American Idol 2011 Top 2 Weekend Update

We’re down to the final days of American Idol 2011. All Lauren and Scotty have left to do is put on one last performance show and then sit back and wait for the results to roll in.

Keep in mind that this week will be shifted from its usual schedule to make way for the So You Think You Can Dance 2011 premiere on Thursday night. Instead of a performance show on Wednesday night we’ll get it a day early on Tuesday night when the teens take each other on at Nokia Theatre with just an hour show from 8-9PM ET/PT.

That night Scotty and Lauren will each perform three songs. One will be their favorite performance from earlier this season. Another will be a selection from the show’s creator, Simon Fuller. The last song will be what the performer hopes to record should he or she be crowned the American Idol 2011 winner.

Then on Wednesday night the big results will be revealed as part of a monster two-hour show starting at 8PM ET/PT including the return of the season’s Top 13 and a bunch of surprise performances and guests. I wonder if we’ll finally get that James Durbin and Steven Tyler performance. Either way it should be a great show.

Are you ready for the winner to be crowned? Tell us who you want to win and why.




  1. Matt, I read somewhere that Bono was considering a guest spot on the finale as he is promoting the score they are evidently writing for a Spiderman musical. Has that been confirmed?

  2. Ahhh I wish James Durbin and Steven Tyler will truly perform !!!! They had a deal …..

    • I hope Lauren wins because she needs a big outfit to groom her and promote her career. Scotty doesn’t need as much guidance so second place will be fine for him. All he really needed was the national exposure.

      • Templar…I like you but get angry every time you say this…Scotty for the win…Lauren isn’t ready for the pressure of #1…she needs to be handled with kid gloves and the 2nd spot would allow for this. She will most certainly crack under the pressure. Think about…and watch the season unfold. Scotty had her back the entire time…Scotty for the win.

      • CarolAnn: I disagree with you. Templar is correct. The #1 spot will give Lauren a publicist & everything she needs to grow in the business. You are correct that she needs to be handled with kit gloves. But for that to happen, the #1 spot is the way to go.

      • Bunny…dont think you know about young girls…emotional….feelings close to surface…easily hurt…just my opinion…Lauren is a special person…but needs more experience…then…look…out

      • Both kids are going to be under contract to Interscope, so both will get help. My impression is that besides musical and performance guidance, Lauren is going to require tutors as she is still in high school and a good stylist. And being the winner will get her more attention in that regard. Scotty, on the other hand doesn’t need to be rushed into getting a CD out, and will benefit from the extra time in putting out a good Cd. This worked very well for Adam.

      • Lee: You are absolutly correct. You don’t know what I know about the inner workings of the child & Adolescent mind.

      • You guys are too protective. Do not forget that with kids you have to be fair. Vote for the one who is the best and most prepared for this type of competition. Both kids are in high school. They both have to finish. Should you care about this???Let there parents, or themself care.

      • @Lee. You…. sound… like… Jack (gasp) Palance… in “Batman”.

        “You…. are my… (gasp) number one…. guy…”

      • Templar, Scotty needs this win. That way we know he’ll get a contract. People say things but not all get contracts. Scotty for the win. The way I see it, Scotty got into this contest to win and I hope he does.

      • The fair solution for that matter is JOINT WINNERS, both Scotty and Lauren shared the winner. Therefore, everybody, including both Fans will be satisfied.

  3. Since we only have 2 to choose from, the obvious winner will be determined upon who does the voting. So boys vote for Lauren!!!!!!!

  4. I work in Nashville and everyone is saying Scotty …..he has way more talent then Lauren……he acts his age and has great stage presents……at least he is himself as for Lauren she whines and acts to much like Kelli Pickler…….let me tell ya…..Nashville is not to impressed with her……if she makes it she will be a one hit wonder…..

    • “Nashville is not impressed with her?” Don’t you mean everyone you work with at the porta potty rental store is not impressed! Scotty does not act his age – he is very mature and acts older then what he is. Laurn on the other hand does ACT her age. You are a sad sad person!

      • Let me tell you something Mel. My daughter is not 13 yet and she acts more mature than Lauren, not to mention that this happens day by day and not in front of milion of people. This is a competition that she got herself in, and if you are not able to compete than sing on an arena for the rest of your life. I have seen 8 yers old doing that. Not a big deal. Someone was saying on this site a while ago, that this kids were singing and acting since they were toddlers, and i believe so. At least Scotty, Pia, Haley and James looked like. They were solid and ready. So, to conclude, it is nothing wrong with Scotty being mature. I really like that. I like that he was very consistent and smart during the whole competition. He was also a gent. all the time. Modest, he worked hard to be here and he diserve to win. I will vote for him to the top.

      • Fairy I am so glad you understand….its not that no one likes Lauren but again its the way she acts at 16. So why waste our time deal with some idiot like him…..its our opinions and he has to get on here to say something……

      • I dont have any kids but I have worked with them for quite awhile. Scotty has the matureity which in my opinion will be handle the crush of the public…that is not to say Lauren isnt pretty, with a good voice ( I am not putting her down)but phyically is of the age that feelings are really tender and very close to emotions

      • Mel…how ridiculous…Lauren is so not ready for the intenseness of Idol…she looks up to Scotty in fact for support. She has whined her way through the competition and has had so many feeling sorry for her…But, she put herself in it and therefore needs to understand…this is what you get. She is not a normal 16 year old girl in this situation…to immataure…nor is Scotty a normal 17 year old boy…very mature…they are polar opposits that have beautiful voices….Scotty shoule be the Idol this year…so both boys and girls have a solid role model to look up to…and I am not saying this because of his beliefs…that is another story…he is just solid….like a rock!

      • CarolAnn & fairlady, I’m so sorry that you are both so jealous of Lauren. Isn’t that what we say to women on this site who put down the female contestants? They all deserved to win, IMO.

      • mel stop: are you voting him because hes mature for his age or cos he is better singer? cos saying Lauren is childish as she is is no reason to concludes she is worst singer/performer than he… base your preference on something else or I will think you are as childsh as Lauren BTW are u a teenager?

    • They are play roles on the show, it how the show want the to be seen.
      Scotty name was Scott before the show but with the ‘y’ is more youth friendly.
      Lauren’s last name is Suddeth but also not as kid friendly.

      Scotty can sing in his high range very well but he sounds much better in the lower range.
      Lauren is a tom boy and the scared little girl act is only a role.

      I think the way Lauren dresses is also part of the role.

      The judges are given scripts each week and do rehearsals.

      Reports are coming out now that Haley was to nice and friendly a person so the show change how she was views by only showing her less friendly and used paid trolls to muddy her up on blog sites.

      Idol is a TV show with the singers playing parts, go back and read the stuff from years past that comes out after the shows finale.

      • Has everyone forgotten this is one of the original TV reality shows. WOW, the drama is unreal. Whomever wins will not effect my life in any way. If I choose to attend concerts, purchase CDs, download, etc., that is my choice. It is all about the $ at the box office/cash register. I believe the top five will do extremely well. Winning AI is no guarantee.

      • Either way they will both get record deals. They are both very talented. If Lauren does not win she can start her career as soon as she walks out that door. And believe me she will have a record deal lightening fast!

      • @Bloodyscot: What color is the sky in your world? That was some load of BS you just dumped. Be careful the FBI has cameras in your sink drains. Idiot.

    • To add to my post, if Scotty wins, which I think he will, Lauren will be as excited as Scotty will be,she just seems to be that kind of person….and doesnt deserve the the post that try to tear her down

    • DeWayne…any way you could get to Scotty and advise him to sing some Elvis Tuesday night????a lot o Elvis fans would really appreciate that.

    • Okay…as I said 1000 times on this site…I think Scotty is the better singer…like Lauren, love Scotty. Lauren is gorgeous…like a Barbie doll…cute and all, sweet accent but I don’t think she is mature enough…yet…can’t handle it, and her voice needs to be controlled. And, all the other stuff I mentioned before still goes.

      • Any teenager that can memorize 3 songs a week, do tons of interviews, spend hours sitting still in hair and makeup, read horrible things about your body, do high school level work, miss your home, and not have a breakdown is mature enough! Try to take any teenager in any city from the mall and ask them to do the same thing. Both Scotty and Lauren have shown incredible maturity and stamina during the past 5 months.

    • And the Nashville spokesperson, Dewayne, has spoken.

      Thank you Dewayne, as we were all wondering what the collective Nashville groupthink was on Lauren Alaina and now we know.

  5. Scotty has to win the title hands down. A voice like that does not comes everyday. No one is a loser from 10 count down. The music industry knows them all and their foot is in the door. What a great show; look at all the talent that would go to waste because they would not have the right connection to be know

      • very likely Scotty is not as good or Haley as bad in real live. After next week the true comes out but then few people care or remember.
        I believe I heard that Scotty or Scott before the show had a girlfriend but broke up for the show.

      • Bloodyscot..all 16/17 years olds have boy/girl friends and break up quite often…and that’s the way it should be. At that age…way to young to commit long term…don’t you think.

    • Hey Judy,
      Agree with you wholeheartedly. Scotty for the win! Love Lauren, but Scotty is The American Idol!

      • Scotty is not only will be the next American Idol, but also, the next American President! (you can see that in Scotty’s VT, and it makes me LAUGH!!) oh God 😀

  6. I truley agree with you. I am a booking agent in Nashville and I think Scotty is going to do great…..let’s vote for him……

    • So…Is Nashville really behind him…be honest…and I hope so. Have voting parties…there…I love that city…had my first experience there two years ago…I will be back!

    • Templar, Am I correct in thinking that if Scotty does win he will not go to Nashville until his obligations to AI are fullfilled?

      • Bunny: Interscope has a country music division that handled Carrie Underwood when she won. The length of Scotty’s obligation to them will depend on whether or not he wins. That’s one reason why I’d rather see him finish in second place. They did Ok with Carrie though.

      • @ Templar: Interscope-Geffen-A&M has only signed its contract with Idol and 19 Productions this year.

        For the first 9 seasons, it went from BMG (Simon Cowell worked for them) to RCA who bought BMG and then Sony Music Entertainment who bought RCA.

        Carrie Underwood is in the final season of her 7-yr contract with 19 Productions and records on Arista-Nashville, which is also a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

        Interscope has nothing to do with her or any previous Idol Winners or Alumni.

        Jimmy Iovine is the Chairman of Interscope-Geffen-A&M.

      • Templar…if they helped Carrie…Wow…why wouldn’t you want that for Scotty. Think about it…Jimmy loves him…he will be fine.

      • I agree. he’ll be fine. i just think Lauren needs more support than Scotty.

    • Dewayne, Be certain to secure that porta potty gig for whoever does wins. Heard it’s a gas!

  7. I would LOVE to see Simon Fuller come back-they’ve really missed him this season. I think the contestants actually want to hear constructive criticism. Either way I would also love to see a Stephen Tyler/James Durbin duo. I think Stephen Tyler owes it to Durbin.
    Can’t wait. GO SCOTTY.

    • The deal was that Stephen would sing a duet with James if he made it to the finale, which he didn’t. Either way, it would be entertaining, even if I can’t stand that type of music.

      I was out of the country for several weeks and couldn’t vote, so was thrilled to come home last night and see Scotty still around. God has truly gifted him with a fantastic voice and I think he will use it to God’s glory. Besides country music, there is a large market for gospel/contemporary Christian music and he would do well in that area also.

      • I also believe Scotty would do well as a gospel/contemporary country Christian artist. Scotty’s heart is for God!!

    • Simon Fuller is there, read the article up top. I believe you are confusing him with former judge Simon Cowell.

      • Hi Buddy,When you start a business, you should always look at the current and future economic situation. Is the economy booming or in recession?What if you choose the wrong timing? You just started your business right at the moment that the world economy is going to collapse.

    • Simon Cowell was the judge and he left to prepare the US Version of his successful X-Factor Show that has been tops in the UK and Europe for years.

      As of last season (its’ 7th), a total of 17 number-one singles have been released by artists who have appeared on the UK X-Factor show.

      The best known here is Leona Lewis who won season 3 in 2006 and has been the most successful winner of any singing talent show, including Idol.

      Her Bleeding Love single topped the charts in 30 Countries and her album Spirit became the first debut album by a British solo singer to top the Billboard top 200.

      She earns slightly more than Carrie Underwood per year – about $2m more – with Leona at $17m and Carrie around $15m.

  8. i love both contestants left. they bring such excitement to the show. But i’m team Scotty all the way. he just seems so down-home and sweet!!!

    • “Such excitement to the show”?!
      Oh, that’s right, Haley was the boring one, wasn’t she?
      And to think that’s why she missed her chance to do the porta potty gig
      Damn, I would have literally stood in line (so to speak) to attend that concert.

  9. I agree there lots of talent but I don’t Lauren should be the Scotty goes against because Haley Rheinhart was great…..yes she did have attitude but that’s a plus…..I know directly we will see Haley again……..

    • | did not see that coming either Dewayne. I would have loved to see those two different but yet both unique voices in the finale. However, we have ourself a competition, and to decide who diserve to win. I was wondering few days ago if the name of Suddeth that she let it aside for a while did not somehow win Lauren some votes.

      • If you criticize the judges for overly criticizing Haley, your post will disappear. Been there and done that twice. But that is why Haley developed “the attitude”, and I for one can’t blame her.

      • Ricky, I have criticized the judges harshly, and never has this site removed any of those kind of posts. (I have had 2 removed; but the topic was not the same.)

    • Been reading your comments and you are mostly right on. Much has been said about Haley’s attitude, but the attitude didn’t show up until it became obvious that Randy and JLo were attempting to throw her under the bus with undo and overly aggressive criticizm. Last week was especially bad when they even covered for Lauren when she forgot words.

    • Three time I have tried to post a comment but I stated some facts about a couple prominent folks on AI who, in recent weeks informed a certain person who went home this past week that she messed up. And that is why that highly talented female got the nasty mindset she got.

      Hope this one makes it, I did not name anyone by name and I did not cuss, nor was I overly critical of anyone. I just stated facts.

      • I understand Haley talking back and the eye moments was a bad move. Yet the judges follow a script each week about want to say to each person and about how to review each song to a large degree.
        I just think there is more too it than we currently know about on all sides.

      • @Ricky: Again, I have not removed any of your comments unless they violated the Commenting Rules.

        This site is not related to the show or its production, so why would I possibly care if you said something negative about the judges?

      • Honestly, Matt & Branden have been more than far. NO ONE has been more negative & critical than I toward that psasht jackass & I am unaware of ANY censorship placed on me.

  10. ok we have thier songs to sing….

    scotty mccreery will sing “Angels”by Robbie Williams,it is the producers choice..
    the second song for scotty is “your man”by josh turner,this is becuase thier singing thier audition songs for second choice…
    scottys final song will be”a song specually written for him entitled”flying high”…

    Luarens songs will be….
    Back to December “by taylor Swift
    the second song for her is her auditioned song”Like we never loved at all”by Faith hill..
    and her third song is,,,a song written for her to is”Tomorrows World”

    good luck to both these kids they deserve it all!!

    • Okay…ease my mind…are these good choice for Scotty…I have to get a life after Idol.

      • For Scotty… I was hoping for a little Elvis… Chris71… Can you take care of that? LOL

      • Would love to hear Scotty sing more Elvis. He does the King justice, but brings his own take to it, so win-win.

      • Me too…me too…me too…couldn’t you just hear it…What a shame he isn’t.

      • As I have mentioned before, Scotty can not sing that song of John Denver… I don’t believe he can sing/ talk that fast a pace.

    • Oh. Good lauren is singing that faith hill song again. She sounded really pretty with it.

    • I don’t care for the first and last song that you say have been picked out. I know I wouldn’t have given them too him. Scotty’s I hope you have them wrong

  11. GO LAUREN ALAINA!!! She is way better than Scotty and is only 16!!!!! Lauren is the winner!!!!!

    • You wish to be in her skin, aren’t you??? I know for sure. That what my 13 years old wants. She likes Scotty, but wants Lauren to win, because she reallised that she could never be near Scotty anyhow. This is psichology. You are too little to understand.

      • what???? are you a psychologist of some sort?? I think George Lopez said it himself that most people such as you suffer from one terrible, horrible disease sweeping the world….know-it-all syndrome. You don’t know that. Maybe she just grew out of Scotty and started to like Lauren it happened to me with Pia where I got bored of her and her ballads and drifted over to the two remaining girls then toward Lauren. If you are a psychologist, I just hope I never get the displeasure of meeting you.

    • lilly: DITTO! Don’t mind fairlady, she is just a jealous cougar.

      GO LAUREN!!!

      • Bunny i have to agree with you! Lauren is great!! All jealous girls exit the room . lol

  12. My whore 20 yrs as a booking agent I disagree that she is better then scotty. He is way more mature then she is……that goes a long way in the music business…..

    • Dewayne if you were really a booking agent you would not be spreading such vile garbage on this website. They are both awesome singers and both will make it in Country music. Why would you try to influence people against someone so young and just trying to get started. You can’t speak for all of Nashville, you are one man. Go Lauren!!! You have what it takes.

      • Sandi: The way I read this Dewayne says he has bee booking whores for 20 years. lol

      • OMG bunny, lmao! i tried to red what you posted to devin and i was lughing so ard i could not get it all out. tears are in my eyes!that was classic!!!

      • never post when you are in hysterical laughter mode. my post was all messed up!
        i meant to say,i tried to read what you posted to devin and i was laughing so hard that i could not get it all out.

      • Bunny that’s what he said. If he’s a booking agent shouldn’t he be able to spell? lol

      • secondchance: I’m glad you got a giggle. I count you & Devin as my buddies!

      • Matt it was to all the other post he has been so generous in posting. So, yes by the time I got to this one I was a little tired of reading what he thinks, amazing how one man thinks he can speak for all of Nashville. From all his comments he is a pissed off Haley fan. Not to worry if you really what you say you are, you know if she is that good we will be hearing alot more from her in the future.

      • Dewayne, I’d like to book a whore for next Saturday… I got a credit card here…

      • Extreme? Matt did you know Haley was a ‘slut & pole dancer with a cheap body”?

    • Well where do you get I am trying that. I think if you go back and read ” I am mentioning what I heard…so for you to say that is very dumb……I have done this 20 yrs and know what I am talking about… go ahead with comments cause I am setting back laughing…..we know who’s gonna win…..

      • dewayne please mind your english. anyway i think both these contestants are awesome and both of them deserve to win. they are are both unique

      • Troll troll troll. And one that can’t spell or use proper grammar? I don’t think so.

      • You guys (the two above me) don’t you think you’re taking this a little far? RUDE. I tell ya, I am getting a LOT of laughs off this new thread already…

      • darn, i am almost scared to go to their concert. some of these fanatics are gonna have semi automatic weapons and sh*t trying to kill people who did not like the same performer as them.
        me and devin lee are going…since she liked haley and i liked james, do we have to sit on opposite sides of the concert? do we have to throw rotten tomatos at each other or hand grenades?
        crap, maybe we should just make popcorn and watch it on you tube.

      • Wait until you meet Scott in person to make a judgment since the Scotty role he plays on TV could be different.

        Scotty’ music is not nearly as popular with the kid as much as Scotty the person is. That could be a gold mine for his concerts but not sure about his music selling.

  13. Scotty should sing Born to Run … Bruce Springsteen or

    Shameless …. Garth Brooks.

  14. Steven Tyler prediction will come true… AI needs a girl to win this year Lauren will get the title.
    Was a good season after all the ups and downs and the controversial eliminations but those guys are good and they deserve their spots. Good luck to both. Of course James was my favorite but now he is not there to compete anymore I am rooting for Lauren to win.
    Thank you Matt, Branden and Ashley Rae for all your hard work, will see you next year 🙂

    On other note…
    I really recommend you all to watch The Voice is an amazing program with amazing singers.

    • Marta…..I love The Voice too….I don’t know if you know this but Matt has a blog for The Voice too…..Check it out……

  15. Okay MEL……let’s act our age and not a baby… can post all your little rude comments…..I am sorry that your uneducated person who has to smart off….I’m okay with what I said because I know how the music industry will relate….. Go to church and grow up

    • Dewayne,

      You are a rude, arrogant, and slanderous,
      impostor! Go back, and reread your posts. They reveal that your vocabulary is severely lacking, as well as, your ability to construct logical sentences with proper punctuation. Did you happen to notice all of the words that you omitted?

      Before you accuse someone else of being uneducated, you need to be sure that you, yourself, are well educated. No one in Nashville would hire a booking agent with your obvious lack of education. Your friend, “fairlady”[sic] would be well-advised to do the same.

      Thank you!

      • liedetector: then just cuz sume1 writes it all in wrong way they shouldnt be able to say their thoughts? u r just a fake person who cant get over a criticism just cuz u cant deal reality… dummy baby, go cry, go

      • I agree with our trusty Lie Detector:

        We have your basic grammar errors:

        – he has way more talent then (than) Lauren
        – he acts his age and has great stage presents (presence)
        – she whines and acts to (too) much like Kelli Pickler
        – Nashville is not to (too) impressed with her

        We have general mental confusion:
        – I agree there (is) lots of talent but I don’t (think) Lauren should be the (one) Scotty goes against because Haley Rheinhart was great…

        This indicates either early onset Alzheimer’s disease or a three second attention span. My $5 bet is on the latter.

        And then we get desperate and vague “credential bombing”:
        – I know directly we will see Haley again (got a source for that?)
        – I am a booking agent in Nashville
        – My (whole) 20 yrs as a booking agent
        – I work in Nashville and everyone is saying…

        And I’m Elvis Presley and I work in the Land of Oz and I’m having lunch with the CFO of Microsoft today but first I have to finish cleaning the toilets on the 9th floor.

      • NG, If you are really into toilets, turn in an application at THE PORTA POTTY PALACE in Nashville. Heard they’re hiring… my pimp told me. Use Dewayne as a reference.
        Ohh, hurry, those employee discount idol concert tickets are moving fast.

    • Yes, she is, but i prefer to let her grow up. She needs 2-3 years to mature for this bussiness.

    • Scotty, James, Pia, Halley, and Casey are all much much much better entertainers and singers than Lauren. Lauren is too immature and a drama queen. Good voice but she brings nothing else to the table.

    • She is a great singer and has the ability to do very well at the age she is at now. Don’t be silly! lol

  16. I’ll tell you what would make more sense. Haley fans, Casey fans, Pia fans – all fans who know the two left standing don’t hold a candle to those who’ve been eliminated – DON’T VOTE! Imagine the awkward, yet telling moment: finale begins, Seacrest mumbles something about record low number of votes and wonders out loud if anyone north of the Mason-Dixon or west of the Mississippi is even watching… I won’t be. I could get the same show live at karaoke night at the closest country bar.

    It’s amusing how many people pop up on these forums claiming to be “in the music industry”, booking agents, etc. Right. And I’m Elvis Presley’s and Janis Joplin’s love child! Madonna is my twin sister.

    • well Serge, I did not see you a Gershwin music lover, I would rather see you a prokofiv, but who thought. As for myself, I love this country music, because as classic music, sends messages, tells stories.

      • Serge…you are devising a plot not to vote? These kids have woked very hard just as the others have. So you want to take your anger on the kids? You are more of a kid then thsy are. Get a life

    • Haley likely won some southern states like Texas, Louisiana and Florida while Scotty won most the western states like Colorado, Montana and Kansas.

      Just remember that number of people voting and number of votes are not the same and if Scotty was a rocker he still would be in the finale most likely.

      • Bloodyscot, According to my 17 year old daughter, Scotty would be in the finals if he were mute!
        We really have no idea of the power & tenacity of the young girls today.

  17. All do respect to everyone but I have been in radio for 5 yrs and I have to honestly agree with Dewayne….there is a lot of people who has questions about Lauren….she forgets words and acts childish….if she don’t make it that will give her time to find herself…I’m in LA and a lot of viewers feel the same way…. So before we all start acting tacky, let’s ask question…..dewayne I am on yourside…..

    • Andrea thanks for understanding….as you know there are a bunch of people who are just dumb and wanna mouth…..

    • Andrea. If you handed that in to a teacher it would come back with all of the spelling and grammatical errors circled in red and a large F at the top. How can you expect to gain any credibility with a post like that? You and Dewayne are both uneducated twits.

      • Well it shows how idiot people like you are. We all have opinions and were titled to express them. If you don’t like it honey bee , then don’t read it.

      • It isn’t a question of your right to an opinion. It’s about making obviously false claims to make yourself seem important. Booking agents and people who work in radio [claims made by yourself and Andrea] have better vocabularies and grammatical skills than either of you display. False claims make you seem even more ignorant than your lack of skills show you to be.

      • May 22, 2011

        Dear Pete:

        Please allow Dewayne and Andrea to continue to work in their current roles in the Music and Broadcasting sector of “Imagination Land”. Based on preliminary findings, neither individual would be able to handle termination at this point in time based on their mental frailty. Furthermore, their complete inability to draft up a reasonable resume with no grammatical or spelling errors would drastically affect their chances at obtaining gainful employment elsewhere, such as in the Land of Oz, or Far Far Away.

        Thank you for your attention to this matter.

        Northern Guy

        Human Resources Dept.
        Imagination Land Inc.

    • I agree…Lauren would be a handful…just not ready…too childish…it would be a job for the production company that has her songs. She does forget them..but what I notice…just from a listening perspective because I am no expert on music…that she doesn’t finish her words or seems to run out of breath. Is that nerves or what?

      • CarolAnn: You are TOOO MUCH! Lauren missed one word to one song all season & to you that constitutes ” She does forget them..”. If you like Scotty (I like Scotty by the way) & want him to win, then vote for him. But don’t put Lauren down in the process. GEEZ, I’m beginning to feel like Devin Lee!

      • It sucks, huh, bunny?!?! Lauren hasn’t forgotten any words, she didn’t sing the line “Bury me in satin” because she realized she missed her key change…it was an honest mistake, and most people would’ve just kept singing in the wrong key. I like that Lauren took a breath and sung it like it was meant to be sung. She didn’t forget the words…it was the chorus, she sang it like 5 times! Lauren is awesome.

    • Oh yeah? Well I know a guy who lived next door to someone who knew some other guy who was in radio for SEVEN years. So nya nya nya boo boo.

      Puhlease people. Dropping vague references to the music business (and businesses once or twice removed from the music business) is like saying “I dated Superman” or “My dad can beat up your dad”.

      Unless you identify yourself, your company and your position you gain ZERO CREDIBILITY from doing vague “job reference” bombings on the internet.

      Just thought you should know: it’s not working and you look retarded.

      • hey, should i mention i hired steven tylers uncle and cousin to run my kitchen at a bar i managed? lol. all i got out of the deal was some snapshots of steven tyler in his bathrobe!

      • Yeah? Well my half step brother-in-law knows John Ratzenberger’s plumber.

    • Dear Northern Guy,

      STOP ACTING LIKE YOU ARE MATURE NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE LETTER FORMAT. This isn’t a frickin college resume it’s a reply to a comment. Adding formalities is not in the slightest way even the smallest way make you seem more formal. All that it makes us think is that you have way too much time on your hands and it annoys people. As for maturity, it doesn’t really matter I don’t care about the maturity I just want some amazing singers darn it and Lauren, with her more complex voice should win, she has it all,: cause, personality, voice….the only thing she really lacks in is not acting like an idiot on stage, but I think deep within her heart, she acts like that on purpose. Nevertheless, I want her to win because Scotty….is just Scotty. The same every week alternating with slow country song, fast country song, slow country song….and so on. Scotty is cool it’s just that his voice is not complex. I am still wondering how he made it and not John Wayne Schulz. He was awesome and so was Carson Higgins. I would rather have Lauren win this one.

      • Dear Cali:

        I care about maturity, correct spelling, manners, the letter format, and not taking the tags off the furniture that say “DO NOT REMOVE THIS TAG”. I care about a great many things you see.

        I am also giving your rant an F because you started out ripping me a new one and then segwayed (quite abruptly I might add) into why you like your favorites on Idol. You didn’t even have the decency to end your rant with:

        “Therefore, in conclusion, I feel that Northern Guy is obsessed with maturity and the letter format and is therefore a detriment to this online community.”

        So, in conclusion, I am mature and you are not and my dad can beat up your dad.

        Nya nya nya boo boo.

        Kindest Regards,
        Northern Guy
        Very Mature Idol Enthusiast

      • cali, actually northern guy is pretty funny. i for one love reading his posts.

      • Cali is probably the most annoying person on the whole site. Don’t even pay attention Northern Guy! My mother and I were cracking up when we read that.

      • P.S. You did give me a good laugh tonight. But please let me know if and when I start to get on your bad side. I know I have been there in the past, and I’d really rather not be there again. 🙂

    • Northern Guy,

      I am so glad I’m not on your bad side at this particular time!

      Angela James

      • Oops…the p.s. above this is supposed to be here! (meant for Northern Guy)

      • Hey I’ll argue with anyone but I never hold a grudge! 😉

        What did we argue about anyways? I don’t even remember now – there are much easier targets lurking around! 😛

  18. I like Lauren Alaina she is my idol I really want her to win and it’s a singing compition it not who u guessing to win so vote for Lauren she is only 16 she is better so Lauren is the winner

  19. I think Lauren has a really good chance of winning. She has a big fan base and I think Haley’s votes most likely will go to her because Scotty is totally different style to Haley, while Lauren is not as different because she is more versatile. So I hope lauren takes the crown, I really want a girl winner cause there hasn’t been one since Jordin Sparks.

    • So the sex of the contestant should be the winner? That is a really stupid statement

      • The sad part she maybe right in some ways.
        My two nieces and their 5 friends vote hard for Scotty but don’t care much for his music, they like Laurens and Haleys songs better.

      • Bloodyscot tell them to stop voting for him if they dont like his songs lol they’re the reason Pia or James didn’t make the finale. I mean only a total bonehead would vote for someone when they don’t like what he/she does, but totally based on looks. I strongly despise people who do that.

    • lauren may pick up some of haleys votes, but not alot. i think most of haleys fans won’t vote.

  20. DeWayne, I have been reading your comments and your are mostly right on. Haley did not get an attitude until Randy and JLo tried for the past several weeks to throw her under the bus with undo and overly critical comments. Last week put the icing on the cake when they covered for Lauren forgetting words to a song.

    • Ricky, why are you complaining so bitterly about your comments? I see all of your comments right here. None of them have been removed. Nothing is being done to your comments and you’re looking mighty foolish by saying your comments are being removed when they’re all right here.

    • There is too much hate going around now.
      Remember Idol is heavily scripted and this kids are playing roles on TV to a degree depending on how the show wants to portray them over all and from week to week.

      It has already been reported that the producers told the judges to get Haley angry hoping to put more emotion in her songs. Randy just when to far and with the heavy pressure of the show she talked back then caught herself. She said nothing bad and only depended herself until Steven stepped in.

    • honestly, i am surprised more of the contestants haven’t forgotten more of the lyrics. when they learn one song they have to remember two versions of the same song. one shortened version for the show, and the longer version for the studio recording. i am sure it can become very confusing.

  21. Who would have thought? Lauren and Scotty were the first female and male contestants who went to the stools of safety for Top 10 during the Top 24 elimination.

    • are you sure? as far as I remember neither did DAVID COOK and ARCHULETTA…

      • What are you talking about? I’m talking about this season’s Top 24 elimination. You stupid or something?

    • either Scotty or Lauren wins, this is the most disappointing AI ever. I can easily think of at least four other contestants better than these two one-trick-dogs. A very inmature season we had.

      • Well Nigel hinted that Haley received 25 + million votes. So that leaves 70 million left for Scotty/Lauren. Guess America spoke. Scotty has been a favorite of America since day 1.

      • How nice of you to compare them as one trick dogs…That makes you a poor example of any thing.. and very immature of nothing…put that altogether…poof

      • “compare them as one trick dogs”
        You mean compare them to? something perhaps?

        “a poor example of any thing”>
        I’ve never seen “anything” used as an example of “something”.

        very immature of nothing”

        put that altogether”
        Put that all together…

        Sorry, but these posts are getting worse on a daily basis. People REALLY need to go to their English classes and refrain from sleeping. You should just say “My dad can beat up your dad”, throw some sand around and be done with it. Sheesh.

        Okay, rant over.

        You may now continue to shred the basic tenets of the English language.

        Your English Teacher

    • We told Durbin fans to move on it’s time for us to move on too.

      • now u see how it sucks when u know ur Idol is way better than the ones that have left… it’s unfair but it’s time to get real, I now see that if James have won then he would have gotten stucked on AI choices for him, just like COOK, but hey, better now he can do anything his own way, so will Haley, now it isn’t the end of the road, IT’S JUST THE BEGGINING

  22. Lauren and Scotty are living the American dream. It as been a great season with so much talent I think we will be hearing from more of this top 10 than from any past seasons. To say anything negative about anyone in the too is just wrong. Age is just a number and they will all grow up in time. Country music welcomes youth, Leann Rhimes, Taylor Swift, just name some. I think no matter who wins we should be proud that we have so much talent among our youth.

  23. Here goes. I want scotty to win cause he has got it all. Confidents. Voice. The whole lot he has. He was my winner from day one. But to be honest lauren damn she is just as good. If by any chance she should win. I will not be upset or angry. Maybe a little sad. But both are great in my eyes. And scotty will always stay my winner no matter what. So scotty fans you have to vote extra hard this week as lauren has a lot of fans. Not saying that scotty doent. Go scotty all the way

    • ya from day to day’s may favorite song is sccotty .do you see may fb (rusman kamsari)lot off sccoty

    • I like Scotty, too, but I think the Nashville scene would work better for him than American Idol. I’m worried that if he wins they will try to change him. I think Lauren should win because she’s already more pop-country, and they won’t really try to change her style. This is just my honest opinion that Scotty would benefit from being represented by people who really know country music and how to promote their country artists. I want Lauren to win, and I want Scotty to get a kicka$$ producer from Nashville. And I want Jimmy to produce Haley.

      • Sorry Devin…but Scotty will get all of the help he needs from Idol…and he really wants to win…So, for all his effort, sincerity, and talent…I hope he does…and then, let the card fall where they may. I don’t think Lauren should win…she needs time and not rushed into an album…she is so not ready. This probably wouldn’t be the best for her.

      • Well, I think more immature people have put out albums than Lauren…for an example, Miley Cyrus was like 13, Lil Bow Wow was what…8-10? Aaron Carter was around 12…Lauren will be just fine putting out her own album, she just has to find the right songs. Barely any male winners of Idol have actually became successful. Think about it, Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson are the most famous Idol winners, and Lauren kinda gives off a mix of their vibes. Scotty winning, could be hit or miss with Idol representing him. I just don’t want him to fade into the background if he wins. Plus, Lauren has tried harder…she’s taken a few risks, she’s stepped outside her comfort zone. I honestly think she deserves to win more than Scotty. I’m not saying she’s any more or less talented, she’s just put herself out there more for us.

  24. It has been a very entertaining season with the contestants; enjoyed Steven Tyler (he still can sing!)and Jennifer and Randy is consistent (but as his celebrity earns less, maybe he is getting bored?) …. if I had my way Casey and James would be in this last and final night, and Lauren. NOT Scotty ….. Haley should have been out weeks ago, she is too sensitive and full of herself ….. Scotty is too country and predictable …. James had such a diverse voice and was very un-predictable and Casey just became cuter every week. GOOD LUCK Lauren!!!

    • Scotty is too country, but Lauren is not? Wow! That would be like comparing a hick to a redneck.

  25. Go Scotty… He is the whole package. I really thought from the beginning the finale would be James & Scotty… Not sure the show is not pre-determined… but either way.. since it’s between Lauren & Scotty… I say GO SCOTTY. I have to say for 16 Lauren is a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice… but I feel Scotty is more mature to be the next AI. I have been watching AI since season 3 and even though Carrie Underwood and David Cook were my favorites…I have to say that season 10 was one of the BEST seasons. Good luck to both of the contestants that have worked hard to get to where they are. All of the contestants will come out winners because they were ALL very talented.

    • I did and do adore Carrie and pulled for her since I saw her singing in the cornfield on the audition tape. However, my husband keeps insisting that she would have had a difficult time winning had she been mixed in this season’s contestants. Remember: She has really grown and improved leaps and bounds since AI!

    • I went back lat night and watched the episode on You Tube where David Cook was named the winner. I cried my eyes out again! He was so humbled, so sweet, and so grateful as the confetti came down. He cried and I cried. I loved the way he acknowledged David Archuletta and kept going back to hug him. I was so sad to hear that his brother, who talked him into auditioning, died soon after. I have his first CD and am anxiously awaiting his next.

  26. That would be awesome if James Durbin got to do a number with Steven Tyler. I would love that…..that would make the season for me. I would like to see Lauren win because we have not had a female winner in awhile, but really, both are equally qualified. I would be happy with any of the top five winners..they are all winners in my eyes. Congratulations to them all. I only wish I was able to see their summer tour.

  27. If any of you were expecting yo watch JAMES perform with STEVEN TYLER then you should have kept him to finals, if don’t the you know what you’ll see this year …

    • lee maybe… but we would know for sure if the contestant youre hoping to see was on finale, agree?

    • Either way, they have a really special James performance that night, if it’s with Steven or someone else! Can’t wait for Wednesday night!

      • i am really excited about seeing james wednesday night but at the same time i wish he never had to step foot on AI stage again. i still think he was cheated by AI, may it be by them changing votes or allowing tweens to vote thousands of times per night.

      • Yeh I didnt see Haley leaves, but definitely going to watch this show to see James steping there and hit that stage as always, dont think he was robbed, but yet, he was the best this season

  28. Scotty and only Scotty, he is very talented and he is so well mannered, he will be a true idol! Alaina has a little bit coarse voice, but she shouts too much while singing and I am sorry but she is a big joke, cannot even remember the lyrics…Scotty deserves to win, America, for once do not make a mistake again!!!

    • hey starting the two of them are realy good, don’t know wich will win, it will be a surprise for all, not if it was two guys on finale then I would say Scotty, or if it were two girls, I would say Haley, but the top 2 achieve the same public…

      • but scotty all the way, I still believe guys did better job this season than girls

  29. This is the first season that I have watched AI. (I know, I live under a rock) However, seeing as how emotionally wrapped up in this I got, it will probably be the last season as well. I tend to believe that the results may have been “massaged” in order to created controversy…. Be that as it may, James was robbed (as was Pia) but I am happy for these 2 talented teens. I am still holding out for a Tyler/Durbin duet in the finale. Anyone with me there????

    • There won’t be this duet cos when James asked for it Tyler said he would do it IF JAMES got the FINALS got that?

      • i have a gut feeling steven will do it any way! because steven is a real nice guy. he wanted james to go to the finals.. (faye we wont ever for get james was robbed. i wish i could let you see what niegel wrote abour his haley…. ) i try to go find it so you can read it your self.

    • The show is heavily scripts and to some degree rigged but the top 24 become know and the top 13 go on tour this summer.

      For me the winner doesn’t matter since I got to hear new talent like, James, Haley and Lauren.
      Haley recorded a new song and will be singing it Wed. so I will get another song for my collection of hers.

  30. Just wish everyone would get over James leaving. He is great, and I really thought he would be in the top two, but America said otherwise. Now, we are left with Scotty and Lauren. I personally thought Hailey was better than Lauren, but again, America said otherwise. In any case, these are all incredibly talented young people, and we should be proud of and support whom ever wins. My pick is Scotty, have loved him from the very beginning, he makes me smile!

  31. J’ai peur que le show de mercredi soit beaucoup plus enlevant que celui de mardi… Les anciens participants vont faire paraître les finalistes comme des amateurs. James, Pia et Casey vont définitivement être majestueux si on les laisse chanter, bien sûr!

  32. I’ll try posting this information again without a link or naming the source. May not be news to some; but I think the beginning monetary side is interesting:

    James Durbin is quoted as saying no contracts are signed with any contestants until AFTER the finale.

    The touring contestants will each:

    * Earn at least $1,000 per concert (and I read the top 2 may earn double that per concert)

    * Get a percentage of the AI merchandise sold

    According to an article published in a well-respected newspaper in NY, (who said these details emerged from copies of contracts filed in state court in Los Angeles under laws requiring court approval of entertainment-industry deals with minors):

    A. With royalties from merchandise sales, all previous AI winners have earned at least $1 million per year.

    B. The top 5 should expect to earn at least $100,000, and 3-4 times that much if they are offered and sign recording contracts with 19 Entertainment.

    The article also said: Kris Allen earned $650,000 from his recording contract alone last year.

    More detail:

    “The winner and those finalists fortunate enough to secure a management contract with 19 Entertainment, a producer of “American Idol,” and a record deal, are likely to earn far more than they would if they were independent artists who found their own way to a recording deal.

    ‘I’m shocked that they give them that much money,’ said a longtime agent for recording artists who works at a major talent agency here. The agent spoke on the condition of anonymity because she had not seen the contract; portions of the deal were read to her by a reporter.

    A respectable recording contract for a new artist today would include an advance of $100,000 to $150,000, the agent said, although she noted that the “Idol” contract potentially binds the artist to the show’s producers for up to seven years, roughly twice as long as a typical first contract.

    Executives at 19 Entertainment declined to comment on the contracts. In a statement the company said: ‘Our business is built through strong, respectful relationships with our talent, so it is important that they are fairly represented in contractual agreements with 19 Entertainment. With American Idol, we have deliberately structured these agreements to ensure that artists can cross the threshold of success, and that they have all the support necessary to achieve their dreams.’

    Mr. Allen, last year’s winner, earned an advance of $350,000 for his first album, exclusive of recording costs, half of it paid soon after the competition ended and half when he finished recording. His self-titled first album sold 80,000 copies in its first week of release last fall — disappointing for an “Idol” winner — and 260,000 in its first three months, according to Mr. Allen’s Web site,

    An Idol winner’s riches extend beyond the recording contract. Last year the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida opened The American Idol Experience, an interactive attraction.

    To promote it, Disney paid Mr. Allen $100,000 to turn to a camera and shout, ‘I’m going to Disney World’ after winning the competition and to visit the park, according to the contracts. He stood to earn another $100,000 for spending a day filming scripted dialogue segments for use in the attraction and for taping a vocal performance for the Walt Disney World Christmas Parade television show.

    But wait — there’s more. Also according to the contracts, as the winner Mr. Allen has received a $100,000 advance on royalties from a three-year merchandising contract, which gives 19 Entertainment the right to use his image to promote goods and services.

    Those $650,000 in earnings do not come without strings, of course, strings that bind Idol contestants to 19 Entertainment for years. The company can sign a management contract with any contestant it chooses, binding the contestant to pay 15 percent of his earnings, not including those from recording and merchandising contracts, to 19 Entertainment-related companies as a manager’s fee. The initial contract extends for three years, although 19 continues to collect a percentage of some of the contestant’s earnings for 10 years.

    The winner is not the only contestant who earns after the show. Last year the runner-up — Adam Lambert, whose first-week album sales were more than double those of Mr. Allen — earned $300,000 in advance royalties for his album, a $75,000 merchandising contract and $50,000 in fees from Disney World for the Idol Experience attraction.

    The remaining Top 5 finalists each received $50,000 from Disney for their participation, while the rest of the Top 12 finalists could have earned $200,000 each for a first album and $50,000 from merchandising if 19 Entertainment had exercised its option to sign them to a contract.

    Contestants do not have to make it to the Top 5 to begin making money. Once they reach the Top 12, American Idol singers each week record a version of their song for sale on iTunes. Once they begin recording, they receive a one-time payment of $1,000 and a $1,000 advance on royalties for each recording.

    When they make it to the Top 12, contestants also usually perform in a group number during each week’s results show. Because that performance is not part of the competition, the contestants earn performance fees under the union contract that broadcasters have with the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, known as Aftra.

    That contract pays the artists from $1,011 for a one-hour show to $1,540 for a two-hour episode, meaning that a Top 5 contestant is likely to earn close to $10,000 in performance fees over the season: not a fortune, but with 20 million people viewing each week, it is a start.

    • Forgot my end quotation marks. Sorry. All of that dense copy was copied directly from the article I mentioned.

      • pup no sweat we all make mistakes. as long a we can read it who cares if you for got a mark or so..

      • Thanks, Dee! (The article I am referring to is still under moderation, though. It’s long and is taken from a newspaper article, so not sure if it will pass muster.)

      • Dee, my above response was to your first post.

        Don’t entirely agree with your 2nd post to me, though. She was stunned, yes. Not sure if I would characterize it as “pissed off,” though I admit, if I had sung like Haley, I would have been.

      • iknow i just wrote what some one said to me. i think haley would been there but she wasnt to nice to randy.

      • Pup I posted a link to a video of Haley’s parents right above this, so check back to see it after it’s looked over by a moderator. Haley’s parents spilled the beans…again. While doing a benefit performance. It’s awesome what they said is going on already with our girl Haley!

      • Devin, I will! Nothing showing yet and I have to leave (work-related), but I will be back and hope to view it!

      • Actually, pup, I made a mistake. It’s number 10 on page 3…but still awaiting a moderator. Have a good day at work! I’ll be back on after work, too, around 11.

      • They didn’t let me post a link to the video afterall, for whatever reason. If you try, you can find it though.

  33. I’m so disappointed that I won’t be watching this week. I found it odd that Jennifer showed no emotion when Haley was booted off, unlike past contestants when you saw her crying. She had a calm about her all night and so I really wonder if the judges didn’t know what the results would be and play some part in who would be the final two. The entire season Haley was unfairly picked on by the judges and I don’t think they can give themselves credit for boosting her up by cutting her down. I would love to hear what Simon Cowel thought. That’s not how judging should go. I’m done watching….after Robbie got eliminated over Stephano (J.Lo’s crush) – I should have turned it off but I saw a lot of talent. It’s just not American Idol though when judges are biased for whatever reason. I’ll buy Haley’s CD – but I won’t buy Lauren or Scotty’s. I love country music – but Randy Travis already exists and I own a lot of his albums. Randy Travis will never be topped. I remember there being a country version of American Idol and it didn’t survive. If this is the “new” Country Idol…then I’m done watching. It was so blatently clear how biased two of the judges were this year. And honestly, I own a lot of J.Lo albums and her voice does not even come close to the range and beauty that you get from Haley’s voice. That’s just my opinion – but I’m done watching……….

    • Wait to see if they fix the vote limits next year or not.
      Idol can remove power block votes but to want level and is it balanced is unknown.

      Set the limit to 50 votes per device ie phone, computer or texting and I would be happy.

      • Wish you could be right to do something about voting…and soon.. lot of competeing shows comeing up

      • I hope you’re right about limiting votes. If you’ve noticed, they only say the number of votes that came in when they’ve pulled a big number. Two weeks ago, they did not say how many votes they had so the following week, they extended the time period an extra half hour, then Ryan mentioned the number of votes. It’s pretty crazy but I know this for a fact because for the past month, I have been voting from start to finish for Haley and noticed the extended voting time. Regardless, I hope that next year they limit the number of votes to the number of singers left in the competition. That would truly make a statement. Lots of people would vote 14 times….but not so many would vote for 2+ hours.

    • I noticed that, Laura Lee, and I noticed that among all 3. None of them showed any sign of surprise, sadness (or even delight, which I thought would sneak into Randy’s eyes, anyway). Now the cameraman did not do closeups of them, but you could see they were all calm and controlled. What a bunch of rot.

      • Pup: I’ve heard people say bad things about Haley’s expression. Also about Lauren’s expression. And about the judges expressions. Now I don’t know about the judges, cause I have my own reservations. But I think for Lauren & Haley, it is a hard thing to be happy & sad at the same time on live T.V.

    • well ms haley was kinda rude to randy, like saying i dont care what you think i thought i did a great! she had this attitude. well to me she being snotty. and i dont blame them for not crying she gone… ps wonder what happen to chris maranda i think the spelling wrong. his girlfreind was in a bad car crash ?

      • @ Dee: Is it any wonder Haley quietly stated, “Randy, I know what you think.” Yes, she should have left it at that and not followed it with an eyeroll. BUT . . . this was the NASTIEST negative critique (of about 5) from Randy –focused on her and her alone. No such criticism was given to the other contestants. Just fluff.

        So, yeah, Haley has an independent streak! And she just was not gonna take it anymore! More power to her. They were clearly aiming to take her down. She could see that. It was grossly unjust.

      • when you get only critics it’s hard to noy being rude, so I would react like her and I was on haters team, so guess what? her reactions are normal from people who’s far away from family and friends and get pushed everytime, stop calling her brat and bad attitude, ARE YOU MISSING simon? Coz he has bad atitude and I LOVE him A LOT!!! Personality rules!!! no more fake reactions, let people know what you feel even if it’s a bad feeling!!!!

      • Haley wasn’t rude, she was standing up for herself and her songs…I liked the fact that she finally displayed she has a backbone. I love Haley, I thought she handled the situation as best as she could have. Haley is not a bad person, she’s been involved with many benefit shows with her parents, to help raise money for those in need, cancer, ect., ect..and it was before Idol, so it wasn’t just for good publicity. Mean and self-centered people do not take the time to do those kinds of things.

      • I have to say that I think Haley held it together week after week. I never saw the rude side to her that others talk about. She actually laughed at herself so many times before I think she had enough. And with regards to her finally saying something to Randy – he had already made his point and then addressed his question to her asking if she had heard him to which she said “yes she had”. So had she been better off to say nothing? That would have been rude.

    • Don’t let it get you down. Haley will do awesome after this show…just be grateful it exposed Haley to us at all. We would have never heard a truly unique and fabulous voice otherwise. If Haley picks the right kind of songs, her album WILL sell, and sell well. Haley’s fans have already put their $ where their mouth is. 🙂 Don’t let the show get you down, Haley is proud of being the second runner up, and she want’s us to be happy about it, too. If the show had it’s way she would’ve been gone before the top 10. We fought HARD for her, even against all the obstacles they put in our way!

  34. BEWARE the Trolls are out it force, whether they are being paid or working for free I don’t know.

    Remember that power votes can be removed by Idol for one or all contestants. If rumors from early in the season are true then Lauren is the winner.

  35. I hope Lauren wins , she is an amazing singer. Scotty is good too, but I just think Lauren has a very powerful beautiful voice. Either way they are both great. I voted for James all the way , but after he left all my votes went to Lauren.

  36. of all the years, i watch american idol this is the best year ever. everyone are great to watch. i just wish james had gotten robbed of the title (but for we all know it was fixed!) cause negial tweeted he wanted his haley in . so order for haley to stand the chance, they let james go now ing james and pia would be alright makind and selling cd. steven please do not for get to sing with james.. good luck lauren and scotty love to see king and queen title. a tie…. cant wait for the tour see you all in ri.

  37. Lauren Alaina…….The next AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!!

    Love Scotty too!!! But Lauren has been my girl since day one of the auditions!!!

      • Her outfits?! Seriously…? I thought the only time Lauren dressed appropriately was when she was in jeans, and when she wore the dress in “If I Die Young”. The bad prom dresses are just awful. I love Lauren and want her to win…but she needs a wardrobe stylist. She should dress fun, playful, stylish, and age appropriate. Go Lauren!

      • Devin, not as bad as that cow suit Pia had to wear! Thank the ‘stylng guru” for that disaster.

      • well, it’s taste… I like the outfits, wouldn’t wear it thou, she’s tall, I’m not

  38. Scotty and Lauren can sing, but are boring and mundane as performers. I can care less who wins.

    I am much more interested in seeing the most talented singers and musicians, Casey and James perform again. These two have real presence and versatility and will produce more meaningful art in the long run.

  39. Have been a huge fan of American Idols this has been the worst ever first James then Haley what a joke must agree Jlo very biased Haley is going to make the finalist looks silly remember Daughtry,Adam Lambert cheers from Cape Town South Africa

  40. No getting away from it…..Haley is a great singer….but that doesn’t excuse the fact that she had an attitude. Look how pissed off she was after Lauren was announced as #2……Lauren looked to Haley for a congrats hug and Haley didn’t even look at her. She tried to look and act happy…..but her body language said it all.
    I really hope that Lauren wins……she deserves this.

    • Would you rather have had Haley bring down crying? I was shocked and far madder than Haley was. I would love to have a look at the raw data from the voting.

      The FCC is a joke full of political lobbyist, a commissioners just approved a big merger than quits and goes to work for the new company and was a lobbyist for one of the companies before working at the FCC.

      • Have you been drinking … a lot? No disrespect, but you are bordering on incoherent.

    • She was shocked for about 5 seconds and was hardly given a chance to do anything because Ryan Seacrest started talking to her almost immediately.

      She was extremely graceful in what she said and then went on to give a great parting performance.

      There were no tears, no tantrums a la James and Pia, just a young star to be getting on with the job and showing class and professionalism.

      Given the performances in the semi-finals, I was shocked because, much as I like her, Lauren was the weakest of the three.

      Everyone is human and disappointment is a natural reaction to such news, especially when you got so far.

      • I couldn’t agree more…I feel Haley was awesome and handled things just fine!

    • Haley had to be shocked, she deserved to be in the final, without question. Get ready for two very boring singers trying to win. What a joke!
      Sorry, I’m a sore loser!

      • you bet you are a lot of you that are sore losser but remember they all will get contracts now matter what sho grow up

    • I did not read that in Haley’s body language. Even if it were there, who in their right mind would be happy to lose? If Lauren had gone done, she would have broken into tears. She would have been unable to do a final song, much less a killer like Haley did. That may have been the best final song in AI history.

  41. With Steven Tyler and JLo as new judges, I was hoping for a more edgier and improved show than from past years. I liked the diversity in styles in the Top 13, but the finals is definitely anti-climatic. Both of them did bland, safe performances (and non-memorable) all season long and Lauren actually got worse as the season went along as she lost confidence. So disappointing to what could have been.

    • If that is the case, then you need to delete the reply to statement No. 13 and No. 14

      • Hey, liedetector is right. What are you people doing, censoring our responses???
        Shame on You!!!!!!!!!

  42. I find it abit funny that Country music industry is split over Scotty mainly and Lauren.
    The Tour Promoters and booking agents are happy while the Country radio stations are mad.

  43. Soo UPSET!!! Won’t watch American Idol anymore!! Winner has LEFT!! Haley WAY outsang Scotty & Lauren!!! Think Country & Pop Idol should be seperated!! Haley & James will SUCCEED as Daughtry & Adam Lambert Did!!! Proved that some cheatin’ & favouritism goin on!!! Really disappointed!!!
    South Africa… xxxx

    • I don’t know about “cheating.” However, the system AI uses for voting is flawed and promotes ballot box stuffing. They need to limit the number of votes per voter as DWTS or, at least, have a sing off as Lithgows other show does a dance off with the bottom two or three.

  44. Lauren has a much better attitude, than Haley. I didn’t like Haley’s screaming growling voice at all. Both Lauren and Scotty come across as nice kids, and I am sure both of them will have a great future.So I am not worried who wins really. My favourite is and always will be Pia Toscano.

    • Lauren only seems to have a better attitude because there is nothing going on in her head.

      • Oldster: First time I’ve ever seen you post an outragously rude statement. Shame on you!

      • do you know her? cause you seem to know her pretty well, in that case I believe you, she an empty mind girl and you are an empty heart man/woman

    • I do not know her any better than those who say that Haley has a bad attitude. My post was in response to theirs in order to show how silly one can be when drawing conclusions from little evidence. Lauren has shown herself to be young and goofy, to be sure. This is as much evidence that she is vacuous as Haley’s “body language” is that she is mean. See what I mean?

      • I don’t mean to argue but I get really mad when I read judgements posts, I have defended Haley bad attitudes a few times, it is because I can see why she act like that, she didn’t had any support and Lauren had, there were people who said JLO was jealous of Haileys beauty, so you can see how crazy those fanatics are getting, make your point but don’t critize anyone, please?

  45. I’m so glad she’s being picky about her first single…a first single can really make or break someone. I hope she chooses a perfect song for herself. She might be performing her song Wednesday!
    Haley’s parents spilled the beans again, at a performance they did to raise money for Relay for Life. It’s really easy to see where Haley got her talent from…and her big heart. Haley would be doing it too, but she has to stay in LA. I really think people have pegged her as a bad person prematurely. Haley wants to help people, because her parents raised her to care about the misfortunate souls who are suffering out there! I can’t wait for Wednesday night, and I STRONGLY hope Lauren takes the crown. I hope everyone in the top 4 makes it big, along with Casey and even Pia. They’re all wonderful, and I’m glad they all shared their gifts with us. That goes for every contestant of this year.

    • Why is my link to her parents video gone? It’s just Haley’s parents Patti and Harry. Or is it because they DID spill A LOT of the beans this time? You guys should post it then, because I found it on American Idol’s official website anyways.

      • Administration:
        Message No. 14 is a All Caps Message If you have any integrity, and sense of fairness, you must delete it from the board!!!

  46. Scotty has been my favourite since day 1… Go Scotty, all the best for the final…I love traditional country music and Scotty is in it to win it…

    • Sorry, guys, but my daddy taught me that if you do anything, you give it your best. Therefore, if you enter a contest you do so with the intention of winning it. I believed my father. I believed in the principles of his generation – the “greatest generation.” Failure to adhere to their principles, such as giving whatever you do your best effort, goes far towards explaining why our country is dying. More on topic, it is why I and people like me, need an explanation as to why someone would enter a contest with no intention of winning.

  47. I was really having a great day until you said the Top 13 will return for the finale, I thought the freak show was over already…..On a brighter note, both finalists are deserving of the win, but Lauren will take it all…..

      • I don’t understand this comment…about Obama and Lauren…wow, too deep for me I guess. Besides…Obama was ahead the whole time.

      • @oldster that sure is an arrogant remark about the person who keeps the USA running in tip top shape. As for lauren…. You are simply one of her “haters” (which they are apparently being known as now) lauren has my vote her voice is breathtakingly beautiful. Scotty is equally as amazing, so whoever wins this year deserved it.

      • There are people in America that speak before they speak and I think Oldster…you may well be one of them. Please don’t bring politics into this….

      • Lana, ” tip top shape”? Seriously?
        You either are one of the few remaining with a job or you work for the government in some capacity. Which is it?

      • @ fatboy well….. No actually. He does ok. I was mainly trying to get a point a cross. He/she shouldn’t bring politics into a singing competition anyway.

      • Lana, you are probably right. However, when looking for an analogy that one just came to mind quickly because I do see evidence of the same lack of thought being put into voting for each. That being said, certainly AI is not nearly as serious as politics and should serve as an escape from it. Therefore, I apologize for bringing gloom and doom into a fun and frivolous activity.

    • Kay, did you momma not teach you it is rude and ignorant to use all “Caps” on a forum?

      • You presented your feeling well, Scotty is worthy and the best!! Go scotty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Retta, In this case, it has NOTHING to do with judgement.
        There are stated rules, right? One of them is no complete postings in all caps, right?
        Now here’s the tricky part: Did Kay use all caps or not?

    • Wow. Sounds like the second coming. And only the country religious right will be saved. God bless America… quickly.

    • God Bless you for your post Kay. Scotty has touched many lives including mine.It is as though he has a force that touches ones heart.
      Awesome, Good Luck Scotty!!

  48. Sick and TIRED reading people judging HALEY reactoins… I got mad when James left and took it all on her but NEVER told she has bad atitude cos I”M not watching a SIMPATY contest, it is a Performers SHOW and this season was JAMES the best performer, not the best voice(since we had some voices rarely seen), no best look(we had wonders…), no best tricks(we had a genious there) but he DID HIT THE STAGE EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Haley has a talent that is hard to find I AGREE, can I enjoy Heavy instead? Thank you!
    Lauren is a fine girl that already looks like a woman, she has a powerful voice and I RESPECT that!
    (Have you respected that James had the best weeks, even thou you don’t enjoy Heavy? if don’t SHAME on YOU).
    Scotty has a great voice, a tone that it’s rare, he is pushing hard to learn fast and be the best. BUT you could see his amazed face everyweek he wasn’t eliminated (he saw the level) and I beleive HE HAS something catchy (Have you ever respect that JAMES deal with feelings and EMOTIONS deppler that we? if dont, it’s a SHAME)
    I believe it’s the best IDOL SO FAR, and JAMES was the best PERFORMER, he ain’t got robed, HAILEY isn’t a BRAT it’s called SELF DEFENSE and it’s normal, she had a lot of pression (she saw the level too)
    BOTH top2 are good
    both deserve win

      • I agree. See my comment above about Haley and her family singing for charity. That is not the mark of a mean or selfish person…

    • Thank you for that, Thought Police, and now a word from our sponsors…

      • We have sponsers? Why wasn’t I informed of this when I signed up?
        Oh, I get it.
        I wasn’t told cause I have an attitude, respond to people when they sh** on me, growl too much in my posts that I write when not always completely dressed & that obviously makes me a slut.
        Only thing I have not been accused of, no doubt due to the pronounced size of my ass, is a pole dancer!

        I guess I’ll getting my walking papers next.

      • Lefty, then why even be here…this place is for people that are still pulling for someone…at least I think so…Maybe I am wrong!

  49. JAMESshouldbeTHERE says:
    May 22, 2011 at 2:31 PM


    You need to stop your sniveling over James’ elimination, and move forward with your life! Everyone has a right to his opinion,including myself. You, apparently, are not intelligent enough to recognize that!

    • maybe you should listen to yourself before saying this you are the one who started jusging someone you don’t know, get real… I don’t mind your opinion as long as you dont call anyone with different opinions RUDE

  50. In away Haley’ talking back to Randy cost her the finale, since Randy picked the song “you ought know” for her to sing as payback. It was the worst song he could think of picking for her.
    It likely pushed some of her young voters to Lauren, which was just enough, were a song they knew and liked would have won it for her.

    • Randy had been on Haley’s case since day one, and almost didn’t succeed in removing her.

      • Randy would have been embarassed if a girl he helped keep from even going to Hollywood last year, turned around and won the whole thing the next year. It would make him look as if he does not know talent when he hears it.

      • The problem with Randy is that he DOES know music and CAN give good critiques and when he is giving negative feedback, 9 out of 10 times I AGREE with him. That is why his actions towards Haley were clearly BIASED. Don’t blame Randy’s actions on ignorance or deafness – he was either biased himself or was receiving direction from a producer that puts ratings over fairness. And ratings over fairness is a producers job, especially when they’re trying to make the program bigger and more fantastic every year.

      • Jackass knows talent, I ‘ll give the psasht that. It’s his agendas & bias that make me sick.

      • NG, I know you won’t believe this, but I honestly had not read your post before writing my first post.
        Great minds think alike?

      • Well, great minds aside (grin), I think we’re thinking the same thing because a couple hundred thousand others might be as well. Anyone denying an “Anti-Haley” campaign is just not being objective. The harsh criticism, and then the icing on the cake: The ridiculously hard songs picked for her and “apples in a barrel” for the country kids. Boo.

  51. Scotty is the best of what our young people need to look up to, humble, with a love and respect for family, we love him!!!

  52. Lauren’s voice is amazing and beautiful, so good luck dear, fans from Russia with you!!!

  53. I predict the Nielson rating for these last two shows to be among the lowest in AI history. The reason? Lauren is not that popular. She got in by the mass voting done by her fans. Were she to win, it would be similar to the win of Jordin Sparks. How many people actually buy her stuff and go to her shows? Don’t get me wrong, neither Jordin nor Lauren are bad.They are just not outstanding. Their appeal is to a limited number of people (relatively) who have a lot of time on their hands to vote.

    If you really want to see if the girl can sing, hope that she is required to sing one of the songs Hailey sang earlier, Blue.

    • She woul be foolish to sing Blue, she couldn’t measure up to Haley’s version. What I remember from that great vocal, was Randy calling it boring.

    • The way Haley sang “Blue” really got my attention and admiration for the way she could control her voice. The judges can really mess with our thinking. I couldn’t believe Randy called it boring. Your response to comment 19 is correct.

    • Oldster: They said the same thing about Taylor Swift a couple of years back. And here she is at 21, one the richest women in the country.

      • Bunny, I do not remember anything adverse ever being said about Taylor Swift. Maybe I came in on her late, though. However, the first I heard was about this tall, skinny, young, blond, female, country phenom who was going to be the next great thing. I do not ever recall anybody saying anything bad about her, although lately she has been catching some flack (if you can call it that) for writing songs about every guy she dates (they do sound a little bubble-gummy to me, too).

  54. Three years in a row the winner should not have even been in the finals.

    Haley is a star. Lauren has a nice voice with nothing to compell me to even watch the final show. Scotty is good but PULEEEZE in no way matches up with Haley.

    The relatively unlimited voting does not produce the best. The Facebook Blog has Haley winning.

    J-Lo was clearly envious of Haley, I have played the video many times and I saw the jealousy. J-Lo’s video was boring and disconnected and I had to stop watching.

    Go Haley!

    • I do not know if J-Lo was jealous, but I believe that a lot of women and young girls were. They do not feel threatened by Lauren who, although she has pretty eyes and hair, is not the potential siren that Haley is.

      • This is so much nonsense. I don’t believe girls/women were jealous of Haley. There are many sexy and gorgeous singers/stars that young girls idolize and love. I just don’t think Haley connected with the masses for whatever reason. For me, it was some of the way she sang some of the songs but then, I am not a Joplin fan and that is what she sounded like to me…but jealous…heck no. If you got it…flaunt it.

      • Oldster: Let us turn things around a bit… Maybe you are against Lauren because maybe you are a perv & you know that Lauren is jail-bait?

        Ever think about that?

      • Bunny, A classic defense mechanism response… striking back and defining one you care about. And that’s okay, really.

        But the hypocrisy is this same defense mechanism was held against those who cared for Haley.

      • Bunny: No, I certainly am not attrracted to Lauren on any level. I like small women. Lauren is not small by any stretch. Now, I was concerned about being a dirty old man when I thought that Haley was under 18. I wonder if it was her rendition of House of The Rising Sun or the fact that I could relax about her sensuality when I thought that I had information that indicated she was over 18 that caused me to go from lukewarm to listing her as my favorite? Rhetorical question.

    • you better go look again at the face book, scotty is miles ahead or maybe thats twitter.

      • facebook aint that famous anyway, or I am way too wrong on everything I say always?

    • course JLO was jealous, cmon, any contestant on IDOL has to know sing, can she??? but of course as you can see, I’m not her fan

  55. I wish Scotty and Lauren good luck. I think Lauren will win it all. The tweenies kept Scotty(I love you crowd) and his deep voice and googly eyes in it till the end. But, I believe that Lauren will win it all, if all vote honestly this week. She final let loose and peaked at the right time.

    But in all fairness, the best performers are all gone. Haley, 4 standing o’s that no-one else has matched. Plus fantastic lyrics on very hard song choices that were picked for her. Casey the Jazz and Blues man, which the young crowd knows nothing of. James, who sang his heart out with every performance. Who was at the top of his game, despite serious health problems that he overcame with each performance. Did not ask for sympathy, just did what he had to do. Pia, was great and the proof of it showed out with a recording contract, even tho voted off by the “I love you Scotty” group that know nothing of real musical talent. Others voted off, were much better than those that are left. Well, off to the “Voice”. Much better concept and more honest in their voting. Then on to DWTS, who also have a problem with their voting system, but have more of a entertainment value than AI. Will be much happier when the “X Factor” starts. Will see (real) entertainment with the judges making initial vote.
    I have kudos for Steven Tyler as a judge. Held no special vendetta for all and gave real assessments on all performances. J Lo, iffy and had real issues on certain performances. Randy, they need to find a replacement for. Plus he chose the wrong songs for certain performers and then ragged them on the performanc, after picking the wrong songs for them to sing.Real Loser in my book. You all have a Great Day/Night now.

    • I agree 100% with you. I’m so disappointed in the show. Looks like I’ll be giving up Idle for X Factor too! I also wish the final two luck. At least Lauren has shown she can sing more than country. She should win between the two but then I thought Scotty would be gone long ago!

      • I am disappointed. The best have all been voted
        off. People like, James, Casey and Pia! what’s
        wrong with the voters? Doesn anybody of taste anymore?

      • You have to admit that some people may be brilliant musicians and creative artists, but not very good singers. In MY OPINION, that was the case with Casey. I think some people should play their instruments amazingly, write incredibly original songs, help other singers with perfecting song arrangements, but stay away from singing. Casey is brilliant at what he does well….but he did not have a good singing voice. This is, and always has been, a singing competition. That is what happened, IN MY OPINION.

    • What a finale! If we look back over the years the standard could not have been any higher than this season! I admire both Scotty and Lauren for how well they have done up to this date! I frankly do not mind in who wins because I know that the runner up will have a career in music just as big as the winner! Both have great personality’s and whoever criticizes Lauren for her so called “immaturity”, must take into account that she is only 16 years old! What else do you expect from a bubbly, cute, fun sixteen year old girl? I think that is what makes her who she is a performer as well as her gifted voice! Scotty, is just Scotty. When was the last time we had someone come through with a voice as mature and gifted as Scotty’s? Scotty obviously has all the teenage American Girls voting for him because of the look into the camera, song choices and his charisma. I am saying this is a good thing, not a bad thing! Both are very talented musicians and deserve a place in the final. I hope that whoever wins, (unlike the other winners in years back) can put out an album straight away and can keep they’re sucess rolling! And for the runner up: As we have seen in the previous years; How far has Adam Lambert come? How far has David Archuleta come? Really? We don’t need to have too much sympathy towards them as they will definately have a big career in the music industry just as much as the winner. Lauren and Scotty – God Bless

      • Actually Lauren isn’t a musician at all…and Scotty can strum a guitar — so, not sure “Both are Talented Musicians” is accurate at all.

      • I agree. Also, to call people “artists” who sing other people’s songs in what is really a glorified karaoke contest is a stretch as well.

        Yes, they’re talented singers but I think words like “artist” or “musician” should be reserved for those who have actually earned these titles.

        Just sayin.

      • You mean when Scotty said he took piano lessons for one month? Is that what you are referring to?

      • The finalists in the last 3-years have been David Cook, David Archuleta, Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox.

        The ONLY two who have had success are:

        1. David Cook whose album went platinum and at one stage he had 11 songs in the Billboard Hot 100. With only one album released to-date, he is already #7 on the top album money earners from Idol plus he has just had a very successful tour. His 2nd Album is due out later this year.

        2. Adam Lambert’s album just missed going Platinum and his 2nd is due out later this year.

        In 2009 he won the Artist of the Year award at the Young Hollywood Awards as well as winning the Choice Male Reality/Variety Star at the Teen Choice Awards.

        His Glam Nation Tour in 2010 was a great success in the USA and then he took it international where it became one of the top international tours by an Idol Alumni.

        Allison Iraheta and Orianthi were on that tour with him.

        In 2010, he won the UR Fave International Video award for Whataya Want From Me, which also won the award for Best International Single and, in 2010 also, he was awarded the CMA Best International Singer award.

        He has been nominated for 9 other awards, including a Grammy for Whataya Want From Me.

        How far has he come? In 2 years, he has become an international star and is currently ranked 5th most successful overall combining record sales, tour revenues and awards.

        How far has he come? I would very far in just 2-years.

      • Ok, I made a few mistakes in my phrasing but do you get the point? Both are amazing and yes as you have stated, other artists have had successes and I can see both of these two having them!

      • I really appreciate what you blog about here, very fresh and intelligent. One problem though, Im running Firefox on Fedora and some of your content are a little misaligned. I know its not a common setup, but its still something to watch out for. Just giving you a heads up.

    • i agree totally wiseguy. AI is a farce.
      why dont they just let us know right from the beginning that we arn’t actually picking the winner? they are picking. people would still watch it to see all the talent.

      • I agree the real talent is gone. I feel like I was raped of potentialy the best idol season ever (based off the top 13)…then week by week we realized how clueless America is when it comes to music. It is no wonder that a lot of the Idol winners never did crap after the show while others who were voted off early have flurished. HALEY is this years Idol no matter what some teenage vote says. If not her than James….but Scotty and Lauren? Please Simon would have none of that and called Lauren on her Prom dresses and Scotty on his creepy eyes weeks ago.

      • What oh What would we do without people like you instructing us on what we should like and not like…..

      • If you hate AI so much, why do you watch and what would bring you on a web site devoted to AI? I mean why would you are care at all?

    • Wow…I am so glad that you can tell me how to think…You are stating an opinion, right…because I sure don’t agree with you at all. Pia was beautiful but if you have watched Idol all of the seasons…she is not an Americal Idol…didn’t have the persona but did have a great voice. She doesn’t need to worry none…she’ll be fine. I don’t think all of the great performers are gone…two are still left…and they are exciting to a certain demographic…and not just the teeners…and, even if that were true…what’s the big deal? Teeners have been creating stars for years…and will continue in this trend. As for Stephen…I have always liked him…my husband (which surprises me…learned to really like him) but I think of all the judges…and I hope he stays…was the least constructive. He thought everything was beautiful when we all know it always wasn’t. Randy is who he is and he tries to say the truth and then get booooooooooed…What’s with that? Then there is JLo…who did offer up some advice…but she too wanted to be so nice and she is but I felt she had great critiques most of the time. Again, it is all an opinion so please don’t tell me what I like is not so good…my Idols seem to sell a lot of CDs…so I guess many out there are tone deaf…just like me. Byt the way…I do agree that the voting needs fixed. This is so silly.

      • Again with the “Pia is Boring” we keep getting — “Lauren is Boring” — “Scotty is Boring” — Pia, at least could hit a note and hold it. She didn’t have breathing problems — and she would always hit her Key change…..

        I need a motrin…..

      • The above message was for Country Boy…By the way…Scotty for the win…talented…as is Lauren…but he’s my pick.

      • It is all a matter of taste!! Wow, the drama never stops. America did not think Scotty was boring.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. The best singers have all been voted off i.e. Pia, Casey and James. The “I love you Scotty” group definitely do not have a clue of what is a singing competition but I have this strong feeling that Scotty will win, not because of his voice(which is okay but not that fantastic) but because of his boyish looks. Going forward I think the producers should allow America to pick the bottom 3 and then the judges should decide who stays and who goes him… is more fair this way….It’s going to be a boring finale….

      • Nobody knows everything. We all have different tasts in singing. To say Scotty fans do not know what a singing competition is is being rude and cocky. Your opinion is not neccessarily the best opinion. You need to show respect for others.

  56. Okay, here we go to the finale, it is going to be exciting, full of great entertainment, surprises and the 2011 American Idol. I just want to enjoy every minute of it, and as of from day one, I want the one I have held as best in the competition to win. Scotty is my choice, I hope he wins, he has my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. I remember Steven Tyler said “I think we have found the ‘one’ today…I think we may have found it.(way back Nashville’s audition)

    LAUREN for the win…People may criticize her because of her immaturity, but I guess as young as 16, she already knew how to handle criticisms constructively. She remains sweet and beautiful despite of these people who loves to insult her physically and emotionally…

    As what they say “Love your haters, they are your biggest fans! Why? because they keep on wasting their time just to watch your every wrong move! PATHETIC, isn’t it?”

    • Exactly what did Lauren do to handle her criticisms “constructively?” All I saw her do was cry the few times she was criticized. She continued to rush the lyrics, swallow the words and notes, and mumble the hard parts. She lacks “it.” She might obtain “it” someday, but she does not have it now. Haley, James, Casye and Pia have it now.

      • Ouch…this sounds mean because I like her from the beginning like Stephen Taylor but I have to agree with you Oldster!

      • I agree and so does Jimmy Iovine whose record company Interscope-Geffen-A&M has already signed Pia and Haley.

        Going back to the Pia situation, she was told to stop singing ballads by Mr. Know-It-All, Randy Jackson who, at the same time was telling Scotty to stay true to his Country roots.

        Well, the Chairman of Interscope-Geffen-A&M, obviously disagrees with Randy because he will focus Pia on her strengths when she cuts an album.

        You may recall that Jimmy also disagreed quite loudly with Randy’s criticism of Haley’s performance of You & I, which Jimmy had suggested for her, and also Earth Song.

        It will be interesting to see what he eventually does with Scotty. His Interscope, etc company is part of The Universal Music Group, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vivendi, France.

        They have Universal Music Group Nashville so that may be where Scotty ends up. It will be interesting to say the least.

        The Music/Entertainment business is hard to keep track of because there have been so many mergers and buy-outs in the past 5-6 years.

      • Hey Paul thanks for the background on the various Music Companies and mergers. Didn’t dream they had covered all types of music. I’m for Lauren. I thought she was so brave the day she auditioned. She may be 16 but she can handle success.

      • @ Rose-Mary; We like Lauren and had hoped for the 2nd all girl final but it was not to be. She has sung a lot less Country than Scotty – only 9/21 compared to 18/21 by Scotty – and has the potential to be a great star.

        Our concern is if she and her parents realize what could be ahead for her.

        There have been so many teen stars who have gone astray and let the fame and money go to their heads. The most recent example is Justin Bieber who has been in trouble a few times, the most recent being on his tour in Australia.

        The music industry is full of temptations and exploiters.

        I wish them well and hope it is a better final than many are predicting.

      • Yes, I agree. It was Randy who was instrumental to Pia’s exit. I mean he did ask her to stop singing ballads yet asked Scotty to stay thru to his country roots. What kind of judge gives conflicting signals?? Randy should be replaced because he is being bias…what with giving Hayley such a tough time, which I feel she does not deserve at all and giving praise only to “certain chosen ones”. Something for the producers to think about. I mean all this “you are in it to win” gets boring and irritating.

    • Frankly speaking and with due respect to you, Lauren, I agree with Oldster, Lauren is to immature and childish. When she was in bottom 2 with Jacob, even before the results were announched, she was already crying..I mean a grown up person should not cry until the results have been announced…then you cry if have been voted off….this shows that she is immature. Lauren definitely does not have “IT” now….maybe a few years down the road….but not now

      • Thank you Ivy. I have always been impressed by the intelligence of Asian women (one of the many reasons I married one)/

  58. I agree with JR. Scotty should win. One song that would win it for him is “A Boy Named Sue”, Johnny Cash. He could open his eyes big the way he does and strut down and sing it to the judges and he would bring down the house. That would do it. I like Lauren, but Scotty is the one for me. What do you think about that song? Standing ovation!

    • I wish people would stop suggesting old man songs for Scotty. He’s 17. The lyrics of “A Boy Named Sue” speak of the experiences of a much older person.

      • Yaaboy, my hom boy skotty shud sang turki ina straw or boot skootin buggy! Kuntry roooooolz bichiz!!!

      • To those who keep mentioning Haley’s reaction when she was eliminated. It was fleeting, then she composed herself, gave a graceful summary and a great farewell performance.

        The week before, there were two worse reactions when Ryan said two girls had made the final 3. Scotty clearly mouthed “Wow” and said something to Ryan, which was not caught on the mike. James was not exact;y graceful in his parting comments, even allowing for his diseases.

        In Branden’s summary that week, he commented on it. Who can forget the emotional mess Pia was in when she was eliminated.

        The point is that, irrespective of age or gender, we have seen an assortment of reactions when someone was eliminated and, at the end of the day, they are all young and in a competition that carries some potentially high rewards.

        I understood Pia’s, James’s and Scotty’s reactions because each of those situations were shocks because everyone expected Lauren to be eliminated.

        Given the performances in the final 3 stage, so was Haley’s elimination a shock because, again, most in the industry, expected Lauren to go.

        At that stage of the competition, it was even harder to take and I think she handled it maturely and professionally.

        As for how Scotty or Lauren will handle things next week and beyond is only something we can all speculate on.

        Take a look at all the teens who have made it big in music or entertainment and see how many have handled the fame well. There are very few and most end up letting it go to their heads, acting out and being influenced by some less than honorable people.

        Many said at the audition stages that Idol was looking for its’ own Justin Bieber. Based on some recent stories about the 17 yr old Bieber, they have to hope that their teen idol does not end up like him as far as behavior and attitude is concerned.

        We can only hope that they stay level headed and maintain good standards but they will be exposed to a life they have not experienced and likely have no idea what’s in store for them. They will also earn money in the $millions so we will see how it all impacts them.

      • I’m right there with you Templar. “Old man songs”, what is up with that. And I don’t know weather or not I agree with the response from James Chendricki. It kinda makes me want to say, Huh?

      • @ Templar — you mean a 17 year old Christian boy shouldn’t be singing —

        “Come on Baby lock them doors and turn the lights down low” ???


      • I read he is singing the Your Man audition song, Angels by Robbie Williams…beautiful song…everyone will end up crying and the new song that he might end up recording.

      • Bahloo: No, not at all. I mean that the lyrics of “A Boy Named Sue” speak of searching for the father for decades. Ridiculous for a 17 year old. And Christian has nothing to do with anything. It’s the chronology that doesn’t fit.

  59. Best of luck to both Scotty(my fave from day 1) and sweet Lauren.I’ll look forward to buying a Scotty album. God Bless.

  60. You guys and gals are way off when talking about both Lauren and Scotty handling the pressure at their age. Have you ever watched “America’s Got Talent”. The eleven year old that won $1,000,000. and it didn’t go to her head. Her name was Bianca Ryan. She also wrote the song for “Twilight). Some accomplishment or a 11 yr old. Don’t worry both Lauren and Scotty will handle it. And don’t forget, Lauren is 16 and Much older Scotty is just 17. Get a life will you. Port a Potty store statement was a great response.

    • You are a wise guy…ha ha…but Lauren has proven she can’t control her emotions. I like her a lot but she is no way ready for the win…if it should happen. I don’t know how they will be able to work with her…but if she wins, I am sure they will find a way…But, I am pulling for Scotty…Mr. Calm, Cool, and Collected….except at his hometown visit…which was a very hearfelt event.

      • CarolAnn, I agree with you. Scotty has other good values for people especially the young ones to emulate. For Scotty from day 1.
        Fr the Philippines.

    • How much crying did Bianca do during eliminations?
      Did she act her age or older?
      Did she give intelligent, well-thought out interviews or act like a child?

      And don’t mistake genuine concern from some of us for the destructive. criticism of others.

      Look at what early, quick fame has done to some. Best example is MJ.

      • For every sad circumstance…you can find double that are positive. MJ came from a messed up homelife…it depends on so many variables. It also depends on the people that surround you. Best of luck to their new careers.

  61. I have wanted Scotty to win since his audition, back then, with his low voice, I thought he did not stand a chance, since then he has show a lot of range in his voice, charisma, maturity and he is a great performer. I know people say it is the “tweens” voting for him, but I think it is the mom’s and every Christian I know is voting for him because he is not afraid to talk about his love for God, he is a great example for all young people out there. Lauren can really sing, she does not have the confidence on stage as many others. Sorry Haley fans, I am glad to see her go, I just think she thought she was the best, did not take judges comments well, I am surprised she made it to final 3 and not James.

    • I love this post very much. I will certainly be back. Hope that I can read more helpful posts then. Will be sharing your knowledge with all of my friends!

  62. Lauren was my favorite from Day 1, as well as James. But like most, I think Scotty is going to take the cake.

  63. There’s not a single person I know that isn’t discussed with Idle this year. I think you need to change your voting system instead of being so taken with the amount of votes in. Clearly it’s not working anymore! Second, Idle has turned out some great country singers, however, until this season they couldn’t put a country twang on everything. A true American Idle is singer who can sing anything and everything. People went home this year early, who never should have gone!!
    It seems the show is not addressing the fans concerns.
    I’m sure you’ve heard the same things I’ve been hearing. I have watched Idle since day one but I’m afraid you’ve done yourselves in. I don’t see a future for Idle. It’s very disappointing. It will be interesting to see if my e-mail gets approved. I’m very sad about this season.

      • What’s with the fixation on Laurens age???!!! Wasn’t Kelly Clarkston 16 on Idle? Who cares how old they are. Talent is talent!

      • I’m begining to wonder if it’s really the fans. That’s my point!

      • The voting system has been the same since day one. The difference now is online and I have free long distance so it costs me nothing. 10 years ago I would have only voted once. Every idol contestant that has a fan base has the same chance. If their fans did not take advantage of that…oh well, too bad for them.

    • Karen your statement may have carried more weight if you spelled Idol correctly. I don’t know who you talk to but everyone I know has loved IDOL this year, the best season by far. Lauren is young, beautiful and talented, win or lose she will go far in country music or pop. Tired of hearing about the ones voted off, if they are as good as you people keep saying they will be back and where it counts, selling records and becoming famous. This show is a chance for a person interested in having a music career to get a start, no matter what their age. I for one am very proud of all that they have accomplished this season.

      • Actually “discussed” threw me too……instead of “disgusted”

        but I eventually caught up….

    • Um, Karen…

      This is not an “official” Idol site – it’s being graciously run by fellow Idol enthusiasts. So your post (which is not an e-mail, sorry) won’t get to the Idol Producers as you had intended.

      You could, perhaps, try writing to:

      American Idol
      7800 Beverly Blvd.
      Suite 251
      Los Angeles, CA 90036

      And put “Attention: Producer” on the envelope.

      But good luck with all THAT…

      • Or perhaps the “generic” f-off letter:

        Dear Idol Fan:

        Thank you for your interest in American Idol. Your input is very important to us. Unfortunately, due to the large number of….

        Yeah, we know the rest!

    • Honey it is obvious you don’t know the right people….disgusted withthe judges at time but delighted with the participants and overjoyed to see Lauren and Scotty as the Top Two–they deserve to be there.

    • Not too many people excel in everything and anything and that would be the same for singing… I think Idol is still great… My choices all ended up where I thought they might…a suprise for me was the top 3 and I thought someone other than Lauren would be there but it didn’t happen. So I bet I am safe to say that many out there feel that it has been a good season for Idol as well. Hey, I hope my luck is changing…I haven’t picke a winner since Carrie…

    • Not everyone is disappointed with Idol. I for one thing the 2 contestants left standing are the right contestants. They can sing and have great personalities. Nothing is wrong with sticking to what you know. What ever happened to America valuing people who do not compromise who they are for fame and fortune? Scotty is remaining true to who he is and some people bash him for it. I am actually proud to have someone in the AI finale who does not put fame above his Christian beliefs and change to fit what other people think he should be.

  64. Scotty has always perfomed well n he deserves to win. If there is justice in e world. Good luck

  65. The post that says the “I love Scotty group that knows nothing of musical talent” …….. gave me a laugh. Sometimes people just can not give one person a compliment without insulting others. I am 69 – certainly not a tweenie, but I think Scotty is the winner this year. However, I also believe that James will have a great career. Each knows exactly what kind of music they want to record and what kind of concert they would give. Lauren, does too I suppose. The difference for me…… I would listen to Scotty on the radio and buy his CD.

    • Scotty has done nothing to show he can be anything but a country singer. And he will have a great career in country! The show, however, is American Idle not Hee Haw! Real talent is someone multi faceted. Like Carrie Underwood, who has a great career in country music. She went out of her comfort zone and sang everything beautifully. (and yes I voted for her!) Dot, clearly you are a country music fan. I like it all. By the way I’m 64, what’s that got to do with the price of eggs?!

      • I don’t believe Scotty wants to be anything but a country singer. Just like James wants to be a rocker. I only mentioned my age because most folks seem to believe you must be a female teeny bopper to vote for Scotty. However, since it really has nothing to do with the price of eggs….sorry I mentioned it.

      • Now, let’s use both in a sentence!

        IDLE hands may be the Devil’s work, but singing songs is the work of every American IDOL!

      • As a teacher, didn’t I get totally ripped up on this site for correcting people’s grammar and punctuation? Right or wrong…it is scary. Illiteracy is obviously prominent in the U.S.A!

      • I went back today…sick day…and watched and listened to most of the top 3 (and James) songs…Scotty is quite the singer…He sounded even better the second time. I think Haley will sing her Jazzie style…James his rock that he loves…Lauren (a little country/rock and roll) and Scotty…country into gospel…maybe someday. American Idol is …let’s say…an equal opportunity venue…and it doesn’t have to be a variety show singer. Do one thing and one thing well.

      • People define talent in different ways. Just because an artist only sings country does not mean they are not talented. Scotty is talented because not only can he sing, he can also help the audience feel and connect to the emotions behind the words of the songs.

    • What is wrong with country? Last time I looked America loves country music, very popular. Are you saying if you like country you are unamerican?

  66. There has been some chat about what the contestants will earn and who will get recording contracts, et al.

    19 Entertainment, the company that started American Idol and other shows, was founded by Simon Fuller. He sold it in 2005 to CKX, Inc., in a deal worth $210 million in cash and stock and stayed on as its’ CEO.

    The company maintaining the id 19 Productions has/had contracts with and manages/managed former American Idol Winners and Alumni including:

    Clay Aiken
    Kris Allen
    Crystal Bowersox
    Kelly Clarkson
    David Cook
    Lee DeWyze
    Adam Lambert
    Allison Iraheta
    Casey James
    Chris Medina – remember him this year?
    Kellie Pickler
    Jordin Sparks
    Ruben Studdard
    Carrie Underwood

    Note: Chris Medina recorded a song in February, 2011 the day after he was eliminated and it was released by Interscope, being a minor hit here at 83rd but was #1 in Norway and a hit in Sweden. It was to raise money for the treatment of his fiancée.

    While under contract, the artists pay 19 Productions 15% of all earnings, except for recording and merchandising income.

    However, if a contestant signs a recording contract with another company, 19 has the option to be their manager and take their cut.

    Most of the previous winners have had to sign a 7-year contract and others in the top 12/13 contracts from 3-4 years initially with options to extend.

    As for the top 13 contestants this season, they are paid per AFTRA rates, which is about $1200 for a one hour show and $1600 for a two-hour one. While on tour, each gets about $10,000 a month for the 3-months. They chose and keep all the clothes they wear on Idol and which are paid for by Idol.

    They also get paid royalties on songs they record from the shows and that are put up on i-Tunes. The estimate for a successful song is $2,000 – $2,500 per song so Haley, for example, would have made about $30k for her 13 songs because many were the most downloaded.

    The winner usually ends up earning between $1-2 million in the first year following the end of the tour but David Cook was the last one to earn that level (est $3m) and, of the last 6 finalists, Adam Lambert is the 2nd most successful with the last two winners Kris Allen and Lee DeWyze having increasingly poor record sales.

    Their earnings include $100,000 for the winner to do the “I’m Going to Disney” shout out and appearing at Disney’s Idol Display plus the other 4 in the top 5 get $50,000 from Disney.

    This year, the recording company associated with 19 is the one whose Chairman is Jimmy Iovine and that is Interscope-Geffen-A&M.

    For the past 9 seasons, it was BMG then RCA who bought BMG and then Sony Music Entertainment who bought RCA.

    Carrie Underwood, the most successful of the Idol winners, records for Arista-Nashville, which is a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment and is still under contract to 19 Productions but I think this is her last year.

    Kelly Clarkson who is #2 in success records for RCA, also part of SME.

    Clay Aiken who is #3 did record for RCA but is now with Decca.

    All-in-all, the top 12/13 do ok for themselves but, after the initial year or two, most go back to the club scene, musical theater, et al.

    A note of reality for those who think Scotty is automatically going to have a successful career in Country Music.

    At the moment, there are nearly 50,000 writers and artists trying to make it big or just get a break in Nashville.

    By the way, when talking about earnings, Ryan Seacrest picks up about $50 million a year from all his interests.

    These are the realities of the #1 rated “Reality Show” on TV.

    The only Winner of Idol not with them is Fantasia.

    All American Idol Contestants that reach the top 12/13 have to sign a contract that gives 19 Entertainment the right to sign them to an album contract if they choose. It doesn’t matter if they finish 1st or 12th, if the American Idol management want the contestant on their label, they have to go.

    There is no truth to the comments that if a contestant finishes lower they have more freedom, unless 19 Entertainment cuts them loose.

    They can also assert the right to be your manager.

    • Thanks for sharing this, very educational information. Like I have been saying all along, no matter who wins those with talent will make it big. No matter what we think we know each week, its the sales after the fact that makes a star.

    • I keep looking for Itunes rankings — can’t find them. On Billboard, they don’t include Idol digital downloads in the Hot 100 — so I’m not sure where to find the ranking information for Itunes singles.

      I also would like to know how they sell in relation to the other songs being digitally sold in other formats (Amazon, Walmart, etc)

      Does anyone know?

    • Paul, Any comment on way Fantasia isn’t with them… the ONLY winner not signed?

    • Paul, do you know anything about how Elliot Yamin did? He was in the top 3 in Season #5, when Daughtery was voted off and Taylor Hicks won. I went back and listened to some of his Idol performances, and he did a great job on several of his songs. “A Song for You”, among others, was highly complimented by Simon. He became exhausted during the hometown visits and had trouble with the 3 songs that week. He memorized the words but said he struggled with having enough time to work on the performance. Simon really, really liked him and made that clear every chance he could. It appeared that Simon wanted him to take the title. After he left, it was down to Katherine McFee and Taylor. The rest is history. I just hope he is doing well financially because I thought he was a very nice, humble guy. I think his mom (who was also so humbled by all of the attention) died soon after that season.

    • @ fatboy:

      In 2008, she was dropped from 19 Entertainment because of creative differences. She wanted to focus on Gospel Music.

      She is still with 19 Recordings and J Records, which is another part of Sony Music Entertainment.

      She did win a Grammy this year for Bittersweet and is going to play the role of Mahalia Jackson in an upcoming film.

      • It may also have had something to do with her drug problems after Idol. In addition, she was in the public eye a lot about having an affair with a married man. Some record companies worry about reputation when the name “Idol” is involved.

      • @ angela james – She also had some financial issues with one of her homes – in Charlotte – being put into foreclosure.

        Aretha Franklin has said she may cast Fantasia to play her in a biopic she is planning.

      • Yep, I remember that too. I think she snorted her mortgage payment. Sad. I didn’t vote for her because I didn’t like her voice. It seemed like every note was an open-mouthed, tongue-showing, short vowel “a” sound! It got so annoying after a few weeks. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Jennifer Hudson either. I think I liked George Huff’s voice that season. He is currently only putting out Gospel/religious CDs though.

    • @ angela james

      He has a band, has released a few albums with his latest only for the Japanese market.

      He is a diabetic and has been doing a lot of work raising money and awareness for diabetes.

      I know he has also been doing some charitable work overseas and has twice (I think) been the Ambassador for Idol Gives Back. Last year he went to Angola with Kara DioGuardi and they gave a donation of $100,000 to the Saint Isabel Orphanage and School in Luanda from ExxonMobil for things like mosquito nets to help defeat malaria.

      he had previously gone there in 2007 with Fantasia where they donated money to expand and improve the facility.

      If I remember correctly, the trip with DioGuardi was featured during the top 9 elimination night of Season 9 last April.

      His 1st album sold ok but none of his subsequent ones have but he seems to do ok with his badn and, as I mentioned, raising money for various charities.

      He was in Chile representing the USA in an international song festival/contest in Feb 2010 and was there when the earthquake hit but he was ok.

      I would say that he has made good use of his Idol exposure and proven to be an excellent ambassador in a number of areas.

      He has his own website at www.

      • Thanks so much for the update. I knew he was a good guy. I remember crying during his parade too. I saw a picture lately and they really fixed him up….not a bad looking dude! He likes to sing Jazz and Blues…maybe the market is not that great (especially radio?).

    • @bahloo – I am not sure if they allow links on this blog but I will try so here goes with a link.

      Haley has the top 3 and she and James between them have 13 of the top 25.

    • @ bahloo

      If the link isn’t allowed, Google – Rankings for American Idol i-Tunes Downloaded Music as of May 22, 2011.

      It will either take you to the Idol Head Ed site or to the site with a thread that takes you to the comments and his rankings.

      The rankings are as of May 11 but I Who Have Nothing was the top rising seller and expected to get into the top 10 by the time they issues the new list.

      So whatever happens, she will have 4 of the top 10 and 7 of the top 25 with James next with 6 out of the top 25 and then Casey Abrams with 4.

      By contrast, Scotty has 3 in the top 25 and Lauren 2.

      This may explain some of the comments that have been passed about the whole farcical voting situation because Haley and James are, by far, the most popular and Casey 3rd.

  67. Scotty really deserves the win. The maturity that kid has shown has got to make his familly proud. Wonderful kid with and awesome voice. I picked him to win the second he opened his mouth.

  68. Desde Venezuela un abrazo y mucha suerte para SCOTTY !Que Dios bendiga su talento y sencillez!!!!!

  69. Hey, music lovers! Found something hilarious on youtube. I quote: “Are you kidding me? Haley?! Ahh I hate her!! She SUCKS! Lauren Sucks too! Scotty is alright… James is The Man! ” I almost broke my ribs loughing…

    • I didnot see the entire hour in last Thur…read a post thur night saying that Haley made a fool of herself when the italians were singing…havent heard or read it again…??????????

  70. i thinks Scotty should win but because all the results were opposite of our thinkings , so Lauren will win!!!!

  71. Love them both, and I actually like sweet Lauren’s voice better – but still think Scotty will win. He does seem like he could handle the pressure better. Lauren will do fine as she grows more mature. I just hope both of them stay sweet & true to their nature & don’t get all corrupted by the people around them.

    On that last bit: I was appalled @ Ryan’s treatment of Lauren when she got a run in her pantyhose. First, highlighting the incident to embarrass her was shameful, and Ryan’s, “Need any help?” was so off-base it made me want to slap his face. She’s 16, dude! If I were her parents, I’d be all over him for that.

    • Dear jz! Agree with you on their exploiting every little accident! HOPE, Idol is dead and buried past next season.

  72. Just looked at a list of top 25 itune downloads this year.
    Haley, James are 7 of the top 10 with Haley having the top 3 by far, James 4, Pia 2 and Scott 1
    Casey is half of the 11 to 20
    Scotty has 1 in the top 20(his first song recorded) and one at 23(Gone)
    Lauren has 2 at 22(Anyway) and 25

    • Trying to find your list, please help direct me how to find — I listed above, but I am curious how their download numbers compare to those of songs in Hot 100 on Billboard.


      • Google – Rankings for American Idol i-Tunes Downloaded Music as of May 22, 2011.

        It will either take you to the Idol Head Ed site or to the site with a thread that takes you to the comments and his rankings.

        The rankings are as of May 11 but I Who Have Nothing was the top rising seller and expected to get into the top 10 by the time they issue the new list.

        So whatever happens, she will have 4 of the top 10 and 7 of the top 25 with James next with 6 out of the top 25 and then Casey Abrams with 4.

        By contrast, Scotty has 3 in the top 25 and Lauren 2.

        This may explain some of the comments that have been passed about the whole farcical voting situation because Haley and James are, by far, the most popular and Casey 3rd.

  73. I am very happy for Scotty and Lauren. In the essence of all things I honestly thought that it was going to be a vigorous battle between James and Haley. They both have such unique and versatile voices. Haley was my favorite and I was very saddened to see her go. It will be interesting to see who wins this year, however I will not be watching the final shows as Lauren and Scotty do not inspire me, they never do anything different and they are not exciting to watch. Haley was always challenging herself and trying new things and she was so exciting to watch because it was neat to see what she would take on and conquer next, I was always on edge to see her perform. Best of luck to the top two tho.

  74. about lauren, i dont think it is immaturity so much as it is innocence. she seems very loved and protected by her parents. after a few cruel knocks in this world it will change unfortunately.

  75. ST – I can’t believe you were fooled into believing the video was of Scotty! When I saw it I knew immediately that it was just made up by someone with a very sick or evil mind.

    • No,no, dear, it is not about the video, I don’t even know what you are talking about. Just laughing at some crazy comment, which is just stupidly funny IMHO.

  76. Go Lauren….. i know you will be crowning as 2011 American Idol. Hope you sing How Do I Live this time.

    He has such a presence on stage and just at home in front of the audience. He appears such a nice guy and way beyond his years. I for one cant wait to hear him on the radio,so america get out and vote SCOTTY . By the way i am from new zealand and love the show

  78. i hope lauren sing “anyway” for her song choice its very fitting for her to sing that song in the finale

  79. Has anyone heard about Haley recording her first single yesterday and she might sing if Wed. night.

    • I really, really don’t think Idol would let her do that. I don’t remember past Idol contestants singing on the finale. Maybe they did? On Wednesday night, they announce the winner with all of the hoopla (confetti and tears) It is usually all about the final two until that last few minutes. Maybe Lauren and Scotty will sing a duet on Wednesday night before they get down to the results.

  80. Okay, so let me get this straight….

    We have a 20 year booking agent for whores.

    We have a guy with credit card in hand to book for next Saturday.

    We have a couple of jealous cougars.

    We have an executive from the Land of Oz.

    We have an old perv that apparently has a problem because Lauren is jail-bait.

    Elvis is in the building.

    We have a teacher that seems a bit bent because she didn’t get to be the spelling & grammar police.

    And then we have me, Bunny, who feels like she should change her name to Devin Lee II.

    And to top it all off… We have a guy cleaning toilets on the 9th floor.

    This is some funny stuff, lol

  81. I can see my favorite idols again and see scotty to be crown as the 2011 american idol.


  82. SCOTTY!
    because he sings not only beautifully, but also funny!
    he makes me LAUGH, he makes me CRY, he makes me say, WOW!
    yeah, i think he’s ready to be the next American Idol.


  83. Scotty number one for winning. He is mature & can handle the business. Lauren number two she needs more experience on stage.
    I am 73 & love these two young ones. So its not all teen girls voting for Scotty. When I listen to singing I want to hear & understand the words of a song. The noise makers (James & Haley) screams ,ju8mp around mmaking noise . Haley would make a good night club singer or pole dancer. I got tired of the rag hanging down from the back side of James. That is not music to mean for no word they sing I vcan understand their speech.
    Hope Lauren & Scotty sing together for they are good together in perfect blend singing “I told you so.”

    • Maybe your hearing aid needs new batteries.

      If you are – as you claim – 73, then you ought to be ashamed of yourself for saying that about Haley.

      She comes from a family that uses its’ musical talents to do good work for charities that help children in need and has just as good and strong family values as any other of the contestants.

      She has the top 3 downloaded songs from Idol on i-Tunes and a total of 7 in the top 25.

      That is what recording companies look for – a voice that is different and will sell.

      James is #2 with 6 in the top 25, followed by Casey with 4.

      Scotty has 3 and Lauren 2 in the top 25.

      Enjoy Scotty and Lauren – by all means – but your making such remarks about a 20-year old kid who you don’t know says more about you and your standards than it does about Haley and hers.

      By the way, I object just as strongly to ugly comments that are made about Lauren and were made about Pia and other contestants this year.

      • paul shut up! please. stop hurting people. i am hard of hearing to! we are not stupid, we can hear very well. miss snotty lost cause we dont like rude snotty people! yes haley can sing in bar and clubs. plus she could have won is didnt tell randy i dont care what you think i thought i did great..

      • Yea for what Dee said
        Haley can sing yes
        but she was snotty and mouthy
        American Idol, should be some nice sweet kid thank you very much

    • Yea Scotty and Yea Lauren, they are both good and talented and young enought to grow. cant wait to hear them on country radio YEA

  84. Okay, let me get this straight…

    We have a guy who has been a booking agent for whores for 20 years.

    We have a guy with credit card in hand to book one for next Saturday.

    We have a couple of jealous cougars.

    We have an executive from the land of Oz.

    Elvis is in the building.

    We have a teacher that is a bit bent because she didn’t get to be the spelling & grammar police today.

    We have me, Bunny, who feels like she should change her name to Devin Lee II.

    And to top it all off… We have a guy cleaning toilets on the 9th floor, lol.

    This is some funny stuff! God I love America!

    • Oh, I forgot to mention…

      We have an old perv that appently can’t find anything good to say about Lauren because she is jail-bait.

      You can’t buy this kind of crazy, lol.

      • Depends which State has jurisdiction in Rossville, GA which is actually a suburb of Chattanooga, TN.

        The age of consent in GA is 16, while in TN, it is 18.

      • Templar, What time? Oh, I forgot… No man knoweth the time.
        But apparently the day, right?

      • Paul, I suppose then all the under 18 girls get taken on their dates to drive-ins in Georgia?
        Wait… taking a minor for immoral purposes across stateliness is a federal offense.

    • Oh, I forgot to mention..

      We have an old perv that seems a bit out of sorts because Lauren is jail-bait.

      You can’t buy this kind of crazy, lol!

      • Did you forget to mention “We have an old perv that seems a bit out of sorts because Lauren is jail-bait”?

      • Sorry about the duplicate posts. I’m not sure what was wrong with the site last night, but this seems to happen sometimes.

      • Hey bunny don’t worry, the blog post a few comments at the wrong place for me 2, and for those who think you are weird just say: what is being normal? I don’t know anyone like that…

    • Bunny, I assume that you are speaking of me. If you are, then you are have not read all of my posts. I have said several good things about Lauren. I think she has a good voice. I think she has pretty eyes and hair. I just do not think that she is a special performer and that she is immature. I have also pointed out that I do not think that she has as many different people voting for her as did Haley. I just think the ones that vote for her have more time or expertise to do so. If those ideas make you think that I am perverted, then you have a different definition of the word than I do.

      • Oh. BTW: the last time I found a 16 year old girl attractive, was 46 years ago.

      • You didn’t catch pia before her much too early departure then?
        Really, TOO BAD.

      • Oldster: I was referring to your comment about Lauren not being the siren that Haley is. No offence, all in good fun.

      • No offense taken. I was explaining that my comment was not meant to be malicious. Rather, it was intended to describe some of the differences and why I think some people prefer one over the other. Lauren is not sexy. I cannot think of any 16 year olds who are to me no matter how hard they try (see: Miley Cyrus when she was 16), and Lauren does not try (credit to her). She is wholesome, down home, and light hearted. Haley is sexy, sophisticated, and a little brassy. I am okay with either approach. I just think that Haley does what she does better than Lauren does what she does. If I could have had any of the last three as my offspring, however, I would choose Scotty. He seems have been very well raised and would have been a good man under any circumstances. Those animals seem to be increasingly hard to find.

    • Bunny….Seems like you uncovered a lot of knowledge re teenage girls from more those who keep up with those possibilties…sickies

  85. I like Scotty for the win because I think that he is more mature than Lauren, and I feel that he will hold up under the pressure better. I was a James fan until he was eliminated. The American public screwed this year up. This is a talent show, not a popularity contest.

  86. I think scott is the winner between the two that are left. Who cares how they got there, they are there. they both have great voices and should be there. I know their were others that were good too. But these are voted in. Bitching won’t change a thing. good luck scott.
    wanda h.

  87. I am going to say this again to those who call Lauren immature:

    Any teenager that can memorize 3 songs a week, do tons of interviews, spend hours sitting still in hair and makeup, read horrible things about your body, do high school level work, miss your home, and not have a breakdown is mature enough! Try to take any teenager in any city from the mall and ask them to do the same thing.

    Both Scotty and Lauren have shown incredible maturity, stamina, and graciousness during the past 5 months.

    By law, they are minors (children, for God’s sake!). Anyone who calls them names, criticizes their looks/body, etc are bordering on verbal child abuse. If a parent said to their kids what I have read over the weeks about these 2 kids, CPS would be called. Look up how anorexia/bulemia is started. Lauren has lost a lot of weight very quickly….some of you are going to be responsible for her doing it in an unhealthy way just to please you!

    Neither of them are immature. Go to the mall and look around….you will see immature teenagers at every glance.

    • I agree. Lauren isn’t immature, she just likes to bring out the fun part of life.

      • It takes a mature young person to do what they have done and done well. Yea for the country kids, cant wait to see how they will do, cant wait for Tuesday

    • I agree… Lauren isn’t immature… As I have been observing these past weeks I can say that she is professional enough to handle this kinds of pressures… she has the confidence to perform on millions of fans watching in tv or live on studio…I see some fun in her… and she knows her weakness… Don’t just judge her because of what she was wearing but be OBSERVANT enough Idol fans… hear there voices and see there performance on stage… Both have great voices… Its hard to determine but I see Lauren has the edge… I see some possibilities for Scotty too… Who knows… If only other countries can vote… Everything will now depend on the text votes of the American people… Idol is fun as always…

      • Thanks Franz…Personally, I think they need to raise the try-out age. first, it would stop alot of this constant chatter about the contestants not being ready yet or needing a few more years. Second, they need to concentrate on getting a high school diploma! I feel bad about the experiences they are going to miss out on. Third, it may help get the audience and voters back up to an older, wiser, adult level. I really don’t think 6 year old were voting in the first few seasons.

      • Wow, this teacher is tired. Errors galore…”First”, “badly”, and “6 year olds”.

    • I cannot speak for others, but the immaturity to which I refer is the immaturity in her singing and performing. She lacks the experience in life to connect emotionally to the lyrics of some songs. Perhaps that is why it seems to me that the songs she sings the best are happy, upbeat and up tempo songs.

      • she is sixteen! she has an amazing voice as well as scotty! is that not what they should be judged on! this is american idol! not american fashion not american maturity show! please people just can we admire both of the! they are both winners!

      • CB: There is more to singing than the quality of one’s voice. Do you really think that Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, or Bette Midler have great voices? I do not. I doubt that many people did or do. Their range is limited, their voices nasal or raspy or both, the deliveries off-beat (literally, in at least one case). They became successful because of something else. They connected emotionally to their music (in at least the cases of Nelson and Dylan, probably because they wrote much of what they sang). Being able to communicate emotions is one of the great purposes and facilities of music. An artist that cannot do that is limited by that inability. Lauren may obtain it as she matures. She does not have it now.

      • Oldster: ITA And that was what was lacking in performances by Thia and Pia. JMO

    • Oh goodie, a lecture from angela james on how to be nice to people. Excuse me while I go puke.

    • I agree. She is 16 years old! Really? What do you expect from a fun, bubbly, churpy cute teenager!? She and Scotty are both amazing and both of them are going to have huge careers in the music industry so not too worry if your favourite does not win! I want both of them to win!

      • I expect someone in a contest to be better than the others in it if they are to win it. Being unable to communicate the emotions of a song to me while others were able to do so make me think that she should not win, or that she should even have been in the top 5 or 6. Her age is her handicap. My age is mine, too. If I enter a marathon, do you think I would get special treatment because of my age?

      • Oldster—I suggest the problem with conveying the emotions of the song is quite possibly a problem on the receiving end. I am 75 and have no problem with feeling the emotions this talented young lady is emoting. No don’t think you need special treatment just a little more open-mindness to the talents of the young.

      • —and–my 78 year old husband has NEVER bothered to vote on Idol but this year he has voted each time for Scotty—he thinks he is great!! These kids are able to reach the majority of Americans as is proved in the voting!!

  88. This is it in a nutshell.
    “Here’s the thing: Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina are talented. Don’t get us wrong, those kids can sing, but don’t they make for a boring finale? They’re both country artists and they both play it safe. Always. We dare you to tell us one performance where either of those two chose a risky song or made daring changes to a song”.

  89. Haley provides that edge, that unpredictability that we grew to love over the course of Season 10. This is a girl who busted out Led Zeppelin for Top 3 performance night. We were dying to see what she would pull out for the finale… alas, we will never learn what the growlin’ 20-year-old was planning. Tragic.

  90. In honor of Reinhart’s insanely entertaining journey on “Idol” (and because we’ve been watching these videos all day anyway), we compiled a list of her Top 5 “American Idol” performances:

  91. I’m not passing any judgement. I’m just going to say that anyone who is so inclined should go to youtube and watch the video of Il Volo on American Idol. Pay particular attention to the body language of Haley, Scotty and Lauren sitting on the couch. It speaks volumes.

    • I see Haley bopping and the other two sitting still, is that what you mean?

      • I’m not certain OK is saying there is a problem because I don’t see one. I’m assuming he saying Lauren and Scotty are hard to get excited or Haley is so certain, as was I, she is going to advance that she is giddy with excitment which might explain the shocked look on her face.

    • Problem? No problem. Just pointed avoidance of one contestant by the other two. Lots of turning one’s back. Remarks passed between two, but no exchange with the third. And at the end of the performance a marked gap between the two and the one.

    • She was animated and enjoying the singing and the other two were sitting still. So, what is your point?

      I sing in clubs and one of the songs I sing is the Elvis version of It’s Now or Never (adapted from O Sole Mio) and it has the effect of making people “bop.”

      If you people have nothing better to do with your lives except lok for something to criticize Hal;ey for, then I truly feel sorry for you.

      • I think that Haley was mouthing the words to It’s Now or Never while the Italians were singing. NO?

      • Could it be that Scotty and Lauren were not enjoying the performance as much as Haley? It would seem odd, I must admit, as Scotty says he idolized Elvis and the song they were singing was musically the same as one of his. On the other hand, they sang as if they had training in opera, which I doubt any of the last three had. So, perhaps that kind of performace was not appreciated by the younger two?

      • My first thought was that Scotty was showing a little affection toward Lauren. His arm was draped on the back of her chair, and he was turned toward her. I didn’t see them talking, though. It was a romantic song….maybe?????

      • I suspect there was nothing going on at all and that it was completly innocent.

      • They are like brother and sister…dont try and make something else out of a draped arm…..what are you trying to set up…would have thought better of you….Shame

  92. I haven’t seen AI for such a long time, and see this season since there were JLo and Steven on it. There are lots of amazing talents, such as Pia and Casey. James was my favourite, then turned to Scotty since everytime he sang always touched my heart. He has a unique voice, beautiful style. And his well mannered attitude, his humbleness and nice are just additional points that made me so fall in love with his character. And I am 34, haha!!Double of his age. Can’t believe of his mature of that age. So sad to see James go, so was when Haley left. Instead of attitude I think Haley is far away better than Lauren. Now can’t stand to watch the finale, and expecting Steven duet with James. Go Scotty!! Do your best, I know u will!

  93. I love Scotty and Lauren. My vote goes to Scotty because I feel he is the strongest of the two and most comfortable on stage. He has a great voice. His music touches me everytime I hear him. I have had him for my pick since he started. GO SCOTTY!!

    • No offence Donna but i think Casey is gone now. Pity, cause it seems you been chasing him all this time,lol.

  94. Love Haley Reinhart,she’s got a husky voice which remind me of one of my favorites,Rod Stewart. Thought she would have been on the final with Scotty but my bet now is on Scotty. Love his voice and think he is a fantastic country singer but can do a whole lot more given the chance. Would love to hear him sing a Kenny Chesney or John Micheal Montgomery song. As for Lauren, she is beautiful and an absolute baby doll. Maturity has nothing to do with age and they have shown as two teenagers how much they have matured under the tremendous pressures. May you both be blessed and continue to sing like Angels from above.

    • Thank you, dear, sincerely.
      Haley’s voice IS husky, not growling or screaming but husky.
      That is so much better than those other terms.

      Hey Haley Supporters: Our girl has a HUSKY voice. Yea!

  95. Lauren???
    Haley should be there no laureeen, i was so ungry haley sings much better than her!!!!


  96. Ok. I think Laurence will win however I think that Scott has a better voice. I also think that neither of them should have made it to the finale. My favorite contestants were James and Pia right off the bat. When Pia was voted off (Shame on you people!) I almost wrote the show off completely. But I couldn’t miss watching James go on to hopefully win it all. I didn’t care for any of the others, really. Scott was somewhat entertaining and Laurence had a pretty voice, I guess. But then one of the contestants really surprised me! HALEY. She has without a doubt been the most improved on the show! I went from fast forwarding her performances to reminding them and watching them a second or sometimes third time! That girl can sing! Pia was voted off foreign “boring”. So what was the excuse for Ms Reinhart because she is far from boring?! I think she may have been a bit racy for some viewers, which sucks because in opinion she is without a doubt this year’s American Idol. Scott will have s career in music regardless and Laurence is ”ok”. Pia and James have true, raw talent. But when it comes down to it, the only one who’s album I’d actually buy (well, download) is Haley.

    • Top 3 downloaded songs on i-Tunes from Idol.

      1. House of The Rising Sun
      2. Bennie & The Jets
      3. Rolling In The Deep

      As of May 12, she also had #10 with Blue and I Who Have Nothing was a fast riser at #13.

      I bet the Led Zeppelin one is in the top 20 if not 10 when the new list is released this week.

      She has 7 in the top 25, followed by James with 6, Casey with 4, Scotty 3 and Lauren 2, both near the bottom of the pile.

  97. Scotty has a beautiful baritone voice, however with all of the accolades that have gone his way, he appears to be getting a big head. Winning American Idol just might ruin him, personality-wise. He also can be somewhat pitchy at times. Lauren has always been pitch-on continually. If she wins, I really don’t see her personality being corrupted with the win as I would with Scotty. She is very talented and still sweet at the same time. I’m going to go against the trend here and express my preference for Loren. I really like them both, but my preference is for Loren to win!

    • He is Bass. Elvis was Baritone and those who say that Scotty could be the next Elvis – bwah, bwah, bwah!!!!!

    • Lauren has breathing problems. That has been her biggest struggle. That hurts her stage presence. She focused so hard last week on the breathing she missed her key change on one song and chickened out on the climax of her first song

    • If you watched his reaction to the love of the people of Garner I think that should prove his humble attitude. I don’t think “getting a big head” is remotely possible for this young man.

    • Scotty does not have a big head. Just watch his home visit video and you will see how humble he is. Scotty is also strong in his Christian faith enough to not let the music industry change him. I have heard Scotty say in interviews that he has always been and will continue to be just Scotty. I do not see him changing.

  98. Will it be Lauren’s legion of fans… or Scotty country folks and charisma… The edge will be on Lauren… she might surprise us and sing anything not country… she can sing ballad, pop, country, and etc… don’t just judge her because of her outfit… but hear her voice… VOICE… and see her PERFORMANCE… but I think Scotty will win… Both great singers… Great career will be waiting for these two great singers… James will be great if he will become a lead singer for a band… as for Haley… she might be great for jazz or rock… who knows… these will depend on what they want to do… Any way back to our Finale… The winner will be as great as the original singers like allan jackson… kelly clarkson… keith urban… carrie underwood… and others… Idol fans… believe in your talents…

  99. I think Scotty has no worries. I believe he will be in Nashville performing really soon. I feel if Lauren wins, she will be safe with the people of American Idol. If she were to get a contract with someone else, it may not be a good thing. She seems to be a very sweet girl,so lets keep that way. Vote for Lauren!!

    • Very interesting – it shows show that AI is NOT a singing contest and that something is going on with the voting system. It just doesn’t add up…especially Lauren in the final…

  100. The next AI has already been crowded. James Durbin is our TRUE American Idol. I hope Scotty wins it. He deserves it over Lauren. Lauren is just too much sugar that makes me want to gag. (no offense intended) I think she is coming across extremely into herself. She THINKS she’s gonna be the next AI. I look forward to seeing her cry when she doesn’t get the title. Sorry. JMO Scotty truly deserves it. I’d love to see him have a little bit of James’ entertaining spirit on the stage this week. He will go far.

      • I do not think Lauren will cry when Scotty wins. I watched a video clip where she told Scotty she always knew he would be in the finale. They are like brother and sister. I believe Lauren will congragulate and be proud of Scotty if he wins. It is not nice to rejoice in other people’s disappointment. You could learn a lesson from Lauren.

      • I want Scotty to win…he gets my vote…but I always say: It ain’t over till it’s over!!!

      • @GodandLove, as Scotty and Lauren look like brother and sister, it would be very nice if both Fans behave like brothers and sisters too.
        So, let me first congratulate to you all Scotty’s and Lauren’s fans, as they are already at the Finale.

      • SoftDev Good post…honest…no bashing…Thank you…I am a Scoty fan…may the best one win

  101. Both teens have their own God-given talents….either one deserves the title.

    • Do they? Really? More than Pía?, James?, Stefano?, Haley?

      Come on, please, be more demanding. The show is very disappointing.

      American Idol? I don’t think so. “American Sympathy” should be the real name.

      • stephano????? seriously. u just messed ur post by saying that. he is JUST eye candy. the boy cant sing….

      • Gabo: All of the top 11 deserved to win, IMO. This is who America voted to the top.

      • Gabo….Be more demanding???? If you dont like the show go back to bed and sleep it off…You are not in charge

      • How about rewatching the movie “Meet the Spartans” ? There are funny stuffs about AI in that film, so you can possibly conceive something fun regarding AI 2011 someday.

      • Scotty and Lauren earned their way into the finale. People are not voting for them out of sympathy.

  102. Can u say what a joke that lauren is in the top 2… she should not of made the top 10, i have just about had all i can take… time to quit letting america vote because it should be the best singers in the final, switch the method… let america pic the top 100 then let judges pic the winners… truth is that even scotty though i love him is not in the same league as most of the top ten that got booted already… but this lauren being picked over hailey is a complete joke, she has the most controlled voice out of all contestants this year… well you have lost a viewer for good, 3 years in a row making a huge mistake on winners leaves me no choice but to no longer be an american idol fan… you have become a joke to the music industry period.

    • TJ, is was not long ago I used to say the same thing about Lauren. I still think she is a incredibly boring performer. As all Lauren seems to have the energy to do on any given song is stand in one spot and raise her right arms one or two times when a song is at it’s peak. But, she has proved to me the last couple of weeks that she has a good voice. So, I will not count her out.

  103. Im sorry, but Haley wasnt that great! Her attitude was awful. She acted like she thought she was the best! Maybe if she had put her big girl pants on and taken the judges comments instead of making hateful remarks she might still be on the show.

    • When did she make hateful remarks? Seems like the only ones with hateful remarks are people like you that live pathetic enough lives they have to see bad things in everything.

    • Haley has the top 3 itunes downloads, more youtube views of her videos, many outstanding performances (aclaimed by the jufges too) …… and you said she wasn’t great! Check Scotty/Lauren, they don’t get even closer to Haley on itune downloads and youtube views. Haley is the only reason I will watch AI next Wednesday (I’ll skip the boring Tuesday). Nothing against Scotty/Lauren, I like them, but honestly only your hate does not allow you to see that Haley is far much better singer. Anyway, good luck to the kids, I hope Scotty wins, he deserves it much more than Lauren.

    • I think Haley is such a good role model for young women today. She was strong willed enough to survive being consistently in the bottom 3 (for many weeks) long enough to make it into the top 3. Has that ever been done in AMERICAN IDOL HISTORY? The answer is No. She stood up for herself against Randy’s insane negative comments when she ROCKED on that Michael Jackson song a few weeks back. And she gave one of the most powerful and heartfelt farewell performances I have seen, ever. Shaking each judges hand as she walked by them as she sang. Or, should she be like submissive and shy Lauren who would have crumbled under the pressure Haley faced? I know country women are taught to “STAND BY THEIR MAN” and never be strong willed. So, it all makes sense why so many country WOMWN, hate Haley.

      • I think Haley is a good role model too. She attends college, was active in her jazz classes in H.S., she worked at her community swimming pool, and she enjoys to jam with her parents on the musical stage. No this is not a good role model for a 20 year old girl, is it?

    • MJ, Haley was only mentioned ONCE on the last 17 post & that was 45 minutes ago as an indirect example.

      Can’t you give it up? She’s gone, voted off the show, no longer the threat to you.
      She is no longer relevant to you, right? Do you always pick on the dead the same way?

  104. The reason the show is on Tuesday and Wednesday this week is because the Nielsen TV May rating period ends on Wednesday. Getting high ratings on those two days means $$$$ to Fox since ad rates are based on the ratings during the Nielsen period.

    • I will only watch Wednesday just to see what Haley sings. I will buy her single, even if she sings Happy Birthday 🙂

  105. I will be happy with either one of them winning. I like both Scotty and Lauren. I have been voting for Lauren since Pia was sent home, so if Lauren wins that’s ok with me. If Scotty wins I will still be happy. Either way, they are both going to be big stars! They have very refreshing voices and when they sing it’s great to be able to understand what they are singing. Good luck Scotty and Lauren!

  106. what a big joke this idol is, how the hell did Haley get sent when that pidgeon toed country tard or both country tards can’t sing a proper note, that Lauren’s votes were under Hayleys.I think BIG HIPPO Jlo has hated her from midway when Haley told her, she sing’s how she wants to sing and not how hippo wants her to sing, I wont be watching this anymore as it is fixed. First James then Hayley what a joke, the last 2 voted off should be going to the finale. who is going to go out and buy there crap seriously it will be “garbage”. I bet they are forgotten about within six months ha ha ha stupid pidgeon toes and bent head.

    • 🙁 Can’t we all just be happy that James and Haley are not tied to that infernal 19E contract like Lauren and Scotty will be? Word on the street is Jimmy is ready to sign Haley and she’s already recording a single which she may perform for us on Wednesday.

      I don’t know if I can watch it when they announce Scotty is the winner. Lauren is going to have a nervous breakdown, the girl will not be able to handle it (neither will her psycho ‘toddlers in tiaras’ mother).

      • I hope your right about her recording and singing this week, JLO will hate the song no matter how good it is, ahh the jealousy of age. I might just watch this week after all to see her face.ha ha ha you made my day thanks potato head

      • Any of the top 13 can be tied to a 19 Productions contract. They sign a contract giving them the option on them.

        If Haley and Pia are cutting records with Interscope it is because they have been signed because Interscope is tied into 19 with a contract to be the recording label.

        Jimmy Iovine is the Chairman of Interscope-Geffen-A&M.

    • You do not have to be so rude. I for one will buy Scotty’s CD’s. He will be a great success because he sings from the heart with passion and honors God.

      • Actually, I think Scotty will outsell the other top 10 combined. And that his musical career will out last American Idol. As he brings something unique to the table that few do.

      • The only reason which might prompt me to buy Scotty’s cd is if I know someone who is suffering from insomnia. That “wholesome” country bore can put anyone to sleep…I honestly don’t remember a single Scotty performance. He is that dull. It sounded like the same song over and over again.

    • You will be forgotten long before that, but say.. you enjoyed knocking a couple of kids

  107. how sad American “teen idol” is about network revenues and reviving sagging careers and not about real talent. Pia,Haley ,James would have sung circles around Scotty or Lauren if they had been told it was a country music contest.Come to think of it they did anyway Nothing against the two kids,they just do not have enough experience or skills to survive the country music scene. After Haley upstaged J Lo on J lo’s cd debut night it seemed like Jennifer or Randy never had much of a positive vibe for her. And how about the group il vivo who showed us all what we seem to have forgotten that this is supposed to be a show seeking real natural undiscovered vocal skill. Long live real musical talent. There is plenty of it out there if we change the voting system. How about voting off the worst each week with a limit of 5 votes per individual.

  108. I am so tired of reading so many untruths blogged against Haley I find it necessary to set the record straight. I realize most of them come from young, immature kids who do not know better, and feel they have to belittle others with crude negative comments just to give support their favors. There is nothing wrong with good “constructive criticism”, nor is it wrong to explain your point of view, when critiqued during a singing competition, as long as it is done in a respectful manner. And since it was obvious to most during this competition that Haley got most of the negative remarks, while others received less negative criticism for obvious faults in their performances, and too much praise for just above average performances, I feel Haley was right to give a remark here and there. All of the contestants should have been called out equally by the judges for not so stellar performances, so they could have all benefitted; such was not the case. And how come little was said last Wednesday when J-Lo, in a crucial part of the competition, declared Lauren winner of round 3, even before Haley took the stage, to sing a song THEY chose for her; how rude and unprofessional.

    Haley’s rendition of “Blue” was a beautiful performance, that J-Lo and Steven praised, yet Randy thought it was “yo, yo sleepy and boring”. He is entitled to his opinion, but Scotty sang really sleepy and boring ,at times, and never got called for it.

    I do not mind tasteful criticism by fans blogging, but some were so mean and hateful.
    I do not want to dignify them all with an answer. Several people complain about her attire, and her sexy style; have they seen the change in attire worn by Country Star
    Carrie Underwood, and her sexy style since she left American Idol. I am not complaining, because she deserves all her success. But, when Haley does her thing, those people malign her for her style. Not only will Haley be successful, but she will be recognized as a good Country artist before either of those in the finale if she chose to record a Country song.

    Some say she is arrogant and full of herself because she used a wind fan during one of her songs on Wed. Truth be known, that was a suggestion by J-Lo during rehearsal. People complain about her Father, who is an accomplished guitarist, accompanying her on one of her songs; this was approved by American Idol. People complain about how she rejoices when she stays in the competition, and doesn’t show respect when someone is eliminated. What a crock! All of the final twelve like one another, and respect each other, and some people just want to make something out of nothing.

    Haley was respected and liked by all those associated with American Idol. She is, just like Lauren and Scotty, a role model in her own right. She is young and attractive, has a wonderful bubbly personality, was raised by adoring parents, has a love for music, and is an all-around fine example for others to emulate. And most important, she is very talented, and I know with continued hard work and dedication, she will realize her dreams and be relevant in the music industry for many years. I , and thousands of new fans will continue to follow her career and support her all the way.

    I wish Scottie and Lauren all the best in their quest for a successful career, as well as all those in the best top twelve ever.

    But, for me personally, HALEY is my favorite this year, and she has proven to ME to be the most versatile. I just love her persona and her musical talent. GO HALEY !!!!!

    • Not to mention the work she and her family do for underprivileged kids.

      She will be the Daughtry of Season 10.

  109. I am so tired of reading so many untruths blogged against Haley I find it necessary to set the record straight. I realize most of them come from young, immature kids who do not know better, and feel they have to belittle others with crude negative comments just to give support their favors. There is nothing wrong with good “constructive criticism”, nor is it wrong to explain your point of view, when critiqued during a singing competition, as long as it is done in a respectful manner. And since it was obvious to most during this competition that Haley got most of the negative remarks, while others received less negative criticism for obvious faults in their performances, and too much praise for just above average performances, I feel Haley was right to give a remark
    here and there. All of the contestants should have been called out equally by the judges for not so stellar performances, so they could have all benefitted; such was not the case. And how come little was said last Wednesday when J-Lo, in a crucial part of the competition, declared Lauren winner of round 3, even before Haley took the stage, to sing a song THEY chose for her; how rude and unprofessional.

    Haley’s rendition of “Blue” was a beautiful performance, that J-Lo and Steven praised, yet Randy thought it was “yo, yo sleepy and boring”. He is entitled to his opinion, but Scotty sang really sleepy and boring ,at times, and never got called for it.

    I do not mind tasteful criticism by fans blogging, but some were so mean and hateful.
    I do not want to dignify them all with an answer. Several people complain about her

    attire, and her sexy style; have they seen the change in attire worn by Country Star.
    Carrie Underwood, and her sexy style since she left American Idol. I am not complaining, because she deserves all her success. But, when Haley does her thing, those people malign her for her style. Not only will Haley be successful, but she will be recognized as a good Country artist before either of those in the finale if she chose

    to record a Country song.

    Some say she is arrogant and full of herself because she used a wind fan during one of her songs on Wed. Truth be known, that was a suggestion by J-Lo during rehearsal. People complain about her Father, who is an accomplished guitarist. accompanying her on one of her songs; this was approved by American Idol. People complain about how she rejoices when she stays in the competition, and doesn’t show respect when someone is eliminated. What a crock! All of the final twelve like one another, and respect each other, and some people just want to make something out
    of nothing.

    Haley was respected and liked by all those associated with American Idol. She is, just like Lauren and Scotty, a role model in her own right. She is young and attractive, has a wonderful bubbly personality, was raised by adoring parents, has a love for music, and is an all-around fine example for others to emulate. And most important, she is very talented, and I know with continued hard work and dedication, she will realize her. dreams and be relevant in the music industry for many years. I , and thousands of new fans will continue to follow her career and support her all the way.
    I wish Scottie and Lauren all the best in their quest for a successful career, as well as all those in the best top twelve ever.
    But, for me personally, HALEY is my favorite this year, and she has proven to ME to be the most versatile. I just love her persona and her musical talent. GO HALEY !!!!!

  110. Id like to believe American Idol IS still a singing competition, based on tone, texture, range, power, presence, diversity, and maturity,(Just to name a few) however, lately I’ve come to believe that its more of a popularity show.

    I mean seriously, am I to *BELIEVE* Lauren and Scotty really, “Out sang and Out preformed” Pia, and Stefano, Jacob,(really!) and Casey, James, and now Haley, Really!!! NO, I mean REALLY!!!!

    Don’t misunderstand, It’s nothing personal against Scotty and/or Lauren, I think they’re both good looking, good hearted kids and I’m confident Hollywood and/or Nashville will pick them up on popularity alone,(like Justin and Kelly) but to try sell me ,AS A FACT, that these two are THE “better” singers and showmen, well frankly, I’m just not buying it!

    As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if Lauren takes the show BECAUSE Scotty IS the better singer between the two! It seems to me that once a singer becomes the OBVIOUS favorite they’re “voted” off. I cant wait till Wed. night!!!

    I’m just say n’

  111. I was right that Lauren and Scotty are the final 2 cause the country votes was very strong. James and Hailey not in final 2 cause Lauren and Scotty have a lot of the country votes. I have said earlier on that Lauren and Scotty have a lot of fans voting for them but no one agree with me. Now the fact is that what I predicted was right that Lauren and Scotty have a lot of fans are voting for them. My predictions never go wrong and I have a feeling who will be the winner of this year American Idol. Who do you think will be the winner of this year American Idol 2011 is it Lauren or Scotty?

      • Nobody force you all to answer the questions so if you don’t want to give your predictions just keep your mouth shut. I just ask the questions to see how many people want to see Lauren or Scotty winning.

  112. Like DB says, Who really cares? The best talent of the season will be watching from the front rows , where the eliminated contestants will be sitting. Frankly, between the two, I would prefer Haley; at least she did show some growth and improvement over the week. Face it, Scottie does have a unique deep voice that is different, and believe it or not , I wanted both of them to be in the final twelve. BUT, neither of them has impressed me since then, they both sang only good or above average, rarely sang anything memorable or great that deserved a standing ovation, and never took risks, or went out of their comfort zones. Had it not been for the undeserving , over-the-top praise for mediocre performances, and a voting system that is ridiculous, and favors Tweens and young teens, who can power vote, and test for two hours straight each week, while most people want to get some sleepcand have to go to work in the morning, the finale would have had much more deserving contestants. if the voting was four vote limit in the semi- finals , either Scottie or Lauren would have left, and the following week, with a three vote limit when three remained, Lauren would have left, leaving James and Haley. Scottie and Lauren fans would tend to disagree, but , 95 million votes from 20-25 million viewers, Really! It definitely will never end up as a accurate or useful voting procedure to determine our next Superstar.

    However, it is what it is, and if we continue to watch every year, the results will be the same. unfortunately, American Idol will not change the voting procedure because it benefits them. The first season would have been won by JUSTIN.GUARINI rather than KELLY CLARKSON if the present voting system were used; Sorry Justin, you entered 10 years too late.

    Good luck Scotty and Lauren; make the most of your exposure, and go on to nice careers. it is not your fault that you made the finale; The judges and the votes gave it to you on silver platter.

    Good luck to all of the top twelve; you all deserve to have been there, and many of you will go on to big successes after a nice Summer Tour. Enjoy!! ; some more than others, and some better recording contracts than the winner of American Idol.

    • I am tired of some people saying Scotty was handed this competition on a silver plater. He worked just as hard as the other contestants while also attending school. Even with his busy schedule he managed to be on honor roll. This just goes to show that Scotty loves singing but also realizes that education is important as well. Scotty is a well rounded person with a good heart. He is also a hard worker. Not many teenagers could jugle all Scotty does and maintain humility.

  113. In comments above, On third line, I meant LAUREN, my choice to win American. Idol 2011, of the two remaining contestants.

  114. Haley’s elimination was long and overdue. She should be eliminated earlier. I believed Thia and Pia is better than Haley.

  115. American Idol has lost it’s credibility when James Durbin was elininated.

    • First, I wish James a lot of success, evidently a lot of people enjoy his kind of performances.
      Second, I am not one of those, evidently along with millions of other people who prefer Lauren and Scotty’s king of music.
      It all comes down to individual taste and preference and it seems the County group is coming out the winners.

  116. Nittany Lion your message is very untruth. That is really the true untruth.

    • Sadly it seem to be.
      Country music sales are down 13% for the year and country doesn’t have any young male singers or someone to replace Miley as she gets older.

      The music industry hopes that someone like Justin Bieber for country will boost sales and the win will give Scotty the credentials and exposure he will need.

  117. I don’t think I care who wins, that’s what it has come to. That’s not to say they’re bad, because they’re both just fine from a singing standpoint, but I never could pick one between these two. I will have to base who I vote for(if I even vote at all) on just the Finale performances. Or the last two performances anyways.

  118. Everyone talks this crap about how haley can’t sing and yet Nathan Lythgoe reported Haley already signed to Interscope records and might perform her first single already on the AI finale! Look it up!

    • Why should she be allowed to record already when Pia was denied this?
      Do I small a rat?

      • Well. Whatever it is, sure smells finger licking good! Can’t wait to hear haleys first single!

  119. Ok, before my comment gets over ridden by other posts on arguments of who should win, can I please just say that both are talented! Both have gifted voices and Both have careers in the industry! I could spend hours (As I have done) talking about all this other stuff but now I have realized it is as simple as this: Both have gifted voices, Both have careers in the future and both deserve to win! God Bless them both

    • Thanks Country Boy for a post that does not try to disrespect anyone…Both deserve to be congradulated for getting this far…

      • absoluetly. people can compare them to years back but nothing is going to change is it not? one 16 and one 17 year old! people need to realize that “wow look at these two people sing. Their voices are amazing!”. Time will tell. They both have big careers 🙂

  120. Both are equally good. But I think Scotty will win..because there are more teenage votes.Didnt you see all those young teenagers crying for him when he went back home?

  121. Hope I can see my man James durbin performance with Steven. Love James love James love James

  122. LAUREN!!!! even Lauren not be a winner, I’ll just proud with her!
    TQ for LAUREN ALAINA supporter’s .. TQ All

  123. let’s face it, the most talented performers on idol DO NOT WIN!! (except in two cases…kelly clarkson and carrie underwood) how can we justify taylor hicks or lee dewyze winning when there was so much better talent on their seasons. we all know why adam lambert lost and he sings rings around kris allen. it’s come down to a popularity contest for fourteen year old girls. nothing against them, but should they really dictate the tastes of america?? the only good thing about idol is the exposure the singers get and also to possibly get a foot in the door of a very difficult entertainment industry. how long they all will last in the industry is anyone’s guess. let’s hear it for those who didn’t make it…pia, thia, naema…who should all be making records.

    • David Cook deserved to win in season #8. If you go to You Tube and listen to his performances on American Idol, he was incredible. Ruben Studdard could have done more since he had a beautiful Luther Vandross type of voice. His performance of “A Whole New World” was very good. I don’t know what happened to him. I also think all the hoopla about being gay messed Clay up a bit. Everyone suspected it when he was on the show. Who cares? But I think he lost a lot of conservative listeners who like ballads when he became a single gay dad to a newborn. If you go back and listen to his performances on American Idol, they were stunning as well. I skipped last season because I was so disgusted about Kris Allen.

      • forgot about cook. his performance of “billie jean” was brilliant. and clay aiken is singing and dancing his way to the bank. he’s fabulous. but the voting system needs to be changed, along with the judges, who i really think are useless

      • Everyone should check out Elliot Yamin’s Idol Performance of “A Song For You”. That boy should have won over Katherine McFee and Taylor Hicks easily. That performance was beyond superb and gave me chills. He has the same personality as David Cook……so humble and nice. Really wish he could have gone further.

      • Ang! I checked out that video, and another thing we can agree on. He was awesome…really spectacular. I had never seen him before, since I haven’t watched before. It’s weird though, I read what he wrote as a guest blogger on The Hollywood Reporter about the Top 3 elimination, he was upset about Haley going home. Haha. “Clearly it wasn’t about the voice this season, because if it was, Haley Reinhart would in that finale.”
        It’s really sad to me that because of this whole ‘popularity contest’, that Taylor Hicks won over this guy…wtf???

      • Hi Devin…I can’t seem to stay away. I’m subbing (not teaching) this year due to a big move last August. So I have the flexibility to take off more and not take all of the extra work home. If I had a regular classroom of 26 kids, I wouldn’t have time to sleep, much less blog. My kids have their orthodontist appointments today, so here I am. Yes, I love Elliot. After Daughtery left, it seemed like everyone noticed and fell in love with him (especially Simon). Then Katherine had a really good night with “Over the Rainbow” and he had a bad night. That is when he left the top 3. The whole silly “Soul Patrol” took over the competition halfway in. Taylor had a good voice (“Do I Make You Proud”) and deserved to be in the top 6 that season. However, he should not have won. Oh well…

        If you haven’t seen the YouTube video of David Cook being announced as the winner and singing his finale song, you should. But bring a big box of Kleenex. It is a real tear jerker.

        I wish you could have seen all of the other seasons. Some really great talent. But what I noticed last night…They did just stand at the microphone and sing…Clay, Ruben, Carrie, David, Kelly, Elliot, Jordin, Jennifer Hudson, and Katherine. Nobody really put on a performance of any kind until Daughtery and Lambert. I think that is when that became important to the viewers. you can get a list of winners/runners-up from the web and check out their top performances. There is a big difference in the standards today.

        By the way, I forgot to tell you that I have rescued close to 1,000 animals (actually picked up) in the past 25 years. I used to live near a really bad area and would get 10-15 a month…starving.

      • Also check out Elliot’s Idol performance of “Trouble”. Amazing, amazing, amazing. I know you will love it, Devin, because you like Haley’s blues/jazz/soul feel. He oozes it! This just makes me mad all over again that he didn’t get the joy of earning that title. He needs help making an awesome CD and getting tons of marketing/advertising. Then he can make a wonderful comeback!

      • I like David Cook, he’s down to earth and a great singer. After I watched his winning song I saw a thing he did for charity to fight cancer the day after his brother died from a brain tumor…what a special guy. Cute, too. Really cute.

      • Hey, now check out one of my favorite singers on any competition. Look up Debra Romer’s Chicago audition for America’s Got Talent. She’s amazing…really, really amazing.

      • P.S. I’m not sure how many animals I have helped, I wish I had kept track though. One of the proudest moments of my life was given to me by a feral (100% wild) cat when I was 12-13. She had her kittens in late fall, which they’re supposed to in early spring. She had 6, one was a runt. They were staying in a broken down car that had a hole in the bottom. I used to go look in at them, and got hissed at every time. The mom would take 5 of her kittens out, I suppose to teach them to hunt. The runt was always left behind, I don’t think she could keep up. I didn’t know before it happened that the winter was being so cruel to them…but one day I went to look in the car and the runt was dead and they had to eat her just to survive. I was so devastated…I was attached to her by that point. So every single night I would take dinner scraps out and dump them under the car. This went on for about 4 months…but the mother still hissed at me. Then one by one her 5 kittens left. After the last one went off on his own, I went out to the car and that mother cat came flying out, ran to me, and was rubbing all over me and purring…like she was a housecat! I think she was thanking me, she appreciated what I did for her and her kittens. No more had to die, and she knew I helped her…animals are smarter than we give them credit for. My mom came out to see her, and she took off like a rocket. I never saw her again, but I will never forget her.

      • Hi angela james:

        It was long after Idol that Clay Aiken came out and then adopted the baby.

        The problem that season was the same as we are discussing now – the power block vote.

        There was a big fuss made about it at the time and that was Season 2. The more things change, the more the stay the same. 🙂

        I don’t know if you remember Season 1 when a contestant Jim Verraros who was openly gay, was told by Idol to remove any references to his homosexuality from his on-line journals.

        Funny they used to call Blogs Journals in those long gone days of 9 years ago. 🙂

    • I supported Adam Lambert every week because I thought he had a terriffic voice, but I am now glad that he did not win..The first two performances I saw after the contest were disgusting. I AM GLAD I lost my votes. I am certain that no matter which one of these finalist wins I won’t be disappointed in the products they produce.

      • you are exactly right! both idols have a huge career in front of them no matter what the outcome is!

    • u had me until Thia and Naema. Naema was a creepy lookin Reggin and Thia was a lil china nazi

      • This should be wiped from the site. I’m disgusted that you can write comments like this about anyone.

      • Shame on You, Thia is a sweet talented young lady . Naiema always gave enjoyable performances–loved her dancing!

      • Thia was a talented young girl but Naima was just plain wierd and creepy to watch. as was Paul and Casey. the top 4 were great, America did okay.

      • If ignorance is bliss, you must be really high by now.

        Thia was born in California, which makes her an American and her parents are from the Philippines, which is 2,000+ miles from China.

      • I thought Naima was great. She took some risks that didn’t really pay off. People should go take a loot at her trio she did with Jacob and Haley in Hollywood week. If only she showed us more of that side of her she may have made it further.

    • I agree w/ your comment for the most part but would disagree on a couple of minor things. I think David Cook deserved to win in his year. I think Bo Bice should have won the Carrie year. That is no slam on Carrie. She’s excellent. I just thought Bo was a bit better.

      I always wonder how their careers would have played out had Bo won. At the time of their finals, if I remember it right Carrie won like 35 million votes to 30 million.. something like that. It was pretty close.

      The year Kris Allen won, I agree he shouldn’t have. I just don’t think it should have been Adam who won. I think it should have been Allison. IMO she’s the best singer ever on AI. That’s no knock on Adam. He’s extremely good. I just felt Allison was better. For that matter, the year they competed I thought quite a few of em were very good. Including Kris, Danny, & Matt & even Lil. That was the best season of Idol.

      • Adding a little something here.

        When Allison got knocked out, while I thought she should have won, I could totally see how someone could vote for any of the other 3. They were all good.

        When Carrie beat Bo, same thing. It was a matter of opinion. With how their careers turned out it seems now that Carrie was an obvious choice. At the time though, remember it was pretty close.

        This year as James & Haley got knocked out, I’m floored at what people are thinking. Scott & Lauren haven’t gotten any better than they were on Day 1. Scott’s never even been the best of the night.

        Scott had 3 weeks in the middle there where he totally stunk. He should have been out awhile ago. He’s had some good performances, but no “moments” so to speak.

        I guess the difference in this year as to previous ones is it seems like we were force fed these 2 finalists. In other years when my favorite didn’t win (which my fav has never won except David Cook) it seemed reasonable that someone who wasn’t my favorite simply had more people who liked them.

      • Before announcing who won the Bo/Carrie finale, they said they had received 500 million (half a billion they called it) votes. Is that possible or did they mean for the entire season??

      • love allison also. saw her perform at adam’s show last june and she blew me away. the only thing missing was another allison adam duet

      • pr62; Me too. But, I thought Orianthi was boring and played way too long. Adam and Allison were great though.

      • Bo Bice has done ok but he suffers from Chrohn’s Disease, which impacts a lot on his ability to tour.

        Allison Iraheta toured with Adam Lambert along with Orianthi on his very successful Glam Tour, which went international as well as in North America.

  124. I hope Lauren can help the victims of tornado with her concert! pretty sure her concert can make a lot of cash!

    • Danny, I really enjoyed these posts of yours & like the way you express yourself.

  125. most soulful vocal performance women
    1. Celine Dion
    2. Lauren Alaina
    3. Siti Nurhaliza

  126. I hope Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the producers of “Meet The Spartans” would release a “Meet The Spartans 2” as soon as possible this year; this time featuring all Top 13 AI 2011 Contestants plus Clint Junt Gamboa and Jordan Dorsey as well as the Judges, Jimmy Iovine, Nigel Lithgoe and … Hulk Hogan 🙂
    I am imagining what Leonidas will do to everyone of them.

  127. I love how Lauren and Scotty fans have nothing to say about the top DLs and Youtube views. Isn’t that what being a great singer is about? Having people listen and pay for your music? I guess its easier for lil Amy to get a hold of mommy’s cell phone and vote 1000 times but not get a hold of her moms credit card and buy a song for $1.29. I mean I know why country fans don’t pay this…thats a whole can of dip…plus they still saving up for the Indy 500…stupid hicks

    • Quit being rude. We are not bashing your way of life. Have you even ever been around country people? Not all country people are the same and dip. Your comments shows your prejudice towards country people. Some of us have bills to pay and mouths to feed. We will support Scotty and Lauren by buying their CDs when they come out. Not everyone who votes for Scotty and Lauren are teenagers.

      • You have mouths to feed…bills to pay…an probably paying also for some of the stupids…

  128. Greetings from Peru, I have not lost any program, my favorite has always been Scotty, I recognize that there are better vocally, but I’m hooked on Scotty (clarification, I’m not a teenager) I think just his voice only, other Their voices are similar to what we often hear on the radio. I think we all have our favorite and everyone has a personal taste, that is the question, you talk a lot of votes from intemperate teenager (I think that has to be proved), I think, that if true, teens have a purchasing power consumption and strong in your country and I think that not only gives them power to choose who they want to win, but in the standards of many products that are consumed there. You believe that American Idol has foreseen what would happen from the time that has allowed children of 15 years go, it means that the sector expects to attract teenagers and they chose a number of talented and immature kids but with enough charisma. We know you have been so, remove the positive Scotty and Lauren are talented guys and watching them with good values, the other singers too, but favorites are Scotty and Lauren. Like Scotty to win, but I think Lauren will win this program going to be pushing , their reasons will.
    I hope, simply be a perception and Scotty wins, he deserves has been the most consistent and solid in their presentations. I hope you understand me my English is not very good.

  129. Scotty is a HUGE hit with the kidergarden kids, one kid said he is a living teletubby, I guess Simon Cowell will get a laugh out of that.
    Scotty has the tweens locked but Lauren doing good with teens.

    Scotty will do great on tour atleast this year but not sure about selling songs, the kids don’t like his style of music much and without his face on TV they could forget quickly.

    Lauren will likely be marketed as MileyII but has some serious problems in the studio due to how she sings, technique not tone or pitch, sounds very bland recorded.

    In away I glad they are top 2, they are going to need that boost to have a shot at making it, Haley and James didn’t need it as bad.

    • did you honestly just start off your argument by saying Scotty is great with Kindergarden children!? I did not realize that was the demographic we were going for here. Wait when did American Idol turn into a casting call for BARNEY?

      • Wait so are you admitting that Scotty and Lauren are not as good? You say they “need it more”…again why the sympathy….pathetic…based on that Lauren will win because she is fat and American is fat….pigs rule this world! the rest are left to eat their scraps (which trust me does not leave much)

      • Anyone who can be that abusive toward a child at 16 years old, has to be a real ass to his own wife/kids (either now or one day). Do you call people at your work fat? How about your own mom? Sister? You are a total freak.

        And no…I am not “fat”. Size 4

      • Tell him! Lauren is not fat. It is obvious she has lost weight over the last 5 months, probably was happy with herself until she started reading trash comments like this…My guess…at the beginning she probably weighed around 135-140…(NOT FAT), now I’m guessing she probably weighs around 120. I hope she wasn’t unhealthy in how she lost weight, because shallow people like you aren’t worth it! Go Lauren! You’re beautiful and I love you! P.S. I wear a 0 or a 1 when I’m lucky.

      • reallydude: Sometimes ya just gotta call it like you see it & I say YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE!

        GO LAUREN!!!

      • I’m sure every feature on you is perfect. Who the hell picks on minors/children? What is wrong with you? I sure hope your children do not have any undesirable physical features. Because their mom sure has undesirable mental features.

      • See, Angela? Bunny is having to do this, too. It’s not so fun having to just scroll down the comments stopping every few to defend innocent kids who perform for us every week! Scotty is a cute kid, especially because of how laid back and mature he is.

      • You gotta admit, Devin, I never made fun of Haley’s looks hair/face/body. Just the insides…but haven’t since elimination night.

      • Marta2: Clark Gable had really prominent ears. It didn’t stop him from being the most popular matinee idol of his time.

      • Also check out Elliot’s Idol performance of “Trouble”. Amazing, amazing, amazing. I know you will love it, Devin, because you like Haley’s blues/jazz/soul feel. He oozes it! This just makes me mad all over again that he didn’t get the joy of earning that title. He needs help making an awesome CD and getting tons of marketing/advertising. Then he can make a wonderful comeback!

      • Lauren is very beautiful young lady and Scotty is the cutest, but its not a photo contest, its a singing contest, and they are both talented, the last 4 were great. People should not be so rude, could you do as good as Lauren or Scotty, ahhh think not

      • Whats big on you besides your surely is not your brain..guess that makes you an air head

    • May say, thousands of things haters Scotty (they are less), but its fan (very much) are spellbound by his voice and Scotty is our idol and is the best , the love from Peru!!!

  130. to anns retta, thank you no matter what the all are great. anall will have a cd out. and i picl coke over pepsi.

  131. i would love to see a tie king and queen night! that be awsome .and steven please sing with james.

    • Great suggestion!!Would love to have “Dual Idols” this year….Sure hope they cut a CD with duets!!

      • agree with that, having duets. i just love lauren and scotty do a duet number of ” I told u so”…

  132. i have a poll: which cd would you buy? a josh turner cd or a scotty mcreery cd?

    • Many/most of the younger girls don’t know Josh except the he was on stage with Scotty at hometown visit.

      They are buy a piece of Scotty, the music is less important to them. They may learn to like it and that is big for music industry.

      • I luv Josh, especially after surprising Scotty. Have Turner CDs now but waiting to buy those Scotty McCreery CDs when they r out. Scotty all the way!

  133. The bickering goes on. As I watch the list of derogatory terms grow, I can imagine be showtime they will be just as disgusting & thoughtless as the terms used to describe Haley.
    Clearly to me, there is NOTHING about these two good people that warrant that kind of abuse!

    Of course, neither were my favorites by a long shot, Haley & Casey fit that bill, but they are what we have remaining.
    I know it will be very, very difficult for some of you, but think twice before you blast these kids. They will both need a lot of support in the coming weeks… can we not give that to them?

    • yes we can, but i have liked them both from the begining, I am a country fan, and I love to see young talent. They are young and will do well and will learn as time goes on to be big stars.

      • Shelly, I can not believe what of the people have to say about Scotty and Lauren.yes they are young and I hope they do not read the trashy statements being made. Thanks for not being one of them.Nut all of they bad mouths have the same problem “AssAfacia” That is when their Ass looks like their face and the brain can not tell the difference”I love them all as I have the last 8 of them.They are GREAT KIds.

    • Thank you Fatboy…..good post…the child abusers are out in force..feeding off of one another..wonder if they have brothers or sisters…if so, would they let someone squash them????or maybe their parents??? they are not only bashing the kids…their parents also

  134. don’t know how to describe to all american’s if LAUREN not to be a winner an american idol!!!

    • Don’t bother……you are not even apart of America’s……don’t pretend and act like one you fake person…..disgusting!!!

    • You are absolutely the most annoying poster on this board. Lauren doesn’t deserve to be there, and I will vote for Scotty just to keep Lauren from winning.

      • Just wasting some time on Digg and I found your post . Not normally what I prefer to learn about, but it was certainly worth my time. Thanks.

  135. Para mí el Ganador debió haber sido James Durbin… Sin duda alguna todas sus presentaciones estuvieron por encima de los demás, y así se reflejó en el Gráfico que mostraban en esta página… Pero una vez más ocurrió lo INSOLITO y DECEPCIONANTE… La Producción del Programa decidió sacarlo del Concurso, porque estoy SUPER SEGURO que no fue consecuencia de las Votaciones.

  136. I am happy with the final two, three and 13 when they were all together. For me the only dissapointment came with Pia. I hope to hear her soon, but understand she still needs to add entertainment to her performances. So, I will be recording both shows this week and no doubt will enjoy them many times. My votes this week…..? Not sure but in a perfect world they would be split 51 49 in favor of Lauren, but will not be dissapointed who ever wins. American wins with two really good young people in the final.

    • I agree with this, They have worked hard, and have improved from the start. and will have a great talented career, if someone takes over and guides them right. i love country music and it will be nice to hear them on the radio. They are so very good.

  137. Don’t forget about Chris Daughtry!!!! I was in the top 4 when he got the boot! MISTAKE. So the only real idols were Carrie Underwood Kelly Clarkson-maybe, Chris Daughtry and David Cook. I think this year Scotty should win. He is more ready to take on the title. Lauren has a great voice but she is weak in alot of aspects. Hard choice, just like celebrity apprentice. I’m angry that the timeframe of the show was changed to Tuesday. I scheduled myself off for Wed/Thurs and now I have to work. BUMMER…:(

  138. I would like to hear Scotty sing Randy Travis’ version of “It’s Just a Matter of Time,” Vince Gill’s “Nobody Answered When I Called Your Name,” and/or Elvis’ “Jailhouse Rock.” If he can do justice by these three, he will have proven that he can sing and entertain. I would like Lauren to sing, LeeAnn Rimes’ “Blue,” Patsy Cline’s, “Crazy” and/or Linda Rhonstadt’s version of “Blue Bayou’ (earlier done by Cline as well). If she can pull all of these off in credible fashion, then she is as good as some of you seem to think she is. I will bet we hear none of those songs by either. We will hear easy, pulp country songs that are being turned out in conveyor belt fashion in Nashville these days. These songs are, for the most part, soul-less, meaningless babble that do not require range, emotion, or thought (I guess you can tell that I yearn for the day of the independent song writer – that is why I am an Oldster).

    • Mr. Old, I have an original 45 of Linda’s Blue Bayou, but I will take Roy’s anytime.
      I, like you, find the majority of modern commercial country

    • Sorry…
      Not worth my time.
      Occasionally a memorable, quality song, such as Alan Jackson’s Remember When, comes along that is remarkable.
      The rest I hear sound all the same to me.
      Plus… I ‘m depressed enough as it is!

    • Occasionally, it is a thrill to hear old, old songs being sung by young ones. it gives us a wonderful mix of the old and the young, classic and the modern, so to speak.

      look and listen to old songs being sung by Michael Buble’. isn’t it wonderful to be hearing such great classics by nat king cole, frank sinatra, andy williams, tony bennett being sung by a more youthful michael. same thing goes with old songs by randy travis, being given a new version by scotty.

  139. Idol should have an age division like X-Factor that way teens cant ruin it….AGAIN

  140. Country music sucks that is why no one is buying those tracks on Itunes. Too bad text messages are free or else we would not have two country people in the final…that is because the educated people (which as a result have money) like Haley, James, and Casey…thus why they have some of the most sold tracks…the numbers DO NOT LIE!

    • You need to stop calling country people stupid. Country people are just as much hard workers, and possibly even harder workers, than people who live in the city. I have a Bachelors degree and I like Scotty and Lauren. There goes your theory. Are you forgetting that a lot of people are out of jobs because of the economy. You need to give people a break and not judge them.

  141. the author concluded their article saying, “Either way it should be a great show.”

    Either way …

    after 10 seasons American Idol remains:

    a Karaoke of itself …

    a TV show possessed with a shallow 1 dimensional vision of music culture.

    that is a media driven self-profiting farcical comedia noir of media exploitation, humiliation and self-glorification.

    with a panel of “judges” who often predetermine (and coached), as to what to say and when to say it.

    (and why are they called “judges”, when the only thing they stand for is their commentary?)

    with a forum occupied by a frenzy of venomous creepies thriving on expanding the humiliation American Idol cant do itself on live television.

    and armed with a tactical, profiting fraudulent power dialer voting system scheme, unlike anything Orwell or Kafka wrote about.

    all neatly disguised and packaged , and simply called … “a singing competition”.

    which one poster in AI forums who shall remain nameless, went so far declaring American Idol as a “perfect example of democracy”.

    which should make the Producers of AI and Fox News happy: that the media as a tool for brainwashing is alive and well in America.

    so much for teaching young people citizenship, and what it is to be an American …

    let alone expanding ones musical horizons and the advancement of music.

    its not American Idol that needs to be saved … its most of the people watching it !


    • Good day, I would to tell you that I have found this post to be very helpful to me. I also have a fast question for you, would it be Ok if I were to give you a couple of my own amazing topics for other viewers to comment on. Please get back to me, regards Mindy

  142. Ok, while the majority of this site has been turned into a Hayley, James, Casey and Pia praising site, just think about this: We cannot change who the finalists are going to be. Both have done well and I am certain both of them will be picked up by major record labels. The same applies for Hayley, James etc. Time will tell in a matter of hours! Can we just take our hats off to the winner and say “well done!”

    • yes to that, country boy… the final 2 deserve all the congratulations for their hard work and excellent performances…

  143. If I said it once, I’ll say it again. Scotty and Lauren are wonderful, well mannered, young kids, even I rooted for to make the top 12. Unfortunately, many of the teens and Tweens who support them, show how immature they are by the hateful remarks they make against their competition,especially Haley. The only reason Scotty and Lauren made it to the finale, while more talented singers were eliminated, was due to the voting method used, especially allowing power voting for two straight hours. It isca free country and they have every right to vote that way; unfortunately , most people have to work the next day, and don’t have time to wast two straight hours, calling in, testing, and doing online power voting, like the youngsters. Ten vote limit would be more reasonable. However, it is what it is, and why complain. However, it diddled to a finale of average talent.

    I have no problem with Country music, or young talent that deserve to be in competition. If they werectruly talented like Carrie Underwood was when she won, it would have been an exciting finale. At least three of the top twelve were way more worthy to have made the finale.

    Then, there was the unequal judging , especially by Randy and J-Lo, where certain contestants were harshly judged for taking more risks, while others rarely got deserved negative critique. Others got excessive praise for average performances.
    They had their agenda and they got their desired result. Haley and Pia had little or no chance of making it to the finale. The writing was on the wall when during the final three, J-Lo, on declaring the winner of round 3, gave it to Lauren, even before Haley took the stage to sing a difficult song, the one the JUDGES chose for her; how rude and unprofessional.

    I have never heard such crude , immature, and arrogant remarks like those directed at Haley, in nine years of Idol; but then considering the majority of the fans for Lauren and Scotty, and their immaturity, I can understand why their is such rudeness; it is just the nature of a lot of many high school age kids, not all. I wish those teens and tween were more like their idols, Scotty and Lauren. Being called a brat, stuck up, spoiled, rude, disrespectful, and I won’t dignify the slang remarks. it is a shame people have to resort to such behavior. Many of the fans were that age once, but would not use that type of descriptions. I also want to say, that the first year of American idol would have been won by Justin Guarini, not Kelly Clarkson, if the same voting system was used nine years ago.

    In less than 48 hours, Scottie or Lauren will be the winner of American Idol 2011, but in my humble opinion, Haley or Pia deserved to be the final two. There is no doubt in my mind, they will have recording contracts, and in the short term, be far more successful in their marketing sales.

    Thankfully, HALEY, through her drive , perseverance, extreme diverse talent, and being able to advance in the competition, even though overly criticized by the judges, she lasted long enough in the competition with several outstanding and special performances. Many who watched saw her growth and stage presence, and her competency, She won over thousands of viewers, who are now diehard fans who will support her for many years. They will buy her CD’s, albums, and go to her concerts, and although she didn’t win, she will go on to a successful career, even more than this year’s winner.

    I do wish Scotty and Lauren, as well as all those in the top twelve whatever success they attain, as they were a lll talented; this was the best top twelve ever. I only wish they had as hard a critique as HALEY, so they could all upped their game and had more artistic growth.

    I tunes and you tube sales and ratings don’t lie and are the best indicators of an artists marketability . And you can’t POWER BUY albums and CD’s, like you power vote during AI season; enough said.

  144. scotty my american friends is the MAN the tru american boy IDOL. GOOD BLESS HIS VOICE.

  145. I love this post a lot. I will definitely be back. Hope that I will be able to read more helpful posts then. Will be sharing your wisdom with all of my friends!

  146. Me gustaria ya que cuenta la historia de Alice que también dijera más sobre la de Emmet.

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