American Idol 2011: What the Top 11 should and shouldn’t do

The “American Idol” Top 11 are set to perform Motown hits and while this theme is a little less broad than birth years, it’s no easier to suggest what they should sing. But I’ve put together a list. I’ve also added in some side notes about what they should and shouldn’t do. And just for the fun of it again, (and to undoubtedly produce hateful comments from certain fans) I’ll place them in order from my favorite to least favorite):

*Paul McDonald – “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gay or “Reach Out I’ll Be There” by The Four Tops. I like Paul and I like the Four Tops’ song a lot so I’d love to hear his spin on that one. But I think “What’s Going On” might be more suitable for his style and range.

*Pia Toscano – “Heat Wave” by Martha and the Vandellas. She needs to speed things up. To me it seems like she can sing anything, so why isn’t she? Last week she pretended to sing an upbeat song but she really didn’t.

*Stefano Langone – “I Second That Emotion” by Smokey Robinson. I keep hearing “Stevie Wonder, Stevie Wonder, Stevie Wonder.” But hasn’t he already done enough Stevie? I think it’s time for Smokey.

*Scotty McCreery – “Money” by Barrett Strong. Scotty is probably the toughest to pick a song for because of his country slant. But you can take any song and make it sound country. Especially when you have a voice like his. I think “Money”Β  could really suit him. Or maybe “Papa Was A Rolling Stone.” Maybe.

*James Durbin – “Signed, Sealed and Delivered” by Stevie Wonder. I listened to a lot of songs trying to figure out what James should sing before deciding on this. I think it has the best energy and possibility for where James likes to take a song. However, I won’t be surprised if he goes with “The Tacks of My Tears” by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles (in the style of Adam Lambert).

*Thia MegiaΒ  – “Don’t Leave Me This Way” Thelma Houston. Thia HAS to do this song. She has to do an upbeat song. She said last week she could do an upbeat song, so I’m holding her to it. This is a great and underrated song and I think it could really push her above some of the other contestants.

*Lauren Alaina – “You Keep Me Hanging On” by The Supremes. I think I feel Lauren doing a ballad this week, but I’d still like her to sing this song. It has a young feeling and could be fun. Aside from song choice, what Lauren needs to watch is her immaturity. She and Thia are the same age, but Thia’s maturity is so far above Lauren’s it’s insane. Lauren just needs to not act like she’s 12 for five minutes.

*Haley Reinhart – “Love Hangover” by Diana Ross. I personally think this should be her only choice. I can really hear her pulling out the sultry and blues vibe she’s got going.

*Casey Abrams – “Reach Out I’ll Be There” by the Four Tops or “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gay. Notice his choices from me are the same as Paul’s. I think Casey could do great things with the Four Tops’ song but it might be time for him to slow things down and soften up a bit. I know he’s so low on my list because of all the angry screaming. He’s very talented, but in order to add more fans, I think he needs to soften a bit.

*Naima Adedapo – “Living For The City” by Stevie Wonder. From all her pre-Idol footage, this song kind of reminds me of her. She seems to have had a bit of a tough life so I could see her relating to this song. And that’s something she needs to do. She needs to really feel the song and make us feel it. And she REALLY needs to slow things down. A ballad could save her this week. Otherwise, she’s probably going home.

*Jacob Lusk – “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” Marvin Gaye. Jacob was a tough one. I picked this song because it’s a fun song that doesn’t need to be overdone which is his trademark. He needs to hold back and stop over-singing songs.




      • thia is next in line after haley & naima, your correct she must wake up or it will be too late. dont waste your talent singing sleepy boring ballad songs.

  1. I'd like to see the judges get real, and then the voters will follow! NAIMA SUCKS. There's nothing special about Paul's voice because there's no strentgh in the vocals. Jacob is boring. I'm going to play wait and see on Scotty to see if he can do anything except country. Everybody else have decent voices so you go with who you like. I like Hailey because she's beautiful and has already shown she can sing different genres. She's also very polite and noncombative with the judges and doesn't cry for sympathy. Thia is good, but I'm weary of all the Asians overcommenting on here. And do they really think that voting hundreds of times is going to carry someone over the will of millions of other voters?!

    • I agree with you… Judges are so unreal… Hailey definitely can sing so let us vote for the real talent and besides this is a singing contest not a popularity contest.. Am I right?

      • It's obvious that Randy wants Haley out so that Naima stays in. He applauds James for being versatile, different story with Haley.

    • It's pretty obvious that Thia Megia has the best voice, perfect pitch and tone. That's the reason why she's popular and have a strong fan base.

      • I like Thia too, but the love fest on here is getting a little creepy at times…….

        I keep picturing people living in their mother's basement with pictures on the wall of Thia singing…..

        She's 16, and she has a decent voice — let's not treat her like she's the next Aretha or Whitney or Mariah

      • honestly, most of her fanbase ain't really stationed at where the votes count. if twitter or facebook is any indication, most of her followers are asians from asia. All though we can never really discard the asian votes in America but those votes could only get her so far. for sure, those would help her stay on for a few more weeks and get her to join the tour but those won't be enough in the long run. i think she has 3 or 4 more weeks at least depending on her performances and the others as well. she should have taken a leaf out of pia toscano's book. everyone knows pia ain't 'american', at least in blood – she's 100% italian who was born in america, but america loves her. thia should start taking risks and bring out the big guns out (if she has any). some may argue that thia knows the kind of artist that she is that's why she keeps on singing those songs but so does scotty. i have heard others consider inconsistency with the judges' comments regarding thia and scotty. sure, scotty sings the same kind of songs for the past weeks which don't really show us his range and versatility but his performances aren't exactly bordering boring like thia's. let's admit it – idol is not just a singing competition, it's a popularity one as well. if thia can't make them fall in love with her, she should force them to follow her with performances that will keep everyone on their toes when it comes to her perfs. that's all! oh, im asian and i would support her if i were there but unfortunately, im not. i just want to share my 2 cents.

        p.s. last i heard (from a so-called friend of thia's relatives), the contestants got fan mails and gifts. well, most of them. thia, on the other hand, got none. that should tell us or her something.

      • If you want to send Thia fan arts, greeting cards, letters, gifts: teddy bear….:)), flowers, etc.)


        Attn: Thia Megia- American Idol

        CBS Studios, 3rd Floor

        7800 Beverly Blvd.

        Los Angeles, CA 90036

        [if you want a reply or autograph just insert a stamped and pre-addressed envelop]

      • So now receiving fan mail and teddy bears from fans is an indicator of who has the most talent? I don't think Thia needs those things to know how great she is. I would also venture a guess that many…most…of the voting public would not send stuff like that because…well…it would be kind of creepy for a middle aged guy to send a 16 year old girl he's never met a teddy bear.

      • Bahloo…that was a funny post. Sometimes I feel funny carrying on about Thia because I'm just some older, middle-aged guy. But I do own my own home, thank you. lol. But this is part of what a blog site like this is about. To come on and share your passion about a particular artist or dispassion about another.

      • there was a reason why i placed the last thing on as a post script. i only intended it to be a little supporting info for my claim. little. wasn't trying to raise anyone's eyebrow. but you have to admit that it does kinda spell out the type of support others get. don't get me wrong. i am thia all the way. no need to get your grill going. go easy on me middle-aged white guy.

      • another thing, you've got to admit that idol isn't just a talent show anymore. it's the hybrid of that and popularity. i was trying to emphasize thia's likability towards the american public. talent? no question; thia can take it all the way. that's why i enforced the 'support' coefficient into thia's formula for success. it's not exactly foolproof but that's how it always worked for others who came before her.

        then again, idol ain't the end of the road. i just hope and pray that she gets signed after the whole experience so we can get more from her.

        happy now? hehe

      • kooper, lol, I wasn't lashing out…I knew you were a Thia fan! I think that someone like Thia gets more of the adult vote, ironically since she is so young (of course, just a guess on my part). I suspect the one's getting fan mail are getting them from kids (and, yes, their vote counts too). Most grownups I think would find sending stuff kind of creepy. Maybe it's just me. Besides, if I were to send her something, I wouldn't waste my time with a teddy bear. I would send her a new guitar and hope she uses it to jam on the show! lol.

      • i dislike Thia. Shes too broadway for me and has mediocre talent. Just my opinion and if she wins i'm not sure i will watch another season. I see other potential winners and Thia is (in my opinion) bottom 3 and should go home soon. Not sure what all the fuss is about….

      • chris, I couldn't agree with you more.

        Those who are bashing on Thia, yeah, you tell them "what talent do they have??" Exactly.

      • The most hateful comments on this blog come from Thia's fans… WAY TO GO!!! I cannot agree with you more Meghan. Thia will go home soon.

    • Hey coondog, I agree with you about Paul's voice not having strength, Jacob's boring and Naima is not good either. Now, question….what makes you think that all the asians are overcomenting on here???? Hmmm???

      • Anonymous, thanks for agreeing. not sure if you're agreeing, mocking or sarcastic regards the Thia lovefest?! I like her OK, I just want Naima off for sure, or let her smile and dance but have the audio off–or at least Britney Spears lip synching off stage for her!

    • I agree that Haley is one of the best and beats all of the other girls in style and performance. Looking at the motown songs I think that she would do absolutely AWESOME with either Ain't no mountain high enough or Endless love!!! Show that range, control and vocal talent. Show them that she can hold a note just as long as thia and pia if she decided to.

      • Haley is really good with an exciting personal;ity fit to become an americal idol same with stefano. No for Thia… she is boring.

      • @ Alberta LOL! As if you are the only one whose deciding who’s going home and staying in…

    • I would have to disagree Paul has a great voice. Yes Jacob is very boring… I hope he goes home soon. Face it Scotty is really good and is going to get better so look at him going in to the top 3. As for Hailey she's good but just dull for me. I think she or Naima will go home.. Hopefully Naima.

  2. By the way, do you know why the judges critiques seem so disjointed with reality on some candidates–namely Naima? Not only do they let their personal biases influence their professional judgment, but they have cliff notes from the producers that they have great "personal stories" on certain contestants that they want to use down the road for ratings.

  3. Thia, we will be rooting for you always.

    Hope you will have a great performance this week. You have the best voice.

    You have a lot of fans here.

    Go, go, go Thia.

  4. Paul has the best voice in my opinion, but he really needs to step things up and show a great performance.

    • His Studio recording of the Elton John song last week on Itunes opened my eyes a little. The boy has a great voice — but the music overpowers him. He's an acoustic singer — or a studio singer — he has a good voice, but he can't pick songs that the back up singers and the band will drown him out.

      I think he's been victim of not being able to hear himself sing on stage…..i hope that get that fixed this week.

    • Paul is a Rod Stewart sound alike (gee, what song would make sense for week 1). But I like Rod Stewart a lot, and so I kind of like Paul's voice. Just not as much as my favorite's.

      • Paul's version of "Maggie May" was great. Unfortunately he has not impressed me at all since then. Lasts week he was actually painful to watch. And Holly Molly, those spastic dance moves of his, are not helping his chances any either.

        But, he does have his nice smie … I guess that is important.

    • I don't mind paul, he sings better than most here, but whatever he does or sings, just stay put, please! Cos dancing kills your votes!!

      • Paul has a unique voice that sounds like Rod Stewart. I like him, but not his smile and dance. They are distractive and annoying.

    • Yay, motown songs and the suggested songs are way too difficult haha. Hope Stefano will sing Proud Mary by Credence Clearwater Revival. Its good for his voice and actions. Haley shld. rather sing a Roberta Flack song and Pia shld rather sing House is not a home by Dionne Warwick its fit for her.

  5. Why AI always uses old theme such as motown hits each year?? why can't they switches to sony hits, CBS hits etc?? or motown owns this show? I don't get it!

    If they don't use their imagination to set up a new theme, how do they expect the contestants "suprise" us all?

    • Because Motown is one Genre — for the most part, it's considered classic soul/r&b……. Sony and CBS have artists from all types of music. It's a theme show — so Motown fits the criteria.

  6. This week will be a turning point for Scotty. So far, he is playing safe.

    Yep, but he will do well and shows his versatility.

    • Has anyone noticed how Scotty is MORE country when he sings then when he talks? I think he's FORCING the TWANG — which leaves me leery…….

      Alan Jackson, Clint Black, Trace Adkins — these guys talk with the Twang — I think we are thinking he's better than he really is πŸ™

      • Scotty could kill it with Sittin on the Dock of the Bay…awesome Otis Redding song!

  7. Hey Branden,

    What do you think about the 4 Tops "When She Was My Girl" — I think would be a nice fit for Casey.

    I also keep hearing Scotty sing "Get Ready" by the Temps

    I like "Don't Leave Me This Way" for Thia

    And how about James doing "Just My Imagination" – by the Temps

    some other thoughts!

    • "Don't leave me this way" is a nice song for Thia, I'm just hoping that the judges would like it, I remember Ramiele Malubay sang that song well in season 7 and the judges didn't like her rendition.. I'm sure Thia can add a twist to that song (if she'll sing that song) I'll be contented if she'll make it to the Top Ten at least for the AI tour πŸ˜€ Go Thianatics!!!

      • So much hype about Thia, but can these translate to votes? she look so boring and not an exciting personality. we rather see the next winner as someone who is adorable and exciting and versatile. not another lee dwyze….:)

  8. i like Don’t Leave Me This Way by Thelma Houston, but just not sure Thia is a disco girl. if she can jazz it up could be great…i hope she does a decent and ORIGINAL take on song, which will be uptempo, fun and really surprises us this week. last week pia's take on "uptempo" will not suffice. it's exciting to see contestants really stretch themselves, be dynamic and show us what show bizz reallly is about….

    naima and haley have a lot riding on this upcoming episode. hope everyone steps up to the line…last week was fairly disappointing. naima has said she wants to get into top 10 as it means a new house for her kids. big incentive. but can she turn her consistently pitchy voice around in one week?

  9. I think Naima is great and deserves a shot. She's had a tough life! She should sing something bluesy or soulful and kill it so that people can recognise her talent.

    Thia SUCKS big time, zero personality! She's too mature for her age, kinda freaks me out.

    Stefano is sweet and should win this whole thing.

    • "Dont leave me this way" would be a great song by Naima. Theres a great melody that could bring out whats missing in her performance. I need to hear melody from her.

    • so someone who has had a hard life should be pardoned for their lack of vocal skills? in a singing and talent competition?

      dont get me wrong i like naima she has personaility, she has style, she has talent….but i wouldnt be paying for a concert of hers if she sounded like the last 2 weeks. no doubt she will get some hardcore vocal training when she leaves lets hope it helps

    • hey tumi , Naima can`t sing ..

      she so pitchy !

      Thia is hell way better than her.

      are you out of ur mind? LOL πŸ˜€

      • Guess she joint the wrong competition…i.e. the dancing one on next channel, maybe??

      • okay tenisaddict, I'm guessing you meant joined the competition. But the way you said it, could work for Naima. She could be the glue for the show, either joined or what you said! So thank you for your helpful insight.

    • Tumi, I like Naima too but her singing is not as strong as the others. And so is Stefano, he is not strong either nor should he win. This is a singing competition, not a Miss/Mr. Personality contest. Yes, everyone has his/her own favorite. But to bash Thia like that, this shows how immature you are.

    • Tumi i agree with you all the way. Yah stefano should be the next American Idol. Go boy…. WINNING all the way!

      • Not a Chance! Are you just voting for his look or what?? He isn't that good.

      • LOl, why do you react to someone's post like that? Its his opinion and just keep your mouth shut lmao…. Stefano is handsome and cute, Thia is just an ordinary looking teen ager not spectacular looking.

      • BTW, if you insist that Stefano cant sing, then why was he included in the semi finals. Maybe the voters and the judges decided that he is fit to be the next american idol hahahaha….. Vamonos!!!

    • Tumi, I agree 100% with you. When you are a "true artist" or what is called a STAR you should have the WHOLE package: Vocals, charisma, soul, looks, stage control, etc. So YES, personality matters, as well as the other things.

  10. Really dont like stephano, and cant bear the way j-lo had such a priority for him. he attracted her whenever he came out, dont you see that? anyway, thia is the best !

  11. Good article, liked reading it. Motown is such a specific style and has challenge in itself, for the type of masterful singers that preformed them originally. My guess is if the idols can choose extremely wisely, a few of them will really shine.

    I think there are a couple trap songs in here that simply are going to be very difficult to change up or do better then the original. In general, I am fearful of this week being a train wreck. Here is my hope, there will be 3-4 outstanding ones and I am guessing Thia and James leading the top performances.

    Thia – completely agree, that would work on “Don’t leave me this way”. She could slay that with her vocals.

    James on the other hand, I think he needs to go a different direction. That song is going to end up sounding karaoke with the background singers for James in my opinion. I’m thinking a slower song to highlight his ability and vocals, something like a “Hello” by Lionel Richie, and simply sing it, and bring it up in parts he can bring it up in. Maybe I’m wrong, who knows! He’ll probably do Superstition by Stevie Wonder and try to rock it.

    Paul singing “What’s going on” is certainly a good choice for his style, but a safe one. He really needs to show more range. I can’t pick anything better.

    Lauren – I would like to she her try something like Upside down (Inside out) by Diana Ross. Twist it, make it hers, make it fun, it’s upbeat and belt it out and get the crowd.

    Stefano – I would like to see a song like “Tear of a Clown” by Smokey for him, where he has to sing it, but in his voice, his own way, and connect type song, unfortunately, if he tries a song like My Girl, he’s not going to pull it off, and it will sound odd.

    Speaking of belting it, I am guessing Jacob will sing a song and over sing it, and I really really hope he doesn’t. I am almost tempted to want him to sing a version of “I’m coming out” by Diana Ross, because it’s a control song, and I think it would be interesting and risky.

    Does anyone else see Scotty singing “Let’s get it on” by Marvin Gaye? Using his low register? Not sure if he picks that song, but I would actually like to see that song done by a handful of them, however the Jack Black’s re-make in High Fidelity wants me to just leave it right there. I almost rather have him pick a more upbeat song, and sing it more rock/country type.

    Please do not let Casey sing Brick house or Super Freak! Please!

    I agree the “What’s going on” is a good choice for him, but here’s what I would like to see from him. Take a song like “Baby love” and make it his own, slow it down slightly, and sing it in a Casey way with a little rasp. I think it would be interesting and different in his quirky way.

    Pia – I just have a feeling she is going to pick an “I’ll be there” Jackson 5 type song and it will be middle of the road. She has a good strong singing voice. I agree a speed up type song you recommend is a good idea, but honestly, not this week.

    Almost forgot Haley and Naima. Kind of says something.

    Haley needs a safe and well done song this week, or take a super risky path but she really needs to connect with the audience, possibly a slow song. The blue’s choice you picked is a good one, I agree limited.

    Naima – as I scan the list, she could sing anything on here and it will be difficult to produce one that she will sing well. Maybe pull out a “Three time a lady” version and try to nail the ballad type.

  12. Hailey Reinhart has the best song choice! I'm sure she's gonna nail this one. Please vote for her!

  13. I had previously thought about "Don't Leave Me This Way" for Thia. She obviously has to do something different this week. Perhaps this might be the best one for her voice. I still like the added meaning behind the lyrics if she were to do Diana Ross "I'm Coming Out." Not sure if that's her type of vocals though. But I still would really love her to do Stevie Wonder "Living for the City." I think she could nail that with her jazzy voice. And it's such a powerful song, and a lot she could do there to showcase her voice.

    • Come on thia (i hope she can read all these advice). whatever she do, her faithful fans all love her! but if she wants to get americans voting for her winning, she absolutely need the change. she must show all the aspects of herself, her abilities (i think she can). that will help her in the long run

      • Too many asians commenting here for Thia but the question is, can they translate them to votes? Pia Toscano is a lot better than her.

      • Ramoncito, let me guess. And you must be Italian? What is it with all these "too many asians commenting here for Thia??" What is wrong with you people, more racists or what???

        Just because Thia is asian, it doesn't mean asians are commenting here! And can I say that too many Italians are commenting here too?

        And Thia is so much better? Well, she is the only one with the most captivating voice in the group.

        Thia must have a bigger fan site than Pia that is why so many people, or 'asians' are commenting her. Get a life.

      • Hey AnonymouSly yourS, I don't think anybody's being 'Racist' on here. Slang talk or abbreviated phrases are used on short chats to make points without writing monologues. If anything approaches 'Racist', it's the crowd of "Thia Lovers" that are trying to make it look like there's an overpowering number of people that favor Thia over all the rest. And usually, bloggers only mob up in this sort of way when they are of one mindset to favor only one type of contestant with all the same kind of lovefest comments–in other words "disguised racism" that acts all offended when others notice there's a strange pattern of comments going on. My advice to 'you people' (LOL) would be to stop attacking those that notice the Thia Wierdness Fans, otherwise you might start losing some of us who actually like her for her voice, looks and talent irregardless of her Asian ethnicity. Yes, I really like Thia. But, I like Naima better; just like other folks like other contestants better. So stop with the attempted mind control AnonymouSly yourS!

      • LOL!!! Hailey is eon's better than Naima and Thia…oh yeah, I said it…Better than Thia.

    • Hey, coondog, I didn't meant it that way. Sorry for everything I said. I'm just looking out for the best singer here. Don't get back at me again.

  14. James and Casey should sing tunes by Rare Earth, the only rock band to sign with Motown,

  15. Branden, by the way, thank you for your astute observation on Pia having sung a slow song for the third straight week. She may have had J-vibrato-Lo fooled, but it was so obvious that it was the same thing for the third week.

    • I'm glad somebody notice that too. I knew it all along. She did sing a slow song, didn't she? See? And the judges kept bashing on Thia instead! That proves they do have favorites. Geez.

  16. Oh my god! j-lo will save stefano regardless of his going home in some weeks. she is just…into him !!!

    • I think Stefano is safe for awhile. But if he should get voted off, the judges better not save him. They already did once. If America says No a second time, the judges better listen.

      • I notice most comments posted here root for Thia, mostly Asians? it's obvious lol….. Go Pia, Haley and Naima… also Stefano and Jacob.

      • hey coondog, ok. I get it. I respect your opinion and comments.

        Now, back off.

    • Not another one! Excuse me Alberta? Just because there are many comments here that are rooting for Thia doesn't mean Asians are the only ones who are posting. And just because she is asian, what makes you think that only asians are rooting for her?? Boy, you sound like another racist poster.

      • Hey AnonymouSly yourS, I direct your attention to my comment just above number 18 above! LOL

    • stefano is great. who wouldn't fell i love with him? haha. Go NAIMA! πŸ™‚ from Philippines with love. <3

  17. I do not know why I have the feeling that james and thia will be the best of the(rest).Pia needs to slow it down ,she needs to sing a soft song next week perhaps. she has a wonderful voice.the only thing Scotty can sing is country songs.till now, he did not show the versatility in his voice.jacob is just screaming.JLO apparently has a crush on … is she married??.Paul??? he (talks) in any song > sometimes,I could sware he is just whispers .

    KL , I noticed that you are a big fan of thia .WHY??(sily question)

    • Van, I actually did a really long post on here once about why I started following Thia. Basically the combination of everything…great voice, young, lovable. I was sold when I saw her on YouTube perform an original composition of "As I Do," which is an awesome song that she wrote at the young age of 12. Also, her voice just resonates with me, and I think she really connects with you when she looks into the camera at you.

      • I was also blown away when I heard Thia sang on AGT and on youtubes. I feel her connection too everytime she sings. I agree with KL.

      • Yeh, I think most of her fans would say pretty much the same thing…voice and connection. Especially for a young age…not just now, she started at a much younger age. I also like how humble she is about it all.

      • There is a special shyness quality about Thia that I like in her. Sweet, humble and different. When she performs alone, she seems like the scariest one with an amazing voice and then she lets it all out.

        When she performs with the group, she is she is different too, like she is out of the box. And she is definitely no copycat. She is just unique, look and voice.

      • Mostly Asians like Pilipinos support Thia. But i rather see Haley or Lauren or Pia be the next american idol.

      • erica, this is american idol. How do you know that mostly asians like philipinos are only supporting Thia?

        What the people are doing is picking out the best singer in the competition, regardless their race!!! I don't care if you don't support Thia. But if you look at her based on her race,'asian' and not based on her talent then you have a problem…you are racist.

  18. Great picks but they have to choose from a certain list and who knows whats on there. I was really hoping for the no theme thing this year and just letting them sing. And yes Naima really needs to go home. Soon!

    • I would direct AnonymouSly yourS attention to my comment just above # eighteen above regards her racism comments.

    • Coondog, for your information, I am never a racist. You got me all wrong. I am just responding to these blogs.

      Everyone is entitled to his/her opinions.

  19. I think there should be a guest judge every week just to keep it interesting. It would prevent the other judges from feeling like "the bad guy" when its time to be truthful. I also think the contestants are too chummy with the judges and it makes it difficult for the judges to say everything they want to say. As we all know "America" has the final say but unfortunately the voting can easily be manipulated by any one with a phone. Dancing with the Stars has a far better system because the judges vote combines with the viewer's vote and they also limit the amount of votes per phone line. Its only a matter of time before people will see how inadequate the American Idol voting system is. Imagine if our political votes were cast in that way.

  20. This may seem like an odd question, but does anyone besides me think that Scotty may be related to Clay Aiken? They really do resemble one another and they went to the same high school. Cousins?

    • No, I don't see it. They both look different.

      Must be your imagination. Lol.

  21. Paul should sing My Girl – Temptations

    Casey should sing Sugar Pie Honey Bunch – Four Tops or I'll Be There – Jackson 5

  22. Actually Second That Emotion would be perfect for Scotty. I think it's an easy one to make country and something perfect for his deep voice. Another good choice would be The Way You Do the Things You Do by the Temptations for Scotty.

  23. I think Casey should sing WAR.

    Scotty, MY GIRL

    James, SUPER FREAK



    Jacob, I'LL BE THERE

    That's all I could think of, but I'd like to hear Casey sing War.

      • I think Thia should sing You Can't Hurry Love. It is an up tempo song, and think she can nail it.

        Scotty can sing My Girl. It'll be cute for him. I could see the girls going crazy for him with this one.

  24. I'd like to hear someone – not sure who,

    Easy as Sunday Morning – the commodores

    I’ll be there – Jackson 5

    Midnight Train to Georgia – Gladys Knight and the Pips

    Super Freak – Rick James

    Marvin Gaye

    Rick James & Teeena Marie Fire & Desire

    • hey strong tower…dont ask if filipino,it dos'nt matter if is compition to those who has a golden voice and deserve to to ba a next american I guessed THIA MEGIA is having the Golden voice….by the way Im not from asia Im from Africa and I am fan of Thia Megia…and Im no.1 fan also of Charice..(Glee)

    • I do not object with Strong Tower's question!!!

      That question could be for a safety reason!!!

      Those contestants are exposing themselves, and information about themselves to people that live in many different areas around the globe especially USA!!! If I was a parent of one of those contestants, no matter how old, I would stay visible!!!! To the parents/Guardians of Thia, stay close to her and always, always stay visible. I know this is a singing competition, and young people desire to make their dream's come true, but always put Thia's safety first!!!!

  25. I hope Thia sings "I heard it through the grapevine" by Gladys Knight and the pips.. the soul style of this music fits very much to the strength of Thia's vocal talent..

  26. Yo people,I'm from way down in New Zealand. We're on a delayed broadcast of the show,like Friday/Sat NZ time. I keep tabs via internet.Motowns cool,no worse than picking your birth year really.Scotty gonna be the interesting one,what will he choose? The rest,well maybe the bottom girls might just claw there way back up a bit;I wait with anticipation

  27. go thia just sing what you love to sing

    but please dont sing lullaby sing a song appropriate with your age.t.y.

  28. Pia is the one people should be talking about here,she nails it every single time,best female,by far.As far as men,i really like James but Stefano is taking over,i think.His last performance was incredible…Naomi needs to go and so does Scotty.

    • Pia was more talked about last week on the last board. I guess everyone has his turn.

  29. it's okay if THIA sings this one.. but thia needs to step it out a little bit.. remember RAMIELE MALUBAY also did this song.. but the judges dont like it because the power of her voice and her performance was kind off.. thia should sing this song same as the power and energy VONZELL SOLOMON from season 4 did this song.. she nailed this song.. so thia with her great vocal ability can nail this one.. she just need to enjoy the stage and dance a little bit and show that ass-like people how THIA MEGIA can NAIL this song and be the best this week..!! LOVE YOU THIA!!

  30. I love Naima. She's not afraid to take risk.All she needs to do now is pick a song that wold compliment her great vocals. Go NAIMA! πŸ™‚

  31. I like Naima. She has a sweet personality. She looks like and reminds me of Vanessa Williams.

  32. When I first commented on the Motown week theme I thought it simply meant anything R&B and I was quickly corrected. However when I looked up the complete Motown catalogue and it is enormous! There are a few of the Idol contestants — especially my favorite, Casey — who will not be helped by singing any top 10 Motown hit. I hope that Casey has dug into the catalogue and found the jazziest piece there. I totally agree with Dan about James singing "Hello", I think that could be another great success like his Paul McCartney pick. Haven't read any pick that sounds right for Paul or a few of the others — too much shoe horning into Top 10 favorite songs.

  33. If this competetion is based on crying, Naima is the Idol. The judges will probably use the save for her again. I just don't get it. She is not cut out for American Idol and should have never made this far when the judges could have saved some of the others. Crying has its advantages.

  34. Someone on these boards suggested that Scotty should sing "Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay" which Otis Redding did so well. The more I think about it, I think so too. But It's another slower song, and it may be time for Scotty to do something up tempo.

    • @Templar, I think it was on another board, and if you're talking about the same one I'm thinking, the person named Stevie Fox or Steven Fox mentioned this song.

  35. After reading the Thia lovefest in these comments, I felt compelled to explain what her REAL problem is right now. And it is simply that she isn't relevent. She's a teenager trying to perform as a more mature artist. That's not going to get her over with the AI audience and if Simon were still here, he would tell her so. The judges and her fans aren't doing her any favors by not being honest with her. Perform to your friends, not your mother and the audience will BELIEVE. Continue doing what you are… And you may leave with Mom's respect, but you WILL leave none the less. The way I see it right now, James is the frontrunner in this thing.

  36. I think that naima girl should leave or hayley i hate both of favorite is paul he is great

  37. Thia is HIGHLY overrated. She has good vocals but she's always playing safe by singing the songs in a very slow tempo (which makes her performances boring). I like her voice. I hope she'd sing upbeat songs.

  38. paul could do good and win i think. he has a rod stewards voice. and i like pia too shes good too and so is scotty. but paul is my best and im hoping he wins but time wil l tell,they wont use that safe o n anyone cause theres to many good ones too lose

  39. Ranking order as of ending last week, top 11!

    Thought I would make a ranking by building a points scale and have a debate about it on here! Please share your thoughts!

    Here are the criteria, given points based on 5 the highest, 1 the lowest for the categories and add them up. Categories: pure vocal capabilities meaning range, voice sound meaning pitch, tone and pleasing to hear, appearance & style, performance abilities meaning watchable, variety abilities meaning able to do more than one style of singing, Buy-able meaning would you buy a cd? Non-Fade-able meaning they will be remembered after this Idol season. This is my own subjective opinion, but thought it was interesting way to think about it.

    Ranking: Highest to lowest

    1. James: 28

    2. Pia 26

    3. Lauren 25

    4. Scotty 21

    5. Haley 20

    6. Tied Thia 19

    6. Tied Stefano 19

    8. Jacob 18

    9. Casey 16

    10. Paul 15

    11. Naima 11

  40. Naima and Haley have to battle it out to make the Top 10. One or the other is going this week.

  41. yeh that naima should of gone home they wont use no safe any more unless its one of the good ones like paul for sure and scotty and also pia and a few others but paul is the best and im all on his side hes the best guy in my book he is kind of cool and could sing anything rod steward brain adams and there doing homtown will be real good jsut hope he does good tonight and he will be in till the end.

    • Why don't you learn how to type and spell? It really makes you seem ignorant. Can't we do better than this. I would prefer Idol fans be intelligent and articulate. Read over what you type before you post it.

      • AMEN, HALLELUJAH and pass the collection plate!!!!Half way through that last posting I had to stop to take a Dramamine. But,(oops!)you neglected to use a question mark after you asked "can't we do better than this". Sorry.

    • @kristine, do you know what you're saying?scotty couldnt even sing upbeat songs, he's too slow…boring very boring indeed…its very sad if hes gonna make it to the top 10…

      • @marbel,How dare you say that to scotty!!

        scotty should got to make it to the top 10 because he has a great voice!!!!

        And i'll vote for him!!

    • Scotty should go back to the barn where he belongs. All the rednecks can't see the real talent because they have their heads up their butts.

  42. After reading some news about Stefano, I think he should go home. No one wants that kind of idol.

    I knew something was fishy about him and never like him or his singing anyway.

    • anonymously, you can't leave us hanging like that. I just went and searched for the news myself and found it. Yeh, you're absolutely right. In fact, I'm surprised that Idol even allows contestants with that on their history…if they even knew about it when he came to the show.

      • Though, I think the voters will take care of that. I'm sure throughout the day the news will continue to spread and voters will react to it.

      • Absolutely disagree.. His personal situation should not effect his ability to perform on the show or him trying to make a living and being on Idol. We all have made mistakes in the past, you accept responsibility and move forward. The show knows, I'm sure they screen

      • KL, yeah. I'm just surprised too to even let the conestants with histories like that be on the show.


      • By the way, someone else said it first, in a descriptive way. I didn't say what his problem was. But yeah, I know, people makes mistakes. Hopefully he'll learn from it. People do get second chances you know.

      • Dan, I'm not saying he doesn't deserve a 2nd chance in life or in his music career. I'm saying American Idol is a high profile competition that should have a code of conduct for new idols trying to impress America…much the same way sports and pageants have rules about this sort of thing. Add to it that he used his story as being a victim of a similar incident to win the sympathy of America. For me, all of that collectively means see ya later. I wouldn't have voted for him anyway, so I guess in reality he is not getting any fewer votes from me.

      • Thank you Corndog,

        And if we're going to pull people off American Idol for substance abuse issues, we'll be pulling some great musicians and a judge or two. If someone has made a mistake and paid for it, should we still keep punishing them? By the industry itself, music is a way to communicate and heal from life's problems and lessons. I've learned a lot from the songs and strife of musicians. Why lock the door on them now?

  43. The more I think about Branden's choice for Thia ("Don't Leave Me This Way"), the more I like it. I just went and listened to it, and Thia has the perfect voice for this song…much more so than the ones I had suggested ("I'm Coming Out" and "Living for the City"). I hope she does something like this that gets everyone moving, as opposed to something sappy (though not a ballad) like "My Guy."

    • KL, I just heard the song on youtube. I'm not crazy about it. But, unless Thia sings it, I'll change my mind.

    • i love Thia i am so proud of her and proud to be a filipino she sing so wonderfull

  44. Well, although Stefano is not among my favorites, while a DUI is bad, they've kept a few others on the show that had their faults too. His performance last week was very good and feel he deserves to be in the Top 11. As for Haley, while she has picked a couple of poor choices, her voice quality on her rendition of "Blue" was flawless.

    • Whew!! Though a DUI is nothing to be proud of, for all the hoopla in previous comments I thought Stephano was a child molester or something. He made a mistake with drink and drive apparently and must have paid the civil sentence for his crime. Let him move on as our justice system allows. This is American Idol–guess what?–part of the American system is that you pay for your crime and then go out and make a life for your self with whatever God-given talent you have and try to use it to the best of your ability. C'mon people!

  45. we all jsut have to wait and see how it comes out tonight and the voting good luck to you all who you like the most. it all can jsut turn around you know too and you jsut dont know wh o could leave.

  46. they all were do good no matter what. before we know it we will have a new american ideol .

  47. No one here thinks Haley is amazing? Girl has an amazing and unique voice, her performances are just incredible. I am from Canada and can't vote, I wish I could..I would have voted for her a thousand times!

    This year the sound system on AI sucks, music is low, sound is off, arrangements are like karaoke..Judges keep praising mediocre singers..Only reason I keep watching is Haley, honestly. She keeps it interesting. I would love to watch her in a real band setting, with her own band, whatever..

      • I would Love to hear Haley do some Janice Joplin.. I don't know if she's ready for "Cry Baby", but I think she could definately handle "Me and Bobbie McGee"..

    • Finally! Where have all the Haley lovers been. I been saying this for weeks. Why do the judges praise–or should I say overlook–Naima's obvious singing deficiencies, and try to make Haley look substandard? Is JLo that jealous and use her womanly guiles to steer Randy and Steven astray? Yeaaa Haley!!

      • I am such a Haley fan, and am glad for her song choice this week. I hope she doesn't get pidgeon-holed into singing Janice Joplin (whom I also love)- there are a lot of great songs that I think she would do well with. I would like to see her do a Stevie Nicks song, especially to work with Stevie's long time producer Jimmy Iovine, I think something really interesting could come of it.

  48. for ggodness sake we are not all perfect everyone makes mistakes,and what has it got to do with singing anway.he has a lovely voice and should be given a chance.

  49. Is it just me or does anyone else have to close their eyes to listen to Jacob. Watching him sing is a huge irritant. If you close your eyes, you can enjoy it.

    • Tsm, I was having a hard watching him sing too. It was irritant. But yes, just not watching sing sounds better.

      • I think when he watches this weeks' tape, he may take note of some of the facial contortions he's doing, and it hopefully will be a good learning tool for him. PLUS, as a singer I know that some of those grimaces can lead to vocal chord damage, so it's a good habit to break now. I think he really kicked it up a notch this week- great song choice, and he resisted oversinging. I'm a first time fan this week.

    • I sincerely hope that Jacob look at last night's video. The voice is there but, it is obscured by the poor "Diva" act. I was wondering if he thought for a moment he was Diana Ross. Facial expressions are helpful when performing, if properly used. However, the improper use of facial expressions can destroy one's performance.

  50. Well so far the performances have been just okay. I love Haley but that song just didn't fit. I think the judges are feeling the same thing us viewers are want to help save her. She has such potential. It would be a shame to loose her now.

  51. Haley totally "SUCKS"..what's up w/all of that gruff? is that supposed to make her sound better?? her runs are all over the place, & the judges shouldn't encourage her by lying to her..i truly miss Simon on this show, at least he was the most honest of the judges. she should've been gone 2 wks ago

  52. Pariss, I can agree with a couple of your points. Simon is truly missed. Steven does nothing for the judges. The "gruff" was a terrible fit for Haley. She does have potential though. Certainly far more then Naima. If any of them should have gone home the last 2 weeks….Naima should have.

  53. Okay…Naima blew Haley out of the water tonight. I have to eat my earlier words. I guess that is why we watch it every week. Still not anywhere near a favorite for me be she did her job tonight.

  54. I love to watch American idol and love them all, some more than others. That is the name of the game but I just am not happy with the sound and judges this time around. Go Scotty I love you and paul

  55. The 2 best singers will not win. So many kids vote and the most popular always wins which is often not the best singer! Pia and Jacob are the best!

  56. Stefano can sing but he needs to stop saying he is Italian,I am very sorry he is no more Italian than I am, he may be half by his father but his mother is either equadorian or mexican his mother is 100% latina ,whats up with that! son either your mother has lied to you or you are in denial.I think alot of latin viewers are not going to vote for him because of his saying he is Italian .Could he be related to snookie remember when she said she was Italian and it turned out she was from Chile!Give me a break stop being ashamed of your heritage.

  57. i love them,but i think jacob,stefano, and my girl naima are the best. I want jacob to take it all the boy can singggg!!!!!!

  58. I love my girl naima. But my boy Jacob and stefano is the bomb. But if u ask my i think Jacob is going to take it all.

  59. Scotty should take it all. Just wish he would sing some Randy Travis. He is good no matter what he sings. Just thinkin' he would do Randy Proud. Maybe the comp. should turn it around, maybe we should have a country week!!! Just sayn'. Maybe they would all shine.

    • yes, i agree scotty would do a great job of randy's songs,he would certainly add a scotty flavour to it.

  60. I am SOOOOOO tired of some of the females singing ballads!!!! OMG! We all know youcan sing a ballad, come on show us what else you can sing!!!!!!! Geeezzzz!

  61. paul is the best and scoty isnt boring he sings great like him too, so know ones knows who will win jsut wait and see you all might jsut be disapointed to see who really wins this year

  62. no matter what they al l will be good and they all can make it out there, haley sure didnt do good in my book or namai she sucks.but lets just see they wont use no safge on any one they think cause theres good ones who can be safe, and i jsut think ill be right the 3 or two will be pia and scotty and paul but we will see. no i dont know but it seems like all my favorites so far still been in so what that tell yah but time will tell anyways we all like who we like and all so jsut sit back and wait

  63. Pls..

    vote for Scotty McCreery………..

    thank you very much


  64. mable, scotty is good too but i like paul alot beter no one knows whos going ot make it jsut tune i nand see and pluss you might be happy or disapointed i n the results your self on the one you pick so no matter what it dont matter who is better they all can make it i nthis world and my favorite is paul by the way but scotty is good as a singer hayley is the one who needs to leave and that other girl nimaia she sucks as bad as haley, and jacobb can go too, we lal like who we like so dont be cuttign us all down. there all good i n there own way

  65. stephen yeh scotty is great and i do like hi m too so i hope he does wel l too. but i stil l like paul too and pia are the best with scotty. best to them all.but we all might jsut get a big surprise o n it all tonight and they wont use there safe unless they really have to if its one of the good ones but i dont think they will i been right on most of mine there still in scotty and paul and pia im sure they wont be leaving.

  66. casey a.=taylor hicks.Stephano = chris allen.jacob l.=rubin studdard paul is just plain bad nobody else thank god has ever won.anyway all losers

  67. that was other year for those and I liked chris allen and those you said and paul is great what ever. so you all and even me jsut have to wait and see we al l might jsut not like the results but oh well thats how it will work out there all good no mater what they al l can make it one day anyways so im not worried about nay of it,

  68. we all will see what happens tonight be surprised thats for sure. all my people i like o n there are still there so im jsut praying they stay agin and do more good songs. i jsut enjoy watching american ideol its a great show to watch.

    • My predictions for the bottom: Stefano, Lauren and I'm at a tie between Haley and Naima. I really think Lauren is too young and needs a couple more years to mature. Thia, while more talented, is also just too young. I really don't think super stardom is good for young teenagers and if you look at almost all the celebs that started out at that age or even younger, you'll notice they had a tough time dealing with the results of their fame. That being said, I think AI should have stuck with their former age requirements.

      Also, I thought Ryan should not have let all those girls come up and hug Jacob because it took a lot of time away from the show and seemed preferential. However, the show was good last night and Naima may not win this singing competition but was smart to let everyone see she has talent performing in other ways.

  69. Sorry to hurt anyone's feelings, but I could trim this group down by more than 1. Thia, Haley, and Naima can all go. I know Thia is young, but the music business isn't all lollipops and rainbows so toughen up and quit with the crying. Haley, yeah there is talent there, but most of the girls are more interesting and memorable than her. And Naima, ugh. Seriously? That dirty-hippie, "I'm unique and different because I make my own clothes" attitude is TIRED and played out. Pia is good, yes, but between her and Lauren, Lauren is way more enjoyable to watch and listen to. Talent-wise the guys blow the girls out of the water this season. Scotty isn't the best guy singer, but he's SO unique and AI has never had anyone like him in the top

    10 before. Jacob is incredible but I'm ready for him to sing more "current" songs just so he can prove that he's not stuck in the "gospel" rut. Stefano—awww, a real cutie and very talented, but forgettable when compared to the other guys. Adam? Oops, I mean James… πŸ™‚

    #1 and #2 for me are Casey and Paul, respectively. I look forward to seeing what those 2 are gonna sing every week!! Ideal top 5 in my book–Casey, Paul, Jacob, Lauren, and Scotty. 

  70. paul is the real cute one here and i knew all my people i liked are stil lthere i couldnt belive they saved casey no more safe now and theres good ones out there too but two will be going too, i knew scotty was staying and paul and pia and this are all mine i liked and there still in and should still be in but will be scarry next week with two leaveing. but i think namia should goo and jacob or stepha but time will tell i been right al l along with the ones i knew were staying of mine and hope still we will see next week will really be good and also scotty stasyed he is good as well my favorite is paul

  71. just be thankful who ever wins its still great all the others will do good too but im all for paul and scotty and pia and thia too. if one goes i vote for other one i have no big deal

    • kristine neal, I like reading your comments, and appreciate them too, but it would be easier if you could punctuate your sentences.

      Thankfully, you are one of those who still like Scotty and Thia.

  72. had to change my name as kris was easy the people who have cut me down on me missed spelled my full name but i like to be called kris.thank you all. and lets get back to the american ideol people there all good and pia is the strongest for sure she could really sing a whitney huston one i like to see her sing queen of the night the judges like for her to bring it up alot and that would be a good one for her and as for paul he could do some many cool ones with his cool voice like rod and bryan adams and many more he is the best to me in the guys. two people will go next week and i think it will be jacob or stepha in the guys as for the gals could be naiam or haley. lets see now i been good with it all i jsut love voting i use to vote for racing horses all the time and i won most of them too .gog get them paul


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