American Idol 2011 Top 3 Weekend Update

Disaster averted. After watching the American Idol 2011 weekly themes go from 70’s to 60’s to 50’s I was worried we were on track to hear some Prohibition era hits by the time the finale rolled around. Instead the Top 3 will be singing three wide open songs for us and the freedom in selection should be refreshing.

Wednesday night’s performance show will still be 90 minutes long with about 20 minutes of singing from the remaining artists. The big filler will be the hometown tours taken by Haley Reinhart, Scotty McCreery, and Lauren Alaina. Each of them will hit up their old high schools, tour the local AT&T store (who wouldn’t after months away from home?!), and then maybe even a brief performance or two.

Then on Thursday night we’ll get the results which will determine who goes on to the finale and who just goes. It’ll be a pretty busy night with guest performances from the Italian trio Il Volo (who?) performing “O Sole Mio,” and then Nicole Scherzinger with 50 Cent for a performance of “Right There.” Wasn’t that Scherzinger in Steven Tyler’s new video this past week? FOX is doing a good job of promoting her ahead of her stint as co-host on the upcoming X Factor 2011.

Before all that we should get word of what the judges or maybe even Jimmy Iovine has selected for Scotty, Lauren, and Haley to perform on Wednesday. That news is typically part of the hometown tour so American Idol shouldn’t be trying to hide that news. Once we hear we’ll post an update with the news.

Which singer are you most excited to hear perform this week? If you make it out to any of the hometown tours then be sure to send us your photos and we’ll share them with everyone.

Update: James Durbin will also get to head home and still hold a concert for his fans. On Thursday’s results show we were told the 4th place singer would still get to go home just without all the fanfare. Now Idol has agreed with Santa Cruz businesses to allow James to hold a few of the previously scheduled events. The catch is that we’ll never see it broadcast on the show. This is a first for the series which has only allowed the Top 3 to hold events during this part of the season.

Update 2: Here are the alleged song selections for each of the Top 3:

  • Scotty McCreery: Kenny Rogers’ “She Believes In Me”
  • Haley Reinhart: Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know”
  • Lauren Alaina: Leann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance”

What do you think of the picks?




  1. Boy, I woke up to a shocker this morning a
    San Jose new paper, online headline, stated something along the lines of American Idol was going to make a exception and allow James Durbin to return, it had to be a prank becuase I wasn’t able to open up the link and I couldn’t find a confirmation of the news.

    • On Thursday night’s show Seacrest made the announcement that all 4 would get to head home after previously saying only the Top 3 would. But while James gets to go home for a visit they just won’t be having all the parades, events, etc. for him.

      Update – Well nevermind. Apparently Idol agreed to allow James to hold his concert anyway. This is a first for Idol as that has never happened before.

      • Thanks for the update that must have been what they were refering to, not a return to Idol but holding his concert.

      • I read on another site that due to Breaking In being moved to Tues. night the Wed. show will expand to 2 hours. Don’t know if that’s accurate. But, maybe we’ll get to see the hometown visit by James.

      • That is so interesting that James had shows scheduled in his home town and stuff. I bet Haley had nothing prepared – i.e., the producers were so sure James was going to make it to the final that planned everything ahead for him… not fair…

    • I read that Wed. night’s show is expanded to 2 hours, because Breaking In was moved to Tues.

    • The fact that James is leaving just confirms to me just how stupid the American people are.

      • It’s all about what a person likes to listen to!
        It has nothing to do with intelligence. As a matter of fact you could say because America wasn’t persuaded by the ineptness of the judges trying pushing James down our throats as intelligence on behalf on the voters! LOL…that just occured to me!

      • I agree with you Terry! The American people were stupid when ADAM LAMBERT didn’t win too! go James! I hope you get signed up with a record label Like ADAM did!!

      • Terry – the problem is that James lost focus in the last couple of weeks – he chose a path that did not work for him – go for the emotional side of the audience – and in that process, he forgot he still had to perform. Watch again his last 4 performances and you will see what I mean – very pitchy in some points and crying on the stage might work once, but no more than that – he still had to deliver the songs, which felt short…

      • martac Its not a good idea to think you have got it made and let up assuming you are ahead of the pack. It is a big mistake that can back fireA little humility goes a long way in impressing people

    • They’ve agreed to allow him to hold a concert but it will not be featured in next weeks show.

  2. Aw, c’mon Matt, it would have been fun to hear Haley sing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.

    • She still could! Personally, I’m hoping she picks “Earth Song” for her selection and then dedicates it to Randy and JLo.

      • ROFL I love it. I’m listening to that song as I was reading your post, and kind of had the same thought, nothing like a little IN YOUR FACE attitude. I would say it isn’t gonna happen, but with Haley who knows:)

      • I really felt Haley’s version, but, should she try and shove it into the judges faces, when top 2 is in stake? I think, she should play it safer. “I who have nothing”? ” House of the rising sun”?

      • That is soo true — I just watch the clips again of Haley sing that Lady Gaga song and this Earth song – frankly, they were great performance, much better than the original singers if they were performing live – really, nothing wrong, except for the opinions of the jealous judges…

    • I downloaded it “Earth Song” from itunes as well and just love it, Haley does a wonderful job and I must admit I was surprised Branden hadn’t heard of it, except maybe he’s not a huge fan but the song is big in his movie “This is it”

      • Also they sang it at the 2010 Grammys ….Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Celine Dion, Smokey Robinson…can’t remember the 5 th singer.

  3. I was surprised that James was sent home. but after reading the grade that was given to the singers I am so glad that people want to see more of Lauren….

    • Went out to see Lauren perform today. Weather turned out good, thousands of fans and she sounded great. Excellent voice! She was supposed to have showed up at 12:00 but it was after 1:30 before she arrived…You know TV! Had to wait a long time to see her but it was worth it. She is so gracious and has such a God given talent…GO LAUREN!!!

  4. We really hope James Dubin continues as an entertainer… he’s got it. I would pay to hear him anytime. Would love to hear Haley sing Bugle Boy also… she has a great voice. She has a special quality to her voice and can sound different with each song…love her.

    • Checked out “Bugle Boy” on you tube and found it was originally sung by a trio of sisters called the Andrews Sisters in an Abbott and Costello movie made in 1941. It wasn’t bad. Then I watched Bette Midler (sp?) do her version and was blown away by it. What really amazed me is that this is what can be done with some of the “old” songs we were dissing with last week’s theme. It’s all about jazzing it up and making it more modern. Bette actually did the song in a mermaid’s costume–fins and all. I’m impressed and I think Haley could be just as good with her own version.

      • Giselle, good hard detective work to make an excellent point. (I’ve seen all versions on TV sometime, and agree with you). Have to admit, I liked the idea of “shoving it in JLo and Randy’s faces with Earthsong as Matt and JD joked, but ST is right that “WINNING”! is higher priority, so Rising Sun makes more sense than the immediate repeat of I Who Have Nothing. And for another, Bugle Boy would be cool with her “acting” and dancing it up theatrically as she said she loves to do. She is at the stage that she boldly stepped out with last week with disagreeing with Randy/JLo that she can do what she wants no matter what they say–and therefore they can’t try to claim cheap credit for pushing her into like they tried on her second song results. Lots extra info to tell you that I agree with your post Giselle and mostly agree with the joking intent of the others.

  5. I’m looking forward to hearing Haley. I want to hear her sing what the judges think she should sing as they won’t be able to tell her its the wrong song choice LOL, as well as Jimmy’s choice.

    I’m a little worried about what she chooses for herself, she is such a risk taker, it could be anything.

    I’m looking forward to hearing the country kids sing as well. I hope they all do well.

  6. SCOTTY ALL THE WAY! He is far superior to either of the remaining contestants. He can sing anything – and does it well! No screaming, no growling – just a natural singer. He will make a great Idol for 2011!

    • Scotty’s a good ole boy for sure. But not enough range for an Idol. When Halley sang Blue, it was pure country gold. She can sing virtually anything, remarkable range, and a voice that can make the hair on my back stand up and salute!

      • Haley I (who have nothing) itune maybe the best yet maybe little better than live, I was surprised and Earth song was better than on the show.
        Lauren’s “Anyway” maybe her best yet but still a bit bland.
        Scotty sounds great live but his voice doesn’t seem to record as good, not sure what the problem is.

      • Just got back from Scottys Hometown Tour and he was excellent Range was great Wish I could post all these pics I have

      • JMO Back ground singers are to loud for any of them. Tend to drown out contestant

    • Range? Range? What does that have to do with a gifted singer? Halety may have a range, but she is constantly yelling and screaming – that is not singing. Scotty is a perfect singer – and you can actually understand his words, which with Haley you can’t – or have you never noticed that? Scotty all the way!

      • I just saw Scotty he was fantastic He sounded so good and he was so over- whelmed by our hometown & the crowd that turned out I could have sat and listened to him all night

      • I just watched the concert online. What a great treat for him that Josh Turner showed up to sing with him. I sure hope he wins! He has such an amazing voice. Good luck Scotty. I will be voting for you to win American Idol!

      • Haha, that’s funny. You must not have a very strong grasp on the english language, because I can make out every single word Haley sings/growls/screams and cougar snarls! Gosh that girl is out of this world!

      • She should not be called a singer in or out of this world. She is a worse screamer than James ever was. She puts to much effort in trying to be sexy than singing,like the outfit she wore last Thur night,short shorts,sequin and beaded tank top and high heels.altho I could see Tyler liked it…a lot.

  7. I so wished Haley was GONE!! What’s with her attitude anyway. I feel like she could care less if we voted for her or not. I feel she thinks she’s “all that” and doesn’t need America to vote for her. UG I hope she doesn’t make it to the end and become the next American Idol….. Pia, James where are you!!!

    • have you heard the judges remarks to her over the past few weeks? i’m surprised it took her so long to stand up for herself. they praised james last week that you can’t put to much emotion in a song, then this week they told haley that she put way too much emotion in her song. it’s becoming increasingly obvious that randy and j.lo do not like her. to be singled out as the only one who ‘sucked’was just plain mean. how would you like that abuse? i can garauntee you would have an attitude too

      • Haley better get use to all the “abuse” because the profession she is choosing is a mean mean world and if she cant “suck it up” now she will get eaten alive out in the big back world of the music industry. Her little snide looks and smurks are going to get herself in hot water one day.

      • Maybe they just wanted everyone to vote for Haley – it worked! James, who has REAL TALENT, was eliminated!

        Watch “The Voice” on NBC at 10 p.m.!!!! I am not sure about voting on American Idol anymore!

      • i think her reaction shows how well she would be in the industry. shows that she can take the criticism and not let it bring her down. quite the opposite of ur assumption.

      • I totally agree with you aimee! I think she handled herself very well. You could see the hurt on her face when they started in on her, when she gave it her all and then when they did it again, who could blame her. She is trying so hard and I think its great she takes risks, it shows how bad she wants it and she has guts. I love Lauren and Scotty too, but they always play it safe until they can be a bit boring sometimes. Laurens voice is beautiful, and if she wanted she could sing anything. Scotty is adorable, but needs to choose his songs carefully, the girls I think have more range.

      • Randy criticized her singing “Blue,” and even back then Haley tried to defend herself. That was on the top 13, I think. (I just watched it again to be sure.) I really liked the way she sang it, and I didn’t think it was boring like Randy said. One thing it did show was how her stage presence has improved. I didn’t realize how long she’s been criticized by Randy. No wonder it got to her.

      • She stood up for herself when she was criticized, that was really harsh. I guess its better to do that than cry.
        And how about the others, are the judges trying to teach them to survive the music industry?

    • The reason you want her gone is because you are afraid of her. Afraid she’ll beat your favorite. She’s a 20 year old on a TV show trying to entertain, compete and make her way. Scotty and Lauren are doing the same. Ease up. Bin Laden is gone.

    • She isn’t so either keep obsessing about it or get over it because she will be singing 3 songs on Wednesday and most likely the week after.

    • Randy and JLo were both butt heads that first week. Single best country performance of the season.

  8. haley = you ought to know by Alanis Morissette
    scotty = She believes in me by Kenny rogers
    luaren = Ihope u dance by Lee Ann Womack

    WOW Alanis Morissette, Haley might be the only one that could even try of all the girls this year, would have been perfect song for Siobhan.

    Scotty will have to drop atleast two keys lower to hit the high notes on this one and not sure he can hold them that long.

    Lauren will have same problems as Scotty but easy otherwise.

    • …I kind of can’t believe they’d let Haley sing the first verse of that song on American Idol.

    • I can not believe AI’s song choice for the show. I do not think the lyrics for this song are appropraiate for AI. There are going to be children watching. I love the songs AI choose for Scotty and Lauren. I believe both Scotty and Lauren will nail these songs cause they can sing and the songs contain a moral messeage they can convey. I do not believe Scotty will have trouble nailing any part of the song because he will make it his own. I do think AI should have choosen a different song for Haley. She needed more of a jazz song to sing.

      • What’s interesting about the song chosen for Haley is how much anger Alanis Morisette put into it. I haven’t really thought of it before, but she might be able to pull it off. She’d have to change some of the lyrics as there’s some innuendo that is definitely not appropriate for AI.

      • I think the song would have to work if Randy will be dissing her first before she sings it.

  9. I don’t care anymore about what Haley says, or ever had said, or what she does on stage, THAT VOICE AND RAW ENERGY MUST GO TO THE FINALE!

    • If only I could vote for you, you talented child.. But I am in Canada. VOTE HALEY!

      • Does Canada have an Idol show? I would Like to be able to post on their comments page and tell them how much better we Americans are than they are. So SO tired of hearing them tell us how we should vote. If only we were as smart as they THINK they are.

      • We had Canadian Idol about 2 years ago but the it’s been on hiatus for the last little while. And by the way no need to get snitty !!

      • oh and btw Americans clearly don’t know how to vote because Haley is still there and James is gone! Ha

      • Knock it off, guys! ST only said that they wish they could vote! WTF? Where did this Canadian/American crap even come from? Chill out.

      • That’s right, it can go either way. 🙂 Use your imagination to pick what way I meant it. 😉

      • Konrad: And you’re a dope. That isn’t swearing. No vows were made, no one took anyone’s name in vain. It is merely vulgar. Grow up you brainwashed freak.

      • Ha, ha Devin Lee, you got KEWed! (Konrad). I’ve had that quirky distinction also!

        By the way, I liked a few days old posting of yours that if Haley doesn’t win AI, it would be funny to shove it in the face of her Haters that she smiled at herself getting booted off (and she will!), thus disproving the Haters saying how “heartless and cruel” she is. Great point!

      • People just can’t seem to grasp the fact that Haley is ALWAYS smiling, no matter what. I love her sunny nature, she’s sweet and goofy, but not over the top or naive.

    • All Aboard, the Haley express is heading for the finale (I hope). She may have been Rolling in the Deep, but a couple standing O’s and a public verbal beating may be enough to fuel that train to the finish line. I wish it were Wednesday.

      • Haha YESSSSSSS!!!!! I am so excited for Wednesday, too. My mom (secondchance) has wanted Haley to do that EXACT song all season. The radio-friendly version, though.

        In other news, today while I was dropping off a deposit for work, the bank teller noticed me and my employee talking about AI. She’s like OMG! Can you believe James got eliminated?! I’m like, Noooo, it was such BS. Scotty should’ve left instead. Haha, and her face…just…looked like thunder! She was like, SCOTTY’S THE BEST! I LOVE SCOTTY! HE’S THE BEST! Then she literally walked away and had someone else assist us. I was pretty much hysterical, at least I was when I could pick my chin up off the floor, anyways.

      • LOLOL That’s funny, I love it.
        My daughter says I’m Haley obsessed now. I laughed and said its over in a few days, then I will be back to normal, but I will buy anything she comes out with, and I will have my haleytunes to hold me over till then.

      • Your daughter and my mother should have a Haley fanatics grumble session together, I bet my mom would be up for it! While you and I can attend H.A..Haley Anonymous.

      • I made her a Haley Cd, she listens to it on the way to and from work every day. She loves it. Lauren was her early favorite, as was James, but I converted her. When she heard Haley’s last song she said, She so deserves to win this.

      • Yessss! Another bites the dust! The wonderful and fantastic Haley Reinhart dust.

      • JD, Where have you been??? Ask another kid what WTF means. I am a granny and I know what it means.
        And it sure doesn’t mean what you said!what’s this foolishness !!! Not that I like it! But you have to have been in a convent not to know what it means!

      • I sure hope my granddaughter doesn’t know what it means yet. She is only 8, but she is computer savvy so she probably has a pretty good idea that it doesn’t mean whats this foolishness. Someone said swearing was a sin, because someone else had used wtf. I just kinda made a joke out of the whole thing.l

    • I TOTALLY agree! Go all the way back to her final performance in Hollywood, to make top 24, “Baby it’s you” was fantastic! Then “God Bless the Child” and “Fallin'” … the energy is out of this world! “Blue” blows away any country performance by anyone else this season. These songs are interesting, make you want to listen IMO.

  10. I’m curious have anybody seen that utube home video Haley made while sitting on her bed and singing into the laptop mic, the caption said it was posted in 2008. Anyway I thought it was very well done! She looks like she just woke up and decided to sing a song…lol

    • LOL yep, I have. I liked it. I’m sure though that at least once in the song she looked at the camera wrong and someone will say they can tell by that look that Haley is Cruella Deville in disguise.

      • Search “Haley Reinhart Like A Star” and you’ll find it. Really nice. Stumbled upon it a couple of weeks ago looking for her AI performances to show an unfamiliar friend.

    • Haha, I found that video AGES ago! Where’ve you boys been? It’s a beautiful video. She obviously loves singing with her whole heart and soul.

    • Have you guys seen the videos with her band? The collection of songs they played were remarkable.

    • J.D. It’s OK. I was just kidding you! I am glad your granddaughter doesn’t know what that means yet. Keep her off of the computer for awhile. That’s where I got made fun of too!! For not knowing what that meant. Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound mean or anything J.D. I guess I just couldn’t help myself because of how I got picked on because I didn’t know what it meant either! Enjoy the rest of this season on American Idol!
      🙂 Sherry K.

  11. Incredibly boring “picks”, especially for Lauren and Scotty. I mean: the songs are okay, safe and pleasant popular songs, but cover no new ground for those two. And since the great Etta James is very sick, I’d rather hear Haley sing the somewhat bluesy classic “At Last.” which James made famous…

    • I like that choice for Haley. I think Haley mentioned one of her idols is Etta James.

      I checked out Beyonce’s cover of the song, and Christina Aguilera’s cover. Just for fun I read some of the comments. Christina’s fans were trashing Beyonce calling her names and saying she doesn’t sing just shows off her body. Beyonce’s fans were just as vicious to Christina.

      I guess there are haters, flamers and trolls everywhere on the net LOL.

      • Haha, yeah Beyonce and Christina fans were ripping on each other. But Etta James hated Beyonce’s version of it while she gave Christina props. I’ve wanted to hear this from Haley since R&R Hall of Fame week.

      • She said that’s the song she’d want to perform the most on Idol in an interview quite a while back now…saving it for the finale maybe?

  12. Where is the results from last weeks show I want to see who the votes went to?

    • Lauren, Haley & Scotty were top 3 and James was 4th. That’s all you will get because they have only once shown anything close to the actual results and that was the year Taylor Hicks won.

      In the final 3 round, the voting was claimed to be 50 Million and Ryan told Elliot Yamin that he had received 33.06% of the vote while the top person (not named but assumed to be Taylor Hicks) received 33.68% and the other received 33.26%.

      If I recall, they put the %ages up on a board but no names. So, if there were 50 mil votes cast – as claimed – then only 310,000 votes separated #1 from #3 and a mere 100,000 between 2nd and 3rd. I guess if it was an election, they’d demand a recount. 🙂

      That is about the closest they have ever come to giving out the votes.

  13. American Idol was my favortie show, watched faithfully for years. After James was eliminted this week I no longer watch the show. James was the best week after week never in the bottom three. He was the best. I wish him well.

    • Not that I agree with you but I can see why you would feel that way. If Haley were eliminated I probably wouldn’t watch the season any longer, not that I’d be angry at American Idol that’s just the way it go’s. Until, if it is even possible, they allow a single vote per contestant it is really about who can endure call after call the most at this point.

  14. I won’t be watching, after reading of the problems with haley receiving votes intended for james. No way, AI needs to acknowledge the problem with voting this past week and correct it, but that won’t happen. Her song choice this week should be Staying Alive by AI/at&t Robbin James

    • The voting system is what it is . Each and ev ery one has the same system. Stop crying and vote more.

    • The FCC monitors games shows and TV contests for being openly rigged after the problems of the 1950’s.

    • they said the same thing last year for siobhan. it’s a bit ridiculous if you ask me.

    • Those allegations are unfounded. People should have read the numbers, which were based on the first order. Haley could very well have lost votes just as easily as James because her 2nd number was 06 even though it was the 5th song of the night.

    • Hey it’s just like broken chads man, if you don’t know how to vote then you probably shouldn’t.

    • I’m starting the Anti-Haley campain, James voters unite and make the big push for Scotty…

      Why you ask, because of sites like “Vote for worst” and the Glambert nation anti-james voters voting for Haley because Lambert tweeted that he liked her. James by far was more consistant than the others.

      JUST KIDDING, my voting days are over and I hope that someday they really get the voting system straight, one vote per call, text and ip address. I know there are ways areound it on the net but somthing needs to be done.

      • Wellen, I was about to become very, very disappointed in you! Until the JK. 😛

    • If you and others can’t read simple instructions that appeared on the scree during each performance, then afterwards when Ryan repeats them and again at the end during the reprise then blame yourself and not the system.

      Ryan Seacrest told us all to make sure we made note of the numbers because of the change of order.

      The bigger question is why James was allowed to open and close the show – that was the only problem I had with the night.

      Finally, using your logic, if people voted thinking James was #8 then it would have been Lauren who received those votes.

    • JMO Last week blobs feeling sorry for Haley getting a bash from Randy, many people said they were voting for her, assuming James didnt need the votes

  15. I read somewhere that James told Scotty (It’s on Twitter) that he has to win it….How sweet is that!!! I was really hoping for a James/Scotty finale but if James’s votes go to Scotty…then I will have some of what I wished for.

    • The people who just watch and vote in the finale only could be enough to decide the winner but Scotty getting most of James’ voters could guarantee Lauren going home.

      • I seriously doubt that a single James vote will go to Scotty. People who like James’ style of music typically don’t like country music. It’s sad that Scotty made it to the top 12, much less the top 3. He is only interesting to hicks. Every song sounds the same. He’s a Bud Lite and Haley is Dom Perignon.

      • Hahahaha, Serg! I agree. But man, when I was younger I had some good times w/ Bud Light. Now that I’m older, and more mature, give me the Dom!

        Well, if I still drank that is.

      • According to twitter, scotty and James went back an forth and james said he was voting for scotty There were rumors some where back in blobs that no love lost between James and Haley

      • No love lost between Haley and any of the other contestants. When they had the “What do you think of each other” the consensis was Haley was a brat and bossy

      • Hmmm…I didn’t hear bossy…as for STEFANO saying she’s a brat, he probably came on to her and she put him in his place. If I had to take a wild guess, that would be it.


    • I think you keyboard’s cap lock broken just like your message.
      Scotty is good and 2nd place behind Haley’s 1st shows just how good he is out of thousands.

      • Sometimes I get a good chuckle from the trolls, but it seems you get rid of one and 3 more take their place. Usually, like you seem to do most of the time, I just ignore them, but sometimes one has to say something LOL

    • I like Scotty behind Haley but I’m not sure he has that stong of a voice but he is crisp and clear. I remember a Division Officer I had, while in the Submarine Service, he sang country music, what I remember most is what he said about country music, that anyone can sing it, just throwing that out there.

    • Omg!!!!!!! gotta be kidding me Haley is the best!!!! (since James is gone)!!

      • Arissa, how old are you? 16, 17, 18? I really commend your maturity. Your favorite left, and you keep trucking on with a great attitude! Instead of whining FOREVER, and blaming the phones, or blaming this or that…it’s kinda sad the lenghts that some people will go to.
        I was so sad/angry when James left, but someone had to. I would’ve preferred Scotty, but it’s not up to us individually, it’s up to us as a country. People could really learn a lesson from you. 🙂

      • if you are referring to the omg that translates to Oh my Goodness, doesn’t it?

      • Hahahaha, JD!!!! What is this guy, the cursing police?! Funny…I haven’t read a single swearword. Haha, at least one person knows the correct terms! Now, what about FU Konrad?? 😛

      • Konrad, I tried to post this earlier but you ware now over the top. I’ll be specific:

        Cussing is NOT a sin. Our Jesus stated that swearing an oath was not acceptable, not cussing. Look it up.
        Do you know the Hebrew definition of their word for sin? It means simply ‘missing the mark’s or as Paul stated with the equivalent Greek word, ‘falling short of the mark’.
        Both relate to archer missing his target & then attempting another shoot. No hell, guilt or eternal damnation.
        Christianity SHOULD be a way to save one’s deli not condemn!

      • Haley did a little dance and smiled when James was declared out. Come on guys, James was her compeitor.

      • Well at least Arissa knows how to ‘move on’ instead of grasp straws…just saying…

      • So only music you like is ‘real music’. You people are more closed minded than I first thought.

    • I think J.R. has anger issues because they cancelled Dallas on him 20+ years ago, which is about the genre of Scotty’s singing style!!

  17. AI I believe is rigged. Never thought that before, but do now!! I will never watch this show again. I will be watching the x factor.

    • if you have proof then please pass the information to the FCC otherwise move on and focus on the ones remaining.

      • Trolls, you buy their lunch and buy their lunch and all they wanna do is eat the teacher.

      • Could be rigged. PIA and James should have been the top two. Wonder why they don’t release the vote totals each week?

      • I never want to hear or see the name Pia again in my whole entire life. Kinda sad, since she’s a great singer.

    • Compile your proof, get a lawyer to check it over and send it to the FCC.

      If you have that proof, you could make a fortune by exposing it and then selling your story!!

      Get over it. This accusation is made every year when favorites are voted off and we get the “I/m not watching it anymore.”

      That’s ok because it has been the #1 rated show on TV for 7-years now and that is a record for ANY TV show, beating out “The Cosby Show” which held the previous record.

  18. If a contestant is working towards stardom and professionality, he/she must communicated their defense accordingly.. not in such a attitudinal bratty way as Haley did. Nope! She’s out for me. Just don’t like her at all. The other two are just as talented and NICE. I love Scotty and really like Lauren. The alleged songs sound good. Can Scotty beging to stand up to Kenny Rogers? Hmmmm!

    • Your credibility would be assisted by a dictionary, a thesaurus and a 4th grade grammar book.

      • Sorry, “communicated” was meant to be communicate. The other words are simply a way of talking, tho perhaps not technically correct. I only have a PHD so maybe I need more education. Ha!

      • If you put your focus on the message rather than insignificant detail, then there’s a chance you may grasp concept. That way you wouldn’t have the need to heighten yourself by putting others down. I think the credibility issue falls on you, my friend.

      • Joan: It was just a little constructive criticism. You don’t have to be so “attitudinal [sic] bratty.”

    • Just thought I would throw this in here. Doesn’t mean anything really… Kenny Rogers held the mic with both hands alot of the time too.

      • I don’t believe I ever saw him wear a cowboy hat either. Except in the movie “The Gambler”. Again, just tossing that out there.

    • So you know them all personally, Joan? Awesome, will you ask Haley if I can meet her face to face?? You don’t think she’ll spit in your face if you ask, do you?
      What a joke.

    • When did you meet these three people? Just curious because you claim – by the wording of your post – to know them.

      BTW – Go on line and find the videos of Hollywood week. Remember that 16 yr old chubby kid with the really nice voice and his search to find a group to join?

      Check out how your precious, nice boy, Scotty treated him and mocked him behind his back.

      • Precious Scotty had nothing to do with that. So quit bring that up when you cant think of anything else to say. Get on the real culpert, the kid with the big glasses, who didnt make it past the first tryouts

  19. Scotty has a strong voice??? I guess I must have slept through the songs that demonstrated he could do anything other than bass. I picked him at the first of the season to be in the top ten, but after he murdered the George Strait song, I was surprised to see him go any further. He will do very well in country music as long as he gets a writer like Randy Travis has to write songs for him. I picked Lauren during the auditions to be in the top 10, but after murdering “Unchained Melody,” I thought for sure she would be gone, it was refreshing to hear her challenge her range this week. As for Haley, she and Pia were my favorites from the start and she has never failed to impress. Love that bluesy voice and agree with Devon, Etta James’ “At Last” would be a great song for her, especially after seeing how she nailed “I Who Have Nothing” and “House of the Rising Sun.”

    • I think the judges picked a perfect song for her this week. You Outa know” by Alanis Morrissette is a classic and she will nail it with her slightly angry undertone….I also agree with hearing her do At Last…but my all time favorite of Etta James is “Ive been loving you too long”….which was originally done by Otis Redding….Now Scotty gets a Kenny Rogers falsetto song and he is in big trouble with that one…..Laurens song presents absolutely no challenges for her….so I think Scotty will be the next to leave…..producers want a female to win and they will have their choice….

      • If Haley can even gets close to how Alanis Morissette does the song it will be great, I don’t any girl this year would even try that song other than maybe Haley.

        Scotty will lower the songs key an octave but even then its no cake walk for him.

        Lauren will lower the songs key some, then she can hit the high notes but holding them that long will be her main problem.

      • Iggy Pops shirtless prancing, Lady GaGa’s leather bikini, Jlo’s form fitting attire, and floor dance, Steven Tyler’s video showing girls in various stages of undress (albeit very briefly), and now they want Haley to sing You Oughtta Know???
        I think can slay the song, but I’m not so sure those lyrics are really appropriate for primetime tv. What is American Idol trying to do compete with Showtimes After Hours? I’m not a prude, but really, there are kids watching and listening, what kind of example is AI trying to set here?

      • They gave Scotty a song that he can’t mimic, he will have to make it his own song. That’s brilliant because that’s exactly what Scotty has been missing the entire season.

      • JD; I’m right there with you. Kids watching? There are kids performing! Ryan’s often inappropriate remarks are bad enough, but Idol is sinking to new levels of trashiness.

      • I totally agree, it’s not appropriate at all. Though, I will have to say that Nicole Scherzinger is…uhh…”cute” 🙂 Trying to keep it pg-13 here, right?

      • The arrangement should start soft, so she can hiss, and build to the first chorus; then, blow the roof off on the second.

      • Speaking of inappopriate, did you see Lady GaGas shoes when she was standing on the piano bench? Heels were shaped like a penis

  20. James going home really was a shocker. He has great stage personality and performed well every time. I love Scotty, but James vocal range is definitely superior. What were the American people thinking voting him off?

    • James was not voted off but it seems the rockers were partying so hard they forgot to vote.
      I think the vote was very close between Scotty and James, could have gone either way. This is due to the women voting super hard to get the girls their hometown visit/party and Randy opening his mouth to much this week.

  21. ggrrrrrrrr!!! Haley Reinhart fan here!!!!! i need Haley to win it if James is gone!!!!!!!

    • Ahaha, raawrrrgrowlgrrrrrrawr!! English translation: Haley! Haley! Haley! xD

      • @ David P. I hear you. Really wanted it to end up with a James/Haley finale. So disapointed that my man, James was eliminated…so (with deep resignation) it will be Haley for the win. 🙂

      • I know, Rose! It was supposed to be a James/Haley finale, would have been the best finale ever. I wasn’t always on the James fan van but I was very sad to see him go.

      • Phyllis said pretty much the same thing as Rose in a different thread. Of course she’s torn up about James, but she’s not one to go bashing other people

    • Me, too, David P. I jumped off the couch and started pacing, ranting, and raving. I had no idea I would be THAT upset if he got eliminated. Especially because I was calmly resigned to the fact I’d most likely be saying good-bye to one of the girls, who are my 1st and 2nd fave.

      • Devin Lee: You know that I am sadened by any of them leaving. But I was so busy doing the happy dance about the girls staying that I almost missed the final results. Love, love, love Scotty. But, GIRL POWER!

      • Hahaha, me too! I was shouting with jubilation when they said both girls were top 3!! My mom finally got me shushed so she could hear, and then I hopped right back up again when they said it was James going. My poor mom watched the whole show again because she said she only got to hear 50% of it. Haha.

      • Bunny, your happy dance must be a sight to see! Were you ‘thumping’ your feet?

      • Rose A, I am sad that James got the boot.And I think it was over one lousy song. Let’s pray he gets signed up by a record company! Hugs to you Rose A. Sherry K. 🙂

  22. Do we know if the picks are the judges picks for them or Jimmys?

    I think lauren should sing Imagine by john lennon, She could really have a moment with that song. I think shed do it wonderfully.

    I definitely think haleys song is a good choice.

  23. Haley deserves to win it all at this point. Lauren should go home next Thursday. After she slaughtered “Unchained Melody”, I’m surprised she’s still on the show. She’s too soft and not as vocally well a performer as Haley or Scotty.

  24. I am amazed that James didn’t win it all. Now any of the 3 can win. Schott is probably the slight favorite but Lauren sure has come on strong. Judges need to lighten up Haley.

  25. you can vote from all over the world. just download a free hide ip software. GO HALEY!

  26. How anyone can think that Haley is good, amazes me. I would never buy a CD by her. That screaming, growling voice, UGH. I mute the TV when she comes on. The winner has to be Scotty. he has a future in music.

    • Well, everyone is different, Dianne. Simple people like simple good ole’ music…complex people like a range of nots, a range of genres, and a range of textures which is what Haley has. I’m not saying that to be mean, I think Scotty is very good at what he does. It just doesn’t float my boat, I like more excitement than he offers. It’s just personal preferences. No need to be rude about it.

    • If you mute the tv how do you know how versitile Haley is. Did you hear Rolling in the deep, blue, house, I who have nothing and many more; how can you possible decide you do not like her? Your not even giving her a chance then and if that is the case you truly have no right for an opinion because there is nothing to base it on if your not listening.

    • If you mute the TV, how do you know what she has sung or how well or otherwise she has sung it?

      She has sung the best Country song on the show this season so far and her duet with Lauren was great.

  27. I just went to listen to that You Oughta Know on itunes. Are you kidding me? Maybe Haley will make something out of it, but I think the song and the singer are both horrible. Who picked that song, freakin Randy Jackson. I could not even understand what the song was about. The other 2 get easy crap. I don’t know why she did not get a country song, she would have blown them both out of the water.

    • I have no doubt Haley can handle this song, I just have a real problem with the lyrics on primetime. With the f word in the lyrics, which she will change of course, but the content of the song is not appropriate.

      • It certainly is not. I am far from a prude, but that a little rough for prime time.

    • This song is about broken love and anger at a man that dumped his gf for a younger girl. The issue (other than some explicit lyrics) is Haley is the girl he left her for.

      • Would she go down on you in a theatre? Even though Haley could slay the song, the Haley haters will have a FIELD day with it, what a $lut, blah blah blah, even though she has no choice but to do the judge’s pick. If she refuses the Haley haters will have a different field day, about lack of respect and a bad attitude…Haley just can not win with some idiots. I love that song for her, I’m just really really hoping it’s incorrect and she does a different one.

      • David P & Devin Lee:
        So Haley will sing about “Would she go down on you in a theatre”

        Scotty will sing about his long time love at home in his bed waiting for him.

        And sweet Lauren will be asking us all to dance about it.

        God I love America!

      • I thought they are all grown up. After all you said there are 16 and 17 year olds that have children. Now what, you get all moral when it comes to YOUR Haley!

      • I didn’t say it to protect the 16 and 17 year old’s ears, obviously, I’m sure they’ve heard that song sung by Alanis, actually. I meant to protect the 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, ect. ect.’s ears of the many children who will be watching. Haha, you have no idea what my morals are or are not. Don’t presume to know me because I love Haley Reinharts voice, it just makes you look presumptious and ignorant. 😉

      • Practice what you preach. You have no idea what I said. I said the country has no morals not you. You throw the F- bomb every chance you get. So I am judging from that. Stop being the boss and police patrol of this blog pleassse. Are you sure its Haley’s voice you love.

      • Susan, please, you GOTTA remember to take your meds. 😀 Set an alarm on your cell or something.
        I don’t say the ‘F’ word on here, and I don’t say the ‘F’ word in real life, either.

      • I would never do it, if people wouldn’t be SNOTTY to me for no reason first. 😉 I’ve never said a single negative thing about any of the contestants, and I defend them when I think they are being overly ill spoken of…and that doesn’t just include Haley, either. If people would just lighten up, *crosses fingers* than so would I.

      • As you can see, my comment to the original post has to do with people wailing on Haley no matter what she does. It gets to me after awhile! I don’t think she, or any contestant, deserves that kind of treatment from us. We should be GREATFUL and APPRECIATIVE that they are sharing their gifts with us, not just the ones we like. Because they do all have a gift, and no one can appeal to everyone. Everyone and everyone’s tastes are different, thank god. Susan, I’m sorry if I insulted you or hurt your feelings in any way. You just gotta remember that I don’t know you, whatever I say is just hearsay. Don’t let it affect you! That goes for everyone.

    • I just listened to this song and I’m certain Haley can do and do it well, I have a sence she probably smiled when she heard this!

      • I have NEVER in 10 years of watching and enjoying American Idol heard, or seen such hatred and quibbling back and forth. And it just goe’s on and on! It makes me wonder who is taking care of this chat board? I know Branden is nice! Perhaps it is the producer’s fault. Oh well! I am not going to watch anymore anyway. So I guess I won’t look at people saying the F word. Or any snipes at any of the contestants , or other people on here! Thank-You to all of you! Enjoy the rest of American Idol this year. And may each and everyone of you have a GREAT 2011!!

    • I totally agree. Alanis has much better songs – but they chose the worst – hummm… I wonder why… (conspiracy theory…)

    • Go listen to the “clean version” of You Oughta Know – there are no F-bombs, or other sorid lyrics. I am sure if the information is correct, then AI will have Haley sing the “clean version”.

      As for song choices, the Judges get one, Jimmy gets one, and then they have to choose a favorite they have already performed from the season for the 3rd selection.

  28. It is obvious that those who write in favor of Haley share her attitude!!!!

    • The ones with the bad attitude are people like you that think they are Gods judge in the world.

      • Hey…James had attitude…and Haley is just sticking up for herself…it is called being assertive…and she handles it well. A true artist/entertainer should be able to defend their work when they put their heart and soul into it…lighten up.. 🙂

    • Yeah, we do. We are just as nice as her, Mr. Miss, or Mrs. stir up the pot.

    • Trolls are the only bad attitudes on this site, everyone else is just trying to defend the contestants. Honestly, what do you people GET out of BASHING THEM???

    • What do you know about her attitude? Go on-line and check out Scotty in Hollywood week and how he treated that 16 yr old kid who was looking for a group with whom he could sing.

      Was that attitude??

  29. Are you kidding about You Oughta Know? I looked up the lyrics. That can’t be sung on prime time. Can it?

    • Yeah, it’s their final attempt to bus Haley off the show. It doesn’t matter, though. Top 3 is amazing. I just hope she takes the song and shoves it down their throat with an amazing, prime time appropriate, rendition.

      • David P.: I really don’t think that is the case at all. I truly believe that this is the kind of music the judges feel that Haley should record. We should be more able to decipher the code once we hear Jimmy’s choice. A decoder ring might help as well.

      • I guess I might be a little too suspicious of the judges. But that song is so “out of no where”. I’m having a hard time coming up with any other reason why they would have picked that song.

      • Ohh…yeah they gave the sweet songs about God and love to the innocents while assuming the devil aka Haley needs to sing a song that will further piss off these called Christian Right. I hope she picks some better material for herself but actually I do like the Alanis song…just think it is likely to stir the pot.

    • I changed my mind. I am glad they gave her this song. She can make a few little changes to the lyrics, to make it acceptable and then use the anger she most likely still feels at Randy to KILL this song. This song is actually a great song for her to showcase all her talent. At least they can’t say its a bad song choice LOL

      • That’s exactly what they are going to say! They give her a bad song so they can tell her it’s a bad song choice.

  30. to all u haley fans ,james wants scotty to win it,he told him so thursday nite
    quoting james = “u need to win this,u better win this”to scotty..

      • Hi David P…long time…and I agree…I have a feeling that a lot of people that voted for James will now be voting for Haley…I will be.

      • Rose! <3 People will vote for who they will, I'm glad Haley has you rooting for her, 🙂

      • Hahaha. That’s really sad and desperate. “Well, I guess we better do what he tells us!” What?

  31. My response: WHO CARES? Without James Durbin, I will not be watching. I will tape the final ONLY so that I can see him sing again. And they better let him sing a solo.. not interested in waching him sing en groupe with everyone else. When are we getting the news that he’s been signed to a recording contract??? James: DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’!!

    • Tess, Hopefully soon JAMES DURBIN. A record deal. I will be so happy to see it. JAMES: DON’T STOP BELIEVIN”

  32. I just watched Scotty’s homecoming and concert. Josh Turner sang “Baby Lock Them Doors” with him. Scotty doesn’t need to win, nashville is ready for him.

    • Templer, I have said that from the beginning. I have never voted for him. He had a career from the time he auditioned. He is going to be something when he is in his prime. And I am going to be buying all his stuff. Along with the girls stuff.

    • Good for Scotty. I am glad Josh Turner was there. Scotty must have been bowled over. Josh was probably more than a little impressed by Scotty’s big voice coming out of a kid LOL.

      I’m happy for all 4 of these youngsters, they deserve the hoopla at home 🙂

      • I had to laugh at him saying he never thought he’d be glad of humidity, but it was so good to be home that the humidity felt good.

  33. What I’d like to hear from Haley:
    Fighter – Christina Aguilera
    Jar of Harts – Christina Perri
    At Last – Etta James

    I’m not excited about the Alanis song. Of all the songs to choose from they chose that one? It’s a good song, but not for American Idol. If they want her to do grunge rock pissed of chick music they should have gone with Evanescence or Garbage.

    • If they wanted to go with Alanis Morisette, Thank You would have been a better choice, but only if Haley could learn how to play the guitar and just sit on a stool and strum to it Alanis concert style.

      • I think the judges were kindest to Lauren in the song choices [no surprise there], and deliberately gave Haley one with questionable lyrics and Scotty one with problems for a bass voice. Seeing a pattern here.

    • Randy would say, Yo Dawg, that song was Garbage, very poor song choice, dawg, I don’t know where you are coming from man. I can’t tell what kind of artist you are going to be singing that Garbage. At this point in the competition, you should be able to tell all my constructive critiques are GARBAGE LOL.

    • I think Haley could do Christina Aguilera really well. I like Christina Perri’s Arms better. She has Bang Bang Bang out which is a great song. We all know she could do Etta James well.

    • Christina Perri would definitely be good for her. I think You Know I’m No good, or Back to Black by Amy Winehouse would be awesome for her, too. I’d like to hear her take on a Tori Amos song as well, but most people would complain they didn’t know it…haha, one of the best female vocalists out there. Eh…can’t wait to see what other two songs she sings.

      • See, so many great choices to pick from and they pick that?! Even if they had stayed in the Alanis songbook there are so many songs that would fit Haley better. Obvious bussing is obvious.

      • Me too! She’s freaking gorgeous, red hair, bada** attitude, and a voice that could melt butter and chisel rocks at the same time.

  34. I think Alanis is not a good song choice for anyone….She will have a tough time with that one but hey I think she will surprise everyone. And Scotty singing the Gambler is ridiculous. He cannot do it…However Lauren has a song she can slay easily. So I am wondering if the judges might be leaning Laurens way.

    • She Believes in Me will definately be something different for Scotty. I hope he can pull it off.

      I Hope You Dance should be great for Lauren, if she doesn’t let her nerves get the best of her.

      So far Haley has proven she can sing anything, but this isn’t a cakewalk for her.

      I think you could be right, judges may be leaning Laurens way.

      Will have to wait and see what the other songs chosen for them are. If Scotty and Haley get easy songs for them and Lauren gets a challenging one, then it will all even out.

      • JD: Lauren’s song “I Hope You Dance” will be a challenge for Lauren. That song only truly works if delivered with force & conviction. Both of these Lauren has shown challenges with consistency in delivery. So yes she has a challenge to meet as well.

    • Where did “The Gambler” come from? He’s drawn “She Believes In me” by Kenny Rogers.

  35. i think scotty is great any song he sing he will do a great job.he will be famouse either way.

  36. Hi Matt- Just got back from Scottys hometown tour and have tons of pics but cant find a way to post them to you so you can share. give me some hints and I’ll share them. It was terrific.

  37. I can already guess what Randy is going to say about Haley’s performance of You Oughta Know:
    I felt that you were screaming during the whole song!

    • It was a bad song choice, in order to sing that like the great Alanis Morisette you needed to be yelling unicorns and glitter, with runs and purple bows in your hair!

  38. Lets see, the judges told Haley the other night that she needs to pay attention to what the others are singing. I guess its no surprise that the judges don’t practice what they preach.

    Scotty nice song She Believes in Me
    Lauren nice song I Hope You Dance
    Haley nice song Breathe or This Kiss
    Faith Hill
    Oh wait, we can’t have Haley compete with the country kids on their level, it would be awful if she beat them on their home turf, lets give her a wild vulgar angry song so our country fan base won’t even consider voting for her.
    Sorry, seems like the judges aren’t being fair again. whats new.

    • lets give her a wild vulgar angry song so our country fan base won’t even consider voting for her.

      I think that’s exactly what they’re doing. I think they’re trying to split the vote.

      • Maybe we will get lucky and the other two song pickers will not like the country kids. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. The folks older than me used to say. I had to laugh before because I have Boogie Woogie Bugle boy on itunes, I bought it in memory of my Mother-in-law.

      • One of the other song pickers is the kids themselves. So, good luck with that.

      • That doesn’t change the fact that this song by itself has the ability to polarize the voters.

    • Oh Please, give it a break. There is no conspiracy in these song choices. Haley’s preference is not now nore has it ever been country music. Yes she has done “Blue”, very well I might add, but why would you even want them to pick a country song for her?

      All three of the choices present a certain amount of challenges for each of them. Enough said.

      • You are right, Bunny. I’m glad they didn’t go with country, and don’t see why they would have. I think the choices for both Lauren and Scotty present very good challenges and actually target both of their weaknesses.

      • Hey, I never said I wanted her to sing a country song. I’m not even saying they’re trying to sabotage Haley with the song, really. I’m just saying they’re trying to split the vote. More dramatic that way.

      • With James gone, I guess they needed something for the rockers and while this is not metal it is headed it that direction.
        Haley’ songs so have been something both the kids and older crowd would like but this song is more for the 18-30yr old rockers.

      • @Bunny, I’m just having fun dissing the judges, cuz I would rather give them a bad time than other posters, its much more fun. Besides I’m still mad at Randy, and even if Haley happened to win, I will always believe he was out of line with his tirade on national tv, just my opinion. Nah, I don’t think there is a conspiracy. 🙂

      • The songs posted by Matt are the official judges picks that were revealed this morning.

  39. The lyrics to You Oughta Know

    I want you to know, that I’m happy for you
    I wish nothing but the best for you both
    An older version of me
    Is she perverted like me
    Would she go down on you in a theatre
    Does she speak eloquently
    And would she have your baby
    I’m sure she’d make a really excellent mother

    ’cause the love that you gave that we made wasn’t able
    To make it enough for you to be open wide, no
    And every time you speak her name
    Does she know how you told me you’d hold me
    Until you died, till you died
    But you’re still alive

    And I’m here to remind you
    Of the mess you left when you went away
    It’s not fair to deny me
    Of the cross I bear that you gave to me
    You, you, you oughta know

    You seem very well, things look peaceful
    I’m not quite as well, I thought you should know
    Did you forget about me Mr. Duplicity
    I hate to bug you in the middle of dinner
    It was a slap in the face how quickly I was replaced
    Are you thinking of me when you fuck her?

    ’cause the love that you gave that we made wasn’t able
    To make it enough for you to be open wide, no
    And every time you speak her name
    Does she know how you told me you’d hold me
    Until you died, til you died
    But you’re still alive

    And I’m here to remind you
    Of the mess you left when you went away
    It’s not fair to deny me
    Of the cross I bear that you gave to me
    You, you, you oughta know

    ’cause the joke that you laid on the bed that was me
    And I’m not gonna fade
    As soon as you close your eyes and you know it
    And every time I scratch my nails down someone else’s back
    I hope you feel it…well can you feel it

    Well, I’m here to remind you
    Of the mess you left when you went away
    It’s not fair to deny me
    Of the cross I bear that you gave to me
    You, you, you oughta know

    …um. So I remember singing this song as a kid, but I still can’t believe this song was suggested for contestant to sing on American Idol.

  40. Somebody call Haley in Chicago and ask her if she can do that song well! LOL

    • I’m so happy for Haley and how far she’s made it and how much she has grown. Her story is inspiring to say the least. I hope this final attempt to run Haley off the show doesn’t work.

      AI didn’t expect her to make it very far. Has anyone else noticed we have zero backstory for Haley? We are learning things about her now that they’ve never said. They didn’t want her around but she just fought tooth and nail.
      Top 5 performances this season, in my opinion, are:

      I Who Have Nothing – Haley
      I’ll Stand By You – Pia
      Uprising – James
      House of the Rising Sun – Haley
      Rolling in the Deep – Haley

      And that’s not including Moaning, which is arguably one of the best duets on Idol in the history of the show.

      Since the top 7 Haley has transformed into an amazing and talented performer, and while some of her song choices since then may be questionable, she has given amazing vocals and showed outstanding improvement in how she presents the songs. I will be the first one to admit I never thought she’d make it to the top 5, even though she’s been my favorite since Hollywood.

      People say she’s not consistent, but that’s totally untrue. She has consistently come back each week with improvement in some way, which is more than you can say about the other 2. Lauren and Scotty are great, but neither of them have done anything jaw dropping amazing like Haley has. In fact, if neither of them were ‘country’ I doubt they’d have made it to the top 3. Their fans that adore them so much right now would most likely never have given them a second look. Haley has earned every single fan she’s gained since her bottom dweller days and Scotty and Lauren better step it up if they don’t want to be steamrolled by a runaway locomotive called the Haley Train.

      • 1. Haley “I Who Have Nothing”
        2. Haley “House of the Rising Sun”
        3. Haley “Rolling in the Deep”
        4. Haley “Blue”
        5. Haley “Benny and the Jets”

        I just love everything she does, she’s so my type of a singer right from the get go. She has a lot of similarities to the women performers I’ve loved since I first started paying attention to music, when I was 12 or so. There’s been so many amazing performances, by many amazing contestants, but Haley just completely takes the cake for me. I agree that Moaning was the best duet, as well.

      • Hey, Devin Lee I just read you comment about cursing police. I laughed so hard tears were rolling down my face. That was funny.

      • My best 4 performance in AI season 10 so far based on the difficulty,pitch & the difference arrangement from the original to make it into their own :

        1. Nature Boy – Casey Abrams
        The problem with this song is its not everybody taste. This kind of complex notes, mysterious eerie jazz song kind of tune are farrrr from mainstream so lots of people dont know how amazing this song is. The fact that he actually jamming with the piano, scatting while playin the upright bass without once lookin the grip & able to sing the 4 notes at the end of the song… if u try it,you’ll see…

        2. I Who Have Nothing – Haley Reinhart
        The orchestra (well,not full though) arrangement,the passion & the body language when she sing the song eventhough she’s on the same spot through the song… sorry Pia,u should learn from this performance ><

        3. You've Got Another Things Comin – James Durbin
        Although the arrangement is basically the same as the original but its all dandy with his pitch perfect (his only performance), the slow step into the judge table stair & the way he tastefully not overuse his highest vocal register… no wonder Steven Ty curses 🙂

        4. House of the Rising Sun – Haley Reinhart
        The beginning of the song with true acapella with no music/instrument chord check play whatsoever from the start just prove how amazing her melodic sensibility is. Not like her early Alicia Keys song when theres a piano chord check playin be4 the acapella start, or Thia acapella with a piano chord check playin too & James guitar chord check playin be4 his Will u Still Love Me Tomorrow acapella start. Just 4 that alone, Haley deserved a standing "O".

        Btw,these 4 performance is all pitch perfect.

      • Davld P read your blog and like a lot all tho. I am not a haley fan your writing is eloquent and readable….Thanks

      • I am a huge fan of Patsy Cline, the best overall female voice I have ever heard, and when Haley sang “Blue”, I was hooked.

      • “Haley has earned every single fan she’s gained since her bottom dweller days…”

        I like that.

      • I totally agree with your best songs of the season selection. And so true about Haley – as they say in any competition, the important thing is to peak at the right time – close to the final. Scotty peaked early on in the competition, so the tendency is for him to lose momentum and go down. Lauren lost momentum too – from her confident audition to today’s insecure and scared persona on stage. Haley has being a fighter for a while. She said in her audition that Randy kicked her out last year and did not let her move ahead. She returned and then Randy said she was much better and let her in. Since then, we have seen her fighting and getting better in the process. Historically, in reality shows, these are signs of a winner coming up – but we just never know… that will be an interesting finale..

  41. James has gone…What is that about?? Give some voting power to us guys Down under Its obvious Yanks dont know a good performer when they see one Grrrrrrrr…

  42. Scotty said on TV news visit this morning(his Hometown Tour) that him and James got to be real close and that James was a Country music lover also and they sang somgs together alot when they had nothing to do for awhile. he said him and James would always be great friends now.

  43. Haley can sing anything. But come on? She can’t change the words to the whole song!!!! lauren will do I Hope you Dance really well…Scotty…has to exit his low-voice-only status and sing differently for once. Ughhh, I hope Jimmy gives her something fantastic. He may not, though, I think he’d rather have her all for himself than American Idol.

    • If they are going to give her something inappropriate they should have gone with Candyman by Christina Aguilera. I have faith Haley will make it awesome, though. And Alanis will have to thank Haley for all the extra hits she gets when the song is performed on Wednesday.

    • Jimmy, compared to the judges know the business & I think he has the greatest admiration Haley. He will pick what’s best for her.
      My concern now is what will Haley pick? Her choices have been less than best. Hopefully, she will listen to Casey. No way he would steer her wrong.

      • I think they have to do a song that they have already performed. I doubt she’d pick one they didn’t like, especially after the verbal lashing she got last week.

    • James Durbin was the BEST! Another ADAM LAMBERT year? What is America thinking? They definitely got it WRONG!!

  44. Yeah, everyone vote for Haley I’m going to bet on her now since she is the best Vegas payout. Oh no I don’t think the voting is rigged..hahaha

  45. Templar: Do you find all this as amusing as I do? Hey, I found my decoder ring. Now we wait, lol-lol.

    Where did you watch Scotty’s concert?

    • Bunny: Some of it is pretty hilarious. For Scotty’s homecoming go to Enjoy.

      • Templar: I did & it was great. He seemed so surprised when Josh Turner showed up.

        By the way… Did you catch that post (I can’t remember who posted it) about all us country fans being hicks? I don’t think I’ve heard that term since like 3rd grade, lol. And trust me I live in what that person would most likely call Hickville, lol.

      • Don’t recall that one, but there’s an Aussie up thread who thinks we’re imbeciles. So I guess we’re hicks from the sticks.

      • If itt akes being called a hick because I vote for an amazing voice then so be it IM A HICK then

  46. I know these aren’t incredibly accurate and don’t really tell anything, blah blah blah, but…

    Haley Reinhart I Who Have Nothing – 340,000 hits
    Lauren Alaina Anyway – 90,000 hits
    Scotty McCreery Where Were You – 60,500 hits

    Just sayin, 🙂

    • It is what it is, and it sure looks like there are more than a few people on the Haley bandwagon.

      • Guess you will all be crying in your soup when Haley gets booted off huh Then you can make all your smart a– remarks about who is left—Thats how it goes but Haley does NOT have what itt akes to win and she wont

      • Dee, There will be no crying in our favorite cup of soup! Haley has gotten as far as I hoped (&voted) for.
        She doesn’t need to win idol for me to be satisfied.
        In the very near future that girl is going to give lot of pure enjoyment to people… too bad you will miss out.

      • deedeu…..Im with you…Next to leave is Haley. She has worn out her welcome She is so hsppy now that James is gone…. She doesnt think ahe has a worry now…Surprise awaits her.

      • most of the bad comments to Lauren and Scotty come from Haley fans! They really have issues just like their favorite.

    • There are lots of Country Western fans trying to put Haley down —for obvious reasons. But when the going gets tough, Haley really gets going. I just hope the C&W crowd continues to split their vote between Lauren & Scotty —leaving a nice spot in the Finals for Haley! Haley will pick up more James voters than either Lauren or Scotty will.

      • Dont plan on it…Scotty and James got pretty close and some blog back saw on twitter scotty and james yaking and james told scotty he was voting for him….dont think james was real crazy about haley

      • Ken; you’re right it’s all over the blogs, twitter etc. that James wants Scotty to win.

      • James wants a guy to win since he was very close to the guys like Paul and Stefano. I sure the girls would root for another girl to win and they seem to be close now since Lauren stood up for Haley after Randy’ commits.

      • they hated Haley because of James’ exit… what do you think would happen to her?

      • I think it’s kind of silly to think that all James fans are now anti Haley because James is. People are going to vote for who they like not for who James likes. A lot of James fans are also Haley fans. A lot of James fans do not like Scotty or Lauren. So, sure, maybe some people are going to vote against Haley even though it wasn’t her fault he left. But Haley doesn’t need fair weather fans like that, anyway.

      • Are you kidding me? Your “evidence” that James wants Scotty to win is a rumor on a blog? You don’t suppose someone would make up such a rumor to try to help Scotty? Nah –that would be naughty!

      • James never told scotty he was going to vote for him. Check his twitter nothing of that is said there. It’s just a rumour to make people vote for scotty. But anyways it’s dumb, cuz people should vote for who they like not who their favourite likes either way!

      • Steve: I think it’s the other way around. Go to youtube and other forums. Haley’s fans are actually swarming threads and videos of Scotty, James and Lauren– bashing them every single time. And look here, just to put Haley up, fans will have to pin down all others. That is just sad. You guys can praise Haley for all we care… Just an observation.

      • @David P. I was actually a HUGE fan of James and was upset he left… BUT i am also a huge scotty and Lauren fan. I like Haley but i prefer james or lauren now that james and Casey are gone. and haley does a not so well performance then when the judges get on her she does great on the last performance. but she shouldnt have to be ‘jumped on’ in order to do a great performance. she should come out with a great performance. as of now, she has not been able to do that like scotty and lauren.

      • Fair enough, I didn’t mention there are most likely a lot of James fans that are also Scotty/Lauren fans. The votes will split that way not because of who James likes though.

      • I am from Garner NC went to the homecoming for Scotty concert and he mentioned him and James were very good friends now. Said that James loved country music and was thinking of joining Scotty for a duet soon. Now if that doesnt tell you James will be voting for Scotty I heard it live form Scottys mouth!!!!!

      • well i do agree with david for the fact about the james thing. if james wants scotty to win then awesome. he will vote for him. but that does not mean everyone else will. i will be voting for him. but that is because i really want him to win. and also lauren i love her. i will probably vote some for her. but james backing him up will not change that. like katy perry came out and said she wanted adam lambert to win. he was in second. although that show was rigged. and mark from DWTS said casey was his favorite. look what happened. it all comes down to who everyone likes. i thought james would win but he didnt. all we can do is vote for who we want and hope for the best.

      • I agree that I was once a James fan and will now be voting for Lauren. Just because James is a rocker does not mean that all his votes will automatically go to Haley because she is not a rocker. If I understand correctly, James won a country idol contest and likes country music. His fans know that and may be more likely to vote the country side. But maybe not you never know with this show, but just speculation.

      • No Lauren and Scotty are going to pick up the votes. Haley has to many people at this point who want to see her gone. I think Lauren is going to be the next Idol ! I voted for James because he was far the best i believe since Idol. But if i had to make a 2 choice it would be lauren. Good luck lauren !

    • That hit count is interesting… I also checked the original Shirley Bassey on youtube – I (how have nothing) – performance… Frankly, I know Bassey is a legend and her performnace of this song is amazing, but as with Adele’s song, Haley nailed it with her own twist – which is very, very difficult to do when you are not yet a pro. Regardless if you like Haley or not, it is interesting to see that she has her own sound – if we were to hear her singing on the radio, we immediately know it is her. As for Lauren, she sounds like a lot of country singers out there, and so does Scotty…

    • 10000 people were at lauren’s concert 20000 were at scotty’s a couple thousand were at James’s…… And at Haley’s about a couple hundred…. Ummm people we obviously have a problem here…..

      • A couple hundred showed up to greet her. Roughly 30k showed….in the rain….for haleys concert. problem averted 🙂

      • 30000 people were at Haley’s and it was cold and rainy through the whole thing.

      • Now that my favorite Idol is gone and everyone knows who i’m talking about!! James Durbin!!! I would rather Lauren win than Haley. At least Lauren is not some mean acting girl. Lauren has a very sweet personality and has a beautiful voice. I love James voice more than anyone , but the show must go on. Vote Lauren now!!

      • You say Haley is Mean-Acting. Now get heavy criticism week after week and still be a happy bubbly nice girl. Haley needs to be strong and stand up for herself. When she doesn’t, everybody will bring her down easily

  47. you will never make me believe america voted off James, I don’t think the votes we counted correctly. You have your three weakest singers now. The best were voted off, Pia, Casey & James. I hope Randy Jackson or J-Lo husband or Steven Tyler gives Casey and James a contract, they will do great.

    Haley does nothing but growl, Lauren is a weak singer & Scottie can only sing country music and not every body likes country music, including me. I’m done, no more American Idol for me! I’m not sure I’ll watch it next year. it’s a talent contest, from what I’ve seen this year it’s a rigged contest.

    • I completely agree with you. The best singers in this competition were Pia, James and Casey and they got voted off which wasn’t fair. But I’m sure James will get a contract. The same thing happened with Chris Daughtry, he only made it to the top 4 yet he’s very famous and a fantastic singer. I bet Daughtry’s even more famous than the person who won that year. Haley is actually quite good. Yes, she does growl a lot, but so did Casey and didn’t make him an awful singer. Haley has an amazing voice and I’m sure she’ll win. If she doesn’t win, then American is just wrong. Lauren definitely is a weak singer, she has no personality whatsoever, and she’s boring to watch on stage. Scotty has a super deep voice, he only sings country music (which I hate), and he’s also boring to watch on stage. The winner should have been James but oh well. Let’s hope at least Haley wins now. But yes, I think the top 3 are just… uhh. All I know is that Lauren and Scotty have to go home. As for me, I am no longer voting. All of my votes were for James because he was the only one with real talent. But he’s gone now and so are my votes. At least we know this wasn’t the last time we heard or saw James. He will definitely have a huge career in the music industry. I can assure you that. And if he doesn’t, then American is just missing out on an amazing singer.

      • Lauren has personality – see her audition… Problem is the mentors keep telling her to be this way or that way, and in the end, she is no way…

      • I will purchase James’ CD when released! In the meantime…. all my votes will be given to Scotty!

      • i agree with amyb and martac. I loved casey. i really did. And james as well. i was really upset when they both left. but i also love scotty and lauren. i have never been a big country fan, more rock for me, but i love scotty’s voice and personality. he can sing other things as well. he sand elvis and elton john. he still has that country twang but oh well! that is who he is. and lauren has personality. she has a beautiful voice. i liked haley. but it seems like the judges have to keep jumping on her for her to have a great performance. she should come out ready to rock it, not wait until it is make it or break it time. she has not been able to do that yet.

      • Cry Baby! You’re the looser! Go to Mama & cry it out! To bad, To sad, but, I”M GLAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        The correct 3 are left! Go Scotty, & Lauren, Bye to Haley! Sorry! Scotty will win!

      • Cry Baby! You’re the looser! Go to Mama & cry it out! To bad, To sad, but, I”M GLAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        The correct 3 are left! Go Scotty, & Lauren, Bye to Haley! Sorry! Scotty will win!

    • I dissagree, Haley has the best all around vocals this show has ever had and shes proved that by singing a different genre almost ever week. Not crazy about Lauren or Scotty but they are both very talented singgers, and i believe this is one of the best top 3 this show has ever had or at least in the past 4 years. I would have liked to see Stefano in finaley and also Karen her performance of “Hero” I believe is still one of the best from the entire season. But yes i do believe James should have made it over Scotty and lauren but he didn’t o well. You can’t say though that there are 3 week singgers in the top 3 because thats just simply not true. As for casey and Pia, Casey i hated right off the bat i saw no talent in him what so ever and Pia had no personality and just like scotty her sitting there doing the same thing week after week got old so unlike apperently the rest of the world i can understand how she got voted off.

      • Me, too. Pia had a beautiful voice, but it was a very forgetable beautiful voice.

      • Joey, I agree with everything you are saying about Haley. She is without a doubt, the most diverse and best performing contestant left. And this is coming from a country music fan. You comments on Casey and Pia were spot on as well.

      • I totally agree. Haley is the best all-round package from this season. She’s beautiful, she has an awesome voice, and she is just great. When the judges couldn’t appreciate her very first song – Blue – they showed they don’t have a clue. That was absolutely amazing.

        When someone commented that she was being a poor sport last week after Randy was ragging on her, I couldn’t believe it. That was so ridiculous. I hope America wakes up to her talent – Haley for the win!

      • I totally agree with you! Lauren is very talented also…she should sing again Steven Tyler song…and Haley should win! Scotty will have great country singer career anyway…

    • Alice E. I’ll never believe James was voted off either. Something so very strange about the whole darn thing. Now Idol has agreed with Santa Cruz businesses to allow James to hold a few of the previously scheduled events. A first for American Idol. Oooops, did we count wrong and this is compensation.

  48. I agree. I just listened to it. How did they come up with that song. Scotty and Lauren get easy mainstream songs. Kenny Rogers and Lee Ann Womack songs. I knew right after Haley was safe Thursday night, that JLO and Randy were are ready plotting against Haley.

    • That is true. Down here in Brazil we are two weeks behind – it is not live because the TV channel has to do the dubbing into Portuguese and stuff. I watch the show live on the internet then see the reruns on our tv. They are saying they will catch up on the 24th and 25th to show the finale live… In any case, this gives me the opportunity to see their performances a second time. For sure, Lauren and Scotty sang easy songs, and Haley always went for the difficult songs. In the reruns it becomes clear that even when the judges say Haley’s performance was not good, we can see that it was actually good, that the song choice might be a matter of preference, but the singing was all there – excellent quality. So, as far as singing is concerned, it looks like the voting system actually works – James was having some serious problems in the last couple of weeks, not mentioning that he does not seem to know what to do if he has to stand in one place and just sing… The other eliminations all make sense as well, once we see them in the rerun – without being emotionally attached and after it cooled off – and see a clear winner emerging…

      • Wow, definitely an interesting perspective. I definitely agree looking back that things worked out right except once. Replace jacob with pia and I would have been ok. She even could have gone the same place as jacob.
        As far as these songs are concerned, lauren definitely got a right up her alley song, and if she doesn’t shy away from it could have a spectacular vocal performance. Scotty got something he should have tried weeks ago. Sure, its still country but he IS going to have to do SOMETHING with the song to make it successful. Haley is going to be a make it or break it song. I can definitely see her oversinging and blowing the song (i hope not) but I can also see her having her best performance of the year and getting her, count em, 4th standing O of the season.

      • I agree about James. I was a fan but he’s disappointed me in the past 2 weeks. His performances were shaky and he got lucky Jacob was much worse during the top 5 round. I think all the praise and lack of tough constructive feedback made him think he was ‘untouchable’. Jimmy even pointed out that Gaga was upset he wasn’t taking the coaching seriously.

      • Yes Kaldy – the only time I think the voting was weird was when Pia went home and Stefano and Jacob stayed with much worse performances than hers. Now, I believe Pia did not have a chance to go the the final, but she should have survived those two, that is for sure… I blame her home town… I believe she lives near New York or some big city in New Jersey – these folks do not vote as those in small towns… so…

    • If you can’t see the judges are trying to get Haley to the finale you are, well I don’t know don’t want to be rude. She gets a recent, popular song, not an old song from a million years ago, Scotty didn’t even no the song. Plus the judges busing her first two songs, knowing well it would piss all her fans off, come on the judges want Haley in finale.

  49. Why don’t they ever get onto Scotty about getting out of his comfort zone? He sucks and he is not the King or King George.

    • I guess it is because the sponsor does not want to lose Scotty and his audience – probably mid-America country song lovers…

      • Guess we are Me and 50000 others love Scotty so umm guess its all a hoax vote huh? Get real

    • That’s because they want everyone in there comfort zone. Especially at this point. How many times did the judges say, pick songs about who you are and what you want to be as an artist. why people can’t get that is beyond me, and why someone has to come out of their genre is also beyond me. Stay in your genre and just sing different songs, with different ranges. All artist stay close the their genre, it’s not like they put out a rock, then pop, then country, then jazz album, come on people, some just crossover to rock/pop or country/pop things like that. But that’s not a far stray.

  50. I think american idol is all about the money not the talent..the more you vote the more money they make…every season they have a shocking elimination which makes american’s vote the following week, hoping that another favorite wont get eliminated…unfortunately Pia was sacrificed this time…but she’ll do great without american idol…look at the ones who really have a career they did not win american idol. she doesn’t need the losers of american idol.
    aujoka 23 seconds ago

      • Yes it is all about money…it is a business…look at all the commercials that pay big bucks to be shown on a popular show… least 5 or 6 at every space between AL. Judges, and Seacrest get big bucks. JLO and Tyler free advertising of their talents

  51. Never heard the song that was picked for Haley, but downloaded the words. Maybe she should do it and walk over to Randy and sing it in his face not changing a word, afterall look at the song Cello Green hit the top of the charts with.

    • No, she takes constructive criticism very well. Much better than Lauren and Scotty have. She doesn’t take being singled out for weeks on end very well. And who would?

      • See, if she was really as nasty a person she would have taken so many shots at Jennifer and Randy, but she didn’t. She was gracious and answered all the questions very well. And, that acapella of Night and Day was fantastic. If you aren’t an Ella fan you may not like it, but man, that was great.

      • I saw that too, what a class act. Her voice would’ve been right at home in the 50’s and 60’s…luckily for us, though, she’s here NOW instead! 🙂

      • The only attitude that I heard from Haley was when she said to Randy, “you said that, I heard you” or something like that. That was after he wouldn’t give it up about the Michael Jackson song.
        She is being singled out and I think it is backfiring on Randy & J-Lo.

    • I think there is a point that enough is enough. I do not think Haley was rude, but she just said – back off man… and she was right! Since then, they are more carefull when critiquing her performance…. hello, just about time!

      • I agree. I’ve never been pissed off at the judges before, even with Simon in the past. But the blatant favoritism for the others even with their weaker performances was too much and made me cheer for Haley. I’m glad she stood up for herself finally. It’s interesting – people keep putting her down and she just keeps coming back up. I hope she makes it all the way through.

        I was rooting for Pia in the beginning. She had excellent vocals but untested in genres other than ballads. In hindsight, i’m not convinced she would have won AI on the back of ballads alone. The top 4 had shown much resiliency and growth – singing great in various genres. I’m really happy with thus top 4 – they all deserved it.

      • Please the judges knew exactly what they were doing with haley. They want her to win. If it wasn’t for them bussing haley, and they know it, she would of never gotten to the top three. It started to piss people off and make them start voting for her because of it. I read many blogs and go on many forums and most started voting for her because of it. I’m not saying haley has no talent, I like her and want a haley/scotty finale. But come on this show is completely about manipulation of audience and votes.

    • she do not take constructive crit well at all she is a know it all with a bad attitude if she win american idol it would be a shame cause who want an idol like that. she think that she is better then what she is…..the bottom line is she can not sing and should have been gone probably in week 1 or 2

    • Haley’ in good company then since half of American didn’t take Randy criticism of her very well either. My sister is a strong Scotty fan and she want to punch Randy for going so far over board.

      • My mom, too. For her it was James all the way, but the judges picking on Haley so badly made her furious. Especially since she’s held her emotions in check so well throughout the show, and after they were done tearing her a new one, she was trying very, very hard to hold back tears. I heard that she did cry as soon as it cut to commercial.

      • Yes, I agree – the problem is that the criticisms were all on Hailey – Simon was very critical but he would bash ALL contestants – no mercy. What we saw this season was that Randy and JLO focused on Hailey for some reason, and gae easy access pass t Laure, Jacob and some others. I saw them going strong on Pia and Stefano too…

    • Kinda agree with Sandy. Watched the episode over and over again. I DON’T want my kids to emulate that attitude. Her fierce looks. I have never seen an arrogant AI winner. Haley could be the first though– based on “hits”. lol

      • Turn the other cheek, aye? You want your good children to grow to be gutless and have no backbone when undully wronged? Seriously?

      • wow, did haley throw a chair at the judges, did she cursed them? arent you a little overboard with the issue? isnt this america where if a person is aying things that you think are not true, you have to right to speak? you want meek children, who take it up all in the @ss and just smile for it?

      • The big boys in charge must not have a problem with Randy as thr spot where he got on Haley was replayed Thur night on the recaps

    • i agree. she may not jump on them about it but you can tell. she does not want to hear it(i wouldnt either)but she needs to listen to thecriticism and realize they are trying to HELP. she thinks she is all that and thinks no one should give her bad reviews. i can see it. especially after wednesdays performance. when randy judged her she was alittle snappy and didnt want to listen. but in the music business, you have to be able to take it.

      • You are assuming that the judges are really trying to help her. Randy has never really said anything even remotely constructive to Haley, just negative comments like he thinks it was bad or it was boring or something. How is that supposed to help? No, Randy especially is not trying to help Haley. Idol was not expecting her to get as far as she did and has been trying to get rid of her starting with their push for her to do Joplin.

        If you look at the critique for The Earth Song Jennifer said she sang it well, she loved the emotion and how she sang it but it wasn’t the best song choice for that point of the competition. Haley said ok, nods her head. Randy then started tearing into how she sang it and how it wasn’t like how MJ did it when it was EXACTLY how MJ did it, that’s where the whole issue comes in. Then he kept repeating himself that he thought it was a bad performance. Telling someone they were bad is not constructive at all, it’s an attack and Haley reacted it as such.

      • its america, if someone is saying things that you dont think is true, you speak up, you dont take everything in the @ss and smile. if your forefathers are like that you’d still be a colony and taking it up all in the @ss.

      • Absolutely right Tori. Anybody can see the attitude on her face.
        This is a competition where judges critique the performances. One has to learn to shut their mouth and open their ears regardless of how harsh a judge or judges can be.
        Millions of people are watching your face honey when you swear and back talk the judge(s) and smile when somebody gets booted off. What they see is a bad attitude.

        what will she do at a concert if somebody boos her? Bad mouth them or just keep going.
        It isn’t being a wimp people, it is taking it on the chin with class.
        If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!!! Once out of the kitchen, shoot your mouth off as much as you like.

  52. hello to american idol. the results other week is very weak , i dont know how they choose the persone suppose to be american idol, im from pilippines, we love this show, but when we knew the results, we stop to watch american idol show at all, in top 4 only james is better, not like the rest, but tylor is there to give james and pia james abrams is good way also that both of them can do better than the top 3, better for them to go in school of music, this time we dont wait, who is the next american idol, lee is not heard here in my country,when he vesite here a couple of weeks now, because, same setuation, what happend to james, well we dont have nothing to do, hope next time, america vote wishly and knowing whom is capable to be un american idole, thank you.

  53. Talk about uninspired choices. The judges are so “inside the box this year.” Plus, the song they chose for Haley won’t show her voice off well and it’s not a very appealing song – I think they are stacking the deck against her. That said, they could not have picked two safer and more boring songs for Lauren and Scotty. The real losers this year? Randy and J Lo – total sell outs.

    • Yes, I totally agree with two – two boring and old songs for the country singers, and one weird and not challenging song for the only singer that can sing anything. That shows how “technical” these judges are – but, historically, I think that judges’ selection has always been strange, not showcasing the talents, just reflecting like a curiosity on their part on how the contestants are going to perform those songs their way…

    • That’s a really horrible song choice for Haley. Scotty and Lauren are given love/inspirational songs and Haley gets an edgy, bitchy song? And it’s a rocker type song, not jazzy, bluesy, soulful sort of thing she does well.

      I’ve thought the fix was in since Pia’s early exit and really nothing has happened to change that view.

      • See DDD I see it differently, I see her getting a current, popular choice and the other two getting old boring songs. They want her to win

  54. From an overseas perspective (NZ)a whole group of us were James supporters, he seemed to bring a much wider range appeal, no matter what he sang, he performed consistently well, with only a few minor hiccups, but he could do ballads, middle of the road, modern rock (e.g. his version of Uprising was amazing) and boy, could he rock it up! The show is over for us now, but we look forward to hearing what we can from Durbin in the future. Not knocking the others, they are all good obviously, but limited market appeal, not world wide appeal like James. Scotty is country crooner, Lauren is also country and the weakest voice, cant hit high, and too immature, Haley is on and off, but great when she gets it, but all 3 left have narrow styles and limted appeal, will do well in their genre’s in America though. Bye Idol, thanks for a great show to date.

    • Hi Ange
      I know Aussies and Kiwis don’t always think this way but I totally agree with your comments on Top 3 AI results. Will continue to tune in to the show but it won’t be the same without James! No doubt he will go on to bigger and better things and that it won’t be the last we hear of this performer.

    • Lauren’s voice is pure, natural and powerful. She proved that she could hit high notes when she sang “Anyway”.

  55. I just brought up Haley’s trip home to Wheeling. Go to Chicago Fox News and watch 3 videos. Maybe we were wrong about jlo. She looks happy. Stephen Tyler does not look as happy as I thought he would look. You have to see it to understand what I am saying.

    • I went to their web site – there is just one video of Haley singing with her family, the crowd and lots of rain – nothing with the judges. Speaking of rain, I hope she does not get a cold – that could ruin her chances — it was raining and cold in Chicago and nearby cities… oh oh..

  56. Sorry,i didnt mean to post this in the reply comment of David P. Meant to post in the new comment ><

    3. You've Got Another Things Comin – James Durbin
    Although the arrangement is basically the same as the original but its all dandy with his pitch perfect (his only performance), the slow step into the judge table stair & the way he tastefully not overuse his highest vocal register… no wonder Steven Ty curses 🙂

    4. House of the Rising Sun – Haley Reinhart
    The beginning of the song with true acapella with no music/instrument chord check play whatsoever from the start just prove how amazing her melodic sensibility is. Not like her early Alicia Keys song when theres a piano chord check playin be4 the acapella start, or Thia acapella with a piano chord check playin too & James guitar chord check playin be4 his Will u Still Love Me Tomorrow acapella start. Just 4 that alone, Haley deserved a standing "O".

    Btw,these 4 performance is all pitch perfect.

    • My best 4 performance in AI season 10 so far based on the difficulty,pitch & the difference arrangement from the original to make it into their own :

      1. Nature Boy – Casey Abrams
      The problem with this song is its not everybody taste. This kind of complex notes, mysterious eerie jazz song kind of tune are farrrr from mainstream so lots of people dont know how amazing this song is. The fact that he actually jamming with the piano, scatting while playin the upright bass without once lookin the grip & able to sing the 4 notes at the end of the song… if u try it,you’ll see…

      2. I Who Have Nothing – Haley Reinhart
      The orchestra (well,not full though) arrangement,the passion & the body language when she sing the song eventhough she’s standin on the same spot through the song… sorry Pia,u should’ve learn from this performance ><

      • Thanks. If only Haley performed “Rolling In The Deep” just like “I Who Have Nothing” with her singing with the mike’s standing on the stage or “piece of My Heart” with her not sounded & look confused when she sang with the backup singer,it could’ve been my 5th best performance ><

      • well,although she sang beautifully but it takes more than that to become the best Ruben 09 IMO. If she can pull it off like Haley body language in the “I Who Have Nothing” song, it could’ve been 1 of the best. Pia’s body language in the “I’ll Stand By You” performance seems stiff if u watch her. Sorry ><

    • hmmm,wow. I gotta say thats a very,very,very hard to disagree rendition of performances. WOW. Im speechless. Amazing rendition there Casey4ever 🙂

  57. With the short format(1:40) Haley can cut most of the bad stuff out but the itune of it may need a PG-13 label on it.
    Need Gaga back for this one since Haley will have to go super crazy for this song to even come close to Alanis.

  58. I can see Randy anf J-Low telling Haley that is not the best song for her: i would agree but i know she is gonna kill with that song, Haley is the only who can bring Real Rock to stage of AI, unlike James with her pop/emo thing… im looking for wednesday to see what we all know Haley can do with that song but still I think the judges wants her to be in trouble (with the big F word in the verses of the song).

    • I don’t know the judges choice for Haley next week, but if it has the ‘F’ word in the lyrics, they ARE determined to sabotage her! How is she supposed to sing that? Is it true?

      If those psashts have actually done this to her, I hope she sings it as written! Then when they & the producers have a sh** attack, Haley can say, “You picked it”!

  59. Nice!!! You finally get rid of the only innovative artist on the show and then open up the gates for anything they want to sing?
    I thought something was amiss when the song choices were limited to post war 50’s music.
    Sour grapes?? No it is just reality. You want to stop a dog from barking put a no bark muzzle on..exactly what happened to Durbin!!!

    • If you didn’t love Durbin’s renditions of every song he sang then I don’t know how you can claim to be a Durbin fan. He took to each genre and a challenge and it paid off for him huge. Also, you can’t say they put a muzzle on him at all. They pimped James more than anyone on the show in the history of AI. They did everything they could to keep James on.

      • Not that numbers mean anything but seems to me that the poll numbers were much more in Durbin’s favor when he was given free reign over song choice.
        I don’t know that I put myself into the category of “fan” but definitely saw him as the “life of the party” clearly the best entertainer…in my opinion!!!
        A few of my favorite singers have been:Robert Plant, Axl Rose, Freddie Mercury ,Jon Bon Jovi, & John Kay. Can’t imagine any of them singing Poison Ivy although probably could.
        Tuning the radio dial I am gonna pass over Sweet Little Sixteen to listen to Sweet Child of Mine…not that there is anything wrong with the song, it was very popular.
        Actually I saw Casey as one who was pampered by the judges, even with all the growling.
        Of course my opinion, your mileage may very.
        I think if Durbin was given the opportunity to rock he would have walked away with it all!!! When he did that he needed no help from anyone he frenzied the crowd and he enjoyed it!!

      • James’ biggest thing going for him was he knew how to choose a good song. I don’t think the themes limited him more than the other contestants just to be fair. However, a good song choice is the biggest issue for the remaining 3. All 3 of them have suffered from poor song choice, where as James always picked the perfect song from what he was given. And for that reason alone he should be in the finale.

      • DAVID P–You think everybody sucked from day one except James Now if that dont tell us something the remaning 3 deserve to be remaing 3 its life move on

      • Lol, James was my least favorite of the top 24 because of how he treated the kids in Hollywood week. It took me a long time to turn around, but I did and I have to recognize what a great performer he was and how creative he was with how he delivered each song he chose to sing. And, he never had a bad week, because he knew how to pick a good song. There’s just really nothing more to say about that.

    • Pre War fifties music was much harder to find. They had to usec the Post War stuff 🙂

      • Korea didn’t end in the fifties so there was no post war fifties. The Cold War didn’t end until the eighties. Y’all scare me sometimes with your lack of true knowledge

      • The Korean war was in the 1950s. June 30, 1950 first air strikes to July 27, 1953 Armistice signed. You must have seen M*A*S*H a time or two.

  60. I was just in same area of Haley’s trip home to Wheeling and was in something called Patch. Haley revealed the song this morning. She said its cool and the judges picked wisely.

  61. Oh, I should say that Haley sang Night and Day without music on Fox/Chicago station. She did a good job.

    • Her sister, mom, and dad made up her band at her concert. I think that’s awesome.

      • Scotty had Josh Turner at his show and they sang together but Scotty is simply not in Josh’s league yet, maybe in 3 to 5yrs.

      • I was right there at Scottys homecoming concert and he was GREAT!!!! Standing there singing rite beside Josh Turner and the duet was perfect!!

  62. The best news I heard was that Scotty has to try to sing She Believes In Me. Probably one of Kenny Rogers best songs. One Octave McCreepy will struggle mightily with that one. This song requires you to have a high register and possibly a falsetto. It should be like watching a train wreck

    Haley, to me, got a hard song to do well. But then I thought the same thing about Piece of My Heart

    I would personally love to hear Haley sing I Can’t Make You Love Me. By Bonnie Raitt. She would do it beautifully

    • Scotty will do the The Tim McGraw version of “She Believes In Me,” not Kenny’s.
      Tim sings the high notes an octave lower but still sounds good, just not great like Kenny’s version.

      • I agree – this is much better than the original and right up Scotty’s alley!

    • Abosolutely! That song of Bonnie’s tears me up. Desparate love themes are one of my many weaknesses.

      • He can sing bass and go up, it might suprise you but he still sings tenor to a good degree. I’ve heard him and I know Kenny’s song, Scotty can sing it.

      • I have not heard Scotty go falsetto or even close to that high so far, if he can it will surprise me. Doing it McGraw’s way is saver but we will see next week.

      • You can’t argue with Piper. She knows how to sing and all about keys and auditioning and being perfectly polite to everyone better than anyone else that has ever hummed a note. And she has perfect pitch so she knows Scotty has never once missed a note ever because he’s also a perfect singer, but that’s because he sings country and country singers are amazing musicians and no other group of people can sing because they aren’t country and don’t know about music as much as Piper does.

      • Scotty struggled with high notes so far…even out of tune sometimes! So I doubt that he’ll reach the high note when under the prssure!

    • Got news for ya Scottys concert in hometown was perfect He hit high notes all afternoon and stretched them for minutes What a surprise you are in for when he gets to that time

    • Sorry Bahlloco…..Mr McCreepy will do a good job no matter what you call him…

  63. The best musical artist in the competition is Haley. There is no magic to this. she will be the next AI and well deserved. This girl sings Rock, Country, Pop, Blues, Jazz. She is one tough gal and she is the real deal and the whole package. She will go further tha any contestant after the season is finished. What a go girl!!!

  64. I’m looking forward to hearing Scotty. I’m sorry to hear that he chose, “She Beleives in Me.” He’ll do well no matter the song.

      • The good thing is this could end alot of the debate about his range & capabilities, right?

      • No fatboy—The Scotty country music haters will then have to find something else to bitch about with Scotty

      • You mean like the Haley Haters do? Don’t you possibly believe ALL haters are a sad lot?

        I honestly wish Scotty will demonstrate that he can perform that song as it is known. If he does, he’s earned even more of my respect.

  65. i honestly believe they all wanted haley to win. i think randy and jlo bashed her so that america would get outraged and vote for her.

    i really do think it was planned. randy went way overboard for it to be totally real.

    • I don’t think any of the judges or producers expected Haley to stay as long as she did.

      • i also think they picked ‘you ougtha know’ for haley so that she gets james rock n roll votes.

      • I think they picked You Oughta Know as a last resort to bus her off. That kind of angry chick music isn’t exactly what everyone loved about James.

    • To promote a “premeditated bashing of Haley in order to elicit a “victim vote” is absurd and actually another slap at Haley’s ability to out sing and out shine her competition on the merits of her performance alone.

      Haley does not “need” the judges help for America to decide whether they like her tone, texture, and talent or not.

      Neither do James, Scotty, or Lauren.

      America possesses the ability to pick a winner with out another conspiracy theory.

    • But as angry as you got, you still voted for James…and if some of his fans did not, then they weren’t very loyal to him. That’s who to blame.

    • Simon would have said it, don’t kid yourself, she does growl and scream. I have listened to her voice. I wonder who’s music she listened to when she was growing up.

      • She growls and scremed in Earth becaue it was a song about getting angry at we who are destroying this planet. Well thought out and well delivered….She slayed that song.

      • Haley seems to have listened to a very wide range of music growing up but I learned today her favorite is the Beatles. Their early stuff was a blues and early rock mix, so her first album may be very interesting.

      • from what I’ve seen in her youtube videos, hmm lets see… Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Lenny Kravitz, Dusty Springfield… not so much.

      • She does growl and scream, and I swear, in I Who Have Nothing, I swear I heard her snarl like a cougar (right after she sings about her nose being pressed against the window). That’s what myself, and I’m guessing a lot of her fans, like the most about her. She can sing raspy, growly, and raw, than go into a falsetto in the same sentence! Not everyone can do the things she does with her voice.

    • A conspiracy theory 2…Out goes Mel Gibson/Julia Roberts..Ins.. Randy & Haley…lol!

      • my understanding was that Jimmy Iovine will make one song choice for each singer, the judges make a song choice for them and the last is one of thier picks. I think the judges must have picked these guess.

  66. Hey Templar,

    Don’t you think Scotty is too young to sing “She Believes in Me”? He can’t honestly relate to the lyrics in that song…………..

    • agree with you…it is a totally difficult song for him…Maybe he would do a better job with Lorne Greens “Ringo” …monotone…ha ha ha.

  67. One of the things I like best about Haley is her honest ability to connect an audiance to so many styles of music.

    Whether its the playful vocals of “Fallin'”, or the gritty growels of “Piece of My Heart”, to the bluesy groove of “Rolling in the Deep”, or the heart break of “Blue”, Haley has such versital vocals, range, power, and presence, she is by far one of the most accomplished artist to hit American Idol this year.

    She excells in any era of music as well, whether its the 40’s “God Bless the Child”-Billie Holiday; the 50’s “The House of the Rising Sun” (earlier covers, but made popular in the 50’s-60’s); the 60’s “I (Who Have Nothing)”-Ben E. King; the 70’s “Bennie and the Jets”-Elton John; the 80’s “Call Me”-Blondie; 90’s “Earth Song”-Michael Jackson; 2000,s “Breathless”-Corinne Bailey Rae; and an as yet unreleased song, “Yoü and I”-Lady Gaga.

    She welcomes constructive critisim, possesses grace under pressure,and poise with praise, and, yes, a backbone when overtly berated. She knows who she is; is comfortable and confident eneough in her own skin to take risks, bringing something soulfull, jazzy, and bluesy to the table.

    Her voice displays such rich texture, tone, and talent, and though she dresses up or down to fit the part, she always looks pretty, polished, and professional. Haley for the win!!

    I’m just say n’
    “Hooked on Haley”

  68. I listened to “you outa know” on YouTube and I think Haley can slay this song with some alteration of the lyrics to make it more proper for prime time tv. She will have to channel all her pent up anger into the song and soar right into Randy’s face. And of course the entire time America will wonder why the judges selected this type of song for her. I don’t think this is the type of music that Haley will choose to record as an artist, so hmm why did the judges choose it. Fly high Haley, you can do this.

    • absolutely and when it was revealed to her she didn’t even flinch…She complemented the judges for picking an awesome song….

    • I don’t think this is the type of music that Haley will choose to record as an artist, so hmm why did the judges choose it.

      I’ve been wondering if this is exactly the type of song they expected Haley to record and that’s why they’ve never grooved to the songs she did choose to sing. :/

      • Lol, she never came off as the type to sing grungy angry chick music, but if that’s how they saw her then I guess that makes sense. I always saw her as a throwback to Etta James and more recently Ella Fitzgerald (honestly few people can scat like Haley did in Moaning).

      • “A throwback to Etta james and more recently Ella Fitzgerald”? You sure don’t know what you’re talking about. Ella precedes Etta by 20 years. You write well, but you’re not too smart.

      • He meant more recently he has seen similarities between Haley and Ella, not that Ella’s newer than Etta James. Time for HAPPY PILLS!!! 😉 Who’s the ignorant one here? You can’t even grasp context, ????. Haha, and obviously you’re a coward or you would’ve put your name. Sweeeet.

      • @???? Maybe you should go get some reading comprehension skills and then come back.

      • @ Susan…just so you and everyone else know this, I am a VERY laid-back and private girl in real life. This site just has so many wretched people, I feel like 75% of my time on here gets used just defending people! Believe me, I NEVER start it. I have nothing bad to say about anyone, until they’re just about BEGGING me to.


  70. Lauren and Scotty have so many fans and I can see that people wants this 2 to be in the final 2. Hailey people hated her so much and after James is out more people hated her and she will lose the votes and Hailey always get the most terrible comments from the judges and the people so its seems like people do not like her. Since Lauren and Scotty have a lot fans that will vote for them so who do you think will win American Idol is it Lauren or Scotty?

      • You know JD I like Hailey too but I pity this gal she have been the most getting terrible comments and most people hated her so much. That is why I can see its hard for her to be in final 2. Lauren and Scotty have so many fans out there that will vote for them many times and most of the people like country music and they will vote for Lauren and Scotty many times so that they will be in final 2. Even the judges also wants to see Lauren and Scotty to be in the final 2 cause the judges favourites was Lauren and Scotty but not Hailey.

      • @ukn I understand what you are saying. She has been getting terrible comments, and country is popular. It would seem that Scotty and Lauren are the two obvious finalists based on negative comments made towards Haley.

        The thing is, this site has between 20 to 30,000 users. This can be a reasonable sample of what is going to happen, but, if you recall James was the overall favorite on this site, and he is gone. Haley, on this site was a bottom dweller for most of this season, even after her Benny and the Jets and Moanin performances.

        The last two weeks however, her popularity on this site made a huge jump. The HOTRS performance catapulted her into the top two.

        Country has a strong following on American Idol, yet it is still only about 40% (and this is just a guess on my part and no I can’t prove it), of the vote. Since both Scotty and Lauren are country most of that 40 percent will be split between them. There is at least 20% of the voters (again a guess on my part, and no i can’t prove it), that will never vote country. So that kind of levels the playing field. That still leaves roughly 40% of the voters who will vote who they like based on talent, stage presence, and whatever else makes them vote the way they do. This is a 3 horse race, and the way all the intangibles have went to this point anyone of these 3 could be the next Idol.

    • Both r great singers and great people it seems. I think Scotty will be going all the way- Lauren is good also. if it came down to Haley and Lauren which is doughtful I would vote Lauren in a minute She out sang Haley in their duet no dought. A better singer but Scotty will most likely get our vote

  71. Haley fans: Since I haven’t yet seen this nickname for Haley & we have to admit her great talent seems to rarely appear, Comet Haley.
    Yea, I know it’s pretty corny, isn’t she a powerful light that brightens the heavens?
    Too much? Pretty dumb? Forgive me… I’m just an old man.

  72. If Haley’s really doing “You Oughta Know”….I guess they’ll cut off the “F” word from the song…lol! But it’s a perfect song for her!

    • She can change it to

      “Will she go with you to a theater”

      “Do you think of me when you kiss her”

      Lol, >.< She definitely has her work cut out for her.

    • Why should she, probably the only one, have to rewrite the song? Once again very unfair to Haley!!

  73. don’t forget that Lauren n Scotty also have a Standing “O” for the I Told You So song .. 🙂
    come on Lauren fan .. don’t waste a time for give any comment at anyway .. just vote more and more ..
    They like to condemn Lauren because Lauren the only one whos able to challenge any contestant .. TQ 🙂

      • Lee, you don’t know that for sure. Even though Haley is lightyears ahead of the others to me personally, I wouldn’t mind if Lauren wins the whole thing ever. Then Haley can be scooped up by Jimmy Iovine.

  74. hope Lauren don’t screaming with that’s song .. its just perfect to you Lauren!! 🙂

  75. i think haley gonna win the whole thing…with her versatility and voice goodness..tho’ i’m not a haley fan its just my opinion…i’m a scotty fan btw.

  76. Scotty is a great singer. He is very young and has a great voice.
    He is certainly not a Kenny Rogers but I believe he will do well
    singing Kenny’s songs. I think Scotty could probably sing the
    alphabet and do a GREAT job! Come on, now — He is only 17 and
    does his own thang — country, that is.

    By the way, Kenny Rogers is just about my favorite singer. I am 73
    and am enjoying American Idol this year.

  77. enough of the haley haters, scotty haters,the 2 deserved to be in the top 3.its just that this season of idol is sooo unpredictable. they are all amazzzzzing. best of luck to the winner..
    ps. plz don’t bring bad luck to whoever gonna the winner plz. each of them have so many fans its just that your idol was voted of like its gonna be the end of the world no, its just their beginning road to stardom. so no more hatred or bad attitude or immature or safe song.but i’ll still miss james sniff sniff.

  78. i like james n lauren .. like scotty and haley too .. but haley fan make me hate with her .. sorry ..

    • Lauren and Scotty have more fans then Hailey and even the judges favourites are Lauren and Scotty not Hailey. Hailey always get bad comments from the judges and the people. Hailey haters are hating her more cause she is in top 3. Lauren and Scotty fans and also the judges wants to see Lauren and Scotty final 2. Just asking you if Lauren and Scotty final 2 who do you like to see winning?

      • And this just isn’t really provable. Lauren and Scotty “together” may have more fans, but that vote is split between the 2. Even if together they have 65% of the vote and Haley only had 35% that means either Lauren or Scotty will be going home this week.

      • David P We’ll see and Ill be back on chat saying told u so and u can start your nasty comments about Scotty and Lauren since u seem to know them all so well.

      • One thing about Haley’s fans…we don’t bash anyone else trying to make her look better! 😉 Doesn’t work. If Haley gets eliminated we’ll all be back on this site rubbing it in the Haley-haters faces that she smiled even during her own elimination.

      • @ Susan…Not everything. I can read though, and it’s quite plain as day that Haley haters are the rudest and most aggressive people that come on here. While Haley’s fans are either, A. Defending her, or B. Praising her. That’s does not include all of them, but the vast majority, yes. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out!

    • The thing is there’s been more hateful, nasty things said about Haley than the entire rest of the top 13 combined ( and if you go read all the stuff said about Thia in the beginning that’s really quite a lot). So you hate her because her fans defend her from terrible people that judge her w/out even knowing her? Maybe you should make a decision based on who you like and not let others sway you so much. If you like Scotty, that’s fine. If you don’t like Haley because of w/e reason don’t let it be because of someone else.

      • Hailey was the one getting nasty comments and those Hailey haters hated her so much and saying she is screaming and growling. I feel sad for her for not being judges favourite and hated by those Hailey haters. I just hope those Hailey haters stop hating her so much cause she have been getting nasty comments from the judges and the Hailey haters its just very sad. There are people saying she is arrogant because she smile when people is out. Just think for a moment when Hailey is in the bottom 3 most of the time she never cry and she only smile. These people just giving her bad comments and it is really unfair even the judges giving her nasty comments all the time.

      • We’ll see David P.. The Lord works in mysterious ways!
        I think it will be;
        Scotty (WINNER)
        Lauren,(1st Runner up)
        Haley (GONE)

      • @ukn Don’t worry about Haley, win or lose she will be fine. Same with Lauren and Scotty.

        The crazy thing about America is, Madonna is one of the most hated people in the history of music, and yet she is also one of the most popular and loved people in the history of music. So, don’t worry about the negative comments made against Haley, she is tough and can handle it.

      • @stupidestnameever Way to add to the conversation. I’m sure you are a very mature and likable person with a 4.0 and are beautiful and perfect just like angela james. But truth is I’m not the one that’s going to be crying this Thursday. Even if Haley goes home, the fact that she made it to the top 3 with so many obstacles in her way is a much greater accomplishment than Scotty winning, who didn’t even have to try to get to the top 3 because he’s a country singer.

    • If Lauren and Scotty are in the final then Lauren will win hands down, many women want a girl to win and Haley’ voters would go mostly to Lauren.
      I think Scotty can beat Haley but not Lauren, women are 70% of the voters, yet many don’t like Haley and love Lauren.

      • Lauren have more fans then Hailey so of cause its hard for Hailey to win even Scotty and Lauren still Lauren have more fans then Scotty so its also hard for Scotty to win this so may the best person wins. Vote vote and vote wisely.

    • Funny: Thru all the ups & Downs this season has given ALL OF US, the only individual I find myself REALLY disliking is that psasht Jackass! And only really dislike because a turd like that just isn’t worth hating.

  79. love that scotty stays to who he is as a singer even tho’ he lacks versatility and people may find him boring at the very least but hey love that his telling the story of the song thru’ singing. hope the white house invites him on the 10th year anniversary of 9/11 and sing where were you along with various artist that would be cool.

    • Singing ‘I don’t know the difference between Iraq and Iran’ at the White House…yeah, that’s appropriate…

    • It’s most likely the other way round….he lacks versatility & thus, stays to who he is as a singer!

    • So awesome that her family is up there jamming with her. Too bad the vids are pretty poor quality. Fancy cell phones do not make awesome youtube vids xD.

  80. geez scotty and josh voice are so alike can’t believe it. their difference is just their age thank goodness scotty is only 17 haha.

    • LOL, sorry Josh simply blew him away but Josh is a pro with years of experience and about 15yrs older. Give Scotty 3 to 5yrs then maybe its a contest Scotty would win but please be honest about it.

      • Lol…guess they can’t tell the different between good or bad!! No wonder he’s in top 3!!

      • Deserves to be where he is and will win If HJOsh TUrner thought for a minute Scotty was a bad singer or didnt have a chance he wouldnt have showed up Congrats to Scotty Hell win no dought and it will be fantastic

      • so you think every one is bashing Haley…..wrong…..are you all cruel to animals also

  81. Youtube – Haley Reinhart – I Who Have Nothing – American Idol 2011 Top 4 (HQ) I really like this song that Hailey sang it was beautiful although there are a lot of Hailey Haters they will not agree with me if I said she sang this song beautifully. I like Hailey, Lauren and Scotty too but what I pity the most is Hailey cause there so many Hailey haters and she was always from bottom 3 and now she is in top 3 and still people just hate her so much after James already out. Hailey might be going home next week cause the Hailey haters and judges do not like her. Whatever happens next week if Hailey not in final 2 I still wish her the best in her career.

  82. The Earth Song… half boring. half growling… nuff said! My faves James and Stefano have been voted off already. I couldn’t care less who would win this season! Can’t wait for james’ album to come out!

    • Maybe you did not like how Michael Jackson sang it either or you just don’t like strong women for some reason.
      I thought James should have been the winner but I simply love the itunes Haley has been putting out, she over sings live at times trying to force it and the growls come out.

  83. At this point of competition, it is no use saying someone does not deserve to be in the Top 3 anymore. Because, the truth is, Scotty, Lauren and Haley were already in.

    Hate them all they can, or you may have your favorite in mind, but pls remember none of them gets this far by chance or luck. AI is not just a singing contest. It’s a popularity contest. So, who can attract larger fans have big chance for winning. But no way, someone talentless can get into top 3.

    I am Scotty fan, to begin with. Ok, he always sing slow songs, he has weird gestures, his vocal is not perfect. I like him and even I am surprised (but very happy) that he is in the top 3 – he outdone Pia with her perfect vocal pitch, James Durbin with his energetic performance, Casey with his musical ability. That’s not by chance, for sure.

    Lots of people say trash about him and even people who vote for him, deeming his fans as tone-deaf or brainless teen.

    Do any of them ever wonder why so? He is cute and interact well with the audience, that’s normal for teen crush. But he is really the boy next door, who just loves to sing country and simple songs. They skip the fact that he is really well grounded, humble and can hold himself very well. He is more mature than his 17 but not too mature. He is still a country boy at heart.

    It is too soon to say about his post-AI solo activity. But someone who knows well where he belongs to like him and has lot of time and room to grow, I believe in him.

    • This is a good post, and I understand what your saying, however I do not believe Scotty out performed Pia, James, or Casey and *thats* why he is still here.

      I believe he is a talented, good looking, likable young man who appeals to a very select, yet large fan base who vote, and that *is* why he’s here and they’re not.

      I noticed his character when he took responsibility for his lack of courage regarding Jacee Badeaux’s exclusion and have continued to watch him grow musically in confidence and diversity. He seems well grounded in God, family, and country, and attracts a large following on that premise alone.

      He deserves to be exactly where he is and will continue recording music in Nashville after American Idol. I don’t know if he will win, but he has a 3 to 1 shot at it like the rest.

      With that said, I do not believe he is the most musically mature, commercially diverse, and readily marketable product among the remaining three. Neither the tone of his voice, or vocal styling are uniquely distinct within the country music genre.

      Again, this IS NOT to say “he’s no good”, he is, but he is not “the best” American Idol has to offer, and I am confident America will continue to vote for her.:)

      I admire your post and no nonsense appeal in promoting your favorite, but ask yourself is he mature and unique enough to stand apart from the rest and sell out stadiums? I don’t think so.

      I’m just say n’ 🙂

      • DB, Another solid, well thoughtout post. How do you do it? You’re a natural.

      • DB, Haley must be the one you think is ready to stand apart, mature enough and commercially marketable.

        I have nothing against Haley. In fact she grows on me recently with “House of the rising sun”. However, it is hard for her to win AI when two country singers are still there. And I don’t think she really takes criticism well as you think. She has a good voice. But mixed opinion about her personality can hinder her somewhat.

        Anyway, at this point of the competition, it’s OK for me for anyone to win. Even if Scotty is voted out next round.

        However, whether a person can fare well after AI is another thing. There’s no guarantee.

        Scotty, I think he is mentally mature enough to stand out. He is already noticed by his calm, laid-back attitude. But vocally, I know he needs time. When I talk about post-AI idol, I never mention that he can success right after AI. I just believe he can success, as long as he pushes himself higher and keep trying.

    • Melp….Thank you for a very sensative and worth reading to all of the country aka Scotty insulters….He has workd as hard as anyone to get where he is, as all of them have….Maybe there should not be a place set up to insult,put down or disrespect these kids

  84. Haley is really awesome…watch this in youtube… “Haley Reinhart – Arlington Hometown – HOTRS”..she still performed the house of the rising sun even the weather there is really bad for her shows how passionate she is..=) HALEY FOR THE WIN!!!!!

  85. Ok, something needs to be set straight. I’m a HUGE HUGE Haley fan. I think she is phenomenal vocally with unprecedented diversity, and I, like everyone else am sick and tired of Randy beating her down mercilessly. J-Lo on the other hand hasn’t been that bad. I don’t understand why everyone groups her with Randy. Yes, she has given more criticism to Haley than to the other contestants, but it has almost always been constructive (talking to her about loosening up early in the season, trying to tell her that she needs to pick songs that are more well known so that people find it easier to connect), but she has also always told Haley she sounded wonderful. Most recently with You and I, and with Earth Song, JLo flat out told her she sounds amazing, she only wished for a different song choice. Hate on Randy all you want, he’s been a raging asshole, but Jennifer hasn’t been his lackey.

    Now that that’s all out, WHAT THE HELL were the judges thinking with giving her that Alanis Morrisette song? First of all, I can’t imagine how hard it’s going to be to make it TV appropriate, but I can only imagine STy is hoping she doesn’t. Second, if and when she changes it up a bit to fit her style, and she SLAYS it, she’s going to have Scotty and Lauren shaking in their boots. I heard Haley was actually pretty excited about the choice too, so watch out. I can’t wait to find out what song Jimmy Iovine (who loves Haley) picks for her, and what song she picks for herself. With the right choices, we could be looking at 3 standing O’s in one night!

  86. I’ve always been a fan of Stefano but that’s just me. When he left, i thought James had this in the bag! Don’t know exactly what happened last week. For me, the remaining 3 don’t have the international appeal James had. Not a big James fan, but I honestly believe he will do better than the remaining 3 when it comes to album sales. Scotty has a niche but would find it hard to make it big in this industry. Haley has so many haters and Lauren is still immature as an artist (though i think she has potential just needs to be more creative as an artist)… just my opinion though

  87. Everyone has GOT to vote their fingers off. On twitter Scotty and Lauren have more followers then Haley so vote wisely.

    • Haley has always had the least number of twitter followers and she’s still there. I don’t understand why Lauren and Scotty deserve to be there because they got the votes but Haley doesn’t because….she got the votes?? We will have to see, but Haley, realistically, only needs just slightly more than 1/3 of the pie to make it to the finale.

  88. I live in Australia and loved watching American Idol until the Top 3 results came in that is. What happened America? You were all doing a pretty good job with the eliminations. Scotty sure deserves his spot but I don’t think Haley does, she seemed like a spoilt brat after the judges delivered their opinion, I agreed totally with them. Unfortunately I think she got a lot of sympathy votes. If it was a horse race there would be an enquiry, they should do a recount! I certainly won’t be tuning in to the final shows as they will be extremely boring, James would’ve added entertainment and excitement to the show and he sure can sing. I bet the producers of the show are disappointed with the outcome and I think the Judges should have a say at this stage of the competition!! How could James have been in the bottom of the voting, was there something wrong with the numbers he was given? Commiserations James, you should’ve been crowned ‘American Idol’, I look forward to his first album, he has many fans in Australia too and I’m sure he’ll have a very successful career.

  89. Scotty is going from strength to strength and win or loose he is a WINNER in the end. He will have a life time of hits and will be my idol winner no matter what. I would so loive to hear Scotty sing the Country song …. TIN MAN. It has been sung by a number of Country stars but I think Scotty will do the best version of this song ever!!!! GOOD LUCK SCOTTY> You have my vote a million times over…

    • Scotty has a very good voice for a Country Singer, but for us non Americans, he is the most boring singer among all top 10 contestants. He would be great at a Country Music Festival, but for an American Idol? No sorry. All his songs are alike and only interesting for those who love Country and Western music.Pity that James and earlier Pia did not make it, they had stage performance and more trendy songs.

      • He is boring to Americans too. Some of us apparently really like his version of boring. Not sure why. 🙁

      • I agree Michael. What I would like to see is James sing some country and Scotty sing some metal and see who is more versatile.

      • pia sucked her songas werent “trendy” and she had horrible stage presence she just stood there

      • For a non american like me, i love Carrie, Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley, Martina McBride… Country Music is fantastic and I can see Scotty right now in Nashville, and Lauren in a few years. There is not necessary to bash anybody; my favorite singer is Haley and I diyng to see her as the winner.. but all of them are very very good

      • I agree, Joseph. Very well said. 🙂 I like everyone in the top 3, and James, as well.

      • I dont live in america and I am a country fan so its just not america that likes scotty

      • That’s why it’s called American Idol…get it. Also, he is not boring at all. He tells a story through his songs…and that is what real singing is all about. There are different genres…but Scotty is a storyteller through song…as most country music is. He has taken it to a different level because he tells good stories, not ones with violence, sex, drinking,drugs, and so on. I really think someone like him is needed out there for younger people…and by this I mean anyone under 25 although us older than that enjoy listening to him, too.

    • I have to agree with Michael. His voice is so one dimensional, he makes every song he sings sound the same.

      • To each his own I guess but he will get my votes Doesnt all sound alike to me What a voice

      • I have downloaded all of Scotty’s songs and play it as an album. Fantastic! I am in my 50s but my 14-year-old daughter who is NOT a country music fan also LOVES Scotty’s voice and performances. She is a HUGE fan and listens to him on her iphone on the bus on her way to/from school. We live in So California, so no, we are not from the South. If you have followed the online poll on this site, you must realize that Scotty has a HUGE following and has out-polled every other contestant virtually every week. So, rationalize as you wish, but LOTS of DIVERSE fans think Scotty is the best, most talented, and most likely to become the 2011 American Idol. Numbers do not lie. He has NEVER been in the bottom 2 or 3, unlike the remaining two contestants. So, yah.

      • To me most of the new, commercial country ALL sounds the same. That’s why I no longer bother with it.
        There’s a joke that every current country song is written from a list of only thirty four words & composed with only four notes. No wonder it all sounds the same.

        And lastly, country, for the most part, is just plain depressing! The Blues are one thing but country makes me want to kill myself. Among the various music genre, they MUST have the highest suicide rate per fan.

        But as I’ve posted before, Scotty has truely found a home in the country! I just don’t choose to visit there anymore

      • It’s the Daughtry syndrome all over again.
        I have given up on this show until they change their voting format.
        The producer Nigel nows what I’m talking about.
        So you think you can Dance has a good
        voting format.

    • Scotty, me recuerdas una voz preciosa que asi no sea tu estilo original te quisiera oir cantar uno de sus temas: frank sinatra.
      suerte eres el ganador para mi.


  90. All of this years contestants are brilliant, but so wanted James to win, I’m sure he’ll have his day soon.Pity all of American didn’t think the same.:-(

    • Im agree i hardly remember a solid group like this year since season 5; but james wasn´t the big shot for me: he mades me hate one of my favorite songs I´ll be there for you with that pop arrangement, and wath about 30STM, Muse, that´s not metal at all.

  91. I personally think Haley will take home the coveted title. Not only does she well deserve it because of her improvement on the show but simply put, she just has what it takes to be the Idol.

    Add to her talent the tedious road she has followed through where she is standing now, which gives more drama to her winning. From bottom three to top three. I think she will be catapulted to becoming the next American star!

    Love you Haley!

    • i love haley’s voice and i think she’s got what it takes to be the next american idol (vocally). however, her attitude makes me think twice… you know AI is about the whole package, right? Take away the attitude, i say she’s my bet… Now I dunno who to cheer for… Scotty, Lauren or Haley??? Good luck to these three…

      • What attitude are we talking about here? I mean, all the while when Haley was adjudged wrongly by these judges, she did not say a single thing. It is not fair to say she has an attitude problem just because she answers back and defends herself. If you were in her shoes, and maybe just like anybody else, a normal person would not be happy to find out her performance was disliked when in fact it was the best. Come on, be a Haley fan!

      • Everyone that seems to know her says that she has no attitude, about as laid back and easy go a person you could find. I think it was the pressure and harsher treatment by the judges that finally got to her and made her crack.
        She always just smiled up until the last 2 weeks when the judges only focused on her mistakes and praised the others.

      • Remember this was when James broke down both in the studio and on stage with the same song. Why did not the judges say that maybe it was the wrong song for him. Lauren picked a song with a key high note that she skipped on stage, maybe the wrong song?

      • The judging was extremely (and I suspect intentionally, but I don’t know why) biased. “Emotionally perfect” — I’ll never get over that one. That performance was absolutely horrid, and got highest praises. Ick. Makes me just feel dirty for even talking about it. I think many people would get upset after taking weeks of this inequitable abuse. She was badly hurt. It is a long week of work, every week, doing your dead-level best, and you get singled out for abuse for some unknown and inexplicable reason.

        And then you get criticized for reacting. That’s OK. Haley knows now she can rise above it. Good for her.

      • Haley has been taking heat from the judges despite her amazing perfomances. You & I…that she sang by Gaga was awesome and yet all the judges told her it was bad. Obviously she has to stand up for herself. Meanwhile we have scotty who is getting all these votes for what reason exactly!!!! He has a unique voice but does not push himself and really does not deserve to be in the top 3. I like country music…but he is no american idol!! James should have been in the top 3 and really should have won this competition. I will not watch the finale if Lauren and Scotty are there. It will be the most boring finale ever in that case!

      • John D
        where have you been during the show. Yes, Haley has a big attitude. She does’t like to be told whats wrong with her singing. Can you not tell that by her expressions?? she doen’nt have to say anything for it to be seen. She is all fluff and sex.


    • Why don’t you send Haley’s dramatic story entitled “From Bottom Three to Top Three” to MMK. Judging talent is not basing from dramatic background as what pinoy talents are! Getting a title is not also base on improvements, its from real talents!!!

      • Here is another Pinoy trying to put shame on his/her fellow countryman. Okay, first of all, Haley has the real talent. Proofs: House of the Rising Sun, I Who Have Nothing, Bennie and the Jets.

        I never said she is going to be the next Idol based on her improvements or background alone. She has a hard core talent, fires up the stage when she performs. If you are not amenable to that, then I suspect you are another Pinoy drowned in crab mentality culture.

    • You are correct in calling Haley tedious. No matter what she sings(?) it is gravely, raspy and boreing. She is defently not as good as she thinks she is

      • The only other person in the top 13 that could sustain a note like at the end of I Who Have Nothing is Pia. There was no rasp, no growl, no gravel, just clean and clear vocal amazingness. No vibrato, but it’s perfectly acceptable in modern pop/jazz/folk to not employ a vibrato. Get Lauren and Scotty to attempt to do half the things Haley does and they would fall flat on their face. The things you listed that make her bad are stylistic choices that she makes, technically there’s very little wrong with her singing.

      • Exactly how in hell do you know what she is thinking?
        You’ve gone over the top with that declaration!

      • Ken, you are not good either to make such haughty declaration.

    • I cannot stand Haley, she is conceited and has a bad attitude, not sincere at all. Talent is not everything, and when you sing from your heart, it shows, and she does not sing from her heart. A good singer is not one who belts and screams like she does. I hope she does not win, and will not get my vote, but I will definitely vote for Scotty.

      • Yes, try getting heavy criticism that you do not deserve week after week and the others who do less better than you receive praises that they don’t really deserve and “still say that’s fine I understand”.

      • Oh my lord, the mold is growing at an astronomical rate. What is it, when one mold spore sees another, it has to pop out, too?

      • You can not stand Haley because you go for Scotty. it’s simple logic. You don’t have to pull down other contestants just to let your own bet go to the top. No matter how you degrade Haley’s personality, we still go for her. I’m betting my house and lot and car for Haley’s win.

    • American Idol Fan, where were you when the word ‘competition’ was given a meaning to? Okay, let me get this straight.. What do you want Haley to do when James got eliminated? Cry her heart out? Shed some crocodile tears? Do football players cry because they bested their opponent? I think not! This is a competition. Everybody wants to win. This isn’t a Ms. Friendship competition, to start with. You can call Haley many insulting names right now but that doesn’t prevent her to claim her Top 3 inclusion. We are so there (that James was great – mind you, I became his fan after his ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’ perf) but we can’t go on and on and cry over spilled milk. If you think that James can be great afetr Idol (having a greater career than whoever will win and all that) then that will be awesome! But the point is, we can’t praise/defend one at the expense of another contestant. I can say that Haley has done a number of great performances under her belt as well. Please know the word ‘respect’. Thank you.

      • I am sorry for you American Idol Fan. (who probably is a Scotty or Lauren fan only).

  92. Scotty is one of the best singers i have heard on idol. His voice is awesome!!! When i first heard him i was amazed that sound was coming out of his mouth even if he doesnt win the title he will become one of the biggest superstars of our time. He is young Randy Travis in the making. He truley has God given talent and that is going to take him so far. Good luck Scotty we love you!

  93. You know, I really wanted to hear Haley sing – TOTALLY ECLIPSE FROM THE HEART – Bonnie Tyler – Young folks, check this song on youtube – best song and vide clip of all times… That would showcase all she’s got… very difficult song… and full of passion and theatrics – perfect for Haley. For Lauren, I wanted to her singing My Heart will Go On (Celine Dion) with a country twist, and for Scotty – Bridge Over Troubled Water (Elvis’ version)…

    • wow .. we are in the same opinion .. i think Lauren should sing the My Heart Will Go On .. by celine .. i can’t imagine how beautiful voice Lauren sing that song .. Wow Lauren!!

      • Sorry she neither has the power nor the range to tackle a song like that which would be disaster for her…She could not even pull off Unchained melody properly.

      • Kechik, Lauren has the pure voice & it would be nice if one day she could sing Celine Dion. But honestly, she currently lacks everything else needed to tackle that song!

        She came up short on Unchained Melody though I admired her balls for even trying it. When she said she was going to sing it, my first response was one of surprise. Only Clay, to my knowledge, had performed it on idol. Then I wished her luck.

        She just doesn’t got the poop at this time for those kind of songs. One day, maybe… let all of us hope so.

    • Oops – the name of the song is TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART – on youtube, we can see the official video clip (which I still love…) and Bonnie Tyler performing it live – Grammy 1984 – she had some major issues finishing up the song – it is really difficult. I think Haley would do a better live performance… Producers – ESPECIALLY NIGEL – if you read this, make sure she sings it until the end of this AI season – it would be great drama for a tv show with the backup singers and some dancers (bring your friends from So You Think You Can Dance – can be a great promo too for the upcoming season…) just like in the video clip (especially the male dancers…. please…)

      • Lauren cannot sing that song, yet. Maybe some day, but not now. Pia, yes; anybody else (including Haley), no. And I am a Haley fan. But the level of difficulty for that song is absolutely off the charts and way too risky for this stage of Idol.

      • Be_Real…Agreed! Remember how she “ruined” unchained Melody where she couldn’t go to the highest note?

    • But if you read Melinda Doolittle’s blog about the Lauren and that note, she said it was real clever of Lauren to do that based on the timing. Melinda was a former contestant on American Idol.

  94. Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina intend to enroll at Belmont University in Nashville after Idol. Scotty needs 1 more class to graduate H.S. and Lauren another 2yr.
    Haley was in college in Chicago before Idol.
    Good for all of them.

  95. Doesn’t matter who wins they are all winners in my book.They are in the top three and the winner will spend a year doing what AI has palnned,the other two will be making records and living life on the good side. Good Luck to all God Bless.

    • Lauren fan just vote more and more .. don’t waste time condemn any contestant .. 🙂

    • I like Lauren, she has a good tone to her voice with power when she doesn’t move around but it just doesn’t stand out well. In her first duet with Scotty she used her softer voice, it had a nice texture to it and got a standing O.
      Lauren started strong but when down hill the first few weeks and if she had not been a 16yrs old country singer she would have been gone.
      I think Lauren should go the route of Sheryl Crow and be a backup singer for awhile then in a few years try lead again. Her voice is prefect for a backup singer because of tone and strength while it doesn’t stand out over a lead singer.
      Whether she wins or not, let her final school then go to music college in Nashville to be come the truly great singer she can be with time and training.

  96. This is called subtlety, that Iovine mentioned already. I was wondering dears if for you Pia or James or Haley sounds different than Pia, James or Haley? or you simply do not care. I know I like the sound of Scotty voice. He does have a distinction that I have liked from day one. Good luck with your vote. May the best be the winner.

  97. Let us all all be good and give Haley a break. Haley for the win!

    • Not going to happen…..She hasnt a chance…twice amount of votes will go to Scotty or Lauren…..who ever makes it

      • I would not count on that if Lauren goes this week then many women will push for a girl winner, with Scotty get some of her votes, so if Haley or Lauren go the other gains.
        Also for the final the viewers may double with new viewer voting for who they like best on that one show.

        Scotty best shot is against Haley but no guarantee, while he could easily lose to Lauren.

      • I think otherwise. This is my hunch (coupled with wishful thinking – since, yes, I’m a Hlaey fan): The country votes will be split between Scotty and Lauren hence all other votes that aren’t rooting for a country American Idol winner would go to Haley. But again, this is my biased and wishful thinking-ly hunch. Charot!

      • What is with all this country vote split….they havent been split so far…with the top four it was a rocker, a bluesy type, and two country singers and both country made it over the rocker. It seems then that if the country vote was split it should have then to knock one of them out and then move on the one country, once rocker, and the bluesy voice. BUT The rocker got knocked out.

  98. how can u even be interested in the rest of the season?! with james outta play, this is the least anticipated and most boring top 3 ever could be!i mean how can u stand those spoiled whiney acts of Lauren or Haley’s “trying to seem tough while she’s just a mama’s girl” ‘tude!? which of these girls performances would be even considered to be compared to james’ “Uprising” or that carol king song performance!!?… if it’s not a Durbinale, it aint a finale…

    • Instead of butting over James leaving the Idol stage, I think it more relevant to direct our talks with who among Haley, Scotty or Lauren takes the crown. I mean, enough for James. That was all he could get. I understand you may be his fan but reality check, we are down to these three people.

    • I agree with you Sep. Strange how American Idol has agreed with Santa Cruz businesses to allow James to hold a few of the previously scheduled events. A first. The kid was robbed and I think American Idol knows a lot of James’ fans are “done” with watching the show.

      • At this point in time…although I thought it should and would be a Scotty/James finale, I don’t think he was robbed. I really believe that American Idol takes care of these kids. I don’t like their voting system…I think it is difficult to win…no mattr how good they are because of the voting system and craziness out there like vote for the worst, etc. but I do think it is a remarkable way for these young singers to gain exposure and if they are good enough, they rise to the top like so many have. By the way, James is pulling for Scotty so for me, that says volumes about what goes on that we don’t see.

  99. If you go into Haley’s trip home to Wheeling and go to mjsbigblog or something with Patch in it you can see videos of Haley’s concert. Pretty awesome.

    • Haley’ parents and sister were her backup band for the show, it seemed great even with the rain.
      Scotty had Josh Turner and his band show up for his. I like Scotty’ singing but Josh Turner is at a total different level but also 15yrs older with years of experience, a true pro.

      • I’ll say it again, it’s not fair to compare them to the professionals because they really are just amateurs. I’m glad Scotty had the opportunity to sing by one of his heroes. Can you imagine what Jordan Dorsey is saying right now? Anyone remember how Scotty wasn’t good enough to be in his group in Hollywood week? LOL, talk about eating crow.

      • Did you ever hear the word flabbergasted….well that is definitely how Scotty reacted. And, I thought he held up well with Josh…the professional. He was in awe and watching him. I also thought Scotty handled himself well. He kept thanking his fans and the crowed. Very mature for a novice and kid.

  100. join the Lauren fan club .. in facebook n twitter .. just click n something different we discuss there .. Good Luck .. James voters .. come on .. support Lauren Alaina n join our members ..

    • James is supporting Scotty…check out his twitter…thanks James and his fans. As I said before…there must be a behind the scenes reason for this other that a boy/girl thing…they’re to old for that one.

  101. Scotty is a winner, I hope he wins or at least not see Haley winning grrrrrr I do not like her and screams. If I would be glad Lauren. I hope you vote for your favorite until be tired after WHAT HAPPENED TO JAMES all can happen.

    • At Haleys hometown concert, each and every time she growled or screamed as you call it the crowd ROARED, so I guess a lot of people hear that as something good, even if you don’t.

  102. Just waiting .. Ryan Seacrest say:
    The American Idol 2011 goes to : Lauren Alaina!!


    • Well Ryan will either say, it’s a boy, girl finale and scotty you are safe or something like everyone going to be shocked and say it’s an all girl finale, scotty you are going home. If Ryan announces in the beginning that people will be shocked again an all girl finale for sure and we can finally lay to rest the bull about how girls only vote for boys. Me I hope it’s a boy girl finale with my boy winning. But after hearing the judges picks for them, I think they are pulling for an all girl finale with Haley for the win. Lauren and Scotty get old, but yet classic songs, but still old, and Haley a recent, popular song. That’s says it all to me.

      • That song is neither recent nor was it really that popular. Did you read the lyrics? I’m really struggling to see how in the world Haley is going to survive this.

        That being said, each song targets the weaknesses of the 3 contestants.

        Scotty – He will have to change the song enough to make it his very own rendition. This is exactly what he’s been missing all season, I’m kind of excited to see how it turns out.

        Lauren – Her issue all season has not been going for it full powerhouse steam roller awesome. This song will be her moment if she can get the confidence to just go out and give it, putting all of herself into the performance.

        Haley – I think she’s screwed no matter how she goes with this. Raunchy angry chick music does not a moment make, I’m glad they have 3 choices and the judges better not say ‘that was a terrible song choice’.

      • She I see Haley knocking that song out of the park, but I can be wrong. At least the song is from this decade and I really like haley and I think she will do well with it. I don’t like the song at all but, I think it fits her pretty well. But compared to most on this site I am a novice when it comes to music. I just like what I hear, I don’t get all technical about it. One note, high note, fasetto, whatever if I like the sound, I like the song or person. Doesnt matter the genre. For me the glory note is completely overrated, I just like a nice clean voice I can understand and what sounds good to my ears. And boy are we all different when it comes to that. It amazes me how different people hear different things.

        But anyway I want a Haley/Scotty finale. I like Haley from day one, not into her music genre for the most part, but I do like her, there is just something about the kid.

  103. I love to speculate, so here goes: Suppose, for the sake of argument, that 65% of Idol voters favor the 2 Country & Western singers and 35% favor Haley (sounds reasonable to me, but try it with your choice of numbers). And suppose that of the CW fans, 60% favor Scotty and 40% Lauren. Then Scotty would get 39% of the total vote; Haley 35%; and Lauren 26%. It will be hard for both CW singers to get into the finals unless >70% of all voters favor CW, which seems unlikely to me.

    • There is no WESTERN music anymore…..that was “Cowboy” music (now it’s Cowboy HAT music), and that’s why it used to be called Country/Western — “Sons of the Pioneers”, “Roy Rogers”, “Gene Autry”, “Marty Robbins”, “Tex Ritter”, “Bob Wills” — that music doesn’t exist anymore… had a distinct “out on the prairie” sound to it….

      I’m not a Country fan — but it’s not C&W anymore……I’m just sayin.

    • @Steve, I was actually thinking of the same thing (that the country votes would split between Lauren and Scotty..) and the remaining votes (which do not dig country) would go to Haley. In that way Haley is locked in the finale with Scotty joining her (winning the country votes). I also guessed that James will be going home last week, the moment Ryan announced that lauren was the first of the Top 3.

      • James is pulling for Scotty and if Lauren’s fans are torn between Scotty and Lauren…they need to go with Scotty. He is the only one that can beat Hayley…Lauren can’t…I really don’t think so.

  104. I know this is off topic……..but, if you like Paul McDonald — check out his stuff on Itunes — under the band “Hightide Blues” — there are about 13 songs available — “Dreamin’ Alone” is a great tune….

    He should have done more of this stuff on AI……


    • Thanks. I liked Paul also. Haley is my girl, but I sure enjoyed several of the contestants this year. Its been enjoyable having a variety to pick from.

  105. I bought the song. He always reminds me of Bob Dylan. I think its the music he sings with is maybe why I get that vibe. I like his voice better in this song. Thanks again for the tip.

    • The contestants received a message revealing the ‘judges pick’ for Wednesdays show.

  106. #

    I Can’t Believe that my THREE Favorites From Day One are Still There!!!!! Lauren, Haley & Scotty r da main reason why i watched the show…And Pia too but she’s gone…Best Of Luck u Guys!!!!! I’m ur biggest Fan!!!! I’d Love 4 any of em 2 Win…Preferably a Girl due to the fact dat its been a Long time!!!! But Nah da One Best Dude (Who’s Never Pitchy) & Da Most Awesome Girls Who always kept me awake, throughout da show…I appreciate Every1 who’s voted thank u soso much!!!! America’z Got it Rite!!!!! Finally!!!! Love u All 4 Voting!!!! Mwah!!!!

  107. James Was So Much Better Than Scotty…James Should’ve Stayed…Scotty Should’ve Gone Home…I Love Da Girls Haley or Lauren Should WIN!!!!!

  108. Come on guys, let’s have an all-girl finale!!! That way I’ll be happy with whoever wins it. Lauren Alaina is soo so so cute, and her voice is so smooth and beautiful. Haley is so confident and her voice is so gritty and emotionally charged, I think a finale between them would be diverse and amaaazing. I usually only go back and watch Haley and Casey’s performances, and a couple of James’, but I’ve just had to go back and watch “Anyway”. I love her voice and how she sang that song, it was really emotional and special. Also Gunpowder and Lead. Come on guys! Vote and get these girls to the finale!!!!

  109. O Wow I really WIsh That it could b a an All Girl Finale Wow!!!! Lauren Vs Haley Dat would ROCK!!!!!!

  110. Come on guys,it’s about time……… let’s have an all-girl finale………….heheheheheh go haley and lauren girl power

  111. if only James sing Dream Theater songs such as “The Spirit Carries On”, “Another Day” and “Surrounded”… but he doesnt have the chance though. Screw themes week!!! 🙁

  112. Hahaha,i just saw Casey jamming with Randy & Steven. Although cant heard clearly cause its just a random people with handycam i guess. But groovy hahaha.

    Btw,Haley should sing 4 Non Blond “What’s Up” or Linda Perry (the vocalist of 4 Non Blond) “Beautiful” which performed by Christina Aguilera. She’s also work for Interscope if i heard correctly,so there will be no difficulty of havin a permission.

    • And Lauren should sing Miley Cyrus “When I Look at You”. She’s from Interscope so just like Haley, it’ll be easy in gettin the permission 🙂

  113. Is she perverted like me
    Would she go down on you in a theatre
    Does she speak eloquently
    And would she have your baby
    I’m sure she’d make a really excellent mother

    This is some of the lyrics in the song they chose for haley! what were the judges thinking!? they get on to her for bad song choices and go and pick this!? i dont get it! the judges suck! hopefully haley can pull this song off and i wonder what song jimmy picked for haley!?

    • They are definitely putting Haley down.
      I can’t beleive it!!!! Well I do believe the judges never eally like Haley, because everytime they criticize her it backfires on them

  114. top three should have been Scotty, Lauren and JAMES!! Tired of Haylie’s growling.

      • Yes, David…I had my fingers crossed and held my breath…but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. I immediately felt bad at how hard I was rooting for Scotty to be the one. He really is talented, but James would have put on an awesome performance for top 3. I bet he would’ve picked very diverse songs. Ah, well.

  115. I would like to see an all girl finale also, mainly because I prefer the two girls as artists. My favorite is Haley. I love her vocals and fight. She can sing anything. Vote Haley. I sure wish people on here would promote their favorite and quit smashing the others. Come on can’t we all be mature about our tastes in music. No matter who you like Randy was extra harsh on Haley Wednesday night and Nigel even commented on that.

  116. As you know, “people vote with their feet” and it is reported that on a sunny Saturday afternoon nearly 30,000 fans turned out to show support for James in southern California, and Scotty in Garner, NC. Haley had near that many in Chicago, IL, though the weather was cold, windy, and raining. Lauren, on the other hand, “only” turned out about 10,000 fans in Chattanooga, TN.

    Why do you think James had as many fans at his show as Scotty and Haley had at theirs, yet Lauren turned out about 1/3 less? I have my own ideas, but I’d be curious to hear yours.

    I’m just say n’ 🙂

    • I’d say it’s a direct example of a persons popularity. It’s one thing to pick a phone & dial away & an entirely different matter to attend their homecoming.

      Fans who go to that much effort will be buying their CDs. Please make note of those figures.

      • I would say that James’s fans wish they would have power voted for him. They showed their support which of course they should.

      • Or it could be a direct fact that Lauren’s home town was destroyed by tornadoes….please take note of that.

  117. Steven Tyler if you are out there and ever read these , get James going!!! You are a great singer with the altimate talent!! I know you , Randy and Jlo loved him. And from the looks of Jlo she was hit pretty hard by this. Come on you guys get it moving for him. We all need to make some sense of what happened to the best Idol ever! James is the best of the best , don’t let us down!

  118. I Think Haley should of went home she does to much growling.Lauren is a much better singer me i hope Scotty wins and Lauren comes in second.

    • Betty, I bet you were supposed to say ‘should have’.. I may be wrong, though.

  119. all good,but 4 me from began to end scotty will be american idol 2011,go go go go scotty keep up your voice.

  120. haley i dont care if you make top 2 or not, you are the best! You don’t have any bad attitude at all! just a great sense of humor especially since the judges keep treating you like crap! i would be the same way. your the best can’t wait till Wednesday!

    • I can’t wait for the judges to tell Haley why they picked the song”I otta know” for her to sing..What are they trying to do to her? Talk about bad choice of song..I personally hope she sings the h…out of the song, which I know she will..Of couse the other two get something easy and safe. Go Haley…show em what big girls can do….We have your back..

  121. I saw the song choices. Did Haley pick that song herself? The Lyrics are certainly not “prime time” TV material in my opinion. I think may hurt her. I like Scotty and Haley but I have to admit Lauren is my favorite. She goes to school were I teach. It is hard to be objective. She is a wonderful compassionate girl.

  122. Dear haley,
    Ignore all the hateful comments here
    We are so proud that you finally stood up for yourself.
    I would even do the same and even much worse if I were you.
    The judges may or may not try to sabotage you with that song (u outta know) but I’m sure you will do great as usual. Even if they (minus steven T) gang up on you after the song, your fans will always be there to support you.
    And even if you don’t make it to the final two, we are sure you will do great outside Idol. In fact it’ll be better if you don’t win, that way, you can be yourself and produce a great album that says “this is me”.

    Good luck
    You’ll be big no matter what.

  123. Watched the Scotty/Josh video.
    scotty has the personality and talent to be AI. Video was fun and entertaining.

      • It WAS fun to watch… He has good stage presence and a nice voice. It also points out what people have been saying …he sounds just like Josh Turner…not a bad thing, but hardly unique.

      • The thing that makes Scotty unique is his age. Perfect for bringing more young people into country music.

  124. I live in Bolivia. First time I really looked not miss a single AI programs. From the beginning I liked Scotty and his deep voice and James for being a great rocker. But one question: the winner is only to be AI USA or to be heard and idol of the world?. country music is nice, nice to hear, but … where else on the planet received awards?. rock is universal, people hear it everywhere. Who does not know and like some kind of rock?, my mother is 75 years old, my son 16 and I 45 and we all enjoyed watching the show was James in each presentation. I like to share with my son and his friends some of their activities and tell them that here in Camiri, James has several followers, because I know that when my son took his music on the phone to school, everyone wanted to have it.
    James Force, which awaits a world ahead of you have already conquered a lot of fans.

    • Honey, not everyone likes rock. Myself included. I do not like the screaming and jumping around. None of the words make sense sometimes. Totally not for me.

    • I think Carry Underwood is world wide BIG!!!
      So much for the world not liking country!

    • Yeah I agree, thats a terrible song for her. Not catchy or inspirational at all. I was an Alanis fan back in the day, but it’s forgettable at this stage in the competition. I hope she really givers it all and KILLS it!

      • I do think that is a bad song choice…the test will really show if she can sing anything.

    • The lyrics are disgusting and they have criticized her for singing songs that are not popular and I doubt many have heard this piece of garbage.

      In the meantime, they give Lauren and Scotty sugary sweet Country songs to sing.

      The “judges” have been lousy and now have just shown how hypocritical they are when it comes to Haley.

      I hope Jimmy and his crew clean this garbage song up and Haley slays it.

      • well what do you expect them to give to two country singers, heavy metal
        they are country singers, Haley is not.
        she will do well with the song they give her. but she is not my fav, she is cocky, smart mouthed, and seems uncaring to the other contestants, dont like Haley at all.

      • They should’ve given a more challenging song to scotty..a song that is out of his comfort zone..ohh by the way i’m just kiddin’ about my comment to haley…she’s great…i’m just stupid and deaf for not knowing how talented she really is

      • why lauren had a great skip in the poll
        rankings!! and scotty is now on bottom!

      • Mikko…your “facts” are incorrect. Scotty is still number one. Don’t just write stuff…back it up…and shouldn’t Isabella’s comment be deleted? It is silly.

      • i see in the thia megia fan page that

        TOP 4 RESULTS:
        American Idol:Thia Megia
        TOP 2
        RANK 1 – LAUREN ALAINA = 45.67%
        RANK 2 – HALEY REINHART = 20.86%
        BOTTOM 2
        RANK 3 – SCOTTY MCCREERY = 19.25%
        RANK 4 – JAMES DURBIN = 14.22% (Out)

      • Scotty will never be in the bottom
        he is a winner all the way, even if he dont win IDOL

    • shame on u Isabella b*tch! If u think that she doesnt deserve that spot, well, America says u r effin wrong!

  125. To Haley and her fans,
    You are the next AI without any doubt. Sing with your heart like you always do and we will vote with our hearts. Haley fans must remember to power vote. I personally want to know why the judges chose this song for you and can’t wait to hear their reason for it. Haley I trust you to pick a song that will showcase your deep emotional feelings as an artist and I’m positive that Jimmy will pick a song that shows off your talent as well. I’m excited for Wednesday. I know you are going to blow us away, I can’t wait. Haley is in to win!!!

    • The song is disgusting and shows how hypocritical the judges are giving her this song because they have complained about her singing songs that are not well known.

      At the same time they give sugary sweet, well-known songs, to the other two singers.

    • No to Haley, she is not IDOL at all, she can sing yes, but she is cocky and loud and uncaring, no way


    Lauren Alaina-Remember me this way/ I need you by Lean Rimes
    Haley Reinhart- Better days/ Come on and out of the rain
    Scotty McCrery- Last thing on my mind by Ronan Keating.

  127. If i can’t have James for the winner , then my other pick is Lauren. She does have a set of pipes on her.

  128. My thoughts on this whole process with judges and contestants. I think Steven Tyler is not a good judge. If someone gives a constructive criticism — he doesn’t agree. He never says anything but “beautiful” or “ove you”. Haley cannot take constructive criticism because she is full of her self. Randy is the only one who can really judge the contestants.

    I think it is any of the three can win this year. Even though I like Lauren who does have a flawless voice and she stepped up her game. And if she does it again this week, she will win for sure.

    • I agree Randy is the only one who is telling it like it is. What do you think Simon would of said to Haley?? We all know and she wouldn’t have made it this far and Pia wouldn’t have been voted off so soon.

      • pia tried out several times when simon was judging she never made it even as far as she did this year.

    • I am pretty sure Scotty will win but I hope its with Lauren and Scotty for the final
      Haley does not fit in. she is cocky and wrong for this.

      • I bet when they show her home visit she acts like some prima donna or something

  129. excited for haley this week…the 3 are amazing..but haley has the most challenging song and this will test her artistry and it makes me eager to watch her more…GOOD LUCK Haley!!!…i cant vote but i’ll pray for you..=)

  130. ummmm…who has the most difficlt song to sing…of course Hailey. Alannis Morissete is tough to sing.
    Kenny Rogers..seriousley…Lee Ann Womack..this song is perfect for Lauren.
    I wonder why?

  131. Your using “just a minor sampling” signed up to vote each week for Idol results, is so, so flawed! Nobody should take your rankings seriously! I recall the previous week, that your rankings had James on 46% of the ballots. Now to the final 3. I believe Lauren will be the youngest winner ever! Her young age will be a primary factor in folks “vaulting to her Bandwagon.” Let’s get serious! Scotty has no vocal range, no bravado. Just a deep, pleasant voice. Jennifer brought these facts to light weeks ago in a critique to him. No winner has ever won Idol without both requirements. Scotty shouldn’t, and won’t win. Haley has a slight chance to beat Lauren but she usually “picks the wrong songs.” This will be her downfall. Scotty will leave on Thursday. Lauren wins over Haley in the final. airforce 1

    • Really did you hear him sing with Josh Turner on his trip home. Listen to it on youtube and then you will change your mind!!!
      I want Lauren to win over Haley also, Haley must go home this week.

      Everyone vote for Scotty and Lauren!!!!
      Final 2!!!!!

      • actually everyone needs to vote for either scotty or lauren, if you vote for both it divides the votes and gives haley a better chance.

  132. I am adding this comment to my earlier statements. I predict that Pia Tosconi will sell more records in the next 18 months than any of the current top three, individually, and more than all three collectively. Pia is the real deal this year. Lauren is a “distant second.” I believe that at this stage of her career (at 22), she is more accomplished than either Kelly Clarkson, or Carrie Underwood. Now I have said it! airforce 1

    • If Pia is getting a head start on selling her CD (as the news is saying), then of course she will likely out sell the top 3 in the “next 3 months”. But, I will top your prediction. I will gaurentee that over the course of his entire career, Scotty will outsell everyone in the top 5 “combined”. Maybe even be one of American Idols ALL TIME success stories, such as Carrie Underwood. Not bad for a “one trick Poney”, I’d say.

  133. I am a Haley Fan. But, I am wise enough to know that Scotty’s singing forte is to tell a heartfelt story and make you feel it, with his voice. To me, if Scotty added smoke bombs and lit pianos on fire like James did, it would degrade BOTH the story he is trying to tell and the voice telling the story. But, if some folks need all those theatrics to be entertained, than I‘m not going to lie, I feel a bit sorry for them..

  134. I think Lauren has really come on strong the last couple of weeks! I think she will make it to the finale!!! It should’ve been Lauren vs James…Haley should’ve gone home months ago!!!

  135. Food for thought…
    What if the judges tried to get Haley to sign papers to commit to something and she said NO?

    I mean, it is obvious to see she is very unique and is going to have a big career, so if they saw that and asked her to commit to something earlier and she said NO then they would be unhappy… and JLO should be nervous of her as well, JLO is very pretty but Haley is extremely sexy both in her voice, looks, and persona..much more than JLO and with a little more experience with her stage moves she will attract a huge following (FOR THOSE OF US WHO LOVE THIS TYPE OF MUSIC, which is a lot of us!)

      • Wow. I’m amazed management printed your comment! Obviously, you must be a Scotty fan. You will need some luck. Scotty will fall on Thursday. The ladies will prevail for the final. airforce1

      • @airforce1: Other than standard triggers all comments are printed and then reviewed as possible. With thousands of comments a day it’s impossible to stop everything much less review every single comment as it is submitted.

      • @Matt – don’t worry about it. I really feel bad for people that run around with that much hate…

  136. I agree that the song the judges have chosen are not good choices. But, if you are a GOOD singer, you can pull off anything that is given to you! And as ALWAYS, “Scotty is in it to WIN IT”!
    GO SCOTTY!!!!

  137. I believe something went wrong with the voting process with American Idol. James was ahead every week, then all of sudden, he is last. I have never watched Idol. I started because I was told about James and I was curious, then I was hooked. However, I will not be watching the rest of the show, as I feel this show has let James down. I understand he will pursue other avenues for success, but I feel something has gone wrong, and the institution of Idol is not standing behind him.
    Best of luck to James and all that he stands for.
    He appears to be wonderful young man.

  138. Not long ago, most of us were writing Haley off as just some semi-vacuous blonde kid with a ton of high-school sex appeal topped by a large self-protective permasmile that seemed somewhat unconnected to what’s going on, and the only question was whether she’d survive for one more week.
    But now, of all the contestants she’s the one who fascinates us and whom we talk about most. She’s become the topic du jour, every jour. Interesting. Could it mean that (amongst other things)

    1. Sex appeal usually trumps talent (not that Haley isn’t talented, but that’s not her most striking feature)?

    2. AI isn’t about talent anyway, it’s about viscerally-pleasing connections with the voters (that’s why the judges, with their music smarts, sometimes find themselves shocked and appalled by the voters’ shallow dimwittery)?

    3. Timing is everything, or at least plenty: Haley waited to crest at just the right time (two weeks ago when she blew the sandbags out of the water with her “House of the Rising Sun”)?

  139. Scotty still has my vote and i am sure that he will win he has the ability and the personality and as they say he is the full package no doubt about it
    You go take it Scotty

  140. I think Steven Tyler is the very worst judge. love it baby, you nailed it., beautiful. Randy is the only one who can judge. he tells it like it is. Hayley screams in lots of her songs. James was the best and Scotty is next. nix the girls. im 74, so not a bobby soxer.

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