American Idol 2011 Top 6 Week Rankings

“Uprising” wasn’t just James Durbin’s song choice for last week, it was his whole theme! The American Idol 2011 rankings were rattled this week when James hit the stage with possibly the most extravagantly executed performance of the season and skyrocketed to the top of the charts leaving most voters asking, “Scotty who?”

Durbin took a 13% increase in the polls after his performance of the Muse hit and now stands alone at the very top while Scotty, the season’s most frequent #1’er, was left behind with the rest of the pack. Of course Scotty McCreery still did very well with a 19% share, down from last week’s #1 with 23%, but maybe he should take note that the time to play it safe, or even cheesy, has run out.

Interestingly, the week’s biggest loser was Scotty. His drop of 4% was just ahead of Lauren Alaina’s 3 point drop and Jacob’s 2 points. Scotty should still be doing just fine overall and still looks like a strong contender for the finale, but he’ll need to avoid repeating that sinking sensation and remain competitive in this race.

Check out the rankings below and see how your favorite is doing. Keep in mind that these rankings are based solely on your votes in our weekly site polls.

American Idol 2011 Top 6 Performance Poll Rankings

  1. James Durbin – 34% (up from 21% previous week)
  2. Scotty McCreery – 19% (down from 23% previous week)
  3. Casey Abrams – 14% (up from 13% previous week)
  4. Haley Reinhart – 12% (up from 8% previous week)
  5. Lauren Alaina – 9% (down from 12% previous week)
  6. Jacob Lusk – 4% (down from 5% previous week)

We could be looking at a Haley, Lauren, and Jacob Bottom 3 this week.

How is your favorite singer doing in the polls? Better keep voting!

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  1. This is the problem Scotty faces. He wants to stay faithful to the kind of music he wants to eventually make, and who can blame him as this keeps his Country fanbase firmly in tow.

    Unfortunately it also means he's highly unlikely to win any new fans. I can see Lauren's voters maybe switching allegiances once she goes, but some of the others have got so many more bases (basses, in Casey's…um… case)covered.

  2. Oh my gosh!!! Haley is sooo winning this competition because of her super soulful, unique and powerful voice! she's so flexible, she can actually sing anything! That's one of the characteristics that we should be looking for a true American Idol! HALEY for the win!!!

    **just ignore whatever these unfair judges say about her!

      • If Haley can win AI, then anyone at all can win. I simply don't like her screaming flighty style. I mute the TV when she comes on. Not for us.

      • diane, i seriously think that you're taking this way over the board. what's the point of muting the tv when someone's clearly talented (just look at how far she has come) is performing on stage? I think the problem is not with haley's performance, the main problem your mentality and attitude. No matter whoever out of the top 13 is singing, they dont deserve to be 'muted' off from the tv. That's either childish or you are just too bitter to at least listen to them on tv.

    • Doubtless you came to the conclusion that Haley is going to win because she's fourth down from the number one slot?

      • At the moment. Things change. Considering she gets better every week, and a few get worse every week…you never know.

    • Haley's the best contestant this year by far, now we just need more people backing her! Love seeing Haley lovers, makes me warm and fuzzy inside, haha.

      • i beg your differ, james is the best and the polls show it.

        though i do have to say that haley did open my eyes to here especially after doing adele but she is no james 😛

      • Dianne, I beg to differ that Haley screams, but if you consider what Haley does as screaming, how do you explain your affection for James as a contestant? Doesn't make sense to me.

      • Haha, only men are allowed to scream. Though I can't recollect Haley ever screaming…thankfully.

        I'll never get over the control she has over her voice. It's truly a gift!! Flighty? I don't see that. She's down to earth, and dedicated. You must be mistaking her for someone else.

      • just ignore diane, she has no constructive criticism, all she voice out is her shallow opinion – flighty? lol. i would believe that haley is very dedicated and most humble, she takes on criticism head on and never failed to grow from them.

    • I think Haley is on of the best. And definitely the most improved of all. So, WHY is she in the bpttom 3 so often (like every week). My guess is her fan base is a bit older. And lets face it. Most older people do not have the time to vote 100 times a night.

      • i think its because most of Haley fans just like the way she looks… I dont agree that most of the Haley fans are old… Most of the people i have seen on sites like you tube are mostly in their early 20's and teens… At least they wrote like children 😀

        I genuinely dont think that her fan base is still strong enough to withstand the next few weeks.. After rolling in the deep, her popularity has certainly increased…but i wonder if it came too late…but if she gives a brilliant performance next time too…she will undoubtedly be safe…

      • I'm a 25 year old girl who is not ugly by any stretch, and Haley's looks have absolutely nothing to do with why I love her. Even if she was hideous with that voice I'd still love her best. Gautham, if it had to do with her looks, then why are her studio versions on youtube so popular? It doesn't even show her performing, just one picture with her song playing.

        Also, you cannot tell people's ages by how they write. I'm very picky with spelling, punctuation, and grammar, and have been since my early teens.

      • My reasons for liking Haley

        1. Very unique sound. If you heard her on the radio you'd know it's her right away.

        2. I have a thing for jazz and chicks that can scat (like for reals scat)

        3. She takes what the judges say to heart and works to improve every week. (And no you can't say that about all the other contestants).

        4. Her optimistic mind set and obvious love for creative music.

        5. Amazing performance, and have you guys noticed she's finally dropped the baby elephant dance?

        6. She got hot legs. (Yes it's one of the reasons, but definitely not the biggest).

      • @David P. Yes, like her legs and it is main reason to vote for her 😉 and she sings best!

      • wow david p. Claps to that fantastic reply. very spot on. 🙂 i agree with u completely. Love haley.

      • Actually my like for

        Haley has little to do with her looks. I just love that blusey, jazz voice of hers. Add the fact that she seems to be improving most every week, I think she could very well be this years dark horse contender for the top spot. At least in my eyes she is.

      • look..i am not dissing anyone here….When you have a hot contestant, male or female…it is obvious that many people will tune in to see the contestants only for their looks… You mentioned that her studio versions are so popular….yes but only her rolling in the deep cover got the most number of hits..most of her other songs don't have that much… and yes you can say whether someone is an adult or a child by the way they write to an extent…you surely cant predict the exact age but you get an idea… and also if you're an adult acting like a child, you should be termed as a child…Maturity comes from the growth of one's mind not his/her physical body…

        Also i would like to ask you Steve, why you think that most of Haley fan's are old people? Apart from not understanding why she is constantly in the bottom 3?

    • ya know I was really impressed with her this week, but I truly think James is gonna win it.

      you really need to hear James sing Country he's incredible. He does a fa nominal Rascal Flats.

      • busysister: I like Haley a lot but your so wrong about her being better than Lauren, Haley has just come out of her closet (so to say) and let loose and I love it, but if Lauren would start to let loose you'd see that there really both fantastic singers. So give them both a chance and see Lauren is young and shows it but not vocally.

    • Love my girl Haley. I can't wait to see what she does on Wednesday. I call myself her #1 fan, but I know the rest of you who love her do, too! I think her vocals have been magnificent!

      I hope we have objective voters voting and not just a loyal crew who vote for someone simply because they like that "clean-cut, wholesome boy," or "church-going boy," or whatever. Most votes should be given to the best singers that particular evening. (I'll agree, we also vote to allow some 2nd and 3rd placers stay, too.) I encourage everyone to vote ethically (fairly) this round–and not be overly influenced by loyalty or who their normal fan-base is.

      I look forward to a great show Wed night, with Haley (and James!) tearing it up! Wishing the best to Lauren, too. Hope she breaks out with a powerful performance, too. Casey could do a great job again, and I think Scotty could surprise me yet again (as he did in the group performance). If Jacob overcomes his overdone vibrato, I'll be very surprised, but you never know, he could once again be magical.

      • I've noticed that Haley fans are much more enthusiastic than other contestants fans…maybe because we've almost lost her 4X now. Haha, I still can't believe last Thursday…just wow. What the h*ll happened?!

        Haley is like a cat, you either love her or hate her, and when you love her…you REALLY love her. Haha.

      • LOL, I do love to hear Haley sing (and I don't mind watching her either) she is my second favorite in this competition left right behind James. I shoot her a few votes each week, but the vast majority gotta go to my boy James.

    • I am so happy that more people seem to be cheering Haley now! I am in Australia and so I cannot vote. But if I could….man I'd be like a voting machine myself!

      Please please vote for Haley and lets get her off the bottom 3. Whether she can win this or not, she does not deserve to be in the bottom 3 again. She did not deserve it last time after her version Rolling in the deep.

    • yes, i totally agree! haley is truly unique and amazing. She deserves to be top 2 and i hope she wins the whole season.

      Im glad that america is starting to realize her amazing talent. hope she will have enough fan base to keep her into the finale.

    • Haley definetly should win!!! She's truly amazing. People need to vote for her more though. TOO bad american idol is just a popularity contest and not a singing contest. So she probably wont. It's really too bad.

    • Haley is far better than Lauren, so far.. but i think i'm not so agree of winning, she's great and talented but i don't she will sell records after winning AI. She lacks charisma..

      • When she sings, her energy matches the style of the music. I think she has star power, most definitely. And I don't think we've heard too much about her background, as we did with James or Stefano. So most viewers don't really "know" her. That doesn't bother me so much (I don't need to get acquainted to like a singer), but it sure seems to bother alot of people here. That's AI's fault, though, not Haley's. They haven't focus in on her back story much.

  3. I'm so glad James is finally up where he should be in the ratings. I knew he was number 1. And I didn't even vote for him last time. It didn't seem like the rest of America was seeing it. He's the best.

    • I know!!! Oh how exciting it would be if we have a Haley-James final showdown! I really think that these 2 really deserve our votes. Come on, America, let's not allow other boring/super safe contestants to win AI!!!

    • Well, he's miles ahead of the rest (talent wise!) & deserved to be on top of the chart!

      • would love to see a James/Haley Finale any other would be very boring. Though I would vote for Haley if it came down to this scenario

      • I would record a James/Haley finale on my DVR even though I'd watch it live, because that would have some replay factor going for it. That would be an awesome matchup… not likely to happen, but it would rock.

    • @ Douglas…I for one am definitely seeing it…James is incredible. I can see a James/Haley showdown for # 1….with perhaps Scotty/Casey for # 3. Think it will be Jacob's turn to go home. Lauren's immaturity has been showing the last couple of weeks…I feel as if she is having a hard time keeping it together – total lack of self confidence. jmo

      • I liked Lauren from her very first audition. She seemed more confident back then. She is like a deer in the head lights now. She is so young and yes her immaturity is really showing.

        Have to give her credit though for hanging in there. I think she has so much more to give, but immaturity and maybe being intimidated by the others is taking its tole. Give her a couple more years and we shall see.

    • Keep voting for James……no one is safe. We must VOTE……James for the win, Haley, 2nd and we'll have an awesome finale……


      • Vote for James for all us Canadians who can't vote.

        Darn…..we are neighbors and can't vote.

      • James is the most likeable and fans of Stefano will likely extend their hands to him for support… nice! Go James!!!

      • @jacobneedstostop, I think they will, too. I'll be really paying attention to the numbers from here on out.

    • I am not sure if any of the 6 are at the pro level yet partly due to young ages this year but they all have the talent to get there with the right polish.

      James and Haley have been improving in stage presence, with Haley still better on itunes than live, she is still over singing live but getting better each week.

      Scotty and Lauren seem abit lost and without focus at times but at 17 and 16 the pressure at being on the worlds biggest stage must be brutal.

    • Kris….No, he's even better than people think…..James can sing anything…..Scotty is only country and getting a little boring at best…..I did like him in the beginning but he is too complacent now…..I hope all Stefano voters will switch to James…..and that HUG was sincere….They are good friends.

    • Girl…you need to really listen to James…no one is making him out to be anything but himself! He has the purest voice, he hears a song once…then makes it his own!His compassion for those he luvs and those he touches is genuine and very real!

  4. The top 6 are the best young artists I have ever seen on American Idols. Each bring his/her own style. My favorite is Casey Wow what an incredible all-rownder, then there is Jacob who I am sure will go on to be one of the greatest Gospel/Jazz singers. He has the music in his Soul!Then James's performance was a knockout last week Wow what a Rocker. Hailey is amazing that deep voice. Here is South Africa we are glued to our screens! Then we go to Scotty he has his niche market and alot of South Africans love him. His country style is great! I guess there has to be a winner and shoo it's going to be a tough to choose that winner they are remarkable artists!

    • you are a good person. it really is nice to see someone who has something good to say about all of them. kudos to you!

      you have my favorite post of everyone, me included.

      • It seems Americans can be the harshest of all. Too bad people from other countries couldn't vote, too! Earth's Idol. Haha.

  5. I love Haley. Shes my favorite. But James and Casey are so talented and I enjoy their performances every week. I buy all Haley and James's tracks, but not all of Casey's. The 3 I purchased of Casey's I play a lot. I wish we could get a track of Haley and Casey's duet. That was awesome.

    • Moaning was amazing!! One of my favorite performances of the season actually. It really shows how talented and versatile those two are. <3 it!

  6. My favorite was Pia… but now my favorite is Haley.So, I think the scoty´s voice is beautiful. I see the show every saturday and sunday night by Sony chanel . I live in Venezuela.

    • @ beatriz santana: Pup's jaw is dropping —in amazed happiness!!!! She is working hard at keeping her paws on the ground and bark quiet about the P word escaping. She just wishes you could vote!

  7. James, Scotty, Casey and Haley are earn each one is your style or genre (if Haley Women). I do not speak English but I enjoy every song and feel what they broadcast in every performance. For me James is a fabulous rockers, Elvis Presley Scotty was born again, his voice is wonderful. Casey plays the blues like the best and want to hear more. And Haley was born a new female star. I love you all! Sorry for the inconsistency but not mastered the language.

      • A Haley & James finale would be fantastic – especially if Haley keeps growing and wins the whole thang.

        She's the most musical and her performances bear repeated listening the best, as do her iTunes recordings. Unlike others, her iTunes tracks have some great variation from the live performance, making two different great versions to listen to, particularly Bennie and Rolling. (Call Me was a waste all around, and evidently she was pushed into that song choice.) Great emotion, great technique, great growth, the best instrument in the competition.

        James has the second best instrument. (I know, Jacob is awesome in his own way, but it doesn't vary enough in awesomeness.) He's got a great personality, some vision, the most moving backstory and, as Jennifer said in auditions, sings from the place you're supposed to sing from. When he starts performing and the involuntary tics go away, it's wonderful.

        I'm a Casey fan as well, although I don't feel compelled to re-listen to his performances or buy his iTunes like I do with Haley and, to a lesser extent, James. However, he is more musical than anyone save perhaps Haley. Their Moanin' duet is such an anomaly on the show — a great non-competition "moment," like Crystal and Lee last year…but more accomplished.

        Would love to see the country stars drop out and have Haley, James and Casey in the top three. But don't expect it.

  8. I think everyone is doimg their best except for James I think I"ve seen most of his performance before its just a repetition including with all those shouting and high notes we"ve heard that before so he is not original its just a copy cut of who else the original adam lambert and I know he is denying it but wake up man open your eyes so do something original.

    • Wow. You are so wrong. I'll give you everyone has there own opinion but James has way more talent than Adam any day!!

      • I don't like either one of them, but James is nowhere near the talent of Adam. There is nothing likeable about James. He cannot sing anything, and he has proven that. Let's see how he does with one of the greats this week, when he tries to sing Carol King.

      • @Kris I agree with you totally. James is a boring un-original supposely a rock talent,he screams and screechs in every song (?) he is cocky and full of himself,a lot of me and my.

        Talk has it he had one friend in the contest

    • Holy Moly – are we watching the same show? James is a fantastic singer and entertainer – enough said!!!!!!!!!!!

    • james is trying…but he will never be adam. however, he does like wrestling so that raises him in my estimation. haley is fabulous, scotty is really good and lauren will have a career. casey confuses me. often brilliant, often terrible

      • James just wants to be James…..He is not trying to be Adam and I wish people woould stop comparing them…

        No one compares Scotty to Johnny Cash or Lauren to Carrie U. because there is no comparsion…but obviously James reminds people of Adam and thats a good thing…..They both ROCK!!!They can scream up there with the best of them!!!!

      • I agree that James and Adam are not much alike, and I don't think James is trying to immitate him. Adam may have been rock on Idol, but now what little music of his is aired on the radio is played mostly on pop or light stations. James is heavier and better than Adam in my opinion.

      • i honestly dont think James should be the winner, perhaps he will be great to be in top 2 or top 3. It is true to a great extent that he does not add in any creative flair into his performance, its pretty much the same week after week. Even with his theatrics, it wasn't as brilliant as adam lambert last year, who truly brought something different onto the stage, along with great emotions. I believe that James is similar to Scotty, sailing through week after week pretty safely and easily. James needs to step up his game, and seriously bring something special, different, something creative and his own. The way he sang uprising, is seriously really un-original. I would say the only contestant who truly tries to bring in something different and impressive week after week is haley, she puts in so much effort to make the songs her own, and make it creative.

        Even though james can sing well, but i dont think he is as deserving as some other contestants in this season. Even david cook, chris daughtry or lee dewyze, who pretty mcuh have the rock edge in them similar to james, can bring something different onto the table. David cook with his 'Always be my baby', lee dewyze with his shania twain rendition. We need to see something like dat from James. And we've seen a lot of that in HALEY.

        Im a huge fan of haley btw. HUGE.

      • Silly Cat Your comments were great and true There is a maturity in your response that doesnt come often. As from Cokie

    • i don't think james wants to be anywhere near adam's crappy pop music, adam has better vocals I give you that ,but james is a ROCKER! and adam is a ladygaga wannabe , i must be embarrasing for james to be compare to that freakshow.

    • Adam was 26 when on Idol with 10yrs of vocal training from age 10 and 4yrs of semi-pro polishing. It would be hard for James or anyone at 21 to complete with Adam. Having said that I like James vocal tones better but he is simply not yet trained to level Adam was, maybe by the time his is 26 if not sooner.

    • Look, I am not a loyal James fan by any means. But, to say he is just a no talent copy cat, is just so wrong.

  9. It's a bit dissapointing. I think scotty should leave right after Jacob and Haley, in fact… Haley is becoming better than Scotty. Lauren should rank 3rd and then James and then Casey. Casey rocked this past week.

    • Nad, I agree with some of what you say. I was a big Scotty fan at one point. And I will agree that Haley is starting to get more of my votes each week. But, I have yet to see anything more than a average performance out of Casey ever since the top 13 started.

  10. The remaining 6 are very talented. My fave since day 1 has been James Durbin…James was phenomenal last week – I had never heard the song Uprisig by Muse. Personnally, after listening to both NUMEROUS times – his is the better version.That would be great if he can top that this week…I hopew he goes all the way. He has stage presence and has metal / rock in his soul – the world know who he is! Good Luck to him and his family!

    • James ruined the Muse song. His version does not even compare to the original. He was screeching, and I actually had to turn away when he was signing it live last wednesday.

      • I agree. I loved James stage presence, and his performance…but vocally…he did better than I thought he would, actually. Honestly, I doubt anyone on AI could do Muse justice. They are a phenomenal band.

        Still hoping for Haley/Casey or Haley/James finale! What a show that'd be.

      • You must have been watching a different show !!!! I loved James's version , Beautiful ! I hope he wins this da** show !

    • As far as the Muse song goes, James or any other contestant for that matter is not suppose to be a clone of the original. Talent lies in making a song your own so to speak.

      I believe that a member of Muse called James to tell him what a great job he did. Remember the Muse bet with Randy that James couldn't sing the song an octave higher? He did and did a great job.

      As for the comment(s) that James is boring. Holy smokes have you listened to a couple of the others?

      He brings something every week. He doesn't just sit back with the same ole over and over.

      Dare to be different James. Dare to push yourself further. Cream always rises to the top.

      • It's so funny to hear those scotty lovers to call James "boring" while their idol just "luring" their loyal grannies & teenies with same old "I'm so sexy" look & almost out of tune song…lol!

    • agreed. i thought it was truly screechy…… it was good but i preferred Muse. James is good, talented, but not a certain american idol winner.

      i hope america gives other constestants a shot, and truly listen to the rest. Some of them are truly on par, or even better than james!

      • I hope you don't mean Scotty who's on the same old "par" & sounds the same each week….BORING!! He's the most talent-less of them all!

  11. While I really think James is terrific, and his life story of having so many medical obstacles thrown at him is heart wrenching,if he keeps on doing over the top every week, he will probably win. However, after AI, he will become one face in a very crowded field for what passes as music now day and he will have a tough time in the long run. I surely hope he will be successful enough to take care of his family and get good medical care to enjoy a good life.

    I think Jacob will be the next to go, Lauren is just not mature enough yet, Casey is talented and getting the big push but "quirky" will just take you so far.

    After seeing the Katy Perry act, my heart really goes out to Haley. If this is what a female singer has to do now days to succeed, God help us all. I think she is a very versatile singer and very entertaining. She is the best girl of the bunch (Pia included). I am hoping for a fabulous third for Haley!

    I would truly love to see a James/Scotty final. Scotty please do not be discouraged, your voice is a standout and with proper guidance, you will succeed hopefully for a long long time. Over the top can just last for so long.

    Scotty you can actually listen to your music, understand the words, ax and enjoy the music. Just keep grounded, your future is a thing to behold!

    Bottom line, Scotty fans of all ages, unite! May the best man win.

    • The problem is that record companies rush the young singers to do album and over use autotune instead of taking the 2 or 3 yrs of vocal training and a year polishing they truly need. High school and College programs simply have to train too many at once, so it hard to fully develop in the short time they are given. If you want a pro sing career then get a good personal vocal coach for at least a year, some are far better than others.

    • Barbara I agree with you completely. I love Scotty's voice…it is indeed a standout. Win or lose, he will outsell all others. He will receive the help that he may need and will crash into country music with a huge bang as there is a story to be told by a popular teen male. Look at the success of Taylor Swift as she tells the story of a teen girl and imagine what a male teen story will do. Scotty is the ticket. He will tell that story with a beautiful deep voice that will resignate not only to country teens but others as well. He is intelligent and well grounded enough to survive whatever. Scotty fans—vote, vote, vote. Let's help our teens have the wonderful role model they deserve.

    • How true!! Scotty's music will be popular for a long-long time. He is young and has much to learn and will mature into a terriffic country star. I will support him but won't worry about his future as a star if the vote doesn't go his way. The same goes for Lauren, I think she has the talent to go to the top of the charts in the Country Music Business. Look out Reba!!!

      • Hi cnthia and Barbara, stay solid scotty fans lets continue voting for him, and everybody will enjoy beautiful music.

      • Cynthia…..Are you for real!!!!!Scotty the best country singer of all times????? How old are you??? He's no Johnny Cash……or George Strait!!!!

      • Mandy…I think you need a reality check…..Scotty is good, he is just not the best ever….

      • David P, I guess you did not read my previous post. I am supporting Scotty for my teen daughter and her friends who think he is the best thing in the world. I know you like Haley and I do too. I hope she and James have a great career as they both deserve it. But come on, the teens buy the music and there is a story to be told by a popular teen male to parallel and story told by Taylor Swift as the female teen. This boy is the ticket. I agree he needs to branch out to a wider base and I am confident he will do just that.

      • Mandy, hehe. I was just giving you a hard time for raggin on Phyllis :), <3 I totally understand your point about Scotty. Most people will not be surprised by with a Scotty victory, but that doesn't mean we can't dream does it?

      • So now we know where else Scotty's votes come from! Aparts from teenies & grannies, votes from those teenies' moms "blindly" votes too as they just want to "connect" with their daugthers!…blimmy….lol!

  12. If the viewers want a Circus…Perhaps Scotty and Lauren can contact Barnum and Bailey this week. Bet their numbers would go up them.

    • Totally uncalled for! These two are beautifully talented TEENAGERS! You should be ashamed. How old are you, anyway?

    • Ruth Sharp.. Barnum & Bailey needs some one to clean up the sh.. at the Circus. maybe you should apply for the job.

  13. I totally agree Scotty is by far the best country singer i have ever listened to his voice is real music to ones ears we love you Scotty

    • I agree with you. Haley is amazing. Beautiful voice and just enough sweet, sexiness to pull it off.

      • Haley is my favorite, she has a beautiful, versatile voice and the ability to pull off any song in an entertaining way – but as I read the posts it seems that Scotty and James is all that is written about. I hope she lasts at least to be number 3. GO HALEY GO!

  14. i agree that scotty is a good country singer….no question about that, but an american idol should be versatile who can sing all types of songs. I can listen to scotty 1 or 2 songs…his third song will put me into sleep or make me turn off my tv because i get bored….JAMES DURBIN is the type of singer that you always want to watch because he has so many surprises. James is an AMAZING singer and yes…HOT too.

    • James has no surprises…it has all been done and gets old after a while….Listening to good singing is good for the heart and the soul….

      • Well, at first, I didn't like James at all. I called him a screamer, along with a lot of others. But I have heard him sing softly and was amazed at how good his voice really is. He may not have shown us that softer side as often; but it is there. He does have a very good voice.

  15. Hey guys, listen up.

    Haley is the most talented singer this season, AND SHE DESERVES TO WIN. James, too, but Haley has more of a variety. Not just rock.

    We cant let Scotty win. Seriously? You guys are voting for him because of his look. Dont. Please dont. He was horrible last week, and he was still safe, but not Haley? Thats crazy. If you like Scotty and Haley, please vote for Haley. Scotty will stay in for sure but not so much Haley. PLEASE VOTE FOR HER THE WHOLE 2 HOURS if you like her and you want her to stay in. And how is Lauren staying in this? Shes better than Scotty at least, and shes a sweet girl but this is a singing competition. VOTE FOR HALEY. Vote for her the whole 2 hours. Seriously. Heres a tip for voting, do multi-tasking. Vote on the phone while voting online. And tell all your friends and family to vote for 2 hours. Please.

    • Haley is not going to win so we wont waste our time and although I dont vote for none of them as yet Scotty outsings Haley-Sorry

      • When has Scotty 'outsung' Haley? And when has Scotty given a performance like Maoning or Rolling in the Deep?

      • @ goodone: It's all a matter of taste. I don't care for Scotty's country style, and you don't care for (I guess) Haley's bluesy/jazzy style. If Scotty wins, I think it will be more of an affirmation of the number of country fans who vote on this show more than anything else.

        I am holding out hope that Haley and James make it to the final. That would be some match! (Again, I also like Lauren a lot and, at times, Casey.) And Scotty has made me blink once and really like him (when he didn't sing country). Wonder if it will happen again.

      • goodone. if you like Scotty, vote for him. Don't just assume he will win…anything can happen.

      • Scotty OUTSINGS Haley? Really? Since when? Scotty is talented, kind of charming, and will have a career, but he doesn't outsing ANYBODY. From a pure vocal standpoint, he has the poorest range of any of these singers. He's comfortable within a 6-7 note range, and otherwise he strains. Haley's range, her power, the way she slips easily from the deep growl to her soulful mid-range to these lilting soprano notes with such ease is something no other contestant does. And she sings every genre of music equally well.

        To say that Scotty is your favorite and that you want Scotty to win is one thing. Saying that he outsings anyone else is simply not true.

        When he got on stage, at a crucial time in the competition, and sang the silly, immature, easy-to-sing, non-challenging "Swingin' — well I was just floored! He took about 20 steps backward that week.

      • Scotty will win even he doesnt scream and is honest with no pity party excuses which makes him real, not a phoney, so Alex listen up and dont tell people how to vote

  16. these rankings are completely laughable. your little poll is about as useless as ones opinion. James isnt even going to make the finale so its hard to be ranked #1. James has a destiny with the cold silver stools this week or next and will find his way out of the competition by the top 4. this poll is about ridiculous.

  17. Scotty's facial expressions were different,on the last show! I really think, he thought he might be in the bottom 3 ! The pressure is on for him to put on his best show, this week……

    • Yes, they got his attention. He wans to remain true to his fan base, but I think he will pull it off.

  18. James Durbin is the best! I hope he wins. Very good voice and different person than other "singers"

  19. Hoping for big performance out of Haley. This has to be the week we say good-by to Jacob don't know how he has made it this far.

  20. Amer.Idol has totally, and without a doubt to any thinking person, LOST all credibility. It starts out relatively honest and well run as a talent show and then "BOOM" all of a sudden the judges start to choose their favorites, Jaylo picks all of her latin american most beautiful and most well dressed(and takes delight in telling them just that),and Cries when they are taken off of the show; and naturally,jackson and tyler without a real mind of their own follow her. The show even comes down to the point of bringing back people who were actually voted off. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the American Idol has become a very embarassing show to the entire world since Mr. Simon has left, he was smart and saw all of the writing slowly coming true, and he couldn't take it anymore and finally got his hat and said GOOD Bye and good luck;and moved on to greener pastures.

    • I don't miss Simon much, he was to critical most the time but I agree the judges need more balance. They should be a little critical of every performer to help them improve but also encourage them too.

    • I sure as heck dont miss Simon or Paula at all I hope they go to XFactor and good luck I wont be watching

    • Some people (in any field) like startups rather than established "companies." They like the thrill of creation. It could be that starting a new show just appeals to Simon more than being one of the supports. And it could be this was his plan all along, to help hatch this thing, and then to help hatch another. He probably gets a slice of everything he's ever touched, so why not?

      • Yes, and as the X-Factor is his baby, he will be getting the Lion's share of that pie.

    • @Ron You hit the nail on the head. One observation more. When has any judge brought out a spouse during commercials to tell her how to vote and what to say. Cameras caught him several times

  21. Just because James Durbin is popular doesn't mean he is a good singer. James is pitchy and his high notes are shrill. People need to just listen to his performances and not watch the on stage antics. His version of Uprising was flat and he stuck in an extra high note for not reason. Go listen to Muse sing their song and compare. Without his over the top extras, the sympathic vote, and his suppose great high note is singing is bland and nothing special. When people talk about him its never about what a singing performance he put on but on the extras. Without them, he problably would have been voted off. The judges are lousy this year and don't provide the contestants with enough criticisms. James could benefit greatly from some additional vocal training. Plus I don't especially care for his personality. He cocky and not in a humorous way and seems a oafish.

    • I agree James needs more vocal training and polish, most of them do but he is far from cocky. Also it seemed like Muse maybe using autotune on part of the song in the video but Matt Bellamy does a strong well trained voice.

    • We are all entitled to our opinions and while I disagree, I respect yours. Having said that, please get your facts straight.

      1. Matt Bellamy (lead singer of MUSE and the one who wrote the song) approved James singing the song. Doubt he would have done so if having seen James sing he thought James would butcher it

      2. Matt challenged James to go an octave higher than he (Matt, who is well known for his high notes) himself has done;`

      3. Matt sent James a note post performance indicating his approval.

      I have been a MUSE fan for years … when MUSE was unheard of in North America. I have seen them perform live in the UK (I live in NA). They are an amazing alternative rock band and Matt`s voice is distinctive and unique. I was frightened when I heard James would be covering MUSE because few could pull it off. James did not disappoint in the least! I have been alternating listening to the original and James cover for days now and I am torn on which I prefer, so I will just continue to enjoy both and not worry about it.


    • Would be curious to know who YOUR favorite is in the competition Iah. As one could nit pick the others' vocal skills just as easily. However, it is called American "Idol" not American "Singer."

      That being said, James is the most versatile vocally and is lightyears ahead of the others creatively. He definately brings more effort and heart to the stage aswell. We have seen "growth" from Casey and Hailey. But Scotty, Jacob, and Lauren's limitations are being exposed more and more every week. Those three need to grow fast or be left in the dust. Show a little effort!

      • I agree that putting on a show James blows everyone away, especially since he's the brain behind the operations. Musically and vocally Haley is more diverse and better trained than James. They are each others weaknesses if you think about it. It would be the perfect finale! James/Haley ftw.

      • James does not blow me away at all speak for yourself. I cant stand his voice and all that screaming ctrap-Hes weird Very strange

      • @beachsurfer

        when i talk about James being AWESOME i do speak for myself because its my OPINION

      • @ beachsurfer: You lose credibility with:

        1. Your all-caps post (against the rules here; just plain rude if you did not know that–it's considered yelling); and

        2. Your lack of punctuation, poor spelling, and bad grammar; and

        3. You draw invalid conclusions that are mere stereotyped generalizations; and

        4. When you denigrate a contestant in that way. He does not sing "crap." You may not be into it, but others are. You really need to develop a vocabulary, clean up your manners, and think before you post.

        Hey, and I am a Haley fan, so I am not posting this out of anger or for retaliatory reasons.

      • I can't believe some people ! STRANGE. I hope James Durbin wins American Idol, becomes a superstar and your left standing with your month wide open ! God loves all his childern . I love James , he's one of the best idols ever !

      • Have you a medical back ground? What do you know about Tourette Syndrome? The answer is obviously nothing. and many voters are tired of being reminded of it constantly

    • Well said…you seem to have shown what is going on…it's the performance, not the singing…what type of show is this, anyway?

  22. I still don't have a favorite. Love them all. These are truly an enjoyable top 6. They are all exceptional in their own way. Casey is deep musical genius and quirky. Lauren and Scotty are my favorite warm fuzzies and the best country voices I have ever heard on this show. James keeps it lively. His voice can do anything. Amazing. Jacob adds soul. Haley, has an incredible voice. The only problem I have with her is that Crystal sang Janis Joplin last year and it blew me away. She was the total package. When Haley tried it, she didn't have the look or moves to match the style of vocals. I like her better when I leave the room to get a snack and just hear her phenomenal voice.Maybe that's the reason she looses votes. But they are all the best in their category and deserve to be in the top 6. This group makes for great TV.

    • Well, I think Crystal looks more like Janis in her mode of dress and messy hair style. I think that is what's got you off kilter. If you just listen to the vocals, side by side, I think both are excellent! Both show their incredible skills. I wouldn't compare the two, as Crystal definitely has more of a folk flavor, and I think Haley has more of a blues and jazz flavor. It's all according to what moves you! Have you ever gone to YouTube and picked out an old song you love and listened to the various artists' recordings? Sometimes, it's the first you heard that stays with you and nobody can ever beat it because it feels like home. Perhaps that is part of your issue.

      • Well said pup and here's hoping that Crystal sings Speak Now on the results show this week.

    • Haley's #1 worst attribute is her weird marching and her "baby elephant dance" (when you see it you'll know what I mean). The last two weeks she's completely taken them out of the performances and in doing so improved her stage presence drastically. Rolling In The Deep is probably one of the best of the season and shows how much she has grown, it's pretty amazing.

      • That made me laugh, David. By "Baby Elephant" Dance, do you mean how she used her arm to kind of "brush the ground"? Hahaha. I thought she was just grooving in her own way. Didn't bother me. Marching? I will have to watch her again, cuz I don't recall that at all. I guess I don't watch her feet! I just listen to her voice and the rest dissolves! The only memorable staging I recall is when she perched on the piano for "Bennie & The Jets." I loved that!! And I am sure that getting off that piano gracefully was difficult! (I am sure I would have looked like a clumsy oaf.)

      • No no, I love her groove. Watch her feet in "Piece of My Heart" and "God Bless the Childe" and you will see the baby elephant dance. Haley is great, I was just pointing out on of the many ways she's greatly improved.

      • hahahhahahahhaaaaaaa Baby elephant dance? wow!! ahahahahahhahaaa….OMG!!! That was brilliant..

  23. I really used to like this site it's very helpful. But you guys just hate scotty and love james. You really need to be more fair.

    • @smt151….No one HATES Scotty. These performers are all good in their own right. We all have our favorites but HATE is a strong word to use……

    • Nah, people that love Scotty and hate everyone else need to be more open minded. Scotty may win, but not because he's the best. Just because not everyone agrees he's the best thing ever it doesn't mean we hate him.

      Where were you about being fair when people on this site were all bashing Haley and Naima with truly hateful comments? I guess that was fair because it wasn't against your favorite.

    • smt151

      I dislike the word "hate" and do not ever use it. I use to like Scotty's performances but each one sounds to me like the one before it. I can't help but think he has got a little too comfortable. He doesn't seem like the same humble young man he was when he regretted not standing up for that young boy who eventually got ousted.

      Others are making a lot of progress and I think Scotty is just stagnating.

      Hate him????? Certainly not.

    • i dont hate scotty. i just think he should be voted off, and i think people think hes the best when actually hes at the bottom talent-wise.

    • smt151, I feel for you, I really do. I started posting like a crazy woman after I kept reading all the hate for Haley. I just wasn't gonna have it! I decided I would keep yapping til things turned around! And guess what–things are (not my doing, but Haley's of course). But more and more people are coming out of the woodwork to say positive things about her, and I am loving it.

      So you can turn away, or you can start your own support system for Scotty here! (And hey, you are NOT alone. He has TONS of fans here.) And I like him; he's a good kid and he can sing! (It's just that others are more appealing to me. I'm not much of a country fan although I will stand up and say I LOVE Leann Rimes, Patsy Cline and Hank Williams Sr. I don't really listen to contemporary country, so I really can't thoughtfully speak about it.) Not a fan of Carrie Underwood, for example, though I admit she has a pretty voice. Just doesn't appeal to me.

      • At the beginning of the show there was so much Haley bashing it was pretty ridiculous and someone had to stand up for her. Pup and I no longer stand alone! A lot of people have realized how awesome Haley is and it's great to see so much support. There's very few hate posts, quite a few 'not my thing' posts (which is fine) and lots of love.

  24. James should win AI 2011! He deserves it. He works hard giving us non stop entertainment whenever he comes out onto the stage. He is the overall great performer. He should win. Period!

  25. They need more weeks like this with current music. Now they are doing a complete 180 and covering old fart Carol King music. Blech!

    • Yeah, I found it humerous too how the judges told the bores that they needed to step it up next week and then announced they'd be doing Carol King songs! Another desperate attempt to toss Casey a bone no doubt. It will require alot of creativity to make this stuff sound current. But if anybody can do it, it's James.

      • @Tim329. I think so, too! But I would add that you will see that Haley and Casey will wow you, too! I think each is very creative. And I am waiting to see if Scotty will surprise me again, too!

      • This is really the week that's going to separate the good and the great. They have the opportunity to show us what they can do with the music. It's like the Iron Chef Challenge: Milk. Who can make milk awesome? Casey, Haley, and James will show everyone they deserve to be where they are.

      • Casey and the bone toss….yes. He just keeps on mater what he sings. I think he will go tomorrow. My money is on James.

  26. James Durbin is destined to be a super star – he has it all and he is an inspiration to many with disabilities. Rock on James – we love you!!!!

  27. James and Casey are by far the most original, creative and talented. However, I do absolutely love Haley's voice. I'd be happy with those folks in the top 3. Scotty and Lauren have what it takes to be country singers. And Jacob could do it on Broadway. I'm for #3 Haley, #2 Casey and #1 James!

  28. James is by far the best in this competition , the rest just seem like opening acts , expect for casey and haley, they're good but not that good.

  29. WHAT?Scotty is NUMBER TWO? ugh. music is dead. He isn't half as talented as Casey, James, or Haley. I have no clue why everyone trashes Haley when she is definitely the third most talented. Her, Casey, and James are trying to bring music back to life with raw, natural talent. Scotty can barely stay on key.

  30. So the studio versions just kinda upset me…Haley has the most views, the most likes, and the least dislikes…yet she's still bottom 3?

    She had more thousands of views than Scotty had hundreds. I just don't understand. 🙁

    I love you, Haley. Hang in there girl. People love your voice, or they wouldn't sneak and listen to your songs over and over after not voting for you. Hehe. <3

  31. For those complaining that Scotty's not singing Pop or Rock we could just as easily say James or Casey or Jacob should branch out and sing some Country and not just this pop & rock stuff. Honestly all the remaining contestants have lots of talent in their own unique way and for those James Durbin fans that want Scotty to suddenly start singing metal, I would counter and say i would love to see James do some Hank or Waylon or Willie.

    • I can see that you're not familiar with this information but James won San Jose's Country Idol contest in May 2009 , believe it or not James is pretty versatile.

    • When Haley sang "Blue" , a country song, about 4-5 weeks back she was criticized by Randy and Jennifer for not finding her style yet. She only wanted to show how versatile she was and it backfired. So the remaining singers cannot just branch out and sing whatever they want and it's likely that scotty and lauren wouldn't be able to pull it off for jazz or blues. Haley is absolutely the best singer and can sing any style. GO HALEY, GO!

      • There are so many songs I would love to hear Haley record in the future. I can't wait to buy her CDs. I truly have never said that about any another contestant on AI since its inception.

    • I think on results night they should FORCE Scotty to sing rock and force James to sing country. It would be sick, twisted and very very entertaining!

  32. I would love for James Durbin to sing.. "Sheriff's , When I Am With You"

    Rock on James…..

    • would like to hear him sing not scream and(Durbin) sing something one can understand. wonder why he screams so loud, do you think it is because he is trying to hide the fact that he really can;t sing and chooses to hide that fact by screaming like a mad person:

  33. I have adored Haley since Hollywood week. I have voted crazily every week for her. Where's everyone else been? She versatile and has a unique style when performing. She is Fantastic! I just keep watching her performances over and over. I am one of those old ones, that does vote a lot! Keep on voting for Haley!!

    • Yay! I've voted for her every week, too. She had me interested at her audition and had me hooked at "God Bless the Child"

    • Love it that all these Haley backers are coming out of the woodwork. And interesting, too, that all are claiming to have been on board since the beginning. So here I am, and I'm gonna say the same thing:

      I got on from the first night and started posting for Haley, and she had way, way, way more detractors here. As others are now doing, I'll also give myself credit for being the first one I noticed who was stunned at the judges being so hard on her. I never, ever understood their criticism of "Blue." It was flawless!

      I didn't understand it when they say they don't think she found her niche, or that they don't think she knows what kind of singer she wants to be. This after just, like, two weeks of competition!

      You're kidding me: They thought her VERSATILITY was bad? What's up with THAT? She sings country, blues, rock, jazz and slays them all. She was a scattin' demon in her duet with Casey. She stretches herself week after week, and although the cast as a whole is very talented, I think the others got in a comfort zone right away and haven't BUDGED.

      Haley, on the other hand, comes to perform every week, and every week is a little different from the previous ones.

      I wish some of you James voters would give some of your votes to Haley. James has way more than enough to go around.

      Let's see James and Haley throw it down for the final. That would be an exciting final — no boredom there!!!

    • I believe the Haley style is blues but many type of music have incorporated parts of blues into it, including to some degree country, rock, pop and even metal.

      Adele is a blues singer but Led Zeppelin also did blues on their early albums.

  34. May be Scotty can try Nat King Cole's song or Lou Rawls's song, they all have grate low voice!

  35. I'm sorry, but, I do not think that Durbin's screaming and crazy antics are really a part of the American Idol. Can you really understand any of the words to the songs?? NO. Sing right or get off.

    • You're absolutely right. James is not an representation of the American Idol in America!

      • You're both absolutely wrong. Just because you can't appreciate his style of music doesn't make him a bad singer/artist. American Idol is about choosing the next, well, American idol. James has unbelievable talent and can do things with his voice that very few can ever hope to do. Personally, I can understand all the words to his songs, but maybe thats just because I listen to rock more than you. Perhaps if you were a bit more openminded and appreciated Jame's musically you would see why he is such a good artist. His ability to put on a show adds to his ability, and is what makes him a true artist. Most of the contestants on the show would not be able to put on a full-fledged concert right now, but James very easily could. You say "sing right or gett off"? Why don't you go ahead and define "right" for me. The last time I checked, rock is one of the biggest things in music, and many rock singers sing with a similar style to James. If you can't appreciate James' talent then fine, don't vote for him; however, you can't argue that he doesn't belong on the show. He has an incredible voice and I'm thankful that he's shared it with the world.

      • Jake well said! these people saying that James doesn't belong in AI , they're right! because he's too good for american idol.Go James!

      • nyleve and Susan.

        Hold smokes guys/girls, hostility or what.

        Maybe I can't get all the words in the song but so what? If a song is fast and the artist moves around a lot it isn't always possible to catch all the words. This happens even with the best of singers' performances.

        I'll take that upbeat performer any day of the year over singers that sing either so high or so low and "slow" that I fall asleep. When they put me to sleep, I don't hear any words.

        Just because one doesn't like somebody's style of music is absolutely no reason to tell them to get off. That's just awful.

        As for who represents an American Idol, well you are entitled to your opinion. Enhance your calm guys!!

    • totally agree!! whats up with the screaming? I dont call that singing. honestly he's just performing well on stage and that covers his actual singing. Judges should evaluate his singing and not just the performance. This is ridiculous.

      • First of all I never said James did not belong I said he was not what represents AI. Please do not read your ideas into my statement. By the way get is NOT spelled gett!!

      • If you go to itunes and buy any of his songs, you'll see that he is quite a talented singer. His rendition of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" is beautifully done, and his spin on "Uprising" is very powerful.

        And, by the way, James isn't really a screamer. Screaming is death metal; singing higher than everyone else is just talent.

        James is confident enough to perform and sing at the same time, something that many of the other contestants have problems with, as the judges have pointed out.

        Susan: you responded to nyleve's comment by saying "you're absolutely right." Therefore, you agreed with him/her when he/she said "I do not think that Durbin’s screaming and crazy antics are really a part of the American Idol." And i clearly know how to spell "get", its called a typo. Don't talk to me about spelling until you learn how to throw some punctuation and grammar into your sentences. I didn't say anything to you when you said "an representation." Heres a 2nd grade lesson in grammar for you: you use "an" when it precedes a word that starts with the sound of a vowel. Don't play this game with me.

      • Command guys, this is not about us, it's about choosing the right idol, if you don't want to vote for James, that's fine, but please don't say that he is this or that, because he is ALL THAT – he is an idol….

      • Jake: LOL. Loved that you set Susan straight. Sometimes after deciphering some of these posts, I imagine myself qualified to work as an interpreter.

      • I am not a rock fan, i am a country fan all the way. but with Adam last year and James this year, I love them both. and James does sing, he does not scream every single note, but his high notes screaming I believe is part of rock. His last wed performance was amazing… and his Thursday compassion for Stefano was great. He is a cool guy and I love to watch him on Wednessday nite.

    • @nyleve: Uh, yes, I can. I can understand everything James sings. And he IS singing "right," imo. Where are you from that you can't understand him? (Or how old are you? I am 63.) I know that I have a hard time understanding a lot of rap lyrics, but not so with my kids. Maybe that's the same deal for you with rock.

    • @ Susan: Why? I think he definitely represents the "American Idol in America", and well! (Course I am rooting for Haley, but I will definitely cheer and be very happy for James if he wins.)

      • I am rooting for Lauren, as she is young and cute and talented and will do well in country music. But i would be happy for James also

    • Yes,absolutely right. James is not an representation of the American Idol in America! y thing is Scotty…

      • Must of hit a nerve? Hey, Jake? Once again you read my reply incorrectly. I(capital I not lower case i) didn't say anything about his screaming. You are ASSUMING everything you bloviated about. In my opinion(which is inferred) he is NOT representing what I think is an American Idol. Jake, how can you tell all these readers that you have listened to more rock? How do you know how much rock all these people have listened to? When I saw Hendrix and Joplin in concert they, at that time, would have been a true representation of America. Did you ever hear of proof reading??

  36. That's not fair, I think James has an awesome voice. And his stage presence more than makes up for any of his shortcomings with his voice. I've heard plenty of super famous singers with awful voices live, way way way worse than James' voice. A good producer works miracles!! Plus he's overcame a lot of obstacles, with his aspergers (sp?) and turrets…I think he's a fighter!! That doesn't mean I don't want Haley to whip him, but he deserves more credit and respect than that. Come on.

    • Exactly my point, James is all about being an idol – if you look at him when he started and look at him today, command, let's be fair…..James regardless what happen, you are the BEST….

  37. Well to brake the i'm so glad that James is on the top of the log he is one of the better singers in the the Idols right now you go Boy hope you wen the Idols

  38. well, I USED to enjoy Scotty singing but it's always the same stuff and well the best VOCAL was Paul, he's off, so… James is the one who always surprise us, even thou he's a rocker, it doesn't seem to be boring as Scotty songs. If you are mature enough to put aside your favorites, you will see that James has grown for his talented, not because he's cute or because his sex appeal (c'mon, he's ugly) and so he has no children's appeal… he is a grown up singer !!! shocking that the best VOCALS didn't get along this season ^^

  39. well, according to me, Jacob is the best. He can play with tunes and his voice is not light. He sings high notes with out screaming. I think American Idol season 10 is all about screaming nt singing. Jacob, u rock man! and wat i like about is that u are real.

  40. I don't miss the shows, although we get it a couple of days later in SA. Glad to say my 4 favs are still in ..Haley has an absolutely fabulous voice -sorry others don't see that. James is my favourite to win, he is great, Casey great artist, and Scotty has brought a new feeling to Idols. This is my favourite season, can't wait for next screening!

  41. JAMES vs CASEY in the finale! Both of them have the musicality and artistry! Casey and james are the only contestants who makes the show entertaining….

    Scotty really sucks! Predictable and boring…

    Lauren is fearful and playin it safe..

    Haley is fine, i want her to be in the top 3 or 4..

    Jacob, diva with a great voice but showing the same thing..sometimes he's irritating and boring

    • You are right, Jacob is a "Diva" with all the same songs, same emotions, same kind of performance week after week……please America, let him go, he does not belong there anymore…

  42. Jacob lust u can do it devine gift u have prove it to ur mum n dance with the world ,

  43. Scotty's success will be hugh in country music. I would like to see him win the American Idol contest because he is the best singer and his presents on stage is wonderful. You can't help to watch every second.

    • Scotty is 17 and has a jump on becoming a country western star. Does he have wonderful stage presence already? No way. I'd have to say that is one aspect of his performance he needs to improve to compete with other country stars. Let's face it, you're in trouble as a performer if your best move is alternating the angle of the microphone in the opposite direction as your raised eyebrow.

      PS: When you said "presents" I'm assuming you didn't mean little gifts scattered around stage, although that may have made him move more.

      • TheFarSide.

        Oh my gosh I'm sitting here laughing out loud at your comments about the microphone and eyebrow. The add on about "presents" making him move was just a hoot.

        Thanks for the great laugh.

      • Carol Kay You find amusement in making fun of another person. that is what is called arrested development

      • Country singers don't jump around the stage, they sing their hearts out so they dont have to have "stage performance"

    • Scotty is great and will have a carrer no matter what happens. so will James. I wanted Stefano to go closer to the finale, and i love Lauren. but this Casey worship has to stop, not many will go see him or buy his CD's. he is yuck to watch and look at and yuck to listen to yuck

  44. yap James be original like Casey dont copy somebodys act or performance and sing and be humble you are just starting especially to the people who"s giving you advice coz they know they"ve been in this business for a long time already you, youre just starting so sing we need to hear a real voice.

  45. James is a great singer. He has an unbeatable range, that if you knew music you could truly appreciate it. To say a rocker should not be in American Idol, really shows your ignorance. Steven Tyler is one of the greatest singers ever, and he is a judge.

    I say….King James?

  46. hey guys don't get me wrong, I feel James burning that stage but no way you can say he's handsome… we had some idols that were too handsome (like Adam Lambert) and didn't get the first prize, I'm rooting for JAMES and CASEY, to me if they leave then this season is a joke!!!

  47. After hearing Carrie Underwood on Girls Night Out Special and hearing her with Steven Tyler on the CMA awards, there is no doubt that nobody in the current line-up is worthy of the title, definitely not James or Casey. I can see Pia doing well, as she has the total package, looks and a great voice, but then she is no longer in the competition. I can see Scotty or Lauren doing fair in country music and can see Haley doing okay in R&B. If James wins, he may land a lead role with some rock band and even have a hit in the rock world, but lasting presence, forget it. Simon was right about Carrie breaking all records for Idols. She set a standard that will stand as long as the show survives, which with the current judges may not be too long. Simon was blunt, but with some of the lackluster performances over the tenure of the show, was well warranted.

    • everyone keeps saying simon would have slammed scottys singing ,but your wrong. i saw an article where simon said the only contestant that he took note of was scotty.

      • Sherry:

        Simon, in an interview said he had only tuned in to AI once this season. Here is his quote. "“The only person I can remember is the young kid with the deep voice, the country singer. But I’d be lying if I said that I knew enough about any of the contestants to have an opinion.”

  48. I think james durbin is the best singer in this competition and in second place scott mcleary. I dont like casey and james.

  49. Funny how some say James is screaming. Wonder why someone who believes that, hasn't said anything about those high notes that Steve Tyler sings. Those high notes (not screaming) have served Steve Tyler and Arrowsmith just fine for years. He has done it many times on AI this season. Nobody has commented. Same style guys.

  50. Want to see who is ahead in the Vegas ratings? Go to "2011 American Idol Betting Odds from OSGA."

  51. And I totally agree that he is just performing, and not singing well at all!

    I am sure if Simon was there to judge he would already be gone, or improved in his singing.

    Or even Jacob would have been gone long before Pia!!!

    • I was saying that it is James who can't sing at all. But Scotty knows how to sing, and will make it to the finals with Lauren.

      Jacob and or James should have been gone loooong before Pia. They can't keep their notes well!

      The next should go is Jacob, or James next week.

      • really?james can't sing? LOL thanks for the laugh, by the way scotty IS BORING!period.

      • No james/casey in the show? then it'll be a boring perfrmance night!

        Scotty is with a good voice but doing the same thing.

  52. Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson sound awesome together singin "Don't You Wanna Stay?"

    So Scotty and Lauren would make another great duet singing that together.

  53. I feel that James, Casey, Jacob and Haley give 100%every week, but I don't feel that from Lauren or Scotty because they know the tweens got their back so why try hard right?

  54. Jacob started out being my idol and remains top in my book. He is so talented, human and just a loving person. I think he's what we need for our American idol. I could listen to him week after week and never tire. His voice ministers to my soul and to many others. We need to look at the whole person and their ministry. My confidence and faith rests with Jacob as our winner!!

  55. scotty was never in the picture as far as Im concerned. He is in the wrong show for his type of voice. James is the most amazing there has been this year, go James, the rest are history.

    • Well if he isnt in your picture and he shouldnt be on that kind of show, you should watch something else besides Yogi Bear

  56. I believe that James will do something spectaculor again tonight – James you are the BEST – you are beautiful inside and outside and you are so true to yourself…….best of luck to you my friend tonight and I have no doubt that you are going to be in the final if not the American Idol as it should be – Cheers!

  57. Who the Hell voted for scotty as best performance… what a joke. I take it people are not voting on performance and just for their favorite

  58. Scotty has a great voice- I hope they will also sing a solo each and duets tonight- I have really enjoyed this season and look forward to every Wed and Thurs night. I am impressed with Scotty being a great role model for all young people. GO SCOTTY!!

  59. Haley has amazingly improved each week and gets better and better. She can sing just about anything and sound good, but to win she has to have the right songs to bring out the specialty of her voice which makes her such a standout. I can't wait to see her perform this evening. GO HALEY GO!

  60. sccoty is my favorit but i dont want to see when jacob go to home his voice is power full and clear to day my vote is for jacob

  61. Adam Lambert is a class act. He tweeted all the contestants because I'm sure he knows how hard they are working and the pressure they are under.

    Being Haley has been in the bottom "3" for the past several weeks I think she really appreciated his words–as did the others.

  62. I like all these kids pretty well. Each is good in their own genre. It is just that Hailey's genre is hard to pin down. However, to make up for it, she is hot (said it before and it makes me feel guilty). Who I choose for a particular night depends on their song choice and how well they do on it.

  63. Adam Lambert is my super AI, but, let's imagine …. what the finale will be like, if without James, ….. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ !!!!!!!!!!

  64. Jacob has got a VERY irratating voice. I liked it when the competition began, but it really starts to make you want to turn off the volume until the next contestant comes on.

    Pia should still be there. JAcob has to GO!!!

    James and Casey are still hitting HOME RUNS!!

    With Scotty close behind.

  65. Adam Lambert could not hold a candle to these people with exception of Jacob.

    I think Adam would already be GONE!!!!

  66. James really surprised me tonight . He is really awesome . I see him winning this . And Scotty coming in a very close second.

  67. The only 3 mixn the tempo is Haley,Lauren and Casey. James is like a whistle blower knows 1 pitch, Scotty and Jacob need to get their heads out of the sand. All very capable and need to change the tempo sooner or see ya later!!

  68. If you pick anyone but James your ears need a good cleaning Casey needs to be in a comedy club singing jazz somewhere

  69. Randy J said it all James can win it all. James is a good singer and can sing the phone book if given to him

    • I've down loaded all his songs from ITunes and will buy any album he puts out he's that good he has a voice you never get tired of we need to get rock back on the right track vote for James

  70. They sent the right person home on Idol this week. Casey was eliminated before, and rightfully so. This time there was no save from the judges so at last the bearded one is gone. Scotty is a one trick pony and should with any luck get the boot next.

  71. Scotty — don't let them talk you out of those low notes — great range, but love hearing your signature lows! You're the best

  72. James Durbin is head and shoulders better than any of the remaining contests. Randy hit the nail on the head yesterday when he said that James is going to win it. America do the right thing and vote for the contestant that has the most talent. Show the world you know your talent, vote for James.

    • let wait and see who wins i think randy step out of line he said the same to scotty also so let wait and see they are all good excep one and he is coming alone

  73. Really like to see Scotty or Hailey take it. they are the best .James is trying to be another Adam Lambert and who wants another one of him screaming his ass off

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