American Idol 2011 Top 24 Confirmed Tonight With The Green Mile Episode

Live Update: Join other fans in the Idol chat room during tonight’s show!

I hope you’re ready for two more hours of American Idol‘s long awaited Green Mile Top 24 (spoilers here) episode tonight. After last night’s planned 2-hour Vegas episode was cut in half to make way for more Green Mile we’ll end up with a full three hours of arguing judges and crying Idol hopefuls.

If you missed last night’s Vegas + Green Mile episode, then check out Branden’s recap of the whole thing including who was cut and who made it on to the Top 24.

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Cutting out half of last night’s original Vegas show was disappointing as I was looking forward to the performances, but I guess they’re going to take us where the action is. Action being tears and drama of course, but action none the less. I’m guessing part of the show changes included cutting out most of the “redemption performances.” We got to see a few of those clips for some of the Hopefuls, but not much and not for all of them. (And you thought this was a singing competition??)

Most of the cuts and next-rounders weren’t too surprising and I’ve gotta say that I was glad to see Chris Medina go while I’m looking forward to hearing more from Paul McDonald. As for the whole “can JLo struggle to continue sitting in a chair?” drama, yeah, I’m thinking her American Idol 2011 multi-million dollar contract will help keep her in that center seat for the rest of the eliminations.

Were any of your favorites cut last night? Who are you most anxious to see confirmed either way tonight?




  1. so dissapointed that Carson Higgins was cut.

    His personality AND voice would have added so much to the show!!

    Big mistake.

  2. I have always been a Jennifer Lopez fan but am soooo disappointed with her as a judge. To me, she comes across so unprofessional, silly and honestly, very self-centered. Does she know this show ISN'T about HER? I find myself turning away at times…she's just a bit over the top.

    • For showing human emotion and empathy to a real sad story and a stand-up guy like Chris by delivering the news his dreams had ended. There is a lot of cold people in the world. I was on twitter and a lot people commenting on crying with her. Not everyone is cold. We cannot all hold are emotions.

      • @ Lucy. I agree. I felt it was genuine and from the heart…from Day 1, Chris was a judges favorite (perhaps due to his story) Nonetheless, the judges had to make a tough decision. I wish Chris well and do hope his girlfriend, Julie, continues to improve.

    • My comments regarding Jennifer were in general; NOT specifically about yesterday's emotional demonstration. Chris is probably working out a record deal as we speak. God bless him & Julie. As a judge, I don't think she's bringing professional critique to the table.

      • a commentator always feel that they know all things but they don't.

        Jennifer is sweet and just a human, she is much better than Puala or Ellen or YOU (Margarita), so just shut up you too know nothing

    • Yes, Jaycee was cut! Stefano Langone replaced him from what I read! It was sad to read this news about Jaycee not making the top 24!

      • Are we sure Stefano Langone made the top 24? What do you mean he replaced Jaycee? My heart likes Jaycee but my ears like Stefano!

      • @ Mary. I loved your comment…my heart liked Jacee but my ears like Stefano…what a great way to put it. Enjoy the show tonight…hopefully our questions will be answered. 🙂

  3. Sad to see Chris Medina go…what a remarkable young man. I wish him the very best. For pure entertainment value, I would have liked to see Carson stay for awhile…Very confusing and emotional show last night…hope tonight is more on point. Excited to see who all really makes it (not just speculation). Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

  4. your recap sucked- loved last nights show! i'm liking the bradley cooper look alike guy- he's doing it for me!

  5. I just read where Casey Abrams was "rushed" to the hospital due to stomach pains…Is this true.? I truly hope he will be all right and able to compete…Something similar happened last year with Crystal Bowersox….deja vu…anyone… 🙂

      • Hey, Tim…might want to re-think your ALL CAPS statements…re-read the commenting rules….I for one do not liked to be yelled at. Thank you.

    • Hi Rose A., I read that to! Didn't know that, that happened to Crystal last year! What is going on?

      • I believe that last year due to all the pressures, change in diet – perhaps- Crystal had some complications with her diabetes and had to go to the hospital…remember they had to change the girls night to follow the boys due to this. I do hope Casey will be well enough to compete…I like him. Can't wait for tonight. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

  6. when will this program start picking decent performers and the judge's choices? Not the producers pick. Can this program!!!

  7. The recording editing of the television of the last night was very disappointing that I thought. And also I was really disappointed in Jennifer ropez last night.

  8. Its really sad to see so much critisism of jennifer. I love the show, & I think Steven & Jennifer are doing a great job! This is by far, my favorite season.

    • I agree 100% Janet. I've watched American Idol from day 1. I am enjoying the new judges. They are fun to watch and I think Randy is good with them also. I didn't like the way the judges acted the last 2 seasons, afterall it's not about them. I think they were unprofessional and the show was like a joke. I know this season is going to great.

  9. big mistake letting Chris Medina go last night..he would have received a lot of votes. Not everyone loves a pop idol, he had a great voice and a different look. Everyone here will miss him as we were looking forward to hearing more from him. Send Chris to Canada we will appreciate him.

  10. I've watched AI since it began and this year I believe that they have MUCH more talent than ever before! It must be extremely difficult to make cuts! [But in a few cases I was GLAD to see a few go!]. Is it my imagination or are they being "extra hard" on the youngsters? If they ARE, it's probably be cause they believe that they will try out again or that they will NOT be able to "stand" the pressure?? What do you all think?

    • i think that the youngsters are trying to be the best they can and if they come back they could be a million times better some times things you can be perfect.

  11. I love Jennifer Lopez but everybody knows what this show is about. They can't all win. And most of the past shows revolved around Simon Cowell who was hardly warm or cuddly.

  12. Just read an article on where they will begin on-line voting through FB. The limit is 50 votes per person. Now…if they can limit the on-line voting, why can't they limit the amount of phone calls and texts??? Just wondering~??? Enjoy the show tonight. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

  13. Does anyone else find it extremely annoying to see crappy singers kept and great singers let go? For once, can't they have a top 24 that consists of the best they have found….AGGGG

  14. American Idol, please find a way to bring Chris Medina back. I think that the judges made a huge mistake by letting him go!

  15. I would like to know who has so much time on there hands that came up with the idea that all caps mean you are yelling. I would have this in all caps but then I knew they wouldn't have posted it. Just like some words are made up and then become bad words, who had the time for this. Caps are easy, and I want my life to be easier. My choice and should be anyones. People need to get over this cap crap.

    • It is commonplace knowledge that ALL-CAPS messages equals YELLING. But just like there are oblivious, insensitive people in all aspects of life, some folks will continue using ALL-CAPS regardless of how it's perceived.

  16. Freedom of speech and freedom of typing how you does it mean then that if I have all non caps that I am whispering…..someone figure this out. So tired of it.

    • Freedom of speech has nothing to do with what you can and can't do on a private website like this. You're more than welcome to start your own site and write in ALL-CAPS all you want, but I am under no obligation to allow it on my privately funded and operated site.

      • By the way Lynn, non-caps is called lowercase letters. Maybe you need to brush up on your writing techniques. Just because these is a message board doesn't mean people have to abuse basic writing skills.

  17. I'm a fity year old man and have watched AI since the beginning. I am a musician and singer and have been able to call the shots for the most part. I liked Simon, his honesty to the contestants, and absolutely thought Paula was a waste of good air! I think Steven Tyler was the perfect addition and JLO too. Now if they could get rid of Randy, who really doesn't add the right factor to the show, and replace him with Rod Stewart, then we would have a true talented panel of judges. JLO needs to get her chit together and stop the drama and do her job. and by the way, the talent really isn't there this year. Everyone keeps saying there is more talent this year, BULL! Where is the Carrie Underwood, Bo Bice, Daughtry, Big Mike from last year, it just sn't there!

    • I agree with you re J C. I just do not understand why they let through people who scream so much that any chance for song recognition is lost and leave out people who have beautiful smooth voices. He has such a natural talent. He reminds me of old clips of Wayne Newton when he first started and look where he is today. Too many really good voices were passed over while too many shouters were put through. I am really disappointed in a lot of the judges choices.

  18. i am really disappointed that chris medina got cut.thought he sang beautifully.i hope they can find a way of getting him back he's one of the nicest and most sincere guys in the competition.

    • I think so… I hope they will get him back this competition. Lost him, this season lost a half attraction!!!

  19. Hi from sunny England i cant believe chris has gone. I've folowed American Idol since Fantasia won. I notice that some of you are hoping that X Factor will be different but it wont. There was so much controversy this year in England with X Factor it was unbelievable I dont vote anymore because I truly believe that the viewers vote does not matter its all about the ratings. Also remember that both American Idol and X Factor are both Simon Cowell's babies and will ultimately be the same. But saying that I will continue to watch both as I love the raw talent that both programmes show

  20. I really hope they do not pick Jacee to go into the top 24. He's extremely immature and needs to grow. He can definitely come back when he's older. Just because you're young and can sing doesn't mean you have what it takes, or are mature enough to handle certain pressures. He looks like he could be my immature little brother or something. I don't deny that he has talent, but he still needs to do a lot of growing up! He's only 15.

    I'm not crazy about Jacob Lusk either. He over sings a lot and his voice gets annoying at times. I'm not crazy about Chris Medina. He is okay but he didn't blow me away. Other really talented singers deserve that spot. I just think his sob story made him go as far as he did. I hope some of the more talented girls I like go through, and I hope Casey Abrams gets better! He's one of my favorite of the guys!

    • Yep, yup, everyone entitled to their opinion. You could be so lucky as to have a young man like Jayce as your immature little brother, if he was, I'm sure you'd be singin' a different tune.

      Jacob Lusk is very talented and has a unique style!!

      Chris Medina doesn't have a sob story, he has reality!

      A reality that very few of us can relate with!


      • tishe i agree w you.eden u're such a dick i doubt u can even sing half a melody like jaycee and u'd definitely be singing a different tune if he really was yr lil immature brother.. hahhaah.. wad a lewser u are… go jaycee!!!

  21. I just want to say, who need Simon when you have such OUTSTANDING talent this year. I'm so looking forward to the rest of this season.

    Thank you

  22. I have to say that season 10 is the best ever!!!! My husband and I had stopped watching it.Since JLO & Steven have joined the show we feel it is a great improvement. Along with Randy's expertise as a producer it is now the complete package. JLo brings her beauty & talent and her warm sincerity. Steven is a complete, wonderful surprise. I have to be honest, I was never a fan. Mea Culpa – you have made me see the light. What a delight you are and what a sensitive wonderful man you are. Bravo to all of you. The heart warming part of the these trials have been how wonderful you have been to the talent. You truly have delivered not only the constructive critiscism, you give, but you gave them hope and encouraged them to continue in the most gentle and sincerest way possible. Bravo, bravo. bravo.keep this up and this show can go on indefinitely. Love ya all…

    • I definitely agree with you Marie. The judges are outstanding this year. So glad to see most of my favorites go through and sad to see some of them go. Now we will really be able to see these talented contestants sing their hearts out. 3 nights next week. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

  23. I hate you'll decision on the contant's i think the contant jennifer that was 25 she sould have beeb top 24 notthe girl that was 16 she need more time, she could havebeen there next year……An more louisiana pewople like j.c.I think you hate louisiana and talent done not matter to you'll anymore…………………

    you're truely


    • It has been reported here that no, he didn't make it!! I know, very sad! Watching it now, I haven't seen him on yet.

  24. There are some nasty comments about JLo guys and let me tell you that she is a hell of a juge. The fact that she has feelings for some contestants doesnt mean she is not doing her job, it just shows another side of her, the human side that everybody should understand. I also cried with her A LOT as I loved Chris Medina but life is not fair sometimes and always there is somebody much better and prepared than others.

    Regarding Jayce he is such a loving guy, wonderful voice but needs lots and lots of stage presence. He would have been eaten by the presure and the other contestants. He needs time and even I liked him a lot I understand the judges position to make him wait a little longer. He will nail it in a couple of years.

    From the top 24 there is only one girl that I personally dont like, Kendra. I dont think she has enough to be there but this is only the beginning and people get better every week with the teachers, the lessons, the production, etc. Who knows, she maybe will shine later, for me now she has to work her soul to make me like her.

    To finish, I have to say this season is SUPER!! the judges are absolutely wonderful!! I love ST so much!! gives me a smile on my face every week. JLo is amazing and you have not seen her yet, she will make the contestants do PERFECTION because that is the success in this bussiness. She has a heart and she will suffer for everybody but first of all she is a judge and an artist and she will put aside her feelings even sometimes she cannot hide them 🙂

    Good luck to all next week.

    • @ Marta. Thank you. A positive and constructive comment. I, too, have thought all along and still thin that the combination of JLo, Steven T. and Randy is awesome. The were very compassionate and offered solid advice for those that didn’t make it. Where Simon would have said..”you are just not good enough”, they said, “take some time to develop your talent and then come back”…big difference. Have to agree about Kendra. I hope there will be some good mentoring this year. Jimmy Lovine (record producer/mentor) is supposed to be one of the best. Some of these contestants will have to fine tune their talent so it can really be showcased to their best advantage. Looking forward to next week as well….3 nights…Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

  25. where is Colton?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? :(((((((((

    i want Colton Dixon…do u hear me?american idol pls tell me it isn't true…so sad :((…i hope we are gonna hear him ,again,somewhere…

  26. I CAN'T believe that Chris Medina was cut!!! I love him, and I think many many people will like me! Hope you'll good Chris, please come back next year (not with this Judges AGAIN!)

    • Hi Daniel! Im sorry that your favorite Chris was cut. I too like him but lets face it, sometimes things happen for a reason.
      And i hope you don’t mind having second thought about the judges this year. I think they deserve a fair trial.

      • Thanks Ardane!

        I don't care what people saying about Chris, about his story… I simply love watching him, I like his great voice and feeling.

        I don't know why JLo cried, she can give 01 more chance for Chris. AI is the program for audience, and many people like Chris, and he really has great voice!

  27. my message to the three judges: I want Jaycee Badeaux and Chris Medina back! I love them so much! their voices are very nice! I still want to see them sing more, they deserve it! 🙂

    Please Please Please!! Pretty Please! 🙂

    God Bless to AI!

  28. The 24 finalists are remarkable! Excellent! Astonishing! Breathtaking! I don't know if I can handle the remaining weeks because the top 24 are truly phenomenal! My goodness! 2011 is packed with great talents! And I so love the judges for having such HUGE HUMILITY!!!!They may be tagged famous but their gestures and gentleness show nothing but kindness and support to those whom they think deserve it. Thanks so much for being an inspiration to all of us.

    I would have to say that all those rotten comments saying that this years talents are garbage, and how unprofessional the judges are, well as they say, those who know more criticize less, and those who know less, criticize —- for sure you can fill that…

    I love you Top 24!!! I love you Judges! muahmuahmuah!!!!

  29. i loved jacee and he was a far better entertainer than some of those dingbats that were pushed through. if this is a show to show singing talent then do so. get rid of the "hyper movie star" and that scuzzy so called rap star (keep randy, he's good). this show as it now is convinces me that i want to see THE X FACTOR as soon as possible. comeon simon…..

  30. well i must say this is the worst idol ever the guys are so bad this year no talent at all the cut some thats should be singing for are votes and the girls are just ok this is im sorry to the ones that like this season is one of the weakest far as the talent goes that i have ever seen and i have watched all of the other 10 seasons plus this one its not so good this yr .thers no talent on the guys side and the girls are just ok theres a few but not many

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