American Idol 2011 Top 3 Hometown Tours

The hometown tours for the American Idol Top 3 were a big hit as Scotty, Lauren, and Haley each headed back home for a hero’s welcome and treated their fans to a few great performances. We’ll see lots more of this on Wednesday’s performance show, but here’s some local coverage for each of the singers.

Scotty’s trip took him home to Garner, NC were it looks like he was ready to impress the crowds with his trademarked smile. NewsObserver has a lengthy rundown on all of Scotty’s events. Scotty even had the chance to sing alongside Josh Turner which was a bit of a surprise for all, especially Scotty. It’s hilarious.

Lauren headed back to Chattanooga, TN and went everywhere from throwing out the first pitch at a ballgame to delivering a few songs at a nearby park. Rome News Tribune has a few video clips if you want to hear her sing to her fans.

Haley looked mighty comfortable in her hometown of Chicago, IL on Saturday when she went back to her old job, high school, and even did a few songs for her Chicago fans as well. Daily Herald has a full set of pics from the day’s events.

Did anyone out there make it to these events? If you could have picked one to visit, which singer would you have wanted to see perform this weekend?

Source: MJ’s Big Blog




  1. Just watched Scotty sing with Josh Turner — it’s a cute moment. But, you can tell he doesn’t have the range, or the smoothness of Josh …

    Made for good TV though

    Also — Mama Haley can sing too. I guess I see where she got her voice from.

    • Wow. And to think there’s only, what, 15 years difference in their ages? Well, I guess Scotty should just give it up then.

      • How is Scotty going to sing “She Believes in Me”? He’s way too young for that song?

      • I don’t think the judges did Haley or Scotty any favors with their song choices. Maybe not Lauren either as “I Hope You Dance” calls for a lot of strength and conviction. Hopefully Jimmy and the kids themselves will make better choices that will mitigate the judges selections.

    • Where did you see Scotty and Josh singing together? I tried the link above but it stops when Josh comes in and Scotty almost has a heart attack. It is very funny – probably for Scotty, this is much better than winning the show…

      • FOUND IT!! at – sooooooo cute… I think one of the best moments of AI this season – Scotty was so excited that he could barely sing and Josh was sooooo graceous… a true celebrity – what a gentleman, he brought his own band and all the support to Scotty – no rehearsal, all improv – very nice folks, better than the stuff we are seeing on tv…very cute and spontaneous… and I am not rooting for Scotty, but he is very mature for his age and held his own with Josh, band, the screaming girls and all – regardless of AI results, this boy is going places and is a winner already!

      • If you go through the link above that I included in the post where it talks about Scotty singing with Josh Turner you can see just that.

      • MATT – the link you posted above just shows the first minutes of the encounter – it cuts right when both are about to start singing together – the link at is the complete 15 minute one… cheers…. m

      • Marta, I saw it just now on YouTube. Very, very cute and Scotty did a great job! I was very impressed –and was smiling throughout. What a nice memory for Scotty and his family. He must be on Cloud 9!!

    • Josh is a seasoned professional. I thought Scotty stood up to him amazingly well. In fact, I thought he was just as good! Wow!

      • i am sure the contestants were told to save their voices as much as possbile for next weeks finals. Keeping things simple.

      • absolutely amazing a great performance from a great young man. How proud his parents must be.

    • That’s right, he doesn’t have the range, I truly miss James, but, Haley is the one that has improved the most, she is now AWESOME! Go girl, win it!

      • I so disagree with you on this…Scotty was remarkable with Josh…He was right with him…I loved the moment. It was so funny and spontaneous. Remarkable young man, very humble and thankful. He keeps thanking everyone. You can tell he was overwhelmed. I hope he goes all the way.

      • Haley has grown, but she doesn’t have the graciousness that Scotty has. She’s defensive and unpleasant. Yes, she’s beautiful and talented, but I just don’t care for her overall attitude at all. She’s not likable as a person. There are ways to handle one’s defense in a more polished way. Lauren is so cute and nice. She’s also got the talent and I like her, but Scotty is the most all around American Idol figure. I agree that James is a master of his art, but that particular style of music isn’t what appeals to many age groups and not a good rold model for the most part. Thanks.

      • I thought he sounded great, and I’m a Haley fan. He did super. I really like Scotty!

    • Wow, Haley’s mom blew me away!!! She could start a Janis Joplin cover band! And Haley’s father really knows how to wail!!! Cute to see her w/ her family, too. I was excited to hear her do Amy Winehouse like I’ve been saying for over a month now, but I wish it would’ve been a different song of hers. BACK TO BLACK! I thought Haley performed amazing, (BENNY!) and was so sweet and gracious at her other appearances. I wonder if she’ll be wearing the bracelet her fan made for her next Wednesday?
      Lauren was adorable, I didn’t like the microphone she was using, it was too staticy and kind of covered up her beautiful voice.
      Scotty freaking out at Josh Turner was so cute to watch! Kinda makes you remember he is only 17. And he gets starstruck like any kid, and most adults. What a treat for him! Wish I could’ve saw the performance, though.
      Watched all James’ stuff, too, and I really think he is gonna make it. Just needs to get together a band, looks as though he’s already found a sweet guitarist. (Bassist?) IDK.
      I love the top 3! Can’t wait for Wednesday night. Wasn’t too excited about the song, but I think she’ll nail the Alanis Morrisette song, hopefully she just has fun and rocks out to it.

      • You can see the entire parade and performance at friendsofscotty ,com. Josh comes on around 1 hour and 30 min. into it, but you can just advance the moving dot to where you want it.

      • I agree with all your comments. There was one episode the parents showed up to explain where their kids got the talent from and then it showed Haley’s parents performing. If a record producer is smart, he is gonna keep the family as part of the whole package for shows live around the country and internationally. One thing that the show producers need to get it is that we live in a globalized world – AI should tour to other countries as well, as it is showing in many many countries – with the finale will be live, just like the Oscar. There are local American Idols too – here we Brazil we have one that sucks – it is bad, very bad – and there is also a Latin American one – that Brazil does not get in because the singing is in Spanish, so we need a separate one. In any case, nothing compared to the original US one…

      • to TEMPLAR – I noticed based on the clips that Scotty was the only one going for a real concert in his hometown. The other two seem to have had appearances in parking lots, singing a couple of songs,especially Lauren. Is that true?

      • Haley performed at Arlington Race Track, which is for horse racing and is set up to accomidate thousands and thousands of people. I think Lauren performed at a park, but I read it was her high school somewhere, too. I think it was a park, though. James performed on the beach at an amusement park.

      • *Accomodate. Ughh, rushed typing! Thanks, Templar! I’ll check it out right now.

      • Haley sounded great. I have missed her voice the last few days–haven’t been where I could use a computer. And I am probably the last person on earth who doesn’t own an Ipod or the like. So it was really good to hear her again. I actually “forgot” how good she sounds! And, of course, she looked beautiful, as always.

        I remembered her parents from the early AI clip about them. So I knew how good her mom sounds and what an incredible musician her dad is. Lucky girl, to grow up in a very talented family!

        Wished we had gotten to see her 1:1 with her friends and other family members. That might have helped some of the haters to cool their heels.

      • Haley’s concert sold out, the place holds 50,000 when they expand it. The numbers stated there were 30,000 attending even with the poor weather. I’m not sure what you mean by a ‘real concert’ but I’m not sure if you can get more ‘real’ than that.

      • Devin Lee: Personally, I love that Alanis song. BUT, it’s a song full of hate and features some x-rated lyrics.

        How in the heck is Haley going to be able to sing the lyrics to that song on AI? Or don’t they care anymore:

        “Is she perverted like me? Would she go down on you in a theatre?”

        “Are you thinking of me when you FXXK her?”

        Who chose that song for her, RANDY???? Not helpful for her image AT ALL.

      • Those lyrics are pretty easily changed, though I almost hope she sings it as is. Majority of people won’t blame her, they will blame the judge that picked it. The choice is so far out there it was probably Steven and he most likely wasn’t sober when he did it.

      • Hahaha, I like Alanis, too, but I’m not overly sensitive about things like cuss words in lyrics. I think she’ll rock that song and potentially pick up even more fans because of it.


      • America also loves Haley. She had as many fans show up at her concert and it WAS cold and rainy. You need to chillax a bit.

      • Nothing makes me want to vote for a contestant more than when their fans spew pure unadulterated filth without any semblance of evidence. Plus those caps locks, mmmmm those are the deal maker, they make your point so much more rational and and persuasive. 30,000 fans show up for a concert that the town paid $60k for, despite a fear of rain. Impressive. Much more impressive than 30,000 fans showing up for a concert at a horse track in the frigid, miserable rain. I’ve decided, I’m switching my vote to Scotty. Thank you for your unbelievable insight Sweetieone.

    • I think it should have been James and Scotty…and I think it is so kind of James to be pulling for Scotty right now…HOw good is that!!!

    • That’s rather mean. I liked James and was shocked at his elimination. But be a sport and don’t take away from the celebration of what must be glittering days for these 3 young contestants.



  2. JAMES and ONLY James…
    James is our TRUE AMERICAN IDOL!
    There is NOONE else that even begins to compare with this fabulous, awesome musician!!!

    • james james james… James is off because nobody voted for him… and he is off all fans comes from nowhere

      • Why do you always refer to James as a musician? He is repulsive to say the least. Mediocre voice…ridiculous hair, grill needs a ton of work as does the rest of his body, at least take a shower dude from time to time. When it was all said and done America saw through his phony tears and his lack of range, all he proved is that he is a screamer and cannot hold a note for very long.

      • i know omg get the hell over it. he wasnt that good i dont think he should have made the top 3 and obviously im not the only one.

      • cindi do you have a favorite? seems you never post anyting good. are you just here to bash who you dont like?
        is your existance really that pathetic?

      • People People, Pls do away the cruel remarks. One person make like James, another may not. I personally do not like James but not as a person, i do not like James as an artiste. Cindi, no offense, if you do not like James, you do not like him. But pls do away with the hurtful remarks viz, ridiculous hair etc….it is just not right…not only with regards to James but to any other singer whom you dislike….noone on this planet, deserves such harsh criticism. So, pls pls tone down..Thank you

      • Cindi, I won’t be as gentle as Ivy . . . you are cruel and mean. If you’ve got nothing nice to say—you know the rest.

  3. Once again. Not interested. Should have been James. Will AI air HIS homecoming that they had for him in Santa Cruz? THAT I will watch. These I won’t.

    • @ Deb & Tess….I agree. Still so dissapointed that James got eliminated. But, I am sure that he will go on to have a fantastic career for himself and will not haqve to “cowdown” to the restrictions of AI, once the tour is over. He still is the man~!!! It looks like it may be Haley for the win…who knows…it might end up being Lauren…she is the one that “would” benefit from the restrictions…she doesn’t have the maturity to go on it own her own.

      • Hey Kris, you need to call the geek squad, your all caps button appears to be stuck

      • As a top 5 contestant, 19 Productions has the option to sign him for a 3-4 year contract and if they take that option, he is tied to them for however long they sign him.

        Everyone has to sign that contract. The other 8 who made the top 13, can make their own decisions once the Idol Tour ends as also can any of the top 5 on whom Production 19 does not exercise its’ right to a contract.

      • I live in santa Cruz and went to his homecoming. It was amazing and there were an estimated 30,000 people! Our mayor proclaimed 2011 James Durbin year and he sang us 4 songs.

    • 30,000 fans showed up for James Durbin on the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz after American Idol made their first exception ever to allow a homecoming for an eliminated contestant. It was pandemonium and he worked the crowd like a true rock professional. There is no doubt he is going to be a major star and I hope Idol is smart enough to give him a big role in the finale show–maybe the long awaited performance with Steven Tyler. Idol will not be showing his homecoming, but you can see photos if you go to the Santa Cruz Sentinel website.

    • Wild. “Once again. Not interested”? So, you are so disinterested that you showed up here more than once to tell us your not interested?

      We’re not interested.

      • I know, right?! “I’m not watching Idol anymore, I won’t ever watch it again!” Then why even bother coming on the site? Hmmmm X 2.

    • you can see it all here. his homecoming parade was so cute cause the marching band did uprising’ by muse!

      • Get real James has gone as far as he can go in his career. A screamer that cannot hold a note for very long, give the guy a shower.

      • James held probably the longest note of Idol this year at his hometown concert, check your facts! 😉 My mom likes screamers, always have, always will, so BACK OFF! No one asked you.

      • Oh…and how the heck would you know how often he showers? Why do people like to pretend that they are THERE?! You don’t know crap about any of them.

      • I now everything? Can you please translate that for me? And NO, I can’t say I do know the contestants personal hygiene regiments…People don’t need to attack James or his appearance. It’s just LAME.

      • cindi why dont you go play in traffic and susan why dont you go play with her? play pin the tail on the donkey.

      • And to think I’m not in the middle of this one either !!!!!!! Just an innocent bystander ducking as the mud flings by….

  4. I would have liked to be at all 4, but if I could only go to one I would choose Haley’s.

    I don’t know when I became so emotionally vested in the final four contestants, but I realized how much I like all four of these kids when James had to leave. I felt very sad that one of the four had to leave.

    I am very happy for all four of these kids, as Idol has been a great road to be on for their future success in music. Where that road will take them is unknown at this time, but they all will have many more opportunities to choose from because of their stint on Idol.

    The Hometown Heroes is basically feelgood stuff for the kids, their fans, and the fans of AI. I love it. AI has perfected tugging at our heartstrings. The drama, the excitement, the performances. Its all just good old fashioned FUN!

    Good Luck to all 3 of these kids on Wednesday, and may the best performances win.

    • Thank you, JD, for a measured response I identify with fully. On a personal level, from everything I’ve read and seen and observed — all 4 are quality young people with character and loads of personality. I do hope the remaining 3 deliver on Wednesday; I thought all 4 did well last week. Can’t wait!

    • Yes! What an amazing opportunity for all of the Idols having such a large platform to jumpstart their careers! They all deserve it. Now, win or lose, all they have to do is reach out and grab it.

    • Great to hear comments like this. I could not agree more. All four are great and they have the opportunity of a lifetime. I wish nothing but the best for them.

  5. Come on guys,it’s about time……… let’s have an all-girl finale………….

    • naay,,,! I want Scotty in the Finale…Lauren and Scotty…!! haley can sit out the finale with her horsey one note voice 🙂

      • sweetheart, Haley has MORE PERSONALITY and TALENT then poor Scotty and ever so pure Lauren. Give it up for HALEY, she has tremendous stage presence, cannot compare at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Horsey one not voice, eh? Let me ask you this question: do you seriously think Scotty or Lauren could have sung the songs Haley did? Haley is anything BUT a one note voice. And how many standing ovations did Haley get from the judges and audience? As a pro musician, when I hear comments like that I know right away that the person who says such things is not a musician or at least not one with a well-trained ear. One note voice–Ha! You have a one note ear…

      • im tired of girls calling haley a horse when its really just becasue u, thats right u ruby, are a fat ugly bitch who is jealus of her looks. so shut the hell up u cow!

      • There is nothing funny about insulting any human being, let alone one you don’t know.

        Haley has more range and variety in her voice than Scotty can ever hope to have.

        Based on the performances overall, the best two singers are Haley and Lauren and Scotty may just be challenged by the song choices the judges and Jimmy Iovine give him since they make up 2 of the 3 songs he has to sing.

      • TJ!!! Hahaha, you took the words right out of my mouth. One note??? Come on, she has more range than anyone. I’ve yet to see even one criticism of Haley that is well-thought out and intelligent. Until I do, they’re just haters. If her voice isn’t your style, it’s one thing, but saying that technically she is a bad or limited singer…haha, ridiculous! Haley has no limits, so far she’s shown she can sing ANYTHING!
        BluuUUUuuuUUUuuuUUUuuue!!! How does she do it!?

      • Time for pretty boy to go home. I hope they make him sing something to show everyone that he can only sing one thing. The other two girls will shine this week. Lauren & Haley in the big show.James to come back and sing with Steven.

      • Bill! Language, mister. I agree, but man on man, your tongue holds one wallop of a punch! Haley is very beautiful, and I’m secure enough w/ myself not to hate her for her good genetics.

      • *Man, oh, man, I rushed again!

        GO HAAAAALEY!!! Show ’em what a talented and beautiful girl can do!

      • Definitely not getting in the middle of this one….Bill, you are bringing back some painful memories for me with your words……

      • Ruby, if you’d just left the positive part of your message, you’d come across as a credible person. The minute you decide to talk about another contestant in a negative way–needlessly–you become just another piece of what we all throw away, if you follow.

  6. In the other post it says that the top 3 will be singing 3 songs of their choice. Does this mean they will each sing one song or each sing 3? Please reply if you know. Thanks!

    • One song of their choice, One song the judges choose, and one song Jimmy chooses. So 3 songs total, but only one song of their choice.

  7. I went to James “unofficial” hometown visit in Santa Cruz yesterday, along with 30,000 other fans! It was crazy amazing and he ROCKED! He should have been the winner (and yes I voted for him all season). I’m done with AI. Oh well…

      • Me too Lisa.But he’ll make his own money an go far.As for as u Armie its people like u that has no heart

    • I’m glad he had a great concert, and you had fun there. Too bad you are done with Idol, since you may never have even heard of James Durbin if it were not for Idol. Oh well….

      • Does anyone have a heart in this world anymore?James put his heart an soul in his performance.I would like to see for once a true person go far. I know James will be pick up an be able to earn his own money an wont have to share with Amercia Idol

      • @ teresa – not sure how you extract that anyone is heartless. James did great but, for whatever reason, was not voted into the top 3.

        He is under contract to Idol and 19 Productions until the end of the Idol Tour – for which he and the others are well paid.

        As a top 5 finisher, 19 has the option to sign him for at a 3-year contract and if they sign him, he is contractually obligated to work under their guidance, including record deals.

        If they don’t exercise their option with James, he is likely to earn at least $100k in the 1st 12-months. If they do take the option, he will likely earn between $300 and $500k a year depending on how successful his CD’s sell.

        Whatever happens, his immediate and short term future is taken care of and he will earn a lot of money and, hopefully, fame.

    • Don’t let it get you down, next year you can fall in love with someone new! I’m sure James will be putting out music, so relax, he’s okay with it, and I wish his fans would take his cue and be alright with it, too.

      • Im alright with it,cuz i know he’s a good guy with a lovely family.And God take care of his.James if u read these,know I enjoy your music an look foward to seeing u in the futher

      • That’s very mature and respectable of you Theresa. He’ll still be there for his fans, just not on Wednesday nights. In a week and a half, none of them will be! 🙁 Nooo, don’t want Idol to end. I’d be happy if they would just let the top 4 perform every single week, minus the judges.

    • Yup! another one done with Idol. It is amazing how often we hear that year in and year out and yet it has set new records by being the top watched show on TV for the past 7-years.

      I am happy you enjoyed James, just as I and others did but many of us also enjoyed the other contestants and that is the way it is for most folk.

      We watch these shows to enjoy the singing, the competition and the opportunity to see artists who, without Idol, we would probably never have seen, and to see some of them become true stars.

      Opinions and tastes in music – as in many other things – are different for each person and that is what makes life so interesting.

      I am glad to have seen many acts on Idol over the year and because I have a very catholic taste in music, I have enjoyed many Idol artistes and downloaded their CD’s.

      Kelly Clarkson from Season 1.

      Kimberley Locke, & Kimberly Caldwell from Season 2.

      Jennifer Hudson – Season 3.

      Carrie Underwood/Bo Bice – Season 4

      Katherine McPhee, Daughtry and Kellie Pickler from Season 5.

      Jordin Sparks/Melinda Doolittle – 6

      Season 7, I have CD’s from 7 of the final 12 acts.

      Season 8 – CD’s from 4 acts

      Season 9 – Just Crystal Bowersox’s.

      That is a range of music from rockers like Adam Lambert, Bo Bice, David Cook & Daughtry to Country like Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler & Kristy Lee Cook with various “Pop” genres in between.

      Just think, if you had not watched Idol this year, you would never have seen James and, apparently, fallen in love with his music and his style.

      I guess you won’t see the next one of his ilk that will probably appear in a future Idol, maybe next years – who knows?

      • James really opened up a lot of people’s eyes to the fact that not just POP music is great…Thank you James Durbin! We loooove you! 🙂

      • Brooke White is my all time favoritest idol contestant ever! Don’t ask why, I don’t know. Just something…hmm…idk.

      • I have not seen all AI seasons, but it looks like it is better if you lose it… the ones that seem to be more successful in real life are the ones who lost the show…Some winners do not make sense at all – like that Ruben guy or the one who beat Adam Lambert – I don’t even remember his name, he has not record anything – I think he showed up in the audience this season – he doesn’t look like he even likes music – so, go figure… The important thing is to be on the show and be in the final 10 – anything from there on depends on the person’s real talent and luck getting a good agent and recording deal…

      • For Marta. His name is Kris Allen and he has another song out, which I bought. Hes had a part in a movie. Also, Matt Morrison from Glee just recorded one of Kris’s songs.

  8. Es lamentable la salida de James, pero debemos saber que alguno debe salir. Creí que pudiese ser Lauren. Mi favorita es Haley, esa chica tiene voz, porte, estilo y es muy comercial. Creo que ganara!

  9. I don’t understand how someone can read the article and leave a comment that they don’t care since their favorite was cut! Yeah, you do care or wouldn’t take the time to leave a comment!!! My favorite is still in it but I think all these kids are great!

  10. Saw Lauren Alaina at her high school, LFO. It was AWESOME!!! She is our American Idol and hope EVERYONE will VOTE for her. She squeezed in a lot in 1 day.

    • You know, Kris, if you want people to read your comments, you really should understand that it is like shouting when you use all caps. In fact, just so you know, whether you have something valuable to say or not, I don’t bother trying to read all cap comments–it’s just not worth the effort and is a strain on the eyes. You are more likely to get your comments read if you go with the standard that is generally accepted as good typing etiquette. Just sayin’…

  11. Hahaha,i just saw Casey jamming with Randy & Steven. Although cant heard clearly cause its just a random people with handycam i guess. But groovy hahaha.

    Btw,Haley should sing 4 Non Blond “What’s Up” or Linda Perry (the vocalist of 4 Non Blond) “Beautiful” which performed by Christina Aguilera. She’s also work for Interscope if i heard correctly,so there will be no difficulty of havin a permission. This will get her a new Rock fans 🙂

    And Lauren should sing Miley Cyrus “When I Look at You”. She’s from Interscope so just like Haley, it’ll be easy in gettin the permission. With this,she will get Miley & Pop fans 🙂

    As for Scotty,seriously its not that i dont like him,its just that i dont know what song will give him the right justice. He want to stay Country… in that case, as he already performin with Josh T,he could sing another of Josh T song. But… arghh i dont know ><

    • Scotty could sing Queen “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. It will get him the edge of country & rock’ n roll for snatching James fans.

      • Ohhhh,why didnt i think about that!! Great song choice & great tactics if i must say 😉

      • and Scotty can sing like Casey version in his youtube. Just accapela 🙂

      • Right Casey4ever – that Casey (8 part? or 6? I’m gonna have to go watch it again) “Crazy Little Thing” is outta this world!

      • hahaha,but if Scotty do Casey vers the rock’ n roll edge will be lost,so its hard for snatchin James votes. So instead just doin accapela vers,it might be better for him to add a guitar playing as well as the accapela so it still have the edge of Rock’ n Roll edge 🙂

        Its a battle between Haley & Scotty for snatchin James votes. As Lauren,the only thing she could do is broaden the range of her fans. The most highest fans in this world is Pop,thats a fact. Haley done it with MJ song in the Top 4 so maybe thats why Pop fans vote for her & she get through to the Top 3. I dont know if she done that intentionally or not,nevertheless it paid-off. So Lauren should sing Pop song such as i mentioned above to gathered more of Pop fans to battle-out with Haley & Scotty 🙂

      • I iike the song…now you need to let someone important know about it so they can think they thought of it for him. James is pulling for maybe he will help him pick a song….

      • @ScottyFTJ: OMG, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” is a crazy good idea for Scotty! I enjoyed the Dwight Yoakum video/song version from 1999, which sounded like country meets Elvis.

      • I think Haley broadened her voting base by singing a Gaga song (well known to millions of Gaga fans) and a Michael Jackson song (well known to millions of Jackson fans. Adding millions to her voting pool.
        Whereas, James, Scotty and Lauren only covered, or maybe deepened, their bases by keeping within their genre. Only adding more votes from existing fans and not many new ones.

      • @Casey4ever : i agree with u,Scotty should sing starting with accapela like Casey vers & then in the middle comes the Rock’ & Roll beat because if he sing another Elvis or George S or Josh T song again,people will get surprisingly complacent.

        @CarolAnn : sadly,i dont think i have that kind of connection ><

        @old school annie : well,as long if he's not doing another Elvis,George S or Josh T songs,its alright with me. I agree with u to put a little more of Country edge balancing with the Rock' & Roll beat in the “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” song.

      • @ Cole : well,eventhough “You n I” song more of a pop rock song but i understand what u mean. Thats why i think Haley is smart to mix her 2 song choice for gaining votes. In the Top 5 she sing Pop Rock n Bluesy Rock (her vers of HOTR). In the Top 4 she sing Pop n Ballad. Smart. SMART!!

  12. I always love to see the little towns of the USA, its parades, charming people, everyone seems very nice.

    • Livin’ the dream here and it is very nice. People should take a drive in the country every chance they get.

    • I will never forget how much I cried when I watched Elliot Yamin’s parade. His mom was older and very frail. She was in the parade car with him and they went on for what seemed like miles of people. She kept shaking her head with her hand over her mouth. She could not believe what was happening for her son. I think she died shortly after that, if I’m not mistaken. I really like Elliot….not sure why he didn’t get much radio time. He came in 3rd the season that Daughtery got voted off.

  13. I just don’t understand why James is out! He has never had any of the seats of bottom 3. I think it was not fair. I was hoping that the judges would have stop and say no. Haley and Lauren has sat on the seats before. I can see Scotty and Lauren going to the end, …Haley NO! She is stuck in her yelling voice and same body moves. She needs to experience more with her voice and performance. With Lauren’s performance and singing. Man I had goosebumps when she was flying with her last song she did. Keep up the good work guys.

    • Scotty should sing some Johnny Cash…like …Rusty Cage or I’ve been everywhere man. Lauren should sing by the Judds..Love can build a bridge. Haley…Tracy Chapman…give me one reason.

      • If Scotty were to sing a Johnny Cash song, people would finally wake up to the fact , that he is going nowhere… just sayin’

      • @w_online… oh… that would be really good!! Bonnie Bramlett would be good also!

      • Suz —I totally agree. I’d love to see Haley do Tracy Chapman’s “Give me one Reason”. Maybe someday with Eric Clapton —like Chapman did!

      • Templar: I still have high hopes for Scotty doing Trace Adkins “Songs About Me”.

      • Haley should do Total Eclipse of the Heart (very difficult and dramatic song), Lauren -My Heart will gon, Soctty – Bridge Over Trouble Water (Elvis’ version)

      • Marta: Much as I like Scotty, I don’t believe he has a powerful enough voice for “Bridge” Elvis was a baritone with great range, Clay is a tenor with great power. Scotty is neither of these. That song is not for him.

  14. The reason I posted the above comment is to show that
    James is not sour grapes about his elimination…and
    is very much looking forward.

    I am a James supporter, but realize what has been done has been done…and all the sour apples and sour grapes in the world will not change what has been done. Rather than mourn the loss, anticipate the future for James!

    • As I have watched this season, potentially there are several kids who can have a legitimate career……realistically, maybe only 2 or 3. I was totally surprised that Michael Lynche (season 9) still hasn’t put out an LP……and he made fade into the sunset.

      Realistically — James has a great shot at a career — but it may not be playing on Seacrest’s Sunday Radio Show. I think he can live comfortably for the rest of his life if he plays it right.

      Scotty will have a short, but sweet Country Career — I’d be totally surprised if he gets to album #3 — as his studio stuff is not that good in comparison.

      Lauren can go one of two ways — REAL BIG or BIG BUST — she’s got a gorgeous voice — and can potentially as big as Carrie and Kelly Pickler…… or she can be a great harmony backup singer on Scotty’s 3rd album (if he gets that far)….

      Haley and Casey — will be coffee house grinders and have a nice career playing college bars and small clubs. I think they both are amazing, but modern music has no real place for them….

      I’ll buy everything Haley and Casey put out, if I can — and (to me), if they are smart at all — they tour together, if they can…….at least once……

      • I am going to suggest that the music business is absolutely flooded with people just like these ones….They get their half hour of glory and people watch them win a few times…After that they are actually all quite forgettable….It will take years and years to develop[e into a good singer…not a few weeks.

      • Haley can go as far as she wants with her voice and range. I would buy her songs and so would my husband.

      • I think Haley will do better than you give her credit for…some of her youtube performances have almost a million views!! Even I who have nothing in four days already has 411,000+ views. HOTRS 320,000, Benny 704,000, and Rolling in the Deep has 958,000 hits!! And that doesn’t include the ones from the other people who posted the same video. That’s just one of them alone! People love her, they keep going back to re-watch her! Her Youtube videos are the most watched by a long run. I wouldn’t mind seeing her and Casey in a coffeehouse, though! 😀

      • The thing about what you said about Casey and Haley is they’d be perfectly happy doing just that. They love music and I don’t think they are doing this for fame and fortune. Sure it’s their dream to go on to the big time, but I’m positive Haley would be 100% happy doing exactly what her parents are doing, and she’ll love every minute of it.

      • Interesting observations. Casey & Haley will be touring together… this summer. If their duets are popular enough, someone will package them together.

      • @Danming As a consumer and as a country music lover, and as a rock and roll lover, I will agree that the music business is flooded with people like these, with the exception of two contestants.

        We all have our opinions, so here is mine. I think Scotty is special. I think country fans are very loyal, and he has the same charm Alan Jackson has. His voice at 17 is unique, even though he can copy Josh Turner, he is not Josh, he is Scotty McCreery and win or lose, there is a very good chance he will become a star. He has already had years of development albeit not professionally. Listen to the most successful two idols, the year they won, then one year later, with no, not years of development, but one year. It is phenomenal how much better they were. I think Scotty has the same magic Kelly and Carrie have.

        Haley has the most unique voice I have ever heard in all my years. She too has already had years of training, albeit not in a totally professional setting. When the Beach Boys were a garage band I lived down the street from them, and was drawn toward their music. It was special. Haley’s voice is special. Her vocals have not been her problem on Idol. The obvious AI agenda has been her biggest obstacle. Her other problem was, in my opinion, that she was a little nervous about performing in front of MILLIONS of people. Early on she played to the studio audience and they loved her, but she didn’t know how to project herself to the tv viewer. Most of that changed with Benny and the Jets, and her last 2 weeks, she has been fantastic. This is all in less than 3 months, not years. The haters on here call her a diva, well, her performance of I Who Have Nothing was a diva like performance, the good kind.

        American Idol can be a fantastic launching pad for these two. The professionals who develop the talent at Idol are obviously some of the best in the business.

        How many of the flood of people in the music business get the opportunity to perform in front of millions??

        WOW, I talk to much lol.

      • @David P. I disagree with you about the Haley half of Casey and Haley. I think Casey would be happy doing that, but Haley wants much more than that. She wants to be an inspiration to others, be a help to others, and scatting in a coffee house while fun and enjoyable for her, would not really be fulfilling her dream. The fire in her eyes at the end of HOTRS and I Who Have Nothing speaks volumes. There are not that many really special people in the world, and someone with her personality and looks, combined with a one of a kind beautiful voice, backed for awhile by the juggernaut called American Idol, no, she’s going places and it won’t be performing in a coffee house.

      • JD, I read that Haley is really into helping people, and has a lot of interest in the causes of the world. She wants to help people, and if she becomes a star she will have the means to do just that. I just don’t understand how people can misconstrue such a soft-hearted person such as Haley as someone who is conceited and has a bad attitude. It just blows my mind. She’s just not as outgoing as Lauren…and she is very confident in her singing…as she should be, since she’s been doing it her whole life living in the environment that she did with musician parents. I like that she is proud of her music…afterall if someone doesn’t believe in their music, why would the public?

  15. I think in order to judge fairly all contestants must sing the same song….Then they can be judged….Apart from that is is not a singing competition….only a genre and style competition where we compare apples with oranges and get all huffy because someone says apples are better and someone else says oranges are better.

      • Lol Templar, xD. Anyway, as good of an idea as it is it would make for terrible tv watching.

      • Maybe we had better call. Like the original comment about the same song–makes sense to me.

      • Sorry, I do not agree. It would be boring to listen to all contestants singing the same song. AI would lose most of their viewing audience. We watch to be entertained. I like to listen to the difference genre of music by the contestants who aspire to become artists in their particular genre. American Idol is the highest rated show on TV…why change it.

  16. Go Scotty!!!!!!!!

    I really can’t believe James got voted off!!!!!!!!

    I am going to make sure my idol wins!!!!!!!!!!

    Or I’ll vote 1 million times!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • gee…I hope its not religious….
      religion has no place in a singing contest….
      if you want to pray, pray for the people that need it, like the hurricane/tornado/homeless/the hungry…
      but not for a contestant on a stupid tv show…
      God (in whatever religion you practice) has way too many IMPORTANT things to be doing…

  17. “She Believes In Me”…What were the judges motive?? Compare the songs chosen for the others and tell me “”Why”? Scotty doesn’t evenn know this song.

    • He has so many cougar wannabe’s with him that it doesn’t matter. You outta know is not an easy song either….However Laurens song pick was really a prize for he because it doesn’t take much to sing it. I wonder what Jimmy Iovine’s requests will be. And I wonder what their personal choices will be too.

    • That’s a good song. He’ll sing it well, Kenny Rogers is a great singer. It was on both country and mellow rock stations back in the late 70’s.

      • I think it means if we’re over 25 in this case and love Scotty we’re a cougar…I”ve always wanted to be a cougar.

    • How do you know he doesn’t know the song? Did he say that on a video or something?

  18. I like the voice of Scotty, do not forget to vote for Scotty, the song “She Believes In Me” and I just heard the incredibly beautiful and maybe it felt appropriate for who is so young, but I think it will do everything possible to make theirs, the songs have chosen the style. according to hope that the choice of Scotty is a field rock a joy to watch, always brings smiles to me, I will tell you that for me is Scotty complete package and be waiting for your CDs here in Peru has followers and we get to talk about all the singers, good luck to your favorites. Go Scotty from Peru

  19. This thing about Scotty is going just a wee bit far. He has a great voice
    and is a GOOD singer. He will be the winner as far as I am concerned.
    James is also very good — but alas, he was voted off last week. These
    two girls should be next. Go, Scotty, Go! And would you guys please
    remember that he is only 17? For goodness sakes, lighten up.


    • No one should BE next…you haven’t even seen their performances yet. Give them a chance, at least. I give Scotty a fair chance to earn my votes, I have given him votes, even though I’ve never been particularly wowed by any of his performances.

    • The final three are all young.

      Haley is 20 yrs 8 mths old
      Scotty is 17 yrs 7 mths old
      Lauren is 16 yrs 6 mths old

      The average age 18 yrs 3 mths.

      Everyone who is posting barbs and nastiness toward any of these kids ought to lighten up and realize just how young they are and how much they all have to learn about the business and themselves.

      • DAAANG Haley looks young for a 20 yr old nevertheless, I still hope either Lauren or Scotty make the top 2

      • P.S. I think Haley looks like 23-24…or if not looks it, acts like it. She doesn’t have the immaturity that a 20 yr old does…and Scotty is a freak of nature. He’s the oldest 17 year old boy I’ve ever seen! Lauren completely looks and acts her age.

      • Lauren didn’t look her age when they did the pageant hair and make-up on her. They aged her face way too much. However, last week, she looked more modern and fresh with her straight, flatter hair and 1/3 the makeup. Everyone on the radio talked about how pretty she is getting. I just hope she isn’t doing anything unhealthy and crash-dieting. That’s how teenage girls get into trouble…..

      • That would be sad, I hope she doesn’t take any of the comments about her weight seriously. I think she looks great, maybe needs some help with the dresses she picks out sometimes, as does Haley, but I think that all comes with experience.


      • That’s funny sweetie, considering I just saw you trying to tear Haley a new one…

    • Yes, they are all young.
      I think Haley has taken the worst of the bashing, and I can’t seem to figure out one good reason why. I certainly haven’t seen anything to warrant such trash talk.
      And the bashing, still going on about James…what is that all about? The poor fellow gave his all…he is passionate about his family and his music, both qualities of a good role model…he’s not on the street crying for a handout, he wants to make a good living for his family.
      I wish him well in all future endeavors.
      I have/had my favorites. I thought some were better singers,( by better I mean more mature vocally and more sure of themselves on stage)…
      but I really do wish them ALL well.

    • oh my gosh – at 16 or 17 I could not even memorize my home address – these sings memorize lots of songs and are soooooo mature for their age – they were really born to be in the show business…

      • Marta, agreed. (And hey, I’m 63 and there are days when I can’t remember my address!) 🙂

  20. I do not think that anyone is going to change their minds by reading these posts…Its all about personal taste now and you cannot change that and never will…Personal taste is a choice we make for ourselves and no one will ever change that. In Fact by posting here we actually risk driving votes away from our personal favorites if we become too emotional about the whole issue. Someone who thinks Scotty is a good singer will never be swayed by someone voting for Haley..and vice versa..So why spend the energy on it?

    • I agree. If we are going to burn energy on this, I think it is more fun to speculate on how the vote will come out. I think Haley has a good chance on getting to the Finale–partially because the Country vote will be split (also because she is darned good). But, if Haley Does get to the Finale I think she will lose, because the Country vote Won’t be split at that point. Other opinions and scenarios??

      • Steve I have watched dial idol and they have been not too trusting because of the computer voting. There is one thing to consider….Lauren is way behind in absolute votes on a few sites I have seen. So if you take her votes and Scotty’s votes I do not think they equate to the sum of Haley’s and James votes….My thinking either way is similar to yours. The country vote is split for now….I think the producers however want a female to win this year….I am predicting a Haley Lauren runoff. Will reassess after the next round though. Mind you some of the sites I have seen are really a shallow representation of the real population.

      • I love Lauren but I think she will be leaving us this week. Scotty will get the lion’s share of her votes and will become the next American Idol. However, I think all three will be very successful.

  21. As you know, “people vote with their feet” and it is reported that on a sunny Saturday afternoon nearly 30,000 fans turned out to show support for James in southern California, and Scotty in Garner, NC. Haley had near that many in Chicago, IL, though the weather was cold, windy, and raining. Lauren, on the other hand, “only” turned out about 10,000 fans in Chattanooga, TN.

    Why do you think James had as many fans at his show as Scotty and Haley had at theirs, yet Lauren turned out about 1/3 less? I have my own ideas, but I’d be curious to hear yours.
    I’m just say n’ 🙂

    • Well, of the 3 remaining, Lauren is my least favorite (that may change in a few years when she matures), but still I will do my best to defend her: I just checked and the population of Chattanooga is about 120,ooo. Garner is just outside Raleigh, NC which has a population of 400,000. And how does one even quantify Santa Cruz, since the whole population from S.F. south through San Jose loves to pop over to Santa Cruz.

      • Less than 10% of the population of her hometown went to the concert, 🙁 Fair weather and everything. I’m sure she was ecstatic, though, and had a great time.

      • is that true DavidP?…
        if so, I am sad for her.
        Maybe the recent troubles of the area played into it?

      • Hey, I lived in the San Jose area for 5 years – Santa Cruz is far away from San Francisco and the traffic is horrible – on weekends, it might take 3 to 4 hours to drive down there from San Jose… what I think happened is that people over there are always up for concerts – it is part of California’s culture, especially in open spaces at this time of the year. I do not think the numbers in their shows have anything to do with the contestants… I think Lauren’s show was not promoted as AI producers thought she was going home last week, so it was probably a last minute thing…

      • Marta —I lived in that area for years as well. Even after leaving a Giants Game on the weekend in heavy traffic, it never took “3-4 hours” to get from San Francisco to San Jose. But my point was it wouldn’t be right to just look at the Santa Cruz population because of all of the visitors to Santa Cruz coming from the Peninsula. I don’t know for a fact about lack of promotion of Lauren’s event –do you?

      • to David P.: Actually based on the numbers above 7.5% of Raleigh went to see Scotty and 8.3% of Chattanooga saw Lauren. As for Haley & James, one can’t safely calculate it because I don’t know how much population to count —although the posts I have seen put James’ number at 20,000. Hard to say how many would have been at the S.C. Beach Boardwalk anyway.

      • Hey Steve – I meant from San Jose or San Fran to Santa Cruz on the weekend it can easily take 2 to 3 hours to go down, then 2 or 3 to come back. Not from San Jose to San Francisco, which is the opposite – during the week on rush hour – for example after 5 pm – it can take, for sure, about 2-3 hours from San Jose to San Francisco – I got stuck in traffic at I180 and I280 there many many times when I went to parties or concerts in SF – but during the weekend, San Jose to San Francisco and vice versa was about one hour… going down to the coast – Santa Cruz, Monterey, Carmel etc was a nightmare – at least it used to be – I left there in 2005, maybe with the economy and stuff, the area is less crowded now…

      • Have you forgotten about the people devastated in the area by the tornadoes? That definitely could have affected the turnout for Lauren.

      • I thought Lauren was from Georgia. Why is she having a hometown visit in Chattanooga, Tennessee?

      • That’s where her dad works, she’s from Georgia. Hopefully people can put aside speculations and just support the contestants until this whole thing is over. Maybe her family didn’t get through the tornadoes unscathed or her hometown hasn’t fully recovered from the damage.

      • I just went to her bio and found out that she lives in a small town in Georgia 10 minutes south of Chattanooga, Tenn.

  22. If the phone lines were down for the voting of James, that surely is not fair and they should have let him remain in the competition. My friends over here in New Zealand are gutted, we won’t be watching American Idol anymore as we think that its’ rigged, as the best singers’ always get voted off before the final, is that because of the recording studio contracts. Last 4 years have been a flop..Adam Lambert should have won the last one..

  23. all these kids are so talented. i will be sad when any of them get voted off, but since james is gone i will be happy with whoever wins.
    james was my favorite and i love the 3 remaining.
    on a different site someone has a cell phone record of how james calls were not working. he is gonna send it to idol, but i really dont think it will work 🙁

    • This was true. I could not get through on the 5701 for James. Only the 5705 line worked!

  24. i srsly hope either scotty or lauren win this. Haley is good, but not my Idol. She is just like Taylor Hicks. I just hope it doesnt become that same year because James (Chris Daughtry conspiracy)was eliminated. And it would be interesting if it were a country idol

    • How is Haley just like Taylor Hicks? I love Haley, and not him. I don’t see any resemblance of them as artists…

      • No worries Devin. Every year someone doesn’t like a contestant and then claims they are like Taylor Hicks. So far, there’s only been on Taylor Hicks, and that goes w/out saying.

  25. I’m really looking forward to see Scotty and Lauren in the finale….. All country singer’s, bet they could be a good country couple….. Lauren reminded me so much of Carrie Underwood, and i’m hoping Lauren would win this competition. she has the best voice i ever heard, even though i’m here on the Philippines….
    “Born to Fly”

  26. I saw video of all 3. By far Haley is the most seasoned and diverse performer. Lauren was nervous, as usual, and stated she was afraid of missing the notes in the song and her breath control was all over the place. Scotty, while pretty good, I can say I won’t go to see him because I really don’t want to get preached at for 2 hours, which I can tell he is the kind of kid that will do that. I want to go to a concert, have fun and rock out. Haley showed this weekend she is totally capable of giving me that.

    • Scotty is still young and being himself,and his religious beliefs are very strong in him. But as he gets older he will realize when and where it’s appropriate to preach. He will realize there is a time and place, because not everyone wants to hear it. I think just because he was back home with all his folks, and being the bible belt and all it just was what he felt comfortable doing. While on Idol he talked about his faith but never ever once pushed it.

    • I was at Haley’s concert yesterday. She was AMAZING!!!!! She was so polished and is a true performer. It was a true concert. Even though it was cold and rainy she pulled in 30,000 people who were sorry when the concert was over. She truly is the only remaining contestant deserving of the American Idol title!

      • I would have loved being able to see Haley in concert but I live way to far for that.

      • I wish I could’ve went! I’m in Michigan about 6 hours from Chicago…alas, work comes first. I’m jealous, though, I would’ve loved to see that! She did awesome, she interacted with the crowd, had fun, sang with her mom for a bit…she really really impressed me with her concert.

      • Don’t you wish friends of Haley would post a message or two here in support of her? (So the haters would just shrivel up and blow away like autumn leaves in winter’s first blast?)

      • Pup, if you haven’t noticed AI really didn’t gather any information on Haley. Old Sarah mentioned a great post about Haley called Haley Reinhart’s Unbelievable Journey and it makes a lot of interesting points about the lack of any kind of background we have for her. That being said, Wheeling seemed very, very excited to see Haley. It’s not a bit town at all. I hope all this new coverage of her will help people understand her better.

  27. James Was So Much Better Than Scotty…James Should’ve Stayed…Scotty Should’ve Gone Home…I Love Da Girls Haley or Lauren Should WIN!!!!!

  28. I Can’t Believe that my THREE Favorites From Day One are Still There!!!!! Lauren, Haley & Scotty r da main reason why i watched the show…And Pia too but she’s gone…Best Of Luck u Guys!!!!! I’m ur biggest Fan!!!! I’d Love 4 any of em 2 Win…Preferably a Girl due to the fact dat its been a Long time!!!! But Nah da One Best Dude (Who’s Never Pitchy) & Da Most Awesome Girls Who always kept me awake, throughout da show…I appreciate Every1 who’s voted thank u soso much!!!! America’z Got it Rite!!!!! Finally!!!! Love u All 4 Voting!!!! Mwah!!!!

  29. An All Girl Finale!!!! How awesome Would that Be!!!!! If it is it’s gonna b da Best!!!! Lauren Vs Haley.



    • That’s really funny to me. She’s never came out and actually said or did anything mean…it’s an impression people get for whatever reason…entirely fabricated by her haters.

  31. OH!!! Judge’s choice for Haley is Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know”!

    Wee! I love that song! Can’t wait.

  32. scottys facebook fans is about to catch his twitter fan total,,,wow!
    137,000 twitter
    117,000 facebook and climbing rapidly…

    • just to post the difference..

      luaren 4o,000 facebook
      111,000 twitter

      haley 3,600 facebook
      91,000 twitter

      that is a huge difference in facebook fans

      • That’s funny because the youtube hits are exactly opposite. Not everyone twitters, I think these numbers just show a difference in demographics of fan bases.

      • that’s dont mean so many fan .. can change the vote .. u can see what happen to James .. even he have so many fan between Lauren n Haley!!
        Go Lauren!!

  33. Scotty’s homecoming was by far the best; Lauren’s, a close second. I hope either of them wins

    • agree,it was amazing,he seemed like a seasoned veteran,u cant compare him to josh turner,like some people have done,he is 17,and josh turner is 33 years old,thats almost 16 years experience difference,but scotty held his own seeing the experience difference and the pure shock he was going through at the time,not to mention he had been going nonstop with interviews,autograph signing and appeariance since like 6 am in the morning he had to be exalsted…

      • In a way you do have to compare them because if Scotty wins and puts out an album, he will likely being going head to head with Josh to sell songs.
        Its not fair just reality but it does show that he has the talent to get to that level in a few years if he works hard.

  34. I personally would have loved to see Lauren! She reminds me of my daughter who is younger than Lauren but really mature for her age.

  35. i would like too see both scotty and luaren in the finale,but unfortuanatly 1 of them will go home if the country vote splits ,which it will,just depends which one of them gets the most in the split,,i hope its scotty,would like to see boy verses girl showdown not both girls..

  36. Well it has been a real hoot chatting here and whomever wins wish them the luck in the future. However I don’t think it will be a male this year.

    I would never want to bet my shorts on that because everything is so very liquid…..this season like the others has been filled with drama excitement and whomever wins I am certain that people will tune in next year too. They might loose interest because of the other shows but hey those shows just starting are not going to compete with an almost icon such as AI.

    Now will James voters go Haley’s way? I don’t know but suspect that Haley being the only blues/pop/rockstress standing will muster up enough to push her over the top especially if the voters keep voting .

    Could it be a Lauren Scotty standoff? I doubt the producers would want that because half of their voting and commercial audience would be lost.

    They can fudge the results a bit to attain any result they really want…The final tally’s are never revealed nor are they ever published. Plus they are moot anyway.

    I have been watching dial idol and they have been quite close especially during the finale. although the computer votes this year have surprised some.

    I must say this year has seen the most thoughtful posts regarding idol and it appears many of the posters here have matured..all of you deserve a big round of applause for the good conduct displayed here.

    Thanks for the entertainment IDOL….

    To all of you here have a great summer….

  37. So Amazing and what a beautiful voice!!!
    Lauren have a gift from god .. very touchable when she sing God Bless America!! No need try hard to sing that’s song for the high note between others singers .. no need the improve who best singers .. just natural singer .. so beautiful!!
    I’m speechless and so touchable!


    • I dont agree with the article 100% only because if James wants to do metal music he should do metal music I have a 16 year old brother that loves metal music that would probily buy his cd my brother was actully mad when he found out james was voted off

  38. Yeh!!!! Girlzzzzz!!!!!!! Vote 4 Da Girlzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!! Lauren & Haley!!!! GirlPower;)) Mwah!!!!

  39. i was disappointed that James Durbin was eliminated… I think he deserve the top spot or the AI 2011 indeed! the Top3 are too far from James when it comes to performances… oh well that’s my opinion though….

    But with the Top 3, I go for Haley… she improved a lot … before I don’t like her but week after week, she made it far…

    But whoever wins, that would be a pressure because the runner-up(s) might be more famous than the winner.. haha

    • I agree with you Kire, James is always a star although he’s not the winner. He can sings anykind of songs very well.Keep on singing James, we’ll support you…

    • Kire, I am surprised James was voted off as well. As he was the best performer of this year. But, for about the past 6 weeks, I thought Haley was the best singer. And without a doubt, the most consistent and DEFINETLY, the most improved. Think about it … preverbal bottom 3 dweller to top 3 performer. Has that been done on American Idol, EVER? So, I am guessing more than a few people think the same thing.

    • i agree w u, Kire esp the part on haley.. i just cannot bring myself to like her.. there must be something abt haley (that’s so unlikeable)

      vote for lauren, ppl!!n some for scotty, none for haley hehehe


    • Please delete it, not only is it written in the rules the poster is adding nothing to the conversation.

      • Sweetieone Vote for Scotty. We dont care how you type. Good luck. You deserve to be allowed to type any way you can

      • @ David P–thats kinda mean to say that to a handicapped person. Now I see why you like Haley. You both have attitudes. Perfect fit. Grow up.

      • Typing in all caps is a handicap? Her pinky doesn’t work well enough to hit the caps lock key? The fact that you honestly think the claim is legitimate makes me laugh.

      • yeah DAVID P has been on this chat 24/7 so he has no life to do anything else anyway- He is rude,immature and needs some friends maybe Haley is his sister They do both have same personality it seems

      • I’m rude because I’m not a Scotty fan, huh. That’s ok with me. I do comment on here a lot, but it’s all in the middle of studies. I’m already at a computer, so why not comment. If you people were half as decent as you claim to be you wouldn’t have said majority of the things you have said that get me to respond.

      • lol i acutally laugh so hard that u r actually that stupid to think because that person is “handicapped” they can only type in caps….that doesnt even make sense. dumbest dodo’s

  41. So Amazing and what a beautiful voice!!!
    Lauren have a gift from god .. very touchable when she sing God Bless America!! No need try hard to sing that’s song for the high note between others singers .. no need the improve who best singers .. just natural singer .. so beautiful!!
    I’m speechless and so touchable!

    • I am not as overwhelmed with Lauren as you are. As I always that she was a notch below the top performers. But, I am man enough to admit she had a good week performance wise, last week. So, good for her.

      • lauren.lauren.lauren

        If you want her to stay vote her..
        dont blame haley if she get eliminated its a fans fault that they dont vote much harder for thier idol..
        im sure if scotty or lauren will get eliminated they BLAME haley for that..

  42. I will not be watching anymore. Haley should have gone!!! and I believe she mistakenly got James’ votes since the voting numbers were switched!

    James has trule talent! Scotty I like too…but monotonouw! Lauren is talented but not different from any talented amateur. Hailley is just a pain…she sounds like she is wailing and wailing and wailing all the time!

    I still think James should be in the top 3. Singing out!

      • I was a James Fan and I now vote for Lauren. I think this whole crap about the numbers is stupid. I mean my 8 year old nephew liked james and knew which numbers to call…geez.

      • As far as know, James got out because he got lower votes then Lauren who was last one considered on this blog and in competion. There are three kids left in this competition. One very vulnerable, that gets votes right now out of pity for the two week ago terrific good crying, one that from time to time lose herself in the notes that she cannot reach and start screaming, and one that in my opinion is not only talented but also a very smart and hard fighter. I, for one, will vote for him. I just wait to hear him sing Kenny Rogers’s song. I am really not the person that believe in people who rise at the ocasions like our two girls did. I cannot feel sorry for someone who does not do all from the begining. I keep on going back and listening to Scotty’s “you’ve got a friend”. He does got, more than one with that and others.

    • She could have lost votes just as easily as James. The numbers were posted many times, if you didn’t read them right it’s not Haley’s fault.

      • James when 1st and last, Lauren had 4&8 so she would have gone any of James’ vote due to mix up in the voting numbers. With Haley going first the second round it more likely that James got some of Haley votes.

      • I had the correct numbers and couldn’t get through so you are soooo wrong. The producers got what they wanted and will get it. They want a girl to win. I f you truely think they don’t get what they want you are crazy.

      • I can see how people could mess up the numbers because Haley sang first the second time. I even had to think about it twice. That was AI’s fault they messed it up. I think James wasn’t sapose to be voted off It was sapose to be Haley. You can’t change it up like that Ppl don’t pay that close attention and Ryan didn’t really stress the point that the numbers don’t change.

    • anasingson, As one of the big wig executive for FOX network, I might be “a bit sorry” to see you go. But, being as you seem to have little in the way of musical knowledge, I have to think that maybe the results of the show might actually be better without you voting. But, good luck all the same.

      • James’ performance of two weeks ago hurt him more than many of his fans realized, the fact that Jacob had a bad night and had already lost most of his support gave James another week.
        I believe the only thing that could have saved James last week was if one of the other had a bad night which they didn’t.

    • I agree. Lauren has natural talent — voice is beautiful and not strained. All my votes go to Lauren. Haley is too full of herself and strains to sing and then screams because she cannot hit high notes naturally. I hope everyone casts their votes to Lauren.

    • Haley is the most talented. You don’t know what you are talking about! Different singers please different people just like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Just because you don’t like Haley’s sound you should not put her down. Haley is and always has been the best to me. So happy she is still in it and hopefully she wins because that would make ME very happy. James was good if you like heavy metal. I hate heavy metal and glad he is gone. So there…

    • I loved Haley’ dad rocking out Sweet Home Chicago on guitar with Haley. They did 6 songs, a real rock/blues show right out of the late 60’s.

  43. Ok, ok. I have never posted here, but do tend to lurk from time to time. From what I can see, though, this site tends to hold members with quite close-minded individuals who really tend to just say whatever may be inside their caged brain cells so I figured I would fit right in. Before I’m hanged though, I will point out that their are a few (read: you) without such biased minds, so you are all much appreciated during my time I spend reading here. Fresh perspectives are always nice. As for my views, though, I am a fan of Haley out of the top three. Scotty and Lauren are fine and dandy but to me I see nothing fresh or exciting about either of them. Lauren is timid, bordering on annoyingly meek which shows through in her performances and Scotty is a reincarnation of Randy Travis. Possibly just a less-skilled version of Josh Turner. Haley, to me, brings a wide array of musicality to her performances that aren’t as repetitive as Scotty’s 4-note wonders or as restrained as Lauren’s choices. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure both of the country kids will have a glorious path ahead of them in country music (especially Scotty) but I just don’t find it as appealing as the range that Haley brings. At first, I will admit that I really was never a fan of Haley. When she did Rolling In The Deep, it sort of opened my eyes to her potential, and then the duets with Casey made me start to become a fan. Her latest performances have all been really positive in my eyes (or is it ears?) so she’s the one I vote for. I think most people here are torn between either Haley or Scotty because I don’t think the country fans think Lauren is as good at country as Scotty is. From what I have read, Scotty is praised on his consistency and his humility. The problem I have with that is Haley has recently found her ‘groove’ and, to me, is really consistent and I don’t think she is as ‘disrespectful’, or whatever people call it, as she really is. Obviously I have no personal connection with Haley (on that same note, nor do any of the humble-Scotty fans with him) so I can’t say with 100% certainty that she isn’t a pretentious, arrogant twit but I have a gut-feeling that she isn’t. No matter the case, Why does it even matter? I’m sure that many, many, many of the leaders in the music industry have a superiority complex when they shouldn’t. Does this make them any less deserving of reaping the benefits of their talent? Not in my mind. I believe that people should be voting on things they know (how well the contestant can sing/perform) instead of things they assume (contestant’s sense of self). For my personal taste, the depth, range, and ability to bring the audience into the song is superior to Scotty’s. Then again, I’m just a passing fan. Before I forget, I think that the judge’s picks are quite boring for the country singers, but it will be nice to see Scotty be forced to step out of his range. I have a feeling it might show his weaknesses as a singer (as did him trying to sing next to Josh turner. In my opinion, he was unable to keep up with the veteran). For Haley’s song, I think it may be more along the lines of more acoustic version of Morissette’s 38th Grammy Awards performance (if you watch this, just know for all the faint of heart that she does say the ‘F word’). As for the lyrics, they are a tad on the risqué side for public broadcasting but I think the last verse will easily be changed to “Do you think of me when you’re *with* her?” instead of dropping the F-bomb. The “theater” line may be removed all together. For those few souls who managed to wade through my post, I apologize for the disconnected thought process–I would proof read this post but this comment box is being uncooperative.

    • For anyone daunted by this giant wall of text, I highly recommend ‘treading through it’, 🙂

      • Nope. If he/she can’t figure out where paragraphs begin or end they are beneath notice. That post is nothing more than ego on the rampage.

    • TQ for supporting Lauren .. come on keep more vote Lauren until final .. congratulations!! Lalala .. 😛

    • We don’t judge to quality of voice who’s belong it .. but we look about the whole package including attitude, screaming,growling, natural beauty and so on .. lalalala :p

      p/s we don’t need screaming n growling every second for the singing!!

    • Haley’s voice is amazing, she’s beautiful inside and out and is a great role model. Not sure why “role model” is such a huge deal this year.

      • Close minded (and some might say juvenile) people continue to call Haley a “Bitch” … For no other reason than she sometimes decides to stand in the background, rather than run up and shed would some say is the proper amount of crocodile tears to be displayed. That seems so juvenile to me. Do football player cry when the other team loses? For that matter is there a competition anywhere in the world, where one is expected to show a required amount of “fake” tears if they win and some else goes home. Not to my knowledge is that expected anywhere else but by a FEW whacked out American Idol Fans.

      • OK, football and signing are not the same. That is why I also asked if there was “ANY” competitive event in the world, were the winner is expected by the audience to shed “phony” tears after someone else is eliminated. If they fail to do so, they are called a “Bitch”. I can not think of one.

      • Kechik, Something makes me think you are in fact, one of those people who have called Haley a “bitch” or some other derogatory name. Foe no other reason than she did mot shed the proper amount of tears that “you expect”. Am I correct? If I am wrong, do you think people who talk like that are acting extremely juvenile, like I do?

      • Haley to me sounds like she always is singing with a very sore throat or something Dont like her sound at all-

      • @Kechick, I think she is, her main cause is to help the unfortunate people of the world…just because someone’s not outgoing does not make them a bad person.

    • A bit long to read through but I agree with it.

      The top 4 this year were my favorites, while Pia has a great voice I never liked Celine much either, just not my type of music.
      I had hoped that Scotty would range out more but it doesn’t seem to work well when he has tried, “Swinging” and “Young Blood” were only OK. Lauren has great tone and pitch but very limited vocal techniques and range, with a year or 2 of training then maybe a star.

      • I honestly think Scotty is doing what he needs to do. He has a wonderful voice, a great personality, and is an excellent role Idol for so many young people…and I am not saying the girls aren’t but in equality…the young men need someone like him to emulate.

      • Scotty has everything it takes to be the American Idol Voice, Performance, and Personality That in itself is an American Idol

        Lauren very cute girl and has grown tremendously since day 1. She way out sang Haley in the last duet they did on stage. She will definately be my second choice

        Haley- Sounds the same every song, every performance pretty boring to me which I know to each his own, but shes not for me. She seems to be more into an ego thing and her personality is not very lady like.

        Sorry Haley fans I am not a jealous girl. Man as man can be!! A professional running back just not allowed to say who I am, but to each his own and good luck to
        Scotty as #1
        Lauren #2

    • Aaron C, just post a shirt liner “Haley, the best!” and we’re all good. lol

    • Excellent post! Or at least you expressed my sentiments exactly. I think Scotty and Lauren are terrific singers and that both will have great careers. But, Haley is a unique and particularly gifted singer. Sometimes she seems a bit awkward in her performance, but so do the other two. Her Moanin’ performance with Casey was, in my opinion, the best of the season, with House of the Rising Sun just behind it. And it’s not just the old songs she does great. I had never heard of Adele, much less Rollin in the Deep (OK, I’ve just aged myself), but after hearing Haley do it, I got on Itunes and then, coincidentally, saw/heard Adele do it on DWTS. To me, Haley did it better. James has a fabulous voice and was the best performer by far, but he was born 40 years too late; maybe metal will have a comeback, but not this year. All of the final four have great pipes and will go far, but, Haley is the winner.

    • Aaron, if i would not read the name i could believe is Casey Abrams who wrote this. I agree with you, all the songs are somehow boring. I thought that the judges were thinking it needs some refresh and so we are. As for the Scotty’s performance, he is in the same spot as Haley and Lauren. All three songs have higher notes that the contestants should reach. How they going to do it is up to them. Our job is to sit comfortable on our sofa, listen and judge after is done.

    • Aron, I’m very glad you chose to post. Your commentary was refreshing.
      You know, if you contributed more frequently, your posts wouldn’t”t have to be as long? (smile)

    • Aaron, I met up with the top 13 way back in the start…and the top 4 for considerable kindess and gracisouness where Scotty, Haley, Casey and Paul!! So your thoughts are correct she is a nice girl

  44. lauren will be the role model for youth the american’s .. congratulations!

    • You have your opinion and I have mine.
      I listen to many types of music and love some songs in county, pop and rock while hating others.
      Over the weeks my two favorites have been Scotty and Haley while likely off and on Lauren and James. I had hope for James to win most the season(not for singing) but while he was a great performer he was never my top two favorite singers.
      I would like to see Scotty and Haley go head to head in the final, for me right now Haley has the lead but its close.

      • lauren not just can sing country song .. but she can sing anything song .. including rock n pop ..

      • kechik..she has not done that yet..can you tell me why? she is country that’s it.

    • I really liked Lauren voice, I still think she has a very good strong voice, but i also believe that she needs to grow up. I was watching her interviews, and i have noticed that in same she does not make sense. What she does with the songs, she does with the interview. The fact that the judges are easy on her is because of the age. I am not saying she is not a good talent because that would not be correct, I am only saying she is not ready for the music world. She is very vulnerable and i am quite afraid she will be another inocent little girl…I do not even want to think.

    • Kechik: Amazingly, I agree with you… Lauren would make a great role model for today’s misguided youth!
      She carries a lot of attributes that I consider very positive. It is clear she already has a strong following. If I had young kids, I would want them to emulate her. Scotty also.
      However, I would want them to sing & have balls like Haley!

    • I agree with this too. She spoke very well last week for a 16 year old. It was not me, me, me! She has some qualities as a teenager.

  45. I really think James is the best of the three recent Scotti Lauren Hailey in my opinion can not be international singers, but James will also be an international singer

    • This is not just singing competition .. it’s take the whole thing to be a idol .. 🙂

    • Lady Gaga and Adele maybe the two biggest Int. singers right now but a few rock type bands are doing well like Foo Fighters, Muse and Avenged Sevenfold. Country does Ok outside the US but not to the same level.

      • Vote for who you like best, the only opinion that really matters is your own.

        For me that is Haley but I have no problem if Scotty wins, just not sure if Lauren could handle it well in long term pressure of winning.

      • Everybody keeps sayint the pressure of winning this and that and whatnot but I think that Lauren has stepped it up these last couple of weeks when they thought she was going to breakdown and crack. After she was in the bottom two everybody was like “oh she wont make it next week, she is gonna break down” and guess what? She didnt! I have never seen her more confident and fun and she has not broke down once. I think that she will be able to handle the pressure. She has the kind of voice that will do well in country/pop which is very popular and makes tons of money. I think she will be fine.

      • LouLou, I agree with you. Lauren will be fine if she wins. She is so very young and innocent and may have gotten swallowed up temporarily but she bounced back with a vengeance. Good for her! She will be fine. I think the country world of music will be more tolerant with her and willing to help her than throwing her to the wolves of pop music. Just my thinking…I could be wrong.

  46. I Love Scotty .. Love Haley too .. but I LOVE More with Lauren .. becoz she not just can sing anything song .. but have a good attitude ..
    for example: after she singing, she never forget to say thank you .. did you’ll notice that?
    So far, just Lauren do like that ..
    So touchable .. So amazin .. she just a nice girls to grow up .. can be our idol for our children ..

    GO LAUREN!! So so talented person .. So nice person .. thats aq hard to find girl like you .. 🙂

    • i Love haley more..
      but i love lauren too…
      i hate scotty his so booring…

      please stop bashing haley!
      if you like lauren go with her do you think she will win when you BASHING haley?

      • ok see all .. this is Haley fan attitude .. 🙂
        i do not bashing her ok .. Go Lauren!

      • Stop bashing Scotty….. You are one of the vocal vampires…..who cares who you hate…grow up

      • @ the truth…how was he bashing haley…Clearly it says “Love Haley too” you are the one bashing someone saying I hate Scotty he is so boring. SMH

      • Hmm Lee. So it’s ok for you to say w/e you want about Haley but if someone says’Scotty is boring’ it’s the end of the line?

      • Mr. Truth, How can you ask people to stop bashing Haley & yet declare you hate Scotty? Whatever you think about Scotty, there is NOTHING there to hate about him, period.

        You are being a dumb ass & just causing more strife on this forum. Think before engaging mouth.

      • It is o funny to hear the Haley fans and see the same personality come out of them as Haley has Very rude like For this reason I do not think she will win the Idol. Even if she had the voice to win it which she doesnt (she can sing dont get me wrong) but she is not the best and her attitude will ditch her from winning. Alot of people that vote go against her for this reason

    • I have liked Scotty and Lauren from the very beginning..auditions. However…being a very loyal AI watcher…I don’t believe Lauren can beat Haley if they end up in the finals…that is why the votes need to go to Scotty…because he can beat Hayley.

      • Scotty will beat them both I think. very Talented, very stage memorable, and very nice all around Amercian guy.

      • I’m not so sure of that.
        Fact: At the least, either Lauren or Scotty will make the final.
        That person will get nearly all of the others votes in the final, both being country.
        That alone should nearly make them unbeatable.

  47. sorry guys for only hooking up now ive been very busy with my niece also in a compotition here in SA
    im also very sad that james was eliminated he was my fave and by far the best of the four
    well i just have to move on then like in any relationship life must go on now my vote will go to haley she has improved a lot since the last time i heard her sing anyway have to sign off but tnx for all the updates and comments are sooooooooo funny it actually cheered me up in the last few days chow till 8ta

  48. I agree that the mayor was too much this was Scotty day and that is what it should have been. If Scotty loses it will be because of the politiob who can’t leave anything along.
    American please vote for Scotty

    • The Town Of Garner NC may have had political people on stage at the beginning of Scottys performance but HEY The darn towns proud and dont blame them–They DID NOT get into politic talk or anything about voting or anything else. It was all Scotty- I was there and I know thats how it went down. IT WAS ALL ABOUT SCOTTY SATURDAY and he did our TOWN PROUD!!! Win or lose he will go big!!

  49. Nah This Year is a Girls year!!!! Girl Power!!!!! All Girl Finale!!!! Lauren Alaina Vs Haley Reinhart!!!!

      • i also hope scotty wins ,but the country votes will be split. to be honest i think lauren is so much better than haley. listen to the duet if you don’t believe me. lauren sings so much better when the pressures off. when she sings for the judges she gets too nervous.

  50. all the james lovers have to see this. it is where the mayor was at james concert and declared not durbon day but durbin year! james picked the mayor up in mid air. it was sooo cute. then they awarded james a surf board with his picture on it.

  51. Of the 3 pictures inc. in this article, best one between Scotty, Haley, Lauren? Hands down Haley. The ‘lil Growler is HAUWT, HAWT! HOT.
    Warming up a cold rainy day for 30,000 fans.
    Awesome parents, too! Fine personalities, great when you can conscript them to help entertain as well.
    Some of these guys have musician parents besides Haley. Naima’s Mom is an interesting character that is a well-known blues and jazz singer in the Midwest. Last year, fellow jazz singer Siobhan Magnus has a musician Dad and notable Uncle in the biz and like Haley, said “music was always part of family and growing up”.

  52. Scotty is the very best performer. He will surely be the next american Idol
    I hope Haley goes home this week. she doesn’t belong in the finals. I think she is arrogant.

  53. Okay take it from me. I had a feeling james was going to leave. Next is haley. Top 2 scotty and lauren. Winner deserving winner scotty mccreery. All the way. Since day one

  54. Would have loved to have seen Scotty in Garner NC but unable to attend for I had Surgery so had too watch on tv .I have watch him all the way and I am looking forward to him becoming next American Idol.

  55. Come on people. It is finally time to get rid of Haley. Can’t stand anyore screeming, scretching and straining to hit the notes. Don’t know how she got this far. This girl really leaves a lot to be desired. Also needs a little help getting dressed.

    • I am 100% haley’s fan. But Joan I have to agree with you. She have yet impressed me with her wardrobe or hair style. Maybe that is the reason some people don’t like her.

    • No joan..,who u want to win scotty the boring singer what he do thats make the judges standing O? is he got that..
      i will apreciate Lauren more than Scotty,,.
      haley did her best to reach it to the top.,,
      and she deserves it!

  56. Guys, check out Haley’s rendetion of Mercy and Oh Darlin’ on Youtube.. Oh Darlin’ is especially good (the kind of performance that would get a standing o), if she sings that song this week (or on the final) I guarantee she will win!!

  57. Haley actually sang Lady Gaga’s version of You and I better than Lady Gaga. When I heard her sing…(which by the way I totally never even recognized her cuz I wanted Lauren to win from the beginning)….I almost wet my pants. She even sang house of the rising sun better than the animals, she sang rolling in the deep better than the original artist. I went from hating her to wanting her to win. I still don’t care if Lauren wins, I just hope it’s either Lauren or Haley.

  58. I enjoy how some of you said Haley is boring … Um what!? Haley has sung every genre there is and done an amazing job. Scotty sounds the same EVERY SINGLE WEEK!
    Lauren is amazing too! Haley for the win, Lauren for runner up !

  59. We are Scotty fans and proud of it! He has been our pick from the start. He has a rich baritone voice and it touches me everytime I hear him sing. He is also a great role model to all young people all over the world. I hope his fans will vote tonight! GO SCOTTY!!!!

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