American Idol 2011: Top 12 Week Popularity Rankings

For the past two weeks (Top 13 & Top 12) we’ve been collecting your votes on who has had the best American Idol 2011 performance each week. Now we can put those numbers side by side to see who gained the most and fell the furthest.

The biggest climber this past week was Stefano Lagone who went from 3% to 15% and moved in to this week’s Top 3. Lauren Alaina and Thia Megia both showed a modest 2% gain, but still stayed in the middle of the pack.

The deepest drop over the past week was from James Durbin who went from 17% down to the 11%, taking him out of the Top 3. Casey was next with a 5% drop.

That brings us to the Performance Poll Rankings for this past week, based purely on our site’s polls with some pretty healthy sample sizes.

American Idol 2011 Top 12 Week Performance Poll Rankings

  1. Scotty McCreery – 18% (no change from previous week)
  2. Pia Toscano – 17% (down from 19% previous week)
  3. Stefano Langone – 15% (up from 3% previous week)
  4. James Durbin – 11% (down from 17% previous week)
  5. Thia Megia – 9% (up from 7% previous week)
  6. Casey Abrams – 7% (down from 12% previous week)
  7. Jacob Lusk – 6% (up from 5% previous week)
  8. Lauren Alaina – 5% (up from 3% previous week)
  9. Paul McDonald – 3% (no change from previous week)
  10. Karen Rodiguez – 2% (up from 1% previous week)
  11. Haley Reinhart – 1% (down from 2% previous week)
  12. Naima Adedapo – 1% (down from 3% previous week)

Karen was obviously eliminated last week which puts Haley and Naima perilously close to elimination danger. However, keep in mind Stefano’s incredible jump from 3% to 15% over the past 2 weeks which shows that any of these singers can pull themselves back from the brink with the right song choice and performance.

How is your favorite singer doing in the polls? Better keep voting!

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  1. thia my god ur so great proud 2 b filipino im chad garcia fr.phil just be on top always girl.

  2. If you are a texting pre-teen girl who are you gonna vote for? Duh! Just look at the past idol winners. The show is becoming a poll for what teens like. Or maybe we should be hopeful that this is a preview of upcoming national elections. Only they won't get multiple votes. If 2 people vote and one votes 50x does that mean more people want what was voted on?

    • No one is stopping anyone else from voting as much as they'd like.

      If someone votes just once for person X and someone else votes 100 times for person Y, then I'd say there's more passion and enthusiasm out there for person Y. Don't complain about multiple votes when there's nothing keeping you from doing the same.

      • My sentiments exactly Matt! I can't imagine casting only one vote if you're really passionate about your performer. I think it's a great way for people to also rank their favorites. For example, I'll give 100 to Thia and 10 to James, or whatever.

      • I could not disagree more. A adult, who one would think has better taste in music (than a say a young, pimple faced, teeny bopper) … Is not likely the have the time, nor the inclination to waste two hours of their night voting for their favorite performer multiple times, much less a hundred times. Few adult people I know, would even remotely consider doing that. As time is something most adults do not have much of these days. And that my friends is why the cute, pretty boys, with little in the way of talent always go much further than they should on this show. And people who vote 100 times a night are more like to vote for their favorite performer (like young teeny bops do) as opposed to voting for the one who performed the best the night. Myself, I can't imagine how BORING this show would be for me each and every week, if I already knew who I was voting for, before the show even started. Those are two HUGE reasons to limit votes to one per phone line. But, I know it will never happen. As the producers always want Ryan Seacrest to say we had 100 million voters last night. Or something to that effect.

      • Steve Fox…….I totally agree with you. After Season 8, I don't think Adult voting really counts….Too many kids voting like crazy. I really don't have the patience or the stamina to do that anymore…..I did it for Adam to no avail……..Now I just hope and prayer that maybe this year a rightful winner will WIN……not a cute sweet guy or girl because of that fact……….


      • @ Steve Fox….I agree. It takes all my energy just to vote the (FB) deal…having to type in those letters and/or #'s…some caps, some lower case(and some are pretty indistinguisable) is very time consuming….I don't do the text deal and when I try to vote by phone, I usually get a busy signal…way TOO much energy and wasted time. jmo 🙂

      • it actually takes me about 10 minutes to vote like 40 times on the maximum is 50 online votes anyways… i dunno. for me it's worth it though. and i'm an ADULT. and i threw it on the GROUND!!!

      • Would you sit online for hours trying to get concert tickets for your favorite band? Or would you sit online for hours trying to get concert tickets for some no-name act? Same concept…the stronger band with stronger fan support will have people staying online for hours trying to get the tickets.

      • Jazzy Jeff, yeh I'm an adult too. An extremely busy one at that (I just have the luxury of working at my computer all day). I'm usually too tired to stay awake past 10:00pm. But on Wednesday night, I make an exception and stay up the extra two hours to support my favorite because I love her music and I really want to see her stay around for awhile.

      • I vote right now to keep three girls in the show! Pia, Thia, and Lauren.

        I do not vote once or twice. I vote for the whole two hours for my favorites and no one else. I would like to see the girls stay in to the end. They have better voices than most of the boys.

  3. Top 11 Facebook likes :

    Scotty – 29,376

    Thia – 20,180

    Lauren – 17,111

    James – 12,254

    Pia – 11,780

    Casey – 10,841

    Stefano – 10,320

    Paul – 8,314

    Jacob – 5,006

    Haley – 4,263

    Naima – 3,672

    • As was the case on the twitter numbers, Scotty is leading the pack.

      Is this a foreshadowing of what we might see in the 2011 finals?

    • Stefano is becoming the Dark Horse and he is more eligible to be the next american idol with his looks and versatility.

      • I kno w Stefano is cute.. but he is not a superstar singer material.. He is very cute though.. A cute actor maybe..:))

      • I don't care for Stefano. He bores me.

        He doesn't really look like a superstar type. Cute? What's so cute about him??? I don't find him cute or a good singer.

      • These are your opinions and if you find him boring and not cute what about your bets? stefano is good looking and good singer the others look like some mountaineers who just came down to the city hahaha…. Id rather vote for stefano at least not another lee dwyze who had been reported to have the lowest sales among the winners of AI.

      • Janiska, chill out. Yes, I am entitled to my opinion. And you have yours. I'd like to keep mine.

      • I can see Stefano's appeal to teenage girls (which J-vibrato-Lo acts like when he performs). He's a bee-bopper and has that boy band attribute. But if he's going to have success past American Idol, he'll probably need 4 more just like him, and hopefully for his sake, at least one of them will know how to write music. Because I'm not so sure Stefano does.

      • what?,,,,,,,black horse?he is even pitchy…he makes simple songs hard to listen and over the top when its not supposed to be…..he is trying hard just like you Janiska 33…..just like you….

      • hey Janiska this is not the backstreet boys competition nor it is who's got the look show….dear this is American Idol as Ryan always says it……Get a Life

  4. Thia keep rockin'! Always be an inspiration to everyone. Youre beautiful soothing voice will bring u on top! Trust me! A big big fan here!

  5. Go stefano…. you are so exciting to watch when you perform on stage. thats what we call versatility.

  6. RankNameFacebook


    Followers | | Total

    #1tweet thisScotty McCreery

    Musician – American Idol

    Like Follow 29,397 37,979



    #2tweet thisCasey Abrams

    Musician – American Idol

    Like Follow 7,046 36,926



    #3tweet thisPaul McDonald

    Musician – American Idol

    Like Follow 8,319 30,888



    #4tweet thisJames Durbin

    Musician – American Idol

    Like Follow 12,265 24,872



    #5tweet thisLauren Alaina

    Musician – American Idol

    Like Follow 6,651 26,934



    #6tweet thisPia Toscano

    Musician – American Idol

    Like Follow 6,735 26,132



    #7tweet thisThia Megia

    Musician – American Idol

    Like Follow 6,284 25,988



    #8tweet thisStefano Langone

    Musician – American Idol

    Like Follow 5,289 23,440



    #9tweet thisJacob Lusk

    Musician – American Idol

    Like Follow 5,013 15,341



    • This doesn't look totally right. She has over 20,000 "likes" on her main Facebook page. See Mystery Girl's above, which looks more accurate.

      • I searched the website and the post is real/genuine. But top searches still goes for Scotty and Stefano is becoming popular too. Top Celebrities listed Ai in a lower number also.

    • Yet…according to Ryan…over 30 million votes came in last week….the accumulated totals above do not compare….plus, I really do not put a whole lot of stock in these type of polls/counts….JMHO 🙂

    • Did you notice that both Scotty and Casey were at almost 40K followers but Scotty had a full 4 TIMES as many liking him over Casey. Very interesting…

    • I visited this page and i agree, SAcotty is leading but Pia is becoming popular likewise. Go Stefano and Jacob, you are my bets!

    • What I've been trying to say, though, is that this does not necessarily reflect the real Facebook page. It's based on the AI Facebook page for the performer. In Thia's case, there's nothing even posted there. But if you go to another one at:

      She has over 20,000 likes. My guess is that she has had this one since starting her career. But I don't know for sure. This is the page that I "like."

  7. My fave is:

    1 Thia

    2 Thia

    3 Thia

    4 Thia

    and # 5

    is still

    Thia =)

    I believe in her..

    hopes she makes it

    to Top 5.

    • This is completely out of the blue but I'm listening to music right now and a song came to mind that would be perfect for Thia if she can get it within the theme some week coming. It is "Dancing Queen" by ABBA.

      First, it's upbeat. Second, it's got a cool melody. Third, the vocals for this song would showcase Thia's "pitch-perfect" voice that reminds Randy of "the late-great Michael Jackson" and it's also a great nostalgia song from the 70s disco era.

      What do you think?

      • Yeah, I like Dancing Queen. I could picture and hear Thia sing anything really. Her voice is so smooth and inspiring.

  8. Thia deserves my vote!

    The youngest yet the most talented.

    Small but terrible! Beautiful inside

    and out PERIOD!

  9. of course thia, lauren and pia for the girls

    for guys, casey, stefano and paul

    But for the above choices I am rooting for Thia.

    • Casaey and Paul dont have a chance Either does James and Jacob. Its going to be Scotty all the way.

      • Lee…..I love Scotty and I said it from the beginning…..He should just sign his country contract now……Yes, he is a country idol….Sorry,but to me, not an American Idol….JMHO

      • @ Lee, Yes, I like Scotty…I am sure he already has a contract lined up…My favorite to win is James Durbin. 🙂

      • agree phyllis, agree rose..

        scotty is a nice guy and a great singer. but country is just a little too "fringe" to take top prize in this competition. american idol may have it's anomalies, but it is primarily about pop, rock, and r&b (thankfully not as much r&b any more). oh, and gangster rap.

    • With all the Twitter and Facebook numbers coming in, with the number of fans we see in the comments on this site, I am beginning to wonder if we are going to see…….Thia and Scotty……in the finals this year???

      Any else see it breaking this way?

      • I don't know, but I'd like to see that. That would be nice. Scotty and Thia. cool.

    • This Contest is called American Idol and Thia is not fit to be called AI cuz her parents are Pilipinos. OMG, we might as well change the title of this contest at American- Asian Idols.

      • Janiska 33, what planet are you from??? What you've just wrote here is a racist remark. Regardless Thia is Philipino, she is born in USA and that makes her American. How about Fantasia? or Reuben Studdard if that's what you meant? Omg to yourself! Go get some education!

      • Why do you react to my opinion? If thats what i look at Thia? Granting she will win….. do you think she can be great AI like the others? She lack height, personaliy and she is too boring. just go for your idol, so what? Its true she is Pilipina and she has no american blood.

      • Alexis: the nerve to call me an idiot. who do you think you are? Assh*le? The comments are my personal opinion, you got no right to insult me IDIOTA!!!What is your concern about Thia unless she is your daughter or sister hahahaha. Its true, asian blood can nevewr be an american, her blood is different and she has brown skin. If im a racist? i love black singers cuz they are original americans. Like i said, change the title of this contest to american- asian idol so thia will fit.

      • Dont name call people here, just make comments but never attack me personally. Those are my personal opinion and if you hype for Thia, just hype but never, never, never insult people here. you act like a Moron! this is for Alexis whoever you are!

      • Whooa! Hold your horses, Janiska!

        That is why it's called American Idol, America is consisted of Black, White and Yellow and even mixed. Let me remind you that. What do you have against asians anyway? You are discriminating a contestant here!!!

      • Your comment shows how ignorant you are. I would bet your idol Stefano and Pia Tooscano have Italian blood, Scotty is 1/4 Puerto Rican, Karen is Latina, Naima and Jacob would be African-American, so why pick on Thia? Is it because, no matter how horrible the prospect may be to you, your gut feel tells you that she just might pull the rug from under the other contestants' feet and win this? I don't care who wins, as long as it's somebody deserving, regardless of ethnic roots.

      • I think you're the one who is calling people more names than anyone else here. Especially to say Thia is Philipino and that she doesn't belong in the show, that is prejudice.

        Listen to yourself. You sound like an angry person.

      • Do you have this prejudice problem or something??
        Let me remind you that this is a singing contest not a beauty pageant!!!! Besides, Thia is a beautiful singer with a big voice! She does have a big, amazing voice than Stefano.

      • Ron, that's funny. Everyone, Janiska is only trying to get a rise out of you. It's obvious that he/she doesn't understand the difference between nationality and race. Janiska, Thia belongs there because she IS an American. What citizenship do you think she has? She was born in the United States and is American. To say she doesn't belong there because she is Asian does in fact make you a racist. That's not name calling. That's just technically what it is. You're saying that they should exclude Americans from the show because of there race (Asian). The show is called American Idol, not American-Caucasian idol. Or do you even understand what I just said? And what on earth were you saying about black people being original Americans? You need to pick up a history book. Most of us (white, black, Asian) are not original Americans. Original Americans are called Native Americans…oh wait, you probably know them as Indians. (Signed, a middle-aged, conservative, white male.)

      • If Thia isn't fit to be an American Idol then she shouldn't have allowed to join in the first place. And who are you to say who fits and who doesn't? Just accept that Stefano doesn't have enough fan base to be an Idol. He only has the looks, that's it!

      • Janiska 33 dear ur just pityful…..F..k You……according to a black American Singer Cee-lo…….See want we meant?that's for ur sorry ass commenting like that…..

      • so what janisca33,Thia is a has a filipina blood.but she was born in usa and i guessed she deserves to ba a american superstar because of her voice…go go thia…your the best..THIA MEGIA is no.1 on my list to win

      • why are you commenting to Thia like that,,why its because THIA is no.1 and your bet is not..if Thia is in the bottom maybe you were not react like that to Thia…so obviousely THIA is the best…

        GO THIA GO

      • @Janiska 33 Your comments were below the belt and uncalled for! We love Thia but we do not put the other contestants down. It's not about ethnicity, it's about us being Americans that's why we have AI.

  10. Kind of cool how, despite the judges' unfair and harsh critiques for Thia two weeks in a row, she is still moving up in popularity, is competitive in number of Twitter followers, and is 2nd highest in Facebook likes. If she comes out and nails it this week, she can only skyrocket.

    • She's never been in the bottom three yet so, for all we know, she might be the top vote getter despite anything the judges have said.

  11. My Top 5 choices are James, Scotty, Thia, Stefano and Lauren (in proper order). However, my kind of favorite is James because he reminds me a lot of Adam Lambert. At this early, I am actually rooting for a James-Scotty finale. Two extremes but I know they would be exciting in the final battle.

  12. With regard to Twitter followers and Facebook likes, both figures do not represent the real voting population and therefore, not valid to determine how the contestants are faring right now.

    Hopefully there's a poll that can distinguish choices made by possible voters from the US and fans outside of the US. At least it would give a better picture.

    DialIdol, Idol Meter, What Not To Sing and others are all not believable because their figures are obviously manipulated by so-called "experts."

    Hopefully, American Idol leaks out their actual figures so that all the fans of the show see the actual figures. But I doubt that they would because I believe that there are some discrepancies in their records, too.

    • Well, of course. But there's no way to get the actual numbers from American Idol. I think all of these other stats, though, seem a little bit consistent with what's going on. I think they probably are more accurate at the top and the bottom, with the middle being difficult to determine. But more importantly, they give everyone something fun to debate.

  13. …..Go Jacob! I'm rooting for you 150% You are AWESOME to me; I admire the way you put yourself into the songs you sing, & give it all you got! REMEMBER: Just keep Christ 1st and you will go far!!

    • Tray, I think a lot like you do. You don't hear many people mention Jacob Lusk when they talk of thier favorites. But, I think the guy is one of the most consistenly good performers this seson. I also James Durbin as well. Throw Scotty into the mix and we would be spot on. Notice how most of my favorites are completely different in their style of singing. That is beacause unlike most, I like many different flavors of music. It's the way I have always been, when it comes to music.

  14. My Favorite 6

    James Durbin

    Pia Toscano





    Not specifically in that order, maybe casey get between these 6 but lately has dropped considerably.

    I am eager for the next presentation and see what happens

  15. James is it for me.

    Unless he really screws up….more than once.

    Sorry for all you Thia lovers…. BOORIINNNGGG


    • No need to apologize. We all like who we like. Some say Thia is boring. I say I could listen to her for hours and hours. I'm just curious to see what she would look like if she started moving it a little. I've gotta think she's got some rhythm.

      • Yeah I like the soothing voice of Thia.. I want to hear a different song from her for a change.. not that because she's boring! just to spice up.

    • american idol is tough. everyone is going to have their less-then-stellar moments. james included. the best competitors will be the ones that push themselves and deliver the "wow" moments. the more "wow" moments – the more likely you are to win. people remember great performances for weeks.

  16. …my two favourites have been Haley & Jacob from day 1, but unfortunately Haley's song choices will, I fear, be her demise…Jacob just blew me away in the run-up, but seems to have lost his way, with nerves, and has to reign it in…I would say, Thia now, & Stefano…

    • I like that! Thia and James in the finals.

      Easy listening vs. rock. Awesome.


  18. suerte, y ya estas entre los mejores, tranquila, haz lo tuyo q lo haces muy bien, olvidate del jurado que tienes adelante, solo cierra los ojos, y canta con el corazon

  19. Matt….I do love your blog and comments but I take polls with a grain of salt…..I do recall Adam leading the polls in Season 8 and we all know what happened that year!!!!

    We have had enough Kris Allens and Lee Dewyse'…..Time for an AI with some spunk….Give these balladeers a pass and lets go with an AI that rocks…..

    • @ Phyllis G. I agree….We missed out on Adam, Chris Daughtry, Bo Bice and even Siobhan Magnus…let's get some excitement back. 🙂

      • I loved Siobhan Magnus-i was crushed when she got voted off-Scottie and Casey are my favorites and Thia and Pia-let's hope real talent wins this year

    • @Rose A., and Phyllis G., Yes!!! I am on board with you both! So very tired of strong talent getting cast aside!

  20. Favorite to win…James Durbin…Top 6 – James, Pia, Scotty, Thia, Lauren, Stefano. 🙂 Hello to Phyllis G., Sherry K., Angela and T. Whoo Hoo~!!!

  21. Thia has a pure and beautiful voice. HOWEVER, her song selections have been predictable, boring, and sleepy. Her stage presence is lacking and she shows a slight hint of a personality. She's rather shy and needs to come out of her shell. She is not ready to represent AI.

  22. Wow, amazing article and nice job compiling all that and charting it out for us.

    In a comment under the "American Idol 2011 Top 11 Weekend Update" article, I noted that THIA might have more support that what she'd been getting credit for and NOW look at where this story has her ranking…Number Five

    • I think Thia is going to surprise everyone, and I feel like she has some strategy with what she's doing. She's been watching the show since before she could read, and so she must know what she has to do and not do in order to get the votes. But it's hard for me to see her winning the whole thing (though I want her too…she's my favorite). She just doesn't dominate the stage, despite being the best vocalist. I'm never good at predicting underdogs, though…so I'm really hoping she proves me wrong. I think this week will say a lot. The judges challenged her, and she basically accepted their challenge and got in their face about it (good for her!). So now she just needs to back it up, and then we'll all see her continue the move up in rankings.

      • So people, we need to maximize our votes for Thia esp the 50 on-line votes! We can do this! I would like to see her on AI tour!

  23. Pia or Casey to win they are amazing !!! First AI I ahve watched love it !!! Judges are great !!!

  24. Out of everyone Scotty should be the next american idol, his voice is fantastic and he is so sweet and charming perfect for an American Idol. Good ol country boy, so positive never has a bad thing to say. Pia has a beautiful voice and could be the next girl American Idol. Thia is to young, she needs to do broadway first and sing for Disney then start her career, like her but not a fan.

    GO SCOTTY!!!!

  25. Thia is not diverse in her singing ability and is only singing ballads. There are more worthy contestants, who challenge themselves and take risk. Thia is mediore, nothing out of the ordinaire.

    • we cannot judge what she can and cannot by just seeing one two performances.. how do you know that she can sing only ballads??? we didn't even get to the top ten yet.. I have seen her performing & I hav my money on her!

      • Ani, she's awesome in that even though she is just practicing in some hotel room. People need to see more of her before labeling her as ballads only. Here's another:

        And one more:

    • Everyone, including the judges, have such a short memory. I'm sorry, but week 2 for Thia was not a ballad ("Smile"). Maybe the original song was. But Thia jazzed it up, had people in the audience clapping and moving to it, but yet the judges still trashed her. Randy even said he liked it better when she did it slow. And then this week tells her to mix it up. He has no clue what he's telling her. But I digress…my point is that week 2 was NOT a ballad for Thia.

  26. I really am loving idol this year-the talent is extrodinary and the judges so refreshing-I love numerous singers this year and I think it is way too early to even guess who will take it all-I do love scottie but with so many great singers the voters will determine the overall winner-so I just keep tuning in-

  27. If you go back and look at all the comments here this site up to and including this one, it's pretty clear that the frontrunners right now for the Final Four are:





    In my opinion those in the running who could break into the top 4 are:





    We'll be saying goodbye to Naima and Hayley over the next two weeks.

    • Maybe…Hayley has the ability to surprise us. I just hope she has the motivation to perform well and insight to pick the right song.

  28. My favorites are Scotty, Lauren, and James! They are all three true to themselves and their singing ability, and I think they will be the top three at the end! Even if there is really only one winner, ALL THREE will have a record deal in the end. Scotty is my absolute favorite and has the most potential to be an AMAZING country star! I absolutely love him and hope to have his album soon after the end of the season!!!!!! WAY TO GO SCOTTY!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  29. I can listen to Thia over and over again…all day long!! and that's all that matters…who cares where she is at the ranking!

    • Yeh, I've said all along that Thia will have the brightest musical career ahead of her regardless of what happens on Idol (Scotty will do really well in country too). So I mostly look forward to the day when she starts recording professionally. I'll buy all her stuff. Still, when you're a huge fan like that, you can't help but want her to do anything it takes to win the competition.

      • Randy said her pitch reminds him of Michael Jackson. If only she could translate that into just a tiny bit of his ability to do the up-tempo songs…

        I'm sure she can do more than we've seen but that's a pretty high bar. If she actually CAN pull that off, watch out!

      • If she can actually push past her shyness and start working the performance aspect of it, then contest over. The judges praise others with a lesser quality voice because of what their stage presence, so they would have no choice but to give her the standing O every week. She already surprised me this week with how she responded to the judges' review…confidently, as opposed to the week's before post-performance crying. She might be getting comfortable with it all, in which case…like you said…watch out!

      • KL, so agree with ya! I am looking forward to Thia'cds, albums. I'd buy them too. She is so good, I love her. And yes, since I'm a big fan of Thia's, I, too can't help but want her to win it all.

        I wonder what will she be singing this week. Hopefully it's something upbeat, up tempo. I'm sure she can do so much more. If she does this, boy oh boy, I'd like to see what the judges have to say about that! And yes, watch out.

        I do get nervous and scared when it's her turn. I am hoping that she will impress the judges, like her first song, "Out Here on my own."

        I have no problem with Thia, it's the judges. They don't give her enough credit. At the same time they should give her some encouragement and push.

      • anonymously, you may have seen some of my other posts with my thoughts on the judges. Don't get me started! lol. J-vibrato-Lo in particular. I don't trust what she has to say anymore ever since last week's comment. So even if Thia brings everything plus the kitchen sink, I don't trust JLo to give her the credit. I thought Steven Tyler was cool because first, he commended her on a job well done, and then he posed a question to make her think about her song choice. I think he would have had more to say too if JLo could have kept her mouth shut for two seconds.

    • John, I agree. I could listen to Thia over and over again too. She could make a great recording artist! I could listen to her the whole day.

    • Yes Thia is soooo boring, not star material as American Idol. I agree Thia is Boring ang id rather go for Pia, she is a good material as American Idol with her looks and talent.

    • KL, yes, I have seen and read your comments, and enjoy reading them too. You are right, if JLo would have kept her mouth shut then Steven might say more. I didn't think he agree with Jlo and Randy. I thought he liked what Thia sings, all the time. I could tell from his expressions. True you've said it all. The judges don't know what they are talking about. Week 2, Thia was not singing ballad, it was jazzy.

  30. Scotty has got to be my favorite I grew up on country music and that deep voice he has makes it all the better every time I. Hear him I just melt I no he will make it far if he wins or not I will still be lookin for a cd cause I no one of these recording artist will grab him up

  31. Hello, Scotty is pulling in the country vote — voters who have never had much to vote for on Idol and he will probably hang on until there are 6 or 7 left. Then he will lose because most people voting are not going to vote country and because Scotty simply isn't that great. Which is not to say he won't have a great country career, I'm sure he will.

    • Scotty is still my choice to be the winner.

      He is country, but country is so very good.

      • Scotty gives people who have never watched AI a reason to watch…him and Lauren both…Im a born and bred Mississippi girl and I know good country when I hear it…and Scotty is dripping country gold!

  32. Well one of my favorites Scott is doin fin th im somehw dissapointed with my other favorite Naima. Hop she picks up this week.

  33. I still feel for my taste, Casey and Haley are who I would buy. This is all hinged on personal taste and they are all winners to someone.

  34. Scotty tiene una voz privilegiada, aun mas considerando su edad. En musica country es de lo mejor que esta emergiendo.¿Sucesor de Kenny Roger?

    • So you think Scotty will sing country but be a big crossover hit as well, like Kenny Rogers in his prime? Very possible.

  35. I think Stefano is the obvious performer with the most opportunity to rise quickly in the ratings. Of the performers remaining, he is one of the two remaining who America voted off in week 1 (he got the judges' wild card, which kept him in). He had tons of room for improvement. I give him credit, though…he rose to the challenge. He seems to have paid attention to his critiques and improved. He's still not at the same level of talent as most of the remaining performers, but he certainly has improved the most and deserves the jump he received last week. Now this week, I'm hoping for Thia to bust out, like the judges have asked, and have a break out week and then see her pop up in popularity.

    • Don't be so sure about that. As performers get voted off each week, then their fans start voting for someone else (for those who continue watching). If Casey were voted off, who would likely start getting his vote? If Pia were voted off, who would likely start getting her vote?

      • If Pia will be voted off, I think Estefano will get her vote.Via Jlo's positive comments on Estefano.

      • i am in australia and scott mccreery has the most amazing voice i and many of my friends have ever heard… keep it up scotty because we love you in australia. pure raw talent and no screaming or struggling for the right keys. well done keep making our day shine with your beautiful voice.

  36. I could care less if Thia dont win the competition… I love her and will still be her fan. atleast I know my bet has a VOICE. unlike some who cant do nothing but screech and shout.

    Americans are deaf nowadays.. too bad!

    • Chris, americans don't know the true meaning of beautiful music anymore. I totally agree with you, "American are deaf nowadays."

      My bet is Thia too all the way. She has the most infectious, amazing voice that is soothing and inspiring.

      • i love thia too 😉 hope she'll sing a younger, fresher and stand out song that fits her voice on her next performance 😉

      • I don't agree with the part "americans are deaf" and all because we may just have different opinions. This website is not and should not be used to bash anybody. Please keep offensive comments to yourself.

        Respectively and kindly,


    • I agree. I've said this same thing before. Having learned how all of this works, I never suspected Thia would win the whole thing. But that won't affect how successful she's going to be. I can't wait for the day when I can start buying her albums, with her own original music. I love her Idol downloads, but I'm really looking forward to her own music.

      • "Americans are deaf",

        "Americans don't know the true meaning of music"

        Wow, oh wow, does this mean all talent on AI falls under the same scrutiny? ( I love arm chair critics) not

      • But tishe, that's what these blog sites are for. So we can all be arm chair critics and tell everyone our own opinion.

      • too bad the people that actually mattered can't really hear you as well. so boohoo. tsk tsk.

    • I totally agree that Americans can't hear the music. They are so deaf from hearing loud and screaming music, that when a soft song is played they can't hear how good it really is. Thia is fantastic. Her voice is pure gold. Too bad that Randy thinks that it is boring or sleepy. He must be deaf too!

      • I agree with you, Shelley. Can't believe the people and the judges are not paying attention to the singing vocals. Just because Thia picks a slow song, they start turning their brains off. And when loud music comes in, like those who scream, then they hear? Geez, how could they be judges if they are not listening to the vocals clearly? It is a shame that Randy thinks Thia is sleepy because her voice is truly the purest of them all. Yeah, Randy must be deaf too.

  37. Let's all pretend for a minute that Thia really is a ballad singer…though believe me, I just finished watching some of her YouTube videos again, and she is NOT (by the way, have you guys seen the video of her singing with her dog yet? totally cracked me up)…but let's just pretend she's a ballad singer. So what? Why should the judges have a problem with that? Do they have a problem with Scotty being a country singer? Do they tell him that it's the same thing every week and that he should come out and do a little disco next week to shake things up? If Thia were in fact a ballad singer, then judge her based on those requirements (I know, Steven Tyler was…so I guess I'm cutting him some slack). She's doing it perfectly. She connects with you, and really watch her next time she does a ballad…she'll stare into your soul when she sings. She connects with you. She uses no backup singers and very little instruments. That's how it's supposed to be if you're a ballad singer. So judge her on that if that's what you think she is. I mostly want her to mix it up this week just to get the judges off her back. And I realize it's the only way to win the competition, which is obviously what she wants.

    • KL, you've said it all! I love what you've said! So what if Thia is a ballad singer, right. (Take a look at some of the famous singer, like Josh Groban, even the late great Michael Jackson sings slow songs too)That's what makes these stand out. That's what makes these unique and special. It's true, why don't the judges judge Thia on her as a ballad singer then, if they could tell Scotty that he is only country?? The way Thia sings always connect me. I see it in her eyes. I feel her soul. She does stare into your soul. I see it when she stares at the camera. I don't mind her singing ballads at all, but like you said, I, too want her to mix it up or step it just to show the judges and have them back off. In this kind of competition, if that is the way to play, then Thia, play.

      • so what if the judges dont like thia anymore, for as long as america loves thia, judges' opinion will be nulled. Judges are just guides throughout the competition process, but still people's vote will prevail. as for Thia, any song regardless of its genre, become so special when sang by her. I dunno, something captured me when I first heard Thia's voice. So amazing! OMG!!It's uncommon…(esp.for a girl of her age)

  38. Maybe americans aren't deaf, maybe they just don't have the real passion for a quality performer or better say, they prefer a cute and beautiful performer than a not so cute and not so beautiful but better in voice quality, tone quality, and pitch quality.

    • No, they prefer good looking guys who are cute and like to scream their songs. I get tired of Casey's yelling and screaming. Paul

      sounds awful. James is a little better, but still does a lot of yelling and screaming. Today's teens are tone deaf from wearing head

      phones over their ears and turning up the volume. Too bad a quality performer will not win AI this year!

  39. i agree..among the girls..Thia HAS the voice….but she has to sing her way out of the judges' criticism….the judges wants to know if she has the VOICE…so they want her to get out of her comfort zone and try other styles…if she do that then PIA look out..she'll belt you even better…she has a solid..clear notes than the rest combine..and how old is she???

    • I am sorry to say that a girl will not win AI this year! Mostly girls are voting and all they care about is which cute guy is going to win. All the girls will be voted off

      first, I am sorry to say! Maybe one or two will get to the top five. Then some of the guys will start being voted off.

      • maybe, your ryt?! but still, my vote goes to thia…go them what u'v got!!; ))

      • maybe you're right. But if the boys are to be voted off, I would choose Paul, because of his ridiculous dance and annoying smile, Casey, because of his same ol angry expressions and even sounds the same everytime he sings, maybe Jacob because he is too gospel, and Stefano, boring.








    • as it stands right now, thia winning is quite far-fetched. she should up her game. stop being so sleepy-looking and sleep-inducing all the time. it makes her look lazy, safe and boring. in the course of the past two weeks, she's easily becoming invisible and irrelevant to the competition. wake up girl! surprise them! kick it in their faces! OMG. im so involved. haha

    • Paul is a joke, can not dance, can not perform and picks lousy songs so if he was to do songs of his own they would be lousey because he cant even sing the songs by stars right. he looks rediculous on stage, the smiling bugs me to heck. no way he will leave soon, 3 or 4 before him then he is gone

  40. Hi da guys I finally saw the show on sunday and egree with you 100% the wrong person was eliminated

    they should take out Thia Haley & Naima consecutively great predictions people. Im still rooting for James however I also think Casey Jacob Paul & Stefano should pack their bags cruel maybe? but there it is………

  41. Watching the try-outs for American Idol is all I did in the past because they were hilarious but James Durbin is the reason why I'm watching this season all the way to the end, hopefully. He is an incredible talent that has come to life and grabbed the stage when we least expected. Geniuses are like that. There's a lot of talent this year on the show but I have a feeling that, if tapped properly, he will produce some of the best music we can buy for the next decade or more. He makes this 59 year old doctor's wife come to tears when I see him on stage and I haven't done that since Kurt Cobain checked out on us way too early.

  42. i love






    AI winner: JAMES <3

    Top 2: James and Scotty <3

  43. My favourite is Scotty, win or lose he is the only ones music I would buy. There is something I find special about him, and I love his voice.I feel he will be a big star no matter what! This is my personal choice. I was never really a fan of country music, I am into soul, Hip hop, RnB, but That voice gets me every time!

  44. I still think Hailey Reinhart is the best female contestant in this group! Come on, her voice is just awesome she could be a recording star like right this moment!

    • Haley can sing, yes , I like her too, the judges and american people are not noticing her, but she will not win this show, not quite enough showman ship

    • Finally, someone else that likes Haley! I am shocked at how little attention she is getting. I'm with you, she is the best female vocalist by far!! My 14 year old son is a fan of hers too!

      • Believe me, there's a lot of us out here for Haley but Randy seems determined to cut her out of the competition early. I dont understand how he can tell others to come out of their comfy zones and change genre but cant appreciate how easily Haley swings and always nails it with an A1! beautiful voice! Frustrating!! Did you hear that girl do Blue?

    • Haley does have some farout pipes, she's a quirky bluesy star. She has a future & will rock lots of records out!

  45. I like Thia and I definitely have ears for good music but at this point in the competition, Thia has to blow the audience away with more exciting and upbeat numbers. We are all aware that she is magical with her ballad numbers but it's time she also impressed the world, particularly the judges who have the power to brainwash the voting public.

    Let's see if she will be impressive this week… I might join those who are looking forward to having a James-Thia finale.

  46. the two finales should be someone with ballad, slow rhythms (pia or thia or scotty) and someone with high upbeating (james, casey). that would be a great show to watch and to vote for the winner ! miss karen right now… she shouldnt have left so soon. i want to watch some more performances from her, she should be in the top 8 at least. she has personality and so charming…

  47. Scotty gives people who have never watched AI a reason to watch…him and Lauren both…Im a born and bred Mississippi girl and I know good country when I hear it…and Scotty is dripping country gold! :):):):):):)

  48. Yo soy del peru y les dire que no escuchaba musica country pero este chico scotty tiene una voz que me gusta escuchar y espero su cd.

  49. Isn't American Idol a singing contest? Then it is Thia and Pia and maybe Stefano too!

  50. Scotty you rock. Win or loose you will make it to the Grand Ole Opry I am certain. However, I still think that you have a much better chance to win this year AI because you sing to my heart.

  51. The 4% drop in Casey's rating is I guess because of Nirvana song. It did not do him any good. I am sure Casey will bounce back this week and rock.

    But I am Scotty and Pia deserve to be on the top

    • I don't think Pia is the best vocalist. She is pretty and her looks may have put her over for America but this competition is about singing. Her voice doesn't do anything for me.

    • LOL. Yeah she does boring songs but has an amazing voice. Vocalist wise she is the best in the competition.

  52. Casey is by far the best talent, ahead of the rest by a country mile, he's brilliant. Scotty is OK but not in Casey's league, There's the rest and there's the best Casey No1. Missing Simon need some straight talking all we here "It was OK but a bit pitchy in places"

  53. being a filipina im very proud of thia I hope the judges know all the criteria of being a good singer, as scottie say he can't change his country song to metallic shouting songs so as to our Thia he can't sing a rock song if her voice is for ballad music…

  54. He's doing great, as he is in the lead in the survey. What worries me is how he will attack a Motown song. I don't care much for most of that sound, but I look forward to all of it.

  55. Scotty!!!!!!!!!!

    I love scotty soooo much!

    He was the person who made me like country music.

    He sings from his heart and loves his family and friends.

    If he is voted off i will most likely stop watching.


  56. American idol season 10 is awesome!! The best talent since Carrie Underwood. I love Scotty, he will make it no matter what. I think Pia has one of the best voices I have ever heard on american idol. Thia is good also, but not as strong as Pia. Good luck to them all.

  57. I don't think the judges should go up on the Stage (S. Tyler) and show favorites. Where is Simon, at least he didn't love everyone like the three now. It is a singing contest after all, Thia, Pia and Stefano are by far the best. Judges are already showing who they have picked.

  58. I don't think they have already picked their favorites. And even if they have, what difference does that make? We are the ones voting and decide these peoples fate. Everyone has their favorite and whomever gets the most votes will win. It is as simple as that. I can,t wait to see James and Steven sing together.It will be funto see! Lighten up and enjoy! Whomever ends up in the finale will also get to sing with some famous singers, not just James. That was just a spontaneous thing that happened on air. Deal with it.

  59. Stefano was robbed tonite. He was the best performance of the nite after her performed. The judges were acting like they were scared to death he was so good. They critiqued him so as to influence the internet audience. Made me convinced the fix is in on this show. I am not a regular follower but after watching this, it's clear there is a plan and Stefano is not part of it. Makes me sick!

  60. I love Scotty and Casey the best. Thia and Pia have good voices, but a a bit boring. If they can kick it up a notch and show some personality then they could make a run for it. Lauren is also good, but inconsistent. The one I really don't get is Jacob. The judges seem to love him, but his vocals are all over the place, nothing I would ever buy.


  62. Without question, we are hoping that JAMES makes it to the top. It is an extremely tough competition among the male candidates — I am so glad I am not a judge. I consider all the top 12 winners.

    James captured our heart because I am the mother of a 5 year old son with ASD. IT is wonderful and hopeful to witness individuals who have triumphed over their challenges. We should mention that Stephano is our second choice — he just melts our hearts. We love you both!!!!! Best of luck. You are all winners in the end.

  63. I think Scotty is the best singer. He has a great voice and I think will be in the top 2!!!

  64. i think that naima needs to be let go.

    i think that wed. nite was good,but everyone else is better. jacob,haley,scotty,all of them were better. jacob was simply the best. his choice of song and delivery was amazing.

  65. i think that they all were good. jacob was outstanding.scotty really out did himself. go north carolina

  66. Pia is the full meal deal!

    Everyone else is going places as well, they're all bankable!

  67. I love, love Scotty….can't wait for him to start recording. I hope he wins it all..

  68. I don't know what this judges see in some of this singers I've heard better, some of them should have not made it this far. There are only three that are good and that is stefano, pia, and naima thats it everyone else can go home.

  69. Hi, I have loved watching idol this year from Bali. I am concerned that the judges go harder on the females than the males. Are they being sexist? Last week I thought a male should have been in the bottom 3. They have their favourite and they seem to do no wrong, and they try to get others to change genre. Jennifer needs to think about her behaviour as a judge as I am concerned about her going gaga over stephano every week regardless of his perfomance, which I have liked. I think they get carried away by the audience and like last week on playback they will not only notice pitch problems but breathing technique and tone as well. Thia has a stunning voice and should be very proud of herself regardless. I like most of the singers but I'm afaid I hear their sound on the radio every day. Thia should win as she has the most potential and has a great voice, Pia is same old same old 1980's or 90's.

    • Kez, I couldn't agree with you more. You said it!

      I think I am missing Simon's honest and brutal judgments.

    • you do make a great point bu Jen goes gaga for stefano because he is Worthy for it he has amazing talent and you cant deny that.If he does not win idol he will make it.And I thhink if others like Pia,lauren,and jacob they will also make it but Naima can go home…

  70. Mi preferido es Scotty Mccreery, urge un nuevo cantante de musica country y este joven tiene la voz,el talento y el carisma.y además es un muchacho

    sano .

    Ojalá que masivamente por él que merece


  71. I really think that the best four people up there are Lauren Alaina Haley Reinheart SCotty mcreery and james durbin i mean dont get me wrong i like the others because if they couldnt sing they wouldnt be up there. i dont think that haley should be in the hot seat every week she is a really good singer!!! and omg Lauren izz da best on the girl side an scotty on the boys…I just hope america is seeing that its not all on loks either because these four work hard soooo hard to do there thing well these are my opinions soo yeaaa.

  72. I believe Pia Toscano has excelled well above her contemporaries in all of her singing appearances. She will be the "one to beat."

  73. Love lauren and pia! hope one of them winss! it would be great to see them both in the top 2!!!!!

  74. Where on line do you vote each week?? Scotty and Lauren and three others are very good.

  75. I think the best performers all around are Lauren, Hailey,and Casey, these three perform, get the crowd going, they are more than just singers but performers

  76. I think all of them are awesome singers… but it's a contest, there is only 1 winner…

    Top 5 for me:

    Scotty McCreery

    Jacob Lusk

    James Durbin

    Stefano Langone


    Casey Abrams

    that's my opinion, but it's still in the hands of AMERICA and the JUDGES. vote wisely… 🙂

  77. SCOTTY all the way – Best of luck from Johannesburg South Africa – JUST LOVE THIS YOUNG BOY

  78. I am torn between Scotty and James, I have loved Scotty from the very beginning and predicted that we was going to do well, after seeing James in such an emotional state, I will be happy with either one of them to win – Greetings van Johannesburg South Africa ps: Also Love Lauren

  79. I think there is a chance that we may see Eric biting Sookie, think about it Bill isnt wearing a leather jacket in this episode Eric is when someone answers the door to him and Russel I dont think he is one for the leather look.

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