American Idol 2011: Another early fan-favorite cut from Top 24 Season 10

American Idol 2011 Top 24.  Michael Becker photo/FOX

The big “American Idol” news of the night was that early favorite Jacee Badeaux did not make the Top 24. This was news to many, including those who give in to spoilers as he was previously on all the Top 24 Season 10 spoiler lists.

I thought 15 year-old Jacee was sweet and talented but also thought he could mature some more (I’m not even sure his voice has changed yet). But America already loved him and I can’t wait to hear the backlash.

The rest of the episode was better than last night. It still contained very few performances, but it was at least edited and flowed in a way that can be recapped. So let me get to it.

Last night we watched five people make it through and tonight the others made the long walk to judgment.

*Karen Rodriguez. I found it interesting that Idol” decided not to show us her creepy Jennifer Lopez obsession until tonight. I wonder why that was. She’s in.

*Robbie Rosen. Robbie’s smoothly sailed through round after and round and did so again in his final solo performance. It would be the most music we’d hear all night and it was done softly and gently. Robbie can sing. I hope he gets a haircut though. Since he’s in.

*Tatynisa Wilson. They spent a lot of time beating around the bush with her and I’m not sure why. We barely know her. And she’s not that amazing yet. But she’s in.

*Brittany Mazur and Jimmie Allen are lumped together. They’re both out.

*Tim Halperin. He’s another one that we haven’t seen much of yet and I’m not sure why. He’s kind of awesome. And he sang an original song for his final performance. That was risky payoff because he’s in.

*Julie Zorrilla. I was team Julie last night but I’ve talked myself out of it again. I think she’s like the sixth best girl singer. She’s in.

*Scotty McCreery. What a cool guy. What a nice guy. And that voice. I’m not a country guy. At all. But I loved what we saw of his final performance. I can’t wait to see him on the stage next week singing for our votes. He’s in.

*John Wayne Schulz. Can someone please tell me why they act like there can only have ONE country singer on at a time? That’s completely messed it. So since Scotty is in, that means John Wayne is out.

*Jovany Barreto. I don’t see  him and his cocky attitude lasting past next week but he’s in.

*Lauren Turner. In my opinion, She’s the best female singer. Of course she’ll never get that recognition because that’s not who Nigel and company are pimping. Regardless, she’s in. Yay!

*Tiwan Strong and Erin Kelly are quickly lumped together. They’re both out.

*Rachel Zevita. I haven’t really considered Rachel much during this thing but what we saw of her final performance on tonight’s episode kind of pleasantly surprised me. I didn’t know she had it in her. She’s in.

*Kendra Chantelle. I haven’t really reacted to her yet. I could like her or I could not like her. I don’t even know. But she’s in.

*Jordan Dorsey (or as I like to call him King D-bag).I don’t care how well he sings, I do not like him. I will not like him. I will not even try. I thought editing was responsible for me disliking him, but tonight I know that’s not it. His idea of “confident and aggressive,” as he described himself, is not my idea of those two words. Dislike. He’s in.

*Lauren Alaina. She can sing. But I still only put her as the third-best female singer. Sorry. And I hope someone tells her to never wear that “Toddlers & Tiaras” dress again. Ever. She’s 16, not 6. She’s in of course.

*Stefano Langone. Despite earlier spoilers, he’s in.

*Jackie Wilson. I liked her when she first auditioned. Then she kind of disappeared. Then she reappeared tonight and was kind of jerky. She forgot her words during her final performance yet still argued that she shouldn’t have been eliminated. So yeah, she’s out.

*Jacob Lusk. I don’t get this guy. I think he’s talented but I feel like I’ll have to leave the room when he performs. He oversells himself. There’s a difference between not holding back and overdoing it. He overdoes it. He’s in.

*Pia Toscano. Here’s another girl that’s kind of been unjustly sidelined. She’s better than Julie and Lauren Alaina. Luckily American will get to hear that. She’s in.

*James Durbin. Dear James: You are not Adam Lambert. Stop screaming and stop singing the same songs Adam sang. He’s in.

*Casey Abrams. This guy is a freak. But in a good way. I loved his quote tonight. “I’m here to prove that people like me can be sexy,” he said. Maybe if you close your eyes. MAYBE. Seriously though, he’s a talented musician. He might be better suited in a band, but I’m willing to hear what he’s got in the mean time. He’s in.

*Thia Megia and Jessica Cunningham. The final two girls take the walk together. And gee, I wonder who is going to make it through. The 15-year-old we’ve been overexposed with or the girl we’ve NEVER seen until tonight. Thia is in. Jessica is out. Duh.

*Brett Loewenstern, Jacee Badaeux and Colton Dixon. Three strong/popular guys. One spot. They give them the usual “you’re all good,” “you’re all young,” yada yada. Brett is in. Jacee and Colton are out.

My final thoughts

*Why are so many of the guys a-holes? Jordan, Clint, James, Jovany… so hard to like. Can we please trade Jordan and Clint for Jacee and Colton? Colton is incredibly marketable and talented. I think letting him go was a huge mistake. And I was almost confused as to why he was cut. Then I remembered they’re STILL trying to get a girl to win this thing again. Even if they have to fake it.*cough* Jordin Sparks *cough*  And America already loves Jacee so why not keep him around a bit for ratings at least? You’ve made worse decisions. *cough* Jordin Sparks *cough*

*Note to Steven Tyler: If you’re going to insist on doing that ridiculous judge fake out, do it right. Don’t say “I’m sorry to say this but you’re in the Top 24.” That either doesn’t make sense or is offensive. I’m not sure which. Say something like “I’m sorry to say this, but you’re going to have to see us next week.”

*Why didn’t they show Jessica Cunningham more? If she was “the only” rocker they should’ve kept her. Or at least shown us what she was made of. She seemed hilarious too. I loved the double middle fingers and her line about the “American Idol” bubbles. She would’ve been an awesome addition to the Top 24. Presuming she can sing.

See the entire Top 24 here.

What are your thoughts on the Top 24? Anyone have any predictions for a Top 12 yet (I hear it will be a Top 13 with wild cards but I believe nothing this season until it happens!)?




  1. I have lost all respesct after watching tonights episode. Boo Hoo the judges (jenifer Lopez) want to make u feel that they really care but what they did at the end, making the 2 girls and the 3 boys come up and here their decesions was horrible. Shame, shame

    • I totally agree. That was rotten making all three guys and the two girls endure watching one of them staying and just at the same moment find out they would not be staying. I felt this was a cheap shot. Were they thinking it would ease the pain or did they just not care. Why would they do that?

      I thought Jaycee Badeau was

      • I thought Jaycee Badeaux was just the nicest young man. I hope to see him next year. I was counting on him being in the final 24.

      • I think they went about it the right way with Jacee. It would have been harder for him walking down the green mile lane alone after he got booted out. He took it a lot better when his friend Brett was there to support him. I think his support helped him. Jacee will be back next year. He just needs one more year and he will be a lot better. That Brett is a nice talented kid i don't think he deserves all the flack he is getting on twitter.

      • Your very naive if you think that was the judges idea. The producers (Nigel) obviously select who goes up to the judges in which order.

  2. It was a very huge mistake cutting Colton out. This guy is very talented and so much likable, too so he is easy to be marketed. The producers or the judges should have a review. I do hope there's someone (the undeserving one) to be disqualified and then they take Colton in.

    • American Idol should bring Jacee back he has won the heart of so many people and he deserves to be there.Unless he comes back I won't continue to watch American Idol.Simon PLEASE give the judges a little advice.

      • After watching Jacee be cut I think I might be done watching American Idol for good. I'm very disappointed with the judges and feel they have made a horrible mistake on so many levels. Its a same that one of America's true favorites(Jacee)will not be there to shine with the rest. I feel he was one that truly deserved it. American Idol needs to wake up and make some changes. But with that said Jacee will be back and will will rise above the rest. What a great spirted and wonderful singer that kid truly is.

  3. Ugh… Very, very disappointed!!! Whats going on, they need to get back Simon.. He made O.K. decisions better than the decisions that are made now.. To me, Jacee Badeaux was amazing.. And they made a bad decision taking him off. Although, Stefano Langone is very sexy and I believe they made the right decision on him 😉

  4. Remember their are wild cards, I read there ar 3 of them to be brought back,so I am still praying Jacee is one of them who will come back, so all Jacee fans stay posted and see what happens. If not I know this boy is going far whether it through AI or some other route God has for him. I still love this Kid, and hope he keeps his face book going so we can see where this experience take him. I really want him to be a wild card comeback !!1

    • The wild-cards have nothing to do with bringing people back that have already been sent home. Jaycee is done, get over it…..

      • yes it does! i read it on their site,

        who would they be bring in if not someone they let go. You don't work there, I don't have to get over anything, when someone touche you by their spirit, somethink you probably know nothing about.

      • LoL….he must not know anything about Idol. Must be a first timer. Its people like this guy (Jay) that give others a bad name.

    • Sorry Misha – I'm not sure about this, but I think in previous years the wild card was used in the later stages of the live shows, to let the judges keep someone in that would otherwise be voted off by the public. So it wouldn't help Jacee unfortunately.

      • @Janet….what they used in the past was called a save. They were able to use 3 saves back then. This is something new as a wild card.

      • no George I not a first timer, i am in the business. so don't comment unless you know. thanks. Clint!

  5. There are some nasty comments about JLo guys and let me tell you that she is a hell of a judge. The fact that she has feelings for some contestants doesn't mean she is not doing her job, it just shows another side of her, the human side that everybody should understand. I also cried with her A LOT as I loved Chris Medina but life is not fair sometimes and always there is somebody much better and prepared than others.

    Regarding Jacee he is such a loving guy, wonderful voice but needs lots and lots of stage presence. He would have been eaten by the pressure and the other contestants. He needs time and even I liked him a lot I understand the judges position to make him wait a little longer. He will nail it in a couple of years.

    From the top 24 there is only one girl that I personally dont like, Kendra. I dont think she has enough to be there but this is only the beginning and people get better every week with the teachers, the lessons, the production, etc. Who knows, she maybe will shine later, for me now she has to work her soul to make me like her.

    To finish, I have to say this season is SUPER!! the judges are absolutely wonderful!! I love ST so much!! gives me a smile on my face every week. JLo is amazing and you have not seen her yet, she will make the contestants do PERFECTION because that is the success in this business. She has a heart and she will suffer for everybody but first of all she is a judge and an artist and she will put aside her feelings even sometimes she cannot hide them 🙂

    Good luck to all next week.

      • Marta….You said a mouth full…totally agree. No matter what people say these judges are all musicians in their own right. To me they are qualified to judge and I respect their choices. We may not all agree with them but they ARE the professionals….That said I would have liked Colton to stay and Brett to come back next year with Jacee…….One more year and these two will be contenders…..JMO

        Branden…Thanks for sharing your opinions….

    • @Marta…I agree 100%. JLo is the only judge to really show emotions for the contestants and it comes straight from the heart. While I do believe there are some that I don't believe should be there for example the 2 cowboys should be switched. Medina and Jacee should be still around as Brett really hasn't shown much and Colton I believe he is better than those. I just think that Randy and Steven are all about screamers with Jacob and James. Simon would have never passed these guys. While JLo I give credit as she has been a real judge on Idol and one who really consoles the contestants.

  6. I was heartbroken when they cut JACEE! I think AI made a blunder on this. People would love to see an underdog rise and out of curiosity as well, more people would have watch AI this season. This is a tough batch, i know, but there are some in the Top 24 who arent that impressive enough. I felt that the judges preferred SCREAMERS! I wonder who would scream louder this season? JACOB LUSK of JAMES DURBIN vs the LADY Belters!

    • That's for sure.Some of the contestants have good voices but are very annoying.But you have Jacee with such an amazing voice.Jacee make your own CD I will buy it .

  7. Jacee Badeaux has the voice of an angel. Heavenly voice! I would buy his CD right now, and I don't buy CD's. Bring him back somehow!


  8. Jacee: I'm the mom of 3 sons, 2 of whom are musicians and you really captured my heart! The difference between Idol contestants and real musicians is that Idol contestants wait for the next competition and musicians prepare for it. Have a happy, healthy, well balanced year and take every opportunity to hone your skills.

    You got the pipes! Work at it and see you next year!

  9. You all are crazy. Jacee had a mediocre voice at best–yes, for his "look" and age he could sing half way decent but no where at all what it takes to do this show and have a successful career. The fact that people are ruled by their emotions here is incredible. You can't be serious?? Cute kid, NOT READY and I doubt he ever will be ready. He stood up on stage like a tree…no presence and that is not something I want to watch for the next 16 weeks.

    He can carry a tune, but that is all/ get over it.

      • All of you must be Deaf or stuck on sounding like they are straining to get a note out, I have respect for Jacee is was himself him and Brett, a lot of the others trying so hard to be too soulful just cause they think that is what people want to see, Jacee orginal, something all of you don't know how to recognize, and yes he could do what Ruben does, you be amazed the transformation people make once in the gate. Haters. This kid has guts to after his dreams. Something a lot of us don't do. So we sit back and try to judge others talent. Sad

      • Ditto…..Cute kid but not for this show, maybe in the future……I’m thankful now because the teeny boppers and grandmothers will have to vote for talent and no other reason….Lets hope it works…

    • amongst the male contestants, jacee stood out despite of his age. he has a real, God given talent. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS CRAZY ENOUGH TO POST SOMETHING LIKE THAT. have you been deprived attention when you were a kid?? i believe so. and i pity you. and who are you to say that he looks like a tree?? jacee is the most adorable kid on that season.. when he sang gone too soon even the judges got his approval its just that they gave ways to the older contestants.. now you have to get over it!!

  10. I want to trade jacee with clint…clint is such a DIVA and obviously non-marketable. I bet he won't even be in top 12. I also agree that James could just be another Adam Lambert screeching over the season. I also agree that Jordan Dorsey is sooo full of himself. Nevertheless, my bets are Casey, Robbie, Thia and Haley for Top 12, if not for the win

  11. Thia Megia is my bet for the Top 10! She's so talented for a girl of 15.She's also the total package because she is pretty and marketable too. I was sad to see the other 15-year old, Jacee Badeux, go though. I wish the judges gave him a chance to prove his worth. He was so much better than the other guys who made the cut. Maybe next year we'll see him again.

    • Jacob is NO Ruben-Jacee is NO David-James is NO Adam. So you rally hear another Kelly, Jennifer, of Carrie?????? GET REAL.

      • It seems America falls in love with cute kids and sad stories…..not great singers….Seriously…
        This Top 24 has great singer potentials (not all of them but more than in the past seasons)….JMHO

      • you could say that if Jacee or Chris M didn't have talent, but they do, the stories get my attention but the talent keeps me connected. Theres only a few in the top that truly has talent, and I mean God given raw talent. I can count them on one hand.

  12. I don't get it. Jaycee is a cute kid. He can carry a tune. They screwed him over on group night. But, remember this is a singing competition not a "I feel sorry for the fat kid that got treated bad" competition. He's just not that good.

    I really don't get Lauren Alaina's costumes. They've gotta go. But, she's definitely one of the best up there.

    I want Jordan Dosey OUT OF THERE! I have no respect for the guy, AT ALL.

    If I was to pick the top 12 from the top 24 right now, they'd be…

    Brett Lowenstern

    Jacob Lusk (I hope help be able to reign in his emotion. I love it, but . that emotion with some restraint behind it would be better!)

    Robbie Rosen

    Casey Abrams

    Scott McCreery

    James Durbin (if he can stop screaming…)

    or Paul McDonald (if James doesn't stop screaming.)

    Naima Adedapo

    Karen Rodriguez

    Rachel Zevita

    Thia Magia

    Lauren Alaina (I hope she stops wearing the silly clothing)

    Pia Toscano

    • I have a theory on Lauren and Tia's outfits last night.

      I think they have been influenced by Julia's great style but they didn't pull if off. Hopefully Jlo will give them some fashion tips.

      • Stop worrying about what they wear. Last time I checked its a singing competion, not america's next model.

    • You should'nt be name calling, you may not be someone prize, I wouldn't of voted on a sorry note, but I heard something great in that kids voice, At least this kid is trying to live his dreams an go after them, those who don't like to judge others. God gave this kid talent and he is going places. You may not like his voice but be nice this is a 15 yr. old.other people enjoy his voice. Don't be a jerk in calling names. Clint!

      • LoL…that is what happens when you have people like Clint's supporters on here…its ok Terry…we understand that you like the wannabe Harry Potter look alike. She must have been fat at one time. Its the only reason to call someone else fat.

  13. I just don't understand how they could have kept the weird guy in the white rimmed glasses (the one who turfed Jaycee)and not Colton who is not only a million times more likable, but far more talented, too!

    I watched Jessica's audition on YouTube … and she really deserves to be in … only rocker, plus she is much better than Kendra.

    Jaycee is a sweet boy, but honestly, he is NOT ready for AI this year. He is a very young fifteen … more like 13 in my opinion.

    Jordan Dorsey is the most unlikable contestant .. so far ..and maybe, that's why they kept him …for tension/diva value. I predict he'll be gone next week. He is not at all enjoyable to watch or listen to.

    Scott McCreery has an amazing voice! I'm not usually even a C&W fan, but in his case I'd make an exception!

    I, too, hope we won't see any more dresses borrowed from Pageant girls (the Toddlers and Tiaras remark was spot on and so funny!)!

    Oh, and STeven Tyler rocks! I love his judging style! Jennifer, too. She seems just as genuine as she is beautiful.

    • please he shy i work with 15yrs old and he acts more mature than some i seen, they are also singers, and Jacee could show them somethings about being humble, I agree i hope the wildcard section bings jacee back. if anyone finds out he's in the wild card let me know, i hear they will let fans vote, on who comes back, I hope this is true.

      • I think if there is a wild card, it should be Chris Medina. A remarkable young man, with an amazing voice and great on the guitar, and a great story.

      • @ Phyllis G. I agree…in a few years Jacee will be back and I am sure will make a big impression. Hopefully they will have a wild card and Colton will return. 🙂

  14. Casey Abrams is THE Kobi Bryant of American Idol. Period. He is ready for vinyl. Maybe the voting public will develop a taste for quality this season and overwhelmingly select Casey as the next AI Winner.Lauren Alaina as runner up.

  15. Very interesting night. Thank you Branden …although I respectfully disagree about the comment that "included James Durbin in your a-hole list" Perhaps you are seeing something I don't see. I do not see any arroggance, ego or diva behavior in him at all like the other 3 mentioned. I see a lot of humbleness and gratitude from this young man. jmho

    I believe that James has a lot of potential and with the mentoring that Jimmy Lovine can provide, his talent will be fine tuned. He, Casey James, Tim Halperin, Paul McDonald, Robbie Rosen, Pia Toscano, Naima Adedapo, and Ashton Jones are at the top of my list right now. I agree about Jacob…his rendition of God Bless This Child was incredible; but he does tend to over kill at times. Lokking forward to next week. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

  16. Happy to see Rachel Zevita among the 24. Even if she doesn’t make it to the very top, she’s very special and… intelligent (or tasteful – which is pretty much the same in this context ;)).

  17. American Idol should bring Jacee back he has won the heart of so many people and he deserves to be there even if he doesnt have stage prescence, either did Studdard and he won!. Unless he comes back I won’t continue to watch American Idol. Please bring him back as a wild card. So many made it and they were not deserving at all. This kid will sell ratings! Glee factor! Underdog! And America LOVES him!! Online voting he was in the top 12.. R u people serious! Watching him evolve on this show would be ideal!

    • You've got to be kidding! Are you really saying that you think Jacee is as good as Ruben? Where have you been? Ruben had the IT factor and he could melt your heart with a song. Can you see Jacee doing that? And,NO, all of America does not love him.

      • Calm down Dee…your going to have a panic attack because you dislike Jacee. He is just a kid. While yes I have to agree this year there is plenty of talent to go around and he could use another year to develop stage presence and his voice can use some more tuning, I still respect the kid as a human being. If it was your kid, you would be looking to smack someone. So lets show some respect.

    • OK. Stop watching. Who says they have to bend rules to your whims? Common, Jacee has a soft voice but there’s no power in it. He’s not even cute. Performance-wise he’s just not even in TOP 50…Marketable? Well, maybe now because of his story…but I don’t think he’ll sustain it given with his boring performances.

      MY TOP 12:
      1. Thia Megia
      2. Lauren Alaina
      3. Ashthon Jones
      4. Hailey
      5. Rachel Zevita
      6. Naima
      7. Casey Abrams
      8. Jacob Lusk
      9. Clint Jun Gamboa
      10. Brett Lowenstern
      11. Paul McDonald
      12. Scott McCreery

      • @chase….LoL u must be one of those that treated your brother or sister with so much disrespect, its showing now. Yes u have your own opinion like everyone else does, while I agree that Jacee needs more stage presence as well as another year to bring up his voice, it is sad to say that this world is made up of people that don't respect others and their opinions.

    • Chase first of all cutness is in the eye of he beholder, I think this kid is cute, those words coming from you, i am sure you lack some looks, I sure Jacee out do you in alot of ways. don't be a hater cause people liked this kid, his voice was beautiful, there are a lot of artist out there with soft voices, Just cause you scream don't mean you can sing. and a lot of artist don't have stage presence, they learn it. God's given this kid talent. he's going places.

      • My sister wrote a letter to the studio to ask them to give a look at Jacee, she acts and does different work with studios. So maybe we will see in the near future.

  18. Jacee looks just like Justin bieber…look out Justin he is a lot nicer young man.hope to see jacee back

      • That's a nice comment, but Jacee looks like himself loveable, that's why we fell in love with him, he dosen't have to look like Justin B to me for me to be such a fan. This kid just has a special ora. He's going far in life, I would love for my nephews to have a great character like Jacee, let me know that they will be special men when they get older in knowing how to treat people and handling theirselves correctly.

  19. I agree that Jaycee needs to come back–next year! But I was upset when they didn't even show John Wayne Shultz and give him any TV time at all????? He is handsome, talented, and loves his Mom!! I was looking forward to watching him for the duration of the show! I really don't like how he was never in the spotlight–his voice is amazing!! I WILL buy his CD for sure! Maybe someone else will recognize his talent and he will become much bigger than American Idol!! He was punished for having a CD?? Just my opinion–but I didn't like him getting cut!

      • With all my respect I do disagree: John Wayne is simply very good, but Scotty's unique. It seems to me, with proper coaching he can go far beyond C&W.

  20. I'm a little surprised that no one is mentioning Pia Toscano……she is a sleeper……We didn't get to hear from her too much during the auditions. She has some voice….JMHO

    • Definitely agree…of all the girls, she is my top choice…for the guys…it's James Durbin. To all the Jacee fans out there…Yes, he is a very sweet and likable young man…given a few years…who knows what can happen. Let it go~!!! 🙂

      • Rose A. no one has to let anything go!!!! Maybe from all this of Jacee the judges won't make the same mistake with another contestant, and take more of a deeper look into what an musical artist can involve into given the chance to get that guidance. ;u You will see alot of thesea artist involve into something more, than what they came in singing like or wearing and even looking like.

  21. do you remember Mike last year? ok we have Jordan this year-idol’s pet..I ‘m really not looking forward to put up with this Jordan given extra exposure, making him seem like he’s a leader and loved by everyone… oh please.. who can stand him! one thing is self confidence.. another is being full of yourself… he should have never been in the top 24… I’m fast fowarding whenever he’s on

  22. To Annie Sinner and Vivian's comment. In the previous American Idle show they always did the same thing. They had the last two females and two males come up together. Sometimes they had to give a last performance. So really nothing changed this time. And as far as Jennifer Lopez you are just jealous because she is there and you are not. Ha!

  23. just watched final 24 pick in UK.As mother of 3 boys, cried my eyes out over Jaycee in group stage.Seems very young but mature in attitude. Hope he goes on to bigger and better things. Good luck to him.

  24. I am so upset Jacee didn’t make the Top 24. I usually only watch the 1st round of auditions, pretty much just to see the funny ones, but when I watched Jacee’s audition, it honestly brought tears to my eyes. His voice is so beautiful,and hearing him sing was, for some reason, touching to me. On top of that he had the most amazing attitude and there is something just so genuine, sweet and beautiful about him. I truely loved everything about this kid and he was honestly the ONLY reason I kept watching after the 1st round of auditions. I dont understand why American Idol allows young kids to audition if they are going to let them get so far and then tell them that they need more time to grow. I think the judges made a huge mistake and that Jacee truely deserved the chance to be in the round when America votes because I am sure that soooo many people would have voted for him.

    • I agree, but I think he got that far because he is good,I think Steven said you don’t get this far without being Good, and the judges see something in you. Just like Jordan he just have to come out and use that voice stronger, and step out of his shell. But all in all i can’t say it enough this kid touched me spiritually, Most time I don’t get involved with AI, but like you said when I seen this kid, I just got hook, I know God has something special for him on his journey, i keep him in my prayers and look to hear good news on his singing career. Go Jacee!! Although I would love to see you on this show, i don’t know allt he back scenes to things, but I know you would be good for the X factor as well. You go Boy!!!:)

    • I agree, but while there is way too much talent out there, there would be no way he would win. I do believe that if they knew that the talent pool was too strong they should have had him comeback next year after his 1st auditions and not let him go too far to get humiliated on TV.

      • I don't think he was humilated,I think he took something away from that experience that people will do anything to get to the top, an America saw witnessed that in Clint, he just hurted himself and it all went into Jacee favor, with those at AI and the viewers to see such a young kid act so mature, and his parents loving touch of letting him know don't let it upset him and just push on. Jacee went as far as he did not for sympathy, but because he has talent. A lot of the others don't have stage presence, that is something they will be taught how to work the stage. God has a plan for this kid.

  25. A lot of good talent went to waste. I can’t believe they cut Colton and Lakeisha and they kept that other girl that messed up on her lines during hollywood week. WOW! This Alaina girl is getting on my nerves lately. She’s becoming too diva fast and it seems fake. Her voice is ok but I prefer Thia’s voice over hers. My pick for the winner will be Casey Abrams, although I am rooting for Clint! I know his character may have been ruined with this Jaycee issue, but he’s got some serious pipes man. I hope America gives him a chance.

      • @ George & Misha…I agree. I felt that what Clint did to Jacee was seriously inconsiderate and very mean spirited…even before all that went down, there was something about Clint that I did not like. Perhaps arrogance~!!! I am hoping that Jacee (the better man in all this)grows stronger as a result. As an "armchair critic"…I still feel that Jacee will come back and WOW us all…he may need a year or two to develop and strengthen an already great voice. jmho. Looking forward to this coming week. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

    • That is asking for a lot for Clint! I think he is ruined, it would suprise me if not, I think Scotty the cowboy, will share in some of that fate too. next year maybe both will realize when america is watching, mind your P's and Q's at all time, especially in a voting reality show, when America helps to pick your fate. He may have some fans with that not so tune voice, but it will not save him, that's why Scotty grew a brain an realized that he had to clean up what he did, so he gave a few fake tears, speech on stage, and one more for the judges face to face sit down, because in the end it is America who makes the pick, so he may last longer than clint. We will see. 🙂

    • Well, this is American Idol searching for the greatest singers, maybe Clint has a good reason why he cut Jaycee on the group performance. But he's not bad though. Clicnt has a very powerful voice. Admit it! I have nothing against Jaycee but he's too lame. He should work on the power of his voice. So good job Clint, but you should prove them wrong for their first impressions to you.

      • Please, only reason Clint took Jacee out because he was trying to give his group a certain look, but with himself in the group the look was ruin from the start. Hi voice please, the young lady with the blonde hair with that natural raw talent voice, will wipe the stage with Clint. Clint has no control over his vocals because he pushes to hard. Jacee is not lame he is himself,people love people they can relate to, that's marketing. clint trying to give us what he thinks America wants, don't worrie AI will change his style as well,with a tone down starting with those glasses. Clint will prove no one wrong he is what he is a self centered person, who will step on anyone at any cost so he can get to where he has to be.Which is sad! I model which so I know I am up against a lot, but never would I act like Clint,I more like a Jacee, I found out I get more farther, with that personality. Again Clint has sealed his fate, America will not forget easy, FIRST IMPRESSION IS EVERYTHING. Sorry! But a least Clint has a few in his corner. Hope you never meet him face to face, wouldn't want you to be disappointed when he show his true colors. 😉

  26. I’ve got to respond to recap of the top 24. I totally 100% agree about Jordon Dorsey. I don’t like him. Started out thinking “well, he does have a good voice” but the guy is a total jerk. Hope he’s gone soon. Loads of talent this year; they don’t need him.

  27. I totally agree with the judges decision to not include Jacee in the top 24. They better than anyone know how intense this show will be, sure he sings good, but he will be great in a few years. I really think american idol producers need to stop telling ones sad stories, for we tend to forget what the show is about, great singers. Also I think they should put a limit on the amount of votes you can call in, Stop the speed dialing or we are going to end up with a young male every year. This is why Crystal Bowersox placed second last year. Some advice to Clint for his actions against Jacee, (shame on you) and to Jordan(shame on you) First impressions go along way and I think you both just cut your own throat. My pick this year is Haley.

  28. I'm so mad Colton was cut and I'm also mad they hadn't shown more of him… the boy is gifted, especially with that piano and that strong voice! Nothing against Brett, but Colton definitely had a stronger final performance. #BringColtonBack

    That said… it's exciting that we have a diverse amount of talent in the top 24! Good luck to everyone!

  29. i really LOVE jaycee.. very cute kid and has a very very nice voice… I cried when he was not included in the top 24..i hope they change their a wild card or something…

  30. Well, I was sad to see that Jaycee wasn't in the top 24. Not shocked but sad. Maybe HE should be asked if He was ready? Hmmm? He Has a wonderful voice! You can see in his eyes that he sings from his heart!! I'm wondering what AI's ratings will be after this week? A little disappointed in the way the decisions were made. Alas, ratings rule!! Letting Medina go tho? One conclusion, he will be back. ( I love armchair critics!)

    • True, I guess if they would've said more to him on why he was being sent home, viewers would of taken it better, There seem to be a lot of Jaycee fans, I seen on other sites facebook, twitter and other fourms and blogs, people loved this kid since day one, so they all vowed not to be a watcher of AI, since Jacee was the only reason they were watching it, it takes more than just the talent to keep a viewer interested in you and casting the vote. This kid has a big following for the little time he was on AI,hopefuly they will be there for him when he returns, so it would be something to see how the ratings go.Not that it will cast a large shadow, but it won't be that great, as it would've been if Jacee had went through to the next level,and yes I think both of the guys will be back! 🙂

  31. i love thia megia's voice, it's so natural… and i believe she'll make it to the Top!!!

  32. After Chris was cut, I only excite to Casey Abrams and Thia Megia! COME ON!!! Go through the final!!!

  33. Can anybody please tell me more about online voting? I'm an American currently staying in Israel. Will I be able to cast my vote online? How does it work? Thanks in advance!

  34. to anyone here i have something to ask…is there some thing (or what thing)makes you hate clint?

    just asking ^_^

    But I've think when jacee back next season(or other season)maybe …..he can nail it all…..

    • Keizero, I never did take to Clint even in the being he just seemed so Yuck! Like he was trying to be this nice guy, but I could see that he was just trying to show a certain face to American to gain likeness, but you only can "act" for so long. That's why his truth self came out in the situation with Jacee, it only confirmed what I felt. His voice dosen't seem all that great, others have more talent and control.

  35. Can you please bring back Jacee Badeux? Pretty please? With cherries and whipped cream on top? I like his voice, it's a breath of fresh air to hear someone who SINGS and doesn't SCREAM… I like him as person and his voice as well.

    • Maddie thank you,i Fell the Same way, all these people that Sceam and strain their voice to sound so soulful, just do what you do don't imatate. do you! Jacee did that he was so refreshing to see I agree. 😉

  36. "Can someone please tell me why they act like there can only have ONE country singer on at a time?"

    They have other countryish singers there. It's just that two cowboys was one too many. I suppose we could also have 10 John Wayne lookalikes.

    It's fun to watch them sing, but many of these contenders don't fit into anything that even resembles what would normally be on the market. Not trying to say I like the bland, usual, but these cowboys look like they were wisked up by a time machine and brought here from the 1850's. And the jazzy, bassist singer that looks like a leprechaun is also lost. Yes, I hear he's good, but he would never sell really big outside American Idol.

    The problem is that AI turns these unlikely people into stars due to popularity and the show. And in the last 5 years, most voters have turned into tween girls with cell phones who, after the finale say things like, "Well, why should I have to buy the record? I already did my point to get him there". Yes, I really have found comments like that.

    So Idol let's some people who would never work out as a real star win. Then almost no one buys their records. As Randy Jackson said, he's been noticing the girls that don't win, have had more successful careers than the winners. He thinks a girl will win this year, but I doubt it. I think what will happen is 3 unlikely guys will get romanticized, and pushed to the top. And post idol, they will likely not sell well. What else is new. But you know. What happens is that near the end of idol, everyone gets so excited and roots for this "winner". And that's where the problem is. The wrong one is often chosen for the wrong reasons.

    • Well, yours is very objective and sobering opinion, except… I believe, AI is still after real talent – not just sales. How that "real talent" sells – only time will show. And specifically for us it doesn't matter. We are here to enjoy the show – and so far I have :)!

  37. Age should not be a consideration here, the one who sings the best even in times of distress or happiness and one who can carry you away from your thoughts should be the winner. To do that the judges should not consider dressin or dancing, it is the voice that needs the judging. This time judges have picked few unique voices but it is sad to know AI opened its doors to 15 year olds and then say goodbye once they have come to top 24, simply I dont see the reason and if Justin B can make it and MJ can make it , why not a 15 year old. Please judge not the ability judge the voice to be heard by American and be praised by the Americans of all ages. Shame there was even one who made to the top who said did not know who Beatles was…eliminate such people first and not based on age.

  38. Well, I respect the decisions of the judges. No matter what were the stories or how they've touched the hearts of the America, if someone is really bettr than him/her. Then I guess the decision of teh judges is just right, For exmaple, Jaycee is really cute. But cuteness will not define him as an American Idol. I know that Clint is not that likeable but damn it, he has a very powerful voice. I don't get it why most of you will judge the decisions of the judges. They tried their best to pick the best of the best, not to pick who has the greatest stories or who is teh cutest. No offense to all of you.

    • I don't think people wanted Jacee or go through because they are cute, or a sad story, there is talent there and they would of been good for the show, Jacee would of been prep to spark up his stage appearance, Colton would of be given some direction as well, they all will no matter how good the voice. no matter how great of singers we think they are in the top 24, I seen people go on that didn't hit the note at all and you heard it often. The judges I believe have some say but producers have the most. Just because they are judges don't mean they know who's best for the show, sometimes we are blinded by other things that go into play with a show like AI. Even judges make mistake,you seen it with Jennifer Hudson.

  39. This girl "Lauren Turner" is amaizing…I don't understand why they aren't really showing her…look her up. She really is the only girl that stands out to me as really different than the rest. Not a copy cat. I find the guy picks to be great this year, but the girls are all so much the same.

  40. Great pictures Naima! Looks like it was a fun evening.

  41. I think with them, it's the sense of they think they are just the "it" than anyone else. That's "OK" to think that about yourself,but don't let it show it's just Ugly. Clint showed the ugly an Jordan as well. Can they comeback from their action. Maybe Jordan, because he didn't truly give a push out to anyone in his group at the last minute. Clinton, I don't think so, what he did will follow him with the votes. He made his bed now he has to lay in it. If he get's far it will be a true shocker

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