American Idol 2011 Top 3 Performances & Phone Numbers

Are you ready for two hours of American Idol 2011 tonight? Well settle in for what should be some great performances from Scotty, Haley, and Lauren padded with so much filler that I can’t even guess how they’ll do it.

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American Idol 2011 Top 3 Performances – Hopefuls’ Pick:

  • Scotty McCreery – Amazed – 1-866-436-5701 & 5704 & 5707
  • Lauren Alaina – Wild One – 1-866-436-5702 & 5705 & 5708
  • Haley Reinhart – What Is & What Should Never Be – 1-866-436-5703 & 5706 & 5709

Randy calls round 1 for Haley. Steven agrees. Jennifer makes it a trifecta. All three judges say Haley won that first round.

American Idol 2011 Top 3 Performances – Jimmy Iovine’s Pick:

  • Scotty McCreery – Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not – 1-866-436-5701 & 5704 & 5707
  • Lauren Alaina – If I Die Young – 1-866-436-5702 & 5705 & 5708
  • Haley Reinhart – Rhiannon – 1-866-436-5703 & 5706 & 5709

Randy and Jennifer call round 2 for Scotty while Steven gave it to Lauren.

American Idol 2011 Top 3 Performances – Judges’ Pick:

  • Scotty McCreery – She Believes in Me – 1-866-436-5701 & 5704 & 5707
  • Lauren Alaina – I Hope You Dance – 1-866-436-5702 & 5705 & 5708
  • Haley Reinhart – You Oughta Know – 1-866-436-5703 & 5706 & 5709

You can get these songs on iTunes or the originals for free from SuperPass.

Tomorrow night we’ll find out which singer earned the least votes and that singer will be eliminated so vote wisely and be sure to cast your unofficial vote in our Idol poll below (poll to be posted after the ET broadcast so no complaining about the votes!) and then share your opinion on tonight’s performances!




    • The only reason many people are voting for Haley is because they are mad that the judges are been hard on her. I think all of the comments make her better and they were all true,
      I voted for Haley since the beginning but not anymore, she has an attitude problem with the ones who put her there in the first place. Lauren have a beautiful voice and is as good as Haley or better. Scotty is one of a kind. Hope they both make it to the finals.
      Go Scotty and Lauren! For Haley #3 is more than she deserves.

      • Haley is a strong personality and stands up for herself when criticized and I see nothing wrong with that. The LA times did a whole article on her today noting correctly that she has progressed and improved through the season. I think she will win because of her uniqueness. Go Haley!

      • No one cares. Go Haley, go! My girl slammed it!!!!!!!!! She was absolutely amazing and she really did Led Zep credit. Yay that her dad was on stage, playing the guitar with her!!! Whoa, Baby, she has this nailed!!!

        Head and shoulders above Lauren and Scotty. Just in another galaxy!!!!

      • Yeh sure! I have read your comments about Haley and a fan you have never been!

      • Pup, Interesting! Haley’s Comet does travel quite a ways outside our solar system.
        ‘To infinity & beyond!”

    • Right On!! πŸ˜›

      I think tonight, Haley is going to decidedly distance herself as the “Clear Choice with the Unique Voice”.

      Take note of the dramatically different styles of songs she’s been given to do in contrast to the “safe songs” of the children.

      Notice the various vocal stylings Haley will use to display Power, Presence, and Passion as opposed to the inexperienced youth.

      Compare what she *CAN DO* as an accomplished artist in light of what the “karaoke performers” can only try to do.

      “The Difference IS the Distance”
      Haley all the Way!!

      “Hooked on Haley” πŸ˜›
      I’m just say n’

      • I soooo agree with you. She just did it in the first round! her distance to the other 2 contestants is just like light years away! Oh my gosh!!!

      • DB, You”re killing me! As usual.
        Great slogans, by the way.
        Did you read earlier the Chicago Rebel? That’s our girl.

      • No, cant say that Ive heard Haley called that, but, hey, she knows it’s not all lipstick and lace, sometimes it takes a temper and tenacity and to make it in the music business these days. Good for Haley! πŸ™‚

      • Randy had no choice but to give Haley the 1st round, he’d look like the fool he is if he gave it to someone else.

    • Oh my gosh Haley nailed it!!!Let’s all vote for her… she’s winning this, I can sense it!!!!

  1. Its nice to hear Scotty is stepping out of the box a bit, and Lauren definitely has some great/interesting choices, but W what kind of crazy do you have to be to line up Led Zeppelin, Stevie Nicks, and Alanis Morrisette all on the same night?! If Haley hits all 3 like she can she’s a freaking goddess and be a lock for the finale.

      • Woooooow….i truly hope that was sarcasm. First of all, I’m as religious as the next guy, but tongue in cheek hyperbole certainly doesn’t qualify as me seriously calling her a god. Second, I believe the correct sin in this instance would be holding any god before Him. Third, keep your religious opinions to yourself, they have no place in an american idol forum.

      • I know!!! and the poster didn’t put a capital ‘G’ in goddess so that should be fine, Mr. Konrad! I respect your opinion but please, this is not the right place to preach.

      • Konrad, There you go again.
        Okay, there is one God, right? So how come the Bible says, “Let us (plural) make man in OUR image”?
        Kaynien, your religious views are spot on. I’d say your closer to heaven than you imagine.

      • There are nearly 8 Billion people in the world, of which 2.1 Billion are Christians – or call themselves Christians.

        There are probably people who follow Idol who are not Christians but follow another faith.

        So, while there may be one God to you, nearly 75% of the world’s population do not, or may not, agree with your definition of God.

    • Kaynien, she’s our goddess of music and let’s all make sure that she will be in the top 2 tomorrow. Please, vote vote vote for HALEY REINHART!!!!

  2. Good Luck LAUREN!
    It’s ok if u voted off!
    but you still champion in my heart!
    But show us u was most influence and most wonderful contestant we ever have!

    wow LAUREN!

  3. PLEASE..

    -don’t judge the contestants based on their attitudes.. you don’t personally know them so don’t make faulty issues accusing them that they are merely arguing against the judges or whatever it is. This is not Big brother house. after all, this is a singing competition.

    -don’t be so blind-sided that you will criticized one’s great performance just because your protecting your favorite. instead of posting stupid comments, you better uplift and comment praises on your favorite contestant. uplifting someone is better than ruining other’s life.

    -respect begets respect. everyone is entitled of his/her own ideas, comments or suggestions, but, you should also be mindful of whatever you are saying. having a tons of enemies is extremely deadly.

    -lastly, the top3 are all brilliant artists. they deserve to be there. people who misses james should stop commenting here. Let be by-gones be by-gones. move on guys!!!

    • The only reason many people are voting for Haley is because they are mad that the judges are been hard on her. I think all of the comments make her better and they were all true, I voted for Haley since the beginning but not anymore, she has an attitude problem with the ones who put her there in the first place. Lauren have a beautiful voice and is as good as Haley or better. Scotty is one of a kind. Hope they both make it to the finals.
      Go Scotty and Lauren!!!!!

      • oh my… you’re getting it wrong. how sure are you that haley has attitude problem? and how sure are you that scotty and lauren doesn’t have that dark side too?? my point is: this is not competition about good works or attitude. it’s all about singing.. and i think we should dwell on that.. i respect your comment though..

      • Quit repeating yourself. They vote for Haley because she is the best singer/performer!

    • The only reason many people are voting for Haley is because they are mad that the judges are been hard on her. I think all of the comments make her better and they were all true,
      I voted for Haley since the beginning but not anymore, she has an attitude problem with the ones who put her there in the first place. Lauren have a beautiful voice and is as good as Haley or better. Scotty is one of a kind. Hope they both make it to the finals.
      Go Scotty and Lauren! For Haley #3 is more than she deserves. James did much better than Haley. It is so unfair that he was voted off and not Haley.

      • well haley is a good singer, but most her votes are from, 1) patriotic fans; 2) casey fans; 3) former pia fans; 4) votefortheworst lol….i really wanted james to be here, but you know VFTW sucks.

      • @Claudia You’ve posted the same rubbish 3 times now. We get the point. Now shut up and color.

      • thats not true… I like Haley from the start.. People vote for Haley because they have good taste of music.. because they are smart people.. because they go to sleep when scotty sing.. and a lot of things.. but i can’t say it because Haley is going to sing nooooow

  4. Good job by Scotty. I am not going to be putting money on anything(since I thought James was going to win this year), but I think Scotty will be in the finale.

  5. Id be happy with either both girls or team mclaina I would be happy either way

  6. Good job by Scotty! I can’t complain about that. Good song, too!
    Hope everyone else does good!

  7. whata ya know scotty first again,i called that,lets see if he gets pimp spot and go last like they did for james last week,i doubt it,,sad….

  8. SCOTTY MCCREERY!!!! I don’t even know how Hayley made it this far but shes not goIng to win, lauren is amazing she’s been tue best girl singer since the beginning but I’m with Scotty, gotta keep that Carolina power going(:

    • Haley made it this far because of millions of appreciation coming from her fans. We just LOVE her! We’re not gonna stop even if she wins AI. We will continue to support her!!!

  9. Once again, jackass talks about what all ‘I’ did. Just give proper credit for a good performance by Scotty & shut the hell up about yourself. NOBODY CARES!!

  10. lauren did a swell job, but it seemed as if she ran out of breath at the beginning

  11. My votes are all for scotty he is the best lauren is also good but i realy dont care for halely. Scotty is # 1 !

  12. well by the phone #’s scotty will go first but not last,anyone else see a pattern here??

  13. Did Scotty do amazed by lonestar??? I’m on the west coast so I haven’t watched it yet but that is my favorite song! Please tell me if it was the amazed by lonestar???

  14. This is worrisome. More flower speeches to the chosen ones. This doesn’t bode well for Haley. They gotta hate on someone.

    • dont worry they will give haley a standing “O” at some point maybe more,the pimping of her isnt over,,so sad

  15. Liked Scotty (for once) he did a good performance and he had control of the song.
    Lauren good song choice but I felt she was running a little lol, she did good though
    Hope Haley delivers as well too.

  16. I still think James and Casey had the most natural talent. Both play a wide variety of instruments. James can do choreography with the best. Hopefully both will do well without the million dollar prize.

    • Would like to have seen James in this format. He would have done very well I think. Jimmy Ivine is a great producer and it shows picking great songs for everyone. Hope his pick for Haley is as good.

  17. I think Lauren was just OK…. I wanted her to be better. I’m glad they gave her a ballad so she can use that big voice ( I Hope You Dance)

    • No, that’s what you call fighting spirit! Haley is just my idol. Let’s all vote for her!!! Oh my gosh, my laptop, cellphone and home phone are just soooo ready right now. ha! I’m just as excited as my little brother and sister. Mommy’s gonna help us too with our main computer. Let’s do it, Haley fans!!!

  18. Scotty is safe and will go to finale
    Our bottom 2 Haley and Lauren and the 1 is in danger to laving us is Lauren, congrats Haley you’ll be in the finale as well

  19. Haley is going for the James voters with that one. And very cool her dad played with her.

  20. My opinion…first round:

    Scotty-Awemome! I don’t know too much country so I’m not familiar with the original of that song but sure enjoyed his version.

    Lauren-sounded like she was “short breathed” singing, not impressed.

    Haley-outstanding!! Fall or not…she rocked it!!

    • Lauren had had problems with her breathing for the past 3-weeks, especially on up tempo songs. She has a great voice but needs some coaching in how to breath when singing and it is a basic set of lessons any good vocal coach will give her.

  21. oh my now they let famly members come on stage ,this pimping is ridiculous,give it a rest already,so lame!!

    • you haley voters can get on me for my comments all u want,but if cant see the pimping,your blind,srry,and she gets to go last on every song too,,,wtf,yo much ,just to much…

      • i agree..she is probably dating the producer…she is really a poor entertainer and average singer and a rude conceited “insert noun here”, she will win and make records with lee what’s his name.

      • Give me a break. Her dad is a guitarist. What an honor for her to have her on stage for her. Didn’t James have that famous guitarist? Didn’t Josh T appear at Scotty’s concert? Give me tweedlededdee break.

      • Pup: OMG, I laughed so hard at your comments. You should consider comedy lol.

    • Oh c’mon….can’t you concentrate on your own favorite and lay off the Haley bashing! Grow up morons.

    • Yeah, chris71 and especially chichi are just soooo rude. you guys just need to appreciate beauty. and that is Haley’s voice and performances!!! Your negative comments won’t affect our strong support for Haley. We’re always here to back her up no matter what. She’s our idol!!! Come on!!!

  22. Have any of you figured out that if you vote for more than one contestant it is useless. 2 votes for two or three voids all of your votes. Its like not voting at all. Or three votes for 1 and two votes for another is like one vote for the first. It doesn’t really matter because some kid has a program that delivers 50,000 votes for his favorite. And what kid knows anything about music? What a waste of time. Keep voting and thinking that you matter.

    • lol it would be funny if there was actually and idiot that votes for each contestant the same number of times

  23. What a recovery after that stumble on those steps! Steven said it perfectly..
    “if they get back up’!
    Haley’s the man!! Congrats, sweetie. W
    We love you!

  24. Why so much hate for Haley??? I canΒ΄t understand it really guys!! you donΒ΄t even know the girl wow!!! so immature! haters is so stupid attitude!
    She is a sweet girl as same as the others damn it let her be!

    • Work it out Marta. All the Haley haters are female. You think jealousy might have something to do with it? Exactly!

    • im not hateing on haley,dont know her personally,its the judges and thier standing “O’s’ for her,and her getting the pimp spot on every song,scotty hasnt got the pimp spot yet,but went first,last week james went first and got to go last,whats the difference this week,,deny it all u want,,its there..

    • I know!!! Me and my family will vote for her like crazy! We are solid Haley fanatics!

      • Konrad, I thought we covered this “cussing is a sin” issue? Didn’t look up the verses?
        One last time… Jesus said the swearing of OATHS is not to be done

        P.S. And what say you about Jesus ‘cursing’ the fig tree?

      • Konrad: How do you know that Rolando’s God is your God? Maybe for him it isn’t.

  25. Not a perfect performance. But Scotty delivered the emotion well. The first part is flawless until he has to hit higher note. But he did try his best and go to broader range.

    • oak: Chrissy McVie wrote & sang SongBird while performing with Fleetwood Mac. JS

  26. Round 1: Scotty – samo samo. Yawn.
    Lauren – must have been nervous. Seemed out of breath, prob holding notes.
    Haley – 1 word. WOW!!!

  27. Haley picks a song by the possibly the greatest band of all time, stumbles on the stairs, and then slays it! Makes me wish I had a crazy voting program….

    • What a moron! The reason it’s not fair is that people should only get limited votes.

  28. Rnd 2: Scotty is going to make SO much money!! Great job! Iovine knows talent.
    Scotty is also becoming quite the performer.

  29. i hope haley wins so we never hear about her again…scotty will make tons of money..lauren will make money…haley will be appearing at a bowling alley near you.

    • One can only hope she appears ANYWHERE near me! And to think any of them aren’t going to make money is asinine.

      • swearing is a sin. and talent isnt measured by how much money you make

    • Wanta bet, asswipe?
      One things for sure: if Haley does end up at a bowling alley… it will be packed.

    • Just for the record, the top 5 will all make a lot of money – at least $150k each in the first year. The winner has to sign a 7-yr contract with 19 Productions and if 19 takes the option on the other 4, they can expect to earn about $450k a year.

  30. haley nailed it! I love the way she fell… that’s it haley.. sometimes we fail… but you should stand up again and show them that you’re a winner!

    • Haley is so tough. She doesn’t give a rip. I like her so much. I can’t stand it.

  31. Scotty’s 2nd performance wasn’t up to the first but the judges did not notice. JLo asked him to cut his hair for finale! She KNOWS he is in it? Hope Lauren does better this time!

    • I noticed that comment by JLo and her cougar attitude toward Scotty is becoming Paula Abdul like and as embarrassing as Kara DioGuardi with Casey James last year.

      What is it with these 40 something women and young men?

      To top it all, this year we have the 63 year old male leering at the young girls. Lauren’s mum may be an Aerosmith fan but if I were her, I would have given him a crack across the head by now and poured a bottle of ice cold water on him. πŸ™‚

  32. The judges will never say anything bad to Lauren or Scotty, because they are young.. They were unfair to Haley last weeek. Lauren’s first song wasn’t great at all. Boring. Scotty is boring too.

      • Allison, Now that’s a good post, sincerely. We are all entitled to our opinion & you have voiced yours nicely.
        No slamming or negativity. Great.

    • I though Scotty did a good job on one of my all time favorite country songs by Lonestar. He struggled a bit with the high notes but they all have at some stage this year, including Pia and James.

      I have gone off him because of his sticking to easy to sing Country songs and, while he sang three more last night, he was better than the past few weeks.

      The one who blew it last night, for me, was Lauren and I really like her but in the past few weeks her breathing and phrasing has gone to pieces plus she has missed key changes at important parts of songs twice in the last 2-weeks.

      Haley was great with #1, good with Rhiannon and I hate that last song the judges picked. Not that she did a bad job with it but it is a really bad song.

      Overall, the night belonged to Haley and Scotty but I know Lauren will have a great future. She does need a good vocal coach to help with her breathing issues because she sure as heck has the voice.

  33. I love that song if i die young but lauren had a few problems with it thats sad

    • I think that was 2 out of 3 that were not that great for Lauren tonight–while both Scotty and Haley excelled in 2 each. If the voting is based on true evaluations of their performances, I think Lauren is goneso.

  34. Lauren doesn’t eem comfortable singing, somehow.. she just doesnt fit the part, I dont know what it is. I just dont feel anything from her when he sings.

  35. i’m a james fan at HEART, don’t get me wrong, but Lauren singing “If I Die Young” really gets to me. It was played at my ten year old cousin’s funeral. I’m voting for her because it sounded so pretty.

  36. And once again, Haley will perform last… this is so predictable. The worst singer, the one with the attitude, the one that landed MANY times at the bottom will win… whatever!

    • stop attacking attitude ma’am.. based on the 1st round, haley did great..

    • Gabriela, suck it up! Haley will keep on giving is WOW performances and you just have to admit that this girl is a great idol! You’re such a hater and I can totally feel your insecurity. Oh my gosh, Haley for the win!!!

      • you’re such a bad person! is that what you get for watching x-rated films? oh my gosh, Haley is my idol and I can’t let you ruin her name! She is our American idol!!!

    • haley doesnt deserve all 3 pimp spots that just makes me mad but shes really good tonight

      • Personally, I think the positioning mattered more when there were more contestants. With 3 singing 3 songs each, it was like a merry-go-round.

    • yeah, last is the best position! and Haley sooooo fits the finale! oh yeah!!!

    • It will be her 3rd time in the 11 rounds so far and Lauren has had the last spot twice.

      That being said, no-one has had as much on stage and between songs pimping than Scotty.

      A few weeks ago it was him shown with a bunch of teen girls, last week we had another round of Scotty the Body from Ryan and a shot of him up in the gallery and this week there he was sitting next to Lisa Marie Presley.

      Haley may have had her dad playing guitar but we had an interview between Ryan and Laurens mum and a quick burst of the McCreery bass voice from his dad.

      They have all had their special moments in the show and no-one has been treated any differently than the other.

      The position in which they sing is chosen by the producers based upon the type of songs the performers have selected and the order in which they’ve previously performed.

      They try to create the most interesting show possible while being fair to the contestants and won’t let the same person begin or end the show constantly, because that wouldn’t be fair.

      They try to begin and end each performance show with songs that aren’t quiet, sad, or depressing.

      Ken Warwick said he “would never start with someone doing a really slowed-down ballad; I’d start the show with something up, if it existed. And I finish with something up, if I can.”

      So there you have it and it explains why James was allowed to open and close the show last week plus the props he wanted to use in his 2nd song would have held the show up had he gone in any other position than last.

      You and others try far too hard to look for conspiracies that don’t exist. Just support your favorite and stop saying awful things about others.

  37. Scotty was fabulous . His second song was the best for him all season. Lauren did much better the second time. That pure southern charm is a beautiful thing. Haley coming up….so far, an outstanding night.

    • Odd… ah, you know it was “gravity” that made her fall!
      Shame on you, “gravity”.
      Sorry… some more of that humor of mine.

  38. I like Scotty and Lauren .I ‘ll vote for them .I hate Haley b/c her voice is uncomfortable to hear. It’s boring .

    • Hmmm Ann, if Haley’s voice is boring? So how boring for you is Scotty’s voice? Oh my gosh, your logic is stressing me out!!!!

      Haley for the win!!!

    • I agree, Haley is not pleasant to listen too. I do not think she is boring, I think she has a Janis Joplin type voice and I couln not stand her.

  39. Haley, we’ll all vote for you! I can’t wait to start voting for the whole 2 hours!! haha My whole family is just as excited as me. Come on, America, keep on voting for my Haley!!!

  40. haley was good but not as outstanding as her first one why is haley such a evil genius she thoroughly planned out her performances indicating the strengths of her voice while lauren did one ok and one amazing song and scotty well…… is scotty

    • I think Lauren did a little less well than the other two in that round. What a cutie pie, though.

  41. Ok Haley fans, who didn’t have a tear in your eye for our girl during Rhianna? O M G!!!
    She looked like a star!

    Side note – that Beyonce video & song wad bad.

  42. It’s haley’s third song the one I’m worried about. As someone said before: the last one is memorable, though that’s not necessarily good.
    Hope she does well.

    • Haley slayed Led Zep (best performance of the night, obviously) and sang the Fleetwood Mac song so beautifully.

      That third song (judge’s choice–the Alanis Morissette song, You Gotta Know) of Haley’s wasn’t great. She sang the whole thing much too alto–and did not reach the upper register as she should have in some critical places.

      I’m glad they weren’t too tough on her this evening. Randy was actually rather nice to her tonight. I was shocked. (So was Haley!)

      All the judges seemed to be on much better behavior tonight. I mean, Steven even seemed to be paying attention 90% of the time. πŸ™‚

    • Why does the “judge’s picks” are place last, it should be the singer’s picks.

  43. winners per round: round 1) haley by an obvious mile
    2) lauren because i wasnt exactly a fan of scotty’s song or haley’s voice during the stevie nicks song

    • Round 1:
      Haley wins this! then a tie between Lauren and Scotty

      Round 2:
      Haley wins again! as much as I hate to say this, Scotty is in 2nd and Lauren is in 3rd.

      • sorry .. the judges not mentioned haley best in second round!! sorry haley fan .. out!

      • kechick, don’t get me wrong. Just like you, I also loooooove Haley. I’m actually still dreaming of Haley-Lauren finale. but as much as I hate to say this, I think this is just not Lauren’s night. She kind of lacks energy tonight. Oh well, I’d still prefer her over Scotty any day!!!

      • Round 2: I was watching the contestant’s faces (the camera was taking a long shot while Ryan asked the judges who had won that round) and it was so obvious that Lauren was disheartened by not even being mentioned in round 1. She was looking quite pitiful. Did anyone else notice that?

        I think Steven gave Lauren his vote in round 2 just to give her a boost. I LOVED how Haley sang her 2nd song, but I think round 2 was pretty much a tie between she and Scotty. So I thought it was certainly justifiable for the JLo and Randy to pick Scotty that round.

        But at that point, I realized that they would probably all give the last round to Lauren if she did fairly well. Now Lauren did a very nice job on her last song, but to me it was obvious that Scotty did an even better job. (I will concede that Haley was not at her best on that last song and deserved the #3 spot in that round. I really am not sure whether the song was in appropriately arranged to suit Haley’s voice or what, but to my ear, she sang it much too alto throughout.) She certainly have the phrasing and darkness of the song down pat.

  44. I am voting for Scotty tonight. I think it will be Scotty and Haley in the finale(though I’m not putting money on it since I though James would win). That’s what I think will happen, Lauren just didn’t do it for me tonight so far.

  45. wow scotty the only amazing song youve done tonight you quite redeemed yourself!

    • I thought Scotty did quite good in that song. I didn’t think he’d be able to pull it off..

      Oh well, I still go for my Haley!!!!

      • haha .. haley fan doesn’t accept others contestant better than haley .. hahaha

      • No kechick, I honestly think that all of them are good. It’s just that Haley is the best with Lauren in the 2nd spot. Well, it’s not Haley’s fault to be loved by millions of her fans!!

  46. I am so fed up with your comments chichi… you dont have anything good to post for weeks, you are a hater and your posts suck. You are evil and nasty. Is a pity that you only say stupidities and nothing constructive or interesting. I advice you to Get A Life! to be Nice and Warm is not but a rewarding feeling!

      • chichi is the daughter of Gabriela and the granddaughter of angela james. her hobby is to hate Haley because chichi is sooo f*gly and insecure.

        well, she doesn’t matter. she will never affect Haley’s fans as we’ll all vote for HALEY!!!!

  47. I’m from Asia so I only can watch the show tonight, but I can’t wait to watch. So can anybody tell me what did Scotty sing from the judges’s pick?

  48. It”s a nice touch getting the parents involved as they have. Have they ever done that before?

    • Oh Dylan, you are just like my daddy!!! He’s sitting right next to the phone right now. haha

    • Shawn: If you recognized Lauren’s weaknesses, you would know that “I Hope You Dance” was very difficult for her. And she was great!

  49. Haley’s voice and performance was outstanding among the three in Round 1.

    In Round 2, although Lauren forgot to change key a bit late but still performance wise and voice quality she still manage to emerge as the best among the three.

    • Why didn’t they pick “The Fool” by LeeAnn Womack? I know why… Lauren can’t sing it because it’s the hardest song LeeAnn has. Come on judges the song choices for all of teh contestants suck!

  50. lol got the goosies for lauren…which i had it was her best performance of the night obviously

  51. Wow this last round uffffffffff interesting!!!
    Scotty nailed it
    Lauren nailed it
    crossing my fingers for Haley πŸ™‚

  52. Rd 3: Absolutely beautiful!
    But Lauren had better watch that ‘growling’… according to some on here, it’s not desirable! No Way!

  53. Round 3: the best performance of LAUREN so far!!! She killed it!! and was the LAUREN night!

  54. don’t be blinded guys, look for the real talent, vote wisely, it’s a talent show not a pageant,Haley got my back! Haley Reinhart for the win!

    • Outstanding night. I think the girls blew Scotty away tonight. Haley’s Led Zeppelin was outrageous and the Alanis Morisette chorus was amazing.
      Lauren was outstanding. Her best night ever I think.
      Look out Scotty. The girls are stepping it up big time.

  55. Round 3 goes to Haley Reinhart again!!! Oh my gosh, you are soooo winning Haley!!! I hope Lauren joins you in the finale. Oh wow, time to vote people!!!
    vote for Haley!!!

  56. How many times does Randy have to say “in it to win it!”? Really find something else to say.

  57. I didnΒ΄t like the song for Haley πŸ™
    Round 3 for me goes to Scotty so is very very difficult lol

    Round 1: Haley
    Round 2: Lauren
    Round 3: Scotty

    Hope America gets it right for the final 2. I hope the girls move on.

  58. I know it’s an opinion but Haley is so good. Strong voice, great range. At 15 or 16 she is only going to get better. I definitely will be buying her first recording.

    • absolutely, I love her, she is great and she is stepping up nicely….I am voting for Lauren…
      Haley..I never did like her voice..too much growl and sqeaking…hate it

  59. So Randy and JLo have Haley Rd 1, Scotty Rd 2, Lauren Rd 3. Steven has Haley all three. I would say the Rd 1 was Haley’s best, Rd 2 was Scotty’s best and Rd 3 was Lauren’s best.

      • jlo-pissed sucks!!!!!she’s not fair and so fake!!!!!!! i hope they send her home instead of any of the contestants. she doesn’t like haley cuz haley can sing jlo-pissed can sing…….not!

    • Yes, the girls won the night. I love Scotty, but the girls can REALLY sing and have great voices. Haley had some tough songs given to her and she NAILED them!

    • you people are seeing things that are not there. jennifer was too nice to haley.

  60. Haley took it overall for me. That first performance was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It blew everyone else’s right out of the park. I initially wanted an all-girl finale but Lauren disappointed me a bit this week. Her first song was a bit all over the place although she nailed it with her last two. I think she was the weakest overall tonight (for me) so I think it will be a Scotty-Haley finale. Regardless, all 3 are amazing and I think this is the strongest top 3 I have heard in a long time on AI.

  61. wow what a night haley was sooooo awesome! she nailed every one of the night she is “in it to win it” lol

  62. Scotty seemed to have been given the hardest songs tonight and he nailed them all. He shows star quality. I was disappointed in the judges comments at the end although all three are really good. The girls made mistakes during their songs and Scotty never makes a mistake. Go Scotty!!!!!!!! Love your voice. God Bless your new career.

    • I think the most difficult song to pull off tonight was the Led Zeppelin song.

  63. Way to go Scotty and Lauren. AMAZING job guys. Haley was good on her first song, so-so on her second and HORRIBLE on her third. My gosh… that fast part she sounded like she was talking from underground or something,she doesn’t have that much range to go to those low notes. Yikes! As always, the judges were high on something… I guess they wanted to give one round to each contestant to yet again escape the responsibility of saying who was really the best. The finale should be Scotty-Lauren. But how knows right!

    • I 100% agree with you about Haley. Both girls made mistakes tonight. Scotty was the only one that performed cleanly tonight.

      • well Fatboy, thats her opinion, I don’t like Haley either, sooooooo
        my opinion!!!!and Gabbys

      • And have you posted anything objectively? Are you going to say that Haley excelled on her third song? Was it a hard song the judges picked for her: YES! Did she do a great job with it?: HELL NO! It was horrible! The fast part was horrendous!

      • My question had nothing to do with objectivity! It was a simple question about slamming.
        But I will answer your question:
        Since my posts come from me, they are All my opinion. I don’t see how they could be otherwise.
        But the difference between you & I is I have tried without
        fail to Never slam any of the contestants.
        If I have, point it out.
        I think it is unethical & grossly unfair to pick on someone
        who can not defend themselves. Let alone for some
        twisted, self-motivated reason.
        Now, would you answer my question?

      • I agree with Gabs on the last song, besides the entire song wasn’t in character, only the chorus was actually ok. It’s a hard song, though. She only had a few days to get it ready, which is the same for all of them. She should have chosen an easier song so she could focus on the difficult ones she didn’t have a choice singing.

      • Haley was not the best of the night! She has to many ups and downs but mostly downs! Lauren kicked butt last night! Lauren has true talent above and beyond! My vote went to Lauren!

      • Exactly David, but I guess her last song wasn’t her pick right? So there was not much she could have done. It was a bad choice and a bad performance. The night overall was average to me (for all of them), but Haley’s last song was very bad.

      • @fatboy: If Haley sucks, I will say she sucks. Period! And I am not talking about Haley the person like a lot of people do (talking about their personal lives), I am talking about her performances.

  64. Just saw this tonight from another blog -The producers’ pick for Haley is Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon.” As for Haley’s own pick, it’s Led Zepplin’s “What Should Never Be.” Apparently, the band contacted her after she blew the judges and fans away with her performance of “House of the Rising Sun,” and offered their songs to the Top 3 contenders. Do you realize how incredible this is!
    Led Zep has not offered their songs for others to use till now!

    • I wanted a faster song for Scotty too the judges made Scotty and Laurens slow buy Haleys fast…. Go Scotty push to win……

      • Go Scotty!!!!!!! I have put my entire family to vote for him and for Lauren, they’re still on it hahaha. I will have to take them to the Melting Pot though… A promise is a promise hahaha!

  65. If Scotty wins, I will probably never watch idol again. Sing something different! Get out of your niche and try something new. Sing a different genre!

    Lauren was amazing tonight. She blew me away each round. She rocked her last song.

    I am not a big fan of Haley, but I have to give her props. She rocked it.

    Lauren and Haley in the top 2!

    Lauren to win it!

    • Hello Mickey the boy was born to sing country music and thats what he is and why do you care since you seem to not like country genre?

      Scotty is going to become a legend like Johnny Cash.

      We have had no country singer winner before so why don’t you just try and learn to accept it, alright?

      Hey pal, what about Lee Dwyze??? Kris Allen??? David Cook??? Taylor Hicks???? Fantasia Barino???? Where on earth are they now???

      • Lee Dwyze aint got any character but he can sing. This Scotty has both!!! He is marketable. Good for AI and great for the country music industry too. Live up!!!

  66. If Scotty wins, I will probably never watch idol again. Sing something different! Get out of your niche and try something new. Sing a different genre!

    Lauren was amazing tonight. She blew me away each round. She rocked her last song.

    I am not a big fan of Haley, but I have to give her props. She rockedit.

    Lauren and Haley in the top 2!

    Lauren to win it!

    • Yea lauren to win Idol!! What a great singer and a very sweet girl. She has alot going for her. Lauren that song I hope you can dance blew me away. Jlo was not the only one getting goose bumps !

  67. If Scotty wins, I will probably never watch idol again. Sing something different! Get out of your niche and try something new. Sing a different genre!

    Lauren was amazing tonight. She blew me away each round. She rocked her last song.

    I am not a big fan of Haley, but I have to give her props. She rocked it!!

    Lauren and Haley in the top 2!

    Lauren to win it!

  68. Get lost Lauren and scotty .. haley was a light year better than the two .. *haley is in it to win it πŸ™‚

  69. Hope Haley and Scotty make it to the final. All 3 did a very good job tonight. It is hard to pick a winner out but I bet all 3 have a great singing contract in there near futher.

  70. If Scotty wins, I will probably never watch idol again. Sing something different! Get out of your niche and try something new. Sing a different genre!

    Lauren was amazing tonight. She blew me away each round. She rocked her last song.

    I am not a big fan of Haley, but I have to give her props. She rocked it!!

    Lauren and Haley in the top 2!
    Lauren to win it!

  71. ok my personal winners per round :1) haley by a mile, 2)lauren, 3) lauren my song grades are….. scotty: A,B+,A+; lauren: A,A+,A++; Haley: A+++,B+,A

  72. Haley did a great job at the first two rounds and the third one well she got a really difficult song but did a pretty good job, I thought that Scotty was a bit boring but he did sound great. And Lauren did a pretty good Job at the last song but the first 2 I didnt like them as much as the 3rd one. Well this is my opinion I know that each contestant is good and many people love them but, I’m going with Haley-Scotty for the finale, even though Lauren is a better singer than Scotty, he has a huge fan base so I’m guessing is a Haley-Scotty finale.

  73. Very impressive top 3 performances. I’m actually torn between which two Idol contestants I think should move on.

    Vocally I think Scotty did an unbelievable job on all three songs. Of course, I would have liked to see one upbeat song. However, I think the way he pushed himself vocally to extend his notes and his range deserves credit. Performance wise though, Haley (as always) did a fantastic job. I would have liked to have seen Lauren do better but I almost thought she put a lack of effort into her last song. Because of that, I don’t think she deserves to be in the finale as much.

    However, whichever top 2 we see tomorrow night – Scotty/Lauren or Scotty/Haley I will be more than happy.

  74. Why in the world would Scotty have the most votes here?
    Haley’s going to win!
    Hopin for a Haley-Lauren challenge πŸ˜‰

  75. Why in the world would Scotty have the most votes here?
    Haley’s going to win!!
    Hopin for a Haley-Lauren challenge πŸ˜‰

  76. Haley all the way! She was the best of all 3 rounds! Loved the first song with her dad! Sorry I like the other 2 but they just don’t have what Haley has! Haley is awesome likes her from the start!

    • Clay get past her outfits because she does not have the best voice of the three. Lauren blew her off the stage !


  78. Why does Scotty have the most votes here? I hope that people who don’t go to this website won’t vote for Scotty instead vote for the two girls.

  79. R. Plant has to be somewhere smiling right now!! What a great job on LZ song by Haley!! I would have bet against it. This is Haley AG (after Gaga)and much better IMHO than BG (before Gaga) as was evident in her fantastic performance of “The Animals” , “House of the Rising Sun”.
    I really don’t care who wins. I think they are all very good in their own way. Scotty definitely has the country twang and of course the young girls all love him and maybe some not so young(ie my wife πŸ™‚ )
    Lauren for a 15/16 year old kid is doing a fantastic job no matter what some who want others to win may say.
    I give great credit to them all for coming this far in a tough competition!!
    I really miss James and think that a finale with Haley would have been awesome but …not to be!

    Check out the man!!:

  80. no, lauren didn’t beat haley.. for me, haley was the best of the night.. my grades

    scotty= 7.2, 9.6, 8.5= 8.44
    lauren= 6.8, 9.5, 9.2= 8.5
    haley= 9.9, 9.2, 9.5= 9.5

    haley won the night…

    • Hahahahahaha, the fact that you rated Haley a 9.5 on her last song says it all. You can like the girl but are you able to listen to her and judge objectively? Of course not!!! SO sad!

      • You can buy heels to walk in , but you can’t buy those vocals Lauren has! That’s all i have to say about that! lol

  81. My recap πŸ™‚

    1st Round (Contestants Choice)

    Scotty – He done it again. It started a little mess. A little pitchy in the word “anything” & “dream”. His lower twang sometimes doesnt hit the right note. Why couldnt he started-off the song without the twang as Babyface suggest? In the middle of the song he shines. His upper register (Scotty-wise) twang more beautiful than his lower twang that can easily fell-off the notes. He should’ve sing with the mike standing in the middle of the stage. Its good performance not great.

    Lauren – Wew,pitchy moment all over the place and its like she’s doing a marathon instead of singing. Sorry,its a bad performance. All of her breath control in the lower,middle and upper register of the song is all over the place,it makes people that hear and watch her ran out of breath too ><

    Haley – WOw dad,u rock!!! Best performance of the night goes to Haley dad if i must say. Regarding Haley…its good not great. She's not Rock enough in the Rock moment of the song. It should've been a moment that want to bang ur head and move ur body as she done in the "Piece of My Heart" song. The great thing from her performance is when he stumbled in the judges stair she recovered so quickly as to not ruined her focus & ruined the song. Prop to her for that. And her scatting bit at the last Rock moment of the song, she done it justice.

    So,with these not so great performances from the contestant in the 1st round… Haley win.

    • I bbet you are supporting Haley,eh? Is it because your display name is Casey4ever??? Something to do with the rumour Casey had a crush on Haley, dude?????

      Are you somehow related to Casey Abrams?? If you are then tell him I said hi πŸ˜€

      • Nathan,im supporting all 3 of them. Not all of my recap favoring Haley,see in my 2nd round recap in the next post if u dont believe it. Just tryin to be fair πŸ™‚

  82. wow… ellen degeneres tweeted “i love haley”

    haley for the win… many celebrities are loving her…

    • People I have come to realize something. Jacob, according to the American votes should have gone a month before he did and James was in the highest ratings, got dropped last week. It is not up to the American people it is actually up to the network. We really have no say in the matter. I started watching this season because of Scotty. That is the only reason. I am interested in what the network will do now with the final three. WE HAVE NO SAY IN THIS. THEY JUST MAKE IT LOOK LIKE WE DO. THE ONE CHOSEN WILL THE ONE THEY CHOOSE. NOT US! sORRY TO HAVE TO SAY THAT BUT IT IS TRUE. I really hope they choose Scotty on his talents alone.

      • Proof. What proof do you have? Or, are you like a lot of other conspiracy fanatics and just assume a conspiracy when things do not go the way you want?

      • i do not think it is fixed by american idol. i think our votes count, but i do think idol tries to manipulate the votes.

      • Connie,
        You are correct, AI will not allow 13 year old kids to control their Billion Dollar business. America votes but it means nothing to the producers except $$$$! Scotty is not diverse so he should not win, Haley should.

    • When you get the chance, check out what Adam Lambert said about Haley!

      As reported from : “And as season 10 winds down, Adam clearly has a lot to say about the top six finalists, first and foremost, his current favorite: Haley Reinhart. “I love Haley so much because musically and vocally, she’s doing things that are at a top-notch level,” he told THR at Wednesday’s ASCAP Pop Music Awards, where Adam introduced Songwriter of the Year winner Max Martin. “It’s incredible how Haley makes it look so easy and effortless. Plus, she’s having fun up there. I don’t feel like she’s working so hard to prove herself or to prove a point. She’s just singing and taking joy in music.”

    • I’ve been wondering the same thing. Last week, James both opened and closed the show. We can only hope that Haley will get the same results as James in her “closing” spot.

    • Because contestants need to finish with something really amazing to finish the show. Scotty is always just meh, like all country music, pretty forgettable. It would also put people to sleep and they would miss the recaps.

    • Excuse me but Adam…who I really liked…so I am not slamming him…is having a disagreement with James…thus has taken Haley’s side. He may like her but he is also out to make a statement to James.

      • James was the best, the rest are boring except maybe Haley. All the best singers left early this year. Very disapointing show last night.

  83. Some people just can’t admit that Scotty wasn’t that good. He sings the same songs all the time. The only reason some people can’t admit that is because they’re TOO LOYAL to him…

    admit it

      • who cares its a damn singin competition not a voters choose the person who you can sing better than. scotty’s voters are too loyal to him (tween girls)

    • Yes you are right 100% Joe. Scotty can sing…..just not very good. I’ve heard many people sing like that in bars. Country music is the easiest to sing! There’s no way he should have made it as far as he did. He should have been way off before James and Pia and even the other contestants.

      • Should have been a James and Pia final… no question about that… ask Canada they will tell you!!!!

      • It should have been a Colton Dixon/Julie Zorilla finale!!!!!

        That being said I love Haley and don’t like Country.

    • Hey Joe…what do you know…nothing. I think Scotty proved that he has a great voice and can carry over to the pop/country songs if he wants to. His genre and Haley’s are different. I hope he wins.

  84. Notice Haley’s professional stage presence and performance, WOW!! What a voice!!!:P

      • I agree. She definitely got the Led out! The judges robbed her on the last pick but she did her best and slayed the end. Haley for the win. She truly does deserve it and has worked her butt off!

      • Nope – that would be Fantasia πŸ™‚ but I do agree that Haley is the best of the performers.

  85. I love Scotty!! Lauren is my second favorite but she needs to go. When that happens, her fans will vote for scotty. SCotty for the win!

  86. Would love to see haley win.
    Something different not county or pop Like every other years. Plus she has a killer voice.

    • Please tell me when a male country singer has one American Idol? Haley has never been consistent enough to be the “American Idol”. Besides when she loses, we all can look forward to her temper tantrum!! Go Scotty!!

      • Scotty’s voice has been done many times before, and will be done many times after him…a total cliche cowboy. He brings nothing new to the table, you were manipulated into liking him. Haley has gotten, what, 4 or 5 standing ovations now…while Scotty’s gotten none, even with all the pimping. That seems pretty consistant to me.

      • Way to support your favorite! He’s not good…so let me make up and puke some garbage about the superior competition.

      • Scotty has gotton a stand O from the cowrd on almost every song I have been at every idol show so YES HE HAS

  87. I really think it was one of Haley’s worst nights and one of Lauren’s best nights – pretty close call. Haley’s songs were so difficult technically, though. Not everyone can sing Alanis Morissette and Led Zeppelin and I think she did alright. I don’t think the top 3 is the night to gamble, though. I honestly tried to like the things Scotty did…but no. I guess I’m not hardcore country enough.

    • I don’t understand why Haley picked Led Zeppelin for personal choice. I wonder if the contestants were asked to make their picks first.

      • I think Haley picked a Zepplin song to try to win over James’s fans with the harder rock vibe. Everyone talks about Haley’s growl as being annoying/fake/etc. That is not what gets to me. It is the squeaky sound that she makes with the words. I really tried to close my eyes and picture her voice on the radio. It just hurts my ears….like the whole fingernail on the chalkboard thing. Listen back to how the words are sometimes squeaked out at a really high pitch.

      • By the way, that is just my OPINION. Haley fans, please don’t think it is o.k. to call me a bitch, ugly, jealous, fat, pathetic, or tell me to shut up or die because I tried to like her voice but couldn’t.

    • I thought her Zeppelin stole the night, followed by Lauren’s Perry. They were both fantastic. Liked the Stevie song at the beginning mostly, and w/ Alanis, she did awesome with the chorus/end. Lauren’s first and third songs were kind of…alright…to me. Scotty was boring, again, his songs had no pulse. I can’t even remember them, and it was 2 1/2 hours ago…except his song Jimmy picked. That was the best one of his. I really liked it, but the chorus was too slow and flat. Lauren made Wild One too fast, it sounded rushed to me.

      • Don’t get me wrong, it was good. It wasn’t omgwtfbbq like the previous two weeks though. I guess, overall, it was a pretty disappointing night. This is the top 3 and only Haley decided to step up her game.

        But honestly, she only had Sunday through Today to polish those songs. I think she should have gone with an easier personal choice because the ones the judges gave her were crazy hard songs to sing.

      • They had 3 songs this week, instead of two, and only had half the week to rehearse/learn the songs because of their hometown visits/concerts…imagine if she had been given a full week! She did great for the time alotted her. At least she chose a VERY risky song for herself, and attacked the other two which I didn’t think suited her at all. I hope she sings White Rabbit if she gets into the finale…she could win it with that. She’d definitely have a MOMENT. At least they’ll get all week to practice for the finale.

      • That’s exactly what I mean. Haley didn’t have enough time to do all three of those songs and she should have realized it. Even though her Zeppelin was very good she should have saved it for when it could really shine, but it is lost a 3 out of 9 performances of the night.

      • Devin Lee: I’ve wanted Haley to sing a Stevie Nix song all season. I thought she did well with it. But somehow I invisioned her wearing a tight fitting halter top, flowing broom skirt & either Peter Pan boots or gladiator sandles. With her hair blowing in the wind & tamborine in hand.

  88. scotty was boring, lauren better than before.
    But Haley is by a mile the best
    great night for Haley with very hard songs

  89. where have all the front runners go?
    first James, now Scotty.

    The girls have stepped it up. Really good job by them. You can see they want it.

  90. I honestly think J-Lo was pissed off that Haley took the song the judges gave her and rocked it out of the park! J-lo was throwing daggers(bad looks) at Hayley after her 3rd song. Then J-Lo had the nerve to say Lauren won the 3rd round without even hearing Haley sing.

    • yeah!!! J.Lo-pissed is in to send Haley home but that made me vote more for Haley. I Scotty is boring, Lauren doesn’t have an appeal but Haley got the star quality. I hope she wins and we all can vote JLOpissed off the AI. She’s fake!

    • I agree with you! I am wondering if JLo picked that song for Haley hoping she would screw up! I think it is obvious that she doesn’t like Haley! I think Haley has shown that she has guts and can handle the tough songs! And I am tired of people saying she had temper tantrums when criticised! She has looked disappointed when slammed! Who wouldn’t? But she didn’t fold up and cry…she came back stronger! Just my opinion!

  91. After Haley argued with Randy and got mad last week, it was obvious that the judges were not going to go after any of the contestants this week. So where does Ryan get off asking who won the round? As long as there is a female contestant, Stephen will always give his vote to one of them.

    Scotty has been consistently good throughout the competition and I can only hope that his fans will vote, vote, vote, to get him into the finals.

    • After jackass’s attack on Haley last week, it was good to see the producers mussled their ‘dawg’.
      They should neuter him next!

  92. oh haley πŸ™‚

    im in love with her!
    anyone else notice that she always talks while the judges are judging!
    its so funny!
    she’s the only one i truly enjoy watching perform

  93. i notice that almost all the comments are about praising haley but how come that scotty is still leading the poll????

    • I voted for Scotty in the poll but Haley fan, want her to remain the underdog for now, it just seem to be lucky for her.
      And Scotty finally hit a high notes, well for him.

  94. My recap πŸ™‚

    2nd Round (Jimmy Io Choice)

    Scotty – Hmm,when he say “moon” in the beginning of the song & the bass player fall short of the tempo… bad. But in the middle he pick it off again. Mix of powerful & soft vocal in the middle verse of the song and his growl when hes sing “real good shot” at the end of the song just great. All in all it was a good not great again of his performance.

    Lauren – i dont know what is wrong with Lauren breath tonight. Her breath control tonight is so undesireable in a word. Its like she confuse on whether when is the right time to bring out a powerful vocal moment or not. When she sing “rainbow” at the 1st verse when she should done it with a powerful vocal but its like she backing off confused. Near the end verse when she sing “if i die young…”,when she should bring out a passionate powerful vocal… she’s not. Great song choice but bad performance.

    Haley – Pitchy when she start the song, a little bit late when she sing the 1st verse of the song & along of that it came out as mumbling voice not a whisper gentle voice as she intended to. Umm,its a boring as it cant be improvise so much of a song. Jimmy,u picked the wrong song out of the 3 contestant ><

    So,again with the not so great performances from the contestant in the 2nd round… Scotty win.

  95. My opinion..Scotty did very good, Lauren was awesome, Haley did o.k..

    Unbelievable how Haley was allowed to have her dad on stage with her, shouldn’t have been allowed, I feel it was to her advantage, and not fair to Scotty or Lauren.
    Haley falls on stairs and gets praise for it.
    Haley also was not good on her last song, the notes were way too low for her,in some spots.
    Did haley think that the fan blowing in her hair would make her sing better,its a singing competition for god sake, not modelling.
    Scotty had a great night.
    Lauren certainly stepped up tonight, she missed a little on her second song but recovered nicely

    I am hoping for Scotty and Lauren for the finale

    • The other performances by Scotty and Lauren were fine, but they are not even close to being in the same league as Hailey’s . She was very daring in the song choices and nailed them all. Her stage presence was like a pro. At this point, the only other AI contestant that is in the same league as her is Adam Lambert. It was like being at a Rock concert!

      • For one James had various people play with him and that was ok so what wars wrong with her dad, I that it showed that she has family values,pretty cool. Fan blowing is mild compared to piano on fire or marching band. So your just trying to bash on Haley more. Shut the heck up.

      • And trust me I’m not bashing James because I loved James and would have still been voting for James.

    • If you knew anything about Stevie Nicks, one of the best female vocalists of all time…you’d know she used to use a fan all the time while performing live. Haley was paying homage to her, just how James did by wearing Steve from Journey’s long coat tails.

    • Haley was praised for a recovery from an accident; Lauren missed a modulation that was supposed to be the climax of the song, and the stupid judges compared those events. One is a major performance error (Lauren) while the other was a physical accident moving around the stage (something else Lauren never even attempted).

      Very challenging week and night for these kids. Can’t wait to hear iTunes!

      • Very good point, about the comparison’s between those two stumbles: Haley’s, physical; and Lauren’s, musical.

        Uh… not exactly the same thing. And not the same recovery, either!

        JLo gives Lauren a pass on every breath she takes. And I LITERALLY mean every breath, because the girl — whose voice has a lovely tonal quality — breathes after every three words and chops off the end of all her phrasings because she has simply run out of air.

    • What’s wrong with having Haley’s dad on stage? It’s not like he’s a super famous musician. Where were you when James had Zakk Wylde play for him?

      Haley had a rough night, but her songs were very difficult while Lauren also had a rough night with songs that were right in her lane. Scotty was ok, nothing new, kind of boring. One thing I will say about Scotty, and it’s more than a style thing, it’s a bad habit. He scoops his notes way too much, it’s almost like a wah wah wah. I know stylistically this is somewhat acceptable for Country singers, but he almost never hits a note dead on.

  96. Haley’s first and third songs were the best of the three contestants tonight. Second song was almost her worst of the pass few weeks. She is best AI has ever had, for sure.

  97. The difficult thing to judge tonight is the song choice as they were not picked by the contestants. And to me, Haley was clearly given the harest songs overall to sing. Short of a few weak moments on the low notes (especially in the last song), she has nailed them well. In Randy’s word, she had a few “moments”. Scotty stayed in his comfort zone the whole night, thanks again to the kindness of the people choosing the songs. Good job but really didn’t see much different than his previous 200 performances, and don’t expect anything different if he gets into the final. Lauren also had songs that fit her range and there’s not much to reach and “GO FOR IT”. I actually she was taking more risk and pushing it the last 2 weeks and did well. So I was disappointed they didn’t keep that momentum of her. I think her first song was the weakest, but did well on the last 2.

    So if you combine the song difficulties and performance, I think Haley wins it, follow by Scotty and Lauren. But only by narrow margins, and the votes will really be who you like rather than who performed best tonight.

    • On the last song both Scotty and Lauren lowered the song an octave and Lauren changed the songs key. At least Haley took on her very difficult songs in key and range. She did it better than Britney Spears and not sure JLo could even do it, maybe that is why she looked pissed.

  98. Scotty once again proved who the best singer is of the three. All three songs were terrific and well performed. Lauren did very well tonight. However, Haley was a diaster with all three songs. Do I get the feeling that the producers want her to win. She gets the pimp spot once again. Her father is allowed to perform with her. She trips on the steps because she wasn’t watching what she was doing, and gets praise for it!! And SHE AIN’T NO ALANIS MORISSETTE! Please rmember that this is a singing contest, not a yelling one. I am shocked at the positive comments about Haley when she did poorly three times. Open up your ears and pay attention. Scotty was pitch perfect and proved why he is going to be the next big superstar. Finals? I would like Soctty and Lauren – but it will be Scotty vs Haley unfortunately.

      • Tripping is just something that could have happened to any of them and she recovered like a pro.

    • I think you need to open your own because your comments have no relevance to what actually went on tonight and give no credence to a performer who takes chances and comes up trumps most of the time.

      By comparison Scotty is a yawn!

      • Maybe you should listen to them again. Scitty was ptich perfect. Haley yelled yet again.

    • How important are modulations in popular music, especially ballads? Not very important, I guess. It’s OK if you miss them, Lauren; we’ll never expect you to move us with the big point of a song. Bleck.

    • Kevin, I totally agree with you. Scotty was consistently the best tonight. Lauren was second. Did not care of any one of Haley’s songs tonight and I usually like Haley.

  99. Im loving very much Haley in song one and two, and i never heard those songs before.. Ougtha Know did not work, but the chorus was great… J-low is a b..

  100. People wonder why anyone votes for Haley. Hmmm, where to start? She NAILS LED ZEPPELIN!! That is VERY RARE for a MAN to do, it’s UNHEARD OF for a female to do it (I would have said impossible until tonight). They vote for her because she can out-country the country kids, she can do Jazz, Blues, Rock, Soul, Alternative…she does STEVIE, barely no one can do Stevie, she has the range, she has the textures, she has power, she ALWAYS has the correct notes flowing out of her mouth like a waterfall, she’s made the MOST progress out of anyone, she has presence, she’s got the looks, she’s got the backbone, the confidence, the professionalism, a thick skin, the maturity, and a great outlook on life and singing… She also has a background of music. Music and singing is in her blood, it’s in her GENES. She is brilliant. HALEY’S GOT IT ALL. A star was born on the Idol stage, Haley Reinhart even outshines Haley’s Comet! There is no comparison against the other two for me, at all. The end. This girl will never give up, either. Win or lose, I will always be a fan of Haley’s, for as long as she puts out her music.
    P.S. I hope all you Lauren fans did everything to get her in the finale! Her second song was so moving! ALL GIRL FINALE!!! I’m hoping and praying for it…

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. It is amazing how good she is getting and she has more balls than any guy I know. Nothing seems to stop her! She is so fearless and good! She will be the biggest singer to ever come out of AI. Mark my words!

    • Great post Devin, I second you opinion! πŸ™‚

      Haley had the harder songs and handled them like a pro. Sure, it was fast paced and exhausting, but I think she rose to the challenge and came out on top.

      The guys from Led Zeppelin obviously see something in Haley, as they contacted her and gave her permission to cover their songs this week. “Thats Heavy Man”!! πŸ˜›

      Also, Of the top 25 most popular “Idol” iTunes downloads this season, Haley has six of them compared to Scotty’s three and Laurens two. “Thats Cash-Money Dude”!!! πŸ˜›

      And, the country vote will be split as Haley’s performances are peaking at just the right place! Haley’s rendition of, “Rolling in the Deep,” “House Of The Rising Sun,” “Bennie & The Jets,” “Blue,” “I Who Have Nothing,” and “Piece Of My Heart” are showcasing her as the *Real Contender* for the Title- AMERICAN IDOL!! “Thats just smart strategy” πŸ˜›

      Haley for the Win!!
      “Hooked on Haley”
      I’m just say n’ πŸ˜›

      • Haha, I like that…hooked on Haley. I am, too, for sure. The girl has it…the quality that makes people a star. We need a female artist out there who sings! And who doesn’t use a machine to make her voice sound robotic! There are no gimmicks with Haley, she’s just a young lady who loves music and singing…she should be our idol this year.

        Hooked on Haley!

    • I agree with you Devin. Haley’s got talent, and I’d like to see her win.

      • Even if she doesn’t, we’ll still be able to listen to her music. She’ll get signed, every celebrity that has mentored them has raved about her. Jimmy may even sign her, if AI does not. πŸ™‚ I hope she wins, too, though! It’s why I waste two hours of my life every week hitting redial and killing my phone’s batteries. πŸ˜›

    • I agree. Even with her big mistake in the middle, the melody of that song just fit perfectly with her voice. If they had had more rehearsal time it could’ve been really special.

  101. Good-Luck Haley… you deserve the win! Enjoyed all your performances tonight especially the one with you and your Dad! My husband and I are putting all of our votes for you!

    • scooty deserves to win. he is talented. and never been in th bottom. haley and her growling has got to go.lauren is very talented also

  102. When they replayed the auditions for each of the final three, I thought the auditions sounded better than what I have been hearing on the stage they have been using this year. It will be interesting next week to see how everyone sounds on a different stage. If the difference is obvious, maybe the producers will do something about it next year. The lack of good sound quality could have made a difference for some of the contestants who do not sing as loud. Has this stage been used since year one, or have they changed the sound system? The sound just doesn’t seem right. Also, why did Ryan have to push the judges to say who won? I think they were trying to let the voters decide for themselves, but Ryan pushed for their opinions. Once, again, Ryan is overstepping his position as host.

    • Yes! The sound has been poor all season. It is a new stage, though, so maybe they haven’t gotten it all figured out. But it really showed tonight (Haley’s back up for Rhiannon and Lauren almost getting lost in the instrumentation a few times).

  103. My full recap πŸ™‚

    1st Round (Contestants Choice)

    Scotty – He done it again. It started a little mess. A little pitchy in the word β€œanything” & β€œdream”. His lower twang sometimes doesnt hit the right note. Why couldnt he started-off the song without the twang as Babyface suggest? In the middle of the song he shines. His upper register (Scotty-wise) twang more beautiful than his lower twang that can easily fell-off the notes. He should’ve sing with the mike standing in the middle of the stage. Its good performance not great.

    Lauren – Wew,pitchy moment all over the place and its like she’s doing a marathon instead of singing. Sorry,its a bad performance. All of her breath control in the lower,middle and upper register of the song is all over the place,it makes people that hear and watch her ran out of breath too ><

    Haley – What the heck with the judges (J-Lo & Steven) messin around & Ryan havent finished of his announcement yet and then collide with the start of Haley performance. Not professional, not professional AI!! Kinda mess the anticipation of Haley performance at the start of the song. If only she can play guitar… Kinda like the background is missin something. They should put a band or something in the stage not to make it so…. empty. It would make it more great if theres a choir backing Haley when she sang "ohh aa aah aa.." and backing in the last verse of the song to make it more uplifting.

    The 3rd round winner is… Scotty.

    I dont know if the fact that they have to sing 3 songs each with a little time to prepared considering the homecoming trip, to me their performances like a rush performance. Its not worthy for Top 3.
    So all in all, heres my grade for the 3 of them :

    Scotty – B+
    Lauren – C
    Haley – B

    • Waks, heres the 2nd Round recap
      2nd Round (Jimmy Io Choice)

      Scotty – Hmm,when he say β€œmoon” in the beginning of the song & the bass player fall short of the tempo… bad. But in the middle he pick it off again. Mix of powerful & soft vocal in the middle verse of the song and his growl when hes sing β€œreal good shot” at the end of the song just great. All in all it was a good not great again of his performance.

      Lauren – i dont know what is wrong with Lauren breath tonight. Her breath control tonight is so undesireable in a word. Its like she confuse on whether when is the right time to bring out a powerful vocal moment or not. When she sing β€œrainbow” at the 1st verse when she should done it with a powerful vocal but its like she backing off confused. Near the end verse when she sing β€œif i die young…”,when she should bring out a passionate powerful vocal… she’s not. Great song choice but bad performance.

      Haley – Pitchy when she start the song, a little bit late when she sing the 1st verse of the song & along of that it came out as mumbling voice not a whisper gentle voice as she intended to. Umm,its a boring as it cant be improvise so much of a song. Jimmy,u picked the wrong song out of the 3 contestant ><

      So,again with the not so great performances from the contestant in the 2nd round… Scotty win.

  104. Best comment I’ve heard yet. I have thought all along the sound was bad. So many times the instruments or background singers are overpowering the contestants. Not to mention that sometimes the accompanist don’t follow the tempo set by the singer. I keep wanting them to turn up the mikes on the Idols.
    Wonder how the judges feel about being put on the spot like that by Ryan.

  105. OMG, I just saw the video of Haley’s first song… I didn’t realize she FELL!!!!!!!!!!!! Oooops, I have only one thing to say to Ms. Attitude: BAD KARMA! Ouch! πŸ™‚

    • And with her poise and confidence on the stage, she totally overcame it, and as usual, she NAILED every note of the song. Imagine that, a singer singing consistently ON KEY in a SINGING competition. She’s a pro.

      • That is YOUR opinion. According to YOU and some other people she NAILED it, according to me and some other people her performance was average. Difference of opinions, deal with it!

      • Ohh yeah!!!
        as always all your comment is againts with haley…well i will surprise if you Praise haley..,

        SO who is your best of the night?
        Scotty? Lauren?
        you gotta kidding me..Lol

      • Apparently you spend too much time away from school, learn how to write first, then start blogging.

      • not matter at all..,
        by d way Gabriela i think you
        had a miserable life…your full of hatred.,,

      • Not as miserable as some moron that passionately defends someone he/she doesn’t even know. Is a show, get a life. At least I have one!

    • She didn’t blink, got up and kept singing and was – by far – the best in round 1.

      Overall on the night she was #1 with Scotty #2 so they will probably be the finalists.

      • How can someone that SUCKED HORRIBLY on her last song can be the winner of the night? Be real please. She was good on round one, average on round two and horrible on round three. Winner of round one yes, but not winner of the night with that horrible third performance!

    • What do you honestly think would’ve happened if the other two would’ve slipped??? Don’t lie. She came back from it almost instantly, and moved forward, didn’t let it affect the vocals of the end of her song…she’s poised and classy, and is already acting like a true professional. I think the fall just verified to her fans that she’s GOT WHAT IT TAKES! In your face, Gabby Gabs-a-lot!

      • I don’t give a crap about how fast she got up, it was just nice to see her falling, maybe that will teach her to be less arrogant and more humble. I am not saying she stood there on the floor, I am just saying she fell, and she fell right? So why are you defending her, all I am saying is a FACT. She fell, period. I am not talking about how she handle it or how fast she got up, I was just pointing that she FELL!

      • Uhmmm, I’m defending her because you said it in a mean and arrogant manner…karma. She’s 20 years old, for crying out loud, and you’re probably a crappy person if you like seeing ANYONE trip and fall.

  106. There are a lot of people saying that they want to see Scotty and Lauren final 2. Most peoples are saying that Hailey will not be in the final 2 with Scotty. Some people are saying that they want to see Lauren and Hailey final 2. To my opinion whoever gets the most votes by the fans, that person deserve to be in the final 2. 1 of the final 2 deserve to win cause the fans are the one who are voting for the winner. All the best to the 3 of them Lauren, Scotty and Hailey. May the best person who gets the most votes by the fans be the winner. If you want your favourites to win American Idol then you have to vote, vote and vote wisely for the winner of American Idol 2011.

    • “To my opinion whoever gets the most votes by the fans, that person deserve to be in the final 2”

      Oh, you’re so smart!

      • Thanks Andrew you get the picture unlike some other people who do not know how to comment and always criticize people.

    • I agree, ukn. Even with my wild defending of Haley…this is “American” Idol, not “Insert our individual names here” Idol. Whoever wins, deserves to win. I will not suck lemons because of this show, what-so-ever. When it comes down to it, every single contestant wins by getting this exposure…they’re all far better off than they were before.

  107. Item. Scotty Lauren Haley
    Song choice. A. A. D
    Song 1. B+. A- C
    Song 2. A- B- C+
    Song 3. B- B B-
    Haley’s pandering in the first round to the Durbin vote should fail because she doesn’t do it justice the way James could. In round 2 Lauren went off tune and Haley did an impersonation of Nix. Round 3 no one connected emotionally. Send Haley home with song selection like hers, she’d be killed against either Scotty or Lauren.

    • Absolutely, if we are talking about talent. But not all the voters know about music so… I’m afraid we’ll see a disaster tomorrow night πŸ™

    • @JMR you do realize the only song she actually picked was the Led Zeppelin song right? And not only did she nail all three performances, but if Jimmy Page and Robert Plant thought James would have done it better…..don’t you think they would have offered their songbook to him instead of Haley? Jus wonderin’

      • Haha, Kaynien, but people like to remain in denial. Haley did not do this song to get James votes…she’s sung this song many times with her band before she even knew she’d be on American Idol…she just LIKES singing this song…and the singer LET her sing it. She did amazing!

  108. Yahoo news has posted, “Why Haley Reinhart Will Make It To The ‘Idol’ Finale”
    Read the reasons for yourself! πŸ™‚

  109. I hope Scotty doesn’t shear his hair off unless Jennifer shaves off hers first. What does his hair have to do with his singing, anyway? That was really rude of Jennifer to even tell him what to do with his hair lke she did. No one has told the two other contestants how to wear their hair. If he’s smart, he’ll keep his hair the way he wants it. Most people look better with hair than with no hair. Maybe the ones with half a head of hair would look better shaved, but sheesh, if a guy has hair, he ought to flaunt it.

  110. A poser from youtube says:
    VOTE FOR haley and dial these nos.
    1-866-436-5702 & 5705 & 5708
    and actually, this is laurens.

    pls if you really really want your idol to win, dont CHEAT.

  111. My ratings with annotations

    Scotty: blah blah blah gulp drone drone drone buzz buzz, twang twang twang oops, woop de doo, umm boring zzzzzzz snore yawn yawn yawn wizz boom fart C+

    Lauren: snooze, la de da, doe ray me, fizzle fizzle zzzzz yawn gasp gasp huh? wtf? ah oh uh eh? umm hmmm B-

    Hailey: Yeah yeah baby yeah shake it, shake it, do it, do it, ahhhhhh ohhhhh myyyyyy, weeeeee woooo who’s your daddy? I’m nearly there, I’m nearly there, I can’t hold it any longer A

  112. I like to see haley win.
    Something different then country and pop
    Like year after she has and amazing voice very talented.

  113. I can only take another week of this show and the ridiculous judging and critiques , if you can call it that, by J-lo and Randy; I can truly appreciate what it was when Simon sat there. Win or lose, I can’t wait for HALEY to begin her post-Idol career and future successes. I am sure within a year, all those that doubted her vocal versatility and range, her talent and stage presence, and why she didn’t just stick to one genre, will finally appreciate the true artist she will become. Enough said.

  114. HALEY, you deserve many positive growls from this NITTANY LION, and not only am I PENN STATE PROUD, but also HALEY PROUD !!!!!

  115. I hope you guys know the polls don’t matter on here or any where else . We all know this because of what happened to Pia and James , best of the season. Don’t get to confident! Idol has a winner picked and they have for a long time.

    • Yeah, I agree. Pia and James are the best, and to be honest, I wanted to see both of them in the finale even though I support Scotty.

      • I am still upset about James leaving, my husband was right, it is a popularity contest and that is so wrong, it is suppose to be a singing contest…..

  116. LAUREN the best american idol so far ..
    even if she will out .. i think she the best contestant than any in top 3 ..

    • Naah… Lauren thinks she’s soooo innocent and lovable but she’s not at all like that. And the way she chases after everyone and thinks her jokes are funny is so disgusting… i feel sorry for scotty to have to put up with her bone-crunching painful looking hugs…. its like she wants ppl to talk about him and her together… even when Ryan asked she seemed so happy he brought it up and was all: ‘well… he is kinda cute..” that’s what she said while scotty looked kinda annoyed and immediately said they were like brothers and sisters. Even when James was eliminated… she didn’t seem sorry at all and went on hugging scotty at first also… that wasn’t very nice of her, I must say….

      • oh bull to you, Lauren is 16, that is how 16 year olds act and she was very sad James left. she is probably close to Scotty because they sing the same music. my God she is 16 and is a wonderful singer and has many years to better it. i hope she get a great carrer, can you do better, think not

    • She is a sweet 16Β½ yr old with a crush on Scotty and, while I would have liked to have seen another all girl final (only had on in 9 seasons)and think she will eventually have a good future in the music industry, she is far from being the best Idol contestant this season.

  117. Scotty is the best!! He deserves to win. His voice is nice. everything of him is nice. But I’m not sure if he would go to the finale, ‘coz America doesn’t know how to vote!!! Scotty has to win right? He is the best, He is much better than Haley and Lauren. He has to win! SCOTTY I’M YOUR BIGGEST FAN! I’M NOT IN AMERICA SO I CANT VOTE FOR U πŸ™ so sad. If i was in america i WOULD VOTE FOR YOU A THOUSAND TIMES! PPL WHO R IN AMERICA VOTE FOR SCOTTY!!

    • no to Haley, yes she is talented but something about her, she is full of herself, mouthy, arrogant, no dont like the raspy throat thing gets old.

  118. I agree Shelly, Haley has an attitude which is annoying and should be humbled as to the position she has reached. I hope it is Lauren to take the title but if not I am sure she will do fine in the future. GOOOOOOOO Lauren !!!

  119. If Haley has an attitude, it is an attitude of defense. Look what the judges have put her thru in recent weeks. I think it shows how strong of a person she is, not sitting down and just taking their crap.

      • Agreed guys…That raspy thing is what sets her apart. It didn’t do bad by Janis Joplin either. I’ve had enough of the cookie cutter Idols… Scotty is great but, not unique. Go Haley!

      • Joplin didn’t have a raspy voice. Don’t try and compare the two. Haley couldnt even sing backup to Janis.
        Jeez ,who threw pearls before you?

      • Haley is the one person who grew with the show. She improved every week. I was/am a Joplin fan and I would love to have seen them share a stage. Hayley is the modern Joplin

  120. For all of you Haley fans out there, did you see that smirky grin when James was sent home. No compassion whatsoever. She is rude, arrogant, self centered, and she has a potty mouth to the point, Jimmy had to tell her to watch her mouth. But I guess all of this is ok for our “next American idol” she will probably win the title since the executive director is all about her. If she does, no more idol for me.

    • I honestly think that was your imagination. Haley and James were, and still are, tight friends!

      • the thing i noticed the most was that i think haley has botox done to her face so much so she cant emote during a song. and frankly, that makes her appear a bit plastic.

  121. I agree James and Pia were the best..I hope Haley goes hiome tonight she has a bad attitude, and she really isn’t all that good

  122. It is apparent the two remaining contestants have the talent and the voice which is liked by many people or they would not be in the position they are in. They are two young wholesome people with the talent and deserve to be where they are.

    • They are two wholesome people and really look and sound as if they should be sitting on hay in someones farm strumming their guitars. They both have nice voices and are cleancut. But they are boring. Not what I would like to see in an idol. They should have a whole new competition for country singers

      • sure we need more drug addled amy whinehearts. or however you spell her name. NOT

    • They do have a country competion. However this is American Idol. Not AI Country-less. America’s got talent had a Country Winner last year also. I guess it has lots of followers. The best to Scotty and Lauren as it takes a lot to do what they have done.

  123. I hope the support show for the finals is good because top 2 boreing. American Idol should be renamed American Country. James, Casey, Haley and Pia voted out. Incredible tallent in comparison to top 2. When Lauren and Scotty come on it’s refreshments time.

  124. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was to see Haley voted out. She was a breath of fresh air and had talent galore. Lauren must have a good foundation of voters willing to vote as often as they can during the two hour period. Between voting via the phone, facebook or texting you can easily vote several hundred times for the same person. Once I voted 125 times just on the phone for Pia in a half hour span using the redial feature after each vote. Judging by who we have left I’d say Scotty will end up the American Idol for 2011 because he’s a boy because girls outnumber boys in the voting. But as it’s turned out, I’d say that any one in this year’s top eleven are much better than the winners of the past 4 seasons, and that includes talent, personality, presentation and showmanship.

  125. i no James should of been on top he had the most votes. so did Pia 2 of the best out of all.
    someone voted him off i believe.he had a usability and no one should be judged by that for i no i am disabled to.James the winner Pia the second runner up .that’s how it is.Now I’m glad Lauren is the top 2 and Scottie and I’m glad Hailey who is so in to herself is out .her voice was bad

  126. I think it is exciting to be a part of a another persons future!!! As the new American Idol makes #1 hits, we can say we were a part of it, our votes count!!!! That is why I am voting for Scotty, he has a fabulous voice and will be name around for years and yes, I will be a part of what put him in the lime light!!! Vote Scotty in the finale!!! Scotty, our new American Idol!!!!!!!!!

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