American Idol 2011 Top 9 Performances & Phone Numbers

American Idol 2011 returns with its Top 9 tonight with the live competition featuring a round of Rock songs. After last week’s double elimination of Thia Megia and Naima Adedapo the ranks are getting thin as we press on to the finale.

Join us in our Idol Chat room while we review tonight’s show and then and see what other Idol fans are saying right now on our Idol Facebook page.

American Idol Top 9 Performances:

  • Jacob Lusk – Man in the Mirror – 1-866-436-5701
  • Haley Reinhart – Piece of My Heart – 1-866-436-5702
  • Casey Abrams – Have You Ever Seen the Rain – 1-866-436-5703
  • Lauren Alaina – Natural Woman – 1-866-436-5704
  • James Durbin – While My Guitar Gently Weeps – 1-866-436-5705
  • Scotty McCreery – That’s Alright Mama – 1-866-436-5706
  • Pia Toscano – River Deep, Mountain High – 1-866-436-5707
  • Stefano Langone – When a Man Loves a Woman – 1-866-436-5708
  • Paul McDonald – Folsom Prison Blues – 1-866-436-5709

Did you know you could download 10 of these original performances tonight for free just for testing out Real’s SuperPass free trial? It’s 100% legal and safe.

Tomorrow night we’ll find out which singer earned the least votes and that singer will be eliminated so vote wisely and be sure to cast your unofficial vote in our Idol poll below and then share your opinion on tonight’s performances!




  1. People have already voted even before the show was aired…Whats the point of having this poll in the first place? Pia and Scotty already has like 28 percent…Useless…

    • Were you complaining about this last week too? Well the 84 votes so far are pale in comparison to the 50,000+ votes when it closes.

      People are going to vote for their favorites regardless of their performance. Just like folks on the west coast vote right after the east coast performance even if they haven't seen it.

      Take a pill and enjoy the show.

      • Actually Matt, you are a bit wrong. I will vote on polls like the one above, as to who my favorite is, before the show starts. But, when it comes to voting on performance night, I am one of those who vote based on that nights performance … Not who my favorite Idol contestant is. Maybe it just me (I hope not). But this show would be extremely boring to me if I already knew who I was going to vote for, before the show even started. For instance, Thia was always one of my favorite … But I never once voted for her based on performance. A strange concept to many I am sure, but that is the way I roll.

      • Hello… There is different times in different countries. That maybe the reason why people have voted already.

      • Matt:Of course not, not every single one vote for their favorites regardless of their performance, you remember two weeks ago many screaming that Haley was out and after her perfomance votes rise up .

        What if I see right now is girls only because Scotty vorar by esn 17 and handsome

  2. Erm Naima has been put in the poll, and James left off.

    Naima's doing pretty well too….has 2% of the vote so far, she hasn't performed, and won't be.

    Good job!

  3. Everyone vote tonight! If you don't want to see your favorite voted off tonight then vote for them!

    • Its just the start of the performances and so far James has a wonderful rendition of When my Guitar gently weeps.. I like to see stefano… i hope he will have a good show also tonight.

  4. Good performance by Jacob, nice way to open the show Hailey's doing Janis next. That should be interesting.

  5. wow! Props to Jacob on the song choice! I really liked it..and I was starting to dislike him!

  6. Very nice job from Haley, OMG tonight will be so difficult to send home someone if all of them are this strong!

  7. Hailey's stock is rising. She's definitley bringing herself back from the brink of elimination. Good performance from her.

    • I agree. Haley has really been proving herself, in my opinion, lately. Her little growl is super and always gives me the chills.

      • growling at times shows style in singing, but use it every time and frequently? it becomes so annoying. That's why I don't like the way Hailey sing. It's a pain in my eardrums…

    • @Shawn : I think it was really good, agreed.

      @Alexia : The growl does haunts me and I love it.

      @Michael : The growl shows her own uniqueness and style and that makes her one of the best.

      • uniqueness and style doesn't make you one of the best.. it has to sound great and pleasing to the ear.. without it, you'll look as if you're trying too hard. And at some points every time she sings, I can see that she's trying a little bit too hard to impress, and that's not good. It only becomes irritating.

  8. I think Haley did a good job (so did Jacob). Still a little growly (sp?) but still pretty good.

  9. I was not surprised Casey got voted off. I thought he was getting too silly, a bit sloppy looking and unlikeable. I think it put things in perspective for him and he definitely responded well! Great performance Casey, I love your act again!!

  10. I think everyone's performances have been great so far! I wonder who's going to be in the bottom 3…

  11. I loved both Casey and Lauren too and still I am nervous lol nobody deserves to go home so far. I hope the rest perform as good

  12. hi go casey and scotty u guys go rock the stage u guys just go and have fun. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. well i think i like casey and scotty and dont forget lauren there good there awesome gooooooooooooo…………. SCOTTY

    • yes, I was wanting to see this side of him and it worked-even using his 'tyler' vocals on the end note which he does well. I'm really IN LOVE w/his rock all over the stage though-true talent, performance & entertainer.

  14. Let's see if Scotty remains the one trick pony. How can he be leading the poll and not sing?

  15. hahaha Scotty so so entertaining!!! he is so good!! lol and always puts a smile in my face

  16. Tough night.. their pulling out the big guns.. My heart is with Casey, but James did such an awesome performance.

  17. I hope that for the results show that they stick with the format that they used last week in having the contestants do duets and small group numbers, instead of the god awful group numbers.

  18. Scotty is my favorite! What at amazing performance!

    I hope he sings more Elvis. He has the perfect voice for it.

  19. i missed the first half of the show…just saw pia. liked it but she is so reserved. anyone wanna tell me how scotty did with elvis? that seems interesting.

  20. who did u guys vote for scotty james lauren casey u know what i mean so who did u vote for and who do u like the best

  21. OMG! Scotty nailed the King of Rock and Roll's "that's alright mama" hit …. Scotty keeps on loving us tenderly with his oh so sexy voice and love you like a virgin looks

  22. I love Stefano!! he is so so sweet and even the polls show he will go home I hope with all my heart he can stay. I love his voice

  23. Think Paul will be able to keep up to these great performances? His voice has really sounded strained lately, to me.

  24. i like stefano..cute guy…but nothing real exciting about his voice for me. but i have only seen two can't tell you where he fits in tonight. i keep thinking haley will go home..but have been so wrong. but how did she do tonight?

    • She was absolutely AWESOME tonight! (Haley) She cut loose with a JANIS JOPLIN song, A LITTLE PIECE OF MY HEART! Nicely done!

  25. Scotty, you were definitely in the Elvis Zone with your performance tonight. My wife has been an Elvis fan since 1965 and she was so moved by your performance that I may get lucky tonight -God bless you!

  26. Hands down jacob did an amazing job, followed by pia! Waiting for sexy eye candy Paul to perform

  27. I'm not a Paul fan but I found myself enjoying that performance. I think he won't be going home this week.

  28. Well Paul was the only one that I didnt like.

    Tonight was incredible! and in my humble opinion the one going home will be Paul.

    Difficult to pick 3 lowest they were awesome!

    Maybe Casey, Paul and Stefano … Paul going home

    • I agree with you, Paul should be going home, eventhough, he has a nice face…..but the show is about the voice and not the looks.

      • what's your problem with Paul, he stepped it up a notch and did very well tonight.all u talk abt is looks?.geez man

      • paul has a great voice darling but only up to top 9. there are 8 other better singers. he has done enough and can't get further up in this competition. u must accept it.

    • DEFINITELY not casey. He was easily the best of the night. I think jacob will be in B3 and stefano or jacob will go home, paul got the pimp spot and did a pretty good job

    • Right on brother! I hope so much that she goes – strong voice but like I said once before "BORING". She just proved it tonight, she's too stiff and can't move no matter how much research Jennifer told her to do. Don't know what's going down with Paul but didn't sound good at all and looked uncomfortable.

      • Were u even watching or listening? Paul sounded great,did very well overall and was enjoying obviously have something against him

  29. ok on the recap…i think stefano or paul could be in danger..though jacob's dancing and mannerisms are ackwardly distracting. haley in the brief part i saw was ok. casey is another i think is ackward and more like a local bar singer. i would have liked to have seen all of scotty's and james's performances. but i will see them later. pia, lauren, james, and scotty should be safe.

  30. Scotty I have never been an Elvis fan but your song tonight may have changed my mind

    • I've been waiting/wanting him to sing Elvis and add some shake rattle and roll. Enjoyed his rock w/o twang but he does a great job with country. He's really an entertainer with alot of personality.

  31. Casey was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The bottom 3 should be Jacob, Haley, and Stefano, with Haley packing her bags.

    • Haley did very good tonight, the song fit her and only 3 girls left. Paul and Casey voices just didn't cut it tonight, although I like them both as performers.

  32. Great performances tonight! Loved James, Haley, Casey and Jacob, in that order. I think Paul, Stefano and Lauren in bottom three (hopefully not Haley)… say bye to Stefano even though his performance was better than Paul's.

  33. I loved Scotty performance,he was amazing.As for Pia she doesnt stand out to me. I love Lauren, real talent there and James was awesome.

  34. Highlights…Scotty, Lauren, and James ….not so much for Haley, Jacob, and Stefano.

  35. scotty really is quite the entertainer. i think he has the "it" factor. really should do well in life. perhaps he and lauren will one day record a song.

    • Scotty is a real singer! Love that voice and I can definitely see him singing country music business soon. My granddaughter is staying here tonight and she too is a Scotty fan.

  36. I am from canada, I have been watching this show from the beginning. The judges the past few years have been just ok for me, but I have to say, that Jennifer and Steve are a great, great addition to the show, I hope they stay for a long time. They are just what the contestants need, they give good critisism, and the contestants take it, and work on it, to improve, and by golly, they do every week. Congrats to the makers of American Idol, they found something that works. Good job.

    • Yes, Jennifer and Steve are great judges….so is Randy… I am from Canada too….and I have been watching the American Idol for almost 6 years and I love it.!

      • I'm too am from Canada and I disagree with you. I LOVE Jennifer & Steve as artists but I'm not too fond of Steve's criticism. He tends to agree with whatever Jennifer & Randy say . . . as harsh as Simon was, he saw it as it was so I wonder what he thinks of this talent. I miss him.

      • I'm from Maine been watching for years. So Miss Simion he said it the way you thought it on your couch like he could read peoples mind. Like Steve and Jen But they are to polite and to nice at times when they shouldn't be wish they were a little more forward and honest.

  37. james you did it! OMG! This guy is so good it's crazy. Just seeing him slow things down just blew me away. it goes to show James can be the complete package . It does not get any better than that! I'm in awe.

  38. I have always been a Scotty fan and even I was impressed tonight! The most likely to be a success. He will be a huge Country star

  39. I am just to excited to even speak—Scotty u are just amazing to me——–Unbelieveable how a 17 year old can sing so very great. Let me give my standing ovation I will vote for you rite now—– U may go all the way this year. great job my son!!!!!!

  40. Wow! I think at the end of the day it comes down to who have the strongest fan base. I think everybody did a good job. If I had to pick a bottom three (based upon fan base) I would have to go with Paul, Stefano and Haley. Again, strictly on the fan base. But I thought they all did a very good job.

    My personal favorites performances tonight were James, Lauren and Casey. Although Scotty really surprised me, I thought his performance was really good. Who knew?

  41. Jacob Lusk really sang Man in the mirror beautiful. They all did a great Job. But my favorite is Jacob Lusk. then Lauren Alaina is my second choice.singing Natural Woman.

  42. What great talents! It is hard to pick just one. Good luck to all but I love Casey, Sotty and James!

  43. Haley, pia, scotty and lauren did the best! Stefano, Paul, and Jacob should be the bottom three with Stefano leaving…although i would like to see jacob leave!

  44. I think the performance of american idol tonight was fantastic. But give all to jacob

  45. "FANTASTIC "


    ALSO YOU JUDGES ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  46. James was absolutely fabulous as usual. Casey was great and Stefano was good. There was only one bad performance and it was Paul. Even at those opinions of mine, I expect the bottom three to be Pia, Stefano and Paul. Tough call on who goes. Hopefully Paul.

  47. I think lauren did a great job to night my vote is for lauren all the way. GO LAUREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • well i think lauren did a good job but you know jacob scotty and pia also did a great job i just dont know which one to pick.

  48. scotty was great. go james and scotty, we love em. lauren and casey too. i hope pia and jacob go home soon.

  49. I Loved Scotty he has done really good this seanson…!!!! I think so far he should be one of the last one's to go home.. Keep up the good work Scotty….

    • I had to mute the sound and cover my eyes. I can't stand to watch him or hear him. His comment about if he's in the bottom three was so incredibly arrogant. Unbelievable, he deserves to go home for that comment alone.

      • Jacob has a great voice, but I don't care for him. Why, I don't know, but he turns me off.

      • Jacob is far from being my favorite, but when he started to sing I walked away from the TV and just listened instead of watching him. He is good and I caught some similarities to Teddy Pendergast in his performance.

    • No way! Jacob is going home this week and we can't wait. GO SCOTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I wanted to see him go from day one but still here and I expect that he'll be here another week 1, because he sang MJ Song people like him .2, because of his interview was about being true to your self and all that stuff and about America taking a look in the mirror 3, well I think that certain people like him for a certain reason. he can go home ,a vote off button would be nice. I like PIA but I think James did awesome and Paul wasn't that bad either for being a geek my op pion anyways .

  50. Great show but I think Stefano will go. Would like to see Pia and Jacob leave. Pia is beautiful, has a fantastic voice but has zero entertainment ability. Jacob, I find totally annoying. Love quirky Paul, don't think he's the American Idol but I enjoy his unusual voice and like to watch him perform. Scotty and James will be the last one's standing but if I'm wrong who cares cause they're crazy good and gonna sell lots of albums.

    • You said it all. Pia is as entertaining as it is to watch paint dry. Apparently she can't walk and sing at the same time. just makes awful faces and noises. My FAVS: Paul, Casey, Haley, and James. Amazing entertaining singers.

      • EXACTLY-Pia IS NOT an entertainer. J Lo tactfully told her to 'keep pushing' as well as Randy.

    • Dee that was great. I totally agree. I like Paul as a person but his vocals are so limited. I loved Haley, James, and thought Scotty did very well tonight, I was surprised. I think Stephano, Jacob, and Paul will be in the bottom three. I think Stephano will go home. I really like them all, I thought tonights show was awesome. I feel bad for Stephano. I really like him, I just don't think his fan base is as big as the others.

  51. scotty is my favorite then lauren jacob i think paul did not do johnny cash song justice very disappointed

    in that his voice is not deep enough scotty should do cashes songs

  52. Loved the show tonight. I was not impressed with Paul this week, it may be time for him to go home. I loved Scotty, James, and Casey.

    • I agree. I think Scotty, James and Casey will be the last three standing. I thought the performances tonight were the best I've seen from most of them but I think Stefano will be the one who is eliminated. He still does not make enough of a connection with the audience. I also am not crazy about Jacob. He overdoes it.

      • I think top 3 will be Scotty, Pia and James with Casey and Lauren in 4th and 5th.

        Paul likely will be going home, his voice it getting worst and he should get his vocal cords looked at soon.

  53. It's hard to say for me who the bottom 3 will be. If I go by who I thought didn't have some of the best performances tonight(though they were all good) the bottom three would be Stefano, Lauren, and Paul. Not saying that I didn't like their performances, but just theirs weren't as good as some of the others. I also can't say for sure whose going home.

  54. Tonight was Great! Hayle,Paul and James are best.I think Stefano has his own signature also.I like when singers going from "zero to hero"…It is fun to watch growing talent in front of your eyes.

  55. PAUL ? I think he is so diffrent than all the others. He is great at this, and puts on a show. I think he is great. Hope he makes it to the top 5.

      • She serious! Go Paul!!!! (and Casey) They are so unique..amazing and entertaining artists.

      • I am very serious. I have been in the music business for over 30 years, and I know when I see some one that is good. I did not say he should win. I think he is diffrent, and is good at what he does.

    • Paul is bottom 3. Jacob or Paul will go home tonight! I personally wish Jacob would stay & Paul go…

  56. …… 3 to stand: Scotty, Pia & James…Rest of the season determines the order. Scotty & James…know they're ready for the big time…and if Pia knew how to play the crowd & perform and had their confidence…it'd be a hard call. Right now….Scotty's a "surefire" future hit maker at an early age…the camera loves him which is a plus.

    • no.

      It's Lauren instead of Pia.

      Pia is great but Jesus! she's boring.

      she doesn't even move. LOL 😀 😀 😀

  57. Stefano, Jacob, or Paul, pack your bags. these three can't hang with singers like pia lauren haley and scotty

    • Agreed: Those are the bottom three now, even though the entire crew of 9 is the strongest 9 I've ever seen. And this was a great, great night for AI. I'm kind of hoping that it's Jacob to go; I'm more in favor of giving Paul and Stefano another week than Jacob.

      • Nooo…….Jacob stay & Paul go. If teen girls voted last night Stefano is not even in bottom 3

  58. Paul McDonald is absolutely fabulous, he needs to sing some music from the group TRAIN, Patrick Monohan, Like SanFrancisco, Soul Sister, Parachute, Meet Virginia {other album} Words, BRICK BY BRICK


  59. Casey,James and Paul are you top 3 everyone else is over esp Pia who cant dance and sing at the same time ever and Stefano who has the last three weeks ruined the songs he has sang

  60. Casey is so talented – wonderful singer. I love the judges this year. This year has been the best. The show has outstanding talent. I wish I could vote for all of them. Please don't cancel the show.

  61. Oh my god Scotty made me feel like jelly. His performance made me want to go up there and glomp him to death! I also loved James' and Casey's performances! 😀

  62. any one who said paul mcdonald will go home is crazy, he is so different he's amazing, he will make it without Idol if he leaves. Jennifer needs to get over Stefano. Casey is going, Stefano, I love James Durbin. He may be the next Idol. Paul is the best….

  63. The final 3 wil be Pia, James and Scotty. Paul should be the next to go. His smile can only take him so far, he's the worst singer I've ever heard.

  64. Paul is so talented. I think Stefano or Pia should go home…Lauren and Scottie are amazing!

  65. I would like to see Pia going home. She has a beautiful voice, but is so boring!!!! Love you Stefano! The best tonight …..James.

  66. James, Lauren and Pia were great again.

    Paul is an embarrassment, I hope that's the last time I have to hear his awful warbling.

      • She's blind and deaf! lol She can't see or hear talent. America just might not get it from the comments made here. Paul is a unique artist. Check out his You Tube Videos with his band.

      • I agree, this one's obviously tone deaf to the max..saying paul is an embarrassment? he/she is the one who's an embarrassment.. Paul is one of the most unique individuals you'll find

      • arwaf: You might want to look up unique in the dictionary. There are not degrees of unique. Something cannot be most unique. It is either unique or it isn't. Not that you would know this. Obviously.

    • Paul is a emabressment. You do not have to have 30 years in the music bussiness to see that. But, if he keeps his dorky dance moves in check, there are a few that should go before him.

      • Ahh Pauls dance moves are hot. And no, I can't say I read the dictionary. Did you pull out the dictonary to tell me what unique means? Are you a Pia and Jacob fan? You must lead a very boring life. Blaaahh. Go Paul and Casey. MUAH

  67. Scotty is the bestt.. (:

    The people who need to pack this week is between.. Pia, Haley, Stefano, or Paul. They deffinetly did not do there bestt. Scotty is so amazingg.. he is gonna win! (for sure!) GOOO SCOTTY! <3

  68. While I am not sure who will go home this week, I don't think it will be Paul, I think Stefano's number will be up this week. I am not a Paul fan, when he sings he sounds like a chain smoker and I don't know how in the world he made it this far, but if it were my decision alone I would say that this week Paul will be kept on and Stefano will be going home, but the decision is not mine so I don't say who will be going home. They all did well tonight.

    • Please, Please, Pleeeeaasse vote for Stefano. Cast as much votes as you can by 11:30pm. Stefano can not go home and I'm worried that he will since everyone tonight did so well. Niether Jacob or Paul has to go home. But Please, keep voting for Stefano. He has to stay.

  69. i really hope scotty goes far i would buy his cds his voice is just os wonderfull<3

  70. Pia is going to win it with James and Scotty being in the final 3 with her. Paul will be the next to go, or he SHOULD be the next to go. Women who only see the smile and fool themslves into thinking he can sing might keep around for another week but he'll be history soon.

    • I would agree but Scotty has been on top the last few weeks with Pia and James tied for 2nd.

      Girls are at a disadvantage on the show at times because younger girls seem to be the most fanatical with old women a close 2nd.

  71. If justice wins out and the worst 3 are in the bottom 3, then it should be Casey, Paul, and Jacob. Those 3 were positively the worst tonight! For tonight, the best 3 were Haley, Scotty, and Pia. Good performances were also put in by Lauren and Stefano as well. Great show overall, however.

    • Then you obviously haven't heard the greatness of CCR. Casey did an amazing job with his song choice and choosing upright base for the song. It's one of their best songs and I think he did fantastic.

  72. Paul may have to drop out soon due to problems with his vocal cords or could lead to him getting fewer votes.

    Stephano, Jacob and Haley were very good tonight, the songs fit them well but their fan base maybe just too weak to save them much longer.

  73. I would like to see Casey,James,Scotty in the top three. What great talent. What a great show, what outstanding judges. They really care about the singers and want truly like to see all of them reach their dream.

  74. Steffano will go home this week, because he has only one way to sing. Good looking kid, but not much talent.

  75. Keep voting for Stefano!!! I beg all of you. Come on all of you Stefano fans, now is your time to show him love and give him support for this difficult night.keep voting till 11:30pm. VOTE Stefano, 1866-43657-08!

  76. All the ones that said Paul is horrible and did badly tonight are obviously tone deaf

  77. Shawn, Lauara, Mary are nuts. Paul was and is awesome. Bert go se Ernie you're off your rocker too.

  78. Scotty, James and Lauren will be the last 3 standing. They are amazing. Hope Jacob, Paul and .Pia are in the bottom 3 this week. I agree, Pia can't walk and chew gum at the same time. I suspected that she had very little rhythm from the beginning.

      • does anyone ever wonder what the black guy that didnt wany Scotty in his group during the tryout phase, thinks now?????just saying lol

      • I know Mike, I thought about that tonight. That guy was so sure of himself that he didn't want a country singer in his group. He was completely rude to Scotty that night. Bet he feels like a dummy now lol. While he is sitting at HOME!!!

  79. Who's going home? I am. It's late. I'm tired and need to get home to watch A.I. on the West coast! 🙂

      • +1 I watched it and was not impressed. He always tries to win the crowd over by saying, "How ya doing all?" And what was with the 15 second guitar solo when he should be singing? He should be docked for that.

  80. Clearly Pia and James are the main two front runners as of now. Not that I understand that though.

    I wish America would expand their idea of what they consider talent. Someone like Casey (who's also an amazing musician) would never win (which is extremely sad) just because it's too different from the Idol winner which is supposed to only appeal to the mainstream pop industry.

    I think American Idol is getting away from the whole reason it started. To find unique talent that isn't going to be autotuned or be forced to change into an artist that fits what we believe should be an American Idol.

    • How did you arrive at the conclusion that Pia and James are the front runners? Scotty is and always has been the front runner. Look at the poll above. Look at the Vegas odds. All Scotty.

      • You are right in that sense but I'm basing it on past Idol winners and many other sites. Depends on how you look at it.

        I also didn't add that I didn't mind Scotty being as popular as he is (he had his best performance tonight in my opinion) and you know what? Maybe what I'm saying is being proven wrong if America votes for a country singer for the right reasons – and not just because he's a charming, small town boy with a big voice.

      • Nikita; Considered from your point of view, I agree. I'm still shaking my head about Lee DeWyze. Even Kris Allen is a bit of a head scratcher. On the bright side, Scotty only needs to go to top 3 and he'll have a Nashville deal. So if james wins, I'm good with that.

      • and what would ne wrong wiyh being a smalltown country boy with a big voice?? I know of a lot of country singers I would refer to as American Idols. ie George Strait, Garth Brooks, Kenney Chesney…It is American Idol, not Pop Idol, or Rock Idol.

      • Mary, I think I should have phrased that better. I mean young girls voting just for the sake of "Oh my goodness, he's so sexy/hot/cute/good looking" and not for raw, genuine talent. I mean look at the tweets saying "I voted for Scotty 284793847293842 times – please tweet me back Scotty it would mean the world to me"

        That's what I'm getting at.

      • Nakita, I hear what you are getting at, but the same goes for Paul. If he weren't so cute I don't think he would still be there. Personally, I think he has the weakest voice there. I don't see Pia as the AI either, she is so beauty pageant like. I'd say she has had years of voice training, but lacks in any kind of "real" performance ability. Everyone has their favorites, mine are James, Scotty and Lauren. I think James is the most versatile one of them all. He takes it to the max every time. Not that he is necessarily the one that gets my vote all the time tho. But hey, cute, sexy sells lol. Sad but true. Lot of em out there these days can't sing their way out of a wet paper bag, but for some reason they are selling cd's .

  81. Casey might be on his way out. He just didn't put on a performance tonight. A very drab showing and he ruined a great and classic song.

    • On the contrary, I think he had one of the better performances of the night. He's unique with a great voice and killer musical skills.

      Not many contestants like that in my opinion.

    • ROFLMFAO. I don't know what the hell you're listening to, but I think he did an amazing job with CCR. I think he picked a really really great song and he did such a great job. I was so glad to see him return to his bass. The one who is boring is definitely Stefano. 😐

  82. If you watch Pia's walk around the judges table, she needed to keep her hand on something, the table, the chair, whatever, tryin hard to keep herself grounded…even the little glance down at the stairs when she made her way back up. Girl, you're hot, but please LET GO!!! "Stomp it out!" like Jennifer said! Be a performer!

  83. They were all super great tonight . It will be hard to vote anyone of them off.

  84. PIA reminds me of Carrie underwood ,Jacob needs to go he belongs on Broadway or something , Two thumbs up for James I could see him as a Adam Lambert/Daughtry,Paul has something he has potential not sure what hes lacking but he is lacking something,Haley I think she sings good but she looks and acts fake on stage. Lauren she also sings good but lacks confidants or connecting with the song choice and Stefano well he is cute and can sing but connecting with the song and performing I think hes trying to hard or something

    I do not see him lasting long and there is Scotty I just do not care for him he does not struck me as an artist some one that is going to make it big . Just my thoughts of them all. Wish them all the best I hope next year is a better group.

    • Joline, I sure wish there was a way we could wager he would have the most successful career, POST IDOL. As from were I'm sitting Scotty is the only one that offers anything close to being unique and marketable. Haily is somewhat unique, so she might have a shot. James may very well win this years compitition, but there is NOTHING uniquie or marketable about him. And that squinty eye disorder will not help him. Jacob and Pia, are talented singers … But I do not see a large demand for the music they sing. And the reat … Forget it. Not even close.

      • I Agree, I might add though, Haley is different and we need different for this show. We've seen the others before. Scotty doesnt need Idol the producers are chomping at the bit right now.

    • You R very strange. I cant believe u are saying Scotty doesnt have potential. U need hearing aids Scotty will win this year although he wasnt my favorite at the beginning he is the best out of all of them!!! I have ALWAYS waited to vote till the end of show to honestly vote for whoever was best and deserved the vote-I find myself almost every week with Scotty-That tells me something rite there———-

  85. What I don't understand is why any of the singers have to do something out of their comfort zone?? When and if they have recording contracts do you really think the studios are going to have them go against what they are good at?? The public is going to buy their records because they like that type of music and who they are as artists. Do you really think Elvis would have recorded heavy metal??

    • Thank you!!! That's so true – I mean take Scotty for instance – would anyone buy an album of him singing ballads? LOL.

      I don't think so.

      • Scotty, is one of the best singers on idol this year this guy can sing anything pop or country his voice is amazing I kno about music since nI have sung for 30 years please people wake up listen to the voice and the range per also the performace ok

      • Marty, who do you think will be going home this week? bottom 3? how would you rank the AI stars?

  86. Was it me or did they lower the volume on the music to make the singers voices stand out more this week.

    • I also thought that the actual voices were clearer and stronger tonight — which is, after all, why we're watching this show. The accompaniments were just what they should have been — the background. It was a great, great show, IMO, and the vocals reigned.

    • I ALMOST agree with ya: I say Scotty, James, Pia and Haley as the top four — with Lauren and Casey tied for fifth.

  87. James Durbin has got my vote. This year they are all so talented. It's strange how there are so many good ones this year compared to any other year. Paul you need to sing Rod Stewart to show off your unique voice.

    • james is good I think Scotty and he are the the top 2 my vote is Scotty why? because that boy can sing anything and he is amazing I have sung for 30 yrs and I have never run across anyone to match his talent yet he do anything he wants to he has my vote all the way

      • James has my vote too! James is fun to watch, he entertains as well as sings! Scotty is another cookie-cutter country western singer!

      • Marty, Scotty is wonderful and yes he can sing, but you saying you have been singing for thirty years and have never seen anyone that can match his talent is UNBELIEVABLE. I have been in music for over thirty years also, and have seen many better voices. That being said, I think Scottie is getting better every week. I also like him a lot, but he has very little range above a baritone if any. So for say you have not seen nobody like him makes me doubt just how many true vocalists you have actually seen if you are truely being unbiased in your post. I am not trying to be a smarty pants. Just don't believe you guys when you talk about his range and vocals. If you mean from baritone to bass, I would not argue at all. He is EXCEPTIONAL in that range. I don't really care for Jacob, but the guy has got the vocals and range way more than Scotty. James has unbelievable range also, the screaming that's complained about here on him is part of Rock n Roll, so I understand that and like him very much. Pia can sing, but that's it. Lauren has very good vocals and range, more than most. Paul has the least vocal talent of them all, zero range but he is absolutely a great performer with the best personality on the show. I hope he goes far. Stefano can sing very well with nice vocals, just doesn't connect for some reason with most but probably the best attitude of them all. Haley really has great vocals and range. Just because she growls a little and turns some off doesn't have anything to do with her vocals and range, they are way better than average. Just my take and opinion. Me and my family have really enjoyed this year, all of the top eleven were just awesome in there own way. Thanks you all. I promise to never take this much time again

      • I agree Tess, Scottie in my opinion may have been the best tonight. OUTSTANDING performance.

    • Moni, i have said from the beginning that Paul is a Rod Stewert Copy cat. Thats what he should be singing. It would fit his voice.

  88. James rocks the house every week (except we saw his soft side tonight) and he is already a pro!!!! Scotty is not overated at ALL. I say James, Scotty and not sure who will be the last of the 3 standing. Jacob needs to go home.

    • I saw See ya Paul—Never should have been in top 20—Never should have tried out actually Got a band u say-Stick with them then

  89. Gr8 show. My suggestions..Stefano sing Steve Perry, Pia bye bye, ur boring, Casey do "Brown Eyed Girl" its good for ur voice and the bass, Jacob do something from the Temptations, maybe "My Girl", Paul sing Seals and Crofts, Jim go with an Eagle song, or Genesis, or Billy Idol, Scotty does Elvis well, go there again, Haley, ever heard of Stevie Nicks? LUV this show. I hope Pia goes. She will do great, but she's not my "Idol."

    • exactly, I think Haley should do some Stevie Nicks.Thunder only happens when its raining…Hell yeah!

  90. omg..forgot suggestion for Lauren…Carole King or Carly Simon. Song selection vip.

  91. respectfully SO disagree with Jolene #1 response…

    This is the best group EVER on Idol and they are all dripping with talent.. WOW.. Sorry Jolene, but Scotty is already a star, along with James, Hailey, Pia, Casey, and Paul right behind. Jacob, Lauren and Stafano are all great but with the competition so keen, they need to step it up.. thinking Stefano is going home.

    Jolene, you might want better next year and at the same time, I believe it will be a LONG time before AI has this many talented people in the top 9.

    bottom three… Lauren Stafano, and Jacob.. Think Paul did a very entertaining performance tonight and will keep out of the bottom three..

    It is SO difficult to choose and vote now as they all have their own greatness about them. 🙂

  92. this is what I think of the 9 contestants remaining:

    Jacob- broadway singer

    Casey- good entertainer, voice? not really… I've seen guys who could sing like him and so talented in NY subways… He could try in America Got Talent.

    Haley– unique

    Lauren– sings like Kelly Clarkson and reminds me like kelly clarkson..not unique we already have it KELLY CLARKSON.

    James– Unique

    Pia– sings like Jordan sparks or like the contestants on this season –season six. Again we have it already.

    Scotty– unique, like him!!

    Stephano– like james but five steps behind.

    Paul– unique

    This is just what i think…

      • James is a Adam Lambert the second. Scotty doesnt need Idol producers are chomping at the bit right now. Haley is new, different and deserves to win but she wont, Scotty will.

      • I diagree whole heartedly! James Durbin is no Adam Lambert!!! He is Awesome and btw , American Idol is a family show.!!!

    • Stephano didn't listen to his coach. If he would have put the pauses / hesitations in this song it would have been much better. When he sang, you could almost feel his nervousness. He is getting better at performing while he sings. I can't walk and talk at the same time-they are all impressive.

    • It was Stephano's best night, but not the best performance of the night. We had too many excellent artists. What a treat.

  93. Tonight was an incredible night! I would like to here Paul sing I Try….Macy Gray and……Scotty needs to sing some JohnnCash…..lololol…..Everyone was awesome tonight !

  94. scotty, 28 percent?? i mean he is good, but i think there is some better voices in the competition. his song this week wasn't that amazing

    • U need to vote then continuslly for ur fav!! for me I beieve Scotty deserves every bit of the 29% and more!!!!!

  95. this is what i think of the contestants….

    1.jacob-like him alot !! hes perfect for R&B

    2.haley-my favorite!! her growl and bluesy voice is so unique


    4.lauren-theres too many like her…i like her but america doesnt need her

    5.james-wannabe adam lambert! he cant even sing..all he does is scream and its getting old! we already have adam!

    6.scotty-theres too much country guys like him and he tries too hard..but hes ok?

    7.pia-shes really boring…zzzzz

    8.stefano-another boring one

    9.paul-he has a weak voice and it gets annoying everytime i hear

    if u dont agree with what i say, im sorry but this is my opinion.

    • I agree mostly except for Scotty and James.

      All the country singers like Scotty are a decade or 2 older than him, so he is very much needed.

      There simply are not enough young rock singers now, yes there is Adam who was 26 and may have been the most trained and polished to be on AI, with over 10yrs vocal training from age 10 and a few years of pro polishing before AI.

      James is not in his league yet but with proper training maybe someday.

    • I think Scotty is great his kind of voice is one in a lifetime the people that are making comments have thier say but listen to the quality of the voice Scotty is a gift from God how many people of his age can sing like that the girls love him he is good looking and he can sing anything he wants he has my vote

      • Marty, you took the thoughts right out of my head. Scotty is a breath of fresh air. It's not only the young girls who love him. We older folks up here in Canada love him as well. Let's not forget Casey. He deserves a top spot.

  96. James is so talented. American Idol is so lucky to have someone like him on the show. My two favoites are James and Jacob.

  97. they all were very good tonight but I think it will come down to james and scotty.

  98. James is my favorite! He is fearless and unique. He can sing as well as put on a great show, and it seems effortless and natural for him! I feel like he never lets the hype get in his way, and always remembers where he came from. You deserve the award this year James!

  99. I'm sorry but I just don't think that Paul did a good job with that song. Sang it way too fast. Could've done a better rendition of that song even being kinda crazy. Poor Johnny Cash. Hope he is in the bottom 3 this week. I think Pia is going to make it to the end with Scotty.

    • Pia has a good voice, but she's NOT very entertaining. Scotty has a great county sound, but their are so much talent already in this genre-he need's to figure out how to set himself apart from the competition. He would do well to step up the showmanship.

  100. Here is my ratings for best to worst:

    1:Scotty wow I never really looked at him much until tonight because he has proven that he would make a Good AI winner I am now a fan!

    2:Casey Love Him excellent performance and well done with CCR!

    3:Haley Absolutely Gorgeous and my favorite on the show Did fantastic tonight!

    4:James Gotta Love James Very Talented and he calmed it down well, Great job

    5:Lauren She was really good, I liked it!

    6:Paul Always liked him hes got style and is fun to watch love him to death!

    7:Stefano I really do like Stefano but as the Competition shrinks he falls to my bottom 3!

    8:Jacob I think he has a stellar voice but I'm starting to dislike him!

    9:Pia Sorry but I gotta tell you she is pathetically overrated and boring hope she goes if America would take their bloody earplugs out of their ears and vote for real talent! Pia has been my least favorite since the top 13 besides Karen and Ashton

    I personally think Haley has the best talent and voice and should be crowned American Idol winner this year or Scotty because He is so damn talented Great show hope America votes right!

  101. I think they all did good tonight Paul is different and I like the way he sings. No rules..great job Paul. I also loved Scotty, and James was awesome..

    • James and Pia ??? are you kidding???? wow how do you have in the top three as I believe James and Pia are in the top 5 with Scotty, and Hailey.. amazing how opinions differ…

      • I agree with the whole James thing but pia has worn out me with all the ZZZZZZZZZZ. I gotta go take a nap. lol

    • Pia, Jacob and Haley I would not miss. Keep Paul a bit longer. Casey, Scotty and James deserve to stay till the end. They will all get a recording contract.

  102. All was good just have to go with my favorite Scotty, can’t vote for them all.

  103. We have so many talented artists this year that it is extremly difficult to chose one over the other.

    Right I would pick Casey, James, Scotty as my top three, not necessarily in that order.

    What a feast…….I always look forward to hear the contestants trying their best.

    A true canadian Fan.

  104. Phone lines are busy. I voted by downloading songs from Scotty and Casey. James Durbin deserves to stay until the end, because he brings energy and emotions to the show yet listening to the recording without seeing him, left something to be desired. Instruments overwhelming.

  105. Stefano is one of the best contestant in AI.. Nothing beats his vocal range.. Pls vote for him.. Also like pia.. I bet pia and stefano will be in the final.promise!

    • i disagree… his itunes songs are dull…. he will never be a recording star…. same with jacob…

  106. I liked James, seems he listen suggestions to sing slowly, he is good, I like Haley and Casey because they sang what I had suggested, Paul with his rendition of Folsom Prison Blues was great Pia, I like her voice and she is pretty but as someone said here she can not walk and sing at the same time,definitely not thinking about singing and dancing at the same time she could not do it
    Overall the show tonigt was very good and entertaining

  107. My top 3 are Casey, James and Stefano. 🙂 Pia is a little overrated. I'm gettin' kinda bored with Scotty. But, I do think he may be in the top 3 since he does have a lot of fans. Jacob's just okay. I get kinda irritated with his face cause it looks like he's always about to cry. I hate that he's being dramatic all the time. Paul has this unique voice. He just have to pick songs that are suited for his unique voice. Lauren's good too. As for Haley, she's got an amazing style of singing. Overall, they are all great! Casey and James are the best for me, though. 😀

  108. Hey, bumshell 🙂 I agree with your top 3 and bottom 3. 🙂 Though I like Stefano, I also agree that he may not be as strong as the other singers. 🙂

    • Stefano has a strong voice too but only up to top 9. there are better singers in the AI show compare to him. sorry stefano, time to go home.

  109. Pia kinda bores me. 🙂 I know she's great and everything but, I think there are a lot of singers out there that already sound like her.

  110. Oh boy, Scotty does have a lot of fans. He is really talented. But, he's really monotonous for me. 🙂

  111. i really think scotty and lauren should date. they have such a strong chemistry, especially when they did the duet of that song, "I told you so".

    I bet when the girls jumped up on the stage and gave Scotty big hugs on last night's show, Lauren might have been damn jealous and could have been cried inside.

    • Scotty will be a recording artist right after American Idol. He will be like Elvis or Johnny Cash.

      Casey – maybe he should sing with a band and be the lead vocalist (be something like muse or radiohead)000

      Hailey – she will be the next Colbie Calliat

      Jacob – go back to be a spa concierge manager. he will sing in a choir of a church

      Paul – he also should sing with a band and be something like one republic, new found glory

      Stefano – he should be a model or an actor not a singer. he has a superb face for the next brad pitt

      Lauren – she will be the next Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood

      James – if he is lucky he can be the next Adam Lambert but until now Adam has not commented on any of James's performance

      Pia – she should be an actress or a model too just like Stefano and both of them should really get married. They are a match in heaven and will have pretty babies, Italian heritage. Pia will become Mrs. Pia Langone :p

  112. scotty will be a recording artist right after American Idol. He will be like Elvis or Johnny Cash.

    Casey – maybe he should sing with a band and be the lead vocalist (be something like muse or radiohead)

    Hailey – she will be the next Colbie Calliat

    Jacob – go back to be a spa concierge manager. he will sing in a choir of a church

    Paul – he also should sing with a band and be something like one republic, new found glory

    Stefano – he should be a model or an actor not a singer. he has a superb face for the next brad pitt

    Lauren – she will be the next Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood

    James – if he is lucky he can be the next Adam Lambert but until now Adam has not commented on any of James's performance

    Pia – she should be an actress or a model too just like Stefano and both of them should really get married. They are a match in heaven and will have pretty babies, Italian heritage. Pia will become Mrs. Pia Langone :p

  113. lol i agree with pia and stefano getting married…they really should lol… on haha spot on.

  114. Haley should go. Probably won't happen as the judges like him. When he sings, he sometimes gets this snarl on his face, showing his teeth like a squirrel. He is too squirrely for me. When Pia tries to sing something other than a mournful ballad, she screams. Cannot remember what she sang – it was forgettable. Scotty sang well and will not be going. Paul needs to pick better songs – his song was awful. Paul should sing a Ray Lamontagne song "You are the best thing" or "Trouble". Jacob has gone just about as far as he can go. I would like Haley going home (and after his final song would like for him to ask Jennifer Lopez is he is still "sexy to her". Wish Pia would make he bottom three just to let her know she does not have a lock on the American Idol. She appears to think that.

  115. So far only women have been eliminated. It's time for some of the men to go. My candidates for elimination are Jacob (belongs in a gospel group), Paul (needs deeper voice), and Stefano (cute but not enough pizzazz). Casey is the most versatile, Scotty the most consistently good, James the most soulful. Haley and Lauren are improving the most. Pia has the best voice and could come out on top by not being so perfect!

  116. in one or two years from now, people watching AI would say, "that's a great singer! She's almost like Pia". By that time, Pia won't be compared to Christina or Celine or whitney… she will be her own brand. The only reason why she is still being compared to others who sing like her is because she isn't that famous yet.

  117. I personaly liked Pia, Scotty, and James but I think Stephano is going to win it all!

  118. Scotty is amazing. It is hard to believe he is only 16. What a rich voice. Tonight was amazing.

  119. Lauren Alaina -step up your game and tell them that you aint supposed to mess with Lauren Alaina XD

  120. IMHO, the singers have divided themselves into 2 groups: group 1 is Jacob Lusk, group 2 is all the rest. All of the singers, except Jacob, tried to sing the blues and failed to some extent. The judges are disappointing: they have become cheerleaders. The sound mixers suck.

  121. I called it weeks ago! Jacob needs to go! His ignorant comment to America was the last straw. I hope he gets booted tonight for sure.

    James has the whole package. He brings it every time and is very entertaining, he will make a great role model.

    Stefano and Paul need to go too, enough is enough. Pia has been jammed down our throats long enough, up beat tempo and she still proved she has NO stage performance – still sounded like ballad, she can sing but is very boring . Lauren is a FAV for sure but still waiting to hear her belt it out like she did when she tried out an sang with Steven Tyler…I believe she is holding back but when she is ready she is going to give everyone chills.

    I hope America gets it right! Jacob needs to go tonight!!

  122. This show is so predictable because the majority of viewers are older women in their 50's or 60's who watch the show..There for I predict that Scotty is going to win. This demographic are the one's who are responsible for voting the last three in David, Kris, and Lee. We need someone unique people.

    • I think u are very wrong about the age group that watches this show—Not in my town-Its the teens and 20's

      • people of all ages watch idol, especially younger people (teen, 20's, 30's). women in their 50's and 60's definately dont play a big part in the voting. they don't even know how to use the technology to even if they wanted!

      • Uh Jill thats pretty ridiculous reasoning. I'm pretty sure women in their 50's know how to use a cell phone. But, I do agree the majority of the voters are teens and 20's

  123. Scott and Lauren are the best 2, I hope they are both standing at the end.

  124. Scotty McCreery gets my vote almost every week and I am voting honestly for the best each week. Looks like in my eyes he may win the Idol this year

  125. I really enjoyed listening to James last night. I was concerned about him last week when he danced (rocked) all over the stage and thought that he didn't showcase his voice because he was too busy going up and down the stage; etc. this week i was so glad to see him sitting there and being tender and showing his vulnerable side. His voice is awesome and he actually brought tears to my eyes. I am hoping to see him go to the finals. I know he can do it.

  126. i don't think lauren is getting enough credit. vote for her and lay off of scotty cause he is getting plenty of votes

  127. James Durbin sang a difficult song last night. As a new artist on a competitive show he could have flubbed this up greatly. It is always a danger to sing either sharp or flat when you are scared and under pressure – and it was not the case with this performance. The song has nuances and note changes galore which he addressed nicely. I thought he did it very well!

  128. Casey was so amazing. He is such an overall well rounded performer and can sing anything. He doesn't only stick to one style of music which is very unusual for these contestants. He also really enjoys himself up there and is always fun to watch.

  129. Yeh, I forgot to mention I had a four year scholarship to Julliard and was a "music expert" commentator on a reality Website that commented on American Idol performances. I did this when living in California – I moved back to the midwest a year ago. I am pulling for James; with his particular handicaps he deserves to show the world his chops!

  130. I really did enjoy all nine of them last night.

    They are all a force to reckon with.I like all of them,but this week Jacob was notthe best singer.

    Pia, Scotty,Casey,paul,Stefano,Lauren,Haley,James,Jacob

    What the heck they were all good last night.

  131. I am 59 and I really like Scotty and James and Pia.and I really want Scotty to win but I think it will be James or Pia

  132. Why are people voting for Stefano??? American the man CAN'T SANG!! wow.. America is now on crack…

  133. I think someone has to pay atention to the votes…

    Jacob lusk???? He's one of the best singers on the show.. Come On….. This show is starting to suck real bad!!!!!!!!!!

    I guess we need to bring back Simon….

    • Honestly, I am a fan of America's Got Talent and this is the first year I actually followed the whole show. I am certain it was the ill advice of the judges to prematurely push a top performer in the wrong direction. Pia – WE LOVE YOU!

  134. I believe Pia being voted off is strictly the ILL ADVICE of the judges. THEY provoked her to step out of a zone out of her time. I think the judges PUSHED her in a direction that was not matched with her talent and America did not like the outcome. It is ok to push talent in a different direction, don't get me wrong, but to MISGUIDE that direction can be disastrous. Unfortunately, we America has witnessed trusted professionals destroy the potentiality of another.


    • I believe that Casey is good and should have been saved. However, I think the judges simply misdirected Pia's talent. She does in fact need to work on her stage presence, however, not at this time. There are other areas she could have been directed and the stage presence would have became itself naturally with the comfort of her talent. PIA SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN LED TO WALK AROUND THE STAGE when she was winning top votes doing what she was doing, PERIOD. I liken that to telling a singer to play a guitar that never played one… Many singers pick that up later as an additive and PIA dancing around was premature and ruined her for this contest – and the judges PUSHED her into that. Not good.

  136. The format of the show must change. The only ones judging should be Jennifer, Steve, and Jackson. What happened tonight was a disgrace. The fans who know nothing about singing, make there own popularity contest. The fans should not have a say until the finals. This will assure the fans can only select from the best. As for myself, I will no longer watch this show.

  137. It was a sad night i want jacob and pia to be in the final. We need to see who is the singer is.

  138. Important: Last night I tried voting (on behalf of my three kids and myself) by phone for Pia, BUT THE CALL NEVER CONNECTED DESPITE MY TRYING FOR 35 MINUTES!!!

    However, my vote for Casey went through immediately.

    Was there some kind of technical glich for Pia's votes?

    • I wonder if the judges even care what the public comments are. Do they ever reply on here????

      • This seems important for officials to know…I hung up after 35 mins of trying to vote for Pia.

        Was it like this for other Pia voters?

      • Obviously it is fixed. I will not watch next week and that's what we should all do I guess.

  139. What happen Pia should have not been sent home, haley or Stefhon, should have been the one sent home, I think the voteing should changed, let american vote but let the judges have the last say. that way a good singer will not be going home.


  140. Something wrong must be going on some where

    somehow. It wouldnot have been PIA.

    Guys wake up

  141. You need to change the rules, what a huge mistake tonight. Pia is the best. Consider only one vote per person. Those of us not on Facebook or using texting are disadvantaged!Perhaps the judges should have input to weight the results. Never been so disappointed as I was tonight. Not sure I want to watch anymore.

  142. Pia gone! Sonething is wrong with the counting. I called for over an hour last night and had trouble getting through. American Idol 2011 is over for me. I will not continue watching. REALLY!!!!!!! RECOUNT111111111111111

  143. I dnt think she is the best on the show and someone had to go!! But i think she will b ok down the road

  144. It was so disappointing to see Pia,the best singer, sent home! Merica's got it wrong! Also,if the judges din't wast their sve on Casey, Pia would have had the opportunity to be save! The rules need to be changed and you should vote for the person you like the least (the one that should be sent home) I'M never watching this show again!!!!!

  145. OK lets recap Pia got tossed but America kept Paul? And people are complaining about not being able to vote for Pia because the lines were too jammed. And the judges can't believe that Pia was voted off because she has the best pipes on the stage. Oh yeah, and the judges no feel guilty for using their save on Kasey.

    I'll never watch American Idol again ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    And by the way I need to buy a car this year. I was seriously considering getting a Ford Focus. Guess what…. now thats changed to a CHEVY ! ! !! ! !

    I suggest you all do the same.

  146. Pia had the best talent on the stage. She's one day going to out sell Celine Dion. I cant wait for her first CD to come out.

    BTW I'll never watch American Idol again ! ! ! ! !

  147. i think stephano deserves an apology from all 3 judges. he stood there beside pia and the judges all giving there opinions there pia should have stayed meaning he should have been the one to leave. they have been pretty profession until tonight. then the public was told by the judges what fools there were. i think if pia would have entertained the publis she would have stayed rather than promising to do better next week. I dont think the public got it wrong i think pia was her on worse problem. she was pretty and a wonderful singer but she did not entertain the public and the others did. "judge please apologize to stephano. he looks so hurt. was his fault

    • I agree.. i just think the shalk had them act out.. but i do agree an apology is very needed

  148. I tried to vote last night but couldn't get through. I wonder how many thousands of other people faced the same problem. If so many people are voting for one contestant that it jams the lines , well it seems to me that would be a huge disadvantage. I think that American Idol has failed their fans.

  149. no way pia came in last.something is not right. i think the votes were fixed.The show should be taken

    off of the way pia came in last.the show

    should be investigated and removed from the air.the

    company who is counting the votes should also be


  150. Well well ,Pia is gone! Jacob should of gotten the boot. In my opinion Scotty has a gift. But James gets better every week. It is coming down to country or rock. What is up with Casey? I don't get that. Pia should of stayed and Paul has a sexy voice. Top three, Scotty, James and who knows?

  151. Truth be told…There is more talent on this yrs Idol then there ever has been..Pia's stage performance last night was awful..Im a die heart Pia fan..Her song was not a good choice, her outfit was so not cute & walking around the stage was not exciting..

    America was waiting for this upbeat show stopper & i think the entire thing was just all wrong,I feel sick that she is gone, as i do believe we will see much of her..I do believe her mistake was letting Gwen influnce her outfit, she needed to have a little dancing going on & the song the song was just so so wrong..her voice is brilliant & we will hear her yrs to come <3 Pia

  152. pia's lines were jammed yet you could get straight through on casey's? something seems wrong to me and american idol should take another look at it

  153. Jennifer needs to get over losing Ben Affleck. She messed up Pia for all the first time watchers. Whoever picked out the girls clothes needs new glasses. It was a joke and hope the ratings are 0 next week.

  154. wowwwwwww Im a Canadian.. we cannot vote.. but wow @ her lines were jammed , yet Casey's weren't…. Well Idol will need to explain this SMMMFH,,

  155. i was wondering why the voting method cant be changed. why cant the public vote for the person whom they feel was the least best performance. this way you cant protect your favorite. the worst is voted off even if theirs is only 2 poeple voting. so many got cut from the compatition probably because their fans were unable to watch and vote. just sayin

  156. I agree Pia is the best singer this around. She should have won. She touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes each time she sang. My vote is with her.

  157. I, too, am dissappointed Pia went home. Sure she wasn't the best performer but she has a damn good voice. I will be thrilled when Scotty goes. He gives me the heebie-jeebies every time I watch him perform.

  158. I was really shocked that Americans could not figure out who had the worst perfomance in the Thursday American idol episode. I strongly think that something terribly went wrong for Pia Tucson to be eliminated. America is preserving the wrong guys!!!!

  159. HEY CALLED FOR THE 2 HRS STRAIGHT AND COULD NOT!!!!!!!!!!get THROUGH FOR PIA SOMETHING WRONG AND I THINK IT IS A FIX they need to be honest something is wrong !!!!!

  160. April 7;2011 at 10:10pm i,too, am dissappointed pia went home?make sure,gays.

  161. I ABSOLUTELY can not BELIVE that Pia went home. That makes me soo sad and to me, the show lost 50% of my interest tonight. Here we are again like the past 3 seasons where the winner can't even stand up to any of the top 9, much less Pia. She's a REAL talent and beautiful and personable and she can sing along any artis in the business that sings in the same categoies as she does. I really don't care who wins anymore and I'm sure I won't watch all the shows. I guess the mistake is placing American Idol in the "Who has the best vocal talent and mass appeal" because it only has to do with who has the time to go out and get the most people to support their candidates and vote 100 times each cause there's no limit to how many times you can vote. If you have facebook you can literally vote for 2 hours for the same candidate, and if you have a cell phone with unlimnited minutes or unlimited texting you can rig the results super fast. I THINK THEY SHOULD KEEP THE JUDGES SELECTING WHO STAYS UNTIL IT GETS DOWN TO LIKE THE LIKE FINAL 3 OR 4. THEN AND ONLY THEN WILL YOU SEE TRUE TALENT BE THE WINNER. By the way, where are the past 4 season's winners??? Well try 3 then.

  162. Pia will make it , this girl is too good for the world to just let her go. Your going to make it Pia, stay strong some music company will swoop you up. They wanted you out to start your career you are that good.

  163. WHAT A DISGRACE!!!!!!!!!!







  164. I've been saying for about two years that the voting was flawed. Voting for Pia was light because everyone thought she was so safe and they picked others. The results would be ten times more accurate if voting was for the person to be eliminated.

  165. Change the rules…let the judges decide. Pia is the best and should be brought back. I will stop watching the show if this is not fixed.

  166. So, I know that Adam Lambert lost, but I cant remember who to. There are singers who I love besides Pia this year, but I cant remember many left on the list after she was eliminated last night. Shame on the show for leaving it to voters this early on the show. Will I continue to watch, yes, will I tell others who have given up on the show to watch again, no.

  167. I am a faithful Idol watcher, but Pia's elimination was just not right. She is one of the top contender and to see her go is not just. There needs to be a way to bring her back, she deserves to win this competition. I hope she get's a big movie or record deal. She is a very beautiful, talented women, with enormous starpower. I wish her the best

  168. Hey! american idol…..what's goin on, why is Pia

    ilimenate she's a good contestant among all of them her

    voice like Celine Dion.Her body like JEnefer lopez

    My favorite singer Are 'J'Lo and Celine Dion.I think American idol is like a politics. No good,eventhough Im tired from work but i want to american idol………..

    • eventhough im tired from work but i always watching american idol. Because i have an idol 'Pia'

  169. now my idol Pia was iliminated, I hope the judges,they dont follow from the mobile and landline voters the most important they have a good voice and appearance.That voters from the mobile and landline is craft on.Like what happen all the latest singer i dont like their voice too much shouting much better before 1980's and 1990's

  170. I dont like jacob the way when he sing too much shouting b4 james he sing also like jacob but now he has a big improvement. I think its hard that jacob ilimate because Im sure Randy like's jacob because same of his skin color…I like the Jenefer lopez and Steven because no favoritism

    for me who win american Idol…….Either Paul,James or haley.Casey is good also but i dont like his beard need to shave all his beard no good on the stage……thanksssssssssss

  171. I'd like to vote always but its different time in here. I dont think so if i watch american idol again,its politics Jenifer Lopez and Steven are good judges no politics……..

  172. I have read many of the comments and I must say that I agree with them. All of the finalists are good but some are better than the others. I feel that Pia is the overall best.

    I have watched Idol for many years and never felt as angry as when Pia was eliminated. I feel that idol needs an overhaul again.

    I, for one, will no longer watch the Idol show. A number of my friends have told me the same way.

    We feel that the rules could have been bent and saved Pia.

  173. We have watched AI for some time and have felt that

    it has become a popularity contest instead of a talent contest; Sad! Pia is in a class by herself and is certainly one of the most talented. Just the judges reactions was enough to tell the tale of woe. I certainly hope in future shows that the

    talent will be judged by judges. Thanks; TJF/SV

  174. Hi=thanks for listening. I'm actually done with Idol as the last few years are just a popularity contest and not by who should really win. The Judges are missing the rascible person who can give that needed wrench to turn an ear.

    Pia Toscano should be the winner, period. That initial save should never have happened as these judges are just too nice this year to lead the people in the right direction. The singers all did well but–pitch, pitch, pitch as Randy says.

    I'm so sorry but you'll fall by the wayside as Star Search did. Why not create a show that really lets the real judges tell the story. Idol is really now a popularity contest=but I hope the real good singers get a contract some way. Help them. Thanks for listening. Good luck and bye bye.

  175. I don´t want to watch the show again, I think Pia was the best, has proven to have the best voice of all, very disappointed!!!!!!!!!!! the rating is going down! Mexico is very sad.

  176. Pia always looked stunning, everything that she wears looks awesome, what going on with every body, she´s the best!!!!!!! love her voice!!

  177. Sure Pia can sing. But please don't insult by comparing her to Celine Dion or Mariah Carey. Pia's body language showed that she thought she was too good and it was a privilege for America to watch her. Good choice to vote her off. She's too boring and nobody will buy her music…maybe the celebrities will lol.

  178. what to do to come to american idol i am a great singer but sometimes shy i really want people to hear my voice i am 13 year old pluse my mother would like to try out

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