American Idol 2011 Top 4 Weekend Update

There’s less than three weeks to go on American Idol 2011 as the competition heats up and the songs get boring, really boring. If you thought Carole King music from the 70’s was out of date and out of touch then hang on to your butts!

This week the Top 4 singers will take on 1950’s post-World War II hits from Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. I am not kidding. Haley, James, Lauren, and Scotty will be doing hits like “Yakety Yak [Don’t Talk Back!] from before their parents were probably even born! I’m thinking of heading down to the nearest retirement home for a viewing party this week so I can hear stories about how they would go to the local sock hop with their friends and buy drinks for everyone for just a nickel while listening to these hits.

Idol, I seriously don’t understand you. Let’s review. The week you use 70’s songs from Carole King the ratings are down 5%. The week you at least include modern songs the ratings are up 7%. Does someone have this chart upside in a meeting room somewhere? 70’s songs two weeks ago. 60’s songs last week. 50’s songs this week. If they keep this up they’ll have to change the show’s name to “13 Colonies Idol”!

In an odd twist, Idol will welcome Lady Gaga to mentor the aspiring singers this week because nothing says post-World War II songs like a bikini made of red meat! I’m anxious to see if there’s any exchange between Lady Gaga and Haley Reinhart regarding the song choice last week that earned such sharp criticism from JLo.

On Thursday night’s results show we’ll get the return of Jordin Sparks to perform a single and then judge Steven Tyler will hit the stage with his new solo song “(It) Feels So Good.” After that Ryan will break out the envelope and reveal who is eliminated and who moves on to the Top 3. May 25th, here we come!

Image credit: Dan D’Addario




  1. Idol is causing the contestants to have bad performances by forcing them to sing entire genres of music that they would never perform in a concert or include on their CD. When Idol does this, they always end up hating the performances because the contestants are singing something they don't understand and don't enjoy. We, the voters, want to hear a sample of what we would buy in the store on a CD if they made it. Really, really bad decision making from the producers/executives…

    • Matt; Kind of dirty pool putting that insulting caricature up there wasn't it?

      • Chill out, Templar. Just because they aren't the "best" (no offense, Matt), doesn't mean that other contestants did not have to deal with it. But really, its a cartoon. xD

      • Templar…I love Scotty and I think the caricature is adorable. It's a caricture…it is suppose to emphasize outstanding features…and be funny. It's not an insult. I am glad they chose him for it.

      • I think the Scotty caricature kind of has a Bing Crosby flavor. The shading makes it look like an old "movie matinee idol" picture. I don't think it's insulting at all. I think it's one of the better ones, in fact!

      • Templar, I I bet it has something to do with That Mad Magazine Cover. I think it's in bad taste, I know I wouldn't have done it. I love Scotty. He as cute as they come. I hope he sings Lovin You, by Elvis.

      • Piper: Do you know if they're doing 2 songs again? If so, I'd like Scotty to do "Love Potion #9" and Elvis' "Treat Me Nice".

      • Dirty pool? Seriously? You don't seem to have noticed that every single week for the past 5 or 6 weeks we've posted one caricature by artist Dan D’Addario of one singer left in the competition. Suddenly it's dirty pool because it's Scotty?

        It's hardly insulting. I think Dan does excellent work on all his drawings. Maybe you're just not familiar with caricatures. In case that's the situation, here's Wiki's definition:

        "A caricature can refer to a portrait that exaggerates or distorts the essence of a person or thing to create an easily identifiable visual likeness. In literature, a caricature is a description of a person using exaggeration of some characteristics and oversimplification of others."

        Feel better now?

      • What's wrong with Bing Crosby?! D: Also I totally agree Scotty should do Love Potion #9, that would be pretty much amazing.

      • I liked the caricature – the only thing is that if Scotty wins, he will need to get one of those two-folded CD covers – one for his face and another for his ears.. he he he…

      • A little before my time Templar but, Bing could sing & dance. He was a big star. My parents loved him. I think it is kinda cute.

      • Matt, Is there a page somewhere that shows all the caricatures done this season? I'd like to see them all, and it would be easier than going down through each week. They are unique.

      • You're right Templar. How very dare this website publish a fairly accurate and well drawn cartoon of someone who should be completely protected from satire and parody. I'm foaming at the mouth with rage. I went through Milwaukee the other day, and some of the cattle were visibly trembling in umbrage.

        You know what? I bet the artist was Danish too.

      • I don’t like the boil/acne on the cheek. At least that is what it looks like to me.

      • What? All the top singers were roasted with a great caricature and I think he NAILED the Scotty one! Look how he's captured holding the mic like it's a hot dog that was over-heated in a microwave! Owie Owie Owie!

        Scotty's got talent for sure, but he's got some quirky facial expressions and holds the mic kinda funny. πŸ˜›


        Northern Guy

    • Hi Angela – I just posted a comment below exactly about that… I think that at this point, to keep the show fresh, they could give the contestants a selection of never recorded songs to perform. Then we could see who has the package necessary to survive as a recording artist today.

  2. i honestly just lost interest in this weeks performances. why oh why cant they do what songs they want to do?

    • I so totally agree…let them be the artists they wish to be…who says they need to sing everything well…

    • @secondchance: I have an Alanis Morissette CD ("The Collection") in my car that I play over and over and over. She recorded a really old song (written by Cole Porter in 1928!), "Let's Do It" (you'll probably remember it better by these lyrics: "Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it, let's fall in love") that I just adore. It's a Broadway sound, something I don't usually go for, but it is fabulous. I know every word of the tricky little song and sing right along with it in my car! So you never know. You may be very surprised.

      • Pup: You are so right. Michael Buble, Rod Stewart and others are turning to old standards and making them hip and new. My theory is that there aren't many good songwriters out there right now or else the pop stars we now have can't carry a song on pure melody. There probably are good songwriters, they just aren't being utilized.

      • i love alanis. yep, i know that song πŸ™‚ i just want a week where james can rock out, that is what i like about james. i think scotty and haley will do good with this weeks theme.

      • I think you're spot on, Templar. And secondchance, I have not doubt whatsoever that James will be back in form this week. That boy knows exactly what he has to do and he's smart . . . he'll figure things out and be stupendous!

  3. Hey!!!! I want da 2 girls to b in da FINALE!!!! Its About time dat a Girl Won!!!! its been Way 2 Long!!!! Lauren vs Haley 4 da Win!!!!! James have got 2 go!!! Im sik of His screaching!!!!!! Hes a Try hard and a flippin Adam Lambert Wannabe!!!!!

    • Hahaha, wow.

      There's room for more than one rocker guy in the industry…it'll be alright. πŸ˜‰

      • That is just what James will be, just one more rocker. There are a zillion out there and the all sound alike and all wear ridiculous get ups. Nothing against James as a person, think he has handled his challenges wonderfully and kudoos to his Parents who have certainly been a mainstay in his progress.

      • Sorry to jump in here but don't you think there are a "zillion" country singers out there. Many who sound quite similar.

        Ever seen the get ups they wear.

      • Carol ~ good call on pointing out the hypocrasy… but sadly the hypcrits will never admit to it, not to us, and most likely not even to themselves.

      • In every gener of music there are gonna be alot of artists that sound the same hesh sometimes when I listen to the radio and a new band comes on I sometimes think its another band i like because they sound alike and when i find out its another band I dont get mad at them for sounding just like another band

      • JMO I look for Scotty to get Laurens votes if she goes. Maybe Jacobs also

      • agreed garbo those r my faves πŸ™‚ not including poor casey who i think should still be there! hard to say, they r all so unique…minus scotty and lauren, they r fabulous singers but havent brought much more than they did right from the start. no wow factor there anymore

  4. Wow…I'm in shock. For the first time ever, I agree with Angela.

    This kind of restriction is the last thing these kids need right now. How are they going to really shine when they can't sing what they want to sing, and are the best at singing?

    I wish they got to pick any song, of any genre, from any year. That'd be the best way to be able to really judge them against each other.

    American Idol certainly isn't doing them any favors this week. It's like Carole King, but worse.

    • Wow, I'm in shock to Devin! Besides, you probably won't be seeing anymore posts from me. I should be 6 feet under soon. "Imweirdandsarcastic" just posted to the world that he was going to kill me. Then he wrote a 2nd post that he was going to kill Lulu and Lyn too. I guess I'll be spending Mother's Day weekend watching my back for a crazed, homicidal, pychopathic Haley fan.

      • oops….I know the difference between "to" and "too". Also, I know how to spell "psychopathic". Bad spelling and wrong use of homophones are my big pet peeves. Just hurrying to get out the door and not paying attention.

      • Haha…that is hilarious!!! I am disappointed at this as well!!! I want to start hearing songs from the contestants that showcase what type of songs they will put out post idol..very disappointing.

      • Yea Chris…so hilarious that I have to add "write my obituary" on my to-do list this weekend……:)

      • That's a little overboard. Come on! American Idol is supposed to be FUN! All four of them have a chance at having outstanding careers ahead of them. It's not like whoever doesn't win is going to drop off the face of the earth. American Idol is not sufficient enough to threaten lives, people, hate to break it to you. Though Angela, you are very frustrating when you badmouth someone who people feel the same for as you do Lauren or whoever is your fave the way you do.

        Honest to god, though Haley is by far and away my favorite contestant, I will be happy no matter who takes the win. They're a wonderful top 4, who I would've picked from the very beginning, and even if Lauren and Scotty are both country, they all bring something different to the show.

        Let's enjoy these next few weeks, shall we? I know I will!

    • wish they will have a Rap week. It will be fun and I guess Scotty would win the rap week.

  5. for me this week will show how the contestants can deliver their musical identity..its not the song but its the excited..=)

  6. You made me laugh, but I agree with you all the way. It is ridiculous for them to sing songs from the time that is so different from the time they are living in. If not so, let's make them sing songs from early 19th century, that would be fun πŸ™‚

    • There ya go! Steven Foster's song book. I'll bet Scotty could do a terrific job on "Jeanie With the Light Brown hair', Lauren with "Beautiful Dreamer", James with "Camptown Races" and that leaves Haley with "The Old Folks At Home". LOL

      • I'm liking these choices Templar. I want to mention that if Lauren makes it to the top three, her hometown will do a concert during her hometown visit with the proceeds going to disaster releif.

  7. Don't think any of the remaining Idols can nail the 50's song. I am dead sure only Pia and Stefano can slay such 50's, 60's or 70's songs to the bone.

    Just too bad Stefano got eliminated. He's a true star in the making and I am counting every minute and hour until Stefano is back on stage. Love the dude stage performance and bubbly personality.

    • LOL! Stefano slaying something from the 50's???!!!

      Have you even heard something from the 50s??

      Haley will shine again. She also mentioned on that one of her influences is the music from the 50s

      • @secondchance, that's funny. My first thought was, hey, they picked this for Scotty.

      • So did I pup, mostly because of all the Elvis songs. The only contestant I'm really worried about this week is Lauren. Who knows though? She could surprise us all!

        Haley has shown us she can sing anything now, I have confidence in her to deliver an outstanding performance no matter what the theme.

        Go Haley! πŸ™‚

      • @Devin: If Lauren can pull it together to give a slammin' performance of "I'm a Woman" (and I think she has it in her), she would bring down the house like Haley did last week.

        Take a look at this video (link attached if Admin leaves it there) from "Smokey Joe's Cafe" with a few women actress/singers taking parts of that song. It is just SO good!

      • That's funny pup, cuz I watched that same video this morning! She could do that song for sure.

        I listened to the original too, and thought it sounded more like Haley-girl, though.

    • Yes, Peggy Lee doing I'm a Woman. I loved it! It's a really different song. I mixed her up with Etta James a few times though, for some reason.

  8. I think this group has the talent to modernize the 50s. Think we'll be surprised.

    • Morning! this is off the subject – but was watching my fav.videos of the contestants last night. I watch on QUACKOFF Network because the quality is excellent & they do not include the judges opinions!:) Seems as if all the videos are unavailabe to watch.

      DOES anyone know what happened! Just curious–

      • I know ! The one on you can watch all of them , but I can't get James Durbin, I'm mad.

      • the youtube channel I follow is repad (all of his vids are HD, very good quality and minus the judges). His most recent vids, though, only have snapshots of the contestants because youtube is cracking down on copyright stuff or something.

      • Thanks David for the info.

        Really miss watching the good quality ones. I will search the one you suggested. I'm not buying ITunes at the moment,maybe in the near future, so love to watch the videos.

      • If you go to you can watch any peformance from the final hollywood night with out the judges comments

  9. It is annoying to know the contestants have to sing something out of their time… and very contradictory really. Randy always says DO YOU! or I need to know who are you in the singing market, I want to know where are you going! with this songs who can tell? They are obligated to sing something not because is their genre or their type of music. This is so no good!

    • Of course a singer should sing anything! BUT if they are trying to prove who they are! is not fair for them to learn music they will never perform EVER in their lives. But who knows, maybe is a good exercise.

      By the way Matt you made me laugh so hard on where you are going to watch the program this week LOL a retirement home!! ROFL

      • Back in the day Frank Sinatra bet Dean martin he could make any song a hit. Dean picked "Old MacDonald Had a Farm". Frank recorded it and it charted.

      • Reviving old songs is not a new thing in the music industry, in America or elsewhere.By singing old, unfamiliar songs the remaining Idol contestants will be able to prove their versatility..I'm sure they can give their chosen song a new twist to it, a new flavor to make an old song sounds contemporary..And in doing so, the could own the song.

      • Okay, Pat Boone was corny. But did you ever listen to his "April Love"? I think it is lovely!

      • @Pup, I like Pat Boone's voice, just know few songs : "Remember", "Speedy Gonzales","Jambalaya" and several gospel songs.

    • What planet are you all from? The 50's music is soooo melodic and those 4 kids can really showcase their voices cuz they can rock it, countrify it, or growl it. Motown started in the 50s, Sammy Cook, Elvis, Brenda Lee, Big Bopper, Paul Anka, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis; the list and variety is endless. I can't wait to see what these 4 do with this category.

      • lorene don´t get me wrong, I love that music, I grew with it, I just do not think it shows the path of these young guys want to go… I could hear this music forever but I truly don´t think is any of these guys cup of tea.

      • lorene; Thank you so much for not mentioning Pat Boone. I have an aunt who drove me nuts with his stuff.

      • Templar, my mother loved him. And that quite possibly could be why I don't like white cowboy hats today.

      • @ Bunny & Templar: Oops. See above. I posted my comments about Pat Boone in the wrong place.

      • Hey Pup, How is the mold removal coming? I gotta say, you made me giggle all day yesterday with that.

      • Hey, I think the mold has been transformed. I think I see buttercups here and there!

      • Haha, right Pup? This topic is a bagillion percent more civil than the last one. I'm glad we can all have fun, discuss our favorites and support these young people in pursuing their dreams.

      • @David. Yes, thank heavens, it is! πŸ™‚ And I give most of the credit to Matt, ttytt.

        Could someone here please explain to me what X or XD means at the end of someone's post? (I'm old, so don't laugh.)

  10. Forgot to congratulate Dan D’Addario for the caricature!! very nice Scotty job lol

      • I enjoy them also, I'm ordering one for my husband's bithday.

        He thinks Haley is so HOT –so this will really surprise him.

        I'm a James fan though—

  11. I am very much going to pray that Haley stays this week, and into the finale! She blossomed like Randy said and its true! Please,please,please,please vote for Haley. She needs them more than anyone else. I love Haley(:<3

      • Haley will be a mega star, Even if she gets voted off this week or next. She is already a mega STAR, love you Haley.

      • Hayley's voice is unique and will sell records…lots of them, whether you like her or not. I am a Scotty fan but I recognize the amazing talents of all four finalists and wish them all an amazing career.

      • Haley is a lovely young woman with skills that knock my socks off! I am obliged to give her the majority of my votes each week because she has EARNED them.

        I find Haley agreeable, poised, sweet, mature, and polite. She's also strong, confident and resilient, characteristics that allow her to keep coming back strong after taking incessant low-blows from the judges. And each time afterward, she came to the stage and gave it her all.

        I think she was stupefied at the judges' words for her first song. I sure was. I saw her eyes. I know she wasn't happy. Who would have been? She'd just sung her heart out and the only reaction she got (once again) was a pot full of negatives. You may have seen her eyes and thought hurt, heartbreak, anger or shock, and indeed, it could have been one or all of these. But she still kept her mouth shut and didn't say one thing out of line. What more could anyone ask? Should she have smiled at them?

        I'm very, very happy she got the standing ovation and the unquestionably deserved lavish praise from them for her 2nd song last week. It was waaayyyy overdue.

        I love Haley's voice and I love her spirit. I think she's an excellent model for all women.

        I just wish that those of you who do not like Haley would stop taking any opportunity to trash her for such unfounded, imagined issues that have nothing to do with a contestant's vocal skills. It's off-topic and fuels hard feelings here. Is that really your goal?

      • Come on Pup, Tell us how you really feel about it. lol-lol. I'm kind of tired of all the trashing too. Even though I've been somewhat out of character with that myself.

      • Pup, you said it like it is as I feel the same way and do not know how they can see anything different than what you have written that would promote such negative, nasty remarks.

      • I agree with every word that Pup said. I love it how people can post that someone is "rude" or "has no class" or "is a b*tch" or is "obviously conceited" or whatever when all they've done is watch someone sing a few songs. I'm put off by people who think they are so perceptive they can size somebody up that quickly — and that brutally.

        These young folks are all doing an excellent job. Haley has had to become the toughest because the judges — two of them, that is — have chosen to pick on her unreasonably. Her strength has really showed through that.

        Everyone watching AI has a favorite or two by now, but no contestant has taken the beating on this and other boards like Haley has for the people who have another as their favorite.

        Perhaps they should look inward to their own character.

    • I will vote for Haley until the very end! And a lot of people feel the exact same way.

      • Yes they do! I am in that number!!! Diva??? I think she is adorable! I loved the "Bite ME" look she gave the judges after the Ga GA song…and I bought that song and really like it though I had never heard it before! My 2 cents….

      • Me too. Theres a lot of people on itunes who are voting for her also. By the Way, I went into top song charts a little while ago and House of the Rising Sun by the Animals is now in the top 200 songs. Need I say more.

      • Go Haley you just get better every week πŸ™‚

        I thought early on that Lauren could win it but at 16 she is just not ready for this kind of pressure yet.

      • I will be voting for Haley, :). I don't see the diva thing at all. Ashthon Jones was a big diva ( I liked her a lot though) and I don't see any real attitude. She was disappointed on Wednesday after she did what Jimmy requested, gave a solid performance, and then the judges come with fists ablaze trying to knock her down. Anyone in that situation would have done the same thing. And she didn't say anything but thank you and then defended her decision. Nothing diva about it, only class.

      • Yes but if looks could kill. JLO even said, after the second song she knew Haley was upset or mad about the first take off

      • @Marie I think she was angry with the judges so she gave her best performance of the season, and to me her look at the end of the song said "Critique that, I dare ya" LOL

      • I always like to see what David P. has to say. My husband and I started liking Haley on the Ford commercial when they all looked like monsters. She has personality.

      • I think Haley just must rub some people the wrong way. Even when looks don't play into it, females can be vicious towards each other. I think Lauren has avoided a lot of it, because she's so young we look at her as a kid, rather than a woman. A very extroverted and outgoing kid!

        I have never thought of Haley as a girl who has a bad attitude. I think she's classy, definitely an introvert who doesn't wear her feelings on her sleeve (which is an asset in the biz), and I really think she's goofy, fun-loving, and sweet to people she cares about. I really identify with her, because I am a private & independent girl as well. I may not be outgoing to anyone and everyone, (more shy than social) but once I do care for someone, I am intensely loyal and protective. That's why I prefer cats over dogs, as well.

        I think Haley is more like that, than bubbles and sunshine like Lauren. There's nothing wrong with being either way…I just identify w/ Haley more. Then again, we don't really know these girls, it's just how we perceive them on the show. I really think both of them are sweet, classy, silly, and brimming full of talent.

        I don't dislike any of the top four, actually.

      • I think Gaga will go goo-goo over Haley this week. Maybe that is what Jimmy had in mind with his suggestion for Haley's first song last week. I thought she did that song well even though it was an unknown.

    • Haley's fans, please do your best and vote for her non-stop (if you can)

      Do it for Haley's fans overseas too!!

      I'm in Indonesia so I can't vote.

      Believe me there are lots of Haley's fans outside of America who feel so irritated we can't support Haley directly!

      Good luck with the voting guys!

      I hope Haley will pick a good song this week and wow us again. I don't think she can get through if she only does OK.

      p.s. don't bother answering here and saying I won't vote for haley bla bla bla

      Read the beginning…. for HALEY'S FANS!

      I'm not asking all of you to vote for her, just her fans, ok?

      • Oh, don't worry, we will vote for her!!! Even if she doesn't win though, she'll be putting out music for her fans to love either way, soon after Idol I'm guessing. This is just the beginning of Haley's career, and with her fans being as loyal as they are, I see her having a very long and prosperous career ahead of her!

        Love you Haley!! πŸ™‚

      • i take your remark as we all should vote for her not me she a good singer but not my taste

  12. I think those kids will do a great justice to the 50's songs. Seriously, there is nothing wrong with those contestants singing songs from all the decades, why should it just have to be the latest style of music. Sorry, I am just an old lady talking here and I was a teenager in the 60's and 70's, some the the greatest music out there!!! These kids kick ass!!!!

    • Your right about that Brenda. I graduated high school in 1960. I thought there were so pretty good songs then. I think these kids can make them much better. They all just need to pick the right songs, and sing their butts off.

  13. I can tell many of you are younger than the times of the music that has been requested for these talented people to perform. Also, I would go further to say you do not have much training in the culture of music. I started music at the age of 5 years old and I understand the importance of their going back in times. The vocals then were strong quality tone and you hear every sound. Now you can talk your way through if you don't sing, scream your way through it or if you can not sing the music over powers you and no one can hear your voice anyway. Then only the exceptional make the grade.

    • I love your comments. I came across a box of that eras recordongs. The music and vocals are really great. You can understand and appreciate the lyrics, no screaming or screeching. Thank you

      • ITA. Most of what is on pop radio now is throw away music and will have zero shelf life. I hate to say this, but a lot of the hair band music from the 80's is more memorable.

  14. I'd like to know where Jimmy gets off with his comments.

    It's apparent he wants Haley to win. So glad he was off his mark when he suggested the Gaga song. He can keep his comments to himself. Let the contestants help us decide who to vote for – don't need the judges or Jimmys comments. I'm glad Jacob has gone and hope Haley is next. I'd like to see a James and Scotty finale.

    • @Sofasu I also hope Haley is next. Would like to see a finale with Scotty And James with Scotty the winner

    • Just maybe Jimmy sees Haley as the most technically advanced contestant remaining…someone that he can enjoy coaching, someone who has the range and talent to pull off anything that is thrown at her. The risk with the Gaga song paid off. She nailed it. House of the Rising Sun sealed the deal. I don't think he plays favorites. He works with each contestant and tries to showcase their talents, and their success reflects his success. Haley has been pushed way harder than the others by the judges. Maybe the judges know that she is tough enough to take the flak and smart enough to use the criticism to improve her performances. She has emotional intelligence and she uses it well, both on stage and off. You don't catch her crying or feeling sorry for herself. Like Jimmy says, you gotta be tough to perform. I think its Haley for the win!

      • Reading back on some of the blogs, crying and feeling sorry for yourself is getting boring

      • Exactly, I think Jimmy has smart comments and doesnt play favorites. And yes he is pushing Haley firstly because she can take it, and secondly she has been one of the underdogs since the top 24, pushing forward and improving the most. He probably sees her as the most determined to improve, and most versatile to sing whatever she wants.

      • thats why he said scotty will have an extordanary carreer,and is a great,great natural talent!

      • Exactly, Andy, I totally agree.

        Actually, I do wish, as do some others, that Jimmy hadn’t said that about Haley, even though she is my favorite. I also wish that the judges wouldn’t make sweeping statements about “in it to win it” and such. I want to hear a critique of the SINGING OF THAT SPECIFIC SONG, as Simon used to do, not all the fluff. I also hate it when Ryan says, as he’s greeting the singer after the judging, something like “fantastic job.” He’s not a judge! Things like that skew votes and make it too obvious that they’re pimping somebody too much or dissing somebody too much without really critiquing the singing itself.

        I think that Jimmy is right about Haley — the greatest vocal skills in terms of power, range, control, and sheer accuracy of notes — but I do wish that both he and the judges and Ryan wouldn’t make their favorites so obvious.

  15. When it was Carole King week, I made the mistake of underestimating the contestants' ability to do justice to those songs, and I believe so did other people who said it was better than they thought it would be. So this week, I'm not pre-judging. I would like the judges to actually judge the performances this week. That would be different. However, from now on I would like to see the contestants choose one song from theme week and one song of their own choice. (No repeats) And one time I would like to see Idol choose one song that would be the same for each contestant. Each contestant would sing it in his/her own style and "make it their own." The question would be which song to pick that would be fair. Also, I read somewhere that long ago a great singer, Frank Sinatra, said he could sing any song and make it a hit. I think he went on to prove it by singing "Three Blind Mice," although I'm not 100% sure it was that song. This is in no way a reference to the judges (JK), but to show that a song sung well can be timeless.

      • Thanks, Templar. I didn't think Three Blind Mice was right and finally found Frank singing Old MacDonald on an old clip. He changed the lyrics to make them more adult, but the music was the same. I also didn't remember who the bet was with. This is why I like Idol blogs. I can pick up interesting information.

    • I wish the theme was a little more broad. I still really want to hear Haley sing Etta James.

      • I listened to a few Etta James songs today, and I agree! Etta had that strong, not exactly masculine, but close voice, and Haley kinda has that, too. I think she'd do really well with it.

  16. I just checked out the Leiber & Stoller songbook. I found some gems for the final 4:

    1. There Goes My Baby (The Drifters)

    2. On Broadway (The Drifters)

    3. Leader of the Pack (The Shangri-Las)

    4. Ruby Baby (Donald Fagan)

    5. I'm A Woman (Peggy Lee)

    6. Hound Dog or Jailhouse Rock (Elvis)

    I see:

    Scotty singing Ruby Baby or Jailhouse Rock.

    Lauren: I'm A Woman

    James: There Goes My Baby or Jailhouse Rock

    Haley: On Broadway

    • Lauren – I (Who Have Nothing)

      James – Young Blood

      Scotty – Love Potion #9

      Haley – I'm a Woman

      ^^ I just hope whatever it is they choose they all put everything on the line and just blow us all away. This is probably the most competitive top 4 in the history of the show and now's the time to show everyone what they are made of.

      • David P. is absolutely correct. I have been watching AI since 2002 and have not missed a single show. This year, without a doubt, has the very best top 4 EVER! All talented, all winners, all will have amazing careers. ALL OF THEM!

      • I would like to here Haley sing I'm a Woman, and for her second song I would like her to sing Elvis Presley's Trouble

      • I'm confused. I thought the theme was limited to songs in the Leiber & Stoller songbook.

        Did I miss those listed below (and posted by others here) as properly falling under that heading:

        * I Who Have Nothing

        * Chantilly Lace

        * Trouble

        * Love Me Tender

        * Turn Me Loose

      • Re my above post: I found another, more thorough website than Wiki. And I did find "Trouble" and "I Who Have Nothing" listed properly. But not the others, that is, unless I missed them.

      • Pup…I know that 3 of the songs you listed qualify…not sure about "Chantilly Lace" or "Turn Me Loose". I looked at the Leiber and Stoller discography and the list is pretty huge. It's also really dated . I am excited to see what they do. Hope they all think outside the box. I wish someone would sing Smokey Joe's Cafe…with some attitude.

    • Pup, I just read that Jordan Sparks is going to perform her new single "I am Woman" on Thursday's results show.

      • If that is true, then they will probably not let Haley sing it on Wednesday night.

      • @Bunny: I just checked and the song she is releasing is "I AM WOMAN". A different song than "I'm A Woman"! So, I think the 50's song is still free and clear for the contestants to sing it, though there might be some who'd frown on the contestant performing a song that seems so akin to the other. (The sound is completely different, though.)

      • Btw, I positively hate that song, "I Am Woman." Hate the tune and the lyrics. Really, really corny. Bad choice for Jordin, I think.

    • I have been waiting for Scotty to sing Love me Tender – yes, I know it is kinda corny and cheeze, but hey – if he is the Elvis guy and we're talking 50's, he's gotta do Love me tender…

      • David Archuleta did a stunning version of “Love Me Tender” (check YouTube) that just floored me, and I think that Scotty could do so, as well.

        I remember Randy saying accurately (when the judges used to actually critique the SINGING) that he “caressed every word…” and he really did.

  17. I just checked out some of the songs written by these two. I actually have heard of some of them! Once again, this might be better than we think.

  18. I want Haley to sing "Stand by Me", I think she could bring something very special and different to that well-loved song.

    • If it's the Stand by Me that I'm thinking of we've already heard it 4 times + itunes version (all of them exactly the same) from Pia. Pia's first performance of it on the show, even I have to admit, is among the best of the entire competition. It would be interesting to see what Haley does to it, but since it's been done and beaten like a dead horse maybe should pass on it =/.

      • I'll have to correct myself. I'll stand by you and Stand by Me are totally different songs xD Finals week has totally drained my brain of any kind of thinking power.

      • Yeah two different songs both great, though. I love Ben E. king's Stand by Me…but it was done on past seasons. I'm not sure Amy of these kids could do it. Be interesting to see, though!

      • @David and Devin: I thought Pia did sing "Stand by Me." I wouldn't do it if I were a contestant. Just asking for trouble with all the hysteria about Pia's elimination.

    • @ Bunny. No, wont' blame the mold. Just my own aging grey matter.

      Hey, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to each and every mother posting or reading here!! It's an absolutely beautiful day here today! (My daughter and hubby took me out for crabs and shrimp last night. It was a wonderful evening!) And this morning my hubby made me breakfast–strawberries, coffee and a croissant! Wasn't that sweet???!! I am so lucky!

  19. This sounds fun, I know they can sing those songs. I wonder if their going to dress like they did back then. Scotty maybe could sing Turn Me Loose by Fabian

  20. These songs have great lyrics and some were rearranged in the 60's and 70's to be more country or rock.

    The problem is rearranging two songs, learning and recording them in under a week is unlikely, fewer pro artists rearrange songs now days.

  21. Good grief!! 50's songs?? Really, Idol? First Nigel Lithgoe promised this year would not be strictly "themed" nights, then he pulls out this crapola?? There ought to be some fine trainwrecks this week…

  22. Are they two songs this week? If so…will it be one from the 50's and a current one?

  23. Go Haley! Crack into the top 3, please, please.

    Unfortunately the only way she will get there is if Lauren or Scotty are out. Scotty will be 100% safe, so… Lauren HAS to go home next week.

    • Scotty is not going anywhere except to the very last American Idol show. He will be finaly 2.

      • Bleh Scotty is the most boring winner you could pick or send to the finale, I would be fine with the top two to be any of the four excluding scotty. He is the only one i dont see winning this.

    • If Lauren brings it even 88% Haley has no chance. Despite her amazing performance last week. I think she brought it a tiny bit too late. Unless Haley wows again Lauren isn't going anywhere. My opinion. BTW I am NOT a Haley hater

      • You are like a wolf in sheeps clothing, thanks for trying to keep it civil, though. And Haley does have a very strong chance. She has a lot of supporters and did you see the poll this week? Lauren has never really been any more popular than Haley on the poll but this week Haley's numbers shot through the roof and Laurens went down. I know it's not the best set of data but it does show trends. You really don't have any proof at all of your statement.

      • This week wasn't Haley's only great performance. Go check out Benny and the Jets, Fallin', Rolling in the Deep, and her most underrated performance Blue…along with her Blondie and Janis Joplin songs…she's been a top performer from the very beginning, she's improved consistently, and she just wasn't pimped as much as the other 3 left. I think America's backing Haley now. She's wowed us several times, while some of the others played it safe.

  24. Haley is my favorite, but I absolutely love the Without You track James did this week. Its so sorrowful that it is beautiful. Of course love his Uprising too. And Scotty's Gone. If they sing like last week, I will be thrilled.

  25. Don't be so quick to criticize the music choice. There are thousands of great songs from that period. The contestants should be able to put their own spin on a couple of songs each. Let's see what they can do. A true singer can sing anything, from any period of time – not just rock. Bravo to Idol for doing something other than just Rock all the time! Now on to the Finals with James and Scotty!

  26. This week’s theme should definitely play towards three of the four contestants. First, country has been around for a long time and Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller songs should be easily adaptible. This obviously leans toward Scotty and Lauren. Hailey also sings with an older style and should be extremely adaptible. I have to wonder what a rock singer is supposed to do with this week's theme? It could very well throw James into the bottom position and out of the competition. I hope he pulls a rabbit out of the hat and delivers something that surprises us all. I for one believe this week's theme certainly starts him behind the others.

    • That's the amazing thing about James – he can sing anything & since he won a country idol contest, and was very good, he may just surprise us again.

      I'm excited to see what all the contestants will bring this coming week.

    • This theme should play to Scotty's strength, Lauren may have to adjust the song's key down a bit, Haley should do well as some are blues songs like "Kansas City" or were rearranged by blues singers, for James this could be his make or break week, if he pulls off two good songs then it could set him up for the win but another off week could be very bad.

      • my comment was in regards to the far sides comment. do they want james gone?

      • @ secondchance: Nah, I really don't think that is it at all. I think James can sing anything, too! I really see him slaying both "Jailhouse Rock" and "There Goes My Baby".

      • I don't think James has anything to worry about this week. Someone above posted that he should sing "Young Blood". I remember when BAD CO did their take on this song & it was a hit.

    • Don't count James out. He has sung very many different songs. If he picks out the right one he could just blow us out of the water. Just saying

    • James should sing Jailhouse Rock….just saying, he would completely own that song.

      • I picked "Trouble" from King Creole for James. Have him all outlawed up in leathers. "If you're lookin' for trouble, you came to the right place. Oh yeah.

      • Wow, love that song Trouble!!! I could really see Haley singing it, too . . . but I guess she should stay away from it.

      • i was just being nervous. james can sing anything and i am sure he will do great. i just want him to win sooo bad.

  27. it would be nice if the singers got to "write" their own music with a help of a mentor. I know it would be a lot of work for a lot of the contestants but that is what an "artist" is. If the contestants were allowed to sing original music I think you could tell who will actually be successful and who won't be. Both Carrie and Kelly have helped with writing their music (mostly kelly). Honestly, Paul would have still been on the show and Lauren probably would have been booted off a while ago.

    She is just not mature enough to handle this competition. Between her and James crying each week it is a little grueling to watch!

    Horrible pick for song choices. Let them have some freedom!

    • That's a tall order. Even Elton John only writes music, not lyrics. That's expecting an awful lot from these kids.

    • Hey ashen, Lauren has written 2 songs already and they're GREAT. Go to YouTube and search leaving by Lauren Alaina

  28. I think if Lauren leaves the show, their votes will go to Scotty, Scotty therefore becomes stronger prefer to leave Haley for their votes to pass James and so Lauren is the next out, leaving a final Scotty and James wins the best.

  29. I agree with all that at this time the last four must show to the world who is each one, how they feel, what`s their best acting and performances.

    So for that they have to be free to choose songs between rock and pop from the eighties to now . But they must sing both styles in the same night

  30. I think it's pretty clear that Idol's theme this year is 'throwback.' You can see it in the song categories AND in the voices of the people the judges picked.

    • ^which isn't a bad thing, btw, but I'm not sure the producers are going at it in the best way.

  31. At first I thought James would do well singing "without you", but then he blew it. He sounded nice on occation. I guess most thought the crying was touching, but I felt uncomftable watching him. And the singing was mostly bad. I think it was genuine feeling, but somehow I just wished I hadn't witnessed it.

    Hopefully this week wont be too boring. Not so fan of any of the songs mentioned.

      • Me too. The itunes version of without you by James is excellent.

      • I listened James' studio version and it was better, but I still didn't like it. I think he has been the best performer thus far and he clearly loves music, but I personally like Haley's tone more. Even Scotty and Lauren have better sound than James. A matter of taste I guess. Some like growls others like screems. πŸ˜‰

  32. Here is a list of some of the better know artists who recorded Leiber and Stoller songs.

    Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, James Brown, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Fats Domino, The Everly Brothers, Bill Haley and The Comets, Barbra Streisand, Jimi Hendrix, Muddy Waters, Johnny Mathis, John Mellencamp, Lou Rawls, Tom Jones, Bobby Darin, Luther Vandross, B.B. King, Otis Redding, the Righteous Brothers, Jeff Beck and many, many others.

  33. Leiber and Stoller stopped writing for Elvis when Colonel Parker(Elivs' manager) sent a packet for a new movie project with a contract for them to sign. Leiber says he pulled the contract from the packet and found only a dark line across the middle of a blank page for his signature.

    Leiber called and said, 'I think you made a mistake. There's no contract in here'. Parker said, 'Don't worry about that, boy. Just sign your name, and I'll fill it in later'.

    I wonder why no one ever liked Colonel Parker? LOL but the music business can be cut throat and brutal.

    • Probably did that with Elvis when he was young & didn't know any better.

      Elvis was a raw talent also taking great risks with his music – people either hated it or loved it — had never heard any thing exactly like the music he was performing. IMO I think he was the happiest then, when he had the control. Parker made him commercial/mainstream for the money — & I think Elvis personally hated being commercialized.

      • Elvis was extremely loyal and although he hated some of the stuff Parker had him do, he never reneged on his contract.

        Elvis wanted to perform overseas, but because the Colonel couldn't get a passport, Elvis never did.

        The Colonel only cared about himself, and to hell with everyone else.

    • Really interesting, Bloodyscot. When I looked at the list of songs, I wondered why there were only a couple of Elvis' songs there. Very nice of you to share that!!

  34. Whoever gets to sing Stand By Me on Wednesday will win the night. I'm hoping James goes up last and does the John Lennon semi-rock version. It will be a walk-off.

      • I am not sure if Scotty has gone last yet but I heard they pick the order by how well they rate their studio work and Halley seems to rule in the studio lately and gets the pimp spot.

    • Pooh…I'm not sure Ny of them has the chops to do this song….Maybe Lauren. If someone nails this song they have my complete admiration. Remember when Jordin Sparks sang the heck out of that song. I think it won the year for her.

      • Ps sorry for my spelling IPad does auto correct if you are not careful and some of the words they change is kinda scary.

      • Scotty has never had the pimp spot. I now this for sure. And i was under the impression that they pimp spot is sometimes for getting people votes, not because you are the best performer in or out of the studio. My guess is Scotty has never needed the votes.

    • I dont know about that but I did find where Lady Gaga did it with Sting. So she will probably push it onto one of the girls.

  35. For next week, with this ridiculous theme, James should sing 'YOUNG BLOOD'! Please do NOT sing Jailhouse Rock and the other Elvis ones… I can see / hear James doing YOUNG BLOOD! He'd be awesome and would turn it into a modern sounding song! GO JAMES!!

    • Why is it such a ridiculous theme? Some of the best music came from this era. Why shouldn't James sing an Elvis song? Elvis was the greatest rock and roll singer ever.


  36. How many songs each are they singing?

    Haley – Spanish Harlem

    James – On Broadway

    Lauren – Stand By Me

    Snotty – Heartbreak Hotel

    • Bahloo, that's quite rude of you to single Haley out and label her that way. If you read any of the last blog's comments, we've had way too much of that kind of thing. So please be considerate and polite.

      • Haha, pup! I thought it was a typo. I was like, snotty??? No more name calling, you!


        @Pup, I can tell that you are used to defending Haley. Hopefully we can all forget about that and start discussing their singing on here instead.

      • Ahaha, I thought you were mad because he chose Spanish Harlem xD. I was soo confused than I saw Snotty and was like oooh ok. There, there Pup.

      • I apologize, Bahloo. To be honest, I thought you were calling Haley "snotty." Then I saw it had to be Scotty. So I thought you were poking fun at him. Just didn't want to see any more bashing, sly or not. But I do apologize for jumping the gun on that.

  37. The directors idea to add diversity and difficulty will again define performance and professionalism. An expert is able to see the potential in any song, from any era, that will showcase their own particular strength and style. Each contestant by now *should* be able to do this. This peculiar challenge is not something to shy away from, but rather another rare opportunity to display perception, direction, dynamics, and progress,

    Stress is, however, playing a big factor at this point and a cool head will separate the "imitators" from the true "Idol". This is called "Grace under pressure" and out of the remaining Four I find only Two who currently possess this quality, Scotty and Haley.

    Personally, I was hoping for something different last week, but obviously the two who stood apart were Scotty and Haley, and between the two of them I believe Haley brings the most texture, talent, and tone to the table and it will be interesting to see how far she'll go. I'm just say'n

    Me? I'm still "Hooked on Haley"

    • I think that old songs make the show look like those Cong Shows that we had back in the 70s and 80s. The contestants all sounded like wedding or shower singers, not artists that could get a hit in current billboards. I gave a suggestion below that they could sing the same songs, current songs. Another suggestion would be for them to choose from a selection of never recorded songs from new songwriters in the music industry. They would choose the new song, perform it and sell it to the audience, as it they were already recording artists. This would give the show a fresh vibe, as opposed to a "been there done that" vibe…. In cany case, there are so MANY creative things the producers could do the test the talents of the contestants, but they insist on an old formula that is refleting more their ages and the audience preferences… very bad idea, specially for the sponsor…

  38. Wow – this is really a bad idea – Simon is really being missed among the producers of the show. At this point, I think what they should have the contestants singing the same songs – I would put them through two songs – an easy one, like from a band – and a hard one, from a high power artist. Then we could really compare their performances – I would get them to sing the same songs – their way, within their style… It would be lots of fun to see how they would perform. Now, songs from the 50´s for the demographics of the show is really trying to test the show resiliance… and audience patience…

    • What? Are you referring to Simon Cowell? If so, he was never a producer. Simon Lithgow is the producer.

      • Yes, Simon Cowell is the show creator and he was the executive producer as well. Now, one of the producers is NIGEL LYTHGOE who used to be the producer of So you think you can dance, also at fox (not sure if he will continue to executive produce that other show or just be one of the judges for the upcoming summer season)

  39. I think that all the contestants will do very well but JAMES will shine…I believe in you James, you will be on top…

  40. Down in Mexico would be great for Haley done like in the Kurt Russell movie, very hot sexy blues maybe too hot for Idol.

    Clip of it on youtube labeled "Down in Mexico"

    • Carrie Underwood did Elvis's Trouble on Idol in her winning season. I would love to here Haley using her style on this song, I think it would be better than House of the Rising Sun was.

      • James may go for "Trouble" since Ian Gillan(ex-Deep Purple&Black Sabbath) did it in the 1980's.

      • Lauren may even want to do trouble simply because Carrie did it. And Scotty should do trouble just to shake things up LOL, I just hope Haley is the one who ends up doing it cuz I think it would be awesome.

      • They had a song called something like "Bill Got the Last Clean Shirt" — that was done by the Animals in the 1970s, before Eric Burdon left — and it's a pretty cool song, and I guess I could hear Haley belting it out……

      • But we also know that you can't get too obscure, or the 12-16 year olds won't know it, and won't vote for it……

  41. I want Haley and James in the finale. I admit James is trying way too hard but that's what the judges should be pointing at. They should give him constructive criticisms so that he'll only get better.

  42. Oh…I think Carole King music was worse than 50's music….I'm hoping, anyway!

  43. This could be very creative = entertaining OR drop dead horrible like watching a wreck in slow motion.

  44. Ryan you do a good job when you host shows on E. Every time that you walk down the stairs on Amewrican Idol it drives me nuts. I love Simon Cowell. I could not stand it when you use to get in his face.

  45. I feel that James will do very good with the songs for this week. He has alot to choose from.

      • Yes, I agree, James will pull it off!! Hey second, do ya remember when this all started? Very few were pulling for James! (there are some awesome die-hards!) My favs are gone! I have liked James from the get go. I will pick his voice over the little girl's voice, any day!!don't be nervous, his career is set!!

      • James first song was not that bad but he seem to go off pitch, in the audience or when he got to close to them on stage.

      • james has been my favorite from the beginning too. i really like scotty and lauren too. but james has all my votes.

      • secondchance…….James will do find this week….He had only one off week, don't write him off just yet….He is the best performer on that show…..I love Haley too but James for the win…..Scotty & Lauren should go, they are soooo boring its pathetic…….VOTE FOR JAMES!!!!!

  46. HAley – Long tall sally by Little Richard

    James – Shout by The Isley Brothers

    Lauren – Only you by The Platters

    Scotty – That'll be the day by Buddy Holly & The Crickets

    • Parvita, unless I'm mistaken, none of those songs are in this week's theme: songs written by Leiber & Stoller.

  47. The producers of Idol like to keep stirring the pot the whole season to keep everyone interested. So we have Scotty, the good ole country boy. He is depicted as a great kid, with southern charm. Very likeable. We have James, the rock & roller that loves and misses his family. We have Lauren. A southern belle that seems very vulnerable. Sweet, sweet Lauren. Finally we have Haley. A pretty li'l thing with a li'l sass, and a neverending array of smiles. Competition aside, is there really anything to hate or despise about any of these kids? I don't think so.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention, they are all very, very talented.

    All four have a solid fan base. The deciding votes are from those who do not have a favorite. These are the voters who vote based on performance on the night of the vote. We are now at the stage of the contest that not hitting the high note, letting emotion get the best of you, not quite singing up to par, or making the wrong song choices could very easily get someone knocked out of the competition. The best way your favorite can stay in this competition is to make good song choices, then sing them the best way they can. If your favorite doesn't do what he or she needs to do, that is not the fault of the other 3 contestants, so there is no reason to hate them.

    It really doesn't make one iota of difference what the Jameshaters, Scottyhaters, Laurenhaters, or Haleyhaters write in these blogs, basically these trolls are just trying to get a rise out of those of us who truly enjoy American Idol.

    Do I have a favorite? Of course I do. GO HALEY πŸ™‚

    • Thanks JD, well said! I'm from Indonesia & I can't vote. We also love Haley here, so can you please vote for her on our behalf. Hope she wins πŸ˜€

      • Well said, JD…I have a favorite also (Scotty), but I refuse to slam the other contestants as I see some of the others doing. They are all talented kids and I wish good luck to them all.

      • Well said JD – the haters must really feel threatened by the contestant & certainly not a positive way to sway votes. IMHO I wonder if it might be a few young kids – just because it is very immature.I'm mainly a James Durbin fan & since day 1 he seemed to get a majority of the haters. Really sad! I usually scan a comment & if I see it pertains to hating I do not read it completely.

      • I only disagree with one thing. The viewers who don't have a favorite don't power vote, so I can't think they are going to shift anything. JMO

      • Scotty Hit that stage, both times like you did last week. Blow them all away You can do it Good luck

      • I also believe the haters are young kids with no adult supervision as to some of the language they use they think its cute Having work with some kids, pretty much on their own,some parents are clueless

      • I dont get to watch much as I work evenings,try to tape it but that oten doesnt survive (darned remote) but i have an opinion which probably has alreading been said The voting ptocess is wrong. Seacrest boasts that 90thousand votes came in. Well that could account for only 50 thousand people. If calls were limited to 5 or 6 per phone line, all this bashing could be limited. You read (I voted 500 times) course that makes Seacrest happy. I think Simon sensed this and gave up a 60 million a year job.JMO but I think AL is going to lose out as being a favorite talent show with the other stiff competation coming up

      • I'm not sure the other talent shows offer that much competition. The Voice [which I find lame] is a singers camp type show rather than a straightforward competition. XFactor is a fall show so not a choose one or the other situation. Same with America's Got talent. Additionally, people fall into a comfort zone with their TV. We automatically watch the same newscaster, sit com, etc. By this time, AI is a member of the family so to speak.

    • It is quite an interesting thing what are you saying. So, I understand that you do not need to see the performance next week. You are voting for Haley even if she has the worst performance of the seson?. I bet she will not as they are songs from 50s and she proved hearself to be soo good at this. As for myself, I only hope that Scotty does not let me down and make me vote for someone else.

      • Scotty will not let you down. He is adown to earth young man with a great talent that he doesnt abuse. Well brought up,polite and genuine

      • I agree with JD and I agree with you Jared…Scotty hasn'tlet me down yet…even if I didn't like the Swingin' song…I thought he did it well….go Scotty

      • james can go up there and burp his ABC's from this point on and i will power vote for him.

      • If Haley totally tanks both performances, I will be sad she had a bad night, and unless one of the other 3 contestants also tank both performances, chances would be slim that she would not be eliminated. However, I do know what she is capable of, so, yes, I would still vote for her. I have felt that Scotty, James and Lauren have all had at least one sub par evening. The only sub par performance for Haley (in my Haley biased eyes lol) was her group performance before she sang God Save The Child in the Hollywood round, in which the judges almost eliminated her. Jlo said you made it, but barely. That to me was Haley's first wake up call, and I loved the way she sang God Save The Child. The judges were impressed as well. Although the judges put her through to the next round, the only two times they have really complimented her since was after she sang Benny and the Jets, and the most recent HOTRS. Otherwise, excluding her duets with Casey she has had nothing but critiques from two of the judges, and I simply disagree with those two.

        At any rate, I think if any of the four have a bad night, there will be a strong possiblity of them being eliminated, including Haley.

    • JD you took the words right out of my mouth. My only problem now is, it doesn't matter who wins, they are all so good. Best field in years. I too am a Haley fan and I have been buying her songs on itunes. Would be excited to see her win but I think James and Scotty have a real change too.

      • They all have a real chance, the final four out of thousands, great kids. The farther Haley goes in the competition, the more Haley Itunes I get LOL. I need as much Haley as possible until she gets to release her own album whether it is via idol as the winner or later after she signs with Jimmy or Randy LOL.

      • I agree with JD and Darren. I am a Scotty fan but you are right one bad night could change every thing

    • Look out for Haley if she does Smokey Joe’s like she did Moanin’. She’s already a star.

  48. I watch Haley perform and wish that I was thirty years younger – which, come to think of it, would still make me a dirty old man!

  49. The order they go in may give an ideal of how the night will go, since it seems to be based on how well they did in the studio, although Scotty is better live most the time, while Lauren has problem with high notes live, James can get pitchy when he moves around a lot and Haley is pretty consistent now.

  50. Wish someone will sing a Buddy Holly's song this week! (specially to Haley, i think "This Arms of Mine" by Otis Redding will be awesome for her. I remember Tiffany sang this song too and her voice exactly as same type as Haley's…and it was sooo Great!) πŸ™‚

    • I think Scotty would do a great with Buddy Holly's "Peggy Sue"!!

      And I loved Tiffany's recording of "These Arms of Mine." I think Lauren could take that on, too.

      • Love both of those, fatboy! (I have a Buddy Holly CD in my car, too!) Haley would, you're right! She's got exactly the right timbre for these songs!

      • Pup, That’ll Be The Day or True Love Ways for me. Haley would smoke them both!

  51. I am concern about Casey, who was one of my favorites, but James Durbin has been showing us his talent as the new 2011 Idol. congratz James you are the best.

    • James deserves to win Idol he has shown the most ability in all his songs. The others are ok but they just don't have what James has. Gotta love James Durbin!

      • Yes agree with you Only James Durbin deserves to win the AI 2011. Go go go James!!!

  52. would like to see lauren win really good singer. Also would like to hear scotty sing the long black train, he has that deep voice like johnny cash.

    • Huh…"Long Black Train", isn't that a Josh Turner song? I think it is, no, I know it is. And you're right that would be a good song for Scot for the simple fact that he almost sounds identical too Josh Turner.

    • Scotty has sung that song in Las Vegas round as his final performance before he made it to the Top 24.

  53. Boy you have your nerve putting the "Older Generation" down. We have and still do admire good music. You would do well to go back and listen to some of it. We may be mature, but we still have sense enough to dial a telephone and vote. Don't you have sense enough to realize people of all ages read your articles. Hate to tell you this, but the years fly fast and you will be where we are before you know it. I hope the younger generation then gives you more respect than you are giving us now.

      • All of the old rickty people vote for Scotty and show rhem we are not dead yet. Respect is hot in their vocabulary as yst

    • Debbie: Two questions:

      a) Who put down us Gen Xers and older peeps?

      b) Who cares? :o)

      Youngins who bash older people and older people who bash younging all fail to understand the generational differences and what causes them. As for fashion, that just changes because it needs to. Fashion is just rampant unbridled change for the sake of change – to sell more clothes to people who already have closets full of clothes. Trends are a conspiracy buy large brand-name corporations. Face it. How else will they get us buying $300 jeans and $200 sunglasses?

      They make new ones that make the old ones go out of style. That's it.


      Northern Guy

      • as an answer to b) Who cares? I totally agree with you there. I was born the same year that Elvis released "That's Allright Mama", and I promise, if I ever grow up I will respect younguns and olduns alike.

        As far as fashion, mark my words, never, never wear elephant bell bottoms while roller skating to Rockin Robin.

      • JD, you are too cute!! LOL! I’ll bet you and I are the only ones who know “Rockin’ Robin,” though!! πŸ™‚

      • Pup: It was used in You've Got Mail so most over i5 years will know it.

    • old or young (i'm old enough for social security. and i can still rock and roll with the best of them!) it's all about the MUSIC. a good song is a good song whether it was written yesteday or forty years ago. all these kids are wonderful performers. if they pick the right song and deliver, they all could go straight to the top.

      • I'm with you, pr62…on the dance floor, :>) and the fact that my social security age friends and I enjoy and probably discuss all the Idol contestants as much as those younger than us do. In the midst of all this angst about individual Idols, or songs of the present or songs of the fifties, the bigger picture is that the show is about choosing an American Idol–a title that encompasses all ages (note how younger performers such as Mia are now allowed to audition and the age of 63-year old Steven Tyler, an idol in his own right), races, sexual preferences; and includes music across many music genres and music history. No doubt about it, it is all about music. And having the ability to pick just the right music for him- or herself, and to perform it extra fabulously will be what takes one of these four very talented people over the top the next few weeks. Here's to an exciting next few weeks for the viewers! And less animosity among all us music lovers of all ages??? After all, music brings people together.

  54. I doubt that any of the Idols will sing "Yakety Yak." They will have a wide variety and many beautiful, "standards" to choose from, both ballads and fast rock and roll, for Leiber and Stoller wrote among the biggest hits for Elvis and other singers (see some of the songs in Wikepedia through the blog link). Will be interesting to see the choices.

  55. James Durbin just the way you are by Bruno Mars.

    Scotty McCreery hey soul sister by Train.

    Lauren Aliana just a dream by Nelly.

    Haley Rainheart firework by Katy Perry.

    those are what they should sing!!!!!!

    reply me if there is gonna be any events!!!

    • They used Soul Sister and Just the Way You Are for Hollywood group rounds, I doubt we will hear those songs again.

      • And they did fireworks as a group number the secound round of the top 11

  56. I can't help but notice (by reading the previous topics),

    everytime someone supports haley,

    there are some SAME people who keep on replying/commenting on the post, bashing Haley.

    Oh boy they are so passionate in being a hater.

    It's like… they can not take it if someone supports Haley.

    Leave it will you? Everyone can have their own opinion.

    What's wrong with us supporting our favourite?

    We don't need to argue over it.

    Just saying.

    • They are juvinals that have nothing else to do And they can say things without any conquences. Ignore them

    • Right you are Prita. Too much time on their hands probably… no job… not going to school… not doing anything else aside from Haley hatin'. I also agree with Sandman. Too juvenile even at their age.

  57. Just give me Stefano Langone anytime for this week's theme. This dude is smoking hot and smouldering on stage like ain't nobody else. Please come back and entertain us, Stefano. Your fans miss you much

  58. Love James Durbin the best. Love his honest to his family. Thank James for sharing his emotion with all of us on Wednesday night as he said he leave everything on the stage. It's mean that he share all everything he has with all his fans and all the watcher on American idol every single weeks . Love James the most u ganna be a top # 1 of an american idol

    • You fell for all that? Really he should try out for acting. You can over share things that turn people off

      • Well CJ, IT DIDN'T TURN ME OFF. I LOVE JAMES DURBIN AND EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM. One of the most talented idols ever.

      • Either that or people love the honest emotion and understand that the kid has a disorder (aspargers) that causes him to feel emotions a bit mroe strongly than most others.

        Or maybe CJ you just think he's making up his medical conditions as well?

      • if all people loved their family that much the world would be a better place.

      • He should try acting. I didn't buy into it. By now I think most people are going to vote their favorite no matter hwo good or bad they do.

      • About a week ago a PA in neurology commented on that He knew what he was talking about and gsve a web site for reference

      • Oh no there is another CJ in this room. I'm the real CJ. I'm the girl CJ. lol

      • Oh no i’m the CJ that loves James Durbin , there is another CJ in here thats the bad CJ. I’m the female CJ. I wish the other would change names.

  59. They should rename the show American Growler! Haley is good but can she sing one song without growling. It's getting a little old and predictable!

    • I agree. Its like you know what she is going to do before she starts. Nothing new Same old same old

      • Can't the same be said about the rest?

        Scotty will have his deep voice and his flute stance.

        James will scream (which I love when he does, same with Haley Growl)

        And Lauren will continue to be boring

        all same since top 13

      • Bing Crosby used to croon, Elvis used to shimmy, and Helen Reddy said I am woman, hear me roar. Since Haley isn't old enough yet to Roar, she justs growls, and I love it. πŸ™‚

      • Damn Pup is she a one trick pony, you know that blues sound comes forth every time she her sings. Does she even have a good voice? We've never heard her do much but growl

    • I kind of agree too. I don't really like that about her. For me, with her, I'd take rasp over growl

      • Where in Rolling in the Deep, Blue, Benny and the Jets, or House of the Rising Sun did she "growl"? There's also a difference between a bluesy edge and a dirty jazz growl (compare Piece of my Heart to her God Bless the Child). I can see where people are coming from with an overuse of it, but the last 5 weeks especially she's gotten a lot better at not over applying that specific facet of her voice.

    • Dylan is right. All four of the artists — each of whom is very talented in his/her own way — have settled into places where they're identifiable. But least of all is HALEY, who has done country, pop, rock, jazz and blues and has nailed them all. Does she put too much gravel in there? Sometimes, perhaps, but contrary to what some are saying on here, she has NOT done it in every song. I think she really sells a song on stage, consistently, better than the rest — and with the most variety. That said, they're all good. But Haley is most definitely not "same old same old."

    • Can't sing one song without "growling"? Are you sure about that?

      Man… these music experts are a pain!

  60. can someone pls explain to me why scotty has went first 2 times i know of and never been last to perform???that isnt right or fair….

    • I believe that the producers, mentors and judges rate the contestants studio work and that is the order they go in with the best rated going last.

      Scotty did great in studio last week with "Gone" and performed next to last but Haley seems to be the queen of the studio right now and hearing her itunes I would have to agree.

    • I'm guessing that the order is determined randomly and Scotty just hasn't drawn the Long Straw yet.

    • Clue me in. What difference does it make who goes first, second, third or last? They all get to sing and each with the same amount of time.

      • Susan: Now I could be wrong about this but this is what I've always heard about the performance order on AI…

        The #1 spot has been referred to as the death spot for contestants. This is due to the theory that it is more difficult for the viewing audience to remember their performance. However, as the # of contestants goes down so does this theory.

        The last spot has long been referred to as the Pimp Spot. This being because the last performance is the one the viewing audience is more likely to remember & connect with.

        If anyone else has a better answer to Susan's question, I'm all ears.

      • Bunny; I hope you’re not all eyes or you’ll need to change your name to Spud.

    • I think it doesn't matter to me, because ultimately he will appear last in the Finale.

      • @Pup, you are right. But for me, the degree of certainty is still above 75%, quite a number to describe how certain Scotty will be in the Finale.

        Btw, I am not quite sure now that James will be in the finale due to huge/massive improvement by Haley Reinhart.

  61. I would like to hear them sing:

    Put your head on my shoulder or In the still of the night for James

    Smoke gets in your eye or Beyond the sea or I walk the line for Scotty

    Someone to watch over me for Haley

    Lauren – not decided yet

  62. Was trying to think what James would sing… and I have a couple of thought as to what I think would really hit for him…

    First song: "Riot in Cell Block #9" Ronnie James Dio did a cover of this great tune back in the day, and we also saw it done by the Blues Brothers. It's not terrably recognisable, but it has a good rock edge to it's bluesy feel and I think James would do a great spin on it.

    Second song: "Kansas City" Specifically the Beatles version of it. I'm guessing that they will let him perform that song even though it is changed quite a bit from the origional, but we already know that James is a huge McCartney fan and I think he would love to take anotehr shot at a Beatles classic since the other 2 Songs he has performed by Beatles members have generally been considered as 2 of his best performances.

    I could see him doing 'Love Potion No. 9" as well, especially if another of the contestants beats him to calling dibs on "Kansas City."

    • The problem with this theme, to me, is that if you don't pick something that is known and popular, then the obscurity hurts you. But if you pick a song that is tied strongly to one specific artist (e.g. Heartbreak Hotel – Elvis) — then you get compared.

      Spanish Harlem has versions by Ben E King and Aretha

      On Broadway has versions by The Drifters and George Benson

      So, there are certain songs that you can do. But songs like "Charlie Brown", "Along Came Jones", "Yakety Yak" and others — are hard to do — but if you are doing 2 songs — you can pull off one of those "silly" songs…..

      Didn't they do "Little Egypt" too?

      Anyway — I'm a fan of "Spanish Harlem", "On Broadway", for Haley…..

      "Kansas City" has to be Scotty — not sure it's a James song…..

      We shall see!

      • bahloo ~ I wouldn't recommend the original Kansas City for James, but a rendition of the Beatles cover version was what I was thinking.

        And I agree about the obscurity issue. Most of the songs are either obscure, or if they are known, they are either corny or closely associated to an artist like you said.

        That was the reason for my reccomendation of Riot in Cell Block #9, it's one of those "I think I have heard this somewhere" type songs because most folks have heard the blues brothers, but just don't quite 100% tie things in with them outside of the "Were on a mission from god" quote from the film. πŸ˜‰

  63. I dont know about anyone else but I really cant wait for the finale to see what the new song is that they have come out with for the two remaining contestants get to sing witch I am hoping and most likely going to happen be a Scotty vs James finale

  64. Haley could do anything off of Peggy Lee sings Leiber & Stoller but few people know any of them, with I'm a Woman and Kansas City being the best known.

    Haley – I'm a Woman then Down in Mexio

    James – Trouble like Ian Gillan then Ruby Baby either Beatles or Nazareth versions.

    Scotty- Elvis song(pick two) Jailhouse Rock, Don't, Bossa Nova Baby, She is not you, Loving You, Love Me, King Creole, Hound Dog(hope not). The Reverend Mr. Black(Johnny Cash) but would not work on short format.

    Lauren – she could said most of them well but not sure she could make them really stand out for her.

    • Bloodyscott:I would love to hear James sing "Trouble" Have been thinking about that as Ian Gillan Does get a wail in the song. Also James Durbin is a hugh fan of Ronnie James Dio – so maybe Cell Block #9 Hope not "Kansa City" hate that song.

      This comment is to CJ:

      I know some people are uncomfortable when someone cries in public but I really understood where James was coming from. I have a 2 yr old & can not imagine being away from her for so long. He said he rehearsed "Without you" 2 times & could keep his emotions in check but the night of the performance when they ran the video package showing his family he just lost it. I admired him for getting through the song the way he did. Plus as Templar said & I agree as I have been reading up on his syndrome,Tourettss/Aspergers, his emotions are highly amplified – up & down. IMO he is a very genuine person. I think it is amazing the challanges he has overcome and is able to walk out on the stage and perform. He has never used this to make excuses. He did say in the beginning when he auditioned "I have Tourettes/Aspergers but it doesn't have me" I think he is a brave young man.


    • "Down Home Girl". ….is awesome sauce it was covered by the Stones in 65 but maybe we'd need Casey to come back for that one. The more suggestions people come up with…the more excited I am to see the show. Both Queen and Led Zeppelin did "you're so Square"….hmmmmm!

      • I really like the “Down in Mexico” suggestion for Haley. I’ve sen some great covers. Paulo Nutini does that one, too!

  65. For everyone that thinks Haley doesn't really have that many fans:

    Haley Reinhart –

    Benny and the Jets: 583,005 views

    Rolling in the Deep: 662,786 views

    God Bless the Child: 446,692 views

    Lauren Alaina –

    Nashville Audition: 494,462 views

    I Told You So (with Scotty): 438,431 views

    I don't Want to Miss a Thing: 553,651 views

    The highest viewed solo Lauren has had since the top 13 (that I can find) is 263,660 views.

    Scotty McCreery –

    Audition: 956,600 views

    I Told You So (with Lauren) 438,481 views

    Ol' Red: 358,141 views (If you haven't seen this you should check it out, it's pretty fun).

    The most viewed solo by Scotty since the top 13 is I Cross My Heart with 244,788 views.

    James Durbin –

    While My Guitar Gently Weeps: 473,304 views

    Audition: 331,434 views

    Uprising: 232,877 views.

    Note that this is just what I could find on Youtube and there could be videos with more views than the ones I listed. I chose the top 3 viewed videos that I could find for each of the remaining contestants.

    My point: Haley is getting a lot of attention and is still in a position to continue in the competition. People that say that she doesn't have a chance to get into the top 3 are fooling themselves and everyone needs to be voting for their favorites because anyone of them could be going home this next week.

    • Haley seems to pulling people off the fence or bring old idol fans back and may have doubled her support in under a week. They see her as the hard fighting underdog I guess but next weeks voting could hit 70M+.

      I now think its possible for Lauren and Scotty to be the bottom two next week since James seems to have picked up the bulk of Jacobs voters but hard to tell for sure it.

      • The results this week are totally dependent on individual performances more than any other week in the live show. I'm really excited to see them all bring their AAA game, πŸ™‚

      • Yes, David P– I do think Haley is very talented – as all the contestants are,can you imagine these are the top 4 out of I believe 100,000 trying out.

        BUT as any mathematician will tell you statistics can be skewed very easily the way you want them to go. Ask any CPA.

        Just like with American Idol they will tell you for example WE HAD 60,000,000 VOTES last night – does that mean 60,000,000 people voted – NO- Same with hits on a video – how many of these are multiple hits – really cannot tell.

        Sorry but you will have to try another way to sway my votes – if I like a contestant they could get 10 votes on a video for all I care. Why did you feel the need to defend Haley — I think she is doing really well and go far on her on merits.

      • David P. correction to my comment:

        bottom line:

        No need for you to defend her – I think she will do really well & go far on her own merit.

        Also all the contestants get haters she is not the only own – please do not feel threatened by them. They are only jealous.

      • Diana, I totally agree that all 4 are fantastic I was just trying to put in some perspective. I wasn't necessarily trying to sway anyone's votes or change people's opinions. It's not perfect, but it does show to some extent people's interests. Also on the youtube vids there's no way to really know who actually watches the show, who watched the whole video etc, etc. I still think it's anyone's game at this point, I hope they all do great. Really there's no perfect way to get an accurate sample online. There's too many ways to manipulate the data, even with the poll on this site.

      • Diana

        According toy our logic, if one contestant had multiple views by one individual, then the same would apply for all contestants making your claim invalid. Besides nobody is asking you to vote differently.. He was simply stating that there are a lot of people who are taking a liking to Haley. πŸ™‚

      • James score went down, I'm thinking that's where the votes came from. I wouldn't vote for her.

      • Piper, it's ok if you don't vote for her. But just because you won't vote for her doesn't mean no one is going to vote for her. My point was she has a lot of fans and you can't discount her in this competition just because YOU won't vote for her.

    • with her performance in the last few weeks,i genuinely believe that Haley is "in it to win it" :). She have the best musical sense in all of the female contestant this year. Thats why Jimmy Iovine believe in her so much that he give the Gaga song that havent been performed yet to her as a scheme for marketing Gaga in battling with Britney in the charts. Cause all the song that been sang by Haley has a major boost in sales such as : Benny & Jets (200% boost), Rolling in The Deep (180% boost) and so on…

      i missed Casey though… T_T

      • the contestant that make an impact in song they sang in the itunes/billboard charts are Casey (his Your Song alone made a woopin 320% boost, Harder to Breathe 180% boost and so on), James (Uprising 180% boost, While MGGW 180% boost and so on)… Lauren did good too though with her Miley song get an 160% boost,but only that 1 particluar ><

      • Did I ever say that I thought w/e I typed on here actually influenced any outcome on the show? And to tell someone to get a life after being someone that consistently only comes on here to bash other people for their opinions is pretty insane, perhaps you should go look at yourself in the mirror Jacob was talking about.

    • Casey Abrams-

      Georgia on my mind- 1,903,200

      Audition- 1,660,374

      Your Song- 329,328

      Sorry..just had to put it down… πŸ˜€

      • Casey's Georgia on My Mind has such a nice groove, one of my favorite performances of the season.

      • David.P

        Check out Caey's channel on You Tube. Its called Pierce Abrams. He has sung an amazing and crazy version of Lullaby of Birdland..All those who thought he can't sing will be terribly surprised..haha..Do check it out if you can…

  66. I think Matt nailed it, his comments are both witty and accurate. Other than "Stand By Me" the list of songs feels like a prison sentence. Was there some kind of issue with booking Aerosmith this season, I mean they didn't have to go far to get permissiom. This show is due for a phase-out soon and the worst part is that this season was lined with some of the best performers of any of the previous season. Too bad for the fans!

    • Well, my favorite is still standing. So I'm really loving the show, and that's despite my disgust with the judging.

    • So who were your favorites who were eliminated? I'm going to take a wild guess and say Pia.

      I really liked Rachel Zevita and Kendra Chantelle and I also liked Thia.

      • My favorites this season: Julie Zorilla, Tim Halperin, Naima Adedapo, and (of course) Haley Reinhart. Only one left, though πŸ™

      • That's so funny, Pup. I really, really liked Rachel and Kendra as well. They both really shined with The Beatles songs. It was just too bad about that awful rendition of "Criminal" for Rachel. A bad call. She is a good singer though, I love her voice. Kendra was awesome, too, I think they should've picked her over Ashton for sure.

      • I guess I am the only one who was blown away by Rachel's performance of "Criminal." I absolutely LOVE that song. (Heard it first on a blues CD I have that was stolen!!!) I think Fiona Apple is incredible.

      • You know, I remember now, it was the arrangement of "Criminal" that killed it for Rachel. I forget now whether it was arranged at too fast or too slow a pace, but I (now) remember thinking, man, she can sing, but the arrangement is killing it.

      • Pound for pound Pia had the best pipes of all the contestants, but for the most part I have enjoyed most of them. James has been my favorite since the Hollywood competition and sings more of what I want to hear. That said, however; I have really enjoyed watching Haley become the most improved of them all throughout. I was not too excited with her at the beginning, but she has spunk and grace under pressure with those silly judgements.

      • I really liked Tim Halperin, Julie Zurilla had some great moments, and I thought Pia sang beautifully, there’s no denying that, but I never looked forward to or anticipated her performances. They were kind of all the same and a tad bland, and the one time she did do something exciting she went home for it. Eh. She’s made out pretty well for herself, anyhow. Like I said, even though a lot of the contestants were wonderful, it just wasn’t meant to be. The top 4 is exactly how it should be. I’m very thankful that my favorite from the start is still in it and with a great chance!

        Go Haley Reinhart!!!

      • Actually, I liked Julie, too.

        I also liked Lauren Turner. She had a really gritty, bluesy sound that I love. I never could figure out why they cast her out other than her image issues.

        Tim Halperin was really good singing the Beatles numbers (I just peeked back so I could remember who he was).

        I also liked Scotty a lot–when he did a song well it was really, really good. I think the others NOW left are better than he was, though.

      • Crap. I didn’t mean Scotty. I meant Stefano. Gosh, Scotty fans, I wasn’t being smart!

      • Pup!!!!! Gimme $1!!!!

        I loved Sophia Shorai and i think it was horrible that the A.I producers kicked her out for no reason other than her mother’s shady past.. She quite frankly could sing better than any other female contestant we had..

      • Kendra has some original stuff out that is really good on YouTube. I thought she should have gone through instead of Ashton myself.

    • It was the arrangement. She stinted all the sentences, had odd pauses and I didn't even recognize the song. That was really strange because I am a Fiona Apple fan as well. She had a great voice, though. Her Beatles song was my favorite of the bunch, actually, even though they didn't show it all.

      • Haha I don't know music terms, she just separated the sentences with pauses, and it was very disconnected sounding to me. The real song flows very well, but that version was awkward. Her voice was killer though, but for once I actually agreed with the judges about it sounding a little Broadway. I wish she had stuck around though.

    • I like voices of Julie Zorilla, Jovani Baretto, Tim Halperin, even the ones who failed to make it to the top 24 such as Jacee Badeaux, Colton Dixon, Deandre Brackensick, Holy Cavanaugh and Caleb Hawley. Hopefully, Jacee will have been gaining sufficient training on vocal, etc so that he will be ready for the show next year.

  67. Oh my! I just found a video of BJORK covering Ruby Baby! One of my favorite artists of all time. She's just amazing, very unique. I've liked her since I was 14. That's just crazy to me. I would like Haley to do this one, perhaps.

  68. Kk, I changed my mind, I want her to do 'On Broadway'. She could do amaaaazing things with that song!!! I think it would showcase her voice better than any of the other songs. πŸ™‚

    • Now I'm with you! πŸ™‚ Plus, it seems so fitting for her to sing that song, don't you think?

      • Yes, for sure!!! I think she’d nail it.
        “They say that I won’t last too long
        On Broadway
        I’ll catch a Greyhound bus for home they say
        But they’re dead wrong, I know they are
        ‘Cause I can play this here guitar
        And I won’t quit till I’m star
        On Broadway”
        Our girl already is a star!

  69. I think Scotty is the best one.He dont try to be something he is not.He dont try to win the crowd with the way he acts.

    • Well, he'd better try to win the crowd if he wants to win AI! And I think he knows that; otherwise, he wouldn't have chosen to go out in the audience as he did in "Gone."

      • All of them have trouble with pitch while moving around, some more than other though.

        Scotty was smart in that he timed his moving to parts of the song his voice could handle well and the song had no real high notes which allow him to push moving around this week.

        James may have the biggest problem with holding pitch on higher notes while moving and this week his first song had key high notes, so showing off for the crowd really mess him up on the pitch. James must plan his moving on stage better depending on the song.

        Lauren loses power while moving and was told to move less this week.

        Haley is always moving but is slow and stead doing it and may have always moved when she is singing so its normal for her, not a problem.

      • sydney: Either you don't understand Scotty at all or you're a troublemaker. Scotty is very religious and would never even consider that suggestive lyric. In fact, Idol being a family show, that song isn't appropriate for any of the contestants in any season.


      • I think Scotty is saving his strongest stuff for last. Maybe I’m crazy but I think he will come up with an Elvis song that will blow everyone away. Personally I think he needs some older female votes(James has them now) and should maybe do Garth Brook’s “That Summer”,although it was a very contraversial song.

      • Ahaha, so I looked up The Summer and found a bunch of really crappy music so I had to double check. Then I found That Summer by Garth Brooks and yeah, no way Scotty will touch that. Maybe in 20 years he'll sing it referring his fling with JLo , who knows. πŸ˜›

      • I’m not a country fan, so I’d never heard the song, “That Summer.” Actually, just like good writing in a book, the lyrics depicts what is a reality for some in this world.
        And the music is nice.

        However, I agree, Scottie would never touch that song, nor do I think he should (at least at this stage in his life). It’s tailored for an older man, anyway, I think.

      • I have learnt from Templar comment about Scotty that I should be careful in giving suggestion of Scotty's song choice…

        The only song that I am 100% sure Scotty would sing whenever possible is "Long Black Train" by Josh Turner. One reason for that is because it is his dream song; the other reason is that there is Lord message in the lyrics of the song which he wants to deliver to the audience.

      • you all must wait and see who will win and quite beening haters to all of them my dad use to say if you can not say something nice do not say any thing

      • Well Bev He hasnt cried, used well known guitarist, marching band.fawns any one judge,screams. or use any other gimicks So whats your point He looked funny because he jumped off the stage? Get a life. You are a great one for stupid remarks

      • Sydney,

        I am an "older" female ( 50's) and I don't like James Durbin OR Scotty. AT ALL!

        I have been voting for Haley all along.


    • I think he tries to win the crowd, otherwise why would he do those faces that he does? He works his charm, that's a fact!

      All of them try to win the crowd, that's how they win.

  70. i just saw Casey interview in Ellen Show…is it true he will perform with Jack Black in the Finale??!! WooHoo!!! Ellen do know when she see some1 talented :). I really100x respect him. Never once does he blame every1 else and try to make a lame excuse of him being booted. He praise every1 performance whether in the Top 11 (when he got booted 1st) and in the Top 6. Not like Paul for mentioning/blamin Scotty with his teen supporter, or Stefano for tryin to make an arrogant excuse that he hide his chops n not givin 100% in AI, or Jacob for blamin Jimmy Iovine. Shame on them!!

    • I didn't see the interview, but it sounds like Casey is handling it all with class… Doesn't surprise me, Casey seems like a good guy. As for Jack Black… wow, what a helluva choice. Black is really an amazing musician himself, but he is just so off the wall and enjoys making music that is more silly than serious that many don't recognise his talent. But Black can sing and play better than many proffesional musicians out there today. Great choice.

      • yeah, it would be awesome to see the revival of Tenacious D in the AI. It will be super duper awesome!!! πŸ™‚

      • Sup Dude…Sorry for getting you all riled up about Steven Tyler and James… I honestly didn’t mean to be aggressive if i came off that way.

  71. Scotty doing some Elvis songs could be risky in that he will be competing with Elvis as well as the other contestants but if he pulled it off well then it would be great for him.

    • I hope he does some uptempo Elvis, particularly "Treat Me Nice" so he can show a playful side.

  72. In my opinion the final will be Scotty and James, because they have proven to be more solid, I honestly did not win American Idol Haley will be generated by the controversy is the singer who has more fans hatred as those who want, Haley will have a good race I will not buy their cds. But it's very different with Scotty and James them if I get excited, my favorite is Scotty, maybe if James stop crying a little change my opinion, it all depends on their votes and I hope you choose well, hope will be a fantastic final.

    Greetings from Peru!!

    • Scotty has had some great moments, I'm excited to see what he will do this week.

    • Lucia, #30: what are you trying to say – you should reread your post and make corrections before you submit it. You said you "honestly did not win American Idol, blah, blah, blah." Makes no sense.

      • @ Corrine: You can tell that English is not Lucia’s first language. Try to be a little kinder and gentler, would you?

      • I sometimes use the translator my English is not good if you could see all comments would be ideal for me and do not forget to vote for Scotty is the voice I want to see win!! affection
        wanted to say that Haley I do not see win American Idol

  73. go james or scotty or haley any of them three should win i like Lauren but I don't think she should win can't wait to see Steven Tyler rock the house love to see areosmith play they were my first show i went to them and kid rock in nc then wwe raw wrestling go James he is my fave

  74. Matt, this question is for you. Do you think I’m right that Scotty need an older female vote? Don’t you think “That Summer”could be huge for him ?

    • Scotty has plenty of older female votes. All you have to do is go to his Fanclub Website.

      • I think a large percentage of his fans are older..on this site you hear a lot of things that sound like…he's such a polite young man…so polite and well mannered…etc. Kids don't usually talk like that! But, hey…I could be wrong.

  75. OMG! What happens to AI this season? songs from 50s?? I hope they use more creativity / innovation on theme nights….not 40s & 30s next, I hope!!

    • Yeah agree.. and I had to look up the songs, see below on my poet.. there are actualyl some good ones, as always, it's about song choice, arrangement and delivery..

    • Call me crazy, but I actually could see them doing a Cole Porter songbook week. The talent this year would have had a blast with his songs. I'm speaking of the final thirteen, not this final four.

  76. Right now I see Scotty and James in the final and close enough that it could go either way but Haley simply refuses to give up, so she will give it her best shot to beat both of them, although get passed Lauren in not a sure thing.
    There are enough old idol fans returning now along with the fence setters that rarely vote now voting that it could be a three way tie after next week, sometimes miracles do happen at the strangest times.

    • i think we're at the point where votes that formerly went to now eliminated contestants shift everything. Jacob's votes will go to Scotty if Jacob's fans continue to vote. Scotty is the logical recipient in that he's openly religious. Haley is too worldly and James has a child out of wedlock [not my logic, the churchy folks']. If Lauren gets voted off, it's a toss up. The votes could go to Haley if Lauren's fans want to vote for a girl. Or, they could go to Scotty if the fans stick with country. In any case, I don't see James picking up any extra votes.

      • Wow what a leap…. I cannot envision any Jacob fans voting for Scotty. They are like polar opposites. I don't know who they would pick. I really don't think Jacob fans voted for him cuz he was religious….I mean seriously the kid had some pipes…he just needed to sing in a lower key. I think everyone that is left is talented. But gosh….they are all SO different from one another. It's a race that is for sure!

  77. Sick of scared contestants crying and trembling that they might go home, why can't they be more like Haley and take it on the chin when she's in the bottom three and still always manages a smile,

    Stop being scared about going home it's not life or death.

    please be classy like Haley!

    Please don't forget to maximise your voting to support her because a lot of people here are trying to influence your vote away from Haley!

    • haley does not wait around to tell the one who go voted off goodbye she leaves the stag and that is on thie video the play back at the end she is a snob

      • Seems when your fav gets bashed you want everyone to be nice and stop the bashing then you bash someone elses favorite when they are saying good things about them. What's up with that (@retta). Did't you r dad say if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything? Practice what you preach!

      • We really have no idea what happens between them after a show. They live together and are going to go on tour with each other this summer. And dont forget it is a competition, when did you ever see a sports team hug the loser? NEVER. They are all in 4th place right now and working their tails off to entertain us and get to 3rd place. After all of the bashing she gets on stage from the judges I dont blame her for not wanting to stick around to hear more from them. Call her a snob if you want to that is fine but she has beaten 21 other people out of the spot she is in now as well as the others. It is not all cookies and ice cream at the end of this. There are millions of dollars at stake.

  78. Oh now everyone iS tired of the trash talking when it come to the remaining 4 it was alright when it came to Jacob Lusk. The nasty things said about Jacob had nothing to even to do with his singing. So what go around come around. HAHAHA Jacob is history now.

    • Check back a couple of days, Lauren's and Haley' fans were have a major trash talk war between them, some were funny while others were just mean.

      Jacob's mirror commit angered a few people, not his smartest move and his singing quality seem to drop after that also, he was good early on.

      • Ooh, lets not remind everyone of those threads. I'm sure none of are proud of most of the things that were said. I'm so glad this post is mostly void of such craziness.

  79. 3 things I can't wait for on the night of the shows.

    1) What J-Lo is wearing.

    2) What Haley is wearing.

    3) Which songs James is going to blow us away with.

    Here in South Africa, die hard James fans.

    Don't make no mistake, those kids have talent, just feel James has the consistancy it takes to become the next big star.

    Best of luck to all of them.

  80. this is connection with what greg said regarding things that he can't wait to…everybody on our family at jacksonville, florida do the same except for what Jlo will wear (seriously, we don't care). right, we always wait for what JAMES DURBIN will sing. James is so amazing and can sing any type of songs. We hope that he'll be the next American Idol. HALEY too is such a fabulous singer. Can't wait to see the AI finale between James and Haley…that would be a match to see.

  81. I agree all four of the Idol finalists are great. I am voting for Scotty because he is a true performer-Able show he is so comfortable on stage and has a great voice- He is always very sincere and loves music. His voice really reaches me. Everyone should vote for their favorite,GO SCOTTY!!!

  82. I wasn’t alive when these songs came out, so had to look them up. I can’t say I’m thrilled for this week, as I prefer newer music; I will give credit to Idol for doing themes, for us to debate. I guess it goes, the Idols need to pick songs and turn them into how they will sing as artists. Let’s hope it goes well.

    A quick scan.. Given Elvis songs are in play. I expect to see Scotty and James do one each. Like a Jailhouse rock or Hound Dog type songs. I see Young Blood on the list, which was covered by Bad Company once, has Scotty written all over it.

    I wonder who will sing Stand by Me, wait didn’t someone do that this year?

    Anyone remember?

    Haley will probably do Poison Ivy, she can growl it. Lauren – Love Potion #9 maybe or Leader of the Pack?

    Stuck in the middle with you, kind of wishy washy, but someone might do it.

    Spanish Harlem – Led Zeppelin covered the song, at least in part, in a live recording of "Dazed and Confused." Maybe James will look that up.. he’s got the pipes..

    HAAA – GIRLS. GIRLS, GIRLS – Can James do Motley Crew’s version? Is that the same song?

      • Don't know for sure, but I think it's two again. I don't think they do three until the final two.

  83. I hope to see Scotty in the end, I would be happy to win.

    If James wins this well, hopefully this end I hope Scotty and James, I'm a fan of country music from Peru imagine and wonder what made ​​Scotty and my friends love to send them music from Scotty and talked much hope that out cd Scotty, sorry for my English, as they say go Scotty!

  84. ooooh, sure hope that someone will give us a sassy rendition of "Love potion #9"–that's such a fun old song. I can hear Scotty giving it a country twist, or Haley revving it up, or James rocking it out, or Lauren giving us the sweetened-up country version. what do you think?

  85. Ok I get the obscure theme of the 50's I understand everyones views on the music and I love alot of the songs that have been mentioned thru the posts. I dont like the selection for the same reasons alot of you don't. I just don't think that they will do any of this type of music in their careers. Scotty has the advantage this week with the Elvis music IMO. But I am sure he was going to be in the top 3 anyhow. I am just wondering who will have the next best shot. James is multi talented with his performances and haley does not seem to be bothered with trying outside the box stuff. But Lauren I think might get a little lost this week. Not saying that she is not an extrordanary young woman but I do not see her pulling this off after last weeks meltdown. (I wonder if the emotions from last week had to do with Mothers day?) I really don't want to see any of them go at this point, but I think it will be a tough week.

    Now we have all talked about pimping, what in the world are they doing bringing in Lady Gaga this week to mentor? Seems like they are pimping a music label this year harder than anything else.

  86. America, please vote for James for us here in New Zealand, we all love him here but we cant vote here… that guy deserve to win it, he gave 110% every performance all the way from the beginning of the show.. Go James

  87. Are they supposed to follow the catagory twice? Or are they doing duets again?

    Scotty will be doing elvis. No doubt.

  88. Given Elvis songs are in play – James pick one, then Spanish Harlem, rock it
    (I agree Jailhouse rock or Hound Dog type songs might come off karaoke, someone said that)
    Scotty – Young Blood, which was covered by Bad Company once, has Scotty written all over it. He’s probably do a slow Elvis song as second
    Lauren – Stand by Me, this is nice and sing songy for her!
    Haley will probably do Poison Ivy, she can growl it.
    Girls: Love Potion #9 maybe or Leader of the Pack? As seconds?

  89. I’m voting for James and my husband is voting for Haley. I’m voting for James because he is the best performer and to me he brings all the fun to the stage and rocks every week. He has more heart and soul than anyone on that stage. My hubby said he thinks James is way better but he was trying to keep a girl in the game. So i put in 50 votes on my phone and another on facebook. He put in 30 votes total on Haley . I was faster at the voting. lol . It really sucks hubby and i are fighting over this crazy Idol in the first place. lol

    • Well, my hubby won’t vote. So we don’t have that problem here. So most Pup family votes go to Haley! I do give votes to anyone who deserves it (in my estimation), though.

      • Well my hubby is not voting this week , he said it is now a popularity contest and it’s not worth it. I’m still voting for James because i know he will be great!

  90. Im a gratuate of Teen Challenge im 24 and this web site was put on my heart….not sure why but im writing becaue Im interested in singing. May God bless all who read my e- mail

  91. Im a gratuate of Teen Challenge im 24 and this web site was put on my heart….not sure why but im writing becaue Im interested in singing. May God bless all who read my e- mail.

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