American Idol 2011 Top 3 Week Rankings

My, oh my how the American Idol landscape has changed. I believe few truly imagined we’d be moving ahead with two ladies in the final 3 after the way they were eliminated in rapid fire succession. The season’s recent seeming front runner has now been eliminated and that honor has now fallen back to Scotty, who I believe will now win this hot mess. Lets take a look at this week’s rankings, based as always purely on your polls here at American Idol Net.

James Durbin might have been eliminated last week, but he went out on top with the number one spot in our poll with 31% of the vote. The last person we saw to go out that high was Pia Toscano, but even she wasn’t in first place in our rankings when cut loose (Pia was in second, right behind Scotty). Scotty and Haley were just a few points behind Durbin this week at 27% and 26% respectively.

Lauren Alaina, an early favorite for the executive producers, managed to stay in the race this week despite coming in with just 14% of the vote. That was an all time high % for Lauren who had previously only hit the double digits once all season with 12% back in the Top 7 week rankings. Clearly some demographic who never visits this site is strongly supporting her elsewhere each Wednesday night.

I believe Branden is correct in his prediction for this week’s voting. Scotty and Lauren will cross streams and split votes for the country song fans leaving one of them to go home and Haley to scoot right in to the season finale next week. Randy should start preparing his Haley-criticisms right now. I might have been shocked with Lauren beating out James, but I’ll be floored if she can do the same to Scotty.

Check out the rankings below and see how your favorite is doing. Keep in mind that these rankings are based solely on your votes in our weekly site polls.

American Idol 2011 Top 3 Performance Poll Rankings

  1. Scotty McCreery – 27% (down from 29% previous week)
  2. Haley Reinhart – 26% (down from 28% previous week)
  3. Lauren Alaina – 14% (up from 9% previous week)

How is your favorite singer doing in the polls? Better keep voting!

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    • I believe Scotty will win too. And I really hope he does. I’ve been a fan of Scotty from the beginning.

      • Oh dear lord, please don’t let us have an American Idol who’s so boooooring to death! I hope scotty goes home next…he sooooo deserves that. I hope he goes home so that he can start inspiring people. I know he’s gonna be successful anyway.

      • @iloveHALEY I totally agree with you. There are too many country artists out there right now, and what we need is a new, fresh sound….out of the top 3, who has the most unique and distinctive voice? Haters, you can’t deny it: HALEY does. Scotty almost certainly has a record deal after this show’s over anyways, so why does he need to win? All of you who are his fans will most likely buy his album anyways…

    • I really want LAUREN TO WIN !!! ^^ And i hope she does !! Her voice is just amazing !! VOTE LAUREN !!!
      If somehow scotty is eliminated then surely lauren will win because she is then gonna get all the country votes that were for scotty !! But the possiblitiy of scotty getting booted is less !!
      Anyways i just DONT want haley to win >< !!

      • I really hope Haley doesnt win also. I am a Haley hater, I just like Scotty for the win

      • Wow, Lee, you actually owned up to it? I will be happy with either of the girls winning, I just don’t think Scotty has earned it. He’s basically cruise-controlled himself into the top with safe one dimension performances week after week. I think it’s anyone’s game, I think the voters who really do just vote for the best performance of the night will maybe decide the top 2/winner.

      • well said! I hope Lauren wins!! I like Scotty too, but my favorite is Lauren, I hope Haley doesn’t win over Lauren!!

      • I really hope Lauren wins as well!!! I think she has a beautiful amazing voice. Oh and I am not a country fan normally, but I do love her! GO LAUREN!

      • I really love lauren 2. Hope she wins it all and will be voting for her all the way

      • The Haley train it rolling,
        its gathering steam for the push,
        all the way to the top.

        Go Haley Go 2011 American Idol winner!!!

      • Lee How can u hate someone u doesn’t know? if u don’t like her it’s ok.. but to hate her.. thats really stupid..

      • My fav is Lauren. I think she, Scotty and James will be stars. Haley….. I really don’t know about her. Her voice gets kinda annoying.

      • Haley is gonna win!!! This is gonna be the ranking:
        1. Haley
        2. Lauren
        3. Scotty

      • All of you who ‘hate’ Haley simply don’t know just how pure and original her voice is, as compared to the old, droning-on cowboy and the primped-up country princess who CAN’ EVEN HIT THE HIGH NOTES OF A SONG! COME ON PEOPLE! She can’t even sing! It’s clear to see that Jimmy Iovine wants her to be the next Miley Cyrus sort of thing.

      • I am a Lee also. Now there is more than one I didnot put in that I hate Haley posting….. I am going to be Lee #1….at 7:05am I was coming off a nite duty

      • Yeah and miley cyrus makes millions of dollars which I am sure plays an, I dont know, small part in this american idol thing. They want somebody who can generate millions of dollars. Which I am sure they all can!

      • ‘I am a Haley Hater’… do you feel better now?

        Jesus, is Haley (or that matter, any of them

      • Yes, Haley sings like an angel… WITH LARYNGITIS that is!!! Hahahahahaha! Her voice is so annoying, it makes me sick in the stomach really. I hope Lauren or Scotty win this thing.


    • I’m super sure that Haley Reinhart is going to be our American Idol and I’ll do my best for her to win! I’m going to vote for her together with my mommy, daddy, friends and schoolmates! Ha! She’s my idol and I will continue to support her! Oh my gosh!!!

      • Just reading your inputs it is easy to tell you are very young. Mommy and Daddy should limit your computer time to spend more time with the books

      • Mike, There you go, picking again. And this time on a kid.
        I’m happy to see someone that young that excited & involved.
        The sad thing about you is if the kid had said your favorite, you’d be cheering him on. That’s hypocritical.
        You owe that kid an apology. Man up!

      • She may be a kid, but you’re the one who needs to grow up, Mike. American Idol appeals to kids a lot, and they do so on purpose! You are so disrespectful and hypocritical. Don’t tell a kid to get lost because she has a different favorite than you do…you’re a BULLY. “Oh, her favorite is so-and-so, she should just go away, she doesn’t deserve to be on this site for us grown ups and our intellectual conversations!” Haha. Yeah. Kay.
        I think her enthusiasm is very refreshing.

      • Mike@ don’t Devin Lee bother you. She’s no better. She told me to take my meds. Obviously she is contradicting herself. Read her posts. She judges everyone and then insults them. So sad.

      • Haha, go ahead Susan. Stick up for him bullying a kid. You’re just reinforcing what I already thought about you. Yeahhhh, you don’t matter at all, you may as well not even bother.

    • I hope Ryan calls Haley first as one of the top 2 finalists! Oh gosh, I can’t wait for their performances!!!

      • Kid, You are alright! Keep up your enthusiasm. By the way, I’m on the Haley Comet, too!

      • I honestly don’t have any problem with Lauren winning this season! Either Lauren or Haley, I’d be the happiest person in America! Oh my gosh!!!!

      • YEAHHH HALEY! Yeaaahhh Lauren Alaina! We love you! Time for you to show him what little girls are made of!!!

      • Sometimes I think it would be best if Lauren did win, even though Haley is my favorite, I think AI producers would be very successful with promoting Lauren…they’ve never had a singer like Haley, don’t know how they’d do with her. I think Jimmy should be the one to work with her.

      • I agree, Coop. He doesn’t suck. He’s a sweet, sporty, young country Christian boy. Just a little too conservative for me…him and his notes/voice.

  1. James tweeted that he vote for Scotty.
    I Liked James and I wanted to not see AI anymore but I vote for Scotty.
    Love you James

    • Yeah, James may vote for Scotty til like forever…then James’ fans will vote for Haley til she becomes the American Idol. Haley for the win!!!!

      • Right, fatboy? Mike, go away. When someone starts picking on a kid/teenager the way you are, they should be put away in a looney bin. Or at least banned from interacting with normal human beings. I’m sorry…but I’m being serious for once. You should leave this site.

    • This isn’t true. Please get your info before spreading lies all over the place.

      • Hahaha, it’s Scotty’s desperate fans making it up. Scotty would never be that desperate. James said to vote for whoever you like second best after him.

      • Losers…ooooooooo, you got me there. At least I’m not trying to manipulate people into voting my favorite…loser, indeed.

  2. Watch in Cape Town South Africa
    Haley is my favourite, Scotty is my worst!! He is far too sure of himself! Loved James, that dood can sing!!

  3. An all-girl finale would be awesome! And Haley FTW!

    Oh BTW, I learned that the judge’s choice for Haley this week is YOU OUGHTA KNOW. For Lauren, it would be I HOPE YOU DANCE, and for Scotty, SHE BELIEVES IN ME.

    • I know, an all-girl finale would be a dream come true! Haley is our American Idol!!!

    • Go Haley! Continue to take risks, we’re all here to back you up. You are our idol and we’ll vote for you til our phones and laptops blow up! We’re gonna make sure that you’ll win. I love you Haley!!!

      • Just remember this: Even if our Haley doesn’t win, she is still a winner & so are we.

  4. HALEY WILL WIN THIS THING!!!!!! 3 of them are amazing but haley is different and a great performer..i will vote for you until the end HALEY!!!!…=)

    • I’m soooo loving this. Haley really has a lot of fans now. My classmates also love Haley. Oh my gosh, she’s so winning!

      • Haley is the kind of girl who can sing anything,but that’s not exactly true about the other two.Lauren is also Fine.But I Hate scotty,although I have to admit his voice is good.America’s tired of MALE-MALE finals.It’s time for a FEMALE-FEMALE one,after season 3.So Lauren & Haley for the final,with Haley the WINNER.GOO HALEY!!!

  5. i hope boston rob wins…oops!! wrong show!! would like to see haley win, but all three will end up with recording contracts and go places. james, i’m sure, is signed up already

  6. haley haley haley
    please vote for my haley
    never say never people
    it could be haley or scotty leaving us thisweek(every thing is possible)
    anyway…so VOTE(for Haley) lol

    • I know! We shouldn’t be complacent. Vote for Haley til the end of the 2 hour period!!!! Oh my gosh!!!

      • Mike you need to defend your hate for Haley or do like Pup said and go back to your crib. If you don’t like her style that’s fine but her tone, vocals and pitch is almost flawless. No debate there with anybody that has a well trained ear. Before you ask, yes I do with over thirty years of training.

        I think they all are great in there own way. I will really miss James, he was my favorite. I am now pulling for Haley. As bad as I hated hearing J Lo and Randy rip Haley apart, I think it has really back fired on them and will end up being the best thing that’s happened for Haley. She really can let it rip in all areas.

        Good luck to you also Lauren, your vocals in the duet with Haley was great! They were amazing. Scotty is a very likable person. I know he will do just fine in the future. He is just not my favorite. Beautiful tone, just no range or stage presence. He just comes across a little fake to me. Its not his fault. He just needs more time and experience. I really like him though, just not the best.

        Just my opinions.

  7. Haley will win…..Don’t want that to happen but sure that it will. When you have the executive producer pulling for you… can you lose. This will be my last season to watch AI. I will be switching to “The x factor”

    • i agree. it is set up for haley to win.
      dont know if it will help but people have signed petitions and an autism site has wrote to AI and someone has even sent their phone records to AI about the voting system messing up. there is lots of proof, if AI dont let james back in then you know it is a set up for sure.

      • omg get over it lol theres nohing wrong with the voting james left caus he didnt get enough votes. he will still go far so stop making excuses for him. unless u wanna go the route on people on idol pulling for u lets discuss james openiong and closing the show shall we..

      • Setup for who? Lauren had the 8 phone number so would not have James votes gone to her?
        James lost a lot of support 2 weeks ago with a bad night yet the fans carried him a week possible in to first place but the Journey song did James no favors being to close to karaoke for many.

      • How do you know Haley would have gone home if it wasn’t James? If it’s rigged for anyone it’s Scotty and Lauren.

      • 2d chance, come on now. You know they aren’t going to let James back in – and you knew that before you typed this. So, you already believe it is fixed and you aren’t going to believe otherwise.

        The reason Nigel has come out in support of Haley is because she is the best overall singer left in the competition, but the producers never saw her coming until the last few weeks. Thus, they’d not done the “back story” with the videos and all the stuff on her. They hadn’t “pimped” her with extras, and they obviously judged her on standards they did not apply to the others. When she wouldn’t go away, and all sorts of celebrities and past Idol competitors started coming out of the woodwork supporting her (after last week’s faceoff with Randy), the producers had to backpedal and get things evened out. I expect to see her pimped big time this week (hopefully not too much) and I expect her to slay “You Oughta” with an in-Randy’s-face attitude before she comes back happy for her other selections. I just hope judge’s selections are first, so she’ll have 2 selections to mellow the harshness of that song down before voting begins.

      • I love Haley and hope she does an amazing job this week. After telling her last week that she screamed and yelled…what song do the judges pick for her? One in which there is screaming and yelling and very racy lyrics! If the show is stacking the deck, they are most certainly not stacking the cards in Haley’s favor by choosing that song. Why not “Ironic” or one of the other tracks from the Jagged Little Pill album? But if anyone can do justice to Alanis it is Haley.

      • @David P I disagree…I do think it is rigged for Haley…but I have nothing against her.

      • i did not say haley would be going home. i love haley, scotty and lauren. but at times the votes would say ‘thank you fo voting for lauren when you dialed james number.
        i dont think haley needs the votes to be rigged for her to win. she can do it on her own. she has a great voice.
        i am saying the phone lines were messed up.

      • BS. The recorded voice says “Thank you for voting for contestant number …” So that proves you’re not telling the truth. It never says the contestants name.

      • liz, well duh. it would say laurens number. i said ‘lauren, not her number, my mistake. i have no reason to lie.

      • I totally agree that the producers/judges never intended for Haley to make it this far…too bad they didn’t see the fighter in her that I did. That is a girl that will WORK for her bacon. I just have come to love and respect her so much…just like my favorite actual artists. The show has never promoted her at all, even more recently when they show clips of them, hers are always the shortest.
        Guys, I know we all would prefer James’ fans to accept that he was voted out, (me included!) but it’s my mom’s first year watching, and she loves, loves, loves James. So when she reads that his votes were going elsewhere, of course it gives her hope. She doesn’t want anyone to go so he can come back, she loves all of the top 4 contestants. She has from the start, (excluding Haley, who is a recent addition to her favorites).
        She’s just afraid that James elim was unjustified is all. I really hope all those people weren’t lying about the misdirected votes. I read a few people say that their votes for the other contestants were going for the wrong person now and then, also. If the phones were messed up, everyone’s were messed up.
        @Armie, back off!!!

      • Cecil, as soon as I heard the judge’s choice, I came to the same conclusion you did. And I agree, “Ironic” would have been a much better choice. Someone is trying to reinforce that “nasty, mean and callous” label haters have stuck on Haley.

    • naaaah I never had any issues with that. was able to vote for James too as he’s one of my faves. Haley for the win!!! She’s gonna win because of millions of her followers.

      • david, i think she is gonna slay this song. i have wanted her o do it all along. i love alanis and ‘you oughta know’ is my favorite alanis song.

        i am just not sure how they are gonna edit some of the lyrics.
        it says the “F” word and ‘will she go down on you in a theatre’

    • If anything it’s rigged against Haley. Idol had no intention for her to make it this far, hence zero back story, zero pimping. This song is their last attempt to get her on the bus.

      • Wow, Be.Real… Occam’s razor? You know about that method of problem solving? Great going & I think your conclusion is right.

      • LOL. What makes sense given what we know? So many folks are happier jumping 12 inferences to reach a conclusion that fits their perspective and agenda (even if subconscious).

      • Now this conversation is a bit beyond me, but I don’t think that ol’ friar ever imagined such complex issues as American Idol, heh.

      • I agree, too. I would really like to know if this was Randy’s choice of song. If I were in the audience, I swear I would shoot spitballs at him.

      • Devin, well if we see Randy slapping the back of his head, we’ll know we inspired some just retribution!!! 🙂

      • Best retribution would be to get his sorry ass removed from next season. Do I have any supporters?

  8. I actually really love Lauren too. I think that people really do underestimate her fan base because for the past couple of weeks she has ended up in the bottom on this site. I have said before that I believe most of the fans that visit this site are James and Haley fans and you can tell based on the polls. I like Haley and James as well and think that both will do really really well outside of Americal Idol. I just prefer Lauren. I also would like to see an all girl finale, even though the supporters Scotty has may very well cause him to win the whole thing. I like Scotty, but I feel the other two girls are better.

    • Don’t worry Jamie, it’s gonna be an all-girl finale for sure since Scotty is sooooo going home next week.

  9. I think that at this point in the competition, a LOT of voters will vote depending on the performances. There are the fans, but the ones voting based on their performances are the ones that, in the end, will choose the winner. Randy is probably preparing Haley’s usual bashing session – it will be funny it he says: wrong song, you were screaming all over – for Alanis’ song (which is not a good song…) – but, hey, they chose it!

    • i have wanted haley to do that song all alonnnng. i think it is a good choice for her. i have also picked white rabbit, joey and crimson and clover for haley.

      i still would like to hear lauren do shinia ‘still the one’

      • I think Lauren would have fun doing some Shania songs. Too bad it’s almost over, we don’t have time for them to do all the great stuff we want to hear from them, 🙁

  10. GO HAILEY <33
    Lauren sucks so badly.!
    I love Scotty & Hailey and I hope one of them wins <33

    • yay, finally someone who I can agree with! Go Haley! I just want to see Lauren gone.

      • Not me!!! I love Lauren!! I dont want to see any of them gone but I would prefer to keep seeing Lauren. LAUREN ALL THE WAY!!! You go girl!

      • Same here !! LOVE LAUREN !!
        I am not saying that Haley can’t sing at all but usually she just screams and growls :S This is not a growlng contest !! Lauren is young and She has a great voice !!

    • ‘Kill Lauren in this competition’… do mean like, this week on stage while performing?
      Do you take out a contract on her or something?
      Imagine: The 2nd live murder ever seen on TV. I guess we better tune in… I am!

      P.S. Anybody know what the 1st was? Hint: November, 1963

  11. Here is my guess for the order last week after doing some checking around this weekend. Idol has been very tight lipped about even the bottom 2/3 the last few weeks.

    1.Haley with the most votes for first time.
    2.Scotty 1st most of season, James 1st for 2 weeks
    3.Lauren just beating out James, a lot of women wanted her to have her hometown visit.
    4.James going home

    • I think you may be correct, but how did you get all the info? I don’t know last week’s vote standings,but do know what the previous week’s vote rankings were. When Jacob went home, James was first in votes followed by Haley and Scotty was in third, but only slightly above Lauren, so it does show that Scotty is not as invinceable as many had thought. That is why Ryan was always careful to say that Scotty was never in the bottom two, but he has actually been in the bottom three. And with James gone, Haley’s votes are probably going to rise more than the country vote contestants. If she does very well on the songs, she may surprise a few people and actually win it. I think for sure she will be in the finals, but who knows for sure. James went from top in votes to being eliminated in one week

    • Umm actually it leaked and it was like this with voting last week….

      • Lana, you always throw out stats w/out any kind of back up. Your attempt to bash Haley’s concert numbers is proof that you have zero credibility with anything you say, because it’s going to come out bias against Haley no matter what.

        If anything the recaps indicate where the votes went, again, if it was random Haley wouldn’t have been in the same place twice.

      • How is that bashing Haley when all she said was that it leaked how the voting results were? I mean the two posts before hers didnt even put any credible evidence to support how the voting went. Just seems to be all speculation about the votes anyway.

      • Lana will say anything to make sure she has the last word that Haley doesn’t deserve any of the attention she is getting.

      • Yep. Lana’s a Haley hater. Always has been, always will be kinda troll-like. Therefore, anything she says is a Haley bash, whether it is obvious or not. 😉 Teehee.

      • Whatever u people are the ones who voted. As for hating Haley. I’ve NEVER EVEN MET HER. I DONT KNOW HER AND I PROBABLY NEVER WILL MEET HER SO GET OVER YOUR SELVES

  12. Every poll that I could find on the internet had James ahead, some as much as 6 or 7 points. So I don’t know how accurate that would be as an indicator. Scotty has a lot of class and is truly just a nice guy. However I don’t agree with many who think he has a “great voice”. Time will tell!!
    The way I see it the competition is over…now the popularity contest is on!!

  13. Go Haley! scotty is really boring… I don’t hate him.. but I preffer Haley!

  14. Haley is awful! And not very nice as evidenced by how conceited she acts on stage and how the other contestants relate to her…go home Haley

    • Jo —nice try, but nasty attacks won’t put Scotty and Lauren in the Finale. Let’s actually watch their performances —alright?

    • Excuse me! Haley is soooo sweet and has the best vocal range in this competition. She’s gonna win! Me and millions of her fans know that.

    • This is really tired. She acts conceited – how?!?! I’ve never seen that.

      People make up stories when they get fearful.

      Scotty and Lauren are plenty good — they don’t need you to hate Haley to justify your love of them. They don’t need you to make up lies and distortions to support them. Haley is not awful. You are just afraid she’ll beat your favorite.

      Go ahead – respond by making up some more stuff based upon your distorted perceptions of the television production you see for a total of 2.5 hours per week.

      • People just see differently than you do so just accept it. Some people may not be trying to bash her to make the others one look good and in my opinion the one getting bashed looks better because more people sympathize with them. I think that the judges acted like that toward Haley to get the ball rolling in her direction to get her into the finale. I dont think it was done to get her off the show. Even JLo commented how amazing Haley’s voice was and it wasnt when JLo was on Americal Idol. She mentioned the first two people that had the best voices as James and Haley. I just get so sick of all this dang oh its because of this or its because of that. Its because America saw what they saw and voted that way!!!! Just say who your favorite is and move the heck on. Cant nobody say that not one of the top four did not deserve to be there…whether they win or not they are all great kids with great talents that would probably make any one of us curl in our seats hiding in shame. More power to all of them!!!

      • Good blog Beastie…well said…and true..They tend to feed off of each other….just to print meanless comments…the judges are the judges…not a group who spend 24/7 listening to song after song…and that makes them experts….dont think so

      • Besties — people can criticize (“bash”) the music and performances of these kids all they want and it is OK with me, although I may very well point out where I believe they are biased on what should be an objective point (such as intonation, balance, or harmony).

        I take offense, however, at the character-assassination without factual basis. Haley has had her personality, values and morals attacked without any basis other than some perceived slight on a stage in front of a live audience and TV cameras under intensely stressful circumstances. I call that out, and reserve the right to continue to do so.

      • While I do agree that character assassination is not cool of any one of these kids, it is something that they will have to endure the rest of their career especially being in this business. I have seen bashing of Haley’s character and attitude, along with bashing of Lauren’s emotional personality and immaturity, to Scotty’s old man boring ways, to Jame’s twitching movements because of his health issues. Each and every one of them have had to endure mean and hurtful things and it is what comes with this business (once again though I dont like it). Character assassination, (Which is really uncalled for in my opinion) is probably the top thing that is bashed when your in the public eye. It doesnt stop the media from “nitpicking” little things celebrities and other famous people do and in this competition it is no different. I was just saying it will continue even after Haley, Lauren, or Scotty leave American Idol and are successful so its best to just pick your favorite and move on. It may not have anything to do with Haley’s attitude then. It may be something totally different like one sentence she says at an awards show. In the end its always something that somebody dont like about someone else!!!

      • Got it, Besties. The media invent things, too. And, I call them out on it, too. I invite people to look at themselves when they are judging others’ character. That whole speck in the eye thing makes a lot of sense to me.

      • There is a distinction between noticing a character or behavior trait and drawing conclusions about character based upon that. Haley has had unfair conclusions drawn about her. If people we “creeped out” by her smile, that’s one thing; to say she’s mean, arrogant, rude, spoiled – is jumping to conclusions without supporting data. That’s what I was trying to point out.

      • @Besties to give an example of exactly what you are talking about when Carrie Underwood won female enterainer of the year at the CMT awards, Faith Hills reaction was recorded and viewed millions of times.

        Faith fans say she was joking, the haters called her every name in the book. We tend to see and hear what we want to.

    • Wow, what a new and introspective idea…Haley’s mean and snotty?!? I guess I won’t be voting for her out-of-this-world voice anymore! Haha, come onnnnn. So OLD. Unless you know her in person, you have zero credibility, just like the others who comment on her personality.
      P.S. I think anyone would appear that way standing next to Lauren, she is just a big puppy dog! (So cute.) But…Haley has the pipes, and my support.

  15. The percentages they show (27%; 26%; and 14%) only add up to 67%. That leaves 33% unaccounted for. I guess they are pretending 33% are still voting for James so that they can compare these new percentages with last weeks percentages?? I’d rather they just give percentages that add to 100%.

    • 33% did vote for James. Actually I think it was 31% or something, it never adds up to 100.

  16. Also, no one should let polls affect whether they vote or not. Just because it now looks like Scotty & Haley will be in the Finale, don’t assume that will be true. That kind of thinking is what took down Pia and James.

    • There are enough new viewers and past non-voting viewers that may vote now to shift last place to first.
      The contestants can no longer count on their fan base to carry them a bad week if they have one.

      • Bloodyscot: That is a very good point. I know that there are a few sporting events in which I only watch the finals and the same will be true for a lot of Idol watchers. That makes the upcoming performances all the more crucial. But, on a Board like this, I’ll bet there are not a lot of undecided voters!

      • And that will most definitely make Haley’s ranking skyrocket to the top!!!

      • that is true guys – in most realities, I watch only the final 4 episodes, so I think I am right when I say the winner will be the one performing the best for most of the audience. If Lauren is smart, she is going to do stuff other than country, while Scotty is Scotty – he has a large fan base, but purely country music fans.

    • Steve my opinion is that after J Lo and Randy unfairly ripped Haley apart it angered many voters. I really think that a lot of James voters didn’t like it either. Therefore a lot of them voted for Haley and it cost James.

      What was so over the top was when they lined them up after there first song was done and Randy so unjustly humiliated her again. If he didn’t like it fine, but he just wouldn’t quit.

      Scotty and Lauren are predominately country and James is Pop and Rock. So I don’t think Scotty and Laurens fans cared enough to vote for Haley in anger. I do believe James fans may have because my family did. We love you James but that’s now gone.

      My wife and two teenage boys( 17 and 19) are voting for Haley with everything in us.

    • mee too .. come join us the Alainers member’s at twitter n facebook .. search @LAlainaAi10

      • @Kechik I follow her on twitter tooo!!! I will have to follow you on twitter since you are such a big fan like me!

  17. Is the finale Wednesday and thursday? Or just thursday? I forgot! Please reply if you know! Thanks

  18. seriously, last night i was watching punk’d. i tape the repeats they play now. i kept thinking ‘is america getting punk’d and has ashton returned?”
    i know this is not the case but it was going through my head.


    • James is out because nobody voted for him.. next time vote for your favorite.. all deserves to win

    • America has turned into the Conspiracy Theory capital of the world. Whenever someone doesn’t get what they want, it is never because they didn’t deserve it —no —some dirty group conspired against them!

    • Duh, we all voted for Haley that’s why she still in the competition. And please, she’s simply the best among these contestants and she sooooo deserves her spot.

    • You have no evidence that Haley would have gone home if James didn’t. Just as likely Lauren or Scotty would have.

    • totaly agree that James should be there…I’m not haley hater, but don’t like her as also ALL my favorites have gone

    • Yeah, okay. Too bad the show’s not called Peggy Kanneman’s Idol. Acceptance is a beautiful thing.

    • Bro…If scotty wins, he definitely will not do concert in Malaysia… Country Genre not very popular here…but the thing is… Haley is sooo more real n current, her future songs will be play in most of our radio station. That’s for sure…
      GOOOO HALEY!!!
      V ^__^ V

  20. Look at the picture above. I think Ryan was showing Haley that she was in first last week. They never show anyone that paper. I think they did because of the situation with Randy.

    • But Scotty was close by, and if they showed the complete rankings, Scotty would have also seen it. I actually do think though , that Haley probaby was first in the vote rankings. There is one person who did have access to the previous rankings and they were in order, James, Haley, Scotty, Lauren and Jacob,so wouldn’t surprise me to see Haley first for last week.

    • Yeah, I agree! And this week, Haley will continue to dominate the competition!

    • It did look like James had seen the writing on the wall, and he certainly looked bumbed out. I think it is pretty lame that the show has to be “rigged” if the person you like is voted off. Really? I Love Haley’s voice and style, Love Casey also, and was incredibly sad when he left, (cried even) if Haley leaves it will tell me only that the audience watching is more interested in another type of music. I can see and admit that many others have talent, just not what blows my hair back. Come on folks…lighten up.

    • I think they showed the recaps in order for each phone number least to most votes. If it was random Haley wouldn’t have been last both times. It’s not Haley’s fault James went home.

      • David P……This is my last post on this site this season but before I go I must say one thing….and this is not sour grapes….American Idol will NEVER have a real rocker or hard rocker win this show. Perfect example was Daughtry first, Adam Lambert second and James third. I can’t say for sure about the voting being rigged or whatever but talent wise…Daughtry and Adam L. have had more success than the winners of their respective seasons….. I have a feeling James will too……Most Americans don’t like rock music, this country is mostly country music lovers….Boy/Girl next door image…..

        I do wish much success to Haley, Lauren & Scotty but only time will tell if they will succeed……

        Its been fun!!!!! See you next Season.

      • PhyllisG, There may be a logical reason for why rockers don’t win Idol. And I suspect that reason to be that while those rockers are talented and make good after Idol, they are not the genre best liked by the majority of Idol viewers.

      • Aww, bye Phyllis. It was great fun even though we were on separate sides of the James/Haley finale team. Have a great year, hopefully see you next season :D.

      • @Phyllis- I too am a James fan and am sooo disappointed that he was voted off. I’m through with American Idol now. No more blogging-no more watching. The guy who so clearly had the best talent is gone. I’ll buy his CD and keep looking for him. He’s bound to be a huge success.

    • Hey there, I responded to this post and it disappeared, It ws not all caps and I didn’t say anything bad and I did stick to subject at hand… hmmmm?

    • The paper did not have the voting or ranking, just Haley’s name as she was very surprised to be called before the guys – so Seacrest just confirmed she was in… I think Ryan and the producers really feel sorry for her and what she has gone through so far in the show. So, they are pleased to give her good news, when there is any. I read this somewhere that nobody knows the voting order – probably only the executive producers and that company that does the audition of the voting system. Ryan only gets a list with the names…

      • A lot of people assumed the final 3 would be James, Scotty and one of the girls. When Lauren was sent to safety, a lot of people (me included) assumed Haley was going home. I was filled with joy when it was announced 2 girls would be in top 3; like James, I also knew that would be the end of the road for him. It was sad, but no less sad than it would have been for any of them to go. What a ride it has been! At the end of the day, however, in a singing competition, you just have to sing in tune. James and Scotty both have had their pitch issues in recent weeks…A lot of Americans can hear it when it happens.

      • just so you know, be_real, that James pitch issues wasn’t pitch at all, if you pay attention to the last videos, you will see he making a strange movement with hands, wich autists do when they can’t control themselves, in this case, you have to hold theire arms down so they feel better but he never gave up… I’m not fighting just informing that there was a reason why James got down on his performances…

      • maysa, I do not understand what you are saying. Are we supposed to excuse obvious intonation issues in a singing competition because the performer has a disability? Lie to him about it? Say he’s wonderful and perfect, regardless? Or, should we be honest? What about the kids who can sing in-tune? Should we pick on them about “song choice” or “not knowing who you are” when their competition can’t sing in tune (because they are disabled)?

        Stretch this to its logical extreme. Who wins the 100 meter dash in the Olympics? I guess somebody in a wheelchair. No – that doesn’t make sense. I don’t mean to be cruel. But I am stating the objective truth. That’s why so many musicians and others in the entertainment industry finally came to Haley’s defense last week. The biased judging got out of hand.

      • No, its about overcoming the disability to make it this far on american idol and taking into consideration that some of the performances may not be “perfect” (as neither were NONE of the other contestants on American Idol) and it would be a lie to say that they were even Haley’s.

      • Ah…but were they adjudged that way by the panel? No. Some were told they were “perfect” when they clearly were not. Why was that? And why was Haley singled out over the past several weeks?

      • Be_real: I meant it’s not fair to compare pitch issues to desease issues, if it was you, how would you feel? So I’m just saying to people stop comparing, he can’t be compared to anyother contestant…
        Or didn’t the judges protected Casey when he got bad? Just don’t compare

      • Even that could mean two things. Third from top, or third from bottom (which would be second).

      • I’d say that smile definitely says “first place-Haley”!!! With 69 million of the 70 million votes going her way…I kid, I kid, except I think she was first or second, at least. Being in the bottom two would not make anyone light up like she did.

    • By God, I think you are right!

      Ryan had just announced Haley was second chair & she (along with EVERYBODY) was shocked.
      He simply showed her, in fact, it was really true.
      Makes perfect sense.
      Plus, it’s not hard to see by his previous actions, that he supports Haley. Cool.

    • Old Sarah…I just don’t believe that Ryan was showing Haley she was first, second or third…I think he was showing her that her name was athere, period…because she didn’t believe it. I makes me want to scream when people make things up and profess them to be true….

  21. James looks so sad in the picutre above. I feel bad for him becuase you could tell that he really wanted it. Good Luck James!

    • and you could that the he knew deep inside that it’s kinda impossible to beat Scotty for 3rd place. Scotty is soooo lucky because of his supporters. oh well, I’d still go for Haley anytime of the day.

      • hate to say, but do u know any autist? because my brother is, he is not sad because he ain’t good as Scotty because he can’t compare himself to ANYONE, he was sad because his dream was gone… gosh, I reaaly get mad when you guys compare him to anyone, just because I saw him having trouble with his desease while singing, and you compare him to someone who hasn’t that kind of limitation, sorry, he was sad because he didn’t realize his dream, not because Scotty, Lauren and Hailey sang better wich they DIDN’T most of season

      • Mike – you reveal your own bias. They’re not an airhead if they agree with you, but they are if they disagree, huh? I thought you were making reference to their language and verbal skills. How’s that bridge?

    • I really did feel bad for james when I saw that photo. He really did have to battle and overcome alot to get this far. There are a lot of people who dont realize the extent it takes to overcome any type of limitation or health issue. More power to him and I know he will have a great career. I will definitely be a supporter. Go James!!

  22. The best Vocal Soulmate Performance by Lauren:

    1. Anyway
    2. I Told You So (feat Scotty)
    3. Trouble
    4. Unchained Melody
    5. Candle in the wind
    6. The Climb
    7. Trouble
    8. Turn On The Radio
    9. Any of Mine
    10. I’m the Only One
    11.You Keep Me Hangin On
    12.You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Women
    13.Born To Fly
    14.Where You Lead
    15.Flat On the Floor

    Actually i don’t know how to choose which the best song she sing .. becoz all’s so was amazing n miracle!!

    Go Lauren!! You get my Vote .. come Alainers!!

    • Trouble was pretty terrible. Her best vocal is probably Candle in the Wind.

      • I agree about Trouble being horrible, but I’d have to say “Anyway” is my favorite vocal of hers. I liked “The Climb” as well, because I strongly dislike Miley Cyrus’ voice and it was sweet hearing it sung by a good singer.

  23. Oh kechik, you’re song ranking there is pretty cool! Okay, I’ll do Haley’s:
    1. Bennie and the Jets
    2. You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me
    3. I Who Have Nothing
    4. The House of the Rising Sun
    5. Call Me
    6. Blue
    7. Rolling in the Deep
    8. I’m Your Baby Tonight
    9. Fallin
    10. Earth Song
    11. You and I
    12. Beautiful
    13. Piece of My Heart

    • Haha, Cecil. I remember Young Blood because it was just that bad.

      I’d rank Haley’s like this
      1. I Who Have Nothing
      2. House of the Rising Sun
      3. Rolling in the Deep
      4. Benny and the Jets
      5. Blue
      6. You and I
      7. Beautiful
      8. The Earth Song
      9. You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me
      10. Piece of My Heart
      11. Falling
      12. Call Me
      13. I’m Your Baby Tonight

      • Closer, David. Here’s how I would have ranked Haley’s songs:

        1. House of the Rising Sun
        2. I Who Have Nothing
        3. Benny and the Jets
        4. Rolling in the Deep
        5. Blue
        6. Falling

        Although my top 6 could actually be in any order. I loved them all and am having a hard time sequencing them because they evoke different things.

        7. Piece of My Heart
        8. You and I
        9. Call Me
        10. You’ve Really Got A Hold on Me
        11. Beautiful
        12. The Earth Song
        13. I’m Your Baby Tonight

  24. i got my tickets to the tour in toronto!! so excited to see haley an casey. wish they were the top 2

      • i love casey! hes fabulous 🙂 apart from a few performances i think he is so unique and just like haley he brings something new that for me at least opened up the genres i like to listen to! to me thats wut a real artist is

      • I wanted a Haley/Casey finale as well, then a Haley/James or Haley/Lauren after Casey left…now I’m hoping for Haley/Lauren, with either to win.

  25. wats is different Lauren and any contestant .. she sang the song so beautifully .. touch my soul + power vocal arrangement .. 🙂

      • I ain’t gonna vote any contestant that has left, my favorite is gone so why should I even bother?

      • Maybe because this show has provided you with an introduction to your favorite. Withouth this show you wouldnt have even known who your favorite was.

  26. So who do you think put on the best Home town concert?

    My favorite was Haley and the Reinhart’s, that show could have come right out of the late 60’s and she did 6 songs. Her dad rocked out on Sweet Home Chicago and her mom can sing well too.

    Josh Turner’s hmm I mean Scotty’ concert was great too, I am a Josh fan, so close 2nd with Haley’.

    I like Rock music but James’ concert while good seemed a little flat most the time.

    Lauren sang great but I feel her town may have let her down a bit, more like a country fair or Mall concert feel too it.

    • i feel a little bit sadly .. with tornado disaster at Lauren hometown .. so sadly .. but she like give a motivation .. really enjoy it 🙁

      so i chose Lauren!!

      • Yeah people forget that her town and much of the south is still recuperating from the tornadoes. I know that she was still super excited and you can tell from her picture that she was in awe the people that did come out and support her. She is so humble and has such a great heart and that is why my vote goes to her!!!

    • I’ve looked for good quality videos of these – are there any out there? Apparently I’m looking in the wrong places. All I’ve seen are pretty bad recordings taken by hand-held video cameras or cell phones out in the audience, and sound quality is pretty poor (except I did see a pretty good quality clip of Lauren singing “Anyway” through a link on this page.

      • Thanks, Templar. I’ll do that. Actually, I noticed one recording of the Scotty concert video (a 14 minute version) had gone viral — listed as one of the most popular on youtube. I’ve not had time nor the occasion to go listen yet, but I will. I like Scotty very much, although he’s not my top favorite.

      • That “Long Black Train” song (I like Scotty and I gather it was Josh Turner’s song) was Soooooo long and soooooo boring. I finally had to cut out and go to another video of Scotty.

        I watched them all. I liked seeing the different flavors each brought. I think Lauren has a genuinely warm, angelic heart; I really do. It’s no wonder a lot of people find her easy to love.

        Scotty has that shine to his halo, too. I loved seeing him and his baseball buds sliding in the rain. That was so perfectly innocent and cute. Talk about mom and apple pie!

        And Haley–easy to see that singing together appears to be at the heart of their family. I really like that she SHARED that time with them. She could have gone all diva and just hogged the spotlight, but no, she made her concert a family event. That was really, really nice.

      • I totally agree!!! Scotty’s homecoming video was the best because he connected with the audience, sang excellent, and showed his appreciation and humility was still being a star.

  27. Alright here it is – the inside scoop on the final 2:

    It will definitely be Haley vs Lauren.

    Scotty will go – there’s no question. Don’t doubt it; just watch it this week!

    Haley will take it this year.

  28. I got so mad James leaving that I wasn’t able to chat here, but I’m pretty sure that Scotty will leave and the winner will be a lady… not my happy ending at all, but comfort myself to know that James WILL record eventually…

  29. America can’t take no more slow country from crazy eyes; good though he is – the one trick pony has come to the end of the road…

  30. Can we just please stop attacking Haley’s attitude?

    For all we know, attitude doesn’t determine how great a singer really is.

    Haley is great whether she’s got a good (or bad) attitude. Period.

    • I don’t think she’s a great singer, she graws ain’t sexy to me, but I’m fine with your opinion, since you’re fine that the rest of us don’t see she’s that great as you see

      • That girl is going to make a huge impact on the music industry. Watch very closely when Jimmie is with her… he actually smiles, is clearly impressed & always gives her great advice.
        Now, who is going to argue with his experience & credentials, huh? Only a twit.

    • agree… the only one who can says something about her attitude are the people who know her or the other contestant

    • I think the ones convicting someone of a bad attitude should do a little self examination?

    • I have a question re Haley. I have put two kids thru college, hoping they will be great in their endevors, but I have never heard of going to college to learn Jazz….?

      • Numerous colleges across the country have music departments that offer commercial or popular American music studies. The One-o’Clock Jazz Band, or Lab Band, at North Texas State University is famous for decades; their recording of “Birdland” achieved world-wide acclaim.

    • can’t believe either, it really sucks, I was pretty sure he wouldn’t win, but I was hoping he would leave after haley, guess she won…

  31. I am a country music fan, who was raised on hard rock. So, one might say my musical taste is a bit more deverse than most. Going by who is left, one would think Scotty or Lauren would be the one I vote for. And at one time, Scotty was. But, around the time Haley sang the song “Blue”, I saw something “very special” in her. And in my viewpoint, she has consistently been the best, or one of the best ever week since then. Has there ever been a American Idol performer who was a one time regular bottom 3 dweller, who made it into the top 3? That has to be a first. Go Haley.

    • And I am the exact opposite. I love blues and would normally vote for someone like Haley. I have never been a strong country fan growing up and preferred other types of music. However, this season Lauren has really made a country fan out of me. I really do like her voice…really really do. Its beautiful.

    • Would like to hear Haley sing “Crazy” or “Blue Eyes Cryin’ in the Rain.” People don’t realize the extent to which Willie Nelson was influenced by blues. Haley could sing any of his songs. (“Crazy” was recorded by Patsy Cline, but written by Willie).

      • ‘Crazy’ would definitely test Haley’s range, but she could sing it.
        Patsy had the best allround female voice I have EVER heard.

  32. That’s what I say it’s incongruous, how a person who is in first place in the ranking comes due to lack of votes? I do not understand, perhaps over-confidence of voters. Of course I talk about James. Or maybe those who vote here do not vote by phone or text. I do not know but I’m still disappointed

    • Well I tried voting the whole 2 hours for James and wasn’t able to get through And I am not the only one. Tried different phones and both numbers. I was working and DVR’d the show and haven’t been able to bring myself to watch I am so disgusted. I still haven’t decided if I will watch the rest of the season. My husband thinks I should but I really don’t care about the one’s that are left. Boring!

  33. AI judges and producers throw everything including the kitchen sink at Haley and she keeps knocking them down. She got the fire and strength to take it. Plus, she just so happens to have all the skills and talent to make it big in the industry–from pop, R&B, Soul, Jazz, and country. And she can also have a big career in Broadway. She has by far a broader range of vocal skill over the other contestants. I vote for Haley!

    • Yes; mad, over-the-top skillzzzz…the only thing she’s not done for us yet, and I’d really love to see, is a soft, pull us forward, ballad. Would love to hear her do “Take My Breath Away” as recorded by Tuck and Patty and later by Eva Cassidy. If she could hit those sweet, soft high notes Eva hit…

      • Oh yeah–
        Eva Cassidy, one of the most beautiful voices ever! Even though I would not compare her to the great Eva,I agree, your idea could work. She definitely has the chops to do it.

      • Right tj – not comparing them at all. I think Haley is edgier and could do blues and jazz better than Eva, but Eva’s voice was…sublime. I’m not saying Haley could or should karaoke Eva; just that I’d like to hear her sing the song. The Tuck and Patty version is a little more soulful; just a tiny tad. Hearing “Like a Star” on youtube convinces me she could do it, and well!

      • Since you seem to know many, many more songs and artist than I do- I was wondering if anyone else sang You Oughta Know besides Alanis Morisette. I would like to hear another version to go by.

      • Old Sarah: Alanis released that song in the late ’90s; I think 1998, but I’m not sure. I haven’t looked it up, but something in me tells me she wrote it. I don’t think anybody famous has covered it. But, based upon “Piece of My Heart,” “Call Me,” and “Be Your Baby Tonight,” I’m confident Haley can sing this song well, and with Haley-fied blues/runs/scoop/growls twists. I don’t think it is a judge set-up as much as people think it is, but I do think she and Scotty are at a disadvantage with their song choices by comparison to Lauren’s. On the other hand, Lauren is going to be forced to hit the big notes in the chorus of “Dance” or she’s going to fall miserably on her face. I just don’t think that song has the same level of difficulty as “You Oughta” and “She Believes.”

      • Just to clear some things up the song was written by Alanis about some very real events that happened in her life. Also, Alanis won two grammies with it. I’m surprised out of all the songs Alanis Morissette wrote and recorded this is the one they chose, though.

      • I agree, David P., but “Ironic” would be terribly “ironic” for Haley to perform at the top 3 stage, eh? *snicker*

      • @Old Sarah a couple of well know artists you may know that did covers of You Oughta Know, Beyonce, and Britney Spears.

      • Hey, thanks JD; I really didn’t know Beyonce and Britney had covered that song.

  34. excited for haley this week…the 3 are amazing..but haley has the most challenging song and this will test her artistry and it makes me eager to watch her more…GOOD LUCK Haley!!!

  35. I liked Durbin, by the way. He really owns the stage and has the conviction of being himself up there. But he has not been consistently solid in his vocal performances throughout the show, week after week. This is what happens when the judges abdicate their responsibility to actually “judge” the talent. By always praising James in every performance without critique set him up for failure when he had a bad night. Voters probably felt he didn’t live up to the false image (unknown to them) of perfection created by the judges. I hope they have learned their lesson and at the very least never act shocked and indignant when their chosen one gets booted. They made their bed and they can lie in it…

    • Now that James is gone-so is the excitment. I just don’t care who wins anymore. Guess it’s time to stop watching.

      • Absolutely. You shouldn’t watch something you don’t find interesting. Nobody is forcing you.

  36. Girl Power!!!! All Girl Finale…Lauren Alaina Vs Haley Reinhart…4 Da Win!!!! No More Boys!!!! its A Girls Year (Turn)

    • Please DO NOT vote for Haley! If you don’t have your favorite for sure, as they’re all good, think of the characters of all of them. Haley is Ms. attitude and she doesn’t deserve to win. Anyone but Haley! I wouldn’t vote for her if my life depended on it.

      • Wow — really? You’d rather Die then vote for Haley? Seriously?

        I think it’s time for everyone to go to timeout! lol

      • Go on, keep chewin that cud. The only thing that will come out is a big ol’ cow pie.

      • You are being quite rude. If you have an opinion of someone that is one thing, but you are like a 12 year old bully.

      • Ok, Joan gets 15 minutes on the naughty step. Not don’t make me have to separate you guys. Boy, I can’t leave you guys alone for five minutes.

      • To all you Haley bashers please listen to my story. We have 2 sons who know Haley. Our oldest son passed away 6 weeks ago. During Haleys hometown visit, while they were shuttling her out of one venue on to the next she spotted us in the crowd. She stopped her security staff so she could come over to us. She hugged my husband and broke down.
        That is just the kind of sweet, genuine girl Haley is. In all the commotion and confusion of her hometown visit she thought of us first.
        Please don’t judge a person until you truly know them. These kids should be judged on their talent. Haley is a very talented singer and has our votes.

      • Mom2, First, it sorrows me that you lost one of you children. There can be nothing more diffficult to bear in this lifetime.
        Second: Your willingness to make this post at this time of pain
        s honorable beyond copes.

      • Sorry, punch the wrong button… may I finish?

        …is honorable beyond compare.

        You have done our Haley a great service AND all of us, including supporters & the haters. Thank you.

      • Mom2 I know words is never adequate in times of such a loss. I think Fatboy said it right. You are to be commended. Thank you for sharing that with us here that don’t hate any of the contestants. Sure we have our opinions, but the hate speech is mostly a hand few.

        We will be pulling for your family and Haley. Once again thanks for letting us know this great moment in Haleys life.

  37. Yeh Yeh!!! Girl Power!!!! All Girl Finale…Lauren Alaina Vs Haley Reinhart…4 Da Win!!!! No More Boys!!!! its A Girls Year (Turn)

    • Scotty peaked early. Lauren has been stepping up her game lately and Haley has stepped up big time. Yes, I can see an all girls final. And, it would be the two best voices in the competition.

      • they have been my favorite since the beginning and they truly do have the best voices. i would be happy with either one winning, but i hope it’s haley!

      • I don’t believe Scotty peaked early. He came in strong and has gotten much better…stage presence, range, etc. It is just that there are less contestants to vote for and the votes are going to different singers. I personally don’t seem much change in any of the if you want to know the truth…they have not had enough constructive critism to improve…or let’s say grow because they are all decent singers…and I think Scotty is great.

    • Kechik, Haley number two?! Are you softening up a little? Or do you have a devious strategy working here?
      Wouldn’t be concerned about that split vote thing, would you? I would be.

  38. Scotty will win, and its a joke too.

    I am SOOOO happy the rules are changing next season so that everyone who makes it to the top 3 has talent. Haley and Lauren are awesome, Scotty…well you know my opinion of him. I can sing better than him, and I am only average.

    • That’s exactly it… it’s your opinion. You can’t call other peoples opinions a ‘joke’.

    • Well, you obviously don’t have a clue about vocalization. Scotty is definitely the best singer.

      • Are you in the music business Joan? Music teacher? Vocal instructor? What qualifies you to know what “vocalisation” is? And how come the people I know who are IN recording and music don’t ever use that word to describe someone who can sing?

        Lauren is the best technical singer of the three. Her pitch is accurate more than the other two and she is rarely – if ever – off key. She “slides” notes from one to the other flawlessly being on pitch for each of the two notes either side of the slide.

        Scotty slides notes too – but he slides OVER notes – not from note to note. That’s why he sounded pitchy as hell when singing a duet with Lauren. You can call Scotty’s style “fantastic vocals” but it’s not – it’s a reasonable facsimilie. Haley is pitchy at times too, but her vocal style (raspy/bluesy/jazzy) allows for some pitchiness without sounding too bad.

        The point is that Scotty is getting country votes because he is male and he is singing country. Period. He’s not a BAD country singer at all – but I’ve heard better singers in amateur country cover bands right here in my town of 1,000,000 people.

        I’ve felt the whole time that Scotty is quite a bit over-rated while Haley is quite a bit UNDER rated. This is probably due to the fact Scotty has a larger fan base due to his chosen genre and Haley has been constantly lambasted by the judges. She has shown us all EXACTLY who she wants to be as an artist while Scotty has delivered some terribly safe and sleepy performances.

        I have heard singers who have had formal vocal training and Lauren sounds more like them than the other two. Not saying she is the best performer, just saying that technically she is the best singer of the three.

      • I’ll agree that Lauren has a lot of natural singing talent, but if you want to get into the technicals Haley does things that Lauren can’t even dream of at this point. Just take something as simple as sustaining a note. Lauren has beautiful voice but a lot of technical issues, mostly due to breath support. The last 1/3 of Trouble is a great example of where her weaknesses are. That being said, I do think she is very talented and cute and lovable and all that jazz.

    • So why are you not on American idol if you can sing better than Scotty????


    • Perhaps more correct is Scotty is for the Lord.
      While I”m certain Jesus enjoys a good singing voice as much as we do, I’d be surprised if he took sides in this case.

      • I’m with you fb, I’ll bet he’s a wee bit busy to wring his hands over who wins the AI title, but I’m sure He’ll be pleased that someone does!

      • Buttercup, From what I see, He is well please with all of them. But no doubt sad to have seen James & especially Casey go home.

      • I’m thinking God might be a little put out with some of the attitudes here? I’m a shower singer, and in my car, so I am NO expert, just know what I like. I give them all high marks for guts. I sure as the world couldn’t do what they are doing…and I think Haley has a terrific attitude, I’d have jumped over that dask and slapped someone by now!! I’m just sayin….

      • Yeh, this is somethin I’ve been wondering about. Doesn’t God love all his children? Why would He want one person to win this over someone else. If He has is own purposes they will be fulfilled with or without people winning this competition.

        Nuff with the hokey pokey, Haley’s a good girl, raised seemingly in a great family. I haven’t seen anything that would say otherwise. Maybe she is strong willed, but since when has that become a crime in this country? We are Americans, strong willed is an understatement.

    • Haha vous croyez encore à cette vieille histoire du seigneur? Siboire, avancez dont un peu moralement bande de cabochon!

      • NG, I am by no means a ‘Jesus freak’ & am not a Bible basher!
        However, I will quote the truth where I find it.

  40. They are all so talented! I wish that they all could win! I know that the odds are with two country contestants that it will come down to one! I am hoping that knowing that Lauren isn’t just country……she will take it! But I love them all and wish them the BEST! They will go far! I miss James!

  41. The ranking always change. Those people who hated Hailey so much they are not happy with the ranking and they will vote for Lauren and Scotty more.

    • I will now be voting for Scotty and I will raise the number of times I vote!!!!

  42. I think that Casey was Great- and he is going to become well known in the future ! I relly thought that the top 3 would be Scotty, James and Haley. I was in shock! Scotty has a great personality, works the stage well and HE CAN SING!
    We are praying for you Scotty !

    • I agree but randy jackson will say bad comments and it will make haley’s image bad

      • WOW the green eyed monster is out once again. Haley is no bully and if you were watching like I was all three of them were singing and smiling when James did his last song. I just don’t understand the haters here, you don’t even know these kids but yet you act like the bully you are calling Haley. So sad to be someone like you.

      • Hmmm…I saw Lauren smiling, too. The evil spawn of Satan!

        Seriously, this is like whack-a-mole.

      • so right saki.. they are the bully.. vote for your favorite and stay calm.. this is a competition.. the one who have more voted will be the winner… maybe you hate Haley because you know she will probably win this

      • ugh i think the bully is the overrated cocky asshole that came in fourth place, when his additude was in 13th in my opinion.

      • I sure agree with that! Take a good look, you Haley fans. You have distorted perspectives.

      • Joy, Could it be, just MAYBE, Haley was happy she got thru & was smiling cause SHE didn’t get eliminated, as everybody expected when Lauren got first chair?
        When you have to dig THAT damn deep to blast Haley, it makes you out to be a sorry psasht!

      • Bill, Be careful… Konrad is lurking out there somewhere.
        P.S. We can say ‘asshole’?

      • Who’s to say James wouldn’t be all smiles if Haley left? Besides that statement is completely untrue. The one with the biggest smiles was Lauren.

      • Elissa, you are the bully. Grow up! These are kids (what you probably are). And for all you haters out there they are all talented. From a musical perspective Haley does things with her voice that are so technically difficult. Also Randy and Jennifer have been unfair to her up to this point. No one deserves that treatment.

      • How come 95% of Haley haters are girls? Sounds a lot like they’re a bunch of chubby loners who listen to way too much Tori Amos, huddle in groups, and scowl at pretty, confident well-adjusted people.

        Somehow, it’s become politically incorrect to be pretty, talented and confident. It would seem the ‘nobodies’ of the world don’t want to be labelled (like fat, boring, loser, etc.) so they refuse to allow anyone else to labelled as pretty, talented, confident. etc. This way, the world is a nice safe place with NO competition so that fat, unmotivated, average, boring people can just sit around and be fat, unmotivated, average and boring and still feel prety good about themselves. This as pretty people are labelled MEAN and ARROGANT and BULLY. I call B*LLSH*T!

        I say Haley is a threat to the common North American slob – especially girls who thought they had the world beat with angry indie music, baggy clothes and the general “don’t hurt me” emo shtick which all boils down to “we can’t win so we’ll make winning unfashionable”. Too bad. The gig is up.

        Stop hating HALEY because you hate YOURSELVES. You’re just making me like Haley more and more and more and more!!

      • So then how come these same ladies love Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, JLo, Beyonce, etc? Your theory is lame.

      • They are beyond their reach. Don’t think for a second that there aren’t people that hate the people you mentioned for exactly the reason NG stated. There’s no logical reason for the hate towards Haley. If you don’t like her or she doesn’t appeal to you that’s fine. But there’s so much actual hate it’s pretty ridiculous.

  43. Could be a very interesting week.

    First, Lauren A properly rose up because with “Always” she had the best song of the night next to Haley’s. Lauren really didn’t do anything since to 13 started, except “The Climb” – until last Wednesday. But she is supertalented, huge voice and heart. It’s basically head to head now and country music people and those non-country afficionados that just won’t vote for Haley – now can decide – who is the better country singer. Big noght for Lauren, the usual night for Scotty, they might just say Lauren A is the better singer.

    Haley starts with an interesting judges choice song she can do a lot with. A little advantage over the other two is she has a “bank” of about 40 jazz classics plus the Beatles she has done with the Harper’s Jazz Ensemble, her parents band – nailed down already. Some she can sing a cappella throughout she knows them so well. I predict she will select one, a Cole Perter or lesser known Beatles number and do it a cappella or with 1-2 dry runs with the Band – so she can focus most her time on just two songs. The Alainis Morissette tune and the one she and Jimmy Iovine will pick last to compliment her personal choice and judges choice.

    Haley also picked up another Idol notable in her corner. Allison Iraheta declared herself a “huge fan of Haley” and said the Haley iTunes she listened to were awesome stuff.

  44. Matt, Being new to all this I’m confused.

    Only three contestants remaining, right?
    One pole, right?

    So… how do we only have a 67% total?
    Is James the mystery vote getter with the missing 33%? If so, he’s ahead.

    • I think it was the poll on last Wednesday’s performances. James was on top, but was voted off, new poll will be after this wednesdays performances. Correct me if I’m wrong Matt.

    • You’re right Chris. You can’t just take James off the poll like that. You would need an entire new poll with just the three. You could recalculate the new percentage based on a percent of a percent and make the new number /100 instead of /67, but this would negate the effect of people who used to vote for James who are now going to vote for someone else. One could GUESS that a MAJORITY of James voters would swing their support for Haley, but this is a bad bed – many James voters said they will support NOBODY. Trouble here is that if either “country kid” is voted off before Haley, the remaining “country kid” would likely get most of the swingover votes from the country kid voted off.

      Confusing, but mathematically probably.

    • I don’t think this is the reason there is a discrepancy between the online polls and the actual results. (I just posted about it below)

      In short, we are allowed only vote. Being allowed to have unlimited # of votes is diluting the opinions of those of us who choose not to spend their life voting hundreds and hundreds of times for one contestant.

    • Also…..

      If the # of AI votes were limited, based on what I’ve seen in other polls which have been very similar to the poll here, Lauren and Haley would not be in the final 3.

    • Brandon, The Protest Vote… ay, yes. I read about that in school… eh, a number of years/decades ago.

    • OR/ there are alot of people who don’t read your blog and vote here but vote in the actual competition.:)))

  45. HALEY AND LAUREN IN FINALE!!! haley, i hope you bring home the title! i think scotty might be leaving us this week

  46. Hope Lauren sing:
    1. My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion
    2. Open Arms – Mariah Carey
    3. Learn From the Best – Whitney Houston

    • Kechik, Maybe one day (I hope), but she can’t do it now.
      Honestly, what female Singer alive today can sing/ tackle those three in a row?!

      • I’ll be the first to go off the buffalo jump – Christina Aguilera. Yup, I said it.

      • PC, I’m sorry… I didn’t of Christina
        You could be right.
        Of course, the question is would SHE want to tackle those three?

  47. I will be sick if Lauren Wins.. I can tollerate Scotty but please Lauren Alaina is not AI top winner.. Haley maybe and scotty maybe.. James should have been the winner of this contest

    • Lauren is sweet and she have a nice voice.. but I dont see her like a star.. Haley have all my votes

    • Actually, I prefer Lauren’s voice over Scotty’s–by a mile. So while I LIKE Scotty, I am hoping for a Lauren/Haley finale.

  48. The actual AI results would reflect these online polls more accurately if it weren’t for the fact that rabid fans, who vote hundreds of times for one person, are diluting everyone else’s votes.

    The weekly rankings on this site show the real problem of AI’s voting system. (btw, the rankings on other sites are usually very similar because they, too, limit one vote per user) These online polls will never be useful, if it is believed they are an accurate indicator of “popularity” and AI results, until AI limits the number of votes allowed.

    To me, AI voting system, until they can prove otherwise, merely indicates which contestant has the most obsessive, infatuated fans.

    • You’re SO right !!!

      The AI producer seems not wise ! What’s the meaning of holding this singing competition if it’s NOT the right idol to win ! (James should be in the finale at least !!)

      After James was voted off, someone at once reminded me of the new show ‘The Voice’ ! So, who is going to lose, maybe AI finally, if the voting system is not to be improved.

    • Joy go away unless you have something nice to say. Have you met Haley, have you spoke with her, have you hung out with her? If not, how can you say these things about someone you don’t know.

      • Haley was so obviously happy with her big smile when both Pia and James were eliminated. She’s way way into herself. Don’t have to know her persoally to see that clearly.

      • who cares if she smiles an is happy! i would be too if i was where she is! she is talented which is what the competition is about. u shouldnt read into things ur gunna hurt urself.

    • sorry Joy …
      the Lord is busy doing better things…
      but I will pray for you to see the light anyway…

      • yeah, her head is so big. what bs ur spreading. james’s head was 10x bigger then haley’s. and by the way im so sick of people saying she can’t take criticizem, when she can, she did the first 10 weeks when nobody else got any, and she wasnt even pissed til she got singled out by randy, and she should be pissed.

      • Well now, I don’t think she was upset at being singled out. I think she was just really in the moment when she finished a very emotional performance (about kids dyin and poor elephant and frogs and such, who wouldn’t be emotional) and Randy busted her bubble. Heck, I’d be mad too.

      • Sorry, punch the wrong button..
        …is honorable beyond compare.

        You have done our Haley a great service AND all of us, including supporters & the haters. Thank you.

      • Most people named Joy are not very joyful people. It’s like a cruel joke the fates play on crabby personalities.

      • Me neither. I like Lauren. I agree that she doesn’t quite yet have the star potential that Scotty has, though. They’re all good at this point but if you take in the entire package, it’s Scotty all the way.

    • I think Lauren is a wonderful young lady that needs a little assistance with wardrobe/make up, has a beautiful natural voice that needs some polishing, and a great personality you just want to pinch her cheeks. Do I hope she blows us away? Yes, and I say so every week “I hope Lauren blows us away this week”. Do I think she will? No, but I’m secured to the deck just in case we get a tsunami named Lauren Alaina.

  49. I am very interested to see what Scotty picks/gets to sing this week. I think he should break out the guitar as play something up beat and fresh. “Honey Bee” by Blake Shelton would be awesome and I think very fitting for his voice. He could also probably do a great Chris Young, “Tomorrow” although its a little on the slower side.

    • I hope Scotty doesn’t sing Farmer’s Daughter, or the one you picked Old Sarah, two very good songs for him to sing.

    • scotty will be singing …
      she believes in me by kenny rogers
      youll think of me by kieth urban
      what hurts the most by rascal flatts

    • I think he should sing I”m a Country Boy” or Shake it for Me! The girls would love this and so would I.

      • I wish he’d sing something by Randy Travis. I love to hear Scotty sing as much as I do Randy Travis and Travis was my favorite until I heard Scotty.

  50. Whoever wins amoung the 3 of them that person deserve the winning for having the most votes by the fans. This year’s talent was amazing.

    • Let me ask you this….

      Which contestant would a “deserve” to win…

      A) the one who received one vote from 100 people

      B)the one who received 52 votes from 2 people?

      AI thinks it is B.

      • To clarify…in case it’s confusing….

        A) receives 100 votes total
        B) receives 104 votes total

      • Per the rules B but the real voting comes later when people vote with their money to buy songs and albums.

      • Amazing point Bloodyscot!!! Nobody is going to buy 100 copies of the same CD. That is why you see some Idol winner’s CD hidden at the stores with a sale price of $2.99 and STILL nobody buys it!

  51. Just want to say “Thank You” to Matt, Branden and Ashli Rae……You guys are fun and run a great site….I’ll be seeing you on BB and The Voice sites.

    Its been fun!!!!! I’ve meet a lot of great people and for that I thank you…..

  52. I agree with the post above…in that Haley was all smiles when James was eliminated…..therefore I feel all Durbin fans should vote for Lauren….dont send our support Haley’s way.

    • Like I have said before Haley was not the only one smiling and singing along when James was doing his exit song, I saw Lauren and Scotty doing the same. why zero in on Haley when she is doing as the others are doing. Unbelievable.

      • I agree that all three were smiling and singing along with James. It wasn’t meant negative, man why so much hate.

    • Nice appeal to the sheep. The rest of us will listen and vote for ourselves.

      • JamesDubinFanForLauren .. just read what you wrote.. make no sense… voting for someone just because you want one contestant to loose.. thats really stupid

      • why didn’t u make the same campaing but with James.. maybe he’ll still in the competition

    • I vote for who I like best and that might change from week to week.
      When I win I shake their hand then celebrate like most sports teams and their fans.

    • It’s a competition. Do really think that Lauren, Scotty and Haley want to go home so James can stay in and win.

  53. scotty mccreery will be singing..

    she believes in me = Kenny Rogers
    youll think of me = Kieth Urban
    What hurts the most = Rascal Flatts

      • Scotty is tackling Kenny Rogers, Keith Urban and Rascal Flatts? Seriously? Wow —

        He’d have been better off going after George Strait, Trace Adkins, and maybe Randy Travis — all three of those songs are very HIGH and hard to sing….


  54. American Idol has turned out to be a travesty. They need to start limiting the number of votes so that the results are actually truthful, and not who has the most time, speed dial, not getting a busy signal etc. Scotty has absolutely no range, Lauren is too young to have any ‘soul’ in her singing, and Haley can’t take off enough clothes to get votes. not everyone watching is a ‘letch’ ala Tyler. I know I am full of sour grapes, but the only person that actually entertained was James. The rest of AI this year will be as boring as the 3 that are left. I am going to the AI concert, but mostly to see James. I will buy his CD, hope that he tours, and while I am not into metal, will go to see whatever he is able to put together. The top 3 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    • I agree….I’m not planning on watching this week at all. I’m on this website mostly to find out if some of the booted contestants come back to perform individually. I’d like to see those who made this show interesting….Casey, James, Naima, Paul.

      I think the 3 finalist have absolutely phenomenal voices (when they are on) but I could care less now.

      • You know, kids take their toys and go home when they don’t get what they want…so I guess adults do too. There are 3 young, talented, and excited singers waiting to perform for you all…give them the benefit of the doubt…they are in it to win it….even James picked a favoarite after he was eliminated.

    • Yeah and I bet you wish you looked like Haley. You people amaze me how you can make such assumptions about Lauren, Scotty and Haley because your favorite got voted off.

    • yep…I think you are a dried up old prune…

      you complain about Haley’s wardrobe…what about JLo’s?…

      • Right on. She doesn’t dress any skimpier than JLO and she looks good in what she wears., so yet again get over yourself.

      • Right! Except I really don’t think those shorts do her any favors. Sometimes I wish she’d just show up in jeans, a t-shirt and some sneakers.

    • That would be the reasonable thing but… I don’t know who the hell is voting this year! Too many wireless communication providers offering a family deal… too many kids with cell phones!

  55. I think Haley is going to make a nice performance with You ougtha know.. she can sing everything she wants to

  56. It’s a shame James went home. Love listening to him and watching him perform. The voting so needs to be changed. I knos AI likes to toss out those big vote numbers, but it does not accurately reflect the true feelings of the people watching the show. Everybody knows if it was one person one vote no one would be close to James. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy listening to Scotty, Lauren and Haley. They will all have big musical careers. AI, it’s time for a change on voting.


    • another dried up old prune, that can’t handle another woman’s sexuality….
      pity really

    • Ring da’ bell! Chili’s on! Oh, no, that would be the CHUCK wagon. Sorry!

    • I meant, doesn’t take much for you guys to assume the worst of someone, that Haley should sing “SIN WAGON”, duh!!! The song called “SIN WAGON”, the Dixie Chicks did it.

    • Zeus and Allie@ I pity you both. You both sound like you really hate me. I believe I have never met either of you. Sorry you are so quick to judge. BTW I have been for Haley since Hollywood week long before everyone else decided to start liking her.

    • Not really. Haley is pushing her memorable, best of night, best iTunes (6-8) so far, into the sort of quality runs past Idol “best singers” like Kelly, Adam, David Cook, and Melinda Doolittle had. (Now all announced fans of Haley’s, for some strange reason). Night after night, a song of excellence – with only a few, very few “average or below average song ” nights since “Blue”.
      And the versality of genres Haley has killed it in is almost as impressive as what Adam and Clay did killing songs from all corners of the music map in their years.
      And she is not done making her mark. She has at least 3 more songs she could add to a most formidable list of fine or outstanding Idol performances.

  58. My predictions are that Lauren will go home this week leaving Scotty and Haley as the final 2 and Scotty will be crown the winner.

    • Idol always has surprises. Lauren Alaina is one huge-talent teen. She did a great job with “Always” last week. That may just give her the confidence to dare to fail this coming Wednesday. Lauren could well fail if she tries going all out, or fail once, just miss the 2nd, and blow the roof off the place on her 3rd outing.

      I’m for Haley, but I’d like to see both Scotty and Lauren have great nights too! I’m basically a viewer with family that wants to be entertained. And 9 fine songs – is better than just 3 from Haley, or 2 from Haley and 1 from Scotty and Lauren, each!

    • If Haley makes it to the finale I really think Lauren is the one with the chance to beat her. Scotty has no new fans (except the crazies that think James wants them to vote, lemmings will be lemmings). It will be Country vs Everything else and Country will lose that battle. Lauren is 100% more versatile than Scotty and is cute as a button.

      I’m not even sure Scotty can win against Lauren.

      And again, for you people that think Haley will be the one to go home, she only needs 33.34% of the votes to get into the finale, considering the other 2 share a large portion of their fan base the odds are looking pretty dang good.

  59. I like all three of them, and James, as giving me the impression of being fine likable young performers.
    Haley is my favorite of the bunch.
    While Scotty still has his humongous tween Red State voting base he and Lauren will in fact now be compared head to head as the best “non-Haley” singer in the country genre. If Lauren kills a couple and Scotty cruises through with no real impact, Scotty could lose many votes to Lauren.

    Haley, while having the toughest judges choice, also has an advantage of having about 40 songs she has done down cold enough she can sing them a cappella or with just 1-2 dry runs with the band. While upside down on her head.
    Leaving her main focus in the short days left on judges choice and producers song.

  60. Many of the viewers that have been watching Idol all season have come to know the judges and their quirks (such as Randy’s ongoing criticism only of Haley)–and know what to ignore. My concern is with the new viewers that will be tuning in to watch the final 2 weeks. They likely will be swayed more by the judges since they don’t know the history. I’d hate to think JLo & Randy might be able to decide the outcome.

    • I simply hit the mute button while Jennifer is talking, her voice is kind of whiney to me, and she really has nothing to say that makes any sence. I mute Randy as well, I used to have a bumper sticker that said, “mean people suck,” and Steven has been a mystery to me. He seems to be distracted or annoyed, and I can’t really blame him, maybe this job just didn’t turn out like he expected?

      • According to Tylers book, he was out of it most of the time….that is why he looks and acts so bored now…note how half the time he is looking to the side

      • Amike Tylers book says that is why he looks and acts so bored now? Or is that just you doing your mentalist impersonation again?

      • My theory has been that Steven looks to the side to stare at himself in a monitor that must be nearby. 🙂

  61. It is obvious the results of this poll doesn’t mean anything. Just look at all the Vegas polls –like US and check out the projections.

  62. after James got voted off, I am no longer an idol watcher. I will not watch a show that has used influences to keep a contestant. It happened last time with Lambert. I am soooooooo done with Idol!! I am waiting now for X Factor, like “the voice” and waiting for “Americas got talent”…

    • But you’ve taken the time to find & get on this Idol chat Board and tell us that you won’t watch Idol anymore. Why is that?

  63. Look at 2011 American Betting Odds OSGA and check out the odds they give.

      • Scotty is the big favorite, Lauren and Haley neck and neck.

        Adam Lambert was a huge favorite to win, but that didn’t happen.

      • @JD I think Haley was the favorite with Lauren 2nd and Scotty 3rd. I would like to see the last 2 reversed.

      • @Old Sarah, I was just stating what the oddsmakers have. Scotty is a big favorite to win, and Haley and Lauren are very close in odds. Personally I hope Haley pulls an upset and wins the whole thing, but unless this season turns out like the Adam Lambert season where he was a huge favorite of the oddsmakers and still ended up losing, the odds are against Haley and Lauren.

      • Haley has beaten the odds people all season. She was 20th place out of 24 to get into the top 10. Julie Zorilla and Casey Abrams were supposed to win this year with Scotty coming in 3rd. So I’d say they are just grabbing straws at this point.

  64. I thought James was ungracious. Scotty looked excited for Haley when Ryan told her that she was saved. James face turned sour cuz he knew he didn’t have a chance against Scotty. This is the disservice the judges did for not critiquing James and the others like they did to Haley.

    • What can you say? Scotty is just one fine, exceptionally likable young teen that has impressed me with his character and handling this whole thing like a pro. That he was so happy for Lauren and Haley is totally “like Scotty”.
      Haley and Lauren are fans of each other, as performers and as people.

      • I actually think that Lauren and Scotty was happy for Haley when she was told she was safe. I have two thoughts on this. One Scotty felt like that made the competition easier for him with James out and the same for Lauren. All of these artists are good people but let’s be real it is a competition. My other thought was that Haley had voiced her concern that she would go home after the criticism by the judges and her response to Randy(since all artists are harder on their selves) so Scotty, Lauren, and Haley were all in complete shock by the results.

      • Haley was happy that James was out because that was her competition. Scotty and Lauren were happy for Haley because they are nice kids…they would have done the same for James had Haley not made it

      • @mike You must be a mind reader to know why Haley was happy. Also, are you saying Scotty and Lauren are no competition for Haley. Wow, you are impressive, you can read mind and see the future.

      • Mike, I have to call you out on that assumption: You’re wrong!
        Haley was happy & smiling WAY before James was called out… way before!
        Can’t you just leave it alone rather than make ignorant statements?

    • Sally, NO ONE should receive that type of raw, non-consructive & thoughtless criticism.

  65. I like what I see if I am reading it right. I have never got into any of that and don’t understand odds, point spreads and such. Thanks for info.

  66. yeah i was nT a fan of Haley during the show… but Now i want her to win…

  67. What in the hell is going on in the photo up there?? It looks like Haley is gloating over the results with Ryan and Scotty, while poor lonely James is all by himself. : (

    • Sorry, hit wrong reply. Ryan is telling Haley she is in first place. Only kidding!

    • It looks to me like Haley is happy she made the final 3, and if this was a video clip instead of a photo, you could see Haley telling Scotty good luck, then hugging James and telling him good luck. At least that’s what it looks like to me.

    • How can you say Scotty was smiling…you cant even see his face….Seacrest was telling Haley she was safe….watch the re run

    • If he was off to himself, it was because he didn’t put himself near the others. He could have congratulated Haley as did Scotty. What we are seeing here is a pity party, pure and simple.

    • Shame on Haley for being excited about making top 3. She should have immediately resigned and given her spot to James! She should’ve fallen to her knees and cried, “I’m not worthy!” Geez. How selfish and arrogant to be happy about success.

      Gag. Makes me sick to even be sarcastic about it. Stay down, moles.

  68. This is a little off the subject. When I was 18 I thought I knew everything. The older I get, I feel sometimes like I don’t know very much at all.

  69. Lauren can not go home. She is my idol and is so hard working and humble. She is so talented and deserves to atleast be in he finale. Scotty is also very talented while Haley is too confident and sounds like she is screaming.

      • As you stated above Old Sarah…time dulls the mind and the ears tend to fade also….Haley does scream

      • Just so you know Mike, you missed the point. What I said was I thought I knew everything when I was 18. Now I am smarter and realize I am not as smart as I thought I was. I did not say anything about my mind and ears going. I am not that damn old yet. Haley sings. She does not scream.

      • @Old Sarah 🙂 next thing you know someone will be telling you that you have a bad attitude for sticking up for yourself. Personally I am fond of women that stick up for themselves, and all three of my daughters do just that.

  70. I read in one of Haley’s going home articles yesterday that her Father said, he always new she was tough, but did not realize how tough she really is.

  71. It is sooooooo funnny how the Haley haters revert to the same old she has an attitude line. Most great singers have an attitude. Wake up from your dream world. I’ve got an attitude too. I think most of you out there are like cows. You answer the dinner bell and are told what to think. You are biased in everything from music to religious thought and most of you have no clue or knowledge of either. Open your minds and get off your as*** and learn something. Are we talking talent or attitude here? “I only vote for people I like even if they aren’t that good!!!!!” Stupid.

    Give me a break. No eyes and no ears.

    • Yes, one of them gets it in their head and then they all go with. It gets a little tiring.

    • I might add that Scotty ain’t no Archie, either. Just cuz the kid wears a cross doesn’t mean he’s Mr. Peter himself.

    • I just hope the boy has the gutts to stand up for something next time someone is being treated unfairly.

  72. Don’t you love it when they announce to us that they are no longer going to watch AI because their favorite didn’t make it, that the voting is the problem and AI needs to change?
    I guess the fact that voters decide upsets them. Maybe we should only count their vote.

    • The ones cring that the voting needs to change this week are the same ones that said last week “I’m going to vote 500 gazillion times for James. He’s the best.”
      Aint it funny how that works?

    • You just hope they vote for your pick, Most people have already made up their minds and are waiting to vote for their favorite.

  73. Personally, I don’t like James-he had a decent voice and stage manner, but i think he came over as very full of himself, and seemed to get way more attention and air time than the other contestants.oh, and he was such a copier of Adam Lambert’s style and vocals, and yet seemed to have no respect for him as a performer.
    Scotty seems nice and safe, with a nice safe voice-but every song sounds the same-i.e dull! Lauren has a lovely rich tone to her voice, and is very talented, but just isn’t ready yet. Hayley is hard to like, and sometimes hard to listen to, but occasionally she gets it right-but, qute frankly, they are a very average threesome, and nowhere near the talents of Adam Lambert; David Cook etc.
    I am a 48 year old, usually sensible English woman, but after seeing Adam perform in Glasgow last year-well, what an absolute star. Any doubters out there, listen to his c.d-it is an excellent debut by a quite exceptional performer.

  74. Haley should win. She has the look. She has the voice. She is diverse. She is likeable. Most the people who disagree are ugly woman hiding behind their fake name posting anti Haley crap. Also I loved James as much as the next guy, but when did we forget this was a singing competition, and while he was a great performer, he had by far the worst voice left. Then again, this is the same show that saw its best voice voted off because she did not perform “enough.” I wonder if the VOICE named it self that to poke fun at American Idol and highlight what we should be voting on at this point. Haley is one bad ace bizotch and no matter what happens is the face of this season; in my mind and the mind of little boys and grown men all over 🙂

  75. Haley is the best by far now that James is gone. Scott is boring…great voice but hes the same singer now as he was day one, and Lauren has gone backwords most week. Started as the favt and now on the verge of going home each week. Haley started a little shakey and has gotten better each week..has the most standing O’s…and the best tracks on the recordings…isn’t that winning a competition is about? The finished product and the improvement? Just saying..

  76. Lauren inspired me so much when i heard her version of “Anyway”. And i know that no matter a strong storm would come, she will do it “anyway”. I really believed that Lauren will be in the finale, for sure.

      • The only way Haley can win is if Lauren and Scotty split votes and Lauren is eliminated….Haley wouldnt stand a chance against Lauren in the final.

  77. I guess submissive women would call haley’s attitude “bad”. A bit sad, gotta say.

    • I’ve wondered about that as well. I thought we were in the age of enlightenment where women were empowered to be strong. But so many Country music supporters, particularly females, seem to want Haley to grovel, cry and moan at Randy’s dumb remarks –to be a submissive, Tammy Wynette, ‘stand by your man’ woman —or maybe wear a burqa!

      • Well as a female who is not submissive, but I am strong and enlightened, I disagree with what you guys have said.

        It makes no difference who the person is male or female, point being Casey, it is all about attitude and Hayley does comes accross as being rather arrogant as did Casey. It has nothing to do with sex, ethnicity etc but the nature of the person.

        This is what you should look at. I liked Hayley from the start as she had a powerful voice, but her attitude stinks. Same with Casey, liked him from the start but his attitude.

        This year the winner will be Scotty which is sad because it means that once again an AI winner is either pop/country. Now that is sad.

      • And why is it so sad to have Scotty win? Idol has had many non-Country winners. But, beyond that I am puzzled why you regard someone that stands up for themselves, as Haley has done, as “arrogant”? She merely said to Randy that she understood his criticism. Why is that horrible? What would you prefer she had done? I think you are reading way too much into Haley’s attitude and not nearly enough into Randy’s targetting her, and her alone, for weekly criticism. Suppose Randy had been doing that to Lauren? Yes, Lauren would have been crushed. Would that appeal to you more? Why is that?

      • @ Debby. I really can’t see Haley’s (or Casey’s) arrogance. I think Haley’s response to Randy’s ongoing criticism is pretty reasonable, really. He does seem to target her – last week was just mean, (even tho’ I think he was just offended that she did a Michael Jackson song and he was visibly upset by it). I just can’t see that her attitude stinks at all. She held most of it in! Maybe it is because she doesn’t cry, that’s why people think she’s being arrogant. Perhaps she is a bit tough, or putting on a brave face. I think he could have given more criticism to the others as well over the weeks – as in an honest critique to help them grow.
        Randy virtually ensured Haley a spot in the top three by going on like he did. Many were obviously up in arms about it and voting like crazy for revenge. Well, it worked.
        I’m a James fan, but I do like the others still in it. I think we should not judge these guys so much, they may be quite different in person.

      • Aussiejulie, I think you have touched on something. I have said before that I think Haley would have gone long ago if not for the criticism she so undeservingly received from the judges; Randy and JLO. I think it was their plan to keep her in the competition. Two weeks they criticized her rather harshly on the first performance and on the second, she got a standing ovation. It worked. People are angry because they are not giving her a fair shake so they power vote for her. You were being played like a fiddle. So Steve and you other guys should thank the judges for saving her.

      • How can all these people judge Haley’s whole entire being by a 10 second glimpse of her reaction to harsh judgement?

      • @Debbie Quick question…why is it that everyone talks about Haley’s ‘arrogance’? And now Casey’s? If anyone has shown arrogance it has been Scotty with his own quiet arrogance. Multiple times he has completely disregarded the advice of the celebrity guests because he seems to think he knows better. I certainly have nothing wrong with Scotty, I just can’t understand the hating on Haley.

    • I’m thinking its just jealousy … plain and simple…jealous they never did have it/ never will have it/ or just plain jealous because its all dried up and gone away…
      really is a pity, that women can be so mean spirited and vile…
      but that’s how women fight you know…they fight to leave no physical marks, only deep emotional ones, that last for years…where as men fight with their fists , and when its done its done… brutal, but much more civilized.

      • Haley’s family should be ashamed of her. She doesn’t have any manners, and that is reflective on her parents, and she doesn’t have any talent. Besides, it doesn’t matter about the other two episodes of American Idol now anyway, there is no competition for any of them! They are all three sad.

      • If anyone’s parents should be ashamed it’s yours for raising such an ignorant, narrow minded mole of person.

      • My mom and grandmother were two of the most easy going Southern Baptist you would ever meet but if you pushed them too far you have better run for the hills quickly or get a ear full.
        Randy stepped over the line and when too far in my opinion by not being balanced to all the contestants.

    • While I do not know why this is, I also have noticed the only ones to call Haley’s attitude “bad”, are women. To the point where some of them actually call her a bitch, for no other reason than Haley stands and applauds those voting off, rather than running up and shed some PHONY crocodile tears. Or she does not act submissive enough when Randy does his usual insane criticisms of her. Whether it is country music loving women or not, who continue to say this I do not know. But to me, it does not show women in a good light, when I see it.

      • If you read my reply, it says that I also did not like Casey’s attitude, who I believe is male!

        I am not againist Hayley because she is a female, some of the best artists around are female…so don’t put me in that boat as you dont’ really know me.

        Hayley is someone who has the vocals and probably one of the best, but it is her attitude not towards the judges, but in general and she even said at the start that she does have an atitude that some would see as arrogant and in my view, she still does. Casey has the same attitude. Nothing wrong with that, but in an industry where there are more failures than sucessess, they need to realise that in order to suceed, they must have some humility especially with those who are far more experienced than they are.

        That’s all…

      • Debbi, if you read MY REPLY, it said it always seems to be women who put Haley down for her so called attitude. And I stand by that comment. I doubt your of one of those that are calling her a “Bitch” … As you seem a bit more mature than that. But, many do. And those are the kind of comments that do not show women in a good light, if you ask me.

      • I agree that women tend to be so more critical of other women who are not the submissive type…but I am just looking at it from the point of view of a performers attitude, irrespective of whether they are male or female.

      • You think Casey’s and Haley’s attitudes stink and you aren’t referring to how they interacted with the judges? What ARE you basing that on, specifically? I only saw them come out and happily perform for the crowd and interact with others in a friendly manner. It is like you must be watching some other program than I am —the bad attitude channel or something.

      • I do agree with you, Steve. It’s nothing wrong about Haley’s attitude. It’s wrong about ignorant, jealous hating on her. I’m not Haley, but I also got angry about Randy’s criticism on her. Haley is amazing!

      • Have some of you guys ever watched America’s Top Model, Haley did the kind of thing the judges would send her home for. I remember Jade most of the time when the judges told her something. she’d come back at them and was finally sent home. When someone over you in a contest or job tell you something it’s best to say ok and smile. Then use what they say.

      • Funny, my boyfriend is one of many guys I know that do not care for Haley. He was happy that Randy spoke up and finally said how bad her singing was especially on that Michael Jackson song. It’s not just women that are not big fans. There are 4 guys that I work with that don’t like her singing, looks, or attitude. She’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert and many others over the years have endured far harsher criticism from the judges than Haley. Adam was told that his version of Ring of Fire was rubbish and that it was clear be wouldn’t be going to the Grand Ole Opry anytime soon. He didn’t “defend himself” by talking back to the judges or guest mentor. His payback was when he sang that very song to a sold out crowd at the Grand Ole Opry – one of the many stops on his sold out world tour. You see, there are other ways to get back at differing opinions than smarting off to a judge in front of millions of viewers. Haley joined this competition knowing that 3 judges were going to be judging her for months. If you don’t like the judging part, go knocking on doors and try to make it on your own with only your looks and voice. Most people will tell you it doesn’t happen like that anymore. Haley and Haley fans be thankful!

      • No no. There’s a very fine line between them, actually. And what you’re asking of haley is to act submissively. Why? Simply because the “theme” for round 1 was songs that inspire them. The judges should’ve had no say in the matter, but randy and jennifer lopez did. Disrespectfully, of course. I mean, who are them to say that “the song was not right” for her? WHAT?! Do they have a say in which songs inspire you and which don’t? Obviously not. And Haley reacted accordingly, stating what she felt about the song and how to sing it.
        I did not see a young woman being arrogant, but a mature one, confident with her choice and standing up for herself against unfair judgment. And that’s all there is to it.

      • YES! They have a say because they are there to have a SAY! And whether than song inspires her or not, it was HORRIBLE for her vocal range. She should have been smart and pick a song that both inspires her and suits her. I doubt she is inspired by ONE SONG ONLY! The judges’ comments were spot on, that song didn’t suit her and it showed on her performance. They are not there to nod at everything the contestants do, they need to voice their opinions. It has been that way since the show started!!! She has a nasty attitude since day one, even her reactions to being at the bottom 3 said a LOT about her as a person. She is just a brat, I guess her mommy and daddy always told her she was the best thing ever, and she won’t accept any opinion contrary to that. That is very immature and, if she wants to be serious about the entertainment business, she better gets her act together because she is nobody to be treating music producers like that and disrespecting their opinion!

  78. Hey fellow Haley fans. Any theories as to why Randy & JLo appear to hate Haley so much? Only thing I can think of is she’s in the way of them crowning one of their favs.

    Never watched AI before until this year & have been surprised at the obvious bias.

    • JLo don’t like her cause shes a better singer than JLO

      And Randy…not sure…maybe hes a HOMO…he always supported Jacob and he was terrible

      • Come on: Jackass, without exception, has biasly supported every black contestant & shown outright favoritism… even when they truly sucked.
        It’s no coincidence that his attack on Haley (that’s what it was), came the show after his Jacob was cast off. I’m guessing the psasht blamed Haley for Jacob’s ouster & wanted to make her pay for it. Only it backfired on the ass & cost James his chance.

        If this doesn’t make sense, let me know. I can handle it

      • My theory was that Haley would not submit to Randy’s sexual advances. So, he did his best to bring her down. Much like Beauty contest judges used to do. But, the “Homo” thing might make some sense too.

        But, Haley has not only impressed me with her voice. She has held up well to being in the bottom 3 for many weeks in a row and stood up well to Randy usual weekly harsh comments. James and Lauren would have crumbled under such pressure, for sure. To me, she is the role model for young women today. Not submissive, shy and demure Lauren. I personally salute Haley for her strength.

    • i think the judges want haley to win. but she was on the verge of going home until they really started critizing her. now because they have been slamming her so much she’s close to winning it all.

      • According to nearly everyone, Haley has been on the verge of going home since the round of 24. They started criticizing her from the get go, now that she is top 3 those critiques that have landed her in the bottom 3 four times are being given to get her sympathy????????? I am confused.

      • I think it was all a part of the plan to keep her in the competition. She would have been gone long ago if they had not criticized her so. It made people take notice. It worked.

      • It made people take notice and to listen to her carefully and it worked because she’s a true great singer, her performances were amazing, fascinating and colorful not as boring as Lauren’s and Scotty’s ones.

  79. So I was listening to some previous idol stuff and I’ll still have to say season 7 was my favorite season. Not to say this one hasn’t been exciting. Anyway, I’d like to hear Haley do some Daughtry or David Cook. I know it might sound a tad loony, but I was listenin to them and thought – this, this is it Haley. Light On and No surprise I think would be just dandy.

  80. I would like the final will be between Lauren and Scotty. Lauren because she has a beautiful voice and good attitude. I would like her to win, but maybe she will go home this week. I would have no problem if Scotty wins because he has a good voice and good attitude. But I would not like to win Haley, because although she has an amazing voice, she has a bad attitude. Why? Because when Randy gave a suggestion to Haley in the top 9 performance night, she had a face “to me that I care what you say, keep talking because I’m not going to pay attention” and I’ve seen that attitude in her for two consecutive weeks. But now, I do not see that attitude, and I do not know if she really has changed or she’s just acting to get votes.

      • Whack-a-mole. Haley’s attitude seems great to me. She won’t quit, won’t wither, won’t wilt. She’s working hard, in the studio, improving her performance qualities every week. You don’t get to see all the criticism she takes from the mentors and coaches all week while she’s recording and rehearsing.

      • Read my post a few entrees above and you will see that I personally think Haley is a MUCH BETTER role model for young women today, than Lauren is. I thought submissive women was a thing of the past. Apparently in some circles it is not.

      • I guess it would depend on people’s definition of submissive. To me a submissive woman is sure of who she is but does not flaunt it at the expense of others. People can defend themselves in a gentle way without lashing out at others or causing others turmoil. To me submissive women do not let others walk all over them but also do not think that they know everything and are willing to learn. A submissive woman does not lash out when someone shares an opinion they do not agree with.

    • Let’s see how Lauren handles criticism this week, shall we? The judges don’t know how to give constructive criticism to Lauren and Scotty cause they think they are too young to handle it. James is gone because the judges didn’t tell him how to get better.

      • No, Scotty as been given criticism and has handled it. Not to Haleys extent but He has been put in the toughest positions on the show, first against Casey and then against James. Making him look like he was in the bottom two both times and he wasn’t and also against fan favorites all for drama purposes. TPTB use that kid something terrible. And then he gets the back lash the next day. He can handle it and has proven that and that’s why they keep doing it to him. Lauren on the other hand, yes, can’t handle it at all. She is a melting pot.

      • Yes, Scotty has showed class when the show made it kind of look like he was in the bottom two a couple times. But in terms of constructive criticism by the judges, he hasn’t really received any.

    • who cares about her attitude! its who is the best performer not who is the best kiss ass.

      • I’m so tired of this stupid jealousy crap!!
        as a 56 yr old woman…I want to say this….I wish I still had ALL of HALEY’S ATTITUDE…LOL…

      • Thank you zeus!! All the Haley Haters need to stop with that attitude thing. They just had to find a reason to hate because they can’t deny that she is by far the best singger

      • If you are a 56 tear old woman why would you give yourself a man’s name? A male God, no less. Very interesting.

      • Zues, it is refreshing to see not all women think young girls should be shy and submissive. You rock.

      • i think u took my post wrong….lol i was sticking up for haley! i think she reacted perfectly last week

      • The other contestants are not trying to brown nose anyone. What I look for in an AI is someone that can not only sing but also has good character. There is more to being an AI than just being a great singer. Scotty is my AI because his singing is excellant and he strives to remain humble. He gives credit to who credit is due.

      • Come on lets be real here….This show is about who is the best performer? This show is a popularity contest…the best performer was voted off last week.

    • She has put up with more than any of the others and, lest you forget, she is only 20.

      If the judges had been a little more critical of James instead of letting him get away with some less than stellar performances these last two weeks, he would probably still be here.

      Had they criticized Lauren and/or Scotty for some of their lousy performances in the same manner, we would have seen attitude, especially from Scotty who was not very nice to Jimmy Iovine when he didn’t want to sing the song Iovine had suggested for him.

      The fact is – as Daughtry’s manager pointed out to James – there is a limited market for Black Sabbath type music he wants to sing. Most bands of that ilk are on indie labels and you can go to a number of websites, including Amazon and download a lot of this music free.

      If Scotty wins, unless he puts in some amazing performances on Wednesday, it will not be about his singing but about what a lot perceive is his nice guy persona.

      The last two winners have been elected this way and both have flopped post-Idol.

      Now look at the songs the “judges” have chosen for them to sing.

      Scotty and Lauren have both been given sugary sweet Country songs to sing, while Haley has been given a “song” by a “singer” who is horrible and controversial.

      They have criticized her for singing songs that are not well known and I, for one, had never heard this song and after reading the lyrics and playing the 90-second preview on i-Tunes, never want to hear it again.

      It is disgusting and totally unsuitable for the image of Idol and will only feed the Haley hater frenzy out there even more.

      The “judges” have been lousy since the top 13 started and have just proven to me how hypocritical they are when it comes to Haley.

      All we can hope is that Jimmy Iovine and his musicians can clean this piece of garbage up and give Haley an arrangement that has a tune to it.

      • interesting what u said about the judges choice for haley. i know the song but i had never thought of it as the judges way of throwing her under the bus once again. u make a really good point and i hope that the voters keep in mind that the judges chose that song haley did not.

      • I am not a hailey fan I just don’t like her voice on most songs however I loved benny and the jets and think she should take on alains morsett big fan of her

      • Excellent point! Good post Paul!

        The audience needs to know this is *THE JUDGES CHOICE* for Haley, as she would not pick this piece of garbage to promote her career!

        I am confident Haley will sing it powerfully and professionally, but I wonder what *THE JUDGES* motive might be by giving Haley a harder, and much more controversial song over the other two contestants.

        I agree, its *important* to notice how the “industry” encourages clean, well mannered young people to abandon their morals and ethics for fortune and fame. It something we should all take notice of!

        This goes hand in hand with the deluge of crap we saw in last weeks advice and eliminations from “Lady” Gaga to Tyler. That production was one of the worst Ive seen from Idol.

        From Elvis to the Beatles, from Britney to Miley, they all start out clean and end up wasted and washed out! “Welcome to the Machine”

        I’m just say n’

      • I think TPTB want Lauren to win and have since auditions. They are never critical of her, even when her performance is mediocre and every poll has had her in the bottom. Yet James is gone and there stands Lauren. She’s a lot better than Lee DeWyze, but there is definitely something rotten in Denmark.

      • People forget that this song won Grammies. Alanis Morissette isn’t the best vocalist in the world, but she’s definitely an accredited singer/songwriter. The song is not appropriate for idol. Crystal Bowersox performed this song last year for the finale with Alanis Morissette and it wasn’t terrible. I think Haley will step up to the challenge like she always says.

        I love that Paul pointed out the snooty in Scotty. It’s not to the judges, but it’s to the mentors like Jimmy and Gaga. James also was not a perfect person, especially in Hollywood week. To single out Haley because she defended the way she performed a song (she didn’t want to take away from the original version) is silly and people are blind by their bias.

      • I think Scotty handled the disaggreement with Jimmy over song choice in a respectful manner. Scotty was just wanting to continue to pick songs that fit his personality, beliefs, and character. Scotty has been professional since the top 13 took the stage. He was very gracious when the judges critizised his choice of the sond Swinging.

      • David I think he meant that Scotty would rather respectfully dissed Jimmy than Randy.

    • Blah.. Blah… Blah… I was going to rip into this nonsense rant of Istmyop’s but I”ll stop here because he/she writes like a 10 yr old and I don’t want to make a child cry.

    • Godandlove, Now it is making more sense to me. Correct me if I am wrong, You are a old school, religious type of woman. Who is taught to OBEY your man and that man is king, so he must be served by his loving wife. Young Ladies …. Be very thankful that there are strong willed women (such as Haley) who can handle pressure that would crush Lauren and those like her, to be role models for younger women today or you just might start thinking along the lines Godandlove one day soon.

    • that would b d MOST BORING top 2 f you wish to have scotty-lauren….NO DIVERSITY ,NO INTENSITY AT ALL…..nd 4 you @miss or mister itismyopinion, how could you judge someone’s attitude when you just saw her in 2 or 3 episodes only? get it out of your mind!grow up …and i know you could b worst than her…

      GO HALEY!

  81. So, Crystal Bowersox performed You Oughta Know last season in the finale. She changed the lyric to “Would she go down with you to the theater” xD

    • In the final last year, Crystal Bowersox sang:

      “Me and Bobby McGee”
      “Black Velvet”
      “Up to the Mountain”

      At no stage from Audition through Hollywood to any of the rounds did she perform this song.

      Top 3 round she did:

      “Come to My Window”
      “Maybe I’m Amazed”

      She sang “No-one Needs to Know” by Shania Twain in the round of 6 but at no stage did she do this piece of garbage.

  82. scotty mcceery homecomeing video at 1,500,000 hits,most popular on youtube at moment,,wow!

    • That is impressive, I’m sure that is contributing to why the vegas oddsmakers have him as the heavy favorite.

    • Watching Scotty’s homecoming video was so refreshing. He was able to be a star while still showing humility. I loved it when he cried upon seeing his high school friends. His reactions showed that he cares more about others than anything else. I pray that he maintains this humility and Godly character when AI is finished and he signs a contract. I also loved it when he said he was and will continue to be just Scotty. His statement makes me feel confident that he won’t change his character to fit HollyWood values. Scotty is my AI because he can sing and stays true to who he is in Christ.

  83. Haley is far superior vocally than Scotty and Lauren, who are just good singers, although now very popular (like other Disney singers). Haley is in the Premier league. The others are two levels below the Premier league.

    • scotty and lauren are both better singers than haley. listen to the duet with lauren and haley, lauren is way better than haley.

    • If Haley is premier league….what does that makes James and Pia? Superior League…..its about popularity not talent. Besides…. Lauren is the best vocalist of the 3 remaining contestants….her vocals dwarfed Haleys in the duet they sang together.

      • You guys are so incredibly subjective it’s ridiculous. I’m not even going to try arguing with idiots.

  84. dont talk to much .. just believe .. LAUREN next american idol 2011!!
    Just wait n see!!

  85. The most sickening singer on American idol is Hatley!!!!!!!!!! That stupid lady in class wt bad attitude still there what a shame!!!!

  86. I don’t pretend to be an expert on music, but I know which contestants I would listen to on the radio and which ones I would turn off, therefore, I will cast my votes for Scotty and Lauren. Folks, this all boils down to a personal listening choice. Because our choices are different doesn’t mean any one of us is wrong in whom we chose to vote for. We all vote for the one we enjoy the most!!

    • Ruth you are absolutely correct. I get tired of reading that a contestant should win because they are sweet. They should win because of their ability to perform and as we can see from this year and in previous years, with a few exceptions, that is who wins…sweet, boring performances, no stage presence….

  87. can someone explain to me the “split votes” concept thats been floating around the comments. split between who??

    • Kinda like in politics–if you have 2 similar people vying for an office, half the people in that party will voter for Politician A and half will vote for Politician B. So instead of one garnering the sweep he or she needs, each gets half of the possible votes. The “other party” contender can then win with fewer votes than he or she would normally need.

      The analogy applies here because if country voters are voting within their genre choice (country), the same general, vote-splitting thing will happen. So those who don’t care for country and aren’t voting that way, will vote for the non-country contestant. The non-country contestant can pull off an easier total vote victory.

      And that’s the rationale for the scenario where Haley can beat out what appears to be the overwhelming country vote (which ousted James, imo).

      • understood! thank u for telling me 🙂 that is good news for haley! good caus shes my favorite 🙂

      • The sources are not founded on anything. There is nothing on twitter or any actual news source from an interview. Honestly it would be pretty low for James to pick a favorite like that. None of the contestants so far have said anything about who they are rooting for, and James should do the same.

    • Country music fans will vote for either Scotty or Lauren and all of the non-country music fans will vote for Haley. Thus the country vote will be split between Scotty and Lauren. At least that is the theory that I have seen.

    • Their theory, not mine, is that because Lauren & Scotty are both country that the southern vote will be divided. My theory is that because James is gone a good number of his votes will go to Scotty. People who vote for guys are unlikely to start voting for girls. JMO

      • Hey, let’s conduct our own poll! Okay, James fans, who do you plan to vote for on Wed night? If you’re unsure, just say so, but if you’ve made up your mind, please stand up and be counted! This could be quite revealing!
        I guess your choices would be:

        Moving votes from:
        James to Scotty?
        James to Lauren?
        James to Haley?
        Not Sure yet.
        Not voting period. 🙁

      • pup, i cant vote caus im in cananda and i also liked haley from the beginning but i can say IF one were to vote for james at any point i dont think they would then vote a country singer prior to voting for a metal singer. logically his votes will go to haley. but i suppose my opinion is bias. it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

      • Allie, that makes sense . . . and I agree with it.

        But things are never quite as cut and dry as that. In this case, there is a rumor is going around (disputed by many, but it is still circulating) that James tweeted that he is supporting Scotty. That, I suppose, could persuade some of his fans to vote for Scotty. Because somehow, that will make them feel as though they are supporting James by doing so.

        Others have said James said nothing of the kind; instead, he is quoted as urging people to “vote for your favorite remaining contestant.”

        That kind of thing obviously shades things. And that’s what gives pollsters their use, I suppose.

        Now Templar has stated that he believes that if you vote for a guy once, you will vote for a guy again. I don’t think that holds water, but I could be wrong. Shows you how illogical voters can be, doesn’t it?!!

      • Not really I started out voting for Thia, then I went to James, and now im going to Haley. I have no problem changing the gender or genre of which i vote for

      • I am voting for Lauren regardless of the performances…then if she is eliminated…I will vote for Scotty also regardless of the performances. I hope that all James Durbin fans follow this same path. We might not have our contestant to vote for but our votes can still be influential to the outcome.

      • @JamesDurbinfanforLauren: Would you mind explaining your reasons for deciding to vote that way? I only ask because you said, “regardless of their performances”–so I am wondering if you blame Haley for James’ ouster.

      • I’m guessing if you were a James fan you know a thing or two about talent, so… your votes should go to Scotty or Lauren… or to nobody.

      • My reasoning is….that on this website’s Best Performance of the Week Poll….James registered the highest at 32% followed by Scotty at 27%, Haley at 26% and Lauren at 14%. So that says based on this with about 30,000 people voting one time each….James was the best performance of the week….yet he is eliminated… is a popularity contest not talent contest….so why vote based on performances….just pick your favorite person for whatever reason it may be and vote for them.

    • The split vote concept is, as I understand it, this: Suppose the final 3 were James, Haley, and Scotty. Then ALL of the Country music fans could (and would) vote for Scotty. Meanwhile, James & Haley would split the remaining non-Country vote. But, instead, the Country vote will be split between Lauren and Haley. It is now guaranteed that one Country singer will make the Finals. But, it is not clear which one. In the first scenario, Scotty fans could be virtually certain their guy would make it–not so in the 2nd scenario. Am I missing anything important?

      • Yes. Why would the country vote be split between Lauren and Haley? Why wouldn’t it be split between the 2 country singers?

      • it depends whether new voters enter the picture and whether voters of prior contestants decide to now vote for someone new, now that their prior favorite is gone. Without new voters or voters who continue voting, but for someone else, the split should stay the same as it was before, unless someone has a bad night, then this split vote thing doesn’t matter anyway. Did someone really think prior James voters would start voting for Scotty? LOL. If they vote for anyone, it will be Haley, ie, non-country.

      • Pup: Thanks for the correction. That was a mistype on my part. I obviously should have said the Country vote will be split between Lauren and Scotty.

      • I don’t know how accurate it is, but the general assumption is that voters will switch from one singer to another within a single genre more readily than they will cross genres. Thus, for example, James might have gone up and down in vote count as non-country voters switched between him, Casey, and Haley. And Scotty and Lauren swap voters back-and-forth from week-to-week. But perhaps the instances of voters switching from non-country to country (and vice-versa) are much rarer. Seems reasonable to me, but no way to know for sure.

      • Ahaha, it’s so complicated. I think my brain is about to explode. Here’s the thing, though. Majority of Haley and James fans were not shared while we can safely assume a lot of Lauren and Scotty fans are shared. So to say the vote would be split between Haley and James isn’t necessarily accurate.

      • David P: I think the point you are making is that when narrowed down to just one singer –say Scotty–the Country vote will all coalesce. Whereas the James voters may tend to just not vote at all rather than vote for Haley. If that is your point, I fully agree. I have said elsewhere that the split in the Country vote might well help Haley into the Finale. But in the Finale, the Country vote no longer will be split and I expect Haley to lose at that point. But who the hell really knows!! (<;

      • Well this “country music fan” has been seeing Haley as the most talented of them all, around about the time she sang the song “Blue”. And Haley has only gotten stronger and better since that moment. Again, I am not the type of person who votes for my favorite “role model” or who is the “most sincere“. That is SO LAME. I only vote on the performance they perform … and only on that given night. And because of that, Haley has been receiving the majority of my votes for about 6 weeks now.

  88. This proves the polls inaccurate because all people do is vote for the ones who are their favs rather than the best performer last week (who was lauren obvisouly) and no one voted for her because american idol voters view their favorites having the best performances rather than choosing the better performer. I.E. Haley’s first song compared to Lauren and James’ first song and people completely judged haley and lauren based on their second song. and VFTW doesnt make it any better.

    • i cant agree that lauren was the best last week considering haley bounced back again with a killer performance that tops them all….recieving a standing ovation. it is clear that haley took the night for best performer as a whole. so i have to say i think the votes are no surprise.

      • I agree with you Allie. Lauren did better than she usually does, I will give her that. But, as always … She was not in the same league as Haley, or anywhere close to it.

    • Both of Haleys performances were better than all of the other performances. JLo and Randog just had their own opinions. As JLo said, James set the bar alright, and then he fell right over it.

      • Jennifer said she performed/sung the song well, just a poor song choice. There was very little wrong with The Earth Song whether you liked it or not. Lauren’s Anyway was ‘ok’ Trouble was a bad song choice and a bad performance. Haley’s Earth Song was a good performance but a not so great song choice, I Who Have Nothing knocked it out of the park beyond anything Lauren has done all season.

      • There are at least 3, if not 4, Haley performances that are superior to anything Lauren has done. Superior vocally, musically and in performance value.

        “House,” “I Who Have Nothing,” “Benny” and “Moanin’.” The closest Lauren gets is with her first duet with Scotty in “I Told You So.”

    • Well, that’s what a lot of us have been saying–that people are voting for reasons that have nothing to do with vocal performance and skill. But just as you have seen with Allie’s comments, we do hear and focus on different things. (Btw, I agree with you that Lauren had a terrific first performance, but I also agree with Allie that Haley took it all with her second performance. So Haley’s strong second performance negated any negative influence Randy tried to effect in his over-the-top blasting of her first performance.) And that, in itself, is quite something! All Randy could do at that point was to close his slackened jaw and give her her due! (If he hadn’t he would have looked even more biased and idiotic than he did.) Sorry, can you tell I’m not a Randy fan? (I never used to care about him one way or the other; now I just cannot abide the man.)

      • Don’t know if you remember but Randy was the first person to stand when Hayley sang House of the Rising Sun…J-Lo and Steven Tyler followed.

      • agreed for sure. not a fan of randy either i find him always contradicting himself or following jlo like a lost puppy. in fact, i do not even think he has the right to judge due to the fact that, correct me if im wrong, he has no vocal training or experience?? maybe im just mad that he humiliated haley like he did haha kudos to her for finally standing up for herself! im not only a fan of her performing skills but apparently im a fan of her personality too 🙂 i think she deserves to win and i think she will go so far! all artists should take a pointer from her confidence. it goes far

      • The thing I’ve noticed about Randy is he is like a weather vane —turns with the wind. If Jlo says something even vaguely critical, you know he is going to double down on it. And if Jlo raves, so does Randy. Like him or not, Simon had his own mind and wasn’t so influenced by the other judges.

      • @ Debby. No, I did not. Well, thanks for sharing that. You know I am gonna be watching him like a hawk now. I just do not trust him at all. I still am concerned about the judge’s (I take it that is was one judge per contestant, but I could be wrong) song selection for Haley. Not that she can’t kill it, but that it just adds fuel to the fires the Haley haters have kept burning in their hearts.

  89. Concerning the Alanis song, someone did a duet with her on AI a while back. I remember them changing the lyrics up. Obviously it wasn’t Crystal, because the person posting seems to know what they are talking about by listing all the songs she sang. But, I do remember someone doing it. Does anyone know who?
    I know and like the song, but, when I sing along, I change some lyrics and it’s just me singing to myself. lol
    It is a controversial song, but I think Haley’s voice is a good match I hopes she pulls it off, and like someone else posted, I hope people remember she didn’t pick the song, and vote on how well she sings it, not the lyrics or content of the song itself.

  90. Saw another Mary poster. THIS Mary is pro Haley!! Changing my post name to Mary1.

  91. This is Crazy…Both Girls Should Be In Da Finale…If not i’ll b such a Shame towards us girls…Yeh!!!!!!! 2 Girl Power!!!! Lauren Vs Haley;)) Mwah

    • I’d like that because they are the two out of the three left i want in thhe finale. Plus give Haley a better chance to win 😛

      • Uh disagree there. I definitely want a Haley/Lauren finale. However this would make it very easy for lauren to win. Seeing as the country vote is so big that Lauren and Scotty have made the top 3, all scottys fans would vote for lauren. Thats a lot of fans giving lauren the advantage.

      • I’m not sure if Haley could beat Lauren, but she’d beat Scotty by a landslide. This is because Haley vs Scotty is a battle of genre, and Country, I think, would lose.

  92. Votes for Lauren will also go to Scotty & vice versa therefore if they both voted in the FINAL next week.The best performer of the night will win.Haley she only perform 1 out of 2 songs in the last 2 shows which is not consistant. To be an IDOL you need to be the best overall i.e vocal, personality & attitude.

    • They’ve expanded wed. night’s show to 2 hours, so maybe we’ll see some of James in Santa Cruz. I suppose the hometown visits will eat up a bit of time.

  93. The way I look at the last two weeks performances of Haley’s is that she had a good first song that was judged harshly, then came out with two of the best AI performances thus far. I see nothing inconsistent about that.

  94. I am country and I am 52 yrs old; and I say RIGHT ON HALEY. I LOVE HER ATTITUDE. I voted for Haley and Scotty on and off. Lauren is not really country to me.I think she has more growing to do.
    I’m going by voice and I love Scotty’s true country and I love Haley because she can sing just about anything put in front of her.

      • I am a country music fan and even older than you (by a little bit). And I love Haley’s strength, attitude and most of all, her voice and performance. I am open minded enough to recognize talent, now matter if it is country or not. That is why I also liked James as a performer. But, as a singer, James could not touch Haley, in my viewpoint. neither can Scotty and definitely not Lauren

  95. People will have to stop judging based on what they see on TV. Who are you to call someone has a bad attitude or not? do you know them personally?? And someone even said that someone’s mother had to be ashamed having a child who had bad attitude. I don’t think we should bring family here. It’s plain rude and ignorant. You’re calling people bitch but who’s the real bitch here, making those kind of remarks? What has Haley ever done to you? Stealing your boyfriend? No, right? So please stop with those same old attitude comment.

    Singing competition, does it ring a bell?

    And what do you expect? She has been slapped on the face by the judges, particularly Randy, a lot of times. He has never been that rude to other contestants. You are saying that Haley can’t take criticism but it’s another thing when you only criticize one person while you let others fly with flying colors. And no, the others have missed a couple of notes in the past but still they praise them.

    So if you were in her shoes… what would you do?
    What do you expect? Saying nothing and smile?
    Are you a robot? We are humans, we have feelings…. bring your hatred somewhere else please? There are just too many bitter people here or are they afraid that Haley now has more fans than before?

    Quit bringing people down and trying to steer the votes your way.

  96. obviously haley will be safe for u! ur polls are wrong! the person who runs this site must be a haley fan! no matter how crappy haley does she always gets good scores! Lauren has a better voice then her period! Haley sucks and doesnt deserve to be here! nvm top 2! u serious! Lauren FTW!! btw have the judges told scotty or haley what they tell lauren? like ur the whole package or ur the one or like jlo said we want to see u in the final at that moment where the confetti is falling! (: ! good bye haley! should have been gone a longggggggg time ago!

    • I hope Haley wins. Not only because she’s an amazing vocalist, has an awesome personality, and in general seems like a great person. But I want her to win so people like you can eat crow until next season. She deserves every vote she has received. You saying she sucks doesn’t change the fact that she’s incredible.

      • But the “Haley sucks” comment does kind of prove how juvenile he himself is. My guess is about 14 years old.

    • Yup, he could go up there and fart in the mic and people would still vote for him. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist).

  97. I think the one who will win is the one who identifies with the younger voters who speed dial a lot. That is if they even bother to count the votes at all. I doubt they do…This year the producers wanted two things to happen.they wanted to end the Simon style of criticism and also they wanted to allow a female to win…..I believe it will be a two female runoff….Especially since a lot of ladies and girls want that now too….
    Scotty has the middle aged cougar vote already and they usually only vote once….

    The voting is not really used…All the contestants know this before hand and all know that everyone will get a chance to air their goods on the tour…Save for a few thousand a show onward there is really nothing they can earn as a result of winning this competition….
    I am not certain that Haily will capture a lot of James ex voters but the James ex voters will not vote for Scotty nor Lauren whom they think is immature and should have been gone a long time ago.
    While it is still anyones guess I think Haley is on a roll now with James out of the picture…..In fact I think she surpassed them all last week and for the few past weeks she has pulled off some fantastic renditions…..she will have to say goodbye to her famliy doing her backup though when she turns pro….It is impossible to be objective with family.

    • Scotty is leading by a huge margin..with Lauren 2:1; with Haley 7:2..
      Only middle aged cougar vote ???? You must be joking!
      Haley leaves this week.

      • I think James’ votes will be split between Lauren and Scotty…Haley never even acknowledged James..there seemed to be no sort of friendship at all between them..Maybe she thought he was below her social standards or something.

      • Aha, JamesFanForLauren, now I see where you are with respect to your voting decision. I’d like to know if you have inside information about that relationship. You know, it could just be that James doesn’t acknowledge Haley. Did that ever occur to you? (Maybe Stefano put the move on Haley and Haley told him she was not interested. Explains the “love-hate” relationship remark that Stefano made. And because James was Stefano’s friend, maybe he just decided to be aloof to her from that point on.)

        Now you see how all of this is merely conjecture–on your part and my comments above? Do you actually KNOW anything? So why are you deciding that Haley is the “evil” one who deserves your distaste?

      • Very few people will vote based on who James likes. Are we a bunch of zombies that can’t think for ourselves? Only the crazies will jump on a wagon with no horses.

      • Kris Allen was at roughly 2 1/2 when he beat Adam Lambert who was at just over -3 just to compare years Also Kris Allen started at 50 Adam at 9.
        This year starting odds at the top 24
        Scotty 8.2
        Julie Zorilla 8.4
        Lauren 10
        Casey 10.5
        Pia 12
        Paul 14
        Stefano 14 1/2
        Karen 15
        James 17
        Naima 17
        Haley 36 (she ranked 20th)

  98. I just listened to covers of “You Oughta Know” by both Beyonce and Britney Spears.
    Beyonce was better but cut some corner on the song, she when for key part only one time and hit it mostly but had backup singers doing another part and changed to more her style after that. A- or B+
    Britney did the whole song but did not fully measure up, lacked power at times. B or B-

    Harder song that I though if these two had trouble with it. Haley has her work cut out on this one.

    • Well Haley has to cut this song virtually in half because of time constraints…She wont have any problems weeding out undesirable content…It is a huge grammy award winning song for her and I think she will do well on it if not slay it. I am not certain it will capture the rock genre…I saw Alanis Marquisette and she is an exceptionally good singer writer. It is obvious Haley is comfortable trying it and I am sure she is listening to it day in and day out.
      Laurens song is a plum for her and she will do that very well….But hey Lee ann Womack? Old School.
      Scotty was given the bus to roll under with a Kenny Rogers song….totally out of style with Scotty’s corner he withdrew into.
      In the end I thin the all female finally voters will succeed this year and get their way.
      But like I have said before the absolute votes are not what counts….The votes reported to the producers do count and they make a decision based upon that….including such things as downoads, and other demographic data as well. Is there anyone here who thinks the voting is 100% above board?

  99. I wish Haley wins just to show the producers of the show what a hot mess this season is. I predict without any fear of being wrong that, if she wins; the sales for her CD will be the LOWEST in Idol history. She has no charisma, her voice is annoying to a LOT of people and her attitude is just disgusting. Her funny faces, her dirty looks… she is a spoiled little brat. And she is not even that good looking. So, I do hope she wins… the joke will be on them. The judges let some great ones go and kept some average performers like Haley before the public had the chance to vote. I hope the voting system changes a bit so the judges will have a little more to do than cheer the contestants and talk crap. They’ll have to be more analytical in their opinions, and more professional if they carry the responsibility of picking the bottom 3 for example. The best of the remaining three is Scotty, followed by Lauren… but for some stupid reason (or compulsive voters) I think Haley might be in the finale. I wish that doesn’t happen, because she certainly doesn’t deserve to be there; but this season is the season of the nasty surprises. I wonder if FOX has anything to do with that, since they are premiering the X FACTOR soon. Oh well…

    • You are a woman hater don’t you? It has become a matter of which woman you hate most!

      • So, Pia, Kendra and Lauren are men???? Because I think they kick Haley’s butt in a New York minute. I don’t hate women or men, I’m talking about talent. But how would you know? Don’t be stupid please, or try to disguise your idiocy when you reply to me. The male talent was better this season, it was said on TV by Ryan so I’m guessing I’m not the only one with that opinion. Haley’s does not deserve to be in the finale over others that were voted off, and that is not based on gender, is based on TALENT. Thank God she is not Asian because then you would’ve accused me of being racist. She sucks, regarding of her gender, she SUCKS!

      • Pia & Lauren??? I have read you criticising them before…:))
        So you are claimed to be a music genius. Did you hear Adam Lambert saying Haley is the most talented out of the three.. Hope you are smarter than Adam L.

      • And who the hell makes Adam Lambert the best musician ever? There is a world out there beyond American Idol you know!

      • And yes, I have criticized the lack of stage presence of Pia and Lauren, but NEVER their vocal abilities. But this show is not about the total package anymore, I need to point out the fact that Haley is not outstanding vocally or performance wise so… I start remembering those who are gone and AT LEAST are outstanding as singers!

    • I don’t think the voting is really considered much…the producers are very funny that way because even Siobhan;s votes were irregular last year…What they can do is limit the number of modems on anyones line number. I mean anyone that is any good gets signed on with interscope no matter what level they end up at…They use the demographic data to select their show locations….Not too many have had successful careers lately…no reason for that pattern to change.
      To me Haley at least seems to be trying ot appeal to the largest audience.

      • The 60’s sounding singers has been making a strong come back the last few years, like Duffy and Adele from the UK.
        Duffy’ Mercy is like 6xPlat and Adele #1 album right now with her first album still on the charts.
        Haley sang Mercy at her home town visit with 4 of her songs from idol and Sweet Home Chicago with her dad rocking on guitar.

    • Remember that country makes up only 12% of music sales and going head to head to sell songs with current singers like Kelly C., Carrie U. or Josh Turner will be no cake walk.

      Haley sounds great in the studio, better than live since she over sings a bit on stage trying to hard. Picking the right songs will be key for her or all of them really.

      • When say, Jlo records a song, can you give her the song to learn on Monday, and have the polished studio version by Wednesday?

      • Not at all my dear, Paul’s voice was hurting. I can tell he had something on his chords and he sounded sore the last couple of times. HOWEVER, Paul is a performer. But Haley is neither a great singer or a great performer. That is my point.

      • But judging by how the show is this year, you’ll be very happy, she’ll probably win.

    • Are you calling me stupid and compulsive?

      I think Haley is an outstanding singer and performer, head and shoulders above Scotty and Lauren (and Pia). I think Lauren has a tremendous future, and I love Scotty. But I’m afraid I just find his voice boring and corny. (And, oh yeah, I think I saw him making some “funny” faces in a couple songs. Did you see that?) As far as dirty looks go, I find that far more justifiable than the dirty remarks many have made here about her character or suitability as an American Idol.

  100. All the James fans I know would be switching to Haley EXCEPT for the fact that none of them are going to be watching or voting (except for maybe the finale when they bring back James and the other eliminated contestants). So I think it is going to be Scotty and Lauren because he is still the cute little boy with the deep bass voice and she is the little angel who can’t be evil. Haley has far more charisma and personality but she is edgy and has an attitude–a good thing for the style of music she sings–but not always popular. Scotty and Lauren both have very sweet personalities, but Scotty will get the teeny bopper votes. Scotty will win in the end.

  101. I am a 59 year old Mom and Grandmom, and if one of my kids or grandkids acted like Haley does on stahe,I would be so disappointed in them. This young woman is a spoiled brat, and I can only hope she doesn’t win! She is arrogant,and is a horrible entertainer. Lauren and Scotty are both great on stage, they are humble…. young,vibrant and so full of life!!! And not to forget, both of them have exceptional voices that are each appealing in their own ways….It is time for Haley to head home!!! Lauren and Scotty…..Hope to see you BOTH in the finals!!!!!

    • I have you beat in age by several years. I think Haley is great , I love her voice, style, presence on stage, versatility and I think she acts appropriately. I would be VERY proud of my children or granchildren that they had made it this far on AI period!!

    • My version. . .I am a 49 year old Mom and Grandmom, and if one of my kids or grandkids acted like Haley does on stage,I would be so PROUD of them. This young woman is a SWEET AND TALENTED, and I can only hope she winS! She is STRONG,and is an AWESOME entertainer. Lauren and Scotty are both great on stage, they are humble…. young,vibrant and so full of life!!! And not to forget, both of them have exceptional voices that are each appealing in their own ways….ALL THREE are young and gifted and have a great future ahead of them. It is time for Haley to WIN!!! Lauren and Scotty…..GOOD LUCK TO both in the future!!!!!

    • Read the post on here from Mom2. Hear from an eyewitness and someone who knows. Connie, if you were my Mom, I’d be ashamed of you for judging people with insufficient facts.

    • Connie, Connie, Connie, I am a mother of 6 and grandmother of many, I can tell you that if any of my children had the gumption to do this, and DIDN’T stand up for them selves, I would feel that I had somehow failed them. Half of success is standing up and being counted. Fragile Miss Lauren cried a river when she was in the bottom 3 once. Imagine how much therapy will cost her parents if she doesn’t win. There is no shame in being strong and her parents should be patting each other on the backfor doing such a terrific job!

  102. OH NO! Haley stood up for herself ONCE after being the ONLY one critisized week after week!!! That must mean she’s an automatic bitch.
    Get real. You don’t know her. I’m 15 years old and I feel more mature than some of you.

    And last I heard, this is a show about talent… And seeing as Haley is the most talented there, it appears she should win. Too bad that’s not what the show is actually about ( example – last year )

  103. idk why you guys keep busting haley. what she has done is justifiable .it kinda reminds me of david cook on the finale of season 7 where simon criticize his song choice. back then simon says that he should have chosen billy jean but david stands on what he believes that his song choice is correct n to make matters worst simon declared that david archueleta is the winner yet the votes were not yet cast. so if the same scenario will happen this year on idol there would be no doubt that haley would win.
    plz reply if im wrong.

  104. With James gone there is no point in watching the show any more. I dont care which one of the barbie dolls or the boring elvis plagiate wins, doesnt matter any more. The real Idol is gone home. And I dont mean that a girl shouldnt win. Crystal was far better than last years number 1. Go James! Youre the Star!

  105. wow the news say Michelle Obama like Lauren Alaina .. yes!! support Lauren .. Go Lauren!!

  106. Haley is strong, beautiful and has the voice of an angel, a real pleasure to watch and listen to. She also gives the impression that she would smile her way through being voted off, if that were to happen. Haley certainly has it altogether.

  107. Comparing with SEASON 8 : –

    Season 9 is boring !!

    Season 10, without Jame, boring, too !! (And, the present ‘Top 3’ are of ‘League 2 in football game’, I’m sorry to say that but to me, it is !!

    But, happy that Season 10 has brought us James Durbin !!

    I like Season 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, and 10 if James, Casey are there. (I like Scott, but please not only country style singing. Lauren, some said that she’s going backward, I agree. Haley, her singing skill is good, but she growls too much due to her limited range. Casey was advised ‘Don’t growl ……’ but why Haley is still here.

    Miss James Durbin !!

    • Never mind the show it doesnt matter any more. When James sang Will you still love me I sat and saw THE #1 AMERICAN IDOL as I watched and listened with tears running down my face. Thank you James for that moment. Oo the memories how they came rushing back.
      David Cook was my favorite in 2008 but this year the real winner was and is James Durbin.

  108. Well, i saw what randy and jlo did, it wasnt a personal attack on haley rather than her singing performance. And as one of many audiences out there, i wasnt impressed with her as well on that particular performance however i loved her next one ( i am not an expert but i just happen to enjoy singing competition ;)).
    And nothing is wrong with her attitude however i guess she could learn how to accept criticism better ( cause i sensed that she took it personally) but then who wouldnt since accepting criticism is really hard thing to do. And i guess we have to admit that because of the judges so called “attack” on her did help her somewhat to be on the top three. And for me it doesn’t matter who will win it, though they are good singers, but they are forgetable.

    • Aussie, have you no recollection that this kind of one-sided criticism was directed at Haley for weeks? That they never criticized the other contestants –just told them how wonderful they were? (Remember their comments to James and to Jacob?) This went on and on and on, and finally, when Haley had a chance to sing a Lady Gaga song (an honor in that it approval came from a top-selling singer), relatively unknown but superbly sung and performed, that she would just need to do something other than smile in response?!! I think you are forgetting the history here. Haley took criticism week after week after week with a smile and a thank you. So please, get real here.

      • If she is the only one that sucked, why are the judges suppose to give criticism to someone else? She needs to GROW UP and accept it, like everyone does. After reading all the comments, now I get why she is still in the running even though she is a mediocre performer: children with cell phones and rebellious attitude are voting for her because she is rude, disrespectful, cocky and arrogant… so they see her as a role model for their disgusting behavior – which is a horrible problem in this country. When she auditioned for AI she knew what the show was about, she knew that judges give criticism to the contestants that don’t perform well. Thankfully Simon is not there anymore because she would have gotten extremely ugly (but well deserved) critiques. This girl should have been voted off during the first 3 weeks, her voice is not beautiful or powerful, she growls like a mad dog during her entire performances and marches like a crazy horse on stage. The fact that she is still there over Pia, Paul, Stefano, Casey, Jacob and James is a sad joke. So she needs to stop her ugly attitude and receive criticism like others do when they not perform well. And if she is the only one that sucked one night, she SHOULD BE the only one receiving criticism. Why are the judges giving criticism only to Haley lately???? Because she is the only one with no real talent left standing in the competition. She was the “Sanjaya Malakar” of this season and she is top 3????????????????????????????? Oh my, oh my!!!

      • She isn’t the only one that sucked. In fact, she had some of the best performances of the night. You can’t tell me ’emotionally perfect’ James or cornball pos performances like Young Blood or Trouble are even top 10 worthy performances. She’s going to win and it’s going to be only because of the fans she made on her way there in spite of haters like you.

      • Yes, and I guess the “fans she made” know a lot about music, right? Remember this is a show where the one with most votes wins, and more often than not, that person with more votes is not the person with more talent! But keep voting, I am dying to see her win and to see her drop on her butt. I bet her CD’s will be sold for $1.99 shortly after the release. She has an ugly attitude and believe me, people don’t easily forget nasty come backs like hers!

      • Well, Gabriela, I think you are incredibly rude to all of us who admire Haley for her incredible vocal gifts, her fortitude and her character. Your words feel like spit to me. Very nasty, indeed.

      • If you want to take my opinion about her as an insult to you… then you have a real problem!

  109. I feel like people are judging Haley when they don’t personally know her. I read a comment on hear from her hometown appearance where she spotted a family that she knew out of the crowd who had a personal tragedy and she took her security team over to them so she could talk to them. This mother said her sons knew Haley and that she is a very sweet gifted artist. Doesn’t sound like a bit h to me. Go Haley.

  110. Hey people this is a singing competition
    Scotty has not once sang out of tune or of key – tht is a sign of a very good singer!!
    Lauren has at times been pitchy and so has Haley and as times goes on they will sing without the out of tune and all the rest.
    They are all good singers and the best singer will win in the end!
    I am a Scotty fan but anyone of them can win at theis stage and it does not help to be nasty and ugly towards the singers.
    In their own field they are all great!! but the voters will differ and vote for the ones they think are best!
    cant wait for Wednesday evening to hear them sing!!

    • right every body had their liking contestant just vote what u like dont condenm the contestant. diferent people like diferent kind of music it is individual. i am scotty fan i like his voice and his kind of music and song

    • Wrong. Scotty has been off pitch numerous times. In his second duet with Lauren, he was all over the place. He’s never sung harmony well. The only way he can sing in a group is if he has the melody. His voice is sweet, and he’s a great kid. But don’t say he’s never been out of tune or off key. Of the 3 remaining, he’s been off the most. That is not subjective opinion — it is fact and you’ll hear it if you go back through and listen closely.

      • My favorite Scotty bomb was when he ended on that really low note the first week or two. He hit the note dead on, sure, but it was totally the WRONG note. Did he get flack for it? Nope, of course not.

  111. now the best is the judges dont say any thing , because what ever the judge say also got comment from the fans. Randy and J.Lo dont comment on Haley just say beuatiful everything just beatiful. all the contestant all beutiful. voting on your own

    • Grace, that is so untrue. Randy and JLo have been very critical of Haley. Over and over.

      • Oh, sorry, I misunderstood your post. I see. You are telling the judges to just shut up from here on out. I don’t agree with that; I think they should just be what we expect from judges, judging with skill and fairness.

  112. To all the Haley haters, listen, I know most of you are just pain in the a$$ trolls, but unfortunately there are many people sharing your sentimentss. What you don’t seem to realize is that if you actually took the time to watch what’s going on in the world around you, you would realize just how deserving Haley is of her success, and just how incredibly down to earth and loved Haley is by her peers. Many contestants have tweeted nothing but nice things about Haley, including Pia, Stefano, Karen, and Julie Zorilla, not to mention the fact that Casey and Lauren have both said how much they love her.

    Haley has taken heaps of criticism from Randy especially, starting with her top 24 performance of Fallin. Almost every week he blasts her for song choice, being out of pitch, or not knowing who she is as an artist. Meanwhile, it has been the rarest of occasions that he has offered up even the slightest of criticism to other contestants, lavishing them with praise following even the most mediocre of performances. Haley, week in and week out, took the blows, smiled, and thanked them for their advice until finally this week, after singing a very emotional song, she was told that the song doesn’t fit her. Of course she snapped back at Randy a bit, but it was beyond warranted. The girl has received 3 standing ovations including her performance of Moanin’ with Casey, and another ‘Performance of the Night’ for Benny and the Jets. What I’d like to know is if she is such an awful singer, then why has she made the top 3, and why are her iTunes SO much more popular than anyone else’s?

    For someone who is so arrogant, nasty, and snobby, she DID share her moment in the spotlight on her homecoming tour with her family, inviting them up on stage to have them perform with her. I’m not about to sit here and bash Lauren, Scotty, James or anybody else, but let’s be honest, Haley get’s backed by stars like Adam Lambert because she’s phenomenal, and deserves the title as much, if not more than anybody else. She has an incredibly unique, powerful voice and after she slays You Oughta Know, Feeling Good, and Sweet Dreams this week, I know I’m going to power vote as though my life depends on it. I can only hope she winds up in the top two with one of the country bumpkins for an epic multi genre finale.

    GO HALEY!!!!

  113. I love Haley so much. I absolutely like her powerful voice, performance, style and all, especially her strength and bravery. I hope you will be the AMERICAN IDOL 10. GO HALEY WITH YOUR STRENGTH!

  114. i think america did d ryt decision of voting haley after ol d judges crushing on her since top 24…kudos america, keep voting to make her voice reach top 2 or even win the idol 2011!

    • The judges crushed because she needed crushing. What a terrible attitude she has. And Frankly I enjoy her songs, but I’ll never dial her number again. Get you broomstick and fly Haley.

      • omg how f**kin stupid r u? the only reason why she had attidude is because the judges singld her out and bashed her 10 weeks in a row! how would u feel if that happened to u? not to good im guessing so shut the hell up u b***h!

      • you sure are related to haley bill. I could tell by the variety of your vocabulary. those words make me turn off the tv when i listen to haley. I think she is talking that language in her growls too. I have also listen to her version of song on tv chicago and i have realised she does no see music. she needs to copy because she does not have the feel. thank you again bill for helping my votes. oh my god, i

      • Not very nice Bill ewspeccially when you are wrong. Not 10 weeks in a row., and everyone is entitled to theiw opinion

  115. I love James Durbin so much. I like his sweet voice and performance, especially . I want James in top 3!

  116. In my modest opinion I do not see Lauren country feel 100% more she sing pop, I see Scotty pure country, Haley is …. you can not define, who knows, Haley will create a new genre of grrrrrrr and screaming (note that people like).
    Country voter will vote for Scotty and the rest by Lauren and Haley. So surprises for the final.

  117. Let me first say, that all who made the top twelve deserved to be there ; they were all talented. But, without a doubt, in the weeks since, the only one of them that reached the final 4 that overcame several roadblocks, constant petty criticism, several trips to the bottom three ( usually undeserved ), and received a lot of criticism recently from the judges, most of which was not too “constructive”, especially the over-the-top ranting by Randy, assisted by his tag team partner, J-lo. It was so obvious to the viewer that their plans were for a final three that did not include HALEY. Of course, they couldn’t do anything on the second song except give a standing O, as everyone there were on their feet. She would have done well even if they hadn’t made her angry after the first song. HALEY has blossomed thru this competition and is better than when she started. For those that gave her “constructive criticism” , and advice to help her like Lady GaGa, loving , etc. , she took it with a thank you and a smile, and improved her performance. James and Scotty would have benefitted and grown in the competition, had they been given more criticism or landed in the bottom three earlier which I feel they should both have been at least once or twice. Lauren has benefitted from some remarks by the judges, but especially by the advice she got from Lady GaGa. So much of the negative comments on Haley are unwarranted: spoiled brat,too sassy to the judges, so much about her growling, screaming, poor clothing choice, bad attitude. Bottom line is she can sing it all, great vocals, and is very talented, and a beautiful person both inside and out. She deserves to win, but win or lose, she is a winner to me. She deserves to be the American Idol to me, but sometimes I wouldn’t care if she came in 2nd because she would probably get a better contract and go farther faster than a contract from American Idol. For now, I guess, she is the one most worthy of winning. I hope she gets three standing ovations on Wed. , and the Haley haters take time to appreciate her performance. Six months from now , they will have to pay to see and hear her sing; I for one will gladly pay for her concert or CD. There is no doubt in my mind, she will be a Star after Idol is over , no matter what the outcome of the next two weeks. GO HALEY !!!!!

    • thank you! thats what im saying! people have been commenting oh she should’nt have talked back, what a brat. but what the hell was she supposed to do? let randy and jlo attack her AGAIN?! No thats bs, and i would bet a million dollars that all of u that commented crap like that would have done the same thing, you dont know what its like to be in her shoes, so shut the hell up u hypocritical a**holes!

      • Bill, I agree with everything you say. But, as a Haley supporter, here’s a tip. Using curse words only degrade the point you are trying to make, it does not make you look tough, like you imaginePlus, such language makes you no better than those who call Haley a “Bitch”.

    • Scotty has been roasted at least 3 times….Every one has had a couple put downs…these 3 have made a great step up

      • Just because u put it twice doesnt make it anymore less dumb. Haleys vocals kill scottys any day

    • Time for pretty boy to go home. Should have been James and Lauren with James for the win. But AL did not want that they know rigth now how is going to win . Just a way for them to make money bottom line.

      • Get over it… James was not that good.. Not even as good as the original singers.

      • yeah i agree with mike just get the hell over it already, and i hate it because everyones blaming the other 3 contestants because “they should have went home instead of james”. then why the hell didnt u vote for him?! and by the way seeing as how all u james fans like to attack the other contestants, here’s mine… james is an overrated over pimped cocky a**hole that screaches a kareoke version of a journey song and brags how great he is every week. what an ahole. and obviously after the results everybody else agrees.:)

    • Did u overlook the fact that he has got to be onme of the most boring contestants ever…? just wondering

  118. You folks must be crazy if you think that the public picks the winner of AI. It’s not the judges either or Casey would still be flying high. This show is more political than a national election. Instead of 5 minute clips before they sing each week, & each contestant dribbles on about the other contestants, they should give a shout out about what they would do with their career and title if they were elected AI. Let’s face it – the winner is always picked by the same group that chooses the lame song categories. That is why so many AI winners vanish, go away, make the traditional post idol album and flop. The producers owe favors. The last category was songs that were recorded before any of the contestants were born. In fact before most of their parents were born. Are there no good songs out there from the past 20-25 years?? If the fact that Adam Lambert is gay had come out sooner, he would not have even made it to the runner up position. AI producers couldn’t handle it. If the voting is legitimate then show us the vote per contestant each week and not just who are in the bottom 3. I don’t care how many total votes Ryan Seacrest babbles on about. Tell me the percentage each person received. Change the voting system to resemble something like Dancing with the Stars. Nigel said he doesn’t want to change the voting system. Why isn’t it a good idea to say that contestant #9 got 60 % of the vote, #2 got 20% & #4 got 2%???
    Here are my thoughts for the finale: The last 3 winners have been males so Scotty is out. They can console themselves by saying he’ll have a great career even without winning idol. Lauren was picked early on by the produces as a favorite along with Tyler. They can also play on the idea that they are so glad that they started letting 15 year olds audition or they would have missed her. She could get passed over because “she’s young and needs time to grow”. Haley is a mystery to me. Sometimes in the upper register she sings beautiful, but that other stuff she interjects into most of her songs is BAD. REAL BAD!!! Not natural!! She has been in the bottom 3 four times. Unheard of for an AI winner. Maybe Haley IS the one that they picked a while back to win, and in the process sent home much better singers to get her where she is now. Didn’t like her smart mouth when Randy and Jennifer gave their opinions. It’s their opinion, period. Take a look at some of the judges’ comments to Adam Lambert and Carrie Underwood. They said nothing back. Judges thoughts don’t matter in the long run or Casey, Paul and James would still be there. Anyway, I don’t see Scotty and Lauren being the top 2 because folks would start calling it Country Idol. Scotty can’t win because he’s a guy and they need a girl this time. Could be Lauren & Haley or Scotty & Haley. I’m betting on Lauren & Haley so they can say it’s a first time for 2 girls to be in the finale. With Scotty out, Lauren gets the total country vote & wins. There are a lot of people boycotting AI this week and I think they will stick to their guns. Viewer numbers should drop significantly, so I can’t wait to hear Seacrest say “There were 150 million votes last night (from the few viewers we still have)!!!!

    • Oh please. You don’t have to watch it, you don’t have to get involved in it. It’s not something that is going to affect your life personally. It’s an entertainment show, and the stuff you said about Haley being bad is just flat out wrong. Many of the things James did did not sound pleasant, he missed the majority of his high notes and just screamed something to cover it up. Again, it’s just a show. It has nothing to do with you so why should they have to change the voting system if they don’t want to because for some reason you think it’s unfair. The fact that people feel entitled to have any kind of say in how the show is produced is beyond me.

      • Dear David, can you accept that some people have different taste than yours and like to listen to a clean, sharp, on-key voices instead of Haley’s? There’s room for everyone in this world. I think she sucks, a lot of people think that, and some others think she sings like an angel (with Laryngitis maybe hehe) but whatever… there are different things for different people. Keep voting, she’ll win and you’ll get to buy her CD and you will be happy forever and ever. Not everybody like her, period! You say that James wasn’t good and to me that is CRAZY but you are entitled to that opinion.

      • Dear Gabriela,
        How about you should think the same thing? Actually haley has the most views and thumbs up ratings on youtube, and on itunes. and how hypocritical of u to write that s**t? shut the f**k up!

      • and by the way, seeing as were saying our “opinions” heres mine… james is an overrated cocky asshole who screaches overplayed journey songs, so david hateing james is not crazy and guess what alot of people hate him! hows that? did i do good?

    • The most stupid comment I’ve ever seen. Th reasoning is just so lame. Can you just go somewhere and never come back here? Please do us all a favor, Dee. Thank you!

  119. Let’s get real here. try taking a ride down an open road for an hour and play on the radio all the songs by Scotty, Lauren and Haley, all in a row for each of them, like you just put an album of each on, and then you might finally appreciate the qualiy, the versatility, and the vocal strength of HALEY, not her supposed attitude, lousy critique of the judges, just enjoying the quality of their singing. Sure, their would be a few good ones by Lauren, and Scotty, but afterca while , you would get a little drowsy and bored. With Haley, you would be able to hear the growth in her vocals as an artist, and appreciate her more. Just thought I’d throw this scenario out there; just try to be objective in evaluating each of them in this manner. GO HALEY !!!!!

    • I could hear Haley and love her singing. I also enjoy Laurens singing. I could listen to Scotty for his slow songs but when he sings anything else.. I’d change the channel. And thank god I couldn’t see the stupid faces he makes.

      • @Mike
        I’ve enjoyed few of Lauren singing and love Haley singing as well as her wonderful stage performance from day1.
        As for Scotty..Wow!! thought I was the only one who changed channel for same reason.

      • I bought all four contestants itunes this last week because I couldn’t find where to buy the individual ones and had to delete Scotty’s because they are pretty terrible. He doesn’t record well at all.

    • Well it’s not for sure but there is a 1 in 3 chance if that makes you feel better.

    • not very sure yet… but big big hope and wish she’ll make it…
      love her original talent…

    • I just downloaded all her songs. I think she is terrific. I’ve never downloaded any songs from AI before. She is the most interesting out of the top 3 contestants. She has a special quality to her voice that is not the run of the mill.

      • But singing in AI live together with Lauren last week she sucks. Lauren is better.

    • It is so hard to imagine this show without James, he was such a big part of this show and now…..i….no interest at all to watch this show….to bad….

  120. Ohmygod. To all the people who think Haley is a better role model then Lauren, you must be watching a different show. Because haleys attitude is absolutely HORRIBLE. Lauren is a way better role model than Haley. Wayyyyyyy better.

    • Yes, Cowboy Barbie with her stuff hanging all over the place for Steven to oogle at makes a great role model. Haley may show off her legs, but at least her tops are mostly modest. I don’t even know where this role model thing is coming from, has it been an issue in previous years?

      • I am disappointed in the top 3 and I blame the American public, instead of talent they went for the all American look, Scotty and Lauren. As in the last few years,the all American image reigned, talent was never part of it, Kris Allen? over openly gay Adam Lambert, etc. I stopped watching 2 weeks ago, I saw this coming, I hope America will see the light

      • Miriam, just curious if you stopped watching and are no longer curious about any of the remaining contestants why are you on this site with the people who ARE fans of the remaining contestants bashing them? : )

      • yeah Mariam just shut the f**k up and stop wacthing the show, really im so sick of the durbin fans being more cocky and arrogant then he was. omg he was overrated just stop ur bitching people, its pissing me off, i will do what ever i can to deffend the other 3 contestants cause im so sick of this bulls**t.

      • and that comment i made above was actually mainly directed towards you COURTNEY!

    • Oh stop it!!! Are you for real??? Lauren seems to like Haley just fine, and if she were so morally superior to her I dare say that she would find hugging her detestable. Lauren looked pretty happy for her, maybe she could be your role model and show you how to be kind to others.

      • yeah i agree haley and lauren are getting along fine and their both fine role models, its b**ches like u COURTNEY who screw that up!

      • Buttercup: “Sin Wagon” is a song. You should not rip someone when you are ignorant of the subject.

      • Hey Sue, by the Dixie Chicks and it is icky and not at all a Haley song…jmo

      • I think I am entitle to MY opinion!! If you don’t like that song so be it. I do like it for Haley.

    • So are u saying we should cry anytime we hear anything other then your amazing, instead of taking critisism and usuing it to our advantage. Huh never would of thought of it like that. Thanks for the rediculas suggestion:)

    • Seriously Ben K, is that the best you can do? Did you actually read all the other comments. I felt it necessary to voice my opinion as the American public are allowing very talented people that deserve to win, based on talent alone, like Casey, Pia, young David, the list goes on, fall away, based on what the Americans want to see, not hear. And like I said this has been a trend in recent years. A lot of idols won based on talent, just not lately.

    • I kind of agree wih Retta….latest picture of the group you see a lot of Haley leg…Im sure Wyler is really impressed…Also the outfit she wore last Thur night…short shorts..sequin and beaded comesole..and high heels…she does have a good figure…but…

  121. I don’t get how Durbin got 1/3 of votes with 4 people left and went home. Just goes to show once again that the show itself is in charge of who stays and who goes. Not the fans. Show is a Fraud

  122. If Lauren gets pegged as the underdog – watch out! I think it’s been proven that when an possible Idol favorite is in trouble, fans will rally.

  123. Ok so I will start with GO HALEY!!! But just listening to her on, Her studio versions are AMAZING!! I mean i love her preformances but her studio verzions take it to a whole nother level they make the other two seem like they can’t sing. I never thought i could love Haley any more but dang her voice is amazing in the studio it has gotta be one of the best ever on Idol!!!

  124. Scotti and Laurie are the some thing every week…..boring. Neither have tried anything challenging for several weeks. On the non country side, Hailey gives us quality challenging variety of songs every week. Country and Randy horses Haley. I hope Haley can overcome the bias negitive judging.

  125. Well one thing for sure we will all get to here our favorites tomorrow night and vote for them. I for one will be voting Haley for the win. I can’t wait to here what they sing and how well they do. Good luck to them all. Vote for Haley.

  126. bill you know that james had a 3 octave vocal range the last singer in american idol witht that terrific vocal range was adam lambert and im not really a big fan of james but i recognize that he have the better voice of the competition

  127. I have really enjoyed American Idol this year! Great talent and great judges. I am so impressed with Scotty! He is great role model and has a great voice. His music touches me everytime I hear him sing.GO SCOTTY11

    • I remember someone twiting when I hear Scotty sing it feels like making baby in my stomach. Ha ha ha. Scotty Fan vote please.

      • According to your answer I can think you have the same attitude of Haley and this goes to all those who do not respect the fans of other idols, I think Haley is his role model with the answers given and the lack of respect, I think that will ensure that the voting is non-stop to Scotty and Lauren and now more than ever wish that Haley lost.

  128. All three singers are extremely talented and done of them deserve any of the negative things being said about them. If Scotty knew his fans were saying the nasty things that they are he would pray for them and probably is praying for their forgiveness already. I don’t think James would be proud of the nasty things being said either since I believe he is an upstanding young man. The same for Lauren and Haley. You should all be ashamed of yourself. I believe that each of these three artists are exceptional people or they would not not have the dedication to be where they are right now. So I challenge everyone of you to suck it up and just vote for your favorite and shut up about all other bull s—t.

  129. I do not care what the judges think, I love Haley, she has the best vocal abilities, she is beautiful, fun and still surviving terrible criticism! I personally do not like country. I find Scotty boring and Lauren with her crying too much! I do not understand why she is still here, Jacob was much better than her, not mentioning about Pia, Casey and my favorite James!!!

  130. I just listened to the original versions of Haley’s past songs. She sang them uniquely. Haley is the best among the three remaining. She gives life to music

  131. Listen to Haley’s Bennie and the Jets and to the original version. You’ll see why Haley deserves to win this. She’s unique!

  132. I want to address once and for all the ridiculous notion that HALEY is not respectful, and a brat with an attitude. For weeks she endured both negative and positive critique by the judges. She usually smiled, kept quiet, and when asked by Ryan how she thought she did, she replied that she liked the song, and if she felt it inspired her and she did her best , she said so. That is not disrespectful or cocky , or an attitude problem; that’s called Confidence.

    When continuously , she ended up in the bottom three, she politely smiled and proceeded to her silver stool. She was not ranting or raving , although she may have been surprised at times, but she sucked it up and went to her seat. This wasn’t bad attitude, just showing a little humility.

    Last Wednesday, she felt confident that she sang well, and instead of getting mild “constructive criticism”, she received mild biased criticism by J-Lo, followed immediately by ranting from Randy, way over-the-top for how bad it was, and excessive screaming that seemed to not stop; that is when Haley said, ” I hear ya”, as she thought that was enough already, she got the message. BUT, then the tag team duo of Randy and J-Lo started in again to make their point; that’s when Steve Tyler said that they were both wrong, and he thought it was sung well.

    if there was attitude or disrespect , it was by Randy , who wasn’t acting like an unbiased judge; nothing about it was constructive.

    Later on , after all four and completed the first round, and others had nothing but praise heaped on them ,and little if any, negative or constructive remarks, Ryan asked Randy who he thought won round #1, and rather than just picking one or maybe 2, he ridiculously felt it was a three-way-tie between James, Scotty, and Lauren, ( what a surprise ) , and what emotion was Haley to show, but one that you could only interpret as ( should I not be surprised ).

    She came out and did great in the second song choice, got a standing O, not because they got her angry, and she was going to show them, but because she was well prepared, was confident, and takes her performances seriously.

    She has a great attitude, and when mentored and given advice by Lady GaGa, Jimmy Lovine, and others, she benefits from their remarks, and if she received true “constructive criticism” from the judges, she would politely thank them for it.

    Well , enough said on the attitude and related topics. I had to get that off my chest once and for all. GO HALEY !!!!!

    • Nittany Lion… A judge is a judge…not always right for sure…but that is what it is…the same in any business… a boss is the boss…and if you want to keep working….dont establish a bad feeling…if you dont care…than go for it

  133. It’s fine not to like a contestant but there has been a vicious cycle of Haley Haters stirring the pot around and around. And Why? If you truly believed she was awful, you wouldn’t waste all that nasty energy on tearing her apart, calling her names, etc. You would just wait until she was voted off. Ah, but you see, that’s the case,is it?
    She is so good that it truly threatens the status of your favorite. You can be critical without being stupid and I have read so many moron-like responses about Haley that it only makes me more determined to see her win this thing! She is beautiful…can’t argue that. She is muscially ions ahead of Scotty and Lauren and if you knew music, you would know that. Bottom line, you have no argument except to resort to name calling and unfair observations. Haley is going to win so go and turn on your favorite country radio station and pretend you are listening to Lauren or Scotty…they pretty much sound like everyone else!
    Go Haley…We are behind you BABY!!!!

  134. I think the final two is going to be between Lauren and Scotty. I’m ok with that because I absolutely love both of them. I couldn’t have been happier when James got sent home, the judges obviously wanted him to win and it was just becoming obnoxious.

  135. I’m ok with any of the two Lauren or Scotty winning, but DEFINITELY not Haley. What turned me off was few weeks ago, when they showed Jimmy Lovine commenting on the contestants performance, Haley responded with obviously an ‘unpleasant’ retort and Ryan Seacrest replied ‘Watch your mouth, lady’. My ‘American Idol’ must be someone I can be proud of and not be ashamed of, les somebody tells me ‘WHAT? that’s your hero????. He/she must qualify to be ‘idol material’ and if she has this attitude, I wouldnt be proud to say ‘that’s my idol’ If that’s not attitude problem, I dont know what is.

    • i like haley, ithink she is a very good singer. i just think lauren and scotty are better.

  136. Haley: Talented, confident, beautiful, and respectful of others, including of the judges who have been rude and biased. She will sing very well, probably the best of the three, and i sincerely hope she will also gets the votes!

    Scotty: A little cocky, a little over confident, and a little narrow in his vocal range. If this is a Country Idol, Scotty is your man! But this is all genre, all era, American Idol, and Scotty is only good enough as a guest artist, to sing country!

    Lauren: Sweet young lady, very good sweet natural voice, and I love her. I hope she will be in the finale with Haley, and I will be happy who ever wins.

    Randy: He sucks! he is the most biased, malicious, and vengeful judge with very little to show except for his big fat a*s. His disrespect for Haley’s feeling by singling her out as the ‘loser’ during the top 4 show after the first songs were sang – just goes to prove what an insensitive man he is.

    JLo: The most beautiful woman in the world. Yes, I agree. I like watching her face and her figure every week on AI. As a judge? Ermmmm, that is another story altogether.

    Steven: Most of the time bored, but he is the only conscience for the two other judges who tend to run off the rail. He is also, on merit, the only one with true credibility to be a judge of a singing contest.

  137. Not really sure this thing really goes by voting or not…honestly I dont understand how James could have gotten less votes than Lauren?? Dont get me wrong, I like Lauren too. Anyway…Scotty will be the winner if it goes by votes. If it doesn’t (hmm) then it will be either of the girls…probably Haley.

  138. I would have liked to hear “Jackson” sung by Scottie and Lauren, by the infamous Johnny Cash and June Carter.

    I want Lauren to sing There’s More to me than You, scotty sing Back where i come from and hayley should sing janis joplin.

  139. Lauren should not be in the finals and definately not in the top 2!! Not sure what happened here except the COUNTRY PEOPLE VOTED FOR BOTH and overwhelmed the poles for country. I won’t be watching next week. Either James or Haley should have been up there with Scotty. Honestly, Lauren Alaina is not ready for the stage, she is too young and immature. It takes a presence to be a star and stardome will put her in the mental ward..Her parents should think about that.. that kid is going to get sick!!

  140. Lauren should not move forward..she is not ready and doesn’t have the constitution for it.. she is going to get sick and honestly her parents should pull her out if they love her..she is too weak and not ready emotionally.

  141. Hahahahaha what happen to Haley fan down club …….. Halaluya Go Go Go Haley Go Go Go Home :-))

  142. Haley was blur when Lauren the top 2…… Over confident of ha.,,ha.,,,,haley Hehehehehe

  143. Sorry gum like…fell out of my mouth…so like I was saying…I hope like…you voters out there pass the brain cell around the room so like… you all get a chance to vote for like… Scotty McDreary or Lauren…yeah, hey foul mouth Bill, don’t forget anger management classes, and stop popping those pimples on your face, shame what are you lot going to do now?

    Oh I know, follow them a round like stalkers

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