American Idol 2011 Top 24 Results Confirmed – Meet Your Singers

Tonight on American Idol the Top 24 Season 10 singers were officially revealed and can now be confirmed. It’s time to meet your singers so take a look at the video:

American Idol 2011 Top 12 Guys:

  1. Brett Lowenstern
  2. Jovany Barreto
  3. Jacob Lusk
  4. Paul McDonald
  5. Clint Jun Gamboa
  6. Robbie Rosen
  7. Stefano Langone
  8. Jordan Dorsey
  9. Tim Halprin
  10. James Durbin
  11. Casey Abrams
  12. Scotty McCreery

American Idol 2011 Top 12 Girls:

  1. Naima Adedap
  2. Julie Zorilla
  3. Karen Rodriguez
  4. Lauren Turner
  5. Kendra Chantelle
  6. Ashton Jones
  7. Rachel Zevita
  8. Haley Reinhart
  9. Thia Magia
  10. Lauren Alaina Suddeth
  11. Pia Toscano
  12. Ta-Tynisa Wilson

Did your favorites make the cut this week and on to the American Idol Top 24?




  1. The judges made a serious mistake not putting colton dixon through , the guy is amazing and far beat bret! BIG HUGE MISTAKE , so disappointed! YOU all really messed up with the guys , medina should have made it as well. !!! Just disgusted with some of the choices. YUCK!!!!

    • I too am very disappointed that J.C. did not make it through. Very disappointing….he was the best talent this year. The judges really got it wrong tonight….I don't know if I will continue to watch.

      • I agree Pat.. I cant believe it either…he had heart and soul beyond his years!!! We will see him in the future without AI!!! GO JAYCEE!!

      • I totally agree with you i think jc was really good these judges dont know what talent is they need to give up judging and get simon back some of these people they pick can not sing.

      • You are crazy if you think Jaycee compares with the rest of the talent this year. Colton you could make a strong case for, but not Jaycee. The kid hasn't even hit puberty yet. What if that were to happen while he is in the middle of a song? How painful would that be for the audience? We don't need anohter Tim Urban this year — the cute (but in a different way) guy that all the little girls fawn over, as well as the grandmothers.

  2. What a great night! And a great group of wonderful talented guys and gals. Congrats from an AI Fan. I was hoping for Jacee to go through but I have to agree with most. He has to mature and develop a stronger personality and powerhouse his vocal. Now I am ready for the Top 24 showdown. Can't wait for next week.

    • He has the best personality of ALL!!! Did you see the way he composed himself when all the other losers kicked him out of their group? He is sincere and honest and you cant get a better personality than that!!

      • @Becky — Yes, he has the BEST personality off-stage, if not, the most HUMBLE one to not let adversities over power him. He was the tallest man in the whole group of guys. God will bless him with his talent. I hope he comes back. Of course, there is always Simon Cowell's X-Factor show. LOL. Maybe things will go Jacee's way if Casey Abrams isn't able to perform tomorrow. I guess we will see what happens.

    • Jordan Dorsey, not a good person, Lacks personality that is NOT made up with outstanding talent. I can't watch the show if he is going to last in the competition. Jacee should have been part of the show, great talent, outstanding person.

  3. I just don't understand some of their picks. They let good people go home and kept "okay" people? I sure hope that Colton and Chris get to come back – they both did such amazing jobs – it would be so sad if we didn't get to hear them sing again. 🙁

    • But that is AI for you. They always do that. Remember for the past 10 years all the forgotten wannabe Idolers at the beginning of each show. Some stuck out more than others. The one Hispanic diva, whatever her name was, the one guy Sunzia that was a freaky dude but he was still popular after his mother and sister got busted for possession of marijuana. I am sure there are more of them.

  4. jaycee shouldve made it what were they thinking they shouldnt of let that mexican dude from harvey. im from louisiana and im pissed so bad j lo steven and randy made a horrible choice and i dont think ill watch the rest of this season.

  5. This season went from a must see to a soon-to-be-forgotten. Are you kidding me!? Two of the 24 can't remember their lyrics. Two of the 24 are cut throat back stabbers. Instead we saw an eye candy cowboy who CAN sing, a little American heartthrob, and what most people agree to be the man of the year (Not leaving his handicapped fiances side) and a great singer leave. We want Simon back!

    • I agree Ralph, The first thing they said in the beginning is don't forget the lyrics if you do you are gone. Guess that didn't happen. I am very upset that they put them through. If you noticed the cowboy did not get much publicity through the whole process. The back stabbers should not have moved on, not that great. I will be watching and voting. Hopefully everyone else will do the same. Let our voices be heard.

      • I am going to keep on watching but I would agree TOTALLY with Ralph. I am hoping to see these 2 back stabbers humbled when America doesn't vote for them.

    • I agree….Jaycee has a huge career in front of him…too bad these judges couldnt see that America LOVES JAYCEE!!!

  6. Jaycee should have never went home!! He was the BEST ever!!! I thought AI was about originality…what about the Josh Turner sound alike??? Not a good choice…Jaycee I hope you read these and keep going without AI….you will be bigger than all these picks!! GOod luck God Bless and good luck!!! You are the greatest!!!

  7. I was so mad that Jacee did not make it! He was totally one of my favorites ever. I loved him. Yes, he can come back, but his voice may change.

    • I think God gave him a gift and his voice wont change….he will make it big…I feel it and will pray for him!!!

  8. I am sooo disappointed that they allowed the wrong country guy to go through instead of the cowboy with the diverse voice. The barritone cowpoke committed the ultimate Idol sin by forgetting his lyrics and he is rewarded!? The Red Queen struggled to hold his/her notes and he/she beats out Colton and JC? I was aware of the reduced age limit,but where in the rules are the contestants are allowed to forget their lyrics? I think Idol just lost ALOT of viewers after this debocle.

  9. This year there were a lot of talented contestants with personality, too. Of course, some of your favorites were let go, but that is not a reason NOT to watch the show. I think this will be a good season. I especially like the intelligent, constructive criticism J-lo brings to the table.

    • I agree. Don't stop watching just because your fav didn't make it. There will be another fav when the voting starts, so go for it

  10. i really so disappointed about the country singer choice…..

    didnt mean i hate scotty just think john is amazing talent and country singer should wear a cowboy hat and dress like a cowboy….if them really look for a coutry singer….this season they made a lot of mistake like…

    Chris medina,colton dixon and john wayne schulz 🙁

      • I loved john wayne and really wanted to see him make it to the show. I don't understand why only one country guy could make it. I love country music and think it would be great to have two good country guys on the show.

  11. for the girls, yeah, Thia Magia made it. However, my favorite male contestant, Carson Higgins was not given the chance to prove himself, he made AI worth waiting for because of his antics and natural singing talent. Much more talented than Chris Medina, who was given so much hype only because of his ailing girlfriend. it is not fair to use a contestant's personal circumstances to aid him in his career

  12. Well, I know that happy people don't comment, but overall they made some great choices. I thought Brett was the worst of the last three, but that could have gone either way. But Casey, Julie, Thia, the gospel singer, etc etc. … lots of amazing stuff to watch here.

  13. Definitely picked the wrong cowboy..John Wayne was always so poised and in control..He never forgot His lyrics…He was ,in my opinion, the better,more consistent singer! I'm done with Idol…..

  14. I really wanted Colton to go through! I wish he'd made it. He was good, and so was JC.

    And let me just say that I LOVE the song that's playing while the guys are dancing. 😀

  15. They definitely picked the wrong guy at the end Brett???????? Really??? WOW!!! I thought that he was the worst of them; I liked JC….It is what it is….

  16. Jessica should stay bye bye Thia! Colton should stay, Brett is good but Colton is better! But I do love Casey!

  17. BRETT is AMAZING! And VERY TALENTED. I too wish Jaycee had gone through…but hey, it's a competition!

  18. i will being pulling for scotty and lauren , although i wish jaycee wud hav made it through he was my favorite

  19. my favorites now are lauren turner, thia megia and casey abrams so far. will see what happen in the next episodes.

    i'm disappointed that jaycee, chris medina, monique delos santos & carson higgins didn't make it.

    there are much more talented who were out of the competition =(

  20. Jacee no quedo en los 24 finalistas?

    La gente lo quiere no puedo creer que el jurado no vea eso, este chico es puro talento.

    Vamos Jacee, eres increible!!

  21. my favorites were jaycee and lauren alaina well i so cant believe jc didnt make it he is awesome young but to me he could sing better than most of them what is up with this but i guess i still have alaina to vote for

  22. i can not believe they let jc go .they have kept people that have less talent and kicked off ones that deserve to be there .it will be hard for me to watch american idol this year after this . we need simon and paula back maybe then things would have been diffrent for a few that was sent home . i am so sorry jc hope to hear from you soon ..

  23. I can't believe that Jaycee didn't get into the top 24. You just lost this voter and viewer. TOO BAD!!!!!! Favorite Show No More!!!!!

    • JAYCEE???? Cute kid, awesome singer NOT. And I bet you will watch again. Can't beleive you will base this whole show over one boy who didn't "make it". There are lots of other awesome singers on the show who would love to have your vote.. But, hey, if you don't like it, then watch something else. Your choice.

  24. I can't believe they cut Colton from the last three guys. It was a no brainer, Colton should of been in. Super talented, cute, nice personality, good dresser…What were you thinking? Big mistake. I was shocked. Sorry Colton, you should of made it through.

  25. I am sooooooooooooooo angry that Colton Dixon was not put through! WHAT WERE THE JUDGES THINKING?? He was byyyyy far better than the red head kid and he had the entire star package. I usually agree with most of their decision but eliminating Colton was by far the worst mistake in all the seasons I've ever watched. Too bad; Hopefully He'll make it far without your help.

  26. it wasnt that big of a suprise chris went home. his story was touching, but he wasnt the most talented. i was sad to see him go, but it wasnt a shocker.

  27. The judges are brain dead. John Wayne, Colten and Jacee out – why watch anymore what a rip off. This is a joke!!!!!!!

  28. I can not believe the judges cut John Wayne. He was my favorite right from the beginning. Ever since the year with Carrie Underwood it seems like they are affraid to send to many with a country sound. That was one of the best years they have had.

  29. I for one am going to stop watching American Idol.Jacee should have been put through.Why do they have to put 12 girls and 12 guys it should be 24 of the best .Jacee is much better than some of those girls .BRING JACEE BACK INTO THE TOP 25.Can't wait to see the guy with the weird glasses go home,or publicly say he is sorry to Jacee.If he wants any chances of people voteing he will apologize to Jacee for acting so rude.Jacee you have amazing talent,such an angelic voice so different than anyone elses.

    • First you say "I, for one am going to stop watching American Idol…." then you go on to say "can't wait to SEE the guy with the weird glasses go home"…HA. Funny.

  30. i felt so disappointed!!!!!! Clint Jun Gamboa i hate that snob man! he's not deserve to get in top 24!!!!!!!! Sh*t! and why Jaycee Badeaux eliminated? argggggh we love Jaycee Badeaux not the gay Clint Jun Gamboa!!!

  31. I really like the top 12 girls and can't complain much there. But the guy choices were AWFUL! My favorite John Wayne didn't make it but Jacob Lusk and James Durbin did…..are you kidding me??

  32. I cant believe that colton was let go! He was so very good and just perfect for the girl teens who vote over and over! JC was a little too young for this and Brent just does not have IT. Loved John Wayne too, so sorry to see him go. That said -does any one think that Jacob wont take it all and that lauren and robbie will be around til May too

  33. I was very disappointed Chris Medina did not make the top 24 but what can you do…so I will be watching to see who I feel is American Idol potential. Hey Steven Tyler you ROCK….love you on the show!

  34. I was moved to tears by Jaycee's treatment in the group sessions. Not only has he won the hearts of Americans, he has also touched our hearts her in Canada. This young man has lots of talent but I have to side with our judges decision, I think we all know including the Judges that we haven't seen the last of Jaycee, his come back is going to be outstanding.As for the "Back Stabbers", they also are very talented but there actions screamed louder then their talents …..Again, you Americans get the final say in who will be elimated . Your Votes will be heard and I can see the "BS'er" will be the first to be booted off the show. It's not only about talent, it's also about character …….

    • I agree, but like I said, he is so young, I'm sure he has plenty of time to try and build a casreer. He can always try out again next year

  35. I do like the judges and I loved Simon but really dont miss him! Love Steven Tyler and J Lo. I think the tone of the show is better- nicer. That said -I hated the last 2 nights they were boring and long and didnt show enough singing.I do agree with some of you it should not be 12 girls and 12 boys just the best.

  36. I can’t believe that Jacee, Colton and John Wayne didn’t make the cut. There are three that made it that made it just didn’t have the voices and talent of these three.

    • We all have our favorites, we are happy, we are sad, we are angry, we are disappointed,we are tired and even we cry, but on top of these, we are not the judges, being in their shoes, I’d say indeed it is difficult, considering everything, the plus factor of producers and directors too. If we are American Idol fan then whether we agree on the result or not, we stick to the entertainment that American Idol brings. AI is running in its 10th season, why? Because of us, yeah watch and vote to make things happen. Celebrate with those who got in and those who didn’t make it, those fave ones of ours who didn’t go through, if they are willing and not giving up, then as we always say “try and try until you succeed”! GOD SPEED! CHEERS! KUDOS!

  37. JC- Everyone in our household is 100% behind you. We enjoyed you and your story. We are sad that you were not moved to the next round. We truly hope that you will continue to come back in the future. Keep on developing your voice, your character, and your craft. It is not how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get back up! Take a look around! People adore you! We wish Idol would consider making the top 24 into 25, although, we understand that this is a television show. This is exactly what they want to do, create a buzz, create controversy, to engage people in debate, and keep people tuning in. JC, next season is right around the corner, go get it!! Good Luck in the future!!

  38. Letting JC go was a big mistake. America is looking for the true spirit these days. We are fed up with the tatted screamers that always have a hard luck story. JC was the real deal…no story….just heart and soul and a clear tone voice that is different than most. It is time that America started looking for a different type of Idol. You should think up a way to get him back….redeem yourselves.

  39. No my favorite did not get picked. Jacee was my favorite. I think he should have been sent through and James Durbin sent home. Not keen on his voice at all. I feel the only thing James can do is that high pitch he can do. That is it. I do wish Jacee the best and hope he comes back next year, with an even better voice. His voice gave me goosebumps, meaning it was good.

  40. I would have loved to see Deandre Brackensick make it, this kid has a awesome voice. The people working with him on his final solo, should have steered him with a different song choice.

  41. Is it American Idol or the Jennifer Lopez show??? Steven Tyler was awesome the first couple of shows but now just sits there. Let his personality come out. I like all the judges but am getting tired of Jennifer being the whole show! And Randy? enough said…you rock! The stage is big enough for all 3 judges.

  42. Hello,

    I took an extreme liking to Pia Toscano. So humble and beautiful, she seems like she wears her heart on her sleve. I don't know if it was A conicidense or not but sang BOTH of my favourite songs (grenade-bruno Mars & Through it all-Alicia Keys)

    Reason I am ranting is that I just wanted to know that she had and will have an inpact on mmy like. I am suffering with anorexia and music keeps sain. anyway I am a very big fan of hers and I rooting for her.

  43. I think that the judges did a horrible job this round John Wayne Schulz, JC, and Chris Medina SHOULD HAVE BEEN AND ABSOLUTE YES! i believe the are all fabulous singers and all a great example of an American IDOL!I know medina already has a song out and I believe JOHN WAYNE 🙂 and JC will go a vry long way in their career probably farther than the actual winner of American Idol:)

  44. for girls so far :
    8s Thia Megia for me :p

    the rest are the boys :
    Clint ( though everybody hates him for some reason )
    Casey 😀

    ohh .. id also like to include
    Naima for her very touching story. amazing voice also.
    and Rachel for her beautiful face 🙂

  45. I’m so sad that Jacee didn’t make it. He was so sweet and talented. I really hope he comes back next year. I already had my redial finger ready for him. Please come back Jacee!!

  46. I feel the top 24 contestants represents a nice cross section of America, which could be good or bad depending on whether or not that was the judges intention.

  47. I agree wholeheartedly that Colton should have stayed, I thought he was great on his solo and he has the look of an Idol. There are some great people this year; it should be interesting.

  48. Well Jonsense Ojeda is a recording artist and they just passed him up big time. J Lo forgot where she got her fame…. San Antonio,TX… And yet they couldn't give Jon a chance to prove to them.

      • They should have voted off all the girls and kept only the men….So much more talent this year in the male gender

    • I think the girls are better, (unless you are counting half of the guys here who actually sound like girls!)

    • I agree, talent isnt based upon GENDER, if the number of talents in males out number females then put them through… dumb..

  49. UGH! I really wanted Jacee to win American Idol and he didn't even get to the Top 24!!! I cried when i saw it :'(

    I love you Jacee! You deserve to win!

  50. JEROME BELL SHOULD HAVE GONE INSTEAD OF JORDAN!!! AI is so stupid. I'm done watching now… They didn't even show jerome throughout most of the shows, and we never saw him get cut at the end.

  51. Very disappointed with the judges. Had a friend make it to the top 40 and he wasn’t even put on to sing. He is a recording artist already. I guess the judges didn’t want to give an Austin native a break. But they made a big big mistake. Because I know Jon is going to make it without them…. So sad. Have seen this show since it first started, and it really disapointed me that they picked some off the wall singers who don’t even have a voice to sing. Won’t be watching anymore. Good riddens……

  52. I think so far there is a good mix of music styles which should make this season pretty strong. I had my fingers crossed for a girl to win this year, but after seeing the final 24, the guys seem much better. There are only 2-3 ladies I think capable of hanging on, and really don't care that much for the judges fave, Laura Alaina, or whatever her name is. She acts like she can play the "cute" card to the top, and sure she can sing, but I think a few other ladies have more distinctive voices. My girl fave is Haley Reinhart, and for the guys….well, it's a toss up–can picture half of them battling it out in the top 10. Has anyone yet heard if Casey Abrams is definitely back in or out? I HOPE he lasts long enough for me to download some of his songs on iTunes!

  53. I think Chris Medina should have went trough instead of Stephano and Jacee instead of Clint or Jordan, I hate both their personalities!. But I’m so glad Lauren Aliana and James Durbin went through! Lauren’s my fav so far! And I’m so happy Ahsley Sullivan DID NOT go through!! What a crybaby….

    • Completely agree with you!!! I also don't like Jacob Lusk's voice very much…it's so annoying. I think they should have replaced him with Jaycee or Colton.

      • I don't like Jacob Lusk's voice, either. C'mon. Dudududbahabababa beebop…WHAT? Yeah, I think Colton should have been in instead of Jacob. But I will be watching, and maybe the judges saw something that we didn't see. Keep an open mind, people. (But I doubt that I will be voting for Lusk.)

  54. I was extremely upset when Jacee Badeaux was not in the top 24. I had never ever watched American Idol before cause I never cared for it. But when I saw Jacee, I fell in love with his unique voice. In my opinion it is his time to shine & only his.My hubby watches the show & I told him if Jacee gets sent home there's no American Idol allowed at home! I wish the best of luck to Jacee. (maybe if he would have been a she instead w blonde hair & some longs legs w no personality they would have let him stay)

  55. Rachel, Pia, Thea, Scotty, and Tim…I was happy with all of those choices! Tim's voice is so unique (makes me think of Loggins and Messina). Scotty is just adorable. Those three girls have a lot of talent (and are beautiful, too) and I believe Pia and Thea stand a good chance.

  56. its that american idol or mexican idol ??

    why the spanish singing ?? i hate that ,sure thing they ain't gonna have my vote…

    good season so fare ,its gonna fun to watch !!

    thank you

      • I couldn't agree more with you both (tishe and cat). It is called american idol for a reason. This show gives everyone, from every race an opportunity to showcase their talent. Racism is not necessary. IT IS UN-AMERICAN!

      • no one said anything about other races not being able to showcase their talent. You wouldnt be sayin that if someone came on there and busted out some chinese!! At least sing something that AMERICANS can understand, kissing J-Lo's a$$ if you ask me..

  57. Just glad to see that Casey Abrams made the Top-24. He's one of the most talented contestants ever on the show — I totally agree with Randy on that. The Top-24 looks a lot better than last year's so I'm hopeful it will be a great season.

  58. So sorry JC did not make it. I cried he
    deserve to be in the top 24 thought they were
    gonna fool us and let JC stay. So sad wish they would reconsider.

    • yeah instead they put that ugly big foreheaded Clint Gamboa who dances like a chimp and looks like one too through… fail.. BIG fail..

  59. The judges are fools to have gotten rid of Jaycee. I loved the kid! I may stop watching. I'm that mad.

    • I quit idol too, but I might get over it just because my bf is an idol fan. But if it gets any more annoying than it already is I'm deleting it off of the dvr.

  60. whats up Idol…u cut one of the most talented Colton Dixon….PLEASE BRING HIM BACK AS A WILD CARD!!!!!!!!

  61. I’ve watched Idol every year and have to say, this year is the most enjoyable so far. Thought all was going very well until JC wasn’t selected. Even though he had a tough time of it, he came through like a true “Idol” and outsang the other two he was bunched with in the end. Hope you will reconsider and bring him back this season!

  62. Soooo glad Scotty made it to top 24! Also am so thrilled The crying NUT, Ashley DID NOT make it!! She would have had a nervous breakdown under the pressure that Idol causes.

    Let the games begin!! Good Luck contestants!!!

  63. Sorry to see J.C. go but he is really young and has plenty of time to build a career for himself.

  64. theyre all talented they juz have to choose the right song and sing it with passion AND MAKE IT THEIR OWN…not a copy cat of the original song…i think thats how they will showcase their true passion for music and their talents.

  65. hi,

    im from malaysia. pls say what i know was wrong. Jacee didnt make the cut? pls dont bring him back. he is a true talent.


  66. Naima is the next American idol, not only she is the best singer, but she have something a little more different that idol been missing.

  67. Hello everyone,

    Just remember, they are going to pick wild cards. I bet Jaycee will be one of them. But they are all talented or would not have made it on the show. I wish them ALL the best. May the best boy/man or girl/woman WIN…

  68. Alot of people loved Jaycee. He really was a great singer, I was sad to see him go as well..

    Also I am very disappointed that Pfeifer Brown did not make it and that there was barely anything about her in the show at all. I don't get why it's even called American Idol though if we don't get a say from the beginning. I mean the judges hold a heck of a lot more power over what goes on, and it would nearly seem pre-determined with the outcome. Why not just call it something like "Sing off"? Or atleast don't even show the auditions, It's sad we begin to love someone and the judges don't send them through. Might as well not air episodes of the auditions or anything, just the top 24..

  69. Wtf is with American Idol this season? Might as well change the name to spanish idol!! I told my bf if they sent JC home that I will no longer watch the damn show. GG judges, ya'll SUCK.

  70. I am adding my 2 cents as well on the subject of Jaycee. I adored him. He is such a genuine, sweet and incredibly talented young man. I would have loved to see him in the top 24 and believe the show will be lacking without him. I certainly hope he trys again next year and the judges don't make the same mistake. I am very disheartened that 2 guys who seem to be quite rude got in. I'm so tired of our rewarding bad behavior in this country. Everyone left was talented enough to be in the top 24 yet the judges selected Jordon and "Junebug" – both showed us their lack of integrity during Hollywood week. I for one hope they never receive a single vote.

    We'll miss you Jaycee.

    • i agree with you totally. I hope they get the boot fast and quick, send a message that stepping on others hopes an dreams are not the thing to do, no matter how bad you want to make it. What goes around comes around. Clint and Jordon, need to be homebound soon.

      • I watched the show again and still believe that Jacee so deserves to be there. His voice is awesome. I cry when i hear him sing. thats a good thing.

        Sure he cried when he got hurt and now the judges don't think he could handle things. will look at Bret, he was so nerves, I thought he would stroke out. I still like Brett, but like Jacee much much more.

  71. I think some of these judges choices had nothing to do with singing ability because if it did colton and chris should have been in. scott not so much.very disappointed with top 24 as a whole.dont know if can watch further!

  72. There is alot talent this year. Maybe next season would be a better time for Jaycee to come back and win it. Although, I would have voted for him everytime this season. I'm ready to download his music now.

  73. The judges choice are OK. professional singers like them certainly know their pick. Just watch the show from here on without being bias and hope america vote for real good singers,no regionalism here.

  74. James Durbin is the MAN! He is amazing and is the American favorite.

    He is amazing and there is no one that can touch him vocally! What a voice and America, let's make sure he stays on top!

    I watch from overseas and we are all rutting for James!

  75. I have beening watching the show for a long time and always look forward to each season. And like how they poke fun with some of their contentants. Like the young guy who looked like chicken little! So this year I think Scotty MCreery looks a little like Alfred E. Neuman the guy from Mad Magazine. Anyway I think he will be in the top ten!

  76. Yeah, he DOES look like the guy on the cover of Mad…!Yeah, I liked his version of Long Black Train

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