Scotty was looking as though he was upset about something. Laura was grinning from ear to ear and gave a big thumbs up to someone in the audience. She acted as though she had already been chosen. But, it is not over until the fat lady sings, and Lauren will sing again tonight.

    • When it all comes down to it…this season has been full of wonderful singers who will all get contracts of some sort! Look at Chris Daughtry!!!
      I do,however, think the judges were awful because they didn’t tell it like it was….Where is Simon?? He would have told it like it was and not made things all fluffy and pretty and rainbow like…they need a person with guts for the judges panel!!

    • You are so right CYN..making statements as who is the winner before the voting started…I hoped lt back fired and got Scotty more votes JNO

      • I think everyone was angry about the way the judges acted last night. The whole show was a farce. First, Ryan said Lauren was sick (although Lauren said she was fine in a sheepish way), then the doctor said she burst her vocal cord. I find that hard to believe. Then the judges ranted on and on about how great she was. When she sang the song to her mom (which Carrie Underwood said she wanted to sing five years ago – plus the song had already been recorded) she started down the stairs and Ryan ran over to escort her down to her mother. Now that was already planned – by Judges and Ryan – and if AI thinks the viewers are so dumb they cannot see thru it, they are dumb. American viewers saw it, and they did not like it.

    • I really really really hope Lauren wins for many many many reasons. She’s the greatest singer on American Idol. I hope Lauren got more votes than Scotty which I think she actually did.

      • Sorry …no way…I am not against .Lauren.. but the votes according to polls…puts Scotty over 40 percent

      • If she did, it was because the votes were manipulated…with the doctor, and the mommy song. AI was not playing fair last night.

      • Sorry, all the polls say Scotty is ahead of Lauren by a large margin. If Lauren wins then we will know AI manipulated the votes. I like Lauren’s singing but I love Scotty’s singing and stage presence. He always tells a story with his voice.

  34. I’ve been a Scotty fan from the first time he auditioned. It’s only gotten stronger for me. I’ve never been a skeptic before, but after hearing the judges and reading all your comments, I do feel that skepticism now. They are clearly pushing for a girl to win, that’s for sure. I do think that vocal problem thing with Lauren was blown way out of proportion as there wasn’t even a hair of a hint of vocal struggle there, not even the littlest scratch. I hope America sees through this crap. Please please vote for Scotty! He deserves the win! All the way around.

    • Gail: And you are most likely one of those people who complain about the voting system. I would not boast or brag about how many times, how long, or how much you voted.

      • Sorry Gail. When the judges were as biased as they were, we Scotty fans had to circle our wagons.

  35. Everybody must be mad Scotty has no real music appeal, yes he has a good country voice but i would never waste my money buying his record. The best singers left a long time ago. This sort of thing has been happening for many a season now, where the so called public seem to vote for the worst performer just to buck the system. Just another reason why i stopped watching this program many years ago. Just tuned in to see if things have changed, obviously not.

      • Wow! Why are you such a Lauren hater? They are both very good for their age, but in my opinion Scotty always sounded the same and at times tried to sound like the professional singer who’s song he was singing. If you are so proud of the fact that he “acknowledged” God, then surely you know you should not be so judgmental with your comments about Lauren. God Bless πŸ™‚

      • I definitely agree with you on this one Elizabeth. They are both really good singers for their age. Scotty always sounds the same and Lauren is very talented.

    • Don’t hate on Lauren. Lauren is the best singer on American Idol. She is practically better than Scotty. Her outfits are so not stupid and she does not have a fake smile. Lauren is a real person and she looks like a pro more than Scotty does. No matter who wins Lauren is gonna be so much better. Lauren is the next American Idol.

      • Scotty is a natural…no gimmicks…calm…cool…and collected…in full control….all that and he has talent…full package

      • I honestly think both of them have a somewhat boring stage presance. But, then again, Country music can be like that. As what you have is someone telling a story, without all the bells and whistles that rock music has. Both of the top 2 have great voices. Scotty’s is more unique And Laurens is more well rounded. Which one will be more successful, I can not say. But, I would think the uniqueness of Scottty’s will carry him futher.

      • Pretty obvious who prefers to stick with the “cookie-cutter” talent vs. those who appreciate new, unique talent. JMO.

    • Gazza,

      Maybe he will give you a cd for free, since he already has a record deal! I guess the production company should have consulted an expert like you before offering him a record contract?? It’s easy to throw darts at someone who bothers you by attaining fame in their life. I also like your “vote to buck the system” comment. Yes, I am sure milliions of people vote due to them “not liking” a contestant! You are a very critical individual, has your medication run out or are you in need of a psych. evaluation? Good Luck in your Pity!

  36. I just wanted to say that I think both are very good and will go far in their careers. However, I do offer kudos to Scotty for his comment to Lauren as he came on stage at the end of the show, it seemed to us that he told her that her song performance was beautiful. Hats off to both of them.

    • So true Barb! Both Scotty and Lauren are sweet kids and both deserve to win. I didn’t care for Scotty’s last song as much as Lauren’s but regardless both performed well. Scotty and Lauren have developed a bond with each other and will probably remain long time friends. Good luck to both of them!

  37. I strongly feel Lauren will win. Besides her pure voice, she appeals to the masses with a humble spirit and showed great respect for the competition with how she presented her self in dress & attitude. She had to overcome a tremendous obstacle with the vocal cord damage. Scotty has a fabulous voice, but comes off a bit arrogant.

    • I do not think there was ANY vocal cord damage. I sing… vocal cord damage is not repaired by a shot of medicine, it takes DAYS to recover!!!

      • Lauren is another Carrie Underwood wannabe and her voice is not unique like Scottys. And I agree with u kmccormick46 that they was not any vocal damage and if they was it does takes days to recover. What a phony.

    • You must be watching a different AI then I have been watching. Scotty has been humble all throughout the competition.

      • And he has been polite, patriotic, clean cut, friendly and a very likeable person. Plus he sings well.

      • I can not recall seeing a arrogant Scotty, ever. Very Humble, down to earth guy I think. Scotty and Lauren are class acts I think. Though I those fans of theirs that called Haley a whore and bitch … could use a few lessons in the class act department.

      • forgot to put the word “think” in there. A reflection of my own short commings maybe.

    • SCOTTY? Comes of as ARROGANT?

      Good Lord. No wonder Haley didn’t stand a chance in hell if SCOTTY is arrogant.

      Scotty is the single most humble human being I’ve seen in a long time – and he’s a BIG STAR on TV. He was brought to tears by all of the adulation and praise he got from his fans back home. He kept saying “This is unbelievable” and he was overwhelmed with emotion. Why? Because he’s got a small ego and his ego was not BIG ENOUGH to take it all in. Ego-maniac stars expect and DEMAND love from the public. Scotty didn’t believe it was true.

      At that moment, you had to know the young man was not high on himself one single bit and he IS a gentleman and he IS being very supportive and a good friend to Lauren right now. (Sheesh, did you see her putting her head on his shoulder? He’s either a friend or a big brother to her.)

      I’m not the world’s biggest Scotty fan but let’s give him a break here!

      • Nicely said Northern Guy! Ya brought a few tears to my eyes just as Scotty did when I watched the episode of him returning home.

  38. SCOTTY ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!I said the first time I heard him I’d buy his CD right now!!!HANDS DOWN…either way he is well on his way to Success!!!!
    He’s confident and a true performer and sooo gifted!!!!!!PRAYING FOR YOU SCOTTY!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Scotty sure is a hometown favorite here in Raleigh and there is no escaping all of the publicity by the local news stations and radio stations. I think that Lauren is great but I don’t think it’s her year to win Idol. My vote lies with Scotty. As for the future I think that we can count on both of them being recording artists and even doing a duet sometime in the near future as they are amazing when singing together on the show.

  40. Both singers are wonderful. While I favor Lauren because I’ve known her for many years and know what kind of person she is and how beautiful her voice is, I think both of these kids have done an amazing job and worked hard to get where they are. The comments that some make regarding how they dress, how they act…without really knowing the person, who are you to judge? Take a look in the mirror.

    • I think people do not understand that how the dress etc. are all decided for them – the network has stylists that choose everything for them based on what they think their fans want to see. For Scotty, country informat shirt and jeans. For Lauren, pron dresses and cute outfits… We do not really now if these are really their styles…

  41. I hope Scotty wins. My favorite since I first heard/saw him. I am struck by how he won the coin toss but deferred to Lauren, his congratulating her after her last performance and his genuine, down-to-earth reactions/behaviors during his home visit. I voted hard for him and hope it was enough! Can’t wait for his first cd!

  42. Even though I prefer Lauren, I gotta give kudos for Scotty for his gracious acceptance of the way the evening played out. I heard that he is quoted as saying that Lauren’s mom performance was beautiful and almost made him cry. He learned a lot from the Jacee incident…and he is a good kid. Nigel says 100million votes and counting.

    • Scotty is an amazing kid! He won the coin toss and deferred to Lauren…. who elected to go 2nd. He is truly a gracious person and will go far in the country scene… he will be embraced by them all.

    • No Matter who wins..they will be gracious and happy for each other…they both have good backgrounds….Scotty is tops in his class…also you dont hear slurs from their fans regarding other contestants

      • I stand by my statement but take exception to this remark. As a Haley fan, I remember all to too well …the slurs and negativity from the Scotty/Lauren FANS….including slut, rude, and pole dancer. But I have never heard a bad word from any of the contestants about anyone else. And the last two seem like exceptionally nice kids.

  43. I dont think there was any vocal cord damage. I think it was to push Lauren. I dont think it was fair to Scotty and I think the judges should be told that everyone saw what they was doing.

    • If you or anyone else is not a practicing Medical Physician and you did not actually exam and see Lauren’s throat – then GIVE IT A REST!!!

      • I heard a rasp in her voice last night which was never there before. Her voice is ALWAYS very clear with no rasp, but last night it was clearly there. My wife heard it as well. Injury or strain, who can say – but it almost seemed as if her vocal chords were tired or something.

        I don’t think they made this up… and she’s been pushing her voice harder and harder lately too. Perhaps by pushing herself she discovered her vocal limits.

    • Ann, you are totally right. It was basically a “shove Lauren at the voters” night. It’s been that way all along, bashing her female competitor, the song choices that obviously do nothing for her opponents…. and now a FAKED vocal injury…. nicely done producers. Next time try to not be so obvious. Let her tears do the talking.

    • ann cline: I would very much so like to point out that Lauren was quite uncomfortable with Ryan bringing up the vocal cord issue. She also seemed mortified when the doctor came out.

      • Are you kidding? She was eating it up. She knew it was a scam, and she went along with it. I remember when Ryan tried to act like there was something going on between Scotty and Lauren, and Lauren went along with it, grinning like a cheshire cat, but Scotty spoke up and said there was nothing going on, that they were like brother and sister. Then Lauren admitted there was nothing going on. She would have never said that if Scotty hadn’t told the truth.

      • Mauna: You must have been watching a different show than I. Lauren for the first time all season showed a bit of sass at Ryan. When he asked about her vocal cord problem in rehersal she said “Don’t worry about it. I’m here & ready to sing”. She was quite codesending in her remark.

        I too believe that it was another AI manipulation ploy. But it was not aimed at getting votes for Lauren. It was meant for Scotty’s benefit.

      • There is no way Lauren did not know the doctor was coming on stage. There is something called rehearsals for goodness sake! Everything has to be timed and practiced. She didn’t put her hand to her mouth and act shocked. I don’t think she had any say in the decision….the producers probably told her it was happening..period.

  44. Regardless of who wins – they both deserve a lot of credit!! Both of them have amazing voices and they are the two youngest ones to be in the finally! I wish both of them great success, but I have to be honest and say that Lauren has been my favorite from the very beginning πŸ™‚ and it helps that she is from Georgia too πŸ™‚

  45. i fully agree with what GAZZA said.I myself has stopped watching AI because of the proclaimed winners.It all started with Clay Aiken, who i think should win. then Adam Lambert…i have not heard anything about Cris Allen and Reuben S.

  46. You people are being biased towards Lauren,seriously!
    Yes,Scotty got a great deep voice,but he will never get away from Country genre,while Lauren is more versatile,she can do Country,Pop,Rock and more.And besides,Scotty never stepped out from his comfort zone from the very beginning,no break out or sorts,just same old same old.Why can’t you people give Lauren credit she deserves?She works her butt off and she gives her best every weeks.Yes,she is not as mature,stable,experienced veteran like Scotty,but “improve” can definitely sort things out.

    • Chris, how many people sing on the radio and flop between heavy metal and rap or rap and country. Scotty is a COUNTRY SINGER why deviate from the best. Does Steven Tyler sing Opera?? That doesn’t make him a bad singer; it is a preference to sing whatever you want. How many country songs did James sing? I like james but he is a rocker, Scotty is a country singer and most of the others were confused!

      • Chris is trying to make a point …I think it is a good one. Some people are able to cross genres….such as John Bon Jovi, Jewel, Darius Rucker of Hootie and the Blowfish, and finally mr Robert Plant himself of Led Zeppelin who had an award winning country album with Alison Krause. So yeah people do it.

  47. Sorry but I don’t the sympathy plays get to me. I look at the entire seasons performances and my vote goes to Scotty. Lauren hurt her throat,awwww!
    Lauren sings a song about mothers, awwww! Lauren goes down and hugs her mother during the song, awww! Lauren and her mother cry – give me a break.
    This is ridiculous. The idol award should be won
    through merit not sympathy votes.

      • If you have ever had your tonsils removed..the pain and recovery time is about the same in that area..full recovery 8 to 10 daya

    • Well – we all know that James tried to play the sympathy card as well and it did not work for him… but with Lauren we just never know…

      • Yeah,and this applies the same to Stefano as well!I mean,how many times they kept mentioning about his tragic life before?But unlike Stefano,James is actually a great singer.

    • Ditto. Scotty wasn’t my pick, but I did vote like crazy for him last night.

    • Scotty’s parents were balling their faces off too. How could any parent contain their emotions – love and pride – for young people who have worked so hard and gone so far?

      Music is ABOUT conveying emotion. Sympathy has nothing to do with it – it’s about emotion – like the emotion James and Haley can put into THEIR music.

      • Sorry NG . . . I’m not feeling vested in these results . . .

        Just wanted to correct your:
        “balling” to “bawling”
        Whole different meaning, NG!!

    • sofasu: So how do you feel about the couple of times Scotty sang to his Grandmother, who was sitting in the audiance?

  48. Frankly,I will never understand the conspiracy theory.So Lauren is not allowed to have a sore throat or sing a mom’s song in the finale,huh?And even if they tried to manipulate the votes,are you people that stupid to get carried away?People vote for their favourite,and if that happens to be true,Lauren would have been eliminated when she got criticism from the judges for singing “Any Man of Mine”.Grow up,people!

  49. Both are good however Lauren has hit many more high notes compared to Scotty (that is why the Judges (last week) selected a song for him to sing with high notes. All 11 final contestants were awesome.

    • I think Lauren is the superior vocalist but then again I think Haley is better than both of them and simply failed because her musical style appeals to a smaller fan base.

      Raw talent had nothing to do with this weeks ago. Scotty and Lauren are exceptional singers and people too, but they are NOT more talented than Haley Reinhart. Not by a long shot. Haley singing “In the Deep” or “I Who Have Nothing” is proof of this, and she got standing O’s for far more performances.

      Anyways, I’ve always said I would not be upset by a Scotty win. The entire top 11 are awesome and any of the top 4 or 5 was an Idol in my opinion. James’ voice seemed to weaken towards the end – perhaps the emotions or his health issues got to him. He peaked at “Uprising” (for me) and struggled thereafter. “While my Guitar… Weeps” was proof positive this guy is far more than just a heavy metal screamer.

      Quite a ride this season has been. I think Scotty will win it. I hope to see work from Pia, Casey, James and Haley in addition to Lauren and Scotty. I’d actually rather get a Lauren album because I’m not the worlds biggest country fan and Lauren will likely do more pop/country type music ala Carrie Underwood. I can think of 10 male country singers I’d rather listen to than Scotty though. No offense to his fans, but he’s NOT the greatest country singer to hit the scene in 20 years. He’s just not. He’s amazing for his age and the best country singer IDOL has seen – but not NASHVILLE.

  50. she cant sing high notes ???? then why is she singing at first place ????? love scotty he has a flexible voice love him i hope he wins big time he is so talented……

  51. I hope Scotty wins. Even tough he is the same age as Lauren, he doesn’t behave like a kid

  52. i love the new song Scotty sang cant wait for the cd. Even if Lauren is declared the winner, i bet all the money in the world Scotty will out record her in sales.

      • Actually, some norwegian dude won world idol when he beat kelly clarkson. Neither scotty or lauren are going to be the best runner up ever, let alone the best winner ever.

  53. Doesn’t matter who wins….. Scotty will have the biggest career! Sucks for Lauren.

  54. Are you people stoned or something, scotty is horrible. He never tried anything other than country and when he sings he looks like an idiot the way he holds the mic and moves around. I like lauren and hope she wins but the real travesty is that neither james, pia, or haley were in the finale, they were clearly better than the two in the final, and that is the fault of the sorry judges, randy is a complete and total jckass and has no business being a judge, same goes for jlo. This season of american idol was the worst ever, and that’s pretty bad considering taylor hicks and other sorry singers@ that won.

    • Jerad, Please take the other half of your Pill! I am sorry your thoughts are extremely jaded and ill-willed. You do have a point when saying James is as good as the two finalists but your pick on Haley being better than the two finalists is probably incorrect. American Idol represents attitudes and public opinion as well as singing ability. Haley’s attitude as “better than everybody” is and was her demise; not to mention the janice joplin vocals died in the 60’s! As far as your comments on the judges, did you not see them pushing for Lauren last night? They have a true ear for the vocals and have “made it” in life. You are quick to place blame, fault and ill-will on everyone that has done something you will never have the honor to achieve. Good luck in your Pity, take the other half of your pill and CRY BABY CRY while watching Scotty take the win for Good OLE GARNER, NC! By the way, I was at his church this morning for my son’s graduation from preschool, Scotty is a permanent fixture in that building, it might be the reason he is in it to win it. Take notes and go visit your local church, your attitude needs a little help from the Lord above. Good luck with your adventures. Sincerely, Tom

      • Great Post!!! My husband of 57 years and I LOVE Scotty! He will be a great example for the young people that admire thed Americann Idol.

      • Tom … there are people out here that don’t agree with you about Haley’s “attitude” … Haley knew who she was as a performer the same way James did. That is confidence in your own performance, not a bad attitude. Haley has exceptional talent as do many of the other contestants. Unfortunately, I think Idol manipulates the voting to get the outcome they want.

      • I believe Lauren will win tonight, James’ power voters push hard for Scotty last week but likely not this week then add some of Haley’ girls voting for Lauren its dead end.

      • Tom Floyd, how about you practice what you preach? Doesn’t god say to reserve judgements? Do you think he would want you to tell people to take pills? Wow. You don’t know Haley, who are you to say she has a bad attitude?

      • Devin Lee, I’ve missed you so!!! I hate to tell ya this girl but I’ve been really shaken by some of these idiots. I’ve taken to calling them ugly names. Well deserved ugly names, but not usually in my character. Did you read that one idiot that accused Lauren of sleeping with Steven Tyler? Some of the things that are posted here are beyond belief!

      • bunny, i barely been on here cause i cannot stand to see lauren or scotty bashed. they are young kids. i just hope the people posting these horrible things are tweens. i pray adults are not that horrible.

      • @B-scot:

        What James’ power voters? The reason he was voted off is because his music resonates with an older audience, which probably don’t powervote nearly as much as people rooting for Scotty or Lauren.

  55. Song choice all season has seemed particularly poor, with both Scotty and Lauren choosing “safe,” predictable (boring) song selections which never roamed far from their genre (country), and certainly did not require any vocal stretching outside their bland comfort zones. I think many of us more mature (age-wise) fans really don’t
    care all that much who wins this season. The only interest I personally found in the season were some of the selections made by Haley, Casey, and James (and even then, only occasionally).

    • I agree Georgette. Those 3 were the truly riveting and special performers of the season. Creativity and originality should stand for more than it does on this show.

  56. I didnt care for the song Lauren sang, dont get me wrong Jimmy picked a good song, just not sure every time I put in this cd I want to think about my mother. Maybe on Mothers Day i guess.

    • I’m with you there … I didn’t have a good relationship with my Mom and I don’t want to hear about mothers in general … I think I will wait for Haley’s and James’ CD’s (oh yeah, and I do like country, so no, I’m not a country hater).

  57. The Tuesday finale showdown was such a joke. It went along so lesurely with no fanfare at all, that when it was finished you wondered “So that was it! Where was all the excitement” It was probably the least exciting show all year on AI. Tonights event will be better, only becuase of being able to see all the other much more interesting other contestants perform. The final two are so vanilla, that it really makes no difference who wins. Just don’t care.

    • That’s because it was boring song choices.. started out ok.. but fell very flat

  58. Love both Scotty and Lauren but the judges sure were puhing for Lauren last night. I really think on the final night of competition the judges should NOT be able to select their favorites or even guess who will win. Let the viewers decide.

    • It won’t make much difference though, as I am sure Scotty will win regardless, But the judges have been pimping Lauren so much this year, and it doesn’t make any difference how good or bad she did. It was always beautiful. As one blog had mentioned, she could come out with her dog and have it crap on stage, and they would be praising on how great it was. The judging this year was particularlty biased and bad!

  59. American Idol 2011: Top 2 – Who was the Best? Lauren Alaina 34%
    Scotty McCreery 65%

    Created on May 24, 2011 Total Votes: 14,463

    VERY VERY TELLING – Don’t tell me this isn’t a good indication of what America REALLY votes.. Unfortunately, I fear it’s pre-determined (I sincerely hope I am wrong, I want to believe Idol, but starting to not)

    • I too have lost faith in AI, remember back during the audition phase. A camera crew was at Scotty house BEFORE he auditioned??? And they were at James, Laurens and Stephano. How did they know THEN that we would be following all of them into the top 10???

    • The poll here does not reflect what will happen – Haley would be against Scotty right now if it were. I think at one point Haley (on here) was almost tied with Scotty at around 40% Each (38 and 42%?) and Lauren had about 20%. Haley was voted out that night.

      The pole here is interesting but it’s somehow very different from what happens.

      • NG: As you know, Lauren fans have been in the minority on this site from early on. I think that had to do with all the nasty things that were said about her on this site. The Lauren fans were not fighters like the Haley fans. I for one chose to ignor & it eventually went away. But now “they’re here”, again. TMO as to way Lauren doesn’t rank in the polls accurately on this site.

  60. I think Lauren has a good chance at winning it all. Her voice is so pure and she sings more modern country while Scotty sings more classic country. She will be popular on radio. Plus Lauren’s new single really gave her an edge. I didn’t get Scotty’s? “I Love You This Big”???? Is that even correct grammar? Carrie will always be my favorite Idol, but Lauren reminds me of her a little bit.

    • Its country music…grammar is not really a big concern there. Scotty didn’t write that song. Nor did he pick that song. He just had to sing a song someone else decided he should sing.

  61. I think that lauren is the winner tonight she won my vote the last song she did brought tears in my eyes lauren won

    • So your ignoring all the technical flaws in Lauren’s perfomances last night? First song her voice crackled on high notes, 3rd song, out of pitch, twice, voice cracked on a high note, and she had to swallow, and was late coming into a verse after a run.. just going to ignore all that?? Because of a sappy slow song? Well.. your exactly the example of what Idol was trying to do for Lauren…

      • And I like Lauren, but she was not judged correctly last night.. and honestly, I’m not leaning either way on who wins, Scotty was better last night, but the Idol show made it obvious who they want..

  62. Have liked Scotty right from the start!!! I’m 74. Always liked good country music.

  63. Scotty definitely has the better voice. No strain and he just sings. He has true God given talent. As for Lauren the judges (with all of their pushing her and it is quite clear they are doing that) turns me totally off.
    Go Scotty!!!

  64. Question ….. does anyone besides me miss Simon Cowell ?? He could be brutal and quite a few times I did’nt agree with his opinion but he stayed the same none the less.

  65. Scotty canta bien pero siempre usa el mismo tono de voz al cantar, es un poco aburrido la verdad escuchar un cd entero con tono country puesto que no es capaz de cambiarlo. Lauren a pesar de ser chica tiene un tono de voz espectacular, no aburriria en un concierto puesto que es capaz de manejar su voz para mostrar diferentes tonos gustosos la oido. A GANARRRR LAUREN

  66. Well I have to say Scotty is my pick for the win Only because I see him much more calm and more relaxed on stage and almost seems like he is a natural being on stage Now don’t get me wrong I am not say that Lauren is a good singer as well but it just seemed as though she had a bit more nervousness while on stage I think that all the pressure and commitment it takes to put into this title it seems that Lauren might crack under the pressure sooner than Scotty . I study people for a living 8hrs a day so that is from my professional opinion about these two .
    But my personal opinion I have to go with Scotty Seeing as I am or came from good ole country stock myself growing up
    So I have to say GOOD LUCK SCOTTY

  67. Every instant overnight poll by every media research group has Scotty winning by 3-2 margin. Sorry to play spoiler. But enjoy tonights show anyway

  68. Rumors for 2 months have been Lauren has it locked, we will see tonight if Lauren Alaina Suddeth wins.
    Food for thought Coke is a major sponsor and where is their headquarters and senior management located?

  69. come on guys its laren you got to vote for her scotty will aleady be on the radio. Laren needs this for her mom. do you want her to crash and burn?

    • OH stop for the love of pete! Because her MOM needs it??? Her mom was front and center in front of the camera all year long.. that should never have been allowed.. Sorry… Lauren needs this for her mom.. Give all of us a freak’n break..

      • TheRealDan: And Scotty should be allowed to sing to his Grandmother in the audience? He should be allowed to play the pray card? I really like both of these kids, but lets be fair.

  70. Kristy Lee Cook sang Lauren’s single on her album some time ago. Thought they were supposed to be originals written for them.

    • WOW – thanks for pointing that out Connie! They did in fact tell America that the songs were originals written for each contestant. A bit unfair in my opinion. Giving Lauren a song like that will certainly sway some votes in her direction but I am still pulling for Scotty. He is so genuine!

  71. I miss the old country that Scotty sings. We don’t need any more “pop/country.” Plus Scotty is ready for this and his voice makes me melt inside! I wish I was American so that I could vote! GO SCOTTY!

    • He’s 17, you really just want a George Strait clone? Sheeze give the guy a break and let him do something a little more exciting..

      • Scotty is 110% a better singer than Lauren Alaina! if Lauren wins it`s because the audience was pushed that way by the blindsided judges who just want a female winner this year! Scotty is definately the best!

      • Sorry…Scotty is not like George Strait…they have completely different styles. On the other hand he sounds exactly like Josh Turner.

  72. I thought the judges were unfair in their comments. At the least I think they sought to influence the voting. I’m for Scotty.

    • I agree totally. I thought Tyler was extremely rude. And I didn’t like the doctor coming on stage either.
      I am all for Scotty and have been from the first time I saw him audition.

      • I agree totally.The doctor bit was ridiculous. Tyler mistook a singing contest for a beauty contest??!! Scotty all he way!

    • I agree. Don’t get me wrong, I like Lauren too but Scotty runs consistent circles around her. We’ve had lots of Lauren’s in the past several years. Scotty is new and unique. Not to mention genuine. GO SCOTTY GO!!!

    • I hope america didn’t fall for the judges attemt to sway the votes….. like the week James was voted off in response to the “poor taste” comments they made about Haley.

    • I agree with you Karen. Also to bring the “doctor” up on stage to get sympathy votes for Lauren was totally uncalled for!!! Yes – the judges were very “unfair” to Scotty and not being very unbiased. They should have just given support to BOTH of the singers. I have been for Scotty since his audition and I hope he WINS!!!!

      • I agree, I too like Lauren but to push for a female to win this year is totally uncalled for. The best singer be it female or male should win the contest and Ryan needs to stop asking the judges “Who won this round?”

      • NG: I am a Lauren fan, however, I am against AI manipulation for any contestant. That having been said… Do you really think that Lauren should be made to suffer because of what was done? I felt that she was clearly against Ryan bringing up the throat thing. And she was mortified when he brought the doctor out.

  73. I’m sick of Randy saying “In it to Win It”
    Okay already, find something new Randy. Also why was Randy so obsessed with getting Haley eliminated. She was great. I think Randy should be replace next season.

      • AI needs new judges all around…. or better yet, time for the show to be over. 10 years is enough.

      • Randy needs to go! I thought I was sick of all the “Dog” crap he used to do but this “In it to Win It” is just as annoying!

      • I agree, the judges are so retarded, they should all be replace. I am sick of Randy’s “In it to win it” crap and “dog”, what the Hell y is he calling them dogs, retard. Steven always is sick, stop saying that girls that could be their grandchildren, and JLo, WTF! thats all i got to say. Take it or leave it. I like country music but Scotty has a deep voice that I love and Lauren is just another Carrie Underwood, Lame.

  74. I like both Scotty and Lauren —Scotty being my Absolute Favorite. I do not have words that could describe how I felt when Steven Tyler got all drippy over Lauren and for that matter all the other women contestants before her. He could be their Grandfather. I thought it was very special of J-Lo to say it was too hard to call and they both could win it. Steven was disgusting . Randy actually only got carried away a couple of times– at least I respect his opinion over Tyler’s . I don’t think he knows what a range or a pitch is. Sorry, just my opinion.

    • Tyler just seams to be the male version/replacement for Paula. Never “all there” ya know.

      • That is funny–I never thought of that comparison before but it works for me.

    • That’s the only reason I tolerate Steven is because he is a total replacment for Paula and when I heard how much Haley appreciated his pleasant remarks after being beaten up by the other two I felt the contestants need a person like that. Adam Lambert always appreciated Paula.

    • I feel with all the push of Lauren that she will win. The thing with old perv steven tyler he probaly wants some from lauren. Scotty will be better off as runner up because he will not be tyed down with idol for a year.

      • Oh please …maybe you feel it was wrong for him to state his opinion but this sexual innuendo is over the top and uncalled for.

  75. I think it’s backfired before when they backed a contestant. People can see through their bias. I voted for Scotty as well. Have liked them all season. Lauren seems nice, but she was not the most talented girl for them to push to the finale. They want another Carrie Underwood and need someone unique, IMO. Lauren has a lovely voice but it’s not unique.

    • I agree with Connie. We do not need another Carrie!!! Scotty is the bomb. I have liked him since the beigning and he deserves the spot. The judges should not be trying to sway the votes. I hope america see through them.

    • And besides Lauren is no Carrie to begin with. If you look back at Carrie’s performances during her time she was at a whole different level the. Lauren. Lauren hold back.

  76. The result of the poll puzzled me much..How come its not 100% if you total the percentiles of votes of Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery. 34+65 = 99.

  77. Early results indicate that for the first time ever a tv show pitted against an American Idol Finale had a higher viewing audience. DWTS had more viewers than Idol last night. Despite having an overall upsurge in viewers this year, last nights finale had the lowest viewing audience for a finale in the history of the show.

    • That doesn’t surprise me. It was a very mellow and sleepy finale. We had Dancing with the Stars on at my house, just due to the rumors that James was going to perform…he didn’t, but I’m glad we were a part of sticking it to Idol and their rigging techniques.

      • I have felt that this show is rigged all through this season. I have voted for Scotty and watched him since the auditions. He is clearly not a favorite of the judges and am a little surprised he is in the finale simply for that reason only. He has so much talent and is truly a breathe of fresh air. Lauren has been shoved down our throats. I like her but Hailey had more talent. Hope Scotty wins but who really knows with all the rigging.

      • Connie D: Not sure what you have been watching? Scotty has been a judges’ favorite from the beginning.

  78. American Idol Blatently pushed Lauren down our throats last night. The song they gave Scotty was not a song for a 17 year old, it was a man to a child. Not relating to Scotty at all. They give Laren the sappy mother song, tears and all with her mom, and the Dr. comes on stage to say she has a disadvantage. I am with Brandon on this.

    • It’s a shame they had to push her this hard… Haley wouldn’t have needed it. I just pray Scotty will take this to prove the stupid producers wrong, and to take Lauren down a notch.

    • I agree and Haley got bad songs last week for under 18yrs old. James’ Journey song hurt him far more than many realize.

      • Haley was far better than Lauren. I hope Scotty takes it tonight. Lauren will curl up and cry like a little kid. Haley should have taken it all. Randy needs to go, quit already with the in it to win it.

      • I have watched every year since Season #1. Everytime anyone attempted to sing a Journey song, it has been a failure. When are they going to get it through their heads that there is no comparison to Steve Perry’s perfect pitch, perfect clarity, and perfect volume. For those of us who have listened since the 70’s, Perry’s voice is permanently imprinted in our brains and everyone else just sounds weird or wrong.

  79. What an amazing duo! I live near Garner and we are absolutely thrilled that our “hometown boy” is representing his town and state with pride! He and Lauren have get attitudes and seem to be very respectful young adults. It is nice to see the compassion they are sharing between each other. I am rooting for Scotty to win, but a win for either one will be just fine in my book as I feel they both are demonstrating what it is the be a true AMERICAN IDOL.

  80. for me the best of they both to take this position is lauren why? because scotty looks like a child and he looks like he want to take this like a joke he is not really serious and the person who looks that wants wins this really is LAUREN

    • Scotty wants to win just like Lauren does. He just has an upbeat outgoing personality. You can not assume what he is thinking and feeling.

      • yes you right i can’t, you can see his face always ends sing a song he look like a clown he is not serious with nothing i don’t think he have to win this, it should be for lauren (In my opinion)

  81. Remember the polls last year all had Crystal picked to win but we all know what the outcome was. Have to say it was sickening watching last night from Ryan playing up Lauren’s vocal cords to Steven saying that Lauren already won. I can’t see where she is that good. Also tired of everyone saying Scotty can’t sing anything but Country. So what, a Country Star is what he is and will be. It’s nice to see a young man that as humble as he is.

  82. i vote scotty a true legond i personally want kina an old fashion singer hes got a mix of garth brooks allen jacksom josh turner mix with his unique origionaity

  83. keep it up i pray you win all to scotty i think the girl sounds kinda popish

  84. I’ve loved Scotty since the start! Really hope he wins this… I hope the judges didn’t sway the votes towards Lauren. Don’t get me wrong, she’s good and all, Scotty is just better.
    Well, I guess we’ll just find out tonight…

  85. IF you AI is pushing Lauren to win this season, and you dont agree with it because you think Scotty deserves to win, you should have voted for Scotty a million times..

    AI has nothing to do with whoever wins the title, nor the judges.. YOU should have voted Scotty if you think her deserves to win. If Lauren wins, that means, Scotty’s votes were not as much as Lauren got. Then blame yourselves. And dont blame Lauren for winning the title, if she did win.

  86. Lets stop all the whinning please…THIS IS AMERICAN IDOL AND THE WINNER IS LAUREN

    • Well I have to disagree with you. Lauren is not that great. She has sang some song that where terrible. Scotty has not sang terrible at all. The winner should be Scotty.

  87. I agree with all who think the judges and AI were trying to influence the vote. They should have been more unbiased in their critiques, especially Stephen Tyler. I thought their comments were totally unfair and the dr coming on was way too much. I was so turned off by their trying to sway the vote that I definitely made up my mind for Scotty. The are both good but he is more unique than anyone they have had for some time. Either way the vote goes he has a career, not so sure about Lauren. I think she may go the way of some of the other winners.

    • Karen: If you voted for Scotty because AI brought the doctor out. Then they accomplished exactly what they set out to accomplish!

  88. Lauren has more talent in her little finger than Scotty has in his whole being! He’s going to win purely because of ‘tween schoolgirl crushes, not because he can sing. B.O.R.I.N.G.

    • I used to think that, too, but now I’ve come to realize that it’s both the VERY young kids, AND a lot of the older people who are the diehard Scotty fans.
      I just can’t wait for Haley’s first album to drop!

  89. You can listen(fully) to and/or buy all the itunes this year and buy Haley’ new song.
    interscope com /americanidol /releases

  90. I think theyre going to regret shoving Lauren down America’s collective throats. Preferring a girl to win after three years of decreasingly effective male winners would make a little sense if the choice were between equal talents (if, say, they had used their save correctly on Pia), but ultimately this show needs to go back to its roots (“American Idol: The Search for a Superstar”) and the perception of the show as a continuing big deal will rest on whether its champion has success. Lauren is a nice girl with a good voice, but she will not be a superstar. She will have a long and successful career singing the Star Spangled banner at minor league baseball games, but that’s about it. She will be the female Taylor Hicks. Scotty, if vaulted forward by the AI title, would be a giant country star. Even if you look at last night’s performances in a bigger scope (as Kara or Simon would have done) you would note that Lauren sang three big-voice songs (and did a nice job) but ultimately they all sounded pretty much alinke. Scotty was given a big song, a cute country story song and a ballad, and did a great job. Lauren’s songs provided better 5 second snippets for the final montage but theres no way the sameness would drive an album or a concert tour, while Scotty showed you that whether youre a country fan or not (I am not) you may want to buy his album (I will) or see his concert (I probably will not) because he has breadth, and can hold your attention for more than fifteen minutes.
    My God, they gave her that song about Mothers and then acted like she wrote it (or invented motherhood!) Absurd!
    This season should have come down to James, Pia and Scotty. It would have made for an epic final three, and all three would have been propelled to big careers. Instead, they let things other than searching for a superstar take over. I enjoy the show, and wish it continued success because I hope to enjoy it for a long time going forward, but the producers (and the judges) need to refocus on what it’s there for, or (especially when lauren sells about 150,000 downloads of her first album, and about 20,000 if she makes a second) it could slip rapidly to irrelevancy.

    • Don’t forget Disney has close ties with Idol and her do a Miley’ song and Miley coming to studio could be first step in marketing her. Did Jimmy make a slip on say Lauren was better or was it as setup from the start.

    • I loved your comments, especially the one about the “motherhood” song! It’s just as you said; she sang it but she sure as hell didn’t write it! And then that “touching” embrace between her mother and her father was so coreographed that it about made me sick!

    • Don’t you people get it already???? They did the vocal cord/doctor thing to get you to vote for Scotty!! It is reverse psychology & it is an age old manipulation ploy with idol. You have witnessed it with James & Haley, just to name two, already this season. Why do you think Lauren was so upset with Ryan for bringing up the whole thing in the first place?

      • hope it worked – I thought that Scotty’s 3 songs were different whereas Lauren’s sounded similar

  91. Honestly, I think Scotty and Lauren are both good singers, are both good at what they do…but I have an issue with both of the songs they will release if they win. A first single can make or break an artist, and neither were catchy enough, neither one was exciting enough…they were both kind of slow, ode to type of songs…I didn’t hear a hit last night. I don’t see them playing either of those songs on the radio all the time. Scotty needs a song resembling “Gone”, and Lauren needs a song like “Anyways” or “If I Die Young”…what is going to happen with these kids now? At least whoever doesn’t win can put out a different one…

  92. I think the site is great — I think that there is more comedy on this site than on any show on TV. Imagine the mix here: Old Cougars, Teeny Boppers, and those who don’t speak English very well, mixed with Music Geeks, Metal Freeks, Jesus Loving Country Bumpkins, and the “I Hate her Because she’s Pretty” Bi Polar babes….this is a very entertaining site.

    I find that something as simple as “Scotty can’t sing very well” can cause such an outpouring of stress — it’s classic. “Haley’s Hot” is another one that generates tons of great replies.

    I will miss the fact that there are so many who criticize others for criticizing others. There are those that think that you can’t pick on a 17 year old, who has exposed himself, his family, and his mediocre voice to all of America. BUT, it’s okay to go after a 40 year old who shares his opinion.

    Hypocricies, Oxymorons, and Redundencies all converge to form one big pile of enjoyable Idol goo…..and it’s truly an entertaining place to hang out. I will miss it!

    Oh — and yes, Scotty does indeed suck !!! ALOT!!!


    • HAHAHAHAHA! You forgot to mention how ‘wrong’ it is to say something about 16-17 year olds, but it’s completely acceptable to trash a 20 year old, call her a whore, slut, b*tch, and everything else in the book…haha.

      • Thanks Cecil — enjoyed your posts too…. I can’t get into The Voice — I’ve tried……

        I have hopes for XFactor === I’ll be around, especially when Haley’s single hits #1


  93. Scotty you legend, if you do not win then i would say that the ducks are not in a row. Laurn is good but not the best.

    Take a good look at yourself judges and stop swaying the viewers.

    Good luck Y’All !!

  94. Although though this site is open to all, it’s pretty obvious we have more Scotty votes here than Lauren. Lets all hope that carries on to the finale tonight! GO SCOTTY!!! I like you too Lauren but I’ve seen you before, I want some originality for a change. No offense but even your song was heard/recorded before even though they tried to have us believe otherwise. AI pulled a few stunts last night that were totally unfair. Unfortunately, you will be the one in the end to either benefit or be hurt by that. But a win really doesn’t matter at this point as you both already have a career ahead of you! I don’t even think Scotty’s ability to carry a tune is what a lot of America decided to base their voting on last night. Scotty’s so genuine and I think a lot of America appreciates that of him more than anything else. What happened last night touched a lot of people’s hearts and may have influenced people to pick up their phones.

  95. Who else voted for lauren last night? I voted for her like a billion times. By the way, I won’t welcome rude comments from dan and haleyfan.

    • Hmmmmmm………well, I’m glad you voted for Lauren. I mean, after all, look at what your other choice was…..

      So, good for you KC!! Great Job!

      You did amazing!

    • I voted for Lauren! I voted for her 4 times, I liked Haley too, but I have said from the beginning that Lauren would win!

    • i did not vote for lauren at all. all of my about seven hundred votes went to scotty. i did not fall for the blatant ploys by idol to try and get votes for lauren.

      • My votes have nothing to do with that. They have to do with the fact that lauren sounds amazing.

      • sherry: Yes you did exactly what AI wanted you to do. Its called reverse psychology. They make you think that they want you to vote for Lauren, but in reality they want you to vote for Scotty. Get real people, figure out the game already!

      • bunny i was the first to talk about the reverse psychology thing when haley was in it, but there were still several weeks left. when its the last chance to vote its not the same thing. on the last night it is more about idol pushing who they want to win.

  96. Bunny, I love your positive take on things. I am not quite convinced that Lauren (whose voice I like better) has the same humility as Scotty. She’s kind of like a giddy little girl, happy when the ice cream comes, but not so happy when the veggies are served.

    • Oops. Wrong page. This belongs on page 1. Sorry about that! B u n n y, find me!!! πŸ™‚

      • Pup: I’ve behaved kind of nasty to a few nasty people on this site today. It just really hits home with me you know. I’ve been in practice for 25 years. Treating kids for mental & emotional issues that are caused by the very statements that people have made here. These kind of bullies have no idea the permanant damage this does. And it really irritates me! I’ll go looking for you now.

    • Ya know Pup….I think she’s a sweetheart. Not a Lauren fan. But, I do think she’s a doll.

      On the other hand — Mr McCreery is a “playa” — and is about as full of himself as any of the others that have graced the stage this year.

      I think if we really want to play the “who is the nicer person” — Lauren appears to win this (to quote Steve Tyler) “Hands Down”

      Scotty blew it with me when he stuck Jaycee in the back, to sing with June Bug!

      True Colors Shining Through!

  97. Did you hear Steven Tyler last night? he said the ONLY reason he picks Lauren over Scotty was because she was PRETTIER than him. That’s why I hate Steven Tyler as a judge. If it has a pair of boobs and a vagina, hes going to vote for it.

    • The only reason JLo likes Scotty is because he’s “so darn cute” — what’s the difference?

      • no, we like scotty cause he can sing. been into country music 30 years or more,and i know when someone can sing. GO SCOTTY

      • haha. i like the oxymoron.. you said youve been into country music for 30 years and know when somebody can sing? that doesnt make sense. lol

      • Well I know a country singer when I hear one and Scotty is the real deal. He has remained strong, not only can he sing but he also plays the guitar. I love his voice

      • It should be noted that strumming a guitar and playing a guitar are two completely different things. Kinda like what jeremy pointed out; singing country and knowing how to sing are two completely different things.

      • exactly, bahloo! i am so tired of ignorant people acting like they know what they’re talking about.

    • I took that comment to be that he had them even. People like you find anything to complain about. As if a man in his 60s who can have plenty of women needs to hit on her

  98. Here is a rumor going around, take it for what its worth.
    Haley 06 phone line was going to Lauren last week. A few people have recorded evidence of the correct phone number being dialed and giving the wrong number contestant message. Also an AT&T employee leaked some information and documents about it to the press yesterday afew hours before the show but was retracted and quickly buried just before show time.

      • dack, it happened. i am not against lauren or scotty. i love both of them and i almost dont want to watch tonight cause i will be so sad when one of them lose.
        james of course was my favorite, but i am not saying this because of that.

        if i had my way scotty and lauren would both win and do albums together.
        i dont want to see either of them crushed.

  99. Lauren blowing a vocal cord could possibly generate a ‘sympathy’ vote in her favor.
    The judges comments were inappropriate as they will probably influence voters who just want to say
    they voted for the IDOL winner. It seems the judges knew that and did it deliberately, because Scotty has consistently received more votes each week than Lauren.
    I think Scotty will win tonight, because he’s got appeal. He’s appealing in so many ways, such as in the beginning of the season when he stood up like a man and admitted to and apologized for speaking against the young boy who wanted to join Scotty’s group. Scotty is modest, has an All American look and sound to him. He sings great and has flexibility in his deliveries and performances. He’s been respectful and considerate to everyone involved with him.
    Lauren is beautiful, sweet, adorable…. and she can sing very well. But that’s it. She’s young, cute, sexy… but Scotty has broad appeal for both girls and guys. His talent and appeal with push him to the top spot tonight.

    • im a guy and i prefer lauren because of her voice being more complex than scotty’s. scotty can only sing country and some forms of rock. Lauren can sing whatever and it’ll sound good. I’m just happy she pulled through with the vocal disadvantage.

    • How does one blow a vocal chord and be able to sing any time soon after?? Could this be a sympathy sucking made up story. And the mommy song was a bit much. Scotty doesn’t need any of that, he’s the real deal!

      • In happened in season 5, with shots she was able to go another week of singing but missed half the tour having to rest her vocal cords. There is a small change that Lauren could have done major damage and will need surgery or be unable to sing again. It was a risky move to some degree.

  100. It really doesn’t matter I like both of them. But neither of them was the best. The voting has become an absolute joke. Haley way outlived her ability, James was robbed. And of course, the comments from the judges definitely have an affect on voting. 1 vote per phone# and 1 voter per IP address. 122 million votes from how many different voters. The average viewer voted 6 times. I don’t think so I think the average voter voted 1 time and 2 million little kids made up the rest.

    • I do not understand what difference it makes if you are able to vote once or 50 times per contestant. As long as all the voters have the same option. If I choose not to vote more than once, that is my perogative. As it is yours if you choose to vote 50 times. Every contestant has a fan base and those fans all have the same voting options (age does not enter into it).
      I wish all the 2011 AI contestant well. I personally hope Scotty wins, his is the only album I would purchase. Although James was my favorite, I am not a metal fan.

      • Adding an update to my last post. I live in a household with 6 people ageing from 14 – 46. We all have different opinions/taste in music. If we were limited to one vote per IP address/phone number that would not be fair.

      • I totally agree. Though there is an unfair advantage in that texting is limited to AT&T customers. Although one could say that phone is being used to text instead of call, but it is a lot easier to text multiple times to multiple numbers than it is to call those votes in.

  101. I totally agree with the above writer who said that they were pushing Lauren down our throats during all of last night’s show. First it was trying to get her the sympathy vote about her vocal cords and then it was the “tear-jerking” song tribute to her mother. Both were designed only to steal votes from Scotty.

  102. i hope scotty wins tonight, he can go far with his voice, lauren is good, but her voice is far to common,and she acts all prissy to be a country girl, just 90 miles from me, scotty dont dress up like he think s hes in a beauty parade,scotty is pure counrty and no one is gonna change that

    • I believe it I know someone would borrow 11 iphones from her friends at work, so with 12 iphones texting with an app at 1 per sec over 4hrs that is 14400 votes per phone and 172800 total.

      • Text can be sent 10 or more at a time but Idol may remove them if they have the same time stamp, a 1 sec different makes them legal. Yet does Idol remove them?

  103. I like how all the crazed Scotty fans are coming out of the woodwork with conspiracy theories.

    Relax. Scotty will win. I’m sure all your powervoting has guaranteed it, just like it’s guaranteed an all-country finale.

    • They were training Lauren fans this week on how to power vote in Lauren area on Idol website. I learned some new stuff from them, one service, you give it you cell phone id and it votes for you for 2hrs direct into phone network.

      • old news. And anyway, I’m sure Scotty fans would be even more crazed with powervoting than Lauren’s. After all, Scotty is crazy popular with females of all ages…

  104. Scotty knows what he wants and he has gone after it all season with confidence and great poise….love him…

  105. Well I was hoping that James Durbin would win the whole show and I still think that he should have so now it doesnt really matter for me either way. Scotty and Lauren are both young and both good so either way it goes it ok but if I had to pick I would pick Scotty!!! I am not sure if Lauren could handle all of it after the fact and I think that her mother would try to steal her spotlight she has been seen in the audience looking like a teenager the way she dresses and I have seen hair extensions as well for her!!!

    • Omg….Lauren should not win now because her mama has hair extensions. I am amazed…what does it have to do with the price of cotton?

  106. Let me get this straight, if the judges say something positive it’s biased and if they say something negative their biased. Oh unless it’s your favorite then it’s ok but you don’t like it. Just to make sure of this last part..if anything good is done, said or shown they are being shoved down our throats and compliments are sexist. Wow I had this all wrong.

    • the problem is lack of balance. They were using Haley to show they could be harder judges knowing she had a great performance coming up next, since they made their notes during rehearsals.
      Nigel even admitted that much.

      • Bunny tell me that is not true. It is so sad that nothing can be found good or even nice about anything shown on these kids. Emotions are made Fun of, what they wear is bashed and even what order they perform is seen as a conspiracy. But i am glad that we are all not bashing each other.

    • The judges did what they were there to do, agree with me or not. But I can agree that the couple of songs that hit the huge Drama between the judges and Haley well, Sucked. They were not well known, she could have done better and the inspirational song was more for a Miss America pagent than compared to the others. And to even compare those songs to Benny and the Jets, House of the rising sun and the other really big ones she did were pale in comparison. she did have the ability to come out and deliver much better than she had and then she came out and did just that. James was consistantly the Power house of the show, Scotty and Lauren were consistantly in their Straight Country zone, Jacob consistatnly sucked (hehe). Im saying they were consistant in their performances, you knew what to expect. With Haley it could be either terrific or not. We didnt see the stability in her performances until the very end and I think that was too late. I am not saying her voice sucked I enjoyed her too. (Honestly I only did not enjoy Stefano and Jacob this season, except for the song Jacob did about dancing with his dad, that one I loved.) Couple that with the drama, attitude and the VTFW site pushing for her so hard were too many things for almost anyone to overcome.

      I am not trying to stir up the drama again about it all. Yes it was harsh judging and yes she had an attitude both of those are established. But the judges did what they thought were best. We are our own judges of people. I took their input and those of you on here about them. But I am not going to let it eat at me like a cancer because I didnt agree with it.

      • Liked your comments Wellen. If you enjoyed Jacob’s “Dance with my Father” (which he butchered) please look up and listen to Luther Vandross’s original version. You may be too young to have heard the real song on the radio. It is like night and day. Luther’s voice will make your spine tingle and eyes tear up.

  107. scotty you are the winner‘‘‘ you have the talent‘‘‘ from bolivia πŸ™‚

  108. It is darn shame that a competition that spits out so much talent should be clouded by so much negative commentary. The fact is, both of these young people offer hope that the next generation is going to make it! I am proud of both of them!!

  109. Well they should have gone in this order:
    13th place- Ashthon
    12th place- Haley
    11th place- Jacob
    10th place- Naima
    9th place- Karen
    8th place- Stefano
    7th place- Paul
    6th place- Thia
    5th place- Pia
    4th place- Scotty
    3rd place- Casey
    2nd place- Lauren

    And the winner is……………………….

  110. By the end of the show, I had had it with country.
    I wanted to vote for David Cook!

  111. Scotty has come a long way – he is more matured. Loved the range of songs he has provided. Scotty is definitely my choice

  112. I vote Scotty! His voice is so amazing && I love him soooo muchhh!!!((:
    Go Scotty! I believe in yu all the way!(:

  113. i wonder if all the rumors from websites is true that scotty doubled the votes that luaren got,if so wow!,but is it a ploy to get people to bet on scotty at bookies,only to lose thier money…

    over 122 million votes were cast…wow!

      • @Reggie, yes many polls, Scotty behind Durbin also some weeks but Durbin behind Scotty from the beginning, and Lauren never a head of Durbin and Scotty

      • Scotty was behnd Durbin one time in the polls…He came back up the next week. So you out there…do you have faith in dial idol predictions?

    • My picks from the start as far as in auditions was LAUREN & JAMES! So I still say LAUREN will WIN it. When James went home that was a damn shame to keep sucky Hailey and send him home America was crazy. Scotty is good but we can find him on any sad country station or in any country nashville saloon..he will get a career and so will James this winner should be Lauren I haven’t been voting til today. But come on thats talent. James was crazily good her & James would have been a crazy faceoff but now its easy its her unless a million teenage girls voted for Scotty.

  114. You guys can’t tell me that you wouldn’t smile at laurens reaction to being the winner. Unless you were to lie that is…

  115. i think Lauren should get it. Scotty annoys me and if he wins i will not watch anymore. I will go to VOICE that comes on.


  117. I don’t know what show you were watching this year, but Scotty never received a single criticism, so don’t talk about Lauren being shoved down our throats. You are obviously biased for the ‘guy’ to win. Personally, he has a beautiful voice, but is extremely limited as a performer and bored me to tears. Idol has become “Cute White Guy Idol.” Snore. On to The Voice.

    • Scotty never received the praise others have, they just kept on him about him singing country. Even making him think he might be sent home. I remember that night he stodd beside Casey. Lauren was shoved down our throats last night in a big way.

      • Gail, are you kidding me????? the judges praised Snotty McCreepy on a regular basis 10 times more than people who can actually sing. oh, and scotty will never even be half the singer casey is.

      • That’s what I did, it was hard voting in the dark on the computer, power was out thank God for generators. And the phone was up, people were voting for Scotty on their cell phones last night hoping he’d win, much of my state was with out power. But we voted any way we could.

    • i do not think anyone will expect randy, j-lo, or sweet steven to criticize a kid like scotty. they did not give him any constructive criticism, and that undervalues their judging.

      • Grace,what are you besides a nasty mouth opionated smart mouth. Why would you call a kid names like you do when he has done nothing to you.You are in control of your own TV set Are you not? Then turn the darn thing off. He does not need your vote to win. He has done well on his own.And if you suffered through it then yippee,you are dummer than you look or think.

      • i watch american idol despite him. and you used “mouth” 2 times. so im a nasty mouth opinionated smartmouth? yes, i am. thank you for stating the obvious. i have a right to my opinion. and if he sucks, i will say he sucks, because that is the truth and people need to hear it.

      • Grace…don’t be so nasty…we don’t have to agree with it and we actually don’t need to listen to it either. If I see your name from now on…I just won’t read your post.

    • wow. you dont want her to win because shes a crybaby?? well i dont want scotty to win because he cant sing, which is a much more justified reason than being a crybaby. and the only reason scotty will win is because there are millions of 10 year old girls calling for 4 hours straight, not because he has a good voice.

      • grace- yes lauren is a crybaby and yes thts not a good enough reason for her not to win but Scotty has a great voice and if he wins it’ll because of his sweet voice and calm and great personality.

      • mia, he has an awesome personality! but he shouldnt have made it to the top 12. if he sang at a local talent show and won, that would be fine. but american idol? thats just wrong.

      • you really and truly believe that this boy cannot sing?

        You may not like his style, or the tone of his voice, but in fairness, this young lad is a superb singer.

        After all, isn’t that why HE is on the grand final stage and not any of us, sitting here writing things about him?


        I am not a country singer fan by any means, but I can certianly appreciate a really nice singing voice…

    • Scotty’s cried on Idol before, too, you know. Group Round anyone? Honestly, I have no clue who the winner’s going to be! I’m voting for Lauren, though. πŸ™‚

  118. I’m with Scotty all the way!!!!! Yes, Lauren is good, but Scotty is better, and I’m not just saying this because of his good looks. Ever since I saw his audition, he has been my favorite. <3 you Scotty!

    • I agree. He had such an amazing audition. He was my number 1 choice from the beginning.

      • a dying cat sounds better than him. at least the cat has a little bit of pitch!

      • mine too Amanda… mine too

        I always predicted a Scotty/Lauren showdown…from their auditions!

        lets hear it fot these young adults, very well done to them both!

  119. its been a good show, as far as some talent is concerned. but a pretty bad show as far as the way odds played out.

    SCOTTY. big voice. two things i hope he does in the future… 1. he moves from country to some form of “fusion”… probably the wrong term to use… i hope he evolves the country into something like dave mathews band… or something like that. he is no johnny cash… i dont think he has that intellect, or even that individual poetry… and 2. i hope he man’s up. he a twink of a kid who needs growing up as much as lauren does.

    LAUREN… a sweetheart… a good voice… not a legendary one… but this is a tough world, mummy will make sure she is safe, but i dont think she will make it playing life too safe.

    HALEY… haley baby wow. what a woman!!! what a WOMAN. a voice that has the characteristics of becoming legendary. WHAT AN EFFORTLESS GROWL!!! haley baby wow. she should have won. and if anyone has evolved, its her. the rest (for the most part) to me are static! i think haley is just gowin to grow. and i so hope she teams up with the best out there to make it across the world with real good music.

    MR. DURBAN…. seems like a nice guy… a bit full of himself, but i’ll accept that as pure confidence and drive. why not. but not a voice that is much to remember. i personally dont get screaming (hated adam lambert for it, altho i know he is talented… likewise here, altho u cant really compare lamber to this guy… THIS GUY IS AUTHENTIC. and thats whats cool about him. nothing more.

    CASEY… dude. what a dude. im a big fan of jazz, so my testimony here is probably invalid. its totally bias. but as a fan of this great and big art, i can clearly say that this guy is the real deal! i hope he gets the venue to innovate. like haley, i hope the right producers pick him up. simply genius, beautiful and moving talent….and i hope he convinces haley to record a duet… and i hope the end up married with a dozen kids….! seriously. she is hot. he is cool. : )

    PIA… we all know she has a huge voice. but for he to become legendary, she needs to expand her musical understanding beyond the mainstream crap and listen to true art. she did that in her last performance… and it was awesome. but who the heck knows what happened at that point, and she got voted off. plus. she has an awesome figure, awesome hair, and a pretty face. there is no doubt that helps sell!

    the rest…. not much to remember except PAUL. and i hope he cleans up. he seems to skanky. and i hope he rocks it. he def. can. actually, would have been cool to have seen him push it. could have gone to some nice places.

    as for the JUDGES

    i realllllllllllllllllllllly hope they get rid of randy. (hey webmaster, why not make a poll for the judges, see how many people like him here)… i realllllllllly hope the get rid of him. sure, he produced mariah, etc… played the bass and whatever…. but he really is full of himself, and for the wrong reasons. when simon was around, it sort of deflated him… and his voice (even if it was annoying) wansnt as prominent…

    THAT LOPEZ CHICK WHO I USED TO LIKE… i like her as an actress, love to see her dance, and yes, i think she is nice eye candy. i also respect her business sense. i dislike her as a musician… and i hate her as a judge here on idol. esp for her crap vs haley and mostly for never speaking fair and blunt.

    STEVEN… i love u… but would ahve been cooler of u to be more blunt at times. still, u rock.

    conclusion. great show. bad ending. and PLS GET RID OF RANDY!!!!

    • I agree w/ you that they should make a poll for the judges. Reply if you are voting that they do that!

      • cher: the blunt judge.

        victoria beckham: she was cool on the show last year.

        + ??? steven. i dig the dude…. otherwise …. hmmm i honestly dont care as long as randy goes!!!!

  120. Does everyone get the feeling that Scotty fans are trying to talk themselves into thinking he’s Great!?!?

    When Haley fans say it, they can sell it….
    When James fans say it, they can sell it too……

    When Scotty fans talk about how great he is, I keep feeling like I’m in the market for a used car…….

      • Hello Ladies and Gentlemen — let me introduce Chris to you all. A intellectual of many words — an objective chap who has a tendency to quote Stan Lee of Marvel Comics fame….and an all around great guy.

        We wish him well in his life……

      • chris, your kindergarten teacher should be ashamed. but i dont doubt you were in kindergarten too long ago.

        “nuff said”

    • THUMBS UP. but scotty can do well if he grows up. lauren got a lot of slack for being a kid… i think scotty will take more time to become a man! but still. the dude has one hell of a voice. more training… and its an even bigger voice.

      i do not think he will grow out of his scope. and that’s a bit of a shame.

      • grow out of his scope? you mean like Randy Travis never did or Keith Urban or any of the big name country singers??

        I truly hope that he does not “grow out of his scope” if that is the case. Scotty is mature in voice way beyond his years, as has been noted.

        All that is left for him to do is open the doors that are in front of him.

        he will be a star, for sure and for certain! No growing of any scopes required!! πŸ™‚

  121. I have to admit I voted for Scotty! Although Lauren did move into high gear last night on all 3 performances; but Scotty has been consistent all season. James was robbed as I actually thought he would win because he can sing anything. Pia was also robbed think she should have been in the finale against James. Haley, I’m sorry but should have been gone long time ago with her all about me attitude which ruins it for her. She consistently had to profile down that staircase each & every week which I thought was hilarious! Scotty knew last night that Lauren out performed him & I think that is what he whispered in her ear at the end of the show. I like many others think Scotty & Lauren should record many duets together they are the bomb in duets! Think they both have kind of a glitter for each other anyway! Time will tell I guess! Good luck to you both!

    • What on earth makes you think that is what he whispered to her? Where’s your proof?

      • After everyone gushed over Lauren, Scotty whispered in her ear. She then shook her head “no” as if embarrassed. I was 100% confident that he told her that she just won and she was trying to deny it to him.

    • I never thought they sang good together. I like Scotty by himself. But I always wanted to hear James and Haley sing I Knew You Were Waiting by Aretha Franklin and George Michael

      • james and haley… hmmm. very curious about how that would sound… nowhere close to the haley / casey paired up deal.

  122. Just because the judges sucked big time we know who they want and that was wrong let the viewers decide meat heads.

  123. I really hope Scotty wins,Lauren is good, but Scotty is better and he has been consistent the whole time, where Lauren has had some bad performances and been in the bottom 3

  124. I think Scotty’ first album will semi flop but his second album in 3yrs will do great.
    Lauren will likely tie up with Disney for awhile to get the training she needs and needed boost to sell her album.

  125. to all people who mention the polls, it is clear that they aren’t completely accurate, and neither is dialidol or anything like that. The only completely accurate thing is america’s votes.

  126. still shocked that grown adults have not fallen in love with scotty and laurens personality. maybe not so much their music. it is not a personality contest, i know that, but god, how can you not love them 2 kids?
    i think lauren has a beautiful voice, i think scotty has a great voice (hate the songs he sings though)
    if i was a judge and i had to pick between them 2, i would quit. not that i dont like one a little more then the other…but i would never have the heart to crush one.
    i am very excited about seeing james tonight, i am also excited about seeing haley. not looking forward to lauren or scotty losing.

    also i did not think last night was a snoozefest (would have been much better if james and haley were in it) but i was so proud of scotty with ‘gone’ he tried to put some moves and stuff in it.
    with lauren i was proud of her singing with her vocal cord problem and still sounding amazing.

    i am most proud of them for not being mean and evil to each other like some of the people on this site are to 2 kids that are trying to live their dream.

    good luck scotty and lauren and i wish the show was not rigged and power voting was not allowed so that the real winner would win. but if that was the case…i think james and haley would be the ones still standing tonight.

    • im no serious adult… still in my 20s, but i think adults have little patience with “cute kids”, and would have much rather seen real overall talent shine thru.

      this is about who is ready to shine. i doubt the two finals are anywhere ready.

  127. It was an embarassingly boring finale with 9 forgettable songs, 9 mind-numbingly dull performances and 3 very bored judges using as much hyperbole as possible to disguise the fact that two of them at least backed the wrong two horses in a three horse race. Probably the biggest anticlimax in television history since the final episode of Dallas. Incidentally, who did kill JR? So who will win? Who cares??

    • Look, if you hate it that much, quit watching. And btw, there was 6 songs. Seriously though, why watch if you don’t enjoy it. Don’t watch. Don’t comment. Watch the voice or x factor.

      • How much did you pay for your lobotomy – I reckon you got a bum deal!

      • I think that the fact the show was not a razzle dazzle as previous shows is because we are now down to two young performers of a similar genre.

        Good on them both foe making the grade, irrespective of OUR own personal preference.

        I hope and pray that whatever these young adults have in front of them, they are happy and well adjusted, because it is a jungle out there in showbusiness, and these two are so so young…

        well done, look forward to Scotty’s career x

    • Sorry for the typos and missing words btw. I find it hard to type on an itouch.

  128. Let’s see… Matt says Scotty and Branden predicts Lauren. I’ve seen polls that have Scotty leading by a 2/1 margin…yet the folks running the poll predict Lauren. It’s a horserace for sure. I can’t even believe that I am this interested in the results… since my little filly is already out of the race.

  129. Oh yeah, Lauren is selfless… go look at her videos on the AI site…” I wanna weee-uunnn, becuz the weeennerrr get more tiiimee on stage on tourrr..(giggle giggle.) Disgusting. Scotty talks about how humbling this experience is. Haley has a bad attitude? Really?? Did you know that she and her family are huge in the charity circuit? Let’s not forget she isn’t much older than Lauren, but oh wait, it’s easy to forget considering the maturity difference.

    • Lauren has an excuse to be a little immature. Haley however doesn’t. Here is a little quote of her’s
      “That is NOT the top of my range!” and when randy said he didnt like her performance, she rolled her eyes and said, “I heard you. You don’t have to say it AGAIN!” And will everyone shut it about her “defending herself?” the judges gave her more standing o’s than any other contestant got this season! That is completely unfair…. TO THE OTHER CONTESTANTS!!! I MEAN, come ON people!!!

      • that is confidence and knowing herself.

        haley is all woman. and thats part of it.

        thats a simple as i can lay it out for u about what u call arrogance. i really hope u think about this, and get it. its worth the notice!

      • KC if the criticisms were deserved by Haley as you seem to suggest …then the standing ovations were too!

      • Who at the tender age of 20 really has their act together? I think 21 was the age of adult hood years ago.

      • Haley has more talent in her little finger than Lauren has in her whole body. Don’t get me wrong – Lauren is a good singer and I wish her well as I do Scotty. But neither will make it I’m afraid to say. Haley on the other hand will be huge and people will be saying in a few years time “whatever happened to those cute kids who beat Haley in American Idol?”

      • Well not everyone can be mommy’s demure little toddler in a tiara. I think any strong woman would have stood up to that abuse. Also, it WASN’T the top of her range. Listen to her studio versions. Is it FAIR that Scotty got an original song (like we were led to believe they both were) that was boring and Lauren got the recorded already tear jerker? Did the show bring a doctor to explain Casey Abrams illness? Did anyone remember Paul’s laryngitis? No doctor. I may be wrong here, but aren’t they competing in the same competition? Same competition should hold contestants to the same standards. Why was Lauren babied and handled with kid gloves? Oh… you are emotional so it’s fine you screwed up the key change.. While Haley gets BASHED for a great MJ song what she sang the way MJ HIMSELF sang it????

      • What Lauren has an excuse to be immature? Why cause she is 16?:(

        Anyways hers is Haley attitude again. Time and time again it must be said that what she she should taken in context. Had the judges been fair with their negative feedback to everyone it might have been outline for Haley to answer back but no they were not. In her case the judges were the ones being out of line. Have they ever gave Lauren and Scotty negative feedback? No, if yes very minimal unlike haley’s.. So yes in that context Haley had every right to talk back, and STAND UP FOR HERSELF. Something I think everyone should learn.

        And since we are on the topic of judging “attitude” have we all forgotten how badly Lauren reacted earlier on in the season? I think that was top13 or 12 I forgot. The judges gave her very mild criticisms (one of the very few she had) and she was pouting the whole judging time looking very displeased at them.

      • Mara, yes because she is 16 she is probably still a little bit immature. Haley basicly YELLED at the judges. Lauren had every right to not ENJOY being criticized. That is why she had that look on her face. Plus, she admitted the following night that her performance wasn’t very good. Did you hear Haley do that? I didn’t. Also, When scotty sang Swingin, he got VERY negative feedback. So you are basicly wrong in everything you said.

      • I KNOW RIGHT?! Who in their right mind would pick on an immature little girl who is very talented and sings for us every week?! You should be ashamed of yourselves!!!! Maybe haley has more stage presence, but lauren can sing CIRCLES around her.

      • Well, like I stated, same competition, same standards. Scotty did fine handling it, and I never saw Thia cry like a ninny. (and i was NOT a Thia fan.) If Lauren couldn’t handle the proverbial heat, she should get outta the kitchen… although I bet it’s a place she is familiar with.

    • Haley does not have a bad attitude per Nigel, they were trying to have her put more emotion in her songs and when alittle too far with the extreme pressure these kids are under.

      Jimmy said that Lauren was very demanding at times and he felt like her employee instead being a company owner.

      • I think you mean RIdiculous. Which I am sure it isn’t. It’s totally believable.

      • From a video with them being interviewed afew days ago. its on the web but took a little digging to find the full 20min video and not just printed parts of it.

      • It’s true, there is an interview of Nigel Lythgoe, he also said Randy was all over Haley because Earth Song is Michael Jackson which I guess is a no no for white women to try to take on.

  130. With boy and girl finale the sex of 3th place has always been right in predicting winner. based on that Lauren should win.

  131. I like both Scotty and Lauren, but I was not excited about the finale–and I, unfortunately, was not pleasantly surprised. Both can sing & both will have careers for sure–they probably deserved to be in the Top 4. I, however, found that Scotty’s songs were usually not of a high degree of difficulty. Lauren exhibited more range, but never seemed to embrace the possibility of being an “Idol.”

    I found James much more interesting and varied; Haley much more focused than Lauren and more talented overall than Scotty.

    I think the public that Idol pitches to tends to like very mainstream singing and mainstream looking idols. No wonder we have two southern white very young people in the finals. This is not necessarily a bad thing–but people who veer from this–a James, a Haley, an Adam, have to be especially fabulous to get a hearing.

    I stopped watching the results shows some time ago because they tend to be more about product promoting than about having a good show.

    Voting for judges–not a bad idea. I like the judges this year–but I did not feel that Steve offered much constructive criticism. Randy needs to stop name-dropping all the people he’s worked with–truly accomplished people do not need to remind us of their resume twice a week. JLo often tried to offer constructive criticism in a nice way–but her lambasting some people for little reason (like Haley–and others who seem less “mainstream”)–and her neglect to criticize others when they should get such feedback (those who are mainstream–like Scotty and Lauren) left me perplexed as to whether the producers “discuss” which contestants should get zinged more often and more loudly or whether she’s unaware of her inconsistency.

    In any event I’m grateful that American Idol had a lot more talent on this year than ever–a really deep group of 12 talents. That’s a relief.

  132. Scotty has grown and matured over this season. Lauren may just not quite be ready enough for superstardom.

    Having said that, neither of these teens will “lose” this competition, just one will be a little more preferred as an entertainer than the other, thats all.

    Well done to both of you for getting to the nailbiting title claim.

    Both deserve to be there and Scotty, for my money, if Lauren wins the crown, you, honey surely win the title.

    well done both of you

    Tracey in Australia !

  133. Lauren is going to win. She has a fabulous voice, very good looking, and a great bubbly personality,Wake up you speds, Lauren is going to win.

  134. I hope Scotty wins! We really do not need another Hanna Montana look alike in the music world today!

    Cheers! Rick

  135. We are covered up with tornado warnings in the Memphis area tonight so the finale probably will not air. I am counting on you guys to keep me updated while we ride out the storms.

    • We kept getting interrupted last night due to tornado warnings. I had all of the dogs in the bathtub with my two teenagers as the sirens went off. They tried to show as much as they could of Dancing with the Stars and American Idol until tornados were actually spotted in the metroplex. I saw 80% of it, enough to be really mad at whoever picked Scotty’s 3rd song.

      • Hope everyone is ok. I’m lucky to live in a place void of natural disasters (waiting for Yellowstone to blow up to make up for it all). Seeing all those storms and the devastation in the midwest/south is heartbreaking.

      • Hi David? Are you really glad that a tornado didn’t suck me up and spit me out? You make my heart happy! There was a time I thought you wouldn’t mind hearing that I was thrown into oblivion. (:

      • Lol angela, it’s true there have been moments when I thought you were the wicked witch of the west. But when it comes down to real tornadoes and real people going through real tragedy it’s time to put silly differences aside, :).

      • If a house fell on me last night with my pointed shoes sticking out, I would have thought of you and the others! You should be extremely proud of me since I have been very calm and quiet since Haley got voted off. Even though I read lots of other blogs similar to mine, I have learned through “reply button anonymous” to resist the urge!

  136. I don’t think the judges should have anything to say on the final performance show. What they say does infleunce the vote and last night that was too obvious. I think we all felt we knew whom they wanted to win and truly if it was only up to them why do you bother to vote. I think it is great that these two very young kids made the finals and even if either one go no farther in the business, it was a great life experience. I hope Scotty wins because he seems real not some dressed up Barbie Doll.

  137. i cannot stand lauren, all she does is smile and nod her terribly highlighted hair. She sings the same way every time with no emotion whatsoever. I really wants Haley to win, she was unlike any of the previous winners. Oh well, at least she has a record deal. So that leaves Scotty to win. He has an incredibly unique voice and i think he could be very successful. I really cant stand Lauren and if she wins, we will have another cookie cutter fake blonde who has a country accent and sympathy votes.

  138. Well, its hard to compare a male singer to a female singer ,i am a fan of country music , and i am amazed by the performances and progresses of both , but i prefer the style of Scotty.


    HALEY: she is going to be the biggest selling idol contestant ever. we are talking global. american idol has had some success in the export of a couple of talents. but nowhere close to this!

    she will also end up breaking a dozen mens hearts. starting with casey.

    LAUREN: an overall flop. she makes a hit album. it wont be so great, but will enjoy some sales.

    she will meet a nice dude. have a dozen kids. she will have weight issues.

    SCOTTY: big in suburbia… kinda lost.

    he meets a really wicked woman and she mans him up. then he will sing some substance.

    CASEY: reenergizes jazz. gloabl audience. huge.

    marries haley for 2 weeks. she runs off with a poet and lives in europe.

    JAMES: makes some music. enjoys some success. a network (mtv or something) picks him up and he does some show….

    who else?

    PIA: makes it big. meets cyline and realizes she is bigger than that.

    • Lol, when you mentioned wicked woman I immediately imagined that I Love Lucy episode where she dresses up as a bad city woman to run her podunk cousin out of her apartment.

      • lucy was always cute. im talking more along the lines of an angelina jole bomb shell… with attitude. enough to REALLY humble him.

      • no doubt. self confessed. and the fact that u cant realize simply proves a lack of musical appreciation. seriously.

    • πŸ™‚ thanks for a good laugh. Much needed after all the conspiracy charges and insults against the female singers on here.

  140. You both made it by the largest amount of votes in idol history, you both are beautiful,talented creatures of God s creation ..Run with it, be happy, greatfull, and humble..most of all remember all of us who fell in love with you both enough to vote to get you where you are .like I have stated in the past, be ever so greatfull on your journey towards stardome, as well as humble and please for once could one American Idol winner remember who put you there ,and have the gratitude enough for America to pay it forward.I’m sure which ever one of you does win tonight will know how to do it and do it with dignity…Congrats and goodluck..’

    • Have you any idea how many of the Idol ALumni have traveled the world supporting the charities that Idol Gives Back supports?

      Any idea what Kris Allen is doing now or how much of an ambassador Elliott Yamin has been for fighting diabetes and helping stop the spread of malaria and others diseases in 3rd world countries?

      Many of these young people have given back and continue to do good work here and overseas.


    • I think Lauren will win, has a beautiful voice. Scotty’s songs all sound the same. I just hope Lauren wins!!!!!!!!!

  142. Lauren definitely is the better singer though Scotty however vocals is the best just like listening from a cd or radio. But I think Lauren will win this one!

  143. Top 5 reasons I am watching this finale…

    5. Naima. No she should not have won, but she IS entertaining.

    4. James Durbin’s performance.

    3. Casey’s rumored performance with Jack Black!

    2. HALEY HALEY HALEY.. nuff said.

    and the number one reason……

    1. To watch Lauren Alaina cry like the whiny little prima donna she is when Scotty wins.

    Happy viewing!

    • I don’t want to see it. I feel bad for Lauren. They set her up to win the entire season, I don’t know what’s going to happen if she loses. If anything her mom is going to blow up like Mount Vesuvius and finally deck Ryan Seacrest for inappropriate comments about her 16 year old daughter. Maybe I do want to see it after all.

  144. Scotty can only sings country, not versatile. Hope America will not be making another “Taylor Hicks” big mistake ! Lauren’s vocal has more versatile, she is similar to Kelly Clarkson. Hope she will win.

  145. Steven used to be hilarious before the producers made him lose his sense of humor and tone him down too much.

    • The thing I really liked about Steven Tyler is he really appreciates a good effort. I don’t think he could say something negative if someone had a gun to his head as long as the person was actually trying. I agree, though, the producers kind of neutered him 1/4 the way through the live show.

  146. Scotty should win. Lauren should grow up and seriously consider a fashion consultant!!! She’s had a series of wardrobe “malfunction”!

  147. O.K. ya’ll can blast me for this but Naoimi (whatever her name is) is just plain scary to me.

  148. There has been alot of fuss about the power voting this year, more so than in any previous year although it has always been an issue ever since Ruben won in Season 2.

    Think of this while you await the results tonight. Kris Allen who “beat” Adam Lambert is from Arkansas which, in 2008, had a population of about 2.8 Million people, including the elderly, babies and the infirmed. The number of votes from that State for Kris Allen totalled 28 million.

    Know how many sales his debut album had? 350,000. That is the issue with power voting because it does not translate into album sales and that is what is most important to Idol, 19 Productions and Jimmy Iovine’s record company.

    Lee DeWyze did so poorly last year, they haven’t even invited him to be on the show tonight and that must be the 1st time an Idol winner has not been invited to appear. Maybe the pwer voting for him last year followed by record sales of 130,000 had something to do with it.

    • You are 100% correct. Those over-inflated voting numbers instill false confidence in sales results for everyone involved…the contestants, record labels, advertisers, retailers, etc. If they changed the voting system and we hear how many actual people (record buying people) voted, we would not only feel comfortable that America’s favorite contestant truly won, but also be provided with reliable date on sales forecasts.

  149. Is anyone else listening to these performances and wondering what in the world happened? There are about 5 girls better than lauren and 3 better than scotty!

  150. Notable people in the crowd:
    Michael Johns (:D)
    Lady from Full House
    David Cook

    Why does Jacob always grab himself while singing?
    I don’t miss Stefano or Karen.
    Lauren looks lost in the group number at the beginning. Best group song of the season, they managed to get 13 very different sounds to harmonize; that’s a big deal.

  151. Keep the results coming please cos we don’t get to see the show down here in NZ until the weekend.My vote would definitely be for Scotty – Haley would have been a close second (shoulda woulda coulda). Lauren just doesnt have that X-factor – she has a lovely voice and a nice face…and, well that just isnt enough. Haley definitely has it and Scotty is a natural. And since its between Lauren and Scotty – it should be Scotty. He has a much wider appeal world-wide.

  152. We`re not having another Kelly Clarkson. Lauren had her time there, upstaging Scotty`s performance but yeah, Scotty will win for sure.

  153. J Lo said that Scotty told a story; I think that’s his strong suit. He has that old country star “appeal” (not my cup of tea, but George Strait and Randy Travis have sold a LOT of albums and they’re getting up there in years). Lauren doesn’t scare me but her mom does — total pageant mom! I want Scotty to win because I think the win would ruin Lauren…her mom would go Dina Lohan or something… I just don’t want that to happen.

  154. Nobody can say that Lauren is fat in that skin tight black legging/top set. Her stomach is flat! She looks amazing! Those puffy dresses were very deceiving!

  155. Lady Gaga can sing but her production numbers are sooooooooo weird and over the top.

    • I think she is trying to be the modern day Madonna, who shocked the world with some of her performances (‘Like a Virgin”!)

  156. I haven’t been the biggest Scotty fan, but he just sold me with his duet with Tim McGraw. HE will take home this crown.

  157. Anyone noticing Lauren’s absence in these performances? Is she crying backstage or having another fake vocal chord problem?

    • oh please. Leave Lauren along. Jealousy is what is driving nasty remarks about her

  158. I think the judges are so partial to Lauren.. Since she announced looking at Ryan Seacrest, we’re both from mind bewildered…Yup the Mom can be DinaLohan… I hope Scotty wins…

  159. I kind of feel that last night, a fake vocal chord problem… they even bring a Doctor on stage.. Is the drama to get more votes?… This is the last year I will watch AI…

  160. if Scotty doesn’t win the competition is rigged! There is no way a person is in the top 2 could lose to one that barely made it his far. According to the polls Lauren should have been eliminated a few weeks ago. Tired of hearing about giving her a sympathy vote!
    I am glad that Haley was eliminated

  161. I can’t believe that everybody loves Scotty. He is so much less entertaining than any of the others. Lauren wasn’t my favorite, but I like her much better.

    Wish the final was Haley and Josh Durbin.

    • And if they were the top two, both would be screaming their lungs out! No, thanks!

      • You completed a few fine points there. I did a search on the subject and found a good number of persons will go along with with your blog.

    • Hey! I love Haley very much, but if you really want this Durbin guy in the finals, you can at least say his name right. It’s JAMES DURBIN and HALEY REINHART! They are both too good of singers to have their names said wrong by some Ian guy. Scotty is amazing and you are just jealous that your mama didn’t make you as talented and handsome as him. So BURN!

  162. Ryan Seacrest should rephrase that “one of the best season ever of AI”!! Totally the worst/most boring season ever!! with the worst two finalists ever!! except for the judges, the show’s a total flop! If this goes on for the contestants next year? i totally pray that X-factor with Simon & Paula takes over! Now why would i say all this comments here? those ppl at AI nor the judges will ever come in here to read any of these, much less come to know of what viewers thinks??! TOTAL FLOP AI! :X

  163. I am so very happy for Scotty and he is the winner of American Idol 2011. My predictions was right Scotty is the winner. All the best Scotty. I have been a fan of Scotty all this while and I am so happy for him. I have predicted that Scotty is the winner and he is a very humble and cool guy.

  164. america voted right! scotty not only has a pure voice and persona, he’s an epitome of what an AI has to be! a star truly worth emulating of today’s youth:) good job, america πŸ™‚ i love you this big

  165. Non of them is my favourite,I wish James could win,so pity he’s out,heshould be on the final,it’s not fare.he’s great

  166. I love Lauren! Absolutely, i was so dissapointed and so sad with the result.. But, i know Lauren has the way.. She’s gonna be more famous than Scotty…
    She’s talented and i know God bless her.
    I love her all the time πŸ™‚
    Truely, i hope Lauren and James will be on the finale, and i hope James could win because he’s the best and the judge want him in the final and win it..

    But, it was okay. 5 years ago, Taylow win it but Daughtry, Elliot and McPhee more famous than him in the whole world πŸ™‚ God bless all the finalist

  167. One would think the losers would go to bed all ready and shut up,U can not get over the fact a real cutie won. Well he did and a lot of people are haaaaaaappy!!!Those if you that are not put on your happy pants and go home.

  168. Well im 18 and i have done the American Idol auditions and they were nothing like that. There are going to be wayy to many people there you dont get to even say your name the judges will know nothing about you. You go up there and sing your heart out. And school they will make sure that you get your proper edu. That is first to them. If it means they have to pay for you to fly home and go to school they will do that for you. Dont worry about the 3000 people just go up there and do your best if anything its a great experince and you can tell people hey i did that. I hope this helped you out. GOOD LUCK!

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