American Idol 2011 Top 9 Perform Tonight

We’re heading toward Rock n’ Roll night on American Idol 2011 when the remaining Top 9 singers deliver their best shot at remaining part of the competition after this week’s elimination.

Last week we saw Thia and Naima head home, but they’ll be back for this summer’s American Idol Tour, so don’t worry. Things are back on the regular pace though as only one singer will be eliminated and based on our performance rankings for this week I won’t be surprised to see Paul, Stefano, and Jacob in the danger zone. Maybe’s song selection guidance will save them.

This week’s performances will be drawn from the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, but just how restrictive that’s going to be is still unknown. For a great list of suggestions, check out Branden’s weekly installment for this round’s theme. I could definitely go for some Baba O’Riley from James. That just might put me in his corner.

Which singer are you most looking forward to hearing perform tonight?




      • I see Stefano, Paul and Jacob in the bottom three this week with Haley and Casey possibles.

        Pia has the most polished voice but no stage presence.

        Scotty has a great natural country voice with good country vocal tricks but lack of training is a problem that only time will over come.

        James loves to perform and a very good but still raw voice, he could go very far in future with right training and polish, just not there now.

        Lauren can sing almost anything fairly well but her youth shows up from time to time and could cost her.

        Haley doesn't have the best voice and limited by her Jazz/Blues training but it hooks you in which is a quality that great singers have and hard to define.

        Paul is polished performer but has weak voice.

        Jacob needs to get his voice a few tones lower on parts of his songs to cut it for me, some proper vocal training could do wonders to add to his strong falsetto voice.

        Stefano needs to work on his pronunciation and accent, other wise he has a great voice.

        Casey has a lot of talent but limited voice so a musician and part time singer in a band or possible a producer or arranger, would suit him better.

      • Scotty is my favorite, but if he sings "Love Me Tender" which I hate, I'll have to mute the TV.

      • @Bev, Lee hopes all the guy gone except Scotty but I agree Scotty always the best

    • @Kris you know nothing about music, open your mind, we know you like Scotty and it's OK I do to but there are also other opinions and they also OK . Everything is a matter of taste and enjoy the show

      • Kris and Maria, I know all of us have our own favorites and they are all good according to our own assesment. So let us just enjoy the show and vote for our candidate.

    • I am looking forward to Scotty and Lauren performing (duet) again tonight. Their duet 'I Told You So' was so touching. As tey sang to each other, one could truly believe that they were actually two broken up lovers sitting there singing to each other. They put so much feelings into this song. Loved it!!! Wish I could find a copy of this song they way they performed it.

  1. I am anticipating for a swell performance from jacob, james and stefano. I wish they will nail this week's performance. Go guys, i love you!!!

  2. Scotty, will be leading again and make people eager want to see how he switch the melody to music country and sing it very well

    • dont get me wrong i like scottys voice hes a talented country singer. but bottom line its rock and roll week baby how about he tries for once to sing a song out off his comfort zone. i heard steven tell james how he liked how he took a bon jovi song and made it his own without losing the integrity of the song. how come scotty isnt held to the same standard? they tell pia sing something other than a balad but not one statement to scotty to change it up a little? they wanted the country twang on tour well now hes made the top 10 so he can go on tour they should start holding him to the same standards.

      • He does sing out of his comfort zone. Finding motown and elton john songs proves that alone. Just because he brilliantly picked the right song for his voice and gave it his feel, doesnt mean that he's not changing it up. He is finding something that suits him in any genre they throw at him. A while still looking very comfortable on stage. Pia's range allows here to do so much more, she is just choosing not to. That's the diff.

  3. I always look forward to seeing/hearing Lauren & Scotty as they are my favorites. I'm always curious to see James, Paul & Casey perform. It will truly be interesting to see what they have all put together this week. Pia will have to do something really, really extrordinary to retain even a remote part of my interest. After she lied about last weeks non-ballad performance, I am so done with her.

    • Pia the Tin Soldier is a vocal machine–literally, an automaton. She sounds wonderful and is tastefully adorned. Done just a tad differently, could be seen as stunningly beautiful…but Pia is a horrid entertainer. No intimacy whatsoever. It's as though she's singing telephone book information to her doggie.

      And proof that personality is not a commodity.

      All that said, I badly want her to "break through." If/when she does, she'll be *absolute dynamite.*

    • Agree with you Bunny, I think some people won't vote for Pia anymore after she LIED

      No body like A LIAR.

      I am done with Pia too

      • she didn't promise anything the week earlier..Go watch the interview…She said she's going to try if it works for her..but last week she promised not to do a ballad so we'll see..

    • Scottys one of the top best-U need hearing aids apparently R are u the one that likes the screaming cant tell what the words are sound coming from the 2 I won't mention—yeah I think I will James and Jacob-Wonder what they'll SCREAM tonite!!!!!

      • Can't agree more!!! Go Scotty Go! And i'll be covering my ears during the screams and will probably change the channel when Hailey comes on…

  4. I think Scotty will do a Country/Rock type song which is fine with me- He mentioned on the very first show he will stay himself–

    You go Scotty You get my vote every week!!!!!!

      • Yes he can do LS.. and he has to do country, he doesn't know how to remove the twang on the words while singing I take it! Which is fine, it's his style, no need to change!

  5. Scotty is always good no matter what he sings so I am not worried about if he will do good or not- hands down we already know he'll do good. With a voice like that how could u not—————– It will most likely be an Elvis Rock

    • An Elvis tune for Scotty? Odds-on favorite. "Don't Be Cruel" or "Heartbreak Hotel"? The latter has nasty foreshadowing, though it plays to his wicked lower-register delivery.

  6. Definitely looking forward for STEFANO and PIA performances cos they are simply Great and so Riveting and Refreshing….Stefano is so entertaining and sounds radio-friendly hopefully he'll be doing Sting or Ben E King or Peter Gabriel or maybe Prince number while Pia can tackle Diana Ross or Aretha Franklin or Madonna hits….possibly Holiday or Like A Prayer….Come on Pia do an upbeat-mid-tempo number, try Madonna great hits sure you will nail it….Just Open Your Heart, Pia…..Luv Stefano always πŸ™‚

    • I hope and pray he will nail his song again and stay on top of this competition. I love this guy, so nice and wholesome. Stefano…. you are awesome <3

    • Stefano is a guy with all the tools but lacking the intangibles. Why does each performance seem more like vocal gymnastics than story-telling?

      • Because Stefano doesn't care about reaching the audience, he only cares about how he looks singing the song. It reminds me of Fonzie adjusting the side mirrors on his motorcycle because he didn't want to see where he'd been. he wanted to see how good he looked getting there.

  7. Seriously not looking through Jacob Lusk performance at all he's a pain to listen to….My ears bleeding so bad and the facial expression so fake and hate it when he jumps up and down…So arrogant and I do hope America get it right to boot him out based on tonite's theme. I am in awe ever when Steven called him Baby Luther???? My horrible goodness, does Jacob really sounds like Luther Vandross, please judges dont be tone deaf, Jacob always growling and he is absolutely not Idol material. Hmmm, next is Scotty has to go, he is too countryish for this competition, only 1 octave range not credible to be crowned as an Idol and bad package too….. Top 3 should be Pia, Lauren and Stefano and possibly James can squeeze in there. Oh yes and Paul is a total pain too hate his voice but love his looks hahahaha….can't wait to watch tonite RNR Hall Of Fame theme . Cheers everyone ….. And thank God, Naima and Thia are already OUT….dont like Naima egoistic personality and Thia was just to stony and lifeless suitable for Micker Mouse Club perhaps.

    • I think Jacob carries a tune each time,but does oversing.He does have funny facials,but he is just dramatic.My top fave are(alot),Lauren,Haley,and Pia.Guys,Paul,James,and Casey.Lauren has a phenominal voice,and great stage presence.Haley-I will never get the negativity.SHe has uniqueness in her voice,and is in tune.SHe adds so much to her songs.Pia,great voice but to me was cocky move-when she acted like the judges were right,promised to change it up,and sang another ballad anyway.Paul has a hate/or love voice.I love it,and he would be recognized on the radio immediately.Don't think he'll take title,since some don't like uniqueness,but I think he'll go far.James is outstanding.He can rock it out and put on concert-like performances,but also proves that he can SING-perfectly too.Casey,great variety of talents-just no more Nirvana type.I like Stephano,but a million out there like him.I think Thia will be on a disney channel show.

      • Oh,its still me.Forgot about Scotty.I think he has a great voice,but can't sing all genres.Carrie Underwood is country,but sang many other types in the show.Of course everyone is their own person.Get that.But,this type of show,you need to show other styles.(ex.Niami doing reggie to Elton John.SHe didn't just change it up,it wasn't recognized at all as an Elton John song.)Scotty has amazing chops,but I don'think he needs this show.I believe that if he moved to Tennessee,he would be a very successful country star.He will def.get picked up by record label there.ALso,like his down to earth-not conceited attitude.

      • down to earth non concieted attutude? its an act!!!!! have we forgot this is one of the ones who kicked jaycee badeaux of of the group cause they didnt think he was good enough and would bring them down yet every other group took the good with the bad and the good ones stood out. sounds pretty concieted to me

      • @John This is the same guy who stood on stage and apologized several times, and even CRIED after he had realized what kind of group he was a part of… He wasn't even thinking about making it after they told him he made it through he was thinking about Jacee! I've been alive long enough to know that guys only cry when their really upset… Watch that and see if you still feel the same way! Plus, Scotty got dissed by A LOT of groups before he was actually excepted into a group, I guess those people regret it now. πŸ˜‰ There's also an interview where the other members say that Scotty wasn't even with them when they made the decision to kick Jaycee out! Just sayin'.

    • +1 Jacob Lusk is the Jim Nabors of the 21st century. He has a nice voice, but it is starting to get tiresome.

    • You obviously don't like country and that is your choice. To each there own. But Scotty a bad package? Are you kidding??? I hope so, he is hands down the most marketable of the entire lot. And I think they all bring something unique to the table. His range may not be as high as most but it's a fab range and he knows how to use it very effectively. Just because he can't hit a high note doesn't mean squat. He can sing low and sexy for me anyday of the week.

  8. I hope my wish for my bets is not late today. Wish the Best for stefano langone, Jacob lusk and Pia toscano… they are my early favorites. Hi Erica, hope everyone is feeling good oday especially our brat kid Monster. I saw her posts in the previous blogs, so funny… I miss her too. Good day everyone.

  9. All the best to James…..Stefano…..and Pia….they are the best…..Sorry, just too tired and jaded on Scotty, he is too country sounding….Bottom 3 prediction this week theme possibly goes to Paul, Jacob and Hayley. Do hope so ya.

  10. So looking forward for tonite's RNRHOF theme, just like a prayer really hope Pia, Stefano and James will SHINE all the way :)….Hope Idol will consider next week theme as MADONNA SONGS Theme, love to see the Idols belt out the Queen Of Pop greatest hits spawned from the 80's until now cos Madonna has always the best Pop Hits around the world. If Glee kids can pull off the Diva hits and re-heat the hits, i dont see why can't our beloved Idols pull the same stunt. Below are my recommendations for the Idols :

    James – Ray Of Light OR I Love New York

    Stefano – Borderline OR Give It To Me

    Hayley – Papa Dont Preach OR Beautiful Stranger

    Casey – Sorry OR I Am Going Bananas

    Lauren – Like A Virgin OR Crazy For You

    Pia – Open Your Heart OR Dress You Up

    Scotty – Dont Tell Me OR Nothing Fails

    Jacob – Take A Bow OR Like A Prayer

    Paul – Miles Away OR Cherish

    And during the result show all contestants can sing medley of Madonna hits mash-up of Holiday, Into The Groove, Music, La Isla Bonita, 4 Minutes and ends it with Hung Up….WOW!!!! the show really rocks on for sure

  11. For me, I just hope they don't mess things up tonight. I'm a RNR fan. I just don't get Why can't they bring a RnR legend to coach instead? damn..

    • Absolutely…so over Scotty…same style, same voice and same facial expression. Get into the zone Scotty cos we are watching American Idol and not Country Idol ya know

      • And tell me this… "same style, same voice, same facial express" – how does that differ from the other contestants? I'm pretty sure I have seen the same thing from ALL of them except Casey and Lauren… think about it!

    • someone i absolutely agree with you! Everyone on this site always picks on Scotty for always singing country – well guess what .. that's who he is, just like how James is rock, Pia is ballads and Jacob is soul. All i get from the people who pick on him is that they just don't like country – and that's not a good enough reason to say he should go home.

      • I agree with kayla alot of the competetion this year has been doing the same thing every week and yes scotty sings country every week cause thats who he is he knows hes a country singer hes really goodd at it and thats why he is still in the competetion and will be till the end

      • your right a few have sang the same style start to finish but the judges keep telling them to switch it up and yet not a word to scotty week after week. let me ask you this did his motown performance sound detroit or nashville?

    • How can you say scotty sucks????

      He is leading and yes some don't like him but much much more in his side so wake up man

  12. For me, it's been James, Scotty and Lauren from the start. NOW, it's getting very difficult. I think it would be very difficult to choose between James and Scotty. They're both so good in their own ways. And, they're both consistently good. Lauren is not consistently good, but has great potential. I'd love to see Jacob and Stefano go.

    • Then vote for James. I'm a Scotty fan, but as long as he makes top 3, he'll get a Nashville contract. James will get the backing of 19E and go far. When it's down to the wire, James needs your vote more than Scotty does.

  13. Really looking forward to tonight's show! They certainly have a lot of great songs to choose from. Always enjoy hearing Paul, Scotty and James perform.

    • Didn't see Paul's chicken dance for a while.. Hope he would do it tonight before he goes home tomorrow!

      • u should hear the studio/ itunes version of Casey Your Song 1st and then u can start rambling ur mouth. With his arrangement he completely perfected the classical touch of Elton John (Well,if u know music LOL). Even the studio/itunes vers of I Heard It Through The Grapevine was amazing and the most amazing is he take a different take in his live performance than the studio recording vers. Now thats what i call “true asrtist” like Steven Tyler said. The other contestant is simply “imitate” or just simply change the “voice” from the original,no change whatsoever with the actual arrangement of the original. If u know music than u should know that

      • hmmm,i dont know why people like Pia,with all due respect. Heres just an insight ,excuse me…

        Pia have an amazing voice,thats a fact. But she doesnt have the "originality" of a "true artist". What makes an artists great is the "originality" or "creativity". All i see n heard from Pia is "imitation". Her idol is Celine Dion but that doesnt mean she have to become like Celine. She should create her originality to have a success like Celine,not "become"… Theres only 1 Celine Dion in this world,just like Elvis,MJ etc. πŸ™‚

  14. I would love to hear Haley sing a Patsy Cline song, she has the perfect voice to carry her tunes. Besides there has never been anyone who has ever come close to Patsy but I think Haley may be able to it. Anyway it would be wonderful to hear her try.

  15. I love Scotty,Stefano and Casey- hope one of them turn out to be the ultimate Idol.Tonight is going to prove if Pia can break out of the ballad mode- would love to see her go RnR crazeeee

  16. I'm from the East coast so I can appreciate country(Scotty) but I'm just not a fan. Everything he does sounds the same to me (country). I'm looking forward to watching James tonight blow everybody away with another one of his spectacular performances. He does it every time.

  17. First of all country is a part of the music genre, so American Idol or Country Idol what's the difference? What a country star can't be on idol because he's country. Well then james only sings rock, Pia only sings ballads, and they are more worthy, please give me a break people. It's not rock idol either, or shoot me in the head ballad idol either. It's about talent, any talent, any music and any genre. Music is just not about a voice, it's about stage presence, connecting to the audience, feeling the music and MARKETABLITY. Just because you can sing in different ranges and different genre, doesn't mean you are the least bit marketable. Plus, when and if, any of them make an album, they are not going to have all different types of music, it will be within one, maybe two genre, like rock/pop or country/pop. Also, Scotty is not trying to be anything other than what he is. He brilliantly picks songs and plays to his strengths, as any great artist would and he is only 17. I'm also sick about everyone getting on his case for how he always picks country, last I checked Elton John and Motown are not country. He takes what best for him and turns it to his advantage beautifully. You have to give the kid credit for that. Plus hands down he is the most marketable on the show. Scotty not only has the young girls swooning, he has the middle aged like myself, and the seniors, along with a huge country loyal base. And yes, the seniors vote. That's alot of votes folks. I'm not saying he will win idol, but the kid got a future that's for sure. And remember folks, these are kids for the most part and have growing to do. There isn't one person on that show that still doesn't need work and none are perfect.

    • Since it's all about talent, stage presence, connecting to the audience, feeling the music and marketability–James is the winner.

      • I honestly did not think James could sing until we got to the top 24… before that he would just scream and not in tune either… While I have grown to like James, I don't love James and I honestly don't think I would go to his concert or buy his CD – I would probably listen to him on the radio. I am not a die hard country fan – but I sure do like Scotty and I am in my 20's so he really does appeal to all ages as Dawn stated. And Dawn… WOW I CAN'T AGREE WITH YOU MORE!! They all do the genre and style every time- why are the haters always picking on Scotty – seriously! My vote is for Scotty for the win… I think if he continues to pick good songs and do his thing he will be in the running… Go Scotty Go!

      • @Douglas Not necessarily. Like when Kris was the winner and Adam had all the goods, even though Adam definitely is having a better career, it doesn't always mean that America will go for the most "talent" as you say, even though, I disagree James is not the best talent on the show, I personally saw all of that Rock n' Roll in Adam, and I think James voice reminds me so much of Adam. So, their kind of the same thing in a sense, taking chances, going crazy, screaming… I like James don't get me wrong, I just think their are way too many similarities there.

      • Douglas agree that James has a stage presence, and I like his voice and believe if he hits a ballad dead on, and shows a softer side he will bring in more people, especially the ones ( and there are alot) that don't care for screaming and running about the stage. My mom and her sisters all love idol and they can't stand listening to that for a long period of time. Drives them nuts. Even though they don't vote as much as the tweens, they still do shockingly so. And every great rock star needs to nail a ballad.

    • Dawn Love your comments. You are rite on in your summary. Screaming and screeching are not in a class of talant. Scotty will show these no talant ones that his methods pay off

      • I agree with both Dawn & Someone! Scotty is getting the votes from all ages, specifically the teenage girls who stay up until voting closes to vote for him 400 times! But, also down South and out East, I'm sure that's where ALL of their votes are going because that's just the type of music that's Favorited here. Between, all the teenage girls around & the Country music fans, I think Scotty will at least be in the finale. I'm a huge fan of Scotty, and I think that if it isn't broke don't fix it. He's a great entertainer, and while he might not appeal to non-country fans, he is all the right stuff for Country fans, plus he's the first young man who will be doing Country, so… All the girls will be all over him, he's bound to have an amazing career, no matter how far he makes it in the competition!

      • Scotty also appeals to the mothers and grandmothers just like Clay Aiken did! When he gave a sout out to his grandma in the audience that gotnhim a lot of votes!

        I can't understand one word Jacob is singing. He needs some lessons to make his words clearer because he does have a beautiful voice.

    • Dawn

      Absolutely…my husband and I are in our mid/late 40's and we vote.

      I'm a Casey and Scotty fan, he's a Pia and Scotty fan. But while our sentimental faves differ, our practical favourite is Scotty. You're right, he's got this almost supernatural sense of What Will Work for him, and at this point, I truly believe he could take ANY song and turn it to his advantage.

      I would LOVE to see him do this with a song that is just so not country…something like, I don't know, Walk Like an Egyptian or There She Goes…I'm pulling these out of my head at random, but my point is, I believe Scotty could take the most non-country song out there, tailor it to his voice and his style, and knock it out of the park. He just has the talent for that.

      • I agree with you and although i love country and as far as I am concerned can sing it every week. But if he wants to win everyone over and shut everyone up about being a one trick pony, he should show them something a little different and I believe he will. He's smart and he will surprise everyone when it's needed and have no doubt he will knock the socks off of them. There is alot of music out there that has a southern feel that's not classified as country. He's sitting back and just waiting to make the kill. But anyways all these kids are fantastic and each bring something different to the table. I realize everyone has different tastes and that should be respected no matter. Trashing any of them is just not acceptable.

    • Dawn I really agree with you, am glad you said those thing cause some of these people are close minded. Scotty got the votes of the whole house hold from Grandpa to teen girls.

    • yep – the seniors DO vote and alot of my friends are voting for JAMES — he reminds us of the young ELVIS when in the beginning he had that raw talent that James has and was very humble — he wasn't afraid to take chances and be true to himself. I had the opportunity to attend his concerts when he was young and he was kind to everyone — even the Grandma's in the audience –he did not have voice training until later and just got better with time. SO YES SENIORS DO & WILL VOTE FOR JAMES!! —

      • buta2u……James all the way…..He is alive and kudos to all the seniors who vote for him……..

        Matt….thank you for the updates….wish you guys find an alternative to our emails soon……totally missing it….Love to all of you for the updates…

      • Well, this senior's vote goes to SCOTTY. They are all talented in their own genres and none of them should be picked on or brought down because of that. You've got to admit that Scotty's voice is so soothing to the mind. When he paired up with Lauren and sang 'I Told You So', I immeditely went online to purchase that particular version off iTunes website, but was disappointed to find that it was not one of our options to download. So I purchased the orginal, and an instrumental and one other by The Sheltons. Good, but not as touching as theirs. My favorites: Scotty and Lauren

  18. Here's some songs for:

    Paul: Changes, People Are Strange, Night Moves

    Hayley: Somebody to Love, It's My Life, Moondance

  19. My Song Choice for them

    Pia Toscano- River deep mountain high(Tina Turner)

    Scotty McCreery- Love me tender(Elvis Presley)

    James Durbin- Dream On(Aerosmith)

    Casey Abrams- Vienna(Billy Joel)

    Lauren Alaina- With or without you(U2)

    Haley Reinhart- A Change is Gonna Come(Sam Cooke)

    Stefano Langone- Wild horses(Rolling Stones)

    Jacob Lusk- Who Wants To Live Forever(Queens)

    Paul McDonald- Have You Ever Seen The Rain(Rob Stewart)

    I'm looking forward to Lauren, Pia, Scotty and James.

      • Pia belted it, but missed. Too soprano in the first half of the song. (Second half was much better.) And her outfit was the pits. It definitely hid her beauty. She should have gone with a Tina Turner look. Judges were mostly concerned with her lack of poise on the stage–no dance skills.

      • On a recent post here someone said Scotty looked like Alfred E. Neuman from Mad Magazine. Most of the readers here probably never heard of Mad Magazine but I couldn't get that out of my head when I saw him perform tonight. That face…but he did good…"What me worry?"

  20. I so look forward to hearing Paul and seeing what very entertaining show James is going to perform.

    Everyweek the minute the shows starts I have a smile on my face and it does disappear until the show is over. I just love watching it.

  21. I have like Laruen from the start, this year has been the best of idols and feel right now it doesn't matter who goes home at this point because they all are winnners.James is good but not feel we need another Adam Lambert, Pia just needs to step it up. I like Scotty, amazing voice for his age. The both three tonight is Paul, Hailey and Jabob. I

    think Paul really needs to go home!

    • Lauren is my fav,then Haley,James,Paul,and Pia.I agree James is similar.But,because Adam is so unique,another star quality unique singer would be great.There are a million Stephanos,I think.Nice voice,no major wow factor.I think Pia has an outstanding voice,but no stage presence.SHe also said repeatedly that she would switch it up,and sang another ballad.Scooty has an amazing voice.I don't think he needs the show.If he moved to Tennessee,he would be a very big country star.I don't get people not liking Haley.She has great range,unique sound,and great stage presence.Paul,I know some don't like the raspy sound.To me,I liked Rod stewart,who he is very similar to.His personality shines so much,and I personally like his sound.

      • I love to see Paul dancing tonight..I don't know why most of them don't like it.. It is so unique and a lot better than his voice

  22. I really just want to see pia break out, she's such an amzing singer I would hate to see her voted off for connection reasons

  23. I would like too here from Jacob Lusk,singing one of Celine Dion recording; Because You Love Me,I think He have the voice for it,and one of Brandy songs.

  24. I would like for Jacob Lusk to sing one of Celine Dion recording;Because I love you,and Brandy record. before he do get the boot.

  25. I really like Paul! He has a unique voice that is attractive and a cute stage preasence. And why is Haley not more popular? She has that bluesy voice like Melissa Etherage and I love it. Casey is my next favorite because he is really talented and probably couldn't make a living outside of music. Laureen is unconsistent, probably because she is so young and needs another few years before she is on her mark all the time. Jacob is as well, but can give a beautiful performance when he is on. Pis is good but it is getting kind of boring. Scotty I like but I do not get into country and his style of music just doesn't do it for me. I don't get James, seems kinda copy cat, would like to see something different from him.

  26. Why is Haley so unpopular???? She has an amazing and unique voice,a smoking hot body,a gorgeous face and she seems to be a genuinely sweet person. What is the deal?? She has chose some bad songs, but I hope that is behind her. I think she has a lot of Stevie Nicks in her. Wake up America!! Haley needs your support!! She has mine!!!

    • Said this before, teen girls won't vote for Haley because she's like an A-List high school girl type that everyone envies and hates except the varsity jocks. See "Mean Girls" and "Heathers".

  27. I think by watching american idol every week the last two standing I think will be Pea & Scotty

  28. I think they are all great this year and anyone of them deserve to be a winner. All the best to all of you.

  29. Lauren needs to nail a song every week because one little mistake can cause her the coveted american idol title. She's one of those contestants that gets little recognition for the AWESOMENESS they show. LAUREN HAS TALENT! VOTE FOR LAUREN!

    Wanna see Jacob go. Enough with the irritating fake crying face and forced singing.

  30. I vote for JAMES –he is a rock/metal singer and the high notes is what they do -he does it really well — not overkill–alot of raw talent – does not have all the voice training some of the others have – but LOTS of potential–

    he will just keep getting better!!

    His enthusiasm for entertaining and wanting people to feel good is so contagious!! I look forward to seeing him perform every week.

    I do wish he would do a slower song – because that is what the mainstream want to hear–

    but he is truly his own person–and I admire him for that–

  31. I love watching Casey Abrams perform. I believe he is the idol with the most talent. A very close second is Haley, just an awesome performer with a unique voice!!! Then there is Pia, she is such a natural…what a beautiful voice. Tough decision, but Casey should be this years American Idol.

  32. I can't wait to hear Paul …he's my favorite …his voice is so comforting….I always close my eyes and listen …he is amazing !

  33. I can not wait to watch tonights show cant wait to see Scotty, James,Casey,Lauren and Paul perform the rest i dont care for and i have to agree with Dawn it is really anoying to read all these blogs on how scotty has to go because all he can sing is country THAT IS THE MOST STUPID THING I HAVE EVER HERD so he sings country SO WHAT he knows who he is and is really good at it and thats why he is still in the competetion and why he will most likely win it im for scotty all the way. Hopefully the bottom 3 this week will be Stefano jacob and pia sending jacob or stefano home

    • no dought he sings country and does it very good. It wouldn't surprise me if he own.There are millions of viewers that luv country music. I'm a fan is a small way

      • Scotty will win with James or Pia being in second place. Scotty is not only extremely talented (he is only 17)) but he is also very likeable.

      • I think Pia will win. Scotty will be a great country & western star but Pia will be one of the greats with her exceptional voice. You can take that to the bank. I believe she will sell more records then Carrie Underwood who was my all time Idol favorite until Pia came along.

  34. i really really! want to see what pia is going to do with her 'great'ballad voice'

    no offense i like her BUT SHE HAS TO ROCK THE NIGHT LITERALLY!an uptempo song



    I like hailey and pia!!!!

  35. It's really difficult to have a favorite this season. Pia has a beautiful voice, Casey's voice is better than ever, James is always a great showman/rocker, and Scotty, though I am not a country music fan, has a voice that resonates to the soul when he sings…such a natural. I do think the others have performed well too. I wish we could just vote for our least favorite performer of the night. I do feel Paul's voice is reminiscent of Rod Stewart's though he was pitchy and his last performance was irritating. I voted for Casey last week. I voted for James the week before. I base it on the performance that touched me the most and made me smile and/or cry. πŸ™‚

    • Hey , thats a greeat Idea! Vote for the one that you don't want to return. Why didn't I think of that??

    • pia is going to take the title. she is a great singer. casey needs to go home.I can't stand looking at him he looks like a criminal.GO HOME CASEY your patheic baby.

  36. I'm looking forward to hearing Pia and Scotty sing. I guess I'm one of the few who prefer ballads. Personally I think Paul and Casey should have already gone.

    • Pia is tall, beautiful and has a perfect voice. Keep up the ballards. I will always vote for her

    • u should hear the studio/ itunes version of Casey Your Song 1st and then u can start rambling ur mouth. With his arrangement he completely perfected the classical touch of Elton John (Well,if u know music LOL). Even the studio/itunes vers of I Heard It Through The Grapevine was amazing and the most amazing is he take a different take in his live performance than the studio recording vers. Now thats what i call "true asrtist" like Steven Tyler said

  37. I'm looking forward to Scotty singing an Elvis song and James a good rock and roll song. Of course, Pia, my favorite will have to pick up her ballads to meet the rock and roll tempo and with her voice she shouldn't have a problem.

    Should be a great nite with my favorite type of music.

  38. I would like to see James slow down the screeming and show a lighter side to his venue

    • I agree! Scotty would do great with an Elvis or Johnny Cash song! Go Scotty!!!!! You're AWESOME!!!!

  39. I would love to hear Paul sing some of Rod Stewarts songs….He would do just fine with that. I would love to hear Haily sing Melissa Ethridge's songs. She would do a wonderful job with that as well as any song that she sings. Paul, too. He is fabulous. love him.

  40. I am looking forward to James… but I must say we have a good group of singers this year. Scotty is a natural country and western singer and I don't think it matters what he sings, he does it well and he will go places no matter what.. Pia is very good too, but I would like to hear her change her style some. The song Scotty and Lauren did last week was out of the ballpark good..they could team up and go do county like Conway and Loretta…

  41. Go James Go!!! Go James Go!!! And don't come back!!! To me James would be what you would get if Rubben Studdard and Clay Aikens became one person. Think about it!!! It aint pretty!!

  42. I'm looking forward to Haley's performance. If she

    gives one, like she did last week, she's a serious contender. And, she doesn't have to jump all over the stage for effect.

    I'm rooting for her!!

      • Haley can not sing, I don't know why she is still there. And what's up with her family, they;re at home watching her when they should be there with her, like everyone's other families are.not very supportive. she won't last much longer.

  43. Definitely SCOTTY!! I don't listen to Country Music, but I can't stop listening to this kid!! I think he will be the next sensation like Michael Buble!

  44. Jacob hurts my ear drums, so much screaming, They say that's his gospel training. Just because you can hit the high notes doesn't mean it's singing !! It sounds like he's in pain, and gives me a pain Tone it down a bit

    Since I'm being picky, can you understand the words James is singing ?

  45. I would love to hear Scotty sing some Elivs, Paul sing some Bryan Adams and as for James.. just keep singing!!! Haley how about a little Joplin?? Pia is suppose to sing River Deep Mountain High tonight … yes an uptempo ballad. I do not want to hear Jacob at all… please let the volumn go out for 2 minutes, Stefano please keep your eyes open and without making it look like you are suffering.. sing whatever it really does not matter you are much better than Jacob.

  46. James singing anything he wants to…….

    James, Pia and Scotty in the final three….with James winning it all……JMHO

  47. Hopefully the remaining 9 contestants will showcase their real singing talents minus the growling, scratching and shouting.

  48. Haley not only has a wonderful and unique voice but is just fun to watch and although I enjoyed her first two perfomances more than the last two I'll take whatever gets her votes!

    • I actually liked all her performances, and I think the last two performances were even better (to my ear)! Her ability to masterfully deliver within several genres is just mind-blowing. I have never said this about any contestant before–but I will most definitely go out and buy whatever is first on the shelf from her, because I know I will absolutely love it.

  49. I am looking forward to hearing Lauren tonight; secondly, I'm excited to hear Haley, and thirdly, James and Casey. Finally, Scotty is always enjoyable. I think Paul will see his going home journey tomorrow. As for last week performance guest, Will I Am was horrible as Simon Cowell would say. I hope he is much better at coaching the idols.

  50. Haley is the best singer on the show and will win it, Jacob gets more and more faggety as the weeks pass, if you close your eyes as he sings you would actually thing you were listening to an obese black woman about to cry, Scotty is a natural but not gonna win it this year, Casey will be runner-up and have a lasting career because he's just so unique and can sing like a mofo. The Italians Toscano and Langone need to go home and make some pasta and pizzas cuz theyre garbage, Paul is cool but his Rod Stewart sound isn't what the music biz needs right now. Lauren..maybe next time honey, you're thick n semi sexy thanks. thanks either.

    • Pia is the best singer by far.haley ranks at the bottom. she needs to go home as should casey. i'm sick of all his drama all the time. can't habdle the fame go home. james and pia are the best.

      • u should hear the studio/ itunes version of Casey Your Song 1st and then u can start rambling ur mouth. With his arrangement he completely perfected the classical touch of Elton John (Well,if u know music LOL). Even the studio/itunes vers of I Heard It Through The Grapevine was amazing and the most amazing is he take a different take in his live performance than the studio recording vers. Now thats what i call “true asrtist” like Steven Tyler said. The other contestant is simply "imitate" or just simply change the "voice" from the original,no change whatsoever with the actual arrangement of the original. If u know music than u should know that

      • OH, sorry, Melania. I see you meant Casey. Well, I am trying not to let personality foibles interfere with my musical sensibilities. Casey HAS sung well previously. Just got off the tracks for me for too long. I am a wait and see kind of AI viewer, though. I always heap on the votes for who does best (IMO) that particular night–and often vote for my 2nd, 3rd and 4th choices, too. So with Casey, whatever happens, I'm open to it.

  51. I don't know if Stefano can hack rock-n-roll, but I sure do want to see him give it a try and get to the next round…


  53. I Am Looking Forward To Lauren Alaina=She Is Sooo Talented=She's Diffidenty Got The Best Stage Profesionally=She Is So Confident In Her Poise And She Sings From Her Heart=She Diffidenty Gets Your Attention!

  54. Looking forward to James and Scotty. They are the two best in the competition and never disappoint.

  55. scotty is the best casey show off and wants people to fell sorry for him i do not laura good

  56. everyone is bashing pia for not singing something upbeat. what about scotty? hey im not saying he has to go out of his genre he can still sing country but believe it or not there are upbeat country songs. show a little versitility

  57. I am so looking forward to hearing Scotty sing a good old country song that's where he belongs. You go Scotty I love you.

  58. Scotty is my favorite. His appearance, respect and personality shows he is his own man.

    I can see him being another Alan Jackson or George Strait. His music will always be soothing.

    When he can make Grandmas happy-he should be #1.

    American Idol Fan-79 yrs. old GO SCOTTY!!!

    • i bet he made alot of grandmas happy when he bullied poor jaycee badeaux out of the group durring hollywood week, cause he didnt fit in and thought he would drag them down. when every other group took the cards they were dealt and did the best they could with it.

      • If you remember correctly it was a group not Scotty. Scotty if you remember felt very bad about that and stepped up. He was 16 at the time for peets sake, he just went with the flow, being one of the youngest. I don't think you should really hold that against him. It's silly

      • Scotty had nothing to do with JC being put down. It was the kareoke singer who put JC down. Not Scotty

  59. Haley made some bad song choises early but now has shown that she can rock and is the one to beat.

  60. can't wait to see what Scotty will do. Am sure he will make it county. Hope he chooses one of Elvis' songs. That deep voice is so amazing for a very young man.I hope Hailey goes home this week. She is boring. She is not herself at all.

  61. I have never wrote in before, but looking @ some of these bad watchers write, I figure I can through in my 2cents… Scotty is a great singer period. He's specialized in C/W so be it. I'm not a C/W listener, but would buy all his albums. I'd like to hear him sing "The Wild side of Life" though. Haley is Great. She has what it takes to be a performer. I'd like to hear her sing,Kitty Wells, "It wasn't God that made Honky Tonk Angels", right behind Scotty singing "Wild side" song..Pia is good to listen to over and over too, but just hasn't hit me with a Great song yet.. Paul, James and Casey are OK, but get rather boring after listening to awhile. Lauren will do better next year, but she is good.. Stephano is better than Jacob's screaming, but both need to be on the stools tonight.

  62. Anybody Knows who might be in the bottom three this week? my guess is Paul, Casey and Stefano.

  63. JLusk,even if other think he over sings his songs he is a better singer than some of the others. not screaming his words, and i am able to understand shat he is singing.

  64. I hope rocks tonight. I predict she will bring the house down. I think she has the best voice ever. Tonight's performance should quite those.pinheads that complain about ballads, ballads, ballads. It's easy to sing fast and scream like James but extremely hard to pull off a ballad. Pia knocked it out of the park every time this year and tonight will not be any different. Go Pia……..

  65. Jacob is so obviously the most talented of the group, he is very very good. Cassey is another one who is very talented.I can't believe these people who think Scotty is deserving to be on this show. He does do a great Randy Travers impression but that is about it. Also Paul Mcdonald needs to go, he really doesn't have the talent it takes,he doesn't have half the voice of Rod Stewart.

  66. i dont know why people like Pia so much,with all due respect. This is my insight,excuse me..

    Pia have an amazing voice,thats a fact. But all i see n heard from her is the word "imitation". She doesnt have "originality". What makes an artists great is "originality" or "creativity". Her idol is Celine Dion but that doesnt mean she have to become Celine. She should find n nurture her own "originality" to have a career like Celine,not become Celine. Theres only 1 Celine in this world,just like Elvis,MJ etc. They have the "originality" thats what makes them a great artist. In the other hand,Casey Abram is purely "original n creative". Just hear his studio/itunes version of every performance hes done. He performed differently from the studio/itunes version,whether the notes,the key arrangement etc. Not just simply change the "voice" character or improvise from the original but he actually arrange the key n notes differently from the original. Now thats pure class…

    • sorry if i tell you that you are wrong… Pia has her own vocal technique and her voice is not like Celine… it is too far to compare Pia with Celine. Celine has her emotion and energic style that Pia doesn't have. In my opinion Pia only has a softness style… she can not do an up beat song with many movement, she just stand still and do the song until finish. But I love them both!!

    • I have to agree with you SML. I love Paul but he really doesn't seem to have much range, up or down, to his voice. His songs almost sound strained at times. Maybe it all has to do with his song choice. I do love his Rod Stewart voice though.

      • i agree paul is different thats why hes still there he holds my attention week after week.

  67. The contestants have yet to perform. I think it's too early to say whose going to be in the bottom 3 or whose going to go home this week. I think Paul is more bearable when he's playing a guitar. That dancing of his is just disturbing.

  68. Looking forward to Scotty's great voice. Plan to mute the TV and close my eyes when Jacob starts his rendition of a strangling cat! LOL Can't afford any more eye bleeds or throbbing ears!

    • susan,i can easily conclude the kind of music u love….jacob is the best R and B singer in this competion….lets just give it to Him. As for paul mcdonald,i wonder y people waste thier resources on him,he sounds like a she goat,it terrible

  69. I think they are all talented amazing young people. Everyone has their favorite and isn't that what makes America great! We are all different and like different styles of singing. Scotty has "country talent", Pia a definite "ballad singer" and the others all in the middle. Personally, I love Haley's sexy! But good luck to all! God has already picked the winner!!!!

  70. Thia voice style is too good, too sophisticated and too mature for the American Idol Audience…and shes only 16

  71. Aside from Scotty all the rest are missing originality and all wanna be but cannot be !

    Only voted according to popularity and doesn't

    matter how they sound…you can always

    create good out of bad and vice versa -all it

    takes is popularity

  72. Thia, Scotty and Paul all have originality and are unique ! no imitations, no trying to be, no wanna be, just genuine good vocals !

    • umm,i slightly disagree with u. Original means 1 of a kind. They have a unique voice,not original. For an example : if u hear Paul,u will reminded of Rod Stewart,Bryan Adams or maybe James Blunt. And so as Scotty,well i dont know much of a deep voice singer alot but im sure there are country singer that have a deep voice like Scotty too πŸ™‚

      • Yes, he does have a quirky, but fun, movement with those long skinny legs. I really dig it though!

  73. I was looking forward to see thia's performance because I'm curios of what is she going to sing. But she is out of the competition so now I'm looking forward to see scotty's performance.

    • Me too…the last one was "Daniel" by Elton John. I know it was not possible to sing it like Elton John but then no one can…everybody sings it according to their style. Jennifer Lopez liked it a lot and so did Tyler but for some reason Randy was puzzled (??)He keeps saying shes always trying to play it safe…interesting..interesting…WTF is that all about…Did anyone really took a chance in their song choices ? Whats the rule anyway ? Aren't you suppose to choose any song you want ? They should change the rules then. If they want them to take chances then the judges should have chosen the songs that they want each contestants to sing, that would be fair..You cant tell them to choose a any song and then say oops you did not choose a challenging one…duh ! what kind of crap is that !

  74. Stopping in after Scotty's performance and tonight is just fantastic. Have to give props to Scotty–he did a terrific job! As did Jacob, Haley, Lauren and James!!! (Wasn't as crazy about Casey's even though he brought back the bass.)

    • James slowed it down and did a great job! I was so happy to see this . I also love the crazy rock side of him too. He has it all ! I thought Casey was ok but maybe a little to slow for me. Pia has a good voice , but it's the same every week. A song by heart would have been very cool with some energy . I believe having lots of energy makes a good performer.

  75. OMG, Paul just sealed his fate. That was the worst choice of a song for his voice that ANYONE could have imagined. Why didn't someone tell him so? He is goneso.

    Stefano was good, but not spectacular.

    Top 3 tonight? Hard to pick, but I'd have to say James, Lauren and Haley, with Scotty on Haley's heels.

    Jacob: Safe. He did a great job, despite the "make you roll-your-eyes" hip wiggles. Did you see Ryan move away from him at the end when he started dancing too close to him?!!! Hahahaha!

    Bottom 3 tonight?

    Worst: Paul

    2nd to Worst: Pia (though I know the vote won't show this)

    3rd to Worst: Casey (not BAD, mind you, but just not great). Tied with Stefano. Same feeling about his choice of song and delivery.

    • I agree, Paul show gave left last week. James was very good, Have to think that he is the best…..

  76. scotty is hot, hot, hot. he's my man. i love him to pieces. i could lesson to him all day and all night, you go boy!

  77. i think a country theme would be what 80% of the viewers would like to see.

  78. Pia just does not do it for me! The judges keep pushing for Casey. I agree he is very talented. I am a Rod Stewart fan so yes I like Paul. I actually voted for Scotty, Paul, Casey and James tonight.

  79. Casey rocks! He is the best and unique because he slowed down a little of the rock and roll song.

    TOP 3:

    1. Casey (so sweet and nostalgic, with the bass, very memorable!)

    2. Paul (great lively performance)

    3. Scotty (awkward moves)


    1. Jacob (nothing new, not unique, but I love him)

    2. Pia (no moves she just walked around not feeling the what the song is)

    3. James (he is not good with ballads, copycat of Adam Lambert)

  80. Scotty's got my vote from the beginning, and then when he began stretching his voice by adding other music to his repetoire, he really blew them away. He is a country boy and rock & roll was born of country, I know because I lived through it. Lived my entire teens in the '50s. I think all the contestants this year are exceptionally talented. Good luck to them all, but especially Scotty. (cant wait for his first album)

  81. stefano, hope he can step up game, pity i onle see it on sunday in south africa!

    • I agree. I am rooting for Stefano. He needs to show AI – that he needs to stay. He can sing.

  82. Lauren!! Once again I'm with Steve Tyler. Lauren has the most beautiful voice. I love her singing. Very easy to listen to her sing. She is a natural and love her personality too.

  83. Casey will be in the bottom 3. I don't understand why the judges insist on pushing him; and unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the gullible public buys it. He's f'g annoying with his growling. His "claimed" musicality is BS. To me his "wide range" of musicality is the main problem. Where the heck do you listen to this guys music. In fact, what is his music? I haven't been able to associate him to any particular music genre. I'm surprised the judges haven't asked him this key question. Bottomline is that if he were to win I guarantee he will go by way of the last awful singer to get this much respect for nothing: our AWESOME soul patrol brother Taylor Hicks. I go a step further and believe his record sales will be even worse!!! LMAO!!!

      • They should bring back William Hung, remember him, the guy that sang (she bangs, she bangs, she bangs)what a joke that was a few years ago. Maybe he should have won. The show is getting too be a real joke. The best singers don't win.

  84. scotty .. best … most versatile…great stage presence….performance artist….magic man of the new era..

  85. I really like James Durbin.He rocks and shows his emotional side.James is my choice to be the next American Idol.

  86. Me gustaria q pablo,gane este concurso de AmericanIdol,me parece exelente,su estilo,-su voz.-miles de votos y bendiciones para él.

  87. I am shocked and dismayed that the finest singer this year on American Idol was just eliminated!! America is MUCH more stupid than I ever imagined.

    I will no longer watch the show.

    Sadness, disappointment, loss. So sorry, Pia!!

  88. American Idol needs to change the way the votes are cast. The judges need to have 75% say and the voters 25% since this is a popularity contest and not based on talent. Tonight was a perfect example. Pia should not have gone home. This has happened in the past too. I think everyone should tune out until they make the necessary voting changes. It's becoming a joke to watch the talented performers get sent home.

      • I wish Simon was back on the show, he was a good judge, I'm sure he would have had some negative things too say about Casey, Paul and a few others. He was the best judge that told it like it was.

  89. Pia is the entertainment package! I smell an American Idol ratings ploy by her outing so early in the evening. What a crock!

  90. its such a shame to see winners is based on number of votes as oppose to real talent. The judges or producers need to come up with another "SAFE" they cant let Pia go . the next idol was either Pia or James. Half of those who were spare knows they dont belong there. Pia will suceed what ever she does. She is very young and attractive with a great voice she can def go places. same with DWS some who make it to the finals were'nt even stars plus didnt even have talent!! I guess the wrong people are voting. A vote should not define your talent!! Also on wednesdays the show should be for 1 hr and then on thursday they can have all those other entertainment. It is difficult when u want to go to bed and trying to vote for someone and can get through eventually you give up!! What a shame !! it cost us Pia. Best of luck Pia hurry up and get ur cd it will be the bomb , even get a video. U r definitely eye candy!

  91. I was surprised at the Judges reaction to Pia leaving what did they expect they loved everyone they put everyone on an equal playing field so in the end it was the voters choice by personal choice we had no input by professionals other than everyone is equal in talent all I heard was how great everyone was so to the judges I say what are you mad about? This is where Simone made a difference in helping you see why and where someone is better Pia was better and more talented than Lauren but the Judges gave the same comment great performance delivered with no flaws in it to win

  92. I believe this year every contestant has been awesome. But, I think it is time for Haley to growl her way to leave. Everyone kept saying Pia needed to stop singing ballads, but never said anything about Haley singing the same lounge type songs and has not gotten away from yelling the song and trying to actually sing one. I think the judges have to get a little bit more responsive with thier constructive criticism. Good Luck Pia, you sang your heart out and I can't wait to buy your first album.

  93. OH MY GOD !! What a travesty of justice. This is just wrong and the judges knew it too. J LO was almost in tears along with most of America. So much for the SAVE huh ? I hope something is done to somehow reverse this. I like them all, but this is just NOT RIGHT ! Pia was definitely belonging in the top 3(at least)…in any reasonable mind.

  94. why is it a shook for Pia to leave. Yes she sings very good, but she didnt catch the audiences attention. She is lacks confidence in her stage presence and it showed. I wouldnt go to a concert if I am just going to hear ballads, and not be entertained. Not doubt she is a good singer, not a good performer.

  95. I am too angry right now that Pia was sent home, what happen to America. really i dont understand.

  96. I am sure some smart producer will take her under his/her wings, and she will shine. She has the ability, but with proper training, she can become a good performer for everyone to enjoy.

  97. i was shocked pia was voted out,thought she was great,she isn't my fav but i reckon she'll get a record deal really quick anyway.i was expecting her to be in the top five at least.

  98. Always thought the show was 'suspect' – that judges generally aren't truly music savvy (educated) & that voting public was mainly female teeny-boppers. Proof of this, in my opinion is when the obviously most musically tallented is voted off – . Won't be watching any more.

    (I have always been something of a musician.)


  99. I was very surprise to see the news on CTV(Canada) today that Pia was voted out by public (I think most of them are teenage). She is the best singer on the show. Judges should save her this time. What a voting system. Without Pia, I don't think I will watch the show next time.

    Best wishes to Pia.

  100. you know trouable with the above replys they love this high singing voices when their the top of forhead shows lines.the only ones is the youth thatlike this type of singing.Istill say PIA is better then the rest that are left.

  101. I will miss PIA I use to be a singer years ago inwitch isang light opera,my lesson was in NEW YORK AT THE THE OLD MET STUDEOS ON 32 STREET.AM A KOREA VET I HAD TOGO WORK THATS WHY ISTOP SINGING.

  102. It is official your show is rigged! I am no longer an Idol fan and never will be again. There is no way Pia got voted off. I will never watch your show again and will encourage everyone else to do the same. Stephen Tyler said it best last week but I can't say it on here but it is bad messed up!!!!!!

  103. I usto love watching American idol and know that Pia got voted off i dont like watching american idol she made this competision fun and intresting to watch Im with Jennifer, i was shocekd and mad when they said her name, she did not deserve to get kicked off the competition. So i personaly think she should be back to american idol


  105. My favorite I would have to say is Scotty McCreery, its not every year we get a nice sounding country male singer, we already have a female Country singer Carrie Underwood, we now need a good Male American Idol Country singer, I just love the sound and tone of his voice, mostly because hes got a very mature voice for a 17 year old, to me he sounds much older, and as he gets older his voice is going to just get better and better, I would buy his CD if he wins!.

    • Scotty too, I want to see if he can come up with something as cool as when he sang Elvis… Now that was cool!

  106. again the background music is so loud that it drowns out the singers Can you do something to quiet down background music,the background people are not competing are they???Also I hate to hear the judges saying about the second singer that it is the best tonite at least wait till they,ve all sang.

    thanks TOm Harrington

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