Ryan Seacrest May Be Leaving American Idol

Reports from The New York Post, yes yes I know, indicate Ryan Seacrest is in talks with NBC to start a new show. A new singing show. Oh but it gets better. That new music show will focus not on contestant competitiveness, but rather on artist competitiveness. Gee, if only NBC already had a show that could do that for them…

Seacrest and his production company are working on “another music concept, which is a totally different kind of competition show,” Paul Telegdy, the network’s head of alternative programming, tells The Post.

“It is self-contained episodes. It is a bit more fun. It’s not contestant competitive. It’s artist competitive.”

The show is in the very early stages of development — too early to say if the mini-mogul would continue to host “Idol” or move to NBC to host the new program, officials say.

Damn. They even worked a subtle short joke in there (“mini-mogul”). So the story goes that maybe Ryan will leave Idol to focus on his new show or maybe he’ll stay and do both. How about Door #3 where FOX tells Seacrest to pound sand if he thinks they’ll let me do both and use Idol to pimp his show on a different network.

Keep in mind that Ryan Seacrest recently re-upped his American Idol 2011 contract for $15 million a year. That’s a lot of money to risk walking away from. Couple that with the fact that he’s got the biggest television stage in the world right now makes me think this is going nowhere fast.

NBC, maybe you should focus on your existing new singing show before rushing off to start a new one. Step one could be to stop doing things like moving that new show to a 10PM start time. Sheesh.

Would American Idol still be the same for you if Ryan left?

Source: New York Post




  1. Let's see, American Idol without Ryan Seacrest?

    I don't know. I know in season 1 I thought he was a bit cheesy, and you know what in season 10 I still think he is a bit cheesy. His cheesiness kind of grows on you like a fungus though, and it would be a different American Idol without him. Kind of like an episode of American Bandstand without Dick Clark, the ageless wonder.

    • I agree. He's a little corny for sure, but it'd just be so odd without him.

      With the reviews for The Voice last week I heard someone say that the best part about Carson Daly as a host was that he wasn't Ryan Seacrest. Sorry, but I thought Daly was flat while Ryan is at least fun enough to keep the show interesting for me.

  2. If Ryan leaves the show, it's over! No Simon is bad enough. Steven Tyler is worthless as a judge. Jennifer isn't much better. Randy has softened up too much. While I am enjoying the talent on the show, it's not the same show. Ryan leaving would be worst thing that could happen.

  3. WTF. Ryan Seacrest isn't allowed to leave. He is stuck here, okay?! Him leaving American Idol after about 10 years is like me getting 1,000,000 dollars, and then burning it. (Well, kind of!) I'm only 12, give me a break 😀

  4. Ryan is American Idol, so without him you'd better change the show's name.

  5. Ryan leaving is no different then Simon leaving…it is now the most unprofessionally produced show on TV.

    • Totally agree with you, Mary. This year's AI stinks. Ryan maybe be looking at his options. If the show doesn't implement MAJOR changes, Ryan may not have an AI to host next year.

      • Ryan probably sees the writing on the wall and is feeling out other options.

  6. i highly agrees with this post… with or without seacrest, I'll still watch the show.. i'm not for the host, i'm for the talents every year..

  7. I'm of the "no one's irreplaceable " school. That being said, I wouldn't want Dunkleman back, but I can think of several pretty good replacements for the highly esteemed yet utterly repellent Seacrest.

  8. I have never liked Ryan Seacreast, I don´t think he is American Idol as No. 6 said. I think he is arrogant and presumptuous, I don´t think he is funny and he makes the most idiotic "jokes" to the contestants, to the public and to the guests. I will never forget his STUPID comment to Adam Lambert about his tongue. Such a lack of taste! and when he danced with a man while someone was singing? he was high or drunk.

    If the producers decide to change the host I think will be a wonderful idea. Seacreast is good looking that is all he has.

  9. Is this why Ryan has been saying things like "this is what talent looks like" when Casey was voted off. Maybe he's been preparing for his new role!

  10. I would not thought so when this show first started. But, I think Ryan Seacrest has evolved into a more important position than the Judges. Especially given the weakness of the 3 judges we currently have. This show barely survived Simons loss. Add Ryan's loss and I doubt it would float much longer. Anyone remember how crummy that co-host Ryan had on season one was? Brian Dunkleman I think his name was.

  11. Losing Simon was a far bigger loss than Ryan's absence would be. I think it would freshen things up to have a new host, and after such a long 'marriage' it would freshen things up for Ryan. Let him go and do his thing, and let's embrace the change.

  12. If Seacrest is going to be involved in a new singing contest show, I hope they change the voting format. To put someone's fate into the hands of a fickle American teen public is doomed to failure from the get go. They need to have the voting done by a panel made up of folks across the country that remain anonymous and are experts in the field. And ONE vote per voter..Sheesh !!

    • I must have missed something. Doomed to failure? After 10 years and still going strong.

  13. ryan seacrest is so in love with himself it's not even funny any more. no great loss if he goes. the show is still hurting from lack of simon. the judges have all the backbone of a bowl of jello. the only thing saving the show is the talent this season. and even some of that is questionable.

  14. I think Seacrust should depart – annoying. Steven Tyler is one good reason to watch the show. I had serious doubts about him & J-Lo but they changed my mind. They should have a string of guest MCs who also act as the mentor/coach for that episode. He/She would then critique the contestants with the judges. Not after the fact like Iovine does now. Add another save to the equation – this one by the rest of the CONTESTANTS (must be unanimous)! Casey might well be still there if that save was in place. Oh and just to be sure, this is protected intellectual property; use or reproduction of above material must be approved by me in advance and compensation is expected. Idol producers – Call Me! (well, email me!)

  15. Then aerican idol might be no more!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is MAJOR!! Will america see who wins????

  16. "Would American Idol still be the same for you if Ryan left?"

    Don't think so.

  17. watching american idol with a good host is very interesting bec.the contestant will not talk if the host will not ask them anything.you know what i mean.a happy host makes a happy show.

  18. Don't freak out guys:
    1. Idol lost Simon and you all panicked and still there are those pesks who say Idols the worst show on tv and all that crap, yet EAT YOUR HEART OUT because Idol's the #1 watched show on television!!!!!! So basically it survived without Simon and it'll survive w/out Ryan.

    2. It's just tv

  19. But it would be a harder loss than Simon I think because Ryan brings lots of positive energy ( wether stupid or not) to the show as Simon always had something negative to say, so I understand both viewpoints, I guess, or do I? Logically there's no chance he would move from tv royalty if you will to the dregs of tv anyway I ultimately think this is bogus

  20. I think the show will be fine without him i didnt even see a big difference with 3 new judges and yea maybe now we wont have to go through commercials during the most intense parts

  21. Ryan Secrest is unneccessarily mean tonight asking Scotty to pick th safe group and his comments to Jacob an Lauren. Don't like it! These great singers deserve more respect.

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