American Idol 2011 Results: Top 3 Elimination Show Tonight

Tonight’s results show will determine who will be performing for your American Idol 2011 finale and who will fall just short of his or her big chance. I would say that after last night’s performances that it’d be a no-brainer on who will make the cut, but I think the obvious results expectations should be thrown out the window after last week’s surprise.

Between what I’m seeing in our poll, my impressions of last night’s performances, and Branden’s prediction that we’ll see the country-vote divvied up I’m expecting Lauren to be cut lose and give us a finale showdown between Haley and Scotty. But again, after lots of surprise results this season I’m not going to hold my breath.

Along with the results we’re going to get a few guest performances tonight. I had never heard of Il Volo before (think Jonas Brothers singing Italian), but their video features lots of Beats headphones uselessly wrapped around their necks so I’m guessing Jimmy Iovine is involved here. Their music video is hilariously cheesy (you look at the ground, you look right at the camera, and you look up and pretend to be amazed by a blue sky), or at least the first minute is since I couldn’t get past that, so you can watch it or listen to the preview below.

Il Volo – ‘O Sole Mio:

Then we’ll also get a performance of “Right There” by Nicole Scherzinger and 50 Cent. I’m not sure which performance will be worse but this duo looks ready to take on the Italian trio with lyrics like “me like the way… me like the way…” apparently inspired by Rebecca Black (“we so excited”). Rest assured that there are more Beats headphones featured in this video too so definitely more Jimmy-ProductPlacement-Iovine at work. Give it a watch or listen in below.

Nicole Scherzinger – Right There ft. 50 Cent:

Looks like I’ll just be watching for the American Idol results tonight, but while we wait for the envelope be sure to join other Idol fans on our Facebook page and see what everyone is saying. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite in our poll below.




  1. I agree with you, and Scotty will be the winner coz he’s getting 100% country vote + James and Jacob’s fans

    • Cool and if by a chance lauren leaves then scotty takes her votes too. Then haley don’t stand a chance.

      • I don’t want Lauren to leave but if she does I’m right there with ya, I love both Scotty and Lauren!!!

      • I’m with you. What a mess that would be. Hailey had the hardest songs.

      • Impossible, they could not do it. plain and simple. A very weird judges choice. How deep did they have to dig to find a more complicated song, and then popint out that she was having trouble keeping up with the words. Let JLO try it..HAHA I would like to hear what Simon thought about the song the judges picked for Haley..Did they all agree that this song would be able to showcase her?? Do they know how stupid this makes them. Way to go Haley!! And Props to Steven Tyler for giving credit where credit is due. Thats why he was so amazed. I have lost all respect for Jennifer Lopez. Maybe Jennifer is pushing for Scotty so much, because she could’nt hold a light to Haley. Also if the judges were so hell bent on giving Haley a song with fast lyrics, then they should have chosen, Devel went down to Georgia for Scotty, and mayby Sin Wagon for Lauren, then mayby you could call it fair. Well!!!!

      • I agree. I think the judges picked that song because Steven wanted to hear Haley say some of the lines in that song and J-lo knew it would be a very tough song for her or anyone to sing. Interesting song pick for a family show. I feel J-Lo see’s Haley as competition down the road. She is very “smitten” with Scotty just like she was with Stephano. One more thing, people on here have made several comments about how “young” Lauren is, well news flash, Scotty is only about 6 months older!

      • Well, we know they couldn’t do that and I’m sure that is what you are saying. Neither has the power or the range.
        I was really impressed with both girls last night. Especially Haley. I’m glad the judges/Iovine gave Haley tough songs.
        Shows what she really can do. They challenged her and she met the challenge.

      • I’d like to hear Scotty and Lauren sing the three songs Haley sang. ====>
        And i’d like to hear Haley sing the three Lauren sang to .. did u think she ruin with the screaming n growling?? busit

    • Jeffry, After Haley’s Lead Zeppelin, don’t bet on all of James votes going to the other two. As far as Jacob’s votes, blacks don’t like country, period. So those who have continued with the show are much more likely to vote for Haley.

      • Straight up. No self-respecting rocker could vote against Haley’s Led Zep. If you did, then you just don’t rock. Go listen to your Lynard Skynard cover band in shame.

    • Love Scotty reminds me so much of Josh turner and I love Josh turner! He will go really far even if he doesn’t make it on AI

    • He will not get all the country vote. I grew up country its in my blood but Scotty does not do country justice. Listen to george straight , tim mcgraw , clint black , randy travis , garth brooks, alan jackson, sawyer brown. Scotty does not compare to either of those guys and plent of others. I give him two years and everyone will be saying Scotty who? just like Taylor Hicks. Deep voice does not = country star. So scotty is not getting my vote so at most 99% country vote but i know there are other country fans out there who agree with me scotty is not the next great country star. 3 note McNuts of Wonder is only a temporary star. Haley can do country , blues , rock , jazz, pop, etc. She can have albums that will cross genres. And james is a poser cry baby he wasnt true metal or rock there is no room for cry babies in the metal/rock world and he was only imitating Adam Lambert 90% of the time which he admitted ! Wow how original by copying another idol is miles better than him and made top 2. Lauren has so much potential but her age and maturity is not where it needs to be yet if she had come to american idol in 2-3 more years she would of been phenominal like carie underwood. All you PIA fans need to stop already shes recording youll have a CD soon. Anyways Haley deserves the win because she has true vocal talent is at the right maturity level to handle the business and can put on a show without the need of pyrotechnics to distract you from how horrible the voice really was. GO HALEY! You got this country boys vote and many others.

      • Absolutely agree about Scotty.
        Never a real Haley fan but do appreciate her talent. Her Morissette and Led Zeppelin songs were absolutely outstanding. No problem with her hitting those high notes. Scotty, was really pushing to move out of his comfort zone.


  2. I hope we get Lauren and Haley into the finale…but I am not that naive. Is it too much to hope that other people forgot Scotty’s performances ten minutes after they were done? Yeahhh…of course it is.
    I just really hope Hales makes it into the finale. I’m guessing she will! 🙂

    • If Haley should make it to the finals, she should sing every song that Scotty does. This would dramatically show Scotty’s limitations & amplify Haley’s greater assets.
      This in turn would give voters a direct comparison between the two.
      P.S. Of course, they could, instead, have Scotty sing all of Haley’s picks!? Hee, hee.

  3. Be aware guys…..these pool result could be very deceptive hmmmmmmmm

  4. I think that lauren will be voted off tonight and nect week will be hard to judge because both halie and scotty have grown so much with each performance very excited to see who wins next week

  5. If Lauren goes home….then all her votes will go to Scotty…. Plus I read somewhere (not sure if this is true) that James said that he wants Scotty to win. SCOTTY ALL THE WAY….. GO SCOTTY!!!!!!!!!

    • Scotty McNuts of Wonder reached his vocal limit. Lauren is still peaking and Haley is already kicking it into overdrive. Haley and Lauren top 2. Haley for the win!!!

      • I agree with Amadeus, however, the power of the teenage girl has taken the talent part out of this talent show!

      • I think both James and Lauren’s voters will split depending if they want a male or female to win.
        Scott will have all or most the country support but against most of the Rock, Blues, Jazz and Pop fans, I don’t think it will be enough.

      • let hope haley wins she the best. She shows more sparks, she so good her voice is so beautiful. Go Haley go you are the best.

      • I just got the iTunes of Haley’s Zep song….it’s awesome ! Hope to get the chance to hear her again.

      • Agree with you. I think the girls are leaving Scotty way behind. Those two have grown in leaps and bounds.
        Scotty remains stagnant.

      • U could bash scotty all u want, but he is going to be laughing all the way to the bank one day.. who cares if your not a scotty fan!!! He has plenty of fans already. From a latina that loves country music..

  6. If Lauren or Haley win it….you won’t hear much about them in a year or two. Scottie will be another carrie underwood in the county world….he will be around for a long time!!!

    • Wish we could have a write-in vote; James Durbin is the most talented, best performer, most marketable, wildly courageous, and most refreshingly sweet contestant of the season.

      • Really, Scotty compared to Carrie?? Scotty has zero range, let’s not forget he had to use the same song to get through the first 3 rounds. Too Funny that his Dad sang that song last night.

      • I loved the way Scotty sand those high notes in She Believes In Me….. I can’t get his version of that song out of my head, it was awesome.

      • Absolutely. I really miss James too. Nothing fake about that boy. He tended to wear his emotions on his sleeve collar and that probably put some people off. Not me. He brought excitement to the stage.

    • Sorry, Haley has talent and a voice you can recognize each time she sings. She will make it even if she looses.

    • There are articles that show many radio topdogs are dreading the day Scotty comes to tour.

  7. It is amazing what some blogs are predicting, for example, CBS predicts Sotty eliminated and Lauren in the finals. The votes have been tallied so their not try to pursuade voters I guess they’re not impressed with Scotty. They did correctly point out his flaws.

  8. I am hoping that Scotty is the winner. He is true to life and just an all around nice guy. I don’t know if anyone else noticed the smirk on Lauren’s face when James was eliminated, but it was definitely there. She is very spoiled and immature. Haley is very self centered, but an all right singer.

    • No Linda I didn’t notice and don’t put much credence in that sort of thing!

    • ok scotty cant sing passed wat he does do u even remebr his performances, and has the judges ever gave him a standing ovation no haley has had 4, haley deserves it more she took a huge chnace wit the led zepelin song james fans will vote for her, she deserves it, she has been told her flaws and she broke those flaws to me she shown wat an artist can be, haleu has had amazing performances u never forget them ever please vote haley she amazing she killed last night ,ol eerynight for three weeks standing ovation come on her songs were challenging give her props

      • Get your spelling book out and practice….and when you are old enough to go to school you will be ready

  9. Right about now, I miss Simon Cowell. Used to be that the contestants were supposed to make a song their own and change it up. The ONLY truly memorable, original stand-out performance last night was Haley’s first performance. Everything else was oh-so-forgetable. If she doesn’t make it into the finals, it’s going to be pretty boring viewing. There is no denying Scotty has a great voice and a solid country music career in front of him, but it would be nice if he were a little less “safe” and predictable. Lauren has a beautiful voice but she’s young and frankly, just not ready to be the American Idol. Scotty is clearly going to win, but I’d like to see a finale with Haley and Scotty.

    • I totally agree! It is so obvious that JLO dislikes Haley. I love that Haley offers a great range of music- without her performances, I am truly bored. JLO seems as though she has a personal vendetta against her. It makes me want to vote all 50 votes for her. JLO needs to get kicked off her high horse.

  10. After hearing the guest artists this week I don’t care who wins just PLEASE!!! get Haley into the studio quick and put Lauren on quick training to get her ready to record. If James goes more rock and lite on the metal I will take that, almost any thing is better that the crap guests we get tonight.

    • Agreed. Mass-marketed music is garbage. Auto-tuned “gonna dance in da club” stuff is infiltrating everything. My “Haley Idol” CD is about all I’m listening to currently. Listening to she and Casey, I think her first CD should be about half duets just because her voice blends so well with others. I pray TPTB don’t do to her what they’ve done to Jordin Sparks!

      • Be, I call it commercial music…made strickly to sell. No substance, nothing new or creative… just the same old whatever.
        Maybe a great part of Haley’s appeal to us is she is singing a number of songs that are REAL music. Look at her song list… some really good stuff in there
        But her real advantage is her versatility & variety. NO ONE else can come close since Casey talents he had nowhere near her vocal talents.

      • fatboy, you are so correct. The only questionable Haley song, for me, was “Call Me.” It wasn’t bad, but I didn’t think it suited her and I don’t think the song is particularly interesting. Still, it really is not bad! She didn’t get enough credit for “Blue,” “Fallin'” “Piece,” and “Be Your Baby Tonight.” All were good. Love the stuff she did with that Whitney Houston tune, but she didn’t get props for it like I thought she should have.

        On a side note, did you catch the growls in Scotty’s and Lauren’s performances last night? Made me snicker…

      • Be, Yes, as a matter of fact,I did catch their bit of growling… particularly Lauren’s. I even made a post about it last night, warning the Lauren fans.
        We know Lauren is a big family of Haley’s, right? After living with her for months, it only follows she would pick up some of Haley’s traits? Don’t we all desire to emulate those we admire?

  11. HALEY for the win! People say Scotty is a stronger singer.. Lauren is a good singer, but they are one trick pony’s with only country music. Lauren and scotty have done mostly country all season, they had easy songs to sing compared to haley last night. Haley = Classic rock, jazz, pop, contemporary, modern, etc, etc. ENOUGH SAID. Haley has more to her repertoire than the other two. If Haley goes home tonight i will be P I S S E D i would love to see a Lauren and Haley finale! Scotty is a basic boring singer, i can’t even imagine sitting at one of his concerts it would be 2 hours of him standing in one spot, sitting in one spot, or trying to run around stage looking wierd as hell

    • I am not a fan of Haley, but she was the best last night Scotty is boring and will probably make the most money that all of the singers, because nashville is waiting for him we will hear a lot of him in the future. Lauren is too young and immature she needs to get more training and grow up a little–too much of mommy little girl. Haley prove last night that she is a performancer she was given the most difficult songs and did a good job on everyone. If she comes to the table like she did last night next week she will win. I say Lauren is going home tonight.

    • I think Scotty and Lauren did amazing last night I like how they know what kind of music they want to do so why do anything other then the genere you want to do where as hailey sings a deffrent generes all the time yes she has had great peformances but to me it looks like she dosnt know what genere she wants to do when the competion is over where as Scotty and Lauren has

  12. Haley Haley Haley. The only real artist of the bunch. Don’t keep assuming Scotty is going to win – look what happened to James. The voting demographic changes these last few weeks.

    • James was not popular as most of people thought he was… Being married and being so loud about it took away youth female vote from him. & Being arrogent in the hollywood week didn’t score anything extra! You cannot compare Scotty with James!

      • You are sooooo right! I was impressed with James in the beginning but then it all went to his head … it was so obvious! Aside from all that, I am a metal fan from way back in the day, but really, he needed to stop all the screaming!

      • James arrogant? You are kidding right!!

        There is no comparison. One was the whole package and made you want to look forward to his next performance. The other is a total sleeper stuck in one dimension.

    • oh! If Lauren looses tonight(which won’t happen) all her votes got Scotty.. Haley has no chance!

      • You are probably right but I’ll be happy cuz that means we get to hear Haley one more time instead the all coutry American Hoedown

      • Just goes to show Haley won’t lose because she wasn’t better than the others. She lost because she isn’t country.

      • David, she could do a Southern Rock song next week, if she makes it! I suggested in another post “When Will I Be Loved?” I think that would be great, and so appropriate! HA!

  13. even when lauren or scotty have me saying “ok, that wasnt that bad” i still cant remember what they sing from week to week. I can’t even remember what they sung the next day! However, i cant stop listening/watching this girl!! still listening to benny and the jets, god bless the child, blue, rolling in the deep, house of the rising sun, you and i, earth song, i who have nothing everday and now these 3!! Haley is the most unique and her voice is crazy with so much range.. she can groe=wl or scream and STILL sound good

  14. Here is my take, for the past 7 or 8 weeks there has been 2 bars used for judging. One for Scotty and one for everyone else. People, he is a karaoke singer, nothing more. Everyone else has had to show different sides, dance around the stage and belt their tunes out where Scotty just does his talking country songs. This year Haley has had 3 standing ovations from the judges, let me correct that 2 2/3’s J-Lo snubbed her last night. Scotty ZERO. Then for J-lo to tell Lauren she won the round last night BEFORE Haley sang was outright wrong. Yes I voted for Haley, based on her TALENT and the range of her voice and material she has covered. The order should be 1. Haley 2. Lauren and 3. Karaoke Scotty however, the power of the teenage girl will make Scotty win.

    Two suggestions for Idol next year: 1. Change the voting system to a weighted system. 2. Remove the judges once the Top 5 are selected. All in all I think this year was the best Idol of all, but the past few weeks the judges have really bothered me. With that said, I do hope all 3 come back next year.

    • One more thought… All of the memorable performances this year have come from James or Haley. Look at the hits on you tube for Haley’s house of the rising sun, honestly people has Scotty REALLY done something that great this year, except sing the same song to get through the first 3 rounds???

    • I like Scotty but he does sing easy and karaoke songs… I think the he is getting lots of votes by elimination – there is nobody else that conservative America can vote on, and AI is traditionally a family-oriented conservative show – parents watching it with their kids and stuff. Scotty is a good kid, but to sing only country – isn’t there a show in another channel to launch country stars?? Just country songs and stuff?

      • Your lack of taste puts tarnish on Haley. James was and will be anotherBo Bice

    • Roger, you are so right on with everything you said. J-lo is so obviously not a Haley fan. They have been so hard on her, and I guess it is because, she is so laid back with the comments she receives. The judges may be trying to stir up her emotions more. They did that last week, for sure! Haley has so much more to give to music then Scotty and Lauren, but for sure, it is going to be a popularity contest tonight! I hope that will not be the case, but it more then likely will. We can only hope that Haley is in it to win it, with the voters!

      • She starts of every song trying to sing soft then starts to pick up the beat and growl. Fact is she can’t sing high with out her voice going into a growl. She then raises her arm and goes around in the same pace she always uses. Always the same.

      • Scotty twangs all the time, everything hie does is always the same. Oh, and he has a really annoying habit of scooping his notes in a wah wah style, never hitting the note right on EVER and he has some pretty significant pitch issues. I know Country style it’s somewhat ok to scoop the notes, but not to the degree Scotty does it.

      • May I suggest both you clearly frustrated women put that pole of Haley’s to some good use?

  15. Haley is OBVIOUS the true artists and should win this season. Haley has had over 6 performances that I remember from the start of the season intill this moment.. Haley leaves a impact when she performs/sings.. as for lauren and scotty?? not so much.. They are basic boring country singers! HALEY FOR THE WIN with lauren being a close second.. hopefully scotty goes tonight

    • I can remmember peformances Scoty and Lauren did I cant really remmember any Hailey did though

    • I agree. Haley has done at least 6 songs I remember to this day and house of the rising sun ,rolling in the deep I go back and listen to them every week. Go Haley

  16. Scotty is like super magnet now.. attracting everybody to him… with Haley or Lauren He’s going to win by miles!

    • Not so sure about that, if Lauren goes this week it will likely dead even between Scotty and Haley with the newer viewers deciding the winner. That could put Scotty at disadvantage being only country.

    • Very interesting point. I’ve neither heard nor seen one single person say or write Scotty has brought them to him during the last 2-4 weeks.

  17. I would like to see scotty and lauren in the final. Let’s see what happens. Got a feeling haley might be leaving. That’s just me predicting it. I was right about james last week let’s see how right I am this week

  18. I really think that we will see a Scotty and Haley finale, but who knows with this crazy America world. We might see two girls in the finale or two country singers.

  19. Scotty is selling himself more than his songs with his Christian values for that group and face/body movements for the girls.
    Scotty lacks the “IT” factor in his voice, yes it sounds good but missing something that make people want to hear it over and over.
    The people in the music business seems to have caught on to this quickly and will likely give him one album to get a hit with since it will sell enough based on idol fan support.
    As a person I like Scotty and for that he will make a good role model if he wins but a major recording star is unlikely without a major hit on his first album.

    • Well I will disagree with you on Scotty’s voice. He definitely has an IT factor, which is why both my 14-year old and I have downloaded all his songs and listen to them with headphones while running, on the bus, or on the car radio and stereo at home. Even my husband likes to listen to him. Can’t wait to hear more songs from him and looking forward to his first (of many) CD(s). As far as the reaction he gets from tween and teen girls…well that suggests he is a true “idol”–he is adored and idolized by his fans. I keep saying, numbers don’t lie. He has consistently led in this site’s poll, and never been in the bottom 3 or 2. Individuals have different tastes and preferences, but the evidence suggests more people like and prefer Scotty than any other contestant on this season’s AI.

      • Scotty seems to be a great person on that I agree but I stated want many in the music business are saying and when I listen to his songs and the originals it does seem that something is missing to it.

        Now Scotty was leading early but has not been the top vote getter since Stefano left, then Casey votes when to Haley putting her in 2nd behind James, then Jacob votes seem to have gone to Haley, Scotty and Lauren with Haley getting most votes last week and James going home.

      • Actually, Scotty was in the bottom three when I think it was Stephano was voted off.

      • Bloodyscot, are you talking about the votes on this site? If so, Haley has never passed Scotty…was very close, if I recall correctly. Since the idol votes are never disclosed, there’s no way to know who was leading. I don’t think Scotty has been in the bottom 3, Roger.

      • Great post! I totally agree with you. Scotty will be a country music star and a sucess!! I will defenitely buy his first and all the many CDs he produces!!Scotty for the win!!!

      • In fact, Roger, the night Stefano was voted off, Jacob and Haley were also in the bottom 3, with Haley sent to safety first.

      • How quickly we forget. Scotty WAS in the bottom 2 just last week! I can’t put the link in here, but google….. “Drama! ‘Idol’ is unpredictably shocking this year” and on the top is Msnbc link with the picture of Scotty and James together!

      • On last week’s elimination show Ryan seacreast specifically stated that ” Scotty has NEVER been in the bottom 3″. I mean…do you listen?

      • @Roger….has selective hearing…just what sounds good in his imagenation…either that or he doesnt understand English

    • Scotty has that little something in his voice that Randy Travis has. He is Great

      • i think scotty has been the top vote getter every week. the times they had him up last they were very careful to say it was in random order.

      • I’d bet the farm Haley had the most votes last week. And the time it was ‘random’ Ryan was very specific that Scotty was never in the bottom 2 implying that he was in the bottom 3 the previous week.

  20. Talent, voice, personality, style, versatility and not afraid of challenges …. Is called Haley!!

  21. Truth is that the top three should not even be the last ones standing. Haley should be there but with James, Casey or Jacob. Scotty is a nice young man and will have a career based on charisma, not singing. But he is a one trick pony. Lauren – no! She should have been voted off a long time ago. Good voice, but way too young to pull of being the Idol!

    • I agree – a few weeks ago I was hoping for a James/Haley finale – that would have been interesting!

      • Pia,James,Haley finals Now there is only Haley. She did the best version of the house of the rising sun then anyone has ever done

  22. we tried to vote for scotty last night and could not get through on the phones lines. had to resort to just a couple votes online before getting totally annoyed typing in random letters. anyone else experience problems getting through?

    • I agree! That raspy growling wanna be sexy things tries to do just doesn’t cut it for me! She is haynus!

      • It’s H-E-I-N-O-U-S. Good Lord. If you’re going to be a hater at least learn how to spell. Do they not have school houses in the country anymore? I bet Haley can spell heinous. She can also probably spell words like ‘bias’ and ‘discrimination’…

      • Thank you, NG. That needed interpretation for me to understand it. I thought maybe a “haynus” was some type of wonderful nut.

      • NG-You’re hating on everything country so maybe you need to check yourself for “discrimination”.

      • I’m pretty sure heinous might be Haley’s middle name. So, I’m sure she can spell it.

      • No, I am NOT hating on everything country – and that’s mainly because Scotty is not “everything country”. I admit Scotty has talent and a lot of potential. Haley Haters say she has ZERO vocal and performance talent, which just goes to show how ignorant and backward some pig farmers in the good old US of A still are. Yee haw.

      • You know, I do enjoy a lot of country songs and I have a great appreciation for a lot of country artists. You can’t live where I do and not. If Scotty is the future of Country music it will be a sad sad future.

      • Scotty has a target audience though, and I think his rendition of the Lone Star classic has shown his vocal skills are improving (almost ZERO pitch issues and he sang with great feeling) and that he can REACH that audience. This is no longer about talent, this is about the size of the audience. Lauren is like Scotty’s little sister – great but not quite there yet. Haley vs. Scotty will come down to audience size. They are both really talented in their own genre and would not be where they are right now if they were not.

      • Lauren and Scotty both have natural talent, and apparantly very little, if any, training. They could be tremendous, given time. They aren’t there yet (although they both have beautiful timbre to their voices), but they could be with some patience and work. I hope they get that. For Lauren, I fear a disaster if she’s rushed headlong into the abyss of fame, fortune and the pressure that brings.

      • NG, Actually having had all my schooling in the South, that is exactly how they would spell it… phonetically!
        Notice the use of the word ‘hay’… get it?
        And please, before you Southerners start giving me hell… I never said all of you. It’s just this fellow is ‘special’.

      • Well Fatboy, if it were not for some phonetic spelling around here, we’d be playing “Wheel of Fortune” and buying vowels all over the place! 😛

        I think picking on bad spellers just might be a form of discrimination! :O

    • Lauren should go home to night she not worth a crap. She ack like she can’t more she has not sparks. She just a stiff person. Hope she goes home to night. Haley has more sparks and a goo d singer. Go Go Go Haley.Good luck girl.Haley Haley HhhAaaaaaLlllYyyy. Go girl

      • Lauren seems like a great person and has great tone to her voice but still a 16yrs old under super pressure.
        She will likely go home tonight but no reason to bad mouth her.

        Haley for the win.

  23. I thought they were going to show the 3 finalists at their home towns… too bad, as there were fine moments at least in Scotty’s and Haley’s concerts – Scotty had the surprise of his life with Josh Turner that, for me, was one of the highlights of this season at AI – although it might not show in the show itself due to greed and other business-related reasons the network probably has… – and then I hear that Haley’s mom singing with her was great, plus her dad at the guitar etc. These are the things we want to see – no bad Italian bands or pseudo-singers with connections trying to sell records on the show… I really wish they could focus on those moments that connect the audience with the contestants, their families – these are the moments in this kind of reality show that makes us feel good and connected with the spirit of the show…

    • I totally agree with your post. AI has had some PITIFUL guests this year. In all honesty, I muted the volume on the TV during most of them. Let me see some Idol heart instead, involving the contestants. Also, just want to mention, the judges are really trying to sway the voters this year. I love this group of judges, but I hate that they are resorting to these sorts of games. Just be real, Judges!

      • Good points Sassisue. I liked the judges but the excess influence against Haley so obvious. I want to see home towns too. Guests are below par is Idol running out of money.

    • Totally agree, videos of the home visits would be great and fun. Billy Idol and Lady Gaga were weird but at least known stars.

  24. Imagine if lauren or Scotty sang either of the last two songs Haley had to sing on Wednesday night. They’re both talented, but I would venture to guess neither could have done it with much success. My hats off to Haley.

    • Well I think about Haley singing bass like Scotty does, I don’t think she could.

      • Haha, Piper, you totally missed the point. In response to your ridiculous reply I will say “Just imagine Scotty singing soprano like Haley does, I don’t think he could”.

        What farside was saying is Scotty and Lauren would not have been able to perform either of those songs with any kind of success. And I’m going to go further than him and say they wouldn’t have been able to do the Led Zeppelin song either. The degree of difficulty of those songs is beyond either of them.

        That being said, the entire line up was beyond Haley’s ability to put together in only 3 or 4 days. She should have gone with an easier personal choice, especially since they were the first songs performed.

      • David, if it is true that Led Zep or their representative contacted Haley and offered their book to her, there’s no way she could’ve turned it down. Plus, she already knew that song and she was confident, I’m sure, in her ability to CONQUER THE WORLD with that one song, even if she struggled with the other two. I, for one, am very grateful she chose it. Even if she goes home tonight, I’ll be glad to have that studio recording!

      • I agree that’s not something she should have turned down. But they did it after House not this last week. I guess if she was worried this might be her last chance I can see why she picked it. It was a huge line up, though, and she didn’t make it. You know that saying shoot for the moon. If you miss you land among the stars. Well she shot at the moon but it landed in the reflection pool. I really, really, really hope she makes it through. I love Haley, how she sings, her rasp, her growl, her ‘attitude’ everything that her haters don’t like about her.

  25. Haley has an awesome STAGE PRESENCE American…… don’t ya get it!!!!!
    Scotty is good, but just that…good, he is not THE AMERICAN IDOL.
    Lauren is still wet behind the ears at the young age of 16. She still has a record deal. Not sure she would do well in the American spotlight.

    • When Haley’s hair was blowing last night, she reminded me of Ann Margaret in Bye, Bye Birdie. A lot of you younger ones may not know that movie. Ann Margaret was lovely when she was young.

  26. I’m going to default on the scoring this week.
    They were all good. In fact I’d say they were all very good. But none of them were great. In each performance, I kept waiting for just an instant, a second or two of “WOW!” But it never happened. They all came close tho.

    If I were to rate the possible odds at this point, they’d all get thirty-three and a third per cent.
    It’s that close.
    Time and time again, I see posts, and read or hear people saying things like,” I’m so disgusted with the outcome of American Idol. I will never ever watch this show again.” Or words to that effect.
    This just demonstrates the power and influence that the show has on people’s emotions. Don’t worry; they can’t stay away for very long. One show at best, in most cases.
    I found myself in a bad place last season. A really bad place. I was a huge fan of Siobhan Magnus and when she got voted off, I got sick, actually physically sick because my emotions were so out of whack. I had to go to a therapist and process in order to reclaim any equilibrium over this. Now seriously, when a goofy TV show, essentially an amateur, or almost amateur singing contest has that much power over me, I realize it is time to re-evaluate my emotional priorities in life. In the long run, of course, I got through it, and I’m sure other with similar experiences will get through it also.
    This year, I was a fan of Thia, and she got eliminated early, 12th I think. The shocker of Pia being eliminated was very catastrophic for many fans, same with James. The notion of Scotty, James and Pia being in the final three was a very popular and logical one. Alas, it was not to be.

    So now we find ourselves with the season-long front runner, Scotty pitted against two girls. There has been no female winner since Jordin Sparks. What does that tell you?

    • Maybe investing emotionally in Idol is easier than finding the source of other buried emotions in your “real” life. It’s called a DISTRACTION and I too know how Idol (or anything else) can be a nice escape from reality. Even blogging, tweeting, and participating in forums can become an obsession. What’s good is you recognized the problem and did something about it. 🙂

      • Wait wait. We were just getting into popular medications! That’s the fun part. Okay fine point taken. Psychobabble hater.

      • NG, As usual, good perception from you.
        About emotional investment: As anyone can tell from my many posts,, I am heavily invested. So I asked myself why?

        I think it is simply because there are so many individuals this year worth investing in!
        Let’s face it, the last couple years the AI portfolio has been lame for people like myself. This year there have actually been choices & I’m loving it.

      • NG, As usual, good perception from you.

        About emotional investment: As anyone can tell from my many posts,, I am heavily invested. So I asked myself why?

        I think it is simply because there are so many individuals this year worth investing in!
        Let’s face it, the last couple years the AI portfolio has been lame for people like myself. This year there have actually been choices & I’m loving it.

      • I agree fatboy. I think all the kids since the Top 11 have been just tops. I’ve never seen a more unique, talented and spirited group of kids on the show. Best year so far, I say!

      • NG, As usual, good perception from you.

        About emotional investment: As anyone can tell from my many posts, I am heavily invested. So I asked myself why?
        I think it is simply because there are so many individuals this year worth investing in!
        Let’s face it, the last couple years the AI portfolio has been lame for people like myself. This year there have actually been choices & I’m loving it.

      • Fatboy:

        I am more invested (emotionally and time wise) in this season than any other. The kind of kids that are there this year – back to the Top 11 even – just make me feel a whole lot more optimistic about young people in general these days.

        They’re just good kids, and I wish ALL of them all the best.

      • NG and fatboy, I absolutely agree with you both on quality people in the competition this year. Some unique personalities throughout. There was only one contestant I felt way about, who left about halfway through. The rest impressed me by what little I learned about them.

  27. Am thinking maybe Lauren & Scotty split the country vote and, in an upset, Haley wins the whole thing.
    Also wondering why the judges have more or less been pumping up Lauren. She has good tone,yes, but she really is rather bland. J Lo doesn’t seem too enamored with Haley and yet Haley has the more unique voice, some definite style and spunk that Lauren doesn’t have. ( What was with that L’il Bo Peep dress ? )
    All in all, t’was a strange season. The Top 3 should be 1. James Durbin, 2. the quirky and talented Casey and 3. Scotty. That BOTH Haley & Lauren made into the final 3 is numbing.
    As for the judges, thank God for Jennifer Lopez. She brought style and grace to the proceedings and occasionally some constructive criticism. And Randy finally learned some more words in the English language and seemed freer without Simon Cowell inhibiting him. Seven Tyler was a joke. He began the season with 3 staple sentences and he never once veered from that. Was like he was almost trying NOT to earn his paycheck.

    • My top four from the start were James, Casey, Haley and Lauren.
      I never liked Celine much so not a big Pia fan and with Scotty I liked his charisma more than his singing, just did not connect with his songs.

  28. I beleive Haley has a temper and is spoiled after seeing how she spoke to Randy last week, i was surpised/shocked to here her back talk Randy, only if we could have read her mind at that moment. She looked real mad!!!Spolied bratt!!!!!
    Lauren is always so graceful and cute. She can sing anything, remember she is barely 16 and she is only going to get better. For me i believe Lauren is a true American Idol and she deserves to win, I truley believe she is the one that should win. Scotty is also great and i like him also, i would rather see him win over Haley.

    • One could just as easily say that Lauren is an immature kid while Haley has confidence with just the right amount of “cocky” thrown in. Some people are more annoyed by Scotty’s quirks and Laurens girly-whirly mannerisms. The point is, all three are unique but all exceptionally talented. The only thing that is true here is that country fans seem to have a very very narrow view of music – that anything country (boring or not) is fine but anything different or edgy “sucks” and anyone who isn’t kissing crosses and being generic and a goody-goody is a spoiled, arrogant brat.

      Scotty’s goody-goody image is not REAL to me nor is the “country folk are so God fearing and nice and polite”. Go to any small town hotel on a weekend and watch the young kids act like idiots, drive drunk, do drugs, have unsafe sex and have unwanted pregnancies. Never have I seen more drama than from my country and small town cousins. So save me the “country bumpkin bible basher we’re-all-so-righteous” crap.

      Country people, city people, alternative people -even religious people- they all come in two kinds: nice and not nice. So assign qualities globally to fans of a specific musical genre is beyond ridiculous.

      Just keeping it real here…

      Northern Guy

      • Sorry you haven’t visited the nice small towns. Be sure the people you are judging have real country roots and don’t just live there.

      • You really do run on and love to see yourself in print. Too bad you’re such a pompous windbag. If I wanted to read a book, there’s a new David Baldacchi on the side table. Get over yourself.

      • Well Jake, I only know what I see and what comes out of “small town North America”. And very often what does come out can’t spell (as seen here), has no class, and has drug and alcohol problems. So you can call me what you want to, but the country bumpkins around here all want everyone to believe every country boy out there is a god-fearing-cross-kissing-virgin like Scotty and I’m here to tell you this is crap and a no less of an “image” than Ozzy Ozbourne biting the head off of a chicken.

        Like I said. Country folks and city folks both come in two flavors: good and not good. You have an issue with this? That’s for you to go off and figure out – in front of a mirror perhaps.

      • @ Becky:

        They lived there are were born there – go back three generations or more. Kids in small towns seem to go mad at some point and get into “off the charts” crazy. Not all kids, but a lot of them.

        And besides, since Haley haters can talk crap about her like they’ve grown up with her (yet never met her) I can say what I want too and I’ve known enough small town and country people to know what I know. It’s based on a lot of personal experience and a LOT of people I have met and lived with and not speculation about a single person I’ve never met (read: Haley Haters).

      • The funny thing about the small town crap is Haley’s hometown is still a village.

        I lived in South Carolina for sometime and I promise you that not all southern people are great, charming, wonderful people. They are if you are white and Baptist maybe. My sister is in Charlotte, NC and has many stories of inhospitable locals. And if you try to say maybe my sister isn’t a great person, you are dead wrong as she is one if the best people I’ve ever met.

        Voting for him because he’s a ‘good “Christian” boy’ is pretty darn terrible. He can sing, not any better than what you hear in local fairs and such, though.

      • “Good Christian Boy” is part of the image that Scotty is going to sell to his fans. He’s going to be the wholesome country boy mama never had, and her daughter will daydream about and her daddy will want to take fishin.

        If you ask me, he’s playing it up really nicely too! (Acting scared of Lady Gaga, kissing his cross, kissing the pavement at his hometown airport. Gag.)

      • Does your knowldge of those country towns come from experience… seem to be really up on that kind of information….you know..practice what you preach????

    • Some people on here would prefer to withhold personality judgments in the absence of real evidence. The vast majority of what I’ve seen from Haley is that she’s down-to-earth and easy-going. I didn’t even see temper in her reaction to Randy; rather, I saw disappointment and pain. It doesn’t take much musical experience to recognize she was singled out for criticism while the flaws of other contestants were overlooked.

      When things get unfair, the American people rise up. From Tea in Boston Harbor to Rosa Parks sitting down on the bus, this sort of protest is am American as it gets.

      Haley is the American Idol.

      • Country fans seem to have been inhaling too much herbicide and tractor exhaust though… Aw, well.


      • In the final analysis, ALL OF US are full of ourselves.
        How can we possibly be otherwise?!
        Think about it for awhile.

      • northern Guy… what is your inhaling choice? Car Exhaust..sewer scent…or..booze breath

  29. Allow me to weigh in on the judging and voting. I watch DWTS, and like how they do it. Have the judges SCORE the performance, then add the fans votes as a percentage to the judges scores. In addition, make it one vote, one person. The technology is there to block the IP address online after your one vote is cast. Hope AI goes to the same system next year.

  30. Well, it’s a possibility that Scotty could win this thing for sure. If Lauren goes and Scotty picks up her fans (and he most likely will) then Haley will have a tough time. If Haley is voted off, Lauren won’t stand a chance against Scotty.

    Here is what irks me. Scotty did a VERY nice job of “Amazed” – I thought he was great. Randy noticed a ‘few pitch problems in spots’ but wow I think this was the least pitchy Scotty performance ever. Very nice job! But his second song was quite safe despite being fun, and his limits as a singer we totally obvious during “She Believes…”. The song was simply bigger than him.

    First round: Haley took this one by a good margin. Scotty did really well, but I think Haley did even better.

    Second round: Scotty took this round why? Because the producer in the funny hat can’t pick songs to save his life. Scotty got a bad deal and Rhiannon for Haley was a great idea in THEORY. Nobody should EVER try and do Steve Nicks and to make this song “your own” is next to IMPOSSIBLE. That is, has been and always will be STEVIE’S song and the producer should have known that. What Lauren was forced to sing was a horrible, emotionally confusing and unknown song.

    Third Round: Scotty’s song was bigger than him. I CRINGED when I heard Haley was being forced to sing Alanis. Alanis’s angry little album “Jagged Little Pill” is a one-of-a-kind and nobody can reproduce this miserable-white-girl bitch-session. You can’t make Alanis songs your own any more than you can make Stevie Nicks songs your own. And yes, “You Oughta Know” is a very angry song that DOES require a lot of screaming. And screaming is what Haley Haters use against her. This was NOT a very good (or fair) thing to get her to sing. Her song was 5x harder than Scotty’s but she SLAYED it. Scotty struggled with a much easier song. What did Lauren sing in round three again? Uh… the word FORGETTABLE comes to mind…

    Scotty can win this, but it’s not for his superior talent. It’s because of his popularity and size of the people voting for his genre. Those who say Scotty will blend in with hundreds of other young country would-be megastars are, I think, correct. Haley is a gem so rare – a talent that is so raw, and fresh – yet retro – I think she’ll go places even though her fan base (initally) may not be as big.

    Scotty and Haley will both have careers. Heck, Lauren will too. But my money is on Haley cranking out the most music of the three. Scotty has pushed himself – I agree. So has Lauren, and the way she jazzed-up “I hope you Dance” (which is a boring song, really) really showed her initiative.

    As a Haley fan, I can’t say I will be mad if Scotty wins. I just want her to get going and make albums so I can buy them. My wife will buy Scotty and Lauren albums. So, as it stands, in MY household (anyways) all three are going to sell albums.

    Face it peeps. There are three winners on that stage right now. The rest is just about votes. What happens after that is up to each individual star-in-the-making.

    Northern Guy

    • Well written, I believe Scotty will get one album to make a hit with but he is going to College to get more musical training, so he has a good plan B.
      Haley is somewhat in the style of Adele and Duffy from the UK, they have done well lately, with Adele 2 albums in the charts now and Duffy’s Mercy selling 6M+.
      Haley could be big Internationally with help from songwriters and arrangers from UK and the show has links there.

    • Well considered, NG. I’m worried about Lauren. The business chews up and spits out little girls like her. That’s just the way it is. Britney, X-tina, Lindsey Lohan, Miley right now … I pray that doesn’t happen to her and that she’s given time and space to grow, develop and mature, regardless of what else happens with this silly show.

    • Lauren won’t make it in the music business unless Disney scoops her up and she’s now too old for that (she needed to start with Barney at age 5 like every other Disney kid).

      She can’t get any younger, so I guess she has to grow up.

      That being said, Nashville, the POP industry, or Disney can make a star overnight. Some are flashes in the pan, and others stay around for a while. I think once Lauren finally “gets it” that she can sing, (and she is) then she will have a good shot.

      Question is: can any of the three write music? Will they sing songs written by others? Who will sign them, and produce their work? Hmmmm…

      • Hearing Haley’s vocalizations, and knowing her background in jazz, I’d be willing to bet she’s capable of writing music. Maybe she and Casey will write together. They really were amazing on Moanin’ and sound great together on “Earth Move.” Check out the studio version on iTunes if you don’t believe me!

      • Yeah I read her Q&A on the IDOL site and she said she likes to write poetry….so I’m thinking…..

      • Be, I would speculate Casey will be the main song writer of that “dynamic duo”, with the Comet collaborating.
        That pair could change the course of music, couldn’t they? Reinterpret everything they choose.
        Jesus, I’m getting chills thinking of that prospect. Wow!!

    • Very well written. I appreciate your insight. You did not put anybody down or write a bunch of nonsense or act like you no everything there is to know.I cannot stand people trying to push their favorite off on someone else. At this stage of the game, that is not going to happen. Praise your favorite but leave the other two alone…they are all winners in my book but only one got and will be getting my votes!!!

    • I totally agree with you. Haley got the most difficult songs. I was disappointed with Rhiannon, then I remembered it is really impossible to do Stevie Nicks, either just like her or making it your own. Actually, none of the Fleetwood Mac songs are traditional cover songs. I have been to one of their concerts in SLC about 12 years ago, it was just amazing… a very specific type of energy and vibe, cannot be copied or adapted… Lauren’s second song was something to do with pearls???? – what the heck was that all about? They talked about it as it made some sense- just like Alanis’ song, these lyrics looks like drunken or crazy people talking to themselves… very weird… Scotty got the easy ones and he did a good job. Not sure which one of the three will have a life after AI. Time will tell… But if the producers out there are like Jimmy, they might not get a fair chance after all to make it…


  32. My daughter and I were joking around this morning, trying to curb the boredom of waiting for the results show. We collaborated on a Weird Al version of the Devil went down to Georgia, that we think Scotty should sing for his swan song, in the unlikely event he gets voted off. Sorry it’s long.

    Scotty went down to Idol,
    Looking for some votes to steal,
    He was in a bind, Ryan said he was behind,
    And he wanted a record deal.

    When he came across a young man,
    Picking on a guitar, playing it hot,
    Scotty jumped on center stage,
    And said boy let me tell you what.

    America does not know it,
    I’m a guitar player too,
    And if you’d care, to take a dare,
    I’ll make a bet with you.

    Now you play a pretty good guitar son,
    But now give Scotty his due,
    I bet a record of gold, against your soul,
    Cause I think I’m better than you.

    The boy said my name is Durbin,
    And it might be a sin,
    But I’ll take your bet, you’re gonna regret,
    Cause I’m the best there has ever been.

    Durbin loosen up your fingers,
    And play your guitar hard,
    Cause Hell’s broke loose on Idol,
    And the judges deal the cards.

    And if you win,
    You get this shiny record made of gold,
    But if you lose,
    Scotty will get your votes.

    Scotty opened up his case,
    And said I will start this show,
    Fire flew from his fingertips,
    As he raised his eyebrows at Jlo.

    He strummed his fingers across the strings,
    And it made an evil hiss,
    A band of demon rockers joined in,
    And it sounded something like this.

    When Scotty finished Durbin said,
    You’re pretty good old son,
    But sit right there, in Steven’s chair,
    And let me show you how’s it’s done.

    Fire on the big stage, run boys run,
    Durbin’s in Haley’s house of the rising sun,
    Lauren couldn’t be evil, so she’s off the show,
    Randy does your dawg bite, no dude no.

    Scotty lowered his head,
    Because Durbin played so sweet,
    And he laid those golden votes,
    On the ground at Durbins feet.

    Seacrest said you both come back,
    If you ever want to try again,
    Because jimmy says, that Wheeling witch,
    Is the best there has ever been.

    Fire on the big stage, run boys run,
    Haley’s singing the house of the rising sun,
    Lauren couldn’t be evil, so she’s off the show,
    Randy does your dawg bite, no dude no.

  33. I only watched the last hour but as far as I’m concerned Lauren won the night in that regard hands down. Scotty was not good at all and that was a shocker…the Judges praising him made me wonder about them. As far as Haley’s scratchy voice and attitude, if she wins, she won’t last, IMHO.

    Good to know that someone from the Brooks and Dunn staff were in town to view Lauren Alaina…for certain, we feel she will have a contract whether she wins or not.

    Please remember all that Jennifer Hudson finished 7th. Winning is not always success for that individual.

    Still like James Durbin…so versatile…

  34. I like all their talent. So any result to9, we will still be happy about it.
    But I do like Scotty much more than the other 2 in many ways. He is a good singer and good kid.
    Lauren has good voice, but still need to be trained more.
    Haley has good voice and can sing many kinds of song. I like some songs she sang like Bet and Jennie, The house of rising sun, … Earth song was not good. She screamed too much and got lost. I love MJ’s record much more than. But something I don’t like about Haley. She is so arragant. Her behavior is not good too. She always thinks she is the best. I know sometimes judges were so rough to her and they didn’t need to be like that. But Haley should listen, experience, take it and think about it carefully instead of arguing, showing all non-respect to them. Haley can win this season and have good records. I have no doubt about it, But I don’t think it will be good for her career in future as she keeps thinking she is the best and more self-center and no taking good advices from another people. By the way, did you guys see the scene when Haley was in the car, got msg from judges told the song she did last night? She didn’t wear seatbelt when the car was moving. It’s illegal. I just don’t like that kind of person.
    Scotty may not win this season. But he will get back to school, keep studying, train some vocal and make records. My husband and me would like to buy his CD’s. We love country music. So with any results, Scotty will be my AI and be AI of many people. We wish the best things for his family and him.

  35. It is easy to see who the real country singing fans are and who are the ones that have no clue about any type music other than produced by people who have scream, jump around and growl. Country music is a huge part of America and to read some of the nasty comments about it makes me ill. I think Haley is a beautiful woman but I personally don’t like the way her voice sounds, that is just my opinion. I keep wondering just what type of record she will record when this over, what category she will fall into…why is ok for certain groups to stay in their comfort zones but when it comes to country singers you expect them to sing everything but country? Haley sounds like she smokes 18 packs a day, her voice is like fingernails on a chalk board. Lauren and Scotty will both have careers in country music when this is all said and done. A few years down the road we will be asking Haley Who?

  36. 90 million votes on A.I. last night, says Nigel L. on twitter. And I say: Oh my GOD!!!!!!! What will be and what will never be.

    • With 90 million votes (and only three contestants) I would not hold out much hope for Haley. That looks to be the sign of a concerted all-out effort by country music fans to vote for their two finalists. But I hope I’m wrong.

      • She only needs 33.34% at most to get in. I still think the odds are against Lauren. If that huge Country push wasn’t for both of them it could mean trouble for the one they ditched.

    • That’s 12,500 votes recorded per second. Boy, I bet that poor Guy who answers all those calls with, “Thank you for voting for number…” is exhausted & probably lost his voice, for sure.

    • OMG – 90 million is more than the whole population of Germany (82k) or England (60k) or Italy (59k) – it is LOT of votes… It will be interesting to see the results tonight… I am watching the show via the internet, in my netbook – very tiny screen, mute button when the filler shows come up, and lots of cheering for my favorite. Oh, wait a minute, I don’t have one – I love the three of them – great kids and very talented too… the best luck to all of them… have fun everybody!

  37. The best was Durbin because Scotty only is A Country singer. For me, American Idol is Disasters

  38. I can’t beleive that Haley is still there. She forgets lines and uses her mumbled words to cover up. With the two country singers she will not win because country voters will vote for one or the other country singers. I think Haley has a good voice but not a great voice she need a lot of practice to be an entertainer. If she should, by some chance win we will never hear about her again
    wanda h.

    • I agree! And I do think she is good but I’ll take good singing anyday over screaming and growling. Just my opinion.

    • Haley didn’t miss a modulation – the biggest moment in a song (that changes key). Somebody else did last night. That would get you fired as a professional musician, on any instrument.

    • What lines did she forget? Oh, and we will hear from her. The music industry is in a huge drought, thirsty for real talent and it’s going to suck Haley right up.

  39. If Haley makes the finale, I hope she sings Rondstat’s “When Will I Be Loved?”

    That would be sheer perfection.

  40. Please don’t give us an American Idol Barndance next week…go home Lauren….#2 Idols always do better than the winner, so let Scotty McCreepy have the title; Haley will sell more records.

    • Come on folks Scotty looks like the guy on the cover of Mad magazine and sings like a guy named Bubba Joe who headlined the Karaoke show at Busters Bar last night.

  41. u know what?? everybody here agree that Lauren should eliminate but u know what??we will gonna face another SHOCK and she will remain…

  42. I do not care at this point who wins,not a penny in my pocket or yours. But all three are good on some songs and better on others,but in my book they are all sweet talented young people and Good luck to all three.I pray they will be well guided as they will all come out of this just fine.”Win or Loose”It will depend on how well they play the game.

  43. Who will you vote for the winner if Lauren and Scotty final 2? If Lauren and Hailey final 2, Scotty’s fans will vote for Lauren and Lauren will get more votes. If it is Hailey and Scotty final 2, Lauren fans will vote for Scotty and Scotty get more votes. For Hailey it all depends on the votes if people do not like her, she is in a losing end because of the votes.

    • Have to say I did a 180 on Haley last night. After Led and her dad and the way she held herself last night she has more talent then anyone else that was in the whole competition. I really look for her to take the title AMERICAN IDOL. She showed us what she is truly made of and why she is truly there last night!!!!

    • If it’s Haley/Lauren people will vote on who was better. If it’s Scotty/Haley people will vote based on genre. If it’s Lauren/Scotty Scotty will win because of an old fashioned cliche of women belong in the kitchen, all country votes will abandon Lauren and go to Scotty.

      • David P.: What planet are you from? Come back to Earth & the current century.

  44. After what Haley sang last night if she makes the finals there is nothing she can’t sing!

    • Agreed! Simply put, the song choices last night speak volumes. Scotty and Lauren were put into their comfy box where “they” not Haley, picked 2 Very difficult songs from different ends of the spectrum. Did Haley knock them out of the park, no, however, she did put her stamp on both (something Scotty never does) and made both entertaining.

  45. I really thought James would win this season, but the results have shown that people who vote are very young, so it is normal to expect that scotty and Lauren are the favorites and they will probably go to the final. Personally, I think Haley is a star already, and she can do better out of American Idol. She doesn’t need the title, like Casey and James, I’m sure they will have great carreers and will be more famous than Lauren or Scotty

      • You are right. It is not just the young people. I am 61 and vote for him every week.

      • Shouldn’t a 61 year old be smarter than that. Clean the wax out of your hearing aid. 3-note- Scotty doesn’t deserve the votes he is getting.

      • Tug Boat ….You are a rude brat….you get a thrill out of bashng which sets your age ss about six or seven at the most

    • I’m 57, with 12 grandchildren, and not a country music Fan! Scotty is the most talented!

      • well im 31 and i am a country music fan and scotty is not getting my vote. SCotty is not talented . Deep voice and 3 notes does not equal talent. The girls are more talented and Haley is the superstar in this competition. I hated haley at first i wanted her out but after benny and the Jetts ive been a haley fan since for her to turn my no into a yes is a big accomplishment and i know more and more people out there who didnt like her at first are starting to like her now. Dont vote for looks vote for voice if you close your eyes there is only one who sounds good and thats Haley.

      • Haley sounds like she has an allergy that won’t go away, and an attitude that won’t either!

      • amadeus I love your post. I wasn’t particularly fond of Hayley at first but the power and range in her voice is exceptional. She grows on you.
        She takes a song and makes it her own. She is so versatile.
        I keep reading how Scotty sounds like Josh turner and this and that person.
        To me, music doesn’t need another clone. Clones are a dime and dozen. Stars shine because they dare to be different. An original. Not a clone.
        Hayley has won me over. Not an easy thing to do.
        Lauren….Love you but give it a couple of years.

      • I agree with Amadeus that Haley is the best all around choice. Lauren has a wonderful voice, but she doesn’t appear comfortable working the stage or branching out of her Miley Cyrus element. Scotty is much the same; he’s gotten gotten much better over the past few weeks, but still doesn’t seem comfortable outside of country. Haley on the other hand has been comfortable in every element. Her voice is not as pure as Lauren’s or distinct as Scotty’s, but her range is mighty impressive as is her control, and she performs, not just sings.

      • Sure he is if you like hearing the same sound day in and out. No originality. And that crooked mouth of his is hideous.

      • I don’t understand why some of you have to be so rude, arrogant, and down-right nasty with your comments. That does nothing positive and it certainly doesn’t help the contestants. You act like no one else should have the same freedom as you to support the contestant of their choice. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose – that’s just life!

      • man peeps clean ur ears…scoty cant sing da high notes…he can only sing country music..talented?rili?
        casey is way beta dan him..go lauren

  46. I really hope that Lauren go to the finals, regardless of who goes with her.

    My predictions:

    If the final is Haley/Lauren, who I think is going to win is Lauren, because all the votes from Scotty fans will be Lauren’s, and will be hard to beat this.

    If the final is Haley/Scotty, Scotty will win for the same reason of Haley/Lauren.

    If the final is Lauren/Soctty, I think Lauren will win, because most of the votes from Haley fans probably will go to Lauren, that said that was a huge fan of Haley’s voice.

    Regardless of the result, all of them sing VERY GOOD and deserve to be where they are. James was a really good singer also, but I think he had some pitch problems during his shows.


    • A possible problem with that thinking is what if Haley got more votes last night than both Scotty and Lauren combined?

      • If that’s true then I think Haley would win, but I don’t think that’s true…

      • scotty needs to go home. he is so boring.
        should he win it be oh him and totally forgotten in 5 minutes.
        the girls have the edge all the way.

    • I voted for Haley last night. She deserved it. It’s true I don’t like her at first but she is the most improved contender in this season. i hope she would be in the finale.

      • I think she is great to, and I don’t really care who will win, because all the three of them are great. I loved the chorus of Haley’s last song.

        But I don’t think her fans are greater then Scotty’s and Lauren’s fans combined. Just see their followers on twitter. Scotty almost 150.000, and Lauren have more then 115.000. In Haley’s case, she have only 98.000.

        But thats just online. Let’s see what happen.

  47. Like it or not, these are the last 3 standing, out of thousands. They may not all be your favorite….but they are kids who are doing their best to win. Those making fun of them and calling them ridiculous names is a little disheartening, and it doesn’t change anything. I wish all 3 the best.

    • Bravo on your comment. It is great to have your favourite but I do not understand the need to tear down the other contestants.

  48. my oppoinon haley has grown the most, shes been given hard critism over the weeks but geuss wat week after week she performed, 4 standing ovatio0ns more than anyone on the show she deserves to win. the only reason why scotty is their is because girls liike him of his loks wwhich is unfair, perosnally if lauren or scotty win u wnt hear of them their not going to be mainstream theirt country only a small majority listens to that now haley is versetial she can sing anything good, her best performances, benny and th ejets,fallin,piece of my heart,moaning,beuatiful,rolling in the deep,house of the rising sun,i who have nothing,led zeplin,rihannon and you oughta know, be hones tu know shes more talented then the rest, u casnt put them ina catogory because diffreent singers but she more ready and is ready for fame i wanted her and james but now james fans will vote for her she did amazing wit led zepolin come on and she sang some of the hardest songs wat ahve scotty and lauren sang blha songs do u even rmeber their performances no only haley, vote haley for the win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Melinda Doolittle’s critique of last night is at

    It is a real musical critique by someone who knows what they are talking about. I think she’s more than fair, and I especially appreciated her “distraction” comments, particularly about the judges comments.

  50. Remember in season 8 when the top 4 sang? I was sure that Danny Gokey would go home after he slaughted Dream On. Allison out sang him by far, and yet the speed dialers kept him in, so you would think the producers would have changed the voting system by now.

  51. in these 3 Heley is the most capable one to be here in top3 but the other 2 NOO they are not…Scotty & Lauren are here cause they were on AI edit from day1… But Haley no she has experienced a lot of ups and downs during the show and she totally proved herself… she is the strongest in singing and standing the moments…but i think we could have WAY WAYYY better top3 than this…

  52. It has been one of the hardest season’s to guess this time around. The talent has been phenomenal!

    Certainly Lauren has a good voice, but I think that she just needs to mature just a bit before she will be able to handle the gruel of superstardom.

    Hayley is very samish. She reminds me of Siobhann (spelling?) in a previous Idol season, whose raise to fame was “that” scream!! Hayley has the growl, which I think after a little while, makes all her songs sound the same…ya know? Only the words have changed to protect the innocent…lol

    Now young Scotty – well he is a born superstar. He is more like Randy Travis than Randy Travis, and he is an absolute lovable little chap. He knows where he is at, and a good Christian fellow to boot. Yes, Idol watchers, you are looking at your next American Idol right here…

    well done all of you, you all deserve your fame and fortune. Bless you all 🙂

    Pippyliz in Australia!

  53. Carrie Underwood is now officially American Idol’s top earner, surpassing season 1 winner Kelly Clarkson.

    1. Carrie Underwood
    Season 4 winner
    Album sales: 12,296,000
    Digital track sales: 18,482,000
    Concert revenue: $66,762,207

    2. Kelly Clarkson
    Season 1 winner
    Album sales: 10,674,000
    Digital track sales: 17,254,000
    Concert revenue: $32,681,389

    3. Chris Daughtry
    Season 5, 4th place
    Album sales: 6,104,000
    Digital track sales: 11,127,000
    Concert revenue: $19,159,287

    4. Clay Aiken
    Season 2, runner up
    Album sales: 4,990,000
    Digital track sales: 581,000
    Concert revenue: $17,754,872

    5. Fantasia
    Season 3 winner
    Album sales: 2,809,000
    Digital track sales: 1,325,000
    Concert revenues: $466,631

    6. Ruben Studdard
    Season 2 winner
    Album sales: 2,556,000
    Digital track sales: 445,000
    Concert revenues: N/A

    7. Jordin Sparks
    Season 6 winner
    Album sales: 1,275,000
    Digital track sales: 9,547,000
    Concert revenue: $1,141,629

    8. Jennifer Hudson
    Season 3, 7th place
    Album sales: 1,160,000
    Digital track sales: 1,964,000
    Concert revenues: $1,055,971

    9. David Cook
    Season 7 winner
    Album sales: 1,324,000
    Digital track sales: 4,196,000
    Concert revenue: $1,012,335

    10. Kellie Pickler
    Season 5, 6th place
    Album sales: 1,322,000
    Digital track sales: 3,319,000
    Concert revenues: N/A

      • Google AI Alumni Sales and all the data on record sales is there and it shows sales by album. David Cook was the last one to go Platinum of the winners and the last two have flopped, as did Crystal Bowersox last year.

      • I was just wondering because David Cook seems to be #7. But then digital tracks might be factored in but Jordin Sparks is like the queen of digital sales it seems. Maybe I don’t understand why Ruben and Fantasia are so high on the list.

  54. Hey, I was just wondering, does anyone know what happens in the event that there was a tie? Do they flip a coin, have a sing off, or have two winners/ runners up? Anyone know? Has it ever happened? This is my first year. I know it is a huge improbability but it could happen, right?

    • What is the probability that out of 100,000,000 votes Haley and Lauren both have the same number of votes? Probably worse than being struck by lightning twice in the same day.

      • I wasn’t trying to facetious or anything, but to get the same outcome out from a sample as large as *90,000,000 (I was just using a random number earlier) is almost impossible. But, no it hasn’t ever happened. I’m sure the producers would just fudge the numbers a bit so there wasn’t a tie if it did.

    • What tie? I have a hard time believing some of the votes aren’t rigged! Remember when Pia got dropped? She was getting a LOT of votes according to Dial Idol and some other sources. You have to wonder if there wasn’t somethingelse going on?

      There will be no tie on Idol. Ever.

  55. Now that James is out, i’m not watching idols anymore he was the best. Scotty is boring, the rest are not entertainers like James was, he realy was an entertainer.

    • I tend to agree whit you feelings, but I’m staying in to battle the boredom. We lost james but still have Haley. Vote Haley in honor of James

    • Performance is great but the AI contest is supposed to be about SINGING – NOT smoke & mirrors & screaming. James and Haley both fall short at this point.

  56. sorry but how dare you say haley only has a growl when scotty CAN BARELY sing one note…omg ..haley can hit falsetto verbrato crescendo every flippin note their is…so did siobhann when siobhan screams and haley growls i think my ears hav orgasms its that good ..scotty and lauren are only in it because of the littel ones that vote 50 times in a min….huh wat can i say but come on haley..she will probably lose bt will make more records than scotty and lauren put together..shameful its another flop season this year

    • Scotty is only 16 years old, and I know some don’t like country, or Scotty’s voice either, but he WILL be on a recording label, whether he wins or not. You can take that to the bank! Lauren also will get a recording contract, whether she wins or not, because they both have great potential, and can be molded into whatever the record company/American Idol needs in order to sell them to the public. Haley on the other hand is limited vocally, she really has nothing great going for her, and she is a little older than they are. America is looking for younger and younger talent these days, and Lauren and Scotty both will sell.

      • He was 17 on October 9, 2010.

        Lauren turned 16 on Nov 8, 2010

        Haley was 20 on Sept 9, 2010

      • When did 20 become old? Adele was 19 when she made her first album and 21 with #2.

        Kelly Clarkson was 20 and Carrie Underwood 21 when they won.

        The average age of Idol winner is 22½.

        Just a few facts and, by the way, according to a lot of well known people in the industry, Haley has a lot going for her.

  57. This 20yo girl tripped in live TV, with millions watching, got up and delivered easily one of the best performances of the entire season. So I guess haters are right: she IS “Ms. ATTITUDE”!!
    My god, that zep cover was awesome. She won the whole night with it.

    • Right, Andy. That one performance, alone, was better than the 6 by Scotty and Lauren combined, even with the fall. Without the fall, that becomes an iconic performance … and it might be, anyway.

    • The real different is that I remember all of Haley’ songs and almost none of Scotty’ except for Gone and Swinging because I thought it was funny.

  58. Country music is not bad it is still in. Look a miley she does country and everyone loves it. Country is still in people. So scotty and lauren final two. Sorry haley fans no offence

    • Miley is not a country singer any more than Billy Ray was. Miley is a Disney pop artist who’s made a ton of money, who’s now a spoiled child of a divorcing couple. She’s already gotten into a couple of scrapes, has posed for some very suggestive photographs (some with her father) and her most recent taped productions involve some hip-hop elements. Is this the role model you were looking for?

      • First of all miley does sing some country go listen to her music again and 2nd no one was talking about her being a role model. Read the comment properly before you reply. And 3rdly I am no teen age girl. I am in my 30ties with 2 girls one age 13 the other age 3. So get your facts right before you take me on.

  59. My vote is for Haley. I love that kind of voice it is different. She has alot of range. I’m a fan or Rod Stewart and Kym Carns. Their voices are recognized like Haley’s will be. I also love the voice of Janis Joplin. Haley you are in good company. I like both Scotty and Lauren but my vote is on Haley…..You go girl!

    • Great observation! I completely forgot about Kym Carns! Maybe they’ll have her sing “Bettie Davis Eyes” if she gets to the final?!?

  60. I’m a 42 years old mum from Malaysia. I watched AI every week…What a wonderful, great talents you have there! I just don’ t understand why people kept saying Scotty is only there because only teen girls vote for him…? come on… to be honest, I think, if the 3 of them release albums at the same time… I would certainly buy Scotty’ s first. It’s not that the other 2 are not talented, they are great talent too, but Scotty’ s voice is classic! Thanks to Scotty, I now know Josh Turner & Thompson Square…The only country music I listen to before is from Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton & Garth…Anyway, whoever wins, he@ she deserve it.. just don’ t discredit them when true professionals put them there… All respect for the 3 finalists.. Luv the show…

  61. Haley’s songs are way harder to sing then the songs Lauren and Scotty’s, and she does amazing with them. haley for the win.

    bless all of them for such a good job!

  62. I really want Haley to win. Scotty can take his country butt home for all I care. I know he is going to have a record deal but I would love to see a show down between Haley and Lauren. I personally do not like Lauren anymore. Besides her atrocious hill billy country pageant outfits her voice needs to mature a little. I liked her in the beginning but now its big time and Haley can deliver.

    I agree that Scotty is a 3 note wonder.
    GO HALEY!!!

    • I know why you want Scotty out of it, because you know he is amazing and very well will be the winner. You also think Haley can out sing Lauren.

  63. I just watched Haley’s first performance again and I love a few things about it. I love the look on her face when she saw her dad – what a moment to have in your life to rock out on stage with someone you love. I love how she laughed at herself after she got back up from the fall and then got right back into it. I love that she had the guts to take on such a huge song and pay her respects to people that basically offered her the opportunity to play any song out of their song book. That’s just crazy.

    • Absolutely! And she took the other two difficult songs in stride and did a great job with them. Can you imagine Lauren trying to sing those songs? She would have fainted from lack of breath on one and forgotten the lyrics on the other!



    • Go back and watch Haley sing Rhiannon. Not only is that a crazy hard song compared to anything the other 2 have done, but she doesn’t growl at all, and she nailed it.

      • yeah right !!!haley has been criticized by the judges and she back with standing obbession so how many.. scotty and lauren has standing obbession like haley does XD

  66. I think Scotty should win he is AMAZING! Besides growing the most out of all three, I also think he would have had the most votes every week as he appeals to the most people. I know small children, teenagers and 60 year olds that love and vote for him every week, whereas I don’t think the same could be said for Haley or Lauren.

    Haley is ok. She has stood out on a few songs, but we also have to remember that she has messed up a lot too and America will take that into consideration. The Earth song last week was terrible, and she ruined Gaga’s You and I. While she does have a good voice, I can’t really see her appealing to many people! Young children? Elderly people? I don’t think so.

    Lauren shouldn’t even be there. I can’t stand the girl. Unlike Haley or Scotty, I can’t even say her voice is good. She hasn’t grown at all through the competition and she fails to push herself into trying new things or expanding on what she can do. She reached her limit in the competition a long time ago! This was proved when she refused to sing the High note in Unchained Melody.

    It’s a hard one to call but I think Scotty will be and rightly should be safe tonight, earning him a well deserved place in next weeks finale.
    I have a feeling Haley may go.. She’s been in the bottom three 3 times now. And this proves she is unpopular with some.
    Failing that, there is also a high posibility Lauren may go I think. People are starting to realise she has reached her limit and has no potential.

    Go Scotty!!!!! Scotty for the win

    • I beg to differ with you my friend. The track of the Earth Song and You and I are both awesome. I have played both over 50 times already. James is the only other one I have played over 40 times. I love Scotty, but the only song I truly enjoy of his is Gone. I don’t have a favorite of Laurens.

      • What about Country Comfort and I just love the high notes he sang last night when he sang She Believes In Me. I would buy his remake of that song. Looked for it today on itunes but couldn’t find it.

    • I agree with you about Lauren, but not about Scotty or Haley.

      I do think Scotty has a great personality, but I just don’t see the sparks from him as I do from Haley. If he’s putting emotion into it he surely doesn’t show it.

      I also think Haley had a lot of appeal with young and old. She’s already shown she can do old style torch songs and standards this season, both by herself and in duets. Maybe the judges need to give her a Disney song so she can show her appeal to the younger crowd?

  67. Honestly? The finale should be scotty and haley. Scotty should win, he was more consistant. Lauren is a great singer but she is still green, the other two have more mature voices.

  68. Haley also has a bad attitude. She can’t take criticism at all. She was so rude to Randy last week. In order to get places in life you have to respect those who are there to help, and she didn’t. If she can’t take criticism then there’s NO way she’ll make it in the industry

    • Give it a rest … I’m sick of hearing that same old song from you Haley Haters. You cannot even muster an original thought! Zzzzzzzzz!

      • Well Cecil, if it was Scotty or for that matter Lauren who were making the disrespectful comments to the judges we know you’d be commenting on it.
        I don’t hate Haley, I already said she has a good voice. But it’s the truth- how is she going to make it in a critical industry ? The judges are there to help her and it’s their job to comment on her performance and critic her. And she simply could not take the criticism. It was very rude and disrespectful of her to argue back, and continue doing so throughout the show.
        It showed her unproffesional side.. Simple

    • Haley was not the rude one, JLo & Randy were. Just because they are adults and she is only 20 doesn’t mean she should bend over and take it. I’m proud of her that she stood up for herself. Too many adults treat “kids” with disrespect just because they feel they can. They are not there to help her, they are there for themselves and JLo being on the show is the only reason she got voted Most Beautiful Woman. They have clearly shown over the past month how bias they can be. Haley is a passionate young lady who believes in herself, so more power to her for speaking up! She is clearly the only one with talent. What you all need to remember is that they are all just kids and some of you are way to critical.

    • Oh for Heavens sake, give it a rest. She is already in the industry and thank God. We fans love her.

      • But jennifer and randy are in the music industry and are successful at what they do, ofcourse she has to respect them. They are entitled to their opinion, that’s what they are paid to do. They were only trying to help her improve! And so what if she didn’t agree, there are going to be more than 2 people that don’t like her performance, she has to learn to deal with it. she could have been a lot more professional about things and not been so disrespectful in front of millions of people. I’m sure I’m not the only one that picked up on her childish and pathetic reaction

    • Her reaction was normal. Even Steven Tyler (who knows about music more than anyone in that show) reacted against Randy and JLo because they were really unfair with Haley

  69. was the voreing for 4 hrs last nite,if it was i saw online that alot of people didnt know that,interesting….

  70. what is wrong with some of you people scotty is the BEST and always has been so he will get every vote from me

    GO SCOTTY YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. This is not a reality lets all live in the big mansion singing folk songs contest. It’s a singing competition.

    Haley sang three HARD songs last night. Three of them.

    Scotty butchered the Kenny Rogers song. The other two were tough to listen to during the chorus. He cannot sing high with backup singers doing harmony. He can’t stay on key when there are backups

    Lauren has a pretty voice but she is just as boring as Pia. Actually Pia was fun to look at. Lauren just comes off as too immature. Plus she missed her key on her second song. You can’t do that at this stage Simon and Kara both would have eaten her lunch on that

    Her first song was played too fast. Maybe her fault. Maybe not. But she did Faith Hill’s song no justice.

    Haley is the only one left that holds my attention.

    This should have been a Casey, James, Haley final 3. I felt ripped off that it wasn’t.

    • I said the same about the off-key singing, missing key changes and generally messing up.

      These three “judges” make it out to be a strength but when you “listen” to JLo lip-synch her way through songs, it is not surprising and Steven is not exactly a “singer.”

      You are correct that in previous seasons, they would have been hauled over the coals and I doubt that Scotty would have got beyond the Hollywood stage.

      But he did and has taken advantage of his opportunity.

  72. I’ll be ok with Haley not winning the hole thing. More freedom to her. This season has been quite emotional, and that girl is already kind of an IA legend.

    • I wish that next week that Haley and Scotty would sing the same songs. I don’t care if all three were country. She would still embarrass him tremendously

      • That would be awesome! And just to keep it honest, they should each get to pick a song, with the third one being picked by Jimmy Iovine, and not the judges (who I still think hate Haley…or maybe love after what they said last night. I still don’t know!)

      • It’s funny that the Scotty fans hate the idea. Haley fans love it. What does that tell you?

  73. I think Haley has a better chance to win than some think. Look at votes from the top 6. Haley is going to get 99% of Casey’s votes, most of Jacobs, as well as a good share of james votes following that Zeppelin performance. If Lauren goes home, it may seem like a given that hers go to scotty, but remember, Haley and Lauren have grown close, and Lauren has actually said how much she loves Haleys voice. Add that to the large number of viewers who want to see a girl win, and I really think Haley has a shot. Its all going to come down to who locks up the casual viewer vote in the finale.

    • Totally agree, and after checking the stats on Dial Idol I think it’s a good bet.

    • I use to vote for Casey, but I love Scotty, so you may have figured wrong………

      • I’m speaking in generalities. I know thee are casey fans who have switched to scotty or lauren, but as a whole, the casey fan base now backs haley. Much the same way the stefano crowd moved to scotty and james.

  74. If you guys haven’t checked it out go watch idol party live on Lots of fun, the commercials are a little annoying, but it’s a good chuckle.

  75. The last three weeks Haley has been at the bottom in the Dial Idol predictions (which are based on percentage of busy signals), but she’s been pulling more votes than the next closest competitor. This week looks no different. In fact this week she’s pulling more votes overall than Scotty.

    According to Dial Idol Scotty has been consistantly number one week after week. Everyone is asking: Who can beat Scotty? I think instead everyone should be thinking: Who can beat Haley?

    • It’s been reported those are the only songs they recorded due to the contestants going home over the weekend. I can’t even find those, though, 🙁 All I get when I look them up are the top 4 album and the top 5 individual tracks.

  76. Now less than an hour to show time… gotta go.
    Good luck to All of them, sincerely. Later, you all!
    Gotta get my horse saddled up to get on over to the saloon!

  77. I think Haley will be declared safe first then Lauren will be eliminated in tears and she will sing “Anyway” one more time!

  78. Haley got standing ovation from the judges…AGAIN! amazing HALEY!! she’s definitely in it to win it!!

  79. HALEEEY WIIILL WIIIIIN!!!!! she’s the best american idol EVER!!! She got the STAR QUALITY, PERSONALITY, PROWESS, and VOICE!!

  80. The most logical finale,
    Scotty vs Haley
    The most fun finale,
    Lauren vs Haley
    The most boring (personal opinion only LOL)
    Scotty vs Lauren

  81. Todavia no entiendo como sigue Haley en el certamen.Le falta mucho por mas linda vos que tenga.Lo que un artista puede transmitir,esta chica no lo hace.Espero que Scotty y Lauren sean los finalistas.Saludos desde Argentina.

  82. I like all three, but only one deserves to be the next AI: Haley!! Her skills far surpass Scotty and Lauren!
    I’m 55 yrs old, a lifelong musician (performer, educator).

    LISTEN to their musical instruments! Haley is the real deal. Having said that, I recognize that many other factors affect AI voting — how else do you explain the unfathomable popularity of James Durbin?

  83. Yes, right pick when comes to Scotty. He has to win now. Sad Haley has gone, I always thought she would outsing Lauren, but I love these three. Haley still has her music career ahead of her. Keep it up Haley.

  84. HELLO, Duh! Haley bites the dust! Thank-You Lord! No one has to listen to her screeching growling voice anymore. And DUH, Did you see the look on her face when Ryan Seacrest said she was going home???? Her whole mouth dropped open! She looked like a DIVA who’s thought went like this ~ WHO? ME? I am the greatest singer here. My husband was watching because frankly I did not care who won! And he called me in there and said ” That Haley girl is getting the boot!!!” So we have left Lauren and Scotty. I predict that no matter which one of them wins, they are never going to be a super star like Carrie Underwood anyway. They are going to be like Lee Deweez. A one album LOOSER!!!!

  85. I´m sorry but this is nasty, horrible and stupid. James Durbin and Casey are the best, they have really great talent. In México we love you guys!!!! What happen with america´s people!!!! This is very sad

  86. Oh well…sorry Haley fans! Although I didn’t love the girl, I would have much preferred to see in her in the final than Lauren.

    Lauren won’t go far.

    This is a one- horse race

    scotty is the champ.

  87. siriuzly???da gals shudve been da final2..scoty cant sing.hes just gota deep voice.he cant sing da high notes..GO LAUREN.dat gal can sing

  88. The best female singer made it to the finals. I thought it was going to be two women..but the power of the young girl vote for Scotty was just too strong.
    Haley picked more engaging songs..but she was NOT a better singer…and if you looked at JLo’s face you would have seen the body language that she was happy with the results

    • no I see facial expressions….with my job you need to read body language…and JLo did say…see you in the finals to Lauren. You dont look close enough at the eyes…they tell all

  89. Is America really voting, or is it Fox and American fixing the results.

    I tried to vote for Haley for the allotted 2 hours (west coast) but was unable to get one vote connection. 03 & 06 constant busy and 09 was indicating a circuit problem. Did Haley even get all her votes, or was the 09 line cut off , resulting in 1/3 her votes

    I think Fox pulled the plug on the 09 line, intending to skew the vote – Did anyone recall getting thru on 09 – please reply if you tried and could never connect on the 09 line.
    Funny how this site says Haley or Scotty 2-to-1 over Lauren but Haley is eliminated. “American Idol 2011 Results: Top 3 Elimination Show Tonight”
    Scotty 43%
    Haley 38%
    Lauren 18% ????

    Why did JoLo tell Lauren she would see her in the finals – is this like a couple years back when Paula gave the critique on the second song but just heard first song? Are we dealing with a scripted program…..or is it just a money thing.

  90. I can not believe America believes this is a fair way of judging talent.
    First there should be rules for the judges that they can not pick favorites, it is not fair to people with real talent. Their job is to judge fairly; just look what they have done this time they now are sending to teenagers out to a big vicious entertainment world that will eat this two kid’s for breakfast.
    The producers have just showed the world how the out come has nothing to do with the people’s votes, but has got the American people fouled.
    There was No way Lauren got more votes than Haley, I mean you think people are that stupid, but on the other hand the people that think she did are the same people that are out in the field waiting the Mother Ship to come pick them up.
    They wanted Haley out of the way so their little boy Scotty will have an easy win, because he would not have stood a chance against Haley in a final round of competion, the boy has a voice but that is all he has.
    I would hope all the people that voted and were behind Haley; Boycotts the show by not watching or voting for the two hand picked babies they protected for this joke of a show that they just proved that it is.
    Haley will be a super star for a long time to come, and people will be saying Scotty Who!

    JLO didn’t like her because she is more talented and better looking than her, and Randy is a joke. Haley already at her age has got more talent and is more of a universal performer than both of them.

    • fyi…most superstars start at a very young age…even younger than scotty and lauren…so im sure they will be fine…a stars career also depends on his/her attitude, eventhough they may have talent…his/her attitude can bring them down too

    • JLO has everything a woman would ever want. She has no reason to be jealous of Hayley. Hayley has not even recorded a song. Get real.

  91. I can not believe people are that shallow that they did not vote for Haley becuase of her attitued, really come on now wise up it takes attitued and a strong personality to make in the entertainment world. That two will be running home to mommy in a few months. you people that voted that way no nothing about the enteranment business, and what it takes to make it in it.

    • haley is drawing her audience with “her attitude”…because she’s fierce and her “i dont care what others think type of attitude”..she will get people to like her…but idol is about getting good talented singers who give to their audience what they want…good music we can listen to on the radio…have an awsome concert to go to..etc…if hailey was nice and didnt have “the attitude”..can she do the same???….

  92. james durbin deserved to be the american idol, casey deserved to be in top two and paul and pia deserved to be in top 5 ! i dont know wats wrong with the americans but certainly hayley dont even knw hot to sing and she is in top3 ! i think now scotty will win

  93. I enjoy you because of all of the labor on this web page. Ellie really loves carrying out research and it is easy to see why. My spouse and i learn all about the lively tactic you offer sensible steps on your web site and as well improve participation from some other people on this matter while my princess is really understanding a lot of things. Enjoy the rest of the new year. You are performing a remarkable job.

  94. i like the final two…both scotty and lauren are my favourites, and they both country singers…scotty has a beautiful voice, unique-country-to-the-bone type of voice…lauren also, but i think she can do other type of music, because the tone in her voice is beautiful and she will be able to pop-rock,,etc..she could be similar to miley & taylor swift…country girls, exploring more…so i think she should win…

  95. Lauren is the best and deserved to be in the final two. She deserves to win American Idol too and she will. She reminds me of another previous american idol winner, the great Jordin Sparks….Go Lauren!

    • yes i agree…some say that lauren is not matured yet…but jordin sparks was that age too..or was she younger??..anyway, look at her now…im sure lauren would be the same…she just needs a good mentor to bring out the idol in her…

  96. I strongly agrees and believes that Loren shul become as American Idol 2011. She gt a very nice voice and beutiful tone. I wnt Loren to Become an American idol for 2011… Co Loren prove to all American people that u can win the whole American Idol of 2011.. Sing the best evr u can do..

  97. i wish haliey had sung “Black Velvet”…it would have suited her voice and its a crowd pleaser..what u guys think???

  98. I’m not watching the finals. Sorry Scotty I like you and I think you deserve the spot in the finals, I just cant stand the other girl( can’t even remember her name).
    Hope Haley r her record her song soon.

  99. It is so sad with these competitions. Never ever nowhere the best wins .The voters vote not for the best one but for the whateverclosest reason to their community. But the vinner should notice, that these so called fans will move on as soon as the competition is over. As they have no passion for the person they vote. That happenes all the time .. where are the millions and millions record buyers of Cris’s CD`s? Where are his millions of fans now?.. And what has happened with Adam: huge worldwide fanclubs all over the world and the same in USA which proves that even in USA those who supported him, did it out of pure love.

    But I guess the lovers of Scott will remain there and he will make a career in his niche. What comes to the other one.. she has to grow up and who knows what will come up.
    This year’s competitors were all fantastic, with Casey and Haley the first ones. Their followers are not multimillion text message senders but true music lovers as the future will tell:)

  100. I really ENJOY your stuff man.I catch myself hummin & singingyour songs.I pray the Lord continues his blessings on your health,heart, life, family, finances, music & peace.

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