American Idol 2011 Top 6 Weekend Update

Then there were six. Can you believe we are down to just six American Idol 2011 Hopefuls left since the show started more than three months ago? There are just five weeks left in the season until one of the remaining singers is crowned the winner. Has your favorite made it this far?

This week on American Idol the Top 6 will be performing songs from Carole King‘s catalog and, as the discussions here on the site have shown, she’s got quite a lengthy set of songs to browse. It’ll still be a 90-minute performance show, so get ready for even more filler and fluff!

On Thursday night’s results show we’ll get the return of last season’s Crystal Bowersox and then Bruno Mars. I wonder if he’ll throw his hand on a blade for us? Maybe jump in front of a train for us? Well if nothing else, it’d be nice if he’d jump on a grenade for us! What? Am I the only one tired of hearing that everywhere?

I’m hoping American Idol can pick itself up this week after dropping 13% in the ratings this Thursday from the previous week. Was it that much of a snoozer?

Let’s hear who you’re expecting to shine this week and who could be in real trouble.

Side note: I migrated the site to a bigger, better server this morning so most comments between 0900ET and 1200ET were lost. Nothing personal in case you thought your comments were deleted!




  1. I think the girls will do well. My picks:

    Haley – "It's Too Late" sung with a jazz vibe.

    Scotty -" Where You Lead" sung as a promise.

    James – "You've Got a Friend" slow and personal.

    Casey – "I Feel The Earth Move" with the upright bass.

    Lauren – "Sweet Seasons" done wistfully.

    Jacob – "One Fine Day" church it up.

    • I think what ever this kids decide to sing will be okay. I hate the fact that everyone is all over Jacob Lusk because he is black and raised up in Church. I am glad that he is still around, even if he does not become Al winner he will still have a recording contract. So American leave him alone. Jacob lusk you have my vote!!!!

      • Listen closely, troll Nikjki. No one, NO ONE, is "all over Jacob Lusk because he is black and raised up in Church."

        I want to mute every one of Jacob's performances because he insists on going higher, highER, hiGHER, HIGHER! in every single performance. You could blindfold me and I'd still avoid his songs.

        I was "raised up in Church" and you have no idea what color my skin is. So how about you take your accusations of "racism!" and go back under the bridge with the other trolls.

        Sometimes, people just aren't very good at things and it has nothing to do with their race.

      • My thoughts are somewhere in between nikjki and Matt about Jacob. Some of the people who dislike Jacob may well be because he is black and/or because they have an issue with people who wear their religion as a badge. However, I believe that more simply do not like or understand the nuances of the music that affected his singing style. I happen to like his voice and much, if not all, of his singing. However, like many more people who dis him (I do not) I am not enamored with his public persona. That kind of Diva and holier than thou attitude will get you sooner or later in a popularity contest.

      • I'd like to see you withdraw the word "everyone" thank you very much. I'm fed up with people playing the "race card" whenever something doesn't go there way.

        I don't care what color a performer is or what his religious or non religious beliefs are. If I could vote (Canadian) it would be based on his/her performance and whether I liked or disliked his/her sound.

        I find Jacob's performance boring.

        He's a drama Queen.

        His sound isn't one that appeals to me.

        End of story.

      • Personally, I love the way Jacob sings. However, I HATE watching him sing. It actually feels really awkward just watching him sing…and weirdly enough, his songs magically become better when I'm not looking at him.

      • My problem with Jacob has nothing to do with his race or the fact that he is a gospel singer. My problem his his arrogance….He insulted America a few weeks ago and I have yet to hear an apology.

      • Odd comments. I personally couldn't be bothered bashing Jacob as I am to into the ones that I do love (mostly James) and focus on the positves. If you don't care for Jacob, it's okay and your opinion, but no need for bashing.

      • Nikjki, I understand what you're saying. But I think people dislike Jacob Lusk not because he's black, but because he's gay.Either way it's horrible that closed-minded people judge him for who he is. Jacob Lusk is not the first gay contestant on "American Idol" and he wont be the last!This is 2011, not 1102! And Matt, if you're gonna dislike Jacob for "going higher and higher" in his vocals each week, then you're gonna have to dislike James also because the two of them are in the same boat. Now that I think about it, James goes "higher" than Jacob each week and that's a fact! One more thing,Matt. It's very tacky, childish, but worst of all, unprofessional of you to call Nikjki a "troll" because of her comment? How old are you? SMH… I guess you're gonna tell me off, or call me a name too, but it's all good. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Peace.

      • Onexx718, actually I don't like James because of his wailing. He may put on well orchestrated performances, but I don't care for his over the top singing. And when did I say I didn't?

        If you'd like me to call you something for referring to Nikjki as a troll, then it'd have to be uninformed. A "troll" on the Internet is someone who goes around leaving comments exactly like this one. Here's the Wiki definition:

        "In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion."

        If that wasn't exactly what this person was doing (off topic, inflammatory, etc.), then I don't know what is. Hardly "childish" or "unprofessional" for me to call out a troll as a troll.

        And again, here goes someone accusing a broad spectrum of people of being something bad just to serve their argument. Troll #1 said people didn't like Jacob because he was black (it couldn't possibly because of his singing!). Troll #2 says people don't like Jacob because he's gay (it couldn't possibly because of his singing!). Maybe, just maybe, it's Jacob's singing that people don't like.

      • I agree with Matt. You must be out of your mind to think "we" don't like Jacob because he is "black and of the church"! "WE" don't like him because his singing sucks and he is so full of himself it HURTS to watch!

      • Stop trying to playing the race card. No one cares if Jacob is black, yellow, or purple or other colors, the problem is he goes off key, and his high notes are too high or he screams. THAt is the problem with Jacob.

      • nikjki, do you think about what you type before you type it.

        You say everyone is all over Jacob because he is black and raised up in Church. Who is everyone?

        I personally go to church every Sunday and I have no problem with Gospel Music. My favorite singer, Elvis sings Gospel beautifully and I own every Gospel CD Elvis made.

        I do not like Jacob's singing at all. It has nothing to do with being black, a church goer etc… It has to do with what my ears hear and I don't like his singing. That's all it is plain and simple. Put the race card back in your pocket.

      • Onexx718

        Why can't someone just not like the way a person sounds? I don't care if Jacob is gay, black, a communist, etc. I do know what type of music I like and it doesn't come from Jacob's pipes.

      • matt, i agree totally. i always just wait impatiently for jacobs performance to be over. i believe in God 100% and i dont even see black and white.

        i want james to win it. why? not because he is white. it is because i love his genre of music and i lve his voice. his cD's are something i would buy and love.

        why does everything always have to be black or white? geez.

      • Matt, While reading the comments from the afore mentioned trolls a saying from Hank Hill comes to mind.

        "Why is it that I can only hate a white guy"?

        Keep your chin up Matt. You do a great post.

      • Very well said Matt. No need for me to comment on that ridiculous accusation. I don't always agree with you, but neither should I. We are two different people. I think you are more than fair and most importantly straight forward and very good at what you do. Thanks for your work here. No place for racial hacks and personal hatred here. Support your opinions fairly, maybe even a little harsh just not race and pure hate. Keep up the good work Matt.

      • Hold on….I don't appreciate the comment….No on is critiguing Jacob because of his race…(Scotty is very religious and raised/sings in church)…don't use the word everyone, either. I think the people and fans of idol are color blind (as I am) so don't assume anyone that doesn't fall all over Jacob as a racial issue. Personally, I am tired of the tears, the dramatics, and the attitude…as I am with James and Casey…notice, they are white.

      • agreed you people are so blimmin racist you just want crap old scotty to win even know hes worse than you so i would shutup and stop being so racist OH AND PLEASE VOTE FOR HALEY BECAUSE IM FROM NZ AND WE CANT VOTE

      • every one knows that haleys a very good singer so you lovely amazing americans and canadians please vote for spectacular haley it ould mean so much to me for haley to not be in the bottom 3

      • I agree with Carol K., Mickey, Jaidee, Frank and Secondchance…….let's all try to be a bit more mature here….boys oh boys…

    • Don't like that song, "Where You Lead." Too dated regarding how people relate in relationships. I prefer either of these for Scotty: "Sweet Seasons", "Way Over Yonder", "Hey Girl", or even "Chains".

      • @ Pup…Yes, I believe Scotty would do well with Chains…it's got some rock and soul to it. I like it. I am one of those "oldies" who still happen to like Carole King…haven't heard anything from her in awhile. I wore out her Tapestry album waaayy back when in the early 70's when I was in college…boy…has that been awhile. πŸ™‚

      • Pup, Good to see you here. I really like Jazzman for Scotty. If he could pull the audience into it with him it could be just the ticket he needs. I like Way Over Yonder for Haley (not a fan but fair) because it has a real bluezy feel to it. Whatcha think?

      • Hi, Bunny!

        I listened to all of Carole King's songs (I think!) before I did my picks. I actually thought "Jazzman" was dated and a little corny, too. So that's why I didn't include it. I thought "Way Over Yonder" was a religious song, so I was thinking that would fit Jacob, Scotty or Lauren best. It is a really beautiful song. So if someone chooses it, it could be a winner for them.

      • lets all not vote for scotty because hes not even good and deserves to be in the bottom 3 every single week WHO AGREES ON THAT?

    • I sure hope Casey doesn't do I feel the earth move….surely there is something better in all of them songs form him.

      • Chicken Soup With Rice or Hi-De-Ho are both very fun songs that Casey could do wonders with (again not a fan but fair).

      • I would also like to add… If Fantasia can come on AI & sing about "Collard Greens & Cornbread", why can't Casey sing about "Chicken Soup with Rice". I'm pretty sure that a neon red, skin tight dress might be to much for Casey though. Some might like it?

    • My opinion of Jacob polarizes from week to week. When he's bad (e.g. "I believe I can fly"), he's whiny, needy, awkward and gives unbalanced performances.

      However, a few times (and I would even include his most recent performance, which I feel was underrated by many) he has got it spot on. When he gets it right, he's just fantastic. It's his inconsistency that winds me up.

      I couldn't disagree with Randy Jackson more about 'stepping it up'. Jacob's at his best when he reigns it in.

    • I could be mistaken, but I don't believe Carole King wrote "Sweet Dreams". I believe that was Annie Lennox.

      • Okay Templar now you are taking my job, LoL. I've been missin you. I posted my song suggestions on Branden's post & misspelled Carole King to try to excite a response from you. Not trolling just missin. Here it is again…

        Haley: Beautiful, Way Over Yonder, Girl Power

        Lauren: Nightengale, Jazzman, The Best is Yet to Come

        Scotty: Been to Canaan, Smackwater Jack, Jazzman

        Casey: Chicken Soup with Rice, Hi-De-Ho

        James: Corazon, Screaming and Yelling

        Jacob: You’ve Been Here to Long, Home Again

      • I was probably at target practice at church. I like your choices, but I really want James to soften things up and not make such a production out of it this week. I'm sure you saw my choices above. I'll overlook the dropped e, not even close to "Lively" or "Levine".

      • Templar, I guess you are correct in that where Lauren & Scotty need to pick it up, James needs to tone it down a little. Funny how that works out some times.

      • @ Bunny and @ Templar

        If James wants to mellow it out this week, there is a CK song from her Write album that he could do a great job on, especially as he seems to need to relate to a song.

        It's called "Child of Mine" and he can really get into it vocally and emotionally.

    • What a great choice "Child of mine" for James. With his sensitiviy, I would not be surprise that he could sing that song for his son who's gonna have his birthday in a few days.

    • I hate to admit it (well, I'm old) but I didn't know who he was. I listened to his "Grenade" on YouTube and liked it a lot! Hey, he's pretty darn cute, too!

      • If you listen to Doo-Wops & Hooligans – you can get about 1½ minute of each song, I am sure you will recognize some of the songs.

  2. I really hope Scotty does well this week. Although I thought he did exceptionally well last week but that was just me. I hope he picks the right song and slays it this week. I am hoping to see a Scotty/Lauren finale but the way things are goin it might be Scotty/James finale. Below is how I think they will place

    1. Scotty

    2. Lauren

    3. James

    4. Casey

    5. Haley

    6. Jacob

    I have a feeling Jacob will go next week. Haley will go the next week. When them 2 leave the show will be fierce! Really hoping Scotty wins. He is the best. By the way, I'm not a teenybopper!

    • Another example of voting by Genre. Casey first and Haley second – over James. I think if Casey thinks he is safe and does not need to step up his performances, and puts forth another sleep snoozer, country fans are going to be in for a big bad surprise…

      • Okay, northern guy. I think the name is a little dumb. You only did that because Scotty is from the south. Wow, your cool. (Sarcasm)

      • I'm confused, too, Templar. However, NG has a point about voting by genre. Since all of these kids have really different styles and are pretty darn good at them, the voting probably will come down to a determination of which genre is more popular. That means Casey and Jacob are unlikely to make the finals as jazz and gosple do not have that large a following compared to rock and country. I do not know what genre Haley is, but I guess pop. So, she would have to be in the final 4 if the hypothesis holds.

      • If Haley has a specific genre it is Jazz. At least that's what she has studied. You can see influence of early performers like Etta James and younger folks like Corinne Bailey Rae. Her blues edge is prolly most comparable to Janis Joplin. So w/e Etta + Corinne + Janis = ???? Lol I have no idea.

      • Haley's voice seems to be in the blues style but she has trained for Jazz.

        Haley has become my favorite with Scotty and James tied for 2nd.

        Lauren's voice may have the most potential but seems to hold back more each week, her problem maybe lack of faith in herself due to being 16.

        Casey has guts to push the envelope but his voice is limited, he could be a great musician or arranger, maybe part time singer in a band.

    • A finale between Lauren and Scotty??? Good god, that would be sleep inducing, haha. I'd replay it on nights that sleep evaded me. Keep in mind, I do like both of them, but I think their performances are always safe, and almost always similar to past performances. There are exceptions, like when Scotty did Elvis, that was awesome, and Lauren sang Miley's The Climb 1000x better than the original. I think the best finale/s would be;

      Haley vs. James. The most unique and versatile singer against the best performer.

      Or Haley vs. Casey. The most unique and versatile singer against the most talented musician/artist.

      Now either of those two finales would just blow me away. Of course, I'm not counting on that happening, because the show didn't promote Haley to be one of the top 3 like they should've done. Shame on them. She's completely amazing, and I love and enjoy everything she does.

      • @ Devin Lee. Although I am a James fan I will agree that Haley has really started to impress me…the girl can sing and does have a jazzy, blusey sound to her voice. I think a Haley/James run off would be exciting. πŸ™‚ Happy Easter~!!!

      • Devon Lee…..TOTALLY AGREE….Scotty and Lauren is a sleeping pill for sure….My wish list…..James & Haley in the finale……What an upbeat show that would be…..James for the win……Haley in 2nd Place….BOTH WIN!!!!

    • stupid scotty fans only like him cause hes such a girl he needs to go immediately hes obviously the weakest singer there pia's got a 50 times more powerful voice than him make it 500 times more poweful voice than stupid scotty WE JUST NEED TO GET OVER THE FACT THAT SCOOTYS CRAP WHO AGREES ON THAT

      • Not unless he changes things up a whole lot.

        1. Straighten out the neck.

        2. Removes death grip from sideways mic.

        3. Picks an upbeat song.

        Beautiful deep voice (don't he know it) but he puts me to sleep. I use to like him but nothing new is coming to the table.

    • Well, in that he'll have to move from country a bit, he may just floor everyone. I know I was surprised at his voice in that group number.

      Still pulling for my girl, Haley, though! I think she's unbelievably talented . . . I play her songs over and over because I love her sound!

      • We here at my house love Haley, Too!!!! BEST stage performer of them all. Unique voice, nice personality and looks hot!

    • Scotty is WAY over-rated. He's actually OK, but boring with a limited vocal range. I can think of 3 others who are MUCH better!

  3. I'am a 64 year old who loves country music. Scotty your a great singer. I hope you win Idol.

      • Bob, we gotta brainstorm and schedule something to keep these folks away from their phones and computers on Wed night.

      • Announcement:

        All 60+ posters on this blog: Free Dinner at IHOP or Denny's on Wed night–with a special appearances by Carrie Underwood and Taylor Hicks.

        Only stipulations: You must stay on the premises from 8 pm til midnight. Oh, and no cell phone use permitted.

      • It's sad when you limit the Idol interests to a certai n age group. Or rather…. it's wierd and definitely insensitive. All ages should be allowed to vote and have opinions as every age group buys cd's.

      • Oh, Mickey, I was just teasing. Hell, I am 63 myself!!! But not a Scotty fan. (Like the kid, mind you, but I am rooting for another.)

      • Okay, ya'll ( yea, we still say ya'll in the south! haaaa! deal with it! ) but YA'LL need to be quiet! I mean it is really unesecary to even say things like that. It seems from these comments about how yall want the old people not to vote for Scotty. It kinda seems like ya'll are scared that he's gonna win or something. Haaaaa, ya'll should be scared beecause this is Scotty's year πŸ™‚

      • First of all it's y'all not ya'll and second our man James and our girl Haley are gonna bring it strong and hard. Scotty better step it up if he wants to be able to sleep when he's crowned the next idol for no reason other than he has a fancy accent and deep voice.

      • haaaaaa, David your funny ! hahahahahahahahaha, just watch and see when Scotty does win ! I mean you must be living in your own dream world but I guess that's okay for you πŸ™‚


      • I never said Scotty wasn't going to win. He most likely will win, but not because he's better than the others.

      • I'm 62 and its James for the win….Haley for 2nd……..Uplifting finale…….but this country loves country music, be good or bad….Unfortunately for the us!!

        If James is not in the finale, color me sleeping……

      • @ScottyMcCreeryFan


        u must be livin in a dream world

        cuz ur ganna be surprised when Jamed wins hahahaha

    • Hmmmm – sweet. Edith meet smlo and mary. Smlo meeting mary and Edith. Your all so close to your ages that I couldn't resist (no hard feelings, I just thought it was sweet to see you 3 supporting each other and in the same age group). Not to menion I'm impressed that you are young enough to involve yourself in the next American talent. Good for you!

      • @ David P & Pup… I am 61….still love Rock…hate IHOP and Denny's…like Carrie Underwood…eww to Taylor Hicks… LOL…I see a Haley and James showdown…for # 1. Haley has really gotten good in the last several weeks…James Has "always" been good. Scotty bores me and poor little Lauren…no self confidence at all. Time for Jacob to go home. πŸ™‚

      • Rose, you have a great sense of humor. I hate Denny's, too. (But I'll take an IHOP if someone else is paying!) I prefer rock, too! Hope we get our wish and see the two real powerhouses battle it out, James and Haley!!!

    • Haley, Lauren & James final three! If one of them wins, all would be right. Go home next: Jacob. Then Casey. Then Scotty.

      • Okay, let's just get something straight right now. Scotty is gonna win ! Sorry if you don't like him but we here in the South LOVE em' πŸ™‚ So he;s gonna win πŸ™‚

        haaaaaaaa .

      • We here in the South? You mean you there in the South, haha?

        Haley slayed Blue, the girl can do country, blues, jazz, rock, and indie/alternative…anything. She can do it all! Time to jump on the Haley train! All aboard! πŸ˜›

  4. I like Scotty; but, he needs to quit using that mic, with both hands, all the time. It has becoming distracting! He needs to sing to the cameras and crowd……

    • I like how he holds his mic! "I think it has character." πŸ™‚ As Scotty said on Wednesday's American Idol. But I like the way he holds his mic. I think that it's cutttte πŸ™‚ it's like his signature thing πŸ™‚

      • He needs to alter direction/position of holding the mic, from to / to full horizontal (–) … lol.

      • Let him be! That's his only talented…holding a cob…Oooops! mic…whatever he's holding!Lol!

      • Ever notice how Carrie U. holds the mic…she constantly reqrips it? Raise her fingers…and if that's what she needs for that lovely voice to come out…whatever…Scotty, you hold that mic anyway you want to…

  5. im surprised!! there is not someone saying: have you noticed their evil smiles in that photo?? (yet)

    I think this can be the Haley week… i mean, shecan rock the house with a right song from carole king =P

  6. Carol King who??? Over 1 million tunes outr there and most ate great they use

    carol King, whos idea is that and carol does not nave the tunes that would breat the sound barrier. They could have picked a better performer than her.

    Sorry My Professional ideas

    • WOW! Your head is filled with things you don't know. For starters, It's Carole King. I'd tell you where else you've gone horribly wrong, but since your spelling, punctuation and syntax are so atrocious, I doubt you'd learn anything. Pitiable.

    • Carole King has given many a great performance in her lifetime and has written some fantastic music. Sure a lot of it is old fashioned and that will be the challenge. Taking some great classics and getting the audience to enjoy it.

      • @ David P. I agree. Carole King has had more #1 songs due to her songwriting ability than most artists of today. She and James Taylor made an incredible team. I really think that if the remaining 6 choose wisely and get some good sound advice from Jimmy Lovine (oops…well, one can only hope) they will be able to make Carole King's songs their own. And..yea…some may be old fashioned but her songs on relationships, friendship. love, etc….are timeless. πŸ™‚

    • I thought the same thing myself. I thought of only the songs she sang and was bummed out. But after some research, she has written some great songs.

    • No need to apologize for spelling, I think Jake just wants to be mean.

      As for a Haley week I hope not, maybe she kind finally sit in the bottome three chair and leave, but it will be Jacob then her.

      I hope James and Casey are the last two standing. They are the best and most talented.

  7. Haley.- You Got a Friend

    Casey.- Jazzman ;perfect for him

    James.- Loco Motion

    Scotty.- Simple Things

    Lauren.- You Light Up My Life

    Jacob .- Love Makes the World,

      • Lana, seriously now, would you like anything Haley sang? What in the world do you have against the girl?

      • @ lana…hey, girl…did someone p___ on your Cheerio's this morning. So much venom for a person you don't even know…I was not sure about Haley at first…but, she has really improved and is a frontrunner in my book, I can really see Haley and James compteting for #1. (..and…before you even think or say it…no…I am not a Scotty hater…the first couple of weeks I thought he was good…but noe it is becomming a snooze fest. "-)


    • Tina Mary,

      Haley should do "Way Over Yonder" or "Girl Power"

      Casy: "Chicken Soup With Rice" or "Hi-De-Ho"

      Scotty: "Jazzman" (perfect pick me up for him)

      Lauren: "Nightengale"

      James: "Corazon"

      Casey could have alot of fun with either of those songs.

      • Bunny:For James will better a song more rocky like Loco Motion or Screaming and Yelling. "Corazon" Titan make a version but for me don't have much lyrics has good rhythm but the lyrics no good

      • Tina Mary,I think Loco Motion has been done & over done. Templar suggests that James slow it down abit & I tend to agree with him. Not a huge James fan but I always try to be fair.

  8. I'm looking forward to seeing Chrystal Bowersox. I thought she should have won last year. This year, I think it should be James.

  9. I think Jacob is gone and Lauren and Scotty are in trouble.

    Bottom Three



    Jacob Gone





    • Haley was in the bottom three when she had the best performance of the night, and Scotty had the worst, he still wasn't in the bottom three. I don't think Haley has a chance against Scotty and Lauren unless she gains some SERIOUS fans this week.

    • Haaaaaaaa, you make me laugh really hard. Is this comment a joke? I think you are right about Jacob being in the bottom 3 but not Scotty. If lauren does not bring it this week then she may be in the bottom but I'm pretty sure that Haley will be in the bottom 3.

      • And that is a shame. Haley is so much more of an American Idol than Lauren. Haley brings an energy that Lauren sorely lacks.

        But you never know how America will vote.

      • The judges this week will let you know, who they want in the bottom 3. It's that time of the season where praise turns to slamming who they don't want to win. Happens every season. Fans sometimes listen and sometimes don't. Lets hope we all stay true to the one's we love.

      • Lauren isn't ready for this. She seems as though she's barely holding it together. She needs to go back to school after the tour and grow up a bit more.

      • I sure hope Casey is gone soon. That guy creeps me out and I think he should have been gone the first time. I wouldn't pay to see him sing, that's for sure.

    • I doubt Casey or James will be in the bottom three. I expect the bottom three will be Casey, Haley, and Jacob. Lauren will probably get a pass. Haley is the best and shouldn't be in the bottom but the judges rag on her too much and the voters seem to think the judges have "real" brains when it comes to music. They DO NOT. I look for Jacob to go home. Hope he does. The AI winner cannot do cover songs on their first album, and their first single is an orginal song, too. So, if there are contestants who don't read music it will always pose a problem for their later success. I know Haley and Casey have studied music but I am unsure about the others. As far as I can determine the only AI winners or contestants who have been successful or had some success are the ones who knew how to read and play music or were music majors in school. A lot of the guitar players are merely cording. Fantasia could do nothing and her success hasn't been great.

      • The contestants are younger this year with Scotty and Lauren with 1 and 2yrs of high school to go but I think you're right that some college music training will take them much farther.

        James, Haley and Casey all have some music school training.

        James' father was a musician who died when he was 9 from drug overdose, Haley's parents are musicians and Casey's father teaches movie making with Casey having training in Jazz and movie soundtrack scoring.

  10. I'm pulling for Haley to win. I can't understand why she has been in the bottom three a couple of times

    • I can't understand that either. I mean, why don't people realize this girl can sing ANYthing? Scotty is country, James is rock, Lauren is boring (good, but boring, sorry!), Casey is good and Jacob is boring too. Haley is ALL the genres combined. She can perform them all. People are just deaf.

      • Francesca, versatility is a good thing. But to much versatility resolves into a non-definitive fan base. Just keeping it real.

      • Lana, why don't you talk about who you LIKE rather than who you obviously can't stand. It's getting boring.

      • Sorry, Lana, but your opinion is just that: YOURS. I love Haley, and so does my husband and lots of others I know. She is better than Jacob, Scotty & Casey for sure. Unique & beautiful with best stage perfomance of all.

      • Uh, no. Haley does not suck. Haley should be in the top three when it is all said and done.

        Not sure America will let her, but she should be.

    • Haley is second in line to go home people shes a horrible singer. @Haley plz stop the growling it hurts the people watching u Think ur a rabid dog

      • Lana, how old are you? You must be a teenager. I don't know an adult who would talk like that.

      • Haley is the best on the show right now but Pia would have been.

        James, Scotty and Lauren maybe have more potential and could be super stars but not for a few years yet, they simply are not ready, good yes but not at the level they need to be to survive in the cut throat music business.

      • I love all the Haley support (besides Lana)! She is so awesome! I hope she wins it all! I think that Haley appeals to a very wide demographic. I think a lot of people like her, they just aren't willing to vote for her. Her performance last week was amazing yet she still ended up in the bottom three! What is that? If we want her to stay in the competition we NEED to vote for her!

  11. there is not one left that deserves a million dollar contract. pia has vocals out of this world and could outsing any of them. they should of saved their save. it is a popularity contest not a talent contest and that is sad.

    • Watch DWTS this week and you will see why she was sent packing. There's no engine in that Lexus.

      • I agree with you Jake!

        She was voted off for a reason.

        She was often compared to Celine Dion…and people could be right…both have a diva complex….both have the stage presence of a dead fish.

      • but there's an engine in Scotty or Casey??????????? Oh, I forgot, Caveman & Mad Magazine man.

      • @cat

        sad comeback…just utterly miserably sad…a few species of animals and birds just got extinct from all he sadness that your comeback exuded…the sadness from your comment has just went on up and destroyed a good part of the ozone layer..

        @Diane Lane

        Pia will be successful, but she wont be remembered…..with time she will join the slew of artists who once used to put out records….

    • I'll admit she's got a great voice but she doesn't know how to use it on idol she's never filled the whole stage like scotty Lauren and james

      • Scotty filled the whole stage??? When? Where? I want to see it! I guess I missed it. Duh

      • Scotty didn't "filled" the stage…he just "lure" on stage & tempts both teenies & grannies…with his cocky smile!!

      • If Pia gets some major coaching and direction, she will kick some major ass in the music industry.

      • Exactly Frank! All she needs is a choreographer (i.e. Paula Adul or Mark Pallas etc…lol!)in her team!!

      • @tenisaddict not only teens and grannies, don't forget us middle aged because I absolutely love Scotty and so do quite a few young adults I now, including my son, who is not a country fan at all, but he says there is just something about the kid and he is right. It's that IT thing. I'm 46 and he makes me swoon. And I hate saying that because he is so young, but his voice gives me the chills.

      • @ Pup…ah…the infamous "P" word

        @ Lana… I am not sure what you mean about "filling up the stage". James…yes…but Scotty and Lauren…I don't think so. They may walk back and forth some but working the stage…uh uh. I also cannot see Scotty and Lauren both up in the # 2 & 3 spot…too much country. I think it will end up being James and Haley run off…JMO πŸ™‚

      • How much have you been collecting since you started the rule ? …lol

        Btw… how long does your rule hold ?

      • Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia,Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia,Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia,Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, to infinity.

        Send me my bill.

      • @SoftDev. I've retired it for the time being. But you never know . . . I could become "battier" and instead start lobbing tennis balls at addicts.

    • I liked Pia too. But she needs direction and coaching. Her vocals are great, everything else needs work.

      • Look at Adele or Susan Boyle, they don't have stage presence too, but they've find a great song to back it up with & sell millions!

      • tenisaddict, I love Pia. But she has to sing songs that a majority of the people can relate to. I think Pia lost, not so much for her stage presence, but for her song choices.

      • Frank…that's what I said also….she needs to find a great song to back her up like Adele!

  12. I was never a big fan of Carol King's music. It was kind of like Barry Manilow music to me. Elevator music with words – to me. Obviously, many others loved it and voted with their dollars. However, I am not excited about the possibilities. I am really interested, however, in seeing how James can make hard rock out of one of her songs. Casey will be challenged also. However, if either of them can adapt this music to their styles, it could prove their talent to all. A "That which does not kill me makes me stronger," kind of idea.

    • I hope James doesn't try to rock out this week. I think he needs to dispense with the theatrics and do a stripped down version of "You've Got A Friend". I also think this week will be the easiest for Haley and Casey because much of King's music lends itself to jazz.

      • You really think so? "You Light Up My Life," "You've Got a Friend," "I Feel the Earth Move" as jazz? I lack sufficient imagination. Do you have other songs in mind?

      • Yep. "I Feel the Earth Move" for Casey with the upright bass, and "It's Too Late" for Haley. No, not "You've Got A Friend". That I'd like James to do James Taylor style.

      • I feel the Earth Move and It's Too Late both have a nice groove. Half of Jazz is the rhythm and timing of the song, add a few wanky chords and you got a jazzed up Carole King, :).

      • I agree that jazz places more emphasis on interpretation than lyric or sheet music, but to me King's lyrics and musical themes are so bland that it is going to take a lot of ingenuity to make good jazz out of it (Gosh, I sure hope they can avoid scat, I hate scat -although there my son played a recording of a scat performnce by a student at Berklee in 2004 which even I liked – so, maybe it can be done).

      • Yeah, I hear you oldster. I personally love scat and what it exposes about the performer but I totally understand how people don't like it. Saying it is an acquired taste is an understatement at the least. I agree it will be a big challenge to turn some of these songs into a great and entertaining show. They all have their work cut out for them. This week will be all about the song choice and what they decide to do with it.

      • @ Templar. I agree. I believe that "You've Got A Friend" would be a great song for James. Someone mentioned "Loco-Motion" for James…I don't see it. πŸ™‚

  13. If you've been to an American Idol tour concert before reply to this please!!

    I have a couple questions.

      • ok so how long was it?

        and did every person sing?

        and what season did you see?

        the last one im just wondering haha

    • I've been to the tour for seasons 2,7 & 8. Each of them had solos, there were duets and group numbers. I guess I never timed it, but I'd put it around 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

    • I went to season 7 in Vegas. It was the first season I actually wanted to see them sing live. Pretty sure the group numbers were almost the same as what was on the show during the season.

  14. If you are fans of Carrie Underwood, go to youtube and type in girls night out/carrie underwood. She brought down the house singing with Vince Gill playing guitar. There's a long guitar solo in the middle, but the end is worth waiting for.

    • It was amazing…better than Elvis's version…She has really matured as a singer…Love her….

      • No way is that better than Elvis's version. It's very good and I love Carrie, but she is not Elvis.

      • To quote Sly and the Family Stone "Different strokes for different folks. I found the guitar solo overlong but Carrie really brought it home at the end. Have to agree with Frank though, not better than Elvis, just different. The only time I liked someone else's version of a song more than the Elvis one was Clay Aiken's "Solitaire' that song was perfect for a tenor not a baritone.

      • @ Pup…I actually liked Carrie's performance on the Academy of Music Awards with our one and only resident judge…Steven T. They both rocked. I will admit she did bring it home at the end of the performance on Girl's Night Out. jmo πŸ™‚

      • Templar, I have to disagree again. Aiken did not sing solitaire better than Elvis. Elvis and the Beatles were the best at their craft. No one can, and I mean no one can do it better.

  15. i am missing stefano already πŸ™ i am not rooting for James. I think Scotty will make it to the Finale but I also believe whoever it is he will go against will WIN. Why? Based on the comments I've read here, fans of other contestants hate (if that is not too strong of a word) Scotty. I think the fans of those who will be voted off will vote for whoever Scotty will go against in the finale. Scotty Fans must work double time…

      • Stefano is going to be the best man at James' wedding. I wonder if they'll show any of it on Idol.

    • what is it about Scotty that makes the other contestants' fans to hate him? Has he ever harmed anyone in any way possible? Has he ever ever offended anyone with his singing style and with words that came out of his mouth? :S

      he is doing nothing bad but singing his heart out. that is what he does. he sings country songs. he has improved along with the competition.

      he already knows what kind of singer he is and he is not trying to be someone else. he is just simply being himself, he is a normal country boy who is not even trying to be a pop star. it just happen that he is now in the show. so please give him a break πŸ™

      The boy has so much love for his music and he can be the next legend Johnny Cash in the making.

      It is rare to find a decent boy like him nowadays.

  16. All my favorites (Naima, Thia, Stefano, Pia, and even Robbie Rosen who never even made it to finals) are gone. The only person left who I'm voting for from now on is Haley, and when she is eliminated I'm not going to vote anymore. Everyone else I don't like for various reasons, and I'll only watch after her elimination to find out who wins.

    • hey, I loved Thia too. I think she has a beautiful sweet clarity to her voice. I hope she tries out again another year!!

      • She'll have to try out for one of the other shows. Once you make top 12 on Idol you aren't eligible again.

    • Naima! Aww…she's gone. She was crazy cool. I hope Haley gets another week or two. Her only chance is for James or Casey to unexpectedly go home (won't happen nor do I necessarily want it to happen, but just sayin). If that happened Lauren wouldn't have a chance and she'd definitely give Scotty a run for the money.

      • @ David P. I liked Namia as well…she was "crazy cool"…I am betting she will be a big attraction to the Idol Tour this season. I am reading a lot of comments about Lauren and I agree with the ones that state she needs to mature a little and define herself more. I almost hurt for her when I watch her perform…she really lacks the self-confidence. I fear the music industry will eat her up. Have a good feeling that it will be down to James, Haley and Casey/Scotty for the final three. Have a good one. πŸ™‚

  17. I think Haley or Lauren can sing, you make me feel like a natural woman, but if they do they have to have a killer performance, because after that Kelly did in season 1, the public still remembers her performance was perfect so they have to be better or don't even bother.

      • thank you for letting me know, I didn't know that,now I feel stupid, obviously I missed that episode.

      • Nah, it wasn't a super memorable performance. And I only say she stunk it up because people did exactly how you said and compared it to Kelly Clarkson and then she said something that was construed to be saying something negative about Kelly Clarkson's performance iirc.

      • Hey now. You can't say that was a great performance and people did compare her to Kelly Clarkson. I didn't say I thought she snubbed Kelly but a lot of people felt that way. I don't dislike Lauren, but you have to admit she is not in it as much as she was in the beginning. Her performance of Natural Woman may have even been when she started her downward spiral.

      • That song has been so overused.( I feel like a natural women) It would be nice if all of the contestants didn't pick a song that has been used to death.

      • David P., I saw a web site where after Lauren performed Natural Woman, they had her video & Kelly's AI video back to back & people were voting. The vote was very close with Kelly only about 2% ahead. I personally liked them both. Just different styles.

  18. Who is going to win Idol and why…Check with I-tunes-who has the most "Down-loads"–Not Madona-not The Beatles–But—-Tayler Swift…Female and a Country Singer. Young Country fans are making this 20 year old very famous..So—-they are not the best singers nor enertainers–but Idol's final will be—-Scotty and Lauren..Sorry-but–true..

    • You are right, but the sad part is when you hear Taylor Swift sing live, she absolutely sucks! Swift would not even make the top 24 in AI with her pitchiness. I guess she will write a song about me now, or did she already with Your Just Mean?

    • Yes but Adele has 2 albums in top 10 on itunes with her latest at number 1.

      Tayler Swift is great songwriter and puts on a great show but live she can get pitchy at times when she has to move alot.

      • pitchy at times??? She is horrible live. Me and my daughter went to see her in concert and she was absolutely the worst singer I have ever heard that was as successful as she is. She is a product of teeny boppers who don't know any better.

    • Templar, I personally like Taylor Swift. I'm sure for very different reasons than the young girls who make up her primary fan base. Last week when people on the posts where wanting Lauren to do a Taylor Swift song, I was like OH NO! Taylor's songs are in a word Tailored. Her songs are written about her & for her. I do long for the day that she chooses to write songs for others on a regular basis. I'm sure her male suiters will be happy for that as well.

      • Bunny, Taylor Swift is not a good singer. If you ever get a chance to hear her sing live, you will agree with me. I am still bewildered that she has become a star.

      • Frank, She is a star because her fan base is primarily made up of young teenage girls who are able to relate to the songs that she writes/sings. She writes about personal experiences. True life happenings. And that makes it real.

  19. I really want Scotty to win. I hope he has enough fans to get him there! I wish I could vote, but I'm not in the US. But I do like the show and LOVE Scotty! James is good too. I hope either one wins.

    • Well Jean if twitter is any indication, he just may. He is only a few hundred shy of 100,000 people. He has a huge fan base, lets just hope they keep voting. I will put in an extra one for you. Because Scotty gets my vote every week. Luv him

      • I agree with Dawn, he has quite a bit more followers + fans on both Twitter and Facebook, he is less than 100 followers from 100,000 on Twitter, which is almost 8,000 more than Casey who has the second most! Hopefully Twitter indicates just how many votes he's getting, I'll put in a couple for you too! πŸ™‚

      • I will also put in votes for you. He gets my vote every week. Love Scotty. I really think he will win.

  20. Fabulous talent remaining, in so many genres! Not necessarily my favorite that he does best, but James has the MOST talent. He will bring on board additional fans, with a song or two (as we progress), that are softer rock, or folk. Guaranteed! This young man has it all. Lauren a doll. She going places. Haley too, has a powerhouse potential. I did love Scotty, but he doesn't have enough versatility, even within country genre. Too same over and over. He SHOULD be next to go (luv you Scotty, but it's all about talent here!!). Casey and Jacob about equal to me. Different but equal in talent. So Lauren, let loose a bit, and do some dancing a bit more. James and you, and Haley likely the final three…From someone who has background in music…

    • DianeB, I appreciate your post. Seems to be well thought out. One thing I would like to add though is… I would not so much like to see Lauren dance but go back to engaging the audience. In the beginning she seemed to pull them into the performance with her. This is something that is missing in her lately.

      • Hi Bunny…I think you are bang on! Yes, I wrote too fast without thinking it thru. It is not so much about dancing, but engaging!!! I don't think she seems nervous, not sure exactly what it is…in her duet with Scotty, she shone!!! and engaged the audience…He didn't know where to put his arms sometimes…Didn't look back at her…when she looked at him at the exact right times in the performance…She was a performer for that duet…much beyond her very young years…He wasn't…actually, he kinda stood almost in front of her at one point…But, I wonder (she doesn't seem to be lacking), but I wonder if she just needs a bit of a confidence booster…She has it ALL in my eyes, and can do ALL kinds of COUNTRY…Scotty can't…Let's cheer together for her…I think she is only about 15 or 16, if my memory serves me correct…

      • You are right DianeB. I think something happened with Lauren's confidence after the P word lady left. Not sure what it was, but Lauren changed after that. In the last duet with Scotty, if the producers had placed Lauren on the right side of Scotty it would have been a totally better performance. Scotty tilts to the right, it is his signiture.

      • Frank, get with it, Bunny was saying that in deference to me. I am collecting $1 from anyone who mentions her name. I just think it is time to let her go and stop bringing her name up in every other post. Yup. She is not Princess Diana.

  21. I think Lauren is the best.I think she should win it.She has an awesome voice and gives good performaces.And then I think it should be Scotty.Lauren and Scotty sing really good together.

      • YES. Candle in the Wind was the best idol performance this season for me. I said FOR ME. So don't say I'm stupid or need to clean out my ears. I said FOR ME. I loved it and if you didn't, so be it.

      • IMHO Lauren can't handle a career at this point. She'd fall apart and end up going off the rails ala Lohan, Cyrus etc. She's too young.

    • I think Lauren has TREMENDOUS potential. I have loved only a couple of her performances, though. (Song choices, less than powerful delivery). But I am betting she will bury Carrie Underwood as a country singer when it is the right time. I am not moved by Carrie's voice (oh so beautiful, though!), but I have been moved by Lauren's!

      There is no doubt in my mind that she will carve out a fantastic career in music when she's ready for it.

      • Bury Carrie Underwood? That's a tall task. Carrie has won numerous awards and is an outstanding singer. Lauren may turn out to be pretty good, but she will never bury Carey Underwood.

        By the way, I will take that bet.

      • Okay, Frank, bet on!!! Carrie is a beautiful young girl with a nice voice. Period.

        Lauren is a beautiful young woman just approaching maturity–and her pipes outshine Carrie's already. Can't imagine what she will be like when she "owns" everything that is inside her.

      • Pup, I cannot fathom that Lauren will even approach the success Carrie Underwood has achieved. There are a lot of Lauren's out there, but very few Carrie Underwood's.

      • Personally, I would never purchase anything by Carrie. But I would by Lauren, if she gets it together. Her sound is so much richer–so textured and interesting. Carrie is like this little blonde angel doll that everyone falls in love with. But her voice is THIN. Not music to my ears!

  22. I think Jennifer Lopez said it best, regarding the winner. It's not how amazing your voice or range is, but how your song can connect with the audience. We saw Pia go irregardless of her amazing voice but she just wasn't able to connect with a lot of the viewers. So if her statement is true or at least plausible anybody can win – it's all a matter of if they can connect with us. As much as James is my most favorite but even I will admit that of the remaining 6, 5 of them were able to get to me throughout this competition.

    • Sorry hit enter prematurely so let me finish my thought….. that would be 5 of the competitors were able to get to me at one time or another at this point of the competition.

    • Mickey…Oh so right…Pia had likely one of the strongest (if not "THE" best/most controlled/on pitch) voices, but lacked completely in personality. Just blast out a ballad, HOLDING THAT MICROPHONE in that same ol same ol position. Enough already! Poor PIA, it was too late by the time it sunk in.

      Then young Lauren slips on the stairs (if PIA did that, she would have told the producers to NOT show it to us). Lauren is simply so real…Guns loaded with more talent than she may realize…Voice, presence, personality all wrapped up in a fabulous package together… I would love to promote her…..It is going to be interesting to see how this rolls all out…We are all obviously big fans of the SHOW, so will follow the remaining 'to choose from favourites' as others are voted off. Lauren will take many of Scotty's votes…Unless he does something big this week and/or next to change my mind about his lack of versatility within the country genre.

      • Oooh, you owe Pup like 50 bucks. They did say the ghosts pushed Pia down the stairs but never showed a clip of it. Maybe what you were inferring actually happened!

        I totally agree with your analysis of Lauren vs the P lady, btw.

      • Hey, I've got 'em all trained! (Pup says this while leaning against her doghouse, after kicking up some dirt over the $1 bills she has hidden in a secret spot.)

  23. what is it about Scotty that makes the other contestants’ fans to hate him? Has he ever harmed anyone in any way possible? Has he ever ever offended anyone with his singing style and with words that came out of his mouth? :S

    he is doing nothing bad but singing his heart out. that is what he does. he sings country songs. he has improved along with the competition.

    he already knows what kind of singer he is and he is not trying to be someone else. he is just simply being himself, he is a normal country boy who is not even trying to be a pop star. it just happen that he is now in the show. so please give him a break πŸ™

    The boy has so much love for his music and he can be the next legend Johnny Cash in the making.

    It is rare to find a decent boy like him nowadays.

    • I am supporting Scotty all the way. He connects with the audience and apparently with the viewer at home too. Everytime he sung as song, I felt so connected to him. He might not be an Idol to some but surely he is a superstar in the making.

      • Scotty is a star in the making and I know he will be around for a long time singing his heart out, but I don't think he has a chance to win against James and Casey.

      • He better pick it up this week. He almost lost me last week. Of course out of all the songs to choose from, I'm trying real hard not to take it personally that he picked the only country song every produced that I absolutely HATE.

    • Everything you said can be said about all the other remaining contestants minus the ambiguous 'wholesome country boy' comment.

    • Jessie…I said I love Scotty, it's just that (and only in my opinion), he doesn't have as much talent as the rest of the pack. I think he has more fans than some of the remaining, (and again, I do luv him), but I don't think he has as much talent. Remember, it's ALL relative at this point. They are all great to have made it this far!! I just don't think Scotty has enough versatility..both in voice, and on stage. He simply won't be able to MIX it UP enough within the country Genre…unless of course he does some thinking this week. But remember, you country music fans are HUGE in numbers…so this may keep him in the running, longer….I still maintain the top 3 are James, Lauren, Haley (talent wise and commercially)…Love them all.

    • I'm not a Scotty hater!

      I actually almost lost it the other day when I heard him in the group number. He was the only one I liked–and I couldn't believe it was Scotty singing (cuz it wasn't country). He sounded great–I mean really great!

      If he would just diversify his song choices, many of us would have a harder time not giving him any votes! But he needn't worry about us, because his fan base is so huge. And that is another reason why you see a lot of posts that you must be thinking mean people hate Scotty. Not true. It's just that with his fan base, he appears to be unbeatable–even when he gives a bad performance. Even when he doesn't change things up a bit–or take advice that really would have helped him last week.

      He's a very nice young man, we can all see that. When we pick at the contestants or their performances, most of us are civil. We're just rooting for our own favorites. (Guess you haven't missed I'm a Haley fan!) But I really try not to run down the other contestants. (Even though I have this running joke about the P girl. Just had it with everyone constantly bringing up her name like she was Princess Diana or something.) Anyway, I've seen more posts about people hating Haley than anyone disliking Scotty! So smile, we're not attack sharks, honestly!

      • @ David. Do pups blush? This one is. Thanks. So sweet. Yes, we do think alike! Hey, you are right there with me in expressing yourself. No slouch at all.

      • It appears that anyone that does not automatically envision Scotty as the next Hank Williams, Jr; Johnny Cash; Garth Brooks or even Randy Travis is "dubbed" a Scotty hater. Get real. I like me some country some time…but more to the tune of some of the newer artists like Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Josh Turner and Lady Antebellum. My taste in music, however tend to be rock… and some good jazz/blues…period…Just because I do not vote for Scotty does not make me a Scotty hater…get over yourselves, people. πŸ™‚

    • For me personally I don't like Scotty for 2 reasons. Firstly, I did not like the way I felt he faked feeling bad about not sticking up for the boy JD (or whatever his name was, sorry my memory fades) during Hollywood week. Secondly, and to a much lesser extent, I don't particularly enjoy country music.

      • The kid was 16 at the time. Do you remember 16 because I can tell you, you don't, and you can't be a tween because you would of never made a comment like that. do you have any idea how hard it is at the time to do that with 4 other kids much older than him, saying he had to go. Please, he was probably pissing in his pants and didn't know what to do. That how we live and learn.

      • Dawn J, excellent point, and I think it is one the judges and the public were able to make about Scotty early on, too.

      • Dawn, you've missed my point completely. I'm not knocking him for doing what he did, as you said, he's just a kid. What I'm knocking him for is his fake "I should've stood up for him" rubbish that came afterwards. All IMHO of course.

  24. We are really rooting for James so much so that I broke our redial button on our old phone. He is the only one that we get excited about and just can't wait to hear what he's going to sing and watch him perform. He is a dedicated and a born performer; he is not afraid to let loose and has a tremendous voice.

    • Totally with you on that one. Moreso, that boy has succumed to physical problems all his life which would affect the strongest of us in negative ways. Yet he had the courage to go infront of millions of people – whew, he really is to be viewed as a roll model whether he wins Idol or not. In addition, he has an incredibly beautiful voice and is filled with vision that makes the show so interesting to watch. I sure am hoping this boy does win but again, it will depend on how they connect with the viewers on their performances.

      • I too am pulling for James. Remarkable what he has accomplished. Haley is also a great choice. I wouldn't mind if James or Haley won.

  25. To Northern Guy: Ha Ha, maybe I'm dumb/misreading your inference in your message. BUT..if you think Casey is in the country genre, YOU are most SADLY mistaken fellow!

  26. I do not like James screams, I like Scotty, it seems that on this page there is a chase by the supporters of Scotty, either if they are preadolescent, or that only sings a genre, I respect their views but Scotty goes to the heart of all those who like to listen to it. James also sings only a genre and they have nothing to say that it is the truth and an imitator of Adan Adam is superior sorry by my english

  27. I'm rooting for Casey because he's the best musician, but James will probably carry the Adam Lambert guilt votes and win it all. AL really should have won Season 10, and would've if he'd toned down the gay thing. Unfortunate, but true, it doesn't fly in middle America. And that's the reason Jacob will probably go this week. But whatever, they're all very talented kids, and will work in the business!

    • Hi Judith…Casey has talent, no bout a doubt it (giggle). But more limited interest to the bigger population i think. (ie AI watchers). I live in Canada now, and would like to think in this day and age, that no matter the orientation, race, sex, size…they (all idols making it this far) all are loved and have the same chance based upon talent/stage presence etc. I guess we really don't know how significantly things could be swayed (my hope it that is has been and will continue to be insignicant) by 'things that do not, or at least should not matter'. In the end, I loved AL too, but simply Hallelujia was just so awesome…gave me shivers, and still favorite rendition ever.

    • Judity, Where to start? Casey is a good musician. What he is not is a good singer. Adam was in season 8, not season 10. Adam never played up "the gay thing' when he was on Idol. He was theatrical and exciting, but never overtly gay. Not winning Idol was the best thing for Adam. He didn't have to follow the dictates of the Idol machine with what sort of CD to make. No one is voting for James out of guilt over Adam.

      • @ Templar…I so agree. Adam was by far one of the best and is making a great name for himself. He most certainly did not play up the "gay thing"…what he did best was being an individual who was not afraid to take risks. To me, that is what being a contestant on AI is all about…taking risks…James does this, Casey does this, Haley has started doing this and it is paying off for her…Scotty, Lauren and Jacob do not take risks…they are a little too "cookie cutter" for my taste…and that is not bashing..that is personal opinion and taste. πŸ™‚

    • Am I lost or what? I thought we were in season 10 & I had no idea that AL was a contestant. Sign me up, I'll vote. Just saying

  28. James is an amazing entertainer/artist. He is not afraid to take intelligent risks and make the decisions he feels are right for him, and has said this from the beginning of AI.

    He loves the audience and feeds off of them. Wants to give 210% and he does!!

    We look forward to seeing what he is going to bring to AI each week–

    He is the one I would spend my hard earned money on in order to buy his records and attend his concerts!

    We love you James – thanks for all your hard work and the wonderful entertainment you have brought us!

    • The Carole King song I would like to hear James sing is "YOU ARE THE REASON". sing it for his fiancee Heidi (who he said is his "rock" and also his son Hunter. That would be so cool!!!

  29. i know james will go all the way he is if not more talented than adam lambert and adam is one of my most fav singers of all time,so go james!!!:)

  30. I personally think that Haley's the one who works the hardest every week, she deserves some credit atleast, cause I think that the Judges are being a lil unfair on her, cause I can c her winning…I just want a girl to win, cause its been four years since a girl won, I think either of the girls that are in are winning material, Haley can sing any flippin thing & Laurens got heaps of potential 4 her 16 years of age, Pls Vote Vote Vote 4 da girls…They deserve 2 win every once in a while i think…hahaha

    But Haley u r a LEGEND!!!!! Keep it up!!! Always B Positive & I'm sure da Audience Will Want u there;)) Mwah!!!

    • I think you should vote for the one you feel is the most talented not because they are male or female – that is what I'm doing. I am voting for James – yes – because I feel he is the most talented —

      • i vote for haleytoo… she is the best… i think that she can beat jacob casey and lauren with the right song choices! with scotty is other story (fan base) and james, he deserve to be in the top 2

    • Agree Haley is best right now, in part because she has stepped up and improved every week.

      Its time for James to focus more on singing but I love his stage presence and show.

      Scott's age and lack of training is starting show, which can be said for Lauren too.

      I think it will be hard to beat out Scotty and James for top 2 spots but Haley should be in the top 4 if not higher.

    • @ Jay-Jayzzz. I love that you talked about Haley's amazing work ethic. She is fantastic! (And I love Lauren, too!)

      I'm a woman and would never vote for gender over quality, however. Luckily for me, Haley is the best, so I am supporting the best of both worlds with her. I also like James, and I vote each week depending upon who does best. Yes, I have given Scotty and Casey and Stefano votes at times, too.

  31. i truely miss stefano knowing he won't be there next week make's me sad it get's so hard to see them go ever week because ive been watching all of them since episode 1 so im really going to miss not just him but all of the one's too go seeing stefano go made me cry and i will truely miss him:(

  32. To make an all positive post:

    Jacob: great voice with lots of range (yes, I have heard him hit very low notes), tone and quality. He also puts a lot of himself into every song.

    Casey: technically very strong with great intuition and ingenuity.

    Scotty: a wonder deep bass voice that is all unusual in modern music and an easy stage presence.

    James: a passionate and inventive entertainer with a lot of energy and drive

    Lauren: a voice with lots of potential, an "aw, shucks" personality – and beautiful eyes (yes, appearance does matter for performers and I feel more qualified to speak about females than males).

    Haley: a good voice with the ability to sing many genres with authority. Also, way too sexy to be under 18.

    • So this is really kind of making me wonder. "Officially" Haley is 20 years old but there's all sorts of rumors flying around she is 17 just about to turn 18. I'm not sure I believe it.

    • Haley was in her 2nd year at Harper College in Chicago, so unless graduated high school early then she 20 with birthday of 09-09-1990.

      • Also the 2 blond backup singers are 15 and 16 yrs old Monroe sisters, Paris born in June, 1994 and Destinee in Jan, 96.

    • Thanks, Bloodyscot. Uh, David and Oldster, contain yourselves. She's still taboo to both of you!

      • Never entertained the idea of actually getting to know her. However, just thinking certain thoughts about a girl under 18 is verbotten, you know. It makes one feel guilty. I do not like the feeling, ergo ….

      • David, while I agree with you, I believe that her appeal lies in her "all too knowing" smile — and really nice hair. For some reason, she reminds me of the girl who plays the artist in Bones, Angela Montenegro (character's name, the actress is named Michela something). This in spite of the fact that the latter is brunette. I know, weird and off subject.

      • Oldster, I think you've gone and slipped over the edge. All too knowing smile?? Nice hair? You're creeping me out a bit here.

  33. I am looking forward to watching : Swimming World Championship 2011. Can't wait to see how Michael Phelps will revenge his lost to Paul Biedermann at Rome 2009 in 200m freestyle and how Nathan Adrian will challenge Cesar Cielo Filho for 50m and 100m freestyle.

    Sorry, out of topic.

    • Out of topic? You aren't even in the same stratosphere. Do you even know which message board you are on?

      • I know, but I was either lacking of idea or just not able to keep focused because I was planning to go swimming that afternoon and at the same time I was watching or reading swimming issues on the Internet.

        Well I was probably not in the same strathosphere, but I was still in the same Atmosphere….

        Talking about atmosphere,every time I watch Lauren's performance, I feel the atmosphere of Kelly Clarkson. Perhaps, it indicates that Lauren Alaina will be in the Finale and .. quite possibly win.

      • Soft Dev, Lauren is pretty good, but the chances of her winning AI are about as slim as me beating Michael Phelps in a swimming meet.

      • Frank, no.. Don't make such a comparison between you and the great Michael when we are talking about Lauren's chance of winning AI.

        How about comparing it with the chance for Lewis Hamilton beating Sebastian Vettel in Formula 1 race this year ?

        Actually I am not quite sure Lauren will win, but at least she will be in the Finale.

    • i loved ALL her performances! she allways does a great job… bennie and the jets (maybe one of thest ever), rolling in the deep(one of the best these season), piece of my heart(the best rendition of piece of my heart on idol, including crystal version and a LOVE crystal), you really got a hold on me (a strong performance, best of the night for me), fallin (amazin, she own that song), Blue (sweet and very best than the original), im your baby tonight (powerfull performance, Hard song and she just did the best)

      • yeahhh and she allways give her style to every single song she takes! and for me she is one of the most consistent (james too) these year. i hope that she makes to the finals with james and lauren! James-Haley final would be GREAT! the best performers on the show!

    • Sophie, I am right there with you. I have no doubt Haley will perform just as fantastically Wed. night. I just hope everyone who feels the same way will show her her due respect and admiration by actually voting for her. And that those who like her as number 2 or 3 or 4 will swing some votes her way, too–to keep her where she rightly has a place to be–still contending.

  34. Did the picture of Union Jack flag at the left arm side of James's jacket he's wearing at Top 7 Elimination result show mean something ? Did he implicitly try to attract new fans from United Kingdom ?

    • He was performing a Muse cover of "Uprising". They are a Brit alternative rock band — the video I think has a post apocalyptic feel — although I think it was written as a British protest song.

      He also carried the mic stand/cane in honor of Freddie Mercury, who of course is of the great British rock band Queen! James is also an actor — think he was just trying to stay in character and is very detail orientated. Just my opinion.

      • @ Diana & Frank. I agree. He is very detail oriented and knows how to put on a good show. There is a lot of talent with this young man…dares to be different and take risks..

  35. so many complaints…

    … haley- growl

    … jacob- churchy

    …scotty & lauren-boring

    …james- rocker wanna be… too much scream

    …casey- singing angrily

    …pia & thia- boring too, always ballad

    …ashton- trying hard to be a diva

    …karen- why sing spanish?

    …naima- awkward, dancing & face..

    …stefano- phrasing, over confidence

    …paul- whispering and horrible dancing…

    sick of criticism

    Jimmy the producer… pls. win!!! hahaha

  36. haley- beautiful/ i feel the earth move

    casey-one love is real/will you love me tomorrow

    james-monday without you/still here thinking of you

    scotty- it might rain until september

    lauren- one fine day

    jacob- some one who believes in you(james too could sing this)

  37. This is a video of Haley before american idol singing one of the greatest jazz tunes:

    America, open your eyes and see the amazing talent this girl has.

    Someone here said she doesn't even know the blues, this video is a proof she knows it.

  38. For God sake! Can Jacob dance like a man for once, at least?? the way he danced on the foursome of hey soul sisters is so girly…even more feminine than Lauren….lol! No wonder most people want her….ooops! him out!!

  39. Does anyone else feel bad that Paul practically halved his credibility with his… 'contribution' to the group song? I have so much sympathy that he was dragged into doing that, but oh boy… Paul, mate… really dreadful.

    At least he's got another guy to sing with now, should they all come back and do a Lady Gaga song.

  40. My Picks:

    Haley: You make me feel like a Natural Women.

    Lauren: Beautiful

    James: I feel the Earth move

    Jacob: Tapestry

    Cassey: Too Late Baby

    Scotty: You've got a Friend

  41. I personally have been a Scotty fan since the beginning because of his voice and the fact I feel he is very sincere. I feel he is a good role model for all young people in America. I have downloaded his songs and enjoy listening to them. I feel he has the strongest voice of all of the ones left. The talent is good but I think he will be the winner. GO SCOTTY!!

  42. Not so looking forward to watch the Top 6 full performance since STEFANO already got sent home. Seriously, are you kidding American Idol? The boring Scotty and Lauren and Jacob are still in the competition. My goodness gracious.

    Perhaps I am rooting for James and Hayley for now since the talented and smoking hot Stefano got eliminated shockingly.

    Also why Carole King theme? Not many people know who she was and her songs? Wrong and bad choice theme for the Top 6…. AI should pick Madonna songs for the Idol to sing and compete cos Madonna's songs are so relevant, famous and competitive not only to the American but to the whole world cos the world is watching American Idol so dont pick the wrong winner voters. Scotty and Lauren are really bad choices.

    • Maxim don't mock others as being a boring individual. Hey pal, at least Scotty, Lauren and Jacob can sing, all three of them.

      Now the big question is can you sing, my dear?

      Nobody is boring. Each one of these singers has their own style of performing on the stage. If all of them have the same style of performing then that would be BORING, wouldn't it?

      Stop being a hater. You vote for whoever you want to vote and love. We all have our own choice and the right to vote. So, do not try to provoke others to hate any singers in the AI competition. All of them has a talent. Come on now, pal.

      • Maxis must be a young little girl who votes only for hot, cute and sexy guys. She said she was dissapointed that hot smoking Stefano was eliminated from AI.

        Obviously, she is voting based on the outer beauty. Maxis oh girl I feel sorry for you.

      • Maxim must be a young little girl who votes only for hot, cute and sexy guys. She said she was dissapointed that hot smoking Stefano was eliminated from AI.

        Obviously, she is voting based on the outer beauty. Maxim oh girl I feel sorry for you.

    • Because Carole King is a great composer and contributor to the musical culture, you can't compare her to Madonna…¬¬

  43. yes she must be under 18. she must be have trying to vote thousand times for stefano but it was still not enough. oh sorry little girl your hot stefano is out. no matter how many times you pressed the buttons on your mini phone. it did not work. it does not work that way. you must understand the world.

      • maxim – the little girl read what she wrote about stefano on the 2nd paragraph

      • right right yeah i agree with the rest. maxim baby you should not have said these kind of things. if you like a singer do not make fun of other singers who are not you favourites.

  44. Maxim – the little girl read what she wrote on the 2nd paragraph about stefano

    • I don't believe Maxim is a young girl. No one I know who is under 40 thinks Madonna is relevant. No on I know of any age thinks Madonna is a good songwriter. And she referred to King as if she'd died " who Carol King was". King just had a very successful tour with James Taylor. And the goodness gracious phrase speaks of someone in Madonna's age group.

  45. James looked terribly sad in this photo πŸ™ He must missed Stefano so much. Them and their bromance, roommates and best friends.

    I am just afraid that this might affect James's performance next week. There were some contestants in the audition for this season AI who had the same situation. There 4 of them. One couple and the other were ex's. I don't remember their names.

    I hope James will be alright…poor soul.

    • He does look sad. But if you will look at what they are wearing, it shows that photo was taken the same night Stefano was eliminated. So, to be expected. James will bring it.

      And Haley will match him and best him!!

    • Me too…Dont really care what's gonna happen in AI….I am Upset, Devastated that Stefano is gone. He's so talented and of course SO HOT !!!!!

      Been voting and voting for Stefano and he's gone now. Sobbing sad. Anyway will vote for James definitely.

      • ME tOOO… iam still really really upset about Stefano's elimination… it is Not FAir… cause we live in UNFAIR world..

    • Not to happy about the fact that Stefano said that he wasn't really interested in winning Idol just getting his foot in the door and sad for the people who would have given their all to win. He took a spot for someone that would want the Idol crown. I know all are in it for the exposure, but seems to me they are all in it to win it.

  46. My bets are on Haley to nail it this week with Carol King tunes. I went back and viewed Haley's performances since the beginning and she had steadily improved. She seems to add her growl at more song-enhancing times now than in the beginning. She's honed her signature growl….LOL! She stood out to me when she sang Bennie and the Jets and I like her more than I did before now. She's giving it her all.

    I will probably vote for her this week.

    I wouldn't mind a Haley/James final 2! (I really like James too).

    • haley is the best among the group. if she can drop growlling in one song, i will vote her all the way to the final. go girl.

    • Haley has been my favorite ever since I watched her sing "Blue." She shocked me she was so good. And she has been spectacular ever since.

      I didn't hear her growl once in the last song she did, Adele's "Rollin in the Deep." So strong and her timbred voice has so much character!!! Kim from PA is right about her paying attention to our comments (had to be ours, because the judges never said that to her) pulling back on that growling.

    • Yes she truly is Amazing! And how about her singing Janice Joplin? 2 thumbs way way up! And keep up the good work!

  47. I think James should win, even though he is rock he sure can sing anything, also I like Lauren

  48. no me gusto que pia y estefano se fueran del programa, no se vale eran muy buenos participante.

    • maria vivas, I don't know what you are saying but I do see the P word so, uno denero to Pup, grassyass.

      • Hey Coondoggie, Where ya been. See if you had been here to translate maria vivas message, I wouln't be in trouble with Pup. Were you out sniffin for eggs?

      • See Pup, Here we go again with the higher power double post thing again. I believe that a higher power thought I should apologize twice & there you go.

      • Hey Bunny, yeah Coondog taking it easy for Easter.

        Oh, sorry about the computer double posting stuff. Coondog been trying to sniff out the computer trickery that's keeping Jacob in the competition, and what's going on with Haley's votes. So excuse me, I got to go chomp on some more wires so's I can fix all these computer problems.

        I guess that Paul didn't care too much for my French translations!

      • Retyping my info, cause I keep getting some "awaiting moderation" message. I must be making progress with my "computer repairs"?!

        Hey Bunny, yeah Coondog taking it easy for Easter.

        Oh, sorry about the computer double posting stuff. Coondog been trying to sniff out the computer trickery that’s keeping Jacob in the competition, and what’s going on with Haley’s votes. So excuse me, I got to go chomp on some more wires so’s I can fix all these computer problems.

        I guess that Paul didn’t care too much for my French translations!

      • Bunny, I was soooo worried that I'd stepped on your tail! I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, darlin'. I just always am on guard to never do anything to resemble the "Ugly American." So when people outside of the U.S. struggle with language or post in a different language, I think we should always be at our best. It just felt like a jab at her culture. That's why I got on you. But as odd as it may be, I feel I know your heart. And I know you would never do that intentionally. So please accept my apologies if I hurt your feelings. Pup perks up her ears . . .

      • @ Coondog. Pup does not "cat" fight!! How dare you bring up that species!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for poking fun at us; it helped.

        And hey, I loved your translation. It definitely was Coondoggy, through and through. Made me laugh.

  49. I think James will nail it .and surprise you all.He is so good he will come up with something spectacular go James my man

    • @ Roxann…I agree. James does really have some good vocals…He is the man to win. Definitely a James/Haley run off. πŸ™‚

  50. Pia would of won if someone wouldn't of messed it up for her she is the best out of all American idol. and Jame's

    • woulda , shoulda, coulda, dida not da get the votes. you will still get to buy her music. don't loose sleep over that one.

      • David, that's it. Dinner for everyone on the tour! With after-dinner drinks on me IF we bring Haley in as the winner!

      • Pup, I don't know what happened there. I posted the comment & get a message saying that it was a duplicate. Then it came up twice? I figure it most likely is an omen from a higher power. The higher power wanted bud to be biten twice & low & behold there it is!

      • Now, Bunny. Bud is probably right, you know. He just has no idea of how all those posts lamenting "her" departure really got under my skin. People just went overboard scattering flowers for her in every post, and I am determined to keep the sidewalks clean of rotting debris around here!!

  51. I'm rooting for James. I wouldn't miss Hailey or Jacob. Someone mentioned Aspberers and sympathy votes. It is time people wake up to the idea that people with disabilities liv each day to the fullest, just as anyone. James deserves a lot of respect for his talent, perseverance , and a truly big heart.

    • Agree with you about James. But who said Haley is going anywhere?!! Not if I can help it, she won't.

      • Haley seems to be gaining a lot of open support – finally – so I hope it carries through to the voting.

        She is the most popular on You Tube and that is closer to one person voting whether they like or dislike the vid.

        I would love to see a James/Haley final – it will rock!

      • I too would love to see Haley and James throw it down for the finale. I don't think that it will happen, but as far as having a powerful conclusion to the season, that would be it. Scotty can sing, Lauren can sing. But Haley and James seem way more ready in the "total-performance" area. I think the competition would really push them, too.

      • @ Pup, Bunny, David P. So so good to see all the love for James and Haley. I am truly hoping for a showdown between the both of them for #1…has there ever been a "tie"…don't think so…but they are both so good. Keeping up with all the banter…love it. πŸ™‚

      • Paul, thanks so much for sharing that. Wow! I am so happy for her!! She really deserves this.

      • Yahoo, Not2Old4rIdol! Glad you're up for a Haley/James showdown. Really hoping it comes about. Talk about fireworks!!

    • Most people with Aspberers and Tourettes (somewhat related in some symptoms) certainly do have a disability but the majority do not use it as a crutch to attain special attention or favors from fans or judges. Most are extremely happy to garner any type of attention, which they have earned and worked hard for, on their own with no sympathy or pity

  52. i just said to my daughter the other day (she is a haley fan and i am a james fan) these performs cry for each other when one gets booted and they are competing against each other. here we all are on the NET bashing who we dont like. man, if they can be nice to eac other maybe we should not bash the ones we dont like.

    saying mean hurtful things is not good. i state i dont like jacobs voice and i dont but man it seems some people on here want the ones they dont like to get hit by a bus or something.

    they all deserve some praise but darn it….james for the win!!!! lol

    • James VS. Haley, and whoever out sings/performs the other, FOR THE WIN, mother dearest! Haha. Of course that's just wishful thinking on my part.

      • Hahahaha, gladly. You'd probably flip your lid, and I can't stomach James Durbin on replay for a year straight! I get headaches easily. Screaming is wonderful, but please…in small doses.

      • come on devin lee you put up with me listening to aerosmith for 25 years πŸ˜‰

        now steven tyler can scream!

      • Ibuprofen are like skittles to me…you see!? You see what I gotta put up with?

        P.S. I want Haley to do Regina Spektor I've decided.

      • That was me, not my mom. Yes, Regina Spektor Fidelity, Better, Samson, or maybe even Us. Haley'd killlll it!

        My household has always been very divided. There I was in my room listening to Tori Amos, Bjork, and Jewel, my mom's in hers listening to Korn, Nine Inch Nails, and Godsmack, and my little sister in hers listening to Tupac Shakur. Haha. Continues to this day. Though my sister has come to my side a little, but her hearts in old punk rock now.

      • P.S. Pup says she might advise that the Health Dept. stop over to the "secondchance" home and check out the auditory capabilities of the inhabitants therein. With all that competing music, there must be some hearing (or sanity!) loss in someone there!

      • @at pup. lmbo. yes hearing loss for sure. it kept each of out of the others room! to this day i get annoyed/mad/headache if i hear jewel.

        devin dont like avenged sevenfold, breaking benjamin three days grace which are all my favorites right now.

        devins favorite music right now are bands i do not know or care to ever know;)

        if it is a james/haley finale i am sure me and devin will get in a few thousand fights in that hour show.

    • @ second chance…so true…they ALL do seserve praise…they are the top 6 out of thousands that auditioned….it is amazing…no way in heck I would ever have had the courage to face what these younf people are facing on a daily/weekly basis…#1. alas…I am to old…#2. I can't sing my way out of a paper bag and # 3. I can't stand rejection…hic hic, cry cry. So, big kudos to the remaining six and of course…James for the win. πŸ™‚

      • thanks rose.

        well here is to the 6 remaining contestants and james for the win!

  53. I'm a James Lauren fan but honestly, i believe casey should win. Or at least have Lauren, James and Casey as top 3 then Casey and James as finalists. Casey should win because his style is unique… he can sing rock, pop, jazz, blues…you name it. Can lauren do that? can james do that? For crists sake can SCOTTY do that ? or can jacob and haley ? think about it (:

    • Haley has proven she can do just that. She can do it all. I am hoping for a James/Haley finale. I loved Casey's last performance–thought it was his very best. If he can do that again, he will continue to earn some votes from me.

      • Exactly! Haley is just as versatile as Casey if not more so. I like Casey, too, though. He needs to stop making creepy sounds after he's done performing though, it ruins the moment.

        Speaking of which, someone should tell Lauren to let her last note settle before saying 'thank you'. Not saying the 'thank you' shouldn't be said, just saying she should wait a few moments and say it after the applause starts not before she takes her next breath. Anyone else notice that?

    • Since we started with the top 13, here are the artistes whose songs Haley has sung:

      Round of 13: LeAnn Rimes

      Round of 12: Whitney Houston

      Round of 11: The Miracles in part 1

      Round of 11: Elton John in part 2

      Round of 9: Erma Franklin

      Round of 8: Blondie

      Round of 7: Adele

      Let's not forget the duet she did of a Jazz Standard with Casey.

      Haley can sing any genre and has done a number so far.

      I'm with Pup for a Haley/James final because it will be one he11 of an entertaining final.

      • Your right Paul. Haley is truly amazing. She can sing about anything and not only sing it, she nails it most of the time. I agree with you all here that's hoping for a Haley and James final. I truly hope she gets a fair shake this week from Randy and J Lo. I really think she can escape the bottom three this week. Of course she has to have a good performance. Go Haley and James.

      • Paul, great post, and I am so with you on the finale. I am so hoping we all get to see James and Haley singing on that night for the title. AI ratings would be so incredibly high, can't you just imagine it?!

      • Thanks Pup. James is my favorite but I am really pulling for Haley too. Let's just hope Haley kills it this week and gets momentum to carry her to the final with James. I do enjoy your alls posts. Can't wait for Wednesday night.

      • That’s right, Kev89, what Haley needs desperately at this point is fair comments from the judges. I hope all the behind-the-scenes machinations stop right now, to let the real talent step up and take her place.

    • Uh, yes, Nadwa, in answer to your question about whether Haley can be more versatile than Casey. She already has been WAY more versatile than Casey! NOBODY has sung the variety of styles that Haley has, and she has nailed them all. I'm ecstatic to see so many coming around on Haley. I've been on her train from the beginning.

      • I agree…I am a huge Casey fan but Haley is so much more versatile vocal wise…I honestly see both Casey and Haley in the same vein.. Both of them know and appreciate real music..They have unique styles which some may hate and others will love… They both represent talent in its purest unadulterated form. But i still dont believe that Haley is sure about her music genre…her music individuality…you know..the one thing that people will remember her for… i saw traces of that in both God bless the child and moanin…but that element was missing from every other performance of hers… I personally think she's too much of a care free spirit who wavers at the sense of tension… She needs to dig deep into her soul and just blow everyone away…she has the vocal power to do that..Casey doesn't…

    • De, I think she will sing either, "It's Too Late," or "Will You Love Me Tomorrow?". Pete, you're right, but calm it down, boy. Calm it down.

      • With the contestants all having to do the same artist this week, I think our girl Haley is really gonna outshine them all, just like she did with Benny and the Jets previously! She can make any song sound good, I bet even Swingin' as difficult as that would be, haha.

      • Oh Lord say it ain't so.1 No more Swingin, please? I don't care who is singing it. That song needs to be banned from the universe. Banning it from Earth is just not enough.

      • Haha, bunny I agree. It's part sleep inducing/part headache inducing, with a little bit of teethgrinding thrown in. Hahahaha, I'm just saying she can sing anything.

      • Devin Lee, I think the narrowness of the category will really allow us to evaluate them all in a new way. Wed night should be really interesting.

        I know you were tongue in cheek with that "Swinging"" comment. (But you're right, she probably could make me at least sit through it.) Banning it from Earth, as Bunny says, though, is the best idea I've heard. What an awful, awful song!

      • That might be a cool idea for one of the compition nights, everyone has to sing a song that one of the others has already sang.

  54. James and Scotty should be in the final as far as I can see, even if I would prefer a female and a Male. I just think that they both have so much talent it would be hard to choose.

  55. Scotty will shine singing, "I'm Into Something Good". or–he could do it with "I Feel the Earth Move." He will win this contest. Thanks for allowing me to say so. He is born to sing Country. What a powerful gift.

  56. I am still rooting for James! he is my fav! PLEASE send Jacob home this week………enough already!

    • Do you mean because of the ANOYYING cry face made by Jacob Lusk or how he made people boo when pia toscano and Stefano Longie or he is tooooo loud??

      • @ Pup…now remember, when you fo to IHOP's with all your stash…leave a good tip… πŸ™‚

        James and Haley for the finale…really want to see James rock it out with Steven T. πŸ™‚

      • Hey, Rose, will do. I used the money I made waitressing at Perkins Pancake House to pay my way through college. So I ALWAYS leave a nice tip. πŸ™‚

      • @ Pup…lol…good for you. Did some waitressing while in college myself~!!

        James/Haley for the showdowqn. It will definitely Rock. πŸ™‚

    • Pup, does bob owe you $1 for the evil contained in the instrument with the black and white keys above? Should we ask the AI judges?

      • Awwww….. but i dedn't dooo eett…it was im..i sweaarrrr….

        *Mopes around.. πŸ™ goes to the corner*

    • Yes that will prob… be true and THAT WILL MAKE STEFANO HAPPY!!!! Now thats for sure!!!

  57. Lauren is going to win….there is no doubt.

    TOP 6

    1. **LAUREN** πŸ˜€ (great personality, voice, and beautiful girl)

    2. Scotty (he'll get the stupid teen girl vote)

    3. James ( all the rockers)

    4. Casey ( unusual, talented, but two weird for America.)

    5. JACOB ( amazing singer but has to many strikes against him)

    6. HALEY ( even though she is a great singer but is in the bottom every week)


  58. I know that James Durbin will never ever get even close to the bottom three!!!! Ha ha I know who is gonna go home for sure!!! JACOB LUSK WILL GO HOME!!!!! Please please pretty please let Jacob Lusk and his cry face get elemanated!!!! If you ask me who would really need to go home in my opinion it will be Jacob Lusk!!!

    • I know that scotty is good BUT I think that James Durbin will win!!!!

      My song cosces

      James Durbin should sing just a dream by nelly!!! ( James will ROCK OUT on stage)

      Scotty McCreery should sing i've got a feeling that tonight gonna be a good night!!! ( Scotty McCreery always sings contry songs now i'm goona change that) Casey Arbams Should sing Hey soul sister by Train!!! (OHHHH i'm gonna love this for sure)

      Haley Rainheart should sing Firework by Katy Perry! (Now this time Haley Rainhaert will NOT be in the Bottom Three) Lauren Alaina apolagize by justin timbernake! (now that will her make go very far) and now the worst of the whole amreican idol comes Jacob Lusk, what i'm thinking he should sing is baby by Justin Bieber, that will fit him perfectly!!!

      • Sorry everybody!!!!! but today i will switch it to May 4th 2011!!!! remind me if there is gonna be something like carol kings or other events on that day!!!!!

  59. yeaahhhh HALEY-JAMES final!!! what a show would be!! PLEASE VOTE FOR HALEY!! for the best final ever!

      • DEVIN LEE!!!! I'm kinda senceative so don't do mean play, plus if you love haley then why dosen't she have lots of votes??? And don't make me want to lose you!!!


      • I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just saying what I think. I used to vote for Scotty consistently! He just has failed to impress me for a few weeks now.

        Haley doesn't get the votes because America has a preconceived notion that she's stuck up and mean. But they don't know her, I don't even know her. I thought this was about vocal talent though? Haley has grown as an artist, and she's not getting the credit she deserves. I don't know why she's not getting the votes, she's getting plenty from me. I voted for her, James, Casey, and a few for Lauren this week.

      • yes!!! Just lose her or him!!!!! LOL!! because scotty is the best after james!!!! Lets hope to lose Jacob and cormacfrom nz (vote haley)!!! then she or he would be kept from giving votes to haley a milion times!!!! You just have to know that James is the…. um best!!!!

      • Yeah right! Scotty's not leaving next week. If he didn't leave this previous week after that horrible awful song, I can't see him doing anything bad enough for people to finally say enoughs enough. 'Tis a pity…

        VOTE HALEY!!!! For class, confidence, and a unique voice!!

      • Deven Lee i just think that Haley is kinda boring, plus she makes me want to sleep!!!! After Haley i'm asleep once James even sings out loud i suddenly wake up and jump out of my seat!!! Ha Ha LOL!!!!!!!

        Vote for James Durbin for… Cool songs, makes you jump out of your seat,sings with screaming (what I love) and is cool!!!

      • Haha, I like James, too, was hoping for a James/Haley finale…but if his fans are gonna be like that…

        Just playin!!! πŸ™‚

        Haley's not boring, she's the most unique singer outta the bunch. Casey, too. James is an explosive performer, and that's why those 3 are my faves, but Haley's always been my #1 idol.

  60. Scotty and Lauren are my top picks. Both are talented and humble enough to stay focused and learn from the critics. I think James is overhyped by the Judges along with Casey. Guess it will shake down to how the loyal their fans remain.

    • I agree with you…I have watched idol from the beginning and this year I have noticed judge and Ryan favorites…even though I like the judges and Ryan…I don't like what they are doing. It doesn't seem fair….anyone catch the comment right before Ryan sent Haley back or JLo's look when Stefano was eliminated? Critique yes but that's where it should stop since they don't vote…Don't try to sway the public…they have already gone against the vote 3 no 4 times…

  61. James and Haley better really bring it on Wedsday, because i really want them as the final 2!!







      • I agree, but maybe switch Lauren and Scotty, unless he blows us away this week! Ya never know! I hope he does. He's a cutie. Gotta love a cowboy with a sense of humor! πŸ˜› COME ON SCOTTY! GET ME OUTTA MY SEAT THIS TIME! For old times sake.

  62. I think this week is going to separate the men from the boys, so to speak. Carole King is a great artist, but not someone these kids listen to. Chains is pretty good, also like Smackwater Jack and Hi-De-ho. I think Casey and Haley will do the best. James will find something to pull out of his hat. James is crazy talented. Scotty might have a problem. Lauren should hold her own.

    • Yay he might mess up I am waiting for Scotty McCreery to mess up, then James Durbin will be the **WINNER**!!!

  63. Remember the winner get a recording contract and of the 6 I think only Haley maybe close to being ready to record.

    James is close but has minor vocal issues maybe by end of summer tour.

    Scotty has the voice but at 17 he seems to lack focus and the needed polish now, better to wait than being forced into a mediocre album if he wins.

    Lauren seems to be shutting down, her earlier performances had more energy, maybe at 16 the pressure is simply too much.

  64. All of you Jacob haters need to get up off of him and go to church! I know he messed up when he said America couldn't look itself in the mirror if he was in the bottom three but who hasn't said something stupid on this show? The man can sing his a** off! And you need to recognize will you please!?

  65. I like Lauren Alaina. I hope she does well this week. I also like Scotty and Jacob. My picks for the final three#1 Lauren

    2 James

    3 Scotty

    • That has a cute background to it because Eva Boyd (Little Eva) babysat for King & Goffin and her dancing moves gave them the inspiration to write the The Loco-Motion, which was originally for Dee Dee Sharp.

      They had Eva record the demo and the Music Producer was so impressed, they released her version and the rest, as they say, is history.

      She was only 15 months younger than Carole King and passed away 8 years ago at age 59.

      • @ Paul…Love the history/background lesson. Thank You. Very endearing and heartwarming. πŸ™‚

      • Thanks Rose – I love music, have been involved in it most of my life and there are so many great stories, many of them giving inspiration to song writers and artistes.

      • @ Rose; I also love trivia. Carole King's 1st #1 was "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" by "The Shirelles" written with Gerry Goffin. She was 18 and he was 22.

        So what is the trivia bit?

        It was the first #1 in the US by an all girl group.

      • Wow, Paul, that is fascinating. I feel a special tie to that song from my youth. (I saw Little Eva in person and will never forget that night!)

  66. I wonder how many of the 6 will step outside the comfort zone of doing one of Carole King's more famous songs from her Tapestry Album. She has written – solo and with others (including her ex Gerry Goffin) – nearly 200 songs that appeared in the Billboard Hot 100.

    Some ideas/thoughts include:

    Ambrosia from her Thoroughbred Album

    Been To Canaan from Rhymes & Reasons

    City Streets from City Streets

    Cryin' In The Rain from Speeding Time, which was recorded by the Everly Brothers.

    It's Gonna Take Some Time from Music, which was recorded by the Carpenters

    Jazzman from Wrap Around Joy

    Nightingale from Wrap Around Joy

    Now and Forever from Colour of Your Dreams, which was in the movie "A league of Their Own."

    One Small Voice from Speeding Time

    Only Love Is Real from Thoroughbred

    Read Between the Lines from One On One

    Up On The Roof from Writer, recorded by The Drifters and James Taylor

    Wrap Around Joy from Wrap Around Joy

    The thing with her songs is that her versions are fairly vanilla – almost like demos – with little else than a piano, guitar and drums. She was known to provide harmonies and backing herself and merge them in the studio.

    Therefore, with a good arrangement, back-up vocalists and great musicians – all of which these kids have this year – there is no reason for all of them not to personalize the songs they choose and give us a great Top 6.

    Despite what many people have posted about the choice of songs being limited, they are far from being so, provided they do work on the arrangements and listen to the advice Jimmy and others are going to give them.

    If James wants to mellow it down this week, he may want to listen to "Child of Mine" from Writer because he seems to get into the song when it has meaning to him and this is all about a parent singing to a child.

    Again, her version is vanilla as far as instruments and backing are concerned but the lyrics and melody are excellent.

    Roll on Wednesday:

  67. Great lists of songs…spent awhile listening to some Carole King…ah…memories.

    James : Only Love Is Real

    You've Got a Friend

    Hard Rock Cafe

    Believe In Humanity

    Haley: I Feel The Earth Move

    Home Again

    Pocket Money

    So Far Away

    Casey: Jazzman -predictable but good song

    No Easy Way Down

    Loving You Forever

    Scotty: Way Over Yonder

    Smackwater Jack

    Monday Without You

    Lauren: Beautiful


    Everyday People – heard Reba and Carole do this together…great song

    Jacob: The Reason

    Someone Who Believes In You

    Where You Lead

    Good luck to the contestants. James for the win.


    • @ Paul…again. I love trivia as well. Wow, I did not realize that Will You Love Me Tomorrow was written by Carole King…great hit for the Shirrelles…btw. Carole King, which a lot of the younger generation does not know…has been writing major hits since before they were even born…and she has sung her songs with the best of them, Celine Dion, Barbara Striesand, and even Reba to name a few. What an awesome talent. The contestants should feel honored singing her songs. πŸ™‚

  68. Jacob needs to go home … I think Casey will also be in the bottom 3. I think Scotty hasn't really improved much the last three weeks, so I would not be surprised to see him in the bottom three. Scotty needs to pick up his pace,and belt out… he is not a crooner.

  69. i think the top 2 will be haley and james… james winnig and haley came a huge star =P!

    (she is the best)

  70. I feel like we basically know the top 5 will be Scotty, Lauren, James, Casey, and Haley. With that said, I think James and Scotty both have a really huge fan base, and Lauren following close behind, obviously… since none of the three have been in the bottom three, I also think Casey has gotten a LOT of fans since he was in the bottom three. If you base it off of online statistics (I know a lot of you aren’t going to agree with this, but I thought I’d go ahead and point it out.) Scotty has 100, 000 followers on Twitter, 8,000 more than the second most, Casey. He also has almost 80,000 fans on Facebook (people of all ages have Facebook.) This number is also more than anyone else. Scotty had his least best performance this past week, while Haley had the best, in most opinions, and she was in the bottom three and he still wasn’t. Much to a lot of your dismay, Scotty has a great fan base that is still growing, and he sounded absolutely wonderful Thursday singing Viva La Vida, which is as far away you can get from Country without it being rap. πŸ˜› I think he has the chops to win this thing, I sort of hope he doesn’t though because he needs a contract in Nashville, I think James will win, with a Scotty/ James finale, and a Scotty/ James/ Lauren top 3! I’m sure a lot of y’all will disagree and I’ll probably have some hate comment, but this is JUST the way I see it, only my opinion, along with a few facts… It’s really up to each contestants fan bases to see who will get to the finale! : )

    • Yeah, I hear you and think you have logic on your side. I still believe Haley fans can move mountains and tilt this whole thing.

      Just want to point out that I am on Facebook but have never "friended" any of the contestants. Not everybody does that. Nor does everyone Twitter. (I don't.) So you are not able to figure in the unknowns, you know? Ever hear the song "High Hopes" when you were little? Plus, Americans are known for loving their underdogs.

      • That's very true, and you're right! Although I'm cheering for Scotty to make it as far as possible (but not be the winner. Haha.) … I think Haley has great potential too! I guess we'll see! I personally think she's grown so much the past few weeks!

      • @Pup

        You are right..many dont even bother to friend these contestants on facebook or follow them on imagine how bigger their fan bases really are… I did a little bit of checking and found out that teeny boppers are really not that powerful in the voting part…I found out most of Scotty's fans are actually older people well into their 30's and 40's. Also strangely there are a lot of young kids voting for both Casey and James.. If Casey goes before Haley, most of his fans will most likely go to Haley or James.. and Casey does have a pretty big fan base…so Haley might even make it to the finals…Who knows?

      • Whoa, Gautham. Now that is something I never considered! I think I have sugarplums dancing in my head now!!! πŸ™‚

    • Scotty can survive , for awhile on his huge country fan base…when whomever leaves the next 2-3 weeks, their votes will go to ABS…Anyone But Scotty… and then he will no longer have the largest fan base. This leaves the door wide open for 3 very talented people Haley, Casey and James ( not necessarily in that order ).

      Your Welcome

    • Scotty has a HUGE fan base from the beginning of the show, that's true. But with the performances he's been putting in, I doubt it's growing much. Meanwhile Haley's fanbase is growing leaps and bounds, because every week she grows leaps and bounds…

      Now it may be too little too late, but I won't think that way, I have all 10 fingers crossed…if she pulls out the big guns this week, I really think even more will come to her side and she'll finally get the recognition, and the comfy spot on the couch, that she deserves!

  71. James is very talented I just do not like that type of music. He most likely will win. They all should be so proud of themselves. I wish Stefon stayed a little longer. Good luck to all

  72. American Idol is so different this year than the past years; I can understand why the ratings went down last week.I really like Haley,she gets better every week. I was disappointed when Pia was voted off,especially since she already has a contract,and guess what?/she is singing on Dancing withe stars this coming Tuesday. I like Casey also,but I don't think he is idol material.I don't really care for hard rock. Scotty is okay,and Lauren is also.But I don't care for Jacob singing,its to religious sounding.Did I leave anyone out,if so,sorry. I'm hoping for Haley to win,its time for a girl to take it back.

    • Becky, you owe Pup a $1. (Pup wags her tail while waiting expectantly with her paw out.)

      • Everyone already knows that Tonsils Toscano is on DWTS this week. Most of us have it on our "Must Miss" list.

  73. All I hope for this week is that the flamboyant "diva" goes home, can't take him anymore, if that happens, everyone will be happy, trust me!

  74. Haley is my bet to nail it if she picks well – Carole King is a goldmine of songs that can be brought up to killer contemporary singing and arrangement. Haley has the versatility to sing anything – but I hope she pushes back on producers that may want her to sing overplayed to death stuff like "I Feel the Earth Move" (mega power barf!), "Locomotion", "It's too late" "Sweet seasons", "natural woman" (triple folkie barf), "So far away" and retch, retch "You've Got a Friend". Not that they are bad songs, but so overplayed!!

    Like Haley to look at Hi De Ho, Homeless Heart.

    Of course she, James, and Casey will likely fight over "Jazzman".

    I think Scotty would be well served with "Nightingale"

    Lauren can afford to play it safe and casual and do "Natural Woman" again. Doesn't seem to matter that she has put no real effort in since Hollywood nights. Country fans love her, she is invulnerable, and will be Top 3.

  75. scotty is not just being voted by young girls. he is also supported by fans who likes to listen to country songs.

  76. scotty is not just being voted by young girls. he is also supported by fans who likes to listen to country songs πŸ™‚

  77. james is my fav i know he'll win but if he doesn't

    win i won't care who does as long as it ain't haley

    sorry i just don't see anything saying "season 10 winner is haley reinhart as the new american idol winner" i just see it sorry.

  78. Earlier I posted an all postive comment. Now the all negative one (check for irony – or, at least inconsistencies):

    Scotty: no variety in his song choices, therefore, boring.

    Haley: too much variety in her song choices, therefore, we cannot get a handle on what kind of a singer she is.

    Jacob: Arrogant, Diva personality

    Lauren: Not enough confidence, too sweet to be competitive

    James: Too screechy and showy. Has no "softness" to his performances.

    Casey: Little range to his voice. His performances can be a little cheesy.

    What I want to show by the two posts is that each of these kids have pluses and minuses. Sometimes they are the same attribute which are viewed as a good by some and a bad by others (beauty in the eyes of the beholder, etc.). More importantly, the judges and we viewers seem to hold different standards for the same attribute (e.g. is it good or bad to sing the same kind of music week after week??). Vive la differnce!

  79. (i'm that same ryan) i think the top 3 should be james,jacob,and casey i fill there the most talnted

    3 out of the top 6 next in line would be "bases on talnted" 1st james,2nd jacob,3rd casey,4th scotty,

    5th lauren,6th haley,i'm NOT saying that thay don't

    ALL have talnted because anytime you make the top 6

    out of over 300,000 people you most be good the order I put it in is what I fill is the rank of them base on talnted, but that's just MY opinion.

    • I don't think Jacob Lusk will NEVER get to finals!!! But the rest i agree with you!!!!

      Jacob Lusk is going home this WEEK

      Butty James i Know will win first place!!!! But i think scotty might get a chance of winning second place!!!

      • Scotty is the one to win!

        And I personally think Jacob will Never make it to the finals. After reading and hearing all the comments about Jacob!

        And Lauren has gotten to far inside of herself. She seems to think she has already one, but that could set her up for hard downfall in time to come.

    • I agree Jacob should go home this week then Hailey. Then the rest it will be a gamble as to who wins. They are all good now!

    • Boy, I am not sure if I evber disagreed with someones top 3 more than I do yours. But, that is just my viewpoint. I know Scotty and James with be in the top 3. And I truly want Haley to be there as well, but I suspect she will not. I think once you get past those three, there is a big drop off in talant. With Jacob and Casey being at the bottom.

  80. How i hope things will turn out:


    2:Haley(Shes proven herself, She just needs to work on being likable like lauren)

    3:James(INCREDIBLE voice, But he needs to learn to control it, And hes kind of cockey.)

    4:Lauren (She hasnt blown me away these past few weeks, She has the potential to be great, but haley is outshining her)

    5:Scotty(He obviously wont go home 5th, but im starting to get sick of him, I know he can sing without the country twang, But he refuses to take risks)

    6:Jacob(Lets be honest, Does jacob have the slightest shot of winning? hes been in the bottom 2/3 several times now.

    How things will most likely turn out:







      • I am a hugh Adam Lambert fan–

        pop/rock– Also a hugh James Durbin fan–rock/metal Both Unique in their own ways!! HOWEVER –AD did not invent rock. Rock has been around for years. Since the days of ELVIS rock stars have been wearing long coats while performing.Does that mean that all rock stars since Elvis are just copies. Also you could say AL copied the snarl of Elvis,Steven Tylers feathers and Alice Coopers black nail polish and eyeliner.

        James will be famous and has a long career ahead of him.

        We (my family) are voting for James Durbin —-

    • Tomorrow is the great test for Lauren. If she takes the advice of JLo, Lauren needs to do something like "Turn on the Radio". Otherwise Haley will surpass her. Anyway there is only one star in this competition:

      James Durbin. The others have similar, more or less, talents and abilities. Unless Lauren

      will surprise us all.

    • I think things will most likely turn out:







      Jacob should have been eliminated waaaaay before Pia was gone.

  81. To be honest i think Idol miss Simon Cowell you need critism and the judges don’t give it out enough? Everyone is good, Tyler you nail it , Jennifer that was good and Randy hey dude that was great! How will the improve if you don’t say when they are bad and they have been bad on ocassions… I think the best singer is Scotty , then James (the rocker) the others they are okay nothing special Pia should never have been voted off? Shame Australia can’t vote?

  82. I think the fact that Haley has sung a variety of styles is a postive thing. She is no one trick pony. I always look forward to what she's going to do next.

    Although Scotty has a great voice, it's always the same. Jacob, also a great voice, but somehow always sounds like the same song to me.

    Maybe this week is the week Haley won't be in the bottom three, that is if everyone that talks about how much she has improved, and how they are starting to really enjoy her actually votes!

    • Why does Randy always tell Scotty to stick with what he's doing? ("If it's not broke, don't fix it") This is the first year I remember anyone being told to stay in their comfort zone. Most contestants are told to show variety and then as soon as they follow the judges' advice, they are criticized for it. It's still going to come down to song choice and hoping that the sound system people for once don't mess contestants up during what are now "have to step it up performances" for the rest of the competition.

  83. Yeh Haley's da Best!!!! You've got 2 Vote Vote Vote!!!! Cause without Haley its gna b flippin Boring;))

    • My sentiments exactly. If and when she goes, I won't be voting anymore…what's the point when your idol is gone? I want Haley to win, have never wanted anyone else, so why even vote for them?

    • Well not everyone is with Haley although I like Haley's voice too but the votes doesnt say so cause she has the lowest votes as well as Casey and Jacob. Top highest vote is Lauren and James even Scotty is just number 3 highest votes.

      This is the Ranking Lauren, James & Scotty top 3 highest votes. Bottom 3 are Haley, Jacob & Casey. This is how the votes are so if you want to see who really deserve to be in the final 2 to perform in the big stage, you have to vote, vote and vote.

      • Not everyone, including me, although I have to acknowledge that she has been improving very much since the last 4 weeks. I like Lauren Alaina's voice, instead.

      • I like Lauren Alaina's voice too and most people like her and she already has the votes what I'm talking about is Haley whom many people do not like her and she do not get much votes.

      • Lauren is no where near Hailey's level let's be real she could be good but she chooses the safe songs WAY TO MUCH Lauren needs to step up or step down! x(

      • "b" I agree really weird -I noticed it also— think there are a couple of voters doing alot of posting under different names–

        but honestly I just do not see what they see in her. Loved Pia and yes she did get boring – but at least she was a class act.

      • Diana, not sure if this is true in every case, but I do know that Admin here outed someone who was posting under 2 different names. (If I recall correctly they had opposite opinions–so she obviously was posting just to get reactions. I can't even remember which contestants she spoke about.)

        I've noticed that some people change names at will, to match whatever seems to be going on at the time. Which I think is weird. Why don't they just say what they want to say under the same name???

        Dawn, we know you hate Haley and are willing to say anything, no matter how gossipy, unsubstantiated and just plain mean. You don't have to announce your dislike in every post, however. You're getting tiresome and really showing your childishness.

    • Not me either, Hailey is ok but not to win. Scotty is a good country singer but he needs to step it up a few notches to break this boring streak, Casey can bring it up some if he would change his hair and look a bit more neat and pick a suitable song for his voice, James is in the lead now and doing great, Lauren hopefully comes out of that shell she's in and Jacob to be honest, I just do not like the sound he brings.

    • Because people are realizing Haley is amazing. People that say 'she's just ok' or the haters that say 'she's ugly like a dog and can't sing' are being closed minded and aren't giving her a chance. I'm not saying you have to like Haley or prefer Haley but people should at least acknowledge that she's made it this far because she's as good as any of the other top 6.

    • why? she has ex·traor·di·nar·i·ly beau·ti·ful legs and she can sing too! love her stage pres·ence .

  84. I like Haley's voice but the percentage vote highest is Lauren so Haley might be going home after or before Jacob cause people just do not like her and not voting for her as much as the rest so I really pity her for not getting enough votes but I just wish her the best and she will have a good career ahead. Scotty does not get highest vote as Lauren and you can see that most fan favourites are to Lauren. If that is how it is by the votes than final 2 will be James and Lauren. I was thinking final 2 James and somebody who can really perform on the big stage. I like Casey but from the votes Casey get lowest votes as

    well as Haley and Jacob and as for Scotty he is

    the number 3 highest votes so you can see Lauren and James are in the top higest votes. So people if you really want to see who really deserve to be in the final 2 you should vote, vote & vote that can change who really deserve to be in the final not because of the looks but because of the talent and that person deserve to be in the final 2.

    • Did you even breathe while typing that UKN? Punctuation prevents suffocation, as my English teacher probably should have said. Here my own views, apropos of nothing.

      I like Casey's personality, but he pushes it so far forward it obscures his obvious talent. The 'cheeky chappy' routine's become rather tiresome, and I think people are switching to those who seem more focussed on winning. Shame, I had him to win at the start.

      Regarding people's suggestions that only the pretty faces were getting voted through. Well, I don't know what the furore was all about. Just look at who's left. Casey and Jacob eh? Phwoooooarrrr!

      I'm guessing Carole King has a Greatest Hits album coming out, because I can't remember the last time I was this ambivalent about an upcoming show. Looking forward to 'Vanilla Ice Week' in the semi-final, though.

    • The votes can always change though, that's the beauty of this show. Whatever the votes were last week doesn't matter. No one can really know who's going to make it through, and who isn't, not before they even perform.

      Lauren has a beautiful voice, but we already have a Taylor Swift, and let's be honest, Lauren is no Taylor Swift.

      I want Haley to win, because there is no one else like her. We need someone new in music, not someone similar to who we already have, but not as good. Haley's voice is unique, she is hard-working, classy, and above all else, exciting. She has a real talent, people just need to open their ears and HEAR IT! πŸ™‚

      As for being full of herself, it's called confidence, and it is a VIRTUE, not a FAULT! Don't you want our idol to be sure of herself, and comfortable with who she is as a singer and an artist? She is proud of her voice, as she should be.

      BTW; Besides Jacob, I really like all the contestants left. A lot. Haley is just special, I can feel it when she sings, and I know I'm not alone.

      People like safe, familiar sounds, but let's be more adventurous now. Discovery is all about finding something new, and Haley is new and fresh! Vote for Haley Reinhart, a very talented and beautiful class act!

      • DEVIN LEE — People like safe and familiar sounds???? THEN – OK – that would surely be Haley!!! Mainsteam/commercial.

        To be honest, — HALEY –sounds so much like alot of the bubble gum singers out there.

        I feel ALL the contestants are working their butts off every week — especially JAMES DURBIN.

        And thanks – but my ears are just fine–

      • honestly speaking, Lauren's pipe is much better than Taylor Swift's. taylor is just good at writing songs to express why she broke up with boyfriends.

  85. There has been a lot of feedback from people regarding James trying to mimic Adam Lambert, particularly this week. I've read that some online "experts" claim James performance on Wed was pretty much identical to Adam Lambert's performance. Hmmmmmm….. I think James' performance was a lot closer to Alice Cooper then Adam and wonder if some of the comments are due to only 3-4 years experience of musical talent??? Wonder why you all need to keep comparing James to Adam when James is so much different. All musicial artists take bits and pieces from other performers but James has NEVER taken a full piece from Adam. I think James respects Adam too much to do this and I think that perhaps some folk just aren't savy on what has occurred in the last 20-30 years?

      • James looks like…dresses like…and wants to be like Adam…but he certainly doesn't sound like Adam…who was great….James doesn't even come in a close second.

      • James does not dress, look or tries to be like Adam

        ..Adam had his own style which was truly awesome. James has his own style of singing and truly puts on a good show for everyone, James is not trying to come close to Adam he is just singing his heart out the best way he knows how and doing a damn good job. Keep up the great work James!!!!!

    • People compare James to Adam because they are too young to have seen most of the innovative artists of the 70s, 80s and early 90s. Adam was unique on Idol, no other Idol contestant had brought that kind of showmanship to the Idol stage. And that was just two years ago. I don't think they know of anyone else to compare to James.

      • If they went on youtube and watched some of the 80s hair band videos, they'd learn a lot. And it wasn't even new then. But if they'd look at , say, Bon Jovi's "Lay Your Hands On Me' They'd see where Adam got the inspiration. And Bon Jovi took it from Cooper, Queen etc.

      • IMHO I agree – I just posted a reply in #2 — Long coats,snarls (Elvis), feathers(Steven Tyler),black fingernail polish, eyeliner(Alice Cooper),etc has been around for YEARS. Adam Lambert did not invent ROCK. I am an AL fan- pop/rock but also hugh fan of James Durbin -rock/metal– no comparison at all!

      • Also – James Durbin admires Matt Bellamy and his alternative Brit rock band Muse –"Uprising" is a Brit protest song. If you watch the Muse video is has a post apocalyptic feel to it – therefore the long tattered coat & James Durbin said the mic stand/cane was to honor Freddie Mercury –of QUEEN!

        I feel it was a brilliant James Durbin performance with rockin vocals.

      • No James' voice is definitely not better than Adam's. In fact it's not even as good as Adam's. James will make a good front man for a rock band, but not a solo artist as Adam.

      • Please….James & Adam are two different people with their own style….I love them both…..Seen Adam in concert and will see James in concert too…..btw..Adam has a band behind him and so will James…..Give this kid a break…he's damn good and a very good entertainer

      • Phyllis; I agree that James is an excellent performer. Just a different niche than Adam.

      • Templar…..If you ever get a chance to see Adam on his Glam tour….go see him…He is over the top as a concert performer…….and I have a feeling James will be too!!!!

      • Phyllis: I've seen Adam 4 times, 5 if you count the Idol tour. He's an electrifying performer. I loved Allison too, but could have done without Orianthi. She IMHO slowed the whole show down.

    • Adam was the only true showman in idol history and so whenever someone tries to put on a show, crazy adam fans start arguing that he/she is trying to rip adam off… There is nothing similar about Adam or James…absolutely nothing….and oh Genie..if it were an Alice Cooper show, there would be decapitated heads and snakes lying around… πŸ˜€

  86. Song choice will be tough for Scotty this week, But, Carole King and James Taylor wrote a song called Country Road..That he could do easily..Hope he can dodge another bullet like last week..He really needs a good choice this week..

  87. america….please, please, vote for james and hailey….these two deserves to the last to compete at the next american idil

  88. american idol is going to start getting rough..and sad as more favorites get voted off…should be an interesting five weeks

    • You're right about that, Codi. Cutting anyone at this point will feel ruthless to their individual fans.

  89. I'm all about Casey and Haley. Jacob will hopefully go home this week – so sick of him. Scotty and Lauren are very good and I love them. Actually, once Jacob goes home (this week???), I would be happy for anyone who wins – I love them all.

    • I agree – but Jacob NEEDS to go home and should have last week = Stefano should NOT have gone home over Jacob! Buth they are all good except Jacob.

    • I agree. Jacob should go this week, and then I'd be happy with a 5 way tie for first place! HAHAHA Seems like we were just watching the audition shows a few weeks ago, now suddenly it's almost over. I know everyone keeps telling Scotty to just keep being himself (which is good for him) but compared to the others, it doesn't seem like he has done anything outstanding or really pushed himself. He is going to do well as a country singer, but I think I'm changing my mind as far as him winning in an upset. When Haley did the Adele song, I think that was the first time I could really picture her selling CDs. Lauren I've always been indifferent about, good, not great, just another country sounding voice like many others. I think it will be a VERY close call between James and Scotty to win, or James and Casey, then MAYBE Hayley if she keeps improving during these last few weeks. Afterall-it would still be nice to see a lady win again!

      • Season after season all we heard from the judges was "you need to find yourself as an artist and stick with it"…seems like last week they were telling Scotty to try something different…what's up with that…He is good especially for his age…Scotty…we don't think you need to change anything, although we wouldn't mind seeing what you would do with the song "Over the rainbow"…we've heard it as a traditional song, heard it with a ragae style…won't what a country sound would be like…

      • It's not that Scotty needs to change what he is singing but he definitely needs to step up to the plate and really bring it. We are getting to the end, great people are going home and out of respect to them he should really do his best not just go up on the stage and karaoke some old country song.

      • JMO Next year think you all will be less bored, and less nasty (hopefully) because AI will be kicked to the curb by The X Factor and Simon Cowell and honest judges as before.The contestants will recieve constructive comments,which many of you wont like,but will help the contestants and put down some of the big heads

  90. Jacob is the greatest among all….. hope he change those heavenly songs and turn to r & b

  91. most of their song selections should be from the Tapestry album. My suggestions–

    James–I feel the earth move


    Haley–Will you love me tomorrow

    Lauren–It's too late

    Scottie–You've got a friend

    Jacob–So far away

    I've always loved Carole King–just hope they don't butcher them.

  92. hey buddieS…

    IAm still really really upset about Stefano’s elimination… it is Not FAir… cause we live in UNFAIR world..

    StefanO…u know what i figure out?? i figure out that Stefano has the best male voice ive ever heard!& i connect with his voice too MUCHHHH…

    yeah right… hope he will make an album as SOon as possible…

    • he's the most versatile and most entertaining… but somebody has to go! that's life… the remaining 6 are also great! cheering for James now!!!

      • i canT vote for american idol cause iam not there in america… iam here in IRAN(persia)…so good luck with your voteS… hope your votes wouldnt make me sad agaiN…

      • hey rose yeah somebody has to go…but the right time…maybe someone deserves too much to stays and stays…

    • I agree that Stefano was hands down the best singer on the show. What happened last week?What was his last song? I didn't catch the end.

      • are you serious??? I'm so glad he is gone, he was trying to hard to be a ladies man…sorry but he didn't do it for me….next we just need to get Jacob gone and then who knows what's going to happen…..

      • Well i do agree about the ladies man part but Stefano was always an amazing vocalist to me, And YES Jacob has got 2 go!!!!!

      • Just want to tell you that I heard Stefano sing on Live this morning and it wasn't so good. My husband even thought so…he is a good entertainer but I don't think the strongest singer of the group…she's gone.

      • Wow really!? Well everyone has an off day. Maybe in time he'll get better. Best of luck to him.

      • I didn't ever have much of an opinion about Stefano. Then I watched his exit interview online and now I'm glad he's gone. He struck me as a nasty little hustler on the make. Over inflated ego and not much else.

      • @JMO: What exit interview? You mean on AI? Or am I missing something. I absolutely never had that opinion about Stefano. So I'd really like to hear what you are talking about. Doesn't fit my image of him at all!

    • I don't think Stefano should have gone this week. I thought he was really good. I guess he just didnt' have the votes. I was really surprised he went this week.

  93. I think Scotty and lauren will make it to the final.

    That would be very interesting, since they both have very good voices!

    I think




    will be in next weeks bottom 3, and Jacob will leave next week.

    • Not true, James is way ahead of everyone read the results…cannot see Scotty as an AI, his voice is just country, I love country but AI is about all Genre of music.

  94. OK, If Hailey goes home i'm done with this show forreal. Pia, Stefano,Thia all people who should have never left the show. What is idol coming to!!!!!!!!!

  95. Jacob has GOT TO GOOO…….GO HOME, GO HOME, GO HOME……Got back to you spa buddy….

    I think it is going to come down to James and Scotty…I won't deny James can't sing but buddy stop scretching……I would love to hear what you would sound like singing a ballad…..You keep it up Scotty!!!

  96. Ok…so.. Jacob stayed and Stefano left? And how was Hailey even anywhere near the bottom 3. Wish i could be a judge on there i would do the show the justice it deserves.

    • yes he does and if there was any real constructive criticism, then the advancement of the likes of scotty and lauren would be noticable. The only one that has received criticism is Haley and I am not so sure she deserved what they said most of the time. But lo and behold she is the one that has improved noticeably week to week. I would love to see a James/Haley finale.

  97. Well, with Stefano gone i think the person with the greatest potential to win is Hailey. She has never failed to amaze me. And her performance when she sung Janice Joplin, BLEW ME AWAY. Keep your head up Hailey, and continue to make me proud! πŸ™‚

  98. If james is so good why does he have to have so many props. He can't sing and that is why.

    Scotty is true to his self and people can not see that

    • I agree Scotty is true to his country roots, why is everyone trying to change him. He is a good ol country boy and sings like one.

      #1 SCOTTY!!!!!!

      • James is not only a singer , but an entertainer !!!!!!! which Scotty has none !!!! Sorry, James is the best!

      • James is the best what? His screaming always gets a close up of his face which is distracting. And the mike is almost enveloped in his mouth, and Scotty gets panned for the way he holds his mike. Come on. At least Scotty doesnt scream.

  99. I hope Lauren keeps being safe! I love her! She needs to definitly come out of her comfort zone – The judges are right. She is soo amazing! I wish Lauren knew how good she is ! Lauren all the way! : )

  100. All the contestants have done a great job and show great potential. All have a place in American Music. I see a lot of Jacob bashing. The young man can sing. The winner, however, will be the one whose voice is most appealing to today's generation. Both Jacob and Lauren will have problems with stage presence. Although both can obviously sing, Laurens needs more personality and Jacob needs an image change. Scotty needs to prove he can sing more than the mellow country song. Casey may be too far out there to appeal to the average American listener. That leaves James and Hailey as the possible choices. Let stop bashing them. They are all great!

    • Scotty is just 17 and needs to kiss off American Idol. He should take their summer money and head for USC or Fullerton and play baseball. The guy is a 4.0 student and a good ball player. College will be a lot more rewarding and fun then hanging out with the jerks and dopers in the record business.

      • Well, I guess Scotty has a dream. He's got to see it through or he will never forgive himself for not trying. Though, even if he wins, he may find it's not what he imagined. In the end, I get the feeling this young man will use his good sense and will do what is best for himself in the long run. It's clear he does have values.

    • Scotty is just 17 and needs to kiss off American Idol. He should take their summer money and head for USC or Fullerton and play baseball. The guy is a 4.0 student and a good ball player. College will be a lot more rewarding and fun then hanging out with the jerks and dopers in the record business-which may not be able to survive much longer anyway.

      • I dont believe Scotty should kiss off because ihe is the most intelligent one in the contest but you are right about hanging around with the jerks and dopers. But he is too smart for that which he is proving now.

  101. I know scotty will win. I think that scotty and lauren and casey will do excellent this week. James going to do bad with carole king. Scotty should sing will you still love me tomorrow. I think that will put him in the lead again

  102. Hard to see how there can ever be a better bunch then what we have this season. Obviously its the result of wanting to really bring it when you perform in front of Steven and JenLo. Randy is just a lump and out of his league.

    Haley Reinhart reeks with talent and she found her niche probably from listing to Casey's take on things. That guy really knows what entertainment is all about. Looks like Haley and Casey are going to end up in the top three.

    • Cactusjack, Haley was performing way before you saw her on Idol. (You'll have to look up some of her YouTube videos.) Her parents are in music and have incredible talent. So Haley practically bleeds musical genius. I seriously doubt she depended on Casey for anything she's done recently.

    • Quote from Stephano " James is a cry baby" Quote from James when asked about Casey kissing JLO "Naw, he probably has not been kissed in a long time"

  103. I can't wait until Haley is gone, Her voice is unique but she has no stage pressence I would not rush to one of her concerts. In time she may be good everyone is very young and new at all this. I am a Scotty Fan all the way, just love his country voice. Stay true to yourself Scotty.

    <3 SCOTTY <3

      • I'd say you would be more along the lines of closed minded Lee. You are attacking people personally because they like Haley and James and you don't. Why do we have to be head over heals for Scotty when there are other good performers as well.

  104. okay so i am in love with scotty! his voice is amazing & he sings from the heart. I hope that he makes it to the final 2.

    Then again i am a fan of haley. Not b/c she has the same name as me, but because she is so tallented & can sing almost anything.

    i am hoping haley & scotty are the last ones standing.

    <3 <3 SCOTTYY!!! <3 <3

  105. I'm hoping Haley goes home this week. She's constantly flat, and I'm just perplexed how she made it as far as she did.

    Scotty and James will make the finals, with Lauren in the top three.

    • haley is never flat. always perfect pitch. I can tell you have had no musical training what so ever. I play trumpet guitar and drums. Played in ochestra,marching bands and rock bands. I'm not a professional but I do believe I can tell when someone is off key and I haven't heard Haley off key yet.

      • Thanks, Sandman. And I have no musical skills or expertise whatsoever–but I know what I like. And I LOVE Haley's voice! Really, really love it.

      • S is perplexed as to how Haley made it this far and that her voice is flat. Haley made it this far because she has the best voice and is the most entertaining with her great style. Her voice is anything but flat as she reaches high notes and does all those wonderful things with her voice. If anyone was flat I'd say Scotty has a flat voice with only deep baritone and without flexibility.

        Top 3 should be Haley, Casey and James. GO HALEY, GO!

    • If Scotty makes the finale, I will seriously question America's taste level. Scotty is chalk full of limitations and restrictions. Hardly an Idol. He should go back to playing baseball. I'm getting so sick of his bland performances and boring songs. Mostly because I know he could do better, but he just won't challenge or push himself.

      • I think you may have a mixed up view of what an "idol" should be. I am looking at it from the perspective of what would bhe a talented (very). sincere, and outstanding person for others who might want to get in the business. I am not saying there aren't others in the final 6 that are like this, but give the kid his dues. He sings what he sings and he does it well. It is not boring. What I think is that the gimmicks should all be taken away and they should get back to just singing and begin judged for that, not the Las Vegas atmosphere it has become. You can't hear the singing for the drums and such. Give me a Scotty/Lauren ballad any day over the screeching of Casey and Haley…cute as she is. She sings well when she just sings. Again, most of them have been singing for years already and Scotty is limited to the church choir. Think about it…he has come a long way.

      • Actually Carol, look on Youtube, he's sang at quite a few venues already, as most of them have. Whether it be county fairs, or rock shows. The only one I couldn't find performing at a venue was Haley. There was a recording she did herself in her bedroom.

        My view of what an Idol should be is very clear. Someone who is;





        -Someone who consistently challenges themselves, and meets the challenge.

        -And last but not least, someone who makes progress every single performance, who gets better and better. Then you're left wondering what their limits are, and they exceed even those. That's what an Idol should be like, that's some of what they should have. Haley has all those things.

        Like I said before, I don't dislike Scotty. I dislike that he won't push himself and step out of the box, because if he just took the chance, I know he could really shine. I haven't gotten goosebumps from his performance in many weeks now. I think an Idol should excite people, every single time they go out onto the stage, excite us even more than the last time.

      • Devin…I like your last comment – very well written and thought out…and I do get goosebumps when Scotty sings…his voice is magical. I thought he sang a boring song well but I didn't do backflips when he was done last week. But, that being said…I don't get goosebumps from any of the ones left….not saying they can't sing…just don't enjoy the music that they do sing…except for Lauren….We'll just have to wait and see….Oh, and what is wrong with staying true to who you are? I think it is kind of a difficult place to be…

      • I want Scotty to remain true to himself. I want all the contestants to, because who they are works for each and every one of them. I just want them to be themselves, but at the next level. There's always room for improvement, and expanding, errr broadening their horizons if you will. All of them need seasoning, they're amateurs…very good amateurs, but still amateurs. Like the judges tell Lauren, don't be afraid to try out your voice, if you think you can't do something, you won't. They should take more risks, really push the envelope…but still remain true to themselves. Dear god, I hope and pray that none of them ever lets anyone change them, only help them improve who they already are. That's all.

        As for being in a difficult place, I agree, they are under enormous stress and pressure. But if they can't handle it, how are they going to handle fame and their actual careers? This is a prep course for stardom, so they better use it to toughen up. The hardest part is yet to come!

      • @ Carol: Haley does not screech. I sincerely do not know what you are talking about. Were you referring to how she sang, "Piece of My Heart"? If so, you've got it all wrong–you just don't like the sound of blues, rock or jazz.

    • S you are absolutely tone def if you really believe what you just said. You may not like her or her style. When you say that Haley sings flat everybody here that's speaks honestly will not give your posts any credibility whatsoever. I hope you didn't mean that. Haley has the least amount of missed notes of ANY contestant this year. I am in my forties and have been singing all of my life. I am no expert, but know enough to say without any DOUBT, Haley does not sing flat EVER! Where are you Pup? Don't let this S person by with such a crazy statement

      • @KEV89: I can only surmise S has no training in music and is saying Haley sings "flat" for some other reason than truly critiquing Haley's vocal skills. It's really just a waste of time to respond to her.

  106. in all honesty i dont know how it is gonna turn out. i hope beyond hope that james wins but when haley was in the bottom 3 this week i begun to realize there is no rhyme or reason in this.

    i guess it is because people like me, vote for their favorites even if they wern't the best. i voted more for scotty and lauren then haley and i think she blew them away this week. of course james got the most of my votes and i honestly did like his the best.

    haley does deserve more votes/respect as a musician then she is getting.

    i really do hope this does not get her down and make her give up.

    i hate jewel with a passion but i bet haley could really do jewel well with the yodeling type voice.

    • Still, I have a feeling people won't be able to ignore Haley's star power for much longer. She's kicking a$$, and taking names! People are loyal, but they can expand their loyalty to other people who really earn it. I really feel that people are warming up to her. She has something that cannot be denied.

    • Hey, I have a Jewel CD and love it. She's a genuine poet, if you ask me. I just love both her lyrics and her voice. Why don't you like her?

      • Haha, she hates female singers in general, pup. She always has, save for an odd one here and there. Jewel is a very good artist, and versatile, she can yodel, do country, ballads, and her upbeat stuff. I've always been more partial to female singers, but I don't discriminate on sexes. Haha.

      • hate hate hate her yodeling. hate her pissing and moaning in songs. i cannot stand to even look at her, her looks drive me nuts.

        i would seriously rather listen to hours of someone scratching a chalkboard then to listen to her CD.

        i have been told over and over my kind of music is angry rock and jewel does not fit that in any way.

        for female singers i like jefferson starship/airplane


        atlanis morrisette (spelling)

        i like katey parey (spelling) which is very odd for me

        give me someone who is pissed off at the world and that is what i will like. lol

      • I love Alanis Morissette. Have her in my car's CD player and hear her every single day. Sing along like a fool, too!!!

  107. The "Carole King" subject was designed to help save the girls. I had said weeks ago that Lauren would be able to sing a Carole King song beautifully and we all know that Haley's voice is suited for it. This has got to mean that Jacob will be leaving. I mean, really, can you imagine him singing Carole King better than the ladies?

  108. All the idols are good ,its just personal preference now….but James and Casey are the most unique…and then haley….lauren could be amazing but she has to find herself first….i think james will win…scotty could be great but hes playing it too safe….

  109. I want Jacob and Casey to go home!! I don't believe the judges should have saved Casey. He wouldn't be going on tour and they would have had a save for Pia.

  110. Has anyone noticed the body language in the above picture? All of the contestants are leaning away from Haley. Do you think it's because they

    don't like her?????

    • Lauren, I actually DID notice that. But . . . have you ever seen class shots? There's always somebody who is off to the Right or Left! I am sure this shot was taken by a professional photographer who gave some of them direction, such as "Get in closer." Photographers NEVER take one shot. It could that of the 5 different shots taken, this one showed each of them the clearest. So I wouldn't go bonkers about that, based on this one shot.

    • I think it's probably more that they are threatened by her after Rolling in the Deep. Did you notice after Lauren was told she was safe and she was so shaken up, when she went back to the couch Haley patted her arm and rubbed her arm to comfort her w/o even thinking about it. I think the Haley's a jerk rumors are all totally false.

      • I missed that Devin Lee! Oh, I am so glad you saw that. Gosh, I hope other people noticed that. (The ones who love to hate her.) Perhaps they did because fewer people seem to be saying ridiculous things about her.

  111. In Peru, greetings and I hope that Scotty has a good week, and I maintain that James is an imitator of Adam. I have the feeling that do not respect the views of many, we will see what will be the final hope SCOTTY and HALEY to come. Sorry by my english.

    • Greetings from Mexico I hope James has a good week, and i maintain that those who say James is a Adam imitator r blind, i have a feeling they have no idea what they r talking about

  112. I believe Scotty will come out with an upbeat song and show his strength this week. I hope everyone will vote for their favorite and give their support to them. I love Scotty because I feel he is sincere and well rounded. GO SCOTTY!!!!

  113. As I said in another post: The question of "why Carole King?" is easy. For those that have heard Carole King, I'm sure you have already felt like I have that both of these girls could help secure their places by belting out a good Carole King song. Lauren needs some more that help her cross that line from country to rock. Haley's voice is perfect for a King song. The decision was made to maintain the male/female ratio!

  114. I never seem to be able to get through to vote by phone and so, I just wanted to say that James is by far the most versatile and exciting entertainer on the Idol stage. I really hope that he takes the number 1 spot.

    • I also think James will take #1 spot isnt he wonderful!!! Cant wait to see what he will do this week! Hailey needs to go home !

  115. I don't enjoy the growling from Hailey and the screaching from James.

    And the worst is Jacob with the high notes. Like "Bridge Over Troubled Water" was sung on way too high notes.

    Jacob should have gone long before Pia!!!

  116. I think Lauren might do good in trying to sing "How Do I Live?' by Leanne Rimes. From the C.D. 'You Light Up My Life'. Since Leanne sung that when she was starting out. Randy would see some of Leanne Rimes in Lauren if she tries it.

    I think the last 2 will be Scotty and Lauren.

    • This is the most chatter I have seen regarding Haley and I take it as a good sign – that she is finally being appreciated. I think the judges have been mean to her in the past. Her "Rolling" song last week was perfect and all Randy had to say was that it was a "good" performance. When it came time to criticize Scotty and Lauren for their boring but safe performances, Randy and Jennifer beat around the bush to get their message across instead of saying it like it is. If it was Haley, they would have flat out said "you were boring and have not improved much" Why is there a double standard?

  117. I am expecting Scotty McCreery to pop right back up to the top. He is the only contestant who has been consistently good this season. Every performance his voice is great! He may not have picked a song last week that the judges were fond of but his voice is always great no matter what he sings.

  118. I am a die hard Scotty fan from day 1. I would love to see him go all the way and win, but even if he doesn't win I think he will still have a great career in country music. I also hope that he is smart enough (and I think he is) to also go on with school and get a degree as well. I don't like to make bad comments about any of them because I believe they all are very talented or they wouldn''t be in the top 6.

  119. I am ready to see Casey gone. I feel they should have let him go and kept the save. I like James but I really think Scotty would go further than James in the long run. I believe more people will follow the country over heavy metal. I like Haley and Lauren but I think song choice has hurt Haley alot and I fear she will be gone if she doesn't make good song choices from now on.

  120. I know for sure that James will shine tonight like he always do. The others that will follow James will be Casey and Haley and as much as I think that Scotty and Lauren are cute and do have a great voice, they are not there yet and Jacob, nothing personal, but he does nothing for me, too much of a Diva for me – I do think that he does have a wonderful gossipal voice but as an Idol, sorry but this is not what an idol is in my book. Good luck to all tonight as they all work very hard to shine. James I can not vote for you as I can never get the line but you are going to be on top my friend, I believe in YOU – cheers!

  121. I feel this week will show how much talent each contestant has. Each of them know it is coming down to the wire and they have to do their best. There is no room for error. However it all falls everyone knows that each will have a great career. I hope Scotty is in the bottom three not go home because he does have a great voice but to shock him and make him give more not play safe. I hope the other two in the bottom is Casey and Jacob. Jacob go home this week and Casey next week.

  122. I am ready to see Casey gone also. But I am even more ready to have seen Jacob been gone way before Pia!!

    And James before Pia also, and I believe in Scotty and Lauren to make it to the final 2.

    Hopefully Scotty will win the title.

  123. The best performance of the night was James Durbin.I predict he will win it.Everyone did a great job tonight.

  124. I hate american idol since thia megia was eliminated i dont watch it anymore. maybe, if they will change their current system into something that will convince millions of viewer around the world of fair judgement.

  125. I would like Scotty to win AI, but the way people are praising James so much I think he has more of a chance. James is the first one, quite a bit more pertage of votes than Scotty who is just second.

    I am pleased with the voting off of Casey, but would rather have had Jacob go! So many weeks he slips through the cracks and is safe!! Jacob's time to leave is way overdue.

  126. I was surprised to see Casey go I was expecting Jacob to go since he is most at risk. But still luckly for me Casey is not my favorite. I still wish they had used the save on Pia instead of him.

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