American Idol 2011 Top 6 Performances & Phone Numbers

American Idol 2011 returns with its Top 6 performing live tonight with songs by Carole King. With just a few weeks left to go in the competition there isn’t much deadwood left to cut. Chances are, a lot of you are going to be seeing your favorite going home before too long as we march toward the season finale.

Join us in our Idol Chat room while we review tonight’s show and then and see what other Idol fans are saying right now on our Idol Facebook page.

American Idol 2011 Top 6 Performances:

  • Jacob Lusk – Oh No, Not My Baby – 1-866-436-5701 & 5707
  • Lauren Alaina – Where You Lead – 1-866-436-5702 & 5708
  • Scotty McCreery – You’ve Got A Friend – 1-866-436-5703 & 5709
  • James Durbin – Will You Love Me Tomorrow – 1-866-436-5704 & 5710
  • Casey Abrams – Hi-De-Ho – 1-866-436-5705 & 5711
  • Haley Reinhart – Beautiful – 1-866-436-5706 & 5712

American Idol 2011 Top 6 Duets:

  • Haley Reinhart & Casey Abrams – I Feel The Earth Move
  • Lauren Alaina & Scotty McCreery – Up On The Roof
  • Jacob Lusk & James Durbin – I’m Into Something Good

You can get any of these songs on iTunes or for free from SuperPass.

Tomorrow night we’ll find out which singer earned the least votes and that singer will be eliminated so vote wisely and be sure to cast your unofficial vote in our Idol poll below (poll to be posted after the ET broadcast so no complaining about the votes!) and then share your opinion on tonight’s performances!




  1. Song predictions:

    Haley: 'I Feel the Earth Move' Originally I was thinking 'Smackwater Jack' but this is her night so she might as well be the one to do King's classic.

    Scotty: 'You've Got a Friend' Only thing I think he can do easily.

    Casey: 'Corazon' One can hope!

    Lauren: 'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow' She was asked to show a little more range, this does it.

    Jacob: 'Way Over Yonder' This was easiest to pick. I think Jacob can give this a good gospel feel and could give him another week.

    James: 'Believe in Humanity' Can't think of anything else that will allow James to get a scream in.

  2. Who is left? Is Scotty still there? I hope so… I missed last week and mabye the week before.

  3. jacob, jacob, jacob. ackward…if he was a middle age lady he would be great..otherwise he is difficult to watch. destined for background singing and choir

    • totally agree- i think he'd make a great drag queen performer! i can appreciate his talent but it's not for me…have loved james since day one and i'm rooting for him or casey!

  4. Jacob from the bottom 3 last week to opening the show let's do him a favor and send him home this week.

  5. Jacob can sing there is no question about it, the problem is that people do not like him 🙁 anyway I wish him luck and votes 🙂

  6. jacob, do me a favor and please go home this week. i have waited patiently week after week!

  7. i don't think jacob sounds that good..he needs some training. but beyond that, he is not entertaining and by his comments about america looking itself in the mirror..miss jacob take a look back babe.

  8. Lauren has been losing energy in her voice…she has the power but does not show it enough. she tends to trail off sometimes.

    • she did! but on that short clip… when she went high… it totally gave me goosebumps.. when she performed.. it didnt have the same effect.

      i wonder if thats because they showed the clip or if it's because she didnt bring it. it was done well..

      i just hope people vote for her!! she can't go yet ):

  9. Lauren good job!! I am not sure she is going to be in the finals but she is trying really hard.

  10. Is it me or did Lauren look confused hearing the comments from JLO and Randy? It was like she wasn't getting it and then when they said "Keep doing it!" she was like, "Oh okay".

    • i was a bit confused at first by JLO's comments…so i am not surprised Lauren did not know where she was going.

  11. 2 down, 4 to go. So far, not so good. Here was my assessment and using Branden's scoring:

    Jacob: Ugggg. what a mess. I guess you have to be the caliber of JLo or Steven Tyler to appreciate what he did because I didn't get it. For me it was really one big mess and nasty sounding. Nothing to do with Jacob being my least favorite but I so didn't like this song or his voice. Sorry. D+ or maybe even a D.

    Lauren: I do love that girl's voice. BUT….. what the heck, another snoozer and excrutiatingly boring song. I'll give her 2 notches above Jacob but not too much higher. C-.

    THEN AGAIN, IT IS CAROL KING WEEK SO HOW MUCH EXCITEMENT CAN WE EXPECT????? I love her music but it just isn't right for this group of performers. Carrying on………………………..

    • You're a tough grader! I give Jacob a C and Lauren a B-. Carole King week should show off the voices , but yeah her music isn't too dynamic.

    • cmon jacob and lauren werent bad they both did really well. your review on jacob is way too harsh he sang amazingly though his act is getting old. He doesnt deserve a d+ i think he deserved a c and lauren was not boring just not as good as her previous performances id give her a B-

  12. casey and haley…come on…you are at a party and two people get drunk and get a hold of two microphones…thats what is see…embarrassing.

    • As much as I don't like to be overly harsh on young performers but something you said did hit home. It really wasn't good at all and I hate to say it but I agreed with you when you said 2 people perhaps under the influence – it wasn't good at all!

    • i thought haley sounded amazing too! she is truly entertaining and love her performance. Im starting to like haley more and more. 🙂 Probably will vote her this week.

    • Yah. That's kinda what I thought. Haley was losing some of the melody and notes. Casey didn't hit it. He played it safe. They both performed very safe and resulted to a boring performance.

      I hate myself for saying this coz I'm a Casey fan and a Haley-voice lover.

  13. Honestly I dont like when Casey and Haley sing together, when they sing solos is ok but they sound pitchy together. Just my opinion

  14. i'm kind of disappointed that crystal is coming back tonight. she's pretty lacking in my opinion….

  15. At this point of the competition they should nail the songs and I did not feel Scotty doing it. It was more minus than a plus for me

  16. scotty was kinda pitchy.. to my ears anyways but it was definitely a good performance. way better than last week.

    • although i did wish he went really low in the end.. because thats who he is and they are taking it away from him.

  17. good song for scotty…showed more to his voice that time..though you could tell he wanted to go to the country side…it was still there at times…he needs to explore more range..he has it.

  18. Scotty did great with that song he's showing more than just that country thing. I think he just recovered from last week and will be safe tomorrow night.

    • Lordy, Lordy, Scotty did great. Here comes the screaming kid named durbin, please help.

  19. Time for Jacob to go…….back to the church choir… is painful to listen to him scream and screach …….i agree with Steven Tyler he struts his tail feathers and even that is mediocre………i think the best male singers are Scotty, james, lauren, hailey, casie in that order….i think scotty sings way better than james

    • What the heck were you listening to? that was his best performance of the season. he melted me like butter and I'm old. Holy crap. Amazing.

      Props to James also

      • I hate scotty, he was never been in my top list. but in fairly judgment, i thought he done a great job this week. his next to durbin this week, honestly..

    • Totally agree he will win the whole thing, if America screws up again he will still get a outstanding contract.

  20. wow james…best performance of the night..i never really liked that song much until now..he should record it.

  21. Nice job James! I think that was an excellent performance. Anyone else feel like watching "Dirty Dancing" now, too? LOL!

    • ughhhh… once again? i think he has been screaming and screeching most of the time. he's a good singer and performer, no doubt. but he should be more creative and wow us with not just his vocals, but his taste for music, his intelligence and creativity… that's a true american idol. not just singing prowess.

  22. I think JLO was right. James have had great nights and greater nights…he has not had a bad night..and tonight i really was impressed..i have been leaning towards scotty…but i think James should be number one and scotty two..but knowing this show..james will come in second and make the most money. great job mr durbin!

    • I hear you. I too think James should be #1 and Scotty #2 (despite knowing I will buy Scotty's CD) but it will be the reverse (as history as proved). Too bad because James is very deserving to win, however #2 will also make him a long-term winner.

    • I dunno… I'm as big a James fan as any here, but even I have to admit that when he performed Bon Jovi during "Everybody has the flu week" it wasn't great… it wasn't bad, but he didn't really wow me that week… aside from that one time he has been top 2 performances every single other week IMHO.

  23. 4 down 2 to go. I gave my critique of the first 2 performers earlier so here is my shtick for Scotty and James. Again, I will use Branden's method of rating:

    SCOTTY: oh my, after 50% of the performers I am seriously thinking this show is a clone of last year! Snoozer's ville. I will admit I enjoyed Scotty's soothing voice, but that's a given. In terms of performance and song choice – yikes. Tonight really is a mess. B-

    JAMES: thank God for James. Despite the slow song the boy shone. I totally loved his first verse without the band – wow. It was hard to see James without the theatrical act that he normally gifts us with – but hey, relative to his previous competitors – HE DID GREAT. A+

  24. Good grief, talk about over pimping James. He was sharp, screechy in places and off pitch some.

    • Oh my, can't believe what you just said. Can you qualify "screeching" in this song? What part specifically? I didn't hear a single screetch during his performance so help me out here.

      • James was great, best so far

        Scott did good but hard for his style and vocal range.

    • its true that his performance is the best so far for the night. but im still not completely wow-ed by him. I don't find him unique or different from the contestants we have in the past or in the market…

  25. Scotty is great.

    He's a kid but he sing You've got a friend with so much emotion. It's really beauiful

  26. OMG!!!!!! i didn't get to hear James cause the stupid weather man interupted and talked the whole perfomance!!!!! how was he? good as always???

    • He did a really good job, IMO. I was a bit worried about it, but it was one of my favorite songs of the night, definitely.

      • i thought so. (: i'm still going to vote for him even though i didn't get to hear it, haha.

    • He was AMAZING. It was a slow song with no theatrics but vocally the best. His first verse was without any music and that was bar none – amazing. Sorry you missed it but find it on youtube to enjoy.

    • Sorry Kk, 75 people just died in the tornados. They're saying the weatherman probably saved another 500 fatalities and 7,000 casualties with his inappropriate warnings. What a jerk! (?)

    • no way. that was really great. i would love to have a big band and have him singing all day. its so perfect.

      • Now I agree with you Ralph. If I could pick two singers I would listen to while relaxing with my girl or reading a book it would be Casey and Haley. But I like jazz, and a little Blues. Most people don't know it and what we hear as euphonic they hear as dissonant.

      • I'm with you Oak. When Haley sings growly, whiny, howling Blues–Old Coondog done Jizz. I mean Coondog likes Jazz too!

    • I keep wondering how Casey has made it this far. He is a real sweet guy but just not Idol material.

    • casey sings in the style of classic blues – u r probably too young to appreciate but u should study up on the origin of the blues in america and then maybe u could appreciate what he does. like improving your palate to appreciate fine wine, u have to train ur ear to appreciate fine music.

    • Because they saved him?? They have to prove they did the right thing by somehow keeping him..

  27. I nominate Casey for bottom 3 duties! I'm sorry but that sounds something that's more suited for a blues club.

  28. Wouldn't have associated that song with Carole King. Perfect song choice for Casey! But same ol' Casey song. At least this time he didn't do anything stupid.

  29. James is a whole package and deserves praise, he should be Americas idol. Tomorrow night Jacob really needs to go home after several poor weeks, he is the weekest link. In the end it will be James, Lauren, and Casey.

    • All the criticism of casey is annoying! He was amazing like every week. Thats why he was saved and why hes still in it. Great job casey! i will keep voting for you

  30. Are the judges on some kind of drug that whenever Casey performs they praise him even if does terrible?

  31. Definitely I didn´t like Casey. The judges always give him lots of good comments but for me was not good, too much growling, too much shouting.

    So far Jacob and Casey on the bottom 3

  32. I wish Lauren would step up her game :/ , its not that she's a bad singer but she's getting outshined each week :/ , she's still my favorite 😀

    Basing on America's usual voting this is what I think American Idol will end up with ,Hopefully not for Lauren XD

    Final 2: James and Scotty(Strongest Competitor(s) , not really much of Scotty , but James deserves to be there , Scotty is good but not really the strongest one)

    3rd Place: Casey (He's my 2nd Favorite , but I don't think he can make it to the finals since people go for James and Scotty more.)

    4th Place:Lauren(She's sinking , not drastically , she's not just doing VERY strong performances unlike previous ones)

    5th Place:Haley (She is great maybe better than Lauren but seeing how they make her go to the Bottom 3 she might not make it to the Top 4/3)

    6th Place: Jacob (I like his Vocal Ability ,but people dont really like him)

    Just wanted to share :> , No hating on me Please 😀 feel free to share what you feel.

    I am not being biased , Lauren is my fave but I didnt put her in number 1 :'(

    • I must agree with you. although lauren and casey might switch but who knows. if lauren steps up, she can be on the finals 😀

  33. i have never thought much of haley's voice…perhaps she should have tried something slower…but i am sure her fans loved it. come on judges praise the heck out of it..

  34. My critique on the last 2 perfomers after a somewhat painful night:

    CASEY: I do like the jazz sound Casey put into the song, very unique. BUT….. for pete's sake, about 3 sentences were musical and the rest were raspy talk, not something I want to listen to on my stereo. I want to listen to music not jazzy, raspy rap. B+

    HALEY: I always thought Haley would do the best with Carol King. She did fine and then a bit. A

    GOD HELP US if they give us another theme week like Carole King. HUGE mistake and wonder why they did that????

    • of there were only 3 sentences of music why did you give him a B+ idiot. but haley was good i just dont like her voice

    • They used the Carole King theme to help the ladies stay in….and it should have worked…but in my opinion, it didn't. Both girls have perfect Carole King voices, but they kind of did their own thing and it wasn't quite what I hoped for. It worked for James and Scotty, though. They nailed it! I never expected it.

  35. i would send jacob or casey home…wish they both could go…but my bottom three and the next three to be voted off are jacob, casey and haley..who cares the order. james, scotty and lauren top three…in that order.

  36. Haley did a super job!!! she nailed the song!! I cant understand why she is always on the bottom 3.

    After listening to all of them for me tonight, my bottom 3:




    probably Jacob going home

    • Lana? Is that you? I think someone hijacked Lana's name. Joking aside, it's nice to see the personable side of you :).

  37. hmmm,from all of the 6 contestant doin solo tonight,which contestants do u think that make a different arrangement n make it into his own…? 1,2,3 or 4 contestant……? 😉

    • Don't know why Jacob stayed and they sent Stefano home. Stefano had more votes. This is why I haven't watched this show since 2004. Started watchin it again and now I know why I quit. They are soooooooooooooooo crooked it is not even funny! Hey the American people can see what you guys are doin. How long do you think we will tolerate this unjust?

      • Uhh…Stefano wasn't 'sent' home and Jacob obviously had more votes than him or Jacob would have left.

      • Ummm, whaddya mean Stefano had more votes… how do you figure? Nobody outside of the folks running the show know how many votes each person had.

        Unless you believe in some kind of conspiracy theory, I'd wager that Stefano had the fewest votes. (I'd have prefered Jacob leave before him as well, but lets face it, facts are facts)

  38. Duet from Jacob and James this could be interesting. Based on the solo performances I would say

    Bottom 3



    Lauren(I like her but everyone else outshone her tonight)

    Going home:


    • If he doesn't…..he should. He should have gone home weeks ago. According to the ratings he should have gone home.

      • @ CJ. I agree. Based on performances: # 1. James; #2. Haley; #3. Casey; #4. Scotty; #5. Lauren and lastly #6. Jacob. Have a feeling Jacob may be going home this week. 🙂

      • You almost nailed it Rose. Haley lover that I am, James was in a class by himself tonight (he could be every night if he sang rock, and didn't scream so much other nights). I placed Lauren ahead of Scotty though, because even though they both tried to reach, Lauren did better and Scotty got Corny especially at the end–but at least he tried!

    • How is Haley bottom 3? Better than Scotty for sure! My bottom 3 tonight… Casey/Scotty/Jacob

      Casey IMO overdid the song a bit to much anger for the song.

      Scotty just bores me(I like country music watch GAC and CMT every morning)

      Jacobs voice just is not pleasing at all to me makes me cringe.

  39. I hope I can catch the show later or maybe tomorrow. Anyways, I love Haley and I always cross my fingers for her during result shows. I just wish what she did tonight is enough to save her. At least one more week for her please. :>

  40. Who will be bottom three:

    Jaoob, Casey, Haley

    Who should be based on tonight's performance:

    Scotty, Jacob, Lauren

      • three agrees! Any others care to acknowledge there was a most definite top 3 and bottom 3 based on tonight's performances? I don't think it's ever been so certain. Let's start a string if you agree.

  41. My favorite two that eat up the stage with their performances: James and Haley! Haley being my favorite!

  42. Ok , my take.

    Jacob – Despite his foray into edgy fashion, was better than I expected.

    Lauren – Love her, but as bad as she looked, she sounded worse.

    Scotty – He's back!

    James – Just OK, glad he slowed it down a bit.

    Casey – I know he's a risk taker, but that was suicidal.

    Haley – She was good, but struggled a little.

    The only duet I liked was James and Jacob.

    My bottom three: Lauren, Casey and Jacob.

  43. Scotty has done great with what he has been given to work with. This is a true star. If you give James Durbin or Jacob Lusk a country or folk song…..would they ace it? I think not. Give Scotty his due. Give him a song in his element. How about that?

  44. I really like this country guy name Scotty and his songs… he has a great voice and he is not really like other singer… they are proud too much but for this guy he is a hero in the way I look and judge him …. once he sing it touch my heart and gives me more feeling that I have never feel before

    • yea i agree James has it all and more . He deserves to win this . It does not get any better than this!!

    • Haley is better than Casey! Definatly better than Scotty and Lauren. Jacob doesn't even come close. James is a Rockstar already. The final 2 should be James and Haley but unfortunatly The way the votes are done it will not happen. Oh…Casey…I liked his performance last week…I just can't get into his style of singing and Haley was definately better in thier duet.

  45. hmmm,from all of the 6 contestant doin solo tonight,which contestants do u think that make a different arrangement n make it into his own…? 1,2 or 3 contestant……?

  46. James Durbin screams when he sings. Any one can scream, he should sing a song not scream a song. !

    • I've said it in an earlier post. What part exactly did he scream tonight? I sure didn't hear a scream so I'd love to know the exact place/note?

      • Genie.

        He didn't scream and we know it. He is showing his versatility over and over. Don't know how anyone can say James screamed. One thing we have to say about James is he is not ONE dimensional like some of the others. This guy is the complete package.

        For me, he is the genuine article. I'd buy his albums in a heart beat.

        I like some of the others but to me he is the shining star.

    • I keep reading each week the criticisms of the contestants, and I have to wonder what professional basis you have for making them? At least make a comment that "I did not like so and so's performance because …….".

      Thanks for letting me rant. Go James and Scotty!

      • Music is like art. You don't need to be an expert to know what you like. Education can make one better able to appreciate the complexities of various genres, but not love them. I've had extensive education in art and I still think Picasso's stuff is crap.

      • Bill.

        Hubby professional drummer 35 yrs. Played with some great well known musicians and continues to play.

        Daughter – vocals and guitar. Studied guitar with one of Canada's best flat pickers and made level 3 in Canadian Idol.

        Winner of many vocal competitions and instructs on guitar.

        Me…studied guitar at Conservatory of Music. Studied and play keyboard, write and read music.

        What does this all mean????

        Absolutely nothing as we three many times have disagreements about which artist and or song is better.

        As Templar said, we are better able to appreciate the complexities of various genres but not love them.

      • Bill get with it….either you like it or not and we all have different taste!!! What don't you get?

    • No way, James did an amazing job with that song! He made it sound current and enjoyable. Really impressive!

    • James does not scream. The kid is a phenominal singer. I think he will win this year. He is consistent and never has a bad week.

    • James did not scream his song tonight and no one can say he did!! James is a great singer and performer , and can sing anything. He is so crazy good !!!! All his performances have been rock solid. Gotta love James!!!

  47. for those that criticize James "screeching" remember he is performing infront of one the best screechers in the music business who is considered a rock legend….yep…Mr Screecher himself…..Steven Tyler! James is what the music industry needs, flamboyant, entertaining and has great stage presence and a fantastic voice! ROCK ON!

    • Ok But be realistic. Steven Tyler is a good musician and a good songwriter, but he fronts a rock band. He does not now, nor has he ever been a great singer. Terrific performer, lots of feeling, soul, whatever. Not a top notch voice.

      • Are you kidding me????? Steven Tyler RULES. He has a beautiful voice. Did you ever listen to "Angel"? Listen to it—he is amazing. And Aerosmith is the #1 American band of ALL TIME. Templar, you must be tone deaf.

      • Judi I'm with you.

        Notice that tonight Randy told Scotty to slide gently down from his high notes instead of just chopping them off?

        Steve Tyler was the only one who commented that he knew Scotty dropped the high notes abruptly because he couldn't hold them. "Mr. Screechy Tyler" said with a smirk, knows how difficult it is to reach and hold those high notes because that is what he can do. Just likes James. Takes mucho talent and terrific range.

      • If Steven Tyler rules, why was Aerosmith's ONLY number one song written by someone else? Until Steven agreed to do the song for Armageddon [because his daughter Liv asked him to do it] and they brought in a full orchestra [heavy on the violins] They never had a number 1 song. As for being the #1 American band, they've had 150 million albums sold. Bon Jovi has 130 million sold and Aerosmith has been at it for 11 years longer. Bon jovi was the #1 concert tour in 2010.

      • James did not scream tonight, just because you are singing high, or singing loudly, does not make it screaming. Sure you could say he screamed last week, but this week no you cant.

      • Also remember Steven Tyler is in the rock and roll hall of fame, and you arent Templar.

        Screaming isnt a bad thing for singing anyways as long as its done at the right time (James and Steven do it at the right time), and even if screaming was a bad thing, if James screamed tonight then Scotty screamed tonight.

      • Jason: Not at all. My all time favorite band is Queen. Bon Jovi is a somewhat distant second. I give Aerosmith full marks for what they've accomplished, but when it comes to pure vocals Steven is no Freddie Mercury , nor Jon Bon Jovi for that matter.

    • Muzik you are so right. James has what it takes . He is hands down the best performer and singer this year and i'm even going to go out on a limb and say the best Idol has ever seen. He is great!!!

  48. If you are only listening to music, and no performance scotty and james are the only two(maybe lauren) that will sell an entire album,and Scotty being the most marketable.

    • Ummmm, Scotty will unquestionably be marketable but if James does the right album with his amazing voice, he could as well.

      • I do agree that james can sell records. I just think that Scotty will sell more. I like both of them,however;there is so much to be said about that Country charm

      • Its hard to tell since right song and arrangement is equally important.

        Celine sold 200M albums, so Haley or Lauren in time could out sell them both.

        It will be easier for Scotty since in country the singer is recognized while in rock it the band.

    • I disagree. Lauren is not ready, and she proved it yet again this week, for this competition much less actually cutting a record. Scotty is extremely one dimensional. James is a great performer and will have a great career fronting a band and I'm sure we will hear a lot from him. James definitely is more marketable in a wider circle of influence than Scotty. Not everyone loves Country music, and if you look at the top selling albums atm there's a heck of a lot more than country that is on that list.

      • I liked Adam Lambert on AI but would not purchase his album. I like James but would not purchase his album. Would definitely purchase Scotty's album. They are both marketable (Scotty and James), it is just a matter of taste.

      • @ David P. Hi. I agree. Lauren is just not ready…she is losing ground with every performance. Loved James and thought that Haley had a good performance 🙂

      • I do think James is good. Maybe more versatile than Adam,again I would rather listen to an album by Scotty..Just my one opinion

      • Yea people who love country will buy Scottys music , but for others it will be James Durbin!!! Gotta love James!!!

      • Exactly, David. Lauren is not ready, she seems uneasy, unsure.. Hayley is much more solid and confident.

      • sydney, I agree with you. I loved the song James did tonight and he is a performer. I totally enjoyed it but I also loved Scotty's and I think he is definately more marketable.

      • I agree with you that Lauren is not ready. She has a beautiful voice, and her day will come, but her being 16 is really starting to show as the season advances. She sang "scared" last week, and I think she felt the pressure to come back and nail it this week. And I agree with the judges that she "pushed" herself, but … not in a good way. Again, she's just not ready yet. Lots of country fans will vote for country artists for no other reason, and in my opinion that's what is keeping her near the top, and it will continue to do so, I'm betting, even after a second just-average week for her.

      • Yea but the problem is Scotty needs to step it up a notch, his stuff is getting a little boring. Always the same tone and not a whole lot of movement on the stage. He keeps it very safe all the time.

  49. Scotty give it all you got shine shine shine!!!!!!You are like a record, you can listen to it!

    • I Love Scotty too. I enjoy country and western and he will go very far. If James doesn't win I think Scotty is next. Either way they both will have careers in the music industry. Scotty just has the voice and James has the versatility it takes. The are both great! Love Lauren too

  50. Alright, so here's my 2 cents:

    My bottom 3

    1. Lauren

    2. Scotty

    3. Jacob

    Most likely bottom 3

    1. Hayley

    2. Jacob

    3. Casey

    I thought that Hayley and Casey did a great job and that Jacob actually did pretty good himself but, I think we all know by now, this is a popularity contest so even though I thought both Lauren and Scotty were so-so (I wasn't even feeling their duet) we all know they're safe. And folks just plain don't like Jacob so unless his fans pick up I predict he will be going home. That is all.

    • Lana I agree wih you all the way!

      Casey just seems not to know where he is going or what direction to take. Jacob is good and has a nice voice but just does not stand out above the other performers. There is so much talent this year!

      • Man, I hope not Lana. But of course I'm talking here, because if things go as usual you're right on all accounts. I'm hoping that this week's foxy blogger Steve Foxx was right on his prediction of a lull in cougars and tweens voting for cute guys so that Haley stays in it for 'Guy Panthers' like myself!

  51. Well Scotty is my fav. I would love to see him him. I like casey too , like the whole jazzey thing. James did really good too . lauren did great too. I like haley too. but i would have to say jacob i really did not like it so well. so teh bottom 3 to me was Jacob, haley, and james. which i hate to put him there.. I loved it tonight it was a great show. scotty has always been my fav from the start.. 🙂

  52. James brings it every time… I hate to see him leave the stage… Leaves us wanting mor…

      • So definitely true…Felt he did an amazing job…the judges are so right…He brings it on and gives a 100 % every performance. Felt that Scotty, Jacob and Lauren did not do well at all, JMHO

      • Carol, those that know me know it pains me to admit James totally ruled tonight! with my beloved Haley in second only because she's sexier than Casey who actually was second best.

        And Rose is correct in having the guts to confront the Scotty and Lauren fans that those two should be with Jacob in Bottom 3.

      • Me, too. After last week I'd decided Scotty was getting really annoying, then he has to go and impress me tonight. 🙂 Still loved Haley better.

      • I agree! Scotty is getting quite boring – he only knows one thing – COUNTRY – which, in itself is alright. But for American Idol..he has to have more.. I love Haley and Casey! I'd love to see Haley as the next AMERICAN IDOL – but she's been in the Bottom 3 too my choice? CASEY! He rocks BIG TIME!!!!

  53. I think we have to say that all of them have something to offer. I think the judges are pushing James because of Scotty's fan base and they want to make it more interesting. Ask yourself who do you think will sell records??? Scotty is one of the best country singers to come around in along long time. 17??? think about it. America has a serious love afair with Country music.Why??? We can all relate to the story it tells!!!!

    • Yes but there are so many more country artist out now that tell it better than Scotty.

      • Yes Sydney, and Scotty has a story to tell of the teen male. That, they do not have in Country music. Justin Bieber (sp) is a teen sensation but he is not telling the story. Not really. Look at the success of Taylor Swift as she tells the story of the teen female. Oh yes, Scotty is the most marketable. That story will be like magic music to the ears in that beautiful deep voice.

      • At 17??? I don't think so. Imagine when he actually gets to experience those feelings he is singing about, there will be no stopping him. We haven't even heard him do a good Elvis song yet. Probably saving it for the end.

  54. James best of the night.

    Scott was good but far better at country

    Haley was good but I think picked what she liked not best songs for her voice.

    Casey, I loved it but not best singing.

    Jacob was close to having a great night but failed to fully pull it off.

    Lauren was better before she started listen to the producers/Judges, are they trying to remake her into Miley's style if so that is a big mistake.

    • I agree with you about Lauren. The minute she started listening to Jimmy Iovine and company it's like she forgot who she was. I think it definitely speaks to her youth. And I'm sorry JLO (who I think is doing a very good job as a judge) but I don't agree that she should be pushed to the point that her voice should break. She's only just turned 16 and she's immature and impressionable to boot. And I hate to say it, but her parents don't look like they are protecting her during this process. JMHO.

      • I agree about Lauren's parents. Her mom looks like the ultimate stage mom– trying to act like she's 25 or something. Steven Tyler, watch your back!

  55. James and Jacob did an incredible duet at the end so why did Steven Tyler snap at them? He's never talked to anyone like that before. He was rude.

    • Because they were horrible. No harmony — not even an attempt. Screaming in the middle for some shrill, out-of-tune notes. It was junk, and Steven called it out.

      • What do you expect having to sit through that mess? They're lucky he didn't tell them what he REALLY thou

        ght. (I did think James's leg/pelvis/Elvis-shaking thingy-jig he did, was kinda hot!)

  56. Has anyone else noticed that when you call to vote for one person, and you know you dial the number correctly or you just hit redial, and you don't always vote for the person you are trying to vote for? this has happened a couple times tonite. I was trying to vote for Lauren and Scotty and it has said thank you for voting for contestant 1. There is no way in hell I would vote for Jacob. Something is fishy!

    • James Has a good voice, but he was also screechy and pitchy. Did the judges call him out for that? Hell NO! Scotty made YGAF gis own, he reached those notes – and let a small amount of the country in his voice come out. Why? Because Scotty has been consistantly great and knows his genre well. Meanwhile , the pimping of jes began two weeks ago. James got his own marching drummers, got to comment to all of america tonight that tonight that Scotty was"100% better than in rehearsals

      • Acorn, you say, "James Has a good voice, but he was also screechy and pitchy. Did the judges call him out for that? Hell NO!"

        Ya think that maybe the reason the Judges didn't call him out on it is because you are full of it?

        Just a possibility… just sayin.

      • He is not pitchy he was the only one that wasn't!!! James rocked the house once again!!!

      • I can't believe what I read here sometimes. "pimping of James". Are you kidding. James got drummers because he wanted them to put on his show. Remember Seacrest asked him where he gets his ideas from. If the others lack the ability/imagination to enhance their performance that is their problem. He also complimented Scotty on his weekly performances by the way.

        Yes Scotty reached those high notes but he couldn't hold them.

        Because James can hit those high notes and hold them it doesn't make him screechy and pitchy. Give credit where credit is due.

      • Carol K you said it! People should really give up bashing James , he is the best we have by far!! The only thing Scotty does well is raise his eyebrows. Really just kidding . He can sing but his material is getting old fast. I guess i am tired of his eyebrows going up and down. lol

    • (accidentally hit the publish button too soon- just like the judges are pimping the coronation of James too soon. This miightbe the biggest backlash ever. How dare the judges allow James to say to America that "Scotty was 100% better than in rehearsal" – big head much there, James??? I'm sure the judges had to give James something condescending to say- cause those judges remarks that we heard are based mostly on therehearsal performance- and they sounded like it. Seriously, Scotty made that song as his own and did an outstNding job. The judges had to change up some if their comments- but still dtuck to misttbey had planned to use in the firstplace. The pressure to mKe James win and Scotty finally make the bottom three shoes the most in the vocal coaches lasetremark before Scotty sang. Dome negative comment like" if Scotty songs this not well'" instead of a positive spin.

      • They just want to see how deep Scotty's fan base is. I think they know whatever they say will not influence country fans because Scotty actually is good and th votes are for him,not influenced by the judges. I'm sure that was all just a test

      • CAROL K. Thank you for your VOICE OF REASON!! Some of these comments are so off I really wonder if I'm watching the same show:) !!!!!

        I certainly do not have your patience. Thank you again—-

  57. The judges are ridiculous. How can they declare the best performance when Three haven't sung yet. Guess I won't be watching next year.

    • I'm with u Ruth. Judge Randy lost all the remaining credibility I had for him tonight.
      Vote Scotty!!!! America! Dont fall for two week in a row 'Scotty first, James second' – we're already comparing the two' scam. All that is being compared is the dong and arrangements

    • The Song and arrangements chosen by the producers for the twoof them. How they consistently give James high praise despite the screeching and pitchy each and every week. Despite the fact james can give the rock star quality to each song- but Scotty can't give the slightest country flair to any song. Stand up America and don't let there judges and Nigel and win their old tired game.

      • Has James been consistently screechy? I thought he showed the quality of his "normal" voice tonight, especially when singing with no accompaniment in the beginning. James likes to scoop to his high notes, which is his patented style. I'm not sure that means he's pitchy. Can I just add that Adam Lambert did a lot of "screeching" too? Even though called "screeching", it was "screeching" with some seriously solid talent behind it.

      • Oh poo!!!! What do you mean Scotty can't give the slightest country flair to any song. That is all he does. Over and over and over.

        Also, they are allowed to dismiss the producers song choices if they like. Most of the contestants have done that very thing at least once.

        BTB yes I do like country as well as many other forms of music. Scotty has a great voice but same ole, has become boring for me.

      • James it great, if it wasn't for him tonight i would of gone to bed. Thank god he was there to give the best performance of the night.

    • Im sure if one of the three after him had done better they would have commented and said that was better.

      But the judges were right, and the judges said they thought he would be star of the night etc. meaning it was their guess based on what they had heard, they could have easily said at the end of the show if they changed their mind, 'i was wrong this contestant after james did better'

  58. Let the coronation begin! James is announced as winner of American idol tonight, 4/27/2011! Season is over! And the three way "sandwich" – – putting the two pieces of soft and smooth jazz bread (Scotty, Casey) around the filling, at first good, but then pitchy and screechy (James ) was a GENIUS move by the producers!!! And Randy proclaiming the winner, then going up and hugging him and reiterating the message- like wow!!! I couldn't figure out where the confetti was and why there weren't in the larger theater- or here all the buildup andspecisl guest stars and group numbers wesill see on tour were. Though we did see three duets. But they made Scotty and Lauren sit down while they sang their "love" song. Sad to see this season end so soon. Must be there were financial problems. I don't know what I'll watch tomorrow night. I was really confused by the numbers underneath the idol singers, cause James was announced winner and king. No negative comments at all.

    • James is by far the BEST. Scotty is a VERY CLOSE second. I predict James and Scotty in the finals with James winning by a hair. But Scotty will definitely succeed in his career. Win or lose. He is a star.

    • Randy did go a little over the top tonight but I guess he is the kind of guy that when he really likes something he shows it.

      • Duffusess…the judges where just making a comment about who's consistently been the best performer, & their entitled to their oppinion.

        May the most popular win!

  59. Jacob is a fantastic singer–the problem is that people do not appreciate his gospel style. He will more than likely go home tomorrow, but this shouldn't be the end for him. If America voted based on talent vs. popularity than he would stick around. His range is AMAZING—his passion is felt through every note! I wish he could stick around a little longer, but regardless he will do great. I wish Casey would have gone home a LONG TIME AGO—growling isn't a talent!

    • Casey would have been gone a long time ago if the judges hadn't of used the save on him. He seems to have forgotten the advice they gave him on the night they saved him, I think his time to go is soon.

      • Because the judges don't want to be proven wrong on their save. The save should never be used so early in the season and should only be used on someone that might actually have a chance of winning like James or Scotty

    • I totally agree with you Catie. Because Jacob has far more vocal ability. But, I don't think his style is for AI. People don't understand it. With his talent, Jacob will always be able to make money.

    • thank you so much for saying what I didn't know how to say. I'm from the East Coast, and I hear a lot of great gospel. He's near the top in that category, no doubt.

    • Casey is good and a very good musician, but I am getting sooooooo sickof that growl. He is growing very old.

      • I agree. I think Casey is good and obviously can play many instruments but that growl is so darn annoying. Also, the ummmmmmm after every growl adds to my dislike.

      • Mandy, must you be so coldly logical! (according to nonesense votes so far). I shall remain with my idealism that Truth shall conquer stupidity. Bottom 3 should be Jacob, Lauren and Scotty though I prefer Casey there (even though he was 2nd best after James and just beat my Haley that he Paws upon.

  60. My top choice has to be James. What stage presence and voice he has. Scotty next with a great change of pace and range in his voice. Not sure who would be in the bottom three. Not a professional performer so I have no basis for judging. I look for personality and I feel James, Scotty and Lauren have it. Casey is consistent and far reaching. Love em all!

      • but he does it best.Is that not what he should do???He will be signed ASAP by a top Country label, win or lose.

      • A good number of Americans don't like country, just sayin'.

        Casey is a true musician, but he doesn't know how to let it all go free.

        James is also a true musician, and I love him all the more because he shows just how successful people with Asperger's can be.

        Lauren has a gorgeous voice which I'll never get tired of hearing, but I only hear her and never feel any spark or goosebump.

        Jacob is so good, a little sloppy, but has so much talent and heart.

        Haley was my favorite tonight, maybe because of the ballad-like interlude that accented her awesome hollow voice, but also because of the perfectly-pitched runs and high notes that gave me shivers. Ridiculous, really. 🙂

      • That is because that is all he can do. Nothing wrong with that, but I like more variety.

    • /yawn the same old BS alerts just get old after a while… blah blah blah scream blah blah blah growl blah blah blah I'm a clueless hick thats afraid my favorite is going down blah blah blah… it's funny how the pattern repeats over and over again.

    • Ummm James didnt scream tonight, and I heard James sing country on youtube, and i have to say it was better than scotty.

  61. By reading some of the comments, I am wondering how old some of you are. Because I think that most of you have had limited exposure to all genres of music.

    Casey sings a Jazz style of music. Just because you don't like that genre of music doesn't mean that he can't sing. Again as someone said earlier, this is a popularity contest.

    I have learned to appreciate all genres of music.

    • Yes I can appreciate all genres — my brother is a professional musician and has been fortunate to play gigs & tour with some amazing people. Yes – Casey is great at what he does — BUT – he does not have the visuals that is important.

      When he over grunts and makes

      • opps! hit the submit button — faces –anyways he doesn't have the great visuals – would not go to see him in a concert or by a record. Yes I know alot of jazz artists grunt & groan and that is fine–Sorry just don't get Casey.

    • I love Casey's imaginitive interpretations and James' as well. I think those two have the most genuine talent of the six.

    • I agree,however Scotty sings his style better than Casy sings jazz . Arguably one of the better country singers to come along in a while.And I mean real country

  62. James is the #1 talent and he has to win! He can sing anything!

    Lauren is pretty darn wonderful and could grow into a great singer.

    Scotty and Haley are wonderful talents as well.

    Sorry, but Jacob just does not do it for me.

    But, the worst is . . . . Casey! Man, he is NOT all that! He has to go tomorrow night! Sorry but I think he is terrible – terrible – terrible!

    • Agree with everything except Casey, Casey has a really different style and can definately sing, he isnt terrible its just more you like the genre he sings or you dont and if you dont like his genre you wont like him.

      I 10000% agree with James, he could sing the phone book and it would be entertaining and amazing.

  63. I love Haley. She is gorgeous and I like her fun personality. I love her voice. She doesn't always choose the best songs but when she does, she kills it.

    Sexy, very sexy.

    • And she looked amazing tonight, love her style. She is also the only artist I've spent money on itunes. Money talks, Bu llsh it walks. How many of you have paid for songs from these great performers?

      • I spent mine on Haley and Paul Gonna wait on James because I want to see what he does with his own stuff.

    • Yea she is cute but this is not a beauty contest if it was Pia would still be here. Pia got the boot. looks have nothing to do with talent , you either have it or you don't! Haley is ok but not Idol material.

  64. Yayyyyy Haley! Everything that comes out of her mouth is just breathtaking. Stupid Randy, he could've said anything about her, besides what he said. Haley is NEVER BORING, that's one of the reasons I love her so much. Hope she gets through, she should with that. But look at last week. She outshone them all then, too, and still landed in the bottom 3.

    • Yep. True. She can sing, she's pretty and fun to watch but I don't think she's gonna win it, because there's to many teenage girls voting for the guys. She got me last week with her performance and this week was very good too actually…She got my vote again.

      • She most likely won't win, but American Idol won't be the end for her. I'll be following her career long after this. The main reason I want her to stick around, is because I love looking forward to Wednesday nights, and the show how I do, and I look forward to it all for Haley. When and if she goes, so will my enthusiam for Wednesdays.

      • Well Diane, that's just my honest opinion. People are different. Not everyone loves run of the mill boring mainstream mumbo-jumbo. Sorry.

    • No Randy makes very good points. He has been on Idol the longest and knows what it takes to be a star. Haley is not star material. She might get picked up after the show, like most of the others on here.

  65. Scotty was simply amazing tonight. Not only did he show he has range but also he showed he's not strictly country. If you want to hear scratchy screaming every song you listen to, James is your man. If you want to melt every time you hear a song, Scotty's got it! James may "win it" according to some people but everyone knows who wins never goes anywhere. Scotty is guaranteed a record deal no matter what because he's just that good.

    • i agree with you. not all the american idol winner will go somewhere. take a look at lee dwyze, kris allen, rubben studdard, taylor hicks, fantasia barino. all of these AI winners had a hard time selling their first album and now you barely hear their names in the music industry anymore. adam lambert who was the runner up is more popular than kris allen. david archuletta songs have hit teh top 10 weekly chart, what about david cook? NO…NEVER. The only succesful AI winners have been girls…Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood…simply because their songs are very easy to listen to and very catchy (they are not trying too hard)

      Chris Daughtry has made a name for himself despite the early elimination.

      It is most probably that James will win the AI with Scotty being the runner up. But Scotty will release his album first. That's for sure.

      • Scotty,win or lose will become a long long time country star.. He will bring Country back to its roots.. Lots of Country royalty rooting that direction

      • He wont release it first unless he wins, thats a rule, the winner gets to release their album first. And who releases it first really doesnt mean anything.

      • James will do better than Scotty after the show. He will be making more music because he has a larger range in what he can do. That's the bottom line!

      • Now hold up just a darn tootin' minute John and Jelly. Listen to an old Coondog teach ye 'bout women-B's-as I call 'em. There ain't a darn thing wrong about a fine Cougar! Listen to me; they buy's there own drinks growling and howling about this and that Boy Wonder. Next thing you know, place is gettin' kind of empty and Cougar Lady's gettin' all depressed that Boy Wonder done left with Haley Girl.

        That's when Old Coondog moves in with the charm! Cougar Lady still kind of squirming around in her chair, all it takes is a couple more sips of Coondog's rum and coke to her, and Cougar lady's ready to Howl! (yes, I know her eyes are closed thinking of Boy Wonder), but Old Coondog flips her over for the natural Coondoggie style while taking a couple sniffs of Haley's slippers and Nggggghhhhaahhhh!! All's well that ends well!

      • Coondog, how long you been divorced boy? If that blog lasts past 7am, you've really gotten away with a boner.

  66. James Durbin was by far the best in tonight's performances. I've been a DJ for 30 years and I know he could sell a lot of records and pack houses for concerts. Scotty is good for country music and will be a country star, but James has the voice, and personality to be our next american idol

    • @ DON GOBLE…I agree. James had another incredible performance. Haley was good, Scotty was clearly out of his element and I did not like Jacob's performance at all. Casey really jazzed it up…don't know how that will go over and poor Lauren looked lost again. The girl has no confidence. James for the win. 🙂

  67. I would like a girl to win this year… and the 2 girls that are competing right now are really great and very different. I did like them all tonight.. Specially James and Haley…But everyone was great…For me Jacob Lusk is gonna be the one to go home because last week he was in the bottom 3 and this week he got the first performance of the night…That's not a great spot for him.

    • Haley has been in the bottom 3 more than Jacob and she is still there, not sure why but she is.

      • Yes but Jacob didnt have a stellar performance so he can be forgotten…She got the best spot and did a really great performance so lets see…

      • Cause Haley can sing whatever type music u put before her.. that's why she is still on AI!

      • Because her fans…(like me)…are STUBBORN! And we FIGHT for her. Because she is worth it.

  68. james was once again the shining star of the night! it hurt to see him forced to perform with jacob. OUCH!

      • I missed their duet at the end, can someone tell me how it was? i like to know how james did on all his songs, he's my fave 🙂

      • I liked it, they had fun and it sounded great.

        Have you noticed that this very distinctive group of singers generally doesn't sound good singing together? Some have pulled it off but its rare.

      • They dont sound good singing together because they all sound so different, which isnt a bad thing. But since they are all different and trying to be individuals in group preformances instead of blending they arent as good.

        Unlike say last year most of the singers were mediocre at best, and most had the same style (guitar with a slow to mid tempo song, this excludes a couple people such as Siobhan) but they blended well together

    • Jacob and James???? Ouch indeed.Really though what else could they have done. Lauren and Scotty country, country. Haley and Casey more jazz style.

      Hard to pull off a duo with gospel style and rock style thrown together. You could see them laughing about the combo in the interview.

    • It hurt because I'm scared that James having fun with Jacob could pull Jacob out of last place. Gahhhh! The Humanity, the Humanity!

  69. I am voting for Scotty and James for the top 2 finale. They are just so good and so marketable 🙂

  70. I think it is between James and Scotty now. You can almost see it through. Jacob, Lauren or Hailey could be in the bottom 3 tomorrow. Anyone can go home.

  71. Voto por SCOTTY, demasiado!!!!! excelentemente bueno!!! Tremenda personalidad!!! I love SCOTTY

  72. Scotty may be only country, but he is great at it. Look at what Carrie Underwood has done. Go Scotty all the way. James was really good tonight too, but Scotty will sell cd's.

    • I would buy Scotty's cd'(well in 1 or 2yrs) to listen to during the week but I would buy tickets to see James on the weekends.

      With Haley I would do both just not as often.

  73. i really believe that Lauren and Scotty should be a duo couple they bake great music together.and i also think they should have a male and a female winner this year that would make every one happy

  74. Voting methods of this show should change next year…1 vote per caller… or doing it online only…one vote per person and make this a fair game.

  75. i really believe that Lauren and Scotty should be a duo couple they make great music together.and i also think they should have a male and a female winner this year that would make every one happy

  76. Is it me or does it seem like Jennifer Lopez is NOT a Scotty fan. It really showed up tonight.

    • I don't think Lopez has issues with Scotty. I think she is wanting him to show the public more now that it is getting down to crunch time. You can tell by her style of music and videos that she likes more upbeat songs and definitely some dancing around. She also said these same sort of things to Pia too and we know she liked Pia.

    • Scotty was corny tonight, but at least he tried to be different. But I was thinking, did a producer just pay JLo like a $100,000 to zing Scotty with, "Good job as Lauren's backup singer!"? Two weeks in a row Scotty's been ambushed. Templar, I think they're prepping Scotty for the cruel grind of the music world you didn't think he was ready for. I mean, JLO really cut him! Did you all see his face?!! And did he actually say "Thank you" to Jennifer for that "Praise"!! I don't think this will sit too well with Miss Secondchance! (Scotty's number one Cougar!!) I'm kidding SC!

      • Coondog: I've said before that IMO Scotty and Lauren are both too young to face the entertainment juggernaut. While I thought JLO was a bit harsh, remarks such as that will help season Scotty for what's ahead. He seems very sheltered and naive. I've been saying for weeks, let James win. Lauren and Scotty need to go home, finish school and mature a bit before hitting Nashville. And Idol needs to raise the tryout age to 18. The Idol machine can crush children.

  77. american idol, how does randy jackson get off telling durbin that he will win the whole thing and then get up and hug him when we have other contestants that are just as good. that is definetly the cruelest thing that has ever happend on idol………so i guess it is over for the rest now and everyone can just pack it in and go home. what a shame, how does one get away with such quackery.

    • I agree Randy was out of line. What a way to discourage the rest of them. He shoud apologize to them next week. James was good, but so was Scotty and Lauren.

    • So much for keeping things fair. I've always liked Randy, but he lost a lot of credibility tonight.

      • What an awkward position Randy put James in. I know James is a very humble, kind & sensitive person. James must of felt very awkward and did not appreciate the comment.

        I always felt sorry for the contestants when there was so much made of Pia's elimination. Judges acted like the contest was over. This is kind of the same situation.

      • This could be another manipulative twist. By declaring that it's pretty much all over but the shoutin', they may be trying to spur a backlash against James knowing that he likely got the bulk of Stefano's votes. This is bound to rack up huge numbers of votes to counteract James' presumed victory. Thereby, also showing everyone that the Voice didn't dent their ratings.

    • Well geez. I remember when Simon told Carrie Underwood that she would not only win but would outsell all the other winners before her. What's the big deal?

    • that is an offensive act to the other contestants. they can actually sue him for that. Randy just affected the other 5 remaining contestants psychologically and this might distract their performances next week for any singer who goes through to next week AI show. As a judge, he should have done what he has done last night. He should not have been biased. This has given the show a bad impact.

      There are more and more shows like AI, for instance: The X Factor, The Voice, America's got talent. So yeah!

      • The same thing happened when Pia was voted off. The judges acted like all the other contestants might as well go home. it was cruel. But they survived — probably made them more determined to prove the judges wrong.

        I felt sorry for James tonight – as he is a very kind man — think he felt awkward.

    • I have never seen Randy do that , but then again James is great , so there you have it!!

  78. Does anyone agree that Lauren acts likes she is in la la land. The judges talk to her and she looks at them like there're speaking a foreign language.

    • Yes Susan I think the same. She is very young though and also timid.

      She comes out like a frail kitten then Haley comes out like gangbusters and you really see how shy and timid Lauren really is. When they told her that her voice broke in her song I thought "oh no" she will cry. But they said that was good.

      • Agreed. Lauren, who has a very nice voice, is getting worse and looking completely overwhelmed by it all. She needs a couple more years. She's now looking like a 16-year-old on a stage of adults.

  79. I will express my opinion on the tonight performances, probably many do not like this humble opinion but it is my opinion and what others think is something for everyone.

    Jacob: He sang well but he lacks something, no what it is but something is missing. In the duet with James, Jacob was wrong and harmony was horrible, the ending was better

    Lauren: I thought it was weak interpretation.

    Scotty McCreery:I like him,I like his country hoarse style, but tonight, mmmmm it is the interpretation of You've Got A Friend most boring I've heard in my life.

    James: I think he and Haley were the best tonight, but I still think that James could have been better.

    Duets, trios were all horrible. ……. mmmm, bad very bad tonight

      • I would changes it some

        James A- for the one bad screech about 2/3 into the song, high notes at end were ok.

        Scotty B+ he has the voice but not the training yet to sing like James Taylor.

        Casey B+ for stage work but C- for vocals.

  80. Boy! Seacrest's inner Eddie Haskell was out in full force tonight. I would dearly love to slap him senseless or flat out kick his a** when he starts putting people in awkward and humiliating positions. I will satisfy myself by declaring him a dirty bird of uncertain parentage.

      • Yeah in telling America to vote, Seacrest said "If you wanna vote for Jennifer Lopez's legs…" which was uncalled for. You could see her "camera-ready" face almost lose that composure.

  81. I think Haley did amazing tonite!!. James was good also. I see a final 2 with James and Haley. These two deserve to be there. Did anyone notice how flat Scotty was singing his duet with Laren? Also I thought the judges wanted Scotty to move around and sing a faster paced song. Enough said. Haley and James…..Go Go Go

  82. James and Haley were the stars tonight. I always considered James a run of the mill rocker but tonight he blew me away. Face it. Carole King didn't write the most exciting songs so they all did the best they could with what they had to work with. Someone really needs to tell Randy to knock off the negative feedback with Haley. He really has to have a thing against her and that's just wrong.

    • I agree! He definatley has something against Haley. She did not deserve any negative comment. She should not be in the bottom 3 ever. She is one of the top 3 contestants on the show.

  83. All i can say is give James his crown now!!!! He is so good it's crazy!!!! James Durbin for the win!

  84. I agree that Jennifer Lopez does not appear to be a Scotty fan but I expect that from her so we'll just have to keep voting for Scotty anyway. Wish I could vote for Scotty and James too as James has a better stage presence but Scotty will get there as he gets use to being a star.

    • You can vote for as many of them as you wish. There is nothing that says you have to vote for just one person.

      Last night I liked 2 performances and shared my votes between the two contestants.

  85. i think scotty has a beautiful voice and i thought he did great tonight with the song he sang. i love hearing lauren and scotty sing together. i think the first song they sang so far was the best .

    • Nooo he was so boring.

      Have you ever listened to James Taylor sing this song?

      Or other preformances og this song go to youtube and lisen

      Scotty was boring very, very.

      Ilihe the boy y know he can sing and well but tonight wan`t his night

    • Scotty was not that bad, he has the voice but lacks the training yet to sing like James Taylor.

  86. Casey, James and Haley are my top three! They are the WOW factors! Good luck to you! You are GOOD!

      • Moi aussi (me too)-James scores high by reaching those wild notes, Casey has the artisic balance-does need to move those legs and Haley has a great stage presence-growling cool voice, the look and the comfortable moves.

    • That would be the best top 3. It's too sad people vote for other undeserving contestants. Vote for Casey, Haley, and James. They're the best singers in the competition. 🙂

    • I agree with you! The battle for the top 3 should be Casey, Haley and James! That would be amazing to watch! 🙂

  87. My thoughts on tonight's performances:

    Haley B+

    James B+

    Casey B

    Lauren B-

    Jacob C

    Scotty C-

    Not the best night overall. No REAL bad performances, but no REALLY good performances either. They need to do a Tom Waits week.

    • My thoughts on tonight's performance:

      James A

      Scotty A-

      Haley B+

      Casey B-

      Lauren C-

      Jacob D

      I agree that the night was WAY better than I expected. Casey, James and Scotty all 3 did better than I thought they would. And Lauren did worse than I thought she would, even though the judges tried to prop her up. Haley is still the most consistent in my book, and it's time for Jacob to go.

  88. James was great, Scotty and Lauren are at least likable, Haley and Casey don't do anything for me, and Jacob needs to go.

  89. A big high 5 for Scotty. He is a born natural. Casey needs to go. He is just plain weird. James is good to, but Scotty is my favorite.

  90. This is a bit off topic, but ever since Hollywood week, I've been trying to place who Haley reminds me of, and tonight it hit me. Darken her hair and she resembles Michaela Conlin who plays Angela on Bones.

  91. Scotty was so great, true tone, natural voice stays true to himself. he sings from his hart so clear voice, you can understand every word and hear his flowing tone!! you will be hearing him over the radio and singing along with him , soon !!

    • You are absolutely right!! When Scotty sings you can understand every word of what he is singing. You know what the song is about but that what country singers do. Most of them:) Thats why I am not a big hard rock fan. I can never understand what they are saying.

      I will say….I really hope Scotty wins!!

      • I am a Scotty fan and voted for him and will till the end. but, I am afraid James will take be the idol as the judges, especially Randy, already made his his decision public last night. As a judge, I think this should not happen. Let the audience make their own decision. You never hear this during the group of Simon Cowell. If these judges remain next season, I don't think I will be watching AI.

      • because sweet face and knowing sing only in Country style, but without voice (from professional opinion) all America like Scotty. but after month nobody will say nothing about him

  92. Every week seems as if it could be Haley's last, and it will be that way again this week, I'm betting, because she doesn't have the clearcut voting bloc that most of the others do. But that would be a shame. In terms of power, vocal range, stage readiness, I would LOVE to see a James-Haley throwdown for the finale. It would ROCK.

    Having said that, I must say that Scotty — of whom I haven't been much of a fan — did way better with his Carole King song that I thought he would, after a God-awful performance of a God-awful song last week.

  93. Not a faithful fan of AI….this is my second time watching the show…

    But my first time VOTING …I have to say that you can see the passion that James Durbin has when he sings…he just gives his all!!! win or loose. I'll buy his music!!!

  94. MY thoughts were Casey – a+ lauren- b- james – a- jacob – f- scotty – c+ haley – a+

  95. i said no matter how good anyone did i would vote for james for 2 hours and nobody else. james, scotty and lauren have always been my favorites. after tonight i can say that james is still my favorite and will be to the end. but once again haley blew me away. i was a total haley hater and these past 5 weeks have really changed my mind.

    i tried to vote just for james but i couldn't do it. i ended up voting

    james 75 times

    haley 15 times

    scotty 10

    lauren 5

    i had to vote for haley cause she really earned it.

    i am starting to think she is the only one who can even come close to james.

    who i want to go home in order




    scotty or haley

    james for the win.

    i think they all did really well tonight. i did laugh really hard when i heard poor james was stuck with jacob but they pulled it off, it was cute. glad james got to sneak at least one scream in there. i was scared i would hear no james screams tonight.

    i wonder who they have to perform next week.

    listening to my radio on the way home from work tonight 'guns and roses' came on and i think james would do awesome with a Guns and roses song.

    haley would do great with atlantis morrisete

    i would love to hear lauren do shinia twaine or dolly parton

    scotty would do great with 'seminole wind' or 'he stopped loving her today'

    dont want to hear casey or jacob do anything.

      • You could give more votes to Haley =) she deserves it and she's having trouble these weeks.

    • Yeah, use some more of those votes for Haley. LOL. James has a gazillion, whereas Haley needs 'em. It's unlikely to happen, but let's see a James-Haley finale. They would really crank it up for that. Everybody else would just stay in their comfort zones. J & H would rock the stage.

    • If James does Welcome to the jungle..i will explode…. but he should definitely not sing patience… or dont you cry…only Axle can do that…

  96. I believe that the contest is between Haley and James, with Haley having the edge. I think that if you have a blues show, she should consider singing "A Sunday Kind Of Love" by Etta James. I'm sure she would hit this song out of the park. Great season so far.

      • “Something’s Got a Hold On Me” would be a great crowd pleasing song, that would get Halley lots of votes, but, with a song like “A Sunday Kind Of Love”,she could show off her pipes, and slay the audience the way Fantasia did with "Summertime"

  97. I will never stop commenting on Ryan Seacrest. Please explain to me why he walks down the stairs? Does he own this show? He is not the star. I watch Dancing with the Stars and America's Got Talent. Other hosts do not act like Ryan. He is the only thing that ruins the show for me,

  98. I love country music, but every single week, James Durbin blows american Idol off the map!!

    He WILL WIN……….

    but seriously, they are the best Idols EVER….each one deserves a music career…..including Paul, He was awesome too!!!

    Just love u guys!!

  99. Haley and Casey did amazing…It's sad that a lot of people don't know what good music is.

    I really hope Haley god enough votes tonight to stay. Randy wants her to leave =/

  100. Jacob will be leaving this week he doesn't have it.Haley was amazing tonight,James and Casey to :-)Lauren and Scotty they were good.But again stranger things have happen on Idol we'll see.

  101. American Idol isn't just Rock and country, Jacob has a good chance in winning also. It takes a variety and combination of people that help make up American, let's all remember that. We do not want to critic music we don't know anything about, please let us not do that! That's why you can't have everybody judging, they would always pick the same folk!

  102. haley and casy are dynamic together they can sing jazz and carol king and make you truly believe they were from that time thats magnetic.james is the consummate performer i know who will win, haley will.

    • I agree that Casey and Haley are great together! I love them when singing a duet! 🙂

  103. Jacob should leave tomorrow.

    He doesn't have it.

    Lauren seems to be leaning more towards her se appeal for votes now! I thought she started off with a good voice, but she is getting worse.

    Haley seems to be getting better than Lauren.

    Scotty has come back,I am pleased he chose that song, since I was hoping he'd sing it! He did well, from his heart!!

  104. Jacob Lusk needs to go… not only was his singing blah…. but his attire was horrible.. buddy, this show is not to replace bozo the clown! Casey Abrahms gets on my last nerve. I figured it out tonight.. he reminds me of my ex husband… With all his sugary sweet actions, I know evil lurks! (sorry casey.. it's just how i feel!) As for Haley.. is this girl desperate or what? She's another blah person too! Lauren.. what has happened to her. I really like the girl, but she's coming across as Ms No Personality… and I get the feeling she is almost afraid to sing! Scotty and James.. gotta love both of them.. I wish one of them would win. Probably won't .. one of them will make it to the final, but pick the worst of the rest.. (Jacob Casey or Haley) will make it to the final and win.. After all it is the American Idol way!

  105. My favorite is Scotty. And I am not even a country music fan ! He has a wonderful voice and really sings with emotion. James has a great range and is very confident, but he his tone is just a little too generic for me. All of the contestants are good, but these two are the standouts. Go for it, Scotty !!!

    • James' tone is GENERIC, as in "ordinary" or "common"? REALLY? Everybody sounds/sings like this? REALLY?

      Wow, somebody call Mr. Webster. His dictionary needs updating.

  106. by far scotty has the best voice, then james he is very good . lauren is next. can`t stand lusk or casey. they both are hard to listen to or watch. haley one week very good, the next not as good, but she has a great voice.

    • James for sure AND not Scotty please cos anytime Stefano is so much better than Scotty.

      Scotty should be the one to go home last week and not Stefano…PERIOD!!!!!!

  107. It's James and Scotty night. But JAMES IS THE KING!!!

    Best performance of the night : JAMES

  108. He just screams all the time . I like rock but I don't like his music.Maybe u are crazy about his performance.

  109. I have been saying all along James Durbin would be the winner and last night proved me right.He knows what he's doing up on that stage and every week he proves it.I can't wait to buy his music.The only thing I hate about this when it's over is not being able to see James every week.

  110. well.. it was really an outstanding night for all of the contestants for they did not only proved that they were great singers but they proved with their singing they could touch everyone’s hearts… my best performance for the night would be james and haley its hard to decide whose first for both were amazing… i don’t agree with randy for everytime haley get in touch with her soft side he would always say its boring.. its not boring its just a soft and soothing vocal!!… james had his run for the money he truly showed that control which he had an issue with the judges before… next would be for jacob and scotty… both have good vocals.. even though scotty has a little of an akward silence but with that he reaches to everyone with that song… jacob though with a little bit of sharps and gaps.. but it was a hard song to sing.. still he did an amazing job.. next is lauren.. she has her own style and i felt that she was trying break out of her shell but did not get there.. she has the voice but does not have confidence.. last for me this week would be of casey.. he had a good start with that bluesy sound.. but for me that growling thing was way too over the top… if he had moderated his use of the growl.. the performance would be much better… he should have mixed his growled with other notes… the song for me should be of less growls… my bottom three.. jacob, lauren, and casey… with casey going home… 😀

  111. phone numbers for my faves!!!

    Scotty McCreery – You’ve Got A Friend – 1-866-436-5703 & 5709

    James Durbin – Will You Love Me Tomorrow – 1-866-436-5704 & 5710

    Casey Abrams – Hi-De-Ho – 1-866-436-5705 & 5711

  112. Scotty may have the best voice but lacks the vocal training to fully use it yet. Give a him some to time for polishing and he will really shine.

    James has a good voice but his charisma and need to feed off the audience makes his a great entertainer.

    Haley is very good live but even better on her itunes. I think she tries to hard live and over sings.

    Casey is fun to see what he will try next just not sure if his voice is good enough but with the right songs and music he could do very well. People do sell album that are not in the main stream of country and pop.

    Lauren is feeling the pressure and only being 16 is hard to over come.

    Jacob has a strong voice but lack of training and poor stage presence will likely mean his time to go has come this week.

  113. Casey is the BEST! Haley was my choice but she's been in the Bottom 3 too often..Scotty's boring, James shouts too much … jacoy has GOTTA GO! Lauren ? Boring!

    • I agree. James has a generic voice. The only difference is that he can scream better than ordinary singers. Nothing great with James voice. I dont know what these people are hearing. Music or screaming? LOL

  114. James or Casey or Lauren for the WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO AWESOME PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • totally disagre… i choose haley or james for the win..its clear and very obvious that the girl is a true vocalist. the place where haley goes with her notes, laurem cant go, and besides lauren is still too young, she should come back and try next season…(more mature) would be the key word. i hope america votes truly, and see truly who are the best, which there should be the top 2 in the finale…HALEY AND JAMES!!! THANK-YOU FOR READING!!

  115. Oh and btw…. Unless James gets on the stage next week and literally goes ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh throughout the whole song he will win

  116. i think james durbin performed the best..he will be the winner as randy qouted!! i am very impressed…(james is in it to win it!!!) i also love haley..she is so much better than lauren.

  117. James is pretty popular right now. But something he said last night after his duet with Jacob bothers me. Steven asked where they were going with this. And James answered something about "goin' to church!" He sounded patronizing to me. Jacob is a nice guy and doesn't deserve that on national TV. Jamsie-Boy better watch out–good always triumphs over evil.

  118. If you take the position of the contestants from the votes on here, add the ones, then the bottom 3 will be:

    Casey, Jacob and either Lauren/Haley with the edge slightly edging toward Lauren. Casey & Jacob are bottom 2 with Casey going home. This despite the VFTW crowd voting for him.

    Based on last night's performances, that seems fair to me. I did not rate anyone with an "A" performances last night.

    Jacob:- A bit more up-tempo song but he looks so awkward and, like another ballad singer we lost from the show, insists on finishing each song with a high, almost screaming note. Not every ballad ends that way and many often end with a tender low note. C

    Lauren:- She has no confidence in her high notes. In any other season, we would have heard the "pitchy" remarks but, apparently, this year (with the exception of Haley) Randy has decided that being "pitchy" is a sign of strength and shows they are testing their voices. B-

    Scotty:- I thought this was one of his better performances vocally but, again, it was a slow, sleepy song. One problem all the contestants have with picking popular songs is the inevitable comparison with the original hit version. This one is one of the biggest hits for James Taylor and, FYI to JLo, he is the master story teller and Scotty fell well short of JT in that respect. That being said, he did get out of that obsession with his bass voice. B+

    James:- Based on what he said in the preamble and how he started the song, I thought at last we were going to hear the tender side to his voice. Once the intro was over, he went into rock mode and, while it was good – in the main – he could not resist the hi-pitched notes and the last 30-45 seconds of the song ruined it for me. B

    Casey:- As I have posted elsewhere, he will be a wow in Jazz Clubs in Chicago, Austin or New Orleans but last night he hardly sang. Yes, I know he is a great musician but, come on, he spent the 2 minutes or so, prancing very awkwardly around the stage, growling and grunting and speaking as many words as he sang. D

    Haley:- She has improved the most since the start of this competition and, while her song choice was not the best she could have made, the fact is that she sang it flawlessly. B

    As for the Judges, none of them deserve anything higher than a D.

    Tyler – this is not about you and your questionable past, it is about the contestants and their futures.

    JLo doesn't know where she is going with her comments and seems to stop half-way through what she intended to say and then butts back in when Randy is talking.

    Randy is just sucking up to the ones he thinks are the front runners. He told Scotty and James that they showed their other side but, frankly, they didn't.

    He said (not for the first time) that Casey reminds him of his home town of New Orleans so at least we agree there in that Casey belongs where Jazz is loved and enjoyed.

    For reasons I can't put my finger on, the only one he consistently criticizes is Haley and she has been the one who has improved the most this season.

    Based on performances, Casey should go but I suspect it will be Jacob. Talking about Jacob; what was with the outfit?

    • Poor assessment! In the first place dialidol polls aren't accurate in the last several weeks. But you are right Jacob might go home. 🙁

      • You are entitled to your opinion, just as I am to mine. I respect others opinions and don't critique them or pass sweeping statements like "Poor assessment."

        What qualifies you to make a judgment on my assessment of what I saw and heard last night?

        Every week, so far, there have been performances that have made me go "Wow" but last night – to me – there wasn't one.

  119. My favorite performance of the night was Casey & Haley's duet. I thought Haley and James had the best individual performances. I'd rank them:

    Haley A

    James A

    Casey B + (should have sung more)

    Scotty B

    Lauren B –

    Jacob C

  120. For some reason James' voice irritated me a lot this week. I don't know what it was. And he is always doing the rock clichees, so he is getting boring. It's not hard to see who his idols are. I don't blame him, I like them as well.

    Last week he was stole the drama queen title, but this week I hated him. And the duet with Jacob… horrible.

    That being said I think Jacob should go home. He's just one trick pony and a bad one at that.

    Casey was ok, but … not my cup of tee. the duet with Haley was ok. They both sounded great individually, but when singing together something was off. I liked how they flirted though.

    Scotty is not taking risks at all, I like his sound, but he is singing elevator music. This was one of his better performances, though. His duet with Lauren was ok as well.

    Lauren was actually good this week, though I hated when she brought the poor guy to the stage. I'm sure he was excited, but it was uncomftable to watch.

    This week Haley did the best IMO. She sounded good and she even toned down the growling. She's never been boring, but she has had ups and downs in her performances. I root for her though, she has beatiful tone.

    • James is out there to win and he proves it every week – go for it James – I am your number 1 fan…Scotty is good too and Haley…

  121. so stranger, that nobody American people don't understand and don't see really brilliants on idol???? only James and Jacob with his unbelievable voice!!!!!!

  122. ADORO a casey es sexy el tiene algo k lo hace ver simpatico y sexy y la verdad k el es un genio cantando es adorable,sus momentos en el escenario son de lo mejor el es muuuuuuuy bueno he, no me mal intrepreten solo lo kiero x su manera de ser no es k sea una de esas locas y estupidas fanaticas de los artistas k hasta sueñan cn casarse cn ellos xfavor k tontas… no, bueno tambien me guata como canta haley su estilo se ve k es una persona amigable ellos 2 son mis favoritos es cierto james canta muy bn pro no estoy a mi en lo personal no estoy lista pra su estilo de canto xk lo admito si me gusta como se viste y como canta pro me encanta mas casey y haley k los 3 son de lo mejor seria muy espectacular ver a esos 3 de ultimo compitiendo solo ellos tres sera magnifico y muy dificil pra el publico y el jurado bueno pra el publico k no tiene su favorito, ha x todas chicos

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