Ex-Idol Pia Toscano Performed On Dancing With The Stars

American Idol might have given her the boot, but ABC’s Dancing with the Stars gave her a stage. Pia Toscano, eliminated during Top 9 Week of American Idol 2011, became the first crossover star of the season to perform on another show, much less on another network!

Last night on DWTS, Pia performed a fast-paced, high energy song… hah! I’m kidding it was another ballad, but if you were a fan of Toscano’s then you’ll definitely enjoy it. Rumored boyfriend, Mark Ballas, even does some dancing to accompany the performance of “I’ll Stand By You.” Watch Pia’s DWTS debut:

So was this a coordinated strike by both FOX and ABC to starve out NBC’s The Voice last night? It’s certainly possible, but it didn’t keep me from watching the new series premiere. What about you?




  1. i think it was.. but they should be scared i like the voice a lot so far and i think in time america will agree and idol will be hurting a little..

    • On the net, AI allowed Pia to sing on Dancing With The Stars to cut down on audiences watching The Voice, according to The Voice

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      • No one voted her off, she just didn't get anyone to vote for her obviously. And about this performance, it's like the 50 bagillionth time we've heard it and it's exactly the same as before. Nothing changed at all. Reminds me of Tatiana del Toro's final 3 performances (who btw also had an amazing voice).

  2. I will be watching the Voice tonight on DVR but I thought that Pia did great last night….She is a bonafide ballad singer…..

    I don't think any show could get me off Idol but thank God we live in a time when we have tvo and dvrs…..

    I did checkout your site, its pretty cool. I will be commenting after I watch the Voice…..

    • Well I think that she can not sing something else or make a record now because still under contract with AI. And all those performances in the shows are arranged with the program.

  3. IMHO Pia is the blueprint for a trophy wife, shallow, stylish and groomed within an inch of her life. I'm convinced there's a raised area at the small of her back that's stamped Mattel.

    • Hahaha…. She reminds me of the small wooden dolls you used to get in Russia a couple of decades ago… Kinda cute…but they just stand there and stare…right into your soul man!!! One minute you're looking at the doll and the next…the next minute, the doll's looking at you man!!!! Whoaaa!!(Cheech and Chong moment)….

    • I feel the same way, Pia-schmia. I can't for the life of me figure out how she has such a fan following? It's like if you've heard her sing one thing, you've heard it all. And BORING oh my goodness! I didn't watch the show, and she would have been reason enough for me to miss it!

    • Since when is "sweet" considered shallow? I am not a Pia fan, but I saw a loving, compassionate (and vulnerable) person behind

      her powerful (but boring,) performances. I think that was a pretty mean statement.

      • behind that sweet and vulnerable person is someone who dumps her boyfriend after becoming successful on the show only to date a guy on whose show she later gets on…. She is not a good person..she is a delusional snob who thinks she has made it after only getting a recording contract for a single…

        Lauren is a nice kid, Haley is a nice girl…Pia is just after fame…

    • Pia is just so beautiful, and her voice is just devine. I haven't bothered much with AI since she was eliminated. None of the others appeal to me much.Take em or leave em. But I am waiting for Pia's Album. I just love her voice. Awesome Pia, your a diamond.

    • I Don't like tofu either! Sorry but Pia is not that great. She is better than Jacob and Haley, but would never had won. Looks are Not everything unless you are one of the Kardashians which pia looks like.

      • With due respect to you Laura, My colleagues and friends in Singapore think Pia is the greatest, a mix of Celine Dion/Mariah Carey/Whitney. Ever since she was voted off, we have lost interest in the show since we are convinced that AI has

        become a popularity show and not a singing

        contest. We are in fact waiting for Pia's album

        to be released. It is definitely not looks which you so aptly put across. She sings and she sings

        with her heart…..I rest my case

  4. Loved the show. Have been a loyal and consistent Idol fan for years but until the voting procedures are corrected, I'm no longer watching Idol. It's ridiculous that a show based on votes from the public can be so easily manipulated by the "tweens". Hoping the voting procedures on The Voice are upstanding and represent the true public reaction.

  5. Hmmm..Pia Toscano appears on a rival channel on the day of Voice's premiere…Hmmmmmmm….Coincidence..i think not!!!

    It looks like A.I producers did some "under the table/devilish ploy" stuff to lessen the impact of the Voice's premiere… Too bad, it didn't work. The voice got about 11 million viewers…which isn't bad i suppose.

    What next?

  6. what do i think i told you American Idol she was to good for you and she is the most incredible singer that you ever had on American idol ask Simon .you let a gem go for a reason and it wasn't because America voted her off someone did ?your all not with real talent as i was a singer with producers and agents in my younger years .Pia is a Angel with a voice of a Angel unbelievable superb and she would of won .and the looks of a goddess so she has the whole package.i told you she would be famous and she already is

      • Pia is Good. I mean to each his own. If you

        are not waiting for her album, we in Singapore,

        definitely are. And, I for one, scored a

        distinction in English language. I echo Roxann's

        sentiments and so do all my University classmates

  7. all i no im not sure if i want to watch american idol next year as you let the best talent go pia it messed up who would of won

  8. And here I thought Casey was the only one who could put on an act for the judges, but all the voice contestants did a pretty good job. And yes isnt it funny all the judges ended up with same amount of contestants. Not scripted ya right. lol

  9. I do not watch DWTS, but did last night because Pia was performing. What an amazing performance. She is tremendously talented.

  10. Seeing lots of interest in the debut of The Voice. I’m a bit dubious regards The Voice since I think their gimmick (not seeing the singer until they “choose” them as being worthy) is hokey. Just like AI pretty much knows who their prime candidates will be in various cities due to pre-sent in videos of song auditions–so they make sure those candidates get picked out of the crowds of many thousand to officially audition during that City’s two days of tryouts, I’m sure The Voice is pretty slick of having a certain field of really good singers intermixed with obvious amateurs, or good “hints” given to the judges.

    For both AI and The Voice (TV), it makes it a lot easier to have the superior voices that just happened to be in “the lucky percentage” to go before the judges, and also the interesting “personal stories” that flavor up the City Auditions and Hollywood Week (for Ai, Nashville or whereever for the new show) before getting down to the “main” voices/contestants that both shows’ producers have generally already orchestrated that season around in advance with sent-in videos and audio tapes from targeted candidates.

    Not saying it perfectly, but can you see how simple it is for producers of these kinds of shows to ensure they have “the best season ever” type of candidates? Remember, probably only 3% or less of hopeful candidates probably get to try out in audition cities. The Gimmicks make for dramatic TV, but there’s a lot of unsaid maneuvering that goes on and I get tired of being manipulated. Also is why I don’t bother voting for hours on end!

    • Hey Coondog, this is my first year ever to watch AI, and I confess, it was because of Steven Tyler. I was more than a little curious as to what he would be like as a judge and person. I was wondering how in the world they saw everyone in that great sea of bodies, and why didn't they pre- "bounce" some of them out. I know the really horrible ones make for humorus moments, but how embarassing for those folks. Any way, I appreciate your explanation of the process, I really had no idea how it was handled. It does seem like a bit of string pulling is going on…

      • Buttercup, appreciate the feedback. Your recognition of "Coondog-like" wisdom means that by next week you'll be spouting off your own "expert analysis" (this is my first season of blogging, last two years I just watched and got mad when Adam Lambert and Crystal Bowersox each finished second though it was obvious that the "edgy" ones were best. Nothing offensive meant, but that's why Scotty and Lauren have been doing so well–they're middle of the roaders so to speak, but that's what keeps America stable I guess. We all know James, Haley and Casey are the "edgy" contestants, but usually that means they finish runnerup–which is still pretty good.

        Now, fly, my Buttercup and spread what you have learned! Seriously, you're ready!

      • Me again, the comment you made about the edgy ones coming in runner up made me think…American Idle 1956. A cool cat auditions, gets through on a lark. You know where I'm going with this. He is eliminated because he is just too "unusual" yep, my future husband is O U T. Who knew???? Okay, so we never made it to the alter, but it's my story, I tell my kids he was almost their daddy.

  11. I watched it and I liked it. The singers were all good and the accompaniment was especially good.

    The judges all had character and I think the show will be a hit.

    I'm not sure about the judges turning their backs,though. The contestants have been selected by a panel already so we know they are going to be at least passable anyway. It may not be necessary.

  12. We watched and enjoyed The Voice. Like the upcoming X-Factor, it gives opportunities to more than just solo singers and does not restrict contestants within a certain age group.

    What I also like is that, again, like X-Factor, the contestants will receive mentoring from people who are successful in the business and know how to coach and groom someone.

    The biggest let down for me this year on AI is that after selecting great singers, the judges have completely bombed since the top 13 started.

  13. i watched a little bit The Voice show,curious of how the format (i seriously have no idea)…

    The contestant will perform a song with a background music in the audition….

    Before even they start to bring the contestant in n perform,its already have a bigggg minus from my perspective. How in the world u will know if they're an artist with a great melodic sensibility if they auditioned them like that??!! where is the professional in that?! I only watch 2 contestant n lost the interest…

    "We want to find the voice"…than why dont u have a format with the judges dont look the contestant and the contestant sing without a background music?! Now thats what i call PROFESSIONAL!!! Both the judges n the contestant already have a bigggg minus in my opinion. An amateur show for an amateur audience… (sorry if i sounded rude ><)

    Even if AI have a huge flaw in the theme format (although i agree with the format system cause this show is about education to re-introduce n re-popularize the genre or whatever the theme) n in the voting system but from my point of view,the contestant of AI is wayyyyyy more professional than "The Voice"… 🙂

    • agree with you LoLOL (we had fun the other day, right?lol). well said. whatchu think about my similar analysis above in #16 I think.

      @Buttercup: appreciate your feedback above. And whatchu think of LOL's comments here?

      • I didn't tune in to the Voice so there is nothing that I can say about that. How ever, I will say I think the themes on AI are lacking, and the voting system is less than accurate. I see the motive behind the themes, it does seperate the men from the boys, so to speak, but, who thinks them up???? I am of an older demographic,(50's) not interested in voting 1000 times, and I truley hope that this launches the careers of these talented folks if they still want it to after all of this!

      • Buttercup, I'm taking you under my wing this week. Guess what, I did a "Pia-like moment" last week and revealed–rather, I asked–Was I the only blogger that didn't waste my time voting a 100 times or whatever. I'd seriously do it if it was a true Democratic one person or one phone number vote, but I ain't doing the horsecrap ratings game vote they do! So, keep respecting your own opinion like you just proved here, and enjoy the carnage! and sometimes Beauty of the show admittedly!

  14. I didn't watch all of The Voice last night, but from what I did see, the contestants chosen didn't seem like they needed too much mentoring. They just need chances to be seen singing by the public so they are better known and recognizable. Then their fans will buy their CDs, etc. Same old, same old, just a slightly different approach.

  15. I watched Dancing with the Stars. Being a red-blooded, albeit, old American male I find a show that merges good music and lighting with athletic and attractive young women wearing little clothing irresistable. So You Think You Can Dance is even better (with the exception of the fact that it has neither Burke woman). Pia was great, as usual. Why some people have bias against power ballads or the singers of them, I cannot figure. Most everyone is okay with Scotty sticking with Country, but hated Pia with ballads. Could it be that women automatically hate beautiful women?

    • Nope. Just Pia. Lots of women I know love JLO. Oh wait a minute, JLO is warm and caring and not at all plastic. Yeah, i see the difference.

      • Can tell fm yr remarks that you are just

        targetting Pia. I fail to understand why this is

        so. Why all the cruel remarks about Pia.I mean,

        if you dont like her style, you just dont. But

        friend, sorry, some of us out here and world wide

        love Pia. So, appreciate yr cutting back on

        the criticism. I mean why are you taking this so

        personally. One person loves cheese another does

        not. So just leave it be and stop criticizing

        cheese. Thank you. By the way, whole lot of us

        think she is not "plastic" or "just beautiful".

        Example, we are not a fan of Scotty, but do we

        criticize him publicly like you do with Pia?

        No. So cut it out. Thank you

    • I gave her good marks Oldster. I agree also what you say about DWTS. I watched a little bit last year, so I've been watching this year, and really enjoy the celebrity couples and then the dance groups. Whooey! they had a couple hot numbers on Monday night–girl shaking it on the table for Len!!(Lou whatever). So glad she stays.

      Sigh. I like Kirstie, but it ain't right her getting the sympathy votes after falling down, losing shoe, constantly panting and such mainly because of her weight. She's kind of the Jacob (see I'm still on topic for AI!) of that show right now. I was hoping for her sake they'd let her go gently yesterday. Instead that cool wrestler dude Chris Jericho (I'm not even a wrestling fan) had to make a classy exit.

      The pro dancers really did a cool, poignant thing with that 3 generational bit , huh?!

      Back on topic. Jacob must leave! (you too Kirstie, and quit slobbering on your partner and making him pretend he enjoys your kisses and pinches! Uggh, almost as hard to watch as Jacobs quivering tonsils!) I'm gonna puke now!

      • Hey coondog, I WAS impressed with Jacobs voice at first, can't remember the songs any more but he executed them well. HOWEVER… I'm over wanting to see the back of his throat. Sheesh, we have limits! He and Pia are better to hear rather than watch. I know here comes the Pia bombers, I need to find shelter, it's just that I found her, shall we say, tedious to watch. I admit she has a nice voice, but listening to 13 or so cuts of her in a row would be a difficult undertaking for me. I digress, yes, Jacob should be the next to make "a classy exit."

  16. I watched the voice. Scotty's got competition with being the "next big thing" in country music, if Patrick Thomas does well. Patrick Thomas has a huge advantage over Scotty as a major country music singer is mentoring him.

    However I think Scotty will still do well in the country music industry. First people have been watching Scotty since January, so he's had quite a bit of exposure, and I am sure record executives in Nashville are taking notice, second American Idol has a major music industry insider in Randy Jackson who has produced numerous records everywhere including country records, and I'm sure Randy will get the ball rolling for Scotty, though I think Patrick Thomas on the Voice has an advantage over Scotty since he's being mentored by a major country music star.

  17. Shawn I agree except Scotty has the George Strait voice and not to many country stars have out sold George

  18. Pia was wonderful last night on Dancing with the Stars. She really knocked one out of the ballpark!

    What a beautiful voice, I will be waiting for the release of her first album. I can't wait to see what else she will be singing on her new album. Good luck Pia!

    • C'mon LOLOL, still buddies? I give you a free shot at me, and I'll take it with a grin! (oh no , the phone's ringing again?!)

  19. To everyone out there who "dislike" Pia, can you just stop with all the criticisms. You are sharing yr opinion but Point is, to each his own…..one person may like Scotty others dont but honestly I am left in awe at all the cruel remarks made about Pia i.e.plastic, wooden etc…..I am not a fan of James or Scotty but do I make such cruel remarks?? So pls, UNDERSTAND SOME OF US OUT HERE LOVE PIA AND ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. YOU DONT LIKE HER, WE GOT THE MESSAGE. JUST STOP WITH THE SARCASMS AND UNCALLED FOR REMARKS. THANK YOU !!

    • OK I totally understand what people mean when they say its hurtful to express opinions like Pia was wooden, plastic etc and I totally agree. Pia has a beautiful voice BUT I think many people like me are sick of hearing about how the voting is flawed and teenybopper girls have skewed the voting. As I said Pia haS a beautiful voice but there are many beautiful voices out there already. In my opinion Pias downfall was song choice. In the beginning i was a huge fan and she was my pick but after so many weeks of boring ballads she lost me (and i believe many others) for this same reason. I agree don't bash the girl, she has talent but at the same time don't angrilly stuff it down our throats (as many have done over the last few weeks) that the voting was skewed and that because your favourite was eliminated you aren't watching American idol anymore. I'll finish off with a statement Nidgel Lithgow made after Pia's elimination he said he had seen the votong numbers every week and Pia had never been a contender to win. Summing up, I say don't bash the girl but dont get angry over her supposedly unfair elimination either.

  20. I agree with oldster. Some of us can appreciate truly great vocals and Pia has that. As a woman who loves beautiful ballads from any good singer (my favorite last year was Big Mike) I think that Pia's beauty is an asset. Music lovers use their ears to assess the performance but putting it in such a lovely and classy package just makes it better. So, no, women don't hate talented beautiful women.

    • Guys don't either. Boy is she beautiful and can she sing. I look forward to seeing more from her. She'll be the replacement for Frank Sinatra only in more beautiful female body.

  21. I think Pia was the best thing to come along since Celine,She really can sing and is far better than anyone else on Idols this year,but she will still be great and i cannot wait for her cds.

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