American Idol 2011: Top 6 performance show recap – That wasn’t boring at all

I said this week’s “American Idol” would be boring following last week’s elimination show recap. I thought this young group doing Carole King songs would never work. I stand corrected. It worked and it ended up being a pretty decent episode. We also got what I think is our first premature winner prediction from Randy Jackson when he said James Durbin could win the whole thing. (I said “think” so be sure to rush to the comments to prove me wrong if one of the judges had previously said something like that).

As always, I’ll review each performance and assign the letter grade I think each one deserves. However, I won’t be grading the duets.

In order of performance

*Jacob Lusk, “Oh No, Not My Baby.” Same ole, same ole. I could honestly pull a Jacob review from four weeks ago and slap it into this spot and it would be completely relevant to tonight’s performance. Nothing more. Nothing less. Jacob peaked weeks and weeks ago. It’s time to go. I guess his vocal was fine, but that voice. I can’t take it. C+

*Lauren Alaina, “Where You Lead.” I was ready to throw things when I saw Miley Cyrus, but luckily Lauren’s performance made me forget all about that hack. Lauren managed to make that song sound brand new. And I was amazed at how she completely handled it like the song was her own. Lauren might be immature and playing dumb, but she is very talented. A

*Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart, “I Feel The Earth Move.” I’m not a Casey fan, but that was a fun duet. Those two really feed off each other and  have compatibility. Are they dating or what? Anyone know? I don’t follow the “Idol” gossip.

*Scotty McCreery, “You’ve Got a Friend.” If this is Scotty really “going at it” then I’d love to know his definition of “going at it.” This is one of the most dreary songs in King’s songbook. It’s not a bad song, it’s just depressing. That being said, Scotty did do some new things with his voice and pretty much nailed the vocal. While I don’t think it was “going at it,” it was still a great performance. A

*James Durbin, “Will You Still Love  Me Tomorrow.” In Tuesday’s blog post, I said I hoped Lauren would sing this song. It’s one of my favorite songs ever, so I really wanted to hear it tonight. I never once thought I’d hear it come out of James’ mouth though. But you know what? I was VERY pleasantly surprised. I’ve always graded James fairly, which means he’s gotten a lot of high marks from me. But I’ve never been a fan, really. I’m a fan now. This was the moment. This reminded me of the moment I became a David Cook fan during his season. When he pulled out his amazing version of  Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby,” I was hooked. I think that may have happened with James tonight. Maybe I’m biased because of the song, but I think it was the best performance of the night. I might even download it from iTunes (which would be the first time for me this season). A++

*Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery, “Up on the Roof.” This wasn’t their best duet, but it was a sweet little performance. They sound well together but they don’t have the same chemistry of Haley and Casey.

*Casey Abrams, “Hi-De-Ho.” First I’ll say I’m so annoyed with Casey’s “mmms.” I don’t known why, but I am. Actually you what? I hate his style of singing so much that I don’t think I can fairly grade him any longer. I recognize that he is a musical genius, but I don’t want to hear him sing any more. And since I recognize his talent, it’s not fair for me to give him the low grade I want to give him, so I just won’t.

*Haley Reinhart, “Beautiful.” I really liked that Haley just sang this song without any gimmicks. It was time for her to relax the growling. If only Casey could take a page from her playbook. I don’t think this performance was as strong as Haley’s the past several weeks. While it was still good, I think she shot herself in the foot with the song choice. She probably should have picked something more well-known. Haley doesn’t have the freedom of really performing for herself like some of the others. And not to mention Randy is still trying to get her sent  home every week. Wonder what his problem is with her. She’s in danger this week. B+

*James Durbin and Jacob Lusk, “I’m Into Something Good.” Worst duet pairing ever. Actually, I didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would. It was just all very weird. Thanks to reader Kaitlyn for pointing out that I totally forgot to recap this duet. Maybe I was trying to block it out. Ha.

And now, the impossible task of trying to figure out who will go home based on America’s votes. As always, these picks are based on just that — NOT my personal opinions, but what I THINK the outcome of America’s votes COULD be.

100 Percent Safe: Scotty McCreery, James Durbin

Most Likely Safe: Lauren Alaina

Possibly the Bottom 3: Jacob Lusk, Haley Reinhart, Casey Abrams

Possibly Going Home: Haley Reinhart

My thinking: So this week is a weird one. By all thinking, Jacob should go home. He’s been in the bottom 3 a couple times now and he barely escaped elimination last week. But this week, he actually showed some personality on camera. He could’ve spared himself. So, in that case, it’ll be Haley who goes. I could be wrong. It could still be Jacob. But I don’t think it’ll be anyone other than those two. As for the bottom 3, I’m never really sure what’s going on with Casey’s votes. Polls always rank him very low, but he hasn’t been in the bottom since the judge’s save. So he could easily trade places with Lauren, putting her in the bottom.








  1. No, not Hayley! I hope your wrong. At first i was on Caseys side but now I think I like Hayley more…

    • Agree…James for the win…I hope your prediction is wrong Branden….I think Jacob should be going home next. I did not like his performance at all. While Lauren does have a nice voice…so do all the other 100 + female country artists…Lauren needs to mature som and come back. Scotty, I felt was out of his element tonight and did not perform very well..He looked nervous up there. JMHO

      • Rose, I completely agree. Lauren sings fine, but there nothing special about her. Haley has REALLY grown on me, her voice is unique and beautiful.

        Foe a country singer, I am sure Scotty will be successful, but he sounds the same every week.

      • Lauren does need to mature. However, being a Tennesseean, and having been raised in a family headed by a country musician, I feel obligated to say that I have not heard 100+ female country singers with better voices than Lauren – not just currently, but possibly totally in my 63 years.

        Scotty did not appear nervous to me. I do not think the boy is capable of it, in fact. And, anyone who thinks that he sounded the same tonight as always is listening to his accent and not the tone of his voice (I could have been less gentle with my wording, but I'm trying to stay civil). I like them all, but based on tonight's performances it has to be either Jacob or Haley going home. They were not bad, just not as good as the others. If Jacob does not go, it is the duet that saved him. It was Grrrreat.

      • @ olster, totally agree with you and I'm 36. Lauren has the best female voice, much better than carrie underwood's.

    • I agree James best of the night! I like Casey and I like the bluesy jazzi stuff he does he is so unique. Thanks Brandon for recognizing your grade of him would be biased. I thought Haley nailed it I hope she does not go home. Lauren was better then usual but nothing special IMO. I did not like Scotty tonight his voice kept trailing off to quietness it was really annoying. When he hit the bigger notes it was good but then he would sing to quiet. Jacob was better then usual but I agree he needs to go.


  2. WOW Scotty's performance, well I would really love to say what it did to me, my heart was pitter pattering holy cow, I wish I was 17 that's all I can say, but In not DAM hot hot hot

  3. I really enjoyed that you put Haley in danger..maybe her fans will wake up and start voting for her….

    • agree. come on, start voting for haley, not just once. BUT AS MUCH AS U CAN. more than what u have ever voted for…. please. haley needs our votes. don't let a highly talented singer leave AI so soon! she is our winner!

      • yah…,haley is amazing but if she needs to go im ready., but i think she didn't deserve to go home too early there are some boring in the competition that need to go b4 her..

      • haley: I'm glad there's folks like you out there voting for my Haley girl! Oh, I'm Coondog, one of Haley's greatest fans. But, since I'm kind of lazy, I'm glad there's you're kind that plays along with the voting game–texts, calls, online craziness.

        But truth be told, it's more important to me to go get a couple more icecubes for my rum and coke than to vote. Then, just when I think what it'd be like to dial a 10 digit phone number or waste my "lovefingers" on a little text message, I decide I'd rather scrape out the gunk between my toes (just so I feel like I've cleansed myself of any Jacobness on my body).

        Then, there's the time I thought, "What if I really broke down and did some serious voting, you know!!" Well, I leaned back in my chair, sighed, rocked a couple times, before I decided, "No, it's much easier just to think about it than to actually commit the effort ta doin' it"!

        I guess it's true, "it's the thought that counts"!!

    • Agree Haley rocks! Randy needs to pull his head out, glad JLo and the audience shut him down!

  4. i loved Scotty's performance. and i thought he and Lauren sounded great together. i agree 100% with you about your bottom three predictions. in my opinion, hope it's Haley to go – but i would be pleased with seeing Jacob go aswell.


    • You want Haley to go because you feel she's a threat to Lauren. No one has once given a valid reason for their great desire to see Haley leave.

      • agreed david. its really biased opinions. haley has showed to america again and again that she has what it takes. and truly sings her heart out. i hope she stays. and im not just hoping, im already voting!!!!

      • actually no. not at all. i do like lauren, and i would like her to stay. but if she left i wouldn't be upset about it. i just don't like haley. i really don't like her growls and the way she sings.

      • @Kayla – There you go, expounding on your views is great and helps people understand where you are coming from. Thanks for clearing things up, 🙂

      • David P., I don't enjoy seeing any of them leave. But I do feel that Lauren should stay over Haley because, in my opinion, Lauren is more marketable in her defined arena than Haley. Does that make sence & is it a valid reason?

      • Framing your opinion with reasoning rather than just saying "so and so sucks just cuz" helps build the conversation and promotes healthy debate.

        I, personally, don't feel Lauren is that marketable. This competition is about to eat her alive and if she does come out of it unscathed what's going to happen when she makes it to the big time? Also, Lauren is the least likely to win in a finale with Scotty in it. She really doesn't have a chance once those shared votes are gone.

    • This is the most blatant racist show ever u only vote 4 some1 cause their white and sing country:-( talent means nothing I'm black but won't vote 4 Jacob he sucks point blank if going of pure talent and not race or some backwoods idealism James or Lauren should win voting 4 a kid that sounds like every Guy on CMT ain't gonna get u a date with him

      • How do you know… maybe scotty digs blonde older men. I seen the way he hold that mic…

        ummm, what? Just sayin…

  5. im with randy dude! JAMES ALL THE WAY! he has amazing talent and anyone who cant see that should not be crying about randy's judgement because he is right…. now WHOS WIT ME AND RANDY? shall we say, ALL HAIL THE KING OF HEAVY METAL AND ROCK, JAMES DURBIN!!!! WOOO! (i dont really like scotty he is a talented country artist but it kinda gets more boring with him as the weeks go on : )

  6. So I'm going to be different this week. I am going to rank the top 6 and then give my analysis. So here we are:

    1- James Durbin

    2- Haley Reinhart

    3- Casey Abrams

    4- Jacob Lusk

    5- Lauren Alaina

    6- Scotty McCreery

      • your nuts to have Scotty as a "6"….maybe you had a bathroom break during Jacob's performance.

        JAcob easily was the WORST of the all!!

        C'mon lets' get real, and stop giving him the sympathy vote. Let's get rid of Jacob now, he should have been gone b4 Pia weeks ago.

      • Scotty was the one performance tonight that I was screaming at the TV in disgust. A few others I wasn't overly impressed with, but Scotty's was the worst performance of the night tonight. I thought Jacob saved himself this week.

      • Actually, if one is judging singing ability, they all should have been gone before Pia. I realize, of course, that we are not. It is a popularity contest and Pia, while beautiful, really seems a bit stiff and uncomfortable in front of a crowd when not singing.

      • I had Pia ranked at number 2 the week she went home. I was about as shocked as anyone. But yeah, American Idol is more of a popularity contest and less of a singing contest, which bothers me.

    • Ok, now my analysis. I too was nervous about this week going in, but was pleasantly surprised coming out. I'll probably differ in opinions quite a bit from Branden, though. But its ok. Branden is cool, which is why I always wait for his reviews instead of the others. He does the best job on this site. We just have a difference of opinion. Anyways, less fluff, more meat.

      Jacob Lusk- Jacob was interesting for me this week. If I pretend for a second that there were no duets, then I was sure that Jacob was on his way out, even though I may be his biggest fan on this site, since everyone is always calling for his head on a platter. His first performance was great and I thought it was much better than last week. Not as moving for me as Bridge over Troubled Water was, but an improvement. However, I don't think this performance won him any votes and by the time I got a few songs ahead, I had kinda forgotten about it. I thought he was headed home. But wait. Too be continued…

      Lauren Alaina- This performance didn't work for me. I can so sense Lauren's huge Pia-type voice that she can just bust out and do amazing, but I think she's scared. She scared that she will miss and screw up. But she never has, just like they said. Now as I was listening, I think she was trying to do better, and I almost got what I wanted to hear, but I still think she was holding back. Then she brought the guy on the stage. That was weird. And I thought a bit awkward. Even kinda dumb. Lauren's acting more and more like a 16 year old girl now even though through the whole season she acted like she was in her 20's.

      Casey and Haley duet- This blew me away. And made me think that these two are dating as well. For some reason I am now imagining Casey proposing to Haley at the end of the season. In pure singing, the two complement each other very well. Their styles are similar and there is a lot of chemistry. They both make each other sound a lot better, which I just thought was totally awesome. Very well done. If they don't get together in a relationship, I think they should at least get together and do an album. I would buy that.

      Scotty- I was honestly ready to throw a tomato at Scotty tonight. The only reason I resisted was that it would miss Scotty and get my TV screen dirty and broken. I am reflecting back on last week's results show and remembering Scotty doing Cold Play and I thought that was brilliant. When Scotty breaks out and does something different, I think it will blow everyone out of the water, but I don't know why he doesn't. Sure, it had a few parts where it was a little different, but this was still way too country and way too safe. Scotty needs to go home. But now I am having nightmares of seeing him in the finale, which scare me. So I am going to stop right now and move on.

      James- Wow. After being all depressed in the last song, I was reawakened. Ryan said James would be a little soft tonight, so I was expecting real soft for some reason. But he really wasn't. I think he couldn't do a full out rock song given the theme, but he did the best with what he was presented and did a rock ballad type thing and it was so amazing. I've been an all out James Durbin fan for a long time, but this strengthened that even more. Then Randy made the first official finale prediction of the season, which made me almost jump to the moon in excitement. Now Randy has said several times to most people that "you're in it to win it" but this was the first "you just might win it all" of the season and I was stoked. Finally people are starting to agree with me that James Durbin is the best out of everyone this season.

      Scotty and Lauren duet- No. No. First off, props to Scotty for dodging Ryan. Ryan was apparently trying to create two Idol couples tonight and Scotty straight out said we're like brother and sister. The funny thing was that Lauren almost was ready to agree with Ryan until Scotty flat out rejected it. It wasn't until then when Lauren said its just a thing for stage. But enough of this gossip, stuff. We're on a singing show, not a dating show. The song wasn't that great and Scotty was still looking at Lauren in a real creepy way. I thought you said you were only brother and sister, Scotty? Well, I sure would never look at my sister like that. But maybe its just me. But the nightmares of a Scotty – Lauren finale are creeping in again. Must change subject.

      Casey- Now like you read above, I was amazed at Casey and Haley's duet and was thus excited about both of their performances. But Casey's weired me out. I don't mind his growling usually, but it seemed like he was a tiger tonight because he was doing more growling than singing. He also reminded me of Taylor Hicks tonight. Taylor Hicks won Season 5 because his stage presence and dancing was crazy good, not because of his singing. Which is why Taylor Hicks's music has never really sold. You can only listen to him sing on your iPod and can't watch him. Casey is becoming about that way. His shows he puts on are very entertaining, but his solo music isn't that great. Unless he is singing with Haley of course. For some reason he is crazy good when he's with her.

      Haley- Now I don't quite get the idea that her song choice was bad on this one. I thought it was a perfect song choice. It had a few different styles in the song that allowed Haley to show of several different aspects of her singing all in the same song and I was sold. It really was beautiful. And she totally killed the song as Randy would say. Amazing. But sadly I am also having nightmares of her getting eliminated prematurely. She deserves to be in the finale because she is the best contestant beside James. But for some reason, America hasn't bought into her yet as seen by her appearing in the bottom 3 every time she does really good. Sad. But her and James, no matter what happen this season, will always be my season 10 Idols. I don't care what everyone else says.

      Jacob and James duet- Ok, this is were we pick up from where I left off before with Jacob. To me, I love both Jacob and James, but their styles are so completely opposite that I was scared about what a duet with them would turn out as. But holy cow. James alone did what he always does. But he somehow turned Jacob into a rocker as well and that was friggin awesome. Jacob as a gospel rocker was crazy good. He sang like a rocker and ran around like a rocker. And I give James the credit for doing that to him. That duet performance just may have saved Jacob.

      Now on to the hard part. Who is going home? I don't know. But I am having this crazy nightmare that things are just going to crash and burn in this final 6. I know exactly what I want to happen and I don't think I will be even close. Which means I am going to be very nervous tomorrow when I watch. Before I go any further, though, I think this is the point where American Idol needs to transition from a bottom 3 to a bottom 2. Otherwise half the contestants are in that bottom 3 and next week a bottom 3 would reveal the early peek at the finale since only two would be left out. I don't know if Idol is going to do it, but I am. And in doing so I am going to avoid this terrible nightmare of what I think is going to happen and put here what I think should happen, so here we go:

      Bottom 2: Scotty and Lauren

      Going home: Lauren

      We are in the final 6. Crunch time. Scotty and Lauren are going backwards in my mind and neither of them deserve to be in the top 3 or 4. Lauren is doing worse and I think she needs to be sent packing.

      • Awesome post, Adam. You explain exactly where you are coming from and clearly frame your viewpoints without any animosity towards anyone. Very well done, :).

      • This was a spot on review. I have never liked Jacob, personally, but I thought he did really well tonight.

        Like you I was thinking there could not be a worse pairing than James and Jacob – and yet they rocked it together.

        Casey and Haley were mind blowing good together – simply amazing.

        James showed another side of himself tonight – he shines on a ballad as well as on a rocker.

        This was actually the first performance by Lauren that I really liked as well – she finally showed a little bit of personality up there.

        I voted for James and Haley as the best of the night – but like you I am very afraid Haley will go home prematurely. I don't think it's so much that America hasn't gotten Haley yet but rather that there are a lot of lemmings in the voting audience who won't vote for her just because Randy Jackson seems to have some kind of a problem with her. That is a shame as she has demonstrated from the beginning that she is capable of pulling off more difficult vocal techniques than ANY of the other contestants. She has an absolutely amazing voice and knows how to use it.

        Tonight on her solo performance she had just the right amount of growl (unlike Casey who doesn't understand that less is more), she demonstrated tremendous control when her voice "breaks", and she shows incredible sensitivity and gets the subtle nuances of a song.

      • Definitely a spot on review. Definitely well articulated. I appreciate that Adam plays well off of Branden's post by the way, which is of course the hardest one to be first with no inkling what others are thinking.

        Hopefully, I'll have energy for my longer analysis tomorrow, but for now i'm very pleased with the Branden/ Adam posts here. Yes, Jacob did Ok, and truthfully I liked the way him and James played in the Duet with JLO. I just want Jacob gone cause he's not who I like. Sorry! And I wish Lauren would just go for it, but I just this second thought–What was my feelings of self security like in my teens? OMG, like most of you all probably, it makes me ill to remember! I know she'll eventually recover, and I'm glad her and Scotty both reached a bit. Lauren did better, especially in the duet. Wow, what a zing from JLO to Scotty, "great job backing up Lauren" (but true!).

        I'm still clinging to Steve Fox prediction that wrongful horde voting that ignores Haley will diminish. In my brain there were 3 distinct classes tonight (remember, I'm a Haley lover):

        4 stars: James

        3 stars: Haley and Casey. but Adam's giving me the courage to say my feelings that as cool as Casey's performance was, I just don't think he's that good. But for now, he gets the Haley class.

        2 stars: Lauren first, then Scotty, Jacob last–because I'm tired of him, even though I admit he was technically sound and I didn't puke and he was actually better than Scotty who tried hard but got corny reaching for his drama at end, but at least he finally tried a little different!

        So, a main comment here. I've always known James was the best. It's just he likes Metal and most America likes Rock– (less screams) so we loved him tonight. I kind of feel sorry for James, because I think it's a similar story for many great artists. Ballet dancers and opera singers are obviously the best in their fields–but we love seeing their talent in cool rock dancing and rock singing–anything but their classic field. I think it's that way with James–He's really a metal head's dream, but most of us want to hear him doing the rock ballad like tonight or classic rock and roll.

        So, does the artist stay true to himself–or give the public what we want (and pay for)? I'm still idealistically hoping for the Haley-James final, but if I bet money it'd be on the typical finals of James-Scotty, with Scotty embarrassingly accepting the "Mirror Balls Trophy"? I never quite get what the heck they're saying!? But no doubt, finishing 2nd in AI has become the Real Honor! (still, Go Haley!)

      • @Adam, David P, Coondog & Jack…..

        Love your analysis Adam……I just want to say that James has shown last night that he CAN sing anything…..Last night he sent chills out with the rendition of "Will you still love me tomorrow"…I've always loved the Shirelles version but tonight James made me think twice…..that song needs to be on his first CD…..Loved it. JAMES for the win….

      • Ok…question…why does everyone want Scotty to bust out and do something different? He is clearly a country singer, he will produce country albums, he appeals to country fans, he IS country! So why would he change it? James is a rocker, he sings rocks songs (and yes he has done some slow stuff, but no one can tell me that My Guitar Gently Weeps isn't a rock song), no one is telling him to do something different. So why does Scotty have to do something different? He knows where his strengths are and he's sticking with them. I totally agree he needs to go for a broader range in terms of vocals but I think he should stick with the country. That's who he is!!! I really enjoyed his performance this week. I thought it showed some variety in his range, and was about as un-country and you are going to get from Scotty. He has an incredible voice! You close your eyes when he sings, and there is no way you would ever think that that voice is coming out of a 17 year old kid.

        I totally agree with your review on Lauren. I love her personality (watch some of her interviews on, she is so cute, and she's funny!). But I also think she's holding back. I think she's got amazing power in her voice that she just isn't totally confident about yet. I heard it more tonight than I have before, and I heard it even more in the duet. I think since she wasn't alone, she probably felt if she missed it, it wouldn't be noticed as much? But I love her and am just waiting for her to totally break it out. I love her voice, it's got just a tiny bit of a rasp which makes her distinct. I think she's supremely talented. And so young, she has so much room to grow! And I loved the duet! Her and Scotty sound amazing together! And I don't think they're dating, I think they just have good chemistry, and good stage presence together. That's just being good entertainers.

        James…well I don't personally like him, just not my style of music, but I think he's a great performer. And he has done a few songs to prove he really can sing, and that it's not just all theatrics. Even though I'm not really a James fan, I wouldn't be disappointed if he won.

        Casey creeps the hell out of me. I think the guy is a musical genius. He can sing, he plays multiple instruments, he makes each song his own, but oh. my. god. the guy is just a creep! That weird sideways look he does into the camera, and all his "mmmms"…just creeps me right out. It almost seems like he's trying too hard to be different. When he's different, and in a good way, when he's more natural.

        Haley I think has progressed the most. But I still find her hit and miss. I was really impressed with Rolling in the Deep (hard song to cover), and with Bennie and the Jets, but this week I thought wasn't great. I really like her voice, very unique and I like her style. She's just not quite as consistent as I would like. And maybe that's because she's just figuring out what her style really is? I think she'll be great though, I think she will go somewhere after this competition, even if she doesn't win (Haley winning seems unlikely anyway since she's been in the bottom 3 so many times).

        Jacob…so over him! Literally every single performance is identical. I think he has amazing pipes. He has so much power in his voice, and great tone. But I can't watch him. Literally, can't watch. I have to look away. I don't like his style, I don't like his drama, I don't like his attitude (the whole "America needs to look at themselves in the mirror" comment was just arrogant and rude). If he can reign in that attitude, take the drama down a few notches, and get some control over his face when he sings, I think he could be very successful. Until then, send him home please. I thought the duet was totally awkward. They so don't mesh at all. Signing the same song on completely different ends of the spectrum. It just didn't work for me. Vocally they both did well, I just didn't like the combination.

        There's my two cents. I vote (actually I don't since I live in Canada) for Jacob to go home.

      • Thanks for the positive feedback everyone. And to answer your question Lynda, even Carrie Underwood, one of the most successful Idol contestants in all of the seasons and one of the most popular country singers of today mixed it up on more than one occasion while she was a contestant. It shows your versatility as a singer and artist if you can sing different styles. I'm not saying he should bust out and do some heavy metal, but mix it up a little. Do something like Coldplay. Scotty was amazing when he was part of that Coldplay trio a bit ago. He can do other things and do them well, but he doesn't and that frustrates me.

    • LMAO!!! We will see Scotty in Lauren in the FINALE!! SO keep hating !! LMAO

    • Do u think James is a really talented rock singer? He's not special at all .He's a copy-cat. He's trying to be another Adam Lambard but he can't.I feel sorry for him.

      • And you are a parrot repeating what you've seen elsewhere because you personally do not like James.

      • are you freaking kidding me? JAMES SANG BEAUTIFUL TONIGHT! you're just bitter person,ugh.

      • Another Adam Lambert? Whatever. And Adam Lambert is just another David Cook, who is just another Chris Daughtry. Come on. He's a rocker, yes, and rockers have similar styles, but James Durbin, Adam Lambert, David Cook, and Chris Daughtry all have their own uniqueness to them. James Durbin is just following in the footsteps of the many great Idol Rockers made famous by Idol and will have a fantastic career.

      • Ann…..get real…He is NOT Adam, he is JAMES DURBIN and he doesn't want to be Adam….He is going to shine on his own….If after last night's performance you can still say that, then it might be time to switch and watch THE VOICE>>>

    • Cecil, I feel sorry for you, man. If you are so critical as to have only found one of thoese performances enjoyable your life must be hard. Stop and smell the roses. All of the performances were enjoyable. Some were just more enjoyable than others. James' were the most enjoyable though, I agree.

      • oldster…..I agree but you have to admit James was awesome…..Haley was great too but the rest were just okay in my book…..

  7. Is time for Jacob to leave…if not then Casey, the judges made a terrible mistake saving him and now I don't know why he still in the competition. He didn't sing at all tonight. I liked Haley's performance and James. But really I'm expecting Jacob or Casey to go HOME.

    • Sorry I just have to disagree with you. Casey needed to stay. He is very talented and I just love his voice. I am trying to figure out where you all think he is weird. As for comparing James to Adam for me I have never heard of Adam as this is my 2 year watching, but I think Jame is unique and very talented and has a lot of thought in his songs and performance and is way smarter about his style and thinking then you all are willing to give him. Same for Casey.

    • I agree it's time for Jacob to go. In the bottom 3 should be Jacob, Casey, and Lauren or James.I have been country fan a lot more than Rock. So, if not Lauren in the bottom 3, James.

      And Scotty has done better last night "You've Got a Friend", than last week.

      I think his best song was "Letters From Home".

  8. James does it again!!! OMG!!! He can bring down the house every time. James gives 110% every time he gets on that stage. Again he showed America how he has a great singing voice . Gotta love James!!!

  9. Thanks for scaring me to death with this Haley going home. I am mortified now, but I hope your wrong.

    • You know mortified means embarrassed right? I think terrified is the word you're looking for?

  10. My top 6

    1- James Durbin

    2- Haley Reinhart

    3- Scotty

    4- Lauren Alaina

    5- Casey Abrams

    6- Jacob Lusk

    Bottom 3: Lauren, Casey, Jacob

    Bottime 2: Casey, Jacob

    Eliminated: JACOB!!!!! grr.. please go homw !!!!

    • Patrick you're brilliant.

      I AGREE….no more sympathy voting for JAcob…lets get rid of him NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      But Casey was clearly #3, followed by Haley and Lauren… messed up on that placement.

    • I love how everyone in your rankings has a last name except for Scotty. 😀 I love your top 2. That's the best part of your rankings

  11. To everyone who said

    "James doesn't represent American Idol"

    "James is just a screamer"

    "James doesn't really have a voice"

    "All James can do is perform"

    Suck. On. That.

      • James was pitchy and off key…so yeah he can't sing and if you thought he was good tonight you're deaf. I respect the guy and he seems nice enough, but he just can't sing. It's time for a female to win – they're the only winners that do well.

    • James is a screamer. He has not shown anything new. Hell, everyone has not shown anything new on AI, but James is highly overrated. People keep on comparing him to Scotty, how Scotty bores everyone (that includes me) by singing country all the time. But James is doing exactly the same. Screeching everytime, no other musical talent but screaming. Heavy Metal is his thing – tath's just about it. Nothing new, nothing else. AI is really just a popularity contest, and NOT a talent contest. And James is young (and jobless, what a bum), so American teens and those who think that metal is cool vote for him. Do not compare him to Steven Tyler because Steven Tyler did not enter a talent show. Will James win? Maybe. He cannot sing a song without screaming to cover up with his lack of talent. If he can sing, just once without screaming, then I'd keep shut.

      • a screamer? really? didn't you listen when he sang acapella the first part of the song? if you can't appreciate that ,YOU SUCK!

      • Boy you don't like James do you. I'm glad not everyone thinks like you. He was amazing tonight and showed people he could do any kind of a song and be amazing at it. He is loaded with talent and I don't even know why I'm responding to someone like you. I know you have a right to your opinion but you could be nice about it. I understand you like Scotty, and that is fine, he's a good singer also, but I feel James brings it every week. .

      • while my guitar gently weeps.

        he also won a country talent contest.

        james is the greatest. i am not a teen, i am a 47 year old grandma of 2.

      • You clearly don't have ears. James killed it tonight, as he dies every week. Did you even notice the mentors had nothing to change? The gave the kid a standing o. Talent like his doesn't come around every day.

  12. I have heard that Casey and Haley do have something going on, which I think is actually why Haley suddenly got so much better several weeks ago, it's like she was happy bc she has a crush and she's flirting with Casey when she sings.

    • Then Casey is a lucky man as well as a talented one. Haley is a sexy girl, as well as a talented one. They make a charming couple.

    • And so, the Truce I had with Gautham is off! Again my rage at Casey for pawing at Haley has ignited my furor! Casey must leave and stop seducing and staining my Haley girl. He keeps making her voice too hoarse! I can't bear to think of the multiple ways he could be doing that. Get off the show Casey! I almost wish you gone before Jacob! But that would blaspheme Nature. Just leave after Jacob, you dirty bearded, grizzly man, caveman Casey! Stay away from Haley! I renew the Coondog Curse upon you Casey!

      • Hey Bunny, I've settled down, now that I see my cold curse play out–my Curse powers amaze even me sometimes. And now, the Coondog Curse falls to Jacob!

  13. James sealed in his victory tonight. I was not a 100% James fan until tonight — mainly becuase I don't like hard rock. But James is CONSISTENTLY great every single week — I really think he's our winner. Great job tonight, James! Scotty was 2nd best

  14. James did great tonight, but Randy was wrong to pimp him the way he did. He is a judge and should try being more professional, what he did was so wrong I don't care what contestant it could of been, it was wrong. Just judge and keep you trap shut.

    • I agree with most of this. I thought that these judges did a fantastic job in the prelims around the country, picking the contestants. Also a great job with the Top 24.

      But after the show started with the Top 13, I think they've totally misused the air time by pimping certain contestants, at times when NOT AT ALL WARRANTED, thus trying to manipulate the vote. I mean, I understand that they're the "pros," but some of their commments — and other actions, like jumping out of their seats to hug contestants — have been out of line and unprofessional.

      Give the singers your fair critique, then shut up, is what I say.

    • I agree. I honestly believe the AI has "implied" who they want to win to the judges and they are responding accordingly. AI wants the best 'recording star and Show presenter' to win for the biggest bang for their buck. James does have a nice voice and does know how to perform. I have not understood how James has gotten the special players on the stage with him – favortism maybe?? (For the record, I am a Scotty fan because I like his voice and I know his potential – plus I believe a 'one trick pony' can do just well, just ask Josh Turner.) Back to my point – I do not feel Randy's actions were appropriate. But until the last 2 shows, none of the judges knew anything but glorious things to say. My guess is that James will win – hopefully Scotty is second. And for the record – I am definetly not a teenager and Scotty could sing for me anytime – so I know it is not just the teenagers voting for him.

      • James has gotten special players on stage with him because he has connections in the rock world. Study up a little bit – if you watch the youtube performance from a couple years ago of "how my guitar gently weeps" you will hear some incredible guitar playing by his mentor – who is the lead guitarist for the Doobie Brothers. James has been going to his "rock school" for years and has met other artists such as Zach Wylde (Ozzie's guitarist who played with James on "Heavy Metal").

        The bottom line is the other professionals James gets to appear with him on AI have known him for years and admire and respect his talent. He is a true performer and artist and they know it.

  15. what are you guys doing about votes? tornadoes through catoosa/walker counties in GA have made it impossible to watch or vote tonight…! damage all around, people trapped and without power for the next few days…several dead. this is lauren's hometown…sure would be nice to have another chance to vote!

    • Really? OMG! Vote for lauren! Jacob must go. I agree w/ Branden. I'm tired of that voice. I'm tired of him.


    • Sorry to hear that, thoughts and prayers for you guys. I doubt Lauren is in trouble with the vote dial idol has her in 4th place. That is not a guarantee but they have jacob in in 3rd and I doubt Jacob is getting more votes then her. She might end up on the bottom 3 but I doubt she will go home.

      • I did just see the tornado damage in GA and other states. It was BAD. I 'think' they said 25 already confirmed dead with the count expected to rise. We just had the same thing rip thru NC just 11 days ago and this same storm system is now heading toward us tomorrow.

        If it is true that the power and phone lines were down, that is so not fair for Lauren, but I have to agree, I still do not believe she will be going home.

    • Sorry Kduke. I hadn't even thought of the vote impact, but that is true. Earlier , I had chastised a blogger who had complained about the weatherman interrupting the show, and had reminded the fool that 75 dead already and that "that jerk weatherman" had been praised for saving an estimated 500 more lives and thousands of casualties!

  16. JAcob has to go home!!

    He easily is the WORST of what we got left. I still don't understnd how he's survived this long.

    James is #1 by a landslide.

    Casey is #2

    And Scotty #3

  17. Guys, I agree with you all that "Jacob has to go home" Plus, why did he sing so highly pitched tonight? It sounded fake. Way to high pitched for my tastes.

      • At the beginning of the competition Lauren, arguably, may have been the best competitor for #1. However the other contestants have all grown and progressed as performers and singers while Lauren has not. She's missed opportunities to stretch herself and become better and has been passed up by pretty much all the remaining contestants.

  18. My first comment is the sound people all need to be fired. James was the only one that wasn't almost completely swallowed up with the background and I think that's only because he has such a powerful voice.

    Second: They all did great turning milk into a fairly entertaining evening. IMHO the best performance to the worst is:

    1. James – At first I was an avid James hater (ask Rose or Phyllis). Tonight he blew me away, it was absolutely fantastic.

    2. Scotty – Finally he makes a move to step out of the box. I agree with Branden that wasn't really bringing it. This should have been done weeks ago. Take a song out of your element and bring it in and make it your own, I hope he does this more often.

    3. Haley – I'm glad she relaxed things a bit. Brooke White sang that song in a Hollywood audition with a singer-songwriter feel. I think Haley took it up a notch. There's a lot of emotion in Haley's performances and she really puts herself into what she sings.

    4. Casey – His throwback bluesy groove is just cool. I understand how a lot of people don't get it. He's super talented and its always very exciting to see what he does to the songs he chooses.

    5. Jacob – Not a big Jacob fan. Tonight was one of his best nights in a long time. He's a bit corny. If he does leave it's not because he can't sing, though. He's gotten very far on his vocal abilities alone and should be congratulated for such a huge achievement, even more so if he makes it another week or two.

    6. Lauren – Of course she's going to be safe but this girl really needs to step it up. She needs to learn how to take criticism at face value and use it to progress more than she has been. A constructive critique doesn't mean the performance was terrible. I think she was going to burst into tears when JLo was talking because it wasn't all flowers and rainbows. I almost wish she had waited a year or two and gotten some experience and matured a bit. She would, hands down, owned the entire competition.

    /end rant.

    Also, did anyone else notice during Jacob and James' duet when they pulled Jennifer's chair out how fast she strategically crossed her legs. Unlike last week, I'm pretty sure she didn't see that coming. I found it pretty humorous. And, c'mon Ryan; the kid's not a chomo.

      • I tried to vote for JLo's legs, but couldn't find the phone numbers. They were definately the high light of a really good show.

    • Agree! Casey is a musicians musician. I guess that is why some people don't get him. They are more interested in the Juke box version of a song. I love his voice and his phrasing is excellent he never misses a note, plus he is fun as hell. When ever he is on I am always smiling or laughing. He reminds me of a old friend I used to jam with years ago.

    • That wasn't a rant, David. An excellent post, excellent analysis.

      This group is very talented, and in such DIFFERENT WAYS that it's made the show very interesting to watch, in my opinion.

      The one who has definitely gone downhill in the last 2 weeks is Lauren. You are exactly right, and I said the same thing to my family: If Lauren had waited a couple more years or so, I could see her being another Carrie Underwood.

      But last week, she sang "scared." Then, the pressure got to her again, and in spite of Branden's "A" grade, I totally disagree. She tried to overcome last week's shaky performance by PUSHING too much this week, and although the judges soft-shoe'd it — it was pushing in a bad way. She's got a gorgeous voice, but she brought nothing to the stage tonight that was IDOL-ish, which IS the point, isn't it?

      She's looking more and more each week like the 16-year-old that she is.

    • Agree mostly David P. But, I see you did the same thing I did. We all know James was in a class by himself, but Like you , I placed my fav haley second as you did yours with Scotty!

      In truth (listen to bloggers), Haley was the 2nd best, but I really give Scotty and Lauren for taking chances on notes and styles, so I'm still hoping for them.

      People, from now on , no post should end without saying , "Jacob, go Home!" (and for any DWTS folks, no post should end without saying, "For God's sake , get Kirstie off the show before she hurts herself or someone or just to spare her the continued humiliations!"

    • David P…..We knew that James would eventually win you over to our side…LOL

      • Ahaha, Phyllis, I think deep down inside I knew, too. I was just being stubborn, lol.

        @Coondog: I love Kirstie! But I think it's time for her to go. Getting as far as she has is pretty awesome. Also I personally enjoyed Haley's performance moreso than Scotty's but I had to give him props for stretching quite a bit. If he had started doing that at the beginning he'd have grown way more than he has.

      • agree on both points DavidP, Kirstie and Scotty. I'm proud of Kirstie for using DWTS to help inspire her to lose weight I think, but I want to spare her the embarassment of her popularity forcing her to dance against much more agile folks. same as you.

        And I was proud of Scotty for reaching. Lauren too.

    • Great post! Totally agree with your analysis on Lauren. It makes me sad because I think she's amazing, she just hasn't found her confidence yet. I think when she hits her stride, she will be unstoppable. I don't think she'll win, but I do think someone will still want to sign her. There's so much talent there waiting to be brought out of her!

      Here's my thing with Casey – I actually do really like his music, I like his sound, I think he's incredibly talented. He just creeps me out. Plain and simple. Something about the way he looks at the camera is just weird.

      • Lynda, that's exactly what I mean about Lauren. I'm not a Lauren hater, at first she was one of my favorites since her audition. The saddest part is it might be too late for her to catch up even when she hits her stride. She needed to do that like 3 weeks ago when Pia left. After this I hope she goes home and and finishes being a kid and when she's ready come back into the spotlight with a vengeance.

  19. not to make Haley fans mad, but the reason I would like to see her go is because I don't like the growly style singing. I really don't think her singing is that special. She is beautiful but her singing is just good, not great.

    • For me what's weird about Haley is that I get that she has a good nice voice and she tries to do interesting things with her songs but something doesn't translate…it's somehow still boring and not interesting or pleasant to watch. It's like the songs are still bigger than she is.

    • its your opinion…but for me haley is the best vocal in whole competition.,

      if you have a problem with haley growling…

      what about james for being scream all the time..

      scotty for being boring…

      lauren not so beautiful voice..

  20. You forgot to review the James/Jacob duet, Branden. 😛 Are you just pretending it never happened. I am too.

    I really hope Haley doesn't go home! I'm voting hard for her!

      • That duet was awful. Scotty was flat in his duet with Lauren, especially on the higher notes, and he should've been called out for it. The judging is not even — not close to being even. The only time your subjective boredom should be relevant, Mr. Jackson, is when everyone is able to sing their performances and are otherwise objectively even. Here, there's not even an argument that parts of Lauren's performance missed — objectively (cracking high notes and off key) – but she gets a pass because she "went for it." Whatever.

  21. I am hoping the "prediction" of the judges doesn't keep people from voting for James. He deserves to win this whole thing. He is just talented beyond belief.

  22. James will win it all. And deservedly so.

    Jacob must go and then Casey.

    And then there were four.

  23. I'm with the others that say, it's time for Jacob to go. I think he's a nice person, but there has been something about his performances since the begining that has struck me funny. Sorry Jacob.

  24. Branden, I pretty much agree with your overall assessments, but not in some particulars. For example, I like Jacob's voice, but agree that he was better weeks ago (before the judges told him to hold back and only go full out a few notes) and since I hate scat, I did not like tonights solo. However, I thought his duet with James was among the best performances of the season, if not the best. I happen to like Casey's musical choices. I was never a big fan of Blood, Sweat, and Tears, so I liked Casey's version of this song better than theirs (David Clayton Thomas' voice was way cool, though). I did not like the duet of the country kids. The 2nd singing (which I always thought was called singing harmony) was, frankly, horrible imho. I agree totally with your bottom 3 and with whom the ousted one should be. However, if it is not Jacob, it will be because of the duet, not because of a shortcoming of Haley.

    Also, I totally was on board with you about my expectations and pleasant surprise about this episode. It was the best elevator music I have ever heard.

    • g'day oldster, I almost agree with you about Brandens assessments. My fave for the night was definitely James, I thought he really stepped it up to show he can also do something more than 'scream' as so many posters here seem to think. I truly think he is an all round muso and I would definitely go to a concert of his & buy a CD. Scotty also showed a more sensitive side and Haley was strong again as was Lauren, altho Lauren could've picked a better song I thought. Casey, as you know is not my fave but tonight he was OK according to my OH who is a big jazz fan so credit given to Casey. Jacob has to get his marching orders this week, just more of the same drivel, yeah he was a bit more animated but still the same crap out of his mouth.

      Bottom 3. Jacob, Haley, Lauren

      Home. Jacob

      • Helen, don't you think that Jacob's duet with James might have been a saving grace? Also, thank you for noticing that I am not a big Carol King fan.

  25. based on their performances this week here is my ranking







  26. I hate James' style of music and his screaming, but he is super talented. Tonight he sounded great, if he would just keep it toned down, I'd be a fan. I don't like old style country music either, but SCOTTY is incredibly awesome…. I can't believe he is only 17; he was truly born to sing country music; he has the most natural born, raw talent of all of them; tonight he drew tears to my eyes. Haley, Lauren, Casey and Jacob are also super talented and I love hearing them EVERY TIME …..

  27. Jacob haters, get a life! The man can sing. I have no idea what people are seeing in Lauren, she is a HS musical star and should be on Glee, although she has no personality for the show other than her girlish giggle and silly smile.

    • I don't hate Jacob. I agree the man can sing, and sing very well. I just can't stand to watch him perform. There's something about it that is just uncomfortable. And his attitude is an issue for me. He's made some very arrogant comments. He is on this show to sing, not to tell people how to live their lives.

  28. So I didn't watch this week (yet), being a die-hard Stefano Langone fan. How on earth could Jacob get more votes that Stefano??? I still don't get it. Anyway, moving on, my prediction for the rest of season 10 is…

    6th place–Jacob (i hope)

    5th place–Haley or Casey

    4th place–Haley or Casey

    3rd place–Lauren

    2nd place–Scotty

    1st place–James

    Who agrees with me?


    CASEY!!!! you are 1 slick smooth sick sonovabiatch!!! RAY CHARLES IS BACK!!!!!

    HALEY!!! you are 1 sexy leg-humping (LOL) beautiful eyes GODDESS!!!

    The 2 of u duet in the end of the song!!! ARGH!!! OMG!! im howling….

  30. At this point in the competition all contestants have their groups of fans, each time a contestant is voted out, many will be angry, but those are the rules, someone has to go, the interpretation of jacob, I did not like so much, I really liked Lauren, Casey and Haley duet was very good. who surprised me tonight was Scotty he sound a bit different, James WOW that's the only thing I have to say, Lauren and scotty duet just ok , Casey did great but I do not think America is ready for someone like him at this time , but I do not think he'll leave tomorrow, Haley sang well I did not recognize the song, but sound familiar, then I remembered that Brooke White sing it in Hollywood week in season 8, but haley sang very well, james and jacob duet didn't like it that much.

  31. Usually I don't comment since I don't like to argue with others musical preferences or debate favorites, but I think Haley did better tonight than you said. I've been a Haley fan since I heard her sing God Bless the Child in Hollywood Week and I've taken up for her since then when no one else liked her. I love that she's started to prove herself these past few weeks and really show how talented she is. I think her chemistry with Casey and the mystery behind what's really going on, coupled with a duet that I think was much better and well liked than you said, on top of a pretty solid performance, will keep her around (I hope!!!). I really hope your prediction is wrong but either way, thanks for recap!

  32. Though i firmly believe jacob is going home, Which he should, hes good but not as good as most of the others(and lets face it, Scotty-one-tone isnt going home) it will be interesting to see who is the 3rd B3 spot, it has always been Paul, Jacob, Stefano, And haley in the b3 (with the exception of pia and casey both being in there only once) But now with paul and stefano gone.

    Everyone assumes casey, but I dont think it will be, Casey has shown SOOOO much personality lately, and hes been consistantly good.

  33. wow oh wow……thie season is such a disapointment! Let's start with the judges….should just call them cheerleaders. there is no critical evaluation…none…nada… i mean i like them all but they offer absolutely nothing in the form of critique…makes me think that they might have actually missed a few that should have made the top 24…whatever…and as far as the top six go .. well the people who i watch the show and others of whom i speak to believe this lot is not very talented… nice kids … and thats what most of them are — kids – just can't carry a note.. maybe scotty and james … best of the group are those two but they are nowhere near the top two of seasons past… i've said this before… james is no adam…. i only believe scotty will have a career and only if someone writes him a good hit or two.. james maybe ….but we've even adam doesn't have much of a career.. can't wait for crystal next week — a real artist.. and for the x factor with some real judging.. at least from simon and la reid

  34. If Haley goes home for those people who hate Haley so much can have a big party cause that is what you all are waiting for is to see Haley goes home. I just pity that gal she does not get much votes and she always in the bottom 3 and she will be out soon because of those people who hate her so much and want her to be out soon. I like her voice and Casey's voice as well as the rest but I still do not undcerstand there are so many people who hated Hailey and Casey so much. As for James he is amazing I really wish to see him in the big stage cause he is a true performer on stage with great vocal, best stage presence and he look like a star but the problem is the voters they are the one who vote for whom they really like and that is the fact and for those who they don't like will lose the votes that is how it is.

      • Calm down you said Hailey will not go anywhwere this week, do you read all the comments. If you read all the comments then you know most of the people want Hailey out soon only some like Hailey but majority do not like Hailey and she is always in the bottom 3 she might go home because of the votes that is why I am really sad she has great voice but people hated the growling of Hailey and Casey and I really don't understand these people they are tine deaf and as for James the comments from these people saying that they hated the screaming like Adam Lambert so you can see who is more these people like is Lauren and Scotty.

      • To those people who hate Hailey and Casey because of the growling and hated James saying that he is screaming, you all are really tone deaf. I think these people only want to see Lauren and Scotty final 2. I like all the contestant even Lauren and Scotty I like them too and I never say they are not good, they can sing but it seems like they get more votes than the other contentant and its really unfair to the rest who can sing but get less votes just because they are not likeable but they have talent.

      • @ ukn: this week is Jacob's turn, after this wek will be Casey's turn. Then both Jacob and Casey fan base will go to Haley. So be positive.

      • Be positive you say when people are giving nagative comments to Hailey and Casey and you can still say about Casey and Jacob fans go to Hailey that is not what I was talking about cause Casey is also good so what I'm talking about is the people vote is not enough for Casey and Hailey. I really hate those people who always give negative comments towards Hailey and Casey cause I like their no matter what people say although I know they will be out soon cause of the vote but I wish them the best and they will have a good career.

      • "Most people" do not hate Haley. I think "most people" acknowledge she's talented but have different favorites. I think her fan base is big enough to get her through this week, though. 6th and 5th place are not bad and I think she'll do great post idol. She has the work ethic and professionalism the others really haven't showed and I think that will carry her very far. Of course, I'm still rooting for a James/Haley finale because that would just be amazing.

    • You know what folks? In tribute to Ms. Toscano's exit, it might be cool for my Haley girl to leave tomorrow! Because only if her or James got voted off (no chance of James leaving I admit), would there be a bigger outcry! Haley would be seen on different Late Night and Morning shows–Just think they could do a surprise bogus entering of her on The Voice show just to see which fool was last to turn their chair around! Like Pia getting on DWTS and record deal, Haley could use the knowledge of this up until the finals with James anyways, to coerce that scurvy producer James Iovine to start pimping her more on the show like he makes the judges do for James and Casey (but at least James deserves it!).

      I almost hope Adam (?) is right and Haley leaves just to see the stupified faces on judges, and others! I Coondog, with my large ears (as always), and sensitive tongue for speaking, would of course console Haley!

    • Because her voice is simple, plan, understandable. She doesn't have to growl, scream, or moan for votes. Jacob should be gone this week.

      • Yeah, are u deaf or blind? probably both. She is beautiful and has a great authentic country voice. Carrie underwood had that and she sold more albums than any other contestant.

      • are u deaf or blind? probably both. She is beautiful and has a great authentic country voice.her voice is simple, plan, understandable,Lauren might be immature and playing dumb, but she is very talented.

      • lol ok i take that as a compliment tina! you agree with me! I REALLY hope the moaning girl… oops i mean jacob… goes home

      • All 3 women remaining will be in the bottom 3 this week. Lauren Jacob and Haley. Hopefully Jacob will be gone with Lauren close behind with her big behind.

    • You r soooo right, even for her age she has nothing on the rest of them. I just don't get it either. Not a hater, just plain honest.

      • She looks like she is trying to be slutty she makes me puke and like I said she is really cheesy

      • I agree with you Martin..She has a good voice and she can sing but that's not enough..Her style is very common..And very predictable..She should take some risk to WOW the viewers..There's nothing special about it..Lucky for her that Simon Cowell didn't judge her performance..Because if he will, I'm sure he'll say that her performance is "FORGETTABLE"!..

      • noopinion Learn how to write instead of just text. It will do you good.By the way Laurens big behind will be leaving right after Jacob.

      • She does have more junk in the trunk than anyone but Jacob. Hopefully they will both be gone soon.

      • Are you people seriously talking about the size of a 16 year old girls butt on a blog about a singing competition? Really? If you don't like her fine, don't vote for her. That's your decision/opinion. Leave the talk about "junk in the trunk" for somewhere else.

    • You might just get your wish Martin (although I hope not). But Lauren's hometown area suffered devastating tornadoes today and most everyone is without phone, power, internet service and unable to vote for her.

      • @ paul ronald mcdonald- you're an ass. Does the size of a person really dictate whether they can sing? NO! No it doesn't! So shut it and keep it on the topic of the show – the singing you jerk.

    • Lauren will be in the finale!!! so keep hating all u want!! and her butt has nuttin to do with the show! u ppl are sooo dumb seriously!!

  35. To be me Jacob was a little better, happy he took out some of that vibrato, and smoothed out those notes, you can do it Jacob passion without yelling.

    • James was doing a good job until he went high and just had to put in a few screeches. Randy is unfair in his pimping of James in that he is attempting to influence the voting. James was good until he went off key with the screaming high notes. I thought Haliey and Casey was very good together. I didn't like Casey's solo and Hailey's was okay but song choice made her not as good as usual. AI sure is pushing for this girl to go home. WHY??? Jacob, not good, Lauren was pretty good, Scotty was back to singing in his usual bland style and he wasn't good in the duet with Lauren. I hope Jacob goes home. I hope if Haily survives she is allowed to pick her own song next week. She got the left overs after the others picked their Carole King songs.

      • What screechs? Oh, you mean high notes that he absolutely nailed? Gotcha… ~rolleyes~

      • Lol…that's all haters do….james'haters' complaint the screetch on high note or Scotty's haters' complaint his deep voice sounds like a bull's moo

      • agree with all, James was perfect, and did the exact number of high notes or screeches for perfection–and I'm the one that knocks him for to much screaming (not for metalheads I know, but for rockers like me)!

        It was like when the pompous German or Austrian Chancellor tried to correct Amadeus (Mozart in the movie) for having too many notes, and Volfie (Wolfie) told him flat out, "not too many , not too little, but the 'exact' number of notes was required to make the song". Same with James' performances!

        Easy people, I still want James to finish second to the great Haley, my Goddess!

      • and I didn't mean to have the plural s on performance. I meant James was perfect tonight! not on other nights when the Great Ears of the Mighty Coondog can't handle too much of the Metal nuances!

    • Your reasoning is probably why Scotty will win it all. Others may be as good or better, but Scotty has that attraction with women.

      • Only cause it's late night Holly can I give you some Coondog Wisdom; I like women, I like Cougars (I detail the Coondog Gets the Cougar Method on earlier pages here) and young teens can definitely be 18 and 19! Point being Holly, if you hain't Done Donkey then don't date Monkeys. (it's late, OK? lol)–and it don't rhyme less you're drunkey right?

      • You like Cougars…Coondog but do the Cougars love a coondog?

        Cats of the same tail-feather flock together… But will flock towards you oh wisest dog of all?

      • Man I hope so too….out of the two girls, she has WAY more talent and her OWN style

    • I hope Haley stays, too. Her power, range and stage-readiness, along with her versatility in singing different genres, put her at the top in my book. James and Scotty also shone, I thought, with a difficult assignment of singing Carole King songs.

      A good show — way better than I expected — and plenty of talent. Time for Jacob to go.

      • You're right. Haley is the most versatile singer of the bunch. Scotty was bad, truly awful, in the duet with Lauren. His solo performance was surprisingly good. Lauren can't keep up in live performance.

    • Me too! The judges criticize him when he embellishes-which is true gospel style- and they criticize him when he sings the song straight ahead-"Bridge Over Troubled Water." The man just can't please these guys unless he dances. (Singer-songwriter-arranger and genius Otis Redding couldn't even dance on beat.)

  36. Okay, watching it on the West coast and Scotty just went. I have to say that I was genuinely impressed. Tonight was my favorite performance of his bar none. This is exactly the kind of thing he needs to do to grow, evolve, and become a better performer. He keeps it up pushing himself more and more and he has a real future.

    • I was wondering how on earth anybody could possibly top Scotties amazing performance tonight… and holy crap… James just absolutely slayed that song… I am floored.

  37. i'm so wowed by james tonight. that first part of the song he sang acapella was BEAUTIFUL, i'm now his biggest fan.

  38. Please send lauren home, there is nothing special about her at all she is just like every already famous singer out there, just bland, shes bringing nothing new to the table….GO HALEY

    • Haley is the best of the 3 women left. Jacob and Lauren being the other 2 both need to go soon.

      • That was mildly amusing the first time it was said – you fell flat the second time and the third was total fail. Try some new material.

      • C'mon Jack, even tho u b right, it is late and drinky time, right? Besides , if Dan upset you, u hain't gonna like my lame attempt above !! Give us some love!! (at least I rhymed this time?)


    CASEY!!!! you are 1 slick smooth sick talented sonovabiatch!!! RAY CHARLES IS BACK!!!!!

    HALEY!!! you are 1 sexy leg-humping (LOL) beautiful eyes GODDESS!!!

    The 2 of u duet in the end of the song!!! ARGH!!! OMG!! im howling….

      • Nope, your taste is awesome!!!!! We need some old style again…get rid of one of the country singers PLEASE!

      • @Holly : oh my Holly,please100x dont say Ray Charles is "nasty ugly taste music"… Do u know how much color he has given to this world of music? Please take that BACK!

  40. I'm pretty positive jacob is going home. if he had gotten the last spot of the night maybe not but now i am pretty positive he will be packing his bags tommorrow

  41. i've had enough of hailey's growls…she has her good days but most of it is really for the toilet drain…most of the time, she sings like she's on drugs…sorry but i'd rather see lauren make it to top 3 (if a girl were even to be considered to be in the top 3) than hailey the wail-ley.

    • Thank you!! I agree! I can actually understand Lauren when she sings…Haley growls and moans too much!

      • I agree as well. I am a fan of haleys but if lauren goes before her i swear i will throw my telivision out the window

      • KC What kind of reaction would that be? Who are you getting even with, the television? You do understand the whole "cutting off your nose etc. thing, right?

    • what all of you should do is seriously vote for lauren and haley then… cut the arguing crap and vote! no time for arguments now…. time is limited. VOTE VOTE VOTE.

      Go HALEY and LAUREN! Girl power yooo…

  42. And, this year's panel of judges is the greatest ! I love this team of judges … they truly SPARK

  43. wrong.. haley is great.. she's in the top… sorry, but your prediction is very wrong…

    bottom three: jacob, lauren and haley/casey

    • Agree with you in your opinion of Haley and in your prediction of the bottom 3.

  44. James was really good but you know that I love Scotty

    I think that he screams, not sing. well Love you Scotty I know that you´re going to win!!!

  45. Just going to put my thoughts from the last thread on this one.

    Jacob – Apart from his foray into edgy fashion, he was better than I expected.

    Lauren – Love her, but she looked bad and sounded worse.

    Scotty – He's back!

    James – Just Ok, a bit shrill in spots.

    Casey – I know he's a risk taker, but that was suicidal.

    Haley – Nice job. Struggled a bit, but overall good.

    My bottom 3 = Jacob, Lauren and Casey

      • I didn't like Jacob at all as usual tonight, and I think he will go home tomorrow.

        I think the bottom 3 will be



        James or Haley, or Lauren

        Lauren is not as good as she first was.

        I thought she will make it to the final with Scotty…but I may be wrong. It may be Haley or James with Scotty in the finals!

      • scottyfan you are an idiot. You just predicted everyone but scotty to be in the bottom 3 BRILLIANT

    • there was no mercy killing and james got stuck with him 🙁 i want you to know i still keep laughing about your mercy killing post.

      • I felt that Scotty took a real wrong turn last week. He detoured off the route and fortunately the detour ended up back on the right path last night.

  46. I originally thought that James, Jacob, and Mia would be the finalists. I was wrong! Tonight I realized that the the judges-and maybe the voters-are very persuaded by seduction tactics like acting innocent,winking, and simply playing "the game." Anyhow, that sure puts Jacob out (like Mia before), and that puts James, Scotty, the girls, and maybe Casey as next weeks group.

    Question: who has the biggest organized fan club?

  47. James and Haley ruled tonight! The others were barely lukewarm. James will win, he truly is an idol, with overcoming his handicap and being a wonderful singer. He's not my fave, Haley is, but I predict he'll win. I hope Jacob goes home or Scotty. Scotty isn't really all that good; just has a nice, deep voice but can't do a lot with it. Lauren is fabulous but picking the wrong songs. Casey spreads himself too thin; needs to concentrate on excelling a one style. Haley is completely comfortable up there looking like she's already a seasoned performer. Haley and James were absolutely the best.

    • You have got to be deaf or kidding! Scotty has the best true country voice that has hit the idol stage since Carrie Underwood. If you listen to Scotty sing any Josh Turner, you would think it wasJosh himself! I am really tired of the judges trying to persuade every one to vote for James another screaming heavy metal wanna be. There have been enough of those. I can't wait until I don't have to watch or hear Casey anymore.

  48. Lauren ROCKS! She is the best singer on this show for sure! she will win and be the next AMERICAN IDOL!!<3 u Lauren!!!!!

      • lauren sucks…just plain sucks. She has no style & sounds like any other country singer out there…the only 3 with their own style are James, Casey & Haley

      • Lol I agree Scotty is way better then Lauren IMHO I think Lauren was the worst 3 weeks in a row it's time to go packin

    • Somewhere along the way Lauren lost her confidence, and it took the magic with it when it left. She now appears to be a lost and scared little girl. For that reason, I hope she goes home before she's damaged any further. Rightfully, Jacob or Casey should go first, but for her sake I hope she goes home tonight.

  49. Lauren ROCKS! she got my vote I would love to see her or Scotty win. I think they will be top Two.

  50. Branden, for the first time this season, you and I agreed to the letter on the grading with one exception: I gave Casey the D he deserves. I liked him at the beginning, but now I want hi gone ALMOST as much as I want Jacob Lusk gone. SO well done this week my friend. Also, in case you didn't know, I am one of the MODs for the chat room on this site. If you speak to Matt, please let him know that there was a lot of lag issues tonight. Peace my brother

  51. i said no matter how good anyone did i would vote for james for 2 hours and nobody else. james, scotty and lauren have always been my favorites. after tonight i can say that james is still my favorite and will be to the end. but once again haley blew me away. i was a total haley hater and these past 5 weeks have really changed my mind.

    i tried to vote just for james but i couldn’t do it. i ended up voting

    james 75 times

    haley 15 times

    scotty 10

    lauren 5

    i had to vote for haley cause she really earned it.

    i am starting to think she is the only one who can even come close to james.

    who i want to go home in order




    scotty or haley

    james for the win.

    i think they all did really well tonight. i did laugh really hard when i heard poor james was stuck with jacob but they pulled it off, it was cute. glad james got to sneak at least one scream in there. i was scared i would hear no james screams tonight.

    i wonder who they have to perform next week.

    listening to my radio on the way home from work tonight ‘guns and roses’ came on and i think james would do awesome with a Guns and roses song.

    haley would do great with atlantis morrisete

    i would love to hear lauren do shinia twaine or dolly parton

    scotty would do great with ‘seminole wind’ or ‘he stopped loving her today’

    dont want to hear casey or jacob do anything.

    • Die hard G&R fans may disagree, but James reminds me of a young Axl Rose. The boy can sing, and yes, scream! That's what good metal is all about. Gotta be able to scream in tune and on pitch for sure. But you have to be able to touch the heart too. James can do both.

      I'd love to hear James take on Sweet Child 'O Mine, or November Rain.

      • Sweet Child O' Mine I would really enjoy by James but I think he would tear the roof off with Here I Go Again by Whitesnake. But you know he will have to break out the really big guns and I think he could do it with Ozzy's Let Me Hear You Scream.

      • I do not think it is any worse than how Adam Lambert was praised by Simon. Honestly it should make the others work harder for their spot. If it was someone else you know that James would be busting his ass. He has had all of the same opportunities as the rest on the show and made it to the top of the polls.

      • As long as we're throwing Whitesnake into the mix, how about Cryin' in the Rain? I could totally hear him hit that last line.

        James would kill Let me Hear You Scream.

    • Aww…. second chance…i thought you weren't a casey hater…. so disappointing…

  52. Scotty sang YGAF originallywith a slight lcountry flair. And he did an outstanding job! Why when James started out differently , then quickly went back to guitar and rock ( along withthe screeching and pitchiness), he was not dinged by the judges for even the one note theypicked on Scotty for????? And , was deemed as the winner even though there were two more singers to perform? I wrote a scathing review of this episode under the Top 6 performance thread. I'll repost herelater. But for everyone of you thst r just repeating what the judges r saying about James- and not listening to his voice w/ out looking at his performance- you would know that his first album will b heavily auto-tuned. Scotty is a 17year old prodigy and needs to b fostered. James is being pimped with marching drummers – and WORSE- being allowed to comment that"Scotty did 100%better than at rehearsals". . What the heck???? But I got it. The judges make the remarks up after they watch the rehearsals, expecting no one to be appreciably better at live show time. I'm even betting scotty's parents may have advised Scotty to play possum , so it would've be apparent to the public that the judges remarks didn't match the live performance. Even WORSE, James then has to sing immediately after that strong performance, hence the back-handed complent James gave Scotty. The producers/judges must have had had to think that exchange between Ryan and Scotty up quickly. And what was that reiteration by Ryan of James being the winner after Randy's proclamation? I guess the show is over and nip emerge to tune intimorrow. I hope the backlash is starting against James and the judges.
    And when did this happen before????? I KNOW! I KNOW!!! Randy et all proclaimed Rueben Studdard the winner of ai2 ( "that's the money shot!" Paula), until the last night, last song, where Slimon professed Clay Aiken may win. then the phone fiasco of 2002 occurred. Reuben won- as all three judges had pimped Reuben for many weeks, and never never ever asked Ruben to change his style. Many of the moments meant to wow us this season are just rehashed water cooler moments from 2003 (AI2) or 2006 (Pia's moment of DLTSGDOM) coming Thru the doors was EXACTLY like Clay Aiken in 2006.
    I watched this year, thinking withnew judges, the samegames would not be played. But I have since learned Nigel returned as producer. That one person alone explains why we r seeing obvious bias- why the fats of one singer- or the staying in the lane – is ignored for one contestant- and not another. Sad. I'm invested to see what similarities will play out the rest of this season – but i won't bother next year. Constantine singing 'Unchained Melody' – badly – seriously. Nigel- if u want to have a water cooler moment like you've had before- have the real deal on- BOTW, Solitare, etc. U haven't found a single person Who gave u the moments CONSISTANTLY that Clay Aiken gave you.
    My vote to win? Scotty, Casey. I thought James would be a shoe in until the judges pi
    Pimping didn't match the perfoance given. Listen to the show again. Except for the first part without guitar or other instruments, James went pitchy and screeched- yet again. Nothing from the judges. And James stayed in his own lane- rock – only a slight mention by Randy until he turned around and proclaimed James the winner.

    • First off they all did better than they have done in a very long time. James was so wonderful, Jacob actually had my attention tonight. Casey I think is just great and I don't really care if there are nay sayers about him. I am a naysayer about Haley for some reason her voice just rubs me the wrong way.(Although she did do ok tonight) Lauren and Scotty both did very well too.

      As for being eliminated that is going to be a tough call as they all did good. I think there may be some surprises tomorrow.

      • but is it more fun to tell him, or just let him waste his time until he posts 3 weeks later, "why ain't no one responding?", and THEN tell him! ha,ha

    • Acorn, Were you watching the same judges I was, they gave Scotty all kinds of props (and rightfully so, tonight was his best performance so far), gave him a touch of constructive advice on the high notes falling off (Randy was correct about it, and Scotty is taalented enough to clear that up) 1 tiny constructive criticism and you are pretending like they ripped him apart… seriously, Jacob isn't nearly half the drama queen that you are acting like right now. LOL

    • all contestants did better than the judges. AI shall pick new judges the next season.

    • This is really strange. I have been tested and have what they call "near perfect pitch" (perfect pitch means you can say sing a c note and with out hearing any other notes they can reproduce it, near perfect means they can hear 1 note and flawlessly reproduce or hit any other not from that one).

      I listen to most of the performances multiple times and I have never heard this "pitchiness" that some of the James haters talk about. He hasn't been perfect, but he has been on picth the vast majority of the time even when hitting some amazingly high notes.

    • First off they all did better than they have done in a very long time. James was so wonderful, Jacob actually had my attention tonight. Casey I think is just great and I don’t really care if there are nay sayers about him. I am a naysayer about Haley for some reason her voice just rubs me the wrong way.(Although she did do ok tonight) Lauren and Scotty both did very well too.
      As for being eliminated that is going to be a tough call as they all did good. I think there may be some surprises tomorrow.

  53. I really would like to see Lauren and James neck and neck.The final two although could be up in the air,with the exception of James.Casey,Haley,and Jacob are in my opinion not Top two material.My favorite is Lauren.Her ponsonality is adorable.James is pretty cool himself.

  54. James is the best there!I love Scotty but Im a Jmaes fan!And sorry for kc fans but i just think he's creepy!oh and if it wasn't for him, Pia would still be in hte competition if hte judges didn't waste their save on him and would use it on pia!

    But anyway, I wanna see Jacob, Haley and Casey all go in one night!Just skip to the top three with scotty, lauren and JAMES because they are good!ALL HAIL KING JAMES!LOL

  55. Branden, you nailed this one, in my opinion. I may have liked Haley a tad more than you, but those legs…I may not be totally objective.

    It is my sincerest wish that Jacob finally go wherever he should have gone weeks ago. If Haley goes and Jacob stays, I may suffer an emotional aneurysm. I state without equivocation, reservation, or hesitation that he is completely out of his league and my only explanation for the fawning he gets from the judges is happy bong time prior to the show, or Lusk has some fat cash reserves and he's showering blessings on someone. I'm hoping for some dadgum mercy drops for the rest of us!

  56. My vote to win? Scotty, Casey. I thought James would be a shoe in until the judges pimping didn't match the performance given. Listen to the show again. Except for the first part without guitar or other instruments, James went pitchy and screeched- yet again. Nothing from the judges. And James stayed in his own lane- rock – only a slight mention by Randy about that until he turned around and proclaimed James the winner. DISGUSTED!(redone post)

  57. I liked tonight better than I thought I would. I think they should have more freedom with song choices, so they can find songs that really compliment their voice to the fullest. Limitations aren't always a good thing.

    It's really great that Lauren stepped up trying to sing higher notes…however, she couldn't do it. Her voice broke when she attempted it. Still, kudos for challenging yourself!

    Why is Haley never safe? She can sing any note, from the lowest to the highest. It seems like she has to do better than everyone else, just to barely scratch by. How frustrating. If she's in the bottom 3 tomorrow night, I'm just going to give up. I'm sick of trying to no avail. Obviously my tastes aren't the same as the general population in American. Then again, it never really has been. I do not consider this a bad thing. I'll just cross my fingers and hope for the best.

    • This may sound strange but IMO the thing that Haley is not getting is sympathy. Hear me out. James has his Tourettes and Asbergers. Casey has his ulcerative colitis. Lauren is the lost child who needs protection. Jacob is the minority contestant. Scotty is the Dirk Squarejaw, boy scout, "Isn't he a fine lad" hero. Haley is just Haley. No background story to go with her obvious talent.

  58. I love:::

    # 1 Casey

    # 2 lauren

    # 3 james

    # 4 jacob

    # 5 scotty

    # 6 haley

    and the biggest winner is Casey!!!

      • Mary..please go play with your little lambs…little lambs…lal ala

        Then we can like go to the ol mc donald farm and talk to the birds…

      • Why do you get off with saying stuff like that? It's childish & uncalled for. Geez, can't people have their opinions on here without the trolls yapping? Yes, you're acting like a troll, I don't care how much you post here.

      • I agree..that was completely uncalled for… So she doesn't like or get Casey…So what? Try to act more mature if you aren't. For all you know, Mary might be a little kid…

  59. Casey Abrams, “Hi-De-Ho.” First I’ll say I’m so annoyed with Casey’s “mmms.”

    I recognize that he is a musical genius, but I don’t want to hear him sing any more.

    Hey Braden, Thank You!….those above sentences are exactly what I want to say about Casey! lol!

  60. well.. it was really an outstanding night for all of the contestants for they did not only proved that they were great singers but they proved with their singing they could touch everyone's hearts… my best performance for the night would be james and haley its hard to decide whose first for both were amazing… i don't agree with randy for everytime haley get in touch with her soft side he would always say its boring.. its not boring its just a soft and soothing vocal!!… james had his run for the money he truly showed that control which he had an issue with the judges before… next would be for jacob and scotty… both have good vocals.. even though scotty has a little of an akward silence but with that he reaches to everyone with that song… jacob though with a little bit of sharps and gaps.. but it was a hard song to sing.. still he did an amazing job.. next is lauren.. she has her own style and i felt that she was trying break out of her shell but did not get there.. she has the voice but does not have confidence.. last for me this week would be of casey.. he had a good start with that bluesy sound.. but for me that growling thing was way too over the top… if he had moderated his use of the growl.. the performance would be much better… he should have mixed his growled with other notes… the song for me should be of less growls… my bottom three.. jacob, lauren, and casey… with casey going home… 😀

  61. beware Lauren..

    Last year, there were two girls remaining.. siobhan and crystal bowersox. Siobhan was given great feedbacks(including simon)FYI, bowersox had a bad feedback (like haley).. and guess what, siobhan, who was never been in the bottom three (like lauren), was eliminated from the competition… i'm not saying that this prediction will come true, but hey, history repeats itself…

    • Are you saying that if Haley stays and Lauren leaves it will not be well deserved? If so, why? What has Lauren done the last 3 or 4 weeks to keep her out of the bottom 3? Logic says the only reason why she hasn't been in the bottom 3 is because of her country fan base. As the competition goes on they are going to have to choose one or the other and they are going to choose Scotty over Lauren. This isn't Haley vs Lauren this is Country Cannibalism. Lauren never had a chance.

      • hahaha.. very funny… lauren will be in the danger,.. c'mon… the reason why she had never been in the bottom is because Pia's votes goes to her, but then, after this week, she might end up eliminated.

      • i think the voting this week is going to be highly skewed. The tornados that swept the south last night are bound to have changed the tallies. And those poor people need our good thoughts now. This [Idol] is just a Tv show after all.

  62. Here's how I rank but the contestants based on their performance this week.

    1. James

    2. Scotty

    3. Lauren

    4. Haley

    5. Casey

    6. Jacob

  63. Here's how I rank the contestants based on their performance this week.

    1. James

    2. Scotty

    3. Lauren

    4. Haley

    5. Casey

    6. Jacob

  64. please vote for Haley she has a great voice and there are people worse than her who deserve to go honestly , such a waist if you are right

  65. I loved the show tonight.. they all managed to shine. I am ready for Jacob to go and for James to claim the title. I cannot wait to buy my tickets for the tour , and this year they will be performing in my own back yard. No road trip this year:)Great recap as always.

  66. IMO……Jacob: he did ok but really nothing new so I think he will be in the bottom 3.

    Lauren: I think she sang ok but really nothing special-the same as Jacob. I don't like her "prissy, I am a dumb blonde" attitude that she often shows.

    Scotty: I don't like him but I think he did good tonight.

    James: as always, I loved his performance. To me he shows the most versatilty ( I know a lot of you will disagree) and he can sing anything..just rock is his choice!

    Casey: arghhhh! Not really sure what else to say abt him lol

    Haley: I do like her but I thought it was a bad song choice and I heard more of the band and back up singers than her. It almost seemed to me like she got tired or something???

    My bottom 3 pics are Jacob, Casey and Haley……with Jacob going home.

  67. I'd be sad to see Haley go but the judge seems intent not to let her win, always got the worst critique every week even though there are worse performers. In any case it might not be bad if she goes home this week, then she can start preparing for her album which I'm so gonna buy…

  68. Here's my thoughts.

    Jacob – He was ok but nothing great. B-

    Lauren- She was solid. B+

    Scotty- I thought he did better that he has in awhile. A

    James- Absolutely phenomenal performance that intro was outstanding. A+

    Casey- Sure it was a little growly and angry, but he was singing a blues song. Since when has the blues not been angry or growly. Loved how he moved to each instrument and worked the stage. B+

    Haley- A letdown after the last couple of weeks. When the song slowed down she missed several notes. B-

    Bottom 3: Jacob, Haley, Casey

    Going Home: Jacob

    Scotty, James and Lauren are the front runners and none of them made a mistake. This leaves Jacob, Haley and Casey to duke it out. I personally voted for James, Scotty, Lauren and Casey so if Haley or Jacob go home I wouldn't be terribly disappointed but I'd be more disappointed if Haley went home before Jacob.

  69. Ok its so clear to see and hear every week from these contestants as we do. BUT SOME OF THEM JUST DONT GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SONG CHOICE PEOPLE.

    Its always so much more memorable if they do a song that you know and can sing along too, it remains with you as does their performance.

    Here's my take:-


    Yeah good but I would NOT buy his record.


    Gutsy week on week his performances are always 100+%.


    Bores the friggin bejesus out of me. Country is not versatile he is limiting himself completely yet his voice can not adapt to anything else. He trys to be hip with his hands moving and swaying but it aint working and he's got to learn how to hold the friggin mic…..


    Is a contender and definitely has one of the strongest vocals. She needs to start feeling a little more sexier on stage and we will get those performances from her. Straighten your hair Hailey and let it rip.


    Great voice – but a dumb piece of work. You could stand interviewing that day in and out. Lovely voice, appearance and all – BUT NOT THE COMPLETE package.


    Just send the boring bastard home and let the real competition begin……


    • Even Sexier? Dude, if Haley gets any sexier on stage we will have to start voting with one hand here. 😉

      • And if she gets more won't even need a hand…. (i wish i knew how to put the winking smiley but i…..)

      • Lack of control can also be considered as efficient expertise of know like the probability of getting every card wrong is the same as the probability of getting every card right…

        Also i kinda used the word 'you'.

        So…….. 🙂

        And David… Me and Templar will do anything we want till Pup comes here and scold us…


      • I like living life dangerously….

        (Damn!!!That idiot Constantine Maroulis made this line so fake and cheesy when he said it on A.I to describe the reason why he came to Idol..Damn!!! A perfectly good line wasted)

    • @ Rocksteddi to be fair, tonight scotty used one hand to hold the mic and it was straight the most time

      • I noticed that. It seems like he is conciously trying to fix that… I have got to give Scotty so many props for trying to fix the little things, and yeah, he didn't go way out of his comfort zone, but he pushed that envelope harder than he has so far and it really showed… I still say tonight was his best performance of the season.

  70. I believe in Scotty to make it to the top!

    Haley and James have improved themselves and may make it to the end.

    And I just have said for so many weeks, like so many others that Jacob needs to go next.

    And Lauren doesn't seem to be as good as she first was. She is using her sex appeal, she puts on a show thinking she has already won. I think she is setting herself up for a big downfall, soon.

    • I agree Scottyfan…….she really comes off (at least to me)as a dumb blonde. Why did she pull that kid up on the stage anyway? That move turned me off even more.

      • Remember the time the judges were asking the one girlif she wanted to do broadway when she came off the stage and behind them?

  71. I think Brander is exaggerated! Your comparing James with David Cook's Always be my baby? That's awful, david was way better than him.. He will not even win.. His voice was annoying.. Definitely gone!

  72. I don't understand why everyone is so down on Lauren just because she might not have had such a good night , as a whole she's been great through out this entire competition I just wish she would put it all out there , but you need the right choice of songs to choose from to do that . I've still got her in top 3 along with Scotty and James I think and hope she puts it all on the table next week and shows us what she's really got.

    • It's obvious to many of us that Lauren has become a nervous wreck. She is not holding up well under all of the pressure.

  73. These are the bottom 3 tomorrow nite – & I haven't been wrong with AI this go round:

    Jacob – just needs to go – or get tongue reduction surgery!

    Haley – should have been gone long ago!! She is a Bi_ _ _. Did ya see her smurking and smiling when Pia got kicked off? Go back & look – she did. She also is always in bottom 3.

    Casey is done – outa here!!! He & Haley can carry on their hanky panky somewhere else! He is boring!!!

    Final Two: James and Lauren – mark my words!!! Knew this weeks ago.

  74. Please if there is a God he needs to make sure Jacob goes tomorrow!!! I Can't stand another week of his voice!!!!! I wish Casey would sing in his regular voice and stop all the weirdness he does when he is singing!!

    I think the bottom three tomorrow should be:

    1. Jacob

    2. Casey

    3. Lauren

    I use to love Lauren, but I think she is not improving as the weeks go by as much as the others.

    Haley was great and gets better by the week.

    Scotty is well a great country singer.

    James is the best of the best.

    Anyone that can sing without instruments so beautifully should be the winner.

    • It's good to see the progression of all the singers throughout the competition. Not only are they getting professional coaching, but they're getting more experienced and comfortable performing before large audiences. Although most have progressed in the right direction, Casey seems to have digressed. He may be very unique and creative, but he's NOT A.I. caliber. I can see him performing in a small theater or night club…

      Of the remaining contestants, I think Haley, Scotty, and James have improved the most. I agree with the judges that James has been the most consistent performer. The finals will probably have James vs. Scotty. Scotty has that all-American, lovable voice. Not only does James sing beautifully without instruments, but he's a great performer. Looking forward to the rest of the shows and the finals….

  75. Here's my two cents:

    Jacob: Wrong song choice? Or just Jacob again?

    Lauren: She sings circles around Scotty – she

    buried him in the duet and showed how perfectly she sings while Scotty is pitchy as hell. But she is putting people off somehow – maybe her immaturity? Lack of confidence? I am not a country fan but I'd buy her album over Scotty's any day.

    Scotty: Not a fan, but wow he DID do a very good job – in fact I think this was his best performance. 2nd only to James on Carole King night. He's got a big fan base and did a great job.

    James: Wow. Screeching? Not on your life. This guy can SING. Best performance of the night – and no frills. Just a guy and his guitar. Scotty blew me away, but James blew me away even more. I REALLY doubted James could top Scotty's effort, but wow – I think he did it.

    Casey: I like Casey and think he is talented. The piano bit was cool, but I agree with the people who are also tired of the growling and grunting. He's a cool kid and he's down to earth and likeable but I'm split on his style. Would I buy his album? Big maybe.

    Haley: I thought she was either tied with Scotty or even slightly better. I am a Haley fan, and she was MUCH better than Casey tonight.

    So the question is: Who will be in the bottom three? Bottom four are Haley, Lauren, Casey and Jacob. Jacob for sure. But which TWO of the other THREE would be down there?

    That is a very tough call.

    • Dude listen to the itunes version of Casey…maybe you will be able to get a better idea of what he might sound like studio wise…my personal recommendations.. Harder to breathe, with a little help from my friends and have you ever seen the rain…really anything except nirvana and this weeks…

      • But how would that make a difference career wise? Yes, they can cover up mistakes in the studio, but artists today make most of their $$ touring. Casey would have to lip sync to studio tracks in concert. Cds aren't going to do it.

  76. I thought the choice of Carole King songs was a bit odd, since I figured only oldtimers would enjoy her mellow style. The contestants managed fairly well with what must have been, to them, completely unknown songs. Here are my ratings:

    James — I had not been a fan of his, since he seemed to be severely stuck in the gospel rut and appeared unwilling to get out of it. This week, he was much more melodic, had a less screechy quality to his voice most of the time, and his one high note came at an appropriate and dramatic spot. With his more theatrical movement around the stage, he finally reached where he should have been weeks ago. A solid performance. B+

    Lauren — Yes, she's sweet and she's got a great voice, but she doesn't know what to do with herself on stage. There was no need to pull the young man out of the audience during her number — she didn't even bother to sing to him very much once she got him on the steps. She's predictably uncertain every week. C+

    Scotty — I'm a sucker for such natural, smooth talent. It's clear to me that he lost confidence after last week's criticism from the judges, and it's also clear that he has a harder time than Haley when it comes to rising above said criticism. No matter, Scotty connected with me and brought tears to my eyes. I would buy his music. I hope he starts ignoring Jimmy, the judges and goes back to his strong Scotty style. He's as easy to listen to as Brooks & Dunn. A+

    James — Up until two weeks ago, I considered James to be an Adam Lambert wannabe, copying Adam's style and approach in all things, but without Adam's wonderful voice and range. Last week, James's talents in theatrical production and all-out energy came together for me — though I did have to laugh about the drummers following him onto the stage, since it put me in mind of the old "Tusk" video by Fleetwood Mac and the UCLA marching band (~1979)… The a capella start to this week's song was amazing, and proved to me that James could really sing as well as bring crazy theatrical stunts to the stage. Super, super performance. A++++

    Casey — I'm with Branden. I have three words about Casey's performance: Yuck. Boring. Contrived. (But then again, when I saw Billy Joel perform in 1971 at my college campus, I thought he was just another bad piano player from a sleazy bar, bringing absolutely nothing new to music.) I enjoy jazz, scat, etc., but Casey is just too harsh and tries too hard. He's only good when he sings with Haley. F, as usual.

    Haley — Wow, if she had only done the whole song her way, jazzy and bluesy, as she did at the end. I don't get why America doesn't get Haley. B.

    I agree with previous reviewers about the duets: Casey and Haley were excellent; Lauren and Scotty fell flat; and James and Jacob were fun — they knew they were a mismatch and made the best of it.

    Bottom triad: Casey, Jacob, Haley

    Who I most want to see voted off: Casey

    Who will probably go: Haley

    • Hey Wake up! since when James "seemed to be severely stuck in the gospel rut and appeared unwilling to get out of it."?? Lol!

      • Hope you didn't voted for the wrong person….if you got the "energy" to vote…lol!

  77. I haven't seen one single post anywhere in which anyone mentioned that Haley seems to have had a cold tonight. But when she was in her practice session with Jimmy et. al. and then when Ryan was talking with her both before and after she performed, she seemed very hoarse.

    I can remember many, many shows in which judges apologized for contestants who were sick or who had colds. But Haley got no such mentions from anyone, and — best of all — she didn't mention it herself.

    She strikes me as a no-nonsense, no-excuses kind of performer, and that's yet another reason why I like her all the more. She did a great job with her song tonight — not the best of the night, but close to the best, including a couple of killer runs with wide note ranges — and NOBODY mentioned that she might not be performing at 100 percent.

    These judges, especially Randy, have been especially hard on her, I think, despite her great power, range, and VERSATILITY to sing many types of songs.

    I hope voters will think for themselves and vote for an incredible talent who can sing country, jazz, blues, rock — and now FOLK, with her Carole King interpretation — with equal ease.

    Haley is really ready for the stage, IMO. She could leave this competition at any time, I realize, because she doesn't seem to have a real "identifiable" bloc of voters, but the show's loss will be a big gain for some recording studio. We are going to hear from her down the road, for sure.

      • not2old4ridol I didnt mean that comment bad abt the cold but maybe her voice was just strained from a lot of practice or something?

      • Haley gets no love on this show. The other 5 pretty much got good reviews across the board. Randy of course digs into Haley. I thought she was 3rd best yesterday behind James & Lauren. I have her in 2nd overall though. She's done better than Lauren more often than not.

        When people have to actually BUY the records instead of voting for someone 800 times, I think the two who will have the biggest careers are James & then Haley.

      • Randy and JLO dont seem to like Haley at all. Haley sure has a better figure than JLO. Maybe JLO is jealous

      • @ Maia hehe, of course Haley has much better legs than JLO. She will be in FINALE. and this season, the contestants appear much better than the judges. vote out Randy and JLO (they are in the bottom 3).

      • My wife and I only voted for Haley last night. Thought she was second best (James was incredible, really showing his musicality and range).

        Really don't know what it is Randy and J.Lo have against her. Maybe it is that her legs are better than Jen's. (BTW – what was up with J.Lo eyebrows? My wife saw her and the first thing she said was OMG Tweezer's! I about wet myself!)

        Of the one's left Haley's is the album i would buy.

        The duet with Jacob and James showed how far from James Jacob is. He was off pitch and not nearly the performer, and i think James dialed it back) Jacob should go home. Or Casey. I think the bottom three should be Casey jacob and Scotty. It would do scotty good to have some humility forced upon him.

    • that proves that haley is not just a great singer, she's a PROFESSIONAL performer… and that's it, she deserve to be an idol…

    • i really turned into a haley fan ever since she did Benny and the Jets and she was pretty good the last few weeks but the judges r still trying to send her lik wtf

      • I thought the same Oldster, so only gave her a Bplus, still good enough for 2nd place, since Casey performed well but his jazz gimmicks means he don't have to sing as well, but he could have been second or third. James best tonight of course.

  78. Well, a few weeks ago I stated that song choice, clear direction, and a professional performance was going to become more and more critical the closer we get to crunch time, however, I was not impressed with Jacob at all. From his effeminate outfit, to his out of tune attempt at snatching stardom. I am really mad at him right now because he, of all people had this thing from the beginning, yet has allowed it to slip through his hands, what a waste. Enough said.

    Lauren was a little better, but soon forgotten, and thats the point. It this point, with that voice, she *should* stand out, (like Clarkson or Underwood) but she doesn't. Neither in maturity and/or delivery, and thats sad. Maybe in a few more years.

    Scotty did better. His slower delivery of lines and ability to control his upper register has shown marked improvement, however Randy was right in his assessment of Scotty's early cut offs on those individual high notes. He needs to work on that, but over all, not bad.

    Then there was James. Really beautiful at the beginning, He really should have sang the whole thing that way, it would have been pure gold. But he added his *Rock thing* to it and *wow* factor, and the pitch problems followed. Ive said it before, James can ROCK and impress us by making our ears bleed, no question, but a real superstar wins our hearts by connecting us to the song and being vulnerable. He started out that way but lost me half way through. Very good tonight, but need to work on that.

    Casey certainly carves out a niche for himself doesn't he? I think he was as good as Scotty. Different styles of course, but about the same *star power* and stage presence. I get the whole Jazz/ Blues thing but don't think it is what America as a whole is wanting. He did do good in his duet with Haley though.

    Haley, Oh man, a really poor song choice in my opinion, though she has personal style, stage presence and sang it well, she left me a little disappointed. Especially after watching her sing "Blue", "Benny", Janis Joplin, and more recently Adelle last week. The girl has a voice and versatility, and has won a lot of Pia and Stefano fans, but if she is going to actually win this thing, she MUST pick out better songs.

    Still "Hooked on Haley" though.

    I'm just say'n

    • Great summary with which I agree apart from Casey who is a great musician and would probably wow audiences at any of the top Jazz clubs in the land but American Idol material he is not.

      That being said, it will likely come down to Jacob or Haley – just based on previous weeks "voting" and, as I like Haley a lot, I hope that if it comes down to those two that Jacob goes.

      From an American Idol perspective and star quality that will sell in a broad market, it should be Casey but I am sure the VFTW folks will ensure he survives at least one more week.

      • I couldn't agree more, Casey isn't Idol material. If he makes it through this week, the votes of the person going home tonight are most likely not going to Casey. I think Jacob will go home. Who knows who Jacob's fan base would back in his absence.

    • Well thought out critique. My only disagreement was regarding James and your thoughts on him doing a cappella for the whole song. I don't see that as being doable for that particular song. I also didn't catch any pitch issues during this song. My opinion and maybe I am wrong but I don't think so.

      • I completely agree with you Ch-gal re James' performance – I think adding a bit of his style (rock) towards the end just make his performance one of the best – he was so humble and true to himself last night – I think it was one of his best moment…..he is an idol and he should win!

    • Good review. Right on. James just has to add that scream on evert thing, even some of ths rockers are complaining, other then that good job

  79. This writer Brandon is utterly ridiculous! Seriously? Haley's going home? Really?! You gotta be frickin' kidding me! Ain't no way she's going home this week. Scotty is 100% safe?! That is utter stupidity–case in point–Pia going home in Week 9! It's ANYone's shot & it really depends on who votes (often repeatedly) for their Fave. Now I'm off to vote for my faves– but I really don't want any of them to go–I love it that this year we finally have a variety of singers & genres.

    • Well, if "this writer Brandan" was so utterly ridiculous then I am wondering why you are on this site reading his reviews and giving frequent feedbacks. Brandan's opinions are just that… "opinions" and I rather think he and the rest of us are entitled to express them. He thinks Haley may leave and I think Jacob may leave so get over the usage of "stupidity" regarding ones opinions.

      • Once again I agree with you Ch-gal, everyone has their opinion and it does not mean that we think the others are not good or else – it is just a matter of respecting the opinion of others – I think in all, Brandon was fair with his comments….

  80. I hope Scotty or Lauren goes home !!! I would cry if James, Casey, or Haley went home !!! :'(

    • Scotty is the the best singer by far on that stage. You just don't like country music. I'm not bias, I happen too like all types of music and I know a gifted singer when I hear one. I was flipping the t.v. channels a few weeks back and stopped switching when I heard him sing. I'm suprised Nasville hasn't put out the Welcome Mat for him yet. He is the one who'll make the most money singing.

    • Then you should prepare the tissues, Haley or Casey are going home. Better be Casey. Also, Loula, I would suggest to listen again to Scotty's last night performance. My husband who is a professional said that Scotty does not yet realize what he could do with his voice. He has the votes of all four of us adults in the house. Haley has my teens votes.

  81. I'm from South Africa and followed American Idol as from the beginning. You have got the contestants with the most potential and talent I have ever seen. I just love Scotty, he makes singing look so easy – just like Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison. A great singer! I do like Haley and Lauren as well. James is real rocker. The others PLEASE GO HOME!

    • This is one of the most talented finals in a while. I think the last three standing will be Scotty, James and Lauren. Then it's a toss up and it will have less to do with who is the best singer as who has the greatest fan base.

      • Unfortunately, with Idol, it's often less about who's the best singer and who has created the best fan base — look at Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks, to name two.

        Music buyers and concertgoers end up having the final say about true marketability, and that's when you see more clearly who the true musicians are.

        American Idol is just the fun vehicle for us viewers that got them there, so we have to relax and enjoy that about the show — and not freak out over some of the quirky results.

    • Sorry but James is staying til the finale which he will win!! Dont worry if Scotty doesn't win he'll have a lot of fame he's good at country

  82. I couldn't catch what Randy was trying to say about Haley's performance. The "Most Perfect Person on the Planet" was so busy interrupting and out-talking him, that I only heard a few words. Anyone know???

    • He was saying that he didn't like the beginning all that much, but was won over by the end of it. Pretty much he just thought she started slow and finished strong.

      Honestly, I don't know what he has against her, but randy seems to have some kind of thing about Haley because he does seem to be more critical of her than pretty much everybody else usually.

      • Randy has always criticized Haley. Haley is a good singer and has good stage presence. I think Randy doesn't like her because she is a strong woman.

      • Thanks for making that comment, I've been wondering what Randy's problem with Haley is for a few weeks and started wondering if was imagining it. In a year when these judges don't seem to want to critique anyone, Randy does seem to have been throwing a lot of (mostly unjustified) criticism Haley's way. Glad someone else is noticing.

      • The criticism of Haley by Randy is horribly uneven and unfair. He doesn't even try to look like he's fair. He's got another favorite, and he's going to judge in such a way to try to get them to win. He's trying to manipulate the voting in some way.

      • I think that Randy has chosen the idol and he cannot let it go. He does everything in his power to prove himself as a judge. After all is his pride as a judge for a contestant that is easy to sell. He has chosen James and last night he make it clear. When did Randy give music lessons to contestants. Last night he did with Scotty. This was only to take Scotty off the top of the poll. At the beginnig I thought he was afraid to say to an autism boy something wrong, because you never know how he is going to take it on the national television. Now, I think different. He wants to make sure that what happened with Adam L, does not happens again. However, people do not like rock as much as they like country music, and someone who "rocks" country music.

      • The softer part of Haley's performance didn't mesh well with the opening or the ending. I think it was meant to show diversity, but it just seemed awkward. I did like the last part of her performance, though.

    • I think the biggest issue with the beginning of Haley's song was the fact that the band and background singers were a couple notches to loud. Haley sang the whole song well. I noticed a few other contestants had a similar issue with the background music last night.

      • My husband and I have been saying that from the beginning of the show…the background music and singers are always too loud!

  83. They maybe the best talented group in the beginning…but certainly not the best of top 6 group of all seasons! I think Seasons 7 & 8 have the best top 5s!

    • You forgot the year taylor hicks won! that was one talented bunch too, well maybe except for the winner, didn't like him much

  84. Casey is by far the worst. He may be musically inclined, but he is no singer. He seems so unprofessional on stage – hunches, grunts, gnarls his teeth – he is just not a singer. Hope he goes home tonight.

    James is a good singer and is not "just hard rock" as some have said. I really enjoyed his song tonight. He is safe.

    Haley is also good. Don't know why she is in the bottom three so much. She has class, is always dressed well, has good stage presence and she can sing.

    Jacob is a good singer, and right now, he has lost some of his confidence because of the trouble with the ear piece last week. He was in the bottom two last week, and he was really upset. He might go home, but I think he wouldn't care. I felt sorry for him when his ear piece messed up. It was not his fault, but he got called on it.

    Scotty has absolutely the best stage presence of any of the contestants, and he never gets upset or bothered. He is a good contestant, cute, clean cut, always looks good in his clothes and is a good singer. He could get a country/western contract tomorrow he is so good.

    Lauren sings well, she is cute, but I get the feeling she bosses everyone around. She almost seems a little over confident. She is really young and probably needs more time to develop her voice. I like her and hope she doesn't go home tonight – because I wish Casey would get thrown off tonight.

      •'d never understand, unless you'd recognize talent, which apparently you cant

      • Gautham, your love of Casey's style is well documented. But even you have to admit that jazz, no matter how well or presumably well it was performed, is not a ragingly popular style. It is like oysters or liver. They have a following, but they are not majority favorites. That is what you are hearing in these blogs…people who aren't fans of jazz and therefore have no cotton for Casey.

      • @Barbara

        First of all Hi… 🙂

        I do admit that proper Jazz has a very specific following and not fit for mainstream… but i was listening to the iTunes version of Casey's and Haley's duet this week and that track had both Jazz and rock influences…which i honestly loved.. I do believe that maybe with a little bit of tweeking here and there, you can create a genre that has Jazz influences and rock ones. Just my opinion though… And i have absolutely no problem with people not liking Casey buy to see ignorant things like he is not a musician or he is not a singer is just plain stupid… I get it…some don't understand it but one should never put down somebody based on an opinion grounded in ignorance… Opinions are fine but even opinions have to contain a certain amount of truth or logic to be taken seriously… Otherwise it is just some stupid thing someone wrote… I am sorry but i will not stand for it..And its not just Casey…The same goes for each contestant.. They are all talented in their own ways and they deserve to be judged with at least a little semblance of truth and respect. That is all i am saying… 🙂

      • Barbara, I have to disagree! Jazz is not like stinky liver or nasty oysters that a lot of people don't like because it's gross. Jazz is like fresh huckleberries; people just don't realize how good it really is, 🙂 Just sayin.

      • Thank you David… I did not know about the great quality of huckleberries…I always thought that huckleberry was a hound 🙂

        A good ol hound….

        P.S- i kinda feel like having grapes now…

      • I like jazz…just not a fan of Casey's. I wasn't saying jazz was like stinky liver, I was merely suggesting that music is subject to personal preference as are some foods. I truly dislike rap, using your analogy, it's just because I don't realize how great it is. That is silly. There are just those who will never like Jazz or never like Casey. Trust me, they aren't going to change their minds just because you want them to.

      • Umm…Were you writing to me or David?

        If you were, when did i ever say that you should like him?

    • Mauna, your assesment of Casey is as well stated as possible. People always say he is a talented mucsian. He might be. But, I have yet to see it on American Idol. All his hunching and grunting, along with his average at best signing have always had him placed in the bottom 3 each and every week, since they have been in the top 13.

    • i think it has been forgotten that scotty was one of the people who threw a kid out of the group performances during elimination…what's more he has the gall to give a fake apology on TV when confronted by Randy…what a frog and what a fake…take your baritone voice 9since you have no other talent) and go home!

      • it was not scotty who thow the kid off it was the one who was boss or he thinks he was so get off your high horse and get with the program and move on

      • @jamesandscottyarestupid

        I'm pretty sure you're not going to like the finale. It is very likely that your two favorites *note the sarcasm* will be the two in the finale. : )

      • Scotty had nothing to do in getting rid of Jaycee. It was the karroke singer with the big glasses Didnt you hear Scottys comments when he was picked as one of finalist? Big glasses almost fainted when he was dropped

      • @ jamesandscottyarestupid, from you name, it shows how limited your brain cell. change your name then come back to post reasonal reasonable comments.

    • I can usually see something in Casey's performance, but tonight definitely seemed more more like growling and teeth grinding than actual singing. He'll be safe though, if for no other reason than I think people are getting tired of Jacob.

    • Casey has great talent, that's why the judges saved him. He can sing and he is good on strings. He is at Jazz and there is Jazz stations as well as country, rock, etc. I think Casey is great. I expect he and Scotty will be the finals. They have the most talent.

      • The bigger problem for Casey is that Jazz is not as popular as country and rock today.

        If you want proof, go into any music store and you will see rows of country and rock music. Jazz, has maybe two slots at the end of the rows.

        Not saying Jazz isn't any good, just not as popular anymore.

  85. 5 people sang tonight (last night as it is now) and one growled and pranced around the stage relying on terrific musicians who did most of the work.

    I like Casey and think he will be a wow in a Jazz Club in Chicago or 6th Street in Austin, TX but he ain't American Idol material and, if this is really a singing contest then he should be on his way home tomorrow night.

    • Wrong! This is only a popularity Contest…& thus branded "Idol". The winner maynot be a good vocalist but certainly is a popular one (on that same year basis!). But I agreed Casey is neither of idol material nor a good vocalist!

    • It's irritating that you would waste your time to post a comment on this if you hate HIS PERSONAL OPINION… Pretty sure you made your way to this website.

  86. Did anyone notice that Scotty took off his "training wheels"??

    He only used ONE hand to hold the mic tonight.

  87. I have to say that Steven Tyler, as amazing as he is, is getting to be a bit much. He is obviously extremely intellegent and thinks deeply before opening his mouth. BUT….. as profound as his statements are when it comes to James he always throws in a punch line that puts the attention back on himself and takes away from the performer. What gives here?

    • Are you refering to the "That was so good it makes my hair itch" remark? I have a WEAK weakness for the "Demon of Screamin'" so I rarely find fault, but…E-E-E-U…!

      Or maybe you mean his make-out trip down memory lane—or should I say, BOWLING ALLEY lane?

      Oh well, either the girl or the song were sox-knocker-offers (or a combo of both) to rouse his memories. I don't even recall the song. Know which one it was?

      • The Bowling Alley remark was after James sang. Since that song was a hit by The Shirelles in 1961/62, that would mean that Tyler lost his cherry when he was 13/14.

        His comments, apart from. "That was Beautiful" or "You are Beautiful" have been, in the main, inappropriate for a show that has an audience that obviously includes a lot of young people.

      • When Idol was casting about for new judges last year, I was very vocal about wanting them to get Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds. Last night showed me that he would have been a great choice. Not that I don't appreciate all the whackiness of Steven, but he seems bored most of the time.

      • Yeah, I agree somewhat with both of you but in my bad-boy's defense, he only said "made out" not lost my cherry (which got a chuckle from me). And as for the appropriatness for the young people then sadly they shouldn't be watching 80% of T.V. This also carries over to music and school. It's a world gone wild where so many unacceptable things are so commonplace now. Wonder-Boy's remarks probably don't even get recognition from a lot of them. I live across the street from our only high school and work in our only middle school and you'd be STUNNED (not shocked-STUNNED) at what I hear and see. That does not mean I advocate it in any way, but Boy-Howdy, they can make my Friday night, all liquored up, Devil won't have it good times at the local "go-to" seem like prayer group.

        Stevie T. was hired on for a reason. The producers knew this beasts' nature!

        I hear he's going to perform with "The Most Perfect Person in the World." I'm really looking forward to watching that. Maybe he's not so much bored, but saving up energy for the event???

      • Are you serious about Steven's comments? Do you have any idea what young people are listening to and watching on TV, movies, Youtube?

  88. The top 3 will be: James, Scotty and Haley!! Everyone else needs to start packing their bags

    • james is such a fake rockstar…everything he does is soooo cliche…how could everyone be so blind…no musical inclination at all…as for scotty…does same thing over and over! i dont understand why america keeps voting for these two…plain stupid…

      • I am so glad you came to this site to set us and the millions of others straight. I don't know what I was thinking, I feel so arrogant thinking I knew what I thought good music was. You sound like a 10 year old who can talk big hiding behind a screen name and hang out with the big people. Now calm yourself down and go sit back down at the kiddie table. And since when did three periods become a comma?

    • I concur with your top 3, 100%. But, as much as I like her, I do not see Haley making it to the top 3, based on her being in the bottom 3 almost every week. The two that I think deserves to be in the bottom 3 and booted as quickly as possible is Casey and Jacob. I can see that Jacob might getting votes from 3 distinct groups (ultra religious, Black voters and maybe gays) of voters. So I can see why he is still here. How Casey survived this long is one of life's biggest mysteries to me.

      • Casey does not sing. He may be a great musician but all he did last night was grunt, growl and prance around the stage. Ever since the save, the judges have been pimping him.

        His was – by far – the worst performance of the night and for a Top 6 performance, it left a lot to be desired.

  89. Gonna write my review..yeah!!!! (sung to a refreshing tune)

    But first…How do i get my name in blue fonts..Some people have their name in blue fonts…i like that.. 🙂

    I will be writing my review of each of the contestant's performances and i'll try to be as impartial as i can..along with their review i will also include some extra notes on their talent, musicality etc…This is gonna be one long post…

    Jacob- Oh No, Not My Baby

    This dude can saaangggg… I have always appreciated and respected his insane vocal chops.. Even though this performance of his wasn't the best or any where close to it, it was certainly better than last week. I love how he plays with the song vocally. Crazy dynamics… One minute he's blasting away and the next he's reining it in slowly, only to blast off again… Pia (a dollar to you pup) was a great singer but this is what i missed from all of her performances.. She can only sing artistry or a sense of musicality…zilch…nada.. You have to play with the song if you're a great singer..just hitting all the notes isn't enough…You gotta rip a song out, turn it upside down and inside out..go all "SAW" on it's ass… btw Jacob's crazy baby elephant dance/ jumping up and down thing was extremely awkward to watch…but i really don't give a rat's ass if his dance steps were awkward or not and so i wont hold that against him… I kinda like crazy dancing steps (Paul is the King)..its entertaining…

    Notes- Jacob was at his best when he sang "God bless the child" and "you're all i need to get by". Apart from that he has been wavering a lot… He has to blast off to space every week…he's not supposed to be timid..I never got gospel music before and i still don't to a degree but this guy makes me pump my fist in the air when he sings most of the time…i hope he stays because he really is more talented than some of the other contestants (read scotty).

    Lauren Aleina- Where you lead

    Where are you leading us sweetheart? Because i have no idea. Are you really a country singer or a pop singer? I really dont have anything much to say about her performances. I have never liked pop music (modern pop) and i hate the standard progression of pop (musical aspect).. it just sounds fake to me.. but she sang the song in the same old same old way and she sang it good. So…..

    Notes- She has one of the most beautiful voices i have ever heard (for a sixteen year old). Such a powerful voice. But she does absolutely nothing with it. She's young but Thia, i thought had better musical sense than Lauren. I wish Lauren expands her music sense a little bit. She's so darn cute.. But i honestly don't see her as a ground breaking star yet… I still stand by what i have said before. She needs to live a little before she becomes a professional singer… I am very sorry to say this but she needs to suffer a little.. you know..just go through a few important life experiences..pain is enriches the soul..

    HALEY AND CASEY!!! (My favs- To Hell With Impartiality)

    They are just awesome.. Hailey kicked ass.. She didn't show off her voice like she did in Moanin but what little i heard i loved… I especially loved it when Casey went all d-d-d-d-d-doowwwnnn.. That was crazy!! These two are just awesome.. Ain't nothing anybody can say to refute that. I pray that they do duets in the future too.. Plus they make an awesome couple (sorry Coondog). They are both weird, crazy, talented and just so not American Idol material (read boring pop singer)..

    Scotty- Baby lock them doors and tu… “You’ve Got a Friend.”

    Well done my friend..well done.. Old school..nice, tender, great great voice and authentic… There really isn't much i can say.. I loved it…

    Notes- From ol nuts of wonder to here…You have come a long and great way…I am no country fan but i know when i see talent. But he has to take a few vocal lessons and really expand his range… He deserves to stay this week… Scotty haters…The dude cans stop it with the one trick pony.. he only has to be versatile within his genre and he has the ability to do that.. Lay of him…

    James Durbin- Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

    Damn!!! When he sang "will you still love me tomorrow" in the song at the beginning, he went to this sweet spot in his voice which i have never heard before..he needs to tap into that area..that sound is amazing… I loved it… many times in his past performances i heard him sing pitchy at times (while your guitar gently weeps)…but i thought he sang this great… I really hope you dont win. i really hope so. And to all James haters out there who keep on comparing him to Adam..Go die somewhere….there i said it… If you can't see the difference between them, you are undoubtedly morons with the brains of a Tse Tse fly…

    Scotty and Lauren- The Crazy Awkward Brother- Sister/ For The Stage Lovers Country Couple

    Jennifer was about to say that Lauren sings her butt off… Ryan cut in and spoiled everything… (A plague of a thousand rats for you Ryan). this performance was just like every other duet these guys did.. It was boring for me… That is all..

    Also i don't know if Steven noticed, but there was a child sitting on his lap…………………..

    There was a child sitting on his lap………….

    A little blond child… Who was she? Nobody knows… She just appears……..

    Casey- Hi De Ho

    I loved the performance…I am a huge Casey fan and i will defend him till the cows moo or something (wait…that isn't the expression…something about the cows coming home or…i cant remember). But dude you gotta stop shouting man.. I like growling and screaming and screeching and stomping as much as the other guy (i am a huge metal fan and so all these traits come with the territory).. but in the second part of the song, you should have never shouted that much… You should have held back at certain times man… Also at the end of the song when everyone comes together on the stage, he should have done some fierce scatting…that would have been crazy great..but he didn't…It pains me to say this… It is absolutely devastating but i think Casey might go next week… 🙁

    I just dont get it..His itunes songs are always so amazing…he doesn't scream like crazy.. he sings on key every single time…i have never heard him off key or pitchy.. But live..he starts going crazy at times… Also to all haters who say that Casey ain't a good vocalist..please go jump into a ditch… and just stay there forever…seriously take a few magazines too if you want. If you don't understand it, don't talk about it, you numb nuts….

    Strange thing though..almost all the back singers and instrument people were extremely happy with the performance…..they were smiling like crazy…

    If he sticks around for next week, he better bring every single ounce of talent and energy into the stage… He better go all Bohemian Rhapsody…

    Haley- Beautiful

    Oh Hailey…Your voice…is…amazing… I am officially in love with you now.. I think that you should have chosen a better song but you did great…Finally now i am kinda getting the vibe of the kind of artist that she will be… She better not go next week… I will blame coondog if she does… Also if any Haley haters reply to my post, i will destroy you…with the help of coondog (hopefully)..but seriously one crack about too much growling or her being a slut..i will rip you to shreds…

    James and Jacob- The —————

    First of all…..i….who???? wha???? somebody tell me……..but how?? God!!!!

    Never pull the chair of a celebrity who is wearing an extremely short dress….and worse never turn her into the camera… Its common sense..Thank god. JLo had the necessary practice and experience in the art of lighting fast shielding… And Jacob never put your hand so close to the thighs of a celebrity who is wearing an extremely short dress… Jacob dude…either you're a kid at heart or ….well first you say you dont wanna do the nasty and then you hump like an animal on stage… then you start getting close to places you should not be close to on live camera…

    And A.I people..never pair them up together again..

    I hope Casey stays and Lauren goes… I love Lauren..she's such a sweetheart but… sorry Lauren fans, i mean no disrespect but let her bloom before she gets picked…She's just a bud now and she's turning towards the sun…let her turn some more…. Then she will become this crazy soulful talented flower lady…

    Please comment (if you do) in a respectful manner.. Haters will be destroyed without mercy..


    • Funny you ask for "respectful" feedback yet most of your critique was pretty darn disrespectful. Go figure!

      • Completely agree with you Ch-gal….RESPECT means that you do not have to agree with the other but you can respect his or her opinion….

      • Again

        Would you please expand on why you think anything i have written above is disrespectful?

      • Read your report over a cup of coffee and really enjoyed all the diatrib. Keep up your reviews. and I am not just agreeing with you to stay alive


      Please listen to the Casey and Hailey Duet on iTunes… It sounds sick….crazy amazing….Wow….mind blown….to pieces… crazy harmonies…and shredding guitars…Please do listen to it…

      • We need a recording of "Maoning"!! I bet the only reason they actually recorded the duets this week is because of all the crazy feedback they got for that one. "I Feel the Earth Move" was pretty good, too. It will do for now I spose.

      • That precisely illustrates Casey's problem. Casey needs studio engineers to make his vocals acceptable. Live, he sounds weak and nasty. Can't tour with a voice like that unless he lip syncs on stage.

      • @ david

        I couldn't agree more dude… you can get the live version though… 🙂


        i agree…but i dont think the problem is with his voice..i think that its because he doesn't know how to move around and project that voice properly… Him being a jazz player, i am guessing that most of his performances was him standing in one place… But his vocal chops are brilliant…the crazy runs he doesn't and how he changes his pitch while doing them… If you can listen to his studio versions..i think it might give you a better idea of his style of singing… i know you pretty much despise him 🙂

        but please give Casey a chance?

        i've made flyers and armbands… 🙁

      • Gautham; i don't despise him, i just think he's a better musician than he is a vocalist. And, I think if a singer doesn't have the best voice, they should at least have a powerful one. Casey doesn't.

    • damm straight Casey's great…a 'true artist'…people just dont know how to see great talent and character….all they want to see are fake rockstars and a baritone who does not know how to sing any other way…

      • Casey IS an artist, but I believe he will be a starving artist if he insists on "singing" the way he did tonight.

      • While i agree with the Casey part, i completely disagree with the fake rocker or baritone part. James i believe is a proper and true metalhead. He may not sing metal all the time but he does what he does to stay in the competition… So far i have not seen anybody with such an astonishing stage presence in A.I. Not even Adam Lambert had the same presence as Durbin… Scotty sings fine too… 😀

      • @ Joey

        I kinda agree and disagree with you. If Casey is planning to do the screaming thing for most of the songs in his upcoming album, he will without a doubt starve… But one or two songs…meh.. he'll live… 🙂

      • **Gautham**

        I don't believe "scream-age" necessarily equates starvation. Case in point; Stevie T. (aka. The Demon of Screamin'). Although he DOES have a "lip-licking" look of hunger in his EYES, this Fat-Cat (who's not at all Fat–just likes to "Cat" around) is well-fed. If his 3-squares aren't enough, I have some special "snackies" and a few "atta-boy" treats that'll make him lick his whiskers ALL NIGHT LONG!!!

        O-O-O-H–Someone put a bow on "Boo-Boo-Kitty"s tail and bring him over. Today's my birthday and THAT'S what I want for a present!!! M-E-O-W!!!

        (I really did have a point when I started. Wonder-Boy in a bow and my birthday Crown Royal made it go somewhere. Oh well!!)

      • Cats are cool..Debbie..cats are very cool.. There was once a cat named Steven, he screamed and screamed and screamed…. With all his lungs he screamed… Then other cats started to scream too…Until one day the cows went to pasture..Then they were all like Moooooo…Randy was all Woof!! But the cows still went Mooooo!! Steven still screams………

        Only not so much….

        Hmmmmmm???? We both have the same problem…I bet its all the kite flying…

    • Gautham, you have made such a long meandering and rude comments this far. Congrats kiddo, think everyone stays and YOU ARE THE ONE THAT HAVE TO GO.

      By the way I am missing Stefano so much and I am so Bleeding Love for Stefano.

      • What?

        I did not understand a single word you have written above? Would you please care to elaborate? Or would it be too big a strain?

        Also kiddo??? How young do you think i am? or better how old are you?

    • Scotty needs no voice lessons, I think God already did a fine job. He has the gift. I can't wait to buy his music. I agree with you one Casey I as well love his talent. I would love too hear him on the jazz station. I'm thinking tonight, Justin, Haley and Lauren. I won't be suprised to see Lauren or Haley sent home.

      • When i said that Scotty needs vocal lessons..i wasn't saying that he wasn't good enough.. 🙂 I just think that he can do more with his voice. So far i haven't heard him do any runs or anything out of the ordinary actually.. he just sings but there is no flavor…a little something that makes you go Whaaaaa???? in a high pitched voice…

      • His voice does have flavor. I must say I never watched the show until I was switching channels and stop to hear him sing, from then on I was hooked. I can't wait to buy his music. He's good enough for the Grand Ole Opry now. You don't fix something if it's not broken. Scotty has that low deep water sound to his voice

    • Gautham, you tried to hide the Coondog dig in your post, but my keen eyes spotted it. You weren't so bad old friend, but some careless fool on some pages earlier referenced Haley and Casey being a couple, and my rage erupted! I reimposed the Coondog Curse upon Casey, though I pulled back only enough to urge that Jacob leave first! Casey is the Cause of Haley's sore throat! I can't bear to think how it happened! Casey must leave, or start flirting with Lauren (no, Jacob!)

      • hahahaaa…. Hey i supported Haley…but what can ya do? plus i wasn't digging at you… i actually never believed that they both were a couple until TODAY… You wont have to worry..Haley will most certainly stay.. She sang great today…

      • If you watch Stefano's exit interview, you will see that Haley and Casey are NOT a couple.

      • @ Templar

        oh..where in the video? I saw this picture of Casey hugging (coondog close your eyes) Haley in a very intimate way…definitely not in a friendly way..maybe they're like friends with benefits..i don't know.. who cares who schnucks who actually?

      • Also

        Haley just uploaded a new album called Casey and Me….yeesshhhh…looks like the rumor be trueeee….

  90. Like many people, I think James ruled the night. In my opinion, everyone else did okay…except Casey. I think his performance was awful. It reminded me of his terrible rendition of "Heard It Through The Grapevine" several weeks ago. Even Jimmy Iovine said words to the effect that there was nothing good about that performance. Casey is incredibly talented, but it didn't show tonight.

    • Why does eveybody think James is the best this guy screams more than he sings and he tries to sound like guns and roses singer so bad it is pitiful. Don't you people see this guys as a wanna be, I think this guy is okay but is is not the best. I do not think this guy should win. If he does win this guy will loose the contact like taylor hick did, he is not good enough……

      • Haters, enough said. By the way your refering to Axel Rose and James sounds nothing like him nor does he try to. And yes all of them wanna be the next Idol, so I will agree with the wanna be part.

      • james should front a heavy metal band. and, yes, i may be biased, but in a hundred million years, james will NEVER touch adam lambert.

      • Wallen, take a listen again, James does sound or tries to sound like guns and roses. I think you need to listen again. James is a wanna be rocker and he really needs to get his own style and quit trying to copy others. I really think in his mind he is already a rock star and if he does win, watch out. This guy is a joke…. I heard better singers than this just walking up the street and back. I thing i want to know is why does everybody think he is so great? This person does not sing he screams mostly and that does not take talent. Please just listen take the time to vote for people who really do have the talent taht is all i am saying.

    • James can sing, but when it comes down to buying his music I wouldn't bet on it. He needs to come out of the rafters. He don't have a sound that would make you stop what you're doing to listen. Only one that has done that to me is Scotty.

  91. oh wow – you guys are all hilarious. This is an Australian viewer have watched all series religiously. I'm a singer and a performer myself hence the name BUT Seriously America – TIME TO WAKE UP ON THIS ONE. Haley is your girl and I think James is your guy – has to be down to these final two of all people.

    RANDY Should just shut the hell up and stop calling everyone dog!!!!!

    • Right on Rocksteddi! My picks exactly. Those two are the only ones who have shown true growth and versitility. When I think of artists I can identify by voice alone on the radio, I think of Chris Daughtry and David Cook. James and Haley are the only two that have that quality.

    • when did he call people dog i think you need to listen more james does scream loud and he is ok but there are other who are better

    • i would love to see james and haley in the finale and james to win. i don't know why people aren't voting for haley. jacob should go home tonight but i worry about haley. i wish randy had not said he thinks james will win. he may be cursed now!

    • Yeah!!! send Casey and possibly Scotty too HOME and bring Stefano back. It's just too soon and too rude to eliminate the energetic and gorgeous STEFANO. Love Stefano ever.

  92. Branden, another great review.
    Scotty finally impressed me but I think he brought it too late in the game. If he would have been performing like this all along I probably would be a fan.
    James once again stole the show with his outstanding performance. I really enjoy how he makes every song he sings his own. Definately looking forward to more from this young man.
    As for the other performers great job in going out and giving it your all one more week.
    I am tore between it being Hailey and Jacob going home, but I would enjoy listening to Hailey on more week over Jacob.

    • Wellen You are a person who thinks you know music but you need to cutting down other peoples opinions. Everybody has the right to one so get over yourself moron.

  93. Pleasantly a great performance. James and Hayley nailed it to the point. Jacob and Scotty did really bad and I am predicting Scotty will be scooting out this week.

    I love James's Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, it's so Amazingly So Very Touching and Good….and I pictured Stefano was there and again I teared for missing Stefano so much cos he should be there crooning on the same stage with James.

    I am counting every hour from now for Stefano to be back on stage again. Stefano has the best stage presentation ever. Don't ever give up Stefano, you got the looks, talent and style. The ultimate package next to James.

    • I'm thinking you know Scotty is gonna win it. He is the one that stands out. That young man from North Carolina can sing.

      • "Scotty will be scooting out this week…" Can you take a picture of you're face when he's in the top three, probably even finale? : )

      • I noticed you said Top and not bottom, He will be in the top three and the top two as well as win.

  94. i don't get why the judges don't see it but jacob almost always murders the songs he gets to interpret every week, is unable to stay in tune and should have really get the nick Flat Jac coz he really does always hits a flat note. he sings like he's in tremendous pain so shouldn't it be time he's released from his agony? (or ours for that matter in having to go through 2 mins or so of his repertoire?) just saying…

    my bet has always been pia but since she's no longer there, realistically, i think james durbin, due to the number of young kids we have voting now and the market he caters to which is rock/metal, he could bag this and win, hands down. again, just saying…

  95. I felt in order of performance was James, Lauren, Haley, Casey, Scott, & then Jacob. The duets were in the order they were sang. Therefore I feel Jacob was the worst solo & in the worst duet. I hope he goes home. He lost me with that comment about America not being able to look in the mirror.

    I also hope Haley won't be in the bottom 3, but I know she will be.

    What I don't get is all the uproar over Scott. So he came out of his comfort zone. Whoop-di-do. He had no choice. His hand was forced. He was good yesterday, but the previous 3 weeks he's been pretty lame.

    Back when the top 24 sang I thought James, Casey, Jacob, Scott, Paul, & Pia all had a chance to have real good careers. Now I think Haley has passed all but James. Part of that is because I feel she's done well. Part of that is because all except James have tapered off. James has excelled.

    James should win this thing hands down. So I guess who finishes 2nd doesn't really matter. I would like to see Haley get a more fair shake from Randy though.

  96. Randy needs to get off Haley's case. If she goes home it'll be because of his constant criticism and not because of lack of talent or poor performances. That said, tonight's song choice was a poor one which coupled with weeks of Randy trying to sway America's opinions, might just send her home.

    I'm hoping Jacob goes though. He hasn't progressed from day 1. Sure he can sing, but it's pretty darn boring to watch and some of his antics and comments are just plain annoying.

    I got the feeling Jimmy is tired of him too by his comments, plus AI put him in the first slot AND they paired him with James in a really awkward duet with the cheesiest song, which all things combined gives the impression American Idol has decided it's time for him to go as well and made it an easy decision. Hopefully.

  97. I really hope America sees that it is time to tell Jacob goodbye! I think he will be forgotten as fast was Chris has been. He is so boring. I have a feeling that it will be Casey tonight as Blues/Jazz just doesn't seem to be what they are looking for in an Idol even with all his talent. Well I voted for James.

  98. By Lisa de Moraes It's Carole King Night on “American Idol.” Judge Randy Jackson is dressed for the occasion in his letter sweater – it has big R in the middle, what does that mean??????????

    Whooopsss!! forgot no idol news here ok then!!

    James Durbin is the best!!!! yesterday I loved the preforemence of James Durbin!!!

    • You really are a piece of work. The R stands for Randy, DUH! And the word is performance not preforemence. Get off of the computer and get an education.

  99. I'm tired of people saying Haley should go home. She is the most improved. I didn't care for the duet with Casey but I didn't like the Scotty Lauren one either. If anyone should leave it's Jacob. Every song he sings sounds the same. This week the bottom three should be Jacob, Lauren and Casey and going home Jacob. I thought Lauren had a weak performance.

  100. i agree with randy. james seems to have the idol crown this season. even if the song turned rock on the middle part, he gave me the goose bumps with this song. i really like his rendition so much.

  101. Think you all need to re-watch the performances and listen to what Grammy award winning producers are saying….James is amazing. That is what they said and they even said that this is why they got into the music business to see performers like this. So stop looking at the sugar sweet candy filled "pop" starts and start seeing the artist as that is what makes a performer stay at the top of their game. Said it from the start and will say it again, Scotty will get a record deal win or loose and will do well in the USA! Lauren will also get a record deal and will do well in the USA! Casey, Lauren and Jacob will do ok but only in the USA. James will do well around the world. Why? Because of his ability to step outside the box and give an amazing performance in any genre. He has shown it time and time again. Win or loose James will be huge and not just in the USA. Why do I know this, cos I ain in the USA and am sick of AI winners being the sugar candy manufactured pop singers that need a computer to make them sound good. Just saying is all! :))

  102. 1. Haley.. Best of the night. Amazing. Been rooting for her since the start. She deserves to win & Randy should stop bugging on her! Ugh.

    2. James.. Not really my favorite, but he brought it tonight. Best of the guys by far.

    3. Lauren.. She was always 'blah' to me until this night. She really brought it & outshined Scotty in their duet.

    4. Casey.. Loved him during Auditions & Hollywood. Hated him during Live shows. I love his duets with Haley though. They both have an amazing chemistry when they sing together. He also sang better in his solo than he usually does.

    5. Scotty.. So so so so so bored from Scotty. I seriously had enough of him. Same exact thing over and over again. I cant even differentiate between ANY of his songs. Really dont get why all girls are crazy about him. He's not even good looking. Blekh.

    6. Jacob.. Time for this powerhouse to LEAVE. Too much screaming like you're about to be killed in a horror movie and not enough artistry and passion to survive. Please don't let anyone more deserving to stay leave instead of you.

    I still doubt that Scotty will be in the bottom, so I think him and Lauren will switch places. Still think Jacob is leaving though. I HOPE.

    I swear to God if Haley leaves I'm gonna go crazy! She is AMAZING. Ugh I really don't get America. Or teenage American girls to be precise.

  103. I just wanted to give you all a heads up. Most of the TV broadcast was off air in Atlanta and ALA due to the horrific weather last night. As usual from the bits and pieces, I loved Lauren and hated James. All others were ok, just ok. I won't panic about James being a idol until and unless his polling gets close to 50%.

    Randy you are not Simon Cowell not have any clue as to what the folk want from an Idol. You didn't like Kelly, Carrie or even Jordan. Memory serves me your only really likes were Fantasia and Ruben…gee I think even Kelly Pickler has sold more records than both together.

  104. Heh Muzik, since when is blasing loud screams a world wide lead pipe sinch for stardom. Have you EVER watched Eurovision? It is an annual contest that covers all of Europe, performers like james don't get past the first round. So take all you global stuff and learn about tastes outside yours.

  105. Casey is by far the best talent out there! It is true that he might not be the greatest presenter. But he is the best talent! A true artist depends on 2 things,

    brilliant vocals and technique

    & Great performance!

    Well james rocks the second department whereas casey is crazzy good in the first department. So as an artist they both are in the same grade!

    Scotty in neither a great vocalist no a great performer! But he has good talent in both spheres. So i rank him equal to casey and james!

    Jacob is fine in the two departments. So he is one star below to the above 3!

    Lauren is just immature! While i think she has a brilliant future, at the present she is no SUPERSTAR. So she is also in jacobs boat!

    Whell about haley, She is just inconsistent! She performs good one they and like crap the other day! So i think she is not the greatest artist. So she is in a weird position in between the above said two groups! So i think it is jacob who should go home!

    Its just the obvious truth!

    Well lot of guys don't like casey! I Know that! But he is my personal best! When he sang your song, have you seen the rain and nature boy, those three were five star songs! And his first auditioned song, i dont need no doctor was fabulous! He is so great in all the spheres! the thing is that i think he has no been in search of the spotlight from early childhood as james, scotty or the others. He is just an ordinary amateur! Thats why he is the only american idol candidate! Afterall that is is the meaning of the programme! The meaning is not to give an idol state to already a band singer james or for all the people who seek the spotlight so hard! The idol should be the raw talent! The brilliance in the programme lies there! I think thats why the judjes saved him in the first place! And for all those who don't know, Casey was applauded by randy as the best raw talent in the american idol decade! The judges never said that to james! Thats why casey is still the favourite of the judges! Cause they know that that is the meaning of the programme! I hope america understands that!

  106. I was sooo proud of my boy James last night. Once again he got a standing ovation in my living room. I was a little worried about him doing Carole King but "wow!". He showed me there was nothing to worry about. He just blows everybody away every time.

  107. Well, I guess the Idol competition is over since Randy declared the winner Last nigh I guess we don't need to watch the last several weeks just go to the last night and see James crowned the WINNER. Thanks for saving me from continuing to watch these contestants who can't preform.

  108. you know what, americanidolnet's is kinda rude about casey, each of use has our own hates but you dont have to be rude about it! I dont care if he or she removes my post, i just want him or her to be not rude on singers, casey's voice is nice for me, thats my opinion, but americanidolnet shouldnt be rude if he or she doesnt like casey's voice!

  109. I am sick to death of the judges. Randy jumping on stage giving James a hug??? Give me a break. I feel they do nothing but sway the audience — will they buy the music? I think not. I would love to see the show next year without the judges being so obvious. Seems to happen every year ……….. and everyone ends up hating the voting process when I think it is the judges pushing votes one way or the other.

    • You nailed it. This panel of judges are pitiful. Their favorites are so obvious like its a fixed contest. Cant wait to see X Factor

  110. I am following this show from iceland. I am amazed by the performence.

    Now I think it is time for Casey to go, I just cant stand him. He is talanted and mostly good but then he makes an odd growl or strange screaming and I go for a break until the next is up….. Let him tour in small clubs where the cultural jazz people go ;O)

    I just love James!!! He is always good, great singer, good performer, nice person and appealing personality. He deserves to win and I am soo going to buy his record!! Hes got it all and already a star!!! Just wondering why he was not famous before???

    I am not sure about Jakob, I think there is more to him then we have seen and he needs to make better songchoices. I liked his man in the mirror and elton john song but the latest…. sigh!!! He is oversinging to much and needs to work on his performance. He really annoys me sometimes…. "go and fetch some snacks…." I want him to stay so I can figure him out…

    Hailey is really good and can sing everything. She deserves to win along with James.

    Laureen is really good also but needs to grow up a little. She will have a great career but not now… She can get a show on disney chanel!

    Scotty is a star. I just need him to make better song choices! I can not understand how bad songs he choices… He has the voice and the performance in getting better. What about songs like Achy breaky heart, Walk the line, People are talking(like he almost sung)….

    Away with Casey tonight, then Laureen and then Jakob… let the others fight to win!

    • who is/was eliminated?because in philippines, the top 5 results will be showed in april 29 , 2011.What is the schedule of american idol in there.?Please answer because we want to know who is/was eliminated.Tnx.

  111. My favorite Idol to be is Haley and if she had not done better is because she doesn't receive support from the judges and the producers. Maybe she has poor judgment on selecting the songs but I feel she's not getting all the help she needs. James had created an Idol image from the beginning and that will play a roll on the contest. Some of the others will get a record deal for sure: Lauren and Scotty. Casey will get to be a performer since he's a real entertainer.

    Go Haley!

      • Uh it's a little early for that. We're still about 11 hours away from the elimination show.

    • She also does not get the votes from America. Her type of voice is very different and I just don't like her, have not since the beginning. Attitude is everything and she started out very arrogant as did Jacob…first impressions are everything.

      • I never saw anything arrogant about Haley. If anything is arrogant it is you trying to speak for the american people. Obviously enough people like her for her to still be here. The ONLY reason Scotty and Lauren are still in it is because they sing country. That's it, if not for that they would be gone or in the bottom 3 as much as Haley has.

      • Never saw or heard Haley being arrogant and I have been watching since day one this season.

  112. finally – I'm a james fan! I always knew he was good but was never a fan until tonight…he blew that song out of the water, made it his own and showed he can sing soft too. Great bit of a cappella.

    Lauren – good performance but man she needs to pick some more well known songs to showcase her vocal. So amazing for 16 – but she still needs to let it out even more.

    Jacob – blah blah blah! I'm afraid despite his obvious talent every song and vocal sounds the same – he blasts at max volume most of the time and there's still nowhere near enough contrast in his vocal performances of the song. He needs some more helpful critique but it's now too late – he'll go this week.

    Haley – I've always said she is amazing and consistently under-rated, particularly by the dawg Randy. (randy what is it with you man? get off Haley's case just for once!) She has the most interesting voice and is smokin' with it!

    Scotty – I thought his best performance of the season and he showed he has more to that voice than just country and his amazing bass register. He's earned a spot in the top 5. Keep pushing.

    Casey – good performance but the hmmms and the shrieking now need to take a back seat. Show us some more tender vocals with the stand up and chill out dude. Jennifer was right about the tension…

    This week's bottom 3:

    Jacob, Casey, Lauren

    Going home: Jacob

  113. i thought haley was GREAT last night, it would be a shame to see her go now.. i want jacob to go home this week but really casey didnt sing at all what was up with that??

  114. I am going to throw my prediction out there.

    The bottom 3 will be Jacob, Haley, and Lauren with Ryan Seacrest sending Haley to safety and then revealing that Jacob is going home.

  115. Does anyone else feel that the judges do not like Scotty and Lauren. They clap and cheer for Jacob (yuck) and Casey (Double Yuck), but when Scotty and Lauren sing, they act as if they had just been awakened from a nap. They say the right things, but they sure don't act enthused. Why are they trying to hang on to the two guys will have limited record sales, if any? Also, I am tired of Steven's innane comments. They have no value. Maybe they should replace him next year.

  116. All in my office prefer the Voice now that all have seem it. Much better singers. Don't have to endure Randy and JLO drooling over James. Steven T just drooling over short skirts. James would make a perfect follow up to Taylor Hicks, Chris Allen and Lee Deweeze oh and Ruben and Fantasia. All judge favorites who sell nada!

    Remember the dog didn't like Kelly or Carrie.

    • Me! He has to go home. I cannot stand to watch him at all. I was disappointed he was first, cause I couldn't fast forward through him.. He just annoys me. But, then so does Haley. I want them both GONE!

      • Jacob is way overdue to go home. I don't know what you are talking about with Haley. I thought she did a great job with the song Beautiful. No doubt that James is the AI. No matter what he does, it is Gold.

      • He has a really nice voice though, and he seems to be a very nice person who tries his best. However I agree, he is the next one to go.

  117. Last night was quite different but first I would like to say that all contestants did their best. Some were WOW and other not that WOW.

    My best of the night was James, no doubt, this was one of his best moment. After it was Scotty and than Haley, Casey, Lauren and Jacob.

    At this point, the bottom 3 should be Casey, Lauren and Jacob. I hope that Jacob goes home just to be fair to the rest of the contestants.

    • Things seem to be shaping up like I'm expecting–a showdown between James and Scotty. I don't see how you can give Lauren an A for her performance last night. I thought it was the worst of the night and if everyone hadn't turned so quickly against Jacob, I'd be looking for her to get the boot tonight. Love the Casey/Haley duets! I don't think either of them will win, but wish they would both get a "couples" music deal to keep singing as a team! I think Hayley has outdone Lauren by a longshot the past few weeks and don't understand why people are so hard on her. She's really hitting her stride and improving each week. I was not looking forward to seeing some of my favorite Carole King songs get badly mutilated, but it turned out better than expected. "You've got a friend" has been one of my lifetime fave songs and I think I have 5 different versions (on different playlists) in my library. Now it looks like I'll be adding #6 today when I get Scotty's version. And as for James…..I'm an old lady not much into heavy metal, so thank you James for doing a great song that I DO want in my collection!

    • I have them in the exact same order as you. This is the first time I've actually enjoyed Scotty's singing.

      Sadly, based on how people seem to have been voting, there's a good chance Haley will be leaving. I'd rather see Lauren or Jacob go.

      • I was not a Haley fan in the beginning, and this is the first year I didn't pick my fav in auditions. I didn't really have a fav until last night. I think Haley has done extremely well in the last few weeks, and I have grown to really like her. I have liked Lauren and Scotty all along, because I prefer that genre. However, I cannot give James enough credit. I don't like rock, but I like who James is and I like his story. I think he is a kind, wonderful young kid that has had some challenges to deal with, but I do love the boy – and I think he is an amazing talent, and most likely to win this competition. I have always thought it was going to probably be James, Scotty, Lauren and Casey in the final four. People just need to "get" Casey – musically, he is probably the most talented. I see him as possibly a very talented and successful song writer some day. But AI – no – that will be James I believe.

      • Hmm, I can't put finger on it, but something is missing in Haley's performances. Although she did extremely well a couple of last nights, and reminds me of…Mariah Carry. Her voice is so flexible, and she has a great stage look, but…lack of pleasant personality? Or just personality?

        Anyway, I wish you luck, Haley:)

  118. Time to rid the field of the two women with all the junk in the trunk. First Jacob next week Lauren.

    • lauren is 16 and has a lot of talent and more talent that can be developed. She will and needs to go far in country music.

  119. I have said time and time again that all the singers left were my favorites but after last night's performance I now have two top favorites –James and Scotty.

    James knocked it out with the park with his song and I sorry he didn't finish the song the way he started it. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!

    Scotty sang very well and I was sorry to hear the song end.

    Jacob and Casey didn't hold my attention at all and they used to be my top two favorites.

    I expect Jacob to go home tonight AND I hope he burns that outfit!!!

    • I agree Pat, I hope Jacob goes home and burns that gaudy outfit.

      James has been my fave since auditions and he was fabulous last night, I will download that from iTunes. Scotty also stepped up.

      Casey never has my attention and I can't wait til he is finished, he just makes me shudder for so many (not nice) reasons.

      Both girls were quite strong, but with just 6 left half will be in the bottom. Go James!

  120. Well, Haley is still my favorite, but I thought James was awesome last night. He deserves a music career. Casey has a pleasant voice when he sings. He is very talented, someone you'd rather see live. I like Scotty and he will have a career. I am hoping for a James/Haley for the final.

    • OMG, Haley just needs to quick the growling if she wants to have a chance in this competition. If she would do that I think people would like her a whole lot more. But James was amazing last night as well. I am hoping for James and Scotty in the final.

    • My bottom three are, Jacob, Lauren and Casey with Jacob going home! My predicted final two are Scotty and James, with James winning! However, never know, remember what happen to Chris Daughtry a few seasons back?!

  121. Lauren, James and Scotty were my favorites. Lauren is so cute and funny and wonderful! While James has a very strong voice and astonishes me and everybody else! Scotty is good also! They all have such a gift from the one true God who gave them the blessing to sing. I hope this is the top 3! Casey needs to get voted off because he is a cheesy, horrible singer!!!!!!!! Get off Casey! Stay on Lauren, James and Scotty!

  122. What is wrong with everyone??? I will say that I was almost ready to change my view of James…but…

    So, I am a huge Carol King fan, and that is one of my favorite songs. He was doing a really great job of just singing it, and then his ego got in the way as he started screeching the end of the song. I don't think he sounds good when he hits those notes. Just because you can, does not mean you should. I still would love for him to go home. I'm just not a fan.

    Scotty sang my favorite song of hers, and it was his best. I enjoyed it, but he is by no means my favorite.

    I still want Lauren to win!!! There was something different about last night. I think she can even do more. You realize how good she really is when she duets with Scotty, because she REALLY out-sings him.

    I kind of like Casey, but I too am sick if his growls. He is a bit arrogant as well.

    Jacob has become forgettable to me. Since James (unfortunately) will not go home, I hope Jacob does.

    I am pissed that haley's performance did not end the night. That duet between Jacob and James was horrible. They both sounded bad!!!! Haley on the other hand, was by far the best of the night!!! I still want Lauren to win, but Haley, I think, has the best voice in the competition.

    I'm glad Kris won over Adam, but my favorite of the season has not won since jordin sparks did season 6. I'm praying that America wakes up and picks Lauren or Haley.

    • I agree with you regarding James….his screeching is not pleasant to the ears…When Adam Lambert did it he at least hit the notes. I unlike you did want Adam to win but not because of his high notes but because he was just the better singer…But this year I think either Lauren or Haley are more marketable. But Lauren is country and there is already Carrie Underwood. Haley I think is better suited for jazz but that’s a limited market and not acknowledge by the younger fans so not as marketable. The younger people are where the votes are i.e. where the money is. For instance what happened to Lee from last year? I see more of Crystal then Lee. Where is Chris Alan? Adam Lambert is out and about more than Chris. Jordan accommodates the younger crowd so she is more in the limelight. So who should win this year? Good question….BTW I've been in the music industry for over 40 years so I have a well established insight on who will or won't make it…..I speak from years of experience.

      • Well, my opinion is that James rocked that song incredibly well. Just an awesome job and maybe the best performance this year on AI, along with Pia's I Will Stand By You. I love that song and James nailed it!

      • i dont think its the best performance of the season… its a good performance… but not the best. I wasn't completely stunned by it. I have no idea why everyone is going gaga over his performance last night. It was good, but definitely not something that brilliant that you'll have to run up the stage (like randy) and scream like a mad dog (here's the winner! here's the winner!) … gimme a break. i think america has seen contestants in the past season who has done 10times better to deserve such praise (and some of them didn't even win the whole competition)…

        james is good, but quit with all the crazy hype… i think its getting revolting…

      • I agree with both of you. To take a song and feel compelled to ruin it by interjecting the screams and screeches, which aiways get a close camera shot of the open mouth. Very well planned

      • Oh whatever people. James is the only one left that is a true performer and knows exactly wha the is doing to make the song his own. Kudos to James. You are so neat in my books. Keep up the good work.

    • Just because someone hits high notes does not mean they are "screeching." He hits high notes and he hits them perfectly. Good rock musicians have been doing this since the sixties.

      • err, please listen to his uprising by Muse… its really screechy… to the point that i think i was at the edge of my seat. Go compare it with MUSE's live performance… and you'll understand what is hitting high notes without screeching…

    • I completely disagree Frank…with both Pia's song and James. That song has been song better by both Gina Glocksen and Carrie Underwood. It started off good with James, but did not end well.

      enyaface…I understand what you are saying. Adam had a good voice, but I just didn't like his attitude. He started off as one of my faves, but that quickly changed. Kris Allen ended up suprising me, and he ended up having some amazing moments. He really did have a great voice. As good as Adam may be, I don't like any of the songs he has put out there since his win, and I only like 2 or 3 from Kris. To be honest, I thought Danny Gokey ended up putting out the best album. Alexis Grace was my favorite that year. I'm a huge country fan, but Scotty doesn't completely do it for me. I prefer Carrie or Lauren or Danny.

      My favorite each year:

      season 1: Kelly

      season 2: Clay and Kimberly Locke

      season 3: Jennifer Hudson (but Diana over Fantasia)

      season 4: Carrie (I liked Vonzelle too,but Carrie deserved it)

      season 5: Katherine McPhee (Elliott as a close second…this was a talented season)

      season 6: Jordin Sparks

      season 7: David Archuleta

      season 8: Alex Grace

      season 9: Siobhan Magnus

      season 10: Lauren and Haley

    • I am with Kris. I don't get James, I find him so annoying, good voice but would I pay to see him, no way. Haley is by far the best, her voice is amazing. My predictions

      Jacob should go this week, with Casey hopefully out next week. Semi final should be Haley and Scotty

  123. Oh No, not my Haley. She's set to end in 3rd place behind James & Scotty.

    What people are voting for Jacob?

    • I think Casey is a good singer when he actually sings. I think he just gets really into his performance and forgets about what people are thinking.

  124. JLo & Tyler are playing a popularity game – that's why their comments are so inane and almost never critical. Gotta keep their own fans lovin 'em! Cowell was often way too personal and plain rude – but he did call it like it was on the talent. Bring him back or at least someone who is going to add some spice to the lack lustre judging this year. Sure I love em all – but seriously they are getting more help from Iovine than the judge panel…

    • i agree. i dont quite fully approve of the judges this year. Randy's getting over-excited sometimes and taking way too much personal control onto the judging (and swaying of voters' minds)… whereas JLO is kinda not genuine sometimes,just seems very rehearsed. and steven tyler, oh please, there's nothing constructive in what he says. Please get him out. Would love to have a superstar who is really a vocal prowess to be the judge next year, so that the technicalities of the contestants singing can be judged on a more professional basis. and bring simon back! (i think AI made a bad decision for not taking christina aguilera in as a judge)…

      otherwise, just get barbara streissand…

      • I hoped for Babyface instead of Tyler last year. But, I think Tyler is sorry he signed on and we could see another change next season.

  125. BAD FORM RANDY…..James is not the winner the show isn't over yet… Not fair to the other contestants….Randy needs to be voted off…he is always saying stupid things and always will….he's trying too hard to be a super star and he's just not….Being next to Jennifer & Steven shows it more than ever….

    • I totally agree–while voting is going on, the judges need to STOP telling us who should be the winner! Maybe the viewers don't always get it right (or the right people aren't always the ones voting) but the premise of AI is still peoples choice. Not saying I agree with it-it would improve the show if professional music people accounted for at least 50% of the votes. The judges this season haven't been judging–just showing favoritism and pimping their favorites which in past years has often lost those contestants votes!

      • Never understand why JLO was picked as a judge. She did sign up to be considered but for a price. She has sung a few songs but not enough to be an expert

    • Randy isn't a contestant, he's a judge and he just gives them good critism even though it maybe isn't what they want to hear. He never says stupid things he's just being totally honest

    • not to nice of Randy to say that, he cant even judge right this year, even if James looks like the front runner, every time someone gets kicked off, who knows where those votes go to. Just like everyone thought Adam would win, (loved Adam) but when Danny got kicked off, the votes went to Chris (loved Chris). so who knows how its going to go.

  126. I like it when an artist/entertainer is loyal to their style and genre. That loyalty to who they are as an artist is important to me. Trying to copy a style or other entertainer for the sake of being accepted or to sell records, doesn’t impress me. With that being said, although Scotty is a very talented singer, I find his entire style to be a mold fitting copy-cat of several successful country music artists with the same baritone sound and also mimics their stage presence. Lauren is an extremely talented young girl however I feel as if she is holding too much back primarily caused by her lack of confidence and experience. My first choice many weeks ago was Jacob, but something has changed in him these past few weeks and I have changed my mind also. Casey is an obvious jazz man. He does it very well and is a very talented artist. I agree with some previous bloggers that that genre is not altogether popular with many folks and he might not win because of it. I believe that James could be a professional entertainer however I will never hear of him if he does win this contest because I am not a listener or fan of his harsh rock genre and I, for one, do not believe that screaming is music the same way that rap is not singing. Still, if he does not win this contest I will be surprised. It has always been surprising to me that Haley has been in the bottom. She is very talented and seems to do everything right. She is not hard to look at either. Maybe her song choice is a little weird? I would like to see her and James in the end. I cannot predict who might win out of those two.

    • I'd also like the finale to be James, Scotty and Hayley. I know that goes against most others here, but I think FINALLY Hayley either quit reading the negative comments people have made about her, or woke up one morning and just said "%%&$$##@!!!! I'm going to just get up there and have fun and do my best and if you don't like it….." Hayley—if you read any of these comments…you should do Christina A's "Fighter" or look up a song called "The Underdog" by Stef Lang. I think it would be perfect for you. They are both good power songs you can really put yourself into. Hope you and Casey will last long enough to do a few more duets!

  127. Shame on Randy's behavior last night. Showing this type of favortism on national TV is not fair to the other contestants. James is great, but all the hype just might hurt him. Remember what happened to Adam Lambert. Judges wanted him to win, as did I, and he didn't. Bottom 3: Jacob, Casey, Hailey. I hope, hope, hope, Jacob goes tonight. If not Jacob, I hope it's Casey. I'm so tired of him, Yawn … great musician, NOT a good voice for radio.

    • Get over it. They judge and have opinions. Saying everyone is great was really boring. Simon always had an opinion…"you're in trouble this week" Otherwise get rid of judges and just have singing all night. Boring … nobody would watch. Lauren, Casey and Jacob should be next to go.

  128. I hear that a certain purple dinosaur has qualified to replace one of the judges. The contestants are lucky to have good coaching during the week, because they're not getting it from all the judges. And maybe that's fine. The worst show to my recollection was when they had Miley mentor. (Sorry, but last night just reminded me.) So to me it's the mentoring, not the critique that makes it or breaks it. I really like the practice session clips.

    Instead of talking about the bottom three, I'm ready to start talking about the top three. Who will take it to their home town? They're all good, but who would be the best home town heros?

      • ***Templar***

        I usually "stand by my man" when it comes to my Stevie T., but that gave me a good guffaw.

      • ***Templar***

        I usually "stand by my man" when it comes to my Stevie T., but that gave me a good guffaw!!

  129. Why don't you people give it a rest about Jacob Lusk! Every week all I hear and read is Jacob is going home, Jacob is going home, and guess what, it doesn't happen! So apparently somebody is voting for him; I guess individuals who really knows music and Singing. And as alway,he probably is not going this week either. If anybody should go, it is that(revenge of the nerds look a like)Casey Abrams!!

  130. James was brilliant last night. He pulled that out at exactly the right time. The beginning of the song showcased how beautiful his voice really is. Any flaws are so easily pin pointed when there is no music…I could find none. They played it back on the radio this morning, and it sounded just as perfect. But so much more than that, what an inspiration he is to people. The man struggles with Tourettes Syndrome and Aspergers Syndrome…can you imagine how many times in his life he has heard the words "you can't?" Look at what he has overcome. He is standing on the American Idol stage in the top 6 contending for the title. This is what American Idol is all about, taking people, who otherwise wouldn't have a snow ball's chance in hell, and giving them the chance to live their dreams. It doesn't get any better than that.

      • My nephew has Tourrettes, so for me it is emotional. But there isn't anything wrong with that, and I'm not going to apologize.

      • There are MANY people getting really, really tired of hearing about Tourettes and Aspergers. You are not helping him by the constant reminders. Unless you have personally experienced these ailments, dont act like you know about them.

      • You know what TOM, if you read my comment, you would see that I have a nephew with Tourrettes. My brother-in-law is in Iraq, so she is rasing Matthew by herself. I help a lot…so I have experienced how challenging and difficult it can be. Don't tell me what I can and can't voice my opinion about…I think it brings a different view from the fact that his story is inspiring. So what if I said that…to be an inspiration is a bad thing? I wouldn't be mad if people looked up to me, or were motivated by my challenges and successes. And I didn't say that because I thought I was helping him in some way…I said it because he's good enough IN SPITE of it. What a cold, hateful thing to say.

    • What you said is true – don't pay any attention to negative people – obviously they have never had challenges and succeeded. You don't need to apologize!

    • I agree, he deserves to be proud and happy. YEA James,

      YEA Scotty

      Yea Lauren

      Yea Haley

      go home Jacob cant handle seeing you anymore

      go home Casey, your not good, way off key when you sang with Haley, she carried you

  131. Casey should go first! He thinks the judges adores him so he's acting cute. Next Jacob as he's boring.

  132. I hear you tenisaddict, Jacob is the gospel singer!

    James is the Hard Rock singer, he is a Steven Tyler fan!!

    I voted for Scotty, he did very good last night with 'You've Got A Friend'

  133. I've been a scotty fan since he auditoned… I think Randy Jackson is WRONG about James!! Scotty will be 2011 American idol!!

      • I can't stand his high notes, cheesy outfits,earings,and runnings shoes!

        It looks like he has some eye shadow on also!

        I can't understand how he even made it in the 24 in A.I.

        Jacob should be gone a long time ago.

        And I don't think Casey will be able to handle the stress if he gets the title.

        He was already in the hospital before.

        I don't think that was fair for the others that Casey was able to stay when not singing and performing a couple of weeks; while in the hospital.

        And the save was used too soon, and was wasted on Casy…it should have been used to help Pia!

      • ****It's so typical girls are the worst hatters!!!***

        Get over it they gotta keep Jacob!!!

  134. I'm a 12 year old girl. No matter who wins the AI finale, the 6 remained contestants are all my idols in different aspects.

    Haley – my life idol; she takes the criticisms and changes them to her strength; she has greatest growth since the begin of the season; she is versatile and can sing varieties of genres; and she has great range of voice and beutiful stage presence (SHE WILL WIN 2011 AI.)

    James – my birthday party idol; he is a way cool rocker and nice young man; I would like him singing and screaming at my 13 year's birthday party.

    Lauren – my after school idol; she is so innocent and naive; we can hang out and sing a lot togeter; it will have a lot of fun.

    Scotty – my bedtime idol; I can sleep in his soothing country tunes and stories.

    Casey – an idol while I am angry; I can listen to his music to help me to strain myself.

    Jacob – an idol when I am sad; I can easily cry in the companion of his Gospel tune.

    Love AI and listen to them a lot.

  135. I like growling with her???? Really Casey??? Creepy. Just plain creepy. And way to make it awkward Steven…asking him how in love with Haley he is on national television? That was weird…

    Anyone else really sick of Randy? "Yo yo yo! Dude! Yo! Dude! In it to win it!" Shut up already. Say something useful. And Steven needs to stop commenting on how Haley looks…creepy. And Jennifer needs to stop being so nice! Constructive criticism! That's the judges only job since they opinion doesn't matter in terms of performance, so give them something to work with! They're not perfect every time they sing!

  136. I completely agree with writer's assessment. However, I don't think any of them are bad, including Jacob. I think he will go, but that does not mean he is terrible. This year has been soooo good. These kids are great. I wish they could all stay forever and we could watch them all every week. These kids are all talented. They all deserve contracts, each one of them is a different piece of the market. Love them all!!

  137. yet again you always love James..not matter what happens…

    yea thats fair…you should support all of them (besides Jacob)

  138. Well as I said before I`m not american. I live in Uruguay but I think I was a little bit exact with Scotty and James. They are on the way to the top "fight" for the winner…..

    And more I still think for Scotty a song like Stranger in my house should be perfect to win (mix of country, pop,rock ) and James should sing something with so much energy like ZZTOP songs like: Sharp dress man or got me underpressure….

    Anyway I think is time for all of them to sing more of one song from each style ( for example three songs for each other from country, pop and rock) at this time of the competition.

  139. I am sick of Randy with his Yo Yo Yo and Dog, Dog, Yo Dog. He wastes time with that crap, same with Stevens bad language. He needs to stop thinking and talking about how the girls turn him on!

    Jlo takes deep breaths, and most of the time just says barely anything. And when she does she wants to appologize for not judging on bad notes etc. She has been too nice.

    Since the day she broke down crying when she had to sent the person home instead of to A.I.

    She was telling Steve and Randy she can't do this anymore continuously.

  140. its just not the same without Pia. She had it all and then Gwen (fashion sense??) Stefani wrecked it by dressing her in a get-up that made her look way older and unable for the younger voters to relate who I am sure make up the bulk of the voting.

  141. James all the way he is entertaining and keeps my interest. Jacob usually bores me but he does have a powerfull voice and I like him especially after that duet which I gotta say I LOVED because of the two of them were actually funny and sounded like they were really having fun "Bring it to Church" lol im kinda over Casey too though he also has wowed me on ocasion

  142. scotty and lauren are my favorites. i think they both did great last night, but the weather in the south probably hurt their total votes. i think a lot of their support comes from that area, so their votes might be way down. i sure hope not.

  143. Jacob has been disappointing lately but he can sing. Might be time for him to go. Haley cannot sing and should never have made it this far so hopefully that will be rectified tonight.

  144. Scotty McCreepy is the one who I would like to see going home but I have a feeling it will be Jacob. James was really really good last night.

  145. I HEART Haley….JLO and Randy are so mean to her…she goes out there and sings her butt off every week and they'll say yah, haley that was good…and that's it. James screams his way through a song and they praise him with cheers and "oh yahs"…WTH!!!! I don't understand why the 2 of them are so mean to her….I'm a huge Haley fan and I hope she makes it a few more weeks…unfortunately with the judges attitudes towards her I don't think she'll win… ;(

    OH and I love Haley/Casey duets!!

  146. I'll just say Jacob or Haley will most likely go home. But I agree with the bottom three. The reason Casey has been safe since the save when he's near the bottom of the polls is because the polls are usually a very small percentage of the actual votes.

  147. I don't get the hype with Lauren. She's too immature for me. She just seems like a giggly school girl. Jordan had more maturity than Lauren did when she was competing.

    I absolutely love Haley and I myself do NOT mind the growling. I don't give a F*** it's actually amazing. I haven't heard a singer like that in a while. She amazes me with every performance and she's friggen hot to boot. (:

    James is my male favourite. He does NOT screech. I don't know what people are hearing but he's on pitch. If he was screechy someone would have said something was sharp. I say he has a good career in rock music and I hope he's in it to win it! I prefer him over Scotty any day.

  148. JLo and Tyler will not be back next season; neither of them are comfortable doing the judge thing and the result is poor critique and little real help to the contestants. Thankfully I don't have to listen to JLo pimping that cheesy boy band merchant Stefano anymore. Tyler – so contrived – no doubt he has his list of 'one-liners' prepared for each show so he can build up himself even more; he says almost every performance is 'beautiful' – what a crock! Give us something real – at least Randy is that – even if he is so obviously biased! Dude you should never get out of your seat and hug a contestant; Cowell would'nt have done that in a million years. Nobody is blowing me away right now – Haley still has the most interesting voice but the real charisma went with Paul and Naima's exit…

    You could listen to a hundred songs sung well by Jacob Lusk but they'd all merge into one vocally over sung blob. Casey would be one continuous scream with lots of annoying 'hmmphs', Lauren would be like a thousand other girl singers – good but not distinguishable; Scotty has real resonance but Country's just not my thing; James is the best entertainer but I still don't like his sound despite his obvious talent – not a voice I want to listen to; that leaves Haley – she has the only vocal left I want to listen to and if she finds her niche I'd buy her albums…

  149. Wahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! My Haley girl is SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. So Scotty, Jacob and Casey are in the bottom 3. Well we all know who is going home. It ain't Scotty. I know there is a lot of dislike for Casey, but I don't see him going home either. It's time for Jacob (Iovine was so funny about Jacob going in the wrong closet!!) to go home.

      • Sorry Gautham, but I guess Casey got one last laugh at old Coondog, finishing his song hugging, looking at Haley and calling her "mine". I did place the Coondog Curse upon him early today, but I'm still gonna have a bad nightmare of him singing and 'whatnot' with my Haley. Best regards Gautham

  151. Just my opinion……but I dont think anyone should be allowed to post abt the results show and who left until the west coast had a chance to watch it! That was really unfair.

    • simple solution Julie: It sucks, but I avoid the blogoshere after 5pm, or you still can a little, but not past 530pm. PST

      • Pero no debio irse tan pronto…a mi si me apeno su salida…. por lo menos debio estar en top 5….haley debio irse hace tiempo… ahora se nota de lejos que el mejor es James…

  152. The show is over for me. I loved Casey. Voted for him every week. Jacob should of went home along time ago. Hoping James wins the show.

    • I totally agree!! Casey was amazing in so many ways! Jacob should have gone home a long long time ago. I actually like his growl!

  153. Randy sucks!! I hate him even more. He is trying to manipulate votes by giving rough opinions to the contestant he wanted to go home!! BOOOO dawg!! Hope Scotty win

    • I agree the Judges place is to give opinions and not name the winner. I hope everyone see's how they are trying to name James the winner by eliminating any competition, leaving the heavy metal guy to win. This season has be the worst I have watched. I think I'll switch to watching the Voice. PS I wouldn't buy any of James songs.

      • James rocks. Oh well Randy hasn't been himself this season anyway. And I will watch the Vioce also. But this is a great year for American Idol.

  154. Don, I have to agree with you about what the judges should and should not be doing. James is not going to win it all, no matter what the judges say or do. Heavy metal screechers always come in 2nd. And, to tell you the truth, I am pulling for one of the girls to win it all, unless all the tweens vote for Scotty. Speaking of the "Voice". I watched it and thought their concept was great. Their backs to the contestants, just listening to their voices and making their picks on coaching them, without regard to what they look like or how good they dance around. Loved it. Will definately be watching it. Getting tired of AI and especially their voting system. at&t voters can vote 50 times or more. In groups who vote together, one voter voted for himself and others over 500 times and claimed his fingers were burning. Wonder why!! I still think that all of these types of shows and DWTS included. spectators should only have 1 vote to be fair to all. Any more than that is stacking the deck. Just like voting for the POTUS. No comment on which one tho.

      • The vote should be done by computer where only one vote is recored per computer to bad if there is more than one person who uses that computer they will just have to have a vote to see who they vote for.

  155. I have enjoyied this years Idol the best yet. I think the talent has been great. I'm so glad Casey went home, next Jacob. All the rest are great but I want Scotty to win. Jameshas a special place in my heart and I hope he gets second. I love the judges this year and don't miss Simon.

  156. I am glad that Casey has gone that man can not sing even in the shower as for Jacob that boy can sing but he has to start singing as a Pop star not like someone in church if he wants to stay all the rest have their own style and that is what makes it harder to choose the winner

  157. First of all, I think that James is incredible. He is a showman!!I happen to think that he is an inspiration to those who suffer from autism and turettes (spelling?). He is an american Idol! But then I liked Casey Abrahms. Although his voice was not the best, He was exciting and unpredictable.

    I personally like this seasons AI. It has become a venue for Original Artists….ARTISTS! Unlike the cookie cutter singers like Pia. It has been an interesting season.

    I think James deserves to win. However, demographics plays a big role. People who love country will vote for Scotty or Lauren. Musicians will vote for Casey or James …..and so on. Who watches American Idol? Who VOTES? It is ultimately their choice. Do you vote? I am almost 50 years old. And noone that I know votes…..oh yes, they all watch the show…but they do not vote.

    Most of them agree…..Its gonna be James or Lsuren

  158. I hope Scotty Wins. I like them all,but Scotty and Lauren sing the songs that I like.

    Some easy listening.

  159. Scotty is my favorite and James is my husbands favorite and Lauren is my 2 year olds favorite, when she comes on he stops and humms along with her. Its adorable. Love you guys.

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