American Idol 2011 Top 7 Elimination Results

Tonight on American Idol 2011, we’ll learn who earned the least votes and will be sent home and who stays for the Top 6. Can’t wait to see how America voted!

Based on your votes in our Top 7 performance poll it looks like the trailing contenders for tonight’s elimination are Jacob, Stefano, and Lauren. I was tempted to change my earlier prediction and replace Haley with Lauren, but considering Lauren has never been in the Bottom 3 and Haley could get her own personalized stool there, I’m gonna stick to my guns for this week.

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American Idol 2011 Top 7 Elimination Results’ Bottom 3:

  • #1 – Jacob Lusk
  • #2 – Stefano Langone
  • #3 – Haley Reinhart Ryan reveals Haley is safe tonight!

Hot dog, I nailed the Bottom 3 this week!

American Idol 2011 Top 7 Elimination Results:

  • Eliminated: Stefano Langone

Stefano’s elimination comes as no surprise, but considering his wild card status it’s commendable just how far he was able to go this season. He exits with enthusiasm.

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Did America get the vote right this week? Share your opinion!




    • Annnnnd its byebye stefano… jacob's turn next wk im guessing and by the look of things haley the week after which is kinda sad seeing as how she put on one of the best performances last night & still landed in the bottom3… seems those vftw peeps really came through for casey huh. Oh well all the best to the remaining contestants!!! may the best man/woman win!!

      • For the win: 1.Scotty 2.James 3.Lauren (because she has been pimped, and they need a girl to be there near the end) 4.Casey 5.Haley 6. Jacob. It really isn't America, it is AI producers who have the power to make or break a contestant. I don't look for AI to do much with James after the show other than a single and maybe an album, however, if he wants to do heavy metal sales won't support another album. His act appears to be on the costly side, too.

      • I agree Haley is kicking ass and taking names. She should not have been in teh bottom 3 Scotty or Lauren should have. I like country music but come folks they have not been stepping up and bringing it like they should.

        Haley has really found herself and is smokin right now. The voting system is really f***** up. It needs to be one person one vote so tweens can't stuff ballots. Then we'll see who America really loves.

    • What is this obsession with Haley? She was one of the best 2 last night and has been the one who has shown the most improvement since the top 13.

      • I agree; Haley has really grown on me. I used to consistently rate her at or near the bottom. Thought Lauren should have been in the bottom 3 instead of Haley.

      • Wrong! Haley needs to stay. She is the most talented and can sing any genre.

    • They both need to go well theres next week, Jacob will go home America is tired of his cry baby face, check TMZ he got a judge to let him off on charges, he probably cried in court and played the "My daddy is not here to tell me wrong from right".

      • It was charges for skipping a fare on a train, quit acting like he raped someone or something and the judge not idol gave him a break on his probation. Get your facts straight and quit being so hateful. You don't have to like everyone but it doesn't need to be ugly. Grow up

      • hey scott, that is just pure evil, when this guy lost his father, and you say things like this, we can see the devil runs your heart and mind!

  1. It should be the Country singer dude he was horrible yesterday and the way he looks when he holds the mic is jarring. He also picked a song that was highly boring and looked like he wasn't even trying to up his game.

    Same with Lauren they are both complacent and boring and need to go home tonight.

  2. Jacob in the bottom three, my guess is that Stefano and Scotty will join him for the first ever all male bottom 3

      • AI and the producers aren't stupid enough to let Scotty get into the bottom three. Their major money for the past few years has been made through artists that record out of Nashville. Not all singers are pure country that are contracted out of Nashville. A lot of pop and rock is recorded there.

  3. I'm surprised about Casey. I thought America wouldn't like Casey's kiss to J-Lo. He's a bit scary weird, but he certainly has tons of talent!

    • Don't the contestants get any kind of advice/counseling like, "Hey dude, that wasn't cool. In fact it was kind of creepy."

      • Don't agree on the talent, he is just weird and very unattractive. Not only was his interaction with JLo inappropriate, Randy actually commended him for it. AI has become so tacky and classless.

      • Oh, he has talent in spades, you can't argue that. You just don't like it and that's cool. I agree with everything else you said.

      • He's a talentless garden gnome…they keep saying he's the best musician ever on the show…1. it's supposed to be a singing contest and 2. bass is about as easy an instrument to play as there is…he's being setup for the win

      • I agree with Mary. Casey looks creepy and he has shown himself to be so. Now if that was Paula there really would have been an uproar about her enticing the male contestants. I don't like him at all. I noticed Haley seems to be distancing herself from him, too.

      • Casey doesn't just play bass…..piano, guitar,etc…please watch the same show. As far as the kiss…it was planned, obviously…JLo did turn her face too fast. Did you also think the marching band with James was not planned?!?!? It's a show, a voice competition.

      • Hes 19 now he can tell his friends he kissed Jlo and has proof. Lighten up the kiss was funny. And stand up bass is not easy to play and he plays several other instruments too. The kid has talent an never misses a note his phrasing is great, and hes fun and funny and all the haters should go f*** themselves!

      • Casey may play a bunch of instruments, but so what? He doesn't play them on a professional level, and he's not a great singer. Everything about Casey comes off as amateur.

        I just haven't seen anything album-worthy out of him, instrumental or vocal.

    • Casey is a stalker in waiting! He is that guy you never turned your back on and made any excuse to get away from the conversation.

      • Well yeah, since James Brown has been dead for several years. Casey is creepy. Sometimes he used a very quiet and baby like voice when talking. AI bills the show as a singing competition, therefore, Casey's ability to play various instruments should be a moot point. He's still an over-weight baby talking freak.

      • James Brown died? If so…than use past tense verbs…you get my meaning. And you are commenting on how he speaks….this is a singing competition. Are you tone deaf….Casey is awesome even without his instruments.

      • James Brown died? If so…than use past tense verbs…you get my meaning. And you are commenting on how he speaks and looks when this is a singing contest. Are you tone deaf….Casey is awesome even without his instruments.

  4. I think Casey will hit the bottom 3 next week, he always sings so angry and mean, I would never buy a CD of his

  5. i would really like to see james go he is way to cocky for me and i would really like to see one of the gilrs win for once enough with the guys winning everything i think the top are going to be scotty and lauren

    • I don't think James has a cocky bone in his body. I think he's just a total ham having a blast!

    • With a HUGE heart. Did you see that hug he gave Stefano? Brought tears to my eyes. I now officially love this young man!

      • that was awesome. Stefano just finishing his last note and all of a sudden he was up in the air in James' arms

    • I don't think it will be Lauren as the runner-up to winner Scotty. Two country music personalities just doesn't let AI and the music producers fudge their bets enough. However, orginally Lauren wasn't a country singer but became one when the judges told her that was her forte. I figure it will be Scotty, James, and Lauren as the final three, with Lauren leaving, and then Scotty winning and James as runner up. I don't like James' music but some do. I doubt he can sell much after his first single unless he lightens up. A large part of his talent is in his act so mere recordings might not sell too good. Lauren will get a contract, too. Haley will surely get contract offers from several producers. I figure she will end up selling more than any of the others.

      • You have no clue what you are talking about james has loads of talent look up his you tubes before Idol. he sounds somewhat like John Bonjovi in the lower register and Rob Halford in the high range but is unique. He will sell a ton of albums. Metal is alive and well they just don't play it on Pop radio. Him and Casey will out sell all the others no matter where they finish!

        Scotty is a nice kid with a nice voice but nothing specials as far as country. Lauren sings well but is just too young she needs to season a few more years. She's no Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson.

  6. I'm 3 hours behind on the west coast but I'm following this by internet. Glad to see that Jacob is in the bottom 3 – as long as favorites Haley and Casey are safe. Imagine if any of the dullsville contestants Scotty and Lauren are in the bottom 3. Gotta go now and see where it's at.

    • I love David Cook and voted for him every week when he was on Idol. But I did not like that song at all. Really dull and repetitive….

  7. Casey and James have stage presence. The rest have good voices but they are bland and boring. I would pay to see Casey and James.

    • if james was having a concert right now i would pay to see him. he is already one of my favorite singers. aerosmith has always been my most favorite but i would love a concert with james opening for aerosmith. i have always hated with a passion country music but i love scotty and lauren. scotty did really disappoint me this week. of all country songs i hate swingin' the most. i was toally on the edge of my seat tonight. i was highly disappointed when haley was in the bottom 3, i never liked her till these last 4 weeks.

      james crying over stefano geting voted off made me love james even more. no doubt james is gonna be famous, i hope the fame dont change him.

      i was praying jacob would be going home.stefano is better then jacob. next week i hope it is casey or stefano.

      • me too, james is way more heavy then aerosmith. when i seen korn puddle of mudd was oepening for them and their style of music is way different.

        i just love aerosmith and james.

    • Scotty has several… too bad there is no 3 point shoot contest in this show.

      And James also has many… too bad there is no wrestling competition in the show…. lol

  8. Pia only left caus eof record deals thia is amazing jacob is bad at singing scotty is idk wat to say hes SO WIERD AND LAUREN SHUT UP WITH ALL THE " im just lauren tee hee " baby voice like wth and james is ok and casey should have went home a while ago and stefano just wtf

    • lauren can go "i'm just Lauren teehee" cuz her voice really is god given and thia and pia were just boring they were good at first, but they got stale really fast that's why they were eliminated though i think pia's elimination was rigged

      • your just another jelious hater cuz of her looks and body, don't hate me cuz i'm beautiful as the saying goes!!

    • If you went by vocal ability, the top 3 should have been Pia, Thia and Scotty, with James possibly coming in as an upset.

  9. So what happens if it's Jacob? Does he get another chance because he can accurately argue technical difficulties?

    • Don't think so. he's on the tour and America knows who he is, so at this point one week more or less doesn't really matter.

    • I don't think it was technical, I think he almost started to cry as he started singing the song and then pulled it together. I think the place for James is in Branson, Missouri, where lots of gospels singers are based. This is a year around tourist site and there are whole shows done by well known gospel singers. He could very probably appear with Andy Williams at his concert center. Most every older star from rock to gospel is there, as are many recording studios.

  10. Jennifer Lopez "God Bless You" all of you for your patience every time america makes a mistake voting. Pia should still be singing nevertheless Pia is a star singer and will sell millions of records. I have talent, PR talent taste and I'm suffering watching religiously the heart breaking talented wrong singers that are sent home. James is the winner and Scotty will be a country western star soon. Jacob best get act together and take chances or he will be on the outside looking in and I'll personally sing it for him. Stefano should go this time but who knows what the talent less america has voted. Miss Jennifer Lopez, TQM from Humacao, Puerto Rico. P.S. If I were a judge trust me I would have gone "Ghetto" on national TV. We need Simon the "Realistic Honest Ghetto Truth" back. God bless.

  11. Well if Jacob goes this week then the Stefano curse strikes again, if Stefano goes home this week all I will have to say is it's about time!

    • So, who's the 3rd in the bottom 3? Reading y'all's posts eagerly from the West coast. 🙂

    • I totally agree with you about the Stefano curse. LMFAO. I feel so bad for him though. He hangs on by the skin of his teeth! I'd rather have him than Jacob, though. Stefano is mediocre at best. He's a cutie though.

  12. With my apologies, this is a post I made accidentally at the end of a previous thread that was "dead," so I'm posting it here on this "live" thread:

    I am ecstatic that so many people are coming around on Haley. The part that I find amazing, though, is how many people say how “improved” she is. The fact is that her simple singing “accuracy” of notes, her control of her voice, its power and range are the best on the show, and they have been since day one!

    Go back and listen to “Blue,” which she absolutely slayed. Her Joplin, her “Fallin,” her “Bennie and the Jets,” and now her Adele. Listen to her original audition in Milwaukee and her Hollywood week rendition of “God Bless the Child.” And her scattin’ duet with Casey was absolutely killer.

    She can sing country, jazz, blues, reggae, and she can definitely rock out — all with equal ease. NOBODY else on the show either can do or has done that. NOBODY has sung her variety.

    I really blame the judges’ lukewarm critiques the first two or three weeks for swaying people wrongly. (I like these judges, but I swear I think there’s a TON of manipulation going on, with them saying what they say to “lead” the voters. People on this board and other boards can’t believe the disconnect between the realities of some of these performances and their critiques each week.)

    You know what I think it is, though? I think that the judges actually think of her as amazing, and that leads them to have expectations for her they don’t have for the others! I really think that she sets the bar that high.

    The fact is that the country voters would vote for Scotty and Lauren if they mooed like cows, because country fans are unfailingly loyal. (And I’m not saying that they aren’t talented, because they are.) And James has his rocker vote, Casey his quirky vote; Stefano, the schmoozy-crooner vote, and Jacob, the Gospel vote.

    So I’ve been worried that Haley is so versatile, that she doesn’t fall into any real “category,” and thus she may go home any day, including tonight.

    But I will think it’s a real travesty if she doesn’t end up in the final (and I don’t think she will, unfortunately).

    I would love to see her and James throw it down for the finale. C’mon people — Wouldn’t y’all? 🙂

    I mean, even if you love Scotty (even after that silly, boring version of the TERRIBLE song “Swingin’,” which is a very EASY, unchallenging song to sing), you gotta admit that Haley has power and range and VERSATILITY that Scotty can’t touch.

    Kudos to Haley for overcoming the challenges of being in the bottom 3 often, for taking the judges comments in stride and with class, and moving on.

    She’s the one whose album I could most easily buy, and the one whose 2-hour concert I could best sit through. I just hope she gets the chance.

    • i super duper agree with your post… the judges are unfair… haley is exerting her best effort yet the judges are too critical to her..

    • Since the producers are intent on having Pia record and do personal performances they need to get her nose fixed, and the fillings in her teeth changed from black to white. Her hair and her eyes are beautiful but then when I see her big nose it spoils her look. She is sort of like Katherine McPhee, but not as good.

    • I was a Haley hater at the beginning. I didn't care her performance in Holywood week. I was also disappointed when she made it to the top 13. I just didn't like her voice, including when she sang "Blue". But then, Elto John's week came; I was disappointed with Scotty's song choice, while Haley sang "Bennie and the Jet" which at the first time impressed me. I was starting to appreciate her efforts and improvement. A week after, at Rock'n roll of Fame theme, I had to approve that her performance was great. So in my opinion, she really has been improving much since the last 4 weeks.

      Nevertheless, I still don't really like her voice; I do like Lauren's voice.

  13. Haley should not have been in the bottom 3. She was way too good, as with all the weeks!

    • I think the glitch with Haley is that we logical adults see her talent, but teenage girls don't like her because she's pretty and slim and they hate that. If cell phones were in every teen's hands in season 4, Carrie would not have won.

      • What's with your obsession with Haley? You keep coming up with excuses. You say that its' the fault of teenager girls who vote for the boys. Guess what, the two good-looking guys, Stefano and Paul are out. And there's no "jealousy". Young girls LOVE pretty girls. Look at Taylor Swift!

        Face the truth. Hailey is just not that good in comparison to the other contestants. She and Jacob are the weakest.

    • Haley is amazing and everyone needs to start voting for her. if you think scotty, jacob, etc. are more exciting to watch you are insane

    • templar, you are so right. and imagine the unbelievable talent we might not have uncovered and carrie would not have won. teenage girls are not letting the show get to it's potential!

      • Stop with the excuses when your favorite is in the bottom 3. Teenage girls, huh? Stefano is out tonighte!

  14. Aaaand the Stefano curse is broken! After all the weeks of hanging on by a thread, he is eliminated! Please be Jacob next week! /sighs

  15. Yes! Yes! Yes! Jacob is safe! Thank you for giving him one more chance. He's a fantastic singer who got lost for awhile. He'll be back!

    • Well it seems quite obvious you are a gospel music fan. So, you have to KNOW there are many, many gospel singers who are much more talented than Jacob. He will get it in time.

  16. I had a feeling it would be Stefano. Even though I think he did a great job last night, with him being in the bottom 3 week after week he just didn't have the fan base.

  17. poor stefano, even tho it was his trn to go i cudnt help bt like da guy…..all da best!!

  18. They got Jacob & Stefano right. But America needs to stop listening to the biased judges when it comes to Haley. She should have been in the top 3 —not the bottom 3. Jacob, Lauren, and Scotty might as well sing the same song every week —those 3 always sound the same no matter what they sing.

    • haley's voice is killing my ears her growl is worse so i just skip her song half way almost evry week

      • Haley is awesome! She doesn't just keep singing the same type of song every week. She has sung Elisya Keys, Janis Joplin, Jazz, Adele, etc. Scotty & Lauren only sing country and Jacob only gospel —even if it isn't a country or gospel song!!

      • sue, haley sucks number one, and number 2 learn how to spell peoples names if your gonna blog there name, its alicia keys.

    • cali, you are crazy. haley is the most entertaining has is the most talented. 10 bucks your a teen girl voting for scotty

    • Just an idea, Haley should sing country whenever possible to attract the country fans in order to steal votes from Scotty/Lauren.

  19. Next week Jacob….then American can look in the mirror…bummer, we have to listen to him one more week.

  20. as a life long musician in blues, jazz and rock and roll I'm telling you that jacob is hands down the best singer on this years AI. nobody close

    • but what about stage presence….isnt that also a requirement…..someone you WANT to watch perform? I agree, he's got the pipes, but would I go to a concert…never

      • Jacob might as well only sing one song over and over —they all sound identical and he nearly cries on everyone. Can you imagine sitting through a Jacob concert—it would be like Groundhog Day!

      • Don't you remember the judges saying that stage presence would come later, the contestants just needed to get their singing styles defined. Then, the judges started harping about stage presence, and singing different genres of music. The only judge who knows anything about music is Steven Tyler, and he is bummed out most of the time. Jennifer is a dancer, nothing more, her songs have all been enhanced so much that she has to lip sync them, BECAUSE she cannot sing. Randy was a guitar player and a very good one, however, he hasn't worked for over 20 years. I think he had a gig or two last year. He has health problems. So, the judges do not know the gem they have in Haley, because they don't know music.

    • Jacob has an incredible voice! Would love to see him do something a bit out of his comfort zone and bit more popular. If not next week will probably be his last.

      • He can't sing much because he won't sing anything with sex in it or the suggestion of sex, or intimacy in the lyrics.

      • He should try sing "We are the champion" or other Queen's song whenever possible, but I don't think he will.

    • surely jacob will go home next. his journey should, not entertaining anymore.. it's just that,, some really have poor choice

      • No, I don't like his vibrato. I like Clay Aiken's vibrato when Clay sang "Bridge over troubled water" at season 2 finale.

      • @Pup… I knew, but because you mentioned Jacob's vibrato, I wanted to give my opinion, and seeing that Jacob have sung "Bridge Over Troubled Water" at Movie week, I immediately remember Clay Aiken's performance of the same song at Season 2 finale and made a comparison between them.

    • Why don't you take him to New Orleans and see how good he does down there? Maybe the Neville's can get him lined out. Don't you think he needs to play an instrument like Lumpmouth Brown did or something to go with his singing. He doesn't do sex, longing, or unrighteous subject matter so he is limited. He needs help badly!!!!

    • At first Jacob seemed good…(I would only go to church to hear him; and I'm from New Orleans where we live, breathe, and bleed music) but now maybe he needs opera lessons, which would get rid of the cry, screaming vocals.

      • Yeah, Jacob needs to be less of a screamer, and he also does very weird things to songs, like randomly have his voice go up and down for no reason.

        You listen to how he sang "Bridge over Troubled water" and it's just plain weird.

        He actually sounds as though he's got the potential for a good vocal, but his own personal touches that he tries to put on are just awful and the guy loves screaming too much.

  21. And look at James……so much for him being "cocky"…you can see he is so full of heart….seeing Stefano gone…such a sweet guy

  22. No Idol did not get it right 2nite. Stefano was my 'idol', still is. He should've gone past Jacab and Casey, way better than them. :'(

    • he actually seemed relieved that he was finally going home – which was a bit of a shame – he finally found his inner performer last night and his 'farewell' tonight rocked. It's too bad he hasn't shown us his 'farewell' performance since the show started.

      As for Jacob – he belongs in the choir loft – the soloist in the choir loft certainly – but the choir loft.

      • I think Stefano is relieved after the backlash with the whole Pia mess. I don't think he ever felt wanted there after getting boo'd when Pia was eliminated over him. He's probably tired of reading blogs about how it should have been him. I would be….

      • @ angela… if thats the case then jacob would probably be relieved to get the boot as well… there are so many people just dying for him to get eliminated.

    • I can't help wondering if Stefano was "let go" because AI didn't want a can of worms opened up (i.e., the mixup in Jacob's tape) if Jacob were eliminated. I mean, it certainly got AI out of hot water and NO ONE seems to be questioning the results.

      Yeah, I know, Stefano was bound to be cut in the next week or two, but, still, it doesn't sit right with me–on the heels of everyone on the blogs wanting Jacob gone, Jacob's dismal performance last night, etc.

      • Well, I doubt he was "let go". But I bet AI was breathing a sigh of relief it was Stefano and not Jacob.

      • Yeah, well, I'm not into conspiracy theories, but I would certainly feel a lot better if AI were upfront about the actual vote tallies–with a verified outside firm.

      • I think there's some validity to this line of thinking. And I'm not usually a conspiracy theorist, either, but I'm beginning to get a bit cynical about several things about Idol.

      • If you can't trust the tallies in national elections what kind of optimist do you have to be to expect ethics in a for profit TV show?

      • Templar has a point. To go further with his analogy: How can you expect America to get the voting on AI right, when we voted in Obama? (I can hear the gnashing of liberal teeth already).

      • The voting is out of hand anyway. Just give each person 1 vote for for the number of contestants. As a contestant, I would be more proud of that number than how it is today…just sayin

    • Jacob And Scotty should be there next week . For my money Scotty should have gone home this week . He is there because of the teen girl vote . He's good but not that good.

      • Well since he has never been in the bottom 3 and has a huge fan base someone thinks he is that good. That is what this show is all about, fans. Does not matter how old they are or their gender.

      • Mary is right. THe show is about making money off a "new" talent. Those who get the most votes will earn the producers the most money. It takes talent, charm, and performance ability to get the votes.

        Haley's problem is she does not appeal across a wide enough audience. She has a good and interesting voice, but she does not seem to have the winsome personality.

      • I am far from a teen at 46 and I love Scotty and vote for him every week. I love country and I love his voice. So, it's just not the teens trust me

      • I don't think it is the teen age girls who are keeping Scotty, rather the Nashville music community and the very large country music fan base throughout the country. There are more country stars appearing in Vegas than those of any other genre. Saw Martina McBride there about four years ago and it was one of the best shows I have seen. Celine's was good, too. Country music is the biggest selling genre in the USA.

      • You said Stephano has good voice?!?!? He should have been gone before Spanish girl, can't remember her name, but she was better than him.

      • Well educated (that is college degrees), major music back ground, and from New Orleans where we live, breathe, and bleed music. Hello. And I didn't care for Karen either. Yes, you must be the one that is tone deaf….but that's ok, I don't hold it against you.

      • Right now I am in love with James. What a heart that young man has! His "assault hug" on Stefano brought tears to my eyes.

      • I would LOVE to see a James vs. Haley throwdown in the final. They're the best overall performers, in my opinion, and it's not even close. Others have bits and pieces of stardom, and they will have their day, but at this point, I think that these two are the most polished and overall the most "Idol-ish" material.

      • JoJo, do you know how we can send our comments direct to James? I think he is awesome!! I hope he wins!

    • pup i agree totally. that made my eyes tear up too. what a sweety he is. mr. metalhead is a big softy.

      dont ever change james!

      • The overly emotional hug and the crying James does is a result of his Asperger's which causes over reactions of both a good and bad nature.

      • Me me, you're probably right. But if that's one side of the Asperger's coin, gotta admit it's a good one.

      • From the Cynic's corner: Smartest thing any remaining contestant can do is portray themselves as totally shocked and hurt for their "best friend", thereby slyly picking up sympathy votes of the loser.

        I know, kick the 'dog. Kidding kind of, but the end result is "Mo Votes!"

      • I think that's because James had lost all his wrestling partners that he couldn't practice wrestling together with them anymore… lol.

        However, I am sure James can still say this : "Can you smellllll… what James is cooking"… lol

  23. Scotty is a 17 year old with a great voice. It is okay to have someone wholesome do well on the show. I agree that he needs to do something more challenging next week as the group songs show that he has what it takes to sing something different.

    • I agree. I loved hearing his voice on a more contemporary song in the group number. I hope he realizes that its okay to choose a non-country song and sing it with a not so country style to showcase his voice in a different way. Its good to show variety.

      • I will admit I was SHOCKED it was Scotty whose voice I liked best in that group number!!!!! I had to look twice to see whose voice it was. Scotty, if you want to win this thing so that all of the viewers are happy, you have to sing something besides country. (Yes, I know he did so once, but that's not enough.) He can handle it! My goodness, I was so shocked!!!

      • I love scotty too but I was pleasantly surprised by his voice tonight. He sounded great and very much out of his genre. I thought like WOW.

    • I would love to hear Scotty do "Heard It In A Love Song" by the great Marshal Tucker Band!

      • How about singing Poison's "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" or "Give Me Something to Believe" ? But I don't think he would, due to the lyrics.

  24. I'm almost genius when James wins it all I will be a complete genius. It's do or die and Jacob must step up to the plate and deliver or go home. Finally America voted right. Sorry, Jennifer to be the bearer of bad news but too much male competition over powering voices left. I hope one of the girls win but I don't see it in the stars. Food for thought, I'm where Miss Jennifer Lopez wants to be, Isla Del Encanto, Puerto Rico. Til next week, God Bless all of you!

  25. Well the wrong one went home in my opinion . I had the bottom 3 but missed the one eliminated.

    • What show is you watching man saying Jacob should be gone before Stephano!!! What are you smoking on? Jacob is a pure singer and personally he and James are the only ones left with a real voice and talent. I think people are picking on Jacob because of his feminine ways. Yall need to quit it. He not just the only black man left but the only one with a voice of pure soul!

  26. It was Stefano's best performance in AI – maybe he sabotaged himself during the competition choosing the wrong songs if he believed he did not deserve to be there… Anyways, based on yesterday's very bad performance, his exit was well deserved… I almoght fainted thinking the America had voted Haley out – that would have been insane, but it could have happened… oh oh..

    • Shallow to say and some people might not agree but,i think,Stefano sabotaged himself wearing them stupid ugly skater/rapper shoes…He is a short dude and his outfits made him look even shorter.Sad to say but it did not help him,i think.His voice and performance was miles ahead of Scotty and Jacob…

  27. America got it very wrong. Am I the only Stefano lover on this site?! I loved Stefano; he's super talented and deserved his wildcard and I'm happy that he made it this far. Of course, I'm disappointed that he's leaving, but I wish the best for him and hope he has a successful career. Amen!

    On an unrelated note, I think next week should be either Lauren or Jacob. I don't know why, I just don't like Lauren. She's pretty boring, and while her voice is very sweet, it's nothing unusual or fantastic. And Jacob is too dramatic in my opinion. Excellent singer, but just not my Idol.

      • Gautham, I've made a pack with Coondog not to feed the trolls, so this time you are safe. But please in the future don't be a Lauren hater. She said she will pick it up next week & I'm going to have faith. But well damn, another week of Jacob.

      • Lauren has so much potential if she would just step out of he comfort zone and go for it. Remember her audition, when she sang with Steven. Steven Tyler is a GOD, he has an AMAZING voice, and she was KILLING it.

      • i like him too..

        especially his looking….

        he is so cut, and his smile always succeed to make my heart melt..

        like an angel form the heaven…


      • Lauren actually took a step backward this week. I thought that her performance was the worst of the night. She is a sweet singer, and she will have her day on stage, but her youthfulness and immaturity came shining through this week, and for the first time, I thought she actually sang "scared," as if the pressure had finally gotten to her. Her voice was weak, at times barely audible. I like her, but I don't see her as "Idol-ish" at all.

      • Here's the thing about Lauren. Is she pretty? Yes. Can she sing? Yes, very well. Does she have good stage presence? For the most part, sure. Has she improved at all since the live show started? No. Has she challenged herself at all? No. Has she done what she should do to be better every week? No. It's the top 6 now, she's had her chance to break out of her shell. She needs to do it soon. Even if she doesn't need to because she gets votes anyway but out of respect for people that are going home. I know I sound like a broken record but it's down right rude to not go out and do your best when you are one of the last standing. that being said I hope she does step it up and bring something new and refreshing. She has her spot in the top 3 almost in cement, I hope she earns it.

      • Quite honestly, my favorite performance of Lauren's was her audition. I don't think she's improved much since then

      • Hey Bunny, I'm rooting for Lauren to stay above Casey (sorry Gautham), 'cause I'm getting scared for Haley again. She's doing great, but these votes, whew.

        Oh, by now you'll probably be ticked at me a bit for doing a "fun troll" on James above (From the Cynic's Corner). I'm trying to make "fun trolling" politically correct! You know–make fun of someone, but it's ok cause 'just kidding'!.

        Gautham, if Casey beats Haley, I'm sad. But if Jacob–JACOB?!–beats Haley, can we all agree that'd be devastating!! Everybody hates Jacob, that VFTW must actually work!

      • Coonie

        If Casey beat Haley, i would be sad too..

        If Jacob beat Haley or Casey, i honestly wouldn't be surprised..I genuinely believe that he has an amazing singing talent and i dont give a rat's ass what he says..If he wants me to look in the mirror, i'll just go look at my mirror and get back to what i was doing before…I am above such stupidity…

        If Lauren beats Haley or Casey, i will unleash my fury…pure, dark and evil over anyone who tries to justify it because talent wise, Casey and Haley are light years beyond..Lauren only has her instrument and god bless her, she's a sweetheart but she would make a much better singer and greater artist if she lives a little. Let her not waste her childhood on the crazy stresses of post American idol fame.. She is a bud, let us not drown the #$%@% outta her..Let her bloom…

        If scotty beats Haley and Casey, i will again unleash my fury…

        So there's a good 75 percent chance that i will kick ass and take names starting next week…

    • I liked Stefano a lot. He looks like such a good kid and he has a great presence on stage but I thought it wasn't great this week so I understand the elimination. Lauren is very good IMO.

    • Actually, Coondog, I really like Jacob's voice. I think it is the best that is left in the competition. He has a terrible personality which has been described as diva, but is probably more akin to feeling entitled. However, as it is a singing competition, he should not go home until at least the final 4, if then. That being said, the only one with a comparative vocal quality was voted off long ago. That would be Pia.

  28. Got the bottom two correct but totally WRONG on Stefano leaving. Jacob may have some decent pipes but is a dead fish entertainer. How many people would pay $50 to see him in concert? Gospel is popular but not very marketable. What is an IDOL?

  29. I agree with Liz 100%. Jacab and Casey should have gone home before Stefano. The kid has talent and charm and I did throw in a vote for him last night. I'm not sure what Steven Tylor sees in Casey. I haven't heard one good song out of Jacab yet.

      • Hey, I have the utmost respect for the esteemed Mr. Tyler. But having listened to him, cerebral is not the first adjective that comes to mind.

      • Vocally, Steven has one of the best voices in rock history. Listen to some less-known Aerosmith or something just Steven. Just Feel Better by Santana ft. Steven Tyler showcases how amazing his voice truly is.

      • I have a feeling I was listening to Aerosmith before you were born. I have all of their albums including the ones that were issued in vinyl, and I have them in vinyl. I've seen them live 11 or 12 times including at Sturgis in So. Dak. Doesn't refute my statement.

      • He doesn't have to be scholar of the year to be a talented singer/songwriter. He's an artist, not a diplomat. Nothing makes you a judge of his intelligence. I don't care how many times you've seen Aerosmith live or how many vinyls you own, that doesn't make your statements valid.

    • i actually hired steven tylers uncle to run the kitchen of the bar i managed. he ended up bringing me pictures of steven tyler in a golf cart going to get his mail. also a picture of steven standing outside his house in his bath robe. i have also seen him in concert and love him to death. been my favorite band for 35 yrs. all time favorite aerosmith song is 'you see me crying' with seasons of wither and lord of the thighes a close second. i think james will quickly become a favorite singer of mine. i have watched his performance from last night at least 15 times.

  30. Stephano went a little too early but it's fair…So hope Scotty goes next week,that dude is so fake and limited,can't stand him…Kathy Perry lip singing was pathetic…A show that is all about talent and skills and yet,they keep inviting people that are very limited in that area…Still did not get over that Iggy Pop a couple of weeks ago….sorry…No one can touch James,clear cut winner,pure talent and charisma,no one but him can win this…..

      • Really, honestly, I love him like no other contestant….but…I hope he comes in second and can follow his own dream, not what Idol will "let" him do….give the prize to someone that needs the boost

      • Scotty had his worst performance so far last night and still wasn't in the bottom three, I think that we should all accept he's got a huge fan base.

      • I don't know how huge Scotty's fan base really is, since people can vote as many times as they want. What I do know is that this fan base is extremely loyal, and would vote for him no matter how bad his performance is.

      • The observations about country fans' unwavering loyalty is dead on. Both Scotty and Lauren are talented, and both will have careers, but they had the worst week of any of the performers this week, and were just plain boring, with bad song choices. I like 'em, but as I've said elsewhere, I don't think they're "Idol" worthy at 16 and 17. But country fans (and that's MY favorite music as well, and makes up 80 percent of my listening) will push those numbers 'til their fingers bleed, instead of voting for a real "best singer" or "best entertainer."

    • Can't say James has this….Casey is the most talented, but James is the only competition Casey has.

      • i really dont even know how someone can compare james and casey. not trying to be mean or argumentive but it just blows my mind.

      • Not comparing Casey and James, just stating that James is the only competition Casey really has. I think all are good in their own way, but talent wise…. Casey than James.

      • I think everyone needs to pack it up and give James the crown already. He is the best as far as i'm concerned.

    • Boy, no kidding about the talent or lack of talent they keep bringing in. Iggy was just hard to watch. Katy Perry was horrible.

      Maybe Bruno Mars will do better next week.

      • Yeah. Even when Katy is bad, she usually looks good. Not last night though. Let Lady Gaga be Lady Gaga and Katy be Katy.

  31. I like these results but this means we have to listen to jacob at least one more week. disgusting.

    • I hear you, Jacob really only screams as he really doesn't have talent, he belongs and should be in a church chior only. give up jacob

      • Fun Troll Time is welcome on Jacob I see! Here's a true story of how his concert hall could be. Have you ever paid like $20 (but not $50 for the good seats) to see a hasbeen at a casino or county fair? But you did it cause there's a couple songs you want to hear again (and odds are yu didn't have a boyfriend or girlfriend at the time, am I right so far?!)–Hold on, it gets worse.

        Anyways, you got there early to avoid the advertised "big crowds". Since there only seems to be a hundred or so there where it seats say 5000, you figure since you must be earlier than you thought, you go to the restroom to relieve yourself and take a few swigs of the rum you've disguised in a water bottle. While outside the seating area, you hear this announcement, "Attention, all patrons are invited to go into the Convention room for the FREE Kenny Rogers concert about to start". WTF?!!You just wasted $20 bucks for what's now free since they're trying to fill the first 3 rows at least. Later, you find out that all the latecomers for free, also were enticed in by receiving a coupon for half off the roast beef and peas buffet. WTF!!

        Well, that's Jacob's future from what you all are saying here!

  32. Stefano was a class act as was Paul in his departure. Who would ever think that the 'rocker' would be the one most sensitive. That makes me like him more. This group has brought more originality than I've ever seen on Idol with their own renditions. Great group.

    • You have to remember James and Stefano were roomates from the very beginning…back all the way to before Hollywood week and good friends. It seems the guys with exception to Scotty all got pretty close and had a great chemistry and Lauren too for that matter. Haley seems to kinda be on her own. Ready for her to go.

      • They talked about the 2 of them and how they had become instant friends because they were roommates during the 1st couple weeks of the season. The rest of it you can tell by the way they all interact and talk during interviews and clips.

      • Dawn, oh, yes, I knew that about James and Stefano being roommates and buds. I meant about the rest of what you said, sorry. I figured you just inferred this, and so you did. Not sure if that is fair, though. I mean, we know about the "boy band" and could see the antics with the guys. But I never really saw the girls interacting either with each other or with the guys. So I think it might be unfair to single out Haley like that.

  33. ok stephane might have been ready go. the business end of the competition has arrived. its all a bit messy and yet casey was amazing this week. i have been critical of him, as early on he was great yet dipped like a roller coaster. i hope he can remain real and produce even more natural and beautiful sounds. just not sure that he or we know what that might be!!! casey does not need to try so hard. he just needs to forget the competition and be true and real to his calling. he is massive and i love him

      • Casey is the real deal. He is musically gifted well beyond his years. He is an "old soul" and I would pay top dollar to be in the front row too!

      • Mary it's a matter of taste, so you just have to learn to respect a choice which is different from yours.

      • Casey is very talented. A true artist. I always look forward to seeing what he's going to come up with next!

      • I agree. I must be listening to a different program because the Casey I heard was not good. And the kiss was freaking strange. He looks strange, too.

      • OK…so there will be four sheep in the front row…I'm sure you'll leave with $1,000s in Made in China Casey merchandise as well…God Bless America

      • I guess your right to one point… I would buy Casey things, but even if we, Americans, made it and it cost sky high….like JLo said…I would also pay top dollar to go to Casey's concert. So, it must be five plus sheep on front row…at least the ones that could afford it.

  34. Its always sad to see such nice, decent people go home…im sure if jacob had gone home not as many people would have felt sad and sorry for him.all the best stefano!!

  35. hahahahahaha

    congratulation on the elimination of stefano..

    i'm very happy..

    he deserves it.

    he has not talent!!!!

    • he has talent, just not as good as the others.. to say he has no talent is ridiculous. u must be deaf.

    • "he has no talent". Why do you say that? I agree that eventually he would go, but not tonight. Tonight should have seen Jacob leave because:

      1. boring stage presence (why Pia left)

      2. conceited, his facial expressions during the judges comments tonight spoke volumes

      3. good voice, not great.

    • and……… HS ANNOYING he always thinks that hes the best, but hes not. HES THE WORST I HATE HIM!!!!!!!!!

      • @betty_boop, I am a psychiatrist & I recomend anger management. Don't be a hater, the wrong one went home tonight.

      • Yeah, grow up (and learn the language). Saying "HES THE WORST I HATE HIM!!!!!!" just makes you sound childish and ignorant. You can certainly dislike his singing — we all have opinions — but do you KNOW him? Or do you just hate that easily. Sad for you.

    • Really mean. I hope you get into a similar situation so you know how it feels to be on the receiving end of mean-ness that's totally uncalled for. By the way, it's congratulations with an s, and not should be a no.

    • Why would you be happy about that? They all have talent and look like nice kids.

    • You are wrong tias, anyone who has gotten this far has talent. Why does he deserve to get canned? What did he do?

      He just didn't get as many votes as the others. I was not a fan of Stefano's, but he was good enough to last this long.

  36. At the point when ryan seacrest anounced casey lauren and james were safe i didnt really care about it from there

  37. Stefano made it very far considering the judges saved him so long ago, he should be very proud of his accomplishments. I'm sure we'll hear more from him. Even though Jacob didn't impress me last night, after singing about his deceased father I'm glad he didn't get eliminated tonight.


    Haley. In the bottom three? Why?

    Are you serious!? I wish they'd do a split screen of Rolling in the Deep, and Swinging, so people could see who really shined last night. I love Scotty, always have, but I think a quick stint in the bottom three would've given him a jolt to try to be better and take it up a notch, and if anything would've helped him. Haley did not deserve that this week. She out-sang everyone last night, and I still can't believe it. What more can she do to win fans? She's so unique and talented, hers is a voice that rarely ever comes around! Don't let her go America, please. I was so upset that she was in the bottom 3, yet not that surprised. From the very start she's been underrated, but always my favorite, and she'll be my favorite until the very end. Haley is very special, and I think people just need to give her a chance, and they'll love her like me and her other fans do.

    GO HALEY!!! 🙂

    • ya but shes(ya know) a female dog. she laughs and smiles every time someone is voted off

      • I guess you two have it all figured out. I guess we should all follow your posts to know the truth.

      • Why shouldn't she smile, can't she be happy that she was not voted off. Are the contestants supposed to cry for all others because they leave. Geez they will be spending the next 3 months together on the tour after idol is done. What the heck, why do people judge on what they are seeing when they don't know what really goes on. I have always said "believe only half of what you see and none of what you hear" Haley should be top two

    • People don't like others who think so highly of themselves. Haley thinks she is a sex goddess. I will not get over the fact that she got caught by the camera twice with a big smile on her face when Pia got eliminated. Google it….it was very obvious as everyone else covered their mouths in shock or looked sad….there was Haley ….brimming from ear to ear. Tacky, catty and witchy.

      • Yeah, she wants to win. I think it was a look of shock if anything, America got rid of her biggest competition, one of the best singers!!! It was funny, in a twisted way. This show is about singing, anyways, not who can pretend to be the sweetest most outgoing person in America. What does that have to do with music? Your favorite artists out there today, most of them are not all rainbows and sunshine. It's their talent we care about, not how many times a day they smile, laugh, or cry. Maybe Pia and her didn't get along, you don't know what goes on behind the scenes. Haley is serious about her music, and hard working, something any real idol should be. And I'll tell you something else. My mom loves Lauren, Scotty, and James. After the show, she'll listen to James, but she HATES country! Haley's fans will follow her far beyond the show, I'd bet anything on that. I know I will. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but don't think you know who they'd be in real life. This is a TV show, we see what they want us to see and that's all.

      • I'm tired of debating this non-issue. Some people always post the same thing. It's like they have this itch, this need to prove they know what is going on in people's minds. Get over it, none of us are psychics and none of us know what any contestant is thinking.

      • And you know this how??? There are many people who smile, even laugh at bad news. It is how they handle stress and trauma. It is considered an acceptable way to manage emotions when one feels overwhelmed by emotions. I think there is even a song that says this. Basically it is not letting them see they have the power to hurt you, so you smile in the face of defeat and hurt.

      • I felt the same way at first about Haley, but Haley even smiles when she gets told she is in the bottom 3.

        Haley is always smiling, no matter what is going on.

      • Devin you said it right. Just so tired of the judgmental ways of these posters when they really don't know what is going on behind the scenes. I just do not see the sex goddess attitude that Angela sees, I see someone who is just happy to be there and do her best.

    • Devin,i totally agree with you,Haley was awesome last night.She has matured through the weeks and is a great voice now…Bottom 3 should have been Jacob,Scotty and Stephano,with Jacob going home tonight.Scotty,hopefully with leave next week.Scotty and Lauren have the favors of a huge country/western fan base.It's about style and genre here more then talent.Stephano did not help himself by going suit with skate shoes most nights…

    • Devin Lee, I believe that Haley's problem with the fan base/votes is that she still doesn't have a definative direction from which to pull an established fan base. Where we are all saying to Scotty & Lauren "step out of the box & do something exciting & new". We are not sure where Haley is? I believe there are those devoted Haley fans (Coondog)that vote for her every week because they love her. But the rest of us love what she does (type of song/music) one week & we don't love it the next week. So it is really hard for her to develop a consistant fan base.

      • I have voted for her every week. I am not IN LOVE with her. I just love her voice, her tremendous versatility, and her ability to really perform a song. She is an incredible singer!

      • Men are obsessed with haley. That's not healthy. It's a fantasy and they vote for her every week even when she's not great. Also they get very upset when people don't think she's great. It's like a crush for old men. definately men my age. not me though!

      • I think Bunny and Orville both may be on to something. I find her way more sexy than a girl her age should seem to me which makes me feel guilty. Perhaps I subconsciously hold that against her. I will have to ruminate on that.

      • Orville Atkins aka Jacob Lusk, get off this blog and start rehearsing because you are doomed next week if you don't bring it on. Stop dreaming about Haley. Sounds like you know all about dreaming about what you cannot have. Freaking fettish fool is what you are.

      • Ha,ha. Well I knew that Pup.

        Hey Bunny, since I see a few of the regulars here and I got pimped as a Haley lover–which is true–Can I throw something else into the mix here? Don't know if it's a shocker or not, but

        Am I the only one that's too doggone lazy to vote?! I never have and probably never will. Is this a Pia like moment?! I'm not snubbing it or anyone; I'm seriously just too lazy to do it! Even though I love Haley. Maybe lots of Haley lovers are like me–All Bark and no Bite! lol. I vote for Presidents, but . . ."Uh oh, am I gonna get voted off the blog now?"

        I guess I just assumed I'm normal in my laziness. But seriously, am I the only one here that don't vote?! (And do all the Foreigner fans hate me since I read a lot of them wish they could vote? I am American by the way!)

      • Orville, if you really are a man, and can't even understand why a man be crushin' on Haley, you must be from the same generation as your cousins Wilbur and Orville Wright! (kidding!)

      • Orville, why is it not healthy? Almost all red blooded American boys and men like beautiful women.

      • Coondog, you are not alone in this particular form of laziness. I do not vote either. While also an American, I no longer vote for president. I vote against the worse of the two potential evils. There are no good choices there as there are in AI.

    • i am devin lees mom. she is wrong about me not ever listening to scotty or lauren. i do hate country but i really like them 2 kids. if they stay true to theirselves and not become stuck up and hardened i will support them.

      james i will listen to and enjoy.

      i have come to really like haleys singing but i still dont like something about her, something in her personality. i still hope the end results are


      2.scotty or lauren

      3.scotty or lauren




      i was hoping jacob would go before stefano.

      lauren reminds me of a young dolly parton, voice and personality.

      if the last 2 standing are james and haley…me and devin better not watch it together! lol.

      i too was very shocked and saddened that haley was in the bottom 3. besides james her performance was best.

    • facebook dosnt mean everyone voteing,but to just have 2k plus fans,,thats really low,to scottys almost 80 k and climbing,,that just shows somewhat of the difference in fanbase somewhat….

  38. Stefano was and is better than Jacob. Jacob in the bottom again, America get it right next week, vote off Jacob.

  39. im very sad coz….. i was in the chat room and suddenly this thing appears and it says that ive been banned from the chat room and to make it worse i dont even no what i did wrong!

    • Just how old are you? I read through some of the things you posted here and I'm not surprised you were banned. Maybe to give you more time to study your spelling and grammar?

    • She may be immature and unable to spell, but she surely cannot be young since she knows who Betty Boop was. Shoot that cartoon was even before my time.

    • Casey could do anything and be great, because he is the most talented. Casey turns old, ok songs into great new songs.

      • You're being told he's the most talented therefore it must be so…but given that he does want to be an actor he would make a great Travelocity gnome I'll give you that….win-win

      • I'm not a follower, but a ( high degree) leader whom also has a music back ground….and you?!? You talk bad about JLo too?!? JLo is a musician and actor (that also does commercials)….it's called making a living using your talents. And yes, Casey

        can do both, win-win. I would love to hear Casey more even if also in commercials. And please quit assuming all people you write to are not educated and seem to be followers…you write the same things….sheep, do as told, etc.

      • Casey and Haley need to be together they both have that same groll and into their stage perfomance

  40. yah, stefano sgould have been eliminated much earlier he should been out out earlier than the two girls naima and thea. at long last its the boys turn. most likely to leave next week is jacob. my forecat: james to win this season.

  41. No… His vocal talent far surpasses Scotty's vocal abilities, which, in my opinion is painful to listen to. Who listens to that hillbilly music on mainstream radio anyway? Clearly, his vocal style isn't even close to some pop country hits which become crossovers. Stefano had a great attitude and work ethic which should serve him well. I wish him the best.

    • Scotty has a decent voice. Great country singer, just kinda boring and really hard to watch with all the wierd mic things and facials.

  42. Jacob should have gone. The talent this season is quite horrible. Pia was worthy and Lauren is great if only she would only do the big songs that she is capable of doing. The guys are terrible, especially Casey.

    • I disagree with most of that. You're right about Lauren though – she has so much potential. But there is a LOT of talent, just not Jacob in particular. James is amazing, Hayley too. Scotty doesn't have enough range. Casey has talent, but has had his bad weeks.Jacob should have gone though.

  43. I'm seriously depressed about Stefan going home! He was the best! Since it was because of Jacob that he went home, I say that Jacob better win or else he should have definitely gone home! All I can do is listen to Stephano's music and pray for him to get a record deal and become a star! Stephano if you're reading this remember when you become famous, remember that I always knew that you shouldn't have gone home. I loved you when you started and will continue to love till the end of time! May God bless you as you start your musical journey! Love you lot's

    Love: Katie (you #1 fan)

    • It wasn't Jacob's fault that Stefano went home. Just like it wasn't Stefano's fault Pia went home.

      Here it is again – Stefano got the least amount of votes, that is why he is gone.


    • How can you say American did not get it right, they sing, we vote for our favorite and the winners/losers are announced. How much simpler can it get.

    • The judges have their favorites, just like we all do. Just because a judge may like one person better than the other means absolutely nothing.

      It is just one person's opinion.

  45. I like them in this order


    Casey- AMAZING TALENT!!!!!!!!!

    James- good stage presence

    Scotty- Good authentic country voice

    Haley- Shes OK


    • i like them in this order:

      lauren: AMERICAN IDOL

      scotty: hes cute and an awesome singer

      james: he has terets and autisam and can contol himself

      casey: he can interprate songs REALLY well

      stefno: hes really good, he deserves 2 be in the top 5

      haley: not the best, pretty horrible

      jacob: EWWW WEIRDO!!!!!

      • Here's my list

        Haley – Awesome interpretation and unique. I can go on and on

        James – Puts on a great show

        Casey – Add 1 and 2 and you have Casey

        Scotty – The kids got a cool voice. Needs to step it up.

        Lauren – Boring as all get out.

        Jacob – Hmmm yeah idk about Jacob.

      • The only thing shallow is Casey's vocal range…HE CANNOT SING!!!! and if the "complete package" means anything he's the most repulsive looking contestant to ever make the top 10

      • lauren AND scotty both need to step it up if they want to DESERVE to win, james should be in the finals if we want it to be ENTERTAINING/WORTH WATCHING, haley being in the finals would also make it one worth watching but im not so sure how her fanbase measures up against those of lauren's and scotty's… kasey is talented, no doubt, some see it and some don't but i think at best, he can only go as far as the top5 (further if lauren fails to step it up).. and jacob, well he's probably headed home next wk..i had this guy picked as the winner right at the start but now i think its time for him to pack his bags, i do wish him luck tho 4 his future!!!

      • I have to agree with KC that what dvh said about Casey being ugly is shallow.

        So, I shall go a bit deeper. There's an EASTER SUBPLOT here: I was just watching an old Jesus Crucifixion movie (don't worry, no blasphemy or proselytizing forthcoming). Anyways, Casey–with his beard and often-bewildered gaze–looked just like Jesus' disciple Peter. I mean spot on!

        I think Casey must have seen this old movie previously also. Because when the cock crowed right after Peter denied Jesus for the third time (as Jesus had foretold Peter just hours previously at the Last Supper), Peter started stumbling around blindly, almost fainting and mumbling incoherently–Does anyone remember this scene? Even if you never saw the movie, you'd recognize the scene! It's just like Casey did when he got the Save! Wow!! Powerful!!

        Just figured I'd throw in the Easter Subplot since AI is all about Theme Week and such. Oh, and for those who didn't see the Jesus movie, despite his nonsense, Peter got Saved–same as Casey!

      • James American Idol!!! Lauren will be out pretty soon. Haley will be around i think for a little longer.

      • Not to be mean but i could not watch Haley all day , it would drive me nuts! James on the other hand i could .

    • I think Lauren should have been in bottom three this week, she needs something to shake her up, her focus and mind set are just not there, likely due to being only 16.

      Haley has improved a lot the last 3 weeks, while Lauren has the natural voice to be great is simply not stepping up and improving.

      • Again I think you're right, Lauren almost put me to sleep last week with that Miley Cyrus number, zzzzzzzzzzz

    • Casey is so above the rest as far as talent goes…you definitely sound like you don't know music. I like the way Casey presents hisself….but you should be listening to the voice bc voice contest, not beauty contest (or Pia would have won).

    • DVH since I am one of the sheep to whom you refer, I take umbrage at your comment. Moreover, I queried my son about Casey. He agreed with my assessment that Casey's voice is above average, but has great musicality and technical knowledge and skill. Now I may be a sheep, but he has a degree from what is probably the foremost popular music school in the world, Berklee College of Music, in Boston. So, if he does not know what he is talking about, then I have wasted a heck of a lot of money. BTW: from what school did you get your music degree?

      • Oldster:

        Casey attended Idyllwild Arts Academy in Idyllwild, CA where his father teaches film production.

        He graduated in 2009 and then attended University at the Univ of Colorado @ Boulder as a Music Major.

        He is a great musician and plays a lot of instruments but was never at the Berklee College of Music.

        Tell who is/was a student there; Karen Rodriguez.

        Both she and Pia Toscano graduated from the LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts.

        Kris Allen has been named Berklee City Music Network Ambassador for all the work he has been doing promoting the importance of music in schools.

      • I am not surprised that Casey has had formal training. And while Berklee may be the best, it certainly is not the only good school for learning. Moreover, I have always believed that it is the student's drive and aptitude to learn that is more important than the school. I did know that Rodriguez and Pia attended the same music college. I was unaware of Allen's situation. BTW: Steven Tyler has an honorary degree from Berklee.

  46. man that big gay gospel singing dude should 've been canned. We have seen that kind of singing SOOOOOO many times before, and yet this time a lot GAYER.(not that is anything wrong with that!)But enough is enough ….His huge super big mouth is not becoming of any idol….And all this church stuff is only to deal with his OWN PERSONAL GAY ISSUE. Which is not becoming of American Idol. no wonder they call him DIVA!!!!

      • I don't care that Jacob is gay. I do care that he slapped his fans in the face a couple of weeks ago with his comment about the mirror. I never thought America was that forgiving to keep voting for him after that. If he sounded like Luther Vandross, I would have voted for him before his snotty comment. Unfortunately, he doesn't!

  47. I think that Jacob is ny far the best SINGER!!! But since this is a popularity contest, then I guess someone else will win…I am looking forward to the VOICE…that seems to be based on who can actually sing…

  48. I don't understand why Haley was in the bottom 3 tonight. She is so much more talented and versatile and entertaining when she sings especially when compared to the snooze fest performances of Scotty, Lauren and Jacob.

    • i agree. i wonder how did the votes turned liked this… you know what i'm saying… it shouldn't be haley in the bottom three

    • With all the posts about people being stunned at Haley being in the bottom 3 so often, why is she? Are we not voting? I guess the more mature voters who recognize that she is the best vocalist there need to sit down with a lineup of cell phones on the table and just press her number over and over on every phone for two hours 'til our fingers bleed, like the young girls apparently do for Scotty.

      Stupid, stupid voting procedure. AI is long overdue to get this fixed. I don't imagine they ever will.

      And people, vote for the best singer/performer who you could really watch in concert for two hours — a performer who could do a variety of slow/jazzy/solemn/uptempo/rockish/soulful songs — not somebody who puts the same spin and the same inflections on every single song.

      • Not2Old4fIdol, I do hate to repeat myself but…I believe that Haley’s problem with the fan base/votes is that she still doesn’t have a definative direction from which to pull an established fan base. Where we are all saying to Scotty & Lauren “step out of the box & do something exciting & new”. We are not sure where Haley is? I believe there are those devoted Haley fans (Coondog)that vote for her every week because they love her. But the rest of us love what she does (type of song/music) one week & we don’t love it the next week. So it is really hard for her to develop a consistant fan base.

      • Not to get too political, but the "Red States" do love their country music. That means Scotty & Lauren start with a built-in fan base. Someone like Haley has to just keep chipping away at the voters —bringing them over to her side out of pure talent. A much tougher road, but she is now in the final 6 and maybe a few C&W lovers will give her an occasional vote. Cream rises to the top!

  49. I really think they got it wrong. Stefano is much better than Jacob. You can't understand much of what Jacob is singing. He had better go next time or there is something terribly wrong with this so called voting!

    • The judges have pimped Lauren and America, for some reason, thinks the judges know what is right. Just look at them and who they are and anyone should know better. Jennifer cannot sing but she can dance, Randy played a guitar for a living, Stephen is the only one who knows music but he acts senile and thinks "everything is beautiful." Go figure.

  50. I thought that jacob was going to go home tonight. but Stefano did, it's ok it was his time after being at the bottom so many times, jacob have to bring his best if he wants to continue, but I hope he goes home there is something I just don't like about him.

  51. Glad he's gone, but Jacob should have been gone weeks ago. Honestly, I have no clue how he is still there. I find everything he does extremely boring and unspectacular and I do not know how he even got past the top 24. James is the strongest vocally, and Lauren if she would step out of her comfort zone. Casey did well last night, and has serious potential. Hayley is amazing, she has some serious pipes. Sadly, she doesn't have the votes. Scotty has the votes, and will do very well record wise, but I think he needs to go. He has the smallest range – country, deep. That's it. He does it well, but it's not enough for the competition. Besides Jacob, anyone can win it from here.

    • No, you are wrong, anyone cannot win it. It has been pre-determined. Scotty will win, James as runner up, then Lauren, then Casey, then Haley, and next to go Jacob. This is the order in which the contestants will finish. Voting or not this is how it will go down.

      • You're right – we are on the exact same page on the order. We could argue Lauren in the Top Two in James's place. The voting will put it like this. Talent wise, not including Jacob? It's anyone's game.

      • James doserves to win over Scotty because he is a better performer hands down. But you are right Scotty might win it because of his little smirks all those 13 old kids like. Scotty has limited talent, where as James talent is off the charts . My vote will always go to James. I say give him his crown now!

    • Totally disagree with your Haley praise. However, I think you hit the nail on the head. The word everyone was looking for to describe Jacob is Flamboyant!!!!!!!!!!!! (But if you really look at it, we accepted Elton John with his big glasses and flamboyancy……)

      • You are right angela. But that was before I even 'believed' there was such a thing as homosexuality. Seriously, I used to think it was just a joke or way to tease someone like dressing all "showbizzy" like Elton or for being so funny like goofy old Gomer Pyle. When I started realizing such a thing was possible–it was like a reverse Epiphany or something. I was like sick to my stomach and EWwww! Of course it's all normal now I guess. But does anyone else remember it in that "you gotta be kiddiing me!" way like I do?

        Hey, don't give me no Coondog hatin' on this one. That's just what I remember growing up. I didn't put no one down this time! Just bein' Real!

  52. Why was St.Peter cut out of Viva La Vida tonight ? After all it's Easter weekend. God Bless.

    • Nope, Jacob is not AI material for sure. I am still bewildered he is still in the running. I'm not saying he isn't talented, just for this type of competition, his type of music appears that it would not appeal to the masses who watch IA. But what the hell do I know?

  53. Stefano had a natural talent big voice and Jacob and the rest of the guys are unoriginal! Haley is the only authentic and natural talent but America never gets it right!

  54. First of all if you want people to understand what you are posting you should try to type a little more clear. Second typing loudly at people (in caps) may get a negative reaction to what you are trying to get across. Third no one votes for anyone to leave. If you wanted Stefano to stay you should have voted more. Fourth it has nothing to do with east coast people. Lines are open the same time all over the country.

    • Why should Lauren lose weight…. that is so rude! She is a very beautiful girl and a great singer, but I do agree that she does need a couple more years. Yeah Stefano can leave and mature and improve his singing.

      James and Casey again…. Awesome!!!!!! They are the best ever.

      • U R so right ….rude sayin Lauren should lode weight….what is this world coming to. There are so many sick girls and boys because of these kind of judgements. Shw will have a contract 1 day. James and Casey well lrt's just say oh my oh my….fantastic entertainers.

    • I've learned this season that American Idol comes on at 7 o'clock in every time zone and also in every time zone, there's two hours to vote after the show ends. So its pretty fair that way and in essence makes a total of 5 hours that the polls are open, 2 for each time zone overlapping each other

      • AT&T controls the voting and the limit is 2-hrs per time zone from the time the show ends in that time zone.

    • I’ve learned this season that American Idol comes on at 7 o’clock in every time zone and also in every time zone, there’s two hours to vote after the show ends. So its pretty fair that way and in essence makes a total of 5 hours that the polls are open, 2 for each time zone overlapping each other

      • I think it's all the kinetic ads they have on this site. They take time to load, then do their thing. It's quite irritating and I wish they'd stop running them.

      • Sorry Adam, American Idol comes on at 8pm here on the West Coast, Anaheim,CA to be exact.

      • good to know. It comes on at 7 in Mountain time and 7 in Central time. I know that for sure. Anyone want to speak up for Eastern time so I can make sure I'm not lying to everyone?

      • Adam –

        8pm EST

        7pm CST, which is 8pm EST

        7pm MST, which is 9pm EST

        8pm PST, which is 11pm EST

        As I posted earlier, each time zone is allotted 2-hours via all means used to vote.

        On results night, it is on here MST also at 7pm so the East Coast and Central Time Zones know the results before we do.

        So we either watch the live stream on our computers or stay off an Idol site if we want to wait and watch it ourselves in our "real time."

      • we live in utah now. we did live in okla. our phones are still okla. due to the time zone difference we get shorted an hour to vote.

      • No frets Adam. I'm frustrated–being on West Coast–that I have to be careful blogging or check the times, and be especially wary about later time Reply's so that I don't accidently hear about eliminations prior to my watching it. I know some of the Westies can't wait. But I've never been that way, even with Christmas presents! I almost blew it tonight; I came upon Haley being in Bottom 3 and that she was safe. I looked away before seeing whether Jacob or Stefano left. Then I watched the show, knowing Haley was safe but irritated she's in Bottom 3, and was fairly shocked that Stefano left instead of Jacob! Okay, I've vented. But I hate not being able to check the blogs from 5pm PST on elimo nights.

      • uk it comes on at 8 and im soo annoyed, stefano should of stayed and jacob just plz could you kindly LEAVE! Stefano rocked and deserved to still be here.

      • Yes he even got more votes then Jacob Lusk!!! And Jacob is a Cry Baby that what i call Jacob Lusk!!!

      • n you re??? a sore loser!!!! Jacob is there cos people re voting for him n see his talent! why did't you vote for urs instead of coming to the internet that is free to vent????

      • I agree. Also, Stefano was the wrong choice for elimination last week. Jacob Lusk needs to have gone before him, at least Jacob. Maybe one or two others…based on the fact they’re not versatile with their vocal or musical abilities..

      • Man I completely agree Jacob is and has been the worst for about 5 weeks and I think it's bull, just because he's black.

  55. Idols are not too talented this year… I will say the guys are more talented than the gals….Haley should've been voted off by now….maybe she will go next week. Hoping the last two will be James and Jacob.

  56. Argh why is Casey not even in the bottom three?

    Him kissing JLo made me want to puke! So disgusting!

    • AGREE!!! He triggers my gag reflex every time I look at him and HE CANNOT SING! They're setting him up for the win

    • Obviously, you two aren't in the music business, and must list to either just country or just pop. Talent is talent and it's called Casey.

  57. Some don't like Scotty but that kid has a great natural voice and talent, if he would sing some Elvis stuff, he would knock your socks off. That's just my opinion.

  58. stefano canta lindo no debieron eliminarlo el proximo es jacob es muy aburrido solo sirve para cantar en las iglesias

      • she said that stefano sings nice and jacob should be the next to go because he is strictly gospel. i speak some spanish

      • Your welcome. the only spanish i didnt like was when karen rodriguz couldnt decide between spanish and english to sing in. lol

      • KC is partially correct for the purely Spanish part of Nora's comments. But I recognized a Coondog dialect from the El Paso part of Texas.

        Nora also expressed outrage that Stefano left. Ahem–specifically she say, "I hate Jacob! Why don't the stoopid (her spelling's a little weak) Gringos vote for the Hot Taco Belle, Haley", and then it went back into the Spanish that KC correctly translated.

  59. Ugh! Finally Ste-fa-no is out! Finally! Good job America for voting off the only non-singer (he's more of a a poet, trying to sing word for word ALL OF HIS SONGS!) At last!

    Next to go… the Miley Cyrus wannabee, Lauren!

    • Lauren should have been in bottom three this week, she needs something to shake her up, her focus and mind set are just not there, likely due to being only 16.

      Haley has improved a lot the last 3 weeks, while Lauren has the natural voice to be great is simply not stepping up and improving.

      • Oh I totally agree on that, I think Jacob should have gone home tonight, he has a good voice but lacking on the other things like a stage presence and charisma.

      • I thought early that Lauren would go far, she has the voice but not the focus needed to get to the next level.

        Its harder for a 16yrs old with 2 full years of high school to go to focus on a career/job and paying the bills.

      • She's cute, she sings well but she's almost awkward to watch. She's not in it to win it and you can tell by her performances. Her voice is good, but she can't ride on that alone. Only reason she is still there is because she's got the southern accent so the country folks are all over her.

      • I watched her closely during the group number and I have to say, she was the only one to try to "relate" to her singing partner. She LOOKED at Jacob. (And Jacob occasionally looked at her.) Neither Haley (my favorite singer) nor Stefano looked at each other even once. Very weird. But my point is, Lauren showed poise there. And there is no doubt she has TREMENDOUS talent. Her voice is so rich, it is incredible.

        That said, I do think, as Randy says about singing a song, she needs to marinate. She's just too young. But in a couple years, watch out!!! She is going to be the next big thing.

        And yes, I'm still a die-hard Haley fan!

      • Lauren was great out of the gate but she appears to be having trouble with the distance. She is one of my favs, but she needs to pick it up.

      • Pup, I like you but you need to rewatch that part on You-tube or something. Haley tried on at least TWO occasions to look at Stefano, even reaching her arm to his side/shoulder. It seemed like Stefano was either oblivious or purposely ignoring her. Seriously, this time I'm serious! People will back me up on this one.

      • Thanks, Coondog. I definitely will. (I noticed there are sites now where you can watch the entire show; I am going to look into that.)

        And it's a relief to hear, too. The shot at the top of the page of the blog talking about Stefano's departure was a good one, captured almost everyone's (couldn't see anything of Lauren but the top of her head) reaction to him afterwards, when the group was able to surround him. I could see Haley wanted to be in there hugging, too. I hope that quells some of her attackers (re the Pia smile thing).

        Something definitely was going on between those two, though. I would love to know what happened interpersonally among the contestants–not just the gossip crap, but the truth. (Even though it's none of my business, of course.)

      • @ coondog – I agree with you on the Haley/Stefano interaction during the foursome song.

        At one stage when Lauren and Jacob were looking at each other, the choreography was set up for Haley and Stefano to do the same but all Haley got was the back of his head and she seemed to tap him on the shoulder as if to bring him back into the number.

        Either he completely lost what had been choreographed for them or he was simply in a world of his own.

      • @ Pup

        I don't think Haley was smiling at Pia's elimination.

        She always seems to have a smile on her face – just her I guess – even when she is sent to the chair, which has happened 4-times I think.

      • Oh, Paul, I never for one minute thought Haley was smiling at Stefano's elimination. On the contrary, I was just concerned about the lack of connection between the two in that number. But Coondog and you set me straight!

    • I like Lauren, but I wish they would throw her in the bottom 3 so she would step it up and sing out of her comfort zone. She has so much potential, she just needs to use her voice.

      • I think when lauren eventually lands in the bottom three, she's going to have a meltdown. She seems to be strung too tight right now.

      • And I totally agree with what Templar said as well about Lauren. Instead of getting better, she seems more and more scared each week. It's just a reminder that, in spite of how talented she is, she is also very young, and not of "Idol" caliber yet. She may pick it up next week, but she's trending downward.

  60. Gad! There is so much road rage and bashing regarding who should be out and who should be safe. Good grief! I have my favorites as well as my least favorites but at the end of the day these are kids that are trying their very best to perform as unprofessional talents. Cut them some slack and state an opinion and stop the bashing as it's getting frustrating to read a lot of these comments.

    • Thank God Stefano is gone! It is 6 weeks too late but at least it happened. He deserves NO slack Genie

    • …and the winner is James Durban. He is the real thing – a star. He is in a different league. It really doesn't matter to me who gets eliminated. All of the contestants are very nice, friendly and talented. There is only one star. Good luck to all !

      • Genie, I agree with all above, well said. But c'mon people! When your fav is lost or almost lost (Bot 3), you can't hardly resist that road rage.

        It's like when McDonald's offers buy one/get one free deal on Big Macs and quarter pounders. You KNOW you should only eat one–But whatcha gonna do when that 2nd Big Mac is just sittin' there gettin' colder and colder! C'mon People!

    • We are down to the bottom 6 and in the next 4 weeks, four more are going to be voted off and their fans will gripe, moan and yell; "fix" or "favoritism" or some other barb.

      Then we will get to the final and one has to lose and that person's fans will go on about, the best person lost.

      It is the nature of the beast. Remember that :fan" is short for fanatic and many here are more fanatical than others. 🙂

      • @Paul

        Really? fan is a short word for fanatic…i really did not know…you just blew my mind with some cool knowledge..

  61. Stephano should have been gone same time that the Spanish girl, can't recall her name, left…Stephano was lucky to get in the competition. Anyone that knows music and recognizes talent would never dish Casey.

    • All of these guys got here of their own merit. Am I crazy about all of their styles of singing. No. Do I think each of them brings something to the table that justifies their being on the show. Yes. There were so many to choose from and at the end of the day even the industry pros have a hard time making this call. So throw in there that many of the voters are tweens and this is bound to get unpredictable.

      I felt Stephano had earned the right to play another day. I don't know that he would progress beyond next week, but ultimately no one is safe. Obviously, there are some biased opinions as a few people cap the most votes weekly who deserve to be here, but perhaps got more votes than is perhaps warranted based on talent. However, the voting is set up in manner where what should be a talent contest is a bit more of a popularity contest.

      While I am not sure I will agree with the overall winner (though I may) Certainly each of these individuals has earned their right to walk that stage. And we need to keep in mind that it does take a tremendous amount of courage to walk their path. And to take each beating from overzealous fans (or non-fans as the case may be).

      I have opinions for sure. But, at the end of the day they are simply that. Yes, I have favorites. And some of them are gone. Others will leave also. Such is life. But the ones who make it will still have to do this on their own. Idol is not a guarantee. And Everyone who has left that stage still has a shot. It might happen faster for those who play deep into the season, but the lights haven't gone down for the ones who are gone. Good Luck Stefano.

      • Agreed 100% 🙂 getting voted off isn't the end, more like the beginning, if they're willing to work for it. If anything, idol has given them great exposure & a boost to jump start their careers. And yes, they have all earned the right to perform on that stage. Being judged by people is not an easy thing to take. So i take my hat off to them for that.

        I also agree w/ u that this has become more a popularity contest than a talent contest. What can we do, its a money making business.

      • Yup on well said Kelly. But I wonder how interesting this blog site would be without a little road rage, a little beatdown, periodic blogger feuds–as I've had with Gautham, Bunny, Pup to name a few–but we reach Truce levels. All part of the fun. And Admin controls the discourse level I guess. I got something on page 2 "awaiting moderation" (is that Admin for "You're Fired"?). Not sure why, but is it for the phrase WTF? If this comment gets held up, I guess it is!

      • I agree with Coondog..Feuds are good but there is a difference between good informative though provoking mind blowing super awesome feuds and pointless ones. Sadly there are many who feud for the silliest of reasons from facial ticks to the color of one's skin. But we live in a world filled with idiots. All we sensible people can do is to make sure that we stick to what we believe in and support the people we love. At the end of the day, all the contestants are talented and they will all go on to live their lives happily…

    • I guess Memy is the "only" qualified person on the board to recognise talent when she hears it. As myself and a lot of others think Casey has been amoung the least talented of the top 13.

      His only claim to fame is he is a talanted musician. Or so people say. As even that I do not get. As all I have seen him play is his stand up base. But, Casey is so average as a singer and a performer, I have to wonder if he got this far because his pasrents bribed American Idol to have the judges sugarcoat his lukewarm performance every week.

      • Well, two of the judges are very talented musicians….they should know music. If you pull up the original artist to the same songs Casey has sung….then, play Casey's version, you too should be able to compare and see Casey's unique talent. Listen to each word and the tone he uses for each word when singing. He doesn't just play bass…guitar, paino, etc I.e. Eric Clappin is a fantastic and talented guitar player, but also a very good singer and has sold millions singing but is more known for guitar talent..and not his voice. Yes, Casey has a lot of talent, and I, a person whom plays different instruments, do have an ear for tones. I can say Casey has made some songs that I would have never listened to, much less buy from original with him singing. Yes, that is my experienced professional opinion. There is nothing to sugar coat…it's called rough, awesome talent.

      • Memy, I will not dispute that Casey may be a talented musician. Though I personally have not witnessed it on American Idol, that does not mean he is not. But, as far as vocal talent, he is average in my viewpoint. And I suspect he is only getting as far as he is because of that VFTW website. But, if you think he is great, OK.

    • That is your opinion and I am sure most here respect it and your right to have and post it.

      There are 100's of people who post here from young teens to people in their 60's and each and every one of us has an opinion.

      Casey was here at the University of Colorado at Boulder as a Music Major before going off to audition for AI and there is no doubt that he is multi-talented musician who plays many instruments.

      His first love is Jazz, which accounts for his style of singing.

      Is he the best vocally? – No and he will be the first to tell you that.

      Should AI have the save and should it have been used so early? – No and he would agree to that as well.

      The fact is that he is still in there so, whether it is the VFTW crowd that is keeping him in (as some allege) is moot. The fact is that he is in the Top 6 and, since his "elimination," has not been in the bottom 3 again.

      This top 6 is very diverse in its' primary musical genres.

      Casey & Haley are both primarily Jazz singers. Two years ago, Haley sang with her High School Jazz band at the Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland and, like Casey, was studying Music with a Jazz Major before AI. I wish AI had recorded them singing their duet last week because that was terrific.

      Scotty & Lauren are country, although Lauren can sing other styles, which Scotty can't.

      James is primarily a rocker and Jacob is a ballad singer.

      So, with such an age range, there are bound to be differences of opinion. C'est La Vie!

    • I agree Jacob should have gone home ..he is too much like a gospel singer and not so much a performer.. imagine watching a concert with Jacob..put a robe on him and let him sing gospel

      • Yeah, I guess we will have to look at Jacob's tongue hanging out and his tonsils wiggling for one more week.

        I just don't understand who the h— is voting for the creepy guy.

      • Folks, this is getting to an epidemic level! What's going on with the voting computers? Is Jacob some computer geek that snuck in and programmed to place three zeroes—000—after each vote he gets, effectively multiplying his real total by 1000?!

        Or please someone–Matt, Branden, Ashley (Oldster? you prob familiar with the old Game Show Scandals?!)–tell us, your voting/blogging worshipers, if that VFTW site really is responsible for the dastardly deed that continues to wreak this Unspeakable Jacob Torture upon us!!

  62. My top 4 James, Haley, Casey, & the 4th slot could go to either Lauren or Scotty it depends on how they do from here on. They both have potential but recent performances were lacking in WOW factor. Although I have nothing against Jacob personally I am just not sure what the appeal is, his voice just isn't really that good. He is not consistent, I think he & Stefano were on the same level. I predict he will be next.

      • Cat, I would add the word "cheesy" to your post. I use to like him and his music but this overplay of the bass tones even in speech and songs that are starting to sound the same have changed my opinion of him.

        Die hard country fans will vote for him whether he performs well on a certain night or not. Last week was not good.

        Just because one likes Rock music doesn't mean every performer/performance is good.

        Same applies to country music. If a performance isn't good, let the artist know, regardless of your music preference, via your votes.

  63. I love you Casey Abrams!!! You are the winner! Yeah! I love everything you do! great musician.


    From: Mérida, Venezuela.

  64. jacob will surely go home & eliminated next friday. his journey should end a long time

  65. James:truly awesome,great,2011 american idol

    Lauren:good potential,tried this 2 years too early,she needs to mature,and loose weight

    Haley:most improved,2nd or third

    Casey:most artistic but not idol material

    Jacob:great voice at times,definitely gay,needs to be more manly,sorry

    Scotty:if it was not for the huge country/western fan base,he would have been gone weeks ago,not much talent

      • Mary,i agree it should only be about the music but,dont go all pure and innocent on me here,this is shallow america,looks rule….Better to be cute and dumb then ugly and smart..

      • Lose weight??? What has that got to do with her voice. She has a great voice with great control and can belt songs out with the best of 'em.

        Go Lauren and Scotty!!

      • I think perhaps you are confused. Biggest Loser is on another network. I hope that someone tells you to lose weight when you go to school or work so that you can feel just how crappy it is. This is not about weight, it's about singing. And I am tired of people picking on Lauren's weight. And why is it appropriate to pick on the girls weight and yet no one picks on the guys. Back off and shut it if you are not talking about things directly related to music. Lauren is adorable and her weight is entirely HER business.

      • Canadianfan … I have learned if you remotely bring up Lauren’s weight issue, the chubby heifers on this board will come out of the woodwork and attack you for it. I simply compared her looks to Miss Piggy of that puppet show called the Muppets from years back ( which few can disagree with) and they did the same to me.

      • My three years old is so unbiased.. She sees Lauren on tv and gushess…So Beautiful….

        Coming from a young child, you'll know it's a fact.

        Anyway, Lauren, herself is still a child and I'm glad she looks the way she is. Healthy and full of life not just some skinny bones persona that looks starved all the time…

        She sings beautifully but she just needs to come out of her shell and blow us all with her voice.. I always feel that she's holding back and if she manages to find her confidence, she'll give James a good run for the money…

      • Ha,ha Steve. Don't forget, old Coondog lent you some support and tried to explain away some Hate to the Haters!

        @Canadienfan: excellent point down below regards Girls do the same thinking regards Joe the Plumber VS Chippendales. But seriously, Canadien women are as shallow as American men? Guess, I'd better head toward Mexico!

    • Okay, I am not a huge Lauren fan, but her weight has nothing to do with you, her talent, or the show.

      • Who are you kidding here girls,you would be the first to vote for,at equal talent,the Chippendale's dude over regular joe the plumber.Come on,we are no better here in Canada…

      • Come on … Beautiful. Seriously? You should try to replace Steven Tyler as a American Idol Judge with those superb sugar coating skills you have.

      • Steve, I basically agree with Cat here (I know, kissing up to buffer the Coonhate!). But, I think Lauren does look good and sexy curves right now.

        but I know your concern is same as mine for her (and my own tweens), gotta start controlling the diet/exercise while young 'cause it only gets superhard as you/we age. This is just common sense, not asking for a Barbie Doll, but don't go all Mama Cass on us either (or Meatloaf-ish!)

      • I gotta go with the other guy on this one, Coondog and Cat. Lauren has beautiful eyes and a nice smile. However, she is overweight. Yes, I am taking into consideration that the camera adds 10-15 lbs. She is still a big girl (pretty tall, too). In addition to that, I do not find round shaped faces attractive very often. While hers could be termed cherubic, it is certainly not beautiful in the classic sense of the word (as Pia is, for example).

    • James is doing what Adam Lambert has done. But America dont like Adam because of his sexual orientation ! If James win, then America is showing that they have make mistakes earlier for not voting for Adam, which I dont think they will do !

      America's favourite is Scotty ! Scotty is not versatile, maybe America will make the same mistake like voting for Taylor Hicks !!!

    • I don't actually think that Jacob is gay, he was quite offended at being called a diva. Also, Lauren's weight is irrelevant. One would not 'loose'weight, anyway, one would 'lose'weight.

      Thanks for listening.

    • Lauren is 16½, obviously shy when spoken to by Ryan or the judges but has a heck of a voice that has power she has not yet used.

      What has her weight got to do with her talent?

      There are far too many personal comments passed about these kids – the average age of the top 6 is 19½ – and that is more a reflection on the poster than it is on the contestants themselves.

      Most will have a lot of advice and guidance as they progress. I don't know how long you have been watching AI but if you go back and recall how Jordin Sparks – the youngest ever AI winner at 17 – and Jennifer Hudson looked and look at them now.

  66. I can't believe Stefano was eliminated! He was by far my favorite! Pia .. now Stefano .. Amerian Idol just lost half its viewers…

    • People wanted pia and Stefano to go that's why they were eliminated. No other reason. As for the matter America just lost half it's viewers FYI James, Scotty, and Lauren r still in this compition

  67. People wanted Scotty to do an upbeat song – so he did and they did not like it. There are several contempory traditional country artists right now and he fits right in with Chris Young, Jason Aldean, Josh Turner, Joe Nichols, Trace Adkins, Alan Jackson. He just needs a little poslishing

    • Why do people KEEP saying this girl is "beautiful". Is the self esteem of young BBW's in the making so low, that they need the CONSTANT verbal support of other established BBW's to feel good about themselves? If you older BBW's don't like my comments on her looks, stop trying to shove that "she beautiful" crock down our throat on this board and I will stop as well.

      • Steve's a little harsh here and could use a little Southern Coondog charm. He's making a point, but the ladies aren't worried so much just for themselves but their daughters also. So remember, Old Coondog has a dog in this fight so to speak (my own tweens). Don't want to be obsessive about weight issues, but we all should have Awareness of body image and how the world works–and it ain't just about the singing–work, boy/girl friends, health. Just gotta be real and not so harsh, or blunt Steve!

        Sorry, got unnecessarily long there. Counterpoint I wanted to tell the Lassies out there, was that besides weight and looks, half the guys have to worry about HAIR. You don't see many young balding guys in Sho-Biz. They exist in the world–but have to face the reality that they're not what the world wants to see on stage or the movies. Well, it's the same with too much weight. Control it early. Lauren's beautiful now in my opinion–BUT was anyone else as shocked as I when Fantasia showed up a few weeks back?! That's Reality!

      • "One man's meat is another man's poison."

        "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

        Why are you so touchy about the weight and looks of a 16yr old kid?

        Well, I am off now to the gym – seriously – for my one hour session with my Queen of Torture (my trainer).

      • Lauren is pretty but she is over weight, but that has noting nothing to do with her singing . She is a teenager maybe the weight will come off later.

  68. why did haley ended up in the bottom three.. i don't get it… America is voting for the wrong person..

    • I think people already have their favorites.. You can see that when you read all these comments. Something really not appealing should happen to change their minds like Casey kissing JLo

    • yeah bumshell,, america is not voting properly,, cant appreciate real talent,,,scotty and jacob's journey will end soooonest…haley will stay

      • Scotty was not good last night and yet the votes keep coming in. Haley was terrific last night and yet the votes fell short. Is America voting for the overall performances since the beginning or on each night. Someone explain this to me. I say each night. Hubby says "overall".

      • Carol everyone has their favorites. I vote for the same person each week because he is who I love and long with his genre. Everyone is entitled to a bad night. I'm not going to throw them to the wolves just because one night out of many they may fall short. Everyone should support their favorites, not ditch them.

      • Oh Dawn. Darn, I'm going to have to tell hubby he was right. Overall vs each night.

        For info sake I wouldn't throw anyone to the wolves on one bad performance either. I was just trying to find a rhyme or rhythm to the way people vote.

        Thanks for the replies people.

    • i doubt she was actually in the bottom 3. like she sat there and then called back up. i think the producers just wanted to show bottom 2 since the rest weren't so bad. i think its just the format of the show that they needed a bottom 3.

      also, it could also help her boost more and push more since she totally has the potential for it.

    • Bumsell, I have to agree with you 100%. Haley has consistently been one of the better performers for several weeks now. She continually stand outs when she does duets with other performers … Yet she is in the bottom 3 each week.

    • You know why Haley bottom 3 every week cause those people out there want her to be out soon that is why she has fewer votes.

  69. I loved Stephano's chill attitude about it, but his time to go home was far due. At the very least he should never have stayed on longer than Pia and Paul.

      • In this case, I guess U would kill yourself…if Haley is being voted out next!

      • I said, "sick" as in VOMIT. Tenisaddict, don't go there with me. I am older and wiser and can snap you in two.

      • I won't say Pia, Pup, but Stefano was/is better than Paul. Shoot, Taylor Hicks was/is better than Paul. I might even be better than Paul. I truly do not get the fascination some people have with such a weak, squeaky, unmelodious voice. It takes all kinds, I guess.


      • @Oldster- Paul had a different style than others, but it certainly wasn't weak, squeaky, and unmelodious. He was very good. And he was better than Stephano. Much better. And thanks for comparing him to an American Idol winner. It certainly takes a genius to say that he wasn't as good as someone who WON American Idol in a very good season.

      • Oldster, YOU might be better than Paul?!!! Hahahahhaha. Very cute. Heck, poor Paul. Wonder what's going on with his voice. I actually liked the guy, but he lost me waaaaaay back.

      • Fun Zing at Pup Adam! But did anyone else catch the secret message in Adam's plethora of Pia's? It was ingeniusly subtle, but devilishly clever! Still don't see it? Count the Pia's. Now, each digit of that sum total represents a letter of the alphabet. Yeah, that's right! Adam is closet Pia lover!

      • Sigh! If you still didn't get it, there's one hundred and thirty five Pia's listed: one, three, five; ergo A-C-E, Pia was an Ace–And so, Adam has been Outed as a Pia-Lover!

      • Coondog, you definitely have too much time on your hands. Now I think you are the real-life figure behind "A Beautiful Mind."

    • Adam, comparing anyone who aspires to a musical career to Taylor Hicks is an insult of the greatest magnitude. I do not care that VFTW succeeded that year. I believe that the real votes that count, the dollars spent on the purchase of his recordings and tickets to his performances prove how good he really is. Has he sold anything to anyone outside his family?

      • Taylor Hicks has been on 2 Broadway shows. He is now touring with Grease in a leading part.

      • That proves my point. Broadway musicals for a guy who tried (I emphasize "tried" to sing jazz, blues and pop)? However, I am amazed that he got any kind of job in the music industry beyond being a roadie. The man flat cannot sing. If he hit a note that was writen, it was the purest of accidents.

      • BTW: What part would that be in Grease? The part that other great singer, John Travolta had?

      • Some factoids about Taylor Hicks:

        1. His first single "Do I Make You Proud" debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 100. It was later certified Gold.

        The album, however, was – at that time – the lowest money earner of AI winners, since overtaken by Kris Allen and Lee DeWyze for the lowest money earners.

        2. He was paid $750,000 to write a memoir of his life.

        3. He was on Broadway for in Grease playing "Teen Angel" and then went on the National Tour of Grease.

        4. As of 2009, he was #10 on the Forbes all time money earners from American Idol.

        Conclusion: I never cared for Taylor Hicks but he has done ok for himself as a result of American Idol.

      • Paul, I guess that proves the old saying that any publicity is good publicity. There is another, too that may fit, but I will have to paraphrase, repeat a story to enough people enough times and a lot of them will believe it, despite proof to the contrary (or, in this case the proof of their own ears).

      • I really must apologize to everyone for my ranting about Taylor Hicks and Paul MacDonald. I hope that you will forgive me for taking up your time. Please consider that I have developed a distaste for people who become successful in the music industry without pleasing or technically good voices or other talent. That is almost certainly because my father was a very good country music entertainer in the late 40's, 50's and early 60's who never had the success that his talent should have afforded him. I compare him to the likes of say, Johnny Cash, who had a tremendous career without a good voice at all (almost no range and had only a passing acquaintance with the notes he was supposed to have sung) and I guess I have become bitter at the unfairness of it all. Life ain't fair. It is just life. Again, I am sorry and will try to be more civil.

      • So oldster you say Paul sucks and that you can sing better than him? well then why was he on Americn Idol and in the Top 8 and you arent. who even cares about taylor hicks and stefono (heck i cant even spell his name right.) this is about Paul and you not them so stop getting off topic.

  70. I guessed the three bottom for tonight but I was sure that Jacob would have went home based on the performances last night. I though Stefano had actually performed better last night than the past few weeks.

  71. Everthing I have been reading the last couple of weeks says Haley is gaining in popularity. I tried for 30 minutes last night and didn't get through once to vote for her.

    I don't get why she was in the bottom 3 again. Not saying that she is the best in the whole thing, her being in the bottom 3 just isn't consistent with things I have been reading on several different sites. Surprised that she's not getting the votes when so many are saying that she's won them over the last few weeks.

    • I am thinking EXACTLY the same thing. I called and called and couldn't get through either! What's up with that?

      I hate to be cynical, but I think that lots of stuff about Idol is "rigged." Problems with microphones, problems with back-up singers, problems with phones, etc. All you have to do is jam somebody's line for 15-20 minutes and there go millions of votes.

      I don't think that it's totally rigged, but I think at points along the way, some things are manipulated.

      It's a good thing that this is a very talented group, and several of these performers will be heard from in the music industry, because I'm not sure that much of the process is fair. (How about ONE vote per phone number?) That's the way I look at it when I see weird things happen that don't match with the vibes and comments you hear in the many chat rooms: I remember that these kids will be heard from, regardless of who wins.

      • I vote online and never have a problem voting for Haley. I must have voted for her at least 100 times last night!

      • pup, my daughter also voted for haley at least 50 times. the more she voted for haley the more i voted for james. lol

      • according to online voting you can only vote 50 times, any more than that they don't count. I too tried to vote for Haley and got thru 5 times and after that the phone was consistently busy so I went to the computer. Not sure what that is all about, but the phone lines need to be open for the volume of callers. Haley should be in the final 2

    • Thats what i thought too!!i thought she would have gained enough voters/fans by now not to land her in the bottom3, esp after last nite's perf..and she also seems so popular on this site as well..maybe the wider public is jst not getting it.

    • The thing is there was only 7 of them and almost half would be put in the bottom 3. We don't know how many more votes she needed to be safe. Maybe just a few maybe a lot, who knows. Here's my theory,though. Lauren and Scotty are forever safe no matter what they do. James is in the same boat but he actually earns his votes unlike the other two. That leaves Casey. At this point Casey is the only one Haley has a chance to compete with, the rest you could say is totally rigged. Casey is the current VFTW pick inflating the chances Haley will land in the bottom 3. That's how it is, imho.

      • Excuse me Lauren and Scotty are breed winners and always have memorable performances. Ok I'll give u that scotty might get away a little on his looks, but Lauren come on

      • Lauren has corny performances she should have gone home tonight they are not memorable because no one seems to talk about her at school or work like they don't even know her name shes just the fat chick lol

      • Dylan, you DO realize how very superficial that branding is that kids do to one another–and extended to Lauren? Thank goodness maturity will even that out. One hopes.

  72. If one watched a tennis match and the linesperson wasnt callling it fair for who you were rooting for, one would be upset. Having 12 yo girls vote thousands of times for Scotty is the equivalent. This year more than ever before highlights the inequity in the voting. If idol cant figure out how to avoid the multiple voting by tweens it wont last much longer. Haley who is my favorite, has the best natural voice left, but she has no chance of being in the top 3

      • Because Scotty is tall and looks like a cowboy and Stefano is short and looks like a pizza delivery guy. Not fair and not right, but true.

      • Because it's just not the 12 year olds voting for Scotty, it's the 40 year olds like me(actually 46), the 50 year olds and older. He has young, middle and old and all of country music behind him, that's a lot of votes. Country music fans embrace and support there artist to the end, not like others. Its a very close nit family.

      • Whatever your age, if you open the door which would you rather see standing there, the cowboy or the delivery guy?

      • Guess teen girls love someone who looks different (weird is the right word indeed!) from the other…. That's how Bush was a president too, American love weirdo, I presumed!!

      • Here is the fascination that women and girls have with Scotty: who did women find had a more romantic voice, Barry White or Barry Manilow? You got it now? There is something that must appeal to the primative instincts of the females of our species when they hear deep masculine voices. This has been my psychology lesson for tonight.

      • I did not know that Templar. I was just using him because his first name is the same as White's and did not have a bass voice.

      • Templar, I know you were replying to Dawn, but if I may? Regards opening my door to delivery guy or cowboy, I'd prefer the delivery boy–but that's 'cause I prefer eating a pizza to a knuckle sandwich. lol (cheap one I know)

      • Whatever your age, if you open the door which would you rather see standing there, the cowboy or the delivery guy?

        james! lol.

    • dawn i am 47 and hate country with everything in me but i still love scotty and lauren. dont know what it is about them 2.i thought scotty was horrible last night and i still gave him many votes. liked haley way better then scotty and gave her 1/2 the votes i gave scotty.

      • "I hate country with everything in me"


        "I thought soctty was horrible last night"


        "I still gave him many votes."

        And there you have it, America: Your new American Idol, Scotty McCreery.

        We're not quite sure why, but hey, when you can "vote" as many times as your fingers will let you in two hours, why not?

      • Now, now Old Fool (sorry OldIdol), don't be hatin' on The Chancester just 'cause she's got a psychologically submerged crush on our man Alfred E. Neuman! Thus, her puzzlement at voting for Scotty!

        Related, to that Miss Chance; Growing up I had the misfortune to resemble Old Alfy (and Scotty)–but I got called a Dork. You're telling me that look is en vogue now?! Guess I was born in the wrong decade. Me and Alfy, still born losers!

      • lol at coondog, my next snake will wear your name proud! i dont just say that to anyone either 😉

        trust me i dont have a crush on scotty, he is younger then my youngest child. i just loved his voice and his southern hospitality attitude.

        i had to go get my paper to see how many times i voted for each person.






        i am sticking by scotty for now but if he dont step up this week he will be loosing my votes. i am also feeling the same about lauren. james may be getting all my votes.

      • CJ, i just watched all of james videos on you tube and i am thinking from here on he will be getting all my votes. man 2 hours of non stop voting for james.

        i honestly do wish everyone could only vote once, would save alot of time, which i dont have much of.

    • pup, if steven tyler was standing at my door i would flat line and not get to enjoy it anyways! lol.

  73. There sure are a lot of Jacob haters here. My sister votes for the guy each time. As for me, there's no one who gets my vote to stay. I'd love to see jacob and james go home. The former being a lousy performer, and the latter being an overrated singer.

  74. Jacob, follows his own path. This guy will certainly pi– quite a few folks off. So?? He has a voice! A very soothing voice. He may or may not go home next week. The voters will say so. So far, they like him!

    • i must disagree with your comment that jacob is following his own path. actually, i think he is being screwed by the backstage people about what he should or should not do and what he should sing or not sing. i liked jacob more when he was starting the journey…he was just being jacob and he was awesome then.

      having said that, in my humble opinion, AI is just a jumping board. i think jacob is vocally gifted and with the right, emphasis of the 'right', coaching, he will find his own niche in the music industry.

  75. All I have to say is Carole King. Everyone is going home next week. Nothing against Carole but these kids are going to get hammered.

  76. Lauren does not need to lose weight. She is a perfect size. Why does everyone think a "perfect size" is a size 4???? She is not only beautiful, she is adorable. The next to leave the show??? Haley and Jacob.

    • Why should Haley be the next to go? Because she has a nice smile that she uses a lot? Because she's not a size 8 like Lauren? Because she has charisma unlike Lauren? Because she actually tries unlike Lauren? Because she is unique unlike Lauren? Because she every performance she's done she's made Haley unlike Lauren? Do you really think Lauren is a better vocalist than Haley? Why? Because she has an authentic hick accent? It's only cute for so long. Haley's Blue is as good as Lauren's best song and it's not even in Haley's best 3.

      • i think the difference between haley and lauren is that haley seems to have realised her full potential and is now ''bringing'' it which is vital at this point of the competition…lauren is also very talented, but she's still a baby in terms of fully uncovering her talents. but give her a few more years to come into her own and i'd say she's a force to be reckoned with. but at this point and stage of the comp, haley is ahead of her.

      • David,

        First, I LOVE Haley. She's my favorite!

        But—you sounded so angry!

        Next, do you really know Lauren's size? (Gawd, what is wrong with size a 8?)

        Lastly, I was with you til you called Lauren's accent a "hick" accent. That was both mean and rude. She's a sweet young girl and I love her accent. And her voice. I think she has tremendous talent.

        Uneven, and not ready to be Idol. But real talent.

      • Haley's a few years older than Lauren therefore, has more experience and a good voice. Personally I haven't liked her song choices (not a jazz or blues fan) or her niche that she is discovering the last few weeks. Lauren is young and has a great voice and I definitely love the songs she has chosen.

      • No I don't know Lauren's size and there's nothing wrong with an 8. I personally think she looks good as she is, that's not my point. And maybe I do get carried away but people are really hating on Haley for really no good reason. You can say "I don't appreciate her voice, I don't appreciate her sound, I'm just not into her' or w/e but to say she needs to go home because she's not as good as Lauren is crazy talk. Someone gotta stand up for her.

      • Coondog's said his peace many times on weight issues. There's points to both sides, so let's all just apply a little of the Old Coondog Ettiquette he's learned from many a Bi***-Slappin'–and on the receivin', I I say on the receivin' end of it mind you! Heh, heh. Ahh, speaking of Lauren's Southern Belle accent, ken ye all please pardon, I say please pardon my Foghorn Leghorn accent–I used to tend Old Foggie's Henhouse you see, and well, let me tell you; that Boy was a player! I mean he laid more–Well, that is to say, his wives laid more eggs than a keyboard when some dang fool falls asleep abloggin' with his finger still on the X key! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx–whoops, pardon me.

        Anyways, as hen-pecked as, I I say as henpecked as that Big Ol' Cock was, he never insulted his ladies-in-waiting. No matter how many worms or crickets they et, he never called 'em fat or chubby; to old Foggy, they were all "pleasingly plump"! The Chicks seem to accept that gentler talk. God rest his 'half-baked' soul.

      • David, I agree with you. Haley has continued to grow on the show, while it appears that Lauren has regressed some.

        I came along with with Haley. Initially, I was not crazy about Haley, but now she is in my top 2.

      • Templar, I think Coondog did, but managed to retain a few brain cells. He seems to have remembered really important lessons.

  77. Well Stefano took it well. His 3rd great performance was his farewell song. He had his chance, he gave it a good run.

    And about all the Haley smile haters. Why can't she be happy she's safe? And when he was singing I think she was just enjoying his performance. They obviously do not get a long very well from the tape the showed us but Haley was still able to give Stefano support as a fellow contestant. People need to lay off, for reals.

  78. So who do you think is ready to cut a record now or soon?

    That is a major point of winning AI, the recording contract.

  79. Lauren does not need to lose weight. Why is it that people have the mindset, that a size 4 is the perfect size. Not only is she beautiful, she is adorable. Great talent. Go Lauren.

  80. On to next week, somebody's gotta go every week, so i am over it already. Carole King songs next week, now i see Lauren and Haley nailing it if they pick the right Carole King tune for their personna, because now its about "do i want this singer and do i see this performer as an idol." How does Jim do with a Carole King song? Interesting and surprisingly outrageous i hope. Casey, yeah, i can see it, Scotty, yes pick something to showcase that bass voice, Jacob…i have no idea, maybe Jacob can smack this one out of the park, maybe not. I can't see how this song selection will be a rockin' one, but i hope it's exciting and stinks of competition, everybody has to bring IT, come on knock me out next week somebody!

    • Will be tricky for the guys with Carole King songs. Wonder if it is songs Carole King wrote for others or she wrote/recorded herself. There is a lot of them. Don't Bring Me Down written by King and performed by the Animals may be good for James to sing. Her songs go way back to "The Locomotion" by Little Eva.

      Carole King wrote 44 songs.

      I'll be looking forward to the contestants song choices.

      • There all going home next week. Carole King, it really is going to make for an interesting evening. The boys are going to get creamed. And it will be a totally ballad evening so grab a glass a wine and try not to go to sleep.

      • Dawn this is so funny. For us it will be strong coffee and popcorn. I think it will be a "sleepy time" night. Hope not.

      • Carol King wrote over 100 songs that made top 100 billboard – was reading up on it – "hi de ho" (b,s,&t) or a jamesy Taylor number for Casey — I like the idea of James doing "I'm into something good" and making metal of it. If I hear another somber/sad over-emotive song from Jacob – it may be his last.

      • OMG, Locomotion! My gf and I invented our own dance to do to this song–and I still remember it, 48 years later! We used to go to teen dances held in The Gold BallRoom at Hotel DuPont in Wilmington, DE and we saw many of the singers live, including Little Eva!!! What memories! I had no idea Carole King had been around that long!!

      • If it includes songs she wrote and performed by others, we should be fine. If it is only songs she sang, we're in trouble. Ballad City, here we come!

      • H.Marie. I guess if you include songs written just by her and songs she co-wrote and songs she wrote for others the list would definitely be over 100. When asked during an interview how many songs she had wrote/co-wrote she said "too many to remember". Biography said over 2 dozen made the billboard charts.

        In any event. Very talented lady. Hubby has all her albums. Tapestry the favorite.

        Hubby's childhood best friend and friend to date "John Humphrey" was Carole Kings base player for five years and toured with her.

    • dawn everytime you say they are all going home next week i crack up! carole king??? what the heck???? my daughter is 25 and she asked me 'who is carole king'

      • Tell her she played the owner of the Star's Hollow Music store on Gilmore Girls. She's probably seen that.

      • templar, i like that song. i never watched gilmore girls. i never really watch TV much till this year of american idol. i wouldn't even have watched it this year but i found out steven tyler was a judge.

        i remember when i was a kid i loved carole king, i played her album (it was albums then) non stop. i love carole kings music, i am just not sure how the guys are gonna do on it.

  81. we now live in utah. we are originaly from okla. our phones are still okla. time zone. utah is mt. time zone,so we get shorted an hour to vote after the show ends in utah.

  82. i want de next theme for the week

    is the week of duets

    duets: casey and halet

    scotty and lauren

    jacob and james ( not good )

  83. No,Stefino isn't that good and won't have finished in the top,but Jacob should have been voted off of Idol several weeks ago.Jacob can only sing one type of song and every time he trys to high a high note and hold it he misses it. This week he even started the song off on the wrong note and forgot the words yet you still returned him for next week. Don't you get it!!!!! He hasn't learned to sing in the few weeks that idol has been on,why do you think he's going to learn in the next five weeks.

    • jack,

      no offense meant but if we're talking of one-genre contestants, the same can be said of scotty and james. and i'm not bashing scotty or james. in my opinion, there is a market for each genre. i guess the contestants sing the type of music that they enjoy, are most comfortable with, and, are good at.

    • In Jacob's defense he didn't miss the note or forget the words. You see those ear pieces they wear? It's playing the track of the song so they can hear the music better and give a better performance. The track played when he started was wrong and that's why he hesitated.

  84. YES !!

    I finally agree with the voters first time all season ; but hey it's all about coming together for the good of the people —> "US "the viewers

    bye / bye Stevano and Jacob come on now pull yourself together 'cause 3 stikes and you'll be 1 of the betters ones next to go

    I <3 American Idol but my suggestion either have 2 saves

    1 in the lower ranks

    the other in the Top 5 making for some serious competition entertainment otherwise everybody gets contracts & I don't think that's far the the Real American Idol who actually competed & won the show what's that showing the others whp follow your show …. It doesn't really matter as long as your freinds & family votes Time for some Changes ok

    a dedicated fan since the very beginning

  85. When will America unplug their ears and listen to the whining voice Jacob, and he is always playing a sympathy role to grab votes. Also, what with the lacking votes for Haley….She has outdone “safe playing” Lauren time and time again. Agreed, she shouldn’t win, but she shouldn’t be in the bottom 3 each week. America, open your mine and try thinking for your selves.

  86. Stefano is much better than Jacob. It is difficult to believe Jacob acquired more votes. Where in the world would Jacob's fan base come from? I definitely agree with the above comments: he belongs in the choir and is NO idol! Something went wrong with the count for tonight. As for Haley, she is extremely talented and pretty. I am stunned that she has been in the bottom three. She is from the NW suburbs of Chicago and so am I. Last year Chicago and its suburbs really supported Lee DeWyze—this year I see almost as many signs posted as I drive around to support her and am amazed we are not supporting her as much as Lee. She will do well, regardless. Last night she sounded just like Adele, almost better!

  87. Send CASEY home! Yeah, he's good as far as the "music intellects" are concerned. But c'mon, he is not an Idol material. 😀

    • HEAVENS NO!!

      Thats unquie musical talent that Idol needs on that stage.



      <3 you Casey!!

      I must say my faves that are left are…


      I <3 YOU GUYS!!!

      I MISS YOU PAUL!! 🙁

      my absoulte favs are James & Casey though! 🙂

    • Hopefully Scott will go home soon – America hasn't change to country as their class of music. All Scotty can sing is country. James, Casey, and Hailey are all versatile, singing almost style. Lauren can sing, but limits herself to very safe songs, and now she is portraying a country girl too much….looking like trailer trash – Her dress says; give her a bottle of beer and a front porch and she’ll feel at home. Jacob need to go before Scotty.

    • Actually, I want to say : until his replica/imitation is encountered,i.e perhaps 50 years later… lol

  88. Out of the bottom 3…


    Every Idol this year has amazing talent.

    But when putting it between Jacob, Stefeno, and Lauren… well America made the right choice.

    I wish you all the luck on tour and in your up coming career Stefeno!

    and America….

    I'm still upset about Paul!! 🙁

  89. James was brought to tears (genuine tears) by Stephano being sent home. Looks like they were buddies during this competition.

    The hard rock and occasional heavy metal songs may be what James does. BUT, compassionate and genuine is what James is.

    • I completely agree with you. James is an amazing artist and person. This is why is able to captivate his auidence no matter what he sings. Because he manages to captivate hearts without anyone even knowing.

      • Nakalia that was beautifully put. I'm a little tired at this point of drama Queens with fake tears, clown routines and overused base tones.

        To me, James, Hailey and Lauren are the real deal. They are what they are win, lose or draw.

        Oh heck!! Maybe I'm just tired because it's almost midnight.

    • Yea i agree. He is very sweet and a very good person. James also puts alot of heart and soul into what he does.

  90. OK onward and upward. First, let me say that if the guys have to sing Carole King songs, then we should have Kris Kristofferson week. Here's my wish list for next week, bearing in mind that Lauren already sang "Natural Woman".

    Haley – It's Too Late

    Scotty – Where You Lead

    James – You've Got A Friend

    Casey – I Feel The Earth Move

    Lauren – Sweet Seasons

    Jacob – One Fine Day

    I'm sure not a single one of them will go with my picks, but these are my choices.

  91. I more or less felt that Jack, Stefano, and Lauren would be in the botom, and basically felt that because of Stefano's save, he might be he one to leave he show. If Jacob would have left it would not have been a surprise. They are all talented; but someone has to always go home, bases on the voting. Because your favorite sings good, doesn't mean he/she is safe. You have to always VOTE!!!!

  92. scotty should stay country, he dont need to experiment with different songs at this stage of the competition. james is just awesome, love how he works the crowd, crazy genius. I will be very pleased to see this 2 guys compete in the finals.

    country singer and a rocker head to head. God bless

  93. Okay, Stephano has been my favorite singer since I began watching American Idol this season. I'm not sure I will come back. Not really anyone else I want to vote for. James just lost his best friend with the elimination of Stephano. I really dont know how Jacob stayed over Stephano with his glitched up song.America you screwed up big time last night with your voting.

  94. I think Stephano gave his best performance last nite. I think we'll be hearing about him soon I really like James and Scotty. I would love to hear Scotty sing "Heard It In A Love Song" by Marshall Tucker Band, that would be right up his alley! As for James, anything he does is spectacular and I hope he wins!!!

    • Boy! you're just stumbling around in the dark like a bewildered horse. Watch Dancing With The Stars next week. Pia is singing on it.

  95. i agree its not just young teen girls voting for scotty. i am 54 and my husband is 51 and we both voted for scotty hundreds of times. his fan base crosses many ages and both genders. and just to let people know you can only vote 50 times online, any more and they don't count.

    • True, but you can vote a few hundred times on a landline phone and over 500 times on a cell/text.

  96. I'm glad Haley will get another week – she's gotten better, imho.

    Hopefully we'll hear the last of Jacob next week. I can't stand to watch him or hear him now, & I liked his first couple of songs earlier in the competition.

    • I agree. I hope they finally send Jacob home! He should have gone long ago, and they used the save on the wrong person and too soon! Casey should be leaving soon too.

  97. Have just heard the results here in Australia and I must say I am very disappointed that Haley was in the bottom 3.

    She didn't deserve to be there, this weeks performance was her best by far.

    For some reason America just isn't voting for her and I feel she will go home before she deserves to.

    I thought Lauren should've been there with Jacob and Stefano. I would've preferred Jacob to go home but bye bye Stefano.

    Next week will be interesting with Carol King songs!

    • Haley deserves to be in the bottom 3. It's democratic, you see? People vote. The singers who get the least votes are in the bottom 3. I thought it made perfect sense this week. Don't talk about "deserving", that's pretty arrogant. Your single opinion is not more important than the opinions of millions of voters!

      • I disagree with you she has a lot of fans but tweens vote unfairly to overrated people like Scotty and Lauren and VFTW is voting for Casey I Say she deserves to to be in final 3 seriously

      • Even if Helen is not from Troy, she should still be able to express her opinion as to whose talent is sufficient for them to "deserve" more than she is likely to get. Her saying this is no more arrogant that others who say, for example, that Scotty stinks (it was said about his performance last night). It just so happens, that I do not agree with her on Haley. Haley = sexy. Haley does not = top 5 AI quality voice. IMHO

      • So when Haley is in the bottom 3 it's because the system is fair and 'democratic' but when Pia is voted off it's the most unfair awful thing in the world? Hmm…

      • I think Lauren's need to be in bottom 3 to wake her up and get her more focused.

        Its not easy to think about a career when you have 2 full years of high school to go.

        Haley has working hard and improved the last 4 weeks yet it seem that the fans are locked on their favorites no matter how they perform or sing.

      • Democracy is ONE person ONE vote and the voting system on AI is far from being democratic.

        Given all the new talent shows cropping up where one persons ability to vote 100's of times will be restricted and where real judges will decide who goes home out of the bottom 2 or 3, AI will have to change in order to compete next year.

      • I agree that tweens have too many votes! they vote on who is the cutest and not for the talent and they should have a limit on how many vote per household, etc.

      • It's not arrogant. She sang and performed better than Scotty and Lauren. Either one of those could've taken her seat in the bottom 3 and I would've thought it a just world. Those millions of opinions of the veiwers obviously didn't take the actual SINGING into perspective when casting their votes…

      • Again, that was me, not secondchance (my mom). She would hate it if Scotty or Lauren were in the bottom 3! Haha.

    • I couldn't agree more! Damn judges criticized her performance when it was top 3 of the night. And the stupid hicks would vote for Scotty and Lauren if they farted into the mic. I like country music but this is just getting pathetic. They really need to do something about the voting. And to okidoki it's not democratic you can't stuff ballot boxes in a real democratic vote. On person one vote. Then will see who America really likes. AI just likes to be able to say there were 40 or 50 thousand votes when it is probably more like 15 -20 thousand people who actually vote, and the damn tweens vote 500 times.

      • Well said. AI needs to figure this crap out for next year. They don't have to say how many votes were made each week, it is becoming seriously retarded.

      • i think you the one who need a wake up call your remarks are terrible no one else says those about any body keep it clean

      • I guess these same pathetic stupid hicks got it wrong when the voted for Carrie also, huh. Sad

      • Carrie didn't run on Country votes, she was an extremely diverse contestant. Also you can't prove she didn't make it to the finale w/out VFTW help. Also Carrie >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Scotty and Lauren put together, just sayin.

      • Yes Dylan, I agree with you, Haley should be in the top 3 going on this weeks performance. I just hope she can keep going this strongly and the votes may change in her favor. Unfortunately we don't get a vote down in Oz. Very annoying when you can't vote for your faves!

      • Count me in on the list of "Tired of Lauren" She absolutely brings nothing new to the table and has become increasingly boring Ala Scottie.

        I am saying this even being an avid country music fan.

      • I'm pretty sure it's very possible to enjoy country and not like Lauren and Scotty.

      • @ Retta

        I have a great Country collection from over 150 Artistes (soloists and groups) from Aaron Watson – Zane Lewis and it accounts for some 9500 songs.

        Lauren has a lot of potential and has a very strong voice and good range.

        She seems very shy and timid and is probably not ready for the "big time" so only time and coaching will tell.

        Scotty may be cute and have that crazy bass for a 17 year old but for the past few weeks that's all he has been getting by on.

        We loved him from when he first auditioned up until a few weeks ago. Now he has become cocky and, frankly, a one-trick pony as far as his singing is concerned.

        I hope to he11 he gets his act in order and rocks the place next week. Right now, I am not sure he can.

        I hope Lauren can put aside her shyness and show us that powerful voice.

        I love Music and have over 17,000 songs of all genres loaded up in i-Tunes on one of my computers, which is my "juke-box" when I am working in my home office.

        In particular I love Country music and last week, Scotty had so many songs from which to choose.

        He could have broken out and done a Jason Aldean number or one of Lonestars' up tempo songs but he chose a 1982 song that had be resurrected by LeAnn Rimes and Chris Young in 2010.

        With his voice he probably could have knocked the socks off Chris Young's latest release – "Tomorrow." That would have highlighted his bass and given him the opportunity to show us he has a good high range as well.

        The thing is Retta folks can like Country, can be great Country Music Fans and rooting for Scotty and/or Lauren but not like what they are doing.

        Tonight we will be watching the next round of CMT's Next Country Star.

    • Lauren, Scottie and Haley are the only one with unique voices. The rest could leave. I am glad that this is an American Idol, and only americans has the right to vote.

  98. Some things surprise me about American Idol 2011:


    * I initially thought the judges were a huge improvement over the previous seasons but I have to say that some of the contestants could have been doing with Simon's acerbic tongue to move them up a gear – the judges have become a bit too close to the contestants and seem less able to tell them what needs to be said about upping their game


    * On that point, too many of the song choices have been very very poor – with a whole canvass to choose from, only James Durbin went down an inspired route with a well thought out drum backing and some theatre to his performance – can't these contestants find impactful songs that really grab you in the 2 mins available – it has happened only occasionally on the series


    * Haley continues to hover close to the exit and yet, as someone above has said, some of her third and fourth level performances have been better than the best efforts of other competitors – (yet having said that, her own best performance was a duet with Casey) – she won't win but that's not necessarily because she is not the best of this group


    * Jacob gets hammered on this forum but he does have a bit more talent than he is given credit for. The trouble is that, over the series, he has turned out to be a guy that you struggle to like as a person. I can't see him lasting long unless he can really pull out a classic song that just blows everyone away


    * Casey was originally likable – then he became weird – then he became a sorry underdog and he got some sympathy votes. Now he is just weird again.


    * Lauren and Scotty are at their best when they duet. They are both popular – especially Scotty – but Lauren, who has all the talent, isn't picking the songs that grab you in the 2 mins available and frankly Scotty has become cheesy – he is way too young to be in this groove at this age……and as for the way he holds the mic and raises the brows – it really is "Grandmas for Scotty"


    * Stefano is the cute street kid that gets the tween votes – but apart from his wildcard song, he hasn't managed to do anything at all that has a stamp of uniqueness. His version of "Closer" added nothing at all to the original (and for those wondering what you can do with that song, try Boyce Avenue on You Tube) – and as for his cheesy play on the camera, come on, even Backstreet Boys don't do that!


    Just generally, what started out as one the best ever seasons ever in American Idol appears to be slowing down to a popularity contest that Scotty and James seem most likely to contest. And for those saying that any one of these contestants is the "best ever", go look at the Fantasia performances on You Tube and see the difference in level between that standard and what we are seeing now.

    • Ok post!

      Agree about Haley she's the best! thats about it, dead wrong about Stefano he was awesome!

    • My standard performance is Clay Aiken's performing "Bridge Over Troubled Water" at season 2 finale.

    • I do agree with you too. This is probably not one of the best season but certainly not the worst one. I have listen the other day to some contestants in seson 9 and i did not see anything special compare to this season. I think we have two teenagers with very nice and uniqly flavored voices, and a young lady who is so confused by the judges that she forgot to care about her ending up in the bottom three all the time. This is everything that we have got different this year. Three talents, three unique voices, three different flavors: Lauren, Scotty and Haley. I hope someone would tell Casey to stop the circus and James funs to listen to his brodeway try online. And if that is not enought, listen to last night group performance. You will realize that out of three there is only one with A voice. If I could tell Haley to come up with something, maybe a show dress and a more shy, feminine attitude. Maybe, this way she would get more votes. Anyhow, she got us.

      • In the foursome song last night, one voice dominated and that was Haley's.

        Seemingly it is ok for the guys to do whatever they like on the stage but the girls can't win this year.

        If they stand there and sing, they are criticized for having no stage presence. So, Haley (b4 her Naima) uses the stage and she is panned for being too flashy.

        Given what we have seen of the remaining 6, I would love to see a James/Haley final because they would put on a real variety show between them.

      • I want to make sure which group you meant in your statement "You will realize that out of three there is only one with A voice." and who were the one you meant then ? Was the group comprising James, Casey and Scotty ? And the one who had an A voice was Scotty ?

    • Robert, you did good. They all have a different sound for a marked style. I do agree with the James and Scotty comment, However James does comment on his thought processes for his performances to have us enjoy. So I would say he has the whole heart for this to win.

  99. Next week is Carol King songs. I know I should remember more, but all that I can think of right now is, "I Feel the Earth Move (Under My Feet)." Who should sing that, Haley? What other songs are out there and who should sing what?

    • Thank you Templar for both. I did the Google thing before I saw your response and posted my ideas – for anyone who cares (basically, me).

    • Here are the albums I have of hers and there are many great songs. She is a great song writer.

      Like most albums there are some no so good, some good and some excellent songs and she is no different but there is a lot of material from which to choose.

      Apart from those I commented on, I have the full albums. I've done them alphabetically with year of release.

      City Streets – From 1990 but I'm not sure if this was released here as I bought it in the UK but it has some great numbers on it.

      Colour of Your Dreams – 1993 – and yes colour is spelled the British or French way. Has a couple of good songs written by her and Gerry Goffin plus Now and Forever from "A League of Their Own."

      Fantasy – 1973

      Music – 1971

      One to One – 1982

      Rhymes & Reasons – 1972

      Speeding Time – 1983 bit too much synthesizer used on this one. Just a few good tracks.

      Tapestry – 1971

      Thoroughbred – 1991

      Wrap Around Joy – 1974

      Writer – 1991

      Hope this helps

  100. Sooooo sad. I wanted Stefano to stay. He was such a good all-around performer with personality and stage presence.

  101. poor james durbin, his good friends from the show have been eliminated. (paul and stefano) but JAMES FOR THE WIN.

    • What a class act when he was voted off. Love you Stefano, and will continue to follow you!

  102. Next to go should be Jacob ,Hailey and, Casey. Anyone else agree???? Then Scotty Then Lauren, And your next American Idol is James!!!

    • It will be Jacob=>Haley=>Casey=>Lauren=>Scotty=>James.

      Jacob is most likely going, he's gotten pretty far but I think that's as far as he'll get.

      Haley maybe would have a chance to beat Casey if Casey didn't have the VFTW support. With that a close tie becomes a win by a mile so Haley will be after Jacob.

      Even with VFTW pick there's not enough votes for Casey to break through the insane zombie voters that is the fan base of Lauren and Scotty.

      More of the zombie votes go to Scotty than Lauren and all the Haley/Casey votes are going to James.

      Scotty will have VFTW pick for the finale (he almost had it but they chose Casey instead) but I think all the angst will be against the zombie votes and James will win out over the flood of Scotty fans' tears.

      • Pretty good analysis DavidP. Actually similar to my prediction a week ago–I even admitted I wasn't sure about the order of Jacob and Stefano, though like many others I wanted the reverse of what it's starting to be.

        My scenario is working the darkhorse Haley to edge out Casey or Lauren, and then to somehow use that person's vote to beat James (that's the longshot part); then Haley could beat the other foe–be it Lauren or Scotty depending on earlier when they split their votes–because most of James voters would give to Haley rather than Country Scotty or Lauren!

      • Steve

        Don't get all your panties all wet…VFTW only started voting for Casey like a week back…

  103. i don't know how in the world haley is still there she ain't good she look like she about to fall when she's up on stage the roaring in her voice it ain't working for me she should have lift wwaayy!!!before stefano,stefano should have at least made it to the top 4 i mean come on who in the world keep voteing for her as we can see it ain't about the talent if it was she would have been lift wwaayy!! before pia.

    • Ryan, where are you from?

      I am one of those people –accompanied by MANY others (and you can tell if you read through the blog comments) who support and vote for Haley. We love voice, her stage presence and her versatility. We love her good sense, her energy and sense of self. We thinks she is IT. And we will continue to support her and write about her until those of you who haven't flipped the switch in the brains to ON, do so!

    • What Pup said! Haley is phenomenal. And I might 'bash' the other contestants but I think they are all talented in their own right, but it's frustrating to me that Haley is constantly in the bottom three when she obviously is working so hard to find herself and give great performances week after week. It took a bit, but she's solid. If any of the others deserve to be there, and they all do don't get me wrong, so does Haley.

      • DavidP: I seriously believe that Haley is showing up in the bottom 3 because she is getting virtually none of the teen vote. Teen girls, if they ever vote for another girl, will most likely vote for Lauren because they will identify more with her.

    • Thank you for your opinion.

      Mine is totally the opposite – no surprise – and if this were a true talent contest and not a popularity one then Haley would never have been in the bottom 3 so often and especially the past few weeks.

      I think Ryan sends her there just to keep the lecher-in-chief Tyler happy so he can ogle at her legs.

      The whole thing was a bit contrived on Thursday – to say the least!

      The best final would be one between James and Haley who both have great voices and know how to strut their stuff on stage.

    • Oh, I do! I do! I keep voting for my Hales!! Go Haley! You're my American Idol!

      For real though;

      Stephano was a cute kid, nice voice at times, but mostly he didn't really sing, he whined, cried, and looked like he was in constant pain when he sang. Haley growls, moans, and then sings like a bird. She has more talent in her little finger than he has in his whole body. You're funny! Haha.

      P.S. Pia is old news. She sang beautifully, but there's a reason she's gone. She was about as exciting and different as a rock.

      • Oooops!!! That wasn't my mom, that was me posting and forgetting to switch our names. My mom-secondchance-is really warming up to Haley, and if she does good again she may surpass Lauren and Scotty in the near future in my mom's opinion. As of right now though, my mom's still gung-ho for JAMES!!! YEAAHHHH MEETTTAAALLL!

      • as my dear daughter devin lee said, i am warming up to haley after these last 4 weeks (before that i could not stand her) but i will never like her more then james. i may end up liking haley more then scotty and lauren but as my daughter said (imitating me) metal all the way.

        even if james dont win….he is my new american idol.

        him doing muse and sounding so awesome doing it….these last weeks he could just stand there microphone in hand and not utter one lyric and he still would have my votes.

  104. i can't understand all the hype over lauren im sorry i just don't see it she's the same old cookie cutter blonde hair wanna be blue eye wearing somebody it's time for something refreshing come on lauren move around the stage you don't change from week to week you come with the same ole same ole.

    • Agreed. I feel like she is a Carrie Underwood wannabe but she obviously isn't as good as Carrie.

      • I'll cut Lauren some slack because she is young, but I find her to be more and more boring each week. I think Lauren will be much better in a few years.

        Right now she appears timid and she even said she didn't want to screw up by reaching for high notes she may not be able to reach.

  105. scotty need's to keep doing what he's doing he ain't been in the bottom yet and i hope he never is a little bored with the country but that's he's style,i think is cute how he holds he's mike with two hands with he's shoulder lean he's so cute i love him i hope he wins 🙂

      • and that matters because in the real world most of us are straight and the nervous kidding about gay matters is a part of the real world to include most TV sitcoms, late night monologues, locker room jokes–even such most try not to be cruel about it.

        That's just the level of Tolerance right now. The Good news for some is that yes, that Tolerance keeps becoming greater and greater. But I wish we could quit pretending to be shocked here about the same joke level that's in the popular media. No offense. yet I do recognize that those wishing to speed up the tolerance acceptance feel the need to question and be pc as much as possible. But remember, slow change is more stable, less violent than quick, forced change.

        So, though I understand your questioning of Pup, her comment is the first one most of us would have. Besides, unless Ryan is a foreign girl's name from somewhere (think Rihanna, etc), odds are this Ryan character is pressing all 3 (and more) of our buttons and giggling.

      • Well, I thought about it before posting that, I really did. But it was almost 1 am and I thought hell, I really am curious if a guy would really be that open about fessing romantic feelings for another guy on this blog. I could actually care less about sexual preference. I really mean that. I just thought it was really out there to post that. Or, I thought, perhaps it's a girl with what most of us think of as a boy's name.

        It also, of course, occurred to me that the posts were placed to troll for bites. Okay, I bit. But don't assume you know what was going on with respect to my beliefs, Utahwoody. I do like that alarm bells went off for you, but you'd be wrong if you thought I didn't support equal rights for everyone.

      • Good Explanation and utahwoody response Pup. I figured as much is why I jumped in. And though I'm on the slower side of "changing times", I got yur back periodically. Besides, I do quite a bit of "fun trolling" myself if noone's yet noticed, and am frequently forgiven by Pup and Bunny and others?

      • Pup:- as an Irishman I can assure you that Ryan – pronounced (RY ann) is an Irish/Gaelic girl's name.

        Without doing too much research, I know that Christian Slater's ex-wife and mother of his two eldest kids, is Ryan Hadddon who is now married to Marc Blukas.

      • Coondog, you are a sweetheart in disguise. Nice doggie! 🙂

        Paul, thanks for taking the time to post that. That was kind of you. I didn't know that (obviously)!

    • Don't worry, Ryan: Scotty WILL keep doing what he's doing because …. that's all he can do! He's charming in a way, and he can sing OK, and he will have a future in the biz, but his note range is miniscule and he is really one-dimensional. But those who vote for him vote for him 500 times apiece, whereas the more mature voters vote for the more seasoned, mature performers they like once or MAYBE a few times. So Scotty is destined to be in the final, don't worry. Just a'SWANGIN'.

  106. America got it right tonight. Good riddance to Stefano. He should have been sent home looooong ago. He seems like a good kid, but enough already.

  107. Has anyone noticed how James gets big extravagansa theatrics for his performances? I love it AI recognizes his star talent and gives his creativity free rein. Remember the piano on fire? Just loved it! The drummers on last night were awesome too. Does he have an e-mail address? Do you think the Idols read these comments?

    • James plans and asks for this, while the others don't. James asked a pro wrestler to contact Zakk Wylde for him and Zakk agreed do to it.

      James is a bit of a ham but he truly want to entertain the public and he seems to feed off their positive reaction to do even better.

      • I totally agree with you. That's what seperates him from the rest of those karaoke singers:) Except for Scotty. James has vision and talent for days. Zakk recognized and wanted to play with him, what an honor. You can see how much he loves to communicate with the audience and the happiness he feels.

  108. Lauren wasn't so shy and intimidated when she was auditioning and during the selection stage of the competition. I don't know if she is now putting on an act or if something has caused her to feel unsure of herself. She had no fear of singing with Steven. And she didn't speak as "southern" as she does now. They should never have peg her as a country singer.

    • IMHO Lauren started out all enthusiastic and confident, having no idea what she was letting herself in for. Then her bestie [Thia] went home and she was more alone than ever. She has to keep up her schoolwork, choose, learn and rehearse new songs, choose wardrobe, listen to coaches and stylists and be away from friends and family. I think she's overwhelmed.

      • I do hope that she goes home..she's such a sweet girl…i really dont want her to go the Lindsey Lohan path…

  109. "You've Got a Friend" for Casey and "It's Too Late" for Jacob. Both Rod Stewart and James Taylor recorded the former and Casey's voice is not dissimilar. The latter was recorded by Isaac Hayes in and R&B album so Jacob should be able to "feel" this song. Of course, they could switch as Casey is good at r&b and Donny Hathaway recorded the former song along with Roberta Flack or Aretha Franklin. The girls should have no problems with the songs. "You Light Up My Life" for Lauren and "You Make the Earth Move," for Haley seems good to me. James and Scotty… good luck.

  110. Stefano left gracefully and obviously enjoyed his run. James was upset because they have become buddies.

  111. Haley – It's Too Late

    James – One Fine Day

    Casey – I Feel the Earth Move

    Scotty – Hey Girl

    Lauren – Beautiful

    Jacob – Friend In Me

  112. With 6 left I think the voters should focus more now on who is ready to put out an album soon, since the winner is guaranteed a recording contract and normally get the right to put out an album first.

    Although this year Pia may get that honor, which I agree with.

    Haley maybe the closest now, she has worked hard to improve the last 4 weeks.

    James needs a good vocal coach for a few month so after the summer AI tour he will be ready.

    Scotty has the voice but need more polish, also maybe after the summer AI tour.

    Lauren could do a Disney style album now but need a year or two and finish school first before trying a true country album and touring to promoting it.

    Jacob could do Gospel album but needs some training to be able to fully cross over.

    Casey maybe Jazz or movie soundtrack, his had some College music training in both.

  113. Was out at the hockey game so watched it on DVR. I'm OK with Stefano leaving, he certainly was. Have to respect the graceful and thoroughly cool exit by this fine young artist. Bravo. Good luck I wish you the best.
    James seemed more upset than Stefano. they are friends, most likely for the rest of their lives, and that is cool, very cool in my book.
    I enjoy these performers a lot. I was worried about Haley, one of my favorites. To my ear last night was good not great. I listened to everyone, some hated it some loved it, not to many like me who, thought it was Ok. So I bought the The iTunes version and had another listen
    It's the full song 3:20 so not fair to compare but for me…it was awesome, I have listened to it 10 times today and still get goosebumps.

    I'm torn Casey makes me feel good, James makes me feel young again, Haley is why I love music, please don't make me choose. I enjoy them all.

  114. just to let it be known ,Haleys fan base is not as big as everyone thinks it is.i know that facebook is not the method to see how many votes will be cast,but it is huge and millions of people r on it,and when u look at it that haley has only 2,000 plus fans,compared to scottys almost 80,000 and climbing it can be a little at the least glimpse at the difference in fanbase total.

    thats just a thought on all the ones wondering why she in bottom 3 and not him…..

  115. Wednesday night it became clear to me: James, Haley and Casey are the stars of this season and I see them each having successful solo careers. Jacob belongs in Broadway musicals or church, Stefano on Glee, Lauren and Scotty back up singers in Nashville.

  116. yesss…this week american has made good choice…finally stefano is eliminated..after weeks in bottom 2…

  117. I am very upset that Stefano got voted off. I agree Hayley is a great singer and shouldn't have been in the bottom three. Though I did predict it. I wanted Jacob to go. amazing singer, yes, but he seems to be falling behind everyone else. I would have liked to see him go before Stefano. I think everyone knows who is going to win, James Durbin, he hasn't even been in the bottom 3 and he is the most creative and has such a unique ability to make almost any song work.

  118. I wanna say i know who the top 4 will be and i will tell you how after

    First of all the top 4 will be :


    James (obviously)



    How: all 4 of these contestants were shown in every stage of the show.

    However haley was not shown in the group round or hollywood stage 1.

    Jacobs audition was not shown and he was not shown at hollywood stage 1 aswell. This proves that the jugdes only put the frontrunners in every stage.

      • Oh, I agree with you mostly Frank. I thought I remembered seeing Haley smiling and thanking Steven Tyler in some initial tryout round, but there are so many perky, fair haired girls in all those rounds so I'm not sure.

        Is anyone else sure Haley wasn't shown in Hollywood Stage 1? Maybe what I'm remembering is Stage 2, I didn't even pay attention about different stages I guess. But I thought I saw her in some original tryout city?

    • They did a recap of Haley for round 1 and group round Hollywood. Your theory is ok but there's really no way the producers would know those 4 would be the final 4 standing unless the whole thing was completely rigged.

      • David, I started to say that. But this whole thing is taped, right. There is the technology of editing, you know.

      • Wow, Coondog. I think I knew they didn't HAVE to follow the votes, but I didn't realize the manipulation was actually written into the show rules. If I were a contestant and saw James got a marching band and I couldn't get a girl swinging on a swing, well, that would infuriate me even if I knew they asked me to sign my agreement to go along with that.

    • I basically find some agreement with Frank, as many of us have thought along these lines. And the Replyers above also make insightful points. To further illustrate Franks's point, I don't think "the whole thing is rigged", but I do think (I think most of us agree on this) that "the whole thing is Manipulated". They can't guarantee it of course; that would be Game Show Scandal. But by their producer actions/judges comments to sway the masses, etc., they can move the show along the course they want for ratings, and for hoping to highlight "pet contestants" later on with the "human interest stories". Very clear to me when the 24 was cut to 12, and then wildcard picks over certain people many of us thought deserved it easily over the likes of Naima and Ashton. And the way the judges tried to pull Naima along–they had a background story with her rags to riches they were dying to exploit in the end stages. Course she blew that herself by simply not being able to hold a tune.

      So, of course Ai is trying to manipulate which contestants best match for the AI records and ratings agenda and human interest stories they're dying to exploit. They're allowed to do that in the pages and pages of Official AI Game Show Rules that most of us never read and are not discussed. If those rules were paraphrased (I know, difficult for the long-winded Coondog to do), they would say something like this: AMERICAN IDOL RULES:

      American Idol, Bottom 3, etc. is decided entirely by number of American votes. However, AI and Producers reserve the right to highlight, pimp, give "creative suggestions" to Judges, Give or Deny production, musical backgrounds (marching bands, pyrotechnics) to Any Contestant as AI Producer May Choose so as to influence or sway the voting results–which again "are solely incumbent on votes received by so and so accounting firm."

      • gotcha Pup. and I've caught all your other replies these pages, appreciate the comments– even the "encouragement" you gave me and Oldster to vote!. But at least you saw what me and Paul and Frank I think were saying about the Haley/Stefano feud? May repeat all on current pages since this one seems a bit 'dead'?

    • Awww. Sweet.

      Did Pia really "play"? I must have missed that; kind of surprises me, too.

      • Pia was partly involved, she acted like Lita or other WWE female wrestler in the footage. Naima Adedapo was just watching, esp when Paul needed a team tag from her.

        You can search in youtube to watch it.

  119. la proxima semana estarian para ser eliminados Haley,Jacob y Lauren…El American Idol està entre serà Scotty y Casey…

  120. Stefano's now gone left with a great final performance and showed he's a classy guy with a big heart!

    Now for Haley, honestly keeps singing and performing right at the top please AI fans vote for her this week and give her a chance!

    What does she have to do to get the votes she deserves.

    Hey if your'e a Haley fan you gotta start voting for her because the others get the votes no matter how bad they perform, c'mon.

  121. Now that was another shocking elemanaton, since Stefano got elemanated!!! I was not happy!!!! I was not happy since Jacob Lusk wasen't elemanated, but you know what they had two shocking elemanatons Pia and Stefano. Thats all because of america!!!!!!! Because they truly are voting for someone else instead of there faves it is just not fair!!!!! Jacob should of been in top 12 and got elemanated!!!! haley she deseved to escape from the bottom!!! here is who i think has to go Jacob Lusk!!!!

      • Templar

        That has to be the most brilliant thing i have read in a long long time…Well done sir…well done…

    • WTF Shocking?! I think I now believe in sci fi stories of some object like a piece of "red matter" just popping up somewhere out of nowhere and no one knows why it's there! Is this the beginning of an inverse gravitational anomaly?! (black hole, I can't remember exact verbiage from Star Trek!)

  122. Im terribly shocked that haley reinhart is in the bottom 3 yet again. Week after week, she has been improving and displaying her vocal range, control and creativity oh so well! She is the only contestant so far to actually put a lot of effort into making her performance unique.

    come on people, take a good look at haley's performances on youtube, listen to her studio recordings. Look at how she puts on a show, how she adds some her own jazzy, bluesy flava into her performances. she deserves to be at LEAST in the top 3.

    HALEY FANS, please vote!!!!!!!!!!

  123. Yea! America got it right this time. It was pretty predictable (which is good). Jacob should go next. I look forward to seeing Pia on Dancing with the Stars next week. I'm so glad people seem to be appreciating James a little more now. I've been a big James fan. Each performance seems better than the last.

  124. Kelly Clarkson via twitter..

    (Way to go Hailey Reinhart! You did really well on Idol tonight! I love Adele! Great song choice! Can't wait to hear a record from you!)

    Adam Lambert via twitter..

    (Just caught up on idol via YouTube… HALEY!!! Heads and shoulders above the rest. Gave me chills. Effortlessly badass…)

      • James is all right as Adam Lambert said Haley is effortlessly baddass. So is James I guess. That just means we need a James/Haley finale.

  125. The way the voting has gone in this years popularity contest, the bottom 3 were so easy to predict and they were not based on talent nor the performances of the night before.

    This was the 4th time both Stefano and Haley have been in the bottom three and I think both of them know it was inevitable they would be voted off soon.

    Stefano seems to have a great personality and is well liked by all the others – especially his room mate James.

    After his near death experience, I think Stefano is grateful for all he is doing now and, if you notice, Haley is like him. always smiling when she is sent to the "chair."

    He was a class act last night and I enjoyed his singing. Both my wife and I said, where the he11 was that when he was on the contest.

    The two who have listened consistently to the "judges" – if you can call them that – have been Stefano and Haley and I believe he will continue to listen to people and improve his style and performance level.

    He reminds me a bit of Tony Danza with the added bonus that he can sing.

  126. All I can say is last night it was super boring and to

    make the young contestants go through this BS is just what it is BS.

    They should have sent some one else packing instead of Stefano.

    Come on Ryan lets be more tactful.

  127. i would also love to hear james do queensryche. i think that would be great! actually, i just want james to make a CD so i can buy it.

  128. Next week the bolt tom 3 will be Jacob, Haley and Casey and its Jacobs time to slitter off the stage.

  129. I was hoping Jacob would be eliminated. Every song he sing sounds the same. He screams !! Hurts my ears.

    Stefano has improved every week, and I only see great things ahead for him.

  130. Not another week of Jacob, please. I can't take it much more. Stefano is soooo much more talented than Jacob. But, there is always next week. I can't imagine what songs they will sing of Carole King. Poor Scotty! I really love most of them but would love the top three to be Lauren, James and Scotty with James and Scotty in the top two. I'd rather it be Lauren than James, but let's face it…that won't happen. I want Scotty to win because I'm sick of rockers, but James is very talented. They'll all do well anyway, but really want Scotty to have the title! That's my opinion!!

  131. If someone said Carole King music was old fashioned it would be a gross understatement. The contestants will need to rework the songs, recreate them and modernize them somewhat. I think that's why they chose it. Carole King is an amazing song writer and if you've watched any of her performances you can't deny how awesome she is. They will need to make the songs their own. I am not worried about James, Haley, or Casey. They are creative enough to get through it. Lauren, Scotty, and Jacob are going to have to do things they haven't done so far to make the songs appeal to their voting base.

    • Well, I thought it would be difficult, too, but Carole King proved to be such a prolific writer that I think she has something for everyone. Here are my initial picks for the three you mentioned at the end:

      Lauren: Natural Woman; One Fine Day; It's Too Late

      Scotty: Chains; Sweet Seasons; You've Got A Friend

      Jacob: Up On The Roof; Been to Canaan; Way Over Yonder; City Streets

  132. Ican't see how Jacob keeps hanging on.His feel sorry for me additude must be working with the people that are voting for him. he sings ok but not for what AI needs.All the contestants are good but the winner should be James Durbin he has been right on every week.He is very good and watching him has been like watching a profectional.He knows what he is doing and he is good.

  133. Stefano should not have went! Casey or Jacob should have. America always votes out the best singers. Come on, America! Vote for TALENT!

  134. Just an FYI on other idols opinions via twitter

    Kelly Clarkson via twitter..

    (Way to go Hailey Reinhart! You did really well on Idol tonight! I love Adele! Great song choice! Can’t wait to hear a record from you!)

    Adam Lambert via twitter..

    (Just caught up on idol via YouTube… HALEY!!! Heads and shoulders above the rest. Gave me chills. Effortlessly badass…)

  135. Yes next week it will be Jacob followed by Haley then Casey then Lauren so your down to James & Scotty and as has happened the last couple years a surprise winner in Scotty (cowgirls over rockets).

  136. the judges should have let Casey go , and not use their save for him. He doesn't belong in the finals. Then they would have had a save left for Pia.

    Scotty didn't pick the best song for him this week , but I think he will win the competition. Casey should have been the one to go home.

  137. I have read a number of posters saying they had problems voting for Haley on Wednesday, much as people said about Pia.

    So, if there is a "conspiracy" consider the following:

    The last two AI Winners have flopped as far as record sales are concerned and of the four finalists, only Adam Lambert has had success, both in record sales and tour revenues.

    Remember, these two finalists are on 7-year contracts with 19 Productions who help them chose an appropriate record label which, in the past has usually been Arista.

    Taylor Hicks was the worst before Allen and DeWyze and he was let go by his record label after 3-years.

    This may be a talent contest to us but it has been a money maker for 19 and the record label(s) in the past.

    Kelly Clarkson is no longer tied to them, Carrie Underwood is entering her last year with 19/Arista Nashville.

    So sometime mid-2012, they will lose the #1 money maker and the only money makers they have left are:

    Jordin Sparks 19/Jive

    David Cook 19/RCA

    Adam Lambert 19/RCA

    David Cook was the last big Idol Winner who has had success as far as album sales and tour concerts are concerned and Adam Lambert has been the most successful runner up of recent AI Seasons.

    The fact is that American Idol needs the Final 2 and most certainly the Winner to be able to produce albums that sell and be able to perform on stage when they go on their own tour, which usually happens within 15-18 months of winning.

    This is what AI and 19 Productions need so all those "conspiracy theorists" out there – have a field day.

    Another thought for y'all is that Pia had the pipes and the looks but was "stiff" and had no idea of how to move about on stage.

    So she is voted off in a Top 9 "shocker" and lo and behold, she drops her boyfriend and takes up with the DWTS Professional Dancer and, based on her movements on Wednesday night, is already getting some lessons.

    Unlike past "losers" she is being touted to release at least a single before the end of the Season 10 contest.

    Coincidence or Conspiracy? – h'mm!!

    Have a great Easter everyone and to those who seem obsessed with Lauren's weight, don't eat too much chocolate!!

  138. I’m a big “James” fan but I just can’t imagine him doing a “Carol King” song. Are you serious?

    • Yea but he has shown he can do anything , and i believe he will do again this time. Gotta love James!!!

      • Well, I have 3 songs picked out for James; one is the rocker style, the other two are quieter.

        * SmackWater Jack (it will come back to you if you listen to it on YouTube)

        * Time Gone By

        * Hey Girl

  139. Aww. I will miss Stefano 🙁 will always love him!!!!

    Hopefully Jacob goes home next week. If he doesnt i will be shocked.

    After Jacob that will be an awesome top 5 except i would replace casey with Stefano. But what can you do.

  140. And seriously if i hear anything else about the teenagers controlling the vote I will be pissed.

    If teenagers were controlling the votes than both Paul and Stefano would still be in and Jacob would have been gone along time ago.

  141. As I read these comments I smile. Teenagers controlling the vote? Perhaps, but is that not what this is about, voting for your favorite? It has always been that way and I have know folks that voted for Clay Aiken (all those years ago) at least 20 times in one evening. And trust me, they were not teenagers.

  142. looking back at all the performances i was most disappointed at stefanos slaughtering 'tiny dancer' that is my favorite elton john song and he destroyed it.

    • That's odd. I thought he did a great job with it. (I am not one to be swayed by the judges comments.)

      • i dont care what the judges say either. i just really did not like his version of the song.

    • He did okay when he tried to sing like Elton did, but when he started going off on his own Stefano style, he butchered it.

  143. I think Scotty is getting by way too easily … his is the same ole, same ole… I know I will ruffle a few feathers when I say he should have been in the bottom three the last two weeks.

  144. I am waiting for Haley to go…she won't be the winner for sure…I would like to see Casey, Lauren and James top three…love me some Scotty and Jacob…they both will get contracts in their genre…

      • I don't get the Haley hating either?

        If they have a valid reason, then say so… not just I hate her

      • ilove haley!i love her guts! been fighting from the first week up to seems like she is making a name by being tough…because being safe is not as good as surviving the fight..go haley!

      • I am not a fan of Haley, and the reason is obvious. Her singing is more screaming, and the Grrrowl is off putting. I simply do not like her. I would far rather have Lauren, if i had to choose. But for me the winner of AI, is Pia. I will always see her as the contestant that was sent home, but should of won. Waiting patiently for her album. Pia will have a big future.Great voice and beautiful to look at. She doesn't need to jump about.

  145. no more hurrying to get home every thursday night (Philippines Time) just to be able to watch American Idol. I will miss looking forward to Stefano's performance every week. I agree with one of the comments I read here, Stefano's "I need You Now" is the most soulful and amazing performance of this season and no one has topped that yet. He may not be the best vocally but he's one great performer. I wish him good luck in his career and I hope to see more of him in the future. NOW, Go JAMES and get that AMERICAN IDOL title!!!

  146. Grandmothers love a clean cut young man. Scotty fits that description and will get our votes because he sings what we like to hear.

      • You bet you sweet pippy we vote for Scotty,But I like all of them they are cute and a happy bunch of young kids,

    • Aha! Finally proof of the Coondog wisdom! I reported a week ago on the existence of the Grandma Groupy Brigade! However, my excitement is somewhat muted over the fact I also reported they might not be techno savvy to use ipads, computers, or even to place more than 1 vote because that ain't what they were taught about voting etiquette. What about it Joyce, am I right about the voting? Or are you also getting help from that 12 year old granddaughter to blog here? You know I'm kidding right?!

      • No…I don't khow you are kidding…for one…very sensitive. I am pretty technology literate…for a grandma…for anyone…and I don't think it is just grandmas voting for Scotty….He has a gifted voice win or not…he will go a lot farther than the others…just wait and see…

      • CAM first off, you spelt KNOW wrong. Second off, whats up with the … I mean every couple words dot dot dot, dot dot dot. Next, Scotty sings country. Who listens to country much any more? Fourth, Paul, Casey, and Haley were and have always been the best.

      • Thanks for stalling her ogan, Coondog is scurrying away! Ain't nothin' more dangerous than a Granny (CAM) with a gun (or umbrella, big ol' purse). The worst is when they pass gas, they grab a cane to beat the dog so's folks think it him!

    • I think Jacob could have been a real contender.

      He has a great voice, but somewhere along the journey, something went very wrong. Not sure if it was a confidence thing, or bad advice.

      But , he can surely sing, and regardless of the outcome of the show, he should have a decent career, if he finds his groove.

  147. I think america got it right he should have left weeks ago.I think Scotty is going to be the winner.

  148. In my opinion Jacob should have been voted off 5 weeks ago. What is he, the token blackman , I thought we were past that, I think it's a joke he sucks, and is and has been the worst for approx. 5 weeks.

    • But he is the last contestant drawing votes from people of color. Have you noticed that since Thia is gone, there are virtually no posts from people in the PhilIppines?

    • Based on the Social Media followers Stefano was #5 in popularity ahead of Haley and Jacob and Casey was #2 behind Scotty who seems to be tweeting much more than the others.

      He was having a tweet party today to get to 100,000 followers.

      Hey! Social media got Obama elected so maybe it is the way to go in order to win contests these days.

      Right now, the top 3 in followers are:




      So all the James and Haley fans (does not seem to be many Jacob ones) prepare yourselves for disappointment or get those fingers to walk a lot faster!!

  149. Most likely, and as expected, Scotty, Lauren and James would end up in Top 3. While Haley is a poor 4th. Jacob will be out next week, Im kinda sure of that! And please America, vote out CASEY!!!

    • I agree…I agree…I agree…But the judges love him…I can't figure it out….James and Scotty in the end…I don't care which one wins…but I do hope it is Scotty.

      • Ok CAM, that is a major oxymoron. "James and Scotty in the end, I dont care which one wins but, i hope it is Scotty." You just specifically said you dont care who wins but, then you said i hope it is Scotty. And your doing the … thing agian.

  150. Top 3 – Scotty, Lauren, James

    I hope Haley might end up 4th. Im kinda sure, Jacob will be voted out next week. And please America, bring Casey to the trash bin! 😀

  151. Who dresses Ryan before the show, every week its the same sober outfit and the same sober tie.

    Doesn't the wardrobe department have a brighter more colourful tie for him, something like pink.

    He's so boring!!!!

  152. hey i'm watching this season i love casey and lauren but american idol is no longer the same after season 8 with the amazing Adam Lambert he had so much talent and can't be compared to any other contestant