American Idol 2011: What should the Top 6 sing?

Well, this week the “American Idol” Top 6 take on songs of Carole King. I’ve already been chastised for suggesting it’s going to be a boring performance episode and after a couple hours of research for this blog post, I stand by that statement. It’s not because I don’t like Carole King. It’s because most of her well-known songs are over-played, both in the mainstream and on “American Idol.”

I just can’t imagine many teenagers digging the songs the contestants will sing. I predict voting will be down and a surprise elimination could be in store Thursday. Possibly.

When picking the songs I’d like to hear contestants sing, I decided to avoid most of the obvious ones (“So Far Away,” “I Feel The Earth Move” and “It’s Too Late”), even though I know they’ll probably all sing those songs. At least I think we’ll be spared hearing “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” again since it’s already been performed on American Idol 2011.

Many of my suggestions weren’t hits by Carole King, but written by her. In those cases, I state who recorded the songs. I imagine they’re allowed to chose songs she wrote or co-wrote. If not, then few of my choices are possible. Ha.

*Jacob Lusk, “Up On the Roof” as recorded by The Drifters. To me, this is a pretty obvious one for Jacob. I could also hear him doing “The Reason,” as recorded by Celine Dion because it sounds very inspirational.

*James Durbin – “Don’t Bring Me Down” as recorded by The Animals. It has a very psychedelic ’60s feel that could mesh really with with James’ heavy metal spin. It’s not that well-known, but that doesn’t seem to be detrimental this season, so I hope he goes for it.

UPDATE: *Casey Abrams, “Some Kind of Wonderful.” I originally had a brain lapse and thought this song was the other “Some Kind of Wonderful.” But after figuring that out and listening to the real Carole King version, I remembered it’s a beautiful song and any of the contestants could benefit from singing it. So I’ll leave it as Casey’s suggestion. IĀ  just hope he doesn’t do “Jazzman.” It’s kind of cheesy.

*Haley Reinhart, “Nightingale.” Haley might need to do a more familiar song to stay in the game, so if she skips over this one, I’ll understand, but it’s the one song by King that I can really hear Haley singing. It’s medium tempo and lends itself to plenty of Haley runs and “grrs.”

*Scotty McCreery, “It’s Going to Take Some Time.” King and The Carpenters both recorded this and both versions had some country twang to it, so I think Scotty could do well with it (since he will apparently never step out of his comfort zone). I looked for songs with “country” and “cowboy” in the title, but couldn’t find anything.

*Lauren Alaina, “Will You Love Me Tomorrow.” I hope hope hope she does this song. It’s one of my favorite songs (weird IĀ  know). My favorite version is by The Shirelles, but Dusty Springfield also recorded it. Springfield influenced a lot of country singers so maybe Lauren could look at her version. Please don’t do “So Far Away” and do this song instead!

What are your song suggestions for the week? And what do you think of the theme? Is it a good way to introduce the younger generation to one of the best singer/songwriters in history?






  1. @Brandon

    I personally don't know much about Carole king… I have never heard of her and i am 23. Maybe its because I'm from another country… But if the theme really isn't as relevant as you say it is…i wonder why the American idol producers are using this theme? I personally think that most of the themes they have every single season are just rubbish… So many brilliant themes to think about and they choose some of the most tired and boring ones..I honestly dont know why? You would think with the Voice and X-factor coming up, the producers would at least try to be competitive… A.I producers should bring in some new material for every week…Push the contestants to their musical limits… I do believe that A.I has to do its part to remind or bring about awareness of the great singers and musicians of the past… Kids today do have to know about the history of music… I hate most of today's music and today's music is bad because many people dont know about actual great singers… I recently saw a little kid on face book dissing Steven Tyler…hahaha..If only she knew who he was and what he has done… There are a small portion of kids who really love music and they mostly go for blues, jazz, indie folk etc..but majority of them still listen to trash…And you can't blame them. How can you? When they are brought up on that type of music.. I wish that American Idol would at least have a week for the great grandfather of rock and blues himself..Robert Johnson…That would be interesting..

    They should find a nice balance between new and relevant music and old brilliant ones..

    • U talk about not knowing about music, jet uve never heard of Carol King… Regardless of weather or not you like her, she is a rather important song writer

      • I never claimed to be an expert at music…I live in the far far east…There's no way i will know about every great singer songwriter that ever lived..I can only recommend those which i have heard about..As i mentioned above, i have never heard about Carole King before i read her name here last week…

        1) Lot of spelling mistakes..

        2) You didn't completely read what i have written.

        3) Please expand on your points..

        Thank you šŸ™‚

    • " There are a small portion of kids who really love music and they mostly go for blues, jazz, indie folk etc..but majority of them still listen to trash…And you can’t blame them. How can you? When they are brought up on that type of music.."

      You should listen to Carol King šŸ™‚

      • Stubborn …thats the correct spelling..umm…Who were you calling the stubborn rat and why were you calling that?

        P.S- the guy who commented above you wasn't me..He/she just stole my id…

      • Hey Gautham…

        Why did you steal my name? Is it supposed to be funny? I honestly do not get it… Should i laugh or cry..anything you say…

        Its crazy..jacob told me to look in the mirror a few weeks ago and here i am.. šŸ™‚

      • oh so sorry..i meant Gautam in my post above…The "h" was missing…

        Umm…Admins? Can't you do something about this whole name stealing thing?

      • Dude you certainly think the world revolves you, dont you? Unfortunately I share a similar name to you and maybe ethnicity too.

        Anyway I mearly put forward a suggestion for you to listen to Carol King based on the extract from your post…its classic stuff.

        Personally I feel if the contestants dont put their own spin on the songs they select, AI is nothing but a glamorized Karaoke Show.

        Let just hope the episode is good.

      • Gautam

        Whatever you say..

        "Unfortunately I share a similar name to you and maybe ethnicity too."

        Unfortunately? Why unfortunately? The name's awesome dude… Also may i be so bold as to inquire your point of origin?

        and yes..i got your point before… I just didn't know what to reply to "You should listen to Carole King".

    • Gautham, Carol King is best associated with James Taylor. They have written great music for dozens of famous artists not to mention for themselves and each other. Being from that era, I can listen to Carol King all day long. Take a few minutes today and tomorrow to listen to a few. You can find them on You Tube. I TOTALLY agree that todays 'music' ISN'T music. I want melody, rhythm and I want to hear the words.

      • @kmccormick


        First of all..thank you for actually reading and understanding what i wrote…I you tubed some of her old videos… her so far away with James Taylor was pretty nice…but i guess i don't personally like her style of music though…

        But do you feel that the Carole King theme would be interesting enough for A.I today?

    • U r write , jacob lusk needs 2 b in it to win it cause, to me it was, allway's him n pia who got voted out as u well no

      • No disrespect – Jacob & Pia are both amazing singers, especially Pia (she should still be in it) but to be honest they are both kind of boring at times unless you love listening to gospel or Celine Dion (ballad's) kind of music all the time. Nothing wrong with that, but if their performances don't stand out on a consistent basis (and neither of their's have) then that's a problem. Not just about singing – song choice & execution/performance is just as important. Basically connecting with the audience – Jacob & Pia haven't done that on a consistent basis.

    • Some Kind of Wonderful by Carole King is a COMPLETELY different song than the song recorded by Grand Funk.

    • I personally think this week is set as more of a challenge than a theme. I said before it's like Iron Chef – Battle Milk. I am excited to see what they do with Carole King's songs (milk).

      • @ David P. I am too. Looking forward to an entertaining night…good Luck to all the contestants. šŸ™‚

      • oh… i am pretty excited too.. šŸ˜€

        I really wonder what James will do this week? Scotty should be in his element right? Lauren will again most probably do the same thing..

      • Rose A. Do you suppose the producer put this week down as Carol King to weed out the ones who can't sing as good as they think they can? Or for that matter as good as we think they can? Carol King and James Taylor were both Troubadour's who wrote poems and songs of love.A Troubadour is a lyric poem and and poet -musician. I know you already know that Rose A. I just put that in for some of the younger people who might not be familiar with her. But a lot of their songs are hard to sing! So maybe this is supposed to weed out the ones that have no idea how to sing her songs unless they listen to them and practice a lot ?

        Just a thought! Have a great day! To the lovely Phyllis G. also! What do you think Phyllis G.?

        Sherry K. šŸ™‚

      • I do believe that they have had a week where they did Carole King songs before on a previous AI season.

  2. If any great song writer is due a resurrection by modernizing,making more contemporary and purging folk and bubblegum pop out – its Carole King. And much of what King wrote that she is famous for singing herself is music that could shine even more with a better vocalist doing it.

    Like Haley.

    BUt 1st, like "Up on the Roof" because it has been covered by so many good singers that maybe, finally, Jacob will be booted for again butchering the song and melody as story to "impress" the audience with his vocal gymnastics.

    Lauren can do dreary treacle like "Natural Woman, So Far Away, I Feel The Earth Move" and still be safe with her loyal country power text voting block carrying her to another week.

    I'd like Scotty to try "Nightingale" – it is a story and Scotty is a natural storyteller.

    James "Don't Bring Me Down" – excellent choice.

    Casey – whatever…

    Haley – "HI DE HO". "Restless Heart". "Jazzman". (Jazzman was just cheesy the way King sang it.)

  3. Like James and Haley the most.

    Worry Haley is doomed no matter how well she sings, how many weeks she had the best performance. Nails Adele, Bottom 3.

    It is sort of a tradition on Idol since Season 4 to lose talented, marketable singers in 6th place, so if Haley goes then, she will be in good company – Carly Smithson, Constantine Maroulis, Kellie Pickler, Lil Rounds, and Siobhan Magnus.

    • Come to think of it Shioban from last year reminds me a lot of Haley this year. Not because they sound the same or even that the fact that they were both had the looks thing going on (especially Shioban). It is that they are both underappreciated by the voters.

      • Haley reminds me of Siobhan too. Looks, talent, charisma…ticking people off with growl/scream notes. Agree with Steve Fox that Haley is good looking, but clear edge to Ms. Magnus in the looks department. And Siobhan never pushed it, only when Idol put her in a mini or as a tarted up schoolgirl in the Finale.

        The fun with Siobhan was slowly discovering aspects to her during and after Idol – very bright, funny, great interview (Sleazak at EW gave her and Lambert 6-parters). And seeing post-Idol Siobhan has solid acting skills, does songwriting, plays instruments (mainly piano) very well, and is having a fiction kids book published.

        If Haley gets tossed early too, I hope she also shows many facets Idol didn't capture well.

    • I would sure hope Hailey makes it to the top 5 i didnt like her at the begining but she has gotten so much better and i like her now i hope jacob goes home this week

      • haley really did come along way. i could not stand her at first and now i really like her.

  4. James-Would be amazing if did Tapestry acapella, or maybe metal Pleasant Valley Sunday

    Casey- Note: Carole Kings Some Kind of Wonderful is NOT the Grand Funk Song.. Totally different song..and not for Casey.. He could do jazzy version of So Far Away, or often does unknown stuff like Beieve in Humanity. Would love Corazon with conga drumming but not enough vocals to it.

    Jacob-gospel with Way over Yonder or Hi De Ho

    Lauren-One Fine Day, maybe up on the Roof

    Haley=I Feel the Earth Move or Too Late

    Scotty- countrified head leaning version of You Got a Friend or cowboy boot kickin' Smackwater Jack

      • Yes, she can sing..she can sing blues, a lottle country soul, jazz, skat, rock out a modern song…she has very good range. I am a James fan but would like to see James/Haley "dukeit out" for # 1. That would be awesome~!! šŸ™‚

  5. I think you're right about a possible surprise elimination…when it comes to Dusty Springfield -when you say "country" are you talking about country as in England? She was right there—-at the heart of the British Invasion. "Wishin and Hopin" just never sounded too much like country to me…but heck, now i'm dating myself– but still younger than Steven Tyler.

    • No, I'm not talking about "country" as in "England." While I DIDN'T call Dusty a "country" artist, I just mean her stuff has a country feel to it, which is why several of her songs were remade by country artists, that's all.

    • I keep forgetting how I've got to spell things out when there are so many different readers. I edited it so it makes better sense to the point I was making.

    • Dusty Springfield started with her brothers in a folk trio called The Springfields, went solo and then came to the USA where she made some of her best recordings including:

      Dusty in Memphis

      A Brand New Me

      She was a great soul/R&B singer and, if you listen to some of the songs she recorded here, you can hear a country feel to a number of her songs.

  6. Definitely the most snoozing theme for the week and ratings certainly will sink badly. Why Carole King theme? The kids left now are already a bunch of boring people EXCECPT for James and Hayley are the only ones can rock the stage.

    Sleepy elevator theme songs for Scotty, Lauren, Casey and Jacob will dim the entire show.

    Just bring a real entertainer like STEFANO AND NAIMA back on the show. Sigh! Can't wait for Stefano to get back on stage on the Finale night.

      • Absolutely Gay-Less events for AI from now on. Left with boring contestants Scotty, Casey and Lauren !!!!! My goodness, are these the American Idol for this Season??? Are you sure America?? Very very sure ??? Certainly sure after you voted off more talented kids like PIA and STEFANO?

        I rather be GAY for now.

    • I also enjoyed NAIMA andd think she is certainly better than the next three that left after her.

      • I have to disagree. While Naima had an "interesting" stage prescence (jumping around like her feet were on fire), her voice was the weakest of the last 13.

        That's why during her last or 2nd last show they replayed the umpteen times the judges used the word "pitchy" (aka off-key) to describe her singing.

      • I loved Naima! They only say pitchy when they don't like the performance and don't want to sound overly biased. Pitchy is a good scapegoat because it's an ambiguous critique at best.

    • They should bring back Pia Toscano back too!!! here is who should come back!!!

      Pia Toscano

      Stefano Longunie

      Thia Migia


      • Yup! Pia, Naima and of course Stefano should make it to Top 5 at least. But please NO Thia cos she is too robotic and emotionless for this competition.

        Why is that plactic Country boy still doing in this competition? His vocal is so stagnant and he sings really like a bad karaoke in a Cowboy saloon and Jacob should got the booted out that night and NOT Stefano.

        Sad that AI booted off a very talented kid and I am sure this week Carole King's theme is a sleepy-hollow moments for all to watch. Ratings will sink surely.

        The only reason I am watching this show now is all because of James Durbin and if he got voted off, that's the end of watching this AI show for me. Good luck to James and do keep your best of friendship with Stefano cos he's truly a fighter and a great guy. Will miss Stefano definitely.

      • @James Franco… Well, for me.. I think Thia is not robotic and she knows how to deliver the songs she sings using her rich, beautiful voice. Try to listen to her version of Adele's Make You Feel My Love..

        I was so touched with her rendition and for me, her voice poured enough emotions to the song.

      • I love Naima – thinks she was a awesome performer. But to be fair – she is not as good of a singer as the 6 remaining contestents. Actually all of the last 11-13 were pretty @##$@# good (especially Pia – bad song choice & too many ballads, not the greatest advice perhaps from Jimmy L.). Water under the bridge – but woudl love to see them bring her back. But honestly – of the 6 remaining, based on the votes – America has it pretty close to being correct.

  7. Why do they have to have a theme at all ? They should be permitted to sing whatever they want

    • Its gonna be real awesome then…Everyone will have to give their absolute best because it is their chosen genre… They won't able to hide behind "oh..but it wasn't my genre"… Competition will get real then…

      • WOW!! Paul and The GRand Magnolias doing their own music on A.I. That would be Great to see. I agree that the contestants should be able to sing what ever they want especially if they have good "ORIGINAL" stuff. That would bring out the real talent.

      • @ Sandman

        I know right!!!….Paul's band is amazing..They sound great.. I was shocked to hear him sing so bad on A.I. Just imagine how amazing Casey, James and haley would sound without the pressure of A.I…..


        we should all dream my friend of such a day…..Ah..what a day it would be…

    • because if they were permitted to sing what they want every week we would never see any diversity.

  8. when i heard the 'carole king' theme, the first thing that was in my mind..'it will be a boring week'.:))

  9. I agree. Carole King week will be boring (unless they all rock out like james and casey). I don't know much about Carole King. I only know her very prominent hits.

    AI should do like a theme that they get to sing the Post-Idol songs by the previous contestants in the show! You know, show more support! Or at least do like a Faith Hill week or Stevie Wonder week. HAHAHAHA. Just thinkin'.

  10. Man, I grew up in the Carol King era and her musical catalog bores me to tears. I suspect it will drive young people to switch the channels in mass. Which may not be a bad thing … If helps people like Haley.

    • if you want boring, what about a lee dewyze or kris allen week??? carole king may put you to sleep but she sure can write

      • @pr62…Kris Allen & Lee Dewyze????They were the top 2 most boring winners…….Lets try and stay away from them……Lets think upbeat winner this season……LIKE JAMES!!!!!

      • Lee Dewyze, Kris Allen, Rueben Studdard, Taylor Hicks and Fantasia were the worst Anerican Idols ever…yuck. Kelly, Carrie and Perhaps David Cook so far have been the best…and now we need another to add to the list of the best..James Durbin~!! šŸ™‚

      • I'd love to have a James/Haley Finale. Those two have been the ones with "wow!" weeks and complete performances.

        But Haley is as likely to get to Top 3 as Allison Iraheta and Siobhan Magnus were with the present voting system.

        Honestly, the only singer since Top 10 I couldn't stand is Jacob Lusk.

        I have a beef with Lauren cruising on minimal effort and risk, but each week she is still around I hope she picks it up. Nevertheless, it would NOT be good to have her and "low risk" song meister Scotty left in Top 2, neither popping up on a performance night or taking any risk outside easy to sing Kountry Klassics.

      • James may – or may not win. But don't be surprised if he ends up being one of the greatest performers/singers to ever come from AI. Can easily see him being as successful as Carrie – and if he goes the route Randy suggested last week perhaps even higher. Absolutely amazing – he won't be just another singer, he may even bring about a new style of rock/contemporary/heavy metal.

    • OMG!!!! lol. that would be great!!!! i would love that. lololol

      i love lauren and scotty (james is my favorite though) but it would be so funny to see them try to do lady gaga. scotty would probably quit and go back home, never to leave the south again.

    • Uh yeah – allz I can say is Gagga makes me gag! I can appreciate a lot of different stuff but what ever she does isn't exactly what I would call – music.

  11. please reply immediately!!!! James Durbin is the best!!! I'll see you Monday!


  12. Boring theme of the week. Yawn!!!!!!

    Bring back STEFANO, Pleeeeaassseeee šŸ™‚

    • Goodness gracious! Surely you are not THE James Franco? That would be a hoot! And I cannot see him coming on here at all. Good luck to all of the contestants tonight too! Thank-You Rose A. for saying it! Because they will need it. The producers are working hard to see what they can really do now. Are their any poets among them? Or any that write their own songs? We shall see! have a great day! Looking forward to this weeks American Idol! Sherry K šŸ™‚

  13. Triva Question

    Question Who is the only idol to reach Super Stardom

    Hint # 1 Entertainer of the year 2 yrs in a row

    Hint # 2 Only sings country

    Hint #3 Olka Girl

    Hint # 4 Won Season ?

    • We will NOT tell you, and scotty might not win!!! This coming Monday I will be telling you! I'll keep on looking for some answers!!! Thank you!!!

    • Did you watch Carrie Underwood during the competition? She didn't win on Country votes.

    • Hope your not comparing Carrie to any of the contestants in this years group. Not a good comparison for one thing – but I will say this, of all the prevous AI contestants I honestly believe Carrie is about the only one who could hang with this years group. And she could still win – but not nearly as easy, James & Scotty (and Haley) would give her all she could handle. But you are right – she did sing everything…….fantastic (exactly like one of the contestants in this years group – can you guess who?).

    • Absolutely Carrie Underwood. Did anyone see "Girls night out." Last week.PS,It was Country. Carrie Underwood sang "How Great Thou Art." That last high note was the loudest and in tune I have ever heard anyone sing "How Great Thou Art". Sherry K.

  14. Haley – Hi De Ho Blood, Sweat and Tears lead singers had simply stage act with the left arm, feet moving and how he held the microphone.

    Casey – Chains the Beatles did it in 1963

    James – Don’t Bring Me Down about as good as any

    Lauren – It’s Going to Take Some Time – fits her voice well but she could sing anything Carol sang.

    Jacob – Up on the Roof would be great for him if he doesn't over sing it.

    Scotty – Smackwater Jack not as well known but he could make it his own song if done right.

  15. @ Branden…good list. I have a question…Do you have access to the list of songs the contestants have to choose from or are you just "flying by the seat of your pants" like the rest of us "speculators~?

    Here are some I came up with. Love Carole King's songs…so may of them are timeless and yes, you are right…they have been recorded over and over…the contestants may need to be careful so they do not sound too kareoke. JMO

    James : Only Love Is Real

    You’ve Got a Friend

    Hard Rock Cafe

    Believe In Humanity

    Haley: I Feel The Earth Move

    Home Again

    Pocket Money

    So Far Away

    Casey: Jazzman -predictable but good song

    No Easy Way Down

    Loving You Forever

    Scotty: Way Over Yonder

    Smackwater Jack

    Monday Without You

    Lauren: Beautiful


    Everyday People – heard Reba and Carole do this together…great song

    Jacob: The Reason

    Someone Who Believes In You

    Where You Lead

    And of course a James/Haley showdown for # 1. šŸ™‚

    • @ Rose A, Rose that was just so great that you put down all of those songs! I was never a Carol King fan.I see that you were a fan of hers. She was and still is if you ever see her anywhere a great singer. I liked that one song,and call me dumb. I should have googled the name of the sone! " I feel the eath Move." But as you said her songs are timeless and have been redone many times. I really like you Rose! You always find the positive in everything. Both You and Phyllis G. Hugs from your friend Sherry K. šŸ™‚

  16. King's Some Kind of Wonderful is not Grand Funk unfortunately.

    James could rock out to I Feel the Earth Move.

    Scotty could pull off So Far Away.

    Haley – Loco-motion – it would be fun but maybe corny.

    not sure what Casey should sing.

    Don't care about Jacob and Lauren.

    • True. King's "Some Kind of Wonderful" was a Drifter's song , Ellison wrote a song with the same name that GFR recorded about 5 years after the orig. artists did it. Can't remember their name.

      • that would be so cool. can you imagine rockin out with steven tyler? what a dream come true! remember when david cook got to perform with zz top? and adam lambert with kiss?

      • Oh ya i had forgotten about that. that was amazing to watch them peform with kiss and zz

      • Then if that happens it would be called foul. Let it happen AFTER the winner is declared

    • sjf……It will be a night to remember…..Lets vote for JAMES to be sure that night will happen.

      • sjf….I will never forget the night that Adam sang with Kiss……He was a surefire winner in my book!!!!!

  17. I'm so down on ths week it isn't funny… good write up Branden, solid.. this week won't go fast enough… I predict Jacob or Haely goes this week, due to song choices, not vocals..

      • Haley – Half the audience is tuning in in large part to see what Haley will do.

        Alas, she doesn't get the Cougars, 'tweens, and country fans that power text 300 times for their fave.

        Wouldn't be the 1st time that a talented female that 80% of the audience is interested in seeing what they will do next goes out before they should. (See Carly Smithson, Lil Rounds, Siobhan Magnus)

        LOVE to see Jacob go and Haley get another week. Past Jacob though, who is 50-50 to get booted instead of Haley…it will be hard to prevail against the cougar/tween/country fan bases of the other 4.

      • well said with how you diagrammed the voting patterns, and who the most of the audience actually enjoys hearing as a fav–Haley.

        I say I don't understand why AI sets their system up like this, but many posts ago I diagrammed it also, and it's the fact that the controversy and unpredictability that keeps their ratings up. I guess advertisers are counting on most viewers not holding it against them (but we should). I drink Pepsi instead of Coke when I want a cola. I drive and buy anything but Fords when feasible. I want those advertisers to tell AI that they are suffering from viewers identifying their products with an unfair and flawed voting system that makes them more adverse to Coke and Ford!

  18. As soon as I heard the theme I thought of "Will you Love me Tomorrow" for Lauren. I think she could really ace it!

    As for Haley, I think she could sing any song well.

    The guys…I have no idea what they should do. I'm sure they'll figure it out though.

    As for Wednesday night being boring…I'm actually really excited to see what tricks they'll pull out of their hats to pull this thing off.

    • @ Devin Lee…I am too. I am looking forward to a very entertaining show. Wishing all the contestants good luck. James to win and a James/Haley show down. šŸ™‚

  19. IMHO: The girls will shine. Carole King music was made for both of them. Jacob and Scotty will have trouble. James and Casey will find a song that fits. However, I couldn't possibly pick a bottom three based on this week. My personal top three based on overall would be Casey, James and Haley. Jacob should leave this week. Any of the remaining 5 after that have a good chance if they step it up a bit.

    • i'm with you on the top 3, but i think Scotty is way up there. James and Scotty may be in the finale. I'm not a country music fan at all, but i do enjoy Scotty's deep voice. He has a future in the music industry regardless of his idol placement.

      • I almost agree. I don't know if Scotty will win but he is definitely the MOST marketable!

      • Scotty will be great in 3yrs at 20 but now at 17 with limited training and polish its more iffy. With the right songs and time to practice them he will do ok.

    • Those are my three faves, too! Haley #1, James & Casey are tied for #2…I just can't wait for tomorrow night! It's gonna be, interesting, to say the least.

  20. Haley shoul sing (Give me one reason de Tracy Chapman)or (Stop de Sam Brown, She) has a beautiful voice!…and James shoul sing (Summer of 69 de Bryan Adams)or (Walk this way de Aerosmith)…

  21. As with everything else it is a matter of taste. I love Carol King, have every album she made. It is an odd theme for AI though, her music is unique. I think it will be tough for all of the contestants.

    As far as Scotty stepping out of his comfort zone, I still don't get it. Don't they all have a comfort zone, Haley growls..never stops, James screams, Jacob cries, Casey continues to be weird and Lauren continues to be sweet and demure.

    • Haley takes on different music and makes it her own. I don't get why people keep saying she growls all the time. Only 2 performances have a constant growl and that was Piece of My Heart (for obvious reasons) and God Bless the Child, which is arguably one of the best performances of the season (still and that was hollywood week).

      • YESSSS, God Bless the Child! Her version is goosebump material, she's just so dang gooood!

        Haha, I don't even continue reading when I see the word growl in a comment…is that the worst they can say about her?

  22. I have always said I would not make any comments. Well I have changed my mind. I have been watching American Idol since its started. Many of my friends have also. AND guess what…we are Grandma's. Some years I love it..some years I don't like it much. But I watch. But I really thought this year was going to be different. I thought finally they would be able to pick the songs they want to sing…Songs that fit them. I mean come on…when the show is finally over and some of them do get to record a song. They will do the songs that best fit them. Scotty…county..James rock…so on and so on. This may well be my last year of watching. And I'm sure American Idol could care less. But I just wish they would quit picking what artists song they have to sing…and let them sing the songs that best fit them. But as sooo many say. this isn't a singing contest..its who is the most popular. I like Scotty. Because I like country. So shoot me. In the beginning the judges loved him for singing county…now the last couple weeks he's had to sing songs that don't suit him. The judges have decided James is the one they want to win. Guess because he's more exciting. Oh well, guess I'm getting to old to watch anymore…Just wanted to say my piece like the rest of ya. One more then…all those kids are trying their why not give them a break.

    • "Because I like country. So shoot me."

      A brilliant and effective line..

      You must be the coolest granny ever.. šŸ˜€

    • Idol seem to be setup to favor the better trained singers rather than the best voice in their style of music.

      The contestants are younger this year so have had little polish and limited training, except Paul and Pia. I like this in some ways but its harder for them to cross over styles than in years past.

    • @ Sue…..We all have our favorites at this point…Its been the policy of AI from the beginning as to what the idols should sing……We all know the Scotty will be a country artist and James will be a rock performer whether they win or not so lighten up…This is a fun site to vent and AI is a great show for young kids to get a break….Regardless of who wins.

    • Loved your last sentence Sue! No matter who we all like personally, they are all trying their best!

  23. Haley should sing One Fine Day as recorded by Natalie Merchant. It's slow and sexy sad.


    • OMG. Scotty and Lauren in the Finale??? Lord save us, I sure hope not! Can we say boring? I'd rather watch paint dry.

      • that made me smile…I agree, that would be awful if those two country singers were the finale, Lauren thats fine, but Scotty…c'mon people really? Marketable yes, fun to listen to or watch, not so much. he's boring. They are a pretty talented bunch, well…most of them. once Scotty and Jakob goes, I don't care who wins…

      • Hahaha, the last time I saw someone write with hopes for that finale, I said almost the same exact thing as you.

    • Lauren will kill it this week singing Carole King. You could hear some "King" in her voice when she sang I'm The Only One. She and Haley will get the votes this week. It was made for them!

  25. Love, love, love Carole King! Tapestry is one of my all-time favorite albums. Young folks may not know her, but I am glad they will be introduced to her. Here are my choices:

    Casey: Smackwater Jack

    Lauren: Beautiful

    Haley: Hi-De-Ho

    Jacob: Natural Woman (yes, I'm serious)

    James: I Feel the Earth Move

    Scotty: Up on the Roof

    • no, no, no! jacob cannot do natural woman. we don't want him to outshine lauren's performance of that song!

      definitely with you on james though!

    • Jeezuz! Can you imagine Jacob going into tonsorial overdrive on "Natural Woman' ? We wouldn't have to vote him off, someone would perform a mercy killing.

      • roflmbo!!!!! a mercy killing. i got to get off here i am sitting at home all alone with my doorwall open and neighbors walking by laughing like a crazed hyena at you guys!!!! a mercy killing. loloolol!!!!!!!!!

      • i wonder if the person who mercy killed him would get off for temporay insanity???!!!

        can you imagine the headlines…

        man shoots and kills an idol contestant…he said he and america could not stand another jacob song and when jacob came out singing i feel like a natural woman it was just to much and he snapped.

        judge, who is an american idol watcher,shook the mans hand,dropped all charges and let him go.

      • okay i must be seriously warped, does anyone else not see how hysterical what templar said was? after i finally calmed down i called my daughter at work to read her what templar said and laughed the whole time i tried to read it to her.

        i wanna vote for templar!

      • My mom is seriously disturbed! She called me AT WORK to tell me that Jacob was gonna sing Natural Woman, and be mercifully killed! I'm telling you guys, I've had to deal with her crazy sense of humor my whole life, once she starts, she doesn't stop!

      • Just now, we were sitting here watching The Voice, wishing it was Wednesday night instead. During a commercial, I'm talking about my day at work, and all of a sudden my mother bursts out laughing, like legs straight up in the air, holding her stomach, hysterical! I'm like, what? What?

        "Hahahaha, Devin, humanely euthanize! Hahaha, humanely euthanize! You know all the animal shelters!"

        Poor Jacob! Templar, why did you do this to me!?

        P.S. Shelters don't humanely euthanize, they murder happy healthy pets most of the time. Just as a side note. SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR ANIMALS PEOPLE! Stop the senseless killing!

        And…GOOOO HALEEYYYYY! I LOVE YOU, GIRL!!! Like, a lot.

      • There is a second good thing that could come out of Jacob singing Natural Woman (the first being his Buh-bye–civilly though, not the "mercy killing"), which I'll list momentarily.

        First, I'm concerned about secondchance the snake, that secondchance the mom is taking her username from (for the uninformed, the pet snake was beaten near death by first owner before being rescued by Devin Lee's Mom, hence they both take the name second chance, get it? True story, or else they'll refute here, so I'm not being sarcastic). My concern is that the snake not be further tortured by having to hear Jacob sing (I know snakes have great sense of smell with the tongue flicker, but not sure how well they hear), so I hope secondchance the snake is isolated from the torture of hearing Jacob sing.–Even if snakes don't have ears, they may be sensitive "Helen Keller" style to sound vibrations? So please secondchance/DevinLee, let us know that you're making sure that sc the snake does not suffer further trauma!

        Now, onto the second good thing that could be the silver lining regards Jacob's obnoxious singing. Without going into the agree or disagree regards waterboarding for terrorists, the CIA could make effective use of both the Audio and Video Recording of Jacob singing Natural Woman as an alternative (or in combination with WBing) to get Terrorists "to sing"–pardon the pun–, in their begging to stop the Jacob torture! If we get Osama Bin Laden holed up in a cave somewhere, the constant blaring of Jacob's Natural Woman would drive him out in a crazed dimentia!

        So, go ahead Jacob, Make my Day!

      • @coondog, roflmbo once again! jacob as modern warfare! priceless!

        i would never put my snakes through that torture, i am not even sure why i put myself through it. they are honestly as far from the TV as possible in my house. snakes dont have outer ears and they only hear/feel vibrations.

        i would know if they could hear jacob cause i am guessing it would make them regurge their rats and they would probably bite me the next time i tried to pet them as a payback.

        no, i will put my daughter devin lee through the torture of jacob (i even play him next to her head when she is sleeping, it causes some really cool nightmares) but never my snakes!

    • jacob and natural woman made me blow coffee out of my mouth i laughed so hard. that would be classic! lmbo

      • second chance, just wanted to rephrase your 2:15 remark by substituting in the words "temporary sanity." šŸ™‚

    • Just for the sheer double entendre joy of it, I would be so stoked to hear Lusk, a drag queen in waiting, do "Natural Woman". I PROMISE I would watch him for the 1st time since Top 11, when I had my fill of Jacobs oversinging and over-emoting.

      Great picks for Lauren, Casey and Haley, Indigo! (Umm, because those were MY "no one else will think of that!" picks.

      I also like your Scotty pick. Mine was "Nightingale".

  26. Scotty is the best!

    He sounds good with Elvis's music, and I would like to hear him sing more real country.

    I don't know much about Carole king, But 'You've Got a Friend' is good for Scotty.

    And even some John Denver songs, like if he could sing 'Thank God I'm a Country Boy', or Alaska and Me', or even The Eagle and the Hawk'

    Scotty is so country and so was John Denver, it would be nice to hear his music be carried on like Elvis's.

    • Scotty is a great country performer. He doesn't need the razzel-dazzle, smoke and mirrors, pyrotenhnics, etc. to help him be a star—Just natural talent!!

      • I agree that Scotty doesn't need so very much razzle-dazzle and smoke and fire etc. like James does! But just to wear a country hat would turn the country girls on as well as his deep voice!

  27. Would love to hear Scotty do John Denver's "Country Roads" or "Sunshine On My Shoulders".

    • those are great choices for him. i would also love to hear him do 'he stopped loving her today' or 'seminole wind'

    • I agree with Country Roads and Sunshine on my Shoulders by John Denver for Scotty to sing.

      Or maybe even Calipso by John Denver.

      John has so very many different good country songs!! Try them if you feel you can Scotty!

    • I know this will sound really retro, but I miss some of the more folk oriented singers. John Denver, Bellamy Brothers etc. James won a country music contest, and could totally nail a more folksy song. And of course it's right in Scotty's and Lauren's wheelhouse, and Haley's too judging by the great job she did on "Blue". More of a stretch for Jacob and Casey, but that works for me.

  28. Here are my suggestions…

    Haley-Celine Dion's "The Reason" written by Carole King. I think this song is something that Haley can do well with and it is a bit less known so she can make it her own. My second choice for her is "Been to Canaan".

    Scotty-He is a big baseball guy, and while it was a chick flick "Now and Forever" from A League of their Own would be a nice touch.

    Jacob-Hey Girl done by Freddie Scott. The vocals lend to a powerful voice and some overly dramatic phrasing. What Jacob does best.

    Casey-Well the title that fits him best is Jazzman but I can actually see him doing something like Smackwater Jack where he can play up the oddness of the song.

    Lauren-Crying in the Rain. Done by the Everly Brothers it has a country feel. My concern is that it might be too soft for her.

    James-Boy, this is a tough one for him. How about "Pleasant Valley Sunday" by the Monkees done metal style.

    • jbeee….I think no matter what James sings tomorrow night he will nail it. I can hear him slow it down with Hey Girl or You;ve Got a Friend….

      • Just because 2 people have similar opinions doesn't mean they are the same poster. And besides Phyllis and Rose have fairly different uhh…phrasing…I guess.

    • @ Rose A. Rose you are right about the mean posting going on this year! That one has a bad mouth for sure! # 20 here. Why can't people keep a civil tongue in their mouth? This is supposed to be fun!! Fun, fun Fun. I can't understand why all the sniping and mean post are so bad this year? But thank goddness for Administration! Thank-You to them! Sherry K šŸ™‚

      • Thank you one way or another Administration! Truly! I am not trying to be a pain. If you don't like my comment then please feel free to take it off. I think you do a good job! And I mean that sincerely! Sherry K.

  29. What about Scotty singing Will you still love me tomorrow or where you lead I will follow.

    Scotty would be great with either song

      • Presumably, james2win has a new source for recreational pharmaceuticals and has somehow managed to boot up in spite of that. Best to just scroll past this, pretend we didn't notice and bide our time until James has detoxified.

      • Rose A, I don't know what is going on either with dude James2win? But administation does. He must be one stubborn person. Thanks again administration. Why can't the comments be civil?

        And NO crudeness I see why you do not post much anymore! Most of us try to just comment in a nice way! Even if we do not like a contestant. Hugs to you Rose A. My friend and Phyllis G.Too. Lets see what happens this week. It is getting down to the nitty gritty now. Yes Templar you are ABSOLUTELY right !! Lets just scroll down past james until he has detoxified!! GOOD THOUGHT!! Sherry L. šŸ™‚

    • If you're looking for replies…you should give away free Scotty album! I'm sure a lot of teenies & grannies will believe you….lol!

    • This comment is a response to the trivia comment above trying to coax people into thinking only Scotty can win because Carrie Underwood is a country artist.

  30. I just listen to that song It going to take sometime

    Scotty please do not sing that song if you do you will surely go hone. How can anyone pick that son for you to sing

  31. Haley, James and Casey should be in the top three. I love Pia as well but even if she wasn't still eliminated, I think she doesn't deserve to be in the top three.Haley is the darkhorse.. great personality.

    Much as I would like to, I just couldnt see why Scotty is still in the top 6. His vocal range is very limited and his performance is over-rated. New, yes. Good? not so good.

  32. Why should they choose Carole King's for this week? šŸ™

    I wish theme for the next week is the Queen's, cause i can imagine Scotty sing Crazy Little Thing Called Love and James will be awesome with Spread Your Wings!

    By the way, if they have to pick C.King's next wed, i wish Scotty will sing a rock & roll song from 60's like he did before w/ That's alright Mama. I hope Scotty will take a good song by Silver Beatles (which written by C.King of course), examples : Don't Ever Change or Put Your Hands Off My Baby. Just my opinion šŸ™‚

  33. i dont like the carole king week, i am very upset cause i wait every week to hear james rock something out. cant see that happening with carole king. i think King was picked to stop anymore girls from getting eliminated. i am excited to see what each contestant will pick though.

    • You should not be upset.Carole King is an iconic song writer.

      It is up to these kids ( and the pro help they are getting behind the scenes) to live up to HER, not the other way around.

      I personally, think all 6 have the ability to knock it out of the park. I can't wait to hear them all.

      James is going to surprise you… he has incredible musical vision.

      The only one I can see this weeks theme hurting is Scotty. If he stays the same old , he might have a hard time…but that is up to him , 'cause if he is as talented as the judges say,( and Jimmy Iovine ) than he should be able to pull it off, and shut up some critics., including me.

      • as a kid i loved carole king. listened to her tapestry album non stop. i jusy love hearing james do his rock. i cannot see him doing that with carole king.

      • Yep… he can rock it!!

        But, he has a softer side , that he teased us with. I think he's gonna surprise you!

      • @Suz……I'm with you…..even if James softens it up, he will shine…..If he puts a rock beat on it, he will shine. He really can sing anything but he prefers to sing Rock/Metal….

        Scotty has got to step up to the plate but I don't think he can….It seems to be Country Only….

      • @ secondchance…I wore out Carole King's Tapestry album while in college…so many memorable songs that do fit in with today…sometimes these "classics" are timeless. Definitely agree with you. James will do very well. Hi Phyllis G., Sherry K. (where r u ?), Angela, T, & David. P.

    • I gotta agree with Suz here – as much as I love to hear James just rock the AI stage week after week, he has incredible musical vision, probalby as good if not better than any Idol contestant ever. So this is just another challange for him & after all – I really haven't seen a bad performance from him yet. And even though he can sing any of her songs – I'd still love to hear him sing "I Feel The Earth Move" but I really don't think it will matter, any song he pics will be amazing (it just probalby won't be what he has been doing week after week :)).

  34. If you listen to Carole King singing her songs, they do often sound vanilla because she was never the best singer, basically recorded with herself on piano, a guitarist a drummer and over-tracking her own voice for the harmonies. Most of her versions sound like demos and she would be the first to conceded that fact.

    However, if you listen to the melody lines, imagine a good arranger getting his/her hands on the song, add in more instruments and back up vocals and you have some terrific songs.

    She has written or co-written more than 200 songs that appeared in the Billboard Hot 100, most recorded by other singers.

    There is a song on her "City Streets" album called Ain't That The Way that has Eric Clapton on guitar and a "Whiter Shade of Pale" style organ in the backing and I think that Haley could get her voice and jazz influence around that particular song. Also on that album is Someone Who Believes In You that I think Jacob could make his own.

    James needs to show a more mellow side – just once – and Child of Mine from her Writer album would be a good choice because he sings from the heart and could "feel" his son when singing this one. My choices would be:

    Casey – Some Kind of Wonderful

    Haley – Ain't That The Way

    Jacob – Someone Who Believes In You

    James – Child of Mine

    Lauren – Now and Forever (A League of Their Own)

    Scotty – It's Gonna Take Some Time

    Not one of these are on the Tapestry album and would show some initiative by the contestants and get them out of the comparisons with previous AI Contestants who, between them, have probably sung all the popular Carole King songs.

    • i agree pup. grewat choices and james would do wonderful with that. we seen his soft side with 'while my guitar gently weeps'

    • Yes, Paul…excellent choices…you are good…are you and Branden collaborating…lol šŸ™‚

    • James singing Child of mine would be amazing especially since his son will be celebrating his birthday on May 1st. That would make fireworks!

    • @ James2win…yes, I want James to win…but what is woth all the gibberish u r posting…let's keep it real, dude. šŸ™‚

  35. Nothing personnel to anyone but – I'd rather NOT fall asleep while trying to watch & listen to AI. I love James Taylor & Carol King – but you gotta be in the mood to listen to them (unless that's your kind of swing & nothing wrong with that). Just this season has been one of the most dramatic & exciting in years…maybe ever. I'd hate to see the ratings drop thru the bottom of the floor because of a one unusually mellow episode. I'd love to see all of the contestents sing what ever King song moves them the most – even if the song has been done every year on AI, doesn't matter. Don't really care about the ratings all that much – but at the same time I really don't want to see a show that's not very exciting either (that's been part of the magic of this season for AI). Just my opinion & for the record – not all of Carols' songs were completely mellow. I'd love to see James slay I Feel The Earth Move :):):):) About the best song he could choose for his style.

    • One more note – IMHO, it would be a huge mistake for James to sing a song like Child of Mine, only reason someone would want to see him sing that kind of song is if they don't want him to win. Sorry but James is NOT that style of singer – be kind of like Scotty singing "Heavy Metal", or Celine Dion singing "With Arms Wide Open" by Creed, if you get what I mean. Not saying James couldn't sing a song like that well, not at all, just not his style.

      • PS – to everyone who thinks James needs to show more of his "soft" side, he's not taking down 34% of the overall votes because of his mellow side (sorry). People love him because he is awesome (what ever he sings). Like watching a concert every week šŸ™‚

      • inspired, i agree. i can never wait for james to perform. i love his music and that is why i am not looking forward to this week. i wanna see the james concerts i am so use to seeing week after week!

      • Inspired, perhaps you would like to check the Vegas odds at "2011 American Idol Betting Odds from OSGA".

      • Just checked them on and heres what I found

        2:1 Scott McCreery

        2:1 James Durbin

        3:1 Lauren Alaina

        10:1 Haley Reinhart

        14:1 Casey Abrams

        20:1 Jacob Lusk

        I dunno, I think Jacob should be a longer shot than that.. and surprised to see Casey at 14:1… kinda figured him to be more of a 5:1 type of position.

  36. I have "imagined" the Idol contestants taking on songs by the Pretenders or the Eurythmics… could work~

  37. Everyone talks about Carole King not being 'exciting' enough. That she's boring…put you to sleep. Must be why she has so many hit songs!

    With that out of my system, at this stage of the competition , the contestants need to be able to make one of these songs "their own", as the judges are so fond of saying.

    They need to be able to live up to HER.

    • Sorry I'm not a Celine Dion, James T. or Carol kind of guy….love them all, they are all awesome singers, songwriters, performers. Just not the kind of stuff I listen to myself – and regardless of what anyone says most of Carols' songs are like James T, CSNY, America and many others. Great songs, alot of them hits but unless that's the kind of music you love to listen to – you have to be in the mood. But as you pointed out – the contestants have to make one of her songs "their own" so it really doesn't matter, we'll see ( but unlike some I don't mind eating crow when I'm wrong :)). In any case – it will most likely be a very mellow show tonight.

    • So are you say they should arrange the songs to fit there style or try to keep close to Carole Kings style?

      This will be hardest for Scotty and James without coming across as corny or poor song choice no matter what they choose.

      Even the Beatles doing "Chains" sounded abit corny in the early 60's but The Monkees did better with "Pleasant Valley Sunday".

      • All of the contestants this year are amazing singers & performers. So far no one has really had a huge advantage because of the limited songs they had to choose from. This may be the first week where that is not the case. I think Carol K. wrote a lot a great songs, obviously. But unlike most of the previous weeks – the choices this week are are a lot more limited. We'll see what happens & I have to agree again with Suz, any any song James sings will turn out amazing – but I look forward to hearing him rock the stage & that probably ain't gonna happen this week (that's allz I'm sayin :)).

  38. Pup, Yesterday you asked about the Stefano exit interview. Go to ewonline and in the upper right hand corner type in Stefano Langone interview, and it will come up.

      • Just read it, thanks, JMO.

        I think you had to be there, to see him and hear him and look in his eyes to get the real feel of this interview. Those words he spoke can be viewed in two different ways. I choose to see them in a positive light.

        Now, Stefano could be covering up his "shame" of not making it further, but I doubt it. Maybe he knew what we all know–that sometimes the winner does not take all! And, I think what he said (whether true in his heart or not), is actually the correct way to approach being a contestant on this particular show: Reap what you can of the limelight to move yourself forward.

        I'm sure that's what Stefano will try to do. Whether that airtime helps him to achieve success in the business is another thing.

        I love that he and James are so close. (If you reacted to his statement: "James is a crybaby," I think you had to hear his intonation before judging him. (He most likely said it to explain away all the emotional turmoil that was evident–without attempting to disclose or discuss James' personal medical issues that he likely knows little about.) He wants to be in his wedding, so I think the friendship is real. Hearing that James was even more distraught than we saw is one more

      • Woops. My hubby interrupted me.

        I think I was saying that James' overwrought state is just a clincher he does have an issue that causes him to behave in ways that the uninformed and ignorant have labeled with negatives.

    • I LOVE HALEY , I hate that I see many good things about Haley here and even in Lauren's and Scotty's performances on YouTube but do not have enough votes to escape the BOTTOM 3

  39. @Branden….good choices….as always you bring the best & the worst comments on this site….I just adore your updates and comments…..Keep up the good work….

  40. Apparently not only are they singing a song a piece, the top 6 will be doing duets tomorrow night too!

    • Lori…..thats something to look forward too!!!!Maybe we will see James & Haley do a duet……AWESOME……

      • They should try to make it more interesting and fun. James/Haley Casey/Scotty Lauren/Jacob

      • I like the idea of duets…great. A James/Haley…Scotty/Jacob and Casey/Lauren that should prove to be interesting. James for the win šŸ™‚

      • Most likely: James/Casey, Scotty/Lauren, Jacob/Haley.

        I prefer: James/Haley myself too!

    • I hope it's not Scotty/ Jacob or Scotty/ James! =/ It's really hard to put Jacob and James with anyone, James sounds awesome by himself, but his voice is powerful over other people. Jacob just doesn't fit with anyone else. I hope they stick to Lauren/ Scotty & Casey/ Haley or maybe Scotty/ Casey or Scotty/ Haley… Casey/ Lauren? Haha, all that's confusing! I just can't see Jacob with ANYONE.

  41. i like "You've Got A Friend" for Scotty or even, and upbeat country version of "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" or "It Might As Well Rain Until September"

    For Casey I like "Brother, Brother"

    For Hayley, "It's Too Late"

  42. I like the suggestion of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow for Lauren, with her voice and age it could be very powerful. I read people saying Scotty and Lauren are boring. I like someone simply singing the song and telling a story. Not screaming and running all over the stage. Their voices are very pure and in tune. Every song Pia sang sounded the same. She didn't keep it simple and just punch the end she was always shoving the voice out there. She couldn't move and her face didn't have much expression. I think she would be better suited recording than live. Lovely lady but always looked like she was struggling. Same with Stefano, great guy but when he sang he was always pleading or looking in pain. when he talked he was delightful and his face lit up. But singing he always looked and stressed out.

    Jacob I feel is always playing the victim which gets very old. Lighten up.

    James is great can do a lot of different styles. But personally a little less screaming. Casey very unique but should be in a band or sing in clubs. Haley lovely and talented not sure why she's in the bottom all the time.

  43. Here are my picks:

    Haley: You make me feel like a Natural Women

    Lauren: Beautiful

    James: I hear the earth move

    Scotty: You've got a Friend

    Jacob: Tapestry

    Cassey: Too Late Baby

    Duets: Two Hearts and Loving You Forever

  44. After listening to quite a bit of Carole King this week I'm convinced this will be a pretty good week. At first I was kind of iffy but there's some pretty dang good songs out there.

    Haley – "It's Too Late"

    Lauren – "You've Got A Friend"

    Scotty – "Monday Without You"

    Jacob – "Wishful Thinking"

    James – "Monday Without You"

    Casey "I Feel the Earth Move"

    Whatever they sing it will be fun to see what they do with it.

    • David P…whatever they sing this will be a very interesting show……STAY TUNED!!!

    • @ David P. I listened to a lot of Carole King over the weekend as well…brought back memories of when I was in college… I can see Scottie singing "Chains"…also "Way Over Yonder" and"Smackwater Jack". Also for James,You’ve Got a Friend or Believe In Humanity. Haley would rock "I Feel The Earth Move" and/or Pocket Money

      Really looking forward to an intertaining show. šŸ™‚

      • @Phyllis and Rose I'm excited as well. There's just too many to choose from. I wish them all the best of luck for tomorrow. Vote Haley/James people! šŸ˜€

      • David P. – I think James is safe. If people don't mind, I suggest they focus on voting Haley so she at least sticks one more week than Jacob Lusk.

  45. I have to agree with the few who think Scotty is good, but not great! He is a bit too cutesy and has not shown that he is capable of singing a range of songs.He's stuck in singing slow temp (almost putting people to sleep),he tries to croon… if he wants to croon he needs to check out the great crooners… they had life in their voices. And, has a thing with the microphone like he is going to devour it… as well as fondle it.

    He needs a little more age and a little more training on stage presence and how to entertain with a range of song types.

    • Thank You Rog!!!! I'm so afraid that Scotty will win. He has a nice sounding voice, but he's NOT A GOOD SINGER!!! I'm so tired of his goofy "aw shucks" expressions and his 8 note vocal range. I can't believe he's still on the show. It just goes to show backwoods hillbilly our country still is!!!

      • Ouch…How kind of you to call half of Anerica backwoods hillbilly…but, if that is what decent hardworking people are called…this city girl doesn't mind. Also, I just happen to think that it is way more than a few that think Scotty can sing. Win or not…just wait to see who sells the records…and that is what this is all about.

      • I see nothing wrong with "backwoods hillbilly" as you state. this is the kind of music all our forefathers sang and as for me it sounds a lot better than the screaming and running around the stage thing. Gooo!!! Scotty !! You are the only one on this show who knows how to sing.

      • First let me say that I like country music too, I grew up listening to it. But that doesn't limit my ability to recognize the difference between a great voice and a great vocalist. I agree that Scotty has a great voice, and some day he may be a great vocalist, but he needs work. He's not the best vocalist on the show, and if you think he is, I suspect you're voting based on some other criteria than vocal skill.

    • Ok – can't believe I'm sayin this myself but Scotty is a very good singer so I've gotta give him props. And he (along with Lauren) will both most likely end up with record deals from Nashville regardless of what happens. And I expect both of them will have very good careers as well (probably not as much as Carrie but both should do very well). So I totally understand why Scotty is still around & has been up till last week #1 in the votes every week. But he is not the performer that James is & I think very few people (not just the idol contestants) have the musical vision he has. which is one of the reasons he's so amazing. He may – or may not win but IMHO he is probalby one of the greatest idol contestants to ever be on AI! Most of the time I forget that he's still a contestant & not just performing….nough said.

  46. Listened to several clips of Carole King on YouTube. Any (and all) of the top 24/12/6 sing better than she EVER did!

    • Wow! what a statement, sorry your so wrong, it was in the 70's give me a break. She was the queen of rock with the songs she wrote.

      • Should have said "Listened to several RECENT clips…." She may be a "writing" queen, but as I stated not a vocalist (then or now).

    • Carole King will be the first to admit that she did not have the best singing voice but by herself and with others, including her ex Gerry Goffin, she wrote some 200 songs that reached the Billboard Hot 100, including a lot of top 5 and #1 songs.

      She recorded many of her songs as if they were demos with just her on piano, a guitarist and drummer. She often recorded the harmonies herself and merged them into the finished product.

      But when an artiste took one of her songs, put their own arrangement to it and has a full backing group and singers, they sounded totally different. Listen to her version of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow and Up On The Roof and then listen to The Shirelles version of the former and the Drifters or James Taylor sing the latter.

      These kids have Jimmy Iovine and some great Musical Arrangers to advise them plus great backing vocals and a terrific band.

      If they can't give us great performances with these songs, then

      they don't have much imagination.

  47. My song predictions:

    Casey – Jazzman

    Haley – Beautiful

    Lauren – Natural Woman

    Scotty – one fine day

    Jacob – someone who believes in you

    James- Monday without you/ Home again

  48. For duets, I hope they mix things up. No Scotty and Lauren, I'd like James and Scotty to do the Herman's Hermits arrangement of "I'm Into Something Good". Haley and Lauren to do "One Fine Day" and Casey and Jacob to do "Jazzman".

    • Oh how I pray James won't be singing with Scotty….arrgghhhhh šŸ™ I would prefer to see him sing with 1 of the girls.

  49. I think Scotty & Lauren sing duets together just great!

    They could sing another duet, like Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson sang 'Don't You Wanna Stay?' on the 44th Annual CMA Awards! That is awesome, if they could do that well also!

  50. i think casey will duet with haley. i see a picture somewhere…before they enter the recording studio

  51. I don't think anyone will sing you got a friend, I think they will do a group performance with that song on thursday.

  52. I just read that they are going to be doing duets for the performance night. It would be funny if they paired James and Scotty together. But seriously I think maybe a Scotty and Lauren pairing, a Haily and Casey pairing and a James and Jacob pairing? Well I think a James and Jacob duet would be even funnier than a James and Scotty pairing.

    • Believe the duets need to be a Carole King song — since James Durbin won a Country Western contest — how about James playing his guitar and singing with Lauren —

      Just a suggestion!

  53. Ahhhhhh! Some girl just did Rolling in the Deep on The Voice, and she wasn't even bad! Just hearing someone else do that song, makes me realize even more how amazing Haley is. Haley did it 1000x better.

    • I tried to google this and all I got was The Voice of Holland contestant Kim de Boer. Everyone should go listen to it and then listen to Haley and you will see what a lot of us see in Haley.

    • I even like Haley's version of Rolling in the Deep than Adele. Perhaps because I heard it first from Haley?

    • Her name is Vicci Martinez and she did a good job on it but not as good as Haley's performance last week, which was at least the #2 performance of the night.

      Haley's problem is that she is not as active on the Social Media sites as others and it seems that this is the measure of success this year.

      Over the weekend, Scotty was openly pimping on Twitter to reach 100,000 followers, even talking about having a Twitter Party so he could get there. Guess what? He made it.

      More than any other season, this one is a popularity contest and with other shows like "The Voice" and "X-Factor" to vie with, American Idol will need to step up its' game if it is to survive beyond next year.

  54. i will mis stefano dearly.

    I think that with Stefano leaving it completely added to James Durbin already crazy huge fan group, because people who love stefano know that him and durbin are super close and will vote for him. And to back that up i personally know alot of people who voted for Stefano and are know going to vote for James. He's the only one out of the 6 i would be completely shocked if he left before the top 3. Kinda Scotty too.

    • you bet. i will miss Stefano, too. that trend is gonna come to shift Stefano voters to James. Given that they are best of friends with James, I will go for James now. Stefano said, he will be the Best Man comes James' wedding… very cool indeed.

  55. Casey – Smackwater Jack

    Haley – Corazon

    Jacob – Someone Who Believes In You

    Lauren – Tapestry

    Scotty – Way Over Yonder

    James – Chains

  56. Watching the last hour of the voice, seems like a pretty good show. I didn't catch the first hour as I was watching DWTS, but it seems this show might actually be good competition for Idol

    • Yeah, but I'm already looking cross-eyed at The Voice since I think their gimmick (not seeing the singer until they "choose" them as being worthy) is hokey. Just like AI pretty much knows who their prime candidates will be in various cities due to pre-sent in videos of song auditions–so they make sure those candidates get picked out of the crowds of many thousand to officially audition during that City's two days of tryouts, I'm sure The Voice is pretty slick of having a certain field of really good singers intermixed with obvious amateurs, or good "hints" given to the judges.

      For both AI and The Voice (TV), it makes it a lot easier to have the superior voices that just happened to be in "the lucky percentage" to go before the judges, and also the interesting "personal stories" that flavor up the City Auditions and Hollywood Week (for Ai, Nashville or whereever for the new show) before getting down to the "main" voices/contestants that both shows' producers have generally already orchestrated that season around in advance with sent-in videos and audio tapes from targeted candidates.

      Not saying it perfectly, but can you see how simple it is for producers of these kinds of shows to ensure they have "the best season ever" type of candidates? Remember, probably only 3% or less of hopeful candidates probably get to try out in audition cities. The Gimmicks make for dramatic TV, but there's a lot of unsaid maneuvering that goes on and I get tired of being manipulated. Also is why I don't bother voting for hours on end!

      • I watched the Voice and really liked the concept. I would only work with Adam or Blake though lol

  57. The voice seems like it will be good competition for Idol, I'm watching the last hour of it since I was watching DWTS.

    • Wasn't that Senya girl awesome? A lot of raw talent. My mom and I both loved her. Held back in the chorus, but her raspy voice is really something. Especially for a shy 16 year old!

      • Yes her voice reminds me of Haley's also liked the final contestant, she definitely has a Melissa Ethride like voice.

    • I liked the couple second best. Maybe it's just because I love the song Falling Slowly a lot. Yes, a little mini Haley. But not quite. Only the rasp. I thought it was an alright show, and the judges fighting is really funny, they're trying to act like they're taking it good, but you can so tell their p1$$ed.

  58. the duets will be fantastic.. i would love to see:

    1.haley-james or haley-casey

    2.lauren-scotty or lauren-jacob


  59. Haley – A bluesy version of "Chains" (I can really hear her scat singing on that one) –

    or "Way Over Yonder" –

    Casey – "You've Got a Friend" –

    or "Some Kind of Wonderful" –

    James – "I Feel the Earth Move" – rock version –

    Jacob – "No Easy Way Down" –

    Lauren – "So Far Away" –

    or "Where You Lead"

    Scotty – "Up on the Roof" –

  60. I wish Casey would sing 'hey there little red riding hood' or anyway something from the Stray cats, Blue Cats, Pole cats -type of stuff. Though being also a huge Haley fan she could nail 'runaway boys'. And yes, we do have a TV here.

    • Pia was amazing on it! Shows how wrong that vote was, but it's ok she'll do just fine.

    • Humorous way Templar to escape the Pup wrath regards any mention of Ms Toscano's first name! (no rule regards last name , I read the fine print). She actually sang powerfully and note-perfect, and it wasn't boring since dancers performed to it.

    • Horses for courses Templar; I think she has a great voice and once her new beau has taught her a dance step or three, she will do just fine.

      I remember when Celine Dion first came on the US Scene and she had no stage presence. You don't have to prance around the stage or be P!nk (whose stage show is phenomenal) in order to entertain.

      She seems to have a lot of people backing her so we will see what happens.

  61. canada here love the suggestion for james to do don't bring me down.but not by the animals.check out the version by northern's james to a tee……

    • I believe that is based on ELO's song with the same title as Carole's.

      Songwriters take a small parts from others to rearrange into their own songs or style.

      A lot of note patterns from classical music have been used over the years in modern music.

      • Yeah, the ELO version is the only one I've heard. ELO and Queen are my favorite bands (their music I should say now), and I'd hop a little more on James' bandwagon if he'd do it more in their style. Casey, no because I know he'll change those songs too much "to make it his own" or "artistically jazz them up".

        Don't Bring Me Down would be a great group song on Thursday with the intermesh of voices and potential choreography. OK, if Casey could pull off "Horace Wimp" with a duet, I'd even keep him in my good thoughts.

      • @coondog, ELO is also one of my all time favorite bands.

        i did not know 'dont bring me down' was a carole king song. james could do that. hope he does do that.

      • @secondchance: Ahh! the Universe is in balance again. lol. Also, glad to see earlier that your pet snake is being sheltered from Jacob abuse!–but you truly contemplate using that CIA torture tactic on your daughter? (OK to get her up for work, just plain ornery to give her punishment for supporting Haley over your James!)

    • coondog, i really want you to see my video of my big vicious burm

      hope i dont get in trouble for posting that. i could have named him after you but i had already named him 'little max' the girls screaming no she would not give him a kiss is devin lee. lol. yeah, i guess i do torture her. lol.

      if haley beats james i am gonna sic one of my snakes on one of her cats. lol

      • Hey SC, that's an impressive 10(?) feet of meat!–little max that is. Oops, I referred to him as a she on top 5 recap post reply to you–thinking max was short for maxine? (or was I absentmindedly being salacious?! ha).

        Was Devin Lee doing the camera work? I was quite impressed with how he responded to kissing you–and how eagerly you maneuvered into position! lol. You looked good, like you were trying to seduce him into kissing you!? No fear of biting?, I assume they 'get' the love pats, or do they have that sense of companionship or just responding by instinct?

        I did reference your second video (eating the rat?) in my comments on 5 Recap also. ahem!

        But curse you a little secondchance. I normally avoid youtube because you keep wanting to watch videos, so you caused me to watch another hour of animal stuff there! Fun though. Thanks!

  62. OK, remember folks, you heard it here from me first. This is the week that Haley will "not" be in the bottom 3. I say this because I think the pre-teen voters will loose interest this week and not do their usual 100 votes for who they think is the cutest. As Coral King songs will drive them away in mass. Plus, Haley has been improving more than anyone for the past 4 weeks and I think more and more people are finally starting to see her as the talent she is.

    • Sadly I think the girls will do best this week but both will be in the bottom 3 with Jacob.

      • I hope this week Cassey goes home..American voted him off once (and we know how that ended) So, why do people like him now?…Go Home Cassey

    • That's a great point (I hope) Steve. Props for that insight if you get it right! My Haley Hope just shot up 50% based on that almost-Einstein-like analysis! Seriously! That's been my hope for a few weeks that the horde sheep voting that didn't favor Haley would somehow wear down. But, I hadn't figured out what could cause it. You just did, hopefully!

    • I hope you are right Steve because she is one of the top two talents on the show and will have a great future whatever happens in the next few weeks.

      Based on the talent we have seen in the CMT Next Superstar Contest and a young man who sang Country last night on The Voice, Scotty's half-octave range just won't cut it in the competitive world of Country Music.

  63. It would be cool to see Lauren and Haley be the last two standing to become the American Idol. I say this because both has been the underdogs and talked about alot that they need to go home. Also it's time for a female to win again. Been to long. Don't get me wrong I like the guys too and they all will have great careers but time for a female winner.

    • Also for the duets it would be cool to see








      mix it up let us se and hear something different

    • Vote for the contestant you feel is the most talented — not because they are male or female.

      Who knows!!! maybe next year– 3 females in the TOP THREE —

      Sorry– I just think the females this year did not bring it for different reasons — OR–they would of been at the top NOW—

  64. only 12 more hours till american idol. gonna be a long day at work waiting for it!

  65. Haley should perform an awesome job doing 'It's too late' or Some kind of wonderful' tonite! Sooo looking forward to hearing her sing.. she has had my votes all along. And yes I will multiple vote for HER!!!!!!!

  66. Lauren – One fine day

    Jacob – So Far Away

    Scotty – It's Going to Take Some Time

    Hayley – Help me make it through the night

    Casey – Hi de ho

    James – Now and Forever

    For duets

    Casey & Hayley – Nightingale

    Scotty & Jacob You've got a friend

    James & Lauren I feel the earth move

    • Great singles choice but rather see the duets;

      Casey and Lauren

      Scotty and Jacob

      Haley and James

      This will compliment both strengths.

  67. If they end up choosing from the Tapestry Album my picks are..Casey-Smackwater Jack, Lauren- Way over Younder, Jacob-Will you still love me tomorrow, Hayley-Beautiful, James-I feel the earth, Scotty, you've got a friend.

  68. I think Carole King and 90 minutes for, as Branden wrote, 15 minutes of singing are BOTH bad ideas.

    I'd suggest for Casey "Been to Canaan" (if he played it the way he played "Georgia") or "Chains".

    I could also see Jacob doing "Chains".

  69. Please don't let this be a boring night. I don't want the judges to be so complacent either, get it on and start really judging and fine tuning for the finale. I want the best three contenders. Who is getting better and who really brings on the best, and finally….all the fans please vote for the talent, who is really giving the best performance. I want an American Idol to win and emerge unforgettable from this season.

  70. Scotty: you said it yourself earlier.."the only thing keeping me in this is my LOW VOICE". Go back to songs that include your low voice and you will be able to compete to the final. Good Luck from British Columbia, Canada

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