American Idol 2011: Top 3 performance show recap – Who will it be?

I’m not sure what I enjoyed most about tonight’s “American Idol” Top 3 performance show, Randy Jackson’s 100 name drops or Lauren Alaina’s quest to prove she’s really a seven-year-old girl. Oh how I miss the days when 25 and 28-year-olds ruled the show.

Wait, or maybe my favorite part was the fact that Jimmy Iovine and the judges were trying to sabotage Haley Reinhart with two incredibly difficult song choices.

Now that I’ve gotten those annoyances off my chest, I need to get into the reviews. There’s a lot to cover tonight. As always, I’ll review each performance and assign them the letter grades I think they deserve.

In order of performance

ROUND ONE: Contestant’s choice

*Scotty McCreery, “Amazed” by Lonestar. I had a feeling Scotty would sing this at some point during the season. It was actually a very smart song choice. Scotty hasn’t thought about catering to the non-country fans much this season and he finally did tonight. I think it’s safe to say most people know that song, whether you’re a country fan or not. Especially since, as Randy so modestly pointed out, he produced a version of the song for Boyz II Men. I thought the performance was probably one of Scotty’s best of the entire season. Oh and did anyone notice for the first time this season Randy picks on Scotty’s pitch? His performance was the best its ever been. Seriously, what’s wrong with Randy? He was really on my nerves tonight. A+

*Lauren Alaina, “Wild One” by Faith Hill. I didn’t like it. It made me feel like I couldn’t breathe. Lauren barely kept control of the song and it honestly left me gasping for air. I don’t know if she needed to slow it down or what. I’m supposed to enjoy a performance and this just didn’t do it.  She still sounded as good as always, but this is the final 3, I have to judge all sides of the performance. B-

*Haley Reinhart, “What is And What Should Never Be” by Led Zeppelin. WHAT? Zeppelin? On American Idol? At this stage of the game? I thought Haley bought her ticket home right then and there. But then she pulled out an amazing performance and the fact that most people under 30 have never heard of that song didn’t matter. She owned it. It was HER song. And she killed it. And it’s not an issue that she fell, so I’m not even going to go there. People fall! Bottom line. A+

Winner of Round One: Haley. The judges unanimously agree with me.

ROUND TWO: Jimmy Iovine’s choice

*Scotty McCreery, “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not?” by Thompson Square. I have no idea what this song is. I don’t think Jimmy’s pick was very well thought out. Scotty handled the song well and seemed to have a lot of fun with it. It was good to see him with the guitar again. We’ve seen very few musical instruments this season. I miss that. B+

*Lauren Alaina, “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry. So far Jimmy’s song choices are very meh. Again, I didn’t like the song. And again, Lauren couldn’t keep up with the song. This time I’m not sure why though because it’s not a fast song. She just really stumbled. I even thought she forgot some lyrics. I thought it was horrible, but Jennifer Lopez thought her flubs were beautiful! Really? What’s wrong with these people!? C-

*Haley Reinhart, “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac. Oh, how I love Stevie Nicks! I was very happy when I heard this was Jimmy’s pick for Haley. So he did at least pick one good song tonight. But then I realized how hard the song is and I’ve only ever heard Stevie do it. So when Haley had a couple rough spots it was understandable. And by the time she got to the middle and the end I couldn’t even remember the rough spots. Haley’s confidence is really showing and it’s a good thing to see. A

Winner of Round Two: Haley (With a very close Scotty behind her).  The judges, however, didn’t agree and were split. Steven went with Lauren and Jennifer and Randy went with Scotty.

ROUND THREE: Judges’ Choice

*Scotty McCreery, “She Belives in Me” by Kenny Rogers. Another blah song choice. Sorry, people, but it’s Top 3 and I want excitement! The song just sounded so old-fashioned and, well, old. Scotty is a teenager so it was just a bit awkward for me. He did his best thought and luckily, his best is always pretty good. A

*Lauren Alaina, “I Hope You Dance,” by LeAnn Womack. Zzzzzzzz. I’m falling asleep. Kidding! It wasn’t that bad. It was slow, yeah, but Lauren was mostly fine. She just didn’t add anything new or exciting to a very over-played song. I just wasn’t feeling her tonight. I normally enjoy her singing, but tonight she rubbed me the wrong way.  A-

*Haley Reinhart, “You Oughta Know,” by Alanis Morrisette. Haley truly rocked the chorus in this one but a lot of the other parts were hit and miss. It’s just a fast song and who really has ever known those lyrics? It’s pretty obvious the judges picked that song so she would mess it up. Well, she did way better than they probably thought. B+

Winner of Round Three: Scotty. Steven went with Haley while Randy and Jennifer picked Lauren.

The averages

Scotty: A+ | B+ | A | A
Lauren: B- | C- | A- | B-
Haley: A+ | A | B+ | A

Scotty and Haley tied the night as far as grades go, but as far as overall performances go, I’m going to say Haley won the night. Scotty was superb, but Haley put on a show. And that’s what matters now. We know they can all sing, but who can put on a show? Haley can.

For the first time this season, I’m actually going to say who I think should stay and who should go. A lot of people have mistaken my predictions as a personal preference most of the season anyway, so why not?

Your Final 2: Scotty McCreery and Haley Reinhart

My thinking: Lauren Alaina is too immature. Sure her voice is where it needs to be. But I see her with her pigeon toes and her fake bunny smile and her prom dresses and I see a little girl.  She’s amazingly talented and beautiful but I think a stronger Top 2 would be Scotty and Haley.

That’s just my opinion but what will really happen? I do think it’s possible to see a Scotty and Haley Top 2. As I mentioned last week, it’s possible the country kids will split the country vote and everyone else who hates country will vote for Haley by default. Those votes added to all the fans Haley’s picked up in the past several weeks could land her right there on the finale stage.

It still could be Lauren and Scotty (but boy I hope not). Who knows how big the country vote really is. More unlikely would be a Haley and Lauren finale. Too many teen girl voters will see that Scotty is there at the finale

What’s yours thoughts on tonight’s show and how the results could and should play out tomorrow night?




  1. Awww I don’t really like Haley. I hope she get eliminated instead of Lauren/Scotty.

    • I totally agree with you . Her music is boring . I feel uncomfortable when I listen to her music. Vote for Scotty and Lauren.

      • HALEY IS BORING?!?!? what are you smoking. she is the only interesting one out of those three. the only one that does something different. there must be something wrong with you. oh, it makes you uncomfortable? maybe thats because youre a pop music drone loser whose afraid to step out of the cookie cutter box. grow up and get a real life stop following the trend you loser

      • I used to think that Haley was sexy, but I’m like you, I feel uncomfortable when she sings. There something weird about her. Don’t know if it’s her moves, facial expressions or what, but something doesn’t sit right with me. She is of course talented, and may win the whole thing, but I hope not.

      • *gasp! Someone just said Stevie Nicks and Led Zeppelin were boring?! D: What’s the world coming to?

      • Agree with Ann 100% I don’t feel uncomfortable listening to her sing. I feel uncomfortable watching! She is so stuck on herself. Acts like she is Gods gift to men. She’s 20 and flirting (using the word flirting cause I can’t say what I really want to) with old men! PUKE!

      • Led Zeppelin, Alanis Morrisette and Stevie Knicks are boring?? That just made me laugh really hard. Haley puts on wonderful performances. I fell asleep through every one of Scotty’s songs that sounded exactly the same with him standing in the same place on the stage. Same goes for Lauren, just standing there singing identical songs week after week.

      • Haley was better tonight than Stevie Nicks was last night on Dancing with the Stars. Haley also looked alot better than Stevie.

      • Come on, mae, let’s not start cutting on a 62-year-old musical legend. That’ll get us no where. There’s already enough negativity here.

      • If there is one thing Haley ISN’T, it’s boring. I think you need to find a dictionary and look up the definition of boring.
        If you don’t like her, that’s fine. But you’re just talking crazy by calling her boring.

      • OMG! DO I still live in America??? Zeppelin, Stevie Nicks and Alanis Morrisette boring? What you call stuck on herself and gods gift to men is what I call awesome self confidence and pure sex appeal! Did Beyonce’s performance make you feel uncomfortable too? It’s pure sex appeal…flirting with old men?? What?? If she makes it big and is performing at a concert, should she only sing to those her age and younger?? LOVED her dad on guitar! It would be hard for me to think of three harder songs to sing. I have voted for Scotty all year, and I am in my 40’s and don’t like country all that much, but I could sit and listen to Scotty all night, except the Kenny Rogers song. That was so unfair, no one can come close to singing that song like Kenny Rogers! The interesting thing is that my kids, who have never heard Zeppelin, Nicks or Morrisette were ripping the phone out of my hand to vote for Haley! Very interesting! Lauren’s best song of the year was in the interview when she sang with Steven Tyler!! She had such self confidence and killed that song…where did it go? If Steven Tyler doesn’t sing next week during the last two shows…I think I will die! He can sing with both Haley or Lauren and it would be awesome! Maybe he could sing “walk this way” with Scotty and Scotty could do the Run DMC part, LOL! GO Scotty and Haley! Love Lauren…but get ready for the waterworks tonight! 🙁 She will not be able to hold it together!

    • well. this competition is not really hating.. THE COMPETiTION is about the performance.. right? its not about hating someone ..
      so based on performances.. its HALEY and SCOTTY’s night..

      • Right on, i agree. it truly is about the performance hands down. and Scotty and Haley rock.

    • We don’t care what you think. Lauren sings good but it’s as if she’s just singing in a karaoke bar.

    • Your fake name gives you away.

      Top 3 tonight – in order:

      1. Haley – sung 3 difficult songs well and nailed two of them. Steven Tyler was spot on.

      2. Scotty – He did tonight what I have wanted him to do for weeks and that is get out of his comfort zone.

      3. Lauren – Three nice performances that I have heard sung equally well in Karaoke bars countrywide. She was the most disappointing for me tonight.

      Notice how Randy spread his choices with round 1 to Haley, 2 to Scotty and 3 to Lauren. This way he can’t be wrong.

      At least Steven Tyler picked a #1 in Haley and I have no idea who JLo picked, except she has a cougar thing going for Scotty.

    • Haley is boring? wow you clearly don’t know anything about music seriously. She’s the only person left on AI who actually changes up her music and does great memorable performances. Scotty is so soporific inducing, every time I watch him sing, I’m consumed with profound ennui, as in great BOREDOM. All he does is country music and the judges always seem to give him a free pass. Okay he’s an average country singer, but he shouldn’t be on AI. I’ve seen hundreds of guys singing like that in karaoke bars. I mean if you have hamburgers everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner, eventually you’re going to get bored of it and try something new. That’s all Scotty does, the same style and songs over and over and over again. He shouldn’t be there. Lauren is a lot better than him and so is Haley. As an aside these judges are way too lenient and don’t give enough criticism. If Simon was there Scotty would be gone long ago. He clearly is not in the same caliber as Lauren and Haley.

      • We were saying last night that if Simon and Kara were there that he would not have made the top 24

      • Umm last I checked Scotty always sings country because thats who he is theres no need for him to sing anything else but country sure Haley had a good night last night wasnt my favorite of the night every week haley dose something defferent witch I find annoying I think it shows that she dosnt Know what kind of genere she wants to be

    • @Branden

      Does that include your negativity towards Lauren calling her pigeon toes and a fake bunny smile Branden?

  2. I think I will vote for…..
    Boy, this one is tough, but Scotty for me. I am not sure between Haley and Lauren.

  3. Here are my rankings for the top 3:

    1- Haley Reinhart
    17- Scotty McCreery
    289- Lauren Alaina

    …wait a minute, you’re saying this should be one, two, three? No. I don’t believe you. Based on tonight it would be unfair to Haley to put Scotty only one spot behind her and Lauren only two spots behind her. You’ll see why I think that in a second. But I’ll let you stew on those rankings for a bit.

    • So this week it was like halfway through the episode when I found that I was actually quite bored. This is the top 3. I’m supposed to be wowed and amazed. What’s wrong with me? Then it hit me. James isn’t there. Casey isn’t there. Pia isn’t there. Out of all the combinations of top 3 that we could’ve gotten this season, this is the one we got? There were so many talented singers this season and all of them got booted off way too early. But wait a minute. I should stop myself before you get the wrong idea. Haley IS there. And she so deserves it. But the other two really don’t. A Haley, James, and Pia top 3 or a Haley, James, and Casey top 3 would’ve been much better. America got it wrong this season. I demand a recount. Heck, I would’ve been content with a Haley, James, and Scotty finale. So maybe its Lauren there that is bothering me. Or maybe its the lack of James Durbin. Either way, something wasn’t right tonight. It was a two hour show and I was bored for about two-thirds of it, the two-thirds that Haley was NOT a part of. She was just heads and shoulders above the other two. If she goes home tomorrow and we end up with a Scotty and Lauren finale, I don’t know if I will be able to watch that. Not out of boycott, but out of the fact that I will be so bored and disappointed. Haley deserves the win. I almost feel like ending there because I said everything I needed to, but I should be consistent with my previous weeks in writing on this and do my individual analysis followed by a prediction.

      SCOTTY- He opened the show alright, but I was sitting there thinking that I’ve heard this before. This is the Scotty singing country that I’ve heard 99 times already. Got it. Branch out a bit. The second was a little better, although I thought it was really cheesy. Bad choice Jimmy. Third song I give him props. Or the judges I guess. I actually enjoyed that. It was something that Scotty hadn’t really done before, like Steven mentioned, and he did a great job at it. I don’t know why he didn’t do that more often this season. Oh wait. Yes I do. Because he was actually picking his songs. The one time he branches out is because he had no other choice. The judges made him sing that song.

      LARUEN- Oh my flippin’ goodness. And I mean that in a bad and negative way. How did she make the top 3? How did she make it farther than than James? Based on tonight I look back and I would put almost every single contestant from the top 13 ahead of her. I mean, she wasn’t horrible as far as singing goes. She just didn’t wow me at all with any of those songs and when we are in the top 3, I’m supposed to get wowed. And she seemed like she forgot the words at one point or stumbled or something like that in the second song. The judges talked about how its was normal to do that. Everyone makes little mistakes that and she’s only 16. HELLO?!?!?!?!?!?! THIS IS THE TOP 3 ON AMERICAN IDOL!!!!! Simon would’ve reemed her for that. Oh, and I second what Branden said (and what I’ve said for a few weeks now), she is acting so immature right now. I’d compare her to a 12 year old girl in the way she does things. Go home please. Go to school. Go to college. Come back to us in 5 to 10 years and you might be ready. Might.

      HALEY- WOW. WOW. WOW. Now that’s what I’m talking about. That’s what’s supposed to happen in the top 3. She took that Led Zepplin song on her own choice and blew it out of the water. Then she takes two really difficult songs that she has no choice of and she kills them as well. It showed variety with the second song. I loved the smooth, soft Haley with the fan blowing at her. That was a nice effect. Then she rocked it out at the end to shew us off to the voting. A+ tonight. She better not go home. She’s the only one that deserves to be here right now.

      Do I really have to make an official prediction to close out my comments? Yes, I do? Could you not tell from this whole post like a hundred times? No? Ok. In case you didn’t get it, Haley should be going on to the finale. Did I ever mention that I really like her in just about every way? I really think she should be by herself in the finale. Just give us a two night Haley Reinhart concert to close out the season. I think Scotty and Lauren should both go home. But if I have to drag one of them with Haley into the finale, I’ll go with Scotty. One because he’s really funny. Two because Lauren really bothers me. Three because he actually acts mature, even if I don’t always like his singing.

      Lastly, let me mention one thing, in case you didn’t get it. GO HALEY!

      • I agree Adam, the top 3 are all wrong. Very Boring Show. Haley livened it up. She should probably be in top 2 – but again its up to the voters.

      • I think she should have added some stage effects to the second verse of the last song. She rocked a horrible song and did it quite well.

        A little Durbin flair would have sent the message out.

        Haley is so much better than the other two

        And sorry Scotty took a rusty axe to thatbKenny Rogers. That was some 127 hours stuff there 🙁

      • Adam — that was an amazing post. You saved me a lot of time — all your observations are right on the mark. James should be in the top 3, Haley is SO FAR BETTER than Scotty and Lauren that it’s almost embarrassing for them, and Casey was far better than he’s been given credit for being.

        Our society seems to be becoming tone deaf. I understand people have different tastes in music, but it is astonishing that anyone would think Scotty and Lauren outperformed Haley last night. I’m pulling for Haley all the way. Scotty probably will end up with the prize because of the tone-deaf redneck vote, but Haley deserves to win the whole thing.

      • Adam you are so wrong !!! Go Lauren!! Adam if you like Haley so much why don’t you buy her some heels she can walk in! lol

      • Clive=Adam? Why the heck would I do that? That is so dumb. I personally don’t care what anyone thinks so I would never create a second account to make people think I have support…

      • C’mon guys! Just admit that Scotty’s votes from his cutie, not from his singing ability. At last, even Scotty wins, he’ll let you down. Are you sure you’ll never get bore if you keep listening a-cover-not-contain-creation song?. There’s no doubt that women watch that show more than men. It’s not fair at the beginning for the contests. Most true artist were gone. James, Casey, Thia, Pia,… are so great but not came a long way. What’s wrong with American? You enjoy the music with ears or eyes? I have loved this show but I felt down after each one show. The talent didn’t be considered. So sad. I hope Laren can win. I get bore enough when hearing Scotty’s singing, not bad but felt asleep.

  4. Haley is amazing and does put on a show. i enjoy listening to lauren as well, she has a powerful voice.
    1. HALEY – by far
    2. LAUREN
    3. SCOTTY – boring
    scotty sounds the same every song and when he pushes himself higher, he sucks.

    so here’s to a teen girl going against scotty and really voting for the two most talented people!

      • would have loved to see a haley and james final and the show really sucked with out him tonight.haley saved ai a$$e$ tonight from being a complete borefest.wonder what jame’s 3 songs would have been?GO HALEY……..

  5. Right on , Branden. Haley’s best song was her own choice…the Zeppelin song. The other two she was forced to sing weren’t as good. I did not understand the rave reviews on scotty’s 2nd song at all…it was lousy. His other two were good, though. Lauren was cute as a Barbie Doll and she sang the last song great but she is SO young…eeeek! IStill voted Haley, though…just so I don’t have to sit thru 6 slow country songs next week. Jennifer annointed Scotty as a finalist and asked him to cut his hair “for her” next week ….jeez! I wonder do the judges watch a playback and ever question their ridiculous remarks?

    • Cecil, this is what I should’ve said: “just so I don’t have to sit thru 6 slow country songs next week.” Very well-put! We need Haley in the finale for a real show!

      And I hope the judges do realize how ridiculous they are. If Scotty shaves his head for next week, then he gets all Fs next week.

      • I thought his hair was just starting to look a little better. What kind of foolishness is this.

      • If Scotty gets a haircut, it will have nothing to do with his singing or winning. He is cute, down to earth and can sing wonderful. He needs to take it all.

      • Branden, it’s not a judges’ thing about Scotty’s hair…it’s only all about JLo and her cougar attack on all the male contestants every week…the ultimate flirt…eeew…if you ask me, it should be off with her head…

    • Am I the only one who wanted to tranquilize that horrible back-up singer on Haley’s 2nd (Fleetwood Mac) song?? Was that sqauwking parrot belting out those shrill, piercing notes on purpose to drown out Haley’s beautiful, soft, sultry vocals?

      Back up musicians are one thing, but I think AI could tone down the backup singers (who often try to get attention by singing louder than the contestants!) The dying parrot almost ruined Haley’s song for me tonight…almost.

      • @Laura—

        Thank you; I thought it was just ME!
        I found it VERY distracting and jarring.
        Maybe that singer knew somebody that owed her a favor. Why else would she have been allowed on the show to butcher the song?

      • so agree!!! that backup singers try to drowned out contestants! I’m trying to listen to them sing wishing producers would Turn Down Mics for backupsingers trying to drowned out or compete during preformances.

  6. Let Scotty win, If Haley wins she will be in the wrong hands of AI , I would prefer her to be 2nd since mostly 2nd players either get more famous or as famous as the winners

  7. I am positive Haley will be in the finale. The fans will make sure she stays in since we won’t want a country finale. I think that it could be either Lauren or Scotty, but I’m not really sure who it will be. Scotty can go home since James went home last week and no one saw that coming except for me of course because that is who I predicted will go. But all in all I think Scotty can go home tomorrow or it could be Lauren, but I’m predicting Haley will be 100% safe.

  8. GO HALEY!!!!! Listen people, Haley DIDN’T pick the last 2 songs, but she picked the first song which was AMAZING. Imagine if she won and made her own album, all the songs would be just as good. Vote Haley!

  9. Haley will be sent to safety. Scotty and Lauren will endure the “bottom 2” with a bunch of filler. Then Scotty will be sent to the finale.

    • Yes. I can’t imagine they’d want Laurn,that poor crushed flower of a child weeping through most of the show. So I agree, She’ll almost automatically be at the end. Unless of course she’s safe right away????? Now there would be some drama!
      I can’t imagine the terrible pressure these kids must be under, If lauren is weepy,it’s no big surprise, and if Haley gets a little sassy, who could blame her, except for a whole bunch of hateful,jealous, and obiously envious commenters. Where were you people raised!! Did you have such a horrible youth that you are so poisonous? Get some help before it’s too late!!

      • if scottys safe he should be declared safe first, for the past couple of weeks he was up there last with the person going home even though he has never been in the bottom.

  10. Haley!!!!!! Always delivers but the judges r so hard on her! Lauren can do a mediocre job ( like when she sang Trouble) n the judges will love it???!!! HALEY all the way!!!! Her voice has some serious edge over the other two!!!!

  11. Haley HAVE to be the finals no matter what. The other two they can fight it over I don’t really care because they made me start my yawnfeat a bit early tonight. ROCK ON

  12. Haley is so smart going after the James voters with that Zepplin song. She won the round, the night and my vote!
    I predict a Haley and Scotty finale.

    PS. Did everyone catch James on Jimmy Fallon last night?

  13. Branden,

    Haley Killed that Alanis song. The other parts have no rhythm listen to Alanis sing it. Haley did not mess up those parts at all that’s how the song is sung its all choppy and broken up till the chorus, Alanis was pissed off her lover cheated. Haley nailed it!

    Haley won the night in my opinion but the fix is in it will be a Lauren Scotty finale with Lauren winning it IMO.

    • Imagine A Scotty and Lauren final.
      Two little Virgins singing all country.
      I would need more than one drink!!

    • Hawk, come on, it’s not like I gave Haley bad reviews. I did say she won the night. LOL. What more could I say??

      • Branden, you were spot on. If it’s a country snooze finale, I’ll bet they lose viewers. Oh well. I feel Haley definitely showed her professionalism and maturity, and we will be seeing more of her next week.

  14. Haley is so smart going after the James voters with that Zeppelin song. She won the round, the night and my vote!
    I predict a Haley and Scotty finale!
    BTW loved James on Jimmy Fallon last night

      • My mom, James’ #1 fan, said Haley won the night by miles and miles. And she’s mad at AI and the top 3 in general because James is gone…

    • She’s been saying in her interviews her musical influences are 60s and 70s classic rock. I still stand by my choices. She would have had a much better night if she did some Etta James, but 2/3 of the songs were not her choice.

      • Yeh I agree. Etta James – I just wanna make love to you. I wanna hear Haley sing that!!!

  15. Scotty and Haley in the finals. Lauren is so young and acts very immature. Who dresses her (?) Some times I wonder what show the judges are watching

  16. You have got to be kidding me. I think they’re all great but this review was so biased.
    “Haley fell” “the other parts were a hit and miss” But its soo obvious that the judges are picking a difficult song so she can mess up. Riiight.
    No. This person is clearly giving Haley excuses.
    I love Haley, so it’s not like I have a problem with her. I just think this review is bogus.
    Honestly, it doesn’t really matter who wins at this point, they’re all gonna get record deals anyway.

    • Anne, if you haven’t been reading my reviews all season, then your comments are bogus. I have been probably the most UNBIASED American Idol reviewer ever. You can’t come into one review at the end of the season and call me biased.

    • what is the american idol supposed to be? someone who can just sing, or someone who is a true natural performer. A true performer will be the only one that will sell records. Haley wins hands down in that department.

    • Branden fairly close.
      The two songs Haley got are simply to technically difficult for almost any singer to master in under a week along with recording it and a parade/concert half way around the country.
      I was shocked that Haley got that close on her last song, I have only seen Beyonce cover it well, its that hard and yes I know Britney S. tries it on stage.

      • @Anne…you do acknowledge that Haley was given the two most difficult and challenging songs…right? While the other two were given songs I have heard a million times at the karaoke bar. If you don’t admit it then you are just lying to yourself.

  17. Of the 3 remaining I can not see myself buying either Lauren’s or Haley’s music. Lauren over Haley for sure. I just can’t stand Haley’s screaming. Go Scotty.

    • Which one of her songs did she “screech” on tonight?

      The only one who will not sell records consistently is Scotty. He is ok, will make the final but, come on, a Country star? No way and I am a Country fan.

      Lonestar I Love and he did well on that one. #2 was ordinary at best – listen to the original – and #3 was pitchy but, apparently, this year it is a good thing to be!!

      I would love an all girl final but it looks like Scotty vs Haley.

    • Scotty will likely get a one album deal win or lose and it will sell from Idol fan support maybe Gold but without a somewhat hit song on it, then it could be his only album.

      • so i guees rodney jerkins and jimmy ivine is wrong then saying scotty will be most succeessfull carreer

  18. i notice that almost all the comments are about praising haley but how come that scotty is still leading the poll????

    • These polls suck. They are always wrong.

      Haley for the win! Lauren goes home. I love Scotty too but enough country already.

  19. I have never liked Haley, even tho she has done well on a few songs. She does not have the heart…too self centered. Scotty and Lauren may be young, but have a better appreciation of the fans and what they do for a career. I hope Haley goes home tomorrow…and we have a Country Finale. Would be really different.

    • You don’t even know Haley to make a conclusion like that. And a country finale would not be different just more boring then ever.

      • You don’t have to know Haley! When someone wants to make you puke because of her sick, nasty way of getting votes. Thank God that’s a microphone! She is in love with herself waaay to much!

    • Haley is just Haley, i don’t get why people are saying that Haley thinks she better than everyone. I truly do not see it. Lauren is the one who is acting like little miss Innocent, but she is so fake it makes me sick.

  20. i notice that almost all the comments are about praising haley but how come that scotty is still leading the poll???

    • Scotty was more than awesome. He rose to the occassion and showed his God given singing ability. Scotty for the win!!!

  21. SO right about that sabotage theory man!! Scotty and Lauren got way too easy song choices. Thats not fair!! Hopefully true Haley fans were there for her (like me), coz she rocked the house tonight and she is a fighter who got real music in her.
    Best of luck to Haley…

    • Scotty had easy songs? Please……. but he did sing that Kenny Rogers song well, He hit those high notes too. I loved it.

    • Haley’s songs she sang all had an extremely high degree of difficulty, while the songs Scotty and Lauren sang barely challenged them…if they had sung them many weeks ago, no one ever would’ve said they should have saved that for the semifinals. It was easy sailing for those two…at least Scotty went a little higher, even though he didn’t hit all the notes…kudos for him trying.

      • Scotty and Lauren were given the same degree of hard song for their voice. Listen to what you’re saying. with Haley you you heard difficulty. but Scotty and Lauren seemed to have easy songs. What you seem to be saying is Scotty and Lauren did well.

      • No, actually I was saying they were boring as usual. I was texting through Scotty’s performances. At least I watched Lauren and I liked 2 of her 3 songs. Also, I wasn’t watching “difficulty”, it’s just common knoweledge for anyone over the age of 19 that Led Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac are infamous for being two of the hardest and tricky bands to cover…their singers were both iconic and untouchable, and Haley did them AWESOME!

      • I think Haley made the biggest mistake of her life by trying to sing a Zepplin song to win James’s fans. If they didn’t hate her before, they sure do now. Don’t you know that they are thinking…..”James could have done Zepplin better. James should have been there.” Dumb, dumb move on her part and again….very arrogant to think it would work. Devin, I saw Zepplin live several times in the 70’s and what she did to the song was just wrong. Zepplin songs are not meant to be squeaked out like she does with her voice.

      • Angela…more than one contestant can sing rock songs. Obviously, we have two country contestants! Like I said, Haley has been singing that song for years, much longer than she knew there’d be a run for her on idol, much longer than she knew about James Durbin. That song would’ve been wayyyy too slow for James to rock out to. It would’ve just been awkward. Plus Zep wouldn’t even have LET James sing their songs. The only Idol contestants they EVER have given permission to, is 1. Haley Reinhart, and 2. Adam Lambert. I think she made a very smart decision. Now if you wanna say the judges gave her the Alanis song to get James’s votes…I can somewhat agree with you. That song was all kinds of wrong for her, besides the chorus.

      • P.S. Led Zeppelin gave Haley permission to do their songs after “House of the Rising Sun”. If they wanted James to do one of their songs, they still had the opportunity to let him at that point…and still didn’t. I love James, but he’s more heavy metal than Led Zeppelin. Zep is one of the most melodic bands ever, about as far away from screaming as you can get. They give me goosebumps, still, after all these years…while metal gives me a headache. I love James, I wish it had been him, Lauren, and Haley last night instead…but James and Haley have absolutely ZERO in common…people who think so, and take offense…aren’t thinking about this with an open-mind. It’s not all black and white, rock and country…there are several shades of gray.

      • P.S.S., yet again, yes, because Angie is my nemesis…who I like now even while being her nemesis…(BE A VOICE FOR ANIMALS!) I have one more thing to say. My mom is being so down and morose about James…still…and she loved Haley last night. She didn’t take offense at all. Except with the show itself.

    • you are so right, i understand why Scotty is still there but Lauren, go figure that one.
      she is just a karaoke singer hands down. the only people that would buy her album is friends and family.

      • That is soooo not true I would buy her albums and whoever her fas are that are voting for her will buy her albums

    • if you think singing kenny roger with his much higher voice is easy your crazy.

  22. Go haley!
    Very Versatile!!!
    you never Bore me..,
    if you go tomorow its Ok.,

    bit i wish you win..,

    and God bless you!

  23. What!!! Your review sucks!!!!!!!! I have been your fan and was always with you but Haley? There is nothing special about her, bottom line I don’t like her. Lauren is 1000000 better than her. Lauren is 15 and every one wants her to act as a experience 21+ year old girl. She is very talented and a good girl. I hope Lauren and Scotty.

  24. Branden, I completely agree with your scoring & our rankings are identical. I use grades, then convert to number amounts.
    Example: A = 4, B = 3 & A+ = 5.
    My totals: Scotty = 13, Lauren = 12.5 & Haley = 13.
    It was close, very close. Lauren got behind after her first round less than best performance & could never catch back up.
    We will see tomarrow, won’t we?

  25. 1’st round: Judges like Haley
    2’nd: Judges like Scotty and Lauren
    3’rd: Judges like Lauren and Haley

    so my conclusion: LAUREN is better others contestant!
    thats all .. tq

    • kechik… I am so ready for Miss Sobby Pants to get ditched tomorrow. Your posts are ridiculous.. look back. Haley had equal praise according to your own post.. and she outshined Lauren 150%. Lauren stumbled and acted stupid. Haley busted it and kept on like a TRUE PERFORMER. I look forward to Lauren’s elimination, and the elimination of your asinine opinion.

  26. I vote 100% for Scotty and Lauren they were both awesome and at the end it will be Scotty all the way.Im not a Haley fan never was and never will be she should have been gone along time ago.

    • some people just dont recognize true talent, Haley and James are the two most talented people on the show. since Haley has found herself as an artist she is unstoppable.

  27. Branden, I completely agree with your scoring & our rankings are identical. I use grades, then convert to number amounts.
    Example: A = 4, B = 3 & A+ = 5.
    My totals: Scotty = 13, Lauren = 12.5 & Haley = 13.
    It was close, very close. Lauren got behind after her first round less than best performance & could never caught back up.
    We will see tomarrow, won’t we?

  28. Entertainment value : HALEY~!
    Originality : HALEY~!
    Voice range & control : HALEY~!
    Who is a boring predictable kid : Scotty~!
    Who is lost face in a world of Stars? : Lauren~!
    Therefore, who is the next AI : HALEY~!

    If each of them hold a concert on the same night – Haley’s will be the one one SOLD OUT.
    Scotty will make an interesting guest singer.
    Lauren can open while Haley is being prepared in the make-up room.

  29. Haley did a great job at the first two rounds and the third one well she got a really difficult song but did a pretty good job, I thought that Scotty was a bit boring but he did sound great. And Lauren did a pretty good Job at the last song but the first 2 I didnt like them as much as the 3rd one. Well this is my opinion I know that each contestant is good and many people love them but, I’m going with Haley-Scotty for the finale, even though Lauren is a better singer than Scotty, he has a huge fan base so I’m guessing is a Haley-Scotty finale.

      • Stevie Nicks is huge, bigger than your small brain can comprehend little Piper.

      • Hahahahaha, now I remember why I try to ignore your comments, Piper. You are so closed-minded. You need to live a little…listen to music that will get the blood flowing in your veins…Scotty, and Scotty-like singers don’t have very much to offer you.

      • I’ve seen Fleetwood Mac in concert, and while I enjoy Stevie Nicks, I always liked Christie McVie better. That being said, IMO it’s not that hard to sing as well as Stevie, the trick is to match her stage persona. Haley didn’t even come close. But she’s a bit younger than Stevie was when she joined FM. I don’t see her ever having that magic, but that’s JMO.

    • In the 70’s the Doobie Brothers were great, The Eagles, Orleans, Charlie Daniels, Marshall Tucker, ELO, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson etc, I was never much of a fan of Fleetwood Mac.

  30. In my opinion, I loved scottys version of ‘kiss me or not’ , I love the song and I loved hearing him sing it. I liked it a whole lot better then his version of amazed. (:

  31. i think the judge is not bad at haley at all!!

    haley’s performance is very good tonight and nailed all her song!!

    go haley! go vote for haley!

  32. Branden, as usual you nailed if. Haley ruled the night. I’ve never voted like that but I literally used all 2 hours. I’m just so ready for lauren’s departure. I’ll do a happy dance tomorrow if she leaves in her usual puddle of teeny bopper tears.

      • Shake it off. Haley does! I’ve loved your reviews all season. Even if I don’t agree, it’s an opinion, and usually a humorous one!

    • That is rude wanting to see someone’s dreams dashed; especially a young person’s dreams. Even though I do not care for Haley’s singing and personality, I would not laugh if she got voted off. All 3 contestants worked hard to get where they are. Show a little class.

  33. My full recap 🙂
    1st Round (Contestants Choice)

    Scotty – He done it again. It started a little mess. A little pitchy in the word “anything” & “dream”. His lower twang sometimes doesnt hit the right note. Why couldnt he started-off the song without the twang as Babyface suggest? In the middle of the song he shines. His upper register (Scotty-wise) twang more beautiful than his lower twang that can easily fell-off the notes. He should’ve sing with the mike standing in the middle of the stage. Its good performance not great.

    Lauren – Wew,pitchy moment all over the place and its like she’s doing a marathon instead of singing. Sorry,its a bad performance. All of her breath control in the lower,middle and upper register of the song is all over the place,it makes people that hear and watch her ran out of breath too ><

    Haley – What the heck with the judges (J-Lo & Steven) messin around & Ryan havent finished of his announcement yet and then collide with the start of Haley performance. Not professional, not professional AI!! Kinda mess the anticipation of Haley performance at the start of the song. If only she can play guitar… Kinda like the background is missin something. They should put a band or something in the stage not to make it so…. empty. It would make it more great if theres a choir backing Haley when she sang "ohh aa aah aa.." and backing in the last verse of the song to make it more uplifting.

    The 3rd round winner is… Scotty.

    I dont know if the fact that they have to sing 3 songs each with a little time to prepared considering the homecoming trip, to me their performances like a rush performance. Its not worthed for Top 3.
    So all in all, heres my grade for the 3 of them :

    Scotty – B+
    Lauren – C
    Haley – B

  34. Hayley definitely is the best of the three. Of all of them she has the most unique voice and a characteristic growl that is her trademark. She’s got something the others dont have. Soul. Now, Scotty is a nice kid but he seems so squeaky clean and square, and Lauren is just immature and I think a bit of a karaoke princess. Nice voice but sounds like a thousand other pretty voices I’ve heard. Hope Hayley wins but judges seem always trying to find a way to oust her out of the running. Why is that?

  35. My full recap 🙂
    1st Round (Contestants Choice)

    Scotty – He done it again. It started a little mess. A little pitchy in the word “anything” & “dream”. His lower twang sometimes doesnt hit the right note. Why couldnt he started-off the song without the twang as Babyface suggest? In the middle of the song he shines. His upper register (Scotty-wise) twang more beautiful than his lower twang that can easily fell-off the notes. He should’ve sing with the mike standing in the middle of the stage. Its good performance not great.

    Lauren – Wew,pitchy moment all over the place and its like she’s doing a marathon instead of singing. Sorry,its a bad performance. All of her breath control in the lower,middle and upper register of the song is all over the place,it makes people that hear and watch her ran out of breath too ><

    So,again with the not so great performances from the contestant in the 2nd round… Scotty win.

  36. Haley for the win! Haley is the only one in this competition who has such a unique voice. Haley brings something different to the show EVERY WEEK. My fave performance from her tonight was “Rihannon” idk why I like it she juss looked so pretty with the wind blowing and then her sweet unique voice! Haley is amazing she had ALL hard songs to sing tonight and she nailed 2 and did good with one.. VOTE VOTE VOTE HALEY!

    • I agree on all points but one. My favorite was the Led Zepplin song. But they were all amazing, so who cares! She is definitely worthy of the AI title.

  37. First of all … James should have won this year! (my opinion)
    I am now hoping that we have an all girl finally!!!

    Lets go Haley and Lauren!!!

  38. Haley is the winner all the way, what a big booming voice she rocks better than the country singing hicks but the judges always put her down even when she has an awesome night, Jlo is just jealous because Haley has a better set of hips.

  39. haley is not that good she screams and can not understand far as performance she does not do that good ,it is the way she dresses that makes it,like a street corner &^%%.scotty and lauren dress more appropriately.
    they already got rid of the best one last week.

  40. Knocked at Heavens door this morning. God asked me, My child what can I do for you? I said, Father, please protect and bless the person reading this. God smiled and answered, request granted! Be kinder than necessary ~ for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle. 93 percent wont re-post this but I hope you are part of the 7 percent that will.

  41. Branden, I pretty much totally agree with your synopsis, as I have all season.

    In summary, Scotty did better than I thought he would. Lauren did worse. And Haley continues to own the stage over the other two.

    Lauren has a gorgeous voice — really beautiful tone. BUT … I’ve gone back and listened to tonight’s performances three more times each, and Lauren takes a breath after every three words in most of her songs; I’m not kidding. The girl has no air. Her breathiness makes it easier to sing notes, actually, and she does that well, but no wonder: She breaks up phrases all the time with terribly ill-timed breaths.

    I thought she really struggled tonight, and I was floored when Randy was actually truthful and said she was pitchy. Then Jennifer danced around Lauren messing up the middle of her second song entirely, and then totally missed the key change, and THEN SAID HER PERFORMANCE WAS THE BEST OF THE ROUND. So Go figure.

    I also loved how Jennifer congratulated Scotty on his vibrato, and of course congratulated HERSELF for bringing it out of him. SCOTTY’S WHAT??? Scotty has no vibrato whatsoever in his voice, and if he used it for some single word, I missed it.

    I swear, these judges totally make up what they want to say. I’m convinced they have a script to stick to before the singing even occurs, and they stick with it no matter what. After doing a great job in the auditions picking this group, they’ve been AWFUL all season.

    But good job, Branden. Very fair. I think you’re in it to win it!!!!

    • Speaking of a script Steven said the EXACT same thing about two of Scotty’s performances. Something like “We’ve never heard a big chorus out of you”. Lol, I think the first time was for the wrong song.

      • David P, Great observation. I think you’re right! Remember the number of times Steven has had to put on his glasses to read something on paper in front of him.
        It sure isn’t anything he had just written!
        By God, his responses are prescripted!? How toasted is this Guy? AI is giving himself a sheet to read off of? What a joke.

      • Haha I’m pretty sure Steven makes up what he’s going to say one word at a time, and then forgets it 10 seconds later. He’s not all there. He’s amusing though!

  42. Scotty – The kid can sing…I guess I don’t like real country music after all. I can appreciate his voice but those songs I really couldn’t get into, especially the 2nd one.

    Lauren – Yay, she brought the cowboy barbie boots back!!! I can’t really remember anything else of Lauren. She sure is cute, though, eh?

    Haley – Not her best night ever, I’ll be the first to say it. That being said the difficulty of her songs is on a totally different level from what Scotty and Lauren had to do. And she only had like 4 days to get it done. Seriously, if this was a real music competition Haley would be with the advanced students and Lauren and Scotty would be with the beginners or intermediate. The songs she sang are the kind of songs you just sit there and clap out the rhythm for hours until you get it down. She didn’t have that luxury of time, but she did great with what she had. I will say this, the first 15 sec or so of You Oughta Know she had severe breathing problems and she was kinda squeaking out the notes, I think that’s due to how she was sitting on the stairs.

    • Haley did not do a good job on that led zepplin song or fleetwood mac song, she messed up some of the words on both songs, personally she was not good on these songs at all, I don’t know why you people like this girl, she roars like a lion time after time on each song if you listen carefully. I am in the music business and nobody will touch this girl with a ten foot pole if she does win. I also told you that james would go home and i was right on the money. I do hope that scotty wins because this is the only one in the final three that has the talent to get a contract, and if he does not win somebody will sign this boy to a recording contract.

      • because we aren’t country fans we don’t like what you like obviously and everyone will get a recording contract not just Scotty

      • Well i think you may be mistaken because Beyonce who I definitely know is in the industry, performer, producer, song writer, said that Haley is a superstar.

      • My grandmother is in the music business! So, what? You answer phones for a two-bit bluegrass band? Пошел ты!

      • I have been in the music business for over 40 years, first in a group, then as a solo singer and finally running two night clubs.

        Scotty is an average Country singer who I would have as an opening act on a Country-themed night.

        Lauren needs a few years to develop her tremendous talent but, right now, it is potential and she is far too immature to survive in this business at the moment.

        Haley is ready and can not only sing but put on a performance. Neither of the other two have that “it” quality and are not yet ready to “perform.”

        The two who should be in the final – based on tonight – are Scotty & Haley but Scotty is too predictable having sung 18 Country songs out of his 21 solo songs in the competition.

        I have no idea why the judges raved about his 2nd performance. It was as if they felt they had to rave about one of them and, as Haley had slayed then with her #1, I guess they agreed to give round 2 to Scotty.

        Overall, Haley was #1 on the night.

      • Paul, you can’t hear very well beacuse hailey sucks and will never get a contract…..

      • Hahah, Northern Guy…? Did you just hear booth talking while inside Paul’s tummy??? I did!

    • hey paul just because you have been in the music business for 40 years and have two night clubs as you say does not mean you know what you are talking about because this Haley female has a bad attitude, she needs vocal training on certain music and she messed two known legends songs by forgetting the words to the songs and made up the words she didn’t know and this would upset certain performers because she did this. This young lady also can’t take other peoples sugestions with out having an attitude about it. I think she does not deserve to win on this alone. Also Haley roars like a lion just about every song she sings and it does not sound good at all. This why alot people has a problem with her. Haley is just a wild card she will not because of these factors.

      • hey paul that has been in the music business for 40 years, haley got sent packing, I told you so you idiot. I thought you knew music. ha, ha, ha,

    • David P., I felt you were really objective with this post. I have used the word “squeaky” with Haley too. It is like she squeaks out some of the word where it goes too high several time in the SAME word and hurts the ears. (chalkboard). Also, I think she chose the Zepplin song on purpose to win over James’s fans. It probably backfired because it probably pissed his fans off more. I would imagine that they would think James could have done Zepplin better and should have been there to prove it. I went to the original Zepplin concerts in the 70’s and she did not do well.

    • @David P: Ugh, it took forever for me to find this post, but I am glad I did. I am SO SO SO SO PROUD of you! Even though you are a Haley fan, you are mature and smart enough to recognize her performance on the third song was pretty bad. I am impressed and happy. It was a disappointing night overall, I remember by the time we have a final three on AI, the performances tend to be extraordinary, and last night was just full of average and bad performances. I wouldn’t give an A to ANY OF THEM last night, but certainly Haley’s last song was a total disaster. I know she didn’t pick the song, so that song choice is not her responsibility, but her voice sounded horrible and she couldn’t hit the low notes which are a huge part of the song before hitting the chorus. I am happy that we got to chat here since day one, and I’ve always liked your comments, whether I agree with you or not, I respect you a lot! It’s sad to see that some fans are just so stubborn that can’t even accept she failed last night. Oh well, just wanted to send you some love 🙂

  43. My full recap 🙂
    1st Round (Contestants Choice)

    Scotty – He done it again. It started a little mess. A little pitchy in the word “anything” & “dream”. His lower twang sometimes doesnt hit the right note. Why couldnt he started-off the song without the twang as Babyface suggest? In the middle of the song he shines. His upper register (Scotty-wise) twang more beautiful than his lower twang that can easily fell-off the notes. He should’ve sing with the mike standing in the middle of the stage. Its good performance not great.

    Lauren – Wew,pitchy moment all over the place and its like she’s doing a marathon instead of singing. Sorry,its a bad performance. All of her breath control in the lower,middle and upper register of the song is all over the place,it makes people that hear and watch her ran out of breath too ><

    Haley – WOw dad,u rock!!! Best performance of the night goes to Haley dad if i must say. Regarding Haley…its good not great. She's not Rock enough in the Rock moment of the song. It should've been a moment that want to bang ur head and move ur body as she done in the "Piece of My Heart" song. The great thing from her performance is when he stumbled in the judges stair she recovered so quickly as to not ruined her focus & ruined the song. Prop to her for that. And her scatting bit at the last Rock moment of the song, she done it justice.

    So,with these not so great performances from the contestant in the 1st round… Haley win.

    • 2nd Round (Jimmy Io Choice)

      Scotty – Hmm,when he say “moon” in the beginning of the song & the bass player fall short of the tempo… bad. But in the middle he pick it off again. Mix of powerful & soft vocal in the middle verse of the song and his growl when hes sing “real good shot” at the end of the song just great. All in all it was a good not great again of his performance.

      Lauren – i dont know what is wrong with Lauren breath tonight. Her breath control tonight is so undesireable in a word. Its like she confuse on whether when is the right time to bring out a powerful vocal moment or not. When she sing “rainbow” at the 1st verse when she should done it with a powerful vocal but its like she backing off confused. Near the end verse when she sing “if i die young…”,when she should bring out a passionate powerful vocal… she’s not. Great song choice but bad performance.

      Haley – Pitchy when she start the song, a little bit late when she sing the 1st verse of the song & along of that it came out as mumbling voice not a whisper gentle voice as she intended to. Umm,its a boring as it cant be improvise so much of a song. Jimmy,u picked the wrong song out of the 3 contestant ><

      So,again with the not so great performances from the contestant in the 2nd round… Scotty win.

    • 3rd Round (Judges Choice)

      Scotty – WOW,beautiful. I enjoy it so much. This 1 he started perfectly with his twang not like any other performances when he start the twang fell-out of the note,but this time it was spot on. It is tender as Scotty can be. Beautiful vocal & performance by Scotty. Well done Scotty!! Perfect ending of his night performance. With this performace, young maiden in all over US will fall for him 🙂

      Lauren – Huh,how come in the last performance suddenly her breath control is fine & dandy? weird. Anyway,beautiful vocal as she should be in this performance. Lauren performance sooo much better than Scotty when he forgot the lyrics in the Hollywood round :). It starting great,the middle great and her voice at the end of the song when she sing “I hope u dance, u dance, u dance..” just… sublime. If only she continue with a long run notes when she end the song it will be perfect. And please stop with “thank you” speech when the song not finished Lauren. Let the song finish 1st & then u can say “thank you”. It makes the feeling throughout the song gone in that moment u say “thank you” eventhough the song not finished. She really3x need more experience ><

      Haley – What the heck with the judges (J-Lo & Steven) messin around & Ryan havent finished of his announcement yet and then collide with the start of Haley performance. Not professional, not professional AI!! Kinda mess the anticipation of Haley performance at the start of the song. If only she can play guitar… Kinda like the background is missin something. They should put a band or something in the stage not to make it so…. empty. It would make it more great if theres a choir backing Haley when she sang "ohh aa aah aa.." and backing in the last verse of the song to make it more uplifting.

      The 3rd round winner is… Scotty.

      I dont know if the fact that they have to sing 3 songs each with a little time to prepared considering the homecoming trip, to me their performances like a rush performance. Its not worthed for Top 3.
      So all in all, heres my grade for the 3 of them :

      Scotty – B+
      Lauren – C
      Haley – B

      • Totally agree with you. What a great and fair recap! It is the first time I hace casted the same number of votes for Scotty as I did for Haley.

      • Sorry, in honesty based on the performances… Lauren should go. She needs more3x experience. More vocal coaching,stage coaching & mental coaching. And it will make a great addition if she can lose a few pound (not to be rude :)). She have a beautiful cute natural smile & attitude, thats her 1 of the many “it” factor that she have 🙂

  44. Most people are saying that it will not be Hailey and Scotty final 2, it will be Lauren and Scotty final 2 this is what most people wanted to see.
    Some people will want to see Lauren and Hailey final 2 but still majority wants to see Lauren and Scoty final 2. This is from peoples opinion not my opinion. My opinion is that whoever will be in the final 2 and win this year American Idol that person deserve to win cause the fans are the one who are voting for the winner.

    • Hello Idol Fans… After tonights performances… I believe Lauren might be on her back this time… But I still want to see a country finale between Lauren and Scotty… Haley made some moments but her voice doesn’t work for me… As for performance I Scotty was great… as to voice Lauren won… as to compatibility and song choice… Haley nailed it… As to votes… I think Scotty and Lauren made a fan base already… and it will be a 75% chance it will be a country finale… the 25% will depend if the people will want Lauren to continue… Anyway, I still think Lauren will have a wonderful career… win or lose…

  45. It’s not about personally knowing someone–Haley’s bad attitude shines for everyone to see. Ask any (successful) artist the secret to their success and I’ll bet almost 100% of the answers will be –criticism. You cannot possibly improve as an artist of any kind without improving on your weaknesses and taking criticism with a good attitude. If you can’t take it, then the music business is not for you. And for the record, Lauren is incredibly talented and a joy to watch. She is head over heels better than Jordin Sparks was the year she won. My prediction? If it comes down to Scotty/Haley–Scotty will win. Haley/Lauren–Scotty’s country votes swing to Lauren and Lauren wins. Scotty/Lauren–could go either way. Regardless, I don’t think Haley has a chance in any scenario. Hopefully, she goes home tomorrow night like she should have weeks ago!

    • I really want she to go too but really, after casey and james??? she should have gone weeeks ago, after thia…I do think that Naima sings better than haley, so you can imagine how painful she sounds to me

      • you are retarded lol and Scotty and Lauren are unappealing and Lauren was looking rough I think Naima was prettier then Lauren imagine how painful it is for me to look at her.

    • I think if it’s going to be a finale for:
      Scotty-Lauren. It’ll be Scotty.
      Haley-Lauren. It’ll be Haley.
      Scotty-Haley. I don’t know.
      That’s why I want a Scotty-Lauren finale. Cause you know why? I hate Haley.

      • you shouldn’t be sorry for the hate 🙂 You should be sorry if Lauren or Scotty leaves the show tomorrow 🙂

      • What an unchristian word “hate” is and how can you say that about someone you have never met?

      • Have you ever noticed that the Haley Haters always use that word SO strongly? ” I HATE her! ” Why so much hate? I mean not being into a certain type of music is one thing but to HATE someone over the fact that they can sing anything and choose to be expressive with their voice in genre’s other than the one you’re stuck in is baffling! GROW UP!

      • I think we better not using the word ‘HATE’ anymore, Haley performed very strong last night, but her kind of voice just not my cup of tea, I prefer Scotty’s kind of voice and music,… just about our taste of music guys, they all three are great singers and we don’t hate people that way so easily………..better use not your type of song or voice instead of ‘HATE’…I just enjoy the show

    • I am talking about singing not beauty, if so, you’re watching the wrong show, it is American Idol and not American Next Top Model, so Laure does sings better than Haley, and yes, Thia did sang better than she aswell, but she did pick the wrong songs, wich was the cause she’s gone, she could be top3

  46. I say dido to American Idol and I do not mean why in a good way. This is my first and last time watching this program. It brings me to reason I do not like watching TV. The judges should not tell people who to vote for and really should not lie to the contestants. They are setting them up to fell. My opinion from watching this fixed show is that they are going to let the spoil brat Haley win. She not only got her father to perform but she has thrown fits on stage to get her way. I say if she has that much clout so be it. James should have won Scotty should have came in second. Casey and Paul should have been in the final 4. Pia should have beat out Lauren and Haley. So far as I am concern dido. Good Luck Haley you should get a grammy of some sort for spoiled little rich kid.

    • Are you insane? Or blind? Haley has withstood criticism and adversity and held her own. I’ve never seen her reduced to a pitiful puddle of tears like Miss teeny bopper Lauren. She owns that stage like a real performer. I know people are jealous, but it’s never more apparent than these blogs. She’ll show you, give her a week.

      • Haley is amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever heard a women do a Led Zeppelin song.

      • court, I agree. And Haleys strength while facing adversity is why I think not only is h
        Haley a much better singer than Lauren … She is a much better role model for young girls today than shy and submissive Lauren.

    • Oh is this REALLY your ” first and last time watching” ? If so then how do you think you know anything about Haley ..since you have never watched the show before? Liar!

    • Me too, it will be the first and the last Idol show for me to watch. do not like either of the judges at all, especially that Rant-tee (his comments never make any sense.)

    • You are a sad, pitiful, clueless person. Haley has taken more sh-t than any contestant on AI has ever taken and she has shown incredible restraint. She should have told Dawgbreath and his poodle, JLo, to stick their $&@ up their &$@$ and $@&$ themselves.

    • First of all…can’t anyone spell? Second…Haley has grown so much on this show I think she is amazing. Scotty and Lauren are very good, I will not deny them that. However, they are getting to be the same old thing week after week. I was bored with all of Scotty and Lauren’s performances tonight. Haley rocks!

    • What fit has she thrown on stage to get her own way???? – Name one.

      As for her father playing with her, what difference is that to James having the #1 heavy metal guitarist play with him and the others have also had top musicians play with them. He is her Father for Gods sake.

      We thought it was a wonderful moment.

      • It was nice for me to see how much she cared for her Papa.
        But better yet to see how proud he is of his daughter!
        What a great moment for idol fans.

      • Amen,Haley did a great Job last night,
        She was not my pick to win the AI. But give her the justice she deserves. That girl can sing,and her father was great also. Beautiful sight to see a family united in a musical way.I think all of the youngsters are good role models.

  47. Of course, if you didn’t like the top 3 because #1 contestant is boring, #2 contestant just don’t pick a exciting song (ever) and #3 contestant has pitch issues(really you only notice it tonight?) it is because the one you wanted to be there is not… here’s what I think: of course you will watch finals, so am I but I am not going to VOTE, so AI see that they can’t paly with us, make this protest you too… Don’t matter if it was Jacob, Pai, Paul, James, WHOEVER was your favorite!!! don’t vote… of course I’m watching, I just want to see a certain someone cry when leaves, just like I saw my fav one… because I am now a hater!!!! reaaly mad at AI this season!!!!

    • I do like all the contestants. THey are young and gracious. But the judges make me ill towards the show. I will finish watching the the finale this year and will not watch it next year unless they change all the judges, especially that non-sense Rant-er.

    • wow: tell me why you FEEL the person that leaves american idol and does not win should cry. The reason James left WAS because he could not hold in his feelings and all he did was cry and pout. and for your information SCOTTY won’t be crying because he will be the NEXT american IDOL.

      • scotty won’t cry win or lose. he is the most calm and composed contestant there is.

    • Have you ever noticed that the Haley Haters always use that word SO strongly? ” I HATE her! ” Why so much hate? I mean not being into a certain type of music is one thing but to HATE someone over the fact that they can sing anything and choose to be expressive with their voice in genre’s other than the one you’re stuck in is baffling! GROW UP!

    • yeh, I’m kinda funny real life too ;D it’s just because I read the blog in the dark and type almost everything wrong =D sooo sorry bout that

  48. Hate to hear so much criticism for three talented performers. While I remain a Lauren Alaina fan and have voted such for two hours, all three AI contestants wer talented and had their moments. The reality is who has the bigger fan base not who is the better singer. They all are talented.

    • You have a great attitude Lynne. Unfortunately, this IS a competition thought and criticism is a part of it. It just is. That’s how it is. All competitions have losers and winners and highs and lows.

  49. From most people opinion they want to see Lauren and Scotty final 2. Some people like to see Lauren and Hailey final and there some people who like to see Hailey and Scotty final 2. To my opinion whoever gets the most votes by the fans, that person deserve to be in the final 2. 1 of the final 2 deserve to win cause the fans are the one who are voting for the winner. All the best to the 3 of them Lauren, Scotty and Hailey. May the best person who gets the most votes by the fans be the winner. If you want your favourites to win American Idol then you have to vote, vote and vote wisely for the winner of American Idol 2011.

  50. They all have good voices. Scotty reminds me of the older country guys – like Jimmie Dean; Lauren has a beautiful voice; and Haley has power. I wish Haley could sing the soft lyrics. Her voice is so powerful for the rock anthems, but she misses on the soft verses of other songs. I don’t think Haley has as diverse a range as the other two, but has great power in what she does sing. Any of them could win – I don’t have a pick.

    • I don’t think Haley has as diverse a range as the other two</i?

      …say what now? Really? So Scotty has a more diverse range than Haley?

      Now, I do think Lauren has the potential to have a seriously awesome range, sure, but I got tired of waiting on potential a month ago. The girl needs more seasoning and polish. (and breath control)

    • I agree that any of them can win and I don’t care. actually prefer Haley to win since she has more showmanship. In my opinion, this season the judges are the losers and shall be voted off. Randy shall be voted off at top 13.

  51. Was that Neil Sedaka sitting next to ” Jimmy” when he was commenting on Haley’s performance?

    • Neil Sedaka was more mellow I don’t think Haley would be his cup of tea. That man can sing………

  52. By far my favorite is lauren and scotty! I hope lauren wins tho she has all my votes!she very talented and beautiful!

  53. at this point I could care less who goes on.. I think Haley’s the BEST but she shouldn’t win idol. The producers obviously don’t want her, she’s already too skilled to be mold their way. It’d be better if Scotty/Lauren wins so the producer gets the singer they want and Haley goes on to do her own stuffs with other producer. She has shown tonight (with her own song choice) that she’s best when left alone. I just don’t want Haley to suffer the fate of idol winners from the past few seasons (even Jordin Sparks had become THAT, I cringed when I watched her performed “I Am Woman”)

    • Hmmm…I agree about the disappointment over Jordan Spark’s performance. What happened to her incredible voice and powerful presence? Being a Haley fan, I should probably be hoping she doesn’t win now!!

  54. If you look at the number of times viewers watch the videos online, it’s clear Haley has way more followers than the other two. Her Rolling in the Deep video has amassed over 1 million hits and several others have way over 100,000 hits whereas Lauren and Scotty struggle to get over 20,000 hits.

    • those numbers don’t mean anything i tryed to view scottys ”gone ” performance and it would not pull up. it said it was off line. those numbers can be skewed

  55. Like most of Haley’s fans, I used both hours to vote. Actually, I had two phones going, one in each hand. Those teeny-boppers have nothing on me! Haley doing Zep brought the house down as I knew it would! Someone pointed out earlier that she sang the Alanis song right…other than the chorus, the song is delivered with monotony. She did look beautiful singing Stevie Nicks and the delivery was great. It was Haley’s night, hands down. I hope everyone of her fans voted because that’s what it’s gonna take. She’s cool, dumb asses, not stuck up. She has confidence and how uncomfortable that makes some of you. Anyway, how great was that to see her with her daddy-o leading on guitar! Lauren will go home Thursday. It will be ok people, she already has a dress for the prom! Oh, and as I’m listening to Scotty sing, I keep asking myself, “This is the top 3?” Yawning.
    Go Haley, we’ve got your back and your very beautiful front too. All the way!

    • me too. this household had 3 cells texting, a land line calling, and 2 computers voting. GO HALEY!

    • right on my man! We know a good thing when we see and hear it! Too bad I’m married cause I totally fell in love with her hot rendition of Zep! Before I’m slammed for thinking with the wrong head, I listen to this beautiful woman sing and it gets me…right to the soul! All the Way, Haley, we won’t let you down!

      • Ha.. I am a 30 year old woman. Unthreatened, because I know and hear great. Beautiful girl, better voice. It sucks jealousy is keeping the cougars and teeny boppers going for anyone else!!!

      • And Court, you are one classy woman. You get it, don’t you? The envy from other females toward Haley blows my mind. I applaud you. You, obviously are one confident woman yourself.

      • Well not bring from the overweight oppressed, I hate my dominated life group.. I appreciate a spunky, sassy, beautiful, strong willed girl. Not to mention one with chops like hers. Damn that girl can sing. What are these people hearing??

    • i was voting for haley on my phone and the computer at the same time lol. all night long. She deserves this. Its not fair that these teeny boppers go all mental voting for scotty the next model for mad magazine lol. She rocked the house with zep, stevie and alanis. She was awesome tonight and like always beautiful. 😉

  56. I want a Scotty-Lauren finale. First and foremost, I hate Haley. Sorry. She’s been in the bottom 3 for quite some time. But hell yeah, how come she’s still up there. Also, there’s a fact that she was there standing SAFE LAST by Ryan Seacrest for the first two weeks (Top 13 & Top 12 weeks). Again on the first two weeks she’s in the bottom (THAT MADE HER AT RANKED 10 AT LEAST), and now she’s standing there and can go through the FINALE. I just hate it. Sorry Haley fans. But please have justice. One more thing, she sang again tonight LAST! And that’s again a favor for her. On the week of Carole King and Songs from Then and Now (Top 6 & Top 5), she sang last. Having the fact that she was in the bottom 3 for two consecutive weeks prior to the Top 6 week. AND I JUST THOUGHT, if she sang first or any position other than last, she should have been eliminated. That sucks of American Idol. This issue was always been in the show (Season 5 for example). I am just so sad. Sorry.

      • This was Top 4 week. Am I right?
        Yes, James sang last but he also sang first. LOL. And what are his phone numbers then? Isn’t it’s 1866 436 5701 (5705) and not 1866 436 5704 (5708). That’s what I also pointing out.

      • I guess people are too dumb to know the difference between number 1 and number 8 LOL. must be those damn James fans that pressed the wrong numbers and voted for Haley instead! OMFG!

      • Just vote for your Haley. AELTW. FYI, that’s actions speak louder than words. And FYI again, FYI is for your information. LOL. Oh, that’s laugh out loud.

    • it’s called the pimp spot for a reason. The producers put the best there. Evident again tonight.

    • youridol your very strange what does singing last have anything to do with going home or not. LOL. I dont like Scotty he sucks. So what.

    • Have you ever noticed that the Haley Haters always use that word SO strongly? ” I HATE her! ” Why so much hate? I mean not being into a certain type of music is one thing but to HATE someone over the fact that they can sing anything and choose to be expressive with their voice in genre’s other than the one you’re stuck in is baffling!

  57. Circuits were really jammed tonight. I did not get as many votes as usual for Haley, but I got a lot and have a blister on my thumb. It was very annoying voting tonight. I’m hoping its Haley, Scotty finale. Go Haley. I looked up Crystal’s performance of You Oughta Know. Haley was much better.

  58. Go home country bumpkins..wheres the talent in swooning low notes and no degree of difficulty…. Lauren is too young..Scotty is Green.the voting public is ignorant of true talent.. Haley puts on a show..Has the most soul in her voice, best on stage and movement..she is way better than those two 16 year old kids… the country bumpkins need to go back home,finish school,then think about a career in music

    • Scotty and Lauren sings country music. And to be honest, I hate country BEFORE. But they proved me wrong, there’s more to country music.

    • Finally somebody says the truth!!! hate country music! you dont know anything abt music

      • Huh? If somebody likes country, then they don’t know anything about music? Get real, and get a life! Country music has been around for a century and was the foundation of rock and roll.

        Now, I have to say that I love Haley, and she is by far the most talented when it comes to showmanship, lasting strength in her power notes, phrasing, etc.

    • We are not Haley haters , the truth is Lauren has way more talent than Haley. Sorry it’s a fact!

  59. I agree for the majority of what you said. I don’t think Lauren is great. I went to school with a bunch girls who sang just as well as Lauren. I don’t think her stylist likes her AT ALL! She looks like a mess which contributes to the quality of her performance. She is a great singer. Not a great performer. She needs a few years to really develop emotionally.

    Scotty, is Scotty. He is pitchy. He doesn’t sing every note perfectly but he has the charisma to pull it off. I thought all three of his songs were pretty boring but he will win no matter what. He did well but not his best night.

    Haley performed well in the first 2 rounds for sure. The third was rough but compared to the songs the other contestants got from the judges she performed was better. “I hope you Dance” is a classic “everyone sings for every tryout ever song”….Haley had the most challenging night and performed it well 🙂

  60. Wow! Scotty is leading by 100miles.. no catching him. Just announce him as the winner!

  61. I would like to see the ladies next week. Right now I think Haley will be the next American Idol. Lauen keeps getting better each week. Scotty is a star and will have a future. I liked James when he was not doing Heavy Metal.

  62. I think the night should go to Haley.
    It’s very difficult to constantly put on a smile when you are criticized every week, even when you are performing similarly if not better than the other contestants. The judges (JLO and Randy) are full of criticism for Haley, but when Lauren comes out- every week its- you can do it! Ok, you can do it next week. Next week try this! Haley can never mess up. Even Beyonce said it tonight: Haley is unique and her voice and range are unmatchable (at least not by the other two). Scotty is a great country crooner. Do I want him to win? No. Lauren is a beautiful singer. She needs some music lessons though- she cannot hold any note long. The judges berated Haley about not being confident in the beginning but Lauren is never confident. She just smiles and tilts her head and the Southern charm is spilled out. It’s not enough for me. Haley may let all of her emotions show, and she may have an attitude, but its refreshing to see after one-dimensional characters on this show. JLO- hater! She must have some beef w/ Haley b/c she is not willing to give this girl an inch!

    • Well said. I want to vomit at the Lauren fake southern charm. As a Louisiana girl, Haley is much more my style. Feisty, talented, and full of talent.

  63. Even Lauren have a problem with her breath in first song, it’s sound ok for me .. still ok .. low n high note register was ok ..
    Between Haley .. for third song .. his lower register so bad! open your ears ok! listen to mp3!

  64. ‘Lauren fake bunny smile”??? Really? Just don’t spit words because you feel like spitting!!

  65. I thought all 9 songs were good. They should be at this stage.

    Round 1- Haley, Scott, Lauren
    Round 2- Scott, Haley, Lauren
    Round 3- Haley, Lauren, Scott

    I felt Haley was the winner tonight. In addition there’s one subtle thing to add. Haley is the only one who picked a more challenging song as her own choice than the judges/Jimmy did for her. The other 2 played it safe on their own choice but expanded their wings some w/ the judges prodding them.

    They all did well, don’t get me wrong. I just think that Haley has more moxy in her choices.

  66. I’m was Haley fan .. after i saw the performance in top 3, i vote for LAUREN!!

    • Liar. You’ve been on this blog advocating Lauren for weeks. Sad attempt. Please.. save it so you can cry when she does tomorrow.

      • Sorry Haley fan .. this is not ur night ok! Go Haley but .. Lauren will win!

    • oh pleasee, I saw you a lot of times in the comments and you have always been a Lauren fan.
      Cheater! Liar!

      Feeling insecure?? Hoping that Haley’s fans will turn to Lauren too?
      So sad. I pity you.

    • liar! you’ve been all over this board singing the praises of crazy or stupid???

    • Pia,Pia, Pia… Oops Pia was gone already!

      James, James, James… Oops James was gone too!

      Randy, Randy, Randy… he should be gone too!

  67. Haley is in for the win she had a great night and good comment not to metion another standing O by Rnady and Steven.That howver does not mean she is safe you have to vote America look what happened to Pia James.Do you love this girl if so vote vote vote vote vote vote like crazy …………..

  68. Round 1: Haley, Scotty, Lauren
    Round 2 : Lauren, Scotty, Haley
    Round 3: Lauren, Scotty, Haley

    this is my opinion ..

      • you was haley fan .. i’m also haley fan too.. but my rank is after performance in top 3 .. so Haley not have a best night! i think Lauren better this week n better than Haley .. sori Haley fan .. i ur fan but i keep vote Lauren more ..

      • Gravity, spot on. I agree. That’s why for 2 hours I voted like crazy. I have never tried that before, but she deserves it.

      • how can you vote Lauren all i know u r from Philippines???

        so do you think i Believe you?

      • @kechik :

        oh pleasee, I saw you a lot of times in the comments and you have always been a Lauren fan.
        Cheater! Liar!

        Feeling insecure?? Hoping that Haley’s fans will turn to Lauren too?
        So sad. I pity you.

      • Laura, me too!! This idiot has been a Lauren advocate all along. Don’t worry. He isn’t American and thus has no real say, just a jackass opinion!

      • Ha.. I love when some idiot makes false claims.. ride your lauren horse.. whoops i mean cow… and cry like a baby when she isn’t at the finale that “you’ll be at.”

      • This is so funny.
        Round 1 – Scotty, Haley, Lauren
        Round 2 – Scotty, Haley, Lauren
        Round 3 – Scotty, Lauren, Haley
        AND HELL YEAH. To tell you the truth, I don’t like Scotty that much. But I want him to win.

  69. My wife was hoping all season that James Durbin would do a Zeppelin song. Needless to say she was stoked when Haley did one tonight…and did it so great. We would have loved to see the faces Lauren’s fans when the song was announced: “Led who?!”

  70. 3 off them good but i vote seccoty he will be on top american idol 2011,he good deep voice,

  71. Tonight was interesting , all three sang great I have a problem with Haley
    I think she is very full of herself.

    To have her Dad on the stage with her was wrong she was trying to draw more attention to herself. ,The other two did it on their own with out their family to back them up for support.

    Be fare America, so many really good people were let go way to soon.

    After all is said and done , I hope they all end up with contracts .

    Also in the past years apart from Kelly Clarkson , you hear more of the one’s that didn’t make it.

    My Prediction will be 1. Lauren 2. Haley 3. Scotty


    • I am so freaking laughing my ass off at these posters tonight! We have Mr. MP3 makea no sense who loved Haley until tonight…but we all know better. Then there is the picture of Lauren standing up there in her prom dress and pidgeon toes…I can’t stop laughing…it’s all so funny! Oh, and before I pee myself, Haley gets accused of pawning her daddy-o for votes..ha ha ha…He’s a freaking musician…it was cool, Haley’s cool and hopefully, those that love soul will push her right over the top…but please fans, let’s not take the stairs…lol

      • Matthew, I don’t know you but would totally hang and have a beer with you. This blog cracks me up, if only for the idiots who have no basis to their “my favrite da bestest” claims. And yes, to to others, my deplorable grammar was intentional, but i am confident that the lauren lovers can interpret.

      • I’d love a beer…Court, I am still laughing…remember as a kid when you got the giggles in church and couldn’t stop? Your responses to MP3 have pushed me into a non-stop hysteric. Hey, I think I will have a beer now. You have a great sense of humor.

    • Stefano was full of himself. Pia was full of herself. Scotty is full of himself.

      Leave Haley alone. She is the best AI contestant ever.

      • I like Haley. She’s what I would really call “cool,” and I believe she is the best performer week in and week out. However, I do agree that she can come off as slightly self-centered with a dash of attitude (not the good kind). And for further response, I never thought Pia or Scotty portrayed themselves as “full of it” on the show. They both come off as likable, humble, family-oriented-type kids to me. I was always undecided about Stefano.

      • Stefanie was confused, piano was insecure about herself & Scotty is a good man.
        You, on the other hand, appear to be full of something else.

    • I still don’t know what’s wrong with her dad playing with her? They all had musicians playing with them, hers just happened to be her dad. It’s not like he’s super famous, he’s just a small time musician doing what he loves with someone he loves.

    • Erm – Carrie Underwood is the top selling and most successful winner of Idol.

  72. Branden .. You are so biased … If anyone wins .. you will get nothing .. but if you speak honestly you will bring goodness in urself . so please dont bite lauren she is superb … Haley can sing but she has no good voice ..Scotty has voice but he is not verstyle . Lauren has superb voice but she needs to sharpen her skills .
    So in my opinion Lauren has the greatest potential to learn .. She can go a long way ..
    At this time Lauren may be not very best in showing glamor and attraction gimmicks .. but she has a talent and she only need sharpening the skills.

    • Ugh. “Haley can sing but she has no good voice”. Erfee, I think you just contradicted yourself in some ambiguous ways. Oh well. And yes, I am a Haley fan. On Lauren, please understand that not everybody is willing to wait for her to sharpen her skills. This is now. This is American Idol NOW. They should all be Idol-ready because some fans including me do not buy the excuse like “she’s young hence she needs more time.. and when that time comes she’ll rock it! Let’s give her the pass for now!” We can only predict so much. Telling other fans that Lauren is young hence we should not pick on her is somewhat uncalled for. And yes, I can only say so much about supporting Haley as well.. But if it’s for Haley who took on the risk of choosing a Led Zeppelin song as a first song; did justice to a Stevie Nicks original for her second; and took on the challenge of singing an Alanis (as compared to the rather cutesy-patootsy and arguably safer songs by Lauren and Scotty) for her third; I, without any qualms, think that she should be in the finale!

  73. Im confused about your review this week.
    Scottys Amazed was ok at best. Scotty sang it off key and the original is way better. His other songs were ok but not top 3 material.

    Lauren Remarks of her maturity is uncalled for since she is infact young…. Her singing tonight was good but song choice as usual sucked. We expected that.

    Haley is just great. Its funny that Randy has been saying all along he doesnt know what kind of artist she is… She hasnt changed her style at all even before AI. She sings in her own style even when it was a country song. She is ear and eye candy.

    • Truedat about Haley, Mike! Haley knew what kind of artist she was and is from day 1. I was at the verge of slamming my TV set whenever she’s on Bottom 3 but I now am glad for two things: that I still have my TV set working; and because she has gotten this far. She was a favorite along with Casey and Thia from get-go. And with the two booted off earlier in the competition, I am all for Haley now. Not because she’s the only one remaining. But because she is making me feel that I made a right choice of rooting for her.

    • If jackass doesn’t know by now what kind of artist she is, he is a dumbass.
      And speaking of dumbasses, what about Haley’s rendition of ‘Blue’? Sounded like pure country to me. Isn’t that a style change?
      Come on… do your homework before making such statements.

      • “Blue” is a country song but it was sang in the style of Haley. It’s not exactly the Genere but the method in which she sings it…Absolutely flawless and as good or better than the original…

    • The original is better?!? OMG no way!!!

      Was Scotty better than Lonestar? No. Shocking, I know. That doesn’t mean he didn’t sing it well.

      As for song choice – you can’t really give them a hard time about that as they only picked 1 of their 3 songs.

  74. The business of singing requires more than just a good voice, obviously. Haley’s got the look; she’s got the voice. And … she’s got the backbone to put up with ‘advice’ from people who seem bent on influencing the public not to choose her. I sometimes wonder if I’m watching the same performance as them, especially Jennifer.

    Admittedly, Haley was not my pick early on–James was. Of the three, though, Haley’s the most gifted and has the most potential to soar. We’ll see; I’ve done my part.

  75. I Hope it would be Lauren and Haley for the Finals!!! I had fun watching Diana De Garmo and Fantasia Barrino last Season 3.

    • What was possibly fun about watching Fantasia? Or do you mean as in funny to watch?

      • Fantasia….that brings back some really scary memories. The only note that woman knows is an open-mouthed, tongue-showing, short vowel “a” sound……as in caaaaaaat. My eyes and ears are burning at the thought of it.

        Nice Idol that America picked that year. Got money, snorted millions up her nose, and had an affair with a married man….all with a young child in tow.

  76. Scotty was the best of the night, followed by Lauren. Haley’s song choices hurt her as always and, even though she did a decent job on her first one; the last song was a complete disaster. She couldn’t hit the low notes, it sounded horrible. It was the only performance that really sucked. Overall, and apart from Haley’s third song, they did fine. Lauren step up her game, Scotty stepped out of the box and Haley dealt with difficult songs and a falling incident. It wasn’t a great night for any of them, I wouldn’t grade any of them higher than B or B-. It seems like the standard of the show is getting lower and lower, I was used to see AMAZING performances by the time we had the top three. I don’t know, it was kind of a disappointment for me, but still I rate them:

    1. Scotty
    2. Lauren
    3. Haley

    • I agree, tonight was not a great night, not a great top 3. I liked that Haley had the guts to take on Zeppelin, and she did pretty well all things considered, but she should have realized how big of a task she was taking on with all three of those songs and she only had a few days to prepare. She took way to big a bite and choked 🙁

      That being said, I don’t think Lauren or Scotty did that well either. Scotty really didn’t give anything worth of the top 3 and Lauren had some pretty big mistakes. All in all a bad night.

      • Haley only picked the Zeppelin song, the judges and Jimmy bused her on the other two. Four days to master these very difficult songs would be hard for even seasoned pros.
        The softballed Lauren and forced Scotty to go into his higher range, which is not a problem on most country singers.

    • IMHO… Lauren 1st song is the worst of the night. Its like she just finished from marathon. With her breath out of control makes u cringe just watchin & hear her. Pitchy all over the songs.

      • Lauren’s first song wasn’t good, but the worst of the night was Haley’s third song. She couldn’t even hit the low notes AT ALL! And that was a big part of the song. It sounded horribly, but then again, she didn’t pick that song, the judges did so… I don’t know what else to say!

      • Hmmm,the big part of the “You Oughta Know” song is the chorus. As every song have ever written the biggest part is always the chorus Gabriela.

        Yes,Haley doesnt hit the low notes of the song but Lauren… messed up the entire of the song with her breath control & not hittin the right note alot. Haley just the little bit of the low note part of the song but Lauren alot of notes.

    • I bet your sittin on the couch eating ding dongs and twinkies and jealous of a pretty girl with talent.

      • You are beyond stupid! In which world Haley is that pretty for anyone to be jealous? Lauren is way more beautiful than her and I love her. So was Pia! I am Venezuelan-American and believe me I am extremely happy with the way I look! I don’t want to look like a horse, so there’s no reason for me to be jealous of Haley. Lauren is gorgeous and I wish she kicks Haley’s butt. I dislike Haley’s sore voice very much, period! If you are an idiot that only criticize people you are jealous of, then judging by your STUPID nickname you are VERY jealous of Scotty! VERY VERY JEALOUS! So, who’s the ugly one in here? MORON!

  77. Nothing left to say, Branden. You slayed it.
    I am so sick of watching concerted efforts to sabotage Haley. Personally, I think there is no contest here. Scotty and Lauren are not even in the same league. Scotty was much better tonight, but the fact remains, in my opinion, that he should have been gone months ago.
    I sure wish it could have been a Haley/James finale. Now it’s a circus. I hope she wins not only because she’s the only one left who’s worthy, but to drop a steaming pile on her haters including two judges.

  78. There are people in Karaoke bars that are better than Lauren, maybe she wouldn’t have forgotten the words if she had her trademark karaoke monitor so she could read the words. Good riddance!

  79. The country kids are nice kids with nice voices but nothing special. There are millions of kids singing keroke just as well as them.

    Haley is unique. I was not a fan in the beginning but she won me over, she has really come into her own. James and Casey are my favorites and now I will buy Haley’s album also.

  80. you have no idea what you’re talking about. Haley doesn’t belong in the top. 2 over Pauren Alaina. I’m just a Scotty McCreery fan but man can lauren sing so I think you shuld get your ears checked moran.

    • Did you seriously just spell “moron” wrong? Do yourself a favor and look up “irony” in the dictionary.

    • Oh my God, Ray ray.. Was a there a new contestant via wildcard? Or were you just bringing your satirical-side with Pauren = Poor Lauren? QWERTY is not QWERTY for nothing.

  81. What is an American Idol? For me, it is Scotty. Not only is he a great singer, he is someone we can all admire. Many of you criticize that he only sings country. Well, I enjoyed James, but I doubt he could have sung a Johnny Cash song. Most singers are confined to a category. Can you imagine Steven Tyler singing Garth Brooks?
    Whoever wins this years American Idol, will be the person that captured the biggest audience. Hooray for the American way!

  82. Scotty = Cute kid, but boring as hell. Not my kinda music. He’s talented though. Don’t like how he handles pressure, he just stiffens up and doesn’t even attempt to smile. But at least he doesn’t start bawling like cheesecak– I mean, Lauren.

    Lauren = ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH if you mute her performances, it’s almost like a bad live action version of My Little Pony or something. Her stage presence consists of standing in place, sometimes wagging her arm and/or butt, doing the classic “idol” bend at the knee move, and kicking her leg up like a pony. She has a pretty voice but I feel like I’m watching Rugrats All Grown Up with how the judges baby this girl. Dumb as a box of rocks.

    Haley = CONFIDENCE. The judges gave her songs on a totally different LEVEL than Lauren and Scotty and hey, she did her best. She’s a cool girl, I like her moxy, and she has a cool voice. Like Beyonce said, Haley has a personality. Really hope she gets through.

    • hahaha. best review of the night. I can see lauren doing my lil pony commercials. totally her focus audience.

  83. After last night, is there any doubt that Haley is the most well rounded, female singer in AMERICAN IDOL history? Carrie Underwood could not hold a candle to this girl when it comes to vocal range and on stage performance. So, how can we expect poor, overwhelmed Lauren or great voice, but boring performance-wise Scotty to keep up with her. And this is coming from a man who likes country music as well as rock. All you country fans that say Haley only “growls” when she sings, not only should be ashamed of yourselves. But, you embarrass me for liking country music. As apparently that must mean that part of me is not supposed to have any taste in music.

    • You have tobe kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! comparing her to carrie underwood . haha

      this is for Steve Fox I have watched this show from the beginning the first time they recorded it. You really need to read up on country music Carrie is great be we don’t care what you think Haley is a showoff and will not win american idol. her fan base is not up to par.

      • You have got to be kidding or you are not a true country music fan. Carrie U. Is great. Haley could not get an invite to Jazz Fest in New Orleans much less The Grand Ole Opera. I don’t know where she belongs.

      • What the hell is the Grand Ole Opera?? Did Pavarotti perform Johnny Cash songs there?? And yes, once Haley releases her first album, I would not be surprised at all if she was invited to Jazz Fest. Her style is incredibly unique, just like New Orleans!

    • Steve Fox, I can agree with what you said except for the Carrie Underwood thing. I’m a Haley fan, evidently.. But, I still think that we should give Carrie the credits that are due to her. Personally, I think, that she’s one of the finest winners that AI has produced thus far.

      • Carrie is the most famous wins now but Kelly C. likely out sells her.
        With that said I think Haley will do better International and with time could out sale them both.
        County is a small market even in the US(12%) with pop country not all that much bigger.

  84. Tonight I really disagree with you here goes…

    Scotty- “Amazed” A- Scotty does really well and picks a great song.

    Lauren- “Wild One” B+ Not her best performance but not bad

    Haley- “What is…” A+ Let’s get this straight I’m under 30(just barely) and I love Zeppelin. She absolutely killed this song. Having her dad out there was a nice touch.

    Round 1: Haley, Scotty, Lauren

    Scotty- “Are you gonna kiss me…” A Scotty performed this really well.

    Lauren- “If I Die Young” A- You gave her a C-. Maybe you should have your ears checked. This song sounded great. Yeah she did make a small mistake at the end but it wasn’t that bad.

    Haley- “Rhiannon” B- Ugh. Boring. How could you give her an A. If you wanna knock Lauren for not adding anything to a song at least she didn’t suck the life out of it. Her pitch was all over the place on this one.

    Round 2: Scotty, Lauren, Haley.

    Scotty- “She believes in me” B- Boring. Yeah he hit the chorus but he was off and hard to understand in the verses.

    Lauren- “I Hope You Dance” A She sang the song extremely well. Sounded great. Sometimes songs are overplayed because they’re that darn good.

    Haley- “You Oughta Know” B- Same problem as Scotty in this round. Chorus was great but the verses were not good at all. Almost incoherant.

    Round 3: Lauren, Haley, Scotty

    Ok so each one finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd in a round tonight so it does come down to overall performances tonight.

    Scotty was the most consistent, Haley came out with a bang and then fizzled and Lauren slowly built throughout the evening.

    Scotty A- A B- = B+
    Lauren B+ A- A = A-
    Haley A+ B- B- = B

    My prediction is an all country final. Haley goes home. Scotty and Lauren sing for the title next Tuesday. Why do they have to shift the night? I already have Glee, The Biggest Loser Finale and The Voice to watch that night. My DVR is going to explode!

      • if it was a on stage performance, Haley should win (now that james is out).

    • Haley Rocked the house tonight against the teen country pumpkins. LOL!!!!! She slayed them and should be in the finale. I voted for her all night long.

      • Sorry Haley did good on the first song, but her second song and third song were not to great. Lauren was great on all her songs . Way better vocals than Haley! Scotty even beat Haley out last night.

      • I thought it was a weak night for Lauren vocally…and I’ve said many times I wouldn’t mind her winning the whole thing. I still am hoping for a Lauren/Haley finale, just because Scotty doesn’t excite me whatsoever. He’s not bad, just boring.

  85. According to your review I would say that you are a big fan of Haley. You are talking about judges trying to sabbotage Haley choice of song but as far as I am concern you are the one who is trying to sabbotage Lauren songs. As far as I am concern, I would rather like to watch Scotty or Lauren for a two hour show than watching Haley screaming for that lon. Of course that is if her voice don’t quit before the end of her concert. Haley does not even know who she is as an artist, at least James, Lauren, Scotty, Stefano, and Kia knew who they were.

    • who the hell is KIA? hahaha! Haley rocks and your Lauren and Scotty cant even sing other songs rather than country. try to listen to them for 2 years i bet you’re gonna kill yourself

      • You must have missed the boat!!!!! Lauren can sing rock better than the other two. Can’t you remember Lauren singing Aerosmith? We will see who makes it in real life or not/ I don’t believe in AI anymore specially after PIA was gone. She was the best singer of all but because so many was jalous of her. I wish the judges had more power but this is not the cause.

      • You’re ridiculous. This is about opinion. If you don’t want to know it, don’t read it! It happens to be so true. Lauren is dumb, looks half “high” at times and is immature and goofy. She needs to pack up and move out tomorrow and take her big butt with her.


      • everyone says scotty only sings country, but really haley sings every song the exact same way.

    • Boring and safe, boring and safe, we’ve heard it all when we felt wanting some boring and safe and sounds like a lot do. Then there’s Haley who can sing the phone book and make albums year after year singing the next phone book.

      I don’t get it, how can boring and safe be exciting, when you can have Haley instead? /sigh

    • Haley knows exactly who she is…HERSELF! She’s singing the songs she grew up singing…she appreciates many genres of music, and likes singing them all. Are you saying to be a great artist you have to emulate someone else???…wow. Just, wow. Then again, most Americans do like what is safe and familiar…I’ll be a little more open-minded than that, thanks. I’ll go with the truly original artist.

  86. well, honestly, as far as haley goes, she’s another one that yells, just like james, so, if I were to pick the person to go tomorrow night, I would pick Haley to go. Can’t see any control with her voice, all I ever hear is yelling when she tries to hit the high notes. Scotty has had issues in hitting high notes as well, he doesn’t come across as being confident, Lauren on the other hand sings natural, and when she hits the high notes it also comes out natural, and her stage presence is also natural. She’s not a phoney or made up. She is a natural beauty and down to earth kind of gal. She’s also very humble. My judgement call as to who will become america’s next idol, that would have to be Lauren. But wait, there is more, personally, I think america would be shocked if it turns out to be a tie (Scotty and Lauren), I think that would be fantastic. It’s never happened before, and there is always a first. I would like Scotty and Lauren to tie the idol contest and both win, because they are great in their stage presence, singing, but, by far, Lauren wins on that big time. So that’s my say and I’m sticken to it.

    • That new-fangled rock music is all yellin’ pa. Bunch of noise if ya ask me. I need me some country ballads. This is what you sound like.

      • Brad, that was funny. I like BOTH styles of music, as I am a country fan who was raised on rock. But, country music fans do come across as being a bit “backwards” sometimes … Going by what I hear here.

  87. kechik please STOP you are embarrassing yourself.. You have been a Lauren fan for EVER and now with your immature posting.. come on plz stop. It is so apparent..

    All three had a great night, Haley rocked the first song, did very well on her second, and her third was VERY GOOD. She had some difficult songs to sing.

    Scoty, Rocked the first song, did ok on his second, and did VERY well on his third.

    Lauren, VERY good on her first, ok on her second, and good on her third.

    Appears from how they performed it will be a Haley and Scoty final but the votes are the only thing that count at this time… i.e. Pia and James..

  88. Yes, Haley lived, breathed and spit out all three songs tonight — owning each one! I snoozed thru the other six songs. way too boring for the final three. Haley is sultry, mature, entertaining and fun. think about it this way: when you spend money for a concert ticket you want to be entertained, not lulled to sleep. Haley is the only one left with the chops to do this. You go, girl!

    • I agree with you about Haley (she rocks) and at the same time the others sang well too. If you snoozed through the other songs, how did you know they were boring? 🙂 Give the other two some credit they have made it a LONG way and can sing!

    • Well said Mike…They all did well but you have some dwebs that can only spit out stupidity

  89. Can I just tell you Brandon that I read your posts every Wednesday and Thursday and not one night all.seasonal. have I been unsatisfied! You make it so much better than having to. Sit and wait to re wach it. I agree with you everyweek for the most part andthis week I’m all about Haley. Underdogs rock and I should know I’m right there with her!

  90. It’s so late and I feel drugged with silly stupidity. I have laughed so hard at what people will say. Lauren the cow…at least there was no cow tipping tonight…if she was upside down, no one would have found her inside that dress for a week! Just her pidgeon toes sticking out like the good witch of the north! The Haley haters just get funnier and funnier…look at the spelling to some of their posts…..we was this, we was that..oh, and it’s not FARE! Oh, thank you for your entertainment. I have so enjoyed. Good night good people. See you when the cow comes home tomorrow night.

    • Instead of laughing about spelling mistakes maybe you should look at yourself. Not everybody was raised in english. I would like to see you writing a post in french. Another thing that turned me off about Haley, was last week when she argued with Randy and JLO. Specially the face that she made at them, I can’t call that being mature. At least Scotty and Lauren would have take it like adult. She is probably a big spoiled bratz who cannot take any critism. Randy probably worked with so many artists that he should know by now what is working and what’s not.

      • Haley owns that show now. It’s her all the way. Don’t be jealous of her voice.

      • Marc, I will be surprised even more if you will define what “singing” is all about.

      • J’aime beaucoup Haley. Elle est tres belle. Oh sorry you weren’t asking me to speak french but I thought I would have fun using it. Loved Haley’s performances. They are still playing in my head. Good luck tomorrow to all three but especially to Haley.

      • Haley has a history of being the MOST criticized idol historically on idol whom has got to the top4 or above when she was cornered into standing up for herself because she knows the difference between constructive criticism verses biased evaluations by Randy. She has an incredible talent…Haley’s choice of her inspiration song SELECTION was attacked by Randy! Randy was only Grandizing with his agenda driven opinions about her to create ratings for his contract next year. Haley is by far the best musician in the pack! Every knows that Haley is the best vocalist in years on the idol scene and Randy is just stirring up controversy which raises his salary for next season-it’s all about those ratings for Randy. Haley will get it done and focus on excellence and will get over this hump as she has a huge career ahead of her and she will be a MAJOR new entry into the music industry regardless of the idol voting outcome!!! I hope Haley gets a chance to redeem herself as the 2 songs selected for her were very challenging which stretched her musical capabilities because the judges and Jimmy felt she was capable of pulling them off whereas Lauren’s and Scotty’s choices made for them played to their strengths.

    • How childless you are….you are not funny…just pathetic…you are drugged with stupidity

    • did she laugh.. that’s my Haley. I didn’t see but I told my mom she prob. did..I thought she was first I didn’t know what happened, and I said I bet she fell and sure enough she did..but she got right back up and finished that song like a pro..she is so good..

  91. LAUREN LAUREN LAURE!!! Haley will not make an impact in modern music, she is too outdated. Even if Lauren does not win, she will be the most successful!

      • She WILL be the most successful…the most successful ONE-HIT WONDER ever. She sucks. She might sing a song for some Disney on Ice show but that’s about all. True musicians can rock the classics and Haley does just that.

      • Marc, it’s Haley Reinhart. Ignoring the fact that she’s still there does NOT change the fact that she is.. well.. still there!

    • The problem with American Idol and why there really aren’t any idols, is becaseu most artist want to be modern.. if they would allow themselves to be an artist then they will find their own place. Country music was a fringe when i was growing up, same as Rap, now Rap is destroyed and soon so will Country Music be.. guess where people will turn to next.. ?

      • Folk music? Riverdance night clubs?
        Beethoven is coming back around?

        Dude, Country music continues to evolve and people find it very mainstream. You’ll continue to hear it blend with other genres of music. Also, others in countries from around the world are fond of it. As for me…sorry, I had the country stations removed my car.

        The genre isn’t going away

    • I agree with this statment. Lauren owned the night. Her vocals are so good it’s crazy. Haley was was not even number 2 , i think even Scotty beat out Haley last night.

    • Haley will make an impact on modern music – maybe you only listen to country music in your town, but there is a huge fan base that loves the type of music Haley sings….

  92. @brandon, I have to say I love reading your recaps they always make me laugh because you’ve just said what I had been yelling at the tv 😉 but after reading all the feedback that everyone gives I think to myself does anyone go to a live concert these days and pick apart a “real” artist like this? I know I do, but I don’t hear it from anyone else and to be honest these contestants are better than most of the ear candy that pollutes our radios.. I won’t lie and say I dnt listen to the bubble gum music with the windows down haha but I dnt go out and buy tickets to watch them live, so whomever you say you like, or has breath problems or slips on stage, they’re better than what’s out there. To be honest every week they have some artist come sing during results, and I can count on one hand how many performances I ACTUALLY enjoyed! Even Katy Perry who really is talented live was just doing too much during her performance and I honestly thought she was just as breathy as lauren! Don’t even get me started on JLo.. I thought it was terrible. I know from very recent experience that singing and dancing is a ***** to do. I had to actually sing while running upstairs to prepare. Then factor in nerves ill bet money that’s why lauren takes a breath every 3 words.. I did have faith in James.. and was extremely disappointed that he was gone, but he might be better off for it, he might have more freedom this way. All in all I’m proud of them all! But ill say Haley has had it rough and I’m not sure if I would have retorted or cried if I’d been ganged up on that way.

  93. Haters. Haley never yells but the judges told her she did, so they gave her an Alanis Morsette song to do. Sounds like they’re trying to sabotage her. Just be fair with everyone!

    • Hey BH don’t worry too much about this. She handled 3 impossibly difficult songs in a row that superstars have mastered.

      Here’s another spin to the ‘sabotage’ theory; judges did it on purpose to determine if Haley can showcase whatever it takes to be a superstar…you tell me if she passed with flying colors but i’ll say YES. Other stuff, not so hot, definitely zzzzzzzzzzz.

      • Oh Marc, I’m glad you know now who Haley is! I’m proud of you. Coming up with this comment, I can only surmise that you have watched a number of her performances on Youtube. Why? Because some comments ago, you just didn’t know who Haley was with your “Haley who”- banter.

      • Marc, you’re lame. Quit wasting your time, your comments don’t matter to anyone with a smidgeon of intelligence…

    • what’s so cool about this season, is that without the judges trying to point people where they want to be (like simon saying America will get it right if they vote for Kelly Clarkson) an underdog can actually win! I have never seen a season where the eventual winner was in the bottom 3 times? to just get stronger and stronger. Wow, the freedom of letting people make their own choice was what this season was all about! To me, Scotty is only there cause country has a hype around it at the moment.. but Haley, is the true underdog taking that BS to task! Go Haley all my votes went to her!

      • I have to agree!! Haley has had it rough from the Judges while they play patty cakes with Lauren!!!

        Go Haley!!! Girl You Rock!!!

        Did you see her heels for her last song?? She ran up those steps!!!

        Go Haley!!

  94. seriously? Lauren was awesome ! she will make it to finale despite your efforts to sabotage her ! WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU HAVE AGAINST HER, GET OVER IT ! Plus your poll suggested she would go home last week but that wasnt the case. So the only immature kid here is you, trynna spoil lauren’s fan club ! So suck it up !

    • Lauren’s Fan Club has a reservation at a restaurant in her hometown tomorrow night. Party of 2 – you and her. She needs to start packing. She sucks.

  95. Lauren and Scotty have control over their voices, Haley doesn’t, it’s always, yell, yell, yell, that’s not a singer, she’d be great if there was a fire, FIRE, FIRE, FIRE…………..yup, she would be a good candidate. But as far as a professional singing, noooooooooooooooooooope! not in a million years would I say that Haley is it. Still say Lauren’s got this one.

    • Wow thank you Elizabeth for your comment. This is why I would never go watch Haley in a live concert cause I am not into the screaming type. Might as well go watch an Heavy Metal band screaming for hours. Haley does not deserve to be in final two. She will not make it on the stage, she does not even know who she is.

      • It is so funny seeing the Haley Haters just repeating what the judges say! Haley COMPLETELY knows who she is and that’s what drives them nuts! She has a style that is unique and can convey soul in her songs. They are upset with her because they want to manipulate her, and I applaud her for being her, like her or not. (and yeah I am all about Haley)

      • We are not Haley haters and if we are repeating what the judges are already saying. Maybe there is a reason behind this and it is called telling the truth. The reason why Haley is so unique is probably because she does not know who she is as an artist and of course at this time of the game of course it would make her so unique. Maube by this season finally of course that is if she makes it, maybe then in her last song she might find who she is. But winning or not I don’t think she is going to receive as many phone calls as PIA received.

      • @John- did we watch the same show? Please go back and see what Beyonce said about Haley, it contradicts everything you are saying. I think with her success as an artist and producer she might have some credibility.

      • wow….some people are just plain stupid. if you had a mind of your own, you wouldn’t find it necessary to re-watch every youtube video of the judges trying to throw haley under the bus and then re-spew their garbage. the judges only say what nigel lythgoe tells them to say, so really you’re just regurgitating bologna that an old crusty english dude feeds to some washed up has beens. also, if you had half a brain, you’d spell check your posts so you don’t look like a retard to anyone else who reads them. and the real reason you wouldn’t go see haley live is that she would never perform at a venue where the stage is held together by duct tape and you probably couldn’t afford tickets to her concert if you did want to go. her style sells out multi-million dollar shows….the style that you’re into sells out country-western bar and grill banquet rooms.

      • beyonce had good things to say about everyone. i don’t think she signaled haley out at all.

    • I am coursing a contemporary vocal major at music school. Everyone at school is commenting how good Haley is.
      You don’t know what “control” is.
      If you people aren’t prepared to give an opinion just shut up and vote for who you like. But don’t go saying things when you have no idea what you’re talking about.

      • Woohoo this is getting good! There’s us on Haley’s side ’cause we know what’s good vocals and there’s *them* on teh other side loading up on spitballs and still yankin on their pointy bootsies –> You (Who Know Nothing) lollers

      • Really, who cares what you do. Good music is something soothing to the ear not screaming a la Haley!

      • Marc, how was it living under your cave for years? Again, let’s not box-up what music is according to.. well.. your personal taste.

      • at least i’m not the one doing it. hence, it’s only applicable to you.

    • Haley doesn’t have control over her voice???!!?? Please listen to her song “Blue”. Lauren and Scotty can never do that with their voices. And their are more songs from Haley to see on Youtube that shows that you are very mistaken in your statement that Haley has no control over her voice.
      I like Lauren and Scotty especially when they sing together. I love country-songs but Haley is by far the best.
      Just an opinion from a Dutchman.
      Hopelijk kunnen jullie het lezen!!

  96. I’m almost 100 % sure Lauren will be sent home tomorrow. Even though I’d never predicted Haley would be in the finale. But, at this point, I think she deserves it. Thanks to the hatred from Randy and J-Lo toward her, she’s got even more vote. Scotty is just untouchable, never landed in bottom 3 or 2. It’ll be no surprise if he wins it all.

    Wanna make it interesting, though? Send Scotty home, America! AI never have 2 girls in finale since Fantasia won this thing.

    Wanna make it even more exciting? Keep Scotty to the finale but make Haley as the winner! Can’t imagine the look on Randy’s and J-Lo’s faces. Gotta love it !!! 😉 😛 😀

    • Haley as winner? You must be blind, I mean deaf! What really surprises me is how she got into the top 10. This is not really a singing contest but a popularity contest. Can you imagine people voting 100 times? 1000 times? Scottie and Lauren should be co-champion here.

      • Oh, that explains a lot! And oh, being mute does not call for somebody to write using the BrailLe method.. Ugh..

      • You’re right marc, popularity contest. That’s exactly why she wound up in the bottom 3 so many times early, because she was SOOOOOO popular. Fact is, she has grown leaps and bounds while the other 2 haven’t, she can literally sing ANYTHING, not just country, and despite what a bunch of whiney pre-pubescent kids and uppity middle aged prudes have to say, the stars love her. Beyonce, Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarkson, Ellen DeGeneres (even I take that with a grain of salt), Lady GaGa, Led Zeppelin, etc have all said how great she is. Must be something behind that…

      • kaynien, you are completely wrong. don’t you know that marc’s opinion is far more valid than people who are currently IN the music industry? seriously, what do actual performers, producers, artists, and musicians know about talent? we all need to ask a 60 year old hillbilly for their opinion, because they know far more. geez…get with the program.

    • Haley is a winner…? You’re joking ! She’s just roaring like a lion and showing her body on the stage .She doesn’t deserve as you said.Vote for Scotty and Lauren especially Scotty. He is a real singer and artist.Go Scotty!

      • out of the three, i’d rather vote for Haley. I think we need to send country music a lesson. Just because pop country seems to be a hype, doesn’t mean it’s all we want to hear. (Scotty!!!!!!!) We also don’t need another Clarkson or Underwear.. i mean, Underwood (Lauren!!!!) and heavens knows we don’t need another Pickler!! (which is what Lauren can remind me of sometimes as well) now Haley on the other hand.. can’t really compare her to anyone.. so to me, She’s this years American Idol. Cause no matter what, so long she’s still there, i’m voting for her!

      • You kidding? Lauren is nowhere near Carrie’s capability. They’re not in same league. My bet Lauren won’t sell records 10 percent of what Carrie did.

    • LOL

      IMHO….Scotty & Haley will take it to the final..then…..Haley will be AI 2011!!!

      Go Haley!!!

    • I’m sorry Kaynien but again, why should we listen to you over Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and all the names you mentioned? 😉

    • 100 0/0 with you. Lauren and Scotty are cute young singers but both need time to mature as artists. Haley has more potental to become Idol this year and she also is young and Is still a work in progress. I don’t think it was a good idea to low the age of the contestants so here we are with a bunch of kids doing the best they can….

  97. Oh, I forgot to say. This is because of people like you that people like James and Pia are gone. We will see how many CDs Haley does compared to PIA, James, and Lauren do. Have ever noticed how beautiful Scotty and Lauren sings together and it was mostly due to Lauren’s voice taking over the song. How many times was Haley bottom three? If it would not have been from JLO opening her mouth and making a comment about the girls getting booted out before the boys, I think Haley would have been gone a long time ago. At least the Judges don’t have to tell Scotty and Lauren what kind of songs they should sing cause they sure know who they are as an artist but on they other hand at this time of the game, Haley does not have a clue who she is. So I don’t think she is going to make a lot of CDs unless Daddy tells her what to sing.

    • JLow will only be a footnote twenty years from now but guys like Led Zeppelin will still be influential and admired.

      • Who cares how many CD’s she makes in comparison to Pia, James and Lauren.
        Haley will do great music and that’s the only thing that matters.

    • I already have a CD from Haley, all her itunes downloads. I bet you have not bought any song from your favorite yet and most probable will not.

      • O snap! I too have a Haley CD except I forgot to uhm back it up on a CD copy in case my downloads get corrupted and iTunes won’t reload it for me yarrr.

        I checked out Adele’s hit Rolling In the Deep which Haley covered and they sound spookily similar it’s like Haley singing in the morning and Adele singing in the evening with a tired voice. +56Mil hits on the YouTube version I liked the best. Ya so much for not knowing where you fit in lol.

    • This board should ban the word “Pia”. She sucked. She went home. End of story. I never want to hear her again. Doubt I ever will, either.

      • Pia will out sell Haley because she has a a great voice. She should never have gone home when she did. Haley should have gone home that night in her place. I would never buy a CD that Haley records. Her yelling , screaming, and growling is not singing. I hope that America can see through her type of singing. The way she sings, well, to each his own. I hope this will be a Scotty and Lauren finale. Good luck and may the best person win!

    • You’ve got it completely backward, and that is why they have a sore spot for Haley. She WON’T be manipulated to be stuck into some file box so they can feel better! ALL the great artists are people that do THEIR thing and have an “attitude” (i.e: personality) Pia and Lauren have great voices and sure lets throw them in with the likes of Celine Dion but how many people ACTUALLY own and listen to Celine Dion all the time? I would bet very very few. Especially if you want some real emotion in the songs. Haley has proven with “Blue” and “I Who Have Nothing” that she can sing any note and control her voice, so now, being young and full of energy she is pushing herself and doing a damn good job of it as well!!

      GO HALEY!

    • Scotty will be the most successful in terms of CDs to be sold. Not Haley nor even Lauren. Now, he sings just as good as Josh Turner. Have you heard their duet?

      • Josh is only doing Ok in sales now and he is miles ahead of Scotty.
        Adele and Duffy both from UK and other like them are the trend now, with Adele have number 1 album and Duffy’s Mercy selling 6M+. Country pop has peaked along with Rap and their sales have dropped this year. Haley if handled right could be huge in the next few years.

    • who ever you wrote that to, please thank them for kicking out Pia 🙂 Far as how many Cds they make.. who cares? The show isn’t called American CD person.. the show is called American Idol, far as I’m concerned.. haley’s getting alot of votes out of nowhere.. there is some cause of concern that people are actually starting to like her. Can it be? we’ll have to wait and see. If she manages to stay Tomorrow, then she already would have kicked out a pop country BS artist.. can she do it one more time? We’ll have to wait and see. 🙂 Also, don’t get mad cause just a week ago, she did better then both James and Scotty in the votes. 🙂

      • she did do better than james but i do not think she was even close to scotty in votes, those results were completely random.

    • Oh Daddy John, please tell Haley what to sing, won’t you? She needs guidance from people who know about the music industry and what could be a hit in record sales like you. And please, Daddy John, when you recommend a song for Haley, please choose a song with the highest degree of difficulty because Haley can pull it off anyway. Save the safer songs to the other two. They don’t need, or should I say can not pull them off, anyway. But according to you they could be record wonders, who are we to disagree? You know so much about the field, right?

    • first off, pia went home because she was boring as hell. she just stood there and sang like she was performing an opera. her voice was alright, but her stage presence was horrid. secondly, you complain about haley “screaming” but you are a james fan? that’s sort of douchey if you ask me. also, haley is never “told” what to sing. she’s gone against the judges advice quite a few times this season. this is because she KNOWS who she is and isn’t willing to let them push her into their little poppy mold. and lastly, haley won’t sell any CD’s because CD’s are about a generation behind on technology. music is all digital now and her itunes have higher reviews than any of the other idol contestants this year (i think she has the top 3 or 4 spots at the moment, actually….with scotty trailing by A LOT). james, pia, and lauren will, however, sell CD’s and they will be in the dollar bin at Wal-Mart. so, before you voice your opinion, use your brain. if NOBODY liked her – as you claim – she wouldn’t be in the top three about to knock your girl lauren out and get into the finale.

    • John, Peea has a voice for Disney. Heck, she could be on Broadway or cruise ships. She could make it in Vegas, and show more Pia. But dude, get the hint…it was 2 months ago! Let it go; She’s not American Idol material (Definitely Cirque Du Soleil material, though). All three of these remaining singers blow Pia out of the water and they will all get recording contract. So quit acting like a little 2 year old and enjoy the show…and quit talking about PEEa!

  98. OH!!! I loved Haley’s Rhiannon! Its such a beautiful moment, though not technically great. I can just feel the song through my bones. I’m so happy she sung something I know. teehee. I also thought the other two songs were great, especially that moment when she fell, she handled it so well that I just loved her more. :>

    • I agree. She did good, although I had to laugh at the windblown hair. It reminded me of some of Stevie Nicks’ videos from the ’80s.

      • yeah, it was pretty funny with the wind machine. i think 80’s nicks was what they were going for….it worked.

  99. AI… the most unfair show ever…. allowing multiple votes lacks intelligence and common sense!!! AI has just given their top three a skewed sense of popularity. The outcome would have been much different if everyone only had one vote. James Durbin would be the winner this season with Casey and Pia rounding out the top three. AI is doing a gross injustice to the real talent on the show.
    As for the judges…. puhleeeaaassse!

      • nah, the final would be that carrot top looking dude and the chick with the big nose….whoever they were. because everyone knows they were the favorites. i love how people claim that james and pia were the “favorites.” obviously not, douche bags. if you liked them so much, they’d still be here. one of two things must have happened…people who actually know what good music sounds like started voting, or you let your people down. my guess is the first one, because everyone knows how james turdbin fans were punching away at the votes to keep his retarded self around. fake tourettes and all. i do agree that casey had talent, but he started doing the haley “growl” too much towards the end and i think it led to his demise because he wasn’t as good at it. scotty and lauren are trying the same thing (and they’ve both admitted to it, before you raise your hand to disagree) and are even worse at it. we’ll see how that goes for them. oh, and your golden girl, lauren, admits haley has the best voice on the show, so suck on that.

      • Aww, the white house intern? She did have a big nose…but she plays basket ball with the President of the United States – not many people can say that.

  100. I am so impressed with Haley. I think that J-lo’s obvious contempt for her is backfiring. I am not sure if J-Lo just has a personality issue with Haley but her persuasion tactics are disheartening. Haley is the best singer in this competition and I hope she wins. She rules that stage, she has perfect pitch, and has great breath control… Any true artist/musician would see that. Haley has swagger and has the most potential. I think that Beyonce could see that and hear that in her voice. Lauren and Scotty are good but Haley should win this one!

  101. Unfortunatly I missed the show tonight but I have NO doubt that Haley made me proud AGAIN! I Love her style; very soulful, and heck yeah she knows who she is and how she wants to present a song. THANK GOD she has an attitude! Finally someone with some fire and personality! My theory is that Randy asked her long ago to sign something, to commit to something and she said “no” so that made him harbor the feelings towards her. And JLO is just nervous she’ll lose fans to someone who could put an album together that would please the whole house.

    BTW, “Blue” was enough to show she’d beat any of them at country tunes as well, Fantastic!

  102. Laure win two round .. Haley win one round .. and Scotty win One round .. that’s mean LAUREN the best!!

    • There were only 3 rounds so how can one singer win 2 and the other two one each.

      Your logic is as flawed as your math.

      • I was thinking the same thing. He must be a kindergartener pretending to be a (s e x y) man.

      • hahahha, you’re guys are very funny but i totally agree with u paul and james

      • yea, you turn off your tv to fast. you missed one round which randy wins all.

    • ” ..that’s mean LAUREN the best!!”

      Gahd, again, what did I miss? Who or what was mean?

  103. as i told you ppl, SCOTTY & HALEY for the finale!!!! unique voices, unique performances, and that’s what American want, isn’t that?? ^_^

  104. Wow. I was struggling reading several of these comments. People, work on your spelling, and grammar. I’m not picking, but if your going to post your opinion for someone to read, well, make it so someone CAN read it.

    Anyway, without any boo hooing and hating, my picks are simple. They are based on 2 things, who I think has the most potential to make a company money, and well, just who I like. And no, I wont justify why I like and who. I don’t have to. Its called an opinion. Not a fact.

    1. Haley
    2. Lauren
    3. Scotty

    • FYI, I wasn’t picking on every commenter, but there are a select few who were just really bad with their posts. Sorry, pet peeve.

      • Not everyone was born as an english primary language. I was born in a french family and for someone who never learned english in school, I think that I’m doing pretty good. MAYBE YOU SHOULD BE AN ENGLISH TEACHER and looking after your students instead of complaining about other people’s writing.

      • Ignoring the fact that I must have touched a nerve John, yes, you are doing very well. For the last time, I wasn’t attempting to offend. Its simple really. People post to say something. They say something because either they want to read their own words on the internet, or want others to read them. If they want others to read them, then they should attempt to make what they are saying clear. I’m done with the comments. This wasn’t a slam on those that speak a foreign language. It was a slam on laziness. Have a good night all.

    • There’s no comma necessary after “spelling”. If YOU’RE going to post would be correct – not YOUR. 2 should be two, followed by a colon. NEVER end a sentence with “to”. “Its” should be “it’s”. Lastly, “Not a fact.” is NOT a complete thought/sentence. Now, attempt more attacks on grammar and spelling. Doof.

      • Need a drink? I’m sorry, not a complete sentence. Do you need a drink? At least you got my point. Regardless, after seeing your multiple attacks on people, it’s just not worth the argument. I wasn’t asking people to be perfect, just to be understandable.

        At least we agree about Haley.

      • Wow, really Shannon, was that necessary? Anyway, I got what you were implying uukknnoowww.

    • You know if you are picking on my grammar or whatsoever this is not a grammar letter competition. I just typing fast and if there are grammar mistakes that does not matter to me cause this is not a comment competition unless I am in a grammar competition then that is different thing of cause my grammar and spelling will be right on the spot. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Before you say anything look at yourself first.

      • I came here to read comments, not be in competition with them. I only want to understand them. And no, I do not believe I was picking on you. I didn’t name anyone in particular because I wasn’t attempting to flame. Just stating some peoples comments are very hard to read.

        To think, some of you are busting on contestants because you don’t think they can take criticism? I make a simple request for people to make their posts more readable so I can more easily see what their opinion is and get attacked. Sheesh.

      • You know, if you are picking on my grammar– this is not a grammar competition. I was typing fast and if there are grammar mistakes,

        You know what, just rewrite the whole thing.

      • If you cannot put two and two together then you should not be here. I’m french and I understand all the posts in here. There most be something wrong with you. You need some love. I hope you are not that picky when you are doing it with your partner. If you do have one?

    • To those people talking about Grammar and Spelling mistakes. There are many people out there even yourself have grammar and spelling mistakes. This is about American Idol comment page not a place for you to put stupid comments talking about other people grammar and spelling mistakes. Even yourself have spelling and grammar mistakes. So stop all your stupid comments.

  105. Branden n Matt always be the Lauren hates .. i see that .. sorry guys .. ur to biased!

    • you have the intelligence of a pet rock. i seriously can’t even understand anything you’ve posted on here. never in my life have i met someone whose stutter and/or other speech problems translated over to their typing. you win that award.

  106. Even James can’t scream as ‘beautiful’ as Robert Plant, but Haley nailed it!!!! So, GOOOO HALEEEEYYY… You deserve to the finale beside SCOTTY!!! ^_^

    • are you sarcasm? James’s screming is as “beautiful” as Haley’s yelling.

    • Maybe you should go on youtube and listen to James. I listen to him singing Kasmir from Led Zeppelin. It was pretty good even Robert Plant could not sing it live as good as James. There is a big difference between “Live and Studio”

      • james was a douche and that’s why he’s gone. bottom line. he would start off a song with descent pitch and tone, then start screaming for absolutely no reason…like in a calm part of the song…and he’d never find pitch again after that. if you’re deaf with bias because he’s handicapped, you’ll never understand what i’m talking about. if you have ever had anything to do with singing, playing an instrument, writing music, etc. as i have, you’d know what i’m talking about. james, sorry, your singing isn’t as great as the tone-deaf would have you to believe, man. plus the fact that he is a poser douche bag that says he’s bringing “metal” to idol, then not once does he sing anything close to metal. even the song “heavy metal” that he did was classic rock, not metal. note to self: some people are absolutely convinced that screeching during a pop, classic rock, or otherwise non-metal song….makes it metal. some people’s children….

  107. Well another evening of Idols and still not a clear winner….. Based on their auditions and progress through to Hollywood I thought the Final 3 would be Pia, James and Lauren…. I never saw Scotty as a true contender but he worked his way to the top 3. Haily is the “againts all odds” contestant this year like we had almost every season….. but that person never win…. however will have allot of success…….. I think Lauren showed allot of promise but really failed to deliver a special performance as yet…. All the time I am waiting for her to just break loose but that never happend and yet there is signs that she will but nevr happen and that leaves the question… Is there more in the tank or is she avoiding it because she is at her limit? With all being said….. it will be an all Lady Finale as when we look at who is the better singers it definately is Haily and Lauren….

  108. Too many teen girl voters will see that Scotty is there at the finale.
    What a Bummer Haley and Lauren should be in the finale. Scotty needs to go home. I just don’t like him. There is just something about him that bugs me. I would never buy a scooty mccreepy album yuck. Haley Rocked the house tonight with zepplin. She is so frikin awesome. I hope she wins AI. She ROCKS!!!!!

  109. Just a little side note for the Haley Haters, in 2007 there were over 500,000 sites on the internet that were devoted to Hating Britney Spears. In spite of all that hatred Britney is still one of the most popular women in the world, and loved by millions. Just something for you to think about that shows how futile hatred is in the entertainment industry.

    For the second week in a row, I was a little disappointed in tonights show. It was top 3 week and I expected more. I knew the performances would not be quite as good as usual because of the hometown trips and the shortened amount of time to practice. It did have some good points though.

    Scotty’s second song, to me, was his best performance all season. His other two were just ok for me.
    Lauren’s songs were all just ok to me. Both her and Scotty seemed very much samo samo to me, except for Scotty’s second that was very good.

    Haley’s 1st song was the highlight of the evening. Her fall and recovery showed that girl is ready for the big time. Performance of the night for me.
    I’ve come to expect so much from Haley that although her second and third songs were very good, they were not as good as I know she can do them. Again, I believe the shortened week was the cause.

    I have Haley winning the night overall. I have Scotty a distant second, and right behind him Lauren. I think either may still be in the finale with Haley. Scotty has been the frontrunner in this, all season, and I don’t think Lauren did enough tonight to knock him out. The only shocker for me tomorrow night would be if Haley gets voted off after performing the way she has these past 3 weeks.

    • Everybody knows who Charles Manson is too. Not necessarily good to be popular!!

    • yeah, tons of people buy his albums….you know, “choppy chop rape stab….the musical.” that was a popular one. people who compare apples to oranges are imbeciles.

  110. Haley is obviously jazzy, blues. That’s her tone no matter what she sings. I don’t think her career will be made or lost on the fact that some people can’t place her under a certain genre label. Maybe they will listen to Haley Reinhardt instead. Scotty proved tonight that not only is it a choice to stay in his lane of tone and range when singing but it is the only option he has. He is proof of how important song choice is. When you are aware of your limitations then you can pick and choose and still make a great album. Lauren just needs to mature a little. She has an awesome voice. Does anyone remember when she sang at her audition. She can do things other than country and she can do upbeat. All that said I do think that this is a contest between two pretty good country singers (not great) and one artist. My opinion the artist should win it but I wouldn’t mind seeing either of these three win to tell you the truth.

    • My comment about Scotty is not a slight on him. He is a fellow North Carolinian and I enjoy his performances but when Kenny Rogers can sing a song better than you that means you shoulda picked a different song. I mean I don’t think Kenny Rogers could win American Idol if he were an up and coming artist today. I feel that way about a lot of current and past singers.

      • i think scotty sang that song great, but for your infomation idol chose that song for him.

      • That’s my point. When he didnt choose the song he flopped. He did not sing it well. He couldnt hit the note…sorry its just true. And I like him but Im not gonna lie and say he did well.

    • Well said Taymaro! I have trying to get at that all night, a true artist creates their own music, style. I am so happy to see Haley stick to her guns and keep doing it the way she wants because it comes through in the soul of the song!

      • when scotty sings his way all of you say he is boring, but when haley sings the same way you love it. sounds like a double standard to me.

  111. Aaaaaaggghhh Shame – the poor Country folks will only be able to share their vote between the 2 country singers – 25 each. That is if they have computers in the country. Heeeehhhheeee!!!! Also Haley will get James Durbin votes. I see Haley and Scotty in the final. Yipeee Yaaaaa Yoooooo as Country folk would say.

    • Better be careful. Those country folks got sling blades and shot guns!!! LOL

    • the only problem is that turdbin fans have a deep hatred for haley because of misplaced blame for him going home. even though lauren was in the bottom 2 the week before, and scotty was in the bottom 2 WITH james….somehow it’s haley’s fault he went home. so, even though haley’s style of music is closer to turdbin’s than either of the cunt-ry hoe down stars, she’ll get the shaft from his fans this week because they’re too retarded to use logic.

      • scotty has never been in the bottom. those results were random,idol has been very careful about saying that.

    • haley will not get all of james votes, alot of them hate her. james wants scotty to win.

  112. Well, I was a little let down tonight, but then again Haley had the harder songs and handled them like a pro. Sure, it was fast paced and exhausting, but I think she rose to the challenge and came out on top.

    The guys from Led Zeppelin obviously saw something in Haley, as they contacted her and gave her permission to cover their songs this week. “Thats Heavy Man”!!

    Also, Of the top 25 most popular “Idol” iTunes downloads this season, Haley has six of them compared to Scotty’s three and Laurens two. “Thats Cash-Money Dude”!!

    Moreover, the country vote will be split as Haley’s performances are peaking at just the right place! Haley’s rendition of, “Rolling in the Deep,” “House Of The Rising Sun,” “Bennie & The Jets,” “Blue,” “I Who Have Nothing,” and “Piece Of My Heart” are showcasing her as the *Real Contender* for the Title- AMERICAN IDOL!! “Thats just smart strategy”

    Haley for the Win!!
    “Hooked on Haley”
    I’m just say n’ 😛

  113. HALEY just showed us how great she is as a performer..very professional and gave us one helluva show.. concert material… HALEY for the Final 2.. She deserves it more than anyone else..

  114. You made all the audience go rock and roll with you HALEY.. That’s one of a kind show with your dad was absolutely AMAZING!!! You got our Votes BIG TIME!!

    • the funny thing is that idol probably tried to throw her under the bus by having her dad perform with her, thinking he was going to screw it up. little did they know, her dad’s a monster on that sweet les paul and could out-perform the idol band any day of the week.

  115. Love Lauren’s songs tonight. She has a slim chance of winning. Regardless, she has to make a CD, i have been looking for someone who carries a melody like Alison Kraus but also has the pristine vocals to boot.

    • yes, but unfortunately she’s not slim…she had to loose her weight. Well, i can say that Lauren’s voice is good but I think is not enough to be AI winner. The one who deserves to win is HALEY !!!, LOVE HALEY…

      • Dumario, the one that is slim is the chance of winning, not lauren’s weight.

      • Dumario, though I’m a Haley fan. I do think that your comment re: slim pertaining to weight came off. We Haley fans should not do that! We are different from other contestants’ fans, right? Hahaha!

  116. Since this is not a singing competition, there’s a big chance we’ll see Haley and Scotty in the Finale. That’s just me though.

    For me, round one goes to Scotty, round two goes to Haley, and round three goes to Lauren. I am not a Haley fan but she made me like her a lot more than recent weeks tonight.

  117. SCOTTY to win it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best new talent to come along in a long time. Lauren has a beautiful voice and will be successful. There are Haleys out there a dime a dozen…wouldn’t recognize her voice on the radio and would never consider attending a concert with her performing. I predict in just a year we’ll be saying “Haley who?” IMO

    • i think you have dyslexia. haley’s voice is totally recognizable, as EVERYONE who’s been on the show has noted…judges, jimmy iovine, every guest coach….and lauren and scotty sound exactly like every other country singer out there right now. haley has a style of her own, while they just imitate artists that they like. scotty and lauren = a couple of kids that sing country music. haley = an artist who will be known for years. the country kids will soon be lost in the sea of nashville singers that are far better than them and don’t take country music back 20 years. new and innovative country artists don’t sing the old twangy slow garbage that our grandparents listened to.

      • the producers of idol do not think so. they predict scotty to be the most successful.

  118. HALEY is a total package!!!she’s a great performer and does whatever it takes to entertain her audience…she fell down but stood up..thats the REAL WINNER!!!!..=)

  119. The review was fantastic. TOTALLY 100% accurate. It seems like the judges (JLO- especially) and others either wanted to sabotage her OR, hopefully, challenge her beyond anything close to what ‘the kids’ could do. She came through with FLYING colors. Plus, I read the first 10-15 posts and I’m very happy that Haley seems to FINALLY be getting the support she deserves. I’m totally in love with everything about her- and I, too, voted for her all night- both online- and via phone- forgoing offers to go out, the Heat-Bulls Game 2, and delaying important calls til AFTER midnight- the voting deadline. I did it all for her – and I’m glad to see others did too. Hopefully, she’ll deservedly be in the finale.

    • I also missed the Heat-Bulls match for Idol. I just want to have the thinking that if Haley goes home tomorrow, at least I, as a fan, did my part in supporting her.

    • There is no way Scotty is going home this week. I voted for him online and on the phone until midnight and I am sure others did as well. There is no way Scotty’s fans would have let him down. Scotty is the next AI!!!

    • What are you saying ? You are suck .You don’t know anything at all. Please go to sleep.

      • Hey Ann, please don’t call somebody ‘suck’. It’s very inappropriate. And please, we can only know so much. Stop accusing people that they don’t know anything when your grammar itself is all over the place.

      • Why do you reply Ann? Did you not see that i was writing for a user who goes by the name of Coondog?

  120. I keep hearing Haley can’t sing. I beg to differ. She is so far advanced over the other two isn’t a fair comparison. She soars, she growls, she gravels, she vibratos, she does things JLo can’t do. She sings in ways other singers can only wish they could do. Some people with little music experience don’t hear all the subtleties in her voice, they don’t understand what makes her so unique, but don’t be down on them, they might learn. In the meanwhile, please save us from the boring, teen country singers who can carry a note, but don’t know what to do with it after that.

    • CLcritic, I could not agree more.. But as you said, let’s give other fans sometime to understand why Haley is unique and special.

  121. honestly, although i love scotty so much and will buy his cds, i would love to see a Haley-Lauren finale…yeah, go, girls, go! this is your time…

  122. when tonight top 3 show was over, all i could remember was how confidence Haley was. As JLo said “she created a moment, a stage moment.” I agreed. Haley is confident in a way that she knows what she is doing, she picks a very good song choice in round one.Although she knows both Jimmy and the judges pick two difficult song choices for her, she still try to deliver it best. And that’s what makes me truly admire her. That’s truly an artist. For that reason, I hope Haley will win the contest.
    I do like Scotty and Lauren as well, but they may be too young and a bit immature to me. They are talented, but to be success as a true artist, they will need more maturity and experiences in life so that when they sing, they will deliver the songs more in depth. Therefore, at this time of their ages, I dont think they are ready to win yet.

    • as far as it goes for the two finalists, I would like to see a girl-girl competition. We had last 2 seasons with guys only for the finale, so it would be interesting to see something different this year.

    • Obviously,you are Haley fan .But you know Haley doesn’t deserve when she still in top 3 now. she doesn’t sing , she only roar like a lion and tries to show her body on the stage like a model . I hate her.Vote for Scotty and Lauren.

      • Let me guess Ann. Not many people would drawl if you showed off your body on stage and you can’t sing very well either. Never mind! There is someone out there for everyone, yes even people like you although hatred and envy are not exactly attractive traits unless you are looking for someone from the Aryan Brotherhood. Come to think of it that may not be bad match!

      • Obviously, Ann, you are not A Haley fan. You want to talk about being deserving? I’ll tell you what deserving is all about. It’s when you were perennially pegged as the next one going home and yet you astound people with your superb vocals; deliver majority of the best performances this season; and survive week after week. Deserving is when one fights for where she is right now; albeit the judges pulling her down. For all its intent and purposes, I can tell you, Ann, Haley deserves to be there.

  123. Taymaro says:

    “Haley is obviously jazzy, blues. That’s her tone no matter what she sings. I don’t think her career will be made or lost on the fact that some people can’t place her under a certain genre label. Maybe they will listen to Haley Reinhardt instead.”

    Yea!!! Someone who finally can sort of write about what Haley is all about. She has her own style and can make just about any song her own. It is what is so fascinating about her. Come on country fans, have you ever heard anything from your teens as intense and beautiful as last weeks’ “I Who Have Nothing”?

    Haley is something new. Listening to her play with her voice is like listening to a genius violin or even guitar player jam with a melody. Oh, you haven’t heard anything like that? Or understand what I am talking about? I would guess that is why you would vote for the teen country starter singers. Keep listening and evaluating, at some point you will understand the difference between plain and extraordinary.

  124. I don’t get how ppl can say haley screams/yells/growls. Its not her fault her voice is powerful. They simply mistake her raspiness for yelling. Millions of ppl obviously know what I mean bcuz she’s in the top3. She has great vocal range, amazing versatility and other Professional recording artists think so too! But what do famous singers know about music right?(that was sarcasm)

    • I honestly don’t see it. I don’t mistake her raspiness for yelling, she just can’t sing high. Or if she can I haven’t heard it in weeks. So lately when she tries to rock something it’s more like yelling to me. Her rasp is what it is though. Don’t get me wrong, she has vocal talent, I just don’t see her as a GREAT singer. Jimmy’s pick for her, in my opinion, is a VERY good direction for her voice. Best vocal for her of the season quite possibly. For the most part, the judge’s pick was nice too.

      Well that’s my position on Haley.


      • I’m a huge country fan myself, and I just don’t get the whole Scotty popularity. He is on pitch, he has a nice voice but he just doesn’t sell the song. He is a showman, not a star. I’m hoping for a Hayley/Lauren final, but unfortunately I think Scotty will be in it with one of the girls. I love the complete naturalness(!) of Lauren…with her insecurities mishaps and all, she remains true to who she really is. Hayley is also a great singer, but there is no variation in her song delivery, she either growls it or yells it… though her House of the rising sun was phenomenal. Go Lauren

  126. I go for Lauren…. she is fantastic, lovable and a great singer!!! Haley is always yelling, i don’t like her performances… OA. Again, american people, vote for Lauren!! God bless!!!

    • I would love to see a Scotty and Lauren finale. I love the way Lauren sings and Scotty has such a great voice. On the other hand, I would hate to see a Scotty and Haley finale. I don’t like Haley’s voice at all. She yells and growls and sometimes screams, and that is called singing? Sorry, but that is the truth. Please let her go home tonight. I wish that Pia had made the top 3 and Haley had gone home that night! Well, good luck to all!

      • You just like country ballads. If you don’t like Haley it’s just a music bias. She can sing practically anything and has proven it. The growl you are so wrapped around a pole about is a style of singing. She has done songs like Blue without the growl and the two judges, J & R go off on her. Bottom line is you just have a dislike of Haley without giving her credit for her talent.

      • Haley is nothing more then a screaming idiot. Can’t stand listening to her growl. If she was to win she will be just another nobody the day after the show is over.

      • Please note that the people who are downing Haley are women. Catty, are we ladies? What you dislike is not her growling, but the fact that she is sexy. Lauren is a child as Branden suggested – a non-threatening, child. She sings bland songs in a bland manner. Haley sings all kinds of songs, but espcially rock, very well. If you cannot admit this -even if you prefer Lauren, then you need to assess your reasoning.

      • Sorry but I agree with all of the above and add she was a little silly acting also more teenager than the others JMO

      • Branden said it, at this point they can all sing but no one can perform to me, all haley does is walk around the judges table and walk up the stairs, barely performing but better than the other two I guess

      • I guess that you did not notice her swallowing words or notes at the end of lines while she was rushing the lyrics as Branden noted above? I also assume that you have not noted her understandable inability to connect to songs with adult emotional content. I assume these things because otherwise you would not have the opinion you expressed.

      • Oldster’s comment pretty much owned you! Lauren sucked big time tonight.

      • Lauren had easily as rough a night as Haley did and her songs were the abc’s compared to what Haley had to sing. Scotty, besides the fact that he finally made me realize I don’t like country music, was technically the best of the night.

  127. Greetings from Johannesburg South Africa – SCOTTY TO WIN!!! YOU GO BOY, Love the 2 girls as well, but our South Africans are all behind Scotty. Greetings and lotsa love

    • We double that!!!!!!! GO SCOTTY Fabulous tonite Wont please everyone but you pleased me totally

    • kris, your comment was totally uncalled for and rude. Scotty is not cocky. He knows who he is and refuses to lower his standards to please others. I love his humility and singing. You can stand up for your favorite without bashing the other contestants. Scotty is my AI!!!

    • She was the least boring of the three so I give her props for that. Really think James should not have been voted out.

    • yea man, Haley blew the stage away with her first performance then pulled it back with her secnd one and killed it with her last one.

      If it’s too fast or too loud, then your just too old and too boring

  128. A lot of people may agree with me when I say that one of the best way to torture your enemy is to put them in a room and have them listen to Mariah Carey’s songs over and over again—and then comes Haley! Mariah Carey sound-alike plus that horrendous growl..I dare anyone to buy her CD and listen to it over and over again–and not need Aspirin later on..
    Lauren has a beautiful voice but very immature. Hollywood will eat her alive.She will be perfect for Disney songs and such — like Jordin Spark.
    Scotty has darling low notes and will be perfect for country/pop ballads. Im not a Scotty fan but I think he is the most marketable among the three..

    • I could, and have, listened to all of Haley’s iTunes tracks, over and over and over again. As phenomenal as she is live, her voice and presence in the studio is remarkable. Neither Scotty or Lauren has shown such professionalism and maturity where it really matters, and that’s in their recordings. Haley’s songs all sound different, each with their own bit of flare, and it’s a pleasure to listen to each one. The fact that she has her own sound, and one that is so HOT right now, makes her infinitely more marketable than the country bumpkins.

      • Totally agree Kaynien! I have all of her tunes form I-tunes and also “Baby it’s You” from, sure wish I could find “God Bless the Child” somewhere…CAN NOT wait until the first album!

      • Starting to call names already. How childress…..If you dont like country bumpkin…just say so

      • me too kaynien. i’ve downloaded already all of her performances (except fallin and godbless the child..can’t find an mp3 file) and been listening to it night and day non-stop…so addicting..oh and idol fan18…insecure much???ahhah

      • I agree! Haley by far has the best tracks. I DL the playlist from iTunes every week and skip all of Scotty songs….also Lauren was too scared to sing that she was Evil the other week and does wear prom dresses. She is a joke and if I have to hear one more time about..”the first time we met you and you sang one of Steven’s songs..” I am going to go crazy. Ya she was good then and at that time was my favt…but since she has gotten worse in my opinion and I think it says something when 10 months into a show they are still tlaking about your first performance and nothing you have done lately. Plus what is wrong with the Haley growl? I would love if she growled for me! I growl for her every time shes on the television!!!!!! HALEY FTW from your friends in Wheeling, IL

      • I could listen to Haley’s songs again and again as her voice is truly unique and she delivers! Even looking forward to hearing it live! 🙂 … And I’m a woman and truly enjoy seeing Haley as somebody feeling comfortable with her own choice and style regardless others’ critique. A true role model! 🙂

    • Ok are you really that stupid? Mariah carey? realllly??? when was the last time anyone compared her to mariah carey? besides i prefer having to take an aspirin than double my chances of falling asleep at the wheel while listening to scotty or lauren. like seriously they’re a buzz-kill


    • Agree with Kaynien, too. Haley’s voice is only like Mariah’s in that they are both sopranos. Mariah’s voice does not have the raspy, throaty quality that makes Haley’s so sensual. On the other hand, she has much more range (one of her problems is that she seems determined to show it off ALL the time).

      • Well, at least she’s doing something..Haley doesn’t slack or half way do anything.


    • um, idolfan18? Haley sounds like Mariah Carey? Do you know music at all? Do you know vocal tones and vocal range at all? Just wondering, cause Haley has a completely different sound than Maraih does, you can’t even compare them. Haley has a blues, rocker sound with a low heavy register (this is why she has the growl that’s so prominent when she goes up to her upper range and you never her a falsetto in her voice, she can carry her lower register to the higher notes). She is more comparable to someone like Kelly Clarkson, even a young Aretha sound. Learn how to hear tones in someones voice before you criticize them….and I’m not even a Haley fan!
      Oh yeah, and did you see Jordin Sparks on Idol a few weeks ago?….I agree with you about Lauren, but if you saw Jordin doing her new song, it is definitely not Disney!!!

      • I agree with it all! Except Haley can get pretty close to a whistle tone (she did at the end of Moaning).

        My question is this, what the hell were you watching last night that made you think of Mariah Carey.

        Also, Who the hell do you think you are saying Mariah Carey has a bad voice?

  129. Hi everybody! I’m david 19 years old from Indonesia and i’m a big fan of American Idol since season 1. I really love country musics because i think country musics are soooooo related with our daylife so i really like country singer such as rascal flatts, keith urban, shania twain, carrie underwood, kellie pickler, and also scotty mccreery(lauren alaina too)!!

    But in my opinion, in this season of american idol and just 3 people left in the competition, Haley Reinhart should takes the title.

    why? at the beginning, i was thinking that haley reinhart would never be in the top 13 actually. And then she grew up really fast in this competition and i think she is the most improved contestant ever that i’ve known based on my experience of watching American Idol since season 1.. i don’t know if i will buy her album when she makes record, but i still think that she should make it to finale..

    ok, this is just my opinion and basically evrybody has different opinion wright?
    so it’s all depend on you America!!! whoever the winner, i still love American Idol forever.hehe. thank you before..

    • as much as I love Scotty, I agree with you, I think Haley would win this competition. And hey, I think I know you!

      • i’m still shocked!!!! hahahahaha
        hmmm… now i know that you’re becoming american idol fans right now

      • I don’t know who Ardy is but I heard he’s awesome!
        yes, American Idol this season is great. The only bad thing is the judges. But I’m still not that quite a fan as you.haha

      • zzzzzz..
        you’re so arrogant didanz..
        okayy let’s see if you fallin in love with american idol or not, when next season comin back premiere in january.

  130. Brandon…I actually think your comments are pretty much in the way I am thinking. I am a Scotty fan but I have to give credit where credit is due. I am not a Haley fan but I did think she did well…loved her first song…didn’t care at all for her last. As for Lauren…I adore her but I just couldn’t figure out what she was doing last night. She is just too much of a kid with a great voice. I am proud of Scotty. I guess he has proved to his nonfans that he does have a range and he can sing…you all wait…win or not…and I hope he does…he will do some cross over pop/country…the new trend.

  131. Lauren and Scotty are country singers. And the best country song came from Haley!!!!! Just listen to “Blue”.
    So it’s simple….Haley has to win. She can do so much more with her voice then the other two.
    Just an opinion from a Dutch guy!
    En country liefhebber..maar toch is Haley de beste.

      • Yeh I know You Haley fans say I cant even spell whatever she wont win Dont enough fans!! AND I SEE WHY

    • Floth, I guess it would depend on the audience of the lullaby. Even though chidren generally enjoy anyone singing to them, they really do not have the experience to really understand the attraction of Haley’s voice. Evidently,and based on some comments posted here, many women don’t either. You see, it is sensuality – sexiness.

      • She isnt sexy a bit Funny how when Pia was still on everyone mocked about her sexiness and not a word was said about Halery Now its a Haley thing Come on VOte for the singing not the looks she does nothing for me except laugh when the sexy turns to looking foolish trying to do it
        Im not a woman either so I sure as h** not jealous

      • Suff, Pia’s sexiness was in her looks not in her voice or her delivery. Haley is not nearly as pretty as Pia, but her “aura” (for lack of a better word) is sensual. This aura probably exists outside of her voice, but it certainly exists in it. BTW maybe she does try, but she does not have to. It comes naturally to her.

    • Agree with Marius! I like the way Haley sings ‘Blue’ … Don’t understand why judges didn’t think the same tho….

    • Lets not bring up her weight, that’s not nice! lol! I think she actually lost a little in the past couple weeks.

      • Oh wait maybe she needs to throw up like all these other teenagers! idiots! she is fine how she is!

    • In a couple of years? We’re voting in the present not the future. Get me to a video shot of her in 3 years. Where can I see her 3 years from now? What are we voting for, American Idol 2014?

    • Yeah i agree. That’s exactly why she shouldn’t be the winner this tear. GO HALEY!

  132. Then, again, why should we listen to you over Lady Gaga, Beyonce and all the big names you mentioned? 😉

  133. Do you think there will be many votes if it is a double country final. My guess is Ryan Seacrest may just omit the total number of votes if it is a country final as I think everyone other than a country fan will vote.

    On another subject. Did anyone see how naturally beautiful Haley was when she was with Sheryl Crow. No make-up and straight hair. Go and have a look at it. And stil pause it and just see how beautiful she is. Her eyes are amazing. I wish she would would show that ‘look’ in the final when she gets there.

    • Shes so fake Tries to look sexy after singing and looks more like she drunk Shes funny

      • Larry, she does not have to try. However, whether she does or not, the result is that she certainly is. I am would worry that you think that her look equals the look of a drunk. I guess it shows where and how you find ladies. Lol

      • Doug! I’m a woman and I noticed that! I’m wondering if Haley’s original hair is straight or curly?? But I like it straight… Just natural!

    • I liked the sexy and beautiful part of last nights show when Haley,fell and put the blame on her shoes. Who chose the shoes?

  134. Now that it’s all said and done, I can’t believe Scotty or Lauren is the one to pack things up and tear their fans down, like an old abandoned house. This moment is all about HALEY REINHART!

    • Have your dreams now son-Its about to end with the Haley she was so awful last night couldnt even get the low notes without running out of breath PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

      • It’s called breathiness, hochime. It is part of what makes a voice sexy. Try it sometime.

      • Hochime, were you asleep when the entire world applauded Haley’s performance?

      • So Hochime is part of that minority that believes they could outdo Haley with their nonsense bashing against her. Sorry folks, we all got to accept the reality. Haley is the next Idol!

  135. I have so enjoyed this season of Idol. So much so that I just bought our family of 6 tickets to see Idol on tour. Oh, you should have heard my girls screaming!! They cannot wait! They are huge Scotty fans and they don’t really even know country, but boy do they swoon when Scotty sings (they are 14 and 10). Since we are from Georgia, we do love Lauren as well, but I have to say, my personal favorite is Haley. I love everything about her and I think she is best equipped to handle the music industry. I thought Bionce’s comments were very telling–Haley has a great naturally unique raspy voice that I love, she’s got spunk and conviction, she sings what she wants even if it isn’t a song everyone will know, she can handle criticism and doesn’t get “all emo” , she’s gorgeous and can sing country to soul to rock…she’s a natural musician who grew up with it…and it shows.

    I love her spunk and her ability to “take it” like she has from the judges and STILL get out there and perform and kill it. Do you know how hard it had to be for her to sing on the last round when Randy had just slammed her again. She looked upset, and I thought she would choke b/c she just didn’t have any time to recover. But she did it and I was more impressed than ever. I think it is ironic that the best song of the night that got the standing O was Haley’s own choice.

    The judges are often schizophrenic…and I think some of the prior contestants have lost their way in trying to please the judges. I feared what they would say after her Led Zeppelin song. No, I didn’t know it, but I LOVED it. I thought it was very smart of her to show her rock side…now that the rocker is off. Oh…and my personal opinion is that that James can thank Randy and his tirade on Haley for getting him kicked off the show. Maybe that’s why Randy has decided to play nice this round.

    • Evereyione was critizied last night at one ponit or another and Haley gets mad yeah as usual. The look in her eyes can kill I cantr stand the attitude and I really think everyone else is also Her votes have dwindled as looking at the polls I guess so with a personality like that MY S*** DONT STINK

      • If people criticized me as the judges criticize Haley week after week, I would get mad, too. I guess you would meekly take it and quit, huh? The only citicism that I remember for Scotty was Randy saying that he got pitchy from time to time, but he immediately followed it up with complements. I heard no criticism of Lauren (she cries if she does not get glowing comments).

      • I totally agree with you hochime. I’ve never cared a lot for Haley’s singing. I noticed how her attitude got pretty cocky when they compared her Janis Joplin and Carole King. There is no way that Haley is anywhere close to having the singing ability that either of them have. Several here have compared her to Mariah Carey, and someone mentioned that they’re both sopranos. Are you serious? Mariah has a tremendous range in her voice and not every song sounds that same. Haley doesn’t have the range Mariah does. Haley is a beautiful young woman and I’m not saying that she won’t have a good career after the show, but she should have been gone before Pia was. Now, there’s a beautiful young lady with a lot of class and poise, and she could out sing Haley without even trying.

        I’m really torn between Scotty and Lauren. They have both been favorites with me since the auditions. Both them are extremely talented, have tremendous voices, but are still humble and wholesome. Personally, I’m pulling for either of them to win.

      • GLH, if you are referring to my post when I said that both Haley and Mariah were sopranos, it was in reply to someone else who said they sound alike. I said that that was about all their voices have in common. I also agreed that Mariah has much more range. Range is not the greatest asset of Haley. It is her unusal tone and stage presence.

      • I didn’t see her get mad at all. Haley was so wide open for criticism last night and they didn’t say anything about it! This just shows that they weren’t trying to get Haley to the top 3 with their nasty crap last week, so they did a 180 and were super nice to her (even though last night she really needed some criticism) and on top of it they actually did say little things, very sugar coated with a cherry on top, to Lauren and Scotty.

  136. Haley is the worst of the three: the first song sounded like James Durbin at his worst and not even James would have picked that lowly song. If this is the way she picks ’em, send her home before the finals become a farce. At least Lauren picks songs that appeal to the ear. And then Haley does another impersonation of a male singer Stevie Hicks yuck! Even when Scotty is doing another country guy piece he makes it a bit different. I’m certain they all greatly limited practice time this week but you should at least practice to eliminate falls (Haley) and noticeable glaring flaws (Lauren). At least Scottie practiced enough to minimize his miscues to a note here and there, the girls both had major stretches that needed practice. If we can’t get an American Idol who is terrific, then may we have one who sounds polished because of the practice they do? Hopefully that will be matched up with a creative band and song writers for a number of years of greatness.

    • I have no favorites at all but last night Scotty got my votes. By far was the best on all 3 songs and so comfortable on a stage. WOW-This guy is the winner in our votes this week

      • Scotty was the only total perfomer last night…He was at his best Not only his music but his whole demeanor…Haley was trying to show off during announcements. Not cool

      • Scotty also got all my votes. I voted for him online and using two phones until midnight.

      • CJ this is another CJ But i’m the female CJ. Should one of us change our name? lol

    • Lauren should win this hands down! So i pick Lauren for the number one spot last night , Scotty number two and Haley coming in last place.

    • You do know that Stevie Nicks is a woman, don’t you? I suspect that Jimmy picked the song he did for Haley beause Haley has a similar raspy, breathy voice. Lauren’s songs do not appeal to my ear. I might add, again, that I have lived in TN for most of my 63 years and was raised by a country singer, so I have heard a LOT of country music. The songs she and Scotty sing are, for the most part, pulp (to use a PG term).

    • Stevie Hicks is a woman! Get some music education. I believe you don’t know any Le Zep song too. Just another know-nothing teenager…

    • another case of silly unfounded criticism against Haily …. I quote, “And then Haley does another impersonation of a male singer Stevie Hicks yuck!” ….. Good one JMR You’re obviously very well informed and know what you’re talking about …. YEAH NOT!!!! Stevie Hicks isn’t a man you wally 🙂

      • it is Stevie Nicks not hicks of Fleetwood Mac fame, one of the greatest bands of the 60’s and 70’s.

    • another haley hater..just stop criticizing sure she can make it to the finale..=)

    • Hey Mme, I totally agree with you about the judge thing. This season the judge has the worst perfmance in ten years, especially Randy. When Thia was listening to him to loosen up, she was gone. Same fate happened to Pia, following his advice and gone. Then he played the stupid drama and the real Idol James was gone. He was also double standard and inconsistant in his comments. This year is the first season I have been watching AI. I have already made my mind. This season would be the last season I am watching unless they replace all the judges. The contestants could not gain any growth from their non-constructive “criticism” except for Haley. Ilike Haley and she has the second best showmanship after James. I also like Casey and he is very talented and creative, just sometimes his anger in the songs … I’ m not caring who wins after James left. I look forward to seeing the finale and be done with the show forever.

  137. If Scotty wins, it’s because the mass teenage girls fell for his cutey adorable looks. He can’t sing at all (what range?) But the real talents are Lauran and Hailey. I would say Hailey is mature and ready.Lauren still needs coaching and babysitting. I think Hailey should win! But am equally happy if Lauren takes the title…

      • I dont think Scottys win will have anything to do with teen votes Scotty has more fans than teens I am 51 and he got my vote last night and I am sure while there are alot of teens that will vote for him alot of teens also will vote for the other 2 girls They are all young. I just dont like the Haley attitude and would hate to have an Idol win with that type personality She seems real stuck on herself and the Dad crap is funny– The rock n roll family yahhhh they are so cute She sounds to hoarse to sing most of the time and her songs are so boring My vote went to Scotty although Lauren out sang Haley by a mile as usual

    • Ok, I am 51 by far not a teenage girl…. I voted last night more than I ever have in any season…. for Scotty. Have had enough of Haley screaming and Lauren trying to be too cutesy… Wish Scotty the best.

    • Give me a break!! I think Scotty is awesome and he has been one of my favorites from the audition days. I’m 63 years old and “his cute adorable looks” has nothing to do with the reason that I like him. He can sing. He’s very mature for his age. He has a lot of class and can handle the criticism/praises when the judges critic him. I’ve voted for Scotty since the beginning.

      Yes, Lauren is young, but she is far more talented than Haley ever will be. Lauren will grow up fast once she starts recording and I’m sure that she will be a lot more popular in the end than Haley.

      Haley was never one of my favorites from the very beginning of the season. In my opinion, Haley should have been voted off before Pia was. Now, there’s a beautiful, classy, and talented young lady. As for Haley, she can’t handle criticism. You can see it in her eyes when the judges say anything negative about her performance. She’d better toughen up because not everyone is going to love her or want to hear her sing. The only time I ever liked her was when they did group performances because I couldn’t hear her raspy growl very well. I just hope that America gets it right and put Scotty and Lauren thru to the final two.

      • you can vote whoever you want..but for me i voted for someone who is not boring and very unique..and that is haley..

      • GLH, what do you mean that Haley cannot handle criticism? She has done so. She has had to. She did not scream, cuss, bad-mouth the judges, quit or cry. She just came back with determination in her mien and voice and blew the songs away. Little miss Lauren, cries when things don’t do her way. Evidently, that is how you deal with criticism, huh? At least you must think it is the way one should deal with it as you like Lauren so much.

      • GLH, I totally agree with you. Scotty can not only sing, he also has a good character and does not believe he knows everything. I have voted for Scotty since the begining of AI.

  138. I think Lauren was number one for the night, Scotty number 2 , and Haley number three!! I wanted James to win , but if we can’t have Jammes Lauren would be my second choice. She has a set of pipes on her!!

      • Yep !!! they will be gone to the top of the charts while Haley will still looking for gigs for her MOm and Dad. Give me a break WHY ? showcase Haley’s dad,maybe Scotty wanted his dad to sing backup.

      • Hahahahaha agree with you totally about “GONE”. In two weeks, every contestant will be GONE. This is my prediction. Thre judges are all boring.. They shall be gone forever.

  139. Well the semi-finals are over. as expected, HALEY owned the stage. It was not a wonder she got a little winded at times, moving a round a lot, up and down steps, working the stage and the audience, all the while doing two difficult song choices by the judges and Iovine; It was truly like what you would pay to see at a concert. As usual, Scotty and Lauren stayed basically in the same area for all their songs, so-so
    Singing, and very predictable. I would have been bored to death if they sang three songs consecutively. And how could Randy and J-lo compare Haley’s little slip returning to the stage, with singing faults by Scotty and Lauren. This is not Dancing With The Stars. Haley was the only top three performance worthy as overall beet of the night

    Haley’s “blue” country song a few weeks back was vocally better than most of the Country songs sang by Scotty and Lauren. Of course, Randy thought it was sleepy and somewhat boring. But if Scotty or Lauren sing the same way, it was very well
    Paced. Why is it when Scotty or Lauren get praised, it’s usually always by both Randy and J-lo back and forth at nauseum.. It was certainly no surprise to me that the winner of each Round was given one each, when it should have been HALEY at least best 2 out of 3. But, of course, Idol has to even things out before the tedious voting to get maximum feedback from voters.

    Haley truly deserves to make finale, but who knows how the fickle voters respond. If Haley doesn’t make, it will be a boring finale with little entertainment value from the two Country contestants, but interesting performances by the top 11. And Haley can get started with her future success away from Idol.

    If Haley makes the finale, it will be another performance for her fans and the Country to enjoy, and be able to see Lauren or Scotty do their similar performances, and have Randy and J-Lo tell them how they both have grown in the competition , how nice their hair looks, and how proud they should be to be the final two. oh well, that is how I see it.

    Win or lose, Haley is a winner in my mind, and deserves all the success to come her way. I look forward to following her career and multiple genre choices. She also will make it to Nashville with a country hit at some point, as well as the Grammys, Rock videos, and concerts. Yes, that is because she is versatile, and can do it all. Much success Haley, you are so deserving. GO HALEY !!!!!

    • Haley will beat them up if shes eliminated she’ll get mad-she’ll pout stick them lips out, roll them drunk eyes Come on The girl is over herself

      • LOL! You nailed her personality. I do not want to see Haley win and represent America with that attitude!

      • I agree. I like Haley’s singing but her attitude is a big turn off. I so dislike her because of her attitude. Scotty has a cute personally and will do well in his genre. Lauren is young and needs maturing, but she is the best singer. But she wil. Not win. She will probably go home tonight. She will get a contract anyway and will be very good. She just needs a guiding hand. Scotty is ready to go as is Haley. But I can’t see Haley being a big star. She will ne forgotten. As for her attitude, she will be a difficult person to work with. Scotty is a nice, talented guy. Looking at him how could you not love him. He is humble. The finale will probably be Scotty and Haley.

      • Well, it’s not a beauty or personality pageant… I don’t care about their attitude or how they look. I only care for who sings the best. And that goes to Haley. Scotty and Lauren’s BORING, almost fell asleep every time they performed. Haley can sing, she’s not screaming or yelling, she sings with growls and that perfect raspy sound that add some sexiness to her already beautiful voice.

      • If Haley gets voted off, I can assure you she will go out with class. No crying, or pouting. Being pissed off for being unfairly called out and pouting are two seperate things. I call her a very strong willed person, with alot of class, and unless your a very insecure person, you would agree with me..Wake up people

      • I do not recall her threatening anyone, cursing, or even bad-mouthing any of the judges. I have noticed that she disagreed with their criticism and came back with grit and determination. I like that better than breaking down and crying like Lauren. In fact, I like it, period. That is the way to deal with criticism.

      • If Haley goes tonight she will throw a temper tantrum just like she did last week. She is such a sour puss when she does not get her way. She needs to accept the fact she’s not perfect and get rid of that chip on her shoulder!

    • This is what I do not understand – has anybody heard Alanis’ singing that son LIVE? It would have sound much worse than Haley’s version because it is a terrible song… Indeed – the level of difficult was very different – Scotty and Lauren got a very easy pass and, as usual, Haley got to fight for her live… In all fairless, the judges did point out problems in Lauren and Scotty last night – I think the criticisms, at least yesterday, was almost equally distributed… Now, the song choices were totally biased…

      • Haley insisted on singing the verse; that got her into some trouble. She should’ve just spoken it – especially the second one. But, I did like the “Everytime I scratch…” part! HA, in Randy’s face!

    • Leum, I suppose you would prefer someone to cry when criticized than get angry? If so, then you should like Lauren. She cries unless she is told she did great.

      • The country selections were not easy – each one required a diffent delivery – Haley’s songs all sounded the same and the last one was like chalk on a a blackboard – painful – Scotty for the win

      • Right. I was so sick during the “critique” of her second song, where they were trying to say, “Lauren you can NEVER miss a modulation in this business! That’s THE big moment!” and it came out, “You got caught in a moment and it was perfect” because they were trying so hard to keep her from crying. Sickening.

        I can’t wait to review Melinda Doolittle’s critiques.

      • Lol @ mary and song difficulty. There have been few songs in the last 10 years of idol with the kind of difficulty level of “What Should and Should Not Be” and “Rhiannon”. Scotty and Lauren were singing nursery rhymes in comparison.

  140. Branden, I am almost in total agreement with you. My only difference is that I weigh in degree of difficulty on songs a contestant is REQUIRED to sing. That adds enough points to a very good performance of Haley’s last song to have her the winner of every round to me. I was not a fan of anything but her sex appeal until she sang House of the Rising Sun. Since then, and including it, 5 of her last 7 songs have been among the best performances I can recall on AI. While I agree with you about her last song and the judges’ intent, I think it did highlight the incredible senuality that the girl brings to a song. Even the notes and words that she swallowed/whispered at the beginning of the song came out sounding like post-event pillow talk.

    I have never understood the success of Lauren. She is a good, better than average country singer, period. She is not, at least not yet, special. She is not a Martina (the best voice in country music singing some of the worst lyrics I have ever heard obtain commercial success), Sarah (the sexiest woman in country music, which I say despite the fact that she is married to an ex-Alabama quarterback), Shania ( the best looking woman in country music), Reba or Dolly (the two female icons). These 5 are the only exceptional female voices in country music that I can think of right now. The rest that I can think of right now, like Lauren, are kareoke (sp?) singers who ocassionally hit a good song. The winner of a contest with 100,000 plus contestants should be special.

    Scotty was my choice until Haley’s House of the Rising Sun. He should still be in the final not only because he is popular, but because he is so good. He has a tone and an all-american boy personality that is so rare and refreshing in entertainment today that I just have to root for him. Evidently, many other americans feel the same way.These things make him special. However, as good as he is, I believe that the sensuality that Haley brings, not just with her looks (which are not classically beautiful by any means), her attitude, and/or her choice of clothing, but her voice makes her not only special but unique. This girl has no ceiling on her potential.

    • The reason why Lauren is still on Idol is because she looks like a leech or vaccuum or soda straw. Hahahaha especially to Steven Tyler and Ryan Seacrest. Duh she even cried like it’s the end of her world when she was in bottom two (with Jacob) She annoys me. Really.
      And Haley for the win! (btw I like your posts and replies to Haley haters hahaha)

  141. I tink we had sooo many great singers dis year,pia,casey,james,haley,scotty,jacob..too many gr8 contestants 4 lauren 2 be in d finale.plss guys,vote wisely.lauren is gud but nt gr8.she shldnt be in d finale wen dose oda pple r gone already.n i hv a gr8 feelin dt if she maks it 2 d finale,she just may win it n frankly,it won’t mak sense cos dis d best idol season soo far n it will be a big shame if she maks it 2 d finale.scotty n haley 4 d finale n any1 of dem can win.plssss vote 4 dem

  142. Did anyone notice…Lauren and Scotty were surrounded by friends, when they went home and received the judges choice. Haley was in a car by herself!!

    • Do you think they portrayed her that way on purpose. Did you see any other video footage? I’m glad you aren’t a detective.

    • DUH – time zone differences! That is all it was and yet you are trying to make it somthing other than it was!

  143. Templar (EYE-OH-VEEN) lol, & Pup, Where are you my warm & gentle voices of reason in all this maddness?

    • Maybe they weren’t too thrilled with Haley’s performance last night. David P., a huge fan and continuous poster, even said she had a rough night. She squeaked her words more than normal….very squeaky that it hurts the eardrums. (chalkboard and fingernails)

      • It just wasn’t a great night for Haley. She should have realized how much time she DIDN’T have and picked an easier song for her choice even though that was her best performance of the night. She only had like 4 days to do all that? It showed, definitely showed she did not have enough time to prepare all of that. But this is a competition and the top 3. She should have saved the zeppelin for next week and sung a song that was at least remotely familiar to the audiences. Ugh, sooo frustrating. Haley was the first person to get me to vote on American Idol, I love her. I think she dug her grave with last nights performances, though.

      • David, you know how I feel about Haley. However, I think her fans will vote her through no matter how poorly she did. Last week, I wrote that Haley can forget the lyrics and her fans will vote until their fingers bleed. Well, it happened, along with a fall, and I think her fans will still make sure she gets through. I do think that Haley uses the growls, squeaky words, and mumbling as a crutch at times. It is easy to cover other pitch issues with all those other sounds going on. In fairness, there were bad decisions all the way around last night. I think Lauren turned off alot of guys with the blue dress that didn’t compliment her like past outfits (pantsuit last week). It also looks like they went back to the big hair and heavy makeup for some reason. I am proud of Scotty, though, for controlling some of the silly faces that he gets blasted for. I totally expect Haley to get in with Scotty tonight. Not happy about it…but expect it. Her fans are too serious and have super-human fingers…

    • Bunny: I’m here, just reading with Buffalo Springfield echoing in my mind [“People carrying signs, mostly saying hooray for our side”]. Some of this is so childish, it’s unanswerable. I figure on just waiting until they wear themselves out and then a logical discourse can commence.

      • I think the bloodbath on this post was worse than last week. What did you think about the show?

    • Bunny: I’m here. Waiting for the frenzy to die down. Mind numbing childishness is unanswerable.

      • I totally understand the double post thing. I’ve had alot of that going on myself. I’ll go to post & I get a message that says “you already said that”. And then WaLa there it is twice.

        The show was a tough call for me, I’m bias you know. But I do try to be fair. So, I didn’t like the Led Zeppelin song from Haley. I have all season though, wanted her to sing a Stevie Nix song & she did well. But I invisioned her in a tight fitting halter top with a broom skirt & Peter Pan boots. Her hair flowing & tamberine in hand. Her last song did nothing for me.

        Scotty was so on it. I was very impressed.

        Lauren had a tough night. But I am biased & honest about it. I voted for two hours for her. All three songs are favs of mine.

      • Bunny: As you well know, Scotty is my choice. He went off the rails a couple of times last night and got “Pitchy”. Lauren, I thought, was weak sounding and tends to drop the last word of nearly every line. And whomever dresses her should be beaten up by experts. I dislike Haley to the point of revulsion, so I don’t consider myself qualified to judge her. As for who should go home? Scotty made top 3 and got his hometown visit, so I’m good with whatever. If pressed, I’d say Lauren should go.

  144. HALEY is the best.. i cannot even remember the song that lauren and scotty sang.. they are so plain BORING… HALEY for the WIN!!!

      • That was the best recovery and she didn’t miss a beat. She doesn’t need anyone to feel sorry for her. Get a grip!

      • Don’t you just feel sorry for people who find happiness in someone else’s demise?

      • Judges said the fall is performance act and was plated. The purpose is to advertise the shoes and stockings. I was impressive how she’s an adept at the stage. For this I voted her for 160 times.

      • HaleyFever! That is HILARIOUS!!! Yes! Haley the marketing genius! Sell ‘dem shoes, gurrlll!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  145. We all knew that song number 3 was a setup for Hailey to fail – a terrible song in all senses. She did not do a good job. Rhiannon – well, now I know why only Stevie does that – it does not look like anybody else can do it and survive. The Zepplin song sounded much better than the original. Lauren was for me the disappointment of the night – three easy songs, she should have nailed them – Jimmy’s pick was way too boring – I did fall sleep… Scotty – same ol’ same ol’

    • OH PLZ enough of the poor a** haley stuff Yeh they’ve rigged her So immature just because you know she sucked excuses to cover it

      • Lauren did not have easy songs – each one had to be differnt and she nailed them – I still hope Scotty wins but she is also very good

      • Lauren rocked? How old are you 85? You’d probably get excited over a bowl of soup that was warm.

      • Lauren had easy everything. She stopped going with challenging songs because she is afraid of messing up like she usually does.
        Tons of talent but she’s not quite there yet. She has to improve and she isn’t doing it. Two months from now and it’s a different thing.
        Just like Haley wasn’t ready last year when she tried out and didn’t make it.

  146. Hailey screams way too much, my dog howls everytime she screams, Lauren is way too immature, although Scotty is boring, he would make the most sincere Idol at this point.

    • What does sincerity do with talent? He’s a real serious singer isn’t he. Songs about grandma, Iraq and Iran, Jesus, swingin on a poarch are all serious but it’s his voice that makes him good.
      Oh he looks so serious.
      All three are good.
      Is there a conspiracy to make Scotty the winner?
      I have DVR’d every show and replayed them several times.
      1. His sound mix is always right. They always have is vocal loud enough with plenty of richness to the equalization and just enough echo to enhance the voice.
      Unlike the others who you can’t hear, the EQ is flat and there is no depth because they cut the echo that Scotty always has.

      2. He is coached to appeal to the conservative country crowd even though it’s the same old same old. He sings a little higher note and they say he’s coming out of his comfort zone and challenging himself. Over the last two weeks he has done nothing but safe, safe, safe.
      Talent is the name of the game and he hasn’t done much different from when he started.
      But it isn’t very difficult to sing country songs. As a matter of fact I play and sing them all the time just because they are easy.
      3 chords and hum a little and you’ve got it.

      • To each his own To me Haley sounds the same on every song she sings shes very boring on stage also Scotty gets my votes and we’ll see at the end how great each is oh and I bet u sing country cause its easy You sound jealous to me

      • Dont think Ive ever heard Scotty have to hum Now I hear growls and groans coming from Haley every song thats not a singer

      • I knew I’d get the old country fans all upset with that one! I like them all and I dislike none of them. I hope Scotty wins too! I use to bag groceries for Lowes when I was saving money for college. As a matter of fact, I’m from NC and the town that Lowes Foods originated from when the founder use to come in and chew everyone out. So I have something in common with old Scotty.
        I was also a professional musician and vocalist for years and country was a big part of the show.
        But I have no bias in music, religion, race, creed, etc. I am biased against ugly judgemental narrow minede people who don’t know how to appreciate talent in all it’s forms. And the hatred towards Haley is a good example on this board.

      • Are you newly weds? You didn’t know your spouse was such a talent scout?

      • Surprised to hear a professional run down people like you do…Guess you missed the course on How to succeed without insults

  147. I am really hoping that it is a Scotty -Haley finale
    Haley is classy, sexy, well rounded and fearless.
    Lauren is beautiful, and talented but she is young, immature, and a one trick pony

    • Don’t be too over confident. The girls know how to vote and Scotty has been sliding over the last few weeks.

      • Scottys in this one no dought He is amazing talent and needs to win

  148. Shelly, your dog howls when Haley sings is because that is your dogs way of showing her approval,; what do you expect your dog to, stand up and clap!,,,l

    • Is that Penn State makin a crack on the Haley hater? Nice one. I like that!
      Shelly’s dog might just have hands you know, that’s why she married him!

      • Dnag Haley sounds like a dog thats why they whine and cry They think shes a dog in heat I agree she is awful

  149. Haley FTW! Since James was voted out, I’ll go for Haley. I even thought that it’ll be James-Haley for finale. But then the votes were rigged and goes to the first one who occupied the 1st seat for top 3. Hahaha..
    Haley should win because she got the voice, the ‘it’ personality and of course, the attitude. In this kind of business, you should really have an attitude. How can the other 2 will survive in this business. It’s competition and it’s not for ‘sweety sweet things’ or something.
    Look at Adam Lambert, he has attitude (btw, he campaigned for Haley right?)

    • Yea it’s to much for Adam to think James could be better than him. Poor jealous baby! Adam is scared James will steal the spot light. Adam should be scared, James is crazy good!!!

  150. I agree with the site host’s article about the way the show went. Especially with how it appeared evident that they were trying to screw Haley with tough songs. Especially the last song, a song that nobody cares about but is very tough because the whole song was at the top of her range.

    After weeks of hearing Randy go off on anyone picking a safe song that was easy, they sure made sure that thier favorites had easy songs.

    Finally, I hope lip synchers like Jennifer Lopez aren’t allowed to be judges anymore. She has no rite to criticize someone for being a bit choppy on vocals while dancing around when it is obvious that she can’t do it herself.

    • You hit that on the nail with a big hammer. I think they don’t like Haley because she doesn’t bow down to their ego.
      She’s got more talen than Jennifer and Jennifer knows it. Randy just likes boys I think. He was always looking at James and Scotty like he was in love.

      • I miss Simon. At least he was almost right and fair about what he was thinking about the contestants. Steven has only one word: beautiful, Jennifer has some favorites and she cannot take it that contestants are better then her e.g.
        Pia and Haley. As for Randy, enough of him. It’s
        time they replace the judges. About the results,
        I have soo enough of Laurent, that child. Yes,
        her voice is clear but she’s getting on my
        nerves. She has to grow up. I wish I could vote
        (I’m from Canada)….Haley is the best one.

  151. OPPS Pretty girl trying to be sexy and she took a fall up the steps

    • You would probably laugh if someone fell from a 20 story building and died. What a jerk.
      Yeah, she fell and looked good doing it! I wonder if you ever looked good on your best day when you fell and busted your funky bottom? Oh, that’s right you never fall do you? Creepy jerk is more like it.

      • YEAH She looked good falling YOu are the jerk the stupid jerk HAHAHAHA FUNNY moment beat me down now

      • YEP Trying to concentrate on her looks and fell up them steps–not down but up UMMM Yeh she looked good doing it U dumb *** creep It was a moment of laugh for my house full here

      • And then was out of breath completely from getting up. And yeh Im sure it was from the entertaining running around the crowd RIGHT??? YehYeh thats what it was

      • why is it when haley entertains and does her thing she is crapped on but when James was all over the place it was the greatest thing since microwave popcorm. Geez people what is it with, whats good for one not good for the other or whathave you. fickle people

  152. A modulation ordinarily is the climax to the song. Lauren blew the biggest moment in her second song. JLo says Lauren was caught up in some moment and missed it, and that this was “perfect,” and then Dawg-breath Randy compares this major singing performance error to Haley’s accident (which happened while she was moving, something else neither Lauren nor Scotty even attempted) and excuses her.

    One more time, the word “perfect” thrown around by the moronic “judge” panel. No way is ANYTHING musically “perfect” – not even close to it – about missing a modulation.

    And the judges never mentioned the relative difficulty level of song choices. Lauren – easy (4 of 10); Scotty – moderate (6 of 10); Haley – extreme – (10 of 10).

    Par for the course.

    • the country selections were not easy – Scotty and Lauren are both 10s – the songs were just as challenging to them as you say Haley’s were to here – it is a different sound and if you don’t like country music that is why you thing the songs were easy.

      • Vocally, technically and melodically Scotty’s songs were slightly more difficult than Lauren’s. But if you go to a karaoke bar tonight, you can hear your neighbors sing the same thing. You won’t hear any of Haley’s choices there.

  153. Hello from Montreal
    My vote goes to Scotty, what a beautiful deep voice, and such a great teenager. Haley should go home, . My wish is to see Scotty win all the way. GO SCOTTY, GO SCOTTY

    • Debby show her true judgemental better than thou colors with this one. Were voting for a choir member or is this American Idol?
      Oh, I know, were looking for the replacement for Pat Boone.

  154. Have not been a haley fan this season,but she has really delivered some good songs,she deservers to be in the top two. She was the only one that didn’t bore the crap out me last night.

    • i agree.. she won last night. She should be in the top two with Lauren.. Scotty did good as well but he’s not good enough for the top 2..

  155. Hello, I’m very excited about this finale because I don’t know what’s gonna happen!! Scotty is a very good singer he’s in the finale for sure but you guyss!! Come onn!! Lauren?? Serously?? She’s got a great voice but It’s boring and always the same only teenage people like her and vote for her but I think her voice is not great and It’s not even unique as HALEY’s!! Haley is the best! I hope she can make it to the finale but judges don’t seem to like her, jennifer seems to hate her!! What she did with lady gaga’s song was great!! They don’t have to sing a known song to make a good performance! If you don’t know the song and you heard it for the first time sang as haley did you like it and that’s it!! Judges were very rough on her because they just love lauren!!! Jennifer loves lauren!! I hope america get it right and vote for haley

  156. I have to admit to watching American Idol even though I never ever watch these sorts of talent shows. But I’m really glad I do because I have heard a singer who will be a genuine superstar and I aint kidding. Janis Joplin, Dusty Springfield, Nina Simone, Grace Slick, Stevie Nicks, Bette Midler, Chrissie Hinde and Shirley Bassey – I’ve heard them all. But this kid Haley Reinhardt has the ability to be classed in that elite group. Tonight she nailed Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac and Morissette – no one does that no one!

  157. Please have them all sing the country song “Blue” then tell me who can sing!
    Haley should win American Idol. No one has grown over these past weeks like Haley has.

  158. One thing that really irritated me last night was when J-lo and/or Randy

  159. Finally I could get to this site!!! 🙁 I wanted to post hours ago and it just didn´t let me, was kicking me out every time 🙁 I think was too crowded.
    I mostly agree with you Branden and I have to say that Haley owned the night she put a zipper in JLo´s and Randy mouths lol she delivered very very difficult songs and ended her performances with dignity and success. Lauren was just ok for me, nothing to blow me away. Scotty tried hard for me to like him. His 3rd. song was the best from him.
    All and all I wanted the 2 girls in the final but I think Lauren will go home tonight, she was not that strong as she should be for a semi final.
    Between Scotty and Haley there is no doubt in my mind that Haley should win this season but will be a big big voting fight as Scotty has a huge fan base, I don´t know if Haley´s fan base can be matched.
    Anyway good luck to all of them, they did a good job and deserve success, fame and lots of contracts.

  160. one thing that really irritated me last night was when J-lo and/or Randy declared Lauren the winner of round 3, even before Haley sang the difficult song they selected for her. How unprofessional of them as so-called judges. Ridiculous !!!

  161. They hate Haley because she’s so d**n good. They’re just insecure (those Haley haters) Even the judges seem like they don’t like her. It’s probably because she’s better than them (especially to J.lo) I’m not a J.lo hater, but the way she criticized Haley was way too obvious. And Randy. Oh Randy. No comment ‘dude’.

  162. Wow! You guys sure are in foul moods today.
    I’m 70, not a teenager, and I love Scotty’s voice and what he stands for. I think they are all three good and seem like nice people, but Scotty has been my fav since his audition.

    • yea ryt ! i’m pretty sure he will win .. i’m not a hater of anyone of them 3 but usually , scotty got the highest votes and has a very soothing voice and great performances .. we can’t deny that fact ..

  163. The judges choice for Haley stank of a conspiracy.

    With the words Halley had to change (giving a BeeJay in a theatre and the “F-word”) as well. The middle rapid part is more like rapid talking than singing and is not Halley’s bluesy style. It is also an angry song.

    Look at Jennifer’s reaction when Halley nailed it. She was not happy and then has the nerve to criticize Halley in the middle bits which are set up for any singer to struggle at. Go and listen to the original by Alanis and you will know what I’m saying.

    A BLOODY CONSPIRACY FOR HER TO FAIL. The judges (except Stevie) should be ashamed of themselves.

  164. Ok since James got kicked out, I have to say Haley proved last night how much more pure talent she has than the other two. Lauren is a good singer, but she is just a little girl, she needs to wait a few years, keep singing, then go to nashville and get discovered there. Scotty?, well, he is a one hit wonder, cause once you hear one, you hear them all.

  165. Ok…back to reality….If you look at ALL 3 songs that each sang and truly ask yourself who performed as a true artisit and met the challenges they were faced with my vote would be Scotty. He was very professional,humble,a true performer, and,was told he was pushed outside his comfort zone to see what it would sound like. Jennifer Lopez said..well I guess you fooled us….as he nailed it beyond belief with no challenge going to his upper register. Steven said that Scotty sold him with his chorus.Randy said he felt once again he was at a Scotty concert. Jimmie said that Scotty tranformed himself tonight to a rock/country artist! I beleive Scotty did the best with what they challenged him with and his performances were ALL great. Lauren and Haley both has mishaps in their performances with their challenges and it definitely showed. The songs were picked to see if they could handle them for the things the judges were looking for. In my opinion Scotty wins!!!And I know the majority of America feels the same way.Now that is…reality!!!

    • Yep but you’re gona have these Haley fans that have to remark on your choice of course Like Haley Like Fan club Scotty got our vote also He is the best and such a fantastic stage presence They know it they just cant admit it They dont like country music but KNOW he can sing!!!!

      • Come on – the songs selection by the judges for both S&L were so easy. If it was the olympics with level of difficulty – S & L’s would be a 1 whereas Halley’s would be the highest level of difficulty.

        Actually I think if Halley wanted to sing country, she would knock the socks of both S&L. Halley should win on talent but who knows with the stupid voting rules that allows someone to vote 50 times on line and as many times with your phone (more money to AT&T and the TV network.

        Regardless, Halley will make have the best singing career of all of them and more money to boot than the rest all put together. She has the talent of Christina A.

      • Both Scotty and Lauren might be good, special and unique – given some time, training and polish. What, exactly, did Scotty do to perform? Lauren misses the modulation – not a mishap; rather, a major musical error. Lauren had serious problems with phrasing in “Wild One,” probably due to nerves, but who knows?

        Haley wasn’t in the master plan, but she’s persevered against every barrier and hurdle. Look, Lauren and Scotty have had major “sweet kid” pimping going on since the beginning. The country Miley and Bieber, I guess.

        I really can’t wait to see if Lauren can become all she may someday be. It could happen. I think she needs a break, the Tour this Summer and then some training and maturity.

        Scotty, who knows? I think there are some in the industry who fear him. May be Interscopes big chance to break into the genre, but it’s very political, and he knows it.

  166. BRANDEN!!! did you judge the contestants as an audience?? or a singer yourself??

    • What difference does that make? He is the author of this blog. If his opinion disagrees with yours it doesn’t make him wrong. He doesn’t have to justify his opinion. His reasoning is in the article …you may disagree and he provides this forum for you to do just that.

      • well, i agree and disagree with him.. i just would like to know what mentality is he using when writing his judgments..

      • I Have a question. Will the top 2 sing next week amd is the voting over with?????……….Thank you

      • For your information, sometimes his predictions usually end up being wrong. I think Lauren, Haley and Scotty are all in it to win it even though only one of them can win. they’ll all get record deals and will sign labels and they’ll all have big music careers. Lauren is the best singer on American Idol and she definitely has the talent to be this year’s american idol. Haley has the talent to be this year’s american idol too. Scotty is a good singer and we all know that but what if america hasn’t voted to keep in the finale or the top 2 to compete for the title of this year’s american idol

      • Immediate disqualification on Michelle due to the “In it to win it” line!:)

    • Everybody has an opinion, it worth double what you pay for it … no whinning, no crying, if your differs.. thank goodness otherwise we would be robots. I usually like Branden’s assessment. Not so much today. I LOVED last nights show and I am wishing they declare a 3 way tie!! That being said… i cannot even begin to guess the final 2 but I am fairly sure Haley is Rocking on top!!! I agree Lauren is very immature, she is beautiful.. has a beautiful voice, but she is not ready to be thrust into the lime light. Regardless, she is going to have agreat career. I think Scotty and Haley will fight it out, and unless Scotty kicks some serious butt lryically speaking… Haley has this.

      • I disagree with your choices totally. I think it will be Lauren and Scotty in the final with Scotty the winner

      • Remember when Adam Lambert slugged it out with whathisname country singer (forget). Adam lost even though he was the most talented. The same could happen again unless Halley’s supporters vote. Adam of course has proved to be the more successful singer outside of Idols. The same will be for Halley no matter what happens.

      • I disagree with you guys. I think it will be Lauren and Haley in the finale with Lauren as the winner

      • Kris Allen was in no way Country. If Scotty was anywhere near what Kris Allen was I’d say no one else has a chance. People do not hear from Kris because he’s chosen the path of least popularity and gone with Christian Rock. It’s what he loves and more power to him. I have 100% more respect for Kris than I do for Scotty just for the fact that Kris put his all into the competition where Scotty has only had to twang a bit and was carried by a tidal wave of mindless Country fans looking for some new blood.

    • I am so happy haley got sent home. Sorry Haley fans but i just can’t stand this females voice. I honestly believed it should have been Scotty and James in the top two. I guess it was just wishful thinking. I hope Scotty wins now but you never know.I now beleive this contest is fixed. thanks for listening.

  167. Ok.. last night’s show.. all did a decent job, but let me just say.. Haley took the most risk and delivered, and also delivered with the songs she did not choose.

    Let me break it down.

    Scotty, great first song, I thought this was his best of the night, and did it really well. Other two songs, predictable and boring, I don’t know what the judges were thinking with Kenny Rogers song. To note: that is a deep feeling song, and he did not deliver on the sadness and heart wrenching part of it with his vocals. Well sung, yes clearly, but was not anything special. Compared to the other Idol’s first round, I thought he came in second to Haley, with his best song. The rest fell flat.

    Haley, ok, took a risk on a huge Rock legend song and killed it. That compared to the risk Adam Lambert took on Ring of Fire. Look, very difficult song, and did a good job with the arrangements, sang the high parts easily, and delivered the soft tones. She took the first round, easily and by a far margin. Stop running on high heels tho, sheeze! Barring that it was flawless otherwise. The Second song, granted I hate that song, she delivered that also better than the other idols. Third song, ok, what in the world were they thinking picking that song? I love that song, it’s an angry, in your face song, that is super challenging, and she also delivered. Honestly, wasn’t as good as the original, but still very good. She won the night, hands down on all aspects of the performance and vs. the other Idols. If she goes tonight, Voters of Idol are really suspect.

    Lauren, ok, I like her, every performance was just done ok, middle of the road and safe, the first two songs, not great honestly. Look, she messed up on one of the songs and the judges should have mentioned it more than they did. Sorry, I truly like Lauren, but she is limited in her style, and did not take any risk whatsoever. There was no WOW performance from here last night. She delivered replicas of the originals. Completely would have been downgraded in previous years for that. Personally I think she was the flattest of the night and based on vocals, performance and vs. the other Idols, she should go home tonight.

    • Lauren vocals are better than the other 2 ! She slayed her last song and the other 2 were pretty perfect too! Lauren you are crazy good!!

      • Lauren really messed up the second song..forgetting the lyrics. It was her’s and the night’s worst performance. She did ok on the other two. Her youth and inexperience definitely showed last night.

    • totally agree that Haley owned the night! Her songs were SO much more difficult!

    • MY choice for the winner of last nights performance was Scotty on all 3 by far You say he took no risk–PLEASE!!!! Give credit where its well deserved

      • I give credit on the first song for Scotty, good pick, but only the first song.. but he didn’t crush the other songs.. face it, they were ok good, but not stellar..

      • I agree, Scotty on all three songs. He has the natural raw talent that should be an American Idol. Lauren second. She has a great county voice as well. Haley, oh my gosh. What is with her. Another one of those that think they are the greatest and falls short. Wi