American Idol 2011 Top 6 Perform Tonight

It’s nearly show time! This week on American Idol 2011 the remaining six are performing songs from the catalog of prolific singer/songwriter Carole King. You might have asked, “who the heck is Carole King?” King peaked as a performer in the 70’s, but she’s been writing songs long before and long since. If you’ve turned on the radio then you’ve heard her work. You can read more on Wikipedia.

A bonus event for the evening will be duets performed by the final six singers in unknown pairs. EW reports this move comes as American Idol works to justify a 90 minute episode for about 15 minutes of singing. See, if they stopped the show at 9PM then everyone could shift their attention to NBC’s The Voice (encore) and we know FOX doesn’t want that happening, do they??

Be sure to catch Branden’s weekly installment of what the Top 6 should sing as he walks through the King songbook. Of course these are just a few of the routes the Hopefuls could follow so let’s hear what you think in the comments section below.

After a review of this week’s rankings we could end up seeing both of the remaining ladies in this round’s Bottom 3, but unless things take a surprising turn I think we’re looking at the end of Jacob’s journey.




  1. Why not let the contestants sing two songs? Maybe one "themed" selection and one the singers choose themselves. This would fill up the 90 minutes without all the terrible performances by has-been artists and the shameless promotion of soon-to-be released CDs and movies. But…the duets are sooooo much better than the group song/dance flops.

    • great idea, but will the powers that be pay attention?? probably not. the duets are fabulous. much better than those hollywood production numbers. would love to hear a duet with lauren and haley.

      • pr62; ITA. i would love to see James and Scotty do the Herman's Hermits arrangement of "I'm Into Something Good", Haley and Lauren do "One Fine Day" , and Casey and Jacob do "Jazzman".

      • then lauren needs to go cause shes crap then haley then casey scottys popular but crap and james will win cause hes the best there and face it scotty fans scotty needs to go

      • Dang Coormac, you cold! I was all set to read a nice followup to Templars good ideas, and BAM! the Icewitch speaks!

  2. I am not very excited on tonight´s show to be honest, I think will be the most boring of the season but I might be wrong. Anyway I wish good luck to all 🙂

    By the way The Voice very very interesting format, loved the program and the contestants are truly good singers, I cant wait to see what is happening next.

    • I have to agree about The Voice. I wasn't sure I'd like it, but the format and content was really good. They're going to play an encore showing of the premiere tonight at 9PM ET.

      We set up a fan site for The Voice just in case it took off and readers wanted a place to discuss it. You can check it out here:

      • I actually liked The Voice (tnx for the video link) – interesting format, interesting judges/coaches, great talent – no wonder Fox might be squirming. 🙂

    • @ Marta: Well, excited is not the word I'd use, either. However, it will be an anxious, worrisome night for many of us who love a contestant not at the top of the polls.

    • Latest News on the net that AI allowed Pia to sing .. on Dancing With the Stars to draw audience away from The Voice.

      • You must be kidding, PIA???? She doesn't have that kind of star power. Where is AI getting their misinformation from????? I like the Voice and will watch it from now on. Even the worse contestants are better than most on AI.

    • I agree. If fact I will leave switch from Idol to see The Voice. I really liked the show last night and am looking forward to tonight. Carson Daly is a big improvement over Ryan Secrest, too. I am sick of Ryan's constant attempt to be witty when he is NOT. I think Christina looks better than JLo, she has better features.

    • Thank you Matt 🙂 I will try to change channels between commercials lol to watch both programs 🙂

  3. Does anyone actually vote upon how they rated the performances? I already know Jacob is not getting my vote.

    • I imagine many viewers weigh their decisions on how that week went.

      However, I've always assumed that there are a lot of people who pick a favorite and stick to them even if they have a bad performance. That's not a bad thing though.

      • I have to admit that I am one of those people that have stuck with James from day 1. Although, I did vote for Haley a few times based on her peerformances…she really is getting better and better. Would love to see a James/Haley run off.

        PS. I remember Carole King from way back when…a lot of her songs, to me, are timeless and can be relevant to today. They have had ther contestants sing the Beatles, Elvis, Motown…some of those were "dated" as well. Looking forward to an exciting show tonight.

        As always, Matt. Thank you for the update. 🙂

    • I would not vote for Jacob at this point no matter how out of his comfort zone he gets. I have my favorites (James, Scotty and Haley who does nto get enough credit)Whether or not they have a 'bad' night, that is where my Idol votes go. On this blog I will give credit where credit is due, but usually it goes to one of the three listed above.

  4. I watched the voice as well. I really liked the Chritina Aguillara/Blake Shelton give and take. My question is of the guy from Maroon 5, Most of the performers were better then him, so is that why he has such a tough time picking a team.

    Back to Idol: I am unfortunatly old enough to remember all of Carole Kings hits and misses. I do not think any of her music is relevant 30 years later. I do remember he being on a couple of years ago? When excactly? Maybe one of you remember…..

    Oh well, if they do duets tonight, I hope they keep Lauren and Scotty together.

    • Carole King played the owner of the Star's Hollow Music store on Gilmore Girls and also wrote the theme song for it, "Where You Lead".

      • @ Templar. You are right. Great song and a good show. So, for all the "young people" out there who have not heard of Carole King…she is an awesome songwriter with over 200 songs to her credit. Give the tonight a chance…I don't think we will be dissapointed. 🙂

    • How can you say that about Carol King, she is still writing for some the best in the business. Do you think every artist writes his or her own music? No .. someone like Carol King or James Taylor or some other legend song writer does the hard work.

  5. Well if tonight is a boring night that everyone says it will be then i think viewers would switch the channel to the voice when it comes on so AI should start picking more intresting themes. I havnt watched the voice yet I recorded it last night was it really good

    • The Voice tonight is a rerun of last night's episode. The two shows will only overlap by half an hour.

  6. I think the song choices really make the show stronger at this point, when the Idols sing it, and connect to the audience with recognizable songs makes it more enjoyable for me personally. When you don’t know the song, no matter who the artist is, when you first hear it to me you kind of judge the performance based on merits of almost like an original. Kind of like need to hear it a few times to see if you like it, you know what I’m saying?? Unless the song has a serious hook in it, or vocal portion to suck you into the song and blow you away.. Some of these 30+ year old songs are simply not exciting, which isn’t to say they aren’t good songs, just not relevant today. Those sing song boring ones make it more difficult to enjoy this Idol show, for me at least. My hope is tonight’s show comes through in a way that they sound good, each Idol artist just kills whatever they sing, and the songs are not boring and blah..

    • I like Carole's songs when I am in that kind of mood but it will be like everyone doing ballads unless they can arrange some of them more upscale, which is not easy in only a week's time and not sound corny.

  7. The Voice seems all about semi-pro and less known pro singers, not amateurs since there are no open auditions, just the Voice’s A&R team going out looking for performers.

    This will likely push up the quality since they are all at or near the pro level to start with.

    This still leave a lot of room for AI to find great younger amateurs like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and others.

    • The blind audition part of the Voice was just ok for me. i think it's going to get really boring once they start coaching their teams. How can this possibly be interesting to anyone unless they themselves are pursuing a musical career?

      • Templar, hopefully you and others will see some of my and LOLOL's and others analysis on other nearby blogs that mirror your thoughts.

  8. Even if a song has been done years ago, it can still be "updated" to be more modern. The contestant can "make the song his/her own" by changing the tempo, adding runs, or just interpreting it differently. A good song can be updated many times just because a performer puts a different spin on it. At first I thought Carole King night was going to be snore city, but I've decided to take a more positive approach and check it out before I judge it. Also, Vote For the Worst (the group whose main objective is to bring American Idol down) has picked Casey for its followers to vote for. My comment is not against Casey, but don't let them dictate who the real winner of Idol is. Vote for your choice. These people aren't about anything but taking Idol down. They vote for the person they think is the one who will upset the real choice for Idol. We know what a group of people multi-voting can do to the outcome. The Voice is in the beginning stages of choosing contestants. The competition hasn't even started. If this year's Idol contestants is one of the strongest groups in years, stick with them and help choose the best. Don't give up at this point. You can watch the rest of "Voice" tonight after Idol is over.

  9. Anyone other than me watch Pia last night on Dancing? She is still a great singer, but still stiff with no personality.

    • Yea, I saw her. She started out a little rough but nailed it in the end. Yes, now that you mention it she did seem a little stiff, as usual. I guess it's just her style right now maybe just until she becomes more comfortable performing live like that.

  10. I didn't get to watch the Voice last night but I will dvr it tonight…..I watched Pia sing on DWTS and she was fabulous……James is my man but I just don't get why Pia who sings better than most of the idols still there is gone…….No worries but…she is on her way……She sang a ballad last night and she was awesome……

    Very excited about Idol tonight….I hope that James & Haley sing a duet…..could be a preview to a finale!!!!!!!

    Matt….Your blog is the best…Thank You and your staff….

    • Have to admit, that's the pairing I'd like to see also, though Haley and Lauren would be cool also.

  11. I for one remember and loved Corole King's songs. Never bought an album or anything but it identifies a whole exciting era. True, most of her music seems like balads but it should be interesting and I'm looking forward to hearing all those old popular songs. I think it'll be a great show. If my favorite (James) can pull this off, he truely is what I think he is. Haley will do GREAT.

    • @ Douglas. I agree. Carole King was part of my era as well…along with Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Dylan…etc Looking forward to a great show tonight. James will do incredible…no doubt. Also Haley…I am sure she will do Carole King justice. 🙂

    • Yup. To me, the world would not be the same place without "Up on the Roof," "Locomotion" and "Will You Love Me Tomorrow." Part of my memories, for sure.

      And I have faith in my Haley girl to nail it, too!!!

    • I remember Kings music, I don't think Haley can do it justice,she's no Karen Carpenter, or Calrole King. She sounds more like Janis Joplin.

      • @ Piper. The beauty of Haley's skills is that she seems to be able to nail any genre! IMO, that's what she's done so far.

      • @Piper. When she sang "Piece of My Heart", she did. And that is a compliment! She does have the timbre of Janis at times. But if you listen to her recording of "Blue," there is no way you can say that. I think she has complete control over how she sounds and that the bluesy-jazzy style is what she likes best.

      • Pup, you know I love Haley more than anyone, but I'm wondering if Piper may be right about Haley not matching Karen Carpenter's smooth voice. But, still I think Haley could do a great Locomotion! You know I'd be jumping on that Train! Yeahh!!

  12. I still can't handle James. I do not think Haley is headed to the finals, but I do like her. I think going home first will be Jacob, then either Casey or Haley. I fully expect a Scotty James final, but would be happy with a Scotty Lauren finale.

    • I still can't handle James either!

      All that screatching in his voice, he gets judged for how well he performs. He should go tonight if Jacob doesn't go.

      If James dosn't go, then it should be Casey or Haley.

      I would be also happy with Scotty /Lauren at the end.

      • James' high pitch notes are part of metal and heavy rock style but due to short time on stage(1:40) its just too much. In at 4 to 6 min long song it fits in much better, since there is time to build up to it.

        Listen to the itunes which is fully song, it far better balanced.

      • Hoping to say goodbye to Jacob tonight. I llke James and Haley and I feel they will be successful. I love Scotty and Lauren and would love to see them the the finale. I do not think that will happen. It is more likely Scotty and James or Casey in the finale.

      • All here know that Scotty is my favorite, but I'm hoping James wins. No logical person can honestly think Scotty or Lauren are ready for the meat grinder that is show business. Lauren seems to be about ready to come off her spool and Scotty is so painfully naive that he makes Justin Beiber seem worldly. They need to go home, finish school and reassess.

      • Templar, I see you point…I really do. AT this point, I think both will receive a recording contract from Nashville even if they do not win. Lauren is an impressionable and emotional type and will need positive guidance. Scotty is very intelligent (magnet school) and very well grounded. Winning would be the opportunity of a lifetime for either of them. As I have said before, there is a story to be told by a teen male to parallel the story told by Taylor Swift as a teen female. Scotty is the ticket and can tell this story with a beautiful deep voice. He could be a teen sensation, not only in country music but other genres as well. James is awesome, I agree, and I pray he suceeds but rockers are a dime a dozen. Would not be as likely to sell as many records or become a big star. I could be wrong. I hope so. Anyway, that is my point of view.

      • Scotty Fan, don't you think Casey has more talent then Lauren? I agree with you about Scotty, but I really believe it's going to be Scotty and Casey in the final.

      • Templar, I need some of your "smart juice" you and Steve Fox must be drinking lately. Good points regards Scotty and Lauren in music business, though I think they'd eventually adapt–Scotty for sure as a guy could get it, but I'd hate for Lauren to get mired down in the muck like LeAnn Rhymes did for a while, but she too would eventually recover I think.

      • Me too. In this contest, I do not understand JLo idea of "The Latin" show. The Latin where? in America or "The Latin" at home. Last time I checked this was America – La grande, but I do wonder if latin music would survive in this jazzy, pop, country, rock, metal environment. I know, i would not watch, would you?

      • I wondered about that also. It was obvious that she was partial to the Latin contestants on this show. In talking to others, I found they felt he same way. I suppose there are enough Latinos in this country and elsewhere that the show could be a success for her.

      • @ Mandy. I inferred she was saying just the opposite. That she thought it was a poor idea in the first place and that she didn't think it was stand up to the other genres.

  13. Scotty should do You've Got a Friend, he can make that song sound country. I believe it will be he and Casey in the final two.

    • I listen to Casey several times in order to understand why he was saved. My guess is, he must have a lucky STAR somewhere, because voice….he needs one. Haley is far better, but NO-STAR.

      • @fairlady. I like that you enjoy Haley and give her her due. But no star? I see star written all over her!!!

      • Casey is gifted when it comes to music. He is better with Jazz. I know in my heart Scotty is the one that stands out of the six. But I feel the judges want Casey. This year there may very well be a tie.



      • William Hong was an asian contestant on Idol in 2004. he did his version of Ricky Martin's "She Bangs" and became an internet favorite.

      • Nice wit Templar! LOL. But I'm going to use that thought and try to top you so as to set Secondchance rolling on the floor again. Just like Hulk Hogan surprised James on stage, how "fitting" would it be for William Hung (?) to come out singing in back of Jacob during Jacob's pukefest? Might have to wait until Jacob finished singing or the next night when Jacob is voted off, Ryan could announce that "by popular request William Hong will sing 'She Bangs' instead of Jacob's crying farewell song!"!

    • Jacob has a strong voice with mostly good tones but only a good singer not great due to lack of training. With time, stage/vocal training and a better attitude maybe he could cross over.

      I just don't see a gay black man doing well in Gospel but I hope I'm wrong, yet music can be a cutthroat business.

  15. It would be nice to see a Scotty Lauren final but i cant see that happening this is how i think its going to turn out Jacob is going to go home this week next week it will be Hailey then the next week will be Lauren the next week Casey leaving it to be a Scotty James final thats just imho of how i see it turning out

  16. I'm not as sure as everybody else that Jacob goes home tomarrow night. And if he does it will have nothing to do with tonight's performance.

    Based on the theme of the evening… I would say it favors 1.) Casey 2.) Jacob 3.) Haley

    4.) Lauren 5.) Scotty 6.) James (in that order).

    That being said however… I have no doubt James, being the creative genius and performer he is, will do just fine. Scotty has enough of a voting fan base to endure yet another subpar week. That would leave Haley & Lauren in danger. I expect Haley to get it done with this theme. So, that would leave Lauren joining a long line of OMG top6 eliminations.

    I can see it going down like this… Bottom3 (Jacob, Haley, and Lauren) with Lauren going home. And I have to say that, like Pia, she brought it on herself. All that potential but has yet to "bring it" to the stage. A little growing up and some professional training and she'll be a star. But her run on AI is done. Mark my words.

      • Lauren will not be going home. Jacob's time is up! This weeks theme favors Lauren and Haley…heck Lauren already did Natural Woman. YOU Will BE WRONG, AND I BETTER SEE YOU IN HERE TO ADMIT YOU WERE WRONG! The Bottom 3 will probably be Haley, Jacob, (Lauren or Casey) with Jacob going home..that simple!

      • Ambern ~ You might want to consider trying Xanax… just sayin.

        Tonight might be a dangerous night for Lauren, of course, honestly, it is for everyone. My money is still on Jacob getting the boot, but it wouldn't shock me to see Lauren there. It wouldn't shock me to see Haley there either (but it would dissapoint me greatly to see Haley go, just not surprise me, She will likely do grat again tonight and not get the kinds of votes she deserves.)

  17. I hope who ever is coaching Lauren, points out to her that she needs to break out of her shell.

    • Yes she has to or not she'll be in the bottom three!!

      here's some news for lauren!

      Idol Chatter: Lauren Alaina tries to vault into the Top 5 …‎

      Next up was Lauren Alaina, whom mentor Jimmy Iovine dubbed not only a better singer than Miley Cyrus but one capable of burying the Disney starlet's!

      With Pia Toscano gone, American Idol may … Lauren Alaina: "The producers seem to dote on her personality and single her out …

      Idol Meter: How far can Lauren Alaina go?‎

      we never know, she might even be elemanated lets hope not!!!

    • I think the pressure is getting to Lauren, its hard going from 10 grade classes to the worlds biggest stage, then seeing 5 girls in a row going home.

  18. Apr 22, 2011 … American Idol Top 6 to tackle Carole King's songbook; Bruno Mars & Crystal Bowersox to perform April 28th · American Idol Top 6 cover music!!! Apr 22, 2011 … American Idol saw another week of elimination. Next week the contestants will sing on Carole King's tunes. It will indeed be a wonderful day!!!

  19. Apr 26, 2011 The Top 6 perform the songs of Carole King. Tune in to FOX at 8/7c on Wednesday and Thursday and don't forget to VOTE! Yes I know they need to vote so that the best ones don't go!!! Apr 21, 2011 … The theme for the “American Idol” Top 6 contestants was announced Thursday night (April 21) at the end of the results show – it's Carole kings night !!! Apr 22, 2011 … The remaining six American Idol contestants will perform the songs of singer-songwriter Carole King next week. The announcement was made on the 21st of april 2011!!!

      • Good…way over the top.!!!

        @ Pup…I believe Haley will do justice with Carole King's songs. My favorite to win of course is James…but I really like Haley as well. 🙂

        PS Check out the Voice…saw a few clips and they had one guy named Patrick Thomas that, imo, put Scotty to shame~!!!

  20. I’m not as sure as everybody else that Jacob goes home tomarrow night. And if he does it will have nothing to do with tonight’s performance.

    this is how i think its going to turn out Jacob is going to go home this week next week it will be Hailey then the next week will be Lauren! Templar, I see you point…I really do. AT this point, I think both will receive a recording contract from Nashville even if they do not win. Lauren is an impressionable and emotional type and will need positive guidance. Scotty is very intelligent (magnet school) and very well grounded. Winning would be the opportunity of a lifetime for either of them. As I have said before, there is a story to be told by a teen male to parallel the story told by Taylor Swift as a teen female, Also Haley…I am sure she will do Carole King justice.

    • So What (I'm Still a Rock Star) by Pink?… Just guessing. Don't forget Paul, the sole male eliminated, had a little diddy in that performance too.

      • @ Tim329: Took me a minute or two to figure out what you meant. (Er, I thought you were making some kind of joke about Sean Combs {P.Diddy, now called Diddy Dirty Money})! You mean "ditty."

  21. I'm looking forward to seeing Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds on Idol tonight. He was my choice for judge #3 before they signed Steven.

  22. So who will go first tonight and who's time is it for the pimp spot?

    Scotty seems to like going first, maybe so he can be number 1 and I think Casey is due for going last.

    • Why would Scotty go first when he's went first two times this season? He probably won't be in that position for the rest of the competition.

    • I think the judges listen to recordings of the contestants practicing and then pick out who they think has done the best job. That's who goes last. And tonight, it will be Haley!!!!

      • @ Piper. Way past due? No way. That's Jacob you're thinking of. The rest are solid as a rock. And Haley, whether she gets recognition as she should or not on AI, is at the pinnacle.

      • James and Haley have improved the most and are may favorites now.

        Early on I thought Lauren had the best all around voice but she seems to be shutting down due to the pressure, being 16 maybe the reason.

  23. if you you think scottys good reply to me and if you think scottys not that great also reply and see his popularity which should not be high

  24. BAD FORM RANDY….you cannot say that James is the front runner let alone the winner….he is not the best singer and it's totally not fair to the rest of the contestants. Giving them the defeat is already is so wrong…Randy needs to go…he says stupid things all the time, always has, always will…..

  25. American Idol recap: Singer-songwriter Carole King brought out the best in American Idol contestants Scotty McCreery and James Durbin this week.

  26. Whooh!!! = got to go!!!! there is a storm at my house!!! So voters vote for James Durbin!!!!

  27. very upset with randys comments last nite do you know what that made the other contestants look like. come on randy think before you open your mouth next time there are five other people singing there hearts out..Just to say i wouldnt buy a Durbin cd…..

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