American Idol 2011 Top 7 Perform Tonight

Here they come, your American Idol 2011 Top 7 performers. The Idol Hopefuls will hit the stage and pick from the wide open selection narrowed only by the fact that the songs have to be from this century. That totally ruins my dream of Scotty country-fying “Mmm Bop.” They’ve taken away Pia. They’ve taken away Paul. Can’t they leave me with anything?!

Anyway, we’ve seen what Branden recommends the remaining singers take on this week, but what would you like to hear from your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

This week it looks like Stefano, Jacob, and possibly Haley will be closest to the danger zone so the pressure will really be on those three during tonight’s American Idol show. But as we’ve seen, anyone can go at anytime, so best of luck to all!




  1. I love Hailey, i hope she shows her voice AND does an upbeat song

    or maybe a adele or amy winehouse

    Im not a fan of jacob but i hope he does something fresh…..!

    My favorites are Haley,stefano and casey!

  2. it is time that james will land in the bottom three

    hes so predictable.i hope there is a SALSA/latin songs WEEK SO he can break his neck!

    • let me be doesnt"mean he has to go has so trigger him to do other genres :S

      • you are kidding you just want him to GO!!! unbleivable yes it is, for you wanting him to go!!!!

      • If James goes home this show will be a sleeper…..Except for James & Haley the rest of them are predictable and boring…..

      • If you think James is predictable, then what do you call Scotty?? at least james adds some excitement to his performances.

      • Phyllis G. — Hugs to you. What about Casey? He is always entertaining. But James is the man.

        @Matt — Thanks for the update and for the blog. We appreciate it!

        Casey– Tighten Up or anything else by the Black Keys or anything by Tom Petty

        Haley — Norah Jones' Turn Me On or Come Away with Me

        Lauren — Anything by Taylor Swift or Dixie Chicks…do not attempt Carrie Underwood, you don't have the voice for it and you will be compared unfavorably. You Belong with Me would be a fun one for her since she needs to do an upbeat number to keep my attention after 2 weeks of ballads

        Scotty — Too bad Garth Brooks was big in the 90s. How 'bout something wild like Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy by Big and Rich? Actually, I like the Avenged Sevenfold song suggested by Rose A. for James, Dear God, for Scotty.

        Jacob — I agree with both Branden's picks for Jacob, but doubt he will sing Forget You knowing it really means F you. And there are a lot of Jacob haters on this site, I guess they do not understand his spirituality and why he gets emotional when he sings. Some folks are on a spiritual disconnect or do not even believe in a higher power. I get it, I understand, and I say, be proud of who you are, Jacob. Don't let the haters phase you. I may not love every performance, but I get it.

        Stefano — I don't care as long as it's not another ballad.

        James — Would love to hear James tackle some Disturbed (Indestructible or Ten Thousand Fists) or Metallica (The Day that Never Comes or Cyanide), or Holiday by Green Day.

        Hugs to Rose A.

      • Predictable:Behaving or occurring in a way thats expected!

        Cindy no offence but think you may be the one that's confused,cheers.

        Good luck tonight to Haley, stefano and Scotty (Alfred E Neuman) the best of what's left since Pia departed!

  3. i am officially predicting that the top two in this competition will be james and scotty… i honestly dont think scotty deserves all the fame he is getting… but i think james and pia are the best performers in this show's history! james has the potential and fun jumpy voice and rythem that makes you get up and dance, pia has the BEAUTIFUL voice that could make a man cry, so wat does scotty do?….. umm… make you clap?

      • Adam at 26 likely had the most training in the show's history, 10yrs of vocal training starting at 10yrs old then a few years of some semi pro polishing.

        Adam's vocal technique is near perfect but his voice is lacking tone a times for me, over refined maybe.

      • tenisaddict…..TOTALLY agree. Truest comment I've heard on this site…….

      • Its mainly been the rock genre people who have gone on to make big names for themselves… adam, david and daughtry… they're my fave idol contestants of all time πŸ™‚

      • Brooke White! I know, it's weird, but she's my all time favorite idol contestant. I can't even tell you why cuz I have no idea. She's totally mesmerizing. Is that creepy? Lol.

      • David P. — No, I totally love Brooke White. She is such a sweetheart. My faves have been Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry, Michael Johns (the hot but married Aussie from the same season as Brooke and David Cook), Carly Smithson (also from that same Season 7 I think it was), Carrie Underwood, Alison Iraheta, and Kris Allen. But Adam Lambert is Numero Uno.

        To give away my age a bit, I grew up with Pat Benatar, and I think the world needs another Pat Benatar. We have not had a great rockin' woman in a LONG time. Hence, Carly Smithson and Alison Iraheta. But they (AI people) turned Alison into a pop princess instead of a rocker and who knows whatever happened to Carly.

      • @Templar — Many thanks. I love Carly. I was so excited when she was on as I am half Irish. Loved her version of Come Together.

      • @teresa — Re: Brooke White — I must admit, as a pianist myself, I have a soft spot for folks who can sing well while playing piano. I also love Elton John, Billy Joel, Liberace, Jerry Lee Lewis, Tori Amos, and Lady Gaga (who was accepted to Julliard for her mad piano skills). And she was just a sweet girl, not skanky or slutty like many girls feel they have to be to get noticed. She was a lady or is a lady I should say.

      • ADAM Lambert lacks nothing for whom ever said he was lacking in something! He is awesome and can sing anything! And the winner of Amkerican Idol this year should be JAMES! Hi Phyllis G. and hi to Rose A. What a sweet season of American Idol this year! Can't wait to see who goes home tonight.

        Sherry K. πŸ™‚

      • Sorry, Adam is by far NOT the best AI ever. If I had to pick and judging by awards, records sold and such the winner by a mile is Carrie Underwood. I liked Adam, but he was a bit drama queen and a wee bit over the top egotisticly.

      • What ever else he might be, Adam was NEVER egotistical. Just the opposite, in fact. He has always been humble, sweet, helpful and thankful.

      • kmccormick46…I loved Carrie U but she did not illuminate the excitement of Adam….

      • Not while she was on the show, but right now Carrie is a force to be reckoned with in all categories. We'll see in future comparisons if Adam can keep up.

    • James is a great performer, yes. Pia has great vocals but she is NOT a performer. That's why she's gone. She has no stage presence. If she can learn how to perform, then she will be great.

      • Pia had Beautiful stage presence. Pia didn't have to do anything, she didn't need to jump about like a grasshopper. Pia's voice did it all for her, and she is just a delight to watch. Put her up against Haley, and Pia is a mile ahead of her. That leaping about and screaming is a real put off. When I see Haley coming now I mute the TV.Lost interest to be honest after Pia was sent home.

      • No way, there's not a single person in the top 13 that could have done what Haley did on Thursday night. Haley, like Pia, hits all of her notes perfect but, unlike Pia, they have personality and are unique. They are her own. When Haley went into that falsetto, almost whistle tone, it was over. Pia has nothing on Haley.

      • I agree, I liked Haley from the beginning, I thought that Pia had terrific voice, but yes she was boring. But it looks as though she is setting herself up to not be forgotten with DWTS booking

  4. it's about time that james packed it in. he will never be adam, a true original. the best voice of all was voted off…pia. the judges have all the oomph of a wet tissue. where oh where is simon, the voice of reason??

    • James is not trying to be Adam!?? Are you kidding me? James is original and exceptionally talented, I don't see any eyeliner or drama here!

      • Adam didn't start with the eyeliner and stuff until after the competition was over.

    • James out-talents the other on AI big time. He's own talent – the others are rather boring!!!

    • few names people..kelly clarkson , carrie underwood and chris three in my humble opinion

    • pr62 — I am soooooo beyond sick and tired of the Adam/James comparisons. I covered this the other day. James is a heavy metal rocker through and through. However, he has proven he can be melodic and simply beautiful, but he chooses to rock out and I love him for it!

      Adam is not a heavy metal rocker, not even a hard rocker, he has more alternative pop. What radio stations play Adam? Not the rock radio stations I listen to, never played Adam once. Adam is on Top 40 radio. Adam, while he has the stage presence to be a hard rocker, did not choose to go in that direction. Do you own an Adam Lambert CD? Ever listened to one…ever? I own both his post-Idol CDs and they are not hard rock by any stretch of the imagination.

      Beside the fact their voices are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT…they sound nothing alike side by side.

      I love them both, but they are in completely different genres of music.

      Enough with the Adam/James comparisons.

      • I think Haley is wonderful her voice is awesome and for her to put up with all the criticism these past weeks shows that she has a lot of character. When she did the Jazz number with Casey she outshined him by far and hopefully she can do something as brilliant tonight. She is my pick to win it all

  5. I'm gonna be in the front row to see stefano, because he is gonna be singing my fave song!!! apolagize, thats my fave song of my whole LIFE!!!

  6. As i think jacob lusk should go is???? Because all the whole group is better then him!!! All of them are freash exept for jacob lusk!!!

  7. AAAAAAH! WHOOOPS got cap locks!!! stefano is the best!!!! james is the best too or sould i say beast!!! hahahaha!

  8. Lauren is still my girl!! So sorry to see Jacob dis the American voters a couple weeks ago. I am not a big rock fan, but James has definitely got it going on. Scotty….well Scotty is definitely a country boy. The reason he is doing so well is because America is ready for something different as an American Idol. LOTS of country fans out there.

  9. Come on folks – think about it. Carrie Underwood made the most money and fame for Idol. I think secretly the judges will be hawking Scotty and/or Lauren more than any other contestant. I think they are being sort of understated with Lauren a dark horse perhaps? That being said I am not passionate about any contestant that is still there but I do like Haley.

      • @Cindy, I agree with you. What does Haley have that anyone would like? She and Casey make a good pair, they both growl.

      • She has an excellent unique voice, extreme vocal control, is creative, has a nice groove and freaking hot legs. What more do you want? And other than Pia Haley is the only other one that always nails her notes. You guys are haters just to hate. All you can say is 'she growls'. So, Scotty twangs what's the difference?

      • Haley is cute, and she can perform and she can sing and she keeps you entertained. I like her.

        all these really dumb people, Jacob, and Casey cant sing or perform they are boring why are they still there


    • Haley is really sassy,is knockdown gorgeous has a singing voice with a great register, always looks amazing whatever she wears.

      May I add her perfect stage performance every week, I honestly cannot remember her not giving 100% every time.


  10. I don´t think this week will be such a surprise for elimination. Even all the contestants are so so good I think the bottom 3 will be Casey, Stefano and Jacob and for all the comments I have read during these past weeks Jacob will be going home. Anyway I wish good luck to all of them πŸ™‚

    • Marta, I think your bottom 3 choices makes a lot of sense to me … And the vast majority of others from what I hear. But, for some reason Haley is consistently in the bottom 3. I don’t get it. I am a country music fan myself, so one would thing I would be more drawn toward Lauren. But, there is something about Haley voice that makes me like her much more than Laurens. And Haley’s look is much more visually pleasing to look at as well. Yes, I know it is not a beauty show. But, looks do matter in the entertainment industry these days, last I heard.

      • Steve I agree with you too Haley has much more stage presence even Lauren is very good she is like a little kid lacking of experience and strength on stage. I feel I connect with her sometimes but still there is something missing. Both girls are gorgeous but really what matters at the end is singing and I think Haley is a fighter, I donΒ΄t see that attitude in Lauren.

  11. Please send Haley home! I am so tired of listening to her growl. It's like a cross between Christina Aguilera and Steven Tyler (no offense Steven). I've heard cats yowling at night that sound better than she does. America, get it right this week and vote Haley off!

    • I hope Haley eventually wins this to silence her critics that would rather knock her than talk about who they like on AI.

      The equal best AI girl remaining in the competing as chosen by America?

      Out of countless thousands who entered!

      • She doesn't have a big enough fan base to beat Scotty or James but it's not her talent or singing ability or stage presence that will be the reason she leaves. Btw I think Haley could sing country just as well and with more entertainment value than scotty, imho.

      • David P….See we can agree….Haley can definitely sing country better than Scotty and she can perform better than Scotty while singing country…LOL

    • I meant to say it's like she is trying to sound like a cross between Christina and Steven.,..but it's not working!

      • First of all if anyone did actually manage to take a huge voice like Christian Aguilera and mix it with an edge like Stephen Tyler has it would be a great, very unique style/sound. Why would that be a bad thing. Second there hasn't ever really been any comparisons to Christina until this week and that's only because of the theme. You don't really know what you are talking about but force your sad opinion on us like it's fact. Move along little troll, move along.

      • even if she did sound like Christina and Steven, big deal, whether your saying it to be a bad thing or a good thing, she still has a unique talent all her own once she starts doing her own songs. My favorite is Lauren, because I am a country fav and hope for her to go far. but right now all I care about is getting the full of himself yuck, Jacob off and getting the no talent Casey off, If Casey beats out Lauren or Haley I will be so disappointed (maybe a little mad)

      • to DavidP…Little troll? Just because I voiced an opinion of someone? I guess that makes you an inconsiderate ass****. And you know what they say about them.everyone has them… and they all stink. So maybe I'll just call you dumb a** loser

    • I am with you Mia, on Haley. Cats yowling at night is a very good description. I would never want to buy her CD.

      • thanks Diane. Just because I don't like Haley, does not mean I'm a troll. Is this not a message board to voice our comments?

  12. By the way I still think the final will be between Scotty and James and most probably Lauren or Haley on third place.

    I have the feeling James is going to win this season, he is amazing. Don´t get me wrong, I like all but James has everything to win. Scotty has a big chance but I still think he needs stage presence. Even he is gorgeous and a good singer Scotty needs to change some things when he performs and add some others πŸ™‚

    I prefer Haley than Lauren she is much more entertaining, she is different has a beautiful voice and a huge stage presence.

    All and all I think who I want to watch in a show for 2 hours? and the only one standing is James for me.

    • For live show James, Casey or Haley.

      Best itunes right now I would say Haley, she is much better on itunes than live, still liked Pia's River deep best.

      I liked Lauren early but the last 3 weeks she song selection has been lacking.

      Scotty was not that great last week, off key in 2 spots and weak song to show off his voice.

      Jacob lacks charisma and stage presence, a good voice is not enough, he last week I think.

      Stefano is good but so are the others, bottom 3 and runner up again.

    • Marta…Me too…James for the win….Showdown between James & I;ve said before …It will be one hell of a finale!!!!!

      • Hi Phyllis πŸ™‚ I was missing you all these weeks, have not read anything from you πŸ™‚

        Maybe you are right but Scotty has a huge fan base I doubt Haley can top that.

      • Marta…..So good to see you on site too. Unfortunately I know that this country loves country music….I like country but to me Scotty is getting very boring….He is in love with the mic and camera and his singing is just not that great. JMHO

      • Lol Phyllis…funny way to describe Scotty…but so true about his singing ability!

      • You are judging the value of a contestant with facebook? What has the world come to? It just shows that Haley isn't shallow and she's there for the music and performances not necessarily see how has the most twitter followers/facebook fans. And I'd wager she has more fans than you do, figures.

    • it all depends on where the votes go, if Jacob gets kicked off, his votes may go to Stefano, if Casey gets kicked off, probably to James, maybe some to Scotty, if one of the girls get kicked off the other girl will get her votes probably then when the girls get kicked off, the votes will probably go to Scotty because of the young girls and older women like myself. although I do love James, I am a country person and would go for Scotty. Good luck to James,

      Scotty, Haley and Lauren. I also like Stefano but the others are more outgoing than he is.

  13. James is best in my opinion! He could sing the phone book, and it would be fantastic! He is so entertaining AND versatile!!

  14. Possible Final Two: Scotty and James

    My Final Two: James and Casey with either of them for the win. πŸ™‚ I think James deserves it more though. πŸ˜€

      • It's not about being better it's about how Scotty have so many blind fans that vote for him because he's a country singer.

      • My wish list is James & Haley in the finale and James wins…..but I do agree with a previous comment….Haley just doesn't have the fan base that Scotty has. I just think Scotty's singing isn't as good as his fans think.

      • No WAY Scotty makes the final two….cos he simply behind Stefano :)…..Both Casey and Scotty have to GO cos they have no Star Quality

      • scotty better than Casey, heck yes

        William Hung was better than Casey at least he had personality, Casey is boring and melodramatic, and falls to the floor and oh my oh my grab his stomach yuch. my friends basset hound howls better than Casey

      • I agree with David P. on the fact that Scotty has "so many blind fans that vote for him because he’s a country singer." Any one of the remaining contestants would have been ridiculed if they made the slip ups Scotty has made the last couple weeks. I agree he covered well, but they were certainly noticeable. Yet he continues to carry the highest percentage of the vote. How else can you explain it?

    • Honestly, I only see 2 people that can potentially cause Scotty to go home.

      First would be James. In a head to head in the finals the two of them obviously currently have the biggest fanbases and if it comes down to the 2 of them, it's anybodies game that night.

      Second would be Lauren. If country music fans see her hit the bottom three and assume Scotty is safe, many might toss votes to Lauren and it could be the Pia shocker all over again.

      Those are the only 2 scenarios that I see where scotty could potentially lose it. He is obviously one of the 2 frontrunners at the moment.

      • either way Scotty and James have a carrer (spelled wrong) πŸ™‚ I would like to Lauren or Haley in the final somewhere…

    • I agree that with his huge fanbase Scotty can make it through to the finals, but I'd like to see someone else with more talent and versatility to get there. James may not be the most talented in this group, but you can see that he puts in every bit of effort to stay in competition.

  15. I have been predicting since the top 13 that it would most likely end up being between Scotty and James but I also think it might end up being between Scotty and Casey but most likely Scotty and James

    • no way people, wise up Casey has no appeal or talent or enthusium (spelled wrong again)hes a poor me sad me, faint over to the floor me. yuck

  16. I'll start by saying I think it is time for Jacob to go, and that the bottom three will likely be Jacob, Stefano and Haley. Not what I wish, only what seems likely. For song choices, I hope Lauren sings "Only Prettier" by Miranda Lambert, and hope Scotty sings "Some Beach" by Blake Shelton. Haley would do well with "Patterns" by Band of Skulls or "Girl Put Your Records On" by Corrinne Bailey Raye. And for James I like Bon Jovi's "We Weren't Born To Follow" because he has overcome so much in his life. Don't know about Jacob, maybe "Lifetime" by Maxwell. No clue for Stefano.

    • I would actully like to see Scotty do a paul Brandt song i think that would really be good for him

      • That would be so good! Too bad "Yeah" was released in 1999…that would be perfect for Scotty!

  17. Good Grief, Stop picking on Haley. She is actually pretty dang good. I would liketo see Stphano, Casey and Jacob in the bottom with all of them going home in one swell swoop.

  18. How come everytime i go to an article in this web, theres always people who predict the Bottom 3 eventhough they're not perform yet. And the ridiculous thing is they always say Casey in the Bottom 3… Does people just plain hate Casey or feel threatened cause the fact that Casey can kick their idol in the bottom 3? hehehehe interesting… LOLOL πŸ™‚ (even the authors did that too,Bottom 3 : Casey,…. and …. hehehe big LOLOL)

    • LOLOL we predict the bottom 3 because is fun to do it. I do not think there is an aversion towards Casey at all, he is unique and has his fan base but in my opinion he wont get to the finals just because his attitude is presumptuous like if he is the last Coke in the dessert and people do not like so self centered artists. Nobody feels threatened by Casey I assure you all of them have the skills to be there that is why they are there πŸ™‚ don´t take this so personal.

      • hehehe,if theres no aversion toward Casey then should we watch the performance 1st and then predict the Bottom 3 Marta? Is it logical to predict the Bottom 3 even without watchin they perform yet? i dont think so Marta πŸ™‚ (not u obviously Marta,others :))

      • oh yes for ur quote "because his attitude is presumptuous like if he is the last Coke in the dessert and people do not like so self centered artists"…

        hmm,i have to ask when did he behave like that Marta? He's not anything of the sort but the people around that assuming/make a rumor and thats why we tend to be provoked with those assumptions/rumor πŸ™‚

      • I think LOLOL we are predicting even before their performance just for the fun of it πŸ™‚ and as of self centered, last week he said something I don´t remember the words exactly but something like he is there to educate? xkiusme?

      • To educate mean to re-introduce or to re-popular (i dont know if thats even a word,sorry ><) jazz like in the Miles Davis,Frank Sinatra,Louis Amrstong era…is that u called self-centered? Dont u know that jazz is the most influential culture not just in the USA but around the world? The 1st who get a Golden record is a jazz artist… If u called self-centered then James (give metal a chance have the same meaning as i mentioned) too is a self-centered? Even Scotty that always sing a Country (isnt that he's givin a message to people around the world for Country to be recognized and popular around the world) too is a self-centered? Like Randy said "This show is about education",that is true

    • See, the fact that they call it a prediction kinda means somebody is guessing what will happen in the future. So yeah, PREDICTING a final 3 actually makes quite a bit of sense. And lets face it, we have been watching these folks perform for how many weeks now? For teh most part we have a pretty good idea what they are made of and what they can bring to the table. Not many surprises left about the contestants.

      As for Casey, he has a ton of talent, but continues to do himself no favors with horrid song choices and performances that make no sense (Smiling and cheery through "Have You Ever Seen the Rain"??? really?!?!?? That would be like growling and frowning your way through "Don't Worry, be Happy") Casey has just enough fans that either slavishly follow what the judges say, or remember and cling to what he used to be at the beginning of the competition to keep him around and just out of the bottom three, but how much longer will that last?

      Personally I think he has 1 more week of being safe, but I'm not banking on it.

      • so u think its only Casey that did a performance like u mentioned – "performances that make no sense (Smiling and cheery through “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”??? really?!?!?? That would be like growling and frowning your way through “Don’t Worry, be Happy”)"….SERIOUSLY??? So u think others dont have that kind of performance?? Even James,Scotty,Lauren,Hailey etc??? REALLY?????

      • and ur quote of "Casey has just enough fans that either slavishly follow what the judges say, or remember and cling to what he used to be at the beginning of the competition to keep him around and just out of the bottom three, but how much longer will that last?"….

        so u think the other contestant doesnt "has just enough fans that either slavishly follow what the judges say, or remember and cling to what he used to be at the beginning of the competition to keep him around and just out of the bottom three"…. SEIORUSLY????REALLY???? Do i have to mentioned every contestant performance that categorize as "performances that make no sense" as u mentioned above to prove that ur comment is biased? Do i have to?

      • kdub

        "As for Casey, he has a ton of talent, but continues to do himself no favors with horrid song choices and performances that make no sense (Smiling and cheery through “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”??? really?!?!?? That would be like growling and frowning your way through “Don’t Worry, be Happy”) Casey has just enough fans that either slavishly follow what the judges say, or remember and cling to what he used to be at the beginning of the competition to keep him around and just out of the bottom three, but how much longer will that last? "

        The above is your quote….Now let us break it down..down…down..da da down…Look..i just made up an awesome song…

        Song choices are bad? Ha! i say to you..He did Screamin Jay Hawkins, Joe Cocker, Nirvana, CCR, (i am not counting elton john as that was the theme), Nat king cole….How many people even knew of the great screamin jay hawkins before casey did the song? How many had the guts to bring a Nirvana song? Nat King Cole…His song choices were extremely unique…Look at the other contestants song choices and see whose is more interesting? let us discuss that..



        Smiling through have you ever seen the rain? Nobody knows what the song is about? Some say that its about the Vietnam war…Fogerty said it was about idealism fading away…but then later he said that it was due to rising tensions in the band.. Casey did his own take on it…Hardly a reason for questioning his performance…


        Casey fans are not sheep..(Sheeps cant watch you tube videos man..) What you're saying makes no sense…Casey isn't mainstream…he isn't… so the people who like him appreciate the music aspect and in a way require a good music sense to get him. He plays Jazz..a genre that only a select few like compared to stupid pop music… So in order for people to get him or like him, they have to acquire a taste for jazz… and that happens only when you have a pretty strong taste for real music.. So people who like him are not people who listen to sings because they are popular now…

        He looks like a homeless caveman on his worst day…So Casey fans don't care for looks either..Blasphemy right? I mean not caring about the looks of a musician…OMG!!! I have sinned…

    • People on this site just say who they like the best and the least its their opinion. and its fun to read. and I think Casey is a no talent pity on me woe is me person that creeps me out. Jacob is indulgent and self centered and praise Jesus for my talent, which nothing is wrong with that. but come on Jacob yuck

      • HoHoHo…"Casey is a no talent"…hehehe…enough said of ur capability there hehehehe…heuhehue LOLOL πŸ™‚

  19. It was a huge shock when Pia was voted out – she is very talented and I think she will go far. I cannot understand why Casey is still there — please America, he might be very musical, but that is not what counts in AI … Most of the others sing better — they might not have his ability to play 4 or 5 instruments, but again ….that is not what AI is about. It is about the voice and the performance, not the musicality — votes should be for voice and performance only, not for playing instruments. Please, get it right this week — Casey does not belong there anymore …..

    • hmm..have u heard the studio itunes/studio version of Casey's "Your Song" or "I Heard it Through The Grapevine"…? FYI,for Your Song he actually arrange just the piano for the background,not adding anything as the producer Jimmy Whatever suggest to add some violin,bass etc. The rendition of Your Song is sooo soothing just a piano n vocal.. πŸ™‚

      • wow Shelly,easy there…here kitty kitty kitty…there u go…meowww.. (btw,i like ur favorite too – Hailey)

        fiuh,u trolling if any1 defend Casey…huehuehuehue…well,good for u then,u go girl!! πŸ˜‰ heuheuhue LOLOL πŸ™‚

      • oh yes Shelly,i will post again with "Casey is the best" below. I'll wait for ur troll…heuheuheu,this is fun LOLOL πŸ™‚ bwakakakak. Are u ready Shelly? πŸ˜‰

    • vocal technique can be learned but musical sense… absolutely not. I repeat,musical sense…sense..not just plain if u can play instrument or not but "sense" πŸ™‚

    • Ricky and all Pia fans…..If you don't watch DWTS you might want to next week..Pia will be performing and Mark Ballas will be dancing….Should be a good show…..

  20. James is not leaving he will be around for a while, all the contestants are good, I want James and Casey to be the Top 2 but who knows..we could be shocked tomorrow night for all we know. I think maybe Hailey or Jacob may leave tomorrow.

  21. Taken together as a group, I think this season has the best collection and balance. But looking at individual talents, I would not say that this season has the best individual singer AI has discovered. I would say Adam, Fantasia and David, if included in the year's group, would end up top 3.

  22. I can't wait to see James perform tonight. I'm sure it's going to blow everybody away again. He's sooo good at that. Scotty has so many fans. He'll probably win if it's a popularity contest but James sure does have the talent and the skill to put on a GREAT show. He always gets a standing ovation in my living room.

    • Douglas…..I have to totally agree. James rocks the house…I want to dance everytime James is singing….I want to snooze when Scotty starts twanging…..

      • James can only perform on a huge stage with all sorts of props, fireworks, etc. He could never sing in a club or any other nice venue. Being able to blast a hundred thousand people in a stadium is not necessarily talent. He's loud, he screams well, and runs around pretty good, but that isn't singing.

      • Connie~ There are several youtube videos of James doing exactly that, performing in small places with no pyrotechnics of extras, and absolutely bringing the people to their feet… so you are very very wrong. And you don't call his beautiful rendition of While My Guitar Gently Weeps, or his version of "Maybe I'm Amazed" (which I think is even betetr than the origional IMHO) is just loud running around and screaming? Really?

    • Douglas, I am 66 years old and when James performs my husband and I start yelling like we are at his concert..YES!!That's the way to do it James!! We like Casey too and hope he comes up with a great song tonight.

  23. OK, people say James is a great performer. And I will not disagree with that one bit. But there is just something about Scotty's voice that makes a whole lot of people stop and take notice the first time they hear it. I don't think James voice has had that kind of effect on too many people, even his loyal fan base.

    So without further ado, here are my 20ll American Idol awards, given for individual categories.

    1- Best performer – James.

    2- Best Male voice – No competition, not even close – Scotty.

    3- Best female voice – Haley (love that bluesy sound she has. Though Pia might rightfully get this award be many too.

    4- Best all around musician – Casey I guess. Just going by what people say. Does it matter? His voice is so average.

    5- One hanging on due to teenybopper vote – Stephano

    6- Most annoying to watch – Jacob

    7- One who looks like a famous celebrity. Tie: Scotty for looking like Alfred E. Newman on MAD magazine and Lauren, for looking like Miss Piggy of the old puppet show, the Muppets.

    • Steve Fox..Have you really listened to Scotty's last two performances?…..He's skipping a few beats…….but America loves country…..UNFORTUNATELY…..

      • My favorite Scotty blurp is when he hit that really really low note a few weeks ago and while he may have hit that note dead on it was so off key it was ridiculous. Scotty needs a lot of training before he's ready for the big leagues but he will most likely win because all people hear is country.

      • He can do better…if he spends more time concentrating on singing instead of "posturing"…

      • i think his last 2 performances were fine…if u listen to him and then george straight,,theres not much difference at all.

    • well,if i have to say about "Male Voice" it would be a tie between Scotty n James. James voice in his Judas Priest song n his itunes of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" definitely take my breath away. And for Scotty his best voice is in the Top 24 recording,thats his best performance to date πŸ™‚

      And for the "One hanging on due to teenybopper vote" i guess its a tie between Scotty n Stefano. (read Paul interview that he always saw hundreds of teens with Scotty sign)

      • Yes, you can't discount that Scotty has a huge teen fan base. Sure he has a lot of fans but it would be much less significant without the teen votes.

      • I will not sit here and say there is anything wrong with James voice. But, I truly doubt very many people thougt it was a moment that made them stop and say WOW, the first time they heard it. James is a good performer. But, he needs a lot of visual fireworks to make his act entertaining. Scotty does not need that

    • Hey why do u guys think that Stefano just got teenybopper vote?????

      he has awesome & Great voice… hey be fair… just remember his i need u now 's performance…

    • Best male voices: Stefano , Scotty

      Best female voice: Lauren

      Best performer: James,Paul(sorry about his elimination), Stefano(a lot of emotions in his performance and i love that)

      -James doesnt have special voice…but i like him… he can sing everything…

      & i think casey lost his ways these last weeks…

    • Steve I am going to agree with your statement, that Scotty has a voice that makes people stop and listen the first time they hear him. BUT we have heard him more than once and now it is not so entrancing. Just another Country song sang in low tones. I am a Country fan, nobody get that wrong please, if you have seen any of my posts before I have praised Counrty music many times. Just not Scotty's performances.

    • Scotty sounds like every other country star out there. There is nothing new or fresh about his voice. Casey probably has the most musical talent of all but, it is jazz and most people don't get it. James is the rocker…he has the most most vocal range of any of the others and can preform. This competition is not only about singing but also stage presence.

  24. Matt…I know I sound like a broken record but I just love your site and your writers. It is so much fun to comment and read other peoples comments. I do miss the emails but I kind of understand…..Thanks Matt.

  25. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy… the pressure is SO oN…

    Hope jackop goes home this week…

    & Stefano Plz Rock The stage…

  26. Well tonight they all have to do their best again anything can happen so good luck but my vote still goes for james i believe he will be in the bottom 4 with laren and casey also scotty

  27. I wish the best to the seven idols left. But I speak for myself & many, many others, with Pia & Paul gone we are finished with AI. Why is it that AI can't controll the voting like Dancing With The Stars!

    • I agree–something has to be done about the voting system. Allowing 50 votes per person is stupid. They just want to say they got so many million votes. The judges ought to have some say in the winner too.

    • libby….I agree that the voting needs to be changed. After last night's DWTS, it seems that their voting system is based on popularity too!!!!!!Not Dancing ability!!!!!

      Through the years on AI, it seems popularity and cuteness is the main factors for voting for your idol not singing or performances!!!!

      • Kirsti is doing so good, though! Here's the thing about DWTS. They are judged based on how they do compared to how they've improved. Otherwise the less dancing oriented contestants would have no chance at all. They aren't compared to each other as far as the judges are concerned.

    • What's with all these hung up on Pia and Paul…..There are Already Gone….Let's move on Libby

  28. Pia, Thia, seeya…. move along. For the NON AI folks, start watching something else if it plucks your nerves. Jersey Shore needs some support

      • I will talk about Pia, as much as I like. I miss her off this show, she had class and a beautiful voice. I am just waiting for her album to come out. The rubbish about she had no presence on stage, is just plain rediculous. She didn't need to jump about, she is Beautiful.

      • "Pia yowels like a cat in heat and my dogs butt is prettier than she'll ever be!"

        Sorry I was just seeing if I could be as hateful a person as you, it didn't come out very well. I guess I'm just not that mean.

      • David P. – Your dogs butt is prettier than Pia will ever be?

        Is your dogs butt seeing anyone?

      • I think you missed the point. I was trying to be a nasty person like Dianne but it didn't work. I'm a fail troll πŸ™

      • Nope, I could see the point. I got the point. I then made a joke out of the point. After all, making a joke was the point.

        So is your dog's butt seeing anyone?

    • Eh, Jersey Shore is running and hey wo knows they might put her on there she is from New York and I think the name may fit. And she is Italian. But I would rather see her there than sing again…

      • This week Ellen said Jersey Shore guys signed a deal for 100,000 each for chapter so who cares what is the show about? I would love to have that money in my pocket even my show sucks lol

  29. Good luck to the Top 7…..Best of spirit for James, Stefano and Hayley…..Looking through my crystal ball there'll be for sure another "shock" elimination for the Top 7.

    Really cock-sure….2 debuts in the bottom 3 it's either James and Lauren OR Lauren and Scotty….And Jacob for sure will be in the bottom 3…..and highly possibly Lauren will be going home cos she has no potential to linger around the Top 5…..Just Like A Prayer πŸ™‚

  30. I would love to hear the top 7 sing the Beattles and Frank Sinatra 2 very opposite styles of music. good luck guys.

  31. Stefano needs to pull out his piano for the first time and perform Drops of Jupiter by Train.. That will be a stellar performance.

    • I agree. Stefano needs to do something different. He's a musician…he needs to showcase this..

      • Stefano is smoking hot πŸ™‚ I would love to see him duet with JLO…..Hope he venture into acting someday….. Stefano so adorable….Love Stefano always…Do your best Stefano

  32. Get off Scotty back he can sing and anyone who say different is crazy and if he sing country so be it.

    I love country music and we need more of it to get rid of people like taylor swift who can't sing a note. Tonight get rid of Casey and Jacbo ,Stefno and Hailey and than you will have a show worth watching

  33. In order of my favorites to least favorites…

    Lauren (this girl has a SHOCKING amount of talent)

    Casey (stinkin amazing)

    James (awesome)

    Scotty (pretty good)

    Haley (cocky)

    Stefano (boring)

    Jacob (makes ears bleed)

    • The only song which has been talked about the most is the one done by Stefano "I Need You Now"…he slams it with that song…stirs up a person's spirit…don't know what you mean by Stefano is boring…

      • KC… are the one that's BORING spelt out corectly for.

        Stefano is never a boring person. You are a jealous boring person cos you are simply ugly…….bbbbrrrtttt πŸ™‚

      • You attempted to tell me i was an idiot and spelled like a 2-year old… nice. And there is no chance stefano will win or even make top 3

  34. I love Haley. She is the only one I vote for. I would love to hear her sing some Stevie Nicks "Trouble in Shangri-La" music.(: GO HALEY.

  35. As long as the public is doing the judging to AI the show will not be fair. The public looks at other things other then the voices. Pia is finished with AI but you will hear more of her in the years to come. Pia in my book at the competition beat hands down. Stefano was a close second. Who does the judging in the show Dancing With the Stars?

  36. Casey is The Best!!!! earth to Shelly (die hard Hailey fan and it seems she really100x hate Casey just base on his looks :)),are u there?! Please troll me!!! Seriously,u make me laugh Shelly πŸ™‚

    Hailey is the WORST!!! excuse me for other Hailey fans,dont mean to offend u cause i really like Hailey too. This is only for Shelly…once again,excuse me…

    CASEY IS THE BEST!!! HAILEY IS THE WORST!!! u hear that Shelly?? HoHoHo TROLL ME!!! heuheueh

      • hehehe,im waiting for Shelly heheheh. Its really100x funny,i cant stop gigglin hehehehe. I think she/he is jealous of Casey that he can take his/her(Shelly) sweetheart away from her/him (Shelly). hueheuue πŸ™‚

        SHELLY!!! WHERE ARE YOU???!!!!

      • come on…Dont diss Haley…Casey and Haley are the only two people who actually have some talent on the show…

      • waks Gautham,u know me. My favorite are those 2 too and James. Its just that this Shelly girl/dude.. Shes a diehard Hailey fans n he detested Casey just base on his look only (well,the only thing that can make sense based on taste LOL :)). Just see his/her reply from atop. He/she bashes everytime a person like or defendin Casey. Its sooooo hilarious wakakakak πŸ™‚

      • Come on real haley fans also like Casey because they both represent the same thing..real talent and a great taste in music…Some people wont get that…Making fun of them really wont help..Let the naysayers say whatever they want..some of them just dont get it and will never get it…let them listen to Pia or Bieber or kaka or whatever…

    • SHELLY!!! I MISS U!!! WHERE ARE U??!!

      I repeat again for u Shelly :

      CASEY IS THE BEST!!! πŸ™‚

  37. Tonight is going to be a great show, imagine only 4 will be set off as safe from their performances. The tension is going to be really high and with the variety of music we can hear. It will be surprising to see how well they listen to the producers, Wil-I-Am and Tommy. Any of them can choose the wrong song and end up in the bottom 3. But I do not see any big surprises like James, Scotty or Lauren in the bottom 3.

  38. I hope they bring something worth watching tonight πŸ™‚ Not gonna focus on who i want to out until after the show. Im just hoping they put on a good show for tonight πŸ™‚ Goodluck idols!!

  39. i love this year's idol season bcos the singers are so diverse. rock, country, jazz/blues, pop/boyband, a little gospel… only type missing is a broadway type of singer, kinda like lea michele frm glee lol! but kudos neweys to this year's idols… a great watch so far :0)

  40. Jacob Lust is the best singer in a generation.

    He is the best entertainer in a generation.

    • Jacob Lusk makes my ears bleed and pulse. he is annoying. The other day he was so squealy that I was waiting for a weather alert to run across my TV.

    • Could you define the word "generation" to me? Because if I had to guess, I'd go with "A small dark room just big enough for one Jacob."

    • Señores del concurso, estoy encantada,con la competencia que estan haciendo,los voe todos los sabados y los domingos, me gustan todos,no tengo preferido..aunque me gustan jacob y la catirita..Un abrazote a todos y EXITOS…

    • well,if its just a candle,why cant i hold it? just jokin hehehe… peace LOLOL πŸ™‚

    • We should all hold a candle vigil….that'd be cool………..very cool….

      P.S- I can totally hold a candle…seriously i can…I have done it before… Nobody saw me when i did it the last time…but i swear i can!!!

      • Don't tell me you missed that I was alluding to the Pyromania album? Disappointing.

      • i didn't like pyromania…Honestly…Blasphemous? i don't care… πŸ˜€

        And if there was any reference to anything that happened..i apologize but i'm from India and so i may have missed such events…

  41. I would love to hear James sing "Over the Top" by Ozzy. And now that Paul's gone, no one else interests me very much, except James and Haley. Scotty sounds the same every week, he's actually very boring, along with Stefano and especially Jacob. And Casey just confuses me!!

  42. how the hell can u people say all of scottys votes come from teenyboppers,he has close to 70,000 facebook fans,noone else even close to that,and alot of them r not teenyboppers!!

    by the way haly has almost 3,

    • I would venture a guess that atleast 50,000 of the 70,000 are teenage girls. He does resemble the Jonas Brothers a bit. LMAO

      P.S. – If we hear another country ballad from him tonight, I just might wreck my TV. Maybe I can charge the damages to all them teenie boppers. They seem to have emense disposable income the way they stuff the ballot box for Scottie "Too Hottie." What a joke.

    • And your point is what about the fans on FB? even if all of them voted the max on the phone it would only be 3mil of the votes? Where are his 9mil others comming from to make his 23% of the votes? And Haley still got over 4mil votes. So take your numbers and smugg attitude, since I have yet to see you post anything decent on here and bury your head back into what you call a good performance. your the joke.

  43. This year we have an interesting group.Each of them has a unique talent. At this point I love them all. The ones that needed to leave are gone and now the competition is serious. 70,000 fans for Scotty….. why??? he is cute, never mind the Jonas brothers, he is the boy in the cover of "Mad" without the freckles! I hope he doesn't sing another "somebody done somebody wrong song" please… good luck to the rest!

    • Scotty is very talented, cute and a nice young man. Very polite and unlike Casey, not a drama queen and unlike Jacob he is not arrogant. James is also very talented, at the end it will be Scotty and James.

  44. I agree that all Scotty's fans are not teeny boopers! I'm his biggest fan and far from teeny! I just wish that he would really liven up and sing something that you can get up and move with. I would love him to sing something from Lonestar too. Anything is wonderful for me, but show the fans you can move around and be a true performer. I love Lauren too. Guess you figured out I'm COUNTRY!

  45. why are the judges always praising jacob when he should be the first to go. remember, this is almost a popularity competition. much like the beauty pageant. one should have the it factor and undoubtly he does not have it. it will be scotty and james and lauren at the end.

    • They are the only 3 who have not been in he bottom three so far so it is probably safe to believe they have the stronger fan base.

    • so u think by "it" factor is looks…???WEQS,WTH did u get that?? LOLOL hehehe πŸ™‚

      so ur sayin Stevie Wonder dont have the "it" factor? Ray Charles,Nat King Cole,Louis Armstrong,Joe Cocker,Freddy Mercury,Prince and so and so on doesnt have the "it" factor so they shouldnt be famous?? wew,what are u smokin yolly?

      • Believe it or not, many of the stars you mention could not be stars if they were starting out today. Ray Charles, Nat Cole and Louis Armstrong were radio stars. Even Stevie Wonder, Freddie Mercury were stars before MTV started. The Buggles sang "Video Killed The Radio Star", it was the first video shown on MTV. And that has proven to be a sadly accurate statement.

      • umm,50 cent? dont mean to be rude,his ugly in my opinion. n frankly,the Green Day n Linkin Park vocalist too is not that cute or handsome or goodlookin… πŸ™‚

      • But you were not speaking of bands, that's entirely different. You were speaking of soloists, with the exception of Prince and Freddie Mercury all the others were solo acts. And Freddie and Prince were both pre MTV.

      • As for 50 cent, Rap is not music, and as far as I can tell the uglier and more menacing the better fans of rap like it. Musical artists of color tend to be very attractive, John Legend, Maxwell, Beyonce, Rihanna etc.

      • waks,sorry i kinda disagree with u abit. I like Eminem πŸ™‚

        and Rihanna…in my opinion shes not that pretty..sorry ><

        Beyonce….fiuh,smokin' hot

  46. The general tone here is argumentative and, often, folk throwing barbs and insults at people with whom they disagree.

    Here is my summary with which I expect others to disagree but, if you do, know that I respect your opinion so please try to reciprocate.

    If entertainment and stage presence is as important as the singing – which seems to be the standard this year – then, in my opinion, James and Haley are way ahead of the other 5 remaining contestants.

    Scotty has a good country voice but truly has little stage presence. He is young enough to be coached and has the following and fan base because he is 17 and, as my good lady says, damn cute.

    Jacob, no matter if you like or dislike his singing, has no stage presence and his movements are awkward and, frankly, embarrassing to watch.

    Stefano can sing but most of his performances have been vanilla so if he wants to stay beyond this or next week, he has to really step it up.

    Lauren is only 16 and has more presence than Scotty and, in my opinion, will become a big star. She has a great voice that can sing anything and has done well with all the genres to-date.

    Casey, most of the time, grits his teeth, sneers at the cameras and makes some very weird noises. His performance of Nature Boy was horrible and I like jazz. Haley can scat much better.

    If this is, indeed, a talent contest then no-one can predict who will be in the bottom three because we have not heard their Top 7 performances yet.

    The predictions and arguments going on about the bottom three is all about popularity.

    Some AI Factoids:

    In the previous 9-seasons, of the 18 who ended up in the final, only 9 of them had never been in the bottom 3 (or 2 as in the semi-final) and there have been only two seasons where both the finalists had never been in the bottom 3 or 2.

    They were the two David's in Season 7 and Lee and Crystal last season.

    The other 5 were Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks and Jordin Sparks.

    So 3 winners have been in the bottom 3 at one time or the other – Ruben, Fantasia and Kris Allen – as well as many people's favorite – Adam Lambert who was, of course, the runner-up.

    So statistically, one of the finalists is likely to be in the bottom three at some stage in the contest.

    Since we hit the top 13 (Stefano being given a mercy save) of the remaining 7, this is their record in the bottom 3.

    Haley – 3 times

    Stefano – 3 times

    Casey – Once and that was his "save"

    Jacob – 1

    So, James, Lauren and Scotty are yet to be in the bottom 3.

    All that being said, I am looking forward to some great song choices and a high level of performance from all.

    • Well said, agree with almost everything. I am a Scotty fan and not a Haley fan, I think she is very difficult to watch and ever tougher to listen too. I do believe that Lauren will do well however I think Scotty will be huge.

      • We are Scotty & Lauren fans and see them both doing well.

        Haley will likely end up in musical theatre and make CD's of jazz and standards.

        The way she dressed for that duet with Casey, especially the hair style, was a vast improvement.

        She is 20 and will learn a lot from this experience and the tour.

      • @Mary – based on what I have seen and read on the blogs, I suspect that James and Scotty will be the finalists with Lauren being the possible spoiler. A lot of folk have commented on how good Scotty and Lauren sound together with the duets so I would not be surprised to see them in the final.

    • Way to be all logical, geez. I guess every party needs a pooper. πŸ˜› JK! Chillax. Your post is very objective and is somewhat refreshing. Almost half of the contestants will be in the bottom 3 tonight and it's at the stage in the competition where if you go home it's not because you were bad. Everyone gotta vote for their favorites because it's going to be a close one.

      I think it will depend on how Lauren, Haley, and Stefano perform. I feel Jacob has gotten about as far as he can (which is still pretty awesome). If Stefano knocks it out of the park tonight Casey could be in the bottom 3. If Lauren doesn't pick it up Haley might not be in the bottom 3, though I don't see Lauren being in the bottom 3 yet unless she does another snoozer. If Haley does exceptionally well Casey, Stefano, Jacob will be the bottom 3. Really it's anyone's call, we'll just have to wait and see.

      • I agree that it is anyone's call. Since the top 2 last year were never in the bottom 3, look at the season before.

        In Season 8 they had 2 round Top 7's because Matt Giraud was saved the first time.

        Allison Iraheta was in it 3 times and eventually went out at the Top 4 stage.

        Anoop Desai was also in the bottom three 3 times by the Top 7 round two and was eliminated in round 2.

        Adam Lambert was in the bottom 3 the following week, which was the top 5 stage.

        When you get to this stage, anything can happen.

    • when has Casey performance didnt get a massive feedback from the audience,tell me 1 of his performance than i agree with u.

      Nature Boy is horrible and u say u like jazz? hmm,so u like Michael Buble pop jazz more than Nat King Cole or Ray Charles jazz than?

      • go browse all the jazz website n hear all of their review…if they even say that Nature Boy Casey is horrible please tell me the website hehehe πŸ™‚

      • I guess you didn't read my post fully. I have loads of Nat King Cole records, including his version of Nature Boy and a number of other versions of that song, including George Benson's.

        Michael Bublé is not a jazz singer and I don't need to browse jazz web sites.

      • so if u do listen to NKC n GB version can u kindly tell me where notes (at the beggining,or the middle or the end) that u say it was horrible…? πŸ™‚

    • oh yes,although i agree with u with Hailey can scat beautifully but i want to ask u this… Is the only scatting u know is "Dum doo dam dee dam.."? Scatting have an endless form. Have u heard of Louis Armstrong,Ray Charles n Nat King Cole scatting? πŸ˜‰

      • Yes, but it wasn't too like what Casey did. His type of Jazz is music that will only make it in dinner clubs and small venues. Casey should head for NY, and do the small supper club circuit, and then head over to Harlem for some additional training.

      • well,i do agree with u that Casey need more vocal training like Hailey n even Adam Lambert :). Some people dont like growlin scat n some people do :). But his sense is undoubtedly amazing.

      • If you think his singing is great, that is your opinion and, as I said in my original post, I respect that opinion.

        I sang in a jazz band for many years and thought his rendition of Nature Boy was poor.

        Again – just in case it did not register the first or second time – that is my opinion, which you obviously don't share.

        C'est La Vie – life would be so boring if we all agreed on everything.

        Enjoy the show tonight.

      • all im sayin what makes music unforgettable is sense :). Classical soneta or minuet or etc doesnt have vocal but look what they brought to this world… πŸ™‚

    • I know that Haley and Casey are supposed to have a "thing" going on, so since they are from the same state did they already know each other prior to AI auditions? I love Haley's voice but not so much Casey.

      • Haley is from Wheeling, IL and, while Casey is also from IL, he lives in Idyllwild, CA and has done since Middle School.

        The thing they have in common is that they both studied music, especially jazz.

        Haley performed with her High Schools Jazz Band at the 2009 Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. She then went to Harper College in IL in 2009 to study jazz and that same year, Casey was here in CO at the University of Colorado as a Music Major.

        They are the same age (20) and both have a love of Jazz so it is not surprising that they may have clicked – at least musically.

  47. I guess I do not understand why everyone says Scotty sounds the same every week, hello, he is country. Johnny Cash always sounded the same and he didn't do too badly. James Durbin always sounds the same, Haley always sounds the same…etc….The judges are always telling these contestants to find out who they are….Scotty was very blessed with a fantastic country voice and he is only 17, imagine when he is mature and experienced, WOW.

    • I agree that he has a unique and great country voice. They will groom and coach him on stage technique and he will have a very successful future.

      • Scotty doesn't have to learn much but how to stamp his feet and move around just a little and move his guitar up and down, that's about the extent of what male country music stars do besides sing. Lauen will need to learn to move more but she will get it.

      • @Sara – On Friday night there is a CMT Country singer contest and your comment made me laugh – in a good way.

        It started two weeks ago with the top 5 girls and boys and, so far with one exception, the guys have stood at the Mike with Guitar while the gals have moved around and used the stage.

        The first two eliminated have been guys because they had no stage presence or connection with the audience.

    • This is AMERICAN IDOL we like to hear songs in ENGLISH we like to read in ENGLISH this is an ENGLISH speaking blog if you find yourself unable to speak or type in ENGLISH or you got lost and are in the wrong blog plz find your way to a translator!

      • Tana, Shame on you. Why don't you pick up a little intelligence and learn another language! So damned rude!!

      • hey i do know several outher countrys languages here they are Great Britian (England), Australia, Cannada, Scotland, and Ireland. all with an accent. If I can't read it I don't need it. so ha.

    • I am Coondog. With my mighty ears, I understand many languages. She say, "My First Orgasm!!!!!!!!!!"

  48. Tonight James is going to kick assssss on all of the rest. Look for Jacob to cry as usual and stammer through. Hailey will over do it as usual. Stefano will try to get Jennifer to get goose bumps, she should check it maybe the mumps.Lauren will do well. Scotty will have that old sound :Thank you very much:. Casey go home already what a waste of a save.

    • Scotty is a natural tonight he redid an old song, and had alot of fun doing it,still not a big fan but he is tallented.

      James kicked ass he is unreal, the range is incredible, he has a rare and surreal tallent. If America cant see what he is and where he will go, well America you know where you can go!

      Hailey sounded good tonight, she looks good also, she will get offers. But she is not the next American idol.

      So is kleenex giving Jacob kick backs for all of the crying he does, not a strong performance took to long to get going and it was over before he was done.

      Casey did better this week but he is not the tallent that America wants, he is a weird freak.

      Stefano, well his back up singers did great. He will get a lounge job in Las Vegas and will end up on TMZ after a night of crazzzy partying like Charlie Sheen.

      Lauren not her best tonight she is better than Hailey and shouldnt go home.

      My bottom three:




      Send Jacob home cant stand him any more.

      Want to see James and Adam Lambert do something together!

  49. American Idol should have a Disco Night! and Jacob should sing a song from Silvester, perhaps You Make Me Feel (Mighty fine). Jacob is the reincarnation of Sylvester, who also started singing Gospel in church. It would be a complete change for Jacob and broaden the perception of his range. His voice is a perfect fit for Sylvester songs and would get him away from only church and Luther songs and into a dance beat.


    Dolf in Palm Springs

    • Singing Sylvester would be a brilliant move. The beat is timeless and his music has lasted for 30 years. I bet a lot of people do not know who he is any more, but would recognize the music. Jacob could do it and we would all be amazed. It's the change that he needs.

  50. I'd like to see Scotty sing "The Words Written In Red" I think the story and music fits Scotty.

  51. Wow, AI just ended and I was blown away by Casey and Haley tonight!! Casey was unbelievable (and I never thought I'd say that tonight, but he was!!) And Haley was absolutely terrific singing one of the songs I recommended for her this week. Wow!! (Again, the judges were lukewarm to her. Cannot believe it, as her vocals were so strong!)

    I didn't think I liked Lauren (the judges obviously weren't crazy about her performance tonight–mainly because of the song. (I did not like it–a little corny and too twangy for me.) But in hearing the playback at the end, I heard how sweet she sounded. Really fine voice, but I always knew that.

    Stefano became someone else tonight–or maybe the real him. I kinda liked the shy, retiring Stefano. Now I loved the sexiness, but not the "too slick" guy so much. Okay, now, about his voice: (Hahaha!) It was good. Not super. But good.

    I actually missed Scotty's performance, so only got to see the playback. I'll watch on YouTube later. But not a great song choice for my taste. And that odd mike-positioning habit (which, I know, has been harped on too much) seems to have finally overtaken what I see and hear when I watch him. A little creepy for me. His voice? Well, have to say, I need to hear the whole thing. But the snippet I caught was just not my cup of tea. Too corny for me.

    James, well . . . the critiques all framed how good of a "performance" it was. And what the judges meant was all the staging, etc. I actually loved his voice when he sang softly and melodically. When he hit those "Jamesian" high spots, I wasn't as impressed. Didn't come across the way I think he wanted; didn't add to the song imo. I WANT to like him, and I do! But I wish the overall was not marred by what seemed to be bowing to what was expected of him rather than what was best for the song itself. (Which I had never heard before but liked.)

    Lastly, Jacob was just adequate. The judges as much as said so. It surprised me, because I thought he was going to nail it. Maybe too much pressure to sound like Luther, I dunno.

    So my top two picks are Casey and Haley tonight.

    My bottom 3 would be Jacob, Scotty and, ruefully, Stefano.

  52. Yes, I'm voting. I just thought of one other thing I wanted to say. Steven (couldn't care less that he loosed the F-Bomb) was wrong in ending the show with his praise of Casey. I thought that was out of line, even though Casey did a stupendous job tonight. I really don't think that was fair to the other contestants.

  53. After watching n listening ,hope James , Haley, and Scotty still there, cause 3 of them r different , they r great !!!! Good Luck !

  54. It would be nice to hear the contestants do something from Gerald Levert or Ojays. Perhaps something from the former winners of the past seasons of american Idol.

  55. Such diverse talent this year. People need to get real and look at raw talent here. Casey for one is very versatile, talented and knows his music. I do like his raspyness but not always. His jazz is smooth and that bass playing and singing jazz "wow". Its tough this year. Haley deserves a break and we let Paul go. God he is good, sexy and another Rod Stewart. He will go far if he keeps on and doesn't give up. Hes got a good start. Scotty, wow 17 years old. Its tough this year. Fans vote for real honest talent without a lot of show. Last years winner has gotten side stepped because fans like Chris. Look at Clay Aiken was in the background but came out on his own. Such good talent. Lets vote for a winner with raw talent. Oh by the way i am a musician and over 60. Thought post my thoughts. Who knows who will win. They are all supurb this year

  56. About the clothing tonight:

    Lauren looked really nice! Loved her outfit–fit her age and looked really cute on her!

    Stefano looked hot (something about those hanging suspenders)!

    James and Haley both dressed perfectly to fit their songs. Both looked great!

    I thought Jacob was dressed nicely, but perhaps a little too nicely, if you follow. A little too suave of a look for him (how old is he?), in spite of the "Luthering" attempt tonight. But then I didn't like the "play clothes" he wore previously, either. Not sure how I would dress him, if I were his stylist, but something more "with it."

    Scotty looked rather nondescript.

    And I have no recollection of what Casey wore. Either I was totally focused on the song he was singing or his guitar simply obscured his attire. Both!

  57. I think Jacob would do an awesome job with Maxwell song "A Womans Worth" or "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins.

    Scotty should do "Home" by our fellow north carolinian Chris Daughtry.

    James should do "Crazy" by aerosmith.

    I believe Stefano would do a great job singing "Moving Mountains" by Usher or "Sex Therapy by Robin Thicke.

    Lauren may be good at "I am" by Mary J. Blige.

    My man Casey could do "Sexy Back" by Justin Timberlake.

  58. My comment was for people to be real and look beyond dressing for style or type of song. I agree some are undescript and boring. Randy said that tonite about Scotty. I appreciate the work they all have done to even be fortunate to be on AI. I am so glad to see some clean talent and true and not just rapping and jumping around and fans being more interested in "costumes" rather than talent.

    James was fine. I liked his dress to nite.

    • Oh, I do agree with you, jam2eagles.

      Just really wanted to compliment Lauren, because a lot of people here having been criticizing the women–saying nasty things about them. I hated that they focused on that instead of the singing. BUT, it actually was quite refreshing to see Lauren look her age with that "clean" look. She looked darned cute. Not sure I would have spruced up her hair like that (fashionable, but not sure it is "Lauren").

      Just added the rest because I thought it was fun.

  59. James was FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Very ENTERTAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I want to get up and dance everytime I hear him.And I listen to his song of the night over and over again.

    • you must be joking right? there is just nothing there unique and i constantly forget who the 7th contestant is.. until.. oh yea..stefano.. totally forgetable..

  60. am a nigerian,watching from my country,i will really love to see jacob move to top htree,his last performance is angelic,i had goose all over me.his voice cut across

  61. My favorite is Lauren Alaina and hope that she will be the IDOL this year. I would love to hear her sing "STAY" by Sugarland. I think it is what the judges and the audiance is wanting to see.

    Go Lauren Alaina~~~She has an amazing voice and sweet personality!

  62. I have to agree, Jacob is boring and should go. Nature Boy was not great and brilliant as Randy would say. I like Stefano and the reason being, he acts mature, and seems like a steady performer. i am not a bobby soxer, 74 yars old He is my favorite. Go home Jacob, Haley, Casey. Also, they should get rid of Steven Tyler. He certainly has no class.

  63. This year's "Idol" series is way so easy for the contestants…they need more critique, and need to be taken out of their comfort zones to sing other genre songs instead of getting to choose everything….some are real talented for sure…Pia being tossed way a blow…was it because its the Teeny -boppers voting over us older folk…..?

    • I am an older folk and I would not go see Pia in concert, I was surprised that she went so early but never though she would win. I agree that it has been too easy for the contestants, the judges are worthless.

  64. The judges are all pushing James and I don't know why. He is not an Idol, nor musical.

    What will he bring us next week in Country?

  65. James started so humble but got unbelievably arrogant. doesn't anyone grasp that his attitude is a HUGE turnoff. Haley rocks.. Scotty is cute but he better stretch some. Last night was not a good night for him. Casey.. odd but creative and not in the flaming piano bunch of drummer kind of way.but wow get this in a muscial creative way. Lauren cute as pie..needs to learn to belt it out..and oh yes Jacob..jacob jacob.. must leave..can't stand it anymore..and stephano..really? does anyone want to see him perform.. really? I don't get that..

    • I really thought that I was the only one that saw this thing in James. Over all I agree with every thing that you said. I am not a country fan AT ALL, but have to admit Scotty and Lauren are cutie pies. I am all for Haley and Casey, Steffano has never really appealed to me and Jacob, well, what can I say that you didn't do very well? I would also like to add that my 16 year old did a few entries on this (as me) and his oppinions do are not always the same as mine!!!!

      • Well now THAT wasn't a shcoking outcome at all.. Once again even Jacob demonstrates arrogance. Come on folks.. if you are a Haley fan like me (I love Janice Joplin and Jazz) and with minor stage presence and vocal grooming, she can be outstanding. Also, if you listen to James when there isn't booming music around him and it is just vocals, he isn't good. The group number with him had me cringing..

        Thanks Tana.. glad SOMEBODY is annoyed with James's arrogance besides me… too soon to be that cocky..He is no Adam Lambert..

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