American Idol 2011 Top 4 Week Rankings

Was it just a week ago that I was ready to call this season for James Durbin? Well hold that thought because this week’s rankings could be subtitled “House of the Rising Haley” after her stock shot up in our polls. The former middle-of-the-pack singer surpassed Durbin and looks ready to challenge Scotty for the top spot.

Jennifer Lopez may have thought it was a terrible idea to sing a song no one has ever heard (ironically JLo performed a song from her album the next night…) but coupling Lady Gaga and The Animals last week on American Idol 2011 was exactly what it took for Haley Reinhart for to go up 17 points to 28% in our poll rankings. That’s the single greatest jump any singer has earned all season. While Haley’s climb was impressive she managed to fall short of first place by just one point leaving Scotty in control again this week with 29% of the vote.

On the other side of that coin was James Durbin who fell 19 points down to 27% from last week’s dominating position of 46%. Perhaps James needs to remember not to rest on his laurels like he did with his “Now” song that felt more like a victory lap effort than an honest to goodness “in it to win it” performance.

Then there’s Lauren who stands alone at the bottom of the heap. Her danger buffer, Jacob Lusk, is now gone after three straight weeks of 4% of the vote. Haley proved that anyone can get themselves out of the ditch, but Lauren will have to work hard this week to keep from being eliminated.

Check out the rankings below and see how your favorite is doing. Keep in mind that these rankings are based solely on your votes in our weekly site polls.

American Idol 2011 Top 4 Performance Poll Rankings

  1. Scotty McCreery – 29% (up from 22% previous week)
  2. Haley Reinhart – 28% (up from 11% previous week)
  3. James Durbin – 27% (down from 46% previous week)
  4. Lauren Alaina – 9% (up from 7% previous week)

How is your favorite singer doing in the polls? Better keep voting!

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      • Piper, it's ok for people to like Haley just like it's ok for you to like Scotty. Calm down, sugar, Scotty is still there isn't he?

      • David P, Sweetie, calm down yourself, I only mentioned Scotty's name once. I can feel the love in here for Scotty. That country boy can sing.

      • No, HALEY for the win! Oh my gosh, can I just say that I'm soooo proud Haley Reinhart! She's been my bet since like 'God Bless the Child' days. I never lost hope on this idol and look at her now! Next week, she will surely rise again and show why she deserves the votes of millions of her fans. May I just nominate myself to be the president of her fans club? haha

        I love Haley!!! Haley fans, let's keep on voting for her!

      • iloveHALEY, Casey is that you? Come on now she taught you to growl you used it while singing and went home.

      • Scotty will be the next AL. Perfect example of talent and presentation of that talent

      • I get a kick out of all your comments. I bet none of you know one note from the other. By the way i am a Scotty fan and am wishing with all my heart for him to be the winner.

    • Woo Hoo! What a rising star!!! Haley's shooting to the very top!!! πŸ™‚

    • I can't imagine Haley winning anything when she is competing against Scotty and James. She is not in their league. Why is everyone saying James had a bad week? He didn't – he was terrific, especially in his second song. Can we please stop the stopping match and do singing = like Scotty does!

      • Thank you KS You are so right,. I am a Scotty fan but I am not going to the extremes of some.

      • Are you serious? I was actually a Scotty fan and I'm still a James fan. But come on, Scotty just keeps on singing super booooring songs like even my daddy can do what he's been doing for weeks! He is just not a versatile singer. You can get amazed on his first or 2nd performances singing country music, but singing just one genre in like the whole season of AI? Are you kidding me? I know this has been said many times but Carrie Underwood didn't win AI by just singing country songs. She had to take risks and sing different songs in different styles. I'd prefer to listen to Haley's music anytime of the day while my younger brother is sleeping while listening to Scotty's oh so boring songs.

        Haley for the win!!!

        Haley-James for the finale!!!

      • Guess we shall see! I think Haley will take the whole thing! And I'm willing to put my baking where my mouth is!!

        Now KScratch, I will bet you that Haley will win over Scotty. If she doesn't, then I'll make a homemade rhubarb pie and overnight it to you at the address of your choice. What will you do for me if Haley does beat him??? πŸ™‚

        And I will bet you that Haley will win over James. If she doesn't you can name the pie or type of cookies you'd like me to make and I'll send it/them to you. What will you offer to do for me if she DOES beat James??? πŸ™‚

      • They're saying James had a bad week because he did. His voice shook through Closer to the Edge, and he was pitchy on Without You. If you don't notice those things, then of course you're confused. No point in taking it out on Haley. Vocally, she did amazing, you can be sure of that because even the judges grudgingly gave her the kudos she deserved…even though it was probably difficult for them, since they'd rather criticize her.

        James is still in it, and I'm confident that he'll get it together this upcoming week.

        Scotty's good too, I just hope he does another exciting song. He really needs to at this stage.

        Pup! I want some celebration brownies when Haley takes it all. πŸ˜€ Our dark horse is coming…dun dun dun!!!


  1. Yay! Haley on 2nd place <3..

    for those who think singing isn't growling, FYI, Growling is an singing skill ^_^

    Go HALEY !!!

    • vote vote as much as you can for Haley She deserves to move to the next round. She gets better and better every week! Come on everyone!

  2. Haley you're such a good artist and a great vocalist…go girl you're here to win this contest!

    • I'm sooo loving this. My baby Haley is just sooooo popular now. Oh my gosh!!! She has a lot of fans now! In this site, she is loved by like 90% of us. What more in the whole US? Oh my gosh!!! Haley for the win!!!

  3. James Durbin is my favorite; he has a best singer and musician performance. He wins the competition.

    God bless Durbin the new American Idol 2011

    • James Durbin is my favorite too. I like Haley but James has giving stellar performances right along. Granted he had an off week, but how many off weeks did the rest of them have. at least one or two. Scotty is a good singer to and I know he has a huge fanbase, but I would like to see a James and Haley final. James has never been in the bottom three or two. Granted haley gave a great performance on House of the rising sun, But you shouldn't count James out. So VOTE, VOTE, VOTE for James.

      • I can not vote from my country so please vote form James twice the votes you regular do do it for me and for James.

      • I soooo love James too. I totally feel that it's gonna be Haley-James in the final! Oh my gosh that would be a fantastic final week for AI!!!

        And oh, I almost forgot Lauren. I actually loved her in the beginning. To be honest, I thought she was just like saving her high notes til the last few weeks of AI. That's just looong overdue. Now, she's just making all of us think that she really cannot hit the high notes. I was wrong…I actually thought she could. Well, a fourth place in AI isn't bad for her.

    • James is my favorite, he has done so well,and should really win, the only way he can is for everyone to vote for him,I wish I could vote as well,unfortunately I am out of the country. VOTE VOTE VOTE for him!!!

      • James is absolutely the best! He has outdone all the other contestants this season … consistently seizing high praise and delivering a tremendous performance each week. This last week

        is no indication of any decline in James'likelihood of not winning the competition…unless there is some mean scheme. Yes, Haley did well…but when voting it seems that one who has

        week after week performed with high marks should be the winner…not the

        whim to proclaim as the winner one who

        after most of the season gone, peforms

        in a stellar manner.

      • James is the BEST! And one lousy song should not keep him from winning! Come on everone who likes James!!! Keep voting for him. He needs all the votes he can get. I cannot see Haley winning! Boo if she wins! I think James, Scotty and Haley for the top three. And James for the winner. Sherry K

  4. VOTE VOTE VOTE FOR JAMES DURBIN…he has been the consistently excellent performer! Either way, I do think James, Scotty and Haley will have good careers. Speaking of careers, did you hear Jordan Sparks sing the national anthem for the Kentucky Derby? She was EXCELLENT!

  5. Please vote HALEY for me too… I wish I can vote from here… πŸ™

    she's pure nature talented artist…

    • me too,, please vote HALEY for me,,, i cant vote from here (Indonesia),,,,

      • I'll vote for her til like forever!!! I'll even tell all my friends and schoolmates to vote for Haley. Oh my gosh!!!

      • CJ – I couldn’t help myself but to respond to your comment. We figured out a long time ago that “Ilovehaley” is a very young kid. First, look at the name. Second, look at all of the “oh my gosh”. Third, look at all the “soooooo”! Where is this girl’s parents? Why are they allowing her to spend all of her time on this site blogging? Doesn’t she have chores, homework, or something called family interaction? Oh my gosh….Oh my gosh….Oh my gosh…..She is soooooooo young!

    • Vote for me too unfortunately cant vote from canada πŸ™ get everyone to vote for HaleY!

  6. My votes go to Scotty, but at this point all three Scotty, James and Haley will get contracts. It's time for Lauren to go home. She isn't emotionally ready to handle a show biz career. About 3 years down the road she can hit Nashville. I hope this experience hasn't damaged her.

    • My votes are for Haley and James equally…I seesaw back and forth between the 2. Both are so good.

      I don't care for Scotty's 'niche', as they say…I'm more of a Vince Gill type fan, but the guy does have an incredible low voice…I can see where some people are huge fans.

      I agree with you about Lauren…The girl has talent, she just needs a little more toughness about her, so she can let all the negative stuff roll off her back . She is going to be a big success one day!

      Whatever the outcome…we have been treated to some real fine voices this year! Quite the year for a variety of genres. I wish them all the best.

    • I personally feel if the judges had done their jobs Lauren would have found a lot of personal growth instead of losing herself in her shell. In the beginning she was great, she wasn't afraid of singing Aerosmith in front of Steven Tyler. That took guts. Guts we haven't seen from her since. I really wish the judges would have given her more room to grow as a performer and an artist. But then again, she is only 16 so she may very well just be too young. She needs to finish school and have a fun, useless freshman year of college.

      • David…I have to disagree with the she was unafraid to sing in front of Steven Tyler part. yes she was unafraid. However i don't think that was much of an achievement because Lauren isn't a real fan of Tyler. She probably heard a few songs here and there. When you grow up idolizing some artist, then singing in front of him/her would be hard. She was shaking when she saw Miley Cyus..heh hee..Lauren's a huge fan of Miley. Performing in front of Miley without any fear or doubt would be something to be appreciated from her.

      • I am not a fan of Laurens but give her credit asa 16 yr old to have made it this far. Couple of years from now she will probobly be awsome

      • Just like young kids nowadays, no respect! I never really thought of it like that, did she not realize who Steven Tyler is?

      • I totally agree David! These judges are just sooooo st*pid, like they don't even know how to give constructive criticism. They have early favorites and look where they are! Those early favorites are gone! Haley is soooo winning this.

      • You mention the judges and Lauren.. but thinking on it, I wonder if the harsh (and sometimes unfair) criticism of Haley has actually made her a better performer.

        She seems like one of those types that will do something just because somebody said it couldn't be done, and thrives on people challenging her like the judges did week after week.

        Without that, I don't think she would have improved nearly as much as she has over the past couple months (which is to say more than any other contestant in the show.)

      • @kdub. Maybe so, but unlike you and some others, I have liked everything Haley has ever sung. I mean that. Every single song. I just love her sound! What I've been saying all along (despite what I've read about her "growing and improving") is that she's been that good all along! For the life of me, I don't know why everyone didn't hear what I heard! (I mean that!) Her voice just blows me away!

      • Pup ~ The only performance of hers that I really really disliked was Benny and the Jets (but thats because I hate the song, I can't really judge how well she preformed on it objectively)

        When she first sang Blue, I was very impressed, and aside from three performances that were "just ok" in my eyes, every thing else has been good and getting even better week by week.

      • David

        I highly doubt Lauren was a fan of Steven…hehehe..She’s more the Hannah Montana kind than Sex, drugs and rock n roll kind… πŸ˜€

      • That is so true, Pup. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m glad people are jumping on the Haley train right and left…and she HAS tremendously improved her stage presence. I saw a star from the very start in her, though, with that soulful raspy voice, consistently singing on-key, taking risks and mixing up the genres, in general being different rather than the cliches currently reigning in the music industry. I’m so very grateful that people are seeing in her what we’ve seen all along. Her voice is a real gift, and it’d be a shame for us to let her go! πŸ™‚ I’ve loved every single song as well. I think Blue was one of the best performances of the whole season, even though I’m not usually a fan of country, and it was completely underrated. I was floored! Even my highly religious Grandma was floored and she wasn’t even watching it, she was reading her bible in the background. Haha. Benny and the Jets, Rolling in the Deep, and HOTRS were also top performances of the season. I mean, this girl can do ANYTHING, and has put in ‘wow’ performances all along! I listen to Haley’s playlist while cleaning house, and cooking dinner, she’s that good. Her songs get stuck in my head all day! I just love love love her voice, and that’s all!

    • I think Scotty and Haley have a lock on a contract but I think they will try to fit James into a band first, since Adam shows are doing well while his album only when gold I believe.

      • I agree. After this is all done and over with, they will likely desperately try to either find an established band in need of a new frontman, or they will find the right kind of talent to put around him and form the band with him at the center.

        Both options have their ups and downs though.

    • Well put Templer I too am voting for Scotty. As for Lauren, I really believe she will be another Carrie in a few years. I hope she doesnt read some of these comments that are being put out. She is only 16

  7. Guys, vote for Haley Reinhart for me.

    I can not vote, DAMMIT, I wish I could.

  8. May 9, 2011

    American Idol 2011 Top 4 Week Rankings

    By: Matt | Tagged: American Idol, American Idol 2011, rankings, Top 4

    Was it just a week ago that I was ready to call this season for James Durbin? Well hold that thought because this week’s rankings could be subtitled “House of the Rising Haley” after her stock shot up in our polls. The former middle-of-the-pack singer surpassed Durbin and looks ready to challenge Scotty for the top spot.

    Jennifer Lopez may have thought it was a terrible idea to sing a song no one has ever heard (ironically JLo performed a song from her album the next night

    This part makes no sense. The song JLO performed has been in the top 10 on billboard for 6 weeks. It is a well known song. The Gaga song is unreleased and was used by Jimmy Lovine to promote his artist album which is out in two weeks and poor Hayley was his guinea pig.

    • Yeah, but Haley slayed that song! I wonder how Gaga will sound different. Check Haley's studio version out on iTunes. It really grew on me! I love it!

      • I agree, I think the judges were harsh and unfair about it. They focused on where the song came from, not how she sung it. I always go back and watch the performances again, and I really love her singing that song. I think Gaga should just give it to her! Hehe.

      • I thought she did, too. I never take the judges' comments as gospel. And in this case, I just threw their words in the trash, where they belonged.

      • Yeah, JLo and Randy are just sooo st*pid to give comments about the 'song' itself. Well what about the performance and Haley's voice? They didn't care to give comments about that. Where was constructive criticism there? Even like a 3rd grade student would notice how empty-headed these two judges are. Oh my gosh, they're sooooo stressful!

      • Haha, @ iLOVEhaley, you're 'sooooooo' cute, and I love that you're supporting Haley so enthusiastically. πŸ™‚

        Go Haley!

    • Lady Gaga doesn't need extra publicity from Jimmy Iovine. Haley did really well. I wish everyone would go back and listen the studio recording or find one of Gaga's performances (the one with the giant piano shoe on Oprah is pretty entertaining) and then watch Haley perform it. It was pretty dang good.

      • Hahaha, and I thought it was a funny joke. I'm biased though, I can't stand Jennifer.

    • its a marketing/publicity stunt or scheme by Jimmy Iovine in preparing for the big bang "Judas" premiere in AI. Its a way to battle out Britney in the chart (Adelle is hard to battle with though :)). Its a continuity prelude until the big bang which is : Top 5 with Haley performing "Ypu and I", then Top 4 with Lady Gaga mentoring and then Top 3 or finale with the big bang. Like Aerosmith clip that will aired in AI in the Top 4 result show. Its all about marketing and publicity. Its show biz πŸ˜‰

      And maybe thats why J-Lo criticize cause maybe she's upset knowing she will performed in the same week (Top 5 result) will affect with her publicity. She's jealous of Gaga publicity although she doesnt have to cause from the beginning of AI she and Steven Ty (Aerosmith) get a great boost of publicity as a judge. Aerosmith album sell increased by 200% and J-Lo new album and single reach billboard/itunes 1st place in the month it released and have been stay in the Top 40 even now. Its a tough and competitive business hee hee πŸ™‚

    • And we have to give Haley a hugeeeee prop for accepting the challenge from Iovine and thats why Jimmy defend her in the result judging clip. And IMO its a fair judgment from Iovine cause i also thought that Haley is surely did justice with the "You n I" song πŸ™‚

      • Seems to me if she were wise she would have refused, some of the others said no in the past and made a good call.

      • Duh! She is sooo smart that's why more and more people had to vote for her…she took the risk and was able to pull it off!

      • ilovehaley. Duh.She took the risk on that song and blew it, People liked The House of the Rising Sun. Some may have liked the first one becasue I think you did, but the judges didn't. But when the votes were counted who came out on top? I know you don't like Scotty. I read your post where you want to be president of Haley's fan club.

      • Read the reviews for Haley's first song. Majority of bloggers were flabbergasted about the judges comments and had no idea where they were coming from. This isn't a fluke, Piper. Your worst nightmares are coming true with Haley fans coming out of the woodwork.

      • Piper, read Melinda Doolittle's critique of last week. From somebody who knows music, knows singing, knows the industry and knows the show. Are you really going to listen to JLo for musical critique? Or Randy (the second best bass player to be on Idol this season)? I love "You and I" as sung by Haley Reinhart! Check out full studio version on iTunes!

      • I actually liked what Haley did for that song. I have never liked any Lady GaGa songs.Just dont get her.What Haley brought to that song was actually very good. It was totally different from what I expected it to be. No theatrical bull just flat out talented vocals and thats what works.

      • Be-Real, I heard the judges, but as I said before when she sang I felt as if I were in a bar. I don't like her voice, some of you do.

      • Piper, Haley didn’t blow You and I in any way, shape, or form. Just because the ‘judges’ said so, doesn’t make it true.

      • @Piper I understand what you are saying about not liking Haley’s voice. I happen to love it, but when Fantasia won I was shocked, I absolutely hated her voice, it literally made my ears hurt. I am certain a lot of people can’t understand why I disliked Fantasia’s voice, but we hear what we hear, and if we don’t like what we hear, we don’t like it. It’s as simple as that.

    • And its really100x surprising for me but i really do see a resemblance of 4 Non Blond in the way Haley sang "You n I" song… Is it just my imagination…?confused

      • well,i know its kinda funny though. But seriously,its like 4 Non Blond "Whats Up" if u hear it carefully.

      • @ Casey4ever: I have no idea who/what 4NonBlond is (song or group?) but I will check it out. Let me know what your point is, though. If she sounded the same, is that a bad thing or what?

      • @Pup : ohh,obviously its a great thing for me. When i heard her it bring me back to the era of a bluesy rock female vocal in the 70's or 80's… Thats why Steven Ty hint her (Janis J) n Jimmy Io pick for her HOTRS song. Love it… that musical era πŸ™‚

      • Wow, Casey4ever! They are soooo good! And the lead singer does remind me of Haley! (Just heard “What’s Up?” but I am going to listen to more.) I remember hearing that song, but I never knew the group! They are super!!

      • @Pup : yup,thats why i hope she will continue in that path after the idol πŸ™‚

  9. Not for nothing but one great performance doesn't make an American Idol….I like Haley and have been wishing for a James/Haley finale but lets not forget that James has been outstanding the whole entire season and one bad performance (and thats a matter of opinion) doesn't mean its over for him….

    This guy is a great singer and performer and a great inspiration to many people, please remember to vote for James on Wednesday….

    • And one off night doesn't necessarily break anyone's chances. I think James will recover. Haley's success (making it to the top 4) is because she's improved every week since Benny and the Jets. However, isn't it great how almost perfectly the votes ended up for our 'top 3'? πŸ˜› I'm not a fortune teller, nor a psychic and Lauren may blow us all away on Wednesday. I hope she does, I love Lauren, too. But Haley has my vote. Phyllis, the fact you can be so excited and passionate about your favorite w/out knocking anyone down for their own opinions is amazing and has made this AI season very enjoyable.

      • Hey, I'm not rooting AGAINST James! I love the young man for all the reasons 90% of us do here. I'd love to see he and Haley battle it out. And I'd love to see success laid on the shoulders of all 4 of them! (Lauren, a little later.)

    • Totally agree with you Phyllis G. (Las Vegas)

      I love Jame's raw emotion & his connection to his songs. That is why whatever he might sing you get the meaning of the song. He is not just singing the words, he puts EVERYTHING into his performance.

    • Don't worry Phyllis…no one's forgetting James. Even after an off week, he's only 1 & 2% down from Scotty and Haley who both had fabulous weeks. I sincerely doubt he's going anywhere this week. As long as he steps it back up on Wednesday! πŸ™‚ And even if he doesn't, the good part is my mother will still vote for him a billion times anyways! πŸ˜›

      • It looks like a consensus that the one to go this week should be Lauren.

      • Templar, I don't want Lauren to go! πŸ™

        Even if she's not technically the best singer, she brings a little sunshine and rainbow to the show.

      • Devin Lee…..Well thank your Mother for me…..James needs all the votes he can get….Heres hoping for a James/ Haley finale!!!!!

      • Devin: It's not about Lauren not being the best singer, it's about her falling apart under pressure. James, Haley and Scotty are better emotionally prepared and someone has to go.

      • Very few "want" Lauren to go. She's a sweet girl and we've enjoyed watching her and hearing her sing. But, by any objective measurement, she's where she should be at the end of this great season: In 4th place. That is not a bad thing!

      • I know. I just really like her, and I want to put off her having her heart broken as long as possible. She has some growing up to do, but once she does WATCH OUT!!!

        I don't wany anyone to go.

    • Could not agree more phyllis. What I think gets lost in the shuffle sometimes though is that haley has only had one true "off" night with call me. (a little suspect with be your baby tonight, but I liked that one) haley has also dominated the studio in a way nobody else really has

      • Nobody touches her in iTunes sales. James has been produced horribly in the studio; either that, or he's had a tough time there. Pia was treated pretty badly, too. Scotty is pretty vanilla there. Lauren, not surprisingly, is quite nice, and the producers have left her velvety voice alone, for the most part, in the studio. But you're right about Haley owning it. I love my "Mostly Haley" CD I play in my car!

      • James sales in itunes is just as good as Haleys. His uprising, Will you still love me tomorrow and Maybe I'm amazed is doing very good. His other are doing good, just not as good as the other ones I mentioned.

    • My votes will go to the most consistent, strongest and most versatile singer, which is Haley. I appreciate James is an inspiration, and I've enjoyed many of his performances. He has serious intonation issues, however, that keep him from being the best singer. Curious question: If you were just listening, without any knowledge of the "back story," would you be impressed with James' singing? In part, this is a question of taste, of course.

      • Yes i would be impressed with James vocals. I have gone back and listened to James songs and I love his voice. The way he sang the first part of Will you still love me tomorrow to me was amazing vocals. I know you have a right to your opinion but I do disagree with it. Just saying

      • I am GREATLY impressed with James Durbin as an amazing artist & performer – LOVE his voice, his connection & passion to his music, his deep & raw emotions. He exudes warmth, passion, generosity of spirit with everything he does, great showmanship, hot vocals,and he displays a full spectrum of emotions.Oh Yeah & good looking, too. Yes, I would buy his cds & spend my hard earned money to see him in concert.

        My vote goes to JAMES DURBIN!!!!

      • Even though I love James, I've always heard something slightly off with his vocals. His performances always make up for it, though. He's exciting to watch! It just wasn't his best week. He's gotta hold it together to make it to the finale! And I look forward to seeing him there, hopefully with my winner Haley.

      • Devin, we must have matching ears. I have felt the same way about James. He has moments, though, that are sublime. I do like him very much.

      • I don't argue taste. Respect your comments and opinions. James has great natural ability, obviously loves the stage and was blessed a really clear voice. When he's off key in higher registers, however, I have a hard time hanging with him.

      • James has a problem with pitch in mid to higher range tones while moving around, Scotty has similar problem too a little lesser degree but has only really moved much on two songs and was careful to stop moving on the critical parts. Lauren loses power in her voice when she moves while Haley is always moving, I don't think she could sing long without moving but she moves slow and steady.

        Scotty and Haley voices and styles can carry many songs with limit music, while James style rely on blending with the music more to stand out, while Lauren is some where in the middle with lack of high notes and power at times along with limited training due to age hurting her.

      • Bloddyscot, I would have to say that James does great with very little music, listen to Will you still love me again. Not alot of music and his opening was outstanding. I will agree I did not care for his performance of Closer last week while he was moving all over the place. Haley has shown alot more power to her voice than Lauren because Lauren hasnt shown us yet what she is truely capable of. That is because of her insecurities. Scotty gets drowned out by his back up singers and at times needs the music to stay with the song, every now and again you catch where he is too fast or too slow on his timing. I know none of them are perfcet but they sure are doing a great job at it.

        That being said James is my favorite. I love rock, I love the emotion that he shows in his voice and the excitement he brings to the stage. I really enjoy that he has that concert feel to him, where you can see him do a hard rock song and the break it back down into a Ballad. He is not a cookie cutter artist who can just sing well. Not saying the remaining ones are.

      • Pup, I think it's kind of like a nasally sound when he hits some notes, but I really can't put my finger on it. When he did Uprising though, I was shocked at how well he sounded during the low parts! Really spectacular, and I loved Will you Love me Tomorrow? a lot as well. His studio version of 30STMs was pretty awesome, too. His voice didn't shake through it like it did live.

      • Be_Real……His back ground has nothing to do with his singing…He is a great entertainer and that what AI needs for a change…..I love Haley too but I don't think she can carry an entire concert where James can…..

        His background is inspirational to anyone with an affliction by just putting himself out there in the public eye…..whether he wins or loses……..

      • Thank you, Phyllis. We take the disabilities into account, or we don't. I don't, which means I find no need to discuss them, either way.

      • @Devin: Those are word-for-word what I would have said about those two performances! You sure you're secondchance's daughter and not mine?!! πŸ™‚

      • I meant "That is" word-for-word . . . I get so excited I don't proof as I should. πŸ™

      • Pup, I might be convinced I was, if it weren't for the fact that I look identical to her! Her and I have had clashing musical tastes since I was an infant, though. Actually…our sense of humor is opposite, our music taste is opposite, even the animals we like are totally opposite. Celeb crushes? She thinks Adam Lambert's hot, and I think Blake Shelton is…

        She's gung-ho for James, and Haley is American Idol to me.

        Genetics is a mysterious thing…

  10. Well that drop was obvious and expected for James, he had a poor week, compared to the other Idols.

    • Right. James will come right back with it on Wed night, I am sure! He's a really good singer and I am sure he knows what to do to get it together again. (No more pics of his family where he can see them while singing, for one.) What a dear, dear young man. πŸ™‚

    • Dan… was not a poor week….He was great like always but Haley shined this week….thats the difference…..Scotty is just Scotty….no matter what he sings people just love Country!!!!Will he succeed? That remains to be seen……

      • He might mean a poor week for James in comparison to what we usually get from him, which has been close to brilliance week in and week out.

        It does kinda say something though when somebose has 1 Amazing song, 1 just ok song, is still withen a couple percentage points of the lead on the poll, and all of this was considered to be an "off night"…

        James off nights (or poor weeks) are better than nearly everybody elses great weeks… the problem is, the remaining contestants are not "nearly everybody else" they are the best of the season and James cannot afford to have another "Off Night" unless one of the other three just have a horrible night as well.

  11. JMOH…

    I thought Haley's performance of the Gaga song, was far better than JLo's performance the following night. I am not a fan of the 'voice in a tin can' thing, that seems to be all the rage.

    Vocally, Haley beats JLo.

    • J-Lo already has her fame in the bag, and has had it for many years. Haley has to be better to make it at all. I hope J-Lo doesn't continue treating Haley the way she has, but she most likely will. I'm just glad Haley's fans can think for themselves, and not take anything she says to heart.

      • IMO that is true for all the performers & judges comments. Does not sway my vote either way — and I feel AI voters will make up their minds & not be influenced by the judges.

        All the contestants are of course extremely talented. TOP 4 out of how many — I think it was 100,000 auditions. AMAZING!!!

        REally looking forward to Wednesday night!!

    • Zeus, I am SO with you about that "canned" sound. I don't get it at all. Guessing you have to be in a dance club, black lights and strobe lights and high on something for it to be appealing.

  12. James Durbin my favorite, wish him to win American Idol.He's talent, and nice personalitiy

  13. Well, we're getting down to the nitty-gritty now! I really think any one of the four could take this show. Lauren would have to do something spectacular and show that she can be stonger than she has been. If not, I think it's between the boys and Haley. I won't even make any predictions either, it's all about song choice and how they sing it. Maybe when there were 12, 10, even 8 singers it was okay to have an off week, but with only 4 contestants left, an off week will most likely send them home.

    I really, really want Haley in it at least to the finale. I don't want to not hear her voice on a Wednesday night, that'd be just awful to me, like a gaping hole in the show. I'll be okay if she doesn't win, though. I know she's going places either way. Yet again her studio versions have an outstanding number of views for this week. People love her voice.

    It's strange though, if someone would've asked me who I thought the top 4 would be during the top 13, I'd have said Haley, James, Scotty, and Lauren. They're all breakout stars to me. James is exciting, plain and simple. Scotty is fantastic at what he does, even though pretty much all male country singers have deep voices, none of them are 16-17 years old!! Lauren has such a pleasant voice, I've NEVER wanted to fast forward through a song of hers, and that says something. Then we have Haley, our dark horse. There's nothing she can't do. πŸ™‚

    • I hope Lauren comes in swinging!!! I really do. Let's have her finding her mojo again and fighting for her spot to the end.

      • I'll agree with that pup! She's just 16 and really can sing like a bird. Just imagine how she'll sound when she's 21. She's got talent by the bucketfuls. I think our girl Haley will really help her out after she was so upset being in the bottom 2, overcoming it and moving on to put on a stellar performance. Haha, since she's the expert. I don't want Lauren to go yet. At all. I don't want any of them to go, but I don't think it's Lauren's time yet. If I could choose…ehhh, it's so hard, I'd pick Scotty to leave this week. Just so he could go get his contract in Nashville and start breaking all the cowgirl's hearts with his country music!! πŸ™‚ I'd miss him, though. The eliminations from here on out are going to be just horrible for me and my mom, we love all the kids.

    • Many of James main videos were with QUACKOFF NETWORK, which for some reason has been down.

      Last week before QUACKOFF was shut down James Durbin had almost 300,00 hits on "UPRISING" and around 340 hits on "WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME". And that not counting all the other video that are still up.

      Just wonder what happened to QUACKOFF NETWORK?

      • My Gosh your right that channel has most views in youtube imagine Haley reinhart Sun of the rising sun Hits 200,000 within 24hours then next day i found it that youtube disable her/his account…

      • Love — QUACKOFF NETWORK was down a couple of days before James "WIthout YOU" & Haley's "HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN" performances.

        I love JAMES & HALEY & wasn't trying to "get" votes for him. Just concerned. Also I do watch Haley & the majority of her videos with the high hits are on Achiq74 & always have been.

      • yah!!!

        i love haley and james!!!

        both of them are risk taker!!!

        i just want them in finale..

        who wins i dont care…

        but i hope its haley in my opinion,,

        and you for james…both are great but we have different choice…

  14. Way to go, Haley girl! We're all so proud of you and so happy for you! When it's time for a victory lap song for all of us who adore you–love to hear you sing AT LAST by Etta James!!! :))

    • I'd really love to hear Haley and Paul sing "Mockingbird" (the James Taylor / Carly Simon duet). I just think that would be a really fun kick! It's bluesy folk — perfect for the two of them. I wasn't a big Paul fan, but I've had this duet on my mind for several weeks now. Maybe on tour…

    • That's an inspired idea…Haley singing "At Last." Jimmy Iovine: are you listening/ πŸ™‚

    • Pup, Does that song go… "At last my love has come home"? A great, powerful choice for our Haley. Finish the night with "That'll be the day" by the greatest ever & we'll have our wish!

    • I've been wanting to hear this from her all season!!! She has to do it, and if she doesn't it better be on her first album because that song was written for her to cover. Etta James is great but time comes to pass the torch if you know what I'm sayin.

  15. Go haley!!!

    my vote goes to you!!!

    i will vote you non-stop 2hours for sure

    i just dont want you to lose!!!

    you deserve it 2 Best performance of the night!!!

    you can really do anything you want to sing i just wish that you sing..

    What about love by heart

    and fighter by Christina coz ur a FIGHTAH!!!

  16. Has anyone seen Gaga's "Monster's Ball Show on HBO?? I saw it AFTER Haley's wonderful performance, so maybe the timing was a little off….but the song Haley sang is a FABULOUS song, and she ripped it. Between Haley's duet with Casey on "Moan" and both of her "out of the ballpark" performances last week…..she's won me over.

    Still love James, but Haley's my Dark Horse. And I recognize Scotty is equally deserving to be in the top three…

    • YES …the Gaga concert was cool. after I heard the song i thought Hailey did an incredible job singing it.

      HAILEY'S COMET is on the move

  17. Wow. What a race. At this point I gotta ignore the "So-and-so for the win" comments though. I mean, they all have fans – a seemingly equal amount. I don't mind the cheering, but it really doesn't add much to the conversation. James did take a hit and Scotty and Haley held their own. Lauren is the underdog with about 10% of the votes and 30% (approx.) for each of the top 3. It's a 3-way tie for 1st according to the polls – give or take a percent or two.

    Song choice and performance will be critical for the top 3 in the next showdown. They will need to ensure they pick a song that they can make relevant, and a song people know about will be of extra value. They need to bring their own style to it while pusing themselves to the red. Anything could break them: a safe performance, a karaoke performance, an odd unknown song, or just plain breaking under the pressure. I think the latter is the biggest challenge for James, where Scotty can flirt with songs that are a bit sleepy. Haley seems to have song choice issues.

    Lauren is the underdog but can she go from "too much self doubt" to "no self doubt" overnight? She'll need to – to win it. She did hold back in her last performance – she's got a great voice and is talented but she just does not "bring it" quite to the same level as the top three in the poll IMHO.

    I do think she has the sweetest voice of the group though, which is sad and a bit ironic. But Pia had a really sweet voice too don't forget, and she was gone long ago.

    All I know for sure is this is going to be exciting to watch!


    Northern Guy

  18. the Truth is, haley has been doing great ever since the beginning. the 'staff' just had expectations about what type of music they would hear from her – and when they didn't get what they expected, they dissed her, even though the singing was strong,(on key, creative, melodious, individualistic).

    • Exactly. 100% true. The "You Really Got a Hold on Me" wasn't my favorite, but it was good, objectively. Wish she'd done "Ode to Billy Joe" instead of "Call Me," but "Call Me" was not bad; it just wasnt' what Randy and JLo wanted. "I'm Your Baby Tonight" was awesome. "Benny" was excellent part cover, part original, new version of a classic. I have watched the live "Piece of My Heart" over, and over, and over again. Performance and musical quality outstanding in that one, and she poured MEGAWATT energy into it! Both of her duets with Casey were just outstanding. Wish I had "Moanin'" on iTunes. "I Feel the Earth Move" is brilliant. "You and I" is super-fun, and "House" is so great it can be shortened to a one-word iconic title that everyone knows…

      Haley is the singular biggest musical talent on the show, and has been from the beginning. James and Scotty also both are great. Lauren WILL BE great, if she overcomes her insecurites, but she's not there yet. A great season for Idol.

    • You got it emy. Now that the teenie-bops have been sifted out, America is starting to "get it" when it comes to Haley. I thought the popularity contest part of this show would lead to Haley's exit, but now that she's on a roll, you never know. I'm looking forward to the Parade in Wheeling, and the mini-concert at Arlington Park this Saturday. GO HALEY!!

  19. James is my favorite this season and Scotty is a close 2nd… a very close 2nd. Every time he does something closer to rock, I really like him. I want them as the top two. Don't care which one wins, just want an album from both.

  20. Fast forward to Wednesday night.

    Lauren sang first, and had an outstanding performance of On Broadway. The judges swooned and said "she's back, and in it to win it"

    Scotty sang next, singing King Creole, shocking everyone with an amazing, rocking performance. The judges were flabbergasted, and loved it saying "Way to go Scotty, I didn't know you had that in you, great performance.

    Haley is up next, and in her neverending risk taking style completely changed it up and sang Lucky Lips. The performance was outstanding, fun, and showed yet another side of Haley's talent. The judges however, said "Haley girl, that song just didn't showcase your talent, we need to know where you are going as an artist."

    James hits the stage singing "Are you lonesome tonight," and gave a great performance. Jlo was the one crying after this performance. The judges again are floored by the performance and James definately brought his A game.

    Round two

    Lauren sings Spanish Harlem, and shows Haley is not the only fighter in this competition. She nails it and the judges love it.

    Scotty comes out and sings another Elvis song. Bossa Nova Baby, and lets people know that James is not the only rocker in the house. Another outstanding performance, and the judges say "We would give you performance of the night, but the way this night has gone, well, there are two performances left. Great job Scotty, we knew you could sing, but WOW, just WOW.

    Haley knows she is once again against the ropes. Superb performances all night. She sings Trouble, and for the second week in a row just slays it. The ever critical judges compare Haley's version to Carrie Underwood's and say, it was a good performance girl, but at this stage of the game it might not have been enough.

    James sings Stand By Me, and gives his best performance of the season. The judges are on their feet, praising him for the performance of the season.

    Ryan ends the show saying VOTE for your favorites America. So after tonights performance, America, who do you think is going home.

    • are you from the future? do they have flying cars yet? are my children OK??

      • LOL, yes jeff I am, and in 2025 Haley is flying around in the first flying car as it lands at her sold out concert in Yankee stadium, your children are fine and have a front row seat.

        But now for the Thursday results show. Short and sweet the last five minutes of the show. Ryan informs America that this has been the closest results for the top four in the history of American Idol, with less than a million votes seperating number 1 and number 4. The country vote was split and for the first time Scotty lands in the bottom two, along with Lauren. Lauren gave an outstanding and smiling farewell performance with the Miley Cyrus song Hoedown Showdown, and Scotty, James and Haley danced their way to the top three.

    • Well… I guess I don't need to watch the show now! Great look ahead, and the funniest part, the Judges comments you mentioned, spot on.. useless of course and as usual, but spot on!

    • Please go on with the Top 3 performance, the result show, and the Top 2 ………….., Finale………………………………

      Thanksssss…………………………. !

      • Linda, the crystal ball gets a little murky that far out, but top 3 Wednesday night looks something like this…..

        This week the theme is Do What You DO DO Well week. They start the night off with a duet with Scotty and James singing Riders On The Storm, and we are off and running. The judges love it.

        That means Haley is up with the first solo of the night, and she decides to go toe to toe with Scotty singing an old country song by Bobbie Gentry. As Haley finishes singing Ode To Billie Joe there is not a person in the house sitting down. The judges are speechless (thank goodness) except for Steven who says &&&&^%^&*&^^$%#$%$#$$%^^&^^%$%^&*(*&&&^*(&&.

        Scotty follows with his solo singing Alan Jackson's Here In The Real World.

        Classic Scotty and he is outstanding. The Judges gush, as well they should.

        Now James comes out. He belts out a beautiful rendition of Dream ON, and once again not a soul is sitting in their seats. The judges are speechless (thank goodness), except for Steven who says $%%#$%^&()(**&&%%%^&**&^%^%&&***(()(*&&^*&&^$%#$

        Scotty and Haley are the next duet, and they sing Jackson. The judges love it and so far we have had a great night.

        After a long pause of endless marketing for Ford Focus, Jlo, and Steven Tyler's book, Haley hits the stage belting out Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart, and when she finishes there isn't a dry eye in the house. Jlo sniffles great job baby, Randy chants Haley Haley Haley, and Steven says simply beautiful.

        Scotty sits on the stage and starts out Johnny's daddy, and the girls in the audience scream as Scotty nails Tim McGraws Don't Take The GIrl. The judges love it, whats not to love.

        James is next and you can't have an EPIC tv program without throwing in at least one curveball. James gives a stellar performance singing the Beatles Hey Jude. And you guessed it, everyone in the house is standing once again. Randy says it all when he manages to spit out Yo Dawg, that was great man. Tonight's performances by all 3 contestants have been spectacular, this is the best overall show in the history of American Idol.

        After another marketing frenzy, James and Haley hit the stage performing James Taylor/Carly Simon's Mockingbird, and although it is an outstanding performance, it is a little anticlimatic in light of the other performances on the evening.

        Ryan urges America to vote for their favorites and Jlo is counting her lucky stars that she doesn't have to choose.

      • okay Linda now for the final 3 Thursday….. ohhhh noooooooo, That Darn Cat just knocked the old crystal ball off the table and broke it into a thousand pieces. But I can tell you before the ball fell I did see that James, Haley and Scotty were all in the bottom three.

      • Hahahahha keep it up JD! Hilarious. Jake, you are just a negative nancy, I've come to expect it of you.

        P.S. As for your 'monument' comment to me…you don't know me. πŸ˜‰

      • JD – I want some of what you're having! What a great show that would be! I wouldn't even care any more who went home after a show like that! On Thursday, maybe Ryan would even say, "For the first time ever, the votes were so close, we're bringing all 3 back for the Finale!" And then we'd get yet ANOTHER incredible show!

      • JD, wow, you really have a flair for capturing Steven Tyler! πŸ™‚ I was laughing so hard when I came across the “quotes” a second time . . . you are too much!

      • jd, now i am worried scotty will sing ‘dont take the girl’ i think if he does that he will win for sure. everybody loved that song and would even cry when it came on (not me, i am not into country or love’

        i now have another worry. this show is just to traumatizing for me. lol.

        and i only started watching it cause steven tyler was on it.

        i want james to win but i will be very sad when any of the 4 remaining leave.

        i wish james would have been himself this last week.

        ugh, the things i do for steven tyler. lol

      • JD, kill the cat and pick up tthe millions of pieces and glue them back together and tell me james wins it all!

        chop chop! get busy gluing! please πŸ™‚

      • JD, my mother doesn’t really mean it when she says to kill the cat. She’d have people think she hates cat…but I catch her sneaking and doting on my pesky felines all the time! When they want pettings and rubbings she can never say no!

    • LOL @ JD… wow… I honestly could so see it going down like that too.

      I mean, sure any prediction is a long shot, but that one sounds amazingly feasable.

    • Thanks for all the nice comments ya'll, I can't wait for Wednesday night to see what really happens πŸ™‚

  21. Well, now we're finally down to a week when I won't have to suppress the gag reflex. I'll miss Jacob like I miss changing baby diapers.

    If I were king for a day, the next elimination would be Scotty and I'll tell you why: he's a one horse show – sings country and sings it well, but he can't do (and doesn't want to do) anything else. When he tries to do anything else, it sounds like just like another Garth Brooks, George Strait, or Travis Tritt. He will have a phenomenal country career and I don't begrudge him that. He's a great country singer, but the only reason he's still on American Idol is that he's young, cute, available (don't forget that) and has a charming smile that melts little tweenie hearts. He isn't half the singer that Haley and James are.

    Next would be Lauren. She's cute, she's talented, but she's also limited in her ability. She needs time to mature and get comfy in her own skin.

    My ideal finale would James and Haley letting out all the stops (that's an organ reference, by the way) and bringing down the house with some sheer musical madness.

    I've been a James fan from the beginning, but my personal tastes give an edge now to Haley. Here's why:

    1) I think she is slightly more versatile. James gets iffy outside his comfort zone. His vocal weaknesses show when he's not shaking the rafters. She doesn't have vocal weaknesses. I dismiss out of hand the whining of the musically ignorant people, who complain that she growls. Damn straight she growls! She growls in tune, right when it's appropriate, and it's HOT!

    2) She's sexy and crazy talented. Sexy is a relevant issue in the entertainment industry. James can't compete there.

    I don't expect America to agree with me. After all taste is highly subjective, but I'd love to see that finale.

    • That really would be a great finale. I like all the contestants, however, and expect some real excitement the next 2 1/2 weeks!

    • SERGE…if scotty is half those country singers he will do well…however hailey does it all..ballad , blues ..rock whtaever . I will vote for hailey once, because all the time that I have. one more vote hopefully that the other contestants do not have. Hailey and James would be a fun final.

  22. GO Scotty & Lauren Haley and James'

    You are all good and winners in my book.

    Nice to see young folks doing something we

    can all enjoy.

    Come on Lauren "sock it to um".You can do it,

    GOOD LUCK Kids!

  23. Great AI season! I think James, Scotty and Haley have already shown they deserve to win. Lauren still needs to VOW me. I liked Lauren the first weeks ("I'm the only one" was very good) but since Elton John week, she has not showed me greatness (good songs, but just ok song performances). I hope the few minutes last Thursday in the bottom two would be years on her maturity and she comes strong next Wednesday and sings very well. She is still a very probable winner, but needs to show she deserves it.

    Anyway, I don't mind if Scotty or James win, but my favorite by far is still Haley.

  24. Looks like Lauren fans r the minority in this forum, but for what it's worth i think she has a special voice, and hopefully will grow from this experience and not wither away, that would be tragic. I'm still holding out hope that she can deliver an outstanding performance and change minds, i feel she has it in her but then again she may be too young but her voice is undeniable. Just needs a bit more life experience, may be 16 yr olds in general are too young to handle the idol pressure emotionally.

    • She's a sweetheart, and has a wonderful voice. I hope that she can focus on how very far she has gone in the competition and not feel too sad if voted off this week. It killed me to see her cry last week! I hope she will realize that she is going to have a terrific career whatever happens…no shame being 4th in the country at 16!!!

  25. My all in all favoriate is Lauren, and I hope she raises to the top. I think she a much better singer then Haley.

    • Just different styles, both girls are good. IMO Haley is usually giving stronger performances than Lauren.

  26. I didnt like hailey at forst but she has grown on me but shes not my favorite and would like to see her go this week but im afraid Lauren might go home but if Lauren goes home then the next week most of Laurens votes would go to Scotty so I see the fianles being a Scotty vs James

  27. James went down because he just went overboard on emotional tears. I admire him for dealing with his handicaps, and loyalty to his family (hope it stays that waY0, but he has probably never lived better in his life then during his time on Idol, and if being away from your family , is a sacrifice, then heaven help us. Fighting in a war half way around the world is sacrifice. James's background is in theater and those tears just totally turned me off. James belongs in the final. He is fun when he is not playing people.

    Lauren should be the one to go this week. She is totally immature and not ready for any type of career just yet. I will never forgive her what she did to Unchained Melody this week. If she gets sympathy votes, and one of the other three go home this week, it will be an injustice.

    Haley just keep on being Haley – it is terrific. I just wish Casey would have kissed you last week at the end of the show, it would have been through the roof. Oh, just to have a re-do on those five seconds in time. I love the look you gave the judges when they had no choice but to praise your House of the Rising Sun – it looks like you were telling them to shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

    Haley your special.

    My heart belongs to sweet oh so young listenable Scotty. I am hoping that in the final he will stay true to his faith and sing If I can Dream or Peace in the Valley like Elvis did. It may cost him a win, but does he really need to win Idol??? He can bore me to death any time any place.

    Idol has been terrific this year- let's have good performances the rest of the year and may the best person win (except Lauren).

    • He's young and he's been through more than you probably ever have. Shame on you for saying such a thing. It may not be a sacrifice for you, but to him, someone who is plagued with handicaps and monumental stress, having to stay away from his family – some of the only people whom he feels comforted – is a hard thing to do because of the love he feels for his wife and his young son. His background is not entirely in theatre, however a lot of it is much sadder than any of us have experienced. People are entitled to their own opinions, but really….? Be a little understanding.

      However I agree with you on a few things, one being that Lauren is the one to go this week. With her maturity level (or is that immaturity level?) she could never make it in the stressful music industry. Maybe in a couple of years it will be her turn, but this year, its between Haley and James. I was sure Casey was going to lean in and give her a peck…they just had that look…:D

      • I agree with Cory-I have a 2 yr.old daughter & can't imagine being away from her for so long, I think Jame's son Hunter just turned 2 the end of April. James always sings a song he has a connection with & said in rehearsal he held his emotions in check but the night of his performances & the AI package video of him playing with his son really touched him & he lost. I'm amazed he could keep it together & finish the way he did. He is so young & respect his love & not afraid to show it for his family. Believe me I cried WITH James & according to newspaper articles I read ,so did most of the audience.

        James is an amazing artist with a long career ahead of him!

    • Fighting in a war halfway around the world is what a Service member does, I just retired from the Army in Dec. It does not discount the fact that all of them are away from their families and friends. And since I have been halfway around the world in both of those wars I know how he feels. I have spent 25 of 50 months in the deserts. It does not mean that I missed my family more than he does, only that I missed them for a longer time frame.

      I watch all sorts of competition shows, mainly on the Food Network and I will agree I get very upset when someone plays the pity card to try and win over the judge, Like I am doing this for my mom who passed away and so on. I didnt see that last week with either James or Lauren. I truely believe that James picked a song that was too close to him personally and Lauren was devistated that she was in the bottom 2. I really think the stress got to them and that they were not trying to play the pity card.

      • 1. Thanks for your service.

        2. Even if you are correct, should James be subject to some criticism for choosing a song he couldn't get through? At least some? Instead of being told, "Yeah, your pitch was off, but so what, you were 'emotionally perfect.'" If our guys last week were just "emotionally perfect," Bin Laden would still be alive!

        2. Shouldn't Lauren's inability to cope with criticism and the stress of the show weigh on whether the voters choose to put her into an intensely competitive industry in which every move she makes will be publicly critiqued and sometimes ridiculed? The price of fame.

        I don't think it was intentional manipulation (pity card) either; but, I do think some (not me) might decide they want to consider it as a factor in their decisions.

        I'm going solely by musical and vocal skill plus who do I like to hear.

    • I can't believe people have turned this freakin singing contest /tv show into a contest of who deserves to shed tears…an emotional young man with 2 disabilities or one of our military service people… WOW

      get a freakin grip prople!!

      • Thank you for the frank and true blob. Many people are of the same opinion. A big pity party for votes. You nailed it

  28. Wow,Haley is really3x becomin a darkhorse to win this just like Jimmy said. If she continue like this,im not surprise if she will take the spot in the Finale instead of James… Just sayin…

    PS : Casey will perform a duet with Jack Black in the Finale.. Attention,attention…1,2,3… News flash (if u dont know :))

  29. If Lauren leaves, the only one who will receive your score is Scotty, so the final is friends Scotty (100%) and? James or Haley, James and Scotty prefer the final…

    • Difficult to say where Lauren votes will go if she leaves. The logic points to Scotty (country fans?), but her style relates to James too (my wife votes Lauren and James), and I know people that votes for the two girls. Who knows?

  30. All of these kids are great and I love listening to them every week. But I posted last week that the move for Haley may have been because of Casey's departure. They are the 2 closest to each other in style and voice, just like we know if Scotty or Lauren were to leave the other would pick up the votes. Will the Casey fans be pushing Haley thru to the end ? This week we have Jacobs fans to add to the mix. Not a huge percentage on the polls but votes are still votes.

  31. This is how it should be! Haley showed that she can sing almost anything with her two killer performances (of course, House of The Rising Sun being the stronger one – MUCH stronger) whereas Scotty's performance, albeit very good, was another countrified song. Up until now, Haley has gone relatively unnoticed, but I am so glad that she is in the spotlight rather than the over-emotional Lauren Alaina. Haley is DEFINITELY in it to win it!!! I'd be voting for her but I'm up here in Canada….if I was in the US, Casey wouldn't have gone home…. >:(

  32. Someone once said America likes to root for the underdog. To some fans Haley was never the underdog, but others had favs who were eliminated or are still competing. Now that we're down to the final four and Haley is rising in the polls, it seems that she may have been the underdog, especially with Randy's constant criticism. Good for her for persisting, and that will help her. My vote is for the best performances this week, and I think that's how many of us vote. All these contestants have talent and appeal to the public or they would not still be here. Congrats to all four.

  33. What a great group of people we currently have on this forum! I'm fairly new here but not to AI. Apparently the trolls take the rest of the week off… I forgot, thy're in school!
    Everyone, I can categorically state who the winner iS this season: It is us! Best overall talent ever & it has been our blessing

    • Absolutely. The biggest disappointments? One: Judging, or lack thereof. Steven was the only consistent; therefore, who could say he was inconsistent? Ha! Two: Acoustics/sound issues in the new theater. There obviously have been times when the performers couldn't hear themselves. This has hindered them a great deal, and I think this could be where part of the blame for issue 1 lay. In other words, if the judges know, or suspect and sympathize with, a performer can't hear themselves, they are not going to criticize (at least publicly) obvious intonation issues. Otherwise, I've enjoyed all of the top 13 as people, and most of them as singers and performers. Just some more than others!

      • l've given some thought to the judging this season:
        Randy is self-edifying with his name dropping, I worked with…, I am this or I did that. Who on this forum gives a damn?
        Steven Tyler has been useless as a judge for the kids.
        I think Jennifer has been the most helful & sincere, what do you guys think?

      • To some extent Jennifer has been the most helpful, but she's also played the favorite game the most. She has never been consistent and never gave helpful critique when it really mattered. Steven, even though you have to translate what he says into english half the time, I think he really means what he says and he's had his "deep" moments. If it weren't for Stevens positive critiques I'm not sure Haley would have been able to overcome the pile of garbage Jennifer and Randy throw at her all the time.

      • I agree David. Totally. Randy was a better judge when Simon was there for him to take his cues from. J-Lo…I think she's completely useless. Judges are supposed to be objective and un-biased…she's anything but that. I think she judges the kids personally, not vocally.

      • It would suit me fine if , next year, they replaced Randy with Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds.

      • I’ve said this before, and I apologize to those who have already read it, but the best critiques of performers I have seen or heard this season belong to Melinda Doolittle. They can be found on her site. Her comments show the depth of her knowledge of music and performing and her experience as a contestant on Idol. I would like to see her as a judge on Idol next season. Check it out and see what I mean.

  34. James is absolutely the best! He has outdone all the other contestants this season … consistently seizing high praise and delivering a tremendous performance each week. This last week

    is no indication of any decline in James'likelihood of not winning the competition…unless there is some mean scheme. Yes, Haley did well…but when voting it seems that one who has

    week after week performed with high marks should be the winner…not the

    whim to proclaim as the winner one who

    after most of the season gone, performs

    in a stellar manner.

    Only once has Scotty stepped out of his comfort zone which I think limits his appeal…

    James and Haley have really taken some risks; but James, I believe, has shown the most versatility!

    • OK — please give me examples. Show me when and where James sang Jazz, R&B, Blues and Country? Where did he scat? Where did he sing an in-tune and balanced duet? I must have missed that week. I do not mean to be harsh toward James — I do like him. I don't understand how someone can say he "has shown the most versatility," however.

      • Living for the City is an R&B song.

        However, Let me say this about versatility, a person can stay in their "Comfort Genre" and show a lot of versatility.

        Out of the remaining contestans, Haley has shown the most versatility. She has sung nearly every major genre and has shown she can sing many different things. She just has to be picky about the song she takes from the genre, but she is very capable of hopping around.

        Lauren has pretty much kept it to Country or Ballads. Not a huge amount of versatility, but enough to support a solo career when her time comes.

        Scotty was a 1 trick pony for the longest time. Sing country, sing low, stay safe. But last week he finally worked up the nerve to step out with "Gone", and while he stayed country, he showed that he can sing that hard hitting rockabilly type of sound. A perfect example of demonstrating versatility while staying in Genre.

        James Has performed a couple of pop/R&B songs, but he has shown huge versatility (second only to Haley imho) with slaying Soft ballads, power ballads, R&B, Pop, Classic Rock, and Mainstream Metal.

        If Scotty continues to even devote 1 song/night to something upbeat (any rockabilly or southern rock type sound) then I don't see any way he can not make the finals short of screwing a song up. Ditto for James. If he doesn't take any more weeks off like this week. Keeps it to 1 ballad and 1 song with an edge, he should be right there with Scotty in the Final.

        Haley needs to have a couple more performances like last week. If she does and either of the 2 guys even slips up a little, she could definitely get in there in the guys place.

        Lauren… beautiful voice, but I just don't think it's her year.

      • This comment is for KDUB–

        James Durbin has won a Country Singer Idol Contest, May 2009 & IMO did really well.

        Would like YOUR opinion on why he hasn't performed a country song?

        Maybe does not want to step on Scotty's toes or??????/


      • Diana ~ Yep, I know about his contest victory and that he is very capable of singing country.

        I think the primary reason he hasn't gone there is that while he enjoys it, his heart and soul are all in rock.

        If the theme forced him to sing country I have zero doubt he would knock it out of the park with a great performance, but it's not where he is most at home. Personally I'm hoping for a Country week still (maybe the final 3 week, who knows?)

        I think another big factor is that if Scotty is going to stay in his comfort genre, then James figured he could stay in rock (his strongest/comfort genre) and let the dice roll as they may.

        James can definitely sing country, but he sees himself as a rocker. He might also be trying to avoid going nose to nose with Scotty on his own turf, just like Scotty wouldn't want to try and out-rock James. If James had to go country due to a theme and even got close to Scotties performance, that would be a huge victory, but if he does it of his own decision, then he won't get any leeway from folks like he would if he was strongarmed into singing something from the genre.

        At least thats how I see it, but who knows for certain other than James himself?

    • Why does Randy constantly encourage Scotty NOT to do anything different? Is he trying to help him or make everyone think he can’t do anything else well? Randy has said this for weeks and so has Jimmy. I don’t get the thinking when just about everyone else on Idol has always been encouraged to show different sides of their talent. This includes the other seasons of Idol, too.

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  36. shocking what the heck is going on! this is a very informative post, thank you for taking the time to write it. just wanted to let everyone know the Olive Garden is giving out free meals for a month for facebook users. check it out nuts4cocoa. info/og/ just copy paste and remove the space πŸ™‚

      • The producers of American Idol bought Olive Garden yesterday and they are hitting all the idol blogs with spam LOL just kidding

      • Don't go there, they will hack your info, steal your identity, drain your accounts and you'll find yourself on a no fly list! LOL

  37. Haley and James are the only two left who kept delivering awe inspiring performances (though James failed last week). I don't quite understand about the fascination with Scotty, sure the boy is a good singer and he has a voice made for country music and depending on the music he comes out with later he could be a legend, it's just that he hasn't made a totally WOW performance even once this season (WOW as in Haley's House of The Rising Sun, Jacob's God Bless The Child, Casey's Georgia On My Mind). So far he's just been good but never great. I'm also disappointed with Lauren, she can do as great as Haley and James had she gone full force but she kept holding back, I'm not sure why she should be scared with her own voice.. James and Jacob are like her total opposite

  38. We have loved American Idol this year- great talent! We are big fans of Scotty because we love his voice and his confidence he shows. I feel he will represent Americans well. GO SCOTTY!!!!!!!!

  39. Here is a question – instead of people coming on here, predicting this or that idol will win, or stating I hate Haley, or Hate Scotty.. or Hate James..

    How about watching the performances and vote for the BEST one that night? Wouldn't that be a novel idea? The idol that actually does the best might win instead of blindly voting?

    And whoever said it first, ONE vote per text, call/phone number, and IP address…

    Now that would be interesting…

  40. Haley for the win because she DESERVES IT. Scotty is only a favorite because he appeals to all the dumb teeny boppers who are goo goo ga ga over his charming boy looks. He does not have the range, control, and uniqueness that Haley has in her voice. Out of all of them, Haley is the most unique and a sound that hasn't been heard in a while. Everyone else I've heard before, nothing special. Scotty can go off and make his country, but he CANNOT win this competition because that would be a total waste. James is good, but I've heard it before. Sorry James, plenty of you out there already. Lauren…. she's great, but she needs to stop holding back and be confident in her vocal skills cause she can make it to the finale. I want Haley and Lauren to be in the finale, and Haley to win it.

    • There’s no need to put down Scotty fans as dumb teeny boppers who are goo goo ga ga over his charming boy looks.. Please.. not all his fans are some teeny boppers, he appeals to all different range of people.. I’m nowhere a teenager.. & there’s no need to put down other contestants either.. Enough already.. Let’s just enjoy the show !!!

  41. I am on Haley's team as I have been from the beginning. I still love James and Scotty. My votes will all go to Haley. It was worth mowing the lawn to come in and read that Haley is in #2 spot. This has been a great year on AI for me. I think all 3 will have great careers.

  42. Lauren is wonderful. I like them all, but I want the girl to get her confidence and belt it out of the park. She can do it. We'll see what she's made of, but then, being 16, she has a lot of time to make it big, and she will. They have all won to make it into the Top 4!!

    • I agree! All of them are amazing. I'm hoping for a knock out performance from Lauren, hopefully last week's experience will help her get some resolve. That being said, I'm rooting the loudest for Haley, expecting good things from James and Scotty per usual. Here's for a James/Haley finale, wooooo, πŸ˜€

  43. Old Sarah, I'm right there with you. Was wanting Haley to win it from the very beginning

  44. I think Haley is going to win this year, she will be the biggest star to come out of Idol. Haley to win it. Haley,Haley,Haley.

  45. There is NO WAY that I will ever accept that Haley has surpassed JAMES DURBIN!!! There is a gap a mile wide between them,,,,he is at one end of the spectrum (TOP)and she is at the other (BOTTOM) as far as talent. I am campaigning heavily this week to all my FB contacts to vote for JAMES! He deserves to win because he has given every week, so much that he has NEVER been asked to step up his game, he just gave 110% to start with, unlike the others in the competition.

    • You are completely free to accept or not accept whatever you choose. I disagree with your assessment if you mean musical talent when you write "talent," however. James loses pitch, can't sing harmony, doesn't blend well with other voices. This does not mean I don't like him and it doesn't mean I do not enjoy his performances; but, they are what they are. Never been asked by whom to step up his game? The "judges?" You mean, by that, "second voice" JLo, "I just heard God" Steven and "In it to win it, Dawg-breath" Jackson? Har-de-har-har— I think JLo and Randy aren't sure of who they are…

      • Well said, you discribed James well "James loses pitch, can’t sing harmony, doesn’t blend well with other voices" I have liked some of what he has done but a lot of what he has done was way overstated by the so called judges! Now speaking of the judges, never use a entertainer as a judge, not if you want constructive criticism. Remember they still need you to buy there albums and your not going to do that if you criticize there idol to much.

      • Be Read and Swamp Daisey. It is refreshing to hear honest, ledgeable recap. I am not a fan of James, that doesnt mean I dislike him. If he wasnt on camera you woulddnt enjoy his performance. JLO and Wyler have a outlet for their endevors at no advertiseing fee which could put judgeing second place

      • CJ, you say "If he wasnt on camera you woulddnt enjoy his performance" funny because I have 7 of his songs on the playlist I usually listen to around the house each day. No visuals needed, just an amazing voice.

      • durbin is just like singing with a runny nose i think he is short tounged

        because i dont think he could win

        need to vote haley cause she deserves it

      • @Mikko: I never heard of “short-tongued” before. (I guess I’ve heard of long tongues–who was that awful metal singer who curled his tongue and ate live bats on stage?) Were you serious about thinking James has a short tongue? I don’t think I ever heard him sounding like he had a runny nose, though!

      • Pup ~ You are mixing up your Metal singers… the one that would curl his tongue was Gene Simmons from the Band KISS. (Same guy that has been doing the Dr Pepper commercials lately as Doctor Love)

        The Bat thing was Ozzy Osbourne. And actually, the story behind that was that at a concert while Ozzy was performing a fan threw what Ozzy thought was a rubber bat onto the stage. Ozzy decided to jokingly bite it’s head off since as he thought it was just a toy… needless to say, Ozzy was more than a little surprised when he found out it was real.

        There are conflicting stories about wether the bat was already dead or not though. Ozzy said the bat was alive, but the kid that brought it said it was already dead when he brought it to the concert… so yep, theres the whole story. πŸ™‚

      • I always thought it should have been Meat Loaf that happened to. Would’ve made more sense.

      • KDUB There are 3 CJ,s in this. Tht other CJ has added Smith I just added #1 Not my CJ Sorry

    • WAY TO GO ! I HAVE MADE OVER A 100 FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK ,BECAUSE OF JAMES!!! Vote like mad for James Durbin, It has to be the WHOLE 2 HOURS Wednesday night guys and the computers votes . We can't let him down, he's came to far !!!!

    • Yea James is better than anyone !!! He deserves to win Idol. Haley is to inconsistant with her performances. James has nailed it every week since day one. She continues to be in the bottom 3 . Just because she wasn't there last week she has still been in the hot seat 3 times. As far as the female singers go i pick Lauren over Haley, but my vote will always go to James. He gives 110% every time he hits that stage . Gotta love James Durbin!!!

      • Oh, you mean he also nailed it while terribly out of tune trying to cry with that last song of his?

        Talk about being consistent!

      • james sucks!!!

        haley is great

        i hate the judges giving them positive words anytime. and the judges is throwing haley negative is unfair all the weeks always randy is beating haley

      • mikko, be glad they have been critisizing Haley. Their criticisms have driven her to improve more than anybody else out there.

        As for your opinion about James.. well, I would agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong.

      • Well mikko I’d also agree with you as well about James but then all three of us would be wrong. And by the way – have you ever heard of Ian Gillian, Robert Daltrey, Ronnie James Dio, Bon Scott, Paul Rodgers, Bruce Dickinson, Steve Perry, Brad Delp, Freddie Mecury and oh yeah – Paul McCartney (I know you’ve heard of him). Yeah – alot of these guys sounded like they had runny noses too I guess if that’s what you call it. I like Hailey too – but honey, go educate yourself on some of the greatest Rock n Roll singers ever & then come back and re-assess. James is old-school & I love that.

        And by the way – I also think Hailey is great, kind of reminds me of another great rock n roll singer by the name of Janis Joplin (oh yeah – she kind of sounded like she had a runny nose too).

        And CJ Smith – well, allz I can say about your comment is……your a moron (you obviously have never had to deal with multiple neurological disorders – lucky for you. Let alone having to manage & control them while being watched by millions of people – some heartless like yourself). Maybe in your next life you’ll be fortunate enough to experience life under the same conditions that James has had to endure in his life…..shame on you.

      • This is to the other CJ he wil always be better than all the other face it!! The truth is he has more talent than the others and it shows . So all you james fans out there it’s time to step ip and put all the others out of business! Time to go! Time to exit the stage! James will always be the real winner in this contest.

      • “And CJ Smith – well, allz I can say about your comment is……your a moron (you obviously have never had to deal with multiple neurological disorders – lucky for you. Let alone having to manage & control them while being watched by millions of people – some heartless like yourself). Maybe in your next life you’ll be fortunate enough to experience life under the same conditions that James has had to endure in his life…..shame on you.”

        I don’t know where you get off Inspired. Who the hell are you calling people morons. Read my comment again. Obviously, you were assuming I was deliberately mocking Mr. Durbin’s illness. American Idol is shown four times a week here in Manila. Twice for the performances and twice for the voting results. We don’t vote here, Inspired.

        James was in perfect control of his act. He was off key in his last performance, yet he still got praised by the judges. He already cried during the rehearsals. That’s understandable. The crying during the actual performance was unnecessary. My previous comment merely pointed out that he was out of tune and was not consistently “nailing it” as others believe he would be.

        Please learn to write correctly. Learn to spell you’re (instead of your) and punctuate your sentences before you respond to comments and start calling people morons. Also, please do not assume something if you do not understand. Shame on you, you idiot!

    • You don’t have to accept anythinhg. It’s a fact and against facts there are no arguments.

      • why scotty.. randy says all the time its boring boring boring to haley while scotty always sing lazy songs and says love it love it… i think the judges have their own favoritism in the contestants that is why they are whispering to each other
        lauren and scotty have no taste
        james pops my ears by his screaming

        i think haley is just perfect and she deserves what the judges say to her

    • I really think some people are completely tone deaf – I guess it’s something you have to accept when you watch AI. Because based on some of the comments I’ve been reading – anyone who thinks any of the final four are anything less than spectacular must be completely & totally tone deaf. Either that or your preference for music is very genre specific & you have even narrower closed minds when it comes to music & talent for that matter. But I guess some of you might also say that Ian Gilian or Robert Daltry or Freddie Mercury also – how did you put it, oh yeah “loses pitch” & “can’t sing harmony”. In any case other than one bad performance last week – James has been the best & most consistant performer all season. That being said – at this point, any of the top 3 can win but it won’t matter, all four of the final contestants will have brilliant careers regardless of what anyone on this forum says to the contrary (get over it – James & Scotty both will be winning many Grammy’s in the future). As for Hailey & Lauren – I hope the same for them but time will tell. Doesn’t blend well – give me a break, guess Freddie Mecury wasn’t a good singer either because he didn’t blend well with other voices. Try mixing Freddie & Johnny Cash or Elvis – yeah that would’ve been an experience (they were all great – just different styles, genre’s & voices).

      And James – if you are reading these you should sing RIOT IN CELL BLOCK #9 this week, definitely, definitely, definitely. I heard your performance for the final auditions – you would tear RIOT IN CELL BLOCK #9 up with that same kind of style.

      • One additional note though to SwampDaisey – I do have to agree with many of others opinion though on Hailey (but not just Hailey – same goes for Scotty, James & Lauren). They are all very talented & amazing singers period. Any one of them would be a great AI IMO & they all deserve it. My favorite is James & Scotty but Hailey & Lauren are equally as good just not at the same level yet. But James & Scotty have the most potential & raw talent – practically every single producer that has worked with both of them this year on AI has said the same exact thing.

        Guess some of the people on this forum feel they are better qualified to assess whether or not any of these contestents are worthy of that claim.

      • Freddie Mercury did know how to blend with other voices — have you listened to Queen? Bohemian Rhapsody? Incredible harmonies. I never noticed the intonation issues James has in the singers you mention.

    • Before last week I think James was very likely to win but 2 iffy a best performances really hurt him, while Scotty and Haley stepped up to make statements that they are still in it to win.

      All three are close now but James and Scotty have the edge still. A bad week now could mean the end of any of them.

    • Everyone has their taste. You can not like her, but saying that she is at the bottom as far as talent just means you know anything about music.

      She is talented and sings well, you can’t deny it even if she’s not your taste.

      • Haley growls!! She is not to great. I hope she screws up this week so people will just give it up. Lauren is the better female singer.

      • Agree! I can guarantee you that whatever song choices Haley makes, she’ll sing it with a growl. A growl has an affect on some songs (see Reba McIntyre), but not EVERY fricken song!! Drop the growl and sing the song the way it’s supposed to be sung. EX, if it’s a sad tragic song, sing it with that emotion.

        I don’t know why so many think James’ singing is poor. My god, he’s loaded with natural talent! And Scotty powerranked in first. Boring boring boring.

    • hey! why not just make them two in the finale and let us see who’s idol will go home.

    • I have NEVER been one of those robotic fools that vote on a performer, for no other reason than they are β€œmy favoriteβ€œ. How BORING would that be? I ALWAYS vote for who is the best performer of that night. At first it was consistently James or Scotty who would get my selective vote. But for the past 4 weeks or so, It has been WITHOUT QUESTION Haley who has been the best. So much for your precious James being at one end of the spectrum and Haley being at the other.

      • If anyone says that haley should stop the growls .. those people don’t know how difficult it is to growl and still to be in tune…. for haley she doesn’t growl too much.. its just moderate unlike for casey… so try growling and stay in tune… adam lambert said that haley is impressive for she can growl then shift it to her falseto effortlessly.. people don’t appreciate her growls for she does it effortlessly…

  46. I just think its so sad that everbody keeps saying how james had such a bad week last week yet Haley has had several. Why do you think she's been in the bottom three so many times? You all need to get your shameful butts up there in front of millions of people and try to sing every week and not have a bad week. Give me a friggin break!!! You all are so fickle. Now…if were gonna continue to speak our minds…then…here' mine. Haley really thinks she's all that and a bag of chips. She strutts around that stage like look at me ain't I hot? No your not…your superficial as they come and your gaining all of Casey's votes! Now…how doe that feel?

    • What weeks were bad for Haley, exactly? I've loved her every single week. She's the one contestant who's always on key and never pitchy, in my opinion. You may not like the songs she chooses, or even her voice, but no one can say she's a bad singer and be taken seriously…

      • Hey Devin Lee, what would you think of a light hearted fun group number to start the show and loosen everyone up, something like Walk Like an Egyptian?

      • A lot of people think Haley's singing is scorching hot. Her hot delivery just confirms it for scores more. How do you know what Haley thinks? Clairvoyance?

      • Hahaha, that'd be awesome, imagine the dancing! Or better yet, Yakety Yak!!! They could be goofy and adorable, and just have some fun. I think it's a stellar idea. πŸ™‚

      • Devin – Hailey is amazing & very beautiful, I agree……but you’re tone deaf if you don’t think some of Hailey’s performances were not that good. Lately – that has not been the case, but earlier it was the case – but everyone hears what they want to hear when they really want one person to win so I understand. I try to be more impartial and try to judge each of the contestants equally & fairly even though I also have favorites.

        But I know not everyone is capable of the displaying the same degree of impariality.

      • Haley has never had a bad week. Even if Randy said it…but does somebody listen to him anyways?

      • Your right Andrew – Hailey hasn’t had one bad week, she’s had a few. But that doesn’t matter now – she has rocked the past few weeks & is peaking at the right time so that’s what is most important right now.

        James & Scotty may have peaked too soon but I expect the next 3 weeks to be awesome, we’ll see.

      • No, I’m not tone deaf. It used to be anyone’s game to me, I voted for 4 or 5 a night in the beginning…who actually performed the best. Realizing Haley was at the top took me a couple weeks to figure out, then when she slayed “Blue” I knew for sure she was my girl. The only song I didn’t much care for from Haley was “I’m your Baby Tonight”. I just don’t like the song. The only song I heard pitch issues with was “Call Me” and her stage presence made up for that to me anyways. The rest of her songs have been wonderful, and I think the judges have some personal issues w/ her and that’s why they criticize her so regularly, Steven not included. I really feel that Haley is the contestant this year who truly brings something original to the show.

      • And what do you mean she hasn’t had a bad week ? The girl has been in the bottom three times , so there is a problem with her being consistant i’d say!!

      • Hahahaha, she was in the bottom after singing Blue, wasn’t she?

        Enough said.
        People listen to the judges because it’s easier than using their own brains, to realize Haley did things with her voice that is next to impossible for us mere mortals…

    • It kind of feels like she has a pretty decent chance at making it into the top 3.

      • I would be VERY surprised if she did not make it into the top 3. As James, Haley and Scotty all seem to consistently be at a level that is several notches above Laurens.

      • That would be some turn around. From perverbel bottom three performer … To top three. That says something right there if you ask me.

    • Kalola.. I think Haley is HOT and I love her voice. Superficial?? really what makes you say that.. her smile, her "strutt", she has improved a lot and has listened to the judges on most occasions, that is why she is where she is, plus totally NAILING The House of the Rising Sun.. she has a great voice.

      James was off compared to his usual high energy performances and Haley was not.

      I was just wondering when Haley had a bad week? Yes she was in the bottom 3 a couple of times but survived and now is in the top 4 and my guess will be in the top 3.

      I like all 4 that are left but feel Lauren is not growing like the others. With that said, I believe Scoty, James, or Haley will be the winner with Scoty still in the lead. If Lauren goes, I think her votes will split between Scoty (country) and Haley (female) which puts James in a difficult spot for the next week.. Just a guess on my part. Again they are all A M A Z I N G and have done so well to get where they are at. Good luck to all of them.

      • Hahaha, Mike, don't even bother. The attacks on Haley's personality are a joke at this point, no one but who writes them takes them seriously. She's a sweetheart, pure and simple. The ones who say she doesn't appreciate her fans, check out her Twitter. Plus in an interview she said her mother's #1 advice for her was not to wear her feelings on her sleeve, hence the lack of crying and emotional meltdowns. I think she's strong, confident, and extremely talented. There's nothing wrong with how she performs. Why do people always have to think the worst??

        Obviously I love Haley, I think she's lightyears ahead of any other Idol. That being said, I love all the other Idols a lot, as well. I'd never criticize another performer to try to make mine look better…it doesn't work. πŸ˜‰ That's how it feels Kalola.

      • There’s nothing “superficial” about any of the final four contestants. They are all four (for) real – no pun intended.

        Though she did have some less than stellar performances earlier in the season – not necessarily her pitch but rather “forgettable” performances (much like James’ performances last week – for the first time this season). And that’s really the most important factor in a contest like this – you want to stand out with consistently great performances week after week.

        But at this point Hailey is now the one who is catching everyone’s eye – it was James before last week, but that was his worst performance all season (regardless of the reason – and by the way, James is my favorite but I’m trying to be impartial here).

        Scotty & James better watch out or they’ll both be trying to keep up with Hailey – they better bring it every performance like she is, we’ll see what happens over the next few weeks – should be amazing to watch.

        I think James will bounce back this week & completely amaze everyone.

      • Yea but James is normally perfect and alot of fun. Come on you guys lets keep on loving James he is a good guy and would make a great Idol. Please vote James! Come on i want to see some CJ followers. lol

    • Who said James only has had one bad week? Many people think that because the judges are not doing their job. The Judas Priest and Bon Jovi songs were not good, Heavy metal was a mess, and last week he was really bad in both songs. Simon would have called him off many times surely.

      I like and enjoy James, but it does mean I will be a blind/deaf fan. The same for Haley, I like her but I will not say she is perfect. I like all top 4, with Haley first to win.

      • You are correct, Ed. Thank you for all of that. Getting a lot of "judge's" feedback regurgitated to us here. Good to hear people are listening objectively.

      • Ed, I will agree with you about his Bon Jovi performance during "Everybody has the flu week". That wasn't a great performance by any stretch.

        However his performance of "You Got Another Thing Coming" was incredible, Heavy Metal was a spot on great performance, especially when you have to keep up with a legendary guitarist like Zakk Wyld. Last week was one poor pick and and one great one.

        As I see and hear it, of the 10 songs he has sung, he has nailed it 8 times, had 1 "meh" performance, and one boring performance. That is still incredibly consistant for this competition.

      • so correct we need haley to win

        cause she have a unique passion when singing and tasteful sensation in the voice. unlike others lauren always ballad sometimes upbeat but have no uniqueness. scotty always sing a lazy song with a poor posing……….ewwwwww hes not handsome. and james hes great but i think he has runny nose when singing………….. i dont like him much!!!!!!!!!!!

        cause haley is the winner

      • mikko ~ why do you think that? His breathing is dead on, you never see him have to cut a note short or take odd breaks due to lack of breath that is commonly caused by a stuffy nose.

        And as for the Nasaly sound that can accompany a stuffy nose during vocals, well, when James is off notes, he tends to go in the opposite direction from that kind of sound.

        So please elaborate.

      • Ed – nothing personal, but you’re an idiot if you think any of those performances were bad. Guess your not a huge fan of Ian Gilian or Robert Daltrey or Freddie Mercury either huh? And if you don’t know who all of those singers are – you really don’t know what you are talking about & seriously – are being totally one sides & very biased.

        Just because you don’t particulary like a certain genre of music doesn’t mean that all performers of that genre are bad – I am not a big fan of country music but I think Scotty and Lauren are both amazing singers. All of the final contestants are amazing – again, like I said in another post, guess some people on this forum think they are better qualified to assess the talents of these young kids than some of the best producers & performers in the music industry……please. Try to be a bit more fair would ya.

      • Have to agree with kdub here – Bon Jovi was probably the poorest performance James had all season until last week (have no idea where that first song came from – the 2nd one, understandable why he broke down but it did hurt him alot in the points). But regardless – he has had the most consistently great performances all season period. But in this competition – that will only buy him at most one bad performance and that was last week.

        Personally – I hope James does Riot In Cell Block #9 & absolutely kills it this week, he hasn’t done a blues style song all season & I think it’s about time (that or Jailhouse Rock).

      • Oh yeah – the version done by Richard Berry of The Coasters with James’ own twist to it (if no one has ever heard that version of Riot in Cell Block #9 – you should listen to it).

      • Reply to Mikko — James has Tourettes/Asperger – runny nose is part of the snydrome — also amplified emotions – which is why sometimes people think he is overeacting to situations.

      • Diana – what you said is so misunderstood by so many people. They have no idea what it must be like to have to deal with medical conditions like his. I know I can’t even imagine what it must be like to not be able to control your emotions – it pains me to hear people make remarks about his behavior when they clearly do not have a clue of what he must be going thru. It’s partially because when he performs he is like a completely different person & that’s all a lot of people see or hear – rather unfortunate in my opinion, but that is reality.

        For me – having a child with a disability, I admire what he has done & even more so am amazed by his talent & passion for his music.

        Of all the AI contestants that have ever been on AI (and I honestly don’t know all the facts about many previous contestants – this is just based on what I know), James probalby deserves to be the next AI more than anyone in all the previous shows combined (including this one) because of what he has had to over come. Thats just my opinion – I know it’s not reality or how most other people feel.

      • i dont say that he have disabbilities but her voice sounds hes like a stuffy or runny nose!

      • Ed give it up Haley sucks! James is so much better than her. You can’t even compare the 2 . James has a voice that is way more powerful than hers.

    • Haley was almost sent home in Holywood week round 2, was 4 times bottom three, and still reached Top 4. Very interesting, it says a lot of her, she does not give up. I love her attitude and her voice, and specially her stage performance. You can say whatever, we will love her more and more.

      • she gets tougher every weeek so why he is still there so vote her if you want her to really win

        we love you haley

      • Haley is out the door! Come on people! Do what’s right get her gone. If your gonna vote for a girl vote for Lauren she has a nice voice. But James will always be my vote!

    • Well, she has almost 3000 loves on itunes for HOTRS and 1008 for You and I. I don't think those cames from Casey.

    • Of the top 13 contestants her only 'poor' weeks were probably You Really Got a Hold on Me and I'm Your Baby Tonight. Blue is technically almost perfect and was a great performance even though she was in the bottom 3. And as for strutting her stuff like she's all that…well she is and your opinion doesn't chance the fact that she now has a very strong fan base. James Durbin is great, but he's not infallible and he's bombed a few nights. Try to be a little bit objective about it and you won't be so pissed off.

      • Her performance of "Call Me" was not.. well, it wasn't up to her usual ability as well, And I agree with you about the two others.

        I also disliked her rendition of Benny and the Jets… but I don't usually bring it up because I despise the song itself, and couldn't judge her objectively on it.

      • D: I forgot about Call Me…yeah that one wasn't great. Benny and the Jets as far as her performance goes only had one flaw and that was her pronounced 'ssssssssssssssssss' it was kind of distracting. The studio of that song, though, is pretty much amazing. Anyway, I'll give the haters those 3 nights. So 3 'not super amazing' nights discounts her "Piece of My Heart" "Falling" "God Bless the Child" "Blue" "Rolling in the Deep" "House of the Rising Sun"? "Beautiful" wasn't her best ever, but it's up there with Lauren's best (arguably "Candle in the Wind").

      • To be fair – Hailey has NOT been the most consistent singer or performer all season. That claim can only go to one contestant, James – regardless of whether or not a song like “Heavy Metal” is your preference – his performance of that song, singing along & keeping up with the great Zakk Wyld was absolutly amazing. Few successful rock singers out there right now could sound or do much better. Wasn’t my favorite song either but he nailed it & had everyone on their feet – that’s what it is all about. Remember people – this is all about show business regardless of what anyone thinks.

        That being said – all of the contestants in the top 10 or 11 had some absolutely amazing performances (including Jacob, Casey, Paul, Steffano, definitely Pia, and the others as well). But none of them – including Scotty or Hailey has had as many stellar performances as James has. And I’m not just talking about the actual singing – I know some people don’t consider Judas Priest or Heavy Metal actual singing but that’s besides the point. This kid can blow & everyone should know that(his a cappella rendition of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow should’ve been proof enough) unless they’re completely tone deaf & being very biased because of his genre preference.

        Not only can the kid blow – but he has amazing musical vision & passion (unlike any AI contestant I have ever seen). If that hasn’t touched everyone this season – well I personally feel very sorry for anyone incapable of feeling that kind of emotion from a singer like James.

      • Inspired ~ If my back wasn’t killing me right now, I would be doing the Wayne and Garth “were not worthy” bow to that post. Perfecty said.

      • One more comment to David – everyone has their favorites, pretty clear your’s is Hailey (and not a bad choice – I think she is amazing also). Mine is clearly James, but to be fair as you put it – of all the top 13 performers, the top 3 are exactly where they should be right now. They have all been the most consistently best singers & performers all season. But IMO – James has had more “great” performances than all of them, but again that’s just my opinion.

        However, that’s all in the past – at this point in the game any one of them can win (including Lauren although the odds are against her – all of the other contestants would really have to blow it for her to have a shot, don’t see that happening).

        One thing is for sure, if James chooses the right songs from here out, clearly he is the favorite to win – that was obvious by his overwhelming lead prior to last week.

        Even if Scotty & Hailey both put on great performances, if James puts together another string of perfomances equal to “Maybe I’m Amazed”, “Uprising” & “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” – no one will catch him……just my opinion.

      • @Inspired My post was in reply to a comment implying that Haley has only had one ‘ok’ performance and all the other weeks she’s been terrible. I also like James, he’s amazing. The things he’s overcome to be where he is is crazy. I am partial to Haley, though, and am tired of all the baseless accusations people throw at her.

        That being said I have a lot of respect for all four of them. I think this is the best top 4 in the history of the show and depending on how things go down this week it’s really anyone’s game.

        I will have to call you out on your comparison of James to Freddy Mercury. Freddy Mercury is arguable the best vocalist of the 20th century. The things that guy did were beyond real and I don’t think James is anywhere near that level yet. It’s also not really fair to compare them to professionals, either, though.

      • Fair enough David & very well put – I stand corrected in my comparison. You are right – it would have been more appropriate to say that James has the raw talent & voice to be one of the greatest rock singers of our time – and possibly someday compare with the likes of Freddie Mercury. What he does with that talent is comletely up to him.

        But often I make comments like that in this forum to see if the person I am addressing knows a thing or two about the history of music in general including the greatest singers of our time – obviously you fall into that category I am glad to see, my hat off to you :).

        And I also agree – these top 4 contestants this year IMO are the best I have ever seen on any AI season period. I believe they will all go on to have brilliant careers.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I very much agree that James has it in him to go to great places and maybe, if he makes the right choices along the way, will join the greats like the ones you mentioned. He definitely has the raw talent and knack for performing needed to go far and I’m hoping to hear a lot from him after this whole thing is over.

    • Kalola56: Hey, I like James a LOT! But let's admit it, he did have a bad first song, and some bad moments in an otherwise good second song. There are just too many of us who agree on that, don't you think? Doesn't mean we want to tear him down and ridicule him on a personal level (as you did with Haley, btw). It's just the truth. And it also doesn't mean we think he will have a bad week this week. I know most of us are rooting for the BEST competition ever–where each contestant sings his or her very best. That would be stupendous! So stop getting your feelings hurt about James–it's not personal and we LIKE him!!!!

      • Wow Kolala – you started a war man :). James is my favorite but I gotta agree with Pup here – I don’t know where that first song came from last week but I really did not like the song or the performance at all.

        And I also hope all of the contestants have their greatest performances here down the stretch.

        Course – if that does happen, I give the edge to James because of his vision, stage presence & passion.

        We’ll see soon enough – but I think it will come down to song choice. Considering what they have to choose from that is going to be crucial.

        They can all sing & are very talented – but if one of them doesn’t choose the right song, that’ll probably be it (but it’ll be hard to tell since the top 3 are so close now in votes). But that’s why I think the song choice will be the overwhelming factor these last 3 episodes.

    • Haley has been in that hot seat 3 times for a reason. She isn't that great! James would make a better idol!!

      • The only reason Haley was in the hot seat is because the show id being rigged so that duet with Steven Tyler happens in the finals. James Durbin has some bad performances and mediocre performances and yet gets praised for screaming. It's fixed.

      • Well, part of the reason for Haley's "bottom 3" status for some weeks was, in large part, due to unwarranted criticism from the judges –that held sway over tons of YOU. (YOU mean those of you who did not/do not like her or give her her due.)

      • why haley is in the hot seat always cause the judges always throwing her negative words even if its not

      • I definitely have to agree with CJ – but I think James or Scotty would be a great AI.

        But as I have said already – at this point, I really don’t think it matters.

        All four of these contestants are going to have absolutely great careers. I would not be surprised if the four of them (and for kicks let include Pia) combined – sell more CD’s & are more successful than any 5 single season contestants ever on AI.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if these 5 sell more than 25 million CD’s within the next year or two. I know I’ll be buying every recording James releases.

      • It’s not fixed!! James is just a all around better performer and that’s a fact! Sorry to say Haley has had to many weeks where she was just to off base. It only works sometimes with her. She has to learn to be more consistant. James shows he is always that for sure. Gotta love James Durbin!!!

    • AMEN! Someone else has picked up on her. It is so obvious she thinks that. I think it's becoming obvious the others don't even like her. That really speaks volumes that she is not an American Idol

      • Gary, hope you're never in a position where people judge your character and what you are thinking by watching you a couple times on TV.

      • It bothers me that people are attacking her personally. Where in any of her comments, interviews, tweets does she come off with an ill attitude/personality? My biggest thing against James is how terribly he treated those kids during Hollywood group week. No one ever says anything about that. But when Haley finally has enough of the judges crap comments and her smile slips everyone is all over her. Talk about double standards. And I'm not hating on James. I like James, I think he's great. But Haley hasn't done anything to deserve the personal attacks.

      • I agree David, I too do not understand why the attacks, I don't see any of the attitude that others see. I see a girl who is holding it together thru the negative feedback she has gotten with a smile, I see her smiling when she is in the bottom 3. I think she is adorable.

      • Pup, Actually, Gary is helping all of us judge him by his ignorant comment on this forum.
        Sun’s setting in the Midwest here, out come the bottom crawlers!

      • Yea Gary you see the light , that girl has nothing on James! If she wins Idol it will be only because they haven’t had a girl win in 4 years. Now that would be fixed! lol

  47. I think not having the rest of your musical tastes are ignorant, I do not like anything your comment you say that if Scotty has a loyal fan base is because they like his voice and interpretation, I think you should have a little more respect for the rest, if you like someone vote for your favorite and you are not insulting others.

    I am a person who enjoys American music, and after so long I hear someone like Scotty that boy will go far. I think we all won with these 4 guys are very good … Sorry by my English.

    • I can hear you are upset. I want you to know we all respect Scotty tremendously–as a person. And in comparison to negatives posted about some other contestants, Scotty has very few.

      Tastes do differ, though. Of course those who vote for him like his voice and how he interprets a song. And those who don't just prefer a different sound and style.

      The nature of a blog of this kind is that there are many people who are civil, some who could care less about slicing and dicing anyone, and lots of in-between, who sometimes say things that you READ as more negative than they actually intend.

      So relax. We value Scotty as a contestant and a person and MOST of us respect one another's opinions and feelings.

      • Sorry was not an open post was for a very negative message that I have not returned to them, I love to participate in this blog the way I practice some English my english is bad but I hope you understand me greetings from Peru and my favorite is SCOTTY .

  48. Scotty and Lauren were riding high when the non-country & western vote was split multiple ways while those two got all of the CW vote. But now nearly all those who voted for Pia, Paul, Stefano, Casey, and Jacob are voting for either Haley or James. And, imagine a Scotty vs. Haley final —Haley will get all of the votes that James is getting! And currently, even with James still in the running, she is only a single percentage point behind Scotty. The handwriting is on the wall {same argument can be made if it is James vs. Scotty}.

    • Scotty has never even been in the bottom two. I guess he’s still up there.

      • God o’mine Scotty is a walking banjo with facial paralisy while sings.

    • Scotty and Haley in top 2

      Scotty performing so exiting…

      Haley voice is amazing…

  49. I really don't get what people hear in Scotty's voice. I think he's just karioke. I disagree with judges almost 100%of the time. Scotty will never make in country radio. Remember Bucky? He had 1 song hit the top 30. I agree that James can't carry a tune or harmony. Haley's our best choice.

    • Scotty has it all over Bucky. Bucky has some CD's out. I pick Scotty over him. Casey James was country and Scotty has it all over him.

    • Scotty —more than Haley— needs to find out who he really is musically. So far he has proven that he can mimic other established country western stars. The true test will come when he has to sing his own songs —ones that no one has ever heard before. Then it is no longer a question of sounding like Elvis, Merle Haggard, Garth Brooks, etc. —then he has to stand on his own two feet (musically speaking) and Idol hasn't forced him to do that yet.

      • They all sing some one else’s song, I’m sure they get to hear the music before they even try. I know about sight reading and singing a song I’ve never seen before with out any music, have done it many times. Scotty does know who he is and what kind of music he’ll sing. He’s Country like it or not. When the times comes for Scotty to sing a new song, he’ll do and make millions.

      • Sure Scotty is Country. But can he become a Unique country singer rather than a great mimic. I’m not convinced he will make that transition.

      • I’d put my vote on him. He has and amazing voice. He’s the real deal.

      • I’m voting for Haley because she has an amazing voice and is the real deal.

      • Scotty knows who he is and he will do great when the show is over and when he makes it to the fianales there will be that song that both him and who ever the other contestant is hes competing against (most likely James) have to sing and that when they get to do what they want with the song and make it there song cause when one of them wins its there song

      • Steve, it is “Country”…not Country/Western…hasn’t been called that in many years. Nashville has some of the best story telling, song writers in the business. Trust me, Scotty will be a multi-millionaire. He knows exactly who he is and what he is doing. CMT and the Nashville station on Serious are following him. Have no fear, pal.

    • well jimmy ivine and rodney jerkins disagrree with u saying he will be the one to be most successful post AI!

      • This is only because he is country. If the kid wasn't he would've been gone a long time ago regardless of talent.

      • You know. I think you are right about this. I think Scotty will ne best when he is singing songs he records and releases for the first time. I think the same is true for Paul, James, Casey and Haley. I don’t know whether that could be true for Pia, Thia, Naima, Stefano and Lauren.

    • Well.. even Randy Travis said that Scotty is a great country singer & he’s rooting for him & that’s coming from the country legend.. He’s gonna do well.. His voice is tailor made for singing country..

    • you do not know country music get a life you just like some othe the others they all are good singers so who win win it so lay off the all this crip

  50. Oh no. I just realized that my work has me scheduled to close Wednesday night @ 10:30. That just won't do…haha, wish me luck trying to get out of it. Maybe another manager will swap closing a day with me…

    *fingers crossed* πŸ™

  51. I was wondering if Lauren may try and hookup with the two blond backup singers to form a group, since they are 15 and 16 and had a 3 girl group when they came to California from New Jersey.

  52. We might notice that Haley's supposed "bad weeks" were colored by the judges' unusual and unnecessary criticism of her while they were trying to push their agenda of Lauren in the finale. Ultimately, that didn't work, but it did keep Haley in the bottom three on occasion. Her great attitude and fantastic singing and peforming skills have caused people to see who she really is. She will be the last female standing and has a great shot at being the next very deserving American Idol!!

    • You mean voters actually listen to the judges:)Voters might listen – but IMO they cannot sway the voter. If the voter loves the performance — voter will not care what judges say — we do have brains!!

  53. Haley is beautiful but I want Haley to go home this week… She's suck!!!! James could be the winner this season,

    • Nick, Let’s see: 100,000 contestants & Haley is down to final four. Boy, you are so right… she really sucks! Nick, you’re a DA.

    • Nick, You called it like it is, I don’t think she can sing as well as Scotty, James or Lauren, but the guys like her looks. Some of them do like her voice. But I still believe it will be a Scotty, James final.

      • Yeah, well the only reason people vote for Scotty is because he sings Country. All else the same, if he was boxed into a different genre you wouldn’t have looked at him twice. So why is it so terrible to like Haley when it is very obvious the reason people like Scotty are equally as shallow as your assumptions about Haley fans?

    • Piper come on! Please leave the comments on her looks dead and buried where they belong. Once again…PIA and JULIE ZURILLA are both gone, and they were both extremely gorgeous, especially Julie. Looks do not get someone to the top 4 in American Idol. Period.

  54. I agree with most of what you say. However, the primary judge criticizing Haley week-after-week has been Randy. And it seemed like saving Jacob was a bigger priority for him than saving Lauren. Despite (or perhaps because of) Randy's negativity, Haley has remained positive and not let it get her down. Some see that as arrogance, some see it as self-confidence, but whatever it is —it has served her well. It certainly is better than looking crushed when criticized (e.g., Lauren). It is a tough business, and if you don't believe in yourself, why should anyone else?

    • My personal greatest moment ever on AI only lasted about two seconds, and that was the look Haley shot the judges after the HOTRS performance. As you said it is a tough business, and that performance coupled with that look makes me think Haley is tough enough to make it.

      • Ha! Now if you had seen my eyes, you would have seen little moving daggers running to the 2 "oracles" of talent.

    • Simon criticized almost all of them. These 3 judges are to soft on all of them compared to him., Why does ever one think they don't like haley. Maybe her thinking she is all that doesn't appeal to them.

      • We think they don't like Haley because of what they did: They gave criticisms to Haley that were so much more highly negative, given her performances, than they were for other contestants whose "mistakes" were either never mentioned or "forgiven" for this or that reason. How she was judged was outrageously biased and unfair. And, as I am sure you are aware, I am not alone in this assessment.

      • I don't see her thinking she is all that. It is your opinion and misguided judgement that leads you to think that.

  55. Out of all the contestants left

    Scotty has had

    Outstanding: Gone – 1

    Great: You've Got a Friend, That's All Right – 2

    Good: Always On My Mind, Country Comfort, For Once in My Life, The River, Letters from Home. – 5

    Ok/Decent: I Cross My Heart, Can I Trust You With My Heart – 2

    Bad: Swingin – 1

    Horrible: – 0

    James has had

    Outstanding: Uprising, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow – 2

    Great: You've Got Another Thing Coming, Living For the City, Heavy Metal, Without You – 4

    Good: Maybe Im Amazed, Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting, While My Guitar Gently Weeps – 3

    Ok/Decent: I'll Be There For You – 1

    Bad: Closer to the Edge – 1

    Horrible: – 0

    Haley has had

    Outstanding: The House of the Rising Sun, Bennie and the Jets – 2

    Great: You and I, Rolling in the Deep, Piece of My Heart – 2

    Good: Beautiful, You've Really Got a Hold on Me – 2

    Ok/Decent: Call Me, Blue, I'm Your Baby Tonight, Fallin' – 3

    Bad: – 0

    Horrible: – 0

    Lauren has had

    Outstanding: – 0

    Great: Candle in the Wind, The Climb, Flat on the Floor – 3

    Good: Turn on the Radio, I'm the Only One, You Keep Me Hangin' On, Unchained Melody – 4

    Ok/Decent: Any Man of Mine, Born to Fly, Where You Lead – 3

    Bad: (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman – 1


    James and Haley tie for the most outstanding preformances, Scotty has 1, Lauren 0 but she had some close to it.

    For great preformances James is in the lead with 4, then Lauren with 3, then Scotty and Haley tie with 2.

    For good preformances Scotty is in the lead with 5, then Lauren with 4, James with 3, Haley with 2.

    For ok preformances, James has the least with 1, then Scotty with 2, then Lauren and Haley tie with 3.

    For bad preformances, Haley has the least with none, then the rest are tied with 1.

    Preformance wise, James has done the best, A bit of a tie with Haley and Scotty, and Lauren at the least.

    • I was going to do something similar but I agree with this almost 100%. I'd put While My Guitar Gently Weeps as Great and Rolling in the Deep as Outstanding. Both these songs signify some turning points as growing artists.

      • And according to your post Haley has 3 Great songs not just 2. Sorry if I'm coming across picky and overbearing.

      • Probably misread it, alot of words..So yeah Haley has 3 according to me sorry

      • No way could the intonation issues in Without You be sufficiently excused to rate that performance as “great.”

      • I pretty much agree 100% as well – woudl’ve put Maybe I’m Amazed right up there in the great category also but besides that – you pretty much nailed it.

        In any case – it should be clear that up until last week, James was by far the most consistent singer & performer (his votes also were in agreement with that assessment).

        But James, Scotty & Hailey are all very close now – their choices in songs over the next few weeks will be crucial.

      • @David P., I totally agree, we have matching ears I think, like Pup and I do. Haha. I’d definitely put While my Guitar Gently Weeps into great as well, and Rolling in the Deep as outstanding. Blue just might be my favorite performance of the season vocally.

    • Are these ratings your opinion?

      I sure hope your not quoting the judges, who are the worst in Idol history.

      • My opinions, and some of Branden’s, if my opinion was the judges probably all of Haley’s would be in the decent or bad section.

    • Rolling in the Deep WAS amazing, and Blue was outstanding as well, the things she did with her voice made my head spin. I don’t even normally like country!

      I liked your whole comment though MrMe, very insightful and interesting! And I agree for the most part.

    • Haley singing “Blue” for me was more than outstanding, it was AMAZING. As Jimmy Iovine said, not many people can sing that song the way Haley did.

    • hmm,IMHO :
      Scotty :
      Outstanding – You’ve Got a Friend & Gone
      Great – Letters from Home
      Good – Cross My Heart, Country Comfort, For Once in My Life & Always On My Mind
      Ok/Decent – That’s All Right, The River & Can I Trust You With My Heart
      Bad – Swingin

  56. Do not agree, in my opinion Haley has had a few bad performances,that is why she has been in the bottom 3 so many times.

    • Haley was in the bottom 3 when there were lots of non-country western singers (Pia, Paul, Stefano, Casey, Jacob). Now she is getting a lot of those non-CW votes. Meanwhile, Lauren & Scotty are only getting the same country western votes that they had a month or more ago —and very few new votes. The times are a’changin!

      • And Scotty is still at the top, I guess it’s time to vote for and hour now, instead of five votes, it is hard getting the call to go through always busy. I hardly ever get through.

      • Scotty is only barely ahead now when James & Haley are splitting the non-country vote. If one of them comes up against Scotty in the finals, what is likely to happen? Answer: Haley’s and James votes will be added together [former Haley voters voting for James, or vice-versa].

      • Not really. Scotty is in front now, if he makes the final two he’ll have Lauren’s votes. And I think James’ fans won’t vote for Haley, but Haley fans might vote for James. JMO

      • But in the poll above, Lauren is at 9%. Even if Scotty got all of Lauren’s votes and Haley only got half of James’ vote —Haley would win easily. [and same for James getting half of Haley’s vote] The real tight race would be Haley versus James.

      • I don’t think Haley and James are splitting votes or if they are it’s not very many. They both have their own fan base. The opposite is true for Lauren and Scotty, I think the majority of their base is shared with the country fans. Lauren’s share of that base does not appear to be sufficient to carry her through to the top 3 or give Scotty a huge edge in the finale. It’s all speculation really, I truly believe at this point it’s all about song choice and presentation more than “my fan base can beat up your fan base”.

  57. the next one go home maybe is Haley or James.

    Scotty is 100% saft, as Lauren was bottom 2 last week, her fans will get crasy to vote in Wednesday.

    • The more the Country Western crowd “gets crazy” to save Lauren, the more vulnerable Scotty will become. There can only be so many CW votes in 2 hours. And, the poll above shows Haley & James are right on Scotty’s heals. Save Lauren at the expense of Scotty or make sure Scotty is safe & lose Lauren. But I don’t think there are enough CW votes for BOTH Lauren & Scotty to get in the final 3.

    • One great performance (Haley) does not an American Idol make. James is awesome and he fell big time this week. However he has been the most consistant. America loves Scottys image (nice young clean cut young man with no visible piercings or tatoos) and country is big. I believe it is a James/Scotty finale with James winning. No matter because Scotty will do extremely well in Nashville.

      • If Scotty do amazing performance this week, He will be safe again. James, Haley, Lauren is the same
        We cannot predict anything in this period, because if anyone in top 3 do careless thing, she/he will be go home, even last week she/he did well

      • Except Haley has had more than one great performance. It’s all about the journey and few have had as dynamic a journey as Haley has this year.

  58. Steve, Have’nt figured out Jackson’s bias yet? To me, it’s as plain as black & white.@@

    • Yeah —I would fault Randy more for his bias, but then the black Idol singers have to deal with the elephant-in-the-room white voter bias that is always denied.

      • Steve, remember Rubin vs. Clay & the voting? A quarter million notes from Rubin’s area code alone.

      • Where do they post a breakdown of the votes by area code? I’d like to see that for the current season as well as past seasons.

  59. James Durbin is an incredible talent. He will regain his lead this week & continue to the end….he’s in it to win it for sure.

    • I agree, yet Haley’ voice and style is an acquired taste that is not for everyone.
      Haley has the looks to go more Pop and likely sell a lot of albums with the right songs but I hope she stays with blues/rock even if her album just goes gold.

      • The thing is people’s reaction to her when she leans more towards the pop is negative. I think people are looking for something new not another Britney or JLo. A revival of Etta James or Janis Joplin type rock/blues I think would be more appealing than a doctored up “r&b/pop” record.

      • Excuse me?!! BloodyScot, really??

        “Haley’ voice and style is an acquired taste that is not for everyone”

        lol i think she’s still trying to acquire whatever voice and style..

        “I hope she stays with blues/rock even if her album just goes gold”

        i don’t think haley even knows what blues is.. oh well.. but she’s trying.. fact is – she ain’t got the blues, she can’t, no way! but, she’s trying tho hahahaha

      • @monic : Ehm,news flash… Haley attended Harper College studying jazz. So ur sayin that she doesnt know what blues is…please think about it again πŸ˜‰

    • Haley
      Great but i can’t enjoy her peformance
      Even i like casey moe than haley

      James win for sure

  60. Thanks Kdub – This was something I was really curious about & it does make sense. Thanks for taking the time to answer… I appreciate it:)

  61. Give me a break! Do some of you honestly think folks vote for a particular contestant because of the judges comments. I knowq what I like, what I would purchase and what concerts I would pay to attend. As far as I am concerned Randy is the most honest but not of these judges have done these contestants any favors.

    • Yes, Allison, I do believe that some people are influenced by the judges. Simon had a lot more influence than any of the current judges. But, if someone sings well but gets dogged by a judge or two it can put doubt in the mind of a TV listener —like maybe the judges heard something that I missed.

    • Allison, unfortunately, I do think the judges’ words sway tons of people. I see their quotes here in post after post here, as a matter of fact.

      And I think that is borne out by Pia’s lack of votes immediately after she finally got some criticism from the judges about constantly singing ballads.

    • And when it comes to Randy, I have been astonished by his lack of fairness or lack of judgment when it comes to Haley. He’s been a naysayer all along. Makes no sense whatsoever.

    • i started watching this show cause steven tyler is a judge (i have been obsessed with tyler for 36 year) and if steven tyler said james sucked and hated him i would still give james all my votes.

  62. Haley has talent, poise, and a great attitude. She’s a unique singer, that I think will be around for a long time. She the only idol left that I would watch in a 2 hour concert. Its like a tennis match, down 2 sets, and making a comeback. Comebacks are more exciting that straight set wins. Being in the bottom 3 shouldnt be used as a way of saying she should lose, rather that her comeback is that much more difficult

    • Well said Jeff, you like her because of her talent, and you would go see her in concert. Personally, I would not. I do believe she is talented, however I do not like her voice/style. It is all a matter of taste, not the opinion of the judges.

      • no your wrong allison because your a girl you like boys to win. (like scotty with always sing a bored lazy song). haley needs to win cause she have pure passion in singing and a tasteful sensation in her voice!! so vote for haley!!
        se all her performance its almost perfect most viewed than other contestants on youtube suits in your ears unlike jacob and james always roaring screeching and screaming!!!!!!

        just haley for me

      • I agree
        I will go see James concert instead

        But i think Haley got some talent but i can’t enjoy her performance even i still like to see Casey perform than Haley

      • @Mikko

        Your dead wrong it’s all about our musical taste. Not about gender, i like rock with a lot of scream with a lot of melodius weeps (James).

        And i can’t enjoy Haley performance

        But i think she’s got talent

    • Good point about the two hour concert. Which of our final for could entertain us for two hours?

    • Good point about the two hour concert. Which of our final four would entertain us for two hours?

    • Good point about the two hour concert. Which one of our final four would entertain us for two hours?

  63. I don’t think Haley has had a “bad” performance yet. I think it’s just if you like that style or not. I have not heard her make a mistake or be off key. I have never been bored by her performances. She isn’t “sleepy*, *pitchy*,”let the song get away from her” or any other words often used by judges in past seasons as to what would qualify as a “bad” performance.

    I think she’s versatile, has range, and can sing on pitch. I like her and will continue to vote. Have they criticized her singing per say, or has it been just vague comments?

    I don’t think it has to be about not liking someone, or comparing them all the time. I choose to think of it is picking who I like and voting for them, regardless of what I think about the other contestants. I think she does a great job week after week. so I vote for her.

    • It used to be that the judges were critical of singers that showed no versatility whatsoever. This year, however, the opposite has been true. Scotty and Lauren get praise for sticking to Country even when the song isn’t a country song, while Haley has sung everything from Elisia Keys, jazz, blues, Janis Joplin, Eric Burden, Lady Gaga, etc.. Could anyone else on the show have done that? And Randy acts like that is a weakness! Try a 2 hour concert with no versatility and watch the audience leave early.

      • Randy seems push contestants to keep to one genre or style to build a fan base, he criticized Siobhan last year for doing Wicked Games instead of a power vocal song like the week before.
        Yet theme weeks seem to send another message that training to be able to cross over to other genres is needed to win.

      • When you make album do you make all rounded rock, blue , jazz, soul, country,metal, and others? Elvis Plesley will be elvis music,Lady gaga will be lady gaga music, Justin Bieber justin bieber. each have their own strength and music line

      • Haley’s album will bey Haley music. If you tried to contain all that awesome in one little box of a genre the world might explode.

      • Exactly, David! Can you imagine trying to confine Ray Charles to just one genre? The guy did rock & roll, country, jazz, blues, gospel, pop and everything in between. Haley is no Ray, but she isn’t a one trick pony either.

  64. Coondog…coondog,where are you buddy??? Bring on some wisdom! Miss reading your voice od reason!!!!!

  65. i just listened to the studio versions of james 2 songs from wednesday and they were both awesome!!!!

  66. For all of you that are ‘upset’ that Haley is in the top two of the polls, you should be mad that the ‘judges’ for not telling the others how they really did on there performances. Instead, they used up all their negativity on Haley, which I’m still trying to fiqure out why. So maybe if the judges would have been brutely honest with the other contestants, then they would have pushed to get better. So if your mad, blame the judges for not telling the truth!!!
    Haley has my vote, for she has worked the hardest to get to the top. Glad to be a Haley supporter!!!

  67. Let’s be honest here, James and Haley are by far the most talented out of the four…
    It’s funny how Scotty is apparently the most popular yet has the least range and sounds the exact same every single week. Just proves this isn’t a talent competition .. But we all knew that. ( ex- lee won over crystal)
    I think Haley is the best. Never pitchy, always sounds amazing. She’s been my favorite girl all along. I really am hoping for a Haley vs James battle, because if Scotty wins… I might rage. Hahaha.

    • More like better trained vs raw talent do some degree. Scotty sounds great but is not a great singer yet with Lauren kind of in the same boat. They are both copy cats that sound great doing other peoples arrangements and with the right training could become big stars in their own right.
      James I am not sure about yet but he is a natural showman and I like his voice most the time when his is not moving around as much.
      Haley has the voice and looks but her current style is not for everyone, I worry that they will push her more into Pop to sell more album. Lady Gaga is not the greatest singer but she sells tons of albums and I even like a couple of her songs, hmm my music tastes must be slipping due to few good songs out now days.

      • All the people keep say that Haley hot or beautiful.
        You are all dead wrong…..

        But i agree that haley has bunc talent

  68. haley is very bitchy that’s why casey attracted to her and promote for her and that’s why steven also like her.

      • Are you implying that the above poster is neither favorable nor full of good will?

    • She's not bitchy at all. What are you talking about? How you and some Haley-hating friends perceive some quick clips of her? I hate this lie.

  69. ok people lets be really honest, the only reason haley is still in it is that her boy toy casey has told all his voters to vote for her!if not for that she would definetly not make the final 3!!lauren has been more consistant and doesnt come across as a potty mouth little skank that grunts and growls her way thru every performance!!!scotty sings exactly the same every week and bores me to tears and james is a big frickin foney who punches camera mean and has been cheatin on his wife the whole time he has been on the show!!!what a frauD!!lauren is the one!!!!!if she doesnt win she will go on to sell more records than the other three combined!!!!!

    • jon —you clearly have the hots for Lauren, but the rest of the country will be sending her home this week. Better brace yourself. And your comments about the others are gross.

    • I think if Lauren read your sparkling endorsement for her she would probably gasp and start crying, and in this case I wouldn’t blame her.

    • While I agree that in 5yrs Lauren could out sell them all with training and handled right but she is not at that level now and will likely go home this week.
      For the rest of your commit I think Lauren would be very angry about trashing people who have become her friends.

    • And your basing your somewhat immature & childish comments on what facts (not to mention, rude, disrespectful & just hateful)? Are your comments based on actual observations, hearsay or just your general opinions?

      You have issues……

    • Wow, you are so closed-minded that I am left speechless. Haley is still in because she has earned it. Don’t be rude.

  70. People, everyone has their favorite. There’s no need to bash the other contestants and say they don’t deserve to be in the top 4.
    Stop saying that someone is “better” and “consistent”, specially when they aren’t. You have your favorite and you vote for them, you don’t need to justify it to others.

    Haley always sings her best and her voice is completely awesome. Music-wise she has the best voice, intonation and technique.
    Weather you like it or not, it’s true. If she’s not you’re style and you don’t like her then it’s your taste. But don’t go saying that she is untalented and doesn’t deserve to be in the top.

    • All deserve to win (although IMO Lauren needs to excel in the coming weeks). My favorite is Haley too, with James or Scotty for 2nd.

  71. Watch youtube videos. Haley’s are growing in a fast pace in the last days. Pretty soon her Rolling on the Deep and Bennie and the Jets would reach 1,000,000 views (despite some youtube accounts that were closed last week, where she had many views too). Interesting!
    Another good new video to check is her Baby It’s You – Final Hollywood Solo, it was never aired on TV. It is very good, I do not know how youtube got the video. One more for Haley’s fans.

    • Interesting – my husband & I have been keeping a spreadsheet on some of the contestants that we have picked to win – including Haley. Twice a week we update their “hits” on each performance on the various channels. The youtube account which was closed was QUACKOFF NETWORK. Haley’s main videos are with Achiq74 & a few other small ones. Haley’s QUACKOFF NETWORK videos, compared to some of the other contestants, did not have as many hits at the time it was closed down because for some reason people used the Achiq74 channel to view & register “hits”. Yet we really can’t say it is extrememly accurate as of course there are always multiple hits by one person. My husband is a CPA & always says statistics can always be skewed to your objective.
      Only as accurate as the person who is entering the information – unless there is an audit & that can also be misleading.
      We enjoyed QUACKOFF NETWORK channel because the quality of video was always excellent.
      My husband & I are James & Haley fans!!! I’m a James fan & my husband is a Haley fan:)

      • It’s true the youtube hits are not very accurate. But you can glean some interesting things out of the comparisons. Like how James and Haley’s most viewed videos are from the live show while Scotty and Lauren’s are auditions or duets.

      • Uh yeah – you wanna compare you tube ratings, check out how much some of James’ pre-idol video’s on youtube have grown by leaps and bounds (especially has My Guitar Gently Weaps videos).

      • My husband & I have a friendly bet going. His vote is for Haley – loves her vocals & thinks she is “HOT”. My vote is for James – I think he is an amazing intertainer & think he is “HOT”! The winner will get an exciting night out with the works, so actually we both win! Grandma will take care of the toddler:)
        So that is why we are keeping some statistics going – but I have to keep an eye on my husband – I’m afraid he might add a few extra hits for Haley when I’m not looking. Anyways sorry to share this – kinda crazy–

  72. Inspired I have noticed that – IMO one of James greatest videos because he had time to really build on it & show his amazing vocals. Also on QUACKOFF NETWORK his “Will you still love me” had over 330,000 hits & “Uprising” close to 300,000 as of last week before QUACKOFF was closed down. Now I watch Achiq74 fairly decent quality. We tried TechTech Phenom2 – really terrible. Have a good night—-

    • “Inspired” has also passion! I like him.
      Well this is my summary: all top4 deserve to win.

      • you all think haley is great she will not make because if you all look at some of the picture she left the stage and did not shake or hug any one who left she a big snob and she will snob her fans she not a good sport and that will hurt her worst then any thing

  73. these kids won’t make a career if they don’t make it to top2. it’s a fact. only exceptions to this are daughtry and hudson.

  74. im amazed at how many of you actually think that these four will make it big and sell millions when in fact, not as many idols who have not made it to top2 make it big post idol. i mean only hudson and daughtry made it big, hudson only because of her oscar. and even a top two position doesn’t guarantee that they’ll make it big. they’d have to be exceptional talents to do that (archuleta, lambert). Idol? Who remembers taylor hicks?

    • I think that Scotty will make it in country music, because he just has that charisma that you need for country, and his voice is not run of the mill, even though he does a great Josh Turner impersonation. If he wins Idol, I think he will hit it big faster, and will be more successful than most previous winners, excluding Kelly and Carrie. I think Haley will carve out her own niche in the music industry. If she wins Idol, I think she has the potential to become just as successful as Kelly and Carrie. Her voice is unique and with Idol as a launching pad, she could skyrocket, provided they do not force her to do canned music. The other two, will find a place in the music business, but in my opinion may not be destined for greatness.

  75. Whoa, new format here, huh, Matt? Takes a little getting used to, but I guess it neatens up the look and makes posted original comments easier to locate.

  76. Scotty is really boring.. We all know that Haley is going to win.. she grew a lot since AI have started.. James still the same, and still boring me.. the three of them are really good.. but Haley have soul.. she represent exactly the meaning of the song when she sings.. she is an artist

    sorry my english sucks πŸ˜›

  77. James is the most consistant – consistantly bad. Go back and listen to all his performances. Don’t watch just listen. His lower notes are often flat/monotone and the high notes are sharp and hard to listen to. He has no depth to his singing. By that I mean he doesn’t know how to shape the words in softer tones when necessary on the high notes and all he does with them is runs, he never does anthing different. You can’t always understand the words, they’re not clear. I read people saying he great, amazing, brillant and I would like someone to explain exactly how they determined that. His arrangements aren’t anything new and I don’t hear any professionals compare his singing to any other singers. Go back and compare James vocals with other idols like Carrie, Kelly, Clay, Jennifer, and Adam and prove that he can sing better – you can’t.

  78. Well,reading reading,I love Haley, I hate Haley….
    Please stop it !!! If you are going to comment,put something useful.I already decided not to vote for Haley, I prefer Scotty, even James.

  79. look at the number of people that watching their performance again in youtube…
    first song + secong song

    Haley 39,902 + 174,592
    Scotty 98,698 + 40,536
    James 20,101 + 19,063
    Lauren 25,690 + 12,459

    doesn’t it show everything ?

  80. I have enjoyed American Idol a lot this year-The contestants have great talent and judges have been good together. I am disappointed in the bashing of contestants going on and some of the comments. Please just vote for your favorite one and let everyone have their own opinion. I am a huge Scotty fan and hope his fans will VOTE VOTE VOTE! GO SCOTTY!!!!

  81. james durbin is sure to win! hayley in just good only once! scotty just weird n lauren is not good enough! if scotty or lauren becomes the idol, its gonna be a mix up!

    • hayley has actually done well the whole time..but randy constantly gave her a hard time because he knew she was capable of even bigger than what she gave! Her voice is unique ..her range is phenom..her persona is very carefree and laid back ..shes the whole adorably talented package..James actually cant sing a ballad to save his life..listen to him ..i think he is very unauthentic and convinced he’s got it in the bag..scottie just sounds exactly like country singer Chris Young to me ..and Lauren will have a wonderful career and thankfully is young enough to take it all in!

    • @meme,you were right about Scotty and Lauren.
      Scotty appeared to be soooo weired,my family members,took a loo break during his performance!!
      We love country,unfortunately not Scotty!!

  82. I think Haley is the best and always have….. a couple of her songs I have listed to numerous times BENNY AND THE JETS and THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN…… I even liked the song that had Blue in it….. I think Haley is destined to win!

  83. I think Scotty will win!
    James needs to stop screeching, and work on keeping control of it!
    Lauren needs to mature a lot more. Understand who she is etc. in the music business. All the celebrities etc. on American Idol will not be around to help her in the future if she would win.
    She will be on her own, with a big challenge!! And there would be a lot more singers in this world to compete against. See how she couldn’t even stand the stress of competing against Jacob only last week?
    Haley has improved a lot.But sne needs to work on her personality, to find who she is.

  84. Im soooo tired of james and his tears. We have had plenty of other idols who didnt see their families every week. Hang in there james we know you will be in the finale with Scotty by your side.

  85. For the James Durbin fans out there — There is an awesome “TRIBUTE to James Durbin” YouTube video from his Fans & Durbinators. It is only 4 min. thought you might want to take a look at it.
    uploaded by: nhdrummer34.

  86. Hope Scotty wins. James is too emotional and seems like he wants to be a “hard rocker” – maybe he can hide his “off notes” and “pitchy notes” by screaming. If you listen carefully to his music, he is off key a lot. Haley is a good singer, but she tries too much to be a “sexy gal” which is a turn off. She needs to just sing and not try to be something she isn’t. Lauren is way, way too emotional. Even when she learned she was safe, she kept crying. She needs more experience. Scotty is always calm, cool, polite, all-american, and he WILL be a star.

    • Scotty is a good COUNTRY singer.He can’t sing another genre to save his butt! And what does being calm, cool and polite have to with his singing? Nothing! And btw they’re ALL american remember? Scotty has already been in danger of being eliminated and I dont doubt itll happen sometime soon. Even if he doesnt win American Idol, he’ll still be a star because of all the screaming little girls who love him.

      • scotty has never been even close to being eliminated. he’s never been in the bottom.

      • It was that time when Ryan called it random picks, it made it seem as if Scotty had been in the bottom 3 – just messing with us.

  87. All and all, I think Miss Lauren deserves to go home tomorrow night. She in no way deserves to stay in with powerhouse Haley, crooner Scotty and rocker James.

  88. If Scotty were to leave tomorrow night, it would make no real difference in the major career that is headed his way. A year from now check his record sales. Anyone who signs him knows exactly what they’ve got-talent with consistency.

    James could leave tomorrow night and actually I believe no one would sign him up. The reason: he is too emotional and anyone who signs him (even if he were to win) would feel comfortable. Unlike Scotty, he is talent which is not controlled. He is a young man who can get out of hand. Who wants to risk their money on that?

    Two years from now, most people will know Scotty as well as they do Carrie Underwood BUT James will be flickering in the wind with not much to show for all his uncontrolled screaming and tears.

    • Agree 100%. Very well said.
      Everyone is hard on Scotty for only being country..well…James is only screeming rock.

  89. i though laurence is a good performance but i dont want to see when sccoty going to home i believe he is safe 100% so my voice is for country men sccoty

  90. I don’t know why people continue to vote for Haley she can’t sing she argues when they critize her and she has a bad attitude!

    • Well said I totally agree. Not a good role model at all. sometimes I feel the thinks she can do not wrong. When others..for example Scotty was getting many negative comments and the judges were pretty harsh to him, he graciously took it and grew from it. Haley needs to stop the screaming and growls and take the judges advice for once.
      I hope she goes home tonight.

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