American Idol 2011: Top 7 results show recap – Stefano’s run ends

For weeks on “American Idol,” Stefano Langone has been toying with America. From being eliminated to becoming a wild card pick, he held on week after week, despite landing in the Bottom 3 most of the time. Thursday it finally came to an end as he was sent packing.

I was almost certain he’d continue his streak at least one more week and send Jacob Lusk home (OK, maybe I was just hoping really hard). Jacob’s elimination wasn’t all I was wrong about. I was also pretty certain Haley Reinhart would escape the bottom, pushing Lauren Alaina there. But that wasn’t the case. It does seem Haley was barely in the bottom though since Ryan Seacrest immediately relieved her of her Bottom 3 duties.

At the beginning of the night, we got a pretty rough performance from Lauren, Haley, Stefano and Jacob when they took on Train’s “Soul Sister.” But that was by far better than Casey Abrams, James Durbin and Scotty McCreery’s Coldplay cover. It was horrible. You know it’s bad when out of those three, Scotty sounded the best (youΒ  know, since he never sings anything other than country).

I just want to know why the make Casey and ScottyΒ  dance. They can’t do it. It’s always a hilarious spectacle.

Next we get the first round of results. Ryan asks Casey and Jacob to stand up. He gives the rundown from the night before and tells Casey he is safe. And to no one’s surprise, Jacob is the first planted in the Bottom 3.

David Cook then returns to the “Idol” stage and doesn’t sound very good either. I’m really starting to think the new person in charge of sound just really blows. Because David never sounded bad on that stage before tonight. Weird.

Then we get more pointless filler. Who cares that they went bowling or went to a spa. They’re mostly teenagers. They don’t need that luxury.

Finally, more results. Ryan brings Lauren, James and Stefano to center stage. He first sends Stefano to the Bottom 3, again no surprise there. James and Lauren are sent to safety.

Then it’s between Haley and Scotty. Gee, I wonder who is in the bottom between these two? It was a surprise for Haley to be back in the bottom after her performance on Wednesday night, but when it’s just between her and Scotty, there’s absolutely no surprise. So Scotty is safe and she’s not. Oh, and we find out Haley has no idea what the word “niche” means.

After a completely canned performance of Katy Perry dressed as Lady Gaga an alien that Ryan pretends is live, we get to the final results. Jacob or Stefano? We already know what happens (and what should have happened), so I’ll spare the repeat. Jacob, pack your bags next week!

What were your thoughts on the outcome and Thursday’s episode in general? Who do you want to see go next? Who do you want to win this thing? And how boring will next week be when the theme is songs of Carole King?




  1. I was a big fan of Adam Lambert's during season 8 (and still am). I am also a huge fan of James Durbin. Getting tired of reading about how James is trying to emulate Adam as I don't see it! I see only one similarity and that is both have an enormous voice range but that's where it ends. Their style is so different (includes presentation as well as atire). Am I the only one that sees this?

    • hey Mickey,

      If you've ever been to any of Adam Lambert's concerts, you would know that this previous Wed was something so similar to Adam. The long coat and performance and cane thing all of it was similar to Adam. On top of that, after he was compared to Adam early on in the show, he even admitted to saying that Adam inspired him to tryout for the show. Sure, James is more rock than Adam is currently, but Adam has made some pretty rocking things in season 8 too. Anyway, take a look at the two more closely, dress style and energy and I'm sure you'll see it. πŸ˜‰

      Not saying it's bad, but it is there πŸ™‚

      • Sorry Sylvie. I think Adam had a very different spin on his style "during" his Idol days (where most of the public saw him). His wardrobe was high end, he wasn't bringing in the props that James is bringing in. I know they both respect each other but they have both commented that they don't see similarities in their style and I agree. I did like your comment though as it wasn't presented as an attack but an opinion. Thanks for that. I still think they have very different styles but are similar with their vocal ranges as well as their ability to grab their audience.

      • IMHO James' performance Wed. was a pretty close copy of Adam's "A Time For Miracles' video. But since I like James and he did a good job with it, I'm choosing to see it as an homage rather than a rip off. There are bound to be comparisons to Adam. Tall, good looking, dark hair, blue eyes, great vocal range, theatrical and on the same show. How could you not compare them?

      • Sylvie ~ I agree that this week tehre were similarities. But after how many weeks, this is the first time he has wandered into Adams zone (and honestly, I don't think Adam as awesome as he is, could have done better with that song) So yeah, this week, he did somethign similar to Adam, but when you are jumping to the theme of the week, it was pretty inevitable.

      • Oh, and I wanted to second what mickey said. Thank you for your respectful post. While I disagree with you to a certain extent, it's nice to discuss this kind of thing civilly. πŸ™‚

    • Agreed! Why make comparisons at all? Is it so strange that two singers could have similar ranges/styles without saying that one is copying another? Steven Tyler has a high register – does that mean both Adam AND James are Steven clones? How about the three tenors – is Placido Damingo a copycat of Luciano Pavarotti?! Absurd – and finally Adam Lambert's music is like dance/pop, whereas James will almost certainly be rock!

    • Mickey; No you are not the only one who see's it! I am a HUGE ADAM Lambert fan.And have several friends who feel the same way about ADAM as I do! They do both have a huge vocal range! And James dress's like a rocker. But it ends there. They are NOT just alike! James is a very sensitive young man! I personally think James should win!! He is a great rock singer. Just keep voting for him! Have a great day! Sherry K. πŸ™‚

      • Sherry K……Hello….where have you been? Glad to see your back on the blog……You know what an Adam lover I am but James has his own style. Completely different sounding voices.

        James deserves to win this. He puts life into this season….Last night he was so upset about Stefano that he made me cry….Stefano seemed perfectly acceptable of his fate…..

        James has heart & soul and sings like a rock star!!!!!!

        Happy Easter….Sherry

      • I love Adam Lambert!!!I bought his records & videos and saw him in concert.

        I love James Durbin!!!I will buy his records & videos and see him in concert.

        Do not understand why JD is still being compared to AL–

        Adam Lambert did NOT invent Rock!

        James has his own style and does not want to be compared to Adam Lambert.

        We could go all the way back to Elvis(James has that raw talent)who I saw in concent when I was a teenager, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc and say that every rock singer since is just a copy. Elvis and alot of other rock stars wore long coats WAY before Adam.

        If you watch the Muze video of "uprising" it does have an apocalyptic feel to it and I think that was what James was conveying.

        In the near future there will be another young rock/metal artist who will audition for American Idol and break thru and I hope that JD fans will not give him/her the flack that some of the Adam Lambert fans have been giving to James.

        James is his own person, unique & a phenomenol talent! I look forward to seeing him perform every week.

      • You betcha Phyllis!! James almost made me cry! I have been keenly watching the show. I felt so bad for James! He and Stefano must be friends. It would be hard to see your friend go. But James has some good character! He will hold up and be our winner!Yes we both are ADAM LOVERS! Adams the man!! I get lost on these darn blogs. They keep moving around. I am like you Phyllis about James. Yes he does have heart and soul. And yes he sings like a rock star. I wish James everything good in this world!! I am want him to win. He can do it! You are right about his voice being completely different sounding than ADAMS . Have you seen Rose A lately? Have a Happy Easter too Phyllis!!Hugs to you! And Rose too. I will try to find you next week.I always love to read your coments so much Phyllis. You always know the correct way to say how you and your heart feels!!! James does deserve to win!! Hi Rose too! By for now! Sherry K.

      • bula2u ~ I hear ya mate! Personally, I hope in future seasons we see more rockers similar in genre and style to either James or Adam, both are great and I wouldn't mind seeing more like it from future up-and-comers. πŸ™‚

      • Please, let's not get carried away comparing James to Elvis.

        Elvis was a much better singer than James will ever hope to be.

        He is good in his own right, but you can't even begin to compare him to the King of Rock and Roll.

      • Who just exactly can you compare to " The King of Rock and Roll." There will never be another Elvis!

        Look at all of the people who still try to imitate

        The one and ONLY Elvis!! None of the singers who have ever one can sing like Elvis. And that's not saying they are not good! because they are. But truly there was only one Elvis. and will never, ever be another even like Elvis. To me comparing these contestants to Elvis is just a poor joke. I am sure I will get it ffrom this comment! But I don't care. Everyone has a right to their own opinion! This is JMOP. Sherry K. πŸ™‚

    • he is the cheap version of Lambert

      and when Lambert is very humble and down to earth, then James is cocky and overacting with those crying scenes. it's getting ridiculous

      i don't denny he's great singer but he hasn't found out where is he belong yet

      • one hundred percent right. there is only one adam and james is a cheap clone. he's not a bad singer, and would probably do well with a rock band behind him, but he's no adam. he doesn't have the range or stage presence. adam is, and always will be, the real deal

      • Jamie, you simply do not know what you are talking about. The emotional overload James sometimes displays (ups and downs) is related to his Asperger's Syndrome.

        He hasn't found where he belongs? He wants to be metal; how could you miss that? And he is on beautifully on target.

      • Jamie That is harsh and unfair. Adam is my all time favorite Idol contestant, but he came to Idol with 10 years of theatrical experience and without the physical conditions that James has coped with all of his life. He was also several years older than James. James is not a cheap version of Adam, he is a younger version with considerable potential.

      • Lambert?? He did not Pioneer the look for ANY ROCKER..That look has been around for decades, Alice Cooper, Axel Rose, Motley Crue, Slipknot, Trent Reznor, Queen, Dee Snyder, Amon Amarth, Flintroll, Dio, Meatloaf…I can do this all day long to make my point if need be. They are being compared becaues of the closed minded few who think the know something about Music and its back story. Neither one are doing any thing new to the Genre just like Scotty is doing nothing new for Country.

      • @Jamie:Want to know something dear Jamie, you know nothing,

        James and Stefano were roommates from the beginning when they were sent to Hollywood and became great friends.

        For the rest of your comment that James is also arrogant you are wrong, I do not know if you know him personally to say such nonsense.

        James is simple and humble, perhaps what bothers many is that he is a person sure of himself and knows what it is and where he wants to get

      • Wellen ~ You thief, you stole the words right out of my mouth… you even made them sound better than I was going to… jerk. πŸ˜‰

      • Can America get it right this year on American idol? JAMES DURBIN should be the winner. Take for example ~ Go to you tube and listen to Daughtry's latest and another greatest" DAUGHTRY Life after you! " Did America get it right that year? NO! Go to youtube and listen to and watch ADAM LAMBERT'S " If I can't have you." Did America get it right that year? NO! Get real people! James Durbin this season. Scotty will be signed up by country. So , he has no problems! RCA a division

        of SONY are raking in the cash from Daughtry, who is fabulous! And you can correct me if I am wrong!

        But I think RCA signed up ADAM LAMBERT too ? Watch Simon Cowell admit that he made a mistake by having the opinion he had of Susan Boyle before she started singing!!!!I hope America gets it right this year and season on American Idol. Oh well if not " Life goes on!" Today is Easter

        Sunday! Oh God How Great thou Art!!!! Just ATOM. Sherry K. πŸ™‚ This one is for you Jesus! πŸ™‚

      • Isn't ADAM sweet Jamie? And I love how he pays attention to his fans. Adam is not pompous, or stuck up at all. It is obvious his parents raised him to show some respect when needed! He used to thank each and very one of the judges when he was

        on American Idol when they spoke to him after he sang his song in front of them! I like James a lot! But he is not just like ADAM! I don't even see where that is coming from? The fact that he used a HIGH note at the end of each song? Sherry K. Hi to Phyllis G. And Rose A. My two friends ever since ADAM season!


    • YES!!! He screams…doesn't sisng…when he does…as last night…in the trio…Scotty (You know…the country guy) was the only one that sounded good. He is a copy of

      Adam…who I thought should have won. James is okay with good backup.

      • James is a Adam Lammert wanna be. He cannot carry self image. Coping Adam or trying to, is wearing and boring. As someelse said all the burning piano, marching band other distractions is used as a cover up

      • That's not true !! Talk about screaming that's all Adam does go listen lol. James can sing anything and wed night he proved that!!!

      • CJ Wrong. Go to youtube and listen to Adam's version of "Mad World" No screaming, just a gorgeous lyrical voice.

      • The only copy cat here is one trick pony Scotty…a bad copy version of Johnny Cash!!

      • If anyone thinks that Scotty is the only one that sounded good they better go and have the wax cleaned out of there ears. Scotty sould be the first one in the bottom three next week. James all the way .

      • tenisaddict………You are so right. How come nobody says that about Scotty????? Still don't know what he is doing with that Microphone?

        I guess they can't compare him to Johnny Cash because he is nothing like him……

      • Its a shame that America doesn't get it. Adam and James are so different in so manys. If you ever saw Adam in concert, and I have….he is all glitz and glamour…..and wonderful…. James is strickly rock, more like Steven T……Put a rock band behind him and his concerts will be SOLD OUT!!!!!

      • Phyllis G…..Cos the haters can only tell the different between boys & girls…i.e. Lauren & Scotty! lol!

      • LOL, everybody on that stage is similar to somebody else (of course, Adams style and James are ridiculously different, but Adam copies the Glam rockers of the 70's and James is more of a classic rock/mainstream metal guy like Steven Tyler and Sebastian Bach) and waitaminute.. I just realised.. I'm feeding the trolls… bad kdub… bad!

      • james is a REAL and TRUE rocker!! he is not into the glam and makeup crap because he knows that you dont need to be a FREAKSHOW to be successful!ugh

      • First of all..stop calling Adam the rocker…He isn't the rocker at all…He is more the electronic popper… Big woof he sang zepplin and Kara was all "Adam's a rock god". Kara is an idiot..Rock god..i laughed when i saw that…The real rock community/ metalheads see it all as a joke…Adam had every single trait to be one of the greatest rock singers of our generation and i am not saying that..He really had the vocal chops and the vision to be a great hard rock singer but alas he too sold out to commercial music… Adam isnt the greatest thing to happen to the music industry.. There are hundreds of thousands of artists better than him in every single way…Get back in touch with reality you moronic Adam worshipers…

    • You are right they have 2 different styles. They are both so good it's crazy. James has alot going for him. I hope he is the next American Idol. He deserves to win this . He's gives 110% when he gets on that stage every time. It's like Randy always says " It's like being at a James Durbin concert" He owns that stage! Gotta love James!!!

      • CJ….Adam & James could not be more different…..Go back and watch Season 8 and then compare James' performances this season…..NO COMPARISON!!!! James is his own man and Adam has his own style…..I think he is more like Steven T. than Adam……

        CJ…I totally agree with you….JAMES FOR THE WIN…..

      • Sounds to me like someone is a homophobic! It is morons like you who kept ADAM LAMBERT from winning! So hateful!! What is your problem dude?

        Sherry K

    • I love both of them ! Why can't people leave, James alone. I hope he wins this shows ! Vote like crazy for James . Adam was robbed.

      • Phyllis G. What is going on here this year. So much sniping! And against James! I don't understand it???? Who do they think should be the winner?? James durbin for the win!!!! He deserves it.I think James is more like Steven Tyler too! And that is a good thing. I mean Tyler can still wail out a good tune. I have seen him in concert! Awesome Aerosmith ~ Just awesome. Yes lets vote for JAMES FOR FIRST PLACE! And the whiners can get out THEIR kleenex!!! Have you heard from Sweet Rose A? Take care girl! Sherry K.

    • You are right, for sure there is a huge difference. Adam's voice was far better than James. We could see last night, that even a country guy could sing better anything else than James and Casey, if is nothing in the song to scream out. My daughter said to me for the first time this season, "I still do not like Scotty, but he proved he could sing anything". I would say, were voice is than no song is hard. As for James, after last night I have realized that is only the imagination and the power of the songs that keeps him safe. I wonder what keeps Casey, so safe. Hope next time, Casey goes home.

      • Actually, for the career that James wants, fronting a rock band, he has all the vocal ability he needs. For every Freddie Mercury or Jon Bon Jovi with great solo voices, there are many Vince Neils, Joe Elliotts, and Roger Daltreys. Fronting a rock band requires showmanship and James has that in spades.

    • I'm with you bud, I can't see it, I don't really think James would put on a performes like Adam did at the Grammys, and I don't see James putting on eye makeup. He's unique and I hope he wins!!

    • Lambert?? He did not Pioneer the look for ANY ROCKER..That look has been around for decades, Alice Cooper, Axel Rose, Motley Crue, Slipknot, Trent Reznor, Queen, Dee Snyder, Amon Amarth, Flintroll, Dio, Meatloaf…I can do this all day long to make my point if need be. They are being compared becaues of the closed minded few who think the know something about Music and its back story. Neither one are doing any thing new to the Genre just like Scotty is doing nothing new for Country

      • Sorry ADAM LAMBERT is the best looking out of all you named! Adam can wail a good tune. And he can sing a slow song that makes grown women weep!! Love you Adam!! You have lots of fans! And a majority of them are women!!

        Go James Durbin for number one!!! Sherry K

  2. I'm not "glad" to see anyone leave at this point, since I think they are all very good singers, but I think Stefano was the weakest of the seven. After Wednesday's performances, I can't believe Haley was again in the bottom three. As much as I like Scotty, his Wednesday performance let me down.

    • Joey's comment about Scotty's performance was correct! It was the worst one he has EVER done since the start! Yesterday night! I was worried Scotty would be in the bottom 3. I think he got lucky. He is so likeable! Remember the guy Lively, or what ever his name is in the back that helps them out told Scotty he was not making a good song choice? And he definitely knows what he is talking about! The man is a record producer for goodness sakes. Scotty better not try to pull one off like that lack~luster song again. He may be getting too big of a head. He could go if he doe's not watch what he sings. Thanks! Sherry K.

      • I don't remember any of that, I'd much rather remember when J.C was abandoned in his group.. June bug and SCotty was involved.. but did Scotty do anything to say it was wrong while it was going on? no he didn't.. he was part of that as well. said it later on.. but june bugs ass got voted off for it. but, ah well.. America has their non cowboy hat wearing country singing kid. πŸ™‚

      • Ok here I go! I have my "Get the name right " hat on.

        Sherry K and Lee. His name is not Lively or Levine. His name is Jimmy Iovine [eye-oh-vine]. Thank you for your support.

      • Lee….James is true to himself….He is a ROCKER….What part of that don't you get? He is not cockey, he just wants to perform….Can't you see that?

      • PHYLISS G No I cant see that. He is cocky, vocally and actions. AND JUST WANTING TO PERFORM when?

      • Lee…..I guess we are watching two different things…..James is the least cockiest person there……He just wants to perform and he sure rocks the stage when he does and if that cockiness then so be it….

    • Yeah, Scotty kind of blew it with "Swinging" and I would really like to hear him do his version of Marshall Tucker's "Heard It In A Love Song."

      • Lee re: you think that James is being cockey– do not confuse exuberance and passionate about being in the moment to being cockey. To know what you want and to stick to what is the best for YOU is the sign of an amazing artist and person.

        James is taking some mightly intelligent risks and accepting responsibility for his decisions. If he was voted off because of his decision then he would be ok with it –as he did it his way, not just following mindless directions.

        JAMES for the WIN!!!

      • Templar, Thank-You for telling me Jimmy Lovine's name!!! Honestly he is the best help the contestant's have had EVER! I won't forget his name . I really do appreciate your telling me. I have put it down right here and next time I comment about him it will be correct. I can't speak for Lee.Sherry K πŸ™‚

  3. Casey James and scottys performance was a lot better then Jacobs haleys laurns and stefanos song I thought

    • Yes, Adam, I agree. James and Scotty performance were good. Casey forgot to bring on a voice, but was good and kept him safe as well. Scotty's voice saved the bad choice of a song. James's show impresed us so much and we forgot to look for the quality of his sound.

    • I agree that it was better, but only because the first performance was really really… really bad.

  4. Yo Brenden, I agree with most of your review. I'm glad I'm not the only person that has noticed that most of the guest performers really suck. I keep thinking the judges should have a shot at them too!

    I'm personally disappointed that I'll have to gag through another Jacob performance and snore through another Scotty reincarnation of Travis Tritt, but I won't miss Stefano much. If it weren't for the fact that the aforementioned two are still there, it was time for him to go. Straight up, though (shout out to Paula Abdul), if Jacob and Scotty aren't the next two to go, then either the voting system is broken or most of the voters are jacked up on crack cocaine.

    Just a little unrelated tidbit for the you, dude (constructive criticism): 'Between' is a preposition. The objects of a preposition should be in the so-called object case (subject case: she, object case: her). So your sentence would be correct as follows: "when it’s just between her and Scotty (rather than "she and Scotty"). Sorry. It's a teacher thing. πŸ™‚

    • Just quietly there may be more Scotty fans out there mate than you realise … he could go all the way … lots of country fans in the US

      • Brossie….Unfortunately, you got that right. Here's hoping that Stefano's voters, vote for James now!!!!

    • Sorry, Serge, Scotty seems to have a huge following! Don't see him going anywhere anytime soon. Not usually a country fan but I like this boy!

    • Serge, I gotta give you some Creds (is that hip talk for credibility) for not holding back–'specially regards "gagging through Jacob" and "snoring thru Scotty", though I really hope Scotty may have learned his lesson from the Judge Slapdown! There is, of course, no hope for Jacob–my puke bucket shall be ready!

      But you did show your classy side with the 'straight up' shout out to Paula (Wow, if Haley can learn to dance like Old School Paula–ooh la la!).

      No, I wasn't shocked at your 'tell it like it is' style so much as your revelation on the teacher thing! Dawg! Really!? No, I shore wouldn't've 'thunk' it. But, I wouldn't be awastin' yo time on me, 'causa Old Coondog, He don't learn new Trix so well! LOL

      • @Serge Slapyahedov: That's a good observation, thanks… But If we were using "you" would you say "Between you and Scotty" or "between your and Scotty"? I'm learning. Thanks!

      • ~Imagining Haley dancing like old school paula…





        still imagining it~

        Oh.. sorry, what were we talking about again?

      • First of all, apologies to Branden. Sometimes the fingers run ahead of the brain and there's no excuse for moniker mayhem. Mea culpa!

        Coondog, you're beautiful, man! Your unpolished edges are like the irreplaceable beauty of a country table that's seen some living and bears the scars of a generation or two. Rock the old trix and don't worry about the new! πŸ™‚ And yeah, dawg, I try everyday to mold the minds of 'merica's young monkeys.

        Regarding Paula, she may have been high, drunk, or both on many past Idol shows, but homegirl's got mad moves!

        Kitty Cat, "you" doesn't change from subject to object case. "You like me." "I like you." Your is possessive, as in "I like your sister" or "Your sister likes me."

        Therefore, "Between you and Scotty" is correct.

        Kdub, feelin' you, man! Haley with Paula moves… Holy moley!

        As for the Scotty fans, homeboy stepped up his game this week (top 6). I didn't snore this time.

    • at least two out of 3 of these comments are correct….scotty does have alot of fans already… so dont be suprised when its him and james in the end! myself i will be voting my A** off for scotty

    • Sege: Yeah, well my name is Branden. Get it right. Sorry. It's a journalist thing. πŸ™‚ name accuracy is important.

  5. man, the voting system has sure turned a show with some cool performers and voices, and leaving us with some of the most boring fake stiffs i've seen on Idol.. Scotty is about as boring as you can get.. he doesn't even strike me as a country performer.. i mean what the hell… not saying every country performer needs to wear a cowboy hat or boots.. but.. usually every country performer wears a cowboy hat and boots.. haha! he's just a boring ass kid who needs ALOT of work on his performances! Jacob.. he sounds alright, but he goes too strong too much and get out of the pitch he needs to make the song sound good with the music.. he goes too high too much.. James.. oh man.. i think there are way to many people in this country who are voting that DOES NOT know what true Heavy Metal is supposed to sound like if they are calling him Metal.. and the Muse song he sang.. oh man.. what did muse ever do to him?? haha! he does perform though, very good.. so he has that going for him.. even though i would consider him a POP/rock.. and no where near metal. Haily.. oh man.. she does try to perform.. but .. i think she's met her aspiration and .. she ain't gonna really get any better.. Lauren.. oh man.. another boring stiff.. i really think people are just voting for her because Steven said 'she's the one' .. and far as i can tell.. since it's a populairy contest.. you can't get a higher mark then that.. so meet the eventual winner probbaly.. Lauren..

    • oh yeah forgot one more.. Casey.. well lets just say America voted his ass out.. until the judges told them to keep em in.. so he's in. haha! how lame. now that i think about it.. since it's going that way.. may end up being Casey and Lauren in the top 2.. cause people seem to like to be told who to vote for.. but still.. Lauren's got that 'you're the one' thing that's gonna land her the top spot.

      • I'm not sure America really voted Casey out. I was one of those people who just watched the show and DIDN'T vote. I thought my favorites including Casey were safe. It was a real wake-up call when Casey was almost eliminated and after the judges saved him, I started voting my ass off. Gave Casey 300+ votes the following week. It's just something to think about.

      • Lets say something about Stefano. He is a kid but he left like a gentleman. He really took it like an adult and sang his heart out. I wish him all the luck available

      • Yeah, I gotta admit, Stefano went out like a pro. He showed some real class after the results were announced.

    • you need to listen to more country you know there is a lot of country singer who do not ware hats and boots but you need to watch more country

      • Voter needs some education regarding talent. Has no clue regarding a natural. Just likes to mash people and thinks that makes an adult

      • amen retta! thank you for finally saying how judgmental these people are being against scotty !

      • Scotty is pissing off the Counrty voters because of his lack of determination. I am upset that he came out there and flopped a piece of crap attempt on a 25 year old song while the others are out there improving and he floated thru on his mediocraty because of his fan base. i agree that not every performance is going to be the best they can do, but it was not song choice on his part it was, ill flop this week and let me fan base carry me thru. Well it is not going to work with them moving into harder catagories.

      • Agreed Wellen… it's not that Scotty is bad, but he is getting very complacent and comfortable. He isn't improving like the others are. Every single one of them is getting better and better each week, but scotty is really staying the same. If he doesn't start to grow musically, it's going to bite him in the end. Country fans can carry you far, but you need those people that are fans of multiple genres to come over to you if you want to win the whole thing and Scotty is going to start losing them if he doesn't start growing as a performer and quick.

  6. Oh please……no more Jacob. I gag when he comes out to sing. Phooey! I wish he was gone instead of Stefano. Stefano worked so very hard to stay, he really gave some effort in following the judge's advice. I love the remainder of the contestants, with the exception of Jacob. I'll be heartbroken as they leave one by one. James is my fave! Rock on, James, you're awesome!

    • i agree w everything u've said, diane.. except u forgot to mention scotty – i can't stand that guy

  7. Carol King???? OMG! Please no! Of all the great artists out there, we get Carol King?????

    Not saying she wasn't good, but for crying out loud, Carol fricken King?????? AI has lost it!

      • Coondoggie, Hey now Don't be a Carol King hater. She did alot of songs check out my suggestions in comment 42. And yes they are all real songs by Carol. I picked some really good ones for you're Haley Girl.

      • Well Buns(!), I have seen more of the discoteque (?) thing so I guess there's enough in there to work with for each genre, so I'll take a gander down there.

    • I agree. How boring. Still thinking that a Bruce Night would work. Hayley singing Pink Cadillac, what do you think? Scotty can sing Darlington County, James can do anything by Bruce, Jacob Thunder Road, Casey Promised Land and Lauren let's see……I may need a little help here bloggers. What are your thoughts? Could be a fun night. Much better than a Carole King night. Yawner for sure.

      • If I had to choose a Bruce song for Scotty it would be either "I'm On Fire" or "My Hometown"

      • Bruce would be good, the Stones, Rod Stewart, Kenny Chesney, George Strait, Bob Seger, Fleetwood Mac, etc….

    • It's going to be a huge challenge. I've said elsewhere they won't be able to do just a cover of the songs. The ones the karaoke Carole King are the ones in the bottom 3.

    • Well, Haley should definitely shine this week(again). She has been slaying it lately, and now they hand her a theme that fits her almost perfectly. Can't wait to see what she does, she has a ton of great choices.

  8. @ Phyllis G, and Rose A. Where are you two ladies at? Just wanting to know what you thought about tonight? Stefano going home. I think Jacob was worried. From the look on his face. He is probably going home next! Did either one of you see James crying when they said Stefano was going home? He must be very sensitive! Poor baby. I felt sorry for him. And I mean that! I am not trying to be mean! I am sure he and Stefano were good friends. And pressure is hard on James because he has a disability. Which I should say has no bearing on his talent! He is doing great. And has held up so well. I really like the kid! James Durbin~ Winner of AI 2011. If you or Rose see this let me know what you think! Bye for now. Since it's only 1:24 AM here i think I need to get some sleep! I have missed talking to both of you!!! It seems like I can't find the two of you any more. Too many different chat boards? I miss my 2 ADAM LAMBERT friends!!! Hugs! Sherry K. πŸ™‚

    • Sherry K….LOL…I've been looking for you. I even give you my email on one site….Your right about all these different sites now. It was fun getting the emails but sometimes over a weekend I would have nearly 500 emails from them……….We've picked up a lot of commenters since the Adam Season and before……which is a good thing…Lots of different views makes for some fun…..but I do miss seeing you on the site….

      As long as James is still on, its worth watching Idol this season…..Even though I'm an Idol junkie, I do have my favorites..LOL ….Hugs to you too!

      • Phyllis G, I remember you giving me your email address one time. All the paper work around here is a mess. We are trying to move to another house! I am sure you can relate to having tons of paper work all over the house. Even my computer paper work! My husband has moved all of it to who knows were. The BADLANDS. LOL! I do love to talk to both you and Rose. Two of the most down to earth people on these chat boards! Talk to you again this week after performances! Phyllis I am really enjoying it after all. I didn't think i would. That just goes to show you what preconceived thoughts are! Lol. Bye for now! Sherry K. OH, Hi there Rose A! I am so glad I found you after looking so long! I usely just click before I think. But, I decided to scroll down a bit! I know about the not commenting Rose!! There are a lot of mean spirited comments this year! For goodness sakes! I am not sure why either? There is lot's of talent this year. Rose, I would love to give you my email address. Anyway to give it to you where I won't get tons of hateful comments from anyone on this board? I am a number 1 ADAM fan and always will be. I watch him on youtube! Hugs to you Rose A! You are one sweet Lady! So is Phyllis G. I agree with David P. I missed you too Rose! The 3 of us are kind of buddy's since ADAM. The MAN! LOL! Still like to see ADAM anytime. Hugs to both of you ladies! I too am a James Durbin fan! Sherry K. πŸ™‚

      • Hi Sherry K. and Phyllis G. Sherry K…where have you been. Phyllis and I give each other updates via e-mail…wish I had yours. I have been reading these threads but have chosen not to comment…a lot of mean spirited people. Still a # 1 Adam fan…always will be and now a James Durbin fan. He rocks. Hugs to you both.

        @ David P. U R sweet. Thanks.

  9. Ok Diane Sigler. You must be deaf. Jacob has a wonderful voice. I hope he makes it all the way! I was hoping that the finals would be between Jacob and Pia. But I guess we are back to lousy voting like the last previous years.

  10. to all the people wondering why haley in bottom 3 and not scotty(and he shouldnt be)her fanbase is not as big as some of u think.

    If facebook is any indication to fanbase size,which it is partly to a smaller degree,the difference in haleys 2,000 plus to scottys reaching 80,000 that is a huge difference,if it is only facebook,it is still somewhat of a measuring stick to a degree

    think about it if all 80,000 voted 200 times which is unlikely ,but for the sake of arguement,thats 16,000,000 votes alone to haleys 400,000

    think about it,,thats all im saying?

  11. Well I dont know , ummh! I suppose I will watch the elimination tonight 7:30 Fri Aus time. I dont care who wins now. Sorry to say it again but Pia was talented and I think the show has lost something now.

    Everyone is saying that this is the most talented bunch but I am not so sure now. There are screamers, squealers, growlers, one that plays with the microphone and sings out of one side of his mouth and then there is cheer leader pom queen Lauren who I think is getting very intimidated by all of them – which is a shame.

    For the first time I was annoyed by Scotty and his microphone anticts (maybe it was because it was brought to our attention) Something James did looked like he was copying from Adam Lambert's performances and I had enough of him – however he was entertaining if there was no Adam Lambert. Haley well I dont know what it is she just does not appeal to me. Jacob hits all around the note and wobbles his notes and should go next. Casey I thought was a bit much and he is very annoying now. Stephano sang the best he has and obviously still went home, however I dont see the sex appeal in him and Lauren has either strained her voice or is scared and intimidated by the other contestants.

    So for me I think I will watch the rerun of Celebrity Apprentice tonight and spend more of my Aussie money internet shopping as our Aussie dollar is now worth 7 cents more than the US dollar -yippee!! More designer bags!!!

  12. Oh poor James,his best friend was going home..

    Why not Gaycob?? please..please..sent him home!!

    JAMES will win this AI,the way he one there did as good as him,his kind of vision to entertain us (is there no one has an idea like a fire piano or drum line?) He did it 110% to pleased us..ROCK ON JAMES!!

  13. What a shame Sttefanu fell I was sure Gyicoab fall

    Anyway James is a newborn star i hope for him

  14. Boring Carole King? Branden, Branden, Branden. How old are you? Twelve? Are you kidding me? She's an artist's artist! You must have grown up in a home without music and never had any ambition to educate yourself and discover who, what, why and where great lyrics and composition originates from. Carole King is a Hall of Fame songwriter/musician with a significant and historically important catalog of music.

    To not know the roots of where artistry lies, and honor those that paved the way (especially women when there's only two girls left on the stage) is the reason you end up with canned Katy Perry with all the bells and whistles — or in her case lasers, fog and make-up, a la Spinal Tap — but sorely lacking in substance or depth. Here today, forgotten tomorrow. Would of preferred Kanye alone, but I digress.

    I look forward to next week and thinks it's great that AI will introduce young listeners to another music icon. I just don't know if Scotty will be able to pull it off. He better listen to Jimmy.

    • I'm with Branden on this Carol King thing.

      It is just my opinion, but Carol King is boring and I am not a 12 year old child.

      • Natural Woman -Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion, Mary J Blige

        Up On The Roof – The Drifters, James Taylor, Neil Diamond

        One Fine Day – The Chiffons, Aaron Neville, Natalie Merchant

        Loco Motion – Grand Funk Railroad, Kylie Minogue, Tina Turner, Dwight Yoakam

        Chains – The Beatles

        Will You Love Me Tomorrow – Shirelles, The Four Seasons, Roberta Flack, Amy Winehouse, Linda Ronstadt, Bryan Ferry

        Some Kind of Wonderful -The Drifters, Marvin Gaye

        He Hit Me and It Felt Like a Kiss – The Chrystals, The Motels, Hole, Grizzly Bear

        Pleasant Valley Sunday – The Monkees

        So Far Away – Rod Stewart

        It's Too Late – Gloria Estefan

        The Reason – Celine Dion

        An absolute Snoozefest coming your way next week on Idol!


      • Hmmm, didn't realise that she wrote Chains… might be an interesting pick for James… but the question is, does he dip into the beatles well for a third time?

    • I like Carole too, but some of her songs have been on the radio for a long, long, looooong time… If someone sings IT IS TOO LATE BABY IT IS TOO LATE, THOUGH WE REALLY DID TRY TO MAKE IT la la la… I will turn the tv off – cannot take this song anymore… I hope they pick songs that are not as popular (she has approximately 253 songs to choose from!), so that the show can sound fresh, otherwise it will be like BACK TO THE OLDIES… and it will be boring, oh yes…

      • @marta2: That is the challenge for real musicians make arrangements to old songs. And Carol King also has many famous songs that other singers have sung in different rhythms and styles. Again this is the challenge

      • Get off your high horse shoosh. I'm 30 years old. I know who Carole King is. I have her on my iTunes (I hope having iTunes doesn't make me a child). I also know about all the songs that she's written but someone else recorded. I just don't want to hear children singing outdated songs they've never heard of. It's kind of an insult to Carole King.

      • I wore out Carol King's Trapestry album back in 1970….I was a sophmore in College. She has some amazing songs…I just have a feeling that so many of her songs are going to come off as sounding Kareoke…if the contestants are not careful. Not exactly clear if the theme is Carol King or songs sung and/or wrtten by Carol King…whom…I still believe is an awesome talent in her own right. This will be a challenge for the contestants. I wish them all well. πŸ™‚

    • Carol King is a pop music icon and writes brilliant music. I couldn't think of a better song writer to choose from in any age group.

    • Carole King songs are pleasant and very soulful. But they're not upbeat enough for AI – I can just hear Randy saying to more than one of the contestants next week, "I don't man…it was kinda boring for me." You watch he'll say it.

    • Sorry but I fell asleep reading your list she is so

      No I agree she is very talented and well respected. I think the word to use is not boring but it is definately going to be disappointing.

      • Since JLo wants to save the girls, the ensuing weeks' themes will be Joni Mitchell songs, Diane Warren songs, Carly Simon songs and, Loretta Lynn songs. LOL Relax.

      • THANK YUU Coralee Couldnt agree with you more. He doesnt perform unless there is a lot of screaming and schreeching

      • When Haley leaves all my votes will be going to James because I don't want Scotty or Lauren to win.

      • David P. Thank you…but I hope its a James & Haley finale…..if not James sure can use the votes….

      • Scotty moans like a Bull who was just castrated every week but I dont hear any complaints about his range of voclas.

      • @Wellen It must really eat at you that Scotty's gonna make more money than you could ever expect. Yee Ha!

      • mia ~ it probably won't most folks are used to talentless people making huge sums of Money, I mean, explain Carrotop (LOL, kidding! Scotty isn't talentless, just not growing as an artist, and if he doesn't hurry up and start, then everybody will forget about him next season when the next deep voiced country crooner comes onto idol and starts making the girls swoon for him instead.)

    • I Agree, James will be around a while – he brings the most excitment to the stage. I'm a Casey fan and even Scottie. Lauren and Jacob need to go.

    • By the way he sounds nothing like Adam Lambert. And for those who don't like the so called screaming – he is singing rock you know.

      • @ witty asking when is james gonna leave…

        NEVER. coz he's gonna win the whole thing.

      • Actually, teenagers burn CD's off the Internet. Old people buy CD's. Just keeping it real. as that is what I do.

      • Actually, teenagers burn CD’s off the Internet. Old people buy CD’s. Just keeping it real. as that is what I do.

        Steve. I have some very bad news…

      • You're reality is not the case here as I get all my music off the internet (much from the artistes site) and also convert music from Vinyl LP's and Singles onto CD's for myself, friend and family.

        You have a very narrow view of life and people as, apparently, does "tennisaddict."

        Believe it or not, some day you will be "old" and I hope "young" people have more respect for you when that time comes.

      • Not really! most teens got free download on net…only the grown-ups would spend money on cd as they either don't have time to search free music sites or have no clue to do so! lol!

      • Really…interesting assumption there….it seems you think "grownups" have no intelligence….when they are the ones that have created the free websites, etc….

  15. Sana, that's just plain dumb. People vote for who they want to vote for. Nobody's votes suck. Everyone has an opinion and their favorites.

    Now, I would agree with you if you said that every household should only be allowed to vote once. I think the voting system is terribly flawed allowing numerous votes from the same person.

    • One vote per household? What if you want to vote for more than one contestant? See my post #36.

      • How am I a fruit cake moron! Are you implying I'm gay? Or crazy? What's wrong with my suggestion for voting system.

      • Perhaps you can't follow the logic of the argument. I think you're too stupid too understand it. And anyway, it'll NEVER happen, because AT&T makes too much money off of the text voting. So people should stop complaining about the f'ing voting system, I merely offered a more viable suggestion than the "one vote per household bllsht". Now go fantasize about Lauren.

      • Yeah goddamnit, screw that swearing crap, screw it right in the butt.. hard… repeatedly.. oh yeah, just like that… oh yeah thats good Haley, I like it when… uhhh… sorry, I kinda went away there for a moment, what were we talking about again?

      • Konrad: This is not the forum to impose your religious taboos on others. Your God may not be theirs. Follow your faith in peace, but it's not your place to admonish others.

      • Why would any normal man who is not a chubby chaser fantasize about Lauern of all people. Other than that, I agree with what you said.

      • Hey Ear, your system makes sense; not sure why Matt don't get it. (the 100 votes per household to divvy up).

        I liked Joe's system in his reply to you, which was 1 vote per contestant per household. They could vote for all contestants once theoretically, but the smart thing to do would be to vote once for their top 3 or top half of remaining candidates. It has the effect of what would be simple: to vote off the worst with one vote per household. But PC folks says that's too demeaning, so Joe's system does it in a nicer way. Oh, yours does also of course, but I want to make the voting simpler and less of a hassle –3 or 4 votes, not 100.

      • @theEar….you really should consider getting professional help to curb your anger….I will be praying for you……

    • Haley meows her way through all her songs. Someone please send that girl home. And you can trip on Scottys eyebrows. The only one i can see winning this is James. He nails it every time!! James Durbin for the win!!!

  16. good thing stefano is out. he is H.O.T. steaming!!! but compared to the big guns, he falls short with just a very pretty face and a woof body.

    the big guns….

    casey… am glad america is warming up to this genius. i guess he is an acquired taste for those that do not get his talent. but this guy is going far…. i really look forward to this kids career.

    haley… why can't you guys see it? she looked classy, sounded good, and altho she is a kid, i think that this is one bomb of a voice. i hope she jazzes up more and plays around a more with the ability of her voice.

    scotty… most probably will go against james in final 2. sweet kid. huge amazing voice. i hope the kid roughens up. hell of a voice. i hope he gets out of country or at least modernizes it. otherwise its lost… he is no johnney cash character, and that's what would make a legend country singer.

    jacob… big voice, but the boy needs to grow and man up. big voice. i wish he played more with it and wasnt so influinced by just gospel and luther and etc. i think he is out soon unless he manages to drop the diva in his next performance (or totally up it?????) and have a lot of fun wowing the audience with a physically (not just emotionally) moving performance.

    james… i get that this guy has talent. he really proved it. i think he is going to win. and he is good for this contest… yes, very a la lambert, with the over the top performances. the difference between james and adam is that adam is much more broadway. james is (can be) a hardcore rocker. but as far as talent goes, nowhere close to casey and haley.

    lauren… sweet voice. and i guess they are right to say there is more to it. but no. she comes last in the biggest voices to me.

    • one of the best assesments I have read. I really enjoyed your reasing behind your opinion.

    • Actually, alot of good stuff there, not much to disagree with… I know this is gonna sound horrible.. but I think Scotty needs some kind of tragedy in his life… now before you go slamming me for this, lemme finish… great country music makes you feel deep emotions… thing is, Scotty has the voice, but he doesn't have the raw emotional power to really bring it like George Strait, Hank Jr, Johnny Cash… those guys had some tragic crap rain down on them, and they used that emotion and pain in their songs, and THATS a big part of what made them stand out… I don't wish teh kid ill, but the best thing for his music might be for him to really suffer some emotional hurt. (Watch Johnny Cash's cover of the song Hurt to see a perfect example of what I'm talking about, that would have never worked if he hadn't felt tremendous pain over the years)

  17. Instead of Carole King, I hope they would sing songs by Michael Jackson. That would be nice. As far as the eliminations, I think it’s not about the talent on how they are being eliminated, I think it’s more of a popularity contest. Just sayin’.

    • Agreed, at this point, it's definitely a popularity contest. Each contestant has a very devoted fan base – no matter how bad/good their performance is, the fan base will always vote for their favorite.

      • bev, so how would you change he voting …. ask if you area fan and then not count your vote? like then everyone would lie. so how do you think it should be done???? Every voting situation is a popularity ontest. you vote for who you like.

      • Kinda… I mean, thats prolly true for alot of people, but I didn't toss James any votes when he Performed Bon Jovi back in week… 3 wasn't it?

      • Nothing wrong with Carole King, at all. BUT….. the variety of genres there don't follow suit with Carole King's style of music. Perhaps Haley will do well but it will be an interesting challenge, I think, for the rest of the performers.

      • I have nothing against Carole King's songs. I was just hoping they would have a Michael Jackson themed performances. MJ have many songs which the Idols can make their own version with. For example Thriller for James, Heal The World for Jacob, Billy Jean for Paul (if only he was not eliminated). I was already hoping for that since the start of the live performances. πŸ™‚ But I got nothing against Carole King. πŸ™‚

    • They have so done MJ to death without that. And in pass seasons they had done MJ to death. Let's let him RIP for a season or two. Don't get me wrong, I love the music just need someone else to do to death.

      • I posted this on the previous thread, but here it is again. If the guys have to sing Carole King songs then there should be a Kris Kristofferson week to balance things out. That being said here are my choices for CK songs:

        Haley – It's Too late

        Scotty – Where You Lead

        James – You've Got A Friend

        Casey – I Feel The Earth Move

        Lauren – Sweet Seasons

        Jacob – One Fine Day

  18. Glad Stefano was sent home. But I wanted Jacob to go home first. But I guess Jacob can stay for 1 more week.

  19. Was I the only one that noticed that Stephano snubbed Scotty at the end of the show and did not shake his hand or hug him? Scotty's facial expression was "stunned". Just curious.

    • He double shunned Haley at end of show. She kept going around crowd to approach him; he kept turning, talking , hugging others. He had to be aware he hadn't acknowledged her as a fellow contestant.

      And, on their quartet singing, Haley tried to sing, look at him at least two occasions putting her hand to his arm, side and Stefano would not Engage! others see that?!

      • i saw it i think he needs better matters at least pia and paul hugs everyone what with stehano he thinks he better then any one i do not think so

      • James and Stefano were close. Stefano was the only contestant James liked That was noted many blogs ago. James doesnt like other rivals (according to same blog)

      • Makes sense, seeing as Stephano doesn't like Haley – he thinks she is a "brat" — yep, I would have to agree. I'd much rather watch Stephano than Haley, sad day.

      • Even though they said Haley was a brat, is no different than calling Jacob a Diva and he even said that He thought it was said affectionately. What the heck is wrong with people. Who knows maybe Haley shunned his advances and now she is a "brat" Geez people get a life instead of assuming things, you know where that gets you? a$$/u/me

    • he thinks he better than any body at least pia and paul hug and shook hands with everyone even the brat stephano

      • Hey… Stefano was the only contestant that stood up and shaked hand for others i watched that during every episodeS….but for example Lauren didnt stand up when Stefano got safe (the episode which Paul and stefano were in bottom3)& also Haley did these kinds of acts too… i am agree that Haley is Brat i figured out it during the weekS (before Stefano said this)

        i think Stefano is a nice guy…he is not jelous at all…he wants to see everyone happy…

        iam sure that Stefano,James,Paul are really really Nice guy…

    • i just read an article , really an interview where he said he and scotty were close friends and he loves that kid and stefano gave scotty advise for continueing on.

      • Okay…so where is this article because I saw what looked like a snub. If you watch the eliminations, Scotty looks very distraught when Stefano is eliminated.

  20. I must have a better tv sound system than most of y'all – LOL – Stefano has a great voice. Take away all the silly gimmicks of the others, and his voice is as good as and better than most. Gonna miss Stefano – his singing, his energy, and his eagerness! Good luck Stefano!

    • yeah Judi u r right… he has a great Voice… but i keep telling this everyone here keep saying iam teen…iam 22…BUT NOOO it is noT about face or s/th… i really belive that he has a great voice and full of emotions in his performance… and i canT believe he was eliminated…he would be at least in top3

    • Nice voice … sounds like Las Vegas – just like Pia. Very boring. American Idol needs to appeal to bigger audience.

  21. Have you guys ever heard Katy Perry singing live? It is horrible – youtube has some live clips from her shows, the woman cannot sing at all… She had to lip sync last night… and it did look like lady gaga who can sing, by the way, live… As for the songs the contestants sing, I thought they were all right. Some problems with harmony probably because they did not have a lot of time to rehearse and they start to look pretty tired with all the "fun" – they are probably emotionally drained too… As to Carole King week, I like her songs, but they have been on the radio over and over again for decades. The good thing is that it will be interesting to see how they choose the song – as they as so well known, it will be really a matter of choosing the right son. In this case, Lauren and Jacob always do a terrible job, so it will be interesting to watch the show next week…

    • casey and haley will be great next week with carole king. jazzy and blues please, no more pop rock casey!

  22. Jacob should have gone home instead of Stefano,don't understand why he keeps staying,he was sort of standing by himself at the end of show,not hugging Stefano,guilt feelings??

  23. American Idol would be much better without ANY guest performers and silly tapes to fill up space. Please consider condensing the show to actual singer performance and critiques. It is a contest! So far, the past idols appearances and guest star performers have been awful.

  24. America has too many country lovi'n red necks voting! Scotty’s performance this week was so soooooo bad, all of the others shined in comparison. Yet, he's still standing— fascinating.

    I can see Scotty releasing his 1st professional single with a razor blade— so we can cut our wrists as we listen to his country twang.

    • you must not be a country fan sure he miss last wk and didn't listen to jimmy but hey if you think you can sang go on the show so we can cut you down

      • again A FRICK MEN!!!!!!!!! dont knock it until you try it!


        blake shelton just came out with a country song.. disappointed if you dont listen to any other country song in your life listen to this one its called " KISS MY COUNTRY ASS"

      • Kitty Good for you Disappointed is so immature its a shame his mommy hasnt put him to bed yet

    • Oh Disappointed, I am disappointed in you. Reading your post makes me question your intelligence and genuine compassion for the human race. "so we can cut our wrist as we listen to his country twang" – I sure hope you're the first one to buy the single with the razor blade… I'll be hanging out with the "red necks" rocking out to some legendary Scotty McCreery. He's young and obviously not a professional, YET! I can't wait to see what Scotty does with a little help from the music industry.

      • Legendary???????? Scotty will never be anything to compare to a legend. A foot note to Country at best. I dont think very many will be come legends, Carrie Underwood is the only one to be a First at anything out of 100 who have made the top 10. Pull in your reins some.

      • @Wellen Have your doctor check your gall bladder. You seem to be gagging on bile. Maybe it's just sour grapes.

      • Sour Grapes or just a sense of taste and reality.

        I mean, hell, I actually like Scotty, I think he seems like a great kid with a good country voice, but unless he starts to evolve and grow, he's going to be a very forgettable professional musician… even if he does grow and evolve, I don't ever see him reaching legendary status… he will sell records, I don't doubt, might even make one go gold… but if he takes 2 albums platinum, I'll eat my hat.

  25. i think stefano should say he sorry to scotty and it look bad on his part if he makes a good record is he going to be like that to his fans i bet he is he needs to grow up

    • I think Stefano was cold to Scotty because Scotty is James' biggest rival and Stefano wants James to win.

    • It's a competition not pre-school, and they are grown men. Oh poor Scotty didnt get his hand shook. Maybe those two fight like a couple of hens off stage and really cant stand each other. I could definately see those two clash off stage, they polar opposites.

      • You know…even in sports they shake hands….Fight on the field and respect each other off…Some people need an attitude adjustment as well as those that support that type of behavior. It is called AI and personally, I think an idol needs to act like one.

  26. Please explain how Scotty stays in week after week when he has no stage presence, puts in zero effort and has now become a caricature of himself. Would anyone seriously pay to see this guy in concert for an hour and a half?

    • NO way!! I might pay a 10 cover charge , but it would have to come with a cold beer too. lol

      • Now now now… lets be fair here… I'm sure his voice could get a date pretty worked up if you know what I mean… ~wink wink nod nod~

    • You might consider this: country music concerts are often very much like the Idol tour. 5 or 6 artists on a given day, beer, food and drink stands around the perimeter of the audience in full view of the stage. Picture a huge family reunion with live music. Scotty's gonna do just fine in that environment

      • Sorry. I meant like the Idol tour in that there's a mixed bag of performers. Not the stuff that followed about the concessions.

  27. I think the Carole King songs next week will be a challenging one.. As many of you have mentioned, it is surely boring.. But how our idols will turn it into 'not boring' will be the test of a true AI! hope that voters will see the true ARTIST and not vote by popularity..

    I'm sad for James and Stefano.. can really see they have formed something special there.. Sad that Stephano was sent home.. tho he's not the best, he's one of the idols that is pleasing in eyes.. πŸ™‚

  28. I have enjoyed reading the reviews and comments here. I think Branden is really good, but please you need to do something with the viruses (or whatever it is) the users get from your page. Please check it out I wanna read you again. Sorry for this, but I am pretty sure my viruses are from here.

    • Ger, this isn't a spam page. We're hosted by a legitimate server and I'm pretty sure there aren't some viruses embedded. So please keep reading and thanks for the compliment.

      • So you don't have the totally irritating Target ads (with dropping fruit) on here that take so much time to load and play before you can read the blog?

      • Nope. I have the site bookmarked and all I get in the way of ads is the side bars that say congrats you won. No pre load ads or pop ups at all. Not just here, on any site I visit except maybe EWonline that has an occasional banner. I've had my mac for 8 years and have never had a virus.

      • You don't need a MAC. Just go to your browser's tools-options and turn-off pop-up ads. I'm on windows Vista and don't see any crazy pop-ups or flashing ads because my browser options are set to block that stuff.

      • Thanks, the Ear. I knew that, duh.

        Btw, I used a Mac in the communications business (de rigor at the time) for years. I loved my Mac at work, so bought one for myself at home. But it became so difficult (at the time) for PC users to open my documents, that I switched to a PC (a Dell) at home. Still have my Dell.

      • Well, Google Chrome evidently has a "problem" they are still working on related to this. I had it set for no pop-ups, but it isn't working. (Just read the HELP page where Google admitted it was an outstanding issue.) DRAT.

    • I am not saying that it is a spam page. I just think you must to know there is something wrong, it could be coming from other source.

      • It's probably from some other source, I use both IE10 and Chrome (depends on which computer I'm on) and I'm not having any issues here (or anywhere else for that matter)

      • kdub, I just saw this. Really?! Hmmm. Have to check further, then. (Yeah, I use IE when needed, too.)

  29. Interesting show, about as expected.. results wise at least. I said yesterday, Jacob, followed closely by Stefano, one would go, one did. Neither was very strong and voting showed that.

    The rest of the show, ok, I like Katy Perry, but that was hard to watch. The girls harmonized well, the Jacob/Stefano did not, all four sing wasn’t easy to listen to.

    The 3 guys.. was decent, but 2 of them should have sang backup, not the backup singers. One note: when Scotty started singing the Coldplay, did anyone else say, humm.. looky at that, he can sing a song non-country and sound really good!

    I’m telling you people, if he drops the country for a couple weeks, he could take leaps and bounds. I’m not saying he needs to forever go away from country, but he should be able to sing a more wide variety, let’s see it Scotty!

    I remember reading a comment yesterday from David P, who usually provides solid feedback and comments that are right on the money, however saw he stated Stefano was “fantastic” Wd night and I just raised an eyebrow and said, ok, maybe I’m wrong. I listened to the tracks, and nope.. he has limited range, and watched the live again and it just wasn’t that good. David P – what do you think now? Changed your mind?

    I hope no one is surprised he’s done. Hope Stefano finds like singers and starts a Boys to Men type group, that is where he will shine, he needs a supporting cast.

    And I agree with one post, Carol King? Ugh

      • Just did, yes I agree.. and proving my point!! He can sing, I personally think if he would take that approach, he would reach an even wider audience, he could do a country album, rock one, pop/country, mix it up.. he could be huge with the right guidance.. and just fyi, he isn’t my fav on this years Idol either.. and I personally don’t like country.. but I he has great vocals…

      • Yeah, thats exactly the type of thing he needs to do. If he brinched out, took some chances, expanded and evolved a bit, he would be able to silence critics, and make a much stronger case for himself… but videos on youtube aren't on the show, he has to do it in front of the live audience on a wednesday night, or it's not going to help him.

      • By the way, could you let us know where to find it, cuz I just checked youtube with both of their names and couldn't find anything.

    • I don't think I was talking about this weeks performance. He's only had one fantastic one and that was when he sang for the wildcard spot. Maybe I was sleep typing XD

  30. We miss Stephano, we are very sady, Jacob should go home first. Staphano is a good performer and good singer, Good luck Stephano

  31. Finally America voted correct and Stefano is bye, bye.Pia should still on the show. What an injustice. Whatever you think about Scotty folks he make many million country song recordings later with that God given talent. Don't believe me ask the Pros, Jennifer, Steven and Randy. Remember what I wrote and the winner is James. Take it to the bank! James is a blessed natural performer, entertainer what more can I write. James stands out, Casey is good but not James. America don't waste your vote, just listen, watch nad vote for the best.

  32. I am happy happy happy that Stephano went and would have been just as happy if it had been Jacob-I wish they would not carry on so much and make the show more abt the kids than guest appearances-Ryan drives me nuts with all his questions to the judges-and the contestants

  33. Am I the only one that is so sick of these no-talent hip-hop/pop stars coming on Idol and LIP-SYNCING? Katy Perry was so obviously using playback last night. I think it's fraud. I think anyone who uses playback during a live show should be sued. It's ridiculous and out of hand.

    It just goes to show you how slick production, some good backup dancers and computerized voice manipulation can make any no-talent a star nowadays. All of the Idol contestants are more talented than the BS that is popular on the charts right now. None of them can really sing — they just have slick producers.

    • I thought it was really good LOL. And I thought she was lip syncing as well until she dropped a line in the middle and it was very obvious. Maybe the track skipped I'll have to go back and see if her lips are moving when that happened.

      • I enjoy it more when they bring back former contestants rather than what they call "music stars".

  34. finally…Stefano goes; it was seriously overdue, but strangely enough did anyone else think his 'swan song' was his best performance?! Hands down the most interesting vocalist left is Haley – but I'm sure it will be a James vs Scotty final and James will take it this year – he's a great performer but I just don't rate his voice as all that interesting; good yes – but not memorable other than for his high range ability. Casey not mainstream enough but he should pull out more performances like 'Georgia' from the preliminary weeks – that was pure genius. Jacob goes next, then Haley, Casey, Lauren, Scotty and James is IDOL. I'd still like to see Lauren bust out something to show the full pipes and my vote is for Haley.

  35. I hate using my tv mute button, but I make an exception when James comes on. I hate that the judges are really pushing him. Remember they tried pushing Bo Bice, Adam et al? Do they not remember it is pop music not pound your ears scream sounds?

  36. Ok it was time for Stephano. Just not top grade, but enjoyable. Shame he may be remembered as costing Pia her spot.

  37. Was I the only person who noticed that Kayne West was singing with Katy Perry? I know, I know….nobody cares abt him, but I think hes very talented. It just surprised me that his name was never even brought up!

    So I wasn't surprised to see Stefano go, but I will miss him for sure!

    Next I would like to see Jacob go. It will be either a very interesting or a very boring show next week with those song choices!

  38. Okay — did anyone notice that on 'Harder to Breathe' on the part in the middle where Casey is "scatting" with the guitar — that he is singing the exact same note, key, pitch, of the guitar? He's singing harmony with his freaking guitar. Does anyone realize how crazy that is?

    I listened to the studio version to confirm it, but he did it live too….. at first I thought he had one of those Frampton gadgets he used to put on his mic — but he was singing harmony with his guitar.

    This guy is really crazy good — he's awesom

    • Yes, very good catch, if he fixes his quirky preformance sides he could be tough down the stretch

    • I think Casey is great. His antics get in the way. If you listen to this last weeks performance he was making some really awkward noises right after he finished (you an hear it under the applause). It's kind of freaky.

    • Yeah, I noticed that, this week has been Caseys best performance in a long time… well, his only good performance in a long time. I hope it's a sign of things to come from him. That was the Casey that looked like a frontrunner to start the competition, not the shell that got voted off and has been flailing for weeks… I hope that the old Casey is back now.

  39. STefano Stefano Stefanoooo… he has a great Voice… but i keep telling this everyone here keep saying iam teen…iam 22…BUT NOOO it is noT about face or s/th… i really belive that he has a great voice and full of emotions in his performance… and i canT believe he was eliminated…he would be at least in top3…

    i really want him to make album… will he make an album or singles?????plz do that Stefano

    • He has a decent voice, not great.. come on now! He needs a supporting cast.. but I'll give you this, if he is on the radio, you will know it's him..

      • i love when his sings too much…i dont know why… i connect whith his voice and performance too MUCH…iam Now so Sad for his elimination:(…

        i think its all judges fault all their fault.. if simon was there these kinds of things wouldnt happen…

      • I hear ya.. and that's great, and glad you enjoy his music! That's the whole point of this Idol thing anyway, right? BUT if Simon was still there, he would not have been a wild card I expect.. so wait for his music to come out!

    • I think you protest too much about not being a teen which makes you sound and act like a teen

  40. Kelly Clarkson via twitter..

    (Way to go Hailey Reinhart! You did really well on Idol tonight! I love Adele! Great song choice! Can't wait to hear a record from you!)

    Adam Lambert via twitter..

    (Just caught up on idol via YouTube… HALEY!!! Heads and shoulders above the rest. Gave me chills. Effortlessly badass…)

    • Yes!! I saw this too. There was an article done by one of the AI alum… I can't remember the name this is the first year I've watched this show…I've decided t's like crack. ANYWAY, I saw an article and there were several of the AI alum that were supporting Haley!! That made me happy.

  41. I'm sad to see Stefano go. I think there are a couple of others who have less talent, but that's that.

    As to the Carole King songbook — it's huge and eclectic. They'll all have a lot to choose from. I hope they make good choices this week. Last week was a disaster, except for Haley and James.

    Is there a new sound person? If that's the problem, somebody needs to fix it.

    • Can't imagine what can James sings from the carol King theme night? A heavy metal version of I feel the earth move??? lol!

      • James can slow it down and do a tender version of "You've Got A Friend" and dedicate it to his friend Stefano.

      • James could sing: SmackWater Jack, Time Gone By, or Hey Girl. I'd actually like to hear the softer side of James again–minus all the stage props.

      • You know what tenisaddict.. exactly.. no matter what song, James should rock it out.. exactly what I have been craving from all of them.. about changing up a song to be their kind of artist, no matter what it is.. you said it friend!

      • Actually, the more I think about it.. I think he might go to the Beatles well for a third time and do "Chains"

  42. Casey is not as talented as everyone seems to think. Has anyone heard him really carry a note? Has anyone heard him display vocal range?

    Yes, he can play instruments.

    I think his voice and antics leave a lot to be desired.

    I detest his orgasmic grunt he feels is necessary to add to his performances.

    I want him GONE!

  43. You know,Scotty should sing Angels or devils by Dishwalla. That would be awesome.Go Scotty!I know you can win!

  44. Brandon, how can you tell Jacob to "pack your bags next week" when he didn't even sing yet? That's so unfair and that says a lot about you! The funny thing is, you and many others have said the same thing for weeks, but guess what, Jacob is still in the running for "American Idol." I know you hate that you were wrong again, but suck it up, cupcake! Hahaha. Just to let you know, Jacob has Millions of fans voting for him and I'm proud to be one of them. Do your thing Jacob and put all your haters to shame!!!

    • i could'nt have said it better myself jacob is one of the BEST american idol contestant of all time.

      • A bit of a stretch. I like him actually. But I think they keep trying to harness him too much. He ruined Luthers song last week. He took a gentle tender song and made it sound whiny. But the guy has pipes and has a future. One of the best all-time ? Nope

      • What are you folks listening to? Onex and Ryan?? Bahloo gets it.. well said.. he has not done justice to his last 3 songs actually. Does he have talent and decent vocals? Yes, and should be successful, probably.. but best Idol ever? Now your doing shame to yourself, those comments prove you have no credible standpoint.. Jacob has limited variety at best, even Thur night showed he struggled with the group song.. He has to sing in his lane as they say.. and that’s about it. He does well there, certainly.. Bottom two last night for a reason..

      • Branden Always like your comments. It is no surprise that Scotty sounded the best out of the boys group song. He is a very good, natural singer, uses no gimmicks, and he isnt my favorite. Maybe he should be

      • Dan, I didn't say "Jacob was the best contestant of all time." If you read my comment again you see for yourself. All I was saying is, don't say Jacob is going home next week because he haven't preformed yet, and that he has millions of fans supporting him. That's all I was saying, so simmer down and relax….

    • See, it doesn't matter how he sings next week, it's about his overall performances and he just doesn't have it. Good voice, check. Stage presence, none. Ability to ruin a great song, check. Onexx, voting based on one week's singing is part of the problem with AI. That is what leads to great singers getting eliminated when they have one sub par week. So Brandon, I am with ya, we have seen enough and he can't do anything next week to justify keeping him.

      • Rich, I respect what you said, but we never know what will happen because people vote for different reasons. We will just have to wait and see….regardless of what happens, I wish them all well…..

    • I don't hate Jacob but he just can't use his god given talent properly. He needs a few months of singing lessons. He really needs to be voted off because if he gives that lizard look to the camera one more time I shall run screaming from the room. I also agree that the sound this year is awful. The band is too loud or they have turned the singers mics down. All in all although the standard of the contestants is really high the production this year is terrible. Why have the Lovine bloke and William on camera they are dreadful no wonder the singers often ignore them!

    • ONEXX, Surely that must have been a rhetorical question because almost everyone is begging for his release!! He has a great voice for GOSPEL and GOSPEL only … not rock and roll or any facsimile there of. Most people are tired of his prancing, whining and crying bull crap!!

      • Kmccormick,Yes, people want him gone on this site. However, I've been to many other sites where people think differently. I been to sites where almost everyone want's James and Scotty gone. All I'm saying is that anyone came win this, including Jacob. And if you want to talk about crying, then you should talk about James too. Also, maybe Jacob cant sing rock and roll, but neither can Scotty but no one says anything about that…I wish them all the best.

    • I'll say he is going next week too, why well because of his history on the show. He has been at the bottom for weeks now and barely getting by. I enjoyed Jacob this week, but 2 great performances compared to all of the others wont cut it at this point.

  45. Well, I think American Idol sometimes should take a very challenge theme. How about singing justin bieber or britney spears songs ? that would be CRAZY

  46. What a class act when he was voted off. Love you Stefano, and will continue to follow you!

    • I totally agree! And he sounded great last night! He'll be fine, no doubt about it.

    • Yes! Agreed! Casey must go!

      Vote For The Worst idol is voting for Casey. I think that's how he survives.

      • Ok, people need to stop saying this. Casey has only been VFTW pick for one night. He made it to the top 7 with his own votes. Guess who the other one they were debating to pick was? Scotty! VFTW influence isn't any less mindless than Scotty and Lauren votes I might add.

      • David- not really……America wanted Casey gone weeks ago. The judges saved him and have overly praised him ever since.

      • Oh yeah. Since then though his fans have voted enough to keep him on. He's only had help from VFTW for one week.

      • how are lauren and scotty fans mindless voters? Just because it sounds like you dont like country doesn't mean no one else does. I like both of them and all the others. Everyone is good and unique. I just dont see how you could call lauren and scotty fans mindless voters just like the VFTW voters. Theres a difference.

      • Because if Scotty and Lauren weren't singing country you people most likely wouldn't be voting for them. It's almost like the Thia fans but in large enough numbers that it actually matters. And, btw, I don't hate country. I don't even hate Scotty and Lauren, I think they are very talented young people. However, I also think they could and should do much better than they have been the last few weeks. If they really are going to win this thing just because they are country then they should go up there and give more than a mediocre show.

      • If most of America really wanted Casey to go, he would have been gone the week after the save. The fact that he has satyed on and has not been to the bottom 3 since then suggests that he does have a fanbase. No amount of pimping by the judges can make people vote for him if they dont want to.

      • Oh Kim by the way

        Casey has over 8 million hits on his videos on only the first two pages of youtube….

        Hmmmm? Why on Earth could he have so many hits? It couldn't be because there are actually millions of people who would love to listen to him? Could it?

        VFTW loves Scotty and Lauren too… They just dont vote for them because they hate them so much…

    • I could not agree with you more. Casey needs to go. Compared to Stefano and all the others, Casey has no voice. Casey is arrogant and beleives he deserves to win and he seems to have a lot of Hollywood guys who want him to win, for whatever reason. Maybe it is Casey's lack of talent.

    • Casey is a real musician. Actually too talented for AI. It takes a certain level of sophistication to appreciate the talents of Casey.

      Clearly there's none of that on this board. It's like when Esperanza Spalding won the Grammy over Justin Bieber. I'm sure you folks were outraged…

      • I was a Casey fan In the beginning of the show , but come on honestly is the base meant to be In the FRONT of a stage? Think about that for a min. Come on its called a base for a reason. As for the matter people on this site r not sophisticated enough to appreciate him that's awfully rude.

      • It's a bass not a base, and yes usually the bass is near the front of the stage with the rhythm group. And what's wrong with him playing the bass? The sophisticated comment is 100% true doesn't matter if it's rude or not.

      • JHall, I and most of America wondered who the he## Esperanza Spaulding was or still is…. so don't get your panties in a wad….

      • I love this response that Casey is too much of a talent for the ignorant to understand! It is like the old childrens story The Emperors new clothes…Sorry Casey is naked!!!

      • David P. — Totally agree with you. On the bass comment and all the rest of your comments RE: Casey. Casey is an amazing talent, an awesome performer and musician who has shown he can play any genre. Maybe that's why everyone has a problem with him.

        However, I am still all about James for the win, especially after his performance of Muse's Uprising. That blew me away. And judging from the polls they show on here, it looks to be between James and Scotty.

        Wednesday is the only time I did not vote this entire season as I was down with the stomach flu and did not even get to watch the show until the following afternoon. Really bummed about that, but I would have voted for James, Haley, Lauren and Casey. Based solely on this week's performances, I am surprised Stefano went home over Jacob, especially due to his technical glitch.

      • Actually, when Esperanza Spalding won I was thrilled. I am a big fan of hers.

        That said, Casey while much better this week than recently hasn't impressed me. Like I said, this week was a big step in the right direction that he needed to take. Prior to his butchering of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" he was one of the frontrunners and looked to be primed to win it all. But then he imploded. I love Jazz, but his performance was uninspired, eye-roll inducing, rubbish. Casey has brought a lot of his issues on himself. He can recover though if he is smart. He is a clever enough musician to be able to win this thing if he plays it right. At least he is smart enough to not try to talk down teh audience as uneducated musically because I can imagine the backlash from that (it would be on par with the mirror comment, but I don't think Casey would escape like Jacob has seemingly incomprehensably done.)

      • Who are these people that KEEP saying Casey is a "real musician"? I have a funny feeling it is Casey's Mom or Dad that keep posting that. Maybe he is a real musician, I don't know. But, I have seen little evidence of it on American Idol. And his voice is so very mediocre, at best.

      • Wow, finally someone that knows what music is all about!

        Come on people! What you are listening to from the radio is COMMERCIAL SONGS. For exemple, Joe Bonamassa is one of the fewest musical genius of our time and nobody knows about him. Why? His music is perfect but it's not "radio-friendly". Scotty his the perfect exemple to show that kind of music. If he has the voice of Stefano but his own vocals technics, do you honeslty think he would be that far in the competition? I mean most of the people don't really appreciate musical talent and just follow the majority like real sheeps without questioning themselves.

        America is stupid. That is a fact.

        Casey is by far the most underated singer in the competition without no evident reasons.

        It is funny your last comment about Bieber. It is also true. lol

        (sorry for the bad english. It is not my first language)

      • @David p I'm an orchestra person not a jazz the front row is normally violin and your assorted instruments the back is the bass normally so back off

      • Tapuscrit

        Dude..i have no idea why Joe Bonamassa isn't on the radio man? I love his voice… Todays music is all crap and yes it sounds good but artistry isn't evolving…Today an artist is more about the visual appeal more than the musical aspect…

  47. Jacob and Casey will the next two eliminated IMO. Carol King? How about a Elvis night!

    • This Rich almost guarantees Haley and Jacob. Look at the fan base and who has been bottom three often. These two don't have enough supporters to stick around…for good reason. James, great performer! Scott, great voice! Casey, great musician! Lauren..not a fan, but good voice. Speaks for iteself.

      • Stefano fans need to throw their votes to someone…..doubt it will be Casey…..hopfully they'll go to Haley. But, I'm guessing they'll go to James.

      • Only reason why Stefano fans that weren't voting for Haley wouldn't is because they seemingly didn't get along very well. Why do people always assume the votes will go to Lauren and Scotty? They will probably go to James.

      • Fascinating, isn't it Friends? This Voter Scavenging Ritual I mean, that occurs at the moment of every 'Idol Death': the tears, hugs, open-mouthed grief stricken faces wailing and moaning–"Oh Dear God, the Humanity, the Humanity"! Which is why all "clever" contestants carry thru with their collusive "pre-pacts" to make a big show of the "boo-hoo good-byes". The loser (such as Stefano) wants to make sure his/her fan base supports a friend (even more eager to gain the sympathy votes) such as James and not Haley. "Clever Girl!", James!

        TRIVIA QUESTION: From what movie was that two word quote "Clever Girl" taken?–HINT: It was the dying words of a safari hunter type zoologist who even in the face of certain death, expressed his admiration of the stalking skills of his lethal predator.

        GIVE UP? or did you Get It Right!?

        ANSWER: Jurassic Park–After the electricity went out and the dinosaurs escaped, the minor character zoologist and female lead, Laura Dern were on a short mission outside to reset the tripped circuit breaker. As he sent Laura running to the safety of CB building while he trained his gun sights on an evil Velociraptor, the doomed Professor realized he'd fallen for the Oldest (by oldest, I mean 60 million years old!) Trick in the Velociraptor Stalking Handbook–Yes, it was the Old Bait and Trail ploy where a 2nd–Gasp! 2nd!–Velociraptor Trails behind the 1st Velociraptor Bait, so as to Ambush its Prey–who too late recognizes the Fiendish Plot, but concedes his demise in admiration with his immortal line, "Clever Girl"!

        And so it is with that same Guile and Cunning Instinct, that James was able to "Capture" Stefano's unsuspecting American Idol supporters! Well played Old Chap! Well played.

      • Did anybody stop to think that maybe James was very upset that his buddy was voted off?…….oh no! I'll turn on the tears and get his votes…..Lets be real this guy doesn't seem to think like that and if he did then maybe acting should be his career….LOL….

      • James and Stefano were clearly buddies throughout the competition…they did a duet together in one of the early rounds…and they were clearly buddies in the results show after the Top 24.

        I doubt there's any hidden plots going on, though I do think it was a little out of taste to give James so much camera time when Stefano got voted off.

      • Stefano and James are also both NorCal boys. They were actually pretty good friends from everything I have seen/read/heard, so I have no doubt that it was genuine on James part to be tore up, but yeah, very few people will argue that this didn't just toss a bunch of votes his way.

      • I'm honored to be Konraded! But, I kind of used God's name in a prayerful wailing way– "Dear God" seems like it should be Okay!? But appreciate the feedback.

      • @David p I assume stefano's votes will be thrown at Lauren and Scotty because some of sefanos votes are 12year old girls along with Lauren and scotty

    • I agree! Jacob and Casey should be next to go. I don't understand how people vote? I mean Haley had by far the best performance singing Adele's song and she was still in the bottom 3?!? Scotty had by far the worst performance and was safe? really? I guess all the little girls vote for him cuz they think he's cute. I hope Stefano's fans vote for Haley. Vote for Haley!!! We got to keep her away from the bottom 3!!! She is by far one of the best singers there! Her voice is refreshing. It's different, something we haven't seen before and very unique.

      • DOHA Read some of these blogs/ It isnt only the little girls going for Scotty. Stefano and every one else can vote for whom they want and for many it doesnt seem like its Haley MO

      • Doha……Unfortunately, Haley doesn't have much of a fan base which is sad because she is a very good singer AND entertainer…..

        I hope Stefano's votes go to JAMES….

      • While it's not just teen votes you can't discount them. Scotty and Lauren wouldn't be safe every week w/out the teeny weeny support. The country vote is just as mindless in the voting as teens so it's the same thing anyway.

      • Doha, I too am scatching my head trying to figure out how Haley is consistently in the bottom three. When this week she was by far, best of the night. And for the past 4 weeks she has always been right up there with James and Scotty for having the most standout performance. My guess is Haley's fans are a bit older and not the type to vote 100 times a night.

      • @James I agree with you over kill from the cameras on James. Like James didnt know. some blob above suggests James try acting being he wont make a singer, maybe play Tarzan screaming thru the trees

      • Totally agree with Doha that Haley and Stefano performances were superiod and energetic but yet they landed at bottom 3….While Scotty and Lauren's had been showing a sucks-big-time performances for the past 3 weeks but yet they are safe.

        Scotty looked so arrogant lately just hope he will be out soon.

    • Carole King is an amazing songwriter. Elvis did not write his songs. But I would still like them to do an Elvis night. I think they have before on a previous season.

      • i think an elvis night would be great, it is much more fair then a carole king night. elvis has country, rock and just about anything else.

      • Thing is Carole King doesn't fit in with any of the remaining contestants genre. Casey, Haley, and Lauren may have an easier time of it, but this isn't throwing a bone to anyone.

      • I Feel the Earth Move, It's Too Late, You've Got a Friend, Will You Love Me Tomorrow, You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman, Some Kind of Wonderful, and she has written for Mariah Carey and Celine Dion, Eric Clapton, B.B. King…to name a few. Believe me, there is something for everyone to sing. Look up her songwriting credits on Wikipedia. She has been prolific in the music industry for years and continues to be.

      • Actually, I'm glad Jacob got through to Carol King week… now we can hear him sing "You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman" (KIDDING! KIDDING!) πŸ™‚

    • @ Coondog. You ARE entertaining, even if I think you are too cynical about James. I honestly do not think there is a devious bone in James' body.

  48. What a great idea, maybe all contestants should sing out of their comfort zone. Et James, country' Scotty, rock, Jacob, heavy metal, and so on

    • That has merit for judging but it might not be too entertaining. When Paul tried to do a Johnny Cash song it was terrible and he is a great singer in what he does best like Rod Stewart.

    • They don't do this because the remaining contestants will blow Lauren and Scotty away with awesomeness. People won't be able to vote for them just because they are country.

    • Personally, I would love to see it since James has won a local Country Music Competition and can sing the hell out of country music. πŸ™‚

    • btw, not sure if you guys know but James sung country with Guiteramy's band before. πŸ˜‰

  49. Branden, Carol King was some really great songs. She has written for several artists including James Taylor and vise a versa. So there will be several to choice from and not all of them were performed by Carol King. That being said Haley should rocket next week if she chooses the correct "Carol King" song. She has the voice for it. So does Lauren, but she really needs more confidence and she needs to punch those high notes!

    • Don't know why they don't throw in some FOREIGNER or FLEETWOOD MAC – they've both got large song catalogues to pick from and for the contestants to "make their own" version of. I love James Taylor and Carole King – but am afraid next week's going to be a bit trite and boring. But, that's just me. I definitely hope HALEY makes it to the final 3. I'm getting a bit tired of SCOTTY, ready for JACOB to depart and am never sure what to expect from CASEY – maybe good, maybe not-so-much; so variable. JAMES is getting a bit beyond himself (in attitude) and LAUREN needs to do more than smile and nod when the judges give her directions to "stretch herself more vocally and start believing in what she can do". Her lack of confidence, timidity or possibly complacence won't keep her in the winner's circle.

      • Oh Man! Great Idea Mary! I'd love to hear Haley growling and howling some Mac tunes! Randy would definitely be exulting, "Dawg, that's your 'Niche'! Your Genre! That's What I'm Talking About! Yea-ah Dude!"

        So Haley really would understand what 'Niche' meant (Branden!). She really would go on to win Idol (James, Scotty–Gautham). And upon doing so, she really would exclaim, "You Like Me! You Really Do Like Me!" Am I getting anything wrong here, Fools? (Haley Haters)! Really?!

      • Holy God in Heaven!!!! No Bon Jovi….no no no………no!….no Bon Jovi or Jon Bovi..nothing of that sort… Billy Joel wouldn't be bad though… They should totally have a metal week…it will be so much fun..Scotty doing this thang, Lauren doing her thang, Caey and Haley doing each other…and James…well..he'll be ok.

      • Mary! Mary!. How about MADONNA Theme sounds great and delicious right? The Pop Diva has a huge catalogues to choose. From Like A Virgin to Like A Prayer to Hung Up.

    • @ kmccormick46 and Mary: Loved your posts and your ideas, Mary. I LOVE Foreigner and Fleetwood Mac . . . the songs would be so much more contemporary, and that's a good thing.

      • Gosh, Peter. Pup turning red here. I guess I am so old that they still feel contemporary–well, compared to Carole King. Still love the idea of choosing their songs, though.

  50. Wow.. American Idol.. My favorite is Scotty. I hope he wins it! And…. I am not a young teenager… I am 50. He sings like a pro!

    • I am not a teenager either and I am rooting for Scotty. He does need to step up his game some and I think he got caught up in all the hoopla and has not been his humble self in some time. At 17 he is a PURE country singer and that is what Country needs more of.

      • Amen, I am 46 and I love Scotty. No tenny bopper here. And I could never tell but when they put James, Casey and Scotty together the only good thing that came out of that, was Scotty without a doubt has the best voice. You can't deny he sounded great, and really no twang. He sang it straight up, the boy got talent, he just is comfortable in the country zone, which is fine by me. But I do agree with Jimmy Ivoine now, he can sing the phone book. GO Scotty. Luv ya. this week is going to be tough for all the boys and what a boring week it's going to be. The judges better keep their mouths shut about performances being boring, they are throwing Carole King at them for gods sakes, the entire night is going to be a sleep fest.

      • See it's funny, because I didn't think any of the three of them sounded good (and I'm a huge James fan) guess thats what they refer to as being objective. πŸ™‚

      • Kdub I love rock myself and I am middle aged, but I can tell you this as you get older the screaming and scretching thing, just gets less tolerable. I'm not there yet, but I now many who watch Idol 60 and over and all they say is how the can't wait for the screaming kid to leave. And just so you know James is my second fav and the one from the beginning I though would win. See I am mostly country but also rock and roll. It just happens, your ears get sensitive, plus honestly my mom's generation comes for fantastic music, music that touched the soul and music you could understand. Singers with voices that took you away and melted your very soul.

      • Well Dawn, I am only 40 myself, but both of my parents are about that age, and they both think James is great (which still surprises me because my dad is convinced that they stopped making good music in 1980 LOL. But I know plenty of people in that age bracket (mostly family members) that absolutely love the hard rockin style and hitting those high notes with such power… I guess it's just one of those "Your Milage May Vary" kind of things, but the people my dads age seem to like him and think "the kid is bringing good ol rock back"

    • I am glad to hear from an Older crowd about Scotty and few of us have really said that he has no talent. But that his votes are not earned like that others, if Scotty looked like Casey he would not have that many votes..just saying.

      • See the beauty of country music is it is very diversified as far as age goes, very unlike other genres. they have teens, young adult, adults, and old that all love country music. Plus, country people stick together like glue and they support each other like no others. Im not saying that Scotty doesn't have the young crowd because he does (nothing wrong with that, they make every other artist out there why not him), he also has a much older crowd also, along with an entire country community. country people like to hear the lyrics and understand them, not screaming, scretching and non sense, just pure straight good music.

      • Im 36 and I know what your saying about Country music, the Comments are not about the Genre. MY comments are about me not understanding why just because someone says they are country and sings that all of a sudden folks want to put him in the Grand Ole Opry. He is talented no doubt, but not that talented.

      • Oh yes he is that talented. He has an amazing voice. He is the wholesome, all American boy, who is also HOT!!!!! I love country music and he is one of the best I have ever heard. I am a teenager, but I buy music and attend concerts.

      • I am very far from being a teenager and I love Scotty. He has a really good voice and I think he can go far. We have a lot of different sounds in country music – he fits in with Chris Young, Josh Turner, Trace Atkins, Jason Aldean, – keep it up Scotty

      • Dawn, are you saying that Rock doesn't have a wide variety of ages that follow it?

        Did you really just try to make that point? Or was that just a horribly worded post?

        When you consider that the genre first hit it's heights of popularity over 50 years ago and is still hugely popular today… I just want to point out how rediculous that statement truely is.

        And yes, all genres have some crap tossed in with the great stuff. Even country (Billy Ray Cyrus, I'm looking at your Achey Breaky no talent having ass)

      • Looks have nothing to do with popularity in country music. Kenny Chesney is uglier than bowling shoes. Jason Aldeen looks like a fata$$ trucker. And nobody EVER said Toby Keith was good lookin'. Country is about the music, pure and simple. And Scotty isn't ready, too green, but he's gonna be a big name in country music.

      • Peter ~ True, being talented in most Genres goes way beyond good looks (your examples are pretty dead on) in rock theres Mic Jaggar, and lets face it, Steven Tyler is awesome but he is one goofy lookin SOB, and both of them had plenty of panties tossed ot them back in the day.. heck, even pop music has that going on, Seal was prolly uglier than anybody on either of our lists, but look at the women he had on his arm. πŸ˜‰

        That said though, good looks alone can make somebody a famous musician, even in country… I mean, look at Billy Ray Cyrus.

    • Not to take anything away from your rooting section here, but just wanted to add that I am in my early 60s–and I am a Haley fan.

      I was raised hearing many genres of music: classical, operatic, rock and roll, blues and jazz. As I aged, I added folk. Later, I fell in love with Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash, and Hank Williams–and more recently Leann Rimes–and even some Shania. So I am open to all kinds of music.

      I am betting you guys were raised by parents who played a lot of country. Are you open to acknowledging good performances outside your favored genre?

      • I grew up with all kinds of music, but jazz I have to admit I love for about an hour and then after that I want to shoot myself. But that's me. Jazz is a genre that you either love or hate or just a little in between. I wish I could appreciate more but I find it irritating after a long period. But again that's just me. We all have our own musical taste. And I happen to like Haley since the beginning and I can tell you a hell of a lot more than Pia. Haley at least has personality.

  51. Branden,about the group performance "Scotty sounded the best"…ur kidding right? He blew the harmony twice n u said he was the best?? the 1st harmony he totally forget it and the 2nd harmony near the end its like he's afraid to let out his voice so u cant hear his vocal (afraid that he would blow the harmony n that means he doesnt have a great melodic sensibility). He only let out his voice when he done his solo.. how in the world did u miss that??!!

    James pitchy in his 2nd solo after the 1st harmony…

    Casey not ever once pitchy n his soft growl a second before the "Ohhh ohhh ohhh" (when the 3 of them place hand together)is beautiful. He gave his own touch in that group performance.

    So is that mean whatever Casey do is always horrible in ur mind so u block ur mind to even have the fair judge n u call urself a professional?

    N whatever Scotty do u always say he is the best even if his performance truth to be told is not good??!! Is this what u call professional?

    • and what makes you a expert? LOL! Your just anti-country and need to get real with your evaluations. Casey is good for a select few but will probably get eliminated right after Jacob. AI has pushed to build up Casey like they have done with James but only James has more talent and a female base of fans as Scotty has. It all about the fans and it will be between James and Scotty IMO. I am not even a James fan but we have to be real in who is the most popular and will get the votes.

      • wew,im just sayin the truth. Ur accusing me for not likin Country based on what??!! So ur sayin i have to swallowed everything that Scotty do eventhough he did it wrong??!! and if i point out the fault ur accusin me for not likin Country? so Scotty = Country??!! where TH did u get that??!! Im just statin a fair judgment not like you or everybody else here that their judgment is biased and blinded.

    • And please please pretty please where did my evaluation is wrong??!! can u point that out?? And please,can u state ur definition of talent??

      • yo Rich or whoever u are cause u can have a multiple name in this site – so by not being able to answer me,is that means u cant point out which of my evaluation above is wrong? Truth is suck…i know πŸ˜‰

      • First off I don't read this every 5 minutes and probably have missed many questions but you need to learn how this site works. I have only one screen name but there are other Rich's that are not me. That is a glitch of the site IMO. I read some of your posts in the last couple of weeks and you are anti-country and there is nothing wrong with that but you have to rate talent properly regardless of you you like. Example, I am not a fan of James and the kind of rock he performs but I must give him kudos as he is very talented and will be in the running for the title.

      • No seriously,so u meant if i like Faith Hill,Shania Twain or others of Country artist n i dont like Scotty for the fault he does n does this mean i dont like Country?? Scotty equal Country??!! Wheres the fact in that??

        What is talent in your dictionary Rich? vocal,musical sense,melodic sensibility,stage charisma,physical looks or what? What your version of talent Rich? Do please tell me… πŸ™‚

      • yeahhh i need it!!! Quickly!!! its for some1 that i knew!!! His name is start with C n end with a G…PLEASE!!! heuheheu hehehe hahaahah πŸ˜‰

    • Heyyy all of u. Lets go and start a bad rumor of Casey!!! Be afraid of Casey cause u know what… ur idol will be in jeopardy!!! wakakakakak LOLOL πŸ™‚

      Accuse Casey of being cocky!! Accuse Casey of being happy for the Stefano elimination!! What next people??!! Dont stoppp,cause ur idol in jeopardy of being in the Bottom 3,so more of a bad rumor!! πŸ™‚

      And if u have guts,dont change ur name or multiply ur name by makin a new mail in this site. I only have 1 name in this site n its LOLOL…

      Casey will be in the TOP 2!!! Mark my word!!!

      • AND pleaseeeee stop of accusing that James is similar to Adam!!! They are different in vocal uniqueness n genre!!

      • LOLOL, sorry but I like Casey. But we both know it will be a Rock vs. Country show down once again. Fan bases are way too big under Scotty and James. While I agree at this point in AI Casey is doing better than Scotty. I dont know what happened after he got voted off and has been saved ever since but maybe America woke up and realized they needed to start voting. But I still dont see him being the "Comeback Kid".

      • @Wellen : i do believe in the Casey being voted off back then is because all of his fans dont vote him cause they thought he will be safe. If u dont believe me just wait. People like surprise n Casey always deliver it every week. Some article actually say "This AI season is becoming a game of what will Casey do next week." He's that good of performer…memorable πŸ™‚

      • @Lindy : me an idiot?hmmm,me or u? hmmm,well fine then,suit urself Lindy huehueheu πŸ™‚

      • Hey LOLOL, The phone's ringing off the hook for you. It's from a little Village in Krazeeland. They want their Idiot back!

      • hmmm,when i answer the call they say they want the name that start with a C n end with G.. hmm,i cant seem to figure out.. Do u know who their mentioned coondog?…. heuhueheu hehehe πŸ™‚

      • Of course I know who they mentioned. They said "Cee-G". And I said (in your defense of course,LOLOL), "You mean that sweet little lady, LOLOL?". And they said (this is where you must have finally picked up the other line), "yes, Cee-G! We want our Crazy Girl back!" I told them you were unavailable until Casey gets booted off AI in 2 weeks. (You're welcome LOLOL, we need you here too!)

      • LOL, thanks for pointing out about the differences between James and Adam. The drastic differences between the two are pretty stark and clear to somebody that understands rock. But dude, yeah, down a couple shots, relax, try some deep breathing excercises. πŸ™‚

      • Hey Bunny, nothing better than a troll leg dipped in brandy. urp! Didn't see your Haley/Carol choice yet, but I know these comments move around at times so I'll keep scrolling.

        I guess i'm losing my own Troll-baitin' a bit. The only bite I got on my Voter Scavenging ritual in #2 above was a beatdown by Konrad for saying "Dear God"! Sigh, Beggars can't be Choosers! (He's really gonna pop a cork if he runs across my Easter themed post either here or maybe Matt's site.

  52. I have not yet seen the show for the top 7 but is in the 7 heaven because Scotty and Lauren are still safe.I hope Casey will be next to go.Really he is a pain when he try to be humble but he look like someone who is an idot.Now I am rude but please see him for what he really is.Send him home America.

  53. Jacob was saved due to the technical difficulties of Wed night. If that didn't happen, Jacob would have gone and Stefano would have stayed.

    My prediction is Jacob will go next week, then Haley and the top three will be James, Lauren and Scotty. I think that James is the very best! I think he is talent and will succeed. Love his passion and his ability perform and work the stage!

    • Nice post, and I agree with you about why Jacob is still with us. I love James, but Haley is my pick. πŸ™‚

  54. I think most of the negative comments about Haley are from people who 1) never liked her and don't want to see how she's grown and taken the advice of the judges; or 2) people who loved Pia and are angry because Haley is a better performer with a much better personality. Sorry, Pia, you're pretty and you have a great voice, but it takes more than that to be an Idol…like personality and stage presence.

    • sweetjourney…..Like James……I rest my case…I'd love to see James & Haley in a finale showdown but Country America won't allow it… me I know….I moved from the No. East to the South West….everything is a bit slower….Country is nice but rock moves people.

      • If u ask me country and rock both move people. James has moved me with only 1 of his performances.Lauren and Scotty move me every time they get up on that stage .

      • Lauren and Scotty move me to take a bathroom break or grab a soda every time they come on.

      • Gesh David you really do hate country, but to each there own. but give the kids a break, they are kids, really kids. they still need to grow some. As do and did every idol that won.

      • I don't hate country! Scotty and Lauren are the face of Country now? They are rather boring and have not progressed in the competition at all. They haven't done what they need to do to grow as their own individual artist. I don't watch AI for high end Karaoke.

      • That's the problem with idol now isn't it, singing other peoples songs? How can you ever show you are a true artist, you can't. True artist are original and find their own songs and the own presence. I love James but all he does is imitate his rock/metal idols, I don't see him do anything different or original either. So I respectful disagree with you completely. But each one of us sees something different and we each hear things differently that's for sure and thank god for that. Country music isn't about jumping and screaming about on the stage, non of them do it, it's about a voice, connecting with the audience, a great song telling a story, and a guitar and big bonus points for writing our own stuff. But that's my take on it.

      • See that's my point. There's nothing new and original about either Scotty or Lauren. They have a good voice and are cute kids but there's lots of good voices out there. They are young but they've had as much time to grow as any of the other contestants. I didn't say they need to jump around on stage and scream or w/e but they definitely need to start earning their place. It's disrespectful to the contestants that have left and will leave before them to go up there and not give it their best. And it's very obvious they aren't.

      • If you have a problem with urges, better stop watching AI. And dont expect every one to agree with you Aint goina happen. Scotty will win

      • Aha, so That's why you moved! But now you're stuck in a kind of Rock-Country-Catch 22? Spoo-ky!

      • Coondog…..I didn't say I don't like country…..I voted for Carrie U. until my fingers fell off…..I like Lady Antebellum and Sugarland. I just saw Reba….but Scotty is BORING……I like Lauren and with confidence she will be better than Scotty…….I want James to win so that AI will finally get a real winner after three seasons…..

      • There's nothing new and original about any of them. they are here to get there foot in the door and take it from there. Lauren and Scotty are much younger then the rest which everyone seems to forget about. They haven't experienced life yet. they are only passionate about what kids their age are. Gesh they probably haven't even experiened heartache yet. It takes time to get established, more than two months that's for dam sure. Everyone there to me is doing the exact same thing every single week, just not them. James rock/metal, Casey and haley there growly jazz thing, jacob r&b and church music, lauren actually is the only one that mixes it up and scotty country. Scotty is who he is and is far from boring. I don't care how cute you are, young girls are not voting for someone boring, no way in hell. Stephano is cuter than him and he got the boot. So it's not all about looks. The kid has something about him, a style, Charisma, the IT factor. And his deep voice is sexy as hell and I hate saying that because I am so old and he is just a kid, but dam it gives me the chills.

      • Dawn, I love your post. There is just something about him that blows me away. I love the way he looks at me through that camera and sings to me in that deep sexy voice. Wow, I love him soooooooo much. Scotty will win!

      • So if I'm understanding you right everyone that is being who they are is terrible for being who they are but Lauren and Scotty are amazing because they are who they are? What? And The other contestants aren't that much older. Out of the top 6 four are 20 or younger. To have the kind of perception and creative interpretation Casey and Haley have at only 20 years old is pretty amazing. But because you don't like anything that's doesn't have a twang in it they aren't as talented? Please do not get me wrong. I'm not saying Lauren and Scotty are bad or I don't like them because of their genre. I'm saying they aren't putting it out there like everyone else in a good solid performance. It's a slap in the face to the others because "Country people" will vote for them no matter how good or bad they are for the sole reason they have a fancy accent.

      • Dawn You say that James only does Rock/Metal, but again, you are wrong, Stevie Wonders "Living in teh City" wasn't rock/metal. While my Guitar Gently Weeps and Maybe I'm Amazed are both soft ballads. James has done plenty to go out of his hardrock/metal "comfort zone" even if you and others on here choose to plug your ears, close your eyes, scream LALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU, and ignore it.

      • I'm not a country fan by any means, but the first time I heard him, I could tell that Scotty's voice could sell albums.

        Yeah, Scotty isn't really original, but neither is country. Lets face it, country music hasn't changed much at all over the years. It's a guy with a guitar singing in a very similar and familiar style. And if you don't like that, you probably find it boring. It's not about innovation or new sounds, it's about having a good country voice.

        Listen to any other successful country group and tell me Scotty can't compete with them. I'm no fan of country but if I was an album producer, I'd put my money on Scotty, because I know he'll sell.

      • David I didn't say any such thing. Everyone hears something different. I never once said I didn't like Haley or Casey. But like I said above in another post jazz is a music that I like but only can take for so long. It's not my cup of tea in the long run. Haley has always been my favorite girl, more than Pia that's for sure. she got personality and I love that. I think she is super sexy as can be and I do like her voice. but to listen to her for more than an hour, I rather, shall I say shoot myself in the head. I happened to just love country and rock. country more so, because it just brings me to a place that I can find peace and I truely enjoy. that's what music is all about. I just love Scotty's voice, I am not saying no one else is worthy. The one thing I like about idol this year is that everyone brings something different. So for an hour and a half I am not listening to the same type of music. All kinds, I could care less if each of them stick with there genere after all that's the music they are going to record, what's great is they each give us something different and what they are good at. A great artist to me is someone that connects with me, I could give a crap if they can sing other genre's who give a flying @$%#@. what I like is when they make me feel great listening to them, and honestly Scotty just makes me warm all over. I find his voice absolutely soothing and sexy as hell. I just stick up for Scotty because honestly I think most people are extremely rude and talk very cruel about this kids. After all they are the ones on stage not us. If we were as good we would be there ourselves. People love nothing more to do than bash other people. Listen music like art is a very personal choice. No one is wrong or right for liking who they like. Your opinion on them is your choice, but the great thing about blogging is all of us are opinionated and the only reason why we do it and just want to throw our two cents in.

      • @David p I personally like country more than rock. I can tell u like rock more than country but u do not need to be a snob.for Lauren and scotty's age their voices are brilliant

      • @ Dawn Loved your opinion and your explanation. You are right about changng names to vent stupid comments. Keep up the good commentaries

    • Dawn J…you are so right…I 100% agree with you. By the way, I don't think Dawn is saying anything about the others doing what they do…it's just that there seems to be a few that criticize Scotty for being country. He is young (as is Laurne) and the others have been around. Also, even though I didn't like his song choice…he didn't slaughter the song…and he hasna't let any country singers or music lovers down…they are very proud of him and expect him to do well. Listen to country on Sirius and you would know that. As I keep saying Carrie U. made me love country.

      • Carrie Underwood also made a country music fan out of me. Now, it is all I listen to. Sotty and Lauren is also bringing a lot of new young people to the beautiful music world…not saying I do not enjoy pop, rock, or jaz…I do. Country is where I have my radio set in my vehicle and I sing along with every song.

    • @ SweetJourney. (Love your name!) It's funny how replies to your post moved from a focus on Haley (and, er, that ousted female contestant whose name I don't want to see again so won't add here) to a focus on country!

      I think you are right about the reasons for the many posts showing dislike (and sometimes downright hate) for Haley. I'd add in the lack of objectivity from many people who favor other genres. They will support the representatives of that favored genres. So they simply close their ears to other contestants for that reason. (And yes, there is the catty set who loves to stir up garbage talk about anyone.)

      So, yup, guess this just boils down to people supporting what they know best–staying in their comfort zone. That's a shame because music is a venue that painlessly helps you expand your mind and consider all the possibilities.

      • Pup, it's sad but true. Thankfully for me, I'm a fan of many Genres (except rap and twang country, I prefer my Hank Williams to be of the Junior variety, I love where country has gone over the past 30 years)but many others will just latch onto a genre and ignore the rest when there is so much good stuff out there. Variety is the spice of life, some just prefer their ear-candy to be bland.

      • Thanks, kdub. yes, we agree that variety is the spice of life.

        Ha! about Hank Williams and liking Jr better. It's funny because I recently went to YouTube to listen to "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" and first got the Jr version. I KNEW that wasn't the one in my memory banks. Then I found Sr., and yup, he did it for me. Something just a little more true about his version–for me.

        I'm not really a fan of hip hop/rap but my son (who now produces videos for startup rappers) was/is. And he tried over and over to "school" me in it. So there are certain artists I actually will listen to (if they happen to come on the radio). I used to love Ladybug from Digible Planets. Don't know where she is or what she is doing now.

        I talk about my limited taste in country elsewhere, so I won't waste your time by rehashing that. If it sounds twangy, I am not much into it either. That's why you like the more current stuff, I'm guessing.

        Anyway, thanks for sharing!

      • Pup ~ Yep, nail right on the head. I just can't stand twang, but good modern country is something I can really enjoy. ~tips hat~

  55. jacob should GO next week, for Christ sake….i really do not understand why it is taking him long to stay…Kudos to James…..he's one of the reasons why I am watching AI…..can't wait to see and hear James next week…james voice and stage presence is so amazinnnnngggggggg.

    • danny…..thats the only thing that keeps the show interesting….JAMES FOR THE WIN…..wouldn't we love to see James & Steven go for it on stage together?

  56. I too agree that the exit last night from Stephano was wonderful..a class act…Paul was the same the previous week. They are really winners in my book..they tried hard, did not win, but were so grateful for everything offered to them. I did not care for the shock appeal of Pia's exit. Still think she has an awesome voice, but she is just so boring to watch. Buy a concert ticket to her??? I would be asleep in minutes. I nver once thought she would ever win. I still think the final three will be Lauren, Scotty and James with James winning it all. He is awesome every week.

  57. Branden….Thanks for the updates and comments. Sorry you have to be subjective to insults…..this is only your opinion not law, people don't get it!!!!!

  58. look at Casey's face… why does he look like he's happy that stefano was eliminated, he's not given stefano a shoulder to lean on just like james… he was just on the side happy and has a lot of pride….

    • Casey is smug. He thinks he has the judges and America in the bag.

      I hope he is booted next week.

      • Hey- my name is hijacked again……this time to make it look like I'm taunting myself!

        It's rude to hijack my name and I'm sure the moderator can look into who is doing this.

    • Baloney. Such a negative take on people and life!!! Casey is smiling at that bear hug that James is giving Stefano. I think it is a very loving smile. So, please, give it a rest.

      • But Pup, Kim from PA cant do that…You see it is these small moments in her life where she feels that she contributes to society… She is standing for a noble cause..To get rid of the ugliness in A.I (read Casey). She feels strongly that Casey is bad, talentless and worthless and questions why he still hangs around…All completely valid reasons…She is a great judge of talent after all…I mean..what with such a creative name like Kim from PA… I listen to her with gusto my friend….. with gusto….

  59. This is how i think it's going to go in order of people going home


    2.haley (sorry but she sucks and I'm shocked she lasted this long in the compition)


    4.Scotty (luv u Scotty but I think ur getting a little old)

    The top 2 will probably be Lauren and James with james most likely winning, but I'm looking forward to lauren's album because that girl is going skyrocket on the charts. Durbin seriously needs to lose the attitude if he's going to go anywhere. If u ask me he kinda copies other rockstars.

    • At this point Lauren does not have it in her to win. Not by a long shot, not even a little bit. She's so boring VFTW won't even consider her and that's saying a lot. When Casey leaves Scotty will have the VFTW pick and the teen girl votes and Lauren will be gone. She needs to have grown more in the last 7 weeks than she has in order to win.

    • And Haley sucks because? You just don't care for her personally or don't like her voice? Can you honestly and objectively say you haven't heard her sing one song well?

      James does NOT have an attitude! Have you been reading the information about Asperger's here? Do you understand it causes him to overreact in emotional situations–meaning big highs and big lows? So you seem him kinda "high as a kite" when he is doing his thing and happy about it, and teary when things are difficult to express (Stefano's departure/talking about his love for his family). A little fairness, please!

      • Agreed Pup…

        I agree with him that Haley doesn't have long on the show, but unlike him, I agree with you that her soon to be departure is going to suck. I would absolutely love for the final 2 to be Haley and James, but thats terribly unlikely considering the voting this season.

      • Kdub, πŸ™ I guess that's why I feel compelled to post so much about Haley. I am HOPING some people will give her a chance if they read that a lot of us really, really like her. (Plus, I'd like to squelch all this "hate" stuff.)

      • Um I said nothing about James's emotional situation I mean his arrogance so relax a liitle before u start hurting urself jumping to conclusions pup

      • @ PUP Those are not symptoms of Asperger. If you have worked with patients or have MD after your name,you would know better

  60. If Jacob can find that right song he will be hard to beat.

    Can't win if you don't reach the heart and soul

    of the listeners.So far he hasn't done it.

    • He will do well, too, if he can control his emotional flow rate. Not full strength so it is maudlin, but still clearly bubbling up.

    • Omg you know for a fact that is the reason why they are smiling? Are you some kind of lolpsychic? I'm smiling right now, do you know why?

      And why can't they be happy they are staying? Why is that a bad thing? Just because they have more composure than Lauren doesn't mean they are bad people. Pretty sure James was Stefano's room mate since Hollywood week so of course James is broken up about it, but seriously grow up!

    • I guess you are one of the posters here who latch onto anything when they dislike certain contestants. Those are very clearly loving smiles. Who wouldn't smile through tears at that hug James is giving Stefano? In all fairness, I think common sense should rule here, not runaway gossip.

    • Lana have you noticed that stefano was smiling when stefano was elinated =O! OMG stefano is sooo mean !!! -.-!

    • Yeah.. I mean, they couldn't be smiling because they are relieved to be moving on to the top 6… or it couldn't be a supportive smile, it must be "That bastard Stefano is gone finally, now we can get rid of all that hair grease in the house… Aw damnit, James uses it too? WTF is up with those NorCal guys?"

  61. Bromance?? What is with James this week over Stephano departure. Jeez!!! I know that he is a weeping willow every week but for him to over do it with this buddy. It is almost too much. I was hoping for Jacob Lusk to leave but Stephano's departure wasn't unexpected. Of all the contestants I still running my money on James, Scotty, Lauren, and Casey. I like Haley she can make it in the music world but it will be a hard for her. Casey, James, Scotty and Jacob have stuck to their own genre style. Although, I am not a big fan of hard rock or metal, James Durbin is the best I have heard in years. I can see another Carrie Underwood's fiasco with Scotty. Casey I know hold his own but I feel his will be another Taylor Hicks that not going to be too popular once AI is over. As for Jacob Lusk I predict that he will be the next one to leave, next Thursday. I predicted it was going to be Stephano after the set three were announced last night. Of course, Ryan Seacreast is a sneak. Great dresser. Thanks for whomever dresses him. Sharp!

    • @BlindDude (Daredevil? Matt so and so the lawyer?): Agree with you on the "Bromance"! lol. and @ Tom regards "crocodile tears". Gentlemen, if I may be so bold as to redirect your attention to my Reply post to #2 Rich above, where I illuminate the strategies and tactics regards the "Voter Scavenging Ritual"!

      • LoL Coondog. I would have added a few more lol's but I'm afraid it might draw negative attention from you know who.

    • Regardless of what CoonDog says (and he is right), I find simpler explanations best. The simplest explanation for James' tears is:

      1. He felt a real bond with Stefano (kind of "adopted him," I think)

      2. His Asperger's Syndrome makes him react overboard in emotional situations. Big highs and big lows. (Someone who knows the syndrome explained that to me.) So a lot of what people are seeing in James –and posting negative comments about–calling him cocky, etc–is directly related to his Syndrome. It's not an excuse, it's real.

      • @ Bunny and @Pup. Thanks for reading, and Pup you make some nice concise points–I'm kind of like the Color man to the play-by-play (Pup) dude on Monday or Sunday Night Football.

    • Yeah, his Aspergers has absolutely nothing to do with emotional roller coaster moments like that… nothing whatsoever. πŸ˜‰

  62. To LOLLOL:

    First off I don’t read this every 5 minutes and probably have missed many questions but you need to learn how this site works. I have only one screen name and there are other Rich’s that are not me. That is a glitch of the site IMO. I read some of your posts in the last couple of weeks and you are anti-country and there is nothing wrong with that but you have to rate talent properly regardless of you you like. Example, I am not a fan of James and the kind of rock he performs but I must give him kudos as he is very talented and will be in the running for the title.

    • No seriously,so u meant if i like Faith Hill,Shania Twain or others of Country artist n i dont like Scotty for the fault he does n does this mean i dont like Country?? Scotty equal Country??!! Wheres the fact in that??

      What is talent in your dictionary Rich? vocal,musical sense,melodic sensibility,stage charisma,physical looks or what? What your version of talent Rich? Do please tell me…

      Do i say that Scotty vocal is horrible? Where n when? Even in other100x previous comment i didnt mention once of that. I do agree that Scotty have a unique n beautiful vocal. Dont u know i always post elsewhere that i do agree the best 2 male vocal is Scotty n James? But when i state the fault in Scotty u say i dont like Country??!!

      • I sometimes need a translator to understand what you are typing LOLOL but you always use this crazy thing called logic. You're insane! <3

      • sorry David,n im start to tick off when people accusing of James similar to Adam. Cant they really100x differentiate the distinctive of their vocal personality/uniqueness n their genre??!! They are DIFFERENT!!!!!

        if some1 dont like Casey or James or Hailey or whomever because of their taste (looks,genre etc) thats fine… but accusing people that they're not?! Grrrr

      • DavidP: Just curious, why do you continue feed this yahoo? Speaking of the Jonathan Swift type not the computer one.

      • Huh, I guess I never really thought of it. I imagined a guy but I could be totally wrong. LOLOL you are needed to solve this issue. Sorry for any misunderstandings πŸ˜›

  63. Always enjoy those entertaining recaps!!! Gonna be an interesting week w/Carole King tunes. Any guess who'll sing "I feel the earth move, or Natural woman or…….? Song choice key and these guys have to step out of the box and show us what they've got. Very curious about those song choices!!!!

    • Lauren already sang Natural Woman. I think Casey should sing I Feel the Earth Move. It's going to be a huge challenge for all of them. They can't just do a cover of Carole King they need to make the songs new and exciting again and make them their own. I'm not sure how it will turn out.

      • Yeah….we'll all look forward to that.

        "I hear the…..grunt… move….grunt, grimace, show teeth…..under my feet!..grunt….I feel the sky tumbling down………grimace, grunt…..tumbling down…"

      • Darn, I forgot Lauren already sang Natural Woman. Other good choices for her would be: "One Fine Day" or "It's Too Late".

      • I think Lauren would do really good with Beautiful. Brook White did it in season 7 and I think Lauren has a really nice tone to pull it off.

        @Kim, I about died laughing. I like Casey Grunt'nGroan but that was funny.

      • @ David P. I listened to that song, "Beautiful." I think it is kind of preachy–Carole King started writing songs that sounded like she was giving advice . . . don't like that so much. And viewers might make the leap of thinking she was singing it because she thought she was beautiful. (On the outside, in addition to what the song is really saying –on the inside, due to a positive attitude.) And that "positive attitude" is not something Lauren is good at conveying just yet.

      • Someone is hijacking my name. Please stop. This is inappropriate conduct on this blog.

      • @Pup I guess you are right. I listened to it again and I can still see Lauren singing it. She would definitely have to put her fears aside and really feel the song. She might not have experienced enough yet to pull it off, though =/

  64. People! Scotty and Lauren started this competition very strong. They were both in my picks for the top 40, 24 and 10 because I thought they had a lot of natural talent and were somewhat entertaining. They may have even been on the top when the live show first started. Everyone else has totally passed them up now. If you watch any of the other top 6 first performances and compare them to their recent ones there has been a lot of growth. Lauren and Scotty's best performances were weeks ago and their best is on par with the others 3rd or 4th best performances. They need to step it up. Of course they will win but that doesn't mean they deserve it.

    • To Dave P.

      I have a hard time with the word Deserve, it's a word, I think that your right about Lauren and Scotty being in there right from the start but come on, they are and have been good enough right from the start to stay in the top group of AI, there both kids and I say again there having the time of there lives out there (all of them) even the people that left the show are enjoying there time on the show.

      That word Deserve is over rated.

      I like your comments they make me as crazy as LOLOL typing.

      Again not picking on you just seem to be here expressing your views a lot.


    • I agree with Lynn deserve Is over rated they are having fun doing this about Haley smiling u should NEVER smile when any1 gets kicked off American idol no matter if it's nice ur still there it shows a lack of class

      • Lana every time you post you show a lack of class. You judge Haley personally but freak out when your favorites are not other peoples favorites. You are jealous of Haley because she's flippen awesome and you are just a troll sittin under your cold. lonely bridge.

  65. News flash. I think I've finally figured out a solution to the flawed voting system. How about each vote by phone, text or online has a $1 surcharge with the money going to the favorite charity of whichever contestant you are voting for. This would automatically put a stop to maniacal text voting and do some good in the process. People would be sure to monitor the teen votes and think twice about their own voting habits. 52 million votes don't translate into CD sales.

    • That's crazy talk! ATT customer service would have so many angry parents on the phone lol.

    • Brilliant Templar! People would have to put their money where their mouth is (besides up their wa-hoo: to the clueless Jacob fans). And having it go to a favorite charity would give poignant meaning to otherwise mindless voting.

      Probably truly not foolproof though as there'd be the inevitable charges of socio-economic class discrimination, voter skewments to the preferences of rich, white teenagers, etc. But your idea is worthy of some critical analysis I think.

    • In this economy? No way! Even I wouldn't vote once. I already have money tied to charities. So I wouldn't take money out of my budget for such a thing.

      • The plan is to stop the teens voting for cute boys who can't sing. Plus, if you really like someone, you vote once or twice. Not 700 times as my niece does.

      • Come on..leave the kids alone and let them vote. What in the world does it hurt? Anyone really talented will not have to rely on American idol only for their success. They will get a contract if they are worthy. Let the kids vote a thousand times if they want.

  66. To throw some new into the afternoon mix. No where has there been anything about Carole King category, no more than there was a Kelly Clarkson or kate perry category. Carole King will be a throwback guest. Stephen Tyler tipped the hand it will be country week. He told Lauren to bring Twain, Hill or Allison Krause next week. How do you do that with Carole King songs? You don't.

    I agree that Lauren and Scotty who are my favorites did not have their best week, but the only one gone I miss is Pia.

    I do not like James' music, he may be great at it, but it is not to my taste.

  67. i cant believe how inmature are the people that only wait the elimination image to say see!! the haley smile! see the casey smile! is stupid… every week someone have to go and they dont have to die every time for it… i just dont get it… i mean, if you dont like them is ok! but dont trash on them without a reason -.-!!!

    • My take on the smiling was that they were responding to the affection and emotion between James and Stefano. I saw no malice.

    • Laura I think you should never show emotion during an elimination because if it looks 1 way it could be taken as another if you smile or cry or laugh something of the sort it can show a lack of class

  68. Jacob needs to go home next week! I am pulling for Scotty, Casey, Haley and Lauren… any one of those could be the winner and I'd be happy! James is good too — just not my cup of tea… sorry.

  69. I don't understand people defending Casey's bad singing because of jazz. You can't blame jazz for mediocre singing. What about the group performance last Thursday night when Scotty, James, and Casey performed. Casey was by far the worst of the three and the arrangement was more geared for Casey. You can't use jazz as an excuse for everytime Casey sings offtune or mediocre.

    • ur kidding right? Scotty blew the harmony twice n u said he was the best?? the 1st harmony he totally forget it and the 2nd harmony near the end its like he’s afraid to let out his voice so u cant hear his vocal (afraid that he would blow the harmony n that means he doesnt have a great melodic sensibility). He only let out his voice when he done his solo.. how in the world did u miss that??!!

      James pitchy in his 2nd solo after the 1st harmony…

      Casey not ever once pitchy n his soft growl a second before the “Ohhh ohhh ohhh” (when the 3 of them place hand together)is beautiful. He gave his own touch in that group performance.

      Casey offtune..? have u check ur ears Joy or the fact that u dont have a melodic sensibility? STOP ACCUSING PEOPLE THAT THEY'RE NOT!! GET YOUR FACT STRAIGHT!!!

      • oops,excuse me for accusing you of sayin Scotty the best. forgive me,i just copy n paste of the previous comment above… ><

        U dont say who's the best but say that Casey is offtune. Thats a really100x bad accusation there .

  70. There are a lot of Carole King songs to pick from but to do them justice will be trickier for the guy I think.

    All the contestants have great raw talent this year but not sure if any of them are ready to put out an album yet, after summer AI tour maybe. Pia will likely put out an album first due to she is at the level needed now, an honor normally for the winner but contestants much younger this year.

    I would rather see them get alittle more polish first that be forces to make a mediocre one.

  71. Aw man, next week, Carole King…REALLY? Don't get me wrong, she's put out alot of great hits and is a teriffic songwriter, I just hope James and Scotty can find a good one that fits them. Haley has a good voice, not to take anything away from her, but I don't think she's a "great" performer, I might be going out on a limb here, but I think the bottom three will be Haley,Jacob,Casey and maybe Lauren. Yes, I want to see a finale of James vs Scotty.

  72. Can't wait to see if anyone will do Carole King justice next week. I don't see Haley fitting into a CK song. I think Casey will do a good job and I am rooting for Lauren. Can't wait to see Haley go home – never liked her. Something about her is very off-putting and phony to me. Jacob's days are obviously numbered. I think James and Lauren will get to the finals. However, it could be Scotty instead of Lauren since she lacks confidence despite her talent and he has the pre-adolescent girl vote which is probably the highest voting demographic for the show. The worst part of last night's result show was seeing Katy Perry lip syncing. I didn't see that many dance moves to justify her need to lip sync but then again everyone, except for the grammy academy, knows she can't sing anyway. It's so confusing to me why she has so many hits on the radio and was given a grammy nod and is so popular despite the fact that she can't sing, seems like a b****, is ugly and writes stupid-ass songs. Is Firewok supposed to be inspirational? What is wrong with the music biz?

    • I am a female Haley fan and so sad to see so many women dislking Haley. What is it? See my post above for 2 songs I picked that I thought would fit her; but she could sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and I know I would love it. She's got an incredibly textured tone and a wonderful sense for the nuances of a song.

  73. Hello, i don´t writte English but I use translator hope to understand here in Peru we like very much Scotty. James seems to be an imitator of Adam, we think would shine that if take away you all the appliances not it our as Scotty is natural, here in Peru did not appreciate the country music but if we buy Scotty cds, do not believe that this is crossing borders.

    • Excuse me, cant u really100x differentiate the distinctive of their vocal personality/uniqueness n their genre??!! They are DIFFERENT!!!! Please dont accuse people that they're not.. get ur fact straight 1st and then u start to make a comparison between them. If u can,please tell me based on what that u think James is an imitation of AL?

      • We got to see videos of Adam by comparing to James and it seemed to us equals, as Adam was the first concluded that James is the Copier, sincerely not appreciate musically the cries of James, he seems more a showman than a singer and sincerely once we see it, but so does not happen with Scotty that so we can hear in all partesy also likes Haley believe that she has potential.

      • I don't think James is copying Adam, more being in the style of … which Adam didn't originate. Richie Sambora wore that look on Bon Jovi's "Bed Of Roses" video. And he didn't start that either but borrowed it from Clint Eastwood in his spaghetti western days.

      • The two are drastically different. It is obvious in your country that Good old fashined American style Rock is very foreign to you so being unable to see the differences is somewhat excusable, but know that withen the general genre of Rock the two of them are vastly different in style and substance. Oh, and James was singing the way he does for years before anybody ever even heard of Adam Lambert… if James is emulating anybody in his performances, it's more of a blend of Steven Tyler and Sebastian Bach (I think thats a fair comparison myself)

        But as they say, nothing is origional, everything has been done before You mention Scotty as your choice when he has just been a clone of the deep voiced country crooners that we have been listening to for the past half-century or more. Everybody on that stage is stylistically similar to somebody out there.

      • I can't wait to hear him sing "Natural Woman" if he has the balls to do that, I will toss him 10 votes, just for pure nerve. πŸ™‚

    • Many male artists recorded her songs! There are a number that are fine for the guys:

      Hey Girl


      Up on the Roof

      You've Got A Friend

      Sweet Seasons

      SmackWater Jack

      It's Too Late

      One Fine Day

  74. Think BIG FOLKS. Can't you already see the molding of Lauren? Her naivete is refreshing AND she can sing! The judges go overboard to "help/tweak" who they like. She has that Kelly Clarkson "find factor."

    Jacob really isn't that good.

    Scotty is one dimensional. If James gave more emotional performances instead of his full blown screaming acts, it would be easier to take. I believe he was truly upset with Stefano leaving….bottle that & sing it.

    Haley is…..well Haley. Her CD's will be ever so boring. And I doubt she really knows the blues…….

    Casey is the most talented, but probably the boppers who vote will 86 him.

    The GLEE cast has much better voices….Mercedes belt it out with soul!

    • TREK, I was smiling through your post and nodding my head til I heard your opinion of Haley. Man, what is with the blinders with you and so many? Haley is blockbuster good in so many genres! I will be buying her CDs first chance I get. I love her sound! I just don't see how you can be so complimentary to everyone BUT Haley. What is it???

    • The Glee cast is most likely considered professionals by now so comparing a group of amateurs in a competition to them is a little unfair. That and majority of the stuff you see in Glee is produced to be 100% perfect. Why would you think Haley doesn't know blues? Can you tell us what makes blues blues? Her scat war with Casey shows she has the musical know how. I don't understand why people think it's all fake.

      • Exactly David, most of the members of Glee are theatrically trained professionals, more than a few of which have been on broadway (or just off broadway) so yeah, not exactly a great comparison… but some of those kids can really belt it out.

  75. I'm tired of hearing the idea of "Every household should get one vote" system. It's not a good idea. I'll explain why and offer an alternative system.

    Question: What if you want to vote for MORE than ONE contestant?

    EXAMPLE: Let's say your favorites are James/Casey/Lauren, You want James the best, but you also don't want to see the other two go home. So you can give James 50 votes, Casey 25 votes, Lauren 25 votes.

    Perhaps a middle ground – how about: "Every household gets 100 votes". That way you could divvy up your votes however you see fit.

    NOTE: The current AI "online" voting system is similar to my suggestion in that it only counts the first 50 votes per account. Of course that doesn't stop people from creating multiple online accounts – but they're limited to the number of emails they have. It's also a pain to vote online compared to hitting re-dial on a phone. So perhaps AI could eliminate phone votes altogether and just do online voting.

    • How about each household can only vote for one contestant once, but can vote for multiple contestants?

      • Joe, don't know why you're not getting any respect on this one, but I think it's the best idea yet. It stops the anti-Democracy of whichever contestant has the healthiest (all the finger, wrist, eye injuries from texting, computers, phones) or most useless (unemployed, teenagers, etc) admirers. Further, it accomplishes the one thing everybody prefers but AI is too PC to do it–that is one vote per phone/computer for only the Worst, who you want to vote off to ensure the safety of your own. But they say that's too mean. However, your system would accomplish that in the PC way. Everybody would probably only vote their top 3 or top remaining half.

        Of course we know AI won't use any ideas that subvert the false ratings impression of 50 million votes (but only about a half million actual voters). AI banks on that advertising executives actually believe 50 million well-to-do Americans are watching. Advertisers aren't that blind of course, but still it implants that impression in their subconscious mind–similar to what Advertisers do to all of us viewers.

    • How about we leave the voting alone and let people vote for whomever and as many times and they please. You have the same option. If you choose not to do so, then don't complain because your favorite is not winning.

  76. this website really hates scotty and

    Actually chose someone who doesn't have that great of a voice..jacob? casey?

  77. Here is the opinion of a performing musician who is also old. Casey has the most talent by far. James is just another Adam Lambert only less flamboyant by a smidge and Scotty has the most sex appeal to a lot of the audience and can sing quite well but not perfect. Haley is the best of the remaining two girls and by reading the blog b4 me its easy to see opinions are like asses, everybody has one. So here's mine. Jacob goes next, then Laura, then Scotty (boo hoo little girls and gay boys) so the top three are Haley, James and Casey!

    • Casey has the most talent? Sure the guy plays a bunch of instruments and sings, but he can't do any of that on a professional level. Everything he does comes off as very amateur. It's not really surprising since the guy has no idea what he wants to do.

      • Go listen to Louis Armstrong sing and play the trumpet. Neither his tone nor his technique were 'professional' sounding but he's one of the greatest music legends that has ever come out of American history.

      • DavidP: i agree, but what Satchmo did have was a strong voice and Casey's is very weak. Casey is a musician, but he is not, I think, a singer.

  78. Only 1 thing to say: you americans still have a lot to learn about music culture…i'm reffering here to the ones that can't hit a note….U all think u are experts,judging and stuff? Are there 50 mil experts out there? Just vote for the one u like and is close to your likes and stop judging the rest,it's sooooo lame when u do that.Neither of u can compare to any of them, they got something that's called TALENT!!!! So…stick to voting the 1 u like and enjoy the show. (sorry for my english,i'm from Romania,so….)

    • If Americans are so lame musically, why is the music made and developed by the tastes of Americans the most popular all over the world? Jazz, R&R, Pop, all worshipped in Europe, Asia, So. America etc.

    • American music is the most popular because of commercialization….nothing more…It was once the only truly successful capitalistic country in the world…Music videos and songs exploded all across the world through american tv channels like Vh1 and MTV…America had all the money in the world to make their shows bigger and better, merchandising etc…all these factors contributed to American music spreading to various countries..Also the blending of the African and American culture single handedly brought out the diversity in music. Before the influence of African American music, there were only a handful of genres and most of them does not even exist today…

      • Don't really get your point, dude. No one discounted the african influence. African rhythms played a huge part. But, without the european instruments, piano, horns, strings etc. that's all they'd be, rhythms. That's why african music hasn't progressed. It's just a pure fact that there's some things America does better than anyone else music, movies and pizza.

      • oh no..i wasn't trying to start a fight or anything….i just thought that mentioning the influence is a big part of how diverse American music got and how people of other countries were able to identify with it. If country was the only music genre that came out of America, i doubt that it would have been so popular…

        Also its not really about the instruments… Its what people choose to do with it…The guitar was there for ages but it took a few people like Robert Johnson, Skip James, Mississippi john Hurt to play and popularize the blues, similarly Jazz and soul were also created…All these influences branched out to become various genres like Rock n roll, Metal, Pop, Hip Hop etc…

        Also i don't know much about this, but what were the music genres that existed in America before the influx of African American talent? I know country was one but can you name the others?

  79. James will fall on his face, James would not know what to do with a Carole King song. James is only a screamer that still needs a bath. Dime a dozen…Forget his stage performances, he cannot sing, cannot dance, "Total Package"? lol!

    Casey is very arrogant, Casey is more suited for gimmicky performances, for a gentleman that said he does not eat ham he is a major ham, he will do well with any Carole King song…..Casey will as usual be around for the next 3 weeks.

    Jacob is next to go home, then Haley, then Casey, then James then Scotty….Lauren takes it all because she is the money train….A little more confidence and style is all she needs….she has the pipes and the looks needed to sell CD's and Concert Tickets. Song writers and producers are already beating on the doors to work with her asap they are not as eager when it comes to the others.

    Voting system is flawed beyond belief, the judges are mere puppets and have no credibility left, it does not matter what they say they lost the ability to influence America.

    • matt: You have a thing for Lauren, not because she's the best, but because you have a perverted old man thing going on for her. You jerk to her pictures online.

    • Good point, James can't do a Ballad, he would totally suck if forced to sing a ballad like "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" or "Maybe I'm Amazed" oh… wait…

    • LOL, I guess you are going to fall on your face, because with his melodic voice the kid can do any ballad he wants! It might not be personal choice to do Carole's songs, but he's got the voice and talent to pull it off easily.

      As to dancing statement, rock is not about dancing man!!! WAKE UP and go back to pop! πŸ™‚

  80. Okay, I finally got my list together & I'm curious about how Templar & Coondog feel about it? I was a big Carol King fan at one time in my life and I put alot of thought into this.

    Haley: Beautiful, Way Over Yonder, Girl Power

    Lauren: Nightengale, Jazzman, The Best is Yet to Come

    Scotty: Been to Canaan, Smackwater Jack, Jazzman

    Casey: Chicken Soup with Rice, Hi-De-Ho

    James: Corazon, Screaming and Yelling

    Jacob: You've Been Here to Long, Home Again

    • "Screaming and Yelling" okay, even I gotta admit, THATS some funny stuff right there. :-p

    • Bunny, I finally found your post! Don't hate me for this: I'm gonna have to trust you on the picks–esp Haley–I'm not good at recognizing Carole King titles, though I'm pretty sure I'll recognize when I hear them, so might be a fun surprise night for me, and I hope you're doing my Haley and a couple others proud. But I'll keep my Puke bucket handy for Jacob! (I'm always a little 'edgy'!)

      • Coondoggie, kdub & matty, I thought they were fitting songs for each contestant. I gotta admit though that I was being witty with the one for Jacob. They are real Carole King songs that are fitting for him to do what ever that is he does. The Screaming and Yelling song was my 2nd choice for James. But I couldn't resist.

        The songs for Haley are all very fitting for her. I like Way Over Yonder the best. Very bluezy (Templar I hope I spelled that right) & growley (that one too), but Beautiful has the more beautiful lyric.

        Scotty needs to pick it up this week & Jazzman would be just the ticket if he could pull it off. It is upbeat & fun, something that he could pull the audience into.

        Lauren could do the same thing with Nightengale.

        Chicken Soup With Rice is perfect for Casey (not a fan but being fair).

  81. I was a huge Stefano fan, and I think America got it wrong by sending him home. Jacob should have gone, considering he might as well same the same song every week. Scotty is for the most part the same way. I personally think he is not the best singer on the show, he just has the biggest fanbase. Now that Stefano is gone, Jacob will most likely be next. After that, It's really anyone's game in my opinion. My votes will probably go to either James or Haley (possibly Casey). I would be happy with any of the those 3 to win. Scotty is probably going to win, because of his fangirls who like country.

  82. I'm not sure if I want to hear Haley do "I Feel the Earth Move" and rock out to it, doing all sorts of runs (and even growls) that that song would allow, or if I would want her to mellow out and surprise everybody and sing a very bluesy rendition of the beautiful song "Tapestry."

    Either way, I'm betting she hits it out of the ballpark.

    And America will still vote for 'SWANGIN'

  83. On a completely different note, I'm watching Carrie Underwood on TV right now and if she had darker hair she'd be almost a dead ringer for JLO.

  84. To whomever oversees and monitors this blog:

    I made a few comments today and someome hijacked my name and used it to make inappropriate comments. Can you please check to see who the culprit is and boot them?

    Feel free to email me if you need additional information.

    Thank you.

  85. Last I knew this was America, and very diverse where everyone can listen to music what ever it may be. ie. Country, rock, heavy metal, soft rock,contemporary, opera etc. and yes even rap (which isn't music)

    Now I listen to it all….last year was disappointing when Crystal didn't win. In my opinion she was the most talented singer, music writing, and she could play instruments like no ones business. That is what is should be about.

    I don't think Haley has much talent, Lauren is just now finding herself she needs a little more time. Stefano was not interesting at all I didn't like his music. Scotty is interesting. James is very talented as is Casey…I would love to see it come down to them as the last two. Jacob has a great voice but he hasn't learned how to use it all well all of the time. I like country and I have voted a few times for lauren but my favs are Casey and James. I was also voteing for Paul who was another interesting talented person and I enjoyed his voice alot.

    I think next week it will be Haley, Jacob and Lauren and Haley will squeak through one more time, with Jacob going home.


    • (if america can think and make the right decision)Then haley will go home, then scotty, then Casey, Lauren, and James can fight it out for the win.

    • You can say you don't appreciate her style or her look or her stage presence or her 'growls' as some may call it or her personality but you can't say she 'doesn't have much talent' because she's amazing.

      • I agree with David… Just because you don't like Haley doesn't mean that you should say that she doesn't have talent.. She is crazy talented…

  86. This is my opinion:

    Casey, James and Lauren are amazing and one of them should win.

    Scotty & Haley are both OK but Scotty will be around longer because I am a FIRM believer that he has all the 8-year old girl votes.

    Jacob sounds like he is a cat with somthing in its throat being ripped to shreads. PLEASE send him home. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Funny, I thought James, Scotty, and Casey did an amazing cover. Scotty sounded contemporary for once and he proved he can sing other things–he just doesn't choose to. The cover was not horrible IMO. Stefano and the others was much worse.

  88. Maybe Scotty fans are simply watching until Scotty sings, then vote for him mindlessly. I hope that the top three are Hayley, Casey, and James though I doupt it will happen.

      • I didn't know this was that Scotty McCreery show. He's boring, safe, and about as un-versatile as you can get. I used to love him, but now, as I watch him take things he doesn't earn, (like being safe last week after that simply awful rendition of Swingin') and sneak his way around the challenges to still do boring old fashioned songs, I honestly wouldn't care if he went home next anymore. He has talent, but we've seen everything he can do now. It's just repeat performances with him at this point. Yawwwwwnnnn.

      • Only if he sings last. Other than that, based on what he has shown these past few weeks, most of them are better.

    • OMG….we will finally have our NORTH American ( excuse me, our USA)IDOL. Scotty. People do you really believe Scotty will be a International star????? NEVER…..could be Naima first. We will have what we deserve a young, bore, country, monotematic AMERICAN IDOL. At last this is all about….This season…..a country guy…Eureka!!!

  89. People keep saying Scotty is a one trick pony and he is boring to watch. He might be. But, I will wager any amount of money that Scotty will have the most successful, post idol of any of this years and I suspect previous year performers as well. I agree, he is probably not even the best singer or performer this year. But, there is something about the tone of his voice that make people stop and listen, the first time they hear it. And he does it without the use of fireworks and burning piano's like other performers seem to need. Add the fact that he is still young and that country music is one of the few types of music that is selling CD's these days and I would say the others will be long forgotten by next year. Whereas Scotty’s career will outlast American Idol.

    • Scotty will be a middle of the road country crooner most likely. Yes, he will be successful in that he will sell records, might even get a gold record or two, but the boy ain't going platinum, and he's not gonna make anybody forget Carrie Underwood. Next year they will have another deepvoiced heart throb and people are going to forget about him… UNLESS he starts evolving as an artist and starts doing more interesting things. One trick ponies don't end up as country legends.

      Thats the frustrating thing about Scotty is that I believe he can do it, I think if he applies himself, evolves, lives life a little, suffers a little heartache, grows and pushes himself out of his safety zone, then he could be successfull, (prolly not Carrie underwood successfull, but he could sell a ton of records nonetheless) but he is too damned complacent and if he's not goign to push his boundaries now, I wonder if he ever will.

      • kdub: A bit off topic, but did you see Carrie Underwood on the Superstar show last night? She sang gospel and was amazing. Had people crying. Blew everyone away.

      • I hope Scotty blows everyone away this week – I also don't know anything about Carol King and I have been listening to music a very long time. I get so tired of all the screaming that is called rock – and I really think James is sure he will win – and he might. He certainly comes off way too confident. And the judges don't help since they are all rockers too.

      • Pete sakes, Scotty is only 17 and what the years could bring to him. they are all young and very good and I wish them all a great profession in the Music field and Jacob could become a preacher man,Who Know what the future holds.Thank God for now. and the pressure they are under they deserve more praise just for effort they have shown. Go Kids go.

    • Steve and kdub, I think you're both right. Though he keeps playing it safe now to see how far it carries him–and it likely will carry him to Top 3–he's got to know that he's got to try harder cooler stuff or the Judges will keep ripping him. Course, he may realize that just like this week, his fan base will carry him anyways.

      Regardless, he can win Idol (or lose) with the Scotty image we see now. But to reach what you say Steve, I have no doubt that he will transform from cute, innocent Scotty to try to adopt a bit more rugged appearance and at least an occasional cowboy hat. And it won't be losing himself, it's just the natural progression for a young kid to take.

      Can't end without saying I believe Haley can do well also, and she'll be able to get more racy here and there, but not too much. Lauren can do well also, because I'm sure her handlers will explain to her that Jennifer Hudson's "disciplines" makes her look better and much more marketable. Don't want no hate mail, I just don't want Lauren to grow anymore. It's no different than when college athlete have reached their fuller adult size, they have to consume less food than in their "growing days".–It IS hard to be delicate on this subject!

      • Coondoggie, If Haley is going to progress (& I believe she can) you need to VOTE! Luv Ya. I've paid lots of money & not been as entertained as you entertain me at times, lol-lol.

      • Thanks Bun-Bun! I follow and respect your remarks also–'specially when you getchor dander up and get 'down and dirty' like an ornery coondog!

    • @ Steve and kdub: Both interesting, thoughtful posts with excellent points. I agree with Coondog. Just want to underscore that win or lose this thing, geesh, give him time. Remember, he's only 17! I am sure the boy has a future in country music and he will pick up what he needs to mature as a singer along the way. It will be interesting to follow his career!

      • Hey Puppie, just catching up with you (I think I been in a blackberry haze or something). I see you and the Bunster have been colluding on this voting bandwagon since me and Oldster confessed our sins of nonvoting! And just to prove to you how ornery an old coondog can be, I'm still not voting because I know that since y'll know that, then ya'll put in a few extra Haley votes for us! (please!)

        Also was glad you understood the 'gentleman lessons' from the Foghorn Leghorn allegory, and saw what me and Paul had said about Stefano snubbing Haley. But I do apologize for the Pia math; Coondog ain't used to using that side of his brain–probably what put me in that Haze I was in.

        Anyways, just wanted to make sure I caught up with you alls. Course the most interesting news (besides my nonvoting) to break this weekend was the Voting/Blogging spat goin' on between Secondchance and her daughter DevinLee. Old Coondog do like a Catfight! Oww oww ow-oooohh!

      • Frankly, I'm glad Scotty is sticking to what he knows. I never like it when kids try to ask like grownups. Like Pup says, let's give him some time. That's what will give him longevity, not singing about something he's yet to have experienced. As for me, he had me at hello. πŸ™‚

    • That tone in his sense will make sense until he grows up. Then you realize that he is only a man with a deep voice who sings country. The voice isnt everything…I mean he can be famous easily..look at the current music scene..any jackass who can undertake a lot of stress can make it…but i do not see scotty as someone who would sell out and so i have to wonder when he grows up, what does this guy bring to the table that Mr.X doesn't?

    • The "Country" music that is so popular – and has been for some time – is "Country Rock" most of which relies on the rock influence.

      On Friday, we watched two Country shows – one a competition, called "CMT's Next Country Star" produced by the same people that do AI – and the other was "Girls Night Out, Superstar" in which Carrie Underwood brought the house down singing "How Great Thou Art."

      If you go back and review the top 4 from the previous 9 seasons, out of the 36 contestants, there are probably 7 who have made it or are on their way to making it.

      The last two teenagers who finished in the top 4 are Allison Iraheta (16) from Season 8 and David Archuleta from Season 7. Both have already been released by their record companies and this despite the fact that David's debut album sold close to One Million copies worldwide.

      It's a tough and very competitive business and right now, apart from the bass quality of his voice and his cuteness, Scotty has not shown anything else that leads me to believe he will be the star you and others seem to think he will be.

      As I have posted before, we loved him from his audition until a few weeks ago when he started showing a cockiness and a "I know better than you" attitude.

      Personally, I think he is scared to come out of his comfort zone as a soloist (he has done it a bit in the duets and group numbers) but needs to if he wants to win.

      As people are voted off, that leaves more votes available for others and they probably won't be going to Scotty.

      Going back to Carrie Underwood who, to-date, has had the most successful post idol career, go and see what she sang during Season 4

      when she won.

      For example, at the Top 9 stage, she sang "Hello Young Lovers" at the Top 8, it was "Love Is A Battlefield" by Pat Benatar and at the Top 7 for the 1970's Dance Music category, it was "McArthur Park."

      She displayed a terrific range of musical talent and was not a "one trick pony" like Scotty is being at the moment.

      As for his age, out of the previous 36 who finished in the top 4, there have been 7 teenagers.

      Fantasia (19), Diana DeGarmo (16) and Jamine Trias (17)who finished 1-2-3 in Season 3, Anthony Fedorov (19) who was 4th in Season 4, Jordin Sparks (17) in Season 5 – still the youngest winner – David Archuleta (17) Runner-Up in Season 7 and Allison Iraheta (16) who was 4th in Season 8.

      We don't know what lies ahead for Archuleta and Iraheta but of the others only Jordin Sparks and Fantasia have enjoyed any degree of success to-date.

      For his sake, I hope Scotty does lose his "I know best" attitude, listens to advice and shows more vocal versatility.

    • Low pitched voices are NOT that uncommon. Come on.

      A Youtube user posts all of their studio versions with no performance video behind as soon as they can get them, and Scotty's Swingin' has the least amount of views, and the most amount of dislikes. He has 1,500 views, 20 likes, and 15 dislikes the last I checked. Haley's has the most, with 14,000 views, 200 likes, and only 3 dislikes. Then James has the highest, then Casey, then Lauren, then Stefano, and Scotty is all the way at the bottom. That really says something to me about how the voting has barely anything to do with the actual music.

    • I agree with u steve fox, Scotty will be a great country singer and people will keep on playin his songs over and over again.

  90. haley is the best… i wish that shw shing she works hard for the money someday =P! and some crhistina too (not these week obviously) GO HALEY!! YOUR ARE GREAT!

    • Even though I like country music, I am open minded enough to see that Haley is a true talent. I have no idea why she is always in the bottom three. I think it's because her fans are a bit older and do not vote 100 times a night. But, I wish here the best.

      • It seems that because Pia fans are still not able to accept their favorite is gone; their votes possibly were given to James or others but Haley.

      • SoftDev: Uh oh, you said the P word. Now Pup is gonna try to collect. It seems it's now OK to say Voldemort, but not the P word.

      • @SoftDev: Picture Pup standing beside you with her paw open. "Hand it over."

        (Templar, cutting you in on the riches!) πŸ™‚

      • Templar, I don't understand what you mean : Which the P word is ? What and Why is Pup going to collect ? Also, I don't understand Pup saying "Hand it over". I didn't read all comments posted here (I skipped over some), esp. related to Pup, so that I was possibly not aware whether my comment above had any effect/disturbance to some readers, esp Pup.

      • Templar, now I understand what you and Pup meant.

        I just searched all comments posted by Pup in this blog to find out anything which have relation to your reply.

        Yes, it originated from #36 at page 1 by Joseph from Puerto Rico which was replied by Pup.

        Does his rule of charging $1 for every mentioning the P word still hold here ? … lol

      • @SoftDev: (What the heck does your name mean, anyway???!!!) Of course the rule applies. Now about that $1 . . .

      • Pup, what's Templar's "piece of the action" on your Pi- Oh hell, you almost got me! Anyways, what's his percentage for being your Wiseguy Collector? And do you think you'll have any luck with the $135 Adam owes ya? I say you let SoftDev off the hook this time just for showing the knack to figure out your game!

      • @Pup, SoftDev is of course not my actual name, it's a short form of Software Developer aka Computer Programmer, my occupation since the last 15 years.

        My first name is Alexander.

        Now, would you kindly free me from being charged $1 for every P word ? … lol

      • SoftDev, (Alexander), thanks for the explanation of your user name. For your kindness, you now have a free pass with respect to the P word.

        Now, about these popups I've been experiencing here . . . (jk, jk) I'll bet you get that all the time from your friends.

      • @Pup, thanks for your kindness.

        As for the popups (..jk, jk ??), I have never been encountering them in this site.

        I can only give this tip to overcome them :

        Assuming the browser you are using is Mozilla Firefox, click Tools in the menu bar, then click Options; a dialog window will appear with a toolbar; Click Content and make sure you check the checklist box near the text "Block popup windows", and then click Ok.

    • Haley and Adele's styles are similar since they are both fans of the great Etta James and other women Blues and Jazz singers of the late 40's and 50's.

      Adele's voice is a little deeper and uses it almost like a musical instrument but Haley could really shine with the right song in this style of music. Haley's voice is a little more airy and will fit some songs better than Adele's, so there is a place for both.

      • Remember that Etta James and many great blues singers or even early Elvis were recorded on 78's, since 45's and 33's had just start to be used and didn't become that wide spread until 1955 or 56.

      • I had to smile thinking of young people reading your post and saying "What's a 78?". FYI kids, it's how we got our music when dinosaurs walked the earth.

      • good point Templar. Besides not understanding 33,45,78,and LP, words such as 8-track and cassette would hold little meaning also! Do you suppose they know what a hootenanny is?!

      • @ Bloodyscot @ Templar and @ coondog – I never owned a 78 but my folks did as did our music teacher and I used to wonder why they handled them with kid gloves. Well, I found out when I was asked to get one and I dropped it -oops!

        33's and 45's I have a bunch of, including original Beatles from the UK in Mono – do you suppose that needs explaining to some :):) – and have equipment to record them onto CD's.

      • Paul: It Might. Probably not as much as 45s the little record with the big hole. I still have a Gerard turntable for my vinyls and a sound system that takes records, cassettes and CDs. I have a pretty big collection of LPs. And even if I never played them I'd keep them for the cover art.

  91. I like Stefano.

    I knew though that he was on his way to elimination with the results and all but really hoped he could have stayed another week and see Jacob go first, but sadly that didn't happen.

    Good luck to the contestants next week. Hope they survive the boring theme.

  92. After reading the diatribe here…the great thing about music is that everyone has their own opinions and tastes and that what makes music so great. So there is realy no need for name calling.

    After watching the elimination show, what shocked me was the apparent lack of confidence from Scotty when he performed with the others…he kept looking at the others unsure of what to do…he felt so out of place.

    I am sure Scotty will get a career in the music industry, but I want him in the bottom 3 as he needs to be brought to reality as he thinks he is amazing. As for James tears and those who say it was a put on…shame on you! From the start of the top 24 when Stefano was first eliminated they both said that they had become great buddies and his display of affection towards Stefano was amazing. He also shed tears when Paul left.

    James performance of Muse's Uprising was one of the best of the season….his look, his performance, his stage presence was that of a true performer. And to be honest the ones we as an audience like to see are those who may have good vocals (not great), but those who can entertain us and that is what James does!

    I am hoping that this week, Scotty does get in the bottom 3 and maybe that will shake him up…but I hope that Jacob goes….he is far too arrogant in his attitude and even though has great vocals, his performances are ok!

    Again, top 3 will be James, Scotty and Lauren. The outsider will be Casey, but if the American public voted him out before, he is skating on thin ice….

    • scotty's getting arrogant, too.. but i must say he has a reason to – he's nvr been in the bottom 3 no matter how badly he performs!

      i can't stand scotty as much as i can't stand gaycob!

    • I like Scotty, but he is so very young and I believe he's led a very sheltered life. He's as awkward a dancer as Mick Jagger and he is not ready for a career. He needs to go home finish school, mature a bit and then hit Nashville. Same goes for Lauren. The tryout age should be at least 18, and never mind looking for the next Bieber. Bloody vultures.

      • @ Templar…I agree. I read where Josh Turner said the same thing to Scotty…go to college and then come back (have an education to fall back on just in case this doesn't work out). I think some of these contestants are relying too heavily on "instant success"…perhaps for awhile…but to keep their star shining and sustainable requires a lot of hard work and dedication. I believe that James has this in him but maybe not Scotty or Lauren. JMO

      • Rose A: Exactly. That's why for weeks I've been saying let James win. Scotty's my fave, but he's nowhere near ready. james is older, is married and has a child. He's seen a bit of life, and with his conditions has overcome a deal of adversity. Let James win.

      • He should win only if he is the best. I'm personally not a fan and wouldn't buy or listen to his music beyond one song (if I could stand to sit through one song). Good luck to the BEST performer and I hope someone comes up with a voting system that promotes honesty and fairness and prevents lop sided voting.

    • @ Muzik (I almost typed Muzak!) You forgot any mention of Haley–and that she would win AI!!

      • Because she wont. As talented as Haley is, she doesn't attract too many people to her side. And this is a popularity contest, no doubt about it.

      • I still have HOPE!! Miracles do come true. C'mon, Haley, move these hard-hearted people so much they just HAVE to lay flowers at your feet.

    • IMMENSELY DISAPPOINTED that STEFANO IS ALREADY GONE???? BIG MISTAKE MADE !!!!! Stefano had always gave it all on stage.

      Agree that Scotty is getting so smug and cocky lately just because he's never in bottom 3 and that's injustice cos he's performances have been so bad lately. I hope the voters will start to wake up and stop voting for him and let him get booted out soon. Enough said already about this Scotty, bad vocal and horrendous stage presence. Goodness, the world is in SHOCK that Scotty and Lauren is still in the competition. So far only James and Hayley and possibly Casey are worth watching….But seriously there's nothing exciting to look out for in Idol show cos the true bonafide performer with ballistic vocal, the one and only Stefano is no longer in the competition. WHAT A BIG MISTAKE, AMERCICA.

    • You think Jacob is arrogant? I'm glad we are all entitled to our own opinions. I think James and Scotty are the MOST arrogant two on the show. James is by far the most. So why can't Jacob be a bit arrogant too? It's a black thang aint it?

  93. Let's see here. Last night's show. The Train quartet was a little weird. They seemed to be going for an acapella, 4 part arrangement that didn't sound good at all. The Cold Play trio I actually enjoyed though. Mainly Scotty, surprisingly. He should totally do something non country like that on a regular performance day because he sounded good. David Cook I enjoyed. Katy Perry weirded me out. Did they have to bring her on? Apparently Ryan didn't like it either because he hid backstage during it :D. Ford Music video? Ok, fine. Those never really interest me because they only last like 30 seconds, but I suppose there is worse. The whole bowling and spa thing was boring. Its good to know that they have fun, but I don't need to see their documented life during the week.

    On to results. Casey and Jacob stand up. Casey is safe and Jacob in the bottom 3. That wasn't surprising. Then they bring on Stephano, Lauren, and James. Dangit. Before they said that I knew that this means Haley is in the bottom 3 again because her and Scotty are the only ones remaining. Stephano goes to the bottom 3. Also not surprising. But for some reason Randy didn't think he deserved it. I'm scared to think of who the judges would've put in instead. Lauren and James are safe. James was obvious, but Lauren needed to make an appearance this week to motivate her. Last up, Haley and Scotty stand in the middle for the final spot. For a second I think my dream has come true and Scotty gets put in the bottom 3 because for the first time this season Ryan gives Scotty a little suspense whereas every other week he just sent him right to safety without hardly blinking. His line, "Scotty. (pause) Wow. (pause)" I thought was going to be followed by "you are in the bottom three" but instead says "you are safe". Once again I start throw a tempter tantrum that Haley made it into the bottom three once again when she didn't deserve it. It makes me think that she is going to be one of the next going home when she really deserves to be in the finale. But before I could finish my temper tantrum Ryan sends her right back to safety, thus giving me a calm demeanor. I thought that was actually quite clever on Ryan's part. He's a great host. He really is. Then, with Jacob and Stephano standing there at the chopping block, Stephano gets the information that his run is over. And then I get relieved that for the second straight week, America got it right.

    Stephano was classy in his exit and I respect him for it. Towards the end of the show when he was singing, I actually got kinda sad. Not because he was leaving, but because of James's reaction. It was then I truly learned that Stephano and James were like best friends this season and James just got his best friend ripped away from him. I'm sorry James. That is sad.

    Next week? Hmmmm… this top 6 is really good and now that we finally got Stephano out of the way, I think it is officially anyone's game. I like all 6 of them and am really excited to see how this all ends. I'm hoping for a James and Haley finale, but will probably curse those two just because I am hoping for that. Only once on American Idol has my favorite contestant actually won. Let's make that two this season. But this theme for next week makes me nervous. I don't even really know who Carole King is. I guess I need to YouTube her and figure out what she is like and what type of songs we'll be listening to.

    • Enjoyed your descriptive rundown and feelings; makes us think of our own, so I always like the way you and Branden do that each week, whether or not we're in total agreement–stimulates the discussions. I'd rather Jacob had left than Stefano–it would have brought balance to the force (lol) or at least this blog site.

    • We said the same as you when Scotty and Haley were left on the bench and, like you, hope it was Scotty in the bottom 3 but knew it wouldn't be. That is not based on talent but on the fact that he is miles ahead in the popularity contest with the ladies.

      Like you we would love to see a James/Haley final because they are not just god singers but good performers and it will make for an entertaining show.

      I have 12 albums by Carole King and, while she is best known for her "Tapestry" album, she has written scores of hit songs for others, especially with her ex Gerry Goffin.

      So when they say it will be a Carole King week, there are actually scores of songs from which to choose.

      Between 1955 and 1999 she wrote or co-wrote some 120 pop hits that appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 and was named the most successful female songwriter in the final half of the 20th Century.

    • I was so happy that Ryan barely let her bottom touch the seat!!! You could tell he was vastly impressed by her the night before, he told her how great she was and then repeated it! πŸ™‚ I think people not voting for Haley is just their stubborness and their loyalty to past favorites who didn't do so well. But if Haley puts in another performance like this one, I have hopes that America will finally surrender and vote for the most talented singer to stay. Haley is #1!!! Vocally speaking, no one can even touch her.

    • BTW: The Ford Commercials are here to stay as long as Ford remains the #1 sponsor of the show.

      I guess we should be thankful Coke hasn't asked the contestants to do a song for a Coke commercial. πŸ™‚

  94. I don't see why Haley can't get any love. IMO she's #2 behind James in this thing. Haley has done great jobs w/ Janis Joplin, Blondie, Adele, & more. Randy seems to have it in for her. He ripped her a few weeks ago for singing differnt styles, saying he didn't know who she was. I think that's a good thing to be able to do that.

    Randy's never said anything bad about her singing, just her song choice. When she did the Blondie song she woke me up after Scott & Casey put me to sleep. I thought it was the perfect choice.

    Then ya get little comments in the preamble like Jimmy saying if she's not magic the audience will reject her. That's not even close to the truth. The first time I really took notic Haley was when Thia, Pia, & her were in that group in results night a few weeks ago. The audience gave the polite golf type claps for the other 2, but roared when Haley was mentioned. Since then she's been #1 or #2 on the applause meter, if ya will, pretty much every week. Then she goes on to face Randy cuttin into her right after that. So of course her vote totals will be down. I'm aware Randy said she was best of the night one time. Mostly he's down on her though.

    Scott on the other hand is more bulletproof than Sanjaya. At least Sanjaya was always in the bottom 2 all the time. He should have went this week. He should have went home last week. He should have went home the week before that. Yet he's not even in the bottom 3. Scott must be related to Sanjaya somehow.

    • IMHO Haley's not getting the teen girl vote and that's why she's not higher in the polls. It isn't likely that teens will vote for a girl, but if they did it would be Lauren. Lauren is someone they'd identify with, being less polished and sophisticated than Haley. Lauren is a bestie type, Haley is a boyfriend magnet.

      • Templar is exactly right about that. I will be shocked if Haley makes it past the top 5. She'll have to beat out the VFTW pick and reach out for Lauren's audience. At this point it seems people either love Haley or hate Haley and it might be too late to change people's minds.

      • David P: Do not give up hope! I believe in the goodness and fairness of most people. I really do. So if Haley really does her job, well, there is a chance.

        PLUS, we need to get her fans who do not vote (ahem, Coondog and Oldster) to actually do some voting, too!!!

      • Oops. Posted to SoftDev in the wrong spot!

        @ Templar: Just wait, you'll see. The tide is a-turnin', boy!

      • Pup, I'm with you on thinking idealistically regards Haley. It's too bad that the AI voting system is so guided by the voting blocs of multiple voting. Because teens and metalheads and even grannies energize themselves to vote like crazy, but many fans of Haley's are young and older guys–and it just ain't our thing to be manipulated by producers/advertisers to vote like a fool for 2 hours. Our pride won't let us! So, objectively looking at it, Haley will be lucky to beat out even Jacob and Casey. But Old Coondog still has some Idealism left, so I'm still rooting for Haley until that final song! And the good news is that once record deals and concerts start happening, Haley will do very well–cause paying money for your music is Sooo much different than this cheap voting system.

      • Haley seems to be the most popular on You Tube, based on the likes and dislikes, and Scotty the least popular.

        Frankly, based on recent performances, that is more realistic because it is visual and probably one vote per person – similar to this site and a few others.

    • My wife says Haley is a terrific looking girl (one criticism is the overuse of the red lipstick), has a perfect figure, legs to die for and can sing anything she puts her mind to and does it well.

      For the record, I agree with her 100% πŸ™‚ and want to see a Haley/James final because it will be the most entertaining of all the combination's available.

      The "judges" – it really is hard to call them that this year – do seem to have it in for Haley.

      Tyler spends the time undressing Haley with his eyes – I guess he still hankers after young gals!

      JLo always has something negative to say (in her smarmy way) and then says she is just trying to help and hopes a girl won't be voted off.

      No disrespect to JLo but she is hardly a great singer herself, even in the "genre" she chose.

      Randy has been exposed this year because he is now the top dawg on the panel and fails miserably.

      He tells others like Scotty, Casey and Jacob to be true to their style and actually praises them for doing it but has spent most of the season telling the girls they have to "change it up" or "do an up-tempo song instead of ballads" and we all know how that has worked for at least two of them.

      Then he starts telling Haley that she varies her "genre" too much and needs to find out who she really is and even Ryan asked her if she thinks she has found her "genre."

      The girl can sing any style she wants to and that is the sign of a great artiste.

      Kelly Clarkson doesn't stick to one "genre" and has recorded all types including a little country with Jason Aldean.

      In the past few weeks, I have seen Carrie Underwood singing rock duets with Steven Tyler and bring the house down on Friday with her version of "How Great Thou Art."

      These two are the two most successful stars AI has produced so far and during their competition changed their "genre" and style in order to show their versatility.

      It worked for them and I hope it works for Haley because she has start quality.

  95. FYI: I migrated the site to a bigger server this morning so any comments left between 0930ET and 1100ET were lost. Sorry about that!

  96. OMG! You are so funny people. Casey, James and Scotty's cover of Coldplay was great. You can't compare it to the original. Doing that is just stupid considering the fact that they are not even close to be the same artists as Coldplay members are. In their style it was great! I most agree, Scotty really surprise me ; he was really good singing that song!

  97. I can't express myself the way I want to in english so for my french folks here is my opinion :

    Premièrement, il est de mise de mentionner la stupidité des américains quand il en vient de parler de musique et de talents musicaux. Ceci étant dit, je crois que l'aliénation des États-Unis envers la musique country (dans laquelle une voix grave permet de performer sans pour autant être un bon artiste) vient en directe relation avec le fait que les gens n'aiment pas Casey. Il est brillant et talentueux. Sa voix est unique, son genre est unique et, surtout, il ne s'abaisse pas aux exigences que la production ou de ses dénigreurs. Il mérite tout notre respect, car un talent abaissé aux barrières qu'on lui impose n'est plus un talent, mais une prison dans laquelle, plus souvent qu'autrement, on se perd. C'est exactement ce qu'AI fait à toutes les saisons : imposer leurs critères et leur volonté sur les artistes afin d'en retirer le plus d'argent possible. Tout est une question d'argent.

    Maintenant, pourquoi autant de gens n'aime pas ce que Casey fait? Tout simplement parce qu'il est différent des autres artistes dans la compétition. Ça aussi ça vient directement jouer sur l'ignorance générale des gens envers la différence. Les compagnies de disque ont tellement organisé la musique contemporaine de la même façon peu importe le genre que maintenant tout sonne pareil et quand quelque chose est différent la majorité ne l'accepte pas compte tenu du fait que ce soit différent. Alors, pourquoi Casey est-il autant détesté malgré son immense talent? Parce que les gens ne trouvent pas compréhensible sa musique et ne cherchent pas à l'apprécier non plus, faut-il mentionner.

    Donc, en gros, les américains en général ne veulent pas quelque chose de différent. Ils sont bien contents dans leur petite musique sans talent qu'est le country et ne cherchent aucunement à apprécier d'autre genre. On regarde notre petit nombril et on accuse les autres. Bravo! Quelle belle façon d'agir bande d'attardés.

    By the way, Casey n'est même pas mon préféré, mais je ne peux nier son immense talent musical.

    • Again, I Coondog, with my great ears am able to translate many languages: Ahem.

      He say "Casey mediocre" (and ugly). Then he say "Jacob must go, crying oui, oui, oui all the way home".

      Then he write long paragraphs saying how good Haley was, and how beautiful Haley was, and even a short little story about what he'd like to do with Haley after dinner and a movie, but I Coondog am exercising my Coondog etiquette and shall not repeat the exact details. He end saying he hope that Haley win American Idol and be elected Presidente of the United States next year! (I Coondog gave him my solemn vow I would vote for her if she ran!)

      • Now, now, coondog; are you projecting your own desires by hiding behind our posters attempt at French??

        Actually, he calls Americans dumb and ignorant about music and basically obsessed with Country music which, in the posters opinion, requires no vocal talent.

        While spending a lot of the post telling us how good Casey is and how America does not appreciate his musical talents, the poster ends by saying Casey is not his/her favorite so, presumably, it is either Haley, Jacob or James – who knows??

    • J'ai habité en France pendant trois années et parle français très bien.

      For my American-English friends on here, which is the vast majority, you are saying that Americans are stupid when it comes to music and recognizing musical talent and are too biased toward Country Music for which, according to you, one does not require to have a good voice.

      The rest of your post extols the talents of Casey, why the AI people won't want him to win because all they are interested in is money and that, essentially, Americans can't recognize talent when they here it.

      You end by saying that Americans are content in their small music world of Country and that Casey is not your preferred contestant on AI this year.

      Obviously, you know little about American music since it is the Country that put Jazz, Blues, R&B, Rock & Roll and – yes – Country Music on the World Map not to mention other genres of which I am not a fan.

      What do the following have in common beside being successful?

      Bachmann Turner Overdrive

      Barenaked Ladies

      Bryan Adams

      Paul Anka

      Michael Bublé

      Leonard Cohen

      Céline Dion

      Nelly Furtado

      K.D. Lang

      Avril Lavigne

      Gordon Lightfoot

      Sarah McLaughlin

      Joni Mitchell

      Alanis Morissette


      Neil Young

      They are ALL Canadians who made their fame in America and not ONE of them sung or sings Country.

      So Country fans are not left out of the Canadian connection, here are some well known Country singers from north of the border:

      Corb Lund

      Ann Murray

      Hank Snow

      Shania Twain

      If Casey is not your favorite and you seem to have a low opinion of dumb American Country music, that leaves 3 of whom one is, apparently, your favorite so who is it?


      Jacob OR


      • @ Coondoggy: You are so funny. I knew you were Paul Bunyan in disguise there. You should have been a children's author (er, with someone beside you editing your material for tender ears).

        @ Paul, who the hell are you? (I am so impressed. I had 2 years of Latin and 2 years of Spanish, so I can pick out words here and there (noticed "cretin" right away) but wow, and thank you for translating, even though the message you had to convey was not a pleasant or flattering one. But Tapuscrit is entitled to his opinion, of course. Now, it doesn't surprise me in the slightest that he considers us parochial. Most French people think that about us, anyway. It's funny that he is stereotyping us all as strictly country fans, though. American rock singers are known around the world . . . so he must know they are beloved here, as well.

      • @ Tapuscript – I understand plenty, whether it be on Easter Day or any other day.

        Oh! and I am not a cretin – per other comment!!

        Bonne nuit et apprΓ©cient les chansons le mercredi.

  98. Scotty arouses extreme comments, what to they love or hate it, in my case I love believe that these spaces should maintain alturado language after all but like what his problem is vote for your favorite, those who vote for Scotty is for something for nice, or his voice all have preferences and if observed the other singers do not visit as well as to Scotty, for something we, fondly of Peru.Sorry by me english

  99. This is the most SHOCKING result….it's a sin, it's a crime and it's absolutely crazy to send STEFANO home when Casey, Scotty, Lauren and Jacob did so bad that night.

    Honestly STEFANO is the most exciting performer in Idol just next to James. Only James and Stefano live up to Idol performance standard.

    Period….I am not watching this show anymore until Stefano's back on stage on the Finale and I hope James will be crowned the winner eventually.

    Love Stefano and James Always and Forever…Hope someday James and Stefano will do a duet on stage…They should do Westlife's version of The Dance it would be simply awesome.

    Hear me out Stefano and James…God bless these 2 bestfriends πŸ™‚

    • i agree with you.. i must admit Stefano is not the best vocally but performance-wise, he rocks! His performances are always something to look forward to as compared to Pia, Lauren and Haley. They just bore me to death. The guys are better than the girls this season… (hate to admit that since i am a girl!)

      • @ Tom:

        This was the 4th time Stefano had been in the bottom 3 and, remember, he also was given a life by the judges" when they let him in as the 13th finalist.

        That being said, it was also the 4th time Haley has been in the bottom 3, including the last 2 weeks when she has been declared safe first.

        A certain young lady was voted off after never being in the bottom 3 before so it does happen.

        The final 6's record:

        Haley – 4

        Jacob – 2

        Casey – 1 that was the save!

        The other three have not been in once – yet.

      • I agree that Stefano did improve performing! He has come a long way, opening his eyeswhile singing, and having better contact with the audience as he sings.

        Pia needed to work on the performances, and contact with the audience.

        I hope the same thing doesn't happen to Scotty and Lauren that happened to Pia!!

  100. No more watching Idol since Stefano's gone. Stefano is the most exciting Idol this season. Supposedly only Hayley and James and Stefano can be in the Top 3.

    Seriously, the rest are SO BORING and I dont wish to comment anymore.

    I have been tearing and crying and feeling so down since Stefano's got eliminated. My heart is breaking so bad…..Please Stefano come back and rock the stage.

    • Dont just hope cos Jacob really has to GO…..and also that mundane-munchy Scotty, i just dont like this 2 kids singing styles. PERIOD!

  101. i am missing stefano already. I always find myself hurrying to finish work so I can go home early and see him perform in AI. It sucks he has to go home. He's not the best vocally this season but he's a great performer as compared to the rest. He lights up the stage with his smile and his captivating stare. Makes people melt. Now, GO JAMES and get that AI Title!

      • Finally someone else's ears are bleeding from all the SCREAMING James has done every week. The focus here is on special needs. I predict screaming James will be the winner this season because he is special. About 2 weeks ago, the Idol audience was surprisingly padded with children with specials needs. It's obvious who the winner will be this season. For those who get voted off prematurely, just remember Jennifer Hudson. You too can be more successful than the voter's choice.

  102. I feel like we basically know the top 5 will be Scotty, Lauren, James, Casey, and Haley. With that said, I think James and Scotty both have a really huge fan base, and Lauren following close behind, obviously… since none of the three have been in the bottom three, I also think Casey has gotten a LOT of fans since he was in the bottom three. If you base it off of online statistics (I know a lot of you aren't going to agree with this, but I thought I'd go ahead and point it out.) Scotty has 100, 000 followers on Twitter, 8,000 more than the second most, Casey. He also has almost 80,000 fans on Facebook (people of all ages have Facebook.) This number is also more than anyone else. Scotty had his least best performance this past week, while Haley had the best, in most opinions, and she was in the bottom three and he still wasn't. Much to a lot of your dismay, Scotty has a great fan base that is still growing, and he sounded absolutely wonderful Thursday singing Viva La Vida, which is as far away you can get from Country without it being rap. πŸ˜› I think he has the chops to win this thing, I sort of hope he doesn't though because he needs a contract in Nashville, I think James will win, with a Scotty/ James finale, and a Scotty/ James/ Lauren top 3! I'm sure a lot of y'all will disagree and I'll probably have some hate comment, but this is JUST the way I see it, only my opinion, along with a few facts… It's really up to each contestants fan bases to see who will get to the finale! : )

    • As of 40 mins ago on Twitter:

      Scotty 100,082

      Casey 92,937

      Lauren 82,640

      James 71,350

      Haley 55,480

      Jacob 37,562

      So, folks, are we having a Social Media Contest or a Singing One??

  103. hey Branden…or hey administer… u deleted my comment right?? okK what does it meanN????

    • Comments that are antagonistic, insulting, or add nothing to the discussion will be deleted.

      Likewise, posting the same comment 3 times in a row is a fast track to be banned.

      • i didnt insult anyoNe…& my comments are NOT antagonistic…that was because i was really sad about the result and it may happens for anyone…

        you know what? …maybe u act like this cause iam Not american…& u Know where i am from…maybe i shouldnt write comment here…

        time to go forever


      • Deletion of comments have everything to do with content and nothing to do with location in the world.

        Goodbye. Forever.

      • ''…. and nothing to do with location in the world''

        if it is …so…ok…u just make me sad by saying this: antagonistic, insulting, or add nothing to the discussion…:((I felt insulted by those words u used…


        with best wisheS

  104. I really do not think that Stephano should have been voted out. I think that the Idol will be between Scotty and James.

    • Yup!!!! Stefano should have stayed cos he's amazingly so good that night with Neyo's closer. Stefano's very much love by the UK viewer's here. Online voting in UK shows both James and Stefano are the Top performers garnered more than 50 votes each while Scotty and Jacob got the lowest votes.

      Even in Asia and Europe most viewers voted Stefano among the Top 2 Finalist to compete either with James or Casey. But Scotty, Jacob and Lauren are the bottom 3 and should be voted out. This online voting for fans in Asia, Europe and UK even in Japan for the American Idol this season and the fans here have better taste and really love Stefano so much.

      What's up with US clinging on Scotty and don't understand what's the prowess this kid had all this while on stage but a seriously just a monotonous voice and strings of lacklustre performance.

  105. It's so wrong Stefano got eliminated, he's a great performer with lots of energy. He didn't deserve to be booted out.

    Holy Christ, Scotty and Lauren performances were really bad, stale and boring but yet they are safe. My goodness are these voters blind and tone-deaf or what. Please wake up to the world, dont let the rest of the world look down on America's finest taste of winner's picked by electing Scotty to be the winner or even Lauren. These 2 kids cannot be marketed globally, they are so weak and bland.

    I thought Jacob is so much better than Scotty and Lauren. Go all the way James and Hayley are the most exciting performers. Rooting for James strongly.

    Anyway I am not watching this show anymore cos Stefano's not there anymore. Will just wait for the Finale when Stefano's back on stage and also the DVD for the Summer Tour and perhaps just watch all Stefano's performances in YouTube. Love Stefano always, great performer with an amazing attitude.

  106. Believe the final two will be James and Lauren . . or at least it should be. Personally, I am pulling for Lauren and hope she begins to realize just how good a singer she it. :>)

  107. Finally someone else agrees that James is a screamer! All of the contestants are excellent performers but in the end there can be only 1. It will be James but he is not the best. It will be exactly for the reason I wrote but obviously someone found inappropriate. I still say his winning will be based on the fact that he has a special needs.

  108. Whatever u guys said, i'm gonna say that Stefano is the true winner. But he unluckily eleminated from this competition. He got everything required as a winner. Talented, young, intersesting, hot, and really soulful voice. He deserves the title of champion. But now on, i vote for James. He is quite a superstar just like Stefano. But for me, Stefano won everything and has proven that He's the truly winner.

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