American Idol 2011: What should the Top 7 sing?

This week on “American Idol,” the Top 7 will take on songs from the 21st Century. That’s an interesting non-theme. This could be quite a week with song choices. Maybe everyone will sing songs by “The Black Eyed Peas.” Let’s all hope not. Actually I hope there are no Peas, no Katy Perry, no Creed and no more Miley.

Despite the incredibly broad topic, I’ll go ahead and pick some songs that I’d like to hear the “Idol” contestants sing. And as always, feel free to add your own suggestions in our comments section.

In random order

*Lauren Alaina, “Jesus Take The Wheel” by Carrie Underwood. I really don’t like this song, and I’d be tempted to mute it, but Lauren could have a Kristy Lee Cook moment with this anthem and trick sappy Americans into voting for her all night long. She could ride that wave for two weeks at least. And being one of only two girls left, that would be a very smart move.

Way out there suggestion: “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry. OK, I know I said no Katy Perry, but this would be funny.

*Haley Reinhart, “Mercy” by Duffy. Haley’s been keeping things pretty upbeat and I think it would probably benefit her to slow things down this week. “Duffy,” while slower, is a still a pretty powerful song and with her soulful growls, she could have a moment with it. I also considered an actual ballad with “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera, but I prefer “Mercy.” Did she sing “Mercy” during Hollywood week sometime? That seems like years ago now.

Way out there suggestion: “Rehab” by Amy Winehouse. This suggestion isn’t really “way out there,” because I could REALLY hear Haley singing this song. I just don’t see Idol/Ford/Pepsi being OK with the “rehab” part of the song.

*Casey Abrams, “Smooth” by Santana and Rob Thomas. No one has done this song since Chris Richardson several seasons ago so it would almost be a fresh song. And I think Casey could add his soul spin nicely. He just needs to be careful with the weird angry singing. I’m not the only one who notices that. I promise.

Way out there suggestion: “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga. A cool, slow acoustic version.

*Jacob Lusk, “Forget You,” by Cee Lo Green. Actually this pick is as much “way out there” as the actual, “way out there” pick, but Jacob has never been easy to pick for. All I know is, he should do something fresh and not stuffy. And while he’s at it, he could try to be less arrogant. Maybe he doesn’t know what the unedited version of this song says.

Way out there suggestion: “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley. Again, it would be a lot more fresh for Jacob and if he doesn’t want to go home soon, he’ll chill out on the gospel music for a week or two. (Note: I know he’d never do either of these songs in a million years, so no need to point it out)

*Stefano Langone, “Apologize,” Timbaland/One Republic. I like Stefano, but he’s kind of boring. I imagine he’ll sing something at about this level, so I could hear him doing this.

Way out there suggestion: “Hot in Herre” by Nelly. Hey, that could get him some votes.

*James Durbin,”Mr. Brightside” by The Killers. I know The Killers aren’t hardcore enough for James, but this is a great song and he could rock it out. He can put out a metal album after Idol ends, but he’s not going to make America a nation of metal fans. So he needs to stick to popular music for a couple more weeks.

Way out there suggestion: “American Idiot” by Green Day. It’s not way out there at all, really. But could it be considered a jab at the name “American Idol”? Possibly.

*Scotty McCreery, “Amazed” by Lonestar. We all know Scotty will pick a country song, so he at least needs to pick one that crossed over to the pop charts. He has plenty of fans I’m sure, but only four people won’t be in the bottom. Anything can happen, so he needs to start thinking about earning more, new fans.

Way out there suggestion: “Because of You,” by Kelly Clarkson. I’m obsessed with the idea of a guy singing a woman’s song. It almost never happens. Scotty could take on a version closer to the version Kelly did with Reba McEntire.

What are your suggestions for the Top 7?




  1. Lauren Alaina: Easy Silence – Dixie Chicks (or something else by the Dixie Chicks)

    Scotty: 'Everything' by Brad Paisley

    Haley: some Joss Stone song or Adele

    Jacob can suck it. Though I'd like to hear him sing Otis Redding's 'These Arms of Mine'.

    • I would LOVE to hear Lauren sing Easy Silence!!! Such an amazing song. And Everything would be awesome for Scotty. It's go the low notes but could also show a little range for him.

      I almost spat my coffee out laughing at the "Jacob can suck it" comment. That is exactly how I feel! So sick of him! I don't care how good he can be vocally, get off your damn high horse and lose the arrogance! I don't care what he sings because I change the channel when he comes on.

      I don't think Haley can pull Adele off though. I like Haley but her voice doesn't have that kind of power, she's a little more airy.

    • @Branden — Thank you once again for your update and song picks. I totally agree with you about Lauren singing Jesus Take the Wheel and we can agree to disagree, because I truly love this song. I Kissed a Girl would be a little out there for her, but I could see her doing Teenage Dream very well.

      I would really like to hear James sing Tesla's I Wanna Live or Disturb's Indestructible or Ten Thousand Fists. Too bad Ronnie James Dio didn't do anything great in this century before he died, 'cause I could really see James doing a Holy Diver cover.

      Mercy is a perfect fit for Haley. Another one I think she could do great is Norah Jones' Turn Me On. It's a slow, sexy song she could easily pull off.

      Casey…too bad Pretty Fly for a White Guy came out in the 90s 🙂 I think Tom Petty's I Should Have Known It would also be a good choice.

      Jacob and Stefano…totally agree with your picks and not even going to attempt to guess.

      Scotty — Over and Over, the Nelly/Tim McGraw collaboration. Or Life is a Highway, although technically that was only reissued in the 21st century and actually written in the 90s. Perhaps he could do Undo It, the Carrie Underwood anthem?

      Great picks, Branden.

      Hugs to Rose A., Phyllis G., Sherry K., and Gabriela.

      • James singing Holy Diver would be just beyond epic. Maybe some week coming up it will fit into the cards. That would fricken rock the house.

  2. James Durbin – 'Iris' by the Goo Goo dolls.

    Casey or Stefano – Drops of Jupiter – Train

  3. James Durbin : Dear God – Avenged Svenvold or all song by Aerosmith(Dream On i prefer)

      • James would do an awesome job with Avenged Sevenfold – Dear God..what great lyrics…beautiful.

      • @Rose — Just listened to it. I saw these guys (Avenged Sevenfold) at Ozzfest in '06, but this song came out after. Beautiful. I would actually like to hear Scotty sing this, since it has a country flair to it and was inspired by their friendship with Big & Rich (on a side note, I am rooting for John Rich on Celebrity Apprentice).

    • ~ponders…. ponders…. ponders~ You know, you might be onto something there… that could be pretty fricken awesome. Something like that might just get me back to liking Casey again.

      • kdub — Another great suggestion someone else on here had for Casey was Tighten Up by the Black Keys, which I think would be awesome.

      • Actually yeah, after listening to it, Casey could definitely do that one justice as well… (and that video is fricken great as well) 😉

  4. Well, Old Coondog don't know much about these new songs, so I can't advise my Haley girl any better than to take Branden's song.

    But I did note the advice he gave James–who I like for rock songs–is the same thing I been telling a few of his ornery fans on here: He's not going to win American Idol by singing Metal.

    Wait, here's a Way Out pick for Haley (not Scotty or Lauren). In the theme of Branden wanting a having a guy to sing a girl song, and in the interest of Haley doing something outside her normal wild zone to pick up some of the Country vote, Picture this: Haley in tight Honky-Tonkin' jeans (no skirt for the Haley Haters to hate on!), struttin' and growlin' "Badonkadonk" by Toby Keith!

    Rationale being, since she's always hovering near the Bottom 3, try something crazy–votes can't get much worse. Plus it'd be a great way to go out if it happens, since she'd be on the record for Blues, Jazz, Rock, and Honky Tonk Country. Added benefit would be it'd drive the Jazz-loving Casey from her forever! Yeaa!

    • Hailey should sing "I Turn to You" by Cristina Aguilera. Its a slow song and she should do this – slow things a bit. Maybe she could add a blues touch with saxophone in it. It would be greatttt 🙂

      • i think she should sing a slow song n wear a black or red long dress,with hair roll (like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman)… THAT WILL ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS COON!!!

    • @ coondog…I can hear Haley singing

      Badonkadonk” by Toby Keith…lol I picture her singing a Christina Aguilera song…but then again, I can also hear Randy coming up with something critical…" Dawg"..hard song to sing, you didn't make it your own, sounded Kareoke, it just didn't work for me". Of all the contestants, the judges have been most critical of Haley. I have to admit, Haley has been stepping up her game. Not my favorite to win but she should be staying on for a few more weeks…definitely see her in the top 5…maybe higher. James is still # 1. I would like to hear James sing the White Stripes – "Fell in Love With a Girl or something from Muse or Coldplay. Really looking forward to hearing all the contestants. 🙂

      • @Rose A., What do you think about James doing a little Metallica? Don't know if they would let him do Cyanide, but would love to hear him rock it. Or the Day that Never Comes. I think Death Magnetic is the only CD from the 21st century by Metallica. Oh…wait, there was also St. Anger, but that album sucked. 😛

      • Coondog be hanging his head and dragging his tail a bit, you all's right. It sure is Trace. I done forgot I picked that CD up at a yard sale. I guess I'sa thinkin' wit my otha head, doggone it.

        Still, I like the song. So I'll agree to the long dress LOLOL, and sorry for leading you astray Rose girl. Bunny, whazzawrong with you Girl? You spelled his name wrong!

        Oh, now that I'm looking at the CD, Scotty could sing "Songs About Me".

      • Coondoggie, I was in a hurry this morning. Had to go to work you know. And I always count on Templar to catch my mis-spelled words. He is truly my spell checker.

      • Songs About Me would be great for Scotty. He could really relate to it. That is what I was thinking about when I suggested Ladies Love Countryboys.

      • I wonder if Jacab would do Badonkadonk?? How funny would that be..Oh, I forgot, that might be to nasty for him!!!!!!

    • hey coondog, what do you think about Haley doing Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love? I think she could pull that off with her vocal control and she wouldn't need to do the growling(which I do like her growl btw…so sexy) That would shut the folks up complaining about that sexy growl.

      • That could work also Sandman. (truth, I don't know these new songs too well). Now's I got's to go find me a legriser. (fire hydrant)

  5. I disagree with Mercy for Haley. I like the song, but I think it's too commercial. She should do something like "You've got the love" by Florence and The Machine, maybe acoustic… maybe something slow this week but that can showcase her GREAT and versatile voice.

    I'm so curious as to what she picks :)))

    Regardless, GO HALEY!!!

      • Adele is so good and very current, would be tough to sound better than her. I don't think that is a good idea for Haley. It would just be to easy to compare.

  6. Casey n James should sing Bieber song n make it into Metal or Jazz. HAHAHAHA… i dont know,im in slump for these 2 ><

      • @ coondog. LOL…even as an "ornery James fan"…your choice for Casey was not nice…funny but not nice. lol…I can, however hear James sing Green Day…perhaps not the "out there" suggestion of American Idiot, by Branden…..but perhaps Holiday or Blvd. of Broken Dreams…these would suit him and seriously for Casey…perhaps "Wisemen" by James Blunt. We shall see. Have a good one.

        PS Branden, thank you for the update and suggestions. 🙂

      • @Rose : its just that i really3x in a slump choosing Casey n James song. Because if they want to stick with their passion (Jazz n Metal),i just cant find anything that suit them in this 21st Century theme. Green Day not metal,they're alternative n James Blunt is not jazz. So all i can think is they pick any song n change it to their genre. Although i can see Casey doin Alicia Keys or even Norah Jones song but i dont know about James ><

      • yupz,Casey should sing Norah Jones "The Nearness of You". If he can pull it off…WooHoo it'll be a goosebumps performance 🙂

      • I think the song list is all songs that were written since 2001. The Nearness Of You was written in the 1930s or 40s.

      • @JMO : yupzz,its already been sang by Barbara Streisand…Thats why i hate the theme!!!! Grrrr ><

  7. Jacob could sing Dance with my father,

    Casey could sing a double bass version of 'sex on fire' kings of leon

    Haley could sing fire escape – diane birch

    Stefano secrets -one republic

    Lauren – great singer, nothing individual about her as she is so young, evanescence – my immortal. Dress her in black.

    Scotty did well with Elvis needs to sing a non country song to keep the votes coming in! This train dOnt stop here anymore – Elton John.

    James needs a ballad – rock ballad 'marry me' train!

      • That would also be a great choice. I just hope they pick better than they did last week. I was not wild about the song choices last week for Haley, Paul and Scotty.

        But I had to buy Lauren's version of The Climb, which was better than the original.

  8. Haley- "Rolling In The Deep" Adele

    Lauren- "Love Story" Taylor Swift

    Scotty- "Where I Come From" Alan Jackson

    Jacob- "No More Drama" Mary J. Blige

    Stefano- "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing" Jack Johnson

    Casey- "The Cave" Mumford & Sons

    James- "Uprising" Muse

  9. You would think a catagory as wide open as any song produced in the past eleven years as being easy to choose from. But man, music has sucked for the past 20 years or so. But, lets go ahead and give one week for the younger American Idol fans, I guess. But, I suspect the whole night will this seasons biggest snoozefest.

    • That's what I'm afraid of too. Not too many knock-you-out cool songs I can think of. That's why leader Scotty will probably sing a boring song, as will Lauren. Stefano is boring no matter what he sings (though I agree with his fans, that like Pia, he has great control of his voice). At least James isn't afraid to try "out there" songs. Casey will sing some jazz piece with his crutch Bass and get rave reviews from the judges, while Haley will acquiesce to the judges' past penalties for her "cool songs" performances and sing a sleepy ballad–

      –Fantasy Sequence:NOo!!, Haley please intro your Trace Adkins number with a shout-out (and suggestive hip slap), "Coondog, Thisss badonkadonk is just for you!")–

      –Flashback to Reality: Jacob will sing to the heavens with tears streaming down his cheeks to a judges-led standing ovation–and get voted off the next day, ha-ha!

      • I like the hip slap better than that "Baby elephant walk" she used to do. It's tough to look sexy while you're taking some big slow steps across the stage while waving the other arm above your head in matching rhythm….. Yes, it wouldn't look good even if she worked in the hip slap with it. She's improving and I hope to see her stay awhile longer.

      • I like Templar's suggestion for Jacob "How Do You Like Me Now" by Tobi Keith. Then we could answer him on Thursday.

      • agree Bunny with Templar's Jacob suggestion. Then perfect payback the next day maybe!

  10. I would really like to see/hear Scotty sing/perform

    "Hillbilly Bone" by Blake Shelton

    "I Got My Game On" Trace Atkins

    "Ladies Love Country Boys" Trace Atkins

    • Bunny, you still spelling Adkins wrong! (I know, don't seem right coming from the Dog that confused Toby Keith with Trace Adkins!)

      • Coondoggie, I posted all my posts at the same time & as I am a huge fan of Trace ADkins, you would think I would get it right. But what do you think of my suggestions? You know, somebody must have rolled sexihotmomma over on her belly & forgotton to roll her back over. Because she has just disapeared, lol-lol.

      • Sorry Temp, you're rehired as B's spellcheck.

        @Bunny, I do like your country picks as I'm an Adkins fan also. Kinda related, I been hearing from you or maybe it's Rosie2pickJames or something, that James can sing country. I'm not a u-tuber, but I'll offer him what I suggested to Scotty. I think Scotty could do it and rock the house, but he just seems to want to play it safe and maintain his position . I'd love to hear Chatahoochie by Alan Jackson (surely it's been in some movie since 2000?, but blurry on details). Could James do it justice? At least I know he wouldn't be afraid, and he would definitely steal some of Scotty's votes. He could always do it later I guess when they have a choice. Great strategy for him.

    • Everyone that has sung a Britney Spears song has fallen flat on their face. It's like those songs are cursed or something.

      • I chose this song because of the lyrics. They are so in tune with Lauren. I believe she could put her own spin on it & it is old enough (2001) that most people wouldn't remember that it was a Britney song.

  11. Other suggestions for Lauren:

    "Luckey" Britney Spears

    "Everytime" Britney Spears

    I think these songs could show some diversity in Lauren & she could relate to them well.

    • I think Lauren should stick to the country side of things. That's where she shines. Screw diversity, do what you're good at. Scotty has done nothing but country (I don't care what anyone says, his Elvis song was still pretty country), and he's at the top every week.

      • if lauren does brittany spears she will be gone…not a good artist for her to replecate..stay country lauren..we need women in the top 4

      • Lauren absolutely needs to stick to Country. If she is looking to secure a contract with Nashville, that is who she need to be impressing as Scotty is doing. I hear some of you criticize him for being a one trick pony but this boy knows where his bread is buttered.

      • I agree that Lauren should stick to country. I was just thinking that she could put her country spin on one of these songs & do a great job with it.

    • And also to add to comments above me Britney Spears is way before Lauren's time. Makes me feel old, but when Britney was good Lauren was…7 (?) years old. Britney is something to stay away from for all contestants imho.

  12. Lauren-"Don't forget to remember me" or "temporary home" Carrie underwood.(i agree with some Carrie'song but i don't like "Jesus Take The Wheel").

    Haley-"The dog days are over" Florence And The Machine or "Warwick Avenue" Duffy(she should sing Christina Aguilera's song but it's gonna be too dangerous.And I just don't see her in any Amy Winehouse's song).

    Jacob "Be without you" Mary J Blige or"I look to you" Whitney Houston( I really think he is going to sing "be without you", but this is not a good choice anyway).

    PS: Cee Lo Green's song, fresh and cool, good choice but Jacob will never sing.

    Stefano: something by Maroon 5 or"Halo" by Beyonce( OK, i'm confused)

    PS:I couldn't imagine what kind of song that he'll sing.

    Casey:Branden's choice or "Hey Soul Sister" Train.

    PS:Stefano could sing "Hey Soul Sister",too.But, again, I don't think he would choose this song.

    James:"American Idiot" or"Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" Green Day

    "Stiff Upper Lip" AD/DC.

    Scotty:"The house that built me" Miranda Lambert

    "Colder Weather" Zac Brown Band

    "smile" or"follow me" Uncle Kracker.

  13. i would love to see haley taking up adele songs… rolling in the deep , one and only or chasing pavements… that will fit her!!!

  14. I laughed at your idea of "Hot in Herre" for Stefano. That is definitely out there. "Apologize" might be good though. Either of your suggestions for James would be good most likely, I like both personally. I also think "Best of you" by Foo Fighters would be interesting. Can't think of many others I could see him doing off the top of my head. I would love for Jacob to do "Crazy" just because I know that song but I'd probably end up talking about how he ruined it.

  15. Lauren–(Don't do You belong with me) I suggest Katy Perry's Firework or Crazier by Taylor Swift
    Stefano–Where are you now by Honor Society / Angels Brought me here by Guy Sebastian
    James Durbin–21 Guns by Greenday/ Over you by Daughtry
    Jacob Lusk–Need you now by Lady Antebellum
    Haley Reinhart–So what/F'in Perfect by Pink or The Voice within by Christina Aguilera
    Casey Abrams–Hey there delilah by Plain White T's
    Scotty–Chasing Pavements by Gabe Bondoc originally by Adelle..
    Watcha think guys? :))

    • Wow… that song might actually buy him 1 more week on the show… if he performed more like this he might not be quite so hated by so many fans.

      (okay, hated is a strong word, but you get the point)

    • Thia would butcher Rolling in the Deep. She's too soft and timid. It would NOT work for her. Adele puts a lot of aggression into Rolling in the Deep, that's not something Thia ever showed she was capable of.

      • Thia is soft and timid?? did you see her singing chasing pavements at Regis and Kelly show? It was sad that she was not given a moment to shine in AI.

      • I wonder why my link regarding Thia's performance is not posted here. I see a link for Jacob going crazing is posted somewhere up there. Is it because Branden hates both Thia and Jacob???

        I hope prefer if Branden use the same spoon for everybody commenting here.

  16. Casey should sing Norah Jones “The Nearness of You” with an addition of his upright bass. If he can pull it off…WooHoo it’ll be a goosebumps performance 🙂

  17. Casey The Cave – Mumford and Sons or You are the Best Thing – Ray La Montagne

    James Deadbolt – Thrice or Afterlife – Avenged Sevefold

    Haley Don't Know Why – Nora Jones or Right to Be Wrong – Joss Stone

    Scotty No One's Gonna Love You – Band of Horses or another generically country thing that works for him

    Jacob – I'm Amazed – My Morning Jacket or Stronger – Kanye West

    Lauren Fighter – Christina Aguilera Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day

    Stefano Working on a Dream – Springsteen or Violet Hill – Coldplay

  18. First of all they should not do any former AI contestants songs or ones they are closely related to. Second, they should make sure they do a song that the majority of the audience will recognize – nothing obscure. The problem with 21st century songs is that the majority of the audience may not be familiar with them. I know that as an older audience memeber that I don't know a lot of the songs mentioned in the comments.

    • @ lah…I agree. I do know some…but there have been quite a few that I have not heard..I end up listening to them on you tube. This has definitely been an enjoyable education for me… 🙂

    • Iah…Don't feel bad….I don't recognize a lot of the songs but I'm sure I would recognize them when I hear them…..I'm very bad with titles and singers unless, of course, its some of my favorites…..

      Regarding James, he will not sing Metal again but he did show that he has an array of music he can sing…..James has jumped up in the polls after singing Heavy Metal…..soooooo who knows…..Regardless if what he sings, he will do great….JAMES for the win…..

      • @ Phyllis G. I agree. James will probably not do another Metal song this week. Perhaps he will sing some "softer" rock…who knows…so many new artists in the 2000's…it is hard to choose. James for the win… 🙂

    • One exception to that might be James, if he does a Daughtry song, just because people for whatever reason continue to mindlessly compare him to Adam, any song that isn't Adam's or wasn't performed by him is pretty much fair game.

  19. Lauren is my favorite, as I am a huge fan of Carrie. Having said that, I think it would be a mistake as Randy will pull out his dude you shouldn't do something so easy to compare and then put it down. I would love her to do "Up" by Shania Twain or how about 9 to 5 from Dolly? Something really up beat. As for Haley, how about some Cheryl Crow? For a far out pick? Red Neck Woman?

    • Lauren already did Shania Twain and didn't do a great job of it. I think it would hurt her to take it on again. I agree she should stay away from any previous Idol contestant though. I think she should do the Dixie Chicks.

      • I can hear Lauren singing a song by Dixie Chicks…she needs to loosen up…I think she has appeared rather stiff in the past few weeks…Carrie Underwood's Casanova Coyboy or Next Time You Cheat would also be good.

    • Do you not understand that the songs have to have been WRITTEN since 2001? 9 to 5 is 50 years old!

    • Hey Joel, though some have pointed out your song criteria error a bit (like I mixed up Toby and Trace earlier), I definitely think you hit on some cool songs for Haley. She could do great with Red Neck Woman–though I could also see Lauren stealing that from her; which I'd agree to if Haley would take your advice and sing Cheryl Crow's " . . as the Sun goes down on the Santa Monica freeway" song. What's that called people? Remember, Coondog's a little slow on the minor issues of artists and titles–But I got Great Ears for music! (and I've heard my tongue ain't so bad either!)

  20. to the person who suggested 9 to 5 for Lauren…the theme is 21st Century songs…really don't think a song from 1980 qualifies…

  21. You are correct. Time flies on me sometimes. 9-5 has not been covered in the past 10 years. Thanks for the heads up.

  22. For the love of God, someone TELL Lauren to sing a Dixie Chicks song!!!! I have heard 100s of people tell me she needs to sing "Not Ready to Make Nice" or "Cowboy Take Me Away" because she sounds just like the lead singer Natalie Mains….Lauren, honey just to satisfy PLEASE SING A DIXIE CHICKS SONG! I will have it out of my system then…and DO NOT SING A TAYLOR SWIFT OR CARRIE UNDERWOOD SONG!

    • YES YES YES YES!!!! I totally agree, she is totally a country girl, she sounds a lot like the lead singer of Dixie Chicks, and she does way better when she sings country. It just suits her. Cowboy Take Me Away, Easy Silence, or maybe to do something fun, Goodbye Earl!

  23. Branden, You said "Jacob would never sing Crazy in a million years." Well Mr. Know It All, I'm sorry to inform you (actually I'm not hahaha) but you're wrong! He sang "Crazy" before at a function in California and did a GREAT job! Google it and see it for yourself. You should find out the facts about something/someone before you run your mouth! FYI: If you're gonna call Jacob arrogant you have to call James arrogant as well cause they're both in the same boat! I'm just sayin'…..

    • Bigdaddy, I'm not going to waste my time googling things Jacob did before he got on American Idol. That's a stupid suggestion. I'm covering American Idol, not what Jacob Lusk did a year or more ago.

      • Still, you gotta admire Big Daddy for the trivia update–the trivia makes your suggestion even more poignant. And you hafta smile that some folks think you're something more than human–like you're a big brain filled with all sorts of universal knowledge! LOL. But Big Daddy, can you be just a little less crass on the 'gotcha' moment!

  24. I'd like to hear Haley sing something by Band of Skulls, maybe Sweetheart Darling Dollface Honey or Patterns.

  25. Branden, You said "Jacob would never sing Crazy in a million years." Well Mr. Know It All, I'm sorry to inform you (actually I'm not hahaha) but you're wrong! He sang "Crazy" before at a function in California and did a GREAT job! Google it and see it for yourself. You should find out the facts about something/someone before you run your mouth! Side note: If you're gonna call Jacob arrogant you have to call James arrogant as well cause they're both in the same boat! I'm just sayin'…..

    • bigdaddy…I don't know what Boat you are on but Jacob & James are no way the same in any capacity…….Jacob is blatantly arrogant, where James just loves to perform and its shows. That not arrogance,thats a musician with talent……

      • @ Phyllis G. Hooray~!!! We have to stick up for our man James…It's called confidence and he should be proud of what he has accomplished. Great singer, great talent. great stage presence and great performer. James for the win. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

    • Bigdaddy, I’m not going to waste my time googling things Jacob did before he got on American Idol. That’s a stupid suggestion. I’m covering American Idol, not what Jacob Lusk did a year or more ago.

  26. I think, "Because of You" for Scotty is a brilliant idea. He could nail that song. When it came out by Kelly with Reba, I played on into the night over and over. The song gives me chill bumps every time I hear it. To hear Scotty do it would be mind boggling.


  27. My pick for song choices:

    Casey – Are You Gonna Be My Girl [Jet]

    Jacob – Lifetime [Maxwell]

    James – We Weren't Born To Follow [Bon Jovi]

    Stefano – This Is The Night – Clay Aiken

    Haley – Patterns [Band of Skulls] or Girl Put Your Records On [CBR]

    Lauren – Only Prettier [Miranda Lambert]

    Scotty – Some Beach [Blake Shelton]

  28. Scotty-

    1."Skin" by Rascal Flatts

    2."Your Man" by Josh Turner


    1."Innocent" by Taylor Swift

    2."Glitter in the Air" by P!nk


    1."Heartbreak Warfare" by John Mayer

    2."Everything" by Micheal Buble'


    1."Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars

    2."Hero" by Enrique Iglasais


    1."Rolling In The Deep" by Adele

    2."Speechless" by Lady Gaga


    1."Dance with my Father" by Luther Vandross

    2."Pray" by Justin Biber

    James Durbin-

    1."Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day

    2."Welcome to the Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance

    • Christopher, Now lets not get Kanye stirred up over Lauren singing that Taylor Swift song on AI. He could truly get his boxers in a wad.

      • Wow! Kanye wears boxers? I'd have guessed thong or commando. You have much knowledge.

    • Stefano already did "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars and it was good. But do you think he'd(or anyone else for that matter) do it again? I love the idea of him doing "Hero" by Enrique Iglasias though. I like Scotty doing "Your Man" too especially since he only sang the opening line 57 times between auditions and hollywood week.

  29. Casey-I'm yours (Jason M.)

    Lauren-I told you so (Carrie U)

    James-Supermassive black hole (Muse)

    Haley-Someone like U (Adele)

    Scotty-You're Beautiful (James Blunt)

    Stefano-Talking to the moon (Bruno Mars)

    Jacob-anything hip-hop/rap (lol!)

    • oh my talking to the moon for stefano, that would be soo good, but people dont know it cuz it has not even been released

  30. Definately think Haley should do "Rehab". I do believe she would do an awesome job!

  31. This is going to be hard to guess I'm thinking. Some of the Hollywood groups did sing Mercy by Duffy (including Jacee Badeaux's group), I can't ever remember what Haley sang because that's the one she forgot the words and tune and she almost got sent home xD. Anyway, here's my thoughts in order of how I think it will turn out overall (bring it flamers!)

    1. Scotty – Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue by Toby Keith. If he did something this crazy and bold I would vote for him at least twice maybe even 3 times.

    2. James – This one is kind of hard because current rock music I don't feel is quite in James' lane. Uprising by Muse I think would be fun.

    3. Casey – The suggestion of Hey Soul Sister by Train is pretty dang good.

    4. Lauren – Jesus, Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood. It's kind of Christian Rock but keeps the Country flare and might showcase her voice. The question is would she be able to put the emotion into it she would need to.

    5. Haley – I really want her to sing Candyman by Christina Aguilera but I don't think the producers would let it fly. Mercy On Me though has a nice groove and would slow things down a bit.

    6. Stefano – Ok this is totally thinking out of the box; Someday by Rob Thomas…Yeah? I think so.

    7. Jacob – He really needs to change it up a bit. Keep it real, keep it him, but break out of his shell. Invisible by Clay Aiken, might be to much to chew, idk.

  32. I look at the photo of Lauren that is at the top of this blog … And I have roll my eyes every time I hear someone has the gall to say this girl is gorgeous. My God, she reminds me of Miss Piggy, from that Kermit and the Frogs puppet show, many years back. In my viewpoint almost every, if not EVERY girl in the top 12 looked better than Lauren did. I'm not trying to be mean, I’m just trying to keep it real here.

    • They put way too much makeup on her, but the girls is extremely gorgeous. So, she isn't a size 2 – that makes her Miss Piggy – besides this is a TALENT contest – not a beauty contest. She just turned 16 – comments like this could destroy her for life – have a heart!

      • @ BR…I totally agree…Lauren is a very pretty girl and does not need to hear negative comments. As a parent (of 2 grown daughters and 4 grandaughters), I tried to instill confidence in my children. This can't be done with negative critism. 🙂

      • I would say she is definitely pretty cute. If I was 16 again, I would have definitely had no qualms hitting on her.

    • Seriously Steve…is there something wrong with you?? I'd like to see you come out from behind this computer and see what you actually look like! She is 16 years old..give the girl a break! She is beautiful and sings her butt off in front of millions of people..don't see you doing that..JERK!

    • Ok, everybody chastising Steve a bit, which is fine to defend Lauren. But I don't think we have to be so pc here that a guy/girl (pc enough?) can't voice an opinion to 'keep it real' as he says. And the Kermit sidekick reference was kinda funny! (I shall not repeat the name in the interest of pc).

      Remember folks, this is Sho Biz, and as I've posted previously, VIPs have to develop thick skin and roll with the jokes.

      Sidenote: And Steve's Kermit sidekick (still pc) reference isn't so bad when compared to David Letterman's take regards Kirstie Alley's falling down on DWTS. He seemed to be talking about the day's news about the big jet clipping the tail of the smaller plane, spinning it around awkwardly, and then he said, "Oh no, that was Kirstie tripping over her partner and spinning down!" See, Steve ain't so bad!

    • I just hope she goes this week..she is not a musician and she really has no originality..i mean i was watching some of the backstage videos on the A.I website.(Casey does a crazy robot dance and climbs walls parkour style..which is always awesome)..i think the video was about whom the contestants would love to work with? Lauren said Carrie Underwood and i rolled my eyes so much, i went blind for some time…i was like "OMG!!! My eyes are facing the opposite end…i literally saw into my skull…well..not literally..but…" Anyway there's isnt single original thought in that girl's head..She is latching on to either her mother's crush on Steven Tyler or the producer's campaign to show her off as the love child of Kelly and Carrie… She's only 16..i get it..hardly the age where she can be expected to be wise… she has an amazing voice but her career won't be successful if she gets into the business now..she might ride high for a few months from all the american idol fame…but after a certain point, her career will wither..I strongly believe that she needs to go back to her childhood, enjoy it, live a little and then in a couple of years after establishing her individuality should contemplate on a singing career…

      P.S- She does look good…she does look like piggy..but she also looks good…

      • Yup, and so they don't jump on you also Gautham. The shot of Lauren's FACE above bears a strong resemblance to the shot of Miss P. of Muppets–the half open mouth, the partially closed eyes, and they always caught Miss P. in that same side profile. The face similarity actually has nothing to do with her chubby factor.

        All that being said, I think Lauren is very pretty, is sexy (think Badonkadonk, "Don't blame her for what her Mama gave her"), and I'd do her in (well 2 years at least),except for one thing–I'm true to Haley!

      • Aren't you like 30 or 40 years old? like i remember reading on one post that you were going through some mid life crisis…i'm not sure..i think i read it somewhere..

      • yes Gautham, over 40, got kids. Can we not joke here? keep it real as Steve says, just trying to say Lauren looks good when my real play fantasy is Haley, holy cow–you da one agreeing with the Miss P look! Hmm, maybe you got my goat here to get me overreacting?

      • Damn!!!! Why are you so smart? 😀

        I am 24..hmmm….that's like 3 years older than Haley….Should i start fantasizing about her?

        Nah…I'm more the Sophia Shorai type anyway…..

    • Steve Fox, I'm usually very light hearted in my posts & I'm not going to allow you to ruin my entertainment with this post. So I will leave you with just one thought… Google Karen Carpenter & read her story.

      • Jeeze folks, I simpley used the Miss Piggy comment as a HONEST assesment of a fictional charector I think she looks like … Not that Lauren looks like a pig. And all the middle aged hefers start jumping on my back. OK, I say this 16 year old, BBW in the making is GORGEOUS. Is Everybody Happy now?

      • Bunny, are you stealing my material?! lol I mentioned the Karen Carpenter/Anorexia a few days ago defending someone else that remarked about Lauren being a bit chubby. My point was that you have to be able to handle the truth without acting like someone hates you for daring to mention the obvious. And it was to encourage chubby, bald, short, ugly people not to OVERREACT to negative (or even truthful) publicity.

        Not lecturing you Bunny, just wanted to reiterate the side of telling stars they have to accept the good with the bad–that's sho biz.

      • I get it Coondoggie. I didn't realize that I was stealing your material. Still, I think that a 16 year old needs time to build a wall against the negative. I was a 16 year old girl not so long ago that I still remember what it was like. And I also have two daughters. Sixteen year old girls are kind of like people with BPD they feel things so much more intensely than what is the norm. Sorry I fed the troll on this one. Friends again?

  33. John the Revelator by Curtis Stigers& The Forest Rangers for Scotty

    I would die for you by Jann Arden for Haley

    Goodbye Earl by Dixie Chicks for Lauren

    Bleed American by Jimmy Eat World for James

    All the Young Dudes by Mott the Hoople for Casey

    Otherside by Red Hot Chili Peppers for Jacob

    Chased by Love by Ron Sexsmith for Stefano

    Not a very likely outcome I admit but these are songs I'd love to hear them sing none the less.

    • MOTT THE HOOPLE ??? I saw MTH 40 years ago and Queen opened for them. The theme is songs written since 2001. WTH are you smoking?

      • I didn't know that, oops. Mott the Hoople was on the Juno sound track, Great song Casey would kill it. Songs from 2001 on. I'll have to revisit my choice I guess. (lights a fattie…exhales slowly)

      • I have no idea when any of these songs were written, come to think of it. Oh, well.

      • Don't sweat it, we're all here on the same ticket doing the best we can. Besides, the Idol folks haven't been very clear about if the songs had to be written since 2001 or if any old song can be used provided it's been covered in this century. Hallelujah was written in 1984, but Bon Jovi did it for the Shrek soundtrack. So, who knows?

      • Shrek!? I hate Shrek! (yes, I have kids!) Back to topic–or replace Shrek's name with Jacob. imho

      • Replace Shrek with Jacob eh? Hmmm, I can see it now… "Okay Donkey… Overly dramatic singers are like onions! Theres lots of tears, they both make your eyes hurt, and ummm, oh yeah, layers, both have layers."

      • Scotty appears a bit standoffish with her. He may have a girlfriend at home and not want to appear too close to Lauren.

      • Either that, or maybe he knows she is the only competition he has for the Country-Music-fan-vote and see's her as his biggest threat at the moment. (One of them will eventually draw enough support of country fans to get the other eliminated, and probably not too far off either.)

      • @ Branden and Phyllis G. lol…and no, I don't think you suck, either. As someone told me on this blog…don't "feed the trolls"…lol


      • Branden…No, I don't think you "suck"…..I seriously enjoy your comments………JAMES for the win….

      • Damn!!! Brandon..You got some mighty loyal friends…. Some are a little too loyal (read ass kissing)…but then again why wouldn't they be?

        I wonder why people use "suck" as a derogatory word? Doesn't suck have the same meaning as "sip"…Suck has more force attached to it..that's the only difference..Hmmmm…

      • No Branden, you don't suck. You just have an opinion like most people. Maybe a more intelligent opinion than some, but you get the point.

      • @ Templar

        Yes true..very true…but all these devices help one to its like a purifying reference which really isn't a bad thing…

    • true enough rose and all, but admit it–a small viewing of "troll snackin'" is kind of fun and contributes to the humor and diversity of the blog. And I like Branden's posts and conversation they stimulate also. OK?

      • Coondog has a point however some people, like the one's always bashing on Branden, should not be given the credibility of a response most times (which is why I usually don't say anything). They are just trying to get a reaction from people.

  34. Casey: Tighten up – Black Keys or Bigger than my body – John Mayer (Or any mayer song would do)

    Haley: Anything by amy winehouse, duffy, or adele

    Lauren: Taylor Swift

    Stefano: Good choice: Jason Mraz – Remedy or Im Yours.(To showcase a more laid-back, less tense side) Bad(more obvious) Choice: Justin timberlake(too big of a song for him, too uptight)

    James: Fall out boy, My chemical romance, Seether, Papa Roach, The Killers, or Green day. He has a wide variety to chose from. Id pick him to chose Na Na Na or sing by MCR i dont care by fall out boy, Kick in the teeth or scars by papa roach

    Jacob Lusk – I completely agree with Crazy by gnarls barkly. Im not a jacob fan but he would do that song well.

    Scotty – Scotty really could pick anything and do well, So i dont have a pick for him

  35. Songs for the top 7-

    James"Mr Brightside" The Killers

    Stefano"Gone" N Sync,"Secrets" One Reublic

    Jacob"No more drama" Mary J Blige

    Casey"Hero"Chad Kroeger,"Sex on fire"Kings of Leon

    Scotty"Broken road" Rascal Flatts

    Lauren "Jesus take the road" Carrie Underwood,"You belong with me","Fighter "Christina Aguliera

    Haley Joss Stone

    • I have been hearing a lot of Rascal Flatts songs for Scotty…maybe I am mistaken…but doesn't Rascal Flatts have a fairly high pitched voice??? Just asking. 🙂

      • yes Rascal Flatts main singer has a VERY HIGH voice – Scotty sounds just like JOSH TURNER!

      • And Scotty is smart enough to know it, too. He probably knows every song Josh Turner has sung.

  36. my song choices. im trying to keep it realistic.

    (in no order)

    James; needs a rock choice. how about My Chemical Romance. maybe Helena or Im Not Ok.

    Jacob: id like to see him step out. maybe put on a show if he could find some vocals in All of the Lights by Kanye West that would be fun. but expect a soulful ballad.

    Casey: how about Never gonna leave this bed by Maroon 5

    Lauren: If i were a boy by beyonce

    Scotty: Colder weather by zach brown band

    Stefano: mad by neyo

    Haley: who you are by jessie j or dont you remember by adele


    • That would invite comparisons between the two bass voices. I'd rather have him do something by Blake Shelton.

      • @ Templar. I agree. He auditioned with a Josh Turner song and that was kind of gound in a bit too much. Blake Shelton would be a good choice or even Toby Keith. 🙂

      • That'd be great! All I want is for Scotty to sing something actually country, not "country-pop" or any other garbage like that. Pure country.

      • E.S. the problem with your suggestion is that I am not sure that "pure country" has been produced in this century. If it has been it is by people like George Straight and Clint Black. At least if you and I are on the same page as to what "pure country is." I think of steel guitars, fiddles, acoustic guitars, stand up basses, etc. when I think of the term.

  37. Don't you think any of them will take a song from Bruce Springsteen? I suppose a few of them will be tempted after meeting with him. I'd say probably James. By his twitter, he seems very exited about this week.

    • Would love for Scotty to do Bruce's "I'm on Fire". It's probably too grown up a lyric for him. But it was written before 2001, so that point is moot.

  38. Scotty.amazed by lonestar or wiseman by james blunt. Lauren. Dido white flag. Haley. Hurt by christina. James. Saving you by nickleback. Jacob anything chris brown. Stefano anything west life. Casey anything maroon 5. But let's see what they picked

    • @ lucille… " Saving Me " by Nickleback would be a good choice for James. Although I would really like to hear James sing " Dear God" by Avenged Svenvold…great song, awesome lyrics for James. I would like to hear Casey sing Wisemen by James Blunt…listen to the lyrics…it fits him…telling of the perils of control and judgement. Also still think that Haley could do justice to Christina Aguilera's

      " Fighter ". I'm with you. Just wait and see and hear what they choose and hopefully be entertained. 🙂

      • Rose A I am a scotty fan. And I am from cape town. I think next to leave is jacob. Then stefano. Then casey. Then haley. Then james. Top two are lauren and scotty and scotty will win. Worst case it could be james and scotty in finals. But scotty will still win.

  39. Ok, now I know the rules, only songs from 2001 forward. I'll try again.

    Haley could sing Fallin by Alica Keys

    Stefano could sing The Reason by Hoobastank it's the kind song he'd sing I think. I'd probably fast forward though

    I agree with whoever suggested Mr. Brightside by The Killers for James or Rockstar by Nickelback

    Maybe Casey could sing Bad Day by Daniel Porter, I'm cheering for Casey I hope he picks something good.

    Lauren, don't really care but Complicated by Avril would be a new thing for her.

    Jacob, Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergie, LOL, just kidding I have no idea. I do hope this the 2nd last time I hear him though.

    Scotty, I don't know when John the Revelator was written but it is so in his wheelhouse he'd kill with this song. First heard it on Sons of Anarchy. PS. I'm not a Scotty fan but he's got a future.

      • Well then, I guess that was a good choice than. I haven't seen every episode, must have missed that one. When did she sing it, I'd love to hear it. Will have to search the internets or maybe itunes would be easier.

        I'm going with my first pick then, I would die for you by Jann Arden for Haley

  40. I would like to see Lauren sing something by Sara Evans. Scotty something by Josh Turner. Casey something bluesy/jazz. Stefano can sing anything and I think Haley should sing something different and slower.

  41. Scotty – "Lips of an Angel" by Hinder to melt the crowd or Kid Rock "All Summer Long" would be interesting to hear him sing this song

    Haley – I agree with "Mercy" by Duffy she could really make this sound amazing

    Casey – "Zoot Suit Riot" by Eugene

    Lauren – Orianthi "According to you" I can see Lauren doing this but she'll need to tune it up a bit

    James "All My Life" Foo Fighters or for a new spin on things Green Day "When I Come Around"

    Stephano not sure

    Jacob not sure

    • @ Baker429..

      Wow.."Lips of an Angel" by Hinder is an awesome song…just may get Scotty out of his rut.

      Orianthi “According to you” for Lauren would also get her out of a rut.

      Still want to hear James sing, Dear God” by Avenged Svenvold

      Guess I am just going by lyrics and what might fit…although I do like Grren Day for James as well.

      You have some good choices. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 James for the win (JMHO~!!!)

      • I like the Dear God and think James can sing it well but I enjoy listening to him do hard rock songs. Another good one for him would be Bon Jovi's "Have a nice day"

        I also think that Haley can do Carrie Underwood's "Before he cheats" I can also see Laren doing this as well. Unfortunately this song has been played so much I don't know if it will make much of an impact on stage and it would be hard for them to make it their own. I would also like Carrie Underwood's "Songs like this" for both of the girls.

      • Haley "Price Tag" Jessie J

        very upbeat and she can have a lot of fun with this song

        Still not sure

        Stephano- "Dynamite" Taio Cruz

        Stephano has that high pitch voice I think he can make this work and if he puts some fire to it he can rock the crowd. He'll have to get out of that safe zone and act like he has nothing to lose.

      • Lauren – "Everywhere" Michell Branch I think she can sing this real well just needs to act like she has nothing to lose

      • James – "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers.. Oh I think he can do an this song oh so gooood!

    • I don't think the contestants should do songs that were performed during the audition rounds and several groups did Mercy. Zoot Suit Riot was released in 1997 so it wouldn't be eligible if we are all interpreting the theme correctly.

      I'm not sure I see James singing punk rock, but who knows.

    • I don't know if Scotty could pull off Lips of an Angel… but if he did, that would absolutely slam the door on the "one-trick-pony" crowd.

      Of course James singing Maybe I'm amazed didn't stop people from just saying he screams through his songs, so some people will moronically keep it up against Scotty no matter what he does, but at least they will have no good argument then.

  42. I would love to see James do AEROSMITH and Stefano sing a Zach Brown song. I do not like Jacob so I could care what he sings.

    • @ Dawn…lol…too funny. When James is voted the American Idol for 2011 we will hear him sing Aerosmith.~!!! Zac Brown would be a good choice for Stefano. Looking forward to tomorrow night. 🙂

    • James will do Aerosmith sometime, but not this week. The theme precludes any song written pre 2001 and Aerosmith hasn't released an album in 9 years.

    • Hmmm, you know, a little off topic, but if they continue to do the whole duets thing during the results show, I could see james and Haley doing a duet of "Picture" by Kid rock and Sheryl Crow. (actually, funny thing is, either James or Scotty could sing the male half of this… can't say that about many songs)

      • Too mature a lyric for these two. "I can't look at you while I'm lying next to him"? NO!

  43. There are alot of great ideas for the songs this week and many of them here are great choices.

    I dont think we would want the girls to sing anything by the Dixie Chicks or by Shania only because you can go into any kareoke bar and hear someone sing (butcher) them. While these two could definately sing them I dont think it would be wise.

    Casey should do Kings of Leon, But I choose Closer or Crawl. They have a great bass line for him to play and it is a bit more Wide audience than Sex on Fire.

    Scotty definatly something from Casey Donahew band would be fun, Nowhere Fast or Let You Down. Rascall Flats would be fun too These Days and I Melt.

    Stefano has a large range of choices since he has the top 40 sound, Maroon 5 sounds good, But I like Bruno Mars Grenade for him or maybe The Script Breakdown (Falling to Peices)

    Jacob I did look up and see him sing Crazy and I think he did really well with it. Sorry but as for Jacob, I just am honestly tired of him on the show so it make it really hard for me to pick a good song for him.

    James also has a wide range of songs, Avenged Sevenfold would be good but not after Randy suggesting it last week. Breaking Benjamin Diary of Jane, So Cold (unplugged), Apocalyptica I don't care maybe???

    • @ Wellen. Good points. I did not realize Randy suggested that for James last week…ah well…us old people…memory lapse. Jasmes does have a variety to choose do Stefano and Casey. Maroon 5, Green Day, Coldplay, Nickleback,the White Stripes…even Muse for James – "Feeling Good". Don't know if James is going to Rock out this week or do something a little more laid back since he wowed everyone

      (well…me) with his Metal. I can see Stefano singing James Blunt – You're Beautiful", Bruno Mars and/or Jason Murz -"I'm Yours" and Casey singing Maroon 5 also…'It Won't Be Soon Before Long". Gheesh…we can speculate all day long and probably not get it right. Just have to wait and see. Have a good one. 🙂

  44. sorry who ever written this page it not pepsi ! it COKE .. lol your a coke trader whe know your drinking pepsi.. lauren i like to see carrie's song. scotty. something by toby keith. james janie got a gun. casey i dont know. haley show me the way to go home? stephino born to run by springsteen.

    • Did you miss the entire theme? Songs from the 21st century. Born To Run and Janie's Got A Gun are decades old.

    • or 'Like A Star' by Corinne Bailey Rae. check out her cover on youtube if you haven't already!

  45. I would love to hear Scotty do some Garth Brooks,especilly "The Dance". I think he would blow it away.

  46. James needs to sing some Blind Guardian. That'll be a good challenge for James' range, and it'll give some good non-mainstream music exposure to the fans.

  47. Here are my weekly picks, this week I blended what I would like to see and what I expect to see together. My picks to watch this week are Casey, James and Stefano.


    Seven Nation Army (White Stripes)*****

    Savin Me (Nickelback)*****

    Hero (Chad Kroeger)****

    In The End (Linkin Park)***

    The Reason (Hoobastank)***


    Jesus Take The Wheel(Carrie Underwood)*****

    Because of You(Kelly Clarkson)****

    Moment Like This(Leona Lewis)****

    You Belong With Me(Taylor Swift)***

    Dear Mr President(Pink)***


    Drops of Jupiter(Train)[/w Piano]*****

    Grenade(Bruno Mars)*****

    Hero(Enrique Iglesias)****

    Hey There Delilah(Plain White Ts)***

    Waiting on the World to Change(John Mayor)***


    The Worlds Greatest(RKelly)*****

    No More Drama(Mary J Blidge)****

    Ghetto Gospel(2Pac/EltonJohn)****

    Wavin’ Flag(Knaan)***


    Fallin(Alicia Keys)*****

    Beautiful(Christina Aguilera)*****

    Fighter(Christina Aguilera)****

    Maneater(Nelly Furtado)***



    Raise Me Up(Westlife)*****

    Christmas Shoes(Alabama)*****

    Halelujah(Jeff Buckley)****

    Follow Me(Uncle Cracker)***

    How To Save A Life(The Fray)***


    You Found Me(The Fray)*****

    Mad World(Gary Jules)*****

    Cooler Then Me(Mike Posner)****

    Break Even(The Script)***

    Chasing Cars(Snow Patrol)***

    • Nice pics Simon. I'd love to see you make a surprise appearance. Your critique is sooo desparately missed.

    • Although this is a very talented group of singers, maybe even better then season 7, the judges have been to nice to this point. Anything helps, none of these performances are perfect. My picks to win it all if i had to say would be Lauren or Stefano. If Stefano can continue to improve his performance, hes got the vocals. He also has the most commercial voice out of the remaining contestants. Lauren has a brilliant voice as well, shes also lacking in performance and song choice. I think if this stays a talent competition it will be Stefano and Lauren in the final 2.

      • You are not the true or real simon cowell cause stefano can't sing to save his life. I would agree on lauren in the final 2. With scotty. And scotty to win. So you are a fake. Cause simon would not pick such bad song choices for contestants

      • Thats funny, particularly interesting to see that you are a fan of Scotty. He sounds good sure, he will have a good career as a country singer yes, but don't knock Stefano because other than Pia, nobody in the Top 13 had better control over their voice. He is extremely talented, hes been surrounded by negativity ever since Pia was eliminated and i predict it will fuel him into becoming the singer hes capable of being. I could be wrong, but don't count him out just yet. As for my song choices, aside from it being opinion, if you look you will see that i said that they are a combination of what i would LIKE to see and what i PREDICT them to be singing, and so far I have seen a lot of people picking the exact same choices as mine.

      • Scotty won't even make it to the final 3, he will be 4th man gone and it will be left to James Stefano and Lauren to fight it out. Mark my words.

  48. Would love to hear Casey sing Unwell. Regardless, we are all missing out on an amazing performance because Pia would have blown our minds singing Rehab this week. At least we can all enjoy it on YouTube.

  49. Actually, I really really like the choice of "Amazed" for Scotty. I know it's not a huge step out of his comfort zone, but it shows some flexability withen the country genre that he has avoided so far. And as long as he can hit those higher notes (well, higher for scotty's classic deep voice that is) then he could really hit it out of the park with this modern day country classic.

  50. I think Haley should steer clear of duffy or adele…its just too obvious. its not that she can't sing it well, its just there is no freedom to make a song her own because anything she could add to it is already there (dunno if that made any sense or not). I think she should do something by joss stone…or maybe more out there natasha bedingfield???

    You say Crazy for Jacob, but I think Casey could own it if he strips it down Ray Lamontagne sign. Any Ray L song would work too, or even Mumford and Sons. I also think that he could do something awesome with Cry Me a River or even Lovestoned/i think that she knows by JT. It would also be wicked awesome if Casey did "hey ya" by Outkast. don't really like john mayer for casey at all…his voice is just too big for them…

    'Fano should sing Breakeven by The Script…if he can hit that falsy in the chorus he'd nail the song and its a really introspective song, so he doesn't have to force his eyes open…

    • I agree with you on Haley and said much the same earlier. As for 'fano don't really care, he's a good singer just not for me. Casey, Cry Me a River, I don't know. I think of Elvis Costellos wife. She's awesome. Maybe.

    • I think Haley should do "Nothin Better To Do" by Leann Rimes. It is a sexy, upbeat, soulful song and I think it would keep her in the competition.

  51. Casey would be fantastic with Smooth

    Haley I'd like something more like Joss Stone Right To Be Wrong or You Had Me.

    James, maybe Breaking Benjamin "Blow Me Away" O Linkin Park- "Runway"

    Stefano: She Will Be Loved by Maroon

    Scotty: Chris Joung – The Man I Want to Be

  52. I think Scotty should sing zac brown song and Lauren should sing a Taylor swift any 1 would be perfect for her voice

  53. okay. i would love to hear Scotty sing a Kenny Chesney song… but only because i just love kenny chesney and would love to hear at least one of his songs performed on Idol. – anyway… besides kenny chesney… i would love to hear Scotty sing Trace Adkins "Youre gunna miss this". He'd do a nice job with it.

  54. So here are some ideas from a canadian fan.

    James-anything by Deftones

    Casey-anything by Mathew Good Band. Or Smooth by santan

    Scotty-Zack Brown Band, Alan Jackson(if he released anything in the 21st century)

    Lauren-anything Carolyn Dawn Johnson or Little Good-byes by Shedaisy

    Hailey-Metric or Emily Haines And The Soft Skeleton (same lead singer)or lady antebellum or Cat Power…so many optins with that voice

    Stefano-Marc Anthony or hero by Enrique Eglasias

    Jacob-u raise me up by Josh Groeben

    Happy to hear so much canadian music on the show and hope to hear more 🙂

    • Jacob do a JOSH GROEBEN SONG.. That is way out of his leaque. Next thing he'll comment on is how he didn't get enough votes because america couldn't raise him up.

  55. Just heard that next week on the Dancing with the Stars results show next week Pia will be there singing. I guess having your boyfriend on that show will help you out.

  56. Scotty: Sing "Just Pretend" by Elvis. Elvis admitted this was a hard song for him to perform.

    Pull this off and you will bring the house down.


  57. Hmmmm, just an idle idol thought, but somebody did a mashup of Greeday (Blvd of Broken Dreams) and Oasis (Wonderwall) just thought that that could be a pretty rightous combination for James and Casey to perform together on results night.

  58. I thought about this for a long time and this is what I would like to hear them sing:

    1. Haley: Christina aguilera's "Beautiful",or "I'm A Good Girl". I think she has the range and the looks for either song.

    2. Lauren Alaina: Gwyneth Paltrows;s "Country Strong". Time for this gal to cut loose and go for it.

    3.Scotty McCreery: Keith Urban's "You'll Think of Me". Right up his alley.

    4.Casey: John Mayer's "Free Fallin'". In his natural voice. Like he did for "Nature Boy".

    5.James Durbin: David Cooks "Dream Big". Could really put him over the top.

    6.Jacob Lusk: Teddy Pendergrass's "I Don't Hurt Anymore". It's a natural song for him.

    7.Stefano Langone:John Mayer's "Daughters" This also should be good for him.

    Well, those are my picks, In the beginning I was pulling for the guys. But this time I really am pulling for one of the girls. Either one would please me. Love to hear and watch Haley,and Lauren (only 16),you go girl.I think they should really lower the age to 10. There is some great youngsters out there. Like Bianca Ryan at 11 blew everybody away on Americas Got Talent. and Jackie Evancho At 11. Sings Opera like someone that has been training and singing all their lives. This set of AI, they all have to let loose and go for it. They don't give you many chances to make the grade. All 7 at this point are pretty close,somebody has to break loose and rise above the rest. Love them all, but still would like to see one of the girls win. C'mon guys, only you can make that happen.

    • Yes, these young kids can sing because they have been trained like animals to perform. I remember Jackie Evancho saying that she would watch her siblings playing and ask if she could to but she couldn't because she had to practice for 4-6 hours each day, and then get her hair and other things ready to perform. Anyone on this earth knows that no little kid chose to sing when they could be outside playing with friends etc. I don't know about some of the others but Jackie makes the living for the family. This shouldn't be encouraged.

  59. Scotty>Stevie Ray Vaughn>"Crossfire"


    Hailey>Melissa Etheridge>"I'm the only one"

    Jacob could attempt Adam's "Time for Miracles"

    James might be interesting doing something by INXS

    Lauren doing Stevie Nick's "Landslide" would either be a horror show or bring the house down!

    • Recheck your list and delete all songs written and recorded prior to 2001, because they are not eligible.

  60. Scotty – sick of the mono-twang. He has to go. Annoyingly repetitive noise only attracts grannies

    Lauren – just plain sick of her. She has to go. Annoyingly repetitive noise only attracts grannies

    James – something from ACDC

    Hailey – something from ACDC

    Jacob – something from ACDC

    Stefano – something from ACDC

    Casey – maybe something from ACDC?

    • Piri I can see all you know ia acdc. Scotty is going to win. And you must go sit with your granny so she can explain to you what a great voice scotty has on his age. And maybe just maybe you will wake up from your deep slumber sleep. Grow up please

  61. How bout some Raconteurs for James and Casey

    I can see James on Many Shades of Black

    Casey Blue Veins or Hands

    actually those songs could work for either.

  62. Songs for top 7:

    Haley – Mercy by Duffy

    Casey – Use somebody by Kings of Leon

    Stefano – Hero by Mariah Carey

    Lauren – Speak Now by Taylor Swift

    James – New divide by Linkin Park

    Jacob – Burn by Usher

    Scotty – Somewhere with you by Kenny Chesney

    • I think Casey should sing Beiber. C'mon people, get on the Casey-Beiber-train! America will love it. Just Do It Casey!

      Do it for Haley, Casey! She really wants you to!

    • Jones that is scotty's unique style. They all have a way on stage that you can identify to. That's what make each of them special in there own way. We might not like it but hey we all have something we do that others don't like about us. Anyway scotty will win

    • i loved the way he holds the mic… he can hold the mic whichever way he wants, nitpicky about little things like that is just silly…

    • Too mature of a lyric for Lauren. "It's quarter after one, I'm a little drunk and I need you now." She's 16 years old! No.

  63. Gautham, where you at Boy? I'm calling you out!

    Well, so's I can acknowledge I Got Served with the oldest trick in the book: Pants on the Ground Confession. You see folks, all I did was to encourage the Haley Lovers to start Logging Haley Votes at the computer instead of just Flogging at Haley songs, and Gautham accused me of confessing to Looking Like a Fool with my Pants on the Ground!

    I was blindsided and must tuck my tail between my legs for a few hours. I call upon the Vanguards of Vengeance to redeem my Honor by placing Gautham's precious Casey into the Bottom 3 in the coming days. My only fear is that my Haley will be there also (with Jacob). If it comes down to Haley and Casey to leave, will Casey do the honorable thing and bow out with stomach ulcers?! Go Home Jacob!!

    • Coondog jacob next to leave then stefano then casey then haley then james. Top 2 lauren and scotty. And scotty wins. That's coming all the way from cape town. Howz that for you

      • Lucille….

        That's a very pretty name… Were you anytime played by B.B King? 😀

        P.S- I hope you are a woman and not a guy getting off on portraying a woman…

      • I like it Lucille! That sequence is the same that I've previously forecast to get us to the final four of Scotty, James, Lauren and Haley. But then our visions differ. My scenarios have either James or Haley winning, with my preference of Haley as the darkhorse.

        Warning to you Lucille. (lol) Do not be beguiled by the treacherous Gautham! He claims to like Haley, but he chooses Casey over her! He probably was suspicious of your gender thinking I was a spy to trick him. I shall deal with him shortly.

      • Coonie….

        Sniffing out trouble is fine….but be careful…

        One min you're there using your awesome nose and sniffing for trouble and in the next…wha??what is that? OMG!!! I just sniffed some weird powdery stuff….Wha??? What is that purple elephant doing there? I like raspberries…the miilky way smells like raspberries…i wanna have raspberries now… Look before you sniff lest you get high on hallucinogens left behind by someone…

        When have i ever been treacherous? Oh the lies!!! I love Hailey… 😀 (more than you) so Nyaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!! 😛

    • You call and i answer!!!!

      Don't say your Haley…She's mine too… 😀 (you cannot see it but i am grinning ear to ear)… Next week either Stephano, Jacob, or Hailey will leave… If Lauren or Scotty leaves, i will rejoice and extend to you, an invitation to the cigar room.. From one pant to another….


      If Casey leaves next week..I will go berserk…I will demean every other contestant except James (i am a huge metal fan).. I will destroy anyone who will even mutter "Thank God" "Casey" and "Is Gone" in the same sentence. Not even dust will remain… You will witness cruelty and pure evil in all its verbal glory…The skies will blacken, the seas shall go red…and there wont be any Moses hanging around to save anyone this time… 🙂

      Pants will roll!!!!

      • Gautham you are funny. But jacob is leaving like I said. Then stefano then casey and then haley then james. Last time I am saying this so hope all get it. Lauren and scotty in the finals and big winner is scotty.

      • Gautham I am all women. No why would you even consider I am a guy. How sick is that. I have 2 daughters. So how can a guy give birth to kids. Lmfao

      • heh hee…I am sorry..its just that there are some sick guys out there…we cant see each other so i just have to be sure…Curiosity killed the cat but i'm not a cat…so no problem in the curiosity department…I have it in abundance… have 2 daughters.. American idol is watched by people of all ages huh? Its quite amazing when you think about it… Here in India, there is so much separation in terms of the audience…Young people only watch a certain thing which older people wont and vice versa… In my country we are not used to talking so freely with adults..there is a certain wall between us..thats why i actually inquired about the details… i talk to kids in a certain way, adults in another way etc…

        P.S- A guy in Mexico gave birth to kids…. 😀

      • Gautham do you have twitter then I can send you my twitter name and show you how I look like. Then you don't have to worry about me being a guy. My name is lucille575

      • Gautham. Sorry lucille757. Made a mistake. Hope to hear from you on twitter and anyone else who says scotty is going to win

      • hahahaa…. thanks for the invite..but i warn you..i'm a casey fan…i am following you on twitter now…

      • if only i could get coondog to extend to me an invitation….hmmm? i would have to offer him Haley on a platter…oh well!! i shall go look for a nice shiny platter…

      • @Gautham , @Lucille. Good, this twitter business should clear up the confusion of my being a "Lucille Spy".

        Now, Gautham, in that same spirit of brotherhood, I am calling for a Truce amongst us. Your words are powerful regards your wrath! I say let us all join forces in calling for the ouster of Jacob tomorrow. Alternatively, Stephano can depart, and we'll each still have our favs of Haley, Casey and Scotty remain.

        Will you light the Cigar of Truce? (We all understand the Truce shall be broke only if one of the 3 favs leaves tomorrow, Bottom 3 must be accepted if it happens).

        Oh, regards Twitter, old Coondog can't learn that new trick unfortunately. He don't even have a Facebook page!

      • Hmm, regards the offered dish, The Coondoggie would definitely "lick that platter clean".

        Sorry Gautham, being Indian (the Taj Mahal country for new readers), not sure if you're familiar with the Jack Sprat nursery rhyme (Mother Goose) from whence Coondog quotes regards the 'Haley Platter'.

      • Coonie….

        I accept your offer for a truce…Let us support both haley and Casey and push them towards the finals..(psssst..lets get rid of Scotty..buhahahaha)

        I am now handing you the ceremonial cigar.. Light it my friend for your platter shall be delivered soon…btw…much love for referencing that poem…i wasn't aware of it before..i learned a new awesome word "betwixt"….that's so cool… but be careful with the platter and wish that the ditch never becomes dry…..hee hee… Jacob would blow his mind if he knew what i just referenced…..

        Also i laughed when yous aid the "taj mahal" country… Are the new readers so ignorant about other countries ? hahahahaaa…

        Anyway i do not wish to come betwixt you and Haley…and so let the cigar truce ceremony begin…

      • Coondog I am okay with the truce. And gautham say good bye to casey tonight. F u

    • Coondog I agree on your truce. But got news for you. Big news. Listen. Wait for it….wait for it….oh yes oh yes…wait for it… American idol winner season 10 is… Wait for it…scotty mccreery. Oh yes!

      • Good on the Truce Lucille, Hopefully we'll get Gautham to agree after his naptime. (maybe he'll have a nightmare about casey choking on stage, coughing and clearing his throat 3 times at least!).

        Luuu—cy! Scotty could possibly beat Haley, but not James unfortunately. And if it's down to Haley and James, Haley wins by virtue of Scotty's All-American Country voters preferring Sweet, Bluesy Haley to the Metal James!

  64. All you people must remember it is not easy to get up and sing in front of strangers. Would you do it. So don't judge bad if you can't do it yourself

    • That would be a valid statement if these contestants were just doing something that was a required activity for credit of some sort. But every one of them is there because they wanted to do this.

  65. I love Scotty and I want him to win Idols.He can sing anything country,he is a winner that is for sure.Please America vote for Scotty.I want to buy his cd.He and Lauren sing very good together.Love American Idol to death.

    • Gerda I agree with you fully love scotty. He sings amazing. And lauren does sing well with scotty. I am also from cape town. Big idols fan just a pity we can not vote to hey. If you have a blackberry I can help you to get free downloads for scotty and lauren

  66. My suggestion would be allowing the fans vote/choose a song for idol contestants. This concept was exercised during the season of Rockstar Supernova (where Lucas Rossi was the winner) and seemed to fit very well.

  67. I would love to hear James take a shot at Avenged Sevenfold. They are my favorite band and I geeked out a little when Randy mentioned them last week. It would be nice exposure for the band since radio won't play their music.

    Oh, by the way, this website has malware I think. Be careful.

  68. Lauren might do a country song since that's the genre she wants to work in. She could pull off Faith Hill's Cry or When the Lights Go Down. They are both big songs but she has the vocals for it.

  69. Branden, your criticism of Jacob has nothing to do with his vocal talent. Look at yourself "in the mirror" and ask why week after week you bash him, even though he has incredible vocal ability. You critize him for his "gospel" flavor week after week. Does not Scotty have "country" flavor week after week. I dare you to be honest! And actually I think that "Crazy" is a good choice for him. He could definitely pull that off.

    • Thank you LadyT! My words actually! People always have something negative to say about Jacob,(especially Brandon) but truth be told, he has one of the better voices on the show. So what if he’s gay? He’s not the first gay contestant and he won’t be the last on AI. Side note: Jacob sang “Crazy” before at a function in San Diego and did a GREAT job. You can google it if you like.

      • If they could combine Jacob's emotional investment in a song and Pia's lack of connection to any song she sang, and give half of that mix to each of them it would have worked to both of their advantage.

  70. Branden, I trust that you will remove the racists comments about Jacob (or will you?)

    • He shouldn't remove them….people need to know about the stupidity and ignorance of people here… removing them will not make them stop being racist…let them write whatever they want…we can always bash them later on…

  71. I am looking forward to the Judges praising all of the contestants,I wonder if J Lo when dealing with her children does the same thing everything is OK, as they don't need to hear constructive comments which may help that individual to understand the short comings and how to improve on them. Idol is pulling out all the stops to try and steer the votes to not pick talent but pick who will be the most popular. Question do you think we need a better set of Judges?

  72. james could sing Avenged Sevenfold as people say. I would love that. Or Metallica like Day that Never Comes…

    Or even Ozzy, say Let me hear you Scream? I think that would bring the house down

    • or even stuff that came from the Slash album.

      like Starlight sung by Myles. then slash could be there.

      Heck, with topic of Myles, singing Alter Bridge would be good too. Maybe Metalingus since he is a wrestling fan. That would be great.

  73. Scotty's good and will be a winner even if he loses American Idol. Remember, he's only 17. He's got too many fans to be forgotten now. But the one who deserves to win because he's so talented is definitely James. If it's a popularity contest (which apparently it is) Scotty will win.

    • Douglas. Scotty will win due to the fact he sings wonderful. And people will listen to his music. As for james he is good but not good enough

      • Scotty is my favorite and I hope he doesn't win. I hope James wins. James will profit from the help he gets at 19E. Scotty will do better with a contract from Music Row in Nashville.

  74. Branden, your suggestion of Poker Face for Casey is AWESOME. He could incorporate just the right amount of growl into it, and how he could the p-p-p-poker face, and ah, it would be just beautiful. It wouldn't even be a risk, but it could be portrayed as one for extra points.

  75. While listening to Michael Buble last night, it occured to me that Casey could do ANY SONG by Michael Buble and it would sound AMAZING! (This is coming from someone who is not a big fan of Casey)

    Also, I just pray Lauren doesn't do Carrie Underwood!! I love Lauren, but that just spells distaster. And please NO TAYLOR SWIFT!! If Lauren wants to win this thing, she has got to grow up and sing an adult song such as:

    Faith Hill-There You'll Be

    Martina McBride-Blessed

    Pink-So What

    • I would rather have Stefano sing Buble songs and cannot imagine Lauren doing well on a Martina song as Martina has way too much range and power for Lauren to cover her songs well -at least at her age.

    • The sad thing is , is that Lauren is young and should be able to sing young songs. I love Lauren and she will do well in country music. Maybe a Sugarland song would be nice to hear from hear, what with her voice and personality. might turn out good.

  76. I forgot to mention, Lauren could also sing

    Dixie Chicks-Cowboy Take Me Away

    Sara Evans-Real Fine to Start

      • I would not mind hearing James go solo on "I Would Do Anything (But I Won't Do That)" by Meatloaf.

        Casey and Hailey and Scotty and Lauren are the natural duets, I think.

      • agreed Oldster, but they probably have to change it up. (make Jacob and Stefano do a duet–ha,ha,ha!–They'd have to do the rare double elimination on a single elimination night. I think it's buried in the official rules that any contestant that doesn't receive at least one vote, must be eliminated as it messes up the computers (a kinda Y2K computer glitch sorta thing I'm told). And it's also a rule that you can't vote for yourself. Check It!

    • The problem there is that all of Jim Steinman's songs are so long and tell stories, so condensing them into 2 minutes is nearly impossible.

  77. Ummm…

    Your song suggestion for Casey was released in 1999. It isn't eligible for this theme.

  78. I hope Haley slows it down alittle to showcase her great vocals. This could be her moment.With all the critical comments from the judges, she really deserves to have the spot light. I would love her to do Hallelujah, Beautiful. Just sitting on a stool and sing..Wow. I would like Casey to sing, I believe by brooks and Dunn. Lauren, Easy Silence, Scotty, Sommertime, James, I'm coming Home and Jacob, well I can't think of one at the moment..Looking forward to the song choice tonite. Go Haley!!!!!

    • I like the idea of Casey singing "I Believe". I am not a fan of his, but that would be a nice change instead of the golden oldies and obscure songs he seems to pick as teh norm.

  79. Anxious for tonight, I haven’t been this excited in about 3 years for Idol night. I hope James doesn’t scream tonight……….Is this too much to ask?

  80. Jacob could sing "Emotion" the Destiny's Child version OR Alicia Keys "Fallin'". Do I want to hear it? NO! but that sort of falls into his area.

    If Scotty sticks to his country roots, why not try a Gary Allan song like "Best I Ever Had". OR what if he tried to redeem his Hollywood performance and actually did "I Hope You Dance" by LeAnn Womack!

    Haley is hard to figure out, so maybe "Chasing pavements". Not really feeling that one, but she is not a fave of mine.

    What IF Casey sang "I Kissed A Girl"!

    James could sing "Bring Me To Life".

    Lauren could sing "Bubbly".

    Stefano might be able handle a song by "The Fray"?

  81. Hmmmm.

    With that theme, it could a brilliant idea for Haley to sing Just like a Star, considering the fact that her Youtube version was AMAZING.

  82. When I close my eyes and listen to Jacob sing, he sounds like Billy Ocean. I would love to hear him sing a Billy Ocean song… He would rock it!!

  83. Jacob Lusk could really change it up by singing a Sylvester song. You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real), Do You Wanna Funk, Band of Gold, or Don't Stop, or Take me to Heaven, for a slow song You Are My Friend

  84. I think all of them have good voices. Of course some are better then others. Scotty is my favorite. He is an original and really kicks butt with his awesome voice. Scotty and Lauren make a fabulous singing couple. They really blow the audience away everytime they sing together.Two thumbs up to the both of them.

  85. I WANT TO HEAR SCOTTY SING: "Long Black Train" by Josh Turner….PLEEEEASE!!! What pipes for a young man! He is going places already!!!

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